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riO>? OP I'AIil.HMl M.
(ir-iMttll --T T>. Tltr TP.lRPNl'.l
London, Man ii io.
Mr. n. ri-. kat been Mimd in alum htm
wtftobepal ni n.iiiiiiitit.oii ii-* ii Liberal ea nd kiata
for Lt ? 1 li.it iii i .nu-.! ni a lotter which haa
t'ln fi,I-- ita tn im. nt n.i, ic-t. Tin' hist lathe state
ul Bia lu .ilt--.. which M - leelaraa to ha wtttm
th.if thedtacharge nt I'..-. Inn,marv .into* would
l..- rn p., - li. t.i him. Be haa mit .lui.-.1 mit for
-. iiin. he i ntiiiit -t. uni tip
Meat '?! .1 dint* i-;.. itv. At hil beal ht t un v rita, .ir
rather <i.> tnt.-. but 1 iy, mnl if la
tonk t!-..- Li wi- fe, a ith
c.- tat at -. h v oakd I U . ll
I i other v. I - i .l.-.l'.. ,,
?taiit lhaa Liateninn tn debated and -
M't.-s, aad h,> d,.es ip>t tli uk he shouldi ?
. ? Lrui^-. Mr s it. an.l
tn the Mtv -ink pu criti ' na he ? I e pi ?*?
eat \:i!ne ,.i r.ul.ii in nt. .--.iii! mi the iiiilin-m?>? ol
ti. Hooa ... I I be common
.ie of both he declaim ta be too high, ile
"i pa
1 be Hon
bordiaate to pu 1! en
folloi illili:
. rt .'"in it.li i. muk illili \\>- ;ire np
_ i al
tn.,?!? eni ?>: du
, .lilli li -". ' ? ? t-l || I', ? ! k "I i< k
? .i difj '
- ? - rd in st 1 I !
sl.'.il .1 li I gain'influence, hnl I' ! ]n !' should
fl urn i wi ii. .- ..ini i>-1 outing a
- nor Kiri .
the i..ip.' be chance lo a hit h Mr.
Uerh -. i in call ai
t. nt un.. I'lu- r ? !. [the lu-i'i'tt i to
Manta a aa eoi e .i -..- ,;
I . nt rtli coueidernble. Tbenoui ree
il owe a .ait.mi deference to hia patron, bnl
aane vh.it. v.-r to tl
.linnell in tin Ll->t
? ? ? -. nndt-r
. (iou to nobody. Wbi ?? Uui koeal i?iV\
oarn master. Wh.-ii he wenl ti Briatol
thal the prejudice* ol
I-..- uhlofa nd in- p o"?? I from
I al t,. t'.
li membera ol Parlia
? ?'?> I' .ii -
jnainted than the]
Tn- ? -
bard t-i date
lt in th.- Reform Bill ot 1832. ll.
lli.li: ' irtati in. I li
ia turned tbe French Deputy into a mere
tnl a deni
,,| the i nm '
which it takee an intel rt .
. -ti;, h. h electorate. The
1 ?? i Radical, u cepti not only ? iimn
D imp. ratire auuidate. ll.ali ;:,
ri.- tluir way ai mea the Chan?
tal taken
luon his 1 i.-n. li ...l,i.-. 1 . i . , trades
unions, tboagh, n- ? nile, tin y have h. ld aloof from
gran, ;?? - bare educated their membe
. . ?: implicit ol.. .I inc.?. .m.! th.ir members
? i il and ii;.|>..--.-.l ii np. d candid .
Parliaments! -.. lln-ti aaea th*- i au
ana, ami with .; >n uf ihe doctrine
t r make ti rm- v ith tims..
who .
? - Loyalty to nart j do innt.r..
must ? edges, and the I
, ? . \ i< ted. I
?oi ni the
of B parin u!..i crotchet nppeitraoa the arena, cate.
. a
ct e\ M ?
? tr r.-11:-< a to
eliej u '?
au rdinury ? c poll there Li
han' ?. oh a i.i. I, ;
bullying M the
ti-u turned on one queation, Will yon ai .p..ri Mr.
in political hist..rv <>f thc beneficial ll
Mi '?
? oiumona a
?' ?
men i.s. ri.- ' ;i
in iho cm
? linc h n bat. .I
u ? " Spend says of the eel ia! work of
pub! ? ? direct actii.n I
. -
Tho state of Parliamentary sui ?- ??
?' .... - . ..., nt. hut ap
- l.ovr. v.-r. b
lin. ncc ol of lum who moditiea
superior eves bow to that of thc nomii
who i ea etteel tal
cnaa bi ?-- ble to c?m
.. i.i ol Mr. Herbert -. j in tbe
thin: like the influence ho wields
, - .- : r :-il:i-ii-.' -
br (Feater thu
in th.r ii- ? i I .:.
? nt the lah ?
? M .:. W ?-.,,:,i-;. r bc
?ada everv attempt 1 taiuorderto
rea hold apoa tin H- inc. Ho waa amid
lanca, Ue vant thrungli all the drudgery of
t"in him.' fidelity lo a aenae of dntjr.
j(. .,, tpitd evi - ? ? >1 up'.!: bim,
ll -?'.? re foi the ear pf I When I ?
hm."-li" a failure m ? speaker, be changed bia
a ont j on b 11 - - - I il to h ra
at t.r-t with reepeet. They never relaxed foramo
?Mat the inflexible deaeaud whivh the il
Uiak.-s. that au outside r.-uuiati.ui. im matter how
Splendid, ahall justify it^.-'i Inalde audadapl
eanona of - li the lb n
- bearrra
ninl | ? lad hun. He need to spank t"
empty benches, and waa * Mom or never ftiliv re
ported ia tho papata, Oal ? ooorao ot a debate or
tn. -. -ir t . Uti.Iii tl m. lt
in the H.'.is.', mott ti them with not a t.-irh of
ll . ?? inu-lli > tnal pawer, vs im hui tea tim
influence than I- t ban ia na reaaon to snppoae
Mr. Herbart ^ta. i waaM sacceed wurt* Mill
i ? I
A u ample
laeapplied by tho expensac* ol Mr. John Marley. 1
aa'il ea mn. ih of hun tu a tot - - talion
1 t.-t. i t.. ly ui the
ll ..in apeak aod epeah wall, aad ia likely
. I
| -, Ket baa all
hat ?
\| ? min h
.,r,. ;,
i . i philosopb
I ..pmi..ti on Hu ?
ii i "li
t . I in ita
i ' nut his dime tim
i >.l it l.\ ? t m. r tin
? ... then th"
? .... .,? Hill
t md non lt,,
tieaeaaeded wi ll'-munch
in w'trog i's Bill - -I'ttit.-ltifiii.
.teer ia eaoii'h i n-n aol s.. mm h tha <??')
en*l rt-ct gf fBrltiUoenury inti, uv tr..in period to
msmux, aa tha eourae of h-gi?.? | tr- ?
gnaeiou to m-aama. aad tine ta nol ie ti. li. nt V imii to
IM made on hie a.. SBBl "l '?'??' BMBi xhrnB ht ai
agam a\ Bhi
omma io, howes tag tSap. tAhi
.td snl.jo.-t than Mr. Spencer has tksuflh! pi"! ? et
iy in a letter which mcr.lv SSCtCBS itt p-tn-nl terms
iit-.e of his nason mc ieelinlag Um iwBaest la
'ami fat Leicester. Il h.- Woald pii.su. the sul.ject
e v-.iiu.i e. rtain'y trace th.- eaaaes ot the decay la
arliaineiitarv prestige which benerhapi
?tong those causes be v\. aid not nmil thc lernbte
ui.il. itv under which tbo House bow trw -acts ta
' '.nt li- m..r. thaa a hundred yours ago ll
as an offence to publish tbe debal ' prtr
peoplo in London kacw what wai going on.
? is '..nor.i. . leev here, ll a member outragi ?!
plea of hts constitnene}. it
? ? s^.i himseti to tbe Kine or leia ed tie- Blooaas
ui'v c.uni. lu- tn - fonnd out for a long |
hue. The vol | onbtiabed. To-day <
, (isl ia known within twenty-four
,'l over the country. The super vis
ie. tors over ' a constant, and extends, or
tail of their. lt i-<
\ . . ';?; ? '?? lile.hll- soi:;, . oi
..ut year by -1 si tl. -
ar rei I mci ? Hr. Bpi
irohublydwell u ;'i equal i . an another
ic'ir... 't journalism in itsn stums to tb 1.
stun, and thnt is ite habit of debating great <
- s ml va nee, English Journalism ls nowell in
onued nn.l rondu. ts its tters
? ts to iim! th' ground covered before tbej bavi .
board. \ad that does not enhance the
- '
'. the like o iji et ions wh ch w..uM
. ep Mi. !| . ri.ain.-tit lies ,-in
?th'-r. not 1. -s potent, ll i bal I'.irl.a
igbl t" ?'." did t widely trom th..sp of aay
..ni', now in existence. He holds tbe chief bn?
