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A man WBO had bren caught in a whirl oMootiB
Wot"st. catored the Han.tary Bureau >^rd?>
Md rt-bbed bis ayee t? get a clear new of ao oi
ficial who remarked that it wa* a flne day. .,
" Yrs. oalv a little tue dusty," Le responded.
but Ihal tan't tho fault of the weather
B.u.iary Superintei.dei.tDay,ff^nv Jom.nlut
Blr-ctK ware dirty euough to cau 101 u?>
Xtlorat- Morrieeai.: "!**? notij*- the
BtrtwtH in a w..r*>condittn.i siuce Mr. - !?">*n. u"
de?t?_k"iha work ?'?^"in^fdn-J'{rawVpt
i -a*..., whv Ihe pavenientfl Hhould BOI ?>" ,, ?';
_mT.".Uly in cohl weatber. aven if >c? does CO ler
inaome pleoaa. Cl.nda of diiat. B?ade uprt efl>
from peartlelee of auunal loattor, ^j^X,; As
clnal tabee and canae aiekiieaa in cold weather. BJ
_V.ni. aa waria weather co.nes the accnmulatodiblU.
in the streets will g.re r.ae to oAaatatTO ogwra.
Man h ea eo-oaol of ihe hifh w'nd,s;. iVho 1 ? ?
lutidune rery wel', I thiak. in cleaning theBtroer,
I.ut 1 bare ltad oeeaetoa te nnd fauit B-ltU ua
|.-.. -everal tiinee. The carts do not get
.r-u_d UM'.ll.it tl?.Mr*ct BwwpingBBOon cnongh
tifter the sweepers lioish their work. lleaps oi
.Zmun are -cettered all over the streets m ptaor
olacea bt-fore tbe carts make their 0008800800. I
1'iave seeu carta reuioving aahea and ?"*J"fj_!
from Broadway as late as eloven oelock ini tba
forenooa. lt would bo better, I think, to ha\e all
the work of strcct cleamng done at ntg it. tne
rjaremeata of uianv atieeta are ao niuch out o
repalf that the work of cleani.ig theart. ta gOieMed
areatly. At the laat ineeting of tbe Board of
Jtoalt i wa made a forraal rrqnest tbat wCOBJ.
niiwiionerof PuMic Work- should -c-pave the fot
I,nvi,'V Btra-ta ia tho order named ae eoon aa
poaaible : Mott, thiotighout its entlre length ; Mul
ntrrv. h-tweeo Park and Canal; Baater, batweaa
3.e,,iard and Canal: Albany and Carliaio.from
OreenwichtoWeet: Easex aud Moiiro- eatm y,
Fortieth aad Forty-ttTBt, b-tween Tentk aiul
Twelfth BY-a., nnd Tim tv-oighth, west of Kl^v
enth-ave. Thoee Btraete, <.r portions of stroets. are
in grtrdl a had cond.t.on that it would be BOXttO
iinpoaaable to keop thcui free from filth iu warin
W_-iao__cia!a of the Rlreet Cleaniiir Depart__eut
gsJd that thej intended to put the streets and
avemie* ta "applc-pie order" as soon aa the ico and
snow wrre sumciently thawed t_ allow tho work to
lie done. At the same time they derlaiod that tlie
atreete had never beeu bo clcan at tlus
time of tbe year ae at prroent. ln
aoine offthe t#uein.nt districte, howe,rer, tbo
Btreets are in bad coadition. SIopb, garbBge nml
ashes have been eaiptiod into tho guttcrs an.l
frozo betoro tbe mass could be removod. 1 tus
wi'l be attended to as sooti as possible. r*omo
coinpluint haa boen mado bocauso of tho dust.
Vntil within a dav or two it hus been exeeodlnflj
drffleult to sprinkle the streets beoaaee the water
Jro/.e almost as soon as it'strtick the p..ve.mwit. 1 his
will be tWC-ied now that the wcathor bas
nioilenit.-d. _ . . . . .,
AHrtaaotiable effortewfll be made ta81808 tbe
citv lua |t':>d su'.nt.-irv cnditi-.n before the
WB1 ' '-< attirr setsin. The I-oard of Kstiniatetnado
ftciii-'ii'.ial nppropnati. n of $50,000. to bo ex
peud. ! .'iily lu rase of tho approach or present;? of
au opidemio. If decmed aeeeaaary it will be ox
jieud.'d under the direction of the Mayor, the
Jl.-ultU Boaxd and ttio C'oinmisaioner of Btroet
Cleaning. ItiainteBded to be aeed particnlarly
Jor eloaning the streets in the tnnemont-hou** dis
triete. If aeiuaed nccessan'. the worst streats will
l.e cleuied twico daily aa long as tbeepiaeuuo
la*ts or nitil the wann weather isorer.
lu regard t? tho eouiplaint made by tho hcalth
ofli. Bta becanae Italiaoa aro allowed to lwlge l>e
Death the dumpiiifrplaoeealOBB tba rlrer f-onroa, tbe
Btreet clr:;nit._ otlicials say that tho "pickin.s of
tho dtnapa aro ict by contract to Italiana.
ri be __ea eoployed by the contractors aud som^ ol
taoea einployed la trimming tho aaawi have ttttod
nn the *?\i-&\ l)?l..w iho bulkhcads for the storage
nf ragra, aoaea, etc, fnken frorn tlio atreot dirt aod
aahre. and ;iIh;. forslccpingquart^i-fortheip.selves.
Tbey will be rompelled to whitewash the plaeea
nnd'keep them tu somewhat bett?r coadition tuan
di,_ kcnnein. __ ,, .
A htimlred men crossed tht> City ITall -Mtaai-, U
Brooklyn, al?out 9 p.m. Tuawlay aud atoeaad .i
dowu Fiil;on-st. They were armed Witb liroome
and ho-*, and wlieu theyreached tho forry they bo
fan dicKing and srrapiugin theatreets and gntters.
loiae,a aod tartaeoon arrived to cirry '.tt tbe .lu*t
lieans which the mon rapidly piled up. Aii labored
faithfully all n'ght, and in the morniiig Kultou-sf.
wne fairly eleaa Thongh BOfee in appearanee, the
Bweopers were not neariy as litrce as thev KWBed,
Tbeyhandled theirhoe,a t4?nderly when tbey struck
a decp vein of mud iu the gutters, aod wbea a Bal
of unmoltexl ico was reached, they would sweep
over it so carcfully that not a paiticle
bosides the lo.-se du?t wns disturbed.
Tho streets were tbrooged with ladies aboppiog la
the a-ternoon, and they cotil-.l draw a loug breath
with'.nt liibalingquautitiesof street dul.
" \Ye have litul m-vi rnl gangaof men wotkutg all
day,' aaiu one of Ihe mon in charze of a gang. " but
tbere'a aomnehdirt to take away tbaOitteelow
WOyfc. Well have more men at work to-night and
we'll gctup most of Ihe dirt iu about ten daya.
Aftcr tbe weatber gets settl.d, Fuitou-st. and tbe
BTeomee will becleaued erory two daya. liien
the pavoinems will look aa if they had beeu
Btjahhed ' _
"CHi-k! CUek! -bual Baaa!" went the bastni
B_e_rteonth- baaMatTe-ear attaebed to the 3:53
j>. in. train out ol' llarleui, on tha New-Torfc and
paw-HaTaa Itoad, reetorday. The new _ia_hod <>1
teloaraphiogt- nnd lt ?0 moving traius waa being
t-vliilnt.-.1 tor the i-ili'icatioi) of tlie DMabera of the
Maw-York Eleettical 8ooiety,wbo erowded mto the
881 a. d aaifed book und fertb as tho train srartcd.
atopped anaeloweO ti|> in auddeu and unexpootea
waye, 88 tf tlie engineer bad deetgBa .>n tbe oooi
etya OOroi aod wanted thini to be Well trodd'-n on.
As tho train pasai'.l tbe termiaalatat-oaProaideot
V;'iu der Wevde thrcw otl a leated dispateh which
tii? opeiator working there piokod up aad tele
giaplied t<>ln::i on Iho tr.iiti. Mauv mesaaces were
bt-nt and renivcil, At -.:11 tho folii.witig di*patcb
was rcceivcd:
" No. 13 Park I'ow, New-York.
"'Tbis leavta ua at :i:4(). Futogi Bph what time it
faechra yoo. i beerer, i'res.''
J. W. llngli^li, an operatof fron rlio Westoru
Uoion offlce, wbo badbotoi Beea the n.-trumeiits
beiore, aent andretletred aeyeral tueaa igea. " 1 Celt
iia tonehal bonaeaalf I waa aaiag my aara
ey and aoandaf in tlie ollicc " Haid lie. as ht smiltd
witii Batiefaetiea at tbe r.-suit of his trial.
There were two eoaiplete w>ts of apparatna in the
citr, one working an ordmary aoonder, aud tne
other8telepbone in wbtch the Mur~c chaiaiieia
eould be dlatinetly beaid as they arere tieked ofl bv
t . oaaratoi at th'; t-B-iiaal sianon. IX AI.
?i_lae, apeeial ageal al the lletrepolitaa Telophone
t ouiptii.y, pot tBO MsTUii'-nt to his ear and ttat
eaa-d so tue famibai wba_a bass" which is tho
I.i4.ie il .. teJepbOlM man s life, '? Well!" said he.,
" I'vc be. ti finlit:i!g this thing [lsdaetMO] aii mv
life, trying ta annihllate it, but 1 neverexiiected
to gee it i.arnr Ktd down aud made usoful."
