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c*- -
_ r+l ______________________
Lord Lansdowne was formally vosti-d with
ellice as Governor-General of Canada, in
Qnebec, yesterday. He met with a cordial
reception from the people and w.T?pres>ciit<il
with an address by the the Mayor, to which hir
responded. The purty then went to Ottawa,
where 5,000 people were waiting at the depot.
Ql'EBEC, Oct. 23.?Lord Lansdo-i?ne and party
landed at 9 o'clock this -Stalag at Queen's Wharf,
where a military staaTawaited tlicni, and a battery,
with a bund, eraediawa Dp as a guard cf honor.
Meanwhile there was illaroo asBSSBbljr in thc Li?
brary of the I'roviii. ?1 Government Bnlldfag to
witnc*? the inauguration of the new ('ovenmi
Cencral. Tke walk were haag with batting, and
the throne wae covered with crimson cloth and sur
iii<>uiit4'il i>y a canopy. Behind tbe riagte --cat placed
upon the dais were the crests mid mottoes of thc
Lorne aud Lansdowne laniili*<-s. In the centre of thc
room wan placed a B)0f tallie.at which sat the Federal
Cabinet Ministers, a amabel of whom were in the
Wa?S?S? . old-lace uniform. Thc Dominion Minis?
ters were present, John A. Haedonal.I, K. c. lt.,
occupying thc first seat on Ute ii. ht of the heal ..f
the tal.le. At the foot of the table nut
John J. Mct'ee, Clerk of thc liivy Council, baring
in his keeping the Great Baal of tho liuininiou ot
Canada, the Minute Book of the Privy Conn, il lad
the Bible to tie used in the ittBogata! ceremony.
On either side of tho dale was placed a row of
chairs, that on thu nitht occupied by la-lee*-*
t-naiit-c.tivt-rnor Robita-le. of ijnebec and
party. The seats on the left wen-res.iT td for the
Judge** of the Min i erne Court. Seals wet,- Mt BOOTI
for Senators. Bel IW the i'rivy I ouncillor's table
were three or four rows of seats, the lirst row ot
?which waa occupied by Miui.-itcrs of thc local Gov?
Al'l'l UT'II' a Till
Lord Lanedowae drove up ti-..in the Queen's
Wharf in an open eaa_age, ind iras frequently
applanded by the crowds along the street. He
?wore the I'overnor-t"eneraPa nniform. Linly Lana
downe mt ben id** lier hu: band. Pacing them were
l.t.rd Melgund. Military Secretary, and Lady
Klorcnie Anson, lb i Ladyship wore s rich oont
ui drees of black and red velvet,
almost entirely eoneealed beneath aa elabo
t dtili.ii.it of tigur.d blaeh satin. On
their arrival at th>- Department buildings the
mw \it i--i. g.-i) patty waa received by e guard of
h"iior of thc garrison artillery. Loni anti Lady
Laaedowne < ateted the bnildinfa, pre* cded by tbe
niciubcrs ol' their staff, and took thepla*
f*>i th.tu ea the right oi th.-throne. Lord Lome
stepped on the dais in front of the throne t?> re* civs
tho pei tja Ae he did eo they uti.le their entrance,
and nil present rees to their feet, remaining no
throughout the ceremony. Lord Ifelgund lead iii'
Boy?? commission appointing the Most Honorable,
the Maranie of Lansdowne to the Governor-Gen?
eralship of Canada, in place of his Excellency the
Marquis of Lome. This done, tin- clerk of the
Privy Council, John J. Md iee, approached the
head "f the table willi ? Bible m hie hand, and bli
William Ritchie, Cb?f ?asaiee of the Supreme
Couil, advuiiead toward the new Governor hawing
Uepantely to Lord Lorne and Lord Lana
"downe, Bad placed before the latter the
oathi of allegf?nea, which nit? thea administered.
The Chief Jual los snbaeqnently administered the
oaths of ottice as Oores_or-Qeneral of c.uk.tia, ami
his Excellency the Marquis of Lansdowne took
hi- s.it iit ihe head of tbs table aad subscribed hi
name, after which the Chief Jaeties and all the
Judges of the Supreme Court pr 'sent efl?ed their
name* as witnes.scs. Thc Marquis of Lorne, who
had been standing in frout of the throne a Bil* Bl
spectator of the ceremony, having performed his
lt?. official action as Qovemor-Oeneri- of Canada,
.tepped down from th*' das.
i h.n i nu*' the itel official act of the new Gov
emor-Gcneral. Hu clerk of the Privj Connell pre
Muted the Crcat .**.-al *.l the Dominion of Canada
Into his hands. J, A. Cbaplean. seer, tary of State,
stepped forward, when Hts Excellency, handing
him the seal, said: " 1 en trust tin-1 treal Beal of the
Don?alon <>f Canada into your aafe-keeping." Mr.
Mci'ec banded the Uoveraor-Oeoeral tbs copy of
the Bible upon which he bad been sworn, uud the
Int ht han.l?d it in turn to the Chief Justice of th.
Supreme Court, LSir NV. liitchie. The eeremony
being concluded, the new Governor-General ateppeil
frees tho dais, and the otlicial inau. oration iras
rkckiving iiiK nancims u>cisi
Before leaving tht* city thc Martinis of Lans?
downe, aa the iapteeee>tativa ?.f Her Ifejectj. re?
ceived the Princess Louise, in th" Parliatnenl build
in:.'-. The Vice-regal party Bettered theil carriages
to'hive to Music Hall, whats it had beea arranged
that His Excelleucy should receive the address "l
the citizens. The cavalry formed the escort, and
the hand of the Light!i Royal Hill* -, stationed out?
side, struck up the National antln-m as tlc-party
nutde ita appearance. The party was received by
thc Mayor and the members of tin- City Corpora?
tion. The Mayor presented the Govenior-Genera]
with an address, read mir it in both Trench and
English. The address was mainly as follou -:
" There waa a time when the office of Qc rei"oar Qeacral
of Can?la, like oilier OMsaJsl appointment-, araa only re?
garded sm an unimportant item of Wah*?rial pal
and when the nomination wu-i seaMttmea mada without
respect to the Wtncss of the person appobiled. Happily
Bueh a state of thin*.* no laager exi-is. Not he ge further
back than the last few terms, tier M.i|c*ty ha.-, snit, ns her
reprcsentiitlve to this euimtiy Hint. OBS Bf tl.'' ic-t lu I
Until nf Europe?i diplomat ? ; Iii.Ti I i.i ? ui'.er ,,t lier ,,?,,
family, whose talents would have lettered him ecnapt. li?
ons aves* had he not Ih-t-u ho sear tba throne. The appolBt*
nif-nt of Your Kxceii'-tiey as his aaeeeeeor ls eonela?ve
proof that the Im|K-:i,i! (iovcnnnetit itt. nd tc . onlliitn
this system ; ami Her HaJSStp, Iii BSlecttBf Your Ext el
lency for the purpose, hus sent us a slati -iiitii who, ul
though still In tbe prime ol Ufa, haa alrcadj
niletl Import-in t pottHeal nfllccs mid ls uiii
?ersally admitted to tune S 'ttatfngulshed eur. i-t
before him. Your position I < not an easy one. Ofeoaraa
you may rt ly upon the ptBaVwfll .iud hearty SBpport
of the eitixa-nsireiier? ly in this country in tbs disCharge
Bf tha arduous duties to which II i Maj.-n's eonfldence
has titi;, il you ; hut the m.uki tl -e. nu of Lord buffi rtn's
?nd Latin! ?Ollie's udlnliil-tt ations lias miqi?.1
lii.t<l>-the, task ol their r-neti--oi n difficult one. We have
no iii.tint, however, that you will perform lt lu ii __nn<-r
topirw-iii BO fldid re*T??Bag yotU jueil. ,.ra. ll mit to
l.-t.| ni lo fori/el thrill ; alni wc l.a-e our t onvl.tlon u,
this respect <>u the areal Ulenia which you l___rtu>? from
Jour giite. ancestry nix I the bug oat which ,\...i have
t iiai.d lu tho Important iMi.-it.oii". you have air. .t_
The Marquia of Lansdowne replied as folloiv -:
" I have lisOmed with fcellnxH of Ihe utuiosl SjratttadS
lo the SOS?t?B?I anil hesS?eMs lenin lu which you have,
assaptsasadts spateosaa our aiilialoa f_laitlaa -..ii.
I thunk you for tho nu rf thai you have
glyf-n u#.. I shall not Beatty tags* lt, und
I t;.wt that I may re_r_-tl lt as a hujip. BBgaty
Of tb*: rrUtloi? which will licuti-foii ii ex tri l,.tw.. n mi
Oelf and th?; _MSBBI Bf >.?..,I.. <?. I.,.e.pt tl..
