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kin se tt again He haa heen sat s*sa?iaesafw_-?rity
t Thoma* P. Grlnuoll was v, ry pnpumontb_
jj,,,.,.. ii highly of lum wiu.e ns
wau tlif..._
P* ;i!:fl RI sIslAM 1". lt. AKI.l.-sT UV lill* Vti'l-M'
? rdepa in a hallway awoke the wife of
.1. . ? rt, a* Nu. '."jn Bowery, c ?1j yes
, tr. Neal sd his a .re sk pl ju u room
,u,-i his store. He has* v i ks eu Friday
and had nat gone to b!i .*i> until aaa
When ii v ifo ai un . I him lu- s as
sleep] sad aol in-posed to share m her fran. After Ms
i i few ummeats he said that aha must be mia
taken, aud calmly went to sleep agata, .".irs. Real s*hooh
"jim al I .,*, ???. o_d tn ..l hiiu ', thal a
? house, "liirii hr noticed that soma per?
son n ,.;,, a ii a ta droom door.
H ii of !>p.l mui took in- revolver from
l nj) a eoavenh nt club.
Both ,. lal pa d**are_dtni ihe stairs leadliiR io the
Seal "|. m-1:;..-,1 <ne, stepped i
en ti',- Buding, and saw a mun ainu .iii: in the lower kail*
? Mr. S .' tho *. .. "or I
will v....'' ?
li . vernen! tc tv ri ar nf the ball -
t> . ? shots a! nmi. 1 hi a the ;u
11 m)et turned and siarted to rnn un stairs with a chili in
hti Inaid, Mr. Neal Orad auother -.liol ami Um nu
i i groan Mra. Neal tallied the front wuiuon
i nn'i. rmen ;?
i il. Thei lound the i" .'ii bleeding!
thei removed him to tbe Mulberry *i I m. He
i.' m ?' 1 i.iiviu e Mi i .ii Iii. a - ul. r, luxe I uirt y
. Lt llveil. An aiu
Hun lo R levne lloaapital and Captain Murphy
acm un office] there ti watch him.
lt waa .?-?<??; m...! that r irthi bad forced open ?
H.rol ibe H.: al's -h .,.. ii- ug au old nh I
.i -li be hui converted into a rlub. !!.? found
. anmnill at! il, tn ? .un. In- ,i,i I
; f Boiisla rn niau
i' n ? - ?? ? ?- uni funeral ?*realiia. Mra. Seal uni I thal abe
; iee IiutkIuI w iii bint" ??.?? amie OU I H.I IJ
Hld uni
Oed I.-...!-,'.
I . . i :? *i im in : ...? rici:, . I ' Lat
- mid i.in in- ???,. ul i
,v iln- it-.-pnju wiinin a totluigbl.
TBi di i m Mus, "i TENDOBFEB.
l i 11 \j >'i:i S> i;*. mi;, hi IKNIK-KI i R.
The invited Kucsts ol' <?-.\ nhl Ot tend
ai ,11 ? j. aud
. ed nt the t!.-i..'ji-.,;> ,\, sta-l 'I ? -
- the iii li v. iv n! :
? il !ii niitur i*. woo i;
\ rn -ui. w it re Ihe t \< i ?
ni ? hail I ie Ina, ladle*. Mi
-ii*, two ilui: :?)- ol iii* ti. .-? ji i-.l wife. Carl
Haly. < Levy,
?; ut-t lt, i lUiiui. - il iou, were
? S'a*ca li 1 un.ui lospc
: il, Ibe
? ?
(ritil ,?? i lu tl.-i: i.a.-;. '1 ir.i ul Hie
i . ' to well-tie er> ? ?!
I ,.'.;. . t d ry
; it oar mi.I-t,
ben, in the u mic a
I '
i ?
? llu-t
nlj DOO ]K"Oi>lc sal in the main jralliTy of
tha i.
'., ? iel .i Pi
litf n
I ?
i, r, tie to tin
Ima roi liavtiiK a few chm
? y. ju. ! be
J- -
A* ?
' -?
ku: -
-I ih
?Iv nj....| tbe |, ii
on i . ,.
.a I,,
.? , - . ? ???..,.
? ? :
? .
I *" I*1<1 you 1
- . .
' '. :
i. ? iver I
,,- ; ii le
i ' '
l-li i u.il . Ill !., d iu in
Pi:i fl / u ll ''H'.
>n lian
M idi
il ll. Turee bundi
i !. >l ra ? : B
uni* . ? ie hmaei have been
u. i- it...ii oin . i ax* Mi ny luipi i
h_ie ir. iiii.il. i ? t... mai
!, .. ai ,,!i.i laat koraesboa as a guide.
().,;! I?? ll.it : u, li) li
. i I i'- i I 0
r build!
', . .ll HM*.I":
On the 1
La bat
? ? .n v.-.'. u ? iu
i ? . of Ihe heil 1
,, lay at tf in the i
i ? ?
Tja. jil ?
i.i : h v.tnh '? i.lii: h i
Charil's N rober, of No. 435 Fimith
10 I 'I" ;. >:'? ? 1 I .1 he ' ,
; .a ea by Law
Willi '1
i ?? irj :
I have lived with > ?
- i . ?
ii. ? . ., bun I. i i am -1 i
? < I!? ,. . tlie i
.?? iLeas ni .i -
i* >,a.l triv.-n li ? in,' moi ey. Ii said
? j... ? 'rn n li Nen L?Amt and
irrioxt to tua ri.!-: imj i i vax
ii - j ll-.v..-,
I. I a..
("1!l.-"l. Ol -
Alika .'. li
Re-Yi r"?
Mir. lt 1. -iiii-ri
Nfif i ork
Illili ll.:..:.li I ll s. .1,
il Brueklyu
R v
Him Jim, ? 1) Kis'.l ?.
Jer*j? itt*
lunn a s Owbam,iat
tty iiw
glliyl-TTT ' It l< B
iu l>i?ea~ou4*Ms'
IU.lt. Una).ITU
?tiTL.'..'. i O F Nea
ut a Kru Ni-tt
i -;?t.' Wa ' oomat.
u.i .. i:, ui
:. Soo 1 ni. . '. '
?i|-filaltt AU
v ll) no
f,ooo (ariju-f a. tiers A
ult 'j.aicn
I I) D . Ml. llaHlWU
.nj a so
Arl I...UH Kii' '..* "H.
j,,!,:': Sen Vork 1.
i ? .
i., i a Cs. Men
i.,ik 81 mt
i in,,.., rea H:. s*ead
?J. nil H., a,-a ?>' C.. Mw
raia .roo
. iJUl)
i a i ti. Nc* Vorls wi no
12 Ou
Total. -
I'kim i ion, Mny 24.?Tiie aiiiutul Prim i ton
<'o!)r?;i>Kyinu?Mlc eonteel look plait Mut aft.-iij.xui in
ti.* (..fuiij-uiii. before a Uip-e mid fmaliionuljle nnsienoa,
TbeIiilio-*iu?Hiudoi,Ur-MH*jived Hie buuilaouin flrnt inigo
*>ld SkSSnlB: Kor general -fyinnaailea. UiadeH. ??,, ,, ,.
?r_J lijctit. l.artar, 'H'j; *en?al heavy, "luiili, 'h-, j j?:.r_l
Ul amt*. I'a-aalay. '04 ; Indian oIuIdm. Kuwaii .'ni c., mre
iim-lo, kii mile ana tieorj|-e, aud a aruduate in k.tiu
aaaili?. iu it>air <i-.-r.fui. d^ia| a.J ei, uiu^ ads added
S'Saiir tu the exhibitlou.
rai ambricam i x.msi.K, niMt ni 11rsi * rn act
l di; ii- nd LACS, ol MONKV,
The Wist Sids Bank, al Tinily-l.niitli-st. mxl
Eighth-are., Hie patin..' teller of wi,:, li la a de?
faulter to the amonni "f fSO.000, closed Itsdooraal
1:10 yeaterdaj. Boon attar the following notice
wau posted .upside :
ihe deepest sorrow vee have tn annorrnee the r*n*
j i' of thia bank. Bi ii "U'-'ii wld be pi ? ired :.i
i poallora will lie paid la 'nil; an.l vc b. to
reauiue again and merit me oontlnuanee of your pani
I.i*. '1 ni Wtai Min. Hank.
May '."t, Issi, l:uo ii.tn.
