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Bnd your letter of yesterday, with a ett.r from Thoro..
... James." etc.; have you any recolleetiou __**_**
Utter froui Mr. Ilsh. to whlch thla letter of youra 1. ap
??__ly.-*P?y and to which lt rafan, "M -bowuby
Jou tn Kerdluau.l Ward I A.-I dou't -now. Mr. Fordi^
nand Ward trnnsacted all the badness, and I auppoM he
brought tbe other letter to tne and got this an*wer. ana
pt.bal.ly dclivered it to Mr. Fiah.
Q.-Hut you have no preseut reoolloction aa to when
that was 1 A.?Xo preaent l-oollectlon.
a-Yotir letter which you havejust ldent lfled refers to
? letter of Tho.uas I? James, president of tbe Unoln
.Vutional Bank. aud Itsay.: "Aoopyof your "-that la,
Mr. F.ab's-''replv to the letter of Mr. James as inclosed
ln the letter" of Mr. Flsh; have you In yoar posseeslon
eltherof those lettersl A.-Xo, slr; I have not.
<j._l)? you know what has beoomo of them 1 A.--.0,
Btr; I preaume that went back to Mr. Flsh.
Q.-In this letter whlch you have ldentirled you say
tbat you have appolntments, ete., " ao tbat I may not bo
?bletoconiedowuto?.ee you to-day, but tf I can I wlli
aoe you before 3 o'elock." Do you remember whether or
not you dld see Mr Flsh un tbat day I A.-l abould tbiuk
I dld not; my recolleetiou la that I dld not see htm.
G. -Do you romember whether on tt_t day aud subse
ouently to the wrltiag of your letter wbloh you havo
juat ldentifled you wrote to Mr. Fisb auotber letter 1 A.
?No; Idon'tthlnk I did.
Q.-Yoiirreoollectlon ls not dlstlnct, I euppose, npon
thatpnlntl A.-No. Of eourse 1 can ldentlfy any letter
that I ever wrote, lf lt is wrttten lu my own haudwrlt
, O. Ishow you another letter. A.-Of the same ?*Jel
' X-of the aame dato; and I ask FM tf tba alanatMe
totln.t ls yoursl A. lexaiuintn. tha letter) -Well. tlm
1, ner is uot nilne but tbe signi.tuie I should"thcrJiidge
wasmlne. IFurther examliilug tlm le ter. ha*? "?
Hm of tbat thlBft I iioin-e a poc.ll.inty __**_*_*_**
ter *? t "; l dou't thlnk any peraon elsc would ajabe tha
_atter"a"exuctly that way: the cross of tbat t ln
tM* .Ignature mlgut be made by me or,aiig??_"?*?..?'a,l
1 don't renie.ni.er the letter at all; of courso I dldn t
wrlt?-H. aa unvbodv ciib eee. _ ..__,
Q -Have you any doobt, C.eneral. as to the aignatnre I
A -Well. I couldn't say.whether I bave. or not. \\ hat
blght say la that that "s" took- to me as though[ .....st
lTai. made tbe " s" there, aud the whole of il looks like
Jnv allmature. 1 should thlnk lt woel.l take a prottv
Bkllful forger to write my uame as nearly correct as UM
1ido.ie; but the crwaatag of the "t"labroughtarouad
.im s'o >ped a little anruptly. I mlght do tbat aiiuoat aa
well aaanybody else. I B-PPOM. Bat I do BOtatrppaee
that I ever knew the conU'iits of tbe letter at all. R* 1
was in the habit of sigulug. when I would bo biisy. v.-n
often foi Mr. Ward. aud alao fof Mr. Work ln other mat
tera I hud an ollice in that luiilding as president of the
Mcxicau Kallroad. I don't thlnk Mr. IVi.rk eur pat l-e
fore nm anything to algn that was not prcper; * ___?_?
reasoi.lobelieveso; but I dld slgn papers for dlllerout
purpose* for both thase men constantly.
[Tli. letter laat sbown to the wituess ls markeci ror
Tbe Wltaeaa-I iuight state here. althoupli I don't kaow
wheth-r it would have any efTeet or not. that at the time
1 w.-nt iu tlm tlrm I ba l a very stnall MeoSM. bal I Bad
aome money that my sou had HTM t*f me wlnle 1 waa
Jiueabroail-souie moim.v that I h id left iind wbohlm
Lad so managed tbat. I had saved some of lt. and he pro
rnad to let uie have half bls lalfMBl iu tha Btm, so that
wo.il.l have an iiicome to live upon, und there was
?fl? ricurd an income ruisod for ine, and after mar, tne
Brin genorously eouclu.led to let me iu as B half partner,
and Hii-n afterward as a whole partner. spocial, not geu
aral-_ei.erously, as I thought at tbe time.
Cross-exauilued by coitusel for the CJoverument'?
By Mr H04.t: O ?Oeueral Oraut, wbat was the hoiir
at wUieb vou wero aeeustomed to reach your offlce m
the mnrni'ng when vou were staylcg at I/mtr BrancB ln
thesuunuerof 188'- 1 A.-I geuerally MHII ??
fast traln ; I bave forgotton the time. but I thlnk lt was
8:.l'? ?r aome mlnut.is after 8 that it left Long l.iah.li
atitu.il. ..rrath.-r left West Eud .tatiou. Soinettiues I
waiil.l take a later tralut ______
u. ^o that you would roach your offlce at some tiu.e
after ln o'clock I A.-Hy that traln I would reacb my
i.iti.. ,aM aboat H? ..-clock li it waa not dctame.l. Botaa
titn itMtr-lnin cro.asing the rivtr would eet ln later.
taa o'clock was about my arrlvlnu tluie at the omce.
O.?Didyoiiobserveln tho lelV-r which you received
rroiii Mr. Flah, and to whlch the letter which has been
ldentifled hy you and niarked for Identlncatlop ' A,
bslng tba letter iir.at ahowu you and whioh 1* mitliely lo
your baudviiltimr, wa. un answer. any rcfen-m-e 10
Oavernmenteontractsl A.-No; there waa not. laafl
tnid Mr. Ward wbeu lt wa. nmiitioned that
tbere W v.-r muat be any Goveruiueiit contract?
there There ls uothlug wroni? ln Iwlnit
eu_a_ed ln Oovernmeiit contracts more than
liiuu\i:.iu_ else. unless ma le wrong by the act* ? tio
tndtvldual.bat I hud been PreaMeut of tbe l nltedBtote*.
ondidi.i uot tiiiuk it was BBltabto taraMMMM ai]
m.uie eoaaaeMd with OoMrnaMal contracts. aml l*wew
that tbere was ao large pndit io vl.ein except br dlshon
?at m. .Mir.-s. Th.-i. are rH.m.- bm b ? be .et Oovernmeni
t-onti-.i.ta le.irin und vear out. and whetbe: they uian
B?e.l their uffalr. ili-h..iie?ilv t" BUba a proBI or not
tbey uie m.uh tinms sujipoaod to, aud I did not think lt
Wa. any plaee lor m>-.
Q.-And you did not flnd ln that letter that you re
eeuud any referenci- to auythimc of tb .1 sort I A. I OM
rmt 8nd a'u* tbin. af Ibal a..i;, or I thoald Mi e BtoppeO,
bul B. a niatlorof fact I may nev r have aeen tbat letter.
Jlr. Ward mav juat .aiinply bave Ki v.-n BM B staleiuent of
the colitouta ol' that Icl ter w heli al bl* ottl' e.
G.-W nat did vou ui.dorstand to iw tbe relatlona of tlm
fir.u of t.iai.t .-. Ward to tho Manm H.ink I A. Well,
Iknew tbat Mr. W.ir.l iv.ia a dlr.-ctor there, ann aeemed
to bave a great deal to do with it, b-t I uever MapaaMO
there neliiK auythlutj wrouu about lt.
ti Did you at any time know or unlerstunil tl
fr^ii ..r Orant <_ Ward had rwod m .."'?
arumeiit contracts or lu f_r__ahlhg BJoBey to M Baed m
aarrTlaa Mt Oovernmeat contracts! A.-I m-vc--..<??
but one...ua t; tbal lf, WbaW be said there was a
tranaactton of that kind, '?><?>} >' l'? '?:?" $
M-beeald he had lnst been out snd boncht 850.O00
bu b . .I..ats. Ithmk lt w.is.a.id tliat th.-r WBB r,u,te.
?l..;.. tiuautity more to be purchae*- ta Chlcago to be
d.: r-red-M told me tbe late when .t waa to be d._-.iv
eicd-an.l lhat tbe. coatia.toib.i In't tbe money tO?0 U
Wllh aad t_S be waa tlolng tbat fnr u eerUta au.o.int - a
7t e.V.l.e.1 amotint. but tbe cou.ract was to otber
? a And I aatd that I dla not see that there was
aii.tmuK tbe uiatter with tbat. Tlm ...an bad B COU
tract fr.uii the liovorniiient for aquantity of oata, au I
oal. v.aa au aril.-Ic that coil-1 tM pur. IBaed iu.
ea^ilv on tl.e Chlc.i." mark.-t. ..nd 1 aai.l I dliiti,1 see anv
t..,,,:' wionir in liiiit, aa we bad no coiittact, Ihen alter
vrard 1 begaa to b.-ar aiel tbal waa;. t long belor.- tlm
fariirc ? btapera arona l lhat M fl aa taytaf tbat ne bad
ttovernmeut contractt, _d I .pi.-atmucd him about lt,
and be aal.Uliat be bad no sudi thll.g. He sald lhat l.e
wouidn'tdoanvtblm; that waa golm: to lujaie um or
anitli.iiK tuat. reuue-ited him not to ; and Be said that
hobad nucuuiracu auywhere. lt bad beeu said that
he bad city eoatracta, aud he aa much i- aaJ 1 to iue that
hc 44.i- \eiy wcil ac.|iiamti?.l with tue oity utli la.s, au.l
that lhat iinete it e.i-y f.c hnu to get euutracta rru-u tlie
City, and I told hnu that I didu't know whether there
Was iiiuch dlleicii.e bel weell coullacts f..r N.-4V-y.,iH
City and tlmaa ma-l? l.y tbe liuverumiuit of tlm Ijnit.-.l
Btatea, *o far as that ia couceraod ; and then he to.d ine
tbat l.e Iia-l uuvor uad a c.ntr.K-t al ali of auv kind witu
the Ooveruuient of tbe Unltod rttata. or with tbe. City or
New-York: that the way Im did wa*-aud MMTf
me au mstauce-be says : " Now Imre ls a man has a
aection ol a rallroaU," and 1 dou't know wtat road ll
waa- it wasaroad golng througb I'lttaburg-i think
ceunecied with thallc-diug road; he aaii IbaN was a
_u?u bad a aectloa ol tliat road io Lui.d ; aud h. a.ml tliat
tbat man lf he could have nieuey Im uislicd for l.s horscs
and ln* toola and his little steam englne uud evory'.blng
Ibal he ime'le.1 tbere. he could work M very uiu.h la- ter
MlTaatagt ?u his eaatra-4, und tb*i tbe Bna af Onuit..
Waid were to let uiia havo tbe money to get aloag ??."
?? \4. i " 1 aald, ?' lt .1... su't BBBM l" nm tliat Ibal i* Ti tg
goaKl se.uilty i Isbonbln't re.ard tnat a- very good M
curitv lor your money aud muie; u uiau that has taken a
eoiuraci anlca-'t pay for um horaes and ?te?m enifjUie,
and p.cks, an.l plou^h., und sliovel*. and so ou, can t .e
Very good security lor our mouey." " l)h, but,' be
says. " we keap the coutraci in onr paaaeaaM*. BM tim
mouey ls all paid luto our ollice-'; Iba road, be aald,
held back 10 perceat until the wort w,.* done, and tb.-y
paui theeonlraetor lor .very suMivtatoa; i d.?n t kuow
?whai ieugth of road tbut wa* lhat they paid for; but they
beid btuk lOperceui of the coulract; aud tbat l. the
Way be expla.ucd it, and I -uippo.-edtliat IM was luoro of
al.tii-in.s- iiitiu thau I waa.
u.-Did Mr Jamoa D. Fiah over ask you any queatlons
aliout liovcr.iiiicut contracts I A.-M>. sir; 1 ain v.iy
aut. be never dld. 1 kuow that lf he had aaked ma 1
Bhuuld havoi;epudlate<l theui aud said Itcouiduot Mpaa
O -Did he at any time after the 5ih day of July, 1113.
coiibiili with you rcg_i-d;ug tbe busiuca of tbe Oriu of
?Orant A Ward I A.?So. Oh, I bave s. tm him, but I am
very sure that I never dld cusuit wllh lum. 1'herc w.i*
oue oc_aiou. whlcb I thiuk must havo Men Iii ls"J,
when we went out to the western part of PeunaylvaBlB
lu tbe wlnter, aad Mr. Fiah wa* aloug and a party of gen
t ? n. and we hud u ipeciai car. Ward 4.a* witli the
party, but be wimrt dlaanaaed Ibal I -now ol at all.
