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&E5m-am **-''A,*u.?i th- WorUla Klgbt, Day*."
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t'BlOt Mwti ABF THKATBB-" Nurd**. ?
WaiJ-ack's Thkatke-" Black Hwaaar.
Jnoct to ^.Ouertiqements.
amt, 0|Miarni?neous.
JiriTiaements. 7
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New Poniioattons.... o *_
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kxcoision* . T 6j-.urn.ner Kesort*. 7 *??
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JDsi.,..ti.m. ? 23ThoTurt. 7 6
Lera, Noticea. 9 *l ___^_____^__
DftOIDaTDLT tho b^st place in Now-iork to
Bnv huoiaand shoe* for famllles. tiood articles. Moderat*
jrfces ratroMM mh.i.kk, _3 We*t 14th-?t._
Tmk IIrivkkuiiokkIirk for piles, fissures.
Bleer tlstnla.ltcblri*. Ae. *afft, eertaln and 9____9_9MM
Benrt for Illnstratrd psper explalniug the tieatmeol aut.
cootalulugMNMMM *>*""??? m_ ^ ^^
41 Weat tt6th-?t- New-York.
Postage frtt ta <A? r*uVd StuUs.
1 Year. 8 Month* SMontb*.
?.Iry.withBnnday.. 9?? *___ _T|
hUlv! wlU.oat sundiy. ? 00 850 170
'rtlt fnSm NoVe. Money Order or BTgatered ujjj?
lr l'ostsj Nole the remltter will pleaae wrlU)on tho Noto,
?Vor THB NRW.YOBB rBJMlJ!?a,_ _ N??Vniai
/?hl ottc* of THi TainuNB. 154 "??__^__,r_r3_5:
Aftdress aU oorre*^ondenoe ?tnply, "Tht TiUBtaa. JNMw
Adrerftaeroents for publlcaUon ln TH* TaiBLlTB^nd orflers
?orr*B'ilara--llverr oftoedally papr. ?n b0 rectrfved at th.
<ollo? uie branch ofl c*? m Ne?.York <1tyi
lsranrb umca. l.H<S Pros.lnay. Oa m. to9p. in.
So ?i? West rwenty-tblrd-st.. 10 a ra. toSp. m.
to fdfi Thlrd sve.. near Forty-*eventh.?t., 10 *. m. to ? p.w.
Jto 1 0"7 Thlrd-ave., near nUlleth-at. 10 a m to 3 p. IU
Ko. 20s Kast .iiie-huodredandtwentyilfth su 4 t<> 1 p. m
TJuloo S(luar^ Ba, 1j? Foortli-?va. corner of Fourteoulh-M.
WAtwnwo-tB-1.3J2 F^t | Lo.iuos-20 Bedford-?t.. etranl.
Forpion.?SirCharlou Dilko and Mr. ChambiT
Jaln opptised to Earl Speneer's plans aliout Iroland.
t-H laoatiinatcd that ?_,0O0,00O of tlie voU'
?fcreditof ?11,000,000 will ho havr-d. =? Sii
Julius lU'iipilict is dcad. =-: Lonely won taM
Oaks Stak^s at Enaom. :-TT* London ImmI
apt-aks highly of Slr. Phelps's spcech.
DoMKsTia?Aigumcuts were made br-foro the
Goveruor on tho Arcade Railway bill. : ~ I)um
?go was done iu vaiioua plncoa by tlio storin of
sjnnd aud rain. ?? A stnco was rolilxxl in WaaB
Jngton Teriitiiry. ^= A dcfnlcation waa dis-ayw
4>red iu tbo post cfTicc at Lewiaton. Idaho. =
An einpk'vc nf tbe United Stat*s Sub-Trcasury iu
Uew-Orleans ran away witb fuutla.
City and PPBDBBin.?ai faruier proitrafed by
lightuiug near I'atorison.-A man nbnt his wif.
and then killed himsclf. - Claas Day at Co.
lunibia Collcge. ? Auotiior indictuiont axrainat
Ward. =-; Clos? of tbo trottinji at Flectwo...!.
r Tbo M.-tropolitans win at ba-eball; tlit
Brooklyns boaten. = Gas csinaumor* b.ld :.n
indignation uii^tiiiK. =- Angcnni-lcr rt'lcasad
liy tLe coroner. but bcld by tbe police jistice.:
Siaco hanced at .Hackensack.-?: Gold valuc d
Ibm lnflBl tanflw aUrar fltrllar ffflt'i BMiaa), 82.3U
eents. - Bkoekj lower and only mo.lerately aet
ive, closiug w.-ak.
Thk Wkaiiikp..-TmnrvK local obaervations 111
dicato cool, fair, or part'.y clondy woather. Tetn
jier.iture yesterday: liighest, ??_'-, lowost, C?>c;
ayerage, 07 V.
rtrtont Icavtngtoicn for the sctison, and eitm
mtr travelUm, cun have THB Daii.Y Tkiiune
mailed to them, postpaid, for "~> crnU per month,
the addresti biing cltanyed as oftcn a* desired.
The Daily TbIBUXB will benent toany addrcts
tn Europe for $135 per month, which inclvdes
ihe octan posta-je. _
In TitB BCBBAT TfaaBUBB to-morrow wlll begln the
publlcatlon of a sories of artlelea on Abrahara Lincoln,
?wrttten by lntiniato pcrsonal frirnd* of the Martyr
Preaident. TUc tirat artlcle la contrlbutcd by the Hon.
Cbarlcs A. Dana, and wlll bc followcd on MMMatta
Bunday* by other* prcparcd by ?uch ni'en a* tho Hon.
HuRh McCulloch, the Hon. Elllnt K \yashburri..
ex-Sciiator Wilkinson, the Hon. I^onard flwett, Jadgti
"Weldon, Gtniral BIcClcllan. ctc. Thesc papor* will lw
Btnoii*- the uioat liuportant coi.trlbutloua to LUtory tbut
have been publlabed ln rocent year*.
The preBentation of a ine.morial stnined-plnas
?window for tba library by tlie ejniiliiatint; ela??a
Of Cohuiibia was a ?;raceliil way fur tlus.
Btudents to shotY tlii-ir aflection for ttie MkVtJfB,
Taaayaj aro other wiinlowrt in the library and
tloubtlesa the liint tku t'iven by tlie class of IM
?will be taken by lt* suocessors. There is, more
OYer, a.fup^estion in the aet wbicb iioat-Kradu
ntx-s ot I.iiik btanding will poBBtlblf retlect ujioii
to the adyantaRe of their Alma Mat?r. '
Tho protestts of Lomloners apainst tlie pro
powd tax on beer and spirlts havo bad an
Bafed iipim tlie BritiBh Goyernment, and the
flfOBBB of the levy have btK'ti retlnced. Thk
adds to the deficit in the btldget. tbe obUfBtafltl
of wbich ih thiia thrown upon tbe future. TbtM
?nce liKire Mr. Gladatonu is unablc to live up to
liles prineiplcs and professions. Ho has BlWBJM
held that each year should carry its own
flnancial bunlene.
The fitirness with wbich Hnnlan admits tlw
goodpointHof Heach, whobt/at him Ifl Aii.-tiali.i,
Ib an example whleh all prufeissiunal anil 9T9B
amateur atbleten miifht well imitate. Ib; lnakes
Iio attenipt to belittle his opponent. Aec.ftilini;
to Hanlan, the Australians aro niore devote.l bj
athletie spurts of all kinda than auy BBOplt in
the Borbl. This is likely enoiij;li, and it ls easilv
?xplained. Tho loyalty of the Hritish coionistH
to everythinK tliat is Enylish has ofU'ii been
remaiked ; and tho sports wbich aro pupula:
?at home. " are tbereloro sare to be dottbly so
iu tbe colouies.
? ? ?
Anywbeie ontsiile of \ew-Jei-sey, liphtninp
ik BU|ipoM'd to kill a man as soon as it stnkes
him; ai.d even within the State bounduiiiN H
Ib believcd bo be fatal at forty rods at niost.
Yet Had_t___B struek a farmer who waR drivinp*
yjear I'atersun yesterdav ; but, beyondabiuni'd
hand and a bad sbock, tbe mun aa- not hnrt.
The ett'ect of tho electric tluid on bis ?oli tJaf
^ras niost peculiar. It tore tbe urnanient fnun
his iiiiK'er and straiphtened it out in the shapo
of a nail?all of wbich is voucbed for by repu
table persoUB. _
The Governrr has nnnounced his hitention of
jestiiiK bis decision in regard to tho Arcado
Railway bill upon its constitutionality. Yo
Other eonsiderations of great moinent ure m
volved, and were prfsented to Mr. Uill "ye.?ter
4lay at Albuny by the l'-roadwuy proiierly
Lolders. lt wa.> sbown that the owners of two
tbirdaof the luud alonjc tbis tbnruiigbfaie ob
jectod to the Bcheine, as well as tho rcpusen
tativt* of four-tifths of the pr perty value.
