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_ jr-^T ronaeat * deejat.Jj^SffiSbHSS
5urt.ooi.a. ?"nia(?nditloua au- luore iu
E5S ImW ,^-bie'lor t_e SSwSa. clerke to
_H>?7 their halT uoliday._
bf-_*chfs by aaaaaai. a'o_BU_jr _nd jtpgk
A lar-e nnmber of gentlemea and ladioe met
tofh \r."el ?S,e/H.d.okeu. laal -**"???
tbe forn.atlon ot an luduatrl.l Educatlon Aa.ou_t.ou
C_nen_ Oeorge B. McClellan praskled and ^ ?
..Ihavcoftontalked with u.y old jaadlJJJ ,
Btevena about laalraaB-B .yrf__S!_Si^ 2
told me that aaa of Ihe ?r?ate.l d fhru JeiiU
tn mechan.ea.Our eem ^ ^
jeeUve; there la too n^ ^ ^ fee
P^o^met and not al, wonien g. ?;;. oy exercia
fue their aaaam^B^ta. 1 no e^ ^
therefore aeek a Clerleal ur ? rruiedr thla.
tV^A Wg^ ??fia^rtr^fr^l
fouud that leclalatore were very w uiUs i
^_ 1Uy^icwS. i.Koy W^.^^
Thero are f* farmara J ?^V__3-"g*"'hmild be
and werk ou the farin. !-?? ,*rrapr." , ' HB w,.n
t.uRht ti.at, he aea? ??? ?*Jfl"aaaSeaate
on the fann aa anywliore. "J^SfEJatilaB nothlng
Mtlmtled I ao, that il. thla <*<|J"''Jj" L?? ?n(, |? t?ieb
l.a more liuportant than w*^^^JSSSbSoaj. but the
cicuae their cri.uea by aaylin? that tae> ?"u J. ,, t,
the Hicli Schooll" Prnfftimora Kroeh and
ftpeechea were alao nu.de by Profeaegra _i
teaolutiana were pe.aed B9 afgaadBB ?_*?"??*"$
rZ-ational ABBoeiatlon dH|M* g? 'Cu.uVt
C llougiton. 1'rofea^or llciir) ;1'"1 '? .,,,,,,?
_-__T Mr Kunu. Tl.omaa 1. Hatfle.d. ??"?
SSgn a?S? li: L^SrU*^ -?
Sd- JS__^.W&. OMrt wrr. .P.K.."..' > ? ??
irdttee to draft s conatltutlon and bydawa. ????
tulii if the achoola of Botwhaa are wlUtng to m.ikc iua
experlmont of the ayatem. _
There waa no change in Ueueral OranfV c-nditioii
yeatenlar. He wa. atill weak und depreaacd when he
got up B_d waa dreaaed alter a tair nighfe rest aud
eleep. He wae auddeuly awakeued ahortlv beiore day
ligbt bv a vioient paiu u. ba tbroat. 1 he pata con
tiuued ao long tbat l>r. 1)1808* who aaa rfoapia| m
.nadjotnltig rootn. waa eilled. and be pOBBted tM
throat with rocaine, Tbte brougbt relief. and tM lien
?ral aeou went to aleep. Tbe iuvalid alept ao.ne dartag
the dav and ate more tlmn he haa l?.r aeror.il daya U?
apeut in bour or more looking thraagh tbe grool aMeta
3hb Mah for e.rora. TM. Ial.pe.1 him. I ...re haa
bern a naition a.nee tbe 1-ok waa Makad and a
auiaM amoiiut of eiertion tired him grcatl
Ithaa b^n aetlled tbat the lieueral ?i.l l.-arcitM
citv lor Mt MeOregor on June -.1. provided tl.at
S- e, iditiona are l.T..raMe. PteaMb rt 1 ...ter. of be
Ktw-Verk leniral and lludaon Kiver Kailroad liaa
*laced hla apecial ear at iieneral Ora.,1 a diaT?.M,l to.
Caaa Z S Oaaaral aad bla la-aly aa u.. t?p. Ihe
aarvfltMraa to .sa.atoira. wber. u aMagawWM
112'a. r berauaa of ibe road to Mt. MeOregOf bejaa
r-a_ta??aa_araBd. Tbe Oeaaral afllba ..itenJ.-d
ly hb fauiilr and Dr. DMgtaa ?''? **?*?* ''['
T-aaaday. aeal lo Mt Me?r?gor. u> i_*}>e<"t tbe wor*
that B be.i.g deaotopallba l>re^ei cotuge ui n-adi
Beaa for th* recejtiou oi Oeueral Uraut
The ccreniony of BflrraUlag J. Q- A. ^ anVs
etatue of IM I'Ugrim will Uke piaee thla aftiirBOOfl Bl
3 o'clock. Tbe couiadttee of arrausemonta of the New
Bagbad BoaMy. under wboae cura.. iM eaan aea wUl t*
Leld.lnc.udea Btewart L. Woodford. H-race Kuaaell.
Corneliua N. Bllas, Mylea BW Uab, VWIaa A. Wbaeloi V.
Marvelie W. Cooper, Dauiel F. Ai.pleton. Jeetah BL
Tlake. Loi ke W. Wlncheater. falem H. Walea aml I.. 1'.
Hubhard. The roouibera of the ?.ieiety will ine<-t ?t '-::'<'
j>. m. lu the Ckiluuibla BfcaUBg Bsab, .t Mu tlaonave. nnd
1 lftvnliitlmt . and V_l uiaieh ln pru
SSm wub the _alfan_ad bataaUea af th.
Tetrraaa of the 7ta_ ll<-?:iu,r.,t thi.m.i. "??'"I*
to ihe Bev.'iitT-?econd->- eiitrui.ee to Oentral fam,
?Mn tbe atalue la plae?<t Ooiooel LoeM W. ?In^rhee.
K r will ?erve aa ttrand inarahul aml arraa/e tha orJ, r of
the ..rJceaA-.o... The eer.-nony wUl !??.!.,: a.'ter a nra er
tv Aa.i.tai.tlH?boplleury C. I'aller. with the wnK'"3
Of Mra i:o.u-ua'a byuni. " Tha Brtuakine. WaTea Daalied
Bbrk* bV u.e Nei-York Ohorua Metaajraad laa Am
p UkI,,',,! Brooklyn. MM C. MortIrner ? -ke
_!,.. ?Uitue aUl theii be unveih.l bl Mr W u ? n..n: 11
WTforiuiiii- eof th.-7lh Bagluiest nat'd. Duiil.l W., Ap
Se7-_ a ? o orla.n.ted Z pl?B con.uuin.a.e. n lheae
wre.uonifv., will proaeut Ihe at.itua; UlMbalf Of UM n; n
"u^iil caniiahlea to Ibe New-Ki.a and ** ? y Ihe
preaiuent of the ...clety w.a trai.af er^ ? ???*?"? ['>.';
Sew.Yarh and lt will ba received by Ma>or <*ru<e.
f; -orite william Curtla will dellrer th<- oonimeniorative
Smw-a-tf M aonalaalon of ?"hlch the enttre audlonoe,
led bv tho thorua and buiel wi.l fliiK " Amurlca. .
? ?
Feariii/i- Q4D BBJI that If the people who wiah
tD nde lu Bhaap eat.a wouhl ot.ly uotiee the unuthor of
the rehlele ih.y _.t BM tbey would not be awindlod. ln
couTeisaiioi. paeeardap M aui<i i
"Tne New-Yo.k Qab Oaflip ,uy*a vehiclea are MHBhared
lioM o.ofTtr in n Tinr tM naipaai *?? 1,M"" Hi
Bgrfflaa of ariag the nu.uiMara from fi.ooi) la aVOOO, and
thlafaet anould atlord BM pui.'icproteetiou from luipoat
tlon. Thia la an advanUuce. t.K). in aaaa anr v.?i
Uable artlcle U loat io a cab. I have Juat
recelved a letter from an anxioae paa- m*p-r. who
lefta ralnable artlcle lu cV.No. 1,3.0. Of aeaiaa we
hnow nothlng of that. Boaldea tho wrlter aaglBBtad to
put hla DWiif lu hla letter.
"People who hlrecheapeaba," s.ild Mr. Olli further.
? ahould. af ter olawrvlnK IM imiun-r. i^et ln without any
etlpulatlon. The New-York Cab Compaiiy'a culm l,.,v,
the ratea i?-lnted on the lualde and aay peaeaagar ?M
aor them and detennlue tho ili?Une., for h::ua,l.. ir i,e
IiiakeaiuquirieMreKardlni: ih- price. the 8-binan lulghl
nerbapaoonatdei imn unpo?,ii-.l and put on .... tii.a
charA-e. IJ.tleraak no.i.ea i,.,a. ..ul tnen If Ihe drlvot
Bhould alteiiiot touilurepn-miut tho Olatauce, wilte to
tae oonpaai. ...
Mr UUI ?aya there are aome llfieeii " freo laneee ln
tbe city. drrraa by dtlvaca wiiu have baaght their
Laudaoiiis ou uiataliuouU.
Tho Kiclnnonil C'oiinty Kepnliliriin Assoeia
tlon on Sbaaatay ovaedag K?Te ita nrtu trt<- ixtur.-,
, whlch waa dellrered by Mi.hloti (hauce, fonuerly af
Ohlo but now of New-York. on "Tho Iwunocratio Partf
1_ l'olltle_." He nhi.we.l that Ihe l.rm.ai.l u party Iih 1
rot |>aaa*<l a law for Ihe hml iweuty flve, y.-ar* lliat wae
of any benellt to tho couutry ht lurge. whlle It waa al
?wuyhliioi'pi'allon to any _<>.?1 BOaBataaTM Memoeratle
liurty- Jdou of Cirll Hervlce. Be m?iu. imana "to the
Vlctor.a beleng the apoila" uii.t pul the Itel^l l.rltrailler ln
tbe pla?-?-ot Ihu L'ulou ai.l.ller every time you < .?u. He
alao il.-iical aur one to polnt <>ut auy lead. r of tbe IMmo
craUc partj that wouhl oonipare with IJncoln, (irunt,
(iiutiehlaiiu U.aiuo. -udauid tnal the loyal aoi.liera of
th. Bortb ?..uld not atand br and see the inrii thal trled
to l.r.ak up tbe I'nloii eoun in ao aoon aftrr th. y Were
Oefe..te,l. I?it would caai their rulei at the potU a~?ri
tlma loi lh.,ae w ho fuught to aare the <ountry i.n.l put It
lileherli. altnaiicinl vmw than ?nv other natlon on tha
anrih. Tne n.eotln_ cloaed wllh three ch.^i -, t,i
the Kepui.i'(-.ui noinliii-ea of laal Novembor aud three
Uiort lo: ll?e apeaker.
On the BpfUg-Ctoa cf A. J. Dittenhoefer.
JuaUoe Barrott ru the Suiaremc Court hae granud au
IHJuuiUou to roatraiu Jullua F. Valole and Henry S.
jlewitt frou. pahBahtag ?."t aelllng tM aong "lt i? Bag
llah. You Know." iilnutiy auiu'hy Heury fc. Dtaey, the
^t_?n/? of ihe lnjou Oiwia Ileuao.
Jle^'inintiK' on Monil.iy, the ice-cheot throagh
?_Kh Ihe alr la pumi^xl before enterlna: the uuilitoiiuui
at Wnllaek'B ThtatlT. will bo illlcU daily with two tona
of Ue. i.y Maaaa ot whieh tne uiftnaeenieut ure eonfldant
Of belng al.le to keep the IMatra entirely SOt-fOttaMe
oren Uuru.< tne hotteat atghai ..t aavaaar, tbua aaabllng
tlieuiidler.ee io wllueava " Tae Hlack Huahar'' Wllbout
foeltna any of tbatdtaeotafort whlch uauaily laconr,,. i- 1
Wlth theatrlcal perfori_ance?durlli*; Ihc. auuinai UloUtba.
