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<? - \\
In the Chamber of Deputies ycet-frday an
efl'ort was made to open a discussion on tlie
Tonquin question. Pi inie Minister Kerry said
that be would be ready to discuss the matter
?when the supplementary credits were intro?
duced. The Emperor Francis Joseph in an ad?
dress to the Austrian md Hungarian datoga
tions spoke of the peaceful relations between
Austriaand foreign uatioiis. The inhabitants
ol' Smyrna an leaving the city through fear of
more earthquakes.
Paris, Oct. 25.?The discussion of tlie Municipal
bill wm nanami!ta tiiechaitiii.-rof Depution to-day.
The amendment of the Extreme Left favoring the
payment ff the municipal councillors WM rejected
by tho chilli.!"'!. vhMavpaa M. Qranai, i Radioal
Deputy. n>c*'ivintf consi'iit to puta question, said
tbal tin' laceat ofBdal statements raapacting affairs
in Ttiiniuin -li'iiM'd the ext renie gravity of tho -sit?
uation. Explanation.-*, hu th clan il. wan indispens?
able. His remarks were rr cen ed with .cheeta by
tbe E.\ I reine Left.
I'liti.'vts wara ahta made by thaaiharg of the othei
Republican urmips. They conili-uiued the Ministry
because it had failed to convoke the Chambers iit
an earlier date, and iisked the (J.ivcriitiicnt to nive
them an ..piiortiiiiity ofopeniiiK a discu.-J-ion on the
Toiiqnin question. If the (Jovernm- nt refits* tl tn
do this they would tillie stens to .foree a discussion.
Print Mi-n-ttr Ken. replied thai be regretted
that no nol in- of ta interpellation had beea ftttn.
He would l-<- |.iei',.i"d to discuss 'J'o'i(|iiin matters
v. ben the siii?i>l?iuiiit.iry credits wan intioduc?-d.
The date af their introduction had not bow Hm.I.
Whea the crttlits wen- sui.nutted the Cabinet
would demand either a complete appiovnl ordis
appfOVal of its action. II. li irv's sp. ?*?? li v.
loudly < hcercd.
M. (;faii*it gai " notiee Unit he would Introduce an
interiM'llaln'ii on > it iii! n , and three Itunapartist
Deputies anuoiiiieed that they would mbini! ;i
motion for tbe Impeachment ol the Ministry. In
the lobbies th.- opi'iitiu prevail* that M. (ii.m.t's In?
terpellation will fud. and it is believed that thc
Ministry n ill Itave ? large majority.
The Radical .Left in thet lnuubei of Deputies hM
decided to p**.sipone it* interpellation a>concerning
the i'onquln question, as it dues not wish loeuibar.
r.iss the aQoveruineut while the negotiations aro pro
eeediug lin- Extreme Li ft will probably adopt
the .-a ne Miine in regard to ih*- Interpellation
which il propones to submit. A report thal Dr.
Barnitto,the trench Civil Commissioner in Toa
quin. had bren rei alletl ls denied.
mr. Mii.iiA.iiY P(i-in.N nt TOXQURV.
London, Oet. BB*-? lbs Staadarefe Boag Koagaar
lespoodent sajrs it is diafflcali to eethaaSe tba ezael
inilitiiry position of Ton.iuin. Two months
11140 the Chinese furce on the Yuiiiiiiii
frontier nnmbeved 9,000, all anned with mudera
?Heal,..ns. At liiic-nitlt. imnvaiver, theil* were al
lt md 3,000 Chinese troops, lt is eery probable thal
tbe French eill s.^m -unted iii driving 1 he Chinese
_ 1 om Tonquin, bul the real coudie!
will only begin when th.- Inuit in has been reached.
Tonqnia will i*e then another Aobeen, but on aa
immensely liiri^-r s, ale. Tbs only apparenl solution
ol' the dimoultj is compromise or a 1- lench advance
011 I'ekiu.
Vi nna, Oct. 2.").? the Kmpei-or Francis Joesph
r-a ei\e*i the mem lie rs of the Austrian and Hangar.
ian Delegations to-day at tbs Imperial palace. In
Ult addles-, to the Delegations the Emperor iletlai.it
that the relation-* betwaaa Aaatria and (maiga na?
tions wen- clinicly taiisl'actory and that Hm peo>
pla of all noaa ti les toll strongly the iteedof peat*-,
vhn h th*- BoWaSes had loyally etnli-avoidl to rnain
tiiiu. Tbs effort* of Austi ia, In- sai*l, ha*l ever been
rtireeted to that end. as metkem i-uabled the (iovetii
ineiit to ifi\r laenaead iitt.-titi.ni to tbs material
interests of tbe .eoantry. He saul .tbal while tbe
?infnnns that were .to be Ihkuu iu the Imperial
army and the foruiattoa af the res.1 vis would i.
quire. additioiiiil ai pea B6, he lm|M<l that tlmtiau
quilizution ot 'Bosnia and Henegovitta would lead
to a reduction Ot ihe Arm1, of Occupation 111 tboM
Bt. I'ii it-ni i:> i, o.t. 39.?Tbe Jamrmai de flt,
Pghrtnhaarathu lines that the foreign policy of Rna
fia is entirely deviled to p< .n c, ihiit her lela I ions
?with all foreign powers are excellent and that there
is nu i|iie*titni mw pen.ling that is likely to disturb
the iiui.-t which all govcruim-iits are striving to
Conman HN"i'ii', O.t. _.">.?Many nf the inhabi?
tants of Smyrna ai-ticeitti.' fi*iin that eily on ac?
count of their fear of forth. 1 c,inht|iiakes. Tbs
Co*.eminent has sent a siitlicient i|unn!ityof lum?
ber to ...usn m t 5,000 sheds for the stnlt. r *,f those
r* ndi-red hom* les-* by the recent cala- liojiln-. Tbe
Csliturs of tin-lotnl new-apapeis hen; have fnrined :i
eii]iitnitt?e for the aid of the I* utterers. Blight
atboeksan still (Kenning at long Intervals, but are
doing 110 dan.aft*-.
Madrid, Oct. ii."*.?It is .reported that Balor
fatals! and his I<*-pul)licai. snj,j>*,rt* 1-, ;i'. a iin-ct
illi- held lust el* nilli', icnlvcil to Tl ia 1 nt a ill ll
friendly attitude toward the new ('nvernment if ii
fultillcd its pruiuisi-s, inpeciiilly ta restun- univ.* rsal
Tbs Koyal .le<r?*e, i)roinnlt'at*d on October23,
iirovidina that a?Mnl olin irs of the Army shall
ititi ituit aji)?.iiiliiieii's in the int un- for only tUice
ycal's, has piodut eil a favorable impii -Mun.
Di hun, Ott. u.~i.?Michael Watara, who was ten
tem * tl lo uni.i .-'iiiii.-nt fm eomplieity in the < Mt- s
inairleii inunler I nnsjiiracy, recently died in prison.
At a meeting of the National .Lee gue yesterday, 'I.M.
Healy. M. I'., de. lui. d ihat Waters .pcotaeted t*t tha
last his lnnotaiite of MHiaeettoa wltb Un crime,
Michael Waiata was wdietary af th*i Crossmaglen
branch nf ii so.n-ty th,* object of whieli, it was
cUimed, was th.- eseaasiaatlon of bindloids, magill
tr it*s. iiifi-nis, poll,-, imea and oilit-rs K?-'iera!li <d
th.' (Jtiviriiiueiit.
Cillt'At.o, Oct. 2j.?A. M. Sullivan, one of tin
S'ainel for the defenee of <)'!>.itinell, st nt a Cable
fi a,ni Lindon yesterday that tin- ptisouer had a
goasl iii'o^|)t-et of aoqnlttal, bul thal money was
Beaded toseenre witnesMM rrom Sooth Afric<v I h.
tr* a-iinr of the O'Donnell I nml lure at once fi if.
Waftb-il ^J.IKIO.
?? ?
1.ik(;\iiz, Sil.sia, Oct.85. Heir Rkhter, a s.
( iiist Deputy in th*- Belebstag for Muhlradli/,
t-ile-iu, has bei'ii sentem *-<l to six nioitlhs" iiiiju i.-on
lnetit and the tit piivntioii of his titdils a-, a Deputy,
for InsultiiiK the imtieriil family four real! :iu*>.
JI*. Hiiit.il ana,nst Hen Kn L:. i was broughtby
a lo. ul .1* layman to prevent the former from taking
hio scat in the Rel* halag.
- ?
KI UK W vlf., Scotland, Ot t. _.-,.._ \ b. iivy k:?I?'
fepixvuilim; In-re. Tin li: ili-ti gaahssl 1 inn. .t teml.-r lo
Ul*-- ,i..?Ma/ti:*>il -t.ain.r Lott Wanlen, Im a.li.,,,-. | ,?.
Lml Wanl.n lian hImi gngged lier ai.elioj,, amt '??
a?Uigeruus poatina.
The Lord Wiir.lcu ls M artuor-plati tl sleaiiislili,, tarry
l_Kel_li!ei ii ?iins. Hbe is of 7.H40 tons Lui l la-n, nmj |)w,
SUicluc4 oIli,T(X) lioit^iHiHi-r. Him I. a ship of the Uni
. in (lie 1'taa.t ginini m-cvIc* ul th,. |M|g __T_
Ita I ll lu ls a SSSSPSMtS KUULlliat Of I",.', toiin anti <'ia11 ia-rt
lom Hum.