As a tr-nt of what could be done, on tlie return
tnptioiii Hew-ltoobelle to tbe city. waile the train
v-a* riini.ingoii the othei iiack at a dJstaaee of
abrrea loel fn?m the __Bia Itneof wtre, whieh raaa
aiong tbe up tra< k, tbe lnstriiuu'iiiH were work^d
and D-eeaaaae sent Bying aoroaa i bal ebaaaa witb as
niuch 8884 aetf U were uu onlinary matallic
cir.uit. Tbeexpeditiou waaa siicci-s.*, and tbe in
Teator, Loaioa J. Plmlpe, waa iti luucii liett?r
liuii'ortbaaoo tl.-.t lli-ameoed Priday, l-.-i.rtimy
i:i. wbea tbe lareatiee falled di-tnali.v bt tba
pre-ciic." of a buudred people who went out to see
lt. lliai WBB tlie onlv failure m tlirce montlia'
jiracti. c. howerer. _toetdee tbe. twemy-five uiem
_B_ra oftbe 1. <?, tn.al Socictv ataaaai tbere were
_!.*<? Profeaeor Peekham, oi the Adelphi Academy,
JtiiM.klyn, and P, E. Kiiisman, ol tba Bleetlifl Uoa
gtlBlllliWI *-'ompany, B8_OOg ihe spuctators.
1188838888 agaiu iilled the Amorican Horse Kr
change, Fiftieth-at. and Ilroatlway, yesterday. It
v.i* it.e BSCaM-d day of the atfjath annuul combina
tion salo of i'eter C. Kellosrg &, Co. Forty-nine
horsea weredispostxl of for B-0,Bfl*9, 'ibe higbeat
prico of the day was brougbt hy Ib-rg. n Bellc, a
aix-yeara-old brown mara. by Hwtwpstakes. Kbe is
Baidlo have abTe-ye44i--old reoord of 2:46 and to
iiave trotted 8 trial laat fall in 'J:.W<^ Tbe B8B-88
tition on her waa apiritM aud her pnco was aacrt
along by $25 and B50 a aid. ohtt waa tinally
knoi-lced down to A. W. L'owau. of Jersey City, for
J7f55. Mr. Oowau also bouglit the bay gelding
om'i.Ii C, a Bou of Kentucky Prince, which is aai.l
to have trotted last fall in 2:31. lie puid $050 lor
bim. Goldb. atflr, a chfletuut giddina seron yean
old. by Doq Gioranni, wan sold to F. Meyer lor
$050. Mr. iVeyr alro bought Inwuod, by Biack
wood. daiu by Aberdeen. lor #380, aod Lockingtan
8? Don Oioranai for $305. With the exeeBtJoo el
t/ie three tirst horses mentioneil none of the i:u
DiaLs ollered hr.mgbt $400. Tho aggregate receipts
of tbe two daya'aale is Ir23,3-K>. It will bo con
tinued to-day aud lo-morror*. Among tho well
knowu 80-888-88 present were Geuera) B. F. Tracv,
C. J. Hamliu. of Bullaio: Klizur .Siuith. Lee, Muss.;
tlden Goldamitb. J. G. rC. Lawrence, C'aptain C'os
r and W. H. F. MalJL_ _
The P,-ciilc Mail ateBinahip City of Para, which
axrivbd fiom Aspinwall on Tueaday, and wafl ?ie
tauied at (juaruutiiie becauae of two deatbs hav
Jug occurred on Ihe royage, was perniitted to 00888
lo the city yesterdny, afier a thoiough fumigation.
'Ihe two peraoDfl who died were G. B. Nonero, an
it.iliyn ateerage pasHouger, age forty-siz. and
ieuii Fl-rv, ? Freueh aalouii paaaeager, nge thirty
fhroe. Nouero died iaat W'edneailay aud Floiy on
the followmg day. from a m.Jiguant attack of
j.-ver. Tbe otneers of the ?ea*-l were in doubt aa
to wkother the dueaae waa yellow or L'hu.tea l'm ??
tbe latler beinti the more j8WV6^t66_t6_*_?B86Bl
but Hoalth OffiVor Si.ntbtlio.urht that it waa >?
low ferer. Neithrr man bad any tp^J**Z**$
and both wc-re buried at sen. No othei cascs or
sickneaa oecurrod ou the tmjmMM*
now BI ri.A\ or sr.ci niso pfimsits BTOaBB.
Two small offlces on the. flftli i86f of ?_? WJ
Chamhera-at. 8-68 688B visitod dnrli.B theiHM B6B
davabynianyvouu* woman ln auswor ,]" "" '? '
Tcrtisement obW_p12 a weck Mr ... "??&"
lady eecietary" The outcr door of ,?J_I?555?
bearsin gilt lettera |lba insc-ription: _?w_f??f
FinaiiciaT and Ciatnemal AfBOey. ?_> W.. ?,.
sr. ir?***. hdU .b^n,xii:,!
who said that b8 was 066866 C AtUaath-ijm -
tary ofthe Agoncv. I? told thi-iii tiiat |B6?6.
ceasful applicant wmild havo to OOpOalt PKMJ aa
aecurity Ior the fuithful oerformance ol har work.
the money to bo lofundo.f whon xbo 080684 to hold
the poaition. This coadition stagucrod tho maiority
of callers. Soniettmca tlie applieanls wero mot aml
informed of the roqutro.meats expnr-tod by 61BBBTS,
etont mau whodressed, looked and spoke li-o au
English.uau. lls wua iutrodiKod to t*PJ*j**
women as Mr. Clarke. He tol.l tho saekcr aftor
employmcnt that her principal work would he to
BlaeorraapoBdaaoa aud wrile for ihe '-hnmbnof
Oaatcron Jjaroal aad hxhtbitwn JZejwrfer, a buiky
peiioiiical pahiiahad Baoathl/,
(J. W. Chater Clarko is uot uuknown. IOlBBO
he waa the origiBator and managor of.tba ?*UO_?J
Induatritil Kxhibition Company. which had 046688
mthaWolloa Biwlding i? Broadway. It 6____*?.
voted to the aprcad of " businoss ideas throughout
theworld. Manv well-kuowo B6BM8 api.oared W
ihe liat of direotors-Wiliiaai II. Oiiion, the stoain
ahip B86B, L-vi M. Balea, the mcrchaut lark
Bau. the lawrar, Raaaaa M. Fullen, eaeblec of
tho Metropoli'tan Bank. Perry 0. Blivon, Cvnia
McCorrnick and Mr. Broauan, president 8f tlio
I'mtcd Statcs Life Insuranc* Company, atnoug
othera. Clarke was vioe-nremd<?nt ni.dths innvinil
spirit. He had seveu clorks employed, Bfetaa woaaen
and four men. The womon deposited *J..O and
thcmou$500. lt was roproscntcd to tho.ii hy r,
Olarka that whon they gave nn thoir positmiis the
money would ba r.ftmdcd. 1 bo clorks wrotr nr
culam and mailod them lo the four oornois OftBB
earth. Thoir salaries rangod from Sl;> lo *-.> a
week and W6T6 paul ragularly for four wooks.
Thcn they ceasod. The clorks gatnerod ITOUl
Mr. Clarke and demandod their dep.sits. Mr.
Clarke eaidthat he wnuld go away an.l get tne
money. Jlo weut away to st. Loaia un.
d?l not retarn. Tho clorks plac-cd
(haireaae ia tha haada of ol Bttaraara, and a smt
aaaiaal Diractora Ball, tJuion, Pallea nn.lotlieis
waatbareaalt Thesuit ia atill ao tha oalendar.
Dircctor Batessottlod for hia parl of th? feaponal
hilitv. paving ovor |S00 to the pl.untins. Iho
otho'r dircctors ref.iswl to aettle, deolaring that
Clarke had aorlfhl toaaaka any, boob atipalation
iu empioytug clorks. and did it without their
li 11' ? \\ lc(li_o
JohnM.IKva. jr.. one of the aufleilu-elerka is
now oniployod bv K. B. Chaso &Cu.. fnnt i.nporteri
at Barolav and (irrenwi.-h sts. " We fo.ind hut to..
latc," be aaid jraatarday. "that ojir .neiioy had
b.-cn usod to run tho schotn? in the\\ altoa Bu.ldr.g.
and whon thodopomta gave jmt UMSehMMidlad.
Mihh K?;neralila Floi.-nt, of No. 828 r-a>t Uno
hiindio.l-and-Mxteonth-at., was a yictitn. .Mrs.
Annie M. Myers, of No. IO'.i Kaat Nineteeiith-st..
was aaother. , __
Yesterdav a TaiBOBB rop .rler fotind a prenossca
sing roana woman in u navy hltic dress writing
circ-larain the outer oflice at Na. 10^ Chamb.-.a
st. Iu tho iuner oftirr ho m.-t Mr. Atk.us.
