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WTipu the trial of Cuptain WlfllMMg was rc
aunied yestcnlay, th<- captalt. and hla counsel lonked as
nnduunted as usual. (Jommlssioner l'orter's face showed
tbat I,e feil coalideut, and thoso of MMMM Deane and
Townsend l*anied with satlsfactlon. Coinnilasioners
French, MeClave and Matthews looked solenin and
icvere. Before tlie sccond day of MM trial bad been balf
ipent. lt was MMMl tbat tbe batUo would be long aud
Detectlve-Serccuit McCluakoy was flrst recalled totell
Of his partlelp-ttou ln tbe rald on the nl?bt of January
20. He hclped to break Into No. 58 West Thlrty-flrst-st.
and catch two men who hud llod to tlie roof. A full set of
gnniiiliuK liuplemenU was found la tbo house.
Under cross-exaiuinatton, McCluakey Bald 1.8 waa in tho
Flfteentl. 1'ioel.iot before ho liecii.no a member of in?
apeetor Hymcs's siiud. Ho knew of sevcral alloged gaiu
bilntl bousos in tbe Fifteenth 1'recliict. but MMBgtMJM
ordets from the Inspeclor, he had couflncd ).l? efforts to
dctectlna: gamhling withiu the MMMMMM of the Twenty
liinth Preclnct. Mr. MMM objected to that lliio of ex
ainluatiou, and C'olenel Bliss fleroely denonnced what
bc callod iu " political Job " atjalnst Captaln Williams.
-Several othci detective-aergeanta tesrllled regardingjthe
eelzure of gaiubllng lniphnients at housos ln thu
Twetity-nliith i'reclnct, tho evidenco MtngInMMedM
MMMl the s'.atonici.ts of McCluakey and Piauk.Wul
ling tl.at tbey bad gambl.-d and had
Beeu other persons gambling iu thoae liou:<cs.
Tlie wituesses. under crosvexamlnatlnn, itdmlttcd that
they found no persons gaiubllutT at tbe tltno of the rald,
and in tUF.st eases the ganilng implements were pueked
awaj lu store rootus. While Petsctlve-Serjreaut Hickey
WHSd.-sc.it,intt the articles taken frora oue house. Kresl
dent Prcn, h lulerrupted him to lnquire: " What do you
Xiieun by a coppcr I"
Hickey- It is a siuali, squnre, blaek check, somethlng
like a duu.luO.
PiiaMMt Frcnah -What ls lt uscd fort
Hickey?They tall ne lt ls uscd ln Uie game of faro.
Mr. Iica.ie -I think 1 have heard somethlng about
?' copjK-rlne; the aee."
Mr. |M -You had brtter testlfy.
When Detectlvo Scrgcaut Vallely's metnory ln one case
fatled to a,:rco with au atlldavtt which he had made, Col
?nel Hllas called attentlon to the contradlctlon ln some?
what acallili.tr terins.
Mr. Deane -Verv remarkable indeed !
Colonel WM WM ln the least. It ls only a apcclmen
?f oplinary dctectlvc. tcstlinouy. Wo shall haar more of
the same sort.
Inspector Thorue, on betng recalled to testlfy fnrther
about l.tsordet-sto captalus to sunpress gauibllng, sald
be did not think that any public piaeM of gambling waro
J.eruiltted to rnn openly nnd uuiiiolestel l,y tho pollee.
' It is linpossiblc," he sald, " to stop tjaiiil.llug in private.
Trobably there Is gmnhllug Koiutt on ln more tfian ono
rlace in tho city at this moiuent. A gamhier enn curry u
faro lay-Dut ln bls pocket and put lt ou a tat.lo aay wheru.
1 imaRlne tliat i*ople ga.uble in hot< ls every day."
Mr. French luonired why the pollce datuMlTM could
liot tt.t into gaiubllnit places us eusily as yoong Walllag
Bccmed to have doiie. Mr. Tborne replled thut tio
lleesnen were stther knowu bv sicht or their looks be
tr.ived their ealllngto the gamblers. In rer.lv to ques
tlons by Colonel IJliss, the Inspector platcd a (on
TltMllon which he had with Captaln Wlll
lau.s and Inspector Kymes at Pollce
JIead<iu:,rti rs In January, jtrevioiis to the rald.
?aperuitendent Walllng had told Mr. Thorue to tak
?on BtrlngMt meaenwM MaiaM the gamblers ln tho
Twentv ninih Preclnct, and tre Inspactor had dlrioted
Captaln Willlams to place polleeinen on post lu front of
the P'putod gjULbflni-bouses. ln the convcraatlon
alluded to Mr.Byraea aad dlscouraxed such a pro.-e-d
JiiK, savi.'.it tl.at lt would only glve such pliteos m.toili-ty.
Aceoraiugly Mr. Thorue counternian.led his MM to
WUltams. Tbe CoBimisalOBera ai>i>eared to b? sbockod at
theconflict of auUiFirity gnd at the ltnplic.ttloii that Mr.
Jtyrne* had been guilty c-f double daallng. Mr. Thorne
bad not becu inforii,.-d oiyeong Wuillng's ezperlen. e lu
cambnng housea nniil after the rald. ffe thouffbl Cap
laln Willlams was one of the best oftleers in the force,
and that ine Twi'i.ty-nlnlh I'recinct would be Irouble
eome under au'y captata. Colonel Bliss led
the Inapeetor to testify coneerBli.tr a raeeal
ha "
convci-s.itlon which he had with Commlsaloner
J'orter. He said (letieral Porter toid hin. that MM a
>olicc raptain bad !,<?' n found ia a gambling lio.ne Tlie
.tatement eauaad a senaatton ln tbe trial-room c mmls
Bioner l'orter's faee flu.-hed. Ua leaued forward in LU
Chalr and said :
" I am not under osth, ht.t I wlah to state h'-re that the
Insp. ctor laeatirely mlsMkea. Ko anch thlngfevi-r oe>
curred, nor did I ever hear of a eaptala being lo BOeb
i. | cau't iiiiagiiiM wbat tiie fuspactorrueans."
inapeetor Tborne.?Mr. Oomndaatoner, do yoo not re
nictniiF r about?
Ocaeral Porter.?I ramaMbar fllatlnetly th^ eonverav
Mon we bad and wl I I, but notblng of tbi
lt l ever aald aaytblng of tbe aort Ibtai
ttatod wbal vrus not tnte.
! trisd to rel'eve the irrowuu
Boapcnse by auigestlnn tbat a mlstak.' might havi
ln.-vle lij the Iii-pector a? to tha ebaructer or the i
whlab tbe C^apUln wm fonod, and Mr. 'I.
m'rbt pot dhtj 1, ive been a dl-nrderly benM lastaad of a
SauibuuK-bouaa. (.c:.eial Portar a?ralii intcrpo-al a
cniai and the aituatloa wt* Meoailng embarraaaiug,
?wti.-ti Mr. Fi-.-ii'l, Sai.l the.o WOOld hv B MOOM Ol h .??' ?
Afler rec-?a Ir.specter Thorne satd he hnd been ti|,n
tteema.i ln thls sv for tLirty-tw-, years, ai
tlBetbepoUtx tT not been able to ?upprass ras
All tbey could u..N.as to prevent tbe gaMblan m>m ooa
Soeting their buaiaeu openly. Policeaien hud been
ifouud who could gel Into tha gambllng-bouses andse
cure cvldi.ici, but some of tl.e courta bad
h.-ld tbat the otttemn wero eanallj guuiJ
wit>. tl.e gamblen wh?i tii.-y gauibled li
lo proeure eiidaace. Tfbe polleeeonld only - '?
gambling bouae v.ho,i Um y bad a *r:,;ra.it. If ? l
forced bis way Ib without a warrant be w, i gu ly
nf iresi-aas ?ud eonld be punlsbed like ibj otber cltlten.
The law s.-cincd to Bfl lavoraMe to tbe ira.i.t.i.-r-.. aiid
gaiabU?t,-houaea usuall* \<f-i-.- oonatruotod .o aa to raslst
tl.e p t tti.it .. Itl*
Ung-lioua. was n<> aroof of negleet ?f dntjr <>n tho
BartafapoliceeaptaIu.be tbouKbt, nnlesa tue <-:t:/.ru
gave lofonuatlon to tbe captalu and l
aetonsueba eomplalnt He beltored tbat Oaptaln
WlUiams had not fui.,-,1 if> a,-t wbeoBTer such Inforuia
tion cauld be obtaln, I. r. . Inapeetor thea said tbat be
li i.i talked wltb (f?ii<t..I Porter. uurltic tba n ? l
theb foi.,,?t canvaraatioa, and wm oonvlaoed that be
WMinl lakeu ln attrlbutlug to General PorMc B Itata
ment aboul :. p .'i'-c e.,p' ua
General Porter,la tarn,saM be was-atlsfied that the
iMpeetor waa not guilty of au bitanttunal misstate
XlJt.lt. *
In r, ; ly to Mr. Deane's lnqulrles. the Inspeclor
aiid Ihe ln.-l.ie-a of the fi.nublers could
be iaaterlally Injured by proourlng warraau on "ln
lonnatiou ai'.il balW"" and "rabllna" tba bouses fre
guenUy. A quarrel betweea tba uwyan aa t'? the
rtroprl, > of obtalnlug um warranti dlatnrlM i Ibs
| ,' ?? ? , Koot and BUmconteadlait tbat
Warraut i ougbt not to lte obl alned unieaa the naii'-r- eo ilej
?)..,, j, tiio.n .;. i. ? i; lei re baaed ou personal knoa ledge.
'j . ; puleof laugbterby declarlagtbitt
manj ? '. 'enie.i who inaife affldavita ln the poil. r eeurta
V -n" i.i il ?. able '.-< i ?? ? ? t i'- wai r -it-." blefi v.eie lFa-.i-d
ao th, ' :i. !,'??? Ua ended bv atating bis belief
i , gainbling ln thla cltj during tbe
last four yeara tba lilarpenod siucc iio
j i tbo force.
CAPTAIM WILUAMI (>v Titr. ^tand.
