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P. Meel-er, wltb PM Lb ut* tiaut O. H. Boan M as Judge
Advoealo. , ....
Licit* unilt J. P. J. Am; r has beni d<*_il-d from tbe
Colors*!.. a.el i>l:.o*d on waltina orders: Annuitant Kn *??
necr Willum H. Ald-ntlee from tin-Alllam* and pto-d
on waltlmr orders; Aot_tant It..-rn*-. i .1 B. Wilmer hus
been grut,lcd leave of absence for ihi*ee mouths.
Washiv.ton*, Oct. :M.?LcttoiH from Liberia
announce the arrival ut Monrovia, August JI, of thc
bark Monrovia, with eoiii.-i.iit- BS?I by the American
Colonization Society. They pi ?< ceded to Brcwervilb .
where tiny are to settle. Ti..- ?ev. Hugh M. Bi own.I and
the Kev. T. McCauto Stewart, *_ rofcs-iois-i toM in Liberia
College, lauded al Monrov ia, August .r>. aud were w* 1
c>T. .Un thc Methoditt Kplsooiial Church. The profivt
isor-.vl-.lt*-.I the st. 1'mi's Kiter un.I w. r>- prepOa-?X to
lohe upi tlidr r* i-.iit.-niT- ot tko tana of M. T- OcCo.it...v.
Tney and tue aaatgraaM MO aaMI to ina well.
|ur t??M_M- tu TIIK WI?BM]
W_WllOrMTOMi Oct. 9*4*? Iii resiMinsi' to a ro
iiut-1 ?MB tkt I'ostui.t ItiT.tio.aral the Attorney (.enerul
baa in.-tr.it-tt-d ali Uuitist States Oistrlct-AttBBtaBBU <-or
dlally " to co-operate with the olllcera al the l'ostOuloe
Department In enforcing Section 8,H!?4 of thc Revised
St .!?'?-, wi,iii; toil*id. that any letter ot .initial ?concern?
ing loitenes shall Ik- carried In thc niall-."
w __u?run, Tfistaoadaj. Oct. '_'!. I0*"*!'.
A Maw Mhttouhi tu.**a> -Tin- Om?raf r of tke Our*
r -ii j i. lo] Butkort? *'. tke I'l'i'i'ia's If attona! Bank. o*f
Laiiktio.'tie. Penn., to begin hnsincsa with a capt?1 of
!-. a... liH>.
Civil i-iuikk i:.\ vhs > t .s- Coomailhtdot?r Baton
Bald to daj Omi IkeCHi llHerrlee examinations bod been so
pl.u.1 os t" '? ? adapted to tbe ri nutrenn ul - ol all of tbe
executive dopartni ats, and tb I thefpforr no special ex
andi: ? i . i ii as were roceotly recommended bj lue
been ho j ..? Bute tat his department, would h.- ne oded.
gjjri-.ii.'mn ?MMXA?OH *.i' .lin..*, ctr..-.lu I.-.- Otto.,
. i il r. porter of lb" ruit.-d Stat BS - ;i|ireuie Court,
upon ?" in -' ii kc i t.i-d *??' whet ter there w ia any !r*utii in
tue current rumor of uta realguttl on. replied: "I bare
nothliii- t.i say In regard '<> the in itter." Sol dna i- known
iii.ni; ii ni thi' Supr-Tii ? * !o it Cl i..'- oili ie.
ti: ks \i'\ii.)it maui at I?bub. Captain John P.
Volker, sf t ie :t.l Oat dir, who bas mused ? toot deal of
annoyance t<> the milli?ry authorities by bb em?to nc
inil who vvats.Tit lo tiic t.ov.ruin.Til :i-v lum lor
tbe In ;. ha.- disappeared from there, lie i
hU|,|M,-..'u to he iu New-York, word having boen received
from him that ie- wished his clothing and effects ship]..-!
to tii'ii I heil*. He removed tie. bar to tho window ol bis
loom, atnl witii fie ai i of a io,ie, mada ot ii?eta and pil?
low Ma,IB, Mitt Iv leached the ground.
i'm: Wi.ist PUB?Qa Kit. Mis -Recently t**e__d?ton* r
Bi aaa <l*t iil.-<l a apeelal agent to Investigate th.- okorge
made in thc United Btatea Court at Wbeclthur. Weat Va.,
tool aa organisation in thai vicinity, known aa ** Bed
"Men," hud lor it- object thc protection of illicit distiller*.
Tlie Oom aila?oner to.lty i oe! red a report from tbe
opecfal agent, who tmyi the " Red Meg " ure not eugagi d
iu prole ting violators of tin- luteanal Kev.mic law."
A i>iivTt" (xliibilion was i/ivon nt No. S-l
Broad -t., yc-tetday, of a telegraph Instrument Whleh
Jteruiits au almost ilidelltii M dui 000 of a single telegraph
Mir.-. Ti.e pat Tits ana Owned by thc Standard Electric
Manu int turing Company, organized under tbe laws of
this Stat*-, of which Trial- \V, Jones laten-presideBi The
baals of thc intention is tho synchronous mov.-iii.-iit of
BMMWBBBBto situated at different isiint^. iud cuuecteil by
au electric current. A trailing pen ls made to revolve
around a circle of insulated OOBt?MB with
which many different operators may be con
iiccieiL The revolving pen is ptBOttrallJ a continuation
ol Hie ulalu wire, and by toinching rapidly the contacts lt
establish** e_0?? circuits M that BMaaagM may be sOBj
or received hy a large ntimiior of oiterators at the same
time. The Int alleinpt in this direct ltMl was made In
1878 by Paul La C'our, of Copenhagen, who Invent..t
what be called the plum!, waeel. Hi* Invention tin
bought hp pomme MMreate i la ike pn ibm comp my, but
wheu lt WM put to a practical test it waa found tobe _a>
le?*s. Toe .1.ii'ui ty which had M he mot was M auks
thc trnUagpeo_ revolt.' Broad tke rtrete or oontocto
with c.Mict unliormlty hiI bogheadkel tin-wire in oao, I
0?torenee of a mlnote fraction *>r a second deatroyed tke
electrical _routta oe tint awaaagea oould Mg botrana*
Bitted with certainty.
After three years ..'pent in study and experiment, f'at
tii.-k B. Deiauj hus Invent*-.! ImprovoBDeutsta lu ('.mr's
ayaten ? ie movements of tbe Instruments have
been m i le syoenroBOUs und any ratio?bm setf-eorroot
Inc. Tho it-.alt already oktaued is to enable twelve
operators to um- thc annie wire in ettki* .lire Hon without
I., hiv way Interfering wltb encb utm-i'awork. Hy means
ot BUtOOBfllic printers, srvc-itv-two BHNMOgM may DB -.tit
OT tc-cited OVcr tho BBBM Wkf Bl tun -.tine tillie, lind lt
In tue mm et tue twelve opt,Mora lt makes no
tUffei?i. o lo will* h direction tbe ute --a.:-- or any i> in ..i
resent. The trailing pen eompleti-a the el ctrlc
circuit from tbe contact nt one end *>f tke Hue to tba cor
responding i nut net at the other end. It revolres around
tin- ?role al the nt.- *>i 17*1 timm a minute, bul touche*
eau9k contact long i-tioilgn lo complete tin- cue'ut ttn lOUl
ut lime lo Interrupt tbe practical working
? ? -ni. ailing circuits.
tooti?nen? have been oood experimentally for
...- ou .a i ie- in .v....' thia . Itj and .
A Ix vy ul Indy Utichers in tlie Kiiiili-va_:irlciis
of thin . ii.\ | i i. i. .1 .-.I...ai tiic venerable Mas Elisabeth
1'. 1'c.it'ii.l.t, at Ihe ll.*' Kind* Og ll '!? Ti iii tfcl Wolklllg
lnin'- Bckool, Bo. 108 W. -i liiiv-i.atiti.-;., yoo_M_p
nit* i m."!., to li. u her talk ii1".:? tin- proper Method of
lld?nv Miss Peabody i- al proaaatIntar
i-tt'tl in a bright Pluto "papposes." or young gu'.
Who Havel- vt, Jli her. BlM ha- lab ly iliad" 0 studt Of I ll
IimI'tii M((nod. of lia . -..-th.il
lt tl.?-aa BM .i'if.T tfieatly Iroiu the Kni.lt rg..rta-ii ide.t.
Moral suasion ia iiaitd. natl there la no fotC?g of lim Inf,.nt
nuiiat-. Mi-.- PWahody dwelt on tnt- dang* r et OT?r??_u
latlnv Ike iiiimls of lutitiits, and tT*- MpaKMH ot Io-it
lnctli.ii' BBt?? toPeUBBaoa Among other tb mgr. h.,e.
.aid :
?? Lal the i aildieu's ivonls come aJt.-r thc thought.
tothoUL'lit lt ls un injury to any ininti t?
li,tv.- ii Word "ti the Ups winn Its meaning in not math
?u-l.v on tat-lulutl ; it ?uki-s the ehlbl ruj* rfl*TiiL If u
chilli i- ?' l{?I or dull lt iuu.^1 BM ha allowed to do a Hiing
I.v roifiie-, but it Hbouid is- I..U-.M1 t*> a. ten eouatontly
Instead- Children are alike In moat things. They love
o< tion and color, nod usuaU. deaire to do Ute thing op*p?
(-:'? tO ? u il tutiy are tobi t., do. (.en. ro-!ty. v Illili I-. tlie
ru*'*- oouaclou?i?. abould Le eullivnted in them.
Children ari born wltb temjiei iments t'.; a
l.ot resipousible, and they iu i be laugh! to t
otkers' tcniperamonts. Children often hnve a rt.
oi delicacy, n*l don't like to i>.. praised lor e I. .t Ikey do.
l.vcry chi? tiiitei- in iiulivniuaiity, mai the difference
Bbs?Ju be it-|x*t*<1. Thej should i ?* taught to icovoru
themselves, while not bavtn_ theh tmored.
(i.il.ii.n are made happy by conform?gto tow] they
Wily tv ant to know wlial to <b>.
A lin-ctiiij. wag held lust night in Qermania
A--* undi i:..on.-.Ni). i'AA Bowery, to dlaenaa Ike oontracl
Ct.tv a I 'al...I -V.-tem. dial lc- L. MU?T, Of the Clotklng
Cutta rt.* Inion called tlie BMCtiBg lo ord* r, ali'llTui
t ophoi' 15. Malone pi.raid* d. Vim tnt W. Woy
tlxok h|)(.ke ot Ihe t-IU.tll i.ttentlatn e lind
said ih.it the workingmen WOK irodj lo work for
J..hu K.l'.y and audi politicians lalhcr than
tm tle-ir nw n inlet*-ts. ll* <i* nun et ii Miitn?1 convict
labor m a puntoJiinent to boneat labor, Victor Dun-, in
llett.i Ina! the (ai lr-oi..i - Manila Im- lt. uah lo ti.uk, hut not
lu ioiujm litton wm, other workers, P. J. Mu__i
that la bail visit."tl ptt-otis lu foul te. ii "-t ile-, and lu- ilid
not think un*bi the oontracl si-tem that the pt?oners
could be t. lonned. BpOCCfcCS witt Made al-** bv lt .1.
