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PTAM.Aiii.TiiiiTKB B-_? A Itlxi to Africa.
TiiAiia i,'kVJ!V,?Titrk'-'';i-"A Prlaoner for Llfe.\
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Weekly.*'' *" *
N,,\V-YOllKrTHL-i:>I?AV, 1 IB- 10.
Forwinv -Twa rhiucsc warahipa euuk by French
fl?_t - = Canadiau royfl?- an la tho Bondan
havearnvcdat Quee:iatowB. == A dcpntatMu
?f ai.emploved workiiiu'iHou flOOgbt reUel fi '? >>r
Vemoi. Hurconrt. _= Treuty botweOB i..rii.a..y
and tho eaaardax aalaada. == loo G.-iinau
Bjjjjghflg Tritos damaged I.y a colltaion at Harra
CoNCii-i-s-The Baaate aflaa-d t_aAata-FOreifn
Couriiut Labor bill. == I" tbe Hoa-o tbe Kiver
and Harbor bill was discu*sed,
1).,!ur.>Ti(j.-Appproriatioii bill disensaed in tl.e
Aflacinbly. = Captoin Little'a -OiainJBttoa de
hateil iu tbe Senate. _? Tbe Attorney-Oencral of
Kew-.I.raev gave an opinion adverae to the Convi^t
?iBijef bill. rr=n A collision between lo.omotivea
gajd a Bnow-plmieh orciirred near Batorja, K. T.
,-Two Btcaniboata wi*re bnrned at Mt-mohia.
Te-m - = Labor notlag ownrred ta \ irginia.
----' A ya-uiig woman iu tbe CUeaflO Hoxpltal baa
aoch britile botiea tbat thayharaaaaa ftaada-8d
O-er 170 limoa ninco sbc was two yeara old.
The people of QlllBfllwa*. I^BIL, were preutly 8X
flflflfld over a suppoaeci lB_Btaal tnacb'.no fonnd in
tbe Court llou-e.
Citv avi. Si nritBAN.-Fuucral of Dr. Duiurn-clu
____ Three yaang rufflnna arraated for aaaanll aad
j-hht-ry. -? EK*vat?d railway taxea to be paid
bare. - Diimer of tbo Odontologieal Society.
,-Mining enginecrs viaia-d Hall Oata. -
BJaaaaa-al BlIlllBg for Angnat Keiiisd?rf. -?
Ookl vuluo of tbe legal-ten.ler ailva-r dollax (412*.
?xdaji BLM ccnts. ?_== Btoaka dull withgome
Wido lluctuationfl and closcd lrregulai' and feva-risli.
The Wiatbih.?TitmrxK loea! observatiotm in
dleate fair or partlv cloudy wiatbor and BUgbl
aJjgBfljaa in ta-niperat ii--. Temparatare yesteiday:
lUBnl aa?i towaat. im araraaa, i?V.
Alibcral Bupply ot rofrasbini"its haa b.-.ti
lakliii alraiHil.v for tiu* iiiiiuguiatii.n ball Bfl
ajiaciiicauous from W-a-i-gtooprove. ButM
th? fau'iling noiiiaittttn thiuk.s it will be ablc to
fBHinfy Un- liuiiger and thiiiL i-vi-n ol tiiat COm
pat_tiiTJy fa-w liemocr.if-i wbo nn- abld lfl
xjroT.tl tlieinselva'S in Ofl that fc?tivo OCCa-ioB,
tt fool.H itafclf. An apjiatita- nf twenty-foar
yo-ra* growth ia uot .-o t-u.sily Hatiaiiaab
Altbough the viclory ?f tb- Frenefa _eol orar
tbe Cbiiu-oe squadron iu the Niogpo Hiyai is
ba-tily k<> ?'couipltti;" a-sAdiiiiralCourbet'selo
?|uentili-^pfitch would b:ial one to BBppoaa, yet
Bonou.s barin -BB certninly ba-i-n caiisnd to tba
Cek-stial uaval i'orce. Two rejBBell bave b?< n
loat, anal it haa bwn (lotnoiistratcd that the
bo-H-a which tbeChinese built upon tb. ir -Ml
?re Iutile. 'Ibe eoiiiniaii'ltTH Of UaOa-ipa whieh
4Tot away migbl lutter havo dia;d DgbtiojC. Ert
this their beaals have probably heeu tut off by
aanler oi tbe l'ekin Uoveniment.
Efloits which (Oiiflrineil erinntialR soineiiiiies
make, nominally to pat baak into ptiBO-, BXt
geiierally the resnlt of a d.-.-,iie tO eieatfl Dfl
?wbolesoine nyinpathy for tlaa-x11-*? lves, oi to ga:n
notorit-ty; but tlie ea-ac of IMaml. the forger,
tabarilly oue of this hiiul. Tbe man 800-18
to bo in ga-iiuine (listiesn of Baind and boaly
andtobetryingtoget a-nl to juil bea iinw- he
hkeH piison lil'e bi tter than evi-'a nca- in the
aJm-hoiiMt. S<m ii tia'S whoaal objects are to BTO
ride for cx-coiivicIh cliitiues of faining au
hontst living ueed uo batter exruse for exi-t
enc? or for iletnauils for popfl-BI flVVpOxi tiian
tbin slory of Kylainl.
Tbe workinginen who culled ou llie Kngli-h
Iloiiie S.inta:y, Bb WatUa-i Veinoii ll;.i
court, yoatanlaT. to deaaaad worh \m?a raapeet
fully raieiveal, but the eomfort they got
Bjajt of the coldcHt. Tlii-Sa'crel uy iiointed aint
that avjuiia nca; Khoweal that albiiU to ra-liiove
di?ti'e.-.s bj bi'giiitiing great public WOI-g were
unwiiae, aud that about all that eould be done
was lo lu 1 f? eiiiigtatioti to tbe eolouies und to
gtiiiiulate loeal cbaiitable Hociaties to all'oid
nioieti'iaaiiaiiaiy reliif. t'liaiity, of course, the
workmeu do uot like ; and tO maii.v ol tha iu, i-s
lieciiilly tbosewl.o aie eily bnal, tba ialcaof
euiigration ih niij.lta.sant. in tliia ItflBJBBet imi
^ration reiieuibleh iuoait <flective reiuediea for
|rrave evilu.
The city aud the elnratoil railway managers
have adjusted Ibeir difficultiea iu ngard lo lax
ation, aud tho taxea iu queation will bo paid
hr.re inatimd of in We-tcheaterC'onnty, whitber
the inain ofhcos of tbo conipauiea were noin
inaJly removed aouie weoka ugo. Tlie adjuHt
inent ean hardly bo called a couipromiao, sinco
all tbat the city wautod waa tba taxea for
Which these corporations are properly liablo,,
11*88 and no more aro what tho mumcipal
offlcern were faoniid to frot in justice to tho. other
taxi.ayers in New-York. The only iiersons who
will re^rct that there is to bo no litigatioa 111
this matter are those lej-al practitioners whodo
not take a proper view of tho object of their
If Mr. Plunkitt (Tam. Deni.) sorvcd his roiin
tr*/ hall as well as he scrves the intt rcsts M a
btttrh of spoils-loving politicians, he would be
a bcatitiful object to conteuinlaie. His last
Berrka for hia mBBfcnra is aa ciioit to get the
Legialatam toaaiabUah two more pollee eourta
tn tho oppor part of tbe city. The Chrfl His
trict Coart in ihe same urlphborhood, which ho
huil ereotod lasl winter, and which eaota the
city $25,000 ii year, is entirely OBeleBB, as evt-n
the Cttil Jadgaa admit, but the pottee cotirts
that rimikitt is now aiter would be more 088
less if possible. The f;ict i.?=, theic are alrcail.r
too iiruiy pollee justices in New-York (ity.
Inatead of, erealiag aay inore, the LegiBlatnre
ODghl to try la Bome way (o force those we
have to perfonn tholr diities.
Thotrnth of the propoaltion that ehram
staneea aiter eaaea i* eouspicaoasly lUaatrated
by the preeenl relatioa of the dtj AnaDeeaaad
the Binking Fand. 1-ast year, before the eon
Btitntional amendment Umiting the amonnt of
munlcipal indebtedaeaeea to 10 per oonl of
real-eatatevaluatioiiB.it Beemed highly dealr
able ih.it b large part of the bonda held la the
l Binking Faad ahould l.e eaooelled ; bat now
iu the latereatof ecoaomyitBeeaaideBBrablethal
those bonda shoald not bo eaooelled aatil due.
