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2Ututentente iZo-Xijljt.
fe?lERlCan Iv^TiTtr-r?ffksttnir Rink.
uor orrin H.tt'SK?H-" Onheaa snd KoTdica."
Casino?ie?'? Tbe B(V(.'arStti.ient.N
TA asa *s Tin** vrr.K? 8-" Seven Twentr-*Pi.ht.,,
Gea Mit Omi* lltirsa?H?"Kdipewood Kolks.**'I
JMaoiw.n "Sqi'ahf. Theater?s~" Alpine Uos?r*.v
J?KW PaKK THKATkK?*-i-"That Man."
araw-YoKK OoMr.nr Theatki!?o?"Pun on tbeB^-tol.
Kim .o's liAKitr.N?st?" iii. bord III."
Spam Tamana-% -"Waaled a fartaar."
OraiMVo lUu-*.l l/eeiur-???-K?selUl-<-?Concert.
Thalia TitkATKr?**?" l>ie Kitiiutfrati."
Thk. vTkk OoMiori:? h?" Cardella'a A mm rat iona."
Cmos t*v' t i.e. Tm.atbk?h--*? rAruarntlon."
"ft'Ai i i.'K'rt'riiKATRr?**?"Ixveidlon."
8r> A Tantra Theatre?*>?" One of tbe Kinest."
dru A\ im k Tiieatrk?S?" Oonfualon."
1-lTit **(HiavT TitKATat?8??? Uimer Kilts."
jude, to AODrrtisrmc ua.
Pata. VtW.\ Vast*. Col
Amttv'rneTi'!*.. t r>6 atiaeellatieona . K i
Anno.ncei'.enta.. 8 0 MaiT.aeeaand Ix'.itlu ft i
Ban ki ur luiu*-** and iMinnc . 7 '.
Hunkers. ' S New Publican..*)-..... 6 1'.
Biiaiiutr Niticee. 4 1 (><-< an st-wiuera.. 6 4
iluer.* t'buners_ 7 I I i..t.?i>i?nal. 7 t
r.i nm lii.'iiia . . 7 0 I'roiHHUti* . .6 J
tuaiiier.iciiun.ra_ 7 I I i..t.?i>i?nal. 7 t
oar.i ann H.r-'.na . . 7 0 iTouwaai* . .6 J
? ? i.cr.th!n Notice 1 4 lira! hXate. 0 1
atunii. Aaaa*Mioa.. (J 2 Hoe ssa trna Plata. 7 (
)|Tie.niii .Nolites- 7 * -Dilation* -A nuts..... 7 Cl
uroorau Atif's. 7 8 bMoti Nottc. *. 5 (
iaanoul . 7 ll ?.t.-auilM.uiaaii-'. U.K. 7 IS
eiettaa'od. 7 tl r__r)>?i_. ? '.
natnu'iitxi. P U lu Whom (on.'.in... 7 I
il Nonces . 7 v Winter Itenurta. 7 I
aron a Meet mer*. ?? t<
Internets Kotict?.
Jli? *1t?a?? Coy;.riv ri. Mit.UL
I'l.^K** ASI) Om. ii Ki i:\in ur:
In a-rrmi varvty, wamirsewrr. bv T. ((. aauaw,
i _ _111 Jb'ultou at.
Jil slriM'S
Oaiomb HaanauL
FcarKicsi rBSMiru medals amarti*-*.
Mote agreeable to tbe taetr. and a smaller dose than otber
lorsslcln He*rls(vred stamp Boltlaa. at Pnigtrists and
Conutry ->l?-ree, and by
T. J. lll'aMAM'. jr., Plnladrlptna._
Tiles. Pilks. Pilks.
Cnml witbont knife, powder or eal re. No charge nnt'.l cured.
V'nte for reference. DE. COBKIN**, ll Katt '.".'th-at.
i'Mtatf-f/rretn tlif United States.
1 Year. 6 Months. I Monthi.
JhATl.Y. wltb Sunday. ** ul tA ii t'i li
BAILY, without sun-lay.... 7 00 ? 50 175
Remit by P.nul Not*. Money tinier, or IWntTetl L?ttor.
Bj Nasal Note, the remitter will please write ou the Note.
"sorTiia nkw-Yoaa Tairai"
Artvertlteir.ent'.fornuhUnalJoniaTilS Tal HU ft a. atdoMsrs
^sfiaaalarAi Uren of tbe dally paper, will be receive.lal tbs
jllo^lnr branch oibcea m Hew-Yort ''ur
Main t'plown O ito*. 1,2 l-l ll- u I way, ita. m. to "1?. :_.
1st i;?'- Weet I'wcntT tl int-si.. ina. ra lorip. ra.
***??" t>. 7B0 Third a-T.. uear Kort?-?eveniij.?t.t lo a. m. to 8 n. ra.
Jso. 1,'to. i ti:r.l-ave.. near situ-uii-ei., 1 ' a. m. lo - p. -ii.
Ho. riv-t East ')ne.h'ia.!r?*ilan'l-t ?Tcntr-tltth-'.t.. 4 tn 3 p -n.
Vtiiou s<|iiare, N... it.! East Fouiuenth-at.. 10 a.ui to ri p. tn.
"flTtaaiaiiUH lUlflfal I Uudqs?flfl Q-ufctfl st. strand
Tom ion.?Thc steamer Kh.vwal'ons fltneh on
BBtkt BABB Canlilf on TucMlay 1111,'lit and .lev. ti
men wi'ie prolalilj lo?t. ?- In a t-pec h hefore
the Bociflty ti Arti in l.oiidoii the Marquis ol
I,cine spoke al.out eiiiiriiatiiui to Canada. ==
General Wallaoe kai di mantled from ihe Porte
ind. utility lor Aiuericuiis.- Mr. lliadiatiir'h ;ui
BOtini'o that lie will make nu >ll. >l t to take tin-oath
on th?- oj., inni- of I'ailiuiiKnt. Tha agrarian
ajritaiio!i iu Pskov ami VHohaV. Rnaaia, eaatioat-a.
rr?--.- .N'cj-ofi.-|tioii*l>c'.ivecii France and the Vatican
ur. I'einlinp.
CjiMiiti ss. -Iii the Senate yi-sti-rday Mr. Ular
Jirc-t ied BMmmWfOWmXj ttSBOi I'ctitions flfainal the
luaiiiifacl-ire and sale of ahuholic lii.uois in the
Iiittiict of ColaflflMp and tin- 1- nitocka, and spoke
etTtuiKly in theirHnpp.it. Thapaaatailahatad
?without action thc conference report on the Greely
Belief bilk ? ... Iii the Hooat petitions wno pre
aenl.il .'tuMinst legisli.tion fldrano ta the Marin.'
