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flOilO M. caOATBtoU&XIQm KNCOl.NTLli
U_I_I *HOT OF A Ni:?-YORK BINK ,A-l,l,l: IS
rm ot>r*hiw tr* mrw ???*.
,.,.??. u Choiite. cashier nf the Seaboard Hank.
..No^lVllVUilwuv, Mho liv.- si No. 77 I.incoln
ive Newark, shot' and instantly killed a burclar
Cho'had forced, an ea^ne*into Wa bou*eearly
vesterdav .norning. Ihe district where Mr. ( host*
lives is known hs Woodside, lt I- OB the ont skirts
erf the city and has little police protection, lt lias
Veen tbe scene of a number of audacious robberiea
of dwelling*. Mr. (hunte and other gentlemen liv
jiig there lave always kept -mamas fa their hansel
t,, am in c:i*, ni einerg.mt y.
A TuiBr.M. npottcr (.aw Mr. (hoate at the Bea*
board Hank i:i the afternoon, and obtained fruiu
him the following aeeount of th* shooting :
?? Our Bleeping rooms ure sa tho second floor. My
v in n bedroom u in one eocner of the hons,-, al tue
rear ; next la it is the bathroom, and beyond that is
;i nsmi where sleep P. L. (tuntlii-r and Charles Amen,
two von g men who are clerks in the bank, and
win. live with ti*. Hie lie,l,?..in in bunt adjoining
my wife's, la occupied by myself. A hallway-rune
the length of the house, starting from **K.b*tion}
door. On Friday nmlit three of my children slept
in nu- wife's is drouin. lu ?he mar of the house is
ail extension whose roof rices nearly to tue aecona*
m..rv windows, and a grape arbor Unlaced against
one end of the extension. The burglar apparently
climbed upon the extension roof by the arbor, amt
climbed into tbe bathrooni through the ..pen win
ih.vv. 1 wm awakened st about I o/ctock
l.v .1 noise. Uk-' thc shutting <>f a door, l called tu
liv wife tin..null tbe door ,.imunicuting with bet
bedroom, Mkingher what th* nome waa. Hhs
answered that -he guessed it waa sensed by the
wind. 1 lav still u few momenta and bj linteuiug
discovered that them wa* a* wind stirring. 80 I
atom took myrevolva* ami went out into the en?
id I it tbe gas. I .enid see m.ilnm.' strange,
ami so 1 walked from thc hall toto my wife'i
room throogfa ihe hall-door. Meantime the burglar
hud gone from tbs bathroom toto my wife f bed
room alni bad bid himself behind ber bed. which
ct..od a little distance from the back wau. sae
saw the man come in and bide himself, nuil alie
railed ont to me when I entered, telling me when
he was, ai she did -<> I -hw a dark fenn rim from
ii., door ,.ml more toward th* window, which
opened from the bedroom ont upon the rear exten?
sion. Standing nour the foot of the bed I raise!
.olver and lue,\ across the lied m the man.
My wife kuw tin flash pointing above bis head.
' s-iioi't again/ she cried, silting up, 'and aim low"
" By thu lime tbe burglar bad reached the a In
*ew, andhad one Icc out. I iireil again, and my
wife san the flash almost cover the fellow'* back.
ll, got .mt on the roof of the extenskmaad dragged
himself toward tile arbor, when ne fell and died.
1 ran into the room ni Mr. Gunther and Mi. Aim 11.
v. bo had lien saunaed by thc second snot, and told
them to go out fm the nolie*. I'bey went out anil
brought two policemen who happened t>> be near
into th. house, They climbed out on the extension
roof and found the burglar dead. Th* body waa
not distui lcd until the 1 ..univ Physician, v. bo waa
aenl for,'uni arrived. Ile summoned an ambu?
lance, aud tin' Ihi.i. v. 1 taken to the Morgue. I
waa placed nuder arrest, and released on nominal
"Thara was a* clew to ebon who the niau was,
continued Mi. I hoate. " He was five feet ton inches
in h. ight, end looked to bc about tinny yeurs old.
Ile was dressed in a dark lit*.wu ch, ck ault, withs
black woolie, jacket under lils coat.
M.rc no burglars' toola about him, hut he lni.i a
self-eoeking smith & VTessou rarolTerof 'A i-calibre.
My wife says sb* sau bim feeling for lt as be waa
chuibiug out of bel bedroom window, My
weapon wm ? (nit's revolver of 44-calibre. The
ball entered his back, and penetrated ala heart, 1
believe, Thc mari baas ln.iwii,nk mustache sud
dark-brown curly Imir. Hi* face looked something
lil. o timi of an opium-eater's. The children who
were sleeping tn un a fe*a room were awakened
during theexcitement, bul they did not sa) a word.
My wife naturally was hysterical fora while niter
the shooting was over. There have been s.-vc:,il
of attempted burg lan to our ncighliorhood
recently. No neighbor was aroused bj
During the day the Morgue, whee thc body lay,
v.. - visited hy mativ p opie, Amoug tb u,
( oione, Vreeland, ol v..1.-1,1.. whorecognii
?l< iv I luau as one of t WU nu U a bom be bad met 1 li"
I before on a broadVst. car. He dcecril>*d the
burglar's companion ss short, with rel whi kits
ami mustache, .md Inning on dark clol bing. ' toe
ot tin- men ask, .1 the conductor where Liucoln-ave.
wusand suidthey wanted to take a train on thc
Montclair and Greenwood Lake Railway. They
gol od near the station and walked towardthe
gully rood and theil turned and proceeded to thc
direction <>f Liucoln ave.
In thc morning Mr. Cheat* was taken tu the
Court Hourn in Newark. He was accompanied
bj* Ins cou neel, lin- Prosecutor Informed Judge
Impue, after the Court of Oyer and Termlner was
opened, of the circumstances ..f the shooting and
said that h.- knew ot no reason whj Mr. Cboate
slio,lld not be admitted io buil. JudgeDepuesuid:
" if the facts are as Stated Mr. Choete wac justi?
fied in shooting and the emu, vvill admit lum to
bail. If In- had m. ether security the court would
take his own recognisance."
imii was fixed ni SHOO, Mr. Choate to eppear on
the first Tuesday in December. Judge Denne di?
rected the Prosecutor to use every ]><>--iiii.- efforl to
discover and arrest tue burglar's accomplice, ami to
mud fu hfow*York detectives to identify the dead
John Boylon, who-'- Imus,- is in Higb-st.,
recognised the borgia] ;i* s man who visited bis
bona* on Friday evening ami asked for help un the
iii**.* thut he wits a lette r-csmer and bad been ill.
lt waa Mr. *Boy loir's opinion thai t'ie man u.is !>? l'
pi 11 tr in order ut gain some know ledge of the house
with a view to robbery.
Mr.*. Chuall- is aluin, forty-live yean old Ol
lm,ld anil matronly appearance, t^he waa laboring
uiiilcr som,- excitement when a ropui tar 1 huted lu 1
house. She showell a louinl hole in one of thc lour
amma ol giu*?* ia the a todow. u Inch hud bee 1 made
uv her busband'a iii 1 bullet, ann explained hov,
th. burglar had climbed up the trellis ann eutered
the bouse through lite bathrooni 11 unto
before ber husband wm aroused.
coroner Bead Impai elled a jury fur aa toqi ?? I to
behold to-iuorrt.w afternoon.
An ambulance wu* aammnnnd ta No. ? Spring, it,
at ti a. m. yesterday lo remove to 81. Vim cut'* Hos
pital Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, who ,g from
un overdose of opium. She died before she had
l.<? n in tho hospital many hours. Altboo
wmaaa hud used opium regularly foi some tune, 1;
believed that she bad taken sn unusual quan?
tity ol tim drug with the Intention ul loiuniitliug
? ui ida. Mr*, smith was .1 a [dow, foi ty vein* old.
Her husband, a butcher, died in Ueruiuuy m
year* ago, leaving her with euc child, a >!.:?
who now is an actress iu a Bowen variety theatre
un.'er the iniu.e of MiiN Minmi- Belmont. A
sistai oi Mi-. Smith wa* living to this
eily when the mother and daught. 1
iii sean h <i( ciiipinv mont moro than ii. ??
ago, Tin-re wei.- frequent quarreU to the
sud tlie daughter becai.trauged. Mrs. tjunti!
un.idK.ok to board an infant, non a boj foul
old. She knew nothing ale.ut tbe boy's parents,
but when the nanon '?vim had placed him
rare refused ta pay any more money for his 1
she still continued to support thc child and in tims
looked noon him as au adopted sod, Recentlj M. .
