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aamounoerriont for tho eveninc. with a reshteei dlsrega
for the in_'irritv of theamti.'..cc-ia ,-, tte artel
Ju t-1* chorus :
? uwi-d, gwlad. pi.'i.tioi ii;\-f in. .tt id.
Tra m.\i \ u far Tr our hoff bun,
o bydded rr hen leith harhaa "
l'.itiu pticEfi Fob r<M.;ugh av-ora.
Re the Editor of The Iribune.
Sir: There are some eerya_-riaw_al Mpects
at ans asaps-a. tisprrhrat lan ___*a_B_a_ ??*??? moa
wh.Uy iTirteihil.uaTT Mr. Tooram rnnt-ietfa rata
-isa toiii-kMHi uiH.ia .-.ow. of tiieni sea part-aeaUj. But
tlmt lss Hill ilhin ? ? t-k-harsh_a--lhapca
t .I i_ hm sad-hyMi sea *? te-?a*** ___??? lt aol
l|j||| to ;,r..le, I the public al-,. ? U the foi.*..Ii author
ls-k*a*aaae-WiBjms-kddsssa-t pa ediately,
our public u Baaafe-eilapaj a ?srj high
..U_oiire or re-tiiiK-a unft la ear oastnan, s
tarin a mi - tawi- to tho fin eu-ii puhU-her, bk whaai lbs
author l? natur lily moro interest, ti luau h* WSS-d be
?wita a triuis-tiauue aa. Thia, perhaps, w iii make nut a
t'.igiit dMBB-aass ou Bag-teh i?."k-, i.ui on l rsm h. Get
juan. Spanish mid other Beralga wasks lt s*.
troui'ie. aa Hw p_b___*f* af -haas boo-* w iii not .lej.iirt
troi_-o_Y_-tit_.il BBtthed* ni i,u-,iii-.?, uni " arm ag* "
?with Ainerlriik puMU-ers f,'i .il..lou-, as the English
publisher aili tr*._s?tty do; m.a the consequence ls
that. uti.ev tie- taralga .lutin.i' reprtut* lau-C-lately, our
public wul Uaw io pag a liny uti.ute ia* now; upon ito
torn<n litei-iure. 1 he e.,ri taloa af ft.rrin-n _opjrrWp_t
adinna* )rf a f rn lim sui her ?..iiiii be unjust ioth-read
lug pui'iio. * I." \- "i.,.i hara t.. v. ,!? ., i.'n. i un.' I,, r.-.-.'i ?
pook tii_t ha.1 ui>iM'iin*d aera_d ie author aaa
flt to i uL>Lu?li ii nen*. Ii asaai* in nie, therefore, thal m.
_iiiin'i sh* ii kl el nm hil right al ? tu i -wilbla tinny days
Of Un.- dals- "t Ih' foreign B-bllcatl >n ; tl...t tho announce
X..ent of pah cat lou hen should be luade wUhla thirty
days after tu.- graat-Bg ur the copyright ami that a
_rr_ded parted ot __u* Bttoaid in- given Coi tuc puiillcauou
cfibe book h. rt* .?.. thut.. day** foi each one Hundred
p******. Oaaarwts* tim ___erto_a readiag public wm
tither Im d'-pn*. ed "f its foreittn U-erat?re or eua on coui
peiled as haratofor* to Baj baavy tribute to the foreign
vubiisber, vhii-ii tia- alwayi been tba -tana-ilng block
Between ajuerlc&c p-itllsberi aad foreigu author*, nive
the author hu eopyrigbl by all humus, but do nut grunt lt
ttl piot.-ct ton gu publishers and exolude our own. If
t'i'> eopyrlgbi U> worth anything to tbe anthorltta hil
interest as well as ours thal proper restrictions aud eeo
*. . placed ni'"ii hun*;..- well aa apan aur
/? ?,erl.-an p.. bini rs. Respectfully, etc.,
Etta- lu. /.. lt ll. _c>. I-*?-. WILLUM B. Jl VK1N8.
So the Editor of The Tribune.
.-mk. A Loyal Canadiafl sturgeate in to-day's
___B-_n that ( - si ..hi :>. pas- aeop right set las
-o.-diateiy. Utaut sott-ar, a* that thc Brat operattoa ot ll
Bslg-S(tra copyright t.> the Queen'* aew nook. By all
n.-ans' Barry ap the bill! lie Queen, ttl* well haowa,
I- n jK?r -trn-. i. author, and
at tia pi.* .-.-l- truing Trout tm - asl work, li
Would in a cruel t ...
them b] ptrs
P_m in, ,,. .ut dela i ?
Ram tern, feb, IO, l--> A Loyaj A_i.ru Mt
TUE TA EUI ')\ ll MU LR.
jxcriMsi-TFNi ii l Of mi:. MORRISON, rsiiiri bii.i .
Wa tha Ritter af Tho Ti t
Sib. Ko une sabjeet baa isaed more
I taa_ly duiiag the last Ira year* thaa that of pro
*_o_i la hara audi mu il upon tho gentleman
gfsssId-Bsla. slr, Morrison, from th* tori that if th.*ro
am any an e -
: ire aa'
wo..., ph - ? -
reis, su^ar t,"i -.. ? .. .
SS?adala " l> " n lear the
ware*. lt Willi
It, of Mr Hnr larm'i b I ls men r, hewn
and sawn, an,1 Umbel used ' . A 11 h'lildlng
Whttxrea, ot un the tnt list ; aad lines 19 BBd I ?
unmsnut-jcti-.ro.i pol ipertaUy enumerated oi prov-dad
lor tn this act . D," ax
C-ept tho Hst mourin od. w ... :
seale of el.ht.*- pei < cut of tue dunes I i tl wer- formerly
lf_a_-_set__& three-fourths of the people, lmjp
ef party, are tn tarot of free I ?
Hy uses mon- or cm of lt; and the ti -,.. ,.n forest* .if
wMtopine, sprni
Thone woods t-nt'T 1 irg'-'v-ni,
kinds in Vow-York aad Hew i igland almost all of the
pine, spruce and heml'tck hat been cut off. There me
?onie bolts of spruM and h, ni ioh bi th* . ouatl** of War*
I*eti, l.*wi. Falti :.,Hamilton and Clloton, which wuuld Ik*
ot more viiiuc ;n the future th.ir. ta reai-Tehiow, It _< nfc
to say that ieob injury woui.i ;..* done and greater t'enottt
g_tfred br putt-Qg Iiunber aad tho article*
sobedulo '? lt" nu tin- free - my uii"-r si
articlba th*t Kr. .M.;ri* son '.ns nam*- in th-* fri e Dst.
Why shoi^'l Mr, dorrison Hil-m' >'i ad in ores fro.*,
and iilso CantMli.iu hay, and place a Uutv of *Vl 00 tipnu
walt* pine .tid spni?^ lumber, and SO aeat*
Upon bottilo U iui. -"*r I On rbn frro list
?e hae placed lime, '?'??_?" ' "' Ona uiid
Pans white, wt-i, t. ? i.i<aaw_ _.
and left ou:. .- i I .
lunii.er. which ererv Uborlng ti . eal t. -stand
tn ai. tho Baal S - ?wl les ? 'Mirer, is.
a* clipiiply ii- po*si
?)_re. th ti- tea|
Maiiie and ->v ? ilu. and tltnb i ol the
0*oigia pim : ?' ..li "f t4.i - ? -?? ?
tbo?o Stat.
