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It wao in Virginia durius; tho autnmn of 1881.
the lirt.1 vear of tbe war. 1 waa a aaniean. in aa
Infantrv cmpany which had been eeiecu... on ac
eouut ol it* tigutiug qualities to guard an itnpor
lant p..it)t on the liae of cam-nunicutiona. ine
tmmW Branch. risiug a .ousidorablo distance abovo
MniltlH. winda along north until it PBMB8 WmW
9m,mmAf*m bbUob i-yond that awaafcrtajaaliai
aalaral ..tr-?.--la bonda abruptly to ac ?BB ?
IU way 10 juiu the great.r Htreain af tbo ? ..toma...
5T2 b.n.1 tlie tu...pik.-roaa connecting Rotn
tL where ihe l.nion foree waa dinpoaed. with
Greiu BprtBBB Run. ihe dep.-t of 8aa?H00Ba thr
Baltiaiura aud Ohio Kailroad. crossod the nvorby a
?JHBJBB bridne. Tbo wriltan order M? our
captain cminanded him to bold tbia hndw to the
laat man, kf neceasary." And tb_re wo *********
unlil Bonio weeka latcr, when (he Ooi.fedrraios
tnano.uvrod our cntixe foree back ta ita baso on tbe
railronii. _,,... ,
Th. war had Btxipped this part of \ir_rinia of
moal of its people. Hillaido and valley aeoroed to
belong agaiu to tho wild thiag* of nature.. Ibe
ecream of an eagle Boariug ui tbe gray sky wonld
eallimtaaorfootdtn of aaimal aot.-?. Kveu tbe
hatidfulof .....l.liereprow.ed about as st*~n!ihilv ae
the foxestheraselves which now and agmn seani
poreo out of tbe laurol huslies. Gracef.il tloer. witb
opreading aDtlere, soiuetiiu.'S |>?ered out from under
the ferest growth. Oue aftarnoon a tajat even
made bold lo mvade a pi.-k. t-poo. - cooking cainp
kettle lirkingthe lat from the edge with great
relioh 'and contentediy laftag -<V before the startlcd
?oldierBcoiildiaallaetho chan-cter of tho Tiaitor
and fix their aayouete to turn biui iuto botier iu?al
ihan tness |>or___,
Oue eveiung. Just at 6. ao the aocond relief
waa changiug poeta, the aharp crack of a uiusket
thot rang out, from down the river apparently.
It was a dark nlght aad notbing could bo see.n. At
tbeahantieathepoker-decks wore caat asido and
tbere wasbusile for a moment, tbe rtish of feet.
the rattlo of leathet straps as tbo men put on their
barne?-., acursoor two ai Mome one tailcd to nnd
his own musket. and thoa all was still airam.
Cartridgea wero looked at, pieoos clutchod au.l
balaneed iu a half-jocoae manuor, aa if to ?ay the
"Johnnies" would get more than thoy caino for,
Bnd all hst-med for the next shot, or a vo.ley, aud
tke orderto"f?H ra!"
We nad a captain and two lieutenants. Bnt the
first lieuteaant, a crtiaty, good ooldior, wbo wns
killed tho next year at Autietam. was BMllag his
lurn on guard that day. Just before dusk, we
kuew, be had crosw _ th? hricge w.th a corporal
and privata to go to the Ieft along the river and
up the ravines, to aee that all waa m order at the
posta for tbe nighL T<?u of tho raeo alao from the
shautios baal been misaiug since oariy m tho af tor
noon. and it waa supposed they bad dodged the
p.,Bts in order to ford tbe river, and had gone to a
hut in oue of the ravines whore au old ne*ro had
been am.iggling whiskev for some time and eelling
it rland.^tinaly to our aolOier. The lietiteaatit
had luteuded to Tiait the liut m queat of tl.o atrac
Minutea pa.*-**ed, and thoutrh we stood abonf at the
ahantiea wilh arma la hand ao sound eaaao but the
murmur of the rivor eddving aloug nndor Ihe
bndge, tl.e aighing of tho treee, aud the cough of a
aeuti'i-l p.-aing hia beat down tbe roal m nont of
tlie gviuri.-houee. (.uddeiily ihere wae a cliallenire
Bcroes the river. "Halt! Who ooines ther*al'
Otiiek footat-'.pa up the roa. bronght a meaaenper,
and the captain orderad tuo to take aoquad to tha
ouard-hou.-ie. Down tho ateep road my B.jn:>d and 1
went at tbe donble-quick. The moon was riaing
from bahtnd the mountains loward Winohewter.
throwing her whito brhi throngh the RTBeefnl
wirea of tke bridge aud athwart the treuibling
rir.ples of the river. I arranged my men at th<
gnard-house as 1 h?d been ordered. and took my
stand near Ihe oentinel. A little rrrocession ap
?iroarhed ua from the other aide and as H neared
be centre. whero tho eurving oablea aeemed al
most to tonoh it on either flitnk. wa oould ?-? lt was
fonned bv eioht men hearing another wrapped in a
blank t on tneir shouldare, and thal it waa led hy
the lMMit.*uanl of Ihe ruard. Behfnd. betweea two
auari-i with Axed bayoBeta, reoled a drunken
aoldier I waa oalled from aiv a?f4)Diabment by tlie
eharp voieo ofthe offioer ordenng we to give him
men to ralieve hia of their burdan. Tba eight
men and tUair burden. and tbo drunken one who
followed, wure tbe ten atraagler. lo tha nugro hut.
Tho trsBsfer wao made and tbo proe-vnion con
tinned np ihe road to th* ahantiea. Thointoxieated
man fell to the ground as ka neared Ibe gaard
honsewithan attack of mmnia a pofa. Ile waa a
raw-botied. generallr well-liehavod Pennsylvaniiu.
We carned him in and lal 1 bim on tba bar.l bunk,
mtwle of pine-bark with a blanket spread on it.
Theexciteiaent of fiading the dead h.xlv of Parr,
who wa* well liked in tbe eompanv, had sobered all
of the a.ra?glers bnt the I'ennsvlvaman. and hnd
made tht-in eantions oa to what tliev said that
could have any l>*aringon Parr's death. Ihe hxly
bad b.-en m u.ub'e-1 on in tbe durk bv the lientouant
when ou the otber aide of tbe river near tlu* OBItol
to ? he raviue, aa he waa returning from thn aoatro
hnt with th-a niae sear^iTace* he had mef there.
Bisfon-the bodv had baen earrieo far. it had been
eTami.ied iu th" light of a uioket-t)te and uo wouud
or Ita"** of violeace oonld be found.
Wha1 was the eonneetion between thn ahnt nf
6 o'eloek and Parr's deaiht Ha**! the agemy bad
anything to do witb lt, m >ra than one shot wonld
bave b^en hnard. for all tha atraaajon were anned.
and, drutik un tbey roa.' have been at the ttaao, "r
rathei aoooaaa tbey waredrtink, there wonl.l baro
been a livo'.r fusillade. liut all agreed that there
was but one sh?t.
The Ponnaylvantan writhed In h's delirintn on
the bunk. and ?as held down bv tln<e or fo.ir
men. He apneared to have no latareot in aiiL'ht
bnt tbe bobgoblins and ereeping thinus tbat
asaailed him in bis fauey. Hut ho bad seini
rational monients. when h<? wonld sit np and parry
on ? eonversation with himself in mnrtered. m
eoherent ti-ne* not en-iv to iiud?r?tnnd. A.id whnn
over he spoke we liatan-d, as if for a revelation.
Our onlv liirht in tbe hut waa from a Kingle candle
Bet ititfl tne Boeket of a bavouet etiien m tbe
oarthe-i fli_.r. From time to time he wonld forea
hiuiself o il of the strone hands that were holdiug
him, an 1. as h** Bwiinc his araia moiimfullv aboat,
hia ahadow and aurs would be thrown n.?on ih
rude v.?il? and eotfon e.otling of tbe hut, m.ikittir
al.-iii.l. vot, under tho ciicnmstanee*., frtirhtful
cancniiire_i of huuiati stifTennif. (inlvon.o did bo
Bsv Biiytlnng worh while: " Poor Parr! Imt 1
wae n't to blame." Yes, pour Parr! but wbo was to
hlame 1
lt waa a dreadful thitig to believo tbat murder
cou.d liave b'-en entninitted there, among eumradea
whosfl lives were in conatant peril f?r u BaBBBMfl
cauae, even if done ia a drunken brawl. Bnitoora
waa uo certamty tbat aM of tke nitie bud in.'i
nnn h m liqnor. Aa I aeanned the (aoaa of ibe
oh?r atraeglers I was nnzzled by otio eountenanee,
th i* of a liitle Welahinaii, well-knit, al.out thirtv,
^aik-coinnlexiotif**'!, and having a tiasr of k .'ick
e ea, whieh even on ordinary oeeasions were full
of t'n-e. Hut now Iiia evaa glowed like two bai?__
coals aud Iii? cheeka were as.en while.. Hia tnati
ner aud voie*. were agitutiad in the extrorne, aud
t every qne^ion hia answer varied but slightly
from: ''l^>ok ye. ah know nofhin' abnut if."
The delinons fellow's ravings had BBBBBBa atrnnpe.
hnt npw a aiiapi.-ion waairrowing that rbe man who
did tlie murder. if a murdT wib dotie, was this
We.ghina't. whose violent tetuimr aad vtudictive
aatnre were known 1o us all.
While the boriible thoughla ntfi.c'cd to mv
mmd hv all thal had oo.?erred on this ?'irrnii_: night
were rtowding np-an me, aiother ??r?ennt relievcd
rae with arder* U> take the atraagler* ta t e elitm
tiea, ali but the Peunsylvaniau, wbo ould not bo
i. in .\ r i.
In a ho low plaee behmd the shanties btirned the
rre< t fire -vnere the co'npanv'a cooking w:ia done.
Ita trlare waa hi 1d>-n froA diat-ut obaervora, and
the wmd kept oil by toe siiantiaa in front aad tbe
ridtce which raae steeply bvbiad, and at earh eiHl
waa saaded hv Kereeas of laurel biia'tes ini<*rlseed
wit n tif _>rine)ies. In the open space be'ore the
bnthi?uitMirsthataparkl*d a^ainota hocehork-log,
the men r.ilb-real t.? while awav tbo longevenintra
ontil ihe honr rt.e to " turn ia'' for sleep. Many
of th- Bnl.tiora were atripliaga, nat vot out of th?ir
foeu*. Mnt there were aotne there in fha (rroups
that iised u? ?tieu b their foot into tbe oahea nafore
th.* ira who eonld ne doubt have told atrangr
tulestHan any Ihev t?ld, had tbe*. been so inilmed ?
half-gmrlad waifs.ftaB_i rartont parta of tlia world
Te.-ar.ins of Mtrepeon. Amm aad Afriean wars':
aailora who h.-id naied ib all 4ba known bohs?one of
tbeae liod made sevaral slava voya-e*. anot ner had
beea an acr-imphce in a fawous mntmy whoia tbe
Orew Bil)?_ Hs inaater aud iaaif? and were iwaalaa
the ship oft to turn her laio a piralo when nver
taken and c^ptiired by an Areenean ratvn of-wnt.
