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OrFTre FrKKiTrttE
In Great Vorictv, njunufactured by
T. o.'Bkllxw,
111 Fullon.t. XewYork.
Eeaks, Libraiy Toble.. Ae,
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aautatnluf relereucei. Addresi^ ^^ 9g/mfM,
41 Weat BBBbam, Xew-York.
roslagt free BJ Uu Vnitrd SUtte*.
1 Year. ti Montbi. SMonth*.
Mally.wltbSTinrtav . fftM ?*? *? i?
Swlly. witlioutsunday. ~"0 aw * ??
?*k"V"T Bfel XnVe. MonVv Oldet or *?**?&&
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"Fur I'.IR WBW.VOBB raiitKNE." , -?
Hafi ofterof Tiir TBtTO 154 %ff^^I?^
A4ldreas oll oorrespoudouco .imiily. "1HK lUIDtaB, HBW
AflYerttaemrnM for pnblioattmi ln Tnit TRini BB, and orAers
#sTre??:.r'M.verv of ibe I nlv pap t. nilbe rocuivod al the
lulliiwiiiBbiaiicb oflcrain Xe.v-Yorfc '""V:
Brancti oftlce. 1.318 Mroadwav. 0 ? nvto* p. m
Ko 15a Hr"?dwav. bclvcn 22d and 2.1d ?t*? till ? p. m.
fiTsoaWMI ! ?ciitv.tbir.l.*t... 10 o. m. loSp. m.
6a760 Tblrd :ive.. near Kortv-oeven-h-st.. H> a m. tn, 15 p.ra.
JVo l.oirV ThirO-ave.. nesr ??WlMt.lOx m to 3 p. m.
Ko. 2oa Knat i.i.e.i?.nlr<?l .nl.twent.v-nf.h st 4 toHln. m.
rnMn Squaro, Xo. 191 |-..in;h-ave..conior of fiaLllBBlk 6t,
1PXBHIX3'N-1."22 F-st I LOSHOX-26 Iledford-at.. StranL
Forkiok.?LorO Salislmrv axfaaBaed unwil'ire;
BBBB to take oftice unlcas the Conservaiivcs had
Liberal suip'.rt. = Tho Queen ooti8u!t4'(l witli
raeml^n of tbe I'rivy Conncil respectinR the Cabi
n?t crisia in Kmr'.aiid. =r=r Ovor 100 faaaaaaj were
kilied aud hurt in ai aciident in Fru-oe. ^=The
ruiiior of the Aiucer's dcath 878x1 bbbj.tred.
Domkxiic?Tho Olii" l!o|)iihlica'i8 W6iaaj|lnil?if1
Judee Foraker for Governor. r-r^r Seiator II. W,
Itliiirreiioiniiialed fertaM Unilnl Btsbaj S-n;ite in
Mew-Hampili:r.'. = Httf at West I'oint. =
6ix p?rscius kiilcd in a railroiul acci.h-iit at Chat
tauooga. . : laaaw mnrdrrs by the Apnchos.
The Governor refused to sip-i the Arcti" inll.
fjtn AXD 8i'iiri:?ix.-.Snecessful Beaaa tripof
the Dolphin. Tr-Hlini.my arainHt Htidil--' bV !..
r Mr, BUa4k0rd di-.n.-.l Mra. Dalfaira'aafl8aa>
tioiia. r _ roi-.tiae won the Suhiirbin han
dicap at Siieepshcad Bay; Jim Kenuick. Kin
peror, Quito, Heva aml Ifanhall WB61 Uie
otli'T race.a. ? R.-catta el the New-Yurk
Tacht Club.-The Metr.ipolitar.s defuat.-l at
bascball; tiie Brookly:i8 sucoessfui. = Funeral
of D& Wliodoo. -_? Interi"iting BBBJB99 of citcket
and lawu tonnis.-Gaid aalaa of the kafaj^aax.
der silver dollar (4U2*f glBilMb 82^8aaatba, ss^=
t<l<M k? ojened and cldrti-d active, with thtoe hours
of iiitennediaie dulnesa.
Thk Wkathkk.?TRiorxF. lucal ob?erv?tion8 in
dieatc sliBlitly wanncr wealher. Teinperature y?>a
terday: lhghost, ?1?: lowoat,BB?i average, 07*2.
Fersont leaving town tor ihe sianon, and sum
mtr travellers, can have Tiie Daii.v Tkiri:ne
mailed to them, pontpaid, for 7~> eents per vwntk,
tte tuldrett beinj chaitf/ed as often as desired.
Tiie Dailt Tkiul-xk wlli be sent toany aldn*s
in Knrope /or $135 per >*oiUh, tokioh inciudes
tiie oetMn postage.
Bvmmer Uotels are frequrntly dmgnated by
tnedovernmmt as ngular J'ost <>J}k<s. 1'eforc
forwarding their ordvr* for Tiie TfclMMl
readns ai Kumm-r resorts will do wll to amr
tVrin the cx icl bJbPMI tille oj th<- Ppg. oftce at
which tlny erpect to recrive their wt.fi/. I'elay
and corrcspondenee will bc BWOiimi hy *o pWwf.
An efl'ort iu tbe l'eiin.-ylvania Leginlatnre to
pass tbo CongreBsioual Apportionment bill over
the (ii.vi-riK.rH vet<> ha* fniled, ftaaajt BOVaaal
Dt'inocrats voted iu favor of such action. Tiie
roj.'ulat session eniL* to-day, and thi-re la MM
talk ?f the Govcrnor's callinp au extra 6eaaJos.
Ir exporience is worlb anyt'iing to biui he will
cortaialy uot aj;aiu eommit such a bluuder.
The New-Haaq Mn Bi publicans have shown
their coiiti.lcnce in Mr. lUair by renoniinatmp;
Lini to tiie Umtcd Statcs Senate. His election
will fol'ow as a mat ter of course. Tiie atteinpt
tobhuken Mr. lilair's iierson.il character haa
m thia way been irromptly rehuked. H?- 1ms
ncver been charged with dishonefity in the
benate, and it wiu certainly ill-advised to
trumi) up such chargeB now.
Now tliat the Dolphin has made a auccesxfui
gea voyagc, and uiore than inct the severe Usta
imposed upon her by the Si-cretary of the Navy,
we shall piobably hear les-i and le ? aboul the
allegod unfair coutract with Mr. Koach. There
uever waa aay real gnund for complaint
against Mr. Koach, as the Dolphin was built in
ail respects according to the direclions of a
Naval I'/oard, and the rt-sult proves the work to
have been well rtone.
Inquiries made of nv mbers of the Republlcan
Btate Committee show an alraostequal divisiou
in that ltody on the questiou of adopting the
New-England plan of n-pn-m-utation in State
cotiventiona. Several mcmbera havo not yet
given the matter sufhVh.nt attentiou to de
ckle what COtUM thoy will takf. As tb< re
aeeinH to be aome doubl as to the power of the
Stat4- Committee to act in any way on the ques
tion, that matter will flnstcomenp for dec'udon.
