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LOKHON, March 27.-In the nouse of Lords thi*
?veiiin.. Earl Oranvtlle replymg to tbe Marq.ua of
fcaliebury, Mid there wm nothing indieat.ng a
tendenov to flinob on the part of tho Government
reaarding tho Afghan qncetion. The Government
-cre ftrinly adhering to the nolicy agreed upou by
both the great political parties, while at the same
tinie they were availing theuiselves of overy tneans
to arrive at a satiefactory aolution of tbe difficuity.
lle was unable. he sa'd, to fix a date when the
liogotiations would be conclinle.1. Haa.ia waa
now. he added, conaidering EnRlanda dtapatcri.
Kngland conaidered Kussia bound by the recent
agrooment. In the moantime the Ameer of Afghan
l.tan had inatrncted hie chiefa to obse.ve ueu
trality. .,..
Jn tbo House of Comomns, Lord Edmnnd Fiti
maurioe refuaed to an?wer a number of qnestioui
asked with a Yiew of eliciting information m to the
exart poaitloa of the negotiationa with the Russian
Ihe Globe Mya that a proposal partaking of the
nature of on nltlmatnm wm telcgraphed by the
Government to St l'etersburg yesterday- lt waa
reqiiealed at tbe sanio time tbat tne Kues.an Gov
en.iuent should Mnd an anawer that would reach
Downing Strcet not later than Monday uoit.
TheMme papor declarea that Karl fJrativ.lle, on
March Kl. propoeed to BbbBb-B that both the Kussiaua
and the Afahans rhoold withdraw from that por?
tion of territory which ia at pri'aent the su'.ject
of diapute, and should remain ontsule of it dunng
the contiuuauce of ne.gotiations between Kussia and
hnglaml. then in progress at l.ondon. T<> this 1"0
posal Kuasia acut no reply. until last We.lnesday.
fche. then refused to acccde to Eneland's prot.osi
tion, on the gronnd lhat the withdrawal of her
troo'ps would be a so^cc of hiimiliatmn to Knssia.
After this anewer was received from Kussia tlie
CtbtBli dcct.led to embo.ly tho reserves and tl.e
militia, and to send the ultimattim. In ease of war
_:..()<H? mililia will ho asaigncl to garriaon duty m
Irvland. and that numbt r of regulars will be re
leaaeil for active eervice.
Tbo statement of / he Glohe that the Rritish Gov?
ernment yesterday aent a prooosal in the nature of
a nltimatuiu is discredited tcro,
It ii reported that the Kuastan Ambassador at
IbBMBBB hM rece.T.Hi from the Kussiau Minister
oi Foreign Affaire a favorable reply to Baafe-d'a
propoaale coucerning otitooats on tho Afghan
froutier. Huwia, according to this r.-p rt
oflers to give the Joint Afghan Houndary
l omrutesion power to exumine for a hne of
dcliuiitatioti Irom Zurficar Paaa to Penj.teli,
on the ec.uth and from Sarakbs to Amondarta on
th. north; but liefore the oponing of the labors of
the c.unuiisaioti, M. de Giers asks that the Afghans
withdraw from lVujdeb.
The (juecn's ineeaage yesterday calling ont the re
iervea aud th* miiitia for pennancni servtce ha*
been received by the country w.th great enthiisi
asm. lt i? eapecially marked at tho varioua
nulitary stations tbroughout the kingdom. hv-rv
? here active eftoria are being exerted to get the
barracks ready for tho reaervea and to have arn.s
aml accontrcinents at band w.th which to muip
them. IiumetiM stoies of 8?ta at the Tow.-r of
Londou are ready to be isauod. 1 hey can be dia
tribuled at any moinent wh.-n they are ret|uue.l.
Tbe war feeling ia strongamouff the ____*_*___
ruauy of tbeu. hu-1 alrcady Joined tho Onards before
tbe orrt-re aummonhig thom to eervice ha-1 b<*_
I'reparations are being made at Aldershot for tl.e
Teceptioo of the army rracrve forca and tho miiitia.
y.iarters are ready at Cbatham for a large force.
The grcateet activity prevaila in the or.lnance de
partment in haateuing the armameiit of vessels
ordered for immediate servtce. Eftra hands are
employed lor thie work. All the available r.tiart.-rs
at ChelMa have hecu made ready for oc-upation.
Active preparatione are beiuir made to get all the
available cruisers and iron.__M_8 belonging to tbe
navy into condition for eervice m soon BB poaaible.
lt ia known that the destination of these vessels is
the Halth 8ea and tbe Black 8.-a, ontranr-e to tho
latter. however, being conditioned on tbe BmbI of
Turkey. The maii-of-war Pyladee. in course of
coustruction at Eh 111-18*, ha-s been ordered to be
completeal with the utinost dispatt h. The uieinlwrs
?fthe Thinl Kt>yal Fnsiloers and the 1-ifth Riflo
Brigade, both militia organi/.atiotiB, aro rvanondiug
larg.-ly to the (_ueen'e call
The rcqneat for remforcementa made by Ix>rd
Ho-feriu Btate* that if war ia to bo deelared II Ul
reqiiirMlbat twenty-thret^ rogimonts of infaniry,
three regiment* of cavalry, two batterieiof Mi
artillery aud cightoen batteriea of honc artillery
bettiepatched to India forthwith. The Mobiliza
tion Cotnmittee and the Tranaport Department aro
bueily arranging to colleet and forward these.
Ordera bave been ?ent to the Meditorranean sta
tiona to bave all tbe magazinea overhauled, to see
tbat tbe ammunition on band ia np to the normal
tuodard in qnality and quantity.
The aubsidouce of the etoc.k panic ia dne to re?
port* that only ? -BB-Hod number of the reeervea
will be called out, to the ceasation of ordcre from
Berltn to Mlt, and to the diuiinution of English
? bear" di-aiinge.
Rawalpinui. March 27.-The Kari ef Dufferin
l,as arrived bere, Ho wa? ac-orded an i.uposing re
?-eptiou by Abdnrrahinan. the AMMMf of Afghanistan.
The Ameer. iu hia addreiw of welcome, eaid he hoped
that tbe councile wbi< h the Karl of Uullerln had
enme ao far to atteud would be so gutded aa to en
aure an bonorable and a lMting peace.
ln reply Lurd Duflerin Mid he wa* glad that his
firat public act M Viteroy of lndia was to culti rato
frieudly relationa with the aovereigns of the Htates
eonterniinooe with the froutiers of India. "I
trual," contmued Lord Duflerin. ? that the friendly
recaptinn wbicb ia about to bc accortled to inc as
Her Majesty'a repreaeiitativo by the Ameer, will
prove to all our netuhboraonr lirin intentioii and
Mr anxioaa deaire to respect their rijrtita.'
At the railway depot at Kawaipindi there were
?eeemoled, when the train carryiu. Lord Duilerin
arrivesl. tba Funjaub chiefs. and General Stewart.
Oeneraf Koberta. (ieneral llard.nge, and a iiuinber
olotnerhigh otliciala Lord Duflerin proceede. to
the i-aiup. Ihe ronts- was iimxl nitb tlfjopo aml tbe
niil.Urydisplay masle was eflctive. Ihe soldiers
greW tue Viceroy with great ctiMiusiasiii.
The authorit.ee of Kawaipindi Iat.-r in tl.e day
preaentcd l?rd Durterm wltii anaddresa. de. laring
the.r loyattv io Her Uritieb Majeaty. tbe Empreaa
of India. and expreesing apnre*-latim. of thebOBor
doiio Kawalpiu'li in a.loctiug it as the meetmg
place of tbe couocil._ ? ,
Hr. PKTK?8Bt;un. March 27.-lt ?s r< ported
that the (.overnment haa cbartered a iiimiber of
Iteaniers to trananort troops a--r?_e the Caspiau S.-a
I l.e faiiure of Kcaramatiga * ( o., inen liants ol
London. witb branch houses at St. Tetersburg
au.l koatorl, has cr.-atesl ? great sensation in
fiiiaticial cirelM of tbia city. Fnvv Uiuncillur
llunge, Min.ater of Kiuaneo hae Mnt the Uov
etnorof the Hlat* Hank to Moseow Ut conler with
the bankera of that mty. The purpose of the t-oti
ference u t? devtse some n.eaua ol averting tno
rinane.al cr.ais which is beiieved to be immincnt
through Ihe recent lu-avy failurea.
A telegraiih liue hM been o[>?Dod between Aoka
batl, Harakim aml Merv. ____.
Kkkl.n, Marcli 27.?Tht Aorfa Geman Gazette,
I'nme I'.ismarck's organ, sUtea that in the recent
ofticial viait of Couut llerbert hisinarck |o LOB?
don. tbe reUtioua between Kuaeia aud Kngland
were uot discuaaed iu any of the interyieva. The
Gatetk alao My* tbat it ia not true. aa haa been n>
ported, that the Emperor has communuated with
tbe Ciar ou the Affhan dispute.
Vkuitt, March 27.-Captain Abkauoff. the Uov_
ernor of Merv, who induced the Kban of Merv and
other chiefs to petition Kuasia lor unneiation, >n
au iuter?iew to-day. said: ? Russia. ahoultl aei_e
Herat before Englund conhl get an opportumtv
to lort.fy it. Kuaeia would never have a better
ehanoe lor aecuring Herat than the preaent.'
UiiiCAOo, March 27.?Th^ Aruiour l'aekina (.om
By yesterday received another order froin the
tut lor 1,100 additional oaaM
i.f eannofl beof. ropresentng about 050,000 ponnrlB,
and another propoaal for 10,000 additional casea,
which, however, could not bo tilled wlthin the time
liiiiii.'.l. Tho Biatemi'tit ia nu.de that tlie orders
alreaiiy in hund havo divested all the ftBtabhahmenta
ln the coitnt.-yengngod inthis partioularindustry of
their available atoek.
