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mr dkpkw laaawi laaaaiiRai pohter, william
About a hundred Ynle alunini of New-York
aodits violnlty aatdowutodlnner at Delraonico'a laat
nixbt Flve Ubles were airead. biin.lsoiuely drcsaod
with pyrauilds of fruit* and MBlM clrcled wltb stullax.
r.ouuuets of rosos rested bere and tbero ou the Ubles,
-;hich rere Ughtctl with rlch laiups of nntl.iue heaBBB
?ud porcelain. At the table of bonor aat thc chalruian.
ydwards PlerreiKJOt. nnd the lnvited gueats. At his
riebt was F.. J. rbelim. tbe newly nppolnted .Mini-tor to
Great Britaia He ls a baudaome old geutlctnan with
-rav mutton-chop wbiakers. aud ? broad forehead tbat
looka as lf lt were copimisly aupplied wltb bi-ains. IIls
flgure has a tenrtency M be portly, aud the exprcsMon of
bia face aiiprorta tbe reputatlon for popularlty WhMfe
haa Kone abroad sluoe bia appolntment. At bls rl?bt m
?he order uained sat Congr.-ssiuan William Walter
rhelps. Henry C. F.obinsou. Jamcs W. Alexauder, tbe
repreaeuUtive of Priueeton; Dr. D. B. 8t. Joho Roosa.
and the Kev. I>r. Buekley. At tbo chalnnau's left were
piealdent Noah Porter, ll 0 Beainaii. Harvard's son and
epokesmaB; Protessir W. W. Brewer a_d Fredrrtck J.
College entbuaiaam had bardly rolngled wltb the
arcond glaas ol tlaret before tho tuerry songs whu-h have
made ihe feuoea around Yale's cainpus laiuous broke out
Uitosonorous harmony. " Herc'e to good old Ynle' and tbe
?Baa of a Uambouer' were eung with a Jolllty thut could
Joot bovo boeu more oarneat ln the old college days.
Among tboae who Jolned in the siuglng were Sbcnnan
J-varts H. D. Tlftany, Henry T. Bloati, Morrls ML
Jtudloug. Tboraas C Sloane, William E. StUer, Julltis
Catlin, jr., E. D. Worccster, Melrllle C. Day. Theron
paldwin. Dr. F. H. Boeworth. Jaoies fl. Mil'.ard, Ooorge
r. Braln't-rd, FTederick D. Salisbury. Edwnrd F. Brown,
l>r. W. D. Andereon, Dr. 4 C. Peters, W. r, llatch,
Chatlea Benner, Robart Beuuer, E, It. De Hrove. E. A.
B. Man. ML T. Newbold, W. B. Rosa, Dr. E. H. l'ea.sleo.
MannlngC. wella, C. K. BBMMB, Dr. C. E. Beobc, V. K.
Townaend. I. O. Wood.ua, l-rederlck Meado, C. D.
Aabley. D. J. Holden. Dr. Wynkaop, E. O. Ptedman,
Fredcrlc Parker, Howard Mau.tieid, W. B. Whuelcr, E.
U. OBBB-Bh Georgo B. Bouncy, C. H. Kclsey and W. C.
In Wf. Inninjc what be tcrmed - tbe aolemntties of the
?eoaalon," Mr. Plerrepont rcterred to the unoxpected
absenoe of "the wltty, the crllllaut, tbe areompllshed
Cbauncey M. Depew," who bnd been oxpeeted to presida.
The deatb of bls uiother, however, preventod. Mr.
Pepew'a HBM caUed forth repoatod ehecrs. "But few
?w-York uien will spoak to-night." aald Mr. Plerre
jont; "only enougb toshow thc differcnco hctwecn the
oratory of New-York und tbat frue ? diatance. Tbe
toaet whieh you are all waitlug for uie to prououii.a is
that whleh wlahea long year* and healtb too.ir Pre.sideut.
ICbeers.l That I ofler. getill.-iu.-ti, aitb the ardor tbat
couies of warui rievotion ... hlm and to Yalo College-the
healtb of Presldent htWpl"
Preaident Porter rose auibl a storm ot cberrs that
lasted for tlvc tninutes and euded in the '"Roh: 'Itab .'
'Rab!" Hesaid tl.at be had llttle to repo.t about tlie
college. It went on luiu-b as the aun rlses day aiter day.
Yet many iniproveuicuts unght be eeen by th..-.- ?l,t.>
gTaduatcd -ficeu or teu years ago, or more
receutly. But the general theory of educatlon remained
?? luaainiu-b as llfe, brlngs tis to our hourly and .laily
lossons." he added. ??ai.dnever ailo4vs us to BaJ i
preparcd/ aud ls slow. very slow, lu admit
ting excuses, that colh-ge currieulum und
those college arrangeiu. uts are evid.-ntly
the best whieh preparethe man to met-t all lha B b1_BBBMB
of dayto-day llfe, and will not lithim off. I bat is tbe
lougaudtbe abort of our erced, ana BBBleiM B-BBfM
we introduce iuto our atmii'S or uiodes of
preparatlon I boi.3 we sball utuin tb
cordlal and compiebeiiM4\-prin, i].:cs. ln the IM Mra
years of tbe eoiiis.- we BBV* itittoilurcd tno.lerti
laucuases, grratly. I think, to tbe adv.intago of
thc c.uiae, beeause tbe earller tlme is thc bet?
ter certaluly to learn the elementa of tbe
modem langaiRCS. And we have nllowed larger e'.i-.
tlvea?mueb iar?er elcctivea-iu the last two **?*? UMB
waa ever tbe case before. but al! ou the rinid
Iinneiple that a student who l>. gins a BMM?-.
-batever lt may be. par.lcularly in tbe laat
half of the currit-ul.i'u, must oa on with it
ir?in lH'Kiniiini? to eud aud d? suuit-thiug with ii whieh
M worlt. ttiiiUKof." iAppunse.]
ruialonal Partar pald agR>wtag ttibnM .o the s.r\ K- a
of Mr 1'hclj.s aa tbe Keot profesaor ut Mw at Yate. Bo
aaM H bad been cutire.y uu exprl luieiit
at tlrat. but ha,l provod BBura gratifyMff m Ua
resultalhaii anv exp iiiii.in ilici ?t l.ile WBjhla hta
j. ciiilettion. Yale r>till inleude.d to rctaiu him m th.it
proteaaorahln, He paid a I. eiln^ trihuMtoUM memory
it fliarlea ir..ry, tue late Prealdeul of Vulo Aluu.ui
j\UooUtivB, aod eoMdnda.1 hta apeeoa wltb aome cheer
ktM 44ords about the fuiure bC Yale.
lu latrodaatog i.dw..rd J. Ptoetaa, Ou racently ap
______ M.alaMr to B-Kland. Mr. Pierreponl ma.le sotue
f_M>tloua aUaaiona to the trlala thai awalf^l i.u.i ut thc
Coutt of 8t. Jani.s: "Hi- wiil ha4.- Bulton ftoBl
Aueiiea" be sald. " wbo will gl** bliu . oi.-liiti ,..,!.
li,,iit,l.- Hu wlil ttavela.ll.-a who *illcaii up..n blm iu
distr.ss .nd want h:m totiiiuiah iIk.-iii tha maans ??? n
tLru io \iueriea, au.l il Iu- dtH-s not furuisli tt.. in the
-Tt-anstliey w.U writc ItSM to thc aewspapera eorn
_____* of Uim. Ho will llnd inany lasiioa
iii caU upon him Nvho will taOal upon
Vielnc i>re?euu-d to MM Qseea. Th.yttili Unatthatbe
las-ix-ifect ruht ai a'.l i_aes to take tbeia to her draw
lDK-room or aimoat ... her Isjd io..m ,i u.e.l I.e. II? uicii
ttr 1 i waru hiui hawlll have u. hua pleaty ol abaae
beeauaa ho doss not takt- tli.-m M her hrd-rooto,
aml he aaal knoiv wlmt M do; liut
before he bas lieon there loug he will know exattly what
M"' phelpa waagreeted with a loud otiilnirst of l ln Bta.
Hesaid: - I waa told 44hen I ea.iie her??lhi? e4i-.iiii>i,
UroVlileti with au ixccll'-ut ?1? <'Ii, wliKh 1 ha>e. BMDB
tiiuc aifo folKotteii M tbe biJ.tllty ot this ote.isloD. thut I
Bhoiild be exiwtted to adorcsa \ ou upon Ihe sui.j.-t t ot
the connectiou betweui TaM and pohltea. ILaugbter.j
*i'ale ao.ar ?* I untl.istai.i, la not a poUUcal lltatltutlou.
And'if it were, _MN B B*fa*d| tbal 1 ktn.w ol tliat
knowi lesa of polltn-a than 1 do, aud lh.-i(-:..ie,
with regard to tbat lutlmatlon, I hnd myeeli
tbtj iiiuih iu the poaition of that oratoi of 44)10111 u aaa
aald that he co.111; make the BOSl s|nei 1. 011 thc wronK
Bide oi u qiiestloii that he kuew uutl.ing at all ahout of
guvl.odyiu the world. | I_?u?lit?T. J It ta ti 11.1 that . a la
aa li aome sense somethiu. todo with pOUttaa. The
bualness ol Yale Colleiie la to tcaeh meii 10 do their duly
ln 44 ii tU-ver BtaUs of li.e ltpM_MBI '."il M tall them.
IAiii.lause.1 Ai.d tberefore wheu the lik.-hli.liig of po 1
tiia st.ikee them lt ls v. ry BB* to tum out
that the liK'hidm- stnkes ln tbe rtgl.t plaee.
lt c-rtaluly atruck iu thc rit-ht plaee when it sent Mr.
pi.-ri-. p,...t to tnglaud U?aei au exaiui>le that his sne
ceaaois will llnd it hard to follow. [Applause.]
?? lf l bad kuowu that the feiiiule terrorsof
the plaee were ao praat as they l,,.vc
baaa Uepicted this evenn.K I t-crtalnly
ahould ba4e de.elined to have uuythiuu lodownhit.
But u.y frtenda* advice t-ou.ta too I.iite. 11.BOKhter.] 11>>
llifiuiiiiikf atruck .11 the riK.it plaee when il tt?ok tiia elaaa
luale IMr. EvartaJ luto tbe ISei.aleof the Ulilleti Bihtea.
I \ii.ii nisel. I am altoirethcr too good u lleiiiocr.it
toatiiiiit tliat the result of the laat 1'r. mdciitlal i-ic. tion
buahocaimntg Wahara atfll M retoawber, bowerer,
thai ifit bad Kon* tbe other way 44emi>;lit bare BBd tbe
ru;iit I'helps instettd of the wrong 00a?[LaagbMrl
?and he would be iu the j.ositlon thai I
auwaolmparfeetiy oecopy, unit-.s, ladeed, ba had iir.-u
Xmtul thebead of tbe I). pariuieiit of Mitlc to look out
for NOiue o"ber Yale gratiuate to aend over. Parbapa
Ihero la uot mueb to l^s euid ln a DollUoal
Way about Yale College BXOept v,.iy lu.lii,. 11...