The hope of an iniprovi mt nt throtiph an en
jtvrged (oiivention leada many Kepablicang
favorably fb repurd the propo^d chaoge.
The Montreal merchanta ucern to be thor
outfiily aroused a? to the neceenitv for nbolitdi*
ing tolls on the CanxHan cHnaln. ln tln ir
toetitinK yesterday thty eihibited in.patience
With tiie apparent lack of eympathy wiih tlnii
pnipose gbown by Ihe Governmeut. However,
the opinion prevailed that the tol!s would bo
abolisJud. it i? poKsibie that the Garudiaus
lay too much BtreaA on the qui-suon of caniU
tolls. The gtaRttation in trado i? not conflucd
to Montreal; aud the abolitioa of tolls will uot
emable it to competo Riicemafuliy with New
York. lt 18 morc a matter o? low railroad ral???,
and of good facilitiea for haudlini; graiu and
jaerehaDdiae, tban a qneetion of canal toil.s.
In approving the bill to provide for the con
gtruction of a bridge over the Harlem Biver
tba Governor has disregarded the opposition of
llayor Grace and the city anthotities. There
Were sonnd reaaons for that opposition, as the
act creatoa an alu?getuer unuecoesavary com
misBion, and tfves it tbe authonty to "xpend
*, v.BfJ million dollare withottt requmnff it to
do the work by contract, or imposinir upon it
anv reRtrictions. The bridpe mny be neeos
safv ; but as tbc Park Coiiimission now bM fiiii
aut'horilvtoconfitnictit.uTidcr protwr rcstiic
tions, there was no NBBBB for creatinj: anothcr
commission. The bill to providc for tbe erec
tionof newBchiiol-houses, also approvid i.}
tho Governor, is a worthy uieaimre. It WUj
BtU a largo hudi to the tax levy this year, but
there is salisfactioii in kuowiufc,' that the nioney
will Ikj 8jaj|| sj.eut._ _
Govemor Hill B9B followed the eonrse of!1J
LlllllllllHllf in vetoing the Arcade Railway Mll,
thoi.K'bhe docsnot appnrcntly lind his reason
for that action in the bill itaclf. Hk eh.cf ob
j.-ction to the ni.asure i* found ?> ?? 1;,<t
?tlkb. it waa rnshed ibronph the Lepslature
.Im-i.ijrtheelosinp homs of the aession, in n
decciit haste and in viol.ition <>f Bimj ??**?
tive riirht and privile^e to whieh tho*; ?? ...
Mftgfat to oppose it weie linnently enUllet .
N?.,newillbe tUdHMfl to lind fault with the
Governor for not sookinfr oth.-r rcasons for his
vi to; tlionirb he evidently took this tkfBfM I9t
politieal enda. But if he would nerve ii. the
same way all bill? rushed 1hrou>rh iu tbe cloatng
hmnsio benetit private 99.iiorations, lt tyoBia
bc | gOOd tliinjf. To bave anv aJajBfaa enVrt
on fntiire leKislators, all aucb bills idionhl be
sei ved alike. It Ii. tinie that 6lMB6jthrBg be dOM
to roiii.dy this powiagabu.se in h^islation ut
The people of Chieape are. mahinp prog
re6smf:ettin?ridoft!ie defiant IBBfJ of law
breakers t liat 1ms 99 afBJC Bbjlfl posses-ion Ol I B9
n.nnici|.al ofticos. Markin and Gall.'ii-'bcr w.-ie
coiivicted (.f forpinffi-eturnsin the Xovenibi r
Hection, and now ?? Ibitchy" VKmH hfH LdN
fo.ind LMiiltvol Mealinp a ballot-box in the
ri'ci-ut inupicipal contest. In both cases the
Cinltv IHJHIBM Ulltnil intbe inter.st of M.iyor
Harrison. Infaet.ifit h ol not been for this
thel't of aballo-tbox Harrison would probahly
M kmf? be Mayi.r. His f999Bl ffltief ?????
Bbf gamVOa* khoiri that he Ii hinnelf alannci
for his fntuie. If the Ulinois U??-d-hiture doea
itsduty (BfaakBtagtlM bill now bt-fore lt to
throwirn-alersatVprtiards arouud ttbfl CWcbafO
ballot-b(>xes, aie.ther election will donbtleaa
cntiicly fice that eiry from gBBff mlc. Tl.e de
f. iiiiiin (1 oi'position the I).mornits ar,- olletinf
to sii.-h lejzishition is i-videiiee that they reali/.e
ih.it ihiirstrengtli doesnot he in honest elec
The K.-piil.lirans of OMo have donc w.-ll in
aajaia choosin- Jadfe Foraker as their Man.l.ml
beanr. De asaie i plu.ky tight -*atae1
Hoii.ilN in 1883, arhea the rtiMiairtenwi wtn
l.-ss fav.uable for sucn-ss thiiii th.y aic this
year. IIm OtwflM tdure th.it lanva? BBM
stieng'h.ned him in publir estiimitiun I an.l
tli.-.iillniMa-iii whidi his iioiuination fltidted
yc-i.-nliiy loic.-hadows his triiunpli ai the polls.
Ofeoaige ? lupuhlwan victory is not to be w(.n
aaejiy, but a treed b^MiDg baa beea naifl la
the i boiee <>i Ihe bead of the ticket
The co'ivi-iilii.n. whit h was eoiiipnsoil of v""
delegatee? aeadj tfricc ?* nani ?? BBhe i,::" >"
a cot-N.-iitioti iu X.-v-Yotk ?was haimotiioiis
_li,,ut. The ciuirKe of the Ohio Il.-nio
log the kaei twa yean la Ihe eeaMgaa <?f the
Otateioieraahimt Beceeeadll eeeatpieee womi
nent part in the U<-piibl,raii platfoim. Thej
begao by Bakiag ? iwagipaetleiiawinl ai the Con
pjtajgaioaal aaatncta, n aVainee ef Ihe toteeil al
thfl ('(.nstitution. Tl.. ir l-'.-i r> nian.l. r \\:\- 80
BMflaaeCa] that they eetwMBila inajority of the
CianiiaMlnaal d.-l.gution ttmmg* the?upawll
eaaa eetriet] the Btata hy ea/ejr 90,000. Th.
