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*^__SbT MaichS.-Tbopoluy of OblKlW
_eraevncpubilcanslnli.nitlu,tl.e appointlug pover of
tZ c. .vcnior, adopted by tbe tar.y-sc.vcu Ilcpubllc.ns ta
?_S-_^xrttaoBt a alnglo di.scnt. aud aimtc, ed
_r tlfeparty leadera aud newspapers of tbe Btata, B 88
__Taf^-?aa8_p.B? ls lt the reaaM BftaBparary
a ,'. H latlie'dlrcct c?n.eo,.e?ce of ar, atamttan
23 of trad.tlonal Btala aatk* by (he ***?**?:*?
?n.tertl., 8-M i.alratio.. of Coveinor *?***?"
?,?,! v ith aaa Blill. -!?"" ?* CtaXMM. UjtaJ
, . , . totlieradlcalcxtremebyOovera^Jtabahb
vliodelilK-ratcy nnnoimeed lt m partot d. P^Uapal
,he opcnlng of lila edm.nl atrtataa. anwtabJJ.-?
wavere-l from BB II 8,1 ?_?__?_?*_ ? poaalble to
l , of",ie ta..aaof thestae throagh BBBdBBBBB
Wm . ori-lnally waa aa axaeh Democratlc aa lt WM Be,
whom tue Renate flrat haa oet-ait u ??
II, diroclly eballenged tbp conatltutioual right of
fh ? _eiTte to " advlae and couaent " to 8_l 1^048X1
when that ta, ly BJfBBi to coutlriii. be aw.i.ted tho H. al
1 . urnmeu,... tbe Iae-U_.tar.aBd *??*"?
va ai.cy. Cad.r Oovornor Lidlow thia polloy waa col
tuiucd. but dr. Ludlow. whtle apputatiug ?~**?*Z
niKc,. ta 880080 faa-aaaa aaaaaaBaaanal by J^f_?"
.?d -888881 his own par(y aa much aa the Rcpub ? 888
The-e was, However. r.o srrloua attempt ta detand the
2; Deniocratic pollcy 8-88 Oovcrnor BbbataJ*?-???
Bl. poaitlou. when all dlagnise waa 188)0884 -*?*JJ
c,-.lajustilUd.if ibey could. the acllons for wh ch h.a
, "e (,soraapolo,i,el. Rrpabllc.8 4808888 8888818
_.,ess,iry aud a ma|orlty ln both housea atloried tba, op
Jorc.iuity to PBM bills wAthout the conaeut of theExec*
?U_hesyste-of Government ln New-Jersey is pcculiar.
Alljudicialotrlceraabovetho grade of Juattoo of the
Feaceand nei.rly every managiug board ..re ??*?*_ ?J
tlie 08X08888 " with advlce and 8888881 of the bena.e
Which (Ue Exccuuvo. for B8Mtf cl_htyc...a, l.as IgBOTt l.
Tnder tbe uew 1*88008*0 pollcy the .88884 BB at
? tho B-taaaa. the coutrol of tho tadWari ta
2 B> haiHllBl Branahea, aud tho gov-e.-nment
of tr-a asvln.ua an.l rcforiui.tory iuatitu.ions bat 8 8088188
_oou? nierely den.ocratie ... nic-m-.ershlp Jat^rttaa.
i_ the,,-aduiinlatration. The 0888-4 powcr of tba Btata
baa aaaaaaal the aapael ef a grata l^'^";^Z>
r.;^,.V;:r1'ii,-c.h.'ideia. ?'?"?'?'^;fl,^;1;;1;>1^
ii... il- able uud rcprcacitative m.-n this year.
' _,_?_,V_3~a- ;'i.-.""f
Mr Keumev haa a large family sud baa d .
: Bl-^^aaYel^lHatBtot^bl^
j,:. ?? tbal be wlll m ike some i ureln }???? noorat o poiltua
Uo ls expected here thla week, in bebalf of h.
- ??"" ? '",:,7,,,.,:tun. i t-aut
would add a cnsideraine ....'... .aicyi.e
Tia; countv is-.-ni iin.ort >bly rloae at tlmes uii.U r pres
lt ir ii st.ii.e.'a.wh!!. th- sltce from Hudaon wottld
"danger tbe Democratlc hold on tbat county. it
w..'..hi i'. .7.1'..?!?.'.ii?ie.iit. thereforo. tolndace i. ,
1 ra to pa? su. il ?"' .v i. . .
.?L.;r.i....i..i ....
r,. , . a u. ...'.ii di t... nej- aga,
J?rir or the compauy The otochholders.
. iratite.-d by the Peui.sylvuiiU, I.
. roadsfor whicn they are not
: .able. whileduccredltlaiiol alveu for tbtlr
,,, . to otaalu (abiliei one ,
c at ln tbe Senate rr?m a Btate aorth ot Deh_a . .aud
| ..'.,., c-iu-ehimto be r ? \'?
, .. orrateoftae!
, mtlal iiieu i
tWaaulngton.eajK-clally aa the r-rnov..l
r.piai . irof hia party luthi upp ?
?ti Laagae BaMbaB AMaetatlaa haa two
atrong elaha lu thta stute. one at Trenton and paeal
Kewark and highl> aneeeaaful - -
caiisiti. ; er-aka l
ni.itiia which preraUs ln erory part ol tb' -
eat :o tba sxetaatao oi almost every olber I
hiatory or the Ifalstcd family ttrevlrodln
v by a eommlmloB of ta^rrtr--ao M tae aanltyof
lfenrvO llalated, annof "PetH Babdeo, wBe baaoeen
IMHin'.edut the Hat-AaM.l,,. |..i e-v. ? j ?"?'.?;-<;
hrlgade ramo-berhim as ada
".S-MTUBd for a luemorlal for John II'.M. of T. ?
amocnu to only 8587 I8,bul angoroua oflort to ln
, it wlll t.p made at once
The townahip ciectiotis t? be held on Toeaday U ?
, ?. . xoept Badaon, to many ol tho eommuult
rt are the moat importautof the y-.-r. ..nd t. -
- agrteulUir-l coonUes la nearlj aa cr.-at at
, i- Udenttal ?;....!?-t. I," ?
eiectfd ar.-. rnemkeraof the County Board of 1 iee,.
th.- legta-Ulva body of coauiy government, and ili
tawwhlp offlMra Beports frona ?evernl i inUeatadi
?Mtaaaeiitim.iif anjonit Repoblleana that thla la i i
to iiivi.1- 88 Iocal o,UCatioUS, aud Kepubucau paluh are
Ldji. a for. _ _
Ifrom 0XOOB-B8_-_AOpBBBBBOBBBBB oktrc TBintNr!
PiiiLADELPiUA, March 8.-Thc iuatit.mi;tti..u
being safely over, and the loc-.l Democratlc Btata bat tag
rctiinu-.l from lhair vlilt to Wuahiugton luvlgorat.-d at, (
ati'imlated, the leadera are now turiiliu' the.r nttchtioi.
to the pracUeal B88B1B <-f tucr victorv-the reinoval of
Kepubltcana from 8-ka to make room for DiinocraU.
Th<- only cU-rka p.oo.ctcd hy the provlaiona af Iba Ciul
Bcrvire aet are those eini.l.'yed ln the Foat OMUe and
Cu.stom Uous -. TJie Miut aud 8888-81 < >4b I . Iba CoQaO
tor af Inierual I'.cvenue'a olfice and (ho Marahal'a oB88
are rrgardedM i'1'OHiptly availuble. Of th.-a. d,e Buperln
teinleiit of the Mint, with a wlary of *4.50O. and the ( ol
le. tor of fataaaal Baxaaaa with Iha bbbm aatarp, ara aal
a. ? tcd for any flxed term.) but are RBB8Xabla at tba
pleasureof the i'r.aldeut. There aro in ull t!.< lapart
Baabl af the Mlnt about three hundrcd and flfty i?-rsons
en.p!oye.l iu 0? iBtamal P.evenuo Offlce. Thene two
aataea, tberofore, arereceltlitg the moat BBenflwa Jaat
Bow, and, lf they are prornptly (laiiaferr.-d ta lh<- li.-iiim
racy, they would pit>vlde for a f..ii ly lar/e 8X88. 888881 80
tl.ii a 4a?XlRg appatBtaBRR-k BeaMaa there are nlne
ether Itevenue MtWttM ln thia BBd8 tbat ar. ln.in.-di
ati-!y available, and a large nuniber of small post offlcea.
But all of theae wlll not pennauently aatiafyjtbey wlll
Bn-ra'y servato tnke the edgeofT the appeti.e for ollice
actll the general work of removal which la hoped Jor la
Atnericans who have gone to Europe by the stenmera
ef the Amerlcan llne. from thta port, will regret the aud
888 08808 ef Captain Willlam II. Warrliigtcn, who w..
foruu-rty captain nf (he aUamahlp Pennaylvaala, aud
nflei ward aueceealed < autniti Sbac.kford aa captain of Ihe
Iliinola. when tbe latter reslgued to ac.cpt the oommaad
of Jay Ooald'a yacbt, the Atalauta. Captain v^ arrlnKton
rv*aigiied recentiv and wita appotnteal MMatataadaBt of
traua|M,i'tuti?u ol th I'h.ladeluhia aud Norf.dk Ballroad
( any. Ile waakliled (,y the acclder.lal disehargeef
a revoh er which he was examlnlug.
Tne Pennsylvania Rallioad Cmupany ls stlll carrylng
t nt- frotn New- York to Chicago for fL The la n
BJ.ireau.l Oblo Kai'i-oad CiUiii.ti.y seems d.-fonnlii. d to
Biake u Ilnht wilh the P.-unaylvanla for a part of iha
bBataOM uf BB city and iSUle. It has -e. m., . at io..
aldcrabla axpenae a liand-ouic nltice at N'it.tl. and Cheat
niit ata, nnd wli.n Oieir new llne reachea thla citv tBe"
ratoa tn Kwlll,.???-?, W?eBlii>rt<in and other ].oiuts, (or a
Wn.e at ieaat, w.ii be ui?t*rialiy ui.al.lii-J.
The Keiisingtou weavenare atill out, and tucrelauo
pr.ibahillty of the dlffcrencea between then.
?nd tholr en.ployers being atijuated. New
ban.la tiro gra.ttially golng to wark, und the
Buanttfac'.urers aie reaolute Ia (helr d'.-tcr
mi.ia.lon not to take ba.-k uny of the old emplori
J'here la a little better feelmg l? flnaucUl aud Dtislneta
elr.Tet aad the geu-ral Impreaalan I? tl.at a legitluiate
demaud for uioney aud BMrehandlae haa aet Ib.
