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V A III.JN0-13,510.
cameron ox mr. uladstonk's mncH?sol ir?
I.ondok, Nov. IO.?The Franco-Chinese situa?
tion continues to be one of the utmost
gravity, and not lees eo because tbe Ferry
Ministry persist in Ignoring tbe probability
of a serious conflict. Tho hopes arising from M.
Cballeincl-Lacour's withdrawal from th* Foreign
Office, and the belief that M. Ferry, as his successor,
would bo more reasonable, have been dashed by
tho Premier's declaration to The .Standard cor?
respondent, expressing again and again contempt
fur tbe military power of China, aud utter disbelief
that China will resist France, and also infer
against Chinese diplomacy, because it bas refused
to make concessions to French domands. In the
?Matta*, Chinese telegrams convict M. Trie** ol
falsehood in telegraphing that Li Hung Chang bad
disavowed Marquis Tseng, whom tho Chinese Gov?
ernment fully sustain. Li Hung Chang also denies
bis alleged disapproval of tho course of Marquis
Tho European pi ess is filled with expres?
sions of amazement at Premier Ferry's du?
plicity, which remains without any attempt
at apology, though tho French Ministerial
pt?*n tail upon patriotic Frenchmen to believe
their owu Government in preference to a foreigner.
Gioundlcss rumors ofFiemh successes Iii Touquin
have been set ulloat In l'aris during the week, hut
are believed nowhere save in Paris, where credulity
ie boundless. The credit of niuo million francs de?
manded by the Munsters ii regarded here only as
one more effort to belittle the seriousness of the
enterprise to which France stands committed. " It
is not among*." says un English paper, " to pay fol
the coal of the transports."
The Guildhall banquet, from which eo much was
expected, produced only specchesabouiiduig in gen?
eralities not particularly glittering. The uew
Lord Mayor (Fowler) excited some ridicule by
quoting Greek and Latin, but redeemed himself by
th* cordiality of his welcome, thoagh ho is hlwciU
a Tory, to Mr. Gladstone. M. Waddington'*epooch,
which Mr. QladflCOM described as tho speech of
the evening, contained little but vague assurances
ii good will. Equally snucic and aneonipromieing
was M. de Lesseps's declaration that he had come
|0 laidland prepaied to anticipate the moonabie
demands of Kiniii-.li nierchaiits. It is not regarded
in the city as pledging him to one single Important
Mr. Gladstone's speech was admit and conciliatory
but has occasion! d general complaint because it
contained no disclosures of policy aud absolutely
no indication of the programme <>f thc session be?
yond an explicit denial of repeated newspaper
assertions that everything will have to give way
to the Franchise bill. There was a renewed pb ggfl
*f a speedy withdrawal of a large portion of Eng?
lish troops from Egypt, and this was received w !th
marked disfavor by tho audience. There are re?
newed protests this Morning from most of tho Jonr
aa]* except th* Radical anea, Then ii nraeh dis
content also with what people think au ex< i
defence, on Mr. Gladstone's part, of Frau h
susceptibilities, the inference including alike thc
Madagascar incideut and the Suez Canal.
His critics complain that ho has laid mon itreM on
obtaining justice for Ireland than OB maintaining
the union, avowing that the latter is conditional on
tim former. Altogether the situation remains prac?
tically unchanged by anything that was said or
done yesterday.
thk ikm:mi:m QUESTIOff.
Interest in the question of housing the poor is
kept fresh by numerous articles and sue. ches, thc
papers iu London, Liverpool, and other great cities
sending commissioners into squalid district*. Mr.
Chamberlain is prompt to meet Lord Salisbury. Be
announces an article on tbe same question in the
next Fortnightly. His friends say that, far hom op?
posing I/ird .Salisbury's proposals, he intends groat ly
to enlargo the Mop* of the annuled scheme of state
Mr. Fawcett's interesting speech on Thursday to
his constituents at Hackney disappointed public
expectation on the subject of tho Par?
cels Post, which people are not dis?
posed to regard as a success. Tho papers
lately have contained numerous complaints against
the working of the law, and positive predictions of
a financial delicit which is estimated at half a
million for tho first year. Mr. Fawcett tool bo no?
tice of tho complaints and expressed a belief ia aa
increase of the number of parcels.
ThoAmericau elections excited little attention,
even Butler's defeat passing almost in silent e. A
long article in The timm, more cautious than usual,
avoids predictions in regard to thoefl'ect of the eta
tums on tho Presidency.
Lord Chief Justice Coleridge's return and a re?
ported conference of leading barristers gave rite to
reports that he intended to propose reforms m legal
practice and to abolish the distinction between bar?
risters and solicitors. Tho former took alano. I hr
Tint* pnblwhed a leader ridiculing the notion of
theadoption of the American system and ?fearing
tbe general superiority of tho English system.
a great ooavugflnrr.
Mr. Lowell has been nominated for Lord Rector
of St. Andrews University. i, m^mmi, ?,?,,,?,.?,,
and will probably be elected if becomes to stand.
It ia.BcomplTOenttcafonigBw withontapreredeni.
Ho has no competitor but Mr. Mallock, Lord Keuv
declining to oppose him.
The Athenaeum and J he Saturday Vm^ botli
criticise Mr. Howells "A Woman's Reaeon," the
former thinking the story hackneyed but flavored
with humor. The .<aturdaM Jietnew, ,n a long attie,
?ays that Mr. Howell* first attempt to for,,, g
definite plot is tedious aud is spoiled by straining
after effect. It considers Mr. Howell* methods and
?tyle in a state of transition.
"Sam" Ward's Lyrical Recreations, embracing
?auy new pt****, i. J* mmmmm* as a pretty
volume by tho Macmillans, and is dedicated to Lord
Mr. Ruskin's lecture at Oxford was a brilliant
eulogy of Du Maurie* work iu Punch.
Tht Era publishes an interview with Mr. Irving
expressing delight with the cordiality of his recep?
tion and surprise at the extent of tho dramatic field
in America that is unknown to English actors. Ho
considers, the Star Theatre perfect in size
aud shape, and perfect for seeing and hearing,
as well as adapted to show an actor to tho host ad?
vantage. Ho thinks American criticism on himself
inclines to a friendly ostimate of bis failings and
merits alike. He recognizes tho dignified treatment
which ho has received from tho American papers,
and pronounces the critical reviews to be most ably
written. He specifies Mr. Winter's articles in Tuc
TBIBtnni as specimens of admirable diction. Ho ls
?track by the fullness of tho accounts commonly
given of the temper of an audience, tho appearance
of the house, and the details of tho performance.
Ho commends Mr. Lawrcnco Barrett's acting as
The Bancrofts announce tb* last ten nights of
"Fedora." Tho production of Mr. Pinero's now
piece will occur on tho 21th, including Miss Cal?
houn tn a strong part.
There was a brilliant performance in Parla OB
Thursday for tho benefit af Madame Fargnoil.
Sarah Bernhardt played the sleep-walking scene
iTom "Macbeth"?a French version by Lacroix ?
thrilling the audience with terror and admiration.
C.. W. H.
