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^mn.fitunte Io-Night.
Casiso-Ss rt ? '-The Little Mike.
ICDSS Ml .11- Mst mot k?.
lu* fer er.
o*.st. ns* llotsa ? and *-? Pt?vrm Pe-tten.
S!"i.Vv,.itHi-mr m.. -Mar?
KiVi.i's ' ?*? " ?> '-' ""? N-"Tlie ?even Ravens.
R^IWAiai 8 aid H--r>eli.u" sad "Th
t'sn.s Boi-abb Tuvt-nir-5 nnd g_"Qnsena."
jil,, ar., i ? ii.. tm. a m i h v Hag Baby.
a,,.t. b A Hui's 4 " l"0-e "
pi,...iiniKi.t iii ?-. m 2a_dH " ll -efl I'.i s.if Nnrninn
*>?,- - tmi'iinum a-" i Maoatata rrnk."
JJitOn to AOiiftii-rmtnik.
iajaiaet.a-'? |.
i amt 111
a al
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ina.i" a? i i? ? ? ? . (i
-..., . A. |l
ta*, ir* t , ?.
, a a ll
I . .1
malan I'
|a||. lt ||
Ml ti
,, n
aa. tl
? a ..... .1 tl
n>. iii
I' Mar..sera MIS Vasilis %
r N.a. I* ... '< a"."ia... 'I
i . ,-,.?.. art ''
? I ...tn. U
ail.. 9
lt Hea. > slats. l?
h it... ia...... 0
a Sui , ? . I*
||| r ? it KS I Sda... I'
? lidless
??I.>? i.aai. Ul. Il "
1 " I
4 "iiii. . I . . 'f. I
. ? . ? a JJ
i Inri ?
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nnauiraa Notirrt
" A I'.i". . i in I isv. il vtl\ . l.i.-l,S. . il.ml.le,I
E.,. i ?., naidia ti mists ? " a
,., . ., ,?i t'rata.1 sno. ll is ....... sa-sral
. , ,, I ......... ti"-' f. ".-.'?.?'
Wetsuit t .... * . , i.i.r ,.i
Itt s V
Hotils, i;. ai uni.uti., Institution*, Poa! al, i<? ?
gmt i ilAN'l I*" l_l??l '-? ?''-""?? U-Haif.
<t,rs H . . , . i, r. i ., . .... lira, LlCI
_?.?>- Srr-..iaatla*S Sot I Buts 8 'i'l"'"1
III "all t\|, I
CAU itt'l, M?,.'.r - ?
I ? I l-l PSSMHM M., ? - li-jr.le.1
M.. . t . iba issie sii.t imallei 'i"?n
Ihaa ethel Magnssla
>sr r. ? | Ri a- Sternal -lau |i ll..nias ni Druggists1
ai,! .'"iiutiT hion " aad bi
T.J iii miami, Jr, Pblladelphla
"TnHPiru! Sn-.?r.iiiilt-ss i-tiI'.itiiu.: within.!
BkMBilf in i il teeth ara te bs instrtel tseMi r.i.air-iiar
5_ie while waltloi I.?t? m atUotaa.no* bOi aad 5AH af
?-..,? .rn.r.Uri.,-,, al... 7 J .Veil *?*& *ODK_.AH-l
Foetnst 'ree rn '.lie Uuiled States.
I Tsar. tiMootin. s Months
?JILT,withwuutnt. 9BtB si-9 a-ll
Daily."" - -ui-ist. "oo uso 175
?I'M) IV TH Jill VI'. IM
Jle-n't ... Pot* il Nets M-,w: -tr.ler nr it."? I itsre \ I.m'ur.
i, rusts < ute, tbe rs-nlltsr will plei... ivntj on Hi- Jtota
**> a-, i ia rs is
? ?-.
A*".-ert'a.-r,..??-?.? 1.,., ??-ju in m Tna ruin'-;i- anti or.ltsr.
CTrtr rtbs lailr paper, trill bs ri uvula! tas
og iii New Yarli flu
Mala I'ptotrnOHra. \2 i- .I'-.i.-lw.r. ? a ti tn''ii rn
y? :tna< ii ? nl-st.. Ins -a lol |. -ii.
ia-ar Poriy-ssventh-si .1" a. tn. to', p. tl
p.. 1 -I-? I i.lr.l are. m>ai ptiitleth-tl . in., iii. in-* i> m.
Ko. 5 ? ? ,i, ' ? ?. ti Hftll-tl . -i lal - D. ns.
T/i :r-?i ave., ro ? 'i ii te. nth-st
in muir i nu-.
a >., ? I -t 1 ? irr'l'.r.l >l.. Mi sn...
SCfWi-Tjork Hails Jribmt*
HU. M ll s Jills MORNISG
Tom ion.?1 ba FYench Heel after destroying 'be
forts at Poo I iii.u, . ibina, - I ? ?'??? n
: I be Pi ii --li Aasoclal
tt - ' ' I of 8. i' ii- <? ngnin mel .-it M -
ac l her. t. a- ii largs nombi i <.f. asea ol. hoi. ra
In Iii.it, anil Hie steamer I sp. rai i arrived ni Car
All Et mil, willi two cases ol cholera ou board.
t ll '?'. nricb, dealer ii fat i edi '
with liabl | to ovei 1-4,000,000.
c I'i.i a conn, il ul n ai In I ondon con
I - g iln- it.uiii.ii relief e\|" ?!i*i.?it.
1 letter na iii il iii" 'li' ? of Fi
lui-1 i I In- Bteamsli !|t Mt i ni i, of til
ws- on 111 t at il -t .i h.
I -1 - - n . \i I, damage lo bu I ri .ps
iras done by tornado. -i dan
Itttiiii| n ta i ii |,. t-ii-,-1 t?.i re i,lilia). I he
l i . lunts i are said tu bs starvion
t lill Nut I ll ill.nita' Si|ll i.ll.'ii a t. aj: I _' * a I III
? ? ,'ia. iii i- nil Nea port, ' ?. dpi ii
i fa tlie Ul nug. rs, neal Mun burg,
( Ml ll If ',! I ' -. , , I l.l.'l .
T'"* i ? rt and 1.1 lo bs
1 ? Ai '"lt ' Ul '"II "I I." '
l Ulallie will I" In-Ill In il.it.