Tcfes lu.it
Si rsrthele -
tho ;!.,i. ss-, mm VI \ .:: - li'-Ts
lun.v. les ; would
baldly irs in - - tile that the, w
BotliT-tl. M Hewitt <tli! ?
tero.! on the fl *. ..
t*_j* rr.-.,--.! .'.-?: li.Ur, tn the l
ble for Au.o
o'' aadi
If any arUclca
rrea: farrn'.r.
their houses, bm ns and I
?ay thal this
o'.' other* thal ? ? ?
la . . I I. ? : -v
[la thc;.'.
a ber of the many loooni I
turill', lt noes aol put lu:n'jer oj tbe free list,
thougli it pr. to i:.-i.
tl.ar have bean found nniieceaiiary tr undii
den**!': *
dust rv. If Mr. M
i_; il.en. ?*?;,.:-? t, it is aol ; todofend sny
_ at duty hi
laaaeat-utt bis Mil ls dost t principl and was
n^t meant to ha*
ber-nf Congress pitch it Lull the w_*t< .
'A t afford 1 ? all Indurti
ordcied Lade I i iti ly hy i lt !..i->
!?? a faTorite pretence of the M
1 . ran am mi for the ?
of **the poof fiiriuei." Well, the rarrnei
West t-u<".v- oe .luis th.ii 'ic.r- ,..
him aa tin' i kty on lumber, ll - :?
dwreiiings and barns, throughout 'ie*
tagion aaneeially, ate gn
this .liity. Hie Prote
lha advantages which the tann -,- tin
live system greatly outweigh its disadran*
;. Bnt tbe Morrison Democrats do not. They
denounce that id ?- i - un i*loak for shameless
roblter.v. In that
theil D-binl i I
cliiiiii.r .lay ii -i i ighl
?)?.-. hes caa be found I id I
denou'ii-ii.i; io a ?r_1 ??! i the
aas-ta-1 af the suppl] ??
V?'nai dci-ghtful speai bea I
Mr. MuBihuau- tang bi
Dem laratte part]! Hut this Ii ,,1,. ?f
?aa of the must i
a* as ?? s
ii . .fa a." n.e-, mot
S-steney or of ia* * what
this .-ii nv, Mr. Wo
k .'ul in i!..'- i.?-:.." t. ll _rid ii
a.en w..rst.?;.,/.
tue raiaoMi v.
. 1 IO IT.
( .-..-- ;:
te.(**-t to the hundred! d at the
t<irs vs a* f..
l~ r, wl - Rllgg 1
Hr. Hyatt and - shot at
One maa I
you . .
kid, "It -., '.Lc
Rugg ha* ? tai I to
frig- ed, he is ? Italy te fa
His -pi"-! ?? ki health u
toed. He toole a littli
i lyathai h kn glad t- b* whom lie U
?*. i a Conni (i-r-uid Jury will m_eton .M_- h_
and ltug_ v....-.,:;.
>"'ii'*!'. aud foi set-alt lng :!?
J.'i' I' s A. Wm .*,.,,, i*b?ii'ii:i'i '.I (i.i I.-.-i,n'i.])
?*"' ~ -?'-.??? .-.?!.?.-.. , pn ter
aree,-t-conling to ihk'iruHi .* l. i., t. ws "Chm th
arthur, now aad ali t_, .,,,? ? j ,, ?,,, h_.ioi. want, a
fchsnarohyi-^ws^uesiaf touutj _.-(*,._,
_8aroxe_s ro-o_-*-8B- am. DBi-rw, B-UTroa
ivi -. i . r. .human and -TBB-bs.
Tha ei_lit? entli annual dinaet ('f the Harvard
i Cltih of New-Tack t itv took place ln-t uiirht at
Delmonico*. Nearly _ih) gradnetaa af the UniTer
sity and their goests took their seats nt tin* -iv.
long tahlee at 7 e'eleek, At tba mi-vil table aet
j Charles C. Bftaraan. pnaldent "t the elah, and
with bim wnaChauncey M. Depew, Dtatriet-Atti r
Ti.-y iv..t 1'.. Otaey, C_ka_tas ii. Ced-ian. "f -teeton,
frmn the M..iiril nf tiv.-r-".-is; Jobs 0.-awgent, of
the Baaed ei Oral snots; Georgs M. Lime. I'i
, nf Latin in the riiiveif.il s ; Brayton I*-ct. reprt*
aaat-ng the U-d4rea.it) Clabj N. B. __U-ler, Pro
-.--.-..r Bf Qcotegj in the I'nivt-.sity; E-O-CflB-.
i Brebbnx. L. Cilley, at Exeter -Leadeniyi l*r.
; Francis M. Weld, sx-prealdenl of the club j the Ber.
rhea. C. Williams, of All rstuiN' rniiarian Church;
anil the Hov. V. R, Knapp, pr -ideal of the Plymouth
'? (Mans.) Harvard Hub. Aaanng the others present
! n.-re C..h.ne! Charlo*- Fairchild. C.I.mel \. P. Hal
] lowell. George Dexter and Stanton Blake, oi Hes?
ton; Georgeff. Adams, Charles F. Lhlri.-h, Amos
K. Flake, Edaanad Wetmore. Jasnes T. Kilhntli, T.
I F. Brew nell, Franklin Ilartl. rt. Albert u. Browne,
j jr., A. A. Hayes, Nathaniel s. B-Bith, E. R.
I Andrews. Elihu Chauncey, John E. Cowdln, Will?
iam P. l'limngti.ti. E. H. Ainriiidown. Gorham Ba?
con, (iwrge Blag-en, the Bee, I>r. Arthur Brooks.
C-k-BBBt Cleveland, il. EL Croaker, Preaootl Evarts.
Charles 8. Fairchild. Aust.-n (.. lox. P. <>. French.
P. B. Get-iah, Wendell Goodwin, L*. S.
Grant, Jr.. linrace J. Hayden, Janus W.
Hawes, Jami. <>. Host. Edward Kia?,
Victor Moran et.. Herbert Morse, Ogden Mills, E.
L. Parria, C. L. Perkins, Henry W. Poor, W, hf.
Pritchard, P. lt. StnrgtB, C. EL Tweed and Hamil?
ton McK. TwombJy.
(.nico was otTered hs- the Kev. Mr. William-.
When the diners glanced at the inetiii curd a
r.-aj ol Ixiight-r e. ie.e.l through tho hall,
for the Frei ,*h names ked been
dresNKd in (.reek gj i>** with remarkable effect,
When the oigars bad been lighted Pre-ideul Beaman
railed the companj to order, ll- plunged liito
1 Greek, getting it mixed up ? little, however,
towariin the ..lose, with ii vnre'v ut tongues, und
.?-. iisinnully si;.-li words a-* Delmonico, geno, tar.
, and the like flashed like sparks in the medh
thej were recognised. lTpon observing tie* eonfu
i sion which be was centring amoug a number of bin
i heareta ha sensed ami said :
i.i mi i.xKs. I as* by your au kt thc on! .-?r
had froui your commit.-* caa hardly tte carried nut. 1;
ot j our committee, rn i li w ot I
' railing doctrine la regard to tba oem bare-*) sta
to anet, ni Ore*-, th it Ibis dinner and th ii all tin
? ?-. should !>? in i i
. which i have Just repented, and as !i is important
, our ta!_i*4 ? - ld bc In them
i tb* 1 - ne
; huTo come h-r- fr. -:???
13t) mi ??? - 1 ??'. i ili-y had I'.I; I i !-- ?