Tbose pointa certainly are matenal to the sft
tlenieut of tho qnoetion, nntl the Governor will
*lo injuatice to his fellow-citizens if be docs uot
Bt leaat give tht-in careful consideratiun.
Ko one slmuld be surprised to lcarn that Mr.
Jacub Bharp ia uot puttiu_ dowu iu iiroadway
the kind of an iron rail that he proraised. Mr.
Sharp ba* had froch pbenonienal mect-M in
getting poBBCMion of the strcets of New-\ork,
that it would be singular, indeed, if he had not
cometo believe finally that hc really ownstho
wholo town, and can do just as he pleases. Ihe
city authorities have taken no etep apparently
to interfere with Mr. Sharp. I'oswbly they
think it would <lo no good ; but would be not
pay BOBM attcntion to a rtsj.ectful petiti..:i
presented by the Mayor and the Aldenncu aud
gigned by leadiug eitizens T
Tlie Coroner's jury in tlie Htidson-st. innrder
raseisof oi.iiiiouth.it there islnoevidence ou
whiih to hold BBgllirfiT Certainly if there ia
anysueh evideneo it has not been produceii,
and the detention of Um man uron any infnrma
tion thus far made publie lookl bke an uiiwar
runtablostretchofaulhority. The poliee nighl
properly have put him under sut v.?tllaure.
Th.-n noharm woul.l have been dOBfl kha, BWJ
U ;.nv evidetice against liiu: bad BBM foand he
couhl liave beea anested promptly. Tlie inui
derof Handsisat present a inystery to whieh
there seems to l.e no oloW, aml the npimrent
absencoof any motive for so sava*e and detei
miiied a oriiiie mu.vi.erhaps be an indicatio.i
tli.it it WM the work of sheer rumnnisni rath.-r
than ot revenge, The poliee would bo wiso
to adopt BOBM theory of the _____ boTBB out b>
the li.is, itistfiidof gettinir a theory I'nst aad
th.ii struggling to twist thefacts so they will
lit. _
There is BOOM diseussion BBBBBf bank olheers,
as i.s niitiiiiil, regiirding th* best ineatis <?f |WB
-eat-ag eoeb thefta aad dafaleatioM m kave ??'
late been unusuully fiaipient. The prrsid.-nt oi
B proniiuent bank, ipoakiBf <>? the ni.ittrr
receiitlv. puiiste 1 BO I package of nniall si/.e con
taiaiiu u niillioii doilais, aad aald that it was
ivholly impos-iblo to prevent the robbery <.f a
baak i.y its trwtod olerkg and oflaara, th..t any
one Of theni flaig lt carry 00 ?odl ? paekage
withotit the knowledgeof Ihe pr. sident or i.t
anv as>oriates in the baak, anl that BO preeau
tions OOOld possibly he taken to i.Miar.1 a bank
a.ainst Mieh crinies. There ia ninrh truth ifl
thla. Thevery foiindation of the expamh'd and
rapid cotnni.ieial systein of ino.lern t-BMoioa
greater conlid.nee in men, a paatorexpansion
ofthaaradil >y>tein, than bnoeiiy eslstod.
Bol it iswell to remember also th;u in old
Umea thew wera toarar thefta aad defaleatlooa
than that are now. Iu BOOM WBJ, the o'.d-tim.
lianksdid gucoMdla BToidiog a Ihrfapropor
tion of these crinies. Sim-e the nunib.r has i:i
rreased, and JBCTPhMd so gicatly as to OBOM
iiiui'h disfiisaion and apiireheiisi-.n, nuiat BOt it
beiaferrad thal .the paaafrMMBtof tbebaaka
HbibbmiItm hM li n>;iio BMMBBira chaaged 1 U
i? not the truth thal De^eel of or.iinaty preeaa
tions hasb. roiiie more coiiiinon than it fonnerly
Waal Ih it BO* tho truth that, DOCaOM the
diraeton bal that they aaaaol ahaolatelj wt?A
every aet of the i.resid.iit ore i>!ii.'r. therefore it
is n..t worth while to B-BrdM an i.r.iinaiy
mttehfolaoMl ESo -.f the niooroflkialai is it
ni.ttiuo that,beaaaM.the ptMidanl belathal
he cannot. in the nature of thmgs, absolutely
gaard hgalaaf irranirdoiiig by his gabordioatoa,
thtrelore it is n..t worth wliile to tike stu h ear
as.-1.111,1 be takan, aad to exaielM mah Batch
falaaM as waa custoinary in the ol.l.ii liines?
iu the old dayg the baaker made it his baaiaeai
t.. know s,?ii<thiii_ ot tbe ebaraeter, the eiraoai*
itoBIHIB. tlie rondiirt, tln- ;is-oriiites. the daily
beariog aad habiti of his truaied nbecdlaatea.
Th* IBBM -Kpirit of lidtlity to hia OWB tru-t
whiih iinpelletl liim to know as inui'li iis jiosai
ble of the eharaetat of tho baportaat bornrweea,
pronipted him to cVen more constaut watehfiil
n.m in ragard ta Um tnwtod datfcg and ofltoera
of the baak. In Umm da\s goeb watAfalaaai
would doiibtless baVBBBBtod even by the BBMf.
honest. Bot in the ohlen t-MM it ITM welfoine.l
ui goavantop <>f that iateraai whlah laaored
iidvaneeinent M tha rew.ird of tilelity. In the
oldeu tiines tl.t^ flerk who was not UflMolf iinx
lOM to have his beaiiag nnd his niode of lite
well uiidt rstood and hppradatod by thoM with
whom he was aiedetated fare snspiciou by his
very n ticen.e.
Nonian beOOBBM a thief on the instant or by
a.i'id. nt. No nian who lias a fiiir positiou and
a giMid Rlanding in eociety, nddaBIJ IITadu H.
and deotrofl hi-. fUtiire, and patl UbMbU witlnn
the raaak of the law, without i fradoal ehanfti
in his eiri'iinistiinces, in Ins eontliict, and in his
niode of leffardiag kai datiea. ln every cbm of
defaleation or fraud it OOflMg to li>tht thal
thorahad baoatot bbbm time oeaaaffeialhe
.?i.iiiliict, in tho habttBj in the a-sociaifs, or in
the t.usinesv, interests of the guilty hiih'.nlinate,
whit h, ii the Ofieon Of the h.ink had notieed it,
would have put them on tlnir giiar.l. Tlie
ipiestion is % jiroper one, whelher tlie old-tinie
vatohfalaaM >mh1 BdeHtj would not brtas baak
|0 us liiuch of the oltl-time sufety. lt laaaid
that eritnes would ott.n be prevenied if photo
Kfaphs of all the petsons emplojad bl every
baak wara keptaoaataatlyaa haad. It is Brged
too, with ffiaat truth, that a bettei extradition
tie.ity, whieh would Metire the proinpt return
of eriininals froni Canaila or from Ofaal
Uritiiin, would gO veiy far to [.r.-vent oflaBOM
of this eharaator. And this is traa, Bot bo
inceaiitions whieh the law ean poeolUj take
will ever be bo elle.tive in the pnvention ol
wiongdoing as daily. eon.?taiit, kuidly, but
laithful and BBjIntrptBf watehfulness of all
thOM who hold fnltici.ily positions tagardiag
the ooadoat oi all thOM with whoin they aro as
lt is true, tlie methoda of tho day are more
rapid. One ollicer says, " \Vc no lonirer have
time toaoaataflthaaaah,ararj dajr." That is t?.
.s.iy, the bank has not time to do its duty ; il
has not time to peifirm with tidelit.v tlie duties
whieh ite saend trust involves. The bank
ought i ither to do less bt-rfyM, OT tOBBiploj
more cleiks. It is a ipiestion ol expOOMI and ol
prollts. If neresRary.it is poooitde to eniploy
nu additional forre of clerks, who shall take
tlieir plaee at a ftTBO hour in the day, reliariog
thOM who have lxen at the salne pogto u|. I<>
that time. If tlie cash i.a eoiinted, day by day,
by adirt'erent 8?'t of men from thoM wlio have
iH^en dafiag the day receiving and pajiofOnl
the eash, the bank will have ;t greator safe
giiard, siueo eolbtsion between the two Mtl ol
omployeH would be dillieult. lbit iniiherth.se
BOff any other precautions will ahogetheff serve
if the oflieers of banks do not make it th.ir tlrst
duty toexeieise it eonat-int nnd faithful wat< h
fiibieaa over all the men under th. ii .mploy.