It was Marly l p. bl ???? beo tba proaa tutl .!. ra ited, m I
b!r. l: ..' roaa to Mon that Ihe ehargM avalimt
Caprtaln Wllliaina l.e dtoaxtaaad without wi-it
tng t<>r my p Mi'iimy on the other side. Ha said
i .4.1 tbal Capl kla WlUla aa bad
i ?.'... altogetber la hla preolnot.
'i ?
j i i.v ;111> >i?-.-i4i ord ? l.e law
, USlbtlil. tF.!' li.e piF.se t..,.i
, vai.ii lor tba iff,-\, itiou of crlnie of
p i sta idsrd F.f )?>-;?<? I ol i lience tF.
\ u, no |iubUe <>:;.. t il eottld kF-c;> fels pla<c for *.
Xl.--: ?
j,,.. i nntt. Ie' t ot to nl?mls? tl
,. . ? took tbe witae s-ebalr. H< -
l,k.i .... .i |....... . * .-..is aad bad been
i . . m voral tlinea
j,n t - whieh were not sual .lnail i.v
?-vid. ,.???? n.s iir. -I'' vaa a boay one, bating in lt mosl
aftbebot< - ? ?? rooms. The polioeuian
under lilm i 6 and tbey made '(."."J ?
MMrear. Ho bad done bla i.eat t<i BunpraM gambling,
leii in-11. . 'i not apei f! mueb tlue watelungtbe gamblen
and atu-nd to hla itlvedntles. Wben be n
-*ructl?ns a'x.ut the gaMbllng-hnnaei
r cet.t y b>- ^cnt laan lo wateb tba bou im wltb ord . - to
?'j.i.np lu aad .,..'?? arn i ?* If tbey could get evldoi.ee
tbat gamldinK waa golngon. Itouudaiuan M'lltnu wis
, nt on tbe nlgbi ofjauuary 0 to make vlalta t<> uii
?.i the 1,-j.ut.il gamlngplaoea. Aboul 11 o*elocb
DeteetiTa Daalep <?*?>?>? t.. bM iWiDiama) and
oaM Inspector Byruea waa lookmi; f>,r hiui and wanlod
him to stop Mudlng men in anlfom M watcb tbi
Ji.fii-.^. " i t??:<t DetaetlTe Danlep," tbe Captaln aald,
** that lnspectoi Byraea wu? not ln aommand of tba
Meeond Uistriet." On the followlng day tn oapta
EMpeetors taat In tbe Deteetlrc Hureau to irrange for
the pollee d.niier. Inspector I;>ihfs drtW iBBpector
Tborne aid Captaln V^iiiions into one eorner of his
room and snd the aei.ili.i!.'-if men ln uniform to wateb
tbe aainiFiluK-houa. s ouaht to t.c dlsooBttnnad. Mr.
Byrnes pointed to hlma.-ir and th'-ti t?. th.- Oaptala and
aald bupreaaively -. " l know, and you know, that thars
lino Kitii.l.r.aicgoiBgon ta thnae plaees." Mr. Tborne,
Who was llaU-uiiitt. aasenled to iho sngtcatloii of Mr.
Bymoa that tbe watcbiiiK "f the honeea by patrolmeB
fliould bediacontlnued. The (.'Mp'aln sIm, ss'.d : " lt,
gpettor livrnosiold mt that lf he gul Myeridi
?MMblini he wou-iiCtine art on ir. If yoiintt Waillnir
aud Mcfi.iskev bsd eome to me with tl.e evldaaoa ?'.
fcilneil. iMMad M golng M (>>-l.erai I'F.rter, I BPOOld l.:i> <?
rns.te arresta at every oue <if thce bouaea." Ihe Cap?
taln said he had not t'-e.-n I.,f?"ji,eFl of tlu- erldeueo untll
%he rald WM ii.a.t.- Md be tbodgbl 00 , .n.vlrtiona would
?esuit Iromtberabt Habadnotnnd out ?f which to
My for the eoiMetton rtf oTtdeMra tn gaaihbu^bouses,
aud iut.pi-.-ior Byraea bad, and uo so.. <>i.i e.io.nt t<,
gamble. Ue was oWlt:?d to d<j?nd malnly upon tbe
EdMeatea In hla preelnct, wbo were haown to ih* gan.
tMMdl nt PMaeb Mked K tbe Captaln waa sura he hml
goisti-ic! Inapeetor llyrnea'a atatemenU to him eor
gretiv, and Mr. \\iil.,i?i- answered : " I ampoaltiTa, Hla
ta-oi.N m ,'i<- deep linpreaaton ou ine, and I mm t for
Ciitte.i them." .
Dotoitive Dnnlop te-ti'l.d that on the evcnlng pf
fanoary 6 Mr. Byrnes mel him ln tho stroet and sald
Captsiii Wllliams wa- n.aklng a i.ilst ike lu sentliitC
|>?t.'?inieii to wa.cIi the Kuiul>iinK-bo,iae.a. lln oarn-al
fhe Iif.j.h- oi . MMMgl to Ml CngMll as alreaJy do
Bcrli.ad. .
Th? <'<*'i>mf?MF.::"rs adjourned the case untll m-it
ThuiMis, morning.
A wonian of iiiidil',.' utfe, who wuiil hlic WM
glrs. Vihccicr, of Manitoba, MpaaMd io l.io p..ln <? lor
MMMMM late yeaterday attert'oouaud was p:ac?d iu me
care of Matron Webb at tbo nradqiiartcra BBt birt Wt
ber bome with ou!y mouey rnough j?tBfl*>er1fl)*BW
York and ahe nad no frlcnda ln the city. Hhe BMflianfl
i.oitukiiow why ehe left Manltoi.a ot wbf ahe came to
the c!ty bnt*U waa au.e that aho nng-tto goLo.no
?pln yAteleKr..m waa aent to her huaba... and h IB
pTicd laat night that be would eend nicaeyto WBaaTwaiT
back to lrio. The neUoe ...nclude.l that then -..ta a
"myateVy lu tbe eaae which lt was uot tbeir bualueal to
Tlie Bteatben of the New-Yott Mining
Stock and National l'etrolcum Ex.-hange did a lively
tratllng la railroad atocka yeaterday under tlie permla
elou granted on Friday by tbeir Oovemiug Coiuiuittco,
but no otliclal reeord waa BBft of tbe tran.aacti.ua.
A coniparatively largo biuine.aa waa doDO, but
the deaultory reeord which waa mi.de cannot be
aafleat upou. TUe uuH.unt. however. wna lar.elj- ln oxress
of the bualneas done Friday aftenioon. lt waa li.llev.-d
that even a larger tradlng would have been done If the
attentlon of oprratora had not been diverted hy the un
uaualuctivlty ln tbe oll departnient of the K-ObOBga
TO BBiai na tbe atip.rlntendetit of the Exehanga 00040 to
have all tbe faellltlea reatly for tbo buanesa to bo con
dueted ln ? formul manner.
The actlon of the Mlnlng Board was dlaenaaed with
much lntereat ln Wall-st. Kutiuira wtrt current
that aome mewbtri of tho f-tock Kaeaange woald try to
pvoenre iiijunitloiia r.-Mraining the Mining Boar.1 from
dealit.g ln railroad aeciiritlcs, on the gronnd tln.t
therehy th. Ir rlghta lu equtty aa niemhcr.a of the Mlnlng
Board weie lniperllled. The claiiii ls made that tbOBt
niemi.cis bought their aeata ln the Mlnlng Hoard an.l
pald tbeir 0*00, iisao-siuaiita, etc, under the agreeinrnt
that tba board waa not todeal ln railroad ato.-ka; that
the Governing OOBUBtttOB or tho board has violaled thia
aprcemcLt, aud as tbey now have to aell
their aeata, aecording to the rulea of
tho Btock F.xchangc, their rqtttty value
kflaaaan arnjuattaably dlmlatabad lt was Btatad tbat
one or uuue'i.f BUlt4 baeed (.u thia poaitlon would bo hc
gun to-nioiTow nt thelatoat.
Memhcra of tbe Mining Board rkbOUle this vlew.
They any th.v havo not vlolatcd miy agreemeut wltb
the Btock Exebange. A memt.er ofthe MlnlngBoard e
Qovernlng Cemmlttee aald: "The two boarda agreed
uiuluaily tlial neiiher oue ahoiild deal ln the klnd of
atocks reaerred eaclualvely to each exeept upon ?u
inotitha'notice. Thia waa tneorporatedln our oonaBtu
tlon. but whlle lt waa not lorinally eM.il.llahe I hy
the Btnak Exehawre lt waa lta uiiwritten law. Al?>ut
1879. whea the mlnlng 'boom' atarted, tbe itockEx
rhange il.-t.-d iiome-take. Boblaean, Canton aad afew
other allver miatag atocka. Wa were eompeUed to aub
mii t<> thia, baoaaae then we ware a weat organlxntlon.
We,however,struck from our conatltutlon the elauee
regardlng the not Ice t?. l.e given if we declded to trado ln
railroad atocka, an.l tbe mambera ,,f the Btock Exebange
wbo r.tn line.i ln our boant or jotaedlt auhsequentljr
knew that al any moment, by Ihe alteratlon of ,.ur eon
atitution made a few weekaaeo we would be at llbertyto
exten.l the apbere of oui deellnga I do not i.riieve
tbat any oourt will auataU the monopoly of tbe Stoca
Exebange oi glve the rabaf i-k.-u Cac uudcr aneh etouaa
its are now put f,>rth."
Tlie action of the f*tork Kxermnpe Onternora on Friday
was regarded by the mlnlng brokara aa Indleatlra of a
CitntU.u.a po'.lcy OB Ihe part of tbe larger InatltUtloB.
" IVc do not court any war," aald one promlaeuf men*
bar of the Mlnlng Board. " It would bewlee f,.t the
Stock Eichanife ir lt la deterniltii-d to \, Ithdraw all c>n
nectlou With the Mlnlng Hoard, to pn-aitt lta
uieinbera in one board to aell tbeir aeata gr.nlually
Inatead of brenklng do<vn prleee hy a forced
sale. lo compel au bainedlate *-aie of eeata would he to
rob lt* own uiembere, ev.-n if lt would tber.-i.j Imrt the
IflalBg Board. Or lt nUgbt walt aad let it? indmdual
meuihors ?.*< k a detei-ni.iiiitlou In the eourta of tl.e quaav
tlon aa to wbethet or uut th.ii- logal rlgbta bare been iu
Jureilbyouraetii.il." _ .
