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riO'lVM-HMAI. BBBJlTS. \'v f. MAl Mi i.i.f.k. K. M.
l:'mo i>p. 282. CharM Bcribaort Bana.
Tba BBiparlaaea of thla eol.eetiea. <>f aararallea
arlaetpeUyla the biographleal ahetehea of Baav
n.ol.Mu Roy, Koahob ChortderSeruead Dayaaaada
i-:.'.u-viiti. the i.r.-iiintoriii.'l leadara af Ibe reaaarlrB
btc theeetlc otoYegeaarc. kaowa aa theBrahaaa Bwaiaj,
wbiehinroaaieea,aaProfeaB(A; llallerbelleTea,toiBa*e
nrailii-alniformatioii in Ub8B8K leatiaUfioaaf ladle,
il not tofurni-h u puicrfriitli for tl.e wli.ilewoi 1.1. Tl.e
Bnbiaa Baaoai ateaiia tha " Boeiety nf tba belierera
iu Brahman, tho Bopreaaa By iit." lt is hat a sect
t.or b rlmrcli: FieftaBBi MalM profen to eaa. H at
pgaatBt aaly a aaeTaaaaat. aa aaplratloai nor ia it
bo di-ti:i>t :i teadaaey toward Cbrlatiaaity us many
Baraeaa bare haaglaed; on tha eoatraiT, it aaaoia te
_s iiiore l.-ely to biader thaa proaaeta tba Bvreadfaii
oftlio Cl.riaiiiin reli_ion. Y.-t it is a pLeunmcnoii
of extraordiuary interest; and PrefeesOf Mulleis
a.count of it is one of tlio clearest and most exact
that wa have ever read.
Fiftv or sixty years ai?o Kammohun Kov, a high
rastc ilenirali, leJeeMBf lha polytliei-in and idolatry
of the popular liindu creod, proclaimed a belief in
One God, and organized re_ular iiieotintrs of those
whom l.e could persuado to aecci.t his refoim.
WeahBTfl tbOBghl no daaVt had great iufluencp. upon
him aml his disciples, although it was from contuet
with Mahoniet.ii.isiii fiat ho got the idea ol tl.o
divi.io nnitv. Hlaahjeoi howerer was not to over
throw biahiii.v.-.sin, but to refon-i it. He BiaiBtaloed
that motiotiii-isiii was thaprinutivo religion of his
aeeple, as rerealed in the laepired bymoa of the
Vedaa. Upon the superuatural authority of these
?aared booha hahaaei a-lhledaetnaea, To lhaaa
he Bf|ia1i? aUheagalaal the idolatry of bla eoaa
trymen and tba cl.iims of Christians for the Iliblo.
Iu point of fact.tho Vedaa da not teaeh iiionotheisin,
niiil Professor MalM thiuks that Kaniinidiun Koy
was not q.iito honest in aajtag that they did. Ex
ist ng only in jealously gnarded BBBacrtl mai.u
aartftBt which even few aebolan eauld read. tha
Vedaa were almowl wi.olly laaeeaaaible in Saaaaae
haB Koy's time, and lio did not kaow what they
contaiued ; but as his opponents kaow BO more thaa
he did they could not eonlratlict him. We a.liniied
the moral cntlo of tlie Ni w Testainei.t; he respected
Jesus Chri-'t as .. great a-nl feodtoaoharj baoraa
pahllehad a eolleettoa of e_tr?cts from the Geepela,
excltiding the miracles and wliatererel.se be dle
likod. Hiset'ii,-al -y-tem waa a eotopoaod of laud
nblo n.axi.us taken wbereverho foiin.l tiiein. and
thevleJ him to in?-ist apoa tha abolltioo af aaata
aattaa, an?l all ma.n.er of deBaablg rites. 1! is tbeo
togieal Bjataaa consisted in strippmg what he held
to be tl.e old Vedic fuith of the later COrniptMM ol
liolytheia:!i,aiid,n-'liH'iii|?it t..tl.i'S!iiipiestexpre.a.4ion
af n belief in God. So fur as his thealogy went ber
yond this, it was pantLeistie. Ilc obt:tii..'il I greal
many followcrs, aud his intluence as aajBiaot Idolatry
an.1 some of its eaateaai was iuestiiuahle. This ser
vico to elrlllsatioB, loajatbar with his iaaafiaary
tendeney toward Chri.-dianity, c:ius.-<l him to be
aaeat eordlally woleeaaed whea ho rialted Eaglaod
_Bl83_. He died at Brletol m l^.VA; and it is
alleged that iu hi.-. latBM d.iy* hi- mind WM some
what allitilod aud his inauiieis brcauo violent aud
Trofessor Mnller g;ves him a hiffh plare
among great BBOBL Hc faeod many foriuidablo ob>
alBelaala the dufiauw of what he beltored to be
truth?loss of easte, loss offcoferty, tha breakiaBOf
family ti.-s, tho sacrifice of peisonal fceling. Thus
l,o was aaaaMah, boeeet, an.l boid; aud if tbeae
thr_e manly qualities do not entitle him to tho epl
thet great, asl.s our anthor, pray in What does great
neaa consistT We might objoet that tho p_rl.it
honesty which Profeaaof Muller ascribes to Kam?
mohun Kov on pofO 2S he denies tn him on page ;<.">;
bnt we uoed not dwell upon thoteS outradiclo.y vcr
dicts; the more eharitabk is doabtleas the more
just; and tho eharga that Kammohun Koy was in
sincero in hisappeal to the Vedasis only an i-xainplo
of Krofessor Mulkr's u.ifoi'.uuate proi.cusity to at
tnbtite inti-llectual dtahaaMaty te th-.a. who believe
more thau ho does. Hut grantiug that Kaiimiolniti
Koy was BBMlltah. honest, an.l t.old, were those
taaUtMeaoogb toaaahe him great 1 Koj foramau
might h?ve them ull and vet he a fooL Xo one is
great unicss, besides pos.;e.ssing noble tra.U af I har*
acter. he aehioies greal deeda Raauoohaa Roy waa
latelligent and aaraeeti batblaaareeptloB-ellfar
ahortof tho truth; aad to ball the inv.-ntiou ot hi
leligio-pbiloaoBhleaJ ajataaa, whether wa re^-ard n
nnder tho aapeet of aeoldaad aahedthaiaaaoi a
aleady paulbnlaiB. aa a great aebJero-Beat would
certainiy l.e a wi!d ilight of aalaplaeed e:it!iusia-iu.
Aft-r tha death af RaaiiaohaB Koy tha Brahma
?aaaaj reeeived its st:mn.'. -t Impelaaforsotaetiaae
from Debeadraoath Tagooa, at whoae iaatigatloB
tho aoetety fomally rapadiatad the lnaplratlonof
tho Vedaa. This sij-'iiiticant steji waa taken in 1800
np?n tiiv report af foaryooaj Brahiaaaa who bad
haaadepnted to atady tba myatartaoa aaered booha
an.l fiud <>ut what they really eoataioed. Tha
chaii-o waa earloaaly likea rerolation by eoaaa-lt*
teo. 'Ihe e!ii:ii of revelation being dlaearded, in
tultion antl thelessonsid BBtan WBN now __ada tlie
Bole basis of faith. Tha Vedaa were ?till beld in re
epoct. boworer, oa aoa-othlng lii<<- aa eqoality with
the Bibleaadtbe Karaa.aot as mlaa <d belief, bal as
moreor h ss valuablc iuceutivi- to eoadnet. 1?<
benilran.ith wished t<> pres*-rve t!ie nati'.iial < har
acter af BrahaaaatBB-, ta eooaall national feelings,
an.l prejadkea, to apara all popalar Hiadfl ah
B'Tvances whieh wen- imt abaolatoly _Mona!ateo1
?with a aaaaothelatle belief. i.ut a aaora radieal aad
progressive faction BBraOf np m tbeaoeiety under
tiu- l?-ii,l'-r.-l.ip of DebeBdraaathaprlnoipaldla Ipla
Keahab Chaader Baa, While tha oldei iefor_aeg
witlulrew lui,,S'If inore and more from public l.fe,
passing laagparieda ?f eeateatplatlre ratlreBienl in
theinoiii.taiiis, the yeaaf apeatlaaaada Bilaaloaary
joun.eys, founded hianeh.. of thr >;_iii;ij, and
prcached with extraordinary cfleet. He was a man
of biitliant ah.l tios, alaqaeaee, aetirity, an.l
oapiring toniperaiiient. Ba had io> teadaraaaa for
the national eleinent iu llr.ihinaiii-iiii. lle laobad
beyond India for the future ofthe BOW faith] ho
dreamed of a unioi. of tho radii al aleaaeal - "f Urah
manisru, Mahom.tanisn., Christianity, and other
creeds and s. stoms, in what l.e and his lollo-.n-i.
aftcrward call.d "Ihe Xew DiepeaaatiOB." Be
waa suppoK.il to hold Chriat in ratber h._h* r esteein
than the eoiiservative rramai. bnt tba dillereme
BCiiins te have been only in the degree ol nitell'-i ttul
oppreciation, aml w;ts really of no great OOBeO
qnenee. Thoologieally he agreed with Deben.l
Bggtath in reg.irdii.K "the Book of Natare and In
tuition " B8 the only basis of faith, and in holding
the pantheistic thoory of tl.e iiniveioe whieh foruis
a proiuinent part ol both of the old and the new
An open schism took plate when llobendra
oath disiiiissnd Keahab froui all hia employ
menti in the Haniaj. Tho eonsii v:itives takini? the
name of the Adi f" Original"} Hiahuia-.Sapiaj, make
acouiparativelv sruall ligure iu the suhs.-iiiient bis
tory of the BBOYImeiit. and lJeheinliauath gave him
Belf entlrely to s.-elusion, in whieh ho still lives.
The Keahub party had more vigor. At tirst they
ee-iaed to be intcresU.l BB aoi ial retonns rather than
doctrin.il disputea, aud they ilevoted thcuiselvea
with great aeal to such good eauses as charity, tem
perance, eilueation, the elevntion of woinon, tl.e
Bboiitiou of ca-to. and the pri.-vei.tion of ohild mar
riage. Kut in tuno the New Datpeaaattaai entered
npou anoth.T palh, Illtbeito tl.e thaalaajieal inno
?vations of the Briihiua-t5ii.ti.ij had been aluioat ei
clusively n.-gati.ina. Keshub im,i> baflBB to overlay
bia tbeiam with varloua doetriual nov" lties and
ceremorffal observances. PttgriaaaajaB, proceiuiions,
bauuere, ahavoil heatls, asceticalrigora, sacramental
ritea, intonao devotioni. myatieal rapturei. maile a
m.ghty show in the seheuie uf reform. One might
bave fancied that the Qriental nature, unahle to
endure the rarolied atu.osphere of tl.e bare nelgtita
had hurried down Into the tropical ltimriance of
the tangled valleys. If tho fundamcntal idaa of tho
Brahma-bamaj wastrue, tho Uew Dispen.-,ation was
arelapso into forma and droains. 'fhe uoxt st?p
hackward was tho. uatural cousoqueneo of these
errora. Keahub profoas?:d to be diviu-.-ly inspire,!.
His synipathctio biographer treats this elaiiu with
unreiutanalde teuderuesa, bnt it is impoaaible to re
sist tho i onelusioii that tbo roformcr had now loat
J.is head il uot hia moralo? aud aevrted for his own
iiupulaca tiio aumo sort of diriue authority which be
had bejrun by denying to the ?acred books. He
spoke oLhi-.uself as a poraou aent by Ueaven to raif_
uien from misery aml ain. Ho appealed for sanction
te what hc BB-ktd Adesa, or the Divine Coniinand,
?whieh spoke to him by an iuw.-ird voic?, and of
B-deheoeeaqaaBtly healaaa eaalrl te t-etataaaaatet
an.l altaaaa His friemla went a little further, and
claiuied for him infallibility. Fortiliod by Baeh pre
taaaa-BB, his piataaaaat. as Pka-aaaaf Muil_ says,
.rratar lee deepotte aaaa for C-taaaal ___B_a A re
volt of his follovveiR was already iinniiuent wlun hr
preeipitated the oiiibreaic by a UaaaaaaViea aaaadaL
Ba had been the chicf iustruuient iu carry
lag tho law Bfalaaa the iaa-aeaal eaajkaa
of chihl-niarrias: \ ia violation of tho prinri
i?lo of this retara. ho pava his ohihl
_a_lhtar la BBaariafa tothe cbild-rajnh ofCateh
Dehar. The law did uot exten.l to that atata. aal
Ha priaeipla of courae. araa ladepeadaat el Htate
boaadaalaa, and it was ___.__*_ that the o_rea__y
moieover w.is pcrformod with idol.itrous Hindu
ritea Tho only dci.nco of Kaahab was tho plaa
that" Aaaaa" iia-l whiapeied ta him. aud that tho
aateh w;is afliB-itaaaiHia Diaordertp seaaea
foUoared la l-toeoa__a_a-_a, The police were oaDed
iu. Baaaa of the wurmest of Keshub's friends be
aaaaa the neet azaapecated of his eeasaea; an.l tha
teealt aaaa aaa aaeeadoa (1878) aad tha fonaation
efathird rarietj af BeforaaaJ Brahaiaalan-, r.lled
the Badhaxaa ITrahma flamaj. ot Cutiiolic laaaa..