?which tlie Mayor h.4s h Hided tai me In *_| name of tho
lllustrioi? f4overeltrn whose . omml-tulon I have tbs haaot
|o hold, and toward whom tho people of ihe Jm uiuioii
BBt-r?_i fei-llngs of loyalty and devotion not li < Bf*
tound than th.me of her sul.Jeets ou the other at? ? tbs
Bceau which wo have travnxsJ_ I accept lt tim in the
Bailie of the {.x-ojiln af _Bg?B?, who ure unit, a \? y?u hy
a patriotism which alike lusplres you both, ami liv
feepiiK* of mutual SS_?ISSBttsa and SSteSBI which
rou i utti taixi toward BBSh other.
1-JtAlhK Koli nu 0___0_?IS.
"Of myaelf. I will say but this: That I feel only too
-Well tbe dinadriuitaKe uniter whleh I shall labor In fol?
lowing the two dlMtliiKuisi.nl men who have been my
predeca?aors, and whom you have spoken of lu laucuiKc
St um e appreciative and Just. It I do not shrink mun
the I't-spoii?billin-* which attach lo in. i.i_ii oin. .? io
Which I am called : If I eau iTaJiui.ii> Qualin*??on for a
po-Uon ao bouoi able, lt U bec nano I uiul?-take 1U dull*?
with a sincere ndmiration for the qualities whioh have
earned for the people of the Dominion so eoaa_saaaaee
place among the civilized communities of the wotldj
with Heep i-4fiHt<*-l faith lu tho political Institutions
under which that place ha* ts-cn won, and with an
earnest desire to disserve the contldenee which you have
repos. .1 in my predecessor, and io work hand In hand
with you for the advancement of tho best Interests of
your country, Which I shall rwn-ard as my own. Tho
wonts of your address leave no doubt tn my mind that 1
uni v ...uni upon you to nssi.it me to the utmost of your
BB?lt? tn thc realization of this wish."
The next move woo to the North Shore Railroad
Statiou. which was handsomely decorated In honor
of *he occasion The interior of th" build?If was
covered with bunting and with appropriate mottoes,
one being "The North .hore Railroad W-dcoin.
the Mannus of Lansdowne." The road> ,y opposite
the -datum wa. thickly strewn with sawdust, sad
the pa.ss.ige to the rtejjs of ihe cars was land-, wooly
carpeted. A beautiful arch, formed with hunting
anil ovenrreetis. with suitable inscriptions, hail
bena erected in front of ihe entrance.
Thc vice-regal party were accompanied
tc Ottnwa hy the members of their
etnfF aud the Federal Cabinet Ministers
As the train moved out of tbastatiOL arel numer?
ous fog signals the Marquis of I,ern* proposed
thre* cheer1 for the Martini- and Marchioness of
Lansdowne, which wen- givenwitb riiiht mond will,
the Marquis of Loin.- biasself j'.inina in the
obeerinc. A buttery formed a guard of honor at
tin- station.
sir John A. Macdonald and D. L. IfaePhemon
were sworn in to the ir new positions in tbs Ca Iii net
at a meet ii.i_of thc Privy Council bold Ii.tc to-dai.
Ottawa, O.t. 23.?Tho siKtclal train bavmg
on board the viee-regal party, Sir John A.
Maedenalil and other Ministers of tho
Crown, the Supeeine Court Judges, aad
other offlciala, arrived at tho Canadian Peel?e
station in tUa city shortly before 0*30 o'clock this
cveningj having made tbe run from Quebec, a ?11-.
tancc ol 300 miles, in seven 1.rs. Including u otop
page of half ;.ii hour itt st, Martina. Not
withatandiog the uncertainty that exluted in renard
to the arrival of tbe party, tullv 5,000 peraooaToad
gathered ai thc station, which wm handsomely
tot..oiicd wttli evergreens and other decorations.
A ifitiiitl ol honor was furnished from thc Governor
Uoueral'a Foot Guards and an escort from the
Prim eas _oaiee*s Dragoon Guards, rom bands of
music were lu ulten.l.itiee.
Owing to the exaggerated atatementa published
In New-York papers, sonic little uneasiness was t.-ii,
and on all suits the ezpreasion was heard ! " 1 hope
<\iil bs no accident.** When the train was
heard eroasing the railway bridge above
t ie Falls areal excitement waa manifested,
aid the Dominion police, aaaiated by the
city ft.ree. were buej keeping the crowd
b-o? .Ticioachinc npon the le-i'ived opacOa Ol
the arr,val of the nain the band struck np the
na luuai .ti.tl.en: and the guard ol honor presented
anns. As the party alighted three rousing cheers
were given. Tin Governor-General waa then intro?
duced to Mayor st. Jean, who welcomed him on be?
half "l tin citiseaa.
The Aldermen were then presented, after which
the party, followed i.v the Mayor and Aldermen.
marched do wu the aisle, being cheered al overt step.
Tithing carriage*, the party waa driven t<> Ride.au
Hali, followed dy a large procession. Many private
r.s.il.mes were illuminated, and the atreete aloin/
the Hue of march wore crowded with pedestrians.
A temporary fountain played opposite the
wat.-r works honae, which wm [Humiliated
The Parliament buildings and grounda were alco
iiiiiiinnated. hui! at the entrance to Major's Pack
them w;u* u diapiay ol fireworks.
Limbon, Oct. 29.?The Portngneee Miniotry baa
b en again remodelled and now atanda .ls follow-.:
Premier and Minuter vf liar?Scnhor di Footes
Pereira de Mella
MtaUterafllii fslsilor fkinhoT Berisova Fn
Minfi,refJuttiio flan hoi Lopo-Vaa.
Minuter af af as las flenlior Penhairo Chagaa,
Mi,mia vf Partita AMttri 8eahof Barbosa Du?
ct e.
Mi nietta of Pallia Warka?Senhor Aguiar.
Mmitmw o' fmaota Benhtit Hints Ribeiro.
Dfiu in. 0 e_ 2.1.?A new eircalar, eenie?dag a
blaok list of the Juxoi i in the Pfc?nil rink murdei
tuals, und fn the tase of tho l.i'Ti (ried for iii-at?
tempt to Builder Jnroi I1 i ? ld, wasmailed to
thousands of the inhabitaataoi this .itv yesterday.
Tho commiaaion which ia totryjooeph Poole for
the murder of John Kenney, In Bevi_e-plaoe,op. oed
Its seealonn to daj Two huiidnd spedal jurors
have been summoned.
luquiry into the murder oj >rk,on
October IB. shows ihut it wa- * ,- t o_ ?
private land quarrel.
1'ai:i , o.t. 28.?The s.-nt.ii' ead Chaenbet "f
I), p.ni.s met to-day. In thc Senate M. Raynal,
Miuisier *.f Public Works, submitted the railway
conv.tiiions, in the Chamber of Deputies, M.
Tirald, Minister of I?lance, introduced his draught
..i the budget, alt hon. h ii hail been reject* <1 by the
Budget Committee "I the ' bamber. Tbe tone in ;
which al.?ira were discusoedin the lobbieaof the
Cbambarof Deputies tended to ihoa tbat a.
prevails ta avoid s Cabinet crisis,
At a mee ti ui: of the Huiluet Committee M. I 11.1 il
positively declared that bs would never agree te a
reduction of Inc sum sd spar! yearly for the re?
demption of thc National debt, M.Rouvier,who
was elected reporter of the committee, then
nraed the expediency "f th*- proposed reduction in
order to obtain o bftlaueeei the budget, Tbe re?
duction waa agreed to by a vote of 16 to IO.
\t i bm " ? of Koyalla! Deputies, the Dm- de
Riaaccia pnmiding, il ?*-:.*< nnauii.italy agreed tc
re nani Mc .H:-tly united, and lo [tatar an apjp .' I i
iii?- B?bel ru i- ot the party to remain de v..iel to ibo
? ?
Maokii), O.t. '2A.? 1 lu- Calulu i baa resolved to
a ibunoa the Corteo to Basel <ui Deoeabet 1. A royal
decres has been humed providing that henceforth
general offlcem shall hold staff appointments for on ly
three yean. Tbe enforcement of this decree trill
involve th** rceiguation of one captaiu-ireueral.
?evenlieutanant-guuerala, iii.- nehl-marnhala, and
Curly brigadier*. This is the first step in the new
scheme for the reform of the anny.
Havhr, 0 t. 93. While the General Trana*
atlantic steamer Normandie, from New-York, was
entering thin port to?daj su.- came in collision arith
atnl sank a Hchooncr. The Norm andie sustained
nm. li damage.
?jin Nonna.m'io aftci Ihe collision Nwerveil i
a quay wall. il. rsi. rn poet tia- much damaged
and several platee were marted.
Co-si .MiNDiM.ii, Oct. 23.?Turee shocks of
earthquake were bli to?ey ai Tehc one and on the
Island nf Chios. Great alana iras created, but no
lilli!, g? Wt t thine. Auotllt'l
at Smyrna ll 0 p. ta. I iu telegraph othes v. ,:s dam
aged, hut Dobodj was killed.