The liiink lind opened at io a, m., and nnmsroni
ntors <; tri nu the dav presenter] drafts for Isrge
snd small amounts. Thai] onmber, t is president
Mid afterward, waa not much-larger than ian uni
on Saturday. On thal day every week money ls
draw n ont by employers In order to paj t heil clerks
and laborers. Aline was fonned, anl each in his
tnra-received his money and wont sway. *\t 1:18
len! Moore gave the order to dose the doors
There was at that time a long lins reaching from
the paying teller's <l"sk to ths sidewalk, Those
who wire inside were told that no mora money
wonld in- paid onl at pres 'nt. nnd quietly departed,
Mr. Moon stated the reason for this action. He
said that much to his snnnise he had reeoivedl s
.'.i 'patch fi i .si oe shortly after 1
..'elli, k. stating that tim American Ex*
change Bank, of which hs la president,
and through which the sxehangwi of
the WY t Ride Bank bad been made sines the
arnon of the Metroplitan Bank, mnst decline
to act ns the bank's agent ct th the Clearing Mouse.
It was,ni luis :i,'? i,nu ve-ly tli.it, the banksttS
peuded payment, li bad pie ity of money to meet
all applications likely to be made. Thepreaidont
im-it down town In the morning and obtained
9100.000, which be brought ap to ih ? bank. AfMr
the doors were closed he ?" it lins bach strain.
The capital of the bank, 1200,000, is intact, and
there isa surplus lieside-sof over Bl 00,000 ss ii iel
forth in the statement male by the directors at
tl..ir meet ing on I'mliy night.
'-.WK 1 X ?.MIN! Its Al WOliK.
In the morning two h i . . examiners, hui! by
Bunk Sup r ni.ui le ii Willis S. Pain-*-, arrived at
1 began an examination of ii- ail.m..
w< re at work all >1 ly. . A Tuibuvk
?a :n merry :it their d ilefnl work
ra. i'. ia ? as ked their names
oin'of thom responded, pointing *?> the olhor:
" I'll at ls ,I liri ' tl un v Ad rna." I'he ola ?;? said of
npanion: " And thal is A el 'W J n kson."
They woul thoir real a lines, bul said i hi v
h; ?! I. ince IO a. m., and that as far us
i ,' v li.i 1 gone thej I . i . l everything i'll
ii/ht. Ii ?.i< ii" canary to ? . ?
all thc ? I ol ? i ?,? 11 i ?
: ni ini ?? i li- ig i at aros and ii w ml 1
I Vi- mu li time to .i'.i lia. I'.i.-y would pro
h read") to report oh Monday.
Mr. M air i . 1 ol li ir dil tors as> ir "I I
poi u-t trial i ??? .a'.! be fo in I that 1 '?'?? r pnhl
? ,? iiliir,
a id a; iii" rc.iort to tin* efTec
m ? le t lie hans I hi rc riv to
*'u' il th M ????a d u. ? no fill
'I'll,. ;i tn, ? I'hilip Hi rkhardt,
He I;.I- I..' -a i>.u ?
bs of i i _? tadler since the
.. ?' ir; ?.
J..- . there had
u i i in mi ihe lia .'. and
li" h 11 no idol in th** i that il wa i
il, tie in id" a dep mi! hi in sell ill
rhe ban ly ?>.' lu il., and
i . i-? ii ii i "ii.
irs i ra eli id, a
Cr . \ I VN M n I ll ' . I
IU), I'.I . 1 '
?. ji i 1 d > .
l t in do us and ad I I
. . t- l) i-i it ss m ii b i ie
hid l> '<? i ma le
pi ired to
o closed,
I , a - W I I ll I'll. A M . I:I ?,'. KXC'llAN UK BAKK.
Vfter 1 li ? sn ipen io i t,f t he Metmp >l
Rank i. ? ra of I be A i. i ir
?i' 1', nk ii fro ? 1
to r. Hank's chttcks in the
.. tel the\ li i 1 '.i ? a s... ;... I that it was
m and on the pl ? 1 ? ? of amnlo
. lie rumors .>f ii li ition in thc
oil Krui i.' M.R'hed the ".1: ?? ? > the Vu i ? i
v\ a-, at one - in : -? ' ... I
ing thu i f's. Altuou -ii i'i ???? I" '" I
wool 1 nol impair lbs
I did \"<; e .1 -: loi it r udi ii
|..-i !ia:is laru ? ob mu nil i . .
ina its < - hie vault of tli- d
;i for io the other banks yesterday that
the \ ? i . I . ii ??? I t" el -ii ?
ii i the W.'si Side liauk. I
ed 'lu refusal of a-*sislan -e
.1 the \ a sri i in _i han ? Hank,
i ? ? "i l, hm my
.,-.- , '? mk i'i I tit!
? wat ik>?! v lo
? i, ai,'!
|. Ul. .ila.,
think tbat 1 li i i my i: lu
.- mui i .'. i
'. ,'. I '.';*? I",
1,0 Kl in ii in. ? I
. 0, ?'! ll.l
kill .1. mk
ij ? ? .,' fi ni ..''it s.i ii i'. lin! nolie
Oe- ri. inna M ? . ? \ - . i . . .
. I..'I o -'en" with Ino Amur ii in Kxehang
. ii uporuri ?
\a -i i waa not ucei ntl il,
er, and then ! he Hi ? i- i . ? i
.i i '?? . \ ji offli r ni ;i
ul \\ ill m reel bank remarke I i
The Wi -t ? ' ? ? n ll .v ? i
of ttl . mi?|ie ??
? .I'l ll Ilia. ll. Ill ll. lill II'
i.- i hia ..>|i.t-.| the :oino rn ???,.? mt nf,a ,1
, j'ii, . wita fat nt, without th aid of Ihe a-mk i i;,.J h.,:.k
WIIAl 111.* TOTAL A\TI.A(,I.? BOW >u ". '. I I ?'?
i.u; ai.Alni.
["lu willie ni' l -T.i was recalled >estertlaj bj
if the Cli iring Ilsa ie lo furulah ll
.u of t u- e enluinii ol tba j,
- '. au ill n! lin- total i.i ? '? '
the wu a ihon i'ii a dei ii sae <?' nc i ly lea willi ma ia i la
- irplui re erve* md st aaec excited i ba < m??>?-: . ol Wi
? .i-e, the eoudiliea ol tbeiudivl lu:'.! beaks, beeau-a
lt waa piala t' .* some of them did not hold I?eresein
r.'iilvi ;.;:.. i Erm iiis stateascnt w,t* withheld fo
i ;:;. n wai said by <? roi
of the A rn ? lesa i ki ha ir ? Ila
!>...ik. mIiu is :,i il, _t head ni a ,, i.,, itu
, ilie rn am i; in. inc, thai ihe di
, i do| h . D lu i i. ? ? ?
,? i ? - >? ui of il wt.iilo be um isl I
? i - n: I he ..
? ? i . cm e i tin. iles,*1 hs said. " ha i si
mn ol the banka with e uti other thai
? :? ... . 'Ill , W OU 'I li.) I'l .I'l
i ie banka..( i he us- iel ition bit uoi
vii tua
i li i op i tn l ve Hie public. I bl
. .:. i * ,*;;, w,ii':, v,r ma !.? un -a ne men
. i
n lo p'lhhah the details o* the Issue of eui
irs ol anme nf ihe b Iv i '??.
. ! I In lt- ia ll I alf.' ll .,11 "Ol I '
?ijiiil mi ? .: at a hid
I ? ra j-" "I iu' ?.