Minti, Innl been employed In tbe fauult ol Mr.
Urad, a liquor dealer st No. 4 Spring-st -
fered from consumption and waa Intemperate at
times, let sh" still clung to the boy uml appear. <1 to
be anxious thu, her daughter should not be permitt, .1
to get posseaaion <>t bim. Ueverul Hines she spoke
nt sm, n|e becaOBC she Muttered -ii tiiit'l, p..in innl
eoald aol sleep without the ase of opium, iii
daughter, wno tiree lu ELizabeth-st.. said yeal
1.1.ii she would bury Mrs. Bmith'a body. Uh,
anxious aim to take charge ol her fistic foster
brother, hut Mrs. Clad would not part with the boy
nh,, hud become ? )>ct in the hon-, hold.
The Pt- Reedmeal will antortaia tbe Troy
Citisen Corp*, and companies of tbe Btb Massa?
chusetts and 1-.1 Pennsylvania Kegiinents as thoii
gitestbon Evacuation Day.
Company A will give aa entertainment al thc
Armory on November 28.
Captain F.C.Manly,ul tba l-th Regiment, has
resigned <>u account of prom ure of bnsinc saud
ftiilmg health. He is the senior captain in thc
Kcgiinent and much respected ami mtaemed 1
brother ofllosra. Laeuteonnt-Colonol Janes, ol
command, has finally consented ta accept the
Colonelcy. Adjutant willium ll. Murphy has bi en
ejected I Batata, and has accept. ,1.
lue gag lliKiincnt will receive thc 1st IVini
"a i\^!' ivKiujeutoii Evacuation Day. Lieutenant
tb VAk******** h_sroMgue,l and Lieutouanl (?. II.
warrnu 11 msignatmn bas been accepted i.y tim
t ...ui..HL.ter-i,,-ii?ct. Captain King's company will
"J_brateite suaivsrssryst th., Armor on to
1..01 mw svening
ofLf_2__E\^JM_r r"""ll> ''?"?,1 Camttin
1?.!ik lr V . l" "'"""'? bai failed lo pa
J visional r.xuuuuiug Board. Captain " u
slayer has remaned. l
Tnefimoralof lleiiJHJi.in I u.h saj kali Ba h_
imu- Ma. til rut .-ave., y.st.rdav ,, , , ,, ' The
bunal mtv,,coi tba Protestant EpiscopuI Church
wss read by the Kev. Lewis Prunch ..,?.,.,
t'oiiii. Thepall.l^arersHeie.l.i,;,; ?. SoS^H?J
tdward Benuett. of Huftalo- 1?|,? Li ? '
Charles F Pield.' John Faulknc^r ,j;/,';1'};
Couch and ex-senator Baker, of lu , ' '
Among ihe,dative, uttmut nure Finn." l' ,
Jtamiu..,,, Huh,jr Beniamiu L. Pitch and M,s'
loli'.i.ier. .seated oear the mourners was Mu?
fi*- , 1 he foUouiug mc, anunj uther.
hch;?ua. ? liogers, fmtmm J. Hat J>L I
Pnrlth. WE. Cbnrcliin Oeorge Elton.Charles'Day,
Henry Parson, and H. M. Kent and 6. D. Viele, pf
lUiitalo. After the service* the body was taken to
Norotori for interment lu tbe family vault, under
St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church.
TOUT ykt MAW*.
The hull of the Jame* M. Thotnnson, th* tugboat
whose boiler exploded on Friday. Iles at the bottom
of Hell Oat* Channel oft' Nigger's Point in about
one hundred feet of water. It is not lae intention
of the owner, fleor.ro William Stump, to attempt
toralM ber. snd probably she will he allowed to
rot tlnro unless in the ouana of the official Investi?
gation ir sin aid be Judged necessary ta rame ber in
null tin ir cert n in the causoof the explosion so far
ss that eouldbe done hy an examination of the
Mr. Stump bought the boa, on June 13 from the
Greenpoinl Towage and Lighterage Company,
While in tlnir possessions tire broke nut on the
boat som" time in April Inst ns she wns lying at the
io..t ni .iHVH-st., Greenpoint, and completely con?
sumed the upper work*. She was in this crippled
condition when Mr. Stump bought her. He said
yesterday that for two months Hft.-r his purchase of
her *lic WM 'liidcrcoiiiff repairs. The hout and pe?
psin cost him between .*,i.(Kiu and 97,000. He
substituted copper pipe connection! ta the boiler
for the old pipes, and revers pipe in the
hon t was of replier except the boiler tube.*. The
boa! after being r> fitted wa* licensed te carry sst
enty passenger*, and the Inspector ubo grant, ,1 ihe
license, \.';. Btnmp snid, pronounced her one of the
beal boats In the service.
1 be boiler wu* repaired by W. di A. Fletcher A
Co., nf No. 206 Wcsi--t., in the early nari "1 August.
<. c. St, ph, ns, the foreman <if tbe boiler shop, *ai<l
that he lind examined the boilei when the thin tin
.1. rt..ok its repair, and aside fr..ur the weak places,
vv Inch umler Ins direction were strengthened, bi
considered the boiler to in- In fairly ir"".I
eon.Iii ion. fully capable of standing a pr,
ot seventy pounds to the Bonan inch.
He had three tn-w tulles putin mid he placed a
" hard " patch on the boiler whare the check valve
is situated, the iron haring corroded away al that
point. He had a " soft" patch Inserted nuder the
boiler saddle, another lurire abe on th* horisontal
seam ol the abell, a third over the cylindrical
scam of the shell, and a fourth uudci tbe blou
cock. Alter them repairs he regarded the boil
good foi six months without further tinkering. He
explained thai a " sui, " patch ls pul on with bolts
nnd putty and a "hurd ' paten with bot rivets.
Tho hull and boiler ol the James M. Thompson
were built in l*t;7. From 1871 ta l^T* she wm
owned le. C- Standard <MI Company. She ?.i
tliep *' ld to Ihe Greenpoinl Towage and Lighterage
Company for fl.BOO. A..1. Pouch, of the Standard
Oil Company, who made th, mle said Ihat the boat
a, the time cost more to keep in repairs thi
brought in and the company were glad to gel rid
??I b, i.
One of the echoonera thal wm damaged '?
explosion the Lucy Wentworth?la undergoing
repairs at City Island. lt is estimated
it will co-t rf 1,000 t<< pul hei iu good order.
i tries Kelley, the engineer ?! the tug, si
in a critical i ouditiou al the Hm m. opatl i Ile
on Ward's] land. Cnlesshi n.em there is littb
chance of ol ly li.'nt on tbe cause of the
ion. Ile lias been a steamboat man i
lani t went j years, and hnd au excellent rep I
up. t - -11. - >. ind i* rj ;iiiu sobi iety.
io ii, the own, r of the ,n(". ^ isit I
f tl - Hinl o .; lusp . tors yesterd >j ?
II.- n,:i<le no "t: pinl report of tbe a, i Ideni I
eht beet to await the result ol tbe engineer's
.nj tines.
ruenl ii feu " mom'
Fort Jervis, New-York, on a similar charge. I ?? ?
a- onie, ri bo math the ul
reived inion atiou ? 1." days
Innl tb Hers to the.
. n ics iuquiri . . bout the i
linns, lt w ic alleged that lb,
. .
? il i , bc !.??' , h -liv w itlm.ii nu m* oi
the mot ive I
? . i ; . I mon' "??
tirane, ?
\- ? ?".?? VV I* in foi.
?. . ? ty. lnii" rt wj ii
ten, i'd to si: Man li,
l"-.. i, .l.i re ,?:.."'. in ie 1 - '
i mt < ? 'ii,. a been ol
In* illili'..'-' i. li., warrant for Lippi 11 -
issued li) Commissioner Shields ;::..! na* erved by
fnspeetoi N ? .re mid Deni ly Marshal Hillie.
Tue pri.>r is now tn the Ludlow J
'ic sn signed lo awi rou.
Thomaa linnie:,, chairman ol the Boaidi
sp etors, arrested for violating the election '???
? ., .-ii i. -ti i. t ,
h. i.iulith KL i lion I1 I
ll i
District, surrendered himself iu i nrkvill, I
In.-, inii't yesterda. m< I ing sud ga i I
$1,000 to appear for examination in ti.
when th.- ouse \\;.- called. Counsellor
iam 1. Kintzing and bennta llnnim* I". |
(Irady appeared in hi-- defence, whit, J.
