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THK BREAD W1VNU.. A, 5>.rlsil BPSBJ, MW, pp
3li> ll tiper g Bri tt.ir. .
Il needs little peuetratiou to discover tlmt tlie au?
thor ol this story ia sn experienced tuan of letters,
but anew uoveliif. The art of joittinu things witb
point andpre. iMoii.of oxi>re*.s:*it> a striking thought
so neatly that the feliettj <<i thc tern phrase rivals
the bngh.nes. of the idea, of telling a story clearly
aud quickly, and demoting various ph.. es cf life
end shades of chni;u ter, with a tew and rigorous
but careful strokes.is tun anacoomplishment which
coules hg nature; lt is the product of trained talent.
Every page of the hook shawl the practised hand
ol a writer to winn lou? uss lins made exact liter?
ary expression a* erny and spontaneous as the nm
vor>ati(tu of some _f thoM gifted talkers who aicat
once thc ili-hs-'ht stud thc envy of theil MSOoiatai
And in the style th re ls eeharm v. im h nearly i'll
novices miss?ii certain giaccfnl and i Iumvc melody
winch depend-- upon muk ty in tlie pattern uod
swing of Ike eeateneea. A uow wri tel i. apt to mis?
take cither reroinoniotis monotony for e eganea, ci
?Meeatve abrnptneee for epigram. The simple nnd
peasant calcines of "Tke Broad* Wlo ..(rs" reiiuiitl
iisnf its hero, who weat* his v.cii-cut olothes ns
cu.sily as ;i solf>reepootifig bud wears his feathers.
If tho writer, however, hus obviously the habit of
witting weil, he cannot hara heen i'i thohahil of
writ mir novels. Thara are no other anonymous
fiction, of this (nu itv wm t ii_v. im a claimant! und
these ks no neknow lodged irorkwklch weean rea
soiiiihiy attrihnto to tke same pen. The Indlvldu
nlity ot tito new story la perfeetly distinct We
niiiv adil tlmt aa experienced novel-writer would
kara made tke book iooger. BOeinocritics 1.1
)*?! ti d tn it that thc com luston is unduly hastened.
In did Judgment MTke Broad-Winnora1 betrays no
luck of ooastru* t;\.- Ingenuity i r sustained pow) i
but it is laid out un s plan win h would have justi
lod larger treatment. Three Unee ol narrativi md
thine c aoaea of _iciet> ure ooaascU i tn tin
plot, but tiny too li ?u'li other briefly, snd
an- diseutiin-l. i ii. m th ? ( ataatrophe v. Ith ruti.ei
les-. Unable than s prol isnional novel-maker wonld
have thought appropriate; while tke subordinate
person, itffs who 'lil ,n I MS the si cue. Jt it t, lillli-v.
Temple. Phraay, Dallaa, ste so ont* rtaimag that one
half-icseiits th';r speedj disappearance. Bul there
atc lew nnveiw to whli h v. tt can pay thecompliment
of complaining tbat they are too short.
.'he author hus probably accomplished nil thal lu
meant to do. Ho eal ls tho booh "a sod.il study,
n.it u novel. Its i tool remarkable merit ls tbe < x
11inndiiiiu-y viv kinoes with which ll preoeuti three
strongly contrasted varieties of American life ?
w:th un ozaetitude und dramatic distinctness
which seem io lc the result of close pi raonnl obs) r
vatiou; uii'l yet the refined society of "Algonquin
Avenue," the "li'ittLicsi..K' of demagogues nnd
Binkcis. and tke bane world ol Misa Maud M i
ure so fm upurl thal lt is a mystery how one
iniiu could have studied tbem nil. The
oroatira dr:ii));(tic (aeuity, howover, is ??? sorl
of clairvoyance, which lays bare to nu author
shanes ol experience wi ich he h is not actually ex
iieriei.tctl, nnd the Innei i haraotoi nnd thoui
pomms who hara only brushed against him. Notb
lng could he linne Ufo-like than ti"' deecription of
thc meeting ol th' Brotherhood of Bread Winnei -,
the hmtiil and ignorant talk "i tbe prof) wional
labor-agitators, tho rapine and violence of tl
strike,-the blatant spiritual medium, tho i i ~- .?11>
Irish mayor, tbe practical politl ians, nnd tbe
other dangerous elements ; our civilization. Thc
\( ry force uinl truthfulness ft thest repreeenta
tions arc enough i" te sure for the book sn honorable
tribute ol disapproval from newspaper! which earn
eliving by "i binning "(if wi may bi riuw th) ;
of one of liic Brotherhood) foi " the downfall of lin
inoucy-powci iind the rehabitation of labor." 1 be
laognageoftkisoloot maybe borrowed tr
journals and tpeecbesi but tbe power of realizing
lt in the form of conversation is a gift akin t" thal
of Imagination. I be b .t the i cret
reforssera who shirk work bj espousing the claims !
of tlie workingman to ";i little fairer divide," is
strongly illustrated in tl let of Oflitt, an?
the effect ls heightened hy thi introduction of the
honest old carpenter. Haul Matchin, who bi
much to du with ih" story, bul is ns real as any ol
tho prominent actors. In om of Offitt's talks witb
Barn Sleony thero ls n flue touch which shows the
author's knack of illuuiiuatluu . speech or a do
?emption with nn electric flasu. "'Dol' cried
Oinii. "wearegoin*to make wai on capital. We
uie i_i.ii)' t" scut- thc hi" i'1-sii' kers into terms. We
uti L'"iii' ta gel our i eablj , if wi
get toem any other way.'" Tho hiunoi "l IhisHitd
den inversion ksindnt il whal n flo i ol
Ughtil throws up)ni Ottitt's ii.
lom ? I
Temple, who is- one of the mosl b
Ideas "i tiie book, ls revealed t" io
n -. i ,i - ol' llash< ." ? i Matt hin, xx}.,,
i- pat ? i,,iUiin the [tersouagc of ti.
displayed in one phrase ol tb< flrsl chapter. She
titlls upon Ailinn Farnham and int roil u?*s ber*_*ll
tinis-. "My name is .'uss Hand Matchin." We
hardlyneexl nuyfnrthei rie.cription ti thi band?
sman, ill-bred, trivial, sordid, selfish, ambit io
noraal high-school graduate, win pr pat-I
?nts iind then bumble life, nnd longs im iii .
destiny of which she lm* glimpses in the -
popers. Maud Matchin is a ne*e i giire in A
fiction. Everybody bas seen her living counter?
part i hut here l"r tbe int time the character is
subjected t" ;> thorough dissi i tion, and a spei imen
of morbid moral anatomy is expo -cd. w bich di ri.ei
a certain dreadful fascination from the fact thal it
\n hy nu means uncommon. The author's success in
ponetrating the receesei of ih s girl's moon snd
narrow mind, nnd catching the mixture of sham
"stylishness" and essential vulgarity in ber tiik
and manoora, is tbe mosl signal instance "f that
power of realisation which we bave likened to the
creative faculty In the portraits "1 tbe higher
tl.iss, Arthur Farnham uinl th)- Heldrogs, lt is per?
haps enough to praise the writer's accurate obser?
vation; though there are man) delicate touches
hen which ron Ind us that the faithful observer is
ofter n thi iiui; Ins own refinement. The lovel]
linage of Allin Priding is beaut if uUy drawn; and
lhere is mi exquisite art In the indication of a dif?
ference of quality between mothoi sud daughter,
un if thc giri o iih tin advantage ol an extra gem i -
utioii of gentleness and culture represented a finei
type ot son! andi moreperfect polish. Tbe man?
agement of Alu c'i-. participation in the hui chapters
i- ( vtDm< ly poetii ni, nnd the conclusion ib natural
and effective.
Wc might mention many scenes whii h seem to us
particularly strong, bul if we began such nesta
logui we should not Inion winn to stop. The in?
cidental of the strike uk not told with a
imn h liilncs, aa the plan of the story
wonld warrant, but they are naudled with great
vigoj and brilliancy. The catastrophe of OQitt'g
plot is an admirable piece of writing, and the div
posiliou which is dually made Ol Minni iii. 'I .- ..si
shiny, th'nu ii it may strike Ike tender at nrst with
a little oupleasant surprise, is a most ingenious and
original dispensation "i poetic ju lice. '1 be politi?
cal episodee constitute s satire none tbe lean severely
true foi being intensely humorous. 1 be Interview
bi tween Farnham and I'ennj i).iker, ? h< n the Utter
patriot is "e-kiehin1 like ? Texai iteer," I
kio eoHeagneeou tke library board have organli ?'
? freese-out agaiust bim In a little mattel ol
patronage, is simply perfect.
? ?
roi:.*.-. I... (.(.?!?! it m. iGmo. lip. j-*. |
i Uppler, I'plisui A ? io.