Boston, March 27.?A pnvaie dispatch from
London received in this city says: " Rnaaia'a reply
toEngland'a callifig out tho reserves is to ninaa
50,000 men on the Caupiau 8ea."
London, March 27?12 ta.?StockB are flat.
II.-iu.? funda are dull and falling. Foreign funds are Uat.
Russlausare quot.it at 9l '-.?.
?2 B. n..?Tho market Ib calmer, nlthoiiBh an nneasy
feeling prevaila, and llltle busiuesB ls doina\ Home
funds are Bllirbtly better. Forelum funds coutlnue to
weakcn. Home and American rallwuy secuTltiea are
3 p m.?Paris Bdvlces say that 3 per cents aro now
quoted at 80 franca lr> centlmea.
4:30 p. m.?Parl* advicss state that 3 por cent rentes
havo fallen to 79 francs 12*v 888*89*88 lor the ac
connt. , , .
*> ii. m.?I'arls advleca state that nftor the rlnaiUR-of
UB8 flaflaf** 3 p.-r c.-nt rentes were .pioUnd at 71) fraucs 70
centlmea for the B*flOaMt
I'Aitia, Mnr.li 27.?Tkla* per cent rentes late last even
iuir t.u.i ln il 90 fnmes 70 centlnies.
2 p. in. -Thr. e per cent rentes are now (limted at HO
fr.incs ftO ceutiiuce. Tk* Hoursc ls weak aud agitated.
DKAL1.II> 8?Y.
The SNiikExchaiip'inark.tswi'ro not nftVcti .1
by war news yestcrduj. .jn.pt lu a hasltating way.
Prlcee advanccd or dcclit.rd lu coiiseqiicnca <>f apaatal
iiitlii.8*999* iukI ..nt Iri.in BBBBaaal 99*Bafl* 19* iinoliitli.na
uf llntiidi conaols ln |4*B**B wero without iiupnriunt
cllecl. Tlie B8SB9BBB oi'lnion was that the nillilury
demonstratione on both sides were for dlnlomatie
.ulvautiiccs. A person of eonaldcraMe espcrleti.e iu
i:ni.i...-i4ti iiltirlrasild tliat ln bls oplnion there waa not
tlie BBBaBBB* ehanre of ;i lmiK WBR
Produce Kxchniiire prieea lluetnated with bB****B8
f. verislineaaas on Tliurailiiv. aiul ln syinpathy with tlir
OabaB re]?.rts. wnlcti were cloaely walched. Tlie raBfS
nf lluetuiitiiiiis was not na grcut, however. tlie 88*894 BB*
May wheat (IB* spec.tlative li.onllil ruiiniiiK from !?2's
ti. ll.'l cents. The niarket for May wheat ..|>ene<l Bl B-**,
..l.eliiiol to '.'IU. lulvaiK'.-il tn !?.l. S...UI .li?|'|.i'.l to ??'-k>.
rallied lo i>3. aml at tho olose of Ika I119 M a-.on "I
tt*)4uaaj settle.1 buck BB 9t**V li.t.ire ihe. :i oVi.K-k
BBBBaBB B**JBB tk* BflklB report had a ti-nd.-iiry l? flBf**4M
llie niarket, Bal Bt Ifc*88*8*?4*9k*day May wheal hud
BaBflflJfli t<> <J2_ wllh B fuir BSBBBBl deuiand. Olhor
uiettliB were aflccted the sn.ue as M ir, uml corn sympa
Ilii/.'il with wheat, hut with a lnwer r.iii?'o uf BaBBjB*
tions. l'rrutht brokers held ralesl.ru. to Qr*a*t llrilaln
and the Contiuent, und were nol lncuuod to Uko urilcrs
I.ir .4he ul
Tbo eotton market, while fovcrisb. aml uiiscttlcd. w:is
in no way afle.te.l Bf Ihe war niniors. and lt w.is atat.-.l
that tho efleets or war would nol fc* le't.in Ih* e*M*B
tmde oxc.pt in un iiulirect way.
Iu th.- OBBbM BnaBaBBBBI there w.im ronsulerriMe flurtua
tiou In prieea, but It was c' In.ed that ihis was not 9a*
lo auy fear of war. An Baaaaal af tka BlflkBBBjB aafal
lli.it .iii Ali^-lu-Kusal..11 W..r would have iio .11. el oll the
BBflflM tiu.li-.
l.ive siuck aaaBaraara arateklag tlie war reports wltk
niiuh Uiten at. No elli i M.ia Iiitii :ipp.4ieiit na >el. I.nt
ii l.ii^'r ile.il.-r Hiinl y.'-leiilay tkal u ue. iurainm ol WM
wiiulil Iibvo au liu.11.1 li.ile elloet ou Ihe niaiket. 'I'"'
larxe flflaMffl fur caiiucJ BB*!, a*J9raaatlB9 iu arlv Blac
tiiiiiii.n la.uudK, that karfl baaa racc4rad i>y Oilcagu
ll.iiia. are lakeu a* an linlieiiiuii of tka evl.-nt ol Uu
eapplf which s-lll l?e drawii froiu Amerieau miirkeu
IU uaac ol it l.uri.|.e.iu w.ir.
" The Kii*clii*li supply.' aai.l T. C. Kasl.ii:.... " will pron
hIjI* lie iuiK'-ly taseu fr.>l.i A.uerleu. Inil Kua-la wonl.l
liMiiUiOertnaiiy. llullaiid aii.1 n.e icrrl'.irjr ai.?.iT "i.?
llUuik 8u h awnir aud ??'. tvnireulaui. TtiW. bow'
i-M-r. wonl.l <>l lt-.-lf liicreaao ike .leiua.i.l l? l:..r..|H
Tne .ui piy win i.e lurc'iv rroiu aaltaal iu..i aaaaaal bbbbU,
aa with UM CBMBCO ..nlera. The uliin tnllllon |."..18
Bpokcu of asordered Ihere tepr.-v nt 'uiwe.-n flrtv BM
Blll) thoiisaiid l.ea.1 ?f < attle. ahu-h la not a lari--e
niilirli. r when ll la |a li eiiiln-leil lliiil li.nf u iiilllii'li Baa*
ara fe.-eiirai la aJaw-Yor* raarly, aad CkMaaxi raealrea
nooiittwiiiiiiiiiiuiiii.il. iBeaaBlaa. Um bael parta ..r
the meat are not uard i?r th.it aarpaaa Tkaaa ara BBM
in the marketa; oniv al.t 190 pouaua of BMat ta e.uh
aninial, on tlie averaite, ?re eaiin. I. Ba B wiir, whlle II
will uiakf the BliN'k liusiuess lietler. will uot he likely U)
iiilcet Ihe supply for home cun.aiin.piiou."
La Lirkrtad, S;in .Salvador. via Galvcalon,
Mareh 27.? The war whlch haa B**fl thought luevllable
lor aome days haa already B*****9 a fa< t. Tfefl BBBBM of
lloiiduias and those of Jaau Halvador havo already co.ne
Into lollisioi. aud several sku iniali.-s have oceurred. The
annlesof iiuatem;4la .md HondiiraB are B8*BBJ a* ?%*
mony and are now cunfrontlii),' llie. forcea of Kan HiiIvh
di.r. Aetlve mcaanresare Ik-.iii; tnlf. n hy Hiin Halvurtor,
Nlearaicua aud Cosia Klea to 98*9*81 llniiia. Ivca a MtflB*
Ihe revolutloniiry acheine of I'resldint Il.irrloa. ou
March 2/i an ^illance defenslve and offenslve waa for
niBlly entered Inta hy these three Stutes, aml arniiine
tucnts were perfected I..r puttliiK BB cfTectlve fone In Ibe
neld. Hun Halvador. whoae terr.ti.ry ls 9*8*9 thn-atei.ed.
takes tbe leadln,,' BBBM in thls alliance. Hhe will put her
whi.le aimy Inlo tue llcld. Niearaxua wili BTOTtata l.ooo
in.i. aml (oata Kica aeruls 9*000. Cosia aBB, at Ihe
saiuB lime, eOBirlbntea B100.000 Ii.war.t the exiiens.-a of
Ihe war. I'reaideui Zal.livur. <>I Han Hulyiulor, will a*
Biiuie theehlef comuiutid of the ullled forrea. 1'i.al.lent
CardruBJ., or Nieaiauua. will Bfl aecniid in ei.ii.uiaii.l, aml
OeneralBotO, al Coata Klea, will probably lakfl the iblrd
Wa8Iiin<;ton, March 97.?Informatloi. has Iwrn ro
cciveu lu this city that on MHi?h 99 a treaty "f allianee,
offenslve and defeiiBive, was loruiaily atajBfal at Hau
Halvador by the .iovernineiila of Han Halvador, Nleiu
iik'iia and (osta Klea. An alliance was eiiler.il Into l.y
those HIdUtk Iiuiuediiitely upon tlu- aiinouut.-meat of
I'l.aiilent Hurrlic'a juojeet of c oufe.lenitli.ti. but llie <le
tailsof the pliin of ti"- aeti.iii lor iiiutual defen. e were
imt afi'i-i'il upon uiitll Munh 9b\ w lieu the trcuty was
Hl.I.ed. . ...
