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Tho first important pi need i uk in the second day
of the National Howe Show wuk thc jinking nf
roadsters liv 1?. L. Hi-rr. of Lexforton, Ky. In
clasd No. JW ot n_*ei mul faldinfi roar jean and
over, Iiiii'*'w*1" J"1 ',SN tim" lw.Tiiy-.ni*' entriwi.
The lir.sM'ii/*-- fill to BrirooUa, the proiwrty ?.f Will?
iam lliui* f< 11*1, ??f this city, lind tn*' second to
Dai*. Hamilton, Detonating to I. B.W*wt, also n
New-Yorker. Thew were only two ela?aesjudged
in this section, thc other be_lg BM stallions one veal'
old. the tirst prize for which was won bj I'mt*'* t.iir,
a French horse imported liv Cyrus Boeworlh, ol
Cleveland. Ohio. TM importation of French st..ck
for brccdiiiu; heaw roadsten niid f?i brongham and
canteen boreas waa developed otill more Htroiif.lv in
the afternoon, when Colonel Delaney Kan*-judged
that set lion. Of the seven eoachlng stallions four
yearn old and over Catered tat comp. titi..11, two
'were Imported from England nnd three from France
ano twa were bred ia _Qa country. The aral prize
nf ,*i.-)Ovmis given to Hrin D'Amour, mlim men ee
liav hors*-four yean old, imported from France by
?Tyrus I'oswortn. The second prize fell to Tyrolien,
anothei Freud, boree, seven years old, betongtogto
NV. 8. -tarnee, <>f tluaete. Starlight, an American
lionse, sire Kcntiickv Prince, dam Queen, received
ytrv aonorable mention, and Burmei, an English
Mullion, belon-rini t?> Mama, shepard ind Peer, ol
Mt.nut Morriu, N. T., bad the lionor ol' tlie fourth
award. Ol theeoaehmg stallions three yean old, two
were French Imported by I.U. Dnalman.of thin
etty, and they received tM lirst and second prizes.
when these lieuv v matures bad been sent to
their st..11ls callie theladgingof the carriage bones
proper?anim;.ls brouen t*? harneaa lliis was one
of t ne tnoNt exciting needes of the day. Around the
iiiclosiire there was aringof brooghama, T-carta,
pony cartu, Village carts, phaetons, A.ricm i*.p
buggies, and double-eeatod buggies, te which were
harnessed the competitors of the three classes no.
7"J tor sin)/'..' 1.ig_a?1 or carriage bonesNo. Til tor
matched pain of the same, and N.>. 74 tat a smeller
variety of.borse lit for carts of an; deacriptlon, and
mit mon than fifteen ami a I'-'df banda high. I ney
all circled nronnd tbe ineloeun, being for tbe nioarl
{?art driven by r*-. ular coachmen. It quickly
..?tame evident thai then were two distinct styler
of action?that of the American i*'T'l-t--r or nun
trotter and Unit of the Engliab roadster, a variety
of curri.!,.'.' h..1-.. Colonel Kane was scrupulously
careful iii ex.unini ii ir tbe claims <>f the competitors.
They wen numerona ? to much ao, indeed, ;is to fret
rlie ii.i vous ami highly strung American horses.
One entry especially.a bay man named Kate, at?
tracted peal attention from the effect of the mnsie
npini her. sh,- almost danced t*> it, nnd went tatI
or alow according to the measure. For single car?
riage bones the first prise was awarded to Mrs. ,1
j). Biplev's Dick, an animal of handsome action;
George Work'a 1 take received the necond prise in the
same class, Thc sanie lady was successful with h.-r
matched brougham bones. Charlie and Billy, which
wen driven to a handsome victoria. George D.
King, of thia city, drove Haili Douglass sud Mate,
the winnen of the second prize, tn a phaeton. In
the class for T-cart horses. Aa (J. Hodges, of New
York, won the lirst prize with Dirk, and the second
?1 veil to 1. F. Bchenek's /.ma. Ihe applauae
waa only snaring when th*- nsnlts wen made
known,rot Uley coneerned individuals mon than
th*' general pool ie, whowere eompl tely st sea as
to the principles npon whleh the derisions wen
lni>M-d. N*.i ii few -p.. tutors misplaced their sym?
pathies and expected bones to win thal wire not
even liifiilitiin *1.
This wiis .still inure generally the .ase in the next
class. R. for a special premium offered by W. K.
Vanderbilt for the besi stepper in single hi
Then wen twenty-four entries tor this, and ainmnr
them Lath De Jaftiett. s.n.i to be th*- pride of Ken?
tucky. She was trotted ai*.nml the nun slowly
unil at speed, and the spectaton broke oul into
vehement applauae, She waa not mentioned.
Dandy, also entered in s tandem leam noi wt
judged, received the priz..-, and Captain Jinka,
Charlie, and Whiteleas were placed second, third
and fourth. They may all lu- claaaed aa bones .?!
the English type, and were handsome animals with
flue action, though t*> the untrained eve nott*, be
named in the same breath with Lady tie Jarnett.
1 niter the circumstances il was impossible that the
winner should i><- applauded. Class 08, for bunton
carrying 150 j"'.uti.!-, was then judged by Carrol
l.ivinigwton. The -.taler lump was suppressed and
th* seven competitors acquitted tbeuiaelves nobly.
V.. I). Morgan's Ahaz.tr waa first, and stanley Mor?
timer')* Desperation second.
Intho evenlnc Carrol Livingston resumed the
judging of saddle-hones, ll*- awarded the ih-t
prize in the ladlea' bone class to Marie Stuart,
owned bv Charles Cattanach, and ridden by Miss
Melhuish. 1 be second prise went to c. c. Magoun's
Ziunpa. ridden by young Magoun. In the neal
ol ias, No. BS, fur oohs, then were seven entries. Mi.
Livingston gave the first prise to James T. Wood
w u .l's Prince, !i|i*iii which William Potter, who had
??tend Surprise, and was riding ber himself, made
a ppiteat. Be claims that be did ao on the ground
that Prince wns 1 J-_> inches over the fifteen hands
ul. ..44. tl in this class, and that hit* lan
was respectful and temperate, Mr, Wharton,
on th-* other nana. etaimstbat Mr. Potter's Un?
to him was ao ir it .-Ty violent, profane and
abusive thal he nf.i-e.it.) receive bis protest and
had bim expelled fi*.m the ring by
twa policemen. IL- saitl futthiT that neither
lie nor any of his entries would be allowed
In Um rina daring the duration of tbe bone show.
The second prize in this chun wm given lol In,rles
Lanier*! Homemade. At the conclusion of this un
iiliiis.iiit Incident 1>. L.Herr, <>f Lexington,Ky.,
tulited class 21 of the ronostan stallions four
Tiars old ami upward. 1,', and L V. 1).
?Shepherd, of Mound Mir.ok, \. J., look lirst
fuze with Spartan, jr.; William Dui laud's
lomat was seeond. After this then was a sweep?
stakes ateeplechase f.*r hunton, in wbieh "Pat"
Meany, Foxhall Keene, th*- three Imported lady
riders, Mr. Blaaaom and (ita?ley Minrimar toot
part, 1..* ides othen whose names could not be
learn, d. it was aa impromptu aili.ir. and il.e names
af tbe horses entered could not i*e (learned either,
Which detracted larg ely fran its totcrcst,
Bahpsraa server apalogate oi the Court of
Oataerai fitatdonswaa directed a len days ano to
m-rve siihitd-nas on the witnesses kn iii*- * ase ..1
Martin Allen and others who are charged with
Inn glan-. One nf the eubpcenas waa addressed to
Lizzie Devaney, who isa servant for Mr-. Abrams,
of Lezington-ave, The servant refused to take the
suhp.i-uii, and when the mistiaaa wai called r-he A.r
dined t<* h-t the servant go to th*- court. Mr,
Applegste said that it might bs necessary for the
District Ittomey to send ;i policeman if the snb
MM was not oheyed. "I don't care." sai.l Mrs.
_bt?_a. "He may neild al) the polioemen he
?wauls. I'll tell my husband.** An order of thc
court was procured ;in.l Lizzie Iicvamy was taken
t<* court yc.-terdav with Ml*. Alirams. It appeared
that the servant had been several times iu attend
anee in ohedieuee to subpiiTias and the ease had
al ways been postponed. The loss of tune waa a
serious detriment to the witnes . Hie witness
was allowed to ipi on the recognizance of one oj th*
jiu ms. Several other <:in*s>, where witnesses bad
become wearied by baonentattendance when trials
did?at proceed have naen called to the District
Attorney's iui.-ntii.il. Mr. McKeon called Ins
aas?gaaie together yesterday and instr?stod them
t<> use imue care in having only rases OH the
calendar whi* li then- was BOUe probability of
trying aa th** day aaaigae?