Tbe (Jeiiiiau theuitiicil und operetta eonV
pany, whlch. uniler the inauaiceineut of Uuatav AintHig.
coualuiled a aitcavaaful aeuaoii ut IM-MBa Theatte two
weeka?g<>, Btaried laal nlghl fo. Chieavo to tiil a tour
Waeka' euK??fel?eut at the Ixbloltlon Buililli.t-. 'Ure
Cliipany e,iibl'aoeaaore.iil)-ll?e poraOtM aud t ?*.<li
r.ary aud twoaleeplui; nwlira aro oocupled by tbciu on
tM Bi te road. _
A Laroe UT&nAMOB rot.fcT.
On tbe ICth of \mt May Noriiian B. Efarwoad,
?fOiiu.mil, Kla., waa Utrowt. from .hla Maaa aml dled
f rara ooacua-on of the bratn. Yoatertay the gg iltai.le
J?fo Asaurancr 8octety pal.l liU wldo* dlUO.ooo, tbe
aiaouul af t_e policy on bla llfe.
Josepb 1\ Hyan, pre-i-ad at tbe Bieetin? of
the Muurcipai Couucll of tbo Iriah NaUoual Lomkuc, lu
tbe court room at Twenty-aeeoud-ai. aud Heveuih-ave.,
laat nixht. lt waa uecidaxl lo iiul.i a publlt uu eli:.? aoou
at wbicb lliahop Karreli, of Irenioa, la to delivcr ihe
addreaa, th., pioooede will bo daroud to tbe support of
IM Inab SaUouaUat laadera lu i'_i liauucuu
tioxs. msToRY. ritornF.rr, OBfl am> a daxck.
Tbe epaciou* Lbrary hull of Colarobia Coliege waa
gay with sprini? BMBB4B9 aud pretty taoes yealerdny
afternoon and tbe voluinc* that bued the wulls etl.o.il
tbe graces ol rhetoric nnd eloquence wlucli BW?wi from
the lips of a numbcr of yoiinp orator*. The portrait*
ol Colunsbia a lllustriou* dead b.oked down baaJfl l.T
upon the accne. and the prijtia_ts and baphha capt urc.l
By Cobiinbia'a eons iu niiint a hard-foucht 1:> Id. r
inii.ded tbe 1WBBJ gruduates of the gloiio.i* past It
was Cla? Day at DilaailM The law af the aaO was
crowde.1 with MihajlMl and their friciida. the gallery
was til'.ed wttl ladiea, and a baud stalione.l iu m?
corner aupplcmentod the loaat ol rcason with au oe
cai-ionai flow ol tniisic.
Tho c\ereise? were aniiouncert to bejin at 9 o'clock.
Just before tl.at BM BM n.m MM poniing *BWB. bat
neverthele** tbe people bBBMBMBBb to arrive. At tM
wcatend of the hull wa* a plutfoim for the spe.ikei4
_ud dircctlv in lroul of lt I4BM were reserved lor sixty
od.i lncmtar* ol the graiiiintiiiK < lav*?. Above IM piat
iortn. one ol the series ui high nairow wii.dow*. BJBlen
light the hall, waa eovered witR a l.euvy i-urtau. ; BM
tSaeawka fid aad bmbw. waariarad wfcal waa ?
reaeon lor excJudmg the light in tbat iiianner. I M
ob -.-< t wa* apj.areiit later. A little altor 8 tbe baii.i
BtroM up B ruibeking MlMgB marcli. and to thla acc.nv
p__jaaBt tbaaUaaoT-Wwalkad ln ?.4mm 4ttt4 tiite
the liall and took tbe plaous reeerved tor theiu. 1 ne
roll waa aaUad, and as MM MMM BMfB raad M ron e
BMBWBd "ffara* Alter a pauao in whieh a ai.ent
tnl.iito wa* paid t? tlioif wlo ha.1 li.ll.-n ky tM way,
linable t.. bc.ir the Irunlen Bl cxHlilinii'.m'is. tba
tarv would t.ri.eee.l M IM BBXl nanie A:ter r.li '?:.!. .1.
\V "French, the cbairuian pf tM UlaM !>?> < ? '
made a short ad.ircs. in whiel. ba apj.roprint.ly wel
comedall the naaaa. an< laU the la.be* tliat su.ee a
tl.ii.gol bMOtytl a jo.v forcv.-r. tlieir pn-sence would
(0 lar to aileriate tl.e natunil MflMM t_H bv IB4 4BM1
oV'88 a* tbev aeaemblod tor tbe Inet tirae witlan the
walUoi < oinn.l.ia. ibe BMBM oppri elatad thl* .
lul c mipliuicnl aud olappod tb.-if !iawU ?g .r-.u-Iv.
Mr rr.nch ji.n.ted to the ]>ortraiU> ol delunot MMl
dents ol the imuitutum. urged his cl-issm.Ua to.u..?
..?..,,itatiot. from their noblt Itrea, and e .neludea by et
hortmg ibe oratora aho were t<. tnllow hua m ta ?...>
oiuni ou tbis oeension or .-vcr alt.-i to kMpsilaal -
a reeommeiidatiotiwln.il tl..\v a'.l iiet.d iip"B. Mr.
Fraueb kMh bis seat. IM Imnd pnyM 9er t
llllaillM Bnil then OfMl Sijuires w_s caoed upou to
pronouace tba DMMorial aratMB, _ . .
M. Soiiireacxpl.iiiied tin.t theclasa.ol s.. l.ad ii ile.p
Bfleotlon lor tbefi alma Kalar, Md tkal Iharj bad b.*u
cii-ting ab.-ut ui their iiiiiel- t.' BWd BtrtM apPTtijinata
wai 5 wfcMk tnev cul.t bItb aabsMBttaJ 'M'"*.";"1 '?
th.it BttartiM. At ia-t ii-.y aaatbitapMlk?ildeao
dofBfl MMMtklncta baantofy tM lifcrarr aad tbey iiau
deciaed i<> raplaoe one .1 tM artadowa <?! piata paand
tlass wlneh were eertuitilv not Ifl U.-ejiuijf with tk4
aVrkitaotore ol tbe haU. bv a win.Iow of stuined g aes
aineh sheiild erct kfe|. altve tliemeinorv ot tl.
,???..-> Ibe BtaMaaM Mr. Baakraa, weaJd Bartalnij
?iave lHai-n c'ad to pilt 9tataM <1 K.'ass m tll BM windowa.
but then wiial w-nld l.ave DCM Btfl IM BtMr dlaaBM lo
dol t?i, th. whoie. it se.-mc.i belM tli.it tb*j UlOUld
tampeytheii ardorwltb MaaaratMB ?nd iMTt lei ImIi
cueivs-.r* tbe eompletion ot tlie aeries. Ihe eurtairi
tbM Wl ironi th- window wleeh bad l--en drapnd. and |
-.1 ? stnined win.Iow. t.eh BJ eol-.i m d u';...!..
ii. .I.sign. Il re|.reaent.d tlie ligure oi PaipbtMlea. WM
iu the llowing tir. (-.ii: gurb. A LMMMM Wlt* 4
temple laraw tlie BaubgraMd tf Iba Bfnra. A rteh
olivi- ?.mt nrrdfimrnalTi I ba M*aUia| -?' Iba arindoa
,1 tor loi.l and proloiig. u rli.-.rs, iindir
oararof wkick'Mi Bejairaa ^at down. aad >'<?
llarriard m iMMd tlir platlorni t? areer t the gil'
n.nieolthe aoUaga an.l fbank tba givei*. 11. U
t!.,.t tka .l.-ii. ao Ib* |._. t d tbe BTaduatea a.d nndai
graduatee to mak* preaenu t-- the eolleaa aaa a,??_*?
bla ? ue. ni.! M :je.i tl.e awmben of the rradi
elaai le re;n. ii.i.er tl.at ic tlie future tl ilu v siio'.'i erei
_ opportaoity to do aoiiMtbtag nw ColBjajkia,
their gifl* would_l.? grar.ti.'.lv h'..'|i'.?-.1 however ln
ci":.ificant tbey aMfkl ba, Thtt itatenMnl ?
rreatly fb reaaaara tka BMtoraaad tkayearal
fogt ena>M |?r the praataaM ?ub *ueh rtfOJ t.: .t, *r-uie
of the ladi.M Wai* stailled.
Tka ajMO club were u*it called M ta 4*aJC ? M?9.
wV.n-h thev dtd. ai.d batai BM Brad, t!.-v aai k BBOtMr.
Tba aiidie-ire Bpplaasdad rtgoreaaly. bal the ?
could n..t l.e ladBOtd tO BPfJMT tor tbe thir.l tin.e *?..
r ll M.t.e- wa- eaUed u IM platforai aad read ta<
cla-s iu.V-iv whieh be had atitten Tka raw '?""
rararead oaaion Uatraed ?itb gr.at elee la IM Baconnl
,,f thett roothlal rrollca btra wb-u fiaahaMa, IMj
ha4"raaoed' tM *opaoanoTaa, aad m aoaatl
enaions '.Inanted ln the tac- of tlisir toes " baBMN
o| buge diui. -n-ioo*. Dne would alue-t ba? < -ti
tkaayoaafl Bgata, tojadfaky tM daiigbt wltl
thei laaeaed to theii hlatanr. Tbara wew alMtaleaol
\iet-.rie? OB raee 00 ITBO* BOd Ib IM ll -. ol Biamll
ol ut.hear.) oi Mvatity, and a ma<- ol - ?' ? i al i:i
lormati. n ahaail tb. i h.ss. Kr..m Mr, Bfape* - n
appaara tbat ihe BMraca agaal tM da-? I* t?.r.
raara, thraa month* atid ais days. tfcut the "ider man u
a little "Mr tweoty-fonr a-.d tbe yooorest rtfUUeu
Tlie imlitMaaal tha claea I* aomewhat cmv..
tnan calla hiri.M-ll a.letle e<man |lei...K-rali loor ?r. ...
depeodeuta, aU elaito ta ba ladepi ndi nt Repub
tMrt.-en traakly as/awthat thaj ara DaaMerata. Md
tw.ntv one are Republicaiis. There la a d.-.I B
tioc in tbe c\.i*> towi.rd tbe lefBl pro i
ii.ite.r, BMaaUri kara it/ralBad lhaii tolMtioa oi
atndytaB la<%, wkile othat thlrtaea Mra boI -li" id
? protaaatoa I bt* kaanppaaad la bmm tha- tfcej latend
toderoMtkaao bItmM gaatla.aualyaaa aat money.
n.ikii'pnrs.iits. TMI TaiBCBl i- tb-taT-.r.te .1 .,h
papet Kitte.-i, awataadlt. wklM abMM raaa' ihe
1 ii'nfs ? and ttn " Tbe llerald." .