I'l IT AM. - \ iii ill. I i,in t i- llmv fova
rei ? iii d, M",i forgi i iee bj Mr. I
I a ti,, i ltltielat.il. i i ii-.-. Noa Civil
t ? linn, i un. i ii "i l... i
9 ll of J. Aa Wi 'il. I-, ii.
a I' alli "i Robert < "iiu ll V\ hits, han
S.-t i.f i .Until ii limn i ? rags Ml
a.' I,, i tr i In pnrrhase Jnjr-1 . lob]
taine <?! il,.- n uni it ? .!? i sll vet tlnlii.r iH'."'j
ginni- . ? ? I - - Mn. ks i|.t ni <l t ?
Birnie d it I,-i di'i-tliieS) Int. . Hut recovered, I".I
al 11.i wen weak,
'I Its \\ I i I Ml I I I HU ' I I", tl ni. .;,.|
di. 'ie ii.t cleat tt. ii i" i. uml ital Ional I.
jitt," |'( ? " sst. ul,. . . li ,
I I -
,' ?, t,i tin ., i un, rn -i
euri li,a , '. , . ? on Im r I ni litnt I
. / fu Ih. nt, jin ' . iM in , , ri nh /in
ynonth. mill ur without Mu,iimi imper,
the ntltli' * /'ni i i imioi'il ii often
'I ni Ha 111 I i ii i m will be netti tu utiy mitti
tn I ti,,,,,e i ?, ? i ,i i pi, month, ti An i i
i '.ir
li trill i" nmi* I inn hi fore Ihe full .il" lol thi
Ul* ll Mervin rules relating In Ihli city, rt blcli
wi-ni Into riled *? il rdny,cnn be tin. mid
befon lin ;? i'- loving I ? i-111? ? s-1:111.- |i,,|iii, i.m .
vt In i mi Un i tl tliu! lin ii e. 'n nu s .ut it illt
lu lu-11..' I . .1' t iiit m, lt will liol lu- tin I.ml! ni
th* lim. lu. mi t ? I, ii ih. rilli .lu in ii ttiul, tt. H.
? -'?
Td. nfl , in' i. pori "I <!? iii i.i! Millol i ..h.-i i ii
In*.- Un* I,ni - - ii .." li, ,h I,
were too hu ly In tin..un,..- .iii tin Illume for
Unit out br. 'i .'i"ui i!n t iii'n .. .., !,, ral Mil
lilt H.lt- lll.il lill I lillllll.lt ill I I.I lilts I ll III ll ili?
lli. I. ul in li .1 Inn im . ii'ii.ii. lt ;ih h.- nj.
I "ii I h.ii i ? ti h.il lin- ( liihi-i
lum lu lil limn un Ural, I lie H'jmrl itt..- ,u,,
tluii).'. lb. i.i,, ?. Lui p.-hit M. Ferry's i
attitu.l. |< m. ,1 il,. Mi.bili. Ki,,/.I,,',i.
iWj '" ui ral Millol ttill he buiiuiiiiiiIj n i _ll< il
lol jut -.; t ,| billin sill I ll I'l .i,| I.
A. i ord] .- I,, r ? ,'. rision ..f Jtuttioe Danit ls
tbe rmi.,1 Statea Tnut Company Undia (halli
ran -t|u;.i. ly ,l-..:ii-i o aoction ni the Ila
Bat eivci "?'?! whi u ii ask. il foi an
foi il..' W. ii SI.? Hoad i-i a judicial district
out-'<!.- lhal ii whi. li the pi in. ij.,,1 busin.
tb.- .i.ti. ls conducted. Alter anion > -.
landed court, ol instruction in the matter ol
Xtx'*i\t i*i:in-, ]r?i.-i!,it in i-nii- iiit,\in_.' im -t|, |,
?pjut. iii h .un tl,i- gteps in. i - .i lo
be taki ii.
Tbedifli. ilt:. .,f keepinircontafdoufl (lim
from uettii ?.- a tootbold in this rn by
t:'' ' ?''', "; ;' ' l .t.i- ft.iiiitl
dyiiiK with yellow levei in tin- streets,the other
day. How be gol here despite om stri. i quar
latine regulations no one koowa, Itissu]
that lu* nul-! li.in* univ, il on a
.bom tome Southern pori onlj an hom or two
Lei"!" he waa stricken down, li i- more Ilk* ly,
In view <.f the sharp watch thal ia kepi ut the
??nowa, tlsit tn-.;.ni.- lunn the South by rall,
lt is a rathe, ridiculoua diacoyi ry t<> make ut
this lain daj Unit tin- lite of the Waahiagton
Monuiiuiit in ii,.- ins!ii?i ..I Columbia belongs
Itaprirati corporation, knowa ag tho Wash
Ingttin National Moouaient Society, and n<>t tt.
the I "ni tt .1 St itu*, lt tii,- Nation ia t-. build the
m*-!n*Mi.'il, the Nation, of i ourae, should mtn it.
Doabtlaag arranfeaieata caa bc made itu ?
ebange ol' Uti.?- to the site ? otherwise tlie so
cdet.v ts iiki i> to hara aa anflalahad muatii-ieiil
OB ita bauds fm y * ats to .unii .
T-taaiuiiaisiionctMi ol ibu DemonuU in the [j
present canvass in thia State cooglah, princi?
pally ta trvii'i? to placate the in.'iny voters Iii
their own rinks who were <li* iriHcil at the nomi?
nation nf Mr. (lev.-liiiul. Thej hu v?- smiled upon
tha atiiriy woiliiii-int n ainl uttered loll arotda
in their ems ? nmi now (h.- dlgappototed ndrair
era of Mr. Bayard ara t<* bc flattered by tbi
Stale Committee's Invitation to tbat gentleman
toapeah at their laMfleation meeting tn Brook?
lyn, Comddering bowperfectly coek*aore the
Democrats areol Dairying New-Yorkthigfall
du v are working and worrying oral it ? g.I
-* ??
lir ilbtimg liv"". the Detfloeratlenewapaper
,1,1, nv owned bj Hr, Daniel Manning, dalma
thal th" I'' """ i ttl" i"'1'* ,K ,l"1 ,"1 fl"' trad"
nnd (rica to il.. <-i\e mil!? bj dis larine, thal lt li
ii , ii a protectionist Jonrnal w ?? Ihe mutilated
p. mn Min' platform ..i Ibo bead <>< ii" edllorlal
page, Vet at the aama time I. trade pamph
Iris liv ll." hun.Iiiii" u." being sent mil
nil ..tn tins Mi.!.* ninl. i tit" Congrr Imwl
ii link of the Hon. Frank ll""' ol Ohio, thc
h, ii known free Iradi r. Ai the poetolflce
iiatr m. * .11 li envelope ahowa thal thr mattel ls
in nh ii in iiii** . in, tull tbe namban ol Mr.