Captain Qeerge A. Miller's company paraded
nmler at in-at tin- '-"-'tl Regiment Amory Monday
night. Tbe captain _M been retained by tbeadjn
taut of the llth Regiment to u ventilate** the
tltiilliles at the l.i'.iili|ilal'ters of iiiii command.
arrangements an being made bj Company a,
71st Regiment, to give a theatrical entertainment
at the Lexington Opera House, wai. the captain in
the title role.
1 'otupaiiy I. 28d Regiment, is successful in its
efiorts at norganhtation, the minimum number
b?Tiig now on its roster.
The colonel of the 69?i Regimen! haa received a
large anmber of congratnlatory letten from mem
ben of tbe Nat i"u;,l Guard (ill the salis!;,et..1 l le
sult of the Court of Inquiry. Captain Cunningham
of ?__ingimeat has been nonorablj mentioned al
(J* -iit-ral llea<l(|uaiT*rs for his ell:, i. u. v in tlie huiid
ling of the coiiipauy lintier in- eoaunand.
The first of Hie two (lavs'sale of JetUeyS under
th- management of Peter C. Kellogg dc-Co. took
?Ua**-yesterday at the railroad -t;? Kia? in Sixty
jouith-st. The presence of two auctioneers In the
atand both eal!mgtne bid at the same time was a
novel feat un- ol th*-sale. The best prices wenfor
JennieFogis, ir'M.tHHi. and Daisy pogis,.-,'_'. 1*10, to
f le.lin.k l.iiiMT, of JlrtKtklvn. N. V.; Hollvtwiff,
?:7?M), a. F. Mnflin, Mount Holly Springs Penn.;
)ais.v I ompo, j*a,-ii>i), H. 8. Rinwell, Mill. Mass.;
Epigaca. $500. .Moulton Brothers. ..I Ver.ut;
Yinni!. Fanny, .",1/?-'"?. ll. 8. Russell. If ass.; Lady
K-'ttee. .*. 77."), A. t. Miillin, Fenn.; and I.a*l\ (hit jo,
|.!i.-.n. Moulton briiiliii-. ll,, fifty-two a_?lula
sold Har$104110, an avenge ol .,?.>?.'.' ?!?_' each.
? ?
ESiiperinleiident Walli_g yc,1ci<!a, BOB! to th"
oaril nf Foin, u report which Inspector ItilK^
nd prepar*-*! ni answer to a ie* int lather, ot
Parn Ceasa_ss??sr Ollifi** ragarding a num?
ber of Uanoi stores near I .ul: ,! Park.
Mr. Ollilfe claimed that liqtlOf stone
in Fifth and Ki. hih aves., between Pifty-uinta and
(Jiie-liuiiilred-aiid-teiiih st.s., were the resorts "I
thieves and other disorderly persona vt h., 44 .-ut into
th.- park at night to ?1. sir... , _ deface property and
to rob or blackmail visitor- Iaaye* tot Jinks unite
that he had can't* <l 11 thorough mt esl ij_.it ion lo
bo made, aud had received nporta from
the cuplaius of the Tweiity-_,-< olid, Twetitv
third, T*A-enty-?-ighth and Thirty-Ant 1T*
ei_eta. The mveetiga_on, h<- thought,
I?lowed that the ehai _en erSTS SSIIMMHIlia ?toper
?'?tia i'oii.plaiiii-il of 44111- uot fic<iuenteiH of (he
liliuor-store* nieutiuiicd, but iran rt? ideiits of
radons paHs of New-York and Brooklyn. In?nP:
port of fliis statement then was presented a record
Bf arrest.** which had been made in the 1W.M?
residences of the prisoners being furnished mun
Se booka S tho Vweiity-eiRhtlT Precinct F.dico
Station. The lii|tior-stoit*8 feta heenwd, the ln
ipector stated, and were conducted in an nrder'y
manner. He had given instructions to the captains
,f niecim ts adjacent to Oeutxal Park to use every
means at their command to assist in suppressing
the eboaM of which Mr. Ollitlc has complained.
-? ?
moMAs Toona aaron m** wura and CAimiKs
Mis. Mary Young, of No. r,A AVashincton-ave
Brooklyn, was shot hy her husbandyesterday after?
noon ai the hom." of her mother, Mrs. Marv Lole
N... 99 Tompkine-ave., and probably fatally
wounded. Th.is Young, who * 1 id the shooting,
waa formerly a clerk in the Internal Bevenue col?
lector's offlci in Brooklyn,and is imw a itothonse
politician. wilha.lrain-sl.op in the Eleventh \\ ard.
Ile married four yean ago, lita wifo being Utan a
ividovv willi one ch'ihl. She was twenty-four yean
?ld and was good-looking Young arana so hard
I hat he los! his position and took np the business of
liquor-eelling. Il*- Ul-tnatod his wife and has hera
u-restod several times. She bad U-reetoned t*. leave
him, ami on Saturday tost carritti the threat into
-x-iiition going to her mothers borne. Her tius
l.and went to the house t<> BM her yesterday and in
ilncc lier to return Inane with lum. In the inter
view Let ween them sh*' lirinlv refused to go back
arith hun. notwithstanding the promises which be
made. .Sn*' accuse*! him of having a pistol in his
pocket to carry ont a throat be had often linnie of
lulling her, encl said that she supposed he bad come
to sis* lier to kill her. Young dented having n pistol
tr any murderous intention, atnl asked hie mother
In-law to Lt him and his wilt go into a room by
themselves, saying he could induce her to return
ivith him if they wen alone. Both Mrs, Cole and
li rs. Young objected strongly to thia. Mis. Young
" You want tosbool me j why not .lo il herc if you
irani to murder me, as I know you .lo!''
Young replied : " I dont U ant to kill you ll want
rou t" go hollie with me," ami at the san,,, tillie j.nt
us band in his pistol pocket, drau lng the weapon.
His wife saw the motion and ran toward a front
room on the same floor, but beforo she could rea.-ii
t thc revolver was lite*!, a S2-calibn bullet enter?
ing lu r abdomen on tbe I. tt side ot the middle line,
Ihe Mounded woman ran toa window in the front
.1' the house, raised il by almost superhumsn ?
lion and s.t. iini.T1: M Monler 1 Police) Police I" and
then sank u|i>iii the floor. A-.a McCabe, who
lites tnt Ihe lop timi!', heard the shot ililli lushed
iown-stairo. He entered the room whir.- Mis.
Vonni! lav. and seeing the husband ? ith a smoking
instill ni his hand promptly knocked bim down aud
took the pistol lunn hiim, II?- then held Young
until lt oiin.is man O'Reilly, of the Thirteenth Pre?
cinct, hearing the screams of the wound* *! woman,
urived. Young gol on his knees io lu- wife and
begged her to say thal the rovolverwas accident?
ally discharged and thai he had not intended to
-hoot her. Mn- \i as nuable t** speak, bni ber mot bi r
said that Young deliberately aimed at bia wife,
Ambulance Burgeon Mirrielrv*s was railed tocare
for the wounded woman, rhe bullet could not l.e
reached by ti probe, and tbe wound was declared to
be a fatal one, as peritonitis \till ensue if Mts.
Vonng does not die from i he shock. Coroner Doyle
44.!?. summoned to lake ber ante-moi lem Mnleincul.
Voling has a jealtiiis ili-|i..-ii ion. a'ml tv Inn ni liquor
i-. a- ly aron-.'.I. Ills supposed thal he vtas iil.'.d
ilened by ilrink and his wife'g refusal to live with
him longer, and so wae led lo attempt it, kill her.
The pris.t waa, taken tollu- I. lushing Avenue
Police .-*t.iti*iii tost night,
- ?
a nun tm; axmi\an* t.?Ki.r.t nos <>r company
Ol 1 KT US.
"At 5:15 o'clock p. m. yesterday, 4,500 lam].-in
the )_rsl district <?! the Edison hied ric Light Com
nany went out. The district extending (rom the
East Riverto NuiMan-st., and from Spruce-st, tia
Wall-st. waa without burning lamps ml ton min
nies pi, .i '.' o'eltit ii. when everything bad been ad?
justed and all were nguiu lighted, Al the Pearl-at.
>t;iti..n ol' the company a 'hunt si reporter found ?*>.