Vi suv.-vjio Haiku, 0*U 25.?Tho M-hoouor liofor. h
porit-d Htiuk lu Viney ani sS.uinl ou HatunlMy nl^ht watt the
ft -ll .un II. Kouike, Captain 1-liUey, troni IVnh Auihoy,
aita coal for St. John, N. B. 8Ue was eap.*lze*l In a *upn,ii
kl 10:.'<0 p. m., anal all h. iud it wiro lost, cxe*'a| tia-ui.ile,
tVUllatu A. Kinley, who clinin: to the vessel',* hoat, which
Utut tuiuod but tom up, fur twelve hour* and Anally drifted
.lenore st ilny Head, mhoro ho oom rcmaian lu au ox
handled rouditinn. The captain, cook and two -seamen
wen: lost.
Panama, Oct. Iii.?Captniu D. .Seymour, ol
tho American whaling hark Hope On, reports that while
near the Island of Kt. Kimo, fifty miles h.'tiro, he and a
boat's crew set out to pursue what hi* took to he a whale,
hut what proved a nea monster unlike anything beever
saw tte lo ra. Another bout's crew claim to have st en it
next day. Captain Heyinour describes tho creature tm
shout twenty feet In length, with a handsome horse-Ilk?
bead, two straight, shinier horns, four meg or double
1* >i nt .-it tins, a brownish hide profusely speckled with targe
black BIHJti*. Slid a tull which h ppr arc*! to lie ills hied Into
two part*. An effort would tatt b* en made to catch lt
had lt not beru that whale* trott nhmtt at the time. Cap?
tain Beytnoitr and hU attean egne in ii.-iii-vin* the
nioii.-ter is im'iillar lathe lucidity, HJid that lt could be
rt-.il v killel! eUh lances atnl lu.ml, ku lift. Officers of tke
I'acltic Mall Company state Unit they have seen thin
anim.il on aaren! Occasional, although they never hail the
opportunity for close obscrv._tlo.ti which waa obtained by
thc Hopi- On.
Panama, Oct. i:i.?Agent* ol thc Panama
CiiiiiU Compiuiy are enticing hither large numbers of
laborers finn) tgOtttOa ami other points In thc Wet
liitlies. The steamer Mell/*- lirniiuiit Ott .lc k paa-m. in-er
on her last trip, HOM having coiitractrtl to work mi tho
t amil. Tiic strct tn of King-tun were tleti-n h throngi**! by
an excited i**'ople for Iioiiih before tim steiuucr stuned,
and the fSSSel gita th!.til.'tl t on-iiicinl.ly beyniitl her
gogol tent Ot Sidling.
.lamana pl. miers continue to bemoan thc etkoetm whit li
ls attending ito Tttarit ot the anti scents m attracting
Uboren tuan tbe island. The exouuii, however, ta lo
ylt hi prot.pi-rity to the Uland, since mon than .me Itttlf ..(
the null who collie herc, ilo^.i with tin- p.irpoi*.- of saving
a few hundred iloilar-, 1 l-l tl I iiiii,.' to Jamal' a willi ll, aud
tlur. puiiliaa-liiK land Bud , Qgaglaa in thc ri un trade.
Ottawa, Oct, 25.?11 la understood that Loni
.Lansdowne, neting npot, the Micg,-ii..ii- aonUlned ta
Lord Lorne*! ataswer i<* toe las) iMidress pm nted to him,
hill* tte* lided that ll Mil! be the bi tier plaJi lint la) rei cue
say addresses from Nstloaal -.mit-tii ? *. An Iniimai.to
tiiatctrt,.. iras .conveyed ta tba st. <;..n, ??<??? mut nt.
A inlier'.- So: it -ties of Ibis eil y, en their maklliK tlti-fif
i*. in ? i> ai'i.ii. ,.i nan io Hu - (>? i., <: ni .r- (,. in rai ta receive an
tue Corporation of-Otta I n a.itt.i*- to tbe
M i.; . -.if Lansdowne toleafternoon.
linn w. (1,-t. -?*>. Owtaa ta th*, pt.-.ami.rn-, ordered to
be taken bl AtlinlT.il Colnt.lfivll il, Halli.,* with re-pi . t
I*. II- i? Ma.ie.-ty's.-hillas nt Hil-* port, CouiiuauiliT DaftSS
tun deemed it edvtsaMe i.. take -aini.tr precaution.* M
ciiailiiii.'itiwii witu reganl lo Her Ma|esty*s -tenner
i. rilli u. Uosto approaching the ship will lie hailed, an.i if
m. aii.-v.11 ta returned arter tue thini ell will Mared
Hului. ?? and r.ii.'keli were BgSln lu -foti, .t iii.l?/l-tnil*
to-day, tm a t bargo of having dangerous exptosivi - in
th.ii po.-v.f-ion. 'I'lii'f wittie.-.- mete examined, but
nothing of importaaeo was elicited and tht ?
.lt.Ulla, tl till .-..till d..y.
Ai.I.TiM.i.ii. 'Li. ttl.?Nine mun. tb iib-, n.t.-Uv cf
lumpen-, li ,\' ni , until lu ie.
aLuKDoa, "ti '."'. lani .Bpeneer, Lort Ueataaaal Of
lu! uni, aiieiiiini the c.ii.iiiet meeting lien toil.ty.
Paaooa, Oet, 2ft.?*mallpoi taring broken out vb.
lentij ..I zi-k?w. a Kiii.iirii, a doable im.- nf a>matitastaas
la-en po.-i* ti to ox.iii.Io v ii-ltoi -.
Pakii*. Oct. ?.?>.?Hy an aa dib nt in an len totUktr) et
LeCreUaaioV ta the Depaitmi_t of Baon* 11 Loin, yestaa*
tiny, luiu- men wen- lulled.
ill li I AWVl.il III < .UNI* III- IM-IM-- Willi lilli
? 111.11 SASH V ( I.MMI.D.
Ill TIAIO, N. Y., O.t. 'J*..?I'll.' tl a-til(l(iliy of
O. H. Mar-hall, Min. Killmore'** lawyer, wuk tak.ui ut his
hum., tin- murnini.', oe Mug too ill t*> g.. to the City II.iiL
In I-Tl, at Mr-. I'iKiii nn'i leqa* I, h" drew a|i a blink
form mr her will, wio.li Mi-. I lilnu.i*- Iliad Qt SQ SSW
plsessd.Ttls>MstaewtU?g i**71. it was sabred ta orldseeai
A le.'tr lut'T a will fnuinlcal on Mi*' llr-t om* wa>* *lr,?w n [i,
1878 Mr. Mantas!! wrote-.mother will, which w;im -hauler
than either of the Hist two, willi -xmie of the ts-.piests
?Mered. This ta the contested witt ltef.ire lt was signed
Ile tlitw up .i tiieiunraiidil'ii nula I I W enty -rp irate head-,
? ililli w id* -iil.iiiitl?-*l io Mi'-. I'll li in >r*- for hei appro, al.
Thin in* lii'.iaii.lniii, with Hi-. I aim ir- - ooneetlOM lu
her own liandwi King, wa- added to til*' c\ 1*1. n.e.
Winn tlie will IliKl all be.li . a.Ni|.!. I* tl neOOttltkg tr, the
tillea lloii-i of Mi-. I-illiia.te. i.v ap|>*>iiil me nt. Mi. Mat-hall
went lo her h.tii-*-willi M' ?*!-. Clint*.'1 ami Marnhull, Jr.
There th*- will was signed bj Mm. Fillmore tn bb prostate*
All--I lint time Mi. Mn-tliail dl.le.ili-i.le.alile linnliicaaia fur
Mt-. Fillmore anal li,ul a l.ni'e linn,lu i ot I. lier- lr..iii lier
Io him, whlc li ueic put in .\ i.h in e. The l.w-l wa- willan
ml--.*. I rom all lui .ki-.uni t un\ei-t.il,.ui bethought
the waa* rational.
Mr. Clinton aa-k-d th. witness : " Muring Mn*. Killin..re'-.
converi.al.ion with you at any lime, if ev( r, 'lui -I.* -p. ak
ol her ri datives!"
Mr. Mar-hall replied: "I heard Mr-. I ill*.mi. -ay, 'I
i. i.-t that i hate no I. ...H.. ? in.ii i sere anything
ul...III.' "
Mi-. PUliuoreoften complained io Hie witnene th it Mi
Fillmore used a-ome of the Income iia.m the emmit I. it ln-r
l.\ h< r tlr.-t hu-lmlid, Mr. Ma. knit..-i. to pay lioascbold
ex pens* -. She was often sunoynd ny her itcpsou, Powers
I ililli..ie, 1 tillllllg hume lal*- M I,
////; 11; uv OP i nc < i si m. hi iso.
Cist'inn-ati. Oct. 2"i.?At tin- binnies..-* mi-i-f
ini! of the Hoddy *>f Die Arny -.f the Cumberland th!-*
morning, C* iK'ial Miiii:*,tt, t liairm tn nt the Committee .it.
th*, (,'artlrbl Moinimi nt, reported Ilia! a pla**- tod bc. n
-., l. et* d in WaSsblagtoa m iik- otu ht ti"' uiiinumeiit, tal
tiiat it would leguln tb*' action *.f Oougross ta the nata i
t*. make it final. II* **ai*I that In- tin. i.-ht ih. iiioi.uiiieul
woiihl Im- <-.nilpie!*''I iii atlme i". I'.' I. anion in 1- I ?
aQeaeral Otat, tram tha Owamlttes on rahUeatln
jax.ii.-.i that the portrait of *.ttl Wilna, the et
i tiliiiii.tlltb r, WOnld he ta th. next v ..linn.- ur the. sot '.cll'
Ca].tain Tatt r.poiie.i thesccsssIomot 180aewmata"
MiO*?rW. H. Lambert, of Philadelphia, w.is mhWOet as
the next orator nf tue hs it ty, with Cap) on J. B, Wmahat,
ut Ciiii-lnnall, a- alb mil" Th.- ( oniiiillleii un N'umin.l
ttaas reported t"i i?- *-i* < ii<?u tbe present oAcera Hi*
next iii. etina w ni be held ta Roch* it* i rn oaeaambat n
""colonel Kelly, ol IioiiiMville, oMettharesolstloneom
ini lulim' Ih*' piil'tmltof <ieiierul Tliuini,'., paliil*',l by H.
vs 1'iiic and ai*klng CongreM to purebSMO lt Adopted.