Thero wero taa fair-ead* of buataaity enliatad for
aelf and from batred of work, aad iia.-ocia._-d witb
boi-est and patnotic bbobv Like some of the
cruaadera of old tbsy wero nghtiog for meat and
dr nk, and aay, in a gioriona cauae. Yet mercena
ries aa msuv ef theeo men worr*. aad frankly
Soknowledeed Hiomae)ve? to be, they were moatly
rava and ware loyal ta tbe ilag they bad ehoaeh
to ftiliew. And over us ali was a enptain who waa
an aarneat man tn tha eatiao of the ITaion, a galhtnt
a?d *kilful aaldier, rary piooo w.tl-Bl, and a great
Babar of iumxieating drink.
In froui of tha bre, within a aetoi-ctrele fonned
by all of oaal tho ahantiea. I?v Parr'o body. dc
t*a\\f otretehed oot aa tbo blanket tn whioh ho
?adbeau brougbtaoroaa tho brtdge. Fifty f.v<*a
??aod down apos their daad oomrado. ruggod
fac* Parr w** a flnely-ehaped man with etrong
aaaaa rmin-o-warVmBn, ho wore a th ic k haaaaj
eticirclimr hie throat from ear to. ea .the raat ..1 bia
fioe heiug Bhuved smoatn. J bero wm no M
abo.it hin.th.it we could aa* of a 8J988Qjj90_h.
Hewimacaroolyevonpaler than naual. ?J?Jt
taiii ordomi tb* strafftflers piaead n. the tront191.nB
of the seiiii-.iiole. and m hia iiitliiriiatiou hurat uito
a aeaihiag haraagaa ag-init dnaknig.
The W.NIunan. however. diew t.10 covert aciu
tmy of uli hy his baaaaytar. H?> jaaai vioieutiy n
Bia ar** aearcb.-d all th? faoes about Uia rniK. bb.I
it waa noiiced that uevrr ouce did ba lai ma
turn toward 1'air'a t-ody. But whlle the captatn
wae at tbe beight vt hiaeloa,B*ae*. aarallBg 10 tne
koaon oi i?t:.i abatiaaaao k* ba draai from ;a*
tragieal lacident, one of tbe Ktracelers. a Yery
loqnacioaa fftliow, of an envioiis ini-.l ;?,"'.'.",Ii
di'lik.-B, hnd beea ir e;??iiy watchmg tho N.-Mi
inaii. Saddealy, as if hy an iaettnet, he rua-iieu
ov.r u. tha bodv, aad, kaaaltBg down b.-i.ie w,
e.lk-ri the firat lieuteuaut's attuiil 1011 t* aoin.tn.ng
uuder Parr'a beanl. lt waa a rlireo-rorueied ga*
hiuk.ng.looputlo tb- throat. At tha exuosnn. of
Ihm wouu.f, B*W f-r tbe tir>t time abBBfrad.
anotherof a?9Br*9*riata, Beaally the apngtnli -st
raaag lollnw in the c.mpanv. fr-ll in a famt acroaa
tfaaeana*. Ta*ea*9ai*c?**d bla bbtbb** aaa ?
-hiap*r*d -onfereuic to*k plaoe amoa* t'10 oBtcera.
Tbaatragglaia w<-ie or.leic.i to gire over tunr
iiiUHketalorinapecliai. All were foiuid 98 b* load
od. as wa* usual at sii.h an aataaat ami imuo BBB
t.eiu Kceut.y tiredori. Baft*4a,aad bayoaeta to*.
siioiie nkesilver, wi 80Bl atai.i, 89 ruai. or l.awnn
ateel or otank. Tbo bayaaai aoabbarda t<>o nne-bt
harabaeaezamiaed, bal ae?B*h*w la tne exme
Baaal thia aa*arerlcok*d. Tao deUrieaa falhawa
arau at the gaard aaaao bet* tba aeaieb, e.iu-.nv
well. It waa ii-iiaiulv uiyaterimis. Ibe algBI
Kobar atraa-gicni all agraed ahont one. tlunir. or
aamaad to agraa aboal n, that il.-y had druak
litiuor freelv al tlie BBgro hut and Iiud then broBi n
II . in <> amall nartics wilh no show ot ill-will so
far, l.ut ooiie 8008919*1 to raoallaet who cmistituteil
tne'several paruea, or when or how l'arr BMBBB*
Beparaud fr.uu tho rost, or wbo bad beea Bbb) 98*9
III BJB noBIBBBT All bat P8n ha.l retiirn.-.l lo IM
hut for 111010 liitu.-r and were tarat* fo.ind l.y tl.e.
Iir?t lieiibenant. Ihe nine wero sent BB ??? Koiiiim-v
u.-xt.l.iy uiij put 111 iious. but alt.-r 11 pi'.-lmiinurv
exaniinatioa nll wero n-ieas.-.! l.ut tho WalabBiaa.
who waa .aeat to Cuuiherlainl jail to 887011 his tnal
lorn.ur.ler. , . . ,. . ,
stonewail JaaBaea shortly aftarayd dlaajaoaii
usall from tbut glooinv roaioii aud g**tTOY9d the
boautiful hrulgo. Tba >evou Daya linht waa
a. ar.ely over wuen the Welahmn.i, wa-t.d BWBf
almost to a sk?leton fn.in tho etrrrta of nj.irlv 11
ynnr's inipriM.nroe.it au l?w diut. ma*M u> M
Hamaoa'B Laadiag. H? bad baao let out al jml
far waat of *Yidaa9a agaiaat biaa.
Hut vvti.t was iiUav* > iiuuiia Ui 11s waa the nftrr
aaiaeg a* tli? raaag f.-iiow wbo falntad by*t i*arr*B
t.o.iy Bearaaoararodaawallafter that, tfaougta
be aad bafbr* b**a raaatrkably aetiy* aad vigorous
?the be.st athlot." 111 a BOaaaay of uthletcs. Ho
wa* aoBataatly ia and oal "f boawtal, a itady
and puizlo to'the me ucai B88 wh.. saw thal 08
waa Blllag, hut c.iil.i nol BBBgBoai bia aii'iii-nt. Ho
wa8t.il Iinallv awuv and difd 111 a inililary
li.iai.nal 111 I'hila.l.-u.hi.i, ot BBBBO lonir liatlii-nalin-.l
di.aoase, ar.orditig t* hospital IBBnrt, which bad
loglT*B0*ae sci.-ntiii.: rcaaoo for hw doath. ne
died tliasaiiii-(!aythat.thc-\Vi-l?huiaii WMdaWibaigad
irom ( tiinl.--rlaii.i jail.
Mat long atier, m septeml.-T, 18C2. thecavalry of
lioth ridBB, niaiKonvriiiK aitr>r tbe ri?tUe of Antie
tam, came into OOBtBOt nenr BarpaTI I'oiry- a verv
tntiinjr allair lB.le.d. One ol tbe 87889080 fadei .1
cavalryuimi waa hroughi to the r.-ar. D*8ib waa
aottliiiK dowu upon I11111 and ha bagaa 1898889 to
tln. aurgeou in eharce of a luurder 111 th<- oatpo te
not quito a year before. The aiirifeon, aiim.-e 1.
Iisteuod attentively an.l hear.l the.lying man inaul
tbal a Welshnia.i 89*BBBd of 1 u- uiiir.ler was luno
cenr. But the . ,.v.ih vmaii, when ho had b<J' H?Ht
f,tr WM Baiaod b? tbe la-t agonie* an.l lns rolc*
was ailenced for ever. i'lns man. who had l>e..u
traiiaferred irom 88998010807 te888 ravalrv n-gi
nientin which benjet ni. late, waa the talkative
paCBBB who had calle.l aluiilion l? tho wound in
l'arr'r. throat What did ho know T and how did he
know itt , _ ..
The mysiery of thnt night at th<- Wire Bridge
waa never 8j8918d U|?._
Whnii'ver the writer (turin/; tho laat f.-w
woeWa vUIIihI elther JBfMBO i'ark ur Hheepauaad Day tho
firat queatlona Invariably put l.y traiue.r* wltn uaplra
Uonafurthe Withera wern : " liave you a.-ou Iriton or
Hupof'.ill Wbataagaa know about theml I* Aleoek
goiug todo ua all up I" Toaorurelf po*alt>l? a auliitlon
of thia prohlem, an rarly Bsornlng trlp waa eaadn to the*
Newninrket of Arnarlea, at Monmouth Park.on Th.irsdny
laat. Oolonal \V. A. Morrall, the new a.i|.erlnteinleiit of
the traek.atr.od on the atep* nf lila hmi'" and with renl.il
o:d-f^ahlor?Ml ho-iiltallty ext.-nde.l hia weloun.e.
"Btiringat laat." aaid ho, "and liUh tlui" too. Wlir.
w.xild yoube.ieve It I A waek ago ,n day th.- frBfll waa
aot out of th* ground, but we are 4ata* v. ry w.-ll no.r.
?nd our l..?n>?? are riilleping In about .*.'J. Mr. WHher*
waa dowu the olhar day and waa verv ni'idi nie:ia.-.l '..
tA'.iae be bad heard taut we were working ln bo. but that
1* nut tbe geaeral rula."
"Any objectlon t?a little totitlng, Mr. Al.o.k I" a-k.-l
the wrtter ofthe traiu.-r wbo atuiKl near t;.e n.ii* Bitfe
watoh ln liand.
" Nut the allfhteat, only you're a Ml Hte. BaWTBg,
PmJwt *>eal atalag ?*y y?ag ?e * faat a*lf aatl , 1
you ran aee tliat."
Tbaealtaaa ? in tae fnlloa-lng order : Eler
tr;.-. raaag,Ot, Mbbb, fttar, T:iy. Martoer, Plaetwlag.
whlle tbe thiee-i 1:1:-.,. 1 Hup fu! bruilgtit up the r.-.it.
Ti.ey walkeii up to tl... balf ?tts pala ahat* they aBaaeal
tl,-iiiM-lvea and in an inaiant they were awny. A rloud
of iiuat enveiup'.'t tii.-'ii bal before th*y Badraaebad tba
Qiiartcr K'.oetrlv and faaef partad roapany aithtbo
re-t nnd riinnlng 1 :?-i*?l h.,.1 h.-iul aMr.in,- Int* Ibo air.leu
lagaib r, wltb Eleatrte next to tbe raila Panci bung
OB wall to the eu.t. l.ut lie BMnage* tu kie], Bli*atly lu
tront .ind pu>ae.l Um Boal tliat l.y ? in-.i.l, Kiun-i lnu
t*a laagtaaln frnat rrl 8V 1 aa, raaaBagla
" Wliat du you umke it I" aabed ?iOO*t tuiulng to tlie
loo'uoraon ln t!:e gtaad aiand.
" Fifty-fuiir 8'-.-...;-:a," rogUed CaarbM Ltttlaflald.
MT*af* lt," repiifd AI.-o.-li. "ll waa a g xmi muve.
Tlie iltat .juaiter waa ruu ln 38, an.l Bat BBOaaOl la 89.
1.1.1 yuii have uiiich lu haai at the tlt.ia.li I" he aaked
tbe i.uy.
"No; weju-t u'.oiit got there," was th. reply.
"And a*w, how laTritun i" Mr. Ai.-.u-k araa aaked.