? ,iti..ti of justice
ii h a.-. sha!! - : .uii person, with certainty
uni \, th nu ' equi! ibu
Mr. Spencer bi Basally a careful writer,
te mean ii l id sd*
niuistration ar,- tbe same thing, or tbat a Li
are is to ls- aCoortof Justice and nothing more.
'. i ii.ips we may - . tbat a a ord ?.: I
1 out, and thal lu t the
LegisUture tobe losecBttor provide for thia free
ind in! ? th.
? :' Comma i '..-.1 in tbe doing of
which Mr. Herbert -Spencer hold*should not
te tl i.e at ni!, we kne
limos! be summed up in the atatemenl iu.it th<
nam business of a Leg si I not to legislate,
________________ o. ar. a
KORT -A ll A VI1C C IA! E.
'. Ml. .ll'. T HIV IV El'- i ' lill i.l.i'
lil' <H ll IVKL 1 it 'tl 1 i . ? !' I" IBBBII A.
I -.I'l Ml \"! N, Mu. ll 10,?Thc -lilli!).' of n
S'nrtii At'ntl,- T.-I. .. ? tx, tn follow the an--.-ni
RlSdtak 'r uv Ult -< *ar;aett in ti,Hr lOlaf- tn tile
tmeriesa t oattaent, exetta sew mteresl among capital
ats aaa maa af w sea In flus etty, I Baw aad powerful
ira ? ' Grane* ta Ita behalf is tbat af tbe Importaaoe
?''?"; tatemattoaal algaal statioan a
ahleh tha Ati.it.- u,w rap a seats tbs stlsslng link Tba
meka Iskpa -h ,.ae a w tirtt
?ade thirty i-hh ago,ool] two years a lei the a:*'
narine. a - .- i ??? rei Dover
-uni Calais, sad before tha pun for u dir*.-t
'rio-ot .. - look prattles] shape.
in Ame n w*.
aad a ? repented attempt
lu. purpoee i.y the eapltallsl Joeepb Croakey.
Ibe Itue wu< ii link in a eracd protected trlr^-r .ph -.-. stem
: - n Bew-York, wus to flrdlr (hr
garth, nmi it. ihir-f Ineentrre waa '.mtid I
then entertained, thal a direct cable was lmprsctteabln
Ihe failure of the transatla ..oin,,.- , nu,p:eted
in An.-!i?t."'. i- ?-. ? t.., Beptembci -'.
iupport*d l la iteiiff.
latia - From that time tm success was Anally
. s ?* Direct 1 able I aaapanj " iiu-e.
I,- tiona to tin-NnHr Atlantic Oeesauere ma.!.-to
Sea U ? ? drift and
: ? 'it -t ;':-e|*i. landing places fur ihe
MMe an ihe tu.Ms of t.iitrnla'id. leeland
mid Labrador, One af theee exp..li;'..it* \x-at
tm i.y Oomaal nhalhai himself in tin- bark Wyman in
[betwo others wera andartakea u th?- following
yent by thaKagllafc Qoranuaaal and JosephCrnekej
Col.in.-I tfliafluer and tbe hastie eiplorer, I)r. Baa, ao.-.nii
paalsd tbe lanai la tba ateamer Fog, together witt Lim
tenant ?? i Eeilau lad i .. cn: artes of the
h^uihii Government Tba i".,ortt ut tUs-.i expeditions
? ? -ii ths arith proper caution used li. i ??
tm-.' j ? - ind ia ? ? - -'nliiig
- sra bs aertoua obstacles to tbecsrr rn^'ii".t
i - taara ' ilooel Bhaffner'a p is iia?l
?ur Its ?t .rim,.- (iu.!,' 4H.1 mr,- ruder
a. Bani Hon i ;? i : sen -? Dat i Itrafta ,-. . ?
. il a | t on tbe weat coaal -. ilraenland, ere ed
? - a-1 roast In a tbe "-o u>
. i In lee ?? wed tbs roast j - i land
i't aoutbeast ...rn^r .,? tbeaUi tbe
i ,, t ..|.-si'.i.,t
-Cur. and further eaat, la a oona. ?
? tu an l-.ng
, .. .Thurso, on the i ead, was ia
.'.--, Ita we.ik tn,;;-'.- nen Ibe i..na
nesin a lahited region
w th un Vi. tt,?,llmat? md sirona -. : n ? -
rlr seen, could HOI h,?\e !??*? rn iln
? i"..ii li tli.'V r - t' t'i
- - tra, bowerer, bj depm met- resents,
lhal ?;???' ..iv favorable '-on.li:lons rxi-t-d in ttte
., I ' ? | Di
cal le I mi i
ex ictly to I
telegi ipb pla I waa round ,;t th.
??? ? ? l ind Nea -? i
>.? ft.,in Tm : . - i expected tbe trrrat
.-? ii-; tti r,-,,!.il bel r.ri an.l t:.,- I ame laUadu
wat 'ju I*' Kana
\ nea i ia tut ?. N Kilts ?? .
i Dal orr I nnlsh ?. tbe ot ba
? I, i, rora tti. Ko al > leo.il iphical ?>...-). -
Madsen, -,,H r? 'ra.i-i i ,?
? im- - ol <'.. ,.n--l Bb ?
t'tu and
... "tii-.an I tb '
? ...? A . aa.:,lU
eastwa - lins-place nf
? om i ur a.- now |, ? ? , ni
,: ' -.tavllt .
on tbe coal.; of Iceland .1 lianeliaabi
s.-wilat. ' lo south*
v> I. 1 ,i- ?'? k .'n : ..e S ? utine , st (-.irt^nn liar
atLawrenue Bar,eaatlnmnar aa saids toOaapaRi
M-.i.l ' iu-'i' i -t' a iaiel Itne to Quebec wh?n- lt mer., tot
p m tr ?-.. -rti-li ?*- "tu. It is nm rx peet ed tba
'.rt un tj- . .am -if Greenland alli proTe j ?n-!..us ',
? c. the lavin.- .if t:..' cable I
September, ,.n.l experiea e z-tti-.e'i In nib.!!
vi idlwoatok, in the pro
l .vn.nr, .-n tbe i' iclflc ?>eeaa, abowa th.it tba Baa,
once lani. e..i ^e etlri ? loJ'.y protected t,*-. at nunnie
I ? ree.
i ht difference of tim*' ^iwit the extreme emu of the ,
Line ia foui houri ai ia sslnataa. and Ita t.ital
., ? ni i.i...) mil. -. i la ulaluted mai i..v r?ai?on of ;
? taeaaof each -?.n,,niri toe ea>>la,tbe :?n.-r?t
bemg leas tbaa DOO miles -:rr speed and acm
... aeodlscaf dlapatcbea can be obtained; in
> I da the work al -wu trauaatiai.il, ,
ih.,r fm- \\ie tame nanoo the Ineesnbs eonatrneted a ll
ti et ..lenny and ?c?* r sic. rmd that it wil! sot be
? .1 l-i i!? vim r r.-nrtS liv at- a.-.-id?ut at any
point. The principal claim hims for it, how
j-? ...rnmen tal Importaaoe aa aa adjunct t.. tua
Kv?t..n te ???_' al obaerraltoa thal sine,, the Uy
lnx of tbe Brat eabte bes <ieri deretoprd oa botbaMaa of
tue Vfiar.ric. Tna n-teatiy dei ea* A founder of tue
, Beteornloaica i ite aad of the fcj-nebroaie&e
maps, #f wliieli "ale Beewstte," tti Hamburg, baa tees
us'tiin?l the pnblleatloa, IVtptalB Hoftneyi r .pointed "ur
tn.- value II t..i? -k.-.-.-.i ,.t atattoua in thr North atlantic
ai wbleb lbs develepmcat and progress of atiuoapusric
disturiiaiii r-, orer iii" oceaneoom be wstched, sad hia
sheet?si sre rc d with creal attentlanoa both
contttenu, WuU th* Storth Atlanta1 Telt jfraph la opera
t.,,u. o xrn'e v. li.-, fi..ni aom. l.tiruf^aii aorr ta thc Az^r^a
wniiid i impleta tne pteketiu* o' to.- ornaaand en.,t
maualj benedl sa t^.i.e ?..?!? ,i seiaaea ..- wall is tragic
?a th? "i-a. I: I- pts,|...iiii. tuat tbe proposition to bnM
;b. '..ue ski'.', Laka ahapc ls itie naur Mum
I HEM ER PUL J LS il! S't, I OB CU ARI 1 1.
At a iiiiMiiir ul ex-Cob federate and (Tnton
?sUdteisla ti-rrulaeat thr St, Jaru.-i Hst.-i, further nr
raagemeatt were made for raising fhads tot a tomat tm
|adls*S IhderstC SSldlSia irnetal O'llrlrne, nf
at, <i v. K., laaserad the aaarteea ..f tiie
( i.lonej Jului H. I'lirlns
reparted that the Mctiapi "ai ttiwra Haase bsd boan
,a; uteri ror tho ores 'A?, * ben t pw Caa maana
in " nooM ' i f rso by tl Usa
. masrthssasptessofOrsad \:tu. r..?t?. vijs.r
saayenti, a#n i.immi Mf-kata. -Tbeproprielor
- St Jamas Hoiel ol red *.i" - ? -a,- ??'