Q .Mr. H?h wasoiieol tlm pailyl A. -\es, air, and
Coiunel Uraut was along, and there wa* Mr. Kisii aiid
?erdiuaud Ward aud Mr. James 1_ biuitu. Mavor fc.lsou,
r J. Neisnn Tup ,au, thi- Controiler of tlm City Ol >>-w
york I tbiuk tm was wbat tbey (all City Chaiiiberlaln i
aud thcrc wus UOtbor mau wbo waa tha kreaniirer of ibo
y.-Mr. Speneert A.?^es, air. ,...,?, ?
-ome tnim in IM wluter of 188*1-4. Mr. Hsb and
Mr Ward and yotirso.t an.l lliese oth.-r geinle.i'-u wu.nn
you lune meution.-d were togalher m a apee-al car lroui
b'ew-Vork iothe w.-?t I A.?Yea.
B Au.l w.-ie how iiiany days togetherl A.?I should
tbiuk we were ..Uogather four days together.
O -Durin^ tbat t.me dld Mr. 1 ish ootirerae ut all about
tho baataeM of Uraut AWardl A.-I don't thiuk ue
overdi.l. 1 muslea remurk, 1 reoolleot?and tbal latha
enlytinm that I tbiak Mr. War r* Ua.ne wa* meutloned
Bi ? i'liuec'iiou with the biislnoa.-t<> ibe i fl, ct tiu.t Mr.
HV'ani wa. a mau of ivoiuleriui ability, wontl. rful busl
B_aaeapaclty, or soiuethtng like tbal, aml Mr. Lsb .aid
tbal he i.a l uever got aiiytblug so good in bl* life Iwlare.
U.?11c uslied you uo uueatloBB >t tbat time about Cov
eruineul ooatracUl A.?No. lle aceiued sau.liod, aa
o.-Youdldn't draw from the flrm of Orant A u.il
the piouis whl. b y.ui were l.d to Mppoaebad MM
B-ude I A.?No, I dld not. I left tli-ui Uo,.- with tbo
eoiioern, and overvthn.g that I bad beslde, and havt-n I
gat it OUt I had some little it<-ms, but I don't kuow
Wbat au.o.int, tbal were piirchasecl, some uf them, fof
me witb Ihe mouey of the ilrin thatw.-re piohls of
tbe'fli.n; they never wen puichascd, but tbeu they wero
Buppused lo be, aud I was chargod with tbe purcbaae of
0,-You drew, lf I umierstand concily, from tbe Bna
at tb' raieof tji_,o'jO a aionth duriug the yaar la--.;i
_^_y tK
'4 -Aiid Bt the nite of f.1.000 a uiouth durlng tbe carly
panollavii a.
<_.?(Jpto tbe time of tbe fallure I A.-\e?, sir.
?X-Aud tbat w,.s the liiull nf y..urui-?Ii-ujiou tho
flrui I A.?That wm the liiull of my drufts.
(J.-As 1 uuder.lahd it, UoUMial Orant, everythiug that
you bad waa lost lu tbe fallure or lhat ilrm I A.?Kl | I) -
thiug that I had in the world went. Ward cuaie up bt-ie
Su Bunday nlght before tba fallure aud aaked me to go
own with biui lo see Mr. Neweouib to aee lf he coiiidn t
get 816.MXK) froui hnu ; tbat he had himself isised
a_-.?,.BKr, and lf hecoui't ralse $1 .'....OOO more lt would
earry tbe Manue Bank througb ; tbat we liil |MW),0i>O
tn tbe Marme Hank. beaidoa 4i;JO0,O00 ot aceurities lu
t?ur vatilts;that we abould ba ineonveulcuced very much
lf we couldu'tearry Uie bank through. and he aald tbe
Manae Bank waa ail seuud and * lld it .t had time lo
coilect iu or draw in a litlie of lta time loaus. Aad I
weut down there witb him, aud Mr. Newcomb waa uot
at liiiut aud ha asked me lf I knew Wllll_.ni H. \aaUer
frilt weil euougb to ask him, aad I, after aouia little hesl
t*_len, aald I dld, and Mr. V aud.: out loaned lt to aie
without besltatlon at all. He aald at the time be gave i
to me that he was lending thla to ine ""l ,h,!1hfllP, ?""
reeollecOon of ever having done sueh a thlng b?<>re. m>t
tbat he aould do It for me. Well, that ha. taken all tho
reuiaiuiug BflBBMrtf th"t I had.-^-. waa that
Q.-The repreaentatiou of Mr. Ward to you was iii.ii.
your Urm waa iu danger on accoiiat of the critleal co..
ultlon or 1 he M arlne Baak 1 A.-Yes. Bhr. Be aa d that
we had 91^800.000 of unpledged securities ln . ir^auit.
o.-lle dld not tell vou that the ttraa owed tho Murlne
Bank!,l,300,0001 A. Oh! no n?i?hhor
o.-ortaat the flrm waa overdrawn ln the nel. i or
luioil of 81,000,000. A.-No, sir, HbbbMIwa kadfaoor
own vaiilta. ?f our own secur.tlea .B1.90I .000. und tkal
we had 9060,000 to our crcdit ln the Marlue IU* . w
that I think of it. lt was seren huudrod arad,r dii tbnt
sand-and then he sald $150,000 more that he ha-l l a?t
of me was that much more to help the bank. *?*>*"??
bla atatemeut, when I went down to the offloe aftei-tne
failure. was eorroot, so far aa the books of Graut A B ara
dhuwcd _i
Q- Now, dld Mr. Fish at any time dnrlng tlie ?PrII1?
DflDfll utiBiiiiiiBlaala to y..u any distrust aa his panoi
Mr. Wardt A.-No, elr: If he had I should ha?e meu
v.rv rea ly, i o wubt, to take distrust. .?,??.?,.
Q,?Dld Mr. Flshatanv tuno co.nmunlcate to you tn.
faei ti.atdtirln,' llu-spriug of 18*1 the ae<M?uita.>f the
ti. m with the Marlue Bank were overdrawn I *?-.-;''-,
Q.-And reu were. of course. entlrely ignorant or tnaii
A.?Kntlraly iifuorant of that. , wrt?
ij,?Who had tho actlve managemsnt so far as you
kDow-theuctiTemanagement and coniro! or tne. aaaav
neas of (irant A Wurd1 A.-Ward; and nobody elae 1 au
auy eiuitrol; he was the only one thut coula si*,u a
* Q(-i)ld you know that Mr. FlBh was cot.d.icting a
large part of the rinancial buslnesa of lhat flrnil a.
No. I didn't know lt. ....
O.-Did you know that Mr. Fish was ralatag rallllons
ofdolliiraforlhebiisinea. .' thut lirin upou di?iouuia
audlonnsl A.-No. I dld not - - - _._.
Q.-Did you know tkal there was an aecoiint Kepi ny
that fl. ui in the M.irine liank call.il a -siiecliil accoont,
MBBiala fiaafl tka Baaaral btt~~~* theiumi a. i
never heard of that untll aluce the failure j it is a lecoiu
thlng iu aay jbmwbbbbb. ? _, . , *.-._.i
U.-1.I.1 1 in . ver kimw that the rtnn of Grant A W ar.I
waa borrowingmonev from the Miiiu.e ll.uik BM he
prelcn le 1 pledga of collaterals which wero nol BBUT
J iv.! to the. hau* I A.-I ouly know of that aiuco tbe
tiial ln-re. . , "' . .
u.-Miicc tho falltiret A.-lTntil since the trial.
y.-IUd you everkuow that the lirin ofGnint* ? aro
was borrowing monev from the .Marine U.mk to Bfl BBBM
iu any, W m relatii.n to any. Gover.oneiit coutracts
wlthout BJrtflB seeiiritv to the bank I A.?No.
Kedlreet bv d.-femlunt'a coiiuael.
lly Mr. Clarke-Did youcouiuiiinleiite to Mr 1 lan in
the spriug of 1S14 or at any time prlor to the failure "?
the bank unydistruatoii your purl ln reapecl BB W
1-Yr.iiiiaiid War.il A.-I a.u sorry to say I did not. l
had uo distrust of Mr. Wurd tho iiiiiht b.-fore tbe failure :
not the sllghtest; and I reollect tiui'. my snii. t >
Grant. aftei tho failure, suld that ?'Ferd would coino
out rightyct; he had no doubi he would 80BBB out
rlght," for he had sueh prolound frleiidahip for I.Ih
bi-i.ili.-r, WlU Ward, tbat b* didn't believe that lt waa
posBlble for hiin to do a dtaaonaal aat II took me a aay
or two to believe lt was possibie that Ward hatl oom
uiitied the nct he hud. , , ,,
li\ Mr. K.i.u?General Grant. you dldn t know at BM
time you weat ut Ward's lustam-e and obtiilriei! tlie
checkforrJilaO.OOOrii.iiiMr. Yamlarliill on the .>th or Muy,
18?4. thata week l>efoie thut liuie Mr. Fish had l.ecn to
Ihe otlioe of tlie flrm nnd expressed lua own iipprcIiriiBinii
lhat Mr. Ward had ruu away from the cny I A.-1 dioai t
knOWtkati I never heard of lt.
Bf Mr. Cbirke?Kxacllv what waa it, accordlng to your
present reoollectloa. that Mr. Wurd sad on tlie Huii.liiy
ii.fore tbarallara la resj>?ct to ihe MH-uritie. of the tinu
in the Marlue BJaakl A.-He ililn't say he had any
aicnntles ln tlie .Marine Bank; he Hpoke about narOWB
piirats sejcuntles. in theway I uurterstoo.1 itI tnat wt
ii.el :*1.300,000 ln our vault and that we had aarea
hiiiidrad au.l odd thousanddollars of money ln the Marlue
llank. ... .
A Seven hundred nnd flfty thousiind dollars of money
in the Mmi-iiic Hinkt A.?Yes.
t|.-That was Mr. Ward's 8bb**BBBBI 98 you on Suutlay I
A.-Yes, Mir.
Q. -1)1.1 Mr. Wurd iuake to you statcmctits from tune tn
tune as tothe biiainess of th Urm uml U'o protlt* thut
liuil beeu r.-ali/.eill A. -At flrst he u-e i 1" BMka at..
ineiita; Bdid the-n later than that h? used to make atiiie
ineutaorshow tb.-min lus aaaea; I dou't reaMMBai of
BB] leceii: itataBMBta,exeenl tiiathe would sli.iwtii.-iu
and shi.w what the protlts ?>:ured BB | I bave leokefl at
them latar, and my reeolleclu.u uow is tbai Ihiy 8ho\V4-al
tka iiature of the protlts.
Q.?You have none of those stat.iiienta iu your BaaaMB
siuii I A.?No, I have li"t. . ,
y.-Were thoae ln the uatnro of monthly BBBtBMrWMI
A.?Iu tiie nalilie of i.ithly statemeiila. y-a ; 1 never
read one of t!i"*e itatamantfl until after tbe fallare.
Q -But they were staieuunts ahowi af from mouth to
mouth ibu protlts or the lhm I A--Yes.
\j. b, i,i.a> r.