Hu.t..it, lt*.!*, rt Ii! s-crt and Edward Kin^.-, andnaoln*
tun.- ilcniniiiciug coutract coiivitt labor W_wp_teeda
Thc rooms of __ Manhattan Ch?M ('!ul), ut
No. 101 I it-l Ktiurteciilb-Kt., WON 1111**1 la-t ctenliig with
pluyei-a anti -|s-t lalors at thc sixth auiuial tounumaut.
Tbegaii'.cr. ptflpod were : Ma??I n/n agaln-t Ilaiii.iim vt Uh
odd- of H pavi.li in favor of Hannam, caine dr.iitu ; ll.Mitt
aj;iiiiinl ( ari.intei with adda ol a knight. In fat oi ... Car?
penter, game won by each j laaac?>n againai BUmonaon,
won hy tt.i? former; Ptokham against Pelasar. wbo rave
tko ooma ol h pawn anti the move and won; J. W. il uni
ogainst spi. cl*', n game unflntobed ob Monday algkl In
Wbi'h Baird gave the odd.-or a pawn ondtwo mores,
gaul won.
trent The QttnU Yee' Preta.
H<- Iuui .i i,-it rut his ovster-slioji dticii! il to the
public tm- ollu-r dav when in came a niau wno an ked:
?? i.ot anv ran -1 '
"lorre '.Tuon the half-shell!"
?? We do."
'? i.xtra large I"
" We niiv *? wiuie of the largo**! ovaters I ever aaw."
The piice waa m.ketl and mt -a, .int _a ,t mcioed tobe
?perfectly satisfactory tki iu_i ordered a _>aen and
t_ bb *l;
" I've (roi a slight contractl.>n *.f tb*- mtlsclcs Of the
throat, HUd -.oilietiiOOat 1 cook* . if .iliytllillg hapjietirt tl)
BM run m.- to the door where 1 eau pal tue air ami thea
rush tor a diutk of waler."
rite caterer promlaed U>obi*erv,- the caution, but it was
Onl.v when tiic twelfth and laM orator wat taken In be*
tne?"u two rows of u-etb which atoosl out Uk., ten-peony
nada that any?dug happened Tuen tke eater auad?iiy
ramed oik-leg, bis even nulgi tl out, nml lu- be_an l<> -kij*
ar .uinl like n goat doilguig a clint. Ihe choke bod Mme,
'il <? catei.T m ir.eii bim !*y thc arm and uabered lum to tee
door, and then bunieil to tn*-rear .nd of tka lust?irani
fo, a glans ot water. When he ret ii:niceI wltb lt. hall ix
pc'-tlng tt. ms- toe eustomer lying on the floor tn tba
agonies of suffocation, no one wan lu sight. I Tie man waa
Bot lu the diMii, um ut toe door, nor urouni! the door. Ile.
wim two blocks away and tke twelfth oyster hud ?_ one
down to keen tbe company ol thc oilier eleven.
.Tiat esaetly another aueh thing won't I.mi*i*?-n lu that
pl i kt a aagitin. Horne other mon with a collin.* ti <l timi ti
fainy st?rt lu to play the gaii.e, but hOfMU BB han ?-aten ola
eeeond oyator be will be.dlspntcbed with a hbkory ibm,
?ni his bardy sent to Mme modic? college to Und where
x=**??o unjam IU.
iiik rot vi v iinsociiicviiiix a*Bau__ BB &crr<im
A report circuluU-d auioiitr thc Dennixrati*
poUt?MMI Tuesday afternoon, Unit the nejrotiatioiis foi
ii Ix-momitb- union on nominaliona for tbe Stale Semite
hs*! BOOB brok-n off, erin-**! a jrood desi of ti**'k. Inquiry
os to tbe source of the information d-iveloped tbo
fact that tbe report waa started by a vbdtor to Mr
K.-lly's priv:it** office. At tbe Tammany conference on
Monday, when thc term* of afrreemeut were Axed, lt was
left wdb Mr. Kelly to carry ont tho n**jr< chiltons with the
County Iietno'-rHcy. It ls not known BrkBM Mi. Kelly con?
ferred with, but they are said to haye boon Hubert O,
Thompson uni! Kuwaiti Cooper.
The terms of oareemeiit proiioaod by Tamnniny were
satisfactory to Mr. Thompson sud Mr. Cooper, with thc
exception tbat Mr. Kelly demanded tbat the,_ County
Democracy should Ruppert Senator Orsdy iu the Villi
District. Mr. Tbomp-oii waa favorable even to that, tn.I
Mr. Cooper mild that be wa* afraid tim orpaidritlon would
have, to draw tho lin- of " en. r BB?ag" at "Tom"
Grad/. Hie attucks on tkaOorontar Made ky OiralJr sml
hla Moori in tho Renate waa tot much for Ino County
Democracy lu tier opinion of momo ot tho tondara Mr.
Kelly was quite willing to match Hu MOOtd of (Jra.lv
Ui.iin.-t tbint of PtMpBHil! anti Koch, uud hint.- H
to hive BOOB (riven that If then wen- BB union Mr.
Grady might run In I lie distil-t now NBUUeeaMd
bi Mr. I'il 7. ce rai. I, th'* tamttal '")>?-<? tent itivc of the
County Democracy. Kr.Thompson, Mr. Dooper and *Jaa*
tic p..wit aapreaaad tkemaelrM strongly in tararofo
uni.m. tlii.-onlv i| tt-ti<in Im-jiir: as to ho.v it OOUM Im WO*
ried out. a- a goat ni my of tbe members o' thc County
l). tm. nrv said it would bo Imamaatb? tocleet Grady.
NO BgNOBMBd wa. rea*-!''d, iii 1 the fl ?ii ra wa- left
opea until jresterdax.
The C.. inti 'DOM. c-t (ii-tllcl lcielcTB met In .t'I'.t
ini'e at No. 1 I a 00 B.U ,ie a' 11 a. m., and BOI t.tun.1 in
?.".--i..ii until about i j>. m. There wm a hot.', boto or er
thc question or -? Indoratng " < Irody. Mr. kt ", il been
oibci'diy Informed, some daya ago. that ti* Oountj Dc*
nm. ta.y would uoocp! lae pro;t.i llioti for n DnlOfl in
the Semite Di-tt.ets, bit winn Mr. Killy bad after?
ward infoTn.d tka County Democracy b-nb t- tint Mr.
(ir.uly would lt.- Ike J'ititi hiv QBBdWatf rn _W Villi
Di-tiict, tko (.'ninty Poaaooraoy rep?IIMed da Mfcd*
n il BgrBaaMnt, lt wiis tkoagkt that Tom many
wt.ul.1 be for' '.'.ll., v. it', d; aw (it nly, lett lt ..-.Ti- -d to do
-.). The qu"stii>Ua_ icu for tu. ('.cinty I)'tm. - BJ I .lu
to decide ye.-tcidaj was wiicthir or not tn B it h.'.tattIta
refusal to S0p|M?1 fr.-a.ly.
v..lumad Coop r, Babarl 0. Tko?pmrn, TkwnM Ob -ii
fan .'md Justic PoWM .-poko In favor Bl Ibo Cotin.y
Deaoooraep agata ea?ag dirt hp gooding word M Mr.
Kellytliiit it WOOld *ir,.i> .rt C.tadv. .1 ekg Ki'ciiun, ('i.arl'-s
ibilly. Michael Sart..n md Tin.tits \V ilt'i oppOOOdtkB
IHOPO?IN? to Bapport (Jrody. They snitl tb it Ike
ora*a___too was ulroiidy tho laagkhag si ok ol
the entire. State; thal lt lind ? acrid'cit evciy
principle for which it wa** established,and h.-.l mad ? Tam
many Hall BtlBBJgMtBdaj tkBB it was four ye BM | -o. If
BOW tko or>.iiiil7.atiM IBBMJflrtad ('rudy-a niau wini hail
tietr.ivet! lil-iiarty In the Bl ate BOBBM, nnil wbo lu,,]
ol> lily derided (.overnor thean lund?then the mU-ta
apecttag DaaaeoraM who worn toll in tho Ooomty Daaaoe*
racy would lie obliged to ?rct out. In fa*!, sa,ti ihe BMB
wbo were appooMl to (li'.idy, if the OagaBisa?BU " ill?
ili. MM " bim it will we. _an rat ht r Ihiin B?BBgtkMI de
(kimmlssloner Tli.inip-oii said that h.- thanght trrndy
aknakl bo Kupported, but be .11.1 not reel Hke
saytntz mneb, sa Mr. Cradv wai chairman
ot tue eommtttee thai mu. reaaod Ike InTwttgntlun into
lilt) I'Uaalie Work- D'TinrtincTit. and everything Ue inttti.t
fay vtoui.l |x>rbRim he mlaoouatroed, RU ward {Wi>a*r
llMMlKUl I', it tke ITU" ('cv, arilim? 0000? ,; i (Ol lue
c..?i,t Di un..TT'ey In mpportlua Gi ?J > nala mot hutt
11 inna a aiia-r wb it b.-ni oe. "i <|.*ti? already.
SOI ton una 'I Until nbo-at I O'clock, WUOO B lc -oluli..u
mm JI.l-.--.il l-V U VI.I of 12 V'.*_.tl. '.' Ila..- ttl -ll,.|?lll
t.i.iai.. 1 ii.ale- Reilly and joba Kcatuon,.>? ia
?. 1 .ut.. - iiiTi'u t. saul that they would aol ba bound bj
inc lt m.Ul.itu.
.1 of tin* ("..'it'.i Ii ino* ra* y lo sup
ism (.1 ...y rvs not taken anti it wa.
? 1 iaui Mr. Grady wm bu! *>i h.*' i.u .. a
-Illili ,U. t.l.ll lill.tllll.ll.O.I Vt..s 1,11111,1.1 tO I.aa (."11111.1'
I . UlOCl e .a 1 a. ...I . ... ,-..-- I i.i Ii .,!
Itiiioii .a oi tl* * io man ii appeal *.. il Ix u
i a* manu - .?? .1 i* ?104 u_.nj.
my 01 1 . orr.
Havlna i" ??'?''? ?** ? < > .1 ...
in. ht .ti .v would not aupj uri liradj, mi...ina;
iy .Ml. Kl li.) lo lilt- lllllllll.il.t li.Till I !? .KL 1.- IO Ulta I III
rnll?U?J ll Tl a ii p. 111. .) a il 1.1 1.. alli)
; I- ni- 1 . tait MM t ...inly lie.110,1.i.y bad
lc. li.U.tleU 11s a.T.T nit lil lora Ul.ion, 1.iltl Illili ll
lU.-.al I ?
b.ul ni ll V . .. llt-al lt- il. .eenie.I li?ttlllg
Timothy .1. 1 imj?ell bar Beaator lo Mr. Ul
district. lt wos only toft for rommoay to mateo el
uouiln '
rn .i.t is- well foi Mr. ...ct la run lu to. Pto J
, tid in .. 1. .11 ie
opinion al ni? iTii-ui [ben*.