Tne billiai-d tuuniiimeat at tbe Cidon I^airuo la stlll in
progiesa, aml souie of the r.-? oi-.ia made are good for
BoB-yiofeasiounl*. A tc-n-uln toiriinmeut for me.ubcrs
ef Ue League only ls to take place ?<><>?.
Aseedy-looking Italiau with an annfnl of
-ang-s waa-ered into Tii Tr.iai.N_ counttiig-room aad
depoaited a plaater Cupi.l ou tha advertlaiug couuter.
" Mos' beautiful work af art," ho oba. rved, iooldt.g
aroimd, " only one dollar, would any of ze gentlcuieus
-ke io i.uy oae 1"
" AU, w hat dld you say tha gentlaiuuu's uame ? as t"
ta.juir.-d a Uookkrc.pcr, as he fociued his sitcctacles on
tbe newcomer.
"Cupld.M godof love," Mld the Itallan, beamlng
affi-t tioi.at'h iijioti htt plaater deity.
" i l.iuk I have heard of the geutlemaa beforo," said
the ulork wuh great appareat luUroat, " why Uoes Uo
Mrry a tootbptck ln tbat way 1"
" Toothpiok," auswerad tae horriflcd art venaler, ze
god of love wlt a toothpick,?zat la ze bow-arrer; he
aboot /,e h.-art."
The proprieur of the god, however, gTeatly eneourugad
l'v tiiia s, enitu- n,t< I. -t, iu nn, ,i a plaater doukoy, two
danctng gtrla aud a Veaus oo the counter.
" Iseautiml," raniarked the aubaenption olerk anthua
laaticaUy aa he examlned tho duuaev, " it must iiave
be*.. au exoellout likeuess belore you shaved."
The alluriug andle vauiahod from tbe Iialian's e<.unte
Bai.ce. Hib entuualasni for art had receivad a cruel
auocx. Ho gathared up ihe doakay, Veuua aud CupU,
Mid aaid sorrowfully to a raportcr ataudlug near, r"l?
aeiii.eiiien, haf no art; ze art bcesala la all gone." And
then, tore-ere hia iaJuredfMliagt, he weat out aad
aclJ a plaster Vlrgiu to the applewoman on tbo oornar
lor ten ccnta. ^^^^^
The Senate Coniniittco which in 1H91 inves
tlgated the affalrs of tho city govornmcnt, reconi
mendcd, aniong other ehanges, that the Board of I.ati
mate be eonstltuted ln psrt of chizena not lioldhm
other citv Bfleea This reform was recominended on the
MBdl that the control over elty expendituros ahouHl
not reat exclualvcly wi'h tbo omceia who expend tho
money. aml that togtXB tho cltlze.ue. aa taxpayers, a rcp
reecntation In the board would comluce to economy in
the elty gorenimenL At varioua timea aimllur recom
mendatloua havo been made to the Lcgts
laiure, but no eteps have ever be.n
takcu to aarry thoaa out One dlraculty in the way haa
hcen the oppoaitiou of the officlala whoac j.owers would
t? le.ac nr-rt l.v the ehai.ge. Another objection has been
?he gaaeea. i.-ii.f that ir the Baaaahoea of aaa Board were
? iMtlll by the Mayor It would be the meana of giving
hi.n absolute eonlrol of the city treaaury. while lf the
citl-en mci.ibers wero to be ehoseu at an elecilon 1
pollticlaiia would plaoe their own rc-pres. ntatlvea in tho
Board. . ,,,?
This proJ--et of changing thi charaeter of 1B6
Board of F.tlmate haa reoently been revlved
and a number of leadlu. taxpayer. have
prepared a blll on the aubject. wltb a VteW of tneetlng
the objeetlo-ia heretofore made to tl.e reform. Tb.y havo
lrernguided somewhat by the expe.lei.ee of ITeai.l.-nt
Aatcn and other lnemhrrs of the B.-ard of F.-tlini.te. Mr.
ABten saya tbat ho haa fre.piently bcon callcd upou to
vote on large appropriulions wtthoul belng able to aaror
talnwhitlicr or not tho atuoitnt. wero neede.l. Ouly
mengre lnfonnation, he aaid, waa ever given tbe
Board, aud that waa fuiulshcd by offlce holdars
tataeaatod la aecuring torga 8?jro^tteea
The membera of the Board n >vo BO , "*?".'* "j
venfy.nclnfon.K.lion.aiid rre.t.iei.tlv t i.e PetMBoardaad
othei lutereated bodb - U.iv<- refua i or neglee ? d i i
inform.ti:,.:, eailed for by tl.e Board . katJioaie. l bU
way, Mr. aatan aoya, opproprlaUoBa bavetabeaud*
Be tblBka tt abaolBleiy neeeaoary for tho ,??"'utj...*:;,' u
eniuiiutofthecty that meaaai ha pno ;l?d riroleb
membera of Ibe Board ol EaUmate wltb tbe rulleai
knowh.lg.- ,,.:.. e.i.i... .-very dctail of eltx exp.-n ttlure.
and that thev abould bare tbe power nadtlmi ta bmu "
way only will expoBeea be i-.-lu.-.-d toa proper baal. and
taxpafera protaoted from IBbbiry i>y BOliBeal uiuia
ofapproprlatlBgtbe pobflo B-eeej the _HIpreMrrdby
taxpayerepruvidea tbal tbe Board ol I
iballeoiiaUt of th. Meyorand^reecUlxentMpayera
reaideuta of th$ elty, and nol ntberwiae coaneeti
the city govcrnment Oae or tboae eltlaen meii ih.ra
Bhull beof dilierent p-ltieal lailh aml oplBloB on Blate
i^aur* from lu* iwo naeoelatee. The t> roa . ltl? n mem
etobe appoinud by a Board c< i latint
Mayor and th PrealdenU of Ibe l _aml.I ? ?? i i
Prodi.Bxihange, New-York Bank ClearlngAa a-iatioii
a d New-York Board of Flre Dwlerwrltera. Tbe tarn
of offlce of u.e tiii.-e eltlxea membera abau ? two,
, reapecHvely. aod ihe, lhal he au -
lect to rcmoval by tbe Appolatlug 'oard. I
memli-r la to bepaida '" ?. and lt^?made
tli.iii d.itv to maJte -ii examlaatlnn e.i. n >??-.. nnd
;.; ?.,-?' ;..:? d .1 - . ible, of ..::. .-. diou
iiithii of every branoh, hureanaud offlee, inaii.jim.i
peraon .,.:.-> from l -
,,re en. awerod io exaiulue ill '.aand rou.-l
admlnlatereatha. and toeXBinine .my persori receivin.
oubllo loein-v. Tbe B ... ? I I ?''??? ?" <>"'* '
tuted, ia given entlre i-oiitrolol all appr. .
. clti government, exrepi
Board iaeiuiK)WereO under tbe Idllto )?:,.-,..
tk-i'K- ai d lo ui liniain an o ??*'? axpaaaa
toeedlug $8,000. _
T.,;oi B6BOB Ai.f.r:: MTOI - n" KCL1 BWB Of ai i.
Bl i I0IOVM iv-ii:' i ITOf.
Thr- ii-.iereat wlii.b t!ie pabUe takea tatk fxoedem
at Worahip ball wu-. bowa by Ibe I u
, |0 Chieki rl i| Ba I jeati.- aj ta Ueai Pro.
Idler, Bxi rj
iu tha
Dg. Mr. Ai
.. *f_ i .it ... d t: . ?: ol ??
Iti ' '
bl ? oqualit. befoi
The people ol New-Yo
mncb exercued
ol tbe Maaa Iflta II :
i ? i land Bitter and aa rj
? .'.(.on. ut-.,: .
aad tbera i ? bittei aal antipn -at d l? ling iu ibe ? ? .
loiin.iv. I do i...t wiab to a.lt! .a ? woru ta i
i. 1 i-l-all try ?
I.et me I
lu tlie la iiiie pbl Baoa ol t.'i
.iiiioi, ol tba l niied BUioa aad tb* Btaiaoi
Bew-Yorb oomplefe rellglooa freedora r? a*a ir*o, i he
? ' be Btate. In bi all
i it i...i..t bo n
.. BBorigbi lo dietaie ta Ihe miuorlty, bee>*n*< ii .'
iu tbejui .1
oa .,1 tb. p .jde. In mattei
,-,,? ?. , be ?',-' I and ull ibe world wi r. S*>i
H j. ? .ni, that aithough Ihe \ mnf
th- ilo -a oi Ital 4'- an ' lled ta *"? i a a
??.',.. b i..'i. pan ?,-.;? ,i i ii rove,
Bt.li tlie ti ? i- "i pareala are ao) Ibi rebj
ta this n t'e "I reaeoaifl ? 1 eai nrui
?f ebildn i are peoultarly lmpr?*aaiooabl . Iti. ibe
rigbt ti patenia '.< datermtae to what n 8_ioua in
. th, ir rbild -1-...I le exposed, Aml - ? ?
ehlld ol i'i '? ?' ?nl parenta -i mld be ?
attend a < atbt lie aervfce, -.-t I bold a* ehlld <l < atholic
i.a.e.it- abould be oompeiled ta attead a ProtaaUnl
., rVi .. .a I upelled ta doeverj da; iu our
pubhc bcI.la. ll.-- Hoi ' Ibou :l. .nded
ut tln- taataaea uf prrrale philanihroph
i:,a:itiiti..n. The potat ta diapote ia thia: Tbe Cetboln
ai . .ii eh.'-n tbal ti.e ebUdrea nl I athube pareatage In
tbat iiniiii.tioi. [are drprived <>i s; Intaal righta aaa
tlie BaCTlli. e ..I tl.e BaM I- eek lilaled."
Mr A.ilei reeapttulated tbe polata of tbe tatemenl
?raaared by ibe Board ot Baaegere, aad la eonBeotioo
wuh ita elalm tbal aodogma n.otartaa eai
ever i>*eu langbl ..r Cavaredbj tba Board, read ex
trai-ls tioin i.ie MaiiiiHI oi |)i . ? nn. lo ah.iw lh.il
lt taaehaa tbe peeuHa ? a of Chriatiaaity, auch aa
tbe Fatberbood ol God, tb Wvitoty and bonabio oi
t bri t. th. lo maonlate I on< eplion, ete. Be Ibra
eontianed : ' il.i-i aa taetrtawoa where ehildrca are
aaaemhlad "t. Bru.ary, aal] ta Batea loaaoral
io. or are tb v aol I An tbey
?rotional ereed. or are tbey aotI Tbeyniayl rom
,..,,, ,? ,.,|| i hri-i i , ???? t.: i..it tbore ,ii ? lf) ? ii o
twentyJewi beh-ldran there* ..md the aaaaagera ought
io ku'.w that their pareata proteal agaiaal bia, I b*
mlatake into wbiofa tbe maaagei bave lallea la tbal
they bare Bxed thelr ayaa ealy aaaa tba Proteataal
'ibere ia only a ahatae hetwaaa two attaraatlxea.