' aright lo -i]? i'i, mulei int- t'li'iiiii
The nunora thal tin- Metropolitan Kationa
Bank waa -cum** Into Uquldatloa wblcfe were ri lr a tt tn
dayaago were revived yestardaj aad gained eonatdera
bis eii.i::,"i-. The 1 rm ti o* i tie mum's vras flatly denim
j n> !':? yl* J.,, raia au tl lim, it i. vu mu' i \ _
.,. " Tbs bank ls ci mi nully radiwlag iis.i
Ki laajaea i,< a Taint*sa repartee, "inn mm wm
tbe view of r-oin** ont ol bo laaaa Thtt sjaeottea h*.
oot been discussed Inalde the bank, bal minni to ban
been fully disoaaasd aataMa ?> me |Bta| oa wit!
om business J~.si itu Banal. Ol murna Its volumi
li * really deereaasd. bal we Iht- un satlalaction o
?mowing thu! we hi* workin** on a perfectly auiiM,mt ml
"lin ie la not ihe nli;.')iir*t li.tenlluii. no far mimi
a at ure,'' mitt Ali. fc, nim. ""ti Ibo |iuil uf lbs ?'Stltipolllai
limit lo B-0 Into lli|ili<i-i!!cn. I hare iu4 heard lt Inti
mated except irma aat-dde. Kw rythiaa ls amas un ?ei
lie ir muu iii. mi i-ii i mu ni iii* baal sAosta, I anamataad
la ta continua sad balld ap tba hualasai u. Ita fsrmm (jio
pontons If poaalble. li mut atsttlMs blot) la iloiiiisii
mn ii, ai,.1 ii areal mistake vt.n- maiawbeatisdaan
were cloead, sad ll wiliuke Uase loi it lo reeovei n?
fm un/ aUndlng, bul ll i" BOU-d .uni eau pay sn i/ ?l.?i;-*.r
ul Ita lui.Illilwa io-day."
i,,-mi;,, i Haney Ut* net been at tbe ?bunk for two dava,
ii:* physicians iiuylug advised him lu keepqalel nd tem
tut a lllua.
Kec4-i\ei Fieliuj- II. Smith, of Hie AilnntJi
' >^uk, v..iicrduy,a?sislsl hy U. M. l>euion, the cashier,
-iLs baay ? iib lbs Uu.'ka. They rap ul.-il mi new d' ve!n|i
melita, mid mit vrintiBK tn xee wlmt n'-llun will li" t.Ja.ui
tO-rm uni* in Ngarr] lo Hie. appointment of a permanent
?receiver. Mr. Dsatoa will ba retained na Mr.
Pmltb*a .i?ist.uit. Mr. Deutoa said Mun tbe 923A,000
claimed .ia Sae tbe baak fi.un tba Metropolitan Duh
was drawn In tbe ordinary eouraa of business, sad teat
thara to ample documentary etidenoe to prow ll I
statement of President Puffer i tut Mr, Beney wai per*
sonally liable aad had paid .il ot tbs Boney Mr.
Denton said rai i -iMikt Mr, h_bt, bs *-a\*, h.,s 11 sn
'rn Mme Hint-, and ks feared tbat tba troabl ? wonld
kill kim. Not a cent of tbe .ney tua i.r.-ii paid Mr,
Henton said hirth r: "The trsusiirM.in ls eriirtlv In thia
po-ltli n: We owetl the Metropollian H..uk *"J0M,000 on an
. \ ii ,11 ..it on mu or mun ace amt when Hun Inatltutlon
a'iuI m.wu. They owetj n- (I.ai.-lul ahoul lills l- ll W?1
not Mr. Heney"* de it) I bay nv... i tn I23ft,000 si lind cash.
bos . mleavoriaa lo recover lbs balance $17,000
and pul ,: .. non 11 ba rssl ni om ,j >-.'i *."
Mr Puffer owned only forty-two shares nf the stock,
an.l mi. Haney controlled core Hum wm bald by tbe
entire board ol .lire. nus.
'l'lie crediton of El. C. Hardy A Sons,#to-**k
brokera al Ma 10 Watl-s_, met yesterday it tbeh* nih. ???
a roiiiuuitie eoaetotiag af John il. Ptober, Howurd
Baunden and W. N. Dees was appoteted io InveatiKnta
th* Ina'sa?birs aad report tn a sabaaajnanl meeting,
fthnnl funr fifths of tba anssonrod ll shill tina of the finn
wen reproof a ted al iii" mMttag*. N'.? stateoeal wjia
submftled nv Hi.' si ipendi 1 brokera.
As i _-i, ?,. u.is suld ?. il many responses
hai i)'rn received from tba etty emilio-*-, of Donnell,
Laws ai aV Si iifitn-i t ? their ra en! cireul ir propoaina* a
s lileiueul ii a.-di on one und two years' notes of tke flrm.
rbev were all favorable, iii" replias from oulref-towa
? taaitOM will nut entile in fur sumo il.iva.
A DIVIDEND loll HEWAR* I>i.roJH*i>i:-*.
Chancellor llnnyon jreaterday directed Re?
ceiver Wi I kin son, of the Newark Banna* 1 a a I itu'mn. to
pay a dl*ddend of Ml per cent ti depoaltora ..ut of tbe
nv ii.i'.i,. aaoeta. 1 be r ?? elver ian notice tbal he would
!??? In narina*' Ihe dividend on .levi. Heaall vi
timi I," w.n. nat lifted thal Ihe deponitor* would fie paid In
full. The.. .i-'iiai,:-.- appointed at the depueitors* meet
. t\ r, I h.?-?) iv in jiv rial ted the Cham 'Hoi yeaterday
and bad aaali .. torj tntoi riaw with kim,
[rv ir'.i i,i't"ii r> rm: ntl BOSS. I
Ri 11 Mai, May 24, lt waaannonncod on thc
streel ami mi ?> I, ei'" nus morotai! tbat the Mamifart
Brenand Traders* Bank bad Mopped dlscoantiu** ; ipcr.
Inquiry nt tbe baak developed iii" fa tthal Ibe Ina'.ltu
!imi was makins no new kiana whatever, bal waa not
s.,. ?? 1,1 ii: ?: .mi of ii- i". il ir " ..I iiirra ,'iitil It'll lo Ina n a.
iii" iu sill.nt. ll.my Martin, aaid: "lim Mann*
facturera and Trader*' ls simply conaervatlve,
i'ii.-.,- arr many bualnaas men In Baffblo, however, wbo
ai" carr] i i-j aa full lines
ii.-e mn own ti i-f " ti.ni aa to diaeoonts.*"
? . ornwi ll, ol tu ? B mk ol Buli ito, beltona lbs
x, is i,.iii n, pi --..ui ii ..I limply Induced lbs Buffalo
n,ilks tn t.ik" ,i emu uv .'IV ?. I i"lu! ('ours.',
uol nece larilj to cal od accommodations, bul to
v,""i> :i stronger surploa than bi ors the flurry.
Diaeonnl i ai rr dajr. be ssld, simply for pru
ii. nnd nol ii," .i.it "i I i'-.. ol net mu
i.il a.-,. buaine i Ann ?? - wionslij lu tulgea lu re
liiiif uiieiil ol rretlll - to cu alu nei -.
.--. .M. . I. meal, m : ie .lari'ie i: ink, la'd.
e mill ? are lal i i foi auj pi "i lo is wce.H
. mt! then is do
reason for I be curtailment ol luaus."
Pn i si; i i;.,. Ma, 21.?-Tho iv nu Bank did an
Mve n : - ii--- to tty with a stead] glin in d posit* ami
tm ruih lo see i old to day s ral
p mn * al) it.' pal. _
D .. din ? yesterday eran ? I in stl i ihme'nl
Pen ''i.u! .m Bctiou
(ilO.OiMl un ii draft
di .- ?\\ i ? I v ,i ? I i ? I
tliin.il r.a.il., .m 1 ,i iv.i!il 'to (Ju- ?
I. iNhon*, Maj 21. Tliere is a st rons feeling
ol di liol ? i au ..1 ? mi eaton in Vmcrioan s ?
HUI low pl'li s .,1 A il. . .. i - ... i.i ;,
Loiki'jg from this I ie rai sea ol
, . ? baa been
lu ? .a. i mi i.,>: ,, . .-, Inij uk, mani heavy inve
. i .i ii ni"
I '<i I a
iiii.'ii> ,,n.' ol a I iud ilie v.r lin ? .mi rn
mu l,i li ' ia a ii, i.., i ni |,n \
. i ? lided on iii jierity.
iii- V, ll I , II!",I urn AND A L-WYKIt VISI1 HIM? A
ll li. : ai. .? W m.M. n
l.ndlow Streel Jail h! aid up rod and plarinj?
in the bot ? .. bua ?
