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colan* from Steads lu this city, or knowledge of ruy
fraudulent transaction** on their part, should Rend him
full liifiu tn il ion, to the end that each BBSS moy lie put In
ahape by apodal airents for legal prosecution.
Mr. Corkhill w?vs he luis looked into couinlainU Sf theao
dlshonc-t pt at tt.es and has become *_tlsflod thnt tho
grand Jury should give them a IkorougB Investigation.
Ile hus been assured of the earnest co-operation of thu
Department of J_,tleu. Tuc device* employ od by dls
bonest ai'Tits area* numerous a* the skili Sf dishonest
men cnn contrive.
"Some of the euee* liefore me, stirs Mr. Corkhill, " are
bMU-trem'inir in their detail*. Maimed nnd ilceTcpid
noldn rn. and tbe poof widows aud helpless orphans of
eojdlcr*. pay their pitt mee of fl, SJ? $? 1 or WO. to ag*nte
who must know th-lr claims are worthies* and can inver
I.. B i.i. ii ld I T. M ic uts nicely til.- a form il application
to en able them to collect money from their deluded t lieut s.
lr the lTt'seut law ls Inade.jii.Jle to prevent such transac?
tions, fi?mu ess should provide an .-mcieut remedy."
Mr. Corkhill asks to have detailed nv the Commissioner
of faa al ima ia ei mimer with authority to taveattgato all
Claims In connect!.Ml with which chart.-.- an tua.le against
iittoinevs mid to examine specially such cane* as Mr.
Coiiiiitl may wish to present to thc Onad Jury.
? . "J
Washington, Oct. 23.?'Dm ri'ortr.uiization
Of the force of enmemlIaaa!MlStatt ot pen-Inn tl tim- will
U-completed this month, and CoiuUii-BflSSMB mulley cx
aaatsgaodInoak-IB follow. Tin- apse!si ea*miners are
ni suit 2)0 in number, and their linties ure thoroughly te
Investigate all .loni.ifni or su-pccteil cl .lin. is will il*
those in whit h tks clretimst mee* render it .billet to
gel at their in nts. H-n-tulon* the work of tue sit" Ul
examiners his iieeii direct d fruin ffasktaKtOB- t
auits mare eat in al leaper? ass_fkelai3 sad aaargaal
zatia.ii ls aaa* te ka aatabllabed aa?ogooa to tbat sf Iks
PastOtt >? oi' Ike lateraal Reveaae serries.
The cunny will bs di\ ni d iulo .'lvi-iotis, in .?: . h of
?vtbi'li th.-ra-, will lie 14 vi'irvi-lag sp.-ei il evmiller,
ed bee?mo of bis kaowtodge of the peaaloabeul?
To Ililli Will be sent lill ,.4-es lil Ills tlivl-ioll wtiich
rci-uirc ii aaa. asl taveatig item, and lo bm Iks ri'port* of
*_s eaee?1 examiner* tn bia division aili be s-nt tot ta
n.ieiT'nn Thu* far fourteen dlvh-lona bave beeneetao
l:-he i nu i tb oe mora w;ii is. org__aed within the next
four v\. eke. _ ,
The dlvielon beadqturten then win be Wew-Yort,
rn*e. Bonton, Philadelphia*, C_rlnnatl. Oere
rind, Iietra.tt, ri.icai.-t.. Ut Cul, St, Um_, Dee
Moines, l.e!. tripoli-. Columbus, llurrisbuig. Pittsburg.
Bprtngfl"ll. UL, ami Knoxville, Tent). i'la spec-lid
t#* nervlec 1* In charge of Colonel E. J. Rathbone,
v nos., office t-;.i. Wa-auu-Ton. but wno apenda ibe greater
patt of bl* lim. in the Held. He posacaaca sj* .ia! quatia.
cations for Hu'duty, and ha.-Ihe contldttut: of Coinmis
Monc. Dunley.
Wakl-inaf-QT-OWi Cot. 2:1. ? Tho followinp
changes han h'-cn ordered in thei>;tiiirt'Tiiiiistor's Depart
in.nt of the Anny : (Meael Alexander J. Perry,
relieved from duty lu Washington and or?
dered to leper! to Maioi-ceiuTiii ?aaeesB.
to'inn..liding the Military Division af the Atlantic,
for duty as Chief-*.}, lartermaster ; Colornit. DRIm-hum.
relieved from duty In tbe I>e).arfmtnt of the Missouri
nnd SSd_Nfl to frill Fruin i-co ; Colonel C. (J. IBW??B,
relieved from duly In New-York and ortlcred to duty In
Ihe office of the (JuttrtnnDastcr-i'iTu-ral, Wuashlnirton;
Maier Janies Gillis, relieved from duty at Kort Monroe
and ordered to the Department of the Missouri.
The I'lcsident tod iv nppotirtsd Firsl-Meitt'-niint GestflS
E. Pond. 8ih Cavalry, to be Captain and As-Tst;ttit-(*Tiarti r
imvter In the Anny. I.leut'iiant Pond ls a native of Con?
necticut anti nerved a* a volunteer during tin- late war
and subsequently went to the MlHtaiy Academy, where he
graduated la 1 MS,
The Pe, rotary of War ha* directed that In dotgnittng
the commands of the division commanders the word
?' mllTarv " lie omitted from the caption of all order* and
In all otu.rial aarnsgaaa?mb.
Thc cxtiTi-ioti of leen of abaeees graated Captain
John w. iiian. 1Mb Infantry, September 3, has been
further extcuded twentj it..y?, mid tbat granted I ;t-t
Lieutenant Jesse C. Chance, 13th Infantry. September
15, extended seven .lay-. Lean of Sbeeaee for -.Ix
liionihs, with jiennissioti to lt ave the Milttaiy l>i\i
non af the Paetae, nus been ann led Cant sis Charles ll.
OerdoUa ?tb Cavalry. L"ave of absa-no? for
three mom lin, with p. r m.-non lo apply for
un extension of two monHm bas keen grunted
Captain Joshua La. Fowl- r, 'Jil Cavalry; leave of
Bbsence gnnted Captain .lame- h. Oas i.y, :i.l iiifautry,
Kebruaiy Jil, bli.- bea ti <\t Tided six liionlHs; and the
lt av. of ni.-chit- mauled S. .mid Lieutenant William N.
Hughes. 13tb Infantry, october 13, extended two
months; I.- ive of absTi.e tin t il funner order*, wiih per
mission to leave Ike MT ian- Divinion of tin-Missouri,
lias boen granted Captain Charles E. Morse, ltitb lu?
-? ??
WaUtnnfOTOKi Oet, 23.?The roeigiia?ona of
tbe po-:in.!.-! T-li.i'iictl have been rei ebel ,.' the l*t?t
Popat?SSaS. K. _ flake, of II Itu, Mon..
l.tlitoi Sf /" ? atewMBa Berate) . G. ff. Curtis, of Crb mn,
DU aka win be aaeeeeded i.y Praaeta M. It
Oasega H. Fa_aftoa, af Bro ktoa, M.--., abo will b?
'.-.I br j. m. Ffollrwoadi Man J. ?lciri. of gent
ohio, who will be mn-ce.-de I bv Chane* n. Baner: B, W,
"Nve. o' I. ii uiiie Cite, Wyn., of Tht Mtnmerani; and B,
W. C. 8tu??ba, of Sterling, Kan., who will bc succeeded hy
(I. I liner.
W uitint ion*. Oct, 23.?The qaeetioa ol duty
on imiii'.i '. <i ti. > i.u-a' uti been rained ta Ibe 'i
ixpaiiiu. al ky a pet?Isailed hy Ckarin E. Millerjot Maw
York, eoil'i-el for Anierli'Tt. plasters. Hr BBBS that Ike
?lut\ le ka churned aa craiiulal.tl lice ntid all fmtna of
bnibeli rice shall'i" the sim'-as !,i it hapOBOd bv law OB
?whole n..-. No further do* Inion In the ta-.- will p
Ix'mad. until the bnporton akall ban boea given full
sajsa limit y m be I
L WaUtmBOTOX, Oet 23.~Achaage haa been
\ ma*le in Un-iii.Tuber.-liip of ||_ Hara! Ad-isory Baaad,
- ijiTtta nant Iliwan! W. Va ry, who wa- one of the 0?glaal
UiembiTs, ha.- In-eii del u lia fl Ironi duly on the baaed, anti
Lieutenant c.'iuiiiaiid. r I'. M. Balker baa been detailed
aa a ineiulier in hts place. UssBsaaal VT ry will bs
asslinietl to other duty.
Lieutenant Albeit Mci? lian been Og?MBd tOUpJM'.TI
katare Iks retinnir is.iirti.
Is-ave Of iib-atie. has been (:r)iU1<s1 to Tti-seil A
EuKiiin i Henry llerwur for six mouths.
Captain John H. Rai?cII. U. 8. N., twa been pmnaoted
to Ih- a llllBiailflllfl. and Commander F. V. M. Nau to tn -,,
Bf?B?aOtOB, Tu'sday, Oct. 28, lBln.
_ Oust iaMT Awjusaa? Tbeeoatrael tor eoppet wort
In th- Ob Tim Hon-e nt fan aaa CHy, Me.. rn
ewardeal to the Ai?ouia ltrass ami Copper Winks ot Re <v
8oBE<;FTUr. PnrsinrM's Vis-t..r.s.-Anion/ il,, i
dent's visitors ta flag were tin- lie i. in-, i dm iga aad
Vile, Sen.ito! Me.Mill ,11, e\ -Miialiit Mitchell, Judg* !>..:.I
Well-. Oem ral lt ,ji,I. I'. -. \ . .lani.-. M. ITT, ? , of pblla
dclphia. and .lollalban K '! avior ot Virginia,
A TBBASC-1 Hi..t-i. I N?Jg I ? lin. - Tlie appoint
ment divliltm ot the Ti-ea-itry Iiepurtmenf will lu a few
days laaae a nea n-ui-ter eonminina a !i-t of j', i
ployed :u the Ueparttuenl and Ituvarlou
ewdlng the Oaaloma _irvlce, Internal Bevenne, etc. Tko
last volin.ii' was is-ued In 1879.
A Mr Ml m. ul rilllCAIUM.T.?The Cabllie'. Ineetiti- to
day wa- rhoit and unimportant. All Itu- monbon tran
Tuestnt except s. ii. i ir> Folger, who ls out of the city.
