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B_8~BB UKI-LS *IM. _BM~_.
A week from to-ilay the ty_M ef Lenl will ba
_,?__? aod with Baatas win aaaaa BM voMtaga
___ iniBllaaa aud the bi. ahaoirloala
1 iu aaaaaraai Haaara, a few Bioalaalai
J?d a BOftt-Bj m r.r.">Kl.vn have BOM
nbout the only aocialcntertalii.ncntsof tho la.at week.
altuouch the lufuruial a ocloek t?a* und afteriioon ca 11s
have had their charma.a.ul ?OB_M BI tho pr.-tty patha
_ ,he P?. \ -OO been a paatiinc au.ong tho youi.gcr paa
pladuHu-fuc plcaaant weather. lV,,,.c. aro returuih,
trom Uhewaai, oui ratat aad n..nd... and
nlready n.nny cntertainmenta ON anuouue-d. The
,bort BBOOBB lK-twecu BaBBBf and the war... doga
of June pron.lsca to bo highly e:.|oyable. if not brllllmit.
Knwhalla aretalked of, hut weddiiisrs, l-oceptioiia. din
MM and lunchcoiia will he nunierons.
Monday waa extroniely uulet. The Piano Clnh BtOtOI
>ira. laaaooooa Uo*a ?nd aojagod a paaaaoat boor af aong
aud baattaaaaaaal ?oola, Oo-oaaat Keadaf Mra. Ue
will acatn entertaln ita meiuhera. Tucsd.iy brouyht scv
cral handso.ue dlimcr p.trties. Mra. Auchincloaa had a
few gueata. und a nicrry compnny gathatod al.mit Mrs.
de Ncuvihcs t.il.l... in thCCOl.t.col which MaadO haskcl
fllled with brlght spring flowera. The Arachne Club mct
tor the aaa ttoaa Ihti aaoaaa ot Mra. Daadal.
BaaadaaorX iu Kaat Forty-nrth-at.. aud ?aaaad
a pleaaant afternoon, wilh toa at 0
o'clock. Mlaa Amy F.oardiii.in. Mlaa May
Cry.ler, MWa M.-Kim. P0000 Van Bllllllaaf aol Ibirry
Mahooiaai.iothoawaahata of thia ciab; aml the
BB8a8_ga have bcen ao pleasant thal it ia thoir Intei.tion
to reauine thcm next lent. Mra. Potera'a muaioale on
Tueaduy uflernooii brought togcther a lnuslclovingcom
pany. _M lOaoa Hell.ofNo. 187 Kirth-ave., gavo the
tnird of her rwultnga on lltcrature. and art by Mias Wai
tun. Amoi.g thoae preaent were KfO Wllliam Asto.-.Mi-.
Robcrt Ciitting. Mra. Wilmerdliig. Mra. Klggs, Mr.-.
llarry Hoil.nan. Mrs. 11.-rrym.in, aml Mrs. Wluturop.
liynicn aatgaad lo DiaaHia ao BfaBoaadag aaooJog,
Whci. Mias BO-Ula and f-chuylcr Walden wciv
iii.irriod at Iha hoiue of the Urida'a fathcr on Cliuton-ave.
The houae, with ita apacioua rooma and BTOOd hnll
-faya, waa Ullcl with faahionable gnests, and tho blMa
-ltb herin.iila made a prctty pictm-c iu a bower of
rosea. lUnncra were nutneroua ou that day. BJ_a Ot?
wuld gflve a viol.t ilinncr, aud in tho evemng Mra.
Frederick Vanderbilt, Mra. Orme Wilaou and Mra.
Barclay alao en-crtaine.l. Oo Thuraday Mias Kinily
Wurrcn h?^ tweuty gueata iU diunor. T_eUbl.-h.il
liuudaotue pliik roae decorationa.
The auittag or the thoioaog Teaon Ctah waa one af
the princiuul m.-al. nta of the week Mra. EdwardCapOfa
apacioua houae ln Waahlugton aquara wua lilied by
almui -'ia. gueata. whollstem-d toeeveral I> roleau aongs
_nd aomr ui.. har,- play.ug. I-.te ln the cveiiing a BUg
__7___aarrad Amongthosepiesciit w...- Mra. Augual
Re m.in. >!| and Mr-. Whrtaey. Mr- WlUlaB BliBB^fT.
anl Mrs .loi::, J..v. Mr. and Mra. Ogden Mflla, Mra. W.ll
? . AM..V. Mrs. i-.,ac Broaaoa. Mr. and Mra. Au.u-tti
j,.y. Urd Oraaaaoa, Almertfl 1'aget, Mra. Barhejr
und Mlaa A.l. le lirallt. _ .
Mr lleor-e II. Wurrcn of Flfth-ave. ?ca\e a haadaame
d.i.iiei-ofei-ln..non Thursduv AmonB tOoae preaenl
were Mr and Mra. Oirfcn MillB. Mr. an l Mra. l.oelnt, Mr.
and Mr?! H irry Hoffman. aad Mr. and Mrs. Crngor.
"Ve"i.._ th. Btart" isuiwuvaa pl, ,-.n- u,.,l riii.rsd.iy
ft'teriiooii found a munber of \? ople at llauover, N..I..
waeu le i:-a'x < oui.ty llunt h.ul ihetr flrat maat. The
?_r___ chu.nii.ig o-.crhcad. altho.urh the. mi.d waa
MMM-aaa ).a..,rully anptoaaaju K. P. J******
Biaater of hounda tlu- aeaaon, bh 1..- a i.? d i.if of th. M
arat-eful but .rucl uniiuals hav. 1-c. adde.l f. thepaak.
innche.iii.vnin.t ia.iiitl.ip.t-.t.crcnit the g.m.e prove
nothing b_t an aaiae aeed bag. -hj Mcond ini
was held r*a?ea-_0 at Wakdmnf StaUon. MonteJalr.
fUa week tfie meetiu-.'s will be 00 B fd.ie.?d..y ut Mlipk
wood Otaiiao aad oa Batnrday al FrankUa.
One of ihen-o-t eaJoyable moaloateaot tha weel waa
riv, 1. on rrtOai bi Mra. Wyuant Vaa Eaadl al h. r houae
lt. T-eiit>-nrih-st. A niinihcr ot well-kauwn aaiateura
raaderadtba ptoffi_naBC,oad aaiaag the naayjeaeata
w.re Mra. JoUu Wgelow, Mra. Beltnerand Mr. and Un
Oaaton biav. Mra. Babert Boaaacii aatertalued the
Madru-il ^l.'iiri.i-r < luh ln theeveui.ur. und Mra. Kooae
rell Mra. K.im.o! .-?.<.1 ;.ve., Mr. I*.w. ..f the Wladaor,
and Mr. and Mra. BobbiBJ gava dlanar-parttei. Mtb.
im.-r of Weal Thlrty-llfth-at.. entertali.ed aeveral ladiea
at luneheon. as did Mra. Qaattar. of Filth ave. MU
Mc< -iclhi.rs tli.utre part v and the dlnner giveu by Mr.
Borden and Mra. Oo_pat aani ihe only mcideiiw of jca
TloM.r.a.nt wck pro.nlaca little ln the way of ent.-r
tainiiienta. <>. Baatar Mondajr eomea tha C-lldreaa
Ciriiivul and hall. The tlckats are bclling lap-dly. < 'nly
SffW himdied bave Is-en la-ned. A leln-..r?.il WBI
ycBter.im m Ihe Aaa.aably Rooma ..r the MatropoUtaa
bpera ilonae, whleh C-Ued ont ota | axpraaalooa ofaiP'
nrovalfro? thoae who aaw it. The ChBdtou- <'.ir.u
val in Riooklvn takea place on Aj-ril 8 at the A. ad< my.
Private tluuti icala, tobe -Iven toi < h.irilalilc porpoa. -,
an-almoat umuix-rleaa, and yet each peffanaa?eeprovea
aitractlve, while thouaanda of doilara are puiii.-d
Into the cuffera of worthy Inatltatlona. Ihe
eiHertan.ma.it to take place in tha Uim.klyn Art Rooma
ou Ijistcr Mondar, for the beueflt oi the ila.npt.u.
OcbaoL ?ill be notcworthy. Mra. PotUar will apps-.u- fur
the tliat tl.ne before an audleuc* in Uiatclty, aud Mlaa
I%a^a-tBTd. E&mt Houae will be IlialBIlt by the
pert.a-niai.ee ot two little piava on Aj.n! 8, t.. ba gjyen lo
ihe vaaembiv R.M.inaof the MetropaUtaa OparaHoaae.
All the parta will be taken l.y bora 0J aiitccn. Binoug
tl -in Klrfax Darriaon, Joho WUmardlng, Uord War
r n and Val.-ntine Hall. The lmtroueaaaa, who bave
____r_eof th.- tlcketa. laehada mV HamlltonFlah, Mra.
kobert C_tting. Mra. Kobort C....-1. t. Mr?. Pottel and
Mr* latllii ihe co.atUh.es to !*? worn by tlu repn-.iil
ativea'of thefairaexare.sui.i tobe blghiyeffectlve.
A coincli. tta iu one act by Aiiaa Ilcloi-e Duiand and a
drama In three acta by Mrs. Madartead a_U be j.re
aenteslou April 11 in the l.nlveiaity t iub Theatre la uld
or the COluarv R.-ner Department, Manv leadlna
ainatcura will take part. New aeeaaq ia b.-lng pali.te<l.
Biai Mr. < ollin. the artiat, haa < barire of ihe arilsn
ratiuna Mlaa Batea, Mlaa Daraataad Mlaa Tappin will
beinthecaat of thehiat j.lay ?? Mluil,-' um! Mra Ii.ink
fvhlealuirer, Mra. Macfarluiid, Mra. PierreNocl and Misa
florrcn ln " The I*-gend of Prensberg." The patn.
IiicludeMra O.urtlandt Paliuer. Mra. R. H. L. Towuaeud.
BIr.s. Thomaa Illcka. Mra. Col.len Murray, Mra. H. >.
Katterlae aml Mra. Picrre Hiiinin rt.
Tbe we<ldin_ of Miaa Prla<-1lla Alden W hltney and Ueute
B?nt NieholM.ii, of th* Navy. la aiii.outiccd for April . at
the humc ol Mra. sylvanuaRecd.tue brlde'aauut. A wed
dlng to take i.lac.- iu Loudou on April '-'1 Iaof ihtercat to
n.any Baw-Torkera. The bridegroum 1b 81r He.nry
Mevaey TIioiiiimoii, who apent laat ?lnter ln thla city.
aud the brida u Mlaa PatttBger, aa la.gilah giri. T/.c en
BOOOOOOOl of Mlaa Kdith Jonca to Kdward Whaitoii. Of
Boatou, l*announe?-d ; alao that of Mlaa Ani.le liroi.aun,
__u_hler <>f Mra. Tiie.xlore BronaoB, to isheldou HiUith.
Ti.-keta for either or tho tlme perrormancea of "Tho
Ruaiaiice of a Poot Young Man," t<> be glven at tbe Uni
veisity Club Theatre on the eveninga of April '-'l aml
__, aud alao for the matluee ou the '_3d, for the bijnetit
of a worklug-_iria' club, can be obtalaad of the la.iies or
the comu.il tee, Mra. Berryu.an, Na 8 Baat Pth-Bt; Mra.
lulmout, Miaa Ilehou, No.'_r:? F.ftli-ave..; Mra. .Jartln,
No. __ \\i al BOtt at.; Mra. Jieck-clu-r und Mrs. 1'etera.