Dflgaaente kmwi a aaffptsai in th<- Iwaeanry, i.m
thej ndded ten inilli'.ns to the bmid. d
ind'.tbtedagaaj of thfl Slate, it.ciras.ii taawtion.
reorp.uiiz.-d tha tuunicipal povri.n.ciits l..i
),aiti-an puiposi-., and in tha aMflO 6J| I BawaV
t?g an.l in other ways eondit t?d th.ins. !n . -, m
a h, ..ii.liilo'i- niininir. Thi? inak.s it ?668860811.
im l be i ?! un' w.Uun of the Stati-, t hal K.-pulili -
raus wlmnl.l ri-pent tlw stinginp Iwhwhe udniinis
t.redto.the D.niocrntic purly al the last two
clc.-tions. ll.il'pily y<*.l(i'l;iy's roiiv.ntioii
pn.tnUes to biinp aboiit that reMilt.
The EagMahICuaauitetlw ?''<? bUMbm ko
mako the bestjof ? bad Kiluati.ui. Uavinp
defeated tha Oafenmieiil with theaJdofthe
ParaelUtee, they na foreed to ahaeee bHgaeea
takiug Otlee under the B60a1 tiiilavoiiihlcc.n
diti.ni- and deelimnp to aceept reflp0H6fbilitj
for tl.eir acta, As thfl nlteinative flOttTM WOtlld
be eertain to dieeredil theai befote the euuntiy,
aa aa Opposition OffBgaigfld for the puriKiae of
(il)stnicting povernin.'nt without beiaffOWayed
hy a ?obec nm-w ot their awa ohligation*, they
do not venture to refuse ofli< e. Loid Ballgbttiy
haj niany defeehi m ? paieHogl, pragranairc
>t;iti-siiiiin,but hed.'esnot lack eouiape. Hfl h;is
promptly awBlwhed that thg Oim-ei vativi-s will
loini;. i;,>\(niiiicnt, if they nn- aateed t.? de ea.
Lord Handolph Churehill is eqimlly explieit in
delining the cotiroe af his party. The Standurd,
the ln .st rcpresentativc of LnplUh CoiiMiva
tiHTn.nntiioritativ.-ly nnnoances thesamc policy.
This undonbtedly is the wiseM eoitise f..i iin-n,
to purstie. If thiii uction in d.-leatinp the Gov
eraaaaat waa a ftava error la Paiiieiaantery
tacties, they would eonimit a moie Keriouspoliti
eal blundcr, if thev were to decline oflice. They
catinot take the WBBmt grountl which Mr. Dis
riieii auonpled iu 1878. Be ideated ? Ovfata
iik utiiKii-siiie, butdid notoverthrow a Mini-.liy.
The Opposition that cnnstantly harasses ami
tinally overturns a Government munt be pre
pggajdto take Ita pkawa. Oteawariae it ia nn
incHponsibh'. Opposition, and uot entitled to
piibiieronlid.'iiee and rcspect.
The Qaaaa niay doiibt the expedienc.v oi
chaiipinp bat Mini-trrs on the eve of a geueral
ehction and attenipt to dishuade Mr. Glad
stone ; but she will be powetloss to pievenl the
Tory succcsrdon, if tiie Ltbemh BBM determined
to go out and the Opposition Mand n-ady to take
their placc. Apparently she will have tn sum
moneit her Lord Salishury 01 Sii ? Stalb.rd Noith
eote, unlcss souie uiicxpeeted comproiiiisu is
i n.-cl.-d ; and there in uo reason to suppose that
she will be utiwilliug to do this, since Mr. Glad
stone BM uever 1ji.ii m favorite at Couit. Lord
Salishury has promptly 068880*1 to gggwg umb r
liisiival. On somi' acronnts this wuuld lie th.
wim t ihoieve, siuee Sir Stafh.rd Xortheote, while
Ifleddaj Lord Salisbury's intellectiial furcc and
aggreMsive countge, is an old-la.-hioned Con
WHaliTei who would b?- a safe if not I brillianl
l'liii..- Minister. lUit whoever may bg at the
lu-ud of iM Cabinet, Lord Salishury will uu
queHtionablybeitsleading npiiit and resp.msi
ble for the eonduct of the, country'h loreign |B>
lations. Tlm twsociates of Lord lleacotislield
will in tlw main return to their former places;
an.l the oiily difliculty expctietic. d will l>e in
eotnp.'tisaiinp Lord Itandolph (.'hin.liill for his
politital seiviccs. Neither Lord Salishury nor
Sir Staftord Xortheote will want to have him iu
lln- Cahinet, but neither atutesman will dgM to
leave him out.
The fantasticauggestion haa been inade in the
foreign dispatches tluit the Conservativoa may
seek to get rid of Lord Randolph Churehill by
appointing him Lord Liouteuant of heland.
'1 hia would be kickiug him upstuira. As Lord
Spencer'a Bucceasor hc would be cntitled to a
?cat in the Cabinet besides having a most
iinportant offlce conferred upon him. As Lliiet
Secretarv under the DfttfJ of ConnauRht, B9
Btigfat ba 'kept out of tbe Cabinet. .but this is a
eonibination not to IM ronsidered seriottsly.
The OtBkB rvatives. ivliile they have sucee.-ded
in defeatinp the (;overnmeiit with Mr. I nr
n.ir.s help, are imt nnxious to BttkC BrrMaflf
ni.i.ts for a pernianent nllianro with bim. TB
MOd Loril Il.i.idolph fh-irel.illtolivland either
MlstbTtJ Lie.ite.iant or fl.ief Sciet.i.y. wheu
|?. has?in.iltberenewal of ihe Ci ,...es Art.
w.mld be t? f9BB a MHilBol for a n.-w In-aty 9.
Kilnminhani. ^^^^^^_________
A preat h"-t wenl down by tbe 999 y.-tcrday.
and sawlhe two F.n^ish rolta, l'onliae nm
i:1(.|inil,?,|( run away Irom thirteen hn.ne-bred
botBBf. in the fainous Subi.ibi.n Iland.cap at
Sheepahead Bav. Soine 01 tl.e beaten bfBBM
COOld ??.l,?.ble,llv send l'.it.t iae and i:.el.......nl
,?,!?.,,,?. h, a Umj rB99,bal at ? mXk aod i
.juartei ll?. in.ported eoltn p-t over tl.e pound
nniazinplv. There was no poolsellintr but a
mat deal of infornial In-ttinp. The ( oney
lMai.d.IoekevClt.l.bave n.,w d.-vised a plan <>t
b'ntdBg fund" with "preniiu.iis"and-divi
,1,',,,1,,-aii.lHith tl.i^clieine they expcet bW9
after ti, inake Anthony Omstock IBfBj and
Snperrttor tfeKaaa Imafraa vain thmps.
r,,e rash wlUieaaeaof oootaata af kBead wBe
uWi to back their opiliioii* iu aH|.ecnh.tlve w;,y
ivillnol la" denie.l. Wh.-n one E*M ia IW
the.vo,.enan..ther.an,l^hei. all pales are ahut
tl.ev ?1 i Iii lt o\ei the feliee.
