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Mr. McCanll'a eheahite ttlle to tbe o-iera uud illselntms
all rights lu it encl pl such as be obtained by contract
?with Ooldmark Hud Cnnried, and he stipuiatas that a
further Injunction may Issue on one day's notice ngalnst
els produiilou of thc opera tn Oatsa be violates his ugrce
jtri-r.n tiir first mc.ht? mr. abiu.y satisfied
In and about thc Ani'.iTiiy nf Music vert* rdny
brooded the ellenoe of the gra\ a BB i- ii Bal OB Tm *days
tand Thursdays during tbe BBOBBBJ. At the New Motrepoll
t;in Opera House, ou the eeotrorj, thc hoity, bostta and
feverish exclt**meDt of Monday seemed hardly to have
a'tatod. Workmen were even where. The a*_ge waa filled
***- lt li machinists, scene ,-liifters nnd carpi
nor Vtanese wa? flying blt her ntid thither, the tc -
Stage-inaiinger who bas taken the BBjotaed r.ii'iyV piece
was giving minute illiectiotii* not Bjunlnfled willi
catJaoa to the chief? super," for lt eppran thal" wi cs"
Ci. Monday night were et a discount, ami in pla
ninety or so aeessaarj ttrTeoat** Iheie were 150 on
band, the majority of whosa got In the way of st* iv oas
with exemplary diligence. Mr. Abbey was at tl
Theatre all day, hut managed to pay a brief vi-lt to flu
opera house, a i alu Mati?fl,Mj wjti, lari nlehf* perform?
ance," said he; " the hitches that occurred were Inevit?
able at a first nlgM. aad I think that on tbs J'hole 1
scored a tanita I r. .illy have Bot had time te Bod out
about the other house." _ , ., _?___,
Maurice Oran expressed himself as brina thoroughly
BBUiiQBd and denied utterly tlie published statement
relative to thc alleged poor acoustic properties ol ins
b*.use. ? I WBB allover lt." said he, "Bad BS tar as I
enid tell lt ls aaa happy in thal reaped M In every other.
Oat cnn bein better from some places thin from Otocra,
tf Ik--ure, but thal ls |*"f?-ctl.v iiatuiiil.
No OBS seemed to know for c. I la Ju (\ ho sent the aOMiy
riou- prea.,"nt to Madame Nilsson, but the names of \\. II.
Vanderbilt nat Mrs. Doiemos wers mentloaed In eon
Beet ion wltb lt. . _ ? _.,...,,.
Mi M ii.leson was fouud at the KeW-Tork Hotel, but
Was not disposed to bs cotiiiiniiilcaltve. " Time will
show," said be,4* aud when I play mi ti ump card. I think
you will see that a bniiid-new bouse?lu whleh, br Hit
Way, thcvpiay one COU neither bear nor see- I- not ii ll Ihut
ls ne*-essa-)' for u successful Italian np.it mus.m. 1
did not find any ehnnire either numerically or socially 1n
im ikudl.-i.ee last night, omi In fact I sold man.) moro
tlcksts than I exi>ertcd."
?I see a report from Kurope that you are trying to BO*
OOM Van /.audt. Ia tliul linet "
?'Nonsense. Wbat do I want with Van laadtl I bud
ber In my company for four rears and let har go most
willingly. Rho ls a clever little girl, but bas been -pollt
In Caris. Hbo mail*- a aneoeas in "Mh-tioii" sad was
then taken up by the Amt! lean colotiv alni her t. tl was
tiulte turned. I haven't the -lightest nae for ber."
" Why did you lot Mi. Aitbcy ha\c Del POBBtC to* M..11
dav e\ eiilng t"
? Because I thought thal the ppenlnc of the new house
whs almost a Rational a__r and I ilnl nol want tbe pub
lio to bc disappoint..! I mean though to do mi best to
pi event Abbey keeplu. bim. I -hall als., take I.
vilto 'ms written to me statin, her wllMnjcnesH to
lui contract with me, and 1'airy, whom I shall hud
- ?
Mr. Irving hoi ??<?<" **e_d_lf tu'-* fi'-*1 two
days in New-York (Betta*/, On Monday he dio\ SO it iii
the forcuoon and paid a few calls in the afternoon, dining
wltb some personal friends In lin- evening. Tester*?QT,
despite the disagreeable weatht-i. he was up BS? BbOOl
early, and after callliig on -e\ t tal friemls lu th*- morning
be six-tit the afternoon superintending | ieee mel of lils
eompativ at the Star Theatre, where he BUM Bad a long
talc with Mr. Abbey. He aft* rward dined with Lawrence
barrett ead attended tbe performanee of "Franc. .i>i
Bimini," nt the Mat 'I'tie.it|e. lu the .la-nltiL'. Mi Liing
and his coiiip.iii.i express themselves as delighted with
tlie theatre they .ne to occupy darin" the New-York
maru; prescott surd.
Frederick LotO. uti m'tor, lins broag?lt ii -nit
In the First District Court at Newurk iil-.tti-I M le IT-s
cott, the a. tr.-ss, for an alleged ore.Ti of oontra* t foi itu
engaajretneut of thirty wuk- ai *H*? per w. k in Oe* ir
ailde'Hp'ay "Vera." Wheo Iii-- u-trc-a played '? 1J--1
mont's Bride "la Newark Loin obtataed an Injunction
aa-atast her for three months'1 salary and she i .4, ads.
Ihe ease will be heard to-day in the Fir.-t Distrie! Court
Tbo Devonia brouplit ttt-OBg li* r powenngtira.
yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. A. Di los and Ihnilly, the Ber. and
Mrs. A. M. Calhoun, of Cleveland ; Mrs. O. B. Doo*?U, E.
McQueen Gray, Mrs. (iui.stono, C. F. i.iiiistoue. Ch.ules
II. Occle^ton. Mrs. John I'ait.-u, Mis. N. \V. V inti, grift,
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Weeks and Jaine-. ( amitie ts.
The We.-tpliulia brought Coi,.-uK'ai ll't.TI. -r. Dr. i..i-.iard
Frederich, Mis- Floini, Miuliinie Ivanny, Madame Vii Ian
ova, M. and M ul.unc Va.li relli, II, uri steinlterg uud Ut.
Auirust Ilerrnian.
The Elbe will sall to-dav with Professor A. W. Hoffman,
narmana tfiilssman Professor von Holst. Judi I. A.
Finery, ol M-.t-i. ; Mr. and Mis. I). B. Malford, Mts. Joim
M. Wilson and Major H. E. lister.
The* niada will talc il DopBBOj Mrs. G. Bn.'kiin.'haiu,
Jr., J. B. Parker and a. Legraod.
The in egon took among otbera yesterday 8tr Brampton
Gurdon, tbs Kev. and Mrs. M. Newkiik, Colonel J \
Andrew-, tha Ber. J. m. Morrison and Dr. Pani u
Arnon, the DBsseiutert who snived bj Hm i> ionia
were Mr. uni Mr-. Brice ami Mi-- liam lb ?
A. M. Callion.i, ot Clerelaiid, Ohio, aud tn. 1?v.J.Q.
Doherty, of Lictroit, Mich.
THE WEA i ll ER li I: Rt IR I.
tamepmla er ii,. ,. ut tm ?? l< ?four "iowna.
Wabb?votom, Oct. 2.J.?'Du- temperature baa
risen in Nit l.in-lTiid mel M.'1.11c AU,ntl.; Ulai . T-u
oessee, the Ohio Valley aad the Lake rooka ; ..
lt remains nearly stationary. Norilien-ti i ly Wtads pre
ri?ion the Atlantic Chest, In tin- t'.-.t ?*...-, Titons
tee, the Ohio Valley, l.t.iver I_kB I ? |.Ba and in ti,,
Mississippi and Mlasea?VaUeya. Bala haa Caliea la tha
Hiddle Attt.ntic. South Atlantic ami OOll ?Mea, i.ii:,..
B?it?I Laka leotaooad Mlasaorl Yslsj
Jii'ltrnln.iil lin tool,,,/
For New Fnglati'l. eb. .nly w.athel ami local i-it!i-,-.viiids
-o-lly noil heii-tci ly. stationary oi falling barometer and
For the Mi.ldle Atlantic States, local ram-, north* ist.
)rry winds. faitiiiL' followed bjr rising bBromcter, -tatum
U) or a slight use lu Utii'w muire.
TM HOUK-: SluruiliS. Mul.t.
15S4BII7 >* H10 I? I 2"I4 (IR? 1*0*011 ic?
CTr" ' '__?' i ? :.?[?1 iO.t'
_j__ _i_:___ '""I
liii.idi , i,-?. i i .. j ." , . ii 20.5
tu' ul*4ttm .h'.-i Ur U.I.. ., tl . ., ,.
?IlLihr. (Le l.r,_>l,<lien!?r lint. f\.? .lill.i.nil ?( lu- I i t..- '
S'*ra-.,.B( ml.'.ialf I ll.-:rt,|'.l??ait, ..-. r.K r. ..la Ul. o. ...? . ii.
ly (rt-aa-rcurr .urine tt.??t-ti .ort Tn. brokea -,i.. 'iel Sa*) rs* .
tor ??-1?Tou? tu trio ?r I Jr?. ta lud!c?t-tl la/ lu. tli'r.uj . rtri ?Hi'.
fem ? r??? ;. tit tu. <iw?jr
ffeaoo?i Oeteoo, Oet. 84- 1 s?a-?Ths ssimaseal in
abe oarouieti r yestet?ty OBS?nrowfl?L Cloudy WI al.a I
.rtivi-le<i. with LOO loehsa ?i tala ..ncr ii a. m. i.e
Xtinpei.ti ire _BOgSd litttv.-.n *?_? iilel i.i-, Iii. .
(S-t^D"! be lui; 7%* hi.v.-r tlWB Mi tbs BaSiespS?tlBf S_jr
lani year au.I 1'4- lower tn m on Mt .mi. iv.
