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ArAimuT OP Muato-t**?" Rigoletto."
ambbicam IicaTniTE?Exhibltlon.
JIillt BikCH't Opkka HoutB?8?Mlnttwia.
Calico?A? "Thin Prlnoeas of Tre'rlzonde.'*
-0**8MOpoi_TaV?THEATRB-2:30 aad 8?Professor Barthol?
omew'! Educate*! Horses.
?1>ai.v?k ThbatbR?0 and *?:t*>?" Dollar**, and Sens*."
V.rwd Opera HocSR-2 find 8-"Zara."
MAiai<*)*t PaitAKP Tiikatkb?8:30?" The Rn)ah."
MEIKol-Ol.ITAN Ol'KRA HOC8E-8?" Lucia."
>',\n.' ' Acai)Kmv or Deski*?Art Exhibition.
"Nt w- Punt. Theathb?2 and 8?Mlnatrela.
"Niin >."?* GAaOB*?I and 8?" Excelsior."
hi 4m.ii:D Theatre?8?"LaMaacott*-."
. i ii rot 4TKK?8?*'Franofttv-ada Rlnilnl."
Thai t*. ThbaTBB?8?" Der BptMsturtent."
Tu i lihiiCoMi.i'B?8?"Tho Mulliis'iiu Guard Picnic.
Tiinv PABTOB*. Tiikatre?8-Varlety.
Wai i.i. k's Theatre?8?"Moth*."
Umos P-^iAKii TuEATn_-8-"Thc Cricket on the
Hem th."
..;? \\ i vt K'Inr.ATnE-2and *s-"S'lf>f Tee.
r.Tit Avkni:bTiieatkk-8?" Tba D_?'? Motto.
14th Strkf.tTheatre?*-?" Fetor;.."
BSD a-UWT TllEATKB?8-" Richelieu."
JttOet lo AOutrtiscmc.ita.
Pare. Col.l *",_ *\CT1_
ATinsetnenta. 7 6 ? Instrurtlon. 8 lie
Anununcetneiiis. 8 6 Uctiir. s .<-Mretin_s. 7 0
Busiiiesa t'hanrea... 7 4 U-ira. N'dlces . 6 B
Business Notices. ... 4 1 Marriages and Deaths g . . "
Boanl and Kooma. 7 4 Miscellaneous. 8 400
t'lipartnerabip Notice 7 4 N.w Publications..-. 0 1
lianrma Acadetuita.. 0 'A Ocean steamers. 8 ?
"Dividend Notice* .... 7 3 4;P*.lltiial Notlcea. 5 8
pryG'Hsls . I) ll IT.iposa's.- ? a
ZWUmi No'lcea. 7 3 Real Katata. ....... J . ?
TCnmpean AdVa . fl 4 spuatlnns Wanted.... 7 4 6
.?.liiiislous. 7 6;*-piH'isl Notices. .... ? 8
Financial . 7 R'steantboiita and R. It. 7 ll
Kura . 7 4 tsnmnur UesoiU. J jj
Kiata and Rooina. 7 4 Teach*-!* . 8 j*
Orates awl Pendera.. 0 4 The Turf. 7 o
lintels. 0 & To Whom Concern.... 8 a
loel'ream. 7 tl, _
Bnsinfos iVoiicte.
"Alderney Brand"
Bpv alway a_*_____? Mit.K.
Artificial Tkf.tti.?Continnooi Gum, Plat?
ina Lined Porcelain Enamelled (flesh Balor). M0 Pt? ??*t|
aeneial prlc*-Bum. MC and Bel lld nv.-., southwest comer
Itth-Bt. DB. MOI'K"alA.N*l._
Desks and Office Furniture
In rn-at variety,
manufactured ny
T O. Pill IW, No. Ill Fnlton st._
Get the Genuine Article.?Thc great pop?
ularity of "Wilboral'mii-sTuml ul Cod-Llvei Oil mid I. line "
baa m'tliiiid smni unprincipledperaona t" utninpt tn pnlmoff
a nhill.i. ,.itlrle ol th*di "?n mamifuciure . lint aa] perton
wholsstiffi-nne from l't)UKh?, (Vals or Consumption, should
Ik-careful where they ruirrbnsi- tills artitTe lt ir*. .Ina uti
liuffliiR Tht restilta of Ita use are tts tx-st recoinincndtitinn*:
ami thc p. oprietor hus ample evidence on Ale of Its rren' Mir.
ceaa in puliiudi irv toni]iliiinis. The Pboapbate. ot lAma
fauna-ass, s .i mn-.: ni.irvellntis tit-iiUim power, ss t .mMiicd wiin
he pur.- t*.-11.lv. i CH hy Dr. W'llhnr. l'rt"Hnlitd hythe
media a! faculty. Bold hy A. B. WlLBOK, Cbl-iuiat, Hun Inti, and
all drugi:!-ts,_._
Those Who Smoke
" Sweet Bouquet " Ci .-.Tutti *.
pronoance them auperioi to nil others.______
Francis _ T.oitrel. 49 Maiden-Lane,
KUtloucra, Prlnt"rs ami nuuk llistk Mainilniturora,
_Bollclt your ctistoin. _
""USO will biiv Genuine Alaska ReaUVin
Hacque, 311 Huhes lonf. sn ivxe, Mann*'" turo-, IOU l'tlm r<_.
Resident*, of thia city wlshlns; TllP. TUI1T TnnT-VP rtcllv.
eredat th-irlmust sii.ayl. :n'e th ir ad'.:NBBM nt atiy of the
branch IB?ta named Bl?tr, or tli?y tnriy nnler hy postal
eard. The paper will be promptly aerved by the nearest
aewaUeal er. _
Posttuje/iff in tht I nited States,
DAIL.Y, with siuiilay, jut year.fa BO
DAILY, with BB?BBJ, ?lxmontlt?. ttl
DAILY, Witt Munday, thr*-" months. 2 15
DAILY, ?ltii or without sunday. i>tr mouth. ~:>
DAIT.Y, without S.in.lay. per year. fl BO
DAI1.Y. without sunday, 0 months. 8 !*>0
DAILY', without bunday' 3 mont hs. 1 75
?THE SINOAY TltlBIT-iE, P**ryear.$1 BO
Remit bv Postal Note. Money Order, or RerUt<-r**<l I^-ifer
By P*isi?l Note, th,-r. uniter will ideate write ora Un
***rer Ti? KBW-TO?I 1'uiul.sl.''
Advertlsemf nta for piihllcatlnn in THR Tkiiunk. and atittl
fer rejruiar delivery ot the dally paper, will be iii emd at the
Ibllowln . branch officoe in Ncw-York City:
Main TTptown Otllce. I.8B0 IJroath av.'.' a tn. to 0 p. in.
_Io. 30f West Twenty ttilnl.st.. 10 a. tu. IB - ;> m.
No. "titi ITiirdavc., n*-*r Forty.sctuli--:. Ma m. io S p. m.
No. l.iM.T Third.ave., near B__Btbat., in a. m. to 0 j), in.
No. Ill Vivi Cutt BBBendi BBd tWt my lifth.-t.. 1 to 8 p. m.
Union "-'pian-, Ka. M i a-t FaB-HO?h th., IO am io i p. m.
ix OTB) i: ' ITICI.
"tTttentoTiii -i,'.;ii f-.<i. i umpo-?at B-df' nt-at, Mfaad.
? ?