Hospital Service. _ A hil) wai, ii port-d lo es
t4xdi-?h fl lirtr.-ini ol' Animal Imliisiry. '-Fi.ncral
BerTice-. ..f tlif late R"!>i"s. nt at ive Mackey were
held in tho Chamber of the Hoaaa,
D ) IB.4TIO.?Qraad Ar.ny eici'iip tanti are hoin^
held at Kennington uml Baohaatti A. Mary*
land fatlier locked liii nil.i'tci".)-.eai-o] I sl,n u;, Vor
liiiiti.Miiir'. = s Fire destroyed tue l'ii.vnii
Gina works at PklHifahnn. Pena.
Railroad accidents ure MfOVtad fr in I
C'oun., aud Lisonia, N. Y. , .1? Tiie inquiry
into Um ('iv ll" ul di-i-ter his )wn
?poNtj.oiie.l a week on acoiuit of Captain Wrigkt'a
illuer-a. *r^__= A hill to protect Long I-::i,id Soi.id
OV'.tel-- l'OIll Hlnrlisll ha* I.e.- 1 ilirro.lllef'l lilt, i'l"
Couuectieut Lcgitlatnie. Tha (1*91 workers'
strike nt Pittabatg, after seven liiinths' dtiratioi:. i
ended. ??- Blaine deverlops great popularity ik-> u
Pre.siileiitial camiidate in Huntington County,
Ciiy ami Sith*i:ii.\s.?Mr. Hangs began lils
amnming up for Mr. Feuardent jraatardaj.
Thc defence in the Hart-Towoseail baal case was
OiMtne.1. -??Tho funeral of John lt. Ward was
held. =__= "Hilly" Mci'lory was couvicted of sell?
ing liquor without a license. Business was nu
paded by the fog. and several colliaious occuicil.
i- -: MotiHiguor Caaal lectured on " Karly
Chii~st inns in the Catacoinls." - - Cold value of
the legal-tender silver dollar ll l'J i_ grain si, 85.73
cents. -Stocks opened lnioyant and advancd ;
later tiny WflM feverish and tlnctuating, ami they
closed unsettled at generally the lowest ligures of
the dav.
Tm WiiAlili lt?Tp.iui nk local ohservalion-. in?
dicate wuriner, partly cloudy weather and rain.
Temperature yesterday : Highest, 301-; lowest,
i.*i-; Birnam, -1*"".
It is a good sigu wben an old and notorious
ofl'i'iidcr.sucb as " Billy " llcGlory, is convicti'd
for violating tbt'iExcisc law. If tlio I Hst riot-At?
torney will bi iii;, a few more such jiiniiiiiK nt
ofl'eiitleis to tii;il, anti con*, iel tli'tn. he will do
tht public and thc cau-c ol good government a
great Kcrvicc.
The Democrats in thc Ncw-.Tcrscy Lcgasla
ture bave followed their bietlucn in Ohio in
attempting to straddle the turill 'question. They
have declared themselves fal favor of " a taiill
for revenue limited to tbe nenBWSXJ expendi?
ture of the (.ovt rninent." Pnutically, theise
lli'itKMi.its fnvor free trade, but they are afraid
flo to declare themselves,
The report of the Canadian Ministciof Pub?
lic Vfotkfl shows tbitt thc (JoYcnniHiit niaiiiige
ment of telegraidis in thal counliyhas led to
an unfortiiiiritc result. The loss lust year was
<>\oi BO pi r cent. Theil il ii" nason to b< Iii ve
that any better result would follow such I tym
teni of oiiirol in this country. In fact. WB bave
not ht i.'tolinc Im en able to show, in tin- Got*
enniK-nt niaiiiigeinciit ot jniblic woiks, cc.un n,
ical ic '.;!ls i qua! to thoM oi the Jbuniuion.
If Coitimissioiii'i* 'llio'iijison's estimate of tbe
cont of thc Quaker Mdgl l>am is m;nle up in
the-uni) way as bis .riiniatcs for sonic oilier
public works in which he is inlciest. d, the cost
will reach an enormous sum. Ile now places it
a: >-*.~sT",O00. But this is booed on nu esti
lu.i1.il (inanlify of 170,000 e?hk yaidsof earth
excavation and 15,400 of rod excavation. If
John Bii.dy should get thc eODtnd at a rate of
$.10 a cn ic yai(l lol im k and one (ptartci* ..f a
cent foi -earth excavati.m. nnd tbetigures in Mi.
'Thom] im m's estimate oi quanliiits hliould be
reversed, as has frequently been the casi-, thc
taxpayeis might shudder to think tiller,- they
xi"ii'tl co-iie out. If the Dam is baili it will \m
Upt locust, like the llionx Kiver conduit, WV
(ul lini'-.s tim original estimate. Thc l>ain is
not needed, and ought not to be built.
'I!.( adi ice of Secretary Frclinginnsi n, that
Couyie-vj Uk* no legislative action on the'u.uc*4
tion affecting American meat products abroad
until further information ha* been obtained on
the subject, is safe and proper, though perhaps
lumen ssiry. The report of the tommi abm
which has been cnn*-ideriii? thia subject is soon
to Ito presented to Congress, when it will be in
n bitter position to deal with this matter. If,
in the face of clear proof that our meat pio
duets are not deleterious but promotive of
health, foreign government* should refuse to
annul their decrees again-d tbe importation of
such products, then OoBfMOl wimbi Ik-justified
in taking action on the subject. Nut thens
ought to DOM hasty legislation on such an im?
portant question.
The Assembly wafted a Rood deal of ftSU
day in the discussion of a bill regulating*
'thc boil's of labor for street-car drivels and
conductor*. The bill makes it unlawful for
sti'-.l railway companies to exact more than j
twt Ive boms' of hhOf daily from Mich em- j
pl.ies. Nopeison will dispute thc justice of i
Mich I measure. Hut if it become* a law it will j
be a dead letter. Nearly all street railroad
companies pay their drivers and conductors flO
linn li for (took round trip. And such legislation
M th it proposed by the advocates of thi-* meas?
ure will in no wise iiU'ect thc pre-cut condition
of things. Tue Legislature bas no right to pt. -
vt nt a driver or coiniiieUir from working M
many hours as be maj choose, nor has it any
right to abridge his earnings. We should bfl
glad to se" tlie condilion of such workm. u im?
proved, hut special legislation of this kind is a
mere waste of time.