A II KajM .1. !i\erei| tln- |ir.-eiil.itt-ii "ratioti. nn-l
tha alaa* iMgbad beartllrM IM (aJUaaa al lhali
Irleodi ??. rc loaabad apM by tba ..rut..r. Uadly Mtwa
and il!ustr..ted by his praaeota,
II II Whitinar, wa* the propbet, and pradMtad ? t
manner ol ren,..rkal.le lutur.-a lor tl e aBMBMtB ol tka
claas Finally the class ode. wrilten l.y A. A. IkjBl
wick. ir.. was' siing. and llie BIMUBII BM ov-r. I M
ti...,r ?;.- ihen ei. are.i t.,r aaaataft wWah .made all the
dead prcfcideuU ou the wulls ?tare,
aoaaaa ><> 901 dow*
C, C. r.eainati, tlie eounsel of tbe opposit'h.ii
to the liroudway H.nfiKsi BaUMad Oonpaiij. M i.ll.-r
Jncol BBMff wlthasliarpstlnk. Mr. BaaBMM MTB|kal
Mr Bkatf is aad BaUlag]dewa BMktadaf araBIa
Braadway .win.-h M preaVhiad aaaaraaU on rakraary
11. 1HV>. .befoio |M BaataMBt foiiinilssloiiers. Mt.
Ilcauian waa then Mk|BBllag Mr. Mnarp lo I
examlnatlou The report of the piocecdlug* ahow* tbo
followliiK tostlinony:
O ?Is thero to be any diilUulty above grounai A.
V.e (-M'-et iBpUl II. aiiro.ned lall (Iil)- r. nt fi on Hin
tliiiiKlaul beretolore. dillnr.-i.l liom aliytlill.g BBBi U. li.l
I li -Cau yon brlng ii* a saniple rt? the rsll i.m i-r
to nsel A.-N'i, sir, leuiiii.t. TM rotla ure yet ta M
n,...le lo m.iUo IU Iho rolb.aroa voiy expiaisue part
' o -Cai. yi.i ^bow us a sectlon by dlagramjl A. -Ye?.
[Mr. Rbarp tMa draa a aeotlofl <>f a raetaagahtr ratl.witb
a groove aaa tfctrd of ibe rtbaTaawi fraaa oaaeslgo. In
wi.kb tne Baageoi tMwbaal aroaMraa TMpavlBg
sl,.i,es e.,n l.e BOl el?~o Jik'..H.-l HlH IMll. If.Hll.- :.'.
>.-r....\e, a* wltl. the T rai! or the cotriuimi atrei-t ti.il, in
aineh tha wlieols of veolel-s m.iy run. )
Q. - Is thia ..ii MpatiMMtl A.?Oh, Iio. Ainte.'ly
who ki.ows anythlng aiMi.ii a railroad would not km> no;
II U not an e? jm i nneiit at all.
y. - why bawa yaaaaat put lt aa other trackal A.?
i>. iinse it wa* n..t neaaaaary,
i^. why is it aaeaaaary tn BMadwaryl A-idon't
kuow lhat it ls reahy neec-aanry. except we are hoaad 10
put tbe very bset tlilin: iturc-that will make tbe least
anlectlnn looti.er rahlelM
Q. Aud you thli.kjthat ls le.s* objertloiialile iban any
othert A. -v.-s. Meaoae they aaa par* rtckl ap aa ih,iu
e.U-ea of It Itnd make IM pavetnetit |M-rfes;tly level, ao M
I.. atake tt i.nisia.it,> (oi mi; ibing t? ejal into that n.ii t?
liit.-.rfom with lr;..el. It c.niiot Interfire ulth any
i.tli.T vehi. lo BTli.it ts Ihe n iison we j roposi io put lt
Ihero, iMM-aiisa we ugreisl to coiistruct tl.e rimd BOOOrdtng
lo the aaa* and limat Improved pli.l. We w ui .lo Juat
wbat I lell you bere ii'.w, whelher lt U Ir. the BgIMM nt
..r not.
" Thi?," aald Mr. Pcamaii." wa* Mr. Pharp's testlinony.
The. rull tbe compauy ls now puttlng down and haa
laid froin l jurt.s-uth-st. to Trlnlty fhurrb la tbo ..Mi
i.arv Btreet-ear rall, tbo ftangea of whleh make lt nece?
-..I) thatga groovo l>boUld exlat between llu* rall ai.d BM
u.i....BBBl pi.vlng atonea. Tbls gBMM I* worn larger
ulid BBTgM by v. li.clos and tho roiigliuen* of tbe alre.t U
BB inuili lncresMsl. It la ln dirocl contmdlctlon to Mi.
tsharp's teallmony."
Mr. lieamari *ald that tbe only way of brlngltig Mr.
Mn.rp t<. tenus would Ue thr .ugu the uctlnn of tbo Cor
poii.tiou Coinisel.
. Coutraetor Wbarton declared that BM grooved rall
eould l>e uaed uo further north tnnii Flortda ln Ihl*
ooniitry a* water would BBttlB tu tbe irr.x.ve mi fr.-. /
Hua bad raiiMttl Ihe lalluit- ol thU kiud of ral. iu lioslou
aud Pblladi li
Mr. Bkarp shi.1 laat Bvrmng: "Mr. Wbarton lm* had n
largc exporleuoe aud I shouid plaoe great wcUht upon
vi b a be aaya. lu my BMttMaay t lataoded t.. aoorei tbe
i.tea laal we 9Boaht bmatba MitpotMkM rau. lf Mr.
BeafflM wiil ?alt. he ?*!!! see the griaivc* rall djwi, v.t.
Il.it tmie l* rei|iitl*dt.iget tl.e roll* for lhat We ahall
l.robably have to gel thul klnu of rall Ironi lurope.
Tbara ?:,sa oonataat biockade in iiroadwa.i yaaterday
nt Bnd te-iov* loitormt. rkaaowa-towa traa*faaaMd
u.-.-to! st.. ni.d wili probaoly ta compleiwl to-day.
1 Le up BM n track got aa far a* Le?uurd-al
Theofflwmof the Manliattau t>99BBBJBy Baah
\esterday had no tidltigs of thelr abscoiidlng p
teli.i, who left tho elty on Monday by the MMtTMli I
|iies? ttaln from the lirand Outral depot Tli.rew.is
a n.inorin Wali Street tbat Mr4. Hoott bad (tarted. pre
numably to join her husbaii.l, Oot I'reaident llu)* aald
that be dld not know wheth*r the roport wa* tnio or
Hpeuklng of the dofalcation. a *tock *pe.ula!or wboae
faeo 1* well itnowu tn N.w *U, remark?sl : " Two or
three Hauduiaagd I mcl laBB) at tbo Wlndsor llutal,
aiiU attcr a niornlug ' broacr ' v,o waikadUowu tho ava- ,
nue tmretlier. He apoke about .focka and my talk waa
rathet-beai'iah. Homethinv that 1 aald about the banU
hoordlng gald aeeaiad to exetta him and he left. u.
ni.ruptlv. When I he.ir.1 of bm defBleatloa I recalled
ouronly mretloe. I think he tnuat hare been coutcui
putlnn Ugbl at thut time,"
Ui:.., kmi ii.'.n'.. .lunar,.-The niwirt that Motfc tM
Malihatiau llnuk d.ianllcr. la ln Itrockvllle ia Ui.-orieci.
M,,MKKAi...iune:, tgpBBab. Pa_wM?_i bi.tbfa.pMi
?CtM eoaatry aro l.tia.ly eii_aired lookine for ??'-;
One detaetrre aaaerta tbat M haa nrnved In aoatraai
and tbat be hfln towa n ba eoeM oaly bo vru*A xaa
varloim reaorta la 'he elty ure i..-iti*cIo?ely wulcbed uuu
II M la h- re he wlli tind it hard to eacape.
JSJtK! XJ A T a .18 VUNS t M I BA
The (.as Consunier-a' Awtociation lield a r.uet
lag laal aiaalag at Dsfaaoalee'ote aet oi. ti.e report
"illuatratint; the eomipt uietho !a !>y whlon lr_l?:,ttl.>n,
irhkfe Boahl baMglapBiMeaiaoMof geer-Yort gaa at
,i fafa prlea, Maaatty aaaaaafad, ?.. reeaaflty bi taahat^
AmonelhoaepreacQt wera John II. Blierwood, RoMTf,
M WlBbalgh U. I.. linril-o... P. H Thurher, tieiicral
lle.,r, 1. intnalne. lleury W. Itecrs. C F. DBBBlag, C.
K. ri.'ily W. T. Viin/aiult. A. A. Wyland, E. Lambert.
Dr. V. Baagaa. B. B. gheeaaa, Fmnis. Qardaar, and
l.r. K. A. i.ui.n Maratary Oardnor road the report,
wlitch waaiwhtreaael 18 the cltl/.ena of the Htate, and i I
a_ailedwTM Blatery of a Ueiaiativ.- Hnume." The
coverhaaa ioaj moumlng border. The lollowing la
the Inlroducltou :
'nie faeta here aet forth requlre llttle eommenf Wd
li lezplaaaUoB. IMj areMat praarntadlattajraraa
and teettmoay of oye altaeaaaa, bj poblle rooordaaad
lu uueou.nt aptniooaal aa laapartlal preaa. J??fT
cital cou.tltnti. aa arriii.umei.l of ? ucli eraablng
?? ,-? :i,. r.eler tbe foaelaaloa Uuat
IboM whopUonod ih-infimy, ia- well a. their ?rrii'
Inatroawnta, are unworthy ot the reapeel and eataaa or
decent eiuaene. The abaaea f,.r whleb a,;?? m.dy waa
.. | ii -,,. amnlattre and fl_j?rant. Tbowroureaa
hecame the duty ..: .Very Inetnher of tlie I?_i?l.At u,. ?
iiuw thla daty waa anda aabaorrlonl ,10,""'/'**'_
a und the ix.puiar will waa inaulted and aet al
: :? :.;; witboul maUoeoreiagaara.
tiouT Ifter a knowtedge <?f tM faeta nerc narraiaa,
who will uotragardtbc pantahawal of tha aataon ?'">
Inatrument. ?.! mrb aa oatraga aa a paraoaal uu.i . ?
,?.;,, < i-t no rullty man ea,.<|M'. i
, ? pab.ir eondemn.tlon ihoald in. aet ..|.
..... ,:.,,- ...nve wMbalped to llx aucb a
ui,,n |~>H ilai A'oveiim eat aud aaladaUMadlagraea apoa
thr Laatalatare al l-?>.?.
The laporl laan i xpa lalvoone. cov.rtng near'y furtv
prJatedpaaaa li rivoi the detaii. of IM pra?
ta uf thn Braata favaallgattag OuBnaWaa. what
vaadlaoaTeTad bj it aa i,, tM eaatlattaattaa of the eoaa.
,,,,.. and thr wafrlna ol at,.,k ai varloua ll_iea,anti
extracu from Thi IieuiNa and othei naperawu
laroatlntlon waa iu proirroa.. Tne rep..n of th. -
iii.iuiiiee, and tb, blli lntrodnood tolimtl tne prie
. ,,, roi n . i.cllon ncxi .Miveuuer.
w'i.eti tMreadlag waaflulahed tbe foiiowlng reaolu
tloaa wera paaaad nnanlaloaalr i
U-i'ilrrd. That the COmlUB. inveatii;atton of ttie con
anlldatton of tha varfoai aai aampanlai and '?'"",r,,r'v>'
uoua to ihi i be thoi >ugb ao . .'."<?; .
pointa whieh the prarla m ooii xiti ?? ol ?