.iusti.e loiiiy, in anawer tc the rr*)ucst, auld tbat he
. ,1e.| l,J "
, - Ht, V. .T1..1 1?- . ' , . ll'
pet-ban *t,..i. . Tamulan; would lone aa J?denn
iu bi luut co .
Abb mi .11 Ki. 1.. J .mi II. \.
all ui tue > ii. in-.rn 1,dis .ti c<l aritii Lmfly, -1 Hu
Grady . ould v. in.
Hauatui iiiaiit ten m..-,- iuui mode som*
. ..-ii. _lu 1. lo Mr. bull}. Ile - ...1
"Alike" Muipby bad already made arrtuigemeui*
with '?.Ni.),'' Muller, ol tue County liemoerney,
lu defeat tue Tammany nomine*? foi Akienuon a
m inol.i iniin iii linlt.t 'n il.-Incl. Mi. (.1...i.t 1 ..1. 11,1. .1 i..\
ataUugthal hewaslll tiidpuyal. tlly nuable u> make a
I .lilt.is- for t-a'.lli'oi'. lil ll all. a li t Hilt Itt- tl ll- tM-lllt' \0l'\
1-iieil I.UM OJ lils lot ..I IJ t.. la. 11 tiili nv Hull: bul rut net
unaTia-- lilt- Ol .uni/..Ililli IMI l. on l-l Wit HUTU* ll- ll
candidate. He tbou_iai mat _dwartl MoOue should be
1.iin.it>.I by I'aininaii.v to sin t. ? 'I him. PalW. n Br.
M<?JUC ..n: \- .Till'.t ni au "J.ni" < ai., pt). .1, be raid,
tue voters would bave uo difficulty In .
McCne wi re nominated ue could nut be Bceuai .1 ol p ..? n.^
IjiD.lXS) lol .. OOO - or ,1
ont aesslou ut Alt...ny.
MK. hl.IA.\'- Bl -oi.1 Hon -.
Mr. Grady's remarks were ckwrcd. and aftoi be took
h.-.-. ,tt Mi. K.liv oil. .eli 1 .,<? following preamble uml
icsoluiioiit, which wan passed un mime 1
Wherrett. In liewa of the douhta existiogM to 1
sibilitj of elect lu. Deuiociuli represa-iitutlves lo lu
M.... _cuate in lue VI Itn, VII Ith ai
in ned in Dione .11 1 . 1 , .? , ulul 1
1 oi.1* lenee ou tue '.iu instant, prupoalnK lo i..< I
liall. 1.11. I.e.. ..!',. ..li,,',...), ,n? ,1 HUT,11 un
.-? ? al..1,al cnn: tai. -, li.. V.i Dial Ile I 1'. l.e e.
. \'lilt, Vlillii anil .Min
all..11 in convent.m. I, ,VI:,^ ii.. I.,,,, lo *..??. -e |_ i.tMi
eauuiduti -; and
Whereat, Kui > sired Irom the County
Democracy orKomiailoii relu n.^.- the terms pru
.*-. i,,llol 'iia.ll... f. '.I.".I BT|_ IO be I* T III,, ...
lamil 1 . ? , -? 1 : 1.. ti. -t ; ..mi
H.. Ar ll..11 Ol .'.illll/iillll'l I,ii. ai-n IC 11-. .|
(.Ti ) I...I,,111.,11.Tl o! lin,olin
J. ( .. .. ie- .. In . IO \ Cn .-cn.: le lu Ti lei I.le; lie ll
Meeottril, That tbe delegateaol 1 ls oivauliaiion repre
MTililiK tue i-cn.i. i>... I.,-11.. I * ann 1 liliini oe niel i ..
a.. i.it.th I. coiuiia m.. ii lu h.uni.mit iii theil couv.u
Ilona thia ev. . tea Who will loltblully repre
1.1 tUC I'i Upi. and tllt-p I .mun.no Qi
litt.t i.iiy.
ii w.t.s then agreed to nominate ex-Alderman J.J.
Btovto tor Senator In the Vth Dtotrtoti fCdwnrd MeCuc,
wko ian toi' Coroner ou tbe Clt_cns'ticket to 18H2, for
Benatorta the Vlthj 1 rant .\. Uugro, brother ol < 1 Con
1. c.1 n 1 mt.10. iii th. \ uni; Jonu W. BiowulaglntlM
\ Illili ;t>. \? na ,.1 lu 11 (nilen m |_e I Mb; Jacob A.
il .11 t:u \. 1, .illU ...oll>' V. I'iai ... tl .1, l.a Mi,.
Tue ( ?*uiii\ l?Ti,.., ia. 11 i* ..,1. ? r. i?id last uigbl tual
r.iiiiiiiaii.t \*..- ni 1.1 ur/ :i iiiiiii irome, and would n res toi
In-n inly lo u nniti,1 v. apart Ol il . mu,,111. .-.
'j i.e oenate Conventioua met i.wu nigh! nod Hie pn>
gnuuiuo agreed upon bj Um Taimnauj lead*
ried out, eaceuiiUK liial J. llunipdeu bubb vt..^ nouUiut. I
in thc Mh Di-lntl. anti " in.hu -eil " b) IbeCaiunty
lien. 1 1.ny and Irvu.e Hall, 'Un- ? outii.i Democrat.
" in.lolw tl " tia' Itvitic Hal! * ,.n*li(l iltr in lin Viii itnil
Vim i.i-irn ts " M.J." " ,M.ii|.liy alni "lim" Campbell,
Jane- Dally lil Hie S lilli alni Jaine- Jflttgeruld Ul lln
IX In lu-ui' i ? ui it it 11. uni miii il ny tn,. Co.in 1.t Demo*
The Committee of l.iKi'i**'" appointed to n
,11/.- itii/t tin Ki-ptiluiia.T patt] 111 tm.- illy OMI MM cvcn
il.. at Iii.' !,oll-c o tin 1 ii.iiniiiiii1 ltd ward MHfkoll. Wo.
I 1 ult ti't.'i-st. lt was MBOtrad ihat 11 rei|iit st I,.
ina*lc thal lin naru s ot Kcpiibln ,uir< i>to|..T Io ucl an 1 11
rolllBgo?eon la the tettttd hmetahiy mattieto ho esau
lo Hie chairuuiii. 'Jin lc ure to be liv* OM?toft ollie,, la
for MM? _MMBMJT (llstlict ; they shall Ix- |-<
puhllcans ot repute, and two of Umm -nail is- bmm
iM-r?ni Ike aatotlug noasthUeoa I n ......-, iv,,> non
iiii-iiili. is anil on 11 non r- .iib til t>r Un- A -cte!.Iv tl .111, 1
lor wini rh to .-i.ali ha a iud: m. ii. it 1- requested tba) arith
mc nulli*- iou" pu Mm. ii hiu.il in. gttoat?i raaldiiiiot.
im .mullion uml BUM <? ol hHMBOM ol Ile unu. mel wm t... r
Ikoj hi "". tkcexlstlng aasoclatlous01 not. A
M?-OOMMittM ?ll? aitpoitili.l lo rt pori lue BOOBM ?'?' BB
rolling unu 11 > in Un- Boreral Amamblr dtotricts, .he ,atos
lui ti,11-11 t..iv.T ci,.* nt. |.!,,!?- oi enrolment and mi-ui Uara
ot tka itisiini commit tees ol Ute aeveral ?
blj tii-iiietr,. ii,, boara ..r enrulnient
i banged from 4 to lc t*. m., Inotend ? >f non, 7 i.. in p. m.
I ,.* ( olllll.lliee ot _,l_ateM Will al-*) I * . nuilni . lt
additional daj ? u* ju ..t bled 101 tue * nrolu eui 0. .
three '1.>v * succeeding tke m .vt viet ?
...I...; anon.
Vin \<i men'.- EPUBLICAN ' icu.
Thc .'01111^' Ifes'i Ik pubHeao Club Bart ut
No. lil West 'J Henty -eti lilli .-I. lit.-t 1 UT, tm; ttl "1 '1 11 ?
l'rcolilcnt J.hu V. Baker iu Hit- chair. Aiumi. 1
pi eseut wen-Mortimer *?' _____ Ullliaml.. Findley,
Henry I.Teusoli mul i)ou_l?? C'smpU-ll. Tb*, follow
ln*r coin?ittees weir appointed: On Lep*.l information,
M. C. Adamo. John K. lUVer. II. R. Nato,IL V. WmB?*
Worth and William Findley ; on Political flubs. Henry
(,Ica-..u, i:. D. Hamlin. M. M. Iiiidbinr. ?bbbbji ii
O. H. Hawes. In (in lufoiuiul diivriH'ioi 1 v bi. h followed
the report of tbe T.x***ciitlve 0?air.iUlt-e. tlie lieut mron*
for net urlnp the elenibvn of the Uepnbtlcan nomlus-^s for
State an*l municipal offlees wen* discussed. Don?eas
Camplxll auld that pMBJMMl work BBBBBg thc voters
In Ihe several dlstrlets iiiumI l?e performed liv thc meui
I..-rs of UM duh lt Us iiitluence waa. to lie fell ul Hie
romlnK election. A circular setting forth tbe objects for
v. itch tlie club was omani/"d ind ralllrurupon BU rot* '-.
Irrespective of jiartv. U? see that Ikelr Binn are regis?
tered id once, will be i.aauc.i lo doy. Tke paaau -tate, that
th.- Yoong Men's Republican Club wm founded fm the
purpose of dlrectlmr and inleroatinir In politic, them who
hart bera more rn less Intllffemil i*. th.-lr political doti. -
aeciirin_ lb*- iitiiiiiiiiitlon ol non' st nml eui>..l*le men, Mint
guardlug and defending the purity ol tke bollol i><>\.
?on rm ctxTAM n ?koonin, oow ow mut"
ot hine i.ir.s MAii.r.i..
Tlie c;iiii]i.ii rn in Mi ix'My ti f.ir tlie Mayoralty
Ls fast di., ti.-riiiiiiK on the D'iiiocrniic ddamtaa tat
pBB'itoi-l! .rt I-* holster up Iii.' fortunes of tinI candidate
hr tissues Of fallaokood, and ht belittle nnd throw mud
upon th*- hu .Inc.* like iiduihi'-Ii.i'i'.h af Mai M IsYW. It
totkoagM to llt-hccniin> ft l'arty B-BM MM??BM for
Ifaamrwnaaotoc'led ky Mayor Low M ? Member af tko
Bsardof HmMtaBteasoua. tkeMaynrat a took of aan*
BBBttoMM?g* In lila a|i|M)intmeuls. In regard M IkB
mtaaat al oka Maper. BOadrta mat bia
aaa*aawtora iiaialatimllr Ignarotka bkuna meat u_
Ma 'orb ul rio control tutti BOOBBB bim fats.-Iv of bB?Bg
| the ta ?'.'?? In connection with tke eo\\?te to
?? ma cbaneM at tleodrii H is rtatod ttiat
hla pngfi * atong Um atroMs is im-ioded by
tka fkranga tint gather to BM bim und to
]i:dl his alleged *trtampfcal mai u" 1 Meta
ate tki' a re for ii few nerol a* iprebebly
bind to loHov, Inn) lieu. '? unuoii.-'I
and unknown. He eeo]d aol ?? tm bo reeogataed hy tka
eampalan portrait* of him. which ara abnoot aertatoMl s
?rtl ty. Not
noe of the men named eu lt ta a BepuMlcao. and O.T.
n tbi ?.,. ie l at the * ill rae* Camps lim
Couimitlee beiutipiarten* and aold thal ll wm i.*i? that
. i up .ri Hen* ? . lu favor ol ?<
I re-el lian. .lout. Koon.) to i.b..-aiii to support
I lt, ., .. i.t . i .nna: .le, bul ... Will nol tbi
A prtitnliiriit Brooklyn official Mldyestorrl yt "lum
surprised at the vt.,v [tendril speaks lu public lt he
ouh keeps on as bi ne fiewiil bc burled out of
?kid <*n election day. I.v.tv peech he makM will
illili.** iota's n.r
I ii report* r, aud
p tpers said
I kn. w Hendrix
, tei ins nomination, when
ide papers sold be was the pew of Mayor
Low as i, qfMher. I expected that he ooul I do aomi-uiln*
iatlie tv.iv ? But aee what bil a|aBeidu<aaro.
