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(MMMMI ilMMMM!????? ?* MM <M^actioN
London, Feb. 14.-Though np to the honr of
ariting there is no almoluto coulirmation of Geu
iral Uordou'a death, the nndiug of the Mahdi's dia
aateb in a native's saddlo-bag on tbe battle fleld of
Kerbekan ls generally rogardod aa conclusive of the
fate of General Gordou and Khartoum. Unless
Colonel Buller baa reiuarkable and unexpected
tMtimony of General Gprdon'a eurvival warrantiug
bia undertakiug a forcod march to Khnrtoam at all
MMMM, wo may oxpcot to lcarn of his haviug as
laultcd Metemueh withiu tbo next day or two. Not
?nly does tbe question of snpplioa render it ueeos
Mry that tbe frieudly natives around Metemneb
and Sbeudy shall uot be overawed by tbe Mahdi's
forces in that region, but it ie evideiitly General
Wolseley'a plan to itrike rapidly at varioiis parts
of the field of operations, The battle of Kerbekan
is considered by militury authoritios one of tbo uiost
brilliaut Lucidouts of tbo cainnaiKU.
If Colonel Buller finds occupation for tho enemy in
the neighborhood of Metemneli and Sbeudy M large
force is MMMMi to MMM Berber from the sotith be?
fore General Brackeuluiry's coltinin is withiu strik
Ing diitance of the place. The early arrival of tho
new erpedition at Suakim will prevent (MMM
Digna's contribtiting any substautial MMMMMOfc)
Berber. The eiuployment of a certain uumber of
Indian troopa iMttMMN an liitciition to alvunce
rapidly from Suakim even during tbe hot WOMtber,
If other MMMMMMM permit. A MOtM-gnngl rail
waycan bo laid at the rate of liftcen or twenty
mile* a day iu r,ar of the advanciug troops tot
trausi.ort purjioses.
Theperiod of advanciug on Kbartotini will do
pend on the MM when ? general conoeiitration lia^
takeu place at Berber, but the bc-licf itill 9*
that it will uot take placo bef aro Augtist or Scptom
According to presout appeanrncos the GoTOIM
meut, who woulil bave bcou .ovcrtttrtied loMglinM
had theOppositioti MMWM auything liko capacity,
a.e likely to ineet with more MMM ilillieultics CRM
their b'aili, al f.llowcrs than from tho Tory MM.
The hot tit for MMMM whicb aflected the I'nited
Kingdom last week has been MMMOdod by a much
more hositating attitude, eapecially among the
provincial Libcral press, which has groat weigbt in
Downing Strect. Tbe I'arliaiueutaiJ BodiMll of tho
Morley-Cotirtney type are to MMOl as MM as 1'arli.i
meut aaseiubles in order to formalato their plan for
preveuting the prosecutioti of the campaigti. Tho
policy of tho Torios will bo detenuined when Lord
Salisbury arrives from the Coutiueut.
Tbe odunistion ol Lord Roaebery and Mr. Shaw
Lefe-,TO to-tbe Cantnot will grcatly BtMMMtbM tbe
men of action within that body. Lord Ilosebery's
ipeecb-ou Monday last derives much importanoe
from his subsequent MMMOtMM smco be tberein de?
clared for a vigorous policy all around. Jt is ro
markable that amongst the fore.nost of the en
ergetic sectiou is Mr. Chamb rlam. This largcly
redocius him iu tho MM of so many LibeiaU, who
eon.lemu his Socialistie view.
The MMMMM of Mr. Courtney and Mr. John
Iforloy in favor of sctittling bave MMWM the width
of divergenees in the Liberal partv. Mr. Courtney
?ve>i supports tbo MMJOOMOfOM intcrnatioiial con
trol iu Kgypt.
These views are met with a vitrorous protest fnun
lueofthe stroagest men iu rarliaiucnt. Mr. Cos
:hcn's speoches at the pruseut crisis constitut" ,?1.e
of tho most MMM ing bMbMRM iu thostudy of RngUah
politica, hav.ng great weight with tho " lii<lit
wing"oftho Libcral part3': and it is Mlkdeniable
tbat Mr. (MMMM is raptdly udvancing as a loador ol
public opiuion.
It was aftor mmy MMJiotteM and OAingM of
Opinion that the Goveniinent dceided upon tbe ein
ployuient of Iudiau troo|?s jn the Soudau. 1'ioiiiiueiit
Anglo Indiana proteited against IMMOTJMg a single
loldier from lndia iu the present statc of Afgl.au
atlairs. Russia is umloubtedly availing hersclfof
axisting complications to MMM MMM to ll'-rut.
Lessari's visit to London MMMM a desiru tn dru.v
MMMMMMM Kussian frontierat the ilm.loo K NMb
within thirty luih.-s of Ilcr-.t. If this is gMMMtod
in, British MMMM ol Hoai and Ilalkh is prob
able. The Auieer is now.boinir asked to i?ermit such
an arraugement iu order to reaist MMMM eucroach
There ia a MMMMM dead-lock between EMglMMd
and Germany respecting ITlT fiMMMO I'linc..- Bis
11.ar, k".- latest White Book has stimulated public re
listance to German MMMMM. Th<- BMMMMMtl ;*re
?o partial that the Cabinet intend issuing a liriiisli
Blue Book iunue<liately. I'ortsihly tlm difOTOMOM
can be settled by Lord Granvilie'a favorite n.cthod
of MMMMMMM. Alr.'a<ly MMMMM) one foi
Angra iv.juena, MMMM for the Fiji land claiins
aml another for tbe South l'acilic, iucludinn Samoa.
Tbe iutereet of tlu- I'nited Ktatos m the Samoa
question is not overlook.-.l h.re.
The death of Cirdinal McCabe is t'reatly r.gi.tted
by Loyalists of all MMM and MMM iu Irelund. The
Quci-u'i letter of Byrnpathy has been *TfflaJlj
gratifying. Such an incident is OtMMidond very
remarkabl<! aud likely to have iulluence in checking
the preseut disposition of the Vutican to pimiit tho
Irish MMMMf to throw tbemselves fnrther into tho
arius oi Mr. i'urnelL
Mrs, Langtry aa Lady Teazle was seen for tbe first
tirae iu Londou on Tuesday. AU aecounts agreo
tbat the production was spoiledj by tho atage ar
rangeuieuta; ueverthelesa the acting wua a NMM>
tion to London critics. Now that the comedy is
going more smoothly, there is a general opinion tbat
abe 11 oue of tlie best Lady Teazlen of.tbo presout gon
DrBLw.Feb. U.-Peter Kelly, a faruier. livlntt near
in? lown of Moate, iu the County of Weatmeatn, wua
lound dead near hla houee this morning. Hla sk.ili waa
oaiurud in. illa murder is attributed to agruriau
tum IIaol-s, Vab. 14V?It ls reported that tbe (lJutcb
Oovernment la nefc-otlatlna w 1th the American ?*?*??
part...eiitf..rare(luetlonor the linport dutleaioh I?ar
finported from the Dutch poaaeaalona lnto tbo Unltou
Btatea. ^ _
London, Feb. 14.?A dispatch froin Korti statcs
that meseeiigers have arrivod there from Khartoum,
and profesa ignorance rt'Karding tlio fall oi' Khar?
toum or of the death of (ieneral Gord.m. The
Mtidir of Pongola refiiaes to erodit the repoita con
ceruiug tho capture of Khartoum by tho Mahdi and
tho tiiasHa.ro of Oeueral Oordon and the garruton
under hia comuiand.
t! The Standarj thia aftonioon publishea a diapiiU'h
from ita correspondent at Korti. stating that a mea
sengor who haa jurtt arrived from Korti declares that
Khaitoum has not been eaptured by tho Mahdi.
The ineaaengor. tho correspondent aaya, a-aerta that
he left Khartoum six daya after Colonel Bat (harles
Wilson appearel bflflttt tho oity ln tho hoata aent
from Gubat. and that when tlio flMfltflfltflt left tho
city Grtaaral Qordea still held.Khartoiiin. (Jovern
mcnt ofrieia!. do uot btiiOTt tho ineaseiiger's story,
and stato that no olhcial iul'ormatiou coutirmatory
of lt has been rocoived.
At tho aoaaofl of war hold to-day at tho War
Ofiloa, it waa roanlvod to iuorease tho Indian cou
tiu-eiit to bo .lisp.ilched 00 tho Soildatl for lioii.ral
W'nl.selov'H r.-li-l. to 8*800 men, iii order to ru.so the
total elt/eetivo foroo which Oeaeial lir.ili.uii is to
havo for his Suakiin flljodltlofl to 11,000 men. Tho
coiinoil alao .1711111 cou.tidorod tho eoJoaial effatl ot
iiuiuarja-Mstatico. Ii.-th the'Eaii al Horthbrook
i.nd tlio llarqflit <>f Hartitigton urg-.l th? War
Offloe toaaeent to tho raquaata toembodycolonlflJ
(joiiiingeiita in tho exiie.litioii.