General Schofie.Id is reported as Baying tha.
ia his opinionuthe otily way to j.rotect scat
u t.t red aettlers froni tiiarautliny le.l.^kins is to
u keop Bftvage Indians under tnilitaiy contn.l,
"aad not |K-nnit them to roam atwill over a
" large reaorvation." llow they eoald be kepl
under militar} control unleas they were im
[irisotitd H is ditlicult to understand, antl to im
prisou wild Iudians would be less nnreiful than
to ghoOt f hem, and moreovi-r, would do nothiiiK
toward taiuiug them. It is said that the
A|.a"hes are not yetprepared to .abandon the
trib.U relatinu, and that thercfore the plan af
giving tiiem land in severalfy cannot be appUed
to them. T.ut tbo plau of niaking them re
eponaiblo for tboir conduct l_is notlitug to do
with tho abandonment of tribal relations. The
ai-fxument for it resta upon the sound theory that
Indians are reasonini: beinrj*. aud that if tljey
uowcomtnit crimes becauso they flnd that the
prospect of punishmcnt i? very ren.ote, they
w.ii.ldceasctodo so if thev found that arrest
trial and the gallows or tho peiiitentiary fol
lowed every MtHafB,
A policv of license tempered by extermination
elearly will Ba* produce an> civilizinff results.
It remains t-> I>e 9999J whether trpatiii* the
\;,,<lies as Aniericau citizcns are treated
woald not cnnvinee thein that nidfaaf upon tM
setth-rs i* tOO costly 99J atnuseiiicnt. If they
ar.- held under inilitary rule they will be lrre
sptiiKible, aad will BBtM every opiiortiiinty ??
_0 mis.'hief. If. on the other band, they BM
made to understand that every nianwill be
held ammntablo for his own aets, there is a
rtroPg IMMWBIBtlBB tlnt thej Will experiencea
ohaoftB of heart, or ai least of eomlii.t. Thk li
the one plati uliie!" BBJ not been tried. and it
rtpDBBH 99 M to P0MM9 ni.iny dcidcd ad\ ;>"(
?BMJ ovir tbe inilitary 978*94*1 of MpteeaioB.
Ttie lalter ean only keep thintfs 99 they are.
The fonuer holds out 9 rationul hopo of pro
gf999. _________
Theoas. olThouias Cluverius. e.nivieted nt
Riehiaoad, V.i., Bftet 9 loaa trial, of tha Bprder
of bJ| eoiisin, Lilfata Ma-lison. is one of thOM
difflcull probleau tha ?otatiaa of wl.i.li depeadd
upon ciiv,uin!atitiat eviib-nee alone. The body
of tha pjlri w.ii foaad Boatiag in b reeerrotr, aad
,,t filBl Mii.'ide was suspectcd, but M in?|uirv
liroceeil.-.l t'a.ls were elieountcred whieh IM
ceated tool play. aad by dafiaee tha etreaa*
stiuecs serined to point niore and niore stroii^lv
|0 Cluverius BJ th" eriininal. .lt was kaOWB
that ba aad tba aaad ffirlbad beaa oa Tary la?
titnate l.-rins. ll WBi iappoaed at one tinu- t!i,it
ihey were to be inarrieil. but it appeare.l that
cluverius ttad re.-entlydarelopad otaarrlewe.
Thera aaa proof tbal ? oertala roaag aeataa,
not el.arly i.l'iililieil. had gom to a hotel. and
that theaa ahe had beaa ealled apoabyaa aa
k-iown reaag ataa, with whooi she had aalked
out. The proeeeatkw uadertooh to prora tbal
thia joaag wonian WM LUhU Ma-lison, an.l
tli.it the yu-iti.' in in was Cluverius. One of tha
stron^'est pleOM of evideliee WM a watell-kcv
fooad on the bank of the resei voir. Several
uitn.s-e.s swore'that th.-y had BBBB Cluverius
weaiiag jael ?aeh ? ke>- before tha aioidar.
Ihe weli of teetimoni woren abool Cluverius
hecatne Btltmgar every d iv a.s tho prosreutioti
darelopad iti eaaa. Tha theory pal forward
waa that tba defandaal bad aedneed hte eoaatn
under pioniise ot inarriau'c ; that -h.. had itn
pli.red liini to reile. in his pledfle ; that he
ineantinie had beootne entr i-e.l .'l-.-ivlieie ; and
tbal fiaallj bedetermiaed toget ridof Lllian,
truating tbal 9ba woald ba bellered to ban
drowned benelf.
Bat a bmb whe bappaaed to be aaai tha
reeerrolron tba aightof tba nardar had baafd i
weaaaaa roiat raiaed iu alarai oraxpoatalatloo.
There were bIm iii.irk* of u BtraggU BB tbe
baak, aad Butrkj of rioleaea aa tha body.
Claretioa fafled ta eatabllah aa alibL lla
iMiildn.it dieprore tba rtotarlooj mtiiaaey be?
tween hiniself and his eoiisin. Notbiag 9FB9
broaghl fonratd ta rapport the tbaotyof sui
ride; aad the intervi.ws al the botol were
?howfl ta baro been between cluverius and
l.ilian. The iilentiiication was not abeolntely
eonipl.te. ii cati larely ba *<? in Baebaeaaa,
Bat Ihe defeti.e OOOld BOl Iil iu BBJ other per
s..n than tha defandaal to tha fa.'ts, nml no
doabt this araaoae reaaon why thelreaae broke
down. The pri'siimpi i.iu is th .' tbe jin.\, in
B?dbaf B verdiet of inuidei iu thr lir.st de^'ree.
were larply ititlaeuced bv the e.,iii.i.l.Tiitloti
that II the ehiin of proof waa not aaaiplataaa
otherparaoB thaa ciin.iius bad aai Baaalbfa
iuterest ln pattiaf Lllian Madiaaa eal "f tlie
way; ati'l bfl had. Bat tlnjurv >nust a!s.. ha\e
beefl s.itisiici that tba dreomatanti il erldenee
was HiiTnieiit ta b im aoartattoB upon. aad it is
elear th.tt the verdiet is heiriilv bldofaed by
the paopla Of the lieijrhhorhood, who h.i\e
evineed tlie deepcsi iuieic-t in tha trial Itotii
the lirst, iiud have EoUoWod it cuefullv
It wus a diflieiilt rase, but it ei'iuot be
doobted tbal tha rardiet is a juat one, ln ba '.
tha trial dereloped ? aiaaalar Beajeel of preeaa
rions on the paii of tba defeodaat, ao tbat hld
own earele-.-111-s ln BbOta th.'Ul one ilistill.e
farabthed taatfayonj whleh a ajora ahrawd
Tiiiuinal \miii1i1 ha\e lendcred iiiuitlainahle.
In neaily all cascs of .ii.'.iiu-t.ii.tial erldenee
there is soiiie r>xitu for d.illl.t, but h.-re tle
ileiiion.stratiou that tlie vietuii did uot kill ln i
a.if Hi-eiu.s to aaaa led alntoat diraetlj ta tba
I'uiniilaMve erldenee npoa whleh Clurerioj Iim*
b.-en found iruilty ol her niurder; and in tln~
e.invietiiin lli.-re Ll 9jOod ^rotui.l loi belieiin^'
that justiee ha.s been done.