One of Ihe i-eleraus of American literatn i
ji-iirinili-'i) isleprenented In this lumk by uo less
ti::iil one liiiil'll' 'I illili fol I \ I Wo tl 1- ]ni, ni* - il
irgi ., ...iii i "I j"- * ? .! pli .?' - tot suy niau,
t ; in. ? .i-l "i lil-..... ?:. to semi forth stamped
wu!: t!i ? -. .1! of bis in it nra aud iin.il approval. The
_ 1 1. . : .unii.u, it- that of a
pool aud novelist, and i i-ditoi and
critical reviewer, to Ihe generation whieh i"
oar own?to tbe time ol Wobetcr and Choate and
Uren tt, when \\ oakington li ?. ing and Coom 1 were
living monarchs in our literature, and Halleck,
Willis, percival nod Tnekermuu were familial i
1 .Mr. i.iii.t !- iinvv si., agi 1 in m. im v ? -
his spirit reu-aiiwyoung and his i ried,? ]
an every reader nf these patts Will perceive, ead .'?''.
indeed, the present publication of this bool sutti
ciently denotes. Most men al tour-score have ceased
to take ;) lively interest in the affairs of tho world
Mr Lum, at that age, la the active director of a
Harbor of Refuge on the stormy sooth const of
Massachusetts, and be contributes to literataro a
complete edition "f his poona
This h.mk wuuld be welcome, if .for ttO other ten
son, as ;i memorial of thepaat, lt lastrang*, nnd
nota little path) *.:e. tn lead herc, SS tosh snd,
m sonic sense, contemporaneous tribot-O,?poems
commemorative of Washington, of Byron, aad ol
Napoleon Bonaparte. This poet's muse wes
touched by tbe mournful announcement of the
di .ith of Byron, at Itlaoilonghi, In 1624; bj. tbe
ipectaclc ofthe bringing home of the ashes of thc
great Emperor t" his grave on the banksof the
. iv tbe attempt,?which certainly waa
nowise il ooti ons,?to bavetbe romalnaol
Waahlngton removed (in 1838) from the tomb at
Mount Vernon to a crypt al thoCapitol. lt is a
patriot 1 art that heats beneath these melodious
warda. One of the poems is a Ballad of Bnnkei
Hill: snotty r ?eli bratea the Mayflowci and th.
landingof tbe Pilgrims; a third was written foi
ts i Inaugural on ol the stat nc ol Warn n.i t ( barb --
town, M.i.s., in I-..-.?. Webeter, Everett, Cboate.
Winthrop, Adams, George Peabody and Bishop
Eastburn are among thc shining names mat are
honored by thia singer and thal grace thc p i|
his sm,c. The Influouce of that thorough classical
learning wldchwasmoro prevalcnl formerly than
now ii is in poetic authorship may bo diatinctlj
tt.iiiil throughout these compositlona They sre
tho works of a scholar and a man of severe taste.
Tl t oxpri salon is nevi r slight! d, bul Hie thought is
? held as paramount to the expression. Per?
haps, indee!, the p?ietii splril li wtnotlmes sacri
. the prose fai t. Mr. 1. ml are of
ihe actual world?historic incidents, iii" sea, tbe
wind, the Dowers, thu characters and careersol
great men, the i ommon i ipei :'-i" es ol life and the
nih" tit.::- of mankind He use*,?aa Prior and as
Swift did,?tl.tn.,tl lsd'1" .ni! tbe familiar
His urea! chieftains and 11< mi".ns
In poetry are, evidently, Milton and Byron. With
tbe mystical writers he has no sympathy;
reprints a parod) ol Eincraoi ].n of ?** Brahma "
si I.lil v inch .il',', :i\ t iinprc 'll I'll iii"!"
trivial .'md rortbless than olncure. Mr. I.urn's
poetry, furthermore, is tin.t of a Christian. The
religious spirit is not, with him, either an ..:
tion or a mechanical conventionality: ii is real.
And this quality, combined witb independen.i
mind, man ly truthfulness "t th'night, and thorough
honest, Benni hie workmanship in literary art are
coflspicuouft inni noble \ irtnes ol his ti i ii ings.
In tbe literary period up rn which we are dow en?
tering it stems likely mat somewhat \>??- attention
will be given by Americans to tbe stndj "1 Engli li
authors and more to th) study ol their own. Thc
building of an Vnierican literatnro has been <
onalowiy, but industriously and steadily, for the
hist hundred v'sirs. and that literature ho
liicniiic ii very considerable bodj in all tt il
branches. Tbe labors of men like Warner. Vnder
w.I and George William ('mi's, of late j'caro,
havo specially tended to direct caret ni thought to
this important subject. Tho work ls still goii
.'imi tlmo, and the physical death which it involvi s,
will, al no distaul daj, ballow . mir than one con
temporary American name, to which thi (...
pu -.-> nt linc- nol iri'.-c it* rightful, merited 1
lt require no gift of prophecy to uaj thal future
?Ililli ills til' thc li. bl lllel.lilli.- "I .'?. e
?_ill recognize, remember inni respoci thom
George Lunt, He haa not, indeed, made poetry the
.ei bi life. His talents ha re beeu largely ex?
pended upon politics, controversy, tho law and tbe
iii'\v-|isii>.'i'. He !;i-1' ni tl im end
"I verse, mich .i* ["hanni oi Hal
lock's " Marco i - pieces, a bich
everybody rememb rs and which xxi'A uc\
bas ?" en one ol tho builders of bis <
literature; be baa written with taste, vigor, elo?
quence and beauty; h" I i-shown
as " Caligula " and tl e Ode on G< urge I
poet's mai t's dil of tho
and thro guli * mastery ol certain of the im pic?
ul poet io ex presaion, l.e h.is sign ititi! po
iu this Bold, wbkb fully entitle i.,..i to a high
. thc e i u-i- "i hie nativi v
:i'i- oi im ni'-i ro i
I.l-l. Kl \\ AND lill. A> riQl * IY.
Tw< ' Hie library, ari
ut i -?. ? om ial sin
I.''M." I : III N',).
170 thi
New Vin lt Mu
and, III ... ? .
ti, |i ? . 1: ? ni 1
postilou i- ot tun merni ni comp ?
?? ' ,
; ...
In the art .student
emt in t ism* ? I
fi a iv:.. :i collection, Including work* bj
c. Stuart, 'i'ii"... i Colo, a. it Dui u
min.... mni William I ? etloni
?tin Bryan ?nd il.- ('
tallia 467 paintings, the Dan 164 fl pattie.
? ?
un utof art, i tools?
tho Byzantlue, Itali . I
tine, riciiii-'i and i mich,
it ? -li'i las Into tv ? ntl en.
tit Itv, it 1- e lli-IIII/
aii.iy ef in .-? in tbe roi I I
Titian, Tintoretto, Paul Venn.'.An
I . Guido,
Jaa ii.'i', V '' .'':.. V .) i > 'it. Van Ostadc, Buhens,
Watteau, On use, Jt"! iee v-1 i I
i.i-h.i.i Reynol ls, ii ???:itu_ii Tbe Pu r
Coil' ell.tu lt i!l I tie -illili' ttl Ult)
Mm ,:i i, Balvatoi Rosa, Phill) j .1 HU
Tbe Lenoi collection of Nineveh sculpt -
liv .l.iiiie- I,.??mv. comprises thirteen piei es.
Bul lt Uoi Its I society 1*
l?r. II. lbboll
u twenty yearn resident-) int nun. Maur ol ti 1,1
Dion '??? *- were found In tombs ojientd in the prent ni .?
ci lir. Ai'i.i.it. Tbe ll ?inni studi nt wi i.. inti rested In
. - li;., the i" .iiu i.i ol i.v.niii-:
mn breast ;.' tte ol -. ini i
? ii,.nil i.'.?,).i.??- ot 81)1*1) uk, 971 i C.. who tool
botioam sii;- hom *i: ct,
made bj me children ot Isra I, tl itu* from tho tone nt
i...iiiin' > m.j nu,i iu j bowk-headed vase, in irreen
eaitheuware, from tie Plain ofZouii, aith the oval ul
/.. i h, tin Lthloplan Kine, 7.1 B. (
To ihe m. tn ri irl ? i:- aro Inviting, flucb
li ibe large rollectloii "f Jewelry, the gold necklace
il' I ? 1" 'I'- i'e .li, . I ?,'? l|, Ul (if M', 1|.-., I',., lil -1 l'||.,fit .||
??? l.i jrp! .di tht ? nil si Kim. in histor>*. Hieu tin re i
thi large gold signet-ring of Cbfops, theliitlliler.
(.ie,it Pyramid, 2352 B. t'.. s.ie: the buked-clay atniui
used by Terek. 71. r>. ?'., t" atamp the fresh Nile mud
wbleb waa plastered over itu lucks "f the hui.ul.- ami
buildings. Mi ml >ii maj lion adc ti o, ni utli
? Interest?linen anti woollen cloths, preserved
li Mit'* ini'l (raina, needli -.thi. aila, bonsebohl linplt
the painter's palette, papyrus, with I e wi1ii.:i? still vj. |
i'i'-. th) thc Greek wrote, and Iiln tu Met,
? hui :n-. i"in ' iain Ui
i'..in e vases e.. l statuettes, alabaster vases, siudals
n _.le pf date leaves tn ..i papyrus, purple and wulle
eil'..i i-i-t- t.i ladles, a siH-clnien of knitting in ian
"i-i' ?. and gold and stiver Jewelry, cte.,etc
Il maj i "I he oul ? I place t" idd semi gt nenil I
tn 11,c .,,,.-!.. lia pn -i ut number of members li nearly
honorary, i i . life and residi nt. 'I lia
, j.. .-. fgo| up ulindi $.'{3,000 I :
-I ii i lill i 'i: j.-iM - :l bas ile' fol lu wini;; .*);,u()ii i..j i
mi rt . |
? -. ? . un "? the s.