(ieiiei.il QralBBB will .1. pirt for Suakiin Ofl PtB
ruarv IH. Ilo will bt gtren Ihe fflUeal optioii a^
to tbt time to bfl occiipied l>y tho exp.-litioii to
iwacbiof Barbar. It is atated, bowe-er, thal
Qenaral Grabaai Intanda to make foned marohea
all ihe way to Berbaf from Nuakiin. If be >'ti
oonatera Oflnifla Digna and di.it> bitn, Oaoeral
Qrabatn belie-ea tbal beaaa reaefa Berber onthin
tweiity daya. It would ro.juiro thirty daya to
coinploto the joumey will. an artny mukiiiij or
din.'iry time.
Itiaoow tbonght tartflln that the attack on
Motom:i"li by tho Britiab foreeaat Gnbal aillbe
mado to-inorr.nv. a* oontempiated. 1 'ii ? newi <? I
tbt roaoJl ol tbe attaok ia expected lo arrireal
Korti oa Tueaday next Lord Wolacley't diepoaaJ
of tba foreea al praaofltal Qobai nndertbo eoin
maiid of Coloool >ir _dward liuihr depeudanpon
tboreaall oi to-iBomrw'e aaaaalt.
litt Army aad JVaay Gusritt takos a ttooiny riew
of tha poeititfii ooeapied al preeent at Onbat Ae
eordintto Tkt Gaatff. tli. troopa ean neitherre
traat aeroaa tbe daaan nordown the Nilo. rbey
aro eooiBoUed, from the Boeoaaitiea of tbe siit.:iii..n,
ii _ i'onteiidod, toentroneh tbamaelTea \n bare they
an-, t_d tbere board their tmmonitioa, liao oa
camel meat aud to.naiii on the dafenaiva nntil re
ThoDnke of Ooaaaochi haa raQaeotadto be ta.
Biajnod to tenriee in tbe Bondaa. ilewill retire
from bla oonnaod af afoerot, india, on April 1.
Tberapori tbal Bl llabdi'a troopa are msrchint '"
attack KaanaJa tius led to a renewalof fx prtia
timia with It.ily for tbe diapatch of tn italian <x
pcdiiion froin Itaaaowah foi tberaUef of the earri
A gigaritic tr.idii.g corporaiion, to be eill.-d tho
Koyal Lood 'ti Ira.litiu' Couii'imv, is Ix-inif formed
in la'.udou aud Aloxaudria upoii tlie BBBM Imes as
thoae apoa whteharoTt eondnotad tho Eaot India
Coinpuny. If tha oorajorattoo afloeoedi n obtaln
ing tho ch.irter it has tiiafldTfltpHodfOT.ti will
claim as ono af ita Bt*iTlle#M tbt right to bflild a
r.ulway bat waa Berber and Bnakii.
Tho QoTernorof ?ietoria bat aent anMaaaaeto
tbe Hoato GorarBflNMil tonderinf to tbeQnaantbe
naanraaee that tbt oolony of Vtetorh* was readjr to
do its part ua an integral poitioo of H.r Majosty'a
ompirt to ttfirt EnaJand In Erypt.
Tho Marqnia of Lorne publlabed tlottorfaito*
day'a Jlaaai nrgiag tbo aeoeptanee by tbt Oototb
mout of the proflered terrieoa <>f W'.IHama'a
Caaadian Corpa, tbe men to b<- flllowod either to
take the plaecs in l-.n^land of tboaa aent to l.gypt,
or to p> to the front tbeaaaelvea The nrompl ofleta
of military s?-t vic: made. to tbe HOUM < ?>?> 01 _UM nt
i.y Un- Caaadian aad Anatraiiana, tba lla_<|n_ h.i\ a.
abowi that the oolooiot oi <;r> it Britaia poaaeae
right loeliaej Btarard th<- paront UoTamnMsnl tnd t
raady daaire t<> exere?fl their loyalty at all timea in
tbe riifht way, and ptOTO that all paita of the lim
pire are iniit.'d wbeneTer the Intereata and honorof
Qraal Britain are aioihrd from any qaartar,
The Timet atili chn^s to the bope that Gencral
Gordon is alive. It thinks tliat the ?BddlO'bag
doenment waa poaaibiT n rote Btde nae ol in tb~
hope of pr.-v. iitmir tbt Britiab tdranca on Kbar*
toura, as it was tlien too late to roaene Ueneral
GordoB. The Tinu* oakii " Ii Gordon baa been
killed and Kliariotim eflptnred, v.hy did nol tne
Mahdi l.-t Colonel \\ i'h'.ii laiid there aud tinu Blflt"
?MON htin and his party V
BaMMy MMMBOMOf the Libcral ]?art.V MM opeiiiy
expreMing tbe belief that tbebeel aulutionof the
Exyptian diflicnlty la to hand over to ttultau Abtlnl
II uui'i tbe oontrol ol tbe Hundan. General Gurdon
Said last Ailgust in BO OfB( lal ,ul,,iniii.ic.it 1011 to the
Britishi.overumi-nt: "11 yondo uot make ucon
vetition with Ibe Sultan you will ncvei gel Ml
of tho Kondan alive." l-'ive tbonMod men tvow
the voitniteer force ii. l.nglind h.tve ulr.-ady
oti.-i.-ii tl.e.r aerrieM to do garriaon .luty. or for
adive Mnrloe m the tfoudau, aud 100,000 more.
would be foribcoiniiig if the Goveiiini'-iit wi? 111,]
ICCOpt their services. At ll.irlium to-day
iu a MradeofSOO men of tbe Duiham Voii.ut, <-r
Artulery Hegiment, the eoionel Invitcd tbeu.en to
enler the iiitnv lof nctive duiy in Kgypt. nnd thoy
all yelled their aaaent. The colonel Imnedlataly
toiei?ra;,l.e,l the War Ollice offenng their Berirlcaa.
1 he \S ai (Mlb-e has OMMOlied a l.alloon force lioiu
IbeEngineai Corpi of tl.e my lor ozperimentMl
sarvtce in theSoudan.
BCAKTM. 1'eb. 1 1.? S|ii,-sre|inrt tbat l iMIgM MMMM
l.lv of tlie l.ostilo tril.es Iroin tl.e Bootfa have
gatbere.l ut lamai. Il.? Mahdi's iik-ii. Ihe spb-s
MY, are p.-rlectiy aotinalutod with tbe ,1,-t.iils ,,l tbe
British viclories iit Aoti IvI.-a aud (iub.it, ii.it tbey
consider them nnimportanl coniparod with the
Prophet'i mcomm in eipturing khattoum. Tbe
?tory uf this MOMM has been spread and Uiaguifled
every where among thu Araba syuipathixing wltb II
Mabili, and they are all appan-utly gTOMtly clatcd
over it.
ROMK, leb. 1 t.-Dispatchos fro.n Massnwah
Btata tbat tbe aitoatiun ibere has bnproved atoadily
Binee tbe Iteluu oeeapation. Tba eonimaader ol
tbe s.il.-tta has been oroared to diaperae tbe bandi
ofmaraudera s,-nt to tbo v.eii.ity of MaMowahby
tl.e Malnli. It h n-ported thut tl.e l inverniiie'it will
send au Italian UOOOMJ to MmiMOWoJi.
Caimo, lebn.-it ih reportod bere tbat Piinc?
1 as8.it. Ii.im been appointcl Govcriior-I.cneral of
tli<- BOMMMMa
Oitawa, leb 14.-The MltBMMl that the ofler
for mmtim ln Egypt of a (anadian eontlngontj
lnude by Colonel WtilbUM l.as been doelined i. m
oorroet KoMplyfeM he.n NoMvMby the'Hoiue
antnontiee, aul it is nMderitood thut tbe n.atter h
sfill uikI.t consnlaratioii. Tha offer of Colouel
VVilliamsis toeupid" a battallon for actlve aervioe
ns i-tlieient as tho ( ui.iidia.i Benriec caa pr.iduce ,,f.
iicerod by gradualos of th" Militury Uollege of the
OZMting miiitia, aml bv launy veteruns <il tbo Bnt
lsh Arui.v in (anuda, who have secn s.rvice iu Indtl
and who aro now daily MMkling in applicatiniin far
placos on the coHiingent. On IMMMlMg th" Held it
would be lor the (icncrul coiiituanJlug to say what
duty they would be iitted for.
('oi.ijm.Wi.hO, Ontu leb. 14.?The Mavorof this
town has volunteered to raise a celoreu regiment
for active sorvico iu the Soudan.
