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Among the bills signed by tbs Governor on Sat?
urday was one requiring telegraph, telephone and
tie* tiic-liKlit nirea to be placed underground. I lie
full text of the Uw is not at hand, but it is under
stooQ that all wirra munt be laid below tho surface
before November 1, 1HH5. Dr. Norvin Gre*-n,
president ol the Weatcrn Union Telegraph Com?
pany. mM of tho sot yesterday I
The (um pr.>videa (1) tbat in cities of 500.000 tnhabt
tanla all wires must liereaatter be I md under the iiirfuee:
(at that cotupaniea owning wire* must remove them and
rtlac* theai under ground before November, IMS : CA)
bat the cities inall remove the wires of luch
rei.paule* as neglect to place them under ground, and til
that no elly mail untie lue laving ot wires under ground
a monopoly. 1 am uot certain that tbe hill has not boen
modified in its pas age, but as I understand lt, tbli ls
substantially the one alined bk the Governor. 'IL.- first
and fourth sections the I^glilature bad a |>erfect
ritiht to adept, but the second and thlid SBgM
riot to have beatime a law. The Legislature
a nt.ot tell me to take down the wires now erected by
t .tip.niT anv more than lt can order me to tear dow n
Ibis balldtna-, The third acct On direct! cities to remove
the Bliss not put under ground by a certain date, bul it
ls n*.t tnm.'iatoiy.
I am not a lawyer but thc bill eeemi to be defect
lie iu not having a rcpealiag clause, 1'nieiH-al. ti. the
f; null", riving tn power to build telegraph lluci are Still
hm fSSBl In law a* tlie one Just algnetl cump.-lliiii; us lo put
lilt- Wilta undeririouiiil. No. 1 cannot say that this ct.iti
j. uk trill, or will not, oppoaa the law. Wc have not con
lt-4t.*d lt in committee or anywhere else. There are other
. ,t,ice which have greater reasons to oppose it, for
we own only 20,000 to '-'.'..OOO miles of wire on
poles in this eitv, while the telephone companies
lave probably 00*000 miles. The West* in li lou has
already plo cd uadrr ground lt! trunk lines tniin the
?;? ... i.ti >*lti' e south and wei!, to toe exchangee, and ou
the north Ute wires arc ready to be placed lu uadeiyuad
tulK-i aa far as Tweuty-ihiiil-st. We have ,le, i.I*.I to *-x
teud Dili linc to Forty-sec,u.l-it. aii'l thc
(ir.md Central Depot. Ixmg be ross lhe end ot
tb.- period named tn the bili all our
ti mik lines in this citv will probably l*e underground, lt
ls burdlv probable, however, thal the city would enforce
the law. No i>eiialty for (ttsrscardiag it hue been pi,i
Tided. Paris anil I. lu.ioti u ,-, i largs onderground .->.
terna, but In addition perfect neiworks of ovciti. .ul
Wtrea I do not iliink tli.n Rew-York will ever remove
all Its pole wires, 'itu- people will insist u;>on
bavmg convenience! which they bow euloy. Th- saan*
pair., for instance, hal 147 braiicii ofllc.-s ni the city, but
ff thu law chuuUi be SBfotOSd BOIS than half of them
would be cloied at once, BhooM we run wlies under
ground to a remote office winch now is Wept open
merely for public convenience I But th. eil,?* t
3 itie law would bc still greater on
telephone and district messeager oompanlea The service
would Ins restricted so that it would be allBOSl useless. In
th.- businei! part! of lue citv WtMTB lite iciv.pl* are
large anti tbe distances snort tile Companies might put
their wires under ground, but tiny could sot possibly
afford t*> do so in oilier sections ot the mit. ii
Would not take loos lo convince people of thc incoii
Tenieuoe caui*ed by the law. 1 am (tuite sure Una the
ot.positi,,n e..i,ip.mica would suffer much moro tl.un v..?
Stn.ulil if the law should Oe enforced, lt would not cost
ns much more to cany all our trunk lines ont of the city
nuder ground, but our opponent! wonk] liuve to bega
at lhe beginning. That reminds me that some persons
anv (bat wp are uot making money. Do yon realise that.
when we have paid the dividend for this <|,natter, we -hall
have paid out since January 1. 1881, exactly $ls,0OO,
000 In <ll\ 1.1* ti*'- I In the same three aid a halt year* we
1, *? .!? ? e pi mt 8S.700.noo, which makes a total
.*' - we bare sold la that time tj*i,(ioo.ooo
Loni-, it.r wlii.-n we recelred nix.ut $l,l(>e,
I'o'i. lu.l a few other illili?!. uniountlug
j. i ?.*]., t.. $.100,000. Ail the r.st ol these payment!
L p been trout earnings, for wa have no fl sting asst of
u 'ililli, ind ftlll ttic"'- are persons who tu/ ws are nat
rarntng money. Where do wc gel ii I
"MEBKI.l Ni.l.MIKO.''
M.-srs. Oelrichs Si Go., the abouts for the North
German lins of steamships, issued invitations foi thc
Inspection ol the new steamer Elms, and bel
un.i .*> i>. iii. v< tarda* s cool innoi i si ream "i p< opie
poured up ins gang-plank and filled the resseL I bc
total iiiiuii'. r sf runton was nv.r 3,000, snd ail
were enthusiastic over the luxurious appointments
of tl io vessel, lobs first cabin saloon wu tin-chief
)?? t of attraction. Thi-* is furnished with black
walnut chairs, covered with fine olive plush, Thc
tables srs "t mahogany. All around tin- room nra
lian.-ls filled vvtli tapestry. These panels were t..
Ve [..uti t ed wit li vat ii.ii> designs, Lilt tin* artist who
was to da the work bas not been able to finish*it
)!? bas,however,painted i"tir beautiful pieces in
the four squares oi the (lom.-, from the M Kiebelun
gcnlied," representing the tour elements, fire, a ster,
air mm earth. The 'subjects are " Wotan taking
]? i\e of Hrutiiiliilde," " 1 lu- Rhine Mai.lens Quard
lng the Treasure,** *> The Valkyrs Beariug t!i'- Bodj
of tbe Slain Warrior to Walhalla.'1 sad "Siegfried
l-'a\i;i({ tin- Dragon." Above these pictures sra
foinls painted with fine cloud etlects, snd all are
ramed is exquisite carvings from the eolid wood.
The arti-,t is lu* iii/, oi Berlin,-who waa employed
bl Mr. ViUard ia paint the soene ut the oomnl* timi
ot the Nonli.-iii Pacific Railroad.
iii.* staterooms sn all furnished with electric
]iL,;.ts. tin- Swan lamps ami Siemens dynamos bi lng
us, ,i. ami willi caudles tor us,- when the electric
current i? shut off Electric calls connecting with
the ateward's room ere in each stateroom. Intact,
?lithe c'.nveiiiciit -i-s ol tin- best modern hotel may
lu- found in tbs v. ss. i, s,. that i bs trip t<> Europe, to
rho is not eflected bv the rolling and pitching
af the vessel, weald be little more than a week's
?layla on.-of tlie iii. at city hotels. The visitors
were cordially received by Captain Charles Lt it,
roiniiianiler of ll-e ciinjiahya licet, lits! Officer
Eng* limit, who vas.uiitil lately captain of the lion au
lim! Mr. Schwab, of Oelrichs di Co, Major Henry
Gaines, chief of the Measurer's Department, ol tbe
Custom House, who dined with Captain Lelst \-s
*? 1 who in familiar k\itii every vessel which '
comes Into this port, said that the vessel was per?
fect, ami c.ni.I not be Improved upon. 1 be Ems in
similar in dimensions to I be Eider, of the euine line.
but is inuit- elaborately ruted up.;
.lam*. K. Kelly, the notorious !>-><>l seller, and his
clerks. ThomasMun-ay and John S. Blow, who
>ven- arrested last weeli for cain lng "ii the unlaw?
ful business al No. IU Wes! Twenty-eighth-st. and
Jerome Park, yesterday were placed at tbe bar of
Special 8ec o i Court. Kelly pleaded guilty last
{?ri day. and bis clerks yesterday Interposed a simi
ar .plea. Ex-Recorder Smith appealed in the piin
mier'.s behalf and Anthony Comslot k i,.i the prose
ciition. Thc funner referred to lbs injunction
maned ta tbe Supreme Court a year seo, prohibit?
ing interference by tbs police with the selling oj
pools at Jeri.mc Park, Mr. Comstock stated that
un..- Kelly entered bis plea last week In had been
? iiKMBetl "at pool Belling at the Sheepshead
Hay ruc* course, assisted by his clerks. Hi
ui-.i. submitted to a lengthy affidavit sworn to by
bniiKi'lf and Iceni Britton, Bettina forth that KHly
lia? los more than twenty yeats been engaged in
?ambling schemes, and during thal tims Lc has
ix.inc th*- reputation of being ..nc of the principal
ix.ol gassblers in this citv as well as iu Queens and
vhil's Countiea. Hs referred to the raid made bj
himself on the rooms of Kelly A lilis* In Loni:
Island City, on Octobei *.?. 1882, when gambling
Implement** valued at .fT.OOO Wen seized, nilli Itv
aeite.l I hat numerous OBSSS had come to his notice
sf young men and others who had ben Induced to
eommit breaches of trust and larceny through the
Influences *<f pool gambling on boise races, ile de
Bonneed as false the allesation thal K.-ily waa In
the habit of boasting thal tM had "seen" him and
arranged with him so as uot to interfere with
Ec Ilya unlawful basuesa,
Jii-tic*' Ford c(iiisult?(l his eoHsagues, Jnatioea
Bmlth and Welde, and then Imposed a lin.- of if lt IO
on Kelly, and tined his t**o clerks !?](? each, Kx
Kecorder Smith tilled out a check on the National
BhuC and Leather Hank for ike aiiiuuiit ol the
Lu. s. aad the uicu were released.