Alonir line of peojile waitetl out?i<l<; tb<
Lyeeum Theatre laat nlght lrmn 8 o'cloitk nntil a uuartcr
p??t, when the doora 0080 OfOBOd and they atrcamed
Into the dark oakwalnacottjd vestihule aud uj. the car
peted ataira into the briillautiy Bghtod auditorium. They
hadroine witb carda of iuvltatlou to |obtain tlie ilrat
Climi>?e of the. interlor of the theatre p.t
niltted to any but a few and to bld or
Uear otbera bld for the cho.co of aeata for the flrel per
faaaJOOOO. 10 oaaaaraai of the gallery au urchoalru le<J
by Mollcnhuucr plave.1 popular alra. The gor.coua
pavilluuln whlch the orcheatra will alt hcreaftcr bciorc
Ihcy are hoiated up to tho eclllng waa hlilden b> u whlte
curtatu, lu frout of whlch atoo_ a huga plBi. of the
grouud-floor aeata. Auclloneoi Jnhn B. Inapcr atood on
aralaedpiatfonnUi tha aaatta aad oanad ala -Maaaahaaa
_.- aurveyed hia audieui*. whlch laolodad many well
kuowutbeatrlcalpaople, club men and atock-hruk.rs, with
? epnuklii.g of ladiea. Mr. Urapcr flrat lutnaluoesl
Hteele Mackaye, who made B ncat little ajieeeh. Ilo aaid
be had trted to biilld a theatre wblcu ahould not lm
theatneal bnt boni<^-llke. A-.they had recelved mauy
appUcatUma for aeata for the tlrst l.lght, they had
raeolved ou the preaent avatem or .latr'.bii'lou, but did
uot waot ta get more than the aeata wetv worth. What?
cver they paid be hop.-d they wuuld uot re?ret.
Mr. Urapei then put up 4he tlrat cholce fur the two
lowar Iwixcs, which waa bought fur ?">U by Tyaon;
Brentanu wecurod tbe otber at the aauie prloo. Tyaon
gave 8ri ?"?'? for the flrat chok-e of aoaU, eecurlng twehe
f:i the u.lddie of the houae at that prloe McHrtde gave
a>.'i for twelve ln the aauie row, aud then Tyaon paid
?5 50 fur auotl.er lot. I'hliipa parii.g the aarne fur four
otbera t>chlud. Mr. Kelly advauocd to *ti tor three aeata,
and tbe r.-iualuder were soid tn amail bluoka at ptwaa
varyi'ig from #5 to 8- 25, the mujority golug to
?peculatora. After an Interval fllled lu bf the orcheatra
the secoud lloor waa eold, tbe alx boxea brlnging priwia
varying froai *<J0 to 8_6. Each box holda eight iwraoua.
The flrat chuice uf aeata in the l alcouy brought $10, aud
tbe prloea rau rrom that bgure dowu to f_. The retfular
prloe of _rata at the box of!t(M- vfllbegl SO.
The ireuera: ? fleot of the d-corationa, when IIkIiKmI up
bv the glooular electrlc Itghta whlch till up the open
lautern llght in the ce.ntre of the ceiUng. ia hanmnloua
aml iileaaiuK. Home of the detail la exguiaite lu deaUB,
aad Iba effe.et of tbe iulald work produced by the alji er
Btencil-workondarkgrouudala uapoclully happy. The
openlog iKjrfonuauce will Uke plaoc Monday ev.-ulng,
Aprd _. __^_
Nearly ^96,000 bua been received ut the box
BBBiiii ln Madiaou Bguare Uarden durlug tha two wecka
ixhil.ition of the Bamuui and Loudou ahowa, and the at
tendunee haa been exoeediugly large, lucludiug many
faahionable clrene parriea. During thla. the third week
of the abow, li.n-cuui, Hailey and Hulchlnaon prupaao to
plaoe befoio Ihe peopie the reat of tue feau aud aota
eomprtacd lu the new department which have nut yot
tiaen kmii. Juu.bo, Jo-Ju aud tbo sumlard attractioua
wlil be aetoi aa uaual.
The Winc, Liquor and lieer Dealera' Asao
aiat.en heM a uieetinalu IU rooma, No. f>_ Unlou-aquare,
yaaterday, to uke Uuai action u]k>u an exelae meaaure
about to Uu preaented to tbe Legialature. The prealdent,
W. Hall. tbe flrat vioe-preakleut, Tbuinai Maber, a:id the
aeci.iai>, M.lea W. Uibbona, were apiH>iut?d to go to
Alhauy aad ende?vor to aecore the r .-;???.?! of the Clvll
I>aui.ga Uw, the aireat withu.it warraui clauae and ibat
wh.ch'dehara any oonvlotod li^uurdcalnr froni aecurtng
another lieeaae witliin threu yeara after hu cunvution.
tbe. vauiwuioe wiil go to Aihauy lomorrow, wovre, witb
theotll.ciaofthostnte Aaao.iatlon Bpa8M MMaBBBtB.
tlvea of the l.rewera. it will makoaturdv cfforU ?<? ??'""
ull poaalble nmolloratlon from the einbarrasanicnta leit
hy the BtriiiKeut exci.o lawa now in foroa.
There was an aii oi briglitness, activity and
i.,y anoiit (iencniHlrant'a houae yesiorduy that Ml Ml
MM MM for weeka. F.very one wlthln the MMM
aeeiued to bo atlrriiiK about with BMfpJ an.l llfc ?n.l
even the Oeneral'a fnce, uaually ao ealtn nml impuaalve,
wheu aeen ln the brlcht aunlitfht that shone through hia
MMMM windov. MMMi to r.tlect the activity am' bn;
pinesa that WM aroun.l and about him.
Hncethe (iiiiet'.il pn hia tc.-tnnony on Thtimlay
afternoon hla mli.d acema to have MB MMM rollov.d.
He haa heeaafrald Im MB tline thut aotnocireuuiataiirc
i? gta lalMTMl tliat wouid prevont him from
to-tllylt.g and RPMMMJ BB PMBttM ta rrlu
BMMM the tlr.n oMirai.t A Wi.H. BBi to Mr. PMh.BBfll
ti,at ln oouaeqneoce of hia mabiiity t<> nnike e atateii oiit
Itmniht iH.cinM.'.r d that he wna to aoino oxt.nt to
l,!a??- in ti.e inatter. RoW tb Bt hfl bM bM BU OpPO I
tunitv to makfl bla poalttofl elear. he f.--Jflthat thej u i<
wlll bavfl an o|.porlunily to lodgfl Bnallr of bla MtMOB.
Tl. ? pa.lent laV awaka'toeain. >?;i'l'V1V\ ''Vlm '
til.ui.lWht Frlday.and then Cotonel Oraat adadab>
tereluhviiolonnieliileetlai of n?.i ilil'i- II J WM it t 0
M,,p BBoaaftflrwardTud coattnaed n. aaand ??????
untfl aftor daylla-bt, II; nt ap aarly and Bad Ma bwaa
ta.) about lOoYlock. At 11 he aal.lt h. > ? ., r w a.
tlne that he could r.ot May in thfl BO BM. .... d <
wife. with PJiaP. D.OIBBI nnd Mi a. I artorl . to
,1m-,' of Bboal "ii hour ln tho flara. "
tlev returned tho Gene.ul waa ilBBM*****
nmi at litnch nte wore MM MMl
u la ni Dr. Doim'lna cullol and exaatlaad the
Generari throafc The uloeratloahad uol axtendad toany
perofPtlble denr-e aud tl.ere waa no inereaae in Ibfl
innaiiiiuatlon. The (icneral. after hia throat tM
droaaed, auagMtod taklBg a drlve. aud ?''??'.''"? ?" '
with Dr. Dtiaalaa, Beftor Koinero and Benator ( hatler u.
went out inth. rarkloi about an boar. 8toWM?BMt.
talkedbtit little, and on retun.intf wont to tlie lli.t..r\
at m,i? fell Mh-flP. After about an hoiir I"' aWOBfl un l
se.aned to be BOaMWMt .l.-prc^-d. H. Bto BbOOt ??
inti.'h as MBBl for ilinner, but hla conilltioii
did not luiproM'. and be aecuied to be Ufd.
l.r. HolU'Iaa ...II. -I aaalB il 9 P. BI . and thfl Bcl MM
em-uml n mil.' brighter thaa ln the afMraoun. Aft i
hla tliroat WM tr.ated he nte ratl.er bflBl ?''> <
1,,-,-f Ma, in MMt to IMaao ai.ep. ir i"'^11''?
Beweattobedal 1030, but did ftot M aalarp. I -
Doeglaa ranatoed with hha, aad acalBg tMt
w.,, ui.e.iay. (fare him an urioilyne. A l..o I.
waa atill BWakfl, but ae-ined .li'.i.iay and II WM
l, ou^l.t thai l.e x.bl BOOB rall Mkap. IU- MlM WM
.,:.uiT<li,,>ie.,M.eiaiuie W? aM a Iraotioa. ahoBt UM
' 'h'"th,U^;lwarli Methodlat B|Maapal C.nft roii.c at
\M.,'k. veat.-rda-, ihe comiuitt.?n roaoloUona reaara
i,m.,en'.ral(ir;...i raported b praaaiblfl aad the lolfcra Mg
i,laolutl.wblch ^.?> ojiaulwoualy adoptfld :
Unoired, That w? convev t.< him our expnwaloa or
le.utioii BrmtattytaTtowo^hlasafforlaga, aud a<
blui ol our Wa appreelaUofl of Ihe aarrb m he baa n n
daredOUl (...v. 1'iinieiit .nid Natiou. nt lila nolile patriot
lamaud hflrolc dflrotl o. lo the Daloii when lta y>' ??
ik,.|.waa minrrilled. aud of hla caliu a .1 !'?' "M;t eli
dO .,.,,-,- in the inldstof Ihe MBMMMM laWaagB vmii.1i lie
mrn alvmmj bbpifjjtb aoeool ummqmua
An entlitisiasin and spirit of tollkfaBg boj
Mfe tM wineii wflal i tinow Bm arataMi Battaaa raanMa
fariuto tbe BMM MtgnM Umt BTMHg at the dlnnei of
thfl i'luiiipa Bx?tor Aiuinin ln IMMaaMo*! rartora
s.v.ntv ol tb- "old bajfl" graw ywaag orer the
taminlaeeaoea ..f aehoolboy ,!?>n. .I"'-'- ;"?l alloaloiii
whoM iu. inurii-a in.it ...in dormaul foi yeara, lurgonon u.
the ruah of bualneaa, apraoa forth ut tM
aMt ot old familiar l.n,-. MM na aloiy
attcr atory wh? told of the fMyfl \. h-i.
th, ir hair wa. datkei aml Uu it watatoflfltaleaaMpa. j"""?
fin vrew faat and furi.,11*. When Ihfl BBAMn ol eik'ar>
and ap.illinaiia watflT aiTlTfld Prealdetlt ( HHrlea K BoOM
roMandpropoaed OtotuMt: " l>- tboujemoryof Jobn
I'hilllpa." wblch waa drunk ataadlnf. II" then IBtro
.lu.e.l i: CarhrtoaBpraaae,of Buflhlo, who apoketoUie
aeotiineiit "Thfl ineinoiy -,f the iwo BTMt b-acbera
Ura Ibhotaad Boale." Br.Spraaafl rafonM loymaij
to the old <l:i\> at 1 xeter. t.' I.la bovlab
nfi.etH.na, and to thoae two icr.ot toarhera
?? who t.iceth. r apanued a bundred yi bi .>' Kxeter * nla
tory." Toaehlag opwa tbe qaaatkia >.r alrotlraa, ho aafcl
thai thfl introductlon ol tb.- roluutary ayatoni la our uni
rendllM throwa arrat rMpflnalbllUr npoa toaOtotlooa
Ukc 1 \.ttr. ln. J. *'. ltiowii, of uerajeo l*?lnt, tbe
patriarrh of tbe oceafltoa, "the Hiutua ..f thoM old
dara/'mada :< U?| and wilty apceea, rleh Ib reulDla
? of the UMM when ihe rflUtur) ? .
rounf uud ti.a rallroad a bmib pooaibrnty. tb*
roon ?f Uujihter whleh greatfld bla man)
haili.-a were luddMly haaaed and meveedfld bj
? drrr Hlomtn. hM Um old aeatbsaiau, orereouo bj Ibe
. (? toment ol Ihe momeut and the beal "f the rooBi, i(
mi.. a fiiint. Dr. Jam ala and other p proaeni
lia-li'ii. .1 to hln Bldfl, and fr.-ah air and i.I ? at.r a...u,
r. ?. iTfld him. After a alnrt t>au- - MMMM out of
the room ainld roonda ->f appla.iar.
