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[nv Trxr-ORAru to ttiis Tinnn!*a.j
Wamiingtox, June ll.-Tho onnmincenient
-ade ln Tiie Tkirunk tbla mon.lng tbat Ttaaaatf
?Olelal. bad under consideratlon a rlan by whleh he
2,1.0 inoneys now on depoalt in tbe Sub**B9BBt*Bl
Vere to be turued over to tho ranks deslgnatod k e
icrctary of tbe Treasury for that pu.pose ba* been tbe
?1ncipa topic of dlseusslon ln polltica. clrcles todaf.
? erSecrT.arv Mann.ng norTreaaurer ?**????
ETtaw mai.er 1. under diaenaalon. From thobea
BtS ,t was learned that the suhiert was d,s, uaaeci
Ita Cal.met mceting t(Mlay-ln an Infonna. u.anner.
t Z suro. but wltb tbe nnderstanling that a to, tl.e
arrlval of He.ntary Kayard. wba ia cunsubred b> bl.
H,Jmls U) bc a great llnsucler.tbe matter iboaM N takon
iTa.d dsV.sacd tboroughly. It t. notknown wbM
bTeat he rrlsldctit entert.in, - **?+??*
?^sed that ue wiii be gulded by the advice of the 800
wtarv of tbo Treasury.
A eeling of aurprlao Bot uu.nl.iRled wlth dlsngst ? pre
dnniinating anmug tborough-goi.ig Lomei-uta ... ntgl,.
Tl,ev .ee no good 1" tbo prnp-isod luiaauro at all. lt K
JStfT *SEZ* liennicratic. N rtatakB, every trad -
fn of ?he ?-., II re..pi-ns tbe -dd >?*???
tba Wblga were raweasively ?t-1 a..-.l lt favoraaaww
S, cliaue of inonoycd Btotlt.tb.ua It a aln (reat.-a
tam c,m-"? ,,,,,,1, willcll tba Bab-Ttuaaarry
Sa ??*. bwi??." ??. !.,..,??,",,. Tr.,..?,y ..n..'n.i.
?ail. or mn i'?'ii<?. ??'"? i",''"'- *i>?""' "?? "?"
T? aecuntie.3. It woiild loso it-. iiidoponrtoneo.
? Tbl1 followh.g are a foa of tho optoloBi expreaaed by
aabtte men on tbe auhjoct to-day: _ alwara
FFrauk llnrd aaid tbat the l?eninrratlc party bad aiwajra
tak-ea grounds ... d.reet uutagol.lan,ito a...|b a Ij';" ;
KeprUeutattvo Oaaffe K B i?e, of \i>cInto. n<nncr
renuH-rat well groi.nded n IX-?" "? ' "? ?, ,
ti.ut he was not iireparodoaoooitsuoliApi.nl. I1"
1 u ii ont* f tl o> ?ple. be thnughl. wo.ild ba agalnst lt,
S wnuid bave tho appoaranoe of abaxdiMWMlj
?jjjatlid bi tbo (iovcrnii.e.it at ti.o people a ev o
Governorei'liu.teil. ol Maine. Butrtrt.it lt ' ' > ^
-i.oi.a-' with the aauka. They woi 11P t oni I lUeir
ateam aad go a humiuins. Tl.ey would bara M ibeli fat
and oll until thev drove their ongines to deatrucUon.
" toprea^nuVtlvS Milliken. of Mait.e, ^^-"rV.vIr
aebeiue for iiitlatiou tbau evcn the (.r.eiib.ukiia c\cr
"'CrcacLtatl.e Wllklna. of Ohlo tbought thnt tbo
?c.eine waa wortbr of niature ooii.ai.le...ilo.U ??'"??
eni.ud busineaa propoaltlon. bal lt would tako a litile
tiine (o aatlafy tho country of Ita i.ieriU.
lv-lVlogate Mag.nnla. of Montana, Itbougbt tbe plan
an oxcelleut one. Aa the bauka would be requtred to de
wau FnTteal Ktates bonda aa seouniv tbe (.m o.i.nioii
5oa d bS prote. toil. and ina.ead of belug ^fdlipand
?lle tbe Goverument BBtftaa waBsd ba ietag aarvMB ta
airculation. __
Wasiiingtox, June ll.-Tho Presidout
Biado tbe following appointmenta to^lay :
Gcorge Wllson. of Peorla. III.. to ba Cllector of In
trmal Revenuo lor tbe Fiflh Diatrlct of IlUnola. vice
Maward Knowles. auapcudert. wmAtmm
Ell C Bauui.ter, of ludiada. to be a apcclal Iudlau
*S2?m A. tfaarga, of Tcxas. to be a speclal agcnt of
^vnUarsBeton. of Colorado. to be melter of tbe
t!iiit< I Statcs uiiiit, at Denver.
lK,ch,nVK. MoMukon, of Waat ^?^*^D*?l*?
elcrk in tba F.rM Controlbr'. oflea, to be Ib-p.itj s c
ou.l coutrolier of the Traaaary, vlce Jaiucs 8. Dclano,
of Vcrmout, raalgaei by reqneat. T????irtn?a
To be FUetaaatara i Wi.llaiu ll. W IbU. of T.isoaloosa.
Ala.vloeJ.lt. Moruer. realgne.1; MattUlaa Manlev, at
B^rbarae, x. C v.w, A. S. K.enar.iao... ?>>?r''f1e-l...
James W. saieher, at Vnion Hpru.gs. 1*i?'l"'
Bunnrn. susi>euded ; Llovd Keed. at ( urksburg. W.\ ...
vicoWiibnr t. BlebunU, auipended; V. C CJ>mio,m
Carroll. Inwa. vi.e K. W. llastiugs. su-peu.lcd forikk
"Sanrat TaalatBat roat.naster General to-day an
polnted the following fourth-class pu-t.nasters : In
Sew-York-Catrie V. Kevcre. at Baal \ lew ; Ib P*bb
ay(vania-<;,-..ig.' H. Clli.e. at (Juakertown ; William
laiuer, at Easl Tctaa: Owen Scbadt, at l.uckvill.:.
WAJMaTBOTOB, June 11 (Njiwrt/J.-H.'niocr.it*
aught not to complainof Mr. Hlggina'a lack of zeal in
Uie patrlotlc work of turning the rfaafxa B to f.od at the
publlccrib. He aayi tbat the Kopublicans ar. gmng
Wlth all convenient spe. d. BaBM 30.000 to 40.(K)(I of
tbem bavlng lieen turued out already. The now troi.ble,
lt is sugge.ated, ls not tbat the Kopublicans are kept ln.
but that certain kid-glovod and ailk-atockinged Uciuo
eralsare actually belug let iuto tbe best aeat. lulbe
tiuipiebylbeback door whlle the woikersarc katBg
ixnuitu-d t? kick agalnst tbe. borred Iron gate.at.tbe
rV-gular entrance. Mr. H.ggii.s promUed the oil.er Ua>,
wliblntbo bearlng of aovoral truatw.irthy vr tn<saM?,
tbat ba would not only turn out evory Republlean. but
Sm every Damocral who kad aarrad under aad aeaaatod
offlce froui a BaaaklbrBB
Wasiiixgtox, June 11.?Liet'teuant-Coloncl
Andrew J. Alexauder. VJdCava'ry, baa baaa or lor. d to
? p .it by letter toM.ijor-G-nor.il Uinti-H B Oaaeoek,
prcsident of the Ar.ny Kotiilng Board. convoiiod al I MT
ernor'aliland, ai.dtohold hlmsclf in rcadimXM M Bf
pear before tbe Baatd for ciaiuinalion wben aum
First IJeutenant Lonls P. Krant. lit It.fanlry. l.a- been
TTl.cved from duty at llobart Collogc, Gencva, X. Y., to
take clleel Julv 1. ? , _
1... iitenaut-Colonel JainesS. Brialln, Oth ( avalry. pro
lDO(ed from l.iaini, 'Jd CaValrV, BM I ooii orden ,1 to .|ol!i
bl~ ngiuient, li'.w iii tbc l>e|.aitu.ent of tlie Mlaaourl.
Maior Fr.nik T. lioi.nett, Sd < 'avalry, 1.noted from
aaptala 9tb Garalry. baa baen ordered to repori to the
to.i.uiandin; (iene'rd I). partuieiit of llie ( oluiubia for
assunuMBttoaatatlon. ,,,,..
i aptalB Hearj J. Paraawortb, 9tk Caralry. will Tlall
tticcaiupof the uiiiit a and volunt.er guardl of llie
Otate ol Texaadurlua the period ol their cuoantpment al
La-upasaa. Texaa. I.eginiiii.g Juno V.'-\ for Ih.i put |.oae of
taspeeting tbe troopi takmg puri ln tbe eucaaipuieut.
1^-avf of abseiice for two inonllia aud llluen daya,
With lieimiasloli to g0 beyotid 60... to take effeet nbnilt
June 30. baa baofl giautd Fnat I.ieuUnanl 1 rank
Taylor, 14th lufauiry. _ ,
Tbe ordcr Iro n i ue War Dapartment rellevlng l;frst
Lleiitenant Yictor II. Brtdgmau, - l Artlllery. from duty
at the Masaai liii.ittts Agr.cultural College, Aii.li.i-t. ?<.
taka ellect July 1, baa boou ameuded to tukeell.cl
October 1. m . _, . . al .
luiringlho U-mporarv absence <>f tbe ' hl'-f Hignal
aftlcer Captan. H.i.nuol'M. M.iia. 5Ui Artlllery, acilng
Rignai (jibcer, wlU, by dncctiou of the Freaident, laka
ab.it-gi- of the ufllce. ,
Captain Chories A. AUlgood, mllitary itorekeeper,
Siiai-lciinastei'- i>. i-artnient, baa beeu relleved from
uty at Furire.as Monroe, Va..aad in the Department of
kbo Kast, and oruered to report in peraon to the Com
aiandlng General DivImoii of llio I'acln. for ii-i-ini" ut
to duty us po.?t iiuarteiuiaater at any polut whoro his
?01 vicea inav ba neede.l.