COKSTAXnxoPUt, Oct. 2.1. I.ad j Duffcrin ls or
nani- mi? meaoureo foi th* relief ol th*
the earthquakes hi Anal..lia.
[V|\ tl M li ll- Sim SOI Ul IMI lil. IN 'WT
Lima, Oct. 23, via Oalvi ston.?At 8 ;i. in. to
d.t.v, nelli ral l,t n< ll I ute.I foi ll .11 un.), near l Inn lilas,
I wileri- lu- baseotaWlobed bia-'aeaersl .uut.-i." ai IO
i u. iii. iiei..T ai Vi-1' -i i <.tiI't. tl Lima a Pr* aid. ute
1 audor. 'I ia (?Ulla* troopi evacuated Lima at 8 a. m.
MOHTRBAL, Octa 23.?The dii'.-clurs ol' th.
Bank ot Moatiu? have S_dared a ball yentl} dividend i f
1 5 jut cent. ?
Tlie direetius ?f the Hank of Ville Marie to tl iv de
Olarctl a divide]ad at thc late of 7 in r , .nf pet .liitiuin,
' bete. 1 lier cent inure I ti in I a-t v. al.
I The lilian, lal situation lu IB WBS bj no lucius h> htioii,;
tliisufiern.hui a" il was this murnini;, lb* re being, vide ni
disappoint!"' ut felt iii i omi.-ellon willi l!u- ll ml. ot Mon
tn..iv lt dr .vitly dividend of 5 pet cent, I*be ato-ik
' market wet ?rona in tae m.ir.?. bul all (tecka declined
in tin* afternoon) the ato. k ot inc Bank ot Montreal had
j inn lbs sra) in Ute talla
|fa,?at, (jct. TA.? Thc 0?BBB???OB Bf Holmes Bad
Bancona was continued le?sy ky lbs allpaadlan
tr it. Bl .'I'i.. ?<? >?? ai gtVOa ky tts pr..j.it. tm of the Tinki r
? ii m.i in.-erj mai bal i also ny tba torpedo cagtoeei
ot ni" lags?lp Nortba?upton and other experta reUtlre
toth<-ii.iim't "u-<i|ii.iini. * >>i 'i n.lanie, arid which ths
. .i_ adjourned until 1 bili?lag BSZt
- ?
St. Thoma-, ?>c 17.? It is icpoitcil tlmt
ll.e ll.a. tlall (iovel lim.Tit ha* < aplin. .1 B Viv.sc I OaPpBaOd
to be an American uart, vrUJili wa*, iryiug to lone Hie
blockade. She was thought to be loaded with ammuni?
Port ac Phincb, Ort. 10.?Order hes t?***n completely
ri*tort. 1 lie.re. Ki'teen hundred lire** were lost and dam
air**, to the extent of ai.OW.OiJO'-^^ done durluir the re?
cent tn aiviacre. ,
On September 20 the Oovernment forces atta'-Ki-ti
Mirauoaue, and wen*. rrpuUed with ncvcre loss. O?1
erulia?mo Titiuiit waa mortally wounded.
Loonjflff, Od. tl ge Uv<- m-re, lout by the explorion
on Sunday nl?l.t In thc Whi-acU/ByCarltoii colliery, when
tu-arch ana bein* tutula for Ule victim* of Thuwdav'* di fr?
amer. To extin-raiak Sro ?_** mines are Ix-lim feeaea.
This deprived SOO persona of work
Alexam.hm. oct. 2J.-F*mr death*) from cholera arc
reported haas as Amh ?__pa neer thia city.
SiiKFiEi.n. Oct. 23.?Tia* Yortalrtro esOaty owner* to?
day reruaed to advance tbe miners' watfe" IO BUT cenu
Rr.Ki.iN, Oct. '_:*.?At Coaltn, Pomerania, today, aeveral
J.-WH van con* l.ted of netttn*r ftr** BB B nynmroguo, In or?
der to obtain Insurant** thereon. Two were sentenced to
four years tmprl-onmenf. ChrltOauH were at first BBB>
POOtSd cf the tl line.
St PBTBasBtnMi Oct. 23.-The new treaty of delimita?
tion o? Um Unoan rhianon fiaaltarwas otiu-laiiy ulgiied at
Ti hognehah on October li).
Pams, Oct 23.?Lle.utaMianf Vlard, who waa the author
of the rep art prlnte.l in thc Fii/ara that the Trench Kiilnn*
itiHssii.-red the BattVOB ??t Hue, han been removed from
Ul'tllC -ITVll e.
UMOMMi, Oct 23.-Slr Stafford Northloots lu milking a
tour nf Wales. Ho milln***ic*l n meetitw; at Carnarvun
y* -teni,iv evening.
Panis, Oct 28. Tho Fitaro ftHtcn that PBS, aad han
Seat B not'- to frame t ompltinilni; of thc proteagSdI occu?
pation of Tum itaiva, Maiaauasarn, to thetefaryafooos
nu n lal Intereota,
I. isikin, Oct. 24. -A dispatch to The Tinily Srtrt from
Alexandria aoyi ititi un* ?_rptls_s have defeated B
Mahdi, thc r.ti-e Prophet.
I..IMH.V, <i, t. 21.- ('.i|it.titi Dearer, who WI Dover on
M..1.dav, fal a tulillahHW puddle boat to attempt Ul
the I'). .eu.1. m.T m Th l-ih?? wh.n part .if til.- WBg SVSfi
sad has u.'t -ii.I- 'ii Beard freon
I m 11 1 t:> 1 wm: D 1 Ml- 1 >\ 11:1 r e st n a.- 1, pm
orsa nu sun nu-*.
Sr.I...! i-,'?. t.*_:?.?A11 accident occurred il.i-*
morning nu tin- Loanevtlla aad Kaahvllls Railroad, abaat
i-i\ iniie- fi.un it .*-t. Verde. A paoa agar tram sini.-k a
1.1..ki ti r.ui, un.I tho 1 leriue.r, f.'.iiii..' tba ahoeu,pat< 1
the i.ri!;.-.. AlIthacoael rtaoafety, ezeepi
tlc 1 t-t two, which wen both crowded. Tiny Upped ovei
and were dragged a siioit d?taaee, when th. .
The Beens ' ' ?'??? Tl re wera sboatstxtj
women ritul 1 hlltlreti in Ihe rn tdi mid >',, 1 |* r, and il *..
a lang Uni-- before ths ojeeaen were ., av t. .1 Beam ,,f th.
Inuit-..1 pa - lu...1-ht to Baot Du I?*o
athen to thia?tr. lie..- not ba.1Ij hurt weat on I
ll. r.1 lilia Ililli.
Tbe Bamber of tutored aa aaa?ally reported fo thirty
aeveoa bot of thone only ahoal lea are Sadly ks
SUI] "lie, J. il. ."ililli'.ny. of Prmidi ti .??>, 1:. I. i."
oii-l.v. Boreca?tm) a frightful oealp wound, mid furn
time wa- nu.'.ui-.Tons and diTlrlotw ; but peyatctaao *?S*
preoa otreag hope* of hla iceoieiy. Ile i? ___ares and
peaeral bo ui i ot <>f the Ho. -? bold M .< kine ' aa ?
Vmn :? ... , 1 _,,,, ,,f pi.,1,,1,;.
phi 1, ie. .iv ..I .,.....r<- ?>? lip u.iini.l i, ii'i 11 il..!, ut ronlo
rion. Ml Ha. on, ni I?ulxvllle, r>. etvi-d 11 .lu-uui mi
tile left side et bil fe .' U BO "f the -k.l,
Mt uii.er, ot Canton, Mo., bod b. r tbouldet aad kim buri
uml C?otaln. ;. WOO rd.
PaoTioaxi 1 ? -t . iliala <ii-i.it. h.
Jiuui li. Amii....1 -lal.- iii ii ba is tint nf .1,nu.-. 1.
r.l.HVi **. KBS0X9 in lil, linn 1: fl* Hil -I *T
Cnci nra tn, Oct. 23.?A Crawfordsville, Ind.
ti, p u. h '.i.? , . . .....
nf apooaeager tr la on Um Indian appila, ir ?
a/eatsra Railroad waa Mowara fton the tr.wk thu after?
noon ? u, inti., twenty t ??.. tulles t i4*u ,.f hen-.
1)1. . I. C. Walker ami \V. C. Win- ',. ,.I. of liuli.u
were badly burt, and wen* left ...r tin- -<. me ol t ?
.; i.t. J. I., in..bu m. of ('un inn itu *,w bronghi h.:.
rh-- . ."i (
I m ' through p im
v. lin were hurt bul a''.'' lo tra. ? I."
Kan-as Crrr, i ?< i. 23.?Lae! ni_lii a eoUlaion
I in , on tin- Arkaiis.i- I.ran.Ti
>.f th. ?? i aad f??ta PS R dlraad, I - two* a
el .. pa) *' un- A In- tn ti m i
. iain;..1. and beth t. da . .lama-, i,
,.t- wa* hint. Itu . .-!:)
iLe faull of ii.. In i. db p tt?... r.