Uooraa a, liaie. ?t Boatoa, apafca f<>r tbe trnMflM i M
reuiainii.K I- ? t? w.ie aa f..l!.,w?: "Taa
old Aeii-l.-uiv." ))t. w. Y. Boott, prlnrlpalol Kxetci
?? TM preMBt attompt to dealror tha old claaali
the l;,v John a I ba Iwlek.of Hrooklj n ; " Andorci and
I etor." Frofeaaor A. C. Ferklna; " Thfl Amii'i i.ul.'
Prancla A, Fn-nch; "Thfl -iat. of Kew-IlBBipflhirc.
Oeoritfl C. Bawyer, Utloa; "Thfl Bopa,"apaafai TM
1 iicfllcf ra i l.< t.-d MB Ihe MMMMg voar wm PrM
-?,.,,. i i.iu.,- V,. I nuili, \ u, ij..?.iu> ul?, (,uar..-? I.
s. r.K < .riet...,s,..a?.... Itoborl l. UnooTa. IU/.I..I...
Porter Oeorx* B. il il? and J. K. t llb > . bm t'tary. Ku
gBM I). llawkiii*. und tt.-a-urei, I BfdyM D. Ii.n?rr.
The lonmilttee hBTtBJ Bl ebaigC tlie eiccli'.n
Bf the ju'deatnl of the BMtM af 1-tb.itv LniU-ht. BMg ""
Wmld -Kenei.aMly g>VM b> the p Bptl "! Kr.A.iCf^--have
aatora MM Bai then- ehaii not bmbB Bm bbbbVww af an
MMMfMBB] Bf their fellow-rltUena who full to gfn
aceordlio; to their ii.. an', in oider that the BMtM ma)
haveacredltabie NMpttM and M duly and BMBBftl
plaeed in the haih.r of New Vork, where th.
MflOBKMg natlona luay tx-hold and BBBUfl lt.
The committee will employ BalMM t" gl Irom MMB
to houae and recelv.- and MMBpt for MMMfMMMM of MB
eonta or tnore. A aubaenpllon for 03 aud over wlll
entitle tM cubacrihor to a haadMBM < ertlll. al. .
tn which hia public sj.lt lt wlll be iitt. MMd
Ui hy the autoirrapu aiciiaturea of the ofhVtra
of thla coiuiniltea. Tl:e ut.ooal earo wlll be i.b.erve.l l<,
nardagalnM paraaM ohUdalag Monoy by falaalj r.o
reaentlng tliemaelvoa na BBWatl of thU roinuiltter, Md
the public ia purtleularly dcalred ;.. k.-.- if any one ai.ply
iiiK foraaubacrlptlou !?. provided with u letter of au
thority ala-ned ?>y joa.ph w. Draxol,
obalrmM ol the Exaaattra Coininitti-e Bahaotibera
will pleuao be raieful to imt *heir naiu. a
and aniouut of aubacrlptloiia on thfl blank which th- BO
iiciuir win praaaat, aad n^? n<-t a raeotpl for axaeuy ti.e
amount t,aui<?l on thfl aubaeriiitli.n paper. Thfl BBMUlp
tloli llank will (-?? Hlntle, haff aheet of enp pap.r. and
?ill be newly auppiiod eaeh day t<> aaaraMMM bm
Wlll be dated. No uddlnu of ah.'-ta wlll
be parnttMn. Amounta of flve dollura and over abould
b.? paid by chech to order of the tien^uier of the coiu
UiMut;. Wii.ijam M i.v Ai'ia, (halnnaii.
RlCBABD Bl ii i n. s.-iieiaiy.
1Ii:mii I". Hi aii.i.im., Treaaurer.
Many eania^es turned gJado from the thronjr
ln Flfth-avc. j.-Hter iu>- afternooo, and atojipod ut No.
111, the houae of ex-tiovernor B. 1). M..riian, where the
ruiierulof Mra. Moriran waa held. Tbo parlora of the
houae wore tlllcd with the. frlenda and relutlvea of BM
tamlly. The BBbbb waa ln the rear parlor ot the foot af
a beautiful BMM of atotuary. There were no aet floral
liieeeaor . laboiatedecoratlona. A hlaek velvet driijiery
coverod thecoltln nnd upon It were acattered aeveral
cluale.aof violeta, lilleaand roaea. Tbo (juartet of the
Brlck Preabyterian (hureh hiuik. and the Kcv. I>r. fjflary
J. Van I>.yke, Jr., MMMBMl IM MVTMM MMMed by
liean Murray, of I'mioetou (Joilcge, the formcr paator M
the chnii'h
I'realdenl Hltflbooea and Profeaaor Rehaff. of tho I'nlnii
IMfltogtoal BflBlaary ; l>r. wnlium M. TayUr, Iir. Jnlm
Hali l>r. Bodflrtai I'erry, Ileiny Watarmau, u brolher
of Mra. MurKau ; J. Ilayard lleury, of Fhlladelphla ;
the Mlaw.a Julia und (iiftoe WsAflfBBM, Of Ht. Ixiuia ;
Mayor Backley, of llartford ; Huaacll Ha?.'e, ex
Poatmaater-OfluanJ Jamoa. Jolm Oroahy Browa, L?r. c.
It. Airnew, Iiavld Uudley FlcM, Wllllani Allon Jlutler,
Mra. Willluin Aator, Morrla K. Jeiup, und 8. J. PMlpa,
ihe new Mliuater to KnKlaud, were uuioi.k thoae ..reaetil.
The body will be taken by aapeoiU tr.-iii. to ifartfor.l
to morrow, for l.urtal ln Cedar HIU Cciuetcry thure Thfl
acrvlceaatthe urnve wlll be BMMMBb by Ur. Van Ilyke.
Tammany Hall wiw well flllcd laat
nUht by u aeleet pntfMtBMJ of elub
men who wltneaaed the nnnual eoinpetltlona for box
luu and wreatllug chuuipionahlpa of AuK-nca,
(Civeui by the New-Yerk Atliietle I lul,
ln?P?-eti.r Murray and Captalti C'Uucby wero
on hand with a equad of pofleemen to prevenl
an ii.frii.irr-.il. i,t of the law in t.-.-aid to
aparrltiK mutchea. " Mlke" l)ono\an'a alxt'-en-vear old
pupil, John W. Fallou, waa doelared the b.iuy
Wflaghl chainplou, tbe other couij>otitor8 bav
iiu witbdraw. T. Iiaufortb won the feath.i
welRht ehinniiouaulp, conteatlnic thr flnal
with Chnrlea LlluiKwortb. In the
iifht - wrcht hoxliiK Jolm MeAullffe waa4 tho win
ner, fiKutluK tbe llnal aet-to wltb WIIIIhiii
EUtngWdrta. Joaeph ICIlIngworth '.iin.il off tlie.
honora ln the mlddle-welKht boxlug, bla beat oouleatant
belng J. II. Ilobiuaon.
Jutttice Williatu H. Kelly. of the Sixth Jndi
clai Diatrict Court, No. 01 Ualon placc, yeaterday reap
poluleU Mich.M.1 Cregau cletk of tho Court for aix
The failure of Kdward ('. Fox A Co., brokera, of No.
3 \\ a'1-..i waa iu le.i.in ? d at tho Ktock Kxchange paa>
terilay. Tbe liabiliiior. were aaid to l>e amall and
wholfy on aecount of the privote apeculutiona of the
tirui. Tbo failure caiifod no commotfou.
fifth Arenur /iofW?Ueneiul Henjamin F. Hut
ler. of MaaaHcnuaetta, and Aaactublymun J. T. Wllllaiua,
of Chatita.io.ua Couuty, N. Y.Vnion Squart tloUt
Ju?n Valera, Hpanlali Mlniater nt WnablnirUiii, and tho
BflT. II. M. iiaJlaher. of Kaaex. Conn Everetl llovtr
Kx-<^njrraaau.an K. J. Killa, of New-Orlaana.i/a?
man BMM -Lynde llarrlaon, of NowHaven.Aeo
l'or*.' liotel?Clvll Bervloe t'aimiulaslouer Auguatua
Bcbooumaker, of k ln ,-t n, N. Y.
Chicago, Maruti 2b.?Tlie luuerul of Geueral
AuBonPUecroecurred thia afternoon. The body waa
taken to (Jlevelaud fur intermont.
(in Friilay eveBiiig Mrs. Henry C. Ilowt-r-)
llllllir in acrvlng OOBBf uf J.uhre Van Rrunfa ur.hr
upuu hrrbr.ther.Pred.r'ca <\ Diiran?. Thleorderdln-cteal
him to rcturn hia father. t'l.ailcs W. Durant, Into tke
cuatudy of Mra. Rnwera, from whoae MBM
he had bOBB aaMaad on Thuraday. Froderic
Durunt, l.o ever, lafBOBl ta obey the onler of
the court. and ycatcrday niurulng Alumu <iood
wln Of the Orm of Vnndcr|..?cl, (irecn A- Cumlng.
l? BabOtfOf Mra. Buwera, BhtOlOOd from .luatlce IJ.mo
hue, ln the Suprcine Court. a wrlt of hOBOfla Mt
pua re.pilrin, Frel.-nck to pnaluce hla father
Jn court t.vinorruw. Mra. Buwera ln her
MttttOfl ftatea that her father ia iu.prlaot.ed In the
boaaa of nalartaB C Poioat, at to. 117 Kaat Fifty-eev
euth-at.; that he waa entleed from her houae; that he
haa baaa ooanniltted l.y the court !?> her cun- and cuatody;
thal Frc'.crlck C. PaaaOl _BBBaal?8B faraa she la In
fonncd aml bollevea, clalni any right BI the ciistoily nf
ti. r f-nher liinler anr order of un\ court, but clulnia aml
!',,., t a .,,..". -etaiali.-i heenatud, ol hlm, ln deflauce of
the order ol the court. ... ,. ,
Tha onler waa alao OuflBOd byJudge Donuhue renuirlng
l.alera-k C. Duranl lo ahoa eaaae why he ahould ootbe
In.pr.aoned forco.ileiiilit <>f ronrt In diaol-eylmr Jodga
van Bta-rfe or.ier. Theiuwwi. la tha aaaa aaaa r.
ticent yeeierday. Oarilale Borwaod, Jfc, fhaaaakod
wh. t'.er hlarlicMt, F. < . Imrant, would dure loih la... lu
fatber rontia.v to ll.e or.hr of the court. laugli. d
aad aald: -Haaat aalydarea i<> doeo. ba be _doln?
M l-n't th-itcoiitempt of court I V.ell. my chent wll
pav ? eaad fec fur my oplniun on that anhject aad I
.lolri thinkthut lotighttogho lt to tho pBSBa hcfor
Mra Bowara kncw af bo ncw BoiadaaBiaBtB, a\ttanpt*
were belng made,ahe aald, to aerve the wrlt of aabeaa
CNimua npoo i.< r brotber, but ap till a lateho.u in-i nlglii
neilhcralH-iior hcrcoiiii-elhu.l laaroed that theae ut
i. ii uta h.id provcil a..ceeaaf.il.
F.eierlck DoramVe boaaefia Baat Flfty-acv.-nti-?t..
wl.ere hia father iac.nfii.c.l. WBS ahrouded n 11..- a......
alrof mvstei) reeterdaj aa bad envalopad it oa i n.iay.
Tl.e door wuao'|-encd for u few Imhea ln ansa.-r 10 I ? >?
i?-1, imt waaaeearod b) aehaio agalna any attempUt
k'uiu adiniiianc-. A youiii.'m.-ii. i.n-wi red ..Il luoainea
in u iioi.coiiui.utal way. voaicheaflugonlj tl.e ii.r..rma
tion th-it lieltii. i- < h 'i'>- " "'?"" l1"1' ''?" " l; ' le.h-rn-k
bad left tbe ntt. Be aald he did uot know thut any wrlt
h.i.i baaa nervea. _, . _.
Ia theIobbcj proceedlaga Inatltated recently nj Mr-.