" Very well. tnde.-l. II? ta dolng ni ely, o< :.ll ..f my
huraca are. He glvia tue nn truutile whutevi-r, uud taofe
bia work thl-i.iuinlng. He la in.viu? ln alimti 1:54. I
havo not a-ke.l hlm to do ntiv BatUW, anu I auall DOt
burry nini f.u tii<-VS itl.era. If hoeoioaa to band ?
w.-ll and good, i>ut I'ni aol Rotng tu ponn ! in ? life onl ..f
liij-. lo wm tha Orat roae of tfe***W. iu.-ro am otle-r
ra.ea latar 011 Juel na good."
>!? iinwlille HuiM-ful, the "dark 0110," w:th w ..iu
Ak-o. k, acrurdini; to Ih* M_a*wt*| mo:*." la lo awu .|.
down BB Withera day, went by. Ba la r.illi-r d?-fi. I?1 ' .11
auli.-.'iui. e ui.d aomewl.at aSggg, Hia laga ure < u-.tu, nnd
98 i? ru.i.i-i-.ikr, Bat he ll B ialloaal BMiOfV Tu cuun
u-i.i. t tl.ia Alcui k, evor allve to tbe lutereat ..f
bla rburgea, had a patent irun BMBuVbox
iiilt it|i ln kla Imi, TbB u ita ,ir.- ). ,t
lu a auiall bln like reeyptae!.-aud Ihriaoa iIhi'hM to a
parforatad aaa ra aaibliag a slara Xhe la* al 1... oata
cau !>?? ragauata9 aathal laara ta nol mm.- inaa a ii__..iful
?iu ll.e pau at 11 time. A buiae tliat w.uild tuy witW nu.l
aaasa bla faedlf ha gat It all at oaea, i.ib'.iaa up d
tue quantlly ho wuulU othorwiae cuiiautua.
While tlie horaea that h*d Juat wurked were eoolln<
out, Mr. Aicoek klndly aliowed the other* ln th.-lr !.o\ea.
Bt. Auvualnio la ? inueh luiprov.-d < ot, uud In tl.e pmk
uf < '.ui.lltl.in. In fa.t he leoka ao well that If he aturti
fur th-vvithar* he will beat nrnre than will beat lilm.
Yal*baa*at*aaB*ehaabaaaaaaaaiaa eatt, bui Alouck
B.o* thal eli* h*a put 011 umrn lt. -n tid-, aluiei tnuu
evor befora. Bhe will bo p-ady fur Jtiom ? l'.nk.
" And bere la hor ladrahlp," aaid Aleoek tbrowlug oim 11
thcitiiur of thaadiuliiiiigbox. " Da yo*rraoaalaaBat t"
ba ak.-^l aud bla faea B*a**ai will. ptaaaau* Ma the
atateiy La*laa8M lurn.-d h.;r i.n-Hj liead I* a.^ whu bal
? iaito'ra wi-te. ehe la a i:rat.d lo.iklng inare iu every re
apacl. l.e. p iln.i.i.ii lhe lu-urt, with puwtTt.il aliouldrra
nnd anaaaive quartera a.igge*Uug drivltig puM.-r uf lhe
blghiat ..rde.r, >he Qila tho *ye aud latBTOoaao 0*0* tbe
in..-: nupa?aive. Dncheaa haa apmad unl Into u ii.are uf
briiuty uud Hiibataii.-i, li.lt L. r nv?i Loulaette baatl n, i
on louka. .-Ue la lu the beat, of i-uiidiiiuu aud luo.ta
(i..| Motiltur louklui flne a* sllk ranie forward a* nlui
t.l. >K a iwo ye.it uid .nl aiiiii.-Kted hia vlaltura to a claae
acrut.uy. " ' Olrl Baldy ' la dWInc verv wall." aaid Ai
coi-k. " Hola a ki.owiug fellow. Nothing aaoanea hltu,
1.11 notbuu: worriet hiui, ba 1* ao eaualuin uud aeeuia lo
b| |i.'ipelitu!,y Ba*kt*g .'..aiUleuU Lo liimaeli."
Thaakumv waa neii aliuwn Thia coll la bv all od.la
tbo moat forward of the lot and ha* worked lu l.'.J.
Batblag alla bim and II Aleoi k haa lu.k with hiui he la
lik'-ly to re.-ur la hl* exeelleiil iwo-i eiir-olrt funu.
" He wa* i.auked at > 1.000 t > 91(>0 far Ue B.ibiirl.au
lu lha eurlv pari of Ibe week," aucce-Ud tha writer.
?? Ye* I Well tliuu the Bawl muat hara get lari.-r
agalnar hlm, ae yeaterday I put glOoou btmagiUi.at
^*i,o*tl." waa tbe reply.
" Aud lu re I* Iilluu," aaid Aleork. A rlt h dark brown,
of abutit the aamo sl/o aa Dwyer BrothOrB' lli. hiiioml. he
haa tt pli.ln bead. a laxy eyn, a blood-lika ne.k, **U
iiUu-.-.i aiioiiiders, and good quarter*. A* ba (landa !>?
fur.- ou* he apprura a time jdui h?-?l tn tbe flat.k,
but tlna la caua.-d more by lhe reflacilon of Ina
brigtit ...at than by a.t.ial deflfleuoy. Ha la exiremely
woll put toaeiber. and, ibougb aniall, he ahuuld ba able
to pack weigJiL lila lega were i.audaged balf-way up
te the knee, but a* Aleork bandago* all bla huraea lu
their work tbla mav not al<nlfy uuy tlilng aeriuua.
Rereller waa nax't *hown. " Tbla horae waa ln tha
aaivliat Ii.ra weak laal wlnter for g'J.r.wai," aaid Aloock,
" but be la aot for aale uow. l-ook ut hlm ; ba baa not
beea la lot.g from hia work, and there la not a pnlf. He
ta a k-ood lioraeaud wtll pay bla way."
Ladyblrd.aUUr lu Hiaa, iaa tiuu t....iuy two yanr-uld.
bui at ah-a iaa late foai. havlag beeu dropped May 'Jtt,
Aleoek doea not burry her.
" And how i* tbe Iudlan cbief, Teciirnaeh V LHtleflald
wa* atked.
" Ob, thry'li tall yot. all about bim," aaid tha tralner,
iHilutlng to Aleoek aud tha mbare laugblag. " I gara
min a faat mlle yaoteraay, bat ii'a sa aeo*
to .Ba, aa tliay all know tt. YoM aaa Jagar
WaJileo baa a prlvata track, oa whlrk ba goilopa bla
b'.raea uutt! he La* ainortM-ig good aaaagb ta aataalab
ua with, aa ba tbiuka, aad tueahe brlag* 11 oiar hara.
Ou Tueaday be brougbt out tbe foa*-yaar-old Banquet by
Klng Ban.who ahowed am'lelnlrlB. ni-Bt-B-fl
was made tn N eecotid* ao.l Uie ___>___2___S
1:110. Yesterday mornlug I aaveTecninseh hl* BHM
ho dld It la 1:48%. niakinx $____???""JiJ!
a.-coad*. Thia I ttiii.k I* the he.tnilie._f __?nay aaaaa.
Teouiuseh U n coltef wkioh great thl-K* *?^??E"'??
laat year. Wltk aueh work a* thi* uuw bi* admirera aro
lltelv tu cel recuinpeused this year.
The beat work tfone by two-year-olda tkla ~MTWOB
done by Mr. Kelly'a twefllenelg oolt*. one a BlOlMVao
tt,e Hetintrope oolt. and the Uobaa gfr. ?""'J
,.n We ln. art.u arternoon, took themoi-t aud they_"_w_?
hn.i al.4.fn.tle ln 5.%. Wlth *uoh iiiovea a*
t.? th-re wlll be aouie llvely mmjnm^Jm^tm
JoraallO. Mr. Kelly haa alwaya li.-.l im eaia-. ralfltBey
f?r twe-y-a- BlaKaaBwtlk aaa- raajoaaaafcaaaataoo
,,??? kaadloa fur iiim the oaaary ooa oo*_l loJbo'JJL*
Ibo fore rreqnentlyoo theT. V. C-thl./eer. Ibo Bono
tr.,** t..lt..iWt bora e^u-lldate, la a flne inlnial aud ls
dulnif vtrv w.-.l tii.leed. , . r.?t.
Appleby k JeBaaoa'e bet-aa ar- nnnrtered at lawia
fatcwurt's alnea at.i.ut - qua'-ter ef B nall" frnta ll
"ri. k ,1a-. ..f i-t-arta 1. 'la ihe i.ink of aaaBlttooaaB
laoka bett-r th..a Be ever l.mk-d Ufora. ^{?raaoiM
lil.n .me can ...V.-r-tn-.n the ,!.._u..u.tr.itl..n lu hl- bal. r
wtit-n bowaa kaeke. ftroaj S? tu 1 _o*?*?Af,___
Bnburban. Katehl of Blloralle, l?W_ ???***"
.topp-al ll. hla work. ne went lau.e on ____* ?22!?%
a?. alueagk than. la notnine "'^???SS!*??**^
i,e,tt?iot up?.u hhatora litti._wi.ile. OeMfeilow. tke
aark Wltaoro een-ldala, toaka well. but M ao
kU a hotwe aa he la. standing l*_JL*J
,,-._ht to have m.ire s.ib.tanra. Tiirk I* J'"?*
bat he la i.nderal/ert aa. .l.-fl.-l.-nt ln ___; rt'.a 1 ir...
I- iirmnla.,,. aml Old Mamniot. st wlll probably win BWBBJ
a tW.,:>-rtera 400k T-t I He twi?.yca nlda luok oonie
what backwaia. Herirai of them went baaetatketr
BOtly w..rk an.l ?te-:.rt. WtOO andrare.ul traltiertBut ne
la, is ni.i UiirrvltikT theui. ... ,. , _ ,*,.
Mr Bal.tk'aatnog waa relnforeed laat weelt i.y tne
fl.l.iiti.i, uf Reder, tfreealan. bo_ lha *__?<?""
KKlK.tt.,-.,ra.i_'.- OlTl flllv from Mr. JobBOM a farn .
ureealaed looka oad aawee well. Ilwl-r o,,,* ..r tn.
Mortemar rast-oA froai BoBBaraa, la a ?BaBtag l>U loii,
hal kardly aa eariv Ut?_^^^
HY onk mh) WAS THEU.
R,v,nltK, Maaa., April ?.-"You'il bad better bv
ha!fe..me. You'll h.ive a nawful |BOd time if f
do. I w .ut 1.1 faaa I d' kaow m.thnrhow l sba'li
a?tin' it t'i hoiue. Bat ve know," shakinif h-r liead
?,lv. 'yo know I coui.l no ways laa** l.oh-rt.
Kobert he | inl7/ih!e."
Mra. N.vicy llolland nonsed an Instant ln her
breathlc-** hurry "f 8p8B8tl. aud he.oro oithor of us
could niake ;i rcm.rk, slm l.e-an ngain.
MQyalaral _ eike, 'n pie! and the sighte-t of
hai -iioanil Oh, I Jao ortoh I o*dl laaaa BaaartP1
"If my haallk BI aparai, and the weather ia
go .(!, aod ara daa't have company, I nioan to go to
th it Plgbt-oap Party thiseveiting/'aaid I wben we
iuo arara i.-n aloaa
Periiaps aiicli parties nre eusfomary antertain
ments iu the otiler world from whieh we are a>.iit
oil. bal they have never oome under my observa
tioa. The aiinouneement of oue aets this little
Nj'ttleiiieut iuto a flutter of interoaf. We have
iaojutiod as to their orgin nnd purpo.e. Their
germ, their embryo, we have beoti entirolv unable
lodiOOOTat, hnt wo have f.nind out for what pur
poaoa night-enp party is h*-ld. It la to holp pay
the niii.ister; and the mmister himnclf aud his
family aie expe.-t.-d to he pn-aeat a id earh roatrili
ute tlier tifteeti or twe itv-livo centa to go into
the aaneral fund for their hetiolit.