Lately I have scen ln the aeaapapera, rroaa grntrf>meB
wiioui I aupiHised to be very alaa,aoualdarable witlcla.n
aooui li.e cuiiliuium. and thc courw, uml ihe proceaa
Ol Yaic UattBR*. It bua heeu my good foitime for tbe
la-t it.ur le-irs to have baaa iutrouuce.i aueeeaalvaly
to lha sciiH.r BMM of thc yeal ln tlie. last half 41 ..!, wh> 11
lha t BM ...Mi arnved wheu you could iie_.ui to an- srei the
nac-ttua arhkh ai?M be tbe olti??te aud nnal it-st ..f ti.e
valse tif auy inatliution of warning?* R'hal ahaUthe
liarvi ?i be .' H ibere la any Inaiitutlon of Maralag aay
vherc 111 this wor.d that ean tiuu out vcar after raal
lWauab yoaag bm aaafaaai anooalry r m YuleCollege
1 do uot know wucre that ii.-tituiioii is.
ILoud BBflMaaa.] Thtt is tha a,a.4,r whl b
_iy ol)?. rvalio.. baa tauicbt uie to l_B-S lo all thls er.li
t-i.in ..r iiroceaaea aud detail. [Applause.]
" Yale Collf-gc haa had ln Ita paal ln -tmy inanv liotioii-il
Oud revered iiaiues umoi.g ii- luBtrucio.a aml
Xi.anagera. The un.tit.ni'nt that ia 4?-Tyillg
Up tlie tiatue* ol ItalUustrioiis tlca.l tboae vhOBO deatli
Waa prtiu.l t?> take- ia ri.lnu Iiikiht and hlgher to Ihe
Btara. [Applause.] But Yale OMMce la nt.l more in
dt-l.tetl lo anj one t.n tlial glnrli.ua llst foi- liu- poBltloil
Vhuh lt oeciipi.-s to-day thai. to one
Wbo by au adui.ii.atriition aa wiae aa lt
has Ihjcii goi.tlc, wlih a OoaTBge us fearleaaaa lt r.,* I111 11
ktndiv ttith a KCholarahlp a. rlpe as it ia broafi. with a
U-at-hli'.g that ta exeellent, wltb B pr.ieul ti.a; is bett'-r
than his tracblng, aud au exaui),!.- thai ls better ihau hia
l.recei.l lsav Yale' ollcnelaiutlnbted to nooiic luaiiinore
Jor tha po.it.oi. that 11 oeoupta* thaa ll ia lo-.lay lo lu
presHieiit, Noah Porler. | ri.iiiultoiis appl.wi"f.)
?? Ju.-t a word alKiut uijsalf. ?s.i.-h a gr,-.cti'i_ njakes a
Waii garruloua. It puta him 111 ilanger of forgetllng
that hlaheal iieh.evemeui ofall oratory?to BtOB
at a _<>(?. plaee. Ai. ?.I1.~11.11 haa iH-en .nu le.
V. BM ai.d the plaee wbleb. most iiii.-x|M-ete.lly und wiih
Uion- iiilagiviiiga than any Baa ben cau eal.inale, I have
Im.i, drawn Into. No 11, ... i.|.i.ieelatea better
tl, ,1, | flti the lllltlled fllthillltU-s of ll.,.t plaee.
>'o man apprcciau.8 better than I do tne
Bi.Iendi.l8iandar.lll.ut bas been natabliabed by those
-vho have boeii my piadeiiaaspra, aud 11..1 leanst by UM
ei.tleiuau who alill r.preSeuU l.a at tlial e.iilt, who
uouors our great .istar inalilulioii us lha honor.
him. Il^.ud applaosei 11.1t B ...aa^who, .aaaa
out it.eeiu.to me w h ibaMibWbiiiI*VoITaMCOUaga.
Wlio gela aucb a a<u..-<.Il as thc l-M BBM KH?
hia. aud aucb u backiug aa they alwuya uil.-K
to 'any oue <>f their uuu.ber. wbo, ebarged
wltb auy duty. baa aet out to try u?
do it may leel encouraged. [Applause.j Wc have iiiuny
Kreat aud naeiul li.stlli.lloiis. 1 be nvalry b?-tweeu Yale
and the other tiollegt a la a geiier-u? aud a mauly rHalry.
There ls nothlng u.ean or paltry aboul it.
BtlU leaa would lt becouie one wh? undertook
lu auy degroe to beoomc tbe repreaeiilatlve
01 this great couutry to be kidrbouud by 1.1a uttetlion
forauy aaetion or auy Inatitutioii. ^cv.?rthelea?, uft.r
i*oogi.i_ng Hnd bouorlug all 01 tbem,
proud of all of tbeu., after try.ng lu a
lumblc wuy to repreaeut tbem all, lf |?t
tlie li.t I abouid ?wear by Yale Coll.gc I Ihii.k tbat oath
ta oue 011 whleh tbe Kecordiug Augel mlgbt drop ateax.
[Applauan.J ? , . ...
After more eomplin.ni.tary allusions to Yale aud the
In.pniug i-jtlueuee sbe wwuld excrolaa U|m,ii him wiian
abrotul, Mr. Pbelpa ooueluded his biMBoeh uud waa loudJy
Mr. Plrrrepont next lntrodneed F. J. Klngbury, wbo
epoke brlefly for " The Corporatlon of Yale. anrt was
followed by Willlaaa WalterYhelpa, to reapond to the
aentlment " Poiltlcal Kconomy ln \ale. __-_?_*____*
aald atooug other things : " Tho real Mr. I'helpa wbo
aita here upon niy rlght hand baa aald that
Yale haa little connectlon wlth politlca. Yet
wo all niust rccognUe tbat Ihe eiinnertlon
whlch ln hla cu-e haa been devoloped bctween thecollogo
and polltica la one which gratlfloa thc, rountry aa well as
Yale College. And lf the llghtnlug of which he 888898
hod atruck ln another place *nd It had been roy 9BBJTI8
_clectaMii.lstertoEn_li.nd, lt would bavo glven tne
inucli pi.iii to l?e. preveuten from roaking the aame aciec
tlon ua thc Senator froai Dclawarc, ou the groiind tliat
tbero ia uo connectlon batwocn politlca and . ale.
?' But I think there la a close.- connectlon thnn Mr.
Phc)psseeiu.-to think. I reiiietntier wh.tn as u young
liian. I ItiHt cntercd lnto polltica, I looked aroiind BM
upou thc other men eugaccu In the autue purault au tl
found that wblle Maaaachuaetts had Wllllauia
and Harvanl; New-York. Ci.luini.i- Mfl 8
whole Honrd of He-ents; Nrn-.lcrsey. Prlnccton nnd
KiiU'cra. uud Connecticut. Trlnity. the speaker M
tbe Ix>gislatura of eaeh of these Stutoa wa-s a graduate or
Yale. Why, Pr.-sideut Havca onco aald tli.it hc 88*88
di.l anrthlUK without lirai lookliu to Yulc. Iu thc nioai
Crltlcal pcriod of hla Adiuiulatrutlon he eon
ault.d cx-l'icsldent Voolaey, be made I-var a
the Premicr of hla Cnblnct, be offercd ta*
KuKiiah Miaaion to Praaldenl Partar, and aa omy
supplui.i.-d Judge Pfcrrepoat ln Et.gland be.tauae
tliowtiincngiivehlmsoiiiuch troublc that hc asked to
be relicvcd. (l.aughtcr.] .__.
"Buch haai.t.-n TBM'a pollttral rooord la paat 7*a**i
and 1 think we may confldentl) aaaerl that her politirui
aiiiilsatiil hl_h In the heavens. Wlth Kyarta BtB8
Bl naie. Whitney ln the, Cabinot und Mr. l'helps aml Mr.
Jaekaoa aaMag our foreinn Mlaleten wa aaay
slill claini that Yale im-n do thelr BBTt 18
tha public llfe of our nation. I Applatisc.J
But HS y.t I havcu't said n.llcl. BBOUt poilllcal cconoi-).
I'm soiry I'rofcsaor Runiner laat ber*. fl hen I tutna oi
bm. I'm cotnpelled lo explaln,
' Keen la the pan* but keener atlll to feal
I nuri*i '.l.e puiion tliat Imnelli-- ibc stcel.
"When l think that whilc I ivas_.resldc.it of thc Hrotlicrs
latfattya nttie wbHa-batrafl fraabaMaaaad ta*MtiM_M
uiyaclf'audall the tuowbera by bls prodlgioua 94 bi.'c-.
und that thla saino little man ia now _ali!? nee
trade profesaor of rolltieol Kconoiny. I eonres*
I utu tlllcd with aaduess. It. howevcr, apeaka
wouderfully well for tbctraining that youuic
men reerlvo at Yale, that aa aoon aa they aro gradiiated
they m .ua?o to diaehui_o from tholr velna all Proft?oi
Samn.r'a rtnomoua polaoa. At tlrat, on cnterlinr aoiive
llfe. uot tliidln- tbc fucts OOBBMtCBt wlth thetheorv. they
aay '88 uiuch the worac for tbe factV But Bftrr ttfteeu
ortwenty yeara they chnnge thelr ldeas nnd HUT aa
niiich Ihe WOfM for theory.' They leave eollexe wlth tlie
dcsite tocoirytng out athcorv whlch ia to Improvetiie
couditioli of the whole world. l.ut latcr llicy come to
think that thelrdutyie lo kecp thelr own romitr.vrt.cn
from atarvlii. iiithcr thuu to put luouey lnto thc pocketa
of forclitnora." _ _-_*__
At tbo comluslon of Mr. l'hclp-'a addresa Boger Koator
roidn hia Edaaa nnd prop-*?- " Thr.-c ebaara for B Hy
Buutner." Hia prapoalUaa waa r*o*l?*d wltb mimnaa
choera an.l hlaaea. Sii. I'ierrepoi.l, rlalng qiii.b.y, ulro
duccd Charlea C. Bcaini.n, who, hc ?aid, would re
Bpoad la the BBBM of Haryard to uil
that had b.-.n said about - uie. WM. IMB
ii.iiii waa noeived wlth 888888 aud made i? wnn
ipaeeb. la rataraaai M tl"' womiI debate betwten
l're-idetit Ellot and Dt. McCoah bofor* thc Niii.-t.ei.tl.
Ontnry ciub. he. sal.l: " l am sorry that tbaaa two _en
tlcincii eiitcict iii a atruggle of thla klntl bwfoie pci-ui.
?iii. w.-ie oniv ipeeutor*. ln tbal navtor wb*r*.taa
.lebate loob place tle re are dlaetUBtoni upon ct-inatTOB,
upon tlivorc. upon rcliirlon. au.i I lo inadil.-r tbc spcak.r
get thc MOre applnuae they rec-ive. 'I he prc-il. i.l
nwht hnveclioaen thelr own h.-iir, rs aml oulctlv Uei.al
ad ibe uueatloB*at laaoa ka Ibairawa clrel**._ Bal >' i
tn bc raflT-tted that they ttitercd lnto this dMcuaalun
before ipectatora wbo Mnrded tbe debate ..- Bm y wotiw
havc recarded a .o. k iirht or u dog-flnt.
.iii.c- 87. Ai.-Mititiet -tpoke in i.. iball oftbe PrLucabMl
Aliiinni, aud other apc-tnea w.re ihm'.<:
rnii.Ai.i.LriiiA, Maieh 20.?-U-Oog kha
tutxU iiJfacMfl al thc I'nucet.,11 Aituuni dlnncf baratw
.i.?rrow alflbl are l>r. McCsh. rroioit Williaiu l'c]?M i.
of tbe Inivci-iiy ol r.-nn-} i v.uiia : SHtintel t'. I'.-ikin-.
i,iesidc.it oi the M8Bl Vale al.i.ncl; and Thoiua- B.
