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ambbican laaiiima BmBm akatiu*.
BiJ4.rtti-M;? n..rait-"Adoni.
CAisiX'-'l'atlenee." _
8_T . . i '. "1"^ The'."ointry OIH- an.l "A Wonutu'a
Wonf* lla.ni.. Htoddard li-ftiire. _______________
..!_?'V.-rsir-Waiwork .-?aaaartaa Qlpay Ban .
??4n*i-.liuil* HtirsK?*'My I'artner."
Vi* im* IliNK -Koller Skatin-- Gilmora. T. r. .
fiir. . ,V. t". : ABI f, tn.-. N-. lx d*.;y. ? rolh-r akatli.. rne e.
R' ' ,, _'-*_?i ntkATBK? "The I'nvateSeereti.ry.
Ma? ai 4CAI.BMT?k Dwiaa-WaterColer K.xhii.ltlon.
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_4T>i -utKKi liinrUK?*' .Mt-Alli*ter ? ix_acy.
Si AVKM1'B Ti.KtTKK- "The MlT. .V War.
8THAVKMK lll.ArRK-"Sl'Ot Casll. _
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Uu.mcas Xotices.
Ohkick FrnviTt'RK
ln areat Variety, raamifacnirett hy
T. O. SRU.K**.
111 Fnlton-*t.. New York.
?Deaka. I_n?___________e8. _fee-Jor___I'?ihUr Preaenta.
PlI.ES?Ptl.E*? Pll.ES
r>__ witbont kn'fn. ?-,w<ler'or aalvn. N o raarc* nntll
SS writ. ror rri- .tn'-**-*. pTcaa-laa, 11 ?aa -".'th hi _
*"Thb eaaiable repotatioo of Miller'. Gentiie
nen's _B_ muintalu.-d ln his new . p-ln - BBrla*
M*'" ? 1.147 Broauway and 4 Aator-piace.
i>?Mtaue frte in the VwBtA BBUt* ______.?___
- ? - 1 Year. 6 Mnnt .*. 3 Month .
J)nll-y. with snndar. 8ijj<> 8828 3*18
l)4,ii?.vvit*...iit.*sui..i.,y. 7 on .ijU i ib
?Kttb.pi.UI Not.-. Mnnr.v ori'.rroT Re . atered t.rtter.
Bv l-o?tal Not- thr re.nitter will pleaae wrlteon th- -Nole,
?Tor TBI. Nt-w-Yt>**K Tlllltl'IK.". _ __, __, - -
"Bai,. 5*a or Tim Tbibobb 1M ?BHaBA__g*Tl?___
. ,Mr?w all eor_.pouileiice ai.uply. *'-HB riilBl-.vE. >nw
FoiiKiGN.?Earl Oranville. matle a slatement in
Ht.uii.' af Lonls re. uidiiiR toini.lnati.in** on Afirhiiii
frontier. =s Tlie bteauier Ilaiiov.iiau, with
Caiiiuiiuii imjaaaaia on beaid, OTetdua. ?
Mouthof IkaMlaa-ae Kivcr blocked by tbo Frencb
floft.-1 Thirty- -tx men killed in u coliitiy <x
pjleaaoa.- Trial of Cunninglium and llurton
Conukf.ss.?The rension Approprmtinn bill
aajjseel the House; it appropriatea $.;o,000.0(io.
? ?? jn the Senate tlie Central Delicuncy aud the
Furtiticatiou bills were paaaed
Do.MK-.tic?Mr. Clevelaud arreved in \Va?hiiid
*!,__,_,. - CuveiTior Ilill disnussed tbe cliarci-s
aitainsi gkaaifl DaTidaaa. = Tbi-ee anaooaea
aaaapei iu Raw-^Maaaa - Aaaaaalil/maii
Wililriek, of New-Jersey, tvhh presented with
a ciock. ?? Speaher llaines pifuiii'teil the
Illinois Li*. lHlntnre a " parliamentarv r.-volutioii.''
. Xhe (iov.nior of lowa orderiul the reiix.val
of St.ite Auditor Jauea. '?? Pittabur* Scciaiists
matle a mnrderou* a?s;iiilt nt?on two men.
City ani> Skbi.:i:ban.?Further departnrea ft-r
WaaUaajaaa* ==-- Littlechaupe iuGenera) Grant'a
condition. =^r-John Fieke's flist lectitre. -
I'lft.^n ininnte.*' dolay by an aceiilont on the
Brid.'e. ~-A verdict aKainat WaBf Chiu Fi.o f(^r
libel. =s Increawd gan billi* for . a*> of r'-iluet-.l
priee. r= Thirty men in tho roll.-r-skatin. BBB
te.it.-Baiaaa.of the Chainti of St. Jaeepk'a
Cniu-ch..Suicide of aCunadian w.mian.
Gold value of tbe leua.te.der airer dollar (412*_
graiuB), 8*_.35 cents. = .toc-ks generally dull,
?with oxeeptional at tirity and enatic iluctuatioua
in hpots, and closod weak.
'Jhk Wkathkk.-iRiBfvr loca! eaaerrattoaa ta
dicate c-i.lil.-r weather and incrcaaina cloiiilirn-48,
?withraiiior snow. l.'inpeiatiire reHteiday. lliuh
est, 3l)~; l.-weat. '?'.', : a.erage. Mtf.
The bill to inenase the pOWCX of Um waid
trrstees in the matter of app4iinting H4*li<.t.l
teachcre, now undor di*4cut_ion at Albany,
ou. ht not to biciiii.e a law. The tiu-tn**
alreaily have too miu-h to ?ay about tlu* un
poiiiiiiiint.H am! t..i.t.tun say thewraaffthing.
Thc powar rihouM bc V4>stcil in thc Board of
Eiluiatii.n evtn with less limitation thau at
Thc Govemor of Taxaa h-i? beon fiaafly .isri
tatcl of luti* t.vorthedeprciLitions ctmiiuitti-d
along thc Hio Gramk* by ruthans from Mcrico.
It i8 to bc 9BBB9& tliat 38 will be proportiotiat.
ly Btirri d up by the attack whieh a hundn-d
c. wboys 4>r so are threntoi.inj, to make npon
the Gi-rinan colony at Miricntii-ld, ahith haa
Offt'ti'lcd these rufliaii-- by piescrvitiK law aml
order. At pre>ent it looks 83 if tke feBPaUe
?wouM .ulminate in war on a .mall siali*. aal888
the Qorotaor alepe in and siunuiarily puts an
aml to thc cowboyn' catnpai. n.
The jiulgcs iu our courts are frcqiu-ntly
cen-.urcil by the public for pronoiineitif" too sc
Tero aaataaaea a. ainst paraana who are Kui'ty
of tririing ofleiiccs?sueh as BBBdiag a niau to
prison for five yeara for stealinp 60 ecnta. It
isonly fair, thcrcfore, to call attenfion to the
fact that Raaardai Baayth y4Htcr4iay ?li?l n4,t
puiiLsh a v4-ry pnor niau who at Clirist iuii. tnuft
atole $')2 to buy uotuetliini,' for M. wife and
eeven childr4*n. This was a proper a4-t of
mercy ; but it OOald not bc well lor other men
with larire fainilics to couIider it as e.ta.li.h
ing a pi i-eedeiit. _
HmM is great activily in tlit* vai-ious ama
teiir health proteclivi* asso4'i;itioi).s __TOOghoilt
the city, not all of 9t\utk is likely to aibl tt. the
happiiu ss of the ofHcial as st iiiat. ni iu NHitt-st.
The Heckinan IIill lu.Iit-H ar?* still inv.-sti. atin.
thenuisancesalon. 99m Baal Bi833 Baalga_ft_BJBf
evidence on nuinerous points arhleh will botlor
the health offldala to explainaw.ty, even on the
broad groimd that "great mteicsta are in
Tolvcd.'' No mcrc coiiimeri*iaI inlerestcan be
of so great importance to the city a? the health
of ita n-sideuts. The di-ath rale in thc ni-igh
borhoodof sitine4)fthc uui.iii4-4*B under ama
teur investigation Bhowa that the iuqtiiry i.s
well dirccted.
Tbe reports coiicerning the advance of
Riusia in India have been contiicting froui
the start; au4l it ha. been imp4.ssible to t4-U
Just what to bclieve. But Lord Granville's
Btatemeut iu I'arliamcnt yesterday shows con
clusivtly that the situation is iuihod grave.