Major Aliuon 1'. It.Kkwell, qiiartor.na?t'r, baa been re
ttcved from dtitv in tb.s clty and ordered lo r.po'i 10
S. r-on to tbe Coiumunding (i noral Department of l>a
oia for asalgui.ient loduiy ln that departui-nt to .<
Beve Captain Jamaa M. Marshall, asalstai.t (piarter
xuaater, of hia praaaat duite. at hl 1'uul. Captain
llarahall will repnit to the lirpartment Counnauder for
aeaigninent to dutv as ipiartenuaster.
It la underslO',d thal the laeretory of tba Xavy has de
ebted ta order a court martlal for the tiial of 1'aymaster
tieueral fjiuith, l . b. X.
WAHins.iT.iN. Thursday, June 11, 1?8V
Accioe.tt on Wamiim.ton MuMUMknt.-II. K. Souderi.
ancmployeof tho United Statei Klcctric I.lght Com
Piiiiy, ti.ls luoi-ning fell fiom tbc ba.ulrail whleb sur
rounda tbo shatt to tbe floorlug. Illi loft arui waa
brukeii, aud Iii- slde and leg eevercly burt. 1 be j>,a, .? al
Wbl.-U bo waa workiug waa 3HO frct bigb, aud ha.l h.s
fallen ln auotberd.ro. tlon lie would buve ba-m preclpt
faaad tbat distancc down the sbaft. ?
Tu Uistki.k."ii: G'ivkiinmi nt M.inev.?Amoob anuni
bcr nf suggosttons made to tha Sec.etary of the Treasury
deiigued to prevent anv i.poti'lou of the reoent iiecula
ttonsal tbo Xaw (irleaus Kui.-Trea-ui y, la unn wbicb pro
r,Mstodlatrlbutotba Uovernmeut'e monayamong il.e
atiotial and State bauka. Tin. pluti refera only to Xew
orioai.s, altuough the pitrpoKC of ita oilglnatoi a se.uil
?ayconte.up.ate ita extensum to oth.-r aub-triasunei 11
H sbould oe adopted and prova aatlsfactory.
MkmorialStonks.?Flfty-three of the ?BMonal stones
for ilii M'aahlnglon Monuuicnt, wblcb bave for many
t?ara lieen atotad aw?y. bave been aolectcd to be placed
i tba i.iterior walls of tbe stiucture. The s lected sionei
are tnoao preicnted ky fortlgn eouutrtea, ih- suum and
Terriioriei. and Masoulc, I. O. O. F., and teinjierauce
anntiea They are to bo placed in tho walla between
tke lu Ighta of 100 and 240 fcet, and are to be cut dowu
kotMii .labsof four to elght Inohcs thickuoaa, and ln
aerted iu cuta made lu tbc walls lo tu U they will not
ffujccU _^^??
ffom The Elberton {Oa.) Leailer.
r No one woald Boapect ? iiliiin, block, nnpre
bHitioiM IklBB Mfgart pot aettlng lu a back yard over
Bin-e bricka of bavlng a hlai.uy. Hanfoid Colaou has In
anBa,.aainu and every.lay ua,.i h pot, to all apjiearano. a
Bot rcmarkable for anytblng .?ve Ita extraoiilmary
tbh kueas, whuae recoid ia intoiestlug and vouched for.
Bwaaeapturad froai tho Tories durlng the Kevoiutiou
ary war, hr Hauforxl's great-giaudfath. r nnc day, whlle
tke, wi re rooklug diniier. It baa come on dow n through
Buiiu iiuia laiui.iea of ColK'iis, und if we i.tay be allowod
a> propheay, tbe ouly tblng tbat will prevent It from
tolug on ibrougb fauiili.a of Colaona inuumerable will be
6.e fallore of tbe Colaona. not tb<- pot, to be f.u tbcouiiug.
ttoilitloaa wheu the Augel Gabilei truinpa tho doad ?ud
tbe great Mniaalt up tak.a place, Una ...uie pol will l.o
fcuui unwreeked amoiig tbe debri.. It i. a. ua?'.lcss a.
ttla intereaiing for tbo faiioilnl uian ti try togo back
b> tbe Geneaia of thlngs and try U> origloate tbls put. If
tbecreatoreverdid aay: ? Ut there bo a jait," aud tbore,
jroaa imt. ihianuu ut Just aa apt oa auolber to hvae
iaen tbo rot. _ _
sqvirreLh bi tue iirsuir,
iFromtht Iruthjul Jiatnlnutyf t'ia ) btmoerat.
'8o,uire Siiou-h, of Climux, haring lieen in
foriuod tuat a Dninerat reportcr bad oaptured and plu
ttnA liis notable " ftsh st.rv." ju ot.-ed.d to tell tbe
lluwiug rcmarkable oocurrence wlncli trauspired ioui?
|eai. ago, durlng his reoldcuco lu l'loi i.U. baal the
1 Gue day I uoaded a plaoe af hickory for a eart axle, I
and ahonlderin* my axe 1 weat t? tho bammocx ?ur
roundln* the lske wherc I eaneht my yo?nK ^u?;_" J? ??*
It. Wbllo In aeaich of a aultahle tree I oame aeroaa tbe
Umest poplar tree I ever b.iw. It ^bjffiff" SK
taii Bnilwitfaout a ttatb foc aoarty 100 Wtaito
groiiud. The atze of the tree ca.ised wo to eo BKBJ0 3B t.
BM. I diaeove.edtl.at ll waa apllt frou. tbe iaro'nd ?P
ahaalMMaty-BM toat, to a toigahaltow obeattbeeue
of a llour barrel-a clean amootli aplIt-Md I oot.i I that
tho a.clee of tiie tree would cot.tract &?Wj?"E
a man'a cheat <loes In tbe pro.-eaa of breagblBg-OBiy
ahorler-I knew by tl.ls that Mora WM somcihln^ Insldo
the tioo that had life. and fallinn to work with my axe
leoou c.t throiiifl. tbe thin abell ou twoaldeaan l tbe
tree fell; and. elr. 1 wish you culd have b.-.-n ti'r -
That tree, slr. waa clmrk fnll "f cat B.pilrrelt floin UIBI
bole to the croiui I. and a atcadv stre-.iin af /at aiiulrreia
aa bi* aa a flour barrel run oul at that holo for two lioura
BBd a halfl and I killc.d na nianv M I could tote oul oi
tho awaiup with a atlck. Kact. fir."
Tlli: VOVBT9.
Sabatoga. June 11.?The Court of Apnvalg
cnlendar for .Tune 11 Is na followa :
B oi 179, 230, 243, 214. Mtj 8-5,849,147.
?nrRKMF Oomrr. rataaama Botert Amirnwa. .r?voa
41 -..1.01.101. 108. 101. 160. 1"". IM. 188, -.o.T. ?.'-'-.-<i
178 S7H. 280, lul ?j-:::'<: 2*1. 2"?5 '-'?<,;- . .. .
si r.;rnK oi IU--I-HIM. Tbbm-I'abt i-iw-r.- Beaeh,
.!. Nee. 107?. 1317. 1071, 1981, 1218. 801. 0O7, 1226. !;"'.
1224' 858, ll.il. iw7. 1211. 1352. 1200. r_-.:i l.'S r.-s.
si pitKMF. coriu-rn? i ii t'.un U.-llefore\auIti.ini.
J- Nee. 1287. 1 !88, 1 '18. 12*8. . _ ,. . .
Sil'lilMK COIMIT?ITIUTTT?I'AUT I f - Iteforc \ Bll \ Ortl??'?
-Nos 202(1, 904H. 28<*J. 1174. 2 4. 200/1 8810 1 I'-1-. 4163.
8fi.Hl 8042, ?J.a.tiHj 2411,4037, 1419. 88*2,4829. 8954, .8,
?.'87. 1172 lilrtii. 668. . ,
sit-.ipmk tMo-UT-Oiiici'iT-PABT Ilf-Ilefore LawrfBce^.,
-Not. 440. 4.-.HS. 41- ?-. I !.->. 1110, aX'.'.. 4oM4. 4*|f7. 4448.
4W2,46M. 4688, 4645. 3808, 4855, 4 '?'?<>. 4:"L 3inti. 4la3.
St l'RKMt:COU!tT-(TIt,TTT l'AM IV.-Befure DOBObllA, J.
Koa 8217. 16 9 8810, 3828, 4104, 188*. 8815 8UI7. 892V
114 -? 802 .. 9 "40, 8801. :i'.i .7. :'.'.':i.t. 38 14, 80.0. 28811. 2604.
2611. 2408. 3074. 3078, 8977. _97tt H!'-". WWL 81MU 398.1.
8984.3087.3888,8880, 8881, 8088, 8833, 1899, 4ool,4<a>-.