Tha early eloalna Bioremenl bat reeeired 9
vi^'orous iiiBBul-e tidtu ibe iietion of the Chnin
bai of Coiiiiiuree. Mr. W'illi.iin E. Dodfa,l
raaolatloaia tarof <>f a*ahtai Batarday aflar
BOOB ii balf-hl li-lay fnnn the 1st af June tu tlie
lst of Beptaaibar waa adopted aftei a few un
araiUag piateata froaa a feeble atiaorityi The
BtMOeaa ef ? similar itiovemeiit in Ku^laiul,
where euiployers and eiuployed have alike been
bi netib-il by it, was eiled as a Bl aet ieal jruar
aiit.-e that the resiilts wmild be eqaattj fa\or
alile ln re. Mr. Mmris K. Je-up BtadaaBOral
plea for the half-holidiv. aildie^sed to those
who have dirtcouuteiialieed tlie opOOtng of
liluaiiis and inuseuin.s on Siinilay. rleaiwaed
that this iiiovenietit if hiiee.asfnl WOOld i-'ive
chiKs au op| ortunity to visit anefa plaOM 00
Batarday and in this way WOOld obvi.ite the
Beoeaaity of epaaing thaai oa bnaday. This was
aa araaakrat that would only iaflnenea B*em*
baraol tha Chaaibar m blneerau llr. JeaopU
bimaell iu oppaaltioa ta tha daaeeratioa ol the
ChrUtian Baibbath. The Biajortty eoaeedad on
broad fToaait tha taaaoeaibiaaaM aad justiee of
tbe clerks' deiuand for one a1teinoi.ii in tba
week for reeiealion, espeeially duriiiK the
beated perlod, The Chaaihar haa set aa exccl
hut exanipie to tha otlnr BiebaBfeB. ll il^*
iceomiiieiidations are sii|iporled by other eoni
ineicial linilies and earrled iuto eib-cl l..v tba
banka, lower Mew-Yorl will bara b faaetaj ra
laaae from baaiaaM after 1 o'clock oa Batarday
The adroaataa af this adadtabk raforai bi ad
|0 ba eaiitioned upiinst indieei iminate eritieisin
and itbu-e of tho.se who ure ffppftriai their
plaiic. There are ni.inv btrga boOBM in the eity
irhiafa lind it iinpiaitical.le to aa_apaj__ bfkklaaai
ou Batarday Boaaj. Baoaa of the _yy ajoodi
linns wbich baraa gpaeh*] Iradaon tbal after
noon from the country nmintain that they eiiii
not att.uil to ilisanpoint their custoiners. I,at?'e
inovision house.s aro coinpelbd to do inoto
busiiK ss OB tbat day than on nny olher day in
tho i\eek, and caniiot be exjn-cted to i l.,-e their
doOS9 at noon. When thero are plain reasoiia
for adverse action, the inoiives oT those wlut Ba>
cliiie to uiaiii tbe half-holiday BB_ht not to lie
ini.s. oustrued. The luain coiintitueiicy n-pie
?eiited by the Chauiberof Coiumerce will liml it
prarticable to suspend busineas at 1 o'clock.
The banka can eaaily do this, and the bulk of
the business transacted in the lower part Bf the
city cuii be diaposed of beloiu that hour. We
trust that no eflort will b? spared to carry this
rule into ettect during the present acason. Lot
the rroduee and other exchanges act promptly,
and the half-holiday will be granted to thou
sainls of eleiks and workiug peo|ile, who uro
sorcly in ueed of rest and reereation.
Compoaito photograuhy is ono.of the rosonrcos of
modoni wiienoe. Dr. Fr.nicis (ialt.ui devisod a sys
teni .,1 BTerag__l faeea aud Otbat ohjects l.v uieaos
of the cauiera. By taktag IftOM or twenty photo
urai'lis of IhOM and fmiiluunig them lti a sitigie
portrait the operator b* this BMthod of delinoation
ol.si iiie.a iiuli viiluil variatiotH and makes a close
OpplOMb I" tho aviTugr man. Tho current
niiiiil.e: of Mmb coutains foitr portruits of
mia ktad prepared by PrOfeeaoc Paaa
pelly from aotual photOgraphg of distin
gui'.hefi AflMrteaaa. Twelve Baatheo?atieiaM
i uiiiiiliiite their gt?tic>ral features to tho coumion
stoek of the coiiipo.aite fare; gtxtOM natnralists
iira nierjrod into a sh ilo.vy tjrpej thirty-oao BOade
BBBgiaMBia uniieil ia a aiagle artistio wholw ; and
t weuty->ix geolo^'ists aud lOBOgfaphen appear as a
normul nrofessina il likrness. Curio.isly enonuh
.me Htrong foM appeara to doiiiiaaUi all tho otbara
laftWOOf lli*ae groiips, tho OlOBBODI <'f prepot'-ney,
_s it ia teraiel iu leeiBOd pbraee, dietarbiag tho
OpOrattM of the law of averages. 1 hat
ia |0 aay. two of the e .mpoaite faetM beOI a StroiiK
raaoBiblaaM to a siugie pietare. Oae of tho dia
ttagaiahedaeteatletaowaa uioro atookla thoeeaa*
lii.iel iKitni'.iliat thin iiimltMlv aad tair phiy war
raat, ti ic oi -th,. aea loBitetai% probably owiag to
f.r. onfiiui oa tho part of the baagiag ooiaeiittee^
ktopi 'j't.'i hoaaelf in the eootcaof thofamilj
groop, ln aoek saaa th.. doadaatiog face ii the oae
liaviag Ui.- stron?u,t iiud BBBg eharactomtic foat
Ihe a;?plieations of the Galtonian poaoBH
?MMBBBMBMa as the lelda of aeiontii'n; researcii.
Profaeaoc l'u upelly's ebanalag irnup <>1 four
?aggeste t.,> m, 1.owerer, a plaaaiog oethod of ie
llorlag thO BBXietieg .,f hiuidreds and thi.iis.uida of
|M',.^ie a lu, m*} ii do MM 1 t" -18 ipp liat m.it waea
iv.T tbey sit for pMtographa, The eoiapoeite
ui i:h in ificiari ia u fecy gooaVloekiag iiiiiiwith
?1. -ep baagtaatiYO eyea, a BUMBlTe brehead
nnd a Btrong Botf-faapeetiag noso. As for the
..'.enl.ineil ae.iil.iiiii ian he leokg at thoiiirh be
eonld write poetft aa wcll us p.uut portruits,
and uiake lore su.-rc asfully to tlie belle of the town.
t'.? n'liiiHi u.'i evideiitiy Lmptoraa tM ahMoei of
pei-.on.il beaatjTi A bubi a*he is ogly Meagk wheu
1 ;l.-n b. II) n-elf ni.iy look pialiivoly hailtla'luo
aIum un. teeUytoaoddowaaadadBlteratod la a
groap "f tmrty. Tne almaoa! of ptepoteaey ia
, teaa - tbe p eaibUitiea of the proMoea, A groap <<t'
a do/c i ilownriubt ho.noly gptaeten inut'it '?" 'r 'u""
tik'iue.l into ItiTelinoia if tbeyeoald onlv pn-vall
up.Mi a r.".i irfcablf i.e nitifiil K'rl t? sit witii tii'.n
aud to iloiiiin.it. ail th' ot lers. It would be tk
new aml p .inii.tr si vle of " elub piiture.''
Ihe noal iis,'fui oppUeatkm of tbia gyateai of
; ? ne phatogtaphy Itea aadoabtedly hi the
re.il imf pohties. Baforaoaan (bad of talkiair
ui. al the a\..r.i_.- p ..ii.<?! in oad tha araraaa aAoe
liolder, but ao il?? ploee ,1 la n 'eile.i !>v 0 lilt:ll t-Oga
r.iKue goaetaltiatl mi i oibebcoaght before criti
eal ejrea there .in? wi,l. diffaraneea of epiaion
regpeetbag tke eharaetoc of Preeliteot OUrelaad
newly a.i.ioiuicd offld i-Boldeia. lii-v are v irioudy
r^ted aa belOBglBg te the l^tter aad the
wnr^ ela-H^a of p-di: i.'i.i n j a. betag
u.... I I'tiou^li to plo'iao Mu^iviiiiipa aad b.nl eaoBgb
t<> di wi'isi ii >th DeaMorata aud Ropabtieaooi aa
tradUut profaaalonala of a low ordet aad aa t'ivii
Hertiet refotiaera of aaeore eoaTietioaa It woold
be b >'b tntorrotlng m i laatrnetlTa to have a oob_
j.ii lure l_k.ii of tha MW diploiiiatlf MffM Ul
oHartoaaeartaln vhK aoald beeoma ofKeiley
aadwketbertbefantttifaiffrffr1'? ortha aaaak*
lag Copperhead iroolddioUaett* dnauuate al! tha
.?tll^ta. lluoilll nlao lin prollt.lble to C'ii .nl'T
\> iieib.-r lltK'ifina. PUlehary.Obaaa a al Ircas b ?ld
be ovacabadawad bj PoatmaBtee Paaeaaa Lb boobb
brn ttion t'ivii Bairlaa .i.-i ira ut ,mo. a suaipaaita
pi.ure woui.l raraal tbeeraaial lael wl.etli.ir the
1'r-aident la BBBOtBtiBg pCaeMOal l>?iii?K;r?fH >r
t.ir t.oieil taf-nueca to oiiie>. TM eoaatr* w iold
nlao have aaine iiic.iiih of Judlfliig whaf thta aTOffaga
Deaweral h bke bo* baagiy aud bow tkhratj ke
looks. __________________
i oBgaaeaagaaadbtatal feUoar wM tried to kilj
hla wife a' their beoaa la Poarthara. yeefarday
i , ? i\.-ii the eoBaaaatty tbe broabte af paafadilag
inin. f..r he kiiie.i hbaeaU afterward Baeh eoa>
Hidrratiou for tha taaltagB ofooa'a CaOow-eltiMoa
labighly . otii'i'-ndable, and WO aiii:i{.'?t to ethat
luetl af hia statnp, who inedltlle aiiiniar .?riitie,
liuit that ia tha best pOBjihlg way hy whiih lo
ekoai the baagaaaa.