Dutch t.w-u t'liJMif.i ni ile- uperatlon ol beJrliuc aU the In?
iquity ont. of th human clay wi In it. Hut on Ibe lira!
i. , ,i, iii tue s-ii i ? ?*,, ii
lat !? d i u lyra of Ludo io di.i
j w.iiil. He u is
-p ii un ' ni .. i *
mum in- face v.hi.:i lie.mil ippeired thora for many a
day ; il ?? haraaaed, im.j'is expn sioa which
am. i- i ba day ol tbe failure ii* | . i ? .
nu ? ui" .I",' ll ? ]i'- f e. bas come wh r
.ni. m. ll" ? i- . ..-.: I ? Intel il I i
ead lin u all rarofuU] Ile U pi ilia
aiiive lo criti ? ? -? . " il du ia uu i
., iou it co
hun in I),'".
ll. . ui I dressed
u*e. I hi n h ... ui.u.'u'
.a Bi ," ha .iu i in ino
partook vt ith. ? a. a w
i Ki. :n ni he ral i.ul to bis
ilium-. l,o, . . ',.i ? to
ll .11 li ti I in .... I . ,' a
?:n. a i"w min
Ward app -jr. il at I iu i Imitted
brother. Ile rems ll o'clock,
" I. f tn Mi-.
\\ii:,i, who airli d In comp?uy -..; ii her lu., a r,
: uiu- j 1.1ui ii. Shu remain id unlil n i,a and then went
lr. Shophi I, ,i ? ni ?
lime. Al I !?"? U ?? (Tar i ? ? 'un i al ? ? i md ??
k a aldo door wbiob leads ta hoi husband's rooms.
: li ? v... . "ll . . ll..
?? mki orerakiri oi bnfl la n.">
. ji , .1 lasleful r arel ut underskirt of bea vj dark
brown allk. On bei eliMelyeul btook bair wm a black
-?r^w lu 'ita with :i Hingis wj.,t,' ,, a t-.,r inn! bil I
... Uer banda wen covered wilb dark brown allk
remained with ber baibaad until evenina
w en Mr. Oreen agata appeared and icoompa ?
Ward rt .1 DOtbins. fMterday save to i-m tha
an.l lill Witb lim llu'al Ullliii.ii, ,,| |,is
friends. Wbito ie* wife was with him W. c.
M:,iiii. bis for?us iti ?us admitted
in", i., roo a. whh u adj dna tbe pi
apartments, n wai ILere that \\ ard
iiiuii a-i,. I.-.I li,... lui > btsprivat i. I), ? twu meu
? u i.i i ru n*i ooiiveni 11 loo until '..m.
\i ti ??".M aril ute ;i hes .. d nm , and then ituliiit-ed
in ,i ri'.'iiu iii paased the evi mus In ronidna and nu
ami i..lu n: a llb Ueputy w.n len Kiernan, wi ii a mun lie
ban beepiue ratuer friendly. Mr, Ki" ru mi up-ui Mine i ni"
aaiii, bia |.n "u.i, aud deaurtbuil bim . cbeorful
aud liiiii.:. il ol in '? nw sith bim
N / ftp', ... I " ' V. , ,
lie I ii formed a Tn i ne ni reporter, hefurti be went to bed,
that thu mippoaed iui.ru,-.. ara* a pun I.ru,,., bm walu
nut a word oi uniii lu ii. and lei.ll
. lo end." Ward : , t ,
lion wi Ul ..i>> rep Bl
, intend rn han- auy unili he ?..-. pre|.ii, make a sum* ,
nu ul i? lin- puliue. \> bi nih: . .,,,; no| Ki.,.v-,
bul lie luuu-'iii iiuii . ri ... liv, 111,11,1 li uni '
vre.k. Al lu o'clock be went Ul
Kel ii ? i di -I "i 'h.- i Igbl ?!.. Ward sj.,;, .. ? ,.u?
u o bring lo n^ut
tv, rj fa< i in relation lu my bu
i.:., n I do m ii will be i, ked bj
.li a.', th ,i ? ni > > pmvi . u .... i ., ,i. i ,!. Bnt until I
lu,v? full] prepnra I ui} '-il I ha I ratlu in. i
will aay, howevor. thal 1 am sunn , i ti, -,-,.,,, ,,,,. ,,f
the eventou pupcra the stateuen " ii if 1 Work ibal Mi
w.hii" ban lost money by ma in ??.ir tba faei tbat I
. . ,i bira i' "rn i.-iu-iiin ii,.ui _o t??oi
UMiuta, i ..u ?ot!.. :.u I"
Befcrce Hamilton Cole jresterday n-.t\o bte
iliilsinii Ul Ul" smI Ol John ll Mai. ? .i?-.,.ii,| I
B.Grant, jr.. aad otben la tbe special mattel rn tn.
twenty na ??eoad ? .?'-?. ??? hen i? m iii- Gulf, <?.) ando
mFeBallroad,wbtobwera m thu psssisilini of
| Ward ?t Ibe Hine nf th-m failure, and wiii-*h Ite
,,?!?,'i Jilin li I. li.tVl.-a i?:e...l Ui il.-.ii, I to i apimii
l.limi .-j)!", i. lr., the n-vmi, ,\, ept nmtei na ordi i nf thu
ruiiii. Mr cole hold* that Captain Hpleei ia entitled to
li,,, lum .la ?inl ihat th.7 ?h-.a:.| l.e dJUnrad U. bim hy
Hr. i'..U"S. _
l i:e funeral "? VVilllam K. l-eai itt, the mm "I
George A. UeavlU, lbs sucttoasai; wb.. dieu ot ooasnsay
Hun mi lhur*.'luy, Inuk plaos >.-.i i.iay at bia i .
boast, No. '.' W'-t Ninths! Thu RtT. Di N.laoli, nf
Lin., r ii iii i-i). eoaaaeted tbs Berrtow a toraeaaaibar of
pinpi" wiit- preeeat.aad many saeesapaatod ihn lindy la
Um iwnial, nbere ii wm baned In tba f.nully int, winn ii
alli.ely contains Hm bOdlOS Ol Hu-nf lil* hridharsand
K t I.Ml.NM VI. ? I I.I.KKVTM'.V
I'ii ii ^ i.i i nu a. May 24. -Tbs Benton?lal celebration of
the lulim! il,_ of I lui I'lnle. Isiil I- pl u..p il lil", ?a'- i,t I'eun
sylvania waa appnipriaUilv oelslirated ai i lum Oh?reli
tu ilay. iliahulia f*liveiu>, USS, Wliliuh?ad, l'titl,*ar, Bl ur
iHiriuiicb and Howe .ai,.I a larse uurob.i of priistilook
pan la Us ie-e_n>_u".?.
('jami ifd frnm Wttnt I'nre.
[in uninawerabls proof of tbe futility of rae Instinnasa
i preventive. Tbe regular praetltlonei < <i.in a them as
[?ie.mie* to ni" paulie health The doctors nra geiMns*
np pet ll ions ur "ir tbs Government to aaii.pt
tbe ni" i ? ? ??? ? mc. urea for piittlns bi
i iel to tin ? k nf tbe anti ?.i s in itlonl d i
ipi, k ? r,r - ll i v .
Tbe Baaarlan reteraaa of ttePraaaio-OarniaaWai In
M'inieli had made extensive preparations fur a feetrral In
:..ii nt the Hun-iiiii anniveraarj ofOermany's
,i ii nee Tue etty wi* ext.naively deoorated
with ni imphal arches, n mts sad itrsamers, smonn win. h
tbe lienaan colors oornptod tbe posts of koaor. Dnnna
M i' toeiall ii ? ???? A tba G maa inloi -
ni i .st u ti;..' iii refoi the red flag of tbe riwolntlontota. In
-. ribed ?iih -ueli mui in. a ia ? i l.i fur Uncial Democra
v'" and ' Dowe with tbe Slayers of tbe People!" In the
mornloa*, when tbe revolution uv Bsgs and mottoes writ
HaeoTend, Ibero was gn d Indlgnstlon, finally tbe of,
tonain Iowa i I 'he German
ri\A Ni'IA! *WH rilMMI'lteiM.
Tba protoel for me establishment nf a < notral < I.I
Uml; nt Bartta eoatinnaa tmrerebty. lt baa been decided
io n*; tbe capital a' 50,0 >'>,.? Ni marks ($11,900,0 IO) :>nd
lt to expected tbat the aew baakwUlbs ready to begin
hiiajneas efl Bf alum! .lune 1.
A svmiioiie ??! ? ipii tea's al Hambmg baa parobaaad
fr.un Mi san Barina; Brothen, ol London, i centrntllaa
mti'D'si in the ii.Taiiii ami Bassos Commercial snd
l*l intiiti.in nompany, Tbe par raina of tbeehamal*
2,000 marka, and they wera parohased forftS par eeal
Bf their faee value
IMi V PARDON i .?!? ' fl \ '? WSI I.
