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>V ?,->__?','__fi
?^??w^K*^ V' AJiC***"'1!?'^'*'^*! __?6- - i'AA^^---** PS*T
,<,i;l- uiMM.ll ll CHl'RCHIl L'l UBI Ratl I
MAUI :?.
11 casu ra mi rani sn .
Ixnraox, Hay 24.?8eerecj i-* itill maintained I
Un- Hiiiish Gorernaaenl respecting tho negott
tion? which aw known io he proceeding wit
nanon ami other Powera reepecting thc E gyp til
[*<.:ifi'i"."i.-.'. Mr. Gladstone'i declaration! in iii
Konsoni Ct.iumons on Tbareday -ere reaamrini
il ml tho (onfereiipo. imf vapne on olhor point!
TliebO assurances amount to an expnseionof b?
Hal that the FOwen wonld eoneenl to routine tli
C'onirn ii.. io the anhjcel >>f Inanoe, France expect
lng to aeenre a direct concession of oilier demand
I.ifi.ro the Conference assemble* A Berlin lek
(?ram to-day say* it i> belioTed there that the I 01
terence will never meet. Un Putt Veli Ossttte coi
?Men theran] danger t<> be thal Mr. Gladstone wil
agree t<> establish, not i dna! bnl a multi coi
trol kn Egypt, abandoning the advantage! whie
England has gained Ly tba seerificeshitherte mad*
Tht sp" tui,.r. which soinctiiiu's reosiiM lunts froi
Hie UnviTinnriif. intimates that Pramler Ferry's <1<
ii,.h.ii- .ir.' limit.cl to protection of tho French bond
lu.in. i-, ami prevent ion of the di int annexatioi
sf Egypt liv England, both <>f which points Mr
Oladitone yields,
nu: iu i ii i kxtkijition.
Assertions and denials respecting an expeditioi
to Khartoum, winch Ismmored to he pnparing
kare been freely exchanged daring the week, am
llinist" rial reeerve, a- osnal, Ins remained impene
tanbie, hut il..truth probably ls 1h.1t arrangemi ul
aro iini. tly making to dispatch a fores in July
thong- the Gorernmenl hope that event* will ron.
dei the moTement needless. The force will mardi
?fiom Sfaesowab via Hassall to tho Nile, if Admin
Hewett's mission to Abyssinia incceeds; ami i
that mission don not sneceed tho route will lu
lu.in Snakim to Berber. Every effort ie making ii
the meantime to obtain a message from General
Gordon. Mr.Gladatonedescribes thc news tun
Dongola and other points as reannring, but tin
story ol ;i messenger's entering Khartonm is a mere
expression of the Mndir of Dongola'a belief.
i Pis. .i.e.- Ol liuMK POLITICS.
Political inci.lont3.it home an sufficiently inter
aiting to divert some attention from Egypt, lin
Franchise Rill i? once mon offi ring afield on whicl
Anglo-Irish hostilities can be tonghi ont fido iii
side with partisan conflicts tbat an pnnly English
The majority "f li'.") against Mr. Brodrick'! motioi
to exclude Ireland from the benefits of the Fran
. Bill is decisive of a qaeetion which had been
h'm adv decided.
Mui.' wonderful was Lord Randolph Chun hill'i
andden reappearance in tbe character of an oppo
nant of the leaders of his own party, to whom lu
La.1, im'- ostensibly and oven ostentatiously neon.
oiled last week. Lord Kaudolph Churchill's dee
lai i "'' in favor of extending the Franchise Bill t"
Ireland took the Tories kp ejaipUm lt i? uudor
i I io have been the fulfilment of a bargain with
Mr. Parnell. Sundry Tories voted with Lord Ran?
dolph'! It tm liill and even more abstained from the
dil ision. The Staadard thnndendagai
d> ra i lion, bnt this did not prevenl Lord Bandolph
Ci,,in lui! from again speaking yesterday in behalf
nf the Government .'md opposing Mr.
Si.-, ley'i amendment to postpone the op?
eration of the measnn til a Redistribution
Bill can be paaa L Be finally voted, however, foi
tho amend isl which lie had jual -
N' ? j. .. ?? wiri! lill happened between th'
?;.f b and the vote. Theamendmenl wasdefeated
I.i nearly :: bnndred majority,
ihe Franchise Bill is making lome apparenl
progress, bat th.- realdangersan yal to c..n.e. L>.rd
Randolph Chnrohill'isomersaults are unni
i except the 1 ines, who o he np*
It they ? outinue, Tory dib .ipline will b?- a thin,* of
the past.
Mi:. CHAMBERLAIN'! si'!.! cu.
Mr. Chamberlain's powerful soeecb on Tr?
ite Mcrchanl Shipping Bill is intended as an ap*
i the < .iiitiy against the shipowners. Mr.
( uberlain's friends say that beregardi tlie bill
?ri.- weakened by the concessions as
hardly to be worth carrying. He i^ satisfied thai
iti..: ? .-illus '.LajM' be tarried thll y. i.
n* the ihipownen are (-till bitterlv oppoi
Jlii..e. Mr. Chamberlain 1. a resumed hi- old
Bggn naive tone.
lill". MAMU! -111. < AVAL.
i'h. snccemol the Manchester ship canal scheme
before the Lords' Committee snrprisei nobody
h.on than ? promote i -. l lu- ii. ii. -.[ bas
nlreadj <"-i nearly a million il..liars and will he
renewed in Ihe other House, while the condition
tbal ila- Hve m lliona >:?, , . ihall be
i ribed and issued isa serioua obstacle, since
tbe i ? bid the pay?
ment of intere *. On< credulous London paper re?
ports, nevertheless, that the whole am..nut was
mil)-.! rii? d yesterday. lin-, is ??'>.. ions noni
MR. I <'I'-"I1 I! AVU Ill) CAI < I -.
Mi. Forster'a Kidy t<> th'- censure ul lin Bradford
ta.i. n- .- a "'i of his righi to fret -
du,:.' and a nf uaal to yield to dictation.
Ii i- .i convincing restatement ol Ins position on
the Egyptian question, His letter U approved bj
the leadiug Liberal journals throughout the
nenntry, rai Vmtls Nette excepted, which veils it?
nnimoeity to Mr. Forster In deoorona alienee,
Theadvei f the couunlttee, aa expected,
kills tba Pnrkaand Railway Bili, to which public
ojniJioii La.; grown *i. adily more hostile, ihe prc
?eton nf the bm threaten to renew the propone!
the next ye.n anti Ihe Opponent! of thc i, ? .
con:inne to extend their organisation,
L'rs,,. Wat ASM T.il Alli l::\ I..
The.Paiiaenmapondenl of Tkt Latin Newe ir.ins
luit .i letter from Munster Morten to Pretniei
Tuny denying Ihe stat amen t telegraphed ls Tues?
day'-) liniAt that thu iiuui?e of iiepicseijUtivea ro
jett-d amid applause tho bill to reducedutieson
Works of ait. Ali-iuter Morton aim mn that Mi.