No wonder c< BajU doesnl know bl- tu -i d me if
heaven la bia bonne, m bo nat- T Ii.ifs tko unlllsiale* of
; ? En lt otaoe."
Jo..u H. CU.Hon. a.l -1.-. ile lo tke Kiu?V County Daanio
< r.itic General Committee froui th.- l.t.nit Drat Ward.
r.'-itrned fioiti that body yesterday, and declared th it
he WOUld ii-" nil his Influence In favor of
the re-election of Mayor Low and tke election ..r Jesse
j., ti-on a- .li tioeortbe oupnane cm rt. Mr. Clo) lon is
a n-pii-eiilalivc tuan, nat bl* .itt* ran.cs curri Welgkl
vt itu th. in.
The statement thal the Constitution Club - Indorsed "
tbe nomination of Mr. Hendrix la ano?ter eamjmlan n*'.
'J lu I. -o|.ilion to that i If.T I wa.- l.u I U|**iii tin- tallie by
an almost unanimous rote.
M.. Iliii.liix ni lt.- i-i lt-l frrentng the fu-t biri;
ii u..i. t itu meet Inn m thal el tj tluce hts nomination.
Illa :i!? ? ini- boped much from his ed..ii, but wool away
aad ll illatiupolnted. I be ?eoUug it.?"ii the \. . Tiny of
Milli. lill' ltll<ll.*lll '?? tiled tito l..lll.llll< ililli ll I*'.'
women wen ta tha Nixes aad ir.mt pnnpiet
?..?als, but immy of Hu- ui-n wt re in shill
-le. res and dui noi temora theo* hals. Win-n
Hendrix entered tken a Mno applauae until
? ta.'e sri vc lbs OOC, as hil loee n.u, nol reoogatood by tue
atiiiicn. <-. MTfcra ka wm praoaaMd lo Um ii hom as tko
next Itayor, Ibero *.u* oonaktornbls entbu_u*-un. but lt
tocked apparent apoulaueity, uni lt ruidtost tasat tke
m. n i.t ** about tor Hendrix M bod bena elf,-, t tv ely ilia
1...-.-.I In tin-ainli.-tn .. He spoke with mu?I trrptuaUon
aud iut voii-ii. ?-- i'll.- precaution had be*en taken
of _iviu_ e?.|... ? of tbe apeeob aa written to tb*, i ,
ol Hie local |. 'p. rs, l.nt I ' ? If t ai i. d (sid. ly
' from "copy and wm Interlarded wltb peraonaUtb** ui
i I.. U .t ot Is.w, ai..i -. inc |.iii.,- s, -h. a us ?? don't
??- ? i ,*' ?? i bl ' un," and ?' !? v. i I
aentoneos w?re Indi uoeUj uttered aad there m-r*- Ire
' I* pa'tillllll-, Ullal Itt lilli." IkB -I"' lk*T licit...I Ij
id turu. .1 around on Um stat i i bore
altin** , i
1 Hie bl lue audit'.
I.CC.ll I Iii li Cl.!? l\ /?/ ti.SPEt Ts.
-1 mi.
i " -ti 11 i i. ic.**
tn m.
"Tho prospect ol buccoob is brightening
Committee, ? ,
* i I. pori ..' i
Iii,ni lt tv . :? IS 1 "
cT'imiti illoti of I ,
\ . .
In I
Prohibitionists lan- t.i.iiiii, ited H. I
nt-, ol complaint on lb* part of aome of tl
iT.itlc iioiiiile -, i ? i
Tel I i" Ii I
lom atop oo tha part ? litouUts **r ?
* au* ? Indignation among hVpubl
I'. i?. i. lue ii.un.ie *? foi ,,, tho
l;.? lu tt. i <ll-til. I ; ll. B. li ii., ml.ei *.f
tl,,- .--i..?< i 'on,n i.t. e iuui. lli.it dlatrtot ; *'\ . oi,ki ?
w ib.ur, of Otoagu, uinl Poatmastei lli.i.i-, *,i i.i. ,,iiei i
that be f. li rartnlo of ?.
mi.)..!itv In biadlsiibt, aud be regarded tbe outlook foi
Ihe Btate tl. sci nt mom eiioou aging. Mr. nebonl said
that tbe reports from tho dUtrtrt* of Monroe aud Urleans
counties showed thal tba I - ar re .?oi?iiik hoi
lla.HlH. Iisly, Ililli Wolilli IM.il il IralgC tole. Hilt III. I
<L.t. . ?
Pun ? li bj i , mal?
nos int of their intent lon nol to vote tor Mn na:.! and
Mr. Wilbur prove r almllai report of I n tbal
county, l.i'iiats Keeite.i from imelda inti
HOI UlUCl.ll,. . r le elli lloll o| ||, ,1 l J. ( ,i,V'ivab,ib,
the lit luililiciiii candidate foi tbe hlstteH*-uut.
'il III- ? -io ? Ol o'.. ? .,, ,11 t e |. Ill ,;. | ., .1
. ?
?? JIMMI " in Uh A SOMlh i ? H.
A i:i...---iiioci ? li] in tho I ooper In ?
tltntaloot night A* .'or.liii ? ia, i,? ,. ,.,., ._
Die ol.|. el of the n.e. Uti - Dil t"i \\. ul-u| ,, ,? , ,,,,,..
whtokal.ld cite tko reins ol tbeelly cn em*,,, ut io a
part" styling Itoell " the Indi ;.? nd. ni Dei mer* j ot Ibe
(iii ..I ,n. .t v..ii.," ..mi I., i,iii, onnlblLiio tko Tammany,
lunn.- Hall lui tl ( ouiily Inino. I
I... i.i'm.div MnverUng tVew-Tork and ultl
Ibo oounta*. nt tolga Into anotboi fiat?nj
of I..i.u; but it co?d not i.e lathered
from tl made thal them ends o-ere to be al
I ile ii bj ..li., other inc ms than tue i|,,|..'.lames
O'Brien lo tbe office ..I ( t*.v i:. , i,t,?,. Mr. O'Brien lu s
IlUr t of '.'CIl.Tositt .leela.. ! li..* lt la ,,i,| dill il Ila ,.|||e,a
he would aire all Ibe emolument. |x .. ? , i,,
rbarttsble nrcanisatlon Ibe oudleiiee mii/iu narnu
'In. ..nil. ne.' ||, thc uiil.oiiiu1.il , nt lu, l_.ui _|,|,-b this
avowal awakened fonrol to deakmata anj rhaiitabto ot
?.'inn/,ti. ii astin pio.s|.tTin.' t.'.Ti.htit ,,. ti,,. iMiteutlul
iiii Tuc luectlm.' wa- pre ul. ,1 on r ht tn]
-t. i- alt. r-|..e, In- Were Ina,le hy I Ininti,} ' -he i, .I, I omi
Buck, John ?.. lt..ul sod Mti-era, i'll nt w hom v.,.u nnanl
iiit.ii- In il* Hann,.' .linne- ii'iin.Ti n^ ihe eomlna saviour
ol the Leu,,..n.ilc pail). Mi.oT'.ii.i mut '? liomin,.!.,I "
foi Ri :-i. i .hui s. iiiiiiu Boyd and (ieor_i McAdam r*.r
Hu | m-mc Court Jualinea.
? -
A liu_i- nnd cii!iiii.-i.(..in- RepabUc-n ratiflca*
1 on Meeting mm held last tiiurlil Iii Hie Caiholle Institut*
Ill J. ls... (Tt>. I.t Jil,1,-e John A. lil,ll |.l,-,h|,..l, .,.,,1
hm. chi* won muda i.y Chartes OorMmK. )*. <,-.al.'?,
Thomas V. (alor, lin nm,|jt|,.le [or .-lat. t-eitator dilbert
( ullina, and Timmas Aldridge, thee.Udale foi Dlroctor
ai Largo.
The County Democracy lag) uighl ootniiutcd
. lal .1* ? for Mi-nibi i nt A-s. uihij: inti,,, f J.l 1 >i_
tilcl, Jiiiiiis Oliver; |g Un- IVlh I)lstr,,l, Ml, ha. I .1.
Mnl.ina *m ; lit Hie Viii DtoMct, Maha. , Iii BBBoa I (ind
for Aitbnoan In thc XXIII.I Dtotrtot, Cyrils o UobbelI
The 'J'.m.iu.iio H..,,.? i.ut, |0 the titi District, nomi
initctl With..in *.io.iii-^iui foi ALI. nu h.
The l'iT)liil)itioiii.sts of Brooklyn made the fot"
towing nomi ii ai ton- for co?it] .nai ? i, nfllrca 1_H evening
ul No.lll Kuli,ni ,t. Supr.-ui*?Court.liuU,.. Idwaid \v. ll*,
of Pl ? 1.-1.ill; (-.11111.1 JudgO, J. W. CSU. I , In T,,, t Att.li?
ll..i, A. I.. Martin," ('.uinl,", Auditor, William P. Smith;
"-niHiil-i.t-al I. ir/c M.nae. W-T.is; ' .-',,,.,
J. I . ll. Mt .ht ai. 1 :. r-. I) .,,,. vt,.
I I. ."nu r ; AhleitiiiTi il-l.-ir,-.-. <?. -tn ,.. , i_ x l Hetily,
kdword Md .. A. I. Mt Hon.dil .imi Joiui w! li.Ul (col?
ored . Civil .iii-tlecs, a. M. Hmltb, A. 0. bulli mu sud
l.ttvt.itil Mt.Hal.il .
Iii v nv. ot i... Incorrect stat*?Mila tfcm ara halag cir
Ol ll,.- * lill -
I." inn. . low. n! Ibl polil . td i?,rtli s i.uil can
.-. h... | hen iioti.i
thai ti..- eonatimtlon ol tit ti prunlbl? t
o im- ililli*-, or i>.nu.td . nf tlie oom >n.ti.ou iu profuring
or promotion bu _ij is i ,.., uu, i_|y,
A 1 * noan, til rill ,:. I, ,? |?.,.? t ?nn_,l ,,,
tin- f Xi Ii Assein'.it i*.-tn,i i.t repreeeataUve Htlsena <*i
both political parti ??. I ot thc or*.-i1/alloti ia
timi ami . lection of ?
m . Price latia pr* du. rn
!\.ij/..i j .).. ASMEMBLYM \ V.
