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V?K_ VU9+13,493.
Lieutenant G arlington has replied to certain
pointed questions by General Hazen respecting
bis action tufter the loss of the Proteus. He
takes each question and defends himself from
the censure implied in it. It is thought thnt an
official investigation of the conduct of the
Greely Relief Expedition is unavoidable.
Wan leura t'NDONE.
?Washington, Oct. 24.^The Secretary of War
received to-day, through tbo Aetiug Chief .Signal
Offlccr.Lii'iitenant Harlington's answers to tho ques?
tions asked him by GODOD- 11.i/?n, after tho re?
ceipt of his oQieial n-i*nrt of th? expedition to
Smith's Sound. In reply to the question why ho
did not endeavor to make a depot at Littleton
Waiid with what store he could gather during the
rest of the time l.e n.ii'ht havo remained in that
regiou, Lieutenant Carlington says : " As I stated
in my report, I decided while at Cape Sabine to
make a prompt and earnest effort to communicate
with tbe Yautic, and to proceed south at oneo for
tbat purpose. My reasons I g<i\e in my report, but
I will enter into them moro fully. After tho Pro?
teus was lost I determined to cnliitiiiini.-iito with
the Vant ic as soon as it was poa?tb? kl do IO I lo
get from her all the supplies that could be spared,
and establish a depot at Lift boat Cow. I intended
to remain there with a sinaill party, while tbe
Yautic could proceed to .St. John's, report thc disas?
ter, and endeavor to secure a TOM? suitable
for iee navigation to como north willi ati.liiional
supplies. If anything WMtO be dune this season
looking to tb" i. lief nf Lieutenant Creely, it waa
of the greatest importance to cotniiiuiiicate with
the Yautic at om, When tho Proteus encoun?
tered the pack in Melville Hay BO 00000 bonni flint
vessel thought tbe Yautic would OOM the boj.
This opinion was formed from tho known intention
of tlie commOMemt of the Yantic not to put his
I ol into tb*- ice.
"If 1 hoi rciiiained a fortnight at Littleton Island
for the * han.*' of th** Yanti0*1 arrival, my suj.pl its
would hilve ben reduced to a dangerously small
wargin, ll she did m?t aili.*-, I would bu ve bad to
comm, ncc my lottfl during a rapidly dosing sea?
son, with inadequate provi.-iou**. it, would prob
ably have !>? *n BO ? -sary to force mir woy through
luucli young ice. which at even that date Conned
one quarter of au im h thick daring soho night**,
This would have delayed tb*- progr*?.-?* of tb.- booti-,
ami preyeuted. communication of tb*- iHontfif to
the Yantic in time that she might ron<l?-i[
' any assistance to Lieutenant ('icely, if it
did not prevent me entirely from reaching
the Danish settlements this s* ti son, and
the sending of the news of the di taster
home this year. If I had contained in that region
until it was too late to reach the P-nfaht.il Ul minti
it would have boen necessary to draw OD the sup?
plies already il* p.i.-*it<'d for Lieutenant (Jrocly, and
if he should arrive be would lind his own supplies
*_?__0_Oi and tho addition to his party of another
body of men no better otTthan bis own party ai Hie
Danish settlements before tbe clo-*- of the DM?OD.
1 left Littleton Island on July 20, and on August
7 we bad made but 130 miles. I reached Cape
York on August 17, and was confirmed ni my belief
that the Yantic had not crossed Melville Hay. Hie
i.iitivesat Cape York had not seen any vomoI DOM
tc tho northward aud westward lately, and they
knew nothing of the Swedish steamer Sofia which
was to have come there for a series of scien?
tific observations. This fact convinced me that tho
Sotta had not been able to *_*t through th*- Melville
Bay pack, and if she had not I thought thc Vant io
most certainly had not.
"If I had concluded to take the ri-k of waiting
at Littleton Island for the Yantic, I would not have
gathered any of the supplies at (Jape flohhlOOOd tho
west coast ol' ..milli Sound to form a depot at Lit?
tleton Llaiid. ThoOl it?NO are much nixie avail?
able to Licotemant ('nely where they are tltanthoy
00?kl be if on Littleton Island. I saw no native*,
about Li-"e-boat Cove or Littleton Island, nor any
recent signs of their jin-euee, so I could not have
funned a depot of supplies procured from that quar?
ter. Birds WOOD plentiful, hot 1 had but one shot- i
gun and eighty-six cartridges in my party, so could
not have secured many hirds. Although I made
every effort to do so, 1 was unable to timi tho gnus
and annu_lilion provided foi the expedition. Wal?
rus were very nuiu . mus, but ol tht4 00O0OD they
were Tcry wild and wary, taking to the water tit
the slightest alarm; moreover they sink winn shot
in the water. Seals aro difficult to secure for the
-.aime reason. Sev<*ral were shot during the r* treat,
but sank immediately. Any attempt at securing
game would have seriously retarded my K
?south,which I d* -ind to hint ITO a-* much as possible
fm NOOMM already given."
1JIK OIODDH LEI I on un. n i: r_OB.
In response to the qaootiOD whj 0 hugo part of
Lieutenant Gnoly's stores was abandoned on au
ice floe, so long as the M?MN still per*
Witted woik with boat-, Lieutenant ('ar?
lington says: "The boats wothod all night
and until 12 o'clock th** next day getting
tho oporto kim d from the ___p on Cape Sabine.
Each trip was attended with great dang* r ; liie i<"
wan all in motion nnd running rapidly to the aooth
ir t h*'fon- a strong wind from Um DOtthweotaod
the off-tide. The larg'! iloes of heavy A:POti0 ice
WODI continually crashing and grinding together,
cracks opening and closing ; the edge.*, of lin flooi
mai k* d >iy ridga_ of ice bio. ks oiled upton or
twelve feet high by the enormous pressure of the
groat masses of loo M thOf jan_OCd nun in st *';ich
other. The risk "f biindliiig th0hooto in that OOO
of moving loo was so gr. al that il WMOOrlooolj
argued by a part of tho crew of the Proinu then on
the floe, to give up the at!.,upi to ii... h tape
lohJDO, and tni-t th'ir fortunes to the solid ioo-loo
they went then on, rather than r.m tiMflhaWON Of
Wing rnished while e;ulea.ojiiig to make land.
Whoa I last saw the floe having th.? provisions OB il.
it was about two nubs away, the sett between
t>.\. red willi heavy ?ID?IIP running itt-, ami the
floe U__f moving to the oOOthwaid and OtMtWOld
at the rate of two and half miles an hour. Tho men
had now been working almost contiuuoasly for
twenty-one hourn, ha*, ing eaten nothing ex. opt
?onie hard bread and toa dining tbat time, und w i iv
VOID out with fatigue and loss of *!* ep. I did not
ODD?der t_0 stores remaining on He OOO of suiii
O?Od iniportaiiee again to OOdoigOf Hie liv*-, ol mv
ineti or seriously risk Hu- loss ol my boats. As DODI
ae lean ascertain when tho last boat left tho floe.
then- remained on it two barrel I of a- sorted cann, d
goods, DODOloODO0000.OOOBOU qoODtitj of bimbel,
two sails, som.-, scattered clothiug, tbe theodolite
"and some boxes of lowOfOpOtaV"*"
WHY NO 110AT WaU HT ( ROD -ttS-T.
Lientenant Carlington answers the fOjOOtiOD w hy
out of six boats none was left for Lieut* nant Oreel*
and party, as follows: "I had two ...dinary na . f.
huilt whale-boats and a dingy, 'ibo dingy was a
Tory light, shall.nv., dur boat feir use in perfectly
omooth water. Hbo would have been of no use to
Lieutenant ('icely, and 1 took her along in tow, tbat
oho might lighten the cargoon of tho othor boatfj
and servo as a shelter for tbo men wbon on laud.
Tho two whale-boats were neoessary to carry my
own party of t_irtoen men j one would uot havo
been sufficient. The boats of tho Proteus were old,
?very mach out of repair and badly chipped!
They had neither apara, sails, nor rudders
titted, and only four oars eaeh could be
lound fox them. To have loft ono of the Proteus's
boats, or to leave one of my whale-boats and dis?
tribute my surplus mcu in tbe Proteus's boats, a re?
sort to force would have been necessary, which I
was not prepared to make for the questionable bene?
fit of leaving a boat. Lieutenant Greely has eight
boats available on the west coast, and another on
Carey Island."
