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_v _-a_ I llTVTTV/^ . vT, l.-^l-T ..a nra TV, /llll/l I -Ht la __#M___ frta.i. vl?.t- I,tr Ulta lilli/- nl'ca of el.1L' I 1*n_ VLMl' V/ I ll If _ I,* VT I IV kD _ I I T Tj
"Ocular train robbers.
nriY wear WuWttS OMW. uaaaWm coats and
TROUsr.RS iNeina oct.
rt T^ns Dec 7,-The night-riders, who seemed
01. -j* v i .-? 0f jf.fo,*, Jame* and tho
[^iZV^Trl^. -at their old wot,
!7.Tn a. was shown Iso! night by the robbary of a
!*^ThJ little R'*k' Miflflissippi River sud
-ttttZattli\lSn -ile from little Rock the*.
switc-s and ss the HOtith-boundpassenger train
.pLaehed it the engineer observed that
"se i'*"*'*1 was ?'*n' rh,"k,nK 8ome_
thing I*"*1' vr0"8' h* 8<0PP*"d -he train
lt cerfliitcd ?'' *n *n?,ine. *? hsggaae
au! express mr and two passenger coacbos. Theie
?,.ie s. venty-live persons on board, including; Iraiti
ianda and three women. As soon ss the train
Stopped live masked men took pemsession of the on?
line uml every oar. The lesder wa? tall and sion
der. resemliltBf I'rnnk James )ti his lignre. He first
appeared on the platform of the rrar coach, which
tits tilled with pfissenpers. sud enterinir
K ahoii'ed : " Throw np your hand**, or
dis" Uris scene was enneted in every
,nr Ri Ihe train. The robbers wore completely
,li.--iii?ed. Thor wrre of medium sire. 'I heir
Bb*** BtBBBl , i.ir-red theo beads w ilh the BBWptlon
nt Hu- rt c. mid mouth, rough, rnvsed hole heirn*
rm in the mask-* tltrotierh which their eve"" shone.
i -.tr..' "i'i- pane bsd his trunaers tinned lii
????.- ..... I)"-.Ill moa Bl*! S"d rriflt'iil. I hov
).. ,.,.i ol..??ll|,? ..ret 111"' he-i.!. ..f (l.e pfl"MiB?'!S IB
.I -.. A. ??? Un- Ut-*t -I-") **??"-? "'.I '" "'"
.'??. ll.I-.-. I'.' Hi."I ihe
........ |..i...,...-.i ll.-iiait'tlM, I*""'- I" Mt*
I...,...,.- ..al I'm I....I..B ilia shut Hi- ?.
n.lu -t i-n-oil "'?? laV^Mt AR '" '' "
ii., ft ii... btffffl " ??, *?n BUR '??",
U(. |ff I,.,llb Hlti.lUiii ut .-"i'i.Hil
,,, ..,,. ks in Ins Itt .fl. 1 Menus ll"' l"iv>aiil laliO
||? iel.la l.s . "tr,I ,i Ilic Ilrti.lt allli kel. pC),"|.lll Hllll
,11 >|.lilt. I lui' lilllie I ile. lilgliurul' illili lill, ll
|,,isM,,cii ami liaggiigciiic.il min lim pa tux ion i
iti.it lu ??, lilllie oi, e ii tlilt) gang opened tim two ci
sj*Bf. sales.
I l,c sSBBSBBSfS hi the rear ear wno not molested
nhill tits BBS (ins e-oiu'ilctiad t lu-1 r wink in fruit!.
Bj hiie- Um) km ii iiiul au attempt at rnliliery was
lt iag ai.nh', tiny nero afraid to neve. Thc valua?
bles ami money ol ail iu the BBBlklBB, car were
taken, thc pas.se ii gera being requested to hold np
theo bauds,
When thc leader who catered thc rear car shouted
BS Oat passengers to throw up their hands or die,
cu ry SVSt| hand went up. and after the robber had
Linked around to see tint every hand was up, he
laid: " I'll onlv detain you a moment. After the
caie i- opened you will all be invited to contribute
tf the missie,naries.''
Ile stood in ihe door talking incessantly in
a jot ular manner and watching his comrades at
ivoik cn thc hate. Occasionally ho would shut the
elnora, but immediately put Ins head in again ami
reiniiiel the iie-emlo that their hands must remain BB.
Whir-he was (Ining this, the others were at work
e.n ihe sale in the express car.and the leader getting
in".ai n-iil at their slowness, called out in al.md
Yent", "ll iou can't gel tue nate open, chuck it out
and I.low it oiK-ti." Bal the safe was
(.|".i,((l and 1MB ihe whole gang went lo
thc last car. One bin, burly fellow, wolli a large
mi. k. went through tim cai' and snatched watches
am) jew city and money from theiinicsistiiig passcn
"fltts. Ide work was not done expeditiously', and
look three qaaitSIS of an heur from the time the
*.rst shots nere hied until it was all over. Tbs
ihki'v and watches s*eured amounted iu all to
.'....ut 9M*M.
Ac snnn m thc Jasi passenger wai attended to, the
leader saying "You Mill ali stay here for ten inni
tut'-s,'' an ominous gleam of revolvers was seen,
and iu response to the demand of tho
iejele-r that they should swear to obey
Ins mandate, a fee Ide and forced " Yes" came from
the pass, nereis.
Un- bandits disappeared in the darkness and in a
few minutes BBS demoralized passengers screwed
np em.uah courage to vet.tnre out and thc* traiti was
ltintie.lt! in;oLittle Rack. When it Arrived there
lite sui bor ties wei* notified aad Sherill' Worthen
imii,(diaie J organised a posse, whoare now in par
suit of the thieve*. M"st nf tao 'isssninf rs Tohhnd
wet* from Little Kock, though a few were bom
.-'. Louis. Memphis. Atlanta and Texan. J. C.
I'liiicaii. ni Ban Antonio. Texas, lost Mime money,
lui! saved a large sum by hiding it under the
enshuia of hra seat, Freeman Smith, of st. Louis,
Inst st.mo -miall (-bange, but saved a package eon
(sining "15600 bs hiding it in his bout. Ihe rnsd
in.i-ti r aud all the train hands lost sums ranginc
limn !,".() ti> (.100. I In- express car of the Southron
1 -poss Company is surd to hmo coutained about
,- sf -
Little Hoik. lice. 7.?Early tali iBorain*'
Msaaboaads wera put BB) the trail of the robbers
fend billowed it st ralf ht lats tbs city, and before
Mum Joseph Cook. J. C. Jones. John Clifford,
I hat'-'- r-a.ni'1". II. ami a hoy BBiBBd Parker bad
I.., n srtsslad. Joass will probably -bs t-air-a-,*"!.
'Il'ieenf tie hl"? arre'ded have b-i-ii ld ntlfled a.
hu. Ins bun smoai ibo robbers. Ibo State ha*
?'Herods reward ol 11,000 fur the capture af tho
robbi i ?" anti the lailmad company has soded a like
RI n ? *?'?.. i. .'. rab rfttRBBR i
tito ri -corm i. Mn., |?..i 7. *s?,m,,,| f|,,lo
I ll ? ?' .1- 1. i ?? . ??? 'IlllllIB S
' ' ' .I . sec a..",. l? H.,
t ? , ? Ibui ii) ii,, im ??? '. ' Ihl
? ? ' ll I I.|H ll ell lissi .
Rf! ?? i.ttl.I I." Wu M i.I si Oh. 1.1
|| ? " (ID hail (,,el,?l,l..,,,. , ii, ,, ,,
?Ria......,,ia,.. >,b, a -.til,.n?. ,,.Isl lilli III
a....a..I ia, ..,,,.,,,i ?i,i,e?.i, I,, io ISSSIll ' ??
' it.ii,. ....i a.. -I... .. inn 1,,
. I" " l-l.,, , 1., ,.l I,] ,,,.,, ?,,,,,, ,,,.
).. ll... IMS:, III ItlS .i 'l.t..I.I.el . I. launel I,
I Ito* Wilt nt lill,! ll J Ile it.| ,1,,?l,in m. ii,,i,c,
II irty i mi.mc.i,i.iiiiin nt i.i. lilian i in/in. I.,,, ,,
iel I , a,,k .biii.tl. latin I III Ult
HAWED to rm EBIE A Mist sn ai r
lt ll) I - ? RAI ll Iii lill 11(11,1 SK I
Wii.i.i.s|iakiu, Dee. 7.-An accident ut the
li,.net.in is. n.i t c ..iii. ty, of ii,,- Dslawars sad Bassos
? s ,i (iinipiiui, mated thc issjlaat de-uiii ol WIUIsss Mi
i SSS, SSS Uti i.i> tsar, the tuan lu BBfljffB of Hie |,ltli,ie,l.
1BT tki.Kurnell ni nu: iasaoaa.1
YenMi.siOWN, Ohio, Deo. 7. Tho Youn-s
tc'Hii UasUfBI Sad I ucl < nd,puny lias SIMS incrpnr.tted
?cutt a " sssta] sf i..*iO,(aK). for thc parnass of temlepiBg
RsasatsusBjsassterrltorj in Baller Cocsatjr, Psaa.,awascl
tty Itu ir,, ni p.ii uti,is who ||\c ju YouiktsIowii. The coni
Pmy will also drill anuniinr sf wells in this sit*/ and
ii'.inty. tK-lievoiir that gas can bs fouial in paylm- ip.-an
hue* this Bf**pssdsaUoa is eatlrsljr dlstlsel froai last
*ul?h Will la* fe-rme-el liv tile Capitalists win. held n un ct
JR aere u-t \i.,h.my. Hu tatter project is tu *.--?,
??SSjiOf a iiiiiiiiuin,. win,se It-j-ol 1. ll fanHallie, will ie
"i.t iii the nn-aiii/atinn nf a c'.inpaiiv uiihacaint.il of
?wuo.ihjci. to lanni i,,p, the- Phllttps Brotlters' lemtorjr.
rm ii ia .-.ii ,i tu ths natuss. i
Chicaoo, lier. 7.?Mayor Hui ison han. (le
?*<l?*i te> appoint 3<i0 aclditn.nal psHtlB).rn SS said oat
?fi-oe surplus rovejiue arising irom the high license !?m .