. ,i want <.t 11 me, *?> unablt t
ff,?,/r..f II.al the cltl/.:.? of thla Mate OWB It M
theu.-eivra and la IM aaaaa of good go?/or_|neBt to ani
ii. .ii aeal of dlaapororal upoa tb. di%| ethooa
by whleb legiaiadon lo regulate gaa oompaoiea ?.?a >ie
f.ate.i in ibe uat Lagislaturt. ihai reproai niatlree waa
:r.,\,- tbi i. Intereat arr uawortbi ol tM
rcueei aad eaie, n. ol iholr tellaw etttoaaa, a..d ahould
n t agaln u? aauraaB ,i w Ith any aanaa oi baaai aa praBl
? gcaofacd Tbat ?antaiiiB-tloa t-> aaaara m* rlgbtae|
" i- eonaninera Bhould I ' ''?? reanrd ol
, ,.r\ u -n.i ib ,
und 'tluit no foi ibe l ??. i ild ',?
i ?b.> Wlil I.Ot anpporl le_.alulu.il lliuitiim '..<?
char_e. ,,r a->. oo_.panloa lo a reaaoaabli return ?n tna
eiii'ai aetnally Invcate- tbereia, aml provtdlag or ta.
,.it) an i bouaat n_? m ira <>f thr h-aa .upplled
/.,?.,,../, Thal f"' thepurpoae of thiia aoeui ?
rlghu of a-m" ooaaamora afund <f HS.OOOai
. aud tiile work puaol farabard anrapld.y a?p???
Ut Thiiihar aa_ abal aaMeHpttoa Matta aaald ba
.|y ?:,,| I,. bO cl tM! th. ? WOOld he ct, . ,'..1
il,,,. who ...-,r. ,1 to i.t-'.p lorward thla more
,... ,,| li \...- ;, ;,,..:..?, ,1 tiiat it pl iu i.ad l.e. i. auhmltt ?!
r'ot tbe l.mpectlon ot incter- aud ' '."'
uajnal ,1-u.aiel- ou tl.ep.ntof gM
Oeueral Treaaala. --ave at aaaaa laagth IM warb daaa
al Ait.a-v la the I aa of the aaaootatbm dar
Iha' ti.e a-h.'iou. He aald that tbe queaUon before tbeoj
wa? " aMIl i :i'. ate mmu inle. be allow. I to t.n Um
iimiiitv f,,r ? aeeaaaary artlele wtthout raatrictloua of
any kindl" What -a^ atlaaiptad to i" dom
unmuulty biv i ' ?
iue oompeuio. to |..y .lui.leii.la..n a r-l--.o?: I. '
rauttiM.i ol ?".-lo.O'.i..<>?. ' TbeaMo.latlob, tbr,
,-,.,,,.. *. ui.,i boaltanradtagaBnaIMeaaru
and realat tblaontrareoa.deaiaad.
,1 i.',,,i |M charire ba I
liia-h- IMI the M<woci.i!i..t, w.u? ei?|.-.n,,r1n. to ruln t :,<?
,,r.,ierl) of ?l,h.?. ?,?1.Ul i.a- Iti.a.l tlie 1, .'
Ibe prlu. Ipal aloobhold. i? '.f Iba % irtoo. a .- oooi(
|t WOlUd bo a' naii If tli.ae were r. ..I ln ?l IM] WBH
phana fM,ui> ot tlie iiiejuOera faii.ro,l luax
, BL Boiafotd aaM that hla eiperVne*, ?t Albany hart
e.iiv.icl l.lm thal..ty waa OM iy IM raprwaeata
, , , || ,? ..tlip.llll, ? f>_B .I.etl.'.'T w ,
I, ,,, ^ || - i.. 'I. .n.l.t l.e li.. ii.-n.l - I
,.,, ? in i ii.e.. t >la blm :t e.*l hiu. r. i
... t il,,'..! and be pro|.d tngal i
I ,en proinlaed U> aia .,a In f .?.f la.
- 1,111, and I... ill,l?f,.r.i prepared a llttle
???eei n f,,r tbe membar to dalln i He 'i"i aot dt lirei it
I ut at Ib. erill- .1 inoiie nt roted Mainal tbe b .!. I bal
member ? ,- MeOoMrtek >.f IM JtVtb ?tMatrlet of tbw
elll l.e.ir.i i < I thal ' ' - ' ' ' n.e,.I" r te
(, ir.-i t.. bj J?!r Boufotd aaa l-waihtyaa Breaaaa
of thla e'.lv . . , .
raon M hv, araatad a oommltteo appalntM ta
. , ?f .t',, I ..-li i.t Alt-rney to th.au
Afier dlMaaalnn It waa re-,,ire.i lo make ?he lUtot
?t,K.?,, ,ii,pi< Ui a-a i-.a?l .),. aad tl.eu lurulah
;i toi p iblb atlan.
fnr ttii'.'.'iii'ii t> mr. tnineva.,
Cbicai.lune'. Edward Raalaa anheil
here thi- ?wratag aa hla *?> from Aaatralla la hti baoM
laToroeta,aftai laabaaaeaat aagbaaaa ?oalM
Haalaa, who bad Maa aaaBaoaad by lalagrapb ta Jota
borbai aad Mra, wae i.uaiiy eagaaaf in ataaihilag a
piie of aaatly paaaaata a.-ni ner hr -Waada m baalraBa,
" Auatrall.ila the preat BpUlBBg cutitty ?f |M aarld,"
wMMr. ii.miati. "Mat aaly aoaatla ap,.rt-. Ml IM
luif aiidtl.-l.l hare thouaainla of t-nti.u?laalle v.
Thoy MaorlMaar aad taMgreel ptMeta Ibali abaav
ploa,WBMaiBeaeh,byarhaaa 1 ?..a laiea baetaa Al
,?ii tir-t raaa aa tM Pawatla Brrat IMra,?rara 1.
? p. i laten aud al IM laatah NU \BOfiWt\ fM battlM w'i?,,
aonetfe Bg woaderf i lo aea At kaet BSOO.OOO aaa taal
on the laal i n.e l waa tM faTorlte tn botb raOB* Tlda
(aet waa oWIBg ln a graal iiie.iaure 10 my baTlag ln trlala
iM'.iteu l:. ... li'a u. a! ii oordl ov.r hla f,.v,,r!t< ,.?-?
Ihe ralanuitl ' Blver I ?..? a favorile wllh Ihe Alueil
can. there, and n,e\ i,.-t Ubarally aod pald wltb
graea I bad hard laob la botb ti my r.i.-ea w;ti. rk >< a,
whlle lui goed laeh wua aom. IIiIiia' ph<?uoinenal Ile
would wintiie cu|.itai jm/.e iu u lotlarj ararytlma, I
think. ln hla bve gfjal inatcbea he haa woii t.."
chole.i of iM.ata and wui. r. He m
ii I, a, kamilh hy Irade und welitha 'J.mi poanda uiul la
rerj ?aaeolar. We linve f,i?tern,.li than he ln Au
li. ,,i li oonld not iow ou atill water la loofl than aia
lllllilltee, whlle we have meu ? ho eouid <1? It ln llve uiul
abalf. i think i can boalBaaah,aad will go hachaad
row 1,1m agala, if uiy frleadi I beia daatra bm lo do ao, at
M.lne fntuie tluie. 1 wante.I lilm to , nuie to 11,1a OOUntry,
i,ut he poatuvety refaaod. Thoy r?w atratcbt away
tlnie uiih un ttirna, and hla frlemla fcai If BB
eaai. bere be would loae hia raeord. 1 ?t,u.,i nol attompt
lo takt away aay of Baacb'e I.m. He aaa tna racaa
tairiv aaoogh, Mt l aa aaaadeBt that i ean beal bna,
ln,.eludlug the ebat Haalaa aald i "l aaa Teomer,
of McKeeoport, won a good uuniy rncea lnat auinu.er.
au,| II,at l.e wuiita lo row me. I will i{l?e hiu, " r.'.ee ,lur
In. tl,e anininer.lf hedealr.-. It. I will row uiiybudy *Uu
a good neoid, uiul aaa ala aya ba f .and."
Haalaa, aftei renialalng la i.'I.ic_ko a few daya, WUl k'"
to Torouto to pel lato coii.illlon.
Thaaaaaof Hogk MeCaba, abo wjia trieil in
th.- glagaOooaty OooiieCgeealaaaea IMahargaof a*
aaulti.iA' Dainella Maiwell, g d.-af nnd partialiV IBjab
ifiii, waatiieii to ii..- lary yaalerday aflornaoB. Tim
d.feuo atlaobod the trlrl'a chiiiueter. Dr. OraaaMrger
ol tlie a. li,,.,| f.,i ileaf iiiiile." whleb ahe alleuded, |e-ll
ii. .i taal ib. aaa anwnrthi ?.f beliof i ahe wuaiiiamiaae.i
iroli, the achool l.f eauae wl.lle he MlppOOOd ahe waa al
home Tur t.-i, dal a ahe wua Ul a dlarepulal.le houae, and
haaapai "t ihe. f_la.-ba.Mia ahe toid Ui order togei ?
from ihe achool. The gtrl'B Danday-aehool laaaher, Miaa
M..i??. L Cooh, Of IM l'ackal lualltup-. lealltlcl tbat aM
bad B good charncler for truth and vlrlue. Tbe lury re
Urad ai :i :to. At a late hour lu tho evctdx.g ibey had
not agreod.
FOMtJMMl OAVBMJt Jir wast.
rini.ADKi.riiiA, June r> (sptclttl). ? Edward
A. Arthur, at ono tiiui. cmploied ln a New-York bat.k,
tnmanalgaedtodogla IM Oaarlal tiuarwr ?aaaleaa
on aiilndictmeiitof Um couiiu. chaiKh.K foufery. Ha
aleeaad ptMay aa aaab, ile ha<i pjr>M baaaa abeeMle
i?i\ for \urloua artlelea wliich he had lauighl. I'?
ple?di d that he waa out of w,,rk and that l.e haal a wlie
uiul alck ciilld and tbat be waa forood 10 <I? ?* h? dld.
He ,,,,.,:,..; tneeourt tbal b. woaM pnvately (t^" 'be
name uf pgnaaM who would n.hauiitiuui hla alale"" "I
iu,,1 >n, aa uf hi? pr, v;,,u? go.,H characUr. oeiiten'.e
waa theieupon defern d.
> ?
Titi 8VH.I.K, 1'enn., Juno .r> (Spccial).?Tlio
dulueaaof tho oll 'rade waa btoket, thla af! riuan, by
uewa tbat the Mutu.t gOM well at Kinaworih. u.ar
Pittahurg, waa flowt'ig. Aa a nmtter of fact the well
made ateieharrel lloar and ?eaaed. Binoe tben lt baa
u,,l prodiicod a gallon.
Tkenti.n, Jiiiip. B (SprcUd).? l>r. Charlea C.
Urowo, tri-al In Ihe ("ouiily Court here for prectlalii*
aiedKlne lllegally, waa cinrlcted to-day. lt waa ahown
ln tbe trial ihut he dld not jtraduate from any enlloge and
tbat Un Ulploiua, purporUug to Uaro bouu ImuoU by Uib
rtil'artelphU Colleee of Medlclne ln lSod, wa* an lrreg
ular ono aad tliat ?>ti<e of the signutiires on It were
forired. Hr.o-. n has had a lar^-e practic.e and 1* llkert by
the ii.ople. The Inllctaieui against. him wa* procurod
by the Mereer Modlcal BaaM v.
CA MF A S1) QUA U T Eli-1> ECK.