T " I,,| jlB I" ?
??in. I John i: Pal t.-*s II
px** reaolrad to add 'lie naiurs af i ..nn.i ,i ranaei au.l
al ? ' men Uti li"l lo speak at
fia maa* mr. I ni. ii .,n \j,m '?.
i / il:Ll I I ' BT WB ' ? <?.: T 1.
Hatton hotmkt wi Ihe only lra>bd] thal nnK
the noun m thr .tty. IhOhafl i? bunc In a t.n\>r thal
.-t'.mns M'ti'il M.. - - li. Of at MSC Md -'- '?' f *%
tho asB riaga tba beac lhasa ta sa alsatrte attacasasal
enabltna tiie i^ll tn b* n.ti^- fr.un lb* n?ai??t -nain*
ht.tiee, and u patrulitiiui I* detsMsd IC tr^.rl ia. a
nih* from tba enlf)? to e at Lexlag*aa air. and
?i. io m..- tho he!', rb- departn o f
th. ris^'trif ..f thia lf?H seraral >ear^ SCa bm a
psUUon alfnau hy n~ari.. riery mas, aram SO sad
liai-rtn lad "4 tie ?otiiiniaai'.u. fJ iu ?
tbe ancient ptnetlee, AK caod ila;!'rn foike aai
Uetr waUdias and malka hy tba bia be... and lu thStl
eau a-altai-, tte Vastsra Calen limo Wi it . M *
sun 'Ital la MBBCSMSa With ?
To the Eil i tor or the trthuno.
Slit: The rim ili'nent lo thc I, imlon coitp
i ' "f ii liui i v l\ \v. v.." In your
s-.u-.ir ihe 37rktnstnat, IsweH deserved ai.d nadean!
IS tbo I .r .la! approval of ail your readers
hasties ti, on- ,.|.-| ';., ntl. BskStSI ?> lu, tiot, .ry. would
?eaa l a the en af the wort "human!;
arl.:;,." u mention. .
tartlyetetod. On ni?e IJM1 af tha Issi edition, lbs " "I
>m. J." ..f ? humanitarian,** la.sa who
. -tillfis
ti-- ' seed ii; i;i klndlv -nd sympathetic fee n?a."
eui yon kindle expr -- ie nar of the
* x 'r.i Uie
?et.-i-..' ?". in " ! h.
Whitehall, M ?."!) 'J*. 1--1.
[The Queen', Eugliafa afton eufTV-rs in the g
tuna, whether fa her 1.koi ia the mere stately
ipeechee at tho i ? nt.?Ld.]
To tl.e Kttttor of riie Trihnno.
Sn:: Phone >itv when nod where the Civil
- tam Inatlonnter tl.e sew Tack CsatamHaass
boa inf.iniiattoa m regard to th*
s . aon for examination may ba ol
Pea* '.or . vi.,... i; 'ju. 1884. - aiit.
I Th'- next e\.-iniinsitmn wil, l>e lu-1.1 in July in tne
Post (Mice Building. TIut,- sra already n>unv ap?
plicants, and thc s.ito dil racaacios will ha
by competitive exaatinatioa. Tire eondttions gor>
arning linatinaa n.v bc obtained liv mi?
lt easing u letter to Donnm M. Eaton, ehnimaa of
tl.ei IrilSerricoCoaBnission, Xe 8 Wall-st..
? ? ? d Serrico Board," Custom Hooas,
Tn th* Bott tor of The Tnt, tm e.
Sui: L read recently un srticle which made
Ibelaad. lt was ssaetted thats certain physician after
leif that thc rapid in,-rca*e of
eertatn deteaiabli fut ma I ? apps real
kaowa esasss was directly das tu tuc faet thai anioiur
i-isur t . . lee WM nmintai-ie.1 af
atlcktne th* ?? patel " ..i -mai; sad of rp rot ?.-ear, attar ll
bad bera wrapprirt. bj pim Ins tba end in their month,
thus in*. . de What BUSCC ana lti-emled io da
Mst., ti.at h..ni "t 'hean. h?<t dlsecssd aasntha ami Uga
au.l iu thia....... disease wo* frequently earns inlestedto
tlie niuoke-r. This ptOi'Uos wot general imf only lieie.
f'nl iltn , .li ifat tn |kt
iUs .'...' fa. t- .* 1 la" pn-iii
'.ir-,. Wil. vmi kiatllv .ihi tn -I
yea i '-.- . .lt. 1984. VwoaXB.
i isficstts thal these statements
sre perfectly tire-. Tha filthy haMl referred t>, i*
extremely common sanaig cin.ir maker*, a -jfreut
many of whom suffer from eonatitational di se sss
whu U po:?on? tin* saliva, ami the
. :-. the tnttthtT?Fi]
tn Hu Bit it er nt I he Tribune.
Sir: Thu TbbTbibubb ^-ivt- niiv inforiit.i
I'nu conearnins t:.* ''"Lin.-nt ai Lr:' ia- .ra ii ? a Osmpsny I
? '-roti liliai ll V..1.-U.1 I
R - ixjtt ?'. v /.. M..'. h rn. ,--. I\vi-tnr.n.
[Two dividends liai>? already been paid; one of
IB per cont and tbe other af 9 percent. The pay
upon these dirideoda hare uearly all been
sd np. >be exceptions being in the cases of
policy-holders whose addresses the reeelTor has
lu-eii liiialnH to obtain. The ncxtdiTidead.il i
-stated "n tl,,- authority "i the receirer, will bc
linn I. Ita amount will depend oa thr reen I of
litigations noa before the courts, chiefly in regard
tu tim ii. .omirs nf the predececsoi of Bccaiver
urn. ll' one-half ni the?e coiifrovert-iea ste
d-. Ided in htxorof the eompony it ls expected that
th-' ti'ml dividend elli exceed 1 pct ??? tc. \- ? n.irt
.-I thea questions, at all oTonts, will '?? carried to
the Court of appeals, this last dividend cannol
well be made within nine or tenasootha laaddi
tion to tins diTidcad th" state Superintendent nf
Insnranes lia-, in his banda softeicnt funds foi *
lunhei ilividcud of atxmt - per cent.?td.]
/ ., thi L J t lu r a r T '. e Tr stn ne.
Sk:: Tint editorial ia Tm. Tbibubi nf
Mareil 0, lu answer ti, M:. Morrill, of liaUota, in ii true
at ot facts a ' i - a- H ralaaaa to as f????.r? ?f i .,
tho Weet, but lt mii.:.:. i-e wale -till m?t? lurcible, and I
still hasp tersely wlthia the Lound-, "f truth a secee*
what Intimate assoc l tloawlthtbi tai meta sf thc Wee!
a patt thirty years ensues ssc to say,
deal ar confidence, ibat tn. iv .-nndition Inaadi
md i Improved doea tim adoption .?f a
protect! re tariff. While it le teas that la the fiia! asttling
af a Bb .. id to (ru is seM fer
lund.teslssadatoch, it la I .e ihat at the ex
pun.ion of the Urn. tinton yin.--. ninety n'.ne
? .f th. aa hara lifted a.' mon asea
sn ueiulnailr free from dent, aai hav.' .
? render iLreir de.
i.. . - ;. . . m ls a densely aetl led ..
rural eommtu * id ma ma. Where orery farm bas
been cut ant of the wllderaesa la 'l.e p;i*i twenty-flre
rears, tuen losra tbat have a dc - -
? .. h. if dozen but what werotacnas
beml nf i eaa years ega iiia.?e teeta, ll thej i>r..
illili^, j.r..v. t,irtr a |,r"!>.. ii',< latlti ne tieri, at *.
'.. i, -li' to Uta at lera-t lliat lindi I
ttej Ujse accumulated property, inipni ed I
an.l nt.a-k. uiit railroads, tcliool ho,.-ea and eli ?
aad are much better mea, mentally and i
' rete under l>emocrs ?true trade, wttei
--ki;.< rB'i gtcecng formed a rery large per cent ot their
l medium tar barter and trade a < I itu
Bi ;.'?"', kvii".. Bares J... Inri.
? ., t ii * B Biter et 'tr res Sn a a
Sir : I trust j oa w ill nol coast thi
niitil the uiamifacture of if
ludlSs bi . aaa ii ecu era
? MSry Sf ris'lit Cart '
, ? ... - icy. ll auy niau te
? of willett fraudulent butter ti suda they mar
? ? en tn-.' ni, ,.? . . ra ff wa ara to
. i aucn. Muaj people wbo would
? - . ? 1- ? sal 'in .be mar
i.e., o- - las lt may couta
. iii. ii ?
. I tnt . . . v-l.