M.t atier. of Bewarfc. Tbe otticrs of the Pblbadclpb .,
uliiti.nl of ri.ntetoii are: lieti.iainiii II. BrawBtar, pi.-.
il.nt; .losiah K. Ailams, 188888988 B88899 1. 9,8888,
A nuinhci of lnvitc.l R-M-flifl Uled tha pai-ora
of Obarlaa P. _a__ratt*i kaaaa i.. i?<- Kalk uvc. BrxaakljrB,
bafl cvei.tni'. when Bll .l.ci-ht. r. Mi-t Mari.- Marratt,
?_- iii.u i ...1 to Hciiy A B.LO-4. Il,,- lootiis u. :.
,lc ,,ial.-,l with plauta aud Bawora, l-M-WbU'l
iraaafbaavj wblM Mtla, made with a loag trala, aad
Bqaare Baraaaja Bahtbad w.th abiabaaBar. Tba mob
veii waa baal bf ataafla kMasaa**, aml aba earrMd a Baa
rpict of nn.a oi-tii. -Miii.-y. BarbrldMBBBlda, ladraaaea
Ot whlte M8fl an.l lacc. were Mis-M.llt Jatnlieall ...nl
Mlss BailBlt. thc l.ritlt-'s slatcr. Wiilin fl, I.. ad
waa tbc be^t man. aud tbe uahers were K. J. 1*1. !? i
an.l BJabarl Adair. A rcc-ution. Itb niualc und refr. al,
niciits. foliow.-d tlu tcrcii,oi:y, wl.l. I. v.u* jm rf..ru..,l bf
tlie K?-V. Mr. Ilri.lgc-.of BM 01*888 Avei.il. l'l(;-l.)tci...i.
Chiin h.
Mi- Bdward Oaaaar. of No. 1_ \Va-hln_ton Pijuarc. oii
lartalBBfl tha 'n.ai-iay B*mb_mj <'.u'. MM *?*__*?
i aare ? ?- moat*, aaal .. aaMbat af Ty.ui.nu a...... -...-r.
rendered lu coatume.
MMaflrarrra gan adlanerpart] t> -????i... gaaata,
Tlie H.i.lc w ., |.r.-ltlll "leckcl aiil. llowera
A lura-e iiiimUer ol fiiali..?ii?l.l* |?e..|.|.- ?n.l.ere<l at Mra.
Arlbnr M Dodg-'a. lu Kaat Tli.rl>-loii U. ?l . lo I ?? jj
rcpetttlon <>r Ibc little play " W. eptl._ Mlvri.
wbicb waa iriven laat Tliiirs.!..v BTaatBfl lor tlu
,f tb. I'ay Niii-.-ry. A iuti-.ic.il profi-MMa ftN
lowed ti.e play. , __.
Mra .1 C. )'? trrs _ave tbe s.-cicl of ln r pMaaanl n.u-i
:h, afternt. t.. a atuall i ompanj ..f .
The reaiiil.i- ainl plano rc II .1 whMb waa to b- ?iv.-t,
on M.r.i 7 lat* be _ivcn Inateatl on Ihe lltb, I .?'? I x1 ?
da\- in th- BrooklyB An rooma. Tbaentert..uenl haa
i-. ', ;riaii < i i.v aereral pronilaenl Brooklyn
i,ii,,,i,. tt..... Mia. Kis-am au.i Mra, .t-ni.-. aad taa aro
re for tbe ctdort-l aeboolB at IlamptoB li.-' Brat
d.iie ui wa- Aprll B, but it w_s ebaaged t,. the ,th. and
now il..-i.ti, ii :b. datc.lctliiiteiy ac!. Mlaa Otla,
l'oltei and Mr. llofluuii Bl. 10 r.-mli r lb* l'io_i.i.iiuie.
The aiiiinal bmbb-BI "i tba r.iooi.iM. Ubaarj aaa
baU in I'"' build ug. ut No. 189 Moutagii.-st . Ih-i
aaaabBj. ?/. A. WhBa pnalaW. Tba nbmH ai Iraa
surer Blorgan t-l,..w* <i rcccipU ol t^S.BOB, aad
a_0B_Bi_M_r9a oi |sb__*-SB. PraaHaat WhBa reod tha
aaaaal ftport lt n i.-ncl t?* tba 89941 el Labnrtaa
% ii. n,.\... aad Um aeed >.l _e-9___og an atanol
amiaral *-tdlHj u> aaMaaad blaa, Tba aaMbat ..i
?etaben now is S.340. aad tba _44_Moea to tba a ih
aar ot boaka w.-.c. :i,7:n ba tba year. Baaking a total
ol Kl,*5"s-i ut Ihe pic...-iit .uu t. ln 1884, 100,B4_
voIhtii. s aara abn t.lat.nl, aad .r*.">.<MHi booka wan e a
Hiilted. Au uirangeiiieiit i? bem_ made ly wln.h the
te.i.i.iira and adraa-cd papila ia tba pabUa lebaoaa aaa
have the n-i ul the libiary.
A porlrait ol S. II. < httl< lulcn. pa'.nted by I.. ttnan
.Io!in-oii, W*i |.:.--eiil.-il to tba liluarv l.v .lane- 11.
Protbiagbaia ln babalf of a aombar of tbe dlreotora
Addi--**a wm-i bmmIc i..\ Malviiia Dawar, ot tbe
ColuoblB Collcge I-il.raiy. and the B*T. Dr. C. II.
Ilall, ol lloly Trlnity Baaa "t*.tl Cburcb.
A collection of eii;lity-niiie oil pafa-foga,
Wiitt-l t-oloiH at.d diaWlBB*, beloiigli.K M Klcbaid B.
Hames, wi rc sold nt I_-avitt'a aalesrooina laat niglil.
(?li paiuUngi were la tbe __aJortty aad laeladed tbe
worka ol l?.th forelgn nmi Amt rteaa iiriiita. Oa* wblt li
c-ili.-.l for ll.e ?reale?t coiiipetitiou was " A PoMPellaO
GHrl Fci-dl.ig her i'ela,' for wbleb an Am.-rit an lu.iy
llvlncln Parla waa aahltabava peaed ln K. ll. Kani
liieiei- f-til.1l... It was al.ii'c.l Bl 9100 but tlll- pllc
waa rapidiv awalied to 8630. "Ihe l hou_iif.ii f-ardl
..ul " by A." Tanib.ii lna. of Botue, brouahl fl'_55 ; " I. .. n
iir-tlie Konil.." bv A. I'abres, I'.oiuc, *lli(); - A Buaal .11
Utttoer Takma a Bmoke," by Detallle puinte.i Inoautp
Wblle tbe artlst waa servlii. 111 Ihe Kraneo-I'i.
war, 91751" Tb* Piia* BnlL" br Buaa Bonbaar, 8145,
aml" P*a and Uisl'uuiily," by Iii .MouUi Cap.., Bl
Kliihoiitte i?if|iar;iti..in iue beiiiK inaile hy
Jaitiea C. Uud for tbc bilel it-\n;il of "IMiainre" WbMbll
to takc place ut Bm Bu_M_trd Ibaatra. Tba aa aar} aad
eostumes ara al. to Ikj new. Mr. DaB BaM j.al.nlay:
" I an. ruther InletcKted ln tlni c_it.-ii.ii.itt. ' I'lna
foro' l.aa now had a r.-t of ii'.irly foiir ). im, B/B4B
tbe orlglnal rnnaaderBay nunagemcBl natod ao one
riiuiti aare baaa more h.-artiiy ? PlBafon ?'
ai. k than ni)M-lf. y.t to-tlt.y I llnd My
acif .io yli.ir ihe rahaaraala wltb all BM _**l <>f n..\
elty, ati'.i'i f< cl reiiifoicii in m\ optalon Ibal BolBraa
baa ae??r alace wrlttaa eacb Mneie M> ca-t \..n be
execptiolially Btn)B8> I'.iel.anl Man- il.-ld BJ Sir /awrpA
hus uil Ihe _r.ee aml couitly e.i-e o-.-iitlal L- IBe Bart
ll, na- uii-.cii playod lt or*'300tline*. Mlaa -t J..in.
i, uk.-- a cbaiiii.il/ Jo4epkine,and aii<_- Barnel playi-d
llult' mip dlli iitl! t be origlli.il mli ln Loltdou. Hllbcl
li cxccll,nl a- Fulph."
BoBTOBi Murch '2C> {Speri<il).?'['hr (h'r*on ol
the Board of Overaeera of Hirvaid C9tl889 "iat
"the rei|iilriineut" of 88888 for B8B9BMM8
to the licsliiiiaii clu-s " al.nll rc.ualn the aame
aa liithcil... untll abaaflafl uy tbe ci
aaatafl tbM BaanU" dixta nol n.,-,.n an aba.duto vote
airuinst tb.- actlon of the H.i.vaid I'aeiilty. It BMBB8
that tb.4 888988 waa nol dcciaive, aud tliat
tbe whole uiutter B88BI tu ulr untll the
(ivcratMtra aee flt to inuko a deelsioD. The Overaeera do
slre to atop uny actlon of preparatory achooli towanl
chaiigiug llicirclrrk'iiluiu, lt ba\ lug beeu alr.-a.ly re
jmrtt .1 th.it two achools weio ubaul to lnatltuto
eaaaaaa bb aeaaaal of dMdaaleiaa af the Bartarfl
1 ,i, uny. Tbo faet ia. there ia a .lisputo nt Harvanl ??
Ul ib.- relativc MWOM of Ibc lloarU ol overaoera uii.l lb<
Fai-uliy. Tho uieuibera of tho Intier btaly
-808*8*8 they poaacaaed thc aolc power
of fratiiliiK th?. adinlaaiou n -i ni < un-nt tba OOtlfleatlon
to other bodiea bcing mcrely a:t aet of eourieay. I in
QlBIBlMB. bowover, state cuipliBtioailv thut the Faculty
hai not the power to tako auoh actlon ua
Uaa heen credit.d to lt. thc KarullV hcln_
acreuture oftbe Board aud havln_ 88 998888 88988* _*
inake B changw of reijuirciuciiia. If tha FiM-ulty acaa Hl
to do.ibttl.la queatlun of rl_hta and jirivilegea Ihe uiattcr
may be r?ferr-.l to the court.
Camkl-ship.?Toiiiiiiv Atkins (lo mate, who
had bn.ii tol.l oftto UM aame refractoiy aii'tnan : " On,
lo?k brr.-. B1U, b< r.i'" thla eaaaed beaat nn- be. n ulaylna
?i-upamib.iir w.fh mof-rtbe laat Iwa kanraI Blaaad
_M .-.fi M ...any tl.u'-a 1 " (Vldc apeciul c01rrtpo.1d.-B04:
fr*.U the. .'-cil.luu). [.Puucli.
[fbom tue iit:_ULAii coi_tr_i,o!?Dr.5T o* thb thibckb.J
London. March 11.
Lord Oranvillo's epeech on Friday laat ln tho
Iloitse of Lordi, and tho letter whieh Lord Edmond
Kitzmaurice read in the Houso of Commons, con
tain all that ho secms disposed to pnl.lish bf ~^y ot
answer to Prince Hismarck. People who do not
liko Lord (Jranvillo or Englind, talk ahont his
? apology ? to the flerman C'hancellor. The Frcnrh
prcss is'in hysterics. The non-ofllical paners at
Herlin chooso t? descrihe tho si>ecch as not only au
apology but a buuihle apology. Put as Princo
Hisniarck's orifans are silont, the opinions of tho
othors signily littlc. There is 888303 to 3303*3 that
('..nnt H.-rliert Hismarck left London with tho
boiiof thut all eaaaaa of aarlaoa Briaaa-aBdaadlaa
lietwcen Englnuil and Oermauy were removed. It
is not his fault if news of tho snpposed insult to tho
Hritish flag at 488338 Rny arrire-d next iiiorniuif.'