[Bl n.it ..kui. I.- mi ht,.t rs.]
Cii.jio.N Dam, Oct. '-'1.?i:\-Si.*.tkii Itrntm
W. iTu-ft-d iv.-.* nouiltiiitcd for Ar*Mtemblyman at the Repub
l ,iiOmn-ntlon of the Third Plrtriut or Woatchestoi
Cornily, held at tholoo Dani to-day
C'.r.vir4,K. Y.Dct 24.-The Republicans of Putnan
(......tv to-day uomlnsted Henry D. Clapp, of Carmel, foi
S'Kwr.i-nr.. W. Y., Oet. 24.?Ths Dcmoa-trats of tbi
*-., oul Di.stnrt of Ornjiira County have i?nomi
iii*te.I .Taco)> II. Dimmick fur ?flt*?i?yinnit.
IBM IBM, M. V.. in t. 'ii. Norton P. Otis, of Yonkers
waa t<wiavnominated for mesntver ot Assembly i;y tht
lei-publicans of the First District of Wostckf.ilcr Coun.'y
r\. * ujoroa or thu nomination-**: for cccxn
Kin*.-tom, N. Y., Oct. 24,?Tho RopubHcaua
are conflib-nt of csrrylua; Ulster County, having nom?
inated men of io touch popularity for oounty offlcoa thal
the tide of auccea-i seems to Ix* withthem. Moreover, thl?
county trare Ciu_ebl 111 majority In 18-tO, and only 223
majority for Purcell in 1S81. A word or two about tho
Villliim s. K-nyon. tkaoa_l_?? for County Jud^o, ls
n lawyer of tine ability snd of pure chan-ioter. Helsa
friend to th? poor, bsa berni mott favorably known tc the
miVMca for yearn, oocuplo, s bi_b and influenUul position
socially, and be now comos Into tbe rim tass only after
nm. Ii c.rcut aollrit allon, tn opprodtion to him ts John E.
Van Kttcn, a lawyer of lida city j abao well known. He ls
ti Deiiiix rilli* iditv.it of iHtiVJ. Jud.*' William I?wton,
tit*- _BgnhHmubbbo?tata fMSorregaaa, ls aka >.n exoel
lenl-.lift lion. Ulai MOjaetIMa for OuiityJud_e In pre?
vious vein - slio.v bin popularity. Ilia oji|M>ucnt, Btirro
gSM Parker, l-1.,i Ironecst mun on tbe Democrat Te ti. k.-t.
For D1str1e'..\'r ney the renomination nf A. T. Clear
waiter iii Um I: ...ibllcaiis I- alaiost ciiulvnb'iil lOHn dee
tiotl. 'Mil* -Illt.TIl ni uo lula lli;.tit l)cnmarat will lila
pute. Mr. cit mt .Ter la tbs Diosl efficient prosecatlng
nib sr the eountr <-??ir bud. His npponeuti J. W. b*oot_g,
la .ni oiiseiii,. yniino Lawyer ol.- mg Tibs.
I be uti..min limn ol ( olonel Tremper for thc Assembly,
i.y Hu* H-piii.ll. mis nf tin- ITrst Di.atrlet. U ft flltlnsr "In
.itu-em.nt ?? ,,t i, i.,,..,?,??,. | ,Kt win tel itt alban], mid he will
dnuhtleaa Im- r.- elected. In thoStacoud ii itn* I D. H. De
Witt boa been renominated :>y Hu- Demoong? This of
- a ld public?i dlatriot cn<l alum!.! lie re* lulim**!
.l.nn Von ,-eii nek, or He no auria I ? baa bean mimi?
li ited for.-. natur bv lin- Demoer ? ?*. There ls reiid to Imi
-onie DemoTatle OsftCtMa ll. -1* Tl'.Mai le ("ounly, illili tho
llepulillcan cnn,Udale foi (senator. Janus II. (~*r_Ml ,11, of
Uekobarie Ooaat], m.iv be clbobe_
?.. m
inr rt i.Kiiit-ti'ii to thk TRinrsr.l
JaUTAICA, K. Y., Oct. 24.?.liui)o.*i Otis ?waa
nominal. .1 l..v a* .Inn Ti..11 for Senator fi-otn tho Ist Dis
triet tty BatagoMa M tka Bopahlkwm Hcnitnrlal OMrtMi
HankaktkMBM?By. Mr. Otis la s neiiltliy re-ablent of
il* ll|M,rt In HtilTolk County, nnd for many ymir* lisa
been ono of the loaders of the Itepubllcnn i)?rty In the
ill-lilok II*- BOB Bin inly twlen made a canvas*, of the
tli-irlct (nt it ll* |>nl.lleatn e.Hiillilate for tS.'nator. Slid 0B00.
lime ti-.. Ired hearty support from tbe Republican voli.ra.
Iii-hetti.' ratic opponeiil I* Di'-ttlct-Attoruoy Downln/,
lor.ilnst whom churina w*-i-e recently lundi*, before tin*
i lo vernor. Eke novoruar-k ieeMMa bb tlbbb akargoshi
BBBBI t< I thia week.
QAB?BOBB, S. T., Oat. ti. Tho Democratic Hcnitnrisl
('"nt eiitlon of tbe XVtb Dblrler to-day nominated
Tl ona. gel I.ol.I. Of LmtekOBB, tor Ha-niitoi. *
Ni kui rt, N. V? O.t. li.?Tka republic inn of thc
XHIth Ul driel have nomluatctl Henry lt. l.ow for BOBB*
A "UK Mll" I'Mltli: Ii) WT lll-CI VNT) ill" AD ,-. |
t)i IT I K I. VS I IT.W Iel I.s.
The liiit tangible n-milt of the fi-eqarol titi. -
tuMl<**ualaataoka oma tho failure paotafiag or ? sm iii
broker, v.. _ i>. -. m mts, orka wa. bbb**? i** withal md
tb*- mu un?*? mate m tha mat tew taja. Tko aamounoe
mint bad no I , i tm our*., of tlie Burkett b
eaaMs Mr. Dee Mm?eta kao kean akUgoi t.elf.-*, blt la>
obtlity to meei bi* ooBtraeta never.ii ti.tc* hetot
esp . t .Hy beoonos tba purohaoM for blt ?.
ra -in "ll. Tb*- fall i ? I ..? ' m..rely
it V4S Hie lb st u'l.i for ?') il I thu . a., I ., ?
was or B broker on tin- "bear" able iii the market,
? from lTul ?
la cit. ul..tl.lil iii. i- to t t I?at IJ nry N.
Rmi tb, ii |.ii..oin.ut " .'? Tor, ttas si i
mi rumors of the I
? , of lils sbort
i . li. ls limier
-to ..! tb ,t tu iddltlnu io Ibe ! u if H: it ito k
la.iT. bt In " en.I. I tb, nil.?" f..r bim ... be boa
r,t- f ?? a mu. li 1 ar 'er a-n i-il
?ri .ti k. ? p UM MOB. .. lie ) '
drop tl
.on." imi 11,. r Iniorniation from
bl 1)4*4,
I nu ly I. ja . ,s 11.
I .wore,
Mid vv. -t. iii, the ii n- n ian. in it ...
'? pei .. ni to ; 1
udvoucein me ui.nt.at was goner.U, however, aud few
r liH<" Of ..lloTt .' |l ! . ? o.t, . I
r bl a. i t. .
/ '. li ITS *-// I ESS INSTITUTE.
v.....iii: VICTO*! i'll Jnr. OOLLROK r ?? ?; uai.I.
LUM- I III *. Wit .' I -ll"IT).
'lin- foolbnll liTiiMif Slovens Institut*- con?
fronted the Prim-eloo giants yc-tt iii:it afternoon ea the
...ii-. :.i tloboki... Tha around
?a- in ,:.I . ..iel il lon not vt lt li st.. tel i n | tl..- li. tty lalo of
..nu- nielli iin.i the onlj t n ' ? >i marred the
i>ie ..m. ...' tin- mun? was tb- strongnortb wind rue tu?
pi! repreoentod bj two or Ibree hundred
? mi ii uko ranged tkenuetrea in a * ii* I.- around tho
:. i.i md . .ei. irorodbj iininii lli.riiala yell lo cb. er their
.ni?ts on to r_tory. James BoMnson, ike old Har*
\ atti !? ..ncr, v. bu tbbt year i o.ia'liea Hie I'rln.T-toti loom,
Mood hy and directed hla boya. WI Ulam Loo! iraajuitgr
l.u 1'rlni -Ton, and Hat ic) Joloi-ou fm* BU vena In-Ill ute,
i.nil.-laivtitiii I'itimc, u graduate <>r Frtncatoo, a*
li mt pa 13o'clock whon tka Princeton bmb arrlred
. ..mul-.. BO?t_g llielr old unit.inns of maure alni
block. Th* In-ill Tte boya .wore tbe regular white run
,aa Jackets and red capo. ThePrinceto t iib
I. I nap. ll. J. Tl.:-, ra, C <> IT I i .1
Decamp, -l hf. Harton, J. R. Burls Mid I. R gfaua
maker, ruaberaj P. J. Kimball, .uni \ JJ.
i: ,i,i i and n.e. Uunar, bo' b ?? ka and a. i.i;, full
I ? ;;. t. ,.u. B a.* lu.el. np o' R, I Ol lune,
P. WUllo, ai. P, kllilBMh. ? P.Buok, J. Ma ..'.. ('.ll io
phcl \\ lill nu- and V.. M. Co;.alt, lu.-T.'., 0 coi Bold
Win, quarter-back j WT. DUwortb and a Watte, half
t. ich ; ,11. full back. Moffat, the coptolu of
sabin I** i'la, on i.e..uni ..I a
nore ankle.
I'llin i-i'ati vimi III" to-s atei cate Men ll- tile l.lcU nfl
li.' ! Wm tn, of t-leveils, eolltllle.l to semi
i.iii litre* ti) in Ike in.tuts ot Baker, ot Prteeetoa, vt ho
nptllrd |fceSMvenn lays oil BTW the rrouiitl alni |.lui|.il
[\tr ball nil. oiiifortiilily tTonti lo bbs BBfJOBBB?' Kout.