?i,IVI, ? AM) "HOLD."
rs IA a E d i1 o r of l ix * trite
Bibi If you "give* aajrthiaf von an
; tad in pan Aita lt I. yon "bald" anything
yea are laderstood to retste B, Thue thc peeper meau
? -a.- twa ?'.: I- SIC Opposed f<i ciub .ita.!'. Yet
wr- dally rt-iui i hut aa-aatd-aa will "^aa" apart/, nnd
- -ii'i ? liold " a r.-.i'i.tl'in, tho two words b.-lng
tuon-iy. rt weuitl -wm. af leant, thal ths
?! ii*- of "liold'' lu ii. ? I ' rt, .ind
r.i iiuid ,i dinner," for m
-? -?--hit a vrrr awfe
\? ir-l -'? .nd.
H -r>r-.-, Marrli 89, i"-k*.
A LEAk.sKli IHAM1'.
i o l I, e K J i t o r of I fl e Tr tb u . ,
-ini-. ('tall the characters exhumed hy theuoik
? Ue lost and Htarvnn at tho Otr Hxlhthat of a leitm
ed tramp a porbapa tho moatsaaeaatfe. One Utter eidd ay
of this ton ? iter of ctenaa while the ajreaad wea al
t;..s*t itusasaa.l" ov ordinary pedesfrl^ae, a pale. Infill
fri-nt. mlddhl aglld nun. aeat'y 'ire?ie?| in tbtn. thrssd
alsisBsi ??) Hit', steps ls n?t?n to
iy of lbsCio?? to ar,n? ftf.y trajna". whose only
pseembtsaee te the Saviour af maakmu wa-in 'h-a fact,
tba' they lee knew u.>t wii*re t.i laji Ibetr heada it wai
?aadi , end the brief eersiosc wsra ceca ame Ihanordl
namy aCrldCCd by tile bitter cast win I. tfalttaf altlt tbe
uiitiH-t Miei-?aei? bis i uni, lie sr^<l?'<?l ,!'?" tutl .'.if cf
bread protCrsd bia alta tbs mat. He devour.-.! ll
like a uni atti man, int did n..t tsrajel f.'
pu: ny Iris banda un-1 Say trw- Alie i ro*,l Cathi ho. Bi*
tfsrui. nu wrr .- ,.; rtth sn .-Dan.tl mt tat tram
t, tu-. Bs La-l l.-.l. appar.-ti') . ixe, n tn th^ U
a - ms thean any aetdsnso that hi bad saan a Wed
L We took bim Into tbs atatlan bes
thawed bim ant, kftei bia bnnaar waa abated aadhdently
dak of ether ihtech hs tsfsn ts teat tnt *~
Fteaeb, tbea qnottua tn *attn tho ward of ttod set I
st isagth He .-i.ivtd by rT,?* the ?Medic Prayer tn
i.reed. I i,i ,.,n/r.l, au<t nouna* toy asloni'li'iiciit lu
? and wttbdnsw, endeatly a titi burt at my
a* and tbs) be abeald bnve tieen imsiie. t. dof sot
j i, food .u> e.i... .uioii a? a sillhcunsir .
-, .. t*i ia ire be , ame main, ld t irina.-r
rd Bu be came cad coked (antler a blt af
Bread." I sare bim tha beat I Sad liraw.sit Dim itentiy
Mads "?'n tu.- real I aisdssll/ilrna ant of bim tbe fa. t tuai
ba waa nally .. aen of estrwoadlnory aBalasaenm, lie
imHa Hebrea better tann l <-o<i ?! toe i uii?!i o'
Bl Isasca's rerakrn Ha in-r. iv snake Latta ta quoting
me itepiuaaint erVuIaahb He reeled ..ir iM^aaae^ from
'* . t Lamarttoe io tiie u-?i i-'r.-n. li. an.l quoted i
i.r?-ea iroin Hollier atal il'io latiia. I Ail... krt tam "ii tl"
malbonialli s ..f ej.<-iiiii? aud .--ale aaetlaaM, aim kia area
Stlstened tbat be bad one optx.rioniiv ni.oe le anew tum
I i.an. lie wa, an Irlahiaan imt s deva ii i atomic,
and 1 liar.i'J i'.' I'hrUUaii ge. .tllfv nf loamier
'bal i^.'.i -!ai\.:^. frlendlegB nut whoV-?"iiled Siis>-i I
iis-l aniartained unawares aod a tv bolte at tbat.
TestacaaJ se ams to aay a>ad-bia. Ilia -
. bim u. .na, uiel be la nuw up u t_u.
HUta Its hnd b-eu a bnuildo gue?t ai.?ui l?.ir.| a.l
tc thc rest, feat 11 herc thst OkncUas DsstB
-' w.n ht? name- rd In goo Bl
?achill** nn.l great truth*.
Karak -:?. 1 - -1
n thr Bitter af ihe Trthnne.
Bib: breading The I kihi ni.-'- recent re
ia tat "ii thc cpceek Mr. call ag Ate
'itton nf certain bureaus of Ike Navy
? p.n-ti'i.-iit. I fal t| ure un isis thal i?.th !
e and v.. i sra Inhering nuder a mi.lake. I refer .
ihla srspestttsu ts eaueeBdatc tb" ?nreaaef i >i- if \
j' Beet ailing with testum i tra j
md i lathing. If? | sterge Equipment
it li I'rov letoT, - : -.-, iind Rcct-iinn- With Bari- ?
Recruiting sad TsTlcstiaa would ec nell ta
? oii.'.tne.i in tba outoat.
? son la however, the espencn The >
;iimiii! nt sad lei miling Barsau fesseslctcd twa
re years cad the letters, sawunttag to above a million,
.?.a bsund and Indexed ogether, and ti.e -. .
mi of the Htireau M pto*) -A .I BSaiptll flic ,
a of the Equipment aad the ?eeraWlag cor
r ..ne ..f the new bureaus scald bc
ia foi- .1 Bugle diiv w thou! til cf fbi- p.i-t re. .nils at
ind, Tosepe iind nnd re index would
rears cf labor sad aot lees thaa f ."n > ? >?"?. enansh te
ry the clerical foti i - - lated
Tlie illirie* of fhe hnrei,n in the ?
- ? . tire burran to whieh
la propoaed to assign equipment are atrlrtlj -t-ilf. i
akiiiit purr ha an i- ? <? :??? bureaus are now
I, ?? , ti ona li
'I. Calkins'stransfer sr consolidation shaubltaks
- same pni ie.i-t, ra would purchase rqulpaseal ,
ippllca ami In the ?anie manlier a- at present 'Air Hu
' i ' ?"..ni"ii' .md Recruiting helm; In no eeu-e a ?
-._-1. :, au.
In regard :?. the eonaotli - of Weam
niftueei-ini; with Con Sr, 1 am ti"' q
ed t" speak. I spea -.-.'. ut th,- other proji
.ti. K.t iu u. i
[Our eorrespoedaat sdmits tbat 'its Tlurcan* of
eeraiting ami Bavigatioa "woald gn weil to
?ther. atul should lu've he* a CO Cl ii.let "il boa the
i-it": snd ni regard lottie consolidation oi thc
arcana "f Steam Engineering ami Coi
n-'l Kepal!' lie .l.-i li ir- t.i eXptCSS an "pinion. Hia j
i.jeetioii to the consolidatwo of the Bursae "f
quipment sad Kecruiting with those of (favfgo
i-n .m.i ProTisiona snd < lotbing ls based npon rhe
Ifficnlty of separating certain bureaus, now thaf
i?y hn-.e been co long together. Therassarfcaof j
iii iiiiL! sb applied principally t? thc sdrisa- :
ilHy of uniting those bnreaua -j lack of harmoey
? tween whit li baa In the \*--' some Milted
IsSStTOUSly to the sffl tbe \es*s!s COB
tim teii. re; a tipped under tbeir manage
tent, rhe propriety "l such coBcolidattoa .aa
srdlybe questioned, not csu tbe superior econo
mch a chanse bc reasonablj doubted.?Af,
fares ro * rn institutions.
o tr, . ki Uar of Th * \ (kuna
Bib: 'lin- Department of Charttkd and Cor
-.-r. spraetiseeextortion open tii.i?e wbnwisii ro nen
ti? inmate* of tbs Institutions n Blaehwell'a^ Ward*a
mdalTs Island They must he si the fsstef East
Wsaty-slxth-st, at a certain day and hour aad take ?
i.rpoiai-.m boat, which tuppbaa tbe wanto of tne ...lauds
sd wklek i owned arvl Btshttsfaed hythe taxpayera
"he fare m p..i, . na a leland la thirty centa foi-aronnd
np, to w?ril'i Island sm) beek forty i euu, aad *o on.
sged characters manage to gat free pensen Inasy
ther eonveyanee for paaaengers sol o-vned aadmata
r theearporatloa, or mtier the tax-pave;-*, ene
an raia mur times the du a an cento. j. i a,
[Wc tliink there l- am ?- justice is thia complaint.