(in a charne of ahipjiinit two ken 11 dynamite on
board the A victo, a sciiooner loaded hen lor Havana,
h- . : Kubiera, Editor oi El Seporalista, tbe Cuban
iou. nal in this city, was arrested et his offloe. No.
Ad \ . - -replay inortiitiK. Thc oit-nce was
in shipping explosives without placing tbeni In ne?
tallie case, BtirroiiuiU-xl by plaster ol' paris aud
?asked" (t.iiij'-niiis."
n. nor Kubieia said: " This morning two United
r- J), poty Marshals Horton and Bible arrest* d
ine uiiiler a wan ant issued i.y Commissioner BbieUla
lhe complaint was sworn to by John c. Meehan, ol
pi.mei tun's agency, employed by the Spanish Gov
emu..ut. 1 was taken before ('ommissioner Shields,
and 1 re(|U**a>t?-<l a short tim*- in rn bieb to send foi m v
lawyers. lu the meaiit inn- Mr. Shields went to call
A-- -lint District-Attorney Foster, who assured the
Cominiasioner that tnera was i." case against me,
and i vi as at on.-e honorably discharged."
lt s. .iim|ibat Rubiera ia under constant surveill
ance i-y the Spanish Government, a detective oocu
jiytiiii the room next to him in ula residence, <>n
Kiiti'lay Le escaped the detective's vigilance, and
did not appear anti! yesterday morning, when hs
and the kegs,which contained only gunpowder, were
.simultaneously brought before the Cosoniissloner.
Ile thinks that the detectives knorr who nut tho
egs sa board the A victo; a. d that the Spanish
einiaearicsd.'hii-et.. mov. tin- luted HtSktee authori?
ties to shut him up in an Ame: i< au ptlBBfl,
Tho steamer Alene, of the Atlas Line, Captain
fielders, which arrived yesterday from the Weet
Indies, bro uk ht Captain O. h. Anderson and a crew
of eight men, who had been shipwrecked at tho
month of tho Magdalena River, Houth America, on
May 12. lhe men were shipped ontue Swedish
lng Dagmar, which left Newport, England, for
Pan aquilla, with a cargo of railway lion and
railway snpplies. On May 12 the brig
Ian aaronnd. The masts were cut away to steady
er. A boat with five men was sent ashore for a ,
tistance. As night advanced there were indi, a
ions that tbe vessel was breaking up. I he crew
were clinging to the stump of the mainmast.
Finally this, too, was washed overboard. At 1
a. ni. on the 13th the customs officer, who had
been taken on board at ba van il la, was lost In a
ware. The crew clung to the fore-rigging until
daybreak | thesithe raoulu, mate and two mon got
on s piece of tne brig s deck and floated off. The
pilot Uken on with the customs ofiioer refused to
?o along, saying that they would be washed out to
ea. Shortly after thc men pushed ofl the brig,
rent to pieces and thc pilot was lost, liie rait,
Lrifted ashore. They were cared for yesterday by
he Swedish Consul.
Amid the ruins of Fort Lafayette, of which only
he walls are standing, a party of men assembled
rcstcr.lay to witness the experiments with the new
Ivnaniite gun, conducted bv First Lieutenant E. I..
Ulinski, 5th Artillery, United States Army. Among
hem were Henrv Slcers.of theNaval Advisory Hoard,
'. (J. Fraiu'klvu, Tewhk Pacha, Turkish Minister
it Washington' Captain Ali Riza, Naval Attache of
bc Turkish Legation, General Abram Danae,
'oloiicl William shatter. Vf. E. D. Stokes, S. I?.
?ichuvlei. Charles Hockschor, Janies Flanagan,
)avid A. Hiirr. W. A. Bartlett, Lester A.
lari lett and George H. Bey milds, supcrin
eiidenl of the l?cliiiiiatcr Iron works. I In?
jun with which thc cx|*erinientH were
nude is something cntirclv di den -nt from any ord
lance heretofore lined. It is a narrow, seamless
ira-s tube 4Infect long and H^ inches In
liameter, mounted on an angle-iron trestle,
indi connected with an air reservoir contain
ng fifteen charges. To this was united
snail iron pipe running into one of the casemates
K-hcre there WM a -.leam air coinprcssor. The pre
cctile w.-t-a a thin brass tube three feel long, iu
which thc dynamite cartridges were placed against
i |.cicii*.siiin fuse to be detonated by fulminate of
Beroury at the moment when the iron head should
.trike the object aim* d a*. 'Ibis dynamite arrow
mis feathered bj a long v, notion sabot.
The tariict was a bank ol sodded earth eon th of
r'oit Hamilton and was TIKI yards away. Com
l>r.-ss.(i air was soddenly admitted to the long
lineiimatic tube by ].niling the lanyard. An
'Xploslon followed and, after a brief
interval, another much louder as tho
projectile Struck thc bank and the dynamite
lug adara hole in UM carib. Five shots wcic tired,
foin scuding two dynamite shells into the bank, ono
against the sea-wall below it, and one Into the wa?
ler near it. The fifth threw a shell two miles away,
into the water. 'Foi the firs! sh,.i tin---heil weano!
charged. Foi the second, 16*4 .pounds of dynamite
were used. For thc thud 17, and foi thc fourth
mid tifih. each 16 poonda Each shot was fired
with an air pressure ot BOO pounds to the square
inch. Every shot struck within three feet of the
[mi-it aimed at, and Lieutenant Zalinski declared
that the gun worked as accurately and a* easily
as any rilled gun. The four charges
of dvaamite sxnloded on striking. Au
explosion of " free dynamite" was made on the
western face of tlie fort. Ten pounds were placed
on twelve sheets of I.oiler iron, with int any " tamp?
ing,' and in the open air. The thickness of the
iron sheets, laid om- over the other, was ten inches,
and they were supported "ti three heavy timbers
one foot square, ron of th ? plates were perforated
by the discharge and the two others
w.-re deeply Indented. "The experiments
were entirely satisfactory to all present.
Sevc-il I live pounds "1 dj nauiile were u-cl, costing
only 51 centss pound. A new engine is to be con?
structed within ten daya, by which an air-pressure
of 2,000 pounds to the square Inch can he utilized
fm a propelling power, sud experiments will bc
made with a gun of 8 inchon calibre, carrying the
projectiles, charged with 100 pounds of dynamite,
three miles.
ii- n: ai rna nowa vt " bvwwalo bill*1 at
A lawn tenniashirt and a larg-e. white sombrero
hat, with a cord twisted round the crown, seemed
to bc part of tile coiicct .isl rn-- at the Polo
Ground yesterday. ibu kskin trousers were also
the latest things iii summer suiting. Two Ot throe
thousand persons were watching for thc
appearance of "Buffalo Hill" and his
band of braves, in tho meantime those
ot the wild cowboys whom contact with eastern
civilization had rendered abie to cope with the
effete "tenderfoot'' without emphasrffog their re?
marks willi bow ie-klilfe or six-shooter, lll"V*d
about the crowd clad in the regulation far western
garb and rendered things pleasant foi tho visitors
with true occidental poTitenesa At 2:.:o o', lock a
tall, handsome man, with num. curling hair, ami
clad in a pair of doeskin trousers and a dark (ilk
shut embroidered daintily down the front.
lode into the enclosure, whic i look.-.l little changed
lii'iii its usual aspect, except that in the centre was
,-i small los cabin with one a indow, a ohimuey and
,-i door. The horseman, who was William F. Cody,
better known aa " Buffalo Hill." was followed by
a mounted troop of cowboys, Mexicans and In
dians, Including Captain A. II. Bogardus. thc
champion " wing-shop," M:ij*.r Prank Non h.
the "Pilot of tin- l'r.-iii ie," "Oklaha
iiin" Payne*, tho "Progressive Pioneer.*1
"Buck" Taylor, "Kinta* of the Cowboys,*1
( on (>ioii.r, ii>.- Oow-Boy ob* liff oi ih<- I latte," to
.iin.ic (rom the programme, and a boat
of frontier worthies loan as to hair an 1
sunburned and good-humored as to face, i ben be
cana aeries of scenes winch, as on,* of th- tun
Ererood persons remarked, "show ve more'n ye d
sec during twenty year ou the plains, by thun dei !"