TmoT,Oct. 23.*?Hm peraoni injin**, in tba
(ward ii.iii..ad br?ge dloaoter areal! aooag well ,
and aili prolu brltlK*) has 1m?*ii .
. . -I un al. ome time and li is annand thal th.< trmk
ti a-t.-r'-. m Informed thal o aaiaamt bivi nvea was
' lou. ti In our iTiiflnes ..iel train
' niue the I. me ?....: ti travel Uti
-t.mmi i. iin < .h.ti. r- jiu v is la\?tugaila, ih. *? < i
dent. _
mr i n ii. cd.u is di i rsioN.
I ' I .11-1 1 1 ll ' I IN ll \A- -ll IT I .,, IN CA*.
nunci ....
-ALVgSTOW, Oct, '_:!.?A **|m-i),iI ili^pateli to
TheMewetram haattn aayai "Vi.. I'l.-i.t.-nt Ba_H. ml
the iii'en.atioiiiii Railroad, h.is wilt?a toUovemoi Ir
lend iii.it buataeoa mW eel hwtlfy the raa_?| sf a p ant*
eoaebeef? the aegro. Dada* tte raeeatelvUrtghude*
. l-l.rn, be ?.ivs, we ..ni now iii.tkt toiorcai nun tahetbo
it..;- ue il.--ne. ].,.? Oovhtuot replied, atroagl) ...Ku
...lilli: .lil). ..nt i ou hes for lil.uki) und Whit* -
- 4-. it:a -. i?. ... itt i. IS, A mcciiuir Bfeoioted i lt!/, n-,
l.i-i twuiiiu po i ? >.' ii-oiutioii- eoadematng
the ri "tnt <l' i i-ii'ti nf tin- Buprems Otmrl on th i
Righi mu.
?I in / 9 or mr vi i l.tmsmsi. PA BE.
Chioaoo, Oct. 23.?Arnold Muyin-, George
M. V... btOIa-W. II. WT-.I, nf Ute Cult.tl r-'tal. - (lt oiou-t
e.ii survey, rel urned tu-ii..., h.un si* ndfaig tho auauner in
Yfllowatone I'.nk, gatberisg mat. rial im a geological
andlopoKrapblealmap ol the i'.nk. Theyalao mad. tn
.. it lot BB.I tiilxlu or the 4.
1 5,000 hoi Hpiniii.H ?mon ino
liii.11-ot the p.1, ii, inn aay they an saiprieed al the few
I \ ul.1;..-ot 1... nt t olcinl'- .it ll. .11. .Mun iii.I.mi 11linus
. : i|iii ? HT-n-1 Ik. u, ami B I .1 .' I "ih . Tai ..I pi . I
m. ii laiUllidc, na lu.lilli.' isTrlf.u thu- of iiui'Ti III
. tl for the N lu ? Ttl).
(in. isvvii, <?.:. 23.*?A ilit-pai. li to The
flinn Relpre, Ohio, aay ai ?? a holler
nilli, pump factory here exploded mis nit. mo on. Tbe
fi.iioRiu, |..T-..us ..et" aevei?y bumed i CharimCraaa
tun, I...ui Inn.'ui-.ui, ileor.e *iurluh, |-rank Brook
II .11 Uti.I '' lill all, IL. I I) I il'l a IC.-? .lied II..1.1 III- lil?
li. i.u ....il i al I et itu- iii.ii i.|, lit hil-.' Mi;|. ; hull ll
i. ^ lii.ik. ii In two plat'-*."
Boc i"v Oct. 23.?Mr. Knapp, Superintendent
of liii'hiiii:-in Caii'i'ii.1.", Mr.Seaton,pr* steal ol tba
h.. tl elnli, iiii Mi. perkins, oaptalo ol tue I hiv. r-|iy
crow, have made a careful freTi'natlim of Ihe aroohed
balcony al tbe Harvard boat-boueo. Iiruwin^'s will he
fi <a nil a report, to 1*1 nahlea I iimt oe
in i. iu,ii Holli Minuit iiiMiL Mr.Saxton baawritteaa
Utter Ui i.ii'.i. dt in.muli.n, on bellell m the
in. t . lui., ii.ii a rlaoroi? exaroinatlou lota Lb. oaua* - of
.... ni la. bau bj .nine OlaInt, n i. .1 j. i
IEL EL Ii ll'll Nu I Ls,
Uil . H "I-"-A ITIKI-V-MAMKI) aoBoojf Mt.
Thomastox, Me., o.t. -I. .-auiiii'l Watta 4 Co,
Un- Bill lu.sill Lillie Li -I .4 I
Itt ll kt ll lt ,)? I I.. Tl ll.lilli i|.
'i'll I-. Bl ia Mi.it canada's PaUMBMOKRH.
Him.<ni. Me.. Oct.23.- About one hundred
i.ar 1 n ula, t,lu.., ,i,l|.' put
III lal Ht. Juba ''I leI'.nih Hilt i ,|j, lo
.N. n-, ..Ik.
A MIHI. -Ill lilli llf.AVV DAM M
I'i 11 -it. c.. Oct, 23.?-Koberl Morrison, tne " In?
st .i.'ia ir.ni," ltiui uinl papen III .1 il' .-I -lit
ii,-..tu-i ' :T''oi tint i ny,. lau.a..- t lt,u.' nu
Ku \ nt ' -t \v mt ii riI OF i ni: OMITED Bl VT**
I bi ? I ??-. N. J., Oct -I. I bc .lulu, r <>i the
riler ul i i tilla? nUU] i. .-..'..t. it <
h'l.ui. In a . iib. i l
i | parla of the eaomtiy are ntyetv '?
.All. Ul MIT ll- . Al.IT.'i Ul AA
Mai; I'euu., 0 i. --i. -alttorut-y-<?eiicral
. to .I.i) ul. .1 |i,;?m i4 iiuii; for ? ?i.t .1 'a i
?KIUX I'u.i I < Ol...Ill ? > :. . , IO .
th. in lo . ..ir.. Imo i om ' .ul-lio<4 . au-, .ilu I'i I ?? v I ? lilli iu.'
. ?>' in tue nluSiaM lau.I ti, lie Int _Usl 1,1 I
bull.I . SM HU. Ll' CU ? 4.1. laval ll 1th. IU M III -ATH4 ^1 *-lU>?
KlN.lHTO*., I'KNN.
WnfMim, IVnii., Oct. i>*l.-The little town of
Kingstnu, twnniilcN from thin city, waa the wena
of a Rivi ueeidont this afternoon, i>y which seven
IMTvtiiiH were futally injured, two of whom have-in. o
About 2 p. m. the Inhabitants of the western por?
tion of the horon?h were startled by three lon*l re?
port* in flank Saeeeeakrn, which shook the ground
for many acn-s, and broke every window within a
riKliuf* of 300 yards. It was noou learned that the
?qgfb fn. tory of John Smith _. Co. hud blown
up, and that the building wae In flam.*..
Tho people baetfioed! from all sides to the
spot, when* a terrible spectacle presented itself. The
fonc of I lie explosion \m(\ l,l0Wn oft" tho roof of the
Iniil'liiiK and destroyed one side, and the whole
structure aral in Haines; while, lying on
the rioiind around it or staggering off through tho
sin..kc were the forms, wrapped in flumes, of thc
Bnhlllunate workers, and of tlnir children, or
young peflbOM
One boy, John Evans, age fifteen, was found OB
tin oilier -ide of a small creek about thiily yards
trotn th*- building. M.-wits severely burned abonl
tbe head aad shoulders, and eannol reeover. Two
yonag woaeen, HatUe Norris and Lissie Edwarda,
both nineteen years old. were found lo the crek
Itself, their flesh burned to s eriap and In plaices
Illuming in lung strips fi omi their bud lea.
Hattie Norris died within an bool iiml
Lizzie Edwards ..innot live till norning.
Another young woman, Manie Janes, who
neted aa forewoman, ?n<. found lying in a field
twentj yards bon ths rectory with Ber clothing
all butted fn.in her body and her head shuned
almost beyond recognition, .-tic died shout li.m.
Lizzie Quinn, age atkteen, crawled to a net it ii lu.r's
house, willi lei ii..tins all tn a blaze. .**lie
was promptly attended t.., but her injuries
will prove talala l"wu boya, .I..ines Steele and
Albert ,I.tine-. .'.. n- alan severely burned, the fonnei
fal.till. M.li; Milli , ai;.' -t". eui ell, W,ls fi,uml Iii ,||
tht building burned bon bead to foot. Hu-1 anno!
Mir. Ive.