Tbi* Kecri-t ari.- of War and Naiv bad "n Informal i .in?
ference iii regard to thc ITotru-..rei-iy relief exped i u,
but i .linc to no lomluslon .u. lo the lu -.1 OOUne to pursue
in rbc matter.
lV-MMAKII-.K MaM.V.1'.*( MB. lu ll.et i-f o'I'o-Hua.t. i
Mani, y, i.i .\ii4.-u-t?. Me., u ,.i ie- i>. en ebatged wltb il
MgAUy boldlag a State oglce while Beting it- po tmnater,
a refi-rcii.c to tbe Kxecutlve order alleged to bave been
violated akewa thai tko odee alleged to be b< ld by Poet
BMMMI Mtnle\, tni-tee of th, rsl.it. In-aiu A-yluin, 1>
gBaaiaBy excepted from thc seopc of tks otter.
tmmWM ATTDltSi.VOStsiTSDKi'..-TheSccitlary of Ihe
Intenor has uni. irei the saapsasloB of tke toUowina
Barned Peaatoa At?neya: ?'? R. Cillery, of?ocklaiid.
Me.; iYancis Begtateraad William ii. lirn.n, of Pblladel
Jihln; Milo ii Bteveaod * ?.. ?.i CleveUnd, Wasiiimrtou.
Mntt ..ni Chlcaiv-o; William BL Willa <V t:<... ot WaDii
lnirton. uml .lames ll. BaaOOU A to., of Tn nu ti, N. J.
mm TuKklievkAmkbi. \n Haili ms.- S. rn tary Chand?
ler til-slay citDled Admiral t'rosbv. 00__iaad_g the
AslSile station, jo ptaeasd al oan to tba vicinity ol
flgtanaaal UUud, near I'ormo-a, end reeover, If pcmfble,
thc three Auicrleau euilors belonging to tbe merchanl
vcaasel Spartan lt ls tbougbl ol t. N.,\\ I).-,,,,11,en;
that the Kusi-x ls already on Hie way ts> the" it inf of thc
jnctii -?.--_-__________
The activity uml ix* it?iiu itt nt |_e Stock I'.v
Chaliw arc BBkSbflBM gradually, but thc Mlonidll of Hie
Market is i/rowlug. The Nott liern 1'aellie kkana, whlcb
Lave itltiai led so much attention lataly. Won lOOOOOn
SjAMions ii-?tcnlay. The B .. ..lion of thc flag waa* the
adnanta MeMsaa C_itial stoek, trbltbrloanrl
<_i_ js-r esaSkagkss than mi mtmttay. Tbanwn as
Indication of e" contcr" iu Iks st.? k, alt?Mgk it le
Vin. a ii that lol some linn \',,.,.1.-rbllt b;..l.tTs ha,,- ||rlj
eseeBBajgaflaakaaSn_fln kj Tiatrtng 0m ?>>?<ib
?. . -il.le io tin- - Its tis." Cta??dag tpiletlv at Mist, tin?
put e , el. .ania-*! aiiiio-l \4 lt limit lulen uplnm to s-4,.lll(|
i ? 44.4-ina.le at a i .'a . .-io., ,,t ,,,. , it .,,,?,
tin- h..in-t point. Tut general advance, which wm
?ade without unuaual excitement, ranged from 2to3
js-r cent alni tin cb*-?lg | , , .,,.,,.,
fri tv the blgkeid for tfce day. The univ rtiiiioi that
Kaili.si HU .itteiitloii Ul Milli .-irea-t Waa liedi} tll-pro\ eil
It ia said to h)4\e o)l_ini4te.l in tlb-patt lu - linn, (_J_um!
Jay li.mi.I sa).I that Hie- bean ' V4<re hatti pu*bed when
tiny alien.med to depress pricea by circulating st.oe
Bl-O.lt UlC UlUI Of Vi. Ba I'DUIlOi ? CO.
Cixcixxati, Ott. 23.?This was the first day
Bf thc fall liottiii,.- mea ting at the Cheater Uriiing Park.
Wilina* Bov won th* iiiat race, and Joe Hunker the aooond.
Tbe beet time lu the lirst moe ant 2:30**, uidlnthtt
a __NMi WfJCWTOW tiik g__0F IO *rr.M<'.x
Philadelphia, Oct. 2:i.?Tlie House of
DobmUSS continued Its session this morning. Mr. Littcll,
of Delaware, from the commltfe, subinitled a list of
trustee* of the < .cm-rial Theological Seminary to nerve
uutll October, 1SS4. The rei-ort wu* mlopted. The Hov.
Dr. Abercrombie, of Northern New-Jemey. from the Com?
mittee on Memorial* of Doceumtd Members, read
memorials of Knrirh K. Mud*-", of Massachusetts; thc
Kev. Dr. John Cotton Plinth, Now-York; Josiah Klug, of
I'itt-buig, and tbe Rev. William Shi-lton, for over half a
wutulry teeter at a church nt Buffalo. The naartvas
Report No. 5, of the Committee on Amendment-* to the
Cntistltutloit, relative to ultcrations In thc Book of Com?
mon Prayer, was then taken up. The committee reported
inversely to the tentative BM of any pot-tlmi of tin- t?-*>ok.
Thc report waa adopted nnd the committee discharged.
The report from tbe same committee, concurring with the
House of Bishops la SB)?IM tating the wonts " linnie of
Deputies" for " convention." in certain place- in Articles
2 and ll of the Constitution, was twin. tefl.
Tlie omer of tbe day wis next taken up-vi/.. report V,,.
SO of thc committee on Canons, lela?ag to tbe report el
the rsjiecia! foi mitt 1-0:1 tkS Bewaiiec Coiiferenc- In re?
gard to thc work anion'.- tko col.ned people in Hie Mouth.
Tbe report contulii'sl resolutions netHB'netulltig that thc
i;..ard of M -agenoftb ? tflaalonsryBoeletybe n quested
lo appropnnriataaa large un ataoanl aa noaa?.letatke
lnls-iimsof the Church ainoiig colored Bespto. No .lei 1
B?a was rca'-hed.
laWMait r.-eeivetl from tbe non?e of T5l-hop?-tated
t_a& they had receded from their totmet aetton, amt bad
a ?;,-. .1 10 lotitnr with tke Beens of DepotlnndatlTeto
tb" iii \ kb ut Of lin-1 li.).?>? SOf Not tb Cat olin a.
Thc two hott-es met In the BflSCBOOB BBtkS BoSt-dof
Mia-lons, Bishop _M tn t M chair. James M. Brown was
neteatsfl ltBeear r of the Daa_stls sad Patatga Mission
nry Moclety. Bishop Duni'-, of Albanv, pnSBBlafl tho re?
port of Hie Mexican Co iruis-tina, wai.Ti sta' ? 1 that dur?
ing issi bMBBBBSd di Ml .'israeli ui w is f'Tt ia ta HM BOB
duet of tifl'tlrs ill M.'Tito. In Oet.alter, 1 SS'.', the Coin
?1 1 xpns- d ka m-bop iiii ?>? ta ottaag terna tin ir
opinion Bk? the Church should not bc c ill I US
lo rapport Iks (''lurch In HaxlM until all Iks Ithu of fie
coven mt bad liecn met. nml his pnaMMe sa reojaeotod in
NewYiU'W. A eo-niii.mic itt'in was sub?.ju.Tilly scut to
Ill-hop Kiley by Hi-lne. LBS, in win-lb bf -gated that lt
appealed ta tkaOBMtaliafsfl tkat tkenhad bena aa ap?
parent want of agaa flea?ag with ngai?ta tke Iattaray,
and tbat actually its completion w;is bein',' hindered.
Then bad been also an apparent SB?BBgtaBSiallon of
funds, nnd several oongngations In Mexico have m-v.-r
reeetnfl nu BBBMOnal visitation. No answer
waa received to this coinmiinit .dion. A teli*
gtain was Mbaeqaonttr w-nt re.picsliiig the
jiii'st ncc ot r.islu.p Hil.;. in tbi-1 Itv on Ofiobei 18. An
anawer waa received thal Itlsuop Kiley co.iltl not leave
bis work on su.-li short milloo. At a m.?.-ting ut 1 u
Mexican Comiiilssluii lt wan concluded that tho wink
e.uii'i ie>t be carried ..n under Bishop Klloi, an 1 ob o.-to
N-r ll* he was reqnoated to resign the work. An answer
I 1- -met been received whleh Boomed to Imply that
Biahop Riley had nafaned. The rcnort stated that Ibo
d bad for years been Bap-ported In u groat mr wura
from tho Bishop's own fundi. There was no qneotlon
With thc Coiiiliiisslon as to tue duty of BBB?BBlBg Hie re?
form inov. incut in .Mc-u.-o, but th.- Commleaton waa nut
prepared to state what tbe method should be.
A oommanic itlon from the Boneo of Bishops waa read,
staling that they had approved thc action of tin* Coui
mlaalonln rr qm etina; tho raalgnoHon or ihe HUho. oftuo
Valley or MexloO, anil ulan reoonimi-liding that ml-siuu
work In Mexico be carried on.
lin- Kev. Ur. fulton, of Missouri, sititl statement* hail
beean?de that a covenant had been entered int.. with
tbe Church of Jesus In Mexico lt aw im?
portant to know with w.Tom that . oveiiiint ba I been
made. TbeOenenl OonveaUoavn the only body tbat
could nutlioti/c BttOb a covenant. Tb*?e Illino touch
faith, order uud thc sacraments and the reportabnwed
that such eoTeaanta oonld nat bs s-blj made. " Pea
Mexicn Oommlaeion," be said," baring tbe unanimous
approbation ol the House Of liisllo|4s ha.- nglieoMd the
Bishop of the V Uley of M <_leo ta 1 nlgn bia .-. um lindon.
Now. In whoae bauds i- it to he pl ,.. I ? 1 laliop Kiley l
iioi within tm-.jurisdiction ol this 1 burch, li-' \? tbe bead
of a eynod of bia own ehureb. If be ra?ena, what then I
We will lu'..' adrift in the world anotl er dd iched Bishop
reapoaalble to do Cbnrch on earth ead Hebb oee?dill u
s.'hi-iu.die -nen ;io?. (1 baa been aaeertod tbal Blsuop
Riley ni- eieieavot-e.i to p-T-uaie the it RUhop Cum
mina, who haa left the Protostunl EpUcoual for th. Be
formed EpiscopalCiiureh, to become the U ihopol the
1 v I. aeon win,ti Ihe iv ">; 1 Church
inu-t lean lethal the law must be obeyed. .
establiahod ordor of tm- Church li not li a.ye*L
I la DOl tO a?lime th it
i.ann iii foreign oountrlea 1 a re are a lew
poop] e.ll lie-it .11 i -i I I" be
Ind p "I
b. Itieiioui. and feeble par! 1. a abould not ben
lu-imp Donne, of Albany, atated that fho .*-?