\ p-atlrtoc for th.- p ,rl ui of tbe Polish poet, Joaepk lu
saesKnsewSkl, wim a.I need ii*i Mmitov si
I, ii- , In Ulnae ami mm li itt" - vein' Imprisonment, It
iinm* di .-ul i r -.1 in Germany ead ls reeetTtna" s Itirw
number of sienaturea. lt ropwoenta that Hon ia
ski. helna; seventy-two yeera of sae md In feeble health,
? '??iiiii not probably eninn tbe rlttore ot aa lon-* tn Ins
pn-.uuneii! i i i fortrose, and tbat therefore b ls p
call] -..-m in* .1 todeath, wbleb to maa I and
rons. Ii also sntna ta thal by tbe
se.pi, atritl ui bf Herr
the punishment dee-tends in his children and bein,
? ii. ir,- boi h ii ?? I ?? Ith ni' violation of tow
a-ti m.av ind - risa wat* mi s
Tbe \: ilto ra Bo el ?? of I ii ri ind, al us ima | -
day. became ei ?? ? i ,.v .-r a dlsonnalog npon t'i" watch
t: ed ..! tbe country, .--ir John Rennell ead Pi
Whipple imi h .!"' i ired th >' tbe cheap Vmei m m an '
wall ii"" hiui clocks were berna eo aa ?? sfnlly Introdueeil
Into Lr. .it Britain thal they I iln*; prefei
mee among tbe people and i i'.?-;i-!i Ind
wi ham ll. Vanderbilt was .1 un ?
nordon Rennet! n Fleet-sl on Thursday. The]
cloeely followed bj abevyof newspaper report ?i, i.t
prominent among them heine the represent itt ve ol
if u i-rfr gu the efforts of the newapnper men
10 bare an interview ri . "i Vanderbilt were fm
dir he sii,|,I,.n:v dbl rn;.,- ,: -1 1 . ip ,.,,, ,| bj .!.
r. Bigelow, he quietly itrollnd down the -
The ilay Wai '?'. ll n :a f ? ??!. the
the season and Wi Vanderbilt waa co
? ms in a ii . : , untile I ai d
> men made
their way along lb mi H ... ? ? one Un?
it lt nf mi whl -h he ul bia ?? .inp in
vin I h i li was i lie man or I h i
ind, undor ll
be it i basti r< Ire it
i p':n ?? of Mr, Vmei irbilt's ibo ls rn London b
I ,r h .'il -.1 the eur ou*. (J - m uol
.topping al any b ? ?
? ABI.YI I- li'1 - IB
. is,., ia ? bleb lu.. ? was li ira, .u i
foi ii.m. ui Ij;i iirr : ?
" ina lui ?
ul the . s
li'l ,, -lui i ill ll
in the li .: - ?. an l u ls proposed to
admit nail in | rs of Cai I j
the s une s'n id the un len
ns has como to Sb
i ; ti mai
SI. P i ".-. ,-i I Falll
Unlit i j 'a ?!. au] ? r ?.'? ?? In ni ikiiiu lu?
lu i le
ernmeni .ie uetlves in fi i ill, of
i o' lier nilhe , - ? li :,
I tO ii" alee to pr.iv. tlie p|
ui : a . ? Cornwall will ultimately withdraw
ins mil fi i trel not for libel. 11
l.rn m.'!' I, but hU COIIII ll ll ?
i to wk I lie courl to dis
.11 - of
ih. m iln.
1 i .,. lt:."is lin'.!.il lng
. i t '.i r, in lon hts pnij.'1 I two ire tour
' I lin 'll
ii j "i. when,the'
. ip! ?-? of the "
11! \\ - \ 11. vs i IO 1 RAVI l.l ' -
i nura ..a .ii UritUh \ tailor* to I ? : . led
ami ' i
nm' tl, . ? . nt alone, ' members of
cut, have a
? meeting ol I ;i" i Isao talion
al Montreal. A lu .:?? ni mb r ol thi ie vi*
I to tool . ? luiei i aa Invest
? i.s ..i i .ir '! voitl kin.;.
Tbe Kine ol
? w ?'< ih" King. . mi s in the
ilma: I.. :i i. ? ? i ,i" ii md ? ol
:ls ln.it li,
have t'" n milan i from him, and th il
lue ' " ml d i io vera went I blt appeals.
ar .o take a
rould sean
? ic i ?' b, b . I bim to take a
tain trom I * : hi i ii" did.
'! ?? \t lerson'asnecesuiin Manehestei haa been
? ts !l
the paal reek have amounted t.> 110,760, which it i
.am than was ever before taken b .ti:,- dramatic
attraction la tbs same length of lime In ti al <-iiy.
Mlle. Nevada, tbs Anterloaa priam donna, will sins' In
throe oralorioa ?? tbe Norwich fnativaL .sax afterward
'. Raroelona aa i L
Lord - e.- ? n ih i has m m ? i ,? ..... rester, a
tinner si tbe < lomedy l'h ,
Lotto to lo s_ll for Ainerioa ia Au i ind will open bl
iel ai Washing! ia.
London, May 24.?Aa Derby day draws near
tb" Interest quickens, sad nu* \ ..ji bids r.n: m outdo all
mis ones In tbe amount of money laid by baekers.
mi.! WiUooghl)* .-ei ??. ii Adelaide continues to cold tbe
tirst p.a. ? la public favor, ro la) ll ls said tbat
ii ,: - . ? i ipoilted i ? ber credit
Harvester, w,m i. entered !>> tbe same owner, wai
quoted this afternoon at 8 to 1 on a va*nie repon that be
?ni flgbttng
lbj of Mr. Waiton'e Richmond, who ls now quoted al IO
lol, with few takers. Ibero is bo deflulte .-vii reporl
rnneerniuK hun. bnt be baa been manipii'ated In sn
? nanuer thal backers are nol Inclined to
jnv.sl iii-u money on auch a poaaibly " crooked" oue "
tt* i ,. i.nu.n.I may lum oul to be, Aumn*" tba "tipe"
Kl von by the moat prouiuenl sportiun p..pius, foi Ural,
'??? ta \, ' dde. ralismnn
11 ,:?\i'-i. til dal le au I Ht
? lil '.'ii Ail- I lille. |..j- ?;?,? ,,li/_ ;,|?|
il lil. eura i^ure , At,"in , . I ,,|
B suohamp . th* S lortiu i
Adelaide, Hu Mex?nd aad li jit -
? ? -
LondoN) May 24. .The memory of the re
ooiit daatb of Prlaos Leopold his nada i ..
holiday nt tba I M n's mri,it i,. I'll, eua..unary nil! sra*
neepttoaal tbe nurse <iu.i.,i? tn lt. .lum. s's i*.irk wai
,,ni.ii- . ? i Hilary i> irad < and b it
,i.,pi.,i ol b?atina.eithsi la lbs ut) oi sn lbs mer, ai
, utnp-red with pn rtous years.
i jst.i. M.it ji -tineen Victoria's blrtbdsj i
asriad ta tbe priacipal Oauedlan eltles lo boll
ii,, , i ? ? ? i .-'I
nn M..nday. _
QasaaYletnrtawaa bun un M ij- 31,1810. 1
1 , t |ad I.) the till,me Oil Jillie i'l, 1 si **, .III thu iii .lill ..I
liri iiii.le. William IV., and wm ertivru.-.l un June WS,
ISM, Bbs was man led aa Febraarj IO, taAO.to Prince
Albert, I >ui?e of Saxony, wtm died on December ll. I HUI
at tbe ase of forty-two ye?re. Ot the lauren's nine .'hil.
.ii. h. s viui .ne. atilt Uvlad Tbe 1'riai "a. Ailee, of Heaae*
Daraatadt. died on lien?bei li, 1-17*1, and Priaoo laen
l?ii.l ,.o Mai. h SS, IBM,
Loaooa, U i . i
?OWOBIWO OtNC-AL mmu" Th Liuluti l'i-e-a will
i?i ve on June 14 apablto lian.|uet to < .?iner?l Sir OeorgS
Ural?MB. H> ? mu.Deiua-r.iUua of hut aouiuveiuonu ul
l Biaaaieb and Tab.
ciiAiniini ..i -s^m WaaD.*->Ooo-?fe lagastaa Bala
wriles: "lim iMUl al Mr Him Wjr,l w-,1 la?\pre,
iiiMv painful." Mk mourns him,he. ?it?, rt '?? most Rifled
mwtniOkt, -muni, aad uUitritnhie (ssHSMaa."
tnmWtAVBW tom Acnva ituMci ,-1'Uo Admiralty hal
ordered ihe flotilla nf tnip'di) holts at CbatbaSB and
Portsmouth to be prepared forthwith for m.live service.
si.iiio. m iv 21. At tim naffldteri-J Inquiry
in .lav into the l*abbeieniiy conspiracy to murder,
fatnok Delaney, tbe Invincible Informer, eoattaood bin
evidence. Rete tided that Tyaan, tbs alleged "V<?- I."