?OBBOaATaa COfRT-Ilollina. H -Moll.m cab-udar cijled at
II ? in. wili ol Jiiuiet Thonipaon at 11 BBM WBIOIMBB
Slioa al 2 B m. .*.,,.,
sitkiikhi coukt-si'kciai. TKnu-Bcforc twagWaWt, <- J
s ,, ?? ,; .| .-.7 1 ; 217 290
tsurBHioRCoi'Rf-THiAi. Tiaa-PAM i ta f"r,,1FL,'0<,,,n2"
.1 -Xoa.2-'"4,2284, 7t!.?. 201, 807. 1048,1.1078,1088
1074. llH?. 11181. 001 103. ? , _. _,_?
si rKiiioRloiRr-TRiALTRitM-l'Ar.T It.-Before 0 .orman
KtTKRIOB t'-OCBT-Tltl M Tl:M-!'HiT rt^BetafO Illira
liani. ..-?..is 1176. 1320. lO'.s. 1082,2258. 1881, M-5. 10^7,
108 ,. li??:;. :l-. 111. lo-I!. ln-H.
COMMO.1, Plkab?KytTTt TEltM-neforo Allrn. J.-.^ot.
"commox Pi.rvs-!S|'ECial TRHM Before Vun Ummm.tr?
Nn itav raleiutar. _ - - ? - ,
Coaaoa plkas-triai. tubm-pari LI*T,Bf-,*,*..Vo*a-?i
-Noa. 1187,1100,1184, 108L 119* llad, 118A 18*?.M1,
CilY roi UT-TiilAl. Ti:nM.-PART I.-Before McA.Um. (J.
N,.s. 6048. 1503. 43J0, 40*il 5164, 6145, 4805. 4776. 4821.
4837. 6182. 5US, 6160. 1909, M98\ 5079. 4li:it). ..0J0. 46h.l.
I 11V OOU8T-TkialTkhm?Tart II. ? nefore n?u- .J?:*"*,
4800, 4MI5. 4026,4470. 4806, 60H5, ..Jl.l. ..!.(". .1 .'. ..1-.
878T 6088i 177'.,. 1034. 6144. 6181. 3780. 6931, *??!':..
tTTV (.OIBT-TBIALTKKM -l'Alll II l.-UofofO llroWnO. J.
Noa. :?>-.i. 4851, 6U82.9;i. 50.-. MM4. &048. 67.1.8118,
5:0s. 51ok. 44-3. 6233. .-.157. 8065. 6244, 8038. 5328. 5188.
IOIKI 08 HVPK AXI> IKIIM1XHI-Ilrloie \ au l.ulllt, J..
aadAaat. Diat. Altv. Kellowa. Nos. I, J. -
1 0VB1 oraurBBALBaeaioM i's.it i.-neforentiderBieece
J . bim! Aast. Diat. Attornrv Hi-dloi.L- Not. I. -'. '. 4, B, o, 1,
**?(. na cif (JiMitAi Kr.-ti.Ms-PMir H.-Beforo r.rci.l.-r
t-uiyth an.l ABsial. Diat. Altorney Nioll -Noa. i.
N1.w-Y.1HK. June 11.
There was ?oine talk at tho tddfM of the oil
market to-day of u reductioii in the thort lut.-rcst. Thero
areveryfew Indlcaliona that any covcrlnjt hat Iwen
doneexccpt by tbo floatln? bears, Juat a-s the re,. nt re
alizatlont ajij^ar to have bcou uiado by tboao tradr.n
wbo " acalp " for a lifc-ht prollt and are MghtMed at a
decilue of l cent. The atrocgljr entreoehed beara are
probably in their old BMltiOB and ?ill imt M dltturbl d
Lv any sli.Mll a.lvalir.-. If MCM of their 1 -epreacntatlxea
bouiiht toine certiilc.itea to-day, otheis ].tblf aold
more. TaedaaUagawerowitbiaaaudaatUaatta and tbo
-.M-culalloii liuiat bo atlll ealtod loral. LOWMI prucs
were n.ade In tbe BBOralBf. Latet 111 llie day raloet r..sc
toH<? from TIUb rcuts. au.: iin.l.-r a (..11 dl i;iee of MtirltJ
the 11,111 -kct tailed to Tleid l.cloW 79*4 cetlls. The close
waa lii m. urat.-r IM BlghMI than tbo lowcbt poInU of
tbe day.
TMraaga of prlcea and tho total dealingt at the Con
Bolldated IfUlbaBgB wcie as folloH a :
Openlna. 79^ ; I.oweat. TOJ?
Uleheat. 80 | llual.Ml
S.des. barrcla.t. .;'J.<mhi
daaraaoas, rewbtraai.?,.i.j-.ouo
Kctined oll waa uiichat.ted.
BnADioitii. peiin. Jiiue 11.? Natlonat Tranalt (ertin
ratea opened at 79'-aud c'osod at T'.lV lllfhcst |
79% ImbmI j'ii< c. 79'i. CIcarauccB, l.lT'.'.iMK) barrcla.
on. < itv. I'riiu.. June ll.?Crada OU Balea, 79
l.bla.; clearanre*. %J2MftOO bbia.; runa. ?;..,<.'?
iblpuieBla. PO-BflP bbla i rhartam W.09S hbla. PTatlonal
Trautit OertlflcBtea open d al 79- aad etoaad at 79%i
hlehctt prlce, 7970; toweat prt.., 7:".,.
DOatBBTl ' t ? i C : r*.
90OOa. IBM 11 Tltai <iulet: Weatem Hnperflne. ?3 25
e? .;,..? Kx.ra. M76M400 PataBI -|.nn< Waeet* li ?."<
?5 V.'.; I'aiei.t Vsli.ter Wkeat*. ?55oa>8>76. i ora quiet,
HlcB-nei Y?-ll..w. 600-1 Stisiu.fr Mn.-.l :..'. *?>?.. Woorade. .1/
.'.4^- oati str.iu- N .. l Whtta l6ei No. .' M'blte .
Hborta and atdiUaca ateadr- Prortaiont tteed* Botter
Wettci .' ,. on iv. i ? .? i --- i n si, :.o.! 1.4-1- -
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Yeatei.ijv. Iinlav Y.at.r.lav I.mI.iv
Allaaaa M*aa ? >
(aawi S
1 .1111111,-t I ll.cla 170
I 1 iiiauii. .
(J.iniiV. 8",
ii,..,l 11 .1
\\ nler I
l:,,.i,,i l/ui'l ... .4
A..V I u,. lal ,"a . I'il 4
l.sat. 111 It. II. Ui. IJJ .4 133*1
I.. K. ,v Pt M 7? llM
M.Y.st M. K. 7a I14*a lll"! *
A..V l"U. IU lt . 8 '- I .
kaaaaa s aJbaar 174 17.*?
I'.oaloli.v .M.llue 1784 |,B*|
Uiii.liu:. o ?/,?.. 1-t 131
Ua -.iu.*ii.'v. 10
Kaetern u. ll .. .'.14 f>2
nu.i.v ParaMar 114 104
i_ ii. a- f. 1. ?l
M X a ?> Ki,?r.i 184 lM"'?
(.1.1 I OlotlV 1"
Klmt lt I- M |,fl
Mei. . -. dI
? ? mi.ii
bo'd a< o|, '.,h>.j ;. .
Mr,,tai. (1, lit
Mi i?I, ... M4 ftl",
BaU lei |,lio,,p.. lna I;u4
Tllflia|,U-,.Iuil'< l! P. M.
The -tocU- apeeuliitb.l: t ilav |rTBBIB*BB BtOfBIBipf TtB
bleuppe.ua n. e ln tb .I 11 ana ,cl loiia at lluMui k l.v. llBBfTf
uinoiliitcl lo I".'.'.:i7H ahar-a; the aetlviiy, BBWOVar, WM
coulliied to ll.e Itiwl and la-t koUrial bu-n,.?... Il-i wecn
19 an.i 11 o'clock (he kaaJaiaa aaaaaatad ta .ri7.<?iMi
ahlirea, inid be! H.eii '_' BB I ?'! o'.locli to 00,000 iban . \
buMTtag for tl.e luteri.ii <li ?>..? Ilir.e liour- aai) '-'-'. 300
sharcs. iheae pomt- aja bBportaat, to aii arba BTBII BOt I
liMikers-on. for a clcat <?.Bfl ln n?!..n af tbe cliara. taraf
tlieday'a dcaliii',-*. Tl.e BfXBxlaaj waa BjawJl ut ll^nres
klrblf tbau lail . v.iiin ;'a cloalin; prlC"*, au.l il. UM llrtt
lioiirun ailva-iieof alxnt 4j BBVi.eut was cstabllahed.
I 1 lln - aiieceedllu' tllfie llollli nf .Illlll.'SI ll part <'f UM
aha.i ?. aTM MBt, Bad beforo 2 o'clock il h i.i becouie
. M'leuiihat If efl'-irU to 111.ike 11 funhr advanee Were
n.it uia.le llie whule ?'.iiu would bc wiia-il 011I bcfoie the
cloae by 11 shcer Indlapoailion tu trade or bold au I..;??.
e.lover iilxht. The alteruatlve tbat was so easily dls
ceruiblo by tbe caaual obscrvor probably wai tuoru
acutcly reallzod by tho wlro-pullera of the mar
kot. An ndvanco waa declded upon, and of It
duo notlce waa ttlven by a geueral aud toemlnjdy
apontaiieoiis wboop, that, hclnnlne In tho contrc of tho
bonrd riHiin, waa taken up and reverbcratod to Ita inott
rcmote rorner. Inatnntly onler upon order to buy ap
peatcd ln alinoat every atork. Extrerne dulneat aud
donly waa converted Into cxrltemmit If not confualon.
and brokera vlod wlth each otherln securinr. the variout
atorka at the hliciitat avallahle prlce. Rcsult?a genoral
advancc ln the last hour that lcavea tho tloalng prlcea
for the a.-tive atoeka at an aver.itrn fully % por oent
ahovc yeaterday'a rloslng prlcea. Pronilnent atnonxtt
IbagadM aro Northwestern wlth %. Contral and Hudaon
nnd Delawnro, I.arkawanna and wMMra oach wlth 1,
Laka shore wttt l U st. Paul wltn 1 %, Oinuhn preferred
with 1%, and Manltoha with I per cent. But Burllnirton
nnd tniinry nnd Uock laland each cloaod weak wlth '?
pcr cent d . llne. On Ita f.ice tho movcmeut aectned to
have no other baata thau that of the aame force that haa
ruade ao manyjuat auch apiBiiis iu the p.i4t. Bat after
the board thcro waa a rumor that a lar?o operator ou tho
" ahort " alde hecauanof phymcal diaal.llitloa would ho
rotnpelled to rlose hU Intoi-r-r, nnd that tho niiirkliiir up
of prlcea waa .lone m antlolp ition of that ovont, Bo far
aa we cau learu there WH no grotmid for tho rumor.