London, Feb. 14.?It is roportftd that the
Govcrntoeul hus only Just now MMMl aware of tlie fact
that Kusaiau troopa are within forly milcs of llerat, iu
Arttl.aulstan, as tho newspapern have been assertiug for
weeka, and tbat tlie aeUure of ilerat by the Itussiuns la
possibleat any MMMM Tho edltoriul eoiniuents of tho
newspapers assert that the fallure of General MMM, tho
Kussiau cauimlssloner for tl.., dalbnltation of the Kusso
Afgbau bouiidary, tojoiu Hr lUcbard Lumadeu and the
Kngllaheommlaalonattheaoeneof their JfljbetO,_aat_t
pretoit.... the purl of of M. <te (Hera. tl.e fcaaaB?JBfl>;
luler, to (tain tli.ie ln order to fully iiroparo hia ?*?>"*?*
annexatlou In Afghanlataii. The Buropean ^ouraM are
more or leaa affocte.l hy reporta of Kiu-laii ??1'*??l,,i
ln Ceutral AAU h.i.I It la certaln that there. w.mH be a
t.Ig eraah ln the london Btock Exchange lf the_aetoaia ?
Berat hy the Baaalaa tr....pa ware. ?flfljW"g?i- 3
aeliure ef Herat ln the near future ia ?!"'".- ?fJ?L"?"U
lt wUl bavo a dcproaalug efTect ou the LugUah tuar-eia.
London, Feb. 14.?Polioeincn Oott and Cox,
Who were ao .lan.croiialy wouu.le.1 whlle eudeavoring to
prcv.iit the receiitdytiauilto exploslou at Woatmluater
BaU, have recolved a nuiuher ot valuablc proaonta in
recognltlou of tb.-lr i-fTorte on the ...bBbBbBB. Mr. Glad
atone baa glven each of tho ottlcera ttO from tho Boyal
Botinty Fuiid. Plr Wllllatn Haroourt, the Horao Hccre
tary.hae glvon Oott, who plncklly pleked up the unmllo
eoiitaluing tlicilynainlteaiiilatteinpte.lto earry lt o"t
tnto l'lilac- yard, 0127, and Cox, wbo went to Oole'a aa
ilhtatice, 890. HlrJainea liighain, niagiatmte prelldlng
al the 11,iw Mrret I'ollcc Court, haa preaeuted each of the
wounded oltloers with-30, and the niemberB of Parlla
ni.tit havo eolleete.l_.-)00f..r the lieii.-ilt of the offiYora,
whlle iniiiieiouaprlvate individtiala bave given vanotia
auina af inon.-y for the aaaaa purpose.
The aiitlioritlea have a.nln reeeiv.'.l lettera eontalnlng
waaUagB tbat .*-t- PaaTi Cataawlral aad th<- Baafe of Lug
l.iii,l are M be atUckc.l wltb dyi.i.uilte. DateavUfal
Kopei iiiiilWilsoti, two of the (J.iveriiBi.nfs priii--Ipal
will,.?.?aagiiliiatCumiliigliHiiia;id BurtoB, are ai,n?>. d
I. v the freijuelit reeeplloll ..r tllleals BfalDBl their liv-'a.
Boceiitll tli.ae thraata have t.een written on paper
atainptd with aaltull .uel croea-bonea, and apparciiUj
leeued i.y totae murderona orcanlzatlon. D,t.cti\
Koper baa reoelved a letter adrlalng hlm to ..r.ler BM
.-..iliii, und aaaurtag hIBB tlnttlie woult " uicet hU fute
before i.'it Baturday. ?
Heventl ..f the iiiernlBtf papers htive artlelea <m tne rt.-w
rulea i<> b< euforeed ai Ibe reaaeernbllng ..f tbe li.niae oi
romtnona next Thiiradajr. TUe rulea bave been framea
with a xl.-w of bnrrtiiK oul reportera. The pup<i*
tbreaten to retallate by oinittlng reporta of the .1. i.atca
ln the Uonee. i i.e aaa rerulatlona f..r ihe Mnuaawfl or
people to tbe Hooao of Cotamoua ar. a-. atrliigeal - lo
atnouut aluiuet to prohlbltloa. The memlierfl ~BQ aaa
f,.r prnnlaaloii fnim the Hpeaker to Intrtalucc peraona
wlll be hold aii-w. r.i'.ie for in*, conducl ?f Ihe peraoua
a<> ii.luiiti.-.l. Btraugera wlU nal ba allo red to proiaaBata
on tli.- terrace even If Beeorted i.y me.ta
Buraora are afloal lo-ntght taat -i djrnumlte otitrafe
fnr exei i dlug Ibe r cenl exploalon at Ibe Houae .,. I -
moni wMl algnallzi ti,-- or* alng <>r Parll iiacat
Kirteeti bnndred Inab worklngmen i.aw reeenOi aa a
Bunimarily dtamlaaed froru bulkllnge m eourae of '??""
etru. ti.-n'iii i ibi l..lou, Ihelr f. Ilow-workinen <<t olhrr
than lilab nallonalitj Mug unwllllng to work beable
men m bo i l.ganl aa poaalhle djrnainlt-ara B.
porta Bave been recelved thal .t iluitl .r uovemeat haa
been itarted al Uau< beator, Uverpovl an i other provBa
clal <e: ?
Qcxbi . i ?'? 14. Banrora thal drnamlt-nra nre at
preaenl In tbl rltj ar.- agala prevali nt, \ doubie _u?r>l
li ia 1..-.-U placedai, - vhiclal biiil'lmga at tue
oltadel and olbi . pubite bali ll .
aoaibsi raa oovbbxmbbt.
Loxpob, Feb. II.- At the flppitaflehiaf aos
ai?:i ef Parll Maeal Um pollUcal eonflb I ... daal lta ptaa
ent l...\erill:..-lll Wlll i.p.II Ol! llie (? i?--?::r i*?? ?:, af BM
OovernuientdemBndforaTote af eradtl ,.f ?a%SOO,ooo
on ae.-oiinl af theMu .'.nn . .| . ! II..ii. lt I- iii.,!.-i-t..,..|
laat tbe CaaaarrattTea -Ol aappatt tba raqaaal for la?
at m i n Ut, i ii i ? iitii.y arlll aeeanipaa] Ibi Bvate wim
,i ?,,.:, ,.f aaaaara bbauuI tBeUovei bbm nt. \n ead] dia
lolatlaa aaa appeal to tha people la aowexBaetad an.l
dlacaaaad. lt ia I.red tbata BMjarttjof i
Conaarvatiree aad Parnel Itaa aBaa eoaaui it. tbe deaflM
for BU eiti iv dlaaolutltin.
J.liii Morlejr, tii.mt,.-r of i'.itlliiineiit fr?>m S'.-.veaatl*
B, (.,?..,...-.- tbat a Bpeelal... t bt , l - ,. ...?Iiik'
ibe new ela. loral reglairatloii lo lak. effeel :,< it .mtinoii.
lUBlead of poetpwulng ibe operatton ol the i,.-.< Kran i.u*
aet ni.tii th.--pnit. ,,f 1--.1. .li. ih.- det..it.- ..ii ti.. i..
dlstiibutloa blll tbi Irla part a ?? , -? iheallotmaDl
of two uietubrra loTrlnlt] I'olb re. liul.lln. and will ab
je, t to .t reducUou ol t... rooalttuaoroaof Carlow,LBn
en, k an.l brofhad ?
LOVDOB, Feb. 1 i.?Mr. I. ilx.ii. Ii? r< 'a ntt uk
iiiH.ii opraaB7. PBBd baa baaa aatatyttaaeaaat laatty
. ln ;, Bto-day. TBoofl Id of tba KM
AnBarioan Cablc r>MBpaB| a.e ladlaaaat VrVy i?n" -
t.im thal Mr I i?-..! h:t. i.e.-t. t:.. .r beat Iron.!. .ml f
uieiaberlng bla aarrlcca, taaf ini.-nd to gtva BBB ih.-lr
ooraUal aupport.
Loxdob, Feb. I! ! nl Darby,the Colonial
Beeratary, ttu- aftaraooa recalvad aftrlal Bdvteaa froaa
Bew /-H...I..I e..:iiiiu.int Ue report thal Oanaaaj bad
:.,.t.. t. ,1 ti., Ulai <i oi - ..ue ?>. deapBe Ibe praB ata of Bm
BBsBabaad taatrieaa Ooaaala.
Tiie Ooreraaii .t la aba il lo b hh .t Blne Boab an tl ?
tobje. i >>f < ?> ni. >i.i a el .inn i" t.-ri itorui poaaaOBtoaa m
laaBaatoaa letaada. Tbe objaet of Bm pui.n. ation la t..