When James 1?. Tifih, tho clclciiilant in the
alrcady fuii.ous trial. was 8*11*9 t? tlu wiine-a-sUud
ye'terd.iy he removed,h!s apectm le. aml atartinlup fr?in
the mi.ldleof his back. Bfl wbl.h he n?ua!iy r*0*t*Bfl
wben in the court rooin. (.plnioiis n.ay 9**af u' ta
FkatkarBfcTlrrtih nt ?.i Badlaaab si ?attaaty or i.ani
. M i iinpu.leiiee. Inil lu. ano ceitaiiily wouid Jil'l^'e
from hial.ioka lhat he wa.aeli'. ptii.iiuliy lui-lil oi I -'i
ba klu-W alli ll a thlllK nS eiiiull.i.l O" Hell. I liu-Ilt. Jl>' la
albfljaiMBflMii*flflilflaiiallranta aalf Ika ptaaaadlaga
arata *a iinlBlataatlflt aaraaoa fn.:u wi.i-it ka >? Mid a*4
BMly cicup.i. uut ta whieh be did aat ii.teml la
liaien. HeiaaUort of atatur... wllh . quirrli
od ahort wlilU brard, B< dtaa.ai ptalnly.
BjJ wa* ct: nil.i.-M.r WII.Mam ftn-rl.-v. af th- flrm BTke
wlionr, d. f- BOUB* BlflB. I'-- B**W*t* " '!''? *'?? '"
deliv.-reil iii a loiid, distimt t'-nc, which tn- Jury m. n
ooul.l casily hear. " I waa horu in 9laailB9tnB, I ........"
,." aril eulue to thla.'.',)? lu IBiL I had pi"\i
.... ii aelelk ,n u.y Ulm i'a at..|e. Ill N.w-Vi.lk I
araal tatotka aklp'^kau i-.y baaiaeaa bl kVMBaVsB). Tbe
i.ame uf llie lirin was A.l.liy i Flaii. A y.ar luter it
w.is Asbley, Cole A Fiah aud ao ii-iualued tlll 1 -?"-::.
wl.. ri ii aaa Bkaaaad la Jaaai D. IV9 9 I o. m> bati i
est ln Un- 11 rm ecasod Inl-T^. I 1,889*91 8 .111 .-.-t..r lu
tlu- Muriue liank sooii alier !i. oi'k'iiii'iti'.u bl 1999 I
I,.BBflBBBlta pr?a..lent in 1991, aud tho bank beeame a
Niiliotiul bank ln 1-aOC."
Mr. Fish said that tlu-re was BOtktaX unnsual In the
prealleiiti.fai.aiik remai uiiiiziu other a< t.ve aflaflaMB*, Bfl
Ilrst b.-caine acQiialnloJ WUk 1'cidiiiaii'i Ward lu 1*7,;.
He was liitrodiioed by Mr. liroen. who was the cuahn r
und ri** prcsiduut of the bank until he diel lu Janu.iry'.
1877. Young Ward weul lo Mr. Fi.il. about tk* ItflM "f
thedeath ol Mr. Gre.-n und sald that ho w,.a a >...ini:
iiiiui of lfmlted ucnuaintiiiice aud capltul und saked Mr.
Fish to be u friend to bim as he hu.l l>. . n t., .Mr. QtaaM*
whoae daunhter Wurd had tuarrled. "Bfl sai 1," Mr.
Fish testitied," that lf I would give hiin B BbaBfla he
would show that he wul worthy of e..iili,l-n, e," Ha
aak.d th. Ijunk pieaiilent U> gi\c hliu ailvi.o iu biislnu**
lnatters. Bfl BBBB as reft-reiiceB Iluvld l)nwa, Irniiklin
BjBBBB aml 9, 119*11*9* Grant. of the ProdB*4 Kxrnaiu-e.
Wurd snl.1 that he knew Iijw money BOfUd t?- ina.lo by
buylug I'rodiiee Kxehange uieinl.erslup eertllieuea un 1
Bellliig the.n at uu a<lvuiiee. A cerlllleate inlght hiune
ilni.a lu iMjilghtfur t'Ji'O aud BBM al Bfl a-lviiriee of frmn
flBJOBBfflak Mr. Fish Icut soaie lmmey for RBSBB opera
tions, shatiiiK 9*4 proflta with Wanl. A letter from
Ward to Fish, dated Juiy .., 117s, wu. rea 1 to nliow tlie
liiture Of tkaaa daaltBtB 97a*i was then siH-tiiliug a
Bhort vaeution in Mainfonl, (onii. }lv willes:
"The Bfl*M nl'M.iiiag-i8 BM BaU *| BBfBUgtf OfHftBf
ir. siuiie ol tlielr eerlitiistea uml I . i.eiliiig them. Tiila
will of 98*88* taareaaa tawat vuiu., aad if Ifcaj aa it. ... i
tliiiikliu) will, I want to have a f.w oii haml. If at any
time you I.el lhat you must ?ull iu tb'ese louiis ou oar
tillcatcs, 1 will rulae the mouey, but I hel ti.al tkfl BBtflBMI
tl.e v. ntiiie lu our bumls the better it will bc for us, foi
I w.itcii tliein i arefull.v, uml un thiiiKS lonk now llieie la
evry chuncc of their golng up. I um irr B8*bB*bbI c?in
nrtmi.atloii with tlie suje?i-iutendent of tkfl Ev, haiute,
aml wiien he wus up here last week t,. vi.lt ua be tolii
aie that lf lt heiaiue ovi.ien: lhat tke Jioarl w.i- rBUlg to
retire aome of th'- aa] tul, | .a, ho would go In uml bay
BB what bfl eonid BBd fldrlfled BM Ifl do lile sauie."
ihe Baaaaaaa ei baylai cartlflcBtaa waa kapi up for
about two years. 'ihereweie alao tii.iia.ut.in,* m iloiir
au.l gruti* ?ud ?llMi*ji>eriiilatl..nB On Wea fear*al>ay,
)--n, Wurd in a retlectivo u.ood wiolo the followlng
Niw-YonK, Jan. 1, 1SS0.
I wl.h yo.i a
HaI'I'V am. I'ito?i-i iiura V i ? Vi u:.
hy I>iar Mr. llaii: Uwtacta Mra. Ward'a il. I
kaTa boan laabla to laara tka bouaa to-daj ; a,. kava
baaa aaaploylaii the tUaa lu .ettiing up aO my bobouiiU
ui.ii aeetog m?w I ataad al Ika opealag ?f tka Naa raaa
Tlie raault ls very aatlalm t.iry. tliauk* to you, aml 1
flinl thut ufier jiuying all my llabllltlaa lo you | bave B
enod '.a. ii., < i, fi. I oata aaaaaa la Bravoklya, alaa lota
ln Aabiiry I'ark aml ICasl Ha i.l.iui , 11,. .,? togetbar willi
Uiy li'.niU aa 1 BtOOkfl will aulhre to I'i.le fOT bot li my wlio
aud 1 ln aaae my (aealtlefl i"i bualneaa akeold glre eat
Bad siiii you km.w tbaokl ayla* la trna tkal Um
liuile one ll.is llie im.ie OBfl waiila aul t.'lla la an wltn Ine.
(ba BOQoaiataBOB aad Indoeuca I have aitk men el
proiiiiueiieeaadlaflaaaoe gtreaaaa many opportunltlea
to aaake iiM.iiey aad 1 faeltkal with care au.l abrewd
li,-aa 1 Bball be abie bj uexi Jauuary t-, MOtfl tlian Uoublu
ou. protlts.
Tlie opeiilug of the Weate:n iiilnlng Held as well as
niy acquulutuiiee wllli liriint uud eiy l.iolber will belp
u? iu luiikiug many a fljeo* tara la Mlnlaa:Btaaka, I um
also aiixlou* to iiicreusc our Flour baaiaeaa If sueh i.
praotMabM. An.l if ara keep oo in a imall way lu s^oeka
Wt Will Bfl* MMBa aBT 1 feel lli.it BBB .onliig y,-.ir will lie
one of gi. ai BOTBIMfl in Aineriran aei urule..
| Your pnst klmllieaaeB have been ho greut that 1 944
relmlalit !,i a k DMtai allll I fee! thut >?a BBB apjil. ei.ile
my ilealiv aa a young mau lu galn that p..iut win u IU ol.l
age 1 wlil buve but to slt ilo -mi and , iij")' the ia-u!la uf
my Work. I should like to iry aml bBBraa** "i.r Ib mr busi?
neaa, lieeuiae I f. el ll la a aate i.iie, au.l a? we hava loat
ii..iiiii,n >al, 1 toal .?oiiil.iciii tnut we will keep ou d>,iag
1 should also i.ke lu e..!iTieeti..:i with Grant and my
brolher, as well ub (irant* Falner, anu to tukemh aa Bfffl
of some Mlmug Ix.ints they BBaBiluiially fllffl me. Qraal
dld bo weii in the CryaoUta, i.itiio Httaourg, Moaatala
Klng, etc.. thal I too waut to )olu hliu lu aome of their
. liierpnae*. 'iliei take BfWOd deal of inoliej ; Bllll I aui
alwaya wllllng t? put lu wliut I e.m lf you c.ui kaup th?
rest. lal o think that If you and I were to put up say
$-,40,000 eueb as margin ou stoeks, we eould make a
gmid prolit ou the. Iiirontmeut. I make tneae au^geslloiia,
Bot only troin a mrltlsh jjoiiit of view, out alao beeauae I
enloy iiiaklng money for you aa well aa I do for myaelf.
Thaukiug you for your many g.-uerous past favora, I
would suggc.l thut you give theae laattera a careful cou
slderallot. and oi-iieve Ibul I am ready to put lu my llttle
capiiai aud all my peraonul eneigisa Oiiring the comlng
year to Increaao tbe prolit we hava aln.ady BaM*.
Youra very grutefully, F. W*RI>.
Ward bad a desk witb Doinlnl. k A Dlokerman. Flra
mouth. after tbe date of the Jaat letter be wrole to Mr.
" Now a word aa to tbe iloar buam.-aa. 1 lufar froiu
fsonm thlngs you have said that yon do not thlnk tho
proflt on the buslnes, pay. for tbe trouhlo. If thls ls so.
why. Irto not _?.t you toMutlnueit.butIwillp.it
?otue ofmyawn lnto ea-h and g..onwIth lt B-t-*t J
fcel, however. that I bave oonductod thla business wltb
care and I bave dona well so far. In addltlon to paytag
all Intcrc.t on my not- we have madejolntly over
114,000 .ince last aprlng a year ago, snd thls on an av er
agalnveatmetitofl.-iO.000. Accordlng lo my agreenieut
with you, I bave nlways left ta my box security for M*
half tbo BMOBBI of my uotoe, und I doso now Thls seems
toiiini. fair way ofdoluglt. Tbe Income I derlvo from
my one-balf pnitP Is very 8888BMjM0 to m?. for I feel Iha
lt 1. a more legltltnute bn?lnr_th*n sf.cka. NO, B you
do uot airree witb ine I want to know lt. - ou and I have
?.trr,_,?f/-lucomp-.rla_n with wbat ? *?_"_*
and I thiuk lt 1. only fair tbat before helpiug otbera by
who.u you have lost mouey) you should do at leaat wbat
you can to incrt-ase o?r proflts. I do not waut ln any way
io api'car aeltlab ln thls mattor, but slmply feel that work
i?g as hiud as I have to get our b.i.lne.s iu runnlng ordor
and make money lt would BO hard to have to tfflf lt. W e
h.-ive done well so far, an.l why should wo not go on I
The stock market ls not what lt used to bo.
and I feel that lt ls nnaafa to buy numh Ull thla Imar
movement 1. over. Still. lf fou want to buy
stock, I am alwaya ready to .hare ouo-half the
taafllia-lli und use my margla. | fa... y.-ry gratefu
you, but 1 do feel bad to see you loaltig w tl ot rs w at
r"Hl ".";,. ??, aaa n ? _u.i -f eMdbaaM* ta you to
la ,nv B .w.-rto make utir b*__;?" "J" 'I_!_ |r' 2 ,1m
Mr. fiah teatlfle.1 that he t.m U. ??*-,)r_,_ |r;; "' *
Ward waa the mao iger ol tbe iin.i, and had ti.-t aj-okeu
M"' ?h_i'iiii-t blm o?M aatM year* ago. but I first be
MaMnSeha-fuatatod wltb Um ta 1-5* I wm tataa
,,,.,.,",i!,w ur":-|-..i,ryoVg!, to tbe BtaM of business of
(^S!ltf*l_togOM*0 waa*. I received montbly
^Me^VilW :!V.--Xot papOM and Ma.eu.e-tsof tlm
i.r tit* andlaxpMaee of tbe Irta aa MadaMbtaaby
\r ..ii ...tlrai of ea.li in.mti. The proitM w.-r-on
,'ori.m;.l.n4.-.imi.. "' ?1?M?0 und __?__?2KS
af tM flrra'a raportod proltf fora I .w a ?ntbf .i.i|.ut. r
w, r. _? i e-quart. r. B. Q*B*TBl _??_?? udnilucd sa h
i.artmron Deeemher 1, 1H80. Mr Hab'f ai,,,..-of tbe
prom.w-auWollow*. asfar oa tbo .latcmcuU wero
rcud: _
Jnir 1?^0-r*--':.i7"'J J'llV. ~*T~ . ??8''",,-jt
_____ t IIMOV" .:: M141.. Aagaat. 118 _-..*Af. 88
-?;:: '?o';:ov;.ii..,.Ur:;. l%1?