The fourth question, asking Lieutenant (tarling?
ton why he started south with forty days' supplies,
in place of leaving a large portion of them for Licu
ii-nant (Ireely, when the eonntry was full of game,
seals, walms nnd fish, and the party
was supplied with means for their capt?
ure, is answered as follows: "Tho quantity
of fo. .1 tokOB by nie was smaller than t hat taken hy
any port v retreating from that n-gion. leonid not
foretell trie exact length of time neoeeoftry to ntako
our jour cy. Dr. Kane, in his retreat from a short
diotaiieo north of Littleton Island to IJporn.T'Ts.*,
took all the provisions lie could carry In nfs thn-o
boats, and WM eighty-four daya lo making tho Jour?
ney. The Pol?ria popple started .south with sup?
plies for two mouths and a half, but wiro picked
np a short distance fnnu Cape York by a
whaler, aft? having been in their boats
twenty-three days. In my answer to your
r.t question I have stated why it would
I.i. e been _*ipQO?Mo for Die to have killed sufficient
game to subsist my party and at tho same titne,
make rapid progrooa to the southward. I saw no fish
in that region, and if I had 1 had DO moona of catch?
ing them. If I had left anv of my small stock of
provisions at Littleton Island I would havo seri?
ous!.-, endangered the safety of my men to no pur
pOOO. As it was, the short nit ions of t-oinotimes one
mid never inoro I ban two meals a day began to tell
heavily npon thomby the titre I reached I porno, ik.
After leaving Cape York I saw no gani", except two
or three seals, until I winched th*' ulanda about Teo*
WHY lil CAMI t**)l III Ar AIT.
In reply to the inquiry why ho COOM south Of Cage
York al all. it lu ing in th** friendly Baqohooqx
I'otintry and fairly supplied with the nooeooarioa of
life, Lieutenant Qar_ngtoa nays : "I did not 10
liialiI ;d Cope York bocODOe I did ii"t seo then, nor
do 1 see now, how I eould possibly have been of
any service to Lieutenant Qreely. From the best
information attainable I am of the ..pinion that
then* aro no more than 120 l'squiinaux
bom Cope York to Rim ao,! Mir Boy, and it
is a weU-koown foot thai they are an
improvident and shiftlem race, and on
the rora* of starvation every winter. To have
quartered a porty, bowsooTer amaII, without pro?
visions on these people, withtheoi?vnM of Lieuten?
ant GrMlya, reaching there with his party during
the fall, would have boen but to seriously endanger
ibe lives of the whole oommnnity, without being
able to accomplish any good whatever. I had not
ump-thon two weeks? supplies when I left Capo
York, ibu tho! point for tho same reason I left
( iii..: Bobine ? to endeavor t'> help Lieutenant Qreely
au., party in iii*' only way it seemed to mu practi?
" If my actions in this matter nn* not explained
to the satisftvtion of yourself and the honorable
Secretary ol War I have 1 be honor to request lhat a
Court *'f Inquiry he ordered to invi.-ti_.ite tho
whole OOM ."
[bt rr_po_uw io thk mini sk]
WaiMrtDOTON, Oct. *__?Beapectlng the "supple
mentary Instructions'' prepared al tbe Signal (Mi.. <-,
.?md ivhieii I.TTttiTtiiiit ('ai i.n. ton was verbally in
forrood he waa nol i<> regard, tin ra is much .;
sion -uiioiit4 ottiriais of th** War and Navy depart
inento, and it ia Intimated that an oflicial tores*??
gation will abon that they wiro deliberately oup>
od by oome one, although it is said they had
i.' - ll .i;.proved by the Si cuTiirv of War.
It di S'S not now OOOm possible that (111 oflieiill
invest k-ation **f I lieut?toni Oar?ngton'a oonduot,
as well ;is of everything relating to his instructions,
can ho avoid**! j ?and it appears fairly probable
tbat a ('...ut ol'Iu*|iiir> will also he urdeied to Ui
uodgiln the ootaduci of CooaDtaoder Wilden
Seen-tary Ltnooln has not yat decided whether to
require further explanatiODO fi "in Li* ut. nant Oar
lint/ton or to order tli*- Court of Inquiry, which
tli;.it (.nicer requests in case ins supplementary re?
port ia not considered satisfactory and oonclusire.
rho Secret?n read thal document tins altin.n.
but had not found time to giro it the mature eon
sitlerai nm tn iTsv.ii v, itinl oi Qourao was not ready
to express any opinion about it. lt is safe t" ao
sumo, however, that he will not be willing to ac?
cept Lieutenant ?arlington's explanations.
1 \. [TED.
A mo\ i:mi. r *jo MkVtJOt .viv pDOTCSTaiDI
t-Lliv.v>I .
[HT TIT I..'.ll UTI ro HU IKII'.tST 1
Lakkvim.k, Conn.. Oct. :_?.?A new element
eniti il to day late tltn religious war whlcb, beeaooi al
the fioitloi) ?.f a lari-e .Mictllx in front of the Cattiollo
Cliurcli mid In full view of (lu- prim Ipa! sin t te, hits lina
caiTle*l on In the v illili/*- of I. ile ville d"irin?- tht poi I ft ar
niiaiitiis. iiith'-rto only tba BMo aa-peated as omni i
hilt to-*lay Hu- I'i*)!*-'ant livllis lalneil to tbs BUDpOfl of
their relnlivirs,
?orly yeatmrtay aaorrdaco large aotteo, leojaeaB?f tko
praaoDoa at a o*'*tsek thi* ofteraoon of tko lodi?? et Loki -
ville at tho hOOaO of Mr . ... r,-e Harrison, was Blaearded
in pt.Tull.t nt j'!a< ts about tke lilia, e. What wan thc ub
|tit ol the call was not known mini to tl.it. The purpose
ot tke in* et in'-', U was ikea a-iTit.uiiiii, waa to farm ao
assoclati*>li, lin: tu* moir" of w it. li must Mad I?OB
tr, _oa__ta*e tko Somoa Cat bolte sw t sui fills lo lliok
et..ploy, aad contribute tkelr aban toward Ike Imp?la
ti.ti. of ymatta oolored mmmaa from Dew-York or Baltf
more, winsod tlraw antral atast be employed la pl.iceof
tka ths- hal"* *i Pam aa Catholic aorraats.
i**Uoiiiy nftarS p m. to**da_ tkon tren gatkered al Mr.-.
Harrison's luni-e less tir.n twenty of the wi vi*, of the
oiiallkli-lrmililrnl . Hi . DaWilaon pre toed, ...i tated
ti,,- obj*-.-t of ike nt tt.' and Uko. Undi, wtfbof tbe
sii|.. liiit.Tiiltti' *.f tke local ntesml.I eosnpaay?wbo, in
i uilattos f<*i tbe Cathou, v bojrcot?sg Ike rtolislsui
s.*.r> ki spei i, ri tum d, l ...t month, ike ase ol it., eoapaajr't
?teauner ood Beare i*> Ike Catholics un tks n rm ssl so of I be
opening aiei ita?a_Moo or tke eenveal wai steeng la her
julvoe.i. v of the object* of lb. oew orgeatae?on. It whs
led, however, toinjstpoui tin il oetloo nulli the h.-m
ii, t.'i., v.Ti. ,i lt v.as la.;., it tii.'i. w.nil.l ba ii. on-, la* ll. s
pr* ** Uta
Tbe chid gre'ranee thsl thc Pmlenl ml I idlt have ta
the .Tttiioii *.r I'.Tth". lyn. h. the Roman Cath.jli.. psstoi
hool Visitor for three year**, and the foci that they
i. .i-i Mend their children to whoota ovei win. ii a Roman
( .,i tillite |.I|.-(.X.T. ISt?S -Hp. -Mm.I;' illtllUTlt e ; .',!| lum. ,,
in I a . n.upi lied all of th. .-liil.lit a of his 1.nlli lillian'
th* pniilii- aehoola and attend lo.- uewl, opened parochial
school. _tro?_ efforts were made li. iho Protestant* to
defeat tbe priest bat the rV-ai of ttelog dleoharged di*
Mn'*.] mort of 1 ho li.lri -rs .Tiiiiloy. .1 I.y ex-tfell?tor ll ,r
uiim from roting*anj but th,- ri'Kiit.n- Democnitlc ticket.
The i.tiisaoii.Ti.*? uh-* ti'.it lb*' regular Doowro?? I
on whick toe priest's name aptteared, wm tai socceai ru
on. ny HMi.all pf?milty. I
litillNRAl.I. ul A Cn I u i;i,i n_ AG EMT.
CilADLEfl '?? *?' '*- ?NV OOStVI* ut* i'l si kai.I v.;
(|!T III.IT.lt UTI IO HU Hill.I
T_*XTOX,K.J.,0et,2- -CharlcoG. McCann,
WkO WW '('ll!' re.enll> ? loa!*' .iittiI on the West Jii-tey
ll lilionl, wa-, to tbiv, in tie t ? ' ' atOODlofllOt <'<inrf,
,?.,. icted ni h.it mis' "?"! a on ' ro dUToreol ooeaakma 100
tkfM *'' Ol I.'. Ta:'. StaOpa from thc iii li Ik*''. "ll po.'l oUltU'.
t)w i ml Ol M 0.:.o'- Iaai'' Was at IJ.iiilj.'iTi.a, uml lie wa*
oeeuat*?oed to make bknsett at berna la th*- i**>ri af_ >
Ho re.