: ll
hers. At ?
difflcttlT fur lue i ! gel li linn
la the morning [L-ugiit '. ie club
.- t> :t;, it ? pa
di lat and ac ur.de him iras our
provident, v.i.i ni ei.r. And, gentlemen,
? I d nu n are a
? u 'ins id m. i ? . ?' they ?
ii: , i,,-,,une us president, i'ii'1 they s. >?;. tn become
u 1-.-olei-i m order liiat they ma) become overseer,
I OLONEL COl>_J I! '_ i,i.-i'fi
Mr. Bra nan thou ann ?nu. <1 that l< l tera ol
bad i*.-ii ??? -i .-.-I ri-"-- ? M-taiy
Lincoln, Preahl. nt Mint. (....!.,I Grant, Colonel
H'-nr.s Lee. ol H-?-...>:.. andTheodor. Koosevelt. lue
. io- ss i- _. .*.-ie.t .. ii ii prolong! ii .-In-, rs. lue
first ;?? i-i ?? - " i .Ima IM ...
,...;.?>?? tO it WU* | . . " svii-.
b.aiii; bj the company. Colonel! odinaawaa then
called upon i>> the president toauawei ;
He -ii"!.'- In part a- follow. :
There to not a professor m Harvard Collega whoget* - ;
- .'. . year. I want to s.s thii In
irk, whore, if anywhere in tm* world, people au
iii-r-t.iii.i how much and how little can lie bough] with
s.".,u. ii . year. There 11 hui on prol -seor In the ?, i-. h.- nf
tbe. ollegewl - t.OOOayear, and ihr men whoara
at the li .<?'. nf youl mal hematioa] dena) i m^nr. j ,,nr clam i
cal department, modern lunguage department nod your
rtientliirdepartment* do not recelv. a -alary >.f mom
; ? . - ..':,, ? hal
? Li?
ll kl nol : -*iil rliiit I
? * ? ?? ni ttl.* highest nt
?_? *re
I, - -
..t Hai ve
>br _v:,. . ? i'. ii;,., he,
?ti iii ?
- ind "ii
? ' ?
." ii d
? .
stand ie. ?;;r- ',.?-.
Ilfi ,1 ( I'*'*:
: iho J
i .. - lt .UO ni, ste;, -
BKA. l'0> M i- - Ai.itKI (*?.
i sun i by Kal el rt. imith, Profi
Dgiiage for be bad tauglit Latin in tho
? i '? ;'.
? ?
. .i. m.ii. ss hi u 1 rec. ii
ti.,11 tn u
dinner -
.lied il Inn-, a in-ii I iimi ?
t **? i : -1 _; i
- ?? ii ii reinat
I form, i I
? ., i" ii. I ...;
Ami I -:. .
' ?
bi ird ???? :
' '
ii ii, .-. .'I Ls
tppla - . I
lt.Mun. ,
U d' '?? 'll 'I lh? ? I ??!; .i }
thought nf ii and \t li"
their toaa. a niillloBuaire au. spi ah coo _m|
Ihat all hi* wealth -aanol win aa eau mn ),
.ml |,<)..-i...i ulub Wit ll .
?' .a'l-' )
-i is> foaling sU-aglj oa thia i
,u.ti iii-.ioi man Sta _*?_. quita as u wp
*. ?_. tua ha-p abu mm%}mB ?_..- ?___.' thaia aaa _iv*. ip
All buying and selling to get gsln ls debasing In I
teadeacy, sad e?|>eclallv se in this rreiit city, wh*
eveiy ymr o?pi tl Moa Iie-<ii_ie? keener and mo
]>ttil.**s. (inly ponataat o.ort will enable a msn I
e.'litlnue Ins readme ami to ki^f j> lii? iiunil nml taaSM
aitch oultn ntluu that he will lind hiinselr on rapport wi
j ti. ? n ..r li ,i. rs. Il i- io., otti-u the aaa* that nounug bi
a i.auk account da-Unguiane* the capUalUI from t!
socialist, .ill-ins Schwab sar-, "Shoot th* rich maa
.?md the rich aiaa say*, "Th* pa-Ik ba blanked
[gnoraan kathe only eomm-obo-- betweca thean, si
that fosters their atntaal hate. Tb* p..lenandsel
stj :.-ii r. formen who mel al Irving [Jail a ihorl tlase ai
had 1st their HsBt-B -Ai./, ru ni matteo," and tin*
?buwod tiut lt wa*appropriate They *_ri
neither Oed nor niau and know u.?-l.-r. (Jul
education san r.-.* I thass. T_*J> seem in neat ti
bottom ? md th* dial . Sari
liiflii.-li.*". -Ill iltoet i li.ni nr-t..fa,l. Bo?_al oTganln
non-, bas las foi sU-adaru- ?
mpplement the wort
ami I'tillerHA. TlieTniT.-r-liy (lui. has ant tb
and no ? . how far tho leavaa wlllworl
- il ann proiKTlv Bnaaged, cl.il. lit
j Issdnatlng eleraenti andi- sar*le grow I
popularity ** -. Dumber*, wealth Mid intelll
-t-iice. Old It Johnson was aol far oat of las sin
w hen ii.- said: "The chair of a tull and pleasant row
elah la jH-ihaim the throne of human felicity." And
kn.iw nf nu cl ih where each a throa - Bu * likely to b
fonnd Itt ni tin- t ?? endty It must alway* hat
bs aa tu.' common meettag-gronnd nt . ...-*
mate* snd old.- _>? friend* who will has-, mach to lal
of beaidos ?? shop " Thor*, the lawyer will gladly f*rgc
i, sad tiio. doctor Ida oaueat*, and the maa i
tmstneaa ka .li-.*..aalag the " flz/.les," - flunks " an
** rustles " i.f I.Tirono day* wiil aaa** lo think or catto*
grata and stoeka. ll.aiiirhlcr. J Hut I mott n 'I Ih: li.
warm ta Ita pralsea Those or you who an so fortunal
as t.i i.o iimi.n. tts members know ss weil as I irs man
c.iuui- to adnjirmtion. sud i hare ao desire to la
if Hm'..' who have not yet been admitted b
eulogising tha adraatagra Hies have sUUtogain. T
such I --ay, ba vlrtuons aad patient, and. In the tt ..rds n
the j'sihetic BpO*tle,y00 in;:}-live up to lt. [Laught*
aud appia a
I onght parnapa t" confess that tn smne reapeeta w
are behind il).- ag* and have not foilosred Ihe example se
bj several of the bs-ding clubs of the city. Wa have an
a mused the public bj giving thom aa accouat of th
?quab-l-a i*-! ir*e* our steward aud tue ohalrmaa of th
11.m.- . '.-milliner, nor enlivened our i lections
f,ir.e.l tickets and am.ti-, mom attacks on mei
? to fal?o report* of duet* by the brutal aa* a
M [< beer* ] But thea we are young, am
I.haps before we reach the stag, wnon inch thine* ar
with on thej maj aol ba bo popular __ the,
-? en; h..iv to be?
lt hank you. Mr. President, for this Butirked -iattae
Hon. I' would I..it. been easy for j
men who would lin-' spoki u ol the Universitr Club wltl
int aad eloquence which l could onlj mvy. Bul I rlel
to anne in enthnsiiMtic tnu*i - ind in kee
appreciation ot tho honor of addressing ineh u
-Udieuoe. SS Inn 1 look at the bnliiaut names .inion
your renhlenl | rben I think of the glori..u
college tradition-, the influene* of whleh yon ean oas i
.|iill<* miteron ; *ad Whoa I not,* tin- Mtallt.s of your Alni
Miter. fa , to tb* i|U-ntii.n- of" the day an
working , toward a blgheraad broad.