Piolere nii^iilall, while I waa in the harnyard
feadlngtbe Rymouth Raek h?na, I *-.iw ihe t.>;. ><'
a liead tightly tii-tl aboal with a w hlte rloud enfer
at Ihe Iiont gate. I h.iat*tao4 foi war?l and met
Mra. BwaiL <>ur aolBBtMBL wlma* buabaiid aad di?*d
a f.w m'.iiths i.ef re. aad al whose luueral we had
offletatod iu a new eaaaatta.
"(lood eveniii'." shc sat.l in her raaping v..jee
" N.., I i uti't OOOJM ia. we're a goin' ter Ml a fOBtlTal
up ler the veatrv ler iii^'ht. 'ti wu'ie motaf t-er boV
Jainea liatid's team'n all of ua go. It'll he a gi Mr
time. 'u I tlion.ht raa ? ><r siater might BOjiooaa
inler lli" tciiiu witb us.'
Baa waa rory klad aad I told h<T so. Sh* koew
of im irii Btar tre.u that BOald posaihlr Im offerod to
At pntise'y half-past ? that ingbt, Oottrado
and 1 "eajBM)818-1 mto the t.-.itn" .itnl v.ere lakOB
ui? t.. the vihage, and dopooitad at im raatry ll "?'?
Iti the rt-.ir uf tlw yt-atrv waa a suiall aaartmaol
ealle.l t!if "aiit?-i"oiti, ' mto wliu li all tho wometi
imiiirdiiitelv erowd-d, and which snielled s'ronglv
of citronolla hatr-oii. aod oalagao of tho kml aahl
|naaiall trial battioobyaedlara Thatawaaa
boteylindel st..i.< and a I.M.kiug-giasa. Thto ? i*
all the fiirniture, aml **-as all tHat *v.i* do
oa~otwoaettooo aaaiaat tha oraO. Wa aotoboa.
and did BSaetly "hat tlm i-*ai ? ii*.. laa .m.i of
each tiew.otiier w ;is, flnt. t'' foi ?!f her
elotid and rnbbor OTaiatooaaafl roll thaaa BB H 1
i ? ,t ho ni .. ptaaod taaal ai ortth a l_r.e pm.
I lua buii.lie was tiiuti de H,?iteil ou a M*it.*e. Iu
this **av. when you fonnd unv of your "things"
you fi.ti'tid tb-in all Alao, when jroa loat uny of
ihe 11 yo 1 1 ?>.?! taoaa ali. Btoct ayoaoa h*a iu
drawli.i. ks. ||y a|s'(.r anl f bad paokad o.ir
wrupa ut..! 1 > 111 tBoiallooa laa niie of Btaailai ob
toota. aud auw that ctir naii more waa to txith aml
atru.irle toward tlio tiiirror, and th-ie give a laat
uttnatioti t? h.ir u::.l ".'.lar. Mra Kwell wo*
cs nlf.l'.v in'cinlitlg l'i be our e!i.i;.er?ue, for *-h.
kopt noar ua aad aatapafa. 1
?? wiieu vou're raady, |ao aay tho w..r.i. aad we 11
tro iu. I \%.j 1 >t I*. bo in tlm. for lho Btagia for u'a
1/0111' Vtt bo extry. I'hc\ ? booa I'ul *m M ntiily
H'li.i fi.. b tho ei aa-ro
Brtdootly neiriv ototj ona badthoaani0 aiaa
to booai lv. for whiaa aro v boob l mr 11 n* v-atry Ui
ro om, ?"'? a raa 1 laryc ooo,waa aoarly full. ?- " a .
lliiali it-ll ii|....i t . I -...*. lli- 111 i.lM. 1
ooaduel ng to ti." pla?ionaa till girl iu a platd
,lte.a and .? larwe aoektia
" Am't **tie dreaa...| he latlfolT"
" S w I guesa vou'll hear ?. m.-tl ri'!"
?? in.i iho ? ? iha' baofl ia heraolfl lf ahe
did, ah'-'a a pg'l.r bora ? iar,that'a all I aa?
tor aaj !' .,,.,.
I ..--.? remarka I overlieard, ntnl baforo Him
1, i',,.,!! bogaa. Mr*. Earali to bm
wi'li pi oi- : ,,._.,
" 8-0*0 BB) ? ? vv i 1 cusili. I .1 .ol BBt a BtfDl
bj M'nndy.*1
rhoa tbo prima-donna fmm the I lanc.
Ofcooraaii ??? ta timply droadfnl. Knt tbeoe peoplo
wore (h.ri.c!; they tbamped and elat?i*ed nml
cbattared a 1 otot, aad are foared M'rl '?
W.t.ihi ll.ive to dng -t.'il :: I?' 11 tbe pOOpM
rrally t"" eagar f"t Ine featiral to go oo
BBlonisblUS :>i-;,.-.-f ?.f BVOrrtblBg t.> tne waa, n ??
ih.ii iiu v .1.(1 not do icit.r, bal laat thoy
i.crli'iiiy aattoflod with tlicir aehioronanto, and
tboroagaly connaeed that nowbero in tho world
hiiCing ..i acting bo iap< rlor.
At the endTuf tbio tboro wi lant huah.
At one r-.inci oi tho io *tii. earofallf railed off, wsjg
;. largo moand of Bometblni oovared wlth s otriped
a spread. [hadaakea Mra. Kwoll wbal lhal
pilo waa. aad boeo Bnawerad by n tuiiiue bm.i u
: cant Mttiiic. Now Deuoon Eira Hawkris
. ? i witb n poapaaa a;r, aad earofally ro?
.rod tboapread, roveallag a eolleottoo of white
(iijia with eolored llantitr border*. Tbo si?ht
created a nniroroal tittar. Deaoon Hawkiaa lliiag
tbe Miip-;;.! graoofally over bt| arm, anu eloan
tl, roat
" |)tai Ir enda naa-uihW'd hi-rc Ii.-tnu'lit." h<? said.
Mwe baro oome togntber foi -i m irl . porp
?.(>rt!,. purpooo: ittatoboipi i tbo oleryol
rcir bolovod p.tat .irc. lt- lo .ni" of Ihe -v.ir; hieal pnr
poaoo tbat we can anrwara apeod our in.> ;e\ f >r,
aod 1 ho e khepVU boao stiat. Put yoai liamls
into your poeketa gentleiaon, and walk ap
and oeliekj ooroapo, reoaoaiboria' II ii for a worthy
U iicti ho liad il'tic apoaklng, the men, psrtt. "i' n
lv ti,.- yaaaaeroeoa b#aan puahmg np loward 'he
doaoonand Bucooaa wbiUtba wotaon Inoenatnlr
aeparated tbea>>elreo fr.nd theu prntaetora BM
...ii ..ii the ... bec - t'i" of i li? room,
"I trpaae yoo aln'l got n.> c.p," said Mrs. Kw.ll
tO BI Slalcf utld |||...
Wonderiuglr we anowerad thal we h ul aat,
"I thoogbl 'twould bo ao, ao' I'to' brougUl o;ia
far each -lj'', I want.ii ya toonjoy yoi i lT< *?''
Kho dicw out of i,.-r para t tnrao big whito
nlghtaasapo; one bad a blaa tnll roaad tba
ou? u pink, aud ooa a iad aad Uai a ebe. k. Bba
pui me rod aml blaek aa ner owa baad, au.l aald i
"Taaoeoaow Us. Put /oara rtghl oa they are
a begiuuiii' tu."
AsBure.llv they were "a hesintiiti' tn." Kearij
nll tha woiii.ii uuw woretheoa ' uga lappiag
notw.) niiko, aml tba Bishi wai .... groiaoQaa thal
weallbegau te laugh. W'e ilouued uuim, und iu a
nioiueui. a bla, N4*_aadad (oliOW came up |0 ....
atatafl aml bbmi
"I dou't nntt bnt wha'. y.ui'll have to go out |B
stip|?er with uie. J eee your eap matche* iniitc.''
It wao true. All tbe enpa we/e made ln pair*.
nnd the man whuhoitghl out- miist lin I bia inatch
und take h r out to oyat.-ra aad uie and cuke. und
tbe "sirhtn.at of ice-crcam" (lertrudo'a galluut
wore bis BBf very ibucIi on om- rida atnl oailiod
hlajBOlf wuii i.iihcr a danditinl air. I ho IW0
walkeil nll ii.g.itlier. their uapa tlappmg. Kvery lune
a itentlciuau foui.d hia matcli. aa it was c.il'.B.I,
und took her to Ihe supper in tbe next to .iu. tboro
was a ruar of good-nuiurt-1 lauirlitar. S*ou the
t.iii.es. woro lilled. aud tbeta ttu a great clatterof
cupa nnd aniccrs, and a guhblmg uf uianv aoiay -.
I>?>*icoo Ilawkins bod mv mateh, and ne BBd I
wora the laat at the table, wheu tbo oystoro were
cold and the icc-creain gettitig warm. Tha deacon
waoaahrewd mau anl said oome "iuto Ihiugs"
during the ne al. of wiiich ho nartook with imiflonm'
guato. A wouian n'-tt me, a'ler eallng two bowls
?f OTsteretew, and I don't know hnw inanv eeg
menta ol pie and eake, informed me, appnrentty by
way of explanation of her gastronoiBical fe.-its,
tbat " lt wa'a't ofteu ahe had a ehanco to eat ot mr
folka' victiials, hut wb?n abs ditL tbey Us-nl
anighty good to ber, aud alui meunt ta tuaka tho
m'?st of um."
"I opeaa we*U clear flfteen or twenty ddlnrs,"
aaid ileacou Hawktns at his third ciip of enlfee.
" Yo aee thia Mipuer* twouty-hv. oenls a head,
and wao moatly furniabej by tbe s'un-tv iisuili
'bout al! profiu There goea tbo luiulauir witb bis
matek Great ideato tnake BBB help pay hiaowu
aelery. atnt itt"
. Al lune o'clock we had all had our eupiera, and
wo waaaan woro ln tha aate-rooui, sirusJitag to
obtaln from tho aatteea tbe rulia wh.cU aaoaaapntaa
anr orcrsboea and wraaa.
Copyrtght IHSH.
There bas been withiu tbe laat few yeara, both in
Aimrica and in England, a marked development of
nrtistic taato. It ls impossible to ?o iuto the
botisoe of any of our frieuda without seeing at onco
that a great ehange has taken plaee. There is a
far greater feolmg for color. a far gn-.ater feeling
for the delicaey of ft.rm, as well as a sense that art
r.in lonch tha comnioneat thinga of the boaoobold
into n certain grace and a enrtain lovclincM. Bat
there ia alao a whole side of hunian life whteb bas
be> n Ieft almoat entirely untonched. I uieau of
conreo the dres.a of men and of wumen. . .