The debtof the city ia larger al presenl than it
-should legally be (ia view of the constitnthnal
leqairoiaent), and it eaaaot be laereaaedi bat if
thla l'tmd wen-wipe.lout there woald be a niur
irin for millioaa of extraraganee. Foi theee
reaaoaa the Bitaation of laat year Ib maefa
ehanged; aad before the Legifllatare tinkera
with the Faad lt shoaldooasider oarefally the
viYw'i of the Sinkinff Fajtd CoBTmismoners.
Their offloe ia sarety that they know more
Bboat the matter at tosae than the BTCrage Ab
si'iiiiilyt'iiiii, Beaatorot prtrate eitisen poesibly
can kn.iw. _______________
The pToapaet of the saeeeBS oi any meaaare
toaaapendaUrereoinage ls not2aereaaed, bnt
greatly dimlaiahed, by the ofiering of the nen
meaaare which Mr. DoTaheiaieT introdoeedoa
Taeaday. It is in Babstaaee the plan aaggeated
some time ago by Mr. Pierrepoat Freeeoia*
age of silver, aa of goM, i*. propoeed, L?ut the
propoeed silver dollar is io .oontain 480 grains.
That is to say, at the ptaaenl market raiae oi
silror liiillii.n, the pioposed sUver dollar shall
bc neaily oqnal In valae to the gold dollar. lt
la neitber aa adraataga aoran eaaential part of
the bill that an uiilimited lasoe of notea ia to
be penaitted, baaed npon depoeita ofballkm oi
eolaafl thoratoof 480 graiasof aOrer tothe
dollar in pold.
The radkal defeet of this meaaare is that it
puts a valiiutioii upun iflrer as mooey, whieh
exlats nowhare elae in the world. Franee maia*
tains a large silvercircii'iitinii. Bad Bl ;i dith-rent
intio of ooinage from thal of .tho Doited Btatee.
but iiKiiiit.iiu.-, it wilh dimealty. and at B virtiiul
loaaof over $200,000,000 whieh it bolda in
oselees bilver. Were any eonaiderable part of
that enormoaa .md uaetoea reaeire to be thrown
upon the Freaeh Bmrket, ?r thraal Into Fraaefa
cii'cul.ition, a praaaiam ob gold would qaiokly
appear. Hut the praseat ratio in i'rancc i.-> n<>t
that which Mr. Duraheiiner'a bill WOOld OBtab*
lish for this country, BOI is that of (.i.-riuany or
tbO Latin Union. In fact, shoald this bill paaa,
tbe Dnited Btataa would saddealy take the
poaition of plaeing a raaefa lower valuati.m upon
silveraaed Mntoneythan any other nationifl
tJie world. Tlm oooBoqaeaee would be that
other nationa woald be oompelled toatop the
ooinage of silver at onee. or to reetiiel it so fm
aa to prcvent the omptylng of Amerieaa silver
npon their mints. The inevitablo result
woald be aaother depreciatkra In ailTer a* oom
pared with gold, another Importaot fall ln the
piioe ol .--ilver huUion, and the BBeBBBJty ol .ou
triving a new bfll, to be oftered by Mr. Dora*
beiiaer or somebody else, ebaagiog tho eoinage
of the l.'nited Btatei to eorreapond with the new
market ratio betWOOn silver und if*>\t\. With
much reepoet for Mr, Doraheiaier and Mr.
Plerreponti it maatbe said .thatfthiaia child's
'l'fao introduction of this new sohome could
not have baOB inoro uiitiuiely if it wero ex
preaaly iateaded to defeat the eftort to saspead
the silv.r eoinage. Those who have beoome
oonrineed that tbe oontmnod eoiaage of the
preaent atandard dollars i* waateful and fatal
are pretty aaro to he dirided la opinion by the
Introduction of tho new meaaare. Bat thoae
who wanl tho curiency deproclated and tbe
pnblie eredit wreeked, or who oare for no con
"aBQBOBOBB fio loog us the. f'ovi riniii-nt can
l?- cotnpelled to bay up balf Um prodnct <>t' the
illvei miaaa every year, will acl in a aolid body
to n skri either the Doraheimer bill or any other
which promiaea to ohange the aitaatioa. With
out a ehanoe of doing any good, the new bill is
pretty oertainto doaomeharm. It is offered,
moreover, at tlu. veiy end of a aeaaion. whnn
even ita aothor muat l>e aware that it haa no
ehanee of ineeeaa, und eaa be efteetire, if at all,
only in preveattag aeUoa on some otber
inoaaare. _______________
TBE OUTLAT for the NEW parks.
Taxpayera doabtleoa road with lotereet whut
Mayoi Qraee had to aay lajreaterday'a Tbibubb
oonoeraiag iaereaaed taxatlon and tbe propoaed
new parks. The adTantagea of more pleaaore
groaada bt Uie people are geoerally reoogniaed.
In that reapeet the Mayor is la aeeord with
juihlic sentiinent. Under the new coiistilu
tloaal amendment tho Mayor thiakethat tba
oatireeoat of theptopoBed parkawill have to
tu- niet Iroin innnediate tOXBtioo. That wonld
eeitainly be B KerioiH injury to the baaiaaaa
Intereata of the city. High taxatlon already
plaoca Nt'W-i'.'i'kat adlaadrantage with other
The new aqoednoa, the water>froot Improre
menta, new iehool-hoBaea, _naonea, aeweraF, tbe
renawal of [NtTementB and other mattera aathor*
ized by exiatlug lawa, call imperatiraly for a
large oatlay Bortbe payment of which bonda
cau no lOfBgee ho issued aXOOPt ln the c;iso ol
the aijue.liict. This with the jnereased vulua
tioaa on real BBtate meana such an addition to
tbo tax bardeaa tbat eltixoaa wlU eootempbUe
Itwitha ahodder. Dndar thaae eiroamBtaaeea
tbe Mayor propoaea to diatiibate tba eoat of tba
new paika over a Mtrie* of yeais, which 880888
emiiK ntly proper. lucll WM the j.uhlic uniler
8tan*B*"g when tbe moTomeat for tba panbaaB
Of tbe paiks waa Btaitod, in advtincu ol tba
adoption of tho constitutional aiiiendine.it.
The Mayoi also ptoposes to aniend tho law, to
make it conloiiu to that under which Central
und other parks were laid out, bo far a* aa888a>
iuy suiiounding property ia concorned. That
waa also a cliange iu thu oritfiual scheinn uot
contemplated by the public. The coht of the
exibtin/? parks haa been largely paid by Asaeaa
iiii-nts levied uiion tho property iniinediately
siirrotindini* thum. Itcertainly doea uot aoem
friir that thoio citizcni whoae property haa heeti
largely increa*M*d in valuation beeanae of the
old parka for which they were aaseaaed ahould
bnmadnabo to pay tht bmm rate toward IBe
coat of the new BBTfl- H thfl OW-OM of Um
property initnediaiely bi'inliled, anal WhoBfl
property is aaaeaaed at low tiguren. But the ?>I.I
prorialoa in regard to i areeamenta an Bornmnd
hkg property, unaler wliidi paWk iin.aro'.cmciits
ofthis kind have been eoodoctod bcretofore.
baa been eiitirely left out of the new park law.
In jiHtiee lo tlie taxpavers geiierally tbe Leffb
liiture fdiouhl make haste to ra-store it.
Whal MayorOraee gayeaboal tbe pnrebaac of
parka fai Woatehratirr County is alao worthyof
Bloag atleiition. lt certainly WOUld be a peculbr
proieetling fur the. city to purclia.ie and
baproTeaboal 9,000 aerea for parka Ib thut
county, nnd thi'ti to pBJ tBXei to Wi-Mchi slor aan
the ouCav iinil not to be able to get baa'k .1
Blngle alollai' am tho Borroaodlag proportj.