Ittogauerall* eanattered tbat if the MlnlngBoara
rcaderaItaell bdependenl of tbe Bloeh Exchauige the
b for a conaolldatlon of the forati t wltb the New
Vork r.troleuiii l.xi-bange ui au eyiiitahle haala will he
areatly IniiToved.
Theapecliil uu-eiing of the Oovernlng < nnuid'tee of tlie
Btock Exebange on Friday waa adjourned baatllr aft.-r
an ldledia.naaloii ot theipieatlonhow to meet tbe iiew
rivalry oa the part <>f th* Mlalag st..ek Exebange. It l*
uudarstood that Prealdant miuuiobb vlolatod p.ir
llamoutarr rulea oaee i.v rafuaingto antertalu a motmn
to aolourn. As il.* ohlefexecuUTeofnoerDf tl.o Exchauge
he begaed the oounilttee to take aaaie aeUoo i.j which
hc mlght he guiu. d. The dlaouaelaa w-a eonunued a
ahort t.iue longai altboul n aull wliti. tbe uotlou
Journ waa rei ewe i aad i arrled. Sararal ui
?i,.-. id yaaterdar tbat la tbeir oplBlontM
mitt'-e thlrked detlnlte uctlou ilinply b
lt ,1,1 BOt know what to do und, r tbe
clreiunatancca. The Uw >,f the Ex
on tba Bnbjeoj aad tbe latentlon of th.
are pi-.iln. ihe hy-law li as followa 1
? Ar.y mamber ualB .
. e deall In, ah all ceaaa to be ? '
apply ?.? th
ictleua are llinited
t.. ti,.-. ? i.i d. all ln at t'...'
ohaine." Tbe Oovernlng Coaaa-ttee healtetes t? <
tbe nile or to tes.-li d ll. Oa*of themernbera remarki i
yeaterday: "l have Btronuoualy ur^.,1 in :;
of thla ktnd tbat we ahoi . I ex our
if.? er promptly repeal t:,. ^
of iheeommli
Ity. Be i "?- e.'tii
. U.lani
Ihe Board are in doubt to-day a to a -' '
do wltl Ib -'!? mei ln the I
i _a ofl ? < "?*}' look for Inf. i
Tho Btoi ? Excbaage law ,h>ra not .?
wltb other exebaugea h> u ea
of ooafldentlal cbwka la Ihe eaae
the N.wVoik I'etiui.-'.iiu Excba
ceiitly hrgali deaUBga l'i BtW I
Ex. nauh'i, wbo lat -? i then
them to their oaablera, aad Bew are ilol i tbe lame hu-i
iu-.., u ii. -. m almilai reaali maj follow from tbe
new antaaoulam wltb the Blalng Boa
A B-tn ret_ttered as Dudloy WaUaet at
8weeaay*4 Hob I aa Vrfelay, nnd la tbe araalai a detai i
tvaaerved almwltkawrll bahaaa oorpua direoted to him
mtbc i,.i:ie ot RoUtn J. Reovaa The wrlt waa graated
hy Justlce I.awn nre of tbe BapfOUM ' OUlt, oaUM appU
eatJoa of Barbert W. Orladal on behaU ,<f i?r I J
ioof, of Ncw-York, and direoted Baoreate ataduee be?
fore the Bapnaae Oourt, ln Cbambora, faateaday, tba
badyol afary Baeraa,tba six-y.aiald taagbter of tbe
raapnadant and Mra. A. E. Beavaa, who la tho daugb
t*r of l.r. Toof. K'.vea took tha papars, aaylag tbat ha
would coaanlt his bxwyi ra, bnt when the e*m wua r...:. ,i
before Jaatlee Uunohue yeaterday he did not Bppaar,
and tbt Jaattee mado an order to Miow cauaa v.hy be
?hould not i.e eeanBtted for eoatampt of eoart
Tboetory tobt ln the p,-titiou hy Mia. Beevee la a aad
.me. -ii* aBegaa that t^iie was aiarrted ba Bei rea at .s?-w
Bavaa ta 18T7| that, althoagh tn, wa? worth from
880,000 to 840,000, ha narergara har more than -. 10 a
iDonth for her i.ipiKti , and bMt tugua ibewaaeom.
peili-d to li-i.ve h.iii. aud alnce tbal iujih aba haa made
ber bome wltb ber lather. Oa tagnat 88 Beavea an
dueted the chlld aod k.-pt i.er ooneealad ln Portland.
Me., abere tba mothei fauad her. Harhoabaud bad
hercaat lntojall, whara aaa remalaed ralj for ? day,
howev.r. l?u long enongb for hlm BgalB t,.
^?*t poaeeealon ?r the ehlld. Whea ahe aaa
releaaed froTn lraprlaonmenl ai,* recovered the llttle glrl
?ad returned lo her father'a bome. Bha eaw notbing
more <>i Ueevea until '>< tol.erUo, when, with l.r nt.?? ai t,
r.f Daa Miilii.a, iowa, und foUT ollu-i BMU, !n f.,i, Iblj .'ll
teied Dr. Toofebome, beat tha membera of tbe fainlly,
andearried the ciil a?.a\-, Althoagh the aeather ^?a
Intenael) cold and the cblld w-*a ihinly obwl, bedrove
throughout the alght towaid tin. Bew-Vork llne. tban
h. leaebed Newtown, ConB.. alm was tnaanalble from *-i
e, aud Ue ?t ipped a; iiie h,,ii-.- of a. 0, hteArthar
(ui Jaauari 81 Mra Beevaa wui.t t,? Dee Motaee to
iii.-ei her bnaoajifl, bnt l"' did aol keep the appolnliuont,
n ? e by letter, and on 1'ui.ru.iry 2 theretarned
, ...-.,, \s t,, re Bhe learned thut her da.ii'lit. r waa Boni ea,. .1
?l Bo. ',-'.. Weat Ai!ain>>-->t. Mra. Iteevua alao Ulegaa 'hat
ahe haa reoalved threataalng tottara from berbuabandi
tlmt b.-i healtb l.as been broaen down bj hu persecui lo i.
and iin.i ah. aad her faiher have apeai Bj-aral tbonaand
doiura m aearoblng tor bar .i.,i?uu-r.
Tha beary ttorfltt of tbt wtflter hatfl dooo
eonai letal,* Otimage af Potiey toUmd. Beat the potBl
WbOM the '),-?an ParkWBJ tnetta tlie f*,,tir.iiir-e Was
furnierly an Inlet eOBneettBg Ihanpabaad I'.ay aud tl.i
ocean. Thete ls a i>oasihllUy that thla lulet tnajr ba re
opeued by the h'-Uou ot tbo wavoa lt the storina of tbe
paat few wivka contliiun. At thla aatflt a BaatBBB of tbe
Oeneonrat haa alreijdy heen aafllai away, and for a
dtatanee of f,.rty feet um broad aapbalt r..ad ia aadaead
to about one half B0 former weltb. TlilaUthe reault nf
a R-raduiii eaefoaehBMOt t>v the ae?, whleh hua
baaa gelag on foi s,,u.. iin.e. Ia aaawar to tha iaoalriaa
lua.io >r.-i-iiaj by a Tbxbbbb raportet at Ihe otVe of
the Maiiiiatt.in Beach Company. an offloai pf Uuj aem
jan.vaal.ii " Our pionerty haa recelved l?a? dauiaaa
tlila'>ear Iban tn prevlous y.ara. The ottmu froBI la
Utd br a Bofld drke ooaaUtlng of twa rowi I
with atui.ea l.et'.ieu tli, in. The damBge haa baaa duiio
to the properly jf the lirlghtoii ileaeh (oiiipai.y, BBoae
protecUoa agalaat tbe eaoroaehventa of ibe ocean nas
Dat beaii aa Baeeeeafal aa onra. TheOoaeourae la nader
tba eharga <>f tba Broaklyn Dapartau ut >.f Parka, nnd we
canuot taU what atepatney wUl taka toward repalrliig
D.W. Ifoaagarat ujr.Mied iu Btooklya last
nbjhl Juat aa he waa atartlng for bla bome ln liu.Hi, 1,. I.
I_at aiiminor he wna eiiiployed aa an agent I.y the Amer
aaa t^tareb Ooapnay, ot n>>- w7 Warren at. 11. *,.i.i
itareh to Jamea Carner,of >'o 847 Van Br nt-at., iir.x.k
lin,aadeaUaeted818* A i>111 was ?ei,t to Oarney i,y
tin aoupany and be reroaad to pay? bat dti ao wken be
waa ii.id tbal V.<ung ha.1 no rlght to ooUeet money for
tnaeampaay. It la thought Ibat Young'a peeuluth.in
wlll amouBt to ly'.'.ta.o.
The Ex.ciitive ('oniiiiittci' of tho Irvinj* JIull
Oeaaral l iwmllloa Ust.-\ emag appeinted Men, y itoln.
ert, Johu K I'erley mbiI IVtor F. Murray a coliiii.ltlee tn
make j.reparatloiia for atteudlug tb* liiauguratloii. Thaa
far 1-. men nre ptedged to go. Trauaportatloti and
n artertbarabaaa obtiuaedfar100men. TaaOommlt
t.# nn BeargaalBatti ii aaaaaaeed that tha pemautn m In
tne vtb aud xih Aaaeiuhiy 1'iatrieta aouid h.> raoraan
l/.ed. I'rim.ii.e- to ele.-l a liew (leneral und lualrl l OoB
inlttee will be bel.l on Fehruiny \*, aad ihe iieuerei
CVnualtlee wUl uieet ou Fubi iuuy .o BM ?.,, ganUatlou. ,
Wasiiinoton, Feb. 1 -l.-Uutler Malinne, the
MM of Dimitir Mabone, early this mornlug. while lnt?x
1, at- d.di.M hargod blaplstol at some MMMMM ln Weleker's,
no.-e.if wlmni he wounded. however. It MMM that ho
had a (li-putc with them. nnd bMMMMJ vlolent, drew bls
revolver. KfTorts <>ii the part of the MMMMM and h, ad
waltcr tn paclfy him were unsuccessful. A gllllMlM
WM Bttraetld M thospot by the llrlng, nnd attempti-d to
tirrest Mahone. who, after a deapcrate MTMMgM,
was cnrrled to bls room. The glMlIMM found
it MMMMM to MlMbMM for MMMMM ??