I!. Ka h. :i, pn -?'!? nt. V.. il. JohuHon, i iee-prenideiit,
an*l r.s.. Raatiuga, secretary and uper
iiit* liding the nuewal ol the lights. Mr. Katlin ex?
plained the caiwe of the trouble. Tl med in
convex thu* the current are .>! copjmt, fiwild* at
about t*OU degrees, Fahrenheit. If a lamp were to
break, ol aleak should occur at any munt of the
circuit, the enormous heal generated would lae
likely to sel firetoauy turrounding material. To
ifii.-.rd against all noaaiole accidents of thia nature,
then are inserted in throe coppei wires
corner of everj street, at tbe entrance of inn
building, upon ever) floor and near .mtv lamp.
-lu.11 j.uni-, ol lead \s ile, . all. *l u nufety cattle--.'
v. hil li a!.' inilt ??-. tl in small boxen, * a-\ of a* *?*?-- ul
iiny mom* m. Lead wire fi:-- at about one-?xth
Hie heat required to fnM cop]ier. Therefore when
ti,. . ii neill ol electricity becomes too Htrong, eil bei
from the breaking of a lamp or other eau *-. before
enough of heat eau be generated to mage
the I. i. - melt away, the rurrenl t t stopp .1. ...
Ii?hls go out. JI.J!' .ni- niii-t be *'l a -!/<? propor
lioued i" the mimi.t lampa fed lr-.rn the
? lt ii.inn.s. In tin tii-i district a great ei iiumi.. r
than 3,800 have never beeuuaedal one time, and
the ieada were amplj large foi that number. (J
to tbe dark afternoon yesterday there was an ab
normal in* rease in tbe Dumber, ih*' lewis were nol
large enough to bear tbe current, and they melted.
As soon as UOW and larger leads wen "inserted th.
ii i! his were all right. M.. Kdison, wini waa al home
sick, did not consider tia accident of ai
lin.I." ht. He la-LT. tt> *l its *.. .ii I I.T.tl ai ...uni of
the inconvenienci to the public, and nays il shall
not occur again.
At the annual election of Pin* ton f*.i Ihe Edison
Electri . '"ht < ouipauy, which t*>..k place rester
daj afternoon, ai the compauy's ollice In Fifth-ave.,
the following wen elected without opposition:
Norvin lilian. 8. B. Eaton, G. I*. Lowroy. rboinas
A. Ellison. J, ll. Wright, llenrj Villard, James ll.
Banker,Calvin 1'oddard, Edward I). Ada..
th..nv .1. I hoi.ia-, ,1. I. de Navarro, Edward li.
Johnson,and \V. II. Meadowcraft. Major Eaton,
presideul of thc company, said lu reply toa I'm rn m
nportor's inquiries, timi the company had delayed
starting a eentnl station in ita second or uptown
district, because the old stockholders were averxe
to furnishing the noe* --ar. lund- till a nit ideud had
been paid from tbe prouts made in the downtown
district after a year's onsiness. The firol yeal *>i
the * ompany's business, foi which cbai ?.-1 hail b en
made, would end some time in Mardi, and then ii
waa expected that a dividend would be paid, lt
this should be done, a central bi tion would be
liuilt next summer. Plenty ol money had been
ofield from sources out-nie the stockholders for
going mi with second district work, Major Eaton
said, hut it had been thought beat not to accept the
Complaint was made to District-Attorney Mc
Keon a few days agu by Abiam ti. H mn, iteuerul
A. tt. Webb, the prmidenl of the College of the City
of New-York, and othei nersou interested in th'*
welfare of that institution, thai tbe block in
144. iii 4 -* i'tiiiii--t. iii the nar ni the coll.-ire con?
tained iiiaiiv disorderly houses, Mr. McKeon icnl
word to Captain Clincny, of the Kighteenth Pre?
cinct, asking that the ownen ol Ihe nous. ?- he r*
queated toabat* the nuisance, ttouieof the house
wen closed by the proprietors, bul otben still n
ui.uned open, one ci tue owners ut rting that he.
had "lixcd"' th*- District-Attorney'ri office. The
cases of the proprietor* who dui nol close their
h.mses were ..* nt I., fore Ihe titatnl .lint., ami in?
dictment*- wen found. Bench warrants wen
issued, and were served yesterday lu Captain
('Im. iii ..nil lu-, men. Annie Hall, of Ko. 140 E ol
1 wenli--. eond-st., who was sick, was tefl in mi
bouae tn custody <>f __ officer, The otben were
anaigned In the Conrl uf General SeMiona and
pleaded not guilty, ?ail was nxed byJudgnUil
ihi-l.c\e at .?;*-',omi in each case. Julia Williams
of No, lilli, .Inli.T Walters, of No. 1 IJ, aud Lizzie
Ackerman, ol No. 134 BastTwenty-Hecoud nt., each
deposited $1,000in cash with the itu Cbamber
Ihhi. Manassah L. Ooldman, oi No.'jil Hldridge
si., gave bail for Georgie Lee, of .No. 15. East
1 weuty-eeoond-sta
'Ihe At.iu dm i Commission reaterday cave an
additional bearing t*t i Itizcus who opp. se tue Hud?
son River route foi tin- propuaed aqueduct. Kurd
ham Moma, abo represents several ol the residents,
questioned Chief Engineer Newton, ol the Depart?
menl of Fubiic \\ arks, al considerable length. "Ur.
Newton said tbal wbenver the preeenl aqueduct
was in rock tuunel il was (till hi excellent condi?
tion. No repairs of any extool had been necesa-rj
on this portiou since il was construct?*? Orland*!
B. Potter said thal tbeaquedncl should beal least
fifteen feel in diameter. Thia would lu the cud
prove the cheapest, as at a nol remote time the cit j
wouldbavi togo beyond the Croton Valle;,
additional supply, Ihe burge aqueduct could thcn
beti?ed to bring down a supply from the uppei
Hudson *r lr*.ni oilier localities. Large ston-r.
teetavoin would soon have t" be bulli In the uppei
part of tbe city, and thees would be filled by th*
large ree? m.ir.
A frame hoaaaand batu in Elm-at., Newark, dla
appeared piecemeal during bundaj and Mond?j
iiml \e-itTiiii.i univ a few Joists of the bouse wen
l.-fi. ihe properti belongs to a woman wno liva
In another cit] and il bM stood touantlees for som*
time. On .*-atiii.lay a leporl was liituiiited iniin
neighborhood .hat the owner desired to have tin
buildings removed and would give tbe lumber t*
any person who would eanj ll away. Peoph
gathered ar*.und thc buildings ami i_? worh <>
demolition was begun. Late on Monday afternooi
th*- agent of tbe property learned of what wu
going on and informed tue police, wbo when thei
arrived *>n tbe scene found ? swarm "I peopl*
mg oii lin-il.i.i i-a. A number of an_?i nen ama
ami Um oiientiii- wen committed reotorday fo
trial at the Hpeclal h-i.tsioi?.
Hoffman lloim-Tmh Em* Challa J. Fol arr,
Pccretary of tbo Trcamiry..J%Hh Avenue lintel -
H-nator Preston ?. Plumb, of KanitaV*: f onirrewtiian
V Ihlam Whiling, of Mi-iwctiuiiettii, and Wayne Mao
Vetuth nnd Jud. e John M. Kirkpatrick, of Pitui'v. lvaiila
Wiiulitir llot I--Ult I-pel ('rimn, of England ; ex
Oovcrnor IT. B. Bigelow, of Connecticut, and BrsfetM M.
1'liell***, of Chicago.VictoriaJ/.iM?(laluaha A. ('row.
of Pciiiinylvanlii.fn inn Square Ilotrl?Irlocri'tary of
Btate J. B. Cwt, of Albany.Wmhniimlrr Hotel?Ex
.atiatorP.. H. Wemlnver, nf fituvvoeaut, N. Y.Grand
Uotil- Colonel C. L. Bent, U. o. A.
Ncw-Jerney Central Railroad milt, No. 31 Nartnan-ot.
National Hoard of Btcam Navigation, In Metropolitan
Iii*l<'l>ei.lieut Democrat lo mass meeting In Cooper Inntl
Manhattan Elevated Railway (.ult In Court of Common
Convention of Congregational churches In Pilgrim
Mnple?ioii-l,iifila<:lie cane before Jud .c O'tiorman.
laveatuttl Convent?a in Lyric Hail.
Lean island a_nc__ea lanna?eat in Pi-ospect Pm(ft
lilli (llotllllls.
Young Men's Republican Club, No. 21 Wert Twenty
The American Temperance. I.'nlnn has rented
Chickening Hall forSunday iifternooiiR for a JOOM,
Tlie Hoard of BathSMte will meet to-day in the
Minor's office and begin the consideration of the <?.
tiinatei of the I'cpurtmctrt? foi lMM-t.