Kasimb aerae raeoTaced _laptaatifa Hedhadia
January, 1881. haviuj. beeu in his laat years
BOaiad, irritable, an.l, his liiographer t'>i:.!.s, on
the varaa of iBaflnaaa aa c-n.i aiagalaiiy VLkm
that ralated of Bafaa-ohaa Hoy. Profeaaor
Mul'.er, who has a bf-tt-i-MO a.huii-tion for bia
work. aad was his warm 80888888. frii'i.d. is
at great pa ns to p.illiat-5 hip rrrors; but it is very
haid to (imi ln -Ceehab Chaadar Baa the pletjr, _-lf
Bbaegatioa, aad aplritaalitr of tha man who walha
wi;li Uod. Ha is oue of the many pmofs that bold
Baaaia apeajalatlon nnd /eal iu Bodal aadtheo
legieal lafona may exist aithoat aa aal of the aiarka
ofezalted peraoaal aa__t_y.
The prlaetpal aaeeaaaoc >>i Keehab Chaadar Baa is
Protap Chaaher Ifoaaadar. Wiia thlafantlea-_o,
as well aswith Kaahab, [-ofeaaor MaUai has carri.'.i
on an fatereet-_<corr-apoBdenoe, aad lettata whieh
paeeed between the threeare a_aoag the eoateata
of thepreaaol volamc. In ..no of tho letteca the
Oxfor.l profeeaof girea a bighly curious aeeoeal >?t'
the Baathaeata of Deaa Btaalejr toward tha
Brahma flammj and tha parallal theiatk tendeoey
in Earepeaa tbeology?ao aeeoaat whieh _eay
possibly bo colored a little by the writer'a own
opiniuis. There js still a foarth aehool of Bafoiai-d
lirahmaiiisu.. kiiovv:i M tho Arya-Satnaj, the
foaaderof whieh, Dajraaaada Baraarati, dled la
October, iv>.t:.. ItadTocateo noatef theaoclaire
fonns Inaiated aooa by tba other Beaaaje, bal it
,.if|. is from them iu miitit iini:i_, even more fer
veutly than Baauaohaa Boy, the tnapiratioa and
abaolata aathoritp of tha Vedaa. Daya-aada, who
was a d-rtlagaiabad Baaaerlt acholar, a-adeapro
faaad atndy ef tlio aaered booka and not oat of
theaa many axtraordiaarj Inteipi-iatiooa, Lat. r
he h.-ld that all the V.-die hymns were uot __?
aplred, but ouly oertaia portiona of theaa, whleb
]t_ diaerlmated for hhaanlf by aome rate aet e_
plaitu-.l. His foUoWOie ar. .aaid to be iiiiiiu'.ou.
aud lniiiiintiiil; batf-ofeeaof lftilier gtree aa aa
aaeaaa of eetimatiag tbe aetaal condition of any
of tha braaoheo of tho Baereaaaat,
It will not have eaeapad the aotloe ef Ihe teadet
that the Brahnia-Samaj is a phoaoaBOBOa in Hindu
Uan aaalofoaa to the teadeaey in Chtia_aalty
towardtbe/tearedat-OBot ta__,aad E-ofeeacrMaller
hiinself is an illu.tration how close the fre,. apaea
lation of the Kast and the rat.onal.B_0 liberalism
af tbe Weat appcoeeh eaoh other. The paooaaabp
whieh they aro trying to reaeh a OOBUBOa faith for
tba worliJ is that of eimiinutio... Both propooato
atriko out of their creed every j.oint BPOB whleb
tl.ey difler. Whea they luve got down to the
i,are belief in a Qod they c m look bopefaUy fot the
laeogaittoB of tha "aalrereal reHc-oa-* whieh ia
tha ajnal of their dfaata Thla le tbe dreaa of J'r,..
fessor Muller'n future?not B triuinphant Uhriettaa
ity, not Itr.ihiuanisin, not liuddhiHiii, not Malioni
aiaabaa. n<>t even an auleotl. eeaabtaa-taa of all
four, but tha inodiiuin of truth. howerer small it '
may be, froai whieh all eraada bare beea cradaally |
evoired -thogreaaeeteoanaoa Baaaeaie whioh jr.iea
nto them all wltboal a laa. tlader. So in his hepea
for a new faith, " ptHBf iiud allBP-H tli.iu auy of tho J
?eeleeiaetleal raligtona of tlio world,'' [.ofeaaor
Ifnller l?.?ks with longlnKand ufl'ec'ion t..?,ir.l the
ladiaa thetata w__tarea_ah__i. ns ba tmst . a .raeti
not only f.,r loojoaerated ladia bal for all Daabtnd,
-arelieion fre" frotn ni.uy eoiTOptiOBB of thopaat, ;
call them idoiatry, or casto, or Terbal laeptratlon,
or pileotorafti aad tirmly foaaded on a holiot iu the
One Qod, the, BBBW1 in tbe V'e laa, theaaae ia the OIJ,
the same iu the Now TaaUaaea. tha sa'.K' in t'.e
Konin; tho h.iiiio i.Isd in the hearteof thOBB Who
have no lonper aay .edae or Upaaiahada.oa any
Baerad Booka whatefaa betweea theaaeelaee aad
their Qod.1* And so Keehnb Cbnnder Ban, deelarlni
that ho has always dlaelalmed tbo Ohriatian aa__e
and will not Ideattfj hbaaelf with tl.o Christi iu
(hiir.h, heeaaaf heaota hia faee oonaplotely aaja i
the Christian Irlea of Christ's divinity. arritea t..
Profaosor Ifnller, " I am ko i.hi.1 aadthaakfal thal
tbe sj.lrit <>f (....1 has he||.e,i me to vv..rk my way
thronfh Hindnlam to the polnl wbetaaaeallfht
ened ( briatianity has broagbl y >u.''
.Xca. Dnblui.tions.
TZ\7r\\y.~\{ licKi'i i (* n s' ~
ri. lJiNNi i<s am> kvi.i.-s dPTBI wi rh', IN
l-i.r aale ?v<-rv uln ,'?. .'. e.'.ita.
fi a yt ar, p'.alo/e fr.a, ln laa i, <,r out.
MOBTtlH rilii.i.fi'.-s A < (. :. Part Flaca, lf ea Jfo k
TheBaataaBeaeea praaaaaaaa ChJaf BB___aaa Mciriu.'a
book'TAK MOBB IM'KUl.MINil THAN llll. li I
OF NOVKI.H " an.l a<!(la : " It wili be liallxl as a wi . M o
a<l_itlou lu every i.ublic lilirary, i.y er.ry laadBf ul veyag' a
aud tiaTtlK. an.l by tbo tli.?i_ni,U that ailmlru BhMk, putu
rewiue rea.lin. und plaiii -rltlug.'
MAP8 ANI) UXVaT-tATIOm. .- '('.
*.* For aale by all Ijook-cller*. Baad by niail, paatpaBB. ou
rec*l_.t of pnte by tbe I'ubllshria,
11 BAST 17THSI.. Ni.w.youK._
ltiSS. 'III!': 1-H_.
foh i-k:>.
Thla fah_-_a I'ollllral B_g_taB eemplled by
rbe r.:., kdwahii auiraaaaoa,
laUC'lerk of tbe Huuio of l-r|,ir.,.nuiive.4,
U JUHt 1 sil, i eoiititiuiuit
Klectiuo Ketuin. trom tvory sutte
io tbe i .ii
AlpbabetliMlly ", i.iioje 1. witb romp.'.rallve tablea
of Ibe l'realileutlal El., ticnof 1888
by < BBSBea . alao BB aiialynU of
t).. rre.i.!. mi,.: K.?,':,,_, of . .... 18, J, I ??, hi?1 l-'.i.
Alauii i'?ueiK'ii I'l.stn 'o Table, Kauk anl (urran.'v Tablea,
l'arty I'latfonua, Klectlon of V. H. seuatora,
I.iat of ...,\_ii,,,-,,-,? i .'? ? and Teriltorlea,
New.York state (loTcrniuei.t,
Aetaof C'onireas, ite.e'.|,in ftoui Customa,
Interoal itrr. n.u, BBaaBjBa BaaatiB l ._?... in io V. 8 ,
V. B. I,.-.,t Htatem .1, M.lXlb ( ,,i,Ki.- -4,
Approuiiuilonafor 18884, 18884 BBd 18804.
OnUnary HeTeuueaaud i:xpen.,lture4 of the I,'. fl.,
'i ui.ii s oi imporu an.i Bayaata al apeaja IBaaiB an.l
Uoiaeatic -tercbau.llae, Korelun Trade, Vaiueef
Importa aod i \|? , t,.
Meuiberaof V. B >t-uat? aud BeBM of Ilrpreaentailvea,
Tbe l'u.te.1 state? (iovirnioeut,
Prloeipai Offl.. ra in tbe Vurinua Orpartmeiit*.
Prlneipal l.iplomatie Otflcera of l.'. K lu I eiel?n ( ountrlea,
A Lialof BhaBtBb and C'linntir rieikaiu New-York Htate,
1 li. tion Relurusuf New.Yoil.by Towna aad Counilea,
_C, _C, ,-C.
Addresa T;iE 'IRIUUNE,
mm- uon ua ba ( ooki-io
a aaaisa of xitcuk,s, i.kis>n. rvirn nKaoia
i-TKATloN- __
_CfO) Pnb!.c_t.0fi3.
By BggBS \V. IIone. 1 vo' . IfBM, 81 M>.
Tbe pheno nenal aml il.-erv.al auc-e-a 11 Mr. Ilovre'a reeent
no-el ia-tilili waa hlgbly oor_iren?le l l,y Howella. Mark Twaln.
Bn,loT!,.i'r-,nonte.1,'ic?.aii.t Uy Ihe ci.lef lirltlati reTicira.
alvea the bt-st ..f re.a OM f->r a..tlBB tha tr.uu,,,h of thla
new work. ihr tale of " ibe BUtf ot a "oniitry 'lown," ran
r,rtiplBt..t!i'tUoi.?an,1.4. nn.lnt lea.t ua ..pial aiire-aa iu?r
aafely I a pre-'.l,-te.l fur " Tlie Mystcrj of lha J.ocka "
1 vol. vcat.pocVet alre. Bd eenta.
Ilowrlla at l.la v.ry be?t.-Ho?tou Tianaot.pt.
_.xtr.T-;-aut ar.d .iclkloui butu-r.-lio .ton Tnveller.
By Un' aame antlor :
THK rini.ou f'AH, )
JAMKS H. OgOOPP & CO-. Boaton.
IMr-TKlltl WI. NKW-YOnK.
For Boys and Youn? Men-City.
\j Ho. 15 Kaat -UtU-at.
Iloferatotii Ki. iltl-M >f OjI i n>U U.'.lir. _al School of
NaU47< Uroalo-r.aiw liif.: H-.r'ir. ivimrr.
_oii,..ier,ial.iiMC,*.?,,? .1 l.i.irt .i?ii!i. Iiiilr,! t|.r,.i,r.M-.
'leriii-iu-lcratc M. BL UOUUV. W . L. AKl.N, Prlu. _i_l_.
For Yonng Ladiea?City.
t _3.1 VTEST I.'IOTH-ST.?Tlio MlMtt
- \ a IteoVo BwSelfarTeaaglia-laai -Mteoghly graiirJ
aaataa ; BarB-il naaaber ofjrooag boya. kui.irraarten._
l> rOUBTBKB VKAB8 i/F AOK. ? I iirllali tir_n>-Iie.
ttiu clit .liormulily. .iettn ni Krrril, ai,.| Mualc ll Uralre.1.