IDs sase katlottiDoted gi st ntlcation la ?'oiiiii Jeney
mi a ? oiint of ihe pr ?? B aa of the fni'inla ot th'.- J'ounn
mitti, and ??coiiil-" thc .1*ifODOi ODS Illili tl.e I hitlifo was ;i
"ont up I"')" i'.v J't.-iina i'i lelia Wu ut?ord, of Ikidifi
lott, IO loll.T'll d'H'T tm . a :i| hi- utile". Numil ini?
nti/, lo' tstnie.i to m.''.iiius good . hara etta. Jatem
Nixon In (TliiiiV'btK t'a'im v allua!* <1 lo the paltifnl nnluit'
Jif tbe ?? ts*'. Itivolttri:-1 ie f it.- ..r ao tronn ?id prrnnlatna
Hiniin. H" ,"l,t *ke ,lirv '"'" ""''' ";! ' 'e'lh'
any shodaaje In the pamtmtatttr't arrouats. and abonM
coii-odei only Iii*'evi hie *? eotinc'Titi;.' Mri.inn with in.
pu ti.ti la r th* fl- willi whoh In wa- . ;: it, . ?!.
Af?T Ix In. mit two hours th. Ii.ry n tuninl ii venll; t ,.|
_niliy. Sentence mus |MMtpoui?
[ur IDLDODU_ Tn un. ilulu st. J
Ithaca, Oct. 84*? 'l'he Fiske will cnsi- COOM
up iKtforo tho HtllT*'_iit< ta>il.iy. D. li. Hill arni (**. II.
Bacon ODOM red for l'rofca-or Iisln , a. id Judge (.nutt*)'
man, Judge Ilotudiiiaii mid .-. I*. _a_?af forOOrooll
Univemlty. Mr. Oarap, of Uiv. i, BflJOO?iud for the heirn
of John McGraw and mude application for I he opeutuK ol
tlie accouaUnic of the executor of J ultu McGraw, au M U
pTCavrre their rlglita for future adjudication. Tho any
waa spent In specifying tho condition* on which thev
would bc adiiiitt.d. and an adjournment waa ?lion until
tho 8th of Nova min r, when the hearing of evidence will
nm CHUM and _d___r
CLEvr.i?nd, Oet. 21.?A horriblo orinie, is re?
ported from N'ew-IMiiladolphin, TiiscarawiwComity.
Albert Frizor, a yonng farmer, murdered his wife
nnd three children, and then killed himself. The
particular** of the terrible trage*ly thns far reccivi-il
are very menprre. Prizer has been in 111 health for
Home time past. Ho has been working ar* a farm'
lmnd and found much difficulty in supporting Iii**
family. On Sunday night he met his brother-in
law, John Judy, of New-Philadelphia,, nnd informed
him in a discouraged manner thnt his health was so
bod that ho was unable to work any lon.er.
Judy endeavored to cheer Frizer up, and the latter
departed homeward. This wno tho last seen of him
iii ive.
His house was a rude I flair, located In an out-*, ft bo
w.-iy plate. Lalo Inst night a neighbor of Prizer's
nailed at his hooaO, for the purpose of borrowing a
farming implement. No ono answered his knoek,
and he opened the door. A horrible sight mot hia*
goon, Mit. Frizer lay npon the floor in a pool of
blood, with her throat cut from oar to ear. On .'.ie
bed vvtis the L.ttly of Ihe eldostehild, a girl of eight,
her features licniiiin-h.il with Mood, and her body
mutilated in a sickening manner. Ina*nh WON tho
ho.lios of two younger children, tlieir corps*s
.-livered with blood.
Ono account stales tbat Fri?H lay doad In a cor?
ner of tba room, with a blood-stained bulcher lt nile
Clutched in his hand. Another says thal hybla
side was an empty g'lti barrel with no hammer or
sfoek, from whi.lt it ls inferr***! that, hold lng ono
end of the barrel in the (lame of a lamp whit li Stood
near, he blew out his brains.
There was no evi'h nee of a st ti (Tie in the room, or
other indications that the crime was oom milted Ly
un outsider. Worried by sir k liesa, and ? f?Mr of ap?
proaching, porerty, Prlaer probably tboughl it beal
t<> murder Ins wini and booea rather than s,-e them
in want.
The tragedy 1ms created a profound san-a I inn.
and people bare been Hocking to the Boone from all
parts of the surrounding . outitty. An InqUOOt lum
Hot yet bOJ II held.
[nt HUM?U-O IO Tin- nflWt*?]
15 V T.I IM'Hil*, Oet. 'J I.?About three weet
Trott ti.'? i:. ? i'l..niin.Tit rt?maa t itt/, o
on Than?net* wktlo under tko taOaenee of Najaterajuar.
N_Od Bilk bia vtlfe, Mrs. OkiftaOtno Bonnels?r, and,
thrnwtnn- her ui?in the fl.xir In her bedroOBB, >'tl Ike
ai ti-rii.s tn her .inn iuui !? ft h*r then' to die. H.. th. n
I'.n lat'd his trtlllW tad t- aa als) it .1. |. il I itt., '.lien M-a , I m..a
a.v.-risl, ami 1 . iras put luj.til lo BU ?
Of her bj\) OJ tat
Tko skeen: waa too mu. Ii for tko
wife'* mind, nnd aka drtftnl ?40 ft
m.it'.ld state ..f taaaalty, lo whleh ska wu* haunt* ?
th*- i*ii ?.? ih.u tn r hus ha?d oma skoal to MU her. l ?
a.-lltelitil hy her la .1-1 I.t Tl. I '*? fri.'l.U, w .... ll
___a to st run- iiis rnlriooo. tt.limod tsar to abm sn ufil
tlOTtt thal lt* h ul .Tt h. f. If Stn- iitiktii''*l;a_Tv
thia, itti.l Murro. 1-ta-r wa.* i-ortseri'i* nth ts'* t??L [mm* di
tiliTy upon his r. turn lu.m. ahc I. . mm. wild arith)
unlit, !?%? l.tltiillia. lil UlC ?BM 'hut alu- w ta* e.,Ink tn na?
il,'ir.!.. >T
Mils innniliii} she waa found *le_1 on h.r I..-diroan fl....r
Willi her he ul tied to tile. tM*4p?? Sha '
lund:MSB on hat v.ouii.U fo* .1 BOOOO. Till. . .i,.->i*<l Un
tt ..uinl lo r*-'.|?Tt .iiiT win ti fonn.l stWWOa t'.tbed lu
Mood, Th*' tragedy hus wt' flinn tl inn. I. e?rtUtucai tn
(,. rmaa t In
iT.fs' MBA. i ii i mi i nc INS i.v/.f
III I. . 1 ll 1 Ml I) IIII I IP
Nt ItsK.
[ar ii i.c.n ti ti t*i mr. nooQ
Uni Aid, Oct. 'J I.?The conti -t ov.r the
will <tf tke late Mes. r___rs waa eeej_wad this mornirnr
tn tbe Sm .? I Court. Tke actorneyaroi
Tilts BB?oom < 'l thai ila y wc o.i r. -t, sod obtained per
inl-wt'iii lo COU alioth, r WttUOM Who vt i - I-. .???- -lliln
now. Tin- defence Ikea eollcd MUi kana Ryan ooo
stated that she waa nurse la Mrs. VlllaMfe fro'u 1976 t<>
1870, Kui d' Bled that there vtim any sajok rkaa*je la
duet a*, ha- lu li St?touted t'> Mrsa. Killmore duriin; IU78
and 1879. Tko wltacob aaai tkal Mrs. P__mcb waa ox
.Ttal.l.-, and had ?* 'I ?Ch mid high teui|>* r.
Sha mentJoaed p.iii'.duly this bKtdrnt: Mn.
Fillmore w.u< in tho dlnln_-room, and *>_? n before
her Blood a boa In wld. h th. re wei*- p.ijiTr..
Mm eaUed tko witness to send her *'ti aa
t r: tal Mn I lin ..re ii,..I J.ii*t r. turtied ti tn (hOK?
.ieee*, of Hem v i m.uer and BBfMN?i d annoyed. Hhere
niarfced i "TaeTauncni ar*, frnntnirsmats aeson Ikey
I'Hii'i wait nu I .nu di-.tii." Hm balda lani dooumcntln
int hand, '.v lileh, .to the vt iiin-ss weal out, she torc lu two
iiml threw <1*.wu. 'J Ida, t donjill the wlti.ma (11*1 uni -uv
so,ls supposed io have ix.ti tim so-calledTannerw_L
'i'll.' wltneaa aold tl.ai darinji her service shs hud ... i opted
tm sdjolnhia room lo thal of Mrs. Killmore, m,.1 thal sha
av iiiiytliliie Irrational tn her m BO apt.