Theae are poiotg in tlie new park Bebeme whleh
bare eeeaped publb obaerratloii. The publb
haa generallyaopported tl.e moremonl for niora*
parka, bat thore boobib to ba noMaeo_foi tl"'
departore from theaooBil aiaziaui i?r law tbat
bara gorernedthe parehareof park property
heretofore. Whea tha- park bill waa before tbo
Legblature we adriaed againal it-h paaaafie until
defioita knowledge c.uilil bo obtaloed of tlie
ezael eoat of the Bebeme a* propoaed. Tba
wis.lom ofaaeh i eoaree ia apparent when the
eatiaiateaof tbe coat of tbe land alone vary
fromelght to flfteen milUoo dolbra. tfallor
any aolisi.lelilble pilll of tbal BOBl Wa la- to bfl
aalale.l to tha- tux l.-v.v in one year, BB now BOOBlfl
probable, it would awaken ? atotBi of Indtgo*
tion from whieh the projeeton of tha- gebome
wooid not Boon reeoreT._
?The politiciana aro dlBappototad,,Taaya a
Democratk oairepaper, ? beeaoaa Mr. Clevebnd
\n likely tn make Mr. Manning Beeretary of tbe
Treaaury.'1 The politiclaoj hare been aeeueed
of tniiiiy thioga, bol thej bare never been aet
,1 ,wii aa foi.li. Whoiii doea thia admirer of
rieval.-.nd rappoae tln* apoib-aeekera want for
head of the Treaanry?Hubert 0. Thoaapeon 1
II tbey eaa't get Tl o npeoo, they ooght to ba
aatiafled flrith bla eloae fiiend uml admirer, Mr.
Manniagi aml prrhapa tbey eaa K'?*t Thompaoa
for Collea-tor aat the l'aart.
It waaahowfl before the Beoate l'in mea t'on.
mittee Baal rear thal bo workman oooid gel em
ploymeDtoB the State Capitol onleaa behada
eard from Mr. Maoulng or bb repreeeBtatire.
With eqaally good maoagemenl aif all the
cuatoin boueea, loternaJ revenue offleea, tbe
Siil)-Ti.a-.in>-uml oil.,-i' plaeofl eoonected with
tbe Treaaury DepBititHBt, the Demoeratle
machioe woald be able to eommaod n good
manyrotofl nest fnll for t!uir candidatca foi
Gorernor nml Uoutenant-Governor, Btat*
officera and membera ol both braocheaof the
Legbdature. And tha llorernor ehoaea thki
year wlll be in omee in l B88.
two ori ai prTsviplea
Tbeertremebitteroeaa with whieh tho Pree
ib):ii of Worahip bill i.-* dbeuseed i- t<. be ?b pre
cated. There bi m> roaaonwbyil ahould be
made the oocaaionfor eahibitiona oi religioua
bigotryon either aide. The opponenteof the
roeaeure *,nll oaly lacroaae tlie probabilitiea ol
iu, paaaaga bv peraiivering lfl lotemperate at
tneko upon th.- l;..iii.iii Cat-oiic Church. i ..?
adroeateeoi tbe aet ta like mannerwill eom
ptjgg itsdefeal by mbreproaenting the ground of
oppoaition aml I.y tbreatening membera <?t ihe
l..v'i-l.itiiie who \.>'.- agaiuat it with political
repn ab. Tiu- faettbal tbemeaaura baa been
atronRly Bupportad by Um Catboiie Uuiou doea
liot ju-til'y tha- feio.AOfl- B-BBUltfl n|.i?ii li pOWflftT'
(ul religioua oommuflioo whieb bara beaa made
from oertain i'roteetanl pulpite. Neitoer ie
thereadequate excueefia tbeangrj recriraloa
tion- inaale by the Romaa Catboiiepreaa,nor for
tiradeg agaioal Proteatanl Intobrance aml
uieera at ** poeUelea ition Hiirchanliam." Let
B?erj oneba loat, aad il will be paroeired thal
<m em-li aide of thia tontroreray there is a greal
principlc whieb eommaoida reapect. Critical
aeomen ia diacenilng tbe rebtiong of thoae t?o
prineipleabi requbitej and the Bobbet ahould
be diecuaeod both at Albany aad bj the preaa
in a geueroufl apiritof totoration aud charity,
and arlthoul h.'.-it, excitemeol or partiaan raneoi.
The adrocatefl of thia ad orge thal it i^
groonded apon one of the fundameotal
principlei ot Ahhih,m goTeroment. Thia i
true. Religioua libertyb oue a>f the oldeal
traditioflfl of tha- coontry. The stata- Conatltu*
tionitaelf declarea that " the free exercbeand
u ertjoyment of religioua profeaaion and wotahip,
Hwltboai dtacrinilaation or prefereoce, ahall
?Miii.-M-r be allowed in thia Btata lo all man
ukilial." W'liili, tlieii'loie, tli?- Bflppotten Ol
thin meaaure aaaert thal tbeydemaod for the
inoiateg ol the liouar, ol Kcfnge aml of other re
i.iiiiiaioii.'-. reoeiving Btata anl a rightthatb
guaranteed bytbe Btata Cooatitutiou andgan
erallj recogniced aa the aioal n icred prirUege .?(
an American eiti?en, their argumont ala-aa-rva-a
eareful eonaideration. Deouoebtion of Roman
Catholiebm b not a proper n-piy taa it. lt eau
..nl\ be Biicceaafullj refuted, il al all, by aa n.i
|n nl to another prinelpb aa fundamental ag ihat
ol freedoni ol worahip. Thia is the character
i?iia' priociple thal in the Uuitod otatea there i
aii abaolute dirorea between Churofa aml Btata
aml that ma piiblie in-iitution reeeiring State
aid ahall ha- OOndueted in tho intert?1 of uny re?
ligioua boily oi s.-i'i. ain ilii.-. bro.nl ground the
opponenb of the aet take a stand not only
agaitiBl ilotiiati Catholica, bnl againal Bpboo
palians, PreabyterbnB,*lbptbta or Mothodbta
aa wall; and tbeir argument ia not tobe-n
awered by outerieg n^.i'mst Protoatnnt intolet
ai.ua> or by threata of polttioal retaliation.
There ara B?_OBtg obieiiion.i of a praetieal
iii.tiiii; ihat may be Brged againal tl.e |Freedom
of Worahip bill. Ttollofl-eof Befuga uione
of the Bfloet Bucceaaful reforroatoriea in the
Miiibl, aml tiie BUUiagera, imliiiliiii,' both
Ciifholies aml Protealanta, anite iu diHtlaring
tli.it it will be impraetieabb to enforee tha' pro?
poaed meaaura without unpairiag dbeipline and
ruiaing tl.e luatitntion. Lel theae uattorago.
The logblator'g duty ia to webjh tha two jrn'iit
prineipbaifl tiu- balanee without fearorfavor.
The iniiiiita -> oi tl.e reformatorba are oertaiiily
iliiiiiil lii't doiii of worahip. Tbey are albwed
toattend ;i iioii--ei-iari.ui Berriee* Imi thatb
not lieialoiii ol worahip, They have the tuivi
legeof freely eonaulting in prirata any prieal
or minbter; but that is nol freedom
of worahip. t'n tho otber hand, they
hare forfeited by their ofleoeealibertyof action
nnd in.any aitlia-r priviblaog btxaidea freedom
ol worahip ; and they cannol reaaonably exin el
tai hare the Bame pri\ Uegea a.i Beetarbn worahip
which are enjoyeal OUtaidfl the iflatitutioB
The C'onstitution of the United Btatea proridea
that '? CoaogTeaaahall make no bw reapocting bb
"aalablbbflMtnt of raligioa ar prohibiting (ln
-*frea azer?_e tflaereof.'1 Hoih principlei an
there b-eiuded ; freedom af worahip, aml .stuto
ald only to non-sectai ian laaUtUtiotflB.
Tho'KDiiaaaii of I.ent whieh B88QM je.^tei.lnv baa
bm (.inn nn important miuial aa well aa e.cleaiaati
cai eviut. Taaa waa aet bagage vhaait a_?,
ui.-.. ivi.l by mily two lalifioua badieaj uml tl.air
rai-.iignitiiii. of it iu aaaaabealitioa aakjaatfld iinno
to li.if.ivni.ililii coiiiii.ei.t. Hut pulilic opiniou
now haa no ?nnl a.f crilieUtn fur tlmae who aiaain it
a duty lo ul.aei v.i tbaa aeaa.ni by ml i of aelf-dauial ;
on tbo contrarv, tba obaeivanceof Leut baa becoma
very t?o;.ti]iir even among those who do not olaim
i? ba M .."iallv ri'liifiotis. Ily comrnon consent it
notv ii.iirks tha aodiag of tho wiut -r soclal 8880881!
.,,. i,ty eloaea its gay aaaaaably rooma and Baaaaa*
log i.nl.aa tbeeaareh awinga opeaherdeon and
bidatha weary aml baewy ladon onter. Geattag aa
it ilnrs wli.'ti so.-iety has iirown tired of its own
gayetiea, Leat is waleeaaal hv the warldltag aa
wi II ;is l.y tha il.'votee, nnd aeeapSM B bBBBBB plabB
m%\ mm ei tha raeogaUod im-titutions af aeelal ttfo.