The point whieh Kuropean tliploniatlsts wore most
aonoaa about was tho Hcrlin dispatch of
May 5, in whieh Princo Hismarck ottr-rcd
le further KnRland's;intereata in E?pt if En?lnnd
would show herself friendly toward tho colonial
policv f,of Gerinany. It was upon tho allctfod rejee
tion of these ovcrtures by EafjBBd that Ueruianv
throw herself into the iiruis of Krance, and Prince
Hisniarck's attack loses its 88800 lf tt_ebae- la
taken from it. Lord (iranvlllo makes it clear thut
henever saw the dispatch. It wns B-dreaaed 88
Couiit Muiister. It was to bo eomnianicated by hiui
to tho ______ fOcaajB fiecretary. Hnt it 80*08 was
coruuiiinicat.:d .? him. Lord (..ranyille'a lun?naifc
is uxplicit. " 1 novcrrooeived, nor had I uutillately,
ony kaowlodgoef Princo Hisniarck's dispatch of
May ,V It now remains for Count Muiister to say
why ho fcapt it baek. Loid Granvillo ovi.'cntly does
not Mieve It waa meant to bo handcl or r.-.-nl t<>
him. He apaoka adM-Bodatpoteh whleh opaeoea
to ha?a been seeret, and to have dcalt Reucraliy
with tho political sitnalion for tlie guidance of
Oeaai Haaetec. Moro than that. Wl. Ihe
Qanaaa daibaaaaaaraadCooal Harbart Hismarck,
thaa Beeratar* to tho Qanaao Eaibaaay, in Lon.ion,
told Lord l.ranvillo that the (icrinan Covernnu-nl
eoald not ba friendly ahont Etfypt if .England w.re
BB?rien.lly on colonial iiucslintis, I.ord (iianvtlio
irave to eaeh of them 8880-80088 with whieh . i, !i
oxpres-od hiniself BBtleBed. Prim??? Hisinaick now
sais ihey were ni>t explirit enonizh. Hut he, who
is all lor oral latuiUBI_B8> 800 hardly go boeh 8
ye.-ll tO t'.is.'.vow his O'ttti BBBBtfl I OBOaf Ih?'lil 1ns
own son.
Tbsothar eblrflopk af dlapatabatarasa tiie two
'? eolleeajaea" wbo look aftw tbaforoifaaialniaf
Qanaaay nnd Eaflaad is whetber Priaea Dbaaareh
did <>r did not ndvisc Eaglaad to take E_ypt Lord
Qraarilla aaakaa it elaartbal bedid, Aaaauaarj
of I.ord Cranvilie's BBBWar SB tbe wholc ,
nriiiiimt?, llaanfma. Ib Ibla lie aMOta tbaoeeaai
ti..n baead aa tbe dlapateb ef May B, with a <1> aial
that be bad "any baealadgn" ef tbat dlapateb,
ll,- aaa. M Pttaee IH? rah'a ilanlal tbal baadaiaad
Eaglaad to t.ike E_ppl wi,h preof Ibal ba pablk iy
evareaaed th.- ..piiii.'ti bba ooahl te t:?k?- it. Ba
deeiiaaa ta f..ll..w his eollaofBe'a oiaaiple iadie>
enssing befor*. a public iissctuhly points of pnvatc
difleraeee betwaea thaa Ifl i ilbaeoadocl
of dialomatk baBlaeaa Ptaaliy, ba aBpraaeeabia
i.< lief that it is f..t tba itii.-r.-st ..f Barope tbal there
aboald ba a eood aadarataadiag betwaea Oarauuiy
aad r.tiL'hi: ?!. as iictw.-en atbei pool Powera it
latm I.-- ? pt.--s.-s bieragret thai al il he aaJd
Bbeol tZBYft sl.,in*.1 have iriv.-i, aniiiivatic" t.. Prlaee
Bieeaarek Bal IbatMwhal ia axpoeted hera fren
aay obmi ln poblfe oa prt?ate atotloo wboaa
leaajaagehaa p4**a a_eaea ... aaotharwUahwaa
nnt liiteinl.-.l.
I i.fii.-ve it will tnru ?ut tl.at thaaa diepatea
betwaea Priaea DBmaii- an.i Lerd Oraarilla ara
hot tbe preloda to a Iramt aad batter aadat taad*
itiK betweae Eoglaad aad Gerawajr, aad tbal tins i?
pn-. i-t-iy 44 bat Priaea Bioaaarel lataaded. Hi.
t .?|,|. t, r,.-s with I- ratiee were nnt likcly iti anv (???' t>.
ripoa ii.i" a laetlag alliaaee wltb thai eaprieMaa
power. 'I I..-1 bad an i.i...-et wbleb has beeeaecoai
phebed. nnd Praeee is iu a poeitiaa wbleb atakefl a
dleea*?aoea bjrheeef bba peeaael BMeapaallb?i
ioipoMit.le. The finrstlf.n f?f ...e h.M.r M ?BO K_r|?i.
but ('.-titr.il A-i.i It 888BM 88 B8 ui.-leisl.-.. 1 that
sojii.'ii >w oi uil.'T a ratii,. at'oti l>> Parliatn-ri "'
th.- ne-.v And i-rr.-n. h agroa aaal -for tbal U a b.'
a i.. tbeega an iataraatloeal aeafrol i? <.iiaad
la it?will bomm?oa he i. Pra. \%, 11 11. ? ? i.
bare loM h.-r aaly plaaeible pretesl f?r a*kia|
Hiui- Iiate tioablo, and Will liave eti.i.igh "li h.-r
baoda la Cbiaa toaeepbef ?j.... t ,.t he_M, Hut
Ba - . i "Mi.-s t.? >ii?' iri.nt us Praoea r> nres. aad Ihe
rolatiooi betwaea Baaa! a aad Eaglaad areaaatlara
vfdeep cfin.. tn to Prloea BMauoak, boeaaaotha
iiivhIm- tbe peace f.f Baraea
That Prince Hismarck knew wlnt 9TBB prapariag
mi theeoaflaeaol afgbaoietaa atajr, I thia?, be
taken f..r paaied. I bal ba laeaaaaed ta anv peltej
aawbase whleb thraataaa a Bareoeoa wai la
eartata. Thai ba is la a peeitloa to preee ins ,ni4 Iaa
aa I.'iiasia v?ith aa ladaeaeeal tbe moti aatberita
tivekiini eaa be oiaooted ooljr bjrtboee wbo'.looh
BBoetbatnpic alliaaee a. apartasrahlp betwaea
i*ii4ti rs of eqaal ferea BMatiageo eqaal lanaai
Wbleb is not thc lliir.it.. an 4 icv. All tbat was
wiintinif to aaable Pnaea Bieaurel todietata a
.le, laioa waa tbe reetoratioa <>\ good relloaabipwitli
Enalaad. Tbal ba basbreagbi ai".flt la hia oara
4?.i4. aad i. is certaiii that the Bral aaa be inads of
tha new IriaadaUp waa te ir> ... beilitata aa
arraagaaaeal wn'i raapeet lo tbe Affbaa frootier.
t t.iii,-, lii-ii,, it Bleaieitil did bo| Iaa** Loadea aatii
be had bad before I.ord (.ranvillo.liis latln-r'.s 4 laWB
on tins Bahjeei
It is true thi.t peace do.-s not follow ut 8080, BBd
that tha iietv... this Moraiae. is tbreatOBlof. Ihi
Irbm belieree tba nsk of a eolUatoa betwaea
Coloaal Alikbaool aod tha Afgbaaa, if aet arita tba
foreee ef Bir P.-t.-r Lbbbmlon. tauaioeat. Hussia.it
is eodoratood, has n-ftisi-.l lha hi.es. prepoeahi of
Ihe Pdl'IisIi (iovcrtiin'tit. aad their troops, ioatead
ni 1.1 rio| froM ZnlMkar, have ad*aae*d. sn Petet
l.iiiiiN.I.-n has rei.'ivefl ord'-rs from l.on.lf.n lo
detead Afghaoiatao. I bate i? aarieaa app*ahaoal*B
that Bnaaiaaiay Moaatoaelaa Betal bf bmBjiaV
bmda, 'J io-Minist.-iM ut ^\ tu arelaeoaaeil wltb the
Poreiso Beeratary? Tbe leadara ef the Oppoeilioe
have beaa takea loto tbi aooaaaaet <>i tha Uablaet.
I'.very i.etn ef BltellifeBM in lo-.la.v's pap.-ts poioM
to BB eatbraak Of hostiliti.-a Ncverthidess, il it hc
tiin- tbot Prince. Hiain.-iick doairrs peace, as ovcry
dipl.'iii.itist tn Barope balioeaa, evea tba?llbaatar*
log Moh. ovi.o Coloaela, ae one wrtter aalla then,
4viii iiave tf. i.olfi their handa TheHbmIbb aew*
papi 11 nt. allowed to threatea, bal it ia parfaetlj
itinle. stoo.i tbal ilie itiishian tn wspip.-i-areaaera
iiistiinii.-nt-of Boaalafl diploMMij Baaebi will bjbI
what abe eaa, whetber bj aeiaara or bj iwaagar.
Bal ahehaaHdeaaaaretead tl ? Olodateoe MiaMtry
?sinaii i.i.iiue te her lf ahe baa, If,de0iara easaM
to have. b.-eti coli4 itn e.l tli:it :i Calniiet W?Mh km w
not itsoivii iiiinti uiu.iit i.i.'spt aoaldhelaeaeebia
of an .-ii'-iKetic (lcci-.ii.il iii |(Vntral Asiu. Very
likely Prince Hismarck w;is ..! tln- aatno opinion.
liu-. have beaa aadaeeirad. They f od Mr. Oiad*
st.itic im ..ti. i-tn .i.-a.i aoraaal ao a pool tatelga
ijtiestioti, and B iriavn crists. Tbajt know w.-ll tlial
ln- has bohlad hitn a iiint. .1 Nation. St. Peteislnira
inav irive wity lel.iat?ntl.v, l.nt civo w a.v hh>' must,
if Her.in says st?. aml thc convi.tion of tbe t.eriuau
l-'.nvoy wiu. l.-lt l.t.iiiluii ou Moadaj is not lik.-ly ta ba
aiatnrbad ou his laad la Barlla, araa by tulings
\vlift li have ;i nn-liacinx t?li?: llke thoso of to-day.
('..nnt ll.-rbert Hismtr. k, who haa heen the 8330
af this lunt aaaaada, was laag r.-siiient la Loadea, aa
Beoretary lotheOaaaaM laiaaaajr. Ihw PraaahMB
have baaa ?i> popular in l.nulatiil, or pcrhaps I
ibflBld suy in Euxli.h s.x-i.-ty. llo was a wull
haaafl liKi.ro iu Kotten How, at Mayfair aud
l'ol_iavia iliiiner-tal.les, at the smart parties ol the
scasoii, an.i in country lionses. Celehrity of that
aott lius its valne iu the diplomatlc world. where,
ilcspiae it as wc may. tho Rifts whieh inako their
way are BB8f?I i-'i'ts prc-eniinontly. Tho case in
IKiint ahows how much thoy uro worth. Couiit
lleii.eii Hismarck has the ollieial ttaitnim, u?