Tht r?it. havinL' riT.ntiv Meeeeded in retaniag
ita ladgBBBrt regooettag Joba Boaebla aattheilaof
?n p balldiag la Ihe laeredlbly aimrt period <>f
fortv-eight lioura, ia natiiially pioud of thg aehn \e
inriit. It doeg not propaaatoallowaayotherMag.
wuinp joiirnal to do tbateortof arecklaqaieker
tnii.v It eooTiete rialhaaiof bartogBwdeiathree
,!uv a a aoaiplete ? lop" in Ita adltorlal trealiuiat af
i'.. Breaderay Areade bliUaad prompily aaaoaaa
tM tupid dalibarateaaaa with arblefa it ezp< rieaeed
a ebaageaf toarl / bl Phad betoai apahle ?i azaeat
Ing aa aboat-fom bl taro daya, deaploai tbe elamey
n bieh balte aatU tbe thlrd day before t ikinu
the ba.k tne k. rheae nval Ifiiifwiinip jouniala
onghl to agree apM ? aehedale ..r tuoe for edttorlal
?||opa" ol tlllS kltltl. J hey Will rilill tl.f hllS.lieas
by coiniM'tition. _
The dBBWter totbewhMl erop of KaaaM appeara
(,, ba iu...ib inoie anioaa than bad I.d axpaeted. Ac
cordiag to tM eeeretary of tho Stat.. Baard of A?rl
cultiiie. tbe injuiy from the Bereritv of atotar and
ti, ui tha HeaalM flj nnd ehiaeb bu? will beeogreaf
tii.it the prodaot this yaar eaa bardly aseeed i_,
1100,000 baabeb- Laal j*u tbe raported yiold waa
?i.nt BBjOOO.000 baahola A little bettet aatlaute
ia liiiide l.v M.nie other persons of i t |.ei ii ... : Mr.
Ctahrfi tbe BUHiagai ol Iha brgael aaill ln Topaka,
for laataart. tbbdn that the ykdd may raaek 16,
000,000 bnshtds. Itnt ui any IMM Ihaloahia Kan
b;-, e.iiis to bo reinaikubl.v severo. aml it is loriii
uite ior tha eooatry that bardly aay oihor 8tate
. to havo laffared aa naeh.
? o
st. John, N. H., deeerrea a eooiplhaeol f >r ftnooi -
eriog n snr.i way of patttag aa aad to " atncgiog"
nateb-B BaUtfaa Md bis " ooaibtoatloa " ap*
pe.u. d i bera reoeotly, after b eeiviag |1,000 in a.l
vame TM peealpta irere POOO, A reaedy <>i this
kind Barefally apptted g fea Hiaeg aill adeet a laie
eure li. tho " itaggblg * D11-MBM0.
On the whola tho sj.irit of tdianty and *nol bathood
h bieh aiiiui.ited ihu Oaaatal aaaeaably ?f IM Prae
bytariaa Charob just adjoaroed w.ia gaool eoat*
iiieiiilitl.le. lt ia ovidont that ihe time ia aoaiBg
winii a biiBis of iii.iou tortMgraat PreebytariM
,1, iioiiiin.nioin '.will be not only dleeaaaedi bal
luialh gibiplod Tha taaaeae/af PreebjIerbiBlaBi
to spllt up into seits kM lio iloubt been fl _ro.it
drawbaeh to tbo agoeaaaftiJ proaaaation af Ita aorb,
and PreabytariaM theeaaelrea bava tn*t\j aekaowie
cdtfo.l tho oxiatonco ol this weak spot in their sys
tom. It is worthy of noto that tho Karl of Ahenbeii
haslwritton a Ihoaghtfal arti.'lo for 71a i'urtnwhtly
Rtnjttm in whieh bo diseusses tM posaiblo utium of
the varioiH I'loabvlerian kodlei of Boetlaad, Thg
outlook fur suoh a uuiou is perliaps bardly so boM
ful ta Beoltaad aa it is lat-Jeeoaatry, batthe
thought luia taken rool in tho luinds ol the peoplo.
and ta time it will b?ar Iruit. l'realiyleiianisin
would at onco take ita plmo as 0110 of tho ni.mt pow
niiii foivea in Ohitataadoai. aew it ?nlatd ta
OggaaiaatlMi aa it ia praotically ta creod.
Now we heaf a Rroat deal of frau.ls ta tho CaabBB
Hous..; of refon.is alrea.ly oiloeted, aad af r-m.irk
fthio need of luith. r i.loiais. ThObagtB-BBBBBIof
this I'oint.iiinii.v know that tho (.uatoin HOOM _M
|? m, i padagtod ta a very unrixht, faithful and sal
lafantarf BagaatT Tha *toriea with wbtobDaBio
iratu pip-rs are now crowdetl are ouly ofleiod M
,u?o for a ehaap in the Collwloraiup. Dtt
there is not tho l.ual, oc.nsitin (or this fu.s. Tho
wholo world kaOWg th:.t the l'rraident ia going.to
turn out a faithful Colleotor bocauao he ih uot a
Dciuocrat. That ia to be expectod. Tho decont aud
manly wav would be to do it withont sLamlering
him, or assigniug any fJ.-e accusationa as a reason.
If tho Mugwumps alone were to be considered, they
know that Judge Kobertson haa beea an excellent
oflleial: but tbey bate him ao that they want him
out, and their regard for CitiI Herviee Hefonu is not
uinwro enongh to make them wish the reteution of
any truo Republiean. Mr. Clovoland nnd his parti
sans have from tbo ihst taftaaded to make a cbunito
ta this oflico, and it is one of such uuportance that
very fow e.\peet him to. booitBto Om thiu_, how?
ever, a Ii.'pttblican has a right to nsk. in the uamo
of justioti aml .I,-.: 'iiev, andth it is. tliiit false BBfBB>
tions and conteinptible sianders shall not be BMBBBl
BBOB faithlul oftfcials who are about to retire, iu
ordor to furtiiali au exruae for the change whieh all
know has been loiig'predetcrniiued.
Mi. F. AJdea Hill, ofLaadea, Kngland, writos to
The BMM Traifrript th it t!io Towuley osfato* are
not a mytii, an 1 thal the claitas of the Amoricaa
heirs, thmigh rniirli ezaggOiatod, have aaubstanti.il
baataiafbel This will i?e eheerfa] news to tho
Anierieati heirs. Mr. Ilill'a gonerosity ta imparting
it BM otiJy bo pr<?p?rlv cstimatod by remombenng
tiiat he himself ia onoof the heirs, At any rato. the
Tosvnley est_tea mav sorvo as a good topic of dis
eiisNjoii in the hot days of BBBBBMC when politics
snniner down into a sfate of arntle quiesconoo.
aaoatdiogto TV Oahtaoa >,?>.?*, tho MagaBaapi
nre about to eetabHab a mw party, to be eaBad Iha
Ctrto party. They aro also foestablish schoola of
a|a eiul lustruetion in " civi.'s." This word is to
take tha ptaea ia their rooabalaty of the odious
term politit*. Woll, if Ihe Civie party dOOBBt waat
io got lefi 80 lai liehind as to ?tet iost to sight and
nieiiiory, it will have to get doWfl to busineas in the
oid-fashioned wav. Rut we f.-ar even lliou civicisui
will not proTo a suceess.
Hteph'-ns, the master ol tho yacht Mignonetto,
irho iraatried breaaaibalbBB and couvictod. has
been pardooed and his eertiiioate roifored. It is
dilliiiilt to see what uaeful onrt his trial has served.
It was clear from tho flrst that he and hiscompan
ions aoaualttod tho crime with wluch thoy were
ehsrged, under the pressure of physieal siiffnrings
wlnch oveteaaM rhahrailf tiatril. nnd it is equaiiy
oafftaia that tho eonvictioa of Stopbons cannot
have ihe leasf eflect in deterring other shipwTecked
peopte troin leeortlag to the samo inethodsof avert
in_ d.-ath by starvation uuder simllar cirenm
Btaaeea In faet, tha kmd <>f aaaaibaUaai here oea?
eerned is so essentially tlie MtOOBM nf abnonnal
eonditio'is tliat llioao who praOt-M it cannot prop
erly bo BBJBtdad as ressmsiblo. and since there is
no daagat that any one will tako to lt save as a
reliof froni the moat dtaadfal Nufterings, the old
eaaUBB of veiling such raro and nielauch dy eases
tao'.iseurity inay well bo IhOBgbl both tho wisest
aud moat liiliiia'ie.