(IOU.I.I Hlltlllllll.4 44T.il r, .. I.. iT 11) I t.f Of clear ililli
Warmer went uer, may Ot BIBWOled lo-U.*y Ul UUacIIj sud
Vluiliiiy. ^
Tl.*- Control Council ol Hie Newed
met last BloM Ht MuWon'M Hall. No. 867 West
rbiity-iuurtii-st. Bepot? tren received from nu
the OMtfteti lu this etty and I'looklyn. Tha
Hi mill -rands v. rc i.|N.!t.il in, not Itiit.as
m_ in iiiiiniM 1 -, ail.) ti>.i. ]-. a eoustant cheasja
91 tn.- men Uni m. them lu charge. The question "' V ST*
Im; Thi Utrotd mBthmst?ds attosj?hoi' wasaaomltted at
' Hie* tlliK to Ihe Itu al as-11.TalT.11-. All e\. ? jil tin
Tculh, 1.1*viTiIli and Sev.IT" .nih W'.ntl /. --1.. iain.Us re
psrtad lu laver at thal aetioo, aod thc llhelliiirtnl is i bal ll
Will be lala.TI shOItiy 1 - al.-., il. . 1.1 .1 Ililli
n..t laaa toao '\ ol u unt peetst veoM ia- aoeeptod
ao o eeeaaBOBB?e odth />" murmld, a oaoiinnul ititn
Wita, reit lit tl fiom th'- (Tilta/ti Nin. dealt iM Oj* ... i.itioi:
BaaBO__HJ -wn-tatliv ami Incl..'.lui.' I?I.1.itioii :
?*? J??ut erat, 'i hat as tar as po -it.le wo wtUeoeoius e'llii
Ni 44-*,.,l;|v 1 Ililli SI. I- 111" 111-44 -III. HIV lit HU. .lilli 4Vil. -li
*>.-r we nerds hew-Yorh paper wc win btu ne .m.v
/t.HK lum sa in prefei ni ?? lo tue ole*. - uud eueoura_e
?ii ( lilia. .. as tin ni -t New-York pup
Aller tm- ni*-i-t.n_ inyoiiri.ed 1 ,oihi la... cania bearing
them- rip-Jan: " All papers sold and delivered al puo
lsa*rs' printed |iitm- ? I '? "'""'."
eciedlittrinuUrd to tue im titlentoor the local UUloits.
About lOOpi'OlilclooIaedloiicsoiiiciii Stciinv.iy
Hsll 1?nt even.UK Ht Mr. OseanyaiiV lecture on "Tue
Women of Turkey aud tue Jen-*, of inc East." Mr.
Owauyau Ulustruted his lecture ly liulf a
donen men and women who ??inned nil
Sorta of fanciful costumes peculiar to the liast.
The lei Hirer was (rotten u-> ii* the Ibm Of <'iii iiia. He
Was mt'Tiiled by u i'Ulindi lrom IheaBJOOB -I , altOaaBB
tDi.HMl tue lmlles ot tue li.ti.m, tu*- j....lia- and Hie
pi'irti). a- tney wert, wasted. Tels utt* nilimi i_sapptt?red
heiott! tin- lecture vw huir oxer, however, nml I* .-oppoin-d
to nave heao laowatrunK tor not attend!ns; lo . .- b
better. Mr. Oacaiiyan mud*- hu BBiaB? plea fm tbs J* wa,
hod told aome luiorestins; tacit ul dom-sin hfoiuTur
per-K.-man (iiiiui?liisl.ii.tilt)- "Wluit name I" Moiuor?
"Clementina Hoptionlnba Knaalle t'elimtlne Marah JaOO.**
C?r_y_a_ -"Wuy on i ililli Klve tue <iiilii all tow*
hfanest" ist her?"If you plcnac, til, we''.c li 'I uotbiug
-te to a. ve ba-"-iMoo_iuii_.
riFis, Oct. 23.?Tlie Yellow Book bus been is?
sued, lt recounts too operations of tho French
loreto In TOOOOJO, ood N**f| tho! their position in
tlmt coiinm lnis inuteiiiiHy improved. They now
ctn mora freely to lill parts of Hie Red River lb lt ii,
nml Imiii all tl.e Miali ?ie points, in that territory.
The liiuiiduriiis wlio still resist the .renell nutlim it,
will be removed byOOVOySOl lin h?OfOl Anani,
ami Um people inc ie. arning eonfideace. The
A ii ii ni i te troops hara been i_shaodod a ml tin- Black
Fhii-'s bare retreated from theil positions. 'Ihe
Preach army now only awaits reinforcements to
complete the pacification oi Hie eoantrj. The book
also i_i\ e-, at Lu. th, tlie .1. tails of tile negotiations
with Chilla, wliiili hnvo liecn conducted, it says, in
good tempi ron boll) sides, Franco Iii inly deman.l
i_g Uk- ooo -interference >.f China in Toii'.uiiI offalin
omi tbe withdrawal of lier troops Croon the country,
itn.l Chin i in.lieut inn; her willingness to colin tn
some amkvogement but decliaiag to 000000 to the
deuiiiiids nf Frutice.
The Yellow Hook also states titat Li Ilium ('hang.
Primo Minister of China, assure*! M. Triton, the
French Commissioner, beloto July lust that no
Chinese troops liii.i ereoBed the Tom-niii frontier;
that China lind no intention of interfering with
TonQO?I und would not tl.w:irt the French prnt.-ct
orate orer that eoootry, while it reoanred the qoea
?00 of aaaeraiatjr. The Martinis Tseng, the Chiueee
Aiiili.i-sati.ir, repudiated Hie Idee of Chloe assisting
Ailinn, and admitted that the armed minni of
Franco iu Toil', lin gare no (.lound for ii notate of
tlie relation* between the two conni rios. China
only lo obit ed thal IL Ca__h*a_?_*eo_r, Prenoh
Minister of Foreign affairs, slnuild inform him of
any arrangi'inont "tliUt could be cuiiclinlcl iu the
Ton .iiiii .|iicsti..h. M. Lacou thea propoood e boaia
of nu .irr.ingenioiit With China, w lii.li was sent to
Li linn*, ciiiinir, who replied bj declaring thal he
had not sutVi.lieot powers to eon, In.le negotiations,
.?uni that Chitin could not leoogoiie lin- l'lench
in :it,i *if 1 ST 1 i\ Uh An.'iin.
TheChioeoa pieparatiooa Cor wai wen then os?
tensibly resumed. The negotiations were eoutinued
bal wen- abruptly brohea off onJnlj 5 bj thc de
pint un* from shanghai of Li Haag Choog. In
August the negotiation? were again resume? M.
Cliiilleint'l-l.atiiuroeeaied the Uorqaii Tseng thal
France had no ilreanis nf oonqaesi ii. Aniini, bal
contended thal the French mnsl aoppreaa tbs Black
Flags. Th*- Martinis decliired thal tho Black Flags
belonged to the anoy of th*- Hint: of An:.m. and su_.
g sta-tl that aa armiatioe be effected to enable tbe
( hinoee (nut!inii.Tit to take iiitai consideration
what other means than force could be adopted for
dispersing the Black Fhn .
_ M. C'hallenit l-Lacoiir, in behalf 'i France, rt ;??* td
thia enggeation, ae il was Impossible to suspend the
operations then nndertaken, To vindicate the
French honor he avowed thal it was a ncc*--.ni
ooodltioo, beforeony arroogemonl could !>?? eon
. l'.iil. d, thal ellina -lmnlil expressly declare her re*
soire to a la-ta in from nil armed Intervention iii Ton
quin, not ti. send any troops* to that country, and t.<
recall those that were already lhere. The Marquis
IV* nir thereupon replied ihut this demand should
be 0?Iciallj made in Cb
Till DAKOl li- Ol A * UM I 1. I,
The French Minister of Foreign Ai).ms rejoined
lli.it sn. h a step c..nhl not be taken before koowing
how it waa lihelj tobe received. A nf usn I wnnld
compel Frauen to insist opun him! even to demand
complianoe with bei proposition. Tbs (tarquin
Tsong appeared to desire t" enter Into mon- serious
negotiathins, bul e reply trout Pekin Icuminnni* ilwl
hy the Moniola ooAoguel 18) again stopped nego?
tiations. Thu reply simply aouoimeed that au in
quiry would bc made into the alleged presence of
Chinese forces in Touquiu ; that sm h inquiry, li<*\4
ever, might occupy u long tune, and thal the
( biuese Uoveruiuenl would subsequent!* il. el.
whether theta ?as good ground foi recalling thc
troops or whither ii would leave them in theil limn
p rosen I posit iona M. Laooar observed thai the
presence ol Ute (lune-' troop*. iuTuuouin, whatevei
iiuulit lie t !i*. inutile. < Tm..ll rap. il .,11*1 ; -si-teil t lie
enemies of Frauoe, and he begged M. Tueng to call
th*' serious attention ol thc Govi i nu nut *.| < 'I
the eonseqnnncea ami tn Ibe dango] thal would re?
sult from a ..millet between I rs nee and China.
On August 1 s the (?..i.t nm.nt ..| ('Inna un bini t ted
pr..p..-.a!-. I'll oh nu/ I lu-i va.nat ion ol lon.|inn li)
1 lu- I'llll. ll Hoops, illa- llialllll ll.llil i- Uf llll-ll/'T
iiinty ol Chiiiu iivit Ibe territory, sud tb* dj.tig
o| certain towns to the l..-n*iit> ol trude. I
pulpits.iIm wore rejected. A counter proposal was
sui,mille.I bj 1'iain < t.ti S. jilcinl.ei I'i furs ii.nii.it
/one between Chin:, and Toiiquin. This propnmlion
v, ii - declined by China *m October 10, tbat Govern?
ment ii* lianna iiiat .she would sccepl a neutral
tom .uli on ibo _-.*_.ti I..T ii ii. t? ...I .-I np ,n tin
northern frontier of Touquiu; while, it was tated,
abe was also willing U> make arrangementa for th*
opell lil I.' of tile |,'.-il I'll. 1' I). Ila lo I 1.1* le.
The Yellow lt ml, ..ntl,!.I.- a fiillowa: "-Tims
Chilla lieiii.mils the wbolt* ol Northern Anam mid
the I'i in ii evacuation thereof, allowing us .n.h the
soul Iii rn provinces, Thcrs in no doubt timi the ar
i iva I ol lin rein fm itt.i t xpoilitioii will prompt Ij
tiTiiniiai* lin-woik si, gallantly I. ."in in la.
Franco is still wmlj I* negotiate nitb China lu a
friendly spirit, aud hopes that acconipiisbed t... i
Illili nulli**- lier to lake B li."H lU-t 4 !' .4 ..Min
1.1.Ti. i . * .sp.-ciallv whin he -. . - lin iihmIi t. bnl
st ill res...'ut.? p.iii. . of the French (Juvoriieeul np
ported I.;, the Cliainln-n* und il." country.*1
POSTER I-trl ? lil \ISELF I /'.
lM.i.Hi) rou lin Miitin i: ok w ai-ii, nt \..|.
I M.llilH F.M'- IIII i i l < I*.l:'- -I Ol* ll.
A aliarp ringing ol Hu dnor-bcll ni Inspectoi
r. a ii,iiiatr- .tit* t io o'clock lasl night,
Mowed io ?* s.I. \\ iiiii. -.. tm. i ti, h.