'1 lie cigar aticiion b?_Maa, which for a while ?] a1*
?topped hy Thk Tbibonb'i exposure of tiicir
met nods, appean* to he in full Mas*) again.
A o__: tell yesterday in the brewery al Vo. -Hf*
Weat I'ourtecnih-Nt. and cniHli*"<l a workman. Carl
Fischer, of No. Iii7 Pecry-a*?, who died from hi** in?
thf. ukv. m. jiman'! raaxwaxx,
The Rev. David B.Jutten. |ia-t..r..f the Sixteenth
Baptist Chtireh, in 8ixteentb-st., near Etehth-ave..
will nreat h iii.-* far* well racniiou next Sunday, nt
A llANPM.'ISll-1!1 WM SI'DI'I*\T.Y.
,Tohn..T. O'Brien, mr*' foity-eeven, *.f No. 1LM Mon
roe st, leader of the 81,1'.itn* k Mutual Alliance Bend,
died suddenly ol paralysis of the bear! yeeterday al
about 2 a. m.
The enlistment of boys on board the tiuinii
Miniiisiitii is going on rapidly. A detachment ol
apprentices haa been sen! t" the N'rw-Hamprdiii**,
st Newport, for the winter, ind abont 900 remain
on the Minnesota.
a un' ni. i'ait'.* r ptrvism n.
John Regan, s lougahoremi.f No. l?f*J ? harlton
st.,sen( his twelve-year-old daughter tn gel beer si
night. I he * hihl wa-* afraid t*> go and * ried where?
upon the father beat ber Initially with a atrap.
Yesterday he wm ien1 i" the penitent?
siTiiTCM. txrrno-i ma itoi bx.
A young tuan, ag'- nlxuit twenty, who said li* Ma?
il) the emiilov of Tulane A Co.,eutered the office
.?l Dr. B. <.. Priest, No. 1 IU Ea il Eighty-fourth-at.,
al.1.ut ** a. m. te t. r.lay, and stole evaluable Ct?*
ol iii. dical iii-iiini'Tiis.
lltVIN'. ll) < I I *. 'AIM'- TIP.I" I.
Patrick Martel] attempted t<> < ul hit rn it.?"- thro il
with a rasoral their home, No. m.ul.ai I'hirty
f*.uiili?t., on Mondav niglif, i*nt eil be?
fore I.*' carried out dla purpose. He wa* held yea
terday for examination lu the Yorkville Police
1 III' IT 1 MITTI-' -1 IIIKI'.
There i- every Indication thai the strike of Ihe
plumbers on Ibe buildings In Bevcnty-third-st., be
i weeli Ki gil tl iti! Ninth a\a-.. trill In* pr*iloilge*l.
Coutractor Brien prevailed on Ave non-union men
to go to work y< lerday, but Delegate Kartell lu
du. tal foul "I them to " kn*., k oTT.*- I
tull lu- lani before ibo Executive Council ol
building trade** at its meeting to-night end a
ulrike of the other union men ou ih. '..ni it linn- ma>
be or.'.. i> da
DYIira ni"M niiTMiifiii. imuiii*.
Mi-. Docb* uv, t'*: poli ?
tempted lo kill nert** If and hi t child at ber home in
rourtb-ave. on Monday night, wai* ronaeloua bul
una1.le t<> speak at ile New-York II' -pit .1
teni .v. While il"' surg* mis fei r* .1 that
wound In ber Ihrnal would prove fatal, they did
not think alie would die immediately. lt it I** lu-veil
1 bat she wai insane. 11 * 1 child will probablj re
co vi 1.
i ? ;-i!AM'i ii I- ia 1 iv'. !\- lt m:i 1 m.
A match game of left-handed !"? ? '?...!
bj itu. lenin- "f -tx ol the .-tar Bowling I 1
social organization iu Harlem, on Monday night.
Team A waa composed of I lr /.. I.. Leonard, VV. ll.
O'Dwyer, M. D. Caaaidy, Mrs. Il: il. Mi . Hpcira
and Min. Khoadea, and team li waa composed ol ii.
mun* 1.. ll. E. Bhoad. I* ip ail 1, .1. (J.
.-ti.ii (>'l 'lr-. I..1. '
Mian Caaaidy. tlie latter wou wi iii s ? i- ?
l..ia.<>. Mi. Han. k itt '. th.- I., -t ia,liv,.lu '
of 148, and Dr. Leonard was second with 1 15.
!? 1 'AH 11 11 ..1 1 nt i)R| lina,
The in a (inion steam itiip I from
hi re ye !? rday t( .?? lie
tweeu Liverpool and New-Y*>rk. She 1 ,
li-l *.t 1 I.-- 1 I ? .'it lill Ma.ti.I iv
111 uh I -lu- n;ia open 1*. tb. lillie 1.
siicct ion, and while no at tempi n maile aftei
lint two hours to eouul the \ 1 it ora, it was <-ti
111.1I tl thal at I. a-l 10,000 p .-?!.. visited her. 1 li
I'l'. al* -I I in..lu I * ana Oil .--Uiiil.it, \l Inn thiT.
a continuous throng from 10 ii. m. t > ?> p, m.
I'ltOMOTIO* !*? mi ir \ ? 1: 1. itt: 'Mt M.
1 Irolh r Gran! y< 1. nial ipp* 1 ited James J.
Sullivan sssistaul ste* k and bond ch ri. in the pl .? >?
..1 David R. Johnson, resigued. Mr. (Sullivan I. -
been iu the Fuiauoe Department fm ie vera! j ??..! ->.
Ile waa appointed by Controller I aniphell m Utan!
diNbunung clerk in Ibe pl .
* ho 'A:.- removed, with one Emmett, foi failing to
detect the coupon frauds. Mr. bulli vim's ??lan ia
\ -(.ill Ml: POR Till I?DH a.
The Board "t Man ig. r- of ihe Am. rican [mit it ute
I .ur. iii order ?*> commemorate the phenomenal -u< -
rees arhlch haa attended thin year's * Khihition, has
.I** uliil tn presoiil 11 han. I- ? ie. souvenir to every
lady purchasing at tbs Ix.*. office a ticket for an?
on ti 1-n a in "tv evening. 'I Inn ti ill connia! ol sn
elegant card, on which will be a pretty bouquet of
ai 1 ii. lal flowers. I he caril n jmpoi t* .1
from Cali--. Conterno's "Old i.u.ml" Hand will
play a specially selected programmeol music foi th.
AIITIHT: I. UM.HW IN 1 ow |i 1 ! |i.
Arthur F. Baldwin, in uh..se room on Bleeeker
st. was found ;i tiunk f..li of eouuterfeil mouey,
dies and metals, waa < o!i\ ii t* ti 11-ii ul,iv, iu the
United Mut ca Criminal Court. *u having couuter
f. it money in hi"* easaeasion. Balds in, In hu testi?
mony, said that be had h.-. u in ai mont every nan of
the country. Ile bad beena dry-imods clerk In
New-Haven, and with Arnold, Con-1.1l,le a Co. aud
other Hims in tins city. He e M in bu liuees in Chi?
cago, and wae burnoo out al the time of tho gn-al
lire in 1871. He had sine* beens dry-good* mer?
chant in other cities and a commercial traveller.
Ile denied bis [milt, saying that tbe trunk had
been hit behind hy a board* 1.
iii 1 1 m, \ * t s m. ts 1 1 11 MUD,
The Pilot Commissioners yesterday received a
npoii from Inspector Con wat npon the complaint
ol I r* il.-ri* k .-. 'liol* m. it lmihliiiH mat* rials inti, haul
>.f Urnoklyn, E. D? thal the street-, leaning contrac
lol liMbftj carts employed lilling in the mud-tiats
within the boundaries *.f the Kavj yard on the
1 side of the Kent-ave. canal, ami that the
canal i*. Ixiiur shoaled and ita navigation endan?
gered. Im....lor Conti av repoii -1 li.it tf tt |_ neces
wiry io preserve the navigation of the canal no mon
idling should !"? done until piles are *lii\<-n. m
planking securely placed on piles la provide*! to
prevenl tbe dumpings from running into the .anal.
rm.ri 1:1 1 1,im 1 xi-ii i> ONI I iv ni - misd.
Addison \. Bishop, \t bo save In- resideni *? an No.
300 Weet Eorty-flfth-st., offered himself as boulia*
?niin for Benni Bendix, au auctioneer, al the
Mayor's office, .September 2tt. He swore thai be
ans the owner of lots al Sullivan st and Elatbush
ave., Brooklyn, a,ni ai Maiden lane and New -1.