( .innnder Maban. of the WaehiiKett, infor.ned the
Nnry Depurtmcut to-day from 1'auainii tI.nt (iiiietne-s
prevallcd at that place. Iiifuriuatiou has beeu rc
(i iveil atthe Depanmeiit of Ktute that thcOiilrul and
Hoiith Ameiiiaii eahle was i ut on Thursday by wimi- nl
Uarrloa'a syuipathucrs. It was, bowever, repair.d Im
uiediately. _
|BT BBa_B9*Bar*l BO rHB tbidcmb.]
Hai.ikax, Maicu 21.?AdiHpaUMi from Yar
moutli to The //rr(i/'/rei><.rtfltliiitthe.<llouie,stersr.hooner
UessleM. Wells, Captain I'orper, whnh salled from
Olouocater on Mur.rh II, for the llauks.stnu-k 9**1 Islaml,
a liKlit-bouso statlon 8i**J9**B BbbbM west of Oapo Huhle,
the south extremliy of Novahcotia. early on March 1(1
audweutlo 99*888, The crew of tlftsen icot on tk*
Island. where they remalnert untll last Tueeday, when
the\ atarnd ln tlve dori.-s for Yirnioull.. One "lory nm
talnliiK three B18B rBB lats loe imil llnally landed at Mu.l
:i,...d them e . l?y ,., .K'ee.le.1 to I helia.,,..-, P.,, nt. eu
ii.iles from Yurn.outh. The other four doilcs will.
t*elve mi-u have uot slnee been heurd of.
Ottawa, Munh 27.?Intlic House of Cotn
mons to-rilxbt ine followlng l4**flB*l from Li.-iiU-iii.iit
Colonel Irvine to Klr John Macdonald, 9*9*9 " I'urt ?'a. 1
ton, via Wlualpcg, March 'il, 1885," waa read hy tho
"The party under mycommnnd bave Just arrlved.
When near I'ort Carleion I fouml that M1.J01 Croy.ior.wlth
u paily of H>0, bad fc-oue to l>u.k Lake to sorure
a larKe quantlty of BBff-l* tuere stored. They
were met by aome bui.dred rehels, who hu.l
an advautaiceous positlon at Ilcanly's Bb****?*), nnd
endeavorcd to Biirround Major 08*89*8*9
force ef pollee und clvllli.n?. The tcIksIs flred tlrst.
Wben tbe Urli.K heeame Kei,enil Major < roz.er owlug o
ll, Imi.Ivaiilatre -it whlch he was taken, retreatrd In
,ao4*^.ar^fl9attlMrort*4 the bbbm nmeaamy
nar V Teu clvlllansof 1'rlnce Albert and l?v,. ..oliceuien
weri'kllled.and tour elvlllaiia and sevn loii-Ulrhs were
wounued TI.e number of rakala k.ll. d M not known.
The ,.oli. e and clvilluns actod with the gruatBBt bravery
under u heavy Ui*.
kt PallL Mareh 27-Kebels trled to wreck n truln
wbicli was'carryiiiK ir.M.ps from Winnlpeif west. but
w re ?.n^U-4l One ?f Ibe I-rlaoners had dlspuliikaa fi.im
lllel to ihel.alfhreedsi.eui Wlun.peK *?d "? Houlhorn
Mauitoba urglng them to rebol.
LOBBHtt, M.irrh 27.
COMMITTK1. K.i. ThlAM.s I . losv r.ii.iilliifhain aud
|:ti,t..n were <o...u.Ml.sl tbls afleruoou Io. tnal ou a
. ha. k. of IreiiK.h I' in..).
*t,Kl CABAl (V.BKKKKN. K.-Hpaln B*Mk9aa|Brtt9i to
j'.l? lu tba Bue* Caualcoufarance to be beld BBM M
Waloa aud bia bou, l'nnco Albert VlvUir, bare roturuaa
from thelr vl*lt to Berlln. whlther they wcnt to attend
the MMtawUoa Bf the elirhty-eUfblli aunlvcrsary ot IBO
l..i tlui.i.. of Kiuperor Willlain.
lUOIKO IN Esoi.A_n.-At the I.lverpool sprlmr BMOttM
to-day the t'ran.l National steeplechase of MMOr *'IS
wns won hv Captain Klsher's slx year-old ?**_____
Mr. Kahafaaaad PrIMM came ln sccond, aud OBfB-Bi
Machcll's aged lllack 1'rliice tblrd.
Lovdon, March 27.-A dispateh from Del>
bea stntes that (leneral Lor- Wolaeley, havliut la
?peetodthe.ummor cantonment of the troop*. and ex
prcised hls approval of It, has retlrod down tlie Nile to
Uonaola. A dlHpatch from Kortl statos that tlie last
Drltl.h detacbinent ovacuated that polnt to itay.
II ls annouticed that Zoli. hr P?( ha will he held a prls
oner at (llorsliar as lon? us hls detcntlon reu.aius a tn 11
my n. cesally.. lt i- m>t proposed.' however, to luuitt,
In'tlio ITousr of Common* tbia evetiin. the Eiryptlnn
Onsncliil _?reeiiient waa adoptcd hy a vote of -114 t<> -?o
Biiakim, Maroh 27. -The coolles have ?one on Btfihe
for Ulither waires. It Is foareil that they have licefl led to
Uke llns Mu.iU thfOMb the lal BMM or the .rM*__
Airei.ts fftba rebcls have rcpeatedly . ut tlm tcl.-Kiap
wlrca. The ciminy h iv. tlie foar that these councct wim
hlddcii uilnes. tai.iue sliots wrre tlred hy the Arsbs iniu
the eereba last til?tht, hut without csudug any
casualtles. General (Jrahat.i 4*111 advaiico as BO*BM
the water trannirort system hIibII hsve been cninnlclcd.
Caiko. Man li 27.-Tlie Kgypttan (iovcrameut haa been
Inforuird that an " Aiimrlc_u Inshmaii startad BM
Clucaito laat Jiil.iiary to aaalat the S,?i,l;.nc-e III tll'-ir
warfara aaalaat IM BrltMh troop?. Ba taUed from >> _?
York ln Jaiiuury und went fr..m iraiice to ??OT,
where l.e reiiiuin.-d for some tltne an.l had n-veral U?B|
latervtowa wltb AraM Paeba, Be MUlned erat _*_?>?
frouiAralil Pacha. eoaiiiieiiiliiiB hln. tu II Miihdl imrt
lu* u.lluw. ra. an.l lie has now uiailo hia wajr to the ciiiiip
of Osnian IB_BB. near Hiiakim.
tiie psBficH R.-.riiL.sE in roxQtrar.
Takis, Marcli 27.-AI1 Um B_ora_M BWWm*
p,.|.. i- cuiitaiu arllclc* un the Ercimli rMMM at 1?"H_
D-Mg, Afawaf thaafUUaMMaawaa-l. . iin.-i-.- ti.<-<;..>.
ciiim.nl fur I|B BJMIMlBMf ln BMilOg lOtaBaTeBMMBf,
l.nt UM MBjBrtll are wurui In th. Ir BMMM MtM* "f *J
OBMaaff < Ubm poUoy. M. BMabaCaM Bm m adttei lal
lli tha /?ifni;.M> BMlj "li lh'- d.-lnitc ?t** < liinit"T of
DbbbIIbb laat nTirnirf tha a*tt*lo mboImIm ta Iba Bab
InwItiR 4v.n-.ls: "fr.ia.. t? (MMMB the Mudaters aud
luvoke tbe s illlotlae." _
Tlie Oamtoia aayf tbal tbirteM Preneb oflJeera were
kii'.i.ii latiigPong. Itdeel_rv_thatOeoera Beanera
pualiloa ia.ui .\..-.-.ilii-iv|.i.caii...i? "'.'? Kt rt) ibooaaiM
t Iiiii. a.- troop. .11. BMHatil "ti the ir.iiiner Did lal .li-t.u.t.
Tba Fayeni m-..-- iimi IM Pre*. h InrcM __*aM mbbbB"
dtat.-lv marcli upon . aatoa. ,
Advi.ea ir..." DoajfDeag atate tbat 4.000relnforce
iii.-iu* loi (.. ncr.il N. -tn i. i poruun af -*liich i* BM le up
oi Bative .'-4 i.-a. have arrlred tbere, lt i* eatlmatm taal
....;,. ...I Negrier*i foreea mi eaaalat of 1(?..ms. men. ihe
liciicii n. -.4 -?p.ip. ra expreaa fear Ibal Ibe reiiilun ?
? ui aniva t..<> late, nwing t ? tho fact tn.it IM r.itm ?? a
MB <4.ii H.14L- begiia bafoH they ouu rca?h their destiua
MIKERfl KIl.i l 1) MY _KPL08IO!fa
Vikv-na, M.-.rcli 27. r*_ftJP _a_B \\.-i.-t .-.! .v
lllipi aoneil. an.l lt ia Lcllcved all ol IhOM Wl M MMBBtlj
kllle.l l.> M uplMMB Bf Ure damp in Ihfl EMBB-MM
Otbob Mlalag OaMpaay*a aailBry nt Tiaamn, rn
Allhtri.lll Mlcal.l.
I ill4 ^iv ii.iiier* were kilie.I to.lay I... an eiploeloo in
tlie mincH OWaod by Ilaron BalMMlM al <>~H??". '"
Mi.ra4 i.i. . ?_
(.iiiuimv CblB, M an ii 17, Tla. OalMatM -Al l;W
,r. kueh tlu- iii.iiiuii. au eipUMoa "f m* <??(-..n-.-l ..t tl.e
.....I tt,;ii.-- of-rBot l-.i-i./nii/.. ln I.'-"'.. Iiurt4 IU.
lllll.CI* 441 -le -111. .1 BOd lllllt.a'll d.lll?cl..llal) W . Illllllmi.