Northweatcrn Kalln.ail rcportt a loaa ln
earnliiKB of WMJBM cotnparod wlth tho
flrtt week of Juno In 18R4, and a
loaa of $.,1,700 eo.npared wlth tho week of 18w;i. 80
certaluly that ati>ck dki not advauco % l>er cent In tho
last hour hecaiiao of favorahlo earnitus. Hcreafter a
ainall aaJa for the N'orthwcatern will bo a heavy loaa,
haaaaaattwM after tbla ItaMta 1994 that Ba MiBlagg
frll oir from IfajBejVBf 91,500.000, aud Ita mlleaRO uow
la 197 aaftaa paataa thaa ta 1994 aad 320 milea greater
tban ta 1 SHT. Neverthele-s tbla aftcrnoori the easeni.-s-i
tobiiyth.it Htock at 91 for a few mlniitct (a half hour
earli.-r it hnl ln-. n beirKliiK buyera at ItOi-ji 68886841 10
hc aulllcleiit to aend It IglBg up Hoino two or three BM
cent. Tbla BBM B rlt.-.l ouly aa an cxamplo of the whole
markct, wblch cloaod excllcd but not atrong at the
A fiilr ainonnt of hualncaa waa done In Oovtrwuent
nnnda, and rbc niarket waa atrong. Blda for tho 3a and
4? wara advaucrd U per cent. Anncxedare tho clealng
(juoi.itlous :
tii.t ietT I Bid. Aak,
D.aV4%*lMt.ree i,-i\i 1.-'.! r. N.cnr.fla ISDI 138 .
r.K4V.H!M. eiiii lli\M2\ \ 0.0. ? ir. 8t 18H7 131.
t'.RH l:M7. rnr .iJl'.UJi, U. H. or. fla lx'J* 133% .
C.a is I..U7 con .I22v,i33i?! u.aear.oa 1884 iiii.
t'.M. il p-rennti.II .I In.si. UoL J.'l.'.i_lii 110
t'.e.cur.Ii Hi , .. I'.'-"* ... |
Htato bonda were dall wiih aatoa oalf ofTeaaeMaa
eoBiproojlac at 03% ufcity bauk atoeka rark told (20)
nt 1 IV
Tha iiuirket for raOwaf hoada ralai quirt and dull nn
tll lata in the efternoon, whM prtMa for the ipMalallM
kln.ls ailvan.e.l with IhoaB Ior aharca. Krlr aeeolid enn
koIh rut.-.l >it I7?h,/ I7>4. Imt i-l.me.l ut |H. BKaliial 471*
last avealag. WeatBhora Hrst 6a, after Ouctuatlone be
tween 93 <t aad 33%, in-.- to :tm?./:i:i'h. agalBal 83*4 jraa
lerdar. New-York, Cbtoaao aad 8L Loala tlrst *l? do
olll.rd 1 pcr cent to ?i7 ^4 atn! eti.lc.l at 09, Mi-aourl,
Kn.'H i? arni i bim ceaeral aa told down to 71 to. bol later
at 72 %3 73, nn.i tha leneral Ita,after adeeliaeof *4to
:.-'!. roaa t.. ami atoaad ai ghai. orogon 8h.,rt
l.lne lis fl in- ii j, t,, !?,"_. and Texat an.l PMlBC IBOOBIM
were 1 |nr cent blgber at 39,aad firaia, BloOraada
divl-loti, were up bj at 49% ' AlUllth! and 1'iielllr tiitta,
\, eetara dlvlalon, advancau 1 "n to 73. Qwada ?-outhern
Ireta roee % to 90*4, bat tha aacaada at o7v.j wcro 1%
li.wcr tll.in ihe la-i preYtOM IBle, Bt, LoaUB and Iron
M.miitain .'.< Brra Malef ut 7J%. reunaylvanla 4%1
were lli-iii ai 101 ^r 101 \. aad lentral an.l lludaou <-\
leii.ied debenture ??- mm at 109. Northweetern m
detienture .".s were up 14 at l.fs^, and liurliiiKton and
Qulucy debenture 5a w. re (thlgbaral 103% BaaBlhal
and HU Jo-.-ph Aa were la demaad at 117V Northcru
I'a. Itlr ll.its w.te.iea.ly at 104* 104%,
ihe fluhTrMtarT lo>dai loal m balaaM f^o.noi,
Btade uphy arniremy |OM Of 9420,420, leaaucolu naiu
L0.128. l*bo day'i operatlona MYBred: Ucceiptt,
8001,349; payuienta. 91,041,650; curr.-ury balante,
923,370,004 . eoln h.lau.-e. *1 |h.;(,.->,.177.
Tberc was nn , BBBM tn the uuiiiry market and It rulcd
at 1 per rent for <-ail loana.
Tbe Clearlng Honae atalaaieat tavdar waa aa followa:
I ? .-. - 1 UI3.3O0; halan.es, 94.034.107.
ihe l/nltcd Htatee rreaaarer at WaahlagtM to-day
rer< Iv.-il ?? .li-.o.Mi Nitlon.il liank BOtea for rede inptiou :
the eaatomi racelpta were 8346.405, aad taa tabaraal
ravenue reeeipta were ?? .7n,'.t7i>.
I he fin? i.-n eieh ia .. a WBM dall and ln the nbaenrc of
demaiid r ites were loarki .1 doWB 1 rent to tiie S. We
quotatloM for im in.si ta foilowa 1 Baakere'
liilla, 94 85 >? and rl B6?j f..r toag aad ahort Bterllnij
rpapoctlvcli . 5.20*j aad 5.10*4 for fraaesi 94bj aud
'..|"-ioi relebmarka: i<? aad 4VOH) for aulldera.
Tba roveruora .,r the It.mk ,.f Bnalaad at their r.-i-ilar
weckU me.-tiiii.' IO-da) .nide 110 rhaiifc lu the hank"
rniulrnum rat. ofd trountaadll remalBaat 2 i?-r ccuu
Durtna the ?>-. k th.- i.ink Balnad 1131^900 bullloa, and
tba proportlon of its reaervo to lt? Uabillttaa w^? rataed
frona 50% to51 1 Idagalaal 16% pea .-ent at tbla date
Uvtl r< ar. Tl.e ??.-:.1. tlaW u.ent ol the I'.ank of Praai a
tbowt gainaof 28.M02.000 ira. Wld and 1,133,000 fra,
tllrrr. Itlbe I..n -t.? k EiebaiiM BrltiM coaaolt
?,,,. iM hi ber atOOO-ldfor BwOob) aad 3>19 blghar al
int, L'uttedStalea bemtt were aieady at
125% for the t? nad 115% ior the 4%a. gBterlcaa raH
waya ireiirr .11. 'I.'.**'! aome advanesa oa reaterdajr'a
ee were oaljr fellowan aftM >c-t.-r
dar't bonia Biarhm, B?r aii\er waa l-16d. lilitber
Bt 40 8-164. per ouiice. At I'ails Kieiieh I BSf MBta
,i.-. iioad fmru --' -'". t" -j 12% ..-,-i ttabl aiabaafo ou
Loadn-B aaa atraiy al 1K V* % **" te ta ^
1 111 \...> ,".!? N.ntiiiw BjrtBBV.
1864, I88S
BaatbarefMlea. I ' 8.783
I- ll .t ?rrk II. I'l.-- ? 1181 14
Jau. ltoJuue7 .. .1 -<) 8,024,700
vii fl ai k.k *m. >..iiiiti aa,
n,.? ?. raf bmt ? iw'' '-"-'> '"''
.. . aio.Kia ?i".i?<4 ?:
J.,u 1 to Jir.e 7. I-..."HJ 118,588 3B0,a73
I: .. 111 -II li IM' III l-lll BO,
BaaaMref aattaa 136 I
, ,rai ?. k 10 la I 0 W ,077 824.0H2
Jbii 1 toJuii. 7 14X666 47",.lll U;u.7io
. tXADtAX . \. II IA
I ;-"i
urtt w.e? 11. Im - 811. 61s i>0 1 I
j.u. I le ' -
t- ri'.'.i'f. \N i-imv 1 vi, MABKBri
[aMDOB. JOBB 11 !'.'-<? I' B fOBtOlt 80 '?! ?1 f.ir money
Bli.l :.',.' foi lb< ?'. <.'. t'n'te.l -h:..K .nr I'.-r lenl I
1 , ?, rio i.'ir.ni ? 11.. t Per Ceai Boada, ii.-.'4 Atlaatte
tndiiretl .v.-t.-m Kirai H01 ?..*.' rrutteea* OertiBeatee,
, Hrron.l ?!>>: ':.:?.?? '-j *-11 ? ? !*."Cond I'ooaola. 4iAj
jlIm.>I4 1 . ii'ijI. ! .'o '. M. ll. oi "1 .liaarv. 144% Bt PBBl OBaV
iral. 84 4
4 p, ui. lUantlc ind..t Weatem Plrat \fortrait' rrna
i... fJartiScataa '.' .. Erle, IOi <!,. Hecond Ccuaolt 4^'4.
in,,, ,. . mtral I ? -' Paul ( o.u.