Fo?>Eir.\*.- Loni LenadowM was itimifruintei,
Oovt-riioi-iiciK ral of Cm.mia yeeterdejr. i in
Yellow Book wee _sae4 ojiriaii tm ?eeoanl <>f tlie
negotiation * l.ctwt-cn 1 Tiince and Clnna. A
black li"t of thc juror*, in tniiiil. t trials in ln-laud
%MMh scut te _??_adi of eenuni la Duidiu._^_
lieiidit/o won thc Cainliritli;* thiie Btekee,
Qeat?ri tRmmha entered l_mo et rYeeidenl of thc
Bepiililic. ...? The Fortnirin ?-*? Csbinel Inns been
T*Tii.><lol!e.l. " - ? Martie Bernard, e Freucli itoiiti
ciun ia dead.
DoMrSnc?tseven pprsons were fatally injured
by an explosion in B sipiib fin tory al a__4SU?B,
lvini., \t -lei-tidy. Twe.erowded eera eoei m.
Louis irete OMTtnrned y*-teni:%y and dregger! %
abort iliHt.'uici'. Bowral perBonowon lnjur?d.
Tht-ro was a railwajf <oliimiii in Kan.-as un Uoiidav
night. - -- Tko Banke Comity, Georgia, Ku Klux
tnala begaa roBtardajr. Richard Load, 011
vi-tt*-. Fe!it)\v])iay und .Moilit;.t*>: wen the irinning
lioiKv*at Meini-hi"*. "Tin iailur. ..f JohnK.
(iliddt-n. of t ?Toland, is reported ; John w. __ith
_ Co. hi.(I E. P. M ml. ,. (.,.,,,I Phi!:.,ie!),.Ti.i, hui,,
failed. Mr. Abbott, it ie said, aili decline to
run on tl,*' MaeeeehBoette statc? ticket trlth Qeueral
Crrv ask St nt it ii an.?Tin-Xi w-Yoik M:ir Abbo>
ciatioi. eja-re ? reoep?ea to Lord Coleridge last
t-v. :.m-. Then were Bout llvelj ;..
jreatciduy between coaneel ami Tri tn rot OP in
the DiiiMiitTc t-iut. - - Tha lim -i- Rbow
wan conti!med. _-_= A man in lirotklyn
abut ami jtn.biibly fatally wounded hit wile.
?=-=: roller, the barglar, turreoderi-d hioiaell
to ItteB-cetni Bjmee. A thiftleoo la?
borer was found (l.it.l, his Hknll hav>
lug ix-cn frn< turnL - Tho Edieoa elee
tric. liuhts went ont for:i time. I be inventon
or.aiii/i-da juotetTivca-sie latiiii. ?___ Maim L"\s
epoki- in tiie Eighth Ward of Broohl*rn. Uold
eedae ed thetegBj-toador, ailrer dollar (412'g granie),
B.r*..T7 eenie. 8tocka ireieactire a nba gi di mJ
Bira-eei in imi t.,, an.i ebeed at ahonl beet i.. me,
iiiK Wiatui.- li-.utr.*... local ohaerratkniain*
dicat.*,- cloudy und miny weather, f'ili..i\e,l by lan
or clear and wanner weather, Teoeperatuii tree
tcrday : Highaet, 40^ ; loiv.-t, ;_- j BTOtag*, UV*
It is a iioti-woilliy fact Unit the last two hang
ing* which hare lakea place iii this city have
?rtch batrn EoUowed within a lew days by shuck?
ing tnuid.i**. Oa Miucii 0 Mc', linn and Mgjone
W-ta put tu death in the Tomb*, aoc Coi ihuol -
ing the man \s hose store lie wa? lohhing, and
the othi-i tor killing his wife. On the Min.lav
folltiwing, OtliciT Casey, ni tin- Long lalaud
City police fmee, who bad undoubtedly r* ail
every wonl dihciiptive ol theftttl ofMcOloin
and .Majoiie, walked into ihe pottei station and
eliot dead it Nl*_?fl whom Ju- di-liked.
Ca^y is now under htnti nee of thatli. Lari
Fritlny Hovey |_ hMfed m t_l Tombs lor thc
murder ol' Ilia HUder-hi-law. VeKteidii.\ a mau
In Biooklyn named Young deliberately run li in
head into the hnngiuauV noose by ihilOllllg hil
Wife. And yet Young is just th,-man to have
?read eagerly al] the details of Hon \ '? death.
Opponent-of capital puuialuncut v,_i not tail
to lind in these facts argumont"! IffitMl tho
efficacy of tho death penalty, bo far, at least, ns
itu deterring influence ia concerned. But would
imprisonment for life have done any better?
Despite tho rumors of dynamite plots, the
Marquis of Lansdowne landed safely nt
Quebec yesterday and took the oath of office ai
Governor-General of Canada. The ceremonies
WON elaborate and lou/,', nnd there -.vere ap?
parently many chances to throw bombs if any?
body had wished to do ko. But nobody did.
Probably even thc wildest of wild Irishmen
appreciate the folly of attacking Canadian
officials on account of the sins of Kngland. The
supply of Governor-Generals in unlimited.
.Moreover, au attack upon tlie In ad of tlie Domin?
ion Government would only strengthen the
bonds between the British Sovei-eigu and
Apparently nothing will end the quarrel
among the doctor., ia regard to Ott question of
the Old Code <?r n new one. The Old-Code men
have bini beaten two or tinco times in the
New-York State Society nnd in tho New-York
County Society ; nnd even in the Academy ol
Medicine their Majority U not all-powerful.
Yet they never for a moment acknowledge
themselves beaten, and even after their over?
whelming defeat in the County Society on Mon?
day night) promise that the struggle shall
be revived in February, when the State organ?
ization meets at Albany. Both sides in this
eontest have shown' great pluck, pei se vt Ta nee.
and skill in wire-pulling; but aller all, to tho
public it looks like a waste of strength to hoop
up tho fight so long. According lo credible
report thc Old Code was a dead letter tn many of
those who now uphold it, OTOB before the New
Code was thought of.
The only thing which keeps the County De
nioeraey and Tanmany Hall from uniting in
regard to the Senate nominations in this city
is Mr. Kelly's demand that Senator Grady shall
be renominated by both factions in the Vltli
I>istiict. lt is not to be wondered at that the
County Democratl shudder and hold back nt
tlie sight of this awful moree] Of crow. EvOT
since be d*'tle*l Ihe Governor In the Senate lae!
May, ("indy has been particularly hateful in the
eyes of the County Democracy. Resolution
after resolution, couched in the strongest lan?
guage, has been adopted in denuii' iation of the
Senator from the Villi. And yet here they are
forced to rapport] him for re-election as a condi?
tion of Tammany's rapport tn oilier di Mitt-!
Uut they will come to it. They have eaten
their bitter mokIs so often this fall thal to do it
oinc mole trill not be beyond their limit of
self-humiliation. By the way, docs any one
believe now that Mr. Glady was not acting OB
Mi. .John Kelly's orders last Maj winn he
defeated the Governor's nominations in the
Senate T _____________
It may be a liitle erne], bul ii set m-* neeeeaary
to remind the "' harmonious li* munai y " thal
the Republican party Hied to cany New-Yolk
without much difficulty when the Democrate
were completely and heartily united. Whether
their union ii more th?n akin-deep at preeent,
the Democrate themselves can judge, Thej
doubtleeo know better than ere ?l<> how Ear the
swallow ring of th.- County Dcmocracj by Tam?
many is likely to eonduee to Indigent!on, ot
how (ai the Cleveland and an?-Cfovel___, Til?
den and anti-Tilden clemente are likely to h< lp
each olin lat the polls, ll ihe union is not
mole sinc.Te ami genuine than it appears to be
to -peet at. U-, tin- ll umbel ot Mites ci-t (ol' Dem
onatic candidate- in November will tall consid?