Daniel Munnin..'* Democratic State Committee
han- iln- aaaurance to den) thal they aw t*m
?poutible Im it 1
Tba laws relating to the eonflnemenl of In?
sane people, Loth in England and thi-* oountry,
are likely to beaubjected to Bevare rt view,
and poatibly to roviaioa within the next year
oi two. In England already aome ofthe pub
lie Journals, in view of tba remarkable Weldon
case, declare that then is no safety agabul tin*
improper confinement of sun.' people who have
enemies, except a public trial by judge nd
jury. In this country, especially In thia city,
thua .far there baa been little nason to dread
abuses of tins kimi. The tendencies generally
lean toward releasing people from asylums who
oughl to be locked up. The greal public Inter
eel which ia taken in all eaaea of alleged insan?
ity or sanity, is jur-t now shown by the attend?
ance at tho Rhinelander investigation. Whether
the discussions which recent proceedings of
this kind have aroused will end in any change
In the methods of procedure either here or in
England, it is Impossible to tell al presenl; 1ml
it iv salt r-i say that mos! rigid safeguards
should be placed both aboul the confinement
and the release ol people whose sanity ls ques?
A very Important document obtained from
tbe Treasury Departmenl by the Hon. Ed
wnrd Mc Pherson tl erves moro attention than
ll I nyc! received. It ls n mass of figures foi
which unfortunately few newspapers can timi
, lfii -.i. loll oughl to he in t'l" h.uni- "i
every speokei or active manage! in tho Repub?
lican pal Ij du ri nu thi ? campaign, ll
the reci |)tsot'tho (lovel niiienl under tl;',
iitlniiiii-11 ii i'.n ?. from its earlies! organization
lutlic i'i,-i-ii time, mid its disbursements in
like mininer, with exact statements of nil
ed by thc Government, i
In receipts or in disbuntemenls, tliron li
any n< gleel or misconduct or mi roi
. ol ii- offl. Ini i, The receipts Include
from ul! sn irees, mid are du ? illed from
customs, from posl -ofllces, ami from ill ol hei
l'he di -i'n - in. als are liol ela sill. -I
In detail, as this la linjiosslblo. Thal purl ol
tin- document n |af?m1i tv .11 coin ny lt. I lie ?
mind a inn i Inati ucl i\ e lesson i- n corni i i
ul - .ii mi of tin- li) i iii didi la'ir p. i uni -lui ho
i? uml disbursements during the nun.
11? i Inda,
'Jilt I" - ILI . H || t'l IUUI I, a ifl'll
nmi th 1.1' - i t\ mulei Ih, .dm
li.ilion of Mai tin Van Hiin-ii, ll , ? n
rf 1 I 71. li fins been li i undi i'l" \dn
? i K. Ailinn, li , i ... ,1
foi two ??. ,i onlj i.i "ii tI""."" '
Mont ."?' . ititi jri ira muk lu proportion "I
' 1. \ Ul I'm . , Ihl'll tullun Ali
tln-tv Jackson's .lu-lit t..n-. nmi next tin
mnl. i I! ii 11-'.M .mil I -. li i I ;n ?? in ie
ph cjii lonni, hui pt ioi lo the exptll lon "I t lie
11. m.,, mti purl) hom power In 1M11,there lind
lu i ii no administration a.| ' I, , pnrtj utid.-i
it Imii i in- i.,, in ni I a ni lo tec. il il
I,ni i nu nts luis li H "i ? ' 11,000, ll
: midi i ll I. li mini, fl OS undi i I
ali,I il is ills.I mil ita ,ililf Iii.il limn Hu- in a i in,,
ni i lu- I n Mint ,,ii ii pm i, in po wei i .?? 'n -I .
llll.llllla.il. .1 lim , U ll<> ll.Ill l lt i ,t il Ililli, lill |.lilli
iii Iii mes l,:nl i ai nil Imi hi i le, it... dliiu | > f>0
? ' il.ii ? i ooh . nih i. il nnd di ih ii i il
Uni undi. Lim oin, liol tt li ii ituudiuM t lie i \ -
lin null, i- ni I la- tt a,. nil I lie . il inn, iiini
i limn a , im |.i i uli,i nm tt Im I, it in. i lu i,
all.ml. il, the i.i' ni ni lons. Ml to 7<. .
nuder Antill t\ Johnson to >i" centsi itnilei
? ii in ial <ii.i'ii tm' tdglil veara to mil) '.' I 1
.,11 . in I. ri."i"i, unit.) Itut he rf md ll. lin ?
:i. 1 ni. mi .r'l",""", 1111*1 nmi 1 I'm ,,i, ni \Mi,'ii
to 1 H .? ni 1 tm 0100,1.,
li 1-1 mil i"i- -iii!'- i" con ci* l> i* ul a toa) more
hoi Igll H..ni lill- "l ila lldelilv
.1 .i 1 DI . ni nd mi 11 f lat imi in nil ii
|, 1 i un III ? . In Bl fi.\ bl rim ll ul pllblll I
il tt ill lu oh I've.1, I In .nm .1 loni U :...- im
l>, -it 1 nu ,1 1. il'-m ni ?! mti .1. 111 1 Im ii r. ipis
lt.en- loma, tin- I a *. - '? -. under lliiehan in
ililli of lin I" '
1 \ lt i, )< a iln t tn n< more limn il,, .. ? 11
midi r Lincoln I Iii
#1,000, ll (lu !., diopi 1 il io ::
cenl uiuli r 1 ? 1 .i'ii. '2 cents audi 1 llnj 1 -. and 7
iitil!-. iiiiilii Ai 1 Inn. In lil.i m.inn, 1 il., .