I ha.o been Boinetinies aertised of setting too high
tan imiiortaneo BB IfBBB To thio I BB-rWOf tbat
14*088 iu iia.-lf |g a thiug to me ahtolutoly unitnpor
t.mt. [afBettha more coTipleto a dn>ai looks on
tho .l!iiiiiiiv-:i,nre of tlu- milliner's m1i.?p, tho lese
oaitabletatl brbatagfrara. riiagorgeomcostiunej
of M. Wortln al-Uer s.-eins to BM liko tliose Capo
di Monte etipa, which aro all curvea an.l coral-han
d!ea, BB ! . ov.-n* 1 over wit!i a PaBlhaOB of godo aud
goddaaBB*!* higii excit-.metif aml lnglierrolief; that
ls to say. they are curiotia thln_|s to look nt. bat en?
tirely iinlit for uae. Tbe French milliuera eonanler
that wnnco aro crc.itcl ap-.-ially foi thoa by
Provi h-nce, in or.lor lo diaplay thoir elahurate and
CTpeuaivo wan?s. 1 hold that dreaa ia made fur the
servico of llumanity. Thoy think tli.it Beaaty is a
niatt.-r of frillaatil fiirbelow.a. I care aothing nt
nll fur fnlls. nnl 1 non't ka**/ wliat furbulo*.
nre, but I esre a greit deal for the wonder aml urace
of th.) iiuiuati Forin. aad 1 lio'nl that tho **ry ftrat
canon of art is that Beaaty la alwavs organle, and
B0BB08 from witliui, nml uot fro.u without, com is
froni the porfoetloa of its otvn heiuir nml not fron
anyndlol pr.-tt.nca,. Anl th it c.ins.-iiueutly th 1
l.e intv of a dreaa d"p -mla .iittr.ilv nnd nh.olutely
on the lovelinesa it a i .-Ma, BBd 00 tlio f re.-.lotn and
iiiotion tl. it il .!?.<>? not impntlo.
Frnm this it folinws that tiiera om be no beauty
of utitionil BOOtaaaa nntil lhaa* ia a national knowl
edge of the oroporliona of the liumaii form. To
.irc.-k and Roiuan anc i kao-rledga ea m aalotally
frorn thn'gyimiasitim and tne pshostra. from tlio
danee in the ?taflffir and the mee by the TtTtBTT
We mtist acjiiin* it hv the etnplov.n?nt of art in
adueation. And knowle.lge of tba kind I prop.ne
woald8*0* btaSBM tho inUeriUneo of all, if each
i h.id wero taagM to dr.w ?a ettrly aa it is tatight to
wrtte. . .
And if a child doos sfu ly th ? human flguro it will
learn n gl**| many valnable lawa of diaaa It will
loaia, for laataaoa that a waiat taa vory be.iutiful
aml delleato i urvo. the mm* doHoato|tho _aoro
iicautitiii. au I uot. M tlm tn.il >B0T foiidly iliiagiuc*,
aa abrnpt righl augie auddeniv occarnag in tba
midlle of the peraou. Ile will leafti Bgaiq that
s./i* baaaaihiagt<> do with baaaty. Thia.ldaro
oay. oooato a vory obTiona prapooitioa. Baltfca All
trutus are porfoetly obviaua oaaa on? eoea tliem.
Tho anly tning ia to ooa tbooa Biao ia a aaon aoot*
dont ..( oalotenea. it ia boI a noaltty of Baaoty ever.
B graat eatbodral l* baaatiral, bat aoiataa blrd
lhal llt'*a r.iun.l its pmuacle, aml the biitt-irily that
? lonitashaft. A toot io not oBcaooarily aoaa*
ttfal aaeauao il bi atnalL Th* aoiallool laal in the
wiirld are tboae of tho ChinaOB la.ltea, aud tbey are
tbo nalieal alaa\
It ia i tirioua that ao mnny people. while they
are ojnite rej ly to r.g'n/e. in Innki'ig at nn
ordinary drawiac-roooa, tu il tne boriteatal Ime ol
frici" aml iUdo dmiiti.aliea th" hoight ot tne room,
atidtl.evrriic.il liii'-a of pi I ?r <>r poaol ifl . -a*ie it.
ict ahonld boI aaa that tho aaraa laora apply to
iln-.a alao, tndead in aaoiloro caatama the m>ri
/t.ntnl Itit* ta ua..| far too ott.-n. th.? vertu al Itue
fai loo rarelv, aml tiie obliajao hua acarcely at all.
I.,.- walBt, for laataaa*. is aa a mU ploced to*
],,w .l.wu. A long waist impliee u short -kiri,
irblob Ualwayaaagraoafal ao it oonvevsan oaVot
of short l.inoa, WMfaaa a hi.h w.uat givs an
opportiiuily of a tiua seriee ol vertn al Uaea falltng
in ihe I'.lda <if ttn* 4*088 down t? Ihe foet, aud
giv.ng a aenoo "t talloeaa aml gra. *>. Hr-.?<l pu rod
?leave*. agaia. by inteuaityiug tha botiaoatal litie
Btroae tlie nbonhlor*. ma. ba* wuru by thaaa Ibal are
t.ill aml -liglit. aa lh"V diuiiuiah auy 010808 I*
beigbi -.ul k,.*'< Bropartioni b| thaaa who un
aiaall they anoald lx> ar.iuled. And the oblique
Uae, whieh one geta by a cloak failing from the
tlioul.lar aoro?otbo aady.oc by u g..wti loofodap
at tl e anle. ia auitahle to altinct ali lU'iirea. |ti*
a Ilne whteb rorroei-omla i. tho dtraetioa ol taotioa,
BBd envovaan imprcaaion of di-iiitv aa well as ot
rn-.-.h.rii Thero ara of eourae taaay other anptioa
Uoas of theao lluaa, I bara maatioawl taaraly oao
or two tn order to remtml paaala how Mantioal tlie
law*t.f aiahnoolaia aad al ar?ae reniiv ara aad
bowuiuciiilep.-n.laou lae aad pr..|>oi i,.>u. laBood
I he f.*at .it a MMld I''"! "U" la Ita OUhOlMBI*. BOW, ill
faet, it would lonk iii s. iilpture.
Um booldoa '.in* thera m alao oolof, In deeofatlng
aroooa. aatooo uu? wnuu tm* r.><uu to booitbei
ehaoa or a mbbbbbi oaa Binat bo qalto oertaia ol
o e'aeolora bi .?*. no alao in dreaa Ihohannonj
..; ... ->r muat l.e elearly aattled lt ooo ia omalUtbo
Bimplieitf of one oolof h?a Buwyadvaoloaeo. If
om ia t.tiler tw.. eoloraec thraoaay banoad- ido
ti..t wiohtogivaa aaroly arltbmetical i.aets for au
,i. th?ti( ijueation, bnt pei h ipa tiir-?- ahadeaof color
.- litmL At anv rat- ll ihould h.* rrmombered
that lo lookinc al aay beaotlfnlly dreoaod aaraoa.
t t ? ya abonld bo attra ted by lho lorolineoo al Ime
au.l pr..p .ltion. and tba di-sa oboold app-ir a
coinpfete harnioay fron tbo head to tbe foot i and
? .? auddeo appearaneo .>! any rlolaot con
traatingoolor. la bowor rtband, di tn 'a ti.ro
from tbo dlirnity of tha ud ooa aatratoa
it an a mcru dotatL
Then aa reaarda the kind of c..l..ra, I nh.xild like
t. ?t ite "ii ?? tor all thai tbera ia do aoch tbing aa a
Si,? ., ,. ,;!..: color. All good c.lora ar.- e.,ii.nlv
lie iu| t il ; it ia only iii tho ineatioa ol Ibelr oo n
blnation tbatarl cotueo in. And oneobonld bato
Do m iia pr.-ferc.i- e for "ii" eolor ov-r an.ituer tlnin
lu,. 1. m for ono note >.n tbo piano otbi ita neigbbor.
s..i ara Ihora my aad oolora rbora an- l*ad colora,
rocb ae Albart blue, and magenta, and arM-nto
ireeo and tb* oolora ot aalliaa gvaa ganarally. but
Bgnod eoloi alwara gl?oa .me pleaeum. Anl the
lertiarr and sooonalary i ibwa aro for general u?e
tbe aif-at. ao tbey .L> ao. jhow wear aaeily, aad
... glve one n aen-e of rapoao and iinet. A
dreaa should not be like a stoatn whlotla, for all that
M. VVorth may a.-,.
i_oa ao reganla pattern. It should oot bo ta*
ilcii.iite. A Btrong-f marked a.sk, for inataneo,
haa waa* diaadrantagaa !'?' beginwith.it makea
tbe aiigbtaat laaqoality ln Ibo B_nro, aoeB ao
oatweofl tbo two ahoulilera, very apparent; Wen il
ladifl mt to jotn tbe pattera aeeuraUly at tbo
.- aud laetl*. Itdiatiaeta tbaereaway froni
the proportiooo of tae (gora, and girea lho a_*ra
.[? til-. au abnoimal Importaaoa
Iii"... agaiu. tho pattern ohoali nal betooblc I
? ? thia, be tauae I hapaaaad ataly iu London
to bo looking for ooma ataaajM^I gray plnab or
t, aiiitubla for aiaking a oloak ot bveryebop
th.it I went Into tbo raan abowod me tbe moal
atmrniona patteraa, thinga far loo blg for aa orai*
m.rv wbII paper. far too blg lor ordinary eurtaino.
thinaa. ?a Cct, tbat wonld r.uie a larpjo pablio
bnildlng to ohow ibem oil lo aay adv.mta-e i
t...| t'ie "am...rn ni to ohowaaea pattern loal
would I.- it. some r.it..1 aud relat.ve preportioo
t" th" '..'..:.. Ol a..-.I.' WhO ***J^*l*iJ*nw*l
twolvo f.-et in hc_ht. II- ropliod tii.it ho waa
e-tr-me'v sorry bnl th.t ii was Impooaible i tbe
???].?* pattarno wero no |..n;.:.'r ''"""'?r''x,",.-i "
t the big pBtterno wol* tbo fashioa. B*w wban
.1 tha w.itd f.iahion. be noationed erhat ia tba
? euetar of att io thia oeatnry. as iu ali i an?
turies. FsohiOB r.sts ?p?? lo.ly. Art--cstsup.,i?
Poahion laepbemeral Ail taotarnaL Indeed
- ia.. raabion roallyl a faa. ia n.er. i> .
formol ngCneeaao abooloUly ??hearablo ttrtn
baaa i.. mtent oaert ali aiaatbal ll "s qulte oiear
tbatwor* ith.a.iiitol ond rat-onalarowoald aot
?Hor anytbinf thal o-aibtnad tbooa two aua
i.nal.ti. a And whero-er droaa baa ba** aa.ll *aa
rVmain i anebanged in law aud orineiple ?wtor
hundred yeara And if anv of my iractloal Wenda
ib tb* Statao refnoo to raoogaiao tlm value oftbe
p,-I..,.,.,.-?.?.rllBtlC lawa. I ..... .1.11 ere.'l. v ;..
nattbepolul entirely ea an oeonee-io baola, tdo
oaoaal of naaoy tbat ia spent o-aaw rmu la
America on dr.?a ta amnethiti- JtJ*??_i.tTl?lTSJlJ
,i:lvo ,,.. doaini to w.-irv niv ra tdora wHn ",;l,'2ti''H'
hat if I wi ... tu state the oiiin that is aMtyaarUr
otihinnets ah.ne, I am sun* that _?___*__?/ iC
coaunuu.ty would he IlLodf ortth BBai*ad %*?