"I oarao," said the roporter, " tosee what BMarlty
?OB havo t'' olbr t'i Miaa-ghoiild aho ilra...-,it
?200 tor t ba 111' a woek plaoo t"
Mr AtLins looked at tho visitor aiisplnnnalTyand
replied: " Well, ah-tho poattion hnH baaa BlledB
" U> havo Th' ( ha-itbrr of Commine Jonrnal and
Eihihition IUi-orter o\\ our booka," 8616 an rmployo
nf a weii-kiiown B-aapapar af-aey yesterdav. ' lt
Uasrocntlv nioved h.-ro from St. Louia. Wo have
it markod" X, which ineana tha. tbe nrcala
tion is gratuitous, er that raporta BI6 b?i
couflioliug that wct can Mnn no opiti.on ol it.'
" W* nevor o.dorod nor hav.- WM over paul
for the ailv.-rti-oinetit of tlio L'nitod Statci Lifo
Insuratiio Company lo that lhaet, B6M Mr. Bioa
nan, the nrosidont ?f the company.
" That niaikod noCce of our baateaaa I know
Dntbine about," aald Austia Corbin, when sIio.mi a
OOpf of Tht Chambcr of Commtrc, Joumal. " 1 know
this maii Ciarko. Habotharad BMattha Baaah a
year or ao ago to ftltow him tli- BaaafBaj ii.h...'.
an d I tol.l hlin I woiU.l proaecute him il ho u-k-d
tny uame."
Uichard V. H6fB6t4 B6M vosterday at tha Koal
I'ntnto i xchange,Na ni Broadway, Blna raoanl
lota ln Sf-vciit -av. tu-ar 0.ie-liu;i(lr.-t|-a-nl-ti.irt.v
fifth--t.; Foartb-ara, mar (Jaa.hBodrad-aDd-alaa>
taenth-st, an.l in Plaaaaat-aTa t.oar Ona>handrad
and-tl-rteanth-at., by cr.l.-r of WTIIiain Bnd,
cxocut-i'rof tlie eitato of Wllliaoa lt.-i.l. lw>
lots _-"? by 100 looi in Mv.-iitii-HM'. between v*e
hundn-d-aiicl-tlurtt-ioiinh a"d, Onc-h.in.li.'I
and-thirty-fiftb ata.. wareaold to W. c. Le-ter loi
B4.450eaob. Oaa lol m ^cv.iith-av.-. b. waea
(iBr-Jiunili-ed-and-thirty-t'.fth and Uaa-haodred
aiid-thirtv-sixthats., was bonght by W. rerna
ebild for 94.400. whe alao pald fS.200 for u 1". u
Foorth-are. .x-ar Oiif-hun.lr.-d-at.'l-. i^iiic.'tith-t. ;
Charlea Brantpaid the aame arooaal for tln- ad*
ioiiing lot A lot 'J". bv 101 fe?t ln Ona-haadrad
:in('l-.-igliti>?:it!i-'t. nearS.-i.d-avi-., w.is BoM to
ThtymaaMacKellor for $4,000, Twe lota ... Plaaw
ant-avc. mar Uiie-humli.'d-.iiid-.liii tccnth st . wera
bout'lit by II. Andries for #1. 7-r>0 e;.cb. and tM lot
on tho corthwpst cornc-r of One-bondred-aBd-tbir
teontii-Ht.an.i l'lcaHarit-ave.. waa aold to B, U. Ball
for IB.100. Mr. Hainott alao aold tha
threa-atory, brownatOTO dwalliag; K6, 210
I'ast 1 or?v-oi-lit!i-i'. to (J. W. C.n
rington forfO.000. Mr. Bronsky bonght thetbrae.
atoty blgb atoop t.rick clw?-iiing, wi'h ,i ebapel har
Ins a aeatlna eapaeltv of 400 iu Ibaraar.al Na 56
Monroe-at for 914,400. Tba Q-e-atory apdcellar
donbla brick taBaroeat-hoaae Nn. 848 Madiaoa-at.,
wiw bougiit bv M. LnbaUhy for 114,400, 11. (..
W'cbb l.ou.h' 111" bruk lioii.s.' No. 2'Ifi Waal MI
torntli-st. for .-?.r),.*.0O. Tho sn-.* al No. _).!? \\ au r
atTwaaaold loT Nlebola fbrB4.700. Mo. 301 W'at.-r
at waat to tha aaaaa ptrrehaaer fbi 94,750 and No
803 Water-at. for8M.6O0. 8, 1. Majrar boaghl Na
:to;> Water-at for 98.650,
John. F. B Banyth aold tlio two fi.tir--.tory bnrk
tenament-hoaaea al Noa. 544 aad 540_W?yl Fifty
louith-i... near Tenth-avc, to B. 1'. liay for
911,000 aaeh. _ _
A l.uaiiici-1 ,-uul Miiiiil iin-.-ting nl tbo atockli'il.lcrs
of thaBlooBiing Grore Fark Aaaoeiation waa b.-i.i
at tba lloftmau lioaae laal erenlng, Keporta wera
ii'.rivcl frnm tba rariona offloara ,>i tbe aaaoeiation
and from tho Kish and Uataa Committae. rba
rapon from tha aoaiaiittaa abowod tbal naeh ajood
work h.i'i haaa acoonipllabed lo tba eoarac oi tha
year in protootlng tlio iranio on Ibo exteoalra
praaarraa of tba aaaoeiatiun In PepnaylTaala,
among thoaa preaent wera Dr. Edward Bradler, T.
w. B. iaOgbaa, ll W. Naaon. Caaaltu 11. Head.
Bimon Bterne. T. E. II. Cnrtla, Charlea A. Mti.ia, Dr,
Rpencer M, Naab, Nathaaial 8. Bmith, A. J. l'ost and
\V. T. Bollaa.
At tho last :nofi(:ni{ tho r Lsfa and Qaata Coiniuilt.' ?
warc aathorieed to imy land oentaining tr',ut
-tii'.nn-i, aad to atoak tba atraaroa. For that trar
poaa boada wara to lia laanod Tberapartof tha
cotnmttti'o ahowed tbat aboal 1.700 aeraa haa baen
piiicliiih,-il adjolnlng tha oraa. rrea of tbe aaaoeiation
in Pika County, I'liiu. Tbla land eoataiaa ton niilaa
ofatroaaa. A fliah hatabary baa baaa araatad ln the
paul raar. Faartaea dair bare b.-cn porebaeed.
Tbe braadiag park aoataina 700 aerea, aad i? w.-il
atockad with daar, Bararal baadrad blaek baaa
bai.- baan pal la tbe lake ln front of the olab baaaa,
an I dttri.ig the pa--t yoar tln- tn, iiiIkti 'uivi- had :,"
difllcultv in gctting" twelre baaaa dajroatoftbe
l.iko. Tbe grouao an.l woo.lcock shoi.tiu^ haa baan
'J'wentv tboaaaad trout lry will be pnt in tbe
Htp-ams in-\t Donth. Bixteen aharea In tba aaaoei?
ation are to ba aold at 9100 aaeh. Aftar tbeaa are
sold the pnee for a sliaro wBI tus 9450 ?par valtiej.
The Bcv. I'athcr Kiordan, at ( aslb-Canlcti, hiis
alottt-riiom Ohieago ragardiog tbereaall of an
c- (inciii.-iit ,.f a roana lrndi eoaala, haaring tbe n
lar i"i:-!np of h'-end i ousiiih wh.-n th.-v Ieft tli.-ir
hoiiH-H iu Tipporary. Mary Comans was a protty,
youug Ir.sh gt.i, with au airof refinement, and a
Boaa aaatralght hh st. Ceeilia'a Her taUwr waa a
weli-to-do inanufaotiirer, but nstiin, nvorbi-a. ing
niiirl, in ko far a? hor i.cing wooc-d by h?-r eoaaia,
Cornalina Cotaaaa was ooaoaraad, Bar naother xva?
Dotoapoaed to tbaaoartahlp, but tbongfat tha,
Mary's dutv was lirst lo eoaalder th.< fa'her's
wishoK. Cornolius was dct< nn.iKil and Aluy was
faitlil'ul./.o kiin. Tlio fathor divinod a plao lo-ip
arate thant, bat the plan prored ub rf.vo.
He aBfClhaafd a tioket for Mary nnd H.-nt
her to visil ber Aunt Kosauna in thin ity, and KBT8
ber ?3 foi aaelcal aaoaMy. Mary ezpreaa. ,1 b.-r wii
Imgaaaa toooaaa, nnd .stm eoanaaaieatad tbe fa. ts
to C'.melius, whu tuok jiasaago iu tbe BBBM
Th<. aaaataa BBtrad Bt Caatla OBJdaa oa March
0, and lieforo Mary landed sh-) gax'e her inomn to
Cornertoa. After thoir arnv.il, Fatbav. Riordan
thought tbal tbej bad better t.o naarried, bal as ii
waa tho Lontc'ti aoaaoa it was nornaaarj to _<-i a
dispensation. This Aichliitdiop (Jorrlgaa reftuod
to r'iant, and, as they \m-h- going to ? )in ,.-,..
1'utlior Riordan gavo tboin a Iww W6tw_l>f tBUIIOll
and a lettor to the BiaboD at Cluoago. Tho eotulaa
havo bocu mairiccl by Ibe graut of a dlspeaaatlOO,
and havo j? ? iul 1 v aaat a letter te tho obdarate
fath.-r in ripparary, aakiag his pardon Ior their
coiidu. t.