Yir.s\-\, Nov. IO.?The Servian rebels wero
nttnrked liy the Servian anny limier Ooneral Nicolle, tn
Castra Bred!) a. ead defeated. Borea retell were killel,
m.hiv ?were wounded, ami 'jd1) prisoner! wen captured,
Tim remainder of tho rebel tone escaped acron Ike
Bblobads, (Cot. io.?m. Nikola Christies, the genia*
Prune Mutter, ear* tba* tee present atate of affaire la
tiie kingdom lathe result of BadkialIntrlffT* Tho pn
Krauune of tbe Radicals, be states, la lac dethronement
of King Milan, and Ute prod traction nf Quern Natalie a*
Regen! um!! Grown Prince Alexander beeomej ol I
Pauls Nov. IO.?Trig futranftujeant report*
thal Ibu fJelnoai flared fAgairea ta Perta In aa tata
view stated tba! Mr. Morton, lae Ann rh.in BTInttOff IO
tralee, nuder in*i ruction* from BJmthinuloii, oft.roil tba
?nedi Utan of tba Butted Btatoa in tba matter* pandit
tween Prance and China, hut that the offer WM declined
hv Prance,
Kn.i..No.'. 10 tnotber Chlneec Ironclad m mi of war
dod hun lanni ned trent tba navy paid hore.
Loniion, Nov. IO.- Th* Marilin* Teen/ti the
Calnem Ambaaeader, waa proeent al Ibo LatdM
banquet at QnUdbaD la ; ni. ht. hit ba m.eh- aa epeaeb.
The ntatement nada bj M. W iddlngton, tba Fr DCB Am
hausa., in M? aprean, tba! Ibo policy of Pram
, waa received wltb nnllliag attorn ???
PaJtUj Nov. LO.?A Cabinet Council waa held
today, ut which M. Kerry, Prime Mlul-t.r and MlattOf of
Tor. lim Affair*, anuonmrd that Oeneral Apperi had Im en
appointed ii> i li Abaaaader to Ht. Peterabui
Oeneral Logent to bm aommand af Bte Prencb army ta
All the Rereih'lcan btouiw lave noinlii.itcd M. P
sense lor election for fife Senator.
? ? ...
ill.ttl.iv, Nov. IO.?The Crown Prince Fred?
erick WUnain will leave this city on November lt for
Madrid. Tba IfotiOnat X*ltum? harm lliat this (orman
LegatfOB at Madrid ead ibe Bpaaiab Legation nt iieriin
win botb ho raJaed eo lae rank of Rmba
MAimin, Nov. 10t?The projected visit of tho Crown
PrinOC to Klux Alfonso is \le wed hr re a* eonelu*lve proof
of tbe growing unportam.f epala in ibeeyeaaftbe
? of Europe. Pba iroinpl courteay of Germany la
oontraated wit li tba reluctant reparation efferod hy
France for the Insult* to Km;,' Alfonso.
DubliVi Nov. IO.?The Iriab National League
has receives! a telegram from John ftotmond, thu
a*ent In Au-dialu, date,! Melbourne, In which he state*
that the Convent ion of the Irish National LeagM at Mel
timinie wu* a great suerecs; that Mr. Parnell's pro
amana* was adopted auaalanonely, and uiat be wan aiHiut
foi ward In ir ii'J.OOOto tbe LeagM nt liiimn. John Bad
mond ami Ins tn other William, who haw tieen In Australia
! months il|*.n ainlHsion in the Intered of the ln-h
National I.o c<ue, will botb return to Inland chin l iv li;
tbe war of fian Pranriaeo. TbepwlU make a lecturing
tour tbrougb tho Untied Mates on llieir return trip.
Beaux, Nov. 10.?Tbe Anbdube, Kudoipb, crown
Prince of Austria, and hi* wife, who havn tuen visiting
the Imperial faintly af Oenaaajr, han atarted on tbeli
rotara tO Vienna.
LOBBOBi Nov. IO.?Bdward C. Maddison, financial
atfrnt, of lids etty, Ilia failed. Hi* liabilities are placod
ai caootOoo.
LfTBaVOOCi Nov. 10.?Scullin; day In tho cotton mar?
ket iuis.?cd off to-day without an Incident Tho crisis
over Um tallon of Morrl* Hauler ha* terminated.
Pahis, Nov. IO. There 1* some anxiety felt tn Uovern
mental circle* regaidmg Bm fate af M. de Brana, tbe
French exploror In Africa, who wu* recently reported
killed on tbe Cong*
LOBBOBi Nov. IO.?A Home dispatch mya that the que*
flons between Prussia and tlc- V.lilian will eon DC Ml
tied and tbat amicable relattaai with Banal* wlB ben
alon d.
fgaoca, Nov. io.?Tho cholera epidemic ben i* aeeraaa
Hr. PXTUBBBIraO, Nov. 10.?The hixinml ,l, st Pr'rrt
bourg d'.'iiles tbe report that Buaala inti ml* io occupy
I/Ondon, Nov. 10.-The Cairo eorrcspondent of Tht
Timm talegmaba that Ibero is nason te beBere tbat tba
Egyptian Government is not ottMaed m admit. M. do
I,.---im'* monopoly In tbeconatrucUon of itu- new Bnei
MoeOOW, Nov. 10.- 'Hie Cumin nggai I* that a chance
in Bulgaria, oren to n republic, would bc batter than tea
preeeot nile.
Minimi, Nov. 10.?It 1* reported that Beget Jean
Valene, tbe author, ha* been appointed gpaniih Mini ma
to Waah lngtoii.
0MB BVMOBBD and twkni y-onk.
Sr. Pail, Nov. 10.?Mortinier D.innlier, ggg
131 yearajdael at Um home (,f Ua aaa, in Uerrynaa,
Lenmar county. Banebet wm la* ia*t anrvfrmg brother
of areuiurkublo family. Ill* mother died lu her 101*1
year. Ins oldest brother nt tho 111:0 of 10H, hi* second al
the age Of 117 year*. 7 u.ontliH and aonavs. Thc father
waa the Hhorte.st lived of Mu family, haviiiK died at tba
ageofeigbty. Daaeberwaaa remarkably hean ny and
active man, neverbaring lu en really ?1( kin Ins lifo Ho
rot up and tlnwaed himself on Wedneeda* last Tbe old
ft, nticmiui came from Oiuniy Clare, Ireland, and could
?peak nolfalna hut tba < WUc tongue of in* anceatora He
poiweaaed full nae of all hi* faeulttea until tho lani.
TM0UBU3 ot' m sis ess MKS.
H..mon, Nov. IO.?Al a meeting of tho credi
ten of Charlea ll. TUBm, manufarluier of hoots anil
shoes, held he;.? to day, the amtgne* Hated dial tho lia
lillltlea woro gloO.tKM), mmeCBIud. also Ilahllitlee of
125,000, secured hy a niori^Ke on real e?tato. The
auiouiitof a?s*etH wa* not (tren.
M.iMiiLAi., Qa*,Bot. io. i? h. l* ri,.,,,-, afBmmafce,
it gaaetal trader. I* lu flnuueiul lilli, uliies, '.sith HublUticH
(il ip?,0,(MMI.