Bawere regnrdlng Uer rather'a mcnul itate,i tbejeom
inUaloo eonalatlug of Nathalilel JarvU, Jr., I>r. Jame*
W Uaa.iev and Thou-aa J. Miiu-r foOOd UUM Mr. Ilural.t
did not cniov laeM lat-rvale, aad was aaBI '"
manage him?-lf <>r bta aflbhra. .The Juroiw
f ?? ud that Mr. Imrant - eali le ronalated of the rollowlug
re-lpmpert] ln tblaStat*. i I ghleen luta ln th- bolld
|nn IB l?.'.at Twc.iiv-foaitli and Twenty-Bfth ata.
_ i., i n Plret-ava. aad Avenue \. wortli nlioul *i .".<"" i
i wnablp Nu 30.11 luiilt >n < ?uuty, ab .ul ?10.000; alao
Und lu lowa, aboul BSO.onO; tatal 83 10,000, tl.e i..
aanie belajr about 81 _,00Oa year. The perauoal propi rtjr
,,,_-,sts ..f bonda aad atai-gaaaa aptm real eetateond
-t i ks and bonda of varloua eorporatlona, u.o ra o ?.
etc, total ahoiil 8717,000, with an Inaaaie ol -i'.,<xk>,
t,.t..'l |_MBarty.81,887^00.
aaa _BAV_?TMBJAii.a_aoBa a bbvott bbbbifv
Mi-- Baeky Jonaa araae brighl andaarl] jn i
tenlay niori.i.i-aml iief ,re ?* areaaeB had laiahai her
paeadai :""1 otiafad haraaU iu aaattaf hlaah. w.u.
her lu.iii.el .... and a to.:-.- llnck \>-i\ tl.iou B hafBi ?le
awataad tha aaaar that aaa tc n aaaa h. r Baaal?dloa
Btrael ia.il. Bhi woa ta tha haat of aslrtta arhaa al lOiSO
. Wllliiiu II. BhOgarg, arrUcl. Ln:..
I... an unl. rdiie.ilu. li.ai iha be BBt atBhlOtJ un l. t
ihcdccNion raadaradao Frldoy bj th..ooal Vanoaf
in. Bapraaaa < ..un. Nm Baaa was laal la aoaaalrtai
wilh thO maa.l.ite. Ila-ll'.v iba-lag hamla wilh lh.
uar.lcn aml !.??? per-. ahe atapaad foTlh flaOl th.
?aaa aa Bm Baa aaia aaa awaaa aaaa r.a haa, aaa
ciiteri.iL' a coiipa. w is .Iriv. u niphllj awac.
Il.ilf aa Uour lalar I..-,?../ BOatOi ? rauf.?al airirrul in
haatcwitha aahfaoaa dliaaHag bartaafB__raadalve
.. ii tha ii.-..- -:?> wW eaao.lo aaanaa', ile
w.i- graatl] <n-ap|.o.:iie.i la Bad thal iha had ahaadj
I...-H aet at llbarty. aad aasloaa)] impuied whlthar ahe
had L'.uie. No oaa aaa able lo _n.- blw tbe ?:
laformattoe aad beretni.I I* Itn - '? ??? m a
Bormwfol fr.in.e of mlud. Ftanklln BartletLtbi law)?
i,,r |.laCHami ??? ?? abo after bavlag the order for
tbe diaebarge oMbe eonlumarioua wiinoaa ...;... .t. bad
aoued llutt ahe w aald br profuptly aerved witb tb<
|ona Which he bad pl o- -I II. the -hentf- I. n.da II:.
. i hi befoiw. waa mneii lucenaad wbaa he eaUed al Im
hberIB _ offlee aml waa taf n...-1 t....- ti.e de| mi -I.. . ul
ba : .....i?;.-p: bUuaell an I ? a I ? ??' ha I not
reaehed uaejat! la Baaa ta aaa Mlaa Baakjr gaaaa haf aaa
Maaj lOBOlttaa were n... i iai ?? lhadaj af W. II
Hbepard u. the Mllla Balldlng, mgardlaa tne nigiu of
?ii Mr. -i.eji.ir.! i-.ne t'e muat aoioaiaaaeonuiee
tbat be bad -otbtng U? do arllh her dlaappearanei
koew aotblogof whrra 'he bad gpaa Hehad Implj
le'iihi oi.ier for he. aalaaaa al Iha j-.d aodhadlhaa
{Ttbe ntnco of ftaabBa B. BaiMaH tt.e oi_m~r p?
vaulml \tMt IBe fuaiilte ?'?d -#..?.. |..Jar?i <??? ?
the a?-rvl<?- or lh. mi .|?i ii _ A de|.utT ah-rirt ? ?a .hi h-r
track, Baaa alalaa.aai 'thal ? aBtm uru. ?<?;.
-l.lll_.lh ??.!! lt " _ _
77//. ///./?. HECOKD.
)? iim.1i BO BKATH v. 11 il COAL OU.
t'ltt. \'.<>. Miinii 38.?Mra, Baafordof Ka.
BBSWaal i-oik-st aaaiaaa_Bajtaa avaaiaa papar, Ovaa
her he?d wa- .? haii.ll.g I iiii!> Iha lariip bj MBOM ?'> '
,l.:,t r.-il and l.rokc. lh.-o.i t.-'k II..-..uo1 the bunuiig
BoM aaa daahed BTarhec Boaaaalaa waa ta tha raon
eiecpt h. I daiik-ht. 1. aiblUl of Bva )....- I le vK.maii
g: laped atimc eoverlnga aa?l trle i lu amotber Ibe n.mica.
F iiiiiia' ln thla. i" aave iin aaild -h^ rnabed dowa ataln
and ."Ut ot tl.e houae tu a IBIOl DOB l '.T Watel III Ihe |oL
whareab. aaa foaad by a nelgbboi Theeblldatti
to fnllow Ita Btother aad la n? hur.y tell down italra
li wa. " ?. i. lv iinrii.-il ln the Btraam ">f Bre which :i ?
luoU... Irft b.hliid her. Mr- BaBfON dlod ln a few
\ni .laai.iiii.N, B. I-. Maiel 88 m flrebrokeout at 3
a. ii. lltOJ ln the Mrg* livcr\ Mahla W.pi by Arili.r
01/a:T. Tl.e lmll.pl.g waa cntiieiy eoiiauined wilh lta
toiiieut-, ii'ciuding iive baraaa, oaaeav,aarrlaMa. bar
naaa rob< -. had, <tc., |ni ulvla a >>-s ,.f ahoal fio.oua
()i..;.r. aaaInatirrrl foroal] *i._?<??. IhahaBdlag ?aa
ow nod hy Aaoaataa Mattoa
si. i^.i ia,Haaah88. A tst. joa.ph, m<>., ghajaaah t.>
Thi l-i.ttlhtp'itch aaya tha! the l;..ch.?.iau I'ounty (oii.t
HBBai at tl.-tclty took llr<- thla moriiliiif. and the lnalde
waa comi.h-U'ly hurned oat < xt, ptlu.' the wlng eonlain
inc Ihe ll.cord. -r's . ullee. 1 ho i.iw llluary, \alue?l al
-1<. (hiii 1- a , o'np.etfcl >sa. The bulldiug OOBt g__0,000
aad waa lasatad r..rf kh.,ikmi. w b. Mc-nuu, ohlal of
tl.e I- ii.- Oafaitaaata waa f .tu'.Iy Injured.
No Hja-eiiil day Ib BBt apiirt hk "upcniiiK tlav"
by the tlrui af II. O'Nclll.V <u, Mxth-Oaa, and Twen
tleth-at., but BB aml aft.-r to-.uorrow they
will he ready to exhll.lt to their ciistomera
their aprlng alurk of linporled millli.erv, costi.tnea und
?r_|>a. logether with dupilcalea of tl.clr uwu manu
Amo.ig many beautlful little bonneta whlch they have
impoiud thi- aaaaaa ia a nlnao Bttiag oaooia wuvei. of a
aetwora of garael beada atntag ao Bae goM ahra , a
gUUeflBg algielte of ga.iiet beada aml a i luatcr ot fa.ither
IcaM-e ln rlch ahadea af red co.i.picle the lil.ii.ullik' ef
thn iio.inct. Aaether saaaB baaaet Is aaaaa <>r g..i.i aai
und criu.aon velvet, aml a fOld of mldaatl a ?:au/y
Komui. acarf ea.i_ht by a anowy blr.l for.na the trliu
aalag. An Bngllaa turbau <?r laa attav, with a hi?h,
aiiuare crowu aud abagtlf rulled hrlny
ia atyllahly trliuin.-d with a J'urkUh acarf aml
a i.ou.pou of ft..itliira lu guy oulora. An exipilalte
piike ln the color kliowu aa "o.pper " Jilnk. a y?llo? iai.
tlnt of roae-oulur, la faee.l with plnk v.-lvet, the ahaBI
pink net whlch fori.is the erown la emhrolilried with g..ld
un I allk, aml a clualer or u.ornlngglurlea lu glonlng
mctalllc colura with a uod.l.UK apiay of u lo-.it. bUM Iha
hoiiiiet hlgh on Iho tup. The chlldrc.'a hala ai>-es|.e
cli.lly li.-autlful thla aeaaon. There are broad lu laum-d
"Bafloca" ln durk rlch colora, trimmeil
alinply with vclvot, l.ny BaBOOd pokea
faead with ralvet and truamed with
brlght acarfs wbh-h are eaught by faliev gold p.n-.
A ilttic poku or raucy wi.iie atraw whb iu. e.l \wth aaaaa*
grc. ii velvet, and liliii.ne.l will. a tlny roll uf velvet aml
a clu terof velvet looj.a aml a Bpiaj <>r tlnj maiywrttft.
The dlaplay or wrupa will he eite.mlve and c.uh.ace
all llie le.udiug ahaji. a am! uilterlala ut the aeuaoli. A
heautir.il coat ln tl.e iii-w l;.-alrlcc aliajw ln .pilte 0_Or1
ut iin hi. k aad lung in ri.mt; u .- of flrtst broioade aod B
rlehly trtiuiued ?1tli |et it.nl lure. I'retty, ahort oiautlea
aml <l..l|..al.a u IU Im- -le. ? u ia hr>ieadc,_rcuiidl.ic..tt<>i.iiwi
-uu. frtiin aml wo..]. in ti..- rhlMraa'a dayartaaaat
diaaaaaaiaahawaafallhtaattaaad m.>..i. aad alsahaaf
fancy atrlpod gooda aud plan. oloth nultu.de fur apin.g
Washinuton. Marcli UL?-For Ncw-Ku^lrttiil,
partly clomly weather aud lacal ralua, wlnda ahifllug to
siightiy aatlaa aaathaatg.
For tho Ml.ldlo Ailantic Htatea, local ralna, varlable
wlnda gencrally ahlfttug tu nurlhwcalcrly, allghtlyjculi'ici
weather. _
' ' ' v '-oohoa
!" i?84 bj_____l_LL_| __Li_LI t*inlli
;': ^'^:^_.iJrU- - -T\_^ii^---_J"
i:i !____? 404-U? ? ?? ? -?-,-;- f-,1
___J -D.5
T_l ai.,r.n. .i.?w. I. . )_ . _.?r" _ iiiIiIIom la Hrit ettf ?f t'ti'V.
tg li.il..? 'f n' i.ri| f?.lli alti iinri,-... ..:?.. li|? ?ftlm, to, Ihl 14 bouti
Ktcrdlaf iniiin.fla. Th> lrrp(a'*r "11>? hn< rr?rt*rat>rfcr Mclllatlnaj
' tb* tarrci? darlnf tk*H _?u? 1:.. i.t, k?o ?r intUi Haa mnurli
_u TuiaiUat la u? ,. ,?ia,., M ___-_! a/ U_ tUii_?_?4_ Bl H?_>
BBl'? ?U_r__ey, Ill8ro?--af.