Wln ?h. rthis leeeaaitionlaaa Bdraatagaornol
ii :?, epea qaaatiea. It is probable thal those wbo
balle-n t ia Laat aaaaaaaoaof lapeataaea aadaelf*
denial will not walaoaM tha ooanpaataa_hrp ot trlr
olotu.la whoaaetathia aeaaaa aalya bmeth
mc mb between two perioda of faaahmaata
diwripatlon. Tbmj will depreeata tbe ftohle
patronaaja af Melety. and aet no goed m lha alegant
s,|f ih-iiial ofpeopU who, they think. hav.- nOBBBOa
?f rrplrltaal hanger. aad ao realiaatiaa efeplntuaj
,?,.,!. To hui-Ii ti popnlarity as tbla they woald
qnit.' Ilkaly i-r.-f-T tha rugged oppoaltloB ?>f f-rty "r
Bfty yaara ago, wheo peop'e ga*/a partlaa la 1.t
ezpreaalyto ahow how little they thooght of that
Hut in r.- illty tha n i-niriiitioti of Leat by loclety
baa not at all hart tt f-.rtl.? porpoaaaof religioa.
Tbe mea aad womea of tba world wbo obaarre
Leni i.v not goleg aa oftaato tha thaatta, aad
Fgoinra little t?fb nai to ehureh, ara eertainb delng
no h.-inii. altbough tbey in.iv Im delaglittle K??<d.
H isipnie tba taahian torallattha frlrollty aad
bMitleaaaeaa ofeoclety. bal It ia a rieiona faahlon.
so.'i.-iy ia exaetly what tlu* men and women nf
?rbicfa it is eonpoaad aiaka it. Aml tbeae men
,?d women an at leaal aomiaally Chrietiana.
Frivi.liins many ol tbem donbtleaa may be, bai tbey
?,,- neltbei deal noc bUndto aaraent appeola to
leada hlgber nadnoblerlKa Perhape aTan tha
benigbted peopla who look npon Leal merely aaa
Hiiiial itistitiition may lean aoma of tha leaaota
w I: ,i h thla Meaeoa propi-rly imu i,-.-it. -..
In Brooklyn the mea who apriakla tha itreeta pay
theclty l cMit foreaeh 100galloasofwaternaad,
anl rharga tha oeeapeatof abnildiagfl amontfa
f,.i dUtribntlng it In frool of his bnildlne. Tho
bnaineaa hrlnga la a baadaoBM reeeone, and eittaena
?re Inqniring why tha citv aannol a* arelldotha
tMirk Itaelf nnd tlni-t aee thal tln> water is aol
!. The *iiine qneetloa mlghl appropriately
beaakedof Kew-York, where thoproftti aremnofa
i elty K-ts Bothiag for tha itreat prinkling
p ut-s. lii-y aro ?iv? ? ti tu pulitniati* who furm
tiii-iii ...it or -.t-11 th.-tii f.-r Inrga suins. ti.i-l-uy.ts
bamg "wotactad from aay eompetltioa. Ifahonaa
oocapaal waate tbe atreet aprinkled in froatot bla
plaoa of bnaineaa ba maat pay the price demanded
i.v tbe ii.rtiin.it.- peraon who haa ?> enie I tba ronte,
,,r elae andnre th-- daai Tha diepoeal of thhi
valnable patroaaea ii entirely in tho banda of tha
L'omraiai.r ..i Pnblie tVorhai ThewnyHnbert
o. rbompaoa Baedll mlndnanealegialatora, aadto
perinil frienda t-> n ike moaey onl "f tha *u!.? of tbe
privU.?.?'?. waaahowa bafora tba lavaatigatingcom
mittea laal >'? ir
rbeellj inaBtreet-CleaalngDepartnieot, where
it Bboald i'.i.- tha matter ..f atreetaprinhlmg
Thi n bo ni'-r." n.11.- ehargod than tbe aetaal ooal
nf tha work, aml tha waeta af water ooaldbe
?toppod Otberwiaa tbeaa ralaabla privllegea
ibonld i.old Bader wgalatioaa u t-i ebargaa to ba
inade for tha work. "11???* preaeat ayatamof dis
penaing tl eaa tavr- ahould i- *t<nn?l.
i',. -i. ,-.:.?. t i 1.1.-itin.i latelf spaat a Bnndajr
afternooo and aveolng with tbat polltielan af tn
? mem -rv. BmltB at Weed Mr. Cleveland "i
dently Ukea very kiadly to Ilr. Wead f-.-r ln- haa
(net bera apending a portioo --f anothei Habbath
witb uiui. Tkt _ttang Jtmrmtl of Moraday priiita
ihr following:
t . iHetunU] .."??'n.F.-i tba tlon. Bmlth M. w,.,j ar
? ula| wiiti tba I'n-*i.I.-nt
rlrrl About ** o*rlorl f otterAaf rooruln* iV-na.ora H.v
utfI b..f1 ..FiniF..ii ?i.'l < .iiiKi'.-iiFiili ??.?rt M I.Miiiu I. Scolt,
.<f l il. . !'? .ii . r. a< li'-l tli.- .It>. lu tlt? tiiF.rnlii/ .
ln ?:, , . Mi ,:? i. :.,i..f. ..'.I in.. .? .,1.1 were ln
, |? .?'.,:, wltb t.iu. aad Mt Waa.11oraeveralboun.
Rundry mnawnmna who oppoeed Mr. Dlaiaa on
hbjbethieal grooadi neered Bereelji becanaa be
end lo-. Ffoaata al Aagoeta dnring tbe eampaign
were to be fonnd in "tbe Blaine famlly pew" on
Hundaya rbeeeeememngwnmpe were vt.-ll nigh
rhrown lato eonTnlalona ef meirimenl ;n the spi-c
I,.:, ..i ?? t.i .r. ;d |...*ti.rt" .if Mr. Blaina beanag
? ni,.!iatir trtbate to biaaterling worth.
Kviili'titiv. tli.T-t-.r-. tbeae atata eeaaora of the
pnblie morala will 1.ie.lingly grattfiad ut tho
?tand Mr. Clereland haa takea la relatioa to tha
famlly pew. Ha aaya by ln* u.-tn.tiM thal tba tam
ih pew maal go. Baaday bt t<t>. laat ba ni---:it vtuli
.^mitli M. Wi --'I and otber politletanei !a*t Bnnday
t in tbe aama manner. Perhapa ba tagarda
it..- moral Inflnaooe "f Mr. W.I to t.|ual to tiiitt
uf fonr old paatora
(jeorga Wililam OartfabJamea f^reemanClarko,
i ... vTentworth Iligginaoa and tboee wbo wera
ii...... iiitiil wit!i tlii-iu lutt yi-iti la tn-- ennaa >>t ra
f,irni know all aboal Bmith bt WTeed l bej knon
tbal tbore i* na Biora nnaeropnlona politieiaa In
tlu-, ?? Fiin-ry. l b-v kiiFiw thal tn l?*,".; ii? wna oae
nf tba kaden Ib tba rlla coneplracj to o ipture tha
,., ? i.i rota af Boath L'arollna by bribery
and i orraptiua. Thla la tho man with wbon Oro
ver Clafeland -aoaiag befora ln* Fblloweitiaaaa a ? a
n-f.-rm-T Wltboat t.-ar and i-.-pri.ai-h ehoeaai lo
?peodhiaB.i.i\ ?*. Notaaf huaily pew foi Mr.
ri-vi ii.'i-i. Tha faarilf pew maal k->. He pr.-f.-r-, t?.
?taj away fnaa tbeaaaetaary aad ba minlaterad t-.
bj -u.itii M. W..--L
l: i--.i*v inl.-.. what tint daaply retbrlonaorrgna
ot cnrmnl Llemoernay, Ihe i pmtimm Pmot, will *nv In
tbaaeclraumataooea. lt will aay that tt tha Preai
,:,i,l el . I if a t*f..it .Nati-'ii d'ciiti-s to Ml u |.I
examplo, ohooaing ratber to he reported born eaa
,ii,i .,f tii? Uad tothe otber aa breaklng tli-- Babbath
to il i.'li-rs. tt maat deatiaa to aoodoma him, ataea
tebbatb-keaping, lika ehasttty, ia tmi a rlrtaathal
hiiiih m i-1, logatbar.