?tbai half witb deapair! So I will ciitent u ,a f
wilhsa.iug thal lt ia Boopoibiag iiiiito outi-ti i ?
p..rth.n to thooplondorof modora inmuaail ti at
nTraaaoaaioolbe lo-Aod for. ^J^-Egft
,, doo ... tbo apparol. bat rather in that un.boaJ t ly
necoaaitv toi .'liauge wlii. h Kaahiou lmposes on Ua
heautlul and misgiii.led volaiiea. .. t ., .
1 am to'.d. aud I ?ui afraid thut I *&J*Jg3
if a pcrson aaa raekleealy laToalod m ^"J.^*
" ii.*. lateet 1 _ria boiinet," snd worn it to th? ra>?
nnd j.-ulotia- of the neighhorl.....;! *BC a Im*mght.
ber daaraat frtoad is nuite certain to ra l upon ber
an.lto .mutmn inci.fe.itally thal tbat JW?**
kind nf homiot haa g.mu entirely out of laaliioii.
Conaeonently a new bouuet b?s at oiioe to ie
l.on.'l.t, thal Fiftb-ave. i.my be mJB***?*\ f'V* " ' ,f
?KPOBM entcred into. WUi'fM wore tho. UwoMBf
dress toun.le.lon art inateod ol ',\f"?l,'"ul'1.t'l*_
would bo no neceeelty for t.s ro.ia******** _g
of borrer froui boiror. Wbal la bnaut ul look?
alwavs MW aud alwaya deligbtful. aud nau no ore
Wc.no ?ld-fas!.lone.l\han a flower can. [^'u
agaln.la reckleaa of the hidiriduallty of her wor
sr.ppera. carea notbing. wbetber tbey ba ull or
Hl...rrf..irordark.tata:y or olight. ?*??#H*,|mJ
ll] be attire.1 ex.u tly iu tne aame way, BaW_-BOaaB
?nvct aaaaa bm w.ckodu?-, y^ruX^Ztii
nay evau orla.ua io each, tbat perfe.t ll > ?y
wtt-ehc.a iromobedieneo to law.^aad?<_?????{'J
e.r,_etii ._ f..' ha'tter ??r luimaoity tbaa tbo
Sraaai of la_M U_u_aortbo anatcnyof anilin*
And now at regarda the ctit of the dresa.
The Iirat and laat rtile ia thia, that each eeparnt*
article of apparel is to ba euepen.led froui tha
sIiouloYiBiilwavH. atidnever from tue wuiat. Nature.
it should be tiotod. giveaone no opportunitv at all
of anspending anything from the waiat's delicata
etirre. Couseqnently by nieans of a tight coreet a
legular artifirial le lge has to be proiluceal. froin
which the lower guriient may he aecurely hutig.
\\ liere there aw prttkoat*. tnere muat becorseta.
Annihllut" tbe fonner and the lattef daaaf**r.
Anti I have uo h.sit.ition in sayintjthiit whenever
in hisiury we |_4 that dre*s has l?ecoine ahaoluMy
Btaaaara** an.l ugly. it has l.aen partly of courao
tbroagh tb* adataaaa i.iea that dresa haa an iu te
Befldeai eziatanoa of tta own. hut part'y alao
tbrongb tbe faabloa ..f baagiBg the lower garru?:nu
froin the waist. In the aixteenth century. for
itiit.in.-o, to givetho iicoessary coiiipreaaiau. L'ath
ariae de M.-.liei*. Exagb-Prieaaaai of poison aad
petticoats, iuvented a corset which may he
lagaidad aa the, climax of a 189*81 of crinie. It was
ma.lu ol sioel, bad a fi'.mt au.l a liack ln it like the
OBlraai 8f a lircbiigado in.in, and waa eecurcd
under tbe. left arm hy a Inisp and pin. like a
Baratag* tr.mk. Ita abjaet waa to diiuinish the
.?iriMi;iiii-reiii-,e of tl.e waist to a circle of ihirfvn
iu. baa, which waa the fashianable size sitiiout
which a ladv was not allowed t?. apsear at court;
and Ita intlnenee on the healfh and he-nutv of the
a.e mav l.e eatiiiiat.-d hy tho fact that tb* iiormal
wauB of 8 well-grown wotuan Is an oval ol twenty
bix tu t wenfy-eight inchea certainly.
Aa aae baa halut bbW*** bf**dl unother, iu or.lcr
toaitpport the aenriit of tlie pi tticoata the lar
dtogala waa inveut*.! also. I'his wua a huge
striictiire. nutnctiiiies of wicker-work like a large
clPtboa baaket, s .inetimcs of st.-el ril.s, au.l
cxtt'iiileii i.'.i e.icli side to Ntu-h an ext.iit laal m tb*
r.-itrn ol Kli/.abetli an Kngtish la.lv in full 81888
took up qalie as much room as we would givo now
to u very gooil Bized political meetmg. I need
hardlv t>i.i:if cut vvlut a seltiah fa.ahiou thia was,
rnnalnarl** Iba llmltad earfae* of the glohe. Tbaa
iu the la8t ceutur) thure waa the tioop, aud m thia
the crinoliii.'. Hut, 1 will l.e told, ladn-s have long
Bg* mven np crinoline. hoop aud fardngale. Thai
is so. An.l I am snre we all te.'l very gratefol la
them. I certainly do. Still, does there not luiger.
avea now. amougst ua that dr.-a.tful, tbat wieked
t'.iu :. callud tho l.ress Improverf ls not thut
vilest of all diiniiiutives, the critiolette. 8tiil to l.e
seen f I am qnite anr?. that none oi tnv rradera
ITBT droaia af WBaiiag anything ofthe kind. Hut
there may l.e others who are net so wiae. aud 1
wiah it could ba aonvoyed ta them. delioataly and
cniirteoualy. that the hu-ur-glaas. ia not the ideal nf
Furm. Often a inodeiu drees hegius cxtremely well.
i roin the n.-ck to ilm waist the linoa ot the dreaa
Iteslf foi low out w ith more nf lots couipleU-neas the
lines ofthe flgiire ; bat the lower part of the c<n
tti.iio heconira iiell-sliaped and heavy, and hreaks
out into ,i aenea of iiaish 188881 and coarse curvea.
Whareao U froea the shouluers. nnd the should. ra
only. aaebatparataarttala w.re huug, there wuui.l
l.e then no ueo-asitv lor any artiticial auppnrts of
thalUBdl h.iTi-alludrii to. and tifflit lacing cutild
be il-.i.e away with. lf aume support ia BBBBBleBBd
Deeaoearr, as it attaa u, a baaad aaaUaa band. ?r
band of elastic wel.hing, held 80 hy 9888*881
rtrapa, will be found uuite sulrinent.
So much on the cut ot the droas, now for ita
The Frenrh milliner 0888898 larid and lucrative
exi-.tetice in sewinr on bow* wliere there should he
no lu.ws, and ttouur'-s whoro Ibat* should BB BB
DoBBOBB, IJ.it. oJaei hs nidustry ls in vain. For
ull iea.lv-iiia.lt) oii.auieiitati.iii merely makes a
drBB8 ugly to louk nt aud ctiinheraoiiie to wcar.
The beaaty al dreaa, as the beaaty ot liie, 90BM9
ulwav-. li'dii treedoin. At every n.oiuent a dreaa
sliuuld reopond to the play of the g.rl who 88918 it,
and exqnieitely oobo to* awrody <>t aaeb bmvbbmbI
and each gesture'a grace. Ita loveliness is to be
aoogbt f*T ia thadelieate play of light aud line iu
daioty rippUng fohla, au.l :iot lo tba uselcs.i ugliue.a.a
uud ugiy naeleeaaeaa of ? atiff and itmeotyped
decorstioB. It is true that in many of the lateat
PaiBI diaaa** Whieb I hare soen there seemn to h?.
sotne roeogaltioa of tne value of fol.ls. Hut unfor
tuuuteiy tho fol.la are ali artiii. i.iliv made aud
sewn down, and so their charin is entireiv
deetrojM. Kor a fol.l in a dreas i? not a fa. t, an
iiein ia baaotarad ia a hiil, l.ut a oartala od*et?(
light and ahade which is only exunisite becauae it
ib eraaaaaaat, tadaadao* odgbl taataaarall paint
a aiiudow oa a dreaa as sew a fol.l down ou one.
had the < hier rr.iAi.n that a inodorn ilrosa weara
bui h a ahort time is t.'i.it it caniiat he smoo he.l out,
m adrraa ahaald be, wb*a it is lai.l aiide in the
wanlnilMJ. In fact in a faahionaMe dreea thera ia
far t .o much "shaping"; the vcry wealthy ol
Boaroe will aot care, t.ut it is wonh wlnln t<? retalnd
tii..-,a w ho me not m.llionairea tliat tlie more BBBBia
the iii..ro atiahbineaa. A well made dr.se should
laat almoat aa long aa a shawl, and if it is well .na.le
lt doea. And what I liieati hy a well-nia.le dtOOB is
a stntple dreaa th.it huiiga from tho slioii.d.-ra. that
takeaita BBap*fr*en tba Iganaad itsfolda from
Ib* iiioveinents of tb* gnl wna weara it, nnd what 1
iiie.,n hv a li.idly mado dreaa a an elahoralo atruit
ure ol baleiuieanuBl matenals, which havmg iweu
iirat .-ut to picceB with tb* ahaara, and t.ien sewu
touether hy the ma.hir.e, nre ultimatelv ao
covered with frills aud b*W9 and l*aa*ea as to
baeeaao ea.-.r.ible to look at. expeuaive to pay for,
an.l ahaolutely ua-(ees to wear.
Well. tbeae are tb* principh-B of Dreaa. Aud
pr..l> it.lv it ?i'l be a.u.l thai all tbeae principlea
mialit Ih. earried out to porfoction, and yet uo
detinite bivle l.e the result. l^uite ao. Uith a
d. in lo atv 1.-. in tbe .a.-nae ol a In-lornal style, we
have liotiimg ?hat*a*Y8t la aa, Taata muat i?- as
atti-iiip' to levive an an- ieut nio.le of apparel
auaply baeaaaa it la nn.-ient. or t<? turn liie Into
tliat i-liai.a of coatnme. tiie Fancy I>ress Hall. WI
^tat?t, m.t Ifuin lli-t .ry, hut from tl.e prop.irtiuiiB
af tba liiiiuai. forui. l'ur auu is DOl ar.-tur-ological
aoeurai y. bat tbe blaheel posainle aumunt of
fie.-.i.i.ii vvitn tba bbooI i.tiiabie dii.tril.uti..ii oi
wai.iilli. And tlie oaeetioa "I wariilth brtBgBBM
to iiiv' last point. It hiia winietimea b*0fl aaid to ine.
ii.it by tha I'bilwtia* merely **1 hv artMtle people
w lio ar* really ii.t**r?"^i?*.i in tlie (Mis^ihility of a
beaatifaldrca*.that lhaeald climate ?f Noithem
eooutrie* Deoeeoitataa oar aeaiiag s.? paaygar
meiit <. one oval tln- ot lur, that il ls i|U te impoasihle
[ordrooa to follow out oroxpre?.s th.. Im.-s ol tiie
liaui.-ai all. Thia o!.j. ctiou, however. wlucli at
Bia) Bigbl mav booob t* be ? r*a*aaable oue. ia in
rrality i.miu lad o* a wroag Idaa, *a iho ulea m
faat, thal tba wanatb <.t apparel aapaadsaa ih^
nuiiilier ol gaiavta w..rn. Kaaj ihe waigbl af
apparel deponda rary nuteb ou tho Baaib*r af gar
ui.'nta wi.iii. i.ut th* wariilth or anpatel ilepen ia
autirely au tha material <>f whleh tbnae garie*ti
air ina.l.. And one of tb* .-liutf errors in inodeiu
costiiui. i-omea Irom th* particiilar aiat*rl*l whteb
iaalwayi aalectod aa the baaie lor dreaa Wo have
always uaed liaaB, what*** tbe proper matciiai ia
Wo..!, la bagta with, ls a non-condtictcr of h.-ar.