(lonht, whieh every Eiiropean diplomati.t must
have; for it is ouly in America that diplouiatists
KpritiK full Kiowii into public life, and reytiiro no
eilucatiou for their deltcate and diflieult dutu-s.
He haa moreover, the advanluite ol bciug his
father's son. It is doubtful whetber both these
advantages would have pointed him oat aa the
proper peraon to accompllsh the ta.sk in whleh, as
the Oerman Chancellor bluntly puts it, Count
Munster, the Gnrman Ambaassdor, had failed. So,
if Count Herbert was sent here at thls moinent, lt
was becanso he had lived here long enough to know
howtodeal with tho English; because he knows
Lord Granville personally, and knew 8333}bod*
who was likcly to have intluence with Lord Gran
Tille. It is not qulto certaln that ho was sent.
There Is a plausible theory that the Initiativo waa
not taken iu Herlin, hut in London; that tho sug
gestlon came from Lansilowno Houae, and not from
tho Wilhcmatraaee. If Lord Rosebery really
lnvitcd Couut Herbert, the inyltation was a cbarae
teristlc pieee of taet aud readiness to soe the point
of the situation. In any caso, tho Prussian came to
Knglund as the guest of tho personal friend of the
Primo Minister. It was not likcly he would go
away leaving niatters worae than he found thotn.
nor has he done so. Hc bas left them so miieh
better that tho rolations of Gcnuauy and England
are to-day of the most cord.al kind, and Couut
Herbert Hismarck is a considerably greater man
than ho was at the beginuing of last week.
0. W. 8.
iifUNri) out?i.o:s f75,000.
FnUBOB were iliscovcrcil hooii uftcr ini.lnight
thls mornlng on tho third Moor of the slx
?tory doiibb) hulhlluc Nos. ?>?> and 6* Duane
st. A second alanu was followed by a thtrd,
whieh broughr, beihlo the extra enginea,
the water tower from Cliaruber and Can
tra it. The flrn passod through the
MMrvaa?aj leaa ?nd ajaMMy gained ihe roofs.
The flrat Hoor lioro the Urui slgu of W. II. l'arsons _
('?>., |.ii,.-r dealers, aud also "ToLct." The .ccoud and
thlrd floors were oceupied by tho Nutlooal Riatik
Iiook (,'ompany. Aiuotig the other occupauts of the
buKdlng were John K. Dleiner, tuctul-eud docuiuent-box
dealraBj .4ti<l Iload _ Oraff. prlntcrs and lltho?raphera.
F.rciueii on the roof. of adjolning bulld
iiiks drnsKed up sevcral llne. of hosc BBd ti.e
wat.-r tower was sout. .tarted, but tha volutuo of water
frotn tho top and front for a long tlme
..cmed to bare no effect on the finmes, whleh
iu a ?h,,rt tlme traversed the IciiiMh <*f tho bulldlnc and
btvke tkroOfh tho Uaa shull.r. ln Mui.hallau-plaee.
Thc whi.le u|.|>er part of tho structuro n-in',1
,'ie- l.iiruliig iu..-. at 1 o'elock, uud tbere
was daarni that thc irou front waald (BlL
Hut the tlrcmen, by tuo.iiis ,,f the 44i.ter t.iwer In frout,
h . f: ..ni th.- roofa of ihe hou.es oi. eitliti ikle, aada
i,i,-i- plaj Ina apoa ti.e r.-i.r or Um tiuriiinic baUaiog from
a h.i.ise i.li tln- oppii-lie snle ,,| Mulili.ill.iii-I.li.ee ilttlui;ed
th, liuniluif structurc uml by 1:30 tbe waal?B 8__?I BTB
ei.tiiiH'ii tliat tiie- tiie aaa uuder eontroL But tba tnree
upp. i floiiis 44,-k iii, ii i ii:n|iletcly (Otted, ihe _M_BM
an tln- baUdtaa 4vi:l probably bumhibI Vj *_'.".,o.io..ih,i tlie
Block nf .lobti r. I'leiner, and' lloo.l .V tlraaf
?... eatlrel) deetroyod. rketi aae_B_Md los.s is e.ti
ii,.-. 1 at 130,000,
T.it caiisr of tho llre was not learned.
Tha amiilujaa of il..a.l tt Graafs prlnt
lag aod llloographlo eaMbllahmaut, ln whleh tha
BaBMa i.il<iiiiiti il, ..rn iu Ihe bat.it of w,,rkiu_ late.
aml Ii i. Bara_aai tbat one nf thaaa belated
woikiueu may have been rc.poi.slhl.t for tho _Nb
/or o'her Fxrtt Oa BMMd BBpa
bm arira ooar*_aiB8 ni.u ? pbtbioi-B'b r_s>
A roiddre-aaod woaaaa dreaaed in BKRjrnlBg
i ? ea D _rj ..' tka JeBeraee KarkM ?
. ,1 irt >??-'? nl.j fnr a 4. ai i .u,t for tbe arrciL f.f a well
kaowi pbyaV Ma nf tln- sBy, 44 im, nhe a-flgafl, Bai ajrvaa
? .1,1 i.u.li.iud. 44h.> h.nlilliil netntly. t-he tnlil
that BM hatl lieeii s.-nt tn l.lm 1.) ? m mier
Ketiiie.iy. jiMiic-1>i-n> aaM Bmi ha m ?' I...' aaaatfea
w.rn.t.t iintll the l..l> BBi Bee* BBkBBMdi aadttwai
fniiuti B...i paMoa aaal baaa aaaala?8an -i. ATanMnra
lapnrtat aaHai ea CBtaaM KeaaedyUal fllflbl at i.u
1 I ir.ii-r s.ild:
"The waMaa, whe w.i* Mr- Jaha i:.)Ker.,of Ba 18
Oaaiaffaaai st., aaaM t.. bm mi We_Beea_r with her t.4.>
daotbMra, aad MM bm ttttt ttt baabaad l.ad i>.-. a
uoMnaal i.> iui daaMr. >Ba s.n.1 __l her haaaaai bai
l.i-eli rtlik f'.i s.it.ie tltiitt 4.1th piii-iiii.i.lila. and tbat the
,i. i,. i (_; 4. ii i,er a araa Bp-ee, ahMh aaafat up
at ii..-iinu Moraal Oaaretaear aai Bearee ata Tbo
?eiltlBT ? iu Bw f**? ?* twe eaadl wkRa powOera
? ? i. in whttc tin.iie paper, n ral.? i>"i
. ,-. n ?]??? nt ruti-r t.ii.eii afterward
..!,.-,,' tt,- |M,vt.ters wiu. ctvaa.bel aoaa?bbt ba.1 bar
I I ,'?eli tln- \4 lt. r tliitll he 44i nt l(ll<> enayi.li.IOU.
.tt.-iwar.l tllrtl. Hi. i"'l/ .BtelMd ?ari
- B_-dat Uta-MMM-. I Mk?1 li?r ?b.l
truaa ?... l.vl U bellara n.-.i iaa u?__?u. u~? a
|M.|..,.,I r.n* .n.weirl lha. wlieu ouxil It-r t..i.irtir?ra
44. nt t(. th? (tnui ?t,.re v ith ti.?? i rraonptlon ihe dragalsl
Uerwhowai la got IBa powdara, aad ahea ahe
t,,1,1 blm tbey arerefor ber fjther.be lafci,'Tau Ml
or.it>dB.ueroUJ medlcloo.' After In-r buaband dled.
,y. thai t :.? .I.,.-...,-. ..v ti.:i bc aawtbei.Illlonol
? , Hi. Mui.it 1.- und looh frmii It th
i.tl.t-l |...t.,ler. -ivliik- Hut It 44 i- -lii-Mil.lth.lt
_.-,,. i,.?i i , ; ?,., k< ? .i ,- , . of tb. i-i m. rlptloB finiii ihe
-t but tbal he had r.-fn?.l !?? :' tt withnut tb.i
iiiictt,. - ? ... r i i.-u.i barwby.be dkta't e>?ipl?la
h.-i bu.lNiud waa buiSad, and .ba ?Udtbataba
i_oIaiB.-u.bul sh.t fii.it, t kaowwaara to ao to.
,. ., | ?,,,,;?-.,- tha .-...,- tn tue ln-tn. t Att-iini),
aii-i ir h. ,iin-,-t, ,i ma la exhuma ihe b. dj, I ? ?Jld do io,
bui ti. .t i must have .....re preef thaa -i"' aad jlrea ba
? ,n 1 would do..i in, I.44U r.-?|.'tisi'jlitrv. a? tt aould
put tb. ia ? m- aaa ol.il aftoo. ?be wenl
? iMsiiiti kitwruoy to-day. and ba told har to ao M
.i i u.ii-i- maglatraU. n\u ans.-.l nu u> whom n> _?. aml 1
, i ?_..-.--..-.1 .lusti.e imflv. Hba ea_Mbaek te-Blg-t803
lu.lsta.lu..bavlBB the bodjr Bxbuuwd."
I..1.II lt,,K..|? w..s .. p.i lie- in ..li '.r the >.-40litb l*lcelnot.
He bad beaa oa tha foraaaboai aiitaea yaaMaadwaa
tifv 4.-...S ..i.i Heaade rapatatlaa aiaoaabiaaelKb
bor. r.-r -iic-es.'uiiv traaUas ? rrslpeMa, tbe preeentl.ou
r,i wiit, ii ba baa n fuaed M laaaa iaowu, tia..?h ui.uiy
niiralelanabaretrtad toaatltfrooi him. Ilewaataken
\[ ,,,-:, 1 i, iiie-l on iii... laat, aod w,_ latrMd ob
Huu.laj li- ilru?t.t. wben aake?l b. tba raportei foi
acpyofibf preacrlptlon, refnaed t.-_,iv. u Ba -'bl
?i 44iii i.n. uu. you. if >(>,. brtaa an order from tbe
,i,? t,,i wiit-n I put ii up l lookad in Ihedlap. aaatorj an l
fouud tbal n --a-. bo Btnmaor tban tba ?troiute.
autborlted .1?......I aa u ?.a rrom an auUwrlxed
pbyalclaa, l bad au beallalloB la luimffuiiaaiaa it.
A physti l.m s.ild to BM | ? st<-i.lay 1 "I'lieuinol.la BBd tbi
exeiciseal skatlii_-.il.'?????."? BMB8 llBBai to_elher, us
yaa da_btMaa BavaaotMed, Tbere B mbm l.in. M lt. l
aaal M -i ikatlaa rmk a aarfcl ?.r tw.. aaa t.. auka obaar
4,1(1.ui- 1 ::.ie hatl se4.l.il sell.Mlsei.es ..f bnd clllll.
aad eoMa, aad aaa terMai ea.I paiaweala, traeeable
,1.ilj I., ikaUaa rinks. I tl.it.- I fmiml ?**** the fault
la i.o.i aaa aaa_aM a raaaaly. B_aa Bm BaB riagi M daee
?,.. aft.-i aa artonMOB m Bvaalag'i apart, avarybody
mak. i ? iparl a. U (or daar Uie, M aM UM lert Ml al i ?
j,,4l..e..t..UK.f Hl-. -XfieltC IB* le-.tltls thc B_B8M U
all m b aaal aaea i ? 3M_aa i M MJH ef im abaMa aad
g?outlaMtkaeaMMr. tolee aaay eaaaa b*b1I1 f..i
Uiwa tii.it oalj Um BtraafaM ?'"J ""'*,t nttttma eonatl
,,,,??, e..u!.i thinw .,!!. II MeaaaM netkeraakoald be
144,.ai....ns Me .i.,s,.._, mm iiv.- uiiuiites betera ti.e
Other uml ap..sltl4c rule that withln that tlui?.Ba
ahoold b. allowad t- _?M rap alj Bkaten aaaM sooa
i,,,,,,,,,. adaeaMd M MgaH UiM Bv* HtaeMe
MaaealtbpraeaatlaB aad BarealdealollllaaM waald be
.lN?i,l,-,l. aml oue of the BVtM of the prevullla. eraze
tibvla.i-.l "
i ui.fieis.audth.it Bfraal *?**! "0* Made M Mdaee
Bamuelllo-Mr,t-amiUloanaIr.paa* BUaaoaaae M
Mi.ntai....... lake th- Ooraraoraklp al tkal T.-rritory u.
plac-?f 11. i*...it < arpci.t. r, of New-Yorl, whi.in It ls
uaderatood Um Praaldeal laMaia aeea t.. ra
,,,.,4.-. Mr. llouser Is B MaM BBO BBB-mmtaa
SrtMMi _S uSSynr^Ud0-. S5l JSSImTJo -Iw.'Sg
i , i, ,- 1. . ,-itl ? s I.-." '" aUoa his.t.. ue
Sioned! __?^?SaMBa?taali B iaBI "ow to be Um
i uming ni.ui.