I ? ? i'lii- lu American I. .tory. \ '
ijiie.-iiiii i i". ooo v.. i-t maile lo the society, lu couneciiuu
with ii: . ..'.i l iici.i .:. \. bj
... ii \\ bitui i
debts i ?>
-hi], iii;.I ii
llCUl llieliil" I-, lent i I Inti !. SI
t,uni gi vina rat ucl
il Lille VOlUIUM ul Milli . tltlUS lu AU
. /'? 11.
Sin i.t iiun j ii yt sit Kim, Samuel
e 'I lum.
? ... num. ni .,! ;... ?
tue bouse?J . iroyedb) ore?upon (hs j
rigiit side of Holt-court. Fleet -t.. wbleb he bad '?'?' upted
iiiuu 1777 until bte death lu i">i Kevi r, since the ye?r
l.V*i2-"heii the Act of Henrj viii wsspassed ''rr'v,
lng Ike Mreetway between Charlns Cross
Cross witu i.t(nies :it the east of Ibe a iel sof the I ii a
bini snit event occurred whleb wal *? ' tb? -
literary history of tbat portion ol the mctropolli as las
iiuInh! ops Mii'ii eveaiogtnX737ol twonaroeli
\ctif.irer_, who (sine there together to commet
bani buttle ol life. " Both of tb. i .." saysl nswi a.'uml
lo tidk pleasantly of their tn-' ?.iel from I.lchfleM io
I.i.ti.loii, iiti.l t.Hi'M.. ev'.ii.'iiiii meaning to emnelusn n
'I uni :.,?. :u my bearing: ' ue rode sot tlert.
And the Bishop 'f KUataelnfonneil ino that, at another
;:.nc wbou Joint ii hdiI I'aii.ck t*' ii iltur.* together tn
stir. tM . ? ? iii psin , lohnsou hun ' nn*-'1
'Tbat min thu ...-( :wh?u I came to London, wita two
? balrpennj t.i roi i ? kat.1 Ganlck over!
hin . li ,ii'.ie.l: 'l I. ! What do ron -.., 1 Wlthtwoi nee
balfpenuyin row pocket I' ? Uhy. yes.* ivtcrtod Joan
son, "alen i e ni v.'ih *-,<i ;.<?..- halfpenny lo my
? ,f:ii 'I,,.,' Irovy, with thn ?? b ? *,'" nc< 1- tl.' ?,
\'ei\ (i,tl'..nut sn fnr as worldly galus were.toerocd,
were the fortunes of tb se two dlstluguisbed men. Ina
lev inls, iii..i I.- ii. say,between 17-11, v.lu n be Brat
appearcdjasKUkartt III. "ii .1 I :'- '" ?
mou's-fleMs. and 1770, vitro be riled Ourrlekan ?
a fortune-ol one hundred and ' 1
9iiii:i.t:inii.i!i-lc. his fai more eminent friend .i- ne-llned
to i .j>. m.nee tin- woral biirdehitMi ".tl di. ????
(ii-.ii', dan Impose. Lo I Macaulay bas told us thal
? 11 ?. 11 -:,,,, Utera turo became a calliug lu 1'
w-t- :t it I.-- I-., i.;. 11 calling than when Johnson l?*?b up
i'i- I'.-.i'l. i e. iu I.'i.'i m. lt is easy, therefore, to In
: : ri ' ?' '?"
? lin) mil to earn :t name " Tl.*' Johnson
ill.ii,i ll, , . p .,. luis) ?.:,!'
;. il.'fi red lo Hu Ups ?)' i ? fi- ? re
know, Mit: alone from Ids own
dozen conten porary - n ces. 1 ' -
and turned lo- bad urti
li ?? -I i,. mi' ? uii'l gentle, Into ?
. iiiev bad ii ' !?????? ? r lo hu ak lil- proud spirit
i.i tn ni.|.i ??? bim t" ??? up to .n.'iy,
nv, n| hamil ri .'!?? ?' Hon. lu ti ,- long ai
ne m. ru ls i "'Ht ti. in lhat '?' lib' ri
lobni. m. after j ? m b Klug -' J
ell nil lit Without ii lint!.!!'.:, iii Ills |"? K.
i st having t . .. il fowl for twent) -to ir li"'-' -
" ? ci,,,-.] hlm.'ell' ss- Mi 1. ' I i ?'?? : ? ??" !'.? di
claln.iu!; :ii.Min-i .-ir ?? J thal he
... 1,111 " V lint bC ' lei IL"1 IS
I*. ;7 and I7?'.'.'.v hen I md Bute ti.* tn I .ll I.'i
many Prln s Minlsteis, i"1' of
Hie e hundred p mnds a vi ur, * 111 nevei Im n: ... i i owo.
I I'M well tell- US, Illili "il. ti, ll be ll., ? ' 'Ol-'I
' ,1-1 H||- !| I- ll tish .'I Hl"
. tars.
1 ord [lute's pension ol three hundred
IlllflltV ? ll "lie III l.e ? ill Cl Ul il- I . nt. i "I Ul"
bli : had H.en li ??fi for tl rt. Hu ??
!?? U-, ur. Johnson ? rty to Ile lu bi d un I
ll, 'ie ufr. lii'iittl. Iiinl lee - IOIU li' 'lie
.,,, nJiertn's oflice) " ii,, iamc is !. litterateur unrt s
? heen sectirt I
(f tm English lam ,!?.., I
' ?
: -i'ii In 1 rf... I'l'Uii *! St boin
il. di nth lu 17*11, J
l.i e. lull hi - t,|l .' it a
w.mill I.. ,,, . i - hern .iln mt ?; cen
lui i lu bli s
ie,!) |H*rha|is Ibioi
papa r Nevi rt heb i in iii lath
, - .rn nutlior ll el?
ie.h. lilli |' il. IL- p. iidou ol
. . nit ?,. hom lu- I.-' 'i')- one oi theil ? ? ii
for -' ? '? icara, ii . ? I
Illili ell .1 il | ti... e..:
.??I i.t thc i.c .--imi:
(tl ll,III lt:'- . ' *
nm,iStl ..(.,.
? '
' ' .
? . tl - .
? ?
? ihe siitue <- i
, i sn n !, cn 'in iijM-iiiti- ol Du l . ?
111 1717.
'' ' ?
lu .Ul
JCcxd Publications.
rpi!' YOUNG I..MUK- .'"'?'.:..M.,
' .. ?. I .. I - . ?
Pri) en I
. i -1, n< umber.
Na Jof t.'.i-ci.i.'ii'.M' '; .ll'l r. FASIIIO PLATES ol
I.M.-.. ITI I ,. ? I
1,1.1 ...\.\"1 1 LOItAL i>,:-.. N* A ll P AI Ni IN Q !
NOW ls I li!. I |M SCRIBE.
an*. \i.w-;11 iLl
i ?
lbs -,i ne rate, whi I
'iii'. ....
'? V,
t ?( [Kl I l. .I..*- "1 BES J *
~\ ? i!
. n!...' .,,. li RAM -Al. SCHOOL,
' e
? .. 1 Dill l...e
/ lumb ' li "finite, IOU Went I2d-et, !
,1.11,!; INSTITUTE.
I'.llll-ll., I,j I
1 .'.Ai.,'1.- i. .'..- I. i..\1 i IKlOL
'PHE I >>l.i.;.< i.\ I i Si MOOL. Nu.
I ' B.
? rt.,.
V Ulva .'- .,.:?.. i'J.l.st.-, 47tl 1 Pl
. .
Frr 1 OEOXg Ladies?Ci .7.
MRS, J. A. i..\i.i.AHi'.l.> I i.n ii Proton tit
Board ror Young I I ? ? -
-i Ali Li ti .'?- lo
i'l I li III ll I lei. -! 1,1 I!, .,!?! Ill" Ml . ll il -, :..,.,. I ,| -,
i 13011 Sew. York (lortm I ? . \...i
? eel' -I ill dil
For Both Sexes?Citv.
-. Ti ? I i: \ : .A . i, i A . i _. .n u 17 W'ts I .. 1).- i , '
i'ii ll-A \ I.
? I iLNoTIi r,. on in.?I.iv. xx,,lu .-.in .i .i i.. ,i
Iiim ." '1 'Ail \r m., i.l-I, un MuDll IV Bll'l \V ? (I. , -.1 (J , H j, n, , u,.\\
1 I. ii.., |> II., \ 1 l.i... I li. A.. Li - ' ?? Ill ll,- M. i-t. I
se . I | -I- li , ? ,?; m ||
li -If li l)J Pl I l h ?,' .Mi I, . - l ' ,\ IA'. . I me pol
M. i .. .h Im,! -. lu...I .,' I.u,. ,i.-. ,,t lil- i In-- r ? in s.. 1
' liSli -l? ?? ll ? . i i..en ,,l
ulr nil lij Hie I.- i i. ini
' ..ti...-. ? 'I....,! til..i.s . -
ruii :-. s- t f,.nii tut , ? ,i, -i d tl ?? ? i' b
ni si I. ? w. ski ? .'. ii . .si.e. .pest , ir, itltalj Ul
iii ? e i ? .ii i oj vt i* fro.t - i, . on ,i. iona
? et '-. FHF.X) l>* IIALIAN AND
S AM -.i sue.tl,', lr, h.,i.i. :. ii
I:"'--"' r' :. I ?-.... .1 ,. ?.,.!.11,^ lOil SUV-lUlswi.