- In ill-Inn -i-itnni ? foi tt .11, 11.11 1, j.i n
.lona .1 .1 Indian piirpos. 1 foll : rom r'l- on
r ll to $1 70 ui r hin
[?oin; I-. '?? t nts under Grunt, C milla under
ilati >. aud 7 milla under Artliur, li maj be
-ai.l mnh tri iii, I Iud in t -,,-i; I, mell
if the public sei vice, without exception, I
is 1 -un !? ive proof of j ny, lid. l.i v
thia lim.* il'.": boa evei before
m . :i undi : iii-ii.iiinii from (hal
id George Washington to tin- day. The lb iuo
i ho .in- Ini-.i ling foi .1 change will uni
dare to] t tin ie faeta to Die people. I
proposii j to - turn thc rascals
oul " will mn dare to adtuil thal their purl -
larobjei lion to the present Government ia thal
they do uot have ? chance to r-ti.il public
money, _________________________________________
lt i.- quite vail thal the Democratic party has
been wasting all ita ammunition and encrtrj
i"i seven weeks ona lal-.- alum, (since Mr,
Cevcland was nonnuated it baa devoted all ita
linn) mnl money to the conversion of I nab
Ah. 1 ia .ms who, it was supposed, bad gone
astray, Speeches were made in greal number,
?nd docunieuta by the cart-load sent out,
?""I a multitude of the moat it upi ndona
hlN,?,1.^ that even DemocraUc Ingenuity
could produce han been fabricated sud di*.
? barged th.gh Democratic and l?. 1 undi ul
Journals, all with thia one end In view, Hui
inni tin world is gravelj Informed thal it waa all
a false alana. According to Tht lin,il,I. it tt.m
11 iiu-ia " lnii>lil<-," which ih. iii ?: public mei iin^
nf eiti/i ns ol Irish birth oompleti lt "ix
ploded."] lhere neve] nrnaanj danger, it is non
asserted, thal these oitlcena wonld wendel
u-.ni n.i luiii Lu tvbich Doaioant-f ?b.*t.in ,-u
have Iti-pt tl.nn for many y.*nrs. Why all this
amata nf ettergyi then T
?| be Republican parry does not nddraaa itself
to dtUena of any partiaolai elata or nativity.
The Democratic party haadoaoaofof nany
.nnd al ttmeawitheonalderobbi siiecesa.
Mon who get a living by their protended ln?
il,,, n.??? over "the Irish rote," ot u<l"* G< rmiui
rote," being treated aa simply oltlsensol the
I'nii.'.l siaii-* in Republican quartan, hare in
many rants tal*, n theil waree to ? Demo* ntic
market with access. Billi, we wonld noi altai
the Republican i><?li<\v Ifweeould. Tlie more
Intelligent and patriotic roten of all elements,
who count it Insulting toba treated, if tliey
wera governed by prejudices of race, and who
i,,, I mill Indignation the aaattmptlon thal
Mr. Sebum "carries Hi" German rote In hi*
pocket," or ihnt any other nan "eames the
Irish rota n aa his stoek In trade, ara itaadllj
ti,,n by the 11 ll respecting attitude ol the Re?
publican i>:iii\, uhit h adopts a policy be< mse
ii believes thal pol lc j I" il foi ill American cltl?
/.?ti**, nmi finn nil,, n . lo il open Iv nnd mani tilly.
In thai ? ph li li baa approved the policy of protea*
timi, ninl ailh.-nil 10 ii though all lin- I'i itl**h
inllii.-rn .' nppiiM-il ll, uml ttio.I ul lin I i, i m.in t
leaned toward free trade. In tin* same spirit il
baa approved Mr, Blaine's foreign policy, and
nominated Mr. Blaine himself, In spite of pow*
erful Interests opposing, because lt holds the
pol lc j beat for American citlsens ns s whola.
It hni* appeared .this year tbat a good ninny
Irish-Americans have decided to support tho
protective tarin and tha American foreign
policy of Mr. Blaine. Their support ht wel?
come) w* li the rapport ol any citizens <>r theae
United States who seek the trna interests <>l
the whole oountry, Tho Republicans have
never expected and .lo not desire that any
body of voter.-., merely because of tln-ir nativity,
should favor Mr. Blaine. They do expect that
those citizens, ot all nativities and races, who
Intelligently approve the protection of Ameri?
can Industry, the promotion of A innifail Inter?
ests, ami the defence of American citizens
abroad, will loin In upholding the Republican
party and electing ita candidate. The support
ot tho*;, who do not approve tho**.' poUcies it
bas m. reason to <-xp. cl and does not turn aside
ll.)Ill it> lllltl t.< Stria.
THE .1 u: ns fin sa.
Bo tar the French have practically had things
all their own way in tln-ir Chinese operations.
I be .--tory of their reverse in Tonquin waa clear?
ly an Invention, Thc resistance nf the Min
I'..it-, though plucky while lt Lasted, was soon
overpowered bj superior metal, skill and .lil?
lipilli.-. Tin' Chinese gan ions "t the
1,11 into a pani, and bolted, and the Fron li
took advantage of tin li absen. <? to destroy their
cannon with gun cotton. Bul thoujrh the Min
is now open to th French licet up to Foo Chow,
ail tho i-I i il" i '? si' in- in st h i in; to proven! the
i" tiipaiimi ol Formosa, the submission oi thu
? i inni nun. nt m.i\ h.- ns lu nil .i- evi i.
In ult wara between China and Western Powi rs
it lina been found thu' blows I i -. i-t .-nie- ainl
11 ihul irj provinces wen - lined u ;i h ( om*
plete coolness, and Ilia! tin- Uovernm* nt inver
1" .'an to think seriously <>f yielding until
I', hin was threatened. N i doubt , I
would ask milhun: better than to send sn ti
pc dil inn t<> I', kin, lit lin- consuul of tho
othei I'i,-.-i-t in mich a programme i- bj no
lin rn - ,t .< i '.un, ninl u ill.t (bnl C. n icu) M.
Kerry will prolmhlj m.i renturn no far,
ll,, ditiif nlty of conquering a peace witb nu
empire nhich p I ? I i he nature fi i
lilli In In- lt .ill/' 'I ll.11 lr,I Hil Ii, ul li,,,,.,
n.nl ll' m. othei in', i. .it tt.lorin i
I i moe.bl quickly h.-ul.* lt. Hut, it tin
proponed occupation of Formosa does noi
lill Pl'klll I."' ? : nm' .! I" til ni ? I' In il?
la h ii tl in lind a pi .ni ii ihli- uni Imd ..I doing i
bo, Mn nh imii .in ,-, i,-j.iii led that M. Ferr j
? nee* ii t in d'- claim, lo Uei man.! .ant
iiitrniii.ii. ol ; >i t nit 11' nil\ occupying Kormona
nt I onquin, Bul I "in|iini can onlj be held bj
loree, a ? Ali', in im un ih ,i a-, nnd io oc?
i 'ipi I'm niii-a. and linn Im ni mi . t peditlotl
I I't Mil tnmid di maud jin .mm |UI li nt
I i "ni' could ill ? :? "? I I-, i lui , o .ill .1"ii'it
I -di. im Un ii it lltlngni i to n ? , -. .a r i
iud will in . -,i inti) uni il i In ii diploma! lc
.In . I "hi SgO, il lin- ulina m|,|, I,,, i il,,.