The se.-..h.I ringing brought a servant to tbe door. Ubi
opened lt sud lhere found a maa utan** Dei by
bat was gila?Bing with rain sml whose clothing mae
steaming with moisture, hbo asked him wbo he wished
.ucl tin-tuan n pilt.l ii:.it be \4.nii..i io have a
minute's talk with the Inspector. Inipectoi Byrnes wai
Hated in his rosy Utth library on the Hrsl Boor *.i bis
bouse reading Mic evening newspaper**. When li.- waa
told Hint a luau ? i-.a T ii. ? . loin lie an' -e, aiut 44 int ont
Into the hallway, There he mw "Billy'' Pori,
burglar sud the supposed tm?a lu ..i Wai h. ibe ainu
who, erith Irving, was hilled In " Draper's liq um
steve last week. The Inspector ashed Porter le walk
inti, tn in.l.iiv. The iuui .i'l -.. aad -at down. He
appen. .1 exceeding!) nervuiu*. nnd il*-ep linea, whleh
were uni visible al bin arralgnmeui ln-fure the I u
Jury a r< *"? daj i ago, were traced .ins tor* u* .ni sud
on his cheek** Excepts wnry watching of sven movi
un ui iii-pei i"i Byrnes made, Porter?bowedhut little
anxiety (oi wbat would bo the unavoidable nwultol bl*
unexpected call, liena-. .,. with the.
v, j,,, for three i hlui la ? i ei-j eltj
an.i town nt lb!** a-otiitt ?-...
" Well, Porter, whal la ttl" asked the Inspector.
Byrnes, l*ve come to give myself up (Mlenee. j
l ,, ,,i |n tbe li wapapers this luonilug thst 1 bad la-en
Indicted and I thought I might as well end the thing
righi here."
"Mela , atti III til*- 1,1.1 I.ll at tile lillie Of I III' -l.t'.t
ingt " V4.it- il.i ucxl Inquiry.
.. pi] t, i; ?,i>.i bow ii nut," Porter answered. "Tin
rr_it door of ' Sliaiig's' wdoon mu ?i.. ~.. 1 am) l went
lui., ii.. -Ll*- do?' and struck Ibo hallway. I hudu't gol
onli ball wa) Ihitnigh when I beard -....i- ami nu 1 .. in.ni
I tliilu't know running out of the Inti i-imiiii toward Ibu
. t. .,-t Thc shoti* idiirtlcd me, and when Ibe mini j rd
lill- I tiltia .1 ul o alu' 'lu o"I ml" Ul* slid 1.,'
?' Alni lou 4.. ie liol III lil. I,,n roo Ul I "
? . ,,. .'ll | llllllll't ).*..t III 1 Trie .lit.''
lt waa the work of a moment to convince Porter t'1 I
there waa no chance to withdraw from tbi step b. Inul
taken, lunpwtor Hyni?-?ilrew on hl? ovensiial sud en
leriiig a horse-car, rode to Hleeeker-nt. ii.n.e be 44*1,1
tn ITilire ll. ail.plait, ill.' Iel Into lin
11.T1 'Ti-. 1 OlMce where, the man foi the nccoiul Hine wa -
mi tl 111 I*Tatum lo Its Hf. . Ile r-.ii.l thal Iii- 44.1
tint Ay four yearn old ami wa born in Boston; tbal he
wm Bingle sad waa a gaa-flttri bi trade. After tbese
1T1I1 ii s liail I... ti mat lt in Int pulu f lt conls, I'm ;.
token Into a cell whlcb laljiilnii Iimrx-etoi Byrne*'* pit
vate oil:toe and locked up. Uetettlvo-eergeanl Houlaii
remain* A in thc adjoining room until morutng.
in poet01 Byrnes expressed ins nirprtae at Porter's
?aorinoe ul lo- lii'.Ttv. .mi onlj in csuae Ute (bing 1- wi
dom don* lo criminals, but bccaiwc Mic evhlencei
him I- so weighty and i> Hallie to convict iii m. *>n Men
day tho Oraltd J my. after examining the papen which
related to the ' loroncr'n luquonl at whk-h Pinter was dla
charged and the evldomi* which baa linen submitted lo
tue (aiaini Jun.1- ulnoe h.. iniin'- liberation, found an In
tiii tin.nt .ia_.iinst him of ininti. 1 in Hie ih-t degree
A tn mil warran! was i-snui on tbe indictment, tai ul
when Inspector Byro*** u-in.1 the in-tii. 1 Attorney'..
lillico after the finding of ths Uraad Jurj tin ivan ant
win* piiK'.'l in 'os banda. Phe sam. aflefaoou thain
aiiootor aont dlaiiak-hea lo uli tbe ..ii.- in thee*
Rivilllt il .Ls* nptloll of I'l.Her ll'l.I -.Tit Illili ttl H..-li.II.
_ ullHdolpnla, Baltimore and Waaliingloa, foi the pm
poae of ai resting Ulm. Tbo maa waa full) aware of thc
gravlti'ofU.isrge sgalnsl him and in- roluatarj
turrender has sometatag reaiarfcablc la it.
Tin* Kc|.iib!i?)iii 11*1 Alilcniiiuii. ii,.::ii t Co_
Viiltlloii, 111 Jlroi.kl'.li, was lu lil lust ci- nm... 'lin tali.li
0?tosil?_od wurc W. M. Bowers, Anton Mei_l-, Aid. r
man George J. Collins and Pani O. Orenlng. The dlntrlct
ls strongly Republican, and the candi dates are men of
recopnlred abllitv. The conventions In the let and Hld
Dlntrlcta were adjourned.
In the VII Ith Assembly Dlxtrlrt, In Brooklm, tho
Democrat*, nominated Henry M. Birkett last evening.
XO gR lat?I Till ':*?TIIK l.Olll) (Ililli" JI'sTICr.
wTTotan thank-.
Tho New-York City Bar Aaeoeiatk- gnvo a re?
ception to Lord I'oleriik'i- last uight nt
the rooms of tho association, No. 7 Weet
Twenty -ninth-st. Not wit hst muliOff the had
weather there was ? barge eitende?eeel members
of thc har ami a fair -sprinkling of gentianuti
dietingniabed in other pursuits. 'Ihe reception WM
entirely free from (?.?i.n'oiiy mid restraint, and the
preparations lmiile wen- ol' lin- .simplest kiinlcoiisio
teut with good tast*", the object laing uot Io make
er listeni fo formal speeches, bat to give thc iii.m
hers of the 11s_oci.1tion and other gtteete an opportu?
nity to lifetime a* .juaiiitctl peraonally with tin- Loni
Chief .Justice.
Lord Ceteridge arrived at 0 o'clock, accompanied
hy hit. non, tho Hon. Gilbert Coleridge,
Jos.-ph H. Cboate and John E. Fweene.
Loni Coleiitlirf wan coiidiu ted to tho lan-'."
library, wbeie many ot tho gentlemen
pi..sent were totredneed to him. r'rauciN N.
Hangs, president of tho Bur _?e*e*_Maa.
performed Um eereeeonj ol htwdnetieii
Tor an hour and a half Loni ('oleri.li.**
ena;;i_e*l in pleasant conversation with tin.so who
availed _weaaBlvea of ilu-opportunity of na?ia. his
Among those present wei." Jmlgo Van Brunt,
Judge Laneiaere, Judge Daniels, Cbief-Jne?ea
Daly,ElliottF.Bbepard, .lu.lg'- Cullen. Pieeiding
Justice Ha\is, Judge Wallan., ex-.liulgi*- Shipman.
Cephas Brainard, Artemas H. Holmes. William
Allen Huller, Francis L Stetson, finn les |?. Miller,
Edward Patteiaoa, F. H. Cowlkart, Chauncey M.
Depew, Itiirlon N. Harrison, United States l?i.stri*t
Attorney I.li'ui Boot, Algen ea s. Sullivan, Prank
Loomis, ex-Judge William ('. Choate, Wai." i
Swain,?, Judge lli.ll, Jndge Hawes, Recorder
Sm\ih. (lill.-ul A. Hand, Austin Abbott,
David Dudley Field, Stephen 1'. Beeb, Ed
44anl Mil. hell, .l.-lm .lal. Collector Robert
son. Th**don* i;..?.-*??..-lt, ei Jndge Spier.
James C. Carter, Judge Brown, ('.mis H. Brownell,
Judge I .;*>?. Kiln-. e\- A i iorue \ -i.emi.. I \. inne Mac
Vea.h, \V. c. Duet. II. "in L. Sprague. Dwight ll.
oiinsic.i.i. Julian 1. Dei i*--, ex-Judge Dillon, Ben?
jamin ll. Bristow.
At half-peal in en edjonrnnent was made t<>
th*. large ha!!, where a collation ?:i*
Barred. Tho hall was t,. t.-fully festooned
44jtti streamers ami American and I* nttrt i-Ii flags.
When I lie " inner iii:.ii " I'ni been sufficiently at
teuded to, Lord Coleridge a.lian, i *l lo thc bead oi
th.-tai.), iiml, in a voice that was full of feeliug,
spoke ts followi:
l Uni not im.nile.l t" ney anything, au.l I will mat
trouble you wltb n hmg spmpch, but I canaol leave thia
rountry without saying to rou, thc repre-aeiiiutlves of the
int n't iii- titi and 'iii- iniiiitii iii Hi*' shortest
ai.T -in,pl. t '..'.i.i- I * an i t.iinii.mil boa 1*1.4 ?
I am for tl.*- iMiuln. ?- ?' .1 g* i I ' .'...ti lian !??
?towed upon me from ti.. iu-t boorofmj lauiilmr tn iitN
countrj milli now, whee I bu about to depart.
Sn In in Hie t.pani of What 1 li* 'in I ina} tali lui pl..
f, huton, li. . : Tl atial a. alli.
the principles whlcb n.- endeavor to practise '?" ihe
sall,e .-., lat a- I i\> 1- . .ila'. I I" .1, Ililli, so tar
i . hem ? , what ls even
tinpot tani Dian I uv, Un- luiti. ipi. ?
h honor mul moralttj ur.- Ihe Mame tn both
lea In Hil- . on.pani I thanh rou for tbs kindness
whli li, for ni"i'. I lian lu** nii.nl tis, I lia ve ie. i-i Mil al >"iir
bauds, uml wi?i j '.'t (.."I -1" sd .uni iml .voa (arewi ll.
|*bese words were spoken with sn nncfa feeling
that nii.-i ol those pre eui showed their ap]
lion ol them by eloquent silence rather than
applause. Some cries weren di foi "Hangs!*1 bul
that gentleman did not respond, aad uo other
ape* * ins uere made.
in udixos vi sn '.ii iv.