I not hllO WU exactly how the explosion was
canoed; bul it ia ??id tbat wood had j nat been pul
.... t be sto\., and thal ,i apark i! ??? ..ut .I iel lira
: mlonee powder, Thia diaaster baa ..it a
i>\. r lin- whole community, all tin- killed and
injured persona hoing tnembern of well-known aud
rt-pc ted iiiiuili. -, and numbered um.um theil
im mis almost all the nih.. I Klngaton.
in. i.hay it.' i nu s mi: ro nm. BERN inavt.
Til 11 t . on u ll IO nu IH'iu si ;
Hi i r \i H. <?i t. 23.?The oonteal .iver the will
of .Mi-. Milli.!.1 ITIlin.ee was I?ramed lu tote BtUTO_tUe
lt i ri-toti.iv. Til.-re were preaenl LK.I?rab, ol John
i ir:ii>. "f Brooklyn, aad Colonel William Jay, of
N. ir-York, for Hw ? ?? ?i,t? .tanto, and tbe attorneya fur tbe
. iiaritai'i. laatltnl - kb ara legateea aader tb.
puted will.
It. ll. i:. Hopkin*, of HufT.il*. wbo attended!
. ? bm ?!. J. Dla ti ntl. ate >>f di .tn
I III .Ililli,.!', .IS H '.lilied Willi til
optstoo of Dr. LaadoB Cattai dray, st Hyaek,
wbogaveeaaaeol d* itb aa general Btberoma, Tbedep
o.itt.ii of 1 Tiiiit v U itt-ti.tale, ol ohio, it funner -a rviint,
1 iwlnx prof.nitty and irrational actluna aa tte
t.-i.,t idepoeeal tefl tbe sendee of the d?
. a . ?; ViIlioTt lier
for fear of being -tai.T. T by her ini.tit tn.
i ir i.ray. -.H. .1, after looking
our iii" leotlmony before stree, timi tn his ..pinion
Mrs. i uinl.u,< w n baana for h long time, Iks fitoeaas
lavin,: manlfnatod Itself in i u whleb to mi
lui,ul w.t. .on. IiiiIm-i '.IiIcii. e. Ile WBS sworn lo I
? tnumiy ead pics nisei lt illili, lui.
He aware teal after arouptag tin- teeta swen
tobyfOCBMt wttaeeaee, ka ooald elearty tb-, over tin
et I-tent e nf kl'Il'r.ll .ll lier .I'll a, frotll w III. ll ll. at li eli-ll. 'I.
TbO di ? 1.111 lt.'.I ali.illt I-T.!. ililli W'.laa
i leal I.V '.letti'..I I I.V il Otiain.'. I ll la 1' .4. lion-, .alni illiir.U ttl'.
A nj of tba promlnenl fart*, -u. n aa ii cbonm In 11111111",
ll el-'.,, lon, I be IT ld"Tue .in il W hole
-l|..W..| pl.dill/ Ml.,1 tb. ill - * -I--- 'I W.is III- ill"' till, e O' HS
t.. run -I ..11.. Hi -..i'l thal tbe U Minmai of Mr-. Dewey,
Ira. lillii:..;. wak aa tooti .4rleerrlpttoti of an
pullen I .1, T 1 .'?;,.Tal aliliTolli.I lishe."..:
I ...? Ia. I ..I lu ' ?' 'teni, nt, wltlu.ut
Inver, wu.- a Min.. aili Indication ol
lie ulai di-e.ia.i-. Hr. 1.lay stat.tl tnaf the
? al (Uti .1 |,il', -i lu -I to llliike 11 |s n>.
nf wilie--. tnt -.nilly of Mi-. Killmore,
ll.r Change In d*OOI lui. nt. awe?inc, Imp*.
1 s au Impoi t u.t .oul oom luaive
: ? - n ? li e 1 . Ti. 1... : I ....nd
ll.. n|1 il, I- rialtin. phi-l.-l.it. tra?ll lilt?un
A-v lum. ul a pml. lonni lecturer ni mentnl -I
|1< baa ainu ...nne. thu. with ti..- New-York Polyclinic
li < lurer .11 uti v.ius
.ll-. .u- -. IIU te-titi...ey to .1 ?.. 1 ? l.efsi ?! ?? 1 v ti.11. lu-ive,
.uni un ImiNiri mi pul ni fo I?uta. t.. tbi. will.
1 in 1. -11. et 1 .uitiy \i tullen.1.1- ai-.. Important.
Tba cnaa will continue aereral anya longer, uml lu
Mlllllll.sl Up Ixfllle Hi ,t. Uti, 44 .
Tba nain.' of the maker ..f th.' contorted will (Tiree the
... iii^ii.ri.-.11 .- p.. 1. Spencer t a ti m, a araudaou ol
. \ '.mellier IlelSitt Clinton, appears for th"
ralldlty of Um will. Colonel WI?_n Jay,
..f New-York, is tbe graadao0 >.f John Jay, tti-t
* 1,i.-t J naloo el Um I'mt-d stat* *. Mis. pm
llinle Wan tin- Wl.ln.l of all IT I'll 1.1.Tit.
1. il ..pinion hen- aara Ibo oana looks bad fur
-ll tallllllK the wiil l>T. II. K. llnpliUi-, M. ?. I luiuoit s
I ..ll it tie Hine of le 1 tl. .itu, alni lit. Lanni I,...I all
.ill- I. .lll'ill to tl.H .1111111-- the 1 il'- I - ? Ti.lllllil.ill.Ul. lltrt
ionic di ;. !? .1 t< -tiitioni, In weill) the nu tli' al gi nt le man
waa, iniiliy wonted.
DIT .VII/ IM" V I'l <l lill lt II'.I -I WI) I .111 I I) I"
0111. "mu.1:- ron *. 1,000.
[bt maaaara io nra rameau,]
Swui suv, Ohio. Oct, 'J-'.?Dr. .John K.
Math, n has I" ? 11 STN Ml lure up..tithe chitrirenf decoy
iiik Dr, 0serge B. Oocdoa lats aa unoccupied bones,
aad .'.lui., iiui).' kin '.> tin...ts nt petooaal rlolaaes
tu l-Im him 11 tl..ak f..i ,-,tit) .nd an outer ...ton Mm.
..m.lou foi .4. nl.ull.4T Ullin.lill. ll III.ale lin. followlll|
ate?meal to u Tann nb repreaeBtaUTO I?-algbti "I
pl..lined UM iiilil.tiy Of l?r. lionloli while I wa- ii; |
?tad, two week - aga. I kaeu ka had lat* ii i ona ute tin*
kn uf .1 1 on -ni. rab le emu of Bnaey, sad 1 m>
? 1.1,1 11 -t I., goal als daughter, aga san yean,
uml noid her tor u Beery iiin-oiu. iwo ether peraoas,
wfeess iiaiiics 1 wm not divulge, ai ia la lbs Hst attk na,
Whl-ll UM Utllce.llllf1o-.te.tl tile, !;l|.| mj heart fltllc'lllie.
mid 1 tl.-. Kli'l liisi. .ul to decqj Um doctor into un unooou
pi, tl I10U-. I,, ie and BXtlBS! unana y Tom hun. I djagukMd
iny-eir, procured Ibe kit uf aa i-aipty boo ouuUtu ibo
iu. 11 me that 1 wanted ta uni lt, and telepboned l?r.
<imiin:i to ooma then sad mo s lick pcr
10? Ila- cullie, and I grabbed liiiu i>y Um
Hun,il, iukI by Hue.its compelled hun
to (ire m. u rieck iuui au order upon his wife.
t ;. 11 1 ii. .1 him, locked l.iui in tbe bonm aad nut
into 1.is bu|_ry I., drive to in* n-?dence to
til the money 011 lue order, Ile e-e.,pl il lunn
..ni, not m. .11 h.- pol.iin.i I boy .nil', ni iii ins i.-|.
ililli'.Inn lilltl. ls.'. Um Ila Ul there I Med, going Ultu
tue country. wL n I tefl:tlw borne aud buggy, aad Ibm
wandered about until 1 h ive myaell np."
lu ?ioben waived an ex?nmauou to las and waa re*
lli.llul.'.l laa Jail.
I Al vi.I.V.
[Bl II I I.. IC VIII l" ITU Ililli. NT.j
Yin n<;-it)\\n, Ohio. Oct, 33.?While one
lum,ii..1 Italian- were arad?g mme laad forth* Pitta
1..uv, (liv iiml iiml Toll.h. Railroad lure i. ulai. in. ,
wen aaaanlted by sa ama} laboiwra employed by tba
BatU? I'.ir.iaee t'..ui].any, win.shI rl.tllnt-ll Ihe lilllil. Th.
alta, kin-.' pally bOfl "'I ll"' Lui--, non ban und el.llx.
A ii. r.c iiiuiii-to-iiiiiiti Ugh! eii-i. .1, in win. ii lbs it diana
man aefeated. Beveral wets aortooolj beatea, aad a
Bamber kamihod Inaenalbbi and badly eal,two 1.itally.