.., la - .i. i : ? ano
rt ? :'i -1 . ii si: I i s .1 ( tum .
lol i m.,. - ll -- - id . ' ?? rs. 8*u ? a n iiarttnent will
e.,. ii i., iprll iSenUI i' : ii ,i I i ; HEN Kl ....ill a.. 11
VPEN.MANS11II'.?Private inst ruction uml
? |.en -.ik. ...,y ,.:,.l (vi-i,.i.,( B.f.KLLLEV, 'Al I
-., ni
l>AN.in.? iiiaky c. dobson & son,
tt .Miniilsi, lm, ?.-..'. 1 . . Iv j ) ,j j,) j [
li a.s J e ? No 1,2 Bi .
HOOKKEI Pl\ ? i . ati-hip, Aritliraetic]
I -i ;e .'. J I,
d .1,
e "iiuis. r \. - ol ?..-''- ie .ti. t ,.??,?..ii, No
I.'l.ll.NDS' SEMINARY, l-,r both -, Ke?, East
I l'tli-t. ill!.I Uni',, lier I lee- K lie!. I ,.kl il li, l | . s.i.r V
li mli inii lum i..,;. is.uii , s.i--. .. "
BENJAMIN -Mil il M. A.. P
PACKARD'S COLLEGE, No. S0._ Broadway
1 . '"" -l"' laities an;: 1 ,, ,,i .,,.
? nu!..1 in ,i -?! . i mil ...
tjrpe.wrll n
? bin ai i"> ?! .i li smplovatl
m.- ii
I. \. !
?'" ' ' pl -.tj -.. -i- i lew vt si ?
"1' !? '-t .
\|K>. Ill BBARDofSt.l [ndlye rn
- ?. '-? ol li -- i - i, hi?,i. ri
Tickets Pl tm ll .
I.l ML I.'. Viii I ;.
"..iii St
hetfin* .t, ,,... . (
.i .1 i' sdiliidilng
A--.H I MU,N. . U(,Kt
,i so:, i'.i,,,.'
U ' ' " Stl iii ni
cl ui tel) l^i nuv ,?ii
i:n - ni i \i - - ? i.i i ?
I im -.(ii iiM.vni.i.M. ,.i..i i<\\ kciiool fur ronna
' ?* I r * ?'? '-'e ?:..... A ' 'll .?
. i ..-ai-.u i i_a_1-,. . -watte |
Art Schools?Citv.
MRS.LOUISA B.CCLVEF will tocowo pupils
t.s-.i.i ineTucMtsr Ort IhJepMAWiVO.OILagdWA.
LaSdW Alt, l III.V. i'AIMIM. .mi I K( OKAIIUN.
hllT.lt). No. i-O MAITM>N-AV__
Utterance* _ __,
J,\MK- I1.VK1. Ml. A I. UMiAJOWM,
For Hoya ani tfoua?. idea?Country.
_A re | Beys. i. ni.Mit.A m. iittii|)iti!sii. i. I
Buys iiml YOUNG MEN private.;, fitted for
. londiUowd tr njcctcil candidates eoa . ??_
?cmmerorwtnl r. MockbiMx*ila**. P. uuhma.s.n.
B0RDENTOWN, N. J.?Military Institute.
lr psrei foi College of Wislnc-m. Finely located, nealth
:?,. For circulars, Ac . address.
Bi r. M U ' BOW i-N A M . I't'-.-icipsl.
Kj -Ii:, N Y.. j'". : 'ir', il-tt for 1'e.liigc Sr iclitltli Slid
<..... - - :.i Sd , ,; usia ror "Itu..ness. Jl UN MILLY.
V i .',- Vi u.llnvi ii. ITejiar .toij-to i oile^e. Hie s-rltntltlc.
.. . ?. Kchools, mn! linallie*'-, willi a 1) a nil n tr
in cation snd Drilling, and
. . ... i ," mg, )W nu.st, siuunlng,
, : ?:-,:!.. 1'::
I i . . v ...im.ns A. M . I'i i ?
lt 1 ii li., .l.l.iiiiia'lon ap
j,iv io( . i e . a. M., "superintend! i.l.
fl .M.-i.M! !'.'l*;i'i' *.'T -li'i RIOR nC?TBCCTOR9
r? | , tbs I lassies, *t .Lin L .
???,, lal st tent lol ci... mt' ' i -?)"? ii
.....i Laiiguave- rbis
bow in ;'- i.i . i.i >l
I*"'* i ,'? ' x\.;i I ,,' ,;ai,
Mil if -iles! -'.. V.
DeEKSKILL [N.Y. M'Uiti y"Acarieuiy*.?For
I du i. v. Ill .li i. A. ?;?? i Hnclpnl
1 t beti " ?'? ,r"> , ,, ,
?l 1 E II !'' I ' '? ' "lill III.
I> . ? ... Y.?Bradford Mansion School. Wtn
1 ,.r, . , ,. e, .. -. .. . iii oi.i ins, Principal
CT. JOHN'S COLLEI*E, Kordham, N. V.. nf
. t roi :- .?'.?. .??? '... nt i"' ... i. lal
I ' ? "' . , ,
. )? i i.i.m , - i i resident.
_) Ai:.l)iK_ ? ? i"-'
mo . ies-iiH ei .,1 any
ith tl pill , ?' I .ie- i .
-i? un . ? [ back wa pui ila
. v : rm: i
' 11. ?; - v ! _. ??
Tor loan? Lien? Conacre.
HORDENTOWN, N. J. ? Female College;
iti I liorougli Kuper!.
, . . i i.i . I ,.i i ni ular, .*-i ., si
I.t v WM. I ie ., tN, A il. li. Uii ut
/'ii* s . MIDDLETOWN.?"The Miseen Pat
. - ?:.,.., ror
.ll -.1 !? e i. for j bk ladies, m.riif.nl, i icm., reopens
' 1 - - I ..Ii.e
MISS NOTTS Knjrlisli ; "tl French Family
;,i ,| i ? l ea, '? v. , . -t , New*
:?? irina ilmi
'{"iii. :.i -: ? and day * hool for
I ? ircu
, ? . i , ii .'. i HAM!
Dancing '"i.i'.Vim.o.
i LL] N DODWORTH, No. BSl Fifth-ave!
I 1 A--( - (V, n.ivw 'i:-s"V- nt DAM IND.
- ? ? -.. I 'I ?.. . I J '.
m. im s li.- 'i s. ni .ump.
4 i.l X. M _COI I GO!.Jj, 113 FIFTH-AVE.
. \ dat gem >e
: . ? i. ei, , ngi pst liars soe
., -.ii !? mi ci' "i, erery
. t -c.
MR. 1*. il .,*. MM) REILLY, r?7H ".th-nve.,
d froni Europa I'm tarma, *c, apj.iy si
4 THOROI i'll i ) A v KR prepares pi*v ile
/A pui . . . .... a ., il.i-e
i l,.::8 Bi ray.
* ! '.\i , ['ORS, '? iVERNESS -
.* i ?'..,
x lor i'n
. Si .- Ill psi
,...' A LO.. 1 Lasi l4t!)-st? \ '..
ttirers, companions,
* l?i [IAN I i*r?ryman (American),
. \ , snecia i'r, win
? .
) ?
\ l !? ... I." . N.i Ji. I I iiui!.
fl : ? . i ii , ml ch ? ? ? ? ? * mil
Ij . uni] i li 'ii | xii) sud
il ;. l'i.HUI
- .1 il..1'iii.. l.i.. Broadway, New.
* ? \i','- vi !. of i'liiutv Collcjre, Dui.lin.
Cl to spire, ia "lit nf
-? . I Ad
.- .\. 1.
Vi U)Y who has Bonn-spare time wislieii to
o pupils III II
: ? !
ii fancy worn \ IA .B. C.,
. ,
/ JOVERNESS?A ymin Indv, of (rood family
\S mi,i lliorouifli i Hon, desires si situation!
I? -! I- ..
INSTRUCTION.?A yownjr educated Indy
I I ' ". their le-i'itii Addn j'
I Al pile .1 -"ii foi
is NATIONAL -i Hom. -I Ti'i.V UL'
i.i xi. i ult .? , ul
WANTED.?For a Nen-York State **hco!,a
V ... - ? - e ..,.| \\.\ ,|,,,\. ;..
rC(!lf)ENTs PREVENTED.?^Dace's nd
.'* ii- iHniiv altai
- : w . ? || po, ,-'??? , tit ? .i mo) sup,
\| Al'A.til. tiIRAllD has opened spicinl pri
: lliti iran K llsll Hi
I |. e? ! Ill , . .