Kti- ..i has refused to witbdraw her troopa
from tlifir advamed outposts, andthe AfgJians
have been advised not to rctiro before them,
but to hold their grouml, with tho promise tliat
Eugland would isupport them. War cannot bt*
aaid tobe iuuuineut} nor, on tho other haiiil,
witb England and Itiu.ua glatiug at eaih other
acrosa a narrow atiip of rough couutry, ean
pcaca becallod asaitrcd.
' Some strong argutueula agaiust perniitting
the erection of any more enormously lall
dwelling botise. m thia city nre presented else
where in this paper. There ean be no d4?ubt
that for aanitary reaaona, and on aoxmnt of the
dauger from fire, too lofty apartment housea
are objectionable. They ahut out light aod uir,
4nd cause great dampnaas. The difflculUea
and dangers which the flremea encnunter when
fighting ftaaaaa in aadi aUautaiaa only aeed to
bt, ii.eutii.ui-a to U- appreeiab d. A heiglit ot
H-v.i.tv feet in B-raalB sUty feelwide.ore.ghty
8*4 iii'liioail.-r streeta.i.4 quite lofty enough tor
New-York dwelliuga.
The lawH against the snle of pU-BBBB Maa fo
ba pretty efbetaal. At leaaa aaa araal ?"?"_
tl.i.t 9899 988 so. ju. fttf ffBBB the kindaidf
poiaoa mo. t aaedhy aaaappj peepfo wbaa the j
ui.il. to <on.ii.it suieide. There BM 9X99488 which
would end life .piickly and painlensly, but the
Hiiieides generally einploy those which are alow
in action andcauK,- intensepiiin. Arsenie, rnt
pO-flOflM an.l I .iria green are p.ime favontcs. lt
is hardly likely that the unfoitunate* use those
draja fraaa ehafra or ignornnce* Tha cnnifort
at.leexplanation is that they r-aiiuot buy any
otharknid without a pbyaklaa'ap_e_*cripi-0-.
Tlie -B-M iu point is that of Mrs. (iertiudr
Wheeler, un intelligent wuuiau, wlio died yes
|-rduy from rat poison.
' Slieriil' Davidson ean enjoy the inaugurathm
ofa Democratic President to-day with un
'alloyed Hatisfaction. Ba has jnst 1*898*4 lha
rewardof his politkal serv ic.es and cont.ibu
tion-. in the last cauipiiign, fur Oovernor llill
has d-BBB-BBBd the eharp-s against 9899 988
seiited to Mr. Cleveland about a year ago.
This WM prcciscly what well-iuformed ob
s.i v.rs expected ; but tt is none tho less an
outiageous eenelusion of the who.c inatter.
It was showii bf 8#an testimony before the
lcgislative invc.tigating committee, and by
exrraeta from tha eOdal records, tbat) Mr.
DarklaoB had drawa rhoaaaada af doOaBB fcoaa
the eity trcastiry on iiaudiilent voueher.-i ; tlial
he had niade fi.titious cluirgcs for the ren.oval
ofprisoners who had never been removed;
that hc hadchaigc.l Ihe city ior the board of
penOBBia LudlOW Stn _t Jail for ;i longer time
than they had stayed there; and that his nian
agement'of ihe jail W88 revolting. Yet Mr.
llill siivs the ehaafca aia no* aaalalnad byt.be
i-vidence au.l that as the Bh-tflff $98 sinco eor
rected sueh abus.-s as were ealled to lns atten
tmn the acoaaaUoaa masl ba diamiaaed.
l'lainlv Mr. llill i.Hiins to run for (.overnor
thia lall and wanta all tlie politieal fiien.is hc
can get. __________________
The aili.iinistratiiin ?>f Pn-sidcnt Artliur,
which eada to-day, has been in simie leapeete
a plcasui.ible disappi)inttn<'iit ??> tlie eotititry.
It lii-_.ui tuiiler einiiiiistaiiiis ol the (.r.-.ii.-t
ililli.tilty. Bul the extr.ionlinaiy ci.eiimstan.i
w.n- so l'ully appreeiatad bjr aa latolHaoal
people that, while tlny flaada tha patb al Mr.
Arthnr inore difiietilt, tbej M eured for him fimn
the titst a ine.i-uie ot charity and kitnl < oiisidei
Btiofl rarely ueeonleil to any Preaideat, aad
never before to a Yice-I'iesideiit who had
sui.ieile.l to tha Pi-a-deacjr. Heaee itiatbe
trnlli that Mr. Arthnr''* .-idininistratioii l.as from
thefliat been eritieisi d less iinpatiently where
it lle.-itved elitiei-.ni, BBd roiiilii.-liili-il limre
lii.iiiily where it deaenred eoanB-adatioa, lhaa
any otheradiiimistratioii fi>r many yeara. The
reaaoua for tbla w?re ta the aiaiiC-Teditab.e
alii.e to tha Preaideal mui to tin- peapla, foi
beahowed ateaeeaa eara-al daaire to prore
worthy ot the responsibility eaat upon him ; ami
his party Bbowed, aritiB leally raaarkahla
uiiiiniinity. a .lispi.-iiion tociicoinage liiin te the
ntmost in I'x.'iy food word ami ivork. On the
other baad, tbe Doaaoeratk party, retaanberiag
th.it. every pievious Viie-l'ie.-aiil.-nt who bad
meeeededto tbe Piaa-deacy had roaeorerto
the oppohilioii, looked tor ii separation b.-twciii
RepabUean elcaaiBila. an.l was therafoce lad by
moliv. s not altogether tlie hiiiln at ti. tieut
Mr. Artlnir's 008188 with unwoiite.l eon.iiit.-i ,i
tioti ami favor. Thoa by all parties hia mis
tak.-H were lightly toeehod, aad lns reaily
worthy aeta areie w.-nmlv appiualatad, while
the people rocogaUed the geaeral digaitj aad
integiiiy of his admiaistTatioB.
Notwithstaadiag tbeaa peealiariy forofiaM
etrcq-Ba-BBeee, it aaaat ba the Indyneal ol
iiii,.,iit!iil hi-atoi'.x that oa the whole tba adaaio*
isiration ol Praaideal Arthitr waa rmt ii aoeeoaa.
lt ilul not aibl to tha proepority of tha eoaotry.
It fiuled to bring iihout legiala-ioB to faaid
aajaiaal naaa-ria* and indaatrial diaaatar. ta
tha end it tninslerred the powarto the p.irt.v
tgalOBl '.vhieh Mr. Arthiit's Ufe-loflg eflblta and
earoeal eoarietioBa wera dlreeted. Failore i
not alwaya lanlt. In 88888 worthy i-Hoils, 1*1-8
idi-nt Arthnr'-' admini-tiatioti Ealled beeaoae be
euiild aet eoiiti-ol eventt, in othera beeaoae be
araa nol Btn_M aaooidi to aoaaaiaad adeqoate
partj aii[.pi.rt, or to euli.ai 8 stillieieinly aeiive
pablM o|.inion. Iiut il "ill b>- tlie. jinl-iniiit ot
the bietoriaa tlmt l.is Beaaty meaaarB ol aaceeaa
was dne in part ta faToriag i iieiii.i-t.inees, as
well BB toiTeilitulile and |iatiiofie aiins, wiiil
his illaaeeeaa was doe to rttal didereoeea ai
opiaioa betweea biaiaell and tha Baaiority ol
tha party ni><>n whieh be relied foraopport,
It beeame appareal reiyearly thal Praaideal
Ar.'h.n's eooeeptteaa of the tarii qneation
dHkred eaae_rt_B_ly from those of his paity.