"Len- ecesas ta be no ant mm foi exacting
tii'i nir.-s of fare.?Lft.?
ni- Color lim", iv ' n-.Y nuACiiEi. - iui.iii
??UN'S SIXEQBB " Ki-'llVAl.-.'
- gdiler a/ . ' i Tribune.
Sm : In panning through the State of Missouri
1ST day I wm introduced to a saiui-iei'. wlio, tn
be coona of a aoaocwbm protracted eonrersatlen, told
ae ha had been down to fet. Urals snd hud nf tended "the
'?? al rerlTsl nf religion r.indii.ted tn that etty bv the
let lu..tua- linn -ti," the - her prra.rber." "(me
? a.- thal i-'-i-ed me v< ry nut. li," -..id this aainlatar,
?w.is the haadaooM ?ay Kr. Barrlcoa bad of dlapoa o.
if the impudent niggers who came te tbs inccllnp"
l.il ino what lie did with tlienil" I a-'ae,l
?Why, he lu?t ordered them to tb.- Blggl t seat-, t'uat was
?And Ihi v wm:, et eeum." "Oh, yee. y >.i may
ie sure they did." "Then thocc segr ea had tbe Impit
I....I- to go -? ?.I tmxw ?ea:A with thu wtitte pespls.did
heel' "Ton wood 1. ive Leen aho, kiel, air. to bavs
? is] sw, slr?-!- walk ir.ro tho ehnrch and up
he al?!e. putting OB |usl SS ? lek style as wh'fe people.
m.) punting ihsnawl es lu ?cata mteaded o:i!y for
tied cut might] quick." " And
ght on, af course f1 " Yee, with won.
:- power." ' ind tu it was areylrml, areal reriral,
?on tlink I" " Sot the lea?r deoM Cf lt" '-Vow.'- nani
if the Gospel "f ii -us. be rood
- . ? ral cf f M Why, of
of course," waa 'lie re;i!v. "Ot w but religion!"
red N- a mv bttbert courteous friend began to
oak rufled jud u--i ? oua ; bul f"i all thst bedels ?
inswer, ?? Tho reiunoB sf Christ, sir."
? Hr. Bdttar, ie ad this the oddest spsctselctas
igina ? ? Bet ?? beret tbcflcepclof Sha who
- I ? o::ie Bate Mt t'i ve ilia! lah'ir ?ad .U'e I.e.
a?lea." wh,,. Intl'iat.'.-l mo a '?;. 'He -pt: ii of ?iav?rv th.in
,v theapint af bis |i:-.-f?a-e,i Banter, deeuas lian -iel of
1 Impudence" fer twe fallow men to tn, tata a vbureb of
and seattbenacelreewhere they nea tit: Forcing
brm btvt Info ?? the Bigger seats'* I.mired verv much ns
f -here bsd i>?>'n s rer)rsl of something other thsarn*
I or. 'n ' ; ll -' I. ii'i ehureh lu wUl.U the ':?..'. preaeb
-adueting bia mei I i ga
Sfhy do not some c ' prsseheta la ur. louis
??Otheraare ?? poad a,ul true men In the mtnlsl
hat city as in any in ths muntry) tm ta this
t-'. I.lin to retire awnli^ and usrefuJlj read fh? New
fore attempting to preach Rs impartial goa
iel t riu? ?- hoy," autl i '(?? othera '.k>- him. wie, pr,
? el ar* if the. were diseatliitted with the
em rn lesion -'"i ve teto ali I re world, and preaeh tba
?- ? ire." ami tvoniil barr, lt read thus;
?.,..-. r , and preach the goa|ie| m every
-. 'ukin.- pare, s ben | a le -... t.i i>,a lhaae i. i u
lark ".km Into back aeato, or into atsUstn gsllaries, by
liemae --
What :r to tie.ome nf relii-ioii If thle ^ort of thinp I- al
,.we.i to go ea, and especially if such preachers .ie llar
i ? wadtoataud nth aa if thev were its cham
ril .Ul" W, Cnypy ii.
, Bareh \\ 1---4.
? /' r ret Sn nc
Von-h.t'.v rt tendency to allow de vet*
trlnary protsssses sad daetses.te icoslra lbs rcdU tbst
n their due fcc sttraettag ce gsacral sttcntion to tbe si*
- of live atoefc. The wny if atleka sad la that
o- .ave done li tn part, or wholly, to ?lve tin tn-^ive*
r-npioyment at govsmsaent. tpesse. My own oplnlan ls
in harm nv w.li tbat idea. In inttA a profoa^or gave
.ectniir" ,n Vermont at f.u-uirrv la'-eim^. I heard him
leverai fines. He irare * frightful account shoat tbe
?? prevttlsn.-e of pltraie pmsiSWiSiS lo ' oBsecilcut aad ia
?t.e rldnlty sf Bcw-Yerk etty," else af gtaadara la access
sadbag<baiera He attr.liute<l th.' deaths of swine on
ti..- eon is transit to thal dissaec alena insteud of ox, ea
Bectcatts ?tinamer sud "Kretu.' wld in winter. Tha
many tralna nf thr ganacat < eniral were eoastautly
ppreadlm/ the dlsSSSM anti the pr.,' p-ni wo.ld lie deaol.itc
lu Vanaont unleaa a "coiniu-i*alou" of "Mt-'' w ,* t\x
pointed, tte i,,i,i me ma pian was ta have Inspectors to"
eiaiulir-- CSttlS ta a.! narti of the eountrj?on Lasten-. Di"
v'.?..in. Beaton l/irlaton, Ceatral Iilvi-ion, aod ^onthern
bivtsi?.ii,?ltl, m. li euonali ru -aeh Ui do fhe wot k .nd h..
aolieited my lufluau. e t.. tie n?.-d m lila favor with Ver?
mont Conmeemen. aa lt waa pi..:.ante th..l Ilia aalarv
would bi ri.SOO oi i'j.ooi), aud "he inldht hare tt sa
nell sa any aaa." The pisu ia some way wi through,
aud ihe di-rf^-e .ila not ' ra^e."' aa we were lad in rtiua.-t.
o'.-cn uomxttoAn, March ll.
i . Bdllor nr i ii.- r r i ti a i.e .
- . hi Um " iiin nil N'-i'ea" nf Tm' I'i?:ii
rsi: ,,f Bsreii jt i? n [wiBgiaph niuca anya th^i 'he nsw
VTk. Sew- H i' en sad Bsitford Railroad Oompanj awns
. -n e yaars a,id. ind (hal
mtmal of tho kind te tho eanntiy. Thia,
.. l- an error in the man rh aCOetobec laat ?! n
ts M.i.r-int-id, ti.', mrmei feosss
vv,-),-ter, i uno ibcwn a bob tailedeheataales
? told. Mr. W.I.-ter ti id l.roii,'tit frill,
B'asaington, ami th it be waa at tboUbm of Br. Wal
at.ra ite.ua, in 13.*i2. leo yeara old, ahleh would uiiki
nlm : dder than tte New ll n.i
? . .- .....; ta dinlll guislied owner
Aun.let .t about ikulawnand tbe grouaus at Ida ewe?
......I '..1 aereral yaara anwc "
rared - atlj '.nc can --... ani .a
ti-niiou* ul li.e riaitara.
.'. Ohm, -ii n I. IB, !-???*.
??? ?
Bl MPERfl OP I MKil.'M hi 1..Ul.
t Lit tx ni Ihe / ,- i 0 ?? i
^iit-. I'.nun.t -.mic ariiiim'i-Tiii-iir lu- st'iini
bj Alu. h : he humpers id freight cats eeaht te fetasa b
iini.t ?f mtCana height, Iharcky a'.ii.liti?.' ibe ....a sf a
iiuiiij dfes and Hanks and nindi .l.-Uy . mead kg tr,in
Btads up af eera tram aeon j roa<i-. tke bumpers al
Im-ium "f ?ari.ma h. ittLie. they "fteu lalmeeps, e.mair.
fearful ... tent, and J- H. Div l-wi.s.
| / -1. i. li WA letti.
DM Munmin n-iuii n kW r??-.tl?-'l unto the]
hu-, au. a ju. wa are i.ol infi.ruivd aa to the altit i
ssa >|HL?.ii umi [Bsniea i,-at?cjipw
TWO rm :? Y-nrAir.RS ABDh I kBB SVPK.1 nour.
., iBMATfOB,
Tha A--i tnlii.v S(i?-i ial [arestigattoa Consndt*
tc cir Inned Ita worii pseteedni at 'he Metropolitan Ho?
tel. The attendance -vas mu.-h larger th.ni it th? more
meant aaautON, and -lie leBBBSlllsa met In the lar^i
" ..:n. In Wkleh lbs examination* of M.ivar K'lson, Jobn
Kelly sad gai legate Hollis* w. re truda rlad ai the
I'oir.-e Commissioners, willi . bier ' .erk Hawley, were
-, with ex jillie Hor.ica RnsM ss tbalr aonaael.