Meeara. VoramadAIaieerte, dca:, rn at Three itivem.
bavo napendedi Tbalr uajbtttttea an ^17,000.
Ban Francisco, Cul., Nov. ]().?Senator
Muiron lo-day llled bia auawer to the complaint of Ml*a
BBL Ho denies bavlinr executed the marriage contrail
hpoken of, aud ebargoa thut il l* a Igrgmy. Tho Court I*
ucke.l lo iteKlce thal plainllff never Wiw tho wlfo of do
femlaut, and thal aho baa uo claliu uikjii deli nilaiil*
Hichmoni), Nov. 10.?A thorough inveatiga
Uou Into tho reported trouble anions ueg-roee la Boutb
nmpton tvnnty shows tbe rumor to bo unfounded, and
that the Norfolk dispatch of yesterday waa baseless.
fsUEJM a fBjnjBggJOB OB rn rv in OBDBB to
MeWBTTBO, N. Y., Nov. lO.-IIcnry Wilson,
alias Oilbert Demurest, 1* In Juli at Oosben, charged with
having OBtand ami robbed several houses at Oxford.
Wilson ramo to Oxford about Juno last and engage*1 at
palming. He pi.-tended to be a devout Christian, and at?
tended all the rolUdousmeeting held In tho neighborhood
nfl tilt alnaitng part rn Bm exercises. He aagaged
board with Andrew Wyant. a bulcher, but failed to make
payments promptly. Notwithstanding this, which was
known only to Mr. Wyant'* family, the villagers looked
upon Wilson ns being an honorable man, and they thought
the town had made a valuable aequlsltlon.
OatbeBOthofgaptamMf the store of lemuel c. Van
Vllet, at Oxford, waa robliod of many valuable articles.
The uext day 1 Ham took his departure. There was BO
breath of ?aplfinntTffri BO BM tho burglar. On the gai
afOntabUT Wilson fpmnd Bf Monroe, mar Oxford, and
on that day tho houses of edward M. l>a\?s and Andrew
Wyant, at Oxford, wore robbed. At. ii o'clock that mnrii
tagWBaaawm mea emerging from lb* oxford iibael
Bem* with B bnndbl under his ann. BaaphdOB wm then
aioused that Wi,-on was not tlio Christian BC pretended
to bc and stop* wen' taken to apprehend him. A warrant
wm obtained from Judge Wyner, of Gooben, and nuwedta
tbe bandi of the Chief of Police, who captured him In
Uoaben. ._ . . ,_
Yesterday an examination took place before Judge
v.vkrr [twaaabowntbutWUaonwMin tho vMnity or
tbe places that were robbed at tho time of tho robbery,
and that he had shown at Ml** Baakefa.al Ooshon, whore
be was painting at tho Ume of hi.-i arrest, some of the
food lt bi alleged he helped himself io at tho bouse ol
Davis. Ile also bad In hi* po^os-lon a tobacco bo v.
pocket knife ami raaor, |.|entitlod by fdr. Van Vina as bis
property, and pain! bruabee and trousers Meutim*u_oy
Andrew Wyant, with whom Wll-on lived in Oxford. 1 '"?
rffeol of these disclosures ui?on Wilson was de morah/.in g.
His religion at once left bim and lie broke loose with ail
kinds of profarn ej leulatlona. He calli ,l Van Vuel o Uar
io court, ami uh. a tim latter expressed surprise al wu
son's vulgarity ami said he oreti oded to l?' very lelldotl*
at oxford, Wilson exclaimed: "Weil, - - ??- tau
ls enough to chanire any man." Judge wyiei h. al thc
prtooncr to appear bi fore tba Urand Jury,
om: Bing,
bi ii'iMBim t,. nm ram ? ??!
WAgnrBOTOBj Nov. 10.? The EfcMPsIsn Time*
bm aa editorial entitled "Who Provoked the Danville
Riot IH According te IBalteamW. B, Him*, a Coalition
speaker, did it twenty four hour* before tba shooting be
g.ui. ile ?? rem matdet ute shouts of at u .ast MO m
Honorer, "a* Blood tm lb* Hope el tao Conn Boom
with a largo lonb-tigbt before bim" The
Danville editor w.^s Here and saw Hie
?? horrid sp tacit ; ono hmo whit- maa Handing
up aniid-t a ' f Afro am, who Were jcllui;; ead
v.-hnoi. ol their ntoea,andMnlgbtI" Hut
that was not all. "-ims"i. willi'ho famous Danville
circular In Iii-> bead, and Uie lr t UBBg he did arm I* road
nee of ail tba aignon ftweaty-eagbl ta amnber),
maa af lae blgbest ilaadlng ead aulvareultj
Bo denounced tho atahnmonta In tba iii ie, and
tbrlr authors aa "Uare." "Hie object teemed lo ba ta rn
ti.uno tte minda of tue m thom gentlemen,
ami |o atti ap h ,i '? ? I am bctwem Um rb h and p
Aa tbouab tbia wm not I al enough be "ridiculed
nfc -i arri of tbe etrcalar," and worn " be U
rending and ? NMUineutia r on ' , f,,.
:, mes of r
..um; fey were ell i set .,f Uar*
aril- tod SC.Klreia.*' The iditor i ontlnii.v: ".losi
think of lt: A speaker denouncing In Unit styli lui i.ty
Inrf tbeirappbMiM rite heJIUh delight Can anytnlnn
eight of our most n-apscted cltlaens and tbr i
\* Imuwmed beii.r. ah ,ii:,t<?i t<i brine: on a row I .neI \ et
tboae waite Demof rata, wno beard tbe diabolical hai
a.ul beard U>< shouts of ike negroes, stood it. .md
they did rt for tbe sake of penee." Tbi editor said ihat
;, ut of Alma's brad nae touehnd " and that "tb
ta the high sena* of duty of our lan aimil... iltlaen* and
Doir love of peace," t ie ?>? evi ii ? inn mlllail hill! 0. gi t lll
, with Jansen Verser ead drive ant of lon
moll -tod."
And aftl r BC I as rene- | I p, ..
lorine;" erlleena of Danville unread ba uud begun iteoUni.
tub i,; mr-, or w, i. .ns ntecBanoKD nv ji te,,
W v h I lt.
i \ ii 11 oaara ra nm ramt rn
(iOBIIl s. \. V., Nov. 10.?Thc foal pii.li *
and an eyed by Mik, tho BagBabnum, waa
took a lat/, .pia. 'i'v of bia. k ti.,-* fr,-ii Or**BW**d LaB*
wtthdraanets andabtppeditem t.i England, wan rn
trial before Jodge Wybar yostmLiy for rhnVafttoa af tba
law*. Tao toatimeuj aeeageel dhu h tims,
but then- WM nothing nf Import arno Whteh
ha* not aire:..Iv k**B pUhHabOfl I Ish ''on,
mlmlonfii Blackford wm ea tb* stand. Ito aatt, to brief,
that hi^liad made no arrangement* willi Hiik what, vu,
hui on tho contrary h.ul told bim (hut In- would not I..
allowed ta lake any tiot:/-d bas*. When he hoard from
Mnvw A in (.raw ho Immediately took "tibial ...lum to
prevent Mik fretting away with them. He telegraphed
Kennedy and u tte Protector bad received the tl
in time M'k would have been ?tapped. Counsel naked
Mr. Blackford if ba hail Inquired of "Ilk bow tte bass
wei, lakui Ile auswensl ye*, and sahl Silk's rcpt) v, ts
that mi ? had been getting thom for wc? ks and be thought
silk aihh <i thal be auppoaed they van token by I.u and
lino. Thc priaonen ".ore discharged.