BaSlBBCll v.ry beat rer_ui on.'|J?;!1\;''*,| C0BS v
13 Wf-t 1 Jl.Ii at . t,,?r Mt. M,,rri?-_rfr.__
nUCVCB PBOTBBTAWT lioar.lln* aad UaV bt'lIOOL
, or Yo.mjr l-Mllea.
A thoro-ah Freocli aducation. liiKl.eii M.in.lar.1 ln Fn-'.l.ri
ai?l cboini at-diea a??-j>aiata aail llunte- alaoa ln lieu.-ii
anu Kag-I in foi llttla tioya.
Fcr Eoth Se-es?City.
No. 17 We?t 4-d at I ff88B8 Uea-rrolr.
PHOF. KUM >HD fiASTINKAK, A. M., 1'rincipal.
Frrnrh tirrmin. ItaM.in. Pii.-nlah o,iil<-kly aml Mlomatl
ralli aaokea bjrtbebtl IHTKBH" ..All HYsTKlf. ? oavrraa
tiniml. laaaf. all erart^a f t l*li?i an I RMltlOaMa iiu.' aml
evctiiDi; Hprrially tralBedoatlvaaadatanla ..my. i?? .
napilaenUrailaioeeoet. 'oa. Oallora ar.-aiwaya wrlr.,m
rroaii?eln< itiaui I. Ilrnoklya ?" .'kobeal ?r_ti-iu efer ilo
iia-si ii.rl-niiiliiatii apruii a ioflRi. loacne."?Taa .*.?tion
?'TbaMeiauaacartarhoolopa-eilai 1. W 4J.I.I. by ftot
Oaiitin?an liai BWt wltli rriuarkjI.'lB au-.-i-aa."?llot_o J.ar
n.ii. _
OESTSCHOOLS.?250 reproaontcd?circalara
I) fr.-^ lOg-raoM Wi. .liiiruo l .t_:r wa.i'-s car .f iay
-. ,. i".i .:, in,...ii- i for i> >?'..<?'.
j j.Vv. "t", li.l. M I..II l " l N A "' '.7 If ! l", .-.. .S. V.
X1 i:nt l'ii.iii ui.lBatlierftir_.plio*
ruri.il'i.i-i |-.,r.-ir-11?-.... ?- Bl ?? nlnBTf._
npEACflEKS W A21TED.?Oeotlemen i Moeie,
I ji laXortn'T" ; BaglUb braaebeaaad oraao,18001 i'rea
l,l,n. for M<-tii. i?.i..-_- eoueae . uan taa aod 1 ranuiforaeheoli
..omi.n. Freneh, aad Hlnlarr TarUea lor .chooL Lodlaai
FreacUgoTeraaaa ?,i|,?ri,ir \ orauat for ailmol; l'lauo __il
?iu_.n- Var.uua othi r." "ioo-laj .
AicerlranHiiioiii laadtata, ." K?ai ltt_st, .s. Y.
Art Schoola?Citv.
Wlll i.i. -ln noplla, u-cliiiim* 1 n.-ilar. ". t.'.'-r .1, ln
arawiu i.iinn.l water rol? naintlor,aull ufo, tiowm ani
_iiid?<?l.i-, ililna paloUna -DdiUo ?r-.n .0.
l'. '? 1
?!r. T>. Iliiiitliirl-.n.-l'i. ail-. t Ustl ?'. 1 Al _.l'-'ir ;f DeBlgta
Ur. WlUiaiu ll*r;. V V. Br. Ja ., 1 M. Ilart, X, ._.
Mi i,_t..i lojmsoo. B,
For Boya and Yotimr Men?Country.
Alexaadei [natitBte,aniililai. boardinaachool,
Wblte l-la.-r... N. Y. I-i.ii. .|.al. ". :: WlLLIB. Pb. O
D0Y8 and YOUNG UEM jnvatilv filtrdto
J> ?<!.. .-. < . 11 lt:, 1..' M 1,'nii.. 1*1 1 '?'??>, ro_rli?4
BB-B-irror wuiler. h-.,'?'ii,u>. V,.-a. I.1IQF1MANX
A. KWAKD ii.i'l IN VALU. UOYS.? Tho BB
_.|..ral?!i.il.ai. .,.r... I 1 ,/..,,.! 1.1 l iitur. m^n*
l_K_lo_il l.at^i 1 ili iu ?' aifi '". *ai'i.tltr A.llr.^i
|)l_ WI I.I.I AM .')\. I.>- ?;?. < . L
C10TTAOE .. K< .VI, >. ll.?. ?l., I'ouffbkeepale,
J \ V . |. HIN J I Ll .. B. \ . ? ?? ? ?' ' ?.... i;. '" ?'
. . 1 , , . 1 .. .m , ,- 1 ? , ., 1 1 , I : , 11 IBI , M
BORDENTOWN, N. ?'? -Militarr Inatituro,
roi___........ 1- ? ?.. |
LM.MWonli sril.i.il. FOH BOYS.?Al Mil
I j in. ! ' ?.,-,. Pareata ??? b - *
b-,,,!?.',. .f ttiBlraona.w_l.la .,,,-. iv?',t,i.-i
. ? 1 ... ......1 ?,i;. v, ? lilltr .1 ? >? -, , 1 - i?? - ' ? ?
.... rni.lln 'ith ... ,.1-n.M t.. 11 my ni
? ? n f. . ? , >,i wlfiaeair . I 1
rur--. Tl,ea,i[,i-ivial,?i',::'?? i- 1 . ? .,-..1
anettmalvi . i;. -.i mea la 1 ??' it a il 11 f ? a ? 1 a ,>.iri..- Oara
?I- .,?! -i. c.,1.,1., ,r
BBA-IB M. H'.M 1 .
.Ii.fi.nl. <-..nn.
yiil'.F.IMM.Ii INSTltlTTEi Fiwhold, N.J.?
I 1. ,rtj Bra. I aai I 1 a*pt Otlt ? . r .-.I'r.v
. leaa. f <r Ith .. 1. 11, , .,,,.;,,;,ii, . alo wil ilaia
Vai.t. heti If?>: .-.tt ?? .-' '?' '?> . ? . ,._ .
Il.v. A. '.. " II AM1.I lt-. iTlBClaaL
W?i,... r, ??!.,-? ....' ' ' , ? ,.t. :>tn.
1 . 1; .ii,i' \i.i l. M.. nap .,..;?
OME SCHOOL for t?n boyi al Ni-w-ll.uii
bara--.ji-ll.i-in.jn. Beallorclr alartto
it. v I. 11. COBVBBBB
VKU'TUN, N. J.j COLL. INS 1 1 ll 11.?
II Ii..ra7 I , 17 1 ?unelal'r h . ,' ,. bomnllBB, lie_|llir.
liirii (T.'.n fo/.t, prliaary, b iBloeaa, **i ? alc. .. isnuSc. ?
I'i.|.u.ii 1 ..,.,..-,??. .; , 1,. lla ? ? rottftd. ii.ln,.
iii-l-ul ,, :,t tu.,.. I Uoi 1 a., I ., ,? nml ?? t'iit
_Ui_tM free -....:>?.t a i....\ ? i ? I any llmr.
J. W1UK.N, A. M.. l-i,?. . iL
1 ubaater. Coatlr Bulldiaaa. Thorooab laatrortioa
A Ml Ll ! .il: V , '.).. ' 11,1 I ,.,-i ..?-,.:./ " I,. ?| iit r.
1 'lu-ai.-i 1 ..,.?.;aii. " .;. rilEo. iiv ^ 1 v, i-i.
J BBY, 1 aeieci boardlBg.aehool for l.,_ ? an_ guaag
n,en. al Mn_ Miik ..ii lladaoa
lor circui-ia aiel inl-.i .1141 i".i api'ly to
J. ii'.V 1. AI.I.KX, A. it,
I'rtr, 1 ,'
m IIM.A BCHOOE YKAi:.'-8)106 payahie
'P-ltllr .purii-ily. BWITUIB C Ull0UT__._Ki_r8
il.ilia Ai.,.1 i?y, ... Ua, I". i.n.
For Youn^ La.lies?Country.
DOARDING HOME for MI88E8 onder ftmr
I > tii-ii y?-.ra..f uif 1 bfllah braaebea fi??ir!,. i|i,ir,?ifl,lr
I i.-n-1,.,. 11 ,?iii, an 1 .'ilu-.it, ii daalred Baferaoeaa ?, i?Leit.
lirnia ou ajiplliiatioii. Mlts. \i. ll t'lit-A,
l*j Waal .-iti ?i.,,. ar mi. Barria i-ark.
ORDENTOVVS. N. .1.?l.-u.iilii College?
baaBtlf-llyloeatad. very h?i*.i.irni _n.i tY>r?.ic>>. su
periur Muaic uiii .nt Ucpartioeota. rorclreular, ,t<-.,-d.ir-ai
Bar. wm. .. BoWBN, A. ML, Ftaablaiil
toivn. MiL ; ,tlore<.,n ?.-'n .1 f..r i-lrl? , 1., i,,i|. a ri on, l ai
tltn.i, , liia )ili,l 1 IIki.i UKli iiiin "? .1...1 , caralal naii,.u_
Ill-.V. AHIHI lt J. Kl, II, A Sl M. 1>? jt-otar.
NYACK SEMINARYfor ifirla; limit.-.l nuin
iii-ra. 1 ii..r.,, 1 iru Ualnlnc i1,.|IkIii.,iI baaaa ,>n? baol
rromB.Y,LAdureaajlra. i.in,..i- NK l.i.iti llol._". PrlnclpaL
rriIK KI.Ms?Family ;.n<l DayftchoolforOirLaj
J Ba. 141 IIialraL, BprMurBeld, Maaa. For i-lrt-iiliiiaiKl
ureaatlie rriuciiu! i. Miaa.-a l'OH'11-.ll A .lIAMI'.S'liV.
For Both Sexes?Country,
V^ aii'l llu.laoii Itiver lii.lil-ii 1, ll.ir sr.io'c M. f.
*'-'.'.. A VKAIL
Frani 1,. Artaad >! laia , 1 ? -.. Ull t BjtBlioi
Htleail.-..julluiliia 11,1 .1 irln< I ilr 1111 V-l<,iiu
i:,v. Ai.'iN/u i.'i,a.'k. pi,. 11., Praaidaat.
HOME ifoitnlii.'. rlchool for Mlsaea ami
1'I.II.Ir.-n.-i.i..- h.nir haaaa '-Ur i,i..tli.-,.a , ar.- BB ' ?
txi.-ir.l iin.l;ti.M'iri, M i?-r w.-.-k. lli<itT lirauclni i( ileBlr.i
Aii.ii. aa ii<ix 11... BtaaaXard, <.'?,..
UOCKLAND COLLEGE, ^yack-on-tlie
II111IH..11? l'ri.|>aral.iry an.l bOBIBaaa for gaatlaaMB 1
iri?.',iMiii.,. ' .,!, . nn lailiea: IwalTalaacbata; BtaaBI beut ;
BOrfec a, ' '.iiuiu.iilaliiiiiH i ball 1 ear i|.,'i.a I. -.nuiv i - . -,,t
nreaialegaa W. 11. iia.s.m.ii kii, a. m., rnu.
J\ a nrel.ipiirenN. I'l.-i."'- triv.. pnrtli ulara. E. MIIUA-t
COYKIKHB, .1 Kaal 17.1.-at . i',.i.,u Hqiure.
CMKUCK coll.'ftion of hcIiii.iI rtrruliira for
1 i?.i, i.i. u:,.i ._?.it'!. in 1 Taaahara in emry -bportoMnl al
art and learnlng raroniuienrlail 11. 111 hmk, ii; w (-_t ?_; lat-st.
iti-.l jrri
?atloaal uiaalery
Uti lleal, Illli'Ut, )..,. .l.'l 1 ,[il.- .j...-,
iiom. H 1 .l.-i _:,,r.
8UPER10R LES8ON8 in KL0..UT10N und
_Mlaa \V.. .-.'.' l.aat -lil-wt , r.Miin 8; elevator.
Dniunui 'Acii-tcmicy.
No. 6H1 6t? avb., New York.
No. lOi W-uililtiKton-ai., i:i.,.,kiyn.
_ Ternia ln clrcuUr.
CntENCH an.l OERMAN, linni.-.l irraJed
l rUaaos at all lioiiia " Natural 'ouvBraatloaal ______
Bthai," ilueut, im I.* ainl lapiii aaaaeb.
