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efata CaOega h?a aeea atagalarty Mtueara bt Ha
Ju. r,r.. wboh.vo a. arala la?aa$ad tbe fundaof tho
SS B he moat ailHii....>s w..y poaalhto, and w.
noiosa.othccoM.,0. Vh's ***** htWBght ott ?
?n artule hi Mr. Maaaa Vo.nu-.ot Ibtt eity, which Hl
jKwrs lu BM March nuuhcr of Th iTaW Fwilnn'trr. IBO
funda ir. Ihe buuda of tho ire.wurcr." M| a Mr. 1 o au*, aa
the bennninisof tl.e frar|Aagaai l. 1888), laatoibig aa
aageaan bajaaaa. aaaaaatai to 81345.408 48.Jbeja
eome from UMaH (hirlug the Jeui w.iB 8108,1 ?> BOI ?r ?
the raaa of 8.84 i.er cent..... pai aaaaaa. eerUUjiy ? ? ?
aulU'a.toryrct.nuto recclvo fr.oo tn.at****??
iayoflowrate, 1 Intereat. Another f^J-^JJ
moro ooaaaaaa baahaaatj to tho e.r.a.4 wKadty which
charact.,1,.- UM u.auaftvmeiit of the unlvcrsitj prnp
erty Many M lha aeoarlOea beM by baa taaaaaarat have
?Ten frlven to the cv-rporatio,,, o.bet, are of hl. own l.i.r
chi4*e. Tbe coat of tho utter -^^Sf^S^ilSS,
Tw.rno lamds and Block?waa ?'J ah'"-i *?,..
jTi 174.0.7 4i; the Incoiue tr..m tbcm ?? big *e year
IhhV-'isI. 873,'J08 70, was ut a rate a Ut lo m- ?; ter wn
6 g pcreentum, whileof tl "? ^P^U ?M4wU^^"
Mrrhaaad br the Troamror, MjWBtuwUag ?1',r \^? H
fcl31,50O, ul but 87,500 paidlnter.st 'r d>'?cu? /,,
would bodliliciilt to framo a ?taten? . M hoB ?.-"|;
roaclaatralj Ihe aoundneaaol bla '2^eB&n ,n ,he
euliyiu bbowudepartweal tho 1'"^,^.,'.",^ iu ni,
nafaallbBity. and Ue aaooeoe whleh b aabMrveo tn aaa
After apBBklag In htfh terms of tha **"*???
rc.iiisylva.ila, The PhV.?lcl,;hia P>r? adds tho tollowlng
L^aU; ?? The.ols need autaido tho Cnlvcrs.ty for
aeaaa pubile irirtalaa for labwaalata education. our
Clty la. perhiip*. the only oue in the Nortb which r.aches
no helplng h.i.id to younir BMa wbo uro aooklug a llbora
?dueatlon. Klaewl.ere thera aro hlsh^boo.s aad
OMoBoom* m the puniio Bchooi Byateeawhaeh taaeh um
IaUha.Oraeh aud ?Ihaaaatlaa tbal a paaagaaaaaawdia
to euter college. To tbaao wbo aro looklug forward to
the luinlKtry of aayCbriatta. chureh tbis aa^batla
manaiaii ? Ia Phiiuu-iphia taeteare aaeraBmtUmi
huudred ahareaee, bat thoy goueruiiy aro fii.od ay
clergyman who come from other parta of the rountry. M
b n.ro to nnd a PhlladeJphiun byWrthta 'gj^jg.
jmlplts. We ilra w up.uf wber nn a '"ore,rJ'"?'' ,lu a e
fi.uuitier. for our aupnly ln this niatier. we ?Jo eantaie
iomA ckn.-yn.on. and even expor t mum moJ1 .um -. M? ??
Za i',?ir.,"i,r I'heli.s. of Aihiiiit; lle'-er fiewtop, oi ->i?
V,raTab bn.ihe'r.'ut iui-ri.t?; Bparhawk Jon? and
CJeunie Plirvea, of Balllmore; Pather W**"*0*
niTeaaro" RobVrt Piitteraon. of ClncJunavl. and o.hers.
?.t 1C hoiuo supplv is inade,,.,:,,,, to ?a^a-?ial
Theaoare aoine of! ibe thiugs whleh *??Sin?thaUi3
(iir iKiwer as n ctt v ls cuTlstcd IU seconiliujf tlio L ui
vcrsity ln dol.K all that lt can for the dlfhlalon ol Bouud
kuowiedgv BBajaaefnl learuln;,'
IllnarccontasldrcaaluChieai;... Mrs. Frauols F.. Willard
auld- -Iu the llght of tou yeara' work aa ateacherof
total abatluenoo from ulooliollc poison I solemnly avor
that ba4 I the power, our syste.n of ed.ieution ahould bo
aochangiwl tbat the co.iise of study of evcry pupll. fr.nn
tuo kiuder?arten toddlor to tho hlgh aabaal gradaate,
Bbould be Krouudcd whero llod gra?ta our vory belog
onnatural laW. Thoy ohaeM know the lawo of bcaltb
Bratof all. aluoe their pby.sical helag la tho ISrin b-i.-e or
the wboio pyi-Hinld of cbaractcr. The 1-lesaed word
?health' onco llterally m.ant ? lmllueaa.' and that
meana Blmply ' wh.,1. ncaa.' Tho alcobol aud nleotiuc
polaona, leagued with bad fo-.d, uni.atural dress. ba..
ventllatlou and lll-pr.ajKirttone.l eicrcise, BTC the dem.ms
that bold the sacrod eMaaal ToB wa eoil ooraeirea a
anran ?-g paea8e.aai uaahwaeare to know ooo'a
reaaouwuy! Hia luwa' writteu ln our niombnra wo
paas' llghtly over. that we may Uaru awa'a foi tnula for
paralug a vc-rb or conatruliu ? nawlga gawtatloa. 8Te
pasj over ihoaa weaghttei aaatien ..f th- ahaagakaa Ui??i
of hygleue tbat wo may tltlie tho nuut and cummln of
urammatlcal punotlllo aud mathomatic il awmpllah
Eeut Ev?n when wo study the natural aelaaei i a iaoai
amui the atara aud hammer tho roeka or dlaaoct I""^ere.
l.ut I'laoe tho study of our o?u moro aplendld . iimi lam
at ihe foot oi tho bat Inatoad ol bulUlng tho whole tal flee
ol cducaiion upon thia aolui rook, MtalBel which ">'??' "
of hell shall not provatl. Our obllqulty of rlaion at tbhj
polnt will be the amazeiuent of wlaet und h.ipi < r n: r
at.ona. Iu the aehool of the fnt ire carefu > t .1 d
hvgn-uiats will bc Bteadllyatwork ^^"f"";"*
Of Ihe chll.lien and tcaeWiiK tbeui, ou scleiititleeroiiiils,
bow tbev may form thoso uoon which pbyaleal ?aultj is
Cditloned (lothlmc tha. UipOi-W aifllWf.^POO BBT
DMin or meniber of tlm bodywlUnotbe lolerated. tBO
eatiiiK oftilifl.lv seaaouoil food wlll bo condemned. and
the phyaical am of ualng aUmolant; and uartva <
Boaiieed with all the amphaab of a ? Tbos aalth tha
Lord.' "
The bullllnxsfor the now coIIcro iorwooaoa at Bryn
Mawr, Peun.. are nearly completed. atid the oeUegO wlll
be opened next ?pB9B81Br. The FOAoMoMo Prrst
fumlaheBtbe foilowiug facts eoaariBtag Kl "The col?
lege waa founded I.y Dr. JooOgB W. Tayior, of Burllnjc
ton. N. J.,wbo parebaaai tne ptoooat 9tto an.l ooaa
menced the ercctlon of tbe p.-.-ent balattaga. Uaoahb
death lu 18sJ0 he loft tho coii-rol M tho Institation and of
thefuuds beiiucithed for Ua r.establl-hiucut aud aupport
InUe bandaof thlrteou truslees. Tbe purpose of tlie
luatitutlon, aa crireaaedby Ita founder, aald JDr. Jamea
4" ffhlliaSattO | .r..a.-f.ie to ort.rtoMninen
au the adfaaeagai af aaafloga aaeoaMoa, an.l tn nt auch
af tbeiu as leatra U to he bMMbara of baa hlgher ataaabao.
The ldea la to ?nve iu Um proparatofy aobooio oll um
tratulu/ au 1 dnil.ry ta edaoata tba p h U le UM
Pomt wbara ahe may be eeaayeu Bt to paaa the m it.?.eula
tion examiuatlon, which wlil bo of MMaaooplad eollega
atandard. OaUbeVaaaar. there winue u.? atwaauratory
ecbooi BBtaobai ka aaa Brya Mawr Colh-ne. ? Tb
nf atnUea.' cntluued Dr. Rhodes. >M to BO simlur to
tbat puraued at tho lebBfl Hopkins rniverslty. tho
atudiea bcluR claasitlod luto groapa and aaado to a greal
jqtiBl alaallra Iba laeolUea aare aaaa ebaaoa wtth
the eud ln view of bavinx iu each aaportaaja atl tl.e best
Bpeciaiiat u. ba aktahaad iu each rartwalar braaefe. au
tbe ehalra aro llllod, with the e.iioptloii of ono. of lan
auages. I'articilar attcutiou will ho pald to tl.e phyal.al
trHlulu(f..f thepiupls, andtho gjaauabUB, a hl, h is the
lar^eat ono for woiueu lu the couutry, wlll be furuiahod
and laafla If1 on the plaa carrled out hy Profeaaor
QaaagoOafgcal at Harvard. . It wlll be under tha abargo
of BttaaCanayfl c. Ladi, wi.o hus beea uMtrnctedby
Ptofaaear BargeBt? Taa ornjclpaJ i.utidinu ut i".-'"'
afai.dinn uTayior UaU. naniodatior tnefounder, whidi
J.mia.na, iiit.Vv oOBTenleut form. Iuborn.or.es. I.brail.s
recllaUon rooma. leoture roome, offloee tor the piosi.ient
aud hiaatati an.l a largo aaaemblr room. Biillt or port
Snoatt atnne. 150 feollougand tbroe atorloa blgn.thls
?truciure ofieraample accoiumotlatlona for tnepttnioaea
I?r which lt is inteude.l. T.e lli-t atory ia I.uld upon
t.-ick archea and la liroproof. Meilmi UaU. whleh le to
be used a? tho homeof Ibo etudoiit-, ls lo.) ,.et lolic,
three atoriei hlgh aud wlll a.-eominodato fl.ty piip. a.
Tbe BrraBgemenia for Ibe peraanal eomforl oi tho
atudcta are admlrabM. Three ooiumanlcatlng rooma
wi.l be BlTOB to ove-y two. The ceutre room will bo
nse4 for atudy, an.l tboao on citli.-r -.luo al bed-ahambera.