John F. Donnclly, the baaineaa nianaeor of the
Bij.m Opara Hoaae, appearad la tbaCoartal Bpaeial
Beaaloaayeatardajr.ea aaaaalalat of P, J, K.tliy,
who iay? that IhbI April ho oaabad a cbock of 9*5
for Mr. Donuolly which was not hoiionnl. lt waa
explained by Mr. Dnuiiolly'a oounsol that tho cln-.-k
bml b,cii preaeotad Ib good i.ntii, and tbat Mr.
l>i tinelly IimiI ?ohaaaneBtty afJerad to make It food,
but Mr. Kolly bad roiuaod to accout the mouoy.
?*>'. Donnelly wiu iha.diaritad.
deBtrare. rtaaataa Blalater .-. Waabbwg -.? ..???J*.J/
B4N_w^udg?ABtaaa J. tttrter. ol ABaj^.eaa ?.x
Walten. -f llalUmore .....raBarfci BM*-i^ljl(?".
I.eorg. Iloauuioi.t. of Kiutlaii.I......? ???-' ,v,'wfr <
n.an.l.r K. T. VeeiwM-,,& *-.&2^t"lES?
?W.f?>i Batof-El Aaa.i.,l.ly....... Tb".'?. \- ? _!?",? g
-thHtara Falla.Birrrwa. JHfl B_4at-1 "if*,;;"^ ?*_?
llotl i:x-r..l.?rC.s.*ll.tlU IaiWlall. C.um-.l. of OUlo.
v .le A1.......1 aaaaaj toayr, DllajiaWe^TaalaB.
Trial of Jsmea D. Flab befara JadgeiBeM-tet,
Ilainnieraly will ea*c, Siirio-ute a tuurt.
Dr. Itnll Itinacy caac, nupn-niri o.irt.
laeeM Biar-er eeae hKjaeat, P??^ri#S-%
1-atii.k Ki.i.i llbal sii t bef-reJadaaBilareta.
C'oruell Ui.irer.lty Aaaoclatlu... I'bIob Hqtiaru flotel. 8
NrtBBBry TeaclK.V It.Stltutc, Fuurth Avenue Preal.y
tenan niureh. 0:00 p.88.
Bew-Yeri Yaehl finb meetinr. Sp. ??
ProttMBor F.ak.-'a kcli.re. C'liickeiiii- Hiill. 11*,8
Brooklvn library __-KH?latloa aaaual me.-tuig 8 p. m.
Oao-Mil talaraeaa before IbBwae Ifaaaar.
The members of theCotton Kxrhange yestfrday
votodtoThsenc Good F.iday and the followmg
day as holidays.
Colot.el Caldicott and Adam Forenanuh were
among the |BB1BBB-C. 88 188 Hotbina which arnved
ysatantay, . _ .
The JBO-bBB at tho Courtnf BoOOial Pessmns ves
trnlay iiul-d Adam BlOWafJlOO for selling lottery
tickets recentlr on tbe sidewalk BB Ncw-st,
Cbildren on roller skates Hwarm into City Hall
Park overv afteruoon ln auch uumbors that Peaeage
aiong the aeoball wallni fot ordtaaxy pidiatrlaei is
gettiug dailv uiorc dillicnlt.
One of the bo.ea for the entortalanBwiUo,be
giv.-n at the Casim- la aid of tne Baxtholdi I edee
tiil Fuud on April 7 haa ahcady 0008 sotd for
The Statcn Mand ferrvboat Nr.rthfie.ld inet Wltb
_- aceideat to her macbinery on the;?M"I? >?''*?'?r'
day motning, and dnftd nearly to Kcd Hooi. Ihe
paaseugem wero .ransferrod to anotber ooui.
ALMosr a UBBIUB. <>i.d.
Mwa-tKeraa, ng.- BiBOty^aiaa. an ntaate of
tbe .-? Inrs" Siiug Harbor, died suddeti.y on l uea
darerenlBgatNo.74 Cbarltott-ot., where be was
riattini hladaagbter. who is ?ifVj___?_/*_i_. ___!
He waiaguutioi, aud strved all ihiotigh tLe Ke
A servant in Ml-. Baaaa P. Knimy's bouae, No,
81 Wcst Thirtv-scvciitli-at., weat to ?Mmiae tbe
gas-im-iiT iu tlie basemcit with a lighted caiidle
yaeterday, wbea the Baetoi npUttod. ItbaBbeea
le.iking lor siiiiib time. ihe explosiou caus-'d only
a trilli.it- damagu.
Fehx ArHi-tn.ng waa ti orisoner in the \,.rkville
Coortyeaterday. Hehad palled mi C-tanaoeyM,
H?pewSa..tlire in the (iratid Ceatral Depol and de
man.ie.i ? paeetoAlbaay. iBatka Manay iagiioi
tu d-eobarge btm
Mrs. Cathenn." Barlow, wboee liu*:.a-il is Ib the
(Tnited Btatea Anoy, lo atootana, an-l whaiee
fatl.or in-iaw was :. gwaaral, l"st property worta
*ilm l.v a diahoaeet ioa-eette laal Jaaaary. tae
aadrl W88 lield for trial ye.-terday in the torkville
gWtBDLTB BT a rosriorNri'. man.
Wlllian Gebbardt, b Gknoxaa. h.s beea n tbla
eonntryeinee bb! May, H? arnved at Ui" *? ? --r.-i
( antral l?ep..t Crooj F-faaa Falla, Mlaa., ..n Iwee
d v ??. I w.-.s approai hi>d bv a a'raneer WbO teoB
iimi ta ao exebaoge ofllee in C<.r'lan.lt-?t . and ex
ehanged ??_ la greenbaekn foi Oenaaa awaey.
Gebbardl r."<'ir,.l oalyBOS 10. bal DeteH tbOro
.lcn, ..i li.atla (;,-,rir.i aaoea <ed ta awttlaf tbe
btokcr to make up tho d.-li-iency.
The lntet.iafi..n:l L_U_d and Inv.-n'm."!.' Com
pa-.y witb a propnaed eapital of .fi.oiMi.ono. ha_
beeu iDoorporaied lv Mootgoniery Gadd, Wllliaaj
Henn LeBg ilorf. Rol?erl K FloydJooea,.Bainael
Heymonr Wt* d, jr.. nnd c. Thonuu (inilitiis. Ihe
atiBoiinced porpoae i* ibe pnrebaeeof cronad aod
tbaereetioa <>f a boilding tberooo for faira, ai-et
in>;-, exbibii i'.t."*, entei laiaaiante and Baauasn-enta,
a* a'i Iiitciaati,.i.al Ui.il.i'a 1 a.r. to 88 lield intbia
An nahinan fonnd tbe bodj ol aa la/aal la abar*
rei m _rontol tbeteaeateat-boaoa,No,019 i tot
liit.entli-at., early yeaterdar. and g?we " ta ? po
|ic-raao wbo carrted it lo the Morgae. t'oroper
MeeaeoMir <"!'i la the aftarnoon that i!..-?i. Id b w
i.e.ii murdei-d bo<.ii ai-erblrth, ringei in..tk*..ii
its throat al...v.e.1 that an etort had leeBBiadeto
*lr_ii_i<- it. Ilfall. bad In-i.i .aiiattl. liuwrvur. by
blown wlu, h fiacluicd lt8 iktl I,
tiik r>>>fivn i.iiiiaiio T.nnvAMrsr.
Tl<" l dli .ni tooraameol waa Soally seiiied npon
ve-teid'iv by tbe eBtnr ?.t (Je r_- Elooaea. lt will
bagin nt Irvmi' Hall -n A'.rn '-*" and rm.iiiui* f..r
raeka rbeaaniee will be plaredoaaoby 10
talile with 1 1-inch balk 11008, and ea.-h gameiwlll
i? ryiMi pointa np. -iloaaon, Bextoa. Bebaafer, Dioo
rf?d Palv bareeaeb pal BpaaeBiraacefoapl - -
To thia aam tbe Brnnearlek-lialke Hilllax.ll ompanv
adda f)l,000. making 12.250. which will b.. dtTtdad
among tli" lii-t l<?ur -OmBOtitOta,
w..nK <>f tiik bi w-Toaa citt wteetoa.
Tbe Clty Mlaaioa, ol Na 50 Itihlc Houhc. reports
forMareh; 50elty mleeloi trlea, 307 Ooepel toeat
loga with aa sggreg4te atteadaBee ol i*'.H7 pei
*<>..*. 49.H57 tra.sta, booka and papera distriboted,
3981 tolamej loaned hoai tbe 1.BhW libranee,
C !n.i vair* IM...I.- t'> theaickandpo raadBeedy
101 tenperai 1 ? pledgy- obtaiaed, and 301 faanliea
reliered with loed, mediclne, elolbJog and otber
anppliea, Tbe reeeipta f..r tbe B-OatB w?-ro
^l,77.t oh an.l ?ii<* paytooata P8L180 03.
Altlll*IKI> I'.f. M.l lltlNIVUMi A I'ir.llT.
Captain Horaee Btaplea. of tba lutrk Adoloh
Obrig, wm aireeted jeatenlay by a depoty ibi f 1
oa an order ef arreel laaoed byJodm HcAdam of
tbe City Conrt in a eirll eall roi '10,090 braogbl
I.. I'li-ilerii k i'. Tavlor, ona <>f tbe cre -,. l be eoa>
plaiuantaayatbal bewaeaaeaalted bytbemati "f
tha brut witb a eap taa bai and uelaying-pin, aad
that bis riha were broken aad otber Injunea it.
lliifd. He ia conflned to tha Uanna Hoapltal <>n
M-ilen Ialalid. lii 1 roiui.I illit a?.ii'i t tlie OBptain
ia tnat lie -lid in.t Inlerfera tn prerent tbe rtowai 8.