, New-Vork Onlra. ?<?'.. PeonayiYMla .-V
i lo- '.ail.,,. oi tti,. iiaak of f rg*flT* haa um rea led 6481 600
dailnt ibepaai ?>? >k . .,,.
11,- proportlon ol ii"- Bank of i ngl ind r.-".-r\.> to liabultr,
Whlch lait w.-.-k. ?a4 .'-i |.i cent, ia uow 61 l-lll
pet . enl
4 iu p in. I'.ar Ml\.-r l< i|iiot.-1 ... t'.l '? I - .1 pei OUBOe,
Ptria adYieea quote rbree Per cmi Robim at M2 fraaea
l?_? ij.-eiitiiin-s t..i in.-..... ual ind eichMge talaflMM ?t
.-. i ,.i, s jl i.ntiai.-s for rhecki
PAHia June 11.?Tba weekly afatemaiit ?f Ihe llank of
1-1,11..- tbowt aa increaae of 28,oa2,000 fr.uica iu gaM, aul
l.l.'.i.OOO flt.l. B 111 BlIYor.
I'i:\ni:i.- Of BBW VOBK DBaXIBOB.
Bla V.>kk, Juno 11.
Theii'iitliiicvofpriegg iBthe graia Duurkeig
wm dawawatd lodaT. TM oniy mw talaaaM to aaVat
tpeealattoa waa IM <;?>%. n.....ut erog repert, whtoh
-a.,. a "-laml-oll " for the hulls ami totfl in that It
ihowed a atui tam faadlti.>f tha aiat. t whaal arag
ihuTi ta tha previoiia reiiort, bat u Mtlooh for sprlBg
wbnatlfl hirii,?hiiet...t. MouraglBR, watEotMbad aabau
been expected. Prlcea were tbut left lobe inOuenced i,.v
ii,.- .-.is.- af the forelga roarteta aad tbe lach of eond
j.-nce now pri'vuiiiiiL- amoni Iredere. ii.eieweier.il
. wbeat .luruiL- theday't tradlng, but tbe eloee waa
weak at aboat tbe loweal prlcea, Jiim optlona, wblch
were r^tlu-r aegtoeti d. eeded onlr %lower at oo%eentai
ibeotber.tha docllned I^-'Hh <.teto9101%for
.i.iIt, iri 03% ror AuL-iist, *i 04% forSepteaiber,aud
|| 06% for Ootoher. A fair bualneet was
iione for asport iin.i.-t aaaier offerlnga, whlla tha
aiiioimt of roin taken was tllirhtly Binaller tban
for tbe laat few dara, Oorn cloaod % lowei al 53% (ot
June aud .,:t 'i fm July. off% for tugual al 94%, and
dowa% r.,i-.-. |,:, lui.ei at M%centa. Oate wereeaaler
Imt without tpeclal reature: ai :t-:?i June waa on U.
.Iiih aaded ..... l. .,?;-.I nt ll-s't and AojiiBt optlona w.oo
i4 , ent lower al 34%j eente. iu the rprorlaloa imarkata,
:,ii ended onli i c?Bl lower al tbeee ptieee; June,
60 77 ; July, 60 7.1 ; AUKlUt, T1' 88 , geBltBrtBTi Bl 99 ,
aud l.rt.I. 97 08 , ?
At N'e-.T-Yo.k. PhitadelpbW, RaltlrnoM ud Itoaton the
recelpfa ,,r uriin to-day were: Wbeat, 125.215 buebelBj
, ,. -, 103,422 buahelai oaU. 111.348 buahela; totalKTBIB,
H . --?. i.iisi,. is; ii.mi. i 1,450 barrela. Tba arrijalt ..i
C'hieaifo. Miiw.iukec .m.i si. l^eii-* aara: wbeat, l>l.i.ll
buabela: oorn. 212.857 buabclai oata, 128,210 butbcit;
total gralu, 405,987 butheti. Houi.i,;.7i:i hairola.
nn: nt\i>i: in OHICAOa
CHICAOO, JttOO 11 (N/oW.i/).-Tli.' Cov.'in
ment e-tiini.te on lh- ,-rop Bf wl.-iil. :i-.......h..,.?...
Iiitalicia, llieluolii,- 1 :>:{,11(1.1,1100 bll-hcla of tpriag, lia.li
t ,,.,rrow i -cii.-i-. thlt i.lug, Ial| ahaal hegan al
al.o.ll'.tOretiiB an.l k. pt 11.ei.-. while po.l. beirau ahoilt
lOeeoUtower, Tbeliellef preYalledtbal ?? Naf Joaes,
Beara, Melli bit, Roebe, ?? ri.i.k" 9/oik, of Baw-Yorh,
,,ad t"--ioi) - - ui- K.-iit. who iu. iMpaaaad tobara
Men barlng ttea lllj f.-.th ? batl.warogattlag - ? I
T,,e'.?... -I,.- ... !.. i -a- anuitatakably weak. Dan
w n ibroncb tba aame viclaaitadM m wbeat, aad
tpecaUUM t..iiii.. to tbla rareal aaa aalg Batdarata.
Bla ic'.-ii t.,.r bogaaad au uueertaluty Mtatha jrii,.w
f.-ier praapMl to tha baaib awaibiBM i" awaraai tha
pntl ?-! ? i. liiiirU.t. .lu-t heloie IM 6ta88
nlu-.it tn... ov-.l ,o ,i ??(?'. . uiiiorUlolnflueBM.pt a re?
port :ii..! coualdorabl - a.H:t< id been wld ln Kew
Vitrh i,,i .Apoi-i. Ibe rcccii.tt we:o 12d cara of abeet,
?jl....f i-.r.i i.inl i:.7of oaM. "I'lits/'la tulrht, ou Au
, :,,,..! ,?,. I; ain JOOMCroW.1
:.. have bo i| n . l.-.,; i >l ol tbeui. Towanl ib<;
, i., .;,,,. .n ih re wis -on.- Imyiuu hy Kamcrcr and
H%forAu uat.u d iuia.lt la preaumM, la fpr
,i?. .?... , i ., .. , ? ? anoiioiow.. ibe
tveraer. KrumMi. l/iulae meaworithal"Moae Pruiey
waadolug ail tbal M eouW lo b, lp boldthedguiva Ibere,
bui t ..i., aaoven ?here ,-,-., Ibe ?l .y was a bad.i no
holdcra. At 1 o'cWk tho .loae waa: .Imi- wbeat, 87%
eri't-; July.HOcinU; Jiim oorn, 17% eeatai Julv 40%
i June pork, *10 10; July. *10 17?e; June lai.i.
f.\ 17%: July. 9*152% . . .
SVboattold ol! lu i.ift.Th.ion and r..,-<?,! weak an.l
illal.y at -? 'l -.1- IttT JUl] BOd 11 .?'?? elils for Aili.ll -I.
r... .ii-rliu ? ii? an \c-t- r.i. ba l%tol%ieut*
i .o i waa Botblng >u--v l" corn, Krorielouawere a tbaui
?ireatei and Ibere ?h -i better deinniid. At xiao
o'.io k ihe <h,.o was ?'Z'j MBta for June wb.-ii' aud
. .int Ior Julrt 47*4 i-euli for JuneMrnaud 10%
c> uia f..r JalglflOSW lof Jum I'-.k aud 910 - I ?'?'
Jul) j Bo 10 loi Jauc UrJ a?d *b o."> Ior July.
Ptr Xorth Riter, VeueU ani RaUrot1$.
New-York. June 11. 18^5.
IVawax. nks. ll M.lt. ou.b... 137T74 Heef. pkx*... 179
llroom corn, jUreaie, pk(? 141 Culmeala,pln l.ttld
bales, . 47 Uraas soel, ,l..u,i.tca. 3,435
C'ottJti, ntlsi 7 har..?. 4;m.ard.kers... 725
Copoer, bbl.a. 45 Jlldes, No ... 33<>! Butter. p??? 5.915
I) fruit, aaa. IH Hides, . i ?< llcheese. ,,itKi 8,884
K?<, u? m.. 4JM flopa.oabMk. l9k|Baaar. kbta.. 30
K.oiir.ohls. . 12. lu:. IaiiIiit. a U 11,6X5 Tsllow.,?{ f 4 64
Cmeal. bbls. 1.017 OilcaX.\ nic*. 200 Tow. bales . 215
witrat.oush 9:>,42:> Oleo. slock ITobacco. li 11 443
Cnrn.oush.. fu,.)5-< pk^s . 307 r.ifucco.pk? 2o7
Oata, ou.ah. 79,8001 Peanata. Os*l 0.", W'hiaaer.bh* 501
Bye. busii... (i2Ull'ork.pkxs ... 352i w'ooi. Itaiav. 9J
New-Yoiik. Juno 11. 183.1.
fOFFKF.-Rpni Tdo dull and eosler at 84;.for Falr. sa'ei
of ".75 bairs e\ "Am.r" on pnvate ter na. outlons "> to 10
pointa lowor, owlnst to aa locvcaae of the recelplsaf Rn, de
Jaaetra to ll.OOo baxa. . dacllno lu e\chaii)re ttierc. aud a
iii c,uie of 4f. id H.ivre. Aibatkle bousht i.Oimi Auyusl.