Stiietly speaking, he w.in not a believer in the
proteettra ayataaa, and was al all thaaa b_eUaed
to look upon the jnotretive h aluie.-i ot the taiill
as i:\il.i Ui Iji leinoved or abated il p.msible. [fl
hisearliest BieoaageehereeOai-Beaded u n-vis
ioiiot the tariCaad a repeal af aU brtaraaltaaaa
exrept on whi-key and tobaeeo. In his aaeeod
anniial messnge Iie urged inore partienlaily it
snbstantial rediiciion of the dnties on e.olton
and woollen gooda, wool, silk. iron and steel
and other iinpoitan. artieles. Tbeaa 180088*
inendations, however ro-p'-.tlnlly treated, were
hoslile to tba b.liefsol niiie-li ullis of his piiity,
whieh neveitheles.-) euniiiireil xvith the reeom
niiii'lation that B revi>ion to nmove diflerep
aadaa and aaabijpiitiea boaa tha tai-l araa
dcsiiiible. Hut the resiilt of the lato.-t eleetion
h.is proved that a decided maiority. nol, only of
lns party, but of the whole people, di.-seuti d
lioia the opiiuon whieh ln-no doiibl hom-Hily
aiilailalaad. thata Bjeaoial ami BBatarial radae*
tiou of du;ie? wuh n.-eded. His positiou in thia
n-spect, therefore, di|iiivi d Iiin. of li ader-ihlp,
and indeed of large iiiliueme wiih his party,
ohkhBBTaitholaaaaaiahim lull eiadil wh.-r
evi r it eotild, aud _upporled him in the 99888
with good feeling.
1'resident Arlhur's veto of the Hiver and
Ilarhorhill, whiefa Congress B8T8fthal_aa passed,
araa one of the most hoaerableaeta af biaadaaia**
istration, and deserved the li.-uity praise whieh
it every where received. Hia reeonunendatiiuis
repeatedly made, that the coinage of silvii
ahoald Iw Btopaed, were nqaallj Braiaawarthyi
and highly eoininended, and Iiin upiuoval ot
eivil service reforni, and ertm ts to euforeu the
law in good faith, entitl.-d him to high praise.
Neveithelesrt 98888 most pr.iiseworthy stejis
tperat-d with the diveigenee from hi.s party
on the tatifl iiuestion to weaken his iiilliienie.
lt waa nntieed thal his appi.intments were uot
in all cnt+es in hariuony with tho Civil Serviee
law whieh he ho wad'inly upproved. Nor did he
eouhLsU-iitly endeavor, in the exercise of hU
patrouuge, to encourage nnd build up tho better
aentinient of hii? party with rehpect to silver
coinage, river aud haibor jobs, or civil aervice
relorin. Thosu who opposed hia coutaa in
theao matters nppeared tn lose no fuvor with
tho aduiini8tration by dning ho, and thua it
eame to paaa that, aa a large proportion of tlie
more euiuest and thoughHul i.epublic.iua were
unable to follow hi* lenderehip becanse of bis
vi.ws4.n the tariil, many 8*333 lejei'.e.l that
lliailiaaailp becausc of thc reforins whieh hc
iirgod. Tbe adini.iiatratiitii thaa lost BOW88 M
carry nseful inoamires. aml at tlie end it had
only a Begathre and q.ialili.'d BOpport.
A review of I'n-si.hnt Artlmr .. forci. n polief
distloses tl.e fai't th.it tt be.an, Ml altog ether
fairly, in ca-din. disrmlit npon tha thotU ?>1
his pradeaesaer. and aloaad wtth bb aBdearor to
siii.stiinte a palhv '?""?'' '''" hi^Ul[ "? 11".s
eooatry, and all-.gether less U ha.i.M.ny iv.lh
the opinions of his party. Thc enib-avor t..
.-stablish 8 coiniiiunity ol intenst aml fi-4'lm.
between Ainerit.ui nations. arhilo letainin. tor
the Ualted Slates unimpaiivil Ita p..w4*r of
ile fcndiiig its inil.istrics a. ainst foreign ci.mpe
lition, oaa broa.l and wis?* and in lianii.Miv wilh
Bapubiion priaeLplee. Boiihapolkgr ofeoaa
in.-rcial tr.alies, in wlii.-li 8083881 advauta. ?*- m
tradc were . mght by the Becrtioa of tho indc
peodaoea of the Boited Btatoa, an.l by breaking
doWO in part the barrier of dafaoOB a. ainst
foreign i-oinpetition, was n..t in harrnony with
tlie n.nvi.lioiis of tha Kepublican party, nor
hiiHit niet thc npproval of the people It will
bejadged aa an eflort toaloae tha ailnnnistra
lion withastrong BDpeol t4. that trading intcros'
whieh is most hostile to thc dlialapBBaflt of
baoaa indii.stries. and to 383010 the renown d
BOOBOBi in forei. n nflair* by misiising th.
admirablo id.-as apoa whieh tho adniiuistration
i.f President Garliehl bail be. un to act.
Yet, wilh all reservations and criticisms
?dlowi-d. the fact r.'iiiiiins tliat 1'iesiilent Arthar
hasih.nebetu* r Uian the DOBpla cxpected. 9B4
8008 tmt of oIlitMi in the cnjoynicnt of u more
Beneral gaod will thaa al any preriona period
of his lifi*. The fact also IQOlBlOa tliat tha
peopla, and cven thc leadi*rs of tho party
I'oinin. into power. would be happicr now il
tlicy could he a.ssin-4'd 4>f 8880 BOeh a 888888818
of trantiinllity anilpi"s|iiii!,v for tho n<*xt foiu
raaisaa the aoonlry haa eojoyod under its lateat,
bai aat it? last BegaMjeaa Adiniuisiration.
Aft.-r twcntv-foiii years the DemoeiBtfc party
retornsto power. Ooathiojcal leaet, asaal be
ailtnitteil. It there is a GoverooMot left tor
Demoerata to adioiaiater, their graiitnd.* iadee
|0 the Kej.ilbliciin pait.v whi.li savi'il tha 8883.
iry fn.m diaroptioa an.l Beeeeaton, aopproaaed fl
rabellioe, Deaaoeratie Ib its origio, aud re
?tored the Natioa'a eredit. Bepablieaaa bad
lillle bl whieh t.. be gra t.-f-il t'? tl.e 1 leinoeralie
party wbea they took eharge <>f Ihe Oorero.
ni.-iit in 1861.
There is a (_?v?-mim*ut with .I well-ordered
ayetoai <>f adaainistraitoa; tha Iwst Civil s.r
rieethia euontry haaerer knowa; a tariil thal
haanniltiplicil iodoatrieaaod di-.ersiti.-il laboi I
a baoking rratoai thal la at ..u.'.' atabla, elaatic
an4l well adapted to proaicte th.* growth <>f the
N.iti.m; B cuir.-my and 8 cn dit whicfa tlie
Democratie party bara been powerieaa to de?
-troy ; and, abovo all. llur.- im an tiiidit i.l.*d
rt.iintry, an iodiaaolnbla t' u i<?it, witlio.it
legalised trafflc iu hnmaa aoala,
The Bepablieaa partj ejoea oul of power with
a eooeeiooeneea thal it haa seither neglaetod Ita
opportooitioa aai betrayed thagtaal lotoreata
antrnBtedto it. Theeoaotrj oaaa sotoolj n
r/roepeetty bai its axieaueee t<> the loag lin<* ..i
roniiniiou. Bepoblioan Admiaiatratiun eodiog
i"-d.iy. _____________________
R 1:1.11.1.
Onec more thc eooatry has eeeoaioa to be
tliiinkfiil. . notber Deiooeratic Houaa will
paek up and g.? koaae to-day. Ob tlu. whole,
it has been a little thc wnrat Coogtoaa that the
eaaatry b.u* __rt aaae i not aoaeaally b.-.-miHc of
ita ctirruiilitin. tlu.... I. it waa .otr.ipi eoaagfe
in all i*/.ii-ii.'ii.-.'. .u waal ol eooadeaee}* aod
imt apeHally beeaaae -if m.y eaa eateageoaa
thiri. wliith it ilitl. thoii. I. it haa dtnn* ;i gaod
m.iiiv; but ln eaaaeaf Itaahooadiog, noatitigated
aod uiiliniii.-d Ineompetooea aud atopidity.
When it eoiaea t.? thia. thal the oolythioga
legialati.e body eaanot poeaibly d.> latolegie*.
late. thaa it i***- timt* toaareep thal particulai
body aot of the way aa rubbiah Its baddeatal
fanlta may I.e paaaed in aMenfle. Ii ia qaita
eaoogh that the body waa eleeted t<? Biake
laws. aml provi-d abaolotely ioeapal !<?.