M'eai.while tl.e BrigBtOfl fefafla raee pnmnds
.,,,.., p.,,,,.1,,1 h?lili..le and tho niiiocentapri
CultarifJ who desi.es to be dniied wari.eis
Kbeal fyrtta lull podtBta, wbik tBa poolaellera
jrnash their teeth ntar. If the Cmey U ... ?
Joekej Club will euin '?'" kaWfaBarfal o|,eiali?.n
aplanbv wlueh peopl. tn.nl af s|,eculatinpon
ihe iinf aaa fffattfj fJaxto iBafciBoeaa ia ?
m.Mlest and fjadaratja way, wittbaB, tafaf <?*
M I |.rey to loiiiMnoth. d bookiiiukeiH and opeii
nii.utheil oharka, the pabfk p-iieraliy will ba
rathef 1 lea-eit t'.mn otl.eiwise. But wheu siich
vil?- and villanoiis betting as th.it whi.-li
lloiuiNlod ai B.iehlon is ataBkfkbT. out cvei>
honest and honoiable citi/en up.ilailds Super
riaor IfcKane. _
A OBASCB FOB sri.tusn.
N..w ii ii p.opose.i. aa a yraal untmrmn ot
ooame, t<> take the paihlle laaey out af tha
Mili-licisuriis aad depeetl it aith ataperlj
?eleeted baakfl n Natloval tlaj^ieitaTtiee. The
lirst tliinp which o.nirs to every mmd isthat
there will he r.i foi pteat f.iv.it ituni, for
tiiili.,.it?-d jobbery. and fot euaatenl ahaae al
poNN.r f.r pi.lnif.il eti.ls. um l.r thfl new an.in-e
melit. A Seciet.try ..t the TliaflMiy who ph .
ean irive the nielenOJflfl to thfl binks of his . wn
poWtical liking, 01 tobonkawbieh ?anra pollti
e.il . ii.U BMOi < (li.i.nlly. or t?> haaka which
in.il..- thfl m ai BalMlactarydirWon, Tharaia
K...111 fer iiiiliinir.-.l ammgd riag, if th.- Bflero*
t.ny or blaanbordinatae alaaaa t.? laahraee the
opiM.itiiniiics NViii.h raefa a lygteaR praaeata.
A-coi.iin^ to reporta 11.al] dlaaad raaaaa
hr tbifl reniiirkahle ehawajajlfl thai tbe eapaaae
,,| el.-lk hite illi.l oAetal al'etl 1-IMce .'it BOwM of
the S.ih-Tleasiirii-s .? in h- sivcd. Ililt it Would
be aaVtfl l<> Velltllfe thfl |>1 edicl i i.ll th lt thfl Pelii
ncratiepartyeeaUd bfltteraiord t.. i?:in ail the
nptnaoaol the Bah-Traeflarlee f? letiryeaag bj
pnvate mib-eription thaii to facfl ttooeaatlab
io which the prep?e I ajraaagaaaajt in.11 leaai
1111. tATUBDdl ll.ill-li<>UiiAY.
Tka Satunlay liall bolulay iiium-iii. nt il inak
injr rapid and mBMtmttaif fBajaajaaaj, Tl.nt It is
,i |.i;iiii.al and philanl brxaOM in i\. m.-iit few
wi 11 (leny, ait.l ll.er.- Baajtaa f'? BB ? iftieral ita>
poaitioa aa the aarl ??f etaptujari ba extaod thii
lavoi to theii? emplovia 99 bal M pr.icii-abb-.
Thkl is biphly i.i.ii-ewortliy. ??1 ci.iiise llure
ii,- aoaaa biBBriiiia ot baaiaeai whn h eanatd b"
?iia,?i,,led al ii'Kiii on >.:turdav; but llie in
ill.ntl..tia nre that the iii nv. Itxllt will Im( olne
general Btoonn dcraraUrarn bosineaa Orau aad la
iin- diy?ajeadi uade.
ln roniiectiot. will. this matter ? ITdBl deal
BM be done b) huli.a. with whoin S.itui.l.iy
:,ll,'i.ii ia a l.i\o-ito tdioppini; season. I'im
d?yi aad i ball ? araeb are larely suih.ient for
ihoppiaaj paiipaaea, and aluipperi bjr a Uttle
(on li.oii.dit c.ili -?> atTaaga their time ns to Kc p
iii.in fakitaafi diy-froaaJi ktaraa aa Oataidajr
ilfleinooll. Ilelieea stmiit,' illdlli ? linllt torthe
-.hopLeeper tn k-ni.iin afkSfl w ill disappenr, und
there bcini: BO eusloiners, the doora will be
rh.-ed. I.adi.-s who bave 1 lie welf.ire of their
feiloiv eiiaiiiies al he.ut slimild ba-ar this 8UR
aaajtloti in init.d an 1 ftta upon it.
At the saine I.im- inanv larga ret.iil inorehaiits
claini with raaaoa thal tbay easatd elaaa their
stoica nt noon on Salur.lay duriiiR the nionth of
.June vs itbo.it aciii.tis h.-s ns this is ihe season
wheu penplc aie DiakiBJ their plllfhn>es pic
paralorv to lattWlBg the city for tli'-u vaeations.
Mi.i.'iver, lli'-re Bia niany petatMM, such as
leaeheis for example, w l.o ealili.it do their
shoppin^' .nt anv d.tv but S.ilurday, and it will
ba a barilhbip for thein if the shop-. are sliut up.
I'.ut atter this iiiiiiitb they proniiso to juiii in
llie retollii li.iivimeiit. llelirc we may i-xpert
Saturday noon to be the general doafog hinii in
the rel.iil Irade (hroiii:hoiil .lulv und Aiijrust.
Oi.r iiews coluinns sliow fr .in daj to da) BtTW
this hiiiiiano refonn, stron;rly urueil by llie
Chaniber of Coiinnerce la-t week, is BkbkiBff
prntrioH*. The I'roduce Kxehaafakj the Mari
lin.e aVBabt?iation, the Mei.-.uilile rAcliaupo, tiie
I'.oaid i.f Tiade and thelbil Kat.ite Kxchanpe
bave already tukcn favorablc aetimi, aud the
Slock, (Joltoii and lYli'olemu Eieh.iiijres a:e
likely to do tbe sanie. Tiuee lur;re (Iry-^nnds
baaaaa bave put tlaaaxaaalraa la liaa, and kka
iiioveineiit has taken piactieil shape ftfdOBg
pabliailiBg hnu-.cs and in the hilk aud jewelry
tiad'S. All thirt is bighlj Kiatif, iii?. Lat tlie
aaaaj wnrk |a BB. Tba tnw custoni will IB6B*B
a KtroiiK' foothohl this year, and leeoivo surh an
inipetus that it will noon Im rnmc an eslablished
ii.Hiiiiiiioii ot oiir city. And tl.eic ia uo fafabafl
why it should be conliiied to New-Vork.