Eltber i'.i.d a common platf rmoa wbicbjew, I'tob ;
aa>, Catbolio, Tnrk InfideL e*n ataad, wbleb I Im
poaaibla, or exdttde religiooa teoobrag altogether.
i i.e "rtatr tn ****** baa aorwk u buunutiooa
l,.ne no rioiit io t*.n li aay raligtoa, Tbeonli tme
rround i? t<> mi.- out all raligwfl ; taaefa tbe e i bddren
tleA 8 <'oi li-ot.ilitv: ll.e (?..nima.iiim.IBta j le.i'-li
ibam axoialllj by exbertatl-aa aml b.v giving them
biographiea to reid : U aeb ll aa ta warh aaa gm-11.?...
Tbey need a readtag-room aad aplargroBod.
Let ICatholie* aad rY-tewtaata rie witb earh otbei to
raioa fund. lor theae paraooi -. 1 l.i.t b mv paaitioa ia
tbia aeetroveray, and heeaaaa I lakeUdapoafloo 1
iirop-Ht a^ainat tbc paaaaga oi tba Freadaa oi tVonhip
lill, us ii is eailed. 1 aek tbat a bow bUl l.e latrodaeee
wbieh r-iiiii larexeraelxe tha d-Bealt/Bj rallageet
all .e.-tatiau t.laehhag,
? . **-?
Recognillou aeivieca were beld yeater.l.tv ut Iln
1'eopie'e Bui>ti?t Chieb.ueeuprbn tba beaeaaaal aftha
Fourtb Helomn-d I'rcabyterlan Church, ta Weat Foity
eigbth-at.. for the purj oae ol iuatalling a* pastor the
Hcv. Geerge Wym.ni ciowe. Tha eervteee bbm aaa.
diietil by tbe Kev. A. VV I'or.rn. Tl e Kev. J. H.
ii gaxa ll.e rlght hand at fellowabip, and
aalaxaaaaa aaaaa Baada by the Kev. Bra, J. .. Rlder
ai.d B, & .'d.t. xitliur. The lalur addreiaed biliiaell
j.aitteiilailv lO tbe iniinbeiB und tln i eluiiona \a .m li
abould he aaatataiaed betweea theoa und ibeir poator,
und urgeil ihem to w-irl. with bim ui iiuildiiig U|i tbe
church. Aniong otln-r thinga he kiii! : M I wo,inl BTga
upou you lo a'.ieml all ll.e -> l vi.-ea on ll.e Sabbatb day.
I reiu.iubor as a boj, brOBghl up in ir .-'iiiiiiniiiily coiu
j.o . d ol Booteh Btghlaadere nmi Caaadiaa Freaeh
men, tbe Uillerent wa.va in which tbc Sulbatb mi
obaeivcd. Iho t auadiau >? iem iiini-u weut 10 eh.lich
m the inoriiiuo, aml iu tbe ui'U-rn.on, they, wil li the
prieHta and tuonka tu their loug black robea, would go
to tbe riK-c ioiu.e to ?.e their lavoiit* lioiae* 'tho
rule with tl ta m, in-t ae it ia eropixug out with Mimr
Hraoe, 'Alter the morning a.ivne, uo Sabl.ath.'
Mayor Orace myx, ' BOBf tbe liipi-ir BBleeaa aloaad
until 8 e'cloek _Bd then open theio.' Many minieiera
have to ii.e.it ii to euirty pewa on Hunday nigbts. I bm
ia eruel. 1 peraoiiully have no ei.iuplumt to make. I
bave aaid that il l cun't have au atniiem-e coiue, to tne,
1 will go aud hini ouo. 1 will go to the Cooper l u t.u
or to the atie<;t coinera. 1 bope lor tbe ttum wben tb.
Church of (lod will nevir l.e cloaed. 1 look ulvng
Fil'th ava. and aee ibe great pilea which ure only op<-u
twiee ou Suiiday and onee in the week. <!..? ol Baaaa
iliiin b?a baa coat a milliuu dolluia. You caii caloilate
the coat of each aei vice. I waut tbe tandereet reeel
lectioua to gather aiouud our churcht a. Wliy uot have
iu them lectures ou histarv, medieine, art I"
Iho i'.-ople - lo.|,tn ('btrrch waa oigau'/.ed thrc*
yeara ago laat fall, aud hia bec.a wor.hippiug in ita
present i|iiarters amca laat April, wben lt renmved from
Viliv-thinl-Bi. lu work ia clueiiy miaaion.ry, and iu
Stinday aeheol ha. inen-.aaed iu tbe yeur from tbirty
flve to over 800 ch.ld.cn, Mr. t lowo couaca to tbia
city from Wluta I'lains, aud waa lorinerly poator ol a
church iu Hudaon.
Cincinnati, March 7.?A diapatch to The
Oommrreial GeurtU fiom Mount Vernon, Ohlo, aay.:
. Bl.ln.p Bedcll, of tka I'roteatoat EpUoopal Church, la
daugeroualy ILL
The Rcv. Dr. Howard Crosby: 1 bclicYe
tbat to-dav, lf there la any one 688*8 more promlneut
than another for Chrlatlan medloirity and Cbrlstlan
apatbv and Chrlatlan Imheeillty and Chriatlaa per
plexity aud Chrlatlau cloudluesa, lt la tho negleot of the
Bible. and ben.-o I knoxv not bow xve can be better etn
ploycd tbau ln putting tbe Kilile ln IU rlght place lu our
, atliiiatlnii aml aff-rtlon by rogarding Its irue poaltlon ln
Ood'aplan. Wearebellevera ln aapeclfle rcv.-lation to
eliinera. We do not bellove that. tbe atara ln the aky, tbe
blrda in the air, the ilowers in the flel.l, the ruottls, mln
eralsuiidfo.sll.intheeurthcin teaoh usthe A li 0 or
aalvatlon. Nlairara might thunder ita graml autl.e-m ta
our esra; tbo llln.alaya mlgbt 11ft Ita amruat beaO <?
evcrlaatlng anow before *ureyes .the riial.1 BR ?f*S_a
nnd ihe my.tlo aurora might aot the inid.ibj1.1 haafat ?
lu a B-aaat or from tbe auhli.nltlea we might tiiru to BM
gentler pict.irea of tbe B.iiiiiu.r landacape aud waleb t e
aparktBg watera of the meedow brook. toMefBJ
frograaea of the aew-aaowa gra.a and liaten to aaw
ti.usio of the toaaea world, or, .ou aaata, we mtarai
with ml.-roseopie help tra-e the exq lljtl ? ahap- a iw
miirk the l.rlllUnt luatrcs of every atoui ta tbla wonaer
ful enrth or cxplore tl.e vwrted maryels oi ''''''?';'."'":
aml w b?a WB ba ve Baaa anv or all of thia, the guilty cou
seiei.ee will not bave received one ray of eomfort.tna
alu hoiind aplrll will not havo olitained one gfimp* ?"
l.hertv. Tho Oi.?|m?1 la one gr.ind proinlse and nn m
part*are pnaalni ..r tl.e Baaaa family. You huve aaaa a
grand star upon our cmintry's laa, aad ?M Ita Itniaiiie'i
out llne wua a s.-n*? of leaa.-r atara BB the great promiao
nf Cbrlat'aaalvattoa labeld np by tho Owapajtaagraaji
compt.alie of pr.uiilses, each like tbo whoie ablnltu witn
aheavenly l.tllllii.iee. I* the beart wearled wilh care l
? i wlU give you reet" ls lha gem which tha ttoed eae
can tltul ln tbU Bible. Are the annl .md mlnd full or un
.'.ii..rorebodlngal Bereteajewal for taa w.-aring.
??The la.rd will go beforeyoa ai I the Oodof lar...- wui
l.e v.iiii-r.-ar-w?i-.l." Doyou fwl your coldneaa utnl HOg
r..r Bplritual wiirmth I llero ia your very Kob-i-noor m
dlamooda: "Bow m-n-h man aimii year H.aveniy
Father glvo tbo Holy Hplrlt to tb.in that aak Him.
The Kev. Dr. John IL Faxlon : The Herraon on the
Moiint, wheth.-rcoiishlered aa u garment or a portrait,
la ldeal and liupr.-u tle.ihl-. Aa a garm.-nt lt was lntend.d
for a large, ?ymnictrkal, perfect man. (-hrl.. 11. 1,
Bhrunkeii huinanity, ua we know lt to-day, ean't wetir lt.
Aaa porralt It 1. uo llkuuc-a, liccuu?e lt bolda up the
mlrrurto :he aptrltnoJ an.l m.i tbe aatural mau. aoi
iloee that aprlaa moralag wbeaJeeaa walkM tae oaa
i...,ii .,, ., a th.- orbctaal appaaiwd. friuud Joim and
Piiul ,.'..-igaide ?.: It aml Uie caaual obaenror will note
defletoa. lea whlob tn a IU-i.i leaa atroag wouM bare re
malned forever uodtaoovered. To ober tbe MooeM un
peratlveala bard.to kValtae the Mea.laok boanOtndei
Impoaalble, lf purlty of h.-art and eeetwGed are ta b
nhii.-il oaeauae und effeeL bow aui I wlihau Adam lor a
i . l:,. for a motber ta ? btaln a aisht ol taa
Almlgi.ty father I Paol w.ia i.in. rly apneetoua tbat Be
wore bo aeaoileaa robe. Ht ? devll w ia .ulijeetlve. ne
tln refor.- tnU.-.l of nerin 1Bed 01 rlst, ralber than . p-r
f.-et law. H. a.i.rlfl.fd ahltwiolog) lo I Oflie, bj i-lainilug
that thi way to the mooutaln ln Qalllee lar pa ??' '? |?
(Otha. Ile iniixnlfl d Iho BBOriflclol liot the ilnlaefle
(hil-i. With ua the revoraa la true, wa altow the
propbetlc offlee to domluata tl... prleetlf. a
... .,, aerer wlah<B lo eoBtem
;.. ... a Btaggertag ui ? ? '-? "
urefera a man akllled in tbe repatatloB of Padduei in
BUbtleUe. ln UwBennon on ib Mount we Italea to a
Godi I i ti ?? ll Iti . t.. tbe K- ma ? we P .. I the ali
?f H ?? ? ? n to approbend tbal f n
. appreb.L.I. J. aiis had lu liiitid lin-n as Un )
I- .1 ? pi
love for our euamie*; I'aul enji.li-a llx-lnn im
...-? le.ua .... - ... t <ke uo iii
t. r I ?? ; I'.nil -ui: reata lhal i ?
v. nt n apirtl " v.- an nol to ? ? "alolhful ... i>-.