Tbedevlcea for ventllatlou in thi luatltatlon araperfeot
and -alculated toglvc. overy hyKlonic edraotage. In ad
Uiii.ni to Merlon Hall there will be cottagea ereoted on
the eiounda capable of gtrlng quartera to tweuty more
reaidents. it M the doalgn of Um traateoa ta jroel
fnrther realdeneea for the atudonta aa the demantli .f
tbe college reaulre Umbx Tho bj bumM in b Uiorongbly
aoBOlBted, aadu to be futnished witu Umaameperfoct
a!? .aiatus at preaent to be acen lu tho raoma of the Bew
Yo'ik Athhtle Club. Th.-ro ia a coniplete aystoiu of
waU.r supplv, u boller-houae built ou tbe promisea, oou
tamiui.'.. pomp that wlll furnlsh a sufticieut Bnpply 10 all
tho bulldlnaw. The bollcr houae alao heata tuo gym
aaalnmand MeHoa Hait. Tke baUoJaaa wia^eoetwben
aomuleted KOO.OOO. Bealde thls aum, I>r. Taj lor en
?nwed tho lualitutiou wltb *s.00,000 for lta lunlutc
' Hpoaking of the Compnlaory F.ducatlou bill now bofory
ga$ VM iss;u:h.:s. 'ta j LogUlature, Tht Jlotton Suturdoy
Xurdiij Ouzelte aaya: "The fact tbat lu the State ol
Pjjaaaaea?eetla there are over niiietv-thi-eo Ibouaand per
aons Bha are ine. ipable of slgnlut; their iiatnea la surely a
Btronj; ai\'Utnout in favjr of ohoaaWheinalat on coin
puls..r>' edueatiou. I'uwiao haste, bowover, ln atten.pt
tn*: ba remo?iy the ovil la to tio aeanaoaeag, for ignorauce
haa a ceetaiu number of rltbts that^wisdotn ahould re
apoct. Iu the tirat plaoe, lt ia to bc remeinliered that
aPJteraoy b a nOafortaae and not a crluie, nnd that, aa the
rnle, lta vu-tinia aro ttho alavea ofdutyand notofln
ai(lor. ui e They labor for bread to aupport thema.lves
and otaera, aud for hII practic.il purrosea a weil
nontished atomach la to them a more lmperlotia neod
than a well-atocked braln. Now, tho blll drafteil by the
itat-o Board of latucatlou aud which will. probuhly, bo
aome a law, la unjuat to tho vcry iK>ople whoiu it aotka to
aid Cudor tho i?enaity of a llue, ft forolda any one to
alTe ofiiilovment to a uilnor below the ai{e of fourtoen
Whoeannot roa.1 aud wrlte;-tuat U, lt dellberately robs
tjVuiiiant i?>vcrty of u larxe i.ortlou of lta aeanty Incoiue
to rr itlfy thoao who would force Kood hy whlrlwin 1 and
reaii laMllect l.ytonipoat. Tbe uimor niu?t t:\ve up hia
anipioimeiit aud k<' to ecbooi, ihla belng tho luoderu
yauaceu for all ovlla."
Tbeexperlmenta ln physloal dereloiment which are
heinK made .by aeientiflc proceasea upon the atudenta of
the Cuiveralty of Penuaylranla wlll be watched with In?
tereat. New apparatua apcolally oonstructed to cultlvate
the muAOlea of weak young men haa been put luto the
gyataaalam, and all the atudenta are aubjected to a
YlgorouB examiuatlon to nnd out what klnd of tratnlng
they roquire. It haa been popularly auppoaod that young
men at college were not In auch aad want of robuatneaa
aa ti.la new departure would aeeui to Indloate. Wbat
aver may be the oompuratlvo lutellectual aUudlns of tbe
graduatea of the Pbilasleli.bia lnatltutlon wltb tboaeot
other oolle4tea.br the ald of thia eonme In phyaical
eulturo ahe ou*ht to turn oul a formldable lot ot foot
bali ts-aina and rowlng crewa,
jXcto JJnblitatiotiB.
aaya i " II la admlrable. tnil ef freahaeaa. vlvacity and a
rleh aaddabily elaaa of worda of eiquiatte and reilm-1 n.eau
Jna" II. H iiuyeaea aaya i "A moat leiifbifal aatlre by a
(lXaaloal aol.olsr. There la an lrreelatable drollary in tbe
atatel* meuea." Wbo eonlrt have wrltten Ul I'rloe, $1 50.
*_______yt.'NK A WAQNALLrt,]Q-r-' Dey-Bt.
u BBMEe or aiTOirav L*-<^."?a with dkmos
TUE TK1BUKE. h'aw-Yora.
?Xcm iynblicahot'e.
Keuierkable Serial *v-tv
Iacontlnucd lo the
With artlcleaby
HENRY A. n.AFF, andotbera.
OTAn admirabie unmber of thla aterling maeailne. 35
cnta | yearly aubacription, ? I
Now ready. roatalna:
OaYTHfSBIDB. A stcrv. Fart IV. Ry F. C. Baylor.
- CIIMTSES OF PKKINO. By 0. F. (inrdon < nmmlna;.
BOBA HEKKIIEIM. ARtory. Hy W. W. (Yane.
paYi BIC IIKskaki H. Byl hariea Morrla.
STITMES IN A LAKE PORT. Hy (barlea Bnrr Todd.
LA POVERTA. A Btory. By 8 M. I.ly.
1MB foNI EIiKRATE FI.AU. By Frank O. OarpaaBr.
rtv PABJTA*8U l-.AVK. A story. r.y chariea Duuuiuit.
THB NKW.ulil.KA.Vs BXPOaiTlOM. f-ccoud l'aper.
By Edward 0. Brucc.
Mary Apnca Ttnckcr'achainilni? atorr. ACRORA, la eon
tinueii. AaanakarB BkeB BtaeBa, Poema. aud artlclea of
lntcreat upon Cuircnt Toplca alau appc-.r.
25 cta. per copy. *3 per annuui.
715 and 717 Market-at.. riitladelphlo._
1 of
Contalna alao
Tbe Year'a Record,
Ctrcrdt of the World'a Illatory.
_1 Activity and commerclai liepro.aloa la
tbe Dmted Btatee. Tbe ( hlef Etcuii
ln the Old World.
Wltb a Table ot Toploai lleada.
?? ___
rrue ao Oenta.
fJEW.YORaT. __
1885 m ? 1885
TOR 1885.
Thtavalnahle Polltlra: Rr-rtafer complledby
lat* Clerk of the Uouae of RepreaanuniTaa,
Elcction Returna rrooi every Stata
Id the t'iii ,n
Alphabetlcally arranKad. with comparative tablet
of tiie Preallenttal Klectlanof 13!*0
by (oiinuea alao an analraia of
Ihe PrealdenUai Electloaa ot I87t?. 1878, l*C<and 1"W4.
Addreaa THE iIUUUNK,
For Boys and Young Men?City.
u\ w niinjr. Arttbaaatlft < aireepeadeBj a aaalltat. rbono
irrasby, Tyaewiitiiif i day, erealM; I adu-a- depait,.ii
,MlM-.'M^l.l.l-."l ? ' ?' ' ??.rv;l ptown, ovc-r l.SUJ l.road
wav. aBtraaoa lo? Wt?t:-??*111 ai_.
4 Ztuto'kh, <;ovi:ksi:ssi:s, pkoffss.
2\, ORsandelrcalaraofaebooia wcoaatneade 130 iai..ui, *
and ac'io.la No chai^c to leacbtra uut.l eacaxed. 1.
MIiUAM %YRIEKE? al Eaat ITtii-.t., next Ccutury
Rulidln*;. ^_ _
1'1'TOWN Ol . IC'l.a, Jfo, 1 ? :<a Uroadway, rorner I'MriT
(irsi a . until H o m. a id :< i' \S>-t Twc-ntv-thlni-al, cunur
?lal ih-are, No. :o ; K'.or b-are., < onw i J i.uriteiitti-at. 7. o
Tblrdare,coraarFortyanreutb-atj Ne. LOOT .nidave,
n-arta:xtieth.at..ariflal tho RARLEMOI FIC . '.. 0 rbiro
ave corneronc huudn-1 -and-twi ntr-tlfth-at . vinloO p. tn. at
r,Kular, M^o. ItltooK I YN. a , and a; ( ..viii-.t.
/Aol.L.EUt:okAMMAtt SCIlUOL..
Ko.l.l Eaat 4'Jtb-al
FRANK DRIBLER. A. ?!., Prlnelpat
p.afera te lha Facaltlea af coimubia ooilefa and Bebool (
CiiI<)I< I- e.illeeti.in of seliool eirrnlars fnr
j jian-tiiaand aaartfiaae. Teaebera In every di-|.anment >.f
att aiidicarniiiK raoctameacled. ii. ilEawE, (? weaj -lat-at.
n I'REI'ARAT'iRY BCHOOL 3? Eaat 4'th at.
J. Moootiri lfc-.- l'.i'-l?, C. E. 1'h. D., i'rniilpal. Iiiti.alnctory
to all fa.lentItir CoUai i <
No. 1,471 Hro?away, n?ar 4?d.at | 4-th vear Prlmary,
i ataaiareJal aud < laaaical lepartuienta lii-.truetlonthor.unh.
lariua co-eiale. M. M. llullliY, W. L. AK1N, limcl^aia
For Eoth Sexes?Citr.
a free lo parenta. l'loaae irivc particulara. I. MIlilAM
OOYBIKRB, ;l l.aat 17ili-at ? li.c.u s.iuir-._^^_
ASCHOOT TO 8U1T, a.-i...-t.-.l from hmi
er.-da arhk h we repreaent . < I MJO LABB and Rellable
iiifottna'ioii frea pleaaedeaerlbeyoBrwaBta.
'I utora Oov-erncaac. iiml Tea. ii< i? aappltea. >ochaiK?.
A-.i'u Bchool Hunaj. - We?t IHI. at . N Y_
H. 1 . AVIUV. Manniter.
BEST8CHOOL8.?250 repreaented?ctitnilan
treo teaareoia * \ > laaetiba 11 at araataj caratiiuy
aelecfal ?n.iuiail?alfoi t>Mf?t-% __ ... ? ?
j.w.-i iu.i'.mi.iui'11'.n t'? i.7 Eaatlitb-ai, M, y.
Art Schools?Citr.
W" lluerelvc pnpila, NcitliiiiUii! TllfaalaT OrtohcrSl, ln
(liaw.nK, (iland aratei COlOf l.aliituia-, atlll llf?*. iluw.il aud
auj.lacui.e, thiuu palutina nnl fla* oratue..
BtadM B*?* M..!!ao:. \T\
iiru-rcii' vm.
Mr. p.liuu"- rton, PreaideLi 4ati9aal AeaAemyB r>i?tjru
Mr. WaJlaui liart, N. A.i Mr .l.u-i ?L llurt, .S. .V.;
Mi. David /okneoa. N,
For Boya and Youn^ Men?Country.
youi.R h'.ya. 1'.. IIIN'Iia, A M., Il.vnpalead. 1. I.
Aiexandei l^titute.aniilitaryboanlTnRHcbool
Wblte ria.ua. N. Y. l'rniclp..i, >. It. WILLIja, rii. D.
Conn.. ob Proaoect iiiil. ontHirtt ihe rUlaaa Varj
bealtby hu,i pla a.im ^;-i b$ lera jt lortj -l itb v t it t.eKina
Apn l& Preparea '?.ya ,oi collcge or hua.ucaa. l'orpartlc
uiara acud f>ir -aiaaVKue. I
BORDESTOWN, \. J.?Miliinry ltistitnte.
Proparo.fnr Cnll.'< >'?r lluaiiieaa. Kia lialncat,! l, Ueallh
lulaudlboro.ia-u. Fur ir;ulara, *.-., ad.lrcaa
a u iu v WM ,. BOWEaM. A. M? I'nnclj.il.
U0Y8 and YOUNO MEN prlratelr fiit?-ii for
rollepe Condllloiied or reJe.-Ual oanflllatea roachod
aamroar or wlnter. 1 IlnFKMAN, btocahrldajo, Maaa.
pOTtiOEQROYE BCHOOL, Poajrhkeepsta,
V> N, Y., J'lIN MII.i:Y, M. A., PriaetpaL Freparatlon lor
coHi-km, acientitic aud Uovernmeot 80hoo?a, aud foi buataaea.
PLifvVOOD 8CH00L POR B0Y8.?At Mil
1 j fnr,i Paaa Parenta who ar.- iBfortaaati lo tka aaaa
ii ??. eent of tiieir aoua. will do w.i, fi pr.i.'lt liv thft idvantn^ea
onercdi.j thia aebooL Adttreaa PRaNK M BOWE. Bap't
1,'REEHOLL) 1NST1TCTE, Freehold, N.J.
1 Forty-Cret yaat beariua Heptember ?. Mihii.ry drll!
i rcpares for buatuaaa. for Vrtuccton. < cluuibia, Yale aud
lt ii rari. Heud for catalojue to
uar HKV.A.O.UI1AMI1EIW, Trlnclpal.
l BABATOOA BPBINOfl, It. Y. A bome achonl for l.nya
nnderfilteen yeara. Ixxjatlon hlah and heuliliv A faria ia
attaehert to the Inatltute. iiiatrui tiou in amall claiaea Ea
i.acial cara frlven to liackward ',i>>? and tbOBe la dellcat..
naaltb Oarnian apoken aud oiai, Unxht Hchool epeu all
the vear ro'iad Eatablialied thltteen yeara. hend uu clreu
lara'andreferencea OlTuVuN blll.OW, I'rlneipal._
NYorceater, Maaa- bi-K-.na ita iMlhyear Hepu tlth.
i il MKrCAl.F, A. id., MupennU-iid.