Bard's report iu favor of tho manann waa ap?
plauded and implies that the rote ref acing to eon
aider the hill was not deeiaive. Fun her Malana
timi from America ia therefore deni liable, mme tba
?hist account excited ga.'K-iai enrprise that a major
Itj of tho House could imagine that tho interests of
American art would be promoted by the policy of
extending Ignorance of art in genernL
a lunn ri TO UM. Ri.aim*.
The Timfi pronounces ? comprehensive t wo-colnmn
eulogy of Mr. Blaine'! " Twenty Yearn in Con?
gress," declaring the bonk to be in no eenie I party
manifesto, ont a careful narrative, popular, but
not undignified In style, and remarkably fair and
moderate in tom., rai TUsee conclodea by congi at*
nlating Mr. Blaine on the manner in which he li:.-.
accompliahed the first instalment nf his work.
Barn Warda (to give him the name by which he
was generally known) anddsn death al Pegli, near
Genoa, was known in I.mi.bm by telegraph on Mon?
day, 'l'lie news elicited numerous elah.nate
editorial eulogies, through which personal affection
la the prevailing note. He had lona been popular
with many of the best-known people and the moil
brilliant circles In England, of whom many no*
knowledged gratefully his rocla] services .tc them
in America. No American wa* so widely known in
England both as host and guest, with equally de?
lightful gifts in both characters,
a tm.M r VICTORY.
Among the events ot* the week the moat
profoundly int. rest un.' tn emt numbera of English*
imn lithe victory of the Marylebone Cricket flub
over the Australian eleven by one inning and IIB
runs. To-day's rilUI devotes au editorial over a col
iinin 'ong to this trio mph. The other London papers
have aborter but equally jubilant article* None
find time tn mention the two victories of thc
American Lacrosse Team o\er English
players, though The Sporting <t"<! DnmaHc yuri
publishes a full-page illustration with portraits
of the team. The dinner to thr Lacrosse players to
be given by Mr. \V. L 8chenck, of New-York, ii
now fixed for London, Jun.''.'. at the Hotel Conti?
nental, the American Minister presiding,
Tin: i.i.vd.'V >i \t,r.
ihe theatres offer -Cera! novell icu. "Called
Hack," dramatized bj Comyna tan from Hugh
Conway's striking story and produced at the
Prince's Theatre on Tuesday, w as .1 remarkable ex?
ample of a good acting play, extremely sensational
and ingeniously constructed from a novel curiously
deficient in dramatic characters. Th" audience ap?
plauded it and the .ii!ns praise ii wiih.mi stint
albeit the piece has be.n imperfectly rehearsed
lind obviously needs and doubtless will se, nie ul
terations. Mr. Irving and Miss Terry wen present
in a prirate box. but were invisible. The acting
h..i.ois of ihe evening belong to Mr. Beerbohm
Tree, one of the most delightful villains dow t.. be
seen on any staip'.
Wilson Hairei! produced at tho Princess'! '11 ?
on Thursday afternoon Henry Arthur Jones and '
Henry Hermann'a "Chatterton." It is amen char
acter sketch, chiefly remarkable fur Wilson Bar
rett's finished delineation of the hero. : 1
Andran'a "Mascotte" was reproduced on Friday t
1 at the Comedy Theatre and was cleverly played I ;,
and anng throughout brilliantly byMias Flo
St, John, who replaces Viole! < 'ann roi.
London, May 21. ? Ihr Poll Vail Gazrtlt an?
nounces under roserve thal England bat
io the Porte to send 12,000 t.ps to land al
Snakim, march to Khartoum, attack the Mahdi, and
"re-establish order in the Soudan, and then with?
draw with the Euglisb garrison, leavi ?
" i'achalio" oi the Nile dependenciei subject to
the Sultan'- I v. l bi w statement! an
di ned as bein!- al.-iud.
Ii is au open seen! that the Government has
lately come into possession ol some alarming Infor?
mation regarding the condition .1 affairs in the
Soudan. Stnnnous exertions an made at the For
eign Office to heep this information from the pub?
lic, bul it is known thal Bl Mahdi's emissaries an
a. lively and successfully engaged in breeding dis?
content among tbe Egyptian soldiers who, with
their British commanders, an garrisoning the
"-ouiian. Mil it ar j experts ben say tbat sooner or
later then is bound to be a wholesale mntiuy of
tbe Egyptian troops accompanied bj massacres oi
the British officers, aa In the Sepoy rebellion
"i 1858, which, liku the present rising
in ihe Soudan, ha<l a quasi religious basis. Ii li
estimated that El Mahdi's force include* 5,000 sol?
diers of the Egyptian regular army. Some of these
m. 11 were captured after ih<- defeat of lin ks Pacha
and willingly changed their allegiance to El
Mahdi, bm iii.' greater number bare come to bia
standard in the steady flow of desertion"! from the
Soudan garrisons, which have been in progress for
the pas! seven months.
Considerable anxiety has lately been caused by
the accumulating evidences of French intrigues
tore-establish her foot inn in Egypt. I here is nodonbl
thal a de. ply rooted feeling of jealousy has
existed in France ever once a.n- was supplant ed In
Egypt by England's boinbardim ni of Alexandria.
lins feeling is potent enough to all readers of tbe
Parla papers, which are continually criticiaing, in
an offensive and dictatorial gpne, Ihe conditions
01 the proposed Egyptian conference. These
.'ita.'la- have ransell great Irritation here,
and il would take bul little to make a war feeling
popular, I' ia believed here thal the Frenchmen,
I?? uiuin, ai.- rip
\ - . circulation to-nighl which
may go lai toward precipitating an Auglo-Freueli
. li ia to 1 he eft'eel dial some ..! the
French troops, now relieved linn dntj in lon
quin, are abonl tobesenl to thi l,. . - a as an
anny "I ob**ei \ ation.
,,| I i.-l 11? .N" TO PIANO IWi,IV\l!;s SI'UI'Ali ??!
London, Maj 24.?A crusade againsl piano \
plarinf Ij.is began In I'.-iiiu. The promoter! of tbe v
,:.:-.1.ii have circulated petitions for slguatun in ail Ihi
retideuce portions of tae etty, and tbs petitions, wiiirii
Save a large nnmliar ol nlgners. have ii"~ been pn
to the m.in,fi|.al and police autborltiee. The*" ael fortli
that the eoastaal and mon.'inn.1 ia praetlatag ol
and exerelses tty piano paplla lia* become aa Ititolerable
uutaaooe, ea urina; nanon aoffertag to Invalids, aggravating
all forans of nervous di wa - tod depreciating '"?
of real estate li.*.* therefore cUlui that ll ti a proiiei
auiiieet for pohoe regulation, ind pray in.it a municipal
ordinance be enacted letti, ting Um tims oi ,
playing and praetlalai to lae Lmua between 11 a rn and
... and between -1 aad 11 a. m.
s.MAI.I.l'.ix IN LONDON.