The -oti-'ti ih'-n marched tu lue Chamber ol >Oom
in.-i.c The'pla** WSS prof linell 'b ? ..lal. .1 w Ith banner-,
?Ult Ids and bunting. Captain/ li Koraher m-sd* U sd
tin- - pn -' ulina? inc -a,, ietv ta. tb*' iii. nliiiiit--*. Captain
\V \\ I'.'abode. p:i ddcntoftbe Ch,milter of Conn
resooiided and then introduii*d In nun General* Kheri
.1 ni Kt.-. ti'.iuM, I. ./an. H./'n, K. .fd, Kimball, Moigan.
.Mt nil.-v, and Consul l.iull li*;., all ..f Whoa made inuf
iiihllih-i , ^
Nrw-HitiN-WK Ki S. .)., Oct. 25.?" Trunk "
Moult' Wa- ci..meted I ' re \* -i. i.l a. uf htvliit robb, tl
afrelabt trains mi the Penney I vania (uilroad ta eempsny
wuti a niau waned Raymond, who hm .seeeped srrest
Moore when asked If lu bad anything to My why wni
,-i,-c -h.mltl not be pullman. . d upon him -aid that llay
tii.md was not his "pal." imf in- deadlli -t .enemy sad n.i<i
olin-nliot him In the l.a.k. Hlsappeal foi the n.ei.) of
the Coull Was chi.I'l' 'ld ta the ev I n mi ami I : I at. .1 a i'l I ..I
in,l-n?iuii upon everj. ta th* erowd-ed twartroom.
fl Had I ie I. .'' ll ''lb a 'I lip..ll Ul" J.i'l e. Who h.lal thtt ti
tl !, d thal Moore ?..- I j*i **i>--ional thb-r, b* tat
in awi gullly <>f t'"' l'-l! .'en .ai crime win. whleh bs was
cbarjred. The .ssatoBoe wa ? Ore \ i ai- in stat.- Pii-.m on
om- coiiiii ami nu yean on Mother, tbe U mi i*> rna eon
Moore saya* ihat aycir a-.'o. )n-i af! r he was released
r ,i a fifteen iiiulilh-' term in Ile I'iiil.idclphi., I'i nil. u
!?,? ht.ii i< ?l wMh Raymond ta aoommll s borabuy.
Mu..ic had .T-<(>'? I" hit lajeket, ofwbiob tin t Ka Minni.! .al?
awail'. When th'-v !'? ?'?'lic'l .. lonely hpot lu tue -ni.nil"
,.t I'hilaib lphia, me latter soddenly bli behind, ud \uth
ollt Ibe hlik'll!* ?? "Ul "";'r -1"11 MOOW I S Icc, alni theil UH
hii'-ft-isfully at I' liipl''il I" i"1' him. Moore a-.ty-a Iii tl the
wtniiitl-cniitlu. d bim io in d lui -. \. i.l iiiuuths mid tlial
lie tin li ***! o it Iii kill ll i> linMl.I. He latani Of hi~ belilK
a! New-Hiiin-wi. k, anti upon Ihe night when UH train
robbery was committed weal ibero with tbe itali berate
im, nm>n of tabing Kajmiond's life tiy tir-i eppsftaalty
he enid I ..'I- _
post ti. Hi it ii- l\ TREAS,
Sr. Ia*?t h. Oil. 5UJ.?Advice* lintn Aimiiti,
T*x., s*iy thai tool Oflke [aspeetorCk tn I ai-aitou,
who ha** been lawstlgattai Un .iiiaii- et lasgeetoe i'.
lii-ter ul that plat*', luis found Btldeaes lliewlM ",'1'
Poster1! court' to* thc M ? ire yaearsbaa i.nhighly
iTiiiiiii.il, ..nd tli-v lo-lliK lu- l-.l-ili'-allon of unit nt I- lor a
lillee sum._._
Mii.wai ki:k, Oct. '2~t.?\t is asdentood tlirtt
tin- tmjtmatt Tempi'' l'atrl.irchal Chi I ?, iii hcK-lnli lure,
hun as yet rcichd M ilciHion M ta their .f'tmn lure ill* r
toward tho reg-lur Order of Odd iclloiv*. lt.eaolutoii?
condemning the action of the Supreme. Orand Lodge of
Chid Fellow-,, which, while In session st Provide
eently. passed resolutions ruling the Patrlarolu.l Cm I"
nut of the order after Jaunary 1, were Introduced, nml
are still under tll-ci-flnn. Many wish to make the ( ir* I*'
an Independent order; but a majority will not consent lo
nm. kimi naiDIOMT and i.ivf.i.y rnocn |
[BT TBIaltiaiTTI Tl) THH TltlBPiXPa.]
Alpany, O.t. '27).?Tlie pros-mention in amt
Carroll divorce emt mtttt today with tin-tc-ttmony of
lieorgc L. aMen-ii**, a rather old and tntellijfcnt man, who
admitted that lu- had lyoen wipportavl hy his wlfo> In?
famy for years, and that he communicated willi tlie
cuiin-cl for the piimei'iiliiiii only lifter his wife had SlUd
she would leave him to live with Carroll when this suit
wiut ended. Ile waa merdhvsly ern? examined by Mr.
Moak, Un- conn,**.] for ChitoII. Mr. Monk opened the de?
fence with a lively attack on ex Mayor Nolan, father of
the plaintiff1. Intfm.ittiig that he wanti-d ta marry hi"
daughter to Mnstoi J. J. Kiernan, of Hrooklyn, s wealthy
li in win. " gan- a.'ra'.lt dltllien*," ami lill! thin way* the
basia of Notaa'i demand for adlvor.iv T*. monow young
Cairoll will probably go oo thc suml.
[nr ni(liiiAi-ii td thk laiaeaail
( i.k.vf.i.am), Oil. _.ri.?Thouin-* Kelly Imf* for
year** bf-eti a I'nturloui* ri*ddcnt of Yoiinu'-tuwh.
Yext'Tday while liitoxicat.il, be made ;. furioii-* attack
mi I.Udaiighter with a hat* bet, -triking her BSavagC blow
en the head nial Inltleting au ugly -edp wound, latter lil
the day Im beeame e i vd up in a has flgbl ta s liquor .stol*
and was struck on the head with a beer irises, nts skull
WM ti.ti ttii'd, iiiii! the .il lc lld I m.* I'hv-i.iall -a} S he
cannot recover. Bis sssoOaal i-* unknown.
A jiill bator*, i.t Noa, 109 and 111 Watt
Brooklyn, '.nit*M airs y* inonu, on the leo)
hour, while a Bamber el p*ii>nn- w.n' at work In If
,!.-.',lil I'nilll.lll Illa al lal elllcr tile I1MIIII Whel, till' III* I '
with a lire evtin-iii-lia r, but w.w tliiien I.k by minke
loni Marni , alni w.t.. 1 urinal -ci i, Iv ult*.ut lite fae. ltd
anni*. A- -Ililli a-* tin ilario w tu* elven tin- eil l| du ye- lu nie
lin I! i -eajha, but -utlla' ul I helli Were lii'tll'lv UV ermin*' |lV
the hut!.*.'tiing smoke on tbe lop il*><>r. fae lons * .m-nl
bj Hie Mic wa-?*.'.'.issi on the hiilltliii:.-, ami >..''t.I the
Muck and machinal;. . Ilie building hclnic-i <l In ti.ee
tai. oi v. li. Hand snd the m m.if.a. inn- of Wright's In?
da iu \,o table pills S ts an ie*I on In it.
Tlie boone ..t ll. II. Price, N<>. 8 Hamilton
P.n k. New dighton. M.itcn l-l.uni, i .night Hr.i UCIn. -
tit-., ?md, tv itli il- i ontenU, Won tl ni.ag. il lt. tlc . it. nt nt
$7,(Mit). Ihe il,-Ul l.W.I- fl,SOO.
Pittsburg.Penn., <?**t. 25.?G. A. \ A.8.
Mun.I..if- piaiiihL- iml'. i.i_eiii.i wah ii. ivs., i ,i v frame
.IWelllng- .Hld l.'SHI.lHtll I... of IiIIIiImI, Wt Te til -IT'IV ? <1
by in*.'uds m..riiiii.-. lim employee lonely aseeaped wttb
their Iim-h, tlc- Iii. and engineer r*-< < i \ in_
Iiiiimh. Tbstlw* nmg- wem aoeouirted nv ateren '-millie-*.
rere unable tn save am ur ii.cii bmiaebold rflectj*.
-...'..(iou. inc i... , uid
'.vere in. Hied fol .fl I.'MSI.
St. Lori**, Oet, 25.--The patent mi'diclm
tm J, peel f !>r. J. ll 'll,.
burnt.! a , I .. ! I ... :it. . ,?. ?. iii (tnt lilt at. tl to I
agriilillin.il in. fi - ni- nt WafrboUMi, Which ??? .,
?troynd Tue loot i- ( tun .1 *1 il -1 ".'?m.
Ii-na.v, n. 11, ti.-. .'.".. Pirkil A Yoe na's plano stoeb
and .ii afartory,
bones Ulled v*,ia manufactured (Mano -t? ?.>i?, .v... ,\.