HOME HCHOOLfor tcn boyn at New-ILnu
taaaaaiMBaaBB aaaJBretreiiarate^gv}.^^
Rova7t- 17 ? apaelaltr. beaitifnl, boneilaa, bealttiy,
hl?h(750 feat,. prlmary, baalneta, aoada:nlc, a?ieiitiuocollo?a
preparatorr,maalo, gyajaaBaaV li aoraa of groual. rlAlu/
ciepartmenti tralned boraaa aud oblldrda'a poolat- c ai
alujuo free. Btudeala received and cjaaaltled af auv tlma.
/. WIIJ>'.N. A. M..J>rt!ir!M?!__
X Cbeater. C.atlr Rnlldlnaa. Thorou?h Inatructlon.
A MILITARY COl.I.EOE. civii EngliiecrlnK, Clieiiilalrr,
Claaalca Enicllah. CD1, THEo. IivaTT. Preaideut.
VJUMM1T ACADEMY, Suniniit, N<w-.lcr?ey.
O A prenaratory achool for b*va. 8M10 per year. Offer
auperioradvantatoa lu Enxllah claaalca, tuudcru laniru.,
aud miiitary drill.
' ALFRF.D N. FUI-I.ER, A. B., Prlnclpal.
I Department of Arta. It. Towne ScleBtlfle Bchool. III.
Wbarlaa School of Mnan.e and Ecouomy. IV. Courae ln
Phlioaophy. V. ( ovirae ln Mualc, VI Medlcal school. VII.
Deu'ail Bchool. VIII. Veterinarv School. IX. Ijiw Bchool.
X. HloloRlcal Hrbool. XI. Deparunentof Philoaophy.
In iiiakiua lnuulry tilraae apeclfy de.iartineiii.
REV. Jih'e Y. BDlfK. BecreUry.
t'nlveruty of Pennaylvauia. W.-at PbUadelphla, Pauu.
For Younjr Ladiea?Country.
OME Roardinir School for Misscs and Chil
drea.?One honr from cltr ; ranther'a car?; food board
aud toltiou, $>00 pei year. Hlgher hrauetiea if draired.
_ Miaa A. Tlll'HHION, Box tlS, Mauiford, Conn._
N~YACK SEMINARY for trirlfl, hinitcd nuni
bera, th./rouch tralnlngi dellcbtlul bome; one honr
from N. Y. AddreaaMia. IBOiiKNK HEU'rilOI.F, I'rlBCiOal.
I^HEELMS.-Fiiiiiilviind Day School forOirlsT
I No. 141IIofh al., Surmiffleld. Maaa For rlreulara ad.
drt-aa ihe pnaclpaia, Hltaea POUTEH * CUAMPMBY.
~For Both Scx?4-Cou?tr7.
vanrcni-'NTOWN, N- ...?IVm i! ? CoUej?;
penorMU8lcandArU'.^-i.n ->i;iiVi,.. A , ;.( ,;,,.,.
U aaBHaaaaa ?J^lnAMaJ^nf *
FITS for AU, 0OI.LEO l - Md ?C|^'2Jel
Frenrh. Ar: and Muai.-ac ?, liall ? > ., , ? a
*choo. continie^opc., dBrlai JajM g A.h%'" ,,.,.,,,?.?,, _
i.iicKl \\I) COLLEGE, Nyack-oti-th"
lorcaialoinie. " "? "_
Pancutg ^caDemtca._^
r,o. BU 6ie.avh.. Bew-Yera.
Nu ltis Waaaaaataa- <:?? BteeBkra.
Teriniiii clrcuUr.
'aT P HARVARD BBILLra Bchool tor
A i..?,-i.."xo..-.7-? ittvarawafB tja.tUlepax
rn QEORGE DODWOBTH, 21 Wcsf 21th
1 . at (fi.rm.-rly WtB Mr. Allea D alwurth). Claaa and
pnvat. jaaaaaa. *.-'''"'"Ur
fffocucra. _
T~t7aT)y1vTio haa iirad aad tiavdicd nneh
A it,l?V..nennd who apcaka Enallah. Frenrh, iiennan nnd
/liau flaVffl?. wrahea't.. acc.u.pa.y li.l.e. int-idliu to
traiciOi atiidy ahroad: aaeiceptlOBabie rcic-iuea iriven aud
reuvured. A.ldrcKa Mra. U. ... T^WBeOBke.
A vit !.t icnr Mh.avc.i, N Y. H. E. AVERY (r.cently
. i M'.,f irreniicrhoni'a Teachcra' Aaen.-y.. Manaif.-r.
^P^u.^ie'tTeienera tor Prlvate I'uplla, 1 aiuiliea. BBkaBM
^iwfr^H?frta^SlA*BTBa No el.arne for rcKiatratlon.
Hci',,1 atamp for forni and rc<lalfr .-aily.-.
A iiincvauuPhea Profeaaora, Tcachora, Tutora. Oorer
i% A*T?e t.? ' 'lffS-a. Schoola .. Apply W
ncaaca, 1{0|IS,,,M j. YuC.NOFULTON. $ i i Blofl Bqaara. _
TuEmcvN school INSTITUTE, eeUb
A i ..ti ? 11 -I.'.:.. proTioaaBiampUy bea* ftaeban lat ravBa
f.,\ ,. ,! ' ',,.., ''-;,?..la, Oolletea. Ciroalaraof noolaoliiol*
L 11. rclialilc ,.f..i.niU-.ifra.t. pirun. txllldl I'dtJlin
Z\l-lii waiVtci, APBUCitlmforii for .1 i m ,
"j i: -r'l itMl- lui.iitN * .?->?? 7 Kan i tth-at., N. Y.
DPTOWS OFFICt-4. No. l.-'U-H Broadway. rornor Thlrtr
flral a . uutllnn. ni ..BadSOH Weat T?oni;-thlrcl- t, Cotart
Fi-lilh-avc Vo !j.i Konr:h ave.. c.iuer 1 .uirtcenth at. 7'0
Tlilr.1 arr.i'.irnrr Forty .a.-veuth-at. i Ne. L0O7 1 h d ave,
nVorsutictb-aL.anaatthailARl.i.M.iri-TCl .V.?u(nhird
avc corncronehundtc! and twrnty-ll.th^t . uptort j.. m..at
reVBiaroSee rat-a. Alao RP.ooK f.YS. HS aai87 farlal
Yj liahhrancheada'irea eagagcaieal ni rtty acbaal; aaa8
dta.inlira ian: hlrheat nference Ala.. irivitc paa la n
pceiiianahlp. nntural a.-lenoe. mi.lherr.atl.a. llteratnre. hlatory.
rrainmar. ictlrr writui*. Ac vd.trcaa _
m aa. m i' m.. ijihui.- PptowaOPJee. 1838BtaaBaar..
IITANTED.?A tator for a few howa a day.
M Addreaa with .piallflcationaami^rnia. .^^^^
VALE ORADUATE.?An ennuieBOBil in
1 atrnctoraiutrirlvato totor Aealrea ao aaa^"-n"M ?.
w.eor tnon- houra.Utlr- Addrea. II. A.. 1 rihuue Qlllco
ansion' nousE.^^
iTfiOKI.YN HKIOHTB. dlrcrtly appnatfe Wall-at, Naw.
.orlti foui- minuiea' walk rreui Fiilleu oi B/aB Mttaal rarrrj
4Ut.eri"r aoc.ui.iuo.latl.iaa at rraaouab.a iaiaa. aalcci fauiily
aaa tranaleut nololi '.uo
tDintcr ncsorts.
T UI.EKI.Y Ml iMi I'.- ?' M _
The rlca-aut new atcan.era ..r tba Qoebec atMmahlp rom
panv I I-. I M l> Mi an.l OlllN"<"?'Il l>"H?l''t''"?'"/ ' ,
IJIVRBDAY frciii Kew-Yert an.l Brratuda iii'iuiad
from New-voik Marcb 12. EicBjaiea tatea?UOta8ii8.
Knr paaaajrc liiforination. Ae . api-ly to ?,_?_
A V ul-| I .<i-.ltl.ll-: A < (? . Aacnia. Bl llr.*.iway.
WORI l> TRA\ l I ? uMI'ANi -"" Bl ?
Pplandld lorallon fa. n?- the tv-van Iljnla.ma'y aepMnie.1
wllUavari c?B?anleuie for wluier and a ivuiLCr vialli.ra.
t.na-m i.i i-km m r_
(Pcciiu Stfiimera
-a I fr.en New \?-l i -ii II y
i | ? 188IA.BBI ? '?. ? IbJCVUNIA, Aj.rilia, 7 a m.
EllliOl'IA. April 4 !'a. ln | A .N II HtlA v n il .'..-'p Ui.
( at.lii paanaae ??'" lo *~" "-> ."?l e'a.. ? U
l IV iiP.ii.l. AND ull I n- fo? a HhRVICE
LITY of BOME aai). ttein.?-:..? Aafll a, MayA,
aad .verv 'ourth \. ealaeaitajr U ? ,? '
CabtaaaaaMca aeotaBlOU "*a ""i elaaa 83*.
r-lr<ra?r ..utward OTpl??
1 ,,F l,a-a...K" "T 1,1.1... I II. f", ,.,.!,,?>. apply tO
niMii i.?,-i iiiiiiiui ua,.."?i *? ?i" . ?_?
?J li .ii..* llreea, New \trrr.
New aud dlrea t nic t>. the Hoatb >.f Iranre.
M WYi.l.K AM. R..HI.I..M \ I'll'-I- r.
( RATEA U lt "\ II 1 I >s' ".- "T- M"11?
i rota ? ri.i.i.,. > -- rWaUbtreetrerry),Breeav
''Traveii, ra f..r iian.- Baalai aad itair. Pjraaaae, i-ao,
S?-. Ae . will ?aTe tlllie alcl e\p, ii ..- l>\ la?ll.|f Ihl.lllie
Jiraial.m ii.elii.lliia wiic ' '.BBBB I OBBBj
*;,.*., M.. .-a.--, :. For paa lo
* ' ' I- l., I.-.I I \S,. M:. 4D It.av.i l.
NOTICR -' if1 l BOI i i '
Flt'iM 1'IEIl BO. 48. BOBTB HiVEll.
OAI.I.IA . Wedaeedai mar. I. i5, 1 p m.
iu. i h M a . ptU. 1.7a in.
AOKAMA. bitui.lav. April l, ? . ?
UMBBiA .eaiaraay,April 11,8p aa.
i ,.i,i-i paaaaaa -? 0 ?-? ?i"i ?lo"
hteera teii. i u t, aud fron ali parta ?f Barope at rery low
taUa Frelarbt andpaaaaaa oUica, No. ? it??.uia Hie?-u
_ VI KN-.N II IIIHlWN A C \. ?
ciiOKs BXOvTB810B PABTIBB$$0fraai New TarkB
Ai.ni. May. June ai.d Jiuy, by llr-i-e'aaa atcBinaiitpa
I BA> i l.l.KII- at KEDtlL'EU HA I l.a, by the btat rojto*
for Baaaaara tra.ei.
OOOK ^ BatCTjaaiOBIBT, wit.'t aaapfl, cntalin fu'.l par
ticulara. Iiy lual. f,,r len i?? nta.
TMOB, i O'.K .t; BOB, '.'.;l Rrnndway. N. Y.
\M llelweei, New YOtb Bad HaTre.
couipanv'e Pier (aaa No 4-. n,.iii. Kirar, f,. ,mf Mi.rtoaai.
rtoHMANUl K Frangeoi .\ ? daa day. Marob Jl, 1 p. ?
-i LAl'HENT, 1c Iniiaaelln.. Vi nlnri11 v m.i.i i. 7 a. m
AMEiii'ji'E.'saiiicili.Wadaeaday.Aprill.il a m
> I iKIlMAI l i inl.\S -ai.,, . , . \|,i i , ? im
i 1,.-, ia payabteataBht, taaowaatataaalt,aa th<- iian>iu?
lraiiaatiaiili,iiie.il I'ana a
Lul I- I'l II ?. I* I '? N. A ?'?'.!. -s" '? ll'ialuu '?' ??" _
l.< aVUlK l'lel Ja, N |(., fr.il ,,f Klllrfat
WIBC'OBHIN. I ii, a.tay Man h J4. .1 a m.