Brooklyn, aud thal tho property ans worth $0,000.
li v. its 11 nit 1.1 mi cm. .ullin.' a map ilia I .-nil. \ 1111-st.,
?.ta-imo miles from rlaibuah-ave. ami thal tl"'
other streetadid nol exist. Bishop waa arrested
\* imlay <m a bench warrant from Hie Court "i
General Beeaions charging him <\ itii peijm >.
A lit Kl 'H t, \ I li, I I IT l: |N SI I |i.
Amoii_ the pensen gera on tbe An hm Line steam*
shin Devonia, from (Jlasgow, re_ti*nlay Mere.I.'hu
McNally, hm wife and seven childi tu. ' I wo of tbe
children are twins, f. nat*, oki, artd the others
range from two to twelve years in ore. lin family
.rn without rneausof iiumediat* uipiHirt, ami in hm
affidavil made liefore Notarj I'niilic Hejur.inauu
McNally avera thal be was fonnerl.t gatekee|M*i for
Ihe [luke ol Leinster, who, through his steward
MeWhigham, purchased%B age tickets for hil
lamil', and gave him ?12 besidee, which be bal
erith nim. bmploymeut will be found for him bj
tin-1.aliiir Bureau at * last lc Uaideu.
IT M-IIIN'. A j. *i 1. 1 ham.
The I'.il iee ( om ii 1 rn-mt,, r. \. M. wi.tv voted to lin*
Patrolman John b. Glennon "I the twenty-eecoml
Precinct more than rf 1*10 for off* uc( * ommitted 01
Am',it _, I'mir separate chargea were drawl
:i 1 ni-t the policeman, t'\<> f*?i al.-eiu*- from ml
1 ail, on,- for being intoxicated, ami one for deetrue
tion ol p...pens and being absent from his i".-t- I
>ia- pul in * 1 uh in c tiwi tlie policeman on Angus
found drunk In the paint nhopatNo. \. ? ?'?
Broadway. Thi windows aud s door of the sno|
wen- broken. Glennon bad taken efl hm uniform ii
tbs -hon, ?lea, iin.i it was si,pp,.-..,l (hat In tn.*
im ashed th*- dom end windows with his.lu h.
ARRI I ll* 1 ol: I ll ONIOI I Sa?Al 1 I
Jeremiah Hullivan, agu twenty, Dennis Sullivan
sge twenty-one, and Peter Barry, age twenty-one
becajue involved ina In.iv. I with Thomas Connon
keeper of a lodging-house at No. '2 Pell-et., al '-'-:A<
a. m. >i -.tin1,i\ mi 1,1 ti, gt. Connors receivedi
linn* t In tbe groin whi* h h ws (mmweed had beei
di?'haraad from a revolver la the aaoda of one 0
his aaea_a_t? The mea named were arrested nn<
i iii-. har_eduu yarole by Jusiu-e Da_y, yesten__
at the Essex harket Police Court. Connors ls In tho
New-York Hospital seriously wounded, but he failed
to identify any of the accused men when they wejre
brought before him.
noOKMAKKKS to n.AY nu i.iaiii.*-.
Captain John Beeves and David Johnson, the
well-known bookmaker**, are matched to piny a
game of ctn*hion caroma, 300 points up, for KSXiOQ
a side. Tho game is to take place in tho billiard
room of the IwHikmakers' Club two weeks nft*i the
clow* of the Baltimore races. A forfeit of ***800a
side has been posted with James V.. Kelly who in
to be the final stakeholder. Johnson back.-*, uitusclf
and " Ridge " Laviue booka tho caption.
At a meeting of Craml Anny men last evening at
Ko. 804 t?Xtn-avo., tho officers of tho Memorial
Coi;ninittee were instructed to call a general parade
of all the Posts of the 0. A. R. of this city for
Evacuation Day. A committee, tv ith General H. A.
Barnum as chairman, was appointed to confer with
CO??sittees from other organizations that are to
parade, and report at a future meeting.
Mosei Levy kcepa a second-hand clothing store at
No. 3H li.ixt.-r- at. On Monday night Thomas Weber.
of Brooklyn, entered the establishment, hut rafneed
to liny anything. When he started to leave the shop
Iaevy heeame angry at hi1* failure to make a salo,
and with the assistance of IsaacCooper heat, Weber
severely before ho succeeded in escaping to the
?tred. * Weber then raised a pavingetoitat, hut l>e
fore he could use it an oilier of tho Sixth Precinct
arrived ami look his assailants info custody. Jus?
tice White, of tho Toulba Police Court, committed
them for ti al.
( o.MiT.i 11 i) nv mn iiisn.iNi) to stfai..
The caso of Mrs. Rose Rich, who waa recently ar
reetedfor stealing ribbons from O'Neill's store in
Sixth-aic, when nh*- hus heed employed foi eleen
rears, caa? np again resterday in tim JeiTornon
Market POBoe (Hurt, lt transpired that about lour
weeks ago Mrs. Rich left her husband. Winfield
Huh, and moved with ln-r mother and fonrchildren
to No. 4AKI Weat Twcnty-sixth-st-a Alsiiit this time
an anonymous note was received ut O'Neill's store
charging Mrs. Kieh with stealing ribbone. The
matter \ta-. Investigated, Mrs. Rion waa arrested.
and she explained tinit ber Indolent husband had
jimmied npon her committing th*' thefts. Kieh was
arroeted Monday evenina and be stated t*> the de?
tective that his wife had stolen the ribbone and be
bad sold them t*. Iiia. C. Posthsuer, a dealer In
iain., loodeai No.-?".s'riitnl-ave., at ti great dis?
count, and that she waeeognltanl of tbe tact thal
the ribbons were stolen, lt is?tonghi hy th*' offi?
cers in the ease thal Mr. Rich wrote the anonymous
lettter to Mr. O'Neill, informing him of the thefts.
Mr-*. Kit h has been rooked np for trial. Kieh noa
lain remanded for examination to*?a* and Mrs.
I'oathaner, who insists thal she did bot know the
i iiiin.ti ? -he pur* baaed were itel* n, waa paroled.
The Central Congregational Church, of which the
Rev, Aa J. li. Iiehi" ml ? i ? pastor, bas dei Ided noan.
imowdy tn ooutiuue the custom of renting the
pews by auction.
Policeman John McCortnaek, of the Tenth Pre?
cinct, who hail liecn wrarned not to im?- his elub un?
til \, was dismissed from tbe f. >r< *? yesterday
by Commissioner Jourdan, for brutally clubbing
John Howard, age niue?en, in Orand-ave. re
John If. Campbell, "f No, *;77 Qatee-avea, wat
robbed of ? watch worth .-.l-o al a late hour on
Monday night In a stree! tar in Fulton-**., bel ween
I.ii.ir. in e--i. un.) lialhiish live. tjeveiiu similar
robberies have recently >.<?.'iii.il about the tame
uli..-. and a gang of picltpocketa is believed to In
fe -t the vicinity, rhe police detectives bare nol
be* a sble to hud them, although tin- 1 cntral Detec?
tive OfHce is only s fen blocks away,
rhe Central ilommopathic Dispensary has been
incorporated by Kraueen Bchreiids, Kllen M. Lyon,
Almeda M. Cuni. Juliette Alden and Letitia race
for the purpose nf famishing bom*?opathlc meda il
and -hilt'.il aid t" the. poor free of charge. 1 lu
Board <?! Monugcn* consist* ol Mrs. I>a\itl M. Stone,
Mrs, James I . Keston, Mr-. George Stannard, Mi -.
.1. ll. linnit ami Mrs, 0. C. Karl.
JEW 1.. ? ITT,
nae Flynn, age eighteen, "f Fifteenth-st.,
while jumning *'iT au Ene Railroad train at the
west end of the Bergen tunnel on Monday night,
fell among s pile *>f iron ami had both leg* broken.
i'll-1 ..p.11* 1- Jury lo the case of Daniel Mi ni han.
1 Pennsylvania Kallroad employe, who was killed
two weeks agu by being crushed between two ears
in thc fr* itrlii depot, rendered a rcrdi. 1 on Mond ly
?liL'ht in wuia 1 tin v 1 ensured the railroad company
i.u nol providing properly for the safety of its eui
ll'iir*. Smith, ol irrow-bt., irrest* .1
1 ..'.? "ti a charge "I ei-tlicrj"linu fi...on fron
iployer, William II. Owen, a New-York whip
it.milla, tun 1.
k. ? ii asked the court for .1
rule 1. riff to pro* 11 >l forth**iti. lo
ato execution the unite-nee ol len ycara* hu
prisonmeul urge Williams, one of the two
burglars couvicted of thr rrsuhagen Jewelry *>t*u*"
burglary in I0H1. .1 n<Iu*<- McCarter granted the
order. In th* 1 weol Andrew Conners, the othei
? tak. n anil lt ia li'.w
pending in the upi>er.i'-. Judge McCartersaid
that thia casi* illustrated the folly of the law thal
alh.it ?? . ror in such.