J. meagner, Samuel Ab I M ii.
O'Connell were defended \i\ AsNenihlyms
i Oliver, rhepeopl, were represented bj As
nt L>i-tri< t Attorney O'Bjnie. Ku
meiil m:i- en. lied. The case ??? 'll
.?ii Tuesday al il p. m.
- *>
r.sn:.\\', enevvh wi, nu nu.m.*.
The New-York I'aruf Assort
d..y a ie-.ilutn.ij rescinding the mle allon mg s re?
duction for thc on' -lom tl. ? -ii- n-i, 1 ..ii. e ni
and adopted ? policy form foi rated steamboat*,
giving 1 n bate ???? b, uever tl sd
tarry aapeciiied uuounluf concurrci . .- .1.
'?n t in- v :? el 01 ii.ne a cu-ii uj di -
.li. leuej
ck for the
terduy were as follow*: Home, MO;
1, 1 :i."i ; ii .m.. in Kuipo, iiini, 11 ..
1 l.irty-t nt life ug ,??
/,'(/ h 1. Ui 1 .--.'? ? uliey
.;ii;,j*'.? duri -? I ? ? er. Ol (bia
. . .
Two .iiited hor-j ... ...1, I,
1 driven a
? muli. .
been (wai 1 in thc stre,
M. <;.?:?
?-tm. I
injured bo badlj that he al 1 .
1.01* -, treed fu iii i om roi, ran 1 [way,
win ic liny dashed agj 1
street-ear, They were stopped b/t he 1 ?
w, re !? turned to the stable liv a polo cms
person in tbe street sar wa* injured, hm th
form of th, ? u as broken and lb. horses weie cut
Chan, ellor Bunyan, of New J.
denn d tlc- application of tb
holm, the 1 ou. u tail s ifc-murd >?. iu Hu '?
j/ :, tor Lave 10 111, ry tbe ene
I 1 ? on 1 v ril nf ? 1 01 foi .1 ii"'., trial
iix<-,l for the execution 1- Nm ember j'j < hisholm's
counsel will now make sn applJ lation i" tin ( .nut
ul Pardons lui a n ipiti.
A rotnmltteti ol' citi ,| ,?,
tl ?? Mayor sad presented ?
; of tba ira, ai I poll, 1
j unuerstood thal lo tloe II .-? -rm .?? rem ?
: the M.ivo,. rio lueeessurof J 1
p iblli in. Sever 1 of the Rej illus 1 le:ul*-rsare urongly
. the iioiiniiAiinii ..I ea
Others support Joatlce huuuun. 1-.
, dldates for the twa vacua, forward by
' asaa. Unions ol rarloui kinda, rmi ,t,- .
, Ihe tn oii.ii.' ? tic ,n iv, , ;,:,,[ ii,, ,,? ,., ?,,,.
Ailinn, ile-moie i'r.ciiiii'in .?, Randolph I,
; Umbum Hyatt, .i" a Mullsly, II, nry,
1 ti let- a, 1011:1 n ? ' ? . 11 1 ? ? in, I. John w I,.~
amt iieiii* Hhea. Thi Board of IMcnaeu will
nm lal in, < lim en Mon luy, and ll 1- po*
i.yui- ui.iv p.-.ul ii. lil* . ,,i, iBaj jn-_
} UBS, / /.?/.. :. . furn ,.
Dr. dc la Pomnierais wm executed in Jane,
1864. for a Blunter of tbe t'sh m Ute nlsbt lief ore !
bia executlou he uss vhated bj Hurt;eou Velpeau, who al
,, 1 a few i.ieiliiiii.iiiv emarks luloruied lilnithsl lie
tn the Interests of selenes. sud that 1. 1 ir in dola
1'oriilUf'lise'sCOO HTaUOU. " Von kiiov\, |, *.u>\t -i.
of tim nu.-t Intorostlng.jaosUous of ph
whether any ray of memory, reBectlon or 1 ni ? 1.
survives lu tbe brain ol a man iftei the fslln ihol
At U.ls jk 'ii flu conilciuiiixl . mau loohi I
Bomewbal ?tsrUed ; bul proi ?? .u m 1 d
once resumed th, uni Oie two nh,
euhntr discussed snd arrauged ihedetalls of sn ?
11n.nl for Hie in xt ni... nine ?? Wi,, ,, u, Unit.
V. .n .m. " l snail ..1 Ham n. si youl aldis -i"1 rou
will .ii once i- nc 1 hal 1
I win then cry ? -. ? -i ?. ,1 ,|r 1, .
I "..lie reis, eas j I lowe, ibu I.e
of/mir 1 Ishl ? ?.
II xt .luy w ben " 1 ??: .'
cell, bc found t ?>? .''null nm' ii mun pi
-?... 11. a few minutes Um ? tl
id the '
' - ? : .
sadgbsi isabnoel fresca wita 11
nu rn !,i in1 in 1. v..
l.v .ii bim. "AgainI '
but tucj dui not psrl. lt WM si! over.
Fifth Avenue JJofei?Congrcaarnfln Duvif. R,
Pabre, of Ohio, and ex-('onjrressm?n F. A. Pike, of Maine1.
....fViivW ffo^-Omtrollrj Ira Davenport, of Albany,
and Captain N. A. Baldwin, V. P. N.. .St. Slehotat UoUl
-Oongressn!rin J. P. 0. Talbott, of Mary land..... ?**.
fork llotei?William Preston Jolmston, of New-Orleans.
....Vittoria Rc>tfl?John P. Hmlth.of .Wlisiny........ U'll""
man Boult-William Henry Clifford, of Portland, Me.
In the Catholic churches tn-day vvill be observed
the " Feast of the Virgin Mary."'
The Eiciso Commissioners yesterday refused to
ranon th.- Uocnee fur the concert hall at No. 05
Ore.it Jone* St. known as the " Brighton."
There were 0,570 Immigrants landed at Castle
Ourden last week. The arrivals yesterday n/at*
BM by th* Wera and 301 hy tho City of Rich?
Arrests bud wnek, 1.2 Ul; birth*, 588 : deaths,
521 i marriage*, 281. rhyei, ians report "il onecase
nftvphus fever, 4*. cums of typhoid fever, 40 of
Bcanot f. vi i.'J'J of nie;i I. s, and 83 of diphtheria.
Benedict Brothers snnounoe that at noon onNo
vemlicr ls all the regulator-, and clocks m their
charge will be sat huck .1 mtautnsB8*^aatx>iMWfo
conform to the new system ..f inilioad tun.-.
III! I'l'.iM'i.liiN-iiiM M'iH MAI. II I (i-l'I'nVF.n,
1 he football game between Prim eton and Colum
biu which waa to hara bena played yesterday a'
the Polo (.rounds waa postponed <>n account ox the
rain. It vvill bo played at Princeton on Monday.
'1 he Yule Alumni Association d' the City of NeWj
York will have a Thanksgiving diunei at Dal
munn o's on November 21, at 6:30 oV lock. As lt is
several rears since the alumni In thu vicinity have
thus for',,nilly met. this meeting ii Intended to bo a
v ii|\vi ?( rn -|vi;rTAi:V roi Ol I:.
A complimentary dinner to Se. ref arv Fn!ir?>r was
given on board tb* rteamer Newport, before the
sailed yesterday, by the agent* of tho Wards
Havana Line. There were present Captain Curtis,
the commander of tbe Newport! Jarnea K. Ward. 0.
ll. Mallory, Captain Bpicei and other shipping
MR. MAM1 v's PIRST ir.'iffir.
Gerald Massey, Ihe English poet, will deliver a
conree of lectures in Cbickerini Hall during the
present month. 1 h< hist lc. lure, entitled " Mun in
I of bia Soul during 50,000 Years ins Re?
vealed b^ the Bone Cavesl, and boa be found ii,"
will be given on 1'ildai evening. Novembei 18.
rill/l's | OR > IflM ' tN lill Mt MS.
Amore the new attractions which will be added
lo the American Institute Fair during the wee*
mi,Mn bu exhibition ??! chrysanthemum*, iLrny
prize* will be g;v.:i for the best exhibit of out
Howers, plants lifted from the sround and potted,
plsntagi iwn In pots during tb, whole reason, and
plants aros n to -i iii rle st, m.
ra sdi na ri i ob v i i rousinr.