Wr. Morrison modifies his pion again. So, at
least, hia Monda report Having seen thats
u horizontal " reduction will not sci vc as an cv.i
Men. lu- la said to bfl coniiiotinding a mixture of
various horizontal reductions. In each (lass or
biuiiili. be Miys, th. reduction proposed is to he*
horizontal; thal is for ihe purpose of escaping
di tillite i.-sptinsibilitj foi any parlicnhn* change
in eat b class thal may prove Idiotic 01 rninoiis.
Bul the reduction is to begreatot on some class
es or braBChea than on others, nijd on some
very greal, because tbcie is need of greal re?
duction. This is for the purpose of placating
the red-hot boc-trader*, who have been giving
angry utterance to a ta ling that Mr. .Morrison's
native hue of reforming resolution may be
sicklied o'er with ihe pale ca-I of Pn -iticittia!
lt is lumioflflij to fXfAc that this extraordinary
scheme, incredible as il may ? cei.., is noi an in
vention of .Mr. Morrison's enemies* bul ia either
his own, oi is attributed to him ty near .ind
admiring blends, lt baa ben noticed that Mr.
Hewitt baa strongly objected to " horizontal"
reductions, aa confession! of incompetence, and
ns cont in e. ing discriminations which Democrats
have denounced as ?*robbery." Mr. !'?
wauls raw materials lice, albeit neither Mc
Hewitt nor any bodj else ean tell what be means
by "ia\v matt rials." lint tlie scheme which hi?
llas in mind, one wonld infer, involve* s Beale
of duties gradna!* <1 according to the proportion
of lab") thal enten into the cost "t ? given pro
duct. To frame such a bill require!
knowledge. How could snob a measure I
flam-d by a Democratic Hoose 01 p
throng] " ? / Mr. Hewitt is an abie man, bnt
he has not yet been aide to frome a bill on
theae tines thal wiD paws house com]
exclusively ol hii:i-( ll.
Mr. Mollison evident!] recognises the impos?
sibility of getting rational discrimination!
of 11 1'. mocratic majority. To escape this:
ol Sisyphus, be is contriving to make Bepnbli?
can diacrhninatkms tbe groundwork of hia tariff.
Perhaps be imagined that, careful gradations
of duly having been devised to meet public
needs, ho Could cul oil half all around and
(?tin hali the benefit. He might as well go
through bia garden iu early snmmerand c re
tally cut ott half the grout li nf ( vi iv plant and
\egi liii'le. ami then expect haifa crop. Bnt
now he proposes to classify. Ile v. ill clip of)
the blot 1.in -inly ol the potatoes, and half the
stalk of the com ; only the tip end of the asper*
agu and tho upper quarter of ti., lettuce, and
ml there ; 1 above ?. round ol tb ii- ito. 1
any wonder 4iut factories begin to close when
a Democratic ^statesman commences "reform?
ing" things t
ii i?noi yet stated what Mr. Morrison's lines
of classification are to be : whether ha is i<. ap?
ple on. rule of reduct! in to all products of iron
and another t<> ali products of cotton, or
win ihei he will :i v to i!;-anguish products of one
industrial process <n treatment from products
of a second or a third proceea. Ween;: pcm ia
our st.ul- in patience, because he is likely to end,
in either case, about where he did when he was
Chairman of the Ways tod Means Committee
years aga Ile will lind that bia Democratic friends
will defeat his bill if be gives tlulu DO chance
to amend it, and will tear it to pieces if he doefl.
As he abandoned the Wells-Moore taritt in dis?
gust \ ean ago, so be a iii probably leave lii-> lat*
est economic ofispring on some cold doorstep
beloit the session ends.
Oeneral Gonion's Kile journey to Khartoum
will occupy about a fortnight, if the itinerary
given in the cable dispatches beeorrect. Fruui
Assouan on thfl southern edge of Egypt proper
he will ascend the Nih to RoCOSCO, whflN he
expects, to arrive 011 Monday next. Thence he
will take tho desert route to Abu Homet,
avoiding Dongola, the birthplace of the False
Prophet, and tho district ob tbe groat wt
bend of the N'ile when the population ie re?
ported to bc laboring under religious excite?
ment and where the Kababyoh Arabs are. in
open revolt. Allowing five daya for thia ride
across ihe desi it, he bopea to make a rapid
journey nj) the Nile. Abo Hamel ia 220 nubs
below Berber aad 430 miles below Khartoun.
In the H. rlier district he U i'l be OZpOSOd tO the
greatest danger and the time of his arrival at
bia final destination ia purely a matter of con
lecture, (j. noni Btone, ia the oorae of bia in?
teresting lecture in Chickering Hall, predicted
that demerol Gordon would Dover reach Khar?
toun alive. With thc cointi, in revolt 1h
tMOttl Snakim and tin- Nile, and with the
Prophet's forces approaching Khartoun, t
the jouncy of thi- bi role soldier to the t
month oi the lilac Nile, without an army.
and attended only by a deader escort, ? 1
Booma a desperate undertaking. His progresfl .
will be watched by Englishmen with anxious j 1
solicitude, and if mu barm befall him tho Got- i
eminent of the day will deservedly be exposed I
to relentless criticism. I
The present emergency does not, however, (
cal! for a greater degree of intrepidity thou I
(icneral 'Jordon displayed in entering foochow j
unarmed* or in appearing without an (-cit hi 1
the stronghold of Suleiman ami the slave- i
dealers. The courage of the mau has been gab*
jcct( il lo so main extieine tests that this new ?
Undertaking is not to be hastily condemned as n 1
foolhardy adventure. Ile is, moreover, a man 1
of ctn il and calculating judgment- Be knows,!,
tho Soudanese and believes that his prestige is t
something to conj ute with, lie considers th,- j
general insurrection which lins brokenout inthc 1
great Umpire once ruled by him as a political 1
1..: In r than a religious movement, "linn con- |
\ inced," he remarked before leaving London, f
"that it in au entire mistake to regard the Mahdi j ]
" as in nnjrMMtse n religious lender: he personifies
"popular discontent. Ail thc ."Soudanese are po
"tential Mahdi*, just ns all thc Egyptians aro
"potcitial Arabin." In his judgment political
oppression rather than religion*** famdi
i-ni is the cause of the rising; thc
tribes between Snakim and tho Niio
have revolted against the Turks CtreSSSJSDfl
and Hasbi-Haaouks who hara bi en plundering
' them; and the warriors of Kardofan havi' i il
; lied mimd tho first leader wbo exhorted them
to throw od the yoke of Egvptian bondage. A
political rebellion would naturally have fewer
terrors for him than a religions tyar. His
presence in Khartoum WOOld give the Soudan-MB
an a*vurance that they were no longer to be
governed on Turki-di principles, aud might lay
down their arms without despuring of obtaining
This is not the view of the Mahdi's campaign
and |i-ogress which has been geiuerally received.