I dative Committee on Convict Labor mel
M -ta nlat in 1 lu-1 - au 1 un ni Conni il a bamber aud Imt
iii?*l io lent in.v from manu workingmen
and others relative to thc * Ile* I "i the ? ?
i* ui mi \ erimia industi iee.
A man who said bewas Thomas Parker, fi*un
Cerro '...1.1 ? 1. California, has been Milicit ing relief
ii..rn the Masonic frnternitt *'i Newark, k tele
gram froni Independence, rnlifoniiu, nays tbal
i iaaawindlei and requests Newark M
to have lulu arrested ami puuiahed.
Cherie* Aa Cowell uud Hf urj Noe, carpel tera, fell
with a -. 1 H..1.1 a .'.i-i an....1 t..tt\ teri from u build?
ing on Bunn it -t. yesterdaj morning. Both men
?,t. 1. -. 11011-iv Injured.
Nt U -I,'... 111 1 1 1 .- ltati.T-.iTi Rinso, un Italian
labor* r. employed excavating fbi the foundation >>f
ii.,- proposed Den pa--.* iiii.'i' station of the New*
York, New-Haven and Hartford Kallroad at New
Kim belle, waa struck and Instantly killed bj au 1 .
press truin on Monday evening.
Loira Ni inn tn..-At the muting of tlie I
Queens County Board ol Kupervisora, held at the .
Court I louse yesterday, Judge Armstrong, counsel !
to tin l'.o..rd. gave lilt opinion I hal I he ll*.mil hail
the 1 mht to eh 11- the Ikeeper) superintendent of th*.
In -..ti<- Asylum. Twenty-two ballots wen then
taken for the appointment for a superintendenl
1.1 the. asylum, withoul a choice. The candidates
aic l'r. Kofen ami Mr. Wot??, of l^ng bland City.
lin- twelfth annual meeting *.f the National
li.1,.1.1 *.f st.,un Navigation will begin at the Metro*
imiIiiuu Hotel to-day at io a. m. The lae! meeting
ni tin- body Mas lu-fil in Washington. Tho sessions
ai*- always Intonating, aa thej seek to promote the
publio safety and often make recommendations to
Congress as t<* needed legislation ou matters of
navigation. Delegates are expected from Boston.
Pbiladelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Cincinnati, lluf
falo, New-Orleans, fit. Louis, Louisville, Pittsburg
and other cities. E. W. Gould, the president, is
already in town. This evening B. Joy Jefferie,
will read a paper on color-blindness in its relations
to signal lights and will illustrate it by colored
Unlit;., diagrams, etc. To-morrow tho <?legate*
will inspect the light-houses in the harbor.
Bm anyone hoard any rombliniw of earth?
quakes lately I A E*?masoo mule struck quicksand In a
cellar lust week, and Hank out of sight?(ToxasHlftUigs.
Bun rino., fi 22_ netn, 5:07 | Moon rta. 0;17 | Moon's aire, At. 23
A.if.?I?0*1. Hook, 2-IOt'Jov. Inland, ? 48IH?11 OatA Mt*
J'.M.-mainly Hook, 2 TBiliov. Inland, 3:17|U*ill Oate, 500
Dk. Lyon's Pkrfect Tooth Powder.
Hie Bent la thc World. M cents.
" Hoit.h o\ Corns.'' ldc Ask for it. Cora
lleto enif, bard or rall terna, wort*, bunion*.
Hinrv A. Danu-'!.**, M. P.,
Ul T.,<ilii_ton-avo., Imtweeii JDtti and Suih-nt*.
lit>:ir^. 8 tn i, -a tu 7. DUmott ot the Msrysas ?vi*t**m.
i ie ii i Kt-Urinary ('malia. Impotence au*l au'i'ility.
Vi**e1. From. Liar.
George w. Clyti*.Hart!.Clyde
t-tnt., nf I'.niieylvania_C'laaow.sf?to
Wynmlne .Liverpool.Union
Wnnfiinirlon .riilentii,.N. Y. and Med Porte
city of Puebla.lUvana and Mexico.Aleyandre'*
Ht. (Jeruiaiu.Iliivru.Frencb Tren*
THURSDAY. *)<*T()BER 83.
Brooklyn City.Ilrl.rt.l. .Rrlntol City
Maandara.Amnterdara.Not h.-Amer
H.-i.-nta..Hu.Haiil). Amer.
"'Pali ic.Liverpool.White stair
iff?lia.Bremen.N. Cl. lioyd
Steamer Yorkshire (Rr), Arnold. Yokohama Jnly 13, Kobe
l-i. hlianirbal Auk 7, Atuov ll, lli.au: Kenn; 14, Hlniranore '.til
Aden Sept Vl.Huoi'iU, port said JJ nutt Gibraltar ll) daya,
wtIi iii.ln*- to A A f,ow <_ Urn,
-t*linter li.-vonla (Hr), Young. Ola?t*ow Oct ll and Moville
ID, with indue an.i pa***- ninm to Ha-ndsrnon Bro*.
steamer ii eetpbalia (Orr), Heb?? Han.biir.r oct 10 and
Havre 12. with unlit, ami paaaenircr** to Katihardt 4 (to.
steamer City of Atluntn Lot kw.,,. |, ('hurlee?n 3 day*, with
aidan and puwetis-ern l*> J W Qulntard ,. Co.
steamerRaplili.n, .lenney. Went i'olnt. Vs. with milgo and
pajuw-nfrt ra to old Dominion Ha On,
steamer Rnaiioite. .'.ni, m. lit.limond, Cltr Point and Nor?
folk, with milne uml pjii-en'reni tn old Dominion H. Co.
srenm.r Prof?aor Maree, Oookae., Hoar..a
r-lilp (inlntea (.Nen. Mor-i-ai-en. llainhuriT 37 day ii, with
iii'la-t to atr.lt r; veaacl loli.-nliurn * Bit*''"'!. .
shin Mit_tlali ne ir.tr . Merer, I'r. men 33 daya, with mdae
to order, eeaeel to WiitJ. n, To, i fi o?.
s.Mp ? J Spicer (Uri, Spicer, Anti.-rn'.18 daya, with Iron and
. inply barr. U n. ol? r; v. aa* i I.. J K vi TiiUn y .v fa.
shin col. hester (Hr), lurt. landon 21 daya, wlUi milne
to oi-.il i; veeeel t*. Snow * itnr.rxat.
siilp Um lt t.iH,'.' il'.ilinnt. Liverpool 27 ilnya, tvltb nulao
to order: reaael to BnoJ .lint
Bark iiiitiiiiniii (Nor), (Jroovold, Harnbnre t50 day*, with
? .lr mid empty barn la I.len veaael to Kiinob, Kalye d Co.
Bara Man., sletlenbnrt tOer), Htrlcker, Bremen 40 ilayn,
with miN. lo orders reaael t<> Theo Roger i
Bark Alice M CUridie of Wlndeor, N8), Loek)-?ntt, Ant.
warp _i days, with ?dee to order,-renee! to.I v Whttoey * *'<>.
liar* li. I'..li..- ...; limul.fi, Ialtx, Dublin .1.' days, willi
i.t v.y?M-i to master.
Ilnrk lim (Nt.rt. J..hu-.m. Oreenoek 19 daya, willi *--*-il tai
I'* thin.,t tn reaael to Benham <1 il.v.-.ti.
Mark Bohemia (Br), Duane, Tarka Inland via Hr1ilir;ej>ort,
In b?lae*l to 1' Q Challoner A ''...
? Polo, Smith, New-Bedford, In nallam lo innot* r.
-.in M..Inn (lu IVeat, Wlnilaor. NB, 8 daya, with planter
io D R De Wotli ress. I lo J w Parker a Ce,
si'Nsrt' wui.i al ??adjrHook Ireah, _i __feaaatfek*.
laf, ai ruy i
? ma Munar. li illr), Diin.'oin'ie, I/Oli<lon?Pulton,
Vick* i ?** *'*>.
mi nm.j- Holland . rt", Milligan, Lo___ W W J Ilnrat.
Steamer Paronla (Br), M. Hey, Liverpool via iju.. iiftoifn -
?.'ern.ni ll I
HteaaH t l.i--Tia .Ta.T ', ll. . ht. A v.mm.Mitti DtM'lc, E?Header
. a-1 it: ,,,-,, tn i. Mall t, Hull 8 indit-oii .t -.in.
, rrmuniiT, ll .1 ..? I ,,ii!- ,|, n.Tilan.