Tbiiu-m. OrrtcK. Mareh _U-1 a. m.?The ohaagea
ln the baron.eter yesterday were allght Cloar weather
waa followod at nlght by cloudy weathnr and bbow (.Ul
of au Inch when melted.) The temperature|rang_d oe
tweeu 32? aud 51?, the avorage t.-4t/-| beuig T1. ? lower
than on the correapoudlng day laal year, aml '.!'*?' lower
iiian uu Frldav.
flo.uly und colder woalbrr, with aimw or ratn, fol
lawad by ful. waalher, ruuy be expttlod lo-day lu ihla
city und vicl-ll}.
Frcderiek Seymour Winaton, fur over thirty yeara
pre-i.lent of Ihe JIuMal Lifo Insurancc Company of
Xew Voik, died at Fernandina, Florida, Fri.lay even
ing at 10 o'clock. Tlie eauae ot death waa paralyala.
Mr. Wiuatou left thia city with a party of friouda on
Fchruary _ to make a tonr of the So.ith. Hia hciltli
waa good. but l.e felt deairoila of aecunug a little rest
and recreation. "Ile viaitcd the Expoaition at New
Orleana, and waa on his way liome wh.-u he died. Ho
had not be.-n eic_, except that ho euffered from
rbeiimatiam for a ahi.rt time during Lia vucution, nud
the lirst iutimation al troiihle received by hia liimily
waa a diapatch to hia aon, I>r. Winaton, rectived cuilv
Fri.lay ciiiiig, aayiiif* that hia father l.a.l a aliglit
atlokeol paralyaia. At _ a. iu. yentoidiiy the lumily
were inforiu.d by telugraph ol Mr. \\_aataOr_ d.-ath.
No tiine.ul arraiigemei.ta have yet been i.,;ule, but I>r.
Win.-.ton lelt New-York yeatcr.lay to bring the body on
Iroin Florida.
Mr Winaton waa bOEB in nnllatnu, thii St.ite. on
Ootabof 14) 18001 Bovoa aaaaad ottarbiaii.ther,
who ciinie of un old Yir;;it.iu ia.i.ilv, his BlOthar Mag
Si.-a.i Sewno.ir and (OflHOg tr.'in a I 'oiuiccticut fainily.
Ile reeeive.l only a comtaoil acl.ool tiuiu
hut haaodoog his |aarij yooth |ao a| tarm aaaa
i aaa, ha aaaaa te ti_? atty aaaa tweuty yeoei aldoad
i ..:? i. .1 ihe employ ol llulateil. Iluincs A. Co., the dry
I.I-ltii-r.-i ant- Beaeterk, Bbbm yaoa btforhowoa
H.iiniiieil m a juiiior paithcr into tl.i lirm. aiil.se piently
aai11lag ao tlu boaBaeeeat a dtyiaode aeatahooi _?
dejii niieiitlv. ln 1846ha waa aaoeaa a traetoo ef Iha
tfataal LtfJ laaarooaa Ceeapaoy.
ln June l*?."?:l. Mr. Winaton waa elcetc.l pre-ident of
the c.uiipaiiv, to auci-ee.l .lo.ejl. II. C.-lliua. and be
go\e up hii Inelcuiit.lc bu-ine ..-. lo dewdo hia .111
diviileii eaergiea to the oaa reepoaaibdity ba had ua
-iim.-.l. At "that iime tha company had its
ofl.c. - in \}\- 11 in it v Huil'ling. .No. 111 llrouilway, aml
it aaaootantfl 1804 that B rnaorea to ita b-liid'iuir ut
Broadwaj aad Lahaata>ah B_r. Bftaateo aaa a ataadj
aad alinoat ui.ii.t.-rruple.l progiaai m llu> t.r..-|>. ritv
aad atagaitade at taa eaaaoooy, la ardat thal ln
powsra woald ool ba dlverted fi-.m tha oudo otyeet ?t
their de\.ition. ha rafaoad aaaahtaatlj ovyryeatreaty
ln taha aaj latmaal ha tha ii.ieci.nnoi olhar baatneaa
eorpuratiouB .d ,-.il kimis. Ile eajoged ta a n Btarkable
degree the aappoal aad eeaBdeaeeoi able directora,
who .inite. bowever, in erediting m.iiniv t.. 1 ? i- abilitiea
aiul Moik taa raaBM oi a growtb .d baaiaaaa repta
i. ? ?eteoiover 1100,000,000 ta day, agaiaal
a2,iH.....HMI. tbe aawaat poaaeaaod wheo ba beoaow
Mr, \\ i.i-:.ui w is ii vtaaefa l.'< pabliean, bat be aevet
laol aa actire part ia politlea, while leadiaa hia aamc
aml influeii. ?<? to the s.n eaai oi his j atfj ? He preaidi d
at the baaiaaaa own'a Daaa me ting, held bota bafora
tha laal < bieaco Bepoblb aa Coaveatioa ta advoeale
the inm i. ... ?> m e\ I'.e-i.i.nt \ i. inir. in appoaraaee
I.. v isahnrt aad tiuek aat, atth a raddj hea,graj
nd. -w bl?l < rs, uu uiiilsii.illv ln a\ \ in.i-s o] Iroi
bab. aad bi Ignt, piereiag eyea, li<- aaa g> aial m maa
iii i -. aad I-: Ba advaacad ;.?.- "a. reaaurhablv
bnghi aod alert
Br. \\ in-ton waa thon.u.My devolad t.. tbe religtoaa
affaireoi Iha Proteetaal Lptaeopal < oarah al watch
1.. waa a Bte-loag ?eaaber, l"i aau yaaia ha waa aa
BM ii.Im-I .'I ile- \e-l.\ ol M. OOOtgb'l Ihorch,
.lu lta ttaadaj atihonl At iha Baaaofhia
.;. ?! le ? ,. ?\va 1-u ol t alvnry Church. aiul was
.1 v.th ii iii\ ai tha n.-t'tutiona laariahing
under tm rau nf the Fplaeopal deaomhiatloa. Among
;.l..-. - be I.- Id ??.. thoae ..i rtaa preaidenl oi the
Aiieii.-a:. Ilible Hociatj. aad tri ?<? oi tbe Sbeltering
Aiiu- ii. waa i im mi... ..i the Maw-Vork 8a
I..i.n ,:II. ., aml ol the KorelgB Mi-i..n.irv l o .iii.llt.
,.( ii,,. pi .-.i mt l piacopal i li'ii-.-ii. aad he waa alao
jutereateal m tbe Aarai aad (rphtkaL-de laatitata ol
\,v. Vork. ll.s h...|,ii..!.t\ ??- averreadj t" baaa
t. nded lo Ihe viaMag biahapa aa tha Chaiah. Ha gava
alnindantb .-i bi m...:.- lo the varloaa aeg?Uaatteaai ot
tbe l i !-? o'i .1 ? iiuieh.
Mi \\ ii l.n ?..a inariie.l in 1833 to Luey Cottoa,
, i . _ ,.., ( aiotv, Be bad dx ehildraa, of wooa, fo?
.urvne bfaa-Dr. Oaatovaa B, Waaataa, bm
,iu,,i,r ..i the Mutaal Ule Campaag s Jaame C. aa<
two ...... in.I daii.l.tci- M.-. Hanrej B. Merrell, ol
M. ...-I..-.?!.. s J? aad Hra.Oaofga Qalaia,al il. la
delpaia. Ilis aiie alaoaarvtvaa him.
Tli< Bat*. Dr. Loraaaa Qilbaii, 98* w-venty
t?... .is. :. ii rrtdaf alghi >t hia baaa ,Bo i n Praaldaat>
st., iiro.'kivn. la ta.- BMN__af ha was laaBag ?a waB aa
?i.-ueii faabla; hle death waa aaaaad i>y an iffi
t.i.n ..r t;.. Ibroal ?hi. h,pi.-\. nted blm iroin taklug
- Biei.t andmedMluo. Ile ?.<a barn al Brandoa,
VI an I .... :T..llua r.!u, ath.H at Mlddh-hurv <
where h- waa gradaalad wttB flt-t booora. He atudle.1
\ , , uh] I...,.i, ta pn leb al Daaburr.
Ha _aa M-ttlt-at at < ?lle__ o> witb tl.e
ln Uinutn. <irr?-?>uih and luuf.-d thenro to
[ou M?-a. wh?re le w..a pa-tur ot the
.--. .ailoiu.M hureli for tweut) a-vri. j. ara.
I .... irahi ji'-a. -hi-.t In the Preabytei . rharea
? n Ma d< ii "i -:ne ll.i.l-o.i aml Iheii BBBBB t" Ihu.llyto
?-itioa la the otllce of tbe Aaserle ?> .d.-?.
IIC ,.;r. t from Brtlve paatoral \*<>rk ten
. . at of daafaeaa,nat ooatlnaed U> preach
.,., laluuall] IL- a ipported Iba !:? v. M. I.ii...-.- m hla
,,l,l |i, nilhert'a fatber waa eocaiuped v?iihw?ahin_
U>a at Vuilej Kurga and hla graadfalher waaahot al me
Bii.rmlngorTlc.wleroga. Mr ?aa iwtee marrled and
h?.l ilir.?- ch.iilren Ile will ne burie.1 at Newu.u.
Mrs. Sarab Q. POfter, <>f Kiagaia Palla, died
alVawpart, lale ?r Bn__0, ao aTadaaeday, Maroh 33.
Ohalafi no-......tiy ten tooraa_a?aaeompaahol by two
?-ia, h.r ..my ehildraa, propoeiafa pteaaaaltear
aml s|??-.|y irti.rii A malady atta. kmg 000 <>r ln r
daachtara batara tha Otoaa al bat Biat war afahaaoaa.
caaaad haa la raaaala la BaahaU ? Iha haga
of l.ei.eflt to BM tovalld from traal.uent ln a -i. 1st.
ABthaalaayaoia aaaaaailN Baaa baao yaora af htttai
ui.,' aad <.r baaa b?._ defarrad and at laat dtaoagalotod.
hhe waadoomed aevertoaee bet bomeagalB.
Mn 1'o.ter waa the .luii^lite. of B. I lUinar-l of
Khettieid M..?-. aad th.- moddaughter af Iir.Joabua
Porter, Bldeai brothar ot OcaeraJ Peter& \'';rU,\- ta_
I,.-,..,. ihe.ortie from Borl Krie ta tha.War of 1813.aod
Hreretao "f ?-rlu l-.T. Berboabaad aaa AB Porter,
fonnerly^Ualted 8tataeOenator n~m Mleblgaa, aml her
twobrotberawer. Oenaral .1 a Bamard.oblefeaglaeec
?r the arml-a ln the tleld at >!..? oloeeol the wur. with
i.eu.i.l ...ant, aud Preaidenl K. A. P. B_rnard, uf
. olambla Oollego, la thia city.
niurr.YKY BOm
BAl. i iM.Hti:. Miinb 28. Mi.tb.r Laoiaa N'oel,
Oaga-iaff Oioaral af Iha OBtota ?iatera af PiavMeaee,
iiiliiit.llil taaaght at Iha eaoraol ?>r the Ordac la thla
etty. Blu bm alilf ahj-B yaata af age to-day.aad nud
been at the head uf the Onler for tweuty nlne joara. Iu
.,.,,..., . w,.,.k ahe would have eeleh.-ated her goldea
j ii..:" h..,..? NH.?c,..n.?-ted with ti..- Order tot Bttj
?_ara Bbdher Koal waa aorn ta Waahtagtoa, 1>. c.,aud
he MHOaU ?are nutlvea ot -<u.i l>an.l?_?.
Kl im. N H. March _-<. Mra. Hahruna 8. Haile, tha
wtdaa af aaOaiaroaff BaOo, 8_ai thu mording. m;o
a.M-nt) au raora.
iVre.M. Whlllng, who died troiu aathma and Brlght a
dlaeaae at hla auu'a houae. So. J 11 Kaal Twei.t) BM at.,
,.M...iu), had baao a eaBheae Boaa aathma r..r ovaa
aeventy yeara. He waa horn ln llli.Kham. Maaa.. in
,-iN.. and came to thia elty laaag I***1**" ?J
..im-ihhI a boot und ah.Ma ?t..r? at Ba < - ( anal ?t.. a. a
a u"wai* m. ved to t.hi Lorlllurd BuildlU ta Broad
w.iv. When hed.dbualncaa uutll cou.pelled to rellreon
acc.'iint or all kueaa,
BahOTl An.lcra.m, for fo.ir y.-ara a d.-putv lu theolllce
of batOIOOl Kavcni.e Cellector B.aln.-y ?'- tTOfd, died on
Prtdayal hia h.-me, Ba. 888 ABolphNB., Biaaaijo.oga
BKsn .!?:?::; vc^rs^-^^
U_l?h Brg. '." i,wl,. II -as aialtoned ut i?,hr.lu.r and
Maita. 8a wa- a. larb r... awhue after he oame te.hia
leavea a wldow aml iuur chlld.en.