,,[].. tn., lau il '?:.!. Bonk - aed bi Uerau?i] aad i"
.... o tbe Bpprehetialona ol lirltleh rolonlala. It la auteal
that th. eorreapoiideneo between l...r.l Uranvl
1'iliiee BlBmarek. whlrh la to laa publlahed In the fort.,
ciniiiiir \,.;ii(..e. ?iil ahow b dl ferenl il ite -,r .tfl-ua from
thal whi. h hu* i.eeii repreaente i bj <..-iii. n.j.
Lobdob, Feb. 14.?DaajBttehet from Oflborae
rec.-iv.-.i ti.: affraoon alatataat (jnaaa Vktatbi ^ -uf
f.-rluK from a Beran.ll an l im" bi ? B un .',:>? t>. leavi
ber baal fer tbe laat two daya Baa haa. ln eouaeo.aeiica,
poetponed :Le tiiu.- for her returu t., \^ Indaor,
It ia atate.l i.y paraona fa.uillai ?iih tiie l^aaea'a houae
hold that abe aaa la tba taat ntonth aaaa aaxtooa aad
worn Ing ov.-r tbe aBalraof U.,- UoTeraaaaal aad *a
peclally aa lo tbe ouiootne of the h.lau eipedllloa.
Botwlthstanallaa ti,, faet that tho newsof the faii of
Ki .tt iiiiini and tlie miit.ier of... n.'iai Uonloa Borali Ji?
traaaadher. aheInalatealoa dolugher mii ahare <>f the
eonaequent work wbleb Eg)uiiaii atalra antalled npon
the .f.vei-i.iii.-iii aml the reauli >.-... -e-. un atrala apon
her nerroaa ?.. ?i< m a iti.li tuaal. n -t liuperatlva
[Bl ie iF.ittiu IU uu. Titnti BM.]
Fl.MlliA, N. V., I (li. 11.?Tbe illl-ill.soiltine;
toplc ,.f e.i.ivci-atlFin 1,,-re Is tl,.- r<>t,l.t.i^ o! the (MMOM,
I'eim , Baafe and tl.e ciiiture, after tlt<- graaMM elturt-,
of ii.,- ;ivi- Mrglara Coatrary to mm general rtew MkM
of tlie ti.uili c.ackers, lt hjs Mm BBeertalaM that tl.sy
are not wh.it il.ey al!. v, ....niieurn, but old ufleinlers.
IIa: iM, ifih of them, a inacliinlst l.y IhmM, OBdoubtedlJ
niaile tlie ,.< t of tools foiiuii underM fulleli trce, WfeOH
they had bOM gCOpped I>y ,.f UM MMaMN all 1 wlileli
were iik<f| ln iff.clltiK I... etilr iliee to UM iMMl IMMlM.
Tl.e vault was liullt uf xiillil BtOM MMMIJf two fo-t
tl.ick, I.Ut the BM0MMM of tlie BXptOMM of tlie gjTM
tiilte MTtlMaM MBeg ln MtertagUM IMMltWMM tfr.-ut
tliat iu.itrhlioi.H ht-.ird tho i xplonlou und Mltlgld MorgM
Heely, tlie iiriFprl.-tor <>r tlie bank, Who ln t.i.u Uotllled a
colistalile. Tlie latler tfalliered n BOBM Ml BMMMM MM
burKUrs, tirst IiiivIiik MMgMgMd tu thln city nnd other
pliH-.-s. Wlieii wlllii.i four u.lli-s of Kl.iilra a eonstiilile
undrrtook toeaplure tlie t In.-v ,-h. Init 1111rr 1 -., p-ferrod to,
ilrew i. revolver and flred |W0 MMM, MO hofl MMMMg
UUtMgg the ikiuI BMMM and ;?<?,.MMg a BUgfet Hesh woiiud
ln tlie MM ?f CMmMmMo Clarlca iliaiicliani, of l'lue City.
<)ther shots VOM fin-.l, MM MMM ill.-et, MMMMM.
Blaaebard, loiiied bj iilbsn, gari llMMtoUMfcorglari
aeroes Mt. XoMaad arunniua lin. was kapt up. Ihe
parauen w?ro Joined by oMeon Itom tMUMlj and Ibree
M.tbadiaipuraduBs were eaptared, imi, however, untll
orn- of Uiein, i ....I.,.. kirwi?.. a .'i been sti.n tbrongbtbe
wrlst. Jhiiics l> Wolls. WlilU.ii MoPhMMM ulid lliiny
Tli.ini, tlte .itlu-r ni.-nii..-r-. of IM fa.i:.-, WON phaaod initll
ev.-iiiiiL', wlic.i tl.?v w,r,' <'.tpt,.re<l aad )i,llo.l I.i llils
city. 1 lie ro 'liei l itiiiiiiniled ... ii.ilj BltOOl 1*1..'ino. Klve
iniiiiiH-1 dollan ,.< I,.. I.i atlrar ooin ?... u.osiiy droppe.i
l>> the liurtdur-. lu ll.e .Ii.i-f.. Tlie rest <>r tIm> i,,..ii<->
Waa reeiiwred Tl.e gSag l.tii |M eu OfaMatlM ln tlie
Weat for UMpMttwoyMN an.l thla la tM giat attoaipl
MMM l>y il lu tais part <>f UM country.
- .* . . ?
BaXTIMOKK, 1'cl). 11 {Sptviut).?On Miller's
Whurf it M.dl.ir was founl <l)i.ik'oii MlMdlJ iiitriit witii I
bullct wound lu bM !?!? ..-I The iniiii, uIif.-x- MMM was
fImmb Barfca, <n<-i in .. r.,w rwlantM Louis DeMpaey,
wIiff I.ufI Iif-i ii MM witii lilm, w itn BCTBBMg, liilt l.u eou
aluaivn proof (iiiil.t ln- liroucht uauliixt lilm. An cnipty
Him was found, wlil.ii lowl MMM MMM from the i-ul.tii of
a MMMM 1)1 IU' MM tho whurf. 'lo day DMMMM
, I.meil iiji tl.e tnystery hy a I'onfesslon. He aud linrUo
h.ul .li-U-r.iiliieil tu roli UM MJMMMT. gtMrlBg tliat they
MlgbtaretMBmmBleeplwaeraw,tbay mmm tirst forUM
K'l i. lu the cuptuln's .-,:.lu,.. protert tlMMaalTM from
arn-at. Iu tuklnic down tha guu f.uin ti,,. rn.-li, pemp
scy ac.cide.itully dlacburgad It, tha MMM stnkliig llurko
lu ihu brcual.
BlAMMbj I'?'iiii? IYI>. 14 (Upecial).?Four
MMM atro the wlfeof Ja.ob Kletfol. a wcll-kuowa eltl
zeu, aud " Mlap " llerater wore arraatod for < austng Ike
death of Hletrel with poison. They wero both afterwards
a< F.iiltteil. Now MM two ?ona of the dead iniui contest
her rlght to recelve a wldow'a ah.ire of the eaiate. They
say tbat thalr f.itlicr waa nuver inan -h-.I to tho wonian. A
Ui t[r iiiiiiiii. r of wlUieaaeN wnro oallod io support thla us
sertluti. Tue aons say thut the wonian was u.arrled to a
Jeratnlab Klbble, who llvea iu Mlaaourl, and that Hlbble's
same ls tattooed on her arui. Hhn udiu.ta tho taitoolug,
but aay? tbat lt ls Ulcgel's natua,
An old man, closely muflled up in a heavy coat
anrt aeeonipaBied by a young woman who was
uoatlydressed and whoao fnee was hiddeu from
viow by a thiclc reil, got off tho early momlng
train from Now-York at New-Kochelle on Tuetday.
The youug wotnan took a scat in the depot and the
old inan went nervoualy to the atatiou maater aud
aske.l to heditieted to a maglatrate, thoonenear
Btt at hand. The olrlee of Justice of the Feaea
BtOTOI waspninted ont, and the couple went to It.
There tho old man threw open his great coat, the
young woman raiaed her veil. and the ald uiansald t
"Iflfll Dr. Hemard Kogmtz. of New-York City.
Thia lady is Mlsa Fnunie Ilanerineister. of the same
place, itiid we wish to he inarried. Wlll you per
foriti the ceretnony t"
f llie .Instice replied that he did not see anything
to preveut him. They were; evidently both of age,
aml tho nuptial ceretnony was perfortned. The
doctor liisiMed upon everything being doue in a
legnl iiiaimer, and Aldorman 0, H. Oot and l'olice-'
man Miute were callod aa witneat.es. After the
knot was tied all rO000TO was throwu off and the
doetOt iu...le things tnerry for the persona who
07000 iu the Bteroi Tbt inarriago bella tinkled
gaily t<> tlie tBflak of |t<>t>t>:i._r corks, until tho llrst
?bflle of darhflflat foll upon tho earth, and thefl the
.I... for aml bla liride Btatted f?.r this city. Arriving
nt th.- Uraad Cantral Dapot tba .lo.tor to<>k his
blide to her honie, m.l then vsent to his own liome,
at No. 207 Weat Fortv-titth-st. Tbo curtaiu waa
ruiit; town am! tlie ui.-riiaflja waa to .reiuain a aecret
until noiiii moiitlis liem ...