''Mrini'ii Hi?", t.li.'tr Krwtn an,I Mr Bataan n
??ulv members of tbe inmmlttac in attendance, gets Mr.
.nt and Mr. Miller wire ptOBSBk teak tsktsg iu a. ?
lbs preceedlaga limpe, tor Byrne* ?
iterceied Betas r, ss wss sate "Harry"
Hill, trb.a li anad over from hie seal tm the mjfa. the Letter
toeat'ii- ytkmgthal B I bom ths Ups of sni
A snmber > I pei.... u looking mea asea al-m there, whoas
ape better kaaarn to thc settee than to the
pui.li.-. a: .,ue .,a: dering tba dag iiepu'i Warden Eter
naueftse i . - ? ??? Jail lacked a tcaalj i upua
the gntup, imt gnWUp disappeared.
The | .., Datin-i .1. BeractCta, who
aaked respecting his baatesm a 1981 sad 1893 dashasd
to snswsc "ii tne graaad that whal he told might degiads
iiate i, m. Baiag aaaured 'a ha outrary eu thia
pt-iat, it wan not 'erg belara Mr. Maier acenced Bens
him an admission tnat ho had been encased
iu "- prises thal ners irnwn in
lotteries snd aaetag thal they were poM.'<
Bia headquarters arem st Ba Btw ii- w. rv Be, bowerer,
entered hiedisetehacc sgaina - i waaia
the "letter) polio] .li.-i li ?, irti'wl iftve no'.ther
?latrtiition nf a "poltey keeker" than tkal te ''tack ta
money " He recognised sana banka selaed hj Pk tartan's
?en whee hia i ? 'raMed," sadexplained tl
Mea Kr. Miller pola ted out c rte i. Thc
wttneea wa* a-k. .1 wini 'ire '.?l(ai? ? -I'K." with lbs
tu-ui-e* ?_".() andee cheat als ailed. Berantfrd fhn bc
bad made a i'tb" of fhnf, catting ll "te ?? parnell Paad "
Mr. Millet Did sat roo leU Pinksrtea'i mea tl
wac meant for potten find I *..- ?
Thc nttnesa - dattening, -ani thnt pecaans i nea s
to overrun tin-t h?r,--> fo. expen.^-a la thetr .!' BC* Cad
, hargi .1 ... -.1
dunk oi.
? I Did nt ? a aay In your t.i-err. sf be Dis?
trict-Attorney thal , I- i-i v in i.l.i t-niai and Imc lier had a
lax erer) Bwnth which was esl) d police taxi a -
ealled ll ? ... paid the
put OB
ES '
Mr. Miller reading from the mme statement, reminded
the witne-? -I.,' ht had a kaOU lodges pavlni roomy to a
rcrtiiin man. ^hicb ha charm ter eil .,- blackmail meaey
paid te cedar to stop i.e prosecution of ths ca-.e asatast
him, ard de lartes that the BMUaj had ix SO paid '..-, Liui
and the -ase wa? t.erer heard of agate.
The tVlme-s Yr-, -lr, I remember that, hut r fbink if
tte truth wa* kii>.wn I I sk thc money .-.nd
b.-pt it.
Thesritnesefurtherdisolatasd all personal kfio-vl-Hjre
of money bateg paid at or any pai
?ie li payment*.
Murr.s H. 'r .. ii a* ihe
Depai t;. i naperllnu tb.- examination
I as.l sppolatmeal ?.f men |.-, ibe poMes
\ turee. A i i?e w.ta BhOWa wterel-. a mun hud been ex
led three times letwei 117?? sad 1*92
but wif u-oeDted tu February, 1883. The cause of rejec,
re,a had been deficiency In weight sadebest measure
ui.-n'. Thc a ne.i tnjt :r.e e were different
committees of surseona md thal possibij in the toura
; of ye.ir? he man ua<l rea led tue standard. Men orien
? ..owed a quarter .,r naif bb Inch different ? in he.Kilt eve-i
between nioi'ritug and ni rill; sst-I the aksel ti om inti
could readily be inereeaed by pra Ice. u 'o tko result
of political influence a. a -a In 'it .r
of Individual tfp declined t.i
"tier au >.pint.,n. we a li _ outalde of
his -idicre. lr ao* ahosra, however, that the ultnaeo
I hud not o'.-r-or* followed the niles of '.he hoard in tue
i; and certification ..f papen before at
j t,tching ins ateoetlure, and then uere ?ore-.:
where uien'.i.d been ..ppomtod wi'loui his signal
a i.uTin.v CLKBK's i-1-i [???'i ni:-.
i Jacob Hathaa. a fanner ..erk at the lottery ogles s.r.
' BOO Broadway, aad latter *? ihat sf ? tneea Bera
' afeiu at N. 963 Boa non Ho at dnt felted to
recognise ^ue booka lani befoss him. nubeequently he ad
mittcdtkatCC '-?. ? .eewrte made hy Iiim. Tir wo*
aeked what fns abbrerfatlen "Pal" Indicated
and be replied "expenses." lieu.- ;.??:;-.I v?lu* 'Wash.
P" meant Be euineeed it waa aome expense. Then be
was a-.ke.il..expiate* ofr'ea in a private l.,,oh "f bis"wu
such aa "Polte Money," "Killllea 870," "Mnrphy an,'*
"Washburn88." H> aald thar waa fhe naj he pk*,
., lowed for expenses of thebusln sa, iud paylmr different
people working for him.
4 -?'iiat waa tbe raak dane under tb.- t-.eaA ot "Killalo
$70," Police Money I a.-i nm no' pr pared I
!.?*.??? i don't want to Incrimln at. nyse -
g.?lild von pay money to KiLiiltii ur alve ll to ary -ody
. to ?iv.- to him I A N'.i. -lr.
t^,?Whj dist y aii ,ii.' it ittwn thst way I A. Because
. 'twa* 'i iriire^* I hi.<I in it'.tfr'rei.r or'- ii
ki Murphy'spretlactaadWaanbiua'a precinct I a.?
Tea slr.
Q.- What did} isylngthst you would in
chu.:- -? t.?Incriminate aysell bj telling
the purtles I gare this money to. . . . I do not know
wb.? tbe mosey -"-a.- paid to. The people Ib the .'ti
tu.-.- wert ii. .un harassed by the police, ami i
, thej gel f
? I. . i v -Yee, Br.
here were oi ibapain those precincts
? dollie hn?inese, and the people rnnnma them were ha
rssssdsad that "70" represents money paid to 'he
P" i.e. I? ihat it I A.?Ye * -
? r.titt'.d the haraaatngstopl \ fnever la
I s ont lt.
t-.- And where tl sss .f
W.4.-..1 . I " iher refer to police truss
aitlot ? of ".itt-e kind or aE"Lhei l \. Vea, sir.
? mber of of her entries were notated out, wbleb the
witneaa claimed te know aotbtna ah,mt. mich n? "n.u
...i- ? i.ak 86." "Pol Mount810 -," "Cor.
, P..I.." and am,.UK oMiera waa ona " Comt'h glO." Then
suddenly turning o one ot fhe ho..*-. .Mr. Miller ,iehe.l If
I tbecutiv " Wash " did not mean tbe same as "Wsau"ia
-i "Onk. fhe witneaa aaid : " That ls aa axpeaee I
gra\ e l" - ? 'l vv nil,an: ti.''
Th.- ezamlnstloo continued tor some 'nea and fi -
- ,-i being Baked acain ihs -vlf.- ? d th it,
j 'lie at".un' nan), ti u,,t paid to uti .ntl ? bOJ they .-j! ?? 1
- "Wssfc." ITnder the pi-ea i.->^.-tnie . on
- andeontradl lory i his enan ??> and *r;w Bnalfj
exeuaed. lea -.:..- Uss ataad wltb a troubled eouateaaaea
anil burr) ir.?r out ot 'be room.
- dd li>> had an isfeieat. in'h.-b.mi<i-at
BO. 1"- A Sal Iteond-St li" aeeerted lr a
plaoehad baan "raldetl bj tia notlee aaren or stuhl
lillie-, und deli e,?l that the [ier?>na ha?l .-ver been
in ever: .ase tin- mulemenfa were -ak-u awi?y uk the
poit.-e." -vt one i bm be had been told that four or riveot
, ate- were raptured, i ???' Uittery business um
w-i -lairs, aa-1 ShOTS -"U..rt:e aud ???"/ ie et
,..,,, There wa* no tare piave.i there.
m.-n .??! 's tlu> house :nr
two ni?>oTli? lie aald thai every tone the radi
were Blade bj tim pellee,aad ruat Mr. Coiastoeh i .na
noe with too oAoers. H- did uet ku--w whether
thc ot:., er- . -... ? from I ie pre. In. I or nut.
MB, : rBBT'S UVRL1 - ' -V.