T, . randidatea tor tbe vacant tutorship of
. ll b in the I allege of tbe ? Iii v
ot New-York were examined yesterday muruina
?nile il Ull?
in English. Four "i Ibero were graduates of the
I ..... -p., 11. salary to he n . - ivod l?y the
I, 1*1,000, I'.. . tv - I nlnl
,.,,., ,| ?_-..ii until it has rei ched .?'_'.?hmi.
,, I IXOIS . ANA,.
I ? New-York Mercantile Bx, hang
.poll I I.e < ??? , . IP IlKllI
? ii-trn. i iou "f tin M,-- lipid and Illiin.is
Canal and H.. ruUrgement of tue Illinois and
Michigan Canal, ae ue.eeear.v lu cheap transporta?
tion. I I.e nu i, I., i .I.-, id.-d to send s delegation to
i ting ol tl-- i Kgg
.lion,lo I'.- belli I I < IU< ' '? ? ? Inlier 3.
! I vu IOU S
Mt;, ni he ?
I i,;.t Ul noon. .Vivi mini I*. hSI, ..ml
. Ol V " -York sh.il!
..?I. ?! li!'",! tie
itv -lilth incnliaii. and that all I
ll.i-i .. vii.
Ii sale of ihe M
day, A w, ni.!--? m ki id thal
Mr. K ' H. yet iIn?
? ? : '. i ? ??? ? tim*
'I begin on
? 'I
Bishop W uti- n pt. -
der, d.
Ap pi upi isl io,in lil v "? U in oiiii th, freedmen
mi', d .- i' I1"" st Al . I' swore,
$ 1,50(1 -..TIM);
mi .*ool||
Carolin *??. -
.-'J.ililli: A
-.I . A'< ii x.i-.
T 1,01 0.
A BIM.I'M ? ? ?
"MyOod! i- that youl" exclaimed a neall]
? .' ? troiit
ol tin- .:?:.,:,. to . Oridgi ..
? ii frtu'lit. I lo- nisi, to
v hom 'nod :i inoii.i
? I i..ii a ith
all i In- speed she could up thc steps ol the eb*vated
rail wai .Tl y were mj sim, ,|. l be uuvj
IV I I ll ., lOOk ot ?'. fi. li
downward pa ul mi, muttering, " .Mi wife,
ii. li: nie nil at ii Inp, ,o fnlluU i. I.
I \ A i I lill I SC ll .
-i .ii'i ??, i ulled at the nfl, ??
"1 the,
nppciii.il lor uMUMtaui.'. He said tba four yearn
inn o.ci lu .i Stree) cir, .md li* right
? '. ll:- moth, i med tl
. and rn ml *?? ..rn <! ?
;ii> in lo i ' ruthi t lo gi ,.? io h. i
Minto .:i life, in cane of hoi death, ^le
died ii. nc iths ago, and since then hil
?? ? i mon. '.. .g. nt < Inlds wen)
with tbe I'i'V ;.. h - nm I.-'- home, and tb latter on
being fi.n steii d with a i np the moue* .
I' ! I Ml lill M :
The sin j, iN-iiiiuole, Captain Holmes i ummanding,
d i, !? ;,' -t. I.'. . nu ,. {Jan 1 lim. i e... having
being loo days and over, lue nieam?blp Ita
ll'ii \ii.i.inili-e. couimsiided i.v Captain
'"I in.it b .
I,'III | ? llllf. I Iii, s||>- sllllli ,i hi I
' om rx il".i to put
into Sinclair*), Bay, wlwr, il took her rom da
.. ?, id the bari
i li I, Ton Les ? uim it, 'i'm
port - ih. t in ,i !.-o days gale ntl the
? ' l .ililli Hope lilli Vi -.1 lo t ill:, ,. I ,|| , ?
? n. -.ill*, -lol.' 111 I,Cl lilli . ,i !,, j
' .
1 Vi'*
I I.
held in ,r,.?H) li.nl bj I idle.I IStaO S ( mi,nu ,-n n,, ,
. ge ,,i
mull to m.mon a No. tull Broadway, this
? ?ii,- returned I'Iki h iv ino contained a lotter)
' :i I i ii.i I ?? |i n ;. i
..'..' :ii;. moon thal Bim on had
iton I .1 ten ?
i uot I i -ii ii'- canico on a lotti rj
i . 11< ;?. thc place ,ii"iiit ii.n ? nu nil,
Tax pi .'..ts are allov ed gi ., mb i i i
Ih, lr do, -i for i lu eini, u| j.
I ' ? n- li. ? nindi ifTsi .-,i mats dunns the wi ck. and
I" inc!- foi tl.it' ii <n ?? I new build
grant* >l.
"Heartfelt noiiaratnlaliona" al his .successful
? auiuaigu v< rc U i Mnyi.r Low from ex*
ii, nice, Italy.
IVrmission i to the Itiebriatos1 Home of
? Cull, n, :,?-:? rday, to sell
17 acre nf real esta*, in thc Twenty-tlrst Ward, lo
.'.'. Andr, ws, foi 110,'JOO,
In recognition of the ?? rv ines ol lbs I ire Depart*
?i fire mi In i pr, nu ??-, John Mullins, a
ure dealer, bi -. iven 850 tu the
1 ,-< m. n s Widow-.' .iioi ' uni.
lem p ".I championship
incut of Brooklyn will bc played to-morrow
1 ri I. n.' in Un I,. nf Che VViBiuiunburg
Athleli, Club, '1 In .i. | will i.i i i. fortnight,
gi ld med ? ? it;- ot the
championship) will be given tbs winner, a silver
? np io the h ?! oiid, and a fa ? .i" to tho
JUBtio '-!? Mid. ? , i. .ii Mit lol li, hud a gold
watch valued ul |I300 stolen from bim while In
Vanderveer's Nijuot f ire In VVIIloiighhv t,
night. Whuatou ll. Ls pani, a member of thu 23d
ld limn nt, had :. .. at !, .(..il ,1,, itoleu from his
clothes, which li" lefl in tbe locker in thc second
i-t.iry, while pluyi | '? ennis on the ground
A warrant was issued 1 I iWalah yesterday
for lb" arre-i <?( ; rank v rooke, s law vcr, and sou (if
Uh l.iie (ililli.! 1*. P Crook, Crooke Ines nt
I ''tin. b. but bs Iii ?tli ? ??' <o. '-'lil.Mmi,.igue-st.
Mix Ki becca Lott, nf I lat laud*, s ire of Ueorge L
l.i.lt, Oil Wi ll ,1, H ;., Ulalie,
?tates that ou Nov i iber IO, iMtl, Mr,, rooke wan,
by order of the , Court, unpointed a com?
mittee on fin entile I \ tm had leen
adjudgi d sn babi, On ?: i, she
. '.j.lo o.i the estate, and mun
Liu, lu Ap, .i, . - ... I from the pro
oi the estate the Bum of $2,000. A -peuific
i barge i* ii1-., made Ihat 4 i.?? pprepriatud to bia
the sum ol .1
I r ike
red en i ? , -r tim |
I ? No. 36 I
?' ? '
Headquarters yesterday sa missing from home. On ]
examination of the records it was discovered that
on October 31, the flay ho left home, Mr. King b?
camo snddenly ill in a shoe store at Montgomery
and Washington ste and was taken to the Charity
Hospital, where lie died two days later. Thc l?oilj*
wa? bnried |? A panper's grave, lt will be disin?
terred and buried In the family plot lu New-York
Bay Cemetery.
MatawArr.?David Matthews wont to tho Ber?
mudas for his health about four years ago, leaving
a wife and child behind him. Another child was
horn shortly after his departure. He never wrote
home, and his wife, hearing that ho had died of yel?
low fever married a Philadelphia man named Laf
frfty. A few days ano Matthews returned home
with ti handsome fortnne, acquired Lu the mines of
Brazil. Matthews secured potisoasion of the older
ehi lu. the younger one remaning with tho mother,
who is living apart from Latterly until she eau ob?
tain a legal separation nani her nat husband.
Ba vi inn>:.?William Lowery was arraigned be?
fore Recorder Beabea yesterday on a (?bargo of
malicious mischief. Lowery lind Leen employed as
night watchman on the Aronne-D improvement, but
I hnma*) Brennan, the contractor, discharged him on
Friday for drunkenness. Lowery threatened re?
venge, and that night he built a roaring lire auder
thc hillier of Mr. Brennan's steam roller, which was
standing at Iwenty-second-st., turned on th*
blower and fastened "down the safety-valve, with
the intention of exploding the boiler. Thomas Q,
Bira, an euurneer, prevented the disaster. Lowery
was committed to await the action of the (.rand
SMiiiiiowx.-jniui Ybnnga, a liquor aallar,
dropped (ban on friday evening while attending
uju.ii his. n.stoiiicrs.