Tho tonth BlialiaiBaiJ of tbe con*?cration of Blahop
,K ?'., ILaly. >.f I'ortiainl, Me., has l.eeu elaborately
I tllla Week. _.
Tlie Rev. Dr. Cyrtia llimlln'a reaiiftia'lon of the preal
.leney >,r KUUIatary <:.illr_<> will tako eirect at the cloao
of th. praaaat aaa laaile year.
'? TM Hplilnx of tlie Houae," aaya a Waahinjrton corre
peadenaf <>?? OkH$Mtm Vmttm, "la Baadatt. Scorea of
i,.. ii have trie.1 totlnil Iilu: out, t.ut fatled. He la very
pawerfali wiiy is aaaaplelaahU H.a stylo ,>f anaahl-g la
l,o,,r,:i.< aaaa B0M of tho arta wh'eli uaiinlly brliiK popular
liy . . Ile ,|,,nilri,era the Houae iirnl tiiia a moral terror
latu uver hia veakar felloBra, whoait ln thahraaatetrylag
to look aa If tbey were rea.llnit unlll they heur hla Ifoloa
crylng'Allupr aad feel lna l..n>r iin^r polntlng at
them. That roleeand tln^.r lmvu chan?eil tho rcault of
in oiy u v.iie iu tM Haa ??? "
TM lilui e of W.ilea will ln a few rlara unrpll a atatue
of Karwin in tho Bataral IfbBery Kaaaaja, Uadaa.
" It will he learne.1 wlth aurprlae," s:iya St SUpKrn*
li, r? W, "t ,.U tae ( hi. eruuieiit of Mr. QladBlBM haa J.?
llbarataly aappreaaad .? ilapalet eaalatBlag IM moat
baartfeadlagdataUa of Oordoa'e aad. Pet more than a
rn.iiith paat the fiict that IM h<r,.'. head waa brutnlly
rut offh ia luven Unown to tho Cablnpt. The terrible
, r hla bodj baaiag haaa Btrlpped aml kiekad nak-.l
- ? .r k n :?.uui baa been p.rtr.iye.i i>y
tworthr eorreapon hur; aad y.-t i..-rauae, f.,rw,oih.
it wua ,'eit that aueli lufurmaii.ui woiiirl bedlataatotal to
ii... Eaxllah peopie and pron_Wf Impartl tbe p?aiti.,n ..t
tha tlilrtwii iN-raoua wt.o away the d.ailnloa of tttla couu?
try, tho ?tor)f Ima Imjoii rlifl.lly coiieoalod."
tnf.ir.i t'niveraity racaallya_bradlMdegreeel noctor
,.f Maeaa t<> tn., graal Baadaalar, liiiua. 1.1 hter, aad
thareby ?ot tho aawaaapara af Laadaa a-howim., thetr
ehtef ifrleraiiee a.'einln.'lv belng that eertalB Enfllah
mualoU-aahoald bavi baea bumm U.su.ia ln prefereuce.
tiii: tai.k of rut: day.
The rennion of tlie Ar.uy <>f tho Cimiherlaud. on Pejv
toml^r lilnnd 17, at (iruinl Kiphla, Mhli., preadaBB to
? itlBadedtbbiyaaf IM Mrlablgaa lattaray Aa
?aatatlaa baa a?;r<.?l 10 BBbM onu fnr? for tho r..'.iii.l trlp,
hu'I wiii i>' >e?- tn-k.'ta ,,n a;i',e ,,ii Mpleoabar IB, k'oo.1 to
rituni on Bapteaibaf 18. TM Maaeiallea liaa aak,?.i
averygaaaralpaaaaagaragaal i? IM (TBIMJ Blatae to
adopl ,. ahui it aa u ia, aai to make the tlckctsgood for
;i longer i.i-r.o.i f,.r ,ii?t_i.t poiuta.
4 now daily paper laprojeated ln Waahtagtaa, one
dde of whieh ah .11 \in Kapublleaa aad tbe other Da.
eratie Tbera are aa maai rartotlea ,,f iH.ntica aawa>
daya that ln order n> prlal u paper to repr. teat all p.r
Uea n w.uil.l h.i\< toalopt au oct?_on ahape?that la.
ii ikb a Norrlaloara Oarald,
Ihe iMtlir? ffoNM Ji'itrnul iloean't llko tho prartlr-c of
pr,.ii,weii,,iia kl-aliiK ln pahM anionc wotnen. llear lt:
?? Men doel do it ; aatthar thaafld araaaa an-i A-iris. it
I-. a ralgar praetlaa i??> aaaei inteutionaiiy or otiierwise,
lt attriu-ta UM iittenilou of atranxera. When two
vAoiueii. at a rallraad Btattoa oreahatareaadei plaaa,
ni.-h togathar vttbaraaaaaa_Bg aaaalaMaa, Uke two
rapid BMteera out of ihelr orbita. tho wholo BBBffd
Ttir Boaroa -oraa t<? w* bibl,
Thou'rt ileiirer far to mo than K"M,
0, aiatd up.... uiv braaal ri^i.iuing!
T'uf aweet li,vi-ll-'llt I now !?>lio,,l
II, hlnil foar colil-rliuni.'.l glaaaeBaMBBBg,
Mv l.,ve for y,.u luirna nke tM ?un;
1. .l.c! 'tla brlablar, itronger, ateiuller,
llj Boreeatar, webaiar.all m aaa,
Swect unahrlJireU eucyelopaj-lla
?[Uoaton Coitrler.
A fow tlaya a-n nll the Poniueratlc or.-ona were aioialtor
iiT.Prealdenl flaye? becaoaa he ownod a bull.lliu' ln
, , ,,|,.? ?l,?'h l? uaed iw a aaa...ii. Now thov are al.u.alng
I,,,,, becauae be aold tbe property, araa thouch he aaerl
"i,.,,,,,,! ?hara af iu ?alna ladolag a?. rMOaaaa.
crauwulnarar forgira Mr. Uayea aa ^Mtoaa,
tiouea to iivo ua a BBBpsalahleaBfaaa, [Phlladalphla
TMMaharaJah af Tiaraaeera, fn'.ia. was roeentiy
welgbed BgBtoetea__aol para gald, aad IM fabl waa
iheadlapeaaadtoeharay. Thla aaoiewi la cuiiod "Tui
aohara" aMdahaa from raryaarlyttaaaa Maharajaha
i,t aaaeoaoadeal taraof adad an. aasteai to have the
e.reinuiiy perforineil wlien Ihey.iro yuiiuc aud VBlgh
leaa, Ml BOhllC nplnioti eondeiuna thla praetlee. Tho ho
lieat MaharajaM piaaaly raMaa ap toferetheygal
w.i_i,e,i.aad tiien IflMydoa'l bappea la have *roid
enongta oa bead to balaaaa ih.-.r aalgbb thoy oan eaaiiy
ule/e what they want froai tli.'lr loyal and duttful sub
Itaeema th.it lu Hrlatol they eat analls aa aunlla ofter
all Tlie Kev. il Aruiatrong llall. of thal eliy. t.-lls the
ato'rv nfaboy aiimu he bad BBip <'\e,l In bla gMdan aak
"_KperuiUalJiit.?BiayhaUan-toor aftar tha, tiaw for
iroinit home t<> phk up the taalla, ahleb ba tald he waat
r,i for aui?i>er. ihe auuii ia, moreover. ii leaiaa. ? u...i
katable ui ii. la m Brlatol, aad la reiaiied uudur Ita ewa
nauieatS_-l.aq.i_rt. Wfhal aenpa want to Baowto,
1,'iw nuo- aqu irt tM analls fetob Ib Brbttal wheu thoy
aro aohl aa w.i.llUh. -LI.ondon Olobe.
goMr.B.her hns irot hla reward for hla Hrooklyn
Rtabapeeeb. OrbMyaaag Beeeber laaafral hbtop
j.olntnieut boouuae hU niotbcr wrliee so llko Mr. CIoyo
laud'a I
An opple of ilwrord ln Tammany llall
Wua tliuitf niil.il the l.r.iviia ua tbey met,
Aud aome aoa-'ht u? puafa Baoham Keliy io wall
Aml o'er theiii a now chlefUu a-t.
llnt Kellv eau.o tn elad lu feathnra aud pluk ;
Tha apple be e.untiu ea IM ily i
lle oruaued lt tooldar aiidi?or?i>d lt aa.irlii
To waab dowu the bra-ee* bnmblapla,
?l.'oiiiuihu.a loiuo) paajaaaa.
The lato Charles Kea-le'a eolleetlori of rlollna haa been
?oidaiaao-aa. d?aag Bbbb bm an Autouiu* MBBd?
urlua whieh aold for *T7M.