11 pul nin i . Hut I lu . tim ? mil |.|| .,.
un i nd to the all.iii Im I ian il, ami lin n Im..
H. a p...ll.I h.- . nih al , a -.,,,, ni , ,,| u hui,
''-a ililli un i, lt. I l,,< ol liri I't,m '.Mill mil
l-l lui Iii.i I In Inn I f ,n I.iii, I,, | |||| , ?
and il liol I liol i i ni 11 i \ pluh.,I,lr th il
i he i 'hliieaa u ill t |i ld ., lon .,. i h. j hat. mn
i.nd foi belle*, nu- Ih ii Ktigliind t.i m m,
i i t i n in I h.- nm ' llllllrei'l m.lum i di |.| In
li it I, In I in tn n -I iain lin .limit ,
i lUi BUFFALO l: a li /'..ii ,v.
h. gloom ali feel thick nnd I.lin propnr*
lion laal prc cul b.linn ovei //,.- Ituffalo
t'ourltr, tht ('ourier, aa every laid) knoa , 1
Ihe home, sweet home organ of the ['residen?
tial! ntididati * ho lal. l> woku thu contim ul i"
in .inini,im in, iib lu . .ni. nm, matured I
? mn |< lion lhal Ihe nilli w ol I'rei ld. ni wns un
executive olin.-. Home days ngn, inspired bj
i in Inudnble di ilrc "I * lei ntlnn i lie ipii ,i . ,i
. Hil flub) I ll 'm.. i III , I lu ? . 'il. i pi ,
pa | "'I |.' i ala il lu p.i I ll I Ml. I 1. I I i ., 11, P *. pl, is ?
p. ?' i iniir red li rsi.il ih.ii Im tv ,..
"il,.- strongeHi po iblc cami date In the rlti
and i olin!) \t 111) < ll lill hat i bl - ll llOtulllllll il bj
. ii in i p.ult ."' ll am,i.nm a ll thill " tu- | / hr
trier] have no few i hal he a ill lose lu inj
" 1 'riiiiii-i.it'.- ward, town in dialiicl ol Krio
?? County.*1 I' dei 1 ired thnl " there ii no don bl
" that in every |M?rtlou of the cltj ami county
" hundrcdi! who have voted foi thc Kepublii nu
" nominees in every I'reaidentiai contest wiU
" noa vote for Ch irels 1.
Of course this ia the sort of talk th nt tva-a troll
calculated to clothe th 'ocal Deinocrnci witb
hope and courage ai moul b-watei lug , ?
talion, as withs garment. As they pondered
on these brave words of Tht Conner its --oii
b*ding frienda doubtless fell Ihenifiolvcs trans?
lated to some 1'isgah beigh! whence with their
minds1 eyes thej obtained soul-ravish'
ins: views ot tin- I'lnini-i tl I.ami of buccohS
ll,.wm_r with mit!- and boney and fal otttces.
B das for h un in \ isions, their .1- li ,.h
short-lived. For //.< Itujfalo Commercial Ad
vertiser promptly came down un Tin Courkr't
forecast of the result in Erie Countj with the
directness aud force ol s steam pile-driver.
< in h. h.lf ni a thoroughlj truatworthj person
ii n-prii lull) tendered the Doreniot'a organ
..i mn mn-ot the ' lol < 1 inn'.- friends tin- t.i,
li.Iimi lng wage) i:
I i -- - ii . r | | ? j
If ll,,- in Bllaol .1 lO war.I- lit . . il,
-? eoad tI"?' I''-.i ti"' '" 'i - t lilia lu i. ?
I'Ul.ila- tn wm,I-, iv, ir
I, |ioo ta.' I '? "ii bi rrj ia ? i i thai what
ll- lilli lt.| l.rrl, XUUt,
1 .i uta. fina. ||,?| 1,1 . . . , ? Ul in || |-?. 0||y
" M tliiiii Inti j....i- , ...
llflli i> 1' ti tLa.it m. .I.t -u'l .airy iii nf lt, IblrtMB
r-ii-b liootii 11, ,i,. al .in aatai i wurt.
f\, rai iii. $100 ilia ? ..*!??] i.n fl ii. Um fiiy.
1 - th, |ll 0 Ul . : .1, ;, 1,1,1,,, I., ||,r
B* . |100 I' al hf- aa ? Bl iP. anal
|100 t ,1 la. fflll I., ,|, (, |. i , , N?, ,,,,
Whal followed 1 Did thi Buffalo Democrats
hurry dotvii from 1'ingall lo take thc-, wag. tn f
Will, they hunted down bul not foi that pur?
pose. Tin v yearned to retire into their re
spective cellars mid hide. Ami wai it 'The
Oonrier, than, that haatened tb acoommodata
I lie Ctnnmrrilul Aili, rtiti r ? 0, no. lite
Vi oilier tamed I sin.il ami pain f ni coiner
and sweetly flunked. And ever since when the
wagers have been mentlont <l in Its pre m nee it
bas evinced an overmastering Inclination to
change the subject and talk aboul the China
war or th.- madness of Hamlet, Pi Inca of Den?
Comment ju glaringly unnecessary, If Ihli
mIuiH be in the green tree, what shall be In Un*
.Int If Cleveland stock ls so much beloa pal
ill hit om ll tilt ami < ..nilly that RUCh Wilgi th go
begging, whal musl it tm elsewhere throughout
thoriate, h remains to be added thal Hii
understood lu Hu (Thin that, taking warning by
the plight Iii whn Ii il univ llnd-t Itself, Vht
Couritr has ilguod ii pledge uf total abitluenoti
from political blufllng.
//"ii rn in /? .1 /? INIO,
.lim! across tha river, under the Palisades,
m.* Important obemlcal works, Thej employ
several hundred bands, whose families fill two
or three i Hinges, ami inn noi a little --inii from
th.* farmers ol Un. region over the bill.