? tl. ?? of t.iu.. i ?? Je.ll* e'.hi.il. ta a
love that will he fa. ? >? t and bnpartla i Fa il lo
th.it wl i la | .ul ??. P il i
. ' -
? .. ibe fl tl. -.ti atandarda I
i . . .ed ln tbe lubilBM
ut i.eiii.i'..1 to a l) -al aml aiurttu.il reflaa
. ? I
TilE POl 1 B Of I'All'H.
Tha Bav. al B. Barahaw, aditar af -. ?JtfidP
. . ' i .......
p_gUodwlih1 Baaa.
FaPh la tbe I
a oll thlllg. : I
, I .
Tl.e i: \. Dr. <? ?
? ?
hilt It I. t.'d B.) Ull.lli
Liii.lt r torte-i wll.i L.t I. ,
, ,.. from th ?
, . . aud .. ...I i a over ba
When nl
ll bei dutj toald her n.
ward a po*uton wh. ra bi will
a r:, ;, l ? ?
,, :r x. ?
. ? ? ?? rr a a?
la unl ?? ?
? aeen. S? P*o i e are more . iitbful iii
1,1 Ile
-.. ibame. Tlu
. . m ?
? ? 1 to M. r.
rv 11
. r . lidi '. I'i t . .
., wh . wltb 1.-. l.n-i -? ? ' r.nai.le
feuture nf lb?lr n ? '?' ''?"
ine .lu l. worae ln lla Blddsn
worklnga ta aneb ? etaya*lbla. Ibey ore fre* from lo
e, tb* ...ui oof a
. ? our own door, ai d we u.
i,i_. i it) wblle ?.? ? t ;'i" ? -?' Kew-xee*'
-j iii: Bl ii. ni iniii.ii f.
Tha Bei Dr. CharleaB. Parkharati Pwrarty of aptrtl
iB],sr. . b t B Baakae all ethor graeaa poe
-HrlT. rr ******* i:- ?'? '?? ll wephera la aal .am. bat haa
ol . mi. it ia a th aabol i ara.
j througb whleb tl.e klagdom of heaxaa la
opeae i to oa Tha tm I bai i
itaeir. it ta i>??t aaaa m ahlMiaa ; h i. one ..r Nm baaa
tteaof eh 1-lln.tMl thtt It tb.ea lnd l.h.k Into lt?elf. A
.,., like heolth, la i.r\ er ?. 1/ i-.-im l-.i.a. II. ll] ta
fM* o ae " Ihsn of thi ? *
ward plnuum. Tobetowlj la mlnd wlthoui k*
tbal w< ire nwlj I- Ibe I. n
bnmllit) bold. ua ln lowh wondermini and ai.ri.il
abeu we l.rok at aal - Ihluga w.tboui ua have
uoturally a volce, If we oaly boil not loal Ihe power lo
*h?ar t_ ii retoa i" th. ? ? and Koman mlnd
Uiere woa a bol) myatan *1m?u ...... aad *~).
\. ii. h we are ln daaaer of mlaaliig la Ihraa da) ?
liiiellectuallty. We uamo p.??? ol uatura aad lb*a
UtU I.I '?' tllelll. Al.
Itoi ratery, aa It ta ta tova Oar aatwatlBe kaowl
i i, thaa Igaorai ea redin i.. in cla
tion. We ai we kuow a
tlirol.e lu-t.:nl of M lo .l-t'.ol foi I he :.t n i ,1-.. ir of wh.'
, .,.,.?. i?. e la more tood foi Ibe aplrll m a i ?
1 of a far-off tr.-th thn.. ln Ihe knowledge ..f a
,..,,.,. ,,,,,.. | a . -?. we ?' ? .i o.. bol]
We nii.ii aml iHid (..-ii i.i BBtara wh. a wa km ?,
Tu Uiitutc.
i-A'li.l >ri-M AM> BBUOIOB.
Tlm io \. Jauic-a (hatiil.'ia: i'atriollam ls next to
:i 1.1 i'll liationi. V r loveoi.r lainl beeii.l.e .1 la
oure, ai | aeora toglxe a farther reaaoa way. An axaal
like ihut of li-l Wi ;iie-tlii\ e\i Ht * our iiileieat, wbi tlnr
thattataraal taadagtod wltb apprabeaataa oraeh 'rm
Bottaala a uuui ihai iii.iud.. a atraoaa BBtataraol
elemeuta. Oae-half of th. laereoM ta population la tbe
bul tblrty yeara haa beea i.y Immlrratlon: aad wblle
till, ibMux hn bnmghl aaaeb lhal la oootL R ba* *l*o
brought much tbal la moal daagoroua. LoadoB autin.ii
Uea raport tbal aavaoty \?v eeai ..f the [rlah ularl
coni ii ia t on ie ta the i.iiie.l s.iat.- Tlm eo.int. i la i:Le
E/.ekn I'a )Mit "wiioae .eiim la niii n, u." chriatlaa
pllnoliaui tlelii.ilin - tl.llt II.o lullll ll? glltlad WlHl
Clirl.iiauliy. In wai time men pruyed *'8av* oai K*pub
he. aml We'vf ill give il lo the I.o.d.'' Tbat pledge 1* at.ll
uaperformed, poutlea bare doa. an.l.mg ;fdueailea aaa*
uot do all tbat la neaeooary. Tbo Republlc oon moal Ita
for. only M lt re ill/ea Ua looral r.apou-ilillllli'a.
Tl.e I'.-\. Or. H.iini.el II. Vlrglii, ut the |-il_rlm Con
aragalteoal Chwteh i Th. tawaaaoM popalalloaiafVeer*
York uiiml.ers hair a iiiilliou of jteople aml they liio ln
20,000 ho.isea. Here la a population nearly a.great .*
nmi i.r th? city af ObJeage i aaaarge a. _ba$efBee$aa
nnd Clevelanil eouilnnid, benleil lu ttie eln.eit goartaaa
Bii.ne of them moie m-si i.thl'- Ih.in *-..ntli Ati lt a hiita. Iu
IheTentk Ward alona there ara 008 teneiuent-boueeeea
wblch 1BB are roai teneuteuta. I.i nearly UUD of theae
l.ve lioin elgbl lo Iwelva luiui n l in i a. li. Iii atore than
VJis) of them Ihere llve flolu llfleen lo nioro lb:ni
tweuty fiimlliea euch. ll la tbla inethod ol
hardlug hunian Ix-Iiil-s whtol Aatafant Blahop Potter
has aaid le.nla to driiik aml to tl.e am-liil evll, to Ihe bru
tallty and rnlteiineaa .vhieti ia eotriipting our aoclety.
Ii ia tn<- oatgrwwth af aarr rortv yeara ami whut may lt
her i.m. in forty yeuis iin.reif i .., i -tl,iii ini ii .md wo.neii
do md deal ivltli tbo pruhiciu iii a praclh-.l aud
. i.n-ii.in wayl
Tbe B.v. J. M. Ludlow, ot the V, ..in.ii, ,.?r Church.
Brooklyn: We have bt-re (Job VI., 1J) tbo wall of 6 man
wbo baa loat everylblng; Un- wail of u pblloaoplu-r wbo
fiom Ll a .--al aniong tbo aahe.a lookod forth upou the
world nnd found It vaulty; tbe wall of one of the most
popular phllosophers tbat ev.-r livcd, for lu oar sorroxv
and dlsguat wo aro too prone lo lurii to bla dolrfiilness
aud pcaaiuilatu for aohne. Lei u. ti y to auawer ll, aud
let ua aee wberein llca our atrrnglh and why we abould
l.ope wiiBn our livea a.em ompty uad valuelcaa. Ia lt
not, flrtl, beeause Ood made tbem I However a.emlngly
woriblea.a aud Imperfeot, tln y jat lleupon the work-t.blo
of tbo oiuni-i. it-i.i. part. of aouio gtand aud oouiplex
alru. iiiie which ahoQ enduro to etemlty. Hteondly.
Jiaeu'is. theie 1. wruppnd up In them aome
thlng of prlcele.. v.lue, for whleb Ratan
d.lly offera bb rlahea ?nd p*wer, *ven aa the
Kii.gof Iii.lia offcred hlatroopa and treaaurea t* tha
Ai_.-cr ol AlgbBB, caklna lu rotarn aimply ihe c-chaiue
of oourtealea, the glft of nia turban, beoauao tu tba foiaa
of tbat worthieaa turb.vi wm wrapped up a prlMleM
lewel, the Koh-1-noor. Thirdly, Wo know that onr llfe
naaaiUvinecoIUteral; tbat It has been or wlll be re
deeaied; that aa a tattared banknote wlll bave every
cent of lta value made good from tbe gold lying ln the
Treaanry vaulta, so our little exlatence haa behlud lt the
wealth of tlieOodhead. We have the surety that every
li'iNi and loiiging and need tbat God bM wrltten upon It,
will bered.euicd iu eUrnlty. Let ua then leave this hcr
eay of lunroseness. and the aahes of aelf-abaaement,
throw aff the raira of our mlaorable ldeaa ot llfe, aad eome
torUi lutu the utarnul auuahluo.
Arehbishop Corrigan will preside oxer a rncet
ing at No. 138 8econd-avo. ou Wedneaday to dovlao
mcaus for educatlng young Italians and bringlng them
up ln the Cathollo falth. Mrs. Hturr, the presldent of tho
Assoolatlon for Rofrlendlna Youug Olrla, and Monalgnor
Proston, the aplrltual dlrootor, will astlst tho bisl.op.
Tho dealgn la to have Itnllan schools erected ln the
Itallnti 0888888. which wlll be a set-off againat the aehoola
of the Aiigllrau|iulsslon, the BBBBBH of which, the
Cathollea allego, oiitiso largo nuinbers of young Itallaus
liyglfUof inoney and clothlng to Joln them. This la
n-ndered easler from the fact that the Cathollo parochial
srhoola are neither as tornfortable nor aa numeroua.
VSilllaj.i Keoh.tne.of No. 6 Wiuthrup-place, an actlve
niemliei-of the St, Vlneeiit De Paul Heneflt Boelety. aaya
Croshy-at. and the v n li.lt v 1a luhablted hy a large Hallaii
coloiir, and very many Iiallau childruu go to ihe Flve
PolnUMlaaioii, whlohla a ProU-atant Inatltutlon. Mra.