The geealpa of SewRoehoiBi taagM hold of the
ttorj of the myatoriona marriagc at Jnatiee 8ter< ? _
oliii'e, aud it v.... itaoa apr> ,i.l all througb the toWB
and wflo wafte.i to Um earaof aTfliB-Bflraporter.
M -s Man. riii.'i-i.r ih a bandaotne blonde. ol flne
li. -ni.', hiL'hl v . .lu,- ite,|, f w .iity-f.iur yoara old, and
entlie to thia eily tr. li: laeineio, I .eniiaiiV, BUOBl tlliee
y.ar-. ago. Het fatboriaa promineut Gorernment
i.iii.-ial iu Baxony. About four yearaagobebrougbt
a Btep-ntot ber home to hia dangbtor raunle, Bfle
reiuaiued M liome i util ahe aaa neariy drtven crazy
by nealeel aod hei itep mother'a tbnaa, and aecuT
inir Bome teatimoniala na to ber good atanding in
laBipaiv abe ss.-nt out to brni <? the \v <>rl?l on her own
a.mi. >,,,.n atier hlie Iiitiie.l bere Dr. Hegniti
beardof tbi aaaa, and became batereated in ber bo>
balf. H's \? ife , ..-<l bImiuI ->i\ yeara ago, nnd be baa
airica I., ? ii liviug a Ib lu-. married daagbter at No.
?..I, Ui'.i Kon ? -iiit'i ?i. A-.li!- dangbtor wranted
t,, eoiploy a aeama reaa, tbe .1... tor luentloned the
aad ? ,a.- <?! Miaa llauermeletor t>. h. r. nnd ln-.
duughter i-nti-. ni.-l t<> take her on tnal, and ahe
tlin ramatolirt t?r a that under the eaflM toof
\s ? tbod astor.
Tbe doctor waa -<. enty-one rearaold, an.l deroted
to hia |.i ... -s.-.n .ii ii booka. Tbe aa >???' (acaol Mi-s
F.iiiii..' an.l ber gentle waya thaarcd tbe froeta of
inair, aiutera aud the Bre ef Ioto waahiudiad iu
tbe do< lau ? I eart. lle t >id hia love to
Miaa rannui and tbe ndioitted tbat the
lovad him ua mnch aa* be did ber. and wlthin ali
aaeki fr,,in ii.?? tiuie tbat tne poor bomeleat, trtend
leaa youug wouiau aent to tbe doetor*a bonaehold
..^ i, . pruuiiaad wife. Ihe doctor could not
bV-artlie ideaoftl.bjartof his lore bolng ina
111 ,' BO itlO l. II id BOOB a!t.T tlieV were '11 '..*"?.I
i e fouiiu a bome foi ber ia tbe houae oi uu Intiinate
frien.l ..i hi-. llie eiigageinent waa k.-pt aeeret.
Not eveii the mnal intiinate friend ol the doctor or
Mi~s i .. n ?? aaa t- Id ol iu
Tbadoetor viaite.i ii.-r frnqnentlrat hlefriend'i
li. aiul uiet ber at tlmee in other piaoea Mi-?
l ... ii order t<.tupyher mind, worked tor a
large embroiderj ttrm and made toane beafltlful
t t, wiiicb hrought berblab prioea, Bheaaidto
tbe do torlaal fntiaday i "Wben Lt oar BB_t_bbi
day U"i g Ui ba I*1
- I .. da0, 'I v-.ii like." Iie replied.
Mie. -,t- williug uud they atarted ofl on their trip
t.. .\.- ,\ l.'o.h.'Il*.
thi: l> .1 roit ICBPflt-BO, B01 HArrv.
Dr. we gniti w aa ai li um whon Ihe mpnrtir otllrt
?I hia bonae ia>i aveoing. Thoagb neariy aoToaty*
live, I..-i.x.l.s like a w. I -pfe-.-: rod BBtfl of ll.ty.
Hia h.ii." ia but alightly graj and ont cio-.- to ina
bi .!. Ha baa aquare Jawa and niofnot haa a dav
teiiniiieii eipraaai t and araddy glow. Theraiaa
ti.irilifiil twinkle in bla flyea an.l a good-naturod
Mnil" ou hia lipa. Hia OfBot ta f urut-'iorl ltmiri
nntiyi many beantlfal pictoraa baaa;oa the walla
and l>ti< u-l.iui- la 8C.ltci.il careleeoly about tho
" I.'t me r.e L'r.'.fiil it" >'oti Ofl > our BaflfTiaga,
doctor f" aald tbe lapuTtOr. Ihe dootOT jllinped
froa hia seat aa if he bad got io<> noai an oleetrie
battery, aod exelainaed:
"Mv ~?ii\ ? iiiairiuge! What <lo v>tintaanf Oreat
li. m< nal has lt uot out I Wbo told you of it f "
?' hn'f lt lliie f '
" Well |a long peflte aud tniich [.acing up and
down tbo rooinT. yea lauppoee I might a.s arall
own up now nnd rnahe tho flaott of it,".-anl tho doo
i,i dlaronaolfltoly,
"WbydJd joti go to New-Boebelle t>? boBBBr*
Before anawering this the doctor took a pileof
manuacript irom bla deak and read alnud a long
nwBj tbal he bad amttan, entiued"fbo Irans
itioii I'eiio.l ioa New Keientiile lipoch." rhioaub*
je.-t," -ahl he, nfier ba ifot thr'Migii reading, "baa
notningtodo with loye, aad I read it toabowyou
bow Itgbtlr aentimeut weighaon mv mind. well,
I w. nt to KeW'Koiiballe becauae I didn't wuflt t<>
bave a large woddiog nnd becauae 1 didn'l wanl mv
rittiightei to kni.vv anything about il until 1 got u
bouae readf to more (nto. uanghtara niwaye mate
? fuaa, you know, when ibeir fsther getl old aml
wanta to inarry. Tbey olwaya anow wliat
be wanta in 11 ? - fi bettoff tban be doot
bltnaelf, I am fl gr.'jil-_ian.ltather aud
1 think I'iii >.ld euoagh to BflTt my
babita aettled aml be ? |ndge >.f irbat'a boat for mo.
miII l am not foiid of walaing aronnd In faunlv
hot water that Ibaroapill myaelfj ao I intonded
t.i k.-ep liimii ior a few montba."
?? i inn y.iiit dauahter doea not know of roar
uiui itauel
"Not aBUBpiciOO tlMebe, When she rrads the
nionitt.gpaper, I mmmom, thongh, there will be
rnrflyingamnnd tbu inanatan. Mv niind's
iipvvuat lo do. When l'm attaikeil iu tbe
iiioitiiiig 1*11 s<-,.'k icitige iu thl mislakes that Mff>
nionilllg I II NC'k H-inge iu tbe mislakes ti.at news
pijiei-i ure crcllled witb makitig, aud
say it was MMM otl.er f.-llow. Tlx-n,
uiter dintier. when every one ia
g.I tiatured, III let tlie MWI break gentlv and
bope foi 'tbe b< st. What my daugliiei mav MM
mi', . or any OM e|?e, they cun't haug ine, tliough 1
ina.v lear tbat l've been au old f..ol.
"'Did Miiss I'aniiu- intirry ymi fbf y?ur iinmey, do
yiFii tliink f "
"No, eir; it was a clear CMM "f c.>.il<lti't-li<'lp-lt
|,i\e. Noiie ,,f ji.ur iwMh-IWMb love, but the
genuine boMM made. 1 love my little
wile, and l'm pro.nl of her. To
day x I 'WM called to Newa.k in coiisultutiou
iipFiri a MM aud wiien I we.it t<> where faniiie
lives aml told her. sh-' was afrald t<> let mo go
aloiie, aud lOMMtod <ui gOUlg with ine. M that
liollin.tr would hefall nie. Tl.ut's the klnd oi tl
wiie for ni" I lo be honmt, l iu Mttinc aloug ln
\f.im, have acutnuliited some piop.-rty, aad ,bink
ib.it mv litile wile Faiiuie will make >ne happv la
tbe deeline ot lifo, uud s<<<- tbat l'm well taken care
ut. Wl.at's ihe us,- of me inarrviug a wf..iiiiu
?dapted to uiv ageJ rhal would mmmoIwm ahronie
grunters, li FannM is willing to pnt mm with my
InflnnltiM, 1 tlnuk it rapertluoaa for other., to in?
to lere very minti.