, Mayor was strongly urg.d la milk. IBs app.,intn,t BU
*1>tt*SS*JflSsBl with Civil Service rule*, but th.- I,, ,,
'"?S"! Bl do. Ile bas dexiUed to allow i ;n I. ,,1 the Deiuo
**0c Aldcru-e-u to BBBM eight lue n, and thc resilient
SSSJ^T**1'-'"'?''???'ers of tbe 8Ute Legislature ar. i.
.?"iso Ul Ooma a certain BflaSBBSr. Tho R. pulill, n, Al
"JWc-aar.' ea. U to l.r allowed in nala.- two mc,, "flila
??an .UieMi.iaJ diaUllmUon ol Ula anoils liv naai-Ja. ..a
thewan!. having our* Alderman from rnrh party would
receive only a lit!!.' nen than halt tht* number oeeorded
to wan!, willi two licinocriitic Altin tuen. The appoint?
ment-are to lu* mi?dc w ithout eonoMeiinf thc (iite-tiou
of ellU'lciiiX
IMWTPtMOmkTW rn r*i? ffwaotl.1
Ri kkai.o, Doc. 7.?The heaviest wind sttirni
that lia. occurred hen* for .cvor.il years lia. lieen rapine;
fm Hie lae! twent\ font? hour.. The v.linne of water in
the Niujratu River ls altm.?t iiti'ine.-.!.-tiled. Bird l-land
l'li-f l? HUlinierpeil, nnd it In ;>'y sea 1. ii.miinp oxer tlie
tao* eminent breakwater. I.aki* I'rln If c\i ..dititrl.v
riiiiph. atnl flood, are not unlikely In Hu- lower nmjtxt of
tlie eily. The rail of Hie .torin Inntse, in Whleh ll kepi
the itieirtiini ttta of the liilte.! BtntM Signal Station, on
theroof ofthe Itonnlor I.M-li:ini:e Building, wan blown
nf. ..tl tanlatanl Otrang. ni tin* station, narrow |- mr
caped bcinc blow"-from the roof. Ile eal eil him?elf by
tlfoiH.ini; the fain curiL-e. wiih li be WOO flt tl itu--. lt fell
Int.. th.* aati-iet. Many tree-, aitrtia and fen.in were hlown
down, but no Mrioua damage li reported thu*1 tar. Tbe
storm w.ih |in-i riii ,| in milli weather, The bar.ei
fell at ll p. m. on Saliltilrti III tiU.^IM, .ott.' I'll III th"'
?ca level. Thli ia the lowe**! .Ince Hie Blgniil Btallon a ii
eetalillebed, ct nepi In ht cenilv r, I-"."?. when the Itarom
etei ihowi il lill,inti lt tli'-'Ui m. to-day Hie ? lad irai
riled at rt velociti ef -ian tI!" an hour, and lt If- av
era-ted fort* n Ilt ? for thc lu I twt nt* boura, rue Hgi i
offleel think. Il will Wow hard all bight
Pin linstwiii, Def. 7.-A tcrtillf "nitiliii'i"
ti.-i-ittt M..w hie ttl tUlgntghl In-t Hight ttti'l
*,..? ,.??ti?,?..| n'l -'" on- itonn hi
lie--tl Hie foal t loll'tl '?'. I '"''' '''' '"; ""
|. '..-I" . Ill ?.Ititi -. , ? i' tiri - "ll
hil Hi ilium, ul,..I,i*u IllMWtl In *- "" '' ll I ''!"?"?
.' .I * wr.al,.,|
.,.,,( ,.' ll.'??' ', ll
Hliietli il hil.Mhii ?? .ii ii li ii '?"."
- I i.'"? ' * '' " ' '" ".
. ' ? ' III . .ll "' '
ll. .i '.' .I ll I' Hill1!
??' ' .
i . i i. is in ami 41101 ll HU I If.
I lu t,l,.!i ii uni lien ni,ii num.In.' illil nm
el,I, lal.I, .1,1.1.....i ll. |,,,a,l,l, .. 11,1 I,-II. ?,",' el Hu
I I. \a, .,,11 I il I,. I, I I ia I I.,,I, || .ll I ll.
at,tl M.ni ii,ir kl., at .in Iii i.- li il |. lilla, nil .tint le11,, il.Il
,i Hilt ali I. ilia, in l|l| III ? ll a i WO* h, ia lull.. I ...I lal lu*.
t'llllll.ll.-Mlllll'l .I lie 1,1,1, I, ll Ile.I ll ..,,. itt I ,
ll, l-l.' |i ill .ile, III ll .Hi, I tain.. I.Ill li III ililt a 11,1 lial
fill MU ll I- ll U.l . M I lee I I.l llj Tl li, Hill III ll < 1,111* -I
iii ??The Hi,," >iurliiili il im- .ni mnl i".t
lt* keen for ililli - lu Mimi 'li"
Hui il.un.mc to lt na- eel limit Ol! ul - INI
lin- wind iiia-w down In.ii icm ea. ti*-.-?. and telegraph
|n,lea 111 \ .ll lena- part, el lil i.ui,,. li. lill lin Hillel mtIoui
damage ??,. tim:,-. 'I hr ii.uni < iimnlainte wi ve m.ul, bj
th, i, ^ li li -ii. i if the "Hooded d itrl.'U." and Hie nei il ol
tin- projected rein I eeweri wai linne apparent then
I oir nh lilllie trouble wu. experienced with ll.* wirral
nf Hu- Weaterit Union Telegra ph Company lui ulght, bul
aa bnelneae w.i>- light, aall bi nerally ta mi (tutula) nigh! *.
lui --.aec- v. ,ie lillie dela \ ni. The trouble kel 111. il tn Bl
lend In all din etlune, The v.a-u i ii a ma .ere mil work
itu: well, and neither were ilma,- went (,f Rnffalon-nd
llttahurg. one nullo did n<>i eeeut... i..- In a woree ? wi
ditton t li_a.ii another, bal Ibej nil appeared t?. bc well
Hli_kcn np.
owin_-1*. tin itorm of Saturday m.lit thc Kail Klver
?teamer did no* reai lt thia eity until yesterday ,i 11,til">n
huvine anchored in Newport harbor over night. Tha
stiitiiiitton boat waa .rn tiuie aud tue Noi Wiall lio.it mut
hour** late.
lltr IKI.KU.aAI'H lt) Uti: TnlBI'N .1
Thkntok, Dec. 7.?Thc min ?torin hero los!
?tghtwoeoM nf thc eeveroel e\|u t nm -.-il in yeare. li
did a peel deal ot damage, blowing ..il the roof ol Tinta***
Son.' w.Killen null, pal III de- Ir,.;, '.uk the MW Eagle en
put ho im-. twtatlni and tearing the telegraph utui tele?
phone wliee, flooding the milan "f dwelllngi In meny
perta of tbe city, amt citlngulahlng tba furnace Ieee In
nearly all the mills and foundries. The Morai raged from
7 tn tbe evening mitti midnight, when, fire bi uke o ut In
Ihe nonie Robber Compeny'i workeon the eenal1 hank.
eeer Ca ea at. The Ire-alarm wini failed to work, hence
il..- aegtaea had to be lummoned by meeaengera. It w??
half an lunn In-fore the Aral CUgllie Bl uni. alni I Inri ti- -
flumes were ahoottag Ini'li mit nf Hu- factory. 'I Ile bulld
tag and iis content* were cnuetimed, and the loee will
reach WO.OOO, noon which tbe Ineuranee la.aboul
Irf.i'o.d.Ki. Tbe Are negau lu e pile of gueaainer clothing
whieh thy in the .rw jiu," room, on Hie iircoinl floor ol lite
building.* The building waa heated throughout by ^d nm,
ami it i. coneldered a inyetcryhow thc (ire -t.irteii.
About a linn.tret cen ana ni ti-* were employed In tbe
w.uk. They sta i_naw_ out of employment for ut leael
six weeks.
Pittsfield, Mas.., Dec. 7.?A tire iu Bur
ttank's block to-day canoed damage to the (.'ondit ta *-u
a-tores ninl u furniture company's wareroom-t. Tho
Are atarted from the overt arni nu of a kerosene etove Ul
ene of the stores, The furniture company li the lieu\i
eit loser, lt has insurance. I ha total los'ra is $-.iUmi.
? ?
lin i;:tr.t'itAHi r,, mi, i unit sk.I
St. Tai i., Dec. 7.?Mn. J. B. Mills, who lived
? few alica from A"iit:i!!. Dakota, and ber thrtc-y eu old
child were burned te death yeate.nlar, Cbc wai "tri
int ont" lard and lui rlothinfj caught, Thc hotiN wai
Baltimore, Dec. 7. Fire to-niyhl deetrojed
a large frame ataMe la south Charlee-et, belon-r|*i*i te
Thomai lionlen. rum boueee, belonging to Mr Donlen,
In front nf thc stable were badly Injured Thc dnntrtce
was rfj.iMiii. nm) full\ Insured.
lt,,-i,iv. it.-, .7. Howard Rrothen'two Ire ba
Wllt.-rHlM.il. Wll'l C.I.I tlii,a of iee. Kele ,',<t,.n, ,| I ? ?
but night. Loee, *i.(iun ? lueurnnce, fV,.'.
iv 11 ii (i .Hi e. ; Millner, wen- di*-* m i nd jrreterday
morning in M ?i Mnndy'i Item ai t'anneeragu, and
Ht*iiieii a i ne, ,!,,?.,! .ail.,,,-,!. the horn, with n Itutuu
and Mlindy*e hmiae wert ii Ul lyed I ?? -. | 1,0001 tin ti?
ls tm Inittmnee
I Ul: IO //I/a nt | / OtSONERi
"nr ti' ? -n ii ii )tl Hil M 'H -fie i
Winn W I 11 c. \S il . Ihf. 7. DHU III Un
"" ? i '??"?? - Hinl.iii .?? hl-lnt-i ' u.