],:;.;;.;yeria^0..;;: teBjiSSrijK:- *$??
,-,,?.,;, 1 81 . 4.ti0d_.. K.-b:...ry. 1HB8. J4U08
Muth. la.i. i m_8 Barea, Wl . . .. ?.* ?
Apnl. laai. 8.1300: A|.n.. lla_ . _'.' 7h
Jui.e UM1 . 7 .1 ?-io lau-. ??--' . 1....17U
A eli.-ek wa* sent f?r the ainount ef the prniit c.h
inouth Tbe aeeount* ocejialouatly BM ntlonod " wbeat
and -oata." but m ?!.- fie.|,icntiy ataebf aolho tareet
mcuutbal rletdedtaa returne. "Oeatraett Mgao to
I.e.atttfled iu 1 Wl. I -'?>? weni f?w loase. i-cporte, ,
buteverr small up aaa af Matloeery M_o?m fana
ture waameatlonad, wi,.-n tM Brm bm?t__ lnto thelr
MW offlees 1a Aprll, 18H1, th. re t? mi entry of ?J..o for
i.ici.u.-a at Ueeeral Oraataad Mr. Ftah.
Ml I i-h t.-tilli-.l th.it ae went lo -UVBMta tbfi wln
terofiaai-j He i..ev.-d ae?wa! Mttert from w..r. .
Ih.a.. and other b-lt.-i* frou. Ward to K.*b BtMMM.
Ibe] are all ln a siuull but dlatlnct band. They ?b .w
f*ir e.lueail.m, nml aometltne. profe.. a slmpin-tty sna
tru.ltuln. *? tbal UT'- alttsctlve. Tlm wnter BBMfln Bl
vvai. waiaMafa-ldlaaloaura at all that i* ln nl* nlM
taa letter date.l K. iu . .ri _rt. 1B1_, aad received bf
Mr. Ki-h ln Ni .4 tni. a .-. War.l wnte*:
- AatotMMM tMj bave faltaa oa nb-.-iy i Baa a
b.ng talk with Jobu [Mr. PMbr* BM) aad Mfl ll'i ri -Ii
Ki*irs secrrlary') ye.t.-rlay. Joiin auys tbal Im ferl. al 1
rtgbl .,? ibe bank i-.-r-dit imi.rly all the tlm-. I told I m
tbat if Bt aur il ua be w inte-1 ni - lej tb it be aitahl c i
an> letHM tbat <i. A W. mlgbt liave. and slsulfbe had
aiittmng be araatod t" barrua ou h.- uugnt lal BM -uow
_ndl Boalddo IM beal I e*-M. . . . N'<w, as to
graln orier*. I mne yo-r advn e to take nll tha IM
t,i. ul oi... r- I (iu. -et. aud I bave IflflM ??' r-ii.cey.iii
wantawa) Igoton.ler whlch will pay welL i aaco
ta. 115,000 i,..i. T..-i left IMoraed. Mr, Bmitb aold t
forme, Laat Prtday I gol au i.rder for I.Vi.ikhi imahel*
Mtf to be deliMT-.i foor moatM from Man-b 1. 1 aaa
Hmlth yeaterday about It aod he aald lf I bul th.
be would lli 11. ^ou w;.l ini..inlar 4>.u left twollO.IMg)
,. m ,i; ao l will o-etbem i I
.. II,Uat ll...-- i.
not i.e in f.ii..r lonir ist I tatetaeae ordera w_? I eaa
get lliein. KoWMtOth. i ?? i 1 !...? ti ? ?
ba* paaeed tbe blll to n Ur. blm on paj mf '" ??? r ... *nl
lt la now gutac to tbe Huuaa. lf *<. "f tbona 1.11,.*.
d..wn th.-r. -.. tbia bUl abould ?el wlad of aui
but li ? . . t . ? ? to .!??
feat t.m bill ; *o l ..in i erj .-ai- un and l havi
Bniltb agidlist aajing anythlug. Aa .......
? '" a
. ,- t... (,, ,. . lUeb i.y "? Wa Myaabrlgbl
DTiMimol ahe_.l of u. .1 we are c_r< lul. ? ? -
Vs- .,.- r..M .r.nln. ,. r~~.M m w .-.,- ........... 1 lf
N.,|?.i .1.11 ?..._>. *'t ..,,.?.'l <'....I"... .....1.--.-1
win tw bappy, f'-r tbe i i.,nt ef tbaaa li ruough le *ei u.
On^Mareb 8,181
. ? k.-.-p II m un,' lol If we d-.i.t Ihe l.;i|' ia 441.1
-iv, i.. ma. I d'u.'i waal 01 <"',? ? ' ? ' -. '?"1 '
A-la . ?
bl .14 I. .t. "U m ? -""I I d'.l.'t WBIll lu -"ll"
| . k, I...4- II.' II a |.|,|,|.,l,? th.lt ..
g Ulllg ?I.II1.-Illll,- ? ?
, . ,.-,... i.v.-in.i.. nt ?
oats aud !'..ur lf I do thls lt will M a atcatlj tblug aud
. .-, bul -ill take n.oi.i y."
Mr I i-l; 1....1 ..).,...! Utl) >, ' .. si'in- compl il'.'. r?r, on
M .4 IU .--.', Ward ?rlU~ in n lune of li
? I f, -I 4i 14 ii.u. h ..i.i .... ,1 Ibal >oil .ho ...t tbiuk
tllllt I -ou.d aril oll III,) of 11.4 - ? -? Blthoul
letlii.g yotl know. . . . No ? . Mi. Ki.h. va know tha'
l ,,., .. ,.,!. i., ,.: . ,. . tbe blndne-a you haveahawB i.e
? ,i.r, Mr. i.ieei.-- il.-atli toer? I" gulltj nf ii.iu.- to
UM ...I ? .i.l ..' u' 4 ? i I ? !'?"' ? ' BpOU ?" 1
aa a ? to I ,. 'I I full* api."? )" I
klndneaa. Tm baw bM d th- *oi>- n mbb ef \ a.lng um
wbi i>- I am. a d I . -ii i .lau. 1 ll I" f, . i tlt.it ).. i lamk I
4.i lak. advantaat ..f ran if I eould. . . .
don't Maagry wtth bbb, Mr. Plah, fer u>th Kllen nnd I
thlnk tno much of waa ta Maa i,?u frMastablp \ou
I...4. l.eeii gBad lo us Ix.th. and a- loug a* I mi.. BM 1
wl.l do ? h.it I.?:. i for '. ..u.'
i ;.-,.: l.u. i an tnll nf inrn.aar. a*r-"it lb~~fra
tract-." Itiou. I Mf il-h l? UM l.-d t' dlne with PTeal
<i?ui Aithiu-ml Ueaeral Orant, wbom u.u.i w?|s.i..i
to . i.i. riiiui mi ailaii lo BUmford. Mr. 1 h I.
that ln did not dlM Uilli them. AhBOBl Iba oi.U .1 p
tbal !? iiotlt.-iible l? i.i a letter. f ..,,. .. 1-- ?l?r.
Ward aa>? in one bmbbbm thsi bebaa aeoatraelfM
150,000 buabela af eoMaadta tbaaaxl BBBtoaMfl raaan
to lt ?" " oata.''
Thee.Xi.iiili.atioii of Mr l_hBT__.be MHMM Moii
iluy. ______________________
UPOBT OB 7 II K IdMMIMM ,.s l!l lt' II JilMi?IIIE
jri Hi Y cn V BAtLBOAB BOBI Bl .
r?bom a aaoitlab <.i -. ???... m "i mi laiauaa,]
Tai ktob, Marcb 27.?Thi < o-BBtittcc ta ooa
siii.-r tio- raballdlBi of tbo bornod porttoai of Um sute
l|. , . ?|.-|.,ll,C.| tO 11.. *!--. 1,1.4 tl.l- Il.l.lllillg. IhO IM
part MooaMMada tbat tbe rabulMlagba plaead ta tha
eharge of u cummlttei- ta coi.sl?t of tb. <J..4ci nor, .'o.'i
troller, Treasurer, Atturiiny-.i. m-ial. I'k-i.'.-ni ?>! iho
Im ,'<-. Ipoahi i or tba H mwa, i balraaM ur Um i".. (om
? - Ofl Pfl ? i. ilul.dlugs i.i,(| (i|,.uii.la. ul.it oue lix.-ui
ber of tb* Ho, e. 1 lo-e.i|iiii,i-sl,.n I* lo l?- eni|.ov4ered
ti ?]>? ml ia:;.")il,Mir(., and UM m MMf la tu be. r.na d bl rell
taf tbO socurilieH ol lallio.i.la an.l canals hi-i.l by tlm
r-,ate. '1 lu-ln,|.i..viti,e!ila (,,n;. uipl.l.-d u|e on a large
?aale. Mr. KaaahapaabtuHb i u Mtaarlty repoto, pi..
puatug lo paaaaai m Iba bIm af tha i B-aaalaatM af _17_,
uie! lo ii|.|,oint ei-liovernor LaBtOW, M I o.igi BBBBBM
i;ii-\.i-r and ei .Indge Klrk BM ibe (lorernor and t'oii
troller lo i.ik, . I...,-,- ,,i ibe 44,ui., m. plan lo ba adopted
wtthool tbe appraral al Iba OeMMlttaaa on Publle
Bulldtaga, of which tim PuMdeat >.f tha Baaata aad
BpeaMi araloha appotatad niMabei* Thi aapaaMf B
to ba i.i.ii.'-d I,. BUOjuoo aml t be Moaef i" be raMad by
BlatO tax. If a lurg.-r hiiiii la i.r. e-aaiy thi- ( ipilol U to
i.e iu.,4. 11.. aawarb or D aabetb 'i he pbwaeaabfaeed
ta tba tworapatta win i.e, Maatdorai aaal waak,*nd
beth wQl probably M Mrtijertad to erlUclaia, eapcclally
that af thO inaj.rity, whlcb Is ilecmcd exti .il ,._at.t and
.. it Mvadorataed tbal Ooveraor Abbalt bM la
foriiied the llisilialu c ' ,,iui>.i,.l. s lli.it llu., uill n.[ h.
.li-lic.l to rehulld tlm luil nc 1 bulldlng, aod tba proMBl
lk.li. atlons are lhat tl.e c'<iii|.aul?a will e?.-u|.< wtth h
fclna.l payuieht ef li.ui.ey. Ill tbe face of thla, the hand
..ii.., . ,.i-. i.t la ??(?. ii iii a jomt laaulatloa lu
itoiiui .-,i to da> requlrlna il. taaaraaea >.i tha Maaa
I.ui...11. Asyliim lor rr: ?."' und tlu- lur.iiniii tor
TM lullroal scbcni'i fur MoehlBg up WaabtagtMi^t.,
Jeraey City, wm burrtad throagb IM BeoaM wltb u
*iM-e.i tbal aro . ??.' aal igoalaiu, and tba pn mbm ef tlm
cl. iini.nn ot tiu- < 'om mlt toa m, PMaed nt.i- eould m.t be
u ? .ni. .1 ii. tbe diiif ni tabbytata, IM blll betag s.-i.i io
tbe iiiiv.-in.il by ai.oiiier ineiulier, Tbruugb mom ta
f,,i t. ui lli y tlm Ooveraoffl st i retary dld noi reoetve n al
lh. tiuie, snd Ihe blll WM rei.n I . . lo ll,.- ,-ensie cb;..u
i.it. Oa ihnis.iiiy aieiBtag ll aaa Baallj takeato iii<
Ooveraor. Tbe blll lt atroui opi twd la Jrraej City,
lt 1* said IbBI the <ii.ieli.ur baa fei C14.il OlrMtlaM tbat
tlie blil niUal lie .l|i|.|.n e.l.
i r Uoom poaaad bllla thla aforalug t.. i.uiii..ii7e t.>le
pboue aud lalearapb oomiiauiaa to lay wtraa aadar
ground; aaaand tba Ouaatltatiau ao u* to prnvtdafora
t',.j. i ,?! Appaala, to i .m-iai .,1 Uue Cbaneellor, t'bi--f Jfl v
tl.e, tWO ael.lor .1.1.l.e- of Ul* l-llpll'll.e O-f-ft Ulld tlie
?. ..i .1 \',.v-' ii..ii<cil..r.