Mroyedbj Ure yesterdaj mvrutag. Loee, fUh.OUO; 110,111
i'i .1.11, 1,!., . . ?
puning ?!.'.,'sst bushels of cit*, Was bain .
-::l..Msi; in-iin.1.
Jacksom, Mi--., oct. 35. 8evcnrtoreli
nt Edwards, M1-- . rn re dc-trnvi-it nv (lr.- .
volvlng 1 I..--- ol 115,000, patti illy ni-.in d
llll..S-.,N. Ult ll . 'I' la .' '.a. ,,!.,?.
lng mill. lin. vi. ,v M. i-i. lim'- ,-n-i nun, oat a I
dwelling, were <le-tnn-.il hy lin- U*o nig .(. lie
T.I'..-Xl; nu Ill-Ill.tl' 0.
Till I l RORI NO B in mao tn.
Pitt-mi m.. Oct, 2H. Joaeph l>. r\ i ?
..( the W . rt. I n I LUI A1.-. 1. 4 Oh'll I. I..I 1
?loin i.ikr*i|)*', wie 11- lu- ii.n*Nen iiivi -1 ii:. 1 * 1.igli_e Indus
Mes, the laboring .?!?.? sad ninon ti aymepwity. Hi
!? (loll ai* to ataboren ta lingi.md. Krui.*-,., ll, Irfl.itn Hint
The laborer, bs 1 tee ta
,-xi-t; ha c.lunn* tie said to dre The w?m - .at.
tliall ll. I..lld I.i lc. w lille tonal I- ' . .1 one Hill.I
ol tue puddling du ii.i' < - in i..t San ili nf I ngUrnl al
Milli* ute mulling on p Ul time.
A ti.t; i ni r OAFS t OD,
l'ltoVIN* I I'tWV, M.lt--*., o.t. 25.?A ll'
aorthsasl gals prevailed base yesterday aad last night.
I bs -i bosser i.sm s i Tommi lest bes mdma tomi, wuu i
el*.veli men. They w. ni pick'<1 up by ,1 \| ,i I,!, a, ad
Mbooaer and brough! bern I' If reported n.ai I wo bodies
Wi -ie ph kel lin nil -alnlvv i'll a, i !? idav I lu
anly tho*** ol twu ur tina ll. I. n M Oeetg '? . n w.
Bi BOOS BBS Lost is a 01:1: i /' a ni:.
Ci oi < i-i ii:, Ma--*., O.t. ?_'...?Thc-.li.,on.-r
Ahmka, of tlil? pSCt? toilet ea a hnnk trip na Am'ii.l Ih.
(?n Angil*-! 34 Shs leashed al Cui-n, and -ni.-..,.
flail* d lui th. Malling gn.im.l-, -Hu??? which lune .I,.' ha*
tmt b. 'li h* aird tram, and lt la* Ibaied Mic waa. lu-d In ttn
gale Of AlUpiSt 29 fin- had Iwelve lin-ti un bo.ml li , * -
si*- also feR for ibo taint) ot tassel.mt .1 nu*
a the hot nol i.<"n he,ml of rinse Uh gah- ..f August ?.".*.
the also had a crew ut twelve un ii.
CtUwyoRDBViLLB, o*'t. 25.?John Murphy
wa*, tumnl tb ad S ith three bullet wianui- In lil- Univ ve*
tel'luy at S nilace. He waa* known te have had -ev end
thom*.ititi dollars, which han nut l.e.-n fniin.l. Thc tln
khnwii morden i itols a twrse .md made hi-..-, ape
Wll ki -p. viilti., Penn., Oct.'J ..?Mary (Jiiinn
i.nd Hattie Mu ? itntl I.l/.zio lal wu l df, vb limn ot I c ?
*lav'-i x|ilai-iuii al King-Ion, have dhd In peal u-'uny.
Jami?- -lu !.? i. Iv m. .ii thc pnlni of ihatli. Jilin, James
will probably it inver.
Portland, Ile., Oet 25.?A dispatch to Tht
/Vf?at fnnu l'.iil dide -ay-*: ? A Minion schooner wltb
lui aflpera oat of water ts lying in about t__ tathoMol
vt ..lei.-ev, n miles off t-hnre, near tile-nut he.i t bu alni
'fi., .inn*- oi tho vc.-il and tai fate id Hm erew ore nu
? -
Ai ni ns. N. V., Oct. 'i'i. -Mrs. -Samuel Stevenson,
ef lilli.a .** Jil om-, lu liny fl. llltuttt'll KUI* ld.- hy tlll.lllg lan.
agll I ll.
A TRAMP INDI.-'KU Foll MI'lt I ii: ll.
Candi m, N. J., Oct. 25, -The Urand Jory to-day
linlliiiil i hm i*-.- lllghb-y. a Ini'tip, ftn the iiintilii nf JouM
< taa-ia. .iiiiiihi i tramp, ls May le .1
ciiicai.o, Oct. 80.?During .1 tdorm thora in-*l.i\
11.*- * anvaaeuTi 11 hm lathe BlcyUe 1.111k lol 1. ami WeotUUtn,one
ni the ruler* In a ?*!! 'lay ' hb yt lc ConUMt, WM liijiiie.l.liul will
ie able tu rsapyssr. lin ra*.*-will \?- Htaru-*! it_uin (o-wor
A liol ll. 'IIIII.!-* BBMTEIfl I h.
A-lll IO I'AICK, Na J.. O' t. -?"'. Jollll II. Il.a.l-e.
the . nhiliil mull ? hil -lull; till -at a* mid lew* Hy Valllml ml -ll,: Kl
Il'.lll i(lll'?l*i '"I die ' ITBSd Aveline Hull I la I -nilli,,! I, I, ,, hi . il
?1 it ft Mia Pitssa ter toroyoora,
il I IN I WO IN A CV.VK Mill..
I.osiiov, leiin.. Oct. '_.*i. Henry Henderson,
while feeding a eaae will to-.lay, had hu head caught by the,
havel mill nevell il tn,in hi- hotly.
I UK ll. I UV ol' CAPTAIN * 'UIIHI.N-t KOli NH.
inn I'ciiii., o.t. 25c?The body of Captain
.1 mina, lid,h.11* ?if tbe Life i*?vii*n , 1 . n ?, v,,,- ,',,un.l u, UlS
Lat I. ita.. i|. ri .lr cv iii il inn iUvh iku whits try um lo
i< m h the malia -iiuic ut ? -in til t>o?t durum ? iral**.
II a 11.1'.o AD 111 ll: VI. B 00MFE8BL
riiii.Aiir.i piiia, Oct. S29. -Peter Pieroost, aa aa*
I if.mil, laiit-l Miii. uml ll*.lort I a-Ilium. In-Hk i-ini'ii, and
! t,,.,n.e ll Kat n.-ra, wi re ri*a.-itUy turcii-l tin ?UkIhw .inti
; (mimili. Ot replier iMOU, $1,000 Worth ut item k.i'kI* a*al''l
Other nu t. ha'. :? ??? from trrlaht can ol the Pcminyivauu HaU- (
...??li I li/alietli alli llnliiavay. Ihe lour iniilt'MCal to* I
! Cay, and *rrc Ixniinl tiv?*r for trial.
BAH lltv i I-t ti, Oct. 2.).?S*'Veial pinkiiKcs coii
taiuiin.- ii.-tv. ,.ii three snd i?nr Ihoassas* sastampal li
iii.n^hl uv ,r un Ihe -lauataihlp TsBM fl nu, ll mm Knim hy
Mil ......mil .1 i hl,ie-e mull iv. ni?. wi'te eSUaSd liiilay hy lin'
liii-liil aalh.run ?* ll hail be?'ii naiurkid llml t 'tiiiiivn- r**r
ri'-puiil. in ? ?... ilea nawilim, ami a walch nan a, I wl.li lt ic
tniltal In thia ill<*ctivt ry.
IIaiiii ii!ii. in t. _'.r).?Ibe po?t-iiiort?'iii exainl
nallnii lo-day In Nev. Ill itali* oa lim leKlr of < air
neilin* Callahan, whit h wan lu.ind near die Mllrmid track yea.
li taliiy, llnlli .iii il lli.il de alli natillhal tr.un ia Wiiifi'-wiiniiil Ul
h.--nh A . .muli, ul Ida, of titi* .anio caine, ubi) wt. un ititi
linn, va Iiii hint un I'liMUaty Iil_ht hmm l.i-an .il I.-nd un-t.?pl
clou, hu I li' i ? Ih uu anpaiiui j? why be _wam Bars
du?ilooil^ MUiaiUsi
St. Paul, Minn., Oet 25.?A dispatch to
The dlobe. from Minneapolis nay a rumor i** mfaln cur?
rent here that th.? Ml,-jMapSHm ami Ht. Louis Railroad ls
p.i-iu*.'Iiit.t thc hand-* nf the Kock Hand Company by
ni tvfhiih-cnf Htnekontlm following baals: Ono share
nf the pr. fcrreal mat common -stock nf fhn Minneapolis
road for one of the i{,Kk Island mud. It 1-flated that
(tn -tuck of Oi,. Mlnmapuils roiid has been dcprrs.-cd by
in-iii. I-* in onler tai l,iiv- up (lie Inalla! Rtuek cheaply.
Hut little of the iircfeiTea) -tuck ls aM___dtaf.se lt is
. a-il.v tiiaiilpniat, *1. ti,,. H|?rj' \a that this was sharply
dropped lael wael In or.lt r to liillmnie sales of the roni
nmn -tock, of whit h ? considerable amount ls -dill afloat.