< iiii.ii.i--ioi. at thal Hui" believed tba* lt was acting In
iwrfeol conformity witn tha nqulrem*?ta of tbe ounatllu*
Mr. Whittle, of 0 corgi a, ta.ek for granted thal Bishop
Kiley bad been duly and legatli 1 I "How can
a |" i.e a iked, "ii
? la is. vie e.innot undertake to riiri 00 I...- WI
di p'Ti ll "I Ililli chili
Tbe Kev. Ur. Sebenok, of brooklyn, 1 ;?
If-ntl,ig Hi 1 I I Ilia! 1:.. ' 111.111:14.-1 1 -a
WOUld I"' lill .1 .on .0
ai! in 1 li. matter. Tb*. bani pi.
tain . tries In the tl. 1.1. 1 ?? 1.
IT I O' dalk Ul ttlVe tO tl,- ? ..IS III
il think thej a tuted .?. chai
il, and vviniltl But knit>v what to do a.in tl it Hoy ti
[Laughter.] llo moved the apjiolntt-. .1 of 1
t wo preet-j tere and two lay in n, to con lei ? li it chanar*
ore neeeaoarj t<. i.e made In the mb lunary ranon lo
enable the board to muke appropriatlona to oertal
san -t.ile.n- in lol?ga I hun.
Afb r much f arther .1 Mr. Van '
Iowa, moved to lay tke whole matter on thr ; le,
?al t".
lue ii.,,!-.- of Depntica then went Int dun on
tbe 11..a,ii,aiI >n ol ihe Kev. vv D. Walkei . Bl
North Dalco! 1. 'i'i 1 on 1 ne * in
H.-top- reported favorably. The iloiue roted t??ol?
io 1 le.T illili.
? t fit- morning. The rr
Illili ol BlshOP I'Olter, 14- -''''I Ta'.V ot t a.- Il.ei-.-, V
<?? pt. T and tue Kev. Itt William Catlocft mut eleoted to
bli I... 1..,-.:nm. T he ll. witt into count ll, .uni win u
Um council ruse a resolution .).?-. uuaiumuu i> a*lupted
npproMiig tue action ol the Medcan Commiwdon lo nv
an allug Bishop Kiley M realgn lu- commls?on. 1 ni?
lli i-e ..1 tl ? on weal Into Coromltt -e of th.
Wool, on t ,. r, 1 ort of 11, ,,;. 1 .? imnill ? 1 ?
ol the prayer-book anti Oj labod th* Holj Communion
I'O-IMi AS Hil Pi-IN II I -I I 1. kt 1 . .
wuaaiN* *-ii ?-.
1 n 1 c..nun in 1111-. 1 nun BB, 1
Tbekton, n. .1., Oct. '_:{.?l.'Min Abbett,
11)1(1 lill the .M.bel:
Gubernatorial eanpalgn hogan>, han been
.- ' .1 Kui
roa'l or .New .1.1-1 v im 'lt Hilo bank' ap ev. IBO emitloii-.
v.-i re enable Ut amara of wagn until
uni r thc boadbotden bad 1
lia! I?OB M.I. lt |.ilio 'lin .1 nml I. it.-'.I thu 111 -T
tu. I.-., iiitiire, of v,lath he waa thea a dm>mb
;i law co.upeiiing the ria 1 lui'to j..., thc linn Ont; and
tbal Abbi u, a^ eon neel for thc aorklngmen, a mt ??efore
the Chancellor and obtained the order directing such paj
m.Til; "uUoi wm-ii" Abinii npoala ni every apeeoh,
" I .lid Wltb. ? ; lo -ti n a - ingle neut 1 "
The ,riitt',n fla?11 to-.I.|g iin.i, thal Inc bill in _li"-lli..'i
aaa passafl ky tke Lea??tan la tkna dan, nader su-.
asBBttea el tbs rain sad ail ami olrieetloe in.mani mmb*
ber. Il luiThti slio\v? why Abbett BOttld uti,ml nullo
?T burge Hu min a cen:," iron, a 1 ettei 1: om
Pi B_flsarl Beary **. utile, of Ibo Oeatnl Ba_lroad
of New Jersey. Mr. Utt_ IW*?Wa Hie tart? tu tn
am 1 c..tu buiic ne. followai M8o iiml lt appearalite re
oel-rer, 1.dboldi-r* and atorkholdera nutted Int
fOftS to relii've lue nun a? ..nit kly us Hie lau aud tue
cir. uic.-taT.e- oi tn. company would permit, and 1....1
nu 11 44 ui~ 1... ' forcing* a noni ft, lt ja ln< nu __blc to heap
epiiin-ts upon lae, bondholder! ano expedited tue pro
oe**??ga ta evety poaaible way. Tue legal proceedi uga
oobo_?ed tu tba Conti ol Chancel) conniated ol
a snort petition, made to Murta ugh, a mle to
show ciiii-c uinl tm order to pay. in all ti I
loilos. Abbett was hm.it before tba Chancellor, tot
ihe-" pit.i. s.-i.ii .-11 ?. 1.1-:,,- asked and received from
tbe receiver g50U,ai lam told bj the odlcora ot tue com?
pany, and I find a voaehei tor lt in hi- handwriting. Ile
tim no; colic. 111 cent ,,1 me money, ll wu paid directly
byllu- 11 elver io the men. Mr. Abbetl aaa nol eui
j.'o.t. .i I... 11.1 men. Kewita employed by thc n eivei
aii'i paid by him. il*- could not lawfully be 1 mplo
boll:, atnl 1 et tail,i\ ought liol to be p. . I |.\ people v.T.'o
bail not a-k.ti In- -it vu. .-, hut liy tm- lei it4. 1 ma. bad
I .moult: ls-tal- to 1.1; Hu Tit I did BO) usn M the Illa!
claim of v.o Central Railroad Compaoj lo have vol un
M_iiy paid la full tbe wagn of atety man wno hud cv. r
worked umm the. road,"
Ni'v,*-Oui.r....\-, Od. 23,?In ii.TT.iiluiic willi
thc lUTaniremeuIs nuule bj the Conl. 1. m ? Con:;,.
Hie twa l.i.Tioiiiol tba 1>.tho> lal.c Stale Committee met
at .1 p. m. lo '1 ij, tue PttSpat?I k blanch 1
tai a IBSfg?e_atSBB BB de ii.aloiii, hotne, Miienliie
lit/Ji atria li tlel.T-'atcs enter.'.1 tl:' V 44. i e loudly elieere.l.
Ml. I lt. pam. 1. i. eui,nli.l Hie li.Holli.il um o, I
l.u.-iis fm- chairman, and he waa t leeied, reci Ivlu i
?KUTI VB?Bj tlli'IC bl ;ll_ no tittil f I ali Ililli.'
Ai.ham. o.t. S3*?The l.< pulpit .ni*, ol tlie
lld Aloany D^lrn I niel ut B_BWM -v.lle ta. Tay tm UM
Baeaaaaaf aea_sa_B| ii mmttntam mt Amamtty. Tho
iii t-i buib.i dim -io-. .1 a ssassos katweaa tks Ngalar, n
Hrapcr men, unit UM millet inls, of J on n I-. Mu j th, B Ith 1
following for two ni three Ililli 'I,ml. tit . amii.L.t. - ls
aidea. Thirty-nine b::lloti-t went t b_BB w!iliout
WMtult, and tks convention BBja_Bed le bm -1 in tkkj cit t
on uciobcr 2b. Ou tuc tho jast ballot Dr. Becker, a
I -Uraucr man, lcd by a vote of I'J to 13 cu?t lyi thc ne kt
biirlest, Henry .-samford. The other candidate* wcrc
Charlcs P. B_Btaa, John B. flttaBB**?S- and Ho'., it 0< it.
Nvack, Oot. 23.?The Itcpnblicans of Kockland County
toslav nominated Alonzo Ba dell, of Iluvcrstraw. for mem?
ber ol tbe Aaaembl.,.
QUI? Fall*, Oct, 23.-Thc Warren County Democralic
Convention at Warrennbunt today unanimously nomi?
nated S. I>. Kendrick, of Cb ti Fall*, for tin. Am-mMy.
[BV f__M_U- TO TUB TtMKlNH.*
Kist.sTOM, Oct, 2'l.?Jaiuies H. Crandnll, a re?
tired merchant, of Ook_B_?, fchohurle, County, wan
nominated for Senator by the Iicj.iiblicana of tho XlVth
1)1-11.. t hem to-do.v.
AitiaBT, Oet. 1*3.?Tho Democrat-* of thc Reniselacr
Wasbimrton Senatorial DM-tot, the XVIth, who met nt
Troy two weeks hito nnd adjourned to aearch for a candl
flatS for f--natur, mel at Fort IMward to-day, and nomi?
nated Robert Hamilton, of (irecnwleh, Wasktagtea
Poiiohekrphir. Oct. 23.?The Republican.-, of thc X Vth
Senatorial Iilstriot to-day nominated Lewis P. Payne, of
Columbia County, for BQBBtnr
JAMAH l, O.t. 'Jil.-The Isl Senator.al Ulstrlet Demo?
cratic Qmvondon to-day aaa?nated Bonjjearia W.
Downing for -*tate Bea .tor.
.Vkwhi'k.i, Oat. 'JU.?The Democrats of tkta district to?
day I'en.imiiUilei1 Jain.- M???I for Hie Suite -Senate.
MB. LOW Al TT'.NDIVI T<> HIS DCTUC8 aifl t tl I AI ,
Mayor Low does noi leare his post in tho
Brooklyn City Rall 'turin . Indues, 'our- to ci,.';.i ?? in
the e imi) ii ta as pneedlng Mayen kan doae, kat la all
bu.bi.s-. hours BS may ti te md i.t hi- po-t. In tbe even
Ir, ?_. hov:.-\.r, be ls ie linly to. the eitv and
ipaaklaa in the Doonan an warda un Mr . Mt aaMaSaea or
theci'i'i'is'aad tks BogakMnaa oanaij??an ooojhb
Tue "Mayor jwiints itroudh to his two f OUII* of epic;.:!.
idmlnlatratlon, and ple*lgea bliaaalf In oanj
out, ir ii-iTi"Te.i, tks . uo-l \*oik whit h bs ims began f. r
In eoiiii'.i-t 4-.iih this tke Denoeiatk <.indi.it..