[a goTeroiog a coantry il i*. imi Beeeaaary to
tlc-iriiv Boythiog iu order to 4h? hano. Threata
Uill. Uncertainty ruina, and bringa diaaator
apon thonasada ol eatabliahmeata, aad auflerioa
upon milliona of bomea. Thal ia .jmt whal
this Damocratie Honae did all Ibe laal aeaaion.
lt thraateoed iadoatry; it prodneed nncer
taiuty about cv.-iy operatlon ol <*iiiiiiiii'iei', nt
tiiiib-, 4?r <?f productlTe labor. The milliona of
wiiikii)*- people wbo bave been oonpelled u?
iliaw from ih.-ir aarioga iiunii. the paal year
to keep fiiinilns from atBrratioo, and thr* niulti
tudes who, being unable todraw froin aavinga
beeaaae they had Bone, hare mftered, aml are
to-day iu want or depend.nl apoa eharity, ii
they could nadanrtand Jaal what haahanned
them, woald t.urv iin-< ootgoing Coagreaa noder
;in avalaiiclit* of enisi-. Tbe I>. *iiioi*r,*ilii- portj
exiateinthia coootiyoaly beeaaae tbere are a
good luauy vot4'is who do imt um!-i-'aud
arbentbey ar.* wronged aad cnraed? aad by
The rafnaal to deal daeently with tbe ailver
iimsiioii, the refnaal to paaa aoy aieaaure of
H-lief tot thc boakiog Byatem, tbe refnaal to
iiiait a naiioiial baiikiupt law, the refnaal to
niiiki- adequata an.l needed Bppropriatiooa foi
inan.v braoehea af tha pablie aarrieeaod tln*
pablie w..ik. may be eharged partly toeraea
Btapidfty. Tha aaen really woald do better lf
thoy koew aaythiog. Bat thev may ba eharged
al.., iu part, to lepodiatiog teodaoeiaatj an.l
io iiu- aaraga rladietiTraeM af tha Baforoajttfog
rabel toward tha goeeeaaaeal whieh haaeap"
pressed his lei.ellii.n. Two yeara agoil 008
aaid wtth truth, "iho Bootharn Coofaderaey k
in tha aaddla agiiu.'' It has heea ridlog loog
eoooajh totaaeh unin whatdiraethn ttiaajaiog?
lime more thc Deiuoeiatii* party i.*4 to bi* 4*0111
plimi ud tl for eriae worda by ooe of ita earUeal
leadera. A letter froai Preaideat Jaefcaeo i<>
.Mr. .Mouroi*. dated in 1816, haa baaa pobliahed,
iu whieh adriea i.s giroa iltogatbar Innonalatenl
with tho eoursc whieh Mr. JackaOB liiiiiMill
ali.-rwaril pinsiicd. He Dfged Mr. Motin .? to
aeleet "aharaetera most eooaoteoaaa for their
tt pn.l.ity, virtiic, capaeily aml tirmm-ss, without
?aoy regard 10 paity." aod dkmlarod. "in every
"m'Ii i*ti4iu party aod party beliiig ahoald bo
?avoaded. N..w is Ihetfaaote axterariaatethe
? inonster callcl party spirit." Aml this was
tlm Baaaa JaehoBO who, a liui.. lait^r, eut ei
nmrc otliiial 38808 for pnnly paiti?.;m reaaooa
Uian all llie Presideiits that had BBOOadodhifll
froui the foundation of thc (. ivi-rnuicnl. This
w;is the saiiit* JaakBOB wln.M uun li-utiiijj hos
t.lity to jiolitieal oppom-nts, whooa IBTiajr
liarty spirit, tvl)4)Ho viii4lietiv4! fecliug Uiwanl all
aatec-Bdsta, whooa iiangvd of all baood aad
patriolii* ct.nsideratiotin in thopuninhinent of his
fotH, foiiui'il the iiiould, so to speak, ln
whieh wa_ cast the Democrutic pailyas it BOB
siiice extstcil. It. spirit froui that day to this
ii.ir*. beeu Juckson'a Intoleraut and inerciless
hatreil of its opponents, Jackson'a unin sitating
uso of all the powtrs of tho (iNivernincnt for
nurely party ..-mis, aud, it uiuat with regrct bo
itil.k'il, Jackson'a unworthy clouking of the moat
BBBBI Trr .ind inde.-f nt pnrty spirit under n pie
temeof disiegard for party.
Jickson died, but his spirit Htill livea. To
this day. his party ROCfl abuttt proelainiing that
ils ehiet' end M to " cxtermimite the nioiister
jiarty spirit," while cherishing within itself the
most Havuge and vindietivo party spirit yet
kr.own witliin the Ixcpublic. It flaunts before
the eouiitiy his tcui-hinga and Jelleison's
auuciau. while degradlag all tlmt labaBBaad
uoblf st in the iatiil by its hostility to every re
foiin.and by glorilyiug, BB B triumpll of the
people. a vici.uy ivon by defamation, infanioiis
Iratiii, an.l org-anized assassinatiou.
Conviiiced tlmt the attompi to get teii for one
in a baigaiu will hanlly Hiieceed with this
country as it did with Minister Foster and the
A.lininis'i'.'.tion, the Spnin'sh diplomatists have
miisciitcd to a inoililicat on of the coinniereial
ti'.-atv. On Safiitdav, we are told, a itn.dilied
liiaty was signcd by the Spanish Minister, and
eeat te the Senata ofl Haadaj. Biaeatteaaaat
get ten for one, Spain in willing to take nii.e for
one, and dnubtless would be xvilling to take as
li tl li* as three for one.
Perfaapa the most important ehange is the
iibiinilt.iiiiient of ihe attempt to introdiiee iron
,.re without duty. While this teiituie of the
frcaty would bave been of Viist iidvantage tn
the tea ooatpaniaa which had Beeared exclusive
iniuiii- righta in Caba, it would bava proairated
a grent many coiiipitnics, atnl closcd a greut
niittiy miiiesanil fuinaces in Kastern i.ml Miildb
States. TooBTB tlu- treaty Irom defiat.it has
been usked and agTe.-d that th.-se features shall
hc ihangid. Agiiin, :i conression to Migar
irliin-is |g said to have been made iu the ehaage
ofthe Ihaitof aagarte beadadttod frra Creaa
??not abive No. lt!" to "not above Xo. 13
Dateh Btaadard." Hut, on the other band
nnlaaaea is added to the bea aehedule. Alao
tlieiluiy mi cigara and eigarettea from Caba,
wlncli it waa Pfapoaad tn make $1 20 per
poaadaod 12*4 par eaat ad Talorean* haa been
chaaged t<> ?*_ per poood and 20 pei eent ad
valoiem. Hut the dnty on Cuban tobfl-80 is to
hi- Boatewhat radaeed. Aaether ehaage <>l
.onn- eonti .pn-nee is li'oin .*1 20 per kllo mi
Ameriean boota and shoes Imported IfltO Cobfl
t,i "in cents per kilo. Curioiisly, the dnty on re
tiiied p.-fruleiim is m. anwhile raised fi'iuii -fl t'?
sl per 100kOas, beeaoae of tbe opposition ot
Ami-ricaii reflnera eatabliehed in Caba,
While the-*'' ebaagea oadenlablj leaien 'he
harn wbieb the eomnereial treaty would
diraetly do to Aawrieaa Indoatriea, they do aot
.itl.it at all the iii.iiii groflfld of opposition. If
iaatill tbe fael that tbepeopleof tiiis .latry
do not w.-uit te sigii away their right tedefeod
their oam lodoatry. I boy d<i nol aaal to bart.-r
xxitli sp.iin. or with aoybody alae, if ;?>* abaaia
tbey have teBOireoder their power to proteet,
by aaeb meaanrea as may bereafter be foitod
im onaaarj. aay of the iedaatriea upon which the
prosperfty ol tha eonntry dependa. It remaina
tmc inun-ovi r, lhal in all this li.ng.nn we are
giviag .iiin-h for li.tle, it not, ladi ? >l, aotnethina
for nothing. Por Ihe pririlegee which sp.iin
grants to na Bpala eaa aad uadoubtedly will
graat t<> othi i cooatriea irith arhicb we coiopoto.