A man is kaowB bf tha eompany he keepa, es
peeially the oompaay ha keepa oa Baaday. Preai
deal elect Clarolaad keepa the eompaay of Bmlth
M. Wead "ti that day. O, y.-s ; th-r- is warratil lor
eoneludingthatltwiUhetha nmUej ol tha ucxt
A.liiii.i;*ll..li"i that t li.. family pew niil-t gO,
1'iiic Titiitt m:'s ei,-luaivo anaouneement thal
Bembraadt'a paiatlag, " lh.? (illdar,** waa himhhI
bi Mr. Wiiiiiiin Dehaaa iaeoaflnaed by tha owner.
Mr. tfohaaa writea t M' The Oilder' h.is beea par
utetaidhj ma fiom the Daka da Moroy. Tha negja.
iiaiimi waa a pratraalad aaa^ aad fot ?oinl raaaona
tbe i.iId waa aad te ba "aada pahlia aatil aftai a
ni i.tiii lapaa af tima" aa opportaalty <>f aeemg
ttn- painting will sooa ba raTarded hy a "priTata
riew." _ _
In tbejadgmaotof Darpar'a WtMf " Mr. ch-vr
laad will prohably haTe a good deal of kaflaenoe
withbia a-liiiini*!i'iti'-'i." Newapapera eaght to
retrain from m.ii.ini* aaefa laaiaiia. nmr*. iln-y havo
atendaae** toeaatagloom over tha Hptnta of Mr.
11,-ll'lllrUs. _
Mr. Thnrmaa la ta aalL Also. Mr. MeDonald i?
i<. ba in Waahiagtoa next woek, ? Mead ia eonaV
ili-ntially liif'.iiinil. Al.-*", Mr. P.ayiinl bai uono to
Oelawara toautkoafew little srraogaaMmta with
tbe Hi.-i alli'l gOT( inioi-nl ol th- Bteta lhal ho mviis,
ptaanmahlj t<> provida for tba aleettao at a Baaatof
iu ln* plaea, lt is alao ramarhad vtith aethaaiaam
be liriiiorr.il ia I'iiii nula I liat tha l.e|*ialuliii'e of Ar
kaaaaa la in aeaaion, aad, baving had one p**alaiigad
i,,iv aml wtaagla aboal tlu- aleetiow <>t u aiuule
Mii.ii-.r, might prubnbly ba able to aleat a aaeead
.s.-ii.iiiii a oh great aaaa. Tbeaa bn dayaof abaugaa
i.ui .ni ohearier wouiii i,? warranted la raatortag
tae opinina that aama af tha gaatlaaaaa who loavo
(?iFiiiii-riitiiii. plaeea la tha Benate bow ?iii wani u>
K,'t ii.uk than ht-forn loag. Baeh a Oahtnot aa Mr.
ci.'tri.iml aaama iikuiy loeeaate ,:an ba tni-itt.d te
Ihf'iI togathaa nniti tba mamhasa lad ont what Mr.
(Jlov.dui.il t.'.illy vtuiits -anil nol iiiurli liiiit'.i-r.
A taaaat wbom Eaa_l| wiu altiakaa with diphthe
na m ilrooklyn haa t-p^nu aa Impettaat aun for
ilamiiKita iit-.iiii'-i tlie ovvni-r of tho Inmsn. Tha
pliiiiiliniK waa defor.tive, uud tho luiidlord Uil.nl lo
havo it BBpaJaad aftor B__g Baked ti, do ao. Tha
dipbtUoria ia laid to bave rueulted froui Uiat
noglcct, aud damagea are sought. If badlonb a-at*
be beld reaponaible for such neglect, aa tbey ab.-uld
be, tbere will be leaa dofective plu.nbiug and a
correaponding alecrcaae lu tha death rate.
Tbo Uon. Suuaet C^x^dr-aTreal diatinctly to nn
derataud tbat if be dures to accept any ptwition
under tbatJoveniineut we ahall conaider that M
ialrillbiiT with our afl'ectioiia. HabTbWTB_BU_Bng
Baraualal traaaMdatt ior tbe 8p<-kcrship af the
Elouee, and Bodaty is BbON preasiniily upon ua tbaa
thodutv af iniikiiiitlitaealliiigaudiilectionmire. A
hveliartria never aflaagfleontha biiinisha-a! iloro
but that wo yearaie Jeni Bunaee'g band with the
Bpeaker- ibtbI Ha aaaat aot abaaa thia teadar
liaat by aaiaa? Ing fhinratarj at Ktate, ot Pnrab
Jeater tothe Presideut, aml wautti-rty rafaas ta
baliaivai any riiinor that oe_B8eta bis naino wltb
rrllhor of theaa oflbaa,
-- 4> -
If Judge Beaab haa aaymora injunction bbaka
hiiini.v, bamigbt <lo ;ho ?rout flubltaaeerebeby
forblddlag Jefl Darta frooi arritiag any Bxoraloat
eiuis.) l.tters. To be atiro, Joll ia iu M-fljiaatppi
iBBteadof N.-iv Vork. botwadoo't aappoeaaUttle
tuiiiL' like thal diBtorbaa New-York jedge wheu au
injiiii.tioii ia deelreble.
? ?
* Tbe high boaora pai.l Jafieraoa Dnrlg at the New
Orbana Espoeitioa hare had tlie efleetof oraclng
liuu up forafreab eflort b bolialf aai tba "l"-'
cntiHe." Hebaa wrttten a letter to a Confederetfl
offlOBt aml autlior expraaaiog thfl wiah tiiat " tli.-m
were many writerab the bad who, like yeuraelf,
would Dialutain tho Jnatleeof <uir oaose nntii It
?hoold be nndoratnad to be tbe eanae of tha Con
atitutiaan and of tba pemianent btereata ot all the
poo|.afthe United Bt-tea," Te eall thla the talk
ofatraitor would wound tl.e BenelbUltiea of tha
Boatbera DeBioerata b Coagreaa wbo expeet aoon
torolethe conotry; bot it w.nihl bediflleoltto
detine it in any ather way.
? ?
Afltbfl BBBpietOfl BTOWfl th.it tbOBB tWO eniineiit
uml iii.ti'iue Obio stateamen, Bererally known M
the Old Knrnnn iin.l io--iti.-iii .11 Ueorge, may be lefl
ln the drearand wiatry barren of aegbot by tbe
ne.v A.|.iiitu-tr.tinu, it ia btereatiagtoBOtoetbfl
paiufnl efforte tbe old-liae Deetoorata are ataking
to nioder ite 11.UL l bey are Baaured that tbeira
la not af aaw tbal needa bow borel wreatha, that
notlilng ..i bonorcoahl be added to their atorlooa
paat Thla is niee aod pretty. bat it r. ada too much
llkaan obitaary to anitraen who prefarto tblnk
they anll lira ___
It ia aaid that Ororersaeesefl gailttly erery thae
BOflaa i>i L'l-iiu Btateanaa ahab m tha Krim ol.l
Koman'fl red band?aaa at him.
? ?
llnrv u.l ti a'iv dee. rr aa to ba eoogratalated Bpon
tbetrlmupb u baa [oat aeblered orer tbe old aad
ttr-a dbmooored Baatbod "f prlotlBgite qataqaaa
iu.ll catalognea It baa been tba bigbly prapoaterona
aad utterlj Lrratioaal eiiatooi from tba foandation
ol tlie ?oiveraity to labal the gradaatea ib thia
aatalofjaawith wbal tbfl ooauaittea btbetrteceal
report eall" foreign orfaaej naataa." flie aatneeol
tha youog men, t.. bfl Biora expliett, have been
i-i a'ad in Bometbing woraa tbaa baatardLatla;
rather iu iinil kiod ol dof-Latin wbleb tha lawyer*
B,,l . Ii.t.el..II .'f tho Ml.l.lle AgflB llltli' t "?! BOOB .1
too toleraal world. Aa a ru!a\ bowerer, thia
peeultarbybrid notaeacbtara baa aeeneoufiaed to
tba bapttamal aame, wltb tbe aataral eilret ?.i
iBteBaifylBg tba aba n itj of the praa tioa The
eomaiittee b| ,? aintc 1 to oooaidei and raport oo " tha
axpedtancj >.i Butiaiituting tha baptiaaial eppelb
tn.i.a ni tbfl grat-uatea Ior tbe foraiga or faaejr
tl itii.i BOW in na.- lfl thfl lt>iliin|l.e.itli.tl CatalogBfl "
laaaai aa alaborata argniueul againal tlie -ofl-LaAta,
Hinl andertook ta da_aonatrate -aooiewhat Buper
Dooualy tbeabanrdltyol ihepraettea. Thereport
ia aig-fld i>y Joha Oaboro. Bargaal aad Charlea
Praaela Adanas, Jr., and lt Ugratifying toknow
tli.it tha reeeareb, logtc aad baiaor >>t theae lad? bad
tba deeired eflact, aud that beaeafortb tiieC.uin
,,u. -nni.il CataJugne i* to bo ptibli.-auod in ti..