I"" .I ll ?? |l."l . .* ?? ll
11.li.I. .1.1 . Illl I I. I - III.
ell tnIttO ill.I?l,I ?}, ,.,. | ||,,
..ell,, I Ul- 'I -.I. ..I|l? ,,- .||| ll,I- |.l.|, I, !.,..
tj.il,I ll.l. o|i?|il?ll|.i na.ll ll. i,.le. IUU ea I,,.al
iii.lou, nil .t- iii i .ihi '"' ' 'I" lal lu ? lill ?>
In Ile |.1 .1 .,1 ll.fl.,. I | , ,|l ll,, ll, al
,u,,i.i,i. i brea!lu-it hal Iwl ll.Hil .m
*aniL,.,| jill Un i HM Iel iv. . ' - ll,, i.
? ,,,,11 I,, fail) .u 'i ?"..i Mum lim 11,1 i.i .
|t||l| 1,1, , I di a,I Hill ?*., ? lllllll III] , a .. || I. , i lu
jim!. i. iud alihutiaii ilu < 'im i"i i -a ii lu iu
lin. il ir, i u> .. Imil lin, tin I'hyelflaill |ii,iie, i< I,, eil il
ell ,i ilium |..il-,. uiii. ..ml Hie girl'- ItliUIKcli Ii.i iain
leal to Milwaukee fur chemical aualreti it ia lu-lli .u
tti.it ,i,nu- ,,,,,- i,,I-. I,ei ii iHirenlna Ihefamtlj lui yean
vs im ii,..i |,ii.-a,in in imii,i.i> pretend! tn ia]
lui tii ni.itMH Tit .-UK ininti nb.!
Columbi s Dee. 7.?Mis. frederick D. Mo?
mi j, Hutyoungeat flenghti rof ai-Oevernor feater, left
her hii-li.'iiul I a-l Spring and tetiil'lird to Int lalla Ta
home at I'li-Iuna. lin -. jiaiatiott at Hist semi, d to he
nothing mon then a loTer*! quarrel Mr Poeter, ls a
pabllahcd Intel i lew, laid the blame fut the aeiuualioii on
Muaoey. Now Muaacr haa received eottoa that hix wife
haebrougbl lull tor divorce oe the giwuida of wilful di
lemon. Tbe lial iiilnmitloii hi hud Hut hiti wife eon
teroplatad this action y.a* contained in au Interview
with the e- Oovi mo:, iu whleh be charged Muaaej with
lunn.- iruiiiy ul a Kreat many Ulinga, um,mp tin- reel, neg
it-it nu; hf w ife. Mus-e*, wm greatly iiirprlaad te hear
of bia wife's action, .ta he had atilt boped Hutt they
would again ii\> together. He ctrargee ina father-lu
law with wrecktug hie home, aud prumleee to make n
bvely defence, when tbe eaae cornea to trial, lt is even
(?ml that he will attack the Governor*! private life", In
retiiiu for what tboOovernor h.ia aaid about him.
[UV lt l.t., KA I ll TO THK Tr.IIU'NK.]
Bt. Pail, Dec 7.-Kit mus have been filed in
the Cul ted Stat ea Circuit Court froa the Motrtct Court
ol WnmUyohl Ceunty,la Ifteea lulu fur da-maa agalml
Hu ."I r.iul. Mun,i;i|..lia and Manitoba lUilroad (om
pnnjr. 'ru. ia ora the ..? Ueni m*ewlng eal of the Atwater
dlaaater of Jone84, lOO'I, when thirty werkoMn were
killed iiml twenty eeriouel) Injured b) _n accMeal to _
gravel train. The amis were begun iu thc Ulatrtct Court
oi -ft'anuiyobl County >?ij loot x*****
- ?. -
nix r_umiAmi i" ni', ranon;!
IMlii.AiH.i.rniA, Dee. 7.?Jay Qoald'fl Hltain
'n.iii Ai.ilaiila. whieh hm Otto uverhauli-d at Crauip'e
?It | aim ka, uiii leave on f-.itiinlii, for New-York. New
foul un ]ii]iee have been puted beneath dee.- ami
aae.ltlc Jtklit and bell nitre run from eteiu
lo strm. Tin-re . ls B new steam launen, <?>-? ?
lng 97,000, thirty feet In length, SSS feet I" BBS, (chet*
guaranteed hy her hull,1< ts tu lt," IBS fastest steamer Sf
bCT dlBSDBSlOBS ulb.at. Mr. Chinbi, ta oouvcrsatinii ii HI)
Willlaia (ramp, ihe bead of IBs ana. sold Mist be nail
been offered *~<tmAnjo more for the Atnlsnts than ??"?*?
him an,I Hint the boat wm worth >. kmi.im.o more, lill**
wss .lire, Uv alter she Won the race. Thc Atalanta will
remain In Noir York until Kchriinry. when she will BBBS
Mr. (ioiihl anti party to Southern waters.
DISCUSSIONS OF 'nu: sri:-co.MMrrn:K.
i'i:i,sp(tsi:ii railway viiom vivi to biamkv
I' (ll MR tttSSOtPS lOOH'Or-AL.
BBBUHj Dae. 7. ihe Congo sub-c inniilt'O nave
discassed(leaatal Raaford'i scheme fora railwsj
Irotn Vivi to Stanley Tool, and have di redo.I tliat
tbfl freight rate shall bs reduced, il BBW bolBg
placed St MAO pitt Um. Tho scheme proposes tbies
iniiiis t'o-t, aionir tbs eataraets of lbs tower
I,,,.en; se, omi. by ii riv of Alitun noni OfJOWai tbnrd,
hythe Nindi Kititu basin. The sub committee's
report proposes tbatths navigation ol the Coobo
Rivet sad its tribotarles, sad also tbs traffic af s-do
eanalsand rnilawjri shall lc lue. theonljduties
imposed shall bo SUch ni shall lt.- sui!I den I to meei
the expenses of navigation and traine. The .om
in ii (.?,. -ii .?;.,? .|.. timi tho ni ki ti :> tois ot Heni-ral "sb
furd'fl railway be gi veil parantounl power, with tbe
i cht to iron--'icr to-i c-mpanv, mid ihe Interns
I ional t'llltltnlssii n. alien np poi n tel, may liefiillate
ri lorin to cti-trM,! I be i l;l S rn . ? 111 -1" ? t I ? > Iherip
Plo. ni ol tb,- lotti, |. tn c lin- I'nu'la nen rilo
Mltrl ??????I ,|'"ll:"lt Rrj 111 Hie ttl'Mll1' ttl til*! ?'"O'"
spil u nt.-ii Hie ec ,-, ,o;,.,t ul kits havifisl. Islttli ?
11" .? ie . io ...("e. prnpcisali ,.t iii ni. .1.i ht
. ll ; lu.? Hi ll Hu ill Ul
.? ?? '? ? i .| Ism!.I Hi
Itli .ll \ I ii ;'"'". ????' ' ? "? ll '??< ll
' ' 'I "I. Ill lit *.""' U'l. ?' I " "' "
I ? , . '
Ni it. i ? .lal.'" it"i".*
tb tilt,a io a ....I ililli.-??.lill
III, ,,,,11 Ile,, el Ile. I. .ll. .lil , el ll.,. I MRI
ti hu i, I,, a iii .ii.0 ,., h., i hush . .,,,,<,,.it
III .1 ,i , i |. ll, I,,.,,,, Ul , a,.sa I ,,l ll,, ii la let li ll, lo
i,, assure Hu i, 11 ii bi . i "i,,p,, , ,| in 11,, pi ulm I
thal ,1 lita lal ,1 I,,,, IN nc, , h ,1 , a I ., ?., , I, I , I t a.,I ii, hi
ila nu, I a ,ei isl ll : li. e, I,,,,., I !>,,,., I ill pah |
|,,l*l| ll*. Ilia , llrlirt M Manie, .ll lilli Ililli...
linn ol a I, ia i,, I, (if (fin HY.nl li-h I .cilia i Ioctl .-oi I' lt
al liiili'le, I.t I 1,1.1,1. salli lbal I'm I ll- tl had lin
tt ai lani lol il,, i ia i ii is put fm nani In (Ci lain light*
lil Ibo Congo, ll Si i in, tensions More a.I ni il led Ile
result u,,,il,| i.c lal ,1 tu the development ol lbs
Congo, ll,- .is-nroil bis audience that lbs Con ga
As,,, lotion oas not ins! itu (ral limn sellish motives"
bul Inl' flit' 1.1.mint li.Il <>i Hie pl or- pel 11 I SUll c.. il,/..
timi nt all Ult, I lill . \ ell tllslio-r-.l all I in Ol', Ile
people America, (lermany ami aunt brr po uer had
recognized Hie assor.iation. Mr. Manley Inrtber
saul he wonld do all lie could to fm ti.ii, thc
designs ..l Potugal.
_ ? >
Rome, 1 ><?<?. 7.?Tho Vatican hus snit ra to
fiii'inal cniiiiiiiiioe it,,,ii iii the Brltlsb l-'nreign OlBee,
asking tit ii English Influence be ii-e.l In f>tfln .uni other
Cl, mc-, ? p roi inti, tl eonlii* to stop the | ri see litton ol
Catholics whit li is hom ..oin. nu in tlial country.