I'Aitia, Mut.li 21. Mi^a V.iii Eaadl htm
wiltl.-ii a atl'-r |a M. (ar4.illio. dir.ctor of the '.|Kru
t .. (,i.(ne, K.ym. Ibal MM will not smg l? l'-ris auy
Vii..?n\. M.ir.-h 21. C.ir.lin.il \ ..n Schw.ir
/< ni 11/. ai. kbMkopaf i'r waa, i-.i. a.i. aaa wfmij Im.
ill'I'OMM- ti.'. II I.F.i; \Tlt.N.
(r-.r IMBflBira to tiib TRinrsa. ]
I1ai.ii ax, Marea 21.-\ largepai \ ia Him
a, , [. , :. , . . Mra ,I4?.4* "|'P"?e.l (o ( .Hlf..|.-r?tl..ll. 1 lic
ru;Hjal crj han butu Ihelt .to^k ln tradc f-r T~T*_____
.ou -t|..n I..." l.r. n ft.-.|i<nt 1 y itlac'iiBMal Iii the l^-tff?i?
turf. It ia tip aif.-ilti IIU* y -ir a ..I the taMMf kM MBh
iiniii-.i ..4. r a *.-.??. Brafybad] _**wa Ibal Ihe r..|H-.-i|
isuu imp .hMl.l.H)-. Ml tlie .lciiia?o?iie? Mlli harp iii.'.ti
IL T..-d,iy Mr. Ili-ll. I.-a. l.r Bf IM I e.ter.il p..r: 4 . tlu--??.
a l..ii.liali. II late th'- l/.ial i'.iic !.) pii.|....li._ .111 ..tii.-i.d
llielil to Ibe m.itl.'liH I...W li.f..re tbe lli.iia. . declarlllif fo.
au Immediate appa il t>. Um |w.'i>ie ?.. *a r.. aot*M rinaily
um aneauoa ooee f..r alL taa MMal Oovoraaiaat wim h
ha.11 all aluag aBoatlag far rrpeaO. bob auBoonec.
Ibal Ib' V ' f'll"l .iccept llla ib.illen.e. Ml Kl.la.l. * l.u
u.| im reaeloUoa fur aaaaaaloM, aafd la IM L-srlf ?
taralbla afternoun ba wa- ...nvin. .-i IBM raaeal ?.ia
de*d, aud lie wonl.l BeVBf M 'l- MBM ln* ino.itli 111 I IVOI
uf iu IM ii...c. baa bom . bmm gaffMa f-.r twa days.
? ? ?
Monthkai., Mnri-li 21. The Monjo OBBl WM
d.-( i.i. .1 thMaftereoaaw ladaaaMl wm t<> tue aBaat tii.it
the yi.in.k'cst child, a ?.rl . l-hteen inonths old. must b?
biiii-led MM t? ItO inuther's afl-_i "hlle tl.e tw..
would reinalii iu th. (\.tli..,|. tMalilnlluii li.rr under Ihe
dii.-i ll.,u ul their Ull.er, lh. inoili. r M BaM m. ??*? t"
PBAomirn of cabli biwb,
I'Ains. Maroh 17. Ia_*a Bafaharil. m tho lettsr :n
ablebaaa eiprsa.BB the i."i"- tbal aba bbm fM b|bj
T-iodara lu Luadoa, deelaraa UuM tha pto] ha* ata r*l
BaM Mil.thllte.l lu lli. I^.rd < lii?i?.l?rl..111.
Bomb,Maroh 17.?Tbe r*** aa-bwaia aoorM ooo>
Mften iioiiiinat. d ari.-ial blahopa to sres ln Aiueru-a
aud else??. tn-re, aud deliverod a Hhort iillo. ulu.11
Vit'-Na*. M.irch 27. ?Harnn I'uti.-t iM la hollr*. of the
(ieneral .--U.il. Ua* l.e 11 . oiiimllted fur furnlsbt-g plaM
Bf tM AiiHtn.ui fiirt* aa iba aoathan traalMB m au ."
laraaltflnal Mraaa al OapaabaBBa.
B0OT8 AiJiN..i?iN, H-MBh Manli _*7.?T _M
Wlndaor llmiae st Kiindulph waa budly diinaired thi*
iiioiiiinj,' bf sn aaptoaoM "i d>bbbbom m aataaalyMfto*,
Mppaaad .0 he a reatilt ..f tl..- trouli.r l..-r n.-.-n t'.r *tnk
inx and 11..ii-iiui..1. ?haaaMhara hataoal af b*4l.
buai'ded al the NVihd.i.r, and np tu %, few 1*1* ??_<' WbM
the Htriker. left tlie beMO, IM BMaanre <>f pnllremea
b.1.1 Maa aoeaaaary t" prevaal .1 ...niini Tlm aaa*
UU1..I1 w.irliiii.i. all r. Iii.liied ll. |M l....ire 4. lu-ti the
pollcen.eii v ri n 4411 hdr.i wu. TM ejpl.?ion, whlrh ahat
l.-n .1 tl.e whnle flont uf tlm hiilldunj, im . utrcd ut L'80
.1 111., snd tbe strtker* sre l?_f00*ai ><f belug tbe per
YiitaixiA BOVMMOMi Axn itnrniAUos.
Kn iiMt.Mt, Manli 87 S}>rriitl\. It ia ^oiier
ally (-(.iire.le.l batf to-day tl.,.1 ' lie .1. . I.ion ..f tl-'- -.i|.reuie
Court of tii>- riii'"'. 8_a -1.1 1 .... ???. ????. aaaaa wflMMai
MMOOOtbO BBMBfbOB MabB-BMB 'f lr.r.fui{i?liiHt the con
j.on.Hii(l t-OMfa t"f tlied.-.lalon 14 111 l.e totliruwo|?ntli..
inurket an.l lnto tlu- ,atut( i r> uaiiry tiearlv BBJBBB.OOO "f
tlm ).n*t I.?(.!.p..n?. 'I he II..n. I1..1. leirl-'11H.-111 of laat wln
Mr. dlrcotal byivaaMt BMbbaaa, aaade ?leeMUo*_?ej
possil.lc, und ao dlsliirbed me ibe BoWbOM ll.it one ul
their blaU' MOaOtOfB BaM M Jay tbat ln the next c.uii
pabra laat party wmM aapoaae ropadlatloo outright.
ilieiii ls a great de?l of fccliiiR ou the suhject.
______ffJM_rt THE OYSVEIt HI.AXOX.
lUi.iiMoKK, March 21. -Tha oyater jmrkeiH
of Haltlinore ar? hlirhly eicit.-d over M urder Isaimd
ye.tenlay by tb<- _*___ uf I'.ildle Works. BXtea_t_Bg the
ajaOaiil. illflnif seiisuntendiiys beyoiid the Itii.it ll-'-il by
tlm I/egislature. Tbe boanl wii* ludnced to itratit tho
aataaalM by tha refmeeatatlaa tbat Iho aaaMally
m vere wlnter had prevenled Ibe totiK inen f. 0..1 -._
llie.r nuial Hinuti.it M ?<?. k, aud ll.atli.any of the.11 were
lu _.. Iiupoveiislmd cuiulitiuii. Tno pucknrs nay thal
lUiuiaiua au lata la Iba bmm* QeMroji bUMMom m mm
..jat.ra and will hnvo a tttOBlMM cOect on BBBB-BJ
Toiiauarowa. ohio, Marab 27(8tmioJB\?Tho
,-.,1?p,I people are trylnif lo bnak up tlio skatluK rlnks
brrc by brli.Kl.iK Innuuierable stilt* ni;aiiiHt Ihe proprle
torsof tbem for ilamages for lieimt rafBOOi ndinla^lun.
IJutler advli.'ij froin a paBBf eulored hiwyer, scorea uf
t-ulure.l tne.. havo icme lo raeh rlnk, aml up"" Ix-lng re
fil.ed iidiiils*loi.. I.ave brunirht stnts fur daiiiHite*. A
itreat nmn) sullh areln oourt la day. Oaa Bf tbe larcaM
ilnk* 4 l.-lile.l 01. cuiidltion lhat the suit* brutlithl snalnat
them Kl.i.ll be wlllidrawh. Tbo uctlon of the eolored
people i" Keueriilly couili'inned.
llltl'TAL TREATUEXT IO A BllMB ?____
I'HII AI.KI.l'IIIA, Mltlfll 21 (Spa-inl).?'Y\u>
piillce tuday arrr.iod Oeor?o A. Maybfiry. a city em
pi.ne. wbo has for 11 long tlroe been brutally beatlnit hls
hllnd wlfe. Tlmwoi.iansUteBlb.it tlm iielcbbnra aloue
havo ?ai e.| he. .Iilld uiel Mraalf fnnn starvtim tu IMIB.
lle waa coui.iillted.
J'Hii,AUKi 1'HIA, Miirdi 27 (.Sjicriall.-ABOil
MM ailr.iy e.IBJ8M* IbM afU'ruu.iii In tlm printing-lloil.O
?f iV.ni.in.lore MgOBBB, No. I.T Nm tl. Hev-ntl.-at., ho
,weci. Feltx Johiiami, uolonMl, *."J W. M.'JfalUu. Iho
forroer plcked up a pair of large aclasor* and thru.i them
M N-lUn's auiiuit.-b. At tlm ivnn.viva.mi HoepltaJ
Im .," r.wcre of tlm eplnlop ^H___1__*
wuuldUle. Jubnaou waa cotumllUMl without hail. |
ANO .V. .1. ("I.MAV.