VMMMt bad bls MMMM become, and while he
WMMthetalefheaeyearig Mahone made bMMMM.
He was found two hours afterward ln a tTroK-sbop, and
v.isiitrestcdbyniiothcrpolicemcn. At tbo pollee sta
tion he left *00 as aecurlty for bls api>earaiico when
wanted aud was dlscharged. . .
' n.itor Mah. and his sou bave been staylng at
v.-i.?c.-'s alnoo Nox.nil.er. AfMf the nh.iotlnu' aat
nlibt. Mrs. I'elter. the wtteof Um Brottetor of W*tak
i a. Infonned l*? > aator that be and bJeaon mmUImm
to.ec.ire onarters clsewb.rc. Bbe irave lilm untll M n
day .' lealc the MCMBt IM OrfBfb authorlty for tl.e
ati.tem.-nt that tho MMM IM totp a rage M-MlM
that anoflleer had trledto arreal bls s?n. Addreaalng
M ra geltar he Is Is said to have cxeuiiiied : ".N" -WWM
on BM th can be broiuht tobeal to remove my MM fWJM
this house, aud by blitnk if any oue baim. him I will
TblaaetlM on the part or the pollee autborttlea has ex
-.,,,.,. tt.i deal of oomment. i'lds M not tho tirst t me
that rooni Mahone has made bltuMli llabta to p.n.l-h
ment only ? tow dayi Bgo he drew his ptotol MiMf?
,,i,,e, cor,esp..n.ie.,t. who prompily k.loehed the younj
ruftlan down: rwoyeaw ago " young bopeful" polnted
his weapon at a man w..o inoM Ul of his father,
pj u? cie.-ti.... meetlua ut l';t'r'>1"^'
Vn aml thcreby MMM n rlot. lusi
waakha alamMd tbe netgbtiorhood of the Arllngton
by beUowIngat tM top of hts roleaat 'J Vclool.ln tue
merntng. wblle etanding on tbe itepalef he hotel Peo
i.le who ran to his asslstame found thut. iu a bopelea tij
fntoxicaled coudltiou, be had stuek th- Ughied eud <;f a
clmr ln hla eye. Hts tather. who bM bad no endot
trouble with l.lm. refuaed not loog B?ta aeeeM a dren
drawn by his s.-n to settie a poker .l.-ht. A wurrnui for
his ancst Ja out. but he has uot l.e.-n MMMM yot.
-? ?
IliT MUUMAPM r<? Titf. TltltitvK.l
Wasiiinoton, Feb. 11.?Tho Domocratlc ma
Jorltyinthe jiresent IIouso bM MMMM lost nn nppnr
tur.lty tF.show its ho?tlllty townrd IM MMMMI iflllgMg
dftrtag the war for the j.pservatlm of the Culon. Tbotia
anilsof men vihohervcd inthc liitou armlcs and wero
dlsabled have been iinablc toconiply with some of tho
rejuiremeiiUof the lVnsloii I.aws aud have bMM coiu
pelle.l to apply ta CMglMgj ln or.lt-r to obtaln the
BMMtoM M wiiich tl.e\ ware entithd. For many years
the Ilu i-e Bttd the Scnati have had ItlMlHg colnlilttto<-S
|0 inve-tli-ate and report tho faets ln snel. casaa f..r the
actlon of CMjgTCM The cumber of bllls ln thls class is
alwajn targa, and in the last CMgTMM Ml BOMMb wbleh
MM ? flepablloan mmJm ity, eet apart grfdni eveninga f?r
the IMlbtallllM "f pMTMta I'e.ialon bills At the l.ctflu
ulu| of the preacnt OMgMM n like nilc WM adnpted.
TMMMMy Mr. Tucker, ,.r vi.a-luin. who ls sbnlMMM mt
the JadletaryOoiatalMea, whtab bM reported Mrsral
bllls to romove the polltlo.it glaablMttaa ?f aicn who
w.re dlsloyal dUtttg ihe wur, obtaiuod aa order rcoilrlng
that the blll ah.-uld l.e BMMd on the smno f.iotl.i.; i,? I'en
alonblUa. i'h. ra are about tifty Hoiiao Paaatan Mlla oi
tbi caleadar, to my aothliut of nenaU btlli of ihe same
descrlptlon. 'lhere will l.e oulj one, or al most, two
uioreiiltrhta In which au<-h bllls ran be consldered. "f
oourae bobm af tham Mnat MIL aad a nuubei of rlalru
or diaabled ITntaa rtttraM mvi fall ta racMre imMijmm
I.'ie House Inst iilarbt passcda M'.l t? MMMTI tt.e politi?
cal dlaabilltlea .-f ,l?!in K. Mltebell aad JobnB.Ce.
witrdtii, ofVlrglnla, and J. il n.iiui.i.iii, of Hortb Oara*
IMTnUMMATM p.tiis ruini'SR.1
WAgtmtOTOifi Peb, 14.?If eiuUrmgn RgadaO
laaxuloaa toaverl lha dangw of a., extra aaaalon af
foiifp .s bM laeiiiBMlBBltnii is lnaxplh>abla,exeepl upon
in.? tiu-ory that he ls deterinliied to MMI tM BoMM
awaDaw Um itMatnlng BpjFroi.ria.iFF.i btlla exaetly aa
thuj iQMi from hla enmmlttaa h baa a ? ?'.;? I
obialt. atithoriiy fro.u tbi?? - u.dry
civ:ii...i.i Iba Oanaral Dngctanoj blll throogb Uie
Hoiiae Hiiho.it oppnrtunlty f"r debab
I, .!, - i far. l.e. ha* BOt aata . ?dr J ln o .
oa*a majorlty. In theoptnlon ef prow.I memMra F.f
the ii '?' dotay tu?
Apprej ?- ?
Q . ta MXl ??* * l -ay : "TMM are only
f. B ,',v, l?ft of t .?? ?
.- \
F ? . - . .
? tie only wi,, to fnt them i!.r...i?h. aoth^t : .
. . .. t ti... rnl ?
? in tn th?tr f'
li ?; auproi md m '
. _I ? ?? ? ? '?-'""?
U ?. _
;bt tsi '? .i- ?'-?< IU IMM t Ul
Wasiiixgtox, Fcli. l L?A .-??" 1 in my ol
... and devotlon
..,, lionse took ap I sm tbi
- | ? :
. ? r ol
f.- i. r_
I. ian..t 1 ' ? '
man. refu e<| t? deaert th, i rn t" defeiaL
Mr. H ? ' ' ' |
. - ?,. neral Klng. , I i ?
i.,-;. ?.,- paaaad byayaaaudua) rotaof lit to
il |fty ffT lha ? . nt by
ftontbern De.uoerata, n all of whom sarved tt.a
?y in a ? t MpMity.
\V\>hin,;t,.n, Feb. 1 l.- TbelndiMB Appro*
jirlatlon l.ill w.is tak.-n up lt. tha gBMta to
day. A nii.nl.er of the gMlM Cotnf.ilttei-'a an.<-ul
bavlng been agreed to, bomi dtoMaMoa
,.,. . ? nn to a propoeed amendmi :it <>f tt,e ibm
n.l'tie. TM MMtal BlaHM "H Wbleh tl.e j lr>t w:ut
raiaed mm bm Mtbortxlng tii ? -? ral iry >.f tba tnb n.ir
Witii Ul" co.isent of tiie Irniliuis, to BXMOd tlie tlii.e of
enl tor landa tarmtng part of tha "n. aba raaci a
Uob, anthorlaed by tha ael of Angnat, 1893, to be aold
At the etaM of the dJacuealao Mr. l'uwca aueeei '.? i lo
gattlng tbe fh ree t>. tba eomMittee ?
i.i? nt itrlklng .-ut i'" logunatiTa Item Indlcatod, Tba
raadlng of tha blll then proeeeded, and m raaehlnR t;'s
Mettan prorldiag for Um Aaaii I Vaal mored
to Increaaa tbeli spproprlatloa r.?.i,. | 10,000 io.;.,,,,,.,....
Hadrewa pathitla ptetan ?f tM augerlnga ,<f ti...t
tn..'-;.. 1 bleak,lnhaapltabtaraglM of country, when
th.-y war- dylngby tha I......I.-.-1 uf 1.. tanraUon.
without u.-iiiiti on Mr. Vaat'a moUoa ta* 8a .'.-... 1 M
wentinto..-.ri.i.v., m ielon,and taa mlnntoalatar a-l
M itm I tiil Monday.
The House to-duy went Into lomtnlttae af tha wboM
m Um m.cr an.t Baihor btlL On rootton .r Mr. Ilataian,
of Indlana, a night bm Im wm orderad for tba Doaaldai*
?Mm ''f tha Laglalatlri Appi 'prlatlon blll.
Tbeftpeakei annonneedtba ngalarorder tobeafar
(J ? r 1 1.-1 k ratloa of tba p> aalon m:i<.