"TBe Pope to-day gove S private audience tn'the Pro
reetorof tbs Nunn American ('nib-go. Ho soaks ls
affectionate lenna of the work performed bj tlc Anni
lcaii lih-raiehy at tbs I'I. uaiy ( nuneil iii I:.litlnu.r.-.
Kcimk, Dec. 7. SiLoior Mairlintii, Minister of
linallie, ha* itiuioinn cl in the I li mil,tr ,,f lupton
I loll le,IIMI ll-I al,illili; Ihe a,l\ >?;-,? I ntl,lenee ot tile chilli'!':!
cpnleiille the lel'|e,t Will not llinlt'i, ,lei:, ll. Hee-n
mated thal the na, ip:- will in Inline Milli,a- tn inept
beith m.hilary sad e\lin',rdinaiy espouses without re
rourse to loans. The economic eonclltion ol Hie rountrj
is continue!!*/ Increasing, blading i,, the hope that the
co, i nm,ni will bc enabled to convert tbe n-Uecuiabli
Sinti\ioi mr Cnn t, Doc 7.?rUQalveston,
Au explosion of ti) ii amil ? ot cn in il iii (inc nf the | rim I
pal atreetsof tbl4 etty on Kinlay. Thru- onason sada
bojf were instantly inn,,i.
Paris, Dec. 7.?A toge meeting of ninon
ployed Workingmen Mas lu hi imlay at tho .-.-iib
Baviere. The meeting wss disorderly, sat there hu
been no rioting repoi led.
I it r l KLi.'iiui'ii to rm; rio hum:.!
Clkvki ind. Dec. 7.?Tho committee n*i
potated t.y th.- llrtsad l/xlgc ,,f the Order of the Hom ,,f
si. tleorge to frame ibe n rsl areatbssnt by (jasen vic
torls ss a eoatributlon to tbs Qaraeki obsequies report?
ed last evening thal their oort had been completed For
two year* the designer h i* been at mule upon tbs (rame,
anti a* n historical work of art lt ls o! much raine. Tho
wreath of colls lilies, or rather Ksacsonterpart, la ls
closed ta abeevj fiann- of Kn-rllah nak. TBe wood la
taken from s tree tbat stood for 3W) years Bad wss cut
down bj the British st the battle of is at,ol,,,, to build a
bridge, lb" frame ls srtlstlrally engraved withoab
leave .except across the lower burier, where rone* the
Queen's favorite flower Intertwine with the bnllyhoek.
At 'lie i,,p ,,i thi fm ms I.graved thc .word anil shield
ami bible, surmounted by tbs sorter, on Ihe right tbe
i ? tte il -'.,t. i. oal of ann-, and on thc lett the English
.oat nt ann- Belo*) I- ? gobi plait bearing Ibo pre* fl
tatton word ol the order to Ike family cf the President
Ai ross Hu top are the it iinln nf th- motto: " Until Hi ll
iiul mal] pence," and on the lower bonier: " Straugiiln
t ri-|iuhilrH." I bl* frame i* a contribution from
mi the lodges >,f tbe nrdei in the United States,
s i i .nos pit. v. A dispatch front Baltillo,
Mellon, ssys that ni en received there tltst ths
?, ?> et i ;,n eino! Msdem ass arrested al Psrrns last r., ck
hi soi,ih is si ling undi i sealed orders, f"t hst log lu bis
1 ?? Sllppl] iii BUIIIIII
hltlon :"??'"?.,.hu mi al the., sod 'it il
.? ' h-ri . i.??',,, hs .? ? tn ls
?l-'le I ? ' ' !| Ul il slfsosl 'I ill}
. .' '? fl) SSllllIrl lil '. Ul' I el t le I ,. I'.II
> ic ll us.iteiiii tin i "'? "t1 rsi I '
1. ann I* to lakt his lest of IH in ? I
iiiul In il ll. ul ?'" .len., .led bi .
|||| , o -,j HlUrrl I'l.e'l le |.la. . II. ,.
i. _
I HI.ni i.ll St ll \,>t L I I I I
hil.il l\ Hil I I M.. III-.., |..I,' lil |;,,l Ai.
IUI I I I , .el, ,1 I'I I ill. , HOI, ,? I
Itl ...lll>l|.iN. lb I. 7- A llla'l.lllll M.. lt,,I
ll lilli, ll, lloni "i.ltetl, nay-, l|l.ll ol J III Mils Ile,,,,
o,i-i i.i' I ,.l i'..ii. i il.ka, ..I I hal pl.t,, .li . i ii,
trout door ol Mo,n BsByer*! rlutblng sion spsmaad
thinking barf l-i I -? ville ll,mile, illicit il Alluna! al Un
-?tn., u,riiii.i ..iioii.ii nih,, i Bowed Baker sos last las
nat tloot u.ii open unit als,, wont lu mi thc miine ol
1 .iiul- Hf hui piiio i,ii|> a bille way when SS hf.nd
a iel a- uni saw u BUM lit thc ,|nn light ti j
bag t" "I'u B toot. lin Immediately orloil
hull ami, raeeivtaaj bo aaswsr, iiicd. Ta bis borrer bs
found hl? brother ofHi er weltrrisg rn hi* bkmd, aad ?'all
lag help-.i,.ni Mi. iii,,.,'a conveyed to bis home, lt
was fonmI hat tlie billie) hail cnlii -eil al I he |aw an,!
p.ihsci back, lodging in Urn nook, lt la thought Brooks
will til,-, a-.I poisemlng i? Imminent. Ile Im* alway*
been a brave officer and l* much respected throughout
ll,.- town. He ls a son uf Jostles llmuks, formerly .1
Sheriff of Tiogs County. Tbs burglar* ssesMd wits ^
int of new cl jibing.
un noKoKiiii I., rn miasma.i
PorciHK RBI-BIB-. Dee. 7.?It is now liclieved
Ilia! tho man ulm wa* fuun.l dead at denham was John
c. Oreeaard and that he esambBsd salslaa, LSSBsn
found In his trunk at Unthill.I. Vt., show that ho had a
stater ta Dansvllle, M. J. A dtspoteb from Mrs. M. A.
Jones, BIS houdini: house keeper Ot I'ttuland, sayi. thill
he Man Seal ll) In dclit.
Pktkkhi IBO, Va., 1 lee- 7.-Nc\v8 Ims burn rc
o.i.e.l hore Ibrsflgrb J. B. Hilton, ? merchant of '?WSS
County, lu touthwe-tern Virginia, who ls now In this
city, that the plapuc which has camed such mortality In
that section of the Btalfl ls m,w on lhitiio.rea.se. Ho
say* thal BM asea -lOO ami moo persons have died of thc
disease, rang ?K lu ??'' ,r""' '-?"'"' Ul elf-lity years.
ISTTKLEe.RAril TO I iii: iKini'Nr. 1
Piiii.ai>k,M'HIA, Die. 7.-'riic Comiiiomvc'ilH),
ths chief Democratic club of the city, has gained ninny
new members since the election It ls an eiclusiie flSsi
high-toned organization and lt Isoipeetfii that it will
now take a rronilnont part In the soolsl Ufo of tho city
Before election lt was imt at all thc thing io ho bBOO B BS
a ile me, erst 01 Philadelphia, but now li ii lu cn lieut
Mli>ij_Mjr l>l?lUtlJl<,ll? IjV WIUU.
inv nueun t.) th? rnnon.1
Coi i mmiu, Dec. 7.-Thc fn<! Unit tho symli
catc bau eitnbllBhed llfty cent* an the price of mining in
Hi.* ?Ibm now .paroled bj* thom, wk.atpntlaSOO
ena mid mire daily, la makhlg un Impression on HMM
who depend on mlnlnc fora liv Imf. All ,-\|?-, inti.ma ,m
the part of th,- |,||,. mtiman that a MgWt rale (Ul tninin r
omi be obtained from Iha Brereton who have not yet
tilled tinir talara with forelgi labor appear bopeleaa.
llie a- iuiii-.it,. grill n?t ,i,.|,1, .ind nn. bow eanerting with
the titmoatconfldenee that their object ha-bern oeeom
i'ii-he.1. Mr. xv. h Brooke, ttu* I,,,,., agperteneedof the
mai operator! In the Hooking valley, aaid i
"The min.-ia ,Ml, flM1|Ml ,,, ri ,^Nt ,??. ditnani!-.. We
eennot pay more for mining than the lyttdlenteli now
paying to-,1,,0 1, hm) ulnera, ali of whom have itgned
th.* r.niit.iet. 1 tnam thet tha mitten eon make good
woe.- nt t(,U p,|,.,., a?,| lf v?? VV||, ,.,h?
tile tl,,|||,I,, t,, ,?.,, Ht lu'nt eotlr booka of |W77. when th..
pt lei' piiid waa liii) ..m. a tonwlll heeomo convinced
ai the truth ol mj aaaertlon."
Mr. brooke tnrned to thebiioki of 19T7, " vnw." said
'ko. "teka tho account 0* William R is-.w, who ia new
taking ri i*n.I!,,,.- pnri *-?-??_ ,|,,. itrlker*, and begin with
Htr month "If \ifrttat."
'* " ' """id tbnt tn Hutt month Mr. Brenn hod Intned
I ' l teni, for which he received I0-3T, le 1 bli itnre
?te. .1 tint rn ?*!>? Ul |? s-pt. mle-, lo- milted "tT'i I.I,
'. "''"' ' ' ll!l 'i t, ,, - |? "..,- ,.?|,., |?. .,,|.?.,| |,?,
?nd In Iveetnl,,-! ?( |a:; |,,- ,?..,. ,| :; t ihl Itt*
;i' ' IHtlll llwllll '"I '""U lila 1.|(|||- '-I..1
HlHe-nl liitfi-n- '
* *' ' ' . 1 . , .1, . . ,i.
ll ?? ?