Wabiiinoio.n, March 27.?The, r'resi.lont and his
clerUs were not ut their desks aa early as nsual this
morning, one result of which waa another .lisap
pointiiteiit of tho u very hiiugry an.l very thirsty "
Democrata who have slept with one eye and both
cars open every niiiht for weeks. hoping to bo
callo.l to places of honor and prolit?eapecially
prolit. The tSenato remaiaed iu sessiou tlnrty
niiimtea, and theu, no writteu nicssaKO from tho
Presid.nt having h.-on rec. ived, it was deci.le.l to
ailji.iiiii iiut.l Monday uoou. Soou afterwar.1 Mr.
l'rii.len uppoare.l with a liat of nouiinutions. He
aide? a few names of posttnasters and Army an.l
Navy .ifllcers for protuotion. It ia said tho liat cou
tained tho followini* nomiuatioua:
Norinun .1. QflaBBBB. of 39 Loula. Mo., to bo Commls
bI.'Ii.t of Atcrlcuituro.
Alexaod.-r McCiur, of Ilrooklyn, N. Y., to bo Bollcltor
of the '1 reas.iry.
Joseph K. J olin?ton, of Itlchuiond, Va., to bo ODinmla
Blom r of Kiiiln.a ls.
Tlie frieiuls of Oovernor Jarvia Htoutly contended
th.it his iinmo also must liiitire in the list nn ihe
eiiiiiiii-,' Miniaier to ItraziL W.-stern men niiide no
etlort to coii.-eal tlurir distfuat when apprisod of the
pro'.n.lilo contcnts of tho holiite.l niessaac. Ono
aiiitry Wcatprn politiciati oxclaiino.l: "Well. I'll
be-if tlie Nev. Vork gang hasu't been ftettitii/;
ita line work in agiin. Thcv havo tiirned a
W. at.rn man out of the Trcasnry to pnl a New
Vork politi. i.ui in i. a phu o. What will they do
"?Ui, vou don't Ixirin to un.lergtan.l tho wia.Ioin
of this Aduiinistratioii yet," Baid a Soiithwe-t.-rn
Ib-iiHM rat. a (.uni, at T?-xua. wl.ieh bbmm ClanT*"
latul 133.000 iiiaji.n'v. and then at Vcrmont an.l
New-York. Te\aa has rocoiv.-.l uothing \'eriiiont
never voted for a I i.-iiineratu- I'rea.deiit, I believe.
and probably Mr** will do so. Bb* BJBBa tlio t'.rst
pn k of th? (lipliitnatii: appoiiitnieiifB N.'w-Y.irk
a.|ii.-. ,'e<l aul a BaaBflVT pluralitv ol 1.000f*r Ca*t*>
IbbiI aflBfl alnotl*! Mi OaaatBoi Iwo y.-ars l.eforo
11s ?_' ni.i.o.1 inaj.ii rty. aud she has alrcady capturesl
the **)| rctaryship of tho I rcaatirv aud Navy. Ih*
ASBtataBl 9*8 retar.vship of the Tr-MRiiry, the
Turki-h iiiis^iiiii. tlu- Snlicitorahip of the Tr.asury.
au.l. 1 hc-ar. is |* have tlio l'liblie I'rinter."
llu- uiiiiii.iati..n al Mr. ColflBB* to9*jfl***fl1 Poin
ini-aiiiuer Laciaj aaa asBaasied l.y lus frien.la. hut
it will do Ml.r nuiiiiiii: toward iiiodoratina;
the olain.ir ?f lL>- JtBUBBfl I >.-iiiu. rata f..r tln-ir
" BBaU* " of UM l*oil** WBllfl itwill iin r.aae tho
diaa;it;sfac!i..ii ol flaOI* lli.iu a 9*aff9 Oi aU*aB>BoiBt*d
appli. aiits aml sliinulale tlie ellnrts fof*r**OgnW
tn.n " l.y l!n- !>.? nm rats of half a iOBM Baa.***. Mr.
('..Iiiiati ia I native ?.f New York, wh<> went t<?
MiBaiuiri aome ilnrty liv? ftUtt Bffl I* 9? BB a. ln.ol.
>. v.r.il \.-.iia ait. rward B* li.niaht and a.i ti.'.l "i. a
fariii ik .r >t l-.iii a. wlu. h lu-lua < ultivaicl with
cot.sideral.lo auceeas. Many ycara ago ha foaBBBBa
. Baaaaa'i ananal M...'./. ut wlmli a* is boik Btvpriatof
aml >'<lil.>r. and ? huh.lt is said, li i* an exl.-iiai ve
, ,r. ul.iln-ii iu UM lf**i Bfl h.*a lak. I. an ai liv.'
part .n Miasi.uri P?iWllfl BalHl**, iiavin* I.n
BBBM 84* le<l I.ieiit.-iianH ...vi limr of llie Mate.
t .\ i < , |g ih" fti ii.' M'lut.' and twi.-e 9* the laMrar
lii.n.i h uf th-l.e-i^latnie. As a NBjJ .l.itor. aa w. i!
a* in h.a privat. <? ipaeity. Mr. ( olllian haa beeu an
a. tive Irietid ?f IB* ITBB BJ*)**) iy****fl *4 l!"' Btatl .
His ai-i-li' ali.ni l"i Um *BB*8 ba* I.Itnal bk***?)BlU
i.nti.e tu iiiaiiy ?f U*8 auri. u.lural aul l'\e iat.uk
ji.iiruala.it llie oiiutry, and the appoiul.oeul waa
n.c4JUiin?)aJ4Ai u_ iiiuiiy proouoeol farmerf aad
atoek ruisiTB aa woll aa by aurlenltnrnl socicf.ra-.
?ia, lt ia fludflifllnnj th.it b****bJ Ub* Via*..uri
pi.'itiei ina BaBMlM I ' ?' BBM B*MB um-it I ai Baa* Ifl
ptvasing M.' Coliiian'i - . 1 uma.'
Ihelieui that tk* Pl**B ? ul I al I.i. ? I..-'I to ap
pullit l.eli. ral J"8. i"l. l;. .lolilistoli. ol I ..nlederatn
ba***** C**Miia*98*Mf ?.f Bflllraada lia* B*j***d
tntl.i. i'..iiilii'.ti?.ii and BBMBJjl ,.i|. nt. not 9*)(?
Baa**)| I'. ii ? .'i.i's Ir.iu. ti.- I'a.".ii.' Mates. I.ut
inaflfl* U.siern aiul N.-w Kni{l.i.'l Da.rst* *fl
w. 11 -the i.ilt.-r <-8|.ally le i.mu H'-'t BBBB BB
appoiataaanl will ba a ajrav* ^olitleal biunder. Uaa
i>. in... ral -ii.i -v\i,.i.- iara ika ?y..un?. braJny,
eiierr*.ti<- in.'ii ' iv 11 li wIim'.i ? lavalaad araa k">m? tn
ml ti..- pii.ii. Barrieaf ila ka* apaoiatad Uim w.-.k
I...I. BBBB IB UMBaBrtBBt dllilnlliall. posla. iv. TV iitl?
ul Wlnilll IS p.BI au'V M.IIB <>f IIK.al III. Ui.
Ml I iii. 8 a BBfHfl iflBBJflllBfl : aud now be BfapoB. a
UiBlaoa ii aii.'iii. >? win. h BaadBtlMaen lc***l a Baaa
.,1 t.hyai,.,| a. t riljT, BMBlal > m ivv, and l.usiii.as
babita nnd traiuiaa; McLaBua brotkaMB-law, .i
win ..ui s.il.iiei vargia* au Um affl oi aighly yeara
he waa li.irn ii IBOi md ? mau Wliu. e.'.tl Btfsj
ill . axpaai*. ..f tlu- .,ii\. rniii.-nt, aml pruamtad to
Ika i .in u ul line ..li. r ...ti -r..l m ua .Vnuy. tliraa Bp
lua..iini-8. "ii and d'-s rt.-d tba Baffol hia c-uniry
. I, , I ?, ,, t.r.'.l np.-n bytba S.uitli ( arolina
Keliela." Hut ihra ;:i iu was IWBI I h-in.iii at aml
n.rve.l in Ika I n "ii Aiiuv, and tln'ietore lus . oiu
iiuiita may a. eiu iiiiilnlv harsh.
Kx-I "ll.I' aa ,, ui 1 aaai.ly, "I Newnla. WilB ill) *f>
pliaaal f-.r tle ofll. a wl... ii it is uiiderstoo.i has b*ao
u,\.t\ <ii ........al Johiistou, aud his appOIBlBBMl
aroali! hare baaa t*c*4?ad Brllb9e0ar.il saiishictioii
br '.oa DwDineraU of tbe F*ciHc Coa*t
Mr. Haadrteka to-day appoiotad hia rapkaw,
Alleli Morn-ail. Uie?8en?er to the \ i.'.-rreai.l.iit a
.-0..111. 111 piaeeol Mr. Iteiley. reiii.iv.d. ITMT" was
III. ..lllt.'.at oier the distllblltlllll "f thlS all, .'"t
palmiia.'.', au.l the \'u e I'rcsid.Ut's atteiiilaut ia a
?? ln k-.au l.eini.erat."