. sss a5s9"-_aft __?*?!__r rS
Z ir. ,'..u,i,lera..|e atraagtb to woomjillab tbla, and
? e l-..a,|..ne th.ui.m.lld. " Now turn iue | ,c_.
_ud let me f""l """"' o"" "'"'?" Wil,< ,ouu^ PabBBd on tho
under aide of IM alone.-flVoy l'unea.
TAe dnaaaM l__MgBeepa : " lt la atuted that a Now
Jeraey polltl.iau ta a eandldato for <i?Tornor of Arl_oua
aa the grO?M IMI he haa laheattade lar^e aa.n of money
lu Honora. We iindetatand that au Irlah gentlaman who
uiriv.d lu New-York U?t week from Uouegal la ufter the
lnarahalahip of thia Torrltory, baslu? hla clalnuon the
(aottbatbeeNgaedtM bflaadg aa tuo BHaaablp 4rt"
/..i, The appHaaat la aai.l to have great lnUuenoe iu
liowery elrelea."
H.aithern Tonrlat: "'Oot a mornlng paperf* Nortb
eru newavender (withfiuphtialB): " A euUlootl" H. T.:
"Obl WUat'a tbe aewal War deolared Halul" N. K.:
" Na-uiaJst iniiiortaiit! Tbe t?-ax .'" H. T. (inn...e jn
"WhafUxf" Jf. N.: " K? li. aiuii! IJUve ya im h\_ji
Tbe wbuakoy !"?[Loudon Pur.cb.
Tiie *treeti< of Astorls are l.elng uiaMvUmlzeri w,t!i t_, J
b.li:ist ol ablj s, aud /'/.< A$t.irim thu* j.'. tical!*
d.-.s.TilH-s lt: " Kroui tlio cor.d str.in.l.. of ludfa aud fro_ I
tbe far-oft Islaiid* of the ?oft, Soatb He* eom- j , t.,- iiolday ?
of veaacla tho lotiud.itiou of aiaay of Aatnrht'a *tn-ata.
Houtti Ainoriean pebbiM and Austrati.m dor:ii<- c. ehoaki
ofeoceue fotmation from tho +'ijls, and ivIlcaeftM
pnleozolc roriod from ii.nu Kong, ara nLka nIngled la
tbe coucio iiorate mjsa tliAt undetl e* ? .ir th >ro urfefaeaa,
Wneo OiaoaD'a futuro ireotu?ri?t* aitalyva tbe e >rap -uw,t
purts of tbe str.ita they abai! Iters rtnd it will 1117.7.,e theat
w .is- to reeouc'le tbe geilo,'ics! foMMtloa than tba
Diblioal Uiiraciu* piuzie liob Iuger.-olL"
thk i;oon-.XAn;at:D aiRf
I do not slffh for the statnly ni.ii.l,
ThoiK'h m;r face \#i e'er s., fair,
For tbo trutii Ui tnll. I'm half afruld,
Of tii? f-'irl wilh the haugaty air.
There's a BWeaBW ehanii, a rarergraee,
That houiage wlll always wm.
'Ti- found 111 tbe linclit aud sii.iihig faoa
Of the glrl wilh tho douhle elnu.
-[Hostou Courier.
Swodlak Chrtstiana are long-snfTenng peoplo, A
tswedisb mlsslou ehuroh wa* receutly dodicited al
Duluth, Minn, wlth a dadioation aervire and tw.t ser.
inoiis ln hwedlsh lu tbe rooriiliig, one k.-riimn in Swedub
aad ..ne lu BaalMk ln tha aftarnoou, aud a prayer
uieeiiiigand two seriu.ins ln tha eveolng -slx aei- n.,n*
111 mi.? day ! .Voveilhol.-ss, Jxilutli ls growlng rapidly.
i he nnpiilBtlM ia now about 18,000, wbilo tive yaar*
ago It wa* 8.-H7.?fprtii(fflold L'uiou.
hlii-.? all feu.ini-iity his taken It Into It* bead to w.iteb
the baseball gunics irom the vantag* grotiu.l of the i?.-*t
BBBjM Ui llie graild slaiid, It U IllterestlDK to listen 10 tba
le.-i ue.I c.iiiiiiieuts mado up.ui the progr. ** of tlie gitms.
" Waan't that a aplendld hit. There now, why dont
he rmi 1"
" why, my dear, that waa a foul ball."
" W.fl Id ruu. unyhow."
" Ilut tbo iimpln; wouldn't let you."
" ' ii .?<>? irse ii.it. Tbe umplro I* all tlie timo yelltn?
and rmmliig aliout Md Intarfering wltb the gt.nn. If lt
wiisn't for tinu. baseball would be roal intere*tiug."?
; Il.u-tlord I'o*t.
Wife?"ILaro 1* an Item to thla pnper about a maa
who lost a tlimiaaa.l doiUraliist nlgbt at |..i.-r. I do
think It la scandalou* the way m- n aqninder their
money; there oaght to b? ? luw agaln-t Uiis gami'llnj
busiues*. liy the way, Jobo, 1 would ilke so.no tuonuj
to pay thut tullliner/ bill." ?
Hiiabaud??' Why I gavo you flO yeeterday to pay tbat
Wife?"Vo*. I know; but I *pent tbat money Ib
' eh.111.es ' at the ehuroh falr laat nlght. an.l w.t*u't
luiky euaugh to wln anythlng."?[I'hl.adolphla OlL.
To the Editor of The fribune.
Sir: Dr. Gunn lias wrilten a letter ron
rerninif my?elf ^whicb I ouiy reply to beeauao of Its intl
iii.itioii that I have m.ide st.iteinetits not true. ln faet for
whleh I ran not bo hold rosponalblo. I llslike newe
p.i[mr controversy, but it would be iiideoent uot to atata
how far I aui wllllng to ? fli iny respou*lblllty."
Vour rejior'or wua >ulsstaullally rbxbt ln hl* account of
my hurrled lutorvlew with liim on my way to the traio.
The only inutetlal potnta in the Doctur'* letter may bo
briefly auswered. Tbo eaption of the bill reada ? Intro
dueed by Mr. Brenan. reailj twico, and by anaulmooa
oonaent onlered to a thlrd reading aud prluUsl." I under
stand t'jiit plir_sooio)ry to meau?and I have also been
verbally assured of the faet -that .ttie bill was uot re
ferred to comnilttee. If I aui wronj; the reord wlll ahow
it. It la a diaintfeiiuou* evasl 111 by the U?ctor t<> aay tue
bill waa favorably reisirted In tho Heuate, moaulnit tbo
Seuate bill. whloh we did not oppoao beforo lt wa*;re
portcd. We nppoaed thcfAaaombly biU, tUo one now lio
fore the (ioTornor, lu tho Honalo Oommlttoe; The Aiytn
of Muy 15 wUl show.tliat.wbeu 8,mator Tboma* aa| tha*
hlll out of commtttoe, by charniuK the ehaiiinan wiU
improperly withholdlng lt, the majority of the eomuitt
we voted against IU thlrd readlmt, aud that Scuator
Daly, who lutroduood tbe Benato bill, dld uot vot? at all.
It 1* eaally *uaoeptib.e of pnnf that Dr. Guiiu'acoa
iitctloii wlth the blil. thoutfh au 4BM a.s'ret. wm only
avowod by hla couiiael at tho e!o4c of the flr.st heannj
ufUT very aninsiug (joesttoiilug by I)r. Ward. Tb*
Dooior dld not rcpeat t>oforo the Oovenior aud Dr. Mur
ray tbat he aaw fnim the liehavior of tbe Coinitiittoe ol
tlie 4MMMI aud " the look lu Jud,'o Kuaaell'a eye " that
they ha<l made up tb-tr tulnda lu adTBOee t., r.rus,. liU
up; lle.tlon; or that they aitbl they would ue\or granl
liiin a ehai ter exe.pt on uiuiniumaa. ____
As to hla Baarpad fr.inenlaoa, I tbluk I tobl your ro
DortM that he h-wl been ehnrged wlth abuae of tneui.
Hi.wever that m.?y l.e. I wlll now *iy lu )ustlee to hlm
tbal bU BaarpM BkartM w.a tuk.m away ou l4Ml
arounda BfUT the aotl.m had tn-cn begun upon tha
Blina of altldavita eharxing him with wrongfBhy ludor*
In/dtnlotBaa. Mr flrat knowledge of tliedetittl of th.*4
urtldavlt* waa gleaned ?t BM heartng froni Dr. OBttj
own statementa. His ..|.p..i?-uta d.vlded from the otiuel
11 .t to be dlverte.l from tliolr sound le/al otijcs-tlous l.y
th.-false elaaaor of the lioeor'a that ho waa a tuurtyr.