1 iu- uomiii.illon of Mlloe Ko.a hut baru advorsely com
BMtod npon tbroagboai iba Btate, and ii l. d?abtful
whether M w Ul be aiile ,o **< ur.- tlie eleven vote* iimccb
?ary lucoulliiii him, eieu with 1're-ldeut .acbenck vutiug
wltb tbe lieuiociats.
I'hin. i.i'.s, N.J., Miiirli 21 iN/wiii.').- I'liore
wiie n.i rei llalloii* ln t'm c >'.,.-j.< l ii? aiteruoou, u* tlm
sludMils aud facult) alteuded the funeral uf IM Bar.
W illiuiu Harrls, the treitsurerof tbe college. The address
wa* made by Deati M.irray, aml be p ild ,i warui trlb.ite
to the dearl u.iin. bulb a* au oilloer of Ihl. lustltitlou and
us .in i iitim.t ChriHllan worker atouag yo.tiig nmn. Tbe
( l.,-lt,? p'ayet W.n m.id* I.) I'lealdent MiaTJoah, aud ex
1-: - *. Il ul -_ul_MB V' ---.au. . -J IM ... --S.l-U.-_..
fnr TKLcoiiArii to tiib tri_u__.1
SVB_Ctsi.. Maroh _7.?Tbo i-xecutive Committea of
the Aseociation for the Advanoement of V.'omen mot
on Wednesdav at the home of Mrs. B. W. lease, in
Montgomery-st. Miss Addie May. of Uoaton, the Iirst
vice president, prosided. in tho absence of Julla Ward
Howe. the president. The other meiulrers of the d.m
tnittec pre.ont were tbe Kev. A. H. Blackwell, Mra. II.
L T. Woleott, of lloston ; Mrs. H. A. Townsend, of
Ikitlul..' Mrs. Lita 11. Saylea, of Killlugly, Conn.;
Mrs. Krancla Flsber, of Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs. J. L.
Uiigg, ot thls city, and Misa Ella C Lapham, of Fr.v
donia. Um eommittce deoidcd to hold the next uinual
congrcss nt Dos Moinea, Ia.. m Oetober. Last ni-ht,
on tbe mvitatlon of Dr. Coddinglon and the Leisure
BOM I'lnb, the MBSObBttaa met the club and alew
fnends at Keble School. Adaresses wero debvered by
5Irs. Woleott, on " Women'e Work": by Mre. Kislier,
?n " Itread Winnlng " ' by Miss LRptism. or " BMfaOj "i
bv Miss May. on " Ihe ldeul Young Lady, and by Mra.
lllaekwell, on " Hodies aml laotils.
Tbe funcrnl MTf-BBB "I Mrs. Kennedy, the wtfe or
.Tnstico Kennedy, were hold at the lumily homeon
Tucadav ,i1ler,i,-?.u. Tbo BllMM ???___
Coiusto'ck Judge Andrews, Judge \ auu, J. J. lleldcn.
William Kirkpatiick aud Oo-.rge M. Croiise.
Kx-Mayor lielden and wilo have gOM to I aliforn n
KvMavor.Iol.n Cro.iae llt bere yesterday lor Old
Poial ("ointort. ... . _ t ?
1 ba annouuecment thut tho B*T. Jimepb I. Duryea,
of Uoaton. uud received .? call to the Kirat I'l.-l-i t-n ...
Church ol hvrnouee is ilei.icl bv tlm metubeff of . bal
,-Liiich Itia s.dd. liow.vcr. than un edort h* BO-Bf
u.ade to aeeitre tlm aervi.vs nf Dr, Dl.nea.
A coin.nitt.e ,i,,',,o.ute.l hy the Stoimcntters tWOB
have r.ti.rn.-.l from Albany. wbofO tb.-y have been
?oliottiag MbaeripdoH Baaoag tba Moaaeottaea st
work on Iba (apitol. Tlioy n liort aOMOaa "Jf"*
tbeatibscnptionsre.-eived ITM $-?-TOM0*MfMf H-B.
- Mr*. SVili.am K. Ilov. ha* returned to lmr home at
PavettMiUe bvM Wr_-b_aflM, wbooa she bad beou
aa-iaiiu? lmr *t-ter, Mise 1 leielaud. in the olhcial re
,-. ptiont al il.feeutiw Btaaatae.
ihi- local a tener of the I'ntted Statea Pofl-tM Ofltaa
_MP__d.aiBca Vir.-i. l, 20.600 bm. Thoro aro
280 MOra claim. to be sutlsled. J lie tolul amouut,
wbaa Iba Hat b a ?.mpieud, wdl be f70i),ouo.
[ur n_-B-*J-ffa to ma IRIUBN-.J
BoPVAUh Mnrob 87.?Tb*M-Mbaraai UboOonMoa
Young Men's .Yssoclstloti imt to-mglit to take aciion
in regard to __8 b.iiuiug ol .M'unc Hall. Their .1. I.beifi
ti,,ns will be .:i..:losed at the general mcetiug of
,-iti/. M ci.ll.-.l loi to-morrow n?'ht. There i* no fM0>
ti?n but tbat Mtiaie lla.l will be rebuilt. 'I he aame
,iti/.elia Who .ul.acrlbe.l totl.e Mil.aic 11-11 lilllldiug b__d
lieiore atand read-j to do so again. nnd tl.e aa v.-n.. nt
ln lavor ..f r_b_-__b_| b too pep.ilar to f-.il "f acc.m
jiiinhm,' it* oi-ject. itm st. i. mi, Charah aoafrffjaAloa
iaw.il t i do, and tl.oii.h tlm nld cliun-h ia Imvoml
rcatoraiion a more beaiitilul building will take It* pli.ee.
Ibe eccentii. Itv ol taiim war. illiiatrated tlie otber day
BltlM Mi-rid'* odiee bf th" IBM I A "l n po-tul citrd
LM4 1I.-. perttealara ot tba i e \\.? ptlaaman IroM tM
Ja.a-.ui. M.cl... reaitost-ary, und adflfMMi la
? tirovr Cleii-Unil, KbarU-."
Tba l-ke traii*i...rtati.'ii llne* are snnouncln. thelr
ai.j.. .nt . - t-o! au t .-tor liiea.-a-onollaa.-,. u:,,.
tbare m a -i a praa\. th.n aafigaetaai will be aetnraljr
raaun "1 lor two mouth* t.me,
lt i* mw ?___ tl.it it wMtba il.-i.ciiv.- plumbtaglo
hia |iela4iure.ave. ii uiie which caiiaed IM deatb of
i boeioa a\ . Bt < bm .
Tha wifo ef tha __m.Dt.Vm BehhalM, f*aaar ol
Trinity Cbnreb, bM lata aarnnaelous ataee l .at J.m
aaty, -*d ihk aftara wa lu* daagbtor waa bun.-.i .i
ulaii li. r uiollirr* d.4..l.d uur-e. iii?* Konnetta Al.uu
Van Uokk. li n, , .
Hi,l., ? M aarag ih-lwii n aeaaoatol
?.?,? ... ' ki .1 < l.ut.li woio.uot ihi. .it-, tbad*.
?-, ,,i baving an i rd.-r ol d*M u - v
?' ,:i '"' ?'"? ... , i . ? .
ib eripttoa llat lot tba BartbaUl MaaMa
,! ?;,. ei .- dai .i be .- yeaterday.
Thi M. i aull . >i ? I .....?'?? t ' rei ythlng
I,,,, ,... .;, ,? r ..tnu.'a 4iiu.li ile membei -
baM ???> ta ti." M i-e il i ? Bt ;?"?. oan
btri. ??-? '?? " ' alba.
,,N1 . ., v. ? ! ' ' rn '., ii. N \VI IA M"V
i II \IT.I .
[bt tki.ij" unraj
Aie.av. ?? -? rha ?
, M-,.., i-, m. daa ? . i !? I l Beyd of
. .. ?, LU a, of ... EtarbM ,.
( _\ ?? i daoa ol ai Qoleraet Ua
liua. i ?
I II. *_i-BbaU bM MM tec-'inm. ml"! tor tb* up
M-Btaarat a- aadM atV.e-t lomt ii?m thM <1. tnct
,,,(,,,;.,, |_ n.l.ct Krtaharae h] IbaBaardaf Kx
.I'.B 1
? K..ik . " sul wm Cirietou baM IrawB targa au.i.
i aeaa .it iba Lelaad -Uf **< k
ll,- | ,n..n ..I tb. Porl "iu'i (e CTab ta tbe
tomlttea "i Ua BMaabara will hobaU t I i idayM
ll.ur .1.14 ol Clater w.e-.
ll,, lixtii ii, MBlforaary <?! tba w*ddtag ol Mr. aml
Mr.. .1 -!..i U. \M.itr waa ob-er\e<l at tln-ir home. ou
Mod-MO-ava.. m Wadaaadas B-gbt Mr, tVbrM la
rIgni) loiir yeara of age Md U ta Tlgortma bealth. Ha
u . n< "i ti"- laadiogaaaotalOTe ka tiu-a|_t,., ,,u.i leva il
(lt |,|, .. .i .- i ..Cl.lle.i NV 11 tl ll 1 111 Ul tlie lillall.r-. IU
Albany, Kbw- i "iK. i blladalphlo aml othef etttaa
i ,,-,, .i.it,.... far tbt apaan_gol aaftgatloa are Mlag
made ;in,..i.? the Ileel Of BBBIM boalf mi'l at.-iiiiiI.".iN,
,,,,.,;?,,..,: ta tha' lataher*. IV DalawaMaadBaaaM
Cai il flrtll "|,.ii on Apnl ?l.
i MtraeM wf l|"- waXktat All laiata' .'att.eiiral bave
l?, n iwarded loJoha Haottb, of Itbaea, tor 111B,UU0.
ll,.. eoiitra-t ealla lor thi traot-M "i tbo walle of tba
. ..- adral praper, witbaal tbe towera, tbe reatry,
oloiater, etc. rb? eoatraet aJaa h?el?dM tba bnildiag
ot t.i-i.i4 four neniortal pfllanta th* aav*. Uooev
eiion-b ia U...4 |.ie.'^e.| to biiil.l I lie I .l.t.II B half, u lilrb
ii Ueatimated arill co?t 100,000. Im eoaatruetl.I
iba aratorfl ball depeadf bom ohethat atiit.c .-ut
t,, 44;inant tbe uudei taking ahal be f-iaed.
. ..;.. i.ii.i i* tuiw idadced. Im work oi Iba
ii bull, ii th .< ul..ne b b.i.lt. i. to be Ralahed bt
*>..4.tiii..-i l. Tba wallaare to ha ol i atadaaa tteaa
?, ,! i rowa Btaae.
TbO oM l.iwtai.le I'lirk Bl BaM All.atiy, bM MOB
mu-ui.-.i bv thaAlbaayBaoeboU Ulah lor Haaaatoh
games aaal taaaea,
A ' RI H1ET AWIVii: \KV.
|ar TaLi-'iiiA.-u t>> iiis IB-BBBB.]