-t .1 daru, 1 feel n > wonder tl ourished by mmsI
i- already achieved pbenomonal sucee-s, in
1 have it" '.-Hr in predleting for it aearet
ty. | tpplauae. ]
Profi-sai Hhalor waa the next speaker. He spok
of ile I- lance oi . scienti?
st eli.--, iimi said .har tbs problea. waa to find oa
how t<> ?.-.-|t th.- bast of kb)
-ni ainl to .ct the best from tbe aa i scion
tn:, studies. John O. .argent, a bo ss as railed upo
H'M. iiiiiil.? ii st ! il.ont the u polyglc
triouuial catalogue/ and closed with a hiuiioron
? ?I '-: an mle ol Horace. Mr. |
mouth, si . I
lhere !!!iiiiiiei-.-.l thirty-one members, .?! ss h"ii. sen
I sc t.-.1.-ii.-I - lil the Universitj and tsi
?t era nv< re) era,
il-,'-( limn ?.-, M. Depea responded afte
?' of '.vli.-it Iv- -
ag hera alone, el
i ? pt a I
I bad a
I. ?? . ; ? '? ? ir
I J lit
fio.n lu- .,
'? John ll ii. ii i and
* .- .* oar dinner b
) , mid (ni
tue knife under tbe fifth nu nnd
that then ?** .
??? cm! ! nu
with Har ard gore, and I ut . i ?
gel ii- pl ?
' .: r ic ii {hera ..re ii
??ts ss * begin with a plowln* tribute t.
lue. 1 it 1 kn..s<
"? .i ; i ii - :
* more gives tc alas thaa io milk laughter.
I bad , - ii i g td ti na b ir* Co u se ir
bat it is ?? to be preaeni
to-night It seem* to me thal tho-* feasts to which wi
ero ins it. : sss ol the world b
Egyptian fi
ni i" admonlab tot .
tho huh.. |ex-on hs- taking from tbi
?.ni;, iif i be eaetny thejuie s*t and th* nm-,, |os i
person in oidi-r mat ho may remind yoi
.f T.,ur mortality. That is tho re..-, i Mr i
?.. represent th* Juicy sk sisal
, nnd r mn herc this y--iir tu represent tb<
. mchter.] Por a Yal* mao to or ?
Harvard board ks reira-d-d by us ao a dUunoUon, Imi it
daces ute in irreai peril when I return. They all want tc
? . in laid mid wsal von .i'd. an.i abet- [n_d_r
.ike to relat. it i "c-iiiis tbe sain* rnlation -.*
rb i L- >? * i I* exp.irl
?nee I !?? si i:"i ? sra mir iii- rblnftains with the -
uiotiume. ...re [4ire.it
?r.ih th* ' H' rep le .
? .
,i .cu at
President INn-ter of Tale. ?ald recent It thal '
,, lpn** i.r 11
, in i-?:..!? - . liff. en. ?
, '? -
' I.si ?!?> -lillie i.f
ed more .-ii: ?-, !u_n "iher lu?
lu .Ul ul
: - - degree until
?? iwiiuatt. l, '-.|, *i ibe
,... tin preaeni graduate of Har*
, .
II I Tl ,11,,I
Mill off i" prodn. e :. i:- M ? nd : ?? i be
ni! .*-\ "
I ti Iii,.- *
\>-r met n * - -. lamenting
? imii.', i
?o; we eau gel i :.i. more out of Holme-, _i?l
' I) -ti cl A't.r-n- P (titl
? : of the duh win. showed !n
i foi - s ? . v..-.-? bj lins m. t Un.
lars .i:il men a
.. -lui s of a
I! iud
Illili- I'ltll. . 111! I..-cn
.-cn'' il upon them. Bul
ol per
iou be ^ mu, but i
s h.* possessed the esteem o! the club h -;
... le "'.
id l.l. i aylor, and
hen t he company
di -ll f lil COLLEGE ALI M I I i ?" ET.
. M s m.ir,
'li,uni np Lafayette ('-.ll.-*.* gathered
thc Hotel ? . .'i-i* ???!> ..i-i i-v.-1. in. for the ?.id annual
s m Y'.rk iiiiiinu. ._? oeiatton "f the eollege,
- M. Knox, Etof-S
- . ? : King . ?-?? ? -? i (t. March,of 1
imta ry. Prottorot I l' 0. Boort, of Colombia i Pro
saor'-n-oi.i Parrln, of tbe Jefferson kl . i
. Of ir' me**,, and tie- i ? . I.* -
- ? hosea !'p Identj it
? ? > SS,...it. '48, rn-- - ?
r. v. h. (
: " ?? tt, '61, ''.
\'. ben si
I for the fin I K
R . '. a
, , Il A'.td
the v ? -r of thi
ir. i
? . Ol
4* .
. . '. Iv.:' fhl"
met, ii"t ? I funus,
? A. March spoke ob th ' study at
, ? ? - I
?. ? i -.' n.?-?cds of
of il.
tu.ly ol
of I."pli-tl I
: ut thia.
yetto, fi I Wi"4
th* board af -raassss ao aeanasl
?i liirn-rit tuat tim 0-lleg* ha-l
-.-ii niuniiiK h beak ae.*ount ol u
ter we ' ad .,, i ?. .-?? -
I wai mci hy
? ?
lake a d . lom tn,*
ed lt all ]
?..noni for
. vr found n - ; S13,0oo,
' "
. ? irf* Joni ms, Jr.. on
Tho A,uini.i ? ' -BS -BW. l>r. C. A.
usia?a. on ? I.". -' -tioiar tn _-*_?_____,
i Hr l;,_-r.i li. IOi ?-.' "I .. LU
. J. w
?,.'.,._,,,? ['*,*( ? li* |_*w"; Professor -hei*
.L'-*r*rwiu,-a "ibu .oUogc aud bbs -le-l'.-i 1';-.'?_-.
sion"i Profrnsor W. F. Owen, of Lafnyette, "Mnst rho
(.roelts (roi"; and Professor J. C. -fadtoTxte, of I__w
renuesTlUc, V. J., ob " Interuietliale Education."
i st ide sis in soa Err.
Mis* Kiite} Rrennan, daughter of the Into
Ehoriir Matthew T. Brennan, wa* married to Dr. Louis W.
.**?<? li i'.'t/.e, (a* minion at Caastle (iard, n, yesterday after
ii'iui at the I.ri.le's home. No. Bl 1 I wt Oiie-huiidn .1 _?_?
six teen th st. Th* (rrootusmen wore Ur. Troufraao and
I>r. (illaro. The ushers were Hrs. Wilder, Ht. U and
("i.sder, and J. Hams, William (lark ami (.-aries Hrowa.
The l.rt.l-siu.ildo wert) ___? .-chintz* and Miss liieunan.
Thc bride sm ____*i in a white satin rats having a pcir!
einbroidor.*.! fi .nt and lillumines of i>ot>ir lace. Her li.ee
volt wtis -nn.lit with orang'*, flowers and diamonds. The
bridesmaid.-, w.tc dr.-s.ed In short trained costume*, hthk*
Behan a*, halag of whit.- ottoman and Mis* Bgeaaaa'i <>t
pttm -urah. Thor carrie,) La Fran'-* and J*.<.|UemlD'/t.
- is g.is-ly decor-tad, a flnr.il areli and
a il sswhs-kg-Bf over the stlds and green- a largs
numhor of people wore present. Thc married couple will
spend four weeks In the South.
Miss .full* Isabel NVriol.s, l__B__tflf of the lat* Leroy
Mein,ls, wa* Bisrrlsi ?C___tal I'. QoS-MU tin* STSBtag, I
st tho Chere- af the Heavenly Kest. h> the Kev. Iir Hav
Uai.d. A. EdwaN Pond wa* tho Lest m.in. The nullera
wore Efear) c. West**, __s*bm sii.pp.r.!, Bafaart I* noe.