Scoit aolrt 6,000 Aumai Wollf * 8e!i?aUerf sold.->.000 lor
O. tober to Deceuiber. shnrta cnrered; the luiyunc waa
prftty wtll scattere.!. Bales of 31,5u.i naxs. clnslDK weak ai
fnlloM.: Jntir. II au,,,;,..-, , Julr. 8 I ' I ?> B6 : Aiiaual, 6 '....'j.
? :.!?".; Heptetnl.cr, i: ',",-; 7."d . OCtober, 7.05?7.10; Xovim
ber. 7.1lltf7.l.'i Deeember. 7.1BB780. Mild irrjil,?-. in
BMBaraM drmatirf. salea 660 kaaa ("ita l;,.-i. .'(0 pkgv
.laiu.ica. dO.iplciil. Padaag ll " Bertha," ao.l tii)0 tuats fr.e
Miiieai r i ex do. on i rirate teruis.
roTTo.N - p< ,t. oitou was leaa active and qnntntlona were
revise.l. Saleaof I lnnbalea ti". 1 steverlnv . in< ui.iln.' 1110
fur export, uuii 1,096 for iptantng: dehvered on eoatraet.
8.5(8) bales. Xew-Oricaiis. llnlf ..ud T ex.ia COttona leiluced
1.149: l.'planoa uiicbauxed ihe iltfference betweuu L'planus
and (irlaans, oulf and lexaaisuow v.
Tba <|ii..tat,oii* uc-urding- to tlie Amerlcan classlflcatlon
uru a* lollows:
Cplanils. and (iuli. Tcxae.
Ordlntrv. 8'is H"i? 8'is
strlrtordlnarv. xT? 9 9
Ooort ordinarv. 9"is 9'?,s 9'*,,
Mnrtiioodordlnary.'.<?'is l0,,l* l'Mii
Lowbtlddlioj.Ki*. 104 104
Und l.?w .MiddlluK.10',? l(?irt? 10",?
Mul.llitx .lOllia 101:,is 10i?i?
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Kine ' $2 256)66 35, l.ttor for Cholcu Wlnt.r
Wheat QuottlKMa-Ftaa ll 0335?639!?; Hnperrtne,
63 iK.'iMS 80, Kxtra Xo. 2, f.i ua*4iMi: oood to Fancy
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I ,.,', i?br. ?! K.U'aafl l"'-.'. cbisitia t*;<)9 4. do. for J .n
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aed 1986-100,241.8 Jbaxb ihowlnx a d, cr.a*?? of 113.896
Iniah KVl. I>)'ll WostrrnondCanada, 74?.?c. htatj
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Mlxed Westero, 4i??42c; SVbite do. I2&45c.i WbHe (uu,
, .,, 3 Mlxrdlor Juneoomlaalat S4I4C.; .1.1. t.? July,
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i ? i'.i.i.iiii.M-. au r. iiiid ???:?. 7. i>7j 4c.. ?(.
m. 7.'?-i'c., 100 m. avaOOoa >u*jpa, Ma.a>9190. Rye
fr.d. 66a.
guatillty of (irainou paasage Jnue 11, I9H
B/baaa, Maire.
Tnrnited Klnxdom. ^MS 8?vSo
ToCostUMBl. _ll___ '"'
T,,,ai ?r, . 8,120.000 :i'.'..iK.O
;.,;.Mi J..ahi'::::::..a 1.000.000 3.100.00..
9aak.ear.aata, \BU.21.040,000 3,320.000
1 ninpared With i>leviiiil. iv.oX:
Tol'iiiteilKliiiiloai . 3.021.iM)0 3.0.000
ToCootlaaal. 990,000 ^
T?..| nra . 8.803.000 4th
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phlladelpbla, a iirin-i- bark, 1,099 .bbls n
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8.^0 bbfaoranVail 2i i'.-.. WrtTf SMIB. fceaeea.a
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henee, ..'ba. k ? .11. IubiIm r.. oM oll a,.d aanafaj rarco prlvate
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roi i khi. \.m. ii.-ii. e, -i.uii. 14.01 ii i.tnii. arala, 14c ....
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PROVI810NB-PORK Iticrc was daataedlr more llfe to
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ln l.nr.r-' favor. Halea. !'-.', bbls. Meaa, 91 ? - ?M1 5 lst
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ciioied .V#1800*81860foroldand819006X1 new.I'UT
M.-AIS Are wuiil.d iiio'li'ial-lv and biu.K very "te.t.lv
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liBiua '.i* '4'. UM) Pickled Should.rs. i-\n> c-, 12 1)11 btad
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shonldera :?'**??? I'leklafl Haaia.?4a9*se.i hmokt-d Hama. 10
,/lu'.a' .'. Mll)l>l.l> DOII aml .1 ciiiiin la.ll* I le.r ln
NawVork nnoted 54c fur Weetern dellverri l*mf ctaar,
Mii, . Hhorl . lear. ^700 DKKSHKH HOOH^ Ihaibl
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i'i ,ii." Il.iliie.l . oi,t:ii,'ii qnotad a.860.1 suiith Amerlcan,
10*7 45c .IIUTTI'.K?Tba n .rket is unchaiije.!, rulu.f
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tinil.cr ?f;"M min a "''.' ' ? -I''- B4*)iJ>C| Kklius, 1*1 4c;
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54c. Balea,AO,< ou m. >4?-. . . . ,
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to I'rtme ?ellbu at Ha'.ic. aad ( hoi.-o at 8V*0la0. A Uttle
Texan lleef BOlddown l?6^j'/7o.
Hhipmentt to-d.y Include u 1; quirtert of Beef and 800
carraaaoi of M.utoii to i:,e eity of cheater bjr Joteph
1- ..sliii .11, aud the Mjiuln aud A4s-.r1.1u M.march are ltdM
wltb 77U Uve Cattle for NrlBon Moma. Ihe Assvriau M'ib
arch wlll takeitbout t'.Ni quait. rs of Preaaed l:.-uf turHwifk
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1 ".'???:. ts-.-s o .\f.itii m 'ui- J. raatnian Ihe orlnocoalM
tukeaoul to Hen.iiidu Live Cattle an.l 10 I.-vc -hcep.
? '.VI.VI 6 HeeeintB were 1.225 bead. moatly an,0th tt De.
nitml iio.nl and 111 uk.-t tteady for Vealt, rloaiiur dr.u. itutrer.
nd.ka wcrc a t.llle weak. Veela told ai 5a , \c for Ilecent to
( hnire af.-w l-xira ?i -.\--..Ki Mixed l.u.i told tt 4<rj'*e,
and iiiitteruiiika at :t'-jrz .-34C.
Drea-ed ( tlvet contlnue ln cood dem.iud. and prlcea aM
flrm P .or t<> l iiiiik Cirv DreBae.i V'eala aold at 7r/"r, afew
? h-.i. e roinir tousr Country Dreaoit told at ~'a>H^it, aad
aalca were r i-.u um aa tiu-h d? Dc UrcBBO.t lliilli raiiikn were
quotrdat 1 6-7c
M.ies -I'nn.B A Mallen aold: "1 Vrala. 1.15 rb, at 6\?s 81
do. 150 IV at lio. ?.'...t., i-js m, Bt.f% , ?...!.. .. ,,r-c . 10s m, al
.'.-: -0 Buttennllke, 171 tb, at ??',.? aud 47 d?. 1:12 ?. at
83 6
Diiienbnck * DewerceMi aovaala, 161 m.atci^ci n-jdo.
144 Iti tt Oc: 19 do 1C tf,. at 6%l. ? Ked do. 201 tt>, at 5c, and
12 -Mix.-u calvei". 139 tt>, at 4c.
11 ,l-?.i.herk A llHViaxold: I 1 V.-a!a. ll.V/ 17n m. -it iii?,i (iVa-.
?!?'.:? lot tb. al. 60 <i- laitti iniiiks 192 fb.at ?3 60. and 74
do. 1 | I!,, at *:i 66,
lell.tte. Wrl?bt. Iloag A Co. told 31)2 Vealt. 153 A, tt
Kga A Otla toldi 48 Veait. 163 fh at (ir; 36 do. 137 ?. at
fiV aud 7 Mixed ctlvea, 127 m, at 5>?e, 2 Jrra.-y Vealt, 119
tt). al - <?- 11 do. 14!) m, .if. ',.
(.. (oliina: -".'.U-ik.-v Veala, Uio? -*':o m. at Vja'iV.
Mli:i.rANIl lAM;>-::iri-|,H w.-r, 44 cara of 10.147
heM?84 earaat Jeraey Cltyaad 9cara al Mta-ei and 1 ..ar
at Waahin/tou Mtrket Total for Hvo daya. 30.22H head,
oiraiuat 23 .10 head forthaaaiiieM-uc la*i wrek. I he ilem nd
wta active tl aui to-.I iv f.,r 1 o;h ? beep i,n-t Limhe. and wlule
j.n. tt -iiow but lutic ei anftetbera w;.a 1 weekar fwiiiKf. wlJk
tatea tn a.eiie raa<-a lir? l.'.r lower The 1 ena. howBYar, were
wcll clearrd befur>? noon. A few liunr.hr? of Jnaer Kwee
Iparl woeted and part cilpp.d. told al , Ki-. c. for Poor U?