Hom k kn.?ihe plato] In th* Doaaeeaion of the
-school-boy, joseph MoGuinnras, mentioned yester?
day) waa a mere tnv. innl was taken from him hy
the feitclici before the janitor was culled to put him
ont of the l.uililiiig.
Hay Sunni-.?Frank nnd Chauncy Treadwell, eol
..red, w.re ni rested resterdaj for forgery. Thej
forged the name of Mrs. Bergen, of Islip, to ii chees
forf 100, sud had the check cashed. Justin Jeu
tiings eouituitted them to await thc action of the
UrandJnry, _________________
A IF.Tltlt io ni' ? I'.VI I'KoM IH_
11- gi iaiiv ot rmi i.Nir.Htoit.
Wa.siiin..i,,n', Nov. in.?Tin- Secretary of the
rosy adore a J the following* ommunlc*
i"ii fe -ml: ?? i uni iii receipt of your
i mi in irn .it:,,i, (,r ii,,. Ttii Instant, concerning the ap?
pointment bj the Comralael ncr ol Pensions of .. ?
lo :d.: ? i .Attorney for this db
tin t In the InvCfUlgsuou of all
I".untie* in connection with .'mri.'- n
? i .dei t.i pi tmini -ni I the Matti I
ar, tn 1.t ' to ! ? Qa Sd Jury.
Toni '.villij mi, tl,.., snell un appoint
I sd les j
ev In 1.1* P ttei t" yon ..f th, 23d
.-,..;'.. , ., ., ?
tllHt lill I illl. .. 1,1.'
?? i har, r. .I il,.
letti i ? Jin! ultimo ol ?ini b
you p,
witton to pin-- (. part
defraud the Government <.r tin- l'nlted
i from
? willi
? rttti the !?.-iii. i litoruej
the (Int.. of thi Oovi mini iii
a nh nu Uwi
tin- i iiiim,i--i(iii. i
? in ?? uni.lug
ll.nt fl i
.linlll tU- ?
liioi./i.i bj .
. If I l
? 1 limn
? ? prog
ia , . ? ...
. ililli
Jo .nd Min lu tin'
i mi ??' ? lal.
lam ci ? .: mi- wnii.-in
the p. ? li
r?, .mi
eau ol tl..- il. p
.h.- L'nlted
? .iii !???
lt. nor !i"in the method*
? I '?! Ililli t.. -
? '
,t ..| . !? ?
IV Illili
\v bl .
inpllou imiatlM ih,i th. .i|.p;i. .un U li,nu-i
ll I to III,
ubini tied to ?
? -i -I bj ri curd rt Uh rn e,
. (it"ii madi 'n w
Ul lilli ?
- Millie
mama n?< ?? ,:??? rumr*
,i|i|i , , iii il iii Mini- lil.'..li. ' - ' ?
un in c maj
? Yu (1 ..inll
l ,... liol |
that the
fr. el
I ? ??: the
i , i i oer
tb ??? ?? U imic bei a .. " "lute
? 111 it Hine, nut ll i. ?< ?"' >'
I i l.ii -
ol tn, - le lt vcr; .lull
lint .i ? . , ' ' .| ',. ,
i~ ii i ni, H.' fall* i" make bi ? " """
ii.i ti. p ' -i. ,i. alum, i ..? ? tn ure i ni !??
? ??-""'*?
..i,.1 I ..rn ol the uoluloii ii it not . hall ol 1 I"'1 ,",1'l
ullowcl . re Brougfullj n canuol b,
it ?? wni fraud
,:i o ... i-.i 'ni :.,- iffloh ; : ii -'nmliv.
[|l lc ,1 .Kill V. .
?? l nml.-ift..ml rn.::, lour i on
puriMHM! ni tin- In trli i tttoi :? i ol " ""?" ""
r of fri id ui " ,,M"M
gUllty "I llttelllptlllU lo III ? o\elll
in, in. .uni. tin rel. I will i.
nine |iii-nii
Alt.V. illl.il Oil lue ll ol'.HIV
HUlili t Attorney, iii .1 can sjwure |.uai
i.i-tuiH Bl il.i. ul o t ie Department -til ne
].| i. . .1 ni Joni .ll-in..,! lo pillllM. off. :i.lei*, -bethel
..; ntl, mot In* I., defraud ihe Uo.eruuH ut i
:., pin nula nu pen -ion-. "
The funeral of Colonel J.Comlii Smith, abo
die I iii tts Mew-Tert Hot ' i irlyThursdaj i ornlng,
tonk i'll'"' rssierduy nfl moon In Orsee Church. The
cniiii, ui ? (oviii-i wiin ba ? ? 'ana In white oat
Bowen representing .u, eui Uer, .i oruaa snd i
i,,, , rvkea wera conda rt ' bj UsJstantB b ?;? Henry
C. Potter,sod in^ mindi was lung ny theUraee Church
cioir. lim pall-bearers wera David Dudlej It-Id, Cyrus
vv. Ki.iii, ii.-,m.ii u iiii.i... r.BhBnnsa, Bsberl ll .ni', ll
vv. ,'nilli, .viiici mun. -ndmw J- autfth sad
h. c. Bounders. Tbs burt three are tana I.
v. colonel Mini,n'? immediate rslaUrca who wen
prea-ml wera in* wife mel ona aou, J. Condlt Amita,
,,. md ula bruthen sad Utera, Richard imlth sad
Mm.gudla,Thouin* <>. ?earth. Mn. E. B.Willis,W. n.
U. Smith snd Ulm Marj L Smith, A.u ethan preasnt
bs, , ,,,i* w. I-1. id. Mr* "ni I Duulej Weld,
M,h. Dudley rieU, Ju,rn ? - when J. Hold and Mr*.
i :. :,',..r\v.i*!iliwtoit; Dr. Mathew J. rid.i. !.ihvir.l M.
1,1,1, Mr and Mm I : "? ??? ", -M,'( r,''".V.,,
l-?, ; I. r. I icicle! Hello, l..i.l-1-e S,,ulci-.ni ami lu n
l|.,.,,;ri,lli..i-.il.i; T. A. Clark, o I ] Orl ?"'?? M!' |! '?
Mi*. H.: .'i.m.i..... '..-.<?> ' '. \ ? ?? K ii', ""'W A. Ul -
,.,:-. Mr. and Mi -..I. E. Conant, J. J. Chea and '"nUy^*;
.. ls,., .m. Mi-.l'.^i.ioloi,,! Uk..imitfi.m ..ru.i.ld s ? Vj
| I.. Al,c. 1.111 J ..lld ?i. he, ll Illirnet'. <"U.1 ??' > *
,. . -., . , Buffalo I,,,, night audfromtb rewlllM
i? rrouoala, M. Y. ken the burial sill take
- ? -
Morris Dnnncbaum,I llor.ontlM irrountl floor
?, the rem of UMiprsmtoeslfa 41 Hi ' ""'"'
l| , lu I. ? . '' ,"1'
;. ure mi Krtday ali kl ml " NV,i'*
tninm or uno A*n a ritomsKD dmd. ok
Judi*,- Donohue iu the Supremo Court Cham?
bers yesterday gi anted a temporary injunction, returna?
ble on November 19, lu tbe ardon of MaranuiT Tea
Noetrand against the N'ew-Orleaos, Baton Ronire an*
Vicksburg Kallroad Company, the New-orien,-, I'.-icitio
Railroad C nnpany, The Union Irani Company, and Will
lamll. audWilllamM. R.irnuiu. William M. S ott, Jolm J.
Plsnagaa, willis Gaylord, 1 usual C Pomeroy sad athen
as stockholders and bondholden of thc mUruadeeeapa
nie* in question. Th? plaintiff ts n ttoekhoMer sad bund
bolder In the Xcw-Orlc.uis, Batea Range sad Vlei;
Hallroml. ne alic red th ,f hy an asl sf Congress In 1*71
2,000,000 acre* af p.ibilo loinl Wen Sllstted to tho
Nad. The company then SISrtgBgrd thi* lau-l
and Ita other fniiichP M to tho n ; rn Trust ( >m
pany or tousles to secure $l%0OOflOO ot bond*
ISBMd hv tin mai. Min-sra. Oavlord, Pomeroy Md Fl.'ti
agaa ama thea (ha officers of the company, milhun H.