Ihe .-..ute?t not bolnif IrilendiMl to bc unuto on the giouud
nf his paraoB?I eharaoter 1 bad 110 oix-twion t-iexaiuiue
those am.l.vlta untll Monday IimI. aiid then I dld not
make uae nf tb? coidea produc.sl. Hut tho ehanras, tru*
or fals.-, raatbd as hl- agdust (senatar tsiggeahall do. oa
altldavita. Tbo ovidenoo to l*upi>ort theui wa* obllirvted
by a nmn who representeal the DaatM at aibaay la
urRiiikr the pasaatre of thla hlll. anit wbom I had die
obarMd; and t?> hlm. the Deekan trusu-d BMat, 19B>
ferred tba eoiiimtttee for eii.bmoe ln reliuttal of the do
fenco ' ttnre made. That defenee waa au adm!n<d.>u hy
the D.H>ti.r "tliat he had Iraloraed the dlploina* al
eiur.-.-l, with* a deuiai that the iu.lor*ouieutM wera
wroiittful. . ^ ,
If th.- BfcarM bo faise T eaunot understand wliy he etn
pli.ys tn. man who he||??.i to luaketU iinleaa for tho |mip
p.me of NBBOl irnt proof -but there^is bb ne.d to go IbM
the merltsof tha'. tuatter; nsr.di^I propoae ellher t?. 14
alaimad al tho ,th<>u?iit of Dr. (Jaaa ajpataa ?ti aM
dolug *oiuetliiug?for 1 wa>s brouglit up wlth flrearnu
.r to be dr.iwn into further ooutrovoray. I aui. sir y.ntr
, t aarvMt, w. a. PaaBaaeaaa.
.\,ir lor*, Juno 5,1885.
To the Editor of The TriBaa*.
8ik : Vour editorial of this dato in rcgard to
the attmide of bank offlcors wbo aay that uothtng caa
prevent dishone?t teller* fr>m makiug away *itk
iiilllloua of in.i.ey, oonutn* aUteinauta of tkehUtieat
Importance to the coniinunity. You are iinloutitodly
eorn it lu yonr asaertlon tliat it la po*?Hile t-i deriM
.-he,ika by aklok tho wUolo oontenUof abanks vaulU
nhall not be at the tiierey of any toller, and, If I uiistaka
not. tlie Kootch. baOB?l e.ompeleaeh tellur to m:?ke a eoual
.'T.-ry afleriioon of tlie moioy M luud at th.i olo?e nf tha
_at*f aaatMMI tliin ooant Mkaj made In the p-esenea
of thecuihior. The infauilo* of Fish. Euo and otheri
of variou* grade*. too iiiuueroii* t.i niotitlon w.uiid
seem to tndloato a dlaregard of tM opmrnoueat
Maatan BMtBaaaj for aueh erlnie* would Dot ba
i?>?*lbleotherwi?e. Ilut Judultnr from the adniis-loaaof
t.a.ik presi.l.nts they are now-rlea* to prere.nt *och da
faleat ui.-ii- Heotfa. aal tbi* woul.j .eeni to iinplf
eVther lcnoraoee of. or li.dtfferenee to, tlie prluelpie. aud
"oethodf wbloh aboald govem all well minaaal ii.stita
loiis t'.Tl.iinlv lf tlio Kep.li.li.au party eonld h. ...le
, erionn0 s *u.ns eootaJned la tM Uattad Kataa
Tre.sniv for over iweniy ye ira wlthout the poi.l.c isnu
? I ? osertber^brev..ii totheexlent of twoeent. tha
, ataaf the coiuparatively sm.,11 lii*titntt..na bauaV
?^theinoneyoftlieiMililleof New-York cai.i.ot eoak
pi.ln of thaabaraeaf Inoap..itv. wlth aaek a Pfeoadaal
Md ai iinpie, kuowu aud raad of all bbm tkroagboal tue
land. to Kiilde them. A
Tbawholaeountry, ln a eoniuiorotal eeiiae. t*ke? iu
nioialtouefrimthelltyof New-Ycrk. Wlmt ahallha
?,il.l Whao the HitcllimMioelssuma.1 tli^.t Ihe vrterai. ?B?
eMMTI. lued preatdeaU of banka ln tl.U city *ee BO ?*f
of,leTisti.gii.e.ii.*forprevtiiUiig*ucb ?criou* defaic*
Uoua aa M'otfa I
SeieXork, Juno Bj 1??3.
rreai r*t wtm York rabut.
A Dnblin corrertiiondent infor;r.9 ns tbal Mr,
Pantell wlll podublr ?erve in Parilauient after tbe rta
general eleeti.m a* tlie uiomber fiom a boud.iu dMtrtal
ln whieh the Irlab rota predomlBBtea. Mr. Justtu ae
' ,* y wlll probaMy represent tbe Irish dutrte a
Uverpool. iinA dr. T.'P. <:'Co.,i,or la llkely ahMlB
P.rflaraent bv a tilustfow dlslrut. Meai.while Mr. I at*
,c l s buslly e.utaiied'with the (aa.plo Of Ireland BBUBJ
iBg *aodldaka for varlous dlatnet*. Blntar, the Ke*
,maai.nd otbar old moiaMra wijl be candiuate* ln tM
V, th of Iroland Md ln o.h. r dlstneta wbich are coa.
?i,l,.r.,t,|??l,tMI. The dlstneta whieh have M ?"*
wbemTlM or evei. a aafe Nat.onali.t "Ml^ty wlb UM
oandlttataa from tbe new bim wbo must be caih;d i.ita
pai.lie life lu BMseqBMM of H>? mcreased N-''1"0**
,w,r wbich results from the lata aet. exuMlag tM
franoblaaakd aaala-taa raaMBaatattoa to di.tr.ot* la
Ueu of tM rotteii borough ?y"^'"- ., h ....^ Ir,?h ja
lt w.U be eieeedlugly *lgnll1eant if the eil M . ?
Uiudon, Mverpoo! B*ld Ob|f_P?W ahall. n,l,"n"_,?,?"_{
?f tlnie. rtnd the.uselves ?Me h. * w tb. ir br it ;* ra^BO
home tbe streug h ^?K y.'t s. e tl.at thofr
n,Uw.?Wr\" andby f.e.,,.e..t MlnUterlaJ ehauge* ta -
""Jle -e.. rltV pn?vili hVtlie fliianelal.cs.mm.-i. lal aud
!,'!,?nut'leti 1 ? unrVentrea of Englandl H.irely not bee.i.iM
or repr "aViit di-trlcU ln Knglaud or Beotland. rM
eia.ni.l- ba* bee-i givi-n to them by m?ti wbo P>;'^',^~
,,l.et!iei.pre*eutatlve?of Irtab dlstrlcU. whlle they
were kllllng Irlah bualnoa* and *tran?:llutf Irtah liberty
Hevengo 1* swoet. and thero aeema lu 00 aw*cUaa*
galore lu atoio for tho Irish.
Kev.York Lfilerlo Thr Fhiltdelphia L*iH.'r- .. _,
It would iiollwaiirpmluglf Mayor tirace "hoaiataj
celTe tlie Deiiiitrratlu uomaiatloi, for the Ooiernoirs-ui*
l'lietalk at the oluba 1*. that 1're.tdeut Cleielaiid u1 ??r
earaaat tn urglng aaa ?* tbe beat man to carr) l"?^*_J
and l iiri lncllned to tlilnk the talk I* eorre. t. TBe"B
ol.jeotloiiublo to the Tamiiiany faetlon. lt ls I"1""'
the oblaatlon oua Im- oiercome by a judiolou* distrmuu
of Fetkral patronage.
From ThtLmtU'.?? f.^irierVnirnal. -.oipt
The pubtlc career ol Judge Tburiuan ls. '"J^^
ended. and we oun *i?eak of hlm a* an hutorio iJuir**^
from Th* Bupalu Vou-irr. ?ortW
Yewterdav'* Nbw-Yobk Ikimi'mb has i-/'"''^,,^
? eiliuiriai pleadlug for a half Lolt.ay 8?tur.luy ?^ |(|
for tho ratull elarki throiiKiwui the city. l..!'*>%.Mtv1?
good one, hiuI the argumeiit* adduccl by 111?_? ,h ,M
stroBg. It laya dow.i ?uly one coti.liUon b> * ,_?
holiday cau bo obtained, aad theroI* no ?d?"? nt"b ??
THB XHIttUMK Wlll galu U* objeot, lf llil* l''"u,iU ?UJ *
bo brou?;ht aboat, Q thawouwn of Ne?-lw? v.?# :

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