Theramark **as incontrovertible, for few ol the
spectators had an Intimate acquaintance with
prairie life found elsewhi re.
lhere were iioii.v races, IsSSolngS, Whooping and
(bring of Winchester ritles without number, lhe
most striking incident was the portrayal of an at
tin k .ni a stage-coach. A stags was drawn by six
mules in front of thc grand stand. Home ;?
gen drawn from the audience, one of whom, at
least, is a well-known figure on th.- race truck,
went on board. The bearded "Yuba Hill'
cracked his whip, the trueulent-lookina
guard lay flat on bis ba< k on top ol
the rickety conveyance and round thc grounds they
went. Soon a blood-curdling yell war* heard and a
ban*' of ferocious h..'kin:: indians galloped from
Ute upper mri of th.* grounds and gaveebaseto
the coach, firing oil their revolvers and re*
ceiving back the lire of the guard
and passengers of tbs coach. Ther wera finally
driven <>ii by ? bando! cowboys, chief among a boin
was the redoubtable " Bill" himself, firing bia rifle
with ease ;ui.l a eil ny. After this there wai pictured
an attack on ihe log-cabin, in which the blood?
thirsty red men again succumbed totbeqpwboys.
i: eu :,n unfort -nat.- steer was lassoed snd
held down until ;i " greaser" mounted
hts back, ami desptt tis ferocious plung?
ing and kicking rode him gallantly imo
camp, Then Boaardua and his boya, Edward, Pe?
ter and Henry,-did some surprising things In the
way of shooting imitation pigeons Bud glass bails.
Louis Adderhalden, of No. 118 Last Eighty-fifth
m.. who a h assaulted iu Central Park ou Saturday
morning, spent an hour fat his business place yee*
t. I'lay in Lib.-rty-st. A TRIBUNE reporter BBW bim
at his hoine. Hi- head wa covered witb bandages,
tie leanne looking rnan of sixty rears, though hs
looks io ne not over fifty. Ile told thi?, storr i
"Thara beea walklsg over the esme pata every sum?
mer tn.minn for four yuan*, ito Saturday* Boorning SS I
passed nuder the arch near thc (ilielisk I tn.-t a man who
looked bsrd st me ss wt psi "t. When I reached mo
Routh Rklo of tin- reservoir a maa sprang from behind tli_|
l.ualieH and mriick uie in Hie li. iel with a stone. I Ic"
ituaned. He threw asecond atone as I was lying on tin
Krouuil, lU'iiiu htiikiiiK mc in Ilic heail. Ina r,.,mc ut I
was bunded with blood, which Mowed down my
tues and nek ami tatura ted my dotblna.
Springing uji 1 dashed at the cowardly
scoundrel wtth my umbrella. I must have scared him,
for he ruined and ran. Ile was the same niau Who met
me nader the arch, aad i think ti** baa bsen wutcinotr me
im some tune, i wiiik.-.i ii quarter or a mlle and met a
cart mian win. culled a polio-itt m. witli whom I vent home.
Tar mau must liavc bees ? robber Hud an tnexperieaoed
highwayman. He woreroucb clothing, and ha.i no
on his bad-looking lace. I should know him ll I san him
Captain Meaty, of the Central Park Police, said:
" I lllife t.ecll tl.-le for tlililtCCIl ,T*HI-, .'lilli th'a I* thc
Brat case of this kind that Ins some to my knowledge
We bara 12b men rn lbs l'ark pones forea iin-v Ate
scattered tn all thc parks from th.- Bal er* t<> lilith
limit,-.-, (chiral l'ark has ninety men. 'lhe Oouimhv
stonerebareaSksdtor an appropriation ta tiu-rsasc tbe
toroa I think we oiiL'ht ti have twenty -tire more men.
(nu linn ai. on the alert ail the tim**, and then- ure few
Thc following order of exareises will bs car?
ried ont al the dedication of Bolivar'** Stain.-.
in Central Bulk, to-d.iv: Initiatory address,
by Q-am ral Egbert L. viele, presldenl of the
Department of Public Works ; addreaa "t presenta?
tion, by Oeneral Onsman Bianco, cx-I'iesnlent of
Venexnela ; unveiling of the statue, by a. If, Botel
do, Minister from Venezuela to the I'nited Mates:
music, National airs of Venezuela, by thc band of
the United Btatea flagship Tennessee i addreas of
a. oeptanoe, by Mayor Edsoni ..rut ion on ''Hie Life
and Character of General Bolivar,*1 by Frederick B.
Condert. The United states troops, marines and
sailors, nnder command of Colonel John Hamilton,
will land at the foot of Soventv-iiinth-st.. North
River, where they will be received by the veteran
Corns of the 7th Regiment, e*pnimanaed by Colonel
Locke W. Winchester, lb.- line will be turin, d at
8:40 ii. m., and march up Biverside-ave, to Eighty
eighth.st., through Eighty-elghth-st to Eighth
a**-, through Eighth-eve. to the Eigthy-lrst st
entrain c to Central Park, thence around the statue,
the riiiht realm k opposite Eifc-hty-fourth-st. A Ka**
ti.nial salute will be fired at tho BBVeiiing of thc
utatue by the naval squadron anchored in tin- Hud*
son Kivor, opposite the Sito of tho statue. On thc
conclusion of tho ceremonies General lllanco mid
suite will bc entertained at Irving Hall by thc Vet?
eran Association of tho 7th B?-?;imcut.
A policeman on .Sunday evening found John Mc
Quirk, of No, Bli' West r.uticth-st., Kiicelmg on
his wife, holding her by the thioat, while ho flour
ished a larfe knife ovci her L.-ad and cried, " Glvi
nie my monev 1 Give me my money 1" The womal
I v<
_ my money I Give ino my money I" Tho womat
was badly cut about tho head ana was nearly iu*
sensible, hilo was taken to Boosevelt Hospital and
l,,i husband was locked up without bail. Later ii
the evening the officer found a woman in tho Bann
house suffering from a severe blow on I-t head
which had been tanioteq bj Cornelius Moohap. Or,
being arrested Mooban tola tho Justice that he hat
int* oded to strike his wife, but had missed hil
mark and hit tho wrong woman.
Victoria Hotel.?Karon Fuva, Italian Minister
St Washington, and *BaWOBSSS Fsra.Windsor Ilrtrl?
J, Cl. do Aluaral Valrnte, BrsslMSB (har?rc <r ACfitlrct. st
Washington; (isorgs M. Pullman, of < hlcago, an.l (>*-n
enil J. I.. l>on?ld-oD, of Baltimore.I'tiltm Square
Hotel?Kx-OoTcrnor Sainunl Merrill, of lows.P>fih
Armut lintel?Vt. George B. ucteg, Dalt^StatesOoss*
mlRsioiicr of Agriculture, and Henry L. Pierce and T.
Oatley Aldrich, of Bonton.fiturterunl Ilouat? Lx
C'ong-rcsRiiuiB william Lough rldsu, of Iowa.Witt
minuter i/**'r/?Ex-ComriBRatnan L. Dk MioernBk.rr. nf
I'cinokivaiiln.Uiand llnitl?('..loud W. M Wherry,
Culled staten Army.
Coney Island Jockey (1th racc.it, fihcjinhsad Bay, 3
p. m.
Keimhlican County Committee, No. 55 Went Thlrtj*
tliir.f M.. H p. m.
L'nvcliiug Cicneral Bolivar's statue. Central l'ark, 3
p. m.
1'cpitTtnrc of Democratic delegates for Saratoga.
Twelfth Infantry puhlls dn.l, Maiihailan Athletlo
Grounds, 4 p. ut,
ft. Jolm'H (Jollege commencement. Fordham.
Auction sale of Fox rmiitc. No. Ul Broadway, norm.
Celeb ration of the Battle *)f Bunker Hill, No. .VJ Union
Kiuare, | p. rn,
[?dependant Heptihllciin Conference
Hoj t will content, Surrogate'! I oort
Sons of thc ltovolullou ctlehrutluu, Fraunrc's Tavtrn,
4 p. m.
( ommtaalonera tu Havenieyrr ca*.<\ l p. m.
Vim Norman Instil ute oiiiiineumiiciit, Central PrsSS-g
tel.an (*liur*-li, 7:.'t" p. m.
Packer CoUeglete lustuutr commencement, I p. m.
Mi-iropolitau-Co.uuibus Ins. u.ill traine, Metropolitan
I'nr's. 1 p. tn.
Martin Luther Society, If... fit Madison-arc., 8 p. m.
An unknown man, aire thirty-live rears, fell from
the ferryboat Warren, while on B tri;* from Brook?
lyn last night, and was drowned.