Th.- waddingof Mi--* Kate Orr*r_ottgli Hat
thewa, il:oi?iii< r ot * 'lim l. - Matu., ? -. mdB. Arras
Ila i_i.-ii.i4li. .ir.. .<. ll p ,. last . 4, M?gM IBS < linn ll of the
ll..14 cms-. ITaliili.il. \. J, hii.I ?.,- fall of social inter
[he Ber. Burley Baldy, ot ITillaiUpblB. pattie end
Hi*-ceremony. 1. 11 ^-. A. Hoffman, lr., mas tin- bari
man, an.I Hie ti - ti. i ? 44. t .? I j. !? re A. J'..Itu, Ji, I'.t.r
Ila'.li M.TtT. .i-. tin* I.ri.l-'s l,r,,id.-r, Kolx-rf
m. nun. Oeeege v.. Panar, jr., .mu., D. Bala.
atnl J. l.in.Ti Pendergast. Tba bride wera s
tram et whits ott..man -ilk 4?ith i rall rouaded nain aad
? etdin Tulle aad i ut .ri -tai i? .o'.. an.i i., i.t Mag*
rho forsage was rot agnata and Ailed la wuii |M,.nt ute*,
slat iiiuTii -- li. i.i io dlaaaeada aad
? ins. A r...T>tl,rn 44.1- lie|i| at Mr. Mil
thew's house and refreshments wen Mrredb) Ptaard
Am..int H.. guests were Fri Inlc L Potts and ?Aife, the
Yoi \ *J. V. K..i ...on.] aad wife, Mi aad Mn w*( I
-iniin.'? I 1. - li.."int. Mt. an.i Mr..\v. J Roome,
Mr. atnl Mr?. II. A. II. ?? Bl B, .1 .: - I ._>, Mi ;,,,,) .?,(,.
B Puller, Mi aad Mn rredsnek W. Mao_la, _>.
ami Mis. \V. J. K. II. ..em m. .I.il.n A Harland, J|
i, Ml .1, i Mi ? i: 1 I Kn.1
ll Pot! , Mi. ni I Mn. I aatl. s UV,'-..ii, . t Al.le,,,, ?, ,,?,.
Mi... John n ll i ia -. "t *>' wart; Pn T. rick li a.
p...in n iti.I'.t.ii. w. v.. ii. laaaUs, mi- n.th.- daft, tbs
Muli, ll. Mr. Oiiilln, ('In'!,-. Bouthwlek, Mr. ami
it ? ip-. Mr. Bad Mrs. George Ma-Kay. the
1 a Kit* , Milli Ml-a _M_M I'. 1 X ? ? \ .
\li.e I ..ll. -i ne Halal ill, (lie .li.-t .|.,it_lit,-i t.f
i- mani(<l lo Ui mi Powell, son ,.t
Colonel Powell, in toort?ag rn ah Bs ;,i 'it,.'
I fl , ..pal (",ui eli. la si lentil -a., i,. ,, I i -iii;, ,,, , _ j.
ii.i. The groom ls the mc.un t nt tha >*> a***_?etsi Pres
lu i. T ni (linn ii. an.I ii i.itTiiti, i nf iii,. Apo ||,, (iui,. fha
Hi iiiii.- li. Boyd pi Hom,, d i m >. rsaseay. Ths ash*
.. tl.e lilllie's I.,nth, ,, 1 .
< tan i.-li, w. Bowe, HT. Woods, j. m.,*>' nml
_i. Doolittle. lataroln i:.l.u. 11_.- tnother
of tha bride, >4 m th.- beal m.m. 1be
Hue* bridesmaids na Maha! RnadnH. sister of th.
i.mie ; Mia? lanni Powell, atater Of t? (Tooti. : ami Mi
. niall, it.u-tii nf tin Bride,allhetagyounj
. ..r n . pii.k -.ulah ina, 441_
ami uni won bouquet? Tha bride,who
>..r .aili*., won .ulre s of white Otto
tbs i... ? piiua i _ ti aa ,,,?( utBmed
"III Lue. 'Ilia lia i s ita-, int -.piine, nml ?|te h, ne
a tull.- v. ll, with i. a,., .,,,,, eatriad
Of Ui |.let. . \ ,, . ,,,||,,? f,,;
. h. IT ai the bride's bonaa, .\... ii'.e.i
Those p.. en'at ti.*- thanh 'neladed Colonel
n dMi .Powell. Mr. and Mrs. ii. v. BeddalL Mr.aad
Mis. i.. H. Kew all, Mr. hikI Mi- a w . Powell, ti,*. Mi ...
Hyde, i.i. Ml m ? w liker, Mi-- ii.?t
ley, III '. it. i ? ne ni. Mi.I Mi . |>. ||,,,,, |.,:i,|
.'?li . lulill ti Mi. au.l Um. P. .I....I, mi, Mi. ai,tl Mi-.'
?I V. dc RU vs. Mr. and Mr* I Haine., Mi \ I" Wlllliimn'
ll Boyd, Mr. sud Mi -. \ h. ut, ln_<ls.,ii.
M:. uni Mi-. olin i Hilt it ie k, Mi. .mil Mm (I Kollett,
Mr. uii'l Mis. ll. persian, Mr. ..mi Mn I.'
W. Lawrence, Mr. ami Mr-. Jobn Hoaalsnd,
Mr. an.i .ii,,, ah. ni ( o inns, Mr. and Mis. .1 p. ,-.,n
I ' ?. Ml?I ll. M W i... !? r. Ml ? Hunte:. Mi-- l> i'
li...ti, le .../. 1 lint la iii I, am I Ml. ali I Mi,,. J(Ui i.,,, ,;,,., .
The we.hi il. in,.i,, ,i ,11,-ht,, ,,r m K.
I .1 >.'4IHe HI. Ill, Ol |.,|. .JU loot
' ' boil . ol lia bHili 'n p..i, nu, lu Berg* n
va i. N. .1 , Ho- .< i. ii.., ... ?,,, p, UnMia-.i by tbe Kev.
i m . w .a-ii. i i.u I,,.in u. w lin nu- ass the best maa. Tbs
... W. ..I.t kiuioab, I,. Laswn-iu ti
'*.i . VV. II. IVo il ..h.i I Temple Mut ruy.
J. lim*- \> iirner >\.e- tbe ..niv britt* ra lld i
".cu . dna? wan m ault* ni lu, trmiiu<-d wltb vulcu
l LT,l.e I... t , .lui -l.e I. p a: I- .ital .,?.,,,. , blot 'Oin- III
bci ti ll. Imo h,. >*. w. ..nu,
ll.irii*I .-.uni , _ v,
itlnl Min ? Ant i IK ..tl.iTiii.T'.
A -4 'l.ii'i ? occurred rn th* afternoon lu Hie Puritan
( bun i, si i. ? ? 'ii'- snd M ire) ..... lirooklj u, un
bruie ...THK ..n - i,. H., i-?,i,ip , <a..i.Kiii. i of WiUiaui ll.
I'll! .ij..-, .i.e. lil. jiu...ll ll. I.. I.. I tb. le ', . I.. V. Ill
i;>T-i.ii, pa ti.r nt ti,, i-burcb, perfoimed Ibe care
....".>? ne- usiii i - were i>.- Wm \t.nan, William
M. . i .ulan I, K. .1. Mai I .ulan,,, .l?e,,i, McKee,
? Lilli ai..1 I . Lot ? .4.i. i lu brlUc won i drew
"I**. .1..ni el" l.l.'l H"Tl. Ilk III.i,le 44libs
pull-ai md phial u ilmi tiiiin.H il .lin oran_e bio.uk
ll- I Lille \lU 44a- i.1 lil a 441t alu ol illaara l)|llal
ila Kin 'I ' I" I'-'TT Ml>. .1. ..tull, t,, M, .. v.. II.
Phillip*, Mrs. i...in I. I... ii, ii-, ii . will
)..in ii. ( un* U, .ai.-. A. .-. i iu.il ..mi .ii ,.ri..,ij. .
lu tha -i-.ty ii it st,,., t Method! i i pl a.,pal ___
'J j., ti,., ..ii ? C. i. .*>>.'.... a; waa u..i, in ii to lue Ki .
I . li. .m. ll} ol Ile .lu. ill .-Milli .ililli,ulla! i.p|.,.p.|
li:-I .p I m.-I- I, Ol lil. lull, pi i nu me,' i,..
lunn. .
,i in nm.j: al hie gea meei i.
A dinner was -.iiiii loat night at the new
<.i.h.i. lei Apartment Hoti.e, lu (.tamil iv I'livk. fo Hlr
\, llh.ilii IM ni lt..u K. li illilh/Uisliiil suiBJBM of Ia*ill.loll.
Matthew An..IT, fin ia.it '.s-iii.ui Willi.un J).,i>Iiitiii. r.
FL Bailey, VI <-. ?; Wo ?<? at aadthirig pfeya?lana
. 111. a. 11 -.' 441,1.1.1 44.il- ir. aaatta iimt aad iii-son, ur.
ah-iiii ("mu-"Te, Dr. af. Karisab_maaiDr.FraahH.
II un- ll*>n. Min- pu-i nt. Tia tliniei ???? hy Louis
?harry, lana?1] al th Motel Bi.m.wiii,, wuala?- aa
leter ?tt?a Baw house, Tha mmmt i*a- one af tin ill I
I urn in tin- Iai'.'e iliiilnjr ifom, \i hu lt ls con?deni) one of
lae liati'lsohi'ft in tbe ill v. Tin- |BB turi tire-proof
buPdla 'ts Mo. kliol'his ami len nit . i I'..-'
Iliill.l .I',,, lui J.lilli-, ax-J till a A I mail*, Pojrfll
iT-.ii on, Colonel .James M l/araura, " ...u.tt,
A. 1*. I -il IJTl, _!?. JUaaU O. aUalc, ?1 j. 1 Ul Ul", J . 1.
flun-lson and J. H. Delaney, Jr. "Charles Taylor ls th
president of the eompsny.
It irtlJic opinion of lioth imitii-s to Hut recent
enter! lu thc Medical .oei.tyof the County of New
Tork thnt foru .4. ir.ut Last, the u. Itutionof the rode quos
llun is at nu Bad In that ho.ly.lt *.in now hi i.u. weil only
.t nu- Miling af Um .state baehny. At the lari meeting
af Ik8Mbte on-anlziitlon, the vote to rendiid tho new
i'..il,- adopted tha year beta* -I.....I M to 1001 tluit lu, tho
advocates at tbe old eade, who reoulredatwo third-, mu
li.iity, wara in tha ariaerfty. There to ao doohi that
the mutter will ho sharply conti -t**l iiinitug the wem
l.a |. of HM State Society.