After balf nn botu ? 1: ?.,;,,ii-ii by lha Bpaakac tn rnttag
npon iFoii,'.-. of ffi??!? ? BMntary InqnrrlM
aad ln eadeavorlng ratber nnauecesafullyl o a.ippta*a
larandeonfuaion on tbi Boor, Um <;,.--.-t...u n*
enrradM Mr.Wlllls'a Mottan t,, llmit dabaM 01 the
peudlng aeetlon "f tbe IUr< r aad Itar >or blll to om ai.,1
a haif i.FHirs, and II I to,
Tha roteby which It waa ardered tbat tbe Poal OfHea
Approprtatta>n blll abould not be ronalderad untll after
ibi readlag cf tbe Journal on Prlday, waa reconaidare,!,
'i ba il. ?t uu.. ndmeut waa tbat I .1 reauni from 11,100,000
t- ??!,."..;.'? ,000 tlu- apiiroprlatlou tor lati.-r <i..rl.-r a<-r
v I. i) lt was u^Kr.I lo \ . ,i-, 1 .*. 1 ; i. o ., p.l **M
avendmenl lacreaalni by g!?oo,ooo tti?, approprlatlon
for th* Btar Route tarvloe waa agrraaa t". v.-i?s, lftj;
uays, 04, Tha aawadmenl itnktag out tba .-luus*
graatlng addlttonni eompanaatton t.< AMMrtean stemn
siiip. lui'aarrylni ma< - waa agreed to. ie*o, im ; naya,
118, 'I he uiht-r au.. , .ln . I. s \-raio n^reud to without
divlaloii, aud the blll waa .f..--.. .1.
At 0'f'< l-.ek tlie IPFii-n we.it Into BOHMlttaa ?f tha
whole i.n ihe Ia'.1s!i4'.iv< Approprlatlon l.ill. Th*n tm
i .. .f f ;i,. debate and >s. blll w.n liumadiataly r*ad by
paragrapha f,,r amendmeut Mr. ulbao.f M'estVtr.
. rutrvad t". ?' rike out ti,* c!n,..-F. w hlch problbl ? tba
removal of ii.h 11<. :-.- ma ?.?n,.-,-... on the aoldl,
F-\.i-,i toreaaae BMted. Mr. Holman, >.f ludlana, op
] ., ,-.| tba li...!."!,.
v. Itboui .ii- noalna of I ?? a ilon, the n :i><; at h p. m.
took a mm tiuul Itoada] at m ... m,
WaJirnroTov, Pgb. 14.?^Beutof Vgn Wj&
WM a wltiiF-sa lu gtM ? MMM < ..uri-.M.n (l?i
t, ...:.i\. On leartng tbi wttaaaa-eMM ba bMi
" i waat tlie.ou.t ta BMb mtu.id UM I dld'nt .lraw any
p ... i Bl ?? Bl ! ??. ' '? fOI I IJ '.i." Otli. :? \Mt ,. ,
tiil. .1 ta aaring owaad boriM wbleh wow rMhtod al ti,e
gMwarl ? Mta atahlM Managad bj M -. Bal iaan,dnrtng
the monti, iu whlcli II II al.-wcl tbat <>? -o- ial Hw.ti.ii if.
LtWfnlly dMM anl -U,,' ,v- l of QOTI rMMMl fotl :?-, w.i',-1,
w.is f| l:\er.sl fFir him at lliomi
TM] MM t.st.il'.l that Mr. MMMMM MMIgad the
VMItoMMg th" WIMlMMtlM ?f a elerk of tho IgMaTMr*
MMtMrh ,il" I'.itt'.ii-iit, who llentlll.-d tho r*
ijnisttlni. upon WhtabGaMMl iWMmdMW UM foraue,
the JuiIf-'o Advoeato asked the c...ii-t If, .idjuurn untll
M",,iii,y. .Mt.. Boatwcll....... i I, Um uriportllM
Fallowtag Um p piy af tbi Judga AdvocaM Um eanii
room vm.4 f i. ar. d aad the i mrt, ,11 ?' n I ibi nui
r.iK,..'. ln ?.ciei HcssiuB. Ul" a Ho-fI iifi-. wars raoyaned
Ibe Ju.ii.'. Ad o. ?t. aald: "Ipr*po*a to aboa i.v Mr.
bataman tbat Oaneral IwalM aold nnd rUaaoaed ?f thla
toraga lo blm and tbat tbi bewea tat whiei tins f?rug*
waafurulsued watuuwued by pMlias MhM thau Uoueral
Bw.-'m" After thla arranireraent waa eutered bito the
court u.ljourued uutll IflBBflty uiorulug.
VA0fl?BOflDO*, Saturday, Feb. 14. 1S83.
Pkixitio OUBBBBfllll Vf>.s!-.LS.-Blda were opened at
the Navy Petnrftt to.lay for tho purehaae ofoea>
deuined navafveaaeJa. Thoae offered for aale were the
C_hra? o. Cyana, Florld-i and Nlagara. hdward let
Barr of Bew-York. bld843,000, and i: -uiinard of Weet
???_" i-oan., 84 I MS, tor Ihe Klorlda. *&??*? g*
waaa.eept.vl. Mr. Btauiiard'a oflor of *_b,7t>0 for Uie
Colorado wu$ acccpted.
TKKATr HtoNr.D.-The Secretary of State to-day algned
a tra-le-wark treaty wltb ,-SwlU.eilAud.
Tnr. B-SXBBB LisT.-The Prealdent approved the Aet
toauthotlzearetlredllat for privatea and iinn-comitila
Blone.1 ottoera of the Ut.ited biatea Army who bave
acrvod for Uilrty or uiore yoara.
rKTmoNi-o Mn. CtK-Kf.vxn.-Reprrsentatlvo Rongan
wlll a?nd a iKdltlon algned by about 10<) Detnooratlo
membera ofUm Houae to Mr. Clev.dainl. to-morrow. aak
mgbl- not to.ommltbliuAelf lu bla inuugural addresa
on theallverqueatlon.
BliniBBinaai Tbt Prealdent aent the foiiowing noml
rBBBBBa to theSenote to-dny : To l.e Poatmaatera : J
Frant Dall. al P-i-m, Kaai He?rv c. B.ev.na ?t
Keeaeville.N. Y.: Charlea II. I.oo,., at BalvtteTB, HlJ
fhrlaiopher F. H.maer, at Leua, Ui.; Jautea I\ Uedicx, at
Telleurhle, Colorado.
TotiikTi kkisu CoAaT.-A cable niesaage waa reeelved
at Bm taat Deaa-laaeat t?-.iay. from Oemmaadet i.u.i
l?w reperttag tbat ha wttl aa.ii iu tho O/tmaebaag, ra
tlradar, for tho Torfeiah ooaat, ln pareaanta af taaa
Kr.ipuic ordera from the I'epartment. to liiu,i_ie lutu re
ported ludlgultloa to Atnericau e.lti.ei_.
A.i.i, u.ri'iui. trrfloratAltOB llii.i..?Tho Agrlcult
?tal kaerapfBUtoa biU, rapattad to the Senate to-day,
aI,t,r..i'rMtea 8.177,780 ; au Inereaae ,.f 881.800 over the
nii.ount approprlated I.y the blll ae lt paased the Houa.i.
PfaVUWM?IBB Ifl-ttBB?8 dolegatlon of Cbtppewa
Inrttana fr?m tho Turtle Moimtiiln Bl-aervatlon, Iiakof a,
rall.-d upou llie Coiiimlaalouer of Iiidiau Afialra to-..ii>
and urge 1 hlm to aalargC tl.o hoiuularlea of their rea
ervotion. He aald tbat tbey already aad 180 aeraaeff
Innd for each man, woman and ehlM <>f BM trlhe, and be
therafore n fnaad le enteraala th.tir raaaaMt,
tauaaat tflatiat. a OoaTjaaatoaflBv?Oha-sao ol mai
ft.lmliil.atratlon ef olllce, vlolatlon of the t Ivll ,?ervlce
ruha and mlaapproprlaUon of pu'dla proj.erty, Preferred
hy a elerk ln tbe Treaaurj Department named \\i..iaiu
if.wurd Mills againat Walt.'r IOvana, Comruleeloner of
iii.ernat Kev. nue, were flled wltb tho Becrotary of tbo
Treaaury tu-U.ty.
John F. l'elaplaino diod yeHt+mlny at his
home, No. B7 Kaat "lify-thlrd-et. If? waa tho eldeat aon
ef Jobn F. Delaplulue, a pronitnont ahlpping merchaut
..f thla city ln the early pitri of tlie . ctilury. 1 he elder
De!:,p!alne amaaaed a largo f..rtui.o hy ll.o rlao In real
jjtata,lailngimnihaeed bBrgaMoakaof land when th
Bftaa waa low. Tho aon waa hom lu thla city oh.uit
?txty-eflfbt yeara aga. Bt waa a gradnata ef Ootambhi
Collega. and itwdrtd lar aad waa adaBtted to tho har,
but never pracllaed. Illa father le.'t hlm a largo for
tune. and he aarvated litmself to carlng for bla
muwillj L'p to about twauty yeara ago
he waa a leader ln a.x-lety. Whlle
Vtiiiiam n. Bewart waa Beeratary of ftate
Mr DeteptaBM waa Bppotatad Secretary of the American
la?g.itl.iii at Vlanna; tnla paalttM Be le ld uiilil ahout
alghteen montba ago. *han ba raalgned .>n aoeouut of
faTling health. At VI.-01111 hawMUoted tor tha way iu
? ,.- .. i.e <:,:. rtalned and tbe lavtab niauaei In wlilob he
auenl hia rnoiier. Mavlng grBBt Woaltb al bbt e,,11,11,and,
aa aaa a n -ked favorlte m aoelety, He ?.t? a maater ,.r
all the Coatlaeutal langiiagea aad hia oatortnlninonta
a. re roemopolltan m theli 1 baraeter.
Mr Delaplalnereturned to tul- ronntry abonl ayear
ago. bnt tbe ebaaaaofaU did not btuiedt blin nnd ina
bealtb gradnally fnied. There wu> bo Bpeelta dla
eaae f,.r the doetora to eombat, bal lua iUaeea ?? eaoaad
bj .s neral braatlng apof blawbola eooatltuUoa. lle
aaa a bacbelor. Tbe fuaeral ? Ul t.tk., plaae to inorrow
Biora-igal 10 o*elaah at bla baaaa. Tbe Uov. Dr. oruua
tuu ?-... uili- Uta
I0BB BAli.otK.