Coi m \..i Los two yean iga, eaa timi aotfc*
in-H. talk ni.mil lu _i brief bb * amt that he
tx ill try'to do an w-ll for the 'Itv as hu " lllii?trint|a,
lll'ctleee.nol." TIM WSJ IT Will Tl Ile c|.?".t l-fo H|*eech oil
Monday e-reatag, by ?'. wImb ks Wt
|00 goofl to atf pt il at inn nfl lioliiTiaHnli
he would toni lude. "I'm but B stranaer here,
Ilcai. n U my lioine," wa- MgBIOOd yestMflsj aa ?u
ptcuu-li ll.lieu]..i -. Ile aili.onie eil li" Mewn of Ills own
and Mo egeeek fan flat la a_ ee_ \-.t.i. winn- ,; bus'
BOO I), ui'.'Tat- an tB BaBpOrl Mayor taOW. IT'tnlrl**, ll
was not.tl j. ?-!? rd.14, s. I oul ou a BSmBSl ra'iv.fs la-I
w.-ek with t vt,i> _____in baa_eaa Maa, bettMa weal be
K.ae-a about il v itu Hag |">Ilti. ians of Ihe wornt typo, who
an after the " -|s.ll< " nil the time.
Mayor I/i.w spoke la?I cveniii_ in the Fl, bib Ward. To
li'urroiv ni ?lit bc wll addles. I iiu.-s i.Th?- In UM
Kink. In I'letTiionf a\e.. ubeiv 8. ll. Duictier, li.itt.rn T.
Ba.b. l>t-"i us Strone. l!ut>ott Payne aad Ostaara! Tamur
will .also speak, 'flin Mayor will -jH-ik ut Wood-'n Hall.
Bl South Ninth and fllieBBd a*_, cvonln_: on
linlay cit niii- Iii Style'* ?? '??? ?? Fulton rt. and lt. ilford
mm., nml ?t Ht kfor.l II ill. al IM)' r and I ck ford r.-, on
Hatnni.Ti evening. Nett week ia- a.:i apeak anew wtea
in?. on., or more Hine-. Ii.inorr tts hal ?? nniiiured for a
Low n.e. tin..'in tb" Fourtectith Ward
The eil?eaa* Omasslt?a ha* pnpand i eaasbw nf val
aable doennenta ter drenlatloa. laeladlBg Mayor I ?<??
Ma-oiil.' Hall speech of I .-t week. The utterance of "
Low in aec>T>tliitf his i. n.liiation. wi..ti he deelarod bia
adtieieiii e lo bu.-liii-ss principle,,. ls put side by side V4 llb
fiendrix'* BBBOaaoeM nt of patt'.-.m prim ipi.-.. In lils
aeeepl.lll. e. all'l the si.ultl.'all' ijue-t'oli. 01 wMeh Ike
f1iar*llg*1 tm ii-, kl pul ?' shall Hr....kl;, i, be -'??>. msfl IM
Its own good oi for a party*a pnfll I"
\u Important Republleaa nomination te be audi
ta. nii'iit la tbat of Senator In tko Hld DMtrlet, wkleb la
li.-.ni.'., m. Tb.- convention meeta tn tn* "
ll ,11. Tbe ??..uti tel ba ? been a bitter one. Im.'I, tx
a lt thc | el* n ?* narrowt <i
down to twa candidate* ? Uhert Durn-u and
John C. Perrt. It I
thc no
mid.! District ri..tull...Hot- et- 1..1-. made hv I
pul.iic ms tomorrow alabl In Bi.lyn. lt la nrar-u thal
milli i,e ca. rt
m. u ph II'. : i" -ii ip ut May.it
in bia -noil. t..i I ! ? 4. ir
: air J
. andi
lt tte-. I li. ]) ?,
Millaa. Ol
I lu- tc--, trallon in ll o..;.i4 n thia 11
H i/i-traliou ny w.iitli tni
I [? i."o
'1 Mr.l
1 ?? nih. 4.Ill
? i ' ', ,
41 . ..
.... .
l e-i.i.iti . .. ; Its
Ililli..:,! . . ? i .'
li.lill. i.i.
HIL st I // CA VP W.N.
V.i ITU! '? *.**?< < ?"**" i" * i "i -i ' ? >i 'Va" iii in
', 1 T Wi.Ill I).
S.-ii;u.t VY. liner Miller, Cunt..illtr Davenport,
Mat. li...-.'. ?? . t it.. I',lr, Mr.
", tm candida?ii for Sen .t ir In I i.
Bamber ol ot?w Mading Bcpabll un- rutted Iks
Bl it.- Oomn ' -y. ai: .-j-.-.* t. .1 th it a
I.i feeling prei died la t
iuui t imi Hu- |. rylag tko
44. te evcll.llt pfWVlded that ll UV t lil tl 4- like the
I lie. etIj
Mate 1 .itiini.it'i- ii 1-11 numb? ol mea employed in aand
. alter little ki 4-1 been
la in sonic of las null dlatrti? tii.i not much
eflbrt te betng made te < ott t... -: ta, Tkla 1- a anet
iiii.-i ike, a- Ike 1 annii.ili.e is flotag a greet deal
worl I . Ben baal of Bl [_wi-ejiee County
4\ Uti 1 to the 1 oil. Ul Illa ? Hm li "ll. 144.; ?
...lt Hu- coin.'I .no\ I ana a I
nol uiiiMirt
the .-|.,|e licit. IN v,| mil I l-l
\e - Ul IO lt." t lilt lii.y would 4 ol,, t
1 , 1 n .
'" Democratic I! . ,_,h
-aol oul ;. a* ri. - ... question,, i? , dent*
? thi.-Ht.il, to a ? ? . ., ??. ||
01 in 1 ire it, -pilbil. ana 44 ... \ ni. I lorClrvel md I tts I
Nilli lol" lb Ul kel till- \. ,.. I n,. ,,,, .
ir Stain I .
ui.-.11 to ii ive.u uniform _ tm ivombln, in, .
leal all statlnu tiiat they kno* of no Bnuuhlieaua
oald *..i- tilt Iii ne., ratio ie kel Ulla
I ? from Billi ntii 1 Ur i-i ttl :?: V 1. ??,:!,,!
"''? "tt" itlon luraofiieto
.1 our town I- all rU'iil ti,.4i i*
as Hi.
and wc - . .ii |M.I1 cv. rj lt. . u illean vote 'i ? re are 1
nw lukewarm Kapnblica?a. wbo will have to be
brough) io t 'n poll ."
Ike following cm ul 11 im- been aral eat i
, Tho cori.lloulaxlaa named b) th. Ki inibllceo Lem
lilafiieo, IMHO, ippt.I bj ti:.-p.ibbe m.,.,.,.n?.r -.ml
pm 11 o,mt.dion 1.. I: tit'.ic in DontroHem, the lion. .1
W. U .i.l-vsorlli, a.el Ula -nee..K?r, Ula Hon 11,, |,,,,.',,
iuui. hu - |il e ..I in Hut t ita. it. aaury, In mr yean Hu
-im ..r -I. ?."-. :i .-m. mel thea ... 1 . ,, .,un, Ji th.
tu**"" " '".lil I. li?-ml,el III 4|
a Di oe 1..I1. I. ?. ,-1 al ure pu--e.I BO law. In I-ST for theil
relier. The following Ogurea for tba four rears ore util
dal :
AtiM.iiiitt'..T.iTisi, iHsn (Right waa tba) ... am ir? im
...lbs-teal, I- ' . lit.""'.,, 1 ,1
Alli...I'll nolle, leal. I ss'.". . 1 '.T'Vl, vi '7
Aimamteoliaelitd. 18SS.
'l",Hl . S4.0OS.716 - I
'i u- magnllleent numil bas Im.<ii achieved oab bi
persistent labor and cousUnl watcbfulneaa un the miii
of the Bepubllcan Controller bavin* io . haran the eve. n
Honor tbe law. Tbe entire exiienae of the railleotlon of
"It- above lax for l-*-:i, un.in th,, economical id
'"'nitration of Coutrollnr Daveniwrt, um.ita
o ..ult S_,400. H., I. ?...,?,.,tn ,,,. ,, ,. ,.,,;,, ?,,,,
labor ...ul .es,....,-, .int, wbo baa been aa faithful and
econoiui. il. Mould Democrat* like In comnirr Iii in
ree ord with tbal of Ihe Controltnr*a Office In New-York
?' ' " " ' ' ' '' I"" -l.f" .I.-,,, ? ',.?,?.,,
execution ol thia Imimrtant mea un arhich o I u ch re
1 .4..tn.li I ll -o, U.ry ,l_ollUl lee,. ,,, JfllcC
the p.. - ni m. uml.. ni .liar.-,d-Alni onlorclna lt anil
l..i Davenport for Contra
IHE S IBATOOA'H Lori.li \ rj] \>,i\
Captain Ifclntoah,wbe muk pTen .'t.iiiiuim.l nf
iii.- st. ,-i.iiiliiji Mii.iin_ii, ul Wa'ril'a Line, un the riv
1 liiti'utit nf Ciiiiiiiiiaiiire bnudberg, bad ? Bevon
, experience uu hie tint vovage as ci-inutauder in thia
? linc imi proved liiin-?-Ii more tbau equal lu the
| \.'-"Tey. I i "i" ii.'- bom the v* - el wiled from
Havana, on I IitimItv. until Int arrival yeetaenlai
Ipi ne.... il uiie.v. I'l'llttiial ht i uti ii, ji.ii tn ulai'v
on Suuday, i.i; Cape Hut tera . ll.,, __. encoun
t- rel tm,it t< weather, rn Iii. li , au tl Ib?
I., mil afuioet ti".', ii !.. bi i .-. upp i .. *-. leral
..1 _ie pa ,. ig.. * bec tine nune* Banal .1 > alarmed 1..1
the ve-s.Ts s;,l,1.4, bul I hf uni \ il.4iii.tu-i- il. .iu- nm
thc breaking ol conati?-ral crockery ami 1 i.u,ware
in tin cabin,
nil Ul ? .iii IL "? UK 11 in h.
The lim on the ateamahio Heimda- uas eztia
U'n"lie-l "ii Moudaj niiiiii. Inn i,,.t until tho cum
partiuenl in which it waa dla ? 1 horn lillc.l
with water, and tbe re el had been run aground
near Redloe'a lalanil Al un can, hour ynterday
morning the ayplwn and other pnmpe ol the veaael
wen started tu pump tbe watet oat, bal ll <??.
uearlj i p. ui, befow the at* eui iiin ll aiU il, aud b
was toM. .i te 1.. 1 pier at the toot u 1 ounh-st., Hu
laikciu. A oitrvev of tlie veeaol and cargo will be
mamt to-day to "learn the amount of damaae done
Lv the lin. So fur u i anperlloi-l examination
could fell ye.-*tf*rday the veesel showed no dan?ge
freon the tin.