<<>M>lll<>.\ (>l NATWBAL l:i\Kl
There ia uiiiistial interesl iu the stateineut of
the National banks pf the I'nitnl Mates^for
May 6| wi.ich has Joa4 been publi.ah.il, beeaii-e
it shows l.ow far tbe ^teinb mylto ac. iiiniilate
silver iii the vaulls pf Ihe bauka bfj been npeia
tive wiihin the hafl half \ear. Whcn the re
ports rtcrc. n.adc, Scpteiubei |0, apaa which tha
Controlhr's anniial stateineut waa bascd, the
banks hehlol silver certilieates only 13,881.510
and of silver roin |9,0?%6&7, BkBBJBfl iu all af
silver and silver ceiiilhutci #11,1:.' 1,087. Ae
BafflifaftO the ril.iteiin-iit of D.reinber fO, (lio
nggtBgttM bad b>t?aaaad ttbafU 81.800.000i and
BccordiiiK to the stateineut ol March 10 there
had been u i'uither ilicrease of |7( 10,000, the
ti^'inea at that time baiag of silver eertiheatea
8i.SlO4.4tfO and of silver cnin 89,188,060]
total silver 8IS.7O4.57O4 It now appears that
tho aiuount hebl May 6 Baa iu the fkf8J|*aajf49a
only 818*403,147,bot theaniotintof silver coin
h ul sliithtly increiwed to $'.1,327,047, while the
ainotiiit of certiticates had decreaaed to
84jl85,100i Thus it appeara that, iBfkbg thp
BBBi citfht inontha tho amouut of Bilverand
silver ceitilicrites hebl by the National banks
has iucroaacd about $2,000,000, while duxiag
the past two monfhs tliere bna been n smftll de
eaaajae, Tl.e detailed siatenient, showing the
nni.iiiii. beld in dillerenl s. dions and eities.will
be awaited with eonsi.lerable interest, ?""*""<
?llWldlllg tothe Marcli report. the K.istnn banks
bad redttced thiir holdings of silver ami iwef
rcrtilicites to ahout 1960,000, whereas it had
been 91,640,000, Bgailillg to the report of
Hccen.l.ir 90. I'reMiunably tho Hoston binks
Ii.inc nul again cousented to inrrcnse their load.
aad the liiuroaan hae pcohahlj baea in other
M.-iioiis. The Xew-York Xi.tioni.l banks beld
it, Miirch o.ilv.tl,.--?7,r.<)l.apainst 98,003,808
ii,,-,i?i.'-i 90,aad ai I'hihiieiphia ahe *eta
baa baea B66M dtug?06 The increase inust
thenl'.re have baea in other MOtiOMi and in
fact it appears that dtiring the qttarler eudiog
Maich 10 the Southerii banks increas.-d their
boldiagof isilverccrtilicat. salv.iit 81,000,000,
inul ,.f Mlver coin ab,.ut 1009,000. Al the
VfflgJ there was glflfl I -niall increase, in the
BggragBBgg aliiiin 8600,000. ?
Batthete li aoreeaoatahe appiaheaelTeia
ragard i<> the ooaVkm of the baaka, biaiaeo ef
the very large aceuinabition of the gold re
Bgrre, <>n theOthol May the WatieagJ banks
beld no leaa thaa 8163,058,379 in gold an.l
ggJd eertilicates, having inrreised the reserve
,,l that sort over 910,000,000 withm the
prcvious t\No monlhs. and ncurly $47,000,000
BJaea Septen.her 90. Their legal-temler tc
Mgrag had ahaj itaanahat bKgeaaad, and
amonnte.l M.iy c. to 996,471,899, beta*. ?bo?,
?5,000,006 brgec thaa bi Hepeoaibflr. 171th
.-,.. Ajraal aa lutiiieee in the leaerre eeaipaaed <?i
Iflld or its equivaleiit, the sliglit ehange Ifl thfl
iimount of silver bflld le <>f BO importauce.
A.liai.atcii frotii vTitkeehane gtaiei ihai aheat a
nionth Bga "tha Plyi.th f. vci ' inade its 6*f*66>
am?<? in Bttgat Noteh, a asaall Biniag town, and
that it hiistiiic- l.i-eti BtaadOy lugiweaiagi dtaagb
ui a mi'd'-r l-.r i thflfl at IMyuiouth. ThflM is BWOh
|m ri.lcxity ae to tll" orisit.')f tli - dis( iisc, as " it is
.?.iiiiiiic.i to tha 6*06t ci.-.i'iiv i>-irtion of tha teara."
111 tl,,? thst gtflflfl, lt is I'ist ;is well to crill the ihv
,,-is,. tvi.lioi.l f.-v,-ri!iai,'i..l "f '?I'lyn'oatii frver."
li, iii.. 666 'U'l |tgiTt.\*~ BgaaBBgagi >-i ii that it bM
bflflo wjnmi ahgaad bi 6age> Setel m it Li aaaalty
s|.t.-al, ti.i:i..-K', Ihiaejgl Nviil.-r ii,lo Nvhnii the <l<"
i,????:. .>f a f.-v.-r patiutit have I.n thrown "r have
(!i;ii,,.-,l ui lil'.-i."l. This is etaaosl .iIwav-s. tlu way
ta whtahthflaagaaaflf typhaai fflrfli an 6te6-at>
i.a:e<l. i'ii.1 th"i'\l'*ii-iii- <>f l'lvnoutli Bwgjht to
oahgatenthe eeaeM af BagH Noteh. Wn-n n.t
aud whamiaa tyoholl ewnaaai aa 6a.oMBM taan,
ti,' liisi tbwf t'. Ab ii toflaaBainathfl amtweaypty,
1,-r ih.'i-. bJm ihaM oal ol tta, tlmsoarccof infec
tt>i) will aa c? ni'i
jt ii -.H.I that at 8agar Heteb ajaay of the f itni
Um nvIi.ic tha dtaasaa ha- Btaeaan I aaa Bgetngg. lt
will nuitc i-rohi. i.iy i?-f-'tiii'l tlnt teratal of theM
,is, ti,,- bbjm Bprtaa. a mJ tbal bt i anearay, thrninrh
th-' c.?m . on c in- (-4SHCS, 'ihservi I iu auch niattflffl,
? j.. tn ofn f.-v.r pat'nt l::ivo hflflfl 60 ita
I.,1 ;,s ta tii.tki' ,lr..f.ia,?- W ' ""? s|>ri'ij; ptaetblfl.