I ni 11 n if 1 li*' nevi If?OB in m ales tka BOBO WM loM BBBBBg
meat.' !? - nod b.m.i- of the bobMb__M| but
IA uris Hindi". iiloUc Illa-tb italloeli for 1-1* t elna ByBBM_Bg
iii,, bali mt" tho maidis ol tai acid. Lammv of Prtaee.
lon, ii,si.ml lt t ipiureiI il. ami ?. tit it il> \u/ rlarhl botweoo
tn, | io-is, tb, t.i.-, ?,.-, uriiiK tl.e Iii -I Kool for IT lliceton.
i i,;ii nu- ni linn, s ii.i.i exiiinsi _n,t Princeton still
I,a.I ibe advantage ol Un* wino. Aller a abort serlmiua
Billia at alli i a|.lat il tile liol anti Inalla' a liol lui ole ot
lill _S lol tat lilt li blt lt .ta* r" lillUnlit Vt lille DlaJ blt- Ul
tin _*aol? I* am, an.i tko boll vent uncomfortably eloao to
Princeton's ir. iL The Prtueeton t*o>t. hoverer, moa to*
covered n.** agvantoge by rushing ibo boll atrnlght Into
Hie 1-111-111.1 'm if*ml. -i i iii ii.,' ii touchdown. Tula was ?*>uu
followed bj uii'iiiiiT pool for PrlBortou, Baker mal
line tun uml Lamil tin kick. This enclu.led thc Ilit-t
par! .1 the fBOBO.
\\lieniilai wasreoo.dilu- Morena nun had thc ad
tiiiiti.*.'*' of the vttii.i; bul limy lad,tl to ? oro. Por toctj
Jl.. i.:l - IT iinaTini nil uk J-' led lo li?ika it gool against
tin-wi.el imi laiiasi. Thar aueeeeded, however m kis-p
lu*-the base right In front of the enemy*a goal, nut re*
eitlcd ulii'tbiT toni Iula,vi. ii. BU?tag two fools and two
touchdown* foi Princeton to nrthtPt* tm Htoraaa. Tin
play Ing of Wurta for gtuveit.I BokM and L*MUM MB
It n.. i ion mut lulu Ti a ppl.uni.'.I.
ol f-tilter.
\ number ol' liiiuor (Ipilien In Kentucky.
Miirylumil. ami oilier htal*a*i, tblulaiu. tb itt tb*-rtcconii
A nilli' I mell I bad lu di adopted III tile lc. rb! .let lion, Late
neut letti I" I" Itel! v blinds Hil iMU'liotit I lit- Mute nib rill;,'
to ii.i ni -,. lin in ll,(hoik mi tbe aly. IT om ono ur t... .
iii. iiiars %*<? moke tbe ioIIowIuk axtrn* 11
"I nat * . .u* sc.ii talaing twelve targe bot t icu, xi* of Aaa
obl wbiakey, two each of peach nnd honey, apple ,.n.t
ei,.ni bl.ly, widen | nill r, n ai .. I."? Btu* SMC, deli vi n d
:i.ni iportat??
"I also bare tbe?inooda lu four mel imo hall gallon
l will deliver at Mt per gallon, freight cb
?? riteae gooda are of but ova dist?tatlon emt atrletly
pal.-; tm medicinal ana tamlly ase; Uiej mbbo. ho
?? l..i. li package I- iron hound nml marlu il (T\mi.
tit)- '?! eu ;a.inei- i.-*'iii-i uiiy prefer tko oouteuto of
tiic packages should nol ba kiwvu.
"f i'ii.ii a"*'*? llie<-e uimuI. t.ii,lv.' ^ita f.i. t ni, or to lie
n timmi al nj < * I < n-*
"Holli IttaS .Wall oilier-, I alli,-.
" V. h. HIV* Hill Milpplti;: tlire. Uou ''
\i>. amil Mn -Ut,..ime,at tn- i.,,tt nu ,i. ..j, toast*
ii m ut ka tu violate too law. I be bom from
bl-.ililli r. iioitet ? f, tbat lt "lonlil bate MM nil nvty
iniiitiT int tii,ii rs to iiave out i ii..-.1 their ?ekBappa ev en ff
ta. m. ii;. .ii ha-i lieeu adopted Me are mi apia Isl ul
a- to c.... inn.!! iii Un. "e?i,uiil [.. .:'b " biisiueaa hits
1 beeu tiauaoeted In Cleveland, or l<> vtl.al extent
ll I- liol. , e Og pi?? ll. I'l oj,e- tl 111 lb. Vt* ll, lill WC VT, lo
kn ,t a .lt : i> oe upon u. Vi.tOcMrlBg OOO tlgUB?BtS
ot " ciu.U' d p* at bea."
?01*11-1*0 var g colltjhojt with tub pesmstlvanu
When Ute counsel ami nther perooog directly
Interested In tho IMnsmore suit to annul tbe leas? of tho
Cent ml railroad of New-Jersey to tho rhltadelphta and
Rea/flng railroad Company assembled ta tke rooms ot
Clarence A. Sevarg ta Kaaaau-ot yeart?ro_y, a Mg atora
neartta) window, was throwing outkeM from a bright
Ire. After tbe U?J:og of tntImony batd fOOttmmt eoata
time, tbe glow through tke tsingltma bet?mo taliitar.
Ex-Congres?nan Robeson valked toward tho atora
sad feebly poked a long lead peaoil around tko door as it
he was trying to open it Then he turned to Mr. Seward
and naked : " Have you a stoker about, MT. Seward t
Your Ore may go out.** "Hootn one vin look
after lt," sold Mr. (Seward, throving _laueea
vaguely about tbe room. Ex-att-oroey-General Mao
Veogh, vho hod almost tx*en lost sight of ta a chair that
was plaited Delveen two pcraon* twtoe lils oise, vent M
tbo are, took his handkerchief out as If to open tho door,
paused a moment, uud then resumed his seat Ko one
stoked tho stove.
Yt. ll. Dlnsmore was recalled, and Mr. Seward, of coun?
sel for the. plaintiff, with a cigar tbat oonstontly txavellod
from bia band to bis mouth aad book agata, bombarded
him with onrsttons tending to sbov that tbo suit bod not
boen inspired by tbo Pennsylvania Kallroad for aay
speculative purposes. Mr. Olnsmors said that no closer
affiliation.*) exiated between tho Adorns h_BMBB Company
nod tbs Pennaylranla Railroad than existed between the
HJflBM company and thu Now-York, Mew-Haven and
il .ubini Kallroad slnco tho former had done express
bBo_?M Iii Booton. Mr. Pe ward then drow out the state?
ment ?Blit In all the litigation oonduotod by
bim fur the exjiress compony tho wit?
ness had given iti*truc.tlon for the beginning
of nulli. b'uviiiA,' to MBUM? Um vcrifleatlnn cf 'l-**!*- ?lle,r?
tloiirt. Mr. Kobnaon, Tor the tbf.nce, loaning forward tn
lila choir and raining hla eyccla*ae* by their tortol-e-nholl
eaaeln rr.tntof tbe rijiaH-tiulei tbat beet rode his none oil
the time, enm-ei .mined tbe wltn
(..?You frenonUly aubsoribe and swear to all thc papers
your count. I draws up I A.?Yea, slr.
" In MUM words, Hun." add.td Mr. Robeaon, ? you BB>
p.-. t your !. i tri * ito draw the bill Uko a lawyer, and you
BBBM tO it like ii BBBt_a__ t"
" Yes, slr.**
? DofOBOXuaMjOM lawyer M ho re*>ponsible for all
you swear to f" (.iiorl.td Mr. Cutten.
" Yea, slr," Nf?Ml th.I irHaeea, amid gMMH1 laughter ;
" what's IkO BM Ott having a dog und barking yoiiiiu-.lf r*
"I would lille fay prudi.e liv. lu ie, then," reitKirkedj
Mr. (lowen.
Hsmuxl Kanc. aeercti.ry of tbe Central of New-Jersey,
wai tuen examined lOgMU?g the details of the roto ot
the meeting on May 11 for Un* SBMtBM of ollleon, and at
IkaBakaoOBBMl BMOthag which ratJlh-d tho lei?e to tho
Heading. A ieee*, wu*Uketi to allow Mr. Knox to produoe
two enormous boola of record of bis company. The tint*
|ht -on- to .,ultu from luncheon found Mt. Kobonoo ami
Mr, ( ' '(.kliiik ebal Ung anil joking logi-tlmr ooroas tbe long
table ai..uinl which tke oounael rather, when ibo big
books were brought In Jokes Booen " family Bibles " vero
in order. "Thia mn-in-st* the nt*.ry of tlie Kncltsh king
vf bo one" refuae*! to nm* a Bible aa a foot-stool In order to
re uti n hook In bis library," remarks! Mr. RitTit-.non.
" I am not familiar with thc tatory." replied Mr. Oonk
Ung ; "parkan, he waa afraid he would full off tbe book.'*
MU. 0_M_n-*g TKSTmtONT.
A. J. 0_H_Bj formerly vb-A-pritalderit of ths Penna. 1
v.anlii *___BOO. took' tim afand after Mr. Knox. Mr.
Unwell, for thnib.fi-ii.-e, B_M_Mi hltu wltb regard to tho
pa*! rtvulii.'H hctwi-ou tim I'ctiuaylvaiila and tho Beading
...aila, and the In.lurv that would roan lt to the _M__B If
a nan noll?MU of tOO .Ii'ivey OMHBBl lottae would tte fol
loved by the Hooding lodng control of the Hue. Qaeo
Horn il c. ??aiilin ? tim rates tm co .1 iil!otv*-<l to W. Ia. Moot*
bj the Pannayh mia. Mr. Oaaaati tmeUemt to anawer.
?? I am pei r. < My vt filing t-> anaver your qaoa_noa ahout
my prlt tia al! :-." tho VttneoO sahl. ?* my st-oatk SBOOUta
tiona If you viii; hoi I *b-<-lin*- under advice of counaol to
llloclnootJ? jul.ale business ol tbe Pciiiiaylvani.. Kail
s.-t end queries vt ere |>ut I.y Mi. BohOOBB M Induce tho
. to aay th d United Hutt?I 8* nutor Sewell, e
rite mau " of tin" I**mi-y Iv .ntl? road
b- Nev-Jersey. After he hart rhecked tbaantaeus tvooe
mu. tin bis aneven, Mr. Conk Uag Interjected:
the eounael to Iel the witness didah
" I do not di?Ign " i" .th Mr. Bobeooa.
" (>;? ? ' illng, " !mt after j
put vo ii ii: ?!niiatIn.. at"I. apt!voting qunatioas you orar
wbnliund linn willi a vavo of tat?ri>o?tlou nnd blandly
Mr, .' ?-- ;ii denied to Ml lloveu that ha hui ever pitb
ii. it .lei um. .1 a-'.ilnsl tm-Vi.lii" of KalvinBg stoek. lie
1 cot -
fredi! il lamallpmttt. He -ii.I he might have rn I
i not vortb $19 a snare nt Um
, i rivof 1) i*.
ot reaponsl
iii tIm-ii ero-s cT-ioilnod
a 'entlal a.i.1* ia tuat
? vi " .id W U -*? Ott Ml 0 I
?iii iu> dbl nol nuke i e -tie until he hjyi
t. sn tobi ',r Mr. lt ti; ot. . ..r A.l .tn- Rxpt?ts Oompanr,
that Mi ? tn ? biUoioomptalutbnd bees* Bled. Mr.
i. n moi ?? vt.... out of tow n ut tl_ Limn.
" | I Hill WOO?1 tempor - the
w. "it on, ?' but i. a. ie >'t i I
tel t' Sloss, I teni.>?iil) -r the ell mn -
nctly.be, moe I am aol la tbo liahtl of neii
'.o ,' mid that cane and that of tho ir -
-i . were th..only two Inst meee."