General Plow-in his lecture dose: il ;d tlie sen?
sation cause 1 al i'.iiio when it was announced
thal Mohammed Ahmed/emerging from bb
cu fl in the I-land of Alton.proclaimed bi nisei I to
bethe Mahdi, Jh* recounted the various ttagOfl
of the growth of this Arabian crusade, and pre?
dicted that if the Mahdi wen: sintered to rule
the Bondon undisturbed he would Boon bc
reigning in Mecca sa a rival Caliph to tbe Sul?
tan, and lti.il the Masada ans of Persia and
India, a-will as the \rabs of Syria and the
African deceits, would be in arma against Chris*
tendon). Thisislhe view of api'.'i'tica1. Yankee,
Who has recently been "inploycdns the Khedive's
chief of stall", and is thoroughly con?
versant with aflhtrs in thc East, and Qi terni
Gordon partially oonflraas this judgment when
l.e ailmils lint the Arab tribes on botii si'les of
the lied Sea willtake lire if th.- wliole of the
Eastern Bondon bt surrendered to the Mahdi.
A successful political movement among Mua
aulmana again it Turkish role would inevitably
kindle religious fsnatHtm Etsd if the Mahdi
Ih- fl mere puppet, put forward, ns General I '?'
don Buapecte, by the largest slave-owner in
Obeid, ano*, ter crowning triumph will appeal
to the imagination of ths children of the desert
and be accepted a* fl conclusive proof that he
has a religious mi.-sion as the Vicegerent of
Allah. _
GOTfltnOf Cleveland baa vetoed fl bill atithor
irinfr a board of supervisor.s of one of the
counties to issue honda in payment of bouda
shortly to fall due. In doing M hi st itOfl thal
be waa induced to approve a aimllar bill Issi
j car on tin* nndei tandiog thal peculiar and ex?
ceptional reasons hich mad'' the enact?
ment of a special law proper. Be adda t1'
chief objection * i the preaenl bill ii baaed upon
the fact that il the postponement of the pay?
ment of the bonded indebtedness of a county
i-- deemt d proper ll can be aeeomplbihed under
the g moral law which waa passed In ! 878.
Weare glad to flee thi Governor take this
atand against special legislation thus eariy in
the session, li is on evil, as Tnr. Tm
lately "pointed ont, which the passage of a con*
stitutional amendment, aimed al i'. ass bj
moans suppressed. Too large ii propoftloi
..I our law-makci
lab )' undi i the bupreasion thal there ia special
virtue in a special act, and hence 'hey are not
content with availing themselves of general
la.',t. Evi to tendsto tx move such an
impression. Since the constitutional amend?
ment ;? ferred to wenl into efft 11 the I
ing to boards ol supon et ted
toa thoroughovi rhanling and rei ision, in order
to obi late the necessity of just inch laws a> ibe
one that i- now vetoed. The Con ititotion pro?
vides that thi Ligi-'.-iUie shall
laws in all cones which in ita judgment maj be
provided for by general laws, lt bas provided
a general la*a In relation to > of county
There are man] able and experienced Ben?
nion and As-, iniilyiiK n In the present Legiala
? in . We trust they will keeps sharp loo!..mt
for these local or special bills. An unnect
law is in tb. nature of a null ance.
The ii porte oi thc Batai la murdei case ought
public tliat a change ia needed
in the rn' tiio; ls by which the . inion soi exp
ure oi'* lin' '? in criminal easel whi re im in * i
pleoded aa b defence. At present the counsel
for the defence draws up a hypothetical case,
in which be emphasize* every point
make for his theory, and aluin every hostile
point. The counsel for the prosecution on bia
part makes up a similai hypothetical ca e, In
which he roven - filia procedure, dwelling
strongly upon the pointswhioh favor the theory
of the defendants sanity, and glancing lightlj
over those which tell against that theory. The
< Kpeii who is eoDed npon to aoawer these trues*
inni- ia manifeatlj put at i( great disadvantage,
and it jnay easily happen that he will be die*
obied from giving a trustworthy aad aeenrnts
opinion- The practice sa it < \i-~ts is eleari] not
in the inti rc-ts d Justice, nor is it scientific.
There i- no justification tor a method which
tends to disguise and confuse the real I
aad to prevent the expert from exerciaini
special knowledg.' he is supposed to possesa.
In Austria and Prance all meh cases are pri*
marily submitted to two or more medica]
experts, who ure afforded every facility for e\
umining the accused, ami ue allowed, if it be
thought necessary, to take him to an asylum
ind keep bim thi ? I daya to complete
the dHagnoeia of his condition. Then tbej
make a written report, whicb ia rabmitted to
the Court, and which forms the basis of oral
examination. By this nseai i tte unembai^
mased exercise ot the expert's skill and knowl?
edge i- secured, and be proceeds apon the
K tc.tl fm ts of the ? ? ,nl of upi
n.i potheth. 1 exhibit which bi almost w tain to
'.e unduly colored- and therefore misleading
ind inaccurate.
The truth is that tieri ia needed a ''ons.
between the law and the medical profession
in this regard. Expert opinions uponina
i itist he the only ti
, id-.1 that they are really expert npj
hat tii. p ;in- based upon frc?and fullexamina*
ion ot the subject, iiml not npon fictitious
fetches made with ? special hostile or
ly motive. Ko medical man oughi to bc
laked to stake hie reputation upon
piestioiisprepared expn isl] to help one tide
if the ci se, and no inn ought to be required to
'orin a judgment upon sin ii inadeqn ite .1
initial ttsiiiiioiiy. The expert can only form ii
?direct diagnosis by studying the pret
li-ioiy and the pressnl coiiditi.ui oftheeab
ect, ind if he has not lind the Opportunities
'or informing hfaaaelf on th m heads, his opin*
on c;iii only be ol m coinliiiy iniportaiice.
Perhaps the DOSI direct w:i.\ to adjust this
nnttei would be to adopt tim French practice,
>y whicb ths Conrt calls the BXperta, and
i?- it lit l the prosecution Mt the defence in
illowedto tamper with tin in. Bul it is (bar
hal our ju.i< ti.-.- is radically defective, and that
t needs amendment specially in thees two
?articulars: First, no medical witnesses who
nive not millie n special study of insanity
ihonld be admitted; second, the evidence of
ilieiiists should be taken in thc simplest and
most direct wanner, after thorough persauai
examination of the defendant by them, ann
the circuitous and distorting hypothetical cases
should be discarded.
The statements of leading real "Slate dealers
gi.en in to-day's TniBtiNE i-how that there will
Ite no decline thin year in routs, except where
thc property is nndonirable. In what is known
as thc dry-gootls district leases expire on Kebrn?
ary 1, and renewal" lin ve beenmadt" in many in?
stances ;ii a small advance on last year's rates.