4aasallpoxaearela aUnuiagl' preva!entla ssvsi
tbe lletropoliUa dlatrlota ..f London, and ti aprcadiug
linui tin.- eit> in ii.'- adjoin*0*" i'i ....)..??? . mi,.-, ni,- ba
truminK of in*- plague lu*' sTovembei Louden bas ex*
peaded 9250,000 fer additional bm iaimodattona for tas
eoastaatl-* taereaalBg number <n patlaata n
if n.iw propoied ta and new Its Irepoll
(au aaial1 .1 lina;.I! ,1- a! a mat ni
9750,900, ?sktag a latal af 11,909,000
The aatt-vaeelaatto?tsss an- making eapttal sat orme
?Course liy polljtltijr to Ita {Heval*"!, I- alni al'adv Spread
l eian.neii nu T. m.il l'n?r.
PNBi (. i ssh i. Rppofm io si ava a w a i.i.*. \ i n
< rum nv DiaTXTCT-A itoi.ni *i gOOT.
A warranl for the arrest of John C. Ene, th*
former pn lidcni of the Second National Hank, nm
i^ m d by United Btatea Commissioner Shields yen
terday va .mini: at tha request of District-Attorney
lii.ni. .Mi. Knut Ii.i - been engaged since tbe iii-! re?
ports of the peculiar financial transactions of Mr.
lim in exnmining the laws relating te
National banka und became sufficiently 2 sat
isl,i d thal the |a*W bad bein violated ld
lead h i ni lo lal?<- decidive a, t mn. I he ?allan! iras
given to Deputy hfarshals <'enrt-e ll. Holmes,
('i'm. < .-? nil l'< it is. The mnrshnls wen! to Mr. Kim's
h..use at No. n; Park-are. They found on tha
stn 11 in front ol the house and at the doorway nnd
distributed on the streets aboul the bloch several
ib pm v shei iii* and several detectives said to be In
ihe employ of 1'iukorton's Detective Agency.
Holmes iras ai ned that Mr. .Eno waa
certainly in tbe bouse, aa it eras Im
possible tbat he could bate departed
wit hum being seen. Mr. II.dines alter waiting a
hhorl linn decided that 1,. would make an effort to
sn \ f the ~ ai rant.
Thedeputj ruarahala went to tbe door and i i I
to see Mr. Eno. They were told that he could not
be s., h. inn jin dated in I heil endeavor to And lum.
They looked through a perl <?!" the Imus.-, bul found
only the lathes of tbe family. A policeman was called
but when Mr. Holmes explained his mission tbe po?
lice ofticer said be could only assist the Marshal
in his search. All the rooms wera then eau tully
examined, though tbe deputv marsh il was assured
tbal Mr. Kim was aol in lim honan. Mr. Kim's
brother cami' to the bouse while the search.waa be.
lng prosecuted and when tbe mission of the officers
was explained to bim, he offered to a-sis| them.
After a careful search the deputies became eon
vineed thai Mr. Knowns not in thi bonee. They
returned to the Federal Building nt a late hour In
the afternoon and reported to the District-Atoroey.
WATCIUNfl lill- Htiisi i\ mi ivimm;.
Ai .">:.(*> the honaa resumed its wonted aspect.
Against the railings al Thirty-eeventh-et.
leaned one of the men who have been supposed to be*
long to the Sheriff's Ofllee, and who since Wednes?
day hav.' kept careful a atch <>\ er iii" Ingoings and
mtgoingsof the occupants of No. 16. Later in the
.vening three depnty^nanbals were strolling up
md down the avenue before the bouse and occasion
illy halting at the corners nf the block. They ad?
mited having made the search during the day,
mt said that they bad mu been
m the roof <>r down in the cellars. Thej alao said
hera' ware two staircases in the bouse. The police
nan who was called in by tha deputy-marshals
? aid thal lie bad ni.'rely guarded tin- door.
A persistent watcher of the hones during the Inst
bree nights has beena stool man with a reddish
leard, whoapeakawith a German accent. li was
aid hist nigh! that a private detective ha*
nen employed by one of Hie directors
oi tli?- ! r i?t fee days to shadow Mr. Eno, The pre
nmption is that the man ?willi the red be.ml
s the person so employed. He was Inclined
n bc reticent last night, bnt said
bat in his opinion Mr. Euo had li ft
he bonse on Wednead iy
A sci \ ,i.i i who answered the dooi Iiellearlj In the
I that Mr. Fno was at home and sick ia
..il. Latei Charles \\.1. his brother-in-law,
? n. Ho retuned lo say anything npon
he subject as be cia.d thal it was
lamil] matte] which did not concern the public.
leiudignantlj denied, bowi rer, (bul Mr. Eno had
li the bouac lo avoid arreat, bul admitted thal be
ad imt *?? 'imi hun for some time?several divs i_
Amos I". I*".i John <".'s br..tin ii waa i .ii at bis
muse iu Kiiiii-ave. He said thai his father, /
!. Kim. wu- mil of town, Imi denied the nublitdied
?|)iiii that the elder Mr. Eno bad in any
ray turned againal his nm, John C. He
tided: "I have not been al my brother's house
ind can not say where he noe in. A: the
rc* ut tum 1 fi < 1 thal we had better be silent
limit the affair and not even contradict any of the
rroneoiiH statement! tbat have li-eeu published, lt
, j nail aimil aud mj father ia . ompb
rated. Laterwe may have some utateuienl to
ia ki. bul nol at pn
W HA 1 io I ,t ! - "I lill n \M\ say.
Henry A. Hurlbut, one of the directors ol the
ri omi National Bank, Bald: "I have not heard
nvi'iinu about tbe v..m.mt issued for John C.
irrest. What yon tell mi nimiit tbe search
i been mad.' f..r bim by the deputj -
liala is a . ompli ; I .v. ie. i ired
,. Imii uiu before. I have nol seen yonng Euo
ime be retired from the presidencj of Ihe bank/'
lanac X, Phelps, another of tbe directors, said:
I have only ju-i heard of the search thal waa
lade Un*, afternoon for yonng Mr, Eno, It .\u*
to m.'. A-, far ns I know,
ie directors are not in any way con
?iii.- i in iln*. [ have been very little at the bank
i bite, bul Mr. ?stokes, the mord active of the
i rec torn, wa- witb me this afternoon, ami we had
long ebal upon the batik's affairs. Ile said notb
ig to inc about John C. Eno and did nol refer to
ps tiiat had been taken against him. I feel
?il tb.lt be wt,ubi have told me about lt h.id
uh been the case. I have nol seen John c. K o
u sum.' time."
i'i.-nb nt .faint s _. Trowbridge said; "I nave
ot beard anything about Mr. Euo's disappearance,
? nothing wbatevei toaaj about the matter.
Ira of thc bank are in a thoroughly sound
? ml it mn. I have not aeen John C. Euo lately."
Auaon I'helpa Stokes was in town yes terday, im 1
mid not be found attbe bank or at bu office
owntown. In the evening he returued to his
niue, at New-Brighton, Staten I land.