WYoMINU.Toeedaj Marebtl ',.:iii aa.
Alll/il >A.I U'-a.lay. April 7. !<? a. ui
NEVADA.^.1 aeeaay, Ai.nl 14, 4 p m.
Al AaKl. .Tneada*. Afiu .'I ' < ' u iu
< hi.iu paaaMe ("aceordlai t-i ataterooai), %<m. asuaudlioo,
lateruiedlate, $35 . -'?? raae at low iatea
i.iiiii ffo. aOBBOADWAY OCIOM a 00.
I 1 I..-, >imi i ii i LoadoBi,' berboora i Farlai au.i liambani
l(,,|\ . Mm.li .",, i a in Fi.l-IA Apil' 2, 7 :vO a. in.
i ) ---IN'. .Men. .?>',. . ti? i.im I moi.avi \ Apii. Baaa.
i uai abin BdS.ee; ami +7". ataera?e 4iu. iiound tnp
atreduoad (hrieea. >eu,i f,u ?? Toarial ',,..-> ti.-"
Kl'MI AHlil d < ' I. H Rli IIARIi ,t CO,
oen. Afia.01 Broad at, W. v '-*'11 Paa. Aale,01 B'aay,H.Y.
! |..i; jVEKHBTOWB ami iivi RPOOL
i ri v OP IH.1U...S.Thiiiadar. Man h 10, .1 p m
Utl'llc .Thuraday Marcb Jti, 2 p. iu.
CITY OF MONTREAL ' hura.lav, i i m $, i p. ui.
1 ?r.iin l-l'-i 18 n,-w iiiiiuti, i Nortb itiver.
CABI.1 FASHAOK, tilO, a^O. .ndtlim. Iclcimrdlate $3V
bTEEUAOE, t? ,.r fi.nu Sew-Yorfc IIV
Forp.aaa/.-. Ac , apply td lha INMAN-TKAVKUIPCO.
iiiuiii.-.t . Waablaaton liatldlnc, Hroadway, B, Y.
PklkMMapklaOaiee, No. loS Houlb 1th at.
RIIEi.N.~>ai..Mar-l.i I- (l|ara 1 I.IUl.lt. V.'ed. Ap l. ta nia.m
E.M-\S.al. Meh: ., 1.' I0p ui i A ' KBA.Nal Ap.l,a ..:??
ODEII Bai War p3. <? a m.J I BE, Wad.. AbT8. M.iuam,
llt Wed. Hleaiu.-r. Firat ral-in. $-'.).$iu?. necnnn Cabta,
$110. Iiy Matuiday *.teaiucr, Firat Cabta, ?7J. Baaaai oahiu,
Mc-ia-'.- al BraatJ ratea.
OEi.itiriia. a iu, Ba a Bowiiag Otaaa_
JAPAN, ( lll.NA, .NENV /.l ALANU, AfspiiALlA. CEN
'illAL A.M) -aDl'lll A M K Kl. A aad MEXICO.
From Ne* York. plri r,,.,t Caiuilal., N. K
For r.?ii Praai Ua ... ia lha iKiiniiua ot Fa iama
r ,i, n aella Bitnrdar, Marcb ?
OaBBBtetaa f..r Oestrai aaa hoatb ABMrlcai bm Maxioo.
i'luiu BBn l uu- ia. ". I?t aad liiannan ata.
I'.,i Japau and I'luna.
CITV OF PKK SO aaila Vatuv 11? Aptll l. '?'? p in.
( i'l S I >\ DMEYaaUa aalurday, \piu II, -.'p. iu.,
or on arrlval of l.oiid.in malla at San I r.-iu. i^<...
F..r fri-l<ht, paaaaare and K> icval Inforuiailoii apply at
(.'(.?ini.any'a'ifllceoii thepl'-r, I....I > ami d \ R
li. J. iii i,i,.u, Baaaj aaaBaBBk
RED HTAR LINK.-For Antweii) ami Pataft
.-al.liiff Iroiu New-York and Antwarp , ,,i? >atunlay.H
KiiYNLABb.aatarday, mji.Ii ill, r.;'.oam.
BoORI'LABU .a?aiunlay. Marcn '.'a, M0p.BV
sal,ion. B o to$!'0. exriiralon, t.lu io$i.m. Hecond L'ablu,
*.,u, it.iiF.iiii), t . i. ateer.ia;.- at lovie-it ratea.
PBTBR uuKillTA BoMB. Ueu'l Ai'ta, 63 Hroadway.
A Auieriran llne foi Ht. Th.i.ii.ia. itarhadoa, l'ara, Marau
liaiii, I'crnaiiihiii'O. liahta, aud Itlu du Jaiielru
Eicclleut arcomm.alaliou fur paa-.enrera.
n- MKRRlMAi K. ( apiain W.-ir from llohert Htorea.
lirook.vu, March 17, ai.d Newpurt Newa, Va, Fnday
March .(i.
PAU1. V. OERHARD A CO.. i.eueial Aifcnta, ?4 Hroadat.
OFRMaMC I'apU Kennrdv.. Katurday. Mar. al, Hil'.oa. m
ADliIAlIi Cant I'araell ... . saiunUy. March 2H, :i p m
IIKITAN.NIC, < ai.U l'i rrv.HatuMav. Autll 4. ? .?) a. ill.
ItEPt'III It:. Cant. Irvinc Haiurday. April .l.-'p.m.
I mu. the Wblte -l?i Iiock. fiM.t ot WeaA lOthat.
I!A I i-.s -al.H.n. *. ii. ?a.. aud +10(1. Returu tie.keta on
favorable terroa. Hteoraare at low ratea. IntenuedlaU. ^A.lrl
aticonlvi, ?.:i5. For inapecllon of plana nnd ilher lnforuia
tion apply al Ib" ctrnipaoy'a ofniea. No. ''7 Hroadway, New
York. R.J, toilTIH, Aaoul.
A,.nUfor ^^TUAUX A TOBEY.toa WaBB^k
iV, gavgft 88$*% Ve$**U nil RHlroft*.
Miw-YuiiK, Mar.-h 18. 1883.
aVne. p-'s. -? .in .s , p'iM 1-'.Pcaniita". lue 474
ftSTljS IMiUtaaa'aVai Jf^-*^ Jf
^e.o.sMJ H'.'tes. -i!>. Ul Cutmo*t*,pk? 2.388
(,,i. 709 latlav halea.. ?.?51l.ard.tci.... IM*
rf.r.-.\ b'-'i. ??l Leod, $4*4... 8 i.> l.anl. kera... 480
?'mmrrt)>.U 971 l-ea&er. Ui a.74t Battar. paaa 4.740
K" "k, 78; M oa... balea.. (W (me. ar pkga 2,3-JO
ir.iti.Vs 9o.lUoTaaaea.bl* 110. BapHa 1?
IJaV.'a'V ?.l fl CTurp, bbla. a.K.ce, pka 84
t": il, "j7Si-sp.rUsr.irp. I!Ur?chafl[bga K"<
ggKf Wafehbian aaSK-att |
Bal,'"V.biI.b? 835 Obe Bteek ,a oul. balea. C49
"anii.ai.nb.. JTj^P^KCaV..^_390J-_-?
NKW-Ynmi. March 1?. !?.<?*
roFFRK-spot um firm i,uf aajet 8J.8ja.wr yatrj
Mlaae( 1,400 haaaai " .imrd.ana'' ?.
is" t ;.!..(? r, 7.. n 4 7.7 V MIM ateady. Halea <0'> baca CeOtB
u,?o " " lavVmayra aad loo BavaoUU.... r^aUtajaja
'. i uN apottoateo dull and uurhai.aed. sajes. IM
bileVi dol.vcries. 1 100, recetpta al tho po. ta. 8^888*
iu/am?t t. 10 ' last week, aml -.487 la?t yoat. Sluco H"P
JJftber I, MB4J89 balea, agalust 4.4*8.080 tor UM aauia
I''l'!,eV,!ee.n'.mt accordlnf to the American cleaaincatlon,
areaa.oUow.. Meaa^rbBBBB
Tplanrta. an.Kiulf. Texaa.
ordlnary. ?'.. gje Bm
Ktri t urdlnary. 8% ?'? " ?
Uooil onlinary. 10 "u j ls 10 is
itrlrt.e.sl .'nli.ury... 10",* l"?.s Wfr
Ia.w Mi.litlli.a: . J , H> \\>
M,i,( i?? Middling.... lljie ,11111T", iiV*
(1,?hI Mbl.llb.e . 114 l?A ]].*
Mr.it Oood Mlddllag. 11",, ll,5ie IVT}*
Mi.ldling falr. l|?ia {ffja ff>
Kaii . l^"ia MP*|$ A-'?ia
??ort ordlnarv.H".s| I^>" Mlddllw. NP|.
btr.rt ii...sl ..r.ltiiury .. U*a I Mttnanag.?? "is
li tn.es wercqidet. Thcmarket opened at 5 polnfa derllno,
with a fnrther decllae of i pemtBBM noon, whici waa t>ar
tiftiiv ns .!? in a. i leetaa <i ii?-t aml atcady at 1 polut dechne,
aae. pt n.r .\piii, which is Baeheaujee.
Te-'lay"* .?Fxtremea.?.
Month cloalnt Ulah.aL Lowast.
Msrch . llJiari.M ItS U.91
A,';''. 11.17*11 :H 11.93 ll.Kft
,?"?. ...... I1.48e!l.?0 11.'..) 11.47
3"^,. ii.?oan.67 HR7 u.fo
Amin'al."*."" . jl.O '-#11 '4 l'?l 11.08
aVffha?.:v.....r.::::::: ii.?i?aH a" n-s
......t.ar.Sin...a II I..7 .
N-.neinb.-r . 10.2'.; 10.1) .
Markct closla* qutlc and ateady. Iranaterable noticea.
"ifMitT, I^hnian, Hchoffer an t De rininoeoa were aellera
Iiin an iIiiiik .. a llttle , . .
fl'ifl: AND MKAfr- I'lonr market lrre?nlar and .m?et.
tlad.1 cr.i.'.ea 1,,'low *8 Ml BTB acarc and brtna; full prtree :
aradesabore are In falr aupply and rule. >a."?J^>a?T&
Wiih tnrther ailaht roBtaaaiaBaraaorUsd. A llaht tride for
ni.i.rt u.-iil onlv a \ery m.Hlerate biislneaator ihe Jo..i.ln?
tVade Haiea 1J .".<k> bbla . of which 9.400 obls were for ex
ITtiftWon r& &i7aA%.UVSi?8.&
H<M: Hi.ntb Amen- .. ?. r i ti'io. markct CloetBg QBlel
-,i l itKKN lll u i. l prleea .iuc'ian$ed. E?.
oWrtiradoina rery IHUe, ii.-Jobl..ra..M|ybuyiii/ for lrutned..
?te wanla. f-alea |.i.n bbla. tnrl'.dlfiC Coramon to .(ood
ir..t $( ' agavsi need le . ?i.oire ;t'. $4 aueaa ".
BTI H "l"K -s-leaily wltb n f Ir i.ajte .l-mand. MM.
HOObb 1 aepertaa at *?? *??*+* B?... ?tJ<;KWHf \t
n..i ii Ven acerre and Braaer ,-?.!? ?' +?[\''\\- ,'
. iiiltv MIAI-I".li. Vellow Weaiarn at 9-'71<?t9-'0.
'T'k.^V'^Yiia'i --Market wlthnol deetded cbanae for
eaab loia.cloaUaff a niile aaara s'e..iy ..ptions epoaed '*J
u, h,?,r ll.in re.ortred fi'in I'.e dr.lliip and advanc d a
iri'e ibenioettheadTaaeeaadeleaed Orai at V ?t...yetho
ina.dipncea A Ilmlied irada lor ecperl aad Clty MUtlBB.
an. la ...s huameaa in optwna Bhlpi-era iMoaht Se^oPO boah.