? HiiiKiilarlv BOOOAB, ('onurassinati eleet Mynutii
rharn-ea the Vlee I'rcsidcnt with * tr.-achery 111
tlie ni.itterof the luiliaiiapiilia I'.iatiiia.at.rship, and
i.tuer in.liaiia Danux r.iti.- CooBreaaman ara openlv
nunplaioing tbai Mr. HwuAtieka la trymiit,. poaob
011 tli.ir pie.aeivis. ll. ..mveiaatl.tii with * BBBBI
te(...rter t..-day. Mr. Ilynuiu aaid : " l P a* the1 very
tn.111 Ihe uoiiiinatton of Jonea was seut 111. I was
uevcrinore contideiit of anytking than that l reei
uian would bn the man. I was assurod of it by the
r.istin.ist.rdeii.rral. an.l was given to iiiid.'rstan.l
that Iho I'resi.lcnt waa with BM, I dOB t think tha
Mr. Ilendrieks c.uld hara s.-ciired the appi.intiiiciit
without beguiug the I'rosi.leut im.r't al.jeetly lor lt,
aml u.akiiiK tho matter ono of political lilo or dealli
w ,1 li hliu.'' . , ?. ...
Henry H. Ncal, Soluilor of tlie lieaMirv, this
iii.uiiiiiK- tctiden-.l his r.Mirnatiot) 111 compliance
With the arBBBaM Bf Ihe Preaulelit, to take elle.t ..11
the uppoiiitineiit and qnuliti. alion <>f h)s successor.
Alcxnnilei M. ( ii,1.
[Fvrvther Waehlngton Xext, let Fifth Pagt)
LUlafJOas, MiucM '27.-(-'on<'cniiiiK' tlu- troiihlc
Bttk BlllflflklflBIB fll 1Tb* Mhc"" OBBBBfi ? dis
puteh wua received by BB* <lov.ruor 18*0*9 from *?>
jiitai.KleneralJoiies, atWaynesville, as follows: -I
huvej...t.elurneafn.uillij.'hliinda. llulet has been r?
atorriMiutuppmheuatoinof further trouble aro felt.
There Is .... bjbmJ for troops at present. A piompt au.l
rbrorouseiifoieeinentof thelawhy tho 99*91 and Ie.l
flraluuth.11.tle1 is all that ia reiinlred. No dlatar^OB
kaaoeeurrad ...uetka affrajr ?r March 10, but thraata of
niinil, i-1111,1 burulBR have been ui.,.!.-. Aluios 11 rela 11, or
t. rror ezUU aiuoi.K the HlKhlamla peoiile Iho BtWlMfll
elenientcoBaiaiamiiliily <>r clll/.ens of Habun UMBty.
UcoiKiu. oi.l) a few NorihCaroiiuiaus aro amoiij: tho
? ll I ui !'? I - Of 1 he J.,...'.."
WnK.Ki.iNu, Marcli '-'7 (Specui/).-It inlrarnod
that the .11 noiihliif funds B*BBMMkBl by W. D. ?'iisldnn.
whokllled hluiself bBB) '>'?>'<. !'<"" the Helmont Iron
Company will reach alHiut frTiOOO. the thcflfl aal*Bil*|
over a p. iloil or four years. CuaiiliiK .Imply "I""! the
uii.ney'ii. Bitraragaai Urto*. UMia.kalMj bo.ihiua u>
Bliow tha.v.-r tiambled or apeeillated. His salaiy
waa only *1.OOO, whlle he aud h.a w.fe 1 Iveil 1. .. btyle
only wanaute.1 by uu lucoiuo of four or tlvc tlmca tbat
ro have a.v Exninnios of WOTBLTTBMA
Piiilaiieli'IIIA, March 37.-l*?'pnniti?in* aro
makli.Kfora"noveltle."axhIblllou,tobe held lu thls
elty next fall, lu.il.r tho ausplcesof the franklin 1..8ti
tute. It I* lo lt.cln.le all recent luNeutloua and Improvc
?? ni? m ihe arts and Boleucoa. but la uot ta be ,. aaaaral
kln.w of that k.n.l. Tue plau la 10 hare the aiaplay
?fSaa* on Hrptnuber S flB M have lt laal slx woeBB.
aat -??"
Mi .uraUl, laatan, March _7.-The hoil.iB of
the a.euraer Mark Twa.n. r.inning as a ferrv boat be?
tween Memphla und Mouud City. Ark., flve u.a up the
rlrer. exploded thla afternoon whlle lylng at Mouud
City, klllli.8 W. K. Kle-te and A. J. Deuicrlih, of Louls
rllla Tbe Brouian, a deck band, aud anotbar uukuowu
noffro were also killed. Captain " Gn. " Jagleman had a
leg broken, as dld alse GeOTM Malone. the nllot. Tbe
bar ki ? I,.-.- waa t.a.liy acalded, aud Mary W. Joues. a
c.iiir.-d p_aseu_er, bad ao arin broken. Tbere were
about twen'y persous aboard iho boat whon tbe oiplo
aiou occurrcd.
Springfield, March 27 (Special).?Rep
rescntatlves MaoGIUan aud Parker, Chlcago Rapiib
llcans, went I,. ou tbe mldnlgnt traln laat nlirht. mid
prevented a vote for Senator to-day. Other Repnhlicans
tludlug tho e.iiuinn broken left hcre thls forenoou.
Seventeen 8enutora and slxfyfo.tr Ropressntattves au
.wercd the roll-call in Jolnt Assembly. Senator Streeter
-votod for < ieneial iiia.-k, and tbe Jolnt Assembly then
licii.-rul Logan went to Chlcago to-nlicbt to gpcnd a few
days. lle wlil returu next week, wben bl. frteuds will
try to flnd out how many men will stand by him and
bow many want to try sonio one else. Promlncnt Far
well meu said to-day that tlfty metnbers are ready to
break from f.o.ati. aml that they will probably leave
lu... next week. Loican'* frl-t.il* are detertnlnesl to dis
cover, by a.tu.il votlng, bow many he cau hold. and on
Thursday tbe expenmeat will be tried lf the Lotfan and
Earwell men will all"showup." After to-day thero
will ba nolblngllke a full bouse on elther aldo for sev?
eral days. On tbe Deinocrallc slde tbe sit.iation haa uot
cbamred ntnce last week. Tbo D.-moernts have done
notbliiK, which ls preclsely what sults Morrlson. It Is
?ald ilial Ihe lieiiiuei-ats Will not rlak .'lliotbei- vote llntll
Senator Bndxes's successor ls clcctod, aod nol tbeu lf
Morrlaou's fnends ciiu BBBf lt
It was .ll-.. .v.-i ..I to-day tbat the approprlatlon for tbe
employes of tbe Lcgtsluture was neaily exbattsted and
tbere wus not BMMgl uiuiiey available to tueet tho next
pay-rull. To-dny's pay-toll umouuls to $:t.~i,42_, of
whlcb $8,.V._ |* for the Hoti*e employes; rfl.or.O for
BMaM empioyes; l|>-,4.r>0 for extra Janltors einployed
by the Secretary of State, an.l $_0, .00 for tuembers. Tho
total SZpaaaaa for salarles to date are ifEH.ODO. The
nu iu her of Janltors has been Inoreaaed from 15- to 170,
aud tbey ure uow drawln. ?i ".'..'"<> per uioutli.
_-___S_0__, Marcli 21 {Special).?ln Stanloy
County, on Tuesday, an Irlsh pedler callei at a house
occupieil by two women and aaked for lodidnic. They
were afrald of hlin and lafBOOi hls MBMet, l.tit, ut hia
sollcltatlun, tbey flnally eonseiited to lock hlin up iu a
Maaat iaa_g tba aighl About 12 efahnm tbe women
were awukened by a neirro ln thelr rooin, wbo cautioned
thein to keepipjlel nnd to delher to hlni thelr raotmy.
One of tbe wiimcii told biin she would (tet thelnouey for
lilin. an.l tiini.-d t>. tlm IMM wlierc the pe'ller was. Tbe
Irlahuiaii, who had ov.-rht ard the eonversatlon, had
.itiletly aii-'-n, tf__aa_ IiIiiim-U and atnod ln readlncss.
The aegre waa in im bm af attaeblag tlm woaaaa, when
she uuharri d tlie .|....r and nut atcpped the Irlalmiaii
wllh hla platol lu hls hand. lle 1I1..I m-t aatl] . an.l tlm
11.-<r.> fe:l w-itb a icr.ian au.l db _ bIbbbb! laatantly. On
ex.iuilnallo.i tbe woiild-hc roliner proved nut tO ba B
Begro at all, but ? wblta aaaa, om of Ihe aaaraMaalgb
bora uf the 44UIH. 11, who had thus illairtiist-il hiujsell.
GrBATIOJf* Ky., March 21,-Williatn NYal, tho
last of tlm Ashland murderors, was bf__ghl bere last
ulirlit frotu Miiitut sterlimr to b<- han-.'.-d. bM_*0M__B
_r. ? te.t bl.ii at e.mh atatlou. He WM tlrm and ewiipoae I
un.l lu.iiiiiaiue.l his lunocenco to all of the m.iny who
4 l-ited tli 111 lle ordered <-./-., b.ieou and clfee fur SUje
p.-r, bicaUfaat aud dinner, aud BBfaaoi tba I'tendanoe of
inlniat' rs until thls inornlii-. At 1 p. m. he waa tak.-u tO
lllOWO. wlmre a laqpa crowd was waltimi to wltuesa
tbe l.anirlng. He was escort.-d by a hiindred BBBMBB,
ar.iied wilb doitble l.ai r. UM alldicuna aud piatols. At
lM BBlUW. he BBM : ?? l Mf tu rM and ill. v.ui all kii.iv
tbi* t. m pi I"-1.. t.-it b IM, 1 at.nid bere to-day :?? *e_fcr
f.ir a helliulla .i.uir I dld 11..t eota-llt. and oue 8*1 ui)
iiiii'.ce.ire will ba astabtla-H t-jyuo 1 a doabt I tud 4 M
.u.e im.l all h'.i.al Tiye. oli' l/ir.l. tli.ui kuowe*! I am III
11......(. II.lo II.-, Iianda I c1.111U.lt my ...Ul. I BfB Inno
ciil " Tb'- Uat wupla were mhI |uat a* tbe tlrop fell.
lle wa* I'.ouuiiiice.l d.ad lu t.-u mliuitoa. Noue of bls
ia-. pg| H ii'.