The liagnageof the piv*?engers 'ano warded the
Tf-nHel at Copenhagen waa examined and found to
he in as good order as when brought on biiard, but
the baft-gage of the pawiengerH who went on board at
CliristianrK'nil waa found to be mon or lena dam
uged. H. W. O. Edvo, Mr. Lembcke, general paa
nenircr agent, an?l Mr. Mari ager, the luryieengeragent
of tim Thinavalla Line, adjusts*- the claims and
paid them iu full at faerie (Harden yesterday after?
The convention of inventure, which began a meet?
ing in Lyric Nail on Monday, continued it? sessions
|uelsfflsy. A constitution aud by-laws were
adopted, tho nanto chosen ticing The Americnn
Patent rrotoctivo AssiHiatlon. Tho objects as
slated in the constitution aro as follows :
To foster Inventive talent, ntl in tillite Inventive genius,
facilitate Inquiry and dliTnue Information; tn secure to
In -i-i Tiloi- the rewards nroordod to them bj the patent
laws nnil lo proteet them and their Mg? repreecntntlvea
In Ibe full tiijoyiiieiit of their lag? rlifht then to; lo
establish barrans af onl_itlflii aial Meal in formation amt
publiiTiHon, uml I., pc-OBM? thc Introduction of valuable
dUcovctiee <>r Impnvementa In tbe arts; to establish and
iu it n t.il ti for convenient us*- Ubi arin sf works or publica?
tion-, s. i.Titllle, mt ihiiniciil or ?gal, relating to paten la
or Innattoaa: to Bwaksa in Ike ooaunanlly a dae ap?
preciation of the nlaUona of Invention to our national
prnirrcsi. counteract tendencies iiibii-rslvo of a Just na?
tional p. il i i.i toward Inventon. ami (.. sis-ur.- aneh le iel?
ti.ui as mai be p.,in,n- to afford adequate asearltyto
property tu ioventlona | to adlaat dlapatea between In?
venture and pnrent un nocei nv und ta-ily liiiiraii.un ;
to > operate aub mw niora lu foreljm i omi trie- Incllect
iiur sneh i ba iii-e- iii tn ali.- 01 c. bel win aa abell remove
in i..i'.-i_u laws tn.- pim1.. *? luci, opeB?Mt ta) toe d?
adi mt ure ol tort-?rn luvaateaaaa well ne to teat of tho
[nv* atora of thia oountrr.
jj iiiiiiiMirlsl In (.'oiigiuM was adopted . jilling ut
tenii.it to hume of tbe ii.ij..T uinl anibiguou
tn iiliir- of th- Patent lav, " uiijiist iu tltat it puu
iabea tbe patentee for securing kia right* alirt.ii.l
bi restricting them ..t bone; and ambiguous In
1il.lt lt ls -incept]!.|e tu timi h.- noelved illllereiit
cobisti in ii.ms bj tue i oin I-.' Double wen enter*
i.iiio a ..s to ibe Legality* of appropriating toe
Pateni Kundfor any purpose other tnaa thal foi
wini li ii aaa founded, and tbe inefficiency of Um
Patent Office waa pointed nat, uml take (oUewing
i.t oiuuiemlaUoua wan ?adc :
11, it a ipe.T.ii i ..altin- i"ii, uni.iiliii" one or mora oat*
-.le p.iiti.-. ol experience, be appoint I ??> ravin tko
j'ateni luw ; tbat -iliad persona be employed to make a
illicit ol all the t i.tiler lu Ino liliratvor I in- ("aleut
t .itn i, 441: ti alibi. iii?ions of ..ll mi. nu., ia, -.. arranged
en to ouri?tpoad wltb tue Oa?_ideation la Ibo oil
., ii i ti iiuner in it bare nverytaina mtattag M tils
. ont .tu.Titi* at handi ton fenton put. nt*, or, at
least, drawings af Bank, bo dentieatau and nlaaalflttd bit
n- to afford a convenient referenoe: thal tbe itatute
44. lea Inuit- fe- tenn of a bene p .tent to Iii .lol Ute
. niie-t exp?ta_ IH?aa huh no repealed' inat
I.. ic nu ki?itiiiK Bataam akall aol
eiiatlv exceed Ike cxpuna* Incurred; *..a' te
I'a', n i Kn ut I ne forever aacred fm toa nan-ead pur po* ea
i..r widen ii wa* created : that UM 1*0?ai < MMee be nee-g*
iii/tsI aa a M-puiai. department, ludepeo?Mil ol ail ..huts,
and tbat lt bo allowed so nun u ol too aarplua Patent
i, nial bc ns .? - il y to the propel | ' "lui,lice of
lt- .lull.M 1 til il tue .inllntf lois* Imi llterea .. uml such
- ii UL it nm will *?. Ult ol, li li i w-lliee Ih. pin, ideal, IUld
tltat UM ..ii)., nf Cm.?-? ...ii. i l.e-.hat of Colet I.Vet ll
tn. ..ll, emf tbe li-pu tm iii ; that tin-nt be est lb ll*.1
wit lu li tin- oltl.e a (Jolted Slates ?'..ii rt, COWpoeed of Hirts*
Keilli- Ul' ll ul ? X's-rb ut e ba.tn ll) 1 atv alni un rlrniir,, to
-a norn ali up's-.il. shull ls. li. nie and to u Loua
a a ,ii be -a him: i.-.i all . j ie-t i ? ni-. and W1MM0
derlainna shall lu* Anal; tn it In view of over
tii. ? made ny loreign Oovoramoala, .tullun itv i?. irivon
Ibe i'lesid. nt ot tbe United .-tates to conclude arrange
iii.-nts for t..e.|oiiiiler. of toe (Jailed Sta?a la an Intel
national Inion tor las l| us-nl prota-s-tloii uml ngBlattOBB
lot pit.tit-: thal a < .'iniin - <lon he retabllaiied wita
auiinnity ia, older stu h Patoal < niloc nxpendlturee, not m
excess of receipt-, ns anea oommlaatoa may from nun:
lo nm.- team em ??*?? iry.
After tin- adopt inn of the i oiisi it \ | mn atoll,'. -
lan laud tbe memorial toCongreaa, aa election ol
IB belli, ll ll'U lilt- fl'llull illtf peiiOlls W.-lo
rllimeu: I'lciitl'Til, I'.. M. .Maible, t..iii.:uiiil..iii I ol
I'ateuto al Vi lehingtoii; i.t-t vice-pn-eiih-ut, r\
\ .1. ITiee, of Scranton. Penn.;
i.e..ml vice I'T.'ii.bul. Mm. M. A. I'lirie-s. >.f fieSr
> .ul, ; i". r* lan . I . ?-*?. \> a. ol Nen I
|. I . P. Il Ml Nanice. Of N> v* York. I I
(..111111.1 lee oil < Tl-I ll lit loll Billi lt.I I ..ill s ll ?i (ou?
tline I nan being 1. M. Forbes. An ad
jo ul iu-*l lu. cl . i ? ul be li. ..I in tao we* .. .
' .'.?/. 1/1 WI Til I BOTTLE.
A I I.: Mi ll' IX A HAY
? ? ' i Hf. Ill Kl f
an unmarried laborer, a li
to provide bimaelf n ii t it lc i.
ila] morning on a baj loft in the
ten i that he had lanni mat
ill.'. lt li :.l 1.. -il I ?! ? a ll-at'HIl t" '
lo provide linn-elf with f.I. riot bi 114 snd liquor.
\i tn- waa believed to Im- honest und innllrnsive Im
had I. el* lu?
ll 01 ?, .1 .1 lal. ii.Tir
iglll Hillie 0 lue
I.Ititi. I , . .-i.u. .ii by M
p..i.i..ii. a bo -ail thal th* j
? .1 i.y tm. unknown m.
i ,i a- !.!.-?it ni*- from B -
1 ie- l.. 1 aaa a crowd in iin?
.i, a ul lill lia ll Ut te a.-Kc! to Mill lil III- ll,,. Iv
f.. Til uni ll au un IB 1 "lld be ema?
il -!n.rt ti.it", li I ut
len itt li the) .I.-;'.! r
itt iluiv iilun tba;, wan going. Byron apeut
hit-li ..f iii" true un Sunday uinl Moi
Ii.|ii.r-it ic ai No. 131S Kivtngton-st. Ito sat in a
bail il i.J.'.l. c. ? if a '.'UT.'
pa.: 1 le iii lie.nl. Ml- I ..Ui' I III- ll lie ol illa- 11, j 11. >I -
' 1 Ililli to go lo il .1. -I' ll II I . 'liol Ile
went to the one iu Ksaex-st. ott M< ilvlce
of tho physirien be poulticed his ti* id on Monda,
evening end then wen! to tbe stable when I"
11-11.ill.i slept, lt na, believed tbal be died before
1. 1 liDii.t ii.*- quite 1 ..iii ) u ??
1, ? p..!!..- eon chi ont Michael <'ailey and en
' . ? .1 I I pt ion ot lite de.ul ti;.n''s as?
sailant-. Cu.:-i -aid iitt they wen young mm.
lill' III' . .Illili liol til iel ll)l< t llt'lll iii 1 111 |l \ . ||,. a lol
I'.iiue. h.t.. vv jil k ??; through 1. n :. on
? I, \\ hen 1 lie.i tin t nml
fouug men without nmark. Suddenly
Hi to 1 waa stiu. k mi tito beni lu a bottle, tilted
? al -up, tl.lou li bl' One of III. lll.TI
Ibo men sttiiek bulb 1 iis.oi iuui Ryruea willi theil
-eieial ll.s alni 1.iii .mai. lue police
I lum l'li 1 iii ii < aalev'a voraiou ul theaasatill nus noi
1. .111. t, iiml t bat there bul been an altercation lu
1 lu- nt reel pruvlnua io the wounding of D
I _ey wen searching for I 1 bout
lunch hope of duding them. I lie bod.i ol H
? I H. tin- undertaker** il. >p at S". **_'
Al li 1 -1., ., id 1 1 .Toiu-r waa u ikea] io ??