TalUlut, about the stidde.Kle.th M laaBBel** Th.,nie.
tka etker day.a KaataakMa aaa i " Hl? n-nn.rkai.ie haa
,,,,,,-k aa know wi.-n oealk aeUai tb...... i re
,,?,?!?., tho BBM o. Jii.l_e kVOMfd. tt Ut*
vill.-, 441... waa .-..uitbt n.u.*h l?-e Tborne. llo
wa. ?tO-B-M BJ the l.imk. ?to?ta*Md!^ 7/2
? twlMMM i.n -i.i.-tiu.r Bearlj haat '?'''',";" lllk1 "
.1. H.1.I...VS.' H, aad, -order ....? a ... .MM. i f.k. i
?ball be b dead ...... Ib an bour. ? '' .;'-,;' ,?;,,,| ,,,*",
derful nenre aad laU-poaaeaalon. Rhen Iu ? ? "' ,r,1 "?
BIIM1, JiUI lliuni . .i ? ,i , i i i ? *??.*?*._ I.clli., ttlnli*
niiiluiti .?.-. kuowall .M my . ??".'?? ''**' ll'":
-ih.-ii ba aal doaa aod loM bar uli akaal bl. tuou4> mat
Mrs, klaaad btr uml %vas _m?>
< .;?. af the BBalaiiil Baaa* i a?ai board sald ef a *aad
MB wai .lurliiK thls chat. Ti.e flflOM of a eerUlu
w. attby ii.au, who .iie.i a ibart Uaa ao*. **? ???l,,"__
- ||, 4v,is ii iiuaii man," sald iinothei. IK wa. un s ..
ofhiispiti.iitv." suui Um Irea. "jfc^ygLfr *&_-.
p,v, B Uiiiner to a uia.i who noedexl ouo, .ald tho
D. C Sh.-ppard. of 83 Taul. Mlon.. who wa. one ..I tka
BBBBaatMa af Tha iBaaikm raeBB BBiMh m* um
there were accom|.ll.he.l BB tbat IMetka ?**??pM
r..-i._,ir i.tlroad oustrurtioi. ever kno.vu ln ni.torr.
B_Ur^buUd_?a1 tbe pre-cnt BBM l. ABlMf U?.u.t
haa beaa kaowa to be lu many yaan.
TltVBTIft-Bi HmM* March _<i [8M4tW.-M\
bollcrlna sawinlll localad at Plueyllle, burat l-B ufter
uoon, tbrowluK a man nnmod ltuland thr<.ii.b a beayy
oak cellltur und K.iiasblnif bls ......>' alu.-.-i to a J.-li>.
aeveral other .-.npioye. b..d Mat jaa* away tromtk*
I,.,. Ui room lo do ?ouie ouUloor work whaa tbe cxpiosiou
Valktta, Febrnary 20.
The crowning event, socially and faahionably
spoaking, of the MalU Carnival ia tbe fancy dress
ball annually given at the Palace. There are about
160,000 inhabitanta of the Malteae Islands, includ
In _r tbe English army and navy contingent, and
l,:i_7 of that 100,000 had been mvited to the ball
ontheevoning of Momlay, the l.th inatant; aad
955 wore present, fully DOO being iu fauoy dress.
So bnlliaut aud .uccesaful a ball had n.-v.-i- been
gireu before here, and I ean easily believo that a
certain weli-kuown foahionable aud noled diplomat
spoko the tnith when he said, in a gronp of guesW
who atood looking at the scene, that so superb a^
ball had aeldom been surpassed by _ny of the
Courta of Europe. You will remember, if you
pleaao, tliat the ball was held iu tho palace once
built for and occupied by tho Grand Masters of tho
Knights of 8t. John of Jernsalem when they
gloriflcd tho littlo island of Malta by their chivalno
pre8once. Grim, 300 feot sqtiaro, with only a liue
of corered balconlca to relieve the seyere plaiunesa
of ita uuattractive oxtorior, yet withiu the palace ia
the perfection of a royal roaidence. It ia only two
utories in height, btit eaeh utory is very lofty. Two
great courtyards are in tho ccntre of tho pile,
adorued with trees that Royalty planted, and
fringed with polishod guua ever ready for iuatant
serTice. A aontincl guards the arched entrance to
tho courta, and haa done ao for eighty-five atraight
yeara. The lower story of the palaco is doroted to
Oovernini'itt otlicos, tho u).per etory tothe.Gov
ernor'a residence, and it includoa tlie famous
nnnory, the tapoatry chamber whero the preseut
(l.iy counclls aro held, the ball rootn, the batniuet
bflll and tho long, wide. marble-paved corridor*
a'.ong whoso walla aro huug quaint and aoinetiiuea
liue paintings of battles fought ou land and sea hy
the Order, aud whero row. of knmhtly arttior atand
in atlfl and atately elllgy on both sides of tho
aplendid gallcrios.
Tho liall of St. Mithael and St. George is the ball
rootn. The Kiug'a Own Liglit lnfautry band played
dauce music from a higli-up balcony at flflfl flfli flf
the rooin, while tho Govcrnor aud his giacious lady
sat _on a raiscd dais at tho opposite end. As thc
invitcd guests arrivod they passed before aud were
plea.-atitly grei'tcd by Ilis I.xcelleucy. Hy half
paat 10 e very body was 8899898 and the ball at full
swing. In gencrnl the co-itumea worn wcro aa c.oatly
as varioua. Lady 'Siuiuuina, aa lleatruse in M M'ich
Ado About Xothing," wore a wbite brocado petti
coat triiutned with pearl.laco, dark crimson v.-lv, t
,lr, 98 looped up on oue sido, pearl stoiuachoi aud
girdle, higli beaded mli, ;.r__i.on velvet coif orna
ineitted with pearla, and a.long tullo veil. Thc
Gt*vcrnt?r, Sir John Sininions, woro tho full-.lrcaa
uuiforui af the Koyal I.iiginc.ere, wliilo his stall were
eaeh in elaborato costutno rcptcfacntiim four
distinct but aimilar Don Podros __09B u Much Ado.''
Tbaia trata countlcss lonla aud ladiea of bigh
degrce iu cl:uldiiii_a of past ccuturies. There were
kniKhts and mediirval prircoa and warriors of
itiiiiiortnl fatne. Thero were Veiietian .Sonators,
Hapoy aoldMia, Paraiaa i-haha, Oraoa Daiiioga,
Uneena of Scois. C'o-sacka, 1'ericleses Greeks
l.'i,?:.-.lleua, I'uritaus. LTflcla Satiis.i.r.in.l Mastei.,
Pngra, JtMMttafl, Pondiaaa, Nigiits, Moriuugs, Turka,
.lows. Intidels, l',rigaui'..t. Cavaliers, (iuiin-kcepors,
itc, i-i.-? ed in'iiiitum. than wcro 1*9 or aix
Aiin-ri. au voung latlies 8188888, and they were,
r.Hp-ctiv.lv, " Aiiieru a.'' -Miulo," "La Daaaa
Blanche," "Court Lady of Henrv VIII.," "P9fla
of l.oins XIV.,'' and. awectest ainl datnt.eat ol all,
ttwdaaraat " l.ittto Uo-l'ecp'' that ever lust ahcep
in thia rala of t.-ara.
Ti.e prtaaipal bataraa af the bnlliant evening
\ver?< certain aeta of lancers; otio aet l.cing danced
l.v . oftunios l8B-888flttaa tfla Nntmna; anothcr Uy
iliataci.-irt from Shukespearc; BBOtbar. and tlie
ln -t. callctl il Malta coillitry dauce, d.inted
iiliiio-tt .\t:liisivelv l.y __alta_8 lafl-BBaad gcntletneu
in piotare-qae Mtiqaa diaaaaa paenllar t<* tbaaa
i-ilaioU. rhampnrff- Baarad traau at.the mMLnigbt
siipper iu tba Artnorv. tlu- gueata lia\ mg tO B9 m in
wiiiadsofa ciiupie of iitiii'lr.-ii at a tlaaa. rbaaioal
ebaruilag LTcenliou.-.s aod arbota and Bnagferica
were conatrnctel at dLttaal ? inula ol eorrldora aad
mi eroaa-falleriea, with walla iua<le af -bJBjB, and
suftly li-'iitd wlth eolorad laataniB In the^e
_, Muealcrcl an.l fragrai.t ai.ots a goo.lly mimbcr of
llirtationa wer* aaaoapliaibadL At S_80a? aa. tbia
remarkable aad _.>igcoiia l.ull reaobed a happx and
itiit. tho f-iacinattna and atately ??ld Engliab daoi e
rnll.s.1 "8ir Hoii-er rToCovcrly " cloalni; the 89998
and r.xliant ?? MB ...
Iho very laat I...H of the Carnhal, howevcr. ir?i
ifiveii at ih- Boraa?tb* Cbanbarof Coniinerta bjr
tb* Ifallaaa, aa Taradaj evafllAa. Tha ipaetaaa
rooins of tba Caaino aete "plcthonc witlt pc*.;.!.?, ttie
fit.ey <lr.-s-.ui_: <<f tbe nikMit previoits baug largely
reproducCsd. Tba I'.ii^li-l. anuy .and uavy W889
w.-ll rt'i'i.'-eiit.-d, bui Iba larfa majority pr. a. nt
\i.rc Malteaa. Ti.e dance-pro-'rainuic was uot
iiii.tt.e.l at midnigbl: narartbaTaaa, wbaa the old
Mooriab cloeb <>n tbe aear-by pabtaa Btraeh tba lirst
atroke.ii 12 o'cloek tbe niusic anddeiilv eeaaad, th*
dancera atopad ia Iba inul-t of tha ? Bloe Danaba"
whirl. aml .by tba tiflM A.sfa VYada. idajr waa fairlj
on ita pina, aa urrive.l fjaet, allaeea aaddarkaeaB
relgoed wbera but a noaceol before iba toBJidi an.l
?eaaaaof Jojoas raral waraal lii_ii.--stti.lc.
WAsmst.rtiN. M.tnli 26.?Fflf Nciv-Kncrland,
falrw.-ather. follom-d l.y hMfll ralus, warnicr aoiitheny
win.la, fallliiK h.iroiucter.