F. H. Hilliard, Jesse 8. Keys and William T. Hayward.
The bride's tol'.et was a combination of whi'e satin and
darna gi, h"r veil being of tulle. There wa* no reception.
Tho ninth annual charity ball in aid nf tin* j*, r. *mith
Infirmary of Staten Tst-n.t wa* held la tts evening al ch.*
(rennanU Club Rooms, .*4taplet<.u. Tho ttcfects wei-* $.*>
oa'-h. Nearly all the prowdasat laaMsntS nf the Island
N it* present. (.rafu.U's band furnished the mu-ie. Sup?
per was *er?ed from ll to 1 o'clock. The llseept-BB
rornniittee was composed of Qtstag William Curt!*,
chairman; I.ri-.'ni Brooks, OoTg* Brown, t'. ". V.. A.
?1 .--?: Iseh, charles A. nerplrh. I/nils C. Johnson, PhtM
Vf. Judd. Marat. Kini:, William Ki-erm, Jami* ftflTsTBTT.
rh Maro. Lanai H. Meyer, Nicholas OL Miller,
W. H. Nichol's, li. H. Norvell, John II. Pool. rsW'.tt
St-J-rd, William ?stuisli.-rc. G. H. lompkln.s, Kneeland
g.TOWBSS-d, Fred"ri*k Watts .ind D. J. H. Wuess lbs
ag Committee consisted of _rastas wls-sa, i.i.
IngatoBHattwlee,L Kinir*i-v Martin, c.. c STornaU, T.
M. Ki.tnhai'l and A|Ull? l'.l. h. Iv n.au BL Frie/e, j.-., was
ehalrmau of 'Le Floor Commlt-w," and be **_s aa-Ul-d bj
Krna-t F. Hiriningham. . M. Butler. H . P. O. Bu.-kiln.
Henry Caesar, Kotoo L ( erroll, Louis CoagduB, lt. (on
vn?bam. John ( uthti.-rt-.on..I. K. Dlx.Oeorg* Endicott, J.
rd Faber, ti, II Im-if, t. M. Harvey, J
Askcll, Oodfroy Kis-.cH, Shipley Jone*, E.
lentilhon. > )<*nr_e O. I^.nl, Charles M- Namer,
Nathanial Marah, 8. -toward Martin, ne r. - Middle?
brook, Fmnk ( - Millar. V. EL O-terkrldge, .,. a. Post, II.
Ii. Rich, Walter Kon-.__.iu, W. C. R ri X Ci .rl.-si, T*j
lor. H. W. J Telfair, E. Twinning, II. O. Van Vee bren.
-itbnr I. Vyne, W. T. Temple, C. I- Whltmaai and W,
[twight Winiau. .\!ij'.._ th* ladl - i.-e-.-nt *-,, M ?
Reed Benedict, Mn D M i ?m. Mrs. Sidney De
Kh-. M**?. I-.:i is is pin wail, ;--. Batteries -s
lira. Horace Bodinc, Mr*. E. Brook*, Mr*. F. (? Boyd.
. Mr* [.eater SS- ? ii | M . H.- .rv
Crosbie. Mr*. H. P. Del-Held, Mr*. J ? - - s, Mm.
iienrr l yre, Mr*, kviierbardFaber, Mrs. Porguaon. Mrs
ie. Mri. tl. Vi. Holyoke,
Hr* i.usiav Kl.-s.li, Mrs. Edward Lin
" I rs. Be
i-l Boo*, reit. Mr-. I. Batteries,
st J. II..-., r-m.-r, Mri. A;.,mi rh"! - Hrs. ll
i. Mi - i. ''. Vermllye,
. .si i?. lt. ' tra
i. in i Mr- .T..iin Wright,
onre and Miss Moore rave a reception
nu. lug in Ute .-. suing a; .v>. l-l I
. . , -: j
hro-ade and M'.*, Mo.
lace, Among wet*
? I ranklin,
llostot ' ?
il a.imi,.-. ir. Mr. and Mr*, rhoinua Rutter, M
J..hu _ Ar. h.i.I Hrs. D. B.
Hrs. Hubert Van V, ? Pent! an ! Hiss Vurkcr.
g, a* N'o. ill I i .:?: Il --'.. !
Mis* til in' h Bari
-,|, in.ii ur. i tl i'i-' tented
. and Hr*. Rogi r A.
IT).., Miss Pryor, deneral ami M;* Newton, L't
** Car ii l Lee, .md Dr. Mundy,
ig aa
, in:-* _1 Tin- ir i--.; or jk< Bi: I'.snv
run i\ciii'y-i v.
Washington, i'eb. 21.?The residence of
ta wm thc Mea* of a large and brllli
;,it being tbe last o
diplomatic reception* for tha ie gneati were
r?, > is'-.i i'. i and th* Mlsiss Pretlnghuysen,
-Unghuysea, who bas heen IU wttii u Mrera cold
fur son- days, not being abie to join them. A number of
?ii Blew-York sad ether cities were
Ikara were nuuy elegant toilets aad a display of lins
te sv'ls. Ml il ii* -nghaysea wore pearl it-ray china crepe
sv.i'.i broad baud- of -.niton lao*, aqiitue c.:.. age
bouquet or Jacqueminot roM -nd s necklace of pearls,
itt* brsead ?
ta, 'Ti,cn' il
ti toquette of Hrs. Bi ie w:is with
h?r Mu, R -oro whit1
svt'h ji ii.*-,; lace, ti.s\.-'s, inw ,??.!
s.i.e. In- gi i e. )ir?e-;et*, and a ? ?
? with pearla and emerald- Mn Ce*
sola, ac ed by Ueneral Cesnola, nore a train of
bia ii ? (Toni of s?int,; >orded -
? . Ucl wu* roso eok) n lr;dn.
red sith ? ? ? _Sir rt"^-ers, point
Ure finishing tbe eorssge, aad dil ? M ii
.rn -i re bia. _ tall* ? ?..-.-? i trim
. it embrolderie*. The
Ilsa. Mrs. li ? .- a Ith
? h. ilrn
? rmp pink saiin a\d tulle, high
;?; -if rs-I r, -.--. Her count)
Hrs, Cadj, of
N, w fork, wore raby v.isor, point lat aad dis
Mrs. Bj i____n,ac4*omp_aled by Kepreaontatire Kel
' dimoB-s.
i ra Hr sad Br*. n.*iry c.
Bowen and u. Mr. is I
- '. ? ? Hr, and .Mrs. I'huries
-i [.tn. oin or t Inclnnatl,
D, 'Ai hot of Belgium, < ie-ei.i Mr- Hhsrldaa, Mr
- K New-York, tho Mani-ls [?? -,
crs. Among t'l- later ai i
.- iom wi- pm...
? |
UH lan..ly.
Th annnnl m r of I he ''is il Scrrice Ri*
form Asiot lattes nf Br-oklya wm held iaal en olag iu the
eui iou Building
? rom wi II, preald at, wm
Uread th* saanal ri port, asttln ? I
progr n which wm raade in rivil Bervtce Befoi
> -ar in the Nation, Stat*andolty. Th* receipt*of tho
the expenditures *?t?lo u.
l; r ara -ere thea elected for the samlag
rear: President. \s iliunO. Low; v-,.--ir'*
ll ? ehraa, frederich Cromwell -thea Alles
. i. iv. Jouul
if Mayor f/?w. He
made .