2nd < Itr MllUra 1".. ..O.. I.nah -alea l-M. D?U4h. fu
t?,c h: .l.iah ai?t.tti.'lu.,iuK fnnra-ted v in'er Itislat is.l
a , ai. am. . No i Kr.i S e . N . ' Ked B9y. t,.a.r reln
March ?-.. ' 11*1 ? ' ..,'-- li, aa boanl
f?. | .-.,. i. I r.-.el|l.H',/s-.',.- I r. .|,v.it..r No 1, Hed,
?. !,( HlBM VM.'Ie . '.?',""? "'4 ""V.
rats;^ ??., iwr Ai.r.l. s7'w-.l4C..b;? nraf - .
for Mav.s ^?"H.yi ctoalac at ?< ol l.in?. oo.J
. >.c cioein.' at 00V.4 <t? frJolr.uma le.. clostaf at
rA , . M?| ? th a lall eii-n 'le.na,,'
,.h , inaaa ,i - ,1:1.. loarriTB \it
|.JV ANIi ItAltl.KN UAII ...."> aa.d l-'l."S w,tl...?t
? oliN Market h :'<?? bett< I ' '
loU "pti""? were ;* vc belter. rl?si?a Ur-u at n ?h .d
itpiieaa A jtned boaln^e fw eip.,rt altaht
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V,. I , . .,?..?. So VMIied torMarca. *".?
T'l-c elo?'n? al '!?'-.?' du fur Apnl. 19 .<t ? \i . cloainc ?t
do f r M>T. 4'.'\0 ' e cloeln? at IU\C. de for
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rtoati.f ?f 6 V ' 'A I - '?? I ' ' ?'
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i.ii. i a A lar$a irade butfe roi-ptl->neead in< .ab lut ?, luclod
h t ,L"n f-r eii?,rt i alao ?.bush,
laf.-lja. > ? >-a ? ? ? >.(K)0bueh. fu > bmh.
ip,,t. in. iii-l nar Nh ^ Jt.nd at !? n
l irrelv f..r eitM.if i No 1. 7<?
M'blte, 1 a>"i'.?'. No ", 9 V- i"'ie. n.i 1
? ?,,,.! w. .i.ii . -? a f.ne .I" ? "? ec.i Whlte
i ** Mixedfer Mareh, I u. a < < . eloaine
? .; . . . i For May,
. . loa
ma'at .1 Ke kEED?Market armi 4 i B. >'?<? . ?'." R
ue m st"d ? 181 "O. liye
ll\\ AVI. s, 1 Il.WV?\ moderatelf actlie tnirket a.M no.
Karday and all prlree rnird Bna W'eoootei Hay?
n? l iimdhy ? c i "s" - N" S.70?r73e.i Ohlp.
uuu , Btraw-.No. 1 uy..."... No 8, sodnjci
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lu iiiii'-s waa uotlcisl Wi quoie: 8ta4*. IH c ir"o t
!,,? tn far, lidTJ,'. prillie. ls- i foruia, 18M,
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? ,,kisi. fntBafc ??' Dotlcea, Marct. deltvery t.<siie,I
?t $16" lln ateadi ind biiakei .i"s,n?at 17 ? al '$*e.
.ii, 'iii.ii'a Hetween ?:n 10 looa March
allat.Tl. 90 do.l'iii' 17.30c | 1" .'" Mav, 17 04 Ob
aee.md fall, 1<> tona Mareh aold at l~4.V. I'ranaferablo
? at 17 5c. Tlu I'l le nealected, < <>!>|mt dull
al ? i n II.19C. I.-a.I flriior f..r lmneatlc at H.7oaJVi
f,,..' ? -t a ? al a i ? ?.'???? i
NAVAI si'iHKs '?plilla l'urpe.itme Ofl the apot waa
?,', . , ,| ,.?., u ii<-j., !..? Kueina ruled inlel feal fl^.irr?
,,.?,' aU-alv at $ .'Outl'.'ll for stiaiued to liOOd >tr.l!>.'.l
l *1 .' t". *? -^7^ , (? B147?aiH.. $170; I.. M9.Aj K,
'I'V KltKHHITS - Tba lone nf tba m.irki-t |was about
?taadr toalay. bul ihrre waa Ter Uttle buatneaaa.
lu anr d.ri-cilon. In tbe 'hanertne tin. tb" lleauef iBtereat
Larai I" II \ M IU'!'..). I.oio I'bllad? Ipbla. a Ueriiian liai'k
te'w'l.eie , -Go-bbla rellind .1!. -'s " "I IIOBDEAUX,
,,'.,,,.. , Rrltlah iteeaner, uo.OoObaab. .mta. 9a. M
1 h i)N Vt.ce. a liritiah ateaoer (Uermanla), lald ..n the
herlh eeneraJ Brgo, at ... mutrat.s MONIKVIDKO
hance a (. i.n.i. bark, 99(1 t uia a.th oaae nll and iteueral
ni.anda NorwegtaB back,g90teaa irtth
. irao at corrent ratea
tnthewar ofbertb ?n**?emente there was n mod. ri'e
hnainraa a. cunpllabed ln tbe arain dae. The Importenl itema
L,.,,. ToAMeTKBOAM aeam,henee.34.<hM n.iab arain,
aVtVate teriaa . I.WBON, ateaui benee, 10.0.HI baah.
*'. ' ,, id ULA8UOW, atiam benee, rl.l. bush. urani,
*, ,i ' ,msii ?N, beaee. ?uam.. n.no.i buah arain, i\a ,
IfitYnk a tir.ivlaii.ns. I7g !??B.| .."' tmia wumlenaare lia.
jao I1*.". '.,,,,, ,..,,?.,-.,,, l'liniliii.h arall, 1.1
1 ".O lik a tireVlSU'llA, liU--""! ."" .""? nu,/...'..? -?", ?>.?
lA?TWfcKP1 benee. ateaiu l'.*.' 0 ' bush. jtralu, *d.
n'iVV. A-ll I. alrain ln-ii, e li 000 bnsli. K.alu. 4 ta I
1 lVKHP.XlI. I.eiice, ateaui, 7 ? (?- b.e", 8a. . .1., 130 tmn
meaaurementaiaida. 1 .a. 1.BH0 aacaafleor, l'Ja. .ic.i r.oo bbla.
ei. Ii U<l -'"0' balea . oll.ii. '?.?"''Lt
iifUl CIIJ I hiaerrd a atra.ty .nlfulrly actlve al M<**toi
\\ .'m. ', ii." c At Ne? Bedford 140 bbla. . ru.ti- -u' rm
a,,,i..: arivaletarma. Crade Meobadeu u quoted aiaaici
j.,,,,,,. lu Lanl ..".? . m.le C.ttou Haed, .)-'"iB i.'.c ; an.l
U,.'", , I f-mn-rer Yellow .".?./U'?.? . ,,,,.,. .
u i . i - -l-rtcea nile 'lnu and lia.l.nK ls v.ry iiiuet isaiaa,
? i.'.o m ' I. khd lielllea, 19 ib averaae, ip,i io.i.ou Hhm ii
i ... -10, li.-kl'd llain-, '...,<?'..'?,.? II mi'l.kled Belllea
mi.it-d at H$?y.| >1"-. 13 th. af ?',.-. Clty IMckle.l
21, lfl? '.V...'.Mc.. SliiMked Shoeldeta. li V : Plokled
ila a U*' C.l -smoked llatna. lo A.i I I '?.*? MIDDI.KtJ
" ", , ,i ., uiii i.onit laa in Kaw-Yorkaaotad 0*40,
(?r Wflt' rn delltery . LonaBBd Hhorl < len, liulf und lialf
u.reli B 7-lBe .MlK-sSh I' II.MIM- sha.lo eiiMlei ivili
I ,?.,?.,,10a. . uj Heavjr to l,lSht. ..V<#Y'' fUtf,
,, , r l.A llli-l l.e .11.11 k.-i opeiuxl aU'.cur. and a couilo
,V, , ni* l.'K H '. '."t before thocloae weakelied i.inl Imt tho
",{ ,, ,. -|? , u itiou ls uioderately actlve an.l UMra ia a..me
iKo-ui, ?'a?o<..'o';
' 'v'i'^.'iVi'bu "l Bliuaire'a H.ma A <'o.. charl.aton. teleKranti
(?araiii.a'-iop moveuouit todale Becelptt, 92.190 bbbki aaba
is M.'bhla.; atock .-leaue.!. a?tt7 bblfci m..v. ment tooMwhal
...a.iae scacitj ot jffei.iiKadealrable atocka.
??ira C'-ftOO'eo.; "tV7*****^; Vellow, *%a4V;
s 1 KAiti Ni:?j.ilet and uoiuTual. fity quoted 7S*e . and
^felaBwSbS'aaa^aaaKr. Prlma Clty naotao at 88)
0 1-lOc Salea, 79,000 ? at.i8? 1-1' ? ?
fHiCA.io Mareh 19.? The Oroaara/aa/aal reporla: ('*'??
Itc "ipta 4 900 bead: Bblpmenta, 9,8 M bee l. market weak;
Kxn.ru $5 io?$.> 75, Cowaand m.x*i. Bd .'.o*#4 j.,, Biaoa
erap ?j:,0 1*04 3:. 1 raaaara, $4 3otf?4 70; Texana, aiooa
JTiji Btaaajla IT tim Hhipmenta. 8e888L|aaTajoaotBajTBj
Itoua-bniied.OlfHliiTl 701 PaeklBg and .Hlj pplag, 8J 76*
$4 10; U?bl, 844 5 *$4 85i "kipa. $J jO |$4 M
JMa/p-Recelpta. 4.000 heart: sblpra-nta. (fBkakaajafraaaaal
ateady; Infefor, $.' 30tf$.f 23; iledluni, *3 00*84 00. uood,
BtT laOtna, March 18-c <xftt*-Receipta. 1,000: ahlpmenta.
880) market quiet: Etporta, a? 8V*?5 ?0. liood ^ ?-I",0?
Hhipplur, $3 2I?$3 6j; Falr to Medin-o, *4 30*13 00;
Trxana. $1 003*4 30. .? _ _ ?~ a??.
?/t?p-Receipta. l/iOO: ahin-nenta. 400: Conaoa to mo
dlum. 88 ..()?>?3 *8| Falr to Onoioe, $3 80884 $8.
IlurtALO. Marcb l.a._v??.'?a?Receiota to-iUT *>3 head: totai
forwrea ttuia tir. 2. !(W noad: for aa-n* tiwelau weeau $.000
brad: conaia-uoii throu?U. *5 cara; nutrket BBabaared
ooodto Choica Stoera. $4 H884 88; dtockera and ieedera,
$4 c >l XI
,sv.*e?-Recclpta to-day 8,*00 ht?d: total for week thua far,
P.ftoo head; for avuatiujliit week lS.oiM) hea.li ronaia-ned
througii. 11 cara niarkel atr.it; and hijrher Meclluia lo?.
(Jood. ?4 "04 ?i 48; faiia ta Laiuhe. *5 .".0,1*15 00.
7/o<M-Rcceipta to-day ?..'>00 bead; total for week thna far
ln.00ii head: for aam* time la.c weea. 9.500 bead; con
al<ned throiia-h. 711 eaia: mark*t flrm: Oo.nl to Cholce xork
era, B*. ISi Elarht Mlxed, $1 90?$.-> oo. Oooo to Mediuai, 88 10
a 5 1 J, no BMary ou aale. l'Ua, $4 ao.jM :<>.