(Ill lia press *-, .1111111 it lou, vt hleh wait iiiiulurted hv Mr.
ijiinii, the v. it new, nek mi wi*vln*ed i h;.i she 'olil Ur. Loomis
thal What Mr-, lilli)..rf Ita a ... .1 w.is liieillcllie fol lier
tn.ml, .tad ;n.t li* 1 hiMly ; ithe oin) ini^-ltf li ne __j t bal ?hr
l.i-l.i-vi'd Mr-. ITlliuorn w.n? uni 1 1..telly < tu/v, I.ut nt aa,
UOt In ker rlffkt mind iilwa)H, hut .alie di.mi 11 ii.iii,lu 1
aoytag s... _
lill It! -I ! I IS OHIO UMBI ll TAI. lu HIM? \ ll V, *.
ON' I UK IA Ul I 1:.
1*1 Tl I I '.HAITI 1*1 lill. TT tc ? ll I
run.adi i.i-ina, Oct. 21. -Samuel J. Ran?all,
Iii a < otivii a-iiiliui vt nh ii reporter of i:,r l; tu u, ul,, it,
? ..1,'. as for the Speakership li-d rta. Ind ,1 11,01,
bop* I.il and tiii'our.igliiK sta^o. Ile had RH?O?I for h.t>
h_tkattkei?_1 m ohio hud lar_e|y toured ta* his
Item tit, hut ht- tv im uni Ht. Ul,erly to ..ve did?lt ti* to In,.
, -.h.. 1 unpori final thaiMotoorobmwhom. Un further
sold that tte report of a recent speech, la which he sahl
ho wan not fer pint* ellon fol the luere saVi: of plot.1 Mott.
n:i. a-tn'* unlit of lils M?It?U. Ile lu lt rilli I
."ii -tiu-'tloli'-f nml do ? ?* net llnil iTtlii'i fi.i' ti,u|.. ,,1 a
blah potietive tariff in M.- OanatttottoB; but, in r.e. uring
nveiiii* for Hu Hii|.;n.:t of the (ii.ertnii. m, tint auiple
liiole. lion ol our liitliisliK-s may lie etiaily .md properlj
I Ci I.',!. ICU NOTES,
Ki..i-.'K, Iowa, ott. _i. 11,0 boneo of Chief
Keokuk,of Um HO?1 snd lt,\r-. after (r_o_ thin (Tty wrui
? BsmMt, were brooabi frsmUMuas, Koa.,ya?et?ur aad ?iu
b?liilriit<l beni
Ill I.'' VVNlNi; WOODI sm I).
Br. I.oits, oct -M. Under foreclosure of nu.rt
r?Kt-, Un- l?-*-l lanriliiK 1 niiipaiiy's wm kn ul l:,,?t st. lamia,
al t. -t* rtlay 1.11 flfiM,OT..,to the liiiinitiu.il, 1. ,,ii.
si Illili lo Alt'XUUit. I ll VV lilla-.
-M I- *'? AI.I.KN fl K ll A - 1:1 ?.
Ni;vv-!Iavk\, o.t. Vii.?" W.-i'' Allen, nf New
Yolk, OOT?Ml ..f mi ttiamt ta) roi) Join, Mel.Hrinntt, ,il lll-.k
Ijrs, on a tt_a ta Newiwirt taut mnnaatr, waa ri'l.iw-ril (nun
Jail lu-rc t?-*liiy by Ute .**ii|)eili*r c.ml, uml i>r...., 1, ,t bowe
ward willi lila * oiiiim-I.
a .von 11 land caki: BBiintn
Birmiv.iii wi, Ala.. Oat. 94. I'Ik- rnit.il States
''..url at lliiiilavllle haa dlaiaiaoed Un- lui.it (hiv..niunlit
laud -nil kf..HMtt lin I.leia nf tanti fill mri ly ott neal by (be (Juv
.1 nun ut.
A IlRIi. AM) 0C_OQ__D *;<> ASIKiHK.
Lewk-4. D' 1., Oct. 34.- Tho brig Antelupe, from
rill.:..ii tt,ta f.u rt..-I..11, ami th.- trhctt??r Votttit (Iii.) trnm
Ililli.'|.lin* hi ->t I..tm, N. H., went iinhore nhr* a?l of tlil-t
lil.Tte 1I111 ai.' Ile ul at. TfeS a?totSBM la full ot t?ul*T.
(?(iNl.i-.Y'-i t'iiAi.i.i.M.. D DT Dom,
I'iit-iii it*;. o."t. 24, Wallace Koon ha-* ae
crpi.ii riiuiejr'a flteUsoM for a lUirf-mllo inco f..r *1,1Kio u
VK'IT'.IttlTO AT (iKT'l VMI, il(l.
Gi 1 1 \ "I'.U.ii, 1'eiiii., Oft. IM.?One hun Ir, tl und
tliirl.t tile1:11m .Tum Maatx.n h.ik**Ua an Iv uti bira-tl.. .. an?
ia ? lil ay lilli vira:! tlie tull!!'- rt.'al, toluullOW uml T l,l.l> .
' du ll..- |ill|H.?. i,r ,! .iMl,_tlll_ llli|iiirtllllt ), Hltii.l, ,. , ll|ilitl
1 i.v Mmh?:u 1.ute Hg h.m,i... Tbi* polnta will be marked I.t -nm.
tah i.o.iii-i.
\ 1 i'iii.k f.x.t j i.mi.n'i i.vt:h a i.nri.r. Olia
HKWVODT. K. I.. <)ct.'JI.?I her. v. ,w some lull*'
en il. tu. ut .... ?-,..:,ii ||,rr tn it _ bjf C." oily apj'i-.Traii. ?? of
1 Hie wi,;'1 earning I rum n well 'illili at I'muiiiu-iii om-k, but it
j la nut . I'li-ialT*-.'. ICoTt iii .1 aiiyliiiti^uf valuo will ii*hii!(
N VTKiN \ I. .i.V ll Klii.M. QM I-IYY. I: Ml I N K ITl**.
Nt w URI?AK*, Ott. JMu? lin* eleventh annual
t'inv. ila 1 ion ol Ure Eualiioora mel
il j 1 ur .tu";>ii I'unatnr, ?f cini'lnnaiT, 1
milli A lilli, ut ' 'tn 111 : _-"-iT _1 ??...,? Tiri-. Ke.iTtcn.
tutiv,a ?. te pre mil n 11t1-.11 ly ovary ni ita la tho 1 u.?
1 111 1 .tl IL OP l' H. MHKH \TN.
Aiiianv. Oct 24. Tl.e tri .1 of "li.ink'' If. Bbc!*
win nu nulli tui'Tii ,.ir .oula-,ttpt ot totirt will lie "in t-> .
Booton, Oet. j*, rho ctn ui*_s Banka Oumnii>*i
i-iiiiiiaia. *ity lliHl tit ti uiita o.iliaa ti. ti.oHtute lia vu nudeU-d
lill? or llu 11?? Iruiu Hie Italul. ali V. Ml?w A Una*.
-iii: IcrriDBM BY THE ARK AT kartii*.cake
civn. naoftDDB,
London, Oct. 2.1.-Adenpat.hfromTohesmc, nn
(l*T*l.?teof yesterday, to tho/Jol/,/ A eic*, says t " Un
lowi Immediate relief is forthcoming hundreds of
persons whose bonnes were wrecked by the recent
earthquake will die front fever and exposure. The
relief hitherto aflordod lnw been sHalita Food is not
m. much wanted as clothing, blankets, medicines
and materials to build a temporary shelter.
'?' A Turk quarrelled with and mortally wounded
a Greek yesterday, and the rumor spread
that tho Turks were mussuering the Chris?
tians. 'Hie Governor-General of Smyrna, who
is liero directiiijr the measures for the relief of the
Bufferera, landed a body of sailors from a gun-bout
:ind arrested the assassin. This prompt action on
tbo port of tho ('overn0]-General prevented dan?
gerous disorder**."
The (iov.nior-Generftl and the Marchioness of
Lansdowne drove through the principal thorough?
fares of this rity this morning, and tlie ('overnor
(.eneral paid his tirst otlicial visit to his olllnu in
Eastern lUm-k thia aftonwoo. Bout express Utem*
adreaaa delighted with tin* reception girentkem
list iiiinit. i hov are charmed with tim econerr of
(Illilwa ami with tho Government lionso and its
Barron mUnga.
I.oi.l Lansdowne jtravo Captain Smith, of tho
steamer Ctreaaaian, SB aterling for tho Liverpool
BO?Dii.n's OlDDOaafOj
Ottawa, Ont., Oet, 21.?An extra of The Ofi rial
Oaartti announce-! Hie arrival of tho Marquis of
LaotdoWDe kt _W capital, and contains the prool,t
matioo of his assumption of the Qot*__oavOo?eral*.
When the Vic.vK.-_al party arrived at Ri.loaii
Hall, last evening, the Marchioness was the tirst to
alight, and at??Ung ol th** main antioooa iDoetrotl
her Itejre loni with a kiss as he entered the portals
ti i their new hoiue.