Brunah fie complaint aselswe. la 1880 acraugsdwitt
tasJfsw-Orlaaaa Pacific Railroad Company tor the eeo
reyaaee t.. it af the lands given lo the otbec company by
the iini'i nni'.cnf, ami be wai to hare eompensstlou for
hts service* ina largs than sf mortgage bends which
were to im taaasd i?y the I'.i.'ifi ? Oompsay on
the ha*iri of these landa. Ba la mai to hare
made aa agreement with Messrs Onylordj Flan
agaa. Pomeroy and Boots, and athen ankaown,
lr/whleh theyresfsued theb|MiatttouB aa oOcen of the
Balsa Bange sudTlclurtiurg Hues, uni Mr. Barnum end
ids son. William M.. nwettrery the president
ami Meralan sf Um Nad At a nv edng of the directors
of this road, lt is further n-*.|t.l. whtli
qiiorniii pnviit, a resolution wm Adopted empowering
ii'-tw,i|i,iriiuiiiHUhiiri:si cretan to convey
th, snd P. the Nev.-(m..;,,,, raclilo Company, on
Bnytei os which thej i Ightmake. The land waa io eon
v. .'.cl, and tl Loua
Conimiaatoner st Waahlngtmi. Mr. V;m Noni
that this trausacUon wsss fraud, ihat no real com ?
Hon was given the Huton Rouire and Vlokshnrg Company,
innl Unit ihe only purpose In the matter was tn iissist fir.
Uuiiinni in making money through his contract with
the other cum]'.my. A contract was tlieu entered
between the Pacific ro...i and Mr. Barnum fOrthehsiu
aucebj bim of from #4,000,000 to $0,000,000" ,..
on ?? mortgage on tbe land, one-half of whh h Mr. Baryunj
wa* to ic errs. The Psdfle road thea i scented t)u< mort?
al vd !? h Ashli, i Oreen and John r*. lu.iou ure tms
? ' d plslntlff ehsrgei thst it !* dow jr'"
bouda accordingly. He also declare* thal hy the tn
or the land from one mad tn I io other, and bj th, tale to
the Pacific road of I of the Baton Kouge snd
Vb kallura; road for s*>50 -whleh ls asserted to have taken
that road was deprived ol property; and
ir tbe New- oil -aiiK I',. .ii. road were all .wed to i-.?'u- tbe
. ..-? bondi contemplated, tho plaintiff aud his fellow
Ifondholders won ld be deprived of security for their he ul*.
and tb. i would have no lutereet st all.
ll ; il o aile ? ?! thal under - ? . ut, the na?
ture ol which I- unknown to the pialnUtt, tbe Union
'I'ui.-t t.'oiiip.uiv had agreed tu cancel and surrender thc
n?ortcr !? i ? ht bj lt. and the plaintiff therctorc asl
irt di claro the transfer of the land a fraud md
compel , reconveyan ?? to tbe M Baton
? ( innnany, '?> tesl
of tbe mortgage bombi, and enjoin the Union rrusl Com
naur from canei-Ulns or sarreuilerlng thi
brit If any or all of these things csnnot lie done, then
the plaintiff pray* thal the defendant. ;.npelled to
pay the llama i mffi i d hy bim. ii oi a re
Mi i, I.uni- li. i-r, or Miss Jenni* Ketcner, i's
anted her nmie to h, ber teatlmonj to
Beferee John P. Osw, on thc order of Justice Donohue,
Isyou emotion to dh als* ? mil al ibeua eocpua
? d ;n..ilii-i ncr parents, Usda and
uer, t.min l tlieu io produce ber iu
court The order bud been granted on tl laffidarll of
b il in- n ife wu. restrain. -I of
ty t>> her pana! Hire with
him. I>iui- I- twenty-three and Jennie nine.i ?
old ii tated tli.it -l.
|olned in marri igi to Ba, r by Al lermaa Fla k on M ??? i J
? ; not lived with Bai r, because her
I'.ir. ni- won in a ?: ii'i-.i rate the legalll y of ii"
on the ground thal it wai not performed accord?
ing i? Jew Uh rites. .Mi* Jennie ai Mr*.
had iu.! horns
name, Bud do mj
i told l:!in 'i ba, e
nothing to do arith bim. She mei bini lu thc afreet, and
would sive lerai ??. signed by id* tallier, if
aaenl n. his pro. iring an Indiana divorce.
Beer, the wlUi ia said, dcelred : ther girl, aud
lu-h id en one i.ci-I-'ni threatened lo shoot his oridc ot
last Ms] ii ? ig bel testimony, Mi-. Bael frequcBtly
\\ r. anion* at nd di i Uml
Lim to lu- novel il uncomfortable tiling*.
i'li. teetluioiiy wan banded to J .hue, and the
young woman a i ninacl anidi "Your honor, Bacrhaa
-.,iii:i - mono) " Juatlee Dono
Inn iiifei rc ci ii him, say mg thal lu- why
corpue ulioiitd mil be dlamlaeed. Mi*.
oi Mi-- \- ism i, mu i wltb her parenta,
? * Itb Loni* i. ir.
1 ld to Ms iawi er," w bal i .:i I do a
to win .
.lusticc Potter, in tim Supremo Court, Cham
ben, >? u 'i the ii- fault in the mit or Bajmoad
L. Donnelly against Katie i. DonneHyCsr Ba si
In 1880, stn. Donnelly Med her husband for
wparate matntsuanes alleging desertion. The hnabsud
brought s counter-auit for absolute divorce. Aa
ment was made by whleb tba huaband paid ala wife's
k alimony, The referee In the
I'a action reported ts tbs wit'- favor, and Mr.
Donnell* supported hts wife until Juna lass, when ha
taud secured sn a duts invoice,
Mr-. Donnell! aol appearing to defend the action, rte
'. of a daughter wart awarded to Mr. Donnell \
inoiioii to open luedefault w.ix subsequently made in b*
half of Mr* Donnelly, hbo alleged that ene waa tba vic?
tim ot s couaplraej*. aud that her husb ogive
bel tunnel If ihe would not oppose his mit As ino ".i?
111 .lesli,'Iii' i ' . -ll"' con-. |i; ti lui tlce
.pened thedefitull on condition thal .Mrs. Doa
d that the case should gotos t fere*.
Edward Becktbold, a bartender Coi Warren
i md Hotel, was dlaeharged oe septem?
ber 32 Me atles* .1. In .. -n'* f.'- brought by
dual .Mr. l--t.tr d h. the Birth Judicial I
I'.ntrt, thai Mr b ! tad h id pul Mm eal af the sot, l sum
manly. 1: ,1 Balled htm a tin; f snd similar asm, ?,
Hud had threatened :<> -??t.il tot Ihs pouoa te
?mat hun. Un tin- til a Mr. Leland'i
I read an Sflldavit ol iprletor, In which
??? h.ul -i-i.c lcd Beekthold ot
.. -Ul (loni tin- i..ii- receipt ?. aud
that nile (leo lt. ? mu' >\.-.i :.. ? it,
. 'iud li pul lcd lh.it li. i kimnd -vhs ii. the halli! of
-?c.iilu llis-kfh dd alli ell i ui lu.-i Hon I rn
Hie iillhl ult ni Mr Leland wai noi pertinent to thi I
- ui ii lund v ? ;t whh
lliM'lloua. He therefor, sued Mr. Leland for slander ou
Beptembdr '."-', and for libel In the allldavtt. Mr. Leland
? ll, I Ol Jil t.l 0 1/OllOillU!
uud waa
?? ?
.IiiiIk'"' Ingrahain, in the Bupifrior Court, Spec*
edMelvUle A. K, lb ui nu.it
ill.Ill Of MT-. EUUnS K. li.lille) ,,,_-, -,M ul, eu, W'llO Wll.ld
I., bring n snit against her huaband, Jacob it. Bartley, fer
m nmi,lim, 'in of their marriage on th.- ground of fraud,
.i -..I ii after Ihe marriage, nu Ausnat
?j,, i.,-1. rbe plalutla, who ls thc daughter of the fate
(irran] I ! ? ?crted thal the left ber busbsad
upon lae dlaoovery ..f Uh fnutd.
In the action ol the United Btatee against tho
Kai euee Miiiiiifiictiulii^ Ouip my, ii Jury iii the 1
District (o:ni yest, rdsy readereda rerdlet i'.i the
Oovernmeet. Theaottau wss regsrdsd sa .? tesl eaae, ss
the defendant waa ima of maur arms charged with violat?
ing the law by sending letters hv Loyd's Dispatch, wah 'i
bas been tined for carrying on lnidncsa lu opposition lo
thc Po t Oince. __________________
HUE. ll ti::: BRO I '.ll I US A VD LAND ll 9.