Hr. (hail -A. Te.,1... the eatiiliilat.- of the old eodo
Ior lite piellilelit, 4VMS lound 4 .-rt e I ll,1.4 1)4 il
miauta reporter at hts hoaas, Ifo. 747 PUth-are. Ho
?.aid: " The next ctmi.-t ,,4'er thu i|in-tion will ba In
Um state Medical Boe-ty. a targa proportion, tally twa -
thirds. ?f the phy-1* Ians In the city and State of New
v..t k atp in toma "f aphoh?Bg Um ITsttonal nuki until lt
ltutll beentn gad hy tha American Medical As.,,clBlton.
They a. lee 4-. it!i BS thal no cha ni:*" nh..nhl li.i\e peen
muile v. ithfiiit the (.unction of the National orpmUatloii.
In tl.i- ,|ty fully 700 __*jr__BBS .,,,. ntetmt I.) ul.ide hy?
the ucl loll of the Aiiicrlt-ait As.-*oiTatloti, uni only out of
loyalty, hut for the nason that the hi?h.-i hem tit comes
to the ph.-.1. inti hy rMatatag tba vtowsaf prominent
ni?Ti from all BBTtaOt the country. Tin- Auu-rieaa M.-tl
ieai As-... i,iti..n i- ii,,, larfaat body af phyatolaaa la mm
country mid pioliul.ly In the wi.lld. Mi idea fruin Hm
iiei/mniuK hara ti. i ti tint if tin- National Code unit round
object lonni.ie in any respect, the proper remedy las ta
tl.a la.sly which eniiefed lt, and mu In the Btate uocl. th I
ahlcb should be looked on ss sabordlnate. If tho Nn~
ti.uiai Code la oi.je, in.iiaiiiit t.,a fe iv m tiiisciu, why
should they attempt to deprive the pbyslcisns of tho
great State ot Nea York ora voles la the National Aa
si uihly I Why should New-York he made te secede ta?
nti ...i of remaining te exert lier Influence iii behalf of re?
form. If reform t- net imsar. i Mj belief ls that Um nore
m.nt to modifj the code baa bena th*, work of not more
niau tu* discontented and turbulent men who de-tred to
.I. -ii.'i Hu Amen, an Medical Association. They ure
men waoaa records clearly prove thal the. mn m.t keep
In harm.my with any organ!?ttlon uii'icsh tin y luivo
ai.-..hu. power, The adroootet oi the changed code
bare -aul In s rlrcular th.-y published reeentl) that ' the
American Medical a.hitit.n i- au unchartered nml
tiui.-t..ie in.-lum li.!,-IhmIT; but tbe fact ls thnt the
iiihl oi th" Am. ti* .in Me.li. 'ul A?ociaimn to extol mul
Iii :? nUhile for ubysl. lan* . mt ss thal of the
l.pl-iopal ol lt.mian Catholic t'liiiteli. Holli the-e
i....n. - .ne iii .haili red. Ki * York ls now the univ Btate
not I. pl.? lite.I lu the .Nail, aal 1....tl. The societies Of
all the uti..-i Mate, are sgs -itel us, Whether wc hall Imi
BVOI. '.ni' tull -tr.Tittil al the "-tate Soil, tl I can
not say, but If we do, lhere to no question bul thal we
.-hall lillie Hit" Iet|i!!-lti Iwo tlill'.l-1 majolll.i to le-.'huI
th.- action ..! t in j cum sgu."
U S. Oak le j Vundcri.I, wbo wai fleeted ju.'-nh nt
ot tl..'.ii':, -"i. t> un Mondaj m.in, un. found at bto
h.. m., N.. lill w.-t 11.uti tm,:h -t liewa- confident
I lia I a plo).T.'--14e lin i4l lue li I, a-a lill-. '.4 as, nial ll ll < ,il III .1
Ibe young uien ul im- protea un, mi I grow,
it well be renewed. Tin- demoustra
lieu lu Iii. si ti.- suit, li ..I A loans lui..-, .md now in the
*.Minti so. i. ii is i,m thal cannoteiMllj lie overcome.
1 ne Hi ' - Braves slowly, lu dolesatei seo
a .?, Til for four years and un permaoent Bieiubersblp
Inn un; taken linn Bland am nol ilk.Ti i*. ii*- changed.
in. o..|,...I, I.,, I,, -,.| alNIUl I"*'* '*.-? ie t.ill..i.s. 'Til*.
..I.l-i ti . ii ti ii. i.. ? ? med to lt, bul ti..- young
lia li al.il Hu.-. Iii ililli.I!.' |,I.ii ll. . are le-th-a iiiit 1. I ll
I in mot emt i.i 1- ii )N?itii. one an.! lin- nu i< ll lu _ativ.
. loll cannot rt.|i thc 1. iel m. ll'.'
Alu. I li ll nu im um lia: I. I . | IputeUo,
nie i>..; thu i wuii lu annual removal
from r I'ruetlenllj IM rieelitioiu* ste madu
in.-ot uti* in or twenty men. lt affords no op
pm minti fur lin- full nd fair il: ? ii -lon ol uta!
i. ti im. t,,. i, in eu lenee ?
lt Ila - a i ll.il I. I .lilli pie-; l_e anti lillie 41 .aa lill
rtprorni "
In. Aii.tr. a h. .mitti, i 'Tl candidate foi
4 i.e]: wight tue action ot Hie ... i* tv "-o de
ll-l4ea-to J.M. lillie tile pi .--Itu i ll ,> ot ll -IT 11.lilli.- lb.
eoile HI topi, ll Hi Villain.'"
lu. (lrUi tl** li Don .-.-. ih. h. mu
it- iii* ( ouni 4 pm t-i.Tan- wera Hame wbo derived moat
I., u. ni in..i. in Ibo code lt wasuidlkelj
v, ti ...1 la opposed tu that of
hen -Yurt.
In. i- i tbe candidate of the 01*1 (ode
meu foi ? di ?? um (t.uiiiv Nu ii ii
i.-t -.Tin: . Tollu., old code delegate* lo tb*
Nta |.TJ wm, ,i I:...'- In lii'inult.. lt lia- l>. en decided
Ij cannot Instnu t its deli Hie. on
(Joell t.4, lilli' -1 440
,'? a I ai| 4 ll lot) . "
Bont Inti ii -lim-' stn!i.-tii-.s frerei_roedfeater
il.ii h> thc Sen Yorkltoardof Pto Underwriters for Um
benefit of ii- members. The rtattttti i show the pi* mi nm
ree, Ipi)* Of all the Un- ltlBuntl.ee foiup.tlilei. tlt.llijf b?B?Ma
ka Mew-York City, aad Um loaaea lucurrwd for the Bftceo
.4- at - li kui l-l. T 1*. 1-s.t, Ths ll.un-ure th-- only tim
date bearing ou tbe elates, often pul forth, that thia city
rVCB in uiipri.ntal.l. ||,:.l for th. lire In-itr.m. .?
romp ' 4hii.li taralMy Utuatra?a tha truth of
ti.t- lam* nt ol tha aaderu?tara. Thc oooipil alma appa iib
, ami. in "nh r to lorm a eh ar Idea of the BS
to tin- in iirnii. .? eumpaiitoa ta eaehof tha gtveu
... dd :.? added to lo - milo tot thal
rrt-iii.inn receipts
i. ir
j.... - ?
I le to
l- ? |7, -?:..'.'. 16
. . -..-. i
? l ... ",i"l
1 -,.. 7,1
i i *; 11
- li ..,*
,- ?
Imho ...
I Oil
... ... UH i"
i-airr '^0
1 T. | .isa-, r. at*
l-l.till.K April .-'I.
fJ.HlH ?
,T on
iou un
I, .".
i,u;i.'.... ii
?04 78
t - -1 I
..ai VJ
4, ins.. IT .U
. lanni
Pr rt
cf lott,
4" ll
lo 4*1
Bu ot
et :,\
44 V:*
7- ls
ii i.t
The ul.." e M.ilene nt show* that ut thc tlr?l i
Hu 1.- '..Mo WBB Hi.'.'*, prent, ant Iii tl.e l.t,-t BtVBB
ie,r..;.'?'! percent. Or during thc lam rleren
ii iring w m. li petlod om Hurd ot the loss bss hupp ned In
rood* .iir-iii. i. Un loss-ratio bss i>c n i- .1 per
: ? : ll ititi . lilli l.t.! milich Hi" tublll polpl I
...it I- tue _armina lucraaao la lueses nines IN79, snd tbe
. \ I ie nu ly UH fa 4 mal. le lejtult lu Hat- past Iviuji n-.
Tke following nomination* tor -BBemblymeu
Milli Al* Iel Illili 44t ll- III ell ll) tile ll. plll.lt. .Ill a of this lill
tost en lilliK 1
l.Ulrl.t. Asnaiiihlinitn. A 1.1. run ii.
Ill .- J*. 'Tl ll I ...LT.
\ll ..... Lunts I.. Van Allen I lt.til.-s I! Unlit,
lill .11,..iii- sui,lil. I ii.I.il.k hunk.
I\ .IT,-.1*1 Ilk ll. HUH'.' Illili.inI H. Hillel
\ l .Miall, r Howe.I "loi i .)> minor.
XIII lana* IU)loli J...lien I'.?""II.
X \ I ........ I ' Kit Ila 1,14 ? ll I* ?
win. 1..I...4 n.< ran. j.ti.iu'. i.uiimy,
I lie * min litton In tn- 4 llth Ass- ttlbly In.-lil. 1 44.11, held
inihc i.Tiioiu (int. rooms, Mo. m CUaloa plaee. Lloyd
1 pin tt nil prraMIng Thlrtj iii iklegates raapoodedto
;i rall. Hoi.* it curt.ni nominated Lueaa I.
V n Allin uh th." I .militate I"! A--.Tnh!)'
BIB, aiut H. T. Moii"in presented Uli?
na. of < 'harlen B. WaltB BB Candida? for Alderman.
Both ii li..initiations w.rcca! 11* >I 44IH1011I oppSSItlBBk A
committee was sppotaled to wall apoa Mr. Van Alton and
latona him of tba action of tha convention. A tow min?
ni.-- latai hs ws . .'ii.i.ii id lalo the room, and, 44 hen
1 alli.I upon it> the ililli it. fi. delivered a ibotl addftoa.