Waa present at Hie PbOBBll l'aik iiuir.l.is. nm! thal
r.:e ni ni, ei lecrotary of the Land Lesgne, wss
a member of the Fenian Directory. Delaney ilsa t ? ai
aei'iniiil nf how he wa - one of ?*, party '.Tim went to -.hool
tbedeu . dan,under the orderaof tbe len
In lus opinion Hm meru>>er of tbe i i
were ? DCOUra-p I U) C ? 'illilir erimes.
F.'iM'i)*.', May 21. Henry Thomas Edwards,
Dean ot Bangor, soaimltted miolde last night i>.r baaglag
|-poet li" bad heen obvtous
m.'m...1 foraeverat months, but being apparontlj barm
was nol deemed Doceaaarr to pot bim aader con
straint or surveillance. His leading Idioayacraay waa a
ii that tea drinking was conducive to nations im
Re was .e. "?urie in many ways, ter'ie waa
highly educated, baviug been graduated willi h gli boaora
.,' >xford, and was widelj reaj.I for bis Ii irning and
l.M.I.I il PROTEt TION WWI'I'li.
San Francisco, May 24. Thi Marqttia of
. iy, Ute Governor of Vtotorto, aastralla, has for
warded a petition to Queen f tod 'uv sixty*
etghi chiefs of the leland nf Tanna. oae of the New
llenridra uroup, proving tnr protection agalaal trance
and f u inuezatloii to tbe Auatrall in i olontea.
OTT-aivt, M.iy 24. Chief I'i .pet and the
otb i Indiana who were reported to be millie warpath
IniTe nee i n "sn i leil In glTS up the eel ?',ralina of the
sun lim"' this year, aad are on their \r;,\ to tb li i
. riffirlal repurts from On' Ippelle valley are to tbs
e m it everything i? q
si. Louis, May 24. - A dispatch from Hie City
of Mexico lays tbe Xaeional states tbat Pres
eales will ask C'ongii * to permit him to resign m xi
III >!i h.
i ??-?"? i M "?? -' I I Are has noe ii rtd la ?
.' i irto li- in. throe miles eaal ,,r lum, u fl
lui n wei
Mapkid, Mit 24 The Bpantsh Abolitionist Bodety
'. i - presented a m-ni irlsl i? the Oovernment, calling at?
tention tn tin- fad thal oul ol 10,000 negro 1 under
- nu '. dm Inion v. ho ."i_hi to ; mu the
m.kihi, i form ..f elev ry known aa "patronage," mily
? ? trail "ii" li .rn ,-? I.
Paris, May 21 Prince Victor recently at alert th it bs
f ad m to the Republic rn, tbe
itber, Prince J in), assn andi
rat'on of his he id* dp, i'i Im -
Viet or w,.n ti,ii case vindicate nts righta aa heir to
the Impel lal ??,??'.?. n.
-ll I'l : I ::- ' ? .' - kovitl h. I lie pu'i
' tia" Oj '" ? tr. i ntly suppressed, h.i
been planed under arrest. M. Oatrogorseky, an editor
nd tea her In a frvmnnslum. was onlered to continue
... of t ie /' - ? ?'* an advocal of thi* ( iv>
r or to real . a.*. j. sui on iu the pj m
ll. ..i om .? n lum d
MEETING!) ul lt Lt Iti IO I >' BODIES.
TH! METHOniSl i.i Ulai. COXI I I *?
I'iiii ,adi i.i'm v, .May 24. In the General
fun , :i, ? ? t ? il ij the Ber. J. II. Colds pied to
..;. lou ol i : 'solution placli . tbe iir?;"n
?rv iii-imp in Africa mi an equal footing with othei
ired tbat the position waa "singu?
lar, eccentric, auomuloua, and unlike anything
ih ,i h ts oi .? ui'-'i in i'i" h iii lr
liniui-j " i'bei 'np " he ' liv a dem i
,. bimini .?. ; nnnilt
lee on t.nj Kt'preaenlatiou in the Annual Confei ucea,
one d< ? ii' ? : r every
,u.'-i..ui_ elder1* dUtrlct and one for evi v i .v i I lurils of
adieu ? ited b>au oierwbeluitui* vote, li waa
,le U. ll 171 IO ltOtll
ii fit ..-m .' mn tn ii emiiiui--:.!'). lt wa- < i ? ? - i ? 1 ? -I that a
nu uld bc ui p ii:,. ?! to nu
or tbe next aeaafou of tbs ..em m. Confer
. ll e.
Sauvtooa, May 21. (n the Presbyterian
i en -ral A ? ? imbly t >-.!,.v, Ihe r nani ? I
? Un year w ii - -', ami
ig a bal e. te of
- i
i . i i .iii,ni ile.i.'v. the Kev. V I). :.>????!
? \. lu Ile)
terian M I ? ? ? R
DU vt Ul il lr- i.
MirTIIODIST rII'.n.-? i am i'"M i i:i:\' c.
llAITIMOKK, .M.n 24. The Methodist Prot
? voted down the prop.
I ?' ll -ll ??;.I! '\ :?'!' " et.'.I ' ?
;,,. ni.,' MUslou* mi,, i ?.% . (or foreign and
iiKMF.n rr.i-i.vr; ki ks i tiURCir.
Pitt.ibciio, May 24.?The General Synod <>!'
the Iteformed Preaayterlan Church met to-day,
Kev. in -:? i m.I the Kev. Dr Morton and J. M. Imbrej
? ? ? to me.. , 11> nunile.? from the I
? : uh to
I he Kev. \ ?.. Wi Ile an i tlexandei Kerr
were ..I . ? i . neil ni
it on June vM, with the Kev. Wylie alternate, and
tiie Kev. Dr. SI
' "ii.i.i.i. RASI ll \i:. (. a '?::. -.
I". , i BUB f'.l i ? ' I r 1 :i ".
Pisincktox, -M;..\ 24.?-The second coates!
? ?? 'Weeli
Harvard ann I'rlueeton took pl ??? here to-daj The
_'iui" waa culled at 2:30, with l'rtnceton al tm- b I
lu -i.-i! for nearly 1 ui boura. Princeton was blanked In
Hie hi-' ulnga, having men on bas i twice.
? in >i the bal Ing for Harvard. I ti
lo ig By Into 1 utrc ti. 11, whit b wa- n, iffed by i
sf eimra lei tba ruo home, and three
followed ni quick
' ?? Iel lt ia ;, ;, , i thai ih,.y ,,.,.
u u. h il ..u ! lu fore i :u linlsb.
In il." : 'Ui-iii uiiiia..- i: yuoldn, ol I'rineetou, rea lied
iu -i mi el. ol ?, and wa*
tue tl mt mn f.
players n I twice more ."i I heir opponent*'cr
l.i.s. I' . ,- I \: Uh . e Lilli ,' pil' in 1', I.
iii eonsei|iieiu ? of -'? ? 'I ,. * - lllnnsa, uml in ihe sixth in?
ning the tu-t baeemun auntaiiieil such Injurten
uulre a aubstttute to take bl* place, i
?lt'ii-'iU- ?- 1'ie.itiy hieiruiuenial In hilnglug to I'mu-etua
the v."i t defeat -.,?? hun ever siift'ered from Harvard.
l'n *?,.," iii luuinga waa as follows:
Harvard . i 0 0 n S ?"? 0 i
Pl,melon li n .i 1 I n n 1
Harvard, 13: Princeton, ll. Km
V vi.!. fllVR"* 1MHKK8TA DRUBBING.
sii::-. .. i. h. Mi . Maj SM. lu.- yale niue, smarting
un lei the iv, eui defeat ai tia- hands Di Ihe lim ?. U*d men,
took itu .r revengi lo la] en tbe l-oys from Amheiat,
whom itiei- defeal >l badly. The score rn i- :
V , . n ! ?' 4
A Hillel
- t U '.' 1?