Frtderlea i c"-;c--i Lntbej appa ired nest, sad proved s
: rather sensing aftm m He wax r...!t.? ??iy draved. ami
Ul> dlauninds we rs - Be objected St ttrst t.i
, teatifying beeauee there wet-- aereral teHctmeats hanir
Ingaver han* aai Ue feetimony uilirht bu lined against
him. ile ama a*k?d re-pe. una ula v.-it io Ruperta.
tv. t*a hou'-e. Ile bud lui beeu
kl. k.-d our. Mr. Keino b*.i tried fbai unca
and be would ban ked him I kick bim ta again before
i.e {ot throi.tth He bad if.uie to Mr. Walllag to raq-iest
- ibo removal of a pone, mau wbo bad been -tati. n,-<l he
j fore hts office doer st Sa 230 Oreen nlak at He hadgoae
i at the ^mr^eetion of Haiuucl Lm-ottite, a politician \lr.
V. ailina Ita-l ("ld Bim be had a Hat of lotter) men. ile had
re, eli. 1 an anonytiHtna letter, kc aai'l. and lue dst and
that letter sopeaieil to be ia the ?..tne handwrltlnir. "ll
? was tbat of"Mai-i'ua i'ii*ro (?tauley,". outiuue.1 tba wlt
ne?s. " I brouaht wilt .ne a acgg of a na?
per "hualBK his picture and bis life. I bo
! fieve he na-, left lae etty, om you nw d not ho
?,t.-, for he ia a blackmailer sud a tatnf, kojordingio
i this naper he has lH?eu in the riradiulil in laiad.tn. Mr
VV .-.'.uni; ii id: 'I am itiaf lookioir fur a man like
1 you.' iTeai-kid me fi sive hun a list of name*, and I
eave hhu wtiat I bad, and *aid T would aeno hun -..tine
'? more Ba laid be would not abow aay partiality, 'i
am r>lnu- t.i '.n ak up tMa kartaecs,' he ?a!d. 'lr la mr
duty, and I dou't cure for *u> pan lea wnau-ver.' He
I aayn. -I will puta i>a:ic.'Uiau before every ahop.' Tue
1 next morBlng'be pol-.eeioeu nen rj,. re. Ue pm n.iu
l.ufore air u.y p.aies. 1'wodaya aft?TW:ird ib.-y werv all
- "-one AUcr a.- pm ike p<iiie?-iii>-o tiefor,- in, plaeea I
? a.ive'hlm no mote bsta I bad ell I watiteil nf ni ni."
i, ?What ? in?.ed lbs men to he ta?eu atvay I A. -Thst
?\aa non.-1 fmy business i don't know.
a.?who does kuow t A -That ht for yan to find i
JJ- Did ? pay anything ie saybciy to hare tnem
taken hwk I A V". ? r.
u. Thei.v - tullin whr rliey were fJn-r<- o.
. nilpie of daj I and tuen went a*ay I V. No, -ir.
, ned the peeaharBiea ot tba baa
.i.,:ni'. ' it is only a questka of time when il will
;-. aaore deatb t< tbepteyer."
i^. How maay pulley umna d i i rna al the time yan
went to Sopertntei I I-.?? A.?I flunk sis in
Brooklyn sad Wen Via. I ti" nat know how auaj
SUlimoua .!?.?!. lhc.-e *-,e ( --, ..i tion- ..('im)*,-,! tj
na.ii other. I*, mu das I ac ail did tuc ei"
? dd.
Th- witi.em a.cl Its l.s>l been ia-iiuaicnial lu ?refiln<
certain p> tey si ops ad rhe lactiasseat nco waa
bia Wi nd La ' tate.
Q.? Uni they do ul s You he thar did. erery naas.
The a -? ? ia h?d so ktiowlcike icsp?i-iiuf Uta
.1.1...lcd en'rea in tho 'j.*!,* ot his esisblla .meat Te
tb.- lien! ?f bia knowir.i?ce ai.d recollsctlan, bowevrr. h,
knew of iniiaej beoag paid t paUeoaBsm rim imw m lin
sb'ipi uaed IO i-barvs fol ' tay lt was forma
polloe ?? Baaed they umk ike mosey thesi
anti kent lt, ruey always fouud a wetuin^ io cba.-|fe for
in the tine af "tpen
Mr. vii.:., ssfead why Pinker! na meu ba-.k" np tne
place ia ths Bonery?why it waa not iIjucW"1" pollee,
. spUsditkal t aaa Mr. Mi ncaa I ama
ihat ; . -t.
MB. lU'M 1-Y ft! .ALI Kl).
( hief. le.a-eihi.. llawlev, nf the Poll-e fiepaitasest,
wasre.-nli.il and'tandiied with ept-elal MtSCCasCte ibe
CpfChSteSSBl Sf n.en SB the r..ree. and ihe rewtamit.ailons
alter inJseuon. Jt waa ehnwn I?) he against the ri?l?-s to
r- -ti.ii.inc wltaont aa order from tba Huant, but a clauae
la i.b.- rue um. unetriieU br Mr. Hawley as perudtttug u
io e.. .i.-ne a the l...uncoil) reaaaetef * wernher of ibe
Bot.a il.. Bawley tai* "et l" awoi-ut .urals ncrcal
io?tegiia!y divided between tne re.ir ? rn Tasansia
tee r,,wa, ie*, would take the rnttm nuaibar
f aopoiBtineiita ann llride , *r ntaxUt
etermine about th? pr., port 1. h. g
ls aai,| there were more |te-i nerats t.. >u Venx-.f.u-aaa
e.-anv tiiere. were feW?r Repiibi*-,?j. ? , aw tha
rwle l(f ueci.aa aa. Br. Mtlicr -tew , i.^n-h ot
ppomunents Im-. rlnjthelnttlj'-of Mi rt Sitna
? the candidates bad fallen aka - i> ia.d r?
n rae, im- had stiiKeouen'ir paaaed t ,- casi
. rheae wei
jroaimeaded br pmi'tciBBs I - are * -axes
f Joan J. ivitrie., . ,, H - i raak * td. I ra
.not tearre !i . -, a n .?., B84 Ktr
jiublymen. m.J.om V. (har,,; | ??. par'J"
md others. Mr Rooear. lt wa tm whether
m l.u .- Department eeo .1 ** . -. . . ,.
ir. Hawley thou* ut not Mi 1:. ., , rssssdthe
ptnlea that according to th - ??? r.?nt pol:
. list , . fha ie.-...ni BS 1 ,id bra
Oin .. .'lei- 1, prate! re),-, i?.ae .1 B?l
.. system Of ( VII ^-rvl e .,.,;, ? ,._
led tbai v. wir ta
Ite etamina: on srtll r* . .,- - 1 ?
iiii I ? ORDER <\ -. .
OW MR . :i\- i jj'; vroue
Kl lV*rKt TWOW , . ? 1 law.
iv.,?1 .,... ii dsal in 1.1
Tin-Si inti. Committee on Cities ..-?- ..--<?
rtii,-r \< ?!. r.!.n ?: . 1- ... . - ? .I,..
ty *?? , t, mehi ,
.. um. Tl sspa
. .. rr. ctn '-- of '? ' tt
m.'- - 1 II. 1 1 gnat exe
rn . - ,
h. ii p. rbeai - 'iii for i;.i" -. ? . ? .
> h. in."uti tor .,.'. - ? ? ,'..r m. -
I earls. Re I
pc te doing work te radons putts ?? H is
dd on flic ..-rtiti. ? .jr.,
ur. it. rm.1 tu. nBasssa Beckett
'li-epi-i -
. sag
..lille.j th,. I-.,; ,,.,. of B er. I
aaa and credited Br. .. ?? .my daya'
bur. He coiil I not tell ti ? I ???
?? ? . t
-.rrxx i>erf"rii.- .1 Pi ? ?-. IMg|
? ti'.ll BB
- ? lase in :
?-. '-i \M>rk in ., prli "ft ''"-.v f>r t,i- "i rr aveoMsm dak
s aaade ap Ids f tbe sa the
it ama luiahsd, dom >i? prlrab .. r a;o
li tl.'e 1. J ..rtll. 'rf. II1< rep. ?
p fruin m. iiniriiit>;.ti!'- :. ',
.. Trarj ..' . .-? ?
; -I., i'i kaus 1,.- a'l keep tin m.
Q 1- there any ' , srt
"?:? [n : Conni '1 "?
So, -
Q.?iiavi you gol anything In th.- -n . .'. ec
? ..1 mitt, it tn ? .? ?'? p
?ent I.k you maka .ri. 01 tu>- . ned hy Mr.
mningbanTs me ls ... 1 nuada np fi ?' ng?
uiu - hillel A I bave a private babier ??'.'. u I be?
nn fo make dally entries dum.- - -1
ouaeaud eon tal na j...>..-. mattera I turee
11 thin t.ook fro 11 (nemura _? tu, J. y.