Wllltam llarvey llarl. a ...-mber of the taw nrm of
DnnnlDg. lM-ali. ll.... i rvmtoi***- ^ ',,,; ,
wiii ba btaoghl her? r?r honoL
A HVVVLEMISIAL ****** Ef f** *?RT SrTT.
Thft.No- Tor* Bknratod Bailiaad Oaaapaajr
yratcrda) obtalne.1 have from Judge Allenlu the Court
?f 00OHOOO l%MB to tlleaaui.plcinciital anawer to the
eomplal.,1 ef Itofiu Htury. ln hla ault f******** ''*
n.ii'it-.t. property, aettlng tarth **S?E&Jff$JB
, , ,, .,,,. ,,< ? | '. , hh| !i? lli ed to Ml -lo: \ ><y llie . hii.
?_S__r. of A.Ipr.l'a.uuen. am. paid b| the couipany.
lh,- lattaB haa ac.pilrod all hia ilghta and title.
Van Wkut, Ohio, Miurh 2M.-A lannir hv
liigiu thia town wa. lately awlndlM l.y a llgbtulng-nid
man. who perauuiled hlm to algu acontrnct hy whlch the
bfOMvaosaaoad ?^^ *? w-a to "et tu'? ^ot", ?" _T
bulldii.fia lor *\ When tho work waa done, tl.e agont dc
n.a..d f0 tor bia labor, anvcnty-llve conta a hjtfOT
ro,l? aud a fahuloua prlcc for the poliita, nnd 1 r .v. I at
the contra.-tdemai.ded thla. Threata o Ibl.utloa lu
duccd tbo taru.oi \? pay Uio wholo amouat demanded.
TlB IllBBBBl for tbe boueiit nf tbe eharity
fund nf the New-York Hkln and Canccr llospital will be
held at the Metrnpolltau <)|K?ra Houae on Tueaday and
Wedneeday. A;ril KJand 18. Mn the afternoon and
ovenlng. The liootha aud d.seoratloua, under the eupcr
vialon of Mr. Kluader, will be more ucautlful aud
elaborate than laat year. 'Hio daucoa will take plaeo
only lu the eventaga, tho nfternoona helnir devoted to tlui
ehltdtou. For tholr auiuacmcnt there v?Ul be U>y?. gamea
trioka. Puuch and Jndy, and at B o'clock a waiwi.oih
baiioon .uai_jiid.Kl troai tho oelllng will be broken.
ehowertngVioan luya. Tl.e chlldre.ra entrauee tl.-.kala
j tuoludo all t-u eutert-lu-iouta The uualo wlU ho hy
f.an.tcr. Tleketa and boxea for aale at 72 Kaat Thlrty
fonrlh-at., and tlckeU at 4 J:aai Forty-aeooud-at.
laitran, erJ; childreu pl.
Tliomas 1). Ejjan, of tlie well-known Caf holic
Ajrenoy In Barclay-flt., haachanite.1 the habita of church
people lu one reapect. They celebrate Paliu Iinulay now,
not with hemlock, cedar or apruce hoiiKha, aa formerly,
bm with aeuulne palma. Some of the fonna into which
the p ilin Im \z\ii are wrmiirlit are extremely BttraottTfl,
nnd they inake bvautiful oruamenta longafter I'ahu .mh
day haa i?..--. !
Proprictora of Sumnier Hotels and BoBVdiBf
lfotisea in Cataklll Mouiitaiua, alomr Wc*t Shore of Uud
aon Ilher or iu Mohnwk Valley, aro MOJBMB d to aen.l
withon? ftalny to Honry Monett, C.oneral I'aaaomrer
Ajrent Wcat shme Rmite. N,>. '-'I State-at., New-York
( Ity, for a bhink on whleh to tiittii-h dealre.l iufnrmii
tloti for liatof Mumiuer Hcuaca lutcmied for fre? ill.-itrl
Trotkct Youksf.lf Aoainkt I'NKCMOXIA.
Tbe type of puramoi.ia now MBMaMgti ti-rrlbly fatnl
The Hcalth BMMM BflTOfBaS New-York, Now-Kiisland and
the country gcnerally are atartliutt and alartnln*. Phyalclana
are porpleieil aiidfrl-.-hteued, an.l cannot i/rw1 how t? treat
lt. The tliica-o apiiree no one. but U eapeolally fatal to
chllrtren and M nilrtrfle-aROd and elihrly BMMMBf both aexea
Tho w. aithy are. Ii io-.all.le, attick-n down moro o'ten than
the poor. Thertctth-roII of protninent m n for the liat few
w.-ek-. la MtMk No ,loiihf the cpid-iulo la larxely dtic tn tbo
eieeptlonailv a-vere wintcrjiiat paat. Had tho aan.o <!eath
rale rtraultod frutu t-hulcn. howevcr. there wouid have been a
Wo are now e nterlu* upon tho moat daneenroa perhal of tho
wholoy.ar t.ir inila. The w.-ather will be ehlfty an.l ehango
ahle fo- ilx weeks to BMM Kv.u with the utuioat c.ire you
wlll !?? daly r\j.. h .1 io th> cb'.l! wlikh proeedea paeutiionia.
Onceatlru BBd BM MMJNM of Ihe niaiady ia rapid-oaiially to
a fatal t. raMMMM iu MM ' or M daya. It ta not at all like
the BWflBBMMn of ten or twenty yeara aijo.
Kaf.-tv llea ln previ-ntlon. Do not wnlt for the attuok, bnt
BMM MM l.uV'i Wl l'e y?u ar?yt well. I>o thla by wcarln;
BBBBflBflCapflbM I'la-it r^ eonstaiitly. cl.aiiiri.iff BBM MBM
aary. I'lae.- a BMMM on the back MMM Mfl MMMBMa ni.d
aiii.tlieron tlie clieat. For childreu, MB the MMM to gult
thelr a,'.-..
I'..'usi.ti> PMM ra aWWajMHBaMM MM ajilnat ar
rowa. I>o not gtvfl the MMM fllvaao a BBBBM t-> fa-ton up ju
you. i.r BBM any of your faunly. With or.'.lnury eaiillouln
other r>. .e.ta I'.enion'a Plaators wl'l protect you.
(Jet llenaon'a I'laatera only. Itlak no othera. On the jion
uine ia tho TMM Ml s.-ala tradciuark. In-.lat upoti acrlng It
If you ,!.?!'.t tuo do.t'er.
Tiii: PbRTCBM <>i WaxKI IlrsTLE,
e'oldbyall Brat-flbaU ntallcra.
I rice, t,0 cetit*.
Wantkm.?Apcnts aml Dealan for tlio latest
IrOatfiT rfn-rnllT wblfib eraiy fanuly wanta. ketalla tor 10
, ii. r . |.i-.,i,ti. rallaraetM tnim.-.llat lv fi.r iami,lo,
c.lciiiar aad wtiulunale BrtM IM 1 Bl Ii JOCBia, As^-nt.
'J.i liiiniux Bap, .Vc*.lu k.
838 to 850 s:ivc(l M a se.-ilskin aacnii.', and
IBU t<> BlOtJ i.i, acaiaifln pah-to a. NflWBHBTBOM atMl
,i porcbaaedtblswoab b>-f..re packiiut awar. l-.a.
wll: ihm a iniiirniti ? nt -.-uNkin eaoqae, nwalar prtoa daxlag
wiuter! ' 0. HhH) wlll buy rl if.t'it paleiot. .Nnwmarket .n
il.iiii.ui. i.kii ar tiriee tuai. I ui llti.d clr.ali.r-. mark. .1 way
,!.-,?n \ - - - . . ,,|. , rerrtblng M atock cau be
puichaa.d v.-iy cheap b. r..n- atOTlna awav.
c. (.'. Baarjm, rMn UM raaaaaa
Lokd'i ciiamni; am? I>> anra <'<>.
nfi a: 29 Kait l.'.'h?t. a>IJ..lii.ua' luTauy'a. aud
ti?.H > th-are.
Karl \ WiNon's usliort-Land" Collars aml
i. idaayi i bBiih ; . fMM,
"iiiKK ai a Wink."- $5 per dnz. lOr Rook
wrwNi'.< lest.ititane.iua pnatagHMl vluipeflolaj. 17 L'uion
boaaia h 1 ?
An I I.-iriuit leilrt I.tixtirr.
.-ui.i iroiioBeia, MflflBM
Hi:\kv A. Damfi.s, bf. D.,
144 LflBdutoaara.. Mtw iao t u . aa I Ml i .'??.
Dobib, 8 to L 5 M 7, Diaaaaaa of the Warroaa -.vate*
< ii iiiivtrluarr organ-t. Im^otou ?BBBBtornlMa
BtatBB'l COaaTOOaTD SAltaArAltll.LA
Ia aau;?f<edof Hara.par II la. Dand.ll m. V.liow Dock. Pnr
diM-k. ( l.aiuon.ll>.. O.-nllio. llhaliar'j. Manrtrake, Irou. Ar ;
),.u BM Jiela-.' M you;*.-!! if it beuo.aL Aaa liloo.1 l'uriner
or "prinit Mntlcme
MMMafaMtlMMMa uiuaey refumled. Fxtra
larr- MM 17% MM llToMMB, IhOBttM *'-'. hold ouly
at Kikku'- liruirMore. :r:i BMaTflL.aM.tMM
How Vlrmv nf rMf Maaflfl havo dlodot conantiptlnn.
CiuiTit them up and reme h r th ? eouM havo licen aave<l oy
theliiiei aaeo llale'a Honayof BorohoaM MM TM.
Ptae/a t'uotl.acl.e IMBBflflaMM 1 nilnute.
I.ui.iIIk.i ?'? l.'l.eniah ( ..l.>?nc.
l.n . ? Ithaiiiah ( olojjne.
I..i- .11. ' a'- I. lu-i i.h ( ohigiie
? ?
i .:i? >- - ithcnisbi aaaaaa
ll?Hcl Venflome.
tlat.^t. an,t BrflMway, ao IM Ain-nrm plan: BMM
ar. .ni,,...? ..! oaafol piTiiianiiit aud tranaietit parti.'e; prlvat)
i.al i an.l loilel rooui oonnosted wltii ev..rv iii^rl iu nt.
LOUIa I* TOLiU, iro,inetjr.
BOltyi r.i .1 UM -OaTaaMppj Barohlt, IBM^aaaMaM.
MBMoftMbrMVaMbor. l-'i KaM Mta-at,. N.-w.v..rk.
bv the Itev Cbartaa 8. itoblnaon I>. I). <'anllue raorp.
daiiahter of JaoM W. Holiea. ea-l. to Wlllia-n liolce, of
i raadiiB. Oenaaay.
AU MffM of ma-riaje? MMB 6c indoreed mth fall
name and (iddnet.
AK|iu'r I L At New .Braiiawlik. N. J., on Thnr*day. March
". r,iV." a-i,.v.m arbtoa rrftbelata Oeoiae aakweU. uad
? aimhliirof John D? Vauil. in the MM y-ar nf Barafja.
llelatir.?au.lti'K'ndaaietnvite.t t'. alieml tlie luu.'ial aor
vlcea from h.r lalo MM ?u Mon.iar. Maii h .,,, at 11
Carrlace "?'i'l ineet Mfl traln loavm^ elthor Cortlaii.lt or I-ea
tir.n.e'. ita ut '.i BA,
lnt.rni.nt pnwb'iit \S omll.iun.
uitinton-ua Baaarday, Kamb cs. at hla late reaidence.