??-,.,,, . _-,". i\4D triala bave attiactad
,,,,,. | MtoatlM tbia veak, b. i..g tbal at u Cbaaabartata
1I.UI4 8. chureb for atoallaa pohllo _aoaey, aad lhat of
M.,,,1 PitfgAr-ld tar e-raap-rtag la taotall l Quuaber
|_B bj 1. I ba (lia.i-iceni.-iit of Um jury lu (bureh's
,-,,-.-?,.a ii. i iiiu.-b ofa MrpfMa io Um peepleta Troy,
. uhiirob'a loaltoMaalj mbbbotb aad good follaw
ahlp b*r* turaod faoeeal BMBBttM ffOM Um BMaaltada
,,r ,i.ti aaa aha-fai agaaBM bba PMtrlel attotaoy
Kh-dMMTf tliat lu- will l I.l lli ir.-b a?.iln. ll.cli- ar tWO
oiui-r in'i bi ineiii* aaalaaf inm. Cbmmi _8mbbb Iojm.
(lf Si | york, :i|,i.oluled by tae .iovernor, Wi.uii'l up Ho
M.i).ua trial ... i.ueo <li>s, bjr sh.ittiiiK ofl many loug
^m.l, ,1 , ., i un 1 iii 11. b teaiimiuo ? II l? I'Tnliipt
HD U|?1 lliiuiie-ii bad a .lecbd eftect. TM teatliuoln
I ,|,,. M.n .: |ia a-. -ttronif aa could be
aiiiaotad in v"'w ef tlm aatara of tha a_alfaatMM
,i,,i,.-.i but tlie way bobm of tbe prlnetpal arttaaaooa
,', , ,i, i.i.- ad - iui "iii -," ir ihelr leatlmooj la
,,,,,. | i,? ootnbiuutlon of acci.lont il cin umslances w.ia
'"'l'i,.' ,?,.,,-.? luive tl cbi.nee to trv flielr dete.'ilve "Itllt
j? ,,,,,!, ii ii.- ii4 tn.. tio- eeeai ai lall Mrd wm gof aal M
_ 11.1,.i itorj .- i witb reaiarkabta aaeaaaa. leyaral
? ? ptiaoner bave heoa arreatod u* aaaoaa
,,|.,r. n I... fnr a long tfmo bean aproveibtaalM
'?.;?,i,..,-.,|.i. -i io tba Ren ael ter I onnty .lall.
-j),,, ,... ,,i mow iu ii..- ?.....ia au I three [ael of lee ln
IM river tbroatou aa almoal aapraaadaatad Hoohaa in
^juda_ >ott la hobllog tM C*urt of BeaMoM for Judxc
i ni a U, w ln. la iu w 1. iblugton.
,,.'," ?rcBiilx;itlona na.I after Oeneral B'illtam B.
Tibi.it* will.rveneil fuesday, Um tlftii MBlTaraar]
afhMdeatb, byaiBBBial p*r_-ta.
i\\_flT_0AT_N0 city riNA\<:r..s wkddino
fnr rKLK-RiniTiTiiB ntiuaKa)
l.'TH'A, Miu.-li -7. ? iii.! ('..iii.ii-.ii Cmitwil
hasiippolule.1 a eoiniuiliiie ..r MttaOM lo e-aiultie lnto
tm. (U)*s llnanco*. A Pouimittoe ivas al-o ||-poluied
44iih Mmor guliiey mehairmiii lo luveallgale ch.uges
ol oorruntlou iu tlm or>{aul_i?llou "' tho Comiull uud tbe
uiM'i'iniuioiit of oilleurs.
JaBBOa aM?BBB, *.i[ieilnt?ndent of btter-earrlers ln tbe
Cilca l'ost Ollice for twrniy-four year*. has beeu re
1.1..4..I Willlaiu M. lluriiap.uocecd. hlai.
Or. John P. Oray. Jr., of Utloa, wtll bl married t<?
Mary 11. Mygatt, ut Uinco.Caiircb, Now-York, ou Aprll
8. Or. Oray i-a -ou of -ipertuleudeat Giay, ol tbe
Htat.- I.iiuatlc Asylum.
T. O. Uranid* A Co., ?prlvato baukers, who recently
?ii.-iei.ii. .1, a?_lgued to-day to A. J. Molutoth. Oo
posttors ln the bank are preterred to the amount ot
$25,600. Churlea K. OrannlB, a partner ln tho bank, haa
alao asalgned. Tke total amount duo dcptwltore la about
$70,000. The other llubilltlea are unknown. It la
belloved that ..ll of the oredlt.rs wlil be paid ln ruu, anu
that the bank will wlnd up lts aflalrs and gc> aaa
of existenoe. Georae Curtls, tbe aeuior meoioer or tue
flrm, ls Mlck at Milford, Coun. - ? '____
Andrew Dlsebler, color bcaror of the 2Gtb Kegimenc.
dled on Wednesilay, age slxty-four. ,
The ottlclal terms of nearly all of the notariea publio in
thls oounty explre ou Monday. No uew appolutinenta
bave yet been made by tho Oovernor.
RocnF.aTKit, March 27.?Captain D. P. Lob
biua, Buperlutendent of tbe Nluth Dlstriot Life Sarln*
Pervlce, bas completed arrangeuients for the reorgaulza
tlon of the Charlotte Statlon, on Lake Ontarlo, thls year.
Thls ls tho ouly statlon ln the dlstriot now under the old
voluuteer system, all of the otbere belng manned by
regulany appolntod and paid orews. At one time all of
the Btatlons wore uuder the volunteer system, after the
fiishton of the Iirltlah aud C'anadiaa sUtlona, but thla
long ago becaiue impractlcablo, especlally at tbe larger
porta. Busliiess ls rapidly lnereaalng at the port of
Charlotte, inaklng a lietter eervice ueoesaary. The
statlon uow BBBbbBj near tho old light house, more than "a
mile un the (icneace. It ls propoaed to uiove it own to
the b1.ij.i- aud lel.ulld lf.
i Tno third auuiiul coinmenoemcnt ot tbe ocheater
Tralning BaaMaa for Nuises, conuected with the .City
ilo-pllai. oeeurred lust oveulug, ani the sxercises
attructed general atteutloa. The graduatlug olaas la aa
follows: Mury li. Iliillard, Carllna Muller, Maruarot L.
loil.H, iJur.i M. lliill. WBBBBBB L. Thorne, Mary Bt
Thorne and Mrs. F.li/.abcth L. BBBBBBB*.
?ll,o death of G. Gilbort, the portralt palntor, laa
H,-ii,,ua l,.as to tlni pr'.feaalon ln thlacoiiu'.ry. Ue waa
imi.ieun lioiinrnry uieiiili'rof tlie Natlonal Acadeiuy of
DaaBJBlfl 1948, and iu U19 he waa made au bonorary
im in jer of tlio Albauy Acadcmy of Ileaign.
Aueiel'luifeoc'* light took place at Newark, twenty
flve inlles e.ial uf thls city. last nlght, between Itocheater
..ml Hiill.ilo binto, The plt wua arruuged in a bfllfl BBBB
tbe railway station. The uiiiln wa* for !,jl)0. and was
u.iii by Rocheeter in the tlrsr tive i.attl.s. Ikarawatfl
?.ii 135 per-miB in uttiMidauce. and thoy wero from
Kochester, 1.uil.il,>, < laveland, Troy aml .Vew-Virk.
O'Bourke Poat Be, 1 O. A. EL, Ikedral Qrand Army
poei enaauad ln tbe rStata, kaa daettfad aaattaadtka
S.itlouul Kn. uuipiient of the Grand Artny nt Fortland.
Mo., iu .liii.e. I'l.eie was a large gaiheriug ol orano
Aiu.i- men liere laat evenlm,'. when a e<iii.pe.itive
??nui'teriii" waa oraetlaad at tae Cttjr Hall. B*aa*l the
au... rilaii.ii nf i.iii.ial John k. iceyiiolds.
i aa wiaar .1 aaaaBaflaaat al ihe eity rtaka ls the gaaaa <>r
i.oio. Uaaaaa ara la piafraaa atary araaUM a u.-steru
New-York polo laague or proiesaiuial pluyers haa beeu
orgaulxed. and tbe W.iahlugton und Etal vuid tcaius Irom
thls eltj BB** euteri-d.____
Tll.' BBBaafll of J. & (J. Johustoii, liioiidway,
nflkara. aad TflflBlf 99*99*1*t? 's ojieiiuig 91*88*1
uoveltiea lu all tli.< di-partiii-nts of lts spaeloiis atore.
llie ,li-play of Imported millinery Inclmles many exqul
Hlte llttle Fi-lieli bolimls Ulld Styliah F.Ilgll.tl llBte. A
ainal!. elo-e-lltllng lioiuicl WMflBB** with Ita crown ill
rroatad witb Jet baada ; a fafcl of faucy tlnsel luce triin
me.l tb-ai.ie. and a full cluster of iruahed roa.-s was
pla. ed blgb outop. A atj Uab I'riu.-ess Loulse hal wua
of line ap t straw in tne pak) Uat af liehen gn-e-i Intro
.lueeii tkla apni.if. rka i.igh aleptaa; orowa was *or
roiin.le.i i.y ,. told of Bnraet ralrat und a large clueter
oli.? aad iraaa wltk a apray o it........ kyaetotk
complei ng tbe trtmmlii* A graoefiil llttlepaakedpoka
araa auake of aera eet emkroktarad erttk_ *o_ kearta.
Thebrtin waafaeed aritkottra ralrat. A f?d. of browa
v t >ra uu* mu w th tluead* of g.ud triinuied tho ai.le
uml a lull < luateiof Ju.'.lueiiiiBot ruse.a with long 8*88*8
uml leave- reatad Bfl t?|>. ... ,
,1*11, i.aii.|a.nii.. iiow-l. iea were shownln the atlk ue
partaiiut Brocadaa ln aatlo.ua patterna eoattaaa u
[,?? ?. i:.m relrot and aalln brooaateaara wara ln
. h ,a, * of Ui- sanie color, aod ara known as tkree
our t.n.e broeada. I liere aie a;so ex.iiilsiu- crepa
ilelhlliea InpTled fOT d.lll'lli.' .il'.'8-ea al Wltellllg
I,..,.,.,.., f.., ., m rrdreaayoeeaal ....*. Tkay ara a-brohf
.r. ,1 :.ml l.guiMi II. I. ei.ri.il stj le. I!.BTBBJJMBBtlB
rbadamea aud flne h oa-gralafl Importad. ta .leinate
evTniua culora. wblcbaracorerrd aitkarlcb tru.eiy ..f
, ,,?,!. N.lM-t, Wblcb WlU lie.Mel.aiVely
,... 1 1 tbe BU.UI. tor ,-on ,l:..itl;n witb
.?-. htaea, Bjanaaa aad eroafaMjaallaa, is ahowu in
, i . .- i ? tbe a.-a oa
rhe dUplay of Indla flbawU boaght al tka b.st semi
iinn.i ii London salefl are raaaartaU r,.r tb.-ir low prtae.
i . Buita ol t..e pn.-.- at wklak Baa v...i.-i eaaknMra
.bawUbarflBoldtortaalaai few years, .1
, ,,ti,.pr.--an.il ln trade. tba] bare reanbed a at.>?--r
u . ui ,1 t aabawl whlck wa* formerly wortk froyi ri W
t*.BjCMMi -,.... i a Baa abawl put) i-o
...... al iwla aod uii? ?< -in?is
ura exhlbiled iu a gn il variety ol rotoringa. r.?? ,, .i u
<. m.,1 im a:..i? i* oi real Indla naaaJBataia, BaajH a? iow
..r,|l,,,;iateryaiideariH-t.l0|..rt.iie..u of thls at.ira
,,, r.illi -'" h.-,I ?ltli nlf tbe. Ti.e B'-W iroo'l* ?>r tlio
?aaaaa*. BaaMfliaUy Baa aavtaaaa*aaa aaavaraaa Ui? new
U ill.iii ui,U Mo.jnelle . arpels.
ai:.ii.\ am> PBOl i ? i: TaBKMTS.