Dr, ll.ni. C. Eno, who waa present in the honse
uriiig thi ? ari li, was riot at liis houae in Lexing
ni ive., and it was said there that bc was out of
? \\ n.
i 11 heb on rv'- im i.
Cntil a late honr lani night the watch on the
? ii-.- w..s still kepi np, bul no further at
?tnpt wi s mad.' to ii.', t an entrani ?? oi maki
larch. There were few -milora. Abonl to
t'..., k a rab drove np and Fathei
utfv, ni St, Leo's Church, stepped oul and waa
t once admitted, i lr- stayed nearly an h..ur. and
i bis reappearance was asked whether John c.
1 in the bonne. "No,"was tbe reply, "he
not i li ire. I i aim ?' tell \ on ? lu i" he may 1 e ;
< 'i hilo fill D ila, ol' I '.Mi."
The night wore on and ihe passers-by invariably
<>i'|.i'.l.. they have done eyer since the mattel
un generally known mid .cairned the house with
ii inn- eye? Due ut the wal hers saul that he waa
ire Mr. Euo was in tin house; another, on tbe
"i'i ii mit ive fact that Hu'
iii time ".I I ? "a was on Tuesday night
ben he rni,'ic! ; lu
how tbal any order ol
n.-i bas Wu granted or applied for and neitbei
lr. Mei ion ral . an r nf hi* a* ii lunts were !?? be
'??n in i . rh.1 last night. Mr. Mi*
I hiiimell \n i -i- . ,| in hi denial that lie bad
.!? bed the house ni ? mini it lo lie ti ??'? beti.
h wa, t, |Hirte?| by ona ol the mn ,,? ? .;.-..?. tives
'bo li employed iii ,. Eno thal
M-l had not I .. i ol
ged in tin
l ? as supposed that Mr. Eno might 1 ?< In
il he ii.ul L, |,| ont
?-* - siliv in.ii ile-, wini were watcning ile Innis,
out without
ieir koo ti ,. d_i-.
**..iu. of the officials connected with the service
I tbe warranl thouahl thal Mr. Eno ii . I tva de
d**d lu keep.i,,i.-,i ni,ni Mniidax morning.
hen bc en ii.i ii ur readily (rive bail, in ii id ol
[lu .n itody <liii
. k ee ni ii |
un -i'd in tie i r ui [lui ?
.. i iii.ir-u until Mm,!.i,. il m.,.-ai\. tn afford
i - !?;?..rtuiiiiy for ball I i be furnished
I..,, ii-i ni: n: a I nun si reporter tailed at Lud
iw Ntl et .lal mil im linn ? I il .lol n ('. Euo
?mi brou ir ti I tl ere, ii" * ;>? iufnni il thai he >?? ,
?iiini';' fleeted to arri Ye,
AW- I NI'K I WHICH Ml:, ia'., il 1 - ai riNO.
A section ot thu Revised statutes, p leting to Na
mial banks, urn. nb- iii ii an .- nftl ?? of a N iHoual
h. ki ie; asaouiatiou wbo "embezsli *. ab*) tua. is ur
illiulU misapplies au*, of the mom-ya, funds ur
t-ii 111- ni tbe ai-H. latino; or wbo, v. ii hun 1 author
a. ii'.in tin- ii.it .'tin?*, inane* ur imi min cin di
an aay of tha imtea of ihe association; oi who.
without anch authority, issues or puts tenn nny
i i-Mnit ;ite?if deposit, draws any order or bill of
exehange, makes any aoceptnnee, assigns
nny note, draft, bill of exohuage, mort?
gage, Judgment, or decreei or who makes
anv lalee entry in any bunk, report or statement of
the association with intent, bi either ease to injure
or durand the association or any other company,
body politic or corporate, or any Individual person,
or to deceive any officer of tbe association, or any
agent employed to examine the affairs of any such
associations - and avery person who with like
intent aids or abets any officer, clerk, or agent In
any violation of this sn tion sba I' be deemed guilty
of a misdemeanor and shall be imprisoned not lesa
than five years 01 more than ten."
Then an several othei sections providing for the
punishment of officers wboovi r-certify checks and
wbo violate tbe banking laws in other respect*
I be punishment in sm i ? gaea is by fine oi imprison
iii*ii or by both, rhe exact charge againal Meaera
Eno and Fish could not be ascertained at tha Dis
in, i-.Miuinf., v office. An examination is now
held bl i nmini-sjuiici (ii illltb in lher;is,'ul an
Se\ional Bans who is
charged with a violation of one of the oro visions
of a law directed a ? f evasion of (ha aection
ag mst on I-, ei titication.
It was reported yesterday thal ? warrant for tha
arrest of James D. Fish, the presideul of the Marine
Hank, had been issued and put min thc hands of a
tleputj marshal at a late bom ibis aften.a. The
um rant, it was understood, accused Mr. Kish of
a violation of the National Banking Act.
A l aim ' 'i i.,..h.; Inqnired for Mr. Fish at the
Mjatic Kbits in Ihirtj niuth-st., near Broadway,
late last night. The janitor said tbal be bau lu ii
i lure ilni i ti ur the earl.*, pan of thc evening, but had
I u away alone at ii: 15, aud would nol oe in until
tn-da . a ben he rniild be (mind al ahau-i any hour.
A gentleman who was al the M\ -iir Plata ent rance
s;iiii bethought Mr. blah hud gone into the country
in st a j .... r night.
At the Mann.' Bank building in Vvall-st.,
wb< re Mi. 1 i-h biis rooms, the janitor said that
Mi. Fiah had been there dnring tue day, but went
away again and bad not returned, and wu. not ix
p..t.d back.
At l?_':''.'i a. m. Mr. Fish returned to the Mystic
Plats. To a Taine's E reporter who asked in
regard to tho probability ot bia arrest ou civil or
criminal process, either in the (State or Kinlet!
stat)'- Courts, be sud: "i shall not be arrested
ht process of any State Court, iu my opinion, As to
what United rt tates Dist ric t-At tornej Kool may du I
caunot say, Should my arTent be ordered tbe olli
cei intrusted with the warran! will know just
where to find me, for I shall make no effort to
avoid him. I hate requested my friends not
to endeavor to gi t bail for ma it' 1 nm
arrested, aa 1 am willing to wail for my hearing.
I have not the least doubt of my ability to nndi
..!??? mt- reputation against any and every charge
which cnn be brough),
SLL ON ii? ai.i?. Nt"\!ni:i:iv<. SIXTY-TWO, CAltRlED
l.nivN wil ll THE VESSEL.
B i. ,I..iivs, N\ F., May 24.?The only details ob
tainable of the loss of the French brig Senorine are
as follows: The vessel left St. Malo on March I,
laden witb salt, provisions and a general cargo, and
iiiiuiul for St. Pierre. She had a ship's company of
nine bands all told and fifty-three passengers.
Ai... it Anni '_'<> she wai caught in a drift
ni Ice on the east edge of tbe Great Hanks.