erably -hort ol tin- aggregate strength of the
different factions. Bul there io union on the
surface, at any rate, and sensible Ek"publicans
will tah*-it Fer granted thal the who]. Dem?
ocratic rote lo t" be concentrated upon one
ticket. On that supposition, it may be w.iiih
while to it th min i that thc united Dcmocracj
nae been beaten more than once in this State.
li is not needful here ion peat in detail tin
.-taii-ti<s ol pa-t elections. Intelligent men ol
both pani.-, are tolerably familiar arith them,
and yet have a eui ious habit <>l forgetting them
winn the possibilities ol Democratic fusion arc
under consideration. For weeks ere have seen
ii stated, day after day, that thc Democratic
part) was "certain t*? carry New-York, il
united." Not lotig ago the facto were pres* nted
in some detail bj Tm Tumi m.. and they
sieitii il foi tin moment to btu ?>! upon the Dem?
ocratic mimi like a revelation, bul thc high de?
bate between the factious quickly drowned
ilulu out ot all remembrance again, ami pu -
eiitly the -illili- voices wen- heard chant ing the
tame old tune, "Union means victory.*1 The
Democratic party is not in any danger ol being
better united th?a itwnafor General Hancock,
and il polled untie rotes for him than it did lot
Mi. Tilden, and more than it et. i did ol ii- own
strength for anv other candidate, Inion- 01
since. Nevertheless, it ran short about 21,000.
The trouble is thal lae! year, with th.- aid ol
many other voters, the Democratic part) hail
about K"0 inoie votes than it gave to General
Hancock, and has ever sime been deluding it
m it with the notion thal it could cast, -ii
united,-1 535,000 rotes. Bul ll woceedi* in
forgetting thal IMJft.OOO votes were casi foi
Pu-id. nt Garfield; to remembei a mattel of
that eort is not comfortable.
The result of the election in New-York this
yeal reete with the Republican voters them?
selves. They have strength enough, if they
pleat*?, to elect their stat*' ticket, and thal with?
out any doubt oi difficulty, ll tiny etayawaj
fi-oi the polls, of course thej will not elect
anybody, noi if they waste their energies in dis?
puting among themselves. Laggards there will
be, of course, as there always arc, and nine
tenths ot lin- *? miiih ** of ii campaign consists in
dragging t<- th* pulls the men whose rim.*, i- to
gu without anv persuasion or reminding, ami to
go righi carly sd th,it nobody*! time maj be
winsted in huutiug for them. If every genuine
Republican in tbe State will quietly make np
his mind togo i<> the polls early <>n election
day, and eec thal he does it, the |)emo< mts maj
have ii 11 the bluster and the braes band-, ail
the doubtful, skittish and trickj roten, end ell
. tin- iii iii u.I, iiml Iheii will fall short a good
many thoueand. Bul human nature is such
that a great deal of careful organization and
| patient wort will beneceeeary in order to gel
out a full vote of Republicans, and even then
! nian_ will probably stay ai home. Neitherdutj
inti self-internal will suffice to spur oome men
to tlio exerciee ol e right of which they would
; consider it a great outing*- tu he deprived.
| still thc (act i.mains- u the Republicans of
New-York please to go to Un polls and rote
this yent, all the Democratic bragging and bar?
gaining will prove not win i li n pinch ol mi nil'.
EaIH.E Issi es in a I.ot il. ELECTION.
The mnnlrdpal election in Brooklj a thia year ia
aa ?vent ol National importance. Thia may be
said without < x.iggeialtou ; bul it is not true in
i tiie. paiti-uii s. use in whleh the Democratic
le*?kn and their candidate for Mayor have in
! tcrprctcd the contest. In accepting the nomina?
tion he made the font?otk announce?tent thal
( the Presidential campaign ol' Issi would open
: the ii. xl Blaming nt sunrise. The political
i uniaiegon were abaohed by theeallou beehneee
I ol tinir pupil and by thc bophuiuuiic vchcincuic
Tvith *it_ch in tho next breath ho B unsheathed
the sword ** in a National arena and anticipated
** the mortial murdo of virtory **? but they knew
that he had only Mated ont their secret
thoughts and thej heartily approved of the idea
of making the Brooklyn municipal election the
opening contest in the Presidential campaign.
They had reasoned it out in this way: tho
lieiuociat- must carry this State in order to
chet tho next I'resident ; they must havo an
old-fashioned majority in Kings County iu
order to do that; a__ to be sure of thai major?
ity they must have a Mayor who will serve the
IntereatO of the party and make use of the pub*
lie patronage to thet ead. That is tim sense, la
Which tin? party managers ami their candidate
regard thkelection aa an incident of the next
National campaign.
There le, however, a higher level than that of
debased partisan-hip from which this local con?
ti -t rn,iv be v lowed ?** an event of National si_
nilicance. livery one who han seriously re?
flected upon thc Mibjert knows that the weak?
est point in the American system is the govern?
ment of cities. The National debt has been
reduced with marve?ooo rapidItyj the depart?
ments nf Federal administration, such as the
customs ami the post-oilier, are efficiently nnd
eeonomioally conducted ; the Btatee are grad?
ually paving otl'tlieir indebtedness ;|cver\ where
nve in the cities Americano know how to gov?
ern wioely and well. Thk is the ono reaped in
which their system haa not been conspicuously
?oeceeefui. The aggregate ol municipal iadaht -
edneee k efanply appalling, and tin re are few
signs of letiTTiflii:neut and ecoiioinii al adminis?
tration, 'lhere nie few, it any, large cities in
this country which can truthfully be said to be
thoroughly well governed; nor k it di tlicult to
understand Why thk is IO. lu the cities there
are hug*? ma ?es ol' imp..rt*-.I ignoi.uice, which
are easily manipulated J the taxpimr- -\-f.m
atii lilly neglect their own interests and allow
politician- to manage tho iiiuni.Tp.il depart
mento oo ea t<> give employmenl to theil follow
ers ami f*i promote theendo of pitty; ami -",
with frequent ocandak an .1 with unending ex?
travagance and Inefficiency,the municipalities
st.iggei elong, overburdened with debt and pm -
aly/ed in their civic action. The gravity ol this
[.roi.!, in ot th.* governmi ul of largecitleo is rec?
ognized thioiighont the I'nited Slates. Brook
lin at the preeenl time holde a oonepicnouo
i)..-iiioii aeacity which ieetriving to work ont
its own salvation by tl10 eflbite of ito own citi?
zens. The experiment which has bren mak?
ing then ls watched with interco! by
right-minded cit?ena ol other citiee. Tho ro
election of Mayor Low will not only eecure for
Brooklyn a deliverance from the evileof pei
ii-:*ii-lii|. in local administration,bul it will give
a powerful impulse to tbe can-' .?; i
t. form throughout the country.
It k fortunate that the issne in the Brooklyn
election io so sharply drawn thal the dullest
citizen can understand it. Mr. Hendrix done
not stand for any principle ot municipal re?
form. II. has been nominated because Mr.
McLaughlin considered il necoseary to have .*
young nobody,*1 without experience orqualifl*
cation- for the otb.e. ll>-is supported by the
part) niiiuag. i- because they know that they
eaa nae lum itu their own porpoaeo ineeenring
control ot the municipal patronage hu.I in op* n
ing th* wm for a large Democratic majority in
the I'm-i'l-i.'i.il election. <?n the othei hand,
Mayoi Low stands for thc principle of respon?
sible home tull, tor non-partisan appointments,
tor :i 1 >11-it.* ? like administration of thftcfty's
allails without nb ii in* to juill-.in Tit* d- ol
advantages, for thc nv ? I, purest end i
practical uh as ol niunii ipal refoi m.
censof Brooklyn arc under the etrongeel ??hil?
ga ti..tis. nm univ 1*1 th* m-. I-., s bul to th*- entire
country, t*> make o wiso, patriotic ami emphatic
choice between these candidnfP*. Thej ran ilo
lin Nation a most useful nerviceby n
Muyoi LOW bv ii lal ge li. ii'.! il \
ll .N< 1 9.