Ail I'lvi.i nilli N..is iiit.-.'l<"l throii'.h one BBflh Bflt <>f
carelfH.ii. .4, and Baajai tteftgh hae probahty aad i
iIqiIjj . | i l : 14 thit gfloptg will
i,..t BxareiM pnowoMam, rhflj throw thfagflawoy
rT"U'i<l. BflTflf Ihinktaf tbal tba fint shower
nwj Wath tbata. mt? a awighwaaiag attaaai. Ia ill
.',.. | ,, ?;, l ,f , Bjgeg |B tha 'hr- t r-i.iit
v.. .-ui th?gh tho uin,?
in a-rl il ? hav ta laBbr Mr tae gutity at
si? i, ti.,, rflrytlttlo i1 Utto ual aan ii takaa ba
i bflM Lt, I.-..W.T. M nivs
,,;: t!,.... .-in I-im,-.. !li-v ar.i us ulaln and
claarahta* teeta of a aaaa wfca bm haaaj bbm te
awallawa aaag ot atrvchume. Bat it lo,.ki aa
uraagh aaoM -.f tha nnal B6fl6llllflil6W worobohind
tha tn.i.-s. np'ii" thgf are afratil t* cn BOwJBtwZ to
|.-n-esol their pattcllM.
I li.- jM-opleof Montroul ?re jrroatly Piasporntod
l.v tha MBMWal <>f vr. s-iriis, Umtati t-tatei
(....,,1..tul in t!i..t .-itv. I?n (VadDeedfly a
UeagWM liH.l ?t tha l.tv ll.ill.over
whiefa tl"- M.iy r pt.-i.P i. 6*0** enramorcial i.nd
BtwfMMMMl l.'-ilv l.eni(r re|.n"S4"iit?d. The ohject
aftha Bjaattagwaa to.h-t-rnii-ie aowtha riti/.rt,s
gaald beat Bbow thett epaeai latioa ot Mr. 8t?rag
:,, .1 th6tr Mgrai aad dtagaol orflt MeiaaaaTaL
l',-.ii.i. maaaartfl vi.-.i with BagtWaaai and
S.-ot. liai.-n in tlo-ir r-xprcniom of Nflgflfll nnd gflfld
niii f<.r u (liiiioa. itic kSwj who had pMtadhtaa.
i -;f t.. ba suiffiii.u iv cfii I'Mit aad had awaeflaalad iu
inonioiltiff gofld bfllhaf hflgWflflfll tha tw.. coiiiitre-s.
< in,- of tl.e apeakflta, u I laaadiae Jadge. had ta gag
htronirif so!ii.?Nvh:it prointie Igajgflflgg inor-lcrto
i.ri/.- ii'l"ipiatelv tbe l'r.-ihlo-it's action in
raaaortag u awMi 6?m11m< and exponencod oOklal
f,,r tl..- s.ikc of providiiiK au olll.-e f.,r u needv aud
aiiihiiiou. Weetern partleaa, Mr. btearne'i e-fca
?1 ? |.:.rti-viiis!np. for wiurh ho was IwtUfld, con
?il . ! in his iti.il.nig ajouruey la.it Novemher 68 his
boBM an.l vetini, quiotly for tho Kouublican caudi
datflft ,
Th*Afflflha*oyoaarta tatraeradfld the ladeial
troops. Tiie IBOaflM r.-|...rt ot tha siirr.-ti !.-r af
fjeromino ia n rl MttflrBM l. lt la i.-iny aaid that tho
Indiana have bl66641 up mtn sm ill graargg and r,<>t
ov.-t into Mexiro. Tha pn-rtiiiaiitioa is t'utt thfl*
Willtb. ? i.-siiii-- ih'it woikof massa. reand pill?|{e
till tlny are eliiised li.irk l.v tho Mexican troops.
Thaathgy wHl Bjajha ler ih.-ir ?awaramtaaa asata.
li ranigi-M i" be seee whatharthey will lx- illewei
toretnni toltason fortter o.-casions, aud go un
puiiish, d for their crnuiv.
Ihfl flflflfllflt thhlkim Ihr /t.ctin ita desperato
utt.-iiipts ta liaraiouize Ita diH. or lant opinioiis ro
?peotiaa tha atTatdatailwflp prajaet is not arthalad
m it h roavii-'liiif Itt politiral allv of clir.i'ii.- i'.:4
1,'hiN "to iiis, iiiiiini.tr betMeea a bjtw aad u aagjl.
Jokfl iad a BObfll piescut;it um of fucta." lt cruahos
"ll,.-U'lson nvIi. his lat-lv inade ino af the edl
loiiaiconitnnaof Jh, aftwrfagFaat* withtlns sar
eaaaii "WewlUaaaaa-athari <>ro that he is uot
lyuiK wantotily nnd m eold hlo-.d. hut that irnta
ti,,ji linssct him iii Hiieh a pusniou that hlgflhflfld
666866 to 1.1tii as paad ? ajaapea a-s truth. This hy
pothesi.i rtoe* hnn little eredit, hut it savet part of
his rcputation?Uniporarily." " l'alschood aw fflfld
, irflflgflfl M truth!" Wi.at an illiimined remi
Bjgaaaeaaf the Miiffwuinpiaii tactica followed by
1,,,-ii joiiriiali d.iritiR tlif Imt c iti.paiffti! Now let
Ikr Futt BBga aad hatttfltl of iiuiiginiiiif a vain thlOg
l.rinit on tho d*ndly panilM and tahulatr IItr
, lics. That'a tho Mugwunipian way of
deaaglt 9
The inouthly report of tho Xatinnal Cotton Fx
chiuiifo presoiitsa wggy ?OOiagleg view of tho
laiajpenta of tbal aiepi and a ?tiaeteetfaaaly with
tba .-.iricnt Iwaortl m r-u'iir.l tfl \vli.<;it. It ttgtatfld
thatthewpatherinMa.VNv.il verv lavoiahle, nnd
tluit ilici ropia in fl far ootioreoaditioa than it vraa
ii v ir luro. An inrreaao <>[ ij"iii,i)()() m-res is reporled
i:i tiie iin-a in tivelve St.ites. and tho coiidition is
rcjH.rt.-.1 i,s 104 l'roin thii report it would be re:i
BBoahlt io expeet un excupttonally largo yfflld,
v litcli iii.iv li?!P to coinponsate tiie country for tho
ptohahlo dollcieucy in the yiold ot whoat
Mr. QladfltOM rrmirned in ls73. nftor the dofeat
of lln- 1'iivernity Hill, Tln- tjwflM flt <?nco eont for
Mr. llisraeli, who Nfawfld tfl coudiict IheOoveru
?i,iit Nviicn In-ro wuh u heavy ui;ij"nty at,;iinnt tho
CoaflW IflllTM 10 tho Coiiitiioui, and Nvheti it wculd
he nicoiivniiieiit ior hun to appeul tfl tho country.