Eng lab tangnage dtogethec
Dbitrlet-Attoroey Martine la reporta 1 aa axpreas
mg ragret lhal Pollce Jastioa Patteraon graated
loag ... - in the eaae ?>i Bbort, lha dyaamite
Bflflaaab, inei.'ly t.i -ii:t " Jiiiiinv " (Hi\er's i-oiiveli
Mi. ktartioe i* qoitfl right b bbenticlam,
ii.it ba ahoald aoondly baratabiaowarepraaeBta
tire in court for oonaeatiug to theee delaya We
bare no ii.ii.nr.iti.ui fur rii.-.m. wbo laa raffiaa aad
conapirator buaaelf. bat, la the iotareat ol jaatka
aud fair play, tbe authonttaa abaald ebow oo _ua
placed in-r.-y t.? the acoaedrel >lii.rt, aml iboald
briog ? Jiiniiay " Olivei np with a aharp turn.
Okarlrn U. i.e ti. oterotaru of ttmUemtrtf Baaral of
frmdt niialniaaalaal >"?r n.ia f_ir. (mt BaaN i<" Irad
raporta >.f 1B4 aaaaa >.f iMaaa-apaoy, rapra?aatlng 109
-.ilii,, imi u,'.-r.'4'.iu:i< 1173.000, Thla la ^a la
?i..,-.- ii. lha But-bar <>f aaaaa erar thfl pravtoa. ftaar, I al
Um a.'i. bl. in.>afl ii taaa tha orgaalxatlon haa baaa ta
exi-t.ii.??? f..r iimi yeara. it bafl 178ataainarB 18 tadl
m.i.-.i into tin'.'.i <apartBM8la Inferaiailoa, eoltoettaa
aud i.miki iievy. _
iii)\i.K.s\iK.sr ii? i-rir.4i..*? roB coBaUaUrTxTES
iir. /aAa r. ""i;/". i> iiui'i RegurUrof idU .>utts:.ct.
.in, I'liu, ut boapltala, far tba tiaalfl?inl of parao?i
1 iflarinfl froin .. laiuupU aa, 8 ighl to be aal i allahad -at
i.i!iit.ii>' poslala i.v.i,. r.iio.iil.i uuJ Boutheni Callfor
m.i, arhera Ihe oonaUltona .>f altltawla, nui l taaaparatara
and ali jiieaa af tba air ara nn.xitelltit, Saeb atatleaa uf
..i.-.-r-. ution ous'iit to i.i uu lot- tha aaperrta!loa af taa
Natloi ... B aard ol Heniiu, ta oraai BUM thfl baal po.?ii)in
im.. ...iil.l Oo inii.ln of liifjrni.itioil Wllioll B?ght 88
i,i,t iIu.kI. lt t-i probaMa lhal raloahta tUaeovarlaa re
aanltag the ?ataae aad prograaa af aananaaaataa woui.i
ii.. flaadfl if pByaloiaaa arara aonatanlly ahaarvlag aa bm .>f
Uhadkaaaafl aaaat tarflarahta aaaditlaea Ooaaaaipttae ia
hiu-i. 11 aeonrge ta baiaaaltj Uiai aar naaaaa of ihataaaaat
aaaaot beoeaalderad tooaxpaoalra la thla etty flasra
iiiuii on* ?x'veniii ..f uie,l.-fttii-. ni" eaaaad bj aaaauiap
iion, aad of gBaa 11 poraoofl raara taaa on.?-ilfiii .lle fru ?
thadlaaaaa rbeOoveraaaeal la raadjrta tahaaatraat
dlaarj ? Bflfliaaagalaata Ihraataaad apadamleol ebol
em, winrii i.iiiiii daatra/aalya towthaaaaad inm nt
taoal ln tbla latltuda. It 0114m to lo aoBaathlag to aa-ab
lhatauraaaaoa*aalaaa?awhiah kiiia oaoi B(oooparsQpa
..... ii j.-ui 111 thla elty.
fl, 8. Bem$imtt4,mterttof Fi/IA Aetnme n-.tel Thehotal
tMtataaaa, Uka aearty ererj ethec km.i .<: baalBeaa, baa
.1. ,1,1.1, t.ui .mr a dlaaaaoadoaaa*tla8t?inehaiorathaa
two iiiontiia oul of Uie tvalva Dtulag Mareh
aad Aprll ll irUl ha arawdad. B lalaaaa wiii iio ?.,o.i ln
Kay.andfalr ta Jaaa, Jaty aad Aag i?i laakeaptlia
irir.il. 1 -pui?f Un- .inn aeaaoa Ia Beptaaabet aad Oo
toi.. 1 tha ii.aiei nn't 'Jih'o aaaagh, ?>a'i ta Bareaabar ifa
a l.ille Uio nliiiill. _
ihuiitio Butttttt. ii.oiini.Mii 1 "iitui. rhsre bt aol ?
iM.11.-1 -immiiitrj iu tha woi-i.i tor ralalag frall iiiau Sau
11,.,.. uigo rha great traabta to la gatttag it ta axarket
ir thara weroaltaa of-fruilora" maatag Ui-bb Homn^o
from iiii-, |ioi 1 graal plBBialloaa aoald aprla ; ap. Qaod
land for frait or foreogaa ptaatalloaa eaa ba U*'l af tlio
Uaareraaaaatoaaasr lariaa,aad tharatoao taa bb pi?ia
cii>. rheOoverataoal iaatabla audlheelliaatahaalthful
l.lililHI.AIINai laiit lllli PBODUaBB.
0*8- nei .1 i>. bIuxmbi iiuir.M Bradan ta thla eoaatry
toakflll Ui" iii?" ..""'ii tlm k-.iiIj btataaal ofthahoraa
1 uaapar prtaM Ior tha enaaoaaar, Uaay aajr. lha aoa
? 1:1.. 1 >ia .iii tii.nr e..ia 1 ioi.iii.ni. i in j montot ata| taasa
oaai -a. ni Ibbbqib oftha wd par aaat at aar yflpiilaf loa
vs I... ara pt-aaaera Taa aaaabac of iK'..;.ie wi... afaahaaa
narthlat*, und ara only auaaiiaBara, la flflaaBar iu Una
floaatry taaa aay etbar la ta_?e*tluaad world. Ul* mr
um prndflwar tuai i< _4inUt1.11. abaald tu-a piuoe.
gVftflir i.'/i.an, 8/ Ohteege, WmmettraaaU for bflaghta
i.4 thu eheapaal knowa i"" naaai takaa ayaraAa t<> kaap
dowu tha pnoaol railroad traeaBawtatlaa. -rery taa
p.,.v.i...iu of laka Bkaawela u*-. taaaaa-iB-Bsaat af
loiia. a...i fleflaflflfljaaatty ueneiit ti... mkiiN niiiBiiiiri.
Tha au. a un klato laigaeBaeaaal xaalaaad gxaaa miia an
,?,,,U BfltWaaB ll.lX-o^ael al..e??o. Il_llr..ad fr....l.tB
bara baaa aa ugat i"-** **llu'** u'w H,,M w"1 of lto ""_
laa...... aa low 88 -l?? ^'"'a, BflM 8880 li^a boon bun.uU for
tu, 1 Aa 11 ia aaa taa wiiuir bfaaapartatlaa b-eeaatweaa
Baw-Yoekaadtha Waat aad atOhleaga wuii the Uon
uei.iu Oaaal tfcaf awali be lltflfldfld to crary cliy 011 Hia
Mlaaliali-pl uOi IM liibiaUrloa. _B-t aaouia meaa B great
re.lu. U011 i'l l'i" l"'08 Bl >?road 10 tbe people of tlie
tlilnkly popiilut~i K-ai.ru oltlaia. whu are oaj-nxjed lu
oilier BflBBBila IBau i?i*i" raJalng. Tala roJuoUou la eall
iiiiitoi m io 1010 pereaap, The aaaal bl eaaomiai aa a
aauaplelloii ot Uie UlaaUalppl Klrar linprorauioat, and IU
oanstructlon ls ailviM-ate 1 li.r all Ibe _a__g t-.,.rda<j/
trade aud by eoveru! Btata Uv.lj'utar-.-a.