Smite ol the thin.'- GOVI I HOI ll -till
nnd done in tho waj "I catering to the dishon*
esl * I.1--1 ?- in the communit) would If almost
inrredible il we dui nol have hi- own word foi
i )i?iii. In a speech Inst Friday evening hi - d,
according to a shorthand i* pori :
Tuen i- .i Un ii in titi- * .Ti win n tl
nilli man a tittle sk?1 el emuji la keep open h* id
?j nm i .-i -. sail thereupon I - ot thin ..tn ni..i* I.
. ..nut, ut... \. In. ititi Hun en.i.i.i io.ni tint |;. imi,it, ni,
-tai. c..]ini nt. c, ... nt op i tu
mti -. iii. um mal nab tin?
kept Um rest <rf tht taaaaytatt opeaed b Baller bead
*iiiaiiiih Muli it. [Great cheering, nat sppUaae.] i.m
i. nu mi,.-I I iniai mir people ?nra al PaaeoU Hail, nt Um
*.|m ititi),' eiitji" i ,iini....--it. w ii?-ii iin-4 were ottered tia
election money, to lake ell tb* Spoil the
i tv |.ti.i- [I.e tighter.] kat nft* r yon hare get me
.i,.1, -it* ml lt rightly. [Renewed lau/rhtet unlap
] Ri nun.!..-! ti ? : .,?.,. ?
.1 I am t'liul nf lt. Timi ttlll '?'-,' iimnv ii ],?<>!
man it inn rel nf il".ii mik! load ol eoal neil ? ntt..r. If th*)
ciiiiiiiiT then ? i " iI.i, aii'i thea Ikey ?r1
properly eitel
Here iee candidate foi Governor *.l ..
Mate openly exulting in the tact thataome of
hi mi].)..un i- gol election money I.v Cala, pre?
tences limn anothci organization, ..nd then pro
< it. |.tl to spend il loi him. Here lethia bj un*
candidate openly telling his followers io put
themselves bi the way of being bribed, ii the)
can, by tbe oppoeite part) to -take all the)
.?an gel "?"epoil th*- Egyptians'1?gel ns man)
'? lian els ol' floorw and u loads ol coal*1 as poe
sibh?provided thej rote for him, after all.
Tbe exhortation ia characteristic ol Butlei foi
falsehood as well as indecency. He would be
gladtogive the impression that the Republi?
cans are conducting n campaign nf bribery,
which he knows ls nol the wise. Hut even - ip
poein. that thtie wa a foundation foi tin
?.'.-ni.n, In- public advice to voters to gel as
much bribe money as the) can, and then rotc
the othei way, reaches a pitch of shanlelessness
which has seldom, il ever, been seen bc fort in
Am. h. .rn politics.
//// ' ni l<>\ I'l. , // Wi AL.
The eily ot New "iii. an- ts makin- energetil
preparations to celebrate thc centennial anni
vii-aty in \t year of the i'n-i exportatioi ->i
colton fio'i. this country, iii perhapeil would
be more accurate to -av that thia was tbe orig
in;il iiliiii suggested by the Natioual Cotton
Planters1 Association of America at their meet
inge veal ago. lt has since developed Into I
project for a great World's Pair t*. be held in
New Orleans from December, 1884, to the end
ol Mai. 1885, iiml whose special object shall be
the exhibition of Southern prodncta, with ?
view to attracting capital and immigration to
the siii11 li. lt ha-now beoomo far more than a
local .iii. i|)ii-.. The Gull BtAtoe and .nh. rs
alf Interesting tbemselvee aetivel] in the
matter. The Legislntnre of Texas, al itecom
ing --I', (ial rtissioii, will consider thc queation oi
making an appropriutioa bi aid of tbe Expo?
sition, aiid Arkansiu )ws already don* -tt. lt is
siii.l io have ;i generous inioiiici.il lupport in all
Ihe Cotton Stale*, r li it-it have been ..nick to s, ,?
tte advantage*, thal would accrue to all ol them
Irom the mutt ?-- ,,t mu!, a di.s.il.i., of Stint h.iii
products ;iinl manilla-mies in th, j. chief city
ami seaport. 'J h<- usual ac! of Uoogreee baa
1...1I paeeed, making exhibite tram abroad
duty-free, aitd the hope of the amii?gera ia ty
?ttOct bUtii a icuicociiUliuu liuni ot?_
countries na to make their** a genuine World's
Tho MC-eaeg of the Atlanta nnd Louisville
Expositions shows that they can at least make it
of great service to tho pcoplo of tho South by
demonstrating to the North the remarkable de?
velopment of that "section, not only in tho rai.s
lng of cotton. Pillar, rice, jato, etc.. and in open?
ing vast ficld-i of timber, hut in manufactures
and Mining. A fair like thU is vt nth I hundred
tt??Mad ?paex hes to tlie people of tho .South,
lt piove;* their proxies.** at thc same tim*" that it,
Baeertl it. It shows that they are acquiring
modern ideas and gr ow ina* out of that provin?
cialism which has l,een tin CUM of Southern
life in every depart incut. It will not only draw
capital and i nun ig rat ion, but it will have au
excellent effect upon tbe Southern people t_em
?efvee hy bringing them into closer commercial
sympathy, if no other, with tin- rest of tho
.'.(wntry, and ettm__ttng tin tn. Northern man?
ufacturer** mid m. tchants will Bud thal it, will
pay to join in -tho New-Orleans Kxposition.
The South is still, in many respects, virgin soil
?not so fruitful as tho West, perhaps, hut ht ill
pr*_?laing excellent returns.
The General Convention of tho Protestant
Episcopal Church is dei?inf* quietly, hut firmly,
with the case of Bishop Riley of .Mexico. It
has long been the hope of many eleVgJ-MB in
the Episcopal Church to bring into close rela?
tions with their own communion certaiu Chris?
tian liddies in Mexico makiiiK up what is known
as the Church of Jesus. At one, time these
believers were Roman Catholic, but now they
are dissatisfied with Koruanisin, aud yet aro
Catholic Bjjoejgt to be Episcopalians.
The mis-.ionaly work of the Protestant Episco?
pal Church in .Mexico is under tho charge
of a commission with llishop Bed* ll, of
ohio, at its head. This commission thought
lu sf I,, a, t with Bishop Biley ns tin- head of the
Church of JeeQB, mid it has Bent large contribu?
tions to carry on ihe work. Biahop Biby ou his
part was to ?ring about certain chan, es in the
liturgy us. (1 in his diocc.-e. and to act in har?
mony with the commi-'sion's missionary scheme
fol Mexico. Apparently he lias not done ?*<?.
Money has been misappropriated and
certain prondeed reforms have not been
carried nut. How far the Bishop himself is
raponalbie for this stat*- <>t eflWirs does not I
si em to be Bottled I but un.o: innately he de?
clines to coane to tin., co.mm to explain mat?
ter? iii- i* ?aagnation from the control of a?ie
simian wink ol tho Episcopal ChttTCfa in
.Mexico Ins, therefore, been aaked and practi?
cally beeu received. TbowholeafTab lennfortn
mite ; but the impression is unavoidable that
Um Mexican commission acted hastily and was
too confiding in strange! -.