Lewis A- Mitchell has bought the property on the
northeast corner of Filth-ive. and Eighty-eutli-st.,
from .lames c. Verney, for S200.000.
Four liquor de.ileiN, aiTestcd for violating the
Excise law <>n Bundey, -wera beld in ^ltK) baileaeb
yesterday at Jefferson Market.
Mrs. Nancy Kopl'-s, of V... BB Columbia -? t.. was
arrested yesierdaj with having pawned ninety-six
pairs "i trousers given to her lo be made.
An in,known man about tilly yeats oltl, whose
dress indicated poverty, beoame ill and died In
front of No. i'_';j Walbing on-st, yesterday,
Mrs. Marri. Keep writes to iiu Tanowg that
tbe agreement witb ber husband, I burles l>. Keep.
was that h" should pay bei 920 per week, aad aoi
tr 1 ? ."',| aa erroneous!* stated.
New-Yorkers wishing to witness thc unveiling of
ib.- statue of ex-( Iovernor Buckingham at Man lord
to-morrow, can goeasil] and (-beauly l.\ th'- New
Haven steamers, which cooneel with spec.a I traine.
A rowboat with three boys in it ansel on
Weat Tenth-st. Inst night and spilled them into the
liver. Two of them swam ashore, but Sherwood
Cnwf-ord, age fourteen, ol No, 8 Ninth-ave., wa-*
PRACTTBKD iiie -"Kill, nv fai.iivi*.
OliverCbsmberiin,age nix yearn, fell from the
lin-escape of the Hotel Brighton, at Forty-second-.
st. nn.i Broadway, la-^t ugbt, and fractured Ins.
skull and thi.fh. His parent.-, live in thc lo.tel,
Controller Crant Informed thc Hoard <>t Estimate
yesterday that then was no fund which could bs
drawn on t" pay the (SOO v. hi, h was appropriated
Ly iii" Aldei n.' .i to build a rei lea lng stand for th<
par.ole on I)-.-, oration Day.
RH TBOUBI : I- mm ^ I t 1AL>!T>.
Bigmund Kopo two weeka agu tried to eommit
sui. nie by cutting hts throat. Ii.- succeeded so
poor-ry that he waa arraigned before Justioe Duffy
In the York ville Court resterday, and -aid bc was
tired oi life, lie was bald in $l,?R>o bail fol trial.
1 i.tM. l\ lill. lttVKR.
The body of Frederick Skipstead, "f No. 210 Bael
Ninth-si., was found in the East uiver at thc foot
of Fourth-**, yesterday. Els **as sixty-one yean
old. lt ls supposed that he was accidentally
Commissioner rhompson has thought f"r ^rni"
time that a public park al Coen! les Blip would h.- au
ornament and i oonveuisnee to the < lij ; so be had
his engineers draw him a plan .'ind be presented it
to the Board *?f Estimste yesterday, lt nun
promptly referred to the Park I ommiaslonera.
Tin.i.cs of (.tan' St Ward ai Ko. 2 Wall-et.
have been closed. 1 be furniture, book-, , ,,., ? ? era
removed yesterday t*. the office oi Pa* ie . u ork dc
MeNamee, in the new llntnal Life Insurance Com?
pany's building, wh re Mr. Davies lias a?t apart
room for the conduct ol the business as receiver foi
tbs linn.
ii.km linn Vt tn* vinni.
Yineenzo CarmUno, a stoutly built Italian, was
arrested last night on the charge of having as?
saulted Jost nu Dal lo on Maj :i iu Qreenpoint. c.ir
latino struck Galla over the head with ? ihovsl,
fi ti. turing his skull. The wounded niau was taken
it.st. Vincent's Hospital and will doubtless die.
Hs bb ut Hied iii.* prisoner,
The Corporation Counsel told the Police-Som
missioners yeatordaj 11? ut employes of private eor>
porations could not be arrested i"t wearingnal
ioiios similar to those worn by policemen unless
they endeavored to pass themselves ofl aspolioe
in.ii. ot- wore exaol ? opies of the polios shields and
ciiANdi: OP POI 101 k
Roundsman Hugh Clark, of tbs Fifteenth Pre?
cinct, was appointed a eergeanl yesterday and
sent io the Thirteenth l*reciuctj Soi [cant Adam
( i. ot the Eighth, -.'as transferred to tbs
Twenty-niutbj Sergeant lima, of the Twenty
ninth, was sent to the Ninth, and 8( recant Carpen?
ter, ox th,- Ninth, was transferred t>> ihe bighth.
Mi r.HNii l>i v lil -l.'l.li.-.M.Y.
While driving a sand cart In Fourth-ave.
day, Thomas White, ot No. 317 l.a-t Thirty-fifth
i-t., l-l! In fronl of the wheels and was nm over.
He died while be was being moved to a hospital.
Thomas Mills, of Tremont, fell from the fifth story
of No. 342 Madison-st., sud .va-- killed. William
Glass, oi Henry -st., Brooklyn, waa killed by a fall
hom th*- roof of No. liii woy-st.
HOI liri*: wa\ ol DOING Bl SI TOSS.
Beet St Co., of Nos.60and 82Wesl [wenty-third
st.. proprietors of the Lilliputian Bazar, state that
the Foarteenth-st. merchant who was arrested
on Saturday on s charge *-i assault, and who was
represented as being the proprietor oi theLilipu
lian Bazar, bad no connection wi111 their store,
Their rule is t.. refund cheerfully money for ail
purchases not entirely satisfactory. I'herefore no
controversy of the kind referred to in that article
would occur with them,
The CoBtroUer waa authorised al s meeting of the
Board of Estimate, yestentay, to bums 85,000 m
bonds, bearing Interest ai not more than 8 pei
i*!nt. to pay for preliminary siu vi. ? of a bridge to
be bulli across the Harlem Uiver, above High
Bridge. Assessment bonds amounting to fl l, li :?_'.- i
will also br issued tofiay the awards for hind used
foi drains in the I wenty-tbird W ard.
sk\ INI'I.IN.i HIS (;.XN! liYMrS.
Francisco Capra, of No. 13 Jersey-st., was h.-bl
for trial in tm- lonii.s Police Court yesterdsy,
charged witb swindling s number ol hu country?
men. Un Friday li*- waa paid Bli by each ol thirty
liv.- iiia-ii f,.r whom he promised work on .-. railroad
in Pennsylvania, at 3*1 23 a day. lhe man bavins
reached their destination learned bow they had
been duped, and those v?lu> had sufficient mouoy
roturned to this eity and caaasd Capra's bpi ..
A liK.K ni io.I Al: SBXTBBCBD.
Clarence Md erthy, s sailor, was touud by .lames
H. Neai, the ilonst, in Ins stoic, at No. 226 Bowery.
cany on the norning ol May 24. McCarthj had
bein so aoisy in entering the building thai h<
awakeiu-il Mrs. Neal. McCarthy is deal and could
mu leal air. Nea! until the hitler Iii. <1 u pistol. 1 he
prisoner was arrested after ? straggle. McCarthy
pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary ami waa
sentenced yesterday by neeorder smyth to five
ycai. in I lia*- .siate l'livii.
wini (..min.; MeTHOIMBl DBLBOATBB,
St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal (.burch in l'oiirth
ave. Ka\o a receotion yesterday to the Rev. Mi
Robert Milton Vounu and Bylveatei Whitehead,
deleuates lrcm thc wesleyan Methodist Church.
Enulaiid. to the Oeneral Conference recently held
in Philadelphia. Tbe Kev. In. Kpellmeyerpresided
and the Kev. Dr.??. H. lniaiiy delivered an address
of welcome to which the delegates .responded. Tba
Rev. i'rs. Chadwick and Uoodcll also made ad?
die- hfel.
Th*- rummy T*seabera'.Association hsldameettnfl
resterday in Grammar Behool No. -it, m i-.ast
'l welfth-st Miss I. L. Favoi was elected president,
sud said that thc association hud (ailed to meet tho
expectation and hone its friends of in not having
the aalariea of the rMroarj md Grammar school
teachers equalised, buss Jenny M. Morn!] da*
livered bu address noon tho Lustiuctiou of suiull
children in arithmetic
The war u emigrant rates betweso tho transat
lantic steamship compaaies oontmues. lesterday
the bunna Lino led iu a reduction from $l(jotit
waraand$21 prepaid to *M. Th.- QuImi, white
Star, Cunard and Anchor Linos followed with tho
sumo re.lii..lion. The Mute laina Hied the rato at
?14 holli ways. R ri'iireseutatlvo of th** National
Line said that lils rates were still ^1*7 outward sud
SiU prepaid, but iigeiiti of thc other lines said tho
.National was also Selling ticket** at j1 l-l.