[nv raXBOBaTB T<) nm tBTBOBI '
BALTDIOBB, N'ov.10.?Mr. MeAvoy, Editor of
Thr turmlnrr 1 r dr Kevietc, New York, arrh ed lu this
elly, to-day, to testify agnlnl W. M. 'Inuit, tho BOgB* Bf*
rertiatng agosta arrcatog ben f/mfavanf fm swindling
no" banu hy ropiosenilng himself as Mr. MeAvoy. fha
prtaamw feigned insanity this memtnghpau^Bag and
shouting nbateepaan hi ana eafl anti] Itejnltor told bim
thc tibk wm " too ihin," winn he subsided, rho prteoner
was sent to toil to await flu- n. Hon of iho firand Juiy Ile
conf. ss.-ii hisRullt, snrtna that be bad non ans of sup
isirt and mun do -oinothmg to live. He i? ds,, ? anted lu
New Voik for passing forged che. ks eu A. llammach' I Ar
Co., furniture dealera.
[HT Tl ll'HOM P. THU TIlilUNE.]
TBXBTOB, Nov. lO.-Tlioeoioner'H juiy in the
OOM af Edward Malttewa, Of New York, whose fi?,t was
crusted by Um ear. rn Un* city on nun i ,.i> i..i
a Vi Idol ni natch they say Ihat hi* life UUgbl I, iv e t? ,u
savtd if aphyslolan had bein lu att.ndanec li, proper
lime. The accident oMnrred al ll, tim man was brouabt
lott,, n p,,i .it ii:4A,nnd no physlehui arrived until l.
Dealt, wMcnnaedby io** of tiiisal.
/.? I lin.IT /I BECKS /.v MASSAi 111 slits.
lim KU a-si. BBABBMAN BBBIOVBLT is it ci h.
I!', ion, Nov. 10.?A pgageBger Ir.iln on tlie
Hahn, ;.i?i Lawofl ltallio.i.1 struck aeow this morning,
and tte locomotive ead entire tram went mTtia trana.
Tarenflae wmtnraad upea its side and numbed rho
engineer, Alpha Clemeiit, of LOWOB, Ml Bind .NM 1n
Jurlss to hi* .pine and InUirnallv, ami suffers partial
panlyet* None of tba fartj pMeaagen aron hvjand, n
ei lit by the shaking up.
Boara AOAua, tfov. IO ABfataof freigbi aaraoatba
id oreen ti, hi HalkreM, bound weat, took tao eaat
bound track al /.oar station today and slopped to tot a
passcnirer train bound weat pss* lt. While stan,ling at
/M.r ile , ojrlue WMBtrnck hy aeonatruettun irwin ol we
itov mid Qreenflekl road.wkleh ruabad Into tte depot
onlliesaiiielr.es, lion,ul casi. ,1,e engine which wa* j
struck was hri< I from tho track and foll on tba oilier eu- j
gino. Several care were piled prouuaououaly about tho
ol,erne, line blakeman on thu ooi,-U aictlou Irilo lumped
nnd eu seriously Injured, while tte enatneei aud rircmau
Jumped and eat aped Injury. The damages will Iks heavy.
Thc lespoiisihiifty for tho aooldeuj h.?* aol yel
riUl.AOl I I'lllA, Nov. 10 M. Nll.ipr.oli, charged
\Wtii using the i,,.,iis i? ronoecUon wtlb ai.iitoiv baalnesa,
wssplvMi iiilntl lioarlttK this nftorno m Anthony run
stinl.wii brought Ute prosreuUon, prodarnd s loiter v.io, n hs
Hsui be iud ie. ? iv, ii in,iii ?!? t. iia.ou ? m,? eontainln*mfor
mntteii .a reeara to lottery maUers ri.e prisoner ?** <i?*
riiargo.i, the OoBsmuM*ouer slating n,at the lioTernnieul bad
railed to linke nm scsso.
capiToi. wniiKMi n DiaOBABOBJB
Aihasy, Nov. iii. Orel :i'H> workmen, stone
. ultersaiid otl.ers, wen' ihsi.liuijred al ihi; msw lapilul tills
meriiliiK tor want of funds.
Ul! ls i BBB vi i',-.vi in ., i i i t;:
Boston, Not. IO. At eji adjourned mo. tingof
tho lutoiMwibaiHl li..nin.e i|,^ MIowiuk ?ni. ?a s ?t.
elected prosldent. Charles Latl.r, (Jterelaud, d,m,, r,r -.
mmi, J. is. i-. IliiildlissOm, Bostooi In-astiri'i tj lt Hw,dy,
Bootoni tecreUry, I.. I iiisbi-o, no.ton.
I'lTTsiH ku Nov. io.?Albert Urloraki, murdorcx
of John istiitiiakl, who was arrested vi*ienl?yln a brooklyn
Viii" '*''b>iy, wrrtveil bore thin niuiulng. Its sdailts thu
kUlinf, but vlwjui* that It wac dene In sci! Oefouts.
ritui'.K rooOB barnard?NO BVIDKBCB
roi:c.iiKF.KP.siK, Nov. IO.?Judge Barnard's
courtroom was crowded thia morning with spectators
Wbe eamo to listen to tho evidence against Warden
Knish, of Ring Bing Prison, ch a iv. I with bribery at tho
election In tho town of Kast Fishkill. Walter Furring
and Frank Hasbromft appeared In behalf af
the Society fur Putitteal Heforni, and llobcrt
V. Wilkinson and M. A. Fowler for Mr. Brush.
The Court do. hied that the examination must Include
Mr. Ilrush and J. Wesley Van Tassel, of tho same town,
who was arrested ou the sumo charge; and then the wlt
I krmtopaef Ola**, who swore eat tho warrant
against them, was taken from hbl nfl In tho Jail and
brought BB* court, be being limier ai rot as a "re?
All through Ids testimony ho showed himself to be a
ridiculous and not a painstaking liar. Ho said be MW
Ilni-h and Van Tassel at thc polls ut Hopewell on cloe
tlon day, and thal the day before clo Mlon Van Tassel told
BBB there would bo in,moy out on election day on the Rev
publican side, but that tho Democrats wouldn't pay out
any. Ho said Tea Tteael urged bun te boat the poll* in
snedeeaooa. tte nw both Bruah and Van lawajfjewtea
Um p?>ii* w< :enpeaod. He first talked with Braestead
Um latter gave bim ticket! lo rete, The nitneea thea
added : "ia -kel Brush if there wat money out, and he
haid not arneb today, ead put kia fcaad up witii bagen
and thumb extended, bul didn't then se* anything about
Toting UM ticket Van Tassel wa* not. present then.