The carriage* for the winter season aw
broughams sad landaus, wno-" manufacture baa been
brought to eucb perfection, on this tide of th'! Atlantic,
by Brewster d Co., at Broadway ead lung aeveuta-st*
thu doAmsrlasaof nsalthlhlnki ol impertlag in* ear*
aalti 1'iciii'ii, hut whi a
Loni Brougham latroduoed sue lui i Eng-tad lt was
know i. by hia name, aud hseanw, the Bernette carriage of
ladle* fer -hopping und the llnatre ST opera. It I* BSSd
ui?o hy luralkla tor park idrtnxs. Branatsrd t'o. suan.
bwture their bruugkaaas sana Ihe ourrsd Hnsa ot the
EugUah build, r.-. am: opou the ifeainsr, uioic raktah
Hms of the run. li. an lt hu* heen found hy experience
that ihe desire to ls- English ls not universal, althonirh
prevalent, nd* timi ha* added many uuurovseasnts to
the accessorise. iu< h aa th- Ut up*, handles, lollluit uraps.
rt.' 1 be door handles are asst In the form of a atrap and
buckle, artistically arranged, and uro h. a* ny
plated. Thc lamp* .u? large, willi lu veiled
Sdi - pl .te*. Tim fiimlshlrj* In thc Interior
I UH of leather, nor him then' i.cen any movement to
ward some fabric more srttstla sud more cheerful. Hut
Brewater A- 0*., In the nalnMni; of their e.irrtaif.'*, h,iv <? m
troduoed wanner, brighter color*, mal havealivady dmio
much tn break up the funereal aapect thst waa popular
?OUM y. ir* i?o. Thc chief Mu.-* sf the ImhIv an- mai ked
In bright paint anon the dark ground, and Ihs running.
c-eiir I* mad.' a* bril lian i as Ihe public will permit. '1 bera
ls iiiiiih ci.iinervatl.-iiiamoii(fl.i?i<'-"|u th.-point, and they
hiill pref, r .i nolemn-loolmg wrn-out lo something hriglit
and ohserfal. r*till tbe icn.U-ney 1* toward the recount
lion of the value ol oolor ru esrrisgMi
Lu.-I.rn* ari! tor the Park, snd for gals occasions; mit
theluterlora sra of lesther. with laces of sombre hues.
liuih .;,?-,?* arc mada la three uses,and Kiels
arc min if.iit'iiid witli |tssa fTUUta OT leather .pinter
rbe latter bead hack sud make an open, trriage,
bu, pe, o . thn, p i.i li ??'? la idaua mn
? ? thal will uni ch ie, mid :i ch.-, il c irrisge thal will
. there is llUUl .len...na i I ipiar
? m.mu;, i i ;i bj lirid wb
date, and tbs dna ile* not rssaanmaad lt. Aiithodriv
rag smSs sra covered iv,rh a Cue MUM -e c.otn yinisanvr
of Auii'rieaii luauufiii linc.
Mosrir-. Leaviti ft (',... attcttomm, mut hilled
y.-ti ldty tts sal, ,,i ti.,, gaanjas fumUnrs ani bric a i>rso
? hnlnaglng ta US. Hamburgar, al ifUatertl m. Iks rmmm
, silver ormiiii. nts,u.k-i'y,? tm r ?? SSSSgat SB-Si HS***,
, asec-,aiti-s,i,i ,..;,. ,,-. ,,r,r,.,..,,,. -,?..?...., mn>
I raau.l.sit law sum*. Dmsb ide. i wan io, th. ,?, wu part
; Hutch lmi,a,ions, 1,?, there -. i- .,!?, ,o,lK> eiaelui.'US of
i French and italian nnea ..r a M???as rhiraili*. a Mel
I readily.I, .mdit gssi pOSBU .An li.,li..? egMM hi
| ebony. Inlaid v.ith ivory, .md v. ,,h *i.:,-lv flin ritoi braae
! earaars, hraught fBOOafter aulniaied bhidliig, oblefly by
ladies, Aii.,uti,|,i,-i'r,'i.ch nkgmtay hali rieck la mao
wood ? *M. withcoodbra ? - brunah! flin, A
I'-irM.. tilgbbaoked chair in walnut mit, coveriug of
''?'I-"""..... ..I! ntl.T. I,-;,,,!>:;., A Rood .neimen
Of Dutch .lai-pi-rer,..,,,,;, wi.,e-e,M,|' r, wi,h
''sn- .ml handlea, hronsht *UV Another ikxI
u'r;;.""r" ?\ U"uh i:i1 "v ln".b_o?m_>-_, .? ere?-?
vv tii.,r.'v?ivn, ;i,,|.inul bras.miUuga. Tblawaaeare
niiiy examined by numcrou* would-be buyers, and after
?1 ken c.,,.,,, mo- || _,? ?,.,.,?.,.,,1)y ? _3J fu|: jg ? ?*
MIN M Tl I'.i, AI.Jf,V\c
taananvSiU - ..saMixsoasssi Miitfas-'a ?-,?..??. ia
His" a 1TBB r<i-nAr.
? '?' BamtyRook, i:13inov i*i-.,ii * ut n -i n? -via
p_?.-~ss^itook: ii'...,v:iJ:;:,i: tlfflo_i: WI
?? , , ? E-M
Wudasd .Bambun ju,i.\,,,
&??????-?????????.?.? fc.....-..vK^aa
.Bremen .* jiu Thwd
' '"'.Uverpool. WLif.-sur
?ri ">a ,i ivei ?*. .. ,.?i?u
noun* r, aTovnunen i&
1,"3:!*r|-.Iliin.l.iinr . M .?!.. \,u*r
H_r_t_2f.Otawiw. Anchor
? ir.'tuira. T.i...na. IVanl'i
OriUBSB ... ..Bermuda .BerwS
flaenca . Braal] .n - i iii asl
<ittu.,1, L.-uv,!!-. ...?,i,. ?x.:::;
'""'": -linn. nun
,,';;'sr?;i"n . u i ? . rrsss.
vv_r\ru* ? ' Mvurewl . . ni.ar.1
?4rw,rk . Hii.t.,1 .Oraatwassani
Sill EUI St; SEWS.
roar oi new-yobk.satubpat, nov io ml
a rum -i:u.
u?\\'V,nr.S, ' ' Ir' cssaran, -trim* Oat w.
Qneen*town SI, with dkIm and p.ni_-e-*-r*to Iai..*u *)* . a
>'??.>?. ?..th iddaeand |n.is-;,--r. ,? ,,, ,ri, ,,? A ,.? *
? ^r;;.!',";"" "rr ?'?&^?^?ii?3m
m.,w n. uni. r; \.^., i i?-.? p?,uf ,~|),nc,. ,v y???ff
- ";'J ?'';',?"'J''"'it..;.I.-, 1., . ii ?r?. --,.|?M|?. ni-\ and Hail
fa*, with md*,- nii.l p**Rtax ? ra u>? H Seaman!
.-...- liner, ..lui ?1?. i .,, 7 i K Wi 4 ,
ll|tn ""; ? ra to, ii Mallory* c. r '
Nsw-Orteaaa 7 rtay^wttfe
IO * il -? vi:..!
.-i.i.iiici DeUaare. Wlnnett. Icrl.siion a'-j days, wi,'
uii<lpa**,.|iir,<!-a,? j VV.juiuia.ii ,v Co J "? ???
mw Mchattan -?, rant,Vs, wlthn.-Imi
.?nu, [m.*??,:', itt.| ijoinlalon ss , ??
st .i-.i.-i- Brnakwatar, aiover, i. ursa I vi. anti i,,i? md
? i- in i ?!?! Dom n nu -*<?.,.
'-? Warnkcn, cebu iv., dar*, wuhsaunt
toonl. ? Koon* Co.
slop iseniliiii c Holme* s.,? j ram ?*.,. 96 day*, with rail I I
-nt,nu ft Co;v?i?fllo 1 . wi -, . (Jill . .. ?
nari, 'i ip, i ??..- i. .;,.,. j,,,, i (Anal), Pr,
,,',r'" ? t.-i.nl.-r; v.-wclio AinUew J
'?''??' ii V.'ilnar^lsui.Tilnv
ti. I'u.iih. Edy a U ,? tcarao ai
l rtrtd'0 i ur n.u . froni .VcijutUi).
i -lill IK.