Mla ea v... 18 1 ..at J.l.l.at, .-. ,
Now?p?nf<ir i? ,?? .1 .,1.. i.,aa? im. ,111, ?.,.ui.. u i-i't'.Uaiai
Mi.i.ilaj .1.1 I I'liiiiaiU/ v.-?lii^.. liir ua, a?B0lr.:.iUri.
A8 MR. TRENOR owna uud ngoluaiv.-ly oc
e.ii.iaa bla a.-ailouir, Uroailwuj ar, 1 __d^|, uo _,?e. laa
aona 1.1 "(aiii...( dally. I'lreulara.
AT ' V."HARVARD RKILLY?rr"tJeb<roi lor
UancUix, No.670 .lUavc, aiu elaaaaaaauBfBa.
Dartcin. -.ca_-ime_
1 .-..t ...'.tii.'U. illan. Uu.ldlu*.) Claasea an.1 priratelea
T g
1 ? at
_. .lay ati-t oveuluat. --ud for circalara._
pnvate le.aoiia.
*\ Aaeu.y BBBB-M ....a.Beri, Teacher4, Tutora, (.orer
_>?_* itc. lo" Collcgea, Kelioola aud Kaailliea. Apply t<>
" Ml'.s. II. J. YU-NiiFL'I.ION, ?_.! t'nionSquar-._
___b_ah. <1 H->... pro .,le,4pr,),iipfly Dc4t Teanhem for Prirati
I'tipila Fai.iillea, Se lioola, Oolleq'e-. Clrculars of ?;oo l school?
wltli rellabln liiforaiatlonfraatj ptre-it- Skill-a ....tt...
_lnar*i vrantc). Appllcatlon forui forsttmp.
j. \..sr___lMi-ft_OilN _ l'... 7 Ka.c Ittfiat.. N. Y._
VYAI.E prailuiit(r.vTi.slit". privale pnpils;
?ttiugforcol.._o a apeetalt.. m.'ieat elty refereuces.
Addres- YA-K, Boi MO, Tribane offle.. _
ASIMTESSI' .'_ toachor of clovcn years' _
prrleuee .le.lre. h few pnotla ia romrnon or collejlate
branchea , carcful alteutlou to n?*lected atlueaf Inna. Auoroaa
T_.Al__i.l-_. 8*0 Weat lotli-at.
A YOUNt. ENGLI8H LADY laat arri.ed
_. V froiu I'arla after a tliroe y.ar'a reM teuce, wlahea to
...i ureiiiTi.o-anptia for taatimcbeaia ftaaeb and uia.sic;
Ilusil.sb alin.ll .i*-i..-.l j tenua luod .-rate. App'y ^_
_II, TTUroae Ofll_e.__
MU8IC TEACHER woald k!\. laa-traet-oaa
tn l.eKlnneraon plana and nrjran atpnpira realde-ce. $5
perquarter. Call or addrr*. ;o . .rove-st._
VALE GKADUATE.?An oxpcrionceil m
I atrneterand nrtvato tuftr 0M_ea ai en ;._.?rmt i.
one ot uu.re lioiira dally. Art.lre<n n. A.. Trlbune Olica_
On Uci.l (Estate foi Qalc.
Al.REATlinriruiiifor rasli.?F()iir-fitory8-Oae
front 17 fe. t ; Baa c.ibiu.t fln!4li ? re?trl<-t?d blork. 1'rtce
aarjr8--.000. Aaaa.aaewaalaaa. 471 w.at 7:'dat._
4 NUMRER o_ Deeirable tnveatmeata; vloto
J\ Itj of Metropolitaii I .p.-ra lluiiae and Caaino : houiil lo
eiihao.-elii ralue. T. ll HOBK_.Tr.ON, 1,.1.1'J Hroadway._
4 ? A.?FOR 8ALE.?Eie-jrant now houaoa
_ _? eorn-r .;.*,! Iiat. aud Maillaon-ave., 17 to _- feet wlde,
all li.lit aud 4i.i,:.y
BO. l'J KAST 6.ISTST.?Full si'e , ver. caolcc house aad
rnrt'cil-ra of watebuian on pramlaea. or on anpllcatlon to
theowuers. t'liAlil.r.- Bl EK A CO.,
Areblteeta, .'..") -_-laoa-a~e,_
4 ?SIX 1 .'!._ LO'J'S. excavated, t;ith-Kt.,
il, B_aMtbatl_a_laeeattaaad betwaea Ceatrel Parb
.11,1 th. '.r.ind Baalerai- I'lila propert.. I?-e a llne pre4?at
..nd bb Im-neoM aroapeeUTe .alue; u ie?dy for immedlate
linlirov. n.'-lit l niiee ..1 .',,1'uOa loi i tenii4 to ?:ilt: Baw n-i.f. !
tor 8l.8()0p?l aiui.uu. V. K. si l:VBNi.0B * .'().,
luii liri.advray, or iltfi 5th ave.
I n,,rltie_>t mrnrr I'th ave.. Il.inlevanl und 13.8-t, 2:iiii.?
iloo- ii _.... |..ii. r.,,...4: reeeattea, p-rl>.r and llt.rary on
flr<t ri.x'.r i pluuii.lii_ l.eatine ?nd ventllati?a i.erfeet | front
iiur on faaaioiialtle Ihorouchfare 190 feet wlde: dry. aan.ly
41,.I, A<.iirr.iKf yerfeeti n>> malarla . al.i.urtant I'rot.ui; m<_.
araatrU barwtadawai ricblyeattaadrabaaaaa and brteb
rrael __lbeB_W4".r- .peneni l??a tl, .n tb.,*.' <,f . .uml
.itialltynn Murrayor laaaa Ilill; aplcu-1.1 Inreatnient prop
ertri eaeo for inapeetloa. ______
v j.iiis it BHERWOOD, own<r und b-ilder.
IJV)B S.M.K.?!' Eaat r_tn-at.: lot 25x125.
UCI.A .1) ,- WIIU'IN.I, 8 Hckman-t.
nii; SALE.?Honae No 72 I'liivcrMtv Plaee,
l earaeraf lstb-aa. Aadrea* ja__8.habt,
_Pcekaklll. N. Y.
II.il'1. rlioici* .ots. _"ixlOl each, on sundy
_ra?te ,..).. feet eaat of (.eutral I'ark, lO-tli-at: $0,000
eacb. Applr (?> I _ BOBA, 17 Wallat_
I?OR BALE CHEAP.?Tbree-atory aad lm*. -
?eal lualiaf.-p Iimwii .lon.. I,.,u4e, ll rooma. all Im
?ruTrmentai n,...4.> _(n8 > lot 2(_l. 1 ?<? ?! drsp. widi " L"40
r,. ? .,ii ir.- fln? nelrtilM.rliood. en* M-n-k fr,.ui I. atatl.n late
(.,..- lan'i realdaaea; good f or pbyalcun. privaia _u .1 or
b .anlliif-tiuuie. Priee 81 '"" _. ,_. _,
g 1 ||,,MS0S .t _V, 1.47", 3daTe._
I WT.STMKN'T, BARGAINS! B-atonr.double
I Ap.rtiii.i.t ir, .4. re.i'al . A'>'<-* i7.'...o. heven-atory
.illi.. iei,i -1*. ,.i). -tl io.immi. Al?o privat.. reatdeneea aud
trurnie '? invrttoii -Bli. MIl.luN T. WooLI.KY, iii
THI LET.?Id-rceUgbtlofta, K>\!K?i paaaea
I ?.r aud freiKlit eleeatoe i ear. w.'lum and Ann ?ta., n.w
balMUe l.t 1, V". I) .1 VV 111 I IM,. ,'. li,. kinai..-t
rPo LET.?An fi.-int 20-room boaae aeai
I cealral Park. ABer/aai80F_llBOBB,iaaaB8,
Unoincoa _3rnpfrtn tor Galf a\b to Cct.
\ PRETTY atore, with 3 rooma. Oaly 925
_"\ p-r uioiitii 43J Weat SNtb-at _
i. TO LET.
1-- '.' I B I II- BBTON 81 , > .tl.,r ?rd ateani beat. _
r| .? BEST.?The hi_rhlv rlrajrable lofts,:it No.
1 IH llowarvi-at,, ?"'i ?'? r-r-? >" -... A|
AllN',1 i?. I " ? -I v I.I.I. .V '?,. .:?'!. 4'. an I
r|,n l.l. l'.?S|.l.ti.li.l ofBcoa, Bth-nvfi.irm-r
1 ...l.t. Aiie-n.-.n M-fa Ii.v"
All.V' I ? Wb 4'. ?:, I "'
lena, .".'Ii-uvc, coraei
... .i > y ,njr'< flrepro.f
i,.tii.li.,_r Appiy .... p... i.l?.^4_?_
(Titn Propertfl tOontrd.
Ur.\\rr.l>. \V>'I'.in't unjiplj the tlemaada
arltlrb weba~eba8 for dm ?....? r. ,., i
rty lopui kaae. >>wner. pleaan aend aa prop.
rr'-. t ; -. ? . ? ? No rhai e la .....'. un:- -4 f.,r a. -
laal aalea aad renlele, WIIITKIII ll)* MrKLKOY,
. , l ui,,u -<|.i,. ? ... ..f '. ?:!. ?t
JUroo!U_n Prapcrfi ?3t 0*U art- Zs Cct
I.^ii: SALE. Sim.'i.iI i.,r-..in- iu bloeka aad
! . ? r t ,| i-i : d . e- ,. :r llal 'r- m\
air., a..?... ?\i?mi brookiya.
L>. I*. DAftl I ?? '. 0
.1 l'ark Ho*. city . '.- ' '.'yn.
r?OKSAI_K l'i II I. -.'7. M.irf-st.. |li..,.k
I' |t,. ' . ? .. a'. ii.-. -'?.? 4i??!? fiii-' rear 10x40.1
, , .... fc.Il, i." J-. ui- .ii. ira
'l'i I LET. Sroall forniahedhonaoin Brookljro.
I ._ aet_fh-erboed "OB Iba Hlll"i 4 . tii Im
toMAl....UA ivi.i. ?,,..._.? a-'.- s, New-York. or
1. v\ li, , iu 1: . I .< . rnllon -(. Hl
.*? aj t \l U I c:i .1 uml balanco on niortgayo,
'.? -?. lt M t |f ,1...|....| ',r ;,..
Ha 18 a ' >w-t, bMck .i-..- llng loi __1_1. .ll..").)
No 21" v itt.reaBd dwallinf. 7 - 1
. . WUloaxblr-at, bii.k --alhaff..
Ad.li. .? (. K Irlli.in. . '
Cfonitlrn {Jtopcrtn i*or S.ilc aiO (Lo Cct
\T ORANGE, N.J.?Eatate :i 1 Bcrr_,nio_a*
t.uii ,i.|.. .'.ii, - reeiaeace, ?t.,i,irt. ouibattdinaa, reaer
v,.,r aup .', ..v . ,,.,k f... aala ~* ,.,ii: Maradatnliei ara
i,,i.t.. .i.-i?... I ii..i,.,4"i, f. --t ibore t.,i,.'_'.. AButber.
? li'i |.> a, ,?4 p. ?. i ai-l? KecB i 0 feet < leratloo; b aallfal
h.si.in i ??i.i. ?,,.,.. oatballdlnaa; aale * .i...u. Anolber, 0
rerlouklai Meetelati : bandaome _4ldana_ ou b lU
\t[t. _...?,,, v . t .?? M?r,l,t >wa toraplko, Maiflatm, rloae
.?!?ie ?..., aeraa i.n.-k raatdeaea, ample .,,111.1111.1111-4. aale
-;u ". il . all a'. B 'all. >' f l U I nu.-4t ?:,ad^. tn 4l Imatl.illt.
I l.vv Ai:|) II M.VMIl. rofl _ I >?. I riii--4t.. .N. Y.
\T OB INOE. N.J.- -Beal eatate, aale aad reat
L. WILLIAM . i,.'.. Meaii llall.
\ iu Nf-j.-raty toaeliaud toreut. A. D. HOPB,
1.1 ll ,..( -?
> IIII.OM.V SAI-'I-. I.VVI.SIMI Nl. rell e4late I..,.
T> 4I11 IhhIv li.ub. r anl CO_l for .al.' Itallroa- l.l..4 ll,.ou,'li
Kar-eli-nee. I'll. T. H. LlVB.N.l>, 1- ik l.lck, tt un
/Xi'llAN'-I-l' ! ! Ownora ?,t unonciiuibci-d
. i'..ii.it, r Katatea vn'ti cnai. ioa.i.1. raa eiebaage '..m,' f,,r
...liu-tiv.icit* p ..,,.'.' >??. paviu. -a,_ln."iin-*. l.y eallin.ou
M1I.I..N I WihiI.i ,.V. .1 1'iiik llow.