Jobb Babeoek <li? ?1 raddealy at his boatt, Not
ki-.i \v. at r.,i I ?. ? evenlng of h.-.trt
di?.-H~e. ii.? w..a oata at Bea London. Conn., id M.ty
1818. Iflae '? Bgtbe earlleel aettiarata
I , v.-t ? : | ? deoloalee. lle renuUned u hia Battre
rbere he reeelved a eoi 1 ? bool adneatloa,
.. aaa ?'.'? ea, bea ha eama to I
ta aelerk for tba flrra of Joba Pn.it
B Co., ?'-,?? 1 ? ?;-. r lower Pearlat. After he
?. 1 . 1 ? d m
,,f ihe tt . ? ?'? "'? 1
... '...- 1 , ... ovet tl.,
I ..? bualnaaa t?.k. unuauall) aueea-aaful, due
?-.,.,?, aad '.7 v. ,
lenl of
.... A .?!. and
? ael.i ot the
, " ? ... .iruvr al li.JO u, lu.; Ihe
? ?
l:. >. BLUOTT.
? # ? itt, a woll-known memberof the
? . .- .!'?? en
\ :.ii ruab of blood 1
, . the l
.:?,!. Mr. I 1 - '?
, 11 ...
. inein
? it tlmoi illve
Icb. He
Soiitl em
to vtalt the yu
Ir. I t leavea a wlfi
1 1 fuueral wi l . -
Murray ll..i ItB :?> l.-ri.tfi < bureb
At,.,; l-ii 1 i.vf 1 ..;>t:T'-v
The Bowt bat ronn- I.y eabbj tbat Adolph
)? utendledln Wlealiaden, Oertuany, on Friday. lle
Btryin 1981, tl tba ageoff ortota,
BMet| a ,ra*..i hlm
-, I , ? Bl ? kiw ij ? to tl.e
>n of partnerln th? wbol.-aalfl di .? Bnn 'f Lan
u,an A Kemp. Ua left thla eountry ln 1882 to aaeh r-at
.. .,v. t iiia bi altb, h it i-|., ,ted ni..k*? .,f npop i ij
. ;.,l t.. hia ,l*atii. II.- f.i.ul- adintrad blin for
. myei ' aualitlee, ;? n
irltahl. Ilapoaltlon, wbleb led hlm to ae
eept ihe prealdenoy of the Monnt Hlnal Hoapltal. Mr.
Ilallgarten leavea a ?if', n aon of aeventeen aud two
. . ,. agei fourteen and fn reepectlvely, all of
w ;,,,ui were wltb hlm at Ihe Bme >.f Ma deatli.
JatUDi t DAVB.
Jfltnet W, Darlfl, ipeetal flteat .?f rJatTtatt
| B n BBBbOf Of t ?BOW
Investlaatlng tha .. - ad Crauda ta tl.aBpeaial Avont'a
,. Btentofth) l "" H'tiae. .le ??' ol pnauiaonlaat
Ihe tXilonaale tJotel lu LaTtfayetM-pI?ea yeeterdaj aa,,rn
i:,?- Mr. Daria aaa a natlra aud realdenl ol Boaton ll
wbi iiiy jraara old and haa i>.--n aapeclal ageutfoi
twenty yeara In 18*14 heaaalated la the pr.^aral I
. ,. itlona noa lu force, He ? >a u. ,1
. . : loi prohltr, aud poBaeaaed tba entlre
.. ce of ihe IHpartfirtnt Ueleavaea Vtfa aad a
growa ava bi lloatoa.
KM-:i l.\SI> - IDM'SfDN'I).
Tbt Bag <t theMaritimo Bxchango w.im at
half iubaI reati rda| tn bonot of ICnaeland H. Townaend,
?i,, f.,i taany .'-.n i waa a membor of the flrm of Oaborn,
,, ,\ rowuaond, JeweUeraunder the >i. Klcbolaa
Heretlred froui bualneaa aume jreara ago aud
. i ll.- u.ia ,i Kepul 11, an,
a:.d a! OOB tlUlB !*;?:? ? '? l'-i'-hu.o.id .'otllity InthO
-tat.. laaembly, and waaabu> a member ol Uie icepui.il
,, ,,, ,, ,. t.iiumittei of ibe Couutr. lle waa a hacb
ilorandaon of William II rownaen.f. In l.is younger
,1.1J>: redonTA. g-e-lag t.xprits, ofwhi.b
blafather >*a.^ partowaar.
Ivi, 'nnd H. tikktrd, '.i .taaford, Coon., .'irKl
dotug bualaeoa lu thia i ity at Bo. 3. l'me-at., .Uad at hia
homo yeaterday after ai Ulneai of aboiij Bre weeky.
Mr Itlehard waa born ln rairnwall, Bng i ',.
iu 1*1* He came t? thl- cuutry about
th'ni ..-.ra ago. "" *aa a member end in.r Ihe
: .raol llu Mlnlng nnd l'< tmii .... I ?' bauga IMa
<t we,.-, nioaiiy miiie Uko Huperloi ooppermluiua
il ,.. ue waa tak.ii 111 wltb inalarlat fever, but ll eul
ulnated iu paeumoab- Ho ia.tves awldew and boveu
-?. ?
1 ii en .1. BOBW-LL
Fit< ii 1. Boflwell, af fllilwaakee, whoTeeoatry
r. ti..,-. ? -.i with hia tiiu.tiy to New fort, lle i at his bome,
n... 180 BaatBtity iir.t il, feetenl ? morutag. Ha bad
apaat tl.. ?.i ?:.i. i pai t ,.f l.i- nr.- In Mllwaukea, wbere he
haa a. iiiniiiati ,i. ...i-i i.-.-.tiii.i proiM-tty Laat auruuier
. liaae.l a cnuntiy lii.use ut ve.v?,rt, wh. le lle
ll..-.1 altb an onlj -?>, aud daugbtei, ouoiliiaato the oliy
aBBonUtagO. Illa le-altu li t I loi ai.uto ll.no U..oll poor.
I.ul hia <1, alU i.oa Uul BXpa. bld.
li it. iioi. HKihH.
N-H-IFiviv, Ftb. 1 I <N;ir//<(/,.? ,\ .lispulch
to Buaorreepondeatata tbiaelt] inBounatt thadeath of
li i< HotehkbM, tne Inventor of tl a worbl famoaa
lehlne gun, In P rla thla morntaig of paraly
Ba. Bt bm ralatlree li Baw-Uaran aad Brldgapert,
Ji'i.i.s i,. j. \ \i.i.i-.-s.
i'Aitta, Feb. 14.?Jultt Laoait Jofloph Vall<?,
|Ba vt.il-kno'vn Jourii.il al, ia aaad. IHe VBB BOra Bt
Pny, n.tute i.oii-e. oa Jiine 11,1888 Ha bad baaa aea>
i L-ted wltb s?\mal I'leueii Jouruala, but chhily wilh
/ vjiro. | ._
ILLMBU ??>' I'iH.;.,/;/. \ /? BAMJTAMD.
Pretidtal Bflraard, ol Calambia CWIttjt, haa
?aaa aeataed t.. his raom fat ten daya with un lllneaa
v.lii, bdattag the enrly p.trt of tliu w.ek Ihreiitened a*rl
oaa eoflBBejflofleei it waa ih* laaaUaf a Bartost eotd,
whleh aetiie.i la ins thraat dllhaagh lu aaoeralhaaltb
uanaily \ iitoroiis for oue of hia years, |>r. liarnar.t was
I prostratad hj ihlaattaek, Be haa beaalmprav
Ing for xr\ erul daya. and h .is al.'.e to leaye hia rootn y 4 I"
t.t.lay, bul h'.a phyaicflkaa wlll nol permlt hlm t<> ko
from tbe honea foi B00M time. I., l night he waa fe.il ,g
betler than at any tisi. ?l,i.e he l? .*,,. ? ; I, BOdaalj re
?is-t *,i iiim li* had been naabbi to a.I i he reeeptloa
te Mi l...iiaatthe ln lOB l.i 'BgUB . lu I aud that to hia
ffltad, DavM Dudiey l'icld.
I.NiJ (>r A FOl'L.
Poi-GHKEFi'siE, Feb. 14. (Speeial).?Tbo
IMnaMM raoe for the chiinplonshlp of America MMMM
ice TMbM of the Mw-HMBBMrg and 1'ougbkcepsle t lubs
occurred on the Hnrlson apposlte thls city thls after
n?on. Tbo ourse waa four niiles ln leiiKth, and was
sailed over llve tluics, tbe MMMMMMM being twenty
mlloa with nine turns. Tho vvlnd wa? MMMMg lightly
from tbe north. Tbe PouKhkeepsie yacbU ln the race
were the Avalanchc, Iclcle, MMMMM I.l^ht, Haze. Jaek
Frosr, (iraclo and Jc-ssie B. The Ncw#Hnmburg yaehts
were the i/i.lckstep, Whlfl. Whlstler.'phantoiu, Zaro.
Zephyr. and Mlschlef. The slgnal was glven at 4 p. BU,
when all tbe yaohts polnted lo the wcstvvard, tlie Haxo
talilng the lead. flhc was soon wlnrted by the Nortficrti
Light, the latter turiihigtheurperbiioy tlr?t. Comlng
down the river the Avnlunehe went to tte wlndward of
tlie tftlMTL a"<l took socond i>lace. the Jack Frost beinir
fourth. and the reat or the lleot far behind. FP.ni thla
time tbere were reully ouly four boata ln the ra,*, tbo
Northeru Light. Avalanohe, Haa* and Jack Frost, no
boat <>r tho N'ow-Hamburif <Tub hetna any where near
the Icaders. Tho Norlheru Lltibt beid thelead.ai.dat
UMMOtMMtMgMtUltM luat trlp up tbo river. whon
she ran 011 a crack OT alr hole und Stopped, her he.ins
inau, Dr. ?Ititrret, being MMMMBBM la get out ai.d ptish
her. In the uieantline the fluze bad gMM to tbe wlnd?
ward of Um Alavanche und ti.rned the impar stake boat
flrst. OornlngPMMi ii.cmi.lntaliiedtheliiidi.iiiin.ilshed ln
llnestyle thlrty-ttve aecotidsalieail of tl.e Jaox Frost. ibe
Bi .s'uttu Coinniltteeouly ;touk tl.e time of tbeflrattow
),nhts,'as follows: Haze, 1 l.i.tir 1 iidnute 15aeoonda;
.lack Frost, 1 hour 1 iniiiute l.Vse.-on.ls; >ortheni I.ltfht,
1 hour -l mlnutes UO accotids; AvHlatiehe, 1 hour ?
mlnnlM 30 aoeonda. Aft.-r tbe race I. OrtnneU. eorn
u.ivtoreof the N'ew-Hainhurit Club, wh, sailed the Zero,
put lu a clultu of foul Malnst tl.e Haze. as did also
f'Arrhy" BbflMM who sailed the Jaek Fr-.st. Mr Orlu
mU aald tbat the Hbm erowtted Wm agalnat the npper
l.n?y. TI,p Iiet;atta OonilBlIMB wlli;take teattiuouy in
relatlon to the matt.r on Monday. In st. Iklng tin- npper
b.ioy the /.ero nlso atrack a boy near by, l.rulsiiit.' hnn
si'verely. l'lie belinsiiien of someof tbe Naw-Hanibarg
yuelits seclng tb,< hOommedor* >top bla i>i>?*. w. ut ta bla
n-.slsiance. The ghnwabUCT men are still bere, and will
make tie ir race tor tbe ohallengi pennaat of Amcrlca as
soon as tho afeOM clalm uf foul ia dc-cidcd.