-ie III! ?.
l)ROK, MOItOAN Rem.a (imv Hair and
I lui ii... iiiii'.. iv m: i pnrtuanently. Usu mtiiiiliy
_ lol 111 ..c.
|>EMOVAL.?CHARLES lilT.lv \- co.. \v
14 i '.i.is. will n
nu ll i -i.'.se. corner Mai For
l.e .,i n.i. 19 and'JU Kast not lt si and
its Uousas ai-sy- upcii Description sud
? .ipi??;. .itliill
IM PL'liLlSHERS. ? Composiliuu, witE or
without stereotyping snd press worl owest
- I'ltl v I : Ni., I i.l/i:.e Offlce.
XI'AN;Ti:i>.-.\ hie til the Haily TiTbune fur
*? J.iii'i irv, 1 s.'i. AddreaaA 1' HWaN, Lawrence, M.-s
Gules bn Auction.
ro in !i.ii!.i;>.-i'iiiiiic .sdi* in l'hiiii.iciiihiii
I of 111 II ' r.e. M \ i KK1AL.
I! ci. s A I i I I'.""- i ' ,i i.l.Uiiir, Koa
ll -?:.',(. iu fet i from will be lold at
l'KI.Mls|:s, \VLI'.\L.-1>AY MDI'.N.
to Han ii I. I-**)i
typo nen anoiniihet tniormation may be badi
III .._,? M riIU)lA_ a DUN'S, \.i. ?]..'..? ..
., Pl ..:i.
icc Cream.
ORTON'S Ice i ki;a.m.
I'utei,: Sn] erfri mb BRI) ;.- Ol I i. ( RfiAH
., bard ons _
ioo ith-uvc , I.'.--) Broadwar, 78 ' li ith un it. 110 Ea
? i . ull.iii-i-t., lliei.iklyii.
CTicatt Bttant-Tf
ANCHOR LINE. I'. S. MailStoonuhip*.
^V bail ll
(.!?-.. u ria I.'i.v I"'MM uiiV
i i-.. i .'i -.
:i ' DRAVIA. ? *-1 \ lem. :.', IO
l.\ I.\ lin. 1 i : l: KB I A. J ad, 5 a, bl
l | .11 | !--.!?? . *' 'I I e - - I -, .||,| | g|,ln, J-lU.
-?? ? i ... mil ward - ? -.1
.\I1(I.IS 1 ? . ? I al |e?l-| .
,. i ,i lin i
Iii _n iii..-, i.n Hiiui m. i.s 7 Uo-UintiriM :i.
N. i. . r lim i" tin- "-'.iii'. '
M? f ? !.|..U X UH
lh cn a 11 ai u ii 11.;. . tem. 29
-- t HA I I Al A
ii. ? tar tei'.'ii -t i. rrj i Brooalrn.
..I-e.,.-, l'?l
, ibis hud.
( ullin
i iy to
_ I ll. UOL* LA NU
XS Urti | .,|1,| il.IV Se.
- North ii--1. root of Morton rt,
vmi Kl u_t). :t p. n
'? . xx..i Jun. li . -(.i ni
HAN. Wwi .Jun. 'Jil,
I'nt-ck- ., amounts lo suit, on ibe Uanque
I , J io
uni!* UM BUllA-ff, AunUL Sn t u.i_ii__ (iriten.
(Dccan fiteumere.
SHTICK-"LANK route."
dalma. Weanteeny, Jiii.i2p.in,
t*cVTIIjA.Vtriini-MltT. lon lu. ia.'ii.
' i .i'll. IOMA. Wednesday. im.H, l din a
H" IIMA. W(^ue?i!sr. Jan. 3(?. 7 a. m.
Ca*.:r. psssse?. I'Ki. fsu sn.l ? ne).
?let ;?,_,. i (I ?-, ui ami from s'.l psrts of Kirope ar very low
rstes irt-lgL*. iiinl punas*.- ollie.. No t Rowuus Qrw a
VI.11M.N Ii. BROWN Ji Co.. A?BOts._
ron yi'KKssinwN and liverpool
I' tTlni I'ier Jo, N il., foot of Kln_.. t.
WYOMI Nt,. Tui-sdsr. Jan 8.1 p rn
NEVADA.Tue* la} I .u 1. '1.10 a. iu.
tt__.ON.l_l. Tuesday Jan r . ,. ,,-,
AH.ZONA. T'icsdsy. Jnn .1','..3ua ca.
Ai:. -:-,: ni a.Tueadar, rab. 6, tl ju a. m.
t*F" 1 bl *f *tciitn(r'? arc boil! f Iron with wa'i-r tis bl SOBS
tart:.).-:.ti, anti me furntsncd witt, .very r?'quiMte to make
li.i pussfs across tba AUattlo botti sala n_d aan-eabia.
li_v.:._ baib-room, smoking-room, iin.wirui room, prion mel
library) alao e_|n linn .il ".rition, *t__?r-in.? hi..I i .u ht
on -acli stcsnii-r I lie itato-rootna on-all ujipi-r decs, thus
Inv.nnj ttiosc. greatest of all luiurleo at sea, perfect vi nillo.
te lt i.. I light
. li v -Hiiif* (according to stateroom), $00, $-l'i anil flDOi
niii i... ..mie, .fin Bteerkge at low rau-a.
CITY (il* ( Ul.-I )? Il.Hatnrday, Jaa. ia, i p. m.
city OF ? un Adi).saturday. Jan .tt, 1. __.
HPAlN . . "-at'iidsy, Jun.-ii, il p id.
From Tut ?fl (new number i, N-jriii Uiver
CABIN l'A--.\'i(* ten, f-i .ii.-i ?lnn Intermediate 1.(1
RTEERAOE, Iran lt.. Old i.oui.try. pit; froiu New lurk,
l -ni pas_i_re, Ac, apply to tbe INMAN sti.a"_..IIII' CO.,
I in.iti .1 .1 and Sd Broadway. N Y.
I i.i. ii. pinn "tp.r-. No 105 R')D>b Fnortt-at,_
1 LINE PUR i ALIFoKMA, .-AND A'K'll 1.-1.AND-,
TRA!, and h'it* I ll am Kill' a and MEXI) 0
1 rois. Nsw.York, pict too' ' Hi,., -'.. ((, il
I mi '.lu- Isllsmns nf Pm , . .
COL ' salli i's day, lan. in noon,
i outset Ina for Central aad South a .. rica md Mexico.
Iriiiii cn _? t.dh i-cii, l-t *_?! brsumaii -its
I el lui.an aiel ( bink,
city OP RIO lANEIRO -sill -v M;)v. Jun 12, neon,
iiii .nilen caetn betwixt -c Francisco and Yokohama ?_
-e.. ii r.'(..
ZEALANDIA Kail- Friday, Jan. 1
ht, smval ol London malls ii sail l ran
For fieii." '. i e.-- e ?!? .nil tr.tier.il it, formation, applf at com
p.ii.j - office uu tb.- |. cr, i.-it i:n. u.st , N li
ii. J BULLA 1 H ipertnieadaaiL
KI) STAR LIM',.?For Antwerp nnd I'uris.
.-.. .ni* un..i New ) orb and Ant* i rp i *? irj ^munia..
Kamona ? ? ? . . nu and balbra na anudsibino,
-,,t-;..i'i. excursion. 9110 u, . i - v ???.?. nj cabin,
15ft, ? . -'..?. ussr i, ti i pn-iHi i
? x, urslun, ?ii). im ludiui ?
i i li.il AI'.l'iM! ._ ,-i in.-, 'iii.ern Agents, 50 iliiia.lw.iy.
li. M. iiim r, leave . c spier (iii of s-n-He-x-st.. Jersey City.
Il I AII.lN 1.1.1111.
-- EDAM. . .isnes .iy, Jan. 0, _ p. ru.
i-or Rotterdam.
'I ' ? I). in. , '.ia. m.
First cabin, $6li steerage, f? j prepetW, $18.
H. i A/.'. I X, I.nu tui Ai;. ij|. ?.:, >i ..iii 'A i.i .mest,
t- i ? i'll. I.li . I. s ? 'i . I, W, MURKI*,
ill K \li,,i,i.i? I i. l-l,! Ag ta. it ii'u.i>, (.en. l*a*?. Ant.
'Till. U. >. ANO BRAZIL MAIL ss. CO.
I. American line for st ii.nu. n. Pan, -laranbrm,
I i I I,.Cull lie, I'.ill i .li I lill) I S .lalnsDD
I ?_ .1 p .s-eni'i r un oiiiiiiiiil.itl..n? ul I- ne e.i
s^. a nv.'...( i.. ('aptaln Beet ?. from Robert Stoma, Drunk
i>)i, saturday, lauuarj tr.?' i. m., mil Newport Nev-, Vj.,
i uesday, Juuuan 1 ,, .ii ?? p. in
>iii.\i . ts ROWELL, Sec'y and Treasurer, 21 Hr.ia.i--t.