0.' Ithav... UU hanl Ilnriitou.
Notlce ?f funeral MMMMB
BUKiOS-l.onlae Lott, wlleof I>onlel t'lark r.rlir<a, ?n Frl
lunMal'iItl'i^Utereaideuoe, 1'eekaklll, Monrtay, 3()Ui tuat.,
j u'tl.xk p m.
,., Pl ,,\_>,iidileiilv, at Aatorla, I. I.. March 27. I*eb*l!a
I'olon widow Bt UM MM Juku i olou, aud luulhu.- of alra. W.
w Cneeey m tho -mhyear.ilMragfl.
Knn.ral fnnii remt-avo . Aatorla, SaiuUy. 'JJlh, :i p m.
fnt?raieiil at HfldflM B. T.
CHRY8TIE?Oa Thiiraday morain^. March "JS. at kar laM
r.-ililrnro t\uatliur^-BB the-Bmlaoii, Mra. l-Yauela Few
Chn?atlo.widuw of AJMrt Chryatie. eaij.. iu the BM year of
KuiirrtiT aorvlro-. wlll bo held M arrlr.it of tho UM traln
fi-..m Sew-Yoia ?u:nlaT uioraun March BB.
Intermei.t ln ITItilty Charob, New V.rli
Frleuila of th" faunly ar ? uiviuid la aUeud, and lt ta royneatod
to klafltty nai'l floweri.
C(.Wl!?(l-hTlday afleruoon, March 27, Julla M., wifeof
juneaA fuwin;!. nnh.> . sih rear of her ajre.
ruaraS aarrieea frm. h r lata reabtaaoa, 118 iStato-aU, nrook
lyn. M.uidat. tbe .ietti m?u, at I p. m.
I'i.-a-..' iiu.lt lluwera.
tilt \ K l At hia resldeace. No 1 WM I d *t . Joha Urake,
aoaotniMal7lMaMi ot BfliaMaM, WibMMMm OmmO/i
Fu"nrral aerrtcea at ^t. Panl'a Church, ICaatcheater. on Tuoa
Mj tt..-:i.fiiuat., al 11 e'clook.
nui.m -un satur.lav, Mar.h _'?., aftor a brlef lllneaa. MMM]
ltiio tbeothar llfa OarolbM tarle, wlfoof JflMpI oroa*. iu
KuuSraTaerTare-t^r^.wJeru.a.em OMMh, SHh-a... he
tW?M Partaad LaaMgMa aioa.,onTueH.lay, the Ulstlnbt..
ti liaolookBOoa.
Int.?rineiit at .Mi.uui Aii'iiirn, II ,.-?ton, Maaa.
lle.itoti pa|iora plaaae copy
.it ni iiT-l'he Kev I.yman (illbert, I>. D, at No. 141 Preal
rt. iitVt.. Breoklyn. March M. In hla HTth year.
Kiineral acrrtcea at Nuwtou, Maaa.
HAIH'.m-im Hatunlay. March vn, Mr. Hermiii llnrtia.
IlaaBltrtfl aad frienda are reapaai/allv lu viti. I to alten.l tlie
funVwal ":? I'i- l"1" tgSknM, BJ lUvmgtou-at.. at 10
O'elock -nn,ta.v, MarehSM.
il\KT At Bflt '-prlnira MwJMMa on tbe -i7th Inat,
Wtiliaiu Marrey flart of New lon.
jatMaM ImmmI MlMMM
L bbb>In Flotiila, March 10, l/ovl Kerr.
Fu.er.lari'al..oavll.v-hlo. Mon.lay, Marcb :<0. ?**?*
n"alof tr!uiilottvia|Umud OMMM 8apM faMMk ^uu.lay
mi . i s-O-i Thuralay. Mnr.h 20. at Jackaonvllo, Fla.. WM.
O Mula. ol FUtUuJh, l.ou? latan.l.taUie 7id year of hla
?SflJ .ervicea at thereal.let.ee af fM MMMM Hall. 17 Kaat
i'f!(l. .1 00 Moinlav. March aO, atloo'olocK,
Inlerinent atTarrytown.
POnTBB-ta Uiuoklyn, March lt, Mary C. wifeof F. llren
va.ieral^ar'Tiroa from ber lota realden?o, 833 Madlaonat.,
11 ooklyu. a., Min.uy. Marek M. at 4 oolook p. m.
Kelativeaand frtaada are respeetfally luvlled.
I,,,,., eieut ?n U.ndayat>euKeruca.N.Y.
BaatTMB -At Newport, laiaof Wl*ot. on We.lnaajlay, MM
i .. Mr^ tsaiw. (iraaa Potter widow of the late Hou.
^ AAMi^ eortoV. ofTSlMaS talta, N. V.. lu tl* 7S.h
year ot her a?e,
???BBBJO H Jamalca. L. l.,on tho BBM MB^MMBP
Mana No^iiey. wM of itobort V. Mievena. aae* 71 yeara.
>utlce.,f funeral heioalter. -
TITIT rallaaTr ln aMMBtya. on Maroli 2tt. Ja-nea BjMM.
rroBBaaataafla^J-aM ilvluaatun aud llarrlelt l?ulaa
TttaaTaaai -' y'?rH. 4 n?onin? ttn,l?} ,{a^ t ,?, t^*,...^
J'.1^, tr,r?K-oa at the raaiaeaeo of hla paranU, 101 Leffart'a
^"a?imluaZ?. tbe 35 laat.. ?*?
?I'ui.KKR-At.si. Ao?tiaUufl,Pla, Houday mornlng, Marek
Fnuarai^lcea'aTmNahine-. Church eorner IfllMllIlM
an.l r.th ?t. Beturaay Maraa 4sth. at 11 a in. -
rfftJMjT aud fneafla of tbe fouilty aro Inrltod wltboot
UMrBMBtplTnMMMM OBMMtP. I-Uaabeth. B. 1.
TUOMPSON-At Newark, PL J.. March 29, Heioklab
B-M?i-V?SS?y?,o /,wui S?fimTJt
re?ift.o??. No- Ii J<*n ?*?? ?ewark. ou Mooday, IWth loat.,
TYSF.K? At Newrv>rp. satra IaUnd. oa Krirtiy. r..:i ?7t_
inat, Djvi.1 J. i yaen. in ina <st'< year.
Kchitlvea an.l .rie.-ida are iuv t?d U a.l.il t':a fuv.-ai .ru-a
hla l.._e r <;i<lim :<i ?'? Mouda*. V-ife . ;..i. at _::?) p r.i. _
Carr^aaae wrfi meeatram i?t Sew-!)orp co.iuevttiuwit.i iba
1 .Cclock hoat fnvji .New-York.
WIBBTOB \t Pmaa .<ti?., k,-.. aarfce ?7_u bat. irod
erlcks \viuat.n. I. ihe 7-J.liye.ro'.m-TO.
Betteoe. haeefal haraoaaa.
orKTMOBE?Oa F.ilav,KareV-tT.alhla reaMeaa*. _a_t
\Va?erle.v-_>I.KO t-umaal .vetinurj. lu tha 7...1 yoaro. Iu?
Frienila are Invtted I > atten-l tl.e fu-ic.-.-.I eetwoaa >l '<t? l?te
reaMeaee ?? J-oaday, BOth lu.u. at li o'clo.i-.wBhoaB
furll. rmUice. B
Sj.ci._a1. IX'jt'cej
A? iBaeBol Ratfaa
Aa lt la l-npoaiUble to.urnl.h car.'.aof admlaaloo ta <'hick
ering Hall ou nuhta of a-Ic to n'l ny:'!icanta. we would aug.
Kest to thoae lutendin? to purchaa-i that they plcoe their
ordcra ln thehauda ot purtiea u-un.-.t hi tue .oilowiug envor
tlacment, who will faUhfullj eie,-utc all ordcra lieeof cl.ar.roi
Thla arrau ,c _e:it will attlati auy aunomfort coua?iiu..nl
upon a crowilcal BB-BBBB
A .... in Art *?MlO.
riri.s. k. KiuiiY. auorioaugBBh
Two hu.idred an.l ii jhtylivo exanajd. e of th )
B-Ur_BBB8r_f_ia a 0OB8 VAI.UK
(adiUngpr.'ient increa^)or <lii:_??) of
at the
e Kaat _88a_ pBadBHa Ojaaia, BeaCb .
ABanaaioor, mosbtbi bblaoob t_c__btb, at.
TIIK KAI.K WI 1,1. TA?B PfcACB AT < M Ifh.Ki.1 _-4
U.A1.I., corner oldh ave anl IStn at.. on t>ie eveuiun B
laaatBg, Wedne-ulay. and Tlinrenlav, BT8B081 Bt, APBII. l
aml ?-'. conimonelu* :.t 7:H ? o'Clook prenpt each <??? ?
AKiat'aion toCulckorlng Ilu.ll on eveui.r_? of a_Je will M >v
card only I na reaerv.al aeata), to bo had hjr applyiuj. to
Mlaa Katharine Timpiou, Hecretary, tl lunt -'Sd-at.
OBB-OM 10 l'lll<ilA->K will ho atten.led to fr?e of
Ihanahr Mr. B t. AVKliV. M.-sri KNoKOLKll A -
Mea?ra. BBICHABB8 B (XX, Mr. B_t B0_-AB8.-_b.t
CBiaTOBLBtOVIOO Mr. adatjB ..e.n'aau.-c e_or,, aai
.; Kast MeA iMadlson -SqilBre. -? I
\dele *> I'xyc,
MA.NH'l Kl" AM) ? 111 It'.P'u?l - l\ 14 Kaat Mth-at.
11. .-iiiii. ii' of ti..- I e t a ai.ecialty.
_-'ii.Bar-_S'aila l_.-aai.Dr_. _ _________^
__T^-Th# <-renl fauccesa Achiev. _ by I'AsW KLL. M AS--KY
* C_t a K__tJI,SION I'K ( "1. I.f \ KK Oll.. ?lli POP81 ,
aritui IM.M. haa mdace.1 l..nlat...ua. lt w_* unuleor._rla
aliv >>v C M. ._ i o. forom-t tun most Alat-Uga_aBea phy.
sirn.Mii. Sew.Yora, and n. ollirr Mr... ia acqaaiat <l wit.ua.
f,.:u.'.ila or |,rm . 8. of uiaailfa. lure l be geaO-M Uu < _aw?).lt
m..v ACo.*aaigaatareaaeaeajioitle. l.l-l -iroadtray.
"Heat ne.illatrv ?r avr-rr il-a-:li.tl >n at v.-ry maieri.i
nrlee" by Ora. WAIT A s M I t II. |. Kast-'M-.l. olrt atan.l.
Baterto Bev. Dr. < roeby, i>r ?. F wi'i, ur. i. w. ?.,-?-._
~IL >'. Souire A Ho?% .lovelera, 1?7 Kill. ?..-s'_. .>'. ?.
Olamond K_r Ui.uraraa-eao.l ?li al.ea.
Waich.-.s, ou i_v.ii oaakaj H>t-<t.H). -;i WUbj sUy.rw..... tl
Bhadee Bafiata tTaler.
(The < .ma_: uai Oecmea BaBaaaf.
Rocoiunieuilcd by the leidlua i:un?5?can imalical autkuntior
luriu i.uruy.
Unequ-lle 1 aa a lalde W.it.r.
.lewa.e ut I-iillatii.ua.
ANTHO.W ... i ii-, .i vVarren^t,
Balo awaal r..r the 0. 8. _
Merciiulile 1-lbiarjr.
CI.IM'.N UAI.I.. .'.-T'.l-.l-..A' K
Branchea.*:il KifiKa.e. ?J i.i'.crfy -tr-.-t.
I i RBO, BA A - i.AK.
?Ji'T.O' 0 viil.uuea, ov.r -li?" I?? rm !.. ..Is in re:utlng-ron?. ^
Irmm. U.u.d.._rea au.l -l .-?i4_ht-b_l?_H?r? t?Bt_ute-il frf
I_.ll-rf iir.itl?m.-!i:iBil " hltareu. lo eorrect the ror.n. Floa
Uc -iocWin_a L__?ly ait.-u_iaii.- ? lor la-IU ? l'orrael u.-?tu.on_
JC.srHNori.U. Maauf ic-.i.-cr.