1 ,.,.v t..
nu im un Ol uni vmii.v ma HOpg Ol
M..Kl H.
ll. uii W'.ii.l 1! -e, v.-.- wa* aaked by a raiauxi
raportoi 'ti Mon.la, eveuin_ foi bi- liens npon the
?.iii.ie. t ul (liit.ic.-un.I th.- luivs governing it. lie
p. ni 11.-1 .-tl fur u moment, and then auld thal he wt mid
ti a 'i t" I "..I. Into tin -ii l.j.'.t somewhat and rea. I nj.
v. hat 1M. Wini's > had written upon it, and give il
1 an tu! consideration before replying at iengta, Ha
tbouahl thal then ann mon causes for divorce
(lian the Scriptural ono of adultery, ['bat waa pro
mini aa .1 pi..1 e. nun lor inmian fruin nu tc caprice,
in 11 11,. ie ?. le '1 a loan bail several B I vee, aiul il nue
1 ?< .1 him in i.iine trivial thing lu- po?Idgive
Ina a 111 ililli: id tin "i. outeiit.
"Vol iliitiieis slioiiltl nut lie facile," roii
tinned Mr. Beoebe. with incns ed oaruieatn**aa,
?? ibe sam titv "i tin- family is tin. hope ol the
world, lt ia better that two should inlier through
life Ililli Illili il too . l-l .Iuui slltillltl bo open,.,I f?|
linea- led by paa ion or il".trtn:r license, lin- boya
-tv mt tin- tram, 'Chieago, thirty minntoa for
divorceT [heard thal mraslf. fn thia Male a
man can go and e.'ininti Boulton nml with wit
in , ,-i ht iii. ii di vuna, andhia wife will be free, and
maybe wiah navel I" many again. Hui divorce
b.i<l In- granted 'an other tbau lin* Hcriutural
ground. A iioin.Hi 1.u_bi mit t..ln- obliged to live
with n bog. I ? 11111K. i ? 1111. - - - oughl to be 1 oauae,
,*-tt too if a man la notoriously cor-,
1 upi in any uni, Ot it lu- i> con?
victed <>f ii criminal offaooe. Hut tht
causes hlii'Hi.1 be vin few. Cruelty hhnulil be
kui-, lint ..ot iii.T't- lannie to agree in tempera
l.a\it \ of divorce lawa in evil.**
?? What dO yon think ol I In-tin er-ily nf lu <\ . in
tliii'i-tiTit states!" waa aaked.
"There alum!*! be u uniform United States law,
if it w.-n- possible." Mr. Beecher nplled. "Then
oughl uot to be oaelaw ia ons Btate mid tun.thor
in another.''
" |ii<l iou ul.erv.- in your journey ans social ilif
1'. r.-uce arising from freedom of divorce f"1
" I ili.l liol at all. lb" nial tel nev. 1 citne uti. I
obaerved mon ol mnlt.pli. it, ul marriagn in l tah
lb.ill I .lui Ol .1.vinces.'
"Haass one says that a etan Mlm bas three or
four is 1 \?-.- ilivorci il one aftoi tbeotharonlj drives
In- t",tm tandem, while the Mormon elder haa a
four-in-hand,''wa Mr. lloecber laughed
heartily, and nodded his head in aeoent, but made
im 1 0,11.neill, lit laid that lifter he bad couaidt-rod
the stllijt.-tt int tlc lit* Wini ttl be glad to ui ie tua i it ns
iii lint.
Another attempt baa been m.ul" to wreck a
tri.it. uti Hi.- M?BB 1' lau.I Pul". ' TIM lirst iittctnpt
un- tu.i< 1' "ll Malinda., ii lien tbe fi;.Tn ? 1 of Hu- Tutti ll
Ville Halli tun olen d t iio laigS Iin'U.< uti the I1.4.I4 a lille
I olin.1 in;: Hie eui-\, lioin ton rel ion's st,, I ion uinl stopped
bli lonna ol ? >' it time to avoid aa aeeld* ni. a -Bekman
Oil ill.T ipt Ile lu.Hal -lon. I piled on
inti iiTiui'..d 1 iniii bel
latching for ibu lAum,, nc
h.tin mleeken.
?turd BOMBS roa p. a. oow>:iir fkom w. l. scott
?If. a Da-SMOKK'o* TK.-jTIMi.Nir.
The end of a red silk lanilkctcliiof, pooping
out of the outelde pocket of ex-Heuator Conkllng'.* dark
ooat, and a Ilttlo red ribbon tied in tho top button-hole,
were the only bite o; bright color nb*mrt him nu lie eat
alongside a long table in Clarance A. Sewarda law
oftloe at No. 81 Naatwio-et. ?reaterdar- Cnlt'-d Htoto*
flrciilt Court Examiner 8. D. Oliphant .iras hearing too?
ti mon. in the ault of Winiam II. Dlnamore, president of
the Adamo Exproaa Company, to annul the lt?ae. of the
New-Jersey Central Kalin).? to the Philadelphia nnd
Kt?dlng. Oppotslte to Mr. C'onkllu., on tbe other side of
the tabla, -a*-, Franklin B. Gowen, proeklent of the Read?
ing, with a t-n-nooth-ahaven, florid face, while nested In a
position convenient for frequent whispered cnn.-ciltai ions
and siigpestloni^wnH o*-Congressman Ooorgo M. Bohe
son, lils rublound face -bar. ly couti.?ting with tho pale
nesa of Mr. Coukling'ti countenance. Throe lurge Ii.miW
ciiaea stood with their enda pointing to tho lung tallies
and Imtwoen thc Aral two from the entrant-,- to tbe ruom
Mr. Seward'* long white mnstacho and inevitable ci?
gar could bc Been next to thngra/lsh beard nnd white
curl of Mr. Conkllug. Ball tin* time, however. Mr.
?swag? waa pacing tae teaai and endeavoring ls blow
lils clouds of tobiTT'O-Hinuke unobtrusively into obscure
Tins ciitirncl for thc Jil al n tl IT were r.f.-s-r-. Goal??ft ami
Seward, alni Wayne MSaVoag**. und "Harald T. (Jictii, of
riii!aiiei|.iii.i. Tba daleadaats were lapfaseatai by Mr,
lb.inn. Mr. Kobtisou, HtMi|:ii)iin Williams, ll irker linn -
nu-re uinl .itu.. ".' I'.. K u-rclier. Anion,' tbe forty "dd
people wbo lilied the rootn cither as witt! --.-.es or BPOO?>?
!??- were Kr. in lismore. Willam U anett,..." Brie, Puma.?
A. J. tins.itt, Jainet 1'.. Keene, Charlo,, J OaOorme,
?"ciiittor weA'TI, ot Nev l.-r-ey; aa?Malar John Beott,
Of I'entii.vlvanla; vice pr-'-ed.-..! Fltlal T''ii..ii->oii. o' I a
? , liittit.i l:.ii]io:ul loni] : ny; I! OL K nii.til and *??-?? -
.wai Logaa, oi rim _olphial Jabs Borny, taatah < . B di
c. k. tn ...-aller of the Adams Bxpreaa Corni .
iTc-iii.-iit niin y 8. Little, of tbeCeotral Etollroad ,.r
New Janey. Mr. MaeVeagb took no part in the
imitloii ' - ,i window, un attentive
i ?arucoBTor m. nonoeo__
Aflei '? tii|i.Halli ely ititi;.ot taut lo^tinioiiv by tv..)
Philadelphia law>en-, who Here concerned tn pr*
?mme of the pa|iiu s lu Um I liustnore m.lit, t.
aaa sworn The del tssktag to prove that
tbe aillt U a e.illative one ivttli Ibo I'.iiii -jil an I
ri?at.aowell l i?> apooalatlva cn
lions and Mt. QoWCB'a ill.f exauiltialtoli w.im liil.Ti.bsl
tn linux this nut. If po--iltle. Mr. I.iiMinorn. an he sat
III Slea gi Sea BIBI Uhall. hla fa<-e bare of bair mut a
Maektts eu.!i--It'i'. .ni oht-fSsbloaed ataa?baa oollar,
lOOkSd like a b and,onie . ha Ti ber of . .un BBf-00 pict il it- of
tl fly yt?d ago tbal bad sta.pixxl itito life. He la.atili.il to
. lag 1.000 abaroo of JetsspOsatnlBtaok on Kui.
nary I.".. Issi), mid Lotto -ha BS on Mareil 0, li''_
i' in of the atook hail bera leal bf Mr. i. momdt with thc
naaaat of tba wttaaaa 1,500 aeneas, hs thaaght.
? Why did >.,u lluill Mi. Lib'oula to 1,...H> shares!
Mr. doWen iisk.sl.
Mr. 0Sa_?ag. a_Ohal risen and walked to another
liurt nf tbe rtsitii. tinnisl lo the Intcrbiimlor and a-kcl:
' A re you aivare "1 il t be " ItnWB a ittl? "
?' I am liol on I'H- -tand" re | il lui Ml. < lo wen.
?? It-it t nm on tins -tanti,"' s aid Mr. ' on kl I mr. apeakititt;
biibe-.ieii and with ooo Sacor pointing ut Mr. rowen,
1 to latorpnee aaatoat tba omma? for tbs other male In
ir.-nio'niv eadeavoriaa to put imo ibu witto*?'n mouth
w mil-, tbat he navel mud."
" Ton hera irlv.-ii us much el.'uuenee in thia case." Mr.
i ..wen retorted, -miling; "perbapa roo will kindly
let ii- have your pliotatgruph lo put In the stenograph, i a
? Tbe coun-e'. eaa baveanythingbedemand* from im.
In tbla .-otitroversv." was Mi. *'on!(linir'? response.
? te. fo-tn cati lu- have nu silence In any attempt
burelli*! ? tn fnlat Int.t tho teatlmnny what la liol
ti ne "
?? it. . ? ? queatlon,"uah1 Mi?. Ooweu, morely
1" I
li'Tll.l'elll." IC
? . arltneoa
i-roiii tl la time ra Mr Conklin ? and Mr. Seward viwl
with each other In iLterpoalng onineroiu nbjfcotiona lo
Mi ? lo .-4.mi. Immaterial and
i ire " tO the i "l.iniltnitioii un tho flu,il |mi|iiIs of the
" ' then drew I om tho * Itneaa tb*
| III a ll .11:':
imnlalnt anti lt a i hun i.v Mr Bea
? n of hai tn
to lits fiif.i'i after ! ' thc hill: " I I. .
' ie -i. " I III* WU "I sillied Willi
I ?'.-....