.4 co.vrs_t..i:
Whea tlm Denoeratie party eame if.t<> power
iu 1845, after tbe defeal <>f Mr. Clay by a eloae
rote, it iiiid. 1 toeonsolidate i'a foreea and to
Btreagtfli n Ita bold opon pnblie ooofldenee, aa
ii doeaaow. lt had alectad :. bmbb who waa
o laidered bai little haown. Hewaa macherit*.
ictardiai.ampaign on thal aeeoaat. Yet
Mr. l'olk had been fbttrteea y.eara in Congreaa,
i.nir yeara Bpaaher af tha Hoaaa. aad tha Gto
,.tii.H of his st.it... To aaaaaaaad pabtte eoaaV
.ii-n... bo braoghtiatobiii Cabinet tba toltow
Iflg iinn :
Jaaaaa Buehaaaa, of PeaaaylraBla, had baaa
ti n ve .rs 8 n pnsi-iitativ.-, thea Minister to
Hnaala. aad tben eleren yeara a Benator. He
waa pacnlhuiy aeqaahited aitfa for.-igii aflbira,
and xv.is Belfl l.d tor Ihe l)-[).irtinent of St.it.-.
lle w as 11um mn- oi tin- tben pivol.il BtatOS, and
w.i*. ii*. nn.-' iniliieiii i.ii sf.it. -man.
Robert J, Walher bad beea aiae yeara ln tho
Siiiitc, and bad ahoiro a peculiar Interael ia
Unani i.d uattei.. He haa dnee been noted f?r
his vel'x c .liaustlve report. OB tho tailt. i.'li-s
hon, whieh baa been a hand-boobforfree
tradera froia thal day te thia, aad bia aeleetion
for tbe Treaaarj Departiaeol was regarded aa
ttn* choiee, aol only ot a BBoai diat-oanJahed aad
inlliti ntiil politn ian of th<> South, luit of a man
p.culiarlv ipialiti.d toi tin-dutii-s to which he
\xas :is-lgl.el.
William L. Uarey was froui the State of New
York, abeae eleetoral rotaa had tnrned tha
?cale tor Mr. l'olk, i.ml was tiii) moat dis
tilig-iahed and intiueiitial Demoerat in the
si,,i,.. He had baaa Jadge of tlu* su
prctne Coorl twe yeara, Ooremor of
tho State six yeara, and aparial eom
niiaaioner oa Ifexleaa elataaa Bar three
roara, aad bia aaatg-uneal to tba War Depait
im nt biought prov.d executivn ability and
gpoeial kiiowl.-ilge of the lelaliiuis with Mexico
to tin-.nd nl the I'restdeiif at n time when the
ilill'u iiltii.-s betweea thia country and Mexico
wt re approaebiog ;i ensis.
Cara Johnaon had been a memberof Coa
gieaa f'?r fourtoaa yeara, In that capaetty he
hadahnwn peenliar qaalifleatioaa toi tbe p<>
sition to which he was BBBlgned, that of Post
ina.stei-<!eneral, aud his inllut nce in Tii.m-s
si'i-, a Btate of political impoi liince, made the
?eleetfofl tha more jadieioBB.
John Y. Mason had beea tor three lenns in
Congreaa froai Virginia* aad a Jadge in that
State, BraBalieadj Beciateiy of the Nary when
Mr. l'olk was ele.?ted, and vx.n recogiiized ns
one ot the most inllin ntiiil statesmeii of tho
South. lle Waa selected for Af toriiey-l ieneral,
but waaaoofl aflai lianaiaiied to the Navy De
Only one BMMBbef of Mr. Polk's original t'ab
jM,.|?thire, xvas at that time uo Si-eii-tary of
the IflterioC?was comparaiively new to public
lile, viz, Mr. Qeorga Baaeroft of Maaaaahn
letla, and he remaini-d in tlie Cabimt only a
rear and a half. [aerery other eaee Mr. l'olk
?clected men who had theniselves beon dis
linguishid nnd tmated bf tho people
ni their Btatea. i.ml aaaa Mr. Mason took
Ifr. Baoeroftfa plaee al th? Navy Departeaeat,
thoie was Ni-lecte.l for Attoriiey-tjeueiiil
Nalhan i.'lifToril, af Maine, who had been for
two leinis iu Coiigress, and Aitoniev-lieue.nl
of tha Btate, Bttll later, when Iie was sent as
Coiinnissioner to Mexico, Mr. l'olk chose in his
?tead lsiae Taaeej, Of t'otinciticut, who ha<l
beea tof iw*. kanta a RepBaaaata-ifab an.l
altei ward ? iovernor of tho state.
Mr. I'leveland is uot better kuown thau Hr.
Pelkwaain 1840. EHa par<y araada la greater
niiil ol consolidiitioii, of hiinoiable represenla
fion, and of latgai liold upon publi.- eoiitiil.-ii.e
than it did whea Hr. l'olk was ehosen Lf it |g
to ba represeiited in tho l'.\eculive De|iart
meiits by men who havo nevei' b88B tru-ted by
the people of their own States, by men who
have uo proved executivB abilities, by meii wlio
are not kiiowii to hav..- any e?pei:i.il training or
liking for the dutiea to which they uro ealled,
and if those of them who lmve been tiiLsted by
the people liitlierto givo atiength to the Admin.
lstration only iu D'dawate, Mi-.-tia-ippi nnd Ar
ktinaas, where it i_ sufUciently atrong already,
porhaps it will be coneludi .1 that.Mr. Clevcland
has aelect. d lcsa wisely than Jauies K . Polk.
Ihe World is trirlin. with tho most sncrcl feelinns
of tho Il.tiiiot-i atif. B8B8. Ou tho ilay before the
inaui. iration 4>f Presiilent Clovelainl it ptil.licly
najpadlatea a Haaehaaatad tradltloa af JeOaaaaoiao
sinipiieity. It ilismis ._ as a fautastic inyth, or as
tlm lirtion of a tlisonleretl inatriuation, tho oft
lapaalad legandof ahe iaaaaoraHeB ._? theBM Deaae*
i ratic Pn*si.loat. What sturdy DBBBOBKBt is there
wiu. deea uot know it hy beartf Baa thera baaaa
hiiiL'it* year aiaee the aeatnry aaeaad when tho
Am. rii'.-in noople havo imt baaa m.nridotl l.y ?prout
iii*.' ereaaeaada irrlH. tfaai aad hy tell blaaa Daaae
eaatle ateteaaaaa taal Mr. Jaabeaaa sot lorailtnno
the exaiiipli* of extri'ino simplirity BB B lialiit be
loniiiiK tho tirst attaaeoof afkaepeaedef Y.*t ihe
World ?u tho are Bf "tlio i^r.ui.l jiiltiloo of 8 f ree
p.*oplo" has both lha liarililnit.il and tho rruelry to
pnbliah a OBHOOB poiliall of tho tlr.it Democratie
1 'rosid.-tit. aml tod.my tii.iiit l.l .nk iiii.leruea.tli that
ho tit'd his horae to tlie leaae in tr-Mil -?f tho Capitol
on tln* most ovi-nlfiil tlay ef his car.t-r.
in aorrow, aot ia mii!"r, wo appeal irom tlio eesa.
It'Bo. aeeatieal aml irroveront World to tho haaitS
Bad consrii'iicoH of tho Deajoeretia party. This is a
day lor whieh that patient aml lon. .-.tiflcrin.
<<r ..iii/.iitiuri has beefl waitiBg for a ijuarf.*r af a
eentory. Ib lliedaikaal hoaraaf palitiealdJeaater
it has i onsoloil itst-lf with rneinoriea of itn ileparted
greateaae, and rafteahed llaalf with tho t'l-.u^lit
that Thomaa JeflareoB rede t4. tho Capitol aaal
t.ii.lf.l, <lirtinoiiiitc.il without tho aid of liuikoy,
ajaatd or poUtieiaa, hitehed tho horso to a poat
with hia own hamls, aml moiiiitod the Ntopa a
Btetely but solitury IgBBO That traditinu ha.
kept tha party alira oheotbaaohaaBotaeeaBedta
l.o unythiiiK oIno to live for. Aml now that a
I>i*iii.MT*itii- I'roii.Iont ia to bo imuiK'iratt'.t, a-Qtl
tviiil.als and .'hiincs, imiitfs aml lish-horns aro
ettaned t? tba'JabUeeof aa aaiaaei-^atad Vation,"
who s ..ill daro to say that I'hotn .4 .Ji-ll.-i -mi .liil
not hit.h his own ln?i. *? T The World ilares. lt says
plainly that it is a mistakt*: that Mr. Jell.-ison
r.*i>airo4l to tho Capitol a.-ooiiipauied h.V 8 liuuil.er
..I .?iti/.i *ii?; thal if ba rn.le, ho ?ii*l not ri.lt* iilono,
aml that 88 probably walkoil. as (> .neriil WushiiiK
t.m lui.l-itnio it.-f.it. him; aod the8 tha hllehlag
i>..?t Hti.rv baaaa baata f?r cro. lii.d.ty lt. bbbbbbb
aaaaa aeeaaata <>f tli" inaatBraliea It roieeti aaa
ol the most beailllfal and inspirni. 1o_.ui.1h ef tha
Htotied past. lt doaa this on no better BVldaaea
thaa aaewapaper elippingt aad it laavaaatriaaa
ahaal partf <>n kbJagraataad ajocioaoday witii tho
liiiiii.Iiat.nir eaaaeloaaaaaa that th.'ro is not, an.l
n.-viT haa beea, any such tbiag a? Deeaoeretie sim
piiiity of iho real old .edaraoeiaa kiad.