IpOB BALE.?A cotflfortable couotnr aeal <?
10 aeraa ? k?-?i aatbait-lafi i a_e i.o..r ea lae n.'-iii
veli rou.l. i.?ive:.leli( to II... il. I.it ; Cood abade . plenlv ol
fiuit ? tt'iuia ta aatt. Apnl. toovv N_.it. ?_?.;< Weat n-tii at,
,\)|{ HI-'.NT,- Nicc, HiMt-clasM raeldeBee ;
alablen Applr io
I. BU.'l.lAM . near Muaie Ball, Ora__. N J.
I. .il. KI.N!.?rirHt-cIiiBsri'aideiice; LHrootoa;
?aaaaaalaabBnaadUataj ne.raiati,.n v,,t> r...
i. v\ ii.i.iam . oraaaa, B.J.
MuN rcl.AII., N. J.? lor I'ciit, with ininiiili
ata aoaaaaalon. rhrilre rottaga alae .ueiBi all nodera
|iii|.r? .elueula i b.'l.llHf.ll loi'.'ll i.nu | li.nvrlllrut 10 ll.-pot ,
i ii, '...?.., ? in-iketa. ?, 0
HOW-I PAB80NB, 70Ca_ar-at, B Y
OBANGE, N. J.?(Vicliii.jr apcci-iityh Beaf
tri.ir.. vt it vitiit ir.f. r aale aad reat. Alao aale .'i m.i.u
n,ll_i:d JlaillM.li. N. J. BOWABD P. IIAMII.li.N ,HO,,
Ba .l'lne
KAMil.. _. J.?(Vidoity of all depots.)
i ..-..l eatate ?f eveiy variniy, fnr ?ali) or rent
H. ., l liNI.l r. i-i |. ?, li. Iiil.k .luiir, I, .-..ul,
rro LET.?Al Oraaare, N. .1.. 45 niaatee froto
1 rllr. flnedwell.aif. wllli ampl.) iri-iiuda, lirjiillfally aml
lieallbiuiiy aituair.1. ll.n '.'.ll.,',, N. Y. /_
rpO KI-NT.?A ilwclliiiK liinisc in SmiihbiirY,
I riinii, wllb or wltkn.it fiuuiturn. nrai tbe ebureliea, po'.t
nttlrr and II 11 I'epol . l'J __M, euilar, Hltie, gartleu, bui_,
il llll ll-.'4, :il..I lUU'l lf lt'4 L.l
W. T. (III.III BT. New-llaveii,' onii.
IIIII 11(1.1 ACBF.S of bi'sl (-ri.iziiiK land in
IIMt.lMiu v.,?.,- i. Texaa ta a 1.011.1 1, ?'\ an.l
lli.troiialilv <v il.ie.1 by tliien ruris and itit-lr tillnit.ni. .
M 111 awl lu lot< to an.l piirebaaar. Addraaa UBA2INO,
iili.iiin- ipluwn (itliee, 1,8-8 lirou.lway.
iiKsiitnii.i: (HKSTMT sr. sroiii:.
lu tbe (liy of I'ltl.a.lelitbia. TheUr .e tl..iibi.< foiiratory al.ire,
t,i,iwii?toue froai, NaaHta and hjo C-oataot-l.,.? door
ri,,.n the <'..niineiiiai Hotel, urariy ?nu,iHi!. Um i .iiur.l Uonaa.
?ntl half a bloek inui Uie new I'.iat.imei" ; 48 front OB I Ue-t
liul-at . '-' '?*' f''??' 'le.-p !<> r-a.i-.,.u ?t. Haa ..,.,, ..<-. ,1,. . . I,y
Ikaaraaeat tenanl aa a . i<,it,?.,_ ator.- for the painiiiieeu
veara. feaBeaalofl Kebruary 1, Irf88. Apply t.t
CHAW II. M.v-Sd.V. -'.li N. BUth al.. .?liila.P Ipb.a, I'enii
Cottutrn I3ropertn U)uutc_
WANTED.? Land in Nebrnskn, [owa or
Mlbut-a.'la, laeiebaiifte f,,r Tal.iai.lrt.u,.;,''.'y
J. M. uuncan, Wataaar, N. r.
U -iii (.ot le Ageitt..
.lata-llMhed I -.'. i
Bftyial aiti'i.i en . iv ,n to lhe raileetlon of renta aad
tha carc ?f propci ur.
Per Xorth Rlver, Vessels and Rnilroad*.
New-York. Jan. 22,1833
B. W. Floor iMalt buah... 9.500 Peanttta. ba 225
pkca. 24"l Barler. buata 1.',,0.'0 Par_,8_ga . *?9
Beana, bb'_ 443 Oatineal.bjra. 89 Heef. pkfa... M|
B?wax, pks. 4 tireaae, pk<a 4.. Cntmeaie,pks l.JMW
Cotton, balea \.bot Hi,te% b?l.? _ Unl.tca. 800
Cottoua'doU, Hops,b_l<i_.. a8-Lard.kea?... 1BB
bbla. 75 Lead, pl?s... t.fi'ia.Butter. pK*a 3.K*?
Dfrult, dbi. 1.4.14 l-eathr-r. ili 7478 Caeraa,ptgl 1,818
K*?B,iik-a.. 7.17 C Turp, bbla. 1.0. UoaaNo. J**
Klnur.blila... ll,a_:i.l rtpirltal'urp. I Hice. uka... ?WJJ
('Meal.bara. _!><>: bbla. 3V) Iticecliaff.bi 171
Wheat, tiusb I".".Kl, rteain, bbla.. 187 TBUow.jBaa IM
f oru.buali..111.lOOTar, bbla. 884 Tot.aceo, I.'tl 1<4
Oata, buab.. ...i.Hl". Oilcak-.pka. 3,8:14 Tobitrco. likir 65
Bye, buab... 680.Oll.tub,bba. <:i Whl.key.bb. e.O
New-York. Jtmmtf 2_. 1899.
rOFFKF-Fipet Ttlo dnll and nomlnal at H_c. Noaalea.
Optlona artlve. rxrltrd aml 2,) polnta lower, owIiik to recel|.t*
of 25..KX. bitaa in ltlo aail aouio .l.-preaaiou there, aa iv-ll iu
derlme of \ to 1 frano it, llavre. Tiie olea wi-ie larze?t In
aonie time, beln* 7n.00.> tiaea, e'.oalnir weak aa ful'owa: Janu?
ary 7.73: February. 7.7o_...7_ : Marcli, 7.808 7>6 ; Apnl,
7.9".c7.95: Ifajr, BjOOaaie | June. 8.10 a-i.l'i ; July. 8.30
B8.35. Mlld fradea tnoro actire rialea. 1,508 baga wa?h.-.t
Caracaa, '.' "0"' i.aKiiavta. 1.880 Maraealbo, and ..Hi picula
Partnn_. from the ueeember eale on private ternia.
COTTON ? BpotOattea l-l.lc. bieh.r. bal 'lu.'-t salea. IJB
balea bellvered nn ronfracta. 1,700 balea, Reeelpta at tlie
porta to-day, 11.2:i8 bai"a. njraint 18,371 .1,1a ,Iay laat weeB,
an.l I4.7ii:. laat year. Mlnec sept. 1, 4.0">8,770 bak-a, a?am.t
il,7.-S,-.,_-i for the aame period laat neaaon.
Tbe ipi'iuuiiua, -ccurain.. to tlio A.nsncan .'.-.iiiflc-tioa
-,' ,i '.j..., v '
CnlanU anl * Bt T?t?i
Orrllnarv. 8"i? 0'ia !'lia
Btrlcl o'rdlnary. 9'? H1. .WB
(iood Onllnary. 10',, 10?,? lOha
Htrlct (t_oil OnUnary.... 107i? l<>,ri? l,>"ia
I.ow Mniitllua. 1"J? 11 11
htrlct I.ow Midillin*.... 10">14 IPib H'ta
Middlma.U'm U*i. Jl'ia
Oood Mlddllna . )1U 11 _ at_f
Ktrlctoood MiddllDT. H7i? ll'Ma !'' ie
Middliiif l-'air. ll"ia 12'l? 12'ia
Mr....;..li?t_ \pv*m 9*?**
Oood Onllnary.R'i? | Uw Mlddlln*.f??ia
Ktrii't Ooad liuiiaarr >*a l aOeaBaa.mom
Futnre.nqniet l.nt rlo.?ed rt to 1 point* hirher. Tlie amal
reeelpta al tlie porfwiuil an adviAiro In Llvernool fatiscil the
rl?e li'-re. Kalee, 81.300balea. Intnan *ava tiie Iloop _ang
ulll taac cbarge of tha buil ?pe, ulation iu March.
To-Iar'a ?K.itremea.?
Vnnfh r!oatn?r. UlKhear. l.,.-,v.i?*
jannary. lL18ail.ll 11.12 U.0_
K.-.nurv . 1L08W1LJ0 11.08 11.("7
urntelx. . ll.13_ll.fl 11.13 11.10
Aum ' . ll.34all.8S 1L3_ 11.80
Mlty . ll.SH4U:i7 11.:.7 1131
june" . 1!.47?11.4. 1147 11.19
Juli-. 11 7.11.'-( 11.S7 11.15
Aiii.nl . ll.H7.HI.flS ll.d7 ll.?l
H..piember. tl.S0all.83 1L8J U.'-'7
r,,toi,er . l.?4_l..._.l 10.88 10.7i
Noieinb.ir . 10.7J-10.7.> .
Market rloaina aieady Tranaferablc notlcea. 11.13.
Fi.oi'lt ANI> Mr:AI^-I I.'.I'H-Market rulea ditll and
Hlltflitly ln imyera'favor. Kxporl deaaaad limlte.l, and the
lobnlna tra.lor.on_ne<1 nialnly to OTirent wanta. Mal?a, 13,000
bbla of uhlcii ;..800 blila. wre forex|rnrr. inrlu.linj i.'.oo
bt.la. UtrB No -.'. Bt 83 10988 60. oialnlv $3 1 '? a +3 'J5 1
tiOObbls. Mipeirtne at *-' "i"../ *- -3 for sortnir an<t*_i'5*
*:. Ki for Wlnter Wheat j 1 '_<>0 bbla." ity 5llll ExtiB at $-1 i.O
f,.r Weat Indiea; *00 l,b!a. Klne at 83 38 a. i'i 85 for Mprlnir,
and J.'.'4"u*.-0 f'.r Wluter W!?at: 1.100 bbU.
M iiifr Wh-at Kxtra. maiiily wirnin tho nn,
i.f f:. .10_>t 00; QuotatlonB: line. $2 3_d?2 >?0
Hui'.-r_ii". tJ ,i',a*:. :') 1 Kitr? No. 2. ?:. 10_>
$iS,, OivkI to Fan. y Kxtra st.-ite. J3 ?n*
BISOi Oood to.'li-.Ice Kitra Weafrn. ? : -.'? - $ '? stO; Comraon
to Fal'r Kitra,,i,1o. <?:) I'l.tt i 76 : (lood. 13 00* *4'J5. Oooi
|.,< lioico f*;iO_*3.Vii ConiD.cn l-.xtra Mlnneaota, 83 10B
*-... Ciear. 88 "ftaat 181 l.ye Mixturi>, ttiAmAtHo,
stralrht 8425?8470i I'atent, *4 75 t*1 .".; Baketa'Kxtra,
BH 90 ?4-7-1 nt. l.outa.'oinmon to l-.lr Eitra. ** loaaa .5.
1'air to Uoiai. ?:. ?-.ii*-'it?". lioou to VeryCBoiea, *", i0/?
..I.;... Pi,t.-nt Wlnter Wheat Extra, 84MB8t7li 1 Ity Mlll
r.xlr't lor Weil ln.1|e?. .1 '?'. !?onHi Ami-rlea. ?'? "O
a* 10. market eloalna doil.SOUTHKItN FLOUR
Onll wUl, laaa .tr.n_ih to the n;arkct Biporta lOcUoed 10
hi.'.loff an.l the lol.hlna trade only l.urlna for fm-riedlate
want' h*,]h, 70.. bbla.. Inclndi:iji"'oninioD to Oood Ritra
nt *.<(/*, I" i f.ooit to.h',1,-0 ,t.i. 81 1508678 KVK
FI'.i I'.- -ii-.dr. wi'h a rn.Hl?iatetrn.la rt?m.in't Salra i"..
nbla.Miper_n?_t 8840*8880 BUCKWHKAT FI.OUR
? -?i,,. al ti Tiu('. '.. '. Iattr?r ..-, extre?i?.IUK.\
MEAb?Qolel Balea ' 0 bbla Hraudywtne at . J _o, yuo
ta .1... f ;'.__+:.:<(>. Yellow Weatern. $3 0'.a*3 J3.