Th.' pt.nl-..ld dnw i, the imfi rnd from M IO 86, whlht
MMm dropped bot three or fO?r potata,as ail that
wss effersd was aeitkly beeght. Last year tha lowest
li'.- asked wcti. m f.,r,.,?nnioii and ll for preferred
Meek, while tboelostag mtemyeatartaywara 10*0 for
. "1111111111 un.) ll f,,|. preferred The mud is earning a
dividend i?. ,\,,y on tbe preferred ito* k.
m thc'Inst meeting ol the Board beld In this city this
month, the few directors not In tbe Roe! Island Interest
wen' ail ousted ami fin ir pieces illicit by tbe owners and
(mph. .s ,,r tbo Kock island road, ai thal .meeting ?
resolution was punnet Motoning power ob ths present
Board t*. buy or oonaolldata with another road or leads.
In iuliliiia.il lb* llwi, Island ro.nl will either a*'*pilre by
pun h.iMn_ lt tbe Cbleago, llurllnctou .uni Ottilie} com?
pany's Int* nsi iii the Cblca?o, Burlington, Cedar Rapids
M.'! Sui Hiern Kalin, a.l, ni . '.ai. will li|||!il ll Cl'Il ri Illili IT Tink
Between I Iiiii- rn.1.1 and the Minni him.Us anti Bt Louis.
ll I* staleI Ilia! M. HHI, Murdill, BUSS .V I ... -tanti H'udy
lo luke flic , :.ui. 1. .,,. of h..nils for kmildlng (his link.
Sui Lam: Cu y. I'. T., Oct. _.-?.?The li wight
v .r , .mli.m.-, hut ,i,, ftl\ou r,? |(|,- Railroad now. Ii.nye
.">" 1- ms per bandied from the Ml-iauinl Klvcr.the same ila*
th- Domett mat Rio Oraade road. Metehaats an- avail
lag (assassins ol the Ml .sad an ordsring .goods by n k
.graph, m .. baats vmii large stocks nar tbs lesetts, M
think -mli 1 radi, al , rn OBBaol last hu ?r. Mr. Clark, the
-superintendent of the Dnlen Padfle, mee lo Dearer to
.lay io cm,-un vv it li thc D.i.vcr and I;.randi* managers,
' 1 'I' . :. -am 1.. m.,1 1 h.-,.i,i rates win
t t I.
Hom on ami ALBANY,
Boa-row, Ott, 2ft.?The niiiiibil statement
of the Hu.t.m (tn,| glbaaj Railroad for the year
ending aSeptealier got as sobmltted lo tbeR
lu: ?mncr-. bes l.'.ii iii.ul*- up .uni v,.ts approved by Ul"
'i.'"i" ?-! their m. mthiv iii, .ni, ? tulay. The report
thai .after meeting .iii charges, paying aa 8 pa
tiM div nb nd .iH'l p,vim- -j-i 1 1..M..I tor wink upon thc
il :*! sud i.iii :i .a k ? .,: 1 . ,Vo*i ix ;.. t hraneb to
ir tho 1 -i-i ,,:tli, ...
J fur the .veal p!*..'.lin,/. Ill, Int.ll Ul. tune h.i>
I. a Ing tue 1. aPS.3HO.P7L
iii:, ohio RIVES tool.
Chicago, Oct 2ft.?A meeting of the olii*.
?iel WSS I)*:.I hen- lt..lav. Thc Lleclltiie Cohilu.t
la of the general iii in ik'i ir int i i.nv in ,I, nml ile* id, *l
? ni 'i. "!? n1 i ouli. lita must tie
! ..ut. .ont m.-: i .11 b *l lin -. in ral freight uni 0 tI
,?1.111- la. Ill.lt Cllll.
Lona Branch, N. ?'., Oct. 25.?The winter
ile of the Nev Y..k .md Long Hi.inoii iuilroed
ni (operation neil Monday. Thc ndl.adel.phls sad
Ri-edti ll run two tratas .sock way ra week
' ?' 'la.rk ,111.1 1 ,, elluld, ruiiiiin
I.. :?! and New-York Kenway, be
tween Mata v ni and I r> .h..1.1 The -ann' Bompa
:. a ll Un lay h v* il h, I -vee n Ni t\ York Slid li til,'
?.. uk in; ti 1 -uniiii iii Railway '"
t-.v,, a ld d Hmas -iiel !? hm -ii (Sty.
inn .1.111 nu,...' ... i . Baal piiyi.ici.t al BtOfiOO
?b ti Cnn.I. i, lld- uft. rms.n I.v the rhibub-lphia
niall.. ? tn pan y on sceounl of thu pw
Iptils uml mi.uiiic City Railway.
. ii. * . i if/' Uli \ METHODS,
\ .i:.. ;. i Mt.i ivcki'im: *ik nn;i-u:\
I1UN -MIK -vliOt- FVMIiV A.-siILITl.
[nv tki i.iikirn in ni riiiniM:.]
BoftTOH, o.t. 20.?In Ward Thirteen, South
llu-'u'i. ? ll.'in... i at !. tbs ieivi.trati.au shosrs
ii rf nil in i.in- nu- vote in 'in-* ward last year
i kita ths total i e< ?-? '.'ju. t,
"7V. I'hl ?< wi- a v.t v rem i. k
aft III HU.I IC,, -tl .tt ll Ul 111 l --:i 1*
a. il kattie. W.iTll I lill lei ll, .|- Thr JnliriUli
t Un- i.i-t which weald roon!iii a latin an
..-?....ii t*. lt- |Mi|,ii!.,t!iu! lu one year The number Of
apotls sseessed In 19M2 wss5,71)3, and In 1889 thcil?ure*
im-rt-iwa*. nt hot ii, a tiagls vsar; or,ii<*-**r*l
? ii rial.-? for ..unpin!..- imputation, sn laereas* of
:(,s*,- in ih*- |->|.iil.iii..u i in-1- amply Impassible
?' Whal do m.a i til ti W of the ax* twim nt In jour ti.nd I"
. d.i | man vihii wUI rete for Huller.
" I wfll nu' I* ll fsa til I Hunk al...ut it. but I kttOW (lilt
i. mu were asssessetf as .kolaa IhueoofssaB wbo tired la
v? lure thev ; ' lu'li'i* iitbut I l.-mo
.-r...- do not h.-'. ii- 1..-.c. i hal repeettna will be oas ol
eic na thud- nf tbs ?? iii.ichin.a" m.in igets in tale wart.
lane* Oonuatttee wUI ^.-n?? tin-* ward
luii-idi illili attention.
theISrtSSd-Stefl ni-ln Hutton rthow- ihat 01,1m*.*!
iiiuiei-have bi-i'it reei?t*i*<l, au Ini-re.ayaat of ,9,109 over
theragtatratioaof l?-t yin-, ami .ii...ut ti,on*) over tim
rei known, which was in i>*-*i).
lu Boiler's aipseek indiy at Marlboro, ho told tho
.m.-ii in hi- au.Henel- that ths United Mates -.ame
lilli'' -Val Hld .lilli' \ Cainwill ** |> lki:il( IW.llll-t Vlll.lt hO
, i, ,1 tu.- Kristo.rt ailie i-i.i- ta tomi i "Take the Adams
. . f.ir liii.lai.ua only UUSS *--*? in-c.-1i-,u- Hack ami lin
uiairl'd ibby .-milli, a -iiuc,n iker'- diuigbter. Where's
lu ii .iili-tti'i.i.'V I And vii ih.il w n ni ne- MOSS BO arin
It i--l Vd. mi.- ; for Abu-all Sinllii W.1-. tim
' kif Of thal fatnllv In all I. |,. . !.. " Alluding lt)
lbs .1 iirtc.i eodflsb in the BtaU il. Huller -.nd ; "Our
am*-tula-* i.uh,.- it than tm I'vo umruoneni m a token
nf tbs great Industry of tbs Biota, and m a ramlnder to
Ih i-e |m opie wini unsaid after* ?? ni ott !tn linssll ch up so*
,n i im-1.itt. of the ocaiipataliiii ut their miee?tort?."
Ihe Ile nu n tetiS t n a 11.-otc r,* havt.uinatcl ? third eau
ilhlalc fur IJ. ll'-iiaui tinvenii.', "-I'' -i ' I'i ii rr and Ab
bott haring tl * iine.1 te tam, Ths iii--' shoiee i-j
H.*.rlu I* ll, of i.ri'.'iilifld, iinicm'.er nf Um .-Hat.'Sou,ito
luht y* ai.
[BV ni enif mu ki nu; nani m.]
Albany, o.t. 26.?The ?Hljounml Con?
vention of the lb publican.* of the IM Ah-*eiuhly Mstllel
nf Albany Counly incl lu th*) liraiit Cluh'a rooina Iii this
,l!\ io d.iy, and after eleven ballot* in addition to the
tl,Hiv nine ballots taken at Knowci"?vil!e on Tut-fday, Dr.
Hiram Meeker, of (illlldi-rllind, Was Humiliated for tho
J vmaii i, Ot I. ?-'->. Thc Hil Ah-einbly DlStrtti Republi?
can (tiiivcution of I'uociih County today iitiuiiiniU'U
I . itv aid v. Dunga tor tin* Assembly.
Henson,M. Y.,Ooh Wk?Tbs Dssnoersta sf (.''.lumbla
Coiintv Itialn.v ii"!uli.Ml*'?l Ldwanl J, ll.million for mcdi?
ll ? ..t A.SKClIihly. The I'opublleah- noiiilu.ileal (iiihert A.
I nan ini member of a?emitly.