1 be captitin gare liail 111 B300,
-a> - -
The Bottee .rreeted anie aiea wbe mn- playtaa
piiiny at No. 14 Preeidaat-et. y-aterda] aiteraooa
An abaolu'e divone i\as giantcd yc*t. r.lay to
Joba Murray li'.in Ellea Mnnay.
A 11t1ml.fi "I 'ara for tlie Brooklyn F.lcv.it.il
Railroad bbtb bot n delivetad Bad an Mt.u.-.i bbob
tbe tra.k*.
J're*i<let!t Strati.ihaii. of tli" Bridgfl Trusteea.
Bxpi-eaedhiataelf yeeterday ia f.i\<n oi Free ferriea
1! t !i ? Bridge ii naoe free. He woohj bare tlie my
11.88 Ifl3 both I'.n 1_- an.l f.-ir f>.
Tho Hi.-a.. yaehl Cora, baill by the Meaara.
Poillon lor .1 iba A, Morrta of NewOrleaoa, was
laonohed from tbe Poillon a ihip-yard al tbe i.?.i
..I Bridga-at, y.-*t< r.la.v. v!n- will ba towed ta
Newaik ton eeiTe ber Btaebtaery.
Boberi le.-.', "f No. :i",'i'-j iif li--?., j.-raev City.
waa app dated \.*i< rdaj a* engiaaei ,11 tbe pomp
iag -lat:.,n >.l tbe .ay waier iv.nl.*, at Clear
Mi-jin, L I.. be hiiviii- paeaed tbo beet ataaiina*
tii.n. Th<' BBlary wBl.iOO,
Tbe amt nf Mrs. Pbeebe Brovil BCBrnet the bfer*
eaatile rruat (Jompaoj lorecovei 110,000 for f.tr
tiit.of whleh thie defendanta beld a blll ..f bbIo.
waa dlemlaaed yeBterday. aa ibe plaintiff bad lal ed
to I..- ie i-l v 1.1:111 | i C'.. Mis. OeOI il'a ?nut. to raeOTOI
ber boe a ia 3t_U pendiag.
Wllllam Doggrell, a Ikjnor dealer, of No. IAH32
DrKaHi-iv."., i.-p.it.-d lu tin- p'llicc ye*ti-n|;iy (hat
af 1 a. in. Im waa atta. u.-.i i.v twa aton ai Bi ayee*
sant- iv.". aml Qolnei --' , 1. _4Xikod deWB an.l robbed
ofBtOO, Hia valu.il.i." _..iu watcb wog eot taken,
an.l bt I'.jk- 80 inaik* of a strui'gle or of 80J
\i..!<-:ie. He abowed a t<.n. in*id,i waiatooal
poek. 1 lion. which he *aid tbe iiioncy w:ib tak.-n.
Tbe Coroner's iii.|ii.al in thr< case of Charle*
Rnaa, :. Uitabatooe aeulptor, wbe wa- foaad dead au
I'. lu 11:11 v 7 at his linii.e iu Me. k.'r-avc. witJt ni-,
throat 1 nt aud his nKiiII frat inn-.l, bag 8888 < oti
cltided, and a v.-nli.t ol dealfa from WOBBdO rc
r-ivcil 111 au 111.known ln.iniii-r baa beea giv.-n.
Tbe eaea i.aiil.-.i all tl?' "-k'H ol tbepolioe. wbo
liiaintaiii tbe llnory tbal l.'n** liiat i-u( |ns lliinat,
tbaa v. mk'-.i oal t<> g wall lo whiob a ixail of blooa
le.i. and afti rward drora 8 3ealptoraeh_8-l thxonfh
his akull with a 888*7 -8BUa_r.
I Tin-ion Mi-owii, BB> lw.-:itv-ii, a coli.red liiaii,
attemi.it .1 bo kill Bia wife 10 Newark fSBtOrday
aud lli.-ii i-i'.l il lii* own Iif.-I.y l.li.wing out lus
hiains with a shui-giin. TBO008888 lired81 Wnl
nut aml Adatiis *is.. .,. ciiping tho has^tnent of tlie
lion-i". Tbey had BM many vioi.i.t tiuanils, Itiown
Bceoefag hia wife of tnfUlelily, Yesterday at 7 u.
tn. 8 BjBBaTel 81088 880 OgOWB beg-MI lo li.al ln*
wi'e WbO had not le!t. l.cr B8_L Sho strug
glcd wtth ii'iu wbea ho Hu.i.ie>iiy asiaed
B large BBO I'.iill cla.sp kmfc an.l atoaBBa anvagflv
at li. r throat, t-iittiiig a ga*h tro.u !..<r nght ear
dowu to the collar boBO, an.l uarrowlv eac ipi'ig thn
jiigular vcin. Belierlaa tnat ho had killcd his
wifo llimvii iV'oi i il tlie l.e.l, WB8B iho woman
spiaug lo lier l.-ct aud rushed from llie room, l.-av
ing her bal.y li-bui.l. I he hnnhan.1 tben walked to
? n.rn.t ot tin- moiii. aml ttiKi?._r up n loa.l. d ahi.l
i_ ii ii put the IIIU//.I." (o li i h bcad aud lired. aud
tho whole 4*it le of hia liead was bl.iwn
away. The wilo was sent to the hospital
and the county physician ordered an iu.|iieNt to ho
Beld over tho hody of tlie Hiiicitte. I l;e wlle aaid
>. ? t'l.l.i', : "Thia ia not the i.i-t time that, ho
- ti_n,bif,l to L ii! aw_ Two vttarjt liau in a >u -t
JaalBBBJ ho attomptod lo kill rac witlianaxe aud he
waa se.it to piison for eightcen niouths.
Th.-.H iu. boen n aBMaaafBl mon-niont for Mfhar
waaaaaaaonglhehaid silk wiud.-.s and doulil- m
in tho Ihiowingdeparttneutsof tho silk mills m
Patereoe, N. J. It begaa with tha alrike ... Loum
I'laiik.'smill, tho Bui-oes.sf.il tonniuatiou of Wblf?
wasr.cor.lod it. Tu.-dav's Tmnt nk. \eatertU.v
the hamls cmploy.d iu these proces.se* in severai oi
tho largost mills in tho eity Btala a dcinand ior un
nteraaaa, rangn.g from 50 lo 75 cetits 6W66IL aml
in no .a>e wuk tbe demand refnsed. Most. ot tun
maaafaetarera promptly granted tbe lnoroase. a
f.-w aaked for tnae tn considor, am! ptomisod to ao
whatevcr tbe tra.io in general dnl. Ihe hnnds Mfl
provlotisly boen roeeiving from M 50 J6jp6781
ueok. Tba* 616 inainly young girls. low of tne
ciarativ.-, Ieft thefi fr.imes, und there was uo soin
iil'tn, ?? of ilisturbuuce.
Tho Carpontors'ITnion hascallod a meeting for
Mon.lav night to lake moasnros to enfereo the dc
nii.tid ?f carponteri for wages at tho rato ol not less
thun $'J aday.
At tho nioeling of tlio Board of Ed.tcatlon on
Tuesdavnicht I'restdent Latrd eharged that the
bilis for priuting were eseeeaire, aml arged taata
commitiei) nf mvestigatioii bo aupointod. I ho
Board rofusod to BPpoiat a eomuiiUee, aud ordered
all the bills paid.
Mr?. Adelaulc Powo, who was convioted of pro
ennng un abortmn, was sentencel by tho Court
yeiterday to one yoarin tho State Prison. _p6
laiii.od iu hor husband's arms when ahe heard tho
A Jury of twontv-fnur men was empannellcd yos
tordav to paaeapoa thaaaalty of Major Heary o.
Halatoil. who servod on Oeneral Kearneys stntt
eurlv in tbo war. aml has for voars been an Inmato
nftfie lun.ti,' iisvliitn. Balawd was adindged a
lunatio. an.l an applieatlae will be mado to tbe
Chanccllor for a guardian to look altor his prop?
A rnal famine is iniminent al tho lino towaa of
tho Cetttral Ratlroad of New-.Iorsoy. Tlio Wilkes
birruand l^hitrh Coal aml Navigation Companies
have b'en woikiag on thr.o-tjuarter time. and, as
tbe nutp.it fnr spr.ng has b"on largely coiisnmod
OWiag to prolongod oold woathor, tide-water or
dcrs only aio boing lllad at iirosont.
El.lZAnr'UI.? Scbool Cnm-nissioner Josoph J.
.'g'b-n, wbo b.i-. boen mis.sing since March 5, has
rwaraad b8BB6, No cxplauation is g.vcu of his
abseuce. _
B_TTflTn>WB.*-*Tba Repubheans yosterdnvnnmi
nnfoil tbo followioi tiofce.: l'or tjuporvisor. Mos'-s
K. Smlth; Towb Clerk. A. M. Darln.g; Justiteof
tho l'o.iic, (icorgo B. Kaiisom.
Hl MKir.n.? Joha ilavnor, In tha employ of T.