Hturr, of No. 134 Heeond-ave.. la the preaident of the
AaaoelaUoa f.,r BoCrleadtag Young olrla. Bhe aaid:
"Our woik bagRR about llftcsu yeara airo, on the West
sldo. Thero are what are e.alled'ruiui.-ia ' attached to
the Proteetaat taaUtatlona, who g.-t $l<> for aaai
(atholic chll.l that they brmg wilh Itiem and the ehlld
Itself gtta o .etits, clolhcs and food. Many of theae
DOOr Itallan childreii, not umleralandlng Kugllah, aud
ihinklngtho ouatoina of Catholic worshlp dirferolit In
thla c.niutry do uo. know that they're being adaoatod aa
Pr..-. at .in. ,'i'i,| are 801X81 gtag in Proteslant chnrcliea.
Tliasehoolsol our l....i'. of Mouut Canuel, under (he
dlrecUon af Bax. i<r. Baiiaar lu Oaa?aaarad-aad
IlfUv i.lhat., are a apeclinen of wbat we luteiid tn obviate
th.ae daugera, aad at the uieetiug ou Wedneaday tn. ana
.if au."
iii iie dortoed ro have tereral of eaob sehoola sraetod m
There aro
aluiwat ull
the moat ihlekly popul.tted lt..1. ... ipiarters. There aro
now ov.r Is.o.jo Itallaus in New-York and
aro Cuthollci."
Tbe clnll atmoaphere in tho Oue-bundred-and six
(.( t.tli Sirc.-t. L'uited Prrsbytoriau Church 188888?If
iiiip.irt-d piuk aud. bl.io taaahta to tl." noaes of the
congr. gati ni. " To be Baaaa out," aaid Mr. Smytb
philo-oplmallv, "is nnf ao bad aa to I.e Inirned out.
We iheaM rafn-r <!ie nn'.ly like tlie 888888888 for tl.o
North I'oin thau |a live banaftar m tha toraaexB ?f
th" aevcti tiiuea hnated I'tirnuco whi.-h await tbe
aieki <l."
Bldera JeMaa nnd DUe aml the Jaaltoe <>f the
ilninh ai the oi !y 0-888888 of tbp OPPQoitiOB who
keep up ihalraftaadanna. "They wobui like tetara
n .f (hh ebareh it they cjuid," aaldoaofMr,
fsillV li's .nt,;.oi lera.
?? And we cau do sn if we wiab," aaid Mr. Jerl'iiea.
?? u .? baxa a aorklng __tjiallj in tba traataaa 1 ttiink
w>. ball ba abk le aettla the matter befbreagtaat
Tin: PEMMTD1 vr AMD if's OATE of ofFWE.
In bli acrniou yeaterday m.r.iitig Mr. -880888 08811
"W'l.ii Mr. Claxalaad toofc hB taaafhar. Bibta, aad
ex.ei 4ta| lt io t?ic cht.-t' Jaettea t .<>k Iha ..aih >.:
up .i. i', wm tbat not a beacUfnl armhol 1 Dld tt not
-..v iii all ''V tl. truth ot the <i '-'..!. '?. tbe truth God
g)voa ua iii* v.,,,1 |aweartadlaehargaf?thfbllytha
Yeetarday'aB m of Im Buxday TxiBrxx ?n.
ri.-li it nir.-s.'f B0OI8 IhBB "pii.t.-iiy iu
taraat. Aaaoaffthlia ware eo rigbted artielea by
paiak*oatbeplaasof Ba ?a Nihiliaiai by
\V. .1. i-M'i.i ri ui K'.ssntli's r.-..)lut:.)ii.iry op.-ra
log llnwaid Crosby aa hb
??.,( iij.y i , t ? '? lntli. rte nnpubllahad
? r ton. Tui Trii
:,, . I --.?'. IU COB8t8l '
:. Agatha ;
; ttrnggl' a with beaxy
. io tbe A.I . | ??' a4aa a rr> ?
? .; Mr, \. :it ii. i'a brtll '? " i
? tt. r fr-in Ias-8?apolia
i tbe tl ii Uag atarj el pt. m old
?,,,.?. i . h ?; .. ' afreeaaaa lal lalBYery ;
j- rroctor wrota agala br -.-.iitst. There
?. i ii aad lll
". . .', ?? ni loam,
: ,l.|. s. l,,p.i a 11.
| ? ; | C 11
... '...?. . atbar iatei
? rti.lea. "(J. W. -;. ' 08 "' i 'M- lett'r tr.iii I.tw
aadaM the aawaedlBa world waa pjtaaa ia g>??i
..i.lr; Ihe follow uig batag a brief outliue of Icad
r ? plaai
l ,,i , u d an ad
diai -. Oae haadrad
.,?., [... .i.i f.-.i ,i the
, Kara ia. Farawell appeamnea ot
Man. Van Zaodl io Bt h U rabarg.
|, ii sn.-.-C.-ipl.itn 0 888, tha l.-ad-r >.f f!i.
te iu affldaril ag liual
v ,'T- iu the territory. : John
i. miihv ui hua iigi.-.-.i ta ii-'hi Braa.
?-. p MMttag Jobfl tllea wlebrated hia Blae.
liirthday la lloaton. : Masaa. Iius. tt i
I. .. ? ,t . .. :? ld um with Ihe ( ab
,,,, t. i be i a,l Kixer apiaaera -atoed a etron
lai predlctlBg l.t-iii-r tnucs.
(T,y uro Bi at inax.?General Oraai eoBMwbnl
rj i. t e bad ? h r. Bcob i ol
more lhaa 1,000milMin the roller sk..tmg eooteaL
A aharp BtU i ftoni Uoam-uaioaer Btinira t" ?
at. .iii-i.iaiiiig couipauy. B. grel al tht
foiluxe "I" tbe Bartboldi r.l.-iii bill
.MM.-ti..g ?t tbe N.iti.'.i.il Baa-iball l>'agu?.
- J'.i.k UOBBBUMIOBOr illl.tl-'s on
dittou n '? :-: v;-'???' '' ::i" ??!_'"
tander ailxet .1.t (4121* graiaa), B2.20 eouta.
>-,,,.., irrei .i and erratio, bnl eleaaa
bigber aad ^tn.:i. m Bgaraa,
Coptaaauy .ttiiin obtainadit this eAoa tt by
liuil. l'ric II ceiita.
Baw-Yoaa, Mareh 7.
Um usiiiil s.iiur.l.iy dnlMBi proYiiled ia the
ffiiuii BBibata tadby rBaaa nara no new laxelop
?aataaf aaatarata afBB prleaa a.'d ti?- Bpeoalattoa
lad UtUa itit.-i' ;."" peeeaBl af -taBarrawBae
iii-ii..ii?. Ai.o.11 tha only Bataia aartb aottag wm tae
. i. b "ti by eera la. aa i ai lo tba Irrogatarltp <>f
wbeoA Tba BBarkel aadad unMttled al pi ?? i ? ia bm
aearor t,. iba beat thaata bba waaat patoM af tba day.
arkial Bleaed aff Y> a aaat at t* _ far Manb, i-^7a f"i
AnrILpoajfor M.i> (noelu?ga).ei>8for June, ..nd 81%
eeiiu '..r.iniv opuona. Corn ihowed rtnalgalna raairtn.
I,,,:,. ".t.. "i 1,'i.t ,t Jl%for March, 0OTaf?r Aprll, BOBi
forMitV.MI.d :.o'4 irnta f. I JUOO opllOUS. D*'*w*f? u"
,1 foi Manb at 87V'a ""ft,i' f'" A,,r ' J_
?nd '4 lower for May ut HH 88808. 0X08100008 n808
ali....-> i an.l lil-in .. ? ? . .i.
At Rew-York, Baltlmore, Phlladelphlaand Bostontke
reoelpUol grata o. dav arere: wi.,..t. .".'."'i '';'??'-'-?
,,?,. :ii.:i.:is-:.,.ai,eia;.,aii, lia.531 buahelsjtotalgraia.
r.iifi.r-'.i bnahelt; loar. 23.00. barrela. The rereinwai
Cb..-ra, Btllwankea aad BL UmUb wero: Waa"L ???-???
b.iih.-la ; cern, iWJ.On ( buabett i oaw io ... .*i iuisi.. ia ,
total gralii, 4.'.o,iai bushela ; floiir, 1.>.'.??.?" barrels.
CiiicAuo, Unreh B (Sp,ri,ti).-\ In-MntaMi
,.,,.,,. vvai licvvaof.. I.......I cii'dlmk .hara.te.,.ip.ctl
with 88888888 ln Now-York, had 8 4ap0800lag 04880
f,?i?iiiabc_irii,ing paatorday aadaa parttealaroaftal
vv.is i? i'!.- 18 gtxe the 881181 88 BBWaXd turn. In fac-t
lIHle waa.lou.i Ib the opealn. hoiir, aave by " roll "
buyeia, Who were BpaBBM?88Uy ai.deav...i..K tocver,
aal m tba Itanna af ?? aaai ta m^ ?*??? aaaraalp
araata4aifppta i'-rk waaaaaxi a-haaotallaaaBlBBBil
ii.iu.lt.alui Frlday's 88808. " '1 Bl0 4a]' "'"u'l eoBBt ICa
ahialataly tba wsaataftba nmt." aaid a walbbaawa
hroker, wilh " b.illl.li " proclivHlea. .'There Is nothing
ln It foi 88] l""l) BBB I. far one, IIIBll8da4 B l.'t IB-BfB
drlfl untll Mi.nday at bBBBj aud 1888888 B888X, But
putlhislu yourplpe aud 888888 B When the proper
tti_y 888088, the imwa for Iha thlrty days will ba alaBMt
Invarlahly favotable to the l.ull 88* The 8881880 888
h. . -ii lavt.nil.le and 1 ctl^.l to ucla.ed 08 ^_?*_
with anotbar we. kly aiatemeut. ahoWlBg 8 luuik- l rn
rreuaela .Ue vlilbleaupply of wheat, but 1 do l.ot be
lleveltwlll beaiarked r.io.iuhto eal aay partic, I...
ggum. This wiu be more u,..b _tteoaate4 bx theua
toxorabla weataw and axap raaorta that nn at be BaBta
lorluthen.nl four weoka. For my P8__.i BtaJM
aiiknig on a rOWtgn war, ihoiuh it 808-4.88 8 80880
Ifetag for tbla 888800* ; but look for 880888188888818
brtngaboutagMend adxaaMla grata ai.a prei.? iona
Tooll iiuti. - B_aeli aaau whaai a Baa a-Ba^ftaapan
do aeveuly 88818, I am the f. lend of _M p??r b . .M8B
tiiu.a boaeat farmer, don't xoa ?ea, aad, be wmreportoo
ta i.ave clearad *JO,taK) lu the 088081 udvauces aud Ucu
Slapi" d OUt." _
E_wS-i S?___ i-f-SSJ-S
l'Jw'ii Bex.c-n ordlnary. ????* ^U Paal V<>m~""- ' ?H> '"
Vurk CantiM. Uli* l-enuaylvaula. 8*VJtaadBBB%.