Hie IMIi HlTtiel (TiliMTitloll Ulm held III Hie Hie. ck- r
Building, iiiuiieiii.itet| uti* r tint ?ganliat?a aa bi
formal ballal w,k_ tahna, la walsh Prederick
ii. Hon., tha pu-.ni representative tram
?:..T. t-t, tved eighteen rotoa. A formal baltol w.,s
then taken and Bouae raoHvad SS roth?i W. H. ttotaa t\
I \ In, .lale I,.I. I'. Pringle I, und H'Tit.i (oil.nu 1.
A committee ?a* appointed io 44 .it bb Mr. Bouae, aud ha
tn,,.le a 'haul midi.... to the ?<.n*. intl.in, nee* ?pllill'
ihe 1101n1ii.il...11. tor Aid. nuau, William ll. ha?tor
aaa the only fimtHa*T proposed, und ba mts
Bomtnat* .1 bj tbe unaalmous roto *.i thc onuv* atton. Mr.
mult 1- 11 member ot thc shoe Inn ot w. ll. 4 J. 1
Miih r, of Ko. .un Bleacher st, Be ta m lived lu the Ninth
?a .1.1 aad dona bualaeaa thc.*- foi nrarlj twenty _v?
IP ha-a. ic boan before the pubUeaaaeaadl
dat*: fol aili ellice l.efoic, DUI
man be has a good record sad I n larded a ?trongcandl
i,i. Bi waa wait- 1 .-ii by a <.ndttco and aoceplod
ih. nomination.
I.mi.ti.'.for the Xlllth IU'.ti'h't im! at ho. 109
Rlghtb-are. J. H. Pullto waa ehosen ebatnaaa. Beary
_ Kps.?? '' .111.111:111...l-l. 11..mitt III -I SS A--.i11l.lv
1, ,1. ll" indined to aocopt, OB the i;i""i"l "'ut, If
1. hi- ia* huarncaa would aol penal) ht* lo abaaal
hlmarlf for three ot four BUMths. Isaac Payton and
1 u.ni. . T. I'* din-in ua wore ihen uaiaad aa i-aadldiitos.
Slr, na. ton rec. Iveda msjoiit) of all the votes 1 sst, and
V as 1 nen un un 1 t-i .ii-11 nominated. Ile ls ona of tbe oldest
..: H.. i;. inn.lu an pam ui in.- district ll** 44 1 -
l.e".-Iel lU UH kl IptOJ . Th*' IM'lilli.
!..i- ALI. nnan, .lani., 1',-.ni,,,11, kcin-ii men's funu-hli_B>
.lortl in l-l?Ul 11 ale.
il,, '.-.el, I', ll ..illlelllioll Of Die X \ I-I DI-I Def .tilt
Nu. 8 1 ?-! I nu nilli li -!., ami 1 lim..lon- Roosevelt 44.1a
I. iio,itni.ii..1. ii.-has already served two com?outlvs
ti 11. - ill lue A-eaetnlily. Dels tl Well klU'41 ll ynilli,' Imf
in Henry Hay lea. wbo was u.Inatodfoi kldtirmaa, la
de huteuer lu W_ibln_ton Marta*.
ih. lld in-nu 1 Tammany Aldermanlc Convention
las) ni-hl lcmmultan tl AldiTTiiau Wlilliiiu P. Kuli for
li..1' oilier.
ina wivth a--itni.lv District Irving Ball Aid, mimic
(,.1,11 1 lion 1tT.ul.11l> ?' * iiiiiii-ctl " Luilolph A. lull_iiin
:.. i-.ti,dui.tte no Alderman.
At R nu .tim, ot Hu- Ci?(OBS' Kcfoim (lid' of Du- Vllth
14 illTii.l.ii! .So. ** lim. 1 -1 I.t place, WTlllarU
ll!.,44;,4-, ,iS munnintad ?itt ta?Uuiate lol Hie AH? Ul Illy.
/ Ell lesa! 1st Q ENE RAL ? ONA EN TION,
Wt IDS', ion, Od. Ml?The riiivci'siilist
ll * ..un uti..11 beg?M iUa111.11.il h.-.-stun in this 1 iii
; OW, \ pre 11 mimili BMB?? I WBB h ld llilsiiaii
..d B__aaaas wore dolncred hy Ule Kev. kl. ll.
Capen. D.D., of Massachnsetts, and the Rev. 0. A. Hay?
den, of Maine. The Woman's Centenary Association ls
holdin* a sealion In connection with the (toners! Conven?
tion, with Mn?.Louhw Thouias, of Philadelphia-*, presiding.
At tho afternoon nieetln_ of this aaeoetlitton todsJ te
ports of uii encouraging character were read.
[nt TELEOKArn to mr, THini m.]
Boston, Oct. 23.?The Ri-publicnn leaders,
seeing that the purpose of the Mayor in an appointment
of election otUeers waa to so fix the election machinery lu
Boston that Butler-would ht. returned even if hy frsud,
determined to take decided action. In response to an In?
vitation from the Republletin City Committee, about 500
prominent Republicans met In the " M.-lonaon" thia
aft* moon. Ex-Governor Riche presided, and In an ex?
cellent speech stated the ob.eot of the meeting whleh,
hrh-iiy stated, was tho appointment of a vigilance com?
mittee, whose duty should be to guard the polls on elec?
tion day from tho entrance of fraud through tho door
<>].>Tit'dii_ tho Mayor. Speeches were also made by George
D. Robinson, the Republican enndldato for Governor,
Colonel .oilman, Parker C. Chandler and Henry Cabot
Lml go.
Not for many years han there been witnessed In the city
or Boston, ut a gathering of staid, sober citizens, such an
outburst of, tiDiiishisin us mvoujpuuled the hrlof speech
or Mr. BottfMOn. The audience uot ouly applauded vig?
orously, but two or three times by a common impulse
tin v arose aud gave their candidate three roiling cheers,
flinging their hats in thc air. It was lu alt respects a re?
ina! kable gathering, and tine which promises to have a
salutary effect on thc election. As a result of the meeting
7tJO reputable gt-uilcmen, many of them heavy business
man, have pledged themselves to visit the 107 pelling
pia.es tn Bosteo, on tha (ith et Mornmoot, tat Km.nl the
D.t ot box from fraud. Persons of donl.tful character
will be chall. nged aud all posnilile precaution* taken to
prevent fraud.
orrosmox fromdemocrats.
TKNDl'li Htll.ND.
Boston, Ort 23?An fafMntsj will bs i-wued
tomonowbythe "Old Uno Ih ukicrath\* It ls nlgn?d
by llfty-twn well-known geuttenien who have been and
are prominently connected with the Democracy of the
Stile, the Baa*? of J. tl ____, -everett Paltonstall,
Hilliard Olney, Clinton Vlles, Frnncbi W. Hird,
| tJaaCfa M. Ita_n_ uml N. 8. Shalcr leading the
list. The address ls In part ns follows:
" As Dem.xi uta who wish tobe consistent, wo appeal ta
your pi id to?rn and sober cominon BBBM to oppose ItaI
in I. .Tlon al I'.i'ulan.ln K. lintier. During all Ins NBttaflB
notoriety aa a Repubii, tn politician after hi- dc*,_??I Of
the Democratic party, he waa chiefly conspicuous in
pu king messum the most ihIIous to con
itltntloual Denoeraey ami nixing every bmb! ofl'-n-lieiy
pat ti-an policy. Hts BO?I lu .sillily, hoivever, la
harmleaa eompared with his pretended friendship. Caring
nothing for pain or principle, be subordinates every pub?
lic Interest t.. ala own aggrandisement, _Mold ba be
again elected, tbe Democratic party or Maaaaebaaatta
44.,Hid I..- IhM renponalhle for bia admlnlatratlve u.ts ami
i a i i-nirti inert. We (minot bea?ste to deelara that wa In?
tend ta. do nil thal may bs in our power to leeum thc <le
fent of (,, mi ii i: it !.-r, and wc urge all Democrats ttl Join
With ll- ill -nell action."
Ml:. ABBOTT Wilt SW vi'TUT nu: \ .MINAH"*-.'.
BOBTOV, Oct 'SA.?'Ihe Herald to-moi low will
-ay: "It waa aa?oa.tdal a tata hour yesterday af?r
;. tl e best, bul not oO I.il, authority, thal 8. A. B.
Abbott, -aho was nominated o_ _h_i-*lay to teeaad pl.ne
inithe D'ino* tail*- i-t.ee ti. ket. dt cUtii'T to stand. Mr.
ai,i.ett ls In Washington, but he Informed ? friend thal ha
bsd declined, and further said that ho had iiorympiithy
Milli lintier."
hm < .\ vi \ nov iniin *, rsi: nt'vv am. amuiikk
i<i Bl iii.I.u TO-PAT.
[11V TKI.K..H4I-1I li. titi. I Ililli.si:.]
lii'i-ru.o, Oct. 23.?Tha fight in the local
Demo ' illa ranks waxen exceedingly hot. BlBOS Uta
I'laiid -pitt of last Wednesday night both sides, have lilli?
pilli d HUI. ll activity, und left no stone unturned that
could noaa!blj benefit their reapee_ta trandHntiia Mr.
Maiming, tha pre-cut InciinilttTit, la moro than
anxious to hB returned to tho Mayoralty. lie
44 irked for yearn for tho ellice, und now that
BB haa had a tacts wants another. Uta opponent, Jon?
athan Ri o\ill*>, ls known BB 'Iilic man with a bar'l." The
s, oillle men call, d i. .invention for this afternoon, wtiih)
the Manning crowd laaaed a call for te iBwiaw.
m -j..'tt.h?ksi-iiw.ii-i*--.- ll ,ii.in Broadway, araaerowdai.
lr i Betta, ol i.t.' City CU?ml?aa,railed tha eooranttaa ta
order, nml after tho Ooanmtttea bb Cob test ed f*catn
had lliil Tied flair wmk bii-liie?!| WM begUfl
ta a Brassi Winiam lt. Ai?*>!, of tho Xth Wert,
liomin il. tl Jon.i'h IB Scoville forMiyor. The mindil itlon
41 Bi p:..1.11.tii -?. ..lided, and Hr. s< orilla mu- soaslnsted
i.t a.. iitiiiaiioii. Then the convention proceeded to
iiouiin.it*' J. Mahoney for Controller. Herman II* tining
for ('nv \itotii-4, Colonel Riobard Flack for City Treas
ur,t. .1. K.H..T s for ( itv Engineer, and James r. ero, ker
for Hupertnt*Ti'l'i.t of ITlu.atlou. At 8:30 o'clock
Mr. foovllle appeared on tbe platform. Tremendous entbu
shvtm enxued. Ile thanked the *l* i- - be muI.1
rated Bfty per eentol th* Democratic party, ll*
i ininti .I tiiat when s Mayor used hlsoAce for personal
cml? li*- became a vulgar pollttelsn. Mr. tamils eon
cindi. I bj s n lui; bo would be a Mayor foi tha people and
not tor at v raelion or ellqtm.