A few days afterward h strong gale arose from the
south south weat, u in, h. with furious changes and
veerings, continui I until Mn v. On some da
the lirat w.-.-k in May, not fixed with certainty,
iwa and sides were i rusbed in by ice aud she
sank without giving anj warning, carrying down
.?a binn iL
I he i*. rit i .a . li pp i .' ' ri sn clo passed by
tin -nm- shortly after the Senorine had sunk, ami
pn ki .1 up - inii i'-ni di lu ii ral wreckage to
nb-ti I if" ,: vessel, and es
h tho fact ..l lu r actual .1 tom. 1 he Consuelo
un board so ie beds, trunks, baskets and
uk-thing ih;.i bud loubtless floated ont and up
from tbe vessel. No further particulars are ascer
fifnabh , nor i
nu: HN'OlLAB i-:s i ?..*..,ii..wi.si into WMlcii a
D I ..'.l-l HAS IA I I KV.
lit ii ti.0, May 24.?Much surprise was caused
to-day by tb< announcement of thc tndiotment of Henry
K. .-inn, . di iggist, for grand i.i euy tn the Bi
grce. Mr. Btevena w.,s arreMed, taken before Judge
a a here be pie ided nol ?, uilty and
qucutty rcleaned on $-.,000 ball flte atoiy, aa rclal
t.u-. of iIj.- coi aael in tho e " Mr.
and M I., ("oinstoelt, the lat!
-? ni ni be ? ?? of tbe
lite Mi*. Hkln for the tali ot
some of Comstock'a property In N....-.,i..-i.. foi lin- sum
ol -7,. i ia thia i two if
amounting to a ,000, om of which, for ai.SOO, waa held
.. m. .j.i lives ni Connecticut, SA tbs
lime of Mra. ith, n 0. Walker, Comstock'*
father-in-law, whola operating Trnii Ur. Comatock tn a
I...mai.m.i aii.u plantation, oame hero i" attend tbe
funeral ol bia wife aad of Mrs. Skinner. Be brought vrnli
linn a deed and ;i diaefa .iv?? atti toM
stock. Tbe discharge waa to be used in ease the con?
tract waa made ami Kn . imatoek waa to receive bar
ninney mu nt iiir purchase price. Mr. Walker told Mr.
(nevena thal he bad th with bim. Stevena
asked in ????? it, ta order to see whether it was correct, and
anon receiving it. it la alleged, sent lt to the County
Clerk la r ,i.ii. 11 ..nil, where ir waa executed,
?. iiiii.-.i. ih..ul.,1 -li. Walker told him that ':<- niual
nol have ll Med ault! lin contra. I * ?'? bi ii
itwaa returned, hr- tunk lt to the L'ountj Clerk'
lin.', ii.nl ii ill. il ami tin- mortgage discharged linn ll
!.. Mr. w nlkei then too .efore tb. I n nd
.fury and an Indictment was found aa above. The cane ls
inane wone, il ia laid, bi ihe fact thal beforehand Mr.
Nevena beran ault lu the Superior Court to oompel Com?
atock to Ive up i ie nu,., li lia haul u< led In ibis
M.s. Cotuatock would have Inn! lier mortgage .ind tum
hie foe Mr. Comatock would have iillowwL
.ur u.i rcoRAPU i" rai raiBi si I
Ht n nlo, Mny 24.*?Aaa Pu* "is tho colored
::, : ?? ii ( rMcbffe.d In
'n\ wsa eaptured to-tlayat Suapen*
?almi Uria .-??. lie reached the vtltai-e early In the morning,
icenred .. roora al the We itern Hotel, aud after breakfaat
hy ?ii ol th ..ii Bridge, hui tbe (tale
i Io Iel tti.n im. i the lui Ige. !!?? then m. d tm
Canulevi ri ia like n mil. De waa
capturetl near the \v, ?ti*rn Hotel and
' m the ballway of the lockup.
n limn be v.,.- ugain ul .nj. He i.id
In lilt cell ? - . k iilutili ru the door.
lo il,, luiiutry. i. ?? ,. ??:? ? md h u
., | ,n | m
ihe cnn , I tbe ititi inion ? r Albert
llOIUUll I. Wil , "I',).-.!
ij Ulm lin li o lue Im Klip
n mot. il la. Ile- Mi.hum
County i.ul.
? ?
VISITOR! Al < '.I.M.I.I. I'NIVI.K li.,
il ILEos trs TO rill. I H Bl m-'.:
Im ? ?.. M iv ..' I. About mu' hundred stn
derna of thi i ile College to*da rlalted Cornell
Culvern .. i.,. / srere courtooual] received and were
nbown Hu..ii , Ann -lou, the unlversliy,
HUI-.''ntl l.n. ,;,,, ,. ul,i,,l> .nut ni ilt-l
aiiiiii'ii!? i i ,,| ut Bi i i.ita were ms
KILLI D \ I u; \ii.U -aim ROfHINO.
In* ni i...uti ii ;.j rna i min si .j
Batavia, slay 24.- lu theabscnci at dinner
?? ?
na. Rall. "tlexi rider n. Punter, age ?evi nlj nevi
killed by itu* -|?, i.u . 1,,-n.r -u;...'ndeol Burrowa
Ilia hoi ie rn
dr. Foal
nun than hT
tt- Ul,III,l, ll,',..
? ?
I'M !.! N [)| \'i IN \ I'll 1.11.
I >T, May 2 I. lo epll ll.n iiii.-tni. an <'I<1
en ii, ii u aimburi . -..inii dead lu
I li. r. -.-._- i... ,?.,:, -,,,. ol toni \..,i. Iii bail beou mina
. . - aud i ii , ii j..-, led ihal le bad
l? ra nun.I. i. ti.
I kl ll I ? ..hil ll III IM, Ihini at. I
in tu inii, Maj 24,?Francis Hiug wm-on
Mal ra tin Pi I. ? . uuii in day fi,i rorgery. He bsM In
lui- ? u .1 I i-U.ilf : "I .iu Lei ?t ci, s,.x tOttmtm uiul eigMSSa
? if Lue u.i.i 1 raws ta lhl? country lu Oetoiit-r,
1883. In Ragland my father I.i a Judge. Tie thiiif-at
(?nulli Bake a unod living in Assertea, andaasonlni
aerass." sing bad taken orders fur advertising far a i?*r<
publication, aad bas* faged several haadreds of dollar
worth of contracts. In liu deelaioa Jndga HntchlnaaaW
u I think that thia man ia a smooth-tongued, high-tone*
tramp, who has moved about tbe country and made
iiini'.' by bis tongue and looks." in- -ned tba pi
f28 .uni...-!-, willi thirty daya m Hi.' work b
I \ /A'"'\ ll: ,/?/ TBIBl SAi.