1 In M -.'.rn 1.1 i till lu - ni a- thc Republican
part] has enacted and steadilj maintained a
protective tariff. While someofthe products
ire not defended br duties,.._ by adequate
duties* others are ho defended, and thU manu?
facture in of euell a nature thal lt cannot ba
profitably continued unless markets can bo
found for all tim different products which ra?
ndi from a process. At times, of several pro
liirt- resulting from i ne operation, mit- or two
can be sold at h l..-s it tho others bring good
profits, but snob works cannot continue to ex?
ist unless there is adequate defence for * luffl
:-it nt proportion of their products. The wages
paid vary, bul an* aboul double the amount
paid in England for similar work; thus, in
treating indigo, the material is brought fnuu
England, where men are paid one pound ;i
ivi-ck, .* 1 y<j, while for the same work herc tIn-v
..'i-t |10.
Buppose Mr. Morrison's bill, for which aboul
four-fifths of tin* Democratic Representatives
roted last May, had become a law. It would
i.r..- reduced by one-fifth the duties bywbioh
Als industry bi enabled to exist. .Aa to many
important products, this would have been
-nough tn enable foreign products t>. underact]
.ur own, Then the works musl have stopped,
ir the men must han- worked for lowor wages,
rhe profits, as matters now si ind, are noi
nough to t< mp! many p opie into the bunin* ss,
If one-fifth had been taken from tbe ti
?".id of $10 per wei k, tbi meu men
ioned bad boen paid ??**-, who would have
tl / I he men and Iheir families would
nti- h id I. i food uud t -.? forts. The
: i hi- n! nil I Inds wi.nhl have ii.id lr-*- I
I -? l.,i nn I I m. ? i I he I.iii Would hau?
nt li al.lr to **! 'I fewer vegetables nnd othei
.rodticl , m il-' rn i i have Bold al -i lowor
irice. Everybody i'i thal circle ol exchange
ifould have suflered.
Hut thia bill, Mr. Poi lu Im. i ileel ired, was
mly " a lil -i iii iu step towmd fi ce i rade."
Hore f..is to follow; other reductions of duty
irere promised bj n. .nh all the memliers who
nipporti d iii bill, a - -""ii ns i in'. I ml i ai ii- d
ho I'ii ?ula ntial election. Il they should
,, d, wo mav look im a I.i itep toward
,,i trade this winter or next, Instead of ouo?
Hilt, (lu i..1,nt h,ii int il bo -illili in lu I.-nt-., lin
? nit ut only money ci.ch for Its needs
md Inlen -: on the public di bl. I ho sui pin *
ii.if, 100,000,000,
,t hlch wi ni I" n??lin '? i he public di bt. To cul
lin. ii Hie roi nin.- thal uni. li, ni li ii il hall tin
Inii mi In. taken nfl moro, Iud. nil, I" eau ie
I el dm i ii ml-* tu lu im: ill lill tel illipur
,,i ion-, nilli -'i to yield ii ulalu i lt I urge I 11
? nun. Hut if onlj one I, ill the dutj ihould I."
ni nil, u hat tumid happen I
IM bardi] iii ' ? ii t I" state, The work, i
nu,ld flu I-. St i. tal hundred nu ii ituuhl la*
hu . n lu tt.inili I ul! in 1'Hrcll ol Otlll'l ll ml,.
I he I ii in, i -t nulli I.ni iii li iiiii Illili kel
iii i li. 11 product*), I lie men, forced to wot I.
m ti hal i lu s i "nhl i-i i in m dei i.ppm i
? ,|t| ..tin (hell I thin in ol In i pl
l ill H In ir lit pl, ll Hg I lin tl I ,' . "I ..'ml
ern, ii ti.* -. timi t,,iI. :ii I mt, h musl Imi
i pim .- ,,| oj hi i i ". hu -ii i- non . lll|llo.. i ll, ami
.I,, lu tinn would I"- ' ni mil I" Ililli) it m I,,
ind to drive doun I'ei
rap , bowel el, - onie ol the men Cnn lill I he
:imii,.I, and tt inild gel p.. ? ? lou ol inii.il ol
nnd, and thru thej Would I" i'm to ollol Lum
nilli,. I ? in din ri Com pi mimi v. il li Un I ii.
ihuii- vegetables they would no longui i .i
i-. bul un lilin-' ni i.i lin i Itei U wh ch
i. .ii, . ia'I.- \ ii-t.ii t would produce in hundred.*
il I ii tl ti 11 lc -. sud in 11.Bands "I tow ns mid
illari... li opie ii ho waul a p.uni*, \t bother
l,r\ uro farmers oi mccluinlc. or workers in
annul.ii i ni ii,), establishments, eau rote the
lomo. mi i h. . i b ith Mstiriince thal thej uro
nking tho inorti ! mid straightest wa) t<> tho
ml they seek,
/ 111 0 i Stll /a's OF TORPEDOl ?'.
Tlie i'i' mature i iploslon of s toi pm lo during
1 , , t p. i ii ii i.i ut Newport, bi fore Pre ddoii!
uiliui. 1'iiipli' ?? ? -1.' fiii' i tl in gi i iind ilma ?
nick to which tbo torpedo service ls exposed.
rilli pa, md n lill nial ii-* ni in pi inn that (lin
\ pl. i-i. iii n ii i ii -1 io occurred wu in mi contact.
i ii, n la* thonghl pii.it.ihli iii.ii u was struck
, thing di linn - limb r thc water. But,
, hntevei thc cause of the explosion, tho fuel
? iimi it was premature, nnd noi < n> cted
i desired bj thosi who bad it In charge, li
.Hows that, however powerful and efficient
irpedocs may be, thej arc no! trustworthy,
'herc is always the possibility thal thej maj
! in the wrong place, and inflict damage
; ii their manipulator* inni -I if thc enemy.
i maj bi th it th tu blch n mil oil so
pm:'.un nii-li could uni oi would mil hat.-done
lu nam*'thing before it was launched. Bul it
* -,!i to make this convincingly ap
arcut, oi to pernuade tho public thal theFrcsl
d his p .1 .. did noi hav. i very narrow
-,,i], from .li-ii-irr. ii will ..I* course be
rgucdthal a torpedo capable of firing it .it,
h.-ii in Un water, ls capable ol firing itaelf
, fm ? .t ls pul in the water, nnd the nu iwei
While in all such exp. i i uent- it inu-t be
oncludi d ihu Hpecial caution i- exercised, it ls
tblc tu it am thing like ihe same care
in be employed in the heat of action. In tho
, un ui ia ? ween thc Bril h i in-of-war
i ' Pei ui lan Iron-clad lluas* sr, the
uinn attempted to usn ber Whitehead tor
.. 1, ii though the reasebt were noi far
pan it wm found Impossible ta. aim tho tor*
edin i ci.!l.v, and iii fad none of them
nm k the target Thia must always ba adirt!