I'ur the Miildlo Atlaittlc Matos, waruier falr weatber
followed lt. thc nortli.ru BBftMB hy local rains, souther'.y
wiuda, fiillnis' 'oarouictt-r.
- pTi
UiS wiiruniK. BBBM.
3 a | I 7 | P 10 1. 1 . .'I 4 r. fl 7 > 9'Pll .,.. -
T-i'T v.'i-;?T"i'"!',Wl"fi!l'''^""'"f"'" ' '
' r~-7 -r~\-t -t^T-1" - T*
. p-T-i_:
' H i r - "' T"|T.~rTT. 'I.?:'.r"_ .
' |iim i] ?1 - * ** | T'- ^ -----*- -?*~"T"'" , ?*?' rf^l t-'T-r^'lt''tV4S_8|
11 C?-~.-r- ' ?? - "r-f--H?^-?-"????>?l an
_. K_;_ll_______i_i ?_?. ?-? ??_I-1' f .mi ??('
1.1 a. . ...a.
Tlj aitirtm thawt rtr ha-omfMral tarlattaai tn (bll rtty B/ tnti.'
afl..,h'a TM i-r|.?uJI.-nlar .:nf?<1." .!i,..lon.crilme for th? 44 h.mrr
St'. r.llnj n.i.lni?bt. Thclrrrfuiir wnltr llnn, p,t_raH 'hl o4clllatton?
t thr BH-rcan dutlnn thuiatioui4. T!if tirokfo oi io'.ui llat rttitinli
i.i. ?.rlatl- ..4 lo Ir.. r-raluir, aa BjB-BBBl kj Um I-cibio-i-Mi al Uua
aui ?, ....u.4.j. na 11.. _?_.
TRtitf!?R Okki.'K. Marcli'J7-1 a m.?Oiteafltoaal ll_ht
si.ni oi r.iin attaadad ,. Btataa which atatad fiaM BWaaa
aatata i-.k-t Barsa f^**t-arday. Baaaa alaa-llaaaaBaa
ralMdlatba LawerLabaa. aad ou the Oatf un.i aaaab
Ati.mtic eaaat*. fa tba -OaataMppi Vaiu-y and aaatward
UM teii.peratuie r?so on au avcraK" 1-J t'-'l 3 at Hochoa
t.ii; .inii ii feii asat-i 18 in X-s-BS, Miataaa aml n.i
kota. The wlnda ?en. i.ill) were llirlit. The luoveinent
?f UM liaroiiiet.-r B*M was alowly ilownward .tiiniii; tb*
etaar weatber. Tbe temperatnre ranged _etw**u .'i"3
aad -".iJ- the ararafla (39-*0) b?in_ u^' towartbaa
un the corre-:.oii.llii? day last year, and O'-i3 BJ99M8
tbaoon Wadaeadajr. , _, ,
Hllchlly warmcr, fnlr or partly clou.lv weatber,BBd
perliap- ll.'lit ralu, tuay bc exptcted to-day iu thla city
and vicinlty.
KiM-nF.itnin itAii.noAi'.
" Tha -91-9 Siuiihin," Bfl-d CoXotttl Thonias
\V. Knox, lu BM lf't'tre Tiie-diiy BJ UM Atti-rl, in Vacht
Cliil., al thelr rooiiii. N'o. 874 Filtli-avc, ou " Tho Kiryp
tia.i So.idaii," "laderlved rrom the Aral.ic, which la, lu
turii co.iti.icle.l from _BMd rs Sudan, tueaului? 'tbo
coiintry of the blaoks.' This, aa wlll he aeeu, la ca
pahlc of wi.le appllcatlon, and would, lu lte
att-leteat aanae Incltide a lar_n portlon of Thompaou-st.
The Kurptluu Baadaa la al?i rathcr IndeMulte ln lts
liound.ir.es. but may hc r.>'a.ded aa InclinilnK Kordo
fan. t-..nn_ar. Uarfur, 889-4-88 wlth Xulila. Taka. B-T
l.or aad DoiiK-la. A few ycars uico the K_.vptl..u s?,i,l.m
eiteiiilc'l so.ithward to tho Ce.ittal Afriean Lukci. All
of thia laltar part, togethar wlth lutich of the N.l* i*
cion. haa baaa rabaiaad ta the aaataal al nativc tMaft by
the Baaiaa .*f taaaat aaaata BM9aa__B8d AM Pacha, au
All.aiilH.il eapt iln who went to Kifypt lu the 8881 BM of
Tiukay ln 17l?i?liecamc thc tlrat rulcr of tho Soudau uud
hv ft.r.to and treaehery foiin.led thc present dynaaty
kiiaiiouin waa foiiu.icd iu 189- oa __aatta af Iba eity of
hhiiiiiy deatroyed hy Mohumuicd All m i.\en_o fo
the tleslruetlon of one of hia am;!cs. Kliartotiiu l*
a eitv varylnit from !_u.tXMj to 50,000 ln populailou. ue
rorilin- to thc con.lltiou of the alav.i trade. wlileh BM
necnltanialu aupport. The rtoudaneso mako g.jod >-ol
liera uud wcro cu.ploycd f,.r that ?*__."'Jg ,tu?
conuueror Mohainiucd. They .11.1 not oLjcot io thla. but
,h? cc-.H leb.-lllon has li.e.icai.-cl li> the tre.ncudoua
Uira and thc |?-*ral oppreaslon whlch haa half depopu
UiVlwl.ole at.llona of country n loaa thau len fMH.
Al t.reaeut the J-_ypU--u Hou.tan hus an i.rea of
2 MjOOO ao-ar* mlleaand .. populatlo.i of taa or twatva
ii'.iilloiis of whleh thrne uiillioua ara Arabs and Ihe re
.iiiiider ne.roea. Many of th.ao 888X888 are atlil
MffiUM but have unltcd wlth the Araha ln drivlug out
^??Ue^wMn^h^MleTnd the Ited Sea ar* the tribea
whciieeawneMienienof Oatnan Di_na'a army now lu
fr-nt oflaablm. wblle aloufl tbe vallcy aud to.the we*t
.rethepeople whoflockto tho MahdW ataudard Tho
tht-ory laceriatnlr plaualhle lhat the liahd! could have
UBtoa Khartotl... fsag uko. bat ?nlte.l ui.ttl tho tUKllah
ariny had walke.1 lnto hla trap. Tbe hropbat baa <Iia
SajMd met ablllty. la four raara, ho haa drlvou tho
Eavptiana out of terrlto.y wbieb it had taken U.eni al_ty
-tara lo eon.iuur. It ta Impo-taible to eatlmat* hla f*ic*s.
ite S -ndoubledly aldod by ...uchiu.n aud .onlana.
Osman Dijrna is a Frenchman by blrth, his name botaff
lnherited from bis atep-fataer. He baa a rallltar*
edusatlon, aud was two years lu Franee on ofttolal buat*
ness of the late Khedlra. Without dl?ci..slii_ the ojiee*
Uon of whether or not Wolaeley made a ml.take ln aM
route, ha certalnly did so ln underralulnf the stremrth
of his enemy aud lu startlng too late In the season. TbM
latter was, howerer, tho fanlt of the home OorernmenK
Tbe famoua cataracte are only raplds ; the greatest fatt
bolng 1*. feet In l(X). The raliway now buil.lliig from
Htiaklni was surveyed t?n years ago by American offl.
eara. Tne llne I. about '-'?".<) ml le. lonff, and would ba
ea-sy of oonstructlon. If noihiiif unforeseen happeaa,
lt will be con.pleted by the end oi the tummer. Britlsb
cannon planted before Khartoum and Ccntral Alrlca
opeued up the __M?hcea of ol vlliiatloa."
A 8IDK IS8CK ni.lTT >'n,
A letter frora Mr. D. P. Fackler, in Trrd
Tkibcse of Maroh G, caused sotne adverso commeal
whieh tin-tlly led to tbe corrcspondenco given bolow:
JamksW. Alexander, esq., Vice- I'r.-.-ldent K'.piltable
l.ife Insurance Compsny.
DbarHib: Iub Tkidlne of iMarch 8 eontaIned aa
accouut of an lntorvlew wltb you, ln .tbe courae of whleh
remaiks were tcade whleh by lufcrence nilght be con
st ru.-'l to refer to yiews expresaed by me and to ltitlmaM
that I was tbe ;_.outhplece of Mr. Jacob L. Ureeue. I
would consider lt an aet of Justlce, lf you would correet
the lmpresslou whleh yiur remarks were calculated M
make. Respectfully yours,
Davio 1*. Facklbb.
New-York, March 23, 1985.
David P. Fackukr, esq.. Cousultlng Actuary, New
York City.
Dear Hir: The reference to whleh you refer wm ln my
opinlon Justlflcd at tho tliuo by tho circumstances as they
appeared. Having .lnce learned tbat tbe ren.arka
referred to wero not suggested by Mr. Jacob L. Oreena,
1 obeerfally withdraw auy stateuient wblob oould.ba
construod to eipress such au oplnlou. Your hlgh ehar
ii- '.. i a- au actuary and ageotlemau.l.*thorouKhly,knowa,
audltglves mo pleasure to say thut nothlng would
luduee me to reflect upon yoar lndopeudcuce aud oandor.
Your. truly, Jamks W. Ai.kh.Mh.h. J
Offlce of the EquttabU, .Veic York. March i*5,1885.
Mcfisrs. Daly, Scliaofer and Diou, and rep
rescntiitlTes of Seitou aud Sloason, met yesterday M
uiake preliiulnary arrangementa for tbo bllllard tourua
ment to .,e_iu ou Aprll '-."> iu Irving Hall. Tbey at onoa
went luto a dlseusslon as to who lieiides thoso tiamod
should partlctpato. Schaefer proposed tbe
iiaiiuj of Wallaee as a competltor, whereupon
the uatnes of M?LOBB_?8, of Philadelphla, and L Mor
rls, of Pati Franelsco. were introdueed. lt was su(jge?t<jd
that the question be derided by a voto. To thls Hchaefer
objected, sayiug that Wallaee mu.t be poruntted lo en
t.-i. Arguineut followe.l uud S.-bacfer weut away luaa
nngry raood. Ni.thlng was done. It was sald that
Hebaefer Ih afrald torocet Slosson, nml that be will with
tlraw. tshoiild ho lake such a step tho toiirnaiueut will,
neveitUeless, take plaee.
A Cliinamau kuown as "N'tuubcr 9* died ut
Oasebolt's Lauiidry lu Bellevlllo, N. J., on
Monday from consumptton, aud Iuiruadiately
after his death his eompatrlota procured a
plne box aud placcd the body iu it foi luiuiediate buriah
At i> d. in. about one huu.lre.l Chlnnnicn followo l tha
cofiln to the <-?iuet<-ry. a shon dl.tauee froui the laundry.
but when they nrrlvcil th.-re ihey louud that tbo men whu
had been Bfliployed to itlg a gravo had ali.uulmicl the Job
I.i conse,;neiieeot tln- krru.ii.it i>. iu_- fiu/.i-ii more than flirefl
feet. Tbe body was theu carried baek to thc laundry uud
auotber gruve dlir^er 44as Imcd and went to work
and about undnight tho coftln was atraln cony.yed to the
(t-nietery. Tbe usiial rittts. peru.iar totbe Chluese, were
Bbaarrea, amoug ihe anMwapMaed la tbe _-ravc neiug a
ituit of clothes, two palr. f.f .noe.. a straw hat, a fan aud
two parkagea of eigarette.. When tlu- grave was tiile.1
tbetop wua ci>\ .-r.-d \v 11 li bo-4 ls of choppcii rlco aadaheO
chow, a suiokcd h.iui and oth.-r adlkl?