:,_;i aiul .'.'-??> Citi-ive . hetw_au 3lat au.t Mf e_e_. ?aW-TOI.^
Poal B_Baa NoOce.
BaBBBB Bw nu. >i?> m;-i :..t ;>' ap^il-Ur ilriel
_iil.ai.-U li.iiiv i.trticiUr at ?? n.w- u or l .r t >?.-)4fi a?j)l/
ti.-uv.-rvaideatloatieo.ai i'i rrtaa-AtUalu --'? aga Baa
war.ie.lbv tiel ut ai v.Miia irul ibl'.
Forvixu iii-i* f?r tn- aaaa eaAiai >???'?' -*. am ??>?>
(i-kuaiiLY iu au caaeal attan ottlo - a-. luiiowa
8UM)AY?At7:-0p. in l-oixlu.Bsand i_iv.ni[aton. PAjra.a.
. ity ..: Pallaa, v_? .Ve?J>rli_ua.
J_ aila fur lluna aud Jlap__&, por _. _ C.:r of 1'citln? iVI?
.-.an Kia-i..sc.. . rio-e lier.i Manh ??-?al at o p. ca.
\iana iur AuaiiJlia, Nt-_r-/.-a!_nd. ><?n.l>Ticli ..m.i I i)l
laUiula par*. a Mv uf fydn Y iv.a s?u K.a.i.-n ?. . . I >.>
m.rj Ai.r.i'.a! If. m. iorunarr.vai at Ne^r-Yorc it
_ - I'.ei.ahlic wua isnti-U luaila tor luati UUi.
?TBeeeOidaBaeMMtotel rraawPaaalamaBa < arru.Til
otillietues i uiitioii .f tii.-u- .1 uu r ipl l .. .rl... I tr.i.il..
tsaiii--r_ui.-ia.-o. Kalla tremtaa ..___. arrtviai o< tui a
.-.ii Fraoetaea oa tbe day ol adlmj M aaaaoNoraO_o
patebeatbeaea U?a a.,,..^ _ p. v,^,)N l,)4tI1.<,?.
I'oat otlico, New-Yora. -N- V ?. M ?? ? ?' - ' l ,">i
_U.i_-oti3 -Xoticcs.
Al 3liller llall.-r.that. and :',d-j.v*.-l aiveraiilat aerve aa
ata;to Pre__thin_rbyUiaKcv.NI i.-dn >.s_-.1.I.. Oao?*_
?-b?a.l ?t V'.l '. I neiids ln thla vicluitv ure c .r.tially luv.tod
loji.iu lhiam.vei_i.-nt an.l c ..UrileHe lo lta aucoeaa.__
Amertci.uTen.eer_.Bee lalo... CM. ketW lltall au?.-r.
S o-c.ock. li.HHlTe-uilai-H- l.'.y. Ibe meetlug wlil be ia
charae..: Bew-Yal* Ooaaty f.aljre of UaoO laniplara. 1. t?.
__i_-.WORTH,r<mn_y 0 .i.-r T. tuplar wdl |.r>?:el?- ad
.ireaaeal.y ulKht Woill.\ ...and IV.nplar Haa.______ ??
FIMCH.ei Nei.raska. anl Urau.t Worll.y Chlef T.ruplar W.
UARTIN JiiMs ..f New-York. \>r? cholte i-ua.cal
anaiamiBB anrtir fnrr--?'_' FKOKl.l<.B.
* juatl'H A. BuOAUDUa, Pr.Bldeat.
V. F. l'OM). secrot irv _^
"Al IheWeal l'.-e?l?lerUn Ihiiveh. l-?_at . befweaa MB
aBVl.l_avea.-lhe 1-ator. I.ev. J. .U N H. I'AXTOM.B ?
wtBpnaebeaOaaday, ibeavth .i.at.ai n a._u. aad7i48Q.a_
All woiila" Churrh (Anthon Memonali, I'tb-at . waat _t
eib'are - l'_v. _ II SbI B KW Tu>' wUi pieaoh al 11 a. m.
Ptajrara 4_h> p. m._
All -a-nia- ChaaaBL aBb aaa... aaraaa S*^_fKf_L
aehool i)-.. a. m. x.-rja.ii hv :he paaior, Bev. I H K'?1>-J?t_l
C WU.LIAMS, at II a ul Kaolir c"?.al.r lliTlt-al_
At lfel..e.oc_l t alhallr < har. h. Maaunlc '>?.,?";'"??"?
and iSd-al Kvcmiiw. T:au. l;ev. Father >? i o.N N';ll
un-ich.-a BaMeel ?? Ihe 1 _ran OawaaealM of th.i lioMiaa
Da ?....icr,.iu.lici:r.u,'l.?nl, .u.tlc.ilar.y _B_tt_Wa_ llloly
Week .' t-rU-aaa of all -Wpou-laaaeaa u\ Itea._>
At jr__rth*l!_-___i_w taoreh. ,._-;\'_;*IK1_,,w._a
IU. and Ma.llBOiiave.-llev. U. W. (.ALIAUlIKIl. 1 ?a
lor.pnaeheeal n a. m. >ue.cct: -ihe <nd.s,t w..r?iiip.
_^o eveiniijr aervtea. l'uhllc cordially Invltert. -.jn.lar aehool.
10 a. iu m
( hur. h ai si Mary ihe Vl.aln.-noy Wwk aarvteaa.
F__i, suii :..v. T ilo. '.'. 10 a in ; Bol.n .-.-l.-hration wl i Pjw
,.?a.uU. 10.45 ; VeepacB. 11-. _a.ll wday. ?"****' ?-__.
_.,i ,:..... -, n:3i)iiTml.*p.bj. T-mraday. <*o. ?a n... . _ u^
.;,M?lKrlUav. lo. 1 i;3a. n... iam.,5 p. iu ^sBturaly. , BB ?
I hur. I. ollhe ll__vf_l? Bt-. -lh -ve abovi; I ''_:,-._
March -?" ihe ,mo !...?.-. a-rvl. e of ihe i.aiM o M.r;u ?ll M
heldat H ... in. All aeata me Mennun hy tha K-T. lt.
? Liiii-chflitlie lloly rrlnlly. Ma4laoB-ave an* j_?_j__.
rhT.v \n lllltr WAlKlXs,n 1)? Keetor Uoaraef
ia-Tica a't 11 *. m aua Sp. .... Ibe llecur wUl proa-h. _.
"< hurch el Ihe lloly ?*|dei_. Ma.ua uiave. rorner OtJUi-af.
1'ilrasuiX. Ili.lv (o'na..inl..n ^. m..rn.u_: aeiTlce. II j
L? Mr l"t II.I Klllwill ...llcate. M.nday Jm ho.lM . .v*
1_V lliI '' (-....llrnuti.... wUl be a.l.i.i.i.st.r.,! by Aa.iataul
hlsl.op I'utter aervi. ea <.o.al _--r..lav. 1 la???_
Calvmrv C'harch, Vor. 4tl.-ave.. an.l -'lat-Bt-Hoiy Ooaa.'
u,uuo"_^-a-.lloa. iu. Moralu?f * -rvi.-a at IA eeleefc
t'homi ??rvi.-. at I ao p. m a^Bam^Bfayer;wttteeerteaa
a; 4:l-.p. _>. Iba lleclor. ?*v. 11K.\R\ _ HA 11 _______
will oltlciate._
"Ihurch ol Tiie Meaalah. ur, at . .-ir l-arj.-.i-.v-Itav.
uiiiii-kt -"(.L.I.YEK Paator. wil praac h: Mornnc 11;
Kveinuft 8 -JjSSttiSl ' BTBl J_lma ln Their Baag
lli.ciidea.il l_ri<l Weat ..' ib-at . laatweco 9th ?'"*_?_?
av'a--Mv!.??...?"""'.?y uionilng and eveulng bT the Paator,
_ae Kev. B. lt tVi.kii_
? hur. h ol ihe IH?l-*> Patemliy. Sth-ava. ear 4ath-Bt.
io.. (?iiai.I k" II BATOM. Pa-tor -s.rv.ee> ll a. ... and
7_I a m Meralag a^-viet. ror Palm aamUy, aublcet,
..-iirf.i Tiie Ku?" Kiemua: - < hriat Ciirain< th - 111
,-ree'* wv1cel"thect.ait-h-i.G.K_.l Krdiy BlUh-Oa _a_
?Ha Fornta tl-iae ol Ind latrv. 1 \ W_?i*"-fcIS5;
K IIAKNAIU) -m-rvioe ot soac. aiagiBg hy the cilldiao.
0TBiV"....la"at:i7lo,Vcl..c-. Publlc lnv.tod. Ud.iatloa. at
olutbing and ?hoee aollcitae.__-,
" i.'ii.i llti.M.M Ihnrch. Park-ave_ corner 3_Kh-at.?l'ro?<h.
,?!. Te? ih, l-r.t'r llev I. M. IIAI.IH.MAN.at 11 a. m.aid
7"tt pT m Mo.-u.a~h.teot. __?? ""_, S* *-*?-**
tvenu-a anb_eot; " An iiil?rrup_-4 muei_L
F.r.l ?*oetely of aialrlluaHa.a, lte|aibliC-_n Hall. M Waeg
TMsT-mT. f.lil'iHAM lecnr-a nw.nlu_t aid evcnlim.
Bi,rm'n?e rrlcaa anaw.rin, aailBl I prapejuidajl by tl.e
uiidVcuce. SeaU Irce ; all Ui.lted. f..nl.rem:? at SA__
.,.,,.,, *?irliiiuli?m. 1 hlitv-aeventh anniveraaiy, ni!._a
c^Sj__-^S_X7hi^h M.a ??g?l
i liliuiiill J Wll.LlAg FLtl.ll_-.B. i -lAaha^ a.
6aTOB_i_-a_^i-iiBa-6ii. Efiaisaba la_celi_j__
wld ?l?g. A-iailaaiau tree._
Modom a,..lf*lu?lla?-Thlrty-aeve?th -_JW. r.1-:
claVral?e..i.Visp1iltual M.-etiaa. Arceuuui Hal^ 3. We?|
2Mh .t at . i. W aro. and -i.-O aod 7::?) F- ?.. au_{ Tueaday
_iurnoou and eveniug, .ilaiuiat. -x-aurr,*. __
11 a. ui. suuday-aehool. 12.14._________
"_.*? II R I ?iD-n O. n. arlllp??_h m the Seranth Pre^
at lo-.iO.aiMlWev. JohaUail. 1>. D. iu the .Ttnii-i-* ..__,
aeata Iiao._- . _-1
.1? >l ~aa_?-_. i-aaU.r ..( the . . utrai l'.aplial
C^ro_,H~7t..^th^ra.v.a,.pro_Ch_? -Oiula,-. 1U?_
an"7;_H)p.n_. _an__y-aehool. 3.*__
-__!??? of Frl__a?.-Mee_m_i for wm-blp ai Fne-da
Mt^tn?.luu-ae,So^**?--t ??>? lOrainercy ___>. B|
lO-.JO a m._?-?
_i l_mailui l hurch. 4t't_."?-, betweea Sth aad (.th avea..
7 ft 10, II a m.: 4. 7_30 p. tt. da'tv, 1. w30. IU e. m. ? p. a*.
_-.... ..,1-iUmI < _H_ve-Vfr W.I.. BIIEl.DDN ?lQ
wlW'_.%?K^- _5^og "?Jt^^S^.oSft
SSa TT% &%<& nE__r??
PaaaionTlde: ?'Thej"niej[ji>BQn-Mr_________
rtS-by1^^r^l_T^d"rs_m ?SeT flvflWIWfljj
^Kva^jeh-VrnThetithollc ipoatoltc <?areh, 8w??ay. _j
p m at TKF.NOb HA1.U Broadwaa- between tM aa* BH
au. ueeu-rae. aUarelBVlted.

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