OR \ [V?WUKAT? Market irraKUlar and uni, itiert. Caah
loiai.Bve_ilvaiic?d .*V-anu rlo?ed wlth a lair aaaaeat
atiei.Blb OpUOOa opon.-il \n S.-C bnrer, tban r-aovernl anl
_.'...,?, ed ~. 1 lc-. rh.n loat W I "-c of f hr -<lvar.ee- and cloaexl
.tra.ir at tbe radaeaea. a fairiv ?-tive tra..- f..r .-xp..rt,
li?.,r..l triin-?-ctloUBf..r Clty Milllnjcand abr'ak t,iig,iiesa ln
ODttoaa. _aipp.TBb-aaht-7rl.-0'i tmai, . and city Mlllera
TtHHibuali Halaa. 4,ti-.,?.o?> bu*h. future. -.'_7.000 buab.
I,,.,! l- , lii.lii.tf ri.-T.il-.'. M.rlna il H'jy. .'.? i.vcr.-.l 1 No 1,
N'ortber- -.''?/?' . atloat C__T-ded Wlnter He.t. 89a95e.i
N,, . Ked '' I',.?'' :?? : ,!,-'.,i.-ii-.l rr-i'i. sture. '.,:%??; 'nr rall
fi..cipiaiiirlevator Bti.labi.ii' ?'iV fn-eon board 'i"_i "I"!'-,
ln_rale,| WbltB, '.'.',.IIYK-Maikef o,iu.-t aad atead*
Caoa.iaaodHUta,70a72o. 1 Waatern ?" >???? uslealjOoe
noa!, Ni, 1 .1 ?".'. ia elevaior.BBBLBY-Market flrm
un,. fBlt'.vari.ie. Balea 5.000 b.nh 1 wo-ruwed "tate Bt
(,.,, soooboab Meaaary rituteat ?,,..-. aud wi.l.ln a few
.'araai.ln.it n-firtwl 7 ,")?? buab .an.uU nt H_?a\? for
Duaraded aud 7: ,<7aW. for No. 2.tlAiii.r.V JMAI.T
laduil Two-rowed Htate 65 ? 7. r . Hlx-rowed state .... - 1
, t, | ._ m ,- -j>i l","0"buah. -ixrow-.is.Bte at -o.-.
1 11 UN ? Market nrnier Caah lota bave a.lTan,e.I \4,14c.,
and clo-ad ttrni npllonaopaa-d atroog, then advatu-ed V.
, .. thearearteda trlfle aadeloeed ateadr af about the
rici-a A-Kut nuameaa ^?r axport a *ilr trule for
homi i'-c, aad fairlr actire braoaactloaa In optlona Bbtppera
1, .uij'.i ..-..)..., t?ia'i. aalea, 1.120.000 baab. atore, 3 ">oo
baafi ai ,1 ,ud a,.e<-ie] ileilverv inelii'lira 1'iifra.le.t Mlie.1
Bt MO,'. >-.\ No. ... .11 \ -1 ."..ii-.- MMnifr.Mll.il, -.'.? ..-??-.
Ui elria'.ir. J.l',_? ??'.'-. d.-iiei il; toarnveln all Jununry.
6i.V aM"?t. aadarataaU-Vbroary "?-'Sa.' arloai: btea.i.i-r
U??w, ... .'- iti elerattCl 5 .'..- ?i...:i': Hi>f!, itlxe.1. Jte.
-t. .i-iier Wblta 53i*i aBoal 1 No.'.'. Vixed for Jan
aarv. .'.J'.ii '? .o- c. .-.uBinc at u.i-Vci ou. for 1'tibrnary 50O
; . ..? . ? . ... f.,,- Marrh. <<1 .'I'iC. c!?.|I._ at
Mix.al at ....... No. 2, ?' ',.' ????? tn . 1'v.-.t'ir. ;. ? v. aOoal
1 1 . ;, toarrli.st. fr.-l;:ht ?:.-i ltiair.ni. e . Ni. 1 7?
Mo 11 Nn -J. 3-1.1-. No. 1 .'C Mixed
Waauru. a ?37?oe.i Wblte da. 37atoo.j Mix-ai -t.u.
? Wblte do, ia i". '-.. 2 M.xi'i lor Jaaoarj :. -
. ...ai-_ Bl - ? . ?! ,. tn. i'l-l'i ii ? ?'
... f 1 -, ., ..... ma '' ?-?- i"r Apnl
C.cloalB_at37o do. for May, . _\_.'.7V, c!os._.
at -T-e.
uaaatlty of oraio on uuaagi Jaoaarj -'-. IS-^S.
Wta" ,-, Mni'e.
UtH. "IH
i,.i ted Klnrlo i . 3.i-?.000 r,,,O.OO0
. 33Q.OU0 i j
Tntal.nn . ' 320,000
| yaa. .u...._3.3IU.UU0 '-'. ' .'.'10'
car.w-ak, 1883, baab. ' ?
. uu,:..,iru mtii pravi ? ?
' i?h-i',
T.r?.M Kln-.loa.. 3.2 ihOOfl 'rM''.l',.
ToCoatlu, -..-. 408,000 120.808
Totol or? . J.0_O,OOf)
t ' bua... '.3l.20o,o ?. 8.81" -
g^aal baaa.'.'.'.!!!.....31.200.0. > -.??p'.ooo
IllC .......ii.ll . I,'..,..',')
MAY AN li.l BTRAW?IIav w-,a f.imatid in llgbl aagplT
iV>i?.ti.!a.iii', t tuiii. Btraw alaoflno. W ? ,???..- : rlay Sj.1,
, :.., ?.-',..?. .... .".
-..i . -.?,,r '-?>? ?, No. 9.
un.l ? L'ontluued ver. ?ion acd pnoaaal lha ... it nomi
HOPa 11 i !a , .Lt'i.uei iery alow th Mii-h there wer. lodl
>..: .iuim. i..v.?!,,. * ...ijiiitii bteaecB.
11,.. oeai hu.e I-.. ia. were l( .
mi. l.v- Fur.lui i|ii,.-i bo. a'.-iiily Pi. I'lu urm ; 10
.- ..-. ... Ibi ..-1 . ..l .a 18.90c.
110LAS8B8 -m .uie.y aotlva *t.ndy an.l aaeaaafea.
.-..?? , .. ..,;- ,,"?/ ??' C.
navaI. >. u.ikm?i;o~!na arere rer* ,|,i et i-ut abont
at'j.tr at ?! -...i-i ,. lor Btralned 1.1 BtralBeu
g $1 858 l <". t, 81 ."J*' ' , <?. U '?" 181 '? i H. *l i?
.?*l 7.1: I. .'-' ? ?**- ", K.$' - . M. 1 > *i .N.II'.'S
.B4:.7l.j| W. f}..84 82*g_t4 7.1i V*'. W 858859.1 BBirtta
l ui i.?!,tii.e w..a aicalv.it :..,:'4.' OB theapot !*.'.
hBlenoncall January. 1?0 bbla. at 31 j M.irrl, loObbla a' II
Uai :... 11> l? ui 10 rer aud Pitch nalrt. Parkei bongbt
, Kptnta from PatterauB aad aol.l Harcb aad M..y aa
. B-"-v. ' llalpti. ?aa a iiuii-r
oil I.N FHKIullTS anotherduilaadanlotereatlag day
i,. .- .i in ih. freigbi bmuV'i ablla lo ratea n.-re ?.[.?
Doaprcud rbaogaa in the way ,.r Bl RTli i SO v
M I-n i s to day s bualaeea waa:?I-ONDON*. heticn. ateam
3_,(>00bue_ -i.i" ii-j't. amwkki- ateam hou.e. m.ou
ii.iih itrnii 1 v'. II. I.I.. steaiii. h.iiiee lu,,,,'.. buah. crjln1
6,1 M 1 K>Kt 1 I.l-.S, heure ?tr im, BOO (? . I ..... 82j BO.
I.IVI .RPOOl.. ate..iii, 1,508 t.alra eottoB. "thiMigb." VI,
? , t.ma i.ii.ii-r ua.; 1.400 boxea ebeeaa, ??''*.. ik.a-.ooii,
h.u.,? ai,-aiii. :>"" botea cherae, 35a, liiil-Toi.. heu.-e.
ateam. 1,800 aka. floor, 17a 8_.| 108 Bbla, ,1". la. >l; 100
Inoharter'aaiiilromralttala we not<- tbefoUowBMi ANT
WF.ur, from i'h.:...l. phii aOermaaahlp aowb. r.000
i.i.ia re-oedotL 2a .'-.i.. cbarterei Pjryiuaeiiralaeuraiice.
mi.ihi'i itUANi an. from 1'nlladejpbla. a BritMi
luik ;.",'?> ' ii, *a r.-tlti.-il oll. l':'v NK\*./. AI.A.Nlt,
haoce. a Ni.rwei.lan balk with aaarral c.ir-o al a lui.ip aiim.
l.il'AN, baoee, aOcrm-oahlp reported . ko.ooo caaee
rrfined oll, on privain terma ulvKR i-i. it i r. fr. ni
Portland, a i>aik ?iti, tamber. 812 . KABTI-HQl i-.
fro.n I'i.riiand. a acl.aer mtiiai.'*?? anfl h <il->, ouprlvale
terma aud-ootber at ifi.-.iiu'i lumber, M ?' M\> i.n
ZAH from Portland, a b.trk wlth akeoka aad beada 'c
PAVHANDU, fromHBUlhi Rlver. Oo.. aacbo ...-. "ililnm
b,-r |17 CABDKNAM. f.oin Portland, a i'r,|f nt'h
abooka aad baaga, 20a.CUBA MorthBlde, n llav.n.i ,
a ..r.ir. fio.n i'ortlaad witb abooka aod beada, 90e.
inr.-" -,'iiiv .!?... iiiiui.1 aotmportanl |ubbln? T'.le w.ibm
iioiie.i I ,,? no rhaojrea ib qaototlaaa weraaotlct-d.
fBOVlolOiie?POkB?There eoatlaitaa a very dou mtt>
k.-t aad pitcaa i.ou.itia iv aaquated laal No siie. rep..r i'ti
Ifrta ouoied at gii:t ...>. Famiiv U-*?. ti.i 35*81*lt-_f"'
ua, *. .15-41di Kxtra I'liuie. .11.BBBF-Oroiaial l?
oolmporiani, aod prteea remam Bomlaal. Clty
Ki.ri lii.lla Maaa +2 Baa-*. Kxtra Meea. 811881] ?"
Pa.-k.-t. fll 6 i I.n barrela: l'late Bref, *11<-'*1; launly
Bl'J ..,l_.;:. I.I-.KF IIAM-" fl. dlly aekl and ..."'I
u,i.,..|U-.i. on..li.l .ii r " OUT M.-Al-fc ll"' ei.
il: u laaootl oeni .u,i lor Helllea. boi o?iu ,?.-?? ihe atovenii nt
la-l.-.k prieea rule miii salaa So.OiHI Iba. Ptckleil B-II.e*
u th av,-, iae ? .BuVd Plektad Belltes, 12 a. B*_c i City
Pii'kie.i shoui.leta, ftv.i.'-c; Buoked BhoiUdera, B*?e.(
Plcklad Hania, -..^!.>,<- m,?.k...I lli-ma. 8 .Bllc .BID
i.i.i -.-i>,,ua..ii altgbty tn 'iiveit'i v... i.i.na Ciear in
Ni-w.V.iik,iu,,tr,l,.\e. for Waati ru delireiy ; l^mu and-lioii
Ciear, ball aud half. January un,i le'.i ihi-)-, o : . -.-.-.
I.1U-.HHI-I" HOBB?A Hlmiiii luuher wob u tlriu ile.ua'.d.
Clty lleiiyv to l.lfrltt. ll,...iAe: Pli;., 8*ae.I.AIIH?llio
ap.i ula. >_u araa fairiy aoiiva t, duv and ooll toaiaiaed. bul
.'ai. and ficia ibe ri|mit.'ia roiilinn, 8 of n llmltod ? baracter. ,
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Bpi.i.7.-6-.. cloal__7.07 ..-i ..',.-.. ih. l.-e. 7.10c.: lanuary
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e 0<ed7*7.0.c.; 77.50 tca. i-'ebruaiy. 7.0497.lb>'e., i-l?an.?