Mr. Gladstono waa cunpolled to reaunie otllco,
glwatfy agfltagt his will, and his wily antagoaiat,
without dofeatiug hiiu a aernnd timo, kept up a
nier.-iless lit-e upon Iho I.ilieral pontion. Mr. Dh>
r i. li Iih'Nv Nvhut ho was ahout; he nvun nwaro that
thfl ttfhetal (loYenuiieiit bad agheaetad theeaaa
tr\ Nvith a eaiirse of leirislntion that badhaMMflfld
and iinsoltloj awary uiterest; evory week of delay
\M-aL(-ii(:l ita poaitioti and inade a Coneervat ivo
triiiuip'-i inore aooure. "lho country," wrote Mr.
Duruoli, "haa uuulo up itsinind to oloso this careOr
of pluadering and hlunderin?." 8o Mr. Uh.dstouo
waii kept in olllce agfltnrt his wislios as u taattur at
Tory jioltoy. uutil he appealed to tbo couBtry lutn
aeli oa tho 6treugth of a orotuiM ta ropoal tho iu
como tax. There is no Disraeli on tho Conservative
aide to day to repeat these tactioa.
The Cammerdal Adv?rti<er i5 etill ur.wi'ling to
trtatify roasonable cnriosity respecting the com
i>.in.uio!i paid to the sucak-news thief who be
traved tin confidenee of General Grant's publish
ers. Tlie publishers state that they did not receive
Bpenny, and that it waa one of Ihe Commerrial
JUm raaar*! reporters who dishonorably brokofaith
with them. Now. what waa "the rouud sun-." that
was paid T Was it not as full and roni.d, say aa
this: $OOOOT Or did tlio r.iauagera of that
joi.rnal Renerously add a lew ciphers eo as to make
it $i?,i)i>OO0t
I)r. Marhh's paper on "Tho Sanitnry Asperts of
Crcinatioii," rond before tlie Maaanehnaotts Meli
cal Society, takes a itlUBg piaitaaa in ren-ard to
ei.i.leiiiies. It ia claiined tbat tlio exhum.tion of
ihe i.'iiiains af eholera patieuts has before now
been the m.-ans of apreadiug tho disoase, aud this
soiiu ti.iies afl?" the lapse of many years. Crema
ti?n uriqiieatinuablv would rend-r such d iu
gers iuipossible, and tho sanie nrgumeiit applies in
thaeas.'"! oth-r iafectious disea-ses. As popula
tiou increases, and its centres bcoorae moro denaely
occiipn-d, the saaitarv a*pect of creniation may at
irait imn .itientiou than tlie sontinieutal side of
the .piesiion.aiid in fict tuav becoine a sentiiiifliital
side itsolf. For wheu theliviuir nre menacefl by
lliedead, as is liable to hapi>en through the long
usoot c in iiem-a and tbe cmwding upouthem of
i.'sidt'iice .|iiarters, the safety af the public is
likoly todoiiiinatetbosecDiisiderations which uow
prevent any general uccoptance of the creuiation
Again we havo to iro from homo to get the ncws.
Mr. Alexa-iih-r Delinar, who n aupposed in
Euuiuud b) bo soiitebody beoau.se he was ouce
called Cliief of tho Hurean of Statistics in the
I'niled Staies. kiiiflly lufonus tho Ihitisa Baafta
ihu! he is aoafalaat that the next C'ongress
will repeal the a<-t a-ithorizing the coinagc of the
ni.ii.iapi silver dollar, It is quite natural that Mr.
Dolmai knows mi.re about the uiattor than any
bo.lv in this country. When he waa connected
with the Hur.'.'iu ot Statistics he usod to pub'.ish
inforiii.ili'.ii whi.h iioi.odyelsoin th? Uuited States
siii'i'i'Mid to Imi correct.
According to tho fruit-dealers the conBnmption
of baiianas iu this ci?y is gruwina rapidly. The
batiana isn-ally I in .st valuablo food, and many
millions of peoplo iu Orieutal couutrioa 8iib?i8t
u.ainly uix)ii it. lt is vory nutritious, and to most
paafk paliiahlr. and if the prico were a liitle
lower here it ruu d be utilized by the poor durinir
the hiiiaui'i?mouthsas B pnucipal article of diot.
Its value as an ai.li-seorhtitic would ho conaidera
l,le ln s'leh 66*81 also, and there can be no doubt
that th.se who ate it freely inatead of coarse meat
and other aaatiai faad durinit tho bot seaaon
would be the bettor in hoalth for tho cuauge.
rire.it sntNfactlon lafelt ky tbB frleivti af Onpral A
M.-D. BoOaak. at the rua.ily way lu wlili-h tieneral
(ii..'..t.l.i hlabook. has ex|.:alne.l awny tl.e Injuatice lie
ii'iii,t.-iitl..iia',lv didbl8 auboMltiate in tl.e Ctntury :irtl
,?:.. ,.n iu,- uattla ,.f Bkllob. iii.-y eatdan that uottiiiix
in.ite aoald have bara uske.l.
fradaaasf Pavtd swli.ic will toke up tho auhj.'ct of the
rslaa ?.f LlBa aud (jroek la at. allresi at Mlauil
tJalveroity, Juno 17.
In stu.lyiuir the inany-aMod aasdaa af Ylotor IIujio. his
biaa^Bfbara, laa Wnrld ii?nu.loii) thiuks. wiii not f.>r,?et
llii^.tiie patnter. Mi.i.y ?f hlsmaiui.-rr'.ptsarotUustrat
,.,1 wttk atrauxe <lrawiu*?, and whlle livimr at Ouen.sey
[?? ,1,,-w .imi piltit'-.l ootiataiiily, un.l made .Ixty-four
,,.,?,,., Ui. ii* for the lllustratioii of his novel. "Tl.e
ToUaraof tu?B<a." whichaaiaoaBiaiatby M?auiio. Thi*
|nii,;:.iition. only a few 66ft68 of which BBBM prluted. ho.
9X4 ..n.e a hll.Ilographio rarlty. Victor llugo'i drawl.iRi
and water-eolor* re-o-mblo very closely lu atyle aud
I6JII-**-"*"."* "'"'*: U'?y "r" vll,:,'"t' **'
milTi tuninlt.iaaa, full of mrone oont.ra.ts and npp..*i
t?,?. they ara a poet'a drawlaga, tba arbattfarcaof
whluh la .b-rivei fri.iii the itttbVi I.IM BenttiBeut.
On tba ba* k ol tba last drawtaa. -Tba r-iirr. of tba Baa,
Uiep^tTaawrttteBtbafaUowlBd yardai -Oa tkafaco
, t... aaraboard I kara akatahad my ?n faakBaj -a
,, *oit t..a- .1 k) tl. teaipeal la tka axldataf tba in.
? n i ...??*... Hiii.o*. dtaablad. aaa Uled by foaaxlu waraa
un.l i,.,vl?if aotblna lefi but a Lll <,r atnoke wl.l.-h P*?p>?