N w TOBB, M.reii '.'7.
i ih wli.it 991 iltlv.iiic I 1 A 2 >?' "f to
day, wltk tka raaalt ot ekacklm a poaalbl* lanjar aa>
,M.r<. .leiiiiiinl th.ui tb.it w;, ? >1-' uu'l Wklak was
lattsUed witb not aaaaa tkaa dftaea .voada Tka azfarl
i.'", aa i th" real faatara af
.- loodlaqalqrfaB sataiffl I] 100,000
. taken for aklpiaant akroad, taoa<loaatka
BpecuUUon waa dall aad ir.e,-,i .u i la aplaa ?f the
gtk of eaak wkaai aad Ika aaalhraail lalb ab*al
i.r..!...!.:. ararketwaaa Kugiun i ami Kaaa** Ikaiiliaaafl
. wi-'i.re'y '-j e.nt ub .v-I i?t iflif. tliriire-. BBd
lu tbe i.'t. ii....... b reaewrd t?ma i-y dnwaward laft
nrlicaat tbe wloae >??**cent aadei Ika UmI naotatloa
reaiarday. ' uru IobI aa ? ? a oaut, bot pata
were better al tha claae. Hm Bnal prkwa for win-.it
w.-rV: March. BO%; AarlLBO^i m .y. ?-U . Jflaa, ui.
_ ,, lui. :..,. for corn: atarca.AO'a; AprU, OOBji M..y
_, ,.!:.?. .ii ... . i..l Julj ?-. l.uiMi.a. M.iuh. Aprll
Hi.l M.i.. iG1- .md .lunr ;i" eellls.
At Baa "."is. Baltluiura, I'.uiudelphlu and B.hu.ui the
racfllpuof graiB UhIbi wera: Wkaat, Sft.aVW huabeU:
,,?,,'?'." :(-?< baabeU; oata, 90.092 buakalaj lotal
,i,,i', iu. .1-- .".'li. la. Ilotir. H.i.774 biuiela. Tbe re
reipu'al t'hlraaxo,aUlwaakaaandBt. LouUwera: wheat,
1 ?? ' "ie, in.-uela; eoi'U. .).'>:?,--7 liilalieia ; oata, V?l
liuabtbli lolul gr-i.ii. <>o7,..-)7 buauols; llour, **,?**
Clll<:.v(.<>. M.n.li 21 iN;..Wo/'. It was | tuitui
leul aroWd tli.it g.itb.r. il u.i.iul tbe wtieut plt tlua MBTB
Ing, but tlie" l.u!ls"bn.l not suc-whIimI I.i gleanlug auf
tlelcnt wai BOWBta a..tl,fy t'.i,irap,',.il..tlM' u itures und
tkara waa bmc* kanfllaaa kallawbuj kkaa buymg. a
tlaaiu. .li-p.it. ll to Bka etle.t tliul B ll--.it h.ul udVuli.-eil 94
bj _iat\.1 liiipuled 888*8 8t>t**aTkB at the BB.-iiing. 99*1
h wua i.i.i up to 99 aaata, aa BdTaaaa >,r kj cutover
jeat.id.iy'a.loae. Tlie BflBff Wfl9 tBO sl.-iuler, however,
i(ll,i.,, anappadi aaaadag ? _BiBk iaBtta*9*91%caata,
?.?l'.,l this llg.ire BBBrTJ BBBBB BM* 99*na*1 ? reuetlun to
__ aaata Dwrnaj the nrat koa* lb?BBaaBB9anBia?
r"le.l i.lid feveilah, uud Ih" inulket aluiost eutllely ooli
nii.ito tbe local erowd. lii'ie I" a fce'ing of dlaap
paiUlUMUt b.cuuae ouUlders have not cuiight tbe wur
ProvBilooa whlch were bld up by Counselnian Just
i.eii.u- m i rday'B .1"-.'. raUlnad 11 <? KTeater porttonof
i ? itren th but were HuggUb. Througboul Ui? mui
ketwaa iniM.ua uml eXOlted, flverytliui,' n-iitriiig ou
1 ,,,i?.in advlces. lus Immenae rlalble wheataupnlT
o ,i t, uurtfl i aurploa lu prorlalona are tlu- faetora wni.b
kent i.Hiia villiiili i.?".uUa, und pie\ei.t,.l alijlh u : ir
,g u wlld booiu. luii that am Ii u thlng U llabM to
tuka pla. >? ani uioment t? apnraolated by all. >a a r.
ault aiie, ul.itoia were never more W.U). Ihe largeat
i, ivara ol tba da] wera < onnaalman uml Chai Iea Browa,
ib.'- fori 'r havlna nnlirailr1 aotna af tka pork taken Ib
raatordar. J. A. rfeulLa wua a kaari Mllaral 8'i^canta.
" By far tke Bttoua?Bt artlala on tka liat waa oora. lhls
I* ['oounted for by the feol that tkara ia eomparattrely
Uttla aturk lo tka city or la erlba. Ika ?'bui,'' anra la
iiioath ii. 1.1 in thla city, andthoaa wko have itpropose to
bold on io lt. Tkeaa "lonita" eant ba ^?kenont.
oiiunl.ibuaineaau ali ek. aad ..uiy a local ?? aealping
bual.,.aslal??,g,l. - t 1" "-" ' | "-"J ? ,' J " ' "'[?_"
iiamaud Tha May optloaa oloaed al ? .'a oauta laal
i,iKi,i..,i?-ii.-dio-dairaAiUHaaata, uud eaaaad at about
U At "ieU'ait.'n.oon BBBBtaB May wheat 8984*41 a.tltB*J
eeuta ' Muy coru, tBH eeuts, aml May pork, #12 J, V
Fio.liU'lit iiiqiii" '?>s ?re BBtrn bAMB tlio North
l'her Bkad by BAM**BB**BB*1 **k8 have ree.-ully raflnaal
rultOB BtBilMa, but th.y have all B*9* BMBfllM
lo Bfl uw Bf diauppolui. d. cousollug theu.selves wllh tbe
in.i.niiuti'Ui tkal il Will bo fully le.ad.iys 99*88* that llsll
?,?.,.. owta* i>? Ui.- laa m tka rlvar 9abatMBB kara ao4
ratantdown thetrueta, ibe troui aaaaofl wiUBrafcabaf
ba anead of tha abad aeaaon tkla yaar.
Tiie wanoai weatker tkla waa* has brought siong
?,,,, it aaana tme aklpaaaaU of Bamtkaru vaptabUM.
,;i,ei. iiuua of axceueal qaalltyiMU babad forfllW
i ,1 ?1 76 a pe.k, *lilug be.ina lor *1 ;>0 n peck, tonii.ti.es
oy ,',i,u s oaarl, iiie.iniueis 80 centa eueb 1.,,1-lio.lse
r.utue.- loi.i.iauii.i Boutheni lettuoe oandlOoanMB
i. u.i, i?lori.ia oarrou io aaata a d laaa. and fadjakni 9
? uiauuiucU l...ng Island dand. ll.-ns '.';. . eiits a i|ii...-t,
..I,, ,t,.u, I-. l io oaiitB .h. grben ekra 79 , ? ...a
a bundrad.caullflowera 40 and 90 eenta eaek.
'ul.un 1.,-ppeia -O i-elilS a .10 .11, ueweabl...-e.a 1.. uud
'I'elllaa'bead. uud l.lali POt.tOefl ,T1 .".O ,i,?t fj .1 b;u
,",?!, Heiui idaoalOM 28 ceiilsu iiuuit,nudH.ruauaabceta
B^lnaMainb ls be,mnlng more ribuinl.iBt B*d pruvs
ure iiiuie ie.inoii.il.le. Aeiii.aaaiun be lia.i for$,, whlle
i.,e toreouarten brta* 9? ?."' Um Minloaartarflf9 50.
11?, im!. imra any tu.it b wui iu Kuropa win sureiy Baak*
iim ratall prlaaa of m.-ai riao iu thia .ouiiiry.
r.ii.ona ara iikaaaai>ein..g ut 2* aud SOoaata a paaad.
i oaa lelaud spiing Bktekaaa ure *l bo a pau*, whlle
Pluliidelplilu - sprlugs " sell tor 91 70 Foat 1..are WOTtk
ia eeataa poaud, turkoya 18 uml -j.. cents. d> -ka-o
, . i.ia, duckllugB i!o e-olita, geoao'iO ceUU.aud goallugs 2o
''vorfolk canvasbacka brlng 99 00 a palr. mallar.la ure
91 aud teul only 79 aaa**. Wlld turkeys aoll for 2.< eei.la
a pouml. anlelope Btl ak* un W centa. whlle a.i.iubs are
*1 .M) u do/eii, wlld pigoona *'J, hlali-fed Pbn-oua 92 ..0,
aud Liiulisli aiiipe 13, t-'orn plover brlng $1 50 a dosaa,
reed blrd. $1, corn ai.l|.e *1 and suiall l.lids 00 ceiua.
Klorula atrawberrles ure golng down witb the rest of
the niarket goo.ls uud u uunrt oau be bad tor 70 B*B*a>
Siruwberry ahortoako has appeaxod lu kbo wiudows of
ahaap restaurauta.
The Bccno in the Dr. Bull lunacy proceedingt
was saddenlug aud dramatic yeaterday. Tbe phy.lclan'a
eldest daughter, Mlsa ClenevlevaC. Boll, at;* tvr?nty-ou?_
whobeganthe prooeedlngs, and the daughter next b*
age, Miss Julia Bull, age elgbteen, were obllxed to testifp
agalust their fatber. Their mother dled ln May last an*
both were ln full mourniug. They are ftttractlvt lu ap.
j-eai-un e. of niedium hetjht, huve fluely-cut fuaturee,
flue complaxlons and retlned maujiert. Tho eldefl
ls some wbat deaf. Thelr testlmony waa prompt audcleaz.
Miss Oonevleve teatlfled that her father began drlnb*
lng henvlly after her mother's deatb, so that when vte>
ltora called the duughters were obllged to aay be waa nsl
at home, bla condition wm ao dlaxraoeful. He wenl
away iu .January laat and waa gone two weeks. Ouce ba
i-.-tni i..-.l uud aslted for hit check-hook, saylng "tha
crlrls" wanted It Mi.s Oonevleve wlahcd to bc exoused
from snylng who " the glrls " were. Her fafher __4
been more or lcta alfectlonate, somctlmes taklng her for
one of "the girls" aud kissbig ber sli?i
ba wm maudlln, and then. dlscoverlng hla
mlstake, he would hurl ber from blm ln a ra.a,
He waa drunk before her mother's deatb, aud
so reinalned dunng and after tha funeral
One bltter nlght in Febiuary tbe daughtere attendeda
party ut the house of Or. Hpiers, snd were kept out alt
nlght ln front of the houae by thelr fatber, who bad
liM-ked tlm door. With the aid'of a wet. hmnu tbey
flnally itot in and then tbeir fatber ciiraed them und re
vlled tlmm. Ou January 31 u woman (Ideiitllled ? tlie
pre.ent Mr*. Bull) called aud aald .ho was marrleil ta
Or. Dull, but the wltnesa refused to *h'iw her tb..,u;B
tbe tmiiso. Dr. Bull threatened to put the two yomiger
daughter. ln the House of Cnrrectiob ; Mia* Gcueiluvo
was of age aud be could not do tbat witb her.
LawyM Bowe asked QjieettaM teudlng to show th*|
Or. Itull'a driinkeiiiiess was the resillt of soiTow BfBf
bls ...ii, who bad made a rtiuaw ty inarrlag-.
Thls was Ihrowi out hy the Comunissloners. Miss io-inv.
vl.-ve *ald that whlle her motber wa. dying tbe famlly
bad only tausages to eat, as her fatber uegleeted tlie
Mr. Hewa pre?ented grocers' and druggists' bllls ta
?bow the cxtiavagai >-n of l>r. Hull'.a famlly. Miss liull
sai.l tbat sl.erry bettles lay about tbe house. havlng b<-ea
emptled by uer father. Hhe> botight agreat deal of sherry,
for if be did not have It iu ihe house he would scuil her
out at all boiirs to buy lt.
Ml.s Jull.t corrohoruted thls testlmony, and gave sn
necount of Or. Bull'. roturn home wltb b.s new wlra
about uil.lntght on January 31. Lawyer Jackson B-_a4
her ,.i.o-.it tbe uurriage certlflcate, " If tbere wut a insr
ri <ge."Mr. Howedenotinced iblslniptita'.lou.andliii n t .a
depoeltlM ot CaetUa O. bull, age sixteeii, waa put ia
cMdiiiee. \ lett. rdaledjanuary 2rf, flvo day. be* -a
tlm daie of tlm certltlcate, whlch was put under tue door
of Or. Iluli's bouse, and was addresned te " My IVar
Deaghtera," aad slgned, "Mrs. Oorralne Bull" and
'? Dr. t.r. rga BT. Bull," aet forth th.it Mrs. Bull had in ir
rled " your father, but we are greatly lu need. I hava
him under my care, nuralng him, and he Is recoTcrin.'.