'Ihe Corporation addreaa to the QoTernor-Oeneral
will be prcaented to-morzow aftornoou at Kideau
Tay.i.-, 0< f. -1. ihe -pneral ?aptoaaion produced
lure by the condition of tho relations between
i'm:..o ami China on iii*- Tonojoda _ueo_ou aa
shown bv the fellow Monk, is that all negotiations
are exhausted, and that ii ur or mediation only will
Bettie the dispute.
THT, imviusaL HOUR.
Ko vu , Oct. 2 I.?The report of the commit t* *>
O tin- I ii ..'la lie \--ih tallon WHS lld.ipted Ht il tue tink'nf
tko conference it-t. t.i iv. The report favors the uni ver
b_m *if Ike (.iveawi. h meridian, and oleo reeom
mends, sa the point ol departum of Ike nnlreraal Boor
? l.t.tn <1 tte*, tl..- mt an noon of < ir.etiwTeli.
Iii..ut. un,.- bopan Unit England will tnlt am _ tit. -
niilll.atli.il of tbs vt* lillis nut lucia-Tl. ,1 hy Joining Um
mal it* .il ' onvcntiaiii of 1 .7*3.
[?IA ? I Mli lt. (Ml -i lt Til l MK lill ll OatlHI.1* ]
I.imv Oct. -'I, viii Giilvcstoit, Tex.?dcm i.il
l_k*ali?arrived ia re al :i o'nlookp m to day aodtaok
up lu - ' H i roo* Ired em hu
i .. li..' tt bois town was do* m
Vu wv, Oct, '-M.?At tho opening *?f the
-ion *.t '...,? A i-t?| in li. leg.itt.tn tko preraith nt
of peace tt a.- uniter*.illy
f i. ii. _id tin; tko <;?...niin.'at would koobllajod to
I..'... ti..- . l.tur on tim p.-iri et tko ptffpto tate accuunt,
i nt th.it it ? ?? for tim Delegation to furnlsb
tli,. i...t.-rinn.Ti* "Altli Hie tn. in-* f.n plot. <tlin,* tho
hon*.i, i.i<ii? .uni mt* i. its a.f tin- liounrehy.
A I'.Al lUB Willi IN LIAN'S
li-...T.v., (?.l. JG-An /./ Patna Time*
ttiih tko roperta t>f mi tar
??td. tween Imtlaas aad Montana emrelry maa
11.. iii.* Mrrkian Bathosittea refine to
t*;i t>o Bamber of wounded tu..I kill.si,
?tm ...ui ot tl. il place learned that tl.e
rail. o_r_eon Terran, ofCblbaobno, iatkere
a 'eu.lin.- tke wiiiimlad. Tko fmllffna karokrobeaoamp
? ...irittist mtai roi una: banda Ot cltf!it and ten
Hil.I .irv i.tlallin.' th,- surrounding ...tiiiiiv. it is believed
r'.,i aioat ot t.i. m bara BOM into lue Tate of "-on..rn.
ira m arcot fear. A .li ._ *t*ti from Qi
nhows tii.it tko] ir" or Mino;the lm>- on the
v|.ii..iu <'ei,ti.il on Qm o'.I troll MMe distance
mi*, tt a. re fiat WI'!* d Hanntor Pugb's sou.
tko ol o', named ls aboul l"> tulles north of Cblbt??na.
i te di -jaa'i ii -.ns i " A orowd of raiding Indiana etina.
to M II. i's tai., ii ?at ti Vet and inilo nlgbl bocsoa. There
is triaitt iv. tt* meal b* re. hie aupposlUon bora la tb.il lt
ls part o! Jllk'S h.md at Ci- i .liTUde."
M.*mi:i:.m., Oct '11.?The libel coat of tho
Allan hi* iniihhip QoMpoarj for |DO,000 iauMana against
rftc Mimirriii ejltaem wm ia. ana bera ta-diay, bi lara
.lu-, a . Doh* rty ami a ipO?ni Juty.
linn iv, n. h., Oct M.?at bow warrant baa boon I -
BBOd tiiial* r Hie (Tihtoma Hiiiiiur*. 11upr BM BgalDM Holmes
and llra.ki ti, tka MlOOlMl dynaniit.eura, In vtlileli tiny
are iTuuvcd willi hrtiii/liur eip?OtTei M(TOM the lierd.r
willi.ml paying duty up*ui tli. in.
I/.M.'i.N, O.t. ht -Captain Pre var, who left Dover on
M.lav In it miniature pod die BOM to attempt lo SiDM
tin i I:.iiiiiel, wita-* raaeued hy a pacing vessel.
U)xnowtOei M.?Mots karo occurred at Btekaneori
India, In eonaequence *.f ..(ll. lal ei act lona.
l/i.sixi.s, Oct. -i. tl a emoting at Botkorkam lo day
of laloBDOM I*ipratoatlnc AltUOOooH?i? in Tor??tra, it
w.ta naotved io lunka avon tka dcm sod Mr au udvauce lu
a .uf.ii*.
I.itu.itu if, Oct. 24.?The Poor Law (luanllans of tho
Mun rick I ni.tn havo if-aolvnl to take BlrOD?#B of tho
1 ablO I IB* Ait and hui'd ii iluxi-iiinl cott.tK**i* fjTi* tb*' oo
. om mod allon of laboring un n.
St. iTii.ii-i'.iTi.i, Oet. "J i. Conni Todl t ben boareaicned
ti,.- UoTornorahip of wilna on tke uni?id of IH baa llb.
Ill tu iv, Dil. M.?TfcC lliinili Miitli. a.Tim? under tho
."-... lilli.Bl I.itt. lina titi ttl..1 lo pia.lani).' mm til l-'eptointicr HO,
I a-** 1.1 in minor state of siege ol B* rtln, ffoiufcorg, Alton;.,
BB? other ali -tt r ta tv.
Ai'i'iuM Bl ..iM'-xm. aimns niT*>i:i: iui:ai;mv
il lill . I Mill T.I .WO.
Os* inn Ul, (let. 'Jl.-Tlio Society of _M
Army ?f th*- Omnkml??I Maraked ti ? >m UM Banuatt
n.itiHc t*. th*. Opera Ifonsa. nkera tt hei.1 a bu-duo-i*
Moolta I Tka prooi aokm ana lad ap Ba pr??ants, QoomdI
Hheii'i.ni. wuii Qoaeral BoMonaM ou bia rlgkk Uaaoral
.ii.i i.i ,n eal?d the tii'iiiii." bom?r, oat raportaol eoat
oslttecs were rsa? a mmdu_m ama adopt'il that tho
(?..iiiiui'l.tt Mem '.ii'-, (ali.- Hm ii.c-illy hic|m In I'.ive
i? -ketch of * ieiterul PMeduian'r. inllltarv eaice- BBbBskad
in ti.*- aanual totmos at Ifca isalsly, altkeapa ii" ?rm aol
it m. inn. r *.f if. Oanerol -i. **. WoAUwtam, ttaaaataa, tm
ported a balance at tko Betnammo of tka year at Mutti
Icilaiic* now In the llanelli J. T>1'J7.
Ail ?Mima ua-..!. liver, dbi Oem*Fnl kthtaa, ID lt ka
?altI ?? i iiu.jtiit .*? Mldliaa"raaakia sooMp moo?aga,
Beoaaaolkaow that wkea tho oM soUasn pal Mao?nt
tlll-y feel the BO_|_ ill 11 ? I ? ? Sit?t of t he ola!I III."* of |.:ll I lol l-tll
hunitncrln their heart-., an.i lite over agata the old HMM*.
it .in.si them good, iiiiii lt tl... . .v.:>i">.i_ cine paodaloo.
I ? ? lull. - .ni.l iMMPflBaa KTthei.-d here, bonorintryon
for your'Ii-i-.Im (Ionia lu th*'piwl, a'.iiah from tho patrlOMB
Mr. . Im i ititi' iu joni lie.TttH sp.nks that SOt their heurt*. on
tire aloa. Tkam yon?am peopla, who wera aol horn
v- in ii tka gnat war oamo ot?i -t-i eloodal aorrowaod
suiI dag nud (lt nth, anil went Ty at hint In victory, leav
luK ita Immortal, aklntag erowa af glorj ontUo*a*aOjaoi
will heiii lu thenoaolilien'reuniouH tutmi ut patriotism
timi Will luiKer foiover lu their> I.norina ; and If Um
;uin '.f ilimei-r should ever come, na <<".! eraOttOOtH
lietel may, Hilt, s.ilU'i, a DI U"! I M I SOBM BOarM and i-t.il
ta.irt iimiH to <iefeini ii? g_ei and benora
??Hiatory never for_.;U h.T-olc ,leal*, ami Motor] foi ctr
teet it., ittelf. Von hillel ??haired old BBtdlOTS MO aluiobt
uiicoii-wiiiii-* thal .you have peifaUUMd bel ole d.-'-dn ; Out
i ..it have j mut tho Bte*, will live niter you die. Aye, na
the -Linea you NMI ul WaahlnuT'Oi BDdOoOM and PBMMB
nut Omeo lind your ie ?ta ..ii..) i aa oom young, m tha
.tory of tht . m npalga M_kattl( ? Inwkleli jroa bore aa
hoiiontitie par) win ira Ifca bcorta ?>f roarefc_?ma*a
t lilllll.TI.