Ri wm ito, N. Y., (let. '.:.*>.-Ilauii-l rt. Warlnir haa been
liuiulii.il*'! fm the huMtOAtty b> thS ICpubli* ans af Ibo
1 i in-iini nf On,iik" Cnlinty J. Chauncey Odell hus
been nominated b-, the DeaweraU **f lbs -ame dutrh t.
? - ?
Mi.: AEBETVS oin cou thaiT.
Tionton, N. J., o.t. M.?Life-aiie litho
.graphsof liseo Abbett^ k ?i ami hu-.i have ix-.n giteat
In Ihe wind..wa* nf ,,|! the ll.ptor SteteS la Hilt* elly. Il Im
undeiNlotxI th al Ih.y were .u-coiupaulod by $.10 fr. tho
Abbett campaign land. The mom portrait .graess tho
liquor stores la iimUon ead Bssai cuntt. -, sad tabers
h1-ii ninney Im known to have gBWS with the pictures.
Raadtasef ths pom-HitM have bsea i'"* <(> i>ciuoeraiie
eoiiiuiitbxh tliroiiKiioiit tile .-tale.
I in Anti Abi.ell HUH, OTR-UlaSed hy *b p.-itui ?* lil I ho
Meehan"'- and Laborors' Havtiws H.u.-< ol .!en*ey city,
-hoM .in. .im ? Abbett .sated from Btate pn-ou. ls .send.
I,iu -utenU througb tbe Ht.ite aiuoinr tbe workiiiKiiu-n. and
ei-p.ti.tiiv among tboas of irish Mrtb, aha meta tho
jinn, ip.ii los. 1 ? i>> the MaaUag tt tko Junk.
? ?
////. sll TE SES.l TE OOH VEX TJONB,
si ka. i in, N. T^Oek. aft*?Duffey, th? u?-in<>
.rallc liuiniuce for Hcnulor from lbs .NXVIh l>iMtrl.-l, Ino*
,i,i unod iii.- h..minalton. The Senatorial OsautiUae haa
hun.' d Mill*.11 IV Norihxup In hi - ph*. <
HnKM.IihMII .!?:. N. V., Oct. ??.'.->. ?-Th"' I lenini'Ialtc cnn
m allon nf lim NXVllth District met In rc !<i <lav and liom?
in ii.-d coi. (bur,:!' L. .Parnham, of (kddtoea,?teahaa
Cniiiiy, for thc renate.
Tittil, N. V, o.t. '.M Sen.dor A. IV Hallen-* li''-* 'I'
cliueil Un-iitnniuiiiioii b> |haDggetugggta Ot Ul XVllltli
Jobn H. Austin, who waa aiiatta< in Jeraej
Oty a few weeks san on a ehanre of abandonment pre
femil hy hlx wife, and lo wini** psnsssslsa wem fuiuul
ah>out MM> love tattara txom young girl* lu New-York aud
other citlet, was discharged from the Connty Jail yester?
day, IiIm wife bartag withdrawn the abandonment charge
In order to begin divorce proeoedln?s.
Metcchkv, N. J? Oct. 2.r)._The Ist Asf-om
bly Iilntrlet Republican Convention of Middlesex County
met here yesterday and nominated Joseph n. T. Martin
for Assemblyman.
Tkknton, Oct, 15.?The nomocrata of the Hld Assembly
District of Union County yesterday nominated Dr. Do
Witt C. Hough, of Rahway, for the Assembly. Dr. Hou^h
Was au unsuiK-i^eful t-andidate last November.
Bo.itov, Oct. 2~).?FaX-Con^cssiuan Thomas
H. Mure.h, the Oreenbncker from Maine, han come, to the
conclusion that he can earn a tauter llvlnu nt rum nellini?
than at cutting stone, tout ls Ittiag una " gin palace " in
Kssex-st., which u .azpeetedto rival tiwt of John I.. Sul?
livan, thc petes tighter.
Cincinnati, Oct. 25.?The attention of Gen?
eral W. H. Uosecrans having been called to an article
printed yesterday In The Wcuhington Kr,nih!,,un. In
which ho severely erltl-tisai the cumlud nf QeaSfal Wood
ni tte hattie of Chlekamaaga, un*: ta which ho tauts of
relation-bel ween hlm-elf and (ictieral Osi-tid. he bas
sent te Thr foo,merdai fm.eitr fee paMtaattM to-tnoiTow
a card, In which ho-ays: ?' Tue -lateim-iiM in your Issue
of today, nuder the Caption nf Kcb.-llioii Keiuim-i on.e.-,'
aie m di-iurii'd, (iimlii. .1. ind contrary to whut I havo al?
ways thought, known ami ntaied, that nothing sdiort of
the disavowal or lbs whole will to Jodee te hi-tniy."
(ii lund I Iii-ii'l ni- Hi entivi l-allun e \ pressed I'cgri't St
tbe publication, .especially at tbe til.il the reunion of
the -Society of toe \ ? Hinterland, which he and
General Wood nie alli -niling.
IOU * in i i: vin \ i ind- i\-ri id n:\r BEA*
-UN in IMI KU Kl .
Br. I."i IS, Oct. -?">?(i.ivciiinr Ciitlendt n, in a
long letter, daoellaes to eomplj with the iripieel of t r*
** nt min.- mci lim: tot hun to remove three Police ( tmi
a_detioaersi n>- .says theOraad Jury aiaooaaldsrlag the
matter. Bt tem, Ito evidence ta the ease ls ei-perte and
ragae. Ho dues not hlmwlf nonasldor thc atitaatioa in -t.
aLonls so sertoas as his petattlonere do. Bs doolsrre .thal
the [Hine of ||:,. eily is pi,-.-ei \ cd, and the gHtUtllg
hou-i - oraclosed,or, st least. If In operation thci .?,?
tit t. d us . n tl' u,..i tbe i.c.-i vigilance rails to dls
*>\.r them. Me a-concludes hy asseverating his devotion
to tbs moral Interests ol tba State.
? ? -
<: HEAT si. u OUTEE OF A CU II Rs.
MKXICaAK ilio.'is CATCH hum OM I ll Kilt Kl
TOMBSTORK, Ari/., Oct. 25.?W.H. Stuart.
who baa returned hers ttom tha Bwlsshelm Uoent.alns,
mat the Apaches bars been m.md by Mexican
troops with gnat slaaghtor. The troops had besa eta
I lum tl -o a.- to lire vi m lue n tn at nf Iii*, sa va:.'.- I nf u lin
-i. rr.i M.wire Mountain-). The Indian, then tm mil ami
?ted toward Alisona, closely followed by ths Mexleans,
vv hu nit nuuk (Inlii at the evin nu- end nf the --wi ?helm
fountains, ahem a run inn-' Sab! ensued. Tho Mexican
lal- troop* I, al lint lU'cll c.
I. | wurn ..ni bi tlirhtuiir iii,,I forced lunn lu-. he
' have dri.. - h.i* L. to tho Hob <
ia - i, a tlon himself.
[my ti.i naara iti rai nuacaa.]
I', rt.v, fi, t.'_'.").?Tlie Rer. Ihum Willey, of
Fem brahe, N. H., ths oUest aaOongreantional th igjmw lu
N. v, -llainp-hlrn, db d oil W'eda* tt h). He WM 0**111 in
('<iiii|i(iii. N. ll , .**. pi.iii'ier, 1703, was acradaated fr.>m
li.iiliiiuufii .College ni ls__, slmliixt t neology wtthPrest*
dent liv lor, ol c *i Institution. ;< i.< t wss a resident In cu
tl l.- ai the Aiutui er Semiiiary lu !?*->.
Watkiuh kv, ('nun., <m. .20.?>Lieutenant
.In...-I". .'-linp-a.il, who ?.n lately dismissed fiuin the
Army i.y a tomt m.utial, on a obargeol liarlngn
hil. iiai-iuv--, wini n lading was ravened hy lbs ITeddeet,
published s letter toidght tn The Morning)Amoritaaot
athis .ny, when- he fuiuierly llveal, delciiiliiik.' ld- vi it*''**
cbaraeter, rerlewlag hi-* trial ami his miiiiary recon*.
Resayai "> m .knows nu-, bo th tn civil end
milli.irv life, knew- Ut,it in vhw nf the recent ile.Uh of it
sweet wife i vv mild not demean .Myself or others by con
I mu li a nillir-' BS I ani charged With. Il*>
-la!*-lii.it lc haaa icM.-in-l ff*nil ldc Anni anti irene into
thc cut I lt: biuio. ros tatt* i ls d.ated tun Grant, (kris.
Waiuu spiv, Mo., Oet. .3*5.?An insane min
n iii.eil Keamy was placed for shelter iii ajroni.i adi*niling
the MU y.-t.-nlay While Un-Jailer WSS Bl -upper Here.ina.
minuet.<i a-peoplc ta ibu window, and they mw Keen?
hiicgllig the I eil lin! -tove. Ile vv tr Uki ii .<w*y, bm death
; .-ll*v t-*t him of Iii-* sullen: ?
? -
Chicago, Oet 25.?At ? meetfng of colored
citizens tail niilht, to protect against Ilie (tv tl Klgbta do
*?! -|.m, Un ROT. W. I'nlk -aid I " Thl*i tleci-lnii I- un Insoll
tn our r.ico. I have alwin s been agOOd Uepilhllcan, hal
nov*, I believe WO tthuubl t:lve mir .illeglHiiee to that party
which will (.'ive iii* inn iiglii.-, even If lt nuw the devil's
ticket oi ' li. u ' lintier."