ult) \tuh moving torpedmts, and especial 1 j
.uh attempts to direct torpedo launches bj
I.a m. ut limn a distance. W Ith si itlouarj
.i p. does, to t.iplodi .1 from the shore or
rom ilm ands of span cai rh tl bv rams at
tlu-r lu ?? i.--'ls, iinii'h ni'iir certainty may
i a,-.pun .I. Hut in handling machines filled
rilli ln.,li ti ul.mi te**, dui Uu. at. Hw ii there luin-t
always ba considerable dangar of prematuio
I- pln-i'iU,
Wat '"? ? r robbery rstrrli-il mi In ii moro poilt* way attica
?mil t I'fTniil rrllro.l frons tin." lorn-tl hnxn" bimtneMr
This la the Impudent comment with ahlch tho first
Important Demoeratio forgery of thin enmpulgn \n
if' inipanied. Veaterday Mr, Bama promptly oi
I- fd mnl denounced this fnr_. rv, hut lt ls to be
pi--.um...i thal Journala without honesty will be
found repuldiahing lt sgais sad a_.iiii for weeks.
Ai hu- The Etoning Putt, doubtless ll will continua
t" reprint tim fm .itv seven or eight rears bet
SVldl '" "' Hi.ll Mr. Kill,tn ra a I, |,I r
ltiii tho dilly Bf narr | .I man ind fl itv good Billian
'" 'I" III' '" ?l !.. .ff. |t fi.I I ? 11.. 1..., III l...ll| |lt|i.
i"""1" "-i'i.* of life, ami f.|r,,i?ii ti,,1 1, ,,iu?- to
win, li H,. I,Ui? i,.r,,,,,| 11 a**> ll la HU iinall.'l ttlllll ll
iiinn'a pta.,,,,,1 unrata m.* ir I,.* I... i>.a.ii.-iv above rt
d.ld .... ii .? uni a 1. prompt, utianlmoti 1 I
'""I'll III. I ,ltr,|fl|r,,?|!,,|| ll, ,t ,.,'..?| , ahull
'I '" mull III Will |, a h. || ,1 ., mi lui,, m !l,,,,t t I
'" ' " ' ll ". II"' |r|"lf |l ll] ||.| ?? Il v .. .
lol ill lt ''ii.l tWO t imtr f fin-11 wini Iii il il lt |u ttl'v
,,,r|1 ">" tl.lt .i.f, by tl,,. |,i,? ? lt N ,.an,nit tl
DOW Hi lt .1 111,11,1 prlVKlrtl I.I I ? III. ..rt ri nf!.,
Dlllj 1'llt.i ll lltllll I,, ll,,jilli,. ?|,.,nl |,|, Hf.- I,pf,,1,1
"" world " < .insrt*s?tlnnall.t
If thea ti.ai* im other rassoafordafaatlnaMr
I'If tri uni. Hi. -.Ui.mi.-I 111 I h.,ny N.-t lip by Tht / tn,
lng Emt in his dafanns would oonBtltuta ssnftelant
oas Nothing ta,ni,1 I,,, mart demoralising than tbs
di 11 in-mit- approval ol nobs theorj bj the election
of a candidate whoas tina are commanded as bein.
"ni tbs sort Unit himlim, a,tv together."
Tia- Morai lottor poitrler wurt banMd BBVBral va-art
agu.- [World.
Vt -., 1 hat is trim; uml it failed to Astsal Oarflald,
but left a had Minrii behind it, ss tho Dsmoerats uro
now percol*. 1 r*tc to their regret.
Eighteen tliiiii?,-in<l rbIooii kaepen lo tl"- stgir, with nr
without TIA*,,,.i- ?fr.ml of tin- DeraocraUo party, ..tfl
tllltV llltPllil 1,1 l-Xflt l.l,f,ll....t ft IVltli lnlPlit ,111.1 ll.HU! Ul
October to place th. uaelvea In a favorable ll Rbi ? n.'i the
Democratic party In Ohio.-[ClnclnnaUletter to Thant.
Paul Pioneer Press.
This -tat.-m. nt ls coupled with th-- Explanation
which ths ?taluna limn give, Id substance as follows i
"lite State must go Demoeratio, or tbe defeat will
be laid si .-ur door; tia- Bupn me rou rt will try tbe
Bcotl oaaes Immediately after the election and the
Legislature will take Bwcet revenge on ns next
winter." lt is not a new idea that tho saloon ra
teresl in I ihlo ls In close alliance with tin- Demoeratio
party, lt has been boovi r since the formal bargain
made two years ago, which the Beloon men hare
kept to the lett -r. and which tbe Democratic poll
ishave not kept Nevertheless tbe politicians
think, snd probably with truth, that they have Ihe
mil" m jinn- -tt beyond question. The ai using part
ot tin* hu -i nca i-a thal they think the Prohibitionists
will also help them by roting .1 third tit
The Hew York banka are not fun
Are we to Infer that tb I 1 pie usually
called by Democrats ''monopo ts ' "plun?
derers," i.n.i the like, are Inclined to support I
bimi this rear f
J ? . one of G ? ? finn.l's
' " -. Mr. Ilmliioii 1 think I
? il I rn id 1 toe '. iirk SI it. 1
.I, it I-. ll gi lld Oflil ?? Will Lia
alfi fur a' 1. II. lill tl! rf
tiif I) bad names of 4.K)
to t..it. for t loveland, Cori Cl nin,-ti
1 1
Bo lliix L'l-nt loman, one of I
Irciilatmu this it' is.inl
to know |nsl whi re thal tuen from, WI en
the Democrats munt those voters In Nov* i"'1
sba I 1.leased to have them Inform na ?
th. re urn quito in.uni..
1 rm ' 1 -li.in-iiii-i.- for 1
! -' ? ? Ile li the 11 ? ?
' ll III lil. I Ii .,' ". Ill J,
1 hut ia tni'-, ami ho hnpia-'i 1 uiii. 1-1 be tl
I ,',- 1 , bu llilutt of tin i ?
it' :, Democrats wuul.l Im glad, no doubt, to
? i. j. mslbilil f tot I inti
Hill Ml. I hi li-It-. Nf Ire!. il bj lin* I'- ru,,t 1.11-a fol tl,..
rt, and Mi m 'i ..ui., 1,11
mai, 1,1 t lie I'l.ii nun, 1 11111111 1 toe ul tba late I lemo
eratic .Viti"iuil Convention, Bgrae with Ur. Hurd
I-i.-. Int Iv.