A '."MU 11.inaf. LICENSE ORANTKD rOB I tb OBO *"<
[Bl lill '.Ililli K) lill. TBIBl SB. I
Pl'lISBURO, Haj 24.?In the (nun of Cnminoi
Pleas No, I, to-day, Judge 8towe granted aueense foi
an lum Trade Tribunal, conditioned, however, apoi
the asaent of the workmen. Ii v. as expeoted tbal thi
workmen's petition would be presented, bul it waa not,
though it i.-> i.than probable ii will be forthcominj
Bait week. Tbe manufacturers hold that there is ao
diaptite at preaent; thal ihe diaputowill nol eorae
nu lil .Inn. I. If theil petition ia correct the workmen*!
petition will require ten men from each ..f ii-..- milla
ll. howi a.:, iii.-.i'i -tu.n ad,,u|,| I,, raised thal tlie dis
I uii.- i- in progreKH, anil be decided affirmatively, thi
fifty dgnern will das"' (to repreaentatleaal one-ball
the mill employea of the county, and the point of the
manufacturers in that all the men na each mill moat
I., taken into ... ronni
I lu- Amalgamated Aaaoeiation, If it eoneludes finally
to object in court to the tribunal, will combat thia point
and li"!.I thai onli the workmen a Im*.' woi k i- directly
affected by tbe neale* should be considei d. lt la aa.
serted that a lai ?:? majm Itj >.!' tbeae danae*, of wm kmen
m. members "I tbe antoeiation, ami an' opposed to thc
tribunal. At th" Amalgamated headquartora, Presi?
dent Wlehl said lie wouid wait uniii June 1, aad note
development*. Iii mberof tho las! Legiala
tnre, .uni i- convemant with the Wallace act Bald lie .
" I he law - ?. ? that iii- judge maj denj the li
?mil--, iii.- workmen -i :??? - repreaent .t leant one
ball the trade Interested. I wanted' may' changed
in ? -li. .ll' imi .'.i- nnsiiccesaful, and I dont know bul
ih it, un.!.', ih. ihtaretion allowed by the word'may/
the li,i-i.-,' maj be ((ranted tho workmen re gard li xs
of whether thc rn titioncn represent st least one-hall
ni thr wni!,in; ii i mploj'ed in th'' tri.lc interest) .1."
'l'lie art n| the A-si mlily allm\ s silty ,1a vs jilter tlie
iaane "i the conditional licenae for the filing ot a peti
lion on the part of the aei.I party. In eaae of a tri?
bunal's being perfected, it* decudons arc not eom
ptilaw ry, but they maj be recorded in the I 'our! of Com
ini.n Kl, .M, ami jiu;, ,.\. it act ut' interference with the
decisionamight lu- adjudged contempt ol oonrt ">t
cniirs,'. a strike could not place the strikers in contempt,
Imi ir i* a qui -ti.ai whether persuasion or Intimidation
dir.. t. .1 ut workmen who accept the decisions would
ool h. so regarded.
TEE ciu,ps IS THE .MU:Ilia .' - /.
MINNI -},,!_ AM) InWA.
[Bl na r .kai ii ITO nu. run.
St. Km I., Minn., Muy 24.?Tho uren ot the
recent raina extended over a large portion ..I the tai ming
diatricta nt Dakota, aa well aa over at?ineaota. fnaotne
-i', linns ,.r both ih,' Btate and tbe Territory, the crops
were begtnnin . !?? f. ? ?! the need ot mol il ire, and every -
where the erupa were benefited i.y Hie ruin. From no
section have tbera been any returns of Injury to tbe
growing gretna, tn the Red River Valley md Northern
Dakota, there are Heida of wheal above ground four or
live lu, ins, and ull looking finely. There baabeenaome
warm wcathi r lu tbe Red River diatrict. The weal
Hi.- Cheyenne Valley, Dakota, ls cool, and could not lie
moro favorable for the wheat At Howard both ???!.? il
ami corn average ai...ur 'mir lu,'hes lu height Corn
planting is generally flulshed there, except on ground
i newly broken, and in some fields thi
ol Hat i- jron p lu
Miner County on'-Nen Breaking." At. Ashton wheat ls
up abobt four Inches nnd the prospects for a lai ?
have uot beeu better at this time of the year ror several
m'.is'Ui-. Corn tai '..i in Smitlierii Minne?
sota. The late drj weather gave the caril uland
-in t, aud run .? tine at u I ie ci op* .....k
i.u.'rn ..? tlirougbout tbe State whero ram
ha- fill
A l;.'s Mo I,.-- Iowa, -i..rial di : " For eight
year* there k-mn Ijccu lu thia mate aonronil
null.?..ia . op of KTalu, graaa, and fruit aa there
la Uow, i,un ia coining forward with luxuriant growth,
and with Ihe favoru ile weather, fanni rs an
: will take the chum? In some localities farmers
tin lr corn. < I I
digoua gre* m. and gnat la all that could be desired."
rnv rai r...i; um ro rna Tim
Pittsbi ri ,May 2 L?There La much talk in tho
social md political olrcles of thia city to-night uver the
I i.. r iitier, a prominent ..tturn.
c main la 1878 Mr. Collier was ap?
pointed aaalgrn.f Reese, Qroff .v thooda, Iron maaufaot
oren. He tiled his first account la Marsh and the
1.1 w a-, preparing tu make a distribution to d
,1,,,innis shun of 95,000. Re had ont) ftt*,,000
I., ui-t rm ii... Ile ls emil to uave left iii" oity a w,
laal I,nu-.liv. I.,- fear Hr. Collier waa a candida
in foi Distri I kl rney, hut
a/aa de fi it, Ile was mpei lutendi rn ol the iu ii iy
: I Chll
<;ami;lis<, h.\ BASEBALL 'l.wu ?,
? s i: *i-ii ro i uk raiBinii
Hi ii \ lo, May 24.?Since the opening of the
ion tiie proprietors of several Uquoi -
mve been operating combination boarda, liuutiieds of
rouag men have tried their lut-k with various rei
I... CRlsens* Raform Association think the bail ness hat
"'. Il lint nnlT an BVll hil! a mun.inri-. ACOOrdtUgly step,
ave been taken \n suppress it 11 a
ilyi ne, agent ol i be asaoclation, Informed tlie propm-ims
hui iu-. thu operation ol their boarus. A tn*
tullun of thts association bas caused much dlasatisfactioB.
"i.i ni. ibaph ro ran ri:
Si hbista, Minn.. Slay 24.?Torbjorn Kittle
on, -j, farmer near Lena Station, killed bis wife by cut?
ing ber i? ths head v,ti;i .i batobet and outtlng her
iiru.it. ile men cit in- own throat and died In a few
ninnies. Kut ,'snii was un.T years old. ..iel waa a rich
hui. The criine grew outofasuit for divorce which bia
rite brought uguiunl hun. They lived unhappily for
. ti-. Ila attempted to kill ber a year ago. rue] leave
. \i ral grown children.
rai rai ibapu ru rna immsk.i
Kimi , Penn., May 24.?President Brabender,
f tiie* suspended Kile County Bang, returned home tu
ildlng in tbe M eat. iii
early ail tbo funds m thu bauk were Un a
I*, went awaj because b.aid nol face the lndli
epoiltora. Il la thought that bia property will reabze
Tn., ii id toward paying tue iltibta ol ibe liana, lhere uta
crowd around Brabeuuer'a bouas iu-uit;iit and
i . I VAL til .1/.7.7.7. Al FOI
;.i ni.....: t, ,i ro un. raiai sk. i
Washington, Penn., May 24.?William
ad Werner Myers, who were i?' ymg pokei : .ii
vening, quatTfll>"d, and ISurke shol Myers twice, In
. irerc h. .a...-- ihe quarrel
ruse fru km
Um . lu Ji.- ?' lal - ? . iwd ".'