('in. innati, ()i t. 25.?Thk wm tha third day
of the ra**/* meeting si lbs .Chester Driving Park. The
track waa heavy. Thenntolshcd peeing raes **f pastor
day wan won by >Oeoigs 0 . ."-ailie H. toktng ajeooad pince,
Ililli M. third, Wild I'lanU fouilh, aud Jack Kapui tilth.
Time 2:4.r).
Tho -.md race was fur Hie ?_:__ olass and waa won by
Will ltemi.tin In i'AI. 1A0*% iAV
The tblrd wss s paelng race in-e-ftir-nii, which was woo
bj u.'-tiii'.iit la 11:41,&3? _ i.'.itUk.
-~a-? -
CBiOAOOa, Uti. 25.?Geo.rge I*. Blonon won a
gKiin-nf cii-hiuii carom MUlanU, it Cu! r.il Mini.Hall, with
William Beaton, lasl night, takum-the chnuipiousUlp and
I ..t.i i. It wbs a tedi**..- gain." In the tiriin. .geofe i tlon
son, ntHt; .sexton, 1SJ ; Blosson'S highe.it leore, J? j Sox
tun'*, wt,_
TR LEO li A CU Soil J,
oiri\,(iit, 20.?Tba Wt-teru New York Agri
itilttirail A-tiM-ltttliin met heiti lu tla.v. Kx-fluvernor H. H.
I .ullin il.-I i ve real tan mlilicim un "dar Advance in A gr h". illili'*',
l'ii|iilliitiaii) timi vV>hIUi" III- nanatina aware heartily Op
planiltd Dr. J. W I'dvviird*. pn -iidt-nt ut thu Uaiso*. la! iou, Bud
1). II. Ilollc.a HiinUt- thia cv 'eulin.
Tin-; itiaaouBl AUUCCTIDN CA**K.
BoaTON,Oot.29.?Joseph K. HiikI, ulm whs ar
l*MMd mi s trqnlsitlon ..i tba .."vi-ruor of Mit-nuri to ?n^w*T
hu lii.tl. In..'lil tor elith tun Ani-elltt l.ail'e.uil flem linnie f.ir
Imiiinral purposes, hs* ohtaiuDat u writ of hahcus cot pi.*. Hi
cliimiH timi he waa lewdly ntatrrie.l Kith,' ./ii l m MaHsichustttii,
sml llial the aSbSrm i-iiuiiot he tiniiit'slhed bi sf. Loaitl.
Lv.nc mu'itu, -Octa 25.?Thew li an unprece
tlapiiteally UMS stteiidmit-e St tbs HKrli-ultiiral ami ineehaiili ill
fun Inn'. 'Iiiii wiini.il ivltlr,-s.i wua* tleliven-al to-tlay hy Jn.lip"
U'niii-itnii *.f New-Ynrk.
Asmitv I'auk, N. J., on. 26.?The .Board of
H. alih Inut n iiiit'tiii? la*t uiKlit I.) t nii.-hlnr the inline of
jmiK*' Walling in athoHysr essa Ths iiuuni is (letermiin.l to
lill.ll il' IU mill Hil'! "Itiltl .lue- lit lill hll.-.irall 11 l-l,I lilli t 111'
rlKht la dcb Ml" ll" atilliiiill.v !>) tii.1lvii1ii.ilH si hen-lufair**, but
for the time >belng no lnspecuoat will bs mailo sa<s>t when
tiiih-ie.l tty the Haunt.
THK. KV AMOR] iIC AI. I "NI'l.la-KN'.'K.
Am.f.ntiiwn*, ivnn.. ?>tit. 25.?The Genera] Coa
fereiice nf Hie Kvansebi .il . 'lumdi, afici I. -liur tn -i-Hiiuu sines
Oct..ber 4, Otl)aeruull l" a. iv
Nkw-IUVK.V, Oct. 25.?At lill' K'Uli-llillllllll lllee'
liiK *'f the ?New.Milieu Vntuill Midi* .il A-i.ti latlun, to-l.tv,
Iir K I, lt ThttiiipH'.H, a phyih hui ..f litri,'!-pun in .-. who vvuv*
1-,.,-eiilly Initlctiil lol" ab**r.Inn. waa cxpt-iKil hy a iiniiiilin 'iii
Tote, Htihjit'l In I he t ointt ht uf tho .--lalo Medical A?i.oi:laLlou.
Niw-Omi imo, Oct. l'.">. I'lfty-tiiii*' membersat
trinliHl tlie Kilt' KtiKUie*!-' * '..uveulluli kadoj Am.tim (he
tl.lill -t tlU. IIHlwd Wire lue pl.'-oUt HJHIelll Ot lU-lll.lll.c Ot
UKitnll. iivi-r.lliHiirsm >', Ul''. *< ap*'*, bull.Illida unit lilli in. !| -I
suiervmli.il tiver in.mam ?? Waa Strunffly t.'iiib'.iiii.-l. asen
. ..in.iii lim m. en.II.u i-ut. le n.^hl the nu-in bc rs at tha com cu
th.ll, Hi ...llllllll.il'I l>> lilllie*. HllCUlhll U Ci.;np' I IlieUUl'y ll.-ll.
CUH INS Ul, O.I. _.'..?Ilie Ueaeral ll*.me Society
Mnutluuiuy . uuveullun ?! (lt.- DiSCipISS ot . Inut began ll*
Saesslun bets t. >. t ut, i bs reporl ol llieoorrespotMllnasei-reurj
ehowwl tlie extent ol Ihe wolli done by iikciiIh Ui the .loHdHlte
floret ut tho .--nitli ami Wen. Tbs erection of the Uart elli
Mi'iiiiirlal church, la WashliiKton, le B__W the siiperlulen
tlcine ul iliiHi*.Hl?-ty.
PROTltACIKil I'.I.K.ITON HY THK I'll \ N i 1-.(? A N s
Tiii.N ion, N. J., Oct. :-'."i.? Iii*- l'laiici-cati Oniei
of tlie fait*-*! -*ttit*'H Inivf ic ci*-* 1**1 tho H.v J.naciili l4M*.<_n
of >-yrsctiv, I'rovlmisl **t laaordai tot the next llii-at?y^rs
iwelilyxli lull.itn Hilo Uaken. nml thc ht n-nni Unled tun hui
a ia.iit Louts.
,J.\( KSON, Miss., Ot t. M, -Fitly Iml.-a of .otloi
from .Nmchc/, ioi Un-fctun by rail, wt ra- conpresaod Him lor
wattli-il liuai hi'iu to-tiHji. Ulltvi flop in nts sro to follow.
Washington, Oct. 25.?Congress, at its last
.session, directed the Postmaster-General to make a thor?
ough Investigation of the raliway mall sen Ire, mid report
In December next The -stun of glO.OOO was approprlat-ed
for the expenses of the Inquiry. The duty of makin* tho
Investigation waa couHded to a commission, of which Mr.
Klmer, tho Hceond Assistant Post11uu.ter-li-11cr.4l, is chair?
man, and lt ia understood that the reiwrt and recommen?
dations will anon h.- submitted to the Postuia-ter-Ueil
eral. Last yoarinorc than two-thirds of the total amount
paid for carr) lng the malls waa paid to railroad ggmgMt
Olen, aud the Int rea.se during thev ear. x. <?* !e.'*l,(.0(?,(H)0*
In his annual report Mr. Elmer says that thc chief profit
derived from postal miller comes from that masftcMi
by railroads. The facts siiinYichtly indicate thc Mel of
intelligent action hy Congress, and the necessity nf, a clear
exyoritlou of all thu fact-* hearing upon tin* unmmwa waa
clearly shown hy the effect produced hy a few demagogues
lu the List House of Rcpre-entatiie-,, who were aide
to t.iko mlvitiitage of tho general 1 i*k of In?
formation respecting Hm subject in that tWtj.
It ls lui.lt-rstood iiiat the forth* urning report will con?
tain id! Hie r.tct.-t anti llg.iri's necessary to a full under?
standing of thc question* involved and 1)0 a* ? <>iii:>aut*s|
hy a draft of a hill which will ciuhoily th*' e**ii* !u-i"Us ol
the ctaiuinlssloii. This 1*411 the members of Ihe cummin.
adoa rsgsrd sa a great taspeovesssal on the im-ini law,
under which thecompensation ls determined bi weight
solely, without murd to tbe apace occupied bi lae mails
rn tue .speed ai wntali they era .arr:.*!.
The proposed bill will provide f**r pa-, mei,t-i.v t Igbt,
hilt will al.-o lake into mi omit thc amount of
sj -e occupied by tlie mails anti the -i.I ot
t. iain-uiim win. h tiwi sre transported. 'id.-, plan,
If adopted, will-n me I,, tia- i.t,vi ii un nt wbatH paye
for mul to the railroads i.iir i ampeusaUon foi (he so *nn
modHtlous ami facilities furnUked. lt will encourage tao
railroads to provide Mutable accommodations for railway
pn-t offices and to run postal cur- >.u fast trains, li will
ul.-** cm iiiii-ct ihe tin- limit-or official tii-t n ti.an nt ino
matt* inf Hiing ratci of compensation mr tbs railway
lliail sci \ icc.
[BV TM.I.i.HAI'll 1*) lill. IKllil *-l.