? ll -' ii n ii 0 1U i
Wu.; I VM-1..M ??. -Ma--.. Mu) 24. Hie Line-ni \i.li.ailis
ami I'l.i.mine! in r. to-day, and fought a hard fight, rhe
home players bud a little ibe adv-utage, and won tbe
"'il l OK.
- m.
Il ll IT IA A \ lil l ll.l I',!"
The iVuttonal AMociation of Amateur At!i
letes mel lasl night ai the Metropolitan Hotel. \
set of mien governing amateur athletic exhibitions waa
adopted after rou Iderable lalk. W. c. Wilmer of
Hie New-York Al Cl i, F. C. Ion - d ol
ad < Iud and .!. M. v. .
ol ihe i oluinbla Co.lege Club w ire el i r,
ancles on the _zecutlre Como nee, and <i. D.
Ba pl. ol ihe Ami rieaa Athti lie i .un, waa a sot* l oflli lal
bundi ippei
iiX amendment to Article l of tim constitu?
tion, defining the term "umateiir at dcte," waa ottered
bj Hillier! H. i...i...u, of ibe Williamsburg Club:
oiaieui i any person wbo baa uei r, direetlj m
Indiivetly, competed t,.r a *t lia.-si bet, ur fur public
m..a. ,, or foi u ne mom ?. or r.r. lera 1 : with
a profeeal mal foi s prize or where gate inonej ls ch i
norbasevci .t anj period .n bis Ufa direetlj or indi?
rectly, taught, pursued or aaslated at athletic eten-lses
for money or foi tua purpose <>f obtaining the m.-mi, ,,
hvciiii ? vei suiii ur pawned any print rn any
event." Aftci i prolonged dlM-u*aUiu a commit*
bree was appointed to consider Hm amendment,
and ni'"ru"..?-.I t" report with recommendations to a
lu. n ii ? aa to Oe held ai tbs Cati of tbe
chair. _
* / i'm;/ I fTIO TBt ? WLLBBK.
The steamship Eider brough! among ber
paaseineis yesterday. Mayat K ll Forster aad lam*
liv. I'. A. I'.' ii".ll.-i. >'. J. Kiehiii.l-mi. I'm-ul jeni Mr..
ii..riin.11, Mr. aud Mr-, u ir inw and V. FrankeathaL
YOUNO i;ll!i.-< -ri: \\i:i,i:n
I.iw RIM'!, Miiaa., May -i linmlliT l.ow. ace thirty,
Bteualied the dsughlsra ul Raastbi SulUvaa, ia North
Andover, nt;ej* thirteen and seven. De eh,ike.I il. i
eu: to death, ami so nearly strangled tba joungei that it
ia t tjiu.lil she will illei.
('iii, v.... Mn .1 \M.nnaii Mn-hiiel ii iv mir, wbo
wm shot. My James Decay on M..jr Li, iliad to-day.
A MW ll.l AL 111 IUJABD M'Cil'Ll.LY.
"Pail. mi.i.i'iiii. May '-'I In Ihecaae of H. .si i I.iii Mo*
("anllay,eoavl ledofaasaalt uml n.iitery with intent to
kill Janies) H. H.reiin, aud earrying ooanealrd dea.lty
wiiip ms. fill- wlueii lie vu s.-nit ui eil lo au liupiisa.u
mout ol ?vn yean, fadCi Beook today refusod the
Uiuti'iu lol a mn trial.
rna OOOCPAN1I op ti:k coACiii*.*!?how r*xa
LADI-S tvkrf- OKBaSBD??TWO MHitiP..
Thc anona] parade wi thc Coaching Club
? r I iv nada a fis. lu flttaf epoetaola The slj(bt waa v ? I
liv ernwds of p'-opln wbo tbr.iriK' .1 Wife ive. au,I Oii'r il
Park, it vu .I.-. '.:>-.l tu ii? i ii e Hues' exhibition over
?hen by the. Mab. The start was iniule at ev.ietiy n p m.
"i"in tue Bast IMS Of Muli-,.;; BfBam, tim horses lieadini*
louth and roondtng tho aojaara lats PUta-ara a inge
-ruwil w.iieiied the dra?i iasssni'ils. Home of th- pcipie
hatted wiiii friends on tha raMosM asl otkars srite i e.t
ko horses and tu aoata,-*Mla Ibo wotan did noi l*-t a
rea! me of Hie ladies' dresses which Bia I
:ho MBOn-M 000000 their attention. i , ?
purda and fuituiiii lu tn-lits amt f..p
koota stood like paola ai "ie hatsas* hsada Aa nm
.'"!:. ri I OB r.iluiiel Jay's ,,,.,. ti M*W Ilia Bora iii.-ie wm i
rattle of IfM h.mf? un tim pivriii?n', and will*, a faint
lieer the lme of pandanas hat mdt
tway. Tuen I'lere. wai aiiolaer I ,?? -.pi ii ?? to
.,t\ jiu.it lier view.
Ill-it eanie I'ol'ine! J.iy'a I t . trim
ny three eheatinits ami a k.,u. M - .1 . . , white
eos'ii: ie. Ml Ul tkO li.'I Willi lier luiat.a'ul. Jiliiml
them tn te Mr. tod Mr*. Angus! - I I - j. m - ta i
If, I'.n'le rflird. Netl tSmt I". A. RobOTS-?INT-*! re.l .tel
liljek eiiiieh. willi feorSOS sui.I tr ti Mi. J mfa, Una bini
~are Mr. aad Mr*. Robert Ooelel Miss r.,-t
and Oustav E. Kissel. August Belmont's blaek and i i
e.. ieii w.i.a ,ii;iwu iu a team of bays, decorated byaaow.
ball favors. Oa the coach bsallde Mr. Bolowal wen Kr.
ui,ii Mra _owlaad, Mr, :in<l Mn. Wetmore ,uui Mia* Bork
ley, tim ladles setus, all hi waite soots ? s
and carrying tlieir laps full of roi-s. c. H.
Joy diove, a tenn of bay* anl roan* with
V- low taren, ins coach belag Uaefe aad yellow.
With him were Mis. .!?iv, M rmi Mrs. fftflMfl I.i \vr. ii" ?,
I ? us uml K. ll. WI) tlt.ill. Oliver Irt.-il i'j- li'if-a
and cream ooaea. ths Qnyhenad, had * las team of
bilya attached. M - Uelin, in a pink costume, sat on tke
hos, .in.! behind were sit. .inA Mrs. william B. Inila -.mt
Mr. and Mles ("emlil JIuyl. Isa ie BoaSTs >' IBO- Bttf ?
inn.-ii attexmon. tt wm a Mask and nd drag diawa ??/
bays With* tko .inver se M . Jaaiai H. Potter
in a charming eostame af pals tanadar crepe with .*?
runt uf hie... tnmmm ?- or pals pilli*', a bunnet anl
parasol to matoh aad plak rona KnCianawei urj ? I
-.; ? c. no en wen In .--ruy uni 'awn . u-iiiuMa Mltfe
llieiu sat Mr. Potter uni Mr. W.-u i. Hu -o fl link's
i at, ii mu ti.- oki i.n.iivy. His gilesta wen M
Mrs, I- ,.e Be i li.. Mn*.nil' rt and Mi - nilewb.
lt Rooeerell drove three bays and a piebald to a i .
having a black and nd body aad red whoota, With blas
i ra Roosevelt, on tko bog, Mr. aai Mn. Loali
Ia dyard ami Mt. an I Mrs Bl I I
rn i re Lorll lard had a plsad I team .f "rtroagdlasksd
... I. .-. arith wliite favors, BltsBad ta a blaoa au i
yellow coach. With him were M * i.u ll ? i in a gray
costume, Mr. amt Mrs. i , ii
is Ih kwtth, era?'l ii waits, and Mr. ls
lieek's prancing bays drew s red sad Maeh
ob which were Mra. Frederic Sfewbotd atiirei m
and wi, -
.!. v. Parker drove cheatnut horaei In lina aty - .
. d red ... li. Mi-. J.uiluii L. Moil an
ill"! nt Will' ' Bilk
bark of th
M -- \ u ii nen in maru lively; Mr.