>. ..bra, K.il.iiil.) -ml St Johna, ITV?
Pim, Forwood ?* Co.
hleemrr Cobanlm (Br), I'erir, I'ort Royal? Mea. er Uro?<.
steamer Rapillan, 0 lor er, Newport Newe Hil Da
Hteamer Joaepbtne Thomsoo, Moore, BaltlBKire J s Krona,
ii v in nock.
Hhip ? Br), l.t.ir-, Bombay, lki r*-lnil?t*.n A
Bark Narla?or (Rn t Petteraen, Bordeaux?I'.ui.Ti, i;*lye
.1 lo.
-i i,r Bepor?r (Br),Ollcbrlat, Rt John. BTB-?_bmb?I Bros.
? .'.n, for I.lT**rpool| Pitwiiee. Marwin** and
la. Bevel: |..-t .ii,. Kilatol; Wyanoke, Kiel*???.
Barb Tuck -in/,? learn
MI-f'1.1 I.WITT'S.
Brees, at Portland from New-York. re.
. ti Hands* |..--..i. ls : al lin sull
i.nriit. in nit in t.'i itremen, a nujik*?
tiliu?ter ? liai*. li. t-tl . a.! . ..lal li.i inu-t-a tt. rs nut OT MS?a
lill. MOYI MI'.N'ls OF Sr-U____.
-1.TV*;, o.t." ll pm-Arrr. .?*!. *?!??iini.-r F*iinie?tslni
(Br), -mill, (miii >? n*) ..I ? on h.- r way ui Llverttii". tad
'.. Ti.
.i (Br),
? from New.York Oct 16, on ber way to inn * imtown
ami I iv.
ititi,", t-. teamer Rialto (Br), Abbott, fiona
IT lt MT itt." m t i'A \rr!v .ll/fll,
Mew.Yorb oct ll, oo ber way to li.tintmric (ajtdpro
111. ' : Niirtllltll.1l.' d'r:, S.XVI?,
li, n.t.:'. 1-H.-..I. ... ."a r li. Imi (Br), Saw ter, from
? ? - ?, to il .t re,
? .hm, (let ii Qladlolea (Ur), sin
ro n -..v.inii'ili *'*T l.
, i ii )Mlieu. Steamer Tyrlan (Hf), Swain, Boa
titi, o.T-'J -Anit'tl. "t.n'iia-r Muk Lan o (Br), Porter,
fi.i.n New. York i Ch lae perts.
Il tt; ix Ot '. -r. ;ti . in v. i i, from
? in for Liverpool (toreoal , Newr_?leQlty tlin, Iivm
I toe ti I'' iir. <i.t 29 l'a?ne,t, ateatiur Mauitoban (Br),
(ri)miiiu.i>..t for Mimi!esl,
in'meano ram
lt' tn '* .'.it nf I'.irtlantl, Ijir
iniin. nu Neptune, Berry, Hew-York- Vui-tto,Eui.
. liar*.I. afi .un. Di liar.ivl.i (Br). DnttoO, I.iverT).a*.l; Da.min.
Ino, Blaurelt, Val meath, NBi Oea Whltte/, Hallett, New
?ti ann r ll* mil .. fur t'lill.id,-l|.liia.
inn ti'tiiiiit. ? j. t _.i Arrived, etea?era city of m?*-*ui,
., Wyoming;, ilaiitii, Hiehuiouti; Iahuihi,
.M.tTif. New.York.
( l.aie*l, nteaniern sp-irtaii. N'li'ki-raon, and Cetiti|?-il*', War
rlni-'l'ii. lli'-ton; Panther, Wiley. Newburyport; Ailuitowu,
r, l'nrtamonthi Pion* r. f".,tr, Bichmoudi Mayflower,
I'atl.l- ti. Na'.i \ '..ila; \ ul. rlau.l il?el_i, o rilli n. A nt weri);
Warrilla*!. Liverpool: Ilia?lain;, Hunlh, l-ortlaml;
H. reulea, Int-,m. Newburrp wi
titi iiMi.t.K. net ju vin. d,e?aaaera Ilerkablrtt, Mowen,
iii'tt.mra. Kern..1.1-. NTwVoik.
c.* at*.I. ????'.... ei Mn Woodward. Yo?Ut. New York.
Pom ita. vii . a i, t j:t Arrived. ??eater < Tty ot -an Antonio,
Wilder, from It rniiii.luia tia itriiiitwick, (.a, for NTw-York
uinl proceeded).
rt. nt* ?uer Weetem Texan, from New-York b.-uco for
l'a. nan.lina.
cu tm oin-*. Oet SS?Arrived.Btaaraa charieeton. New.
Vol., 1.11* ell i lil., Usboil t .a IT Wa. '.
- *. i-.x ta. i ?. i ... I ni ved, n ta-_nert Chattahoochee, Das;.
?. tl. New- York| City ? sat an nub. t'alherttit', ITuiadelplita.
-una.I. atiainiT - s. awi,ll , iii |, Pori ll*.ya.j <Try of Auteuil ?
uml .liiniiita, New-YorSi Wm Lawrence, Rainmore,
Ntav t .in.)'t.-.-.o. i-' t ,1'di'ed, ateuuiera iluitnua. Freeman,
>T ? .orfcl Annie iHr., Belfaaat.
At ibe Passes?ainlvsd, Kearner Tagiiaft-rro, awannea.
L !.>!(>(. 1..*, _1tANCl. AUK NOW IMKOiH tl *U
921 Broadway and 151 r>(Ii-a.r.,
nwwAmiwt & co..
Union Mqnarc. - ten liu-lt,
in anticipation of thc Opera ??*>
non, have imported an miiisii.il
stock of Ope ra-la I a--? ?nra which
they otter at the following
I!tn?-k m on ii tl h.*, I tither
lovirlii-, . . . .', lo 811,
?Sm il e* mount in***;, l?*utli?*r
cu. rilli;, ... tia to ila]
failf mounting- rind mother
of pia ri, . . . SI I to MO.
VI ii ii: I ii ii ni lr;-iin?.. . . *V-4**i to _.*}0.
Ot hi* rte richly decorated,
rn BOO to 91MO.
Sole agent* for C'licvallier and
Voi^t(antler giav-.c >?.
346 and 348 Broadway, N. Y.,
Ci UN KP. Of I J '.VAK!) Mt.
Receives for Safe Keeping
l.Mls, slf.K QUODS, ol-D UUt?INK8tJ ACCOUNTS, <tc.
uunui to but iiio.n sio to *? ?;oo nm r_?_
wm. 11. aI'Im.kton, Piss, s.s. kjshfr. viss Waa
MtKDhKK'K lU--TI.lt, '..Ti.T.tl M:ina_*-r.
fri TO ll-. K.\>T lill "-TKKKT
(oraoam amain ci_rnu_, depot.)
A hnlltliag ?'it-(roof throughout now nari/ for On* urnat
tatton ot 1. ii-i. a -m. hm, * rested nt .'rom flo fl) tT.K) i*-t
y.itr. si \. r, ITuiila? and r .1 limier miara.-.t,..
I'rtvata- itittutiif, Keofptlon St? Tull.-I Room tut 1.?li. -.
\ ault, 1 ?uni..ni, Hnf ititini and inti, t Itooum ou tli<* |M__
floor ami _rccllj sc* eeatbla from the etta t.
Rooina .tr a*SSM ni tho
I I IC i: l? I. iH) V \V 1K1: ll 01 Oi 1:
fm Kiiniitur*-, Works of Art-anal _irtTi.iu*Uit<" rent<*l bj tho
imintji or v. ar
tkuhk aroaaoa a Bracta jjtt.
Ill's i. J..M1. . A. VAN SANTVOORT.
Preeia nt. vi. ?-.rr. - .l>nt
tmnmtf, Suix-nnta-mli-nt.
Catarrh m iinmi iiw
For flftooia y**ar? I have brru *rrt-atl_ an.
Duv.-d with tluitUiti: 11--!iiiK<lii.?)*,(.atarib,
?n 11; < h r:u-ail leTttS | alf. In my hi'i?,
(Ttitmiul i|r.i|iiiinj| mr.. my tliro.ti ami un
|:U-t*?aui I.r> aili. My raeuitaf. of .moll waa
unit !> ini|iairi-*i Hy ., tht.roui.ti um- for ats
mt.1. - nf 1 ly's CTSS_ llalui I liavt- .-ii
tllfly oveifoiin- tln-w tpint>li*a.?J. Il (ASF,
Kt D*_ig Betel, Rrwatlway anti llth-xt,
Bew.Yerk. fid *'i*nta by mail or ilnueiat*..
hl-l'B LUI?M il li? io, Owt_o, M, V
SPECIAL STUDENTS in Tpchnir.-il Cheni
"* Int ry, Anal) ulta ami An?iylim
laboratory of Ule bU'vtrin, lii.-titi
IO latry, Analyitla ami Aaeayln*. Aonly to 1'lt. iv. I.KKRs,
".Kt; of RS?_ls_T| UolKikro,
Cook***! in llvt* tuluutre. Sold by all gMSSIB
WA?ANTED 8 Yean,
87 8TOP8.