Mew-YOKK. tWedneaday. Marcb lH.-BEEVES.-Itecalpta
were t>2 cara of 1.711 head. all at Jeraey clty, aud a num <er
of cara were reported haek at 'Oth at. Tofal for four dive
4.'.146 head agalnat ti,8"> l head for ttia- corrcapondlag lluio laat
week. Wltb ?uly l'7 cara on aale and 20 cai-l./ada wanted by
an exportei, the market rul.al rery flrm wltli aeneral aalca
fnoii $1 per heal t? l4C prr n>. Breaaa I wolfht. hla-hcr than
Moudav Nomo drovera, liowever. wliorauakt the rull etrena-th
ofthemaiket <>n .Mou.tay. obtiiuied hut rery llttle, If any,
bettor BajBtaa to-day. Amoaa'he aBBfl ware a rarload of llt?
tle Uuffalo Htoeknra at 8V-, todreaa .'3 Bj, atd about 1h cara
of I ancaatera were aoldat tb>> ranjfe of *5 lnaim 10, aad two
b*ad, 1,110 tb arerape. bnuifht $710. Coiumon to li.aal
Wcatcrn Htcera aold at $883*8680] a carload of Wratern
BulN at 4c, and old "xca at *.Mild*0. Mr. Ea<t:uaa
uurahated about 350 bcvl M $3 :?'?*) 30,
of wl.lch 3<>0 liead were for abipiront ailvc og
!tbe llolland. fcoven car. on tbe Erle Road1 urriv.-d
liitcand II waadouhtful l/lh y won!d qulte all be cloaed out
to-day. aa moat ..f iho alauijl.teiere had left tho yar.la.
Hhlpmeula to-day inclnde l.mo quirtere of lieef and 2 30
taroaiana .f Mu?r?n. ia theatcamcr .rcjruu, by Joaeph aaat.
man. Tlic Hol! nd will bo ladui wltb HoO I.iva t:attle. and
with tr.eaod llcel and Motton.
The Europc-in, wiiic.i arilvcdat Londoa on March is, loat
60 ''attle on tho voyafe.
Halea? Kberioan A (,'ulvcr on rnmmlaelnn: 4 I ancaater
c.iuiily. Pcnn , *te?re, 1,:v.h) Ib.at $640, lOdo 1.100 Ib, at
90 |0| 14do. t.231 Ib. ut$i>: 10 do, 1,214 IB. at*..7l|o do,
1 130 m. at $-> 0 '; v:t do, 1.0.0 1*. ar *5 40; 4 do. I,oo7 Ib. at
*6 nt; 2 iixcn. 1 H .0 ft, at 881 :i do. 1.H08 IB. at +5 00; 1 do,
I ilSO m. at 83 HOi 1 Hull. l.tiK) rtj. at IV:. 3 UhloHfera, 1,217
ttj.at -i62\ liido. 1.212 IU. at$ 90; 6 do. L844J BA ai88 4 3;
II do. 1,184 Ib. at *6 40, 1 Ox l.**0 Ib. at*5 l.;2MUtcdo.
1.7(1(1 Ib, at $j 7i; 4 do, 1,430 IB. at $4 88j 5 dn, 1,450 la, at
$4 25
M. 'noM.amlfh f?r Mcycr and Honaeman: 23 Htable-fed
Sle-ra I '.' 1.1 th. at $6 70: 91 do, 1,140 ffi, ot $ . lii; on corn
Djiaalon 4stafe Oxea. L879 ID, at *.J 65 1 ftjrjaetf1 87 C*b
caKo Bteera, 1,200 m. at *0 1$ . 10 aa, 1,808 m, at*5 74 ; 7 do,
l.M.i th Bl 4n ; 10 Rmfalodo. 1.012 m.nt ?5 BO.
ni). Waixcl on cototulaalou 1 il- Chicajjo latecra, 1.J25 fb, at
$6 10. . ., , .
ii Mi-Phera..iionconimiaMloa! ? Pannaylvan a stablc-fed
Ht.-era. 1,291 ID. at $1 '."."., H do I..-?'.d IB, at $ IBJ); 5 Jer? r
do, 1.148 tt?. at $? OOl 12 do. l.ooo m,af *5 M\'t; 7 Mlx'd
Wcatern -te*r?, 1.470 IB, *d 00i H do, 1.17H Ib, ut i* ?1 2.
do I 1*1 a av *j f.O; lVdo. 1,211 IB, at *4 88) 22 ilaltalo
??t ck.ra, -.1.(5 th. at ?'.<?. 5". tb. ? ... . ,
>ewtou Adil ct on coaamlaaion : 2 Ponnaylriiiua stab e
fe.1 steera. 2.110 IB, at $7 10. 0 do, L8KI lb. at $e?0| 1 do
1.140 m.at*d 30- 4 do. 1 883 B.atta 'U , '-do, l,il3 IU, at
aa m . i ba La?a m. at *? i.i; ia ao, i>ot m at w. nd --
ISi.6 IB. at *3a5: 10 do, 1,20..' Ib, at *.". 7iJBjl-.? do, 1,215 ffi. at
aSrtO; 20 do, l.lrl4 D. at 4-5 7-1)211 do. 1.2T8 IB. at *.) ?0 ; 10
rt.< 1 MU IB. at $">oO, 17 do. 1.227 IB.at*J.'>3. 1$ BO. 1,001
ffi. at J.1. 45 j 33 do, 1.0J4 ffi, at B1 40 j 2 do, 1,210 ffi, at $J 23;
1 Cew.980 ffi. at 4c. , ??? _
J Kchambi-rconroai-nlaalnii 1 l-if'hlcafo steera. 1.372 IB,
u8B18leeaaa ; 8ObtoOxaax. 1,710 a,Baa 801 tl do. 1,808
II S. ltoa<-iithalon rommlsalou : 19 ndca*o Steera, 1.401
ffi, at *tl 80 ,111 do, 1,13.' IB. al $'3 1 -'"u . $0 dak 1.17'J ffi. at
*.< 70 ( 11 do. 1,126 tb. at *3 70 ; 32 do, 1,320 ffi. at *5 ?| 71
do I Oliiti at $.'. ',0, ado. 1.023 1b, at $3 43 ; :ll<l,i, L109 ffi.
at $6 il); 7 do, 027 IB, at $0 .15 1 8U d.. 1,073 ffi, at $3 4> ; 2
ISU.N. l.Ki.l tt). at l*at. .? w . _.
J V Sa.llerJt 10. on commlaalon : 20 Mlaaoun Kteera.
1 282 IB. at *-i 10 ; 41 do. I,2H7 IB. at $B 01 1 ? d". 1.214 ffi.
at *(J, 1/8 do 1,2*3 tb. at Bi 901 M do. 1. l?i ?, ?' ,?? ^ I ?
do.1,238 ffi. at 868S . 18do. 1.211 B, at 81 T8?J -lo. 8#i m,
Btf.<:iO 1 li. I.3ihjib. at$l 75; .Uiulla, I.530JB, at I?la:.
CM.\ E-- H.ceii.ta were S88 head. all at UOth-at., aud
niilniy llarl.-ui Vcala K-m.-.nl k.kxI and irca Hliu at
C.a -*Kc for Coinmon toCholce falvea, with 15 r.itra aol.l at
8a'lea-C. Dcuton aold 70 llarlcni Voala, 12.'>tf 183 ffi. at
IlaReabaek .v liavla a.d l 9 Vcnla. 180 ffi. at ^C-.-c.
SHEEl' AND I.AMr.rt.-lte.epta w.-rc 1J cara of
2.208 bead?B >ara at Jeraey < i.y ami 1 cara at it>ot.i
at aud $ cara weie leportel h?ck at tbe
laat nained i.lacc Wltb li?ht anlvula aellera h.ld tiie a'ock
very tirm and -l.wii aold at a atill fnrthrr advanee of 'arf **c
i*r ffi laiu.t ? were alae wcil aii-tiimedlnpr.ee. Falr to
(A.oo.H*hwp8..idat4Ta"3Hie. and I'Mt <>h!o. 123 B, iv-r.ua
at ilc coininonto ITl-ne IJMiiba were wanted at ..34^oJ4C
and a car-lued of Hheep and Laaahfl uilxed -old at .'ac.
faIea-Ne?t.ui B OUbB ao.d 373 Uhlo abo..-p. 02 Ib, at 3l4c.
J I aa.ller .'. I o. aold 423 Iudlaua :-heep, i'tl ffi. at ..yv
Jiid.l A HuckliiKliaiuaold lMi htite bheap and Launba, 7H
Wa"lab*Klrhy4 (o. aold : 169Htatesbeop.ini $}. at 5V:
24 do -1 ffi at ?(?; lOtJ OblO d). 1-3 ffi. at 1C: l.lo l-enu-yl
vanla Ao, im ffi. at 'V; BB ObJe I a uha. tt ?> B, at o34C; 32
Btata d... ai tt. ai Stgt. . ,,_ ...
Mll nt a?k a newey aold Bl state Miecp. 3a ffi a' 4T^c
liaileal.c.-k* Davla aold: MO Mflte lawnha. aj ffi, al 6 V: ;
l'.ad,, 81 B at -i,3 1. VI atate Hi.ocn. 106 ffi. at .'.'40.
HO(l*l?l.ecelptawere6 1 1- ' i.IiBkead lecarBatJer
ag. , itraad I ? ,-raat lOtb-at. Total for four daya
hr-i.i n^.tia"!:' 113 head for the mbmi tlrne laat weaa. lael
iua hriu aud uuiulualiy a ahado higtier. at i3 4$j oO
coTPiN MAJIKBTB?BT i'Eeeoraph.
Iivii.r, ,,1 March 1" ? 12:3d p. Ill?1 ollo.i dull. Mlddlinx
ru'iaiida Bd.i do. ?!!,t,ihim Orteaaa, 0 l-i-.i; aalae, 8.000
baiea lueludiuif 1" apeCBlaUOB avul eile.rt .
r.-eelDta IO.IMHI baleav. ln. .n 11 - B.61NI balaa Aiiier..-au I'ii
lui ailrui. Bplauda I?w M.d.Ulua < lauae, Apriianl M.y
drliver* ii-.'-c?d alao 81-6441: alao ? ?!. alao 0 l-'i '
Mav aad JoaedellTery. 60-64d.i ?.:?> n ????u-t.. d... Juue auj
jaT?dalirery, ti iMliiataoiO kl, ao Juiv aud antaal
ilelivery. 0 12-o4d. ao. Auvuat and ecpleiuber iiell\c-ry, 0
Teadera for dellrrlea at to-.lay'a clearlur 300 hal.-a
a a BL t-Mftta Tir ntT of ibe oay m.-ludci 4.200 balea
Auienr.ui. mii.r.-a dullj l i.Uula K..W Ml.ldlliia claoan.
March .1. ..', ... ? a-1 1... .. .1... March an.l April .M r.
rrr 6 (1.--04.I. buvf-ra: d? Anrll and Ma. detirery, ?> 1 84d
trflrra .lo. Mar aad Jiiii- dellvery. <i 5-04d bari rajdo. June
and July <l?ll?erT 1, n Old aollcra. ,lo Juiv aad Aua-uai .If
ulireiy (i 12-.,4.1 l.uiera. do Auju-i aud rta.pl.aai daUf
,ry 0 l.'-t>4d aellera. do. ^ept?lllb<-r aud Oetober deiivciy.
1. IM',1,1 value.
)i, m-ciiion-Kuturaa cloaed ateaaxyt VplaadaLaat Mla
illine claiia . Mar.-h.ieiiv.-i . lelhraido Maicliand
Aprli deiiT.-rv 6 2.did Wllar* do A|..li au I M.iy dclir -ry
li.l i.nvrra. lo Mav and JuiiB deliverv. '? jiidl \ u
Jiin.-aud Jui. deiiv.-tv. u .' <M,t aellera do Ju:t aud AnwiiaC
.leiiverr 8 18-040 aellera;do au/uvt iad - ??
ery li 10 Old. aellera do. Bepteaabar aad o.-i.,i.er dclivery.O
- Ilera,
UAl-VkaHH. March 18-Cotloi. at. ady: MI,l.I!!n-f, 1"\
Ia,w Ml.i lii'n, li Hi Oood Orlinr/. 10 3-18 m-i aad| 1
If.-eipta 12B li.ile., Exporia ii.Jt?1*'. 1,888 ha.ca, aalca.
SS< balaa atoek. 2 1 8',2 ha.ea
H4V4BR4H, March IM.-CottOB dull: Mldlll i?. M>%, I.ow
Muidiiiis. l'"-i.'i.axtDr.linar^ IO**- net an.l ?- 1 celpta,
I obalaa ix.t. toaatwiae, 501 baiea. aalaa, 888 Oaiei,
:. ? 1 i.ai.a
Ntw-OKUiA.Ha. Maroh 18.?CottoB ateady: Middlm*- lo
... io. I...* MkUllaa. lOS-loV .?l Ordlaary Mi 1 .
recaiuM 878 balaa yroaa. 808 balea Eiporta t'oaetwi^o.
e,o3.baloa. aalea, 2.000 baiea. atPBB. .12,030 Oalea.