PAUL T. '.i.lill Aili) .*t CO., PLA PMS Ai ts., ID t_. Wm.
im kel ( otupanj - Line for PLYMOt l ll i London ai il Parla),
and ha_.ii.lr ? suturca* st caners to Uaui uia liroct
| I ', A . 'II, ll- 111! Ile l.l.-s-IM.. . . Till) I* .1 .' . -I
i', -i a i burs. Jan 17'WEii hu lia I burs Jan. i
i iu - li:-' ' i bia, te snd *""' stc-diu-. r i Prepal'l
steei sae tickets - .'?> bxcuralou ratea Kroauy redu .... send
lol " 11, Dst ua
ki NiiAiuii .t I", ii''" Al'Ii, No. 61 Broad-sL, N. Y
C. il RICHARD * CO. Den la-i Affta-, til ,.'.*?:?>?. N. V
i i:i" : Lie i ant irvina. rbursdar, lau. 1 . i.*)p.m.
in RMA IC. Capt --(" nedj... ll.:.;- i ia
Alp ra Bal "?'.. ? p a
A TIC ''ec '? ,...T or day, lin 1, 7 a ia.
Flt.'Sa li:h Will; PTAH D'ei'K. FO I OP ubi'
101 '.l-l
RATES.- saloon, *''?'', $30 ana *'?""? Ref.rn tieketaaa
i terms -'..nv,, fron tbe Old Country til twa
New >'
Porlnspi tiou ol plans and ol ei ' ippt7 ai. t.i
coiui ni.. - utticea, No. New York
' ll. J. LO .ll I.-. A
. a-Ia in : N II IR '
taken by I . ? . ?
? -
: wbole Ila ? m? '"
f ; '.?-?"
Ibey may mest on tbs
'?'?"> W TIM, FORWOOD ft CO., ?
... .-i -t..'. -st, New Vjis.
Steamboat! anb Uailroais.
|?0R CUSTON. JFuri' Only s;..
I VIA r \.'.i RIVER LINE. ) Llrolti
. ii, Fall uiver, ntli! ill Eastern ]
. i -, N. ix ,
iii ilpili. Kteamers 1RIHTOL and PROV IDEN 1
in iii.ii. by ANNEX R v . ma J' if j
P Isl.
si' .il! pi -
un i'ier - -'?? !??' r
nts. (;.i.l Pass
ls j rtlan.t.
ll Ni w V rk. c si -i * ?!
I Pl . .. l Ki Sd P. ?
I : - ? ll 00
I I M.i! mid. ftc . I
? - 4 00 llM
i*." >' ? ? ' in, 12 c. ' I ?ii* - i list -.
I..'.,!. Dill.
I-i ii e. lt. I'. .? ' I' . ..-'?. x , y
lil'.. 5 i", - !.-? ,-i i , . ... I ll , ? - ... i. .1
M..; i?'..:? 'i* . I Ai'nilv )' ti', i, | 110, ll' ll
ld. jip ta ? i
?i.i.'.i Al ? ' ' i in , ^ti in.
II ? . ? -i.'i.
? RR., 5 .1'. i: h ?? . I ,.. i -. ., ii p in Fur
? ' ' . , |
C.0.1 iD, il li Ml van
(.. 1 Al A.. i I 1'. RR i, I' A I' RR tl : S
P0P1 LAR SHORE I.INF.-Ker Providence,
? . ? ii .
i |. , .ij inp, ni iw.il
- ? irs .''l'i..' iwltb |
lil- *- tl '? 1 ' 1' "I'' e. s it 1 -I.
i. .iiii-.v - si Newi :: 7 J;, ta I
1 i t?
FPOM - i \ l I A'S OP
i i'l LIBERTY--) I' *- IR I'l I
I ut i ie :. 'i.. ii ti to and rnrni Bro kin " I Boola,
i . i . Kl Fl I' NI IV ! -
in ii ii,am i.i'iHA and TRENTON, 'Boonrt Bt-ook
i:..i'..' a 7.4.1. UllO. 11:1.1 s. m.. 1:30, 4 I '.'OO.
Ul -CA'D tYSat8:lSs. m.. 6:30. l'J
,.i it W ime lum:. ? . ?:
mut HUI :it Columbla-avo ie?r Uanayunk, O
-...!'.. N rrl dow ii.
iKdonaUDaj rrainaandSLEEPINO
i \ - . ?:, N
Let n: !?!?-'. len ? i'll ii. \ i)i*i,pin \. \ .i'i atMIOrsesn st*.
' .:?.', ll DO a "i. 1:15, 1:4.1, fl IO, I 4'? U_?p,
lt: -I M. \^ . '?.t ? I B .'? . 1- ' .' I in 1 ' lld SI .1
Berks xl KK. a. m. 1 Ow. SJi', .' -". o ou/
i ?UN DAV, si: i is,. i
i.sm TRENT) i.N. Warrell ino Tucker sta., rn lr
11:0.1, I" OH, HM ( m.. 1:94, I -- ? -1 " - -
M > DA. -. 1 li '< .** i. m., ni". D m.
Iel Vi il.l.i AA. -i-l/l.i Ul o.-lo, '.s-IJ. 'J.DI) il II)., '*s43, 4.00
J' II!
Iirs.CM.Uia ..: il I.K'A I-iICUi.-il' IS, 7:49 um.,
ip ?
I. i Ii CA l'i vu and riARRISBDROat7'4B, '?"'" I' 15 a tx,
? . 'in [. 'ti. -siulsiy-i ill j .ill |i. iii.
Fol .-ihA N'l . 1:00 ? 11 i
PorWILKESBARRE and PIT1 ?'?? MQxnu
Istiu.l.i ,3:49,6.30 p.m. Buntlajrs at fl:30 p. m.
li i i i,i;?'i' i . .ii . 'i
1.1 i v M.U'CA ali 43, . ... .'."io. m., ljOO, I 30, 8:45, 4 "0.
i- Op m.
SI i -'?? 0:00 a ui.. 1 00, i .', i ? j..'i li. Ui. HUUda/S -I
i.sn p Ul.
e t m. LOO, is:*> l? :i Vi, 4. ?". tao,
? m
J-t.i MAIIi'.\-')A itii.il lliill'i.K BRANCB ut J.J) x.
B),4-00,4 lp Cl
JcrFLEMlNOluNst 6-45. OiOOa. m. 1:00, 1:30, I ". 4.AD.
? . - y- 1 AO p, tn
I MERVII.LE ii. ll lia )t>. 1 00, 1 3 '.
|3,4K)0,4 7 00, 8:00, 10 i" a m I I
? b WI i i-i . i ? ? .*. I' "i
13. "43 .' '". ,' '?'. I" lr M 15 a '...
rn. I-'II) ii I
nu- ' ? . -CN . a\ '- ttl s -rt), ts Sj
i m. 1 30 )
il ! I.. . . ?
:? 30, 1 li, 10:30. Kl .1. l: 19 1
, smiii.: I , i do, i 1ft, i.'" 143 ."? oo, r
i- l. "", .. I... i. .d', i'.t.') 7 ''I'. " vu. re- ,
11-30,12 Ol'p m. bl'Ni a . oat ??.?'. -1 j * m. i ju, t o',
? i ' inm.
111 .n i ?? \i i. ? .> 'i. . 15, ' 13, i 1.9.7:13, '. ??'. iii HI. . i
Ont' linn. ;i I". ,i i", ii li, 10 49, ll |S .cn, Cf 00 Oi. 12 l*.,
1 13, -?"" . Il, LOO, 4 30, ?'" i ?
i ' , ?. " .<?'. - 1 .. ,? ?'"!. ?? IO, 1' kl, ll 13,
ni KUNDA 19,10.15 au., ll lui, 1.1 Ji
?" i '".
lu LONO BRAN) ll. EAN ) HOVE, Ac, IA1I i i..i it
feUC. - 1* ll III. 1 , \ . | .
.Ill I Ul el III -I ml. I" I '? il 'll.
Ii ? I:'IO. 4 -00 i
i i i I AK i _ mu', .ni I I'll,Al i.A Isl 4:13
u tn. Int), 4 JD ..iu, >*.C. ii.iu ..;:. J .1. i i... I . .
l bi \ IN ELAND and ? ' i' '?
ii'i River, m,i landy .Imik.
I i l.n m. in. a \. ii i HUM OWN, Ac. at 4:00 p __L
Tickets ran lu procured al liwl l lliertt st lt. t .-- ? .. .\..nli
Rivet . i-l. 3.1. il ?. .1
1 17. I, c.'.I un.l 1,0*11 l.i.ai?..\ ...7 Mini 741) bl
ie I J ll .l\e ; 1 ltl V lll_l-.il tl IO I. '
set ini.,. , ii ici. ? ? i .......mi ij in brook
.-us . i eui! -I : ill i.toad_a>: T.i) hiiiI p.,- tulum
si l)i li.Kin. _'..l \\ii-lnii_i ii-i , N l
ei i. -i ,? ie . tu iieatuiatl m.
i i. HA Ni ni K.
ei.: I . ... I A^l lt, l'lll!.lllt tullin.
J I. \. 1)1.1 11.
ll . I. ii IC. IN.
Dilulill 1-anUlU PaaOMgW Agiiil, Iii) U^ilt) ?l , M, V.
?>!. ami outs airt Cailroa &?
steamers iTONINGTON and MAmSai HTHFTPI
daily (excepd rtundsyi) fro*;. I'ier3) N R. Jsyst.st 4-30 j.
m. lhreemornln_rtrs:r.s trom *t*an-.-ra' lsn<lin? D.rongb u>
Moston Providence Lils, lei ft .igbt ody, Iron, Pur 'Io, M.
R., Warren st, dally tin pt -a_".sysi. l in p ni.