7."'.l.r7..'-.V.i 8.-00 t"'.. Marrh. 7.1. a 7 1' c. iloaina 7.1'.'*
7.1-C.i 2,780 tca. Aprll. 7. J" a,'.'.:.r. cloaUig, 7.3oo.i i.'.1"
t. i Bay, 7.- ??! ...i.c. i-|..,l,,_, ,V8| 1. .uotea June. .."'''
TTSOO- tlohlna 7.ii-_ 7.37c. Clty Mea.n lu unairrale d.
niaiiil. >aleal->:t loa. ,:."O.,0'. 5r.; of No I Clty ?a'_a_.}0
tca '.' '.c llefliud qu-t d 7.4' 0. for i oiillnent. r.JOa
rioutli Ameriean Bl ITKH-Me. I* witn ? .falr ?a!e at
fuli pravtoua prieea M.-an-m rraamery, S'.WJBe...atoia
do., V.'.<-."...-.. >t,ue Kalry half-flrklns. i.it.a bii.I pall* 19
?_Mo.| 11,-lah Itiha, 168 7ci l.rkl?aau.l tnl.a. beat. 1, #.. 0.;
nrklna, 16-Jic, Wi-'.teru Imlialio.i ? i.-aiueiy 18?2j}C.,
w.-aiern ,i?iry. lOB-Ooi Weatara awiory. lo?8pa.i BoUa
Uwl-o... Chk.ksi:- i......I,..mi nu. -.-. ii:i, t. bat prieea
bareeat.. ty atii.uort Kaateni. ??! ".??. J ooimea ... Prtoaa
iob lota, l3\?ai5VeL. Waatam iut. -a il .c, fOlr 'oCholea
riklt.i . 1,1.7c iouimon to . ? beice -? iJ^o*Jfal0
liL-ii. aud la f.?r .iB.i.an.i Mate. ? ? ? ? -';-. >. ?' ? !.?
bouii.1,1, ?: 32 -C.I Uaaed. liO?a2Ca.i la^artaa, U8W,
Itl, I - ie ,,'r andfalrll-lu-tive.
h'l KA.'.lNl -Lulland raia.-r ir.'.;k. I Ity Quoted at !*%%,
"sl!!-K'rtn;o.U,.l.-.., Kairi-ci M* le.t. 5W 9
IA I.M iW-1 ir.n Bid In fair .leniiiu.l 1'ilma City uuoted at
e>?c. ualea. B '.oi ini.a. at t; .c
TBi Maia aiaira aad Broi saiea. ioapoot-a Japan at
2ic. Im _iau b. 2.-,c. tor April, ai?i H\iti*\o for J ui..-.
TonA.?(.>_.n et
tareb. ..?.'?.
8--_.: July
,-<***? ..frauarr. C; reamiry. 6_a_e_.
Mr.t.u. .. .? 3 .; Aprll. .. .Bi .: May, ft^ai.-ij.^ jjjf
??.; Aug.iaf,.', _'-.">)> ??-?
WBW.Yc__.T___/_y, Jan. 9-._B_BVES Roc .ata ___
lu cara of...> 1head?'? ear. at Jer_ry City aa-' 1 ear. at 60_t
at. Witb the <?_. > p loo et a _!.,.>? ear-lo_l tii i arr_. il? f^^"
were n:i for etp.-itia. No trade lul.lra . uttle 10 day tS
:-.i. ,? r ii.a.i' ot ui .?> ,u tl.e v.i<l4 vrer. bo'A fcr t,-n_rr_?_
n, r?t. i-e-iiu. luat about ate-i.tv. ?
Tiie I'xrre.iie co'd railier i, k-i.'i re.i nnr, the .aeafrita
Dreaaed lieef ivliieb waacoin . out alow y i:U.ouTb|,ric?aw?S
fairly atcady.' .ncralaauaof L'ommou lo (l.tod *.er< _ nas,v_Z
vtih 1'nme f.iCbuic.ae llnjtat l<i'3>lii _c. Tberr wm a ____
t r.iie sui.|.iv nf v, i-nit-Mi I'l.-aied r.:fri_rerator B,?i on aa
for whieh s<ni__ were theeitr.._oquofatl.u.?
The Or.'iren took out yeaterday l.JT.0 <iuartera of Peef ?n_
?.'?.., airasaea ,,f Muttoii f.u Jo-.-i h Kaattnat. lhi>i____
for !'?> r,.i'..:.i take* oot 20 Liva ' a Ue, " _ oi.a.ieraof Href __a
'.?ii ? ji,-, s, s u:' f..tf..n. The l-ake M.ini.M wlil taka ew
about 1 n i I.ive C'-trle for N. Morrla, aod M?,i qiurtera of BmJ
aud 181 eareaaa.'*. of Muttonfor 8wlft llros. _ '.'a, bat aba
wlll h.ir.ll. _rct ofl before Santrday. The l.r-riin.., _. and HuaEr
de'ayel ob llieir inward i.ounti tilp aie oot . ip.cu _ to aet
off before n^x' week. ?>""
CAI.VKS?Hee -ipte were 239 head. tnalnlr ai tioth _. c_
mand ir".. : f.,v I. v . a,v-?. an.t prtcca _t? _dv with <ir__-.
?,? liiijf _'_??.' i:ii.l (.'.iiniii'iu toC'hol.o Veala at 0 'i. _c_
a few aa b ifli aa 'V ^
lireaaed i'al"r?, t rr.i and V.-ala tiijrher c_ntry.r>r.va
V.-ai. rol.l ai 8313c for I'oor to Oood. aud I'rlnie at 1. ._ 134
an.l ev.-h 1.1 _r waa reached for a few Chol.e. I'alr to PrttoJ
City-l'r-a.rd aold at ll-Tl:... aud a' 14 " i 4 V from taa
iluiiich.er-hoii'ea Dreaaed (Irnaarra ate*dy at ca'c.
Sale.?i.ll'e i'>aek _ l>ewey aold: 2 Veala, 162'b. a'.:'1*.
4 de, 113 tt, ai Hcj 8 i*. <l calvca aud Ura*_ra, S'-ii tt, at ie.
lw i.raaaer . 2'1 tt. et :> _e.
11 ni,..- .1. Mulico cold: 1 i Uraaaci. '-_>.. Ib. at 3 _c ; 2 Veala
1?8 tb.at :''_-.
IlallenbeeW # Darla aold 1 29 (iraa?era 218 tt. at 3?_.
C.OnllUMmM: lSJeraev Veala. 12'.a I'Ki tt. at !'./9_e.
SIIEI.I' ..NDI.AMB.'?leo>,j,ta were.,2c.raf t>,4_4 bf al
?1*. caraat Je >.?;( liy and 17 . ara al 8 itlt.at; aad 10 >prlaa
I_ani',4 wer*. ,ee,-ived at Waah nif-'on M :r_. t. Intai for tlve
d.ys 31....,", ti.-ad. againat 31 218 b'-d for the cormtpondiaf
::..,? :.-' w.ek lhe iiiarket opane I alow hut aeliera wern flrq
and .:? i in tl.e day trade w.a loore aeMve aud a ao<_ clear.
aiue of the pena waa obtalned, er^iyib ug in Jtreej City
goiait to ihe a. a!?-a. f rlre?. toweT.-r are ut/t >|Uofahlv t.lab. r
lhan yeal-nlay. I'tyir to ' -ole* Hm**j, fi'rt at 8-84(08888.
_nd comrnoa Ut I Hw I.arnaa at 85 V'./tT'; aith Weatera
Yeal linra an.t I__'.a mlxed at ?? ey,? , i -j
\ f.-w J jiiInz I.ainba were ir.e_Te.lat V4a_.hln_._i Market.
For Prnne thf aiii-idr (.notatioo l? B! ? yr ???*!. ?r_ ' ouitno.
to_d tbtwu to l. _e_ ?,-'.' many.-_:.I M *>* v t_.e-? Baar<-a.
t'ltT Iire.aed M utton qnlet but Brm. a4ir-r... y lor llaht thly
wetbara ..eueral aalea were at 72r_. hot lam atuffao 14
dowato 890-6, < lty lUMaed Lan-O-. Bim at H./lio
for (ir.t.D.iiy t.i fholco onal.ty "A>?t_.ia I'reaaed Xiuttoa
w.l.tat l"a. . .c and W'raiern I)rta?<l Lambaat 7a_!
r_le_?!. N. Pldcech aold: 184 ( b u -) n-y. 101 tt. al *."i 8J
.Hilo.M.r., ttt4 ..':?-'.1 do. 79 tt. at 4**_ 14 Je.aty do. H
m, at :?; 210Cb__aa Yaaraafaaaa i_:i.b?,7x tt, at $4 .:
183 do. tJ'.i IB. at *4 7.1 'iba .'hleajtoahesp. h1 tt, at IV: '-70
do. !"i ft.at*! 43.; 240 do, 88 tt,at4V. aud oue ear-load,
.......ir 9.1 rn :,v, 1 -1_r at $1 . v
lu.1,1 .t Biicklii.haai aold: 228 Poor ohio sheep, 7n tt. at
*:. :i..i _17 do, 7s ?, ?t .3 7.5; 34 Jeiaey Ewia, 112 B, at
Newton .t nillet sold . 370 State <<heep. l<9 tt, at 8 _Ci 211
r_!oa_.*_B ..t*J-0i lMiWeatenido.8- tt, at 84 M), 77
Wrsteiu Lii'nbs <;.j tt. at ce.
J. V- siad'er A (.0. aold: 289 Mlchlaran Sheep. 79 tt. at 4*i_
6 do. Witb. at 5c. '.'41' .'.i,. do. 71 tt. at le. 11 do, 1 J. tt, at
.',_<?. l'.i.S ul.io >-hrep and l.iml.a, 81 Ib, at 5 _o.
P - Ka4e-ol.'.: ?/" Jeraey Kw.-a. 110 tt. at 4 V: 9 do, M8
tt, at-t-V: 14", M't-at.rB <lo,7(J ttat 4c; 100 We.tern Lamba,
Us lb at. c.
Ilitlieni.eek * Daviaaold: 19f) Western "h.ep, 91 tt, at e.
2i>7 do, :.'_' B, at , ???? ll_ do, 112 tt, at * ?_-, 140 do. 1.0 tt, at
lliime- M.illea BBtdi 188 Canarta I_mbs-few 8heep-81
B ai ;.': iho MataabasB). '..)7 Ib. atav.
Watali. Kirbv _ Co. aold: <;ue car of i-.tate lamba?few
Sb...|. . 1 tb. at "c.
Inl.euba. k A I>uivcy ao.d : 1''.. Weatern Sbee\ UM) tt, at
.?.<?: '.)1 do. 1)3 m, at IV: 176do, 107 tt, at lai 88 ???_ do,
l'.".i m, at i'ac; l.'.ao, 14! tt. at'Ur. ...,.io UM tt. at i^c;
.11.,.lo. 91 19. at 5c; 1 ln no, 114B, at IV; *? Mate lamba,
87 tt at ? c, 1-0 do, 6^ tt, at ,_c; aud :>4 C-uada do, e>0 tt. at
HO'lS?I'.erelnla were 25 cara af 3,4*7'. head. The fcelim
la a 11 !:le tlrin.-r toalaj, bnt iiuoatl.ua nnmiually uii.:!i_a_.d.
Aboul a balf car-lo,11 _!d to an out.tde paiiy at '>??;.
I'otintry lir.aa.-l tirm at 5 .aoc for iicavy; C.^rt^efor
Medluni. an.l 0"i'i7c for l.lght.