"Dh,"vh.it n atari M lal Tin ra ih u.??:. ' toa po ihut
? e.m tell il, BO | .In:.')'*, I ru-li that .an d. pict lt ; a Story
i of tit v.dion.tititry iiml ttl ttl.atty, tu lil.v aii?l tu MOD*.
thut-m.H e,,,!.-.v.i lu hfcOaryaMeb] ttewltfctkokerole
I ,t..?l. ut uiieiein mul in.iilitiTi liuie- At Ult! atuTV ol Vulir
heroism upon the battle-fields of the war for the Union,
tue hearts of tho loyal Anieriei? people swell wi?i pride (
anti st tho story of your eulTerlnKH on the long marchi*'*,
In the mxiho-idfnl.*, tn the 01.1011 pena of the South, or
amid the awful oarni.ro of battle, their eyes melt into
teart*. I>>t me not attempt to toll lt. In song and suirv
snd niarhlo tablet, in statues of bi?rn and bronze, lt will
oe told for all tho ages, for Llhcrtv will not forget her
children until IJIa-rty herself shall di*-."
The prater then sketched the preliminaries whleh
brought about the Rebellion, Incorporating In his remarks
a great anioiuit of historical Information Indicating deep
researeh and thorough familiarity with the pant history of
the United Suites. Reverting to the civil war
Itself no eontlnued: " History la Inexorable.
It waa a war for tho ina?tcry of the continent between
freedom and slavery, lt cannot he blotted out. No one
now deidre, to blot lt out. Freedom was victor, and slav?
ery la dead fore v. r. lt was a contest of giants. Here and
now, on occasions Uko this, questions us to ?' who was the
most to blame ' are ruled to bo ' out of order.' The sol?
diers of tho North never bad any Ill-will toward the sol
S,n of thel"-?uth. The_outhc.ro so:ilers wcro no cow?
ards. The Old Guard of Napoleon contained no braver
men than were found In tho Confederate rcirtments. They
were defending?lt ls Inexorable hlstory-a false and nar?
row civilization, and they ought to have beau whipped,
jud they were: audit li a fortunato thing for them and
tor tho civilization of the world that thev w>re whipped
(not so very easily, as wo well know); delightfully and
.simnleteiv 'whaled' upon butileliel.l aft.-r batlletleld,
until hy sheer exhaustion they were compelled to _t_!t"
.1 , ' . AtJ-lr", then gove in a dashing sf vic a sketch of
he butti.-s und brilliant IlKliting of the Army of thc Cum
bei'laiul, elleltiilg tho Utmost entbi?lasiu from his UU
THE rou ?ffOWUBWI OP ME, hi.ackkoi:d.
[Ot TKI.KilKll'll TO TUB TRIHl'vi:.]
N'KwnrRO, N. Y., Ort. 24.?Tho imlijrniition
of 11.? pi*, pie at Oman wood __a over fie Betting of
BUMk tam by W. T. f-Hk, for tho purpoM of Mooktag
Wiiltew:it.T Lake, on the estate of the Marquis of _tnter,
near S tam furd, baa resulted lu tho arrest of four men
charged with acting as guides mid t l_t__ RUktekM
Dlagal work. Silk hus visited th. I___ pr* vl'.us ye.u-H
and taken thousands of fish (rom it. Although
lt was known what wm going on, lt was bel?red that he
was neting under authority of tka proper Ofmtals and1 hiI
was therefore not BM?Med. When, however, ho again
vi-iied tim lake,a few wooka agu, -wwontormt?_IM
frustrate Ids plans _p__bia Ka?kew Kennedy, the
(rame und tt-li BMS?OM_, recently appealed before Justice
Wa if. Wynot, nt Geanna, wketa ho amio complaint
Bg_Ml James Ryei-son, Wililaiu Ryer-cm, Warren, Al
dridgeand BiJepbim Oat?wa, arreoted thiam and tock
tli. tn to iioir.cn, whoo they were lodged In the County
loll. Yest<-rday morning they were Mina tx-fore Judge
Wyker, bul tl.e bear?g In the OMO vms inljonrned.
it appealed, th* Judge aajra, fretu oka i_a_M_taott_i
prtaonomtkaI Mr. Blackford had given to Mr. Bilk the
authority lust year to take Mack BUM from Greenwood
that they nnd tte people irener.tlly objected to this
pro. *?? aline nt the tittie, but mat nothing waa then done to
prevent lt; that Silk went finn .-calli this year for the
inn.o-o of again getting black b.'w.l for
tke Bari of Exeter; tbM Ifnaaia wu, .-.tone, Mcgraw,
and Ramo telegraphed to Mr. Blackford as to his Inten*
Unna tn tbe promises iiml that tliev ni o forbade .--ilk to
lake tbe flah from the lake, nut Qiat .Ilk. ottorilaliing
lil.w-kr..ni in Ni w-Voik, eama back and -t .t.d thai
Blackford bad Otraln given hitu permission tc
take tia" tl-h from the hike; that tho men
niau.d also wn.ro letters to lilackford. tolling him
about Tia.us and itatemgnfo about th**
|.*rinlst>l<>n h." sail he ha.I fnnu tln> Commissioner.
Tbeae oommnnlcatlona were sent Oonunlssloner Black
|M-niilsi.|*>u he saiil
Tbose oommnnlcatlo
ford, it i-* (Tallin"1. In time for him to dav.- tufercooted the
I 'iTI-ali'iian. and t.i hitVT'capt.1 the Oali before being
inn mt the steamer for England ; inn neither were thr ti-*h
t?ken nor w is an. thing done wltb Bilk. Tho prl-*on*Ta
rlaltn that their arrest waa tho 1 ??, they had
Hint th*' Ssh w .rs token from the I ik>-. .ctr iry to low ot
against the order of the Plate Commissioner. The oat
rage la -a teri ll ile unused by people living al Oreenwood
I bout 11,000 black bass are laid Ul hat.) be. n
token to it gUnd by Ur. -*iik.
Hm.timoit', Oct. 24. ? The election for
Mayor and Otp council ta-tiap brought out tho largest
reta t empoOed ta this etty M a amati rpo! sIbo?bbj. Two
ll. keta wen- In the lb ld, the mgnkUT DOBBBafMta* bead*sl
hy tit-neril K. C. Latrobo, for Mayor, amt the Citizens', or
l'11-i..n. ticket. MMIMl by J. Moana B___D.B?M_ Dem?
ocrat and jin-nt City Fire Marshal. The latter was
KM?BM*?I by % coininit_0 of gentlemen styling the.m
relrei Reform Demoa .ts, and mdMoanoatly han?Mi bp
lb*-regular K'Tiiil'li".ni ('try C.nvt-ntli.u. Tie total vote
un tin-may.>t ai i ti ,, t was 51,754, of wklch Lntrobe re?
ceived 2t)?l 47 and n Iskell 25.1107. l..t obe's majority ls
? Of tie- tiri br tu. ti of ile. Cit.t r-iundl the Pciu.*
prats sleeted ten nu*mImws, and the Pualuuista ten, in the
I i.r:in.Ti the regular Dem I Ix, and the
i lutanists four.
Ai.r.vxv, O.t. '_M.?In tli*- eaae of Ctnoll
against Carroll, when< Hie wife, a daughter of ME-Mav or
Nolan, silas fm divan,-., tram her anshan? on Ino ground
of his uitideMfy, tlvc witness, s tran examined to-day to
prove tho Bl?ged Criminal eoiitluct of Mr. Ci no! I. Can. M.
., v.mn_ man of reputable famllr. k:iI bj tbe -ide of his
. ouiiael. Nathaniel C. Moak, snd diet al ?1 quoofions on the
i pa.m tiani!uatltui. Tho line of defeuoe ahowa an Inten?
tion to provo a conspiracy. Borne *>f et "Tiver Nolan's
adi?nata am inspected to hate bet o Involved.
IiijT'Ai.o, Oct. 24.?Tin' Baptk-t State Mis
___ry coiiveiitii.n mei bare today, laoretairy calvert,
ot New-York, reported t_M 87 mission ny paotom wore
employed, und "J7.*i fe.'..i- ekurcBM h.ul b. .11 aided, Dr.