There ai e \en few vacant sion . in ihe market.
The demand tor desirable property of that kind
indicates a healthful condition of the dry-goods
Ni*.t"-ith.staiiiliiig the large increase In ofllec
pi opt nv in the city within the last fi w yean, it
baa not kept np withthedeaond Cot Ant-daei
oflices. Kcal (stale dealers report still' rate.-- tor
"'h"S in lire-proof buildings. There an; sov
t ral reasons Eat ths increased demand for such
property. Nearly everylarge business enter?
prise in ihe eountry now Inda it advantageous
to open ga agency in this city. Thal serves
continually to angmenl tin-number of oAees.
Mien, with the improvement in tbe methods of
doing business, and the increased value of thoo,
professional men are no longer inclined t" climb
rh heit;, stairs at to run the risks incident to the
transaction of baaineaa ia buildings that are not
fire-proof. Hence new buildings with eleva?
tion and all the modern Improvements nnd
plenty of tenants who are willing to pay fair
The Increase in rapid transit facilities, the
openii g of the Brooklyn Bridge, thc erection ol'
mw exchange buildings and similar improve?
ments hiivc added materially to tho value of
real estate in the lower part of tbs city.
Mus additional v.ibu-has led to higher ai
menta, which, with the Urge increase in taxa?
tion thia yest, wonld naturally lead to an In*
? i-i rente. No doubt, sa stated by real
. ..ii.- dealers who aw quoted elsewhere in to- \
d;i\'.-Ti.hm sk, a general improvement in buai
?CflS before May 1 will bad to a higher rent
inaik.-t. But at tbepreaenl time there appears
to be Uttl" change from last year's rs tea. What
ia true ol office and atora roots ia also hugely
true of dwelling hon-"-. Tbe agents indicate
a probable alight decrease in the rates on third
class apartments and tenements, but eA mate?
rial change otherwiae. Thia, notwithstanding
the fact that 2,023 new buildings were eroi ml
last year. Perbspe the erection oi 1,201 new
dal and tenement bouaeawill account for the
light di pie-sj,in in the rate- on such property.
Ni w-York i- growing rapid!v. as shown by the
tact that business is creeping up Fifth-ave.
and ot lier leading stn eta devoted to residences.
The city is dcficieul in busiin and
avenues aa compared witbother large citii ?.
This baa lcd t" i i tangos within a
few years on Fourteenth end Twenty-third
will probably continue
w ith even frc iter rapidity in the future. But n
?> .d propci:*. on tin sreal side
ami in tlio lippi r patt ol tlie city will, a- a result
of this change, bi oren pied bi tina residi
A iii ipa ? Mai unoras, M. tieo,
* tbe Bev, Father Damnso Soto, of Con
\'cr:i ('vu/., hat disco*!
tho key to the Artec writings." It is not
to judge from thu vague stat incut the
(Jennee of thi alleg d discovery. Sofai
known there ia not mnch in the strictly Aztec
writings thal requires a key, Thi hieroglyphics
in use by the occupant of theAnahnac *??
at Ihe tune ol' the Spanish Conquest were not
The principle waa
that uf syllabic piiun ties ioiiifii with acrudc
symbolism akin to that of thc North American
Indians. The Aztec hieroglyphics were for the
yond the slender attainments
of the ecclesiastics who followed i'i thc
of the Spanish oonqueroi ?*-, and thes cccles
tnstica learned the tiri ? well
that for a considerable period many
of their picture-writings were confounded by
modern arch?ol< ? those of tiie Aztecs,
lt may be, however, thal the discovery refers
not to the Artec but to the Toltec writing
be the case it may lead to Int
velopments. The Toltecs, who ifere the pre
t arson ol il"? Aztecs in Mexico, and who flour?
ished in Central Ann ric;!, where they have left
marvellous relicaal Palenqne, Conan and Yuca?
tan, were of ;t higher civilization than the people
who succeeded them, and they bads pun
in of hieroglyphics, of which, unfortunately,
few -i>' ii' el aown to exist, the mosl
?eceosibh being in the Dresden .Museum.
The Eragmenta of Toltec writing which have
been preserved, however, are sufficient to justify
the conclusion that this people were accustomed
ti) employ for their rebgkma and astrological
writings a special hieroglyphic corresponding in
-onie resp! its to the Egyptian hieratic script.
We arc not aware thal any ol' thia priestly text
.ii- been deciphered fully, though enough is
known of it to warrant the belief tbal much of
the language employed conveyed an esoteric
me.min*-- and was intended to conceal supposed
truths from the eyes ol'the vulgar, mnch
alchemists used t" concc il thc r< al significance C
of theil speculations and fbrmulaa in the Hiddle | "'
Ages. Could this Toltec hieratic writing bi
deciphi n d, it is probable that new light : !',
would be thrown upon the religion and
i - of that ancient and inter?
esting people, and aueh information would be
p .rticiil.nly welcome in this era of analytic In?
quiry. Bul the Azteca appear to h.ive nothing
to cones .1. ami we '.- now ts mucb about them BS
is* it iii i '[."?? - ii vm desirable. They were
civilised; they had sanguinary religious
they possess! I but one Corm of picture-writing;
thej were inferior in nil resp"" . -, the Toltecs,
Unless, therefore, Father Soto aaa penetrated
the esoteri hieroglyphic! of the latter, there is
ooi much reason toanticipo! impoi ant results
from bia alleged discovery. Central Ami
? di much to teach as, bul Mexico oompara*
lively little.
Poor hundred Paris Socialists I Ived"
rotation is the onl] remedy tor tbs |
ency in tbe laboi marl -t. Thut is ta iay, these
briUis itt tba inly a iy t" belp
ta.' poos ii hi :".i i labor
< iitiieiy.
Tm Tiii'.fvK AUCAXAO for ls-; ?n,.
table which would have brought s flush of pleasure i?
ttl Mr. Gie 'ev's file.', il !|.' could hoV I bt U piT
. *... see iv. Aoompact statistical tab!
I " i pt .-? 80 is lo he
it..uni oe* "i these wsoarkabla exhibits of bets by
i of ngaree wUeh Invariably excited los ad
m.i.ii .mi. iiiii tabla givaa ths votoa ol ths Honae
ol it. pu -fiiiativismi fljaasral Tarli Acts by Bt kt i
iou from 1843 to 1888. Iha Tariff history
of tin- cmiutrt during tha luit forty years ia clearly
brought befare ths sya of the wades la this ord* riv
liiUl". lt ifl aa ii'iininiMe ilbistiiiiion of ths infor?
mative virtue ol ?tutistiits,
Him* woald thia Deuiocrutic Presidential ticket
For Prealdrat, Wnxiam K. Muitnisov, of Illinois.