Ihe toul. "I Hie ir..i.i. wore Ihrowu Int" inc river or
? .mav iu Ulumpb. Tula aft* moon tao railroad
, mnpiin) applied to tue court for ao ordi r rnttralnina tin
luina..' ....iptin :...111 tuiThcr inl.TI. rei.'e, w iii.li w as
Kii.iil.sl, pt'U?ng (he luanng OU un BpP?*Btton fm tu
[ai in 1 inira ." rns ram n |
Kim-k.s, Ka V.. Oct. 33w?There ii ? Hotter
|.,ll -o.'lill etreh'S of lllis. tt.V IO tlll'lll O.i'T-il.tllll le II.
11 |.oii ot ii. lau.1. -un.- iii. ia..' between two balding
young a.. i- tv people Bring hero. William r. Tolley,
.pel of ll pronUMOl .lil-.'"-''I lu..Ire oil Wall -I.,
aadapopelar ead as nptarj foaag naa, w_it te Had
alt. lui.oli. -st: iv ha mel Mt-- .Inila I. alwin, of
1 >, uml tb. y I. pall.'I ... I . 'I I |'l*c"P.*l
rli ai After th* ?
ao_tadlapateh t.mitiuuiug Um u_us* -*>?'? irimi? lu
tMa nit.. Both move In the best eocicty herc. The at
iacbtt'ent ww of long etan ding.
St. Pall, aMiiin., Oct. 23.?A special to The
Timiter Pres* from Winnipeg says: " Tureec?Idren named
Inipirt, the oldest a girl of twelve yearn, were drowned in
a pond at Kiltnora, Manitoba. The girl v-_a on a pond
skating, when tlie Ice broke, and Hbo fell into the water.
Two younger brothers tried -to a WU lier, and all three
pci-Ubed before the eye* of their mother ou the bank."
Albany, Oct. 23.?The Evening Times says
that a number of " confidential circulars" have been la
sued by Lewia L. Kelley, Chairman of the BU- Temper
-mee Committee, un- addressed to all OoodTeuiplarsln the
State, and another to all ofticers und members of lodgea of
Pons of Temperance In the l_SS and to ministers. He
urifes thene persons to vote for Maynard. The circular ls
evidently _. uiiinu, hut it ls believed generally that the
ll'iuiir dealers have the advance in tho il_ht.
St. Pall, Oct. 23?? The Pioneer Pre** ia in
funned on good authority that several ,-nr-lomfo at froeted
w lieut from the northwest hnve asea carefully tested
within the last three ilu.vs |,y competent millers, and that
tbe test was anything but satisfactory. Prominent dt-ni?
el's lu Ht. Tit.il state that Hi- natural result of this dts
e..very ou. hr tu nih. uni' the price nf Nu. 1, bard : bates
perlenee has demoaatrated that some isior wn.-at (re*
.pi. ni Iv pulls dov. ii the price Of No. 1. The fTOOea wheat
will prvbalily bs worked oil us Nos. _ iin.i J grades.
[HT Tr.IT'll'.AI-II TO THR Tltll'.fSi:. ]
Sr. 1'ai l, Oct. 2'A.? Two it.-'.-i.).?>, named
re-[ie< tlvely Qeorge Waabtngtoa nnd-Underbill,
i "iiiin. ti in tho peattaattarj at Chnslor. OL, trott nan?_
?j upon ciiruiiiTl.iti ni af setiteii'i- nml hniiight
ii. ie to anawer ths obaigeof murderlag ralhaiOfllim
Daniel O'Connell in tilla city aUtcen mont?a ago. Io*
daj they pleaded gul?y aad wire eent?iced to Imprtaon*
int Ut lol' lue.
HIM,TIM (..MTS-ID KOIt 1,1 11,000 HY JOHN N.
..I ll'Hl N, Of CM VEI.AM).
Ci.i;\ ii. ind, Oct. 23.?.ohio excitenwnt was
canned In tmain. m elrel* i today by tha I illara ur John n.
'.li.I.hu, sn rcf.iry of thc Repuhlic lum I'oinpauy. Late
lay lbs company iihsi tu aoart a claim agaton Mn
for apward or *.i i l,ooo, ni whleh ba rinafnaandJnlgnsat
irtty tbe compaaj boldahla atoek to tba eeaapany,
iii., nunnet raina or whtehla aboat e_so%O0U, hat IS la
anden?ad rh.it arneb <u tin* ls pledged tor other aebta,
and .pl.t-llon* of priority of elaina SN likely Io arise. Mr.
I., ali.it -t.attti tills maratag tbat bia failure waa aolaly
das 'n un- ah_nhags st raluea in the leglllinslii bea
nu int--., uis iii.ie..t. .inen io tha oompauy is for on
purobaeed ..n bia ..wu n. noaa! and aold lo otbvaessoaaj
and for tnutapot?rion. Ui ol o anya iiiat In a year .uni ??
h.ill in- haa lost linne ilum .a>:HKi,<M><> from tala c.uiee. ile
w iii i .di a meeting ol bia crediton and sab an extension
ol time.
Mr. <U!lddcn' lament will nol ade* r tbe Repub?
lic Iron Ouipuii/. lu capital -io. \ r-.0,1100, and ll
I ? tie ..... i..a ul 4iiiii.il.:.'um.ln^ property. Mellool'WU it
aileet tm- lum ut .liddell J. M..limn;:, wblub deena
atrictly oommlaaion luiiiueait, .iud haa no debts.
Liol OR Si I.Ll \G IN RosToS.
li -li 1' ?< V Ol WOKEN li) I t)l;i: lill. BE?ATI LABOB
0OMM11 iu:.
Hdsidv, Oct, 2.J.?*3t-i)at<)r Blair, of the
i_li>or On rn milter., ooatinuod ids Inquiry beet Hus
mm mm;, the tem ..'[..ie ?? ipi. -lion \maiu iii linly coil?d
?Its. Barrett, etsiclary oi Hie Women'-* liTuis-r
:iui i- I mon, s.lIJ tli.il the slow utAmptem tnotht iu tenu/er
iiu.e w.uk wai- due to til" np.ituy oi the I nun li and Ihe
tol timi gut ol anfkagn by raises. Mia, Uetdoa.
pi.-.lent ot ths Ileana llama, beUevad that conutiiu
lion ti proiniiiiiou would is- ultimate.y oeoiured. in.
Ill?0a*0 re.. Ipi- Ul i. ...ll 4-. l-l e Ul ' 1 .j t.iO.UOO
lilllie tli.Hi ...-! .? ... . ..tl Ba.Tllll*( Waa gfUWUlg.
? I - hi.ll.Ml meI', to aUppOn pall,- i -
au.i .I iniin .1.-. Utuer iiii. .1 uMiiit-d <_ to UMgrowta ot
int. nipt .
Sr. Lol Ui Oct 113.? l'l'ouiiiiitit lili/iu-i of
st. 1...TI-, ,i i. - pee Uve ol p irty, met iu secret oouncll li-*t
night at the ct. laOUiS Clttb ta 0141.1111.-.- a LBW aud Ul'dci
l/e.iKi.c, OB UM pl m of Ute I'liIl.ulcTpula nilli IIB* COM Bill
1..- ..I < im lim tie <i. Purinna til ae_an w.t. elsi li d .???)
lollowa: Presutant,GerardBulbul ?oe-preeidenta (
_. i.i. >ty; . v ? Tillie .-ninuiliti.-, V.. U. .-t.1:111 uti, Joan A.
Noble, r.iiw.u.t *a lemon. Ja?iee J. Lindley, w. H. ixe.
? i.. m..adi.. ..1 sud bthan A. Hltcucock. ainemn
mud 01 t-J."*"J waa raised, lae eldee! "i tue
. 1- to tecureagood local government, ti^ut cor
1 and political ringa, and oepedally tuc_auibun_
Ti * -"s,.\n/.,Oi:t._;i.?.4 dispatch to Ihe sim
fi .un Kort Jtowic '.ij s : " I'wt* ladtBM Hum tho ' hostile '
1.uup in .-unit.4 . .uiie lu rc I..-! night, lliey -stated that
niin t) In.ll.ms and four clileis weald arrive at Kui.'ker
duidag tha Bight Ueataaaat Baatar. with a party and
?uppUea, k1"" oul to day le asset Hmm. c.ipt.im u.iil.;>.
is ie .lt Ku<T.tr a itu two BsasjaahB. erdetad tue ru ats
wicks ago,expectingtbehoaUlee'return, lils reported
thal Oeii.T.iil 1 rook Bim lu!..itu.ii lui of the OOUllngtool
lilt- la lu ..ia I' -. llO,Willi Ilia Sl.lll, lo -ililli ".'..I If. ItetV.ee. I
San < .mos ..ml the linc."