INCLUO'N'**. BENCH. BOOK ANO MUSIC, OnwAmlytmoriw within til fl _ I, -.Hs
l)"it..ati. ,l--,.lit.?fr*iiutl?l.t' flli.-i Hew.paper, .t If you order ftthla n>e rtnv.a a thmW I BJ I Li 1 *j
further realuoliun of Ira ilUoO. Jolie re will bal all..*.,!. T ? mw U mnr Wur
want you t
til.I., Ulai I nuti
j 1 ' I ' I' 1
!'?' ? J .Ul
llWW'rHOVRIf If .
Special limited I'rlw .,,?, i,)..a?i,t,
it.lv, tli.ti avoiduuf thc 1'oLIDaY
I, writ.* your r**
OKIirll Ni)W| if ma, wrltoj.mr reaat.ua *?hv.
6lKK.i a.vi.i^.tiiii.lroiiiHT v,-Vj'T?T!atnl!lu^i..|w'1?|!?lllK mad
The fa in on, 17 Stop
Ikt'thaT.-. i Pal1 .rOrgae
I* ba.jr.nat a dotiM tha
m.?t in |.alar I'aM.u,
...iialaJai liatal *>T>.)y fl?e
Kuoute., (.UM a-i.iirtia.nt ly lu prm-.m, of man u fae lu ra*. workl.iif ?r lti*. tl I.y elctrto
(flit lo nu. ply the ..net denian.I for tba, H., th.a en M vie. tar lr y.ti atc al., nt lo pur
oh?a. ada bluet tr. un i r lo buy ont) aa an experiment to .ell .??..., yu .liouli] nv-Ul
fillan Ul limbed onVr aa below. Ile aine lo let lue hear from Vail anyway,
Vlit-th.rjoiib'iy.rn .t. Bf Cf PtaC','|PTIQN OF THE INSTRUMENT.
Tl? .? ?i,.Tl..VlLT.I.bE'?OKlV)I:iii-?ST'jr,iJt.Ta: ItEETiS built tl|N.n an .ntlieTv ;,..?/
tInna, Ita vail?ol
i-i .-ti title pl.. n, I'. ...luclnif _tu.tr e*)U.l to au oria-an coetln?r foe<
make The ll.-a,lnari*a mt meed lu th.- Re?l H.?ni.a,follow.
tLBTE Keed?.
itu Bat* hal?mina SAX APHONK K..-.i?. nth. Bet (Sweet. IXCKU8T1
tl. 8 iFamniiaFKKMTI HtiltS Heed*. 7th. IM of Bott CELLO Keaili.
Jil Set. Il.<ailtir ul IT. t ult) li,..N. (ttl,. Set af l> LUTANA lia. -J*,
Ith. *.r jrttll.tSTKVI .LINA f.. .-.la. ?*h. Ret of l.lAI-.ASl.N Heed..
Mit. (tart Powerful SIM BASH Hi?a Un h. s I of CLARION ET Ol t H.K**TK Recd..
Spec al attention la called to th** nnmlw ofSto|Ht u?.l In tina furn, un iiii-lruiuenl.
Willi tin. abo.* lt) urta (".mien Tongue lb-ad. anal the following Ftop,. fourteen 14)
Ul tla.-t, Comblnutl. nil art) or.Hlu.-ei. TH rs MAU?IO THIS ORGAN Hul'AL TO li
a/ NToi'a, ?was Foiiijowai
1. CKLI.O. ? fl. lon". 1. Melodia. ?. Maia?IU 4. alTI-H.l*S. 1? ft. to ne. lt Bom*.
don, ia ft. toll.). 1 HA VtlTlONH. Mfr. tore. 7. VI< >f. [>1 OAMI1A. ll ft loll.'. M Pie.
>t_on J ft. ton*. ?. Viol.A IHiLUK, t tu tone 10. Orund I iprvMioiii-.il ft. ll I 1
.loKN.Sft.t.ine. U. lian.Aolian. IS. VOX HITMAN*. ll Echo. 1 ft tone. l?.
l>.i!i.ian i, ? ft. t<ne. I*. Clarionet, I ft ton*, 17. VOIX (T1I.EMK, J f: tone, itvt.t.
,D. VoaJ a.linnie. Danlift, t-ne. lu. Piccolo Itt. tone, il fXTAia
Oreh?e*l? Forte, t*. (iUAM> OR. JAN brui*, fl. Ki.rht Kn.e Slop.
Stol*. 8*1. MFZ/.o KM V. I-WM. . ST. M l> I <??*? IT ll.
I I'-HION. on. a 1'atii.li.l I uinhlnuil a Cwell. To which I* ititi-at tie AKK.'S
T I Tit" KYT'ti ESMIONI ..in|ian. or llo_u lalor, ?owing- at a glan*-** Ute amount of pre...
ure ninan ilw imiruineut i .arno aa ac .mp.? loth. .Input, U liliane* lmi_roTemen|
tn tha organ. (Sa-ocutal.-.wuuiialor tholamponalalaofra-o.) CASH 11 1IU1.T FK(>K
HAND80MK St 1 ll) LI K'K W'AI.M. r, tar..funa;y ornani.-nl. ii with neat hnnd carving,
111.?!,_ il, 7tl III In i>t|a, Win . I.ent/'h, H In ) Han.lfa. turt-1 hi aa lt., t to t.. ko the dirt of
duet Thoroughly ?i i . , dend Ula triadi will aland thal?(of mtv ell male 1
rubi., ,i tra. n.rti fl undi and i ..| ?h,.nrv. ,1 aud ornamented ?lth nt. ti icing
ao an to enalil. performer
keyboard. Alt... a third kn***'ewell ...-.ml- i
Ufned in
lina, I rt. ton
If.. Autoiualli- Valv
rt. flui.h and j-.I ?h_.?rv, ,1 _ud ornamented ?lth ri I. li inuit In _ .1.1.
TO I.A^T, N'lT fofl BHOW KVI'taint In.ftdramt orjran Kine Swell.
? |.e rf lintier to thr.. w un ant) off full |Hiwer without remo, li ur lian.In tram
Ot-u-an art
i any o. ber make.
ar.ftonant tone not ob*
'. l'.N-Vet for Mu-li-, Treble ?"'Criithf Ilellowa.
Sta-el Hprliun*. Nickel i'latcd I' dal ITate-, ltKATTY'S l'ATHNT STOP aCTlON aral
klOSDINQ BOA I'S. l_OITLArl*.ATALOQia PWCt ONLY SltVOU. t!X?0it???ia
wur?.to any l.iver of aweet illunie, fetrtraltliuen lu Ci>a>V JJ. Y. Tl.llIL'NK
Special Ten-Daj Offer to Readers of
..~... Hy. av. Ill remit m?t only |7i no and _SSSaaaSSCSSMftt__S____
' i dato b-reof, or Sivn) If f.r
withln (Ive. dam, I will t.nitie
,dial?ly box and ahlp you thla(*nran,
[wlm orv*)) K.TiiTi, Boaik, etc., ??aa;tlr
ll t nouna..,in foe
ICMRIti T fM AS P R S 8 t. N Vi,
land to tbl? en.Il am wlllinK to I'lf"*
"tho tinta., aa an Al)VKKTISa.a.aM.'*T,
Addrrtt ar Call upc
Ihe Munn fact ur er,
u?'"l Ila y.var nfl gvtyour money refun.leil with Inter,
remittance. I tlao ^f e to tuy ailtrvlglil cltarp-s both
All 1 auk In return ofy ou U Co ahow the nutr
.. nt. from date of
N.rhlnj; can b*t fairer.
ur frlen.la. Tlie ln?ruinenj
. .1 l'NAB.._
.. . NOW, WIHTK MB yoLTl VklAStiN'S WHY mon?< of your, may dentre aa
OHO AM. *'<tll their attention to Hit, alva , tiaemui.t If the. are from bom* n.allthla
otter t.. them If yoi, can conveniently help me ettten . ttl* tale ol thee* PtU'!'l_?
ISSTKi'MtNTS I .Itali cert?illy appreciate your effui ?
"l DANIEL F. BEATTY, Washington. Hew Jersey.

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