I or I lop iTiBimtttt. Samli'i. J. Ka.ndaix, of I'.ua
sylvania. .
liat/xtrin, Iloriiontnl redaction,
1\ ipomlii'tiliir driukiug.
Conaidacing tba gaaonU tcinlcucy of the people of
this couutry to uluft about from oue pluco to au
other, lt ts worthy of note tnat oi tne 1H0 niembcri
of the New-YorK Legislature 83 were born in tb*
conntle.1 which thev now represent, and 41 morn ari
natives of thc State. Twelve were boru in othei
St ites a*-d ill in foreign countries, Ireland. <>t
BOWtmB, eootribottog the maj.uity of thu foreiirn
boru. As lt is a Ropiilillcan l/'giitlutnre, it follows
as a niritter >>f coarse tlmt Um Bambi r of veteran!
of the late war in both ham it almost dntiltlo the
iituiiliir in tlio previous Legislature, which was
Dflmocratio, The avsngS Bt agc is about the sainx
Iiii-. \car om last. Thu senior BanatSt is Mr.
McCarthy, who is seventy years old, mul the young?
est is Mr. Fassctt, whfl ka thirty-one. ThMSSttlst
Asscmitivniiiu ls Mi. Rason, ti Sasasoggt who ls
mveiity-oiii- yean of aK'\ and tlie youngest is Mr.
Hasliriitich. ol' I Isfrr. who is tivnt'-three. Mr.
Littlejohn i* sixty-sis yesaa old aad atv. Roosevelt
twenty-six. In gsnera] sharaeter ths preaant Legis*
[store ls tha best thal bas besa ehosea lot several
reaps; and it is to bs hoped that il .good
work i a ill ba ' i'''i!l.\ lt "Mt.
A Hsw*?Jersey wHbsm has just sworn that ha eon*
?iib red that then was a difference bet'"ecu telling
i li.- and aot taOtng the truth. Ha is obvioualj tha
nan to explai 1 thc 'bit' rem ?? bat treen " a tariff for
?.'..-.?nie only"' and free ti.'.'h .
General Lord Wolseley recently declared in an
ifter-dtnnac speech thal tin- Diillah army nt meas
sffective now than it was before thc Cilaasaa mar.
lt Iso rtainly to be hoped sn, for when ths Crimean
ivar tietiirii'd it WM in an.'. IhiiiK bul a satisfactory
?oiiditii'ii. aad but ba* tli'* fad thal the I'
UffieuHies w re great) the thus than eeonpiod In s
ilei'ii! r. gSSMVal ion ol' tbs BngUsb force would
bave beea available, lt is not maehpcalaa
io aay ol ths British araaythat it is in the aaaaa
?oinlition ihal it was nt thirty years Ago, for this is
dearly equiralent to admitting that it eould not
lope witb any Continental anny to-day. And per*.
lapa that uiaybe th" troth,though Lord Wolseley's
?.miltryiiica ar" not likely to admit it.
Mr. Huni'iin's while elephant ntav not be as white
ry's little lamb, but theo. Ulm tire tariff it-ouio
n tha Democratic party, there's no doubt about its
K Eng bb elephant.
The London press la the eheapest ind most *wr
.-i. iiiii- advefUaiag medium \> tii.li Mr. Barnum has
iver lound, lt offers solid columns of the incense
if publicity to His II.ibm i. the White Kleehaiit.
leueioua 11 ht allowanss of apaea freely raoerved
ur the Illustrious :.. ;ist even in the densely
srowdad pagasol ths penny press, lull biogre] b
ealakatefa ? :! ? aooouata of his eap
,ii:?, j.iiii'i. v overland to ship, oad voyage aereos
a3ai to the Ma .ey. Lunn epacial diapatt ln-s from
liverpool annonnee ins arrival and shipment to
/radon, aiui a soddea demonstration of soterprlae
nthei : local news followa bis appear*
it the ZoologicalGanlenaia the hooaaonee
ed by Jumbo. Toung Tatong, whleh is His
it'li'ie-vs iiiii- bo earth,ls treated by tha
rith more di tmgnJ bed consideration than sa]
an monarch, geueral or statesman wonld
. iti'lt-.l. 'i'i,es- ilelieal ma, if
io! !);?' by the Bnrmeae pachyderm, ru*"
io<l lost upon tue enterprising American show
nan. _
Judging ; -? 11 ? r-?Ti..-t11 able exhibition of th*1 ftne
rt of defective mernot I by some nf tbs
died ii tLe I-"' dative -iii of
Ity affair , ere may expect some of th'se daj
Mr. Blank, cari you
ti form ittee whether ir. no you paid oil
he Nat I last yeorf At,*>??*.??--I cannot
I'l'olle.t. i.iy m i.on is noi elearon tbat point. I
aiiy lune done so, I) it I oouldn't swear positively.
as published lo the news*
iiiii'.-.' iiii ii mi id ij make our o? d iub?
by the liberal and jndicioaa employment of
ur imaginative facultioi in oonjnnction with tho
roative skill cf the Reporter of tha (Period. A
oint tn :i biography of Mr.
lack) . the "bonania" celebrity, recently pub
shed in i Western paper. In that remarkable effort
lie |.lilllie is iiif'iniie.l that Mr. Mackey w.-.t to
. and
?. and "the
rincipal field l c alone] making." ho wondai
l . Flood and O'Brien made thi br foe*
mea ii' tl ey were iii.1" ton disc upon the Btw k ul
, -ir mint - so i. . before the I
i"ile t With suck ti dj could
>?' ii. ii. _
McGIory'a counsel argued thal while a licen ed
endor et inl r the
1 can ri a
[>on thi Beperwho (ln-'-t business without
li. en ?. i'he admission "i. i bis in ri alon
? il ? ita premium apon la ??? -
I...ton::, however, naturally failed to
ie point of tl"
The German Government has thought proper to
.milli a I ii nob li!>. I upon thc [mpi rial fm.'dy and
ie aristocracy of Berlin by pottee Hippie
h- ie is not much wisdom in this polii ... Books of
mt kind are best unnoticed. Left alone tbej sink
v th.ir own weight into the gutterwhei
trang. Bui when they are ? Ingli d out for ?