) for ve.i al
Mr. Ii ? Hoi tl Ia
.rn pi
Q.?Would \ go, slr;
? tl.. ..pict prion tl. iT.-hter i
iii ti >r thal noni,! oom p.
youl \
I i|.,4.Tl't yet I III ll ? ; I 440UI.'. ? ? , . . ,.!
aili iillea. Illl'l the I on. I ii.; I
wu lld i
?aid thal Hu- i rail nie .'ir
</ .a lase
I None whaler. i
. ir ivi'h th. ie- o' toe
il of New ler-.l * \ fl
' ? ?
I I'll,
iud . . ul* md. p. ...leutly
' ' ' ' 3 B. Bl.
Mt. .iou>-n tninailon or vii
Im* unfair to thc Vi* York wltm mern, " We will 'onil-li
rmi with a spe.-ial ear io Philadelphia," placid ? ?;>
Mirved Mr. Cuni Iliur. bj
1 ii.a.il.I u .1 a-1-, that 'ai.o'." Mi ..niven rt
? HOI 'Vu- Ito I. loll. " I only 14 Inlicit to lah OW
you i'nit we were aol -ding) about other people'* ro ida."
\ -inn i ti- AiTKr.MiuN aKriaiUN.
kt tbe afternoon ' -K Ken.- te-'i't.sl that
f tl '? Innlns ol Mr,
? .ic-sa-i- neutral ataofe
1 -I thai am li
' i mi mn co-npan. ' iii nev. r titillation
waa ti* un out IL
4,. Ire you a "bull "or a " i? u " I A Snuielimea
? actinic - Hu- nthr-i i ni a " bull " |u?l noa ; I do
ont i.u. li' -dina, i- I have no Intereel tn thal stink.
Mr tJonkllns O, no one *onld auapeot >'ou of betaf a
Keadltl ' Mei. )
I i".4..ar. i Halsts-k uf tl il .mn th
th. u t splain. .1 iii. ioca of bia lott
. - .it i ie. Ct nf ti -io. i. iftei th"
sun ?.i~ tn . ,,ii \ maali, wlrj man. who irivc lila ie-ti
u ..ni while evidently laboringlindei ?
lt waa W. I., lt
.1 O-b.iii,.. and \. .1. >
..;. ? -ii ut " mme
I lu. I. nu.
>,. Von louted tilth Mr. Oil*.rite and Mr. Ca
\ \o [think the; kilned mo; we i cb aold ?j.ik'O
Mi...iiiii1 to elicit from th. arlincwuaeon
fciisloi Ived apeelal ratea from tbe I', tun'1
.I'H ."al li ..ii |. .a t. d from tb. .--li.un..kin
ii . aii.l i; itt ito, N V. Tbe a
? ie .iii rei I-. d to - a.-. i<; recall ed ar
how miii h hts buatneaa amounted to. - I am nol aolng to
i our .m. 'iuui,n," tic declared, "when thej are
intel.dd to jut i.m. private affair* foi the Ik*i I
your h. d, ui..it tin..!..1 to do .io i.i aoouiputcut
Mr. (lowen -You wen* interested In tbe hut contrel
lol the e..ult.il ol lin Iii' ullliu' 11 lilli f .
Mi Sent! I waa, mid 1 did toe out) I ever
nallam.-d nflntnj life; i mrs Mi \ mderblll 110,000
io vol.- i.u ?, oa im proaidi ul'
ti w. "ent loiiiiinlei ?oi.ii?att..iiitoi|..i..i \ No, air; I
never aaked Mr Vanderbilt to roloaeo noe from auoh aa
ire ol ti
?v.Tt viii, aii . .-. ..ii" -ai.i Mr. (omen after having
In vain tried to obtain fr.nu in. wlUieoa aUHWera to t,uer.
.;iiin.; to bia coal ratea," where will you be next
lniii-.|..iT "
?? I mai I., in i. or In thc Kingdom of Heaven," replied
the mi:..-< bruaquetr. ?? I will |.lae ma ia.lum.
except to ..''ci tin- iiii.|..i<ti,i- ,,? ti,,- Court." '
The niin'"-- d. tiled thal be over had .my oommnnlos
lion directly oi Indirect!) wltb Mr. Dlnamore regarding
toe tal ter*? milt, I'he rumore of toe Intended ault hula
sui,ill iiitlii.Ti.c in iniint.nt him lo sdi Jamey Central
lu.it." At Ibis point the ivitiiei. ro.e'lo hii teet
i Mt. donen ivtth ev..* inoi-i miii emotion.
" Kvcry allegation tn tho anawer ol tbe lb a.lin,- toa)
eon neeta me with th ? atilt," he mut. " t- a I' ian* of fiilsu
iioo.i. and Ilea from liegtnnlnK to ead "
"Mr. i-t nil. niiai were the reaanaa for your aelllngtbla
stn, k ? ?hort I " auk. I Mr. Onmk Hog.
* I waa otbei atoeka al the time," waa Mr.
I.Wa excited reply," and feerina a de?Ino I tbought
i bat l would make up mj poeaible loaaea bj ae_?f some
sioek ? sii.ui.' Kbowing tli.u a falalfler, alandererand
t.iiln. ul m. cl,, i iva-. |_ lina to mau ige t Jersej 1 cntral
piop.rti i iiioiik'iit thai stock waa aa good aa any to Bell
'.-illi.l I' to ,1 ,11 lill 1"
Mr. (lowen ned tn oolor aa tbs si In ma
spoke bill lie maile no I. pl t
Mr. Conkllng -You il...tight that .-tock as likely aa .tny
lo .ii lion 111
Mr. Scott Under Mr. Qowen'a management! know
thc prop i.. n aa irorthleaal
i'm iiici (eatlmoaj >i iii be tai,.ti lo day.
TENT lill ll AR l\r IN i ASY1 CM.
C.noncr Tin , ,.f Mt. Vernon, continned yestordatv
bis liivesi igiiii.in m regard to tlie death of Rudolph
Sigmund al tha Rael Chart st lunnah "f the Nt-w
?i.iik Infant A yinni. l>r. Agrippa M. Bell,
semi arian to the Medical Board of tim in .-dilution
timi i liiiirinau of tlie K\.<ciitivo Cninnnltei. ,d tint
li. ard of Menage.**, testified timi the tents, ea tho
grounds ol thei hililren'a Home were erected andra
lils linet tunis, nml 44 nh I lie a rn il t tv,tl nf tile visiting
stall; iii.it the diphtheria and mrsialee patientewera
plat eil in tin- teiu.s in lui diiaetiuns and iwturnad
il.eie iiiici iln-i Iuui hean removed bom than by
t.tilers ni the -Mt Chester .Board of Health ae the
beal place for them.
Dis. William Murphy and L, Jaeehhukj, who
made the autopaj of the teni?Ins of tm- deed infant,
read tncir report,in wbioh tiny attributed tbe
i a .nf il.-iitb io ti loinplii iiiioti tif diaeaaea?diph?
theria, measles, w Imm?|>hik oongb aad broncluul
put thu.tun,
Ui. Chaulea J. Mordqalst t.-niitinl that ho hud hail
considerable experience of tout life during tho late
?war. He had examined the tenta and found two
of them in good order. Ho oo-DeMered that it would
Ito dangerous to the li-aii li nt a .hil.} (-.intering fium
bronchial nneumotiia anil diphtheria iiml uiuaalos,
who had always lived in a house, to be placed iv
such a tent in the fall of the pear,
S. L, Merchant &, Ot)., impm-teix of fore i-ni
ccmont, etc., at No. 25 8t.ite-st., made au alignment yee?
terday to Fran.U (Jordon Krown, whom they prefer for
tJiO.U'.U 05 for money loan.il. Thc preferr-nccs al together
amount to if.15,741. The rcporte of it. O Dun ?V Co. etato
tbat the memlxn of the iii tn ara (stephen I., nnd Ander
?on Merchant. Thc wwilor retired from thc ofllee of
te?*TeUry of the Pacific Mall NstB??Sf Conii?adj te start
lu the sMpg?tg mid commlaslon biisiii' -i In IMS, Hie
flratdonllnga were aa a meinber of tho linn of Merchant
ic Carman, who dlamilved beek?BS In ?>e?.-ember, 1 ttrl.
Ile continued Um buslanaa aa 8. L. Merchant A- Co., and
took Amtcnion Merchant ns a partner. This linn had
bituichua iu rblladelpbla and liotlou. Wlu-a Uta
Pacific Midi Company was wilding SaUnjOSS of
coil In eaillng-voiDKU from this port to Yokohnmn,fhnng
li ii. etc., for thc nae of it* (-.teamen which touched at
thone placea. Merchant _ Co. did a lucrative b_a___
through acting us tho churtcrlr. . agent.-, artem ni.tl iona
they uLso ?._-.tainod to the Htrtin Iflaud Q__g ( ammOOtJ
ami the Suez Canal BBB?FgB_? Anderson Merchant re?
tired lu Iioceuiber, IHT1, and went into thc luipotil__ af
tibs from Kurt.p.- hm Andcraon Mercluiut * Co., H tn
llercliiiiit als., iiavins; uti iutcrts! tn tbal im ile?.. Boon
aftarwardtoe I'mladeliibia branch was <l. mil mu..I mid
in Hie fall of 1 S7;j. . L. Merchant w;wt appoint, dthc a. nt
in lids i tty of _is Kgvptlan Oevetaaatai, lb- mtmtty
wiilidn-w from tin* nhipping bueiiio- alni went Into the
Importing of EngUab ure intel.-, olay, cement, rt t. i: .th
S. L Much ant A- Co. and Anderson M.Tee'itt t l-'o.
I cami) eiui.iiirii.si.-ii lu the apt lug of 1079k and la
June of mat .ear railed. Thea tai illina
were di*?-at-veri, ead .. r.. Merchant did a
ea??__?a l.iiHliie-s, to om Interest la Wldrli bc liliu.Itatl
IiIm former |iarin.-r. Aoderaoa Merchant, lu December
I . -t. wli -ti tin* u-a- of Ile- linn nane ol'M. i? Mc' chant de
t'o. wu-i r?-u-iietl. Tiley lime h .d BB tiitimr BB I'uii'a
books fm- j, iou:- lime.
I?_a Oeodmea, msaufSetiirer of skirts, at No. 34
e -t.. iii-.sni.ulu an asai-.-uinont to I you,ni A. Pl Hs,
without pr. f.-.'cnce.s. ile began butta* la 1 1 dir to
V v. 1 "TO, com in if from fir-etivfll . M he had
fi?*I in tim dry gonda has 11.NB in Is.'.i He h.td alao
been lu hu-w-? in BooBi-alar. N. \. lu July lust lao
' 1 Hi it be had a capitol of ag,ooo. Borne nciiim-a
Brewaid him for payment; so In- mule un asd mtra-nt.