'ooi. Beictwl iiifi-rior le riioice Blieep were al IM raugeof
83 !.o./ a-:, .; j. a 1.1 of Com.non Yearhnaa ?o'd al M.
1.11 1 trt of \ ncii.M I.au.'.s were on the markct aod aold at
th.-extremeaof S'^i/HV, will- niostnf tM snh>' ai 7 Vi* '^e
fi-r : ..ir 10 ....ou. Twodeckaor Marvlau.ta hnnulit '.'c- IM
4.10 he id of lerseva in to-,lny r.inc-i lu pnte from M to ltatO
for Or.linary to I'r -,..-. 1 boxe und BXtre s.-h-rted te.Ilu^ ln B
tcw 1 aart al 9 ', a : 11 >?r.
Drca-.-d Mnti u ui kood dcniand nnd at.-ady tt HHr'dVJitO,
tml I re,-.-.t I. ,.,i,o s ii-11, h '.ili.y at 10" ' '
saiea.?Judd A Huckbift-baui: 21Hl)lilo -h'ep. 104 8). tl
5I4C HIO do. -H tt), at ?4 "0. 249do, 8 ' fh. tt *l B.h 14 Jonef
ItW(-s -:trn.,ii4-; 4 Jcracy Laniba, 42 tB.atHc: 113 Vlridiiia
Latntis, ?..*. B, ..l 1V 108de, 51 tb al i\t,
J. I. f-ad.i-i- A Co: 2 'H ohlo >heep, h5 fh, ,-it $1 80; 219 do,
Sl m.tt i'V. 2'odo, 71 IS. nt IH.r; .'_*0(lo. 7!t If). at 4^c: 207
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do. 75 i'.. nt le. 42 Vtralnla l...,,hs 54 tb. ?l 7-1,.-. 104 do. 67
16. at b-c 0(1 do. 57 It). ?t 8c 28 Oln . do. 47 It.. ai 7M -.
J N. 1'i.leock : 366 M..ryiaud LauH.a. 5.1 t?. ti Oc ; 546
Virjilnli <lo, 51 m. at >?4C . 69 do. 57 IV at Si,c 1 tM do. 58 Sl
tt8%0: 2.i:ido, :,5 to. tt 60 : 101 do p'Bir. :,.) m, at de; 10B
do. 1 - tb, at 534C i 20 Maiyland Rwea. 94 tl>. at 41-ie; 8 VTr.
fc'i.i a do, - ir.. at le. 27u ntuo -i...,,. 70 m. at$4 10: 2.V. dn,
-'? m, at $4 60. iltl ii... -.< m. al 8. 7 > 471 do. 91 lb. al M 86;
1:0(10.87 It,. at +1 90; IIII do, Ml fb.at 5c , 216 do, 96 ffi. M
:.c 12360.101 m, tt 5'4C
MawtendQtUeii ?;.; virrinit i.tmi-a. stlb. attai ":9 do,
51 n,. at 7 V ; 168 Kaaaaa shu-p. 114 tb. at 44 70 ; 217 Oble
do, -4 I!,, at 434c ; 2:il do. -., tb. at i',o; 280 -lo, 89 lb, al
8t 4o ; hi 1. . . - do. 75 m. al 4 ',c.
P. s. Kaaei -? Jei-B?v La, ,i... ,,i m. tt 9.4c 1 20 do, 57 *>,
at I'^c , 1034b, <;2 fb.at f3%c ; 15 do, 72 tft.ati-V; 11 Jeraer
Bwsa part un?ho:n> 12J lb. al 5ej I liixka. IS.' m. at 4c : 246
\'irv lifa l.a'in-a. ao tb. .it 7'vc ; 13: do, 52 16, tt 7%8| 86 do
51 tb. ,t l\r.
II .nn. A Mullen : 207 Obio shcep, 89 tb, tt 5c ; 414 do, 90
tb. at 4 7M>.
11 li, tn..-. k ,t 1 avii- |g] state Khcep, ipoor)6:t 16, at4e:
t-0 ('o..mon Yca: liu.-t. 47 fb. at 5c
1 . C illina: 17 Jeraey I^inl-a. 51 ffi, at Ue ; 19 Delawaro do,
CO lb. ut7i-jc.
J. ?. Rlclianlain A Co. 88 Jeraey f-a.u'.t, 5:1 fb. at9c.
(i. (ilivc, * < a,36Jeraey shc.-p.S4 lb. tl *i 6."ac.
W. Apideeet, ."J Jeraey l...oibs. 6 fb. tt 9?|S 10%
I-.vei ett .t ' o , 13 Jer?ey I, unba. 55 tb. tt '.<U ,0c.
Jellltlo, Wrtajl.t, Hoa* A Co . 29 Jnxey l.a ?ln. .-.-. fb.at 9?*e
1*4 tia: 80 Jeraey kwc* p.Hin7i lb. at 8%ai 5 Delar
ware I.ambt, 611 fbt, at >c : 11 do, 41 tb. tt 7%a
lKxis ?Krr.-ipta aere 13 cara of 1.665 bra 1 9cara at 40th.
-r. aad - cara at Jeraey City. 1 otai ior live daya ' 2.024 head
n^alnat '*,,7' 6 t.ead for the a.vne tnio laat w.i-k. Noua for
laletllve. Mtraet Domlnally ateadv at f 1 1090466.
Couutry Drr-BBed uouiiu.dly atrailyal Oa-OHjc for Medium,
tud 7c Ior l.ight.
CHirAOO. tnne 11.? TtU r>f>*'rt Joumal reiK.rta Oitttf?
Her. ii'iB. . 4" ' '..-.ui Hhinmenta '.'.100 actd niarket atrortl
Ezporta.*'? '..'?' 16 70-. Oowt tnd Mixed. rJ26a4l ??>? Mt-ict
era. *.j 40e?*.i 0 .. Feedera. ?3 10./*:> >5; Texaoa, 8J90#
64 26.
jIouj?IteceiBta. 35,000. sblpnionta. I.6OO1 market lowerj,
Itoiifh Miieo B3809M80: Phckiii/ ami >an.y.'n. *.( 8u#
i-1 no. l.ticbt. $ . 9',?*l '-">. --k.il>*. r! 00*44 (io.
iV/ia^ir-- ttete.pta. 1.500 bead Obipmanta. 600 ""ad- mtrke*
Ita <lv tufenor $250**:* 75, Mmiiu.u. ?A 50a>$400. Uood,
84 30 Cboito. 44 80.
bt. LotflB June ll.-ca?K-S"CBiota. 1.300: ihipmente
liooo, inaikei nnn aaperta. *5 U^^*-. 7i, Uood w Ciotoe
StniH-iui?, *t 8.-,<t*5(i'.i f.ur to M.iiiU'u. ?., 2 11*i 1 '.:*,
lesaut. 41 2'ia?4iH).
fffteiB llltMJII 1.700- thinmenu. BgOi conmio 'o tft>
ciuiii.t- ?.'i^?.' :;?; FairwOaooio. l 1 :'*? <>0.
Hoyi-Keccinta 8..'(Kl- tbioiuonts. 6.10O Udbtt 83 80?
84..... PaekiaB.M66aM86 Heavr. 83 -,j-i o
BrrFtii). luno U.?QtrWt Beottut t<>-iiiT 255 neat total
f,i WSM taua tar. 4.1MBeaa ior nu- U neitit waaK. 8.7,81
h>>a.| conaianeo ibr.UKii. 172 cara. ruartet dulb
Oood ti on.iieo Stjer*. SJ.'iO^J.l i5; Stojk'M aul t'-.-etert,
63 50at4 iKi.
shf,n- li.-. Bipta tc.dtv 8,800 h?M total f>r we?k ihut far
1 00 i.a.i. to* aaiii- tt '. un wou 12.i)iH)i.eal . >'4i<ned
throuch. 13 oan oiaj-Bei lower and dil.i- Me.tium (O
Qoed, M85aa4 20i ooibI to CbMia 6416044 64, Huilag
. |7 00,
/,-,;. RecetBta I06M i.'-'Oo tisj.v toul for weea^'mtftr
J-'.kbi h.-a.l for an.. ii a* ?>! a ??; 1 ?.'?<)*? BM coa
itsned throiiirli lo-* cait. ot wl.k-h 2 to New-Yurki tnarkat
milet Meumni 10 Ktlr Yoik-ir*. 64 40*84 J0 .?o?)d W
Choice. 84 lo<f 120; Uufciie. ? >..< t-<. HIXT.-4 20. Plta,
8-1 Mu%\ 6').
COTTOX M\RKi:ii-lll IKI. M il \i*II.
Mvkbpcol, June 1I.?12.-30 p. m - Coitou af- o-i;. MT.ldlloc
Upianda, 6 i.j-i-'.i. >.<n. Mi.i .111114 Orleaaa. 5VL *aJ"* ivhhJ
balea.bxclndiacl.oO0 hatei lor ipecnlatloa oad axaarb n>
. . i;.t? 1.. 00'..i.es iiicbnliin.'VimI i.tlea Aiinncaii. Viiluroe
ilinl; IJpland. Low Mi.t.lliiiff 1 l.i'n-. June .111.1 Juiv deliv.-ry,
:, t." 646 : il" fuly BBd Au/uat debverv. 5 5 : i-4,l.; do. a!.?