The death of Captain elayne Reid l.rinRs tn a
cloe, ecareel which hus Wn mainly devoted te
Ute * iiteitaitniiiTit un.l iiistriuTi.iii ..f children, lb*
wa-, bes*? iii th*- i|iian!it.v ead quality ol his work,
th*- ni'ist hu.?< .--fill writer of Juvenile literature of
th*- geacfeti"'i- Captain Minty.it's i.ks were
iti'irr original uml dieplnyed treater reeooreei of
humor aad literary art, bat Ikey were written ex*
duaivelj f..r Im;*, wheeeaa Ca].tam Mayne J'.-nl
li:i?i u way "t IntormtinK thc glrla un ^^?lt a- the
In his wood reagen, s'-uiji booton a -ni whit..
ohlets. The influence of hm hooke waa always
- .tur. Hr Wan nol. however, vi I)..liv Ult Ulled
with hla reputation as a pate, entertaining and rae*
il witt,-t for t-hildna. ll? longed to eddreea
ail nhleramii.Tiff, iit.1 WM disheartened I.v Ins fail
.inlu i i daily papa i in London,
Ab Captain Maya* Raid gi'-w older be became
? i tn hi*, poi11teitl vi.-nts. mul duringhia
. toting yean wee a tineen Republican v*-11'*?*! _
? i ol Eagle?d when he f* lt himself t.> Im est
off fr..ni boc ie ty a:i i .' . ually snubbed
perhspa, by Um infi-rior country gentry,
4 ? ni. il uinl sighed fa.r another .order of
?h. i.t. His nflectiona apon tha tendencies
,.i. Irilltetioe oadei h moaari bl* el and ariatoeratic
fora Ot government bet BOM _' i'l nilli * imbil ti-ri-d.
Ilia Beriea of papen pobliahed a yeal au" In Thk
i tiiin m:. *.u " Boral Life la England,** bora Um
impnea of his npublicanlaiu and hladiacoatent.
B,t Um Mm.' tum-it waa a startling revelation of
m.ia s phasea of Um aoctal oondition and Impover
i-h ti. nt ..t tin- * tm n try. lin- arri lei nf lints,- letten
wea nut in aj ttija.it 11.v wtth th. English ideaa, bal be
i k* i n ith-*? rmt .iitil a tlini.mi-h11 tdncen and
honest num. la spirit ha waa an American rather
than un 1 lu .li ihnian, tba beal jean of his Ufa hav
lng been paaaed in tba If<-<l Rivci eountryand on
Ibo Westers plaina, where be gathered tbat rich
Tor*- ni adventnna and bapnastona from whli h ho
could elwaya draw in writing bia stories. His aa*
kara was ii.?t only freshened hal e ideuod bj Ins life
of freedom ead indepeadeaee ia tho greet forests,
ind n bea hf cease lo aettte iowa ia hie *.i*l ega tin
restraints ami * tonvenl Ional it ii a of English liff
? .I to Inn. oeedleasly artificial and enervating.
Captain Retd'a !?? t.- -.t. literary scbi me, as detailed
la a private letter te theBditoe *.f Tn Taloona,
ilat*.l October 2. ol this year, wae to write hie peru
?ooal nmtnlsceoeea "i Ihe Mexieaa war. oat of
which he thought to nake ? etoot octavo volume,
His plan waa to give the ptcteraequc episodea -if the
4%ar, with, ea ha saul. " an BCeOOOt ot mir camp ami
bivouac life, tba feellnga which existed between
tho different aruw of tho eerviceles between regu
lui-t iiml viiliinii'iTsi ; ami ul..! itu relations
with the Mexieaa people, Interwoven With de
rriptiona of their < mal oma and eu aoerei aleo, tha
natural hiatory of thal still little-known lund."
" LTbough avoiding purely historic detail-;," he eon
iitiin-.1, " I trust to make the work instructive, end
hope also to prodaee h mort- intonating book than
any ol my poor romances, dbovt all do I wish to
point out t" the world a feel creditable to the gnat
Kepublic 1 hoi*! so dear, namely, that the
Invasion ol Mexico by Um i lilted Htatee
At ur, is, so fur BS I know, tin- only
Invasioa of aa Baeeay**i eooatrj yel recorded la
in i.iii iliiit wea eoeduetedon clvilijced principles,
iiml the only one where tho soldiers were ander the
i out i ol and discipline of I heir offices. -."
Isaac N. Milla, ol Mount Vernon, the Republican
nominee tor County Judge of Westchester County,
is a tuan of unblemished mputatiou, and a lawyer
of excellent professional attainments, ll.- could
not fail to give general eathdacUon on the bench,
anil therefore al! thc elect'.rs of the county, with?
out regard t*> party) a ho drain to bi e justice wieely
and fairly administered, would do well t" give bini
ih. ii support._
'Thr I Ai ni.oj Peet suggests tliii! the ret. ntion t.f
?he two-, tnt late of postage ill cities WOOld Nave
ail the trouble occasioned by tin old difference be?
the city rate end the general rate j elaothat
il lin- illy rate ia n-iliict .1 ta oin cent, and the dil
. thus re-established the practice ol stopping
letten he. ans. they have a * Tty >l tiu.i on iusle ul nf
tbe higher rate, shoald be nlit.lt h.-1. I he second
BUggOBt it'll is Inure . Ill llillih I h I ll til.' Ill -t. Sn large
ii ni..j.i.it mn ol' mail matter ia local tl.at business
ultu would probably regard ll as au eppreclable
advantage to have a ooe-eeul ratOa Bal there is no
good lue son why the Pepertmeiit should not for?
ward a letter, Btamped by mistake el the cit] rete
itlhtciill of UM filler, lilli! collett (he amount from
tl.. i.-i'i]ti.Tii. Thia hi the common-sense way, and
in niiiel i -nine cases out of a hundred il WOttld he
found to wolli well. _
The snsall and eeleel eompanj af rafflanawho
wish to free Ireland by blowing ui> everything ead
everybody ?ngb_e, have been thrown Into the
wildest < (.inuit.lion hy the lt vc-.Tiltniiti hiter
iv hit h .lani's M.Denn..ll has made |.u)>!ie. Me.
Dermot! prodeoUy giveanoelew to hie hiding place,
otlerwlaa it ie eedeialnod that Mr. Jeremiah Dooo
v.in, ? t.iiinit.iiiy knoiiii ?m O'lJonoiTiu Roaaa, ead
Mr. l'atti* k Joyce would start iOBtaatly on the
trail. They hu- thirst un.' ter MeDenavtt'e gore.
iNum, ii ibo iu_liaJi UuKTiiinciit Mu? d stud Mt
Dermot* on a search for the open Polar Sea, and the
whole dynamite troop would start in prompt pureuit,
both England and America would be content to go
without news of either *_f*poditlon for the next cen
tnry or two. _
And yet another weather prophet has arisen. He
hails from tho South and speaks with pleasing con?
fidence of tho coming November. Wo learn from
bis bulletin that the Hth of tbat month will be a
pretty cold day. That's election day. Tbe
prophet evidently takes no interest In
politico, for he neglects to (date which of
tho two parties will bo tho more affected by the in?
clemency of that interesting occision.
Tho man in Pickwick who filled himself up with
crumpets aud then blew his brains out *?_prove that
crumpets were not unhealthy, was about as good a
legh inn as tho persou or persona unknown who
have been tatting and feathering a church organ
in a New-Jersey village, to bhow their hostility to
th.- holy organist. If they had tarred and feathered
the lady they would have shown themselves brutal,
but they would at least have been intelligible. We
would have understood them. But why tar an organT
And why feather it? Persons whoknowsay thatit is
extremely disagreeable to be tarred and feathered.