N. i*"?-rrv-. ?aa aerloaaly bittea by a doga few davs
sinre. Daynor waa eaparattag ooaae dege tbal woro
tigh'ing in tbo keonela when a lerge nastifj sorang
n;?,ii him aml k-iockod Inm down biting Inm in tho
ariii, wriit aml log.Tha BepabUeaaeyeetorday
?MI tln- folluwing noininatlons for town nlliecrs :
Miporvisnr. liartrn V. Wooi ; lawa elerk, Thoiaaa
V. Mnitb; justiea of th" pea.o. B. Vaientino
Clow.-s; raealrer of taxe*. Tuadwoll Abraius ;
town ttcasui, i, Koawall Eldr.dgo.
Ct if mv. A \n .it.-t tank bur.t in t'io hoise of tho
R,v I)r. Ki ? lisioti. floodlaghia l.brary aud ciosing
a loss oi about 94.000,
Btwo Bnro,?-Tbaaaaaaattoared na tho loeoaBO*
tive of tha 5:30 p..... Peekakill specal Halahraka
wben the ir.iti was half a t.nlr aoeth <>f Baar*
boroua'i ws: nhv aml burst a h do in th" b.nl.'r
whlehlettba ?toaui all out. Tbe aaglnaer wm*r
naedad tn applyiag tba alr brakaa Nn oue waa m
DoBBI PalBBT. -.laiepb PatermaTi. the kiopcrof
a hi.iei mar th.-di'ieai dte,i aaddeoly laal night.
Coraoat Mitchc :l will bold an laqB68t to-day.
Th* Now.irk Metbodial EpleeopalCoafaroaoa will
r.;>cii ita hi-..'cn iti St. Banla Chur. b r?-.l.iy, Bislmp
j. M.Walden preaidaBc, Thaeaaaof tbo Rcv. Mr.
Briator will probably bor^vived. I.ast nmbt tba
Rev. 1. II. Laudc-n pr< a<ibad tha apaattg seruion.
? ?? ?
Bbibokpobt.?Daaiel Baaahaa, of Nirwaik, his
app? m nl io the Bnprame Court in ln. ?etioa
at'Miaar Wllliaoi sturynn, a Behool taachar. lo ri
oovei BU.50U for po_lahiiig ata aon. hla BBora
bu to ?'?" Hu?.?>-?'? <'iiH?i'i". ?l." "ev. H. II
UcNeiela niii il.-nvcr a Icoluiu ou " Mwrai Itaad*
BTAMTOBD.?Joba B. Kaaa.Pi who baa boan long
t-i'.-i.-.'i in ihe loe buaiueBB, i- now aarrlaghia
cna.omera with lea?the tbird crop this seuson?
cigbt ini baa thii k, diraei from hia pooda
(iiu i BWII it. (irovo Saiiford, a biaki-man, lell
tfOBJ a 'laiu nn .66666J tnght and was killed.
.1 O. A. Ward, who was coinmis-ionod MMB8
nontaeagotoprepare a .lcaign f.,r tba prapoaed
?ni iii i -' iiii.tiuuietii in Brooklyn, ba* praparad oae
irbirh will ba aabanttad ta a few daya to the t m
/.i,. i i.iniiiitti'it wh > ii has eharge of the ma.t.-r tn
g few daya. I'he moutunent wilibe aboot Ti fn-t
blgb an<l t'J feei ',r >ad ai tbo baaa Al aaeb n>.
aei of ihe pedestai will bo a bronseCQiieatnaa
Bgnre, ii.e siibj.-i is bcing Oea>
craiN Waabington, Jai i<-"n, hoott. aml
? the heroea of tba looi greatware. Ihe in
aenptiona benaatb tbe inrurcs will be reepaetirely i
" A N it .? u Eatabliahed," " A Nation Perpetuatisd,"
"A Nation Extondoil," and "A Nation -av.il."
Ob the four aidea of tne pedaetal will be lnacribed
tbe naaiea of all tbe aoldiera run! aailora of Kiuks
County wbo wero ki'bd lu tbo late war. with hiiii
al.'r inaignia. Ibe cbicl iusenpti >.. will bo the
?urrii g atBoaa?
i ni i inu-'. ateraal aaaiptag gr
i ,. i -lifMt tt nt. .nr ipread,
Aini lii'.i v gnardi with oaaaalaaa looad
Tho i.iv,.!...- it tl.- Dead.
The onloeaal broaae f.gure surtaounting tbe
pedeetal will be of Glory aa anggeeted ln tbe la*
Mni'ti'ii. Tbaaite pMpoaed ior'ihe monnment
la tne plaza oi Prorpacl rurk, The eatitnated oaet
lt between 923O.0O0 and 6300,000, and kl is .-x
.??. t.'.i tbat all citiaaaB ol Bro klyn will have au
opportanity to < onunbata, tiiuugb t!i<- Oraod Anay
Pusta will taketha initiatire la tha matter. ibe
inb-comniittee In cbarge "l tln- plao is conipoaad ?f
Mav<>r liOW, A. E. ? rr, Oauaral 8. I- Wo dford,
il. ]'.. Koehr, Oeneral J. ii. WaodwanLaadtbeKev.
.- yivV.t. i Ualooa. _ _
Bboald Mra, Btama B. Hadaoa ba aeaoitted oa
th, i ii ni-"' ol awtodllai tho propriel ? ol tbo ? <,i,
iii ui Houae whVth ia to ba bronghl againat hor t?
day iu Ihe Coart al Q.ral Baaaiona, ahe mual stiil
remaiu ln prieon lo awail trial on aaotbei rhurgo
i, iii. enj. o" which abe waa i.old br Joatice limiy
,t tbe JeBeraoii Markel Coart yeetarday. When
the nn-oii.r waaarreatad al tbo Coleman Honaaon
March 1:1, eeveral pawatirhata werafoaad m ber
iMiiHeasiuu, ooe repreaeotiug two silver apo-ms, a
MiKci buttcr-kaife aad a p?ir of aagar-toBga
ivim ii had bei n pawoed with WilUam A. Ulorer at
No l 272 Bio.uiwav. Dr. Joaeph K. .1 lorrin aad b
terranl al ibe Janeraon Markel Conn yeetarday
identitiod ihe articiea aa thnae atoten from D s
houae No. 101 Madlaon?6Ta. on MarehB, Tha
?errai'it alao Identified Mra, Hndaonaaa woman
wboealladto se;< l?r. Jaorrin aad after waiting
forafea nainntaadiaappaarad witbonl aaaing tbo
duclor and witbout giving any notico other do
partara. . . ,,
Mra. Hodaon waa repreaeoted yeetarday by Mr.
McClellaud. As tbe prieonei atood befora tho
luatiro cold aad erael. and critically atteotire,
?I,. w;,. earaaaad by mt little daoghter Amy.
When Joetioe Imily bapnaaad bv a slipot iiu
toacaa toaay tbal ibaatalan ertic-lee wera foand
iu ber utiiranni~n. ahe wi.s qniek to oorraol him aml
toaay tbal not theartiolaa hut aely tho pawa
tickel. Hbe pleadad not guilty ai.d was luld in
|BO0 tu auswor._
lau.es Sl huii.lt, who was arrested on Eebru.'.rv
"i oharged with attempting to aell a forged eheck
fo* sri;;i to Jauies v\ i.ls.i. a broker at No, 5 wall*
hi waa diaebarged al the Jefleraon Market Coart,
reatarday atTthe teqaeat of Mr, Walah, who bbm
thatbewotiid not ooatinaa tbo proaeeotioo ba
, ins tli-1' W1's not siiflicieui gionml cf eoinplaint.
luetice Dnfly angnlyl ranaindad Mr. Walah tbal ia
the earl j itagea of tba proeeeation bo eallad ob tha
. ,,iii t Mjveiiil utues in piivate, and urged the mattci
""" Wliat has happoned sincothont" tho .lu-ti.o
asko.l, and le.oiving nn answer be rontiniied : "I
will diacbarge tba Briaoaat now, bat whon you
e.ime to t.io ugalii, Mr. WaLnh.- to inako a coniplauit
l bb.ili uot be in u hurry t<? issue u wanant."
? ?
|V IrhfHBB yesterday conta.ued tho following
puia?r.iph :
lt ib iinutorloiii fa.t amutig tlie reeldenta of Toakera
citv tbat ,?) Oorer.Bamuel -l. Ttldan is a great 8aal
poorer m i.ealth tli... bai beeB reportad, aud laome
haurd tba atatamaal tiiat he will ucver ag-m icave
A repoiler lasl oveuing druve to Croystone, tho
hoiuoof Mr. Iil.len, and leaiM.l that Ibeto was
noi tae Miigbtost foondatioa for tba rapori Qoorga
VV. Miiith. Mr. illden's pnvate liecretaiy, BBM I
Mr. Ttlclnn for tlio la.t two .nc.sthH lias cujoyed lieal.h
not iiBuaiiv lii-.towcit uii.in iu.ui ?f ln. ttilva.i.ied ycari
Tba f.u.iiiv piiy-i.-iuu baa aot vi?u.<l Qrayatoaa ln two.
uiiuiitia aud tho liidlc.a.iuui ur? that liu lervlcos will UOl
bc uaededforaomattaw. Mr. TihUaaata Ibraa aearty
iiic.il. a day, und ilc.-pa wdl .lur..i(i tlie entiro nigiu.