Now, aa every lionmeratio liuppy knows, thera
eraebofdaln tha kamaa heart Thiee peaasathma
of Aiiii-riiau freeeaea havo i.o.-n taaghl te Iwlicve
tbai .Mr. Jeflbeaoa <ii'l lut.-h Im owa boaae aftai
ridlng to the Capitol baaa lika aaa af (J. P. B.
.i.ihVs aelltary aaealierai aml tha Deeaearatie
party dacllaaa to it.*.:.*|tt tho ie.ieod earaaaa with
ih.- poaap an.l peajeeotry el a siaad eal. aaada oi
a.liiiirintf frn*inls. paradea byoonpaaieeef nfleeaaa
.iii-l artiilary, boaoeary salutes, eeaoeeol feati.it.
aad i.ii.im .ut iiitiiiiiiiatitin. Tlm Deaaoeratle party
iiistrtt'i apoa haTuag lha horaa kiad to lha fem*o
erery time. lt was boru Ib that (a th, aud it w.ll
n.-vi-r .av dia witlnnit eanfaaaiag it. Jaim Daata,
aa En. ii-.li iraTaller, who tritnooaad the Baaaa, ison
raeord as aayiag: "His iir.-s*. was <?f plain eloth,
aml he rodaon boraebaek to the Capitol artthoel a
alDBJ* Kiiard or eveti nervant in his train. ilis
i ti. mi ii to. 1 without arrH-"-, hii.I bltehed Ihe bridle
ef hia baraa to tba paliaedaa. Theaa aro theplalB
taetej aad aebedy oolaide Tkt IFerld oOee eaa
ilmiiit tliat tlm aowapapee raeeetar whe a>ae ;t
.lnl.-r.nl aoeeanlal lha tranaaettoa wilfhlly mis
n | laOMBtod it fn.tu shoei malii-f. after liivai* tried
to tnrn an koaeet pennv hy otl?nnt{ to l.oltl the
horaa and r.*.*<*iviiirf tho atara rabaha boai Mr.
j.-iioi-?oii that tho lanaaalBf adminiatmliirr ***r* t
?.* inio ef relorm.
Doaa aayhoiy aappaaa thal Kr. Jefiaraao woald
bave eeaaplaiaad >>f ii?*n'-rai Waehiaajiee'aiaaaga
r.ition as " ri"t at all ... k<*<-piiit" with tho siiuplicity
.l.-iMiii.'tn.l ot a .Itunnrratie Koveiniiieiil.'' aml not
havo tioil hls own lior*e t4. Ihe (BBOB wlion hi- had
tlio ehaaea u. m-t tl... esaaaplaaf aaaflei t.-4lsiin
plielty for aaaerleaaa hi tha tinr.l aad Daarth |aa
araHoaal Uf nenieaba tii-.l his !mrsi?. And if Mr.
llcvolantl is to be an-.tlicr J.-llors.m. ha ninst uot
,,i,lv .lolivor an in .u?tiral that may Ito road u.
aaiallal oolnaana with that of ihe pieaeeeDaaao
cratio I'resident. but lu* muat alao tio his horso to
tha aaanat toaeo. lt HJabarl 0. rbaaapaoa or
.*.inith w. .ti triaa _? ln.i.l tho bridleb ha must
;nirtw.-r lhal the ermefe?tra?aa*aneaand Baiaajarara
inciit has |.:in.*iI avray ; an.l as a *.i?n that _'-...tl olil
Dsaaaaratk simphcity has rataraed, ho miut d-? tho
bitehing lnms.it'.
The World ot Thurs.lav. Fohruary 'Jtl, containod B
daabla leadad dlapateb fi-?ui Albany, nivin," Iba
neama ol Barard, Laaaar, Qariand, Maoaiag aml
\il.ts aa nartain t.? -,., lato tha Cabiaaa. rhiaia
f.irn.iitii.n appBaied in Tob Tbibomb oa Benator
l.a-ti.n'*. r. tnrn innn albany aoaaa daya befora. <>n
IVI-rnarv 'J* The lYoriir-t diapatohaa rt.iiil that
probabty Mr. Endieott woald ba ofierad th ? Seere
taryahip ol War. aad that thore was -itrtiiii' pro-sitn
t-.r Mr. WTldtaey for Seeretary <?f the Navv. Oa
l'.-itriiary 28, in 8 dlapateb from Albany, Tiii*
Iimiunk annonneed tha profer oi pla. aa ta b.-t'i
Ibaaa eaaitlaeBea aad theiraeeeptanoa, ?>n Bonday
HMTBIOf, Mai-.li 1. The World lOllow. .1 sitt. Tl.is
i*. wh:.t thoro ia iu I'm litliu m'? ilani. that it
aaaaed Mr. Clarataod. Cabinet" la adaanea of all
i*.iiii|.otitors," wl.ioh la .liBputo-l only by lha lYorld.
Ii is appreheaded that tho Editor of 27ir lr\>rd
w m too Imsy wavin** a ro.l liamliinii.t in tha m 8 ef
Kr. Clerelaad to keap wateh on the aewa oolnaana
of his aapar.
They aro all there bat Joba K<*!ly. Hedoeeal
i-are to li.Uilo at aiiotlur nii.n's ahow.
i e???
An otld ipitiBtion al law ha*. ari?-n in tho BapeOBM
Coartiathie eity bataraao a brother andaaiato.
An laanrance polioy i? out ea the brotber'a Ute n
f;ivor oi tha atatar, upon whieh ahe paya thapea
iiiiiiins. lioi'i* inttorly lmstilo tu eaohother, the
brother ebjoete to haTiag his death beeome a Boeeoa
ol piolit t>> hor, aml wanis tho paliOT lleelareil vol.l.
Tbuagh it is m,t t-a-y to s.?? haw tii? law aaa aaaal
a eontrael thal is baiag faithfally perfonaad, yet
tli?) idea tbat aae'e death wtll be piedlable to'a
bittar eaemy i* bo! altogethar eheeriag.
Out of tho nlno hiiii'lr.'d ninoly aml nine?aml
tnore-a.iv i.tb who tiaiin Mr. Cleralaad'a aaooakiaa
ear. tho mde aalaled aa>CoBBiaiaaaaaec af Pablie
Worka sBcins to ba pcafocred above all oaheea In
Mr. Claialaad*! ayaa ho appaare alaogatherloTaly.
ll.,w daee Tkt kmomm Pmt lik?> itl
Twa aoarehtaaa aareaneaeal tbeethorda. ol
Ketohaabeeg, ia Bohaoua, aud a attettaf pr.*ss aad
aoaaa dynaasito oaaa h8aad ia thair aoaaaaafaa.
sin'h oambiaaiieaaappeaa tebe bMqaeotly baad
Bewaaaya, Bat thoy aro ? had keaaa to oerh
with. rin-y dou't puil woil togathae it alL M'.i
irha aae dyaaaaita araat n->t oipael to ajot a paalaat
readfaloterwhal theyprin. Fhe w .rhl wiil b?
nn.li* apt to gire baad te whateaerar avaaagM bop
urehists, sociahsls. nihilisis aadotheta aro irroan
uigtodellrai if thoytnut lo tho dyoaaaia lailu
anoaoftbe priattegaoaaa ai?uo, aud throwaway
their ilyiiaimte. Othanriae thoy aad their eVaatjteaa
aio both piatty one t<> gat sni.i-.iio l. Peopia oaat
BoJMait to li.ivi.i_ stiMiiH'.' diiotnnos hlowu iuto
Ikeni withdyiiaiaiio. Tho aj880l roforuirra havo
been oaotanl aiaaplyte aowtheli st>4*4, whether it
lar.-ii woil or ill wtth theaa, aml paeaar oa i Oaa tha
harroetfoilowad. DyaaaUta ba daagaroaa Ihtag
I.. t?oi alth aapanlallf ho thD4o who baaate it.