_? m? t___la brVfer money nn.1 usi-iu '"r,,1"0 _
Ug. s'a. Mexlcau ortlinary. 3i?i. lUutesat
1.10 p m -Farla adXlOM auota rhree Per Lont ?ouu??,
83 '.raaea ?-?^centluiea for the 888MRt>^ B__laad oa
Tl)(.aiu.mntaIb_.lioa aoue.uw UlO -~* al naguaa ou
baiaavia to-tfay la B-D.OW.
SuirDAT. Mareh 8?P. V.
Yeaterday'a Treaanry etatemeat ahowa a losa for the
week of f 1,235,021 in avallablo cash; but as there wm
a reduotioa of $1,807,804 in the amouat of the fund hold
for redemptlon of Natlonal bank notea, the net avaliable
balance wm lncreMod 1552,333. The prlnctpal cbange
wm a deercaae of 11,297,235 tn the amount of gold in
exoess of outstandlng oertlftctce, which wai oooMloned
by an tncreaseof $2,190,270 in certltteates, lesa agaln
of 1803,035 ln the metai. Tha ttaue of all ver oerUlioatee
was lncreaaed 8468,500, but tho stock ot stlver wm ln*
creased $600,573, ao that the net gain in
sllver ownershlp waa $192,075. Aa uaual,
thero wm a small inoreaM ln the stock of frao
tlonal all ver ooln. The Treaanry now ls carrying over
130,000,000 of this nou-legal tender sllver?383 gralna
to tho dollar?that is conuted lu what generally Is terined
" the uvallablo balauees." Yostarday's statoment shows
a balance of $191,306,463, but of that only $161,035,371
ia avaliable, and from that suu ls to be doducted the
s.uu of the current HabUlties, which oa March 1
amounted to $ 12,000,000, leavlug for a reserve agalnst
the full amount of outstandlng legnl-tonder notea
$119,000,000, of which sum $46,360,474 Is ln sllver dol
lars uud ln bulllen. The rollowlng compares the reaulU of
yestcrday's statoment wtth tbose of Febrnary 28 :
Feb. 28,1888. March 7,1885. Changoo,
Ho.. icaa cerlifl.
oataa.$127,398,723 0126,101,488 Dee. 01.297.236
t I.I I i-l 'UI.I1
IH.i. a l.-a. . ef.
Uticafos. 18,014,814 18,945,215 Inc. HO.OOl
Na((?nal Bank
Baaaa.... 0,708.211 9.084,173000. 114.040
Depoa.ts In Na?
tlonal Baa?I .. 10,790,486 10,72.261 Deo. 07,2-2
.Sllver dohara aud
1,1,1,...., l.-ia cor
tl(lca(oa. 46.l08.nW 48,3C0.474 Ino. 102.075
Totala. 82.3,07ti,U5 *212,b20,6U Dec. $1,255,J_1
Po.luct lor fniula
held to i-.? t. ? ,1
.N.tl.iiHl bank
notea, Incliiding
the 5 uor ceut
fund...:.. 63,538,007 61,785.243 Dec. 1.807.884
Net avallablebal.
auce. $150,4*3,038 $161,035,371 Inc. $5-2,333
liiaelloii.il all*
vvrculna. 80.218..04 BABT1.8BI Ino. 52,798
Total balance.. 8I8.-.7I l.UJ 11.1.300,183 Inc. $605,131
Yc tcr.lav's bank 8880888080 acatn fall.-d to 18?Ml tho
8itb Treasiiry'a op. r .t.? lor IM week. The ButaTreaa
?ii'.v loat only !?1,114.410 ooln; the bank atatement
..howaa ?pec|e gntn of 88,139,300. The 8iil.-Treastiry
galned $2,026,080 eurreaey, and tae baaka re port a loss
of 83,096,200 ia legal-teaderB, Iba total IomIb eaab >.f
81170,900by the banks, however, rerx etooely tallloa
with tha Bub-Treaaurrii aetgaiaof 86*18.410. Au cx
pnnslon of $3,793,800 ln the loaaa waatbeprlnelpal
reatnre of the atatetnent, but the iaena ia ln the dap
?f 81,058,600 ($400,000 more than the lncreato eailed
for by tha otber cbangee) ahowa that tho loaaa wero
11n.de for loeal use. Tne siirplua reserve la atlll over
147,000.000 835,100,000greater than that of a }i..r
aao, aad agatata a danatt of $.">, 100,000 at thia date two
yeara 8gO.
Tho followtug eomparaa yeaterday'a atatemmt with
tboM of tbe MrrMpoudlng dat- oi 1884 aad 1818 1
ls-3. ls-l. 1885.
Ma . 18, Mar. 8. Mar 7.
Loana . ...83 5 : ?".'.") 8-48,v7'.i.900 03n_,:i84,4OO
Ki,?ei""" .-.1 510,700 71.898,100 108.7a9.7iM)
I eaat ten.iera... I7,!?17.IM)0 ?.'? ?;?? :.-mh> 3tf.0-7.OOu
I'.e-.n.ta ? ?-'..-.. II.4.mi 866.o8A.8o.) 053,700,400
C11. nUi.i.u. l..,.i..'..,2 K) 14.012.-.00 11,080,600
1 ba tollowtng shows the reiatton betweea tho toial re?
serve aad Iba total d.-|M.<if llamilttati
? j71.-osi.100 $:o!.7R;>,7no
i.ega'i-te'i'.i.-r.. 17.917,000 89,888,800 82,8-7,000
To?.T ? 099.1 18,7099101,69_,000 $136,810,700
? ?.., ?? ; te.i agat
.."poi.Ua.. . ... 7 1 ' 02X80 8S.771.3-_ 8x.431.fiOO
BaiplM .?$5,i0-i..-i' 818^80,678 847.HB.190
Ha' .."f rcsei v. 1 .da
!?.;,. . 81X7 8M1 - i 1
The followiug Is yesl.-rd.iy'a atatem-tit in detatl :
I I Leoral. . '?-ir--!a
gaatx I leina Bpecte, Tender. pestti
,;,, a. 4(1.1. i -. ? .
Men a. -
. -
A _ ?'? '? IT".
? . -.1-500
. I.,
07 o a??_? ,*> ..-?? 0' 17
II , .i . 1792'Sl |6 '0000
1 ? il-1 -'.' ". "'1
1 :
1 , . . . n.? ? ?' > 11 ? ? > .- ???' .
I ' . ? ? Ol! . .
. ?
I .
77! UM
1 - -nu.a,
I 41 *730U
1S ..'..'
I. 422 1 , ? ..
, 1 ..,?>_, ltl.aOOO 5400
... a . .1.- ? -
Ilanovor | 7ll ?
. s-....;
, . -.1
\,__il '? -.ua. -
? 1 . ? _ OlStW, 4302OO
, ,, mi il ' "".
-ho- ? Lealh .... ? ...ai ? ,.,"ia) ti.'...aa. M ... ? < ? >?. 431000
, ? - ? 877000 t 139100 . .
41 ? ..a. lr.-iil a,
ia ? nn.. 1 191.1.
, , ? . ', ... 1 ... I'- . ? a. -i)
?.ii. KtflMMI 1 _
, ;-.ai !-5 0<)i WJ >'''. 2
I ...,na: \al 7044
, .. , , ,. . 11.KX)
Snil , \a; 47,i'l7'a, 134.1 ? ? II ;>: S.'H
j,,., v,t 17834 ,,,, .. i ? ...... 20170000 416100
II t,,i N.,( 41b.'l)O0 22JH ..a. . 6000 I
N ' y -.a. .... - "....?. a 170U " I "-!""
j, ,_. rv llHHIOtl ("'. IO..I 11-. . .."" "0
\ \ i 420-00 -J...7:'Sl 1-..t/OO
, . v , r- ? 1 -0 mi, |..-.<II
, aaaa Nal il - "?' '? "'' '-< ' " "* '-"' 45'*'?
I t'tl, AV.-li'.e ? * ' '"'"
,,,-r i i.'t. 171160.) !-i '".
..<?? . ,,n ..,?.,.
. ., ?..?. -,7-17.ri 868.MX) I00.MM1 ;(.' '..ii, l1-.).).*)
I i.?? \u( il 'lu " ?40?<l ' '-':.??).' I .58.UMI
lluitleilNal inOaR'M) 191200 113500 1176008 I
,, ,,. V,. ' M.st". 1.4 100 I88>.mi r.'.'i.-a laioOo
Betropoils.... tf'.wl?'-0 _9l_0_ .: 1 ? i l ????
Lust week daxeloped BO cli -n.-c ln the gaoeral
iinn oi, ....,.,. t i.i. aud mercanttle att-ira. Produetloa
- ,.f u.eichaudtac atlll ia tuual i" the daui md
and tn many klmla l- ln '.?'l\ anee l-.f II .? aa . xteat thal
llire.il. ns i.iiili, r .'uriailiiieiit. Ihe prli-ea of div gooda
?n-e m.a itlafaciorj to boih Imnortera and inamifBs
. tke o)?eruttves are raaistlng a reductlnn ol ??
aul lo aorne luatanoes aro tbteateulng (<> itilke if they
,,,. not advaneed. The Iron tiad<> continues
"t,, 88 B l.an.l i...?lii.i.llll bntlBOM at pl.eea
ihal are shaded. nuder the itaudard quotaUona of
818forNo i a'ldsi; t.iiN... Splg. Btael ralls are ed
en .I it P-'7. and it ta remarted n.at a ?at.< lu^ been made
Dv.Pennsj Ivanta mtll ?.' $2 > ?'>"? The ooal tra
little "boom" whleh H re.-elv. ,1 fr-m tb. aa
treiuecol.l vvea-ti.;-. and atova ? ottl la now ln ab
aupDly at Hdewaler, althougb aUII aoaree Bl snafn
terlor polnta. rhe onipul "f BUthraclte for thetwo
nioiiihsotJunuari and Febrnarj wm
rediictton oi 620.000 loi.s, or oiw MXth from the outpni
of ihe mum pertod Oll884 and Of !.???'''.'>."'. 1088, M 88
troiu iheaaim perlod ..r i 8J. ___.__,
The iiiovciu.iita .,f graln at Ibe luterior polal
weok were llberal i-d aveneiceede.1 tboaeol tb
. l8H4.exeept In 400..bnahala MareeetpUoJ
,. on The recelpta ..f wbeal were uearly donble tboae of
tha vv.ek ..r l --.? rhe ip. i ula dou
earli In the wei k.wB ? Brmei.and ihere wm a recorery ?,t
from _? loii.eaia inwheat and l.eenl i?t ronwupoa
r.i.oit. 'I damaga tu the wluter aheal aud rumoi..,, lm
LKindlhK w u- between Obmi Britaln audRuasU: bntai
tho slose wheal at Chicago ahaws a ilt,.il -am of onlr '4
, ent and cora a galn of 'sa'-a- eeal Bor* rnled a
l.ll.c ll.li.era.l.i lal,i..i.'tor a.saarp a.lvall.e. fleaod BB
nbun-ed H ?a? ao unuaaal tbfng tor Chicago t? b.>
anxlousfor theqnoUtiom .<f Brlttaji ' lael
wrek tbelr Uiiatuallona were Uted lu tne pB- api ii.la
ti.,11 fei llirir full villuo.