?l?_i Ua u-B.mil i ..un..' l... iuu_ J_iv tlili.'. aa Uu
doci -tienever the weatber permiti. He occaslonally
takea a noon-day walk atioot the irrouncla aurro.iiiillng
hla bome. and is thlnklng of u.aking a trlp lu a few dayi
to thli city.
The avuagoguo of the Congregation Bnai
Jaabarna. at Madison-avo. and .ISixty-iifth-st, waa
dedicated yosteiday. Tho intorior ia decoiatcd
with white nnd gold, g.ving it a rich appearanro.
15.isk.-ts of llnwers adorncd tho altar, and tho
buildiuff was erowdad with the aaeanbera and fneu.ls
of tho eoagragatloa. After the chaatTBg aml
reepaaaire eaeraJaaa Ihe Rev. Dr. u. Ootthall
deliveiod an oration upu.i tho growth of tbe Jewisli
( bur.-h iu tliis country. The eennOB was delivor.d
l?y the Rov. Henrv S. Jacoba, minister nf tbo cou
gregation. Tho Rov. Or. J_ de Boia Meodes oflerod
tbo de.licatorv prayer. Tho buil.ling co.nn.i.tee
cousisted of tbe followlng meinbors: Newman
Cowen, IkM.ja.uiti Russak. L. Haas, Cbar.ea
Scbleuinger. Jnsei.h Jacoba. II. B. Herta. A. B. Do
Fruco, L. \V. Morris. U. S. Lcvy, Heliui Marka, L.
Morrisaud Morita (John.
Sanrt.ea. 5 50, .rt.. B.U Baaa aati. 314_?:>a'? a-i. 1*. 10
iiiui. w*r?R TO-D.ir.
_.V-Knn.ly Woolc. BtBOlOor. IMand. 4:22 11*11 Oar?, MI
rV-.-Sar,.lyUeok, 4:1^ (i.iv. llUud. 5 1)7 UoO Uate. ?&0
Vrwl. FrurtL {'"**?
Krlu .Tondon..Nitmnal
t.itfof Moatreil.I.tvurpool.I"7'*n
Btar. of I'euiiiyIvanle..Oi**?ow.;' , 1
Murlel.Windward Iaianrta.Queoec
FltlDAY. MAIUH 27.
Klder.BremsnA Siii_a_t>ton N. 0. Llovd
M.i,n .Brctnen.N. O. Llord
nrttaunlc....Llvirooii.Whlfe Htar
Nt.a-erF.iiihnla (Br). Itoberti, I.t-erpool Marehll. yU
oneonitown 18, with mrtso au,l pwifaireri to VeinonH
linwtiace. ArrWed at the Barat 1.15 pm _?__?.
M.ainsr WTomlng (6ri. Klgby. I.lTe.pool March 14 via
yua.ntto?n 18. wlthmdae and paiicngeri to Oulon 4 to.
2BB^68l^Varl!,5_ Jonaeelln. Harre Mircb.4
wltbm.Me and p_*en_er? to Loul* de Boblau. Amvedat
'MMBwilrriinrt, Tarlor. Swanaea Marrh .1 with mdae
to Clia* 1. WrUht 6 Oa, AititkI at tne Bar at 18600 m
ntl-Birrrri- Aiemndrla. Bemolda. VeraCnu March 18,
Tii.p.n i-\ TampteeU_ Pregra^alB aud Harana'il. with
m.lar aml paaaeiigern to F Altxanura A Houa Arrlved al thi
""A'm.-rVo'rmri.TiniiBr) Woa. Montoro Biy March VL
Btaaa'aBaf 16 I'urt Marta 18, -llh ind?oto(i WeaieliACo
ArrtT.-l ut the Barat 4 a ui, ?_,_
Htea-er Berra (?pan). I.azarraya, Ha~na 8 cUti. with inysr
to i>mln*4 wilcbi Tmel to BJt'onii. ArrivcUattbe
K" "m'ir'iVlmiite (Br) Frenrh. 81 lago I diy?. with Iron cre
loerdiri ti?wI io ueiloni A 'o Bouu.l m I'erta Ainbiiy^
t'tiauier Alamo, llo.itrr. cialTMton March 4, Tla Ber weit,
withry.lae.iic 11 Mallory 4 c'o _i_?_.w__?
Htfainer < B i.railo. Hlax, <i:ilve?tnn March 1<\ Kcy weit BI,
with nit'ae and paaseuien to C II Maliorr * OB
?oeamcr BB-BBB, PraiBiaB. New.Orleana Man-* 4, vla
Cliarli-.t.in, wiih iiilf am. pa.?eii|rera H 8 II BaBBBBB.
Mfarnur l>?ila1ana. Uatcr. VnwOrlMBi Marc'i 17. Tla
Cliirloa.on wltti niiiaa anii pnaamn-ra to M II Heaman
Atcam.r rity ot Han AnMmo. Wllder, Fernandlna Mar 14,
Bmn.wlik (.a. 80, aud Pert Royal -1. with mdia and paiien
?eaS^-SiB^HaaB*. faabaaarBM _*a-| n.
>cwi.or? Vewa, with lumbcr tootaer ?e??cl to Warr u Bay
^.?amer.'itr "f AQguata. M.-lcri.-n. sav?nnah Jdayi, with
niii?t-anl ba.a"inrer?.o Mcnry Yim?a, |r.
Stcain.r lUtf'iliu.r. DoaiM, Wi:u.iugt.)ii, NC, 3 dayi. with
""?Iteamer oayandot'te, K>llr. Rlchmond. nty Polnt and
Niirr.ilk with .iiiiBi-au-ip*aieii?e?UiOi.ino-n.nion.Si. n.
HteuicrBreaawatcr. Jcnney. l<evsei, Uel. wltn uidia anfl
tiaaa.-iiK.ri to to OIC- L)?iulu.on HlCo.
Ilark ct'i- Inlliia lO?r?. Wlaka Bramcn 38d?r|,wiih
Mi,i,tv tiarri-l.toor er: vea??l to Waf]en. Toel* ro
ll.iic ll-iuBah Blancliirrt t-,f W'lnd.aor, Ns,. AUlui. Havre
' 1 .lara ln tialla't to J K Whlfner * l'o, _
bmi ai."ra! Srtea, BaraaSe 'Jo dayi. with m.Ue M F Oo
B_r_'ArMBliaf St John. NB). nol.crtion. Peniumbaco 33
ilava. with |;i(tar tooru.-r. vra?cl to BcMBBMU Broi.
Bn* Nl tt i " Ic) Mll cr. Bla tleliti 1; dara. with oocoanuU
to Hoa.ll-y .? io vi-iaol to BJ Wcubirg A ?'o.
Itiii;Hui" .. r.. ior. sn^in 22 dayi. with ingar toJoho
trlj ilrifX lr,w.; cieaf.ieros 24 days. with iug?r to
nr.lar ??____ tO Hl_lDa''D, ' !?|'P A ' O
miiAld. A-.uT.I. ol Wln.lv.rNHi.fard. c-lcnfue,oi?U
DiilwirB BreUwaur 48darywltb biiWibm ta J 4 6 low.
|ir Titavl to J 1 Wbltnrf 4 ? ii.
ML'Nsii '.vm,.?< *t .<r II w?, Uglit, W; fair. Al City
Iiiind, llflit. BW| fa.r
BaaarBaaa-11 p m-Barom.w. -10.24: Thermametar. 29;
Wlntl. W. S intlea Wealher. elrar.
ArriTe.1 Tc?t?rflay
atramcr P.i'ani lOaal, BebBBa, llarnhMrf Maroh 0. with
n"*e and paaacngen lo Phc-lpi Bro. 4 Co. Arrived at the
llH.*.VaPf"!Noti, CaeMaaaaa llarana 23_dayi. with noaar
toor,Ur TB.ael t't-mith A Bo?
hara li'.nny I o->u < " e. MataaBM 14 diyi, with molaasci
___n> t...^I I., Mlll^r ^ ll'iu -titon.
BncCarlb, M',.,nc,.ui'-ry. Tnxillo 20 dayj. with mdie to
EBeaVi??ar1*.Br?'. LnaTlew, Lemorara 2." daya. wltlnugar
?oonii-r. reeael to uiai^r
Mfcamer State of NeT*aa ,Ur). btcwart. Olaiaiw-Auitln
?S*,?_Vfnitr'anie 'BD, Krrr r.n'. -s?n.t,-r.oTi A e..o.
klani.-i BaM uari.-etot,BaaaBM *i? ?wiituauiitou-oei.
fl?f'.ia*-(.-r AKfli". P?rry. New^rlcana-J T Van Blekle
Stramcr ( :ty oi t ?.,ii_Dia, WeaaBaB, I liatleitou-J H Quin
'*>',' tmmi .?nra)nwralth. Van K.rk. Plulnlclphia-Jonn O
B?te_oei Fran.onla. i:.-nn..?. Pi.rtl.iad-IIoratio Hall.
????_? -aui.ati.u. uaByar. Maw-Maraa-uaa ? btetion
',',,'., ?__? . i'.r D aJ,V ^anuniVr-J?s W Flwell * ('o.
jufk Mudov.a! Br,. Baawltea, Caraaaa 1 F waitney
lia0rk DUa ,-wciH. Krtkami. Bahli-Hcnham ,* Bovcion.