- ?
I'kkM'.v, Man-li 21.?.Stow.ird M. H. M011
rue. tt Ihe Btate A.yliini fnr the liia.itic u Morria I'lalns.
arrlved here to-nl?lit, and at*.? a. 111. te-morrow will uiar
*b?iei),ht) laaaitaa. an* .-taal I* tba TMbim aay
lu 111, aud t.iketheiu M Mnrrl* Pliilti*. Hy M aifreenieiit
ti. twe.ti the __M_BtB Bf tbo two asrl.1111* re.-.-nily. tle
Morrls I'lalns iiMtliuti.iu li le r.-.ift. r to take ehOftja af
the tmttnnU fruin II.mter.lori County. who have Man
(.x.iin.d ..' lr< ul.." berololore. Thls wi.l nearly 1111 ibe
Murrl* I'laln* K.atlt.nl.'ii. 'fhe rr_ir*tm- will Be raado l?y
Ibe lielvldeie dlvial.if t lle I'euuavl4 auI i Hallro.i.' an.l
. . Borrtf aad Baaai road. tlu- trtp leeapytag about
tbreo hours. Bpealal eara wlil be pr.n i.i.-.i.
voKTAi.i.i wouwnnro a wibbt mate.
1'iiii.Ai.Ki.i'iiiA, Mar.'h 21 (Sp,cot')? Two
..iti.. r> i...ar.i.ii tba bark Ibahaa i.iriu.-. afbaraha bad
lu-en made fust to tbl Moad -ti.-et Wbarf, laat niirht, and
arrested Oriof Tboinpanu, ? .allor. thlrty-four years of
a<e. who llvea iu lirooklyn, N. Y.. M llM cluirge uf tnur
dero.is asa ui.t aud imittuy. At a preliininary h-arlug lt
wa* stnte.1 tbat ?lx d.iva a<o when tba MOBOl wa- l"-ar
t'.i|.e Italtenii, Ihoiupa ui .|iiar.ci:ed Wltb C. V. Hitiitli,
tl.e Mt -t ui.it.. aud striuk hlin on tba MM with a hatchet.
fr.o tiiruiK hla hkull. Tbe wo.iiid.-d man iva* ?BM t"
the boepftal aud btm prououuccd uiortally hurt. I'liomp
-..ii was aeul to prison.
? -
Bai.tim..ki:, .M:ti.-li 'JT.-T.m Daiiish bark
Nepfiine. Captain Itaiivin, )?** days from Ilainbnrg, ar
rive.IiUtlilaportto.liy. BbOOOlM fruin Haiuburx on
Mptaabat '-'i. i"Hi, aml aaooaataoaia Maoaoalaaaf
Htoiuis and bad 4vratlicr. BM lln.illy aprunir a leak. had
Imr riKlderdaiiiaifcl. and >>n Febrtisry 4 put Into Bt
Mn li.mla, oue uf tlm A/oi-.-a, for repain. I.ist BlgM as
.be eameupCheaapeMe Bay, Wilh.-im Reklurd,oueof tM
aallora aaa twauty, uf Muckboi.n, fell troM the main
top sull yard to iho .Icck and wus lustuntly ktlled.
Lvsv, .M.tn-li 21.?" -Qm BLaaabl CurtisA"
ls the sUk'c naine of a y oiitu' wotuau wbo ls down on
tlie bouse bllls M euacliiu' B '|iieeu m a pioce termed a
" up tct.u-iiliir barla****" at a local tbeatro. A day or two
*inc( a u'ciitleiiun froin "yr.icuse, N. Y.. endeav.irc.l to
hav. bM r.-t ui ii houm. where slm ha* kindred ojilte well
todo and a inuihcr almost dlatractedat the aoaUM Mf
daugbterbM paraoad. AB aatMaMaa waMBB oaa-. -Bo
ls fasciuat-d with her uew life.
BlCBMOBD, Marcli 27 (Sprcial).?The Attm
ney-Oenoral uf Vlrirlnia, P. s. Hlalr, wbo Is also a mein
ber of tbe Niitl.ini.l fnuitnittce, has rlle.l a petltton before
tim Oaeat al virgiiiii, aab-ag Im a B-aaataaMB t<> aaaapal
the audltor of tlm State t? pay hlin the satury wUlch wa.
refuaed baoanfti tba Bour-oa leid.lature, for poUttral
reiir.011-. -Iraotod tb-' audltor not lo pay ll. The munda
uius will no iloubl bo awanl.d.
riin.ADKi.iMllA, March 27 (Special).?A
nieeilnit has been calied bya number of wealthy resl
dout* M BBTM a xaullary __sociation. which will appoint
aitents thrWafhaaB the city to look after nulsances of all
kin.la. Wbereverooiitaitiousdlseasesprevail tbe school
authoritles Of BM diatrict are to be l.foruied of the fact.
Bawera are t.? M Bfamlaatl lt is alao prupoaad toeoppiy
?aeh dtalnfaetanu aa copperaa, Me.. at co?t, au.l waara
MfrtTM BM uuablo lo purcliuse, to tuinlsh theso without
cosU _
Larkwood, N. J., Marcli '27.-Fruncis C.
Alien, aire thlrty-two, son of Jobu K. Allou, of F.llza
beth. N. .1.. and until reeently a clerk of BM-bfBM 4 Co.,
of New-York, IWMMlIM- BIBMlia b'-re at t ..'clock thls
niornlnit by cuttuiK hla throat. _M>-f_ OMBO to I.ake
WOOdfor hls Imalth, and l.supposodto have beeu tem
pur.uily itioauo. _ _
AsNAPoLis, .Md., March 27.-Henry Lloyd
baatakeiitbeuatbofolllcoasOoveruor and will lmiue
,H _Mtf enU?r HM hla dullea. Uo Is BOW lu Caicbritlire,
w 11 return'to Aui.aiio.ls tu ? few days le s tbe
Ibu-d of hls famlly who has been (ioveruor of tho State.
IloaiiiN Marcb _7.- A coiisknment of 115 btills of
r illuwav'bree.l, oue of whlcb has taken a prue at eicry
laleat whlcb It haa becu exhlblted ln 1-mu-ind and
Heoiland arrlved by "te.imel-yesterday and wero BM
u m ,?; .- quaraattaa atatMa M w..itba.u. The*.,
MUaVere iBportM by Praaldaat HB_ of tho 8t. I'aul.
Mluneapolls an.l Maultoba Kallroad Company.
D-pCBBABOrq thi-: nkw-iiami'shiui: ?IW
CoN.-.iKli March '.7.-The annual report of State
Tre'isurer C-irter to the Is'KlBlature will show a uet de
VrSZ?5 tha-tauva to>??>;*?" "' *bout *1W'0W.
whlch will leave thedebt *TJ,0'_0,?iOO.
lk.MKr'.N Ma*a? M.ireb--7.-UI?cers of tlio Soclety
for IM I'mventiun ori Tu.-lty to CbtldTM to-.lay arresu-d
I Dllier A. Hears 00 a chargi. ot brtltal ubi.se uf hls chil
iiieilAniiimr other ai'taof crueltyltls alleged that be
lu?er'ted red-bot wtns lulo his cbildreu'. ears by way
of punlsluiieut
Ht Ixiuis. March 27.?Tbe amalliHix ls r.i_ln_ at
Mound City. Ul. Out of a pupulatlnn of 1..VK) flfty cases
iue rcpnitid. Ei?bt deatus ocourred lu tlie preaent
woek The dlscase 1. couUned aliuo.t etitirely to tho
negroe*. ouly two whlto famllles heliig Infocted.
NKW-Oni.KANS, Man'.h -.'7.-Cbarlos Andarson, of Cin
clnuatl. was .but aud latally wo.inded lart Ulgbt by
Uiartaa A. llrldgcs, of Cryatal Bprlngf, Mm.
The aniioiinccni nt that the depoaition of General
U. s. Urant, taken aaa witue&son the trial of Jamea
D. Fiah, wonld be read before Judge Benedict, ia
the l iiited Statas Circuit Conrt, yeaterday, greatly
increased the attendance of viaitors, who had
beeome aomewhat tired of the long >? laininat 1011 of
Assistant i aahier Daboll on detaila of the busineaa
of the Marine Bank. The teatunony of the defend
ani hiniscli made another break iu the monotony of
the proceediugs. Tho testimouy of General (JranO
had hcen copie.1 from tho notea of Stcnographer
Fish an.l a type-writer copy waa taken to General
Grant's liouae in tho morniug. It waa read over by
the Oeneral aud signed by him and reachod tha
liau.l ? of Lawyer Clarke early in the ui tn ihk.ii. Hfl.
i i-iai in-,1 possession of it until toward the close of
tho session, wheu it waa read to the jnry.
Mr. 1 i .h waa on the witneaa stand whilo the dep?
oaition was read and he waa called on to ideotify
four letters which were referrcd to in fJeneral
Graut'B testireouy. Thcse letters have previonaly
been published. They are a lettor from Mr. Fislt
and General (Jrant datcd July 5, 1882. and a letter
fioin Mr. Fish to I'resident James of tho Liucoln
Raaavfenal Hank. iuclosed with thecoinuiuuication tt>
General Urant, aud two lettera from Gentral
(Jrant in reply to Mr. Fiah, both date.l July
?S, laatt, one of them iu tho handwriting of Ferdi
u in.l Ward, hut apparently signed by Oeneral
(irant. Mr. Fish had received from Mr. James an,
mqiiiry as to thu biisinesa of the Ita* uf (Jraut &.