Nkw-Yukk, We.l.-ail.-iy. March 18, ia?,5,
Tha taUewtBB. bbBb were aali at tuo BiMkaaas
Baleeroon to-day:
/../ ajjaaaral r. BaamaM * ro.
1 3-aiery l.rlck houac. with !ot, No 882 cuiial-a' . a,
it w of Broadway, i?t ji-ji-.'.vi 1 i
iienrv ubrda>
l aiiuLai'tioua... with lot. No 804 fanat-at, adjotninaj
al.,,.-, l,t 21 2x?a :i\lrr.-.-u! rxl'.i lei-; Cliailea
Uradtey . 18,000
1 3 a.oiv brlek dwelllBf. ?iih lot, No ? Weat 22*
4t ua 128 fteof Mtli.a\c, loi 18.8x988) Huiiry
aboeaaaker .???. l*..ooo
1 Satori- hitrk l.uildliu. with lot. .No-.-ll Oi'la-icey at.
as 25 ft wof l-lttat. lot 2IH7'.: Jaa-ob N-wmark.. 20.150
1 1 M.irv lir.ek booaa, ?iih lot, No 131 Mreet ...lat.
aa, 275.2 cof lothave. lot 2al8S88.8| Jere lai.K
|.(i[ |j. . aTSTa. J I'tl
4 lota. u a of \vvai a...), aai128 ft w of Oeatrel Part,
aaabMxlOOi iraucia Mct-abe.o.ajo
?v j. F lt Bkaata.
Iliilhllna known aa thn Kateki iho.ker Cottaca, witti
i.iaeoi ploi ol i.nd. Nea 5 ,1 to I al Btb are, - a. _
1'iiHof 2-lh.at. ui.ilOOiloo, NViu wilaon 1T.7M
1 2-aiory hnck i.iiil.lliijr. wiih lot, .\,.r.l-' Baal l-'lh.
^v M 173 ft e $T l'leaaaut-ave, lot 20x100 11;
liioa ifaoaallj. 6i'j0
Hy A. J. BteaaBar i laa.
1 plotofland. caof'Jdave, 10 ft a of 47t.i.ar, 40.2t.
VU?); and ploi uf lan.l. aa of Eaat I7lhal, llW tt
eof 2davcs MHIxl.nl a; Johu llcekiu.in. $8,008
HUJ,.>,,1 /'. ?.-!/./.
1 H-atory brlek hou.c. with lot. No 737 Nortk 3d.ive.
? * eoi ?f l.'.oth at, 23d \\ iird, lot 28.0x291 Juluia
I |iIVI-.lts,.N.i:..anil.NORTII l.AMHNU B1VBB, VA.
*' r. S. B8UI8BBB OfBBBB )
NortyOt.K \'A , Maicli 18, 1883. J
SEll Kl'PRWOS.W.m. tn t ipucatc, will hc recivel at
thia ofttce intil nooo ( Aprtt 17 l**6, abea they will bepab
II.ly vp. nnl. for'nil'dliiaa .-oinklii.'d atoa itioiatei aad Blle
drlrei to ba dallTerad at Waaaib44T*ea, B, c, aa or tcfore
Kora > ? iiuatioiia. ldaiikafor proao'ula. aud all li:f-iniialion
apply lo thc uBlriahjiiad attlua ouico. ^ HINM AN.
? ciptaiu of Baaiaeera. K s. A.
^ UNHrill,>|SMciiAKikHVAarr.u'aon.iK. |
iioi aToa^T., coa Oaianra, >
NKW YoiiK 11V, Mur.Ti 1-. l-a^.3. >
BKAIKO PRoP.is.M.s. m l.ipllcate, will be r.-v-ive.l at
th.a offlee tioiiii l-' e-oloeb. boob. Apnl 18. 1SB\m:wbieh
I ".and alaea thay win he jpencd iu praaeace of auch oi.idera
Balliaya't.*..!, icrthe purch.ue B a qttaatity B \ct.uuaiy
Milahii^a%a^aiBiBVrtbirwtielea and <iaiatltiea and flvinirall
n,!eeeaarvlnfoniiit:oiiaai..packag.a. inaaii,>r..: hidiltu ? c .
i an ho had ?n appUOBtiOB aud aaiupKa of artlclea cau bo bcou
"Vhe'ilovermuent reaervea the rljjht U) roject any or all hida.
'Ka'vohaHva contaiuin/r propoaala ahoal.l he marked ? I'ro
poaiiiaforthepurchaaeof Vefeniiary Melle.uea aud Inalru
ni.u..,"auda-,lreWedto ,h? undc.^.i.at, H0D<|
Ijent. ("ol. 4 Paptp. U M. Uen'l.. V. :4 Army.
TTebiocompany's kxtractof meat.
Jj Eluoet ttinl L'hc-apeat Mcat-ilavorliia: suck paB
Houpa, 41a.li' IHauca aud BBatcaa, $B. Auuual |
aale, 8,000,000 U ?
Ai, Invalimt.u- lonK- iu eaaea ,.f wcak dlrealioii and
o.hilliy. "la ii aqeeeaa and hoon (or which Natlona
al.ouiu faal (rralcful.' Hce 'Mcdkal Preaa," Latv
Oaaaiae oaw with tac-almUa ol BaroB Jbtebtara
alaiialurc lu liluc lnk aetoaa I.aboL The tltio
"Itarou l.lobhi" and photai?r.ipn havlnt beea
aveelf 'i.a.-l byftaaleri with uo oonneottoB wltb
liiipui UebB. tbe .oihiio are1 mfonucd ibat tlio
l.iebU lonipany al.ma ,-an itfer .1" irliolo ailU
baron l.wbia'atruaranteo Jf areuulueneaa, r
JUJ TB he bad ol all Htorokeepera, lirocera a-.il
Chemlala. Holo Aueutafur ihe Unlted Statea (wholo.
aaleonlyh ('. !>avld 4 l'?, a Peuchurch avciiiia,
la n.l.ni, Kiialand.
Hoia wiu.iM.ini oy Para J Tilford, Jamea I'. smlth. ACker.
Mcnaii* lou.Ut, MeEoaaou dt Ilohhina, Ihnrber, ? iiy :-nd*
to Vraucu U. Leggeit A fo? aud W. U. bcliiefleUfl kC?).
Cleatnbo.its fin/j Railroao^
Steamcra leave fr.ui l'ler Sa.M. K.. dalle. esc ? pf. 8tnxUr,
at 5-00 p. m. ytratctaaa toB.aton.fa tciretroinnaare.
ductton. fo all polut. BtJ*rru^ GMenu PatMDger Agm^ ^
F~~ ALL RIVKR LINE.-Tho laat SouiwlWatt
toKosto.jaiidtho K?'f- r-owfarea. \?*?***wW2k
IteaniVra HKISIuL aad I"ROVlofcNCE froaa PtarlA, Sortg
R,y?r dally v8undayae\eeyteaiatB:enp.lB
* OtOBOS L. COTOOlt, Oaneral r.-aaaxor A4?av
jbqrdes 4 j-ovxu* AataataMag.urK._f-Vi
' -silB at 1 p m. aad 11 p. m. sandaya ewepted). li pjfi
$le?era4*Ua.tliaeawFearto^ had aa$i Q
er ?Soa la aawUUTta aad tatara. 81 eW.-??M
6 aVuat' amfr Pnll?? Uaifet"'lieplar ^che. 10 B-iffnlo,?.
r?Ji?Y -?.iT a. m ? NlaenraFalla. 8:3.. a. ?.., Manillten. <>nt,
land, 1 (.? p. ni, Unclnnatl. 8:15 p JKBt. Ix-nla. ?00 ia. aa.
MniDililtr cJnnectln?trauiaarrl?e rolcdo7.9>p. m. ana
3 i'SSRof! &jhjaa for tha ?e.t A^.id Trai.
of Pulln.ae Day and Sloepma Cueehee to Blufhamtnn KU
nilra Uuffalo. Nlarar* Faita. <Hne.lnna-? aud Chleage.
ttiTrhViford aad 1'aaaatc ' 4'. 7 30 7:50 fl.30 10:Jnam 13 nooa
1-4 "s*aS 4-1U.5 C. "il?8:10 '130 7 90 lo, BOBra 13 mldUfht,
Snii.lsVa V45 ":i6 10:30 a m 1:45 0 90 8 P IB ft mldulabt.
Vaiersoa V4&" 207^,0 9 1U> 10-0 a m 1'-! noan 148 3 890
4-40 v lii 5 30 i;-10 0.:.0 7:30 8 9-0 10.30 o m an 112 mldnbrnt,
H. mdHva 548 8 3'" 10:'.'0 a m ) :45 8:90 H fl p 'n 1 2 mMnlfbt
New.rV.ud Paterion rto Newark 8:45 bWljj . m 310
4W0 8-30 5:50 o20 7.30 p iu andl U n:lilnlfUt Haturdag
?^a>? W5r"0^.^ilSllio $|aSb 8.10 8:80 BB,
and 1 "mita" ht. bBBdaya 6:45 9:30 10:30 a m 1:48 6;80 8 ? .
wiwUkT^fiaiW a m 4:18 p m. eondayaifUfj a ?.
^wb.ira; and C-rnwall 7ifl09 a m E9 BgM 0 p ra. Sondap
8iloSd?"ut and Kinaatoa and Monte-onxery 9 am. 8.30, ?,
6"f<,,nTen:S5.4^7:60 9, 10:20 am 3:30 3:50 4:30 0 IM
Kallroad at Ma.n-ar, The ;> ?m tr ln atop. al M.iln-at onh/.
PenJerrb ?3o o tedMaa 4:3o a 8 830paa. Sdndar
?a'.Qii i >!?? 'i i 01 m ?, f* *0 8 D ni
Bei a leare 33d at quar.er of and q/iarter after 80#bMB
fro.ST.V45 a ru tel0446f ? ev.rv thlrty mlnutea, and froaa
in ir> otu to 12:45 amevery hour. _
?I'-ekef" far paaaaae and a?artm*nta le Drawlnjf Roeai aod
Plwplna roaohes nm beobCa.nM, nnd ord-ra for -he chrckiaa
'ai traaafer oi baaawtTefl-ay babftal the,.CeanaaW K
SS 4ol o. 057,Broadway. 1S7 We-t-at. N. Y, 1.0. 1
(mirt-at. Brooklyn. oraf the rotopanya l>epota.
Txpre.atraina from the Weat arrive.'a New-York al 7.10.
,:b0> fy^VTaffl^aaaV. Peas-r A.ent, Kaw-York,_
ll Tralna leave from rhamberaat. Depot (or KuKle wno.1,
cloater. I'lcniiont and Nyack 7. 8:5o. 10 a. ra. 1. 3:20. 4, 4:VL
5:10,8:40, ?:30 p. co., 13 midninht. Sunrtaya 7, 0 a ra. and
Nanuet. 8orin?; valley and Monaey7, 10 a m , 4:60 p. ta.
SttD(1*}jUllNnN. ABBOrr. Oen'l Paaa'r A$e.it. New^ork.#J
ln^,.Va by rhlrd Aveuue filuvatod ttaj.ioai). ivairy. e?om
r.'.Vvvoinl. ftunta Po'at. ^ eat Farnia, TBB Meat, a
}>, .,?? Tin.raon-a Bay" liester Pelham Bayi. Bartotr IC
Uhud)/ ViMan? Man'r ind >ew.Rochele c.nne.-|nt
viw Mm-h.die w'th iralna for Jlpo'-ulaou the uiaUa 11 ne
?oo?w Vark VewVuaveu anfl llartfor.l aulroa.1, Obu.