That in'eana tlllt in th* aiimtil-r the viol. nt heat of
tliesundoee nol enter un.l acAtah tho bodv. and
that tho ho.ly iu wiiitcr reuiaina at itn liorimtl
naturai t.-iii|..-raiuie, au.l does not W*BtO it-a vital
warinth on tho an. Tbaao ol my r**d*ra wb* piav
lawn ti'iinis aad like oat-daai iportakr*w tbat, tf
they a*?r a complete _aoo*l aait, they are aor
le, ll, eool ?u the holteat d iv. and n.-rfooilv wartu
ir baa tha day ia aaid. All ti-at I claim 8) that the
8.11.10 lawa wlnch are tiearly ic.oguued ou the
l? ii it iaa gioiind. d*BB*l heing a woollon toxture.
ahould be recagaiaad alao as being tao .11* aaitable
i..r tbe dreee at p"?t<l? wln. live la tawaa, aad
irboa*liv*a atwoft** Baoeeoartlyaed**taiy. rbet*
aie in.mv other <|U,il.ties in wool. sm-li B* ita lu-ing
an Bbearbar iwnl diaaribatof of moi-ture. w,tu
regard t.> a bieb I would l.ke to reier my tuadara to
?little baad-book *B"Haalth Cultar*," i.y Ur.
Jaeger, tho Profraaarof Pb/alology at Stuttg.ut.
Ur. Jaagi r doea ??! entar Into tbe qaealioo *l lor u
ur l.e.uiiv. .t l.'-.at when b*d**B B? hardly 888*881*
me verv ane. eaalill, but oll tho BUiilUl V valu.-s ot
diderant taitoraiaad eolori be *p?aka ?f ooaree
witb authuiitv, an.l t'r.im a cottiliiialiou ot tiie
prineiplee >.f aeienoe aitb lhe lawa *l art will eona,
1 feel suie. tbe coatume of the future.
For if wool .ia B0*B*9ed as tlie I. .sis nnd chief
material *f dreaa. far fewor garmentj. may Ih. w.nn
tha* at preeoat, wlab the raoait >>t [?.loalw
iaoreaaad w?rmtb and mtuh grent.T lightneaa and
coroforl VVael alao has tho adYBBtaga of being
almoat the moat dalleate tnxtnre *ra**a. Bitk M
often eoarao eaojeared to lt. balog at aae* hsrdec
ai .i .-..l.ier. A large CaahaaT*ahawl ..t pure wool
caa hedrawn throiigli a tmy ring. in.l.-rd hy 'hia
methoddo the shawl-sellera of tho husteru ha/.aar
show t? *a* tha laaaaai of tbeir gooda. Wool,
ogaia abawa a* *r**aae. I should he aorry to aee
Bnnh a !..velv toxture as satin ?lia.ir.pt.ear t.om
inoil.-rn araa*. hut every ladv who w.-ars nuytlittig
of tha kind kuovvs hut tuo well hovr eaailv lt
, rnaipli s i h?*Uee it is tM.tter to wear a a?tt tban a
hird material. for in the latter thuro ia alwaya a
iiaiiger oi barab and coarae liu?e. whereas to the j
(orniar v?u get the most azaaUate deln-acy ot fol.l.
Wei.n.l tb -ii. tii.it on lhe utioatiou of iiiuterial
Scieiico and Art are one. And bm regarda ihe
milliner*1 ra.-thod of dreas I would iike to make mn
last olmervalion. TL-ir whole ayatea*. ia not un-re y
uglv but iiw-lees, It isof no avnil that a siately
lady nincliee in her wai*t in order ta look ahgbt.
For si/e la a qtieation of piipaiiilB. And an
unnatnrally amail walat merely makea the
shoulder* look abuormi.lly hroad and h-avy. Ibe
tiiu.t not imiMjine tliut they look tall. N?r n.^s the
waaring of a lolly headdraaa impiove the matter.
Its elleet ta maraly to n.uko the head ili.sproporlioii
titely large. A dwarf thr<-e leet high with a bal <?t
aix enhiteon hia head will look a dwart thrwe leot
hlffh to the and. Indeed height m 98 bi Mieasninl
more by the poaltion of the eyea and the shouldera
than by anytning else. And partioular care should
he taken not to mak? the head too larga Ita
iiarfeot proportion ia ouo-eighth ot the wiioie
ligure. ...
Hut I know that. Irreepectire of Cnngress th*
wometi of Amerlra ran earry any raform tl.ev like.
Aud 1 feel certain that they will n?t coiiimtie
raadl iougor t.. encourage a style of dreaa whicu ia
fouudad oa tbe idea that tho humau ngur.* is de
foruied au.l re.iniree the devieea of the milliner to
l.e m.i.la presr-utal.liL Kor have they not the moat
deli.-ate aud daioty lian.la aud feet m tha world f
Have they aot **mplaxi*na like ivory ataiued
with * roae-leaf I Ara tbay uot alwaya ln oltice in
their own coautry, and do thoy notspread hajroc
tarougta Kuropaf 4B**k m ?'oCT/'vJ'ilT*.
Trom A'otet and Qfteriee.
On Monday afternoon. Mar.k s?. I bad eccaMoo to rbtf|
a newly arectad cowbouae ou a farui oa my prouarty a)
Mirop.hlre. In one purt of tlio euwhouee. partlikine- ol
from tbe reet of th* bullditig, tho farmer bad slz uilok
row* tled np, and alao a Utter of flne vuuug piga ranatna
lvoae and taparaied froui tbe aow. whllst couvaralnx, 1
;...-?.. \ eti one of tbe young piga waa husllr eu_.ag.-il sucfc
liiK tb* loilk trom one of the oowa, whieh waa ataadtng
l't-i:,t-tl> qulef. The (ucklug pig, whlrh had paid aoaa*
teoiioti toour eiitreiicit. waa erect, aupporiing ltsell witb
ira loielcga ogainal tke luanla of Uie cow'a ?>ft hiod let
In tlii* iiiiniii-r lt wa* alile to reacu, aud coatliuiog
sucklng vtgorouaiy, wlth ev.daut rellah, uutll tha far_
ar*? wife, to *ave ber niiik, diura lt, witk the othe*
jtouuk piga, out of the cowuuuso.
Frrm The Manenuttr ftiiww.
An aui'islng atury is told of Uae iut? .Ma Juatlce Balea
Tht- l.-iirnetl Judgc waa an ezcelleut akoitliaud wnier.
hartng enrly ln life graduated aa a rcporiar. Al tliO
Boaoefool _a*l_w*? ou one ucoaaiou, aa waa eustomarr, bo
r. .i.i portioua uf UiAei i.lcucc lu the (ury, but tluuu.-erad
b(i|?*ieesly lu tbe nr.ddle of a .acnt.-ncc '1 here was aa
aakwari pause, and tlie Jury and bar nervouuily awti.ad
Ui.: i. su.t. III* i inlalup at loal, after niauy eflorts to
deelpher tba inlsalng word, drupued hl* dLniiy, and
leamug over toward tbe reporter* bolow, lunuireiL
? Caa auy of you gentleuieo ao-dst uie lo a word here I
I have not put In the vnwela, aud what 1 baro tn my
book looka aa If a wltueaa bad aald: ' (io aml oall In tho
Ii-ii.y.' but "- with a puzzled look?" ll can't be that,
tiecaiiae tliere la no babv lu the caae."
ime oi tlie reporter* wa* equal lo the oeen*lnn. nnd
putliDg lu the ngui vowei, tae wonl " hobby " waa taa
icault, and Uie judge cuutlmiod Ua churge.
from C'hrottleU* ot Xo-Man'i Land.
The Aslianti geutU-tuau haa ueither a flat noae, not
tbick lipa, nor euouy *kin. To take Koasoonogo a* a
MBtmeiL. helauot daiker than many Hnaniarda. haa
leaiuros uf the BarwoaB caat, and au eye thal proirudaa
lu Un- mau ucr aduiired oy I'ic-.u I. people, au.l oalied a
jtrur de ii-te. IIis droes. even when a pneotwr, a* 1 saw
nnn. ls m mlracle of t t?t<-. uoequall.-d uuw Uie Kumaa
to.a vanl.alit d. Une alugle pece of ? cloLh " lt i*. a uoUua
print. liouia spun and nwno dyed. Tirnr aatlTB rinilB
inan, whether from east or weat, woulil uot enti.l. sokikJ
tu wear Mancbeator stufla, au 1 be Is conapiuuoualy rlgbt.
iu .a.-c Ho.asootiugo waa t? aee a pictuit. ul autnjue grace.
It was a niarvui how lie kei>t ao Oteaa t t.ai abec.t ot
cottoii. ailiiiiia.l with blue uialttsiiuee aud floeer* ona
wuite grouu.i. k'otliing BOM dai be wear hy day ex. upl
tlie " liie.-ch clout," friuged with sllk, the euds ot whicB
feil below hia kueea. At nlght ha rulled lt rouiul hliu. aud
so ali-pl. -ui the sllQeuliii; nerer weut uul ul iu anl ita
folds were nlwajs atatueaipie. Ile louked aswell. every
1'ic.i, bilght aud w.ioieaoin... taud oourteous, tbough tled
by hla wnst, and irudKtug uarefoot through the u;ud.
When i" nnltted the use of a csrnaxe huiuu.itek
(Instead of waikiug ohaiuud to a coiuuioii aoldien 1;.j*.
auuuug.i alepl*tl iuto bla conveyaiice wlth a OOOBIOOOg
buw toward tha ui*rit_e; through my Interpreter bo
expreaaed tegret that circumataiicos o\er whu-U he bad
DooouUol torbade him to reward l'rlvate Siulth for hla
" uuiiurm <*ou*ldcraUon." eto. Tbe face of tliat goilaoB
soldler wlieu he tbnroughly maatered thl* parttog aiiafl
of pollteuea*. did oi-e goud li. aee. " Why?ahyl" ha
said. "Unanlgger?be?oh, bicw Itl" tVorda wouid uok
cuui* to hi-u lltting t'i deacrliK* hlf ai-ullu.eLt*. 1 saW
mm agiiin two davs after. wlth IiU rcinamlag OOgtiWBB
stiii m tow. Prirateaaatlhhad ebaagari laloatBaaga*
fal mau; ihe sublliulty of Aabauiee uiauuora bad over
powered blm.