. I .' ? ti"'. .?
.HW ll ...
"' - . Hil ? ? ll ?? I.I H.
*""? f "? . --.-- 1 .
''?"* .it? . ? iii ? n-i, 1. ii
? ? "--e..,af, ll, ((im j I.,, . ,., , '-I lilli ll.
Itu) Inri ?,. .,? r-i.i
1 ??"" ''?'' ll.lill 'I lil Ile . .,!,., ,, ,|.?|. ll, \.
18 ''- . ? - * pii u.ie 1. 11 . i( Mm*j iii ii,i? 1, in-,,,
Inna, N.ii, u.l,rr. I l.i', I,,.,a. I.,.,,, Ih,
Mel.'"I Iii Hu .an,. |? ned it.,-, fj , ,1 I,,nulli
liciilita tin uillird tn \ii.u-l I 17 '4 Ullll) S.-pl. -mil. -i,
7'.*??. iona; 11.-1 oin r, ti"' u lana; Non-.r, Ul % toni j
H..ellli.i I, ti, I, |??,. ll,. ,|..|e .111 mr I a,,|.i_', il - -
.lana 11,mehi,,11, maa was Hun drawing pt Uar 1 and
had n better opportunity for winding oul coal than the
? iiiui-in, nu,,ned, nil oi w 1.were mining In a room,
put (Ult III AUgUSt, I Tel'4 tmia ; M.-pU inlier, lT'^-j loila J
(tel,,ber, lil tuna; November, lilli-.. toUH ; llreeiiibei.
1:104 tone. The average al hie BMinthly oreount foe
merchandlee and eiuenweduring the Ave mouth* w.m
fal.1 a month.
it ie not known how min h mon' merehandlae waa ,011
ititncd 1.) ihe un n mentioned. The exponaaa given lu?
cinda all thal wa* pin, ibaaed I*) them al Mr. Brooki'i
WIIAl nu: upi it nuns ARI DKCIDRO 1 row
?"1 he Imewledge that .un- minara emt make fair wmcoi
at lifty 1 elita pei Iou," said Mr. Uroona, ?? leuda na tu malle
lifry eenie the Mandari price fer the valley tor one year.
We have . 1. iv reeooe to believe that we eon furaleh our
miners ateady employment and would rather employ
them than tm ti wlm aro una. 411.ii ti I ed ?>. i: li our mode of
nlnlug. Hui we meet deatmy tba prceent Htate Aaeoeliv
imn. lt luis handicapped ug for Mvernl year"., lt pre
ituted u- from tuijoylug our natural advantage*. We
lu\e no objection to the formation of an ai
-..elation of minere wii. object ebal! be to
protect the Inliareete of Una valley. Tillie uro a
Bomber of niluan ulm,, 1 would noi boeltetn to euiploy
wu hom requiring their elgnatun*e to t fW" eontruot. They
would adhere to the teran without algnlng lt Hut gen
crail) we Inelat on our propoaltlou and 11 retnalna with
til, nilli, 1 , t,, a, , 1 p| H.
?? There aro many miiieri who have a Hird opinion re
gardlngthe proeent union, those Idem*, for llluatratinn,
woiiiii.i mn 11.1 re with the political opinion of mi book keep
ei Von 1 mil. 1 nu more f.iUe ,1 itepubllcan "i him than you
Coull! ll) , lllld II ia fof our aelf plnle.'tlllll Ililli WC ll|a|at
en compliance with our ferme. Their acceptance would
pm\r lien,?11, n,l to ihe miner*. I.aat winier, when
mining wai HU 1 en te u 1 in, tbe average cm nu ge par niau
waa only g25 a month, while al SO eeuta for munn;: In
I*" 77, WO War. aha Iii furilleh ere pin) nie nt th ri I e.a.. rited
double that amount e month for each mun. We ehould
like to are the miner*. .1, r-ipf our piopoaltlotl. and we will
contribute our part toward reatoring good will um! har?
mony, wlure now only dlecord end h.iU'. d Mema to have
Kctlef to the mlnera ii now coming In from quartern
win,Hy unlooked for. One hundred and tiffy ,lollara wan
rc,-a-ived in the Minore' Cent rill Keltef Com?tittce ut
Btraltvltle, from the eoe boy a .,f Te soo.
? -
U A.KiKi:* 11 11 muk ks lin: CAt.'si-: .ii-- tnt: nn-'i-i
1 ri. 1 ii-. -..
Pretfdenl M. St. Greene, of Uk* Hocking Vol?
ley Railroad, who ia iii Um iii), win a ked -featerdajr
about tin-lui." strike of con I tniiier.i In Unit region. At
lirnt he waa inelin.il nut to eav anything, bec. BOB lt
might ba mleconitrucd, but Bnally he aaid:
? The iii t thing I went to bnprooi on yon li tiwi we
have no air ike or lockout in tin* iir.linarr aeiaeplanee ttl
tii.it tenn. < mt nettie la i very favored one for mining.
Tbe eoat drift! are hlgb up In Hm billa, above tbe water,
Hie yetna ute thick, - UM <>l ttntn eleven fief. A* :\ mu
Mi-ipti-nee a nu ncr iii mir a. alley c ni takn OUl a .Ol deal
more coal than In other localities. Borne years am we
Introduced mining mnehtnery there. Tba unions pm
' led, and for four yaw* the machine, hare been kile.
That waa ai*,mt tim beginning of the prea.nl atraggle.
tin tha prui of the owaen and opera tore, lt li limply
a ipie-11,111 w belber thej are i" be 1 ermltted to run their
bow property lu their own way or o.t. Tho Miner*'
Union, ehertly ofter tha machlnee were dleeouTlnned,
hegnn forcing men In en na, whether we wnnleil them
m uni Tinta, if a mine eouM lind work comfortably fol
1. , men. ti..-; ineleted an putting In abonl. rbi*
m.?nut half-time wort fur all. Then they would >n,uote
the watte" em ned en heit llhM kt ehew hew poorlj Ihej
geri remnnerated xx,- round itboul a year ago. wh*i
Commodore Harrison'* ti.uml eal BM ned down tu
Marietta, I brough Hw 1 itnbrldge regbiti, Ihnl wwi
.I ha l-ilil down lu Tole I 1 elie i| ei Hi mi.1 1 h
1 ti*iii>iiiii;.- .iia<ti-t mine bun loot velnes iva
.."I'll erm I.t"ee >l-e . e-.l ll , , -it | |t I ttl.
Utan ii- ' ? ???" Hu] it ?'?? ' ?" ? "' ' .no ei uti
-.. ' iiiui "i".- <*? ..*,?'.?' I in 1 ti 11
..-.-. .1 lu.1.uki' Hie t.Hal li -
,1, liri ?. ? iii ii 1.1 mull ll.*ii ' 11
mitti ,?t . lt) 1.Hill . '.' .fl l"
1,, lae' ?? .i.j.i.f.i .Iiii Inn -i I*-, lil?
li i,i. ...I-. it.?-... -. ..ii . .11
. 1 lu i-n Ill -I Heil rn'"- I'.' Ij
|| el. ti, al I |,|| Wil It-eil . I-"' "." '?" . '
ll. || |||| I Wiall l,|.e.Mill ,1 .1 l|,|l lill I
I. I,, a, , 1. niue I. Ih .tn Billin ... 1. 1
.,,iu,i rte replillj ??-> (meeible we 1.1.tinilli
ll,Ml Ot: ell,,I,I l|ll III lIU, lint,, lill nilla mil |<llt I lill |>! ll I!
. li .. 1...1. jilli 1 up nu. iniui . .mil ? un
. 1 lal.* nu.1 mlneri mjni| iibvi * 1.'?"
, .... -III. lb I Ul all IU U U .fel.,|M ll .*-! I ill." I I LC, Kl li, III
,1, pren. lu linell,naa ul tho dirtiueiiw iii mu tavoi ul
biking uni 1,in "i .viol! ii" I md ul theil ? 11 imii, lim
Ililli. . ll Hun lill 11.11 i-n mi Hil. lux 1111 niall .un,.le ll I nail..
nun ii,,-*.- paiild .iii have beau kepi ruiialui 11 limy
bad been permuted lo eugego labor attbe priuei al
uiiiei, i,,i?ir Hiioieil Itaetf and eoe willing to auuage.
Winn the lual one blew out the ai edge .OgOl of Hie
Ililli mi lt 111W euul lm Ihil mouth WO! fl 00 per lu,nilli.
Thu fin 11.ir.* woe itop|ted b.-..ufo men working below
un- uiiiuii prlea wera ordered to itee by ttatergeniM
tou Wah freedom la work, tbcee luraaoaa could all bo
running to day. and give work to 1,500 men. Aa ,,,,..11
14- freedom io employ men ai wefloa Mtiafaetory to
Item la aecured, throe or towt ot theae furnaces will hi
niiee he .darted up. _
? The oetnol aituatlou In tho -railer le very much
inl-ici teaented in eenoatlonol reportatotba papera. I
have aecn lt auted tn tbe New Tort pupen timi I'-.OOO
minere ure ont "f ?"rK- There uro not over 1.tum of
the old iiiluept who will ever work in the valle) again;
-(Ki or 'nm ut the outoldeof the aeaperatc tbaractare,
who hu\e baan tiriti_- railroad brldgee, -houtinc Bl luardi
nnd eo min itt iiik other deprodetmno, may beaddedto
theoe. hut w ill never he i ermltted to reaume labor lu tho
vallev under anv iliiiumetinnna Bom. of them aro
n?w In mil, and ethan BOO. will be. There an no more
reonle out of work tn our aeetleu, 1. pniportton to tho
population, than ere ont ..f wort In any large ludual rmi
community now aflert^ hy ih.depreoowa hmm
tar HUMUMIk r"? 'hibi.nb.1
Pirr*aBi hu, Dee.7.?Emil Donier in .-tilquin*
icll.ratul cinpl..yineiit agent. For -ev.-ral montha lie
baa been funii.alilng Hie Hocking Valley operators willi
men. getting, lt In aaid, *.". for each man fnrtiiahed. Ilo
saul thut by the middle nf next week Im would bave pro
rttred all the men needed by the .?luupriiiy fur thc winter.