.... i rn the i n nun of ibe j.ul and
tu cat cued lo Ij uch tbe prisoner.
BILLS Stu MCI) Bl lill. aoVEItXOR.
Ai.uany, May 24.?Tlie Governor to-du)
, numb* t ni bills incluiliug tbe follett ui.-;
Amending the Civil riervlcat Act ol thia Blab
- .li ,.;..' e.)
Eatabllabing a Stale lin.u'J ut Pharmacy, and ri
ig iii.' prai-i.ee ??'. pharmacy, excepl :.i Sch k'ork,
i .
At?ending tai sot euuceruiui pawnbrokers.
/*.! TAL I i l.t.:\t, ar a rn 'ill
Cleveland, .May 24.?Mra, Janies Hanna,
?if.- ..I . ,.t. in r iu Kalrvli-w, bail a tooth pulled yt
un.-.ii.ii. v i,,,..,.i dewed "nely in,ni her mouth
uii n m.ul an,' died.
il 1 I Li; l I'll ir NOTES
TO BE TRIEU i ni: killin., HER RON.
I i-i ,,-.. it-mi. May 'll Mia. I.., h. 11. who killeil iel
,. III'! || 1.-lill.I, ll Killel I" ... II !'.!> ius Mil
. ,"iuii recovi i 't from lu i I ijuru *. w ia urrcitod to day
nu s.-i'ji in u .ui. n i nun , i ;. , n iu await tri li?
lli E . lill.ADI LI'lllA I'tl-I n|| || I
run tin i eui t, '?! . isiei Ilene
, ?? ni.nieil ni Sxal I ul I'nal u .-.?. Ueneiai Unit ii, lo
Hun ni Ibe ii"W l"o?i . uh,',
I III 1' , ll i ?!:.,:.. I .' ' , I
I seen, a ?!
il.ll lill' Illili.lin, at.ts III. . I
Wee iii tbe ,.... um .
? 11.M. |\.. \ 0.10 WEU
I'.i ia e.. ti,- .'t. -in.iiui.il rsa well wes struck
bia in,h. a-, on the property of Uueaj K.Daley, al Hull
?? ek, a': miles ? un ul Uii ~n. bj I nj
A riMi..-r.s >i n i OB LIBEL,
l:.\, M-i -I. I.linn ll"Ulface, of the [taltai lo
lety nf vt.? Leonard'* . bBYo Ii < nun ii. wlm waa spokea
i |m omi la.ii, u m con neel lim with eharaea asade m-aiuat
ns | ? -.ifit-nn in lui pastoral**), haa lunn-et ii mm for
Ural agstast Tai Button 'ttrattt frrf liTtTtfttjiamagsa
meas ash sociAi i ti
A-* stated briefly ni I'm: Ti'.un.i: "fsstSldsjr
Thomas P. OrinneH, ?>f Wo. 117 \v.- i iinrty
fourth-St., killed himself at a late j,,mr Friday
niglit. 'i he bonan tool brownstone. Mrs.GnnnaU
was awakened a few minutes before 12 o'clock by
tin- report of a pistol, ami bond in* r Im-i .n,,i daM
on tin' iluoi of tliiir lied chamber. He bad sltoi bfssa
self through tba hand witbnrevolvei of large caliben
wbich lay near bia right hand. Ile bad fallen <>u
Ins si,!, iii ii,mt,,f a dressing table, and tba pasi>
linn Indicated that lie was looking int.. lia m.inir
ab07S tbs Ubk winn lie. lue I. Mi - (..iinieir*
cries brongbl oilier members <>f tbe hon-aoboW to
the rn.,i n. and a servant hastilj summoned the fam?
ily physicians, Dr-. liegeman anl -a. :.? ? i ? ? i ?-. nt
Sn. DO East I Int ty-lir-f-sat. Ihe -.-, - nf lim
physicians were am dod only fm Mr-. Gmin ll. w ho,
was prostrated i.y the ihoek. line ni ths phy
siciana sent information of Mr. GrinaeiPa death io
Deputy Coroner Donlu, who prevented tbs potion
froman taring lim lmuse. Ths pistol nsed by Mr.
G ri linell was handed strbseqnently toa sergeant of
the Twenty-ninth Precinct, wlm nm ons of
tl,.' il..ul mai's dsnghten, A report of
tnicide was unnle by tlie -ei *. .mt,
who stated thai Mr. 0rinnaH bad basal
drinking freely. Il was the the.nv ni' the polios
til it Ml". Grinnell bsd killed himself while aulli ring
from tli?' .ii. ris of liquor.
WHAT Mit. OnSMWlAtt Ril.AHVis sXY.
Relatives <>f the dead mun mid yesterday thal
they i niil.l nut scoepl tin- tia..rv nf mil !.!.?. I bi /
?I tli.it he had shot Massif by seddon!*,
Mr. Grinnell, they said, was in good health, and
a I though m. I ina. ti vu hu si ness he u .ia wealthy, and
was in the full enjoyment of tim Lest mm ia!
prlvflsflss. <?n Friday lu- sppnarsd to he in ms >.-.voil
ipirits as usual. He spent that evening at his
Imnm. Mia, ('linnell went to bed early. When*.
Mr. Grinnell shot himself he was in his nit-hfe
clothes. It was his custom to carry a reveivST tl
his pocket iu the day time and lo toavc the weapon
on tim dressing tabbi when hs went to i *-<L
His ?relatives thought that Im ama nambi tan;
ii carelessly, preparatory t<? leaving it nu the tahie,
and discharged it by accident Thsj dsniad thins
In- nnd nny cause foi suicide, or that he lii-i.k
li'iimr in excess.
George B. Grinnell, tbs brother of th.- ?!? ad man,
who is well-known in the city asa wealth] residi nt
of Audubon I'ark, said that tha ramily were oona
vinced that tbs shooting was accideataL
rhomaa B. Grinnell, he saul, was hnv years
old. His family consisted Of his wil.- ami two
daughters, Mabel and Eleanor, Hs was in,rn in
Greenfield, Mass., his father being Judge Georgi
GnunelL The family were distant relatives of
Moses H. '-linnell. Thomas cants to this city si
the jiu'.' of tv. ini v and became a member of the linn
of Miss a (linnie!!, dry-goods commission
merchants in Murray?*. The firm "failed, and
Mr. Grinnell becaine s gold Linker In \\..li?
st, iu the early ila vs of ths \Var.
He was married i.> Miss Ayerigg, whose luther, Hr.