M ut and i". 1'.- IL u ? ' i:vea bad s iuip team of
' ... Hi ii
Mr*. J, c. Peter* sal ivitk him .ie nf.
purple and lavenderaatln i limmen with 1 -
a p.ii pie Ixuiuei aud par.iaol and i
...,:i w ure white euil i
trimmed with red eherrlea, nnd pale
f ir lu r i.. iquet. Mt-. Walker binda ?
i ri pe and a while bonni t. Mr. Mall
mt on the ends ol
Ui'.-uuil'l W. Rive* drove grays a
white and red coach. Mw. Waterbury sal beside bim In
a rich dm miderel
- .. to 'u e. .i. Billi t
lap full of rosen, lilacs and hiles. Mina v.
cream white crepe und yellow velvet with a white hal
i to in i e i tue iii.---. Mitt Ulva* w ra
dowered tue na nun's veiling snd ir
hat. Mr. Hitchcock sod .1. M. Wale bury rn tte
i ne arni lemi -i Mr, Van Al >b
leam of baye to a black soacb. ll:- gues'a wera
Mr. aud Mrs. Oi ol -e I . Rh *. Hi - -. " \ -
*: - i.-a. i in latter wore a ere nu
. overcd with peal l*. s ??
p.r.?-..'. and cai nee a bouquet "f I'll -e-of-t?i -valley, rho
T. A. Haveiui i ?
ni.i "li-ami l.a.vs. Ultu lim wee Mi*- Kintly II ivemeve -.
-ilk willi pale blue I Hmm un mai bon ?
m.iiiii and bouquet .>f pink roues; Mrs I*. S ion. In
ti a rn hire bon ne i
Ur. Howard and E. C. Potter, "frederic Brou
soi drove eheatuuts and baye to a black sud red i
roeade of ere un and bl ie and
??m.t li. Mt. iiini Mia. J. ll. Toter
and Mr. aud Mrs. A. bella, |r., wen tke otb
iu.- ??.!i. s ke;>t w, ii together aad weal ap
ill" \\. U' to H'tty-liliil!' -I.. up I'. v M s.ili
? a, iiier ru and down tbe ea?i side to I
? e >t| Lire and to ths Hotel Brunswick, ?.. . ,
waa reached at 0:15. A large aumberof eamagn i
lowed tho parade, including a foul hone odvei
to mil r. s,,., linga tnb. There were two mlehaps "i
I,mae i.-i down before the atart. Auotkrr borne in Mr.
davern*., er's team fell wi.eu ni u Pifly-nluth-i"
? ?
. d rn ii di ia pp. il iti-,1
d ut, l .1 rn_re of tbe b tel waa dei orated wu li ll .ns.
? le part) ??! nlnoiy-ali -l ni*d al a li r-e-ti ?? t r. t
deal programme v . I - din aa I
i on - adi ... ..... .
whip, Lui n ur.'l hoi -
KEW-YORK mi', UOTTEBl i 11 v in mr. i-.m:.-.
FOl'R I A-I - < r St'NSI KOKI .
New Yuk became yesterday by some phe?
nomenal .. ecntrlelty of this ansi i' le and Intensely uf.ro
liable climate tbe hottest city tn I
Junk) lingi I noosed In tim
.' li mana and oran - ?
playful "cluck" of tho illlsatoi Hew-York haa been la
ly demoralized condition receutly aad pi . .
...:?? the equdlbri un i\ dob topi Ung
?.., i)u hui ? ,| -:,-.., ?!: b n ii it did nol qu I
a tm* on t !.? equator al line i: a >
I ? ,\ wau i
In the .;;\ ?! re n lining In town
heir eolian and cuff's pcreolattng dom then i ?
ibie backs or their tin li wm Hie ii
il. V |U " ! si.ie ' I-,;,". A.
? . ni. ii fore ti." san ha t the eft laterj to
appear above the horlson, the tlwrmira . b
s ol strength b t.i enough to
regiuter (IH . rheo, ia Iii u - li ashamed ol its ,?
l . I
at 6 o'clock it vt i only 69'. st 0 o'clock the ena I
well above tbs piers ol tho BrMga, aad Hadaat'i
ter il:..-I-ht that 70 would be tbe proper ann
?Alien uoos came there bad been a leap r. B
iiini then tba deader stream of mercury cllmBee*
up tbe tube with that exasperating deterniuatloa
vliii li lt somettm i, until ? 3:30 p. m. n
registered DI rathe shade ur ill m ila- mn artier.
m.... ii' the Broadway proanBadora bmad thsm
lt bsd reached Its height, sad byTeny gnvatlei .
Wi ,i : .i Wil i Its 'll ll. me t li rt Ol till >..?'. tile Inti, ul J
contract! tl. ami al >? p m. had dewseui
?re duak a black cloud appeared In thc
d up it iky, ru...' li
etoudabetne a ihe eily ami the sun, which had bus aa
ti. i"v,,>is'.a lotint'ii Ing it. Men carried theil mubreilis
with ail. 11 ion, aud na in the City Mall Park
a. j .--ii. ,| Hu ir til i bl ? li tin .. ? -.v. Bp ..: tbe
wind ir...n the weat rasn ?j.i a promise
ol i du, b it tho promise w is nol tu .
for u ? in fell. i'ii In ns
stead waa a cool corthweai breeze, thal scurried act i
lie-sp,,.; . md r.daed cluuda nf dust which i - i
before Uio) reached an unnleasaul h.iuii!. _ven tbs
. , , s out. I oked sa though it ey li id
passed a '-ie.. - I ) ??' glowed yellow ut tl ai.Ibu
rue thinl bel , iv ol the bm ire 'h ??f M ty
d, but ll .itt . . ty sabas?tod and ti'
p . imp "pu: al ti I" -: .t M I OBd rai.> ol Ibe s.i
vi ii -ii is pros .1- tl I .III.
ii lame ciiiitlitioua prevailed over the count-..
therm all sci Him*, snd -imin s .
iiU ly to .-pii-.i.l e.uilal nu! lc t'i. uti !?> I - j v I ?',
killi ugh every nook and cranny of the Itockj Mon
wei , \p:i.ie.t. a; I p. iu. ibe ft liowiur temperetoree
' . \l I . m? ; A":"-::, Ila., -- ;
llalilmore, Md., AH -%.*.; laokaBBrilta,
? ; UalveaUm, rei . UP1; Imilauola rsx., I
pe alura for tlie .-??? d ite In thia t ?? v
last itu was: ii a. ru. M : Sn.ee . ."?:! ; n a. m., ti., -,
li." m., TA -, il p. m., 70 , 0 . ni . W .
i.. ellowlugpnsUatloasby ibo be.it were reporird
nv the police:
I) mn 1 i, ra. li. a l.ilmrer. nf No. HO Chtlivst, wai
overcome wbl s working In On hard si . near t'aual
li ?!?. ui. llB waa carried ki Um (lunnki* attaet lloa
OttoBehwarttenben.of Ka '? i sf Vinth-st., was
? ut- Hospital, au? mta of
Bsunetroki i ' ? tvenueCand-Weoteenth-al
Ham. i I iu ii r_l,i. nt St.. ."(I Last. I Illili al. w^- pfM
trated al *.I .v.. sud NlmMi ihird-at. ..i i i>. m. ll*
was ream -.i lo tun picj? HospttaL
Juatlce \'n:.i,.se Monetl ol tai I'.tt. Hmath Wrnl Wa*
trici ('ouit, being orenoaw br tba li. ai, mu on.i-el te
adjourn tue court mini (Veda* - tai
.- rn, -
Moojurrow om- ckkkmomks.
lin- et iiinuiiioH of Decor.it nm Hay will int
Ball] SBC?I lin* tvi'iilug, win a Onad M?r..li*)J .*?! nm. Pt ?
C"iii]i.iuie?l I.y lils staff ami .1. !e.;.U's fnuu Hie t.i e I
Army of the Itepulillc, will attend servi.-e at f/he Md.
mi Avenue Congregational ('hureh. Remarka will no
ina.lu l)T ll;e Kev. Dr. J. I". Nawiuan, lisj>ii?rai.s NM ant
Conway mil ot hem. Ker the celebration lu the Aradrmy
of Nu-,ie on Ki-iday nicha tickaia are en aale by lbs
Tnsaanr, B, V. li?v. aud atflchlna-r'a,Ty?-?u'?. and tha
headquarters of tiie comimitee In tlie '."Jd lte,oui*-ut?
A.iii.,1,. I he line of iiiiicen on IH-coraUea l>ay will be
d..wn llfliiava fioiu liftv eighth a', to V, BSbtBftaM
l*-nu?ja. where ihe parade will be dlaoiMa^d. aad fa* lieiet
ol lbs Han esasistfaTaf theiti uiTKiuuof the NbUobaI
Uuard, will move al **> a. m. prei-italy.

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