Christian A. busch, age nineteen, who was dis.
charged by Coroner Levy but, waa hold hy Foln-e
Justice Dillly on a charge oj killing Joseph Mi -
Uuire, waa vcstenlav indicted bv tho Timmi Jury
for murder in the urst degr.ee, liuscli was ope of
*?-.? ......... . ??* Ul..- U1DV U*.^., Il, I.U41 ,| TY 1**4 lt li* * Vi
threo brothers who wcro in the liquor store of Mark
I homa. on tlicniiuinjiig of May 1H, when a^iiuricT
<m?w a knife and sb 's
been first assaulted "by^cGolxe, abd thc C'oronar's
_ lr), Vi
arose in which, llusth mw a knife and stabbed Mo,
u ul re In tho ijeart. Busch deciared that heliiid
Jury declared that the killing was done iu self
A meeting af the committee of the United States
Natioual Lawn Tennis Association was held at the
Hotel Mniiiswick on Saturday evening. June 7.
There were present Messrs. Rerkely, Mostyn, Fra?
iler. Glyn and Clark. Mr. Conover, of the N'owark
Club, was elected secretary, in place of Mr. rar
num, of the Young America Club. The Ayers ball
was again adopted as the regulation oue. It was
decided to hold the annual tournament of the ?e*
Boeiation at the Camino, Newport', in the last week
in August.
A white cat ran into the bcor-shop at No. 2*
Christoplier-st. on June 7, and Philip Gram, the
proprietor, t.?.k it in his arms. As he was stroking
lt tne animal be. ame frightened and blt his right
foroltng.?r. Mr. Grafts thought little Of the injury
at Brm mid permitted Ute eal to escape, ne became
alarmed on the following day. however, when his
hand swelled and pains darted t'trough his arm uh
far rs his shoulder. Under medical treatment thc
swelling gradually disappeared, and Mr. (irall.'s
liner was nearly well yesterday. Ile said that he
dui not know what beeBBie of the cat.
Darted states CommissioBer Osborn, who linn
had under eonrideration for several dayl tho case
of Gerald Thoma-. Tully, who, when arrested,
calb-il himself Richardson, decided yesterday to
bold Tully for extradition, 'lhe prisoner was one
of the officers of the Hank of Preston, Einglend, and
waaciiarg.-d with forging a statement of thc de?
liveries of notes, bills ot exchanges and other se?
curities to th.- amount of ?38,000. which ho had
embezzled from tin-bank. Twoof Hie directors of
i h.- bank came to this country to obtain Tully's ex?
tradition. 1 he prisoner will lie scut to Englaud in
:i icw days.
raJMxnn ot p. sonmBBicn ano co.
P. Bommerioh St Co.. wholesale dealan in mil?
linery ?"".ls. No. 63*0 Broadway, made au asssigu
ni. ni -yesterday to Jonas ll. Goodman with forty
one preferences, amounting t*> $26,004 iii*. The
linn ((insists ot Solomon and Joseph Bommerich.
The senior member began business about thirty
yeats a*fo with Joseph blmonsfield a-, a partner, the
iii,ii name being then, us now, s. Bommerich A- I o.
lu 1868 Mr. Btmonsfield withdrew and Joseph
Bommerich became a partner, the linn natue re?
maining unchanged. The Him mail'- avoluntsry
petition ni bankruptcy in 1876, with liabilities of
?87,000, and compromised at 80 per cent. Iii.- In?
debtedness on the present failure is said to bc about
Denis O'Brien, who wm imprisoned for one year
in the Penitentiary and wh.(brm expired last
week, was arraigned yesterday before Kecorder
mii\ th on two charges of assaulting keepers al thc
Penitentiary. Andrew Wilson, a keeper, testified,
that ..ti the nigbl oi January A O'Brien, while con
lined in a dark cell, began making such a noise that
be kept the other prisoners awake, and when the
Keeper went into the cell tin- prisoner attacked
hun with a stick and a knife. O'Brien alla, kel
Keeper McManus on June i, and stunk him on thc
temple aftei throwing a coffee can .-it lum. O'Brien
pleaded guilty to the charges against him .-md was
SSBt t'> the State Prison tor two years and six
TWO I aw Vt Its Qt ABBI ! (Ml Of (-"li:!.
Inthe Tombs police c.uit resterday, John W,
Reynolds, a lawyer of No. '27 8prinB-st., was a
prisoner, charged by Benn Morangeslsos lawyer,
ol No. 1*32 Ma,lis,,:,-t.. .villi assault. Mr. Morange
had .. iligbl >1,coloration nuder hui left ei>?, which
was tin- n -ult ufa bio,-, fri m Reynolds. The conn
?ellon bad been engaged In fi Mit brought by Dr.
I.. I;. Ilii!, and as Morange wa- in Cit.' ilall l'ark
resterday, Reynolds demanded Ins share of tho
Tc.s. th- fennel replied that he had not yet re?
ceived tho money, whereupon Reynolds called him
a [tar. Ile then threw Morange to thc around, and
lui him several tim.-a in thc lace, Reynolds de
mandedtobe 'n.-tl before a jury in the General
ma Court, and Justice Weld fixed bail at 1300,
in default ot winch thc prisoner \k.is eommitted t>>
Th"|Br"ok]yn Directory foi- 1884-'8U hus mads its
appearance, lt contains over 180,000 names
Th*.mas Shields, sge thirty, was killed yeaterday
on lin- New-York and Bea Beach Railway at tbe
junction with the Manhattan road
Frederick Hoffman, a German tailor, age fifty
foin. \n hi!.- in a in of despondency, committed sui?
cide resterday by taking Paris green at his homo.
No. 184 Marion-st He was unmarried and owned
th'- bousu tn which h.- lived.
Tim dog pound wm opened yesterday in the old
ferry bouse at tbe foot of liii<lLfe-**t. One hundred
ken ucl" have been Inuit there, and an iron eage tbat
will "accomnio late" ? doran dogs at a tims has
io .ii obtained foi it. Samuel Stratton i- the super?
John Tracy has begun n suit m thc United States
Court agaiust the owner of th*, steamship .st. Ro?
nans, I* i 95,000 damagea, f<>r injuries received
while in tin- performance ol hi- duly. Ile hail his
leg broken by stumbling over some lumbei into the
hatchway, and alleges thai the Captain kept him
..ti dui. without having bia injuries properly eared
for. lb- ts now ni lin- City Hospital.
lb., oorner-stone of tbe extension to tin* Old
Ladies' Home, known as tin- Graham institute, So,
320 Washington-eve., wai laid yesterday after?
noon. Mrs. David M. Stone presided, and forty or
liny lady managers were present. Addresses weir.
u sae bj David M. st.ni'-, "the Rev. Dr. Farley and
others. Th** extension is rai by .*7 feet in sue, and
extends from the main building back to Waverly
ave. Iii.-cst of th,- mw building and furniture
will be fl 8,000,
While Officer Mahoney, *,f thc, Beventb Precinct,
was patrolling on Manhattan-ave., Qreenpoint,
yesterday morning, al 3:30 o'clock, he found a mun
lying on the sidewalk near Eaglo-st., within,- bad
wounds on his bead and body. The man had evi?
dently been drinking heavily. At tbe police station
bo gave the name of Thomas Meston, of No. imi
Grecupoint-ava. He could give no account of his
injuries.and was sent to the Eastern District
pital. Ills condition is critical. Detectives uic In
*e ?. tating the i .
I in- old snit ot Kessel against Zeiser, pending
since Juue, 18711, has been settled. In 1878 Moses
Rossel and Andrew Zeiser ware candidates for the
offlceof Charity Commissioner i:i Kins;, County,
Kessel tsas oelaretl sleeted, and i ntered upon his
duties. On .liiiic l, 1^7-*. mil iras brought against
Kess.-I. Pour moiii iis hiter he was oust,.!, an.l
Zeiser took lin- olin... Kessel appealed to the (.eu?
cla! Term, which reversed tue Judgment of tho
lower c.uit. ile th.-i; -neil /.. i-r for t hf salary he
had drawn and obtained judgment. Au appeal to
tit- i.en.-tal l erm resulted in affirming tue judg?
ment, .Illili.'.' Clement writing tho opinion aud
Judge Re] uolds concurring.
NS wa FROM THE SF BU ur,<.
Bum the Chicago nominations tba stand taken
by / hr '? fie-1 or I: lima baa been .severely censured
in Bridgeport, and the sale of thal paper has .1.
t-rea setl liny pei cul. Willi three exception**, tbe
men who ordered their naper changed now tako
1 in Ti.ir.t nf. Aumin-- tne newsdealers the follow?
ing fact - we.bili;,. .1 >. iterday i I\ J. Courtier,
previous to Blaine's nomination, sold 82 conies <>i
I ha im'' every Sunday. Last Sunday he only sold
4(i: ni* average week daj sale, which was 10,
dow ia 30, and every patron, with one exception,
bob takes Tm Tchum, l'. Kain, on weekdays,
folio.-riv sold 106 copies of I%s iiiws i his present
daily sa'i.s an- -,->, on Sunday be averaged no
limum, but only 30 lest sunday. All ox his patrons,
with two exceptions, hiv*- become readers of I na
Tichum. Mr, Connors, who on Bundey* bereto
i*,i* iola 150 nswsss, Inst Bundey sold only 84, The
82 petrous who have onanged their paper, with ono
exception, all take Tm TiiiiitNi:.