When Die result of th*' convention was tomb- known to
Msyor M inning, !.*? said it 440.il.1 not Influence Ids emu M
of action While he appreciated lbs rlreumstanees st
ten.Uni; the unhappycondition of thinm in thc nemo
italic party In ilulTulo, he waa not rt-poimlble for lt.
Livelj im >s ni- axp* - '"i between now uu*l si* 1 Hon.
a cit til li: ross fy MAINE.
rm -1 "itv or ms at'vi'ntt:ri-.s told hv a roi KO
MAN* IN I* ill IL A.NU.
Pi>T.H.*iM>, Mo.) Oct. 'JA.? The AnjiiM tn -mor?
row will publish un article to tbe effect that there tata
|tre-i Bl a J OUBg man ttl Dds city who claims to BB Charlie
i;,.. ||n balleii". Bhaaalf to 1)0 about eight*-, n
years of Bffc In appearHiice be ta tall and
dim, with n good looking face, dark brown hair
willi B alight t-mien. \ to curl, Hue foii-heud, well arched
eyebrows ami Intelligent-looking sys* Us earns hara
flinn lioNlon filia we. k- atf". lt Ik Ills lt,fain timi to wi..
m.iney enough ta take him to PhlhUh lphia, a bera hs srlll
call on Mi. OL K. ?BBB.
H.- aa]t he rou?mtiers Urtag In 1 Isrgs house, of being
taken away by twa tu* B tn 11 earrings, and of batag put oil
I...aid I n_?I ind a ant. al to Wiall i'...nt, Maine, when
in- 4v;i- kept iii a 'lurk room three or faur yaala. Ba WBB
allowed, nuder * lo-.- sm 4, ill.ince, to 1,1141' the room
occsidoually. Ile wm not abused by bis eaptonj. Then
men other children lu fha house, but these he rarely aaw.
and wa-not p. 1 iiillleil to play with. After l__U?_? ul
Wluterporl for icvei al > bbi ? he waa oarrled on a v.--. 1 to
lir.t/il li waa 1.n t!iN voyage thal be learned tbat be waa
-toh-ii by J.si-e James1 Ihe Dartdsoas Bad Pinkbain. Aftei
teat iiiug Brash he managed to elude bia eaptora and
returned to this country, worhlng hts passsg.ia ship.
.-.tine then he bas been to mi. most of the tim. tci 4
rook, He ..ni read oulj ? Utile sad dees icat snits ?t ali.
ll,- proposes, in case be --i i.v- here the coming winter, to
Ho to e\ BlU_ .-.hool and ol.t. lu au edu..Tilli.|i.
Takis. Oct. _Li. -.Mnitiii lkniiinl dic_ hut
M. Hernani WM horn nt Mort Union, Department af
the Loire, BB f-ept?lii1>.T 17, Hst***. AftaT the it*Ml s-lim Bf
LOUhl Philippa he entered th" I.epublia'.in party a.id
aiiruteii - uli the So.i.iy or the fttgbta ..f Mau. H.
united him.*, if with MM. Barbra and Blaaa.nl to orgaataa
the-..iel. ty of Kumlllt h, atnl later that, or gSBSOl?? He
look a part lu the I11-111 re.Tloii of May 18, t8SBi BBd BB
p..11l.1l t.efofc til*- COttli oT I'm ls. but rcfii-t tl IB leo., nlzo
it iiml 44,i,s iTiiideinne.l to tran-portatlon. After tho
February revotntloatha riinhdofial Ooraraauat brought
him baal1 to Paris, .Ring bim the title or Coaualsaaiy
General In four departinenta, whera_la eflbrtt aad taaaa
of M. iv iiitune prareat* d thc autht?_ >.r a.mi war. Bs
Wu* Ulalie a representative ot the Department of tl:*'
1. .in, Itt caine a itiiiiilier of the Committee or tho Interior
and roted steadily \iith La Moutagaa aa ssatal and
uolltlcid questions.
Aller the election of Deeemher io, M. Bernard waged a 1
stuhl.oin 11 ar iii behalf of IltTiuhllcaii miltv and ?ignad all
ii,,, iieiu.1- in the a. .11 anon ar.ain-t Luus Napoleon
and hi* ministers. Re-elected the fourth time to the Ima
lalatlve Asaemhly, he lolned the movement of June 13,
ls ni, nm ,??.,|m'.| from Ih*- country. After ti fruitles*.
candida* y ut Bt Etienne lu Iso1.), he held sloof from ili?
military and pohtleal goreran?_I of Purls durlior th*
?leg? He waa elected on January **. 1871, tram tha Pa*
partment of tbe Heine to tbe Chamber or DopuU.
44IH1 the i.\ti. rn- Left roted for all the meas?wa iookln_
toward a consolidation ot th*- itep.ii.iic.
run. Mill, phi \, O.t. 'J.I.?William P. CopB
I.uni, 11 well known writer, connected with The Xrtc-ltirk
Jj IB ml "/ Commerce and W'aiihliigton corn-apon*??ut of a
nuuilMT of newspapers, tiled 1 bli moniiu./ at the hoi?to of
a 11 Tallie lu liclTiuililov.li. Ile waa tull tv -teven year.,
old. Bright's disSasB af the kidneys wua, tho cuuae1 of lils
Iii 1 sKil), Mr. Copeland wan a clerk lu tho Senate Cham?
ber st Wai?hlu_t"h, lu- .lld BBBM coi rcspon.lenee for The
Jom ?,il ?/ t ,,11,11111 tr. HU work was ao well done that
tbat pa|icr engoKi'd him on eoudltlon that he resign his
office middrthie <io\eminent. He did ao, imd thereaftor
eoiitliie*! liiin.sclf to JDUriull-in. He was ono of the
Hist lucu to inter tho South after the war to report tba
condition of the people. He accompanied General fl rant
on his tour around the world and furnished letters about
the trip. He wss for a time oormected with The Brooklyn
Eagle. He leaves a wile and two children.
Springfield, Mass., Oct. 23.?Joseph Gris*
-wold, of Coleraine, died suddenly of heart disease ycater*
day st thc age of ?venty-seven rears. Ile wm the leading
cotton manufacturer of Franki?i County, hui lug mills ai
Coleraine and Turner's Falls.
Fall River, Oct. 23.?Investigation iu this
city has unearthed extensive Ufo Insurance frauds, whli_i
have been Krowlnic for some time p.?1_ The victims ara
some of thc newer mutual benelit couiptmlea. Unscrupu?
lous agent* have, with the a.?sl.- lance of outside persons,
oriranlzcd a system of " graveyard In-urauce," which tha
present Investigation will probably stop.
Rough, wintry, cliangeiilili* windier pro?
duce* Catarrh*, Colds. Lu nu- Disorders, Ac, which Dr.
Ja-v-ne's Expectorant as promptly cures when futtUfullj
administered. _
All Furn manufactured nntl st.1i, by C. C.
thayne, 103 Prince st., have thc name stamp*?*! on thom,
thereby carrying tbe guarani*-,-.
_, lsodbora"* Perf?mea
Krti-ulasud SUrea li- NT-I R.
. . .? . .~ TbMbj Maia
stoeli of Hoys' and rtilldn n's (iv*-i. ..ats and suits of our own
design and manufacture. Prices moderate
Jessi I- afc Co.. 740.71*1. TM Broadway, near 8thst.
Tba- l.rnnlnel heney* Mik.., so famed for never BUBB?B
ont, for sal** nt retsll bv ^
__BU_ H. TSBBT, No. 18 East litb.-st.
MTT.DOCK-l-TrnnrFORn-At Madison. X. J.. October
'IA, by the Kev. l'aul V. *?utjihcn, Carlie studilifnid to Uar.
vey Murdock, BS? of Brooklyn
DUKI.I/-T*)MKI.N8-October ll, hy tha Hiv. c-ir/e H.
Illation, D. Ii, Kiitledga I. Odell, of Touikins Carrs, n. y., t?
Anna sterling, eldest daughter of Mr. Walter ToiuLins, of
East Oranga. >'. J.
All nolie* nf nair riagsa matt bc mmtrttm with full
name and adtlrett.
BERRY-snrtdcnly, on Monday. October 11. at tho resldencs
of lils son. lu Hast 0."d-st., Richard Bony.
lleliillves and friends invii.il to atti-nd lbs funeral, on Thurs
day, BBtB Inst., at 10 o'clock a. m., at above addi. a.
BAI.OWIN-oti Tuesday morning, tin- IM Inst., at th*- h cum
oft* H. Chlttenden, Hmoklyn, CaHiailno Boss Baldwin, Um
auntof Mrs. rbltteuden. 'iud -Isit-r if thc lam Matthew
Baldwin, of i'lilladelpbrs, lu her tfItu year.
1- Illa lill SITVi. eN Milvale.
Burial at Lame! ff ill, I'ldladelplda. on Thursday.
COUDIE?At her residence. Mt VV, at __d.?t.. October 22,
IMA, saiali I.lim llarnson, wife of Janus Coudie.
Relatives and tl 1. ikIh of Ilia- faniilv itt, n -[e. (tully Iii4lt.il to
attend the funeral from the abbvu uddic?, oa Thursday,
*)? lober io. at lu o'clock a. m.
Kltutly omit flowers.
?MM, Kng., (Hipers pleas" copy.
KVTIN'.K-I.ii "SiiniUy. O.T..1..1 21, nt Bain lim, Long Inland,
Mary Ann, widow of lin.- lute Holomun Eyllago, u. lei 'juill
Fiitteral private.
Jut* run ni at Oreen wood.
KOOT K- At st. l.onlH, on Monday, ii.1 Oclobor, Llisl.a 1
In the "alfi year of his sire.
Notices! fnueiai hereafter.
II A LL?Entered Into rest, on .Sunday, October IL Francis .V.
ltai.it tvt*s anti frleuils are respect fully Invited to attend ths
fiinnril nn \Ysdnssdsy st i p.m., Bil?i church oftiio
Ti iiisttguiatioti, Kasl -Jt.irh-.it.
LA IHO?A] In- resident-*-, lil". Weet UltbsU BB Mon.lay,
October OT. irriii.klln V. lt. Udng, aired SO rears.
Funeral I?'VlcSS St .V ll Souls' Aiitln.il Mt m.ti ul tit Ul Ci, l-l li.
ki Int iv.en nth and 7th aves., >.;i Thursday, October J'., at
htalf.. sst J p. m.
Inna i?lol <t wootUawa.