Male-. -t.11 it!. * llild .old: M3 Weatern Hoira, 18Jtt,-16 _a
4 Itoafha, 2J0 IB, at4V.
Baltim. Rt*, Jan. '."J.-Cotton qalcti BB84BjM 10s4e. FMor
flrm Boward -iro..i aul .V.-atera ?_ 10ir. li ">)*.J O.h da
Eitra, *t IOB88 65: do. raDiilr, *.! 7', a .-5 00; Citjr Mun
<oper.|2 ~,t)'i4.i ??)-. .lo.i-ltr*, _ J lO-U ,'ai l_. >ll) Ir-.l,
84 an,1. 75; rataaaoa Kauiiy. *> '.0: dt. Baaartattya
Fatenf, 8878. afaaal aaataara flrm: Weatera t.:i ., r,
BoatBero R_L B.a___ ** Aaabar, .?.i._'i7c.. No. 1 M_ry
land '.,.'.'.', IB-e.j Ba J We.tern Wmter lle.1 Spot, 91 .8
0 U0.1 J-uaarr, UC.aUl V--' Peoruarv-. :?! \a. ..c.i May,
?j , ?_" a- C'orn?t4outbern flrm VVest.-rr. lu_ber; Douthera
Whlte, :?)_'?,?.; da \ellow, 508510. Weet^rn aned,
Bpot, 4'j.4.50c.r Jann.uy, -1'..--r ln V : Feijriiary, 4^S
,.1-^4- larch. 4Ss?ul-V'. Oata 4tei.lv and nr.iti soma
ern 3".iHe.; Westeni White. J7tf.J..( <lo _lxed, :ll?:ier.;
peiinaiiTama. 35_('.'c. Rre quiet at 7.o7-. Pro
Tiaion* no'ulnally atea-ly. M'4. l .r .. -1 ! *..? i-vavitta?Floitr.
1 s.,1 .bi4.i W'beat, o-jOO" ouah.: Corn. spaiuo tuiab.. OatB
linii, baaa. si.ip:ueii(??Whe.it,6.ii_0bu_.:rora,'.>. 2 , . buai
O-ta, .00 o_a. ->_c-?\v b, at. 4j'..000 oui_; I ora, ._4.0t_
HlffaI.. . N. Y.. Jan. 22.-Ploui_ctive and flr.n: aale. 3W0
bbla. atninhanaedprlcea Wbeai active.aalea J.'.OOO ba_.
No. 1 llar.1. Mav dellTery. at !> _?; ear BtaCaab at 88*ja
i.,iu duil aad eaatar: No. - Mixe.1 off.i.dat 46 _c .m ti-ck;
No -' Yellow.it 4.a-: N> :. Whit" at 4'? .--10'.0 No O.ta af.
fetlnit B.rley Oit.; l;.ilro__ ft-ibte a ea.ly: B___|
B.c.,COTB, "?''.. oat*. -V-: flotir. _"lc. ner obl. Rec-'ipia,
?Hour. '...(Xi bbla.. Wheat. :(H.oi)ll buah; I'or.i. l.'.OOo MU|
Oata. 1_,"?.0 bualt. _iipiients-Fiour. 4..)0? bl>l_: Wbea^
i'.'.oiMj boa-.. ._ui_. lii.bOi buau.; Uata 12.'X_ bBBt* liat.
ley. .'.*.."' b .4b.
.". noa Mlaa.. Jan. Ml flBBT du'.I anl uncbancel;
n -: ,:i saperflne, ri75a|SO>)i o_aea 8_tra i-i'Wa
83 :3i Patentaprinc, Wbeata. 88 76aaiO81 Pat^at Wnter,
84 7698610. .'or.i very oulet: pn. .-a BJHtlBBjaa. BtBBBBaa
t'ellow. _.'.'. Steamer .vfisod. 51 ._??.?. So 'i.--.', 44?; _
Ua(4.|,ill aad eaaler. No. 1 vVl.i... 37 ,<?3 .1 No. 2 Wb.f .
i_a-S-C. s,_ort? ?u.l vfi 1 ilii<. ?.i.-?_ bat ,tea-ly. ,(.-, -i. ?.
tiour. ..;.>" .ti,;'.: ...no aarBa i'-._ lfi.ojo bu__,, uata,
B2.000 ous.'i .- daoru, 5..V0O bualL
riHe,..AT.. Jaa '.".'-.'i.i.ir. st;-.,-i-. Ta _llr, 88 ?_ aa] 8.
Paaey.ai 0 >-_?4 15. Pr,.viaioa?.P >ra i.i.-t aai'i'JSaaia -Ol
Lai 1 Bra__ at ?>; 9 >. BaUuaoau -ri ?'. .i.i.iii.
*. s;u > i iri-rlD. 88 3. Ba,' 11 ii.'* a:tai lt,. fi;.1*
bhort-rib. ?7 ,... si'iort e'l'ir. *7 7'.. Wb.a'.v at. a.ly M
81 li. il".. ate.u'.y. I'oum.in aad i.i. ? t ?;.'? -.1 ': Paek'
t.i_::.i"i Bat bera, 88 468*4 8O1 caaaipia, 1,7-tl aaaa auiu
BM ut4. ., I. ?. h.-aO.
I'lilfA,;... Jan. .'. -I'lour atetty anl flrm. Cboica
Winter Wbeat. *3 '.O..?1 25: byrin. Waeal tJOoaij.
Ulniieeota Baaera, .:.,.. 7*.. Pa_o_ fivoi.j..;
I ?. ? - ??/.? Ki.?iir, f3 '' : .-1 - '.11: Da-rela.
\V',-al a. i.vr an,l tilirh'-i aa!e? ran?e.l. Janoaiy. Ti.'.t.-.V,
fi, _.u< at 79 .-.nV.; K.*.r.i._ir. 7 ? . - - '>? ,!?,,!?*?
- ,''-*-.-,: .?. - .' - .-.'.,
cli.s.n.af -?' ..?--';'..-: N".*-' Clli.'.-M .">.i.-',.- ;. - .No.
.V,..'.' lled. S.c.i Ni). 3 Ke.l. 7' I 7 '_e. I era
quiet a..'t atroec aalea rau.'-.l: 1 _.:? I ...ai-f
., . I........ 17 _-3sc? eioaiaa at a7 V.i *-braa_ '.
-.1. ,,? . ? .-,:,. ai 87.aS7Vc: Mav. 11 '_ . . 1 _??.. . l,M.nral
41 -.. oataatroug raiea ra:i?,-,'.: Jaun.cv. J.'V.: K.-.,r,i .ry,
.7-,. May i'-< l'.-e. 4'fi.irat O-.-. Mar.e,-- -..
ulei ,iin....l: Caab, I 1*12 03 Januarr.
1? _i 'u't. ii,?iuK at ?!-,) _. iv "-., .'ejruary,
t.-.'.H...-:.'?.-"...cl??m. at*l'J 00 ?*!-'>_ _ Vlai.h. -.2 Ina
BI2 l.'i ? .es.iu at |I'J 15, f.aid ? - ..i^..sli , thti,
. .... ot -uu r.i:. v.. cKMiarat .?7_>.j?
I ? ,- - -.. ...:,.- .,, . 7-V. - ar- H. *-IS_ _.
. - . -. - -, ? - 1 11.1,. aa aajB
-h...iir. >4.0<_
bola. ".. i_ boab.i v.,1-1. , , ,0.'. ti.is.i.. o_.
,,n,. i:v... ....:?)<??? :a:i.: n ir y. I'.oOO. --hip.atfi'fa
-1 i...ir. 9.000 t>'>.-.. wiieif. .'..ooo baat-i i___, 1 '.m.
Jal4. 4 .000 -uau., llj-o, -.00. bu. ... lia..ev. UU88I
DBraoti f n -2 -'i'h..i' traa Bal wit\t\ -ui. ftyu
lanuary. ?9V-i f.-bn. .ry. t""- Bay, ;'..- M
*_><-. Corn-.N... 3, 4. .0. Oata-Nu i WulU, Jk..: M*
'JT'le. Itiielpta-Wheat. ld.'hj"i ti.uw.
Mu.WAU__r_.Jaa 1 i-"i >-u- Braaer aa t t___aafaV Whaat
ni-,.. No. j Miiwitukee i-ii.'i. *s?_c. Jaauory, 7?4-.<,4
February. 7-v.. m.u\_. ,0V; May. -'?_-. ? era iiuh.-nj
n . .', 3 > .a i".-. mo a. ircBi Bu 3 9/blta, 31c ity- Br .n
.s,. i 63c, Barler?Nn. - --.r-, -. I '..-.. So. 'i epfiaa
Kxtra. 51a Proruaooa i'ii-i m-?i Pork. IU i -i
_i,.i January /'.-'-'.. .'eb.oarr f._r.'.-i'r,,n ?> -rcam. *i . j,
i -;i.!iju.i.l.iii'ia,-v. V. 7 ?. Kebrtiary -. 1 l u.. - .
_ ?., H-. ? -? . Beoeipl?b'i,,..r. 1 .om ml*.;
V hr it. 43,1100 boah.1 Barley. U.OOU, --hip ..e-li-rlo_r
? ??'.. ivi,._'..-baeb.Battef.7J ?
v iiu'i. J.in ._-M'iir-"?lu. to .,-iit ?uppllea,
Ibe inu'..: luledv.-rj Brro. but lobbe i .. ,i _ aeral IbloA
bul auihcaul at..i - tu tM" ever can i.t w..n'? and tU
_ .. .,? i ? i m__i .'.-, Weetara and iv-.iuav.van.e *u
i, | -,. - ; ? - -> I ?_ i ,i.ivin,?
rauinv *< i#?il75i Poaiaylvanu Ibillat f.->.'i*. * ? ?' *
- - - U Pat.ut,
..,,."./*-. -." u i d -0V bui t!,.-re waa vetj
oiN,inr-i not ti.-i? waa voiy little dnaand I oper- ?
BttBff carlotaa.e_.lv; No 9 M.ieil tr.n-k. 4--.c . t ......lo
i-.? 9Ci No 2 Mix.at llio_i 0 1 eei.ttor, . -.. .' V . Nu. a
Yel'liw tn ?nl,i i'.opot. ftOCi No. '.' Mn?l Jimt-rr,
. ..- -i...- i',-.irinr>-. i?t>r l -\c Marrh i- . I e. AprO.
4->'*.. ''.'V- Hiila-Cai Ula -t. ->ii K. .ii-.l .1 Into i OA
Bo .1 M '.ne. .'.-'..'.? No. 2 White. >>'-j. . -e ti'.tunaat??'y
ai-i dttlli No. i White Jau.tarv. :i-.. .??.-.. 1. iruaiT. '7
_,i,??e March 3T3_7ige. Beeelpta?rioor. 4,000 d.im
Wheal :. .,oo? o.iii.i Corn, '7.000 bi>a_.: oau, ti.Ooo -n??.
Hbipmenu? Wu-au 1.<hj_i UuiU.; Coru. -..O.M buab.. O-t*
Vr LOL'ta, J ?:>? '-- ? nearateadfaadaathaagja. wlajl
hlalier No. 2 HiM. rW??*_ S? 6_an_ J.mt.'rv. ?>"'-.-.. leb
ruai v Sj.V-1 Bay ;? .-. Corn inaetive, caah. 30',<-.; J-iB
uarv, :;.?',. . r'.-u.iarv; Rsc.i May. :.-'??-. l??ia dulls
, .... ?-?... I-e'.iiiarv. BOci May. .l^ar.l'.c. lire Ci'ia
ti .1..'- itii.- li.irii-v-Mai-ket "|uiet at 558750. unt
, ,"i ...-I ai-iiv i;,i aoebaaaal i-'iai **?*> at-'*''
st tl l ? llav i ii->- au. u.i.-hia,--V Braa ira> **.'?!*
M..e. Cii 'J.- KIMW i.r 83 20. WBlaky atO-tf a4 81_1_.
PotlTtl'. I'. U.ilkmi?ata-l.ont "'leir. tl IV *2e"J&
..-. ? s-iii ;?' -.ho.t Ciear, f l .".?>. i.ar.l flm af 88 b2 .486 70.
il.v,''-,':.-i K':..ur. 4.,hh. bbla., Wle-.t, -'i'.'M n.iali., Cora.
hm.,, nuai. Oita, 9.000 tme* K -. ? " > l i> .?i .Bar i?r{
".OOO -tiah, si.i iota-ri,..-.. ?'.-'<. > / 8_i iVii.nl. 15.0W
,?,?., ,,??,. .i.o.K, i.i.iu. un*. ?. BJB Jiti. Bga AOJ'
boaa,; Bartay, i.ouobuab.
Ciliu. BBT08 J.a '.2-Turne.it.ne .l.r.l :?'. 2 7'j'.
s.,...M,i ...'i. 33. l'-.iri.".iti:ie al.iily al -7 ,:.
\l luai.NUioS. Jau. 33 -liiiiK-iiu.iii tli-uii-7 .-.
flato a?ib Uromo t.i tel._.
ttrraws OFriCEa. n ,. U 8 Broedwar.,aaiaa| rbirtt
f.atil. uimi 8 p.i... iod B? weat rwent'aaaat-,a_Brap
Wbth ave., Mo. .,',3 l-'ouith-ava.. -orne lojii _i".?-?V
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