Ti..- receipuaud ahlpmenU ?t aheal, eorn aad oa.a al
tbeprlaolpal Vfestern r-.t",',ot aaeoxaalattaa for four
wmm eoaapara m follows ?
RThaaB. cara "i">.
".eeken.ladKeb.14.buah. H'K).7..0 L870.OHJ '
S-S-SM|l.bMh etm,8.vo 1. ?,,;?.. 8
t__.k-_.l-a l-'-B. 2- btia'i. l.,';l.,l ") -,a.ii,< > ?' " ? '
SrSb S-ta March T. b-talTmBdO ? A68A690 1__1,260
- -, issi liush .18.344,7-- 48X18.3.11 80.600.1,73
S^^il^b-S Atehffi aa'-tai Mn'-Jt
Baawt-Mla l_8_,bm_ .ALB7BXB1 _?fu-...u3 -...u ,.-j
Biiii'M. BTb.
WrokenaelF-b.M.nnsh. BlOtal 1.W.W9 55A030
Wee.an.lait Keb. -l.'.i.ali. 021716 V.','^-. nV'.llo
vt -..u -...le,. lali '.S li.l.a.. Ij4 i'.5 l.JJ.I.lU. le .'. ?)*')
,U--e_.!.-.l-t-i.h7,.,uah llUXaVT 1.704.810 l.07...74ft
SH.ee sa... 1 -. t H4 1 tl.e.,1,.. 1.18 S 1 l'.l _?-M>f.;-'fg ?i-fifr^!
Bffiaii&b- S&Stf. tt^iS -:^i.i
Tbaaaataard ndlway laraaiaaB of Be-%j_taa_ and
Drovttloas from Chicago ttat week agiua nilccu tae
rM.ni d..ier..,.n?il..u ol the Paaaai?__?" to-k'llTlO
BarMMof ihooine.?rMyto, m ^^JSmtSSt^S.
Ef*2 __iS_?_ 10mi .-- Tlie Oraad Trunk, haviug
' otT. .' f o,u uud. . ,0wdr.f(.a,douh!,,t Ita tO_n__B of tho
o, ,' ? llii.1- we k. * hich w.il be reflected In largerrooelpB
, reiy ine Wea'i rBure Uno. Tbatatal ????_??,?___
II -?l toiia tiiralar than iu tlu) wack of l--)4. an.l -,.,.U
I' les. .han 1,. 1883, wheu tho (hrce Yai.deri.llla
t-ai 11. .1 10 3-10 per oeiil of Uio whole.
Th- followiug table atu.wa the totia an.l paroeatagee
?h oneil by ea'-U of ihe railioada 08*1 frol.l UhlcagO of
rti. 1 .laluaudpiovlalonsforlho wock eudod laat Hat
Srdn/taoo-apartaoa with tho -MMWeekof issJaud
1 aal 1
Weekanrta.lMarcli7. 1883. 1884. 1885.
weekenna.1 narc u, -. abaafarata
B.eh,x.nre.tr_(-... \lM* ?AB katt 2 4 4 Ml Al
Laa. Mbura.- 1.0- IM B.14X i .- Ijt-U
___?____!?. lif.ita 1V4 -iM.tf *7 8....27 14 8
Haltimor-audOhlo. 6.898 XI 88JI ej
lirand Trunk. 8,10 ll.B 4.U4.I v.*
Sd.^.!'.'*.:.:.-.-.::::: m? tm a__ ___ _??___? 5
Totala - alTolO I884BMI 1W W),98l 180
The toia'la of 8808 arttole rarried by all the railroatls ta
the week. of th.,voyeai-.weroasfoilovra
Week en.le.1 March 7. 1*S ^j* jfl";,
Xlour.tous.-. 4_'y'.,g aj ,A7 9n[a.\i
^;i..o^to^:-.::::::???'-"'-_____. ____ j:?_i
Totala. ton.. ?>? k ?___r _?J|
\BSsQ i iTeB?&vss
range only from 1 to 6 polnta, and tha next orop la
quoted at advaucea of from 1 to 3 pointa. 8pot eottoa
onded 1-16 oent lower. Both tbe receipta aud exporte
of the week ir Ve unfavorablo comparlaona wltb tn*
weeka ot 1884 a_d 188U. 'ibe following are tbe atati*
1882-*8;t. 188.V84.
For the weak, balea . 124.828
etnceSepteinbcr 1, balea..u,o.'6.54U
For tbe week. bale.. 128,198 10A.8H (H,n?8
Blnoe Sopteuiber 1, b_le...8.3h3.0J5 o,.o..;oj 8,18.1,281
The 1'or.ifu ext-haugea were mor* tban uaiiallr dull;
rates were unchauged for loug blll., but were lower for
algbt bills and closed for buslneBa on tho hoata of *l *,3_i
and $4 au;?4 reapeclively foi loug aud ahort aterliug.
The local money niu-ket reinaiu* ln tbe aame coudi?
tion of extreme eaae that baa cii.ii .i.r-i-i/*o it for a umu
ber <>f Uioiitba. Call loaiis ranged the week tbrough at
1? J _. l>.-r cent aml eios'.l at 1 per cent. Tbe domestto
exchanges ruled iteady. New-York cbecka ut the plaeea
n.med are quoted aa followa : 8avnunah, ?eVi.dl.coi.ut;
Cbarleaton, ^a '< preininm; Ncw-O.-leons, 75 cent*
premium for couimerciol and $2 preu.lu.u for bnnk ; Kt.
Louis, 50 ?outa premlum; Chicago, 40 ceata ; Boston, 10
The Stock Exehange marketa were Irregnlar and gen>
erally dull, outalde of errotlc movompiita In a few bouda
aud tttoeka tbat wcr* speclally favored by tbe tuouient'a
ape.ulation. Only o amollret.il bualneaa wa* ilo..e tn
(.overiiii.ent hotula ; bids fliictuated '- " '4 per eent, Rlld
cioaed the aame oaa week ago, except uuadvaneeof'- per
cent for 4 io.. 8tar.es wero not as actlve on lu the pro*
eeeding week aml the pricea for the Kouthern lsaucs were
e.iaier. The general bond market lapsrd tnto dulneaa,
but therfe waa a flnn uudertoue for the beat claasce, that
la few are offered fd^ale, ond In-nce a aniall deoiand atlf
fe.i a tbe flgurea. Tbe apeculatlve blnda were Irregnlar.
Richmoud and Danvlllea, Mlssourt, Kanaaa and Texaa',
Kit hiiioud aml Aileghauya, aud East Teuneaaee'a, Vtr
glnla and Georglas were from 1 to 11 per eent higber,
while New-York, Chlcugo and'8t. Loula tlrsia, Uoualon
ond Texaa Cntrala, ond Ir.dlanapolla, Iiecatur aud
japi iij.tl.'id tlrats declined from 2 to 8 per eeut.
The deaihaga ln atookafwhle'a auiounuvi to 1,756,357
aharea, agalnat 1,745,805 aharea for the preeeding week)
were prlncipolly conhned to o locol Bpeculatlon ln air
Biocka thot coutrfbuted 1 ,:i-><?..<i 7 aharea to tae week'a
total baalaeaaC l>elaware, Lackowaaaa and w. -i.-rix
waa th. ...ineipie h-udl-.g- fe.ture uf th* apeeulatbm aml
art'-r aelliug un to 104l$eo Tueaday ita jince breko to
:.;t t , hut ti-oiii tbat time and poltit thero foiiowed oa
abuoat coiitinuoua advam-e tbat was not i heekrd by the
weukucBBof Centralaiid Hudaon and Lake Shore, till
yeaterday ll aold at 1 n. 'Ss_- !u7! -. It la beyoiid questioa
that the atock now ta lu a ahuation to
work a close coraer la It, lf there is a
Biifliefently large " ahort " Intoreat ln It tojuatify such a
ino\ ??meiit. of that the seemiBg large horrowlugdemaud
for the atock ia not a certaiu linlicatlon. Thoae ?\*-:.ttors,
however, who are in a positlon to know the fact BBBBrl
tbat there ta a very largo " ahort" lntereat. It looka
uow oa if tbe next forty-ctght boura willaolve tlu- nuea
linr. The .arly iii.iv'.-iu nts ln Noriliwe.iern aud Bt.