From The London Timei.
Ltke Plnto I" " Lothair " he rtid aot seero to tbose who
?aw htni for the flrat tlme to be un lalelleotual milli ui*
a.n- IiU kta poekota ware full of Siveetiilma plaa'ea. Uo
once wrote lu a/euiUeton that All*ual'a alugtng (ibe wao
fai) waa "like aniglitiui.-ale pi;.iugoiitof aiuuip ot ?u_.."
Tlie liulltnant pryma aonnu K-ut blm a gooae-<iuill by
tn- l:_iutla of a raarqul*. About reeeived th* pen wlth
bis tix.st etianulngsiuile, aud s.n.i. "I regrtl, alr. thaO
Madame. A.bonl should bave plucked you for my sake."
from Tht LvniUm Ololr*.
A rapev oalied haturt, puului.e.1 in PuH*. has plcked
up a story almoat t.lipelng ibat ol the aoek aud Uill, (of
wlileh lt cltee aa an outhority tha direetorof a giaaa
t ictt.rv in tbe dlstnet of Aaicue. Thla gt-Lttaman had a
mt and thla dog waa turueal out to play witb other
ilngsiu tha open 8?ld balilnd tlie faotury. It waa tho
Utae uf haru weather, atiorUy after the ie.;eot souw
stunu and the dog,which aas a rougb-batred terrler, had
um fliiiabe.1 bla gamhol wuen he waa atUM)ked,liy a
whule Uock of bird*. deaenhod by the KreuuB paper aa
crow*. B) thla. probably, roeka ara meaut, for the crow,
aa Yarrell taforni* ua, ls a attllury blrd fouod only al-ma
or io paira, wl.traaa lha glaaa manutactur-r wrltea tliat
tliere were 100 of the nlaek blrla lu queallon lu the 8eld
ahaao the dog waa, out ot whlch onlv a..>ut Uslrty aaaaj _
ln tne ouslaught. However. tba batt^ once begun,
nruvetl a very one-*lded aftalr, balf the atUeitiu*
aoindron keeptng In front of the wretuhed ?fua<lniued
aud th* other half behln.l him or en tlie baok. Tho
f.irmer, boverlng at a helght uf about eix faet, raado
daahea from tlme to tlme at the head ot tue vlullin,
,iiini.g their heak* at hl* eyc* and at a partle?lar apot la
his ucek. where they ?a>s *s_?bllstie4 au 0|>eu wouod.
The itufnnuaaie beaat. wbo ln valn attemptad tu tlee.
wimld hava lK*en actually pleked to pieca- on the spol
bad he not BeeB t-arriedullby a boy wi.o oame to tuo
aaaaa aud tirougbl blm ooiue ln hU arm*. whila tho
dt-t.chtueiit of uerseeutora boverad wlth angry iu..\a
ments overhead. The dog** life waa saved for llie tlme,
imt tbe uarrator add* that a day or two aferward hlo
wt.tinda boraioe ao daiiren.-u* that be waa odliged to
liave th* ia>or wretoh elecuted. Atlar tkla we may
expect -oou t? bear or a fox aeaaulled aud doaa to deata
U> a confraternlty of geeao.
From, TKt Detroil JournaL
w.imea aro eapablo of hrrole aot* la theae daya of
eoiiimonplsoe aa iu tbe Amatouiaa tlmee. A (Jabau gen
tleuuiD and his wlfe. au American la.ly. arnved trom tha
? .eriuudas a few daya ago. 8ha wa* evMeiitly very lll,
and wheu tney uere detslned by tha euston; bouao
iiispeetor. whom the fut>at) naaiired wouid tlul not'ilag
ituilable ln tlie hand-bag.be toaiated upou examlnlug.
\I'.-r luiumsglog .rmiud be fouu.i a t-oi cuLtaiuiu, tea
r. ,cka_:e* or eli'srettes. Then the laspector waa trluin
iitiiPt, lor the law allews a iia**enger to Brtng only 10*
cigareilea (or peraonal uae fre* of du:y. Ha waa b?h>u|
tuitruuuan-e aoatoaoo upon the Cubaa. when uia wifo
-ti-i>i?-.i forwa.l. tremiiltng wlth w.akna. ?. aud *ald:
- Tn- aee-ml hunlre.1 are for my own aw, ?Ir."
? l'ben madame cauoot ohjeol tobmokiiiguua," aaid tha
laOMOtai .Mthaaueer.
"Certalnli, I wlll amoke ona," and she smoked oneol
thestr.ing Huvans eigarettea On tbelr way to tbe ?_
Jaine* Hotel she wa* tarrloly alck. aud had lo stop at m
Uuitor'e forau hour.
rtom Kvry Ottmt >'?'ur_a?.
The proprtetnr ot a tauueiy having erecied t^bulldlng
on the uiaiu street for tue _,.* of bl* ieather, the nur
cbaae ul ludes, eto., began to coaalder wnat kind of a
?uu would no muat attiactlra. Al laat what he tho ight
a happy l.iea siruck bim. H? hoied an auger-uolo
througii tbe tloor-pnst aud atutk a cail'e tall into lt, wllk
the liuahy i-nd tlauiitm-. our. After a whlle he nolioe*
ii _rave-loa.kmg persou *Undlng near the door, witk
?ue. laele* on. gaxiug luteu'ly at the ?ign. Bo loug dld bo
glixn that ttiiall) tue lauuor *_*pped out and addre**e<t
Ibe ludivldual:
- ilood muruiugl"
? Moruiug," ?apttod tbe man, without movlng hla eyea
?? You want to bny leather I ? No.
? Want to aell hiae* I"?" So/'
? Are ymi a farmer '"?" No.
"Are you a uiercnant 1"-" So.
"l^w>er l"->u."
? Doctor I"?" No."
"Miuister I"-" No."
-ahat lu thiinder are yoat"?"Tma phlloaoi.her.
I've tM-eii s.andlng heie half an nour trytug to d. .-ldo
bow tliat cairgot through that au?er-hoie, and fur gkg
life of mo, I caa't make it outrV'
From The Txstruit J.urnal.
Mr r H B'ebb, botler kuowu ?a "JohnPanl, o? TitB
Tkihine la a very fuunj mau-which goo* aitboul
sa.lug as hruiiisthave been to wntc - I.lltith Lank
uud *\o Tweluio." But he 1* eveu fuuuiei ln pn.prvt
nert'inie thau ln prtut, f?r he ua* -n imp-ailmeui ln hia
M?ie?*U wtneu vaatly adJ* to hl* -oiuteal ul.?i*Uc-a.
Mr Wtl.li 1* an haliltuo ul tlie I-oloa Club. aud hl* luoU
iii-e uuiou* t.i? aaaarfal iraditioa* ur tna houae.
Kt-otmiv. at a trleudly gaa.e ol whi-t. he PU)-.1 the uiua
ol ma......!.--. A l.uuw-l. ayer *iM>ke ?''_?.'-*?'?? b*
,.,,,. ii..o.i which the Imke of -*uu.lerlaol wnue i.ia
""..,...!i -nl?r*_ the u.a*?.cre *f ttt- B.-rtholomaw,
w i t-rt-iipon \\e>)l) said: ?__._,
- . .U. that waa i roh-probably b?-eaii-? he ha4 n-u
l.o h* all."
From n.r rhtla.lelphia Pretl.
ne'eu nuntetf* latlier wa* au llyuola fatmer, wl_a
. g "ai urm of. Berbapo, 200 anm kni without any oaa
". -ha'.' kS labVfra ur luhen. h.s ea ate. Ha aaoar Bagtf
.i.i.i^hl.ipbtadaitu-btar Helen veiy much aa be m.,uU
, ?i.o.i.ht up a aay. She waa atrong aud beal uy,
UU'Ugeut. anl wlth adeci.le.1 tastr f.-r uut d.iaB
lf.. ai.lalie very .-..on attalaed a rei uialiou for - judg
;,,u- " aul for ki.uwle.lge aecoud H t.iat of uo lariuer or
Moek ra.aer 1.1 tbe violulfy. When a.,e was algl.t-cn
vears old her fatuer dlel, Htidltst-uie-l ue.__*al. .hat
ahe oBaald carry ou tbe plaee for *t le.at a yeat l.. .0...0.
ataaUto v.l,lcl. ?ha wa. fuliy e.lUal. The oraoe wera
accor.lngly planted uuder her 1ll1e.-1.011. an.l 'be weat
out t. luv iitoers.a. her latlier uana.ly went at that
aammm Wtm lawBaao* aixty av? Baad ui si.-.-r..
paatute.l tbe... dunug tne au.m.ier aud a, I 11 tlien, at tha
eti.l of llie aeaaon at a cle.ir pn.rtl of ex_M?<iy *1.04.u. 8h0
kll*w . v.ry kind of Uud aa ihe fHnu. " ev.r> tii.h oMM
gruuud." aa tha OBPUM ... and ju.l what a .ouMta .I..110
vrl'ti ll- Kvery mau lu the vi.inlty un.lerat,?,Kt thal aha
VMtaataagMytBtettigoal la mr bByaaaa.*******
woul.t be ua. lesa to lt) lo ?'*******!** J^S-SS
when queatluued al^ul ber, r.iua.Ue.1 lu tne voiaa. u.ar
of me i-.,uiiln. - There a.n't a mau in Iba Male BM - *0
upabeid.. Ueofaaaoleoa aaahoeaa.aad ""?"??
s.ys.hel-ata 1.1... al a ba^alii e?.-r> . u-r. \et -? i-O
| lielt-u llui-detl 1* a. BJ"?*?e-t and U-ll -^?**1J&*?
I <i I-..-...1 at iti-a Tlie i.roter dnl no ?ii' ? .11 ("ai *<im
! ab^M&Mrar^beut himout." i-m BH.pIy^siefi
( aaaaraBaee^aa_e Ui BoaJdaattiaoir-peiaio- *m
1 'N^SbB-W*. Murtcn year. oM. ber^the- -HVO
her penntsalon to oo an.l boy 0 eow fo. kensax ??
w.ut forth alaue und luicp.ii.leui. boughl oei 00*. uua
. cau-ebouieleadttigllli.. the rupe. ,nvMfment. "I
Tlcrcowurovedto be ao ?*-?& -SSaaaaaali
| BS1^J-...rf.^.hI^i'co'-U,.:yaelf. and l beiiar.
Iier.audappieelaledhc. >-- HU
fatber ??,';;' "i^J,,! II wtia e-.nijleted ia.iat ad.-l.aMf.
Tu^otiue U uken tu i,er waddlno diaos. anl th. i)-Ja4
ntVff. h.Vhtr-.l tace would ludtcate J__?~'"?"*
UaVpr?e.ideSt.po*s.bly au artlat or a wrliar.^ ]*>.<**
wiiU4.usi--?t thl* elagantly Btttrel aad aeif-p.-ia.'.Be*
young wui-au of ba.ng a Uorough farmer and MMgg
Lnolk-raiaer "1 tell jon." aald a koou old ma,:. \ HO
SS?"w-tcvied her p.?i,ei trom eaily gtHh-a-d. -__a|
Lie-T mau ti.at gat- Holaa BurdoB for s wl a. /"/aj
d\i,.;ichi.p._,m_,tn Kf^aLT-^^
Oul> take ber edvtec, ln>ide of *?a *-??

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