V . L % line DivHalona; Now.CaDB.ui. Middletewk
g.flttfj aaisafflffl BranSiaa, andlioatonaud aU, oui,
Hadntaht tram for Kew.HochoUe aad all mwrmedlata aaa
KSbafaaawX^^ B?9l0U * ?* BB|
1J tralna lea>s? depot fcet of Ceniandt and Deahrniaei
a7. aY?10a!nrTl .^40, aud7 p. m. (er Eaatoo. Hattnahai
a innt'.wn Re^iViie, Mauch O'.unk. WtlkeshsrT?^T?waayial
^?.Ter 7 ttha^a, (ten^a. Lrona, HnTaloar.d ihe /?t Pafl
.aa^hAaaa coichea rnn daily. Local BSkhM al 7 aa.aad J^
n m for Kastou netalebem aad (.oplay. ^J
p'Tralna iaetaaf at 8 10 a m, 1, and iA0 p. m. eeaneet fer ad
oelou m Mahenoy and Har.letoa coal realooa. Bunday traaj
BBWea or MaaeriVhnnkaiid Uaxielon 8:ioa. au ^*
"KbMBB. Eaatorn Oldoa IVaf gHwKal B. P. M
aod ni traaafer*.
Fteteiera "fttr ef Worceater" and ?"Clfyof B?J?lear,.
leare Pier 40 S. R? foot of Watta.at. m*x' nier akore UaaB
sroaaea-at, Kerryi, dally. except s:indays, at Br90 p. aa.
I IttVK.Il KAlI.nOAD?< omm<-nelna October ?, 1>4H|
throu*u truina wlll leave (irand . eniral Hepot.
tsoO a m, KochoeforandMontrealKxpieaai tbreBghdrawk
tn/.ro. tncnra ...? . ._
?s: io., .in? Faat l.lmtted rticaao and st I/role Pipreaav
wlih dlniia; cara, atopt.la? at Mbiny. t'ttca. Hyracnae, Beehf
a-ier unflhla aiagara Kalia. Erle. Cievelaad and TuiedW
aravlng at Chloaao 10.10 a m and 81. Lonls 7:30 p. av aexf
'i.;:.'0a. m.. Chioaje Erpresa, dra-rni-reoru cara te r???*.
daUn... .tocbeeter. Nlaaara ralUaad Bnualo, BBBBBtOM IM
"Ti^m. vveatern afew York and Mortbern Expresa, with
druwlur-ieotn < ri _^ .... ^a
9:90 t> m, A'oaay, Troy asd t'ttca Expreaa. inreetgV
drawltiK r.Moneirs.
? i p in . Aceoui.i.odatlon to A'banr aad Troy.
?ii i' ni st. I .eiia ixpr-aa. with alej-plnj-eara for Nla^ara
Fa'le, It i?a?i\ : incmnad, lo'ciu, i.tftroll a:r' ^t l ou'a.
n ra , r.xi.r'Bs Tltb a>. .? .ue-eaia te siyracuiw aad M
Auimr.i io..! ?ii'i :o 8,rai--aa. alaoMMiiuircal , ._t
f.ip m.. I-acltlc Expree wir. aleejilnt c.in f"r Rocheatee,
ButTalo. Nuaara I'alla, Cleveland. Toledo, l.'ctuit. (.hlcagaj
II p tu. N'<ni Kxpreaa. wtth alaeptnu-cara to Ml.any ahdj
Tr.iv ??imn-cts aith th? mortnua- iraina for the Weal aaay
.:, . ,c -?? - aturday nlcbt>.
Il.-ko'a ou asl^ at 'iranl Ce!:r>al t>i?V N? I Pewltaj
Or.-u .'52 and 413 Brojaway. and at Woatvoti B Exaraag
. '.;?.. k.ptaee ajM7Haaaav49 Hroa.tw..y, >ew TorBj.
and 3 (3 Waablnglon aml 73 i Fulton el*, Brooklya. and 7g
totirth-at wuifaaia&urr.
A. eienii'iMtatioiK. li. drawlne-room aud a>eplas rara eaa oei
Sro. uredai any of the ttc? i oSlcca ia New-\or? Clty, ajulaf
:u\ i.'.ii.i'. si Broektya. _
l'B<-;iea latled r..r and ahecked frora realdra-e. ,
Tliear tr?lna ruu 1a"lv. All other4 daily axratv* "-anday.
tlh. ae trjioa atop at Ilarlem i!25lbat aad llb^aje.
JM ? r i' I- Y l' II HKhalia
ra) auperlntendent. Oeneral I'aaaeuner AtealJ
1 ind ba Baat All "-uil Toto ')t.iiidCeiitr?l BBBeh Tarw
exnreaa -.rslna lai'.r iHuudav* erc?piedl to lloiton at 8 a w_
2 I?. iu parlor ixra-facbod jtiI 1 > p m. ?i?ii p^lai-e e'eopiad*
cara f ?uudai? it 10 p. m wltU D,-ftc^'*f!|a|;f LE?Af4?*
1 lll. nnd sft r , .?? . I . 181j.
'? i \ l ntrsK I.1NK
Tralnateava Nt .. > ,.ri ?n lvehrossrs a:ui t'ortlaadt BMBBl
1 enifn . s ni I ,its
,r^, I'lttabantV t'.e Weat pnd Soath, wl*h Pulli
(?.us attaebed. 8 a. u... 8 ?nd 8 u. tn. daity ?
Y?t? ii.il t'liicofo Ltn:.t,sl. ;1J l-ariur, Ulnlng, Suiak
HleepUie i ara at t> a tu everi- day.
W Ullaaaeaort, LoeB Har.-n. 8 a. m., 8 p. n. 4 orry and BTBJ
at M ]i ia., I'eiiiiectinf a' Cerrjr for Tlluavllie. Pclraleaaa
. . -i i > sii.l tbe .>t: lleg-lona.
l'.i'in' re w a.sl:tn .-t.m uim (h'-Koiith ":.l!iilte.l Waaaiocteaj
1 ipr,-se"or rmliuan l'ar:or Cara daity ex. ept Mwiidiy 10
a ra , arrlvo u aa iluaioii 4:'5 p ui lisiiiar at 8:iO. *"%
an.l 8 31 a. m.. 1. 9 4o and 9 > ra. au?i l\ uljcht. huuJayl
Oila *. ni . 9 p ni. und 13 nl$hl.
For AtUtrlr >'ity except siinday with through l'a.lor < ara)
1 00 p. m.
Icr .'ice Ma?. oxcept suurf.iT. 11:10a. ra.
I.. aa i.ran. n, Hay Head Junction, and lntermedlata rtax
t.ona, \ii llahway and Arahoy. 9 a. in.. li noon. ;l:8u, ? n *g
(iu M.n Uy, '.I... ui. aad 5p. m. .do uot atop at Aabnry Park.)
? i i .?'' ?? Ti.i .'? ? ?'? i
lloata of llrooklyn Annex cmtieet ivlth jll thrmrb traloe iB
JereeyJC'ItT, ntTirdiuf ? apee.,y and itlrect trauafer fog
TTB'Ba arVl've '.'rom WWahBrg 6:j" aad UtflO a. m 7i30 xidj
l.e ti p iu daily and 7:M) a. in. daily. excepl Moud>y. Ereaw
Waahinjrtouand'Haltliuore 8.30, i 0 a. ui., 1;30, 84441, :l '.(W
6 (0 0-3(1 aiid K':'>5 p. m. sunday. '.!: .?-: <? a. m.. 10 'Mfl
n ui From Hsltli.iD.e '.?-0 p. ni. Vrotn Phllailelpbla HJifld
6lo i,.e?. 7:00 leicept Mondar). '*:? 0. 9:30,8:80. Io:l0|
ll-aba ?-. 1:20. 3:00. 3:40. 9 ii\8:30 8:2(?. 7:1^ 7.S0, 8J4J
l< v" io 03 and I0:-0 p.ui., and 13:3.) ntuht. Kundar. i.MJ
' ' . (.: <>, 7:0.\ 8: S 11.33 a. BL, 0:3'J, 7:33. ?M0, 10=0|
aud 10.-0 p. m
HAY. J BTAftOH8 IN t'lllL.VDELl'lIIA, 3 IN
i'xpreaa iralua leave New-York. ?ia Deabreeeea aad CaurB
iait.it atreet tVanlsa, aa fellawa i ,, .... . ?.^i
8:90, 7:-0. 8. um.. <ii and 10 I.lmltedi. 11. 11:10a.m. 1. 9-JBj
8 4<L 4 4:40. 3. 8,7. 8 and i? p iu. and I > nlght. Mundaya i> 1U
u U LlmKea. and 10 a m . 4. ?. 7, 8 aad 0 p. m , aad l'J
u ehl Kiuki eut and aeon-lclaea, 7--00 p. ?. .
irsli.s ioHvliuf New.York dally: exc-'Pt ^ufidtiy C raJ
{. ,io aud ll:l."?.Bi. I, 3. 4. and 8 p. ta, ooanect al
'lriuton tor Camden.
i Pull-Baa
ily. Newd
??|!i; 400]
a m. dally, except 8njway ? ... -
Ttoket ouicoa 849. 4S6, and 944 Iroadway. 1 A.taa
riivise aud foot of lieeuroeseaendCortiaudt ata. 4 Co.irt-ttaj
aud itViiok vu Annex atation. foot ot Fulton at., Hrooklyau
i?nach'a ll.itel. lloboken: atat.on. Jeraey Clty; Kinlfraal
Tickel otBce. N'>. 8 Hatiery TUce and Casrle (larden.
?Iho New-York Tranafer (.'ompany wlll call for an? ??aaf
ta?k'??ef""n i.o'eHand realdaucea. . _ ?,,,??
? lia.Kl.F8 f.. I'U.ill, J- B. WDOD,
c Oeueral Manaaor. Oeacnu Pesa'r^eat^
All tralna leave Weat 42d^i. Cortlandt and Deahroaaaaaa
l hicajfo, "10 a m, *8 p, m. Pullman eieepcre throofB.
Bt, l.onia. 'fiiSO, 'b n. u. Pullman aleeoera. v
petrolt, *I0 a. m., *5:ft0, *8 p. nv, l'ulluian aleepei-a. ^i
Ruanenslun Lrldfe. Maaara Falla. Hunala Roc ealea "??
4. n., ft '.), *8p. ui. Hleeplne ,.nd pxrlor eare lhroa$a
(? vracuao, 7tI0. ?10 a m., 'BiSO. ?3 p. ra
Utlca,7:10, ?ia ll.Ma. tn. i 'OiS'i. ?do.m. .. ...jj
Newhurit. Kiunton. (."atakib, Alhany *7:ia '>?"> lm9
I.U., H:.'i.l, *B:50, *8p. 09.
For Meatraal aod Canada Faat, 7:10 a. ra.i 5i50 p. ??
llaiiiilioo, fauudon, ?10 a u.., ?3:50,ag p. ul. TorouW.
?Dally. other tralna daily except Bundar. _
For tichtta, llrae tabiea paxlor or aleepina; car efeeew
tloua, or IntorinaUon. auuly at jfflcei; Jeraey ('lty. """?!
fltaflou; llob"kon, 116 v/aahliittton-st.; Uiooklt-u, 4 i-*t"JT
Aunex offlcc.foolFulton-Bt i New-Yoiki lty. 31. '""?frrfil
9i;:(, 8S1. 940. 1.140, 1.999 Iirojutwaj-, 7M7 blh-ave,. 14B J"
r.'.'that.. lb.OaBowery. Penn. K. A sutlona, BMI MJBJ
,'andt aud Iioahro-aea ?ts, and Weat Jihore fltuuoti. too*
Weet 43d-at- Bat*aa?e called fpr and ,-beok.sd fajn" ""9
aad reahlencea. ortlera ean b" left al ttciet oe.'-ea. .
84biat4vat, HENUY MONETT.Oan. I aaa L?Zj
iCopartncrl]ia Noticefi. ^^.
* " NOTK'E. ^ waaaB>
Nolico lahercbyiriven thal ihe parluerahlp laieu. g ^
lus l.*tw en HAUVEY FISK aml A !, i. .v5'J '? UATC*
H ATill, under the naiue, atyle f-"d "'? ?' ^t,.,, ?f Sa*
ol liie (Itvof Nev.York.iB U.e county and M*???
York. waa Ihu day dia-olwa gf ^a.^ ??***.
Dalad New.Yark, March 13, laaA,

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