Paiil Bwni'nd to l.e a sort of amu-x of tbe D.-laware,
baekawaaaaaad Vaateta specuiation, and they were noa
inotalBed at the end, althoutrii making good recuvenea
from 'i iiur.-d-iy'B decline. l'aeffie Mall was actix-e aC
advai.clug tu-i'irea, for tl.e spi-clal reason lhat the paa*
loga of the Hubsldy blll xvili give tho company
aboat 6400,000 for the aame aervlce it baa Ireen p.-r
tormlag for about 630,000. Tlie other event of tho week
that was i.ot iponiilallie and luflueneed the market waa
tbe ileeliirutloti of 1 per cent iust.ad of 1 .perceiit
divldrml in Central aml Hudaon. rniiue.tlonahly tha
atock had he.-.i inainly .old lu ..ulcliuitiou of thia eyeu'-,.
bo that its price hatl declinid fmm 'X>\ the prt-eediug
week toSOUOl Thtiraday evening ; tlieaiiuouneeineut of
the illviileiiil on Friday hroke the prlee only '- per oent to
-7, Bl tl yeaterday on the oovertag ot alnirta there wa. a
natiir.il roeerory or 2 per cent. Lake >hore wos hulletl
o little on the jieeuliarly wordert iiunouneemeiil that tbe
eeaapaoy will reallaa * prutit from the preeaeed aale
of 68,800,000 of Ita flrat coaaol Ta (te taaa ap tbe bbbbb
Hinoii.it i.r matutit.-? ptior II.ti dlvtalooal bouda). a a.im
ei|ual lo U per ceutou its atock. It is hardly prob.ibl*
Lhat the pn adaaa wW i.r aaod ta pay a div.d. mf oa tbe
atock, bocsoae tlie eo.up.tny'a rei>ort to D-c.mber Ul
ahewa a BoatiB* daht at thot d_4? of 81,800,000. Tn
that it wlU requlro a haataeoa of another goortor oqaal
to that of the laat quarter in addiilon to ll.e, pieiuitiiii ?a
IbaboBda ta piaeeita laaaeaa on a goo-l foaadattaa. Tho
tlnal ebaagealn prt*ct that aaaooal to aa mueh nn 1 p. r
-: Deellaeo?Ootaha preft-.red and
.nd, coiumb'is. Clnelnnatl and iMili.umpolia each,
I: Lake Bhore, i?? ; Etie pre.'erred,:?'_; and Ont ral aad
Hudaon sT8 per eent, Advaiiccs-rSt. I'.ial, 1 !s ; Hock
laland, i'_: Btebmand andDaavllla, 1%; WewPolat,
_i_; lielawaro. Luekawanna aml weatern, 4?h; l'ac.lio
M.ul, li's. aml Memphla and Charleaion, s per eent
Tbe following table gtvea tho r_n_.- and nual prteea of
tln- week Hinl tbe tlnal pricea of the preeeding week to*
_?? h?i witb thaanmbarof aBaraaeaUef taety-taroaaltva
or rcpre-aeuiative st.:
nig*t. I^w'l Fi.-isl.
Fe -'3|
No. ot
? aaa
BBad* Paciflc . .' 40 1
? ., . ilhei a. I'.'J1.1
riol of NJ....
? i t nt V.f. Sl7i
i-l", -M pr?f. 7
Cblc A MV.I an1*
C M A Mt P.I 74-a
C t i.a ;-, .a f
. Bl P M .t O." '.'ii 81*4
co in.-f. 67-1 ^4
CBAQ .1121. 1-"J? I'-'1* I'-''1.
flH ,
71 _?
. I v; ['.
. I....
nel * ft w .
D a ii. au..]
t i Y.A (iaprf
11 h ll-?* llt-j 112
.t.a; .r, , $rt I
107 v' 9'??a io: l. I06*a
7.' -j 78. 7- .
III C.-tiiral. 12f? _ 125
I l.e hor.
- md.
I.ouiv _ N._b ...
Uauhattan Cun ..
Ueiu v t Uar.
?f. m ~t Lpr.
m ka r.
.| 7.'
tt i
etlt .
M'l.h A W.
.lo pref.
BYOl W,.
Nor r-c .
do pief .
rih.o.v Mlia ....
nr R .t R.
P i-t ..-..) .
Rleh .v Dau ....
- fu.tl.I 8??i
-t P \t a B .' h'.)1-i
lexaa A P.C .
1 ui .ii I'ac . 48 ??
xv u r.-i. .. '?
Pac Maii. ?2'.
.7 7 ?,
-: ?4
i ?>.
04 s,
? -
41 -
60 ?
50 I
40 4
?'. 1
... .
4a >*
S2 i
84 tj
02 ?a
125 kj
? .
Ui ,
1. >t
ls |
. -
1 . )
1 8 i'i
7 a ?i
1 - >
1 )
. ,
1 1 ?'.
117, '-.7
24 14
Nalaaof 4.'.look..
Saloaof 4-Jotlier atock. .
Total .bare. a>l J for tln- w k. I..00, ...7
Th.- followlug were ia.it urday'a qt'.o.atlons for uiliaieg
aeeuritiea :
naiiacr. a Maaabi
i.r n.tj; bda ...
Do .en,
Baa ?'??'? T. and
wni atoek ....
Do. ueba-B'ure ...
linfl. V Y. o. i'h'B
1 ? ?-? bouda 0
pi r.-i-nt .
Ie-. .ei .11 l I'.. (J.
Bl'i. Aake.1.'
B. V.W. Shore and
0 .-.ur.. atoek.
T^'Vnrtliem Pac. ihr.
I boiuta X . 71
7 iNor !) Itlter eon
4 .trm-tion looper
ce. .
Ohl 1 ''en. River
i Div lsl uitg ..
Peuaacola? Atkin
tu- .
Plttabar/A We*t.
.at 1. riCBKe ..
BoBthera i>i. au.
Ln Ua aM- mU .
Btafi ol .1' ibb-bo*
I rwilicu-ui. 0 per
I \, ? ?_.
19 .
11 s.
1 .
D,n., Kio H. and
Wmat .
D R,.;. ft W. lat
mtg bds., guar.
bv l)en. A Klo
(ir-n.le. 3H 40
Deorgi. Pa -? m k. 19
Uo 0 -M-reiut? !'?'?_ 08 -
OBtg. l-\ SoXi .-A
. National . Bt. I
Do. pn f. ..... 10 . I 1st tnl. . 11-'
Do fatmortgago. 22?j 2->-\ 2<i m at.......... -0
N. Y. .d.T.1. at'k. 4S K'-i-ia ft Nob.
I lat tutg.112
Beportad 1 I ?RX -I. l)xv:s .v. c r., 17 *'.\U j>.
?t. I., M.
I'iv. as p. 2J
1 0
Bld. Aaked.
ntv't new.111 188
1 i__, V. .1.1.14 lrl">
r'vailall't. ne* oi'-j
I . 8-% eT.l.J
lie?..iurf ?t-i.el*l
moii .- <4"i 7i>
I^,.i- 1 VaUl ? . - S8*J -3
Nortlieru i'aciilc
aa a. ?? "'.
Jer.ey 1 eatral... 86si
_: L \ .1,
?.. Pa. 11 -.
t.-.:-1. ::;i', I -r*
North cent. UiU 6
Lehigh -Nav . . . 40 41
Bi.?. ?-. i. *al
r.ui..e.) 11 . 8% -.'.*
iiiir,....). \. Y.a.1.1
l'hilprer. 3 5
l_,l!__tl liilo. 1j?B
bubori oaarrnAii b*m******* BaamaB
roarrhweekinrob. Iw?3.
NuBitrerorruih-a ...... ^.i-'P.
IihUoeaafontharaiuv. s-.
Iow..uvi.loa. 1J.-.--4
1 1. .j
Tot.l lor woek- $B74.263
ToulJai) ItoFeb. 28 2.078.1)21
1. -.4,4-5
11 li
1, ar. i'alt.', aoiMBAroua axo omaha.
? 1
li... 113
ofmUoa . 1,170 1.280
^iTwaTOrah.... 160.666 681..800
J_u 1 10 FBh 28 .... 894,37a Jl.OvM)
? KSTIl.Xl. l-i "IXIC
Nii?ib,-r of lullc.. 8.087 8.60S
MonthofFeb ? ?? ?'.4ii.'-.' ?l.to..,0
JaalloFao. 28. 3.218.f88 2._>2.?>6
s.rs-?a coi-ar cju '"?*}-??'".' 7V* ' A '"a"; "-7 m*
j. .:>'. 1
?'0.,; -? >...---o
. 181. IS 1. 19 I. 20
aoei,_io, -.-i 1. -1-.
JJ1. 20_,
ll-.'.re l.RVi*. PJ.,
Br-dxand raaieto,JJ-Koa. ia9. IW. ' V1-,!''.,';-; \\> '?*?
I4-, I., 1, .0 . 155, I6ri, loa, UA, ?L 86, 101. l-?. 1M 142,
"^.r'l'-'aK . ...-ui'-srrru- Tbeb-Fart l-Bcf'jre -Jn.li.-w.
- ,.a, ... ,a- Couip* ^ .?--. .-sew-iorki .. ..1
.iia ll.l.ta.,11 ilivet iiaal.oi.dCoB.paB.-. No Aay cale.uUr.
^iie.iKMk cou.r?sraciAL u. m?Pa.i 11?Be.oiu x_a
_a_io'2 nuTail Sosa, ^7o. -7s. 10711 io4?*,w 11
sVt.:m"i'i coi ur-i-iK, lu -i-AKi' I-Be. ro .L
NOB. lOt.t'. 2570, -2ti:> ?, '-'n-S. 2o i-S, 54 '.22
?aoi-. -^l-. ?"?*."? ? -? -? ?
?'hViuk-- WtiKT CIRCI-IT-PA1T II.--Bef.jre BMBb. Ij
N?i ll-3.21?li0, 7dl.S0Uo. 302-r. l7o-,.f.i,. lJa8
.ol,...,:! ?i.a-.a l.. t, '-"?-. M-, 2411, J071. 1,82.
N*a.82-4. 2174. 8210. 3107, i :?'.'.. ?-'-_* ,-.' -i '-.' 0.7I
3liTs, HH79, IO.mI,3201, .H.SS>. 2s*?. to**. 031. Sua.. -4.B,
''ttuiBOo.rB'e coutn-iioiuofc 8--N0. 131. 31. 74, IHj
;,.r.n,oR rotm-mxraA.. J?^^^*:
J., ii 1 oiruiai. ?nd In_r*ii."a. ..*.-?.. ?
''?mlVmiob Oaaaagaaim ma^Botaaa Tl BBB. J.-Noa.
:,H.:,.-iHioB_o4i BT-rai'.i. raaa-P-ar i.-Bc'or* feiiiaaiieh
tTsT^*. U ?*L 81*. 69.. 617. Sa -. 8-0. ,00. 2U 122,>.
17(V,_i-a Fuia^-aCaklL W-!.arre??n.. BamaaB
V^pn:.!^.,! 40, 55, 50. 1.. 3.. oi, H 41. b-. ol. M6
*^Brir?^n81 BIBIIIlTBBB 8HTI Allen, J.-N'> dax
cal.-i.iUr. - - - ? . ? -
?ga-Sa p_a-a-TBiAi 1 "J^AJT I-"B|Bac. 1 r. WL
aoa. BMk 981, ?'"'-. ?** 7-0, 6'J-., i-ifJs, ?..7. MI. ' :,
1..4. u5. o-o. aaa. _ ____?a _??.?*? ___? ?....?
?^ntol.araaux.faKasioss-PAar 1, Batoia Oaa. . mf
J.-No. li 2, 8, 4. 5, li, 7, 8, J, 16, U. 22. II, I%Bdla6l 14,
?_oSb.?wBmwBom BaaaaoKs-PABT 11.-Before i-..^?xtee
r? ta-Noe. 1.2,8.4.0. b, 7, o. u. lo, U, I'i. Haaamea 14.

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