.. -iJulUi).
Bria fctilM,.ia?/.Anal), Vrauteh, M Vincenr 31dar?, H. ba!
last tu lt, ,., , . -h.. h
Bark Alice Campo, "-i.-t, 14 day*, with ,-uirar
, 'o-^ ?to" '' !l' i!l"""- li- i.iuari J3 .lav*, wu:, -ui<ar
lo i, vv * f \ i
"t'N.-i i -wn.i >, Bawdy Hu.:-. UeaaaaWi etrndi and
hazy. At Cit., , .??tv-'
( I.K.lllKH.
::n, I.-ltcli, Uveris*)! Tia Uiiei bj
town?Ii ' - ?.-._
s-i. .infr..'n -lulu Uri. Hi-enuii r, Liverpool ria y,icfn?,own
WV ian,* .'. I..I.,,,,.
..^."??i",1;'' ?telvrtU(Br), itouers, I Qa i -u.wn
1 W J Hurst.
? -rsi,j,i. ii;. ? -,, rpis,l-Ilu*k * fi fas*.
Mi amer Uloneaatar, Pen i-, Brtatol?W ti Mei
MU-aaiaf Plaotyn iBabj), si^.^t, antwwrs*-luu.-ii. Mya
i Qech Vaaabsasaaa, UaiTibiirs-Kun),ardt
A ('n.
ttl '..-1 Ka. In Oar), Beysflbar, Brnncn via Roatbatnpuin?
Oel rich
Steamer Colon, Bbacktord, Aaptawsll?Paettki Ma.l BS
Htoamer Newport, < ?nt* Havana-Ja* I \v ind
? i Alamo, Hoi^r, K.-y \v.-*t and Galveston?CH
Mallory * Cn.
Steamar Morgan . '.ty, Adam", Ncw-oilcaas-Botcrt 4
i< r ljinl?':inri. Oaai-r. New.f)r!rana?f H s. amsn.
air City ol AtUuia, Luck v nod, Cbarlvttou-J W yma
tant it < '?..
steamar Bsnati ter, Trtboa, Wiiminirtou, Nu?Wm r cirde
.t ('.?. -
Steamer OM DwaUsleu, UraOur, Norfolk, C:ty Point and
lin hmand?Old ,? miUitou -"?c<>.
-!? icu i vv,,, w ii?,i?m-,1. -Vonna:. Baltlmon?? J I Kre-na.
i Kieaoora. Hi.kjk Tort amt?J F Amea
? r Ccu WT.'f.ii-y. ftallett, llau-.n?U F Mae* k.
Hark Ann,* s., .Bora [Bri, "??'ii, .'alcotti-J vv Parker * Co
lurk Kurfu.ia (Hurl, l>s,u!,.iri|T, iipo.to -c'Tohlaa .v- c..
1'nrk I.lr/i* corry iBr), Curry, \Vi arid ? adi/ -C W Ber
link N Ii Moimi 'Rn, e-iiiith, Luu-lon-J F WTiltuey <? (O.
Bark Filiiuuith Iii a Bor
K< ss
HrlR Blcbe (Br), Bates, Brl.lg-town, Benaud i?-L W A P
si'hr Caira-K.iui ll, TrssSBgy, AapUiwall-W I luthhun
s.tir VV ll M ill!' r. Oa?llBS. :,John. NB -aaSBSB ll Br.il.
li hr bTSwsb in ', Stewart, st John, "lt traiaiill Brea.
simmer* (Tv u? rhicuro. A'.vsslnl*. Hi'v.tii c.'. IVI-Ta
viu, for Urarpooi; Rbrulaad iu.| Da Iturter. Aniw. rp; Mina.
Hrcm.-ii. Rhaartaend AnatraUa, tlaabanu Newport, if.nsjia;
Cotou, Asplnwall; Alamo. Oalveatonj Marma (Hy ..ml
ana, Ni wm chi Naeooohee, Mavaaaasi: city or Atlp.uia,
ciiarlfsswni B.'iM'fiu'for, W'llintiiutaii: Old Domluloa, li ts b
mondi vinci ,* HalUflMMw.
- ap* u, ce,,i. f.u Lon,,,,,,. Arklow; LreerBsal
?BIBS !'? tioi'ulis, fer M'lise.lli*.; Avouporf, Havre.
i.dii ?',-Kov 10?Bark Agar (Ansu, (ii.uiun.h, atmm*tam
Vert Oct S for Iaahon collided on Of 117 ? ih iklp Iii i anea
? v ii I .-i innl. flem Butti.ie fur fan l-'ranclsco. J ie Aaar
irasaobadlydamaaedthal abeaank. TbeeaataUi awdtwwvs
ct ?.licet, w imp n- il--." bj Itu Kimi m-e ,-tua have N- -ll laud
Sd al 1.lim nu, u.
111,. BOVB I NT* ul- - ri.AMKlll
rOKBIQB l's)!', rs.
t.<imsc? Nov lo?Arrtved, tteaassr tsras-y Bri. i.e Nan
from New-York >u i
Paean] np the Channel tteamer Viola(Br), Mamy, from
Norfolk Oct'atfl, on bar waj r.. ? -.- \ -.i.
Uti.-sail.-d, ali-nou r A??yi,a.. -louarch Url. llairiaoa, for
Nea York.
Uvearoou Ko*. ', - Ai.i,.-.t, meami r KausaaiBn, ia*i.ir,
tron, I
Sailed, ateaim i IlUaota, vv ..rruiKton, fer PlilladclpM*.
A FAMILY wil! -,ll elegant n?'W rriuuMNi
.% efi!ni-.^sl plnab parlor Batt, t^l; a'nooue In r.* silk.
?S& 71 -.vi
..'a l I--, i ,i,"4 Iii ? ,,'uMiy. (of Furniture, Trunk., (tr*
rtasaaandPlcuuvai auparata ioou.i. furniture boaedi raau
fm uni.
VflNK LINED (IK' TLA HS ar,- becondng
? Tl \<t\ |?i|',ii.,r. hiv,- a large noes. PlUjBa r.ir<,- fro-u
jon io| cc. siiav.nk. lu:) Fri*
? ' ibadi 'I. pelts aol iBjarsd, i'-r . ??, .c
lin.si Alteriu iii Ina done at asea. K. c. BOL'OB
\ I s. bl Alf Alt V, MKHALLIO-Ns
HI.si Utf<"1'HILK.
OVKB9O0 liK.Vl 1 I KC I. llrsK.Ns
ann ron pbici uara and nnon_unk
HKiii.ii-ipi mr, co.N'v.
mw??vui'.K lAXBMBOOM,
BO. M CMVr.KslTY Pi.A( K.
I' V I F.\ l l.i.Yl.H Tia'Si-Mn
"WHITE'S 1' V 1 KN I l.i.Yl.H THC's.-7M*a|ierfvc, Inalra
mc ut for tiie i arc ol lt kr via. Th* ,nw?of ?t eel iprlnsa,eoburtj
tal, la avoided, kn :nw.ml uni upwitrd power laobtatned at ihe
rinolwhtioit ls in ci,i*l. Nu i.ii*?iiri' on thc back. Paiuplih-U
fire Dr. illtKii'iltY, Til Broadway, Now-York.
l.i.na Acre Suuaie,
New tiouae, ele^autiy tmul--ilicil, Just opentsl. All rooms
with Mmtlicrn evi'usnrc
j^eketT ho use^
4THAVK. AND 17TI1-ST., N. Y.
(cutially localed.
Tihle Hervtce 4 la carte.
eTH.AVK. AND 18TH-8T, N. Y.
On Uie American aud Knropoan Plana.
C. li. KKHN BB, I'roprtDtor.
7'JO Broadway, extend na through lo 81, 33, 35. 37. 3S
laifayiHite-plaee: eloaantly funiUhro n*ima for famtllea ?
liualisl loom* fur K-miL'tuen. $1 per day; exceUoui noUU
!ii -?,.mr.mt ; Knropcan plan. r
Till. \ I il I lt I
ouceof the Hu. -t furulnhcd and aafeat apartnient-iiotiaea
in New-York cm. I'm, location tho hoaitnfeit aud inoalas
! i-csaltile. A few saltSS to let for a year or ahorter ??r*Jl
i.?Uiuiunt in connection w?b tba boase; itt ?f*lrt"f ,'* "*
! aayerlor excellence. W. D. UYDEB, Ptopiieior.
| Also, Hotel &L istepbeu.

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