? ilec fur
...ii tor his ii
While eros ing Columbi) !ron
st., Bl
ind step "d on
- gar, ile ss i* m - l In a
..'*ir???y '
ALUMNA OF J OR ' MM ll ' ' INO. '
The Alomn \ n of Gnunniar School
. ?'
lng Dr.
li . .? md J.K. i
war*- at.
A iii.in. ?_:?- thonl lottj two, was lound on
- takefl
mad i
,r ga. M Ohs ' * \ bottle ? :
: , .vrt.1 U) th* I , ai.
- .?
I-fg !___-'IT FOB BIG iMY.
li. L. Ii. li isvcs of No. (Il Lawreai e *t.. sv..s ar
Lft-gMs. MM Juj_io* \Vai_U. __ Us* Ut] Hill
Police Court yesterday, upon a charge of blgam:
preferred by Mrs. Annie E. liawea. She aeoert*
that he wm married to her on December 2,198:
by the Rev. J. H. Chadwick, under the nam* of J
L_ Hayes. When she learned his real name si
had the ceremony performed again br the Re*
I iiotn.is L<>dge, on Tkeesuiber 1,5. Frederick Va
l-fton of Aulturn, N. Y., alleges that Hawes wi
married in l-,t,7. ttl Waterloo, If. Y., to Miss f'cli
blj DOM, win, |g still lils wife. Th* prisoner ple?<]
sd not guilty, aud was ___t to Jail to be examine
oil Motility.
The coffins oontaintng the bodies of Lieutenant
C-e-S-ianaW De Long a)id those who died with Im
in tho Leia Lelia |-__a_BSdOSJ th* pier of the ILam
Itiirir-Anit-ican Packet Company at Hoboken ye*
lenity. Pulls were ___wwmore. the collins, ur*.
which were placed the sv rent hs presented (luring th
homeward jt'tiniey nf the Iwd-SB. After the ct dil n
were arranged Mrs. DeLang paid a brief Heil tn ti.
pur. Company C of Ute l?th Regiment of th
National G-nard of New-Jersey acted as a guard a
honor over the bodies, reiniuniug on duty tlir.nig
the night.
Workmen were busy ar the Navy Vs*rd complain
the decorations in the Einipment Building, when
the bodies w,II lie in state to-day. The Iftfi at th*
Navy Yard, at Governor's Island, on the shipping it
'he harbor, on th* City Hall, ami on many othei
_________ in this city and in Brooklyn were ut hull
mast and will be kept so until af fr the funeral.
The nra session whleh will to ttsj ssoml tho dead
heroes from _vr \0. 1 to tho Navy Yard wil!
leave t.'ie Mattery at noon. As it start* a
salute wiil be fired from Castle William and se Um
arrival of tba head of the procession at the Navj
ferd ii salute will he fired fruin the battery oi
the Cob Dock. The escort will consist of sailors
and mariner from the Navy Yard and the ships-of
war in the port; Regular Ax my soldiers from th*
_ry posts in the harbor, and the 83d ami 8Bt_
Regiments, NatiunaKiuard: the Bur! of Aldenneiu
a c,i|iii,i;i te,- of the giaduu'es ot fiie Behool shir,
St, Mars 'h and lha eu a tfues et other Aretie ezpe
ditions. Tho BeoretSJrY of the Navy, COBBSBodori
English, ConiB-odore I'pshur and other nava
officers (lonernl Hancock, tho ILissian Ifinistsr,
and others will be in the pro-ea-ion. Of tho sfseati
attached to thejnniataen the Polaris ssageb ex pe*
ditionof which Iilontenanl I lon*__a-)_et I le Long wa
aarigatorand Lientenaal *.'uipp watch o_-e-ff,thet*i
will probably be preaeni I sptain Daniel L. Bra! ne,
Commander Edgar C, Uorrimaa, Lientennnts E. P.
McClellan, F. H. Upton snd Bamael P.Ce
Paymaster I*. 8. Thompson, Chief Engineer H. ll
- and Passed Assist mt Engineer Henry E
The procession swill pass np Broadway and mort
ibywayof the Brooklyn Bridgi
and enter the seel gate of the yard la
Flnshing-are. rhe military and narai escort wi;
draw up in froutol the Equipment Building ssirii
' I anns the I ted In
the catafalque. The bodies will bo borrie or. open
biers so that the bronze casket, aud the a
tba pi i tbe Delta of rh- --ena i_ Ham?
burg will be in pla i
ii. ii., r for L dora!
emblems presented is,m.- fron i ? ? - nd Mrs
Ward in memory "f Lieutenant Chip
Ins crew, lr consist* of a -.-nus wheel
ot lunn irtellee and i- -. On I
it is given. Vi hen tl.e bodies are placeil in the tai
. ie :i guai il of boone of maria-* mil be posted
arouud it and remain there nntil tbe 1.__..-- ure re
mored. \ salute will be fired from Fort Greene bj
the iii Battery ss hen tho procession rescbe* rii.
?it ".ii
hu* issued i the Hags on the Custom Hoa**?
iimi tnt- Barge Office to be displayed at b-lf-niasi
Admission to thc church of the Holy Trinity al
the funeral services to-morrow will be by I
until after th funeral party bas entered. Admis?
sion to ihe imii.il train to Woodlawn Cenieterj
iIso be bs ti< k?*t. The High Musi of Requient
for Jerome J. Collins will be held lu the Cat
ii, i :i ilreadyannounced. The body <>1
Mr. Colline's mother, wno died after her son. de*
re for the Arctic region, will be taken from
ti,i- receiving tomb, where ir hus been since l-.ei
death, and placed beside thai of h-r son tn tnt
( uiliciiri i. iii-, two bod-ss ss iii be sent to Ireland
for buriaL
? In,!.
"I don't rhmk the nomination nf Arthur,
Lo m. Ll nco. _ or Blain ? cou d no :i*mij'l th* sup
i"!t ii' .1 majority ot th voters. Edmond*, r.v.irr*
. 't, I ti ink, ts mi,, li
hut I think lt * nt for
the pn.iv to risk (tis nomination nf any "'io ol
im se gent lenten. -Tot) . . .
itor HarrUoi
rltuuii; rliuiigh, ??: eo)irse, do on.
Ibe holding of th.nreutlos. I know, ?r
? ii iltantion th* pt
. m.. i., ? ul >r and In.lep?ndei I - I
ni h..hi i m. :-... ;i or ix- ?
.ORKKK Mr.N:-ii,v::r>.
The :i"--i dc of urn united ami i oh
election ot il
m it Chicana rho svii:
ur ii.,* nomination of tome one person other
, __,
?*??:*.*- mien -li, -, In rei tain v:
? i i? ; ihe teudencj of | - - tlmenl ls de?
nt of ire ni!.. ... lj lu 'ii- matter.
? ri unalilii to ii.
tion of bootlllty io hun ..;i the
sr-York men ? ith*
li >.
tr ?!.
Thc presence of _1.hu ??. ?'. I >. Warn ti. 1 >. W.
,nn to
N.ilie Of th* tf.-lltlelll. !l is siinl.-v. li ** .
to the boys In lin; .min sr office: -N-st-t
iln fell
ti -i'"ii i"- i lc* is mi true ss the freijiient ann
mont that President trrtburnoniesfoXew-Yorkt ty only
!,, ?? nock lui on t.i io papers " It uaelicyedtnat he comos
lhere *
? t, ..in -,, Impersonate tUcir Li.-st roles, al
I..... -, U*-I ??!> ," ? -I'' fi ?? ?" ?
from ? ie feu H ?
The candidacy <>f Arthuris i com
ini utary un the con" *-- He
ls io be pushed for S i * -irt
.: ? ... speak more explicitly.