E. Ro-8. of liih-avc, sells ColgBtO A_ Co.'l
Lauudry .-oap. The sti.mlanl i.rtlcle.
Would yon nllovy yoar honso to baro down .f w.ter wonld
Mi.. lt l No Tiion sav? 4our lunis froiu .le'triictlon by cur
lngyour OOUffh vs. ii li IIai.F.'s llo.vKI 01* BOBBaOCRB A.SL. 1a_
Pise'. Toothauho l.rops cure ln 1 mlnate.
I i.nilliiira's i'e. Inii.e Kdrnla.
l.uDilborw's I'criu...... Marcebal Nlel Rom>.
I.uudl.ora*. Perlume. Al),lne Vlolrt.
I.u.dbora'. Perlume, Lllly of the V.llef.
- ?
W'AT.DF.N -BAf.nwrN'-On WednfutlAr, M.rcb 2.S. at 7:88
l>. _., .itlie resli.etice of the bnd?'? parcms. JT L.iutou.
av,. Brooalya, bv th.) r.ev. i-' B Mc_<--__, ii.irittita
Kieanor,tlaiighter*f >) 8, Ualdwlu, ?..|, to Mr. ttcnu/tar
Wai?Ha, holh of Uruokl/o.
AirMKRMAN-oiiTuc^lay. 21th Marcb. 18S". .tlh' *n>
.'..-no.- of 1,1. fat.ier, 150 Soulh. blllnlt-place. BrtMklyn. Al?
bfir: Aiiiiuerm.n.lr . in l*i 1 stU ye_-ot Uls aje.
llnl.t.-ft. ?.tl tr\?m<\? ?re iiitk* . <o ??t?T4A the f ineral aer.
vlci-s at tho lemse Prtday. .'7th.nst.. at 3 |
CrJlVBB fM Ta?ilay, ir>? -.Mtii m.t.. aaOlenly. entered
luro rit.. Ann Kti/a, oana-hter ofth. Ut? J?liu . ulr.r. ia
tbe ""th year ,,f t.t-r Iga
The fuueral ??rrio.* wll lx< held at Hie restaence of Mr.
Kdwln t'oote ll.i _ Jacksou-avt-., Ji-r?.-y city, ou Pn?iy,
theiTthia.t , at IBJVa m.
0JRBY8TIB?Al h^r late laaMsaaa, ITa?tinT?->niT(i(l.an. on
I'hursilay uuirtuug. Mrs. Praaels Kew t.'hry.tia, iu ih.) yrtUi
j_?r ..T her uo] il.'i thler uKu.uuel 44 Ulj-iu i c-.t aud wuluw
of Albcrt inry-tie. cs,|
>'i,tu-s ot r ii ii. rai BaMMMa
OUOOIBOrON?Al Ualiwav, N.J.. March 81, John C.
t otl.tiiigt.u] _ (li- 'iTtii year uf hua/tf.
Kuiii r.i e'ri.u.- at ? :?(' p. m.
iii, iuls are luvitiM. lo fuueral without further nntle*.
Cul i:>-.vti.len I'ute. 1- I., Weduoadav, Manh ii. lsa.\
?BaU K.. wife nt lljrvey f'. <"o es, a^e,1 ;.?_' years
Iteia'lTt's aii'l fneads .reiuvitetl toatteul the tunsrai at her
laM rott'laace oaaat?f?ir, ?*? 1*80 p m.
i-Binages wili be in w.iitlun at <-len I ovc d,-pots on arnval
of meti-iii le..4ing i.iMB i.i??ICity at . 1:0j a. m.
Ba* i.urs' pap.-rs plaaa copy.
DBPRW?Al reMl-ltl. March .'rt. ?fi?r a hrief illneas
M_rtha a. I.epew. tu tU" Tuhyearof her a?e.
Fuueral rroui h.-r uie reaidence at Peo.akill.-s.iurti?y. Mareh
_.sih, at ?< o'clu.-ik p. iu.
P)e_M OOllt tl-,.4 i i -
XiAKI.N'-4>ii T.',!ir.st.ay. Maich 2.5. Maitio ITnlt Dakin,
ynuiigoat cl.tld or Al'.ert 11. aud Came 11. llakui, a_*l I
year. ? mi.iith.-'i rtays .?_.____
Puuer.l-t!i-vt,-.a: thc resltleuc* of her .arents, 1-<J ..brutt*.
pner-st. this - Frulay) eyi-niuz at i o'clock.
Int.-tiiient at ftouth Sorwalk. Coun.
llAHUls-siitldenlT, .1 BBfB___k t.?. Mareh i.i. .he ROT.
\S illlam llarris. trea.nr.-r ol ihe CO?M< "' KewJaeaBR
Fuueral .errice. Fnd.,/, March .'7. at 2 p. m.. from the Fir.1
I're.tit terian Church Priuceto:.. S.J.
Frn ml. o: tho faiullv li.riteti wliliout further uotico.
lrauia leave Nt tt-..ra al 11:10 a. iu.
JuUNMoN-Atii^rm.ntown. Peuu., on Thln. day, tho -4th
lust. >-ftiiiiiel J.il)i,a,.u. m tln- Ttirl. ye.a or tnaare.
Fu.ii-.al from hU late resldeuco, >o u,_0.$ (ion, aiitowoavo.,
oa .--e4eLlh day morniujj. '-'th iuat.. ul 11 o'ciuck.
BIMB?1.1.?Ia Nowiouvillo, Ma?i., Maioh ii, Ueorgo P.
Kunl.-l. ?'." yeara
i'uueral pnvaie.
Ml. LS-i.a rhura.'.ay. Manh _''. ?t Jackaonyille, Pla . Wm.
o BlBa, ot lla-MU?, -Md -?iauJ, lutuo T-,1 yoar of hi*
N... ii,te of funsral hereatt.tr.
BOROAM OaThBiBaay, BWkMM BBM M. widow of tha
late c.over.n.r ... li. Morjrau. agt-d ,' 1 vo it?.
PBascal servU-os at ber late loaideuco, 411 jth-avo., on Satur.
ilay a.'t.ruoon. at 1 o'clfici.
1*1. _ii uiiiii Uowura.
PAKUKi: Ai ' l.lra.'D. on iltarch'.l, H3j, aftora ihortlll.
n.-.H, i.ueiiis c Pah_a,
8MITH?At Yonker*. Wednesday. Mareh 83 HS'., ol
..luhtheratie croap. Abraham lluibaDK. agod ;. years, ouly
si.ii of ..(iny Altroand Lluolo Burbauk tsiuitb.
Fuueral pnvate,
TOOKBB?At-t. Anctistine, Fla, Suud.y inoruing, M.roh
?j'J, I'harl.-s l'. Tookor. ____.
Fuueral service* ?t Dr. (labin.-'a .tnirch. eorner Ma.iU.->a-aya.
uliil .V".tb-*l. .-stlurilay. Marcli -.*sth, .1 11 a. iu.
llt-iativej, amt tr.eutU of lh? faailly uro luvito.1 wltbout
fui'.lier n ..lee
Int.r-euia' fc.verc-.eeu c'eaietery, hl?lajetli, X. J.
Kiinlly oiull ll.iweia. _
Sprcial Xoticcs
Haaga .V ( o , .1ucttonerr., 7.T9 aud 741 broadway,
will ae'.l
A collcctlon of KtaBB?_M0-l IJooka. iiiel.uiuu Work. ol
tlie l-.obeulon. >poriiuJ', ..Ojiogy. I i-oeuianoury. IliualiaUsI
llooks, .4.0 . _c.
A i-ollectloti or valuatileworku, In Uistory. Bl..- I I ??
ii?ii Ann ru-ana, Kr.iu li UbraUoa aaal bau.Uj_?o d.ua.
tialedlluok.; .1?>de_rabla I'heoi ,gi albulia_
II B So.nre .V ".ons. .letvete.-s. MT faflBB Mi 'f 3.
?>... -^luaiM ,?,, ,.;kr nlu^ ?aiaua i ah *.-.? .
Wali-hcs, our owu mako. ;l > t Ml 'J. -Slorlim s.U.r_-ar>. as
Meder Sel.er. Wu.er.
(Tho original ileruia:t -elter?).
nocoiameuded by the le.ullug K.iropeanmsdtc_autbor.tlas
lor .ta puruy.
Unofiuai.^l .s a .able Water.
beware ol Ii.nt.:tins
ANTIM'NV tin'lif, .1 vv.rreii-.v.
Sole Agt-iit for ihe V. a._
' PO.I llli'B Notice.
f^tter. f>r Eurone uee.i uit bi sp'OHUy Slr.t-to. f->f
iiuii.ai. i. oi aay aar_i UacMaaaanaartttaMsioart ,,..-iy
lit-nvtr* at .loiuuatio?ai ?u IT?aS-A_BaU- -*u? ??? ur
w.nleo uy ibera?te.l vdm'I. ay?labie.
loreigu uiail. lor tu; BBak euliar BarM 1\ n.U o.o??
(i-ui.ii ii i.i in au casosi at um ottoo a. foil-iw*.
a_l UHDAV? Ai ? .1.) a. iu. vot ..uropo per*. ?? Odor.^ rta
BouluaiiiuK... aud U.eueu Ictteia oiuat 0? ,ur.v u*l per
ou.i ). afi. a. i... lor aa uaiea, p,r .. .. Vertu_n,.,. .. 11
_iu. /or Veue^uela aud curacoa. per ?. s. PUila.1 ? ph.a;
,tl" m.for r.urooe. per.a Adr.a.K-. n., uaaeuahiwiu
.1 1 p. ui. ft: Heiiiium direcl. per s. ^ rtCK.r.ii-.i.l. vi?
A.itwerp (leiter. ....... uo ilir.rle l " p>r .Noordland * ): Bl
I ni tor i .uo nayti. Bf, I>..U)in.o .nd lurk'l
I^ati? per s. ?. U-anja w. <lydo. at l?> u. mx
for cuha, Porto Kleo and llaafl.B._r- P?
. _ MaSn. vi. Hiiraoa at W p. u... tor V.ra .rui
5'ifVoV-taV Wb.tney, na New-t.rleao. tetuir. lotul
koa-WMd " pe' B_aaM* via Now-Orloan. *i.
buniiaY?Al7:ih. p.'m. Hotuluras _>d _Ivingston, i.er v s.
lity of Pa_a_~?Baa mhaaa
v?lUiorCh.ua and Japan, per _ _ City of Pekln* (Sl?
cau BTBB--ITI cIom hora March "-S ai o n. JM
Ma'is lor Auairaiia, New-ealand. iSaudwicl. aud fcijl
t__HM uera... 4,Ul ot -yun.-v iy.a**an PraacUt-... oloaa
hero Apru'.at 7 p. m. (orouarr.yai *? Neaz-Yor* *
- .. liepublio wim BriUsI aiaiufor Auatrailai.
?Theicheduleotolosintor rrans-Paoiac m?.U .. arrinysd
oa ihe orosuiuotioQ of luoir uulnterr.ipied overlan I traiuii t?
bai, BMBaaaa MalU .ro,u i... Kaa? arnnui 0.< .ia- ??
Bm trauciaoo oa tho uay ?t _,u:a ; ol .loaajr* ara -ia
?.?LoU lUouoo Ibe BgBrt*. ft pKARH()N ^
-wai. udjco, Aaw-Yata. -. i, Marcn _o. ?.*.->_,

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