I had ii talk tv.-nty minute* after with Van IteMl and
got th kit* from him also. I asked him what a M up. Be
mM he couldn't tan yet) but 1 mirani have what otbera
got. I understood I was to have lt the nert morning."
judge Bearnard in UM eeaniaation yen had with
Bruah wm Yan Iteaol bj i Aaawer?Ho, sir.
Judge Barnard (ateruly) You said in your toatimony
on your ap|,li, allon (W ii warrant Itel Vin Tu.--, I wa* by.
I know jon said lt ls'cause lt wa* Hie only thing that lui
?ueab d m. i ?> i . n ,.v [K ,)?. notion ot Um h.md. ii, re
it ls (reading from Olean'a fotUMf tcMluioiiv.) "Van
fMaal stead by tba sid,- af Bruah when lae latter held ap
his ha,et," That .lo..:.lug ,,t UM BBttOM) was all Ihat
got Uua wamat' Voa any bow, Tau Ik ssl wa n't there.
Here Mr. Wilkinson bsik the wit rn M Omi OlUm I v.um nod
him. Tte nani] arm very damaging te Olaun. Inroplj to
aueatioMbeaaidi -1 wm challenged ai h pi rall and
?wara my veto ta. lawnra i kadii'i received ami didn't
oxi*'< t to mci Iva anytbtog for nay vote."
Mr. arnjrtaaan -You swore to ? n,., nh i A.?Tea.
rtimranlMporlaaltoatimanywm gina by ibewtt*
ia-* ta n rambling and contradictory manner and then
Patel A. Balduin, n w. ,1 known I), uioer.it:,? Duteteaa
Oonntypotttii bm, mi auV ,i lo Um stand. Ba am rete
nMnttaMmeoftteaMweratotte nuMBsma ant to him
in hi-, roo-. l.imiiiaf. |(,. ,,,,| M MW lim ii, Vin
Tassel and uh nu at tao polia al Hopewell and mw then
udktog together, tte beard bo converantion between
faaTa dy signs. Ha mal Bruah and
Van Ta*.-, i u.-n- peadstenl for Uk on ta iv , ..i in bia vote
and f Benn wasnersbd at In not swearing lt ta. WKaesa
it h. ?aa Knish bold up bia hand aa ? stan, aral
two Ingar*, t hen riv -
mi bbl I less ,-i imbi Una |i,,l I win I o,i he roiihin't t. ll
whether thi "sign "bj Ilrush was made before or after
(Benn was challenged, ind added: "He stood right np
ind h ,d bini nighter.] The
collin,. I drew nut of the wltnes tl I then rae nc
?bout ti,,- -i 1. in el. b) I that i very one i
lld SM ?
( barlee W. M.,i',,n, | w, U known lt. pilbil, an DOlltli lan.
nailed bv tho prosertiUon. Ile swore thal
Brush ?*td to him previous to election, In a (oking vvav,
.rc I . be di ia,I .rn election .lav. bot
| . you must git out tbe vote flo Upon the moan
tain and pay for getting tooee men down, and pay the
UOfkl I
nodttetoattmoaj la tte cane, winn Judge
' rd Bald t., munee] f"r Um prosecution i
'? I Can't Bold I I he testimony glv.n by tho \v if?
ni - v rb '.i Ii, ? V. Sj given lu He appllc.'i'iii f- r th*
vv air..ni tluil I ..h.i,ot .!.. If. Willie tho proeCMOfbrib
^liifc' v,t. n? should I.- stopped, tte country would i
tala i ?? nv ii ti on on ibis testimony, li would i. adla
? v - ii i.. hold In ball a de, n,t nan auk - ? a . oil', le
Ibm i o...I lie sustained on the . villein c. I think lt all
ipon thia man's testli ? i ii nears so r..uua
dl. ton I , sn'l !. dd ti. I'd h,,'d uobodj nor ai
onbh testimony when a ...nvlotion on sorb testimony
would nut moot willi p ii i. approval."
Mi P/luria. Tm ii Mr. Brush .. al Mr. Van ts -? I are
bonnrablj discharged.
Judge Bal nard Vee, | ea, tte] u ,ii-, h u
11.. o the . ese a?.iin-t Robert Morey of the Kew Tork
i 'u*i <m, House wac called and Hu n tineen (Benn took the
witness stand t.. to*iii> agata i atm, and againcontra
dieted himself on Important points Morej wu .ailed
totio stand and ? -.titled positively that he paid no man
money on election dsv nor .11,1 be promise money lo any
man ile i, ..I m. money nuder lils control on
election day aor did h.- know of ^'-ly one who i, ,i
nor wa* he told of any i lu c to which h. could -end a mau
In get motley.
JuiIk, Barnard [i<> nooned for prn*<>. utton I don't
think von maki eeaeo. Yon cant conviel oi indict on
thia testimony a* it non stand-. Mr. More) ism-, barged.
This, loaed the pro* eodtaga for the day and Jndgi Bal
uar.l vv. nt to lils borne
'lh.-re ora ono ur two other ouse* to bc dlopoacdof,
whi. k vviii probably coane np Mal wei k.
:n v rataoaara ra in ram ai |
Hoi sr lim.iv, N. J., Nov. LO.?Oonaitlorable
eielleiiisnt was caused thi* week lu till* town ttebOUM
nf Datted ?total Mama*! w Budd Daoron, of tte Bow
Jaree) Dtetriel by tte report ttet bi aadOeorgoP. Hw.
bart, a prmntoonl etttem, bad bo. i arr*ated tor bribing a
voter mi election day. The rumor arose from an aflldavlt
sande ea Tuesday kyadruahn bontman, named Bailey,
ll.at II... on sud Harbert hud offer..! him money for lils
Tnt'. Tho Hocused gent lemon state that Balley demanded
money lo'pav lils faro to Philadelphia, of them and ?> v
.lal other*, and, being r. ru rd ws Induced by Demo
erui* to make Ibis afaoarit. Ho warrant was hamed, and
thc Oounty Anti Bribery Association, before whose ofBoera
thc affidavit wa* made, have ile. Ide.l timi there is no
ground for the charge, and have dropped th* matter.
EVIDl BOB ?UrroBgBl l> Bl I PB0IEC1 tim. tn Ik EB. |
Ai.ham, Nov. 10.?Thc QoTetaor han par
fUmrl James g. Isherwood and Thoma. Howard, MB
leaned breen Livingston Oounty, Btembor 4, Igggvnaoa
a plea of gullly of innrder In the menai .birre. , to Im?
prisonment tar Ufo. aa ekJ mau wa* nmnBed ni ids
own hons.', and vv lille one h. ld him IBO ethel stole money
Which was kept in tho house. Ne.iil.v I tiree we. ks after
that thc vi- Um Of tte a-s.cilt.lled. Th* DUtril t Mtorney,
wtepneeonted tho imo ni Hm that attora poet amrtem
examtnattou, Um phyatoten wi.ndui Md it report! ,11..
bim that the maa died of eonsnmptimi, and that be, the
District Attorney.nmureted the ouyslehm to keep the
result of his examination *. eret. He plainly acknowledges
that tho plo., of guilty of murder iii I he second dearoa wa*
obtained through Ita fear Unit a Ulai might result In a
conviction of tito highest offence know 1, to the law. I lie
Governor adds: 'Wlih no sympathy for these ronvlets
iiml entertaining thc utmost detestation for their offence,
I still dei in it I.IV duty, because tile liv has SO plainly
miscarried In these oas.*, to tatorpooa I pardon."