? ? ? . i of
iiiistn.ii.,n " % aa equi
lion nf tlie kind " .i'i..*. ri ito. ? ??
*-qual_i I sve fancy the lndep. ndent citlzea*
cv i j .ole f-..r u. ii noremb-i i...
F.d'turiiii i rretpui ilene*, lenna finite Trmimeript /?.*/'
In spite of the talk about the power of -"ed?
it e-'in dem lu ; ii-* Kouth ' ? lend mild
* ? Arr mir, a ver v
- -ere i mit tin
' N., m..n ? tho Houth
t mingled of late *
. rs,.mil pupnliirltv >,f i,
:i soetion, pm tieul irly ii ( L.m
<ate tfl I lie
- -
B ti..
-out li, .tut 1'' ? - - * inn
: ? ? .
r.iii, party,
...ni.- of tbeu now . ' ?
<ert t hat the nomination of Logan would break tu- i
- ..n.t jud Ar
, for
s -ru.ss- si;r -; sr; -I.- *., _i ARTHUR- pi e* it roy.
in tn thia tune Presidfnt Ai thur baa remained
H.u'i r--.ir.ln.. Iii- os* u ? ..in.i'lj't foi ii,e next noiniuii
, ,) l..i
n. Blierman and Blaine euell had a v.*rv
mc..- r,> .c.sviint. Hu-1'.' d that he i_
i*nt Arthur desires an Indorsement of
Mud by tu. i un von rion I. secure mi* ho
.. i*eoi)Ie. rh* Pnaldent
? ii I. -.--?.,? .
. .< nommatl
lout for liiui. _
ii,i. s ms -nt "lin i:> POI s
... . <t
Log :;i is sstouitUung ? k.1 nu-fflj i>-<*
Iho il.*
.-, t. ,t p ,. -? lt- 1.1- iptured a
of the oouthern s-io. thou.h not
,,!,,- ?inc, s bur w_* _u^p.**o.i laoBoti
ii Jj a li' ?, li.'ii. r*? ? I, Hie
? itier-ii anion-.-touthern
? ui to itielr
kill ut. ts til -
* M -l|.e, I, il lll.it ??Hlllv
.press - tot Ai !'i
I ? Vs sn
(,,,-i,- .? res** !:? i> ii'.nm.
,-i ... i k. th* i>- rty la. I Hinckley,
. who
,,:n.il. ot tn" -(..le . oin>nII I.-.- t, li.-it the lieimilil?
li. I I'*t Victory R] fVxa* lu lMrtH**,
s rot -i-sUni
lld Pus Us***
two Sar lascaa, aad 'iioy s.u.l l^tycu wm_M n't _u uu
Mfel U Uu_H*_._ (na. ?-__ aUU. k-_..'?*,.f Lo-aaUU-.
la for Locan, Canaday. of x"ort_ Parollna, says the dele*
ration of that State 7* good for L-SB-B. Tnaoe tte te ross
to show that Logan's caotlldacy, whiob wa* once lan*-vd
st. ha* grown to t.e _ serious thin*. As to Arthur tf.*ra
1* ? strang* variety of opinion, ("er+alnlv thor* ar* f*W
who.il.-i_-ut.roin th* view that he ha* rapidly lost grouad
In th* last month. It w_* then thought that he had the
tsouthern vote In his hao<L But now it duo* not look a* If
he could got half th* vote In that region. Mr. Logan le
cutting a big swath through t_*m.
GENERAL .-".ri-LES Wot Lil st.l'I'OKT LOOA*.
Jnterrime tn The Kati ?rrjio,. ' ./?._?_.
"I look at iiolirical niatti-ra from a military
point of view. Tlie coiiBrrv owe* a <|.-.ii at rratuud'- te
the soMlers for saving tho Oovormii--n:. S-ki fholw-iole,
psapla, North or ev..urn, from aaarehy nod eaafaslse- I
vated al Um Uurt elecOoo for General Haaeork Beenna.
h? w.s a great soldier and I think woo 1<I bareaaaosj
riHsi Preeldont My ayaisaS-teseta witu Uss tHwnmrma
party, i.ut I will sav lins, thar of ail tb* name* iii-,.ti"ue4
a-!'.,*[": . Utes, should tb* eos ,!.'_ir?
liomin.?t* ' keaoral I>'.iii, I iball feel eon ." ll. 'I to oipuort
him, ami for tal* rsaeoa: Lotaa parhi rot-de?
gree than any ..flier j.-rsoli ll. .is .1 lite eui lil nos tin- sue
seller md r .. ? ? *ee of
th* most conspicuous rolnnteer eoau-iaadoes, irnt is ul**
;,-i t..-s.'.| ny the great rapfalns of tlie regular sraur, such
- -ii,I..ii, -mt I believe if th*) -B>
ia* noadnat* hun ':<? w:ii narry the snld-Sf vote to a
?tin snd Im siwa ti isof nany Ilea*. Ula amati m ?
.In r I- not lulen ir I., inj am . and In paoli* ". ;? i kt* l'f*
tb*esarge ha* yet to ba maila affecting m.* uiieg.-tty la
it rei.1.1!.- .1. pi e.
Fruin ! I,r t'.r.a lltrnl.1 ,.
A* the mnrri-r stands to-il.n .ss ith no in..itiv_,
persa.riiil cKiivaos being mad* fer .hiv camll-iate otra
Arthur, he ls likely tn get the il..- ki di - *Bl-B
from mew-York, without mucn referea ?- to whether the
lion's share of tho Republiei.iii <,t the Male f?vor I,ts
in.iiiltiafionorn.it. President Arttin-'s Mead* oil**,**
and Intend toamka M appear that h.* is the choice of
New-York, ).-,- pn*sa? lng _Mm_elves of ? preponderaae*
of the iloie<n>s. This puns.-*, ks* beea siuneicmly
cvMeat for some time hacg. The univ ipi ratha. at?)U- il
ls, whether tho Flejtu'.ltcans of Now-York't'*siro a-,i mn
wi!!';:. t>> t?* sn represented at Chli ego, ninl if not, what
tiley 0l-f__* to do -inuit lt.
A BHOBTAOI OF two ftivdi-.i f. mer-a VD.
rrom Th* Xetr York im.
Of late* wc have heard .Tennent reference)
maiic ta. th.it fi Iii Hons 11 pr nealon of Mr. graft* hi seas*
meeting some mun :,:iice on lins pr...-jx. t- o' Mr. Artliur
in N> vs- York. That li-gid luminary and wit remark..d
-hat aes-*-"shortage of 800,000 s..t.-s in thin Stat*
sho.ii.i not be overlooked hy thone Bepahltcaas who wor*
socifiii. to carry Hew-Tori den. A? ih*
?'sh"i1 ig'-" ni T.?t,es was'll.civero.l In thc caso of Mr.
Arthur, rs-didst* r..r Ooyer__r. tim Inference of Mr.
Kvarto is tli-t tho-iainic .' ' 'ind in tb*
vote >n Mr. Arthur ? eandutaro tor the Presidency.
Wa-S-k-VOTOV, Fab. JI.?fm Si w-KtigIn.n1,
partly elniuls weather, light anns** lu BBCtassi portion,
ss-uni-, generally from .outli to went. BsH-Bg to.lowed hy a
Bligh! rise la ii.'-'oincfr. a lUg-U risc li' ?