He lent twenty Iliin^'arUn- out toM ev-nlttg, and lu nil
han sent nev.-ral hiiiidred negroe-, Ilungart.wi* and other*
to thc Hulking Vaib'V. Mr Mi-Ctacki'it, th. ee.reiary of
the 1'oluiubun and Hocking Valli y foul and Iron < om
?nauy.eaye: " Wc only Intend to run the two miues at
Panil Kuti and Qarbou Hill Ihle winter. The atrlkere urn
.inlet. We OOUld have gol the moil of thnni back to work
mk the prleea we stmnt hnd lt Bet boM tat lh.la.flrn,
Men baie riimr lo me and laid they would be BM to go
b_,k to work If they were not afraid of Imlutj", killed by
their fellow-aurkm?n."
im ttutooATw ni nm WBiifl*!
tiivii.AMi, Di'c. 7.-A t'orri'Bpoii?l?'iit at
-prnwitll. ni AtUeiiH (...uiily, writee: " Thia little Bern
Ital surround Bael* house. I climbed over one of these
and cncoiiiiiereil the piniriuuntiT. ' Von will lind lt bud
eliiiugh.' said BO, ' there are just three fa lillies, out nf
more than nun in tho town, whoare not In al.solute want.
Tho others STS Mailing, rollin,ing the lead nf tho man,
himself an old Sillier, I "ailed at a number of thc houses.
or moo- properly hovel*, for there wa* scarcely a build?
ing In thc town, save IBS abandoned hotel, that could lie
dlgiiltlcd hy tho naineof a house*, tu tho little tumble?
down sin d nccupieil by the family of ' Camp * lillpln, I
found four sc,mtlly chid children to Idling around their
motlier, all tr;, lng to gel B liol" warmth out of an old
broken oMbselora There was no conic atm,) hi IBs
room and uni) one room In th" house. Th. re were |WS
dirty heda, four elmira, a tallie and aclu -I nf dimvi is in
the mom. Tho light enid l,c seen between tho boSlSB
that fm noil tbs s|,|,.,,| the laSSeS Bad lhere m, ie hoi, | ia
the umrarpeted loor largo e-noiigh for a eal to Jump
through, lin.ry fae- bars unmUtaksMe ilgns of starrs
Hon. ' We get slittle flour, salt, pork, eofft-e urd once In
s widie s piece of soap al the romuilsaary'a, sahl the
-roman, ? ant lt hardly lasts us tho week, through. The
last two weeks we bare had enough mich si it la' Tbs
nest house wss that of John Delano. Ka has si*-" per
sons in als family. 'I draw from the Coinmi.*-sary, -aid
bc,'every week a-*smsll ssck of flour, a pound or a half
I",nu.I ?.'rori,.,., and a little nieceof nail pork, shout i*
big na ni* lind. 1 entilii Imf as tmn-li r.Mjel st S Hors, If
I had iiiom -, i,,i s i ai. If | ever gel io ours again, I
uni pu at the rule or Bits month for thlflhoiifle lowe
(but much mon every month now.' Ilelsng's house has
UH Wl)l los and v. as .veli pooler than . Ol phi "*. I lo mig ll
ont the viihue a repel li lon of these scenes aaa wit
a. -.I
?? Home of the best fauns iii ii,i. nelghbi rhiiod are aest
st hand ami on thom ersto bord* of rattle and Hock*) ot
sheep, hut farmers sa-, that depredations bi the miner*
?ne rare."
iiEMcr.n **. mm n iv ii in r ?ii.a^? wmhks.
ll!) til ("O' tl ll Ll 1111- !l!l"l -.' I
111 I I UKI ."!li.l. |l" , ,' | hi- ll" -Oil.??:?*.I||?bll|l<
ih this bari ? the Ullin \ ills'.li
lill 'M ?!'.,' '....,..,,.,. .,,.
iii itial nilli .???? ii. "????
. in mi iii "??? ii , .i "?.
. I ? ? i.ii ii. > ??' ? ? i
ll.tutti I I hj Mn i '?
? ." fl I., II,,. ,1.1, ll,li l, le .al i a
I ? eel I. .lu, Ila, ll Ile. lill ll lb, 111,1
' ' lill I I.| | | Ul I!)! lin ll..!. -
""" UH 111 I].I. .I IO.,-. I Oil,p.,,,.
'.Hil 'le " I eo.p.tO. .11,, I ., ll, ,,,e, I. I Ol,,
pan, li i .i , KHil ii" I. Ilaire I,nhli t i nile
i.i Iii Hm Bon iiT.ot ' lillipilli], and lip i. un lila i
' u ll| ii i ? ul Hal ii a l nay, Sud I ahem lilas. ( itlllpaui
of RrillgC|,ll,.| Ihe li,ll,,he, ,,l mel,, hoys and giris ,till
I'I'Ot || I,, ll,, . ? lin,, . ls . ll Ml, Illili al, ail I Kin .oe
?ni.., iv in. I ie employ, ? ilmu sdlnp<nllloii lu i, sis)
Un iiiui..,, and lt i. pull..,ide thal Satin dai nltfbt mil
m.'I """" ia torsi. iii iieiu..tilt Oounty.
('ii.iiri.u-: wini iiii: -.rn rn.
I'im.Aiiiri.i'iiiA, Doc, 7. 'Hie I.'.stern Pig
ll,,ll A-sm I.tl loll, cmap ' 'd of fin a.,, ,? pi upi leilira ill the
lehigh and Schuylkill valle" s and Southern Nea -JSTSS] .
will imi,i a m.-, in,,' in this ,iiy shoal Dsssaibar SO,
Their intiLeitM aro due. liv illietnl hy e-ompctiiioii with
southern-made pig Iron. Tills Competition ha* bceoiiii!
io formldsble tbat these producers wiD, st the melting
lo he In ld in Ih.misc nf liv,, ac. ks, th". I o soul" mc.ni?
el nu a ling il. They propose to -tn.vi- that tiny aro kl pt
St gt'c it tbs.id'..iniagi- by the (Inures ti.py are compelled
to pay to railroad companies Iii freight, on coal au.)
other raw mat rial, au 1 tlie price of coal. TlldJ BBSCirt
thal liny ia.until further reduce the price of lat.or, as lins
Important factor iu pig Iron Baanufaeturs has slrosdy
I,cen *,pu./ed tn a point where lt barely receives salli
clent forexistence, in order to Ibrreel if posalbtotBe
csiisea of the disadvantage* auder ahtch they labor tn
nut Ung cou,pe: iti ni, Hoy will moko a direct appeal to
tho railroad enm,ia,nc i.an,I pan ieiilarly t"i tho Pliilad. I
phta ami K.-adlng Company, in whoso power tl.c inajority
of them are, io moke Bortala concessions for Uteir re?
lt will he shown in tho flr-"t plr>ce that they niitst pay
BOW fruin B*| 3U tn Bil .0 for lump cool and rate, of
freight which will ex.itwo cent* per mlle, while the
Southern roads hauling pis; iron to tidewater are
clad to rccive 0 mills for the same service, Under
these conditions competition ..uh tbe Huuthi rn product
bi Impossible, and unless tho coat of cool ls reduced to
1,1 0.", and > 1 To per lort, iiiul 11 proportionate reduction
io.,,h upon th'- freights Itotb in th" raw maier! tl and tho
manilla, tmci prodin ts io market, the closing of thc fur?
nace* i-' au Inevitable result. The railroad company
musi lose tint patronage and tbonaands .if mes s ul ne
thrown ont of employment. Estimates han.- been pre
paicil by some of the most experlei.<l manufacturers
in the sssocistlou, and these will show that the sverage
,?<>-I of freight io tba manufaoturer at such
indiistrt.il centres u? Seeding, Allentown ami
Harrisburg, and whiih are tho central
points ,,t the district embraced In the b'tist.-rn AssocI
ation, i* Sfl "jo f,,i' every ton of iron produced, rbis ,|,? *
noi mein,le tlie freight upon the manufacture*! article to
marker, Ner does ii Ineliida labor, inti-reai on Invest
.eland numerous Incidental expenses, which lu tbe
ag -lei.-a!,. uro ,., a,'. lui,,' a- 'noell ns the freight Item,
' the beal pines io ii.i tine i bj the majority of tbe fur?
naces In thc Eastern Association t<> cover this here cast
oi production are sa folloos: No.,1,8179817 IM); No.'J.