Via Ptlledelpi is. H.'i..'.!?iii,i Waabbsotash
Trains leare rr n. F t.i.'VitakM lt h. 1,*^,'
Jl (J., (Km.' ?-./. *av ior \\i.liitr'f-r, st.il s'.l r'-'.Dts West.
tow. PAIIV lA-T IXI'HK'-s. IL roi) tb ?,ei-ptn*
rosif.es lo CL.'.aao. tu.c.niisu, -I. Cools. (o__c.?tor all
I ti.ots vi ?*<t.
. v, MIDN I U il r. tn', y fer Vt a?l.inrtnn and sit points West.
l.i .imcT.'eM. I. SHS, S.ee|.!ii(p Hent.i si?l Hassaso
st', ly st t ..ii.|--t,v'. jtr K>. .-is, il ondflvs B toad way t 4 court
t-t Brooklyn, I . LL-. iv_i.la Railroad.
VDU NKW.HAVEN.-Stiaiiiii- leave Pock
J I 1 Slip si .lp ii. sod Hp ni t*-ure_iy? nce| tut i ll p. ra.
! stesini r urnvi n ,i, i ni- ti t . ,,rl. tralna "\ ort Ii and Ka?t
^OR BRIDGEPORT rb?I ill oointi on irm:
SATONICatid NAt'OATCcK L A fl I (>_*??-steamers
lesiei atiierine.eli|. at 11 a. m.. 'I p ni. _. ?: -c. Kasl Hlvoc
' Ii lop. ni Kure l.i?( r "..*i, I,j ki v ntl ? i r .lr
MA iraiiix leave depot foot ot l or*, __dt stet Deebroeoea s's.
s)H10 s m., 3.41) mel "n ir. fi 1 ,?'.-,,, Beti .l.eni. A.vn
; town, I'esdinv. Mandi Cl -.nil.. W::ke.'s?nc. T <var.de, Wiv
| serly, Ithsis, Ormrra, I roon, H't's c snd '' S wi it. I'm:.man
; li ir on ah roselie* run daily laira trv.nsa. "a r.i snd V4')
j in fni 1-m.toti. KMb 'nen) ind ( o^Ist
Tt mi . irei'iia at HU i. cn. 1 sr. 1 <4' |> n: r.,r.csci rn*
au |M.int? tn Mm, mn iy ir..* Bas e tor tool ren bs -ikwU.
trnm locol l?r Maucli (lins .IO* tn, Leave Ma .c" CHan*
Ol netti Eastern Otbce. corner o' - ""r','i ?'> ./ *!*_*& ?t,_
HEI Ci rt sN Off FARM
To Boston. f3 Woree .ter. I- 30 Na?iiu*?:l -11 Portland,
Si,and ao tra naff,
ll.e uew Hun slea' * t
tsltlmiii eir^ption titi- in >at i-.eaant l> ?t .ni t'i.* HaSMH.%0
II i favorite , |'iy UK BO-TUN,
l( .iv. lier N... 40, Nerth lover, foot ot \tstt-st.. nest peer
abor) i estitoaaca at. ). i rv cally except Handers, ot 4_M p.m.
Pta Winn rei nu inti, to B'?tou irom New-Lot i.mi at 4 15a. tu.
ia HIVKR HAM ItiiAO.-l onimeneuiir Nov H. 1m._.
tliii.noli tisin* sill l.-aic (.inml (entrsl In-i.i.i.
r-v. m., Waniora NowYort smi Kertkern nun witb
(inn np room rais
">? -His. m.. I sst 1 lie it iii I Mcig . Kspreoa, <Veth dining <*ai-_,
.toppin* st Alhan., t'tica, syracti. e, Rcs 1 < ??( r, linfield. Erl*.
( ? x. sue.I iiml Toledo, .'irrivtnc al ('hiraji) lo-i'O.i. ni nut day
10 him. m.. chti-airo 1 xpr.- .s, drawing-room eira t?) Canan
Caisns, I'.K'tieelcranil Isuflnlo: connects tor Oewef-Mt,
Us m. tv.-.t...it _ w.Vnrb Nort*ieni iprssOi "itu
itiitu nm.mom cars,connistinr inr.-srsto?a. (?una Falls nml
Int, .m.).
I H i.n!., A ll'iinv. 1 rov snd Ctlrn oipn-si I'rnwlnic-roonii-ars.
?Sp m. Ai'i'iininiixlat lon tn Alhanv mik! I riv
?lp. m..-i Louts Er. rena, witb sWiiio? car* 'or Niagara
lads. Run.i'o, cincinnati mcopt Hotnrdajr) TiAsAo, Datwwfc
aiin-t louis.
i soo m., )-_i|'r.--. willi el..j.mc mri lo "era.ns. and ta
Am.lin Road . alco to Montreal. ( "nnei la tor -.ir;)t..ra,
'lp. m., I'm ile J'.l|Ti si willi ?;. K.h heeter,
I til'sln. (Uvdiind. lolcdo Detroit. (1 iisiL-n, st. Linus, dswv
SO, ,. l.ol.V e el. ? jo -,i)i|:iHv|.
11 j, m.. N'abt Kxpre*. w.tli .leeiiine cat, io MtuiiiV *-*"J
ir ?-.. (..m.its -ti. tie.- '...nun. trama tor Um W?w_m
Niiiii ii xci'iit >atur.lavnlirht). ._ .... .,_,._.
in k.t- on sa:? ,)i (irand Central Depot, No. r> it..wunc
' r.- ii. -rirr and 118 llinadwnv. in.il ut Weslrotta I-. .press
I Parb.pioco, and 786 and ina prnmlivay, New tm.
nine iii.i Waablucton nnd _m Knitonste. lir.M.i-lyu. ouAlA
Knurlii-st.. w ilUamaburar.
Bh'.-iciive ealleil for and <-lieel,ed from reaideni e.
? I beaetralna r.lally All others dally ? ?(?:" """''.I'
J.M. lol 'i I IY, L. !? "I ' '-KER.
'.. e. ral -lll'el'elllellilellt. (.encl,,, 1 '.?-,eli^e|- Agent. __
Un and after Nor. 1-. i-*t
TTSini leave New Y mic via Deabmaaea and (.ictianitt "tret
I I ll ie. .li luHows:
UarrUbnra, I'lttiliiirc Hie We?t ard ?..)tth. -villi PnCman
Palace Car** attached, 8 a cn, 6 and A n m dally Now-Yote
ami ( Iiicml'o I.iinited, ol Pallor. Dlnlna, s-innLiiiir anti --I. -li?
lt,? ( ar?i .ii .' si io even-dav , ?_, . .
-t."H. Luck Haven, . a m. Sn m. Currv situ! Kn" at 4
I e. ii i ii.e'in.- a? I'oriT for Tltn-vl!:. Pell ?'- iinientm
ll. ll IS.e "ll It.-f-Hi .. ...
1 sl'iiiiore, W !i-ii,ie/',.n mid Cc south. Um I ted Watlnua ml
Lxpress"' ol Pullman Parwr Cars dal v eicc.it -iimiiiy, m*
n, aiiiv Wflshlns-tnn 1 ' o ni. K.-u-iilar via It and V lt. .1..
eil.'' - Hu a io 'i 4" and il n in -tJ-?l 18 nliclii- 'la .t.
fct.ID lt R.I and 7 n ni and VI nlL-hf. Hundar, via Ii. aol
I' I'll ? '.'i-ns. Ipili, and !'.!tll-iit via IS. uni <J. lilt. 7 p
ir. std I J iiis-'i*.
I ! A'..ITS' i I'stv ni ent -'IT)''ilV I 1 ll
M (V ex.ei.t -'in.lav. ll li) a ").
LOOS ('ii' . Har He-id Jiu.(-Iir.it, and Hit. rilled.ale St%ttnn?
vs? i:,,' .. ,v !?: A-i.t..,v dam l'J none, 3:lft ?> v m. "u
sm lay, 9 a m and 5 n m (does not stop al \-i-uiv l'ark).
j.ii.-s,.' * Rrnoklrn rranes*' ronnaet with all throurb trams
ai i !-.r i ;'v. tffontln* a spatty sui' tvrMemnwm ?
. '-?/?__ci"'u .ittabnrc PlkenSll^nm,VJBnen\
? ,,, ia!if and 7 a m dniv escepl Mm day. Itnn
tv ... ip_rti i ard Balflcnore,8 m ano <? r,n a m.a l ? ::V>, .V.u),
' ', t- I in <*. !? ii - md iv. ii t . ) mi i ms HLD ? an.l
lotlt -i From i ait'm.re. l:_Op mi nn sunday^ 0. oun.
From Pl lade*.obia, SWI.6:10.8HA.6i6O,7. eacepj M.miUy,
loin, ll lui a. ISO, ??. S ' 1 *". ?':*". ' r,f.
7 - || S-0 ?) '" 10-06, 10'? i nnd 1') :t*i |i m. -unda-r,
p 50 ? -.' ) t*. I 50, " "a. ll iM a m i':-'>. " '???: .' -". tlMMS
i .? ? I ' ?*? I ci.