I"..r Uss Middle Alls -*...-, ?_
t?. -vet wind temperate . I
?ti sort
For Tsanessee sad 1 ? s -*..?t
oriy wtadfl ihtftiag utaoutmmttf sa itiday, r___kgis-kr-_|
t.y fuliinif barometer, falling followed hy *,<,*? ly rt-ing
...r thc Lower Leta iwgkia. fsli aisthri ileailag-l
eastern portions, w .--t.-i i v tn mut berty wind*, rising
srometer. colder weataer ob Friday
morning ?? ting temper_taf_i
TRinrNE local oasEBVATiOMH
? f-too-Ui Manus* SigSC-1 ''V._.
,._ ! : - 3 * f, ?s - - i s t u 9-roiil :?''I*
- -.-I _
?linea', rta* s^i-p-n,._? i"i-i jim ? ,
... t _.
(Ut ?r ? ... > . ' ,- M Iwiy
TsircN. Omen, Kei> j-.'.-i a. m. ? rho in is-c-non- ia
rh.-, barometeryeaterdaj waa .i.i*-uw.n.i until ss
Tho tem . .i.'l 3T*, thc _s.-r
sge _o?i betas 'H lowertbaa* ipondlag dag
,- - . iwei tli in ?" W
.... i- IU.IS ? .
peeled to-d.ty In this city amt \ ?
Tw? e\|,orii*m'c.l p_y_i*__*o Spec Se c.*
.' ? T . t
Mo*d "r -.kui dioo**** F.TMtnlnHti.iii iii Ic hi ?
I.undhor_'s P-rfume. I
Landborgs Psrl-m-, Mar6ilia! N.sl noun.
Lnnd-org ?
Land! - . una Uly "?'tlj'' - -
? ?
n?i neil's Kallista,.i ls cooli ag > . ? a.: ..vt _r
ht har ?otter'* r-skl?ea Charl** st., ?f om __. --nth tse
tra.ia on Mic loth Ol Hp hf ST, l-.-i, -I.s. SS alu-f lr ?
Bhic.-. ot i O-'U lp r.
M IR i.i' H.
<-??*- a?BB ' "? 1 '- -11 nay rebrasry SS, hv tn*
Lafaj ) Harrie.to > -.. iU af
this city
i.NiiV (in i ? * ?
I f
K n ii,n - - Ingham if Haitilt
, | ? '1 .Ml
???-I.?>. i.f i-ir.?if.*r.l.
Mi.S KIM. lt S' I.I -' tl ? I ??-,,?, .Ssfnn- U.prl*
t bur 'i tn New. ? . . /
1-. l--i by the Hov I PW 14- '..?".. i' !?. .,.iu-f*
i ?: - . ? .'. .ii*
- .-. i \ , n x.
. .
- .- i ' i , I I
nant* and tufdrett.
- 'a
tin- 1711 i ii >r ,,( iei ii.-e, -.. a*
ii rn, i
? - s.
HI, I I ... - | > Ul
Hil-- ?ii 11..... - v- r i ',,i >l',?:..-,.... , ."?,- . . | . _i..i.?l
-?- Nu i,.i i ii ii v Aafhvsaaaa i??i^e, \?.
ta, ?s ut. fi-ion - *
fu.ni' . from >,i? i..' -i
il, i,, ? M_7 JJ, at i ji. m.
I Iltel.'llelU pfl. _:o ,,u -alu. i uv
ll 'I.' * ??
t ot a sb .*_?
. I r,
. -
. ? a
Ss ,i , : si tb W .ii . ,'i_i st , from i
d-v . i-,!'I-u.i. -
lill! i i i
- -Is , ia
SI'll'l! ' ' ' ' f
. I . ' ? ?
NORTH ... ? ti.
den. e ui bil ? ? ? ?
i i^e
Notice of run. i-i titi ?
. . l-.-lirna.-v jil - . . - .sr of
lu'iiiu- I'ea. ?'?-?
?? B ? - I th* Lois]
? ? nook a -o
4 a' t..ia , ? ?
Pleas* Omit Howers
IMS S i. i-.-I.r.iai fi I ? <t
W Payne, *on of tb* Bel * . of tchou***
. ilH.
sex? Hartfui-d - it
man, SSI! Bt St , lin ii ll lt,i ii..
-Milli-tt ,- ie,.t_T robraary SSL t tao rash-ss** ''-"Ot
?: w al
>i.[.|,, ii ?--ii.!ii ol Now-1
. ., rv,, .iou I
.- SI I I l! - If
.N.-W i'm !i .., n i ? . _ m.
' - ?_,
mi (liaud i out oi li, i.,-- , ?
New-R-chalh) at Vi 40 a
st Mt Ki.-.. f*y -I,
lil th* 'T",.t *?'-..
\ -Boral f- - . i J p. m.
mRtt\\\ Xo.icc-j
|rS_MSt 'le-orm'*.
T\\e ? K kV E ' '*?
Ftaen-inu-ieutal 11'. 11 '?
an!*si ?.
i .i i?'#iy, c. w i vtfc.
i-*?-l llm.-e >"ti. e.
l.t'lrrttir '- ,-.-?.
? '?- irs foti If it,
jiielj a * ? ? ? ? i'i *_r_*i
bf uitfl-siost **?s?*'? af. lilli
.-i.ur-'ao.s.jt-.a* ??_* la-laggsbissry ga, trdioi-M-S
fl, I i ll, iii (1*4
? ? i *. a
i-. ii ss _>_, .; ri* >... ean*; si -1 .... ut .\etr.
*_.l_lill - t. I'" ll'1 _l.,|U.-.l..l. TU ll_i. _?..
--.iLiviiAH ai '? i -? in , r ? a
uuei, ti.i mU Hreidou (lotter* for .roai
H io 'hr-Hil?_
??per'Mer "', ot :. io j m f,.. -., ,,i.,: ?. i.-t, per*.*,
I ri mia, yia'.i.'.n.iTT . at 1 p in. f.c , . | u^my
tiiiiaa. pei s. a. (..nani -t Idhi \>. m. tor tuna and
i olio tues, pel s t. Newport Ma Havana, al i ..it u. ia.
Bulfiutntl tii.ii.ri s -?*it/er!a_i(. via Antwerp.
I.?Al ! ry m. inr h.....Unas and Livingston.p?e
a. a l.ii.-T- P Itlui r, via N*a or..-..ns.
_tai.s mr i u.naau.i Japau, per a. _ t)<-e_ulo via Han Kraa>
BhBMS, close tiers .stun h *1 *!_?>? U.uis lor au*.
trau- Noa -'oaUu.l. -.an.lwl.h _u.l Fiji laiai.aa sor ?. _
Aaatiai.a |Via -au Fl',.. ?! _?? Ii *s al S
I*, ni. (se SB atrirai at N?w-York al a - UrUaualS
sst uti Iii mau uuulo lui Australia).
a-1-eso'ie.ioiauf i. iain .-of tran*.i*_m_o aukUn i srt-_-*8d_a
ti.. ,.r-i i u ,-iuii . matt 11. i. -rripM.1 ovartant trantitta
San Kraaois a Maits rn- vat t-.AU am vin i BS na* ?* Weat
. i-i.c-MM. ou Ui* _*/ ol _____ <*4 no n-rs trt BBBtBBmm
uiuc. u. aaaaasjk -^ _ . _aRH.>N. tsmmotunx
i'wotuillc*. Nsw \.r? N \. Fetir-ary a.. UjShj_
Keu_> This llorul_?. ~*
ntm lo wr_pp?r iroswlr for nialUng), 8 cento par *opf.
i ii.- . ?|.). olio roar, floo, ton cpl.va __J au *i__, lia,
l*u*i_*c iu au uatMM) troo ui ibo Biitiwn-or.
1-tD. i..i-,L.s_, is.w.iai-.

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