Wbbi P.iint, June 15.? There woro niore ar
rtrala to-aay than uaiial, but looklng ovor IM Bat af
mttnea on the hotel rc-l-uer ouo fulls to ilnd " V. H. A."
written afterany of them. Five days have comn and
gonesinee rhe oxamtnations beran. and not even B
BwBjaatat) to say nothtng of a Major-Uenerab ha* ar
rlrad, aud BM onlysalute yet flred was la honor
of tho Iloard of Visitors. The WMtMB M4 been di*
agraeablc to-day. the atmo?phere murky. and nt Intcr
raU> la tne afternoon heary clouda came ovtr tbs mnun
tain topa 1111.1 ln pnssing eaatward ehowers burst froin
them. Thiiktgfe v.in.i ac ?oiiipiinylug blew the water la
BkaaMalaaatM aaakaaal swin* of water new along
tlliTiotel jua/z.i, drtving ele.'iiutl.v drosscd women and
fMbleaablataaag bbm bbbbmb*? flaaak to tb. ir itfagaat
91 I p. in., ln ,? inaeqiienco of ln-1 <vo.it"ar, the or.l.T
for the baltallon drlll wa* conniermatiried, and tlie
moiinted driii aaa anlialllaaad Thero waa bnmadlatety
a iii-'u to the .1 llng-ball, aad Bll tM m ..t-. _ tka gal ai v
wera qnlokty aorBptaa. TM rneiniier* ef tM8ratetaM
aoon . nieied in elngle tlie, orderllea briuglrig m a hor?e.
for e.-i.-h e:..lrt. twrnty ilx ln all. The drlll M tfl
eotpmaad of Captaia J. A. Augtir. The horaaa were splr
Hed .md the Djanorarrea of the ino-t ezaltlBg ? I..HH. tor.
Tnere w,,a tka rapld ban.iiing of Mbraa, t: r.isting and
ciitllnc ru-lir Hinl left, whlle tho Iiorses we;e M a full
run ; tha BrtBB of r. v-.:\. r* al iBUMlBary heada oa posts,
thelumplDf ofhnrdlea,tkeplerelBfl of r'.nu'*, mouatlag
an.l dlimouatlnj whlle un.ier full boMway, barabaei
rilinu. leanlag "vt-r ln the amldie. pleklog nt. olij.-ets
from the tarf, aad m forth. Bereral rtdera felL Cadet
Il\ ron waa l.lirt snd had to he BAlpad "at af the hiill. but
hla Injnrtea were not *ei -. I he rnllng drlll coucluded
tbe tn litary asan i-. s for tka day.
kBBAroua, .Inne .V?The BbTBI Arndeioy p-ro in.ls
pre-i-i.te.l ;i l ri^nt .<11>I aunna'ed seene this inoinin.'.
Tbey were graaed by the prcsei.ee of inany distlmrnisl.. d
mm aM baadaotae waaaa who Md aaMMblrd t. wW
nesa ih.. Comm.-iieeiin ht I?*T exerc.aes. Ihe eadal*
forinoe. nt 10:30a iu and m.-.rehe.l wlthout nrins t? the
ehapaL The Board af Vistlors laUoWad th-m
Bad wii* escorted to the pUttonn by
memkan nf the Academlc Il'irtpl. Wlth It
wen l'l.-iiei.t I'.m., i'on.ui.iuuer Barqaahar an i Pra
fasaoT WUltaai u jsnii.ir>-r. of rato, aratat to the
iradoatea. Bhortly nii.-t Baeretary wktlBej .
under the aaeort ..f Baperlnteadeol Raamay, followed
bj 0oB3BH*4or4 Naklay, Profaa?or Rendriakaon, Coan
?aader Kni.er, Ueutaaaau Hurmeil, Bebreo, Baraatta.
? ieveninr, Ueyd a'.d others. After tbe rcadiiiu' of
prayera i.y Cbaplal- McAlllater, Captaia ltuuisay lutro
Inie. .1 PmfMBiir ftnmaar. ataaaM:
"I atn not ono of tl.oae who thlnk thut we enn get
atoBBTwlthoutwartaeaaaewddoaat iike lt. TM tlie
wi.i-ii tM worMeai gal alBBgwItbontwarlaatlll f;<r Ib
th* f-iture, Hinl It la Well > <:d th.it WBBB WBT neiat M
BBBdsBMaoly wa> MauikaB la la bm_c Ii Ib aaraMt.
Ikopc wi araaooati lun tome ttBeiieaawarablp*tbaA
ai, AinericHi. aaa laal proad ta aaa e ury bia Baa> I aa*
aulboiited lo *ay ou hal.alf of tka Board
of Vi-ltor- tmit th.y have i rp.-n. i.c.-d
liaat pbMBOra Md aatlifartmo tn all yoitr aierobMB,
i ture laaraedBMay latnga aad I ?h..iiiit auMMg
ra*t to tba ati'boritlea of ^'aio College ihat.la order to
in.pr.r. e the ll.Mllii'.li.ti, th-'T aeii.l the DtMltf M4M
eayaara,aadAb reaodoabl tkbi pioposttion
Bflll reealv* tt,^ aapaorl <-f tM atndaala wlie, a.s ls well
ku'.wi,. tni.i n.siii itloa."
B>1 ? -ar. Wkltoay WM le.-elv.-.l wlfll che.'r*. He sal l
that by>an l-hya oni N.vy wni i>.- irbara u bi m wm aad
aagbt aow M ta?al tt.e bead af all tba aatlooa of tka
eartk l t.t Bcaretary datlverad dlploma* lo a'.i the
raet>aa4aata dld ?o tM aaaaMapplaadadlatid
??? <>r im BaroBBfU) cHtmcfl raowaixa
I'l'-.N' ncraaioaa aaa m wspapekb.
[bt Tri.itr.RAeti to tiif. ti'.ii.i-ne.]
Si!:ur?i, .lui" "i. Tb< Beatioaof tha8yaod
'?'? I'.-forii.. I i 'burelkOf AiihtIc . u;,a ... .tlniied thl*
inori.liig. Th. l.illuifor Ve.l.lur lectur.-r f .r lss7 re
n the rhot.-e of the Ba*. Mr. Krterf The, Kev.
I B, rorreapoiidiiig di-icgate froit tliel'tiUel
bwlaa Ckana, wa* iBtradaaad. Hb rafartad to
ti;. h atorj ..f tta t:< foraMd Cbarefe aad its ilaaa Mtatlaa
?. bureb, batb katag earafai azpooaata af
rnTiaatlM ll" satd tkattMta were
TJs iiilxlou* ti(,w In the t.'nlted ftates wlth
a liirmlirrclp of, 17'i.nOO. He Bi.ld th t
tt.e 1:. for.... .1 Church had aeven tr,ls*li.na ln
imiia, aad 786 aaaaaralaM bad Bbm aaadd in the laat
>ear I ii tlie fi.it. ,] st.,tes cnljMirie.irs ti . I rialtid
tBtUlaaaadasreaty-tbraatkaaaaaal r>
ha.f a ii,ll. oi. f r:. lea B_d I"-. n BBBfdlad BTltk H.hlaa
Bsporta toma tM Btbls Baalaty were raaatrM sbowiinr
rk far tM laat yaar, la ahicb tbe aipasdaaraa
a i> - _ adopiad eaadaanlaatM deaaaratlBn
?!...-, . iei.r?:..'.a. BDaUMBMata Md a, , ,
n-sipapera, aaa arglaa ia*> lynod i?> rr?wn apoa tt an.l
knd Mhe.rtv appealtlow lliereto. Ttie lev. Dr. W II.
i ,,ru af BroaklyB. aacoi ? ptlMof tho n
t .i^ie. t. full of Breand aaaw *taaaa
la IkaanarasBBB tM dMea**lBB ef ihe <'.,m>iiitt?a on
lfrn.t. ll ...aa.H . Bptad ail of Ihe lline ai,,l ll.ia e.enlnii It
wa* eoattaaad. A graal daal or f.-e nu- wa* akawa.
l-.-Mi.iaa.i.Ti was flually alrea U> A. 9 Han.ee A Ue. to
ria tbe booaa for IM BafniMad Okarek ln tke
InltadBtateoatrada ad rataa rMCeotarj Coapaoy
% .. ^ i be I ar. I?r. fay
ioi, ..r Ne?.iik. r>., i .i p..|" t on tn,. daatb af tl.u lt?r.
Dr. BUaatg, toraiatl] > u-? pr. ?i.ieut oi the ayuoU.
Tiit: ///./. /./.' okp.
P_AMBB l> A l.l.l 0 bTOBK
Thara waa- an axira illuiiiir. itiou laaj arraaiBff
ln the dlBg BBM4 af CManll. II ./. ir I .V i'o. utnli r the
Ftfth Aeaaaa Hot.l. A taa jet aet fir- Maaaaaaatttag
alil.lilis.1 l-eeu aprr.td to j.n.le, t the (na, ,,,-1 Oelllng
(..HO II e tl.ia I ne BOttlBg ,11 -appeared ll. B BttddeU
i, taa wbteb eaoeed noeh eoaetarnatlonamoiig tbe i U rl*
an.l i i.sti.ii.tis. Iit.'ore any one h..d llu.e l<> siiKO'st
< ..nt au al.in, Ihr tl.u.e. bad Oiptred of thelr
osn ... cord. ll..- osllliia aaa aoorebed, aad it l? Mld
tli.il tl."- (o-l Of . ie.ir.lnrf ll wo ihl m.I tM UBM llian KfOO.
Bo othi-r d.iuiagi- wa* doi.e, ul.d lK.-r.aoli* lll tbe hotel
were uol KinJ.
I-- I | IN V.UU'Ts I'l.ld -
r.vi.TiMi.UK, Jann ,r?. -l'iio tbls inoniiiip d*V
*tr..)d a fa-t..r;, I. illdlng ln K.iat IVIi-.iva, owued by
S.uii.K-i T.iylor. who had a maohlim ihop ..n the tlrst
floor. Ilis.lamage Ueallinat.d i.t tl (K?). Insur. d. TM
Baaat n....ia w.re aaMafad by (?o*weii 9 0a.,waed
inouldluc*. wboee loaa la 9*2.500 Insuranre 41,500, and
ilniv H.iil. furnltiire manufa. tuier, dau. Bg4 ?J,".uo,
K..nr WATxr./June r>- The stove und headlng taetory
of BaakaB farawa ta karaad MtM graaad yaeMrday.
TM n.is is 115.0U0 . laaara ? -? mmIL
Ios M-.lNfs, June j. Tho Internatlonal lllsllllery,
IM iuri:eai it, |M n?r..l, rn parttally baraad tbia raern
lug. daaaaaa wm baaliy kuii. n.e io*sJ* ?n?.uoo.
PlTlWPBOi .'im*' B??Th9 iron iiiaiiufaiturers
h. I am.ailiiglu llu* city yosterday aitaraoM f..r tlie
parpoMafaaMrtalalagjMtwkat tlio altaaUM la, and
telegrama were seiit to manufa. tor. r* thr.uirhoiit tbo
Wuat, an.l l.efore tho m.-eting hu.l a-IJourneil ., |.ll. s lui.l
[.re., ie. elv. .1 fr.-u. B m?iorlty of ti.'-.n *ayll.g lhat there
waeiio.liai.osltii.il Matartap work until the wage u,u*a
HM Md MM Mttlad. Ono mllN.wner ln CktBBga te.lo
graph.-.l lb.it be wa* walllugto l.ear from Hlt?burg and
as k*Bg a* th* BM meii ksH out Uero be waa wUting to
stand tlrm.