Ropr-iartitntivo Men ? or Maam _ ? Bkt la .">: ?-' 9otA\
wltli liia family liniuo-Iiately nftiT M.ircii l. lladt-apaal
wanl to beJaaUag an i arawdad by . beal al baagry aml
tnirsty aanaplraton forplaadar, aad aat'irally tblake
tln.t weahlaatoa will preemtty be .. mosi aan<>_io**_Ma
plan; tet a -<vii .?? ,.1:1 of i|i.lF)t tusUj* ln llv-> ln.
Profeanoi-.lolin I'lske, of Ifirv.ir.l, Will li'i-ttiro la thu
city aezt iiiniiiii on ?? r-e- a aartaaa it-voiitioa."
Mr. Oa Biga iBgBBlai Balo tbiatci Mr. flladBteae larki
tiieiiciiaion reqnlred in daallng with giaal criacs.
Tba \iev. PbUUpa n-o.ik* ra) deaa la aaeae lmvin*;
111...I1 ii tbe profaaalaoal ?ervteia of altbes a lawyer 01 a
Mi. f_*in iibiradaaa not boliovo la lettimr theanrtaaes
thiiliut.il make II ve a.t.-r ta.-'ii -in iuiliria,:d enlirety.
" I w-.ii.il imt iill-ivv," Iih s.ty*. " aay o 10 to itill -rit f r 9 a
amrtbtrtttTrmdamtalnrrm, tVataaaappeaa tais anm
w?r>: ijio mmo, im 1 th*. a mi i,Mi"iv,.i.' a hrfiaaa "f
*: 1,000,000. an i tbraaahll liaa. A two ity poreaat auo
BBailoa daty waafd ibiiih 88 NM) >>. Tban waatd Ihaa*
after eaebeblbl bad baharltod 8100,000, ramala 111 ?
000. To aban thia ba woald bava t > Bad *!>? 01-r4.n1-.
That, Inaie i-i --f one mh havtug aa ?rtv a miiii-... aod t *??>
F?*na a trlBe, aa la the reenlt ot tbe taodo la wblah rtea
iiirn now leavo tbeir money lha Hut-. w.mi.l miio la
r.. 1 1 !00,(XK>, and eigbt peraona woald bare a vary aaea
for'able ]?:'-. 1 - .Fi..
riu-.l.-i h H aiitioiiuccd, atthea-"8?f sevcntv-alx years,
of tbe Oonnteas da Gemb tedri a I ?- daagbtef of M tr
4ii.ii Davouat, Prinee el BekmahL
Am.iiu-tiiFi Ber, Bteph m Oladata n1'* w.-.iiiti gpnaaals
were aoonpleefeheeks for |3 >? anli*?. aent by tii-j
Dukeof v, -atinlnater aad Mr aa Uew t'larko.
[aaplteof Mr. Ohambertala'a Baalallal propag-M__,
the preaei t Baillah O it/arnra ml i* eoaaMera >:y nit.-r
eated la nal prapefty. Ur. CHalataaa la a laatad pro
prietor with a n-nt ro!l of 1*13,0 I I B W ir. JjrnH fl.irtnn*
toalaheir to 300,030 aorea wttharealal of men t_w
-?:iio-isi Diiiiliy, I/ir.l l.-r'iy li t* a mii-h -oniilar
,t mii .' ? Hi 1.1 lhal ->f tli ? l> v ..i.n !?? .i.t ,1.4, I, it b.s rt-ni -
rollfootaupl laomethimrabove?jtv.-'.oo'j.i >-iir. iiirl
:-|.i tiri'i-L'. i>about$210,000 1 yi'.n, and aaa af >'r.
liiadstune'a new pes 1, Mr. Dodaoa, awaa 10vnr.il thou
-.h.fI aoraa el i .tinai.ii: land.
'I'liiii: wi.-i-F-..uiy ilra I-Y.-u-h Aralomlclau*. youueir
tii.in I'MfihiihI AiiKtit. wii> waa :?\, mmaty: trmmmmk*
Coppde, 4i. Ball)l'r 1 I 1-1 11 n ?? l '. I'i l-i'.i'i. "?. 11.1
ldvy.90, aa 1 Vii-toriHii 8ard m. 9$. TBIaa and Perrnai
i.-.-.".-;. ouirlai 1* 50; Dara .-, 801 Benna aad C_w*ba>
Ilet, 81: Paaiear, Bertrand, Da Ubmp and D*Anmale, m;
1.1 tn..- 1 Yulllet, 1><- Maxada an-1 tn.- !?.!'? de Broglle, 831
Ai^'i. r. Ul. .Ii.liu l.-:ii iliin--a i'i l.ti'l'. 1-. .i'i. J-HH1 Ml
iin.ii.7.1; Durny, 73. l> Laaaapa, ',:>. LegiMive, 77; Vto
t..r ilu.... *_?,- aa I w. Ba PleH Saatel, tha d y a. 0 la.
Mn..-. .i-'iiiy i.'.ii'K; ddaebml it u lordaa SaaJtb, and
thlnkaof.- iii.iiu;barbaaraof laberal the Beyal Co)
'? nf Mn.io. '
TBB I i.'-li OF THE DAY.
Mr. Kapb - tr- apera aempaay has tn-i-ti ilaglag tn st.
I/oula,and tbe aataamad Olukt jbimmwl of thatattyll
<ivini{ -F, up iii.,rv.-iii?ii* ,-nticiii aotteaaef tba afaaa.
Il.-ro la a ipoclmeil K-ni MlMted at rau-loiu : ?? A
wealtbj .1, i r.-tn.'.i bai'iirr and atoeh dealar awapt tbe
ml -. .11.. with hi- rdnaaaa, aad tuniiui* tahia
I : . , -1 I vritll , iitliu-ia-iu : ' II.iW
aonld /-ni Uka t.> bava a eantrael to aapply tata aroml
Wllb BM u t-.ta >aar 1' " II N _ aii-.th. I : " ( .,l..u?l J.
i.N'.iiiuiH vept eeplenaly whilo raiti aan^ ? ilaomm,
Mome.' ffhna ha trnfalaed ln* v.n..- h<- mid, i**>
tvt i ii M. aoba, ttiat ba f-- m i h ? weald -aal tt* tba .i*.ar
.;., .i,.ini iint.il hi- paid ber tba pcaealaad elall to
bercaatle n. Walee. ' !??.?* Nu.,imi know yoa an- grdag,
..-.. r I' ln j iii.-.l a by?t.uiUrr. ' Vlaalinl h<- d?U,' aaid the
? olouel aagnly.*1
One I-. ?-:-? f'-.t:ar.- -.f tho M*a*aa*b*al aaataatal the
.i.i-.t. waa the ahaenoe of ..ur i.l-i bai ,-rip;dnd
" l;. | ul tb? A.,'- Ufl Ii ii.lii-' Itai)," "Ad
i.-i.f-r A4i..t,i," "Nulla Veatbda Retron." " Ba*
? r.i-invi friiui nu- aaat,** ata aad we ara
|. ra .il t- -t.iti- tbat not on.- of tli-- oratlona bIobbI ?itb
. .i.,p:.T of aam .hIh-.h berfunlng wttb tbe
.-v,..i,l-.: ?? J'ii.-n li-t n.*.." l\Iiiii.rap.iii?Tnbu.ie.
c . iF'iiiii'ii Blopera have beea kui., Bad aal iu one wintex
hy niaaaaera ,it .-.k.iuu^ rn.?i.
Therarallata of thaOeor-FflaBbM Hlilire wait for the
vi..,..! i .!- t.'. ..lli i-i 'ln-ii' ?ti: --i -.i-M-k .,f cheetaata and
tti-i: huut tbe ireea rii^r*. t. nvttt lailaem than i.i?ttcity
tn tlu* ni' tiiF.ii of H.it Bouaetlon.?{< teveland PimH.
An in ??!". i. w appeaci with Uabriei Oaaa. Ma i* ol
f .Fiii-.. propac bm igb. bM it ls ahaaal aa fauuy aa rofer
enceto 'Tony" Pualar aa antonle Paaiaa.