? ?
Five of tb'1 Ramblers arrested at Wc.-h.iwkcn last
Sunday were yesterday soutcuccd to pay a tine of
$25 aud costs.
Matawax.-? Ih.-rc waa a slight frost yeaterday
morning, but thc fruits ami oerries wan not
duning. <1.
N'rw-MitfNSWirK.?Professor Hart, of Rntfen
Collei,"', and Mi?s I.ney ciitp.-nd.-r will be married
ou Thursday.The third annual reunion ..r
the veterans of the First New-Jereev Brigade will
h.- held at the (Jp* ia House on Juno ;I0.
Ki.iZAHKrn.?Work was bogan on tho new Pres?
byterian Church in MedlMU-ave yesterday.
At a large temperance meeting of the Ked Ribbon
Club on Bundey. Chauncey Shatter of New-York
said tbat be would live to wave tho dag of Pro?
hibition over new-Jersey and New-York.
LOM JStAMp Cirv.-Ex-Policeman Patrick
Caley will be placed ou trial this morning, before
.Indee bartlett, for tho murder of Sargeant Cum
Ma-i-i ni ? About two hundred men from New,
York mid. Brooklyn on Munday night attacked'
Thomas Hickson, a .special deputy Merill of New?
town, and bent him severely. Hickson lired his re?
volver into tim unwell hittinii'JobuTalluic, ami in?
flicting a scalp won,id.
Jehkjiio.?Thebody of the man found hanging
from a ti'-e between Norwich nm! Jericho on Sunday
by John tSeainun is bejiev.il to be Jacob flrandt, au
iii. iiitcct. A bax book bcaiiuu the nam
lliamit, showing a deposit of ff'23 lu t
Baviags Hank, and llity-fonr cSnta lu ru
silvei watch wcro found npun tho body.
fjRKRNWioii.?The Rev. II. If. Yarlington, who
has boen pastor of Christ Church for fortr-tive'
years, has been ill from pneumonia bul is now re.
covering.-Tlxcr? was a frost, ia sonic portions of
the towu on Sunday night.
llKiiiori'OHT.?Report a from the ITouHStonIc and
Naugatuck \ allevs state that au vero frosts ap?
peared cu Saturday and Sunday nights, injuring
Clou". Andrew Mciiniiiht. u market gai-Ioncr ol
fitraltsville, estimates his loss at $1,700.....-A
number of spurious ten dollar greenbacks were dis?
covered in circulation yesterday.
Da.xhuby.?-A horse belonging to Benjamin Pad?
dock walked across the bridee on the New-England
Kail road near the milk Factory at Urewht-rr's,
Saturday, making his way on tue tin gund on
the nutsido of the ties. This guard is eighty feet
high, 200 feet in length and only about one foot in
Mot-NT Vkiinon.?Crafton and Kent, two young
men engaged in wiling mclure-*, last week made the
iiciiiuini.ince of Kati*- Cleaveland and Mary Weiss**,
and induced them lo slope. I >no couple was mar?
ried lu Yonkers and the other in New-Koo he Ho.
Charles B. Thome, of Kansas, two months ago
Meuron rooms in toe house of Mrs. Eliza Blackwell
?tNo. 220 West I'orti.-th-st. Ho rau up a bill of
?17, and last Saturday eave her a check ou the
sixth National Bank tor 926 85, which purported
to be drawn by Newman, Fnrnbachar Si Co.. na
dertekers, of No. 899 Bowerr, Yesterday Mrs. lila* k
wcll found that thc timi had BO account at the bank
in iiucstion. As she had given Thorpe money in
change for the check, she told him
nf the Inquiries. He seamed much sur?
prised, and Offered to go to his friend and
rectify matters. lin. Blackwell Bgrssd to co
with him and take her son William. Ah they
neoned the Prescott House, in Broadway, Thorpe
hn-id th.it h.- wanted to see a man and if they would
kindly hold lins bundle he would stet) inside for a
naimont. Instead of coming out at tho Broadway
entrance, when- he had gone in, he caine out OB the
Spring-st. side, and mai William, who had gone
around the corner. Thorpe tried to run away, but
was pursued i>v voling Blackwell and arrested. In
the Jefferson Market Police Court Justico Smith
held thc prisoner in $000 bett.
A children's service in thc interest of The
Thiiu-m: Flea ii-Ur Fund wan held in Hie ll.irl.-m Cresl.y
terlaa Chureb lust Bundey. The pulpit mid platform
were decorated with many beautiful iloiiil deai|ma and an
?bundaueeol looa* newera a* thc ^.-bool nato/ " in thc
crofts of Christ I (il,.ry" the Infiint (Liss marched up the
ul-ie, an.l .aili member a iststed in forming s Serai cross
which wu" mined in front of Ibo pulpit Hymns and
recitations followed, a little girl rc. ii lue "The < liil.lren
aad tbe Flo wera," a i.rn which bad been written ny
Mia-* Agnes L. ('arter in the Interest of the "children
poor sad sad" who sis wnltinc anxiously foi the Ami
j,,it\ to lcive thc city tsut they may "run at.d play on
eouii'tiv mass." After tirlef ail.lrcn.-cs by J, ii. Dorins, of
Tm Tm busk city staff, explaining tbe work nt the I'tc-h
Air I-'ioi.t: Heflor Arrlgni, of the live Points House of In
dusl iv : and the Kev. J. S. Ramsay, pastor Of the church,
b collection of orer B100 waa taken for thc Km,.I. rite
"rosea red and blossoms fun" glrenbi Ike "happier
children" were distributed resterday among the "chil?
dren pals" m lloma tnduatrj Behool No. 12, inOus
lllintlli d-.tll'l .-ixl' ellth-Ht.
Loui'h Amateia, ;i Knlptorof No. 1,267 Broad
wny, bes Just finished e boat nf Mr. Blaine lesley, are'
paratoo to reproducing lt bj plaster. Tho butt was
modelled from life, and the sculptor has a letter noni Mr.
Blaine pronouncing his work Mttafactory. lin- head ls
lui tied sllcbtly to ona .-ide.un. I. a strikingly ac. ni .oe ra**
production of the Haine statesman'! well-known features.
ills atroiii,'mill vi,mitinv and robust manhood are por?
trayed witll excellent elte.-t. Thc eve** ure especially
good. Th.- sculptor has praperedalso a bas-relief repre?
sentation of Blsins snd Loon, tin- beens appearing sids
by sids on sshield, mi the top of which ls .-tu American
?agin with nings apr.- id to th* edges of the shield. The
sculptor ls prepared to furnish copies in plaster of the
bust i.ii.l thc badi. Ucl to campaign committed anil Jie.i 1
From T/it Cointon Quttn.
Mr. Osesr Wilde, younger sou of the late Pir William
H. W. Wilde, sad Hiss Constance Lloyd, daughter of
the lat.- Mr. Hoi itt.. Lloyd, ', C., wera married by
special lb-cure nt st. .lames'* Caaren, Paddington, en
tlc- afternoon ot' die 20th ult A urge congregation
bad aaaembled at the church by balf-pasl two ..'clock.
the hoar axed forths msrrisge. 1 he admitt-mce was
by ticket, the dangerous illaess of the bride's grand?
father necessitating a quiet wedding. The master in
the church wes not distingt labed by tbe pn-.-enceof
many s.iciiil. artiatio, or literary celebrities, invitations
to the lui.le's homo, in Lancaster ^iKc, being strictly
confined to near relations. Punctually at hall pant two
Ifr. Oscar Wilda was .-.en standing u 'the altar, i ross
in his button-hole, s touch of oink in his neck-tic. ile
wss ut len.led by Mr. William Wilds as best man ; Lady
Wilde slso Stood near her son. She wore ii han-ti some
eoetumeof sDrer-gray brocaded -ilk mi.I latin; ou thc
bodice wea fastened a large spray of roses and pink
carn.iii,ms; grey and pink feathers trimmed har hat.
Sonic len minutes Lifer :he liritlc, leaning "li tlc ann of
her I.Hillier. Mr. Lloyd, ..nd followed bj her six bride*.
maids, walked down tbs sheneeL Her rieb cream j
laatin dress ates of ? delieata eowalto tint; the bodice,
out square and somewhat low in front, was fl Dished
wiiii i high Medici collier: Ike ample sleeves were
putted : the -kin. made plain, ws ? gather* .1 by s
edi die ot' beautiful workmanship, the oit't of Sir I (seas
Wilde i th,- veil of saflron-oolo ed Indian silk gauss was
embroidered with pearls, an.! wm a lu Marie Stuart
fashion: a thl.-k wreath of myrtle leaves, through
which gleamed a Baw **l.i;c Uoaaosas, Browned her fair
fri/./le.l hair: the dress was ornamented with clusters
of myrtle leaTCS ; the large bouquet had tu* much green
in it as white.