Ml. I ont. a Vial i oil col ?? i,i_l,| ,i?ln times I
Mr ' ll", 1 ?<>lal yOU l ie.eh- a
,t Mending.
Mr. tinaa-n i in mt, found out.
Mr. ltiiiH-?.o i I bone that's nol Berime What would
\ .ti, nf ibe P "nnsylvnnl
neil ttllli.-s. als.. ,|. ?< -Iitieil, u-ult-r il.lvl. e of i oiiu-el, Kl
say wbut ratea v.ere given on> shipper bj Ihe l',-nua>l
t itu i Kaili..a.l.
.-, a itoi >, mt ll then loatifled ragardlnii the 'aili th
piMMC I In the S ? ..;-". I.' bil?tlUT 111 I S-l, lo Tilt I OT
I/., tue IV.ural Koilmod lo lll'ir-.w," Ila e.tl.i' ii -I >. k
alN.nt grt.OUU.UOO lo retire a like anio .'I af Oonda tbal
were fulling due. Al the lime there voa a contest over
tbe *-l.-i tl.ui b.t'nti the late Judge Lathrop and hit
tri.-mis and Mr. Hov* cn nml lint K.-oali n _ Intait -a. Mi.
Sewell Sold Unit it*' bail iM.rk'-il lol Hie Ot
tue bill at Hui reui?at of J?Ige Lathrop, who d
I.til nu 1.1m- H.
Tba a i ami ii alton will Im- eonthraeal i"
[b, (* ii -.ii nat rn rut! moonul
Sr. Paul, Oct. 24.?A apeeial diapateb to
? u. Moiit.n. i. - Ijrs : " Tbe
rnlon I*.-. hV.Ineeram.i the bead voters "f Ike
Ma,li on Uiver this wm k - nut*, fr."n tke Ul ih
and Worth* rn Branch to the ftay?
1.1. ti, etralght trom them thal an ? wy ? ? ??' has itfn
t, iin.i. and* h.11<> be littl I the pnbll?<
hui bavi * * ott ?? ??' sll rail re it* t I te **. Ibm <t P irk
next ac itao i. tt.l tb it tba I'm.hi I'i'ill" h.'I
sa lill IL- III tt lill*' HIT*.--- the "? el llltl \' '?>, .lll'l 1l< 111'"
Itrldci r I' -. mi Into the anal ?? River Vulley, thn a h t
1 -h.ll .-..iiiii* t, mi. ., 1 on to the
<'.tu io 11. tn I'... iii. '
? -
DOITOM, Oct, '2.1.?'The l.unllci' Mttft i "AI
though tho Van fork ead tfov-Kagta?I kallroad Oom
puny'* report haa haa mat yet i>**<mi eo ss plat art, wo aro
ah?, to giro boom of tko i diogtha feat yeafe
b_?isas. Tka grooo oamlagB for tka year vtc.
asa_on_)BO| opersttog etcia-n.-.*^, ga\onu\yOOOi ex
ir;io!tlinarv expenditures about B400,000i mt lu?
ton,,', fUOO,.), The f\.,l charges, ii
were fully ei.OOO.OOO. thereby leaving a
dcflolt of bet ween ?*> k??;),>mm? and B'VXI.OOO. Il will he
?eon rt .un thia statement thal Ihe shortage ls about vital
the e.\ 11,e.;. I. n .11 I \,"i ililli n tv- alum- utel to "
? ?
Du Mt.im-, Iowa,Oat. S I. -In the United
Hatt - Circuit COUTI lo'lay Juill,'.' Mt Criuy ivn.b nd a
<b'i I .ion l'i*_iU'dlug IkB lt),'ht of a rStittc leI MgBlMB Intel
Itt MB BOBBBBBBBB. 'I be eaae arose arxit of a i-uit BgnkBg the
Illinois Central Ita III natl Come mt % te. il ter foi' dania.;.'
foi BvarokargM npoa hMgkt si.ipis ,i over thc ooaap mj '?
nnd from paton* In Iowa to ixntitr tu macouslii. un.I
orlirtnutcd undct Hie t.'.rilf Imvv of 1 -71. .since ri im-mI.-il.
Judge Mi (lal t bold thal Hie a. I li it applied to tOTOUgh
shipments, ii hilt tl to a -ul.;, ct In Its nature nalu-utl. and
tl.ai ir lin- poorer of tka Htat,, to puna snob an aol waar,'
miic,'dcd. ft vould iifccsainiv Include Hie povei to dla
criminate sgaiaal tke eommerea of States i"
le.i-ons Hiiib ii stitfUte Would lie iii Violation ..( tbe Federal
ConatltutlOB. lt I- noi witbin tbe po V er of one Mt tte
upon au ml* r-Miit) line to lix H.- t_ll_Og, tor Hutt uonl.l.
iu i Heal, giro it Hie (h.vt,T to denian.I in.nc than its allaru
ol a rea too ible charge for the entire dlstouoe ; it would
boglvtag the atatutra of B__ a aState e .tra teirltotlal
MI ( _[___fE0U8 l.'Al'-.li'OAllINTKIiI.IHl.M'r..
HkHRUBI l.'.. O't. - ???Tile New-Yoi lc, latuk
avt illina uinl Wtrli rn BoUroad Company, baa ul.-oib.-al
lilt- l't ll ti-.1 I V.l l! l.l t T.llllialiV ol Ulta m. oin i li ?ie Killi iii tittil a
of tm it,-'?? arete If?I in tko Itata IMpM?BbbJ yettaadiaf
(be It " I""* of the BOB roiul uer .lay *'oul Lgaav
ucl -loan, u mu.un E. imdgi*. '.? urge Bib?.8lrtuejr Dillon.
Ruaaell m?. sud Johu I'. Dulim, ol N. vt-Yotk.
MuNiTi) ii, O.T. 'i I.- The BBBM? niiiliinfer of thc (a mi?
di.tn i'a. iii. BbIvar, aft? n tai?_g trott.. mp over tun
rood, "it)* tbat Ibe |_BBBgh line will Ik- llulniuvl bi Odo
b**B\ lflfM.. Nine thom-.ind men vt ill lat ut work ou tb*
Lake mi|.. inn Mat ni tka line nil ttlutor.
(Tilt tte a,Oct _ 1. A lott lit i-^ lit tai Iff wa-Usn. .t a
dai bj the I .vt a ix...I linea on bOBHMM from 0__SgOi via
Coiiinil Binga, lo BOtUt ? iii ld.il... ,ii?l .Montana. 'Ute BBB
tariff makes tke reduatioa i ? 11* i? ? r* ? i B_a_bm07 kr tko
competition of i he Northern I'ucHic.
* Tm vt,ii, Ott. "A.?l'iuta-cni'.er roten Hom PM MetaBB
ciuit ure tb inoiitll/.cd. AoootMBBOB I"1' ?M .'UaOiulof
Hie trouble Will iai bibi Wi inoltoit.
A?MI ('ui.iiuii.g*. (lilied al I'oliio Iii ii*di|iiurt??rs
luat night alni oak*"(l to see Insitoetor Hy rues. Ho
told that ala pocket had been picked while
waa etan-tai? on tho platform of the unto,
?taaioa ol the 6ixth-ave. Elevated Railw__, ,
Park-pl., and that he had lost a valuable gol
Thoaocoud aud last day's sale of the < om bi nation
auction of Jerseys held by P. C. Kellogg & Co. al
the railroad staWes on Sixtr-font t iW. took plana
yM\\*!rm7' B*dding waa active ami prices vern
slightly in advance of tim previous day. toieroj
of the hlgbeat bidders objected to gfring their
names for publication. Tho lx-st prices w ore olv.
t.lined for Satin Hird, *$C7.*.: Outen of Ashanti*.
$675} Weane.. fl.e-M; VloiVt Pogis, sFi.<MMi_
Elditha,Ull,000| Golden Zee third, 91,OOO; Prim'
rooe I'ogia, *?2R; Aunty Moy. $>*:,(); Kegma Ko>_|.
ist second, aWijOj-MnudPogi**, $HOO; aud Nutley ?iU
verette, SfWaO. Tho sirtv-soren aniintils sol] f.*?
*MMkr9*i7 an overage of $372 4'.) ouch.
RA-UFMKKT or Till.. HA ll:.
Later expositions show a geiieuil Mt.ui__rti of
styles with generously vide variations. Thin Includ*.
___?I rr.relations tn bonnets nnd thutr aecesoocle,. Tlie
destruction of li imming birds, blue birds and MoyewalaBBj
ls exoetutlvo. Nov, alto, te the doy of triumph for tba
display of invention. The steeeolypod bonnet of velvet,
?atlk or teit, wblle not drpooed, tn rivalled by ninny new
and foneiiiatlnif fancie*, suok as tha graceful amai.gefr.eiiO
of drefui folirios over tlie frameav. ex<_ daile emhrnidciuse
in ni?, beads, ehenlile, and flue nords, metal brailia, a_ft
dolioot* silver loco. In foot, one may have a bound t?
mate? trery ooatume with rory lil tia trouble aud c"-.|*-o*_
nod a (.nut deal of tunic. Kittens are "born, ag
iiroexlLtlnd." omi dent to the taxidermist to he preserv-g
in ti atula) aja|*earai)c,. on Itotiii Th. . oiiicliinrs the cn ;u ea
extends only to the heads of three little kittens Vii*
glaring eye* ; again to the graceful attitude of oar or two
iieatUng together. Some bonnet* fn?m Pun - exhibit a haaj. if
family, not tn ii cage; the group nf tiny while kitts in* ta
confronted by o xtuidl bird Life-olwd birds ore ob*u
donod, but their breast*, wings and tails ure ?wei. From
the Hird or Paradiue aud other foreign bird* are made ilia
aigrette*, which sro very fashion abb-, Kpringing fi win a
nc-at of downy feathers or wing*, andu _toup of Iii.; hum*
in lng-blrds.
Ono of tbe nev small bonnets ls mode of cloth of gol*!
covered wit? olive-brown crochet cord interivtned wirti
chaoHie tufts. Tbe brim ls covered wltb Mas velvet,
ideating of the same shade extending Intlib to meet Om
gold racing. A cluster of sparrow*.' wlugn and noose gnltl
(oionsl ostrich tipa form the trimming. 8otuo uu..|ti?
bonnets are made of embroidery worsUtd laid in tdmd.-J
or otb or strip,? in oontrtist, or plaided, or lu rings. Ti**
crowns are covered with emull moons or zig-fog* or
e batu links. Thew ont mode bright w iib qua?tit ic* of
birds, wlugn, pomiton*, and velvet or sal In yuin??. A
black velvet capote has the front brim < evered with v ?:
vst in pb-itis, eoch pleat held by it large cut ,fet txfrvd ; thu
trimming conduin of black ostrich Opt* in profusion, an
aigrette, mid beautiful block chenille loee; the narrov
strings have a large flat hov of velvet U bo
fastoaod und. r tho chin. Another bonnet of
tau dencripUou lu mussed with a quantity nf rich Uh**k
chenille looo falling into strings from a diaprry st t'io
buck, held by a burge Jct ornament.