? ?.???ui inn and suppression they become do
?ri "ii-, aiui arc sought tor rn Ith all the ai idity tor
Idi ea fruit exclb s. i'i. .? publication for Libels of
i;.i character kills them mitch more eiEtctually
i. n any other mode of treatment,
The restoration of Cardinal Ledocbowski to ths
i Posen may not. as lien ron Goss
r predicts, "jeopardise tbs peace of Church aod
late," but it certainly would eonvince tbe world
iatythere oaa bo doubtjaboat Priaca Biamarak hav
g lu n to t i'.i' PPm,_
'Bereecker rage," which acoocding told
ni le inheres iu thc Anglo Saxon race, app
h.iv tr hr-ik'-a out at Annapolis, where the
udentahave ipontan insly combusted, and fallen
baaing again. It ts probably a ooneeqneaee of
na resonant of savagery whieh lingers in young
ood that ikes.' students are unable to realiwi thc
nobie cl.niactor ol' tl.i-i form ol fliaoflflmcill.
aee. however, they do not realize it, their
achers are in duty bound to reinforce tii. bri rude
dgment, and put a st<>i> to the pcaetioe per
iptorily. _
Tin- ('Liucaf Government appears to ba smulating
r. Winkle, lt annonncea ih.tt it ts ** going to ba?
naby ordering all the provineial Governors to
ad in returns of tbe number of troops the] eaa
inish. According to Western notiona thia is
ther a tardy measure. If the Emperor's Connell
es not know by th
a command, aod if il ia onlj beginning to mobi?
le ita foroes when the enemy is in its front, the
i;iius, from tin :? roi in? ? i ara hardly likely to be
mueh nae in iMl war, though they may come m
.:;?? BM t one.
The widow of General Custer i spending tho
inter in Detroit, the guest of her late husband's
tr, Mrs. Calhoun.
Dr. Allia Raymond, preeidi al et tba Academic de
ingne Francaise des Etats-Unia, oi Boston, has
en th ci,mi. d bj tbe committee of the Foreign Ex*
int nm for Ins poem, ? L'AuK&rMine,' recited l> bim
tbe French day, ll>' bas also received a .gold
tinl ;h:iI a il:;'
Mi-1 Emily Faithfull ls now in Sun francisco,
i'i* vi.si tim: th,' Mormons at Bait Laka City. Pren*
nt i'.n lo;- and the leading officers of the Mormon
lurch courteously afforded her ample facilities ter
r inquiries among their people, aod she li
a h.ri,'.? audience al the .-all Lake lli-.itre.
Bx-Oovernor Fenton hss been for some time In
s city uiuler medical treatment f"r a aialady
hich hitfl Inuililcd him for several y;iis. fester
v lu. Edward X.. Keyt#. aasiated bj other physi*
? ns und wigeons, pcHDrmed the operation of
botrity upon him so saeecssfully that he
. i. .1 tton to be reatoced to health.
Frederick Douglass, in Hpitw of Ids flge, walks
nut Waflhtngtim ir brithly at a bty. Ho weighs
.re than900 pounds, hhl ban is white, and his
altli is perfect. Ile liveela the tdd manor house of
in Hook, who eo hated aagroaathal whenever bs
Id latiil he stipulated with the purchase* that no
BVOrshouldbsSOSSS thc owner of it.
i'ho well-known Democratic politician Edward
j Kearney, whose intlnence in Tammany Ha 1 Ifl sets
| ond only to that si John Kelly, bai gone to Hot
Hpring**, in Arkansas, for a few weeks. He will be,
In New-Orleans at thc tini* of the Mardi Orsa**_!_
brslion, and will hs -joined" tliere l>v Policet'oiiimls
slimer kidney i'. Nichols and oth< r Tamilian v .hil-f
The late Reprt^nntalive Mackey, of 8onth Caro
lina, in said to have lirst mot Hiss Sunrw, who
aftortt ard became his wife, wlmii she was Naive
years old an ! lt- f .vent v-tlirme. Mbe wm beautiful
hut utiedtit ititi ami poor. He oht.tiiedhor mothers'
permission to hue her edu.tata! st Oh**rlin st his
expense, and nlio si?c:it tvs yean tli**:*-, d
which time he iliil not BM lier nntll the day b
she (fradoated, whun he and her mother went t'i
?f?*?*-i i iii t.i wttnoasthe exerelsssaad briiurlier hume
On theu way back to Charleston tho )>artv Mto,iin?ti
at Philadelphia- Bishop tUssosoo wasoalledia aud
t:u yoong seagle wast made haaband aod mil .
Tba Kev. William Fisken. 1'ivshylcri.in initii.trr
ni Siioiil't.r.'il on. Nertliuinlrerlaiid. Ktinland. is th-_i(
Si ths n(?e of Marl] Sightf years. He snd ..;.
brother Tlionias, who survives liini, were Ihfl i.i
renten al tl.e -te.-.m plough, lt i? a little rtagahc
thal tha appliance trhleh perfeatod tha plan af the
bro tl. .is, v. im had been working togsthst .it ths
i plough- soggsacad ilaelf t<> sat hoi ti.. ? it,.i...
pobdaotly and alsaaot stasaltaasoasly. Ihs Um
Mr. William Chartres, of Newcastlo-upoa-Tyi
Bolit i*"i i c. the Fiskens, ii-, d o ti 1 bow
the two brothers wrote to him on th<
ry, bul that lie p-.eiv.-d
William's letter firet Hr. Hakea slea tevaulfld a
potato-sowing machine, an apparatus lei-li. ,
churches, and tht i tie" tvkicL ha . ? ,, .1
tortii'. an plough of eo much practice
GEM.UA/. votes
Tks Albans Evening /earea! eallsthe ettsa*
?feasts t-> Ute faci |
so the ssace leard taeOSfflflneuwBflsa taotrewaesl
???.I lite Soon ". uro snmnillkm mom-.
wm >!" : ilflns, ?? :.li?,. .-iln..
Thc recent deenoof the I'l.tictof Police f..i
bitiaiiis;i-ri\.it;- i_U\kiwisteesMssln.eseaflssSs<>f'
ilimt-liins lias lioen lon-pt .ititi], uiucli to tlie .1 thrill ot tim
tii.iii-itiitls oj rsK-plvkci-s wliose means SC SSOnstmesll
threatened, lt i- Mid that tic SOO atsrcliaau whoem
ploy the rsff-ntcken r- dix.'."it1 millie toft)
annually I') t!.(- sale ul tins refuse.