Tho tar ls unpleasant wearing apparel, and the
feathers _lve one a certain appearance of grotesque?
ness which makes lt difficult to sustain personal
dignity. But an organ has no sensitive cuticle, and
never looks at Itself In the glass. We repeat, why
tar and feather an organ t Why didn't they scalp
it T Why didn't they ride it on a rail or tako lt
out and hang it to a tree t This must remain one
of the mysteries of village life and church contro?
Nathaniel Greene,?the only living grandson of
Qeoaral Nathanial Greene, is a practising physician'
in Middletown, K. I.
Dr. J. ('. Wood, the eminent English scientist
will open the Lowell Institute, Huston, lecture
Coane on Tuesday evening next, his subject being,
" Typical Bttnetntee und 1* hu.se*- of Animal Life."
Wendell Phillips will d.[-liver an oration on "Tho
Future of tho South" at the convention of the
Nation Cotton I'luntcrs' Associatiion, at Vicksburg,
Noi t miter 21.
Borah Bernhard! is bitterly hated at tbeCoeeed?
Francaise, as the following etory will show: Emile
de Qirardin hud aa exquisite portrait of her, painted
by an eminent aiti.t lit 1876, When he died be
beqneathed it to the Com*?Ue Francaise. "Where
ie th*, portrait nowt" aaa recently asked of a
member otth?* coinipany. " l'p in the' garret) with
Ita la. e to UM wall. '
."suns i;. eve-, Bttribotea mach of Ki- sm et ta te Mil?
loo. " ' Paradise Lost,' " bs -ays, " wes my favorite
poem, and f read Hover sud over until 1 knew it
bj h. ut. lt was a splendid dree_l ol ny youth to
the wondrous majesty of the scriptural sub
eterpreted in moeie. . . I leaned the senti?
ment of oratorio from that, and then nae been my
ircesa. Milton exalted my imagination and
treated adesin t" -iii.f. in great themes.''
The li*'.. Pr. E. 1.. _agoon, of Philadelphia, who
bad already ?ir-t iiimiisht-*! himself by his gifts of
worksof mt tt> rations Instit?tione,on Mooday
celebrated hie eeventy-thitd birthday by giving to
tbe Women's Behool of Design in Philadelphia
twenty-two choice oopios of <>1<1 masters, especially
imported I.v __ueli. They comprise eopiea oi
works by Oiotto.Pra Angelico, Michael Angelo,
Leonardo da Vinci, Betl'a*:i. Correggio, Titian, ami
.v edna del Sarto.
I teen Btaoley'a baodwritiag ema notork?ily bad,
.uni his letti ra, aa a role, Deed pi i * ately to hodel s"1
e carafol nvision of addreasee by toaM .-ember "i
his hooeehold Belon they were nulled Ouee, it li
?aid he Berried en a tlleologieel eorreegendenee with
aa eilaeated eobMer la Kimland, ami the latter,
in ooo of blii lettes*, was tataai te ae__ti, having
uibised sons point mada by the Dean, because, bs
explained, he e ns ?' tina* eustomed t.< ths caligraph] j
..i the higher orders.*1
\. . ording to l-l Germania, Antonius Andetledy
I lie new Cn.r.il of the JeOOitB, w_s b'>rn ut Hrieg
(Canton Valais "ii .June 'A, 1819a Beeotered the
Society <>f Jesus when aiooteen y*>iirs old, and
studied philosophy and theology at Boom and
Freiburg. The cateetrophe of 1847 w hich drove
I?eJesaits Ena Bwitserbuid found him at Fret
barg. Fi.tu Piedmont, when hs had found shelter
utter exile, tbe Jesuits wen also expelled. Aft* rthis
lie cane with several other nemben of the society nt
the (Jolted Stat" ami lii'i'iline a priest ,il (ititeti Bay,
Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Qenaanyhad opened her,
lateeto tbe Jesuits, and rVnderledy tetnrned In 1891,
md li*, cl tm t'Miy.!ii-*asiiiis-i?;i.ny in B.iv.n iu.until
n i>-*r.:i ti*s mus Bads rector of the geologica]
-. t.l*.t'th.- Roc let r of Jesus et Cologne, In 188*H he
i.e. .inn- rectoi ol the Theological College at Peder
boro. lu l-ir. he waa appointed profi?mm *>f in*.ml
iii**....kv a* Mm iu Laaeh : In lbw hs became rector
ii tbe aame place : and lo 1870 he waa appointed
Benin tan t of (ie norm! Beche at Rome. Elia thirteen
i.ti-.' experience ns the right-hand man <>f the
retiring Vicar-General unv.- lum the tint elana to
tho post to which he hus just been elected
Sarah Bernhardt's latest eeeooal of her sepentton
from M. Duniala is to the effect thal she left him
because ihe weald not continue t" bear outrageous
??pensen, to pay for carriages, bouquets, penalties
foi brokeo engagements, ste, " My equiposant,'
ihe says, " eras aol grandenongh, and my carriage
lid not stitllee. We had viol.nit alt> ??-* at loni, and
tin. day, utter one of those scenes, | ruehed out of
lim hons*, wiihotit hat or gloveo, telling hun he
?oiil.l take everything, for aa h.* weald aol go away
l wo.dil. and Miould not return so loni: an he
remained th..rr. I wandered ab oat the whole day
ind .ii nightfall sought refuge at my Bout's, lt wm,
ii ter tins Hitit beeotered lota an eagegemeal at the
Bynjinane, when I had i___diately afterward to
pay the penalty for Ins breae h of oontraei la order
to enlist Tu Timi*. He completely equipped him?
self for ?tarting, and 1 paid tel thc poul
voluntary recruit. Only tbe poor voluuary recruit
nerer served. That ts not all. bf. Daniela wished
t.. in- leases ofaiheatra. 1 have hud to bear the
conaequeuces of thin, too. If,-ts Inquiring
wbt-tbei I am realty married or not. Bethuasn
may, I have paid for the freak royally, and,
marri* d or not married "" ee m'f reprendrmplnt. "
QENl r. n Mut S.
\n exception oughl t<> have been made In
Tit; inuit m.s recent it?temeut tbat tbs Bev. Dr. Shel
toa'stsnaaa rector ol Bl Paul'a Protestaal E|
(TuutTi in iinii.tiai wu. tin. bmgsal ave* served bj kui
i lerK.viu.iii ni tint .a.nu.iiml,m. lie waa rector (or iifty
T44.I yean iin.i wa.- iinmiiiitiiy iTttin.-ei.Ti willi tin. pariah
for Btty four years, Tha late it.-v. Dr i-:.i-ad, however,
lia.I * haiL-e of **t. Anne's I. ii ii re li, Lowell, (Or fifty nina
\ f.n a 44 itiiiitit ii breaka
Anoflicer Ina Rueelan regiment of inppera,
Lieutenant Kondlnofl, baa Invented au Inatruataot for
tile ITU.lill toni D_?] Inti ITT p:;.,n nf t. li 4,1.Hill 111.