WAHHN..1..V, Nov. 10*? l'li<* return* ol Ute
,,.rp*of corrcspoli.lclltHOf the l>e|iailnient of A 'I leilltlll'i!
rolatlTc to cotton show a slight Improvement since the
lu,! report. The weather ha. gi morally boon favorable
for harv cstlii.', and in portions nf UM BCtd the top crop
ba* I lobb ,1 bettor UUM wa* hoped, lhere WOTC no frost*
lu Qi lober oioapt on tte muthern tenter af UM cotton
bolt, ami at least m average tangtb of -ea-,n i* already
MBared, He leteiM fl iii uuanlj natiMatn af annge
yield |mt a. ie, arni aggregate products comp..,ed vvllh
Ibo crop-, of last year. Toe Indicated product, considar
Ing rate of yb Id and uer. agl , 1* many Hi per cent of
last year'* aroa.
rh* averages of yield per aero aro: North Carolina,
KW: rtouth Carolina, I A3; Georgia, 138; Florida (foi
Her* Island and Upland,, IHj Alabama, l'-N; Mississippi,
176; Louhuana, WS; Texas, 163; Arkansas, 23; rem
aeesee, 141. Thepmlnet,oompnrod wiih 18?3,Isiror
North Carolina, ?.< per cent; Sou Iii Cr.ia, If ; lioor
gto, 1??; Plortdn, W| Atobaiun, '?i; Mususalppl, Hf>;
Lonlaiaaa. w; leia*, ho ; Arkansas, A7-, Tmmmmm, t'.>.
An. wm (nv, Nov. IO.?Three childreB ol
Dearg* B, Hames, pn.pi lei,,, oi Hie ingawwntba Honan ta
this "Hy. wliile ate ibliug In a pbaetou lids morning, w? re
shu. k by afmigbl train al Um Arctic -ave. erooataaof ibo
N mow (laiigelliillroa-l ami all fatally Injured. TWO have
died and the death uf Ibo Otter is eipeCted,
riiii.ADKr.i'iiiA, Nov. lu.-Tho mw ii.m
steamship BBB l'ablo, built for too I'm Hie Improvemont
Cuuipanj. was iccessfully launched al Clamp'* shipyard
tiii* nioinuiu', in Um pnauma af mvmal BMauamd anai to?
Wapminuton, Nov. 10.?Tho OggaBB-Grea
tra! of Ureece iStaUoncd at New-York bas Informed tho
secretary or tne Treasury tnat captain xaamados, or me
war schooner Paralos, has discovered a submarine rock
fourteen foot under water ea*t of the Island of Palaea
Triter!, in thc Oreclan Arehtiielago, the rock not being
marked on any map, and requests tho fact to bo mado
know u to American navigators.
light bbb rm,
Bridokpokt, Conn., Nov. 10.?Mrs. Eliza
Rowen, age eighty three, mother of Mrs. A. B. Couklin,
with whom she lived In this city, came to a violent death
last night. she had ascended to her sleeping
apartment and about half an hoar afterward a girl em?
ployed in tho family went up to give her a cup of tea.
When the girl opened the door she saw that the room was
full of smoko. Bho gave an alarm, and when asslstanee
came the aged woman was found lying on the floor with
her clothing nearly bumed from her *>ody and dead.
A cushioned chair and thc carpet jf the room were also
on Arc and prompt measures wore required to subdue tho
flames, as they were rapidly making their way toward tho
bcd. The upper part of Mrs. Bowen's bixly wa* horribly
disfigured, some portions being bumed to a crisp, and
her features were ?<>distorted that those present 'urned
their face* away, nimbin to tinduro tho UMctocle Just
how the accident was brought about ls left to conjecture,
but lt ls moro than likely that Mrs. Bowen, who was a
great smoker, attempted to light ber pipe with a match
OT niece of paper, and taut a spark, falling umin her
clothing, sot lt on tiro. Tho fragment* of a broken clay
pipe were picked up from tho floor where th.: body lay,
a na sos eii asl> ms counsel.
KnrogTOB, N Y., Nov. lO.?Juilge Wcit
MrtekhM JO*t written on opinion upon au Important
lueattoa involving tho right of a prisoner to a private In
< rv lew with his counsel before indictment. *Tboca?els
ihat of fl corgo Burgess against J. II. Itisoly, asHIieriffof
l'isler Comry. Iiurgoa* ls Iii J ill on a charge of burglary,
.waitingtb*MtiOUOf tho Grund Jury on November 19.
I he Sheriff baa denied the prisoner a private interview
ntth his counsel,and the present motion was for a manda
nu* compelling the Hherllf to permit such an interview.
rn granting the motion the Court says: " To secure to tho
i, eu ,-,l (,. ram all the benefit* of def. nco d.-slgncd by the
??institution, If is essential thal consultation with counsel
mould te allowed, not only during tho actual trial, but
deo prior thereto. The prisoner ano ha* rfghta before uv
ti,munt, ned* counsel competent to advise and a pri
. ate iuterv lew- for consultation. Ile may .Ulm Illegal ilc
entlon, Insufficient evidence on which he waa.comnrttted,
ir lu may de-ire a habeas corpus or other legal pro, <???-.''
LtHOOLB) Ul., Nov. 10.?Tlio preliminary ex
imiiiafioii of orrin A. Carpenter for the murder of Zora
Bama wm concluded this morning. TheJaatiee admitted
Sarnentee to bnfl, iii* bond wa* placed at $10,000. Tlic
latter of tb* murdered giri eroated aome exettemcat by
naklng hostile demonstrations against Carpenter, but he
irai restrained by the police, a crowd follow,si Carpenter
o his burne, bul acted lu a quiet and orderly manner.
l'i i mi itu. Mot. IO.?A man giving Iii* bbbm
? K Mimer was arr. stcd hore to-day while attempting to
? awn a di imoiid stu.l -.allied at gang, j[,. attempted to
Baw a revolver, but wm prevented. In bbl possession
vi re found diamond* vain. .1 at AH,01 mi. Including ascroll
ibsped brooch, a cluster ring and stone* which hadevf
i.-iitly bern mounted. Tte gooda aresnppoacd to havo
ixn tho result of a robber] la Slew-York.
Trot, N. y.. Not. IO.?The attention of the
Matriel tttomeybm bern eafledtotha eanofaVuBab
ll. bi.-w merchant of this city, who is married, but MT*
Ml lie will marry a young Hebrew woman of New-York.