THE OLD c-r i;.M-ai'.';' ROUTE and SHORT LINS
?rn TRAIN. FAtli WAV wkikivv- and J OH
C I'HiA : IN mw V' EUC
MCNT, AND lin r\-!h-l' 1IM1 (H.N-l .1*
I .N | WI I ll All-ol.l TC SAPET_
pipressTraxsiesveNew vorkViaDeabi ?? landOectlMil
- .- . e?(.
i .1. i '.'I * - i.i it and IO l r-iit.d'. 11. Il 1" a m. 1. < .' ,
.41) I - ? ? ?!??;,. hf 1 IJ ii'.'M. -sil'dltr*.' 1.1, ?*
i Limited) an - lia s>. 4, ii, 7. band9pm. and rinlcbi
lriiii? leasina Kew York daiir. einsit -ic.'c. 7-n. a-IO
m.ii ll 10 a ll, I. tl t tod' pm. conn*) Hue it Tr-niouf if
I ,,- |,,, ,.j ira I.- .i av., er.1,,,1 ?t. Ptaflon fbi sdelphla, 1-'0I,
j :.-. i I. 4 33 - e ,t,i Monday). 8 '. ' ?'. - -". 8**l
il md Ul' < B il.'.'l.lletl KVIIC s- 1 " I ? el .'l '.''IO. 'III.
I 3.4.8 b.oaO, io. 7 45 and a nm. On -.uv. li.ul.
j 15 J20 i .1 15. -'Minn: 4 10*20 I tolled), ''.'Mi. lm,
: ' - il a 'tidailf
1 *.
s 144 Broadwar. 1 a-ter Honax
Stn I- 1 i ? ii I <t. ami
:..' Paitoa st. i' ? i n. Boacb'e
iti i? Jersey (i'v. i ?. .i Ult i.ii__6
ttl rel 'cry I md i ssils (..ir * n.
S'.? Yum Trai . ? rniMOlkMB
- i d residences.
ta m.i i - ?, I i ? i J it w.>.
i. ? ? ; , *' i.. ,- r tn i ? .1 - . Went.
i i ?ll'A.NV.
i -, -N. l... ck.: ..fi
i any part
i ti i world,
Ordei ' ii rt Ior dellrery ot nil kinda a . . 'ii-tw
J ) ' ? : till eily.
nLA AM) ...vi.iii.il rott l.N'i ANO RIVER ANO 11AIV
? ??? il. s, rlpUon promptly Ugbtert-l to ai.y poiul
6T1 t Milo ATS, nvis'ii.-i AM) OBOVE8 l) i lIAlt.
.'. i vi UR-tl
.-i.i.'i.er .1 ,.i il-'. ? RT HAVEN, -iv,-. l'i. p
.a .?. IL. toot Ol -' , di : li. lu. oa,.j , DUNDA YU
- i \ ci:!-- in.. i..-twi.ii New-York au_
Ni -v-Iiav- , si u,;ar ml ad
i> I. A w K H. rn ind ai i'lar IR
i oi n .. . .. mts i ,i-t, a; c.. i 1-.
Mii.lu Mliilit, s|.iil..\ -ULAND .: . ?.. i M: ? * ' r
?i /lil lioll l'lel 1, I., ll., loot ll
w li,t. bal st.
I CNll ..Al. -FIII'V \llf). c,.-,i:e| ||| . I N T.?TPtf IiocSS,
iud fi s Shops. Kwiyt. i!ift- api'. il.uiiisi,' m lue
THE I.s.IK KAU.WAV. row kunu- na tho
1. ' vi).
. sii- li.nu i lian.''i i - -tn . i li?[n)i
;i? iu?I' e.:> ricepl sundays Daj bani - .limn..-. - -i
- io tiiii.'ii.csii.iii. i.nun? mihi linn.tie oleepinA
isit.ili ant i li c.!.:..
? Mia i hnruro
. - ?. j. u_ i oat bes to I i ' iiiin'.x
,. .- eiu i i - ? i in, malama ii. ii . .'M a ?>: ( levo.
i" |e ......... ci - i pm, HI. Louie 1: loo iu ac..uni
I'.aj ' "1 I.ei 'Hi- 'i .ll-" (I liv Delloit .';l'i|.iu. I :)!c.lu a: .'(I
pm ai i. i .- ? . .. in
i'. :i. t.xjeie.- im tiio iS'e.si. A-..l..| liam ot
l u i -.i-.-j.uik - ooie. to Klnaliamtoii, Eloura^
> . ??.., Ni,.?aia t-Sils. i un il.li.in ami lld.,,.... Hole) a_J
1 . ? . -,e . .J Hil. bl - tO ' ll.l M .
..ian. liam im lin vv i -r.
huiberfoid ni,: Cm- ali ? 7..07 i.'.'i" lAtUOnm lt bom
ii " hi ? l'J inl.liilKbt.
Mindai- i - (> 10 n a ml i5 )? mi '.I p in I J inieh 'lil.
' ? ' IU .'') i) in IJ len,ii i , i .( ,1)4:10
'? lo ." .)'? -i.l" ??' ji ni an '. 1. nil I night .-un
- |i ... :r 'i.i.liii.'lit
iu -ia Newark ?? i . - in ii iii a rn .iii)
o ' .tn .ii c ni aoil I - loi.liuirlif. -siiuicav iils-'lite
Up in
.-ni', in .. ; ..' i>. .Ua ci l IA .t.'.l). 0:30 1:108 . ;? iii and IJ
mtdnutht -iii.'lj.v-i.-,,ii lui-, a ni 1..U i. i - j, in ami VA
li. eli..
\v ,1 a lek 7 ec a ni l . n |i m.
Ni-? '.i.iii ii.el i di ii v...ii 7 ni!) a ni .1 .tu I ii:i'ii!u. Sunday
ii ai. I Kingston and Minitjiniiii t v '.) a ci lil p m.
Si.i h. v - ni a ni
-i lu -ii a id ? ; , ,, aa. sun
,ii ll lu lia in ' HO - p m.
? 111 -"a)ii .1 ili'l lils - . , [i m. simitar
? c ." - p m. ii.e trains Ps iii and i...up)u
0 un Me sud Railroad at alnm-at. 1 lie -j a in
DS il il ie ll -1
i ..! i li - .... 0 . ' -?? a ei l .ni i. 0 0:13 [i ii) :-iiu
i B) ?* ll 10 -'? i Ul ?? '? ii i |i in
boats leave .Jd-etituaitef of un.t quartei after sock koot
? .lie t'i ?" . ? p ,.l i Vi IV tl,.Itv ni Ililli ., a.ld
I: n.ii lu .."> p Ut I.l . . 1 ', a III ev el V i o ll
Ik ki ts I i li-.n.- and apart uienls m lirswlna'-Ro-sn md
s.-ep .... unod, and orders foi tbe cheek HU
-?may lu-nil at the i cp tuy'? ottlree.
> - I brondway, 187 Weal it., N. V. Ko i
iii n. oi ti ile i oil pMii)'s Depots.
lille-- trains norn tbe tx eel trnrt iu .Nov Xnik at 7:10
1 i I sud ld 'I I) Di
JOHN N .villi iii.'.ml P.is.'i Xk'ini. *>ew-York.
NORTHERN I. Al LO AU <>i M.W .IKl.Si.l'.
mina leave i"i Enflewood, closter, Piermont amt
lu a m i -" .? di ' l'i - itu f ut
. - ? mi sod . Ida m.
N..;ni.!. -iMiis Valley and Mon- . . ii. I dp m.
S N .xlii.i'l T. li I. I l'a.--'l Ali i.t. N. H. . , ik.
NcW-YORK, WEST -lKKK A Rl'KKtl'i ltxil.vx\t
AND NI vv YORK. ONI ARIO AM) ui.-l ERN l. .
i ? i. -. i i .... i.. ibceeeek
ColtlSU.il ml i. ? si . .1 .-tied stall.oi..
l.. , ? ? i...? Fella .md ItoAoMi
?- p tu
i ' ? . nt, ?? (. m.
ii- . ? ' , ?
. ; i i i* i "i, Plain, ? Pori i ick.*?>u.
V - ". i I J ' l ll ll IU.
\ . . ? . i. ?-, !? it, I . i ,i ;i n.
a. .. i i ii ii -i inej . - lo a. ni;-d IO p. a,
U . . . '? I' ", leWi, lil)
Ni i' . Hi:.' ' -
- ', . 1 - I I. .11.. ll'.) '.*->' I' .11.
... ml ty.
I . ? i _t?i il_iila m. m..I I IO p. m.
tl.uti. .ii v n mv.
i il ,,ii rt t tra "ii '.' 'I I I"- tl-'") '"' -Vli.il-- ' 1
Pudman ..i ieeptnA Can M * p m. n.uu tor MeBhte
i . h., I ,...i? is hil ? , 100 i Ul- Hf I' ?* . ? '?? - f "*?
i li .em nit.) Iiii a- l.-i,i ? i ii Kian..ii-ainl .. ...ids
. i . . .it.
pe, lou . .i
.,i ,. ??.-.* I -. -u7,
. i ? ?.... i. , .i>, ??).
ll, a., !'? mis. 'v.n.ia lilt I )?
I,,.u 1 . -t . mui v vu Uandi ?i au.l vv . .1 .-liol*
_?_.__?_, tout Wv.i is*.at,

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