McCHAIN "n T.i-diy. OH.,'.. r M, Pusan n. MeChalo,
ilaugtiterof the late .fohn Mi-f ham.
Funeral Thursday, netnlier io, ut 1 o'clock p. m. from the ref.
Iilencoof her Urolber-lii-lHW, QeSTM M. *J__WML ll
auder-ave., between Kant lHOdi and Hast lUTtli nts.
Pe,Ilea,, Uf A.. a..
MlTCHKLI~.\i cleveland, *'1uo, at the residence of lils son,
tl.. Itv. Arthur Mitch, ll, I). I)., Matthew Mitchell, aired *_.
gaasrsl servtess st theRoath ntl***! I'rcbv'oriaii church,
Morristown, .VJ., on Thursday, iiOtt lust., al 1 p. m.
Train leaves foot of Baiclay or Chris tophi-r sts.at I'J ul. by
the 1?. L. and VT. K. II.
PA IilKK.l'.-.\t Lit?I Falls. NY., on saturday mornlntt-.Octo
b"i li. Mn. Mary A. Parlvi, 44i.li* of tho Uti-Juil-c V'.i.U
lam II. ParkSTa of >* asliiiigiuii County.
fntll?SBt ll W l.ii.'li.ill, N. Y.
.-MAUI' on -at n i.i. iv, o, Toiler 'JO, ni/abeth II., widow ot
Benjamin Smart, In inc 7.1th year of her ?_<?.
Funeral vv Tsliu-sday, -Jilli Inst., at Miibb.ltajville, N. Y., st
12 an p. tn.
Tialn leitveat tirand Central Depot af 7 a.m. for Millbrook,
ta nert) mn?g.s will be In BWlag.
STANTON-Al Si.niliiictnn, ('..im . Tuesday, October ML
AliU.-y VV. .itaiit.iu, a.i?7-lyt ii>, wulo4* of th<r Lite "-Hies
Iniei.tl Thursday aft* moon at 3 o'clock.
Special Xoucco.
Amateur Ptiotosrnphers .au have their nezaf iv* -sprinted
or,-niall. .1 by ltajCKWaiDll. . >. 1 ." I" I .li S,)u_co._
BUILDING N*>. M iuiyst., m:\v.v.irk city. I'M.'Tl
lill, I>1 lt Kl THO. til IV I I.I.I AM lt. li.VII.'.UKI.'), 1 -.J.,
AlShlONEK OaV Itt'-slii ,C UAMMI.U-t Hi Ttl, Al.t.
('lTIKU.M.UTllNKKV : IKON stir., IU., PAIRS t)K
lIO\VT'"-si AI.I>. IH.sKs, nKiKT. FURNITURE. I' v lt
f.-l'.li IN Till. MAN ITA' T URE OF RO* K * V.N L)V ANO
ll A. M., Al I'llH STOREHOUSE SOH, .*.'.' A.Mi M
(JREKNWICH-HT., REMAINliElt ol' sl.il'K OF
CHANDIHE OF lAls-ui ,t ham M l.ll-i TH.AU, COM
Pi. I SI.NT. Mill A?**KS A NP KY BU I **.
lull I Al Alum is AMI FU1UTIKK IMUIIt fU.H
(?-j FIN! -1 .
Aili.lb' Vl.iiiiiil.il..
The N-W.KNflt IND ORAN! IT. WORKS, ITartford, Cona.
(jiiiirile.aiid W'orksh..;.?*, W, .t. rly, il. I.
Flus moniiiitentMl iiml biillillna Hork In uranlte. Pnivlu.*
ar.,1 ??-.iiiiui. - fiirmsli. <l wittio'it ebano. CofT?potKlen
llril.d. N. Y. Hill..-, 1,8-il Bv.ny. C. W. CANFIELD, Aft.
Ili-ent sale ot Inarnln CnnKfts.?A manufacturer's eutirs
ITeUiii-i .ai,.llltiTtu! pail.-I ns. Bent all wool si 7.*'.'. jn-r
y^id. uiiEl'l'Alin KNAPP .t t ".,
lilli sn-, and l".th-at.
_? 'la'i'H. & ( oin|.,ii 4. of lo:.illili,
Ilavs tho honor to announce that they aro exhlbltlntr spool,
tutus of Iheli ? Maiiiifacliirt.-sst thc- loreign Kxiaibttlon, noir
open at Baa?a.
I'A lt I'l Ts, p.M1) lit UPI11? I KS,
York Cltv, Haritor, and Uml.
ach, by llulEVVOOU, No. 17 Uwoa
l'boi<i_iiiphi. Views of N
s..u Kiter, .A couta
Insist I pan Thoroaahlv Toslin. the Willcox * Ott>b?
AUTOMATIC s*.?.iiir M... illili) le I.ne buyiu_i>r t "-i-lia!lstu?
l.Tiiin other. No ta u ia.n, bool'iii ol? shuttle. ?.*>S Broad??y,
Spt-ciiil Stile-JU*? I'alrs Turcoman Curtains at O-li ."xl pur
pill , ?.,. silKl-l'AilU KN A BJ' .C Co.,
_(jlli-atv,. _l.i -
IIOII plecru AiriilnaliT CBTBSSa VB Lave Just pur. ha-.sl at
about ..ti" '....I i T.ti m rn-, .in i pl . ...I on sale, rroin $1 M nor
yatil. MiKlT'AlUi KNAPP A C ... (,1|. utv. alni lilli esl.
l'ti-i (lula e Notice.
-fe 1 'nra.pe ii.-.-i not lu- spinally directed for illa.
Ja?ob by any p..rtl.-ular al nana f in Miter to i*CBr*j -i.e .ly do.
itali ul d< i: ii.u It'll, it- all 11.tn-iii i.i nt lu malls an- foi .4 artiest
by Ibo fast*-st i easels a4ail.it.le.
I onTarn mal., to. ibu moth eudluif Octob -r -.'7 "III close at
VV K l>.Nts PA V?Al '.. s. iii. for Europe, per Ss. Kll.e, via
So.itliaini.ti.il sad Briiin-u (letters tm li. iin.i anal ITunctt
UlllSl t.e till-, ietl " pei i'.l .. '.at'.;, lil. fol ll. I.Ul.I pe.'
Kn. 1'ai .niin. \i.i(_.(erns(ovi:i Tetters fm (.real ll.Tii.iii amt
other Kun.pc.tii tonuHies Braal be dlr?ted "per Para.
ina"); at M a. m. for Franee dinvi, per sa. Canada, tia
Havre; at ll a. m. for tbs Nstltensads .Hitit, per sn.
S. tu slum, viaJtolttTil.iiii ; at 1 p. m. foi tlie ulm' ;
1-lHTil^, per >n. iluriel, al 1 p. lc. foi' 1'orto ltl.o d.iiet,
in r s.i. Alps.
I 111 UM) A V-At Ula. m. for Ire tad pl ss. City or Montreal,
4i.i t.neiWU)wa (letters lor 111?3 lli.talu amt other
Kniopi?11 otiiitrti s huis! in- direct?I ?* ute Cttj ? Mon
t, .il T. at 1 lau a. m. I..r Kuroye, per ss. I.*?un.-, ria
lT>iiiniiili, <lietlMiiir. ami llMiiiliurx, al 1 p. m. bu li i.
u i Sa Viii, li, in.'.'..ii-aiilTui. ?? . al 1 Tu p m. f,,t i ,
?nd Mexico, per sm. British iii;.tn-, 4.11 Havana; at 1
f. in. lor Neiiiouu.ilauti. per Bs. bs
DAY?Al 1 p. m. roi Porto nit o dil?ot, psi Ha, Imhat
SA 1 ITH'.W ?At lila. m. for Veiie/.u.lH iiml ( tirac...., D
\ a. in ia , al ll a. in. lol (.* 1 untuv, _c.. p. I sa. SjeekBT.
4i.i'o.iii a.aiTtiii ami lir.Tit. 11 il- ti- r - tm Ursa) lt 1
ami other I.nop. au .oiinlrl? must tie dliit-letl ", r
Net liar"); at 11 lill a. m. foi Europe, pel Ss. Wt) ot Itoin--,
\ I., un. i.-iatii. (letters for uer many, _c., mu't bs
<1ti.it, d " p. rl'lfy of U.uu. "'; at lilli, a. Ul. foi KUISpSL
per ss. i4iiii.nm.-. via 141111 i,?'oi411 (t
111 ii->t I.. .Iinsl.sj "per lli'lttaiii. "i; at 1 B, lu. lor
scotland Street per Rs. Oeronls, -ri. Olaaaowi ut 1 \> e.
pit ll.T .min ilirt-ct, pr Ma Wseaiaad, >ia An!*,ip: as
1 111 p m. for Cuba and Porto IU* o, pei 4 1
Havana ; at 7:ltll p. m. tor 1 nix.Ho ann lt nut .m. p. 1 SA A
J. uteri, via New ail. ans.
Mails for CB!BS and Japan, pst ?--. t lu of !?..lo, via
san 1,'isi.iTs. o, * tote lui. tl, toti.T Til .11 , ji m. MalU f'T
Au.-ttaiia, .Neit./e?uiid, .s_iiU.4!eii and r tu Island* |ier
sn. till titsiilii-j, vias_u EiiiuiTiH'o, close ber.- .4 ui tia?
1.. 1 10, at 7 p. ui.
?Thosclii'diile of cloMnir of tmnsTa. lt*.- timi's u i,ri.ni.'.sl on
tit. itietiiiiipiioii ol th*Tr utilntcrriti >sl oveilai. I '
Bsa Wain imo. Malls from Itu-Kast ..linnie OStlMB ul s?a
Fran. l?o hu IT .lay of salluui of sU-auu rs are ttiopaUTiod
Ult lin tin- Ham. Ta. .
ilKNitv o. PEARSON. Pas faatsr
Post Outee, NTw-York, N. *,., Octob* 1 I;., I-s.s.
PoltlCill Noiicct.
Tke People ol The Illy and loamy ol New-York tana* -1
to 1 orrn-it ltlun anal Boss lillie are earnestly invited to atternt
S nias- nu et 111- to beheld at Cooper Institute, thia VS*wines.*?y.
Ot inlier JJ. IsSH, at 71111 p. m., to take sud. action as ths
present emergency ruajuircs. Eminent speakers will addr.-sS
the imctluir.
All Icdt-iM'ndont or?snizallons, club* ami yonu. men's asso?
ciations sympathetic with lids movement are re*_ue*ted ta
coiiiiiiuiuia'.o ts lt li heailijnarters,1.11IU Brm?way._ .
tulon t?4 Victory.
tt.ll.N Kl.ll.Lt

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