Wasiiim.iov, 0*'f. '27).?Tlii'i-c is iv.inn to
tii.it the Steieiory of War will lake n*. further
-I. ps in lclutiou to th. I'la.I*-.i- luipi!'., until tSUt\ I
tum of (iiii. ral Ha/.-n, Whs I- nb-eiil fr.un \\ a.-lniiiftoii to
all- inl tile lllt-eHIig nf the ancle!', tittil, v , m_
heiland, .lt ta reported that he will latani m ?-. ta inlay
next, and lt ls not improbable that tin- iir-t Hep I. K< u by
aleeretsey '.iin.iin will ix- to ask him for a
more e_j>llcit ami detail. .1 -tat. mint PSSSHJ* mtg ''.!**lP
pl.inciitiiry Instruction." the rea.-ons why Lieut, nani
<; tl iiiigtofi W'lU* directed t*> di-rci-al'd tl't lil, an.i tin rc_
-*.n why, ir they magg pu p.neilin:' the iul.iriu.i; inn of the
.Navy Department, ac*-i*y of them was nut fum.-li-d io
that Deportment at the time, lt may be that a military
court of Inquiry -viii !?? ordered, lu thal <?.- therein
rc.iMin to believe tliat a naval court will sUo if ?).*!' n-d.
Ot ri-ipie-titl nv ( iiiiiuiali.lir Wiktas,
There la considerable discussion eoii-t.?nilv a- t.i what
ought to lie done this .elater to provide mea;,-1 tt ?nntiist
attempt early next year to rescue Lteotenanl fJreelj ami
lils companions,or, al least, to sscertain Uielr fato. In
his forthcoming report to .Congress Besretary I.ni.ula
will pr*-int his vii'W-and ret iiuiiiu'iidiilloii- M fin- siib
leet, sad there to reasoe tu believe that he wUle-pcaai
tin- opiiiiii ii th.it any future Antic expeditions sent out
in tin-1, a, vi 'nun, i.t for any purpose saonta be under tho
conti ni an.i din a tlon of tm- Navy Dcpartiin ut.
[nv rti.KtiiiArii rn un: tBMCVB.]
Wa-iiinlton, Oet. 25*?Winn I'r.-i.lenC
arther rtotted the Louisville ffifii.sl.thm -"iii*- g* 'ithilien
.devoted r*, the sport of angling gave him a tine and ? o.-tly
red. TU'-prest nt was su;iplt in-iiti tl this .iftt-rnoou hy
the gift of a Hue ro-cvvii.iil it-liing roil With lancewood
tips. L'ikui the Inut of th*' roil, w i.ich weighs ott o.nic* a,
maaeatsBver platobeartag the President's name. The
ind was made in Isitii-v ill*-, ard aft, r ex atniulug lt Um
Pie-blent remarked thal it was the tim-t -!>"i lim n of
wnrkiiniiishipiii fiat line, h- ha.I ever -? * n. li ?? .red wis
prewuted by W. O. Dodd, of Louisville. He wea accom?
panied tai the willi*' Boom by iinei oat Knott ami -everal
niin i Ki - ri til* kl,ms, ami the net ,t iou vv.ia made a pleasant
one to I hen. hy the President.
- ?*>
\\ \-iiiN.irnN, Oct. -?">.?r. ll. Congeri %wmb*?
Inreuilt i,t nf tho TeUoWetOM National I'.uk, hus fol**
wanled to Secret ny lt i'.ei Ins annual re p.. ri. He -talus
athel the piillisiint a* e.units of thew' ..uter
nf g.ime In the p.uk l.iaat vvititer were greatly cragg' rai* d,
uni that since hi- arrival hunting hss lt. eu p..i Mcally
ta speeded. Ilellutl- fault wltu lin' law ptov hUlig for the
ap)Miliifinenf of a?i-t .ai, t -upci'lntcnd, ni* upon the
ground that the allow HMO Ibf i lie -alaru- is *<'.> meagre,
when the fact Uni the men will have to luilld their own
? plaiter- ls taken Into coii-idfiittiou. Il a .il-" think- thai
the lew .dividing Hie r>-i.iii-ii.'..ny f**r tin- car*- of Ibo
park is uwtseaad hup*- thal lt will h<- -oiitneudeii hy
.Congress .u* to prov Ide tot univ om heed.
The lilith Hotel ls reported to he v. rv emnnodleai
and designed to la' lirst class. I! i-rapidly ii'-.ultig com?
The superintendent expresses regret that Hu re is uo
lawful Hi*- pr*ii*'< lion nf i>*-r-iiii- .uni otmaetXs la ihe
park, and anys that Als absent.r legal restratal lt taken
advantage of liv tia- viii.ms and criminal rtass in the
ueighliurliood. Numbers of men nf doubtful diameter
.iv, nun the park dining the summer. The niunhi r of
visitors to tin- paiu 'luring thc patti ssseoawns Inept
thou lu iiuy pit.'v imi- v ear.
Washington, Oct. 'J.'i.?Tin- inuiiliiTs sf tha
Corean l.mlias-y whit p tiialiictl lu Washington, in* ludiug
Mm *i mig Ik, the Minisii-r, au*l two attaches, cailetloa
lbs IWmretsry nf Slate ami the Peeretary of the Navy to?
day. They w.ii< ai 'companied ?*>' I.'uslgn lieorge c. I'omk,
United nial* - Navy. -They wore rcccivnl at Un Navy
Dep.iiiiucut by I'eei't liiiy Chiiu*llcr ami Kiar Atlmtral
IbaAddt The Ilinb.i-.-y will iiliiru lo (urea on the
United titaatee ship Treatoa, .now .Mag nt ted out at tho
New-Yttrk Navy Yanl for tho Asiatic stamm. |he Will
sail early In Novemlter. Dn-lgn FoiUk h;*n Ik-cu tleslg
n.iti tl by the I'rcsiiiciit to sfwoaipaay ths Kmbessy t*?
Con -ii alni will ii main il) that country foi some Hine. Ho
will be of asctotanen to the Antbessedon *M thsli ntum
io Coiea, a- Iii- thorough knowlnlge of tl.e .lapanci?<?
langttSg- Will allow gciicl.il liilercnurwe, with them
throiigii one member of the Kmhas-y, who eau -peak
Jepanese lim inly.
WAStllltOTOK, Oet. 'J",.?\. \V. Fitzin mid &
Co., t.i Hil- ell.v, were In-day -,i-|M iiiieit fi mu jiiai I Itv he
fore the I'cii-loii Iluieau. Il is aliened that tht > t it.ut*a<t
Illegal fees, ami also tiled pension danns for C<iiifi-*lenitO
-nil;' I -. tt, Hiullli, ol' HaUiliuiii-, h,i^* ln-etl *li-!).tne*l ^so
Tor Interfering with a special exiunlner In the dl-charge of
j his duty and assaulting Mit J. W. Fh-nner, of thlsi.ltyf
has ha'cli sll-pelltleil Hom pi-.ictlce Tor Mihliei-slnif ,-oiu
. miinicatiuiis to pciinluiit-ni liilciidcd to cau~- the coiii
I nita don of frauds.
James K. Uilsllng. a |h-ii-Ioii attorn* v, of Trenton, N. J..
. Wini was Mi-pendeil hy Seel clary Teller at the lnilplaSSt SJ
j C..IIIUU?ituit-r Dudley, on tte 28d uuc, baa been i*-t? red
? to (I .ti (ice. Ills ntfclli e WM the Usc Of the Wo: ai- " I I.Ited
j IHsti..-) l'cusiou Agency " u- de-crlptlle of hla l)U.-i:a --.
\\ vsiiiNt.ro.N', Oct. 'J."*.?A i?i.ort of tb*.- re?
ceipts and tlisliuiM'tiicuts of the Su'i-Trcasury In New
York was received at the Trca.-ury Department today.
During thu fiscal year ended June th, 1Hh:?, the receipts
otnynnemtmt 1866^12.454. Ttie il!-luir?<'ments, including
th., unions amounts sent io the Department, wera
$7:)l,'?'-'l,7.')l, leaving on Ininti a li.il.ince of $l*Jt,:i!Hi,7o:i.
Ilie iec*lpi.-*)ii account nf Cu-l*'iii- w.re BthlatttytlM%
?Old ????Hill* a!< s. .-.71,:i.t.l,tMH>; iiit'ttnil revenue,
r_,7!iO,8ttO; IV-1 Hllice Dcp.iltliieut, *s,-_!i!),*iO*.l; Haus
ict-, |I41.s-s,(i;il ; tli.-liur-iii,' accoiinii*. *?.'," 1.1'* 1.7.*>*>;
Interestaeooonto, .st-,.ci**,(io i. Tuc nrliiclpal datobam -
nu ni., were ss .foUowa: Aocouat of Tresaan limits,
U19.07S.D13 i dlshuisliig accounts, !*,J?7.tUI,110 ; Viotti
otbve drafts, i}?7, r>:*,()7.>; account of million i \-.-.*y
Otllt-ea, afl 1,(14**,s_0.
\Vashi\.,ton, Oct. 85.?Hw Sccrclaiy of Iho
Navy has aw anted the contract for coiii|Miunda*-ir.nrpli-te
for the turrets and pllol house of the United States mon
dor Mlaiiloiioiuah Io VV. II. Wallace A CV, of X* w-York,
it i.i ? -. i.timr John Bro wu A Son iuui ('haili- ( iiminell Al
Co.. of Shelli, ld, Tin.'., ut Ul 1?? fm ton Sj Mdt pounds.
rhe wauk of altering the vessel to receive Hu- turrets wiU
lt. Ixguu ill mao at UH New-Vork Na\ v Y ml mil push?-<|
(t. couipleHoii aa rapidly as posslhlc. The conti actors
.vgrced to deliver the turrel pluto* tu six mouths, hut lt i|
thought likely that they will he here In nv* months.
ilie Naval Advisor-, Hoard decided today what neW
naval vessels lt woidd recoiuiii.ii.l to la* *a.in?tnirted los
the Navy aud the amount of appropriation tlieivror.
After the meeting a coninuinleatlou was mihtultted te
S*iretiir>'Chiuiil!ei, alni -.tr in ur ai* cali he lt.n ind tl njo
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