Wot Kronr,Inti..Oct. J1.?Fraiu'W J. Kc Hy, who
was arrested In Illinois for tnunler, reached hero hut
ni. ht, .mil inaiie a i ea?nsaa that, havtagbeea Ibraaf
cued wuii panhJhmsBl hy lt. Ta Arnott, tho owner ol a
ii...in., iio.it tor whom ho waa working, h.< doteitalasd
one Bight, attar Arnott had goae le bed, ta saosae. Ba
niaubiirtng hrnott'a threal i? follow aad uni him. be
Wtut li,ti K .um -a"l Alli.ill in tho Ut-Tlal aa ht lay asleep.
He took hla victim's mouey, ael Un to tbe bout, aud ??
caped with a -kut. Kelly u only seventeen yean old.
Wati'Iiiutiv, Colin., O.t. L','5.?.Janies Egan
nml Mnuiicc Hrh 1* wan to da. plaSSd utitl.T -. ,T?MJ hoods
io anawer t.. ? eharge or highway robbery. Thomas
I li.ietuwiti, a conn I itt.i whointli'-y iv.it ahawb
town, elaina ih.ii they knocked him down aad tabbed
him ol .f.>?? and ll dla?lOUd. Latin w.is pitcher ol tim
Brooklyn nine during the pant season, and Brisk was UM
pitcher of thc Monitors of thin my.
Cnn 400, Oct. ?J:'.?Mimbi rs oC thc. Chicago
Board el Trade, who were ooBaulted t..-.iny reapacllng Um
m -tii-iii,- iitivniiecii itv the Warn v.iik iT.tia.e gwhsags
tor ni uni.? pendent tdegiaph Un.' between Vew-Tert auti
Chlciiim, snlit th.it uti ut tiuu hail ttf-u tahUB .iud BS no!icc
iiutl liecn rcceiveti frotii New-York ny tin- board ben
M.Tnt.crs of tbe Cul. ago Board an d uibtful iis to iii? dim
lit Ina; malle lo pal, willie aOUM intimate thal the prop, ttl
tum ni. appen.m. e ..t aa attempt to m il .1 telegraph line.
N'vv-IIam.s, I'tiiiti., O.t. 22.?Oliver Budd, the
itiHske.i robber, io-.i.iv pleaded Kuiityor lire?lina ml
hun.r David I.. Inuit. Ul OraBgO. ill Nov.ln-r I--.', ind
.-.?>.,i'l. baiitluK uml robbing hl_. He was irnttii. ttl tullin
/talc lSl-.'ll I'T -.-MU i.'itr-t.
AN IX-lllTTATIVI'l Al'unill.l).
Wasuinotom, Oct. 23.?The trial of John W.
,',?. um. nf tin. Want?lfftotl ilete.'.l.,-- who, Hu.ia. a tht
elli,ri-o'Hi" ' tl a-'? .". i lili.-e. mott limi, ted i.i' _Ueyad
,.. i,|,lu ny Milli Ute Hu. ms ol tinselly, undid lo-.l.iy ni a vcr
dla_t Of aiallllttill.
REPOSTED t Al'lT'lMl OF A Ff..I ITV!*.
Lancamtku, r.'iin.. Octa 88.?Tba Laaeaater
Ooonty rns.i?cialareceived? diapetoh lo-.'..^ rion Akron,
(lin.. .-.lutuiK that a a..in ii.ii.t.e.1 io bu Pranl
thief. Who With si'Virul tithers, escipwl Iroin lin'. ils.m te ? ?
i, in i ii-t.si> there.
Sll.lt.lTNT) *. *nSTBR'S MVI.1.1NKK.
K.ivits (nv, Mu., Oct. 2A.?N diapatch from
cliiiiiii. i..a.. -'' Hun I"-' Bight, Kali? Wau.:
it i Barkley, who hail been pay mu aililr ?? i to Watten* a
.I her family. Wattura, bevlag beerd
ti, ti ii.iii.i.y h.i.i maligned hla amer, abel i.uu. iiaikio>
will the.
Annapolis, Oct.'_..?!he charreil remain* <n
Ml** 1,1/ -ie \v .iiklifi uml i inirltM I^-s'k. <* I il hare
.i iiiiih. Prom th. p..-lin.a nt t: j
rein itn* At. l.a'L'L- li .a I H .l.Tli'.t les a'PIt tu ttl.' 'I'll'l .li.tl' au I
., otu ..( Um beaaowub hat whoaeveteeaaabv
' -,o\, H.t. 22 -.lilli"'-.I. Ul.-Weil w;is ain-slcl
thia afternoon, oil?"ned wltb bolea alugiuva tro_ J?ttl.
..lUrll'. 14 t. a< . Ililli -li. Ullall .).' tin- .'.Ol I ll ?.'??> Il
Mi, ii ii rn. turing mid. ar > em pun y, of HUI I water, Mien., und it
..st ho wont awn. w llb ?l.WSJ bo
_BB__ lal \.UC CUIU4)l444y.
?WAsniNOTON, Oct. 23.?Ali air of truth la
given to the atory about tho trouble in the Cabinet by
the statement that lt " in vol voa two mentors." If IS
had boen said that the '? dlaiigreement'' Involved only
one member, gome people would not have believed lt.
Ono af the two " emphatically complains of uuwarreata?I
InU-rfcreuco with tho affairs of his department by the
head of another department. The PN__ nt having aa*
sumed tho entire responsibility for tho cause of the al
leged ?Tlcvance, tho complaining; meiuncr of tho Cabinet
baa only to yield gracefully or reaIgn."
The half of what did act tally happen bas
not boon told, ami probably all will never tx: known
Bxoopt by tho President ami his advisers. They era
naturally disinclined to talk nlxmt the mutter for publl
IB?SB. but lu private conversation some of tht rn are lees
reticent. From inform ition obtained by a Tnini'MBoor*
laaasaasat, lt BpaaatBthsl "tks disagreement " Involved
more than two members of tho Cabinet. For somo time,
t U said, thc Hei-n-t irv of **Iute lias felt |a_ettS of tho in
luence and activity of th Secretary of th-* X ivy, a-s well
i* resentful on aecoun', of his " uuw arrant.- I Interfer
?nee" lu matters which belong to th", -stile Depart
nenr. It ls salli, too, that lu Ilk ? tn inner the
leena?7 of tho Navy has Inspired tho same
'eelinja In tho bosoms of tho Beana?ff of W ir and tao
'ceret.u-y of lin- Treasury. Tin-se jealousies and resent?
ments unfortunately culminated on tho saint' day, and re
-ulte.t in BB _B_a_a which (lie wold "<_SBfMSBMB_
inadequately gnallina.
When the*'tittil.t h,.| ii-.i-iii'il il. Mr. Krelli)?huya**n,
who, it i- wt U known, ls of a rather exe,tullin temper*
iii. nt, -aid the tiim* h.ul come when he mu-t soleiunljr
uretmi iigalivt any future Itiit-if.-r.n.-.i with matteri
NMI'.TTilllk* Iii* I)epai1t_>iit by ihe ti. cr'tary of ths
Navy, wh.-n tks ttats uud Iks B_t*f Depart
?eats wcro beeag*. Ms by side under
tho aaitie roof, hs lind felt Milgi I lap on
Meoa_I sf thc lastleaa HisitilHoa sf Mr. rjfeaedlier,
mai aa* a wise anosmias he sad eoatriTed iii?ii gai
itroaglrsa gatea, asnBeana?I with __rp Bteke_, __j
lileele.l flu tn to l.e pla..-,l _ all __ ,, , .. ?.. ivs kB*
f.ve.u the two il- paitiaOBtS. II' h ii iirtt-r. d th--a- HU-'*
tu be eei-iin ly looked ev. ry ntttht, in ard? to -ive Mr.
Uhandief t>> iiti.l.T-t.i:ni th.it lu- waa not to tr. s,.i<. upon
ihe.ll.Titty or fun.Hons of tho dip'..ti .tie department of
tho QorsraaMB? His peseestHoas sad aaratagi h;t4
i.'.Ti.tf hil avail, Not only had an BB?Bf Sf fi..-NuSJ
?egotistsi a treaty with Corea, but winn the fi] rs BB I'm
tUlrmy unfurled Its lag lu Wi-hill.toli recently
in his own skssaea twa Bara) ss_an bbs. by
.lila t tion of thc hoail of tl., ir da pu rt nu ni, 1st n t< inpora
rtly ult.iih.'d to tia- suite of the iTiibassy. M-ir- tiver, an
ither otll. <r of the Navy bad lust pul.li lu fl, in,der the
Dill?Bl auspices of thar dt-partment, a ile.-a ri- ii.c sketch
nf Core;, .uni the rjac.
roma roc?sat nmtoaAisow.