5 .-..I.t.: Anaaal and >.'| t-'iiiliir .leliv.rv. '.',7-',4d : al.i) 6
.-.iM'.t.l ,- do >? plen.l.er au,! 11. I..;..'. deiiverv. 5 5U(41..olM
? io i..', ,in:i,-raadJanuarydeUvery, 6 42Ji4d
'.' p. m.?Coitou?Thena.e* uf tbo day luelu.lcd i.-Oo halea
Ali.einan Kuture.a dull; l piau.ls. 1ai\\ Jl.ddliux clauso,
Juiied.-.lverv. .', ih-04.1. Mlers; do. June a.i 1 Julv oeiiwry,
1. ,,'iii-: ,?>. July aad Ainrust deliverv. .', ..J-Old.
seHeis; >to. Aiiiiu.at aud bepterub-i delivery, 5 5.-.'id.
sellrrs; do. 8epteu>ber and Octobei 64d. oallsaaj
ii,. . 1, lobei an.i Xov.-tiiiii'i delivery, '. 144140. aaib r*: do la.
Te.i.li. ;? Jli'l l'. C.'.lll.er dellMTV. ."> 124140 ? ...Ii, ,10. l>HoeM>
ber aaa JonaarvdeUven i ^i Mltarai ao. Jauaary and
Peoruary '?? bvery, ."> 14-040. seli. :s.
Uood Btddiinx Cptaada, 6 I .ldu.; Midollux I'plaada. 6 19
.!..!; I ov? MiddllUK I'pUu.ta, .'. l.-liaL; (..aj?l i.r.iiuary Up
l inta, .. '.. 1 .1 . ? I.I Iiaiy I'p.?,,'... ij.'.-l'd.: iomkI Mnliliiiuf
Taxoi "... Mi.lliiu lexas, .:-d, I ow M..ldlin< T'exas, .'>VC
OoodOrdJa ryTaxae, 5 11164; ortiniry lexas. 6 7-ltali
m ? ?! n?orieana, 541L; l.ow Mi.i.uiinr orieaaa, 68. oood
ordiiiarii-'ira aas.'. ll-U'd. Ordiaary orlean., ? 7 : .1.
4 p. iu.?Cnttoil-Kiltuti a i??,.,. | ar ? i,f I'ulaii.'s L)W Mldd
lins ciaase. Juuu deUv.ry. S 1 ?? I I. b ,.'. ? ra: 1... June anB
July ucliverv. 5 l>-(jad islleia do Julv uiet Auinist drbv.ir.
5 51...4.I vi.lue.do Augiist and Beptembei OeUvelT. ?> 55
.....l. lelleri; do. septe.iiitr and Octcbei leUvety B al'i4d.
bo, uetobai aad Storembei dellvery. 6 . i .,4.1. s.-iierai
oo Novt-i'iut aad Decamber debvary, > 41 i;u. buyrs. do.
Decciuoeraiai Janaaiy debfery. I 1 dtiI. buy.-rs, <:o. Jano.
aiy ,i ,1 1 'I'liiav d? i.M'i-y, > .'...,1 raiae.
OAi.\xii''a, Jim. I I.?(.ou..,. ,|,,..-i. Mlddllojc. lu'ld, Ix>w
Middiiue, io l-i.i.<i.Hid urdlaarr, u i3 .... ue aud <roM
receiptl n .t r- p'.r'S.I. ..i! a I.i na,,-*; iloek. 4.lfu lules.
.-<?'. s.INAU. Ju.ie I 1? Cotlon iiillel. .Middiiax. 10 4. LoW
MiiidliiiK, I0*a "ood Ordluarr. 9 y uut audxrois receipta,
rteOi stoca. 2.1..9 balaa,
NKvv.o.ii.hA.si. June 11 ?Cottondalb -ii.tdiiav.lOi.: Low
Mi.'.diiiiir lOi itood ordinarv a-y aai raoauyta, 4i bo.eay
Iji.'-i ExportaM Kr*aco. :,,,j4 Oales. Bales. 6047
Salaai -(u?;?, 'jj.do.i baies.
l.lvK.nr',0!.. June ll.-Provisi-iua -Uarou Cuuiberland Cnl
Sll ' d. Loin.' Clcar Mlddlet. J't. 64.1 -airi Cl'ar .Middlaa
2M. od isbort Kiba, J4? dd| abouJtlari,3Je. ot. porcat,
Itecf?l'""t. ud. for Rxtra lud.au BTeaa evi aa don. 86a >il.
Pork- Prin.e meea,6Ja. o>i. per Bat' I'rirnt) Beta. gaiter%
i;;'b w.st.'u, ,2a Lard? tmartean, 9ai. od-i Prui* \V*t8.
eru 3 a. M.; latrd Oil. J.'.t. "d llani-Lonf C it. tla. d-Li
Bbouldera. 80a. 3d. llutiur. 72a <Jd. p*r cwt. f-ir oaeet L'-nted
MaU'B. Clieete-Aiuenran Cho.ce, 3,a. 0 1. VVLeat-ttad
Wetlem -miiib. Ob. .".l.tf-7.1 Id.i ilc.t WUTier, 7b od.<#7? id.
neroeutal So .' -si.rlua.7a. 4d.. New Wfettera A'luter, 7a. id.
Sew M.i.o Wealern, 4t. U'?id.i CuUfo.iHJ, No. 1, 7a. .?L?
7l .d. tahtoruia No. .'. .ia. tid. uait. Ntt. Ber.?<if.il. I'rodeee
-soiiil.' Ol I'uii.entlne. ..'-i 0d ,|0 ? L-.u lun. i ?< (Kl. par
cwt.. Reflotd Peiroleom. 6 6-lftd. per gelloa; Clevaf sert-?
Aiuerlran Ited, 48a. |ici cwt, T.i.io.. -8iB,6d |i-r .-wt. Ko4.a
-Comnion. 3a. Vgd; Pale. lli.o.l.c.ii. 0 1. l.iuaoolOIL 2'4a>
Loaooa. Jbm 1L?Pradaei FMaaM ou.gJt >s <*?2i 15a
per i"u. uaiMtta .auwd, ids. Id. per aaartar: Uuim4
Cake. Jt7 La a?,<i Oa. par lo... Ileduei I'oti-.i.vi u. .rt-4>
,.?.!. m-r gallOBi 8|iirlta ot lurn'iiuaa, BJa 96. jji cwt;
sp.-nnoii, iJ-ipenoa. Roau?Ceaiaea, Ba 7?t. ai*. u-u
Pale tfa-wlla Pr.?visioin-i.ir,i tit, ->i. ?>).? twt, (ir
Au.'-r ia;i. 8agar, 18* 3d. pcr cwt. for (.'.ii ".'.iti-if iftl
poktntlDfUd'Taad 168. t>d.<*Ua. lv?r (Jaai l n inaljlUC
i atltuBi atloai.
cnAnt.r.BTos Jbm 11.?TaipeotlM grat al 14a
Ma.annaiI Juue 11. -Tur|Kntl.ie atcady at 48%
NSii.jiim.ion. juue ll.-1'uipi-uliui: 11.... al J3c.
Poisoned by Scrofula
Thetatnt of tcrofula In the blood thonld be not rld of M
BcrloiiBcoua^.iuiucea may rewult. Contunipfloo lt undoobt
odly aciofnla of tbe luuia, and ln Itt early eiagea may M
oiirtil by purtfylnj tbe blood aud buildiua up tbo aytteaa.
Kor thlt llood't >ars..|i.n .Ha ia uiie.pialled It alto . urea
B.TotuIa wbnut tppearn ii, He-forui of riiiin n( aoret, BaaWt
him a. t ln lie neck. e ttarrb or lu au.v otUei i.iaiin.r Wblle
lt i u? i? < ? Hood'a sarstpanlla alao t italucs aud curichet LM
" I havo been taklnj llood't Kartaptrilla for ah.xit UirM
Dioutht Ue.'oie that tnue uiy bhort waa in t tetrtblecondl.
tlon. After uaiuf lt far aba.it ono uiuuth nijLJtiipetlie waa
i,.-i u i and my k< in ral beultb greatly liuprove.l. For a taedl*
r; in- tt K00<1 at 11 o. d 4 8 .ir ttpanlla too iiiurb c.innot be tald."
L. L. I.IXHKY, B.iKbee Iloute. ruinaiu, C4.
" I have been troublod wttb tcrofula for threc yrart, htviag
runntnjr aoret on niy lex After tatlng one bottlo of Hood'a
^aitaparllla I tui fetuiif we.l reptdly."
ABA KI.UKI.. ."4011th Bead. Ind.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
hy ail druftiaM. 811 tlx for $5. P.eptrtd only I
K>0 A CO., Apoihecarla*, l-owell, M.iaa.
100 Doses OneOollar
\J eiiU-COWPKHTHSVAlT. 153. 155. 157. 160, 161, 1?8,
lo . . h ttbtui-tt.. New-York, between . b ,ib*ui -su.aaro Kle>
TBtedBlatl.B ..udCity II..11. oi rntiaoce lincklyu Brtdge.
uioi icaonablo ciodlt. Katai.lltl.ed lou7. Furnlture,
carpett. beddlnf, atovea, refrlgeiatora. *C_
tyelp COantci.
WANTED.?Ojwrators rhieiiy for poaingp
mutt be artv-cUtt; aead tamplo aud at ite taltry ex?
pected. s.Kii. ia v. HANftOLU, Pimlofrapner, 514 Markef*!
tt., 1'Ittahurp-. Pa._1
YVANTKD.-A respectable offlcei boy; muaf
tl be brlaht tndcoina wtil recoumteadod. AiUtroee
?Ml.U'JilAtNTB," t. O. J44M, 183J.

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