The -ix bridesmaids were cousins of thc bride. Two
dainty little flguree, the! teemed to lune st??:>j.<-.l out of
a picture bv sir Joshua Reynolds, tad tin-way. They
were dressed iu quaintly-made gowns of red Sorell silk,
tbs .-..lor of ii ripe gooseberry ; Tari;.' pale yellow
round tbe weis!: tne skirts Calling In straight folds to
the ankles, display, tl small bronze high heeled shoes :
taree red -ilk Dunsborough hats, decked with red
and v.-ilow feathers, shaded tbs damsels'golden heir)
ember necklaces, longfellow gloves, s shuter of yellow
roses at the throat, a bouquet of white lilies iii their
lum.is, completed tho attire of the tiny bridesmaida
Tim four sider bridesmaids wore skirts <v tbe same .lim
rel Surah silk, with nTnr drnssei of palo bins flowered
mousseune de taine, the bodices nude long and pointed]
high-crowned hats, trimmed witb orsam-colored
fe kthers and red knot* ..f ribbon, lilies in their hands,
amber necklaces, and yellow resp* m their tl
m i ie np a sufficiently picturesque ensemble The
mothar of the bride wore s dresser rich gray seth^e
black lace mantle, ami btaok bonnet, trluunedf with au
amber .aigrette sad feather. A t/erj aesthetie sostrune
wea compose*] o'.'an nnder-dress of rich red silk, witb a
itaeveless smock of red plush: e bet of whits Ieee,
trimmed with dusters of red roses under tba brim snd
round tbe crown. Hrs. Bsrnerd-Beere wprs e dress
covered with .p-t, a lon ir meade of stamped relret, and
black bag, trimmed with yellow flowers. If ra George
Lewis wove a becoming ooatume of Mack and amber.
At half-pest four Hr. and Hm. Osesr Wilde were -,?
tin- Charing-croaa station, sa routs tot Parla The
bride's trevelling dress wes ol deenerimsoa cashmere
and silk ; a crimson relret hat and feathers. The wed
ding cake *aa eorered witta spreysof stonhenods end
liUcs of the rellsy.
MINIATDRK. kl.kl *i ,? v ?
Saarlsss. 4:24, .ela,7 '..".' Uso. ri*es, 0:lO, ?l?oai ae?.*l?. 24
mioii w st aa ro-DAr.
at-K-tSSdy !*?*?!*. li,I Hot. InUa.t, 2:02 Hsll <??.'.. H .',1
P.atf.-Handy Hxm. 2 Oi eiOT. Island. 2 iii: Hall L.ai*. 4 -.)
Tenet. Frois. T.lrts
t'e\oins .(ilu.tfow.Anchor
MorsTla .ilaniliurf.TlanibAmer.
Sosvla .ll un.burn .lt .nub-A mer.
Delaware. **an Doun ugo.cirilo's
State sf Penn sylvania....(I lasso it. Slats
British Kmpire. H..v. uml Mex.Alt-xan.lrSPai
And* * .Porto ltleu.Alias
I.T.Ii.in M..nardi. LamaSM.Monarch
Oder.lircmeu.....VI. u. Lloyd
PORT OK NEW YORK..... M ).\'I>AY. JUNE IS, 1884
??u.ner Allia-irc. f'n'iiinandar Reed, Newport. Has 176
otu* ern and ii.cn ami ii rana
sti-vtin*-: S.? i,oi.* ii , Manguel. Havre 8 days, with mdsn
and pas.eugin to I...mad.- hei.i -ni
Steamet Alene Bi . Helliers, Kingston Mst I7, santa Mar.
tba VU, Hav.inlln nu. ('urtlistf)'iiM ai. Pori 1.Inion it days, willi
u..i?.- an.l pass* nfsi i to rim. Forwood a c*i
Steamer I'lytnotliian Ur , Wilkin.-. PortSpala tl d.ivs, via
Delaware Breakwater, witii neat mordor; vea.ei to j [aa
st. ni,, r -inii'ilivsi (liri. Itsmlnitoii flsgaa i darn, wita
n * i* r,i\lei; TMidl to J De Htv.-ra A lo.
ijie.it icim, ltlak, I'eiiiuudliiiiS days, via Bruns?
wick, (lu, lind Pott Boral, willi ui*tse au.t pass.-.i^et-i ti i ll
Mallory A co.
Steittn.r Miinhattaii Stevens. West Point. Va, and Nswpurt
News, with unls.- anil uanaenxcrs lo Old Dominion ?-? < <>
sttamrr I 0 Knlatit, Obwbsstsr. Oeorvetowii and Aux
andria, witt, mdse sud pnaaenners to Thos \V WlKhtumn.
Hteninei i ran, enuc IteiineU, l'ottlaud. with uiiisc aud pass
eng* ia lo ll,.rall'. Hull.
? Park Pi.,tens, h. attie Point -ti .J Miro 22 days, with sugar to
V (i (lilli..uer * Co, Teasel to Miller A ll.mitlit.m.
u.'iii rrsd A Oarls, Condos. Maoata 24 d.<y?, with sugar to
ll ll swift ,v Cu, Teasel t*. Miller ,t BonaTtkton
Kobi kieii.* Yolk, l.-tn.-joiiii, BiUsboro, Mi. 6 days, with
plaster to Newark cement coi vassal i l led l'rye *t Co
is, i,i Atna Mr Ji'Iit,a.m llilisl.oro, NB, 10 days, with
plaster to Newaik Ceiiutut c.s vessel to cl,ase, Talbot ife (.'o.
BUN8F.I-kVindat Saudr Hs*?. modeiate, \V , Itsiy. At
City Uland, light, MW , clear.
Ari Iv.sl y c.ior.laT?
steamer Kngland i ttl, Iteatcy, I lrerpool June 4 ria (iueeus
t.,i?n ti. with mdse sud |>:isa-ug>.rs to K Wf II,nat
stiiiiiii-i t natt..I,,..-., bsa. Us'ir.-tt, sarannab 2*^ days.lwith
nidsoaud passengers to ll.-niy Y"ti?c, )r.
Hark Al!.*'i .m.per lol Windsor, Ba). Armairous;, Fowejr ja
days, with china clay to SfaSTl vessel to snow A IJurgusa
( I.KAItKll
st. i tner Wisconsin (Br), Risby. Liverpool via Queenstoim
Oulon .t ( o.
Hteaiiii-r Herman Cortes (Spsn), lilsijiet. Ilanrloua, Pp
Meua. lil... Ping A CO.
SieauierHoutbvao.nl ^B^), Walker, Areclbo, I'll?Willett 4
steamer Nut ford 'Bri, Toomey. Mlraailchl?Rellonl A Co.
Hteamer inclinion,1. Cioasniau. Newpon News and Was'
Point. Va -ni,! iMuimtuu Hs Co.
hteamer Manhattan, stevens, West Point, Va, and Newport
News?old lioiuliiiou Ss co.
Rtssmer Josfpiiiuo I'boiuson. Mooro, ltaltlmore-j ? Kress*
Hie.mer Rroakwaier, Jeuney, la.wea, Del?old Domini..i
Ss ( o.
Ship otto and Autouio ((*?*), UuuiU-rsou, Uauburs-t'uucb
Edy* tu.
ship columbus (der), BsnermiJch, Brsnea-Hernsa Koot
A Co.
Hbip John Mans (Br), Reverklge, Brsmem -J F Whlt..ej
A Ce.
Ship Mommsen (0?r). Wlllner, Breraes -Theo Unger A Co.
hbip Carl (Der., iii' khan*. Hremeo-Tbeo Huger A Co.
Ship Hultan iHr), Oreen.. Antwerp-J P Whimsy A Oe.
Kalk stella H ,'fral,. BonslgllOie, Airier. Java, for orders-a
Vernon H Brown A Co.
Bat k Concezlone 8 (Ital), I'.en v.-mt to, Hang-sin, Bil -Ans
drew J Knnls.
Bark N,mn na A nat . Tomich, Port Binalot h V*/ II Croaa*
nan A Bro.
Bark M Ina (Austi. Hcoplnlcb, Csglisrl or Malta, for orders-.
SiocoTicb A Co.
Bark Hsiin* (Nor), Jorgensen, Bergen, Norwaj-raae^
Ed re* (o
Hark Marco Polo tltor), Oundorsen, Plansbnrg.Oer? Fnncl%
Edy ot Co.
Hark iellus (Nor, Torbjornssu, Hsnibnrf-Bsnhsro A Boy.
ese ti.
Brig -s.ilT-it.ire 'Itslt, Romano. Seville?Boyd A TTInrkso.
Bars Koslna (Ital). Tomassello, Kables n'Oloime?*S?ag?a
Bros I.:.-,i'Ld
Bark ?. il<- /aldo. Miller, Oiiantanamo? Waydell A Co.