Jin' San 1 lancisrt) Hiillrtiri States that w'tiln
lhere ii isin'*!i a f.iiliiuf "ff iu Hie SflKtsgate Inaiigrattsa
mi.i, tue tliin runion i- In tilt ''I.
au.i (Os ii Iiit of whits lauadgraats haa er'moa??'.. ks
ca," il'.1 WttS thS JOPt pree.-.li'l ' ll ? t'li.'t" Bl "'til-.
il.-stii.'j..!t A. t. naetlossut'-AA'iA oa ell thearrii
illowa. Hui takit'i' inni sceoaal only ii." whMe laaaiaTS*
tu.ii iinriin: iii.' taine periods! Mreatoeu mouthy i
gain of li.,-in i;-- ears,
Tha Rev, Samuel W. DOce^t suggestion, lssely
pahMehel au'i spptwrei hy Ina Tam ss, thal c,?.
appoiDt ri Coiiiiiii-sioii to iuvcsti.-.a-' Ilie .'ii.-ts of tti.tr
li I-.- :t ai street *-. prspatatos]
iot*. hihIs hearty eacovegeawat lu The !..>' rt, it- ,.i,
whit li remarks: -Tin sroTWee tii.it- li now ?
st,ult- .ni.I in-ultu.-ni of ia., ripened -street nf eiltu.i
nboiild be leeompanted witta Its .ulniu m
: e.'iiniit tl. nea."
A reeenl description ia Thr Tkibuyi of tim
Bobemlaa eoloajt of Bflw-Yort "lato'l thal Dhssa ?
l persons <.f thal aatHit'Hj tn tins .ity. it ia
rather tu prislnfl to lean trom Tht I '/? mimed BwaM thal
sd aaaahas 90^000. aad that no
otin-r my in tha ennuin exes] ? I contain**! io
rial IV. 1 ll. V Sttpporl tWO li'-Wsprl'.. t-v il;.
??'. ll .llill.'lll. ,t lill .:'
perky, and -.?(.'.il e.e..I' rt, and nearly e try head of a
? iriitic city tor ai.y con-.uii i a Le tims
im, ii iiim-. ot in- on ??
A fen il.ns ago a gentleman who was shoot
li arina Oonstaattaopla tat Lon.lon aith a manuscript
copyt.f iu. Korea Sra bandit , which bsd
ii li'inliis! |
?? :i eastons I'.-n. ..ii. tii't
got I'.'
. snd
rom in- li "-? ? ntly
offered ? ? .- auld probab, r hu
? . ~
Kli^k. _
desman i ?'. ? c. \ ? ri i. 1 HA I.IA.
The patrons of the Thali Theatre vern
? ly il
lu-.tr ii I .- ' ? .
frequently bandied i Haha wrote tho
1 .Bil tl aj.-e.ly )s
vt ii ." il ii iii;. to lighten ll
1 >\\ inl lu piles. 1 ol its
i.-\ iv il I- tbe engagement of Mme. Magda Irschl
? .... lier, sill
..iii. A- performed, '.li
- ; ri bute of lu .ti ? ti rn tn
di obamcter,
Mr. Tiio.' - Pl ii/,
h Mr. .1. IC. K,mil. Mir Ck .i,..'[ put,
pul He Bl the
re. Tne story i f this play ii
romantic even to the verne of will di I'hs
1 .ul nt belair exactly matched aith the
? it -p.-iik lt, aad ia that way widely di
. be wini strata, rbi r.....emeal
ii .I,.,..' luattoas I an ho .'i iuil
iieni* that mn tbreed. Conduct aad manson sasaa the
i sf Germany reestTS i portraiture of tbs ernst
stu! n. description. Kew la well ess
? I li I'll- ('111.? nf ^llOWlllr.* MT, J. K. |..*Ill|ll..t,
and it ari crested curiosity ta sea
bow lt wUl ead. Intbesottafl Mr. Bmnset eeeauaaally
tli.iji,- :u ? : of Josi pl .'t Hereon , bul iie
. all lo the
same tune, aad la ewtngnc a etriag ol Manages .-?<? us to
uni .-I ?!.-Hr.-iif'kof n ii'-r.!-)-efNidit. The actiot* of bis
company ls iintfonuly (lut-t r. Thia i- the east !*
Frltr, the Rohemlsa . J. K. Bminsi
Tony Di ii'iii'-s . .. Martin J.i .Ntr
Marl . i i*"* Bsksr
Tte Well.Baby-Untie Ut
Du'.. De i. Miers.ll a. Momy
la.rtl I'tili.lp Uu C'luiiiilir.iy.i.oiv.- spnurnn
.ste Alfwottl . Jl.nnir-.- Pue
/.tlnipii apluke. ' .I'.viti.i :? tte
jttliuaO-rsar. C W. awain
l irs ? . Kate mun-kt.
Inn'i.src De I'eitalcrs. Ll urie Mean lon
.iiiiu I'haAav. Hats Pi suth
Little Kstheiins.Bsasa Utressy
Tins is th.- place thatlateli wnathe8aa Fran*
i ? . o M.i.-li. 1 Mi. .it.. . "Tiru on the llristol'* ii. k'ivcu
Ii.re, llii-i wt. k, Ly wh.it ls sly lad the MOS Ti:r..'?Irc('om
i in- in. iileni 1.-no' (.mi- ? or r.irly
Hjti-ni/ - Ut, lt is tobi i ..teil with the vast tt
ID. in. ... I- ai i.e?!-, "I'iiii on the Hristol" li ?( (tiers
troll.?, ai"l (tii .,11 one. .imi il -till BMhaa flOOfM lau^h?
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iii.- Williams, as he ls pleased to announce hia?
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'I in- ballad concerts given al Manuel 11 .all
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I'laiirr ii.i.i in.- srslstanrn uf WtUtaoi Courtney,
Dr. I'arl Jd - - 'ero
The fleeond evening ot the three evoninga el
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.1.j. al Chlefcerlag Hag win take p:.^.- UMa
tvt uiiirf lii.t.'.ul of lt inriiiii Tics iit Hist pio|H.retl. Ia
tiie programuM will be two aid mailrii.'sls, eas by POM
i.i'Motiet. fleea lo Attwood and in*. < tUeeth
nml nari Hatton,Ooldbeek,Lsseso
tlioott Mis- Beebe erm sihk
Mr. Hi lHchei, ulm aaa httnineod aauaahor
nf floreMaa I" the BJaaflao pahlls In hi- sympbouy concerts
i i- nir.' l!att*H iHislhiiiiio.il* - Winter " HMiiplioiiyi.
win iii Ms last .ou.<rt on Marah 22 ritre tko Chara! -*? ni?
al the musts mitton hy schumann lor Byrons
?? Manfred."
This, ta fhe lust uffk of "Tha BefgarSte
ilfiit *' Bl 'he ( irlnn. Next Moml.ty it will JM piaoe to
??The Mei ty War." ShattW o|s>ii Sta, ami the limuaj-e
m.-..' ouuaaaUy hrilllaal Uccorationa.
The Mew-Yosh Ondhaatsal Sot*iet>* is plainly a

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