Albant, Feb. 11.?Si-nator Voorhoca and
Cougressman T. lt. Cobb, of Iu.l.ana, called on Mr.
Cleveland to-.lay, and urged the claims of Jo*.ph Mc
1 .oii.UfI, of Inllann, for a place ln tho CMbtMt They are
r.ot partleularas to the portfollo to be awarde.1 io him,
1 -rovlded thnt some place ln the CTMMmM lt MMMM, Thls
MCXHteg Joslan <>. Al.bott, of Coston, started for bome
after bavlng bad aa latarvlew with Mr. Cleveland. Mr.
Abbott aald tbat he did not bellere Mr. cleveland had
settleil on a slnifie member of his Cablaet, TM goaatp
of l.M-al p..lltlottl cinlaa b*M riins MtlMlg on tho aul.Ject
of Danlll Manultig for the Trcasu.y.
Ijuffai.o, Pebb 14 (Sptcial).?Thero aro at
the prcset.t thue 5.0O0 MMMployed men In thls city, and
the poor nuthnrttb-s report MMM thsn the usual dlMMM,
AM MMMMhM liai.ied OMHMOb has (taki-n up the work of
oru-aiii/ai.'ii. where Herr M<>at left lt months atro. He
pp.posea ta <lo thls by boid.nir MMMMM :""' >')' MMM
w.nk MMM ""' laUirlng claase*. The ftrsl ..f his meel
laga aaa bt M at Ltaeota Ball ust evcnintr. Eta propeiM
ti. k*ry ? tax of ilft) ci nta mi cu.-h pers.in wl.o joins tiie
ortlllllltlOM] tbe amoiiut to be spcutou dyi.amlte, arms
aml MMMMlttoM, He claims that tho MIWlMMl are get>
Hag atrong ta Nev.-Y,.rk,- 4,000lnCb|Mgn, and 2,000
tn PhOadelpbta. OM of his traeta la addraaaed "To
iraMpa. tte naemployad, tbe dlslnberlted sml
ible," aml ... ,u .-a wlih a obapter entltled,
??:.. .11. ti.- ,^e of exploalrea." Petar wlaalah waa la
atalled teader In Buffalo and n.u.le ., ipeaob ln tn.. eourae
ot wh:,!, I,.- advocatad dt>*tro>u,g the bouaee of tbe
wealtby und appruprtatlng ?ti.it Ibey eontalned. He
laid .lowa tbe prineiple i " i.ive ua war that our rblldtwn
. iay i ara nnaoa.'* Ml tha doctriuo ul the li.icmatloi.al
Aaarthy fjnlon.
LocoMornrn cka.-ium; toorbbb.
Hifkai.o. Feb. 1-1 (Speei'tl).?In a ffenM fnp
which prOMltad thls RMMiMg M MCJOM col.Uton oc
c.irr. il o.i tlie Kelt 1.1.ie braiich of the New-York ( entrul
Ka road attha An?berat-at eroaalng of the Mleblgaa
. . ? i kl Ihe la Bg lf< It I.lne H ....
waacrowded wltbelty peopb.aingdown ta hnMuMl
[tdrewnpatl ttotahewater Aflagmaawaa
ienl baehtowara th*MkhlganCentral .-x;.i.--s whicb
wMthendne The tmin < im.- tbnnderlng down the
I B torpedo
, .. ; aln. 'J
i ?.,( of :... ....... . ? lo .us
, b< ? n _. .*, ?? i.-t Ilr. uia
,i.- ul the ge : 1.1. f .-;.;[ in*
track, but did not gu "ir th.- eml Fb*paaaen>
Kcra ln both tr.au? were shaki'ii np, out MMM ?.ia
'i ..... ...- ....-.
? '.- . U ? ."..-> .li.t.noou.
P'T .i Y 0M TBB tl ?' ? ? tr>.
r -. ii.-. t - on the Thtrd Avenne ]?'.)???
i.nl iH . V...U
Ibyaaoddan jar tbat brougbl
bla f'-.'i wi ;i tne .
1 . 1 ? .. .? U-. !l
r.il- 1. td ln.t )f t ,f-. :
ibe conducior ?...
. ....... , e train hv the mm i
i.latforui. lt waa ial the draw-bcad of taeoar I
i,. ,.e eugln* bad pi.ilad ?",( earrylua ..uu it tbe I
and ipari ol Uu ... itform. i be ?? I rope waa
. : .....
or of tbe ? .r. -..- tt< rlna t'..- gl .^- lu .. dl
11 - i to Forty
' , ntea w.is caua j by tbe Md
0OMF1 r/ara vob wbbt i"ixt.
TwMBtj'two bii?'iit-i'.ic "il youtu t*i',>m th(>
g, renth Ward war. befora BnpertoMndant JMpef M IM
Board of Ednoation Uall yeaterday laoralrw t,> eompeti
f,.r tbaappotnUnent to Weat Polnl offered by Cougraaa*
i ... E g.Ooa> Tbat i Alttl "r. JaaparwereW.
il. Towalay, V. 1 Baggafty, Prlnelpal M 8el. 5fa -,
atid l?i .v. j. We'.'h. l*bebeyiwereexaailnedbj nitmbar.
at.. 00 2-5 per cent: Ocurge ?1 Cherry.Bo. 74 Oonvea.
i. u: a'., it-u sevu..,e-ii, til>4-.> peroeut; Jobn Calnp, Ba,
45 Moiii'oo-aL, aaa tweuly. 8*11-5 per cent. No. ll waa
dlraeted by Dr. Wtlrli to diet ou roast beef ati.ltakt
pleuty of cxerelae before colng before the Wi al l'olal
r.oard for examlua tlon ln the aprliig.
It wm recently rnmorcd that Joseph H. Choata,
moved with adiiiiration of Ikcky Jonos's i luraeUr,
wrota her a letter expresaiug hia appn-ciation of "%
WOfltflfl ivl.n can hold her tongue," and inclosinf m,
oheek foraround sum. Mr. Choate, it waa ftirthat
statcd, waa not the only person whoae purae had
been opened by nd niration for Boekyt conatancy,
aud fr.nn a i?ciiniary poiut of vuiw her aojourn ta
Ludlow Htreet Jail waa likely to prove tbe rooat
prufitahlo pi.-nod of her life, A TBIBVBB leporter
ealled at tlie Jail vcaterday uud sent hia name iu ta
Betky. llie waiJen rotuiiicd and camed back ta
MiatJonatmoredeflniteinfonaatton upon tue ra>
por^er's chitracteraud itiiteoexlente before be waa
adnntted to her comfortable cell.
"Oood inoniing," aaid Mttt liocky, when at laat
tbe reporter waapernntted to cnter. "I couldn't
let y..u in at flrat, becauae I waa afraid that roa
uiight couio from tlie fuiuilv and I don't want te
aee aaybody tbat couiea from them. I'vc been hera
tbirty-nitie wckson M.ui.tay nnd not one of 'em
haa been noar uie oi aeut to ace how I waa, aud aow
I wou-ldii't h?o 'em if they caiue."
After expr.-aaing dur ayuipathy for the ne^leet of
which nae had been tha victiin, "Do you receive
uiany ageoanta, bat Jones f" aaked the reporter.
"Oh yea ; I get h good inany .'rom all over. One
lad,'bcu'i me some flU-kUt for a dreaa, ouother a
coiiplo ?f 080, anothor gavc me a twenty
di.llar gold rucre, and only the other day aouie ono
aent me a hox of h.iney. l'ui aure I do-'t know
what I want fo do with honey: tho eating hereBJ
good enough for anybody."
" Do you get niany Bt_tflBB] of tnoney T
" W.-ll, yes, I've had a geod taany, but I deat
think the napcTa havo auvthmg to do with tbat.
I'tu tlmiikful that I have sotne moncy of my own,
for if I httdu't I don't know what I ehould do now.
When I waa wilh tho fanuly 1 uaed t? aet apart a
c.rtait. part of my wageaeach week for apendiag
money and tbe rost I put iu the bank. Oh eoiua
tnncs l'd go a wholo week withotit apciuliug twea
tv-tlve centa. 1 never went out except t<> go ta
ohurch. not even U take a cup of tea with
the neighbnra. I never apeut a cent for
a feather or a flower for my bennei.
1 was alWayi ncat, but no fixings. Yes, I'vea lit
tle s.miethiiig bt the bank, but that's uo 'buaiaeaa
of the newapflpotfl," .
"Did Mr. Choato, the lawyer, ever aendyoua
".So, I never had any letter from him, but I'yo
heard ot him. He's the gr<*at lawyer. No, I caa t
tell v"i who baaa aeut me money. I don t thmir
they would liko to'have it iu the papera."