' Wheie is 1 aiinio T Well, I ean't loll you just
now, MMMMM 1 don't wniit her to be troubled witl*
qneitloM, 1 MM not livinir with her, of conrse, lor
tual would have spoilod the s<cr.t. Bho'l in good
baod* What turn imJm will take now I CMMMOt
aay. l'roiii lo-'iiori,i\v l-'uiiute will M a<kuowl
,-ik'o.l as my wife, aud ii 1 OMMMOi live MN MMOM*
al,Iv with my dnaghttf nutil May 1. wt.cu 1 will
have u house of my own, then I will loMTO suoucr."
Vt. liegults waa graduated ln inedlcini at .\lar
lioi.rtt, Gertitiiuv, on May 31. ls;li, uud last y-ar
gav* a lecoption at ln-, bome ln bOMM ol the tit'tietb
uuniveroary of his gradiiatiun.
? ??i
J.v MBMOBI of M ui'AKE.
Tai-mon, llggg Keb. 18 (,Si>,ri7i/).-Sorviees
ln MMMMf uf the Kev. Dr. lii.ik.- will take place at WMM
llo* ( liurch at ?_? p. iu. to-iuurruw, Huiiday. An addresa
v, ul be inu.lt, by llts Itev. l)i. Plun.b, of Koxbury.
Svkacusk, Feb. 11 \,SpeeUtl).?Tbo Stuto Con
vcntlou of HiicroUrUs of tho Young Mon'a CurUttM
MBMMblM will be held lu thla city on Kebruary !'?' to
?.".', in. liislve. i'lyuiouth (hurch na-. MM oblalued itnd
aft.-i noon uud ,v,lliiny scaalous will M held.
Lvnn, Feb. 11 (Spevial.)?gevernl thminrtnd
MttMMM have aakad ihe Loglaluturo to ao i.incnd the
loitery Uw ihat tho iJra.id Ar.ny and other charltablo
?rgaulzatloua will be oxeu.pt froiu lta prorlalotu. Tbe
Judlclary Commlttee made a nearly unanlmous renort
airalnat the petltloners after a hearlng. Notwlthstanolng
tlils fiiot. Geaeral Iand,?r Post, of the Graud Arniy of
thla city, has a fair lottery lu progreas and has already
dls.msed of 20,000 llekcts. It is uot tbougUt ,thut tbe
authorltles will lnterfero.
Flarues broke out ln tbe three-atory brick building
at Eifth-ave. and Seveutceuth-st., b. Brooklyn, at
4 a. tu. ytsterday. A grooery store U on tbe ground
iluur, while on the tirst iloor Duraudo itusat.ll, his wife
and ln - alstcr-in-law lived. Tbey made their oscape iu
tbclr aight ojothes. On the top door, Johu Andcrsou,
his wile and several cblldren lived. They were
awakened by th? ttanies aad smnke in their rooms, and
whtn thty started to run dowu stalrs they foiiud egress
by that nieaus cut off. Tl.e Hrernen ran up a rope, and
all except one ol ,the eullre i'aiuily were lowered into
the MMM assistcd by tho llreuieu. One ohild was uot
MM untll the entire upper part ot the bulldlug was
til.i. .?'.. when u sii.mI1 l.uy appearc.l at a window. With
difliculty he was MMMMM lroin springing out into tho
street. Pireuiiiu iluker oli.nbed up to the awuing,
drew a laddcr up ait.-r him, aml witii tlie belp ol hire
inaii l'luir... the uoy wa.-> MMM down salely.
Tlie daiuage to BMM Hrotbers, the grocers. is
f.\OOU. The building whicb bclongs to George
IimmmIbi was damaged $1,000. lhere waa uo
8ai.t Lake GlTTj Feb. 14.?A dis
patcb from llelso <'ity, Idaiio, says: " The Ripu'/tiain
i.ewspaper ollloe was MMMl last iiitcht, and an nttcmjit
was inade to tlro The Demurrat i.ewspaper oiHco. The
tru.ilile Is (he result of a bitter l.odticul ngbt, and tbcro
1? gn utcxcltcuii ut ov.:r lt liero.'*
Wo.tCF.sTF.it, Mnss., Feb. 14.? Tbe jnry in
tlie Superlor Court fliis moraMg retiiriiF.l a verdlct mt
KUllty ln tl.ecase of JaMMMM It. HaMo-1, of fttflhbMlg,
for iiiiri.intr i,is mndy taetory in lss-j. >j*m mm was
til.-d ln 18(42 wltb a verdtet ol gnllrr. Tbe rerdiM was
Bet Mlde and a Beeond trial was badln 1894, tho Jury
DMTMOR, Mlih., I-V1>. M.?Ilsthor Tlinru.is, ago slxty,
was burt.ed to MMM at No. 500 MtohlgM avc, this
mortiinir. -he was iu a two-story fr.nuo house, which
was ileslioyeil.
Momi us, rlairi. l-vi.. 14.?a tir? wbtob taakl o,.t thls
rnuriilutt dMtroyed a slied be'ningluit tu tIn- M. rrlmack
Obetnleal Ootupaay, 100 by 183 feet, and uis<> two rail?
road ears. Tbe f-Iu-f! wm uaed for peeklng pnrpoa. s. i bl
!u--u abont g8.00O.
i'i maoola, Peb. il.-The CHMgow KlUa M CaryirilM,
Tlu., on tho 1*011 BBSTOla nnd Atlautle Ilallroal, MON
luinu-d last UiKht. The gMMM is 120,000 i uo MMMl*
FALL Kivkk, Feb, 11 (Special).?Tli? situa
tluii ln tl." tn.i'.uf ut '.re of i.rit.t clutlis II gM iu.iily M>
MtagmoN dlaeonraglng, Tuo eperattves who have
MTrPriitlyTTfftftti nn impr************ '** tii? mark.-t an
thorotitil.lv dl*liF- t.teiie.i.. ThmaaeaM M l,e no way to
ebeck tbe downward Mndeney of Um priiM uMtkt
fa. turi.-s are .?:<.1 for u ahort thu". If MMb a MMTM
iboaldbi detenainad ipon by Ihe Bannfaetttrer% it
irvaM i ntall graat mgbriag BMttng Uu operal li i >?! mmm
latton U tlioruua?h.) uiui. .-t ..ul I.) tlii-at aud tha
a|it..ti..,: whi. ii Ma peetailed tor . MOMfa otmt ls ?ra<l
nalli mbaldlng. TflM majorlty of tbe ManofaeMnn mn
M farorof abuttlngdown, but there are? tow wim m
oj.:-.--F--i to meb acourw, tbiugb it ls ?..-.i i that the_.
wlU, ln tne end, be forced to agree wltb tbi others, un
..---? ? ? |aau uu ... ii it.. iipw.it l Mndeney ln |
i are now runnlng at a loaa, aad lt 1- proba
ble tbat they will close befon long. The quotatlons t.<
? ti, ire 2\eontsless 1 percanl for 56*. and S?acenta
leasl| -.|-. The weekiy repor IsaafoUowa:
Pnslueilon, 17,000plecesi dalivertoa, I'jT.ojo; Moek,
176,000; talea, 131,000.
LaWRBXCB, K;ui., Feb. 14.?An iitteinjit was
MOdfl by tlirc- tMMfM JMMfdlJ to wp-. k au cast-bouud
A-.... m, liipMa andganla 1*1 pMMMgM train. Tbey
?ut.-red the tratu at TlglM aud rcfaacl M pay their
far.-. Aa thep- wcni tiu stups b.-twecn Topeka an.l l.aw
MM tlu.ndiictor did nut attempt to put them ,?:r, but
w.ilt.-d uiitll tl.e train urrlve.l here, wgM M MMMd tbe
doora of ihe car atnl geM tii-l?-<l tiiatr faro. Tley opcnc.l
atndoM nml Meaped, ,.n 1 walklng tbe track, l,r..ke tbe
?k oo a awtteh an.l turned It . aaadltcbed,
hut the p'st of UM train was sarad t>v tbe iloa sj. ? l it
whi. ti tt w..s uiuvliitf. Tbe inglueer atid ilritnan raoelred
atew iirui---. Nu otberdamage was dona, rbe wreek
aaaoleansl aotbat tralna were nioving by noon. Two
ii tbe n.i-i, bave been eapturod aud tho third ha.s l.ceu
ine. .1 to iA-avcuwurth.
FuANKi.is, Pob. 14,?-Mrs. il.t.l was
fF.iiiul i|...i.l n.-tr Hcotl's liill, DelllngbiM. ye-t?r.la..