Slits-fill .a), ami S .. Il si ,. A- tho li.'l.t ?r ihe rumacoi
bi thc Mo. I quallti -!, ,??.? only tho proportion of '-'rt per
cent to tho whole, the inannfaetursrs elaina that tho close
inargina under which tir,-v are operating munt tie appa?
rent enough to cont lue ?? the railroad companies that un?
less something is douc for thi lr rellel thal they mun) shut
The Heading Railroad?om pour, it win be contended at
their meei lug, bas by Ita persist cul course ol high rates
on ,oal and freights, caused tho 'losing of nine tun,a, is
in the Schuylkill Valley on Its niain Hue, braving only
I III ec in I he entile va I'ev, iv h i,ll BIT ill opel 11 loll. Tho com?
pany cor, t roi* Tiy its ma 111 line ami bram hes lin- fm I sup?
ple' and freights "f aljon I forti seven furnace.*,
snd ol nd* number thirty-four sre kile.
those thal are In opel allott In moat
install,, s,-.,,,,, the 1,, milt* ol nb,tun- termed doriva
lite nita, Hui) |s ores tt hi ll ale -101 ale I tl po a l| tl ll'! I I
cent tn their pni|inrttes thal tbej ire saved the high
rates uf freight which others must leay. While thi sp
piai ls to la- made to the Bending Railroad linni inj for
relief moat especially, n cony ni tho same will he soul
to ihe Pennfylvanln a I lehigh Valley Rall
road companies, that Ihei mai be nrired
tn unite with the Head lng lu makin ? such rediii Hons lu
ititi 1 "i't tbej w iii foster a".1 em ?ff ir manufacturing
enterprise 1 un the lin nf tl.ml Instead nf 1 inbiirniss
lu." If the concessions asked bj'lbs r'a?tern rta
linn \ 101 lotion ure Man', it, lt I.I e tluiab il Illili lino 1 t
... 1 .. ' [a loll (If pig ll III III III" 1 ll as, s. I all pel
hm ii isl. ill IU* Si ni I 't.Il. heel) iltsell i-d
lbs iitamifiti 1.? "? I th rath ul authorities,
un I H li bi Ile) 1 Hint "ii" 111.i I iietliiti (imposed hi
the ns*... lui,,,, it Ml hai, HiS ft.?? ' df Ired
1 wu WU Ht u 1 hoi iii r m "I m i.
oriti h
Havan tn, IHm I - ?>,?... f\\ \>n>. u>- hhihb
...i 01.1 .. \.rim wna nu hi "??I 1.ii i..(mn
I" I ll .l| ' H.!? ? >ll|l| .|f I|H1 billi '.el'"t!| pe, "Oll|
Itl . .ie- || III jil USS no lint nil. .11.11.1 I I.ul,1.1 I...
,. ... ni. phut ?'?'" Hs si "i in bli 'ia'" '."
Slut ll. He lao .,,,, af 1,1,,, all, , HO I tl.I.l| IhS
I,,,,I, ol .I 11.1. I. Bi.I, Iii ll du tot il Ilia,, ol .ll,.all loll , H.t.
pld'eill |||| ell SI Ml,,,.,., hy Hu: nit . I I I.i , 1,1 I I.i I Kc
I hr. des, I Ipi lon ,i nt tl ct i ,1 lo 11,al ol Iii, ii, I sin,., parnell
... uno i i,ni,1.1 .uni no-i,o.i, i. in,,nNhi io i? thal of
Milli I . Who in Ml pp,1st tl i Hilt I III llSVl t ti lu Hill Hal Still ni..
|| I,, hate ll , I, tel,,,,I a,ul tifl, ,w,i ll I I I Im.i 1 ll III,,,'
t., n m. pa|ieis on tbs bod] ni In lb. haggagn left on ii,"
I !in|tl.> tO Illili 111 V Hie loall Suspicion potlltS tO il deli
p.l-siilgl. Ile si, a,.el, When,, ll,HUI] .iud lit st I,Uti loll
Will lill Willi IV ll.
IViur-j.\ioi ru, N. H., Dei). 7. Mucli cxeifo
bsbIhasbssassassdta south Newmarket over the ai
cgnl brutoUt] of William (iilpatrick tow aid a buy,
sidney Tanner, agc eight, whom ho adoplnl last Juno
mn who died Noi ember 10, The hoy in said lo hair* lie. B
iiibituaiiy sad crin-iiy bestsB by OUpatrlek, and al,out
november 1 was whipped on bil bare bash with .1
laiBSSSstrap. Th'-ehild alway* bon bruises up,ni hi*
[see, but always refused to tull their origin. Another
?mall hui lived with (iilpatrick. imi Bed to eseope bbl
.nita! treatment, (iilpatrick hastily hit town after
I ?i,mr'* death, hut it is thought action will at once be
;?keu to secure bi* arrest.
Washington, Dec. 7.?Kcprrsctitutivc Hitck
:,er. of Missouri, chairman nf the Committee on II.inking
inti Currency, will introduce to-morrow a bill tn suspend
tho coinage nf tho silver dollar. It repeals il part of IBs Bet
passed on February 38, 1878, in relation to monthly trota
lg,., directs lae Prealdeat to urge upon Urea!
Britain, cionuany and tho members nf the
Lauri t" ii om ' Hie establishment nf a onumun
ratio bstWeea gnltl Sad lllrer, aud sutborisss hun to
appoint any Ihiee ,.f the American Ministers accreditctl |
to tho courts of Karons to represeai the United st.it.-s at
such conference as ho may appoint, not more than
throe ip., ui ('oiiiuiissionerA to sttwsad stub soafsroaca
WasimnutoV, Deo. 7.?The Signal Siivicc
Ptatlon at L'hiucotcaguc, Virginia, report* ilia! the three
masted schooner Margareta May, bo,uni lo BSlllBMN
from tho Houth, with a cargo of lumber went ashore thu c
miles north of Keach lils Saving HallSBi .Mary land, at
IU p. m. on December c.. The crow sf eight men were
saved hy ths life saving crew at tl a. Bs, 'be -. hooin rs
master ls Is Jarvis, und ber owners ar." JuiiaUiau Ma*
oud Hons, of Philadelphia*
_ ur. i.x 14 tt - l i rik iv UtTiStRk 1 \JtWOtAAMTi
WITH Si:NA Kilt PI.r.||H.
It WM ascertain" 1 pretty dcliuif.-ly y<*ete-(la*f
what linc nf gt -finn lias, been <ln ul, -,| up,,n tpf
President. Arthur's friend, with referent*? to the
Vcw-Y.trk Sciintorsliip. At tho conference in
W;inhiiigtiiii, Mr. Ai thur persist'1 In rcfainng
tin* position, all olflbg iinputcil lo him, that he
wiiiilil nut cuter into ii Htrugglo or conlcet for tbe
place. Thereupon he WM Mfcfld what his action
would he in tl.mmp% that a tnajotilv of thc Re
pnl.li.aii iiicniliiMs af Um Assembly slumM . -lear ly
sliuw th'ii preference foi linn as a TflTPtftlfltl Ilia
reply ig iiinlerstooil |g hive liccti em li I hat Mr.
Ifuiren aii-l Ueneral Sharpe, have uti,id taken to
niik-a ut oiitt* a flioimttfii .asivaas oft c Ae-einl>ly
I i a.c eva. tly what, Nlrein-tli the President would
have itl case bo Ixv-uiic a eau.lid.ile. If the catl
v ass shown a fair piobaliitily of Ile Presidet't'a
a-.'ection hvMm MttvMi they confidently cxpeit
him to pi'iinit Mm nra." ol his name.
Ibis I. Mm cine.if report uptown ami it ie (??tn
l:r 11 rei I 111 matu direct loflfl I x-.-'en itoi ( Italie.* of
t nlorailn, ?hu nltirnml yest, rttxx (kihi Utthini
tuii, eavs that one ul Mt. Aithiils IrienU tn|.| him
that such it canvass wis pt h.* bWAitek Senator
Plnm'i. ot htittvis, niau bcir.l ul it lion *i lint lm
eimsvl, tell ant lieut i-- ,?t,r.-,-s. ?f?- ?sr? i.| ll ri I Pilli HP"
I'pilttet hist tllt-ht. hiMvevel C'lt lae (lilt lint
I eli..,.. Hi,. |'r, Utimi| ..vii,I I.,. I,..| ,,. |l. , , .. IH
I ll'l|.,.S.-,?r||| (lill,.... \V."I, a.lllla.-w Ml Mle e.If
i ...(,..,I ,, ,!,..,!,.,! |i,.,| I.,, i?.. .. ., i
'"" ;" '. 'lull be s.,, , I,.. |M| .,. . I
1 Itel . IIMHI ' ? .Mill ' Mt ' IM ' :' ' i.-i?|.m|
I'l III I'" I .ill. I . Il .,,.1 ;,, ,i.
-?'il lb.! bi. I. .1,1 . M.. i . -I j|||| ia ..( il,,.
?*''?' ll.ilt ullin, lit. ,i* ill li, -.ii (? ii I, .uni III
I,ilu.i. HifMtftM iv.i.Hil I.o! lu ant.i i i Mi.
* minil*-, i I,, lin.. N.,,al.u W .mu I Mill- 1. tlbi nul.
fd .ip I., iiiii, lunn i-l mai, ar, rn i?|..,..d,| bul,
a ill. tl III ll,IV i'n illl IVIiu .ip pin. t lu I lum lill
lim ,.,,,-,11,,n bi ea,,,, -,,. ,| bia ib li I ui: u.i I lull lint tn
llkll .lill p.lll III l| Hula lirpiilll I ,,a ia, lliU I I,.ll
i! niiulil In: una. nmly I.u hun tn lake pallin any
t iiiili'ii'iii-ii on tin-kiiIi|ci t. A iuoiiiiiu.it ICi ptibll
i .iii in,in the inti rmi' ul lin. Mate .-.nj ;
I lie-. iiliiui ni ol un,al ut Hie lapin,,i, .in. with a, hum
I b.ivc ll ll kl d -line Ihe i 1. ill. ni ih Kial Ihe new a,-natur
-h.,uld be ,i roelden) ot New-Yen t Hy, He -I.ni i?- mm
Who .a,min,ill,la the 1'imtldi li. i- of the till.un lal and bust
u.->acommunity. ? Beeb emae will uni uh iu Um .hoi
p..i.I, no.i year, owl lt should be borne lu mm.I Unit, hs
areli aa a Oo vernor, lhere ian tull Mata ti.-Uci t,, ini
elected neal veer. A ll .1 nb lem -es should In-li . nu.mir.,I
in , lew o. lill- lari. I'llwita- UllllV.IIII-.-a ab.,i,i.| bi- -lilli,.
and tbe mau selected who eon aid ue lu the coeote. eon
ic.-t. New-York malo inn bo Berried by the Kepuh
liean pai ty if this is kepi etci.lily iu view.