I.- Muja h.- bm a divorce granted by a religious tribunal,
uni that he gave his wife a bill of sah- of his prois-rty to
?on-., nt lo tho divorce. It I* said that a religious tribu?
nal lu the Jewish Church amnta a document of divora
o a husband or wife dmlrlng lt, with the privilege of
. man iago.
WaIHDCGTOB, Nov. Kl?The EnwsBU Shir
iv-tl,at B man giving hi* mmie as Charlo* Clarke, of
gentlixtoeatb-ee,, Bow-York, wa* arrived in B/aahteg
oo mi Tbnraday, aiaarta thal he tea positive information
rom ono >,f Moil., r's companions that Charlie Bom was
browned tu Newark li.iy shortly after lil* alsluetlon.
han,,-ii--in.; ra**** iiik OVITOM BOOgB
When the ateaniihip City of Bichmond, from
Iverpot anchor In lb* harbor yesterday morn
ag, an iinusiii.lly tall man w iii. Mung..lian feature* stood
ii her d*eh wal. liing tlc approach of tin- ( e..tom House
.ig. it wa* tim Chlnaaegiant, Chang Vu sing, j r.
lavis, au agent of Manara. Baranna] Batley Jk liutehin
nu, neting andm the toatruotiona of Colonel Kibbo, ee
ouip.in:, d lining to the Custom House, where along
ouference ?,.,*. Mid by the ofBebUain r.-Knd t,. ibo land
ng of ibo giant. Collector Roberton p. luted out the
hrtieuitie* ataehexuded andartte tawproJdbtttugBaa
ending of CbtaOM In thia country, nut after eoMulttag
rithMr. Byneoop, he aaetuel that in view of kthe fact
bat tte giant had produced ailldav Ita to the .tint that
ic had cone to thc Culled Mutes MMly for the purpose
.f being [iii. .-.I on exhibition, nod, benee, eould not ba
ii.-Iu.led under the lorin " laborer or minor,'' Chang
houhl lie peiiuHled to land. Crowds of men and te) I
(altered in tbe corridor before the door of tte CaBee
Ort room and In the unto room, but as Chang was taken
o tte street Wy a private door their curiosity was not
The giant, with his secretary, Thomas P. Cann ron, lat
n tin: dlulug r.snu of tho Ashland House, discussing B
'?milling platter of roast leg of mutton flanked with
lishe* of fri.d oysters, mashed potatoes and fried -
? '..mt, when a FBIBOUI reporter called last evening.
three diamond rings glittered on ld* largo but weil
.baned fingers, Ills queue, wblck was neatly coiled upoa
h. lop of lils hoad, was concealed from tight bj 0 black
? ilk .ap.
" Tte last time i visited America waa a little over two
rears ago," said < hang, as be poured out a riana of lau
i me and placed ll to his lips. " Mince then I have, kOM
u india, tlermany and Pram e. l iih>- thc thon buslm M
Aluin abroad 1 was given n reception by tho King of
i. i-i.iiii .md I received rlalta from a laue number ot the
lol'llity When I was hero before 1 noticed that vnu
.ad ngood many nice looking ladlee, (liam te smiled
md twisted bis teiustache.) they aro mucbprettier
han those lu any other country I have yet visited. Nelt
mininer i stell travel with Mr. Barnum's show. I
nought over with me IhirtJ iii different suits aixmt
-non-li for ono man, even if he ls a Clilnan.au. You an;
uipii-o.i that I apeak KnglUb. I speak dorman, French
tsllan, mid ? lillico I.e.ides EugUah. I never saw any -
? odv taller than iii> self. 1 am eight feet four Inches
ilgbandcan streich my arms up to a height of twe ra
cot. I go to Baltimore to morrow where I shall remain
or several weeba."
a DABBOBT ramctAB ACCUCBB oi ciumi'.
Dabbbby, Conn* Nor, io.?BIbcc the death
if Ulna lannie Lum, daughter of Hie Kev. H. T. Lum. a
?. n rregatiinnl atorgyaum of Now ndrfseld, .ou Monday
Mt, great lutenet has been manifested herc to learn tho
auso of her death. Medical Kvumluer Adams conducted
ho examination, lind Dr. O. U roller, of HildKoport,
aide an autopsy- M.in.V vvttnosscs were e*iiiiilnod by
.,;,mci Holt Thia attorn....n a verdict w hs found to the
fleet that Ml** launs dc Uh was tho result of malyra.
len, Cf Which Ur. William V. Lacy, Jr., of Danbury, was
Mis* LntaWna a prepoaaenatng woman, much esteemed in
ni father'* palish and a BMmbOf of hi* church. Who her
etrayor is win perhaps never ba known Dr, leer, who
rested for tho nih god crime gave honda In the
mn of fl,OOO aud will bo tried In february next lu
BOctom. Nov. io.?At Cocnituatej Ma**., this
norning, binglars bioko Imo ibo gn*-or> store nt K. A. vt
rood III w Illili 1* tho l'o*t Otllce. riley blew open tho safe
n,i .nu i i.-.l away bram two to three thousand dollars tn
temp* BMnaj ate m unties.
PIBBOatp HY nVB liri.I.Ki's.
Alcona, iowa, Nov. 10.?While ti. Miles, of
rVrlsht I'mintv, was closing th.) store of Owen* Myer Inst
il?ht, he wa* tired upon by two masked inca. Five bullets
,i,-i,. <i in* b.sly. At last accounts Miles was nilli alive.
ll.VNlir.l) UY A KliNTCiKY MOB.
BoMRBBBT, Ky., Nov. 10.?James Triixhill,
lisu'.d with it Criminal assault on Mr*, v'.sums. ueai Clio,
iva* iiir.st. .1 several days ai<o, sad tin* murinny bis b.xty was
'onad banging from tte CtncinneU Hi.nthvrn ltsiiroad bridge
.v. i tte Dnamattaad Uiver, ito had boen disposed of bys
CINCINNATI, Nov. IO.?Cym* 1,. Blinking, a lotter
?jin. i, trna arraated lo-.luy m ? charae of stealing money
Ironi letters. Evidence of bia gah! was found iu his posesslou.
Hoskin, .Nov. 10.?Micliuol Qallivan wa.* held in
rio,.|,-o horn Uvdoy, for a murd, rous A?*auU ou J aries HuUl
uui willi a kuife Uni evening.