Mu I ul pr.ib.ibly been .t.-.i.l ?.uiif> tiini-. "h'- was tlfty
,w iyMH*4d,and kept bouM tor oliver H. Iloldenfor
F-eT.iui rcar-. ("uu..- in.eiilis iii(fi ?ii.. went away, but
r.-Hiriinl ati'l ci.n.iie.l tbal siie h ul btred tlie MM lu
wbtob HuIfI.-ii wiis lirlng. Bbe bad a quarrel wtth Hal>
.li-.i, hIiu inuvi-l tu a h.Fii.e ne;ir b> . [| Ul Bllegod that
Intbeuuarrel Mrs. Hall waaeonslderably bruUe.l. Yes
ter.iay Uolden told th..- authoritles tbal Mrs. Ilall had
lie.-i, f.n.ii.l d.-fl lu tlie pi.uI iH-ar lur bonM II?r boota
were found uu tlu- opposlte Bfata ol tu.- n ul froui tbal ou
whtcb ih> budy lay and .u-r sbaa! iu anotber apot.
Ni:\v-II\vi:n, Feb. II {Sp.rinh.?Tbt Yflk
fr, ahuieii bere tbo vbobi eitj aroueed altk tbeir pmaka
'i hia one 11 aatd t>? be Ibe worat Jolaaa for triefca that has
l.eeti ln tlie eoBagB fOC BBVOfal y.arv The nliflit liefore
la-t tiiey borrlted tba Jaaioia i.y looalag balleaaa attfl
"88" on them In their bullr.x.ui. Tlils moiiuni?
th* oollege lag ?;n foaad loatlag lt* Mue ftoldi oul fr,.m
tbe ilty Hall tewet froin a poaitlon tvhere It caiuiot l.e
lei.-iie.f. Bverybodjr 1< iiuiiguant atrer tbe taat tbat a
freahman meallcal Btudent la lettlng be ileah n.t from a
akelcton ou th.- top of ins boaidliig-bouee, whiob ia lu tbe
oentre of thceiij.
Pittsiii i;.;. IVun., Peb, 14.?Tlio lireakiiifc
BBOf tlie CoimelNviiie eeke pool has heeii avertc.l, an.l
ti..- Mme ti.iiil,iii;iii..ii that ci.ntrolleil llie ooka traile last
year wlll BBUHaga tlio B?Blra af BM trade anotlier year.
Ihe |i,?,| now eontrols over T.O.io ov.-na. Pimiat-ea aro
iire.i np almoel eren day, aad lt wiU pmbably i.o
iiece.ia.iry to rnereaae the output of e.ike la a few weeks.
Au mclaaaa of lo per oeat was uiada tbia .we*.
tiririni: of a iYori.i>-iu: MUBDBMBB.
St. 1'aii., Peb. IS (Spvcia!).-\ i1m|)Ulc1i to
The Pionfi-r irtts fr.eu Dm Muliies aaya tbal Jatiiea
Bninat. ibT Walla Flalaa, lawa, wflaariaatad reotafdayea
aeB_rgoatattompttagta ataraet aareral Baamaataaffl
f;iiolly I.y poUou. He made li\e iinaiieccsafnl attempts
aad anmeaagbl tn tba aei ?f patttag Btryeaalae in a tea
pot. lle was BOld in ball of 0500, 1*0-.lay be went to tho
ttahle aml abot htiusvlf throtiiiii tho ii.-.i.l. .lylug ta two
DItPLMAiMD with nWWBTLTAWlA'M extitbtt.
1'iiii.AiiF.i.riiiA, Peb. 14(.S';><vt7i/).?Aiiuiiilier
of Weat l'lill.t.ielphhi laUlea whohatl ileei.le.l to vlalt the
.Vew-orleans K\posltiou thla uiontli, have heen ao much
illspleased :it tlie reporta of what U BUOWU there by this
HUte thal they have postpouctl their luteuded trlp until
Api il. They have foruied a aociety, which evcry day und
eveiilng uatil tbt tlnto now deelde.l upou for tbeir de.
partare, will work upou varloua artlolea to be torwarded
t,i Nea "ileatis. They wlll ua,- oiherwlae all their otieriry
1111,1 lniiuen.'e lo laoteaaa the baportantt of tlio PhBadet*
phla t-ahlldts.
ClliCA<;n, Fob. 14.? T/tc Xortlitrentem Lum
Oermim wlll pul.llah this afternoon an exhauatlve rovlew
t.f Ihe liiiutier Bfudoet ln the Northweat. Tho whlte pine
liiinliorciitln 1884 waa ?,07r>,..;)3,i).">4 feet, aa couipaietl
wttb7jt84?788,788BBatMl88t. The ahlnglo pro.luc
tion lalttt anmar0atra0t\4*tO| agalnal a\8ea,75t\tatl iu
1081 There are ,m hand at the tnllla 3,.">ir..:>.r>7, ll?> feet
..f hliiihet, il pel eent of the eiltire cilt. The lllUlUor at
the (llatilhutliig inarketa uiakea ibe eutiro etock ou haiid
neariy 0,000,000,000 feet.
BaXTtBTOBB, Peb. 14.? Oa Wrtlii.'stlay Ed
wurd Hraltb, hallliiK froin Brxoklyn, waa eou.bf plcklng
?oeketala tba Orbataol OaaHnVeaaan ia thia city. tat
terday ih.-OrundJury lndietedhliuaud to-Uav h..i.l.-*led
gnllty, aud waa aeul to the l'eultunttary for oighteeu
ITBACI sk, Fob. 14 (Speattl).?Tho oaso of
tlie yetltli.n of beira to reiuove Theiiias 1'. Hherinan, of
Now -York, as BatttaOOf certalu BflBt eatates cnatcd
under th'I willof llatnlltou Whlle. will ho aiguotl at 10
a. iu. ou Tuuaduy boforo Jiulloo k.nuody.
IJaltimoke, M.I., Fob. 14 (Speoial).?Owon
laWaoN went Into the ilrainsbop of Ji.liu Murray ln
C'eiiiro Market, aud while thero got lnto a quarrel with
Murray overa gtBH ?f wlnakey. Leouard drew a knlfe
and ii.ade a thrust al Murray. Murray flre.1 two ehota at
IaM.imr.i kllling hlm. He then oloeed up bla atore aad
Buuc-ii.lei od to tbo polloo.
Tho snowstorm that endod on Fridaylnight wm
euccecdod by anotherof greater extent and scverity.
It developod ofl the Gcorgia coaat yeaterday morn?
ing, and swopt up the Atluntio, bome by tierei
wiuds. Its central poiut at 3 o'clock, when it wm
beavieat iu forco, waa ofl Cane Hatteraa. Ktonn
sittnals were ordered up at all the coaat stationa.
Soutb of Virgi'ita heavy rains fell all day aud into
the night, and along tbo North AHantic coasttbM
snow fell in blindiug density. Ott the cuast heavy
trales of wind blew, to the immincnt danger of coaag
line vessela.
Tbe storm broke upon this city at ten minuteato
?I o'clock, aud MMMMi duriug the uiukf, aud
Assistaut ' ibserver Hintnan, of the Signul Servica,
predlcts tbat the bad weather Vlll MMMMM foi
another day. Northcast wiuds prevailed, kecping
the temperature low. It renrhed its MMMMMM gi
2 o'clock, when the thorniomcter registercd Bm%
At 7 o'clock it had falleu 3?. .The MMMMMM wm
uot below MMM yoxtenlay at any point in the I'uited
BtMtM reported to tbo .Signal Service. ln the West
light suows fell, though thu temperattire West and
Soiith rose MMStblj.
Tho delay with Western inails continnm.
Through train- have bMM held buck by tl.e MMMg
weather. As soon as the mails arrived iu this o.'lica,
however, extra fi.rces of clerks were put to work
upon tb.ir (listribtitiou, and time IMMMMM
much as pOMlblO. .Mails left tlie MMM oilice about
tiftex^n minutes oarlier than tbe MMMIm MMM
cliciug in or.l.-r to luake BMM councct.ous with tba
ont.'.Fiiii,' trains.
liieinaiiy skators who went to the Central 1 irk
lakes yeaterday found the toe not ouly ilippMy but
?loppy. Atanearly hourall theavatl .',:?? KUMMJ
were gotteu out and sTaping off the
MMM was begiin. Ihe suu lia.l been at
work enriler, aoworor. aud the snow w.is MOftt/
rinab. No bad oondition of tlu- too, if Um ball H
ii p. Will preveiit tiie enthnaiMltto ctiiii-rs of t.'.o
puetune from mdnlging in it. Mftdthd lakes wero
cnnsequeutly tbroogad witii as niorry a crowci- of
skatcra as ooold be found uuywbere.