Coineofthemanufacturera of Plttsburg, it ll sald, are
ln favor of BBBBMlBg Iball mlll* no.i-u.ilon. and enlerlng
bMaaBghl BaataM kka UMaMkara' aaaualatlaa TM
majority, bowover, are not tn faror of a m.ve af tbls
kind. iM-iieTtiigti.atit aaaJd Bwd to nee.n a- troabli
and MfMBI TMJ believu tbat all wlll be amlcably *otr
tled wltblnasborttime. The iiiuauraCturerH aie Maf
Ing up a regub.r ayatoio of reporU. Tela
grams from all p.irt. of tb" touutry aro
sent into 9aaratary We.k.'s bBbm every day
un.i iii tnm Mr. WaaMMMMatraalan aa tbe aituBtioB
and n.i.il* then, l.roa.kaa. to .11 IM IMBBMM of the aa
" u'i't'hti'e irMworkan to-day lt wa* notaonnientaaaaa.
tnm wkatkertMy atmld wIb the rArtM aa **?*"*?
BJOTTOW WOBld lie.il.le.c'.ear.lay Of thelr tl. .Ua p 1
,i, ,t Bmtm ii is.-xpeered tbal fuliy tM tboaaaad
::.....; i Z i"MtetSa._^??*ft_f__"-^sb
'?;,.,, l.m.l. ohl... Whaallrut. w. V., ?n lotbar ptoo?* aM
D4 pnsent. The few inills warklng W 11 be cloam 1. Ihe
!??.* will form oaa of tha prtnalpal i.ttraetiona >f the
!l.? nmn. ,..", i.r la-bai..!*'wlU I.""" ?? Klounda aud
BB?U,MM "wktok will ".iart up ^JTMddBMMd*?
roUlrta daparunaat on B?nday ^?_B?____loM*_i
dependlnf1 on tl.e AimiU-m ated.^BioalaUoB. TM
pi.lldl.rs. It I* sald, are BBXl.10 Mt to. weik . d w 11
... i?.?.r arali it i* Ik_?mt_^J_H_**^_*__*t_2
i.u.i.li.,1. .t Fpang. Ofcalfaat * .' "? ? '"",?,.?*'
Vti.a wlll start up on Wedn-?.lay. The blgh
prled tln.abers.lll M left to tlo-lr OWB f^rMB,
A numl.er ol the blle ml!U _Mlay MJd. II?e B,roiBt anf
thelr atnkiag amployM l? erd*i tkataU aj aateu t -
bl* i.lci lO. The Urgc iimoiint or ??? now oeing uouo
,,M?. .UUtbal ?re runnluB kMdato ^^^t "'*
th. i] al e llllii Ig oiders for sou.e of tho mlll* that havelUOt
. g.,ed. II la ...Id to l.e a OOMWBBtlOT to have a pBrtof
all -.aaaeaof onl.Tstllled. and UM *s mucb a. posslblo
avett ibe aaaXaa of uad* arttttaa. away from thia ciiy.
l'liii.M.Ki.i'HiA, Jiinn B (Speeinl).-T\u> atnko
of the horae-ahoer* contlnue*. Tho Beoond ind riilrd-*t
IUIIway an.l tbe llne* coutroliod by tho Tiuotlon Com
p.ny have not vet tleided. It U aal.l thut the latter
p?'poa.sl a eouipro.ulse B bl.'!. tb4 strtkers itn? not ? lll
bato ac.ept. balioyina tbal th* oouipauy wlll yield lu a
few daya ^
Fai.i. UiVF.it, Juno 5.?A coBslable B.rvoil
iiotifea to-day evlctlng people frota the Hlade Mlll tene
m. BM 1 be .peratlve* bare been out ot work for a long
tin.e and aro unable to pay reitt, Tbe rirpofatlon (tMm
twaaS^baagBi autiai to qutt. Mauy peraou* are
earrylmr their irooda out on their baoha, bavlng nomonay
to puy tcaiuatera.
Lovdon*, Juue 5.?Sir Julius Benedict, the
mnalclan and eompoaer, dled thla mornlnir. Hir Jullua
had ao far recovered from a recent lllueaa aa to bo able to
?reaume the dutioa of hla profeaalon, and to make prepara
tlona for hia annual coneert llia death waa cntlrely un
expeetcd. It followed qulckly upou a audden relapie.
Mauy ycllowtah pacrea of mualc whoso puhllcatlon
datea hack thlrty-tlve yeara areatllltobo found ou the
imialeahelvoa of tho L'ulted Statea, where they be aa
rncmorlalB of tbe viait ot 8lr Jullna Beno.Hct
to thla eouutry in company wlth *Jenny
Lind. He waa the accoinpamat and ptaniat
of the Swedlah alugora' eoheert company, and
most of the mualc plecea aro the aotigra whieh ahe aung
oti the meniornble tour lu lat.iO. Kxecpt wlth theec ar
raagaaaaatt hla apeaa, ?? IM i.iiy of Kiiiarney," and
fu? other eeaapaoBB ou.,the abutolaa wbeoa daaab ia now
reeorded dld not oreiipy much attontlon hero aa a wrlter
of muaio. Aa a teaehe'r, of courae, hla Itifluenoe waa con
fljiert to Kuifland. To Amerleana he was ehlefly lntereat
iBBaaa hlatorleal peraonage who eonneeted tho proaout
unroinantlc a_B wlth tho perlod lu whioh tbo muaieal
K.auta i: i >.',1. He waa a pupll of llmnmol and of Wober,
and of recent yeara wa.a, aavo Lla/.t, perhapa, tho ouly
u.i-,1, l.m ,,f euilnmiee who could b taat of Uavlior had
the paraoaal aagaahaaaea of jieetiioven. hi? tntiuenoo
IBITBglaMaiaaadadarag more than hilf a century,
(hia lifty-first aunual coneert ln London would have oc
curroii ou June 17, bad he llved), and of
him lt can perhapa truthr.illy be aald that in hla death
lOuirland lo.a.-a the moat eiuluont ot the foroltfi^mualclana
who have netthi.l lu that couutry aluee Ilaml.-I. He
inade twointereatliiK contributlotia to mualcal llterature
ln Mg BMaearegMM Mendaleeobn and Wober, aud cultl
vated wlth a.a iiiiich auoeeaa aa g coinpoaar of the aoooud
rank couhl expoct to coiumati 1 every form of mualcal
compoaltlon. Uo won h.nora ln hia natlve land, waa a
soeial favorlte In the land or hia adoptlou, aud left mauy
p I taanl Bla?larlea of himaelf hero.
II, was bara at StaMgtrt .... Novembor 27, 1801.
Huiniuel, the graataal plano rtrtaaaa af the time, waa hla
Ilr.a' teacher. It waa at Ituiuin. l'a, Moat ln Welruar that
he inet BaatMrea, aa BarabB, 18*7. ln nia aalea
teenth v.ar he waa pr?aenteil hy H.nnmel to Weher,
abll lilllHllltia" 10 biaab iiiarulo u_ainat taklug pupila.
| ?.i. reeeived hy htm not only aa g pupll but
ai ? - ?,. aad remalned with bla faai yeara, from Ittl
mi-ji In 1823 00 Waber'a recouiui.ndailon he waa
lnti iaie.1 wltb tM leadarehlp of the Vlaaaa apara, Oa
loarlng Wober M went to Saplea and conducu-u tho
orobeBtra at tM Baa Cartaa, taaaea hack u>-intieart,
and in 1833 to Parta when ba i<-!i ln wltb Boaalal, M.y
. rt.eer, ll.-lll'.i, DonUettl, Auher. H.-rold, Adolphe Adai.i.
Berlloz, Halcvy and I'eii.ieti U.ivi.l. He nlao maue ibe
acqiialntanee of Mailhraa, wM advlaed him to buM
E.i.land bla Mma Thla he dld iBthat aaaaeMOr, In
1 B3fl he took rharite of tno I^.ndon opera BOaBb, at the
l.ieeum Thaatra, Ba led the Drary Lane
orcheatra at the time of tha ><rodaetto_ of
[lalfe'a oparaa, la 1850 ba aoooapaalad jeunv Lmd
on ber tonr ln thla ooontry aa plaafal aml gaaaral di
nut'Tr. Koturntngto London beboeama BMaageral Her
Majeaty*aTbaatro aad aftenrardal Drary Laae anain.
i ,,r tha laal aeventoea yaara bc led th,- Monday l'opuiar
Coucerta, and hlaown annnal eoneerta havo for tifiy
.n evetita Of lntereat in Bagllab muaieal rirob-s.
II,- l,,,a al?.i coudui-ted iiihuiuerable cliuinber coucerta,
oratorloa, oantataa, muaieal featlrala eto.
i he Bral luiportant produetiou <>t Bli Jullua waa " <;ia
clnt.i ed Krnc?to." an opera broiiKiu oal tn 18X3 Bl
Naplea. It waa too (it-rinau to amt Itallan UiaU). lu
1830 at Stuttgart M hrougbt aet hla aaaaad opera, "l
Portogbaal ln ., .a,' whleb ?av, t,?, Itallaa lo aall tM
Germana, bnl t? came popular al rtaplee Bla flrat work
in England waa " lt, Anm, e.l nti Otorna," in 1".I7. and
ln l-(- ..pl" aiel hi. hrat t.UKliali oja-ra, "Tlie Qipay'a
Warntug, wbtcb la Mawa t? tlie preaent gaaeratioti
moatly by ita hne baaa aria " liajre, thou anirry atoriu. '
Hla flneat operatic worka, "The .Brldoa
of Venloa" and -The Croaadera" followed,
belng nrought oal under hla own .llreetion tit Drury
Lane In 1800, at Mr. Mapteaon'a r.qu.al, ho wrote IM
recltatlrea wbtch Mra alaa. baan deeaied ln England aa
luaeparabl. pari <,f tha "OUna" of hla old maater.
w'eb i iti IMO he aiao prodaced bla iH_utif.il ** i n
dimi " eaatata, ln whieh, M tho Horwleh feetlvel. riara
\oveih, mada i,er laal appearaaae .In 1863 appearad
?? li,,- l.:ls of k:l arney." with llluetto hy Moaan. t.xen
fordaud boueloanlt. ln \*<>.i be oomiioaed ? caatata,
?? Kl. hard l ojmi de l.lou." for th. Norwieh featival. Hia
?? Biidaof 8oag" onoratta waa clvea ta IM4 at covent
lii.,1. ii l,ia".-t ObOllla" oralurio at Ihe Norwuh leati
ral ,,r 1868, aa i hia "SuPatar" oralarto at ti.e mt
Bhagban fe.tirai ?,f 187ft In 1873 a tyaiahaoy by hliu
wa. )H>rl.>ru.e<t at IM ? ri atai PalaOO, ttnd a aecond aluil
i.,r w,.ik In the foiiowoin raar. Ba alaa oeiapoaM
numeraa.M lada,tdaa_forufaBbaMaaBtBilaaatla-aaaa
oroheatrsl wo,ka. .__.___ ?,
T|.uc.atowed thehoe.orof knl-'htlipod tiponhlm
ln 1->7I ln l~7l. 00 tM oi e.,.i,,n of hla aevelitleth
hirtl.day. he w_a m.ide Kiegi.t Coaunaadar of the ardera
,,- PrancU Joaepb (Auatrlal aad .,f I'rederlo (Wartaaa
berg) M ihe ..oue time blafeUow-mualelana ln England
.-ented to him. at Dod ef II ?O0, LoudoB, n -erviee of
ailvei Inetadlaga auuralflcanl gmup of eaadolabra. ile
_lao reoelved ileeorallou. fr,,iu nu: aoverelgnaol 1'iuaala,
Italy, u< igttun,Bwadea, rartagalaad Baaarar,
Theron C I.el.iiul, who ilieil in this city on
We.ln-iKlay. waaou, of ti.e llr.t pl...rnipblc reporters
In thla couutry. He reported tho Korruat div ,ree raae,
ti.e linpcuchmeiit of Ju.Ia'o BahMP lu Wia< olialii, aud
tM 11ay A Ooedyaai lada rahhea pataal aaaaa, in vblob
ho NpertM Ihe M_B aaaaM Bl Uaulel Webater,
Kufua Choale aud Jaui-e T. Uratly. Iu l?5.'l
ho reported tho BpOOMa of K>-auth One of
hla e.irileat puplla w_a Idward K. Underhill.
in 1866 Mr. laiand beeaana haa pttvate aeeretary af
Ulraw Baraey, CoUeetor of the Part; aabaaqaaatly M
?..a u.ade appoluiait ni eterb ?,r th.- < luatem Hooaa wa*
tluuliia a. auob duriug ti,- toraia ,.t Heury A. hmyih
and Pruaton KUig aad up ta tM ap|.ilflaoat of M.ieo.
li. Onnnell, ln 18a* Vnt Boarlj a yaar afinr
IM de.ith of Mr. KIiik th.ro waa no l ol
h.tor appolntadi durinr that tltne Mr.