A bonnet of black velvet hos o Urge crown of whlio
ottoman silk, overhung with white ostrich plume*. ;u,?t
?n slgrertii rising from a cluster of bird* : gray, slli-v
looe full*, lnnlde the brim. A stnall capote of dark royal
blue velvet li* mirroundcd by a dtnblc pie.tttugof a light'-r
sii ?i : lu the hollow of oooh of the six plea's lu placed s
lal.).' i.iril; in each of the throe pleat* ot the ba*-k is ..Iso
pLtood a blu?-bird, and a atlff aigrette and large rotseti*- *>f
the t wo rtbades of velvet fonu the rest of I be I rim ut iii ^
B'lM.tKT TlilMMIN-..-.
IBM an 1 other plainer bounetoare wo*?tly ttiuiuie<l will,
soutache, foals of vein t. uml vt Ucl lin* .1 amt uiad* itI.?
fins, rosettes, thlalk raBa, hi.*i oth**r mbbMm bbAmmBj
?Bb! as hart been worn through the summer, of n_ ro.r
velvet, fl HUM of chcuHli or chenille bulls ou Bh fl
chantra* ar,' among some of thc new trimmings, and *t It
chenille P?fte In several stroutln, and always a wi
l.n-?st of li'.nl with tlie ale-rett*'. A jBdhaj lint h*N i
I*e_rl Oiiotnim isilk crown and a rhe?tnut brown
poded trout; the profuiOon of feather* of
sevrirul BteBios of brown is f?llelieal ni
place by B loni? std-l jiln decorated with the b-/r and lo it
of a s*|_trrel. A largo gray -blue *cu?w.ULow Ibo acin-s
tic-sid** of a sort groy felt kag| on Hu* otlur tt
r.u-.efullv three lneg gray'ostrich plumes and aa
omameal ol sflrw Mi vt?i 1? aaa t> i Mm : ni" M n'W i '??
*i--.- -lwitlntrt?w silver . I | t.on
ikib iu*'covei" I w.th elietilile, tins.T cor.l. cold or sliv-r
n-irrow bi aid. sliter laee or Orient il MOB in color* ut
*. tiialiaiil .I. Jni* nud ...lor* ut India flt
B?BBBBOl wllh the MMItlon ol iaill>.-rt. leather BaBBBBBB Bf
iraii il culoi-H i iii B_B_Ha also ore i*ta-ni*, droplit- I
urabompies < A BOBI ls add Im .ul. *-ou.pai.xsl 1)1 BOOBj p ll
un.I silver.
uUs are decorated aaoBOt?bbb with.
..nil-, sue i as lee ital .tail p'.U plc l.tn;?.:.r, I lie ('li a .
?her,soft graj doveo^p?rows Ired In vt-, bl e i
S*__lB_ITOMi lull ..ile m.,y apiirvin-lld a hBB???Ot Ml I
lol utile iii,-ou v-ip ledi ti of lue po|>ul.int v of th?Ml glaaaMg
bli., ur lauiiug col .r vhl ii
it of tumima,
I V I MM. AMI M.ll ltMM'..
DbHbbMj lovely colors ore ma-n In the lmntieis fur
i-voiiing. On" of tin-tie charming creations ls mod.' of
BBB? Big?li sud .silc.-r BOMBB, -"ilTM lao*) mil pink ostn-h
j.lunn a, tvPii nu ai;,', .tte ; over tbe putft-sl bl,wk vii..-I
faMacten?? ofaUvarlaoo, Uiock or <Lu-k __?_?*
com;).ni*- ail li_'it bouuots. Arnon', nome other***)f tho
nu..ut. -.11... in (.., uiie of tbe Mino. Iloymonde oaanjBM f
ibm color kaa th? Baaal bbbMb pju" *>u tin- baog?_l t
sccted Wttli row.- of olive beaded loee, which B?OOBVMB
arran*fi?l on Iii*- tefl "ld-; tho sttlu.p> ure rosa, nullo
Qfll?M brow ti, inverai shades of olive, mid cream cl ir,
inti Hiv., are the call.irs mostly preferred In Ki
uiillinem, willi .[u tntitii-s of _MM0Mg birds, featiusr.s met
colored liniaiT la. * n.
Mourning bonnets ara tory e_ga_Lof Muck en-pe <lm
* lieiie iMiiaal.is]I wita dull beii*? in elaborate dewixit*. A
?.'.'eal lb .al ol be.ni.sd I." fis U m al, lil ?Tt B?ti* MM 1
aigrette* nprtn cia tor ot little il... k bird- a
i.l.uak Bingi, or iel il|)|)<"l o.stn. a |n>iii|?iiis.
Luic ? ..,n).*-.a viii iMvomlate lawi .mi?un gaga, bmbb
il a it I. bp. i nish I iee dnuiei lao, rtoh rlaaaWoo! .
Roven, dark tinted J ic*pi* minot rates or cbrvaaJitb.
timi.n. i) in ie illvei Inca Bad Moak laos .__a>
I,.111-1.al tvit li silti f nml Wllile cIliTllllc cones and pat tit
^isei.v hui..I.. trieh tips. Other i*i u>k loee eapotm ?
lilli.lt lill ? lt.ll!..I.iToll ll B T.ta. lui p!V'U?il*U0f ll 1(1/
UpS ol l'l'lUlt .1.
Hie ai>iiro|u'.atv arrangement ot tho ball ls a BBMt Mte
|>..it ml cotislile.atioii. i'be ma.loiity l.llutllv h_B*B BBBB*
VB?hBR li 'T I' .i liesa, 0f arllatie lUTtltTplea. I
oe Iml tyan ju-.--, ni ni;, les fm tlie ItH.k bair ; taat of tits
i ti ti ii om?bm at a trwmvmtmwa to tao hopi of bbb te -^
uni (bc low (unit al thu b.iek. Tli.i mu.*! l>- mini .1
ICwwfling to .me's own nty le, bul Hie front htlr that B??
Ttttf tliTnuTas from Ibo es.re^oloti aud gennr? *>tt B
lb lils it tali. Ty of .l'tl.ea Iii al] _fl_0B_MB _M?M Bf
..Ul ,t|)plleal.le to all fa.es uud all coiuiil-xious. Tia)
id) lal.wi atnl in.i't munuttaat iuvcuuou lu perfect I
ititi*MBtettB " i.i i.ia.i.li'," willoh U ui?lo on a pai'Tir.
*|irlnBJ di'ldil lu lb. B___I -rricefully, foiling ai* .it
i il stianrlttit tim natural iiartlng. Thia ls In eltl?-r
ihisc waves or eui U In griiy, whit*-, ur al
ilhet shailer, or hair. Tlie new "llaby " bang ls a wm?
if ll ?Itt Unlit little cum oliout thu brow willi Hie H.bli?
nni of u bun; straight aarttoa behind. Tuio U oneu in
'.,..1,itouabb' i ulura ol hair, .mal Botvithotou?Ing Ita nam \
I ul vi uinle nf gnu) "ml ot wiitin bait. I lae " Donni.t
BOOB He " is liylii iiml lo.?* in ringa ou top. The oin.ott
in vi*nile web lo woven of nutur.il tutu*.
Tue ' I anally" tha ??I'mtl" and other wave* uf loot
h-mi ara si iii vam hy Hume for wh-.tn Ihoj vim
?s|h-,-i_ly ,ni iptod M regards egpi?MloB. 'J'iic revival af
alOBtoni of ahori. Ulick euri* at tue bach of the hoBB* is
:.*IKe*l of .-wt a poooib?rtjr Ip ?*.: i.thing of ti?s Mad oms
Hr*natntor style,or Imply vera lu a rt?Ber of two .,
lune itu is au ena ants *>i tha Ors?s_ tvtol **r lom: looo. J
j I..- P_?I?i Plover i'oin})aiiy, Meaara. Aitkin. ts..n?
'o. and ll. OTteil. Mildaltie l>?'ni)lc-l. and Mr- C
liioinpviu will pleUM- otoeept lliuukx tor ult?-iitiuu.
Be?tc called to preaeribe fora patient living,
u tu.- bili* above ifojrpMt una hat long bbbbb_?bmI
milli i-pllep-.v, ai I ti . >-. in ' .1 vita. luci MM lilli Uu
Mired, l.ta?*?*! o i. h.ai Kalila pallor of uoautenanee, .-. I
I inst l be KllltUC* nt ti'*- hotly Ml.ut Vert 0a>b1 ta lae l.Hli.l,
au pr.xluced a .limed thoriuoui'tter lo MSMBtMa the I M
['."arnie. The young man evidently looked ouuo ll *
|) irt til tUe tr*Til'lu -nt. anal furtlu-r Iiiii.it-*>tnHi OJ 1 ??
u?ring awe ,.r in,, r. lui it.'r., alined Ila ui"- hmm li witu a*
|iiin^ h late aa titou.'.i ii hod beoa I'vuiloll's pro
rouge, and ~i?-t**ii'v seomed ooUvio ?tot altoarMdj ttrtnga.
So I ipi W.U lui til nt Wilco I Weill UiI Bli UtlOUV UV I
m.niiiier ho gave a eton Uki one tmUty aassll?*d "Ho*
illd ll l-gSM lou I" ipuTT'd 1. " V*tr> ?.ll liiuoia*U" he I-*'
plied; **I tulnk lt btw uadegwi feel much better/" Aud
illili ins liaiid willi oil air of li.mati. lion, a*
B0_l-i "ll hod <*uc? a <.ill*-lini' inliue.aue." AB hour
all* Tvvol tl I visited a .1 i.-iilii? donia ailie I li ali"Ue''' '
who wan eonval<*f<eiii_ froma mild oftaeh al tv]
ttii'i. tua. |eiiijM?iTitiii-,- hod rau_..l Ara?l 1(K*- tn 1" .'? ? c
s. ulai tl Itt*. Willie Ucl,- I related ti- allOVB ll,c.ITT IO
bel clilt>lo.>*Ts. wtio laui.Tied heal tilt, lull tliet.nl, Wit il
look ni ot'oniful oiipta'iuiily. crasii out : "i'i* ??*? '?>
DU?Ult cwt Lave SC* UOUe li. ft-lc 1 tt'liy. I hilve h.?.two
hi rt time Iii m. mouth, ? ad tneughl noi lil..roi tt." "\\ .i.v
woo til? I" ?*?vi l. ?? V* lieu I way. on liaudall ? Island
" Vu,*, but wltv 1 a ti_t BBM two Usmt Vat t" " B?CM Ur?
baa nils*-," lu.ll l.-ii slie in innfilsioli. **MJ I' 'I \>..-SO
high they * oubtu'l tell lt oil wa owe I"
0o-klta_ tam thal he iw ready to filter pui.li*'
life oe ?t*on oo Ut*'-pis,. I. ? call Ulm Uc l? UovTug BB Off
tn_tip*>tcii.-tthy Kru.ip, Ihe ?UHUttloctui?" of Kl (on ai ul
lory ?i le .mis .-Urilu_s.
.i iii ai.mW

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