I'bo sloppy stato of the ice ma-ia
no differanoo except t? tlie new begUMM
lt was the usnal holiday thrOMg, Th - sctioolboj*
and sehooluirl, tho cl.-rk atid the shopgirl wero
there. lhere IS MIMMMMt so MMMIMtiOM
rlorsemen wero in high gh-e on Friday at ?hi
protpect of a rnn of Btoighing, nnd M the suuw
hioibi continnod well into the night, many of tbsm
went to bed dreannng of how tbey woulu MMMM
"tbeboyi" by th.- Mied which tlioj would sbow
witbtlietr bOHMlntMMIOM pafit. "Ii;il,,.''<'??fc
in atiiicipation of the big protits tbat M woota
n-np, extravatrautlv pot M extw luMpof sugar
in his hot toddv. bnttoogfoetthooxMmtmmmm
|ff[-.'fii to !,ive " .Jue," tkl fat !iiy.a.'. aki'tied for h:l
inppar. ThoroMdowMM rutii-'l. Md Um snow too
ligbl nnd thore mm not cnougb ot it to bri:ig a rw
allzation of tho droan.s.
Yeaterday waa ecbool cbildren's day nt PImmmI
I'ark, Hmuklyn, aud tl.e lakes WMI eMWdod with
nieirv youiiirsfers, whOM lOMd IbOMM kept tOaa
'.vith th'e cli, k ot theirMkatM, Townrd evcuuigtM
roUMgltcri gMYO way to tho older ikl MM, Tbe ieAt
i^ in good i-ouilitiou, and MMMMTB to be tbiek
euiuuh to last niilil siimmer. Ibe lake* will be
opon f'.r skat.-rs un'il MUidown to-duv. Largo
crowdl visited Um WlUiMMMMMTf Atliletic tlloh
Kink. Ihe rodnetion ra tha pneeof mmmmmm Iim
freatly inereaaed tbe attondMMea,
M.inv r? riisty-rniiiiereil slaigl. was i.rotight out
ef us' crner in liro klyn Btabtel iu thl
bape that tiie MOWinll was decp eu-mgn to thor
oughly et.Jov a drire bebind a ruadlMC. TM faU
of IUOW was. however, |M light t<> MMM good
NlaigbJng, aml th>- -.U'lirhH wereordepul l.a.k in dia
gtist. Sotae enttr.tsiasta attompte.l th- joiirney
down Ocean Park way, bnt few made Um tnp to
tbe lsland. Keopwiof road houses botWMM Proe
pOOt I'ark and C-.ney [lUnd WOM dlM insolate, al
thev reap a rich lurvesi during good s'eighiug.
Many MIMOM received injuries by falling ou tba
?lippery etdewalks last night. Th'- poiiM tMMVlM
the foliowing: 1'atrick Gordon, No. 300 Kast 8er
entv fourth-sf., I?'g broken ; Charles Newton, No.
U'J C'aruiuj?j-st., log broken; .Ismes Warde, No. VfA
West riiirfv-sixth-st., f'ractiire of the thighi
Ch.ir'cs K. Siuitb. No. 819 Easf Oiie-liu'niresl-aad
lifry-niuth-st.. hObd cut seriotisly, OooiM iXtter
iiicj, a bOMMMM man, spiae injured; EmumOmMM
bell. No. 126 VVeal Twentieth-it., ipnined ankiei
Cbnitonher Keiliy, No.207 Fast Dno*hnndfMM>*MMp
liifeenfii-st., dislocated anklo ; aml ( li.uies Keed.
Of ilunt.-r's Point, cut on head atid MMMMMM of
luaiti by falling down thestepaof tneelevaf?i
r.uiroad station nt 1 hird-ave. aud Oii'-huudred
Bai.iimoiii-:. Peb, 14 (.Vpt.ui/l.?The Cheaapeako
Baj, from the luotitn of the ijustiuelianiia Kivcr to
a poiut bfllow tbt Chop Tauk, i.s a aolid piece of iee
aa lar as the ajft Oflfl 000, while helow I bnniae
Poiflt the iee is pilod up in dang. r nis BBBBflB. A
host of oysfer v.-sM'U of all aha;?-s and .i/ea aro
fr07.cn BB, inany of them h.-iug in vcrv aa_flfltaaB
pia.es, asit lsutterly imposaihle. tt Bat preaeut
coiiditioti of the iee, to reach them, ar.d their pro
f_float are mntiiiig tboit, TfltB lurge fr.iglit pro
pcllctsof' the Bfly Lflafl, with valuable caig.es, are
repoited to-day hy tho coiupauy to he frozen 10,
? hilo aeveral DMtght and pOflflet*gB0 aleatuers ti tba
riiiladclplua Luio are frozen m the upp.r hav. Be
luw the Pataneeo KiTOt _aro a namboraf foimga
reaoeta froien faat, with no ubbmNliato ehaaeatflf
reteaoe. To-day an.l to-uigbl ? fartoaa tnew "form
raged. I'p to 10 o'cioek to-uight there baa BOafl a
faliol'about six inche-. Travel wa* greatly im
peded, and tlie streel-cais had diflicuity In gettiug
aloag, tbougb awoopert ~-oio k.-pt oo_ttantty la
motion. ... -,
Ihe Btorm made mtttert worae ia the aay. ihe
riv.r and harhoi'aro mveied with ue.
rbe two iee bofltt are kept buar. Lflot night (aa
large ue raiu Lflttobo ou tryiug fo got out tha
etoamer Beaboard fr.uu th.- iee rammed rueateamar,
datnaging ber to the exteut of over &I.(MX>. A thaw
is expected, which will dawbtleaa bring the ua
iiieuao ice helds dowfl from the HnBqnahnn? Kiver.
POflt jBtTBflflOB, N". V., Feli. 14. Jflflttt ll?a
nett and Thonias 1'icechaui, of Mount Sinai, started,
ou Friday to tiah foroyatcrs in the Souiid. They
hroke the ice ui order to get their boat tlirotiirh aud
bagfla their work. They laoored until neariy nieht
fall an.l when they wero r.ady to returu, fonnd
that they could not force their way through tha
Ice. They were couipellcl to apend th,' night iu tba
boat aud. when rescuel tatlie morning, were aliuaat
Eroseo todaath. For tiie that Bflflt tfl inany yeara
l'ort Jefferaon Bay bt frozen over and la a aoli 1 uiaaa
oi iee l'or a dlatflAOeof twouiiles out iu the Souiid.
Zaxksvii.i.k. O'nio, Feb. 11. (>>c;a/i.-An ice
gOtgaBt tht tfBtH-Tf ? Kiver, beginuing at Mo
Couii.'llsville, Ohio, arteada thtrty milea to tba
dani at thia place, nnd ia i-oiiatautly increaalng.
The river is ri-iug tfld is full of doatiug iee abova
lliedam, addinglo tho gorge coustautly. TtBtt.
by the river PBfld ia impo-uible. ]l\ nainilc haa
failed to altcct tht BM at M.Cotinellsvill". All tka
miiia aro atopnod by tho kaeh water. Maeb daw
uge haa already been dono aud nnieli 111 re ia ex
pectcd. 0
Sai.i I.aak < nv, Feh. 14.?A diapat.h from
I.lltleC'ottouwood 1080: " At Btlfl B ni. yeater*
day a snow alide swept tliroughtbe tutning cainp of
Alfa, destroying tbree-fourtb* of the town, aud
killmg aiiteen peraons includitiglive ebildjaa, 1 ba
i.jiii*. winch are kuowu of thoae kille.l m tbo
Bflowalidt at A'ta last night are: JflflMO Wflflflata
Andrew B. Wbite, J- Kegau, H. Gilvoa. David V.
Van, ' li'n ' Madden, F. iiiltii.au. Mra. r.-rd ano*
ehlld, Mattie Hlekev, four childreu ol lt- u?l?oW
aad two Caiiiaiuou." *
LYNCHIHK.l, Vll.. Feb. 11.-It has lieeu anowing
herofortwo davs with only aligbt tuterinnaiana.
lt .s uow fulling heavily and likely to bo tue deap
aat tall foi inany yeara.
??U8BB to di-atu a im: MOJf.
Porrsvii.iE. IVnii., Feb. 14 [Sptciah.?Mra.
Jaeob Diok. age aUty, wbo wandered away from bei
hotue at Tremont <?u Thurs.lay afternoou. waa fouud thla
eveotug about eigbt milea from ber bome. Hbe bad
fallen from exhauatloii and perubed in tbo anow. Sbe
bad .vi.leiitly been aaad itt leaat tbirty-aU houra before
bur body waa found.
Pali. Kivkb, Fob. 14 lAfpectall.-Three oorpt
of the rtalvatlon Anuy aro oowtuoilug a vlgoroua reB
gtoua revival in tbia ciiy. The niuveiuaut aaema to bo
taii ly auooeeefal.

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