1^ !aml retnalned lu the (oileetor'a ollle. perfot iiil'.A' tM
?luiiea under th.reeiton of tM -se, ratary af tM Treaa
my,;.,,. ... iati.faetortl? that . apeclal eompenaHloB
waaawiiided hiu,. ln 1874 he I... uuie prlVBta ..ecretary
to rboaaaa IMehaoa, proaWout ?r tho Doia
mttn and llu.lv,n ( aual Company, a pe
altlou whl.h he retalned fot BOOM three jeara.
il, waa alwaya Intoraated iu a.,. ui aud phiitnithropic
ouaatloaaand waaaa eariy Aboiitioaiat. PW aeTeral
learaand uutll reraatly Mr. Laiaad waa Baaretary of tbo
S itlonal Llberal l*.i ;ue and adltod a jnurnal j.ubliahed
in Ita lntereat. Ile ?.ia al~o au a. tlvc iiieinher Of tho
Ubaral tiut, of thi.a.ity.
Robert A. Adaahf, ? la.vyer. dled on Thuis
doj al hla honaa. Wn VI Bfool uae baadraA aad rwaaly
auii.n. ii-- aaa baaa m .\tni-at. ea Daaaaahart7,1^17.
aml after gttlBitOg l'artrldire'a Milltary Academy ln
venuont und lagBaavaeebeel la tinaciiy, Maalarad haa
Ilo nfluia uf Otaphaa fl raaabratlag AftaraottM aaeaarh
ln tho Bap-rkM f'ourt under under Jud.e Og*
iM Moiruiau for four year.i. Ile enlored Into
partaarahlp wlth Obariaa Aaiaraaa i-ater
ho waa wlth F. O. I.uekv. Iu ls.iu tha flnn b.cauie
Adama, MeLond .\i Be tdam.
Mi l lun,a wa.a roemboi of the Board of Kducatlon
from i?.">_ untii 1864.and a BMinMr of th.. hxeoutivn
t,.lun,iu, <? of ihe OeUaaja <>f Um city of New York.
I',., lu.illy ho vsim n atauch Kepublhan;
Unltaiiaa C'bureb la Harieaa. where ti.e fuaoraJ will he
hel.l toinorrow. llia wlle, two aona aud oue dauabler
aurvlve him. _
Wasiiinutov. June 5.?For Now-Enerland,
falr weather, eo.der In tho extreiue northern ud loutb
eni i^rtie.a, allKhtly warmerli. the central portlon. pre
reo, d by nearlvatntlonary temperature. northeily w.'ida.
Per me Mt-dle AtlanMoBUlaa, f?ir weat ..r wm a
declded fall in loraparatura ln ti.e ccutial portiou. noiiu
Wcaleily wlnda, rlalng haroineter.
j^ t 1,,1,,14'^J..
'--.(ETonitM: Momibg MahL I incUe*
1 Li_________J_L___l_L_L___l__S ___BJ -U.
: _l:t__z__j -?'?
ihf .1 M-?n, >l.'.-? th? ha,om??rlf?l ?arl??lani la thla rltf by tfnlka
of l,?a,?. Tu? pria-aillraUr llar??i?? aifirt.iB.of'Unf for ihr Mih?n_
.lalnl.l. Tl? Irrrjui.r .i,li. 11m npntrmUlk? ?^J__?J~
U ih. n.'rrury darlna thow h..r. Th. brokMi o. dntlfd B-lllllJ_BlB
llw ??rtatl..a? In l?.u.,r?t?,., u _,-AaA?U t>> l_e U--?-cl?J M M?a
D?i'?ch?,ii,?i7, llbBroadaat.
Trinuxa OFFica. Juuo tl-1 a m.-The atonn eentre
whieh waa over Lnko MichUan Thuraday devek-ped
muchener?y aaltinovedto the New-Jeraey aud New.
1-iiKlaud coaata yeat.rday. Henvy ralna fellln the lajwer
l/.ko reitlon. New-York and New gBgUad, wlth occaa
iun.,1 UgbMlag an<i ahdi abaia rraai Cbliagi t? Batoe
ai.duafarHuuthaaSt. LeoJa Naahvllle und lUllltuore.
tho taahpaaatara felL Tho cnaugea eUewhere were
allght. Anothnrdeep atonn oenter extended from Mun
tuna to the Low.r Mlaaouil, w,lh blich wtuda and ctoudl
ueaa The liiovcmeiit of the baronieter h.re w,,a aharply
? lownwurd uutll a thunder ahower wlth 0.03 Inch of rulu
about ^ P. ni.. and than opward. Partly rl.uulv wcath.r
i? evalled. The u<inperaiuro, after rUlng to S'J at noon.
tell aharply t<> r?'>'' ?l ev.ninK. the arerage (G.V)
IteinirilM* lower than ?n the rorn-apondiug day laat
\e.,i aad!%? blgherthaa oa Tbaradar.
i ,?,i rairoi partij elaody vaalbar may beexpteted iu
ihiaeuy aud viciiiuy t.^iay, and .ii?htiy warw.falr
01 pui tly cloudy weatbor buuday, pnaatbly follow ._ by
I'aill. _
A gtarvinjf etowaway wa* found in tlie hold of
the Aiuhroae Llght. the brlK enptured off tho Ycne/.uelau
coaat, whirb wa. taken to the Brooklyu Navy Yard ye.
MdaV. Ba ww a negn., who bud i?en eonce^wl f?.r
fo.iy-oiiedi.ya, und huiPlived on whi.tever MCOBld plck
up _. be boM atter tbo ptovUioa. ho took ou board
were cxhauated. Ha waa aearly dead when found, aaat
waa aei.t t.? tbe Karal Ho.pital. It U auppoacd tbat M
weut on board at Colon.
The general paaaeager agent* of the New
York Stote trunk llnea apent tbe day at ComtntailonM
Flnk'a ofllce yeaterday ln ronsultatlon with repreaenta
tlve* of the New-England roada over tho poasibillty of
restoriug rate*. Nodeflnlte agraement on any aahjael
wm reacbed. It waa dectded to defer the meettug of tM
Jolnc Rxet-nttvo ('omnittteo (uaaaenger depariinentj
uutll after the conferenoe of tha.Oniriilr'assengor Coio
nilltee waa bold at Chlcago ou Jnne 16. The .New-York
truuk tinu will coDtluae their*coufereuee on next
St. Pacl, June 5 (SpeeiaD.?lt is runiorad
at I'oi-tland. Oregon, that the Canadlan Paeluc lUl.way
C.rapany haadeclded toextend it* llne to Eogllab Hay
and throw out a break water on tho Spanlsh bank at aa
expenM of f 150,000 for tho protoctlnu of ablpptnf>
The rumor need* oonllrmatlon, aud even if t rne lt la uf
uo uicai.a certaln lhat th* coinpany wlll he ln fuuda lof
sevcra) year* to catry it. llne below l'ort Moody.
Boston, Juno 5.?The groaa carninga of tho
Unlou Pacinc Railroad for the tlrst four month* of 1885
were ifT,2ol,607, an lnorcaae over tho same pertod laat
year $47,14,0. The expense* were fl/.i.MMtM, a oecraaaa
of *?.! 13.018. The aurplu* earulug* wera *J.^l^,l 13, an
lucreaae of 9268,158.
CaiCAOO, Juue 5.?Tlie dircctora of the Chlcago and
Northwestern Railroad Coinpany have declared a half
yaarly dlrldend of 3*9 per ceut on thecoininon atook and
a quarterly dlridendof 2 lameut on the prefcrred stock.
BOBTOB, Juue 5.?The groas caruliigs of tbe Chlcago,
Tliii-lineton uiid Qnlnoy Railroad for Aprll wera
92.0tl5.Oii9 ;l ex|ien?es, iRl.lSViOtl; int riniiuga, Bhlitf,
400. I o. tl.e four montha i-ndiug on Apnl Jo. tho groaa
earalBgaiwere 98,294,578; expen?e?, $4,t>!i5,UIi9; earn*
mgs, $3,002,619.
- ?
Kansas Citt, June 5.?Secretary Bayard and
party arrlved this cveulug from Columbla, aud wereae
corted to tholr hotel by a eotnmlttee of proiiilnent rcat
denta. Lator they attendo-l the the tboatre aud t?
uiorrow afternoon a publlo reeeptiou will be bold,
followcd by u Uauu.uet lu tbe eveniug.
liiiADKouii, Vt., June 5.-A rejiort bere aaya
tbat ex-Governor Ilale, of N'ew-Hi.muahlrc, haa fulled
for a larga aaiount, and that all bia property in Vormoot
haa i? ei, attached for four tlmo* Its vaiue.
Firat mcdal awurded to tlie Duffy Malt
Wblslcey Oa., of Baluiuoru, for bc?t exhloit of Malt
? ? ? ?
You can cure a sorc throat with tho help of
Dr. Jayne'* Expectorauf, a good reiuody for Couglu, and
all Throat aud Luug Hiseaaea.
Have \.. i "a.n.iUrd ibe New t'imirclte
Ask for the ? s,Qiinr Month."
How to llleach lurna lt.Miuir.1ll7
White and wlth aif. ty. U?e Jame* Pyle'* eeiebratud Pearune.
Indorwmeat of Mpeer'a Winebr Ike F..r..liy of ?t. Y.
Tl.e co-uiuiltee ut I'byslcun- r s|...a'wl 10 cis.i.l** mio the
BMIila of the Wluea ,,( Alfre.l Bi.eer, i?ie.ri tliese WtnM
?inctly pure, acccptul.le in ttavur, paialabl: aud rlch body.
Flerce t'ompeililoa.
On* eeaeratlo" ls qaiie loiig ettouch f.sr any eoncem that
. ...i.sian.ly woik foi lutiire b.ifiuesa by *.;ilBggood
go.ai*?il..w pnee*. T.elUIrd ?euer?i. .n ..f C(;wi-KKri.w>iia
iie now seillnn ftirnunre, carpeu. Ac, at 1.'. I, 1 <6 167.13t?,
ltl, 141, 144 Cl.atham.nt., le-i Hrt.lpe eotranee aod Ch. Sq.
Ptaafk t liloride.. Ihe Bcs* IH-li.rr.tM.it,
Haanoodor. Isvery eflkient aud cbeap.
iBBkfl I bloridc?, tbe H< st lll?b.lc 1.111I,
FitrlUoatUe w.i?to pipea, water-clo*et*. Aa
I'lult's ( hloridcs, tbe lleal Diainfectaat,
Deatroys U_c.se gerui* *nd piovcuts skkne**.
I'lult's ( hlori.le*, tbe llc?l ll.ainl. oiaal.