_ ___.?
Hulii-rt, (). Thi.uipson is extrtiiifly eooapieoaao
Bfld oillrio.is in PBOOiTtea Mr. I.'i.-rolatiil at Wiwh
ingtoa. l? it pe iii.io Ihat Mr. Thoaipaan'B ao*
l.iilaiic.-.l hai for tho (\.lloiitorshlp of tho l'ort of
Nea. York haa baaa alieadr aeeaptedl
Onr sular Baighhat otthM to kimw whothor or
not tho proawieo of Manniug a-id Whitney ln Clove
lan4l'a Cabinet will utrou. tuen tho Democratie
party hero in thr. noxt SUt. coiiteat. Uow it will
ladbot the party tha poopie of the _tata will have
an opportunity to show in good tune. Put :t i? ?_ 0
to say now that P-aiuciralie aeayeBtieaa wiii .aidor.
htauil who ?li..---. the Hfpu tvi.g.
[n liiiililiiig tho r.iil.v iy eCBtlone of t'.ie !!? :<> *o an
oinissi.in xviis made th.it serious'y ititf-rf. nv w.th
the i'omfort% of pa__i'ng.-rs. TliHre iirfi no xvailfn*.
rooinsoa the piatfortiis. Tba only waltmfraa^
tire at the botl nu of the teirwaya,aad they iraui
iii i lt-H.-r, .-.. i,ii for |i:i.a.*"ii.i-i4iiliiMv..i.i tmue.1
frieu.l.s in thein. On the c.l.lent dayao( wlatar M
is ii aevere liiir.i.lii'i to stii-nl on the platforius whii?
waiting J'or tr.-uus. expused to the abilliaa l.laata
that sxveep ttirniigh tin- Imihbngs >x ith muini|w--l*Hl
foree. Tlu i dolect could easily be ami.pn.-ii _y
ext'-iifling the platform*t ..v.ir tlir. r<.:..i wax i t,,r K,s
or eig i, feet. .in.l for ii BBlBeiaot lenirth to prnvirU
aile.|ii*ite Bpaee lor PBitiaf peeeeegera .Swinnog
doors ahoul.l divnle thia room frmn tha preumt
platform. We hope tho new inanagenieat will
r.iiiedy thia omis.aion before ucxt wintcr.
Ofl trheee inotion was ifthat the li lad of the .lew*.
York d.Tectivo foree with a ietaehaaaai of ner
gcntnguardedMr. CTi'voland'sprojn-'sn to Wafthing*
ton ! 1_ then; a man. wouian or cliil.l on earth who
wi.lio. to do :uiv bo.Hly harni to the Prebident-i-lect,
knowing that it CTuveland could Iie kept out of tbe
i l.ii.r Eteodrieba would tiii it f
Wotildn't it be a good idea 'to get up a ten-yeer
coiiti-.t between the Mari.-Gairisou ?uit, the lloyl.
will ca?e and the Orant xV Ward referenceT Uook*
iiiiik.rs and b.ttiug men .-. uld make and loaa
torti.ii-s m spei-ulatioiis aa to wiu. li <:ane . >.a!d
have the most sittings with the loa_t rcsalt during
tli.it tliiie.
A i-olorcd "reniinent" of 1.10 men ha? been
fonind in South .'arolina to take part in the in
aimurution. That will not be so expensive an might
be unngined. The av rai-'e pay for colorcd iaborera
in South C'iirolma i_ $8 a montb, or iio" eenta a day.
Ilence tho expeiise xvill be suiall. And as tlie n.l
(ii'.-.i men wore refased the r.ght to vote in the IhbI
eleetlea, they ougbt to ba paaaaaaa. if paanMa hy
an aSBBBBBfl BB the Capital. General 8 Hamburg"
I'.nt l.'i n:i._'lit to 1..' ptit in ...iiiiiiaiiil of this regi
BBBBl in order to bave tbe >dea tiUuigly carried out.
The viee-pres.ilent of the New-York Gaa Lighl
L'niiipaii.v ti-atili.iil lieforo tbe Senate Cominitlee
timt be anil his a.iso.iatos u .lou't work for fun."
Tliis imist be a mi*t.ik>\ At all i-vents. it they .lo
not _r<-1 anv fun out of it, they niav rest asuured that
thoii patioii. don't, and it do.-a seeni tbat there
oaght to l.e a little fun for toiuebody in a liuudred
and lifty porccnt protit.
Tho French Charuber of Dcputies agreetl on
Tbaiadaf to increa-- to 6 B-BB88 tbe dnty ou
Eoropeaa tlour. or llour imported nir.ct froig
eoontriaa gatairtl af Borope, ami at tho same time it
ui.-r.M-i-'l te .'I'a fran.M the dnty on K.irop.'an ilrnir
hiijiortel fr.iiu l.mopeaii eutreaotB. Tbe I-'reneh
iiiijiorts ef llour dtinng the year 18S4 froro all
eoaatriaa anaoant i t.> ealj 50M?4M sacku. inciud
ing noiio from tha I'liit.-.l States. Nor worr tha
iiiiports of wheat af largo unportance. ln IM|
tbaa amiiiiit.-d BB only 17,571.-00 buslieU, of
trblehkaa thm s.ooo.ooo baabala aaaaa from tlda
couurry. Tho extraordiuary -flpBBBataa in tlia
price uf llour and wheat in Franci- last y.-.tr. which
baa so kiadlad tho wratu af Fren-'a faran-r. that
tbey laaiat aeoa aa hBeeaaaa of iatiaaaa importa,
w.i.. not d.re.tly dne. therefore. to vorv large
Latp-Cta, but rafln.-r to tho p.. t ulity of mirb im
perta tnan iir.at britain, aul trotii oth.-r BaiBBBBBj
eoaatriaa The teraaaea af l-aaea badfaaraeBpa
tmt wara eeaapallad to aell the.-n at low pn.e%
I..nie ull the ro_t of the world wai waj
snppli.-.l with grain. Th_8B dtitlos afiect thia
ciiuntrv BB the chtef pmducer of xrli. .it n y
aa'tbey attect the price at which a BaBBBa atively
Biaall parl af our aarplfla can be BBfd. It mihaa no
diffareaee ta aa at what priea the farmers of fkaaai
mU the laaat part ef tbe graiu aoaaaaanl ai tiiat
country. That la the busiucsa of FreucU producara
ami oaflBflflMBB.
Tlia ft>v. mui Hri. auuiuel W. ir.iwlai.fi, f.ir twelve
vo.r? inl.ii.iiiiirl.-H ,.f th.. _in.<ric_-i Il.i.ird ln Cayloo,
,.n -? ratanaaB haaas. lha Beatth ot Mr.. tinwiaud bemg
..im laly uiipaire.1. Mr. llowland wlll spi-ak to-iilitht ta
nr rt-,.-, i\ '?) . iiiireli uu lii? w.ir k m Imila. Hia futliar
ti.is Baaa a BBlaatoaarf ln Ceylun for forty years.
Ci.lon.l I?imo it. as prl\-ute ?ccretary of (Jnveraor
Clere a:ul of gatoT-tfc 888888?1 $1,000 aalarv ptg
i-iiiiini. a-. piix-nt*- Beereaaay af PreoMeal t'leveianJ ot
t ic riiit.'.l r-t.ite-, iie will r.-c.-ivt- only ^it.'JSO.