He will beat home soon." A re.itie.t for #100 at ouce,
?? as we MM vi ry poor," and sayitw that Mra. Buli wioie
at Or. Bull'sdicUtlon. closod th#epiatle.
The ease wlil goon next Tueaday.
Two suits by Mrs. Anna M. B. Halsey ajrainst
the Trade-men's National Bank and Wllllam M. Hoea, a
lawyer, tbe j.articiilara of whlch have been pnbllshed ia
Tiik TitiiUNK, were disposed of yeaterday so far aa Mr.
Hoes was concerimd, by Chlef Judge Hedgwlck ln tha
Supcrior Court, Special Term. Mrs. Halaey'a husbaiu),
Autbony Hulsey, waacashlerof tbe bauk at the tliue of
hi* deatb iu llfNl The bauk clalined that he was tbea
Ind. bted W it for moro thau *-*0,000. Mr. Hoe?. who bad
foiui.rly l-jireaeuted tbo bank ln some matters, waa
employed by Mra. Bataar to eloae ap the eatate. uadat
bia ,ul4 l.-e about WTOjOOQ of the pro.ce.ds of Mr. Halaey'a
e*Ute was pald lo Iba bank upon ils < laim. One ..f lua
Ilal-sov's sults was to bave the cotivevauce to tlm bank of
Ui* reril propertv at No. 41 Ka*t Broadway an.l M some
lots in (ine-buii.lr.(!-a:i<l-lorty-.ecou.l-st. set asldeou lue
grniiud of fraud and collusion betweea tbe bauk uml Mr.
Etoea, li WM-bowaoatM trial tbat Mr.Hil.ev Imi4
tb. haal Broadway property tu trust for tbe bank, aud
that M ma.lea.Ued of lt to tbe l.ank before 111* deatli;
uiao tnat ibe Ouc-huiidreo-and-fnrtr-aeeond-st. pionerty
wa* .old at public icuil.bM lu by tlm bank. and tue
i.roc.-e.ia tuineii ov.T toMia. Bataey. Jodge BeagwIeB
dlamlse. .1 tbe eofnph-tat as BgaiaM b_th defendanta.
1 bc otber sult was for an accotintlng. Jadge BedgwleB
ala., diauaUaad that aa agataet Mr. Hoea aad leeerrM bia
.le. i-.on ou tbe .(ii.-Htioli wbetH. r tM BOWplBlBl oull-1 ba
so atimii -led aa f> p-rinlt UM action for au aMMBttBg to
be coutlnued agam.t tbe bank. He aald. bewerec, HM
Um charges of Iraud aud collusion sbouid be strickeuuuL
Margaret Burrmadi _paa-_e baqaaata'la her
w-IU to v .ri. uacbaritabieau.l rel.-i OM lu-tltutio - - .
I.nWe-a IL.rtr.tr il, tlm N'.'W York II-i-plt ll, the Ii i ird of
Mlartnaf "t tlm Bylaaapal Otaaroh aud th? Am.-n.aa
Blblf IfrtBty Btanaj Tt??* BboaJao mado Iheao four
Inetltntlona ber rea I ? ? .- -?< iu proparUoa M> tho
?iiui. ?peeineiiUy a.veu tlieui, wltb tho ;?>wor Vo _eat?w
a > lega.-y wbi.li mlght couie to tbetn "throigu auy
ponaible luvalMtty or tapae, to such purpoaea a-* auy
-erui toi,;.ve Ueeu luteu.l.-d" by lmr. Jobu H. iiik.-r.
. uim-, by Utlgatlon aecured thadecialoa that the
Itlft Of llO.OOi* to tbe Neiv-Yor* ll..api'al w.iainv.uil Ih?
,, i e iitniii Maa thau two atouth. b Um
Biii-i'* le.ilh. aii.b a ..<? -iiii-l being Invalid by tlm laWl
.. ig48, Ihe.ralTerm baa Juat ar__e_l tha dM
ei.lou, atatmg, bowoTar, tbat tbu oiiier resldiiary beae
nclartea uni carrj out Mia* jjuri's int.-nt. Aa t-. ttut
featui.fthecitae PreaaBng Jaattoe Oavls ?ava tkat
Mu* Burr vut'laliy ibrjw ber.a lf on the eoaacMacat of
liie ..tii.-i cb. .rn. - lu lmr anx.al) tba. ber wi.b ngii-l
i of them abould be carned out. rbia ci-ated
?? no le al .... ,.-.muii, but a v.-ry aaiaa-B m,.ral our."
Alibou.u it ia -.1.1 tbat ?-corpor.ilious have no
.. ? tbeee realduary l.. il ? - - are rellgtoM a-i.lcbar
Itable c..r|.or..tioii. aml um t be aasumed to ki.-iiv and
n-cogiii/.e me aature aad fona af nwral dirtlaa aad oi.u*
gatloUB. Ho- lealatnx BttB glf-*. M M BMBb, M WM
vi.lunt.iry He.. 4*1,1 tm- po.v. r to .-.ury oul MTWlabaOi
legally defeat.-.t l.y aa a ??-ideuL lt reiuaius to lie _??a
wbellmr timy will 4iu.li.ate tbe title to tlmu iiaiu.-s aa
reluioiia and eharltable bodlea byn eofalxlaglbawBiM
of thelr benefaetoH lo.ianl auotlmr mo?t ivorthy cbart
ty.or j.iaiii) tbe eyuical dentai of tbeapo ?'
u ,,t. I. Tbe eowt e*a oaly leave thU to ib.-ir souao of
rigbt andjustice." _
An t.i.lei- WBB b-Nnd yost.Tiluy in the Sarro
?jalea'a Oaanrl Bm a eaa-aatta-M to examine M <ry Barton,
of Burllugtou, B. J., tn tho coutest ovor tho will of Joua
Ku.-!4ill. tlm " liil.vi- pilutcr."
John llorun, wbo waa dlacbarged from the police forte
ou Kcbruary M*_1M?-W 'lrankenness. has b.i-n 11*
laatalad bytba MdMif tbo Ooaotal Term of the laaroaoo
Court. 1 M appjial w.is baaed ou the plea that lloran gol
dfiiiiU ln " 1'ue.' Allen's placo while detallcl tO ecura
. i i.i.... e agalaM aalleaauM ataeea. aad that ho pal i f..r
tlmlii|iior witli mouey fui-uisUed bnu tor lUo purpo-o by
bls fuperlara.
lu the ointof tbe -New-York fnfiiit Aaf-B-B agiinsl
Tbeodore koosevelt aml otbera for damages for an nl
lpg...l lll.el m statemoilts BUB-fl t'y bbOM relleetlng ujairt
tbe ii.uuageiuent nf the luaiitiiliou ihe D.-ucra. MfM "f
the laupreme Court baa aSrmad twoordera reqalrlBi tl e
instltutlon togive tim aaaaee ai tha i>er*..u* wbo i.a.t .u
Sllued to makegiltsou accountof lueaiieged ilbcls.
Mrs. I'.uiuue Sehleirinacber, .u a MBl m tl.o ?Bf-OBBI
Csiut, aayo that bor haah___l,o lUiuor.sciier, haa baaa
nc. uatoiii'd to beat her, that siuco BOTM-bat BM8 BB hat
not spokeu to her BZOept when bealing B. r
and that he has gHcii lmr 11 a day tor
hoiiBchold e\pei.*es to aiinply food f?r B1M.
bt. i.ai-weeper. beraelf, thelr child and a-miv.uif. M.e
wmu-a-Tledla 1803aad M ferti MfM paaMO-8. ibe
huabuud deulM iu.< oharaa* Jusuce Oouoiiue y.*:.-r
.i.i kai. Mi-.. >. hieir.u.ich.-r 18a week auaaoaya-ul
IjilijO cotinael fee. p.-n liug B BB-I for llinited .llvoire.
Justlce Van Vorst yeaterday. in tbe BJMfaBl MOM ?f t'.e
rJiiprcmo Court. U.ue.l an ..r.ler to tbe Mothsr Sunc 1 ?r
i.f the SiNteis i-f Noli-.-O um-to d.-lii cr to llia'j.-a,-y W U
la.-e an.l wife Marlc l.c.b, W ?leven. the da.ua'. r "J
john Lelb,tbealgai _-__ar wbo ..a.-ied to MUW.caua
forli.iHKi. jMttee Van VerMaatMBM blMiell tbat '"?
aud Mr*. WalUM w.-re proper paraaM to taso ebargeoi
timcbiul. They pr.i-?-.l i?. brlag ber up as if one ef
Mlrowa famlly. Lelb _otawwled?ed tbat be ?PP"?dal
( astle .iarden for a wifo u. few daya a*-. He .1 sw Ma
ilvewith bls prcmut wife. a. ho say. her chura. b 1 ?
uot good.
CtHItT M Al'i'MI.-,
AinAN'Y, Marcli 21.?Iu tlie Court of Appeulb
to day, W. C. liug. r. C. J., aud A.a.ocUtos pre_?'ut, Uie
followtng aa*M wero urgued :
N? t, inthemait.roftbeJudkial M*r|ieruent of t_e _o
-SoVl'/^r'il _,_?f_--ilI.a-__MM
^:t""iinlv uSrZfi aU-a otber*. api^Uant. Mt- UM
*'n?" u{<\"7. _!'.'.?*.latOML >.v I i.'Uden%*gl.
tbesiiti, Aveaue Kallro-dCompany, , .pelUnl
No .-?'. -uaaii Au.e.,1-, a.lai.i.l -H -.' 'ix rcaOMMB* Bf*.
IM-Mta-anaad Baa*-a 4.'*j*i Ombj??>?-/? a?aiMMM.
lt WM onbi-od tbat the Court tako a revo.as until April
13. Apnl 11 aud M wlil be motlon daya.
WASiiiN.iTDN, Marcli 27.-Tho procecdingl
of tbo Ualted BUtes fcupremo Court to-day woio M
No.4.^?.^ Tho fnlted sutea. plaiBtllTln error. a^t. Plios-e
M llii II ai ? irlx. . . ?-... ?__ ?_, ,? a
vo.*.. hwO-JMiaaaaa ?aaaa_i lucrw, a_t- o a
BaT_C*TMqoi'-l'*?--' p'?l"(lff -bobbbb O-a-H.*
I*aa__. laarror MIM C-reullOaart of tbe tniteu-auwe
for tne l>i*ui.-t of'M-egoa. ln*int?ae.l Bbb__b__L
.no. 8l_, Jobal-.-chus.apvei-aut.agti -oslah U l.room_u.
'tffl'lTl Moruin M*rye. audltor, etc. and otrtor., api"*
ants.-St idwlu I'jrs.n.. Argain. utc'ticlu.le.t. ______
llm New-'iriean* llaallgbt totupany. ?P|**_l,.n1,1*f 'K' _|
Loulaiaua l.igbt au.l U.*lt i'trtxluo.u^ au_ _tauut?.iaru_g
ruuiva.tr. aud utber.. Argumeul bcaau.
Adjourued tiutll Monday.
BT. Louta. March'J7. -Flour,MM*M|M}WheM fJA.1-!
u ?V. May. Corn lng.i*r. * -?a. 4 ? -ifa*.? , i?5i, M?r.
Aiirli ;i ? Cci M.y. .iu'?o. <)?ts tlrin-. .-aab. a:> ? .??''? __Sf
l_tt Bra vSl ai*li_. ^"L^^yltt^'^T
lar uucaaace-. Kfga lower at 10%*1-* -2?-5!*i|5_I
Tt ?i >4 H*v q,i 1 >. ait unobMif*- ?r*? .,? ., ,i'i
Siyi Soru _toa1l swailr at W ^ ?***L%^A*.
Purk. fl ' 88. il il.nsat.- bouii 4'le.r. ?J lo\ *? ^
?0 io*. 10. Hhort -tear. *;i 4* UrA tiru. ?* *d^*'0ura,
tr ^ru. agfe^UWB m
buab.. Ibtfiar. 1,000. ,

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