Miould uow ha uaed ln every bou*e.
Po'.rfa F.xtnici The HaBBMMM KemMr for Paln.
al?ars rcii.h e fori.ui*. H.una Bralaea, tnitaia
ijiatioj. liewaruof timutlona, weax *id ?our.
CROCKKTT- HAWLKV -At Trlnlty Chapet, on Thursipef.
Jun*4. hy tha Ke?. Ur. Itarton tl.e I'cv. JohB Ad.licoB
( 1 ., k.-tt'ot VlKliila. to Mary tUzubeUi. laugbier of M. O.
llaw.ey. ea<|, <4 1 1 -..iirc-ilc.it.
c. iN N KTT :-PMit-<>n Wcdnesday, June 3, at the Klrsl
PresiiTieriati Caurch, taouth or.inge. N J.. by the Kef.
J., .11 K i-isln-r. Albert Nen 111.11:11 eounott to liieodor^
(laa.'iiicr ol Krancis rspeir.
JKLl.KR?ON-WYItAN-lB niw.klya. J'ine 4.MBMMBB.
.l.-.ice o: tbe in-.tr's paroi.ts, byli..--. l. ' ayler i> n.iir.
l,*..rje (4. Jel.rnmi aud l.ta. daagl.ter >it l?s..c Wymaa.
LOCKWOOD -r ,t (;:( |...v Oa Juue 3 lrtSVatsi An
drew's i.i.uicli. rtaila>lelphla, I?wla I). lorkwsmd. of
_-, ..i.k, it. S V . to M..ry It. .-toughloo. af 1'hl?deiphia
YhI'.ni;?riioi "I '-na lfiur?.lay. June 4. I s.4 ,, at the reat.
.1 aceof the Inide's lurenls Xo#-\ <uk. \iy th* Rer. rl.arlo*
H. I'.-ck. 01 Onawuln. t 0,111.. Joaephlu* t i.slerl.s. d?u?,.t?r
Of \ViUihju >|.ri.;t. to selsl. ^ ooag.Jr., ot MonUiUir, .>. J. .
WALIIIlllioK-IHiltOKN?Oa Tl.ursday. Jm... 4. al tM
Memorlal I'reshylerlau'hureh, lliookiyii by the Iter. T. A.
.NrisoD. OBri .e ? Itor.lnn. d*u fhteir ut Cuarlot J. tkirdon, to
tleonta ?>. W.,ihri.Uc. I.oih ol llro<;klyu.
Beetea aapara pie.s,. wpy.
VyoOD? MKBllltXWI?4M we.lnn-i.lay, June .1, *t t*i* re*i.
?BBM of tl..- Iirnlr's ?l?ter. |.y tl.e Bev, M. 11. 1'ogaOB,
l.oraiae W. Wood aJitf C.xn-lla Mc-rseies.
AHAMS-At til< late nisllen-,., ,V7 Weat llCtB-a*.. Uobert
Adama eouBaallei at-law, u. ika o-ta reat of hla ?g*.
r.iai.r.1.....-iiii*sv *t i .0 11 >:i aliarp, at F.,unu Cnaaitaa
(..ur.li l'Jsi 'i ?t.. wr?l o? Iil. ...
Kelativea aod f.leudtuf tho u.niy are rc*|x-ctruiiy tovltel ta
I'ie:.s.. onilt llowers.
BAILKY- At-iiirTern. N Y . Jme 4. Nancr I., wldow uf tba
l ie A.iios Usiley. it. tlieHAth raar al Mt *ge.
Relative* an.l frieuds are liivu.sl lo altend tlm fmB4*_ ?e^
tteaaMbarbBM raaMaaM iuh..:t*n., N. v., oa Huo.tay,
Joi.e 7. al I p uc
Cai i lait.-s will be waltlns ai depot uu ariiral of traln* learlnf
BIOw Tack - 1 l *iel Mbl4 a tn.
t'ASK At PwwfHkeeawte, N >'.. Jnne J. 1WS, Mrllsaa Uer
moiei. widow ol the late Jud*..n U. (aaa, *?d uiuiher of
Jaiu.-a Bt i a?e. ol 1>H?,?I) ... N. V., la U?e 77th year ol tmf
Kuueialat tlieresldeneeof Mr Bll. Troworld**, 2'J3 Churah
it,. I'DiiKhkeepsI*. on -aturday, June tl, al I p la.
\ eriuonl *a|?er? pleiuwi co|?y.
( II I'.ISTI V?At llack'Bsaek. N. J. on Krtds.r, 1400 4,1989
Uelea, "ni* daBgbtat al \s ulter i.i.u A.l.li* ll. thiutle. ag*d
1 v.'.i aud 9 m.iiittia.
H,Miilue*atid frieuds of the family arelnvlfed to atte* I t.er
luaeral ou Moiidav JunaH at 2:*?B. iu., .tlUi rea.deae* uf
heraareata. I ss.-xnt.. Hackeoaack
Trslns loave > oitl?m.l st I'Jo'cluol no ?i an.l 1.4U o'clook
p. iu.. t l.au.bers BVa 1 BrMMB t?. m.
COCBON?June.v. athec lata reaidenoe, so7 i.et I'tlnl,
Maiuic ui,-. '? afBikwiaadtaaaxtattearaaOauwak
Fiin. iai serricea st Bt. Oeoigos Cl.iiuti, Bta> veeiuit -.ioara,
r-uu.Uy a u-rnooi. al 2;.ft.
Ii \ \.\ At Weel lt IXBBiy. Mass. Ju..*4, at !*? realde.ee of
iiei s.in isarnuel ii. Ii .na Mr? isai.u Weld Imui, wi.loa af
. ?(,. ge I Uli ,. lll her -l.ll. If r. .
gBBBtal MBaMfaay ai^u w
iiK.i't'K?At oxfoid, N: J.. June 4. Ur. liarclay 11 Hepoe.
1 nri. rul ^atunlav. Inne ll, at 19 oclocB.
Hurlal at liinuouy ?l I o'clock.
IIU.N'T - Iu Urerpool. June 5. Mr. Fnnn.m Hnnt
Ll I.aSH Ou Wedue*day, June3. Theron O. Leland. aged
Funeral terrlce* wlll be hold at the (lenrian Masoulo Tvuipie,
No. 22o Kaal 16tb-?l . on ?sund.T. Juue7, st UBjBB ?. ?n.
1 Vl'l LK-On Kriuar. Jniu-S, of diuhll.erla. Ilanr II . s?.?
of l>r lleiliert O. and lioitaa U. Lililii. agsd 1 year, lll
in-.tillis and 'Jri day*.
Fnoeral prlTate.
MAiHi Hfcl-P. N f. Machcnt, Juno 4, iu Iil* 30Ui year,
of llrigbt'silisesae.
Faneial liuiia. ni* lata rosl.leuoo, 34 Ka*t 23d-*t.,at H.JB
o'clock, >?rurday aturulng
QDACKaMBUBH ->Q.l.ieu:y. at llackcnsaek, N. J., JuaeS,
I--'. JohliJ yuai^keannsh, ln h.B i'l*l >ear.
i'unerai ?er?ice* front his late r??iden.*i, Mainst., Ilacsea
sa.k. onHal.ir.lay. June.) al J.tilp >u .,,,?,_.
T.alus t,-a?c f.a.t ol i ..ttii.i.d snd iJeoros-es st*., at lilO, roM
Ctik.ubais-sl. al 1 o'clock p BL
ITOTJ I'EMIUKUH-Had.lei.iv.on the 4th Insu, John Sioutea
l urKb.iu the ?:>tli year oM.la age.
Fnneral from Timity il.uich, Nowark, on Saturday, U.e otk
Kel.itlv. ? an.i friend* ar* luntcd to atteud.
Bpcnal Xottcca_ l_
AlZ~~ turpel Cleaualuf.-_?*-? Juair* ?Hawitrt.
u.iTy offleei:
1.331 nnsxtlway. N. Y.. aud Krla^siud 3th ats., J.C felephoa \^
II. N. "squlre .V Snna, Jeweler*, 97 Fallo .?a?., .N. k.
l.ia.uoud Kar-iliugs tualclied a.l *i*e*.
Watclie?,ourow.i ui*ke, a>4oto ?l.i i m.-rlltigMilreTarara. Aa
~ .Hra. McBlrnih*
HOME-MADli PBttUTSaaj Aa. oVc.
Famllles *apiilled wlth FUHIt Fruit lellies. Pre*erru%
< aaned aud llrauill^l IrulU, H^iced i-'rulU aud floklot, AO.
Ctrcalart wilh reterences and prico* sent ..a af.plicatl^n.
Auiuisa Mr* -ai. \ii ?->. .M, t.l.iul'll,
:i'...lj!legrja-sl.. Uiiklklva.
u.|M>_lili|ii?M r.lra l'.,?ltl?oiy ciir.al ; also, llllnd aud
HIaaatac PlMa%ata*t i all iu>e?.u. ...d *U oueee** of taa
sk.u br tbe useol Kii.-ws.1l AN'M l't Ut.
li.,^>ivs a! m.:KiNf i uy. Utttwu, N. Y.. F.OBnetora.
beat Uy mahjor 5<i c?ut*.____ L
I'oai uOI. .? .Nall. e,
ladleri lor Korope ii?si u"41? ?i?.?;iiiiy <lir.asi?i for ll*.
naU-u bVaaj part.cuuu *U,?u.r lu ?i.l*r lo .-e.ar.. *p**lf tv
FiTwyal'^raU..^ - *U 1'rea* AlUaito -all* ac^ law
i??r n.i h? tlm l^atosl vesasia *-? >l..?i?ie.
tureU.BBM- E BM "<*k *adi?? ?"???? wid cloil
tra. aeiLl u. ^i c?*e*) al Uu* o.Hce as l^iios-*
sA't'iKDAY-At 8.J0 aui. tor hurop*. per *. a. ??'/?"_
T.a uuoi aslo^t. al biM . iu. ... rsLOtr_pj a,~_.t. p_r
I ? LlrcassiH. vl* l..*a*ow .lelteta Un.s: on .llnaited |aB>
r,?c*s?.a^ H ?:..? r!i. t... tb.N.U.eri*a4* mr?et.Bat
* i /..aialatu ?u? A.i.ierdaui .leiler. luust 1* MWEM
??^/?anda..."). BlB.ma. ui. lei lle.Ki.1... direcl. |*aT
a *. Irualaml. >ia Aalwerp iltilai* u.uat o? lUraotag
'?uer p.-uulau.l'i. si ll.?oa.B?. f..i turope per ?. a
N?7kar. vi?iSouU.?.apl.,i. aud li.ec.r... *t l B. ?*. lor IM
wmdwird 1*..*<i*. l"?. aa Jlurt.i. at !?%??_??
Cuba Porto BMBBBd Baaaaa_N. 1 per ?. a N.wport.
TlaHarana at 7 8u y. m. lor Trux uo aud Buaiau. paJ
s. *, 1^ U. Ward.jr.. vla New-Or.eau*.
""^Tho aclialuhi of clo*ing TranaPartllctnaiUl* arranrad ?a
tha urMiiiMut ou ol ll.nr u.iul?rcu|iied oyorlau.l u_i*l4t?
B*b* IraLabWb Mail.l.omtua Kaal airi?ui| ^__?__
Saa TtlSmSeo ou the aay olsaiUugof aiaauiera ar* dl?
V.U.l.edtbeucelL.aa^d.^ pEARSoSi Pwt__UeC
j-uit otttca, Sew-Vor*. M. k? May M, lo*v?.

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