Senator P. M. Pl ii nih said :
The flew-York flc.atorahip Intereata me beeMM the
whole Ibid of national pulltiea |a Involved li, it. Alton";
mell, I have not theallirhteat care. Wh r ! .odd like to
iee i* a harmonious decision which will put the partv ->u
thc mad tn victory lu I saa. Tho iluiauoa, aa I seetf,
rcipiirc-us to carry New Vork in out feat's context.
Thc Democratic combination ia at pre-cut between Hio
Solid "Wiiilh ami New York, New Jersey .nut I .laueitbill.
Tho Weat will not i.unentered asa factor tu Deum
cratlc politic* at all, with the poaatlde exception el
In.lian.i. M.irria,rn mod Ihe Western rn??? Ma.I, rs uro
already very anaTj over the outlook, if Hie Imtaawntt
airv K.w-YerS tat Qovemer aeit year thet wiiiim
dvertieeuicut of th.- f.u t that ihe Denmcratbi cmaiii
latlou ia complete and will stick. But, if the Icepubli
aua (anv Mew-York, the fr.e-tnd.ri will ba obi. toiay
thal attention muetbe poid to tlio Weet. Tbe battle n't*
1888 will be transferred there end wewin dereel them
as we always line when it baa laren a
Western tliTif. New York Rcpublieam r-lioubl
bend every enemy to entry their state
next mar. io do it, bygone* mast lie hurled. If there le
anything unpteoaoat lu thc past l.i Itatoy then, li.-t
tot;i Iber for A eoinin..|i pm pose, uml Hist i mullion pur
poe. the welieee at th. country, wbloh can c-t ba at?
tain.d by Republican .uluurii-Hatloli of tim ni.neut and
itepubllcan poltctce,
A gentleman who heard Se.uator Plumli's remark*
Yon put the ooee nvhtly. Now let nie cany out the
argument aa to nen. ono of tbe great fa.-1lone of tb.
pal I v III Ibis State ls already re pre sen ted in the Senate.
I dielike to ap.uk of fa, tums, but they do ellet, weall
know lt, and must recogllli. lt. If Tn other in ; i-m could
now slt-o be reeognlied by a tfeuatorebip, eui would feel
it Incumbent to pat forth erery effort to .any Un* state
next fell. Huppoee that itinu tdtottld be t'rciideul Arthur,
and that he coull be leleeted with thu ooueout of the
l.-aders witii bave hitherto oppoecd him. Iii it. it SA BM
to mc, would cement the party clemente. Bealdee, it
would take Mr. Arthur mit of thc ojueatlonae i I'n slden
t ii* i ( an-lidate. li be le nit Biade Senator bc may run for
iii.vi rnor, be elected, aud i.e. ome a dlatnrhfng ? lenient
In 1888. lt laci-llia lo tue unod polities to put Ililli lu till!
-amati-, ami a-.* i'lc ir the dock for anv owe wno maj ia mu!
ip four yean hem ., whether a uew manor Mr. Itlalnc,
.a I,,,-... iceme probable. Why, ii it -lioubl be Mr. Hlaine
In IOHO, .ind Arthur should be Kenntor, the *-'ati* Inn inn
nn carried lu 188-5, tbe Pn ildenttal eh - thin . mid hi
r.w.KS wini COWaOKntHKB aboii BK.HATOg Hill
t.ip.'s pusiiiuv.
Hiv ru t->*H-i'll th rm: ruint *.;. 1
WAsiitMiKiM, I>cc. 7.?("cticMtl Shar-M nad Mr.
Warren atilt temoin tbe ganai! of the President
ut ilu* White House. I'liey wen Joined then last
Bight hy Charted B. -Miller, of N.-w-Yurk,
.od, together villi thc Pi. sid" .it, they
diorfl mit carly in Hie flftetMOfl tn
Hie ioldielaV Iii.inc, When Hnv diiicl.
lim priiiuiivutiiui of their ita* bayoud Um dahl
originally load for their departan ima >_'iwn new
fond fot gOMiB nnd hos Bgoid eel loofiieg waining,
li is e in ed-, i thai Hie nMeinpt ta hegottolfl will
Sena du Miller WM :i fi I I'i"'. I III I nf I'i" v.''U-Yiuk
L'omieaauien who laauflpoaed tn be lu iha* i.mii
.li-tice cf Hm Scnriior Mid UMtigllti '* I ?? ttiini! ini
bginfltM anv e-i'ii'iiti it'itti nf i ii.iiinal tu-, a rii-ain
v Itiih -ei'iil'l inilini. H. natui Millet !'? iMflfl
tu oTi-iluiei l.a.itiua Ifl Un1 tlOMtltlOllON nf
Pt-aldi ?,( .Allh.ll. . siept it Le (he ffll llmt Platt
miali! '?" Ih.* -I'. * PM fol , an,Udall*. Of Heil Hi.id
o*i-ti|o Iii lo* lillie llli.illliii.iil, linweii-i." ItilllMf
t ,,nt.i. inni lunn Ni i. > mit Milli ' I llllllll mib.nl y
.-,,i I-M i-l ll.tii...bm ul li.-- I ....I I.il,un
I .I,.* ,iii ll -i lim. \0U ' Hilt -t I ul ii lt I ? I.i mtltlB,
l.,..,( 1.1 Hui IU* a.U nf lip* I'H ^l I" >l In Hilt
er. lill. Kill, lill I (Ililli ll III iii.'I hi. Hmm
IHI, M.I ("Ul el,|,p.,l| Ailinn I, .viii.t
I.,,|.ii,mi Al (bu lam i m imli an --.- Amii *
I I., .nut.il in tli WU ni il.H >?? ' I' .tight,
. i,i iii, li. I lin I iiiiini Ihal bu liol i Him lu du annul
"iiml.'1 bu Iiiu In-uii ni Iii. I. luie i,lily, hu
tt.lla, lu lui.U all.ri III.', lilli inala ut I " limul,"
lilli ' I blt ii i-, IV lm I'.lo ouIII* lilli* ll li nie-la,Ul I.li tl
vi i'h Hm ir.iaiuv I hi par Inion I Ultu uni. li lm gut
V. lill ? -et Villi: a * li i luapi , lui.
Mr. Iii*.url. K Ullin .I iiuii \.u -imi. ii, il.iv. Ile
ba fi Hi.ll he dui liol -c. mu,tl.u .-dulci illili.' lli.io.
an i:ai'm:si t omi ht iapkiiih.
IIIK (ll'I'.l.-IIION III I'll! MOKNT AKllll u A Itl VIKW
OK luilMl.lt iunii ste,
irnoa two ic ? ?. ? i tu i iiKia.M-.iNiu.si' nv m. i ainu omi
Al.many, Pic. 7.?" I'm shIciiI A il lill i- will nut
cuter into u rn iambi.'fm Hi.->>ftl.v ut Mootai dom Ute
Hate vt New Volk," k.U-1 nnr nt bia filcuda N ? utly, aral
thin coUliutlL-d: " I nleaa he Inn WbataWttelt] the euu
port of all the lb |**itili? .in MMMl ut Hie |_gMoMM
he will not ba.-oiiieacaiidtdaio. Ile will not I i MM of ?
O.M. eandidatca btru"i;liug for thc ollie,-; thal bc llnuWl
would bc beneath hi*."It-tiiiy aa Tr.-I.lent.'' Tin. trna*
lai allon ba-batu lnadc the pant week l.y other clone
flleliilaof Ute 1'ieal.bllt, ItiWaahlliLtotl and in N. v York,
i'nlltb Ians here ami otlura fioiu tlc- lntenoi ot tin- State
who have baan men within th. poet taw mkfa ny that
If Hie I'rcMilcnl make. Iblx the condition of lui can?
didacy he ti,K'ht an ?."..il-ay now that he will not lie a
candidate. Already there arc Bttoiul caiululal.. fur the
po.-iliou. Mr. Iii-, ut k baa pb dr-rcd to Ina aupport the
vote of membera of thc LrgtolaMn all about OnooMg.
County, and naturally he baa the votes of bia tio.ua
county. Mr. l-ipliaiu ih an active cui.lt'litc. Mr. Mor?
ton's friend* are md rBO-Ufl their cfTot ls M oi.t.uu vole*
for bim; auden,ne of them would BOfOM la their worb
althougb rreaiab-nt Arthur ehould bc.-oinc an
active candiil.ilc. If Mr. Morton -liotild formally
wilhdraw lu ihe PIMM mtt favr they would
not so over to tin I'i. -i.l. nt, but would* u-tc their influ?
ence in fav.u of BOOM a -.itwlblati" oppaaCl to bini. Mr.
Ku--, ii 'I fiunai- .h. i oleo it .erk iti thc northern part ot
tin-stab'. A pinnum nt lb-publican politician herc enid
today: ?'lt ls al.-aiud to Hiippohc that PnoUcM Arthur
c.mill receive thc uuauiiiiiuis Hipgort ot thc Pcpnblbau
inciiil.cr.a of tue LBflialotnn for I'm tad Stales Senator
when hm tih nd* wcic unable to pcreu.ldc a State Con
mi,tum to |tn him a deb . ittoti iu favor ol hm nomina?
tion tm- President. He tint, biol nearly a )e.u'e tenn ot
ollne ahead wita a g.v.i! tl. .il of patronage at his com
Ui..ud. Now bi* PPttt hoe marly capt red. Whoo Lue

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