Itu adi no. Penn., Nov. 10.?Albert G. Anderson,
iko llilrly.of Bethlehem, I', nu, who Was on a visit to this
ill}, was found it.-H.I in tesl luis inuruiiix, having bren suffo?
cated hy ks*. The wind through au open window had satin
K uiahtd the light ui thu gun Darner.
lunts UN JLjfcAJLUiNU UlTUatt
San VBdJfCUOO, Nov. lO.-The act to restrict
Chinese immigration ls involved iii a baal tangle
every week. Tho decision on TlBlllBJ Bf Judge
Hoffman of tho United States District Court, lu thc
ca60 of Chinese laborers, materially change* the
working of tho exclusion act. The ease was this:
Several Chinese recently applied fur admission M
merchants, and when it was shown that they had
no right to tho title they changed their plea to a
claim of former residence in this city, ami brought,
habeas corpus proceeding*. On trial it was shown
that they did not know the name* of any streets of
this city nor thc denominations af out coin; a fact
which, nfl born trailers, the Chinese leam be fora
they can make themselves timbi stood fal "pigeon
Rngiiflfa.*' Ono man bad liol ped Iii* cousin peddle
tish here, but bis ignorance of thc city wa* a* anunnj
M that of all tho others. The:' all swore they lett thu
country before the restriction act was passed. On
the strength of this testimony adecision was rend?
ered that these Chin*** be allowed to land without
certificates, ns it would bo a violation nf treaty ob?
ligations to keep them out. When tlie news of thia
de. is.ion readies China wo may expect to see many
enterprising coolies loaring ba under its shaltcr.
Meanwhile the departure ol' Chinese to attend Nev?
year festivities in the mother country eon thine*,
, over 1,100 flailing this week. The majority of these
will return; as it is a popular delusion that the
Chinaman is content with a moderate fortuna
Which will allow BUB to and his anya in comfort in
China. Hi* id. a of a competency, like BB Ameri?
can's, grows with thc amount he accumulates.
Tho .Sharon .liven e sui! has enlivened local court*
this week. An entertaining comedy btu ona.-ted ou
Thursday, when tin- fair piaintitl grew hysterical at
thu thought! of thc .Senator ami his OflflUaflfll inspect?
ing the precious BUUrrtag* certificate. After a long
pai ;y the document, which wa? a graney half sheet
of common n.'te paper, a as handed to th.-judge.
Winn Shalon caught a glimpse ot his signature ho
audibly pronounced it ? forgery, for which of&mei
he ara*ejected from th* court-room. Yenterday the
plaintiff appeared and demanded her certiBeatfl >.f
the julie.'', when it was bend thal Iheflameenhl
not be open..!, the woman wailed while a black?
smith was sent for; but liually her fears war* dried
by tho return of the document. It is umlcr-dood
that a photograph had been taken of it for eaaus?<
pr." -codings.
Gray, who embezzled about 080)000 Dram tho
finnis of thu Harbor Couiiuis-ioiiois and wai con?
victed on one count of $70O, was sentom.d y.-ster
day to ten years in the State Pita n. It is said that
th* ramaining eoenta will be auunJamd if ha flare*!
out this term. At any rate, it is flnofluragmg to find
a thieving public official receiving asiniahmettt thut
Bfl des. 1VCS.
Tho mysterious mnrdflC of a man from this city,
who had been put in charge nf th* ranch of au
evicted nettll " iii the Mussel Slough country, |*>
I lung and blondy fltngglo between the rail?
road company and settlers in Tulare County, Sflt>
tiers have snaged to rental the United Staten Marshal
when he flOOBflfl around vv 11li authontv to turn th.m
out of their li..ines, but they have so tc. rm ucl tho
paid agunta of th* land monopolists thal tow eaa bo
tempted by high wag** to run tho risk of being shot.
lia) railroad hu i iImmbib af th* tuart in .ts favor;
while the settlers cla'tn equity,and promise to 1*11
tho disputed lands at <;,iv eminent Bate*, The
pKiin.se ba* hon broken. It is I deploia'de con?
troversy, with no flign* of nearing its end.
H*ggiB, I San Franoise* capitalist, has tried thia
yen to raia* cotton an on* of hi* Kera County
ranches. One hundred aires were plant, d. which
yielded one bale t<> an a. ic ; but the crop proves un
nroAtahk), ewing bethe high price ol' labor. Chinese)
were employed, but they were poor COttoB pickers,
and Baggin hits sent to Sweden for.mo hundred
laborers tot this ranch, Tho problem b*fl*N tho
California ranchmen sud viney learnt* St, how to
till the placs ol' (hines.' with good farm laborer*.
Th* Immigration Society is doing elle, tive work lil
Europe-, but it cannot supply ouc-teuth ol' the de?
The result of the elections at the Baal ha.i a de?
pressing .fleet en local Democrats, although their
oi Kim attempted to prove that it was a genuino
Bourbon vii tory in amgntaa, Iha aauntim was so
complete, however, that no sophistry could lighten
the gloom af the patty amnagnra,
cn IC AGO.
I iitCAiio, Nov. 10.?Three of tho four Chicago
Congressmen, on tho eve of departure from
Washington, have exfflUOflfld their views on
Hatfamal topics. Mr. Dunham, ot' the 1st
District, ia in favor of a tariff and th*
Ileum inn Canal. Finerty, tho Independent
young Irishman of tho lld, is for a
"rational" tariff and the. caual. Ile is non-com?
mittal us to his aretotene* for Speaker, believes in
enlarging tb* Marj , dog* not think he can do much
for Ireland, and declares himself ready to talk
w inn the "?elision oilers without lagani to tho tro
ditional reticence ot' new members. Mr. Davis, of
the lld, is of thc opinion that Randall will hu
elected Speaker, and he also will vote for the .anal.
Mr. Adams, of the Vlth, is already on the ground
in Washington.
the result of the local election wa6 not a matter
<,f -ni -prise to anyone. Over 2(5,000 K. 'publicans
failed to vote, and as the MeDonahl-Mackii: gang
had absolute control of most of the polls, the Demo?
crats walked over tho course. The most lament?
able feature af the election is the control which thu
Democratic Commissioners have gained, and which
they will exorcise without stint next year iii the
l'usideiitial contest.
The State political campaign, though not yet ac?
tively booming, begins to grow interesting. Gov?
ernor Hamilton and ex-(iovernor Ogloshy are still
the leading Kcpiihlicnn candidates, hut so many
other candidates are springing up in all parts of tho
State that ail sorts of complications and entangling
alliances ato threatened. 1 his has induced a feel?
ing of uncertainty as to which ono of the numer?
ous personal campaigns a ill bfl successful.
The Tribune has canvassed the ammbem of tho
Iowa Legislature to ascertain their views BUBB tim
subject of Prohibition. The result shows that they
are not favorable to any Prohibition amendment,aud
that the general drift is toward high license. Many
K> publicans favor local option in the small towna
and villages, aud high license in places of over .1,000
population, upon the ground that, as Prohibition
cannot Bfl enforced where public sentiment is an?
tagonistic, it is unwise, to deprive the larger citic*
of thc revenue they can derive from license.
The Citizens'League has at last got a test ruae
case, involving the legality of the Harper License
Law, before the Supreme Court. A suit waa
brought agaiust a saloon linn who bad paid tho
Mayor's cheap license, the Harper law being BnbBB
the issue. Tho Court entered judgment upholding
the law, and the defendants at once appealed to tho
higher court.
Tho directors of tho public library are making
another attempt to secure Dearborn Park, on tho
lake trout, for a new building, and to thu end will
try to induce Coujrross to modify the condilious
upon which tho park waa ceded to the city by tho
General Government, under which it cannot bo
diverted. from public use. The new site ta
much needed, as thc library han outgrown itej>ree

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