Iii tlmr ot wm The -Alie ti,un wlil.h il Ls ,l,-,n,,l ...
st. ,.i b tl.-p..tell is cut ami prompt. Jotaed to a bomU
box COUta-?Ulna tha Dee inn. niue, lt then Cutt,tall.U.-1-,
traaamlta tba waasags lo a roll oilpaper which caa ba
ie ipotor snit iii headquarten. The-nt,
\ia..;, welch* onlj about teven pouncU, also contain* tut
tiisti Tineiit for -ti.lit.o r?l?e anawers to thr enemy,
-mong the conscripta summoned lor the
fall iiiaiHiTiiit, nf tha l'.tiii-'.. amy v i one a_dora
Nell?-n Sjaelland r, who railed to r. ipoinl In, nu
1.I..4.,1. thai th., tuan hiei u reasonable excuac, having
h.-. ii i v.-.ti'itI i.t- murder lani mioimer. n. ??.-.
laka his muni' innl nol be* a itrtcki n tt. m the Hats. An
mae Nell?m (called tyaellandar beeauae he haUed frurr.
tbs Uland o( Blaelland) waa ,in- murdenr al whoa
capitation tba exeotiUoner wielded lil*, axe la such a
buuKllna manner ? i to provoke gum ral Indignation, The
matt* i mus brought before the LegUlaturc rn ihe ronn nf
n propoalilon to -ai.-nt.itt. buiitfug aa ihi punl<lii_cnt
tm iuui.!. i, bul ih. change mi, not made,
one of the nni'it valuable employee In tin
attie. ,,f tin- Valley U.illina.l al ( _?? . __d la a ilimimttha
dog vi ll.i-e name ttl "" I'll* " likewise lit iii;. - lils 1.,
Iii. pertest p..inls taara BO ronni for .l..nl.t that, his
W.i ?- "i ii"- hi teal nml thal bb .tue. -L.t.. an te familia
witt palaces. Bal howevsi ark?eratic ht* Uaeage ha
iii., a.i geoplaa pride la Imiastta?, aagatsnover ba**
already <i.muru io rtadtoats hla nea Cnaa tts ehargs
<.f -ii.|.i.iit.v. nu ehnr tintv i. iee aanytag sf billa,
Lints and dlspalobea from ono oince to another, li t .e
recipient 01 imi document delay* to give him a receipt
KhnwiuKtbal li has ii., ii tataly deUvered, he attona lo.ut
ooii.plalut t?> winch linn,Lin,it,, atti?itloai .mist hs pal?
Tho report pnbUabed in Featern papen thai
ths grsps aro. >.r Qain..ruin this year ttawa a demilas sf
?in par e- nt iiml thal tts doom of tts decline n e_eaeot
mil , U iT.iiti.i.llctiU by Th, Krniuid Bulletin ot Mau
tr.iuiT.M'o. ThatJanioeleaplalaa tteltt?ados product
nf * niifoiniii tts Breena! yeer -elli tieahaaiteanffllso
KiiUniis, ,i tiiiniun f_.iii,.iis Ibm thea that el Ilga, and
about four milli.ni .ulliiini lens than th* expected pro
ilurt. This HliiliikiiiM). bownver, In not due lo phylloxera
tu to m.J iithei ill.-ii?oof thc ilni'ti, but to tlnce tia,- _
ncuii-lilia_ lint, I, -Ali? a "uuilhui" W bleb cauib til June
and waawtthoat I precedent In the vine-growing dlstrlaaf
of the State. Eiporlenoed wine-makers bellevo tba1
the quality will be better tha_ usual.
Tho good people of Copen_agen, who art
fond of their King and ** the children," have had a (east
of royalty thia year. The aumracr-palace of Fredenaborg
haa aeldom before housed so many distinguished guests.
All of* tin* children "were there to/.ther hot mon?,
the married daughters with their hu.band-* aud little
own. Atthat tltno the oneroof she1..-., d, b.-ldes Ito
regular occupants, the Czar of Russlu aud his lovely wlte,
tho Mose of Wales and tho Prince.- Alexandra with
their flock of children, the Kin* of Gie.ee, the Duchess of
Cumberland and her claimant husband, and the Danish
Crown Prince and his family. King ChrUtlan and
Queen Louise dearly lovo those family gatherings, at
which all foriinillty ls discarded,unI the people, to whom
the palari* domain sod garik?I am always open, taite a
hearty Interest tn them without obtruding their loyalty
nnneeesaaiily. King Christian, who ascended the Minina
ender unfortunate circumstance* and with tho crown
inherit, d an unjust and dlsBS?OHS war, hus become very
popular among lils subjects, as much for the sake of his
children oe forhU own really excellent qualities as a
niler. _
rp.itsovAi. and nU0IM*_
Tiie Horse Clcb.-The Horse Club Just opened ls
likely to be a popular place. It lu wonderful how untir?
ing a talker a man may become on the subject ot
horse; and there are a great many men In this etty in?
terested In the subject. Talk ls te be confined to " the
noble animal " by the enforcement of a finn for the Intro?
duction of any other topic. Thc club seems to have boan.
organized by Messrs. Kyerson & Bi own, who have btffll
up the cab, or rather the coutte", system for New-York,
and hare recently formed a big stock company for tts
further development. Mr. Ryerson rates among the first
rate business nun of New-York. If lt were not that
Mr. Brown ls one of the most energetic of men bb* bad
health would have carded bini off loni. ago. But whea
told once that ho could not long survive he became In?
censed at the suggestlon, and stubbornly resolved to beal
consumption. And he has managed to do lt after a long
struggle. _
Sherman's- Love or the Plat.?General Sherman'a
mistake repeats! hy telegraph, lu bowing to an actress
whose bow to one of the characters on the stage he mis?
took for a saluatlon to him, was the subject of talk ate
club last evening, when un old army correspondent said :
" I em sure that la an old story about Sherman revived
for advertising purposes. It or a similar tale waa told of
him during tbo war, I think, lu conu**.:tton with ths
motlier of Ml?s Fay Templeton. Sherman bas always
had a liking for the play and for players. Ho used to at?
tend almost nightly during his long delay at Nashville ta
the winter of |**SJ.*_B, at a little theatre managed by a
man named Allen. It was a sort of variety entertain
tiient, and the performances were something execrable.
Yet Sherman would ko nightly, net naipaul, d usually by
two or three of his staff. He affected to be very ,len,,.
<r'Mtli-iii those days, and sat In an orchestra seat sue.
rounded by tbo boys tit blue overcoats. He Invariably
wore ou these occasions a blue overcoat such as wera
furnished to the private soldiers. Ile used frequently te
acknowledge the applause which greeted his entrance."
noon Reason?* ron BauanOQ ax Affidavit. -_MOO*
1.mtv rather t'... jafet nal,.' Iti.ii':< d lat.l.v undertook ts
enlist a minor son sf MidMel Condoi', an officer of Mp
Hm ictt'a court, In the U niied Stat*-* Navy; ai.d the hoy,
iuui .us to i-ei into tin.- service, said thal tin- man who
bron'.'! ? hbo te tba Navy Yiird for enlistment was lila
guardian. His father tlu-n-upon had him brought be
_BO Jadsje Barrett ob habeas i.irpus.and the release ot
the i.oy tamed bb tbs eacottmt, put by the attorney fer
tt? Oorenuoeat, whether ? aol the judze i>* m. Mdii>e
affidavit of Kr, Cmlen tlt.1T the boy WBB hi- child.'*
? I haTB BO t'.oiT-t of tl is hal* \ cr," said Judi:*' Ilnntt,
niiillluar; "and I ha\. t\ ?I fa* Belle flag h)
true. Mr. Condon la a reputable ?Bear Ol trna court
nih laeartal liniiiaatanres I kasw ts be saeb that i ;iui
sure he would not voluntarily iinil ktiuMlnply Commit
perlurj'to add another arrow to his foti Bsa*\vas_" Ths
court-mom roar* tl; the |B_ge, the father and the ret ot
SSS I'.ln. d 'ii Ihe laugh, forgetting to < lo ? k
it by lead laps; and the uttoiney in opposition said hs
had uothlug more to say.