J. II. Thomas, of Urooklyn, spokeMl thc tnl-sioti Bf the
lliptl-.f Chttr.'h. The Rev. It. rt. MacArthur, of Sew
York. ilt-11 vi-r**tl an address on "lustrum, atalltlea fur tke
lieteinpment of Un'I'liuifh," arni UM Kev. Et, II. Hall. 01
New-York, and P. H. Kartoo* of Brooklyn, amma ot the
.1 .te Bunal>y Minmi.
Plymouth, M.i.*w.f Oct. 24.?The h.tnl.-st
northcaat f-'iile for.-evei.il years hiis been luffing here
Mn*o last night. Th.- sloop I..1.io- t. loaded vtith woad,
ami the yacht Mamie parted theil' ciblas while at anchor
lu the Inner harbor nnd went ashore.
in maim's Hiv, Maa*. Oet -i.?\ severe aortkeoat
lalo.BiiiiompaalnflIq*rata tigvr here at .ia. m. today.
At 11 h. m. Ike gale bad taerea ind In severity. Hundred ?
of aalllng veost? were seen off thc east sloe of the Cape
early ti.is morning, and great anucebenslon ia tatt for
lb.-tr saf. ty.
A-i.i nv Pans, Oct. 'ii. Tko wat?? ran r_y hi_h
itl..11K tills portion Of tko co.i.-t t't day. A l,,r_e plOM ol'
th* Mkoonar bantu Bridgmoa has flontod <iif th*- beoeh.
-?? -
II\\*.\ik. N. IF., Oct. 21.?.Snow has __tl?a_
-t.-.nilly herc since li o'clock Uria Buming.
Iii 1 i.tvts l'tl 1 -, Vt, Ucl. il ihe Iml MOW of thc
-tii-atn beana talUng onrlp Ikta awrnkig kbout two
itu In - h:iv 1 falle_
Hi 1 kai.o, N. V.. o.t. 2I.-TI11' ncpulili.an
City Ciinveiition Ind av iioiiiin.Tted HO?la Morey tor
m.....r, but, ho mfanod to accept Um aoai?_tie_
.? .. *
SiMtisui tki D. Mts., Oct. SI4,?DuuIaI Faulkner.
ai 1 lol v..i..-, triait to era Ita t.ncu twa imaM* ann yeahnttay,
and M_a hu asa tonal/ n.i.in ?! tltat iia> Mod.
Miinr.iu.Y, M..., Ot t. '21.?L. I.. Daring, *>r clifton,
?araa killed by his aunt. Mrs. winiam tttrnnb, yeaMrday. Baa
altuck bun M tho hewi vt lt h S bMBflMB.
lil'.tilitiK N*. ADAMS I'.D'U'Itl'.ll.
Ib.srov, Oet. 24.?Oeorte N. Adamo, arno la
ebetsei v\lth highway lolilicry lu waaliiiiBlnu ia Dei*,?r last,
wita anestoti btwayesterday.
Ni w-Hui nswick, N. J., Ooi. 34.?Franklin Moore,
tor steol mn 01.0.1 wolta ..f-Uk hromaeor .>n Uta rennaylvsuia
lcittroTii, haa beea saBMBoed io ten rente iiiipnsouuiuiiu
A1TKM1T TO MIT-'?i:il AN* A11AN D'iNT.l) WOMAN.
WiL?j_iba??B, Penn.,Oet. -I.- -Roberl Roach,of
Ku.K-iti.il, tu.1 .ii mvniabls boaM hen Ibis n..iniln?, shot ono
Badia *..iinu, sb aband?tod won sa. Her art i? .i.apatr. <i ur.
Canton Fat?xa, Iu?l.,Oet.2-i.?Twotniinpsfuiiiliy
?taaatiit.Hi i.nne-, 1 trnvfard amt wife, un scad tiiiii'ia', ut wbosa
i boase tiny oMgWaappM aadsbcitci, last Blgksj Tiu-y cs
' ca.t;"l.
Pl v moi 111. Ma***., Oct. _>1.-J.iiiies talmore, the
\ liietiiillart who burnell tho II. ..I ,'.-?? .*(<-r VV,.rk.i..i.oma
nitiDtbs af.), wss asa?uott ledny M twenty yomw luipnauu
1 llllillt ia ta." Ht."ie ITlaalll.
Lym inti ru.Oct 24.?Near Mod House, C'hMlotie
coon*..recently,J. 1*. aUrsbaU faulty aubbedJoiiiu.cbii.
di?a _ s quan?, HoM ara wall known, aad Lho _&_? tre?
al? much uXtTtctueur. M.itsti.ill has uul Beti.
i ion* Oct. Ut.?Joesph E. Uaoo, alias (,'liurlcs
I'.lwin, **I:mh Ia amil *,c?tt, of Ut, taOUls, ?iih itir.-*(.-a|
la ic laalat aliait'.'al .titi) huvliiaraaiiln ""1 from her ll.e Cor*
1, tia Lian.ti ?*'"H. aaTSiitao? Tboaol?OB?njomm?I
aaa two isl va* tn nt. I*swls,
(illAND A ll VIV I'AHAl'K IN i'll 11.ADKL1TI I V
riiiiai.Ki.i'iiiA, 0,1. ?_?!.-Hi., i-tteieut porto ul
tli*....Hii*l Anny na*( their alums! iiaiftdc t?-?tny. About I, loo
mea \t*re In lin... I he |. ..tis hail ut ir liftllicll.iica ttlth tlicni,
' mul wars (?acrid all elong tbe rout*?. This e*r*nia* uaratim
in .m.ii i.n>, at tvliuTi u)imy Onii? Army ulilcldla auduulltaiy
l 11.1 11 tt i'le Ui ena?L
[by b__M urn to the TRtBtnir.1
Washixgtov, Oct. 24.?In a letter sent to?
day to Commandant Mayo, of tbo Norfolk Navy Toni,
Secretary Chandler acta forth tho chaws and spec?cn
tlons Sa__nst that officer and Naval Constructor Verney
made by ex-Representatlve Dczendorf, and their n-plles.
The subst .nee of the charge* was published In Thu
Tkibc.ne several months ago; the defence of Mayo and
Varney has never been published. In reply to tho dre*
charge ugalnst him, that of giving a leave of absence wltk
pay, contrary to law and re,/ulatloii*, to a int diem em?
ploye, Commodore Mayo says tbat lie did ko by virtue ot
official letters written by Secrcfary Thompson mid Secre?
tary Hunt, whick permitted the practice lu certain
cases. In roapou-w to thc eharp that iu violation
of regtllutlons ho had ordered tho employment of two
men, " well knowing that their services were not re?
quired," Commodore Mayo declares that he exercised
his Judgment as to thc needs of the service aud that tho
men were not employed and paid until they wen ut i Ant.
Inspecting the char-res that ho granted leave of ab?
sence to employes, " well knowiug that their time was to
be devoted to political purposes?for Int. ;.,? renee ia
elections"; and that he permitted BBS TkOMM M.
Hodgee to solldt contributions within tli** yard for potltl
cal purposes, Commtxlore Mayo says that leave of ab?
sence was in-anted only as authorized by the l.-ttcrs ot
BeeretM?0 Thompson and Hunt, before MM??Bail and
that he knows nothing whatever of Thomas M.
Hodges or his business, and aft.-r spacial
In.piiry among tho oftleers of the yard, police
and other municipal officials anal BBB??MU MfBB__l
of political doings lu the vicinity,ls prep ired to affirm
that neither Mr. Badana BM any BM els", wi: lin tli. timo
embraced by tho charge, has colic, bil mun. t up.i _ thia
acreage for pulltleal BarpOBMI mat -Mr. ITlKlfM hi is not
entered the yard for that purpose, nor bas permission
been granted to him to do so; but on the contrary ka waa
Bja*MB*_tp and partlcu! illy B_f_Bi hy the NajBBM BOB_a ??t
the yard not to mik.: iiny attempt lu that dire* timi for
ihitt purjiosc."
The defence ol Constructor Varney ls uko" BpooalB
ami detail..'. In BIMI IB to th.- mmtnjt of " fal so
mu.-ter by BBftn. lag a payroll ir..tu: ono
E. D. fffllfa?Mal MUdtt for full tim", well
knowing thiit ho had BOOB I? .atl.i ta i-Iy
absent for clectloneeriug purposes," Mr. Varney aty%
that Hiillom.iu abu ed a prltil.OBI granted t.< him fora
day or tw.i at the ra-.|ii. -t of the B_M_M Norfolk ('o.iiity|
tbat be was frequently lu and out of tlie paid, aud Var
ney, seeing bim th. re,-ii'..)o* al him to bc at work. A,
io De charge that he permitted his clerks to keep Hullo
man's name on tho roll with pay when h. va* doing;
uothiiig, Varney denies any h?BU?dgO or appro, al of
such violations of law by the clerks. Mr. Vrtrn.y also
denies tho charlo th:it ht dl-cnmitilated iikm'thI l.'nlou
ex-soldiers and BflUMI or thal he _BO?Mfnd .my BOM for
BOUtteOl la'.IMIIlS.