Aycrigg, of Passaic, X. J., possessed great wealtlh
Several yean ago Ilr. Grinnell ret ired from lnismes-,
imi he continued to manage his own and his rn ;te*a
estates, wbicb together were worth more than ?
million of dollars. Then propertj consisted almost
exclusiveh of real estate. Mu, bof Mrs. Gi ilinell's
property is in Weat Tblrty-fourth-st. Tbe family
hove spent considerable tims travelling in l.un.pe
ami in the Vest. While the family remained ia
this city they went much Into society snd re. i I
many *. isit,>rs at theil lmuse. Mr. Grinnell nnd hie
wife wore devoutly attached to sash othes ami i.a
i tai te n mle nf spending mneh of bis time [_ his
i oma,
mr DEAD Man's CAREER iv wail mi
After Mr. Grinnell went Into Wall - i
formed s partnership with B. M. Navers, nuder tht
il Grinnell A Navers. Ko 'became a inembeg
of tbe *- age, and [or several "fears waa
one of tbe prominent figures in tho Gold Io.u
Major Ncvers attended to the stock brnl u
of tbe bus!.a I be firm was highly respei ?? d, It
was niili^i'il t" suspend mi Black Friday, but it ia
said tbal ali Its liabilities ware settled in tu L.
Afterward Mr. Grinnell sola his seat ni the Ex?
change, and retired from businesa lt has uot been
Learned tli.it he has engaged in stock sp cul i
?ince tbat time. He has spent much time in Kui
andwben at home luis given bis attention to UM
ear.- ol' his v. iiis |..riane.
During his carei r in Wall Street, Mr. Grinnell ? .s
itiven a largo slock business by bis brother, Gu i
H., wlm v, aa un, iged in i be lu me hiisiueaa, first -is
a iiie.iiii.r ,i! iln- nun of Clapp di Grinnell. anti utter*
I I., urge H. Grinnell A: t'o. I bu I.itt. i lirm
was composed ni' George B. I'nuuell and .I.e.
una, willi Horace I-', clark, a sou n-lawof
Commodore Vanderbilt, as special partner. Mr.
Williams is still a member ol the 8to< k I.i. hango
and snapendod last week. Ihe firm woe ember*
ia*- .1 io tli" panic <?t l*7'>\ .uni obtained an in
lion to prevent tbe sale of stock* for its cou t,
under tl..' rules of tho Stock Exchange, It .- I
ihat the members of tbe firm were expelled i
Ihe board on this account. Mr. Orinuell did not
resume business, however, but is remited to ix*
Mr. Grinnell belonged to the Union ami tfsw*
Vork Clubs. Ths dag of tbs Union Club float
half-mast yesterday, It was stated al tbe club?
house In the evening that Mr.Grinnell was i,,,r %
trequenterot tbs place, ami only .ame m to get his
letters occasionally. His tun brothers are also mesa*
bera of tbe club. It was denied tbal be was ol iiis
si pared hain*, ile was saul io be always bright
.?nut cheerful. Ths theorj that hu hail speculated
iiusuccessfnlly in Wall Rtreet was not believed. A
n uk mis i of the clu i opin?
ion, however, that Mr. Grinnell kill-il himself
when under the influence of liquor, trkiid bo;
i h re I* s -h.nu. i ttiiu'i.hilt f about t!.'' maimer of his
? If itli and thal of n.a, ..te. , nonnected witti
, I. ,ii Ol I.limn H. Mu.;i,in .V I '. A ?>.:i
nt lieu r>' Urlnuell, ..( mu Ur"', ktllei] lin,..
Bl C",: -. -..,??
year* nita. Ile walked out of a window while under ibe
nt ti lue, ? for ? a door le, dina; i" a
piazza, ll. i. il .m.I waa fatallj hurl ll laonlj a tvw
1 un a. iou of ?. .)?? en, i ol iii il tiiui,
killed l.u..-t ll in lila orttce.
I here was great sm prise m tba
New-York flub winn news was i .mst tl
ol' Mr. i,i'm. H's death. The ila.-' \..n
pul at balf-i t. Mi Griuuell .. I
r nt* the ,i ih. anil waa warmtv entei med. I ? r
several years he was .: director, bul last year he de
eliued a !. ? I. r'ion, altbough naked to luke the
office, i I -.un mm li
time in the club-rooms, usually dropping in
ever j eveulng. Ouc who watched - I
j. ni waa intimate wit ii him bad
m. nason im committing suicide. His tlouirstio
and social relatious were believed tn be pleasant
ami lu appeared to I , \ ?? nb ut j of money. \s i ir
aa known lie was cu guard iu no bnaineas enterpriaa
l.) lire, on uis mimi. I.i' was iii lin- tluli tie iiiurhf,
lietorehis death and weutoul aim m arni wita a
friend, thai lugguyly. li waa thi gi ? il opinion
ih;,! Ida death ?^ accidental. It was denied thal
Vi Hal A I I.UMl.U A. .'I tl S I IN. K sA-, s.
A m.iiil.iu of I iie ..la! linn nt ti. ll. I.i I line! I A IV.,
i\ la, would liol allow Ins nunn- to be Used. s;t,.l \Ani
- '
I only 1 i ?:.aa P ii.-.. ? other at my
ueituer He olieu dropped lulu the offketo *ee lia
11,. i wera four tioiim- i.,... ?.,
im,m.i? P., ii. I., ami another >t ..? nona
Btl (liltea
at w.i-iii'i ion. W. P. Urlnuell ls a brothel i., '.? ,.r
Lim r. M is bolds s,,in,. I,,,. t,| |
Ut.Ul kn... .. , I Ihtuk .limn' tum' In' WM fiuikiil at
bremen. I i.ave not -t.u rhomaa 1*. rm- leu years >v
<?. i'i on rare oeeaaloua. I do asl think be haa ticeu on
Hie Mn el in (ti; i tl ute, or Ital If lie
i uot rome t.. my kuowledtr- H. ? i- a uu-in
berof the Gold Boardframthe lime lt wa. ?tnrted and
iiiu..mt.i a tuenitier until lt waa el.I at the end of tha
w.n. i never heard of hts fallliiR; I think he i.tii.d.
li. I,, ti-r h ,.l mu, li iiitim-a, lum-, ir mi ur aa I km.w.
Ho waa known to bass uiarried a Heh wile, bul whoahs
i- i ti.) eui laiinw. i have _aderstood that be iiM-d wuie
\i ia Jersey for Barrera! years past, The Otta
uellbrothers were very ageettoaata, ii the) met two
nr three taiu.a it tl.it Uley al.,silt li.iii,U i.t, u lime.
run,,.,-, wasn't Ul lillirie B. Ui inn,ll was netti , i
polled from theMock -xensngs. Theirs.dbl not f_ii;
lt aunpeuded tm >niy dava, .nut Mr. i.iiimt',1 eal.I every
treiluiu in full, willi'7 per rout iiileveat Bs vt.is u. ie'r
MBSllSdi lie wan suNiauideal foi' ?ikl| Saif% but r-***eived

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