,. 1 .,1. , . tal ?
* lill III Hill , , , I. Ill Ural .lilt. Ill t'l
I! title, nod*..1 h( 1 ?
H.,I , ires 10 III tis '! Bl lie - trot, il fm
|.>l|| l ? ll 1 , |l,l lilli) ll ? ,'|l ll l"H lilli] in f I , t. I ? I l
I'll' lt tl r ? lit, I \f |,t, ,.t . -r I .. ?
II sa min dude -al.I,I Infui iii 1 hal Imirnal thal ?
rntei In this Stat, li Ki ly lt ..i |.i ri. il .
Hot eland 1 bib. / I" > ' i< - would
tn,I 1 i.t La . a,t I. alit pl "tl I'n at
riin 1 Hr. 1 ia un Hist I
lint Ililli Iiini I i ll lio.l. at ..I
1 1 . . i*|| 1.. 1..i. a Chi Man A
it.. \. ,, ,,-,., tt lu 11 lu ? . 1 . 11 did ito in ? ."i 1 n
ll I ||, ||, 11 1 HOW . hi' st I 1 I", lIllS a ? a ?' |, Pu ,
11 pilbil,', while pilt..lilt h.'Miling that hit Mitti
* inti ittt if 1 illd ind bi .'in. limn I. I in
dun wm i" 'l ttf ll thou, 11. 1 to l li ul. it
\ti 1
1 -
, ,. 1 , |'||. nf til.' I
Inn ri li.nil.l b.*, ii.un 1
.1 lu ',.,,.. 1,. I. mn 1 Imi part) limn ri a. rn Ita nppn
1 la iii tnt inf' .if '
t lil.'lt ??-|
linne to Itself 11 pnlllli
* uh.mi Inti .1,. iii ai. nation to N 1
fork I'll
l lr,. ..laifuii-iit lt ia 1 '? 1 ni I n aldo toe ?m
neild it -.th. .ut n.i... li.rr.
ni disposition in fill .-I jr,1111 t" .in rn ' ? 1
ni/..I mi) parti, ul ir 11 itu lt) h ? n hod j 1
Ita 1 ii ttl. i'n ty is the 1 1
1.1 . timmi)t. il th.tt oil', n e. ll I
ll 11 I 1.,'.-, I I 1 liol 1
nacl I-, a bod Va or to try to sot as a body, lu sup
?.i 1 uf a 1 11 tt 1 h ii favors free 11 ade sud I ?
I .atilt. t,i freedom, it mil be ths
. ii., iu mid fm lim cou itrj
FOI 11 a 11 sm I ?*'.
not Waller, of (
' imi*.
, , , ? .
I -
nth Mr liar ? ? I "'' ,: l'
. ut. It l< rei ??? l bi N'"i
1 , , timi (lot-en ni Walli
? . flint Mr .lir:
ed, I... matter who the I>ei
idtfht bo.
ill ? . DI iou which :.
- '
r Until
tcutlv. ...
roi. il to ;. ?? well n
11 'I
ut 1 - . 1
1 tn 11 loan < Itl-ciis, and p deo 1 1
inti.I '
1 er to a M*. ithei 11 fi Ional a l"> pt.uni''
1 - ?
? ?,
"i nu apOtu ? ?? -.., 11 thal 11 ti i
? lt
he Dei ? Hie cItj
? ??,.' , nu 1 : lied Den
,1 Nov. ," np ,,t ictty willi ike M ?
r Mi 1 .... mun ttill fore '" ,:'
. ?,.,| ,1, vote Mon i" Un*" pullluj ai d
,.,,1 ' of biaitreet iii li ippai
Dr. .1. *'. Willson, who waa n.Inateal by a
1 . ,i, tbs vin. Hld in Dlatrtot on I
-.Mi , ? arvie*
m.i .I-'.it? the iniiiiiii-.-,..- mid i-ateem of tho voters ll"
li.ii .11 neut hu '
rebead of Uie D. *
itlon in Mlrhlgau lt l<'- Ile. ed thal Dr, Will toa
iiu trluinphaiitl) ia* 1..-a tia* dlatrtot, whisk ki sow
- ... aaa by a Hei
it i. *i ported thal ii.- lion, Hi.\> Katoa, Bf OM
I. tl. I a Ilnl ttill.I Ul HU, rtj-,,111 i,.r 1 .'til r. -I 111 lill.
Hail ll uiii -lallat, bat in. toui.tl hlSBBS-t lOBSSBSBS tala*!
uncomfortable In a budy la whioh a majority of hit
are free trri.it-m.
Kl-Penafor Mrn.antl.l donica that he Infertafa nrmXoAUm
law office In W-ashlnstain amt nay* he oiemf,4 te^!_!5
Ute rtiitt of hia life In Indiana. * v" w 'ten*
Vermont now h,i?, accrllnr to The Trnp Timet av
ei-fiovoriiura living, eai-h over ?a|Ct,tr ypir, J JJ
Illland ll,ll,.if BsaBlngtoa, Hyland Kl.t..|iar.0fr/2
tMsk, sad Pani DtlUngkaaa, af Ws."*rt,.i-y f)f
Qovsraos Psst rt le relate* tii.it area whsainaJS
i-'i'lltl no! lay rt.I.lat lil, |?v- ?f fanning. H? |? (#lr(J!^
Hil lila a,rn,., tl,,,-,,, ii,,t tt.irk. OM 4SJT hs nug feS!
away tt-itii m. wottansa, digging up atumpaaadkaraiS
lu nail, wb.ni li o ?... iceoatrd I.y .. ' " "J
WHI.'"Il min l-..|..a In bandi "Sen I,,,.- 'aa, I
lave I ram patti . fl ? -?i|r, i? ?. , (?",l
ilnveri i m.i | , "'di
-a no lonee hin ' H. nov. nm <
,f "" ll lu. ' T
io teen aeon a - *'j ogg
fillet .III.II,. V. .l-.i, Bf Ul" I' I'..I -' ,,, ,?.,,,.,
nnn'""'' M' Wl trim
'" "" hut 'I ll Ht". BSfS liti I .a,'./,,,,,, ,a
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