He owen at-out gxOLooo.a>?IhaaeaAo?ai aa^-u to pay
in full If he fo given time lo malkai bb I
Tlx* r. (.ular anmial lundi, ap l_?__?__! of
the Haahatlan Chea* (.1 ul. was op, n?-d jc.-u-i-iUy, at S
p. m., ut No. KJ4 Bast t'o uti ea uth-nt. Tho gamea of tl?1
evening wore aa follows : ll. (J. It-iiitl vs. II. II. __IbbV
Un. J. VV. Kutti vs. Charlo* Spicgk. H. LI_*M:hiitz ve.
Charles t'iHher. Tiler.- are nine, on I ntiie- for titi- to ir
niiint-iit in competition for Ave pi.zc, usp 1 tiiely f.VJ,
?:io, f.'O, 9ftr, undi. 10. Thc mctii'iers of thc Stock Kx
ellam.'*, have offend B BBg valued at i?l M for the winner
of two ?uieccnalve ntinnal t'liirnfiTitt-nta. Tin-Ma-ili >'t tn
(iuli ha,, received a challenge from tin- lilli niel,.lila
Chooa t lull to play for the champioiishlpof the two.
The tl-st series ls to be played November7. when toa
piiil.ulelpiiiaii- are to aaad bet Bena toa aaa algfceaaa
pl iver- to \. u York. tl. i- iituni Barlas to be played la
Philadelphia November 24.
The nw*** iM'twix _ tin* sloip-yaclita Gnu ie and
Fanny, which failed for lack of wind on October ll, will bo
Nailed to-morrow, wind and wnatht-r pennitiing. a_k_b
day bivi Intervened between tho date fixed for the ra,*e
and the day on willoh lt will fee nailed, alt original bot ? ne
off. hut moit of them. If ls said, have been renewed, tho
BB?I bein, tlie s,me ns before In favor of thc drucie. The
victory of the t'ract* taut Saturday over the cutten
Il.-.lo.lin and Otiva has given col.II.lenee to tins hat? 11-of
th.it yacht, and the fact that in the abortivo BBSS "n
October ti tbe Fanny beat the (ir nie has mule thine
wno pit their trust In'the Fanny willlnif tn "be lr t'e-ir
o-.vti opinions with n wager.** All the arranircih"Uta for
tha raeo are toe aaam as before. Oomasadare mu uh, of
Un- N.-w-York Yacht dab, will act aa n-l.-n ??
,/ IV EYE-SEE AT CUD ll 0.
l.t..HIM, A\D PACOKl OS* A POO lill 1.1?
M. AM) 1IH IH'IVHIl KXl'K' Tl.I*.
Chicago, o.t. *j:J.?TIum waa wi extra d.iy
nt thu (idcn-.',, Driving Park. Thc track waa in poor rs.n
tini.,n and _Bt t_M WBBiSSBaaS?BB, Monro.- Chief wiia
the tir-t ruc-', \V!l-..ii rlaningt?I tirst mid tMnl lie 1 -
.lay-Kvi .s,.,. -.ra- gtvea a warming-up heat, which waa
iloiie 'ti _g7*_ ...il vi. is then sent simply lora good milo,
without any hops Ot feast?g the r-. ..lit. The uiile was
1 hi 'Jil-.'.
1 .lin-ton wan aent to heal Uttle Rrown Jug'a
tj'ue tor 1 brea oaaesi ut ive beats, j: ll \. i-.i l :h. tiltia, 'o
or.ier io asears ins ni" toOssaasee?rs Kiiti.ni for*.-j"i.??to.
Iiitiieiit-.tlic.it *'ie tir-t ajaarter waa made In ?ilaaae>
tbe hall In 1:04V three-quarters lu 1:39 _ and ii:?
ll J: ll lilllie -ci olid ll-at the first quiUier W 14
. ia,- half iu 1:08, tores *ju.11.1- lu
1 iii., and tile mlle In 2:13 >? In the third beal toe H'-t
.pi uta-r waa made In ?ll. 1 oond ?. lot '1 1 .11 WW
a|iian.rs in 1 I'll.. ..nd tlie milrt In ?_; 1 r,*%.
The |udgea announced that toejr h.id lao?vad all tie
iked 2:30 peetag wee on tbs la-titiy
regular fall meeting, and declaired Hilly M. ... 1
lu- driven \y- Ik d.
MiiMfHis, 1 lt it 2?..?Tl lia ttiifllii' ts.aoml il.iy
Bf ths fall meeting of thc Meruph!- Jockey Club.
TkS tirst rju'c. foi t.voycai olils. I_TBB (BBB?Bte St* S
in ile, wa- waa ey Ft ramie LobjI, HaaJlBae tsBaaaj in
1.. hind. Time, 1.".'O'. l*ie*SI? POI
*f*7 v;.).
Thc second race, for three yc:ir-olil fillies, one and one
ciirhth mil' s. a as a walk-over for Olivetti*, wlto ttefi-ated
Mavoniial-e by three letigth.i. Ttnu-, isYD* Fivnofc
l?.-.l* pani |0 MX
third 1 m ., ii.ii.dn.ip, tnt 'ail aga-a, B_aaaaa_toa <>i
a mlle, nit* noa h. I*, liowpiay. Mam mon tat -caoinl,
I?trie ?. third. Time. l:r;i_. Itcnch poola ptiid if ITU
Tbe fourth race, mlle heata, waa won by Meditator bi
lim., 1: Kill, lUld 1:4-'i_. IT'iieb
poola paid *1*7 HO.
BaLTmoBB, (itt. 2!i.?In r**0Bteqiie-et of a
? hi. ti h.-wi BBB?_aad suns- ltiidiil.tit,
tin. beglBBtng o' the Pail Meetlog of the Man land
Joekej < bib ? poatpBaad until inursday.
BoeTOV, Oct. '23.?Than ttMt ufall'iittan.l
ance nt tin- o|~-ni.i ?; dav's rut'., of th. Oetolier mctm/ tt
Mystic Park tod.i4. lin. lt t.'k waa lu fair aaad lea,
l.iiier.ild -Atiii the Ur.-t race mil lilut Kuox the ac-oul.
Lokdon, Oct. 23.?Thia ama th.- aamnd <l.!y
of the Neivuiaiki l-lloitwhton BMB?Bg. The rae. for?S
('aiuhrldiresliire st ikes flraS run, and wa.-won by H. T.
l.t:la)'s Uirec year-o'.tl broivn colt ll titli-o. Vi. A.
Lona's live year ,t:d chestnut gelding Tunans came ill
se.mid, and tbs Daks af Hss_Hoa*ai Bear yeer eal beg
si'tdlng Me.llcns third. Rcndiiro won hy n l.-n_th. 1' I'.
\i alton's inure lilrotle and bay BatBS Mr. li.-kwick alni I'.
I...1 Tl nd's lilli lin,lime were iiiuon^ thu Mailor*. Tut/
IIiiIsIkmI fiir in thc re.tr.
rm: ct)rms.
A lim v. 1 .-it...tl breadiaititi-, a worn-out brooaa
lil tim Court of Couiiiuin Ii-iis. before J__gja Ileiu-li. >. 0,
taitlay. Ile na-tb l'eiiiITi< Michail Kuiuennin lu au :k
tlou _rowln_ out of a MBIgB Sf SSSBB? nutt buttery. Tho
|tlaintill wau UaorgSS? MiSBSa. who tali tin_ tkS defend?
ant lind on N'oitTi'.lici -JD, lssj, BBSSS to lui BOWS a -l
bet uill .inti struck her on thc ti_ht temple. Knu/.-ui 111,
nu Iron-Kruy niau, sixty yenna old. Usililltsl adi. la-.t.s in
lils ct, is, that he Iuui 1 itlUad mi Hie pl.?iititt. who WBB Lia
ten int, to Itara why oho Win* iiIkiiu tia move from the
house without uni ii 1, nml abc bini hit him ruthie-I.v .i.-r
I tie feta? with tin- hrooin. The plaintiff, a demur - 'ookln<J
ivotnan, denleil 1 hts, anil asuerttsl flint tea ?1?ad nt I .1
Btniek her wltlioiit caiistt. Tho lury evidently symp.v
llU/.-d with < le.irireii 1 Munni*, and iiniutrltt lu a veidiol
for -*ii;:.2 ..ii iii har fat tr. eat had taai for -j*:i.i.hk).
? ??
AUtar.STA HOlllKS CIIU.l).
Auiriistu Roeha apf awed faa <tg*_t_ jnatcuday
BBBBBaaaaS?I ty feta mseaee, Mrs. Dorran^ mid her 1 ...m
sci llenrj W. Sa.Tv.i1, In the procestlinp BB her part lui,.re
.Ill-lice llontilute, lu Ihe Supreme CoinI, n.aiinl h.r lu.s
l.inid, Kodcrlck <*hi'rrtll, for the BBBtatj Bf BBS liilld
Kima. Mr. Cherrill. with his idiiuscI, w;i,s al.mBBBBSB?
After .Trvunient, In \i hi,ii the cunna i for tho deft-nee re
Iterat.sl thc chiBfgaa that have ttccu inatb-aifaltnl Mlsa
Raefee regBI_an ber rc! .Hmm viUh a cert alu .Iciiiitiia.-**,
Juatlot Huiioiiuc ordered toal tbeohildahonld be rt toni?I
lothe eusioaii oi n? grawtinotiittr, Mia. UtitbM, aa * av>
lisllan of the 1 iiiiT, not to bc li_.eufn.ui thii 1 iii is-utl
int; tin- Brocee_aga,
ti vi 1.10m.
Join ll. Body, .loliu ll. Lurkiii. n-isistant
county clerk of All>an.v I'otitilv, ami Kobert W. <ltilloway,
tba vice-fftesfeeeal Sf Iks Manhattan Hallway Company,
testlttetl liefore .Indira Vim Brunt yetaterday tn *?"* "'"' jj
tile Metiopol(toa agalnat tks Manhattan and New York
Coiii'iaiui-H to s.-i i4.ii.Kt tue a_reeuieul of (.Jelober, IML
Application \v;w linnie y<*at*T*lay to JiuUe
Cullen, In lirooklyn, lo noutluuo tho tcmporar>- InJunctioB
of J wiim Donohue to <a|xam the Hoard of Health ol
Kaetchii'ater, Westt hfwter County, from Interfering witt?
toe mt _i_ m-iagumcat of Ur. Caroline (J. Marr in tht

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