Thorcason why O'Doaovan Roesa waa abaent
from his (.llice wl.en Captain Phelan was ao nniuer
cifully c.irvod I.y Uichard Short, he said, waa be?
cauae his uuancas were ao low that be
had bfltfl enuiDclled to aeek _ a loau
froin a go<?d dynamite fricud in
Chicago; tbat theBBOBBBJBaa. juat arrived and he
waa out paytng debta, his prtatet among othera
Tnia atato of tftazra maat bara been aermus for
The lintid lri*!<man and f..r a father with eigbt
childreii lo anpport. Since then ljossa mu have
had little to complain <>f. Before the Phelnn ex
cit. i.ieiit <Siodout tlio Towtc ot laondoii exph.aioua
..c.-uircd, and before tbo exeitcmentoftheexplosiont
l.ail Nuhaided ho was sbot by Mrs, Dudley. All
tbeae ilttlo oooarrenett bela Sooaa, Ihui'l.elan
Itabbtugbr "ight him mto tlie m.tice that he had
fonnerlj enjoyeel, but which had been dyingout
Tha explooioDe iuailetlieso-calledlrieuds.it Ireland
iliink tbat ho ?as doiug aoaaething tor hia
country, and when hc waa ahot they thought
he waa a marfyr. t?inco the beginmna
of thiaaariet of episodea the buhat-ripti'.n liat of
Jke United IrUkmau bfll doubh-d aud the " Emer*
geaey i und" haa roiled np enormeusly. iha
woald-be uiartyr to hi.a ..untry'a ..ause, who waa
linancially emharrassed six weeka ago, is uow restr
iug Iiixurioiiitly in tha pay dt'f.ariiiienr of Sf. V ia
ciit'a iloapital aud iv-ues proclamationa
againat tbe Ugllth Government and talka
llippautly aboat beiag otrtoken down hy cne of
Kuglaudr4 embBtarioa. Tbe atnc-an-down nuutyt,
bowe~ r, ahowa no aaato in bla endeavor to l.rmg
I.uglaud'a ttnitaBTytO iusiice. althoagh tbe Dir
iu, t-Attoruay doclaret bla iuteuium to brmg about
that raaaiu lfnnaar*a rmnf. wbatbwaaIttflflitOBl
tban ". - ratcb, has htfllaw and it is aaid
be ?iU begin on Mouday bla resrulat
,,.-?m).-'oi..,attf'.dii,g t>. the " Kinergeney I'uid."
lle m l alao be cnwpallad t" t<--.tit'y Bg-laat his as
tailant in her oreliminary trbwL
Lui llie _? all Oadle* is aacuLteutesl and i-appy
m tbe lom waa aba aaaoo tba flrat day ol her a?l
ini--i'.i . Miu aayo tbat aba it alaing tor bat tnal
tocnuieofl ind cannot aaa amj it ia a. loag de
layad. Mra. Dudley <|..es not Had aa nraeb to atuuae
r in tl ipaporaaa a!;e did at rlr-t, for sht
t r.-' mly in what tt taibaBtaflai _Luut hoa
. .. .0.
S:t re nrr.t.gii.-1 iu t_0 JIarlom C<>urt
r.-.-. i ,:iv. ~ : .poaad to ha ImpUeatot in the innrder
. . I mi wl datd in tlie Mnetv-Mnth
: lloi!>ii il un r'ridaj irom a Uow Ofl tbt head.
Ibe ,ii - ..??? ??? .? about toooiuruKtbapriaouetato
await tbe action <>i ti .* > >roner, wh. n oneof tJka_L
i mea t'oolehan, tnrned to lienry Mnndbeuk and
i i..l: " \\ bj don't you t.di tbe Judge. Taara*4 no
ii e ol ,. ir putting aa al! iti a liulo," ain! tiiii.iug
?aaiutothe Jadge, Coolehan said: u I'll tell you
all about it. Tbere waa a row Ib.tbt nim tbap, out
neariy all the erowd bad goaoont. when Krapp, tha
, Mundheub, Fenn aad myaatf were tl.eonl
men In tbe pbaca, 1 bara waa al>o a girl tbafa, i.utl
bave not aeen her -.ucc Muu.lheuk threw a bottla
that -fink Fenn."
i ooleheu made an aflldavit to what he had
state,;. and Muudheok was hold. t'oolehan wa.s seut
tn the Houae of Uetofltioo, ai.d the atbara who cor
roborated Coalenan't etateineut, wttfl dacharged
lluodheuk pleada not guilty.
An httorestiag cbtage in tht methoil^ of out
of tbe taost . on-ervative l'raabftatatfl churcbea lu tbe
city-th.- CbarebOf t>e lovri.ant. at the coruor of Park
,i\r. und I'Llrty-Ui'iii-st.?? < ? .leg Inatead of tha
ui .i afteruoon aennon there is BubaUruted aa
evenlag aervlce, rtgtdly llmlted to one hoer, taeladl g?
if but iifteen iiiitnit*a. with rMpaasIre re-liuga,
lon of th. Apoatlea' Creed, and BOth ron^l'-,-_?
Bonal aud aalo aluguig. tt aeaiaa to :.? uwgaly no.-aee
tartan In ;t- plan, aaddeaignet aa apopalar - r\ Iee, uot
01 i) for tlie ii,e .,1,era. I,ut for the wh.ile SMBMelj popiUA
tvd nelgflborhood lonouudlaa ihe ebaaab. Tbe atau are
fsrts: Thilt tle' gTMtl M ITfll lnve i.ft.u
Md tli'lr rlM fioi't mmici wbkb weri
t! .-iiic.l.orl..-inallv.tif loo little tmportalMI
t, , aalon ioU. !!u-le; nnd that fal 1 t- -
ml:.-, | rocoed fron Um m ifkd of Irhrlal
gilnenta. PblUp <i. itayn od, Puluth,
Tlitiii.,vvrites: ?'Ay, r'sS.ii.-:,t'.:rii;aci::vil
mi . f Kidney Comptafati frun wfclch I
La.l - j.!'. i. .1 for WB ?." The trausiuissiou
of a MMJI over a
w!re ls HOt a BMM poMtive proof of the
llLctrl..ciirrciit,llianaiv|.iiiipKs:m,l boils
Of tlie coiitatniiiaUon of U I Mood bl hu
]itir.- IIIMlM Albcrt ii. Mod.lard,:.!) Roak
it., I...VV, ll, Ma-.., mwmi " Wmt jTMlg my
bloo.l has been Itl ? bad cotidilion. TtiO
drCMMttioM MM so f.< I,!.- tl.tit I Miffercd
prcatlv from lllini'r**? of the f,ct nnd
].... -: ! wti li 0 BflBetod WM bofc. After
taklng tbsmt bottV i of kroti Bmmpmmm
ln> biood .iivuhiiFS f.e.ly, aiidlbsvo no
lolh. oi nui.ibuess.'* LtLc an
Ihock, the pMM of RlMMMMMl dart
tluoii.t-i. tbe i""i>. Rbi MnMbmbgommA
dlitiMr.ini neetkurJl MUTotTMtaMgfc
. irlM lMtar,t70 AtlMMk nvc., BoMM,
1mm .aiyii MTwnyM??go I WMpro *
tratad by Itli.'iiinati-i.i. I lli -I ? viri.-ty
of nMMn M, with Rttk b n"!f, ut'tll
1 be'.tan MMf Aycr's Sarsaparilhi. Thls
ln 1; i ,1 ine, aml, nt tho cnd of tlie fiftb
bottM, 1 wis ciilirely ctircl." >liss A.
jUM ."I. I"'' I ?-:-. **mm H">f->n. MgM.
?aya: " I h..vo ft i n III ? hMf t iun?, ftvni
povcrty of tl.e b!<>< il :ia,'.: !i , ???-.
ue BMMM by sc!.-nt!sts,from time totirao,
wbkb irtaM. th" world, but tb.ro bss
!,e(n ti > iliscovcry, in KMBei or iu< -dieine,
more ImpoitaM IbM that of Ay, r's Omm*
potttd Extractof Bmmpmmb, v.hlch hai
1 r iton '1 bealtb md MwMgthtotBOMMM,
IVij. K. Td.lv- r, lYnsa.'ola, Fla., wrltest
l?Ayer*i Btna-parluM ctircl bm of l.lvcr
.:. 1 BtHoua tr. ubles.whcucverytUUigcUa
failed.-' Theusefulncssof tho
ls cnbnnerd by the faet tliat lt enn bo used
to order Ayer's Sarsaparllla from your
dra[-i~'. Dr?J"'"1 H-mmm,iteTMMh>
N. Y., writes: "In ail MMMM snslng
fiointin imiiire at.d vltlatcd conditlonol
Ihe blood, there ls no relicf so protupt aud
?MM gg IbM libtvM by Aycr's Sarv.-.a
rilki." Dr. A. B. EobMMM, Chapel Illll,
X. C, writes: "I Wtt to expro's my
gpfMMMM of Aytr'i BmMMtUM* I
liuvo UB d K !u my 1 raetlec, lu 6. tCBrnftM
cases,ui:h( weilcut rcsultJ.,,
up the f.uvs.and relieviiigthosuiTerlnKsof
Uiommmm. Ipfi Bunm] mUmImmmmII
bipplo-M to tlie bMMM of rleh nudroof
uiikc Mrs. lomtfk I'errcault, Little Can
nila, Ilairii Hkxk, Lowcll, M.isv, ls M
Wldow; the only support of three ehl!dN?m
BeMHl M MttM aFOt.be was NMMWMJ from
MM ,ai.!i i.iiity.ai.d N as compelled to glvM
Bp \\.,rk. Mcillcolattendanco fallcdtod?
anv ?Btm\ but, by the ttse of a bottle of
Ayrr's Sarsaparllla, she has bom cnabled
to rcsiime her work, aud U eabln|
ttrcugth daily. Use Aj er's Sar
Ayer's Sar saparilla.
?spirills bss lnd tho effiTt of tonlns me
up. I'ndcr Its MM I *gii fi t ;;alnlnsco!or,
nppelitn, and - ,-i. ?).. '
Prepared hy I >r. J. C. Ayer h Co., Lowcll, Msaa., I
bokl bv nll ii .aalsU. l'rlcv Bl, alx bctti
No other proparallon Is ao unlveraallj;
MtaMMMl for IU purlfylag nnd invtgMP
uting qualltloa.

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