Wanl aud the relatiou to it of (jeneral (irant and
Mr. Ward. In answer 99 Mr. James, Mr. Fish aaid
tbat both he aiul General Oraut were r.-ally full
purtii.-rs in tho lirin. which had an iiiiunpaired
i -apital of ifiOD.OOO. This answer he mclosed to
General Graut with a letter in which he asked the
General if that did nor agr.o with hia ral*** of his
cuntiection with ih.- lirin. In the lettor Mr. Fish
aays that he has indor-e.l B)09*8 to tho ainuiint of
$300,000, whlch were niv.-n u to raise money lor tho
pavinent of BjrajB* etc.. piirchas.nl to lilltheGov
ei'iiiu..-ut contract-8." Two answers r-a -hed Mr. I- ish.
Ihe autngraph lett.-r of G.-ucral .irant 6aid that ha
had the saiu.' uiulerstanding .ia Mr. Fish of his ro
l.itions with the lirin. Another auswer. signed hy
(ieneral Urant. but writtin kf Mr. Speueo from a
ilialt iu rVard'B handwriliug, said:
l woiinl -iv tkal I thiuk tka batnatfl****. are snfe, aud
i am arfiltagtkai Mr. Wanl .iiuui.i aerlvfl arkal in-i.tit aa
BBB for BM Urm that me use of uiy uame aud iullueuce
may I.i .u<
The letlers from Mr. Fish 99 Oeneral (Jrant and
Mr. .l.iinea were read I'nuii lett.r l.ress .opich in Mr.
I .sh's 1> tter l.ook. Oi.atr.ct-Attorney Root m ul- m
quinea as t" tlie Booaraoy ?.f Iheau eoBar*. Mr. Fiah
a.ml Ibat ue aent the Ictter to G.-n.-ral (irant hy a
BaBBSBa***? ciriv OB July .1, to t!n-ollice of (jrant &,
Wanl. Ho .n.aw, r<-<l. " Ho, sir!'' 99 eaeh of tho
followiuir <|iicaliousof Mr. Hoot:
- I.ld >,,.. aiiow thia l.tter ttireete.l to General Graut to
i'. rdlnaad BTard bererfl you aent iti"
? hnl y.iu ainiu a pr.-as copy of it to Mr. Wanl after
l>,. viui know any means hy whlch Ferdlnatid Wanl
eould le. " "lit.ilne'l lufonuatlou that you bad aeut such
i I. tt.-rl '
?Da -.mi baaaj h..w K.-rttaaad Ward aeana have
..litaliieii inf. rm Ul iu M aa to .Iraft a reply to tkal lett. r
li-r.ir,' if r.-a l? d lieueral Graut, to wliom lt waa
? ln.. '.'.ll"
Mr. ( la-ke r< al the d.reet and ro.lire. t oxamimv
tioii ot ... i;.-i;.l i.raiit la tlu- jui-.i. aml Distri.t
Aftortiey l,'...-t reail the BBBM exaui iiaGon. Ihe
r.udtng was int. rruptcd hy tix- Q*u*ttoB* to Mr.
Fiah, aml iunrly Bfl h.iur uitervem .1 l)er,veen tbe
befljinaiofl aml .-i?i of the reading. S.iliiuiucd is
tlu- iiitiiial icpurt ot the .leposition as takcu by tho
court ali-uographer, Jaaaa* lloraee Fish.
.\OTill.\U SAII. To IIIM ABoi.1 t'DAIKACIs->.\ KI.Y*
iiiim; i>.ai hy the FAir.tRr.
It w;is iigr.-i-.l hut wcii (-(Miiiscl for tlio tioYorn
ir.ent aml fur Un-ilefi-iidaiit tliat the teatlaioiiy of tho
\\ Un BB Bfl taken aiilij.-ct to olijectlona to be atittcd at tho
rea.lini,' ili.-ienf lu e.iurt Bflafll llie tiial.
At tlu- ui tune aml l.y- ni,'reeinerit of counsel for hotk
partlea tlie aiiiuiiilateritiitjr.f the oath to tiie witness waa
wi.nf.1. tlu- <lep laition to be taken and rca.1 with the
BBBM I Bflfll aa tli.nu'li tlie oath were aduiiniaf, red.
Geiiernl l ly-ae.a s. fiiant testiilcd as follows uism er
.iiniBiit r.iii l.y eounsel for the defeudant:
Hy Mr. Clarke ; i^. - You were a partticr lu thelinn of
Grant A- Waiil I A. - Y.?, -ir : I aui luforuied that I waa
at the time the failu.e took BBBB*
<^.?You Baaaaaa a ?aaabBB of that flrm on ^>r ahout
N'ovemher 1, 18S0 I A.?I don't rcineiiiber ; I suppose bo
if the liooka say so. I never knew that I was anythiug
el?e than a speeial pflffBMB IBB*f to the end.
t^.?Atorahout that time you pii.l in i?50,0d() to tho
Hniil A.?I*a*i I paid in $.".0,000 llrst and theu after
ward B*J0u090 more. I dou'i laflBBBBBBB the datcs.
q. -Aml tl.e ae.ond .f.'.O.iKjO was shortly after the rlrstl
A. ?Ycs, air.
i_ s. that ln all yjnactually paid Ui 9100,000 IJ A.?1
pald ln .floo.OOO.
tj. -Ou the ilrat of May, 1**4, what dld you undcrstand
you were worth ; ahout. what 1 A,?I aupposed I w&a
worth well ulgh to $1,000,000.
<l When dld you Urst becoiue aciiualnte.1 with Jatue
I). Fiah l A-Weil, I don't know wliether I know hiin
hefore thatcopartnershipor not ; I have uo recollecti.in.
I had uo suspiciou of auy rascallty, an.t ttiei-.fi.ie there
was uothluic to coutlue my uiiiiil to auv such dates.
Q,? Doyottro.nemher upou whose lutroducilou you bo
caiue ac.piaiuteil with hiui I A.-I suppose it was hy my
Bon and Mr. Ward. I suppose if you should go 8*8*9
haek that ll waa tny aou whu 184 acnuaiutcl with Mr.
r'erdiuand W.rd throiigh Mr. Ward's hrother, aud that
the a. ?iiialutai.ee was led ou to lu that way. The man
wasauppoae.l, so far u-a lever kuew, to he a reputal.lo
bauke:- untll after the failure, and lt was not aatouisbiug
that a p.-rsou shguld make his ao.iualiitance.
y.-~I)o you reiucmtier recclvliiKa letterfrom Mr. Jamea
I). l-'ish 8* ar al.ou' July ... HH'J t A?The one that waa
puhlished ; the ono of which photograpns wero pub
Ushed I
tl.-No, I think not; hut do you rcmemher recelving
auy letter on tbat date I A?I had a dim recol
lectlon after the falluro of reeelvtnir a letter from Mr.
Fish whlle I was llviujf at Lomr Brancn, ao lt mlicbt hare
been ahout that time. I weut dowu thero about Ihe uild
dle of Juue.
Q.?Have you that letter lu your posseasion now ! A.?
No, sir.
q._t>? you know what became of lt I A.?No, alr, I do
uot. I suppose Mr. Ward took very itood BflBBB that I
should not have it. I dou't suppose that I over saw the
ono that was publlshed.
Q. -Havo you auy rooollectlon In relatiou to it I A.?I
huve a rocolleciiou of reeeiviiig the letter and altting
down aud wrltlnif an aiihwcr at oncc ; aud the substance
of my answer was that I l.ail a good deal to do that day,
aud that Itwasdoubtful wheu I shouhl ba able to go to
aee hiin ; that lf I could I would, but that I beileved tho
mattcrs that his lluu were angaged la were all rlght.
.-.-ui.-tliliir llke that.
Q?llaven't you any recollection of what haa beeome
of that lett.r of Mr. K.sh I A. -No, sir, I havo not; be.
caiiso the oue that was publlshed I do uot believe waa
that letter.
i). -Well, then, to tbe best of your recollection and
present kuowlciigo 1. the letter thut you received at that
time lu your possessiou I A.-I know lt ls uol, for l hare
acarched every where for lt.
Q.?Have you been in the hablt of p.-eservlng your
letters I A.?No, elr : I have never been lu the hablt of
prc.acrviiii; prlvate letters, aud lf I was lo try I suppoaa
I Nu.mld make a poor rccord. My busineaa ln life baa
been auch that ao.nebody c'.so has always takeu care of
letters that had BB be saved, aud tho only way that I
havo now jfproservinga letter that Iwlsb to preaerva
until I do soruethuig with it ia to put lt ln my ald" ooat
pocketorputitiu tbe drawer whoro 1 wrlte, and then
wheu I waut to look for a letter it ls about the last oue I
q.?You havo acarched for a' letter of that date, or
about that date, wlthout being able to flud lt 1 A. -I
have, yes.slr; I have gone over all luo letlers that I tlud
in the desk.
Q.-*State your best recollection aa to whethor tlut let?
ter was deatroyed A.-I have no recollection about lt.
I waa lu hopaa that lt had uot beeu destroyod, and tbcre
fore I bave looked for lt.
Q.?Ia tbe lettor now shown you ln your handwriting
and wrlttouby you! A. (Exatuluiug tbe letter)-Yea,
alr; uuquastlouably.
[Tbe letter la marked for Idcntlileatloa Al
il.?Thla letter whlch you have Juat Ideatitlod ia dated
July 6,1032, aud aduraaaad to alr. FUk, aad aaya i "X

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