Wlii*n Mr. Kr.-liuitliiivscn con Tinted Wttk thc remark
that he would sui.mit to BS luitluT interiif nee by the
head of alioth, r department, tin re was subdil' d applause
fi-om seveial member-, ol IkeC.tbin.-t, and the President
nhowisl slirus of ans!, tv. The Sa-cretary ot tin Tie . ni y
ross sad -nd tbat, ulule ho wan not fam?
iliar with tim merits * of tks BBB?over.-y about
(..rein mattum he was Impelled to nassst
tlmt for-.onie tlnn-h.-bad felt tb.it IkSn WBS " un war
Interferonoe" wltb patten (bat properly be
longed to lu> Depart nulli, tis the bend ul the moat im?
port.int Linnell ur the public aervtce hen- there wiro
ulgnaol dissent from evi ry other Cabin, t office) i, be must
r-.i.i that In regarded th. <..telnet of thc N?vy, Ince Mr.
cfiTintli i tonk* I..11, '?,.'- blgti ly ni n I.ci. i'.'..'. '?(.'.. -
." continued Jiulire potger, ?? with tb.- duty of eat
leering m..ney tor tbe -upisjit of uli the departments, I
hiM'-.et ti wirti unfeigned regret tbe areonnta of tue
damage Inflict, 'i upon t be veaeela ot our mernbant marino
by o?1 war ships, wi.ii ii ban run tli.-m down on the biirh
.- - i our oommena le to bs dratieyed by ..ur own
. abai la to beoomc of tbs t astoma n venae I
A'tet a pin:.-.-, tu:iii- which the Pm I un
e.astlv iu his cliatl. Judge Fotger, lt I- -aid. i. ii arfeed that
lt hail .'.Iway < sat tin il !.. lilni_,ili am.teal.. 11...I tb.- r> [torte
of eon-ms?who are, after nu, mon- UyiUmatcly Treasury
otij . is Mi in they iu? iHi. er-, of the 81 it-- Department'?
in regard to commerce and manufacture.*, si.it be --nt
to nod piii.li-iii.l by tbe State Department il-- tkoag?|
tho ii'-t.I oi ih.it Depiirtm. ui should oonfluc bia efforta to
theil i '. i!.i'e-par. diulomaor?-andleave theTnaBf
uri to manage Ita own ..tl on without laterfemn. .-.
fha President aeemed mon unei-v aud perplexed thaa
over, and turned to tho PostmaeterOon .ney
rj ii iii. vt i arkona he. held a wiii-p ? i-.-.l conloi
whlcb w-m Interrupted by tbe Secretary af War. Mr. Lia
eeI n-ai, l tl.at lie i.. .1 li it in Ttl) been silent rc-|icctili_ what be
iv i.t ti a- auwananted Interfereneea hy t)..- Secretary of
tm Interior and the .-..rei.try of Ike Navy in mutton
whieh belonged aolely lo the military ann of tu. QavaS??
At this point Mr. Ch teller and Mr. Teller hath struck
Imo tks ilist'u-siBB Bl _S -nu.' lti-taiu and if waxed so
w irm rh it Ike freak? il a a ao_p died ts ?terian .md
abruptly adjourn Ike bm. ting; wkiek bs ?li?I with the re?
mark th tt ba MsaaMd tke satin reepon_bUltf, ami if imy
goat?a ni AM?1 uk.- it he could nalga Ws oith'.-. Tim
lott golag i? a rul! in ?count of what took place?and Isla
every p irtlcul ur .nit* a- accurate as any otkrt al iteMsat
to the effect that lhere has been a dl?.tiree?out In the
Cub inc t.
[UV TK.t.K.itiAl'U Ml TUE Tltim Ni;.]
WvsiiiNT,r'?N. o.i. 23.?The r. [tort and \t*thtt
ot Commander Wild'- an I all ot lier Began re!.itiii?f to (BB
.ir,-, ly Belief Expedition, an receiving tk* caniuiiou
-id, tallou of i'i?>T.Ta... I'aa ellei .iud IkenpOtl Bf Lisa
fell,Ult liarlimrtoii aili nil tlo.uiil'nts iN'arlng upon St an
mai.".ijoin, 11Ubisugafunsallaj from Isenl nj Uassk
The res.til I B ill dS?C?SBS whether Cnn.uandSI Wildes ur
i.iaa?aii;?ur n bi Mai I.>r kalk of ikssi win iw btaagkf tn
tlie.ir.lt'alor a co.ut Sf ?gall/. Tue supplementary re?
port ot _eeteaaal OarUagtas seBsi for by Oaassal
Ila., a bad nut 1'. en. lied by tiie Secret tri of War
si s Islci bear te flay ai?e neel etasj H ks aiB issi?i
whether to le.jime -rl'.l further Inforrn.alion ur to .ilrecl
thal an ..'ti. la! tnve-li<arl.)n ho bc. un.
While C..mai an ter Wlld-s's reply lo tin biter of Secre?
tary i h miler -a'i-r et,.nh azplalas -ever il Of IfcS pointe
nfaed, H fall* IS ab OW SBy good reason for his delay of
-\ !?>- at Upeenavfk?Atye wklok wan gneloaa. lt is
uno ilitt Cointiiiiiuler Wildes .inotiij Ma Instnutiona,
ivhicli sud lint l.e WeaM I"'ly to a SertB? extent upon
the it'.ioiTiiatli.n irit.T! li in ?? by thc Duni-.li authorlta-a it
nd Cperu r.ik aa li) tho proba'-le iiiiiv-meiita af
iee, ete." Bott tat b 'CU ten .1 ays al In- ?.,, und
her cominan.br kai pu-.nu iMv obt.uiicl from the
Dinii-'.i auil.oiitlett all tuc liiftiiuiatuiii tli>'> USN able to
Import about thc Ice. If tho authorities ut I'pcmavtk
,..|.|"l tu lus-t .roof Uniiwleil'.'iun thai siib)ect, he fall*
lota. IO. In k.i;nc lo IptruavU: h.-obeyed tue letter of
u.tlou-i; bul tin-letter ret|utietl him M keep Ul
eoiiipaiiy with thc P.et ts if -ir.u-t it-able, amt tba vciMel
bad lin al., been con I tl II days.
Iforeerer. apangraak ia Coa_aaa?ar WUflea's nailing
0 'tiers gan him conU?-UkM dlaOtt ''.on, and laiily iutei*.
pr. f .1, did nut reptile bin. to \ isit Ipa inavlk, t sp. alally
after UMtatrlajrat Dtoee, iLni Um Y.intic sia;c.i rr.uu
ii,.-... duvet to Paadon Harbor, sh.- weald ban leeeaafl
that place in tim.- to intercept Usateaaal OarUagiaa
betore he begiui hla perilous retreel south werd; a relief
. would hue been , -.li biUh.-d ucir I.lfc B'-at
t ,i .. .mi tia- Vuntie tami.i have returned I"
St Jobn'a no earl;, la tho aeaeon tba! another vi aael could
. -en -ni to the roll,-! station thin year bini lt It.-n
thought necessary. Then la a atrong uupreaalon amoag
ouiitT-. itt toe Navj bepartment tbat Beere *rj Chandler
do?i not regurd aa eatlrely aatlaforton tbe exp?uatloa
ot Commander Wiblea. and it *eema to be u..i Improbable
t...tt u furthercxplttuittioo alli bc required, anl?wtbom*
k}iwal n. tbal nilli tr io: a antill ol Inquin la granted.
Some ablapen .*r.- heard iu bot i tue Navy and um Wac
Di p iittntiutri (hat au oili i.il Inquiry may ito
...I,titi nspeeting thc, exaet nature _ tba
iii-iiiiiTioii.-. gina to iieutenaul (,.ihuittou at
the Signal otiic.-. l'be sxplaaauoa aa ta wkjr tko '.ituo
r.i?ilUUt Known a* -? -H,.,.!! uieutary inaUTu.'ilona" waa
.i al the signal nih. .-is not regarded aa rouclaal ve.
li ts understood iu.it tm copy of lt waa neelved at ino
N.t\y Department before tho expedition left Si. Job na
fl it bud beeu teqiu ated, aa stated, foe nae in tbe pnpara>
.'unimunderWtldea'eonlen,ll waaM bnnBaaa
nc..Ieli.ii'U. .Moreover, I nat ulllct r WBS futui*be?l wilta
no oop/of lt; .uni ihe re_mum for Ita .-xmi. see, in tno
face ni liic v..non- -tait lucnu rospccllug it. seem tobe
Ba gnat a niysterj as . it r.
mrs i\ht.s to ni an t.M* i" nun: nairn
\V \-.iiMiniN, Oct. *_:i.?A li-t-?-i written fo?
al.iv i>> Di-.tiict-Atta.rney I'oiklilll tollu >.. mary ?f tba
latSStor is tho tlist sta-p lit a movement on the part of the
liovt-mnii'iit to put il s.o.i tu ill it.u lu e* of disJioneaS
p-u-io i claim agunta*, in tim couiac ilccnlt.1 upon ths
Aitoni'V OSBSWj 8*-cr.ia;y Teller i.n.l I'uintiilssloner
Dudley hit* eat?elly unlteil. Colonel CorWhlll ls ,l.*ailroi_
that nil boliliera ot otucia luivlug copies ol dcsxpUveoUv

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