Ham iii lan, Romball, rVraamboco-W n CmMman4 rtro
lulif t Inu \'>r,. I?i-.')-.:, arilu^fna-pain-HiiilthA Boe
HruV-n.i. Daai. IlaUB.BaoBM KaacB, Kd/ei6Oo
BrSLo-imcetpiS itr. Paraar, yaraiiart.Bi uroweU
At V 11| iig nl
lii'ii: <? !.?i.''tt". -oorlieaa, s.ivaiinah-J A Van Iirunt.
?5AI l.l.l)
Kt.amera'lallly. for i.-?irrv>i otranfo itn'l; Normind.e.
nivro i u.a, m-ii-', MiaaliiBai Calln Algleri Niw-Or
leaii- htvof olomhla, Cbarleatoaj -eueca. .Nowport Newa
hark Atltl^. for-.-vi.lc
Iing i ,a i.liiia n,r Moii'cv.'lro
^ , ? .... ..-.., i aog lal oi I -iiand-Steatneri Fram'.,n:a.
f.,r l-orllau.l; Olaiu u?, Baiiaa.
Ml-ii'l'i l.\N BOOO.
Htfimar lt.n.m Br. WBUBBMb ?? I-l?crpool Irom N>
Yora.atiutk a.l^.k i-utiau^o H-r bom woi* uiucn t,_ui
LmarOOU Mir-.'.-Arnv.-.l. tteauitr Monireal tUr', Bon
ehctte from Portlaaa Marcb 13. ... ?, ,.
- ,,. -,"i,-r . ityol i.i.iiii- ll-". Muii'O. f.ir Now York
l^BBaai_iTEr"8a Am,-.-'. iteaaer nr-gn. (nn, bTa
kbv r.,,11 Maw-Yor8 BarcB s ea her -av to i.ivorpoot (aad
preeaeaad), 'li^ie ot pa.aa;e. 8 daya, avbaaraaalSBaala
B-M at,-a-ncr( Uy.if. 1, lOBga Br), Watklui, from I.iver
^Jufaoow Mara ?vniTct itaaaiar Btataal induuatBr),
'^^''Mar^-Arn-'",":,^ (Bn. NVade.
,v;!^^,^^r^^r*-u^i^,:v/,v.r:,;r;nr). ...c-?.
,T'Z^lTrx-Xr^i\. rnmmrn roiaopoiiun (Bn. La
thll?k ',?'?"?:!?%? ?]?!-.?.',,,.?. ..ca-er Penn'.nd (B.lg).
u- J.r ir >_ xew-Yerk March 11 on ker *?iy t > antwera
iu ,w IIBAt. Mar '.'5-I'aBaP.I. atea iit-r Lake M.uiit ,,,? Br),
lackMn noi. Sew-Yerli M ireh aa wrway W l.iv.ryooi
iiAMi, ..... M.,r a-aaUad.itlaaiiT OaBert .>.er. Kaala
^aiV^mTeB.eteaaiar Babaarla tocn. Kariowa, from New
Y;iuuM3_lca.'it?amrr fyn.liia I BT),-. for New York.
Hi.i.AX. Bar8^-*afla8. ittaaiTf Blbarlaa dirMMooro,
fivui Ulaagaa i..nf" .? Sawjfarli
Ai.ut,uiit'?i' nt -.
, ,-,-,,: U' IS P. I I - Pl V-1KK.
Daaaal-tnaaaaJ . o.. o;iioitiaudt st, .sew^ork.
An. "i'i avi ii Oot."
"Don't know wbal ail. m,' l.tev ' an'f cat weH-can-t
?lanTwelL Cbb'I w?k ine dou't c,?,.y d?.ug aajrth n ?
a'.'! r.ai.vi.'. ni'ii realiy a.a'1 weB. baai aii itad n
,Ai ,?-,'.....,, raj i .-."- ii.?;" "??;n:-4V,"v,,7
,v ifthrywouWtakeDr i'ic...-'. .rtdaa Mediv-ai uu>
,ii, rv?- tiicy w.ii.ii - i.n b ivc uo oecaaloa teaar lt ltpurt.
aa, ti.e bi J tonia up Ue lyitem aud lo. Uttaa ll agamn .tn
raic' II Ul I BTI lt a,?tl Olli.mi icue-ly a. well.
Dk. LrOB^B Pi-.itn.. i Tooiii PoWDBB.
An Uagaal roi -?' i uin
fcoid evcii wh.;-t. ifteauia
a> ?
Aik roar druiKlat or ii.K-.r for lt.
ibe Beat lu ibe World.
? ?
Earl <V WUboo'b E. 4 W. bmad <>f Ueai
roiiaii au.1 i-uCi, ua Um >?'?.? BaM atarjrwbata,
? ? ?
FlKS'ilV A. Dabibml M. n
lal t .tiii-l , l-.irr., li.-t-T ? ? l '? '! i l! I I. Iltl,
BM i. auL '?- S 7. VStaamci ,r tbi Serro n jyUa_
i.t'iiito-iiiuHiyDrgaiii. i-petaaoaaaBaiarBiar.
? ?
Mr s B. GaraoBter,of OraBrfllo, N. Y., had
CwwCATABBM ,RmiNcinris,Asrii
- v.. || ? muMrnoM, hy ?PP*T_I
M,';.. at-J and Caml'B A,i ." <h?
mucoui llrlng nf ihe Nme. llir.at,
and l.nnp Ai.l Ku.nT-tifhl
houn out .'/tkt rti'/ary/***-?whiM
?>r| aW .. UM?I, anJ withou. my
iliv. ,.i?l,,ii Pariactly valcanilpleas
ant IJ?etl tli' ^JlllC a? BB ordinary
.?;!,,? N i i IpM .'. tubea. Con
, . ,-"??" c-.lf.'.' mWrOllI in th< I'.llow hnM
Jag il.c riU? la?B. 1 the Mquld and v.Jalile balma. 1 h?e
B H ioata. ih' aaoMcb, no ,:,,,? run. or nwftag, ba ig?_??
.moky lawpwIU tea-. topeaB;?a wBiMaad **???_*? H-u?w
___________________u 1-1,11 i ?,. MHhthourt?t-tumt
__8i a powrful heaHnga-ai W
aalvron tlir iiiflamed innercoaimg
a/lhtda?Mldato ?urface.,Irom.he
BBWrih M ihf bottom of the MWB,
aml hencf UBa the Uaod. It tt *
C(mttitHti?n?l *n4 1**1 cur,at
tkt lamt time. Unl.ke any other
treatment ever kn.,wn heretofnre,
l_u..ua ? i i ????,- ?.i ?1. enrea ca??< api?reiuly beyond
irpaleoll. |,r It iM.'.expc.Mve .,,.1 wi.liiu ihe rcch ol every one,
bxphtnato'y t'*M*Mtt .ttd Itititnwali HKt/rtt. Addrttt,
2ft I .i.i Kuiirtpeiitli Htrei?t, New Yorb.
MainOfnce-iMoCheitnutStreet Philadelphia, Pa. ,...,.
IHraara. Bailey, Banlts X Biddlc, ol Philndek
plnii. nmioua... (hc exhibitioB aad aale of 0rer
'-<?? Painlinga by Ihe emineal Crrnin arint
11. rniitnn Iferzog, roinm. 11.gbjgj Marrh '.Olli, at
ibe lto.ii... al ihe Boclety ol ArlUta, l,?ai Cheat
nat.ai., Pbilaaelphia, lo conliuue fill April 1 _ih.
On n.rouui of retiring from the retail buainr ??,
30 EAST 14TH ST.,
VALUEO $530,600, AT
Al 10:30 a. BB., an.l ro.ilin.iing .lail? uulil Jia.
poard of.
Solid Silver.
"\Vo desiro to onll attention to oitf
assortment of small pieces of TABLE
SILVER. Our stock contain* at all
times full lines of such articles, and
iTmch caro If devoted to this brancb
of our establislimont.
Ra'oadway aml I9tli-?f.
I.Yspcctfully announee that thoy will
liavo no spt-eial cpening day as lor
nierly, but are now prepared to ex
bibit their
It contalua no injunoi a Uucra.
-W-_i -u_i-_4mth.-^i^i23
1 ~v - ? it i - rea U> U.e r,onr tne
ul__l) .....tiruut unutilu^
iu Ui- brai. ut U*
|'",',:.!, oa. better ?B.I B*f?
l,:.,uii tli-u any aaoi _-?"
EaUbha-etl 1ES. NEW VOKH.
Huildtug ubaolulcty ??-?? proof.
4?p<iiitll rV-gMb
UllBlgr uutll ?0 P Baj
TheTribuae BaiM-ag haaftkf aaea etBgel for bm?a tj
t?r.;;?,aUt_.,, ha. ^^psrrrt^
coiive. UU iwom-ra aterlea **mmJg2?ml ? ,,00 B4.
?lg,?to U.o a-ual. otllc... IJBBM NTjaajB P aga.
-c.r.forwhUt, In ttoaOjO??* , Uy Uv ,. _,
SSf norr;:r- kk __? - _____* -__
Ts.'o^:VtraUc'-.--t: * Oar, ou ^_nk ...rt.tr ,t. aa*
a v.-rr" w 8BBH8 oa Ua le war tloor.. alae to reat; BBaaaieBO
g)Tea tlie lat of May.
4_.OOI> I.I4-1IT.
?-ooi> Ain.
Riions AlaWA.ni a? X i M*ini.i
Apply for temia an.t i-lana of the bull.tlua l-i
FBll'B _4? CBBia,

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