_MpOOttag the charge that BB Made upi o.ii'. iu<-nt- and
discharges depend upon support of U Hood*
Juster-Coalitlou pitty, Mr. Varney says that he " has en
deavored to select iiia-n BOBBtdBng to thellr oualitleiitlinn,
and for the best Interests of tho Uoveniin* ti." He also
denies that he made a jadittcal speech ut la.'l-.ill. Mr.
Viunty makes a i: TnT'iil .btii.d of thc ( ; tho
?Esq neel et senator Mahon*', ba increased ti.*' force et tho
etui.loves within sixty days ..f tl..- Con. ettou
of 1882. and s_units his reports tor 8e| LobM
and NoveiiTi. r, i--?*:.'. to -ut un bia denial.
Tkaoa reports show tbat b_ force *>n Septemh* '1,1 ?*-*?*,
oana?ted*>i i;i.*> nun ; Octob* r l ot l,_i;:i m< n; N'ovcmNr
of IMS men and- DeoemkM l, of i-'A maa.
Therefore, unless Construetiir Vanu-y added 6-9 men tm
hil* force during the tir-t rive daya of September, 1-UNI
und bis report noes not dhow iitlirtnauvciy that sunk was
Ike cone, li- BMnt havo increased lt within sixty danM
the November election, which would hara baan B viol*
Uou of law.
VARN'KT ____!? Ul t'OMlTTTMY.
Re-pectlng tho charge of "general Inca.IBUOBBBp and
Inefficiency and maluluilntstrstiou," au.l of oxtruva
gaiiee In tho repairs of the Pinta, Mr. Parser refers to hi,
r.ml lind to tt-tinioiitiils of shipbuilders, ;.t prove lila
competency, and point- Md that tim Nf?tl M I'M Pinta
were begun uud a large sum expand i'd Ix'fore
ho took ObBBfa Ho attrlb'.tti ?-, ti- . ,;..t c,,st
of repairing that rMBBl to H_ts???Ml
appropriations, bOOjaeat Moppa OS, tiau-fers
of force to work on olin-:' v* ?MM BBd t') al
I* ..<1 by the Bille..||."
iu Iii-letter to I't.iniii.itlore Mayo, Mc* ?' * oller
remarks that, waite Im doee not cow?lor I i seor
iinly c.iuipi.-ie, lt appears ta> be lulllck-nl ?? ..l ?tia*
factory, -<> r;uv as tao -> rious eharge-i axe cou* a rn* d, mid,
therefore, be -lue.* not regard a court martial nw* .ry in
either c*se. He does not believe (hat t?gr political00*
aesaaaenM were levied and collected m ebarged. Baora>
tory Chandler also ?forma Commodore Mayo thal the
pa t iiiiiuii.euieut of ti.*- Norfolk kary Tara by bim has
not been wholly satisfactory, and admonishes bim thal
hereafter be must etinduct ii iu a mobo m_ rty.i uumm
ainl ctonoiiiital m.tu;.ai'.
a OAOm oi' rxrn wv*; vs* i:.
Tli* Bi .'fi t .ry remarks aspec?Hy mi the .xtraragMMg *
iiti.l uu-lHctency Shown iu Kip__?g IfeB tttta, !? B ? vnlarly
in rexpectto her machinery, which, upon _opo. HOB after
the repairs were supposed to bo loiupl. to, wI found to
lie in a very dangerous couditlou. Ho Informs Comuio
tb.re Mavo that ou this account Chief -Eng?* .?: aViltlaav
ion, wno kui tliai_c of thc repair-, v* ill ba fc*i *l bj i.uit
Wa-ininc,ton, Oct, i I.?Ailispai* li li.)ii.(*.n
ertil i "rook to the A*l|iit.int-. ieinral, dab 1 tl i''trios,
A. T., (). tuber M, siiy s: ?' Two Chnit ihu.t MMI aud
.?ne boy came in iol.,y, M? NfMt ihai tuei toft ibo
Cbtrtoaboaa' eaaap aoarOaM fHwutm Ma umbi I ll * "?ro.
an.i thal Bil tho lemahMlM flt thc 0__OOaU?I left behind
la Moifco nato ta karra meta camp tor **.ui OM?a tho
next day. Last ev\-ulii.i; tine aif rhe Indians -nt oul with
Bonito reported to tke cMumandlm emnmt, Wort U*rvtpi
that H*'lii!<> and the ChlrifakUM MBM MM 'la.v'> march
tn an there, anal h.nl seal him in advance Cor rall ms. The
(ii'lliui t.tobaiily meant that the Chlrtculiiia* WCrOMN
dav's mureil -ninth iif Hie border. The In.tutu lt, re who
came in rt'sirt thal Ja w.u drowned to,int tim- -luce
?idle drunk."
W i-iiiN<.roN'. Oct. 24.?In iddi?on to tho
MMjeoiB?m mmamaead jeaterdap, Um Bsore_Rp of uie
lUt*-I'ior to *1IV SIl-.tiell.ledJol.il M. RillIX illili Pa N. Kb?>
lish, of Waa??ftO0)i and H. M.'Douald, of I. tl'boure, from
pritctlce before the IiiI.ttoi- Dopot?MMI as Bonaloo attoo
ueys. Thc Secretary _M Mahuttot from pHJBMeo v.. lt.
Taylor, ol' Va*-:.r, Michigan, and (icorge W. J..hus, ot
Waolilu(UM. T ivlor was convictcl of takilicill'^al tm ,
OB ii pension ai loin, v and Johns was disbarred ili'on tho
eviibtiie brought cut during Ida recent trial tot M_M
pomilty envelopes, lt ls alloted thot Kmii and i
published fal-..- o*lvcrl?emelita calonlafed to uiltl.ad
pei_loner?, uml Hut McJDwibM obMtMd fees ill. gatty,
? ?? ??
WatSmMOTOXi Ott. _1.?A lU'titioii frjff a,
_____M vvas tli.a.1 t*e;tity for Hatlo.t L Sttvet against
tn.. mwtnA iry ot War. The petitiuacr, who was a Hrs!
li ??:,!. ii mit in the army, and tr.iuafertvtl tu thc Hal ot
MiptT-uuuier.iri.-s.Ianuary i, 1ST1, a-ks a tn >.:i*i imus ou
thc teeta?a. 11 moMm b_ bbbm oi HM bbb? ? bMbbj
thal the tiaunfer of his HMM to tb. supernumerary ll-,
wa-'.vi i leMt?gal BOB?MIty. Jud_e MacArlbur tllrectod
;i ml. to Issue.
lao following charges in tho stations au I .lmlosot
olbi'crs of tho Ordnance Department have beeu ordered I
Cania.in trunk Heath tuduty at th" Xi,ion il Arm >ry;
l'u^t Lieutenant Marcus W. Lyo:i asslgneit t.i tint;, at ihe
Watertown AM.emil; First IJ. ateii.tiit 1-T.uik Hiker aa
?l_n**d to duty at the ITaukJoid Ai-senal; First Lieuia-uaut
Orrin B. Mitcham to tb;> command of th- Cueyeuna
Ordnance IKt>ot ; Fir-tt I.i utenunt Lawrence I.. Hluff a*
algm-d to duty at tho Watertown Arse ii a1; liixt Uou
tM?Ul William M. M-.-dtalfo to duty at thc Nailonal
The extention of leave of absence grnttti <l C-iptala
Birney B. Keeler, ISth Infautry, May 1% bas be... further
*-_tt'udi-daix luaulhs, and tb** cxtfiislou of leave of ob
BOBM graiititl Capti.ln Qcorga Shorklev. 10th Inruniry,
ix-ceuiber 7, oxtcuded six months. Leave of absence for
six mouths baa boca ifrHiitc<l First Lieutenant (hat lea W.
Ko*-, Adjutant J'l Cavalry; U>ave of nbaeuce for lour
months baa wen grantad ?'.*i>tiilii Jacob F. Kent, :id In
faiitiv; tko tero of absonee aranted OajUsIa c.*ri*ill H.
l'ot(er, lHth Infantry, October 13, l*js*j, has beeu ear
Manta! Br. mouths.
Wasuinotos, Ort. 2t.?Thu Socvetaiy of the
Navy han decided to orbr a court martial fer the trial
of Chief I?gluater Thoiai.ia Willliimson, on duty at tba
Norfolk Navy Yar.1, B?Mfti with uilsmana_lng tho nn
bJbbmlag work ou tho Flutu. A gem-ral MMJ court
murltal haa boen api*olnte*i to meet at tho Navy Vant,
.New Voili, to-iuorrow, for tho trial of sevenl enlisted
nun. BM detail for tho court tl as follow* : Captain J.
N, Miller, I.i.MM.'Hants J. C. MM. Charles Bclkuup, H. P.
?adfBBg, W. W. lUinball, Captnlut James PBBBJf sud &

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