Itioli.ii.l I'.ra.it Whlte. who has -..-uti conftneil to ha
aonae. ffa Tlfl B_MBaTaaaaaathwL with ?avore uii.aei
furaararelvaafla,M *>ioxviy improviag. in*. phj-u.-i ia.
ii.iw.-v.T, woald aaa peran huu to rrcive vt.itot. laat
? roetng
Aml.I i-iirrent niiniru of lsni_.il Paoba". Inttigie*) ta
Mgaaa BM Khaalvata. lt is ititerpstlng t) r.'ii.in .. r thal
li.ii.li.ii, a f.ixv itiys tiefnre settltiir out for Kh.irt.um,
i.ml: " If licx'l't 1. to liavo a rul.ir uapabie of u-iiit-lul-g
a really oitli-i.-ut natlvn itovrriiai.'ut, I-ttu nl nauiit l)? tha
man. lle la V.:e xvurit uv.it ? ia In I HBBO II? xva-i tha
0*mt .,i i in,.at .-;*!> ii.l.i rulor EK')'lJt over ni vlth all hia
mi.i tlio calamttle. vre are wltuestla^ are tha
?i xt iit- il f.i:i*. .pi.-uxva of tlie wlthilraw.il af Ul. uia-t.r
LtKWI-BB ln BBflaai a fortalffht aifo on tha Nlie cam
i. >.?'.. Mr. J. BL C?.k-..f Ihe fainou. tlnnof louk _. .**ou?
i.-i.it.-J tuat havlng ?? peraonully coii.IiioickI" Lor.l Wolua
1 y't .iriur t.i ahdf Halfa. Ba Bai his ...n luailo an 8-BBB
.I.ui nn tiu-ir own aaaaaal to 1? inaaaa. Tiii-re, ln vlrtua
..f ln- ?, ? i,l-.,:ti.-iiil paalMua uml.-i dM Kii.-.iive, he 888
fiv.Hi.'. With an Intrrvioxv with tha Mmlirof that .lutrlol.
rbaMadlr waa aaaaa ->f Magalarly Baaarfal aataB. Ha
waa Ifeaeei aa a.i.-rvish. .ml was. in faot,aaarrlahol
t'n- m.iit tanaMael _aeerlp-laa_ Ba BM paeaaaal appear
eaea ml li.ii.lt iie i>ore a .ifroiii? n.tteru.laiicfl to tha
ll*li,ll. ilu.aiil the priti-nlct Mi.li.ll xxr:v_ not the M.ilidl
,. ..... :n ai .i.i. ra aaa no Maha.; mud that if tiu-re aaaa
Hahdi h.- itii.- Mudlr) ihoul- be tlu- eaa, but be xvai u?t
l_e Mn.tir .>if.-r.-<i ti. aMd Mr. Ooah-altar afaaialBhll
real to kl.iii'.i.niii Mfety with the Muilir'a own e.i-ort. li*
eausa the tiibea woald thea haxre co-.m' ln aadthereaaa
woul.l beel.'iir. ItWBB a m.table fax-t tU.it a f?ttni|{ht
froui thal tuuo a nuaasBger waa aiiio to co _ad u,_k. tha
jaurney aad i.rtni' baek eewa af Oeoeral Qoraoa. T_ tha
nueatlon, xviiv Oeoeral Oordon eoold n?t leavaKhaa
i.i.iin. the Mudlr rapiled, " BTha, lhaa, woul.l -..x.-ra
Kiuiri.>um i" Mr.Coofe aah-d hia whather hi-.iiiiuol
thluk thal he (the Mu-iln iiliusclf waa tlu- |.ro|?-r mm ta
-mvim-ii Kiiart'iiiui. addlng that lha Kit^ lix?? ooaaidarai
he xx i.. aad xxa- da-lro-a of ne.-lni{ hlai la thal poMtawt
The Mudlr made aaawer thal ha iii.t "..t Mrad wlthna
li.-lir to guveru iiiiyw'i.-r.-, bul tli.it ha Iih.1 ll\.*.l wiih
the h'r.-at aeatare to aa i hta **} - M llaaaa ->r .Metlina.
?Bleaallea" Baataaaa, xvhose buriy form w_Baa8B8
ni*i..i .ni tlu* rti'i.r of tlie _b8B8 fur 88 BB-MBUb ttnir aftar
lu iii.tratioti Day. leBBBM an BBBBB-Bf Incl.li-nt ln whlah
ii,. w,ia tlm i'iiii-f aataa aaaa timn forty yaaaaaaaflB
t.nik out hts hrst papan of t-ltli.iu-.hip. Tho clerk
ri-i.-'iiu.i tiie aaaal Baaaaaaa xvinoh teejaked tha fljfaaeal
to raaauaea illeguuice to all othet governmenta, and
i-ieeiialni. atthaai aoi r ?aMaa ? paaa. ? hM aapsaM-g
totfeoQaeeaef Oteal Drttaia anit ln-iiiini aahaBpyaa
Ood Klve BM i ilollar!" ? I'Hnl.m me. sir." Mr. BtUBMB
...i.l. " i.ut rtlioul.lii't y?u hixvo put iiHiiumi Uiiweee
.....l .m.i tlie dollar."
I li. famllv l.'Kirlature vu asuemblo.! in Jolnt 888888
rlnti .il ihe illaiu-r table. Tho comuiittee ou approprta
tiaua reportadaa fellawei _i
" To tlie l.oiu.nilila atnl sotm-wh.it iinp--.Ninl.'ii-i "'aa
of the family: thavefotte Bave a aotal doth. twe
-ipriiiL'tialicariiaiid naiylUli rlg for thi- straet. H.-?4ie
mu.i li_ve a K<??t mn.iv little thlaaB an.l shoan; t:.i?i>oya
rou'U haaa te taBa ta tha etathlag iBara ta af.-w.i_ra
MarU Jana, ehalrman oa thr part ef tlu- hoaaa.
Tlu' ttiiaiiii' .?ionoiltt.*e of ono auliinlttad the ...1!i.w!"iU
" our Kpnag ..ver. oat wlll i-leau my pocket out. \ouu
li.tn- to gp wlth-uiU" _ __,
c'rli t* M ?' onirr. nnlpr." "put hlin out. an- BBaaaa
" confii.Hi.i'j." iio wou't liiix* tl..-.h.-.-k to i.uy an ?>v?r?
iu.it im -la_salt, however. aad tha ooai-Uttaa ob aiT1^
?rlatlaaa wlll appr..pri_tae\aryU.lugi ihat* xvliat ?hea
h.-r.< for??llatlii.nl I'o.t.
Mr. Ilrecliar and soina other frlendt of the Prentdenh
? li-i-t MBBBhaaai Bfla IB tlialr prayers on Sun.tay. UM
?.ifi to u-Hiune thul l.ofore many days Mr. Cleveiaad UlflB.
?elf wlll pray?to he dollverod from hU frtenda
A nieti-or, looklug ia large an a houee, rex-ently p?m"*
over tlio town uf l>ahl..u.-ga. .*_.. aud wa. a?-en hy ner
eral af the liihaliitantix. rhm littlo -BBtdaol 8_~~a
niiiiply to?liow ii .ii iho Ue..r<la I)rm.>.'rat*i are nelting
Up ir.un rm- the 4th of Mareh.? [Poorta Tralisi'l'ipU
After readlug that the Tammauy -.acieiy 1-1*1 ?*'*?
over-Jl'-.otX) for " retrealiuiaut" ou Its irlp U Wa?hiaf
tou. no oii.x douhta that Mr. CurtlB knew whereof h8
ailli inetl wh.-u he .lu.>.ia<l hn aaaooiatea a " vaiy huugrf
ud vorv thlraty " crowd.
Ofl Wednei. lay a driuiken men ber had to be HJJfl
ii-lo tlie Ia?Kl?lalure to votoon tho llcouee a'neu.iiu*i"
uml Coliimliu* retonaiiliatlou bill*. aud it waa uot mm
Um appeuranoe Iheta in that eundlliun. ^
Un Thuiaday two luemliera appf-ared ou tlie n<wra
the Houh, ,,, a atate of ltiioilcatlon. Oueof them ahu?*a
the -peaker, ealled hia oi.Ueaguoa hriht-Ukera aiid, 1 ora.
thlevea. aud uaed ihe moat obai-oueand profixuo lau??>*V*
Yeatrnlav the lud_e uearia* lha ertudual aaaaaaaaaj
Coromoo I'k-a t/ouit waa ao muca uuder ihe ????"??
liquor that the olerha eouid not m-ke oat ah.onmaj
Ue left hia aeat of dlg-Hy to ooma down a_- waap o?

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