An Ex ample rs Cira Skrvkk. -Fire Marshal 800100
II. I??BBB. beiiig encotuifered In Broadway BB Wata??*
day altsrosoa. was Baaed If hs bal mamtttat ths n*-w
patent rtrc ladder whleh had 'x-'-u exhibit.-d In City Hill
Parka day or two before. No," ho said, " I BBWeaat
ln-ard *.f tt. [ hare saaa a treat mmoj riaaVai - i?;it. tte.*
hr Bd? '1 and I hal t never se. n one of any value." ? By
tooway," said a mutual rrientl after the pa:ties to ths
above conversation hail etpeeatei, "Aejeakaear __I
flt??lOB hus doun as ti tic ti as anv m.ni in tt? I tn this
city to Bil ance the BOOBS of Civil .Service I" ? Xo; never
benni of him as advocating lt." ? Precisely; he han only
Illustrated lt. Away buck In 1 ST'.! he KOt Into the Fire
M it-iiai's saaj a larool] hi aa bm Bstees Orai Isp laiaeaafl
him. Ha lee......' Fire Hasshal shortly afi*'r. lt wa- a
political ethan then. Now it ls n*> longer a politicel
pohltlou, mid the lottUSSBB?lt at pollticlans would I'" '(
ll'ti.- mil untaire ttl anybody wttMih. lt. Tl..n BBBBB ?as
a very common crime uniting men who Insun .1 sol) ts '<?
..ut. ThS In-'ll.tliee Ii-ople Will tell Voil tl .lt
Hheidoo*i sloss lavestJgatleos hare made arson a t._a*
groses gaaat to hs long*-r profitable. Bs eas .atetl ? eua*
tlnu*d on through all the changes In adinlui-tiat. ?:: . ii?
disturbed, aa? baa iiiiri.tiiin-ti itu- prat tl.e of civil ian lee
iii iii- depa il bu nt without cwt Myla*| a wont shoal ihe
theory ot it"
Ni.vif.Tin*> at nu: Tula mt.*. -"Whet? ?oat
at tl.- ttte.itre.-1" a neath mau re* tatty totara* .t iraa the
..ii-t. 4 asked st ? lrl.ml whim: he tn* t coining fi'.u a
W* tdaeSBBi] nmilli, e. "Ths m.'-t li.>4. - ?? I li. ,4*
seen." Hus tho reply, "were Bl VtMo**B, wlur.- Blas*
t the auilienee v tie lie u i alli. I
im. half?bbbbia eat hall ? ? shaae
tell lilltll- of Ute .lllllleUlf Witt' Molll.'U and
lag molasses candy."
Senulor Bowen in tke XlXth Di-tti \
?senator ?U-worth of the XXXtli iM.-trlet h.ne tx* n rct
BSOBBBatad hp their Ra-pulil?lin <-.>n.-tltu. nts. Ihl
fill labor for tin Htute amt prompt ettaOttBOtOtlH
of th. lr dlaateta Hu? past t\4D i, at-?mut th* ii
lion by largs majorities.
Thc Diiiitii-rats of th?* XWlIth 1'isiiiit sit ni
unable to llml any Denim rut who will take t'.lr i
non f..r Beaatsr. As aoattBattta af J. Meal Fasestihef
militia, ny the K. pu'.Ile m. has peered aaexception lr
popular one ; r-o popular that Democrat after D*
lias declined tho opposition nonitnatloo. lu despair iver
theMllual1i.il the Dt liitiiriillc tStu.itnil.il C'otii.i..?0
been adjourned to October 20.
Steailily tin- number of nominations hy the
Prohibition party tnci.iu-e. The aSBBBMtlsas nut .".ly
Include, legislative BB?OB, but county, vflUfO ead ch.
posltlous. In the Wi-n rn part of ttltt Htat*- the ttl
of the Ohio movt luenl ls esp,?.?lally tlisa eruii.le. Ml
the Benubll* au 1-.11nti1l.1tc-. (ol Assemblymen t
-tated ttl a iMiuiii vote for the -ni.ini--li.it o' a prol
nine mi ui'Tit t>. tin pt op!.- th. \ have heaa Indorsed hy tm
AeeevabljO?ie I.. It. Locke, ol Wai i
(omit), has ben rcliomin..tc.I liv tha lb pul.H. mt*. M>
I?eke was on.- of tha heal Joanul et?hs that '???
Asa.-mi.ly ,.Ver h.nl, being energetic, honest hi <1
obliging?ttina tu i-ttl.m almost lad_Beasahta la lee
poriPoa, nu biiibiiiiIoo t?. tho nmit of ham
niall was 'i t.titiiii.ite one, us the l.epubiii'au party hal
lew en peri. ti. ed legislators among Ita rei ri - nt ith
thc Ai..Mi of mst. During the sosslnu he remit i
i ?. i. e to hla part} lu exposing effect)* ? '
Kalil-. ..r tl... vote on a st'ol'-it! .il'.Mi.,; LIU. ivln.li ia
been declared oarrted hy tae Democratic sp. a,., rall
u coll nt;! ii tlon al n it nil a-r of iia-iTiefs h.wi uot ititt'l
Mr. Lo. ho should he reel, eh .1.
'Hip iiiiti-n:;it hine DottOCmtfo n*'w>]iiip?rs ;ii*o
leshtleaali ati.K'Uiui- tile Deauatattg Mata B :- ' -r
. I?total Bg tlie Druin.Tali, si it' AdiuitiMi.it!on. thai ' '<*
Foiledf_mb auIdm thtsopeBaaaaaltui
ttiitleiit Shanahan : ?? 1 lu re hi jT-t BOW Ol
il-iial coi.iplalui about the ahllB?I pi,it.-ni bj 1" :> ''" l*
sta ea port?ao el ths Bria Oaoal.ae? taoitirlallr "* ******
elxteea Leeka. Va hare beeaai aBaaepaloBtohepihe
late the matti'.', and hue BOOM to the Coi
llie-e cou,plaint.-,.li 44 lt li i .tu. e. B?M that
lian SBiplojrSdSS la..T_ teiiiliTs at Ute |.oilit BS?tf-daM
UUtlt for aujr servii-i ol the U.n.l."
Mr. Roland K<'i*tl la to appeor at tin Thinl
Ai. uiie Theatre, Oetoher SO, in ?? (ii< ok."
Tho (Ti'-'a-.t tiient of Low teaoe Benetta, it
h. itv ir- mp\ Thealee tt Isodoa. (ths LyseoaUi v"111
begin on April ll, is-sl. BBd will b. .I.toI'tI to
" Teriee**a Lere."
'I'liti*' \vii8 .in ituitioii s;ili' <if ri-.-i-rvoil oboH
f?,r the eight eeaeerts et tte BieeHire ?\_ttaneeahi
Hod. ty nt the hull of the Art Asio* nttloti laa<t Bight 'ibo
sale leahM- -"-^.HOT, I. 1,000 inure tluui list . I
An oiilt'i- by f-tipnliiiion, ejf_ai by (Jusia*'
_e_et_ lu the lnjuiictloii proeeciliugs ot John A. Mc
< null, restraining Amlierg flem prialuelBg "Thc IlOf'ga**
Student" tn Ocruiaii or Kugltsh HttbcTliallaTho*itr?s **??
cutt r.*l in the Supreme Court Chambers yi-sterduy L.t..re
Judgo Barrett. Tho Injunction mnialns lu full loree In alt
respects, oxoeut that Ainb, rg la allowod to i)ro*luc<- ths
01>*ru ut the Thullo Theatre lu Oct mau, provided he shall
anuoutio that the production ot lt ls mubo lleeuse froui
al ess ra. UoldmHrk nud (>?al< d, snd In- poy them their
my ?iles. Mr. Amberg lu the atlyuinUou aoknowlsdafsS

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