Brotlwr MeCrdtafh,ef TkekX Vomtt OLbf-Demnerat,
:\i , . :..,. .Fiof >i. Jf-Ihi f.".fiu hl*pea. un.i >iii-* it ia
nnrluiued vlolot lnk t.i writ.- tbkt " I.'ittl tu the b.ooiu ot
u.-iiitii i* better by f-.r tban a alok t.u.1 f.-.-bi.-|tui*ed
N.v.i.i.,." on, Joa.-ph, you (ft.ldy thlu4':-tMiiiaL-apolla
11 ibune.
Iu I7:H and thireabont, whea Jpff.-raon wroM hlt
titi.iu.nl diary, our dollar aaaik OB waa aaa iu u*e aud
Mr. JeaTeraoa alwaya dealgnalad dellaia by u aapltal th
i .,<:.,'fi,-L? is usM to di.--i|{iiato soinetuiaf
tor* nt.
An iu-1 leut tn'.-l Hy an Inapeetor of Bchoole atiowa the
impiirt.iii. I- of a ? .iivi'u; ov.i-.m of tha ventUatiag ap
ii..i tiua. l i-oa \ lalilng it *-'uo.ii Iiffu... tl..- bupeetof uo
iii'i'.i tbeImpora air of tur u.i< aad nneauoned ttia
janitoi oi ibecaiue. bul ....i-- aaable io diaeaeaff thecx
.!?: rt .-"-ii Tha laaltor t.-.k him H tha baaeamnh
wiiiii' :.. iawfourfuruai-ea luoperatlon and wia-rs he
th . .i tlu- into: . >f f i. .? - [ha peeollartty of tha
t'lrcuiiiati ? auaed blm U> laveatl**ate furtbar, and he
found thal tbe aa- i-m h.t.1 beencimverted mto a cuickea
eoop, rarefull] boarded up. Tue iii-u, wenhavluga
. Ittla time, but the Uiapeetor thaaghSha had found
foui air, iu 1ft l. [BeetonJonrnaL
It ls ritli.-r titiktnil of The W.irld to be thrnwtr.u up
Qeaeral laehaoa'a Tegtiy 0*V?U acan.l*l to Mr. ciov?
Thlrteen U aa nnlneky anmbar. lt l? torttdi rca?on
tbat wa ii i ihopkeeper halv ?* a tweaty-Bva aenl ptace
be Invarlnhly **ivea you twidvi eonta. Tbe ahupk-'^por
b. unselnab, and aa aomebody mnal run the rtsk af bad
lurk, he fi'.-.-iy lafcea ll hlHIBBlf -.lloatou Tr^uat'ript. j
Tha paepbi of BaJTolh COanty want a huh iron fence
bmit around tha prapeeed fhrm f-?r Kims couuty luua
tka. Qro er Cleveland woald ha maah srattUL-dif a teuce
oonldberonatracted about -hlmwananSad to haapem
ott-.F. -Fi i.i-i-s Bealad prepaaala for tho auaa may haaaal
to thaTowaer tfanalia. Ilhany. fir tu>- n?xi fanfaaaa
ita>s. N. it. I'hH ftviioe muat ba uucoiiiuioniy MOMf aad
nt leasl eifhteea feet high.
Tbe uu ln -i-ntli Klorbla is U__g on I faint oil.tr of
..r.ii.i- bliHinia,aad retj rwoo the i?'iiny tthite of tha
dowera wlU mla|le witii tbe **al_**a yellew ef tne frult
iiii,i tue eiuerald -rreee of tha t--ittn{a t<> m..k.. lha **ee*/ae
iif.ii ,ii.'t4 oi inoampanUa haanty.?(JaakaaafWa|P1a.|
lin..-.-.-1'i lon.
run leronaattral Boetety ol ore?t BMOOn wm i.oid an
iBtarnatlimal Kthl*tltlrn ta i.ouaou on.tho ;ti.t ot umi
a new iiivention u aeouipoetttenwUah whanappUad
i,i tesille rabrloa rendera tbem lonilnoaa *at alghb lt
woui.i i... a u-.'ini Bdlltbmte iheatalr aaipatta heaaae
where ina uiaatereor owle Inmataa thoraol eoma hema
.. al mahl "i' e.nlv ni tha ui'iraiii*;. -..\eiv-York
c.ui-1 rtade FBevlaw.
it littleehOdraa are to l.o <iitiji'.~tr-i tojaisaasa from
?tantng anm evecy Uma thay asgeae iu tbe aireeu ot
l'ln'.ii.i.'ii-iiia, one might adtlaj thal lawa t? peavMa ita
doga Bithec wllb food or ihot.
got .vi.tivwii.it in- raaaatta aa/i "?aawa^Ofc
bow ,1... lil.H'kl l'm nliiiOBi i.*h iiui-d of iii.ts.-lt for not
before. H-it I've put ltoA _id put it 08, nauBj
ili.l hh.-ii ilmt I nev.-r wonld eaU." l'.i.i.-4-" l..iu'l
inetitl'ii lt. my il?..r fetloW. You are IM] k.ud. 1 ?
aura." {ftoatoa Tranaerlpi.
Ibi i.nuitriile Poet think* lhal -maatsc MiPaaaM haa
iowor i i.i.1.- it la tha ayaa ot lha .-..uutry by hrptag w
g?i into the cablnet. and U aaya lhal t'?' a8_r8i ina.tehy
-.-ii it..i? ll.'i I. anil o'ht-r* tottetthe Indiana aUt.'?uiaa
,?i? tha . abtai t an aadlfnlBad aad Indaeaa* We f,*?i
that the remtaj Ad-adatasmttaa haa notboau palimlB
lliel.ililoi of Uo F??t.
tn lu'.i iia, hbv.aaaaM maattng haa been hatd t?> de
nitie who la lUe eholoe of the cltlteui for roatmaatar ?I
H?. tovt ii li ibts plan wara a taptad la tama of the t..wni
lurther North tbo inootlns w<?uU be doiab, uo oae aaa
lopubuel) dvecalehlaewn Btnaai, [Otaeaaaaai
l.i,.|iui? r.
i m tha lOtb uf Mar.'h. 17;?7, Thouias "Mktaaa pajd the
ium "i nveeonUfaraeelnganilipbial tsmaaaaaaa-l
uuderatood that la ibeaa degeaarala daya II aaata BM
1,,,,1'e Him iu.- eenta i->" --? lha atapbant," t>h BM * to
un a ..f ?? j.ii.u.iiiii.iii rdmplb Ity " i
i-,ovi,-vvii..tfoto h.'.ir apera Bmtt aapaat auything
,:, ??i in in.- e iv o: Menery.bul taerdoeu.tapaaee.
fi i.n uu md valley a4?ne to ataad attll, and that la
? I, i i V cka o.rna for the Hralaal dl lal Uo laat uitrht.
' "ti,.. ohio Haaahaat who n?a.la.tliat ollviar I'ain. tha
Pieneh aii.hvi.isi wbo li w nh Bl Mahdi, will ikj baOgad lf
Baptaiad by lha Brtttah. tafarlaabj graaaa aad wisheall
-aa i nu ei i'.i) aa. the leader who lu* brraaaht aaaaahf ta
lo lha Moa-bavk rauks of tho Hmki-yo bute.
itLhiii nindiliiaa glTaa aettw that door aaBMaMaBfl
wiii be .iii..ii*iie.i in his dtaieaaa aflas E.t?ter aamda**. ii
will be Intowaltag to olwivu wh.il uieaua of raialiuf
moiii'i wlU be adoptod lu pbWS of thla tline-hoiiorea
ineihoil by iho K.nu ui laithoiit) ohnwhM af 1'iovi.luuca
There ls s.-uu.l HhjlO, how.iver. iu the ?hau|e, lor uie
pai maat of money onghl not to l>? a peeroqmnia roroo
luis.iioii lo a liouse of worahlp.?1 Provldeuoe Jourmu.
A C4)iicort for tho beuoat of the Germaa
Radpa-tBaaaawM oocur at ete.nwav Hall thUevea
ln?. Mnie. LlllllTBT !>?-***?? will alnK the V**""'
walt/., a aonx hy aohuinauu. and lloiUi's * L'Alva Notw.
Mr. John P. Kbode* will play Krnatfa lUBPfjaajS
kobmataln'a welmty aud l-ml> a 1 "icuaiaj*- ? ?
Vrr-.ini.iim will eiua. a ballad by .oewe rmdWMaajMW
Jenso... Mi*. Laalaa Hoah ?iu ?&_^J_raK|3
pi.^Hta, aud Uie oholr of OL TaulB lUenuau) toiuroa wua
pn-ooa, aud Uie olio
llnir twu olioruooa.

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