I'.rtg Maoaoa KaeUd, Sierra Leone YiIm A Pw-terfleld.
li-ls I xc'-t-inr <Ui , Maun, Hamilton, Bermnaa?Lough B
Von Hotiiondt
Behr H.inaii/a. Miller, AspinwaM -I, (' Wenberg.
fit hr Nesbit i Hr , conner, Windsor, NH-P I Nerlns A,Son.
Hteamer Hildegarde ilr), Davies, Antwerp-Bowring A
Steamers Coronet, for Avonmouth: HnuibwoxL Areclboi
Richmond, Newport New.; Breakwater, l.'*u,
Hhlp Sultan, for Antwerp.
Haras Carl Muck, for Konlgsbsrg: Johann. Marie and Aft
tronom. Hamburg Antoinette, Bremen: Wellington, Ixinrtonj
Alf. sUko. Marco Polo, Fleusberg; Formosa, Hueooa Ayre*
John J Msrsb.
Anchored at city Island, bound out-ship John Maon, fol
Ship Assyrian (Br), Milne, from Philadelphia Jan21 for
Calcutta, Isaabara la the H.s.giy uiver.
T/Oinon-Jiine 16?ArrlTed, steamer Tower mil (Br), Archer
from New-York lune 'A.
i.ivKnpooi. June 18-Arrived, steamers Catalan (Snarl,
Miine**., from st John. NB. May 31,- Nessm-jre (Kr). Inch,
tr., in I* tum tor.- May iT, Circassian (Br., Sn.,'h. from Mon.
treal June M.
lMb-Arrlved. steamer Alaska (Br), Murray, from Ssw.
Y..rli June7.
yi-gK.tHTOW.t.June 1 fl?Arrive*!, steamer < -itv of Ohest*?r( Bri,
Condron, from New-York June 7, onheiway.to Llvcrpiol
iaad proceeded..
(it.4s..(,w. June lfl?Arrived, steamer state of Nevada (Br),
stewart, from New-York June 5.
Lanae, Jana i*> <*ai Ira. steamer State ot Indians (Br),
Ritchie, from Olasgow bonce for New-York.
BitisioL, Jnue I*',?Arrived, steamers somerset iBr), James,
from Montreal May W; Onlllermo (Spau , I a/.-.r n?a, froni
New-York May AO; Iron Ac toa (Bri, simpson, flout (inched
May 30. ,, _
Lizard, June Kl?Passed, steamer Rretwalda 'Br), Carpena
ter, fiom New-York June I. on her way to London.
Isi.k OS Wiuiir. June lfl-1'assed, steamer shelley (Bri, Oay,
fr...ti Baltimore May 'i < on her way to I'.otterdain.
Kit.utiSAX, June Kl? Passed, steamer Wal.lei.slsn (Br), Dal.
/lei, from Montreal Jnue 3. on her wsy to i.iverpsol.
BOftiiEAt'x. to June 14 -Arrived, steamer bucentaur (Br),
Mowing-, irom Baltimore May 24.
FariiRR Point, Passed, steamer Sarnia (Br). Olbson, from
Liverpool for Montreal.
Ualivax, June Ui?Airi.ed, steamer Nova Scotian.
Boston Jone 1*1?Arnrtsd. steamers Colonsay (Br). Reay,
Canlenast Ciirroll. Brown, Halifax: Austrian (Bri, Ba mst,
(Hasgow, L D Baker. Wiley, Jamaica) Neptune, Berry, New.
PiiiLADr.t.ruiA, June 17?ATlvcd, steamers Pennsylrania.
Dodge. Lititi* .ol; Wandle i Br'. Trattler, Madeira: Tonawau.
ds, ste i in m. Prevnlen. ?>?: Aries, Loveland, Pail River; .spar?
tan, Nlckt'iiton, Portland; Louise, New-Yoi a.
Cleared, steamers Clievedea (Br>, Ora.'n.m. Ht John, NB|
Pottsville. Bacon. Portsmouth! Ilerculca, Hilson, Portland)
Mavtiow.-r. New-York.
Sailed, steamer British Prioress, for Liverpoo.
H.: minim, Julio Ki?Arrived, steamers Ifanoverlan (Br),
Thomson, Liverpool; Wmcrano, Taylor, l'rovldei.ce
Cleared, steamers Wm Lawrence, Hooper. Savannah; Berk.
shire. Howes, Boston; Octorara. Bew-Y* rk
Sailed steamet s Wm Lawrence and Bsrksblre.
cu ttu.'-.nioM. Juu.; IU-ArriTed, sieauiet city of Columbia.
New York.
Savaxnait, Jnne in?Arrived, steamer City of Savannah,
Cat lt* mic I'M latte, phi*.
Sailed, steamer Johns Hopkins Baltimore.
Nkw-ori.ka.ns, June ld? Cleared,steamer Alexandre Bixio
(Fri, Havre.
At lhe Passes?Arrived, steamer Lucy P Miller.
Announce me si*.
flennipejohsnTi BoTs Malt Extract haa st-rnatureif Junana
Holt aud Moritz Eisner sn neck er every bottle, Indorse \>y
ali physicians, for general debility- Beware of imitation*.
Torpid Liver: Headache, Fovor, Dyspepsia.
(lillis, cured by " Wells' Health Renewer."
"HOUGH CN " I'OOrH PoWDBB. Olegant. 150.
Coney Island.?Always go to the Hotel
Brighton, o. K. I.au.ing. Proprietor. A first class family
hotel; unsurpassed cuisine i liberal management
Renrt A. Daniels, If. D.,
144Lexlnr**n-avs., bajtw.*en J'Jtli au t A Ifa-sH.
Houis.stoi 5t,i7. Disoases-if t*j-> Verv.msa/jss a
(ienlte-t'ruiarrOrgana Impotence andktanUir.
Silversmith-:, announce that they
have removed to the Gorham Build
in;!, at the corner of Broadway and
Nineteenth street, where they offer
an unusually attractive stock of
Sterling" Silver Wares exclusively of
their own manufacture.
Also a full assortment of tho well
known Gorham Plated Ware.
u/t$ flinty offers the best security
against th* dangers which are common to
most of the ordinary drinking waters.'*
London Medical Record.
Of all C mers, Druggists, SjpRfJm, Wat. Dialers.
To (.loee out ibis stock at an early amy tine goods are offeree
Al (; heatly reduced PUK Ki.
? mon miiakk a>dnmnun *
?weeping Roil not ion*.
Uflt HVKHIAME BOOT Hlil'ssKI.s ,Patterns wa
shallnot duplicate., AT *l lo PER VAHU.
Sheppard Knapp & Co., tith-ave. jfc nth-st.
Rb R. R
ForCu.dia. s?r.. Thniat, Inflammation of the Lunga, Kidney*
so.,1 Howls. lltK-iniatiaiii, Nema^m, Toolhaa-li.', ilea-l*. ht*
Falus lu Jilt* liaek. chest and Limbs. Th.. appUoatlaa of
to the part or -.nirts affecto<l *ui Inatantlv r*>ll.-ve ami soon
cure tti.*aiifli>r.*rof tlteee coiitplainfe lutornally, UM'W W'S
lo-, ma ki ukf tak.-n in o?M'? ot (rom Utlrtj t ..atity <ii..pa
in halt a tumbler of water will .-ur.* Ina few iiiiimtra iVainps
suasiua, s,mt- simii^ii cn,*, Flatulence, Heaiibura, choler*
Mi'ibus. I'vsent.'rv, lilarili.i*a. Sick ll.-a.la. .'o-. Nausea \oi-i
illili v.-riii-kiit***, Nervousness. Slivpl.-s-n.--*. Malaita an*l
all liiteinal i.ulus arlaiiiK fiom i hana*' "( ?"?'*' "t walar or
otti.i i a ia.**. Asa i olin-or Mun.ilaiit, a f. ? <li<>pa taken iu
water ls b-tt.-r than i renell biaiuly **r i.uteia NM uy Uiua
gist*. 5'i wilta a bottle.
RAlIWAY'a HAIl.-SAr.Vltll.IIAV B?p*V*ll?^J|
jl.HHl Hie test of nearly half a century aa a icu-aly 'ur-*"JJ
ulous. Mercurial ami /yphlUUc foii.|.lal.,K iaklu '"*?-*?.*?''"l
Itl.l.llllllesot tho III.khI. Itb.lll.i- (IP th, bWatJtt^OWB (.OUSt^
tution. uuuaealh. bli*al. n-a(oiiua Vaalia aj.l vigor, ewin
by Druggists . (1 a bottle.
Purely Vegetable, Perfectly Tasteless. Elegantly Coated, frea
the srataui trom rtlseaaw.. oura aa*i pteveui |i.r..traeie*l an*]
<1atigen.ua maia.il.is by toulug uo lhe inteiuai av?r<tUoua U
4ieaTu.y a. t ..-ii, bola by aiugima i H via. a uo*.

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