Mr. Wblfrtdgi ^"U intke yon.- tt* ? ? uti A
I. in .r,?mi un pail; from tlmt yoe ti.,t ?
ri vate ledaer; then .-.?ii make ap a department fled
mik fmm the ledger: and then from thnt 1
nike up > m.r i-i ian t whick gi - !; .
bb* How would rou '?.'... 1 .
rorked leo bama ou ?? lol iel -<i
1..in iiifl.-uiit niaeea li.a daj 1 I m iu
'? 'te vt' 1 uuutuxham'a na .
'I rake thia MU paid h> the el ' 1
? .1 horse sad san 1 -? toura 1
i.at '..ni A.?I dont, t certify taal 1 -.
? stgbti en dlgarenl I
ta) How would you tel timi tbere ws ttnt
1...ir ..ii tii.it I..-. 1 a Ideal tey so, bul nero
. ea -.nili.-i. ul number ui .la- 1 . ?
hat number of hours, at ten Fur each oma. 1
i.iii.v.ii fiat-) How m.,!.i'sm- barayou, persia* .
usda '? h.?Sot mora than elgkt,
(J.?ilow. -I.- -. o 1 Btake . p 1 our r. port .?-: ? ? lie 'iiaterlsl
.ii._-lii.in 11-, - . aud for whirti
10 paid I \ I compote .4- t.. ila amount thal ?
. material
-11- tl; In others part ot the ?? 1 .retained
?./ Do you han aaeotee dona towal v -Yea slr 1
m te lt noni twelve to om o'clock
' ni.
Mr. Payne, counsel for Pommlaatsari
u-^.i ri ii!-j- wklek fhe department ked ni itotoahew
L>- -snT't it the Om- hnn-ii' d ind ta ri '**-*t.
ewer, ter arhtchtkrec ord.!-, a, tr Issued to Mr. Ctn*
Ingham la one day. Mr. Babba ak add, ti - - >
..11. ral Tracy, th.if the BM . 1 rc
. ut lue.ip,neon ut- Ul '.lu- -.ti, r. md
aggi --inn- and reporte, He regarded ck ea a
...uh tbe -> uer ???...!.?
nra kim ruby oas aaaaa Be 1 af -
lie three otdera acre Issacdpul
he work under tbe throe ceders waa rt I aathsassg
-haiiua baandma ea throe dlffacaal pasta af tha sasss
.-wer Mr. Babcock's reports tn ragard '?? Uiei hom
ism sice pecdaa >i rbi n ems aathteg la the r-pc-t"'.?
how nhsre the track sraa began, oe ratted, ec tosrWcfe
Qeneral Tra Pbla 1 mad
iieiiiot) I V I
ill tour attention t" 'hi- report ?
mt the tu-n, - 1,. ?.. i
ur ike lt,
Q ? But bari ' I e i.on
iii tiie -.,,,.- ... ii,,-, finally, I
ino* a ti" allen >1 Hiern.
Mr. Payne !'?? rou bring tko ch ty - Bu
..irtli'-li' "i "li.tiu.: :: I. .
.. -
.'1 tlgt vv. .. I
.1 another it-e inici t
Geueral i rac) Vour i< ?? 1 - Ml feet Of
tearer a ed. and tt la marked ... IMa map.
vin. it nm lin.- lind smite within r 1
I'Jl feet v - rr 1. I .ri.-d. 1 .. . "ii ??< - -
>re|Miic (a I . mi,.it.
V/. ?If ',
ie re wonld bo! i" mj el ?-, 'lie rork
? ii '.I--.' tn-.I' r- ? a >-.-- gui the cg s 1
un.l.- rom iii t - irena nt. ai d ll ls
',. ,11. you know of auy do. w?fl 1 ? -: - tbat
h.' two -ej.ru.rie uni. ? 1 ' A -
tl., not.
-, ,..,-,? -niblin v report a ms ,,t s;, .
iain r- - w ir V"'i tay 1 turo
1 m.- .m.i.. ?? '?' tko
caw, ^.- abown iy thia
\. -1 don't ti.ink so.
Mr 1 nmi Bjrham produei.. ui
,11 thal be had pin served. ,1- Un ' ??:?? ij
lu- r<>li-. w .- torn
?loy.-d by Mr. I ul itnghani, arith Hu I ? meu.
I ti,?.. v. - , 1 - - mit*
aaa wa* employed ou cit j norli tor which Ms ?-.??
iuiii? paid >v tu-- kour,oroa ny rack tm th ? ?? *
.: . ? Iago*
11- nbs th lon prl
1 leuerai 11.,t- - I- li tra B
...m.- ?.?? n ? ti'.\ ???! city work sud 1 '.*ti?
thant there tating .n.-. thin.- on your roll fo shaw
tl v Yea. slr.
,{ Vi, -.. I f ??' - ? ?
1.,i,?.-i i.i ..- '. 1.?'Yea. air, but I kin ai ls
-,voil< and oben on
,.ii.!.. 1 ? V ^ < -. ?tr.
H ~li),\ ion.- ?!" ] bs .-?' I
ni tue raitt 11 aaa abeam that the Ina hal' i
lhr; rtici'i -IM, .nie ini'tt ? oiplov.-d .-.eli'... . ,1 I >
ptUBeal thu . ? rhona M
1 non.;.i.tl.Ul. paid |1 "il .1 d.iy er-., li, ..:??? '
which be got from tb. clt| r- ??? thad
itvo mei i. mica getting ?J -i day each, tba .-it-- paj I ?' 54
mea. rhe Miine? said that Mr. Oaaaksi an had -"*
akaalcs ptadagnmeatlf, sha I ....nfc
Geueral rrary?;The lem "f B, s Cnnnhuhccs BC*
itt po "' ent -"al.tM'.l ,v \...!r '.r .alxrtt tiy
the uo ai. delusive of tin 1. work tad rel ... 1 laen
not a arran .. Ike sui -.f bookkeeping inst sll mew
bowman u. m worked on . oL*
a Sa 1
m i_e-fi i' not true thal "n 11 w ? -l. ju'i
r." -m,.i 1 ? . he .itv tor work * Mah, ia 1 ??? .-,.?... li mi
?ell lhal yoai .:,. i...f bara te repair it, cwsts yeacegg
tu t.i I ?Voa -1*
TH n payne IkswHasss mM d a ? I y al
nnyen cassey to igpnir tho lepactngoseccl ;- -
, - .- lom .niue*. TMa ? .?r>>
Icne.i to ... Mr, tt kl fridge,
IB B li 1 v B I. RS ASli Ht. 11 //1'. TS1 'Al,
At iii. .1 .timi BtamkxutBj af Ube BttBkgn au J
Mertksats' Telsgrsph Osmpaai yoatard f, 'ho
tonaer dirertors nam re-elected ey thc Baaaimaaa vote
sr the threa-toarthe of thc stin-k pesaeat. tha r-[airt
akawed tkat is ase thoa eight ?cathe m* ? tagcaj ha.1
;iit re*'e,t Ka pde m. eak-> ham -.I", t, ",'i fl miles md im
aireaittesgnfram 1 ?? i *? ?**?' -irt,"t
aisosta a esk au dsr conti i s psncasi
,n, wbleb weald ba Batattad ? a Bert
ail mont.".*, aasecwtgh to maa.- tec ii-.tii;' -r nt iiiiis
inila* 1". HW au', wire .nilei u, *rly I'M!.'*)... i ,e :?,nxey
lo .- 'lill. Cte the ?'-rS . .- At *
mi!.-..pu i.t meeting 't ? ?? -ot n.i .-Bj: -j*, waa ru ada
ex. f'.i t -r.i.irat.'l .*jlli.e?of *.Hnv ind ll-aasUfSCi
w.ii.\i :<..s ?' '"i " i.i ... j ii. i'.-e. n - hu-ora
,rt . t, < - ie-1 lent ; J.'iti lt ll-,- ." ,!? e
preMtite;: i >. i H. a ue. aecratarj ;i.l ?* - - *
au?.'- * nidi grnorai maaa^ac.
URAH' tli A LL thi B i
Thi-^panisli steumship Riiiumi Av lliii.u
Brnr.Mi bo fhaaaang uu.ut frvui Havana, ua\. . on Soard
M .teJo*. i'h vv.ii.lj.i. c..ik and lour ?waoie.i of the Hrtt
ISttharaLatcaa rue lamia sailed from I'iBsaeoiaau
Jann*r> l ? IN t xUtttShm, lie ug an ol I vessel snd net
lo tim Bas) . un ltuoti au* began to lc Jt as *oon as shs aaC
Into luagk we .:.;?! I floria ware made to k.vp the r?a
ne\ aS ?1 liv woik.aKlbe pumps coatlo.i..u.lj, but jb lha
eleniu UV i) il tue crew ileinaudiel of I'apiaul Ix'lvUiaaa
io it t*? ..-eel Ji-.iid p.it lulu ua aaaraet pott. '??If aaa
l^.r. au ii turned tt reaeei over to lbs aeaanssmcgwa
mate who f.oU tlw \--a.-i Uilo Bava?a, WkotO s.C waa
soWataaottaa Ib ttmUt

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