"all xlory, which ihr wmd sweeps away a-.d which
constltutaa ita atraaa^?YiCtob Bcotb ouorusey,
It U even rumored lu Eiuoa.nl that at BM co.ilnf pn
.?rKi alaaajaafl Mr. Okxaaxbatlafci wiu ko to the country on
a i.i ttfi.t-m af iii* own, win.'ii arttl laabada tho rti?e**ab
,i- .'n.-'iii af tbaCkWNa aud tue alx.lltl.ui af the Oitn.
JameaK.OaKood.of the tlrtn of Jainai It. Oaitaod 4
ro.. ..f Bsataat, ? ho f UhM raaaaaly, hai ai-iepu-d a post
Uoa wlih li..r|fr .v Itr.ither..
Oenrral UajM retunu-d to Washiuirton yastcrday
inortiinif. BM68X186666 Uip Ktftb Aveiuie Uotel were
throucrd with \ lsit..rs .lnrliof iiia t-titlro .tay.
(-ol..n.-l Iin} <1 Wlncheater. L'.illed t<late. Mlnlster to
Swltzarliind. salled yrstenlay for BMBfB, He woe
ar?-ouii>:.n:.'.l kf ktt .lautht.-r. btbB Tlllle Wlnchester.
...... Be* frirti.l, Mlas Bllbtri WaitBrBBB, datuihter of
ll.iirv Wattrraon, of Ue L^u^nile i <>un,rj..urnal,
who will teuittlti ttbroad wlth llieiu tnr ? j. ar or two.
Llentrnimt W. B. ?) liu.-tz.-. of tho Uultcd Hiatcs Navy.
was In tli>'ritr yi-at.T.l.iy BBBkbBJ BaasBaaadtaaxI for hl.
,1. purtuir for Iluasia. where he wllljouriiry to the l.eua
Uirer to .1 -,*trllii.t.- riwunls to the natives who extended
.ii. cor to tlio aurvlvors of the Jeauuttle Arctlo expe
iiniou. Haaxpaatataaall Jalya.
| laajiaaina laaa ll.-?ecretary liariird la exjH'Ctisl
, . r,.|m.\V.ia!.iiiL-ti.n to-niorrow uianuaj. BecraUry
Whltuey Uu. ri-lurned from New-Vork.
Trwflk Taaha rasponded on Tuoaday nlubt at Uie Iloff
nii.n BoaXM to tba t..?st. ? Hli IinjurUl MHjeaty.tho
Turki-h Sultaii." Wu always thouxht the " Sultan of
Turkey ? waa tho Bal 8669 f.Tin, l.ut as tht* ?<vtu. wrotu;.
we may BBW e^peot to heur the followitu' toasts : " llcr
I,ni?'rU! Mii)eaiy. the Inolan Euiprtis": " 111a ILuior,
the New-Vork Mayor,"-yet IIMjaaff kuowi that
?? il.r [aapafkal BaJaatJ ? ls au Kii,-li0hwomau, aad " Hia
llonor " Is an Irlahinan.
Mrs. Montmoreiiey?" My dear. what d..es lt mean
when tba papara lay, ? Jaoaa kT30?bt a .-uthusiasiio
applauaa by maklna a baaa fcltr " ?k,,_
Mr. M.-"IIe atabakty struck the uroiili-e. -Ll'hlla
Hatii Joues soW the other ;day ln Nsshvllla that he ln
teu.la to Knoi'k tba 89811 -mt ln one NBBBB. We frar sam
Istisisaiiu'iiitie; even Sulllvan couldn't be knocked out
ln one round.
Tliareat the teleptione. hlltheand (tay,.
A roaaf ataa ibaaked, "Wbatl ivmral. Iiayl"
And the tr.'inUHiiK wire wltb a'.ni.ldrrlin h'jra
Tba rni'.'i. Iik. tba rltiira at ii debtor's door,
a tarrtbMJaaadaaadalatucoraad nmr;
iuu aararaa aaawar, wnt.-h aaxad him sore?
Eot ??Ceutrol" was ouly a bloox away I
Pttll at the teleph.'i.e, ol.l 68x1 cray,
Ile ra..^ and h^ ?lioiiI,d. from .lay to dar
Ile )iu.ii>.'.i and elaaxorad i i?- raiu and swora
As mort.il had aavar l?r l.ar.llyi Uefore!
llut sll.l thore wo-a illeiiee ; a xlifKle or two
B H all that he h.ar.l, aud kis aiuter rtow?
Kor "Central" was ouly a bloek away I
Into the rooni thev foroed their w.it
(T.-n y.ira aad aaaaad. I may os well say),
And fbatewaa a barrlbla sui.t bef?ra
A siniit for tba aaea tbatnaalTaa ta deplorel
A tkaletOO atood ut tl.e teieplionel
The rt-relvrr waa eliltehed lu his handa of bone;
Its crutiibled skull to the box was piessed.
A paper, wlth writluji, was plnued ?n IU braast?
?? V.-t Ceuiral 1. only a bloek awuy."
- i M iiiiie.?iM)lla Tr'.i.ime.
F.l Hurrti gf \V:itlfla4vllle, bat l.nilt eno ef the bett
Ltclooe Dita weereraaw. It ia M taa aMaflf ? KUlly, la
nerfectly .Iry. and Btted up with u ih.ilr. tablo ami
ttove lt i? in ..i-'- as a.i ..r-llaary tUed rooiu aud yer
feclly tale.-lAtUont Uiu.) 11-nnor.
Xi.i.lfH oro uettlnif liiri;.? .?uoiiffl. to twltt ah.rjr of tr-n
oiit,.r l.fl .ind ti.df weyUowutUirt uli'Y^ryKrip. und tbe
..pporiuiilty tlioulduot boluat by B olutflo yoalli.-iDe
trott l-'rue Prott.
Tho poett tlil* ye?r Imve boen vcry dovutcd lu their
?M6W8BM to Juno. iieverthelota Juno roui?lna coul. The
poeia had botier lackle July or Amcutt.
Thun-liiy uffmiion. ut 4:10 oVl.irk. 8** 8gj 11MI BHlBT
at un. ...ii.-.". whieh -;?'?;.'-;--,"," dZ 'Zul w?
?aa. retftHjere.! i*,? aad -t ? l? *?< ? * (<d h, U)r.
lu'io'mmulfea.-iWiliaiiigtuii il?l.) Lvery Kvoali.g.
The Marth famlly w-rH1 liold tliolr nniiual reunlon Bt
Ijike l'leaaant, Motitague, Mate., on July M,
Ba Kev W II II. Murravle gotna to |.>ct.iro on the
reeooraeeofOMaaa. raHag Mr. Murr.iy'H rMtaaraai
?\iierleiii"o aad tho Ulol rebolliou toRother. tiie IMMM66
may perhapa ho tuiuinod up ln " oue pialu atew."
[gtMagaoM uuiou.
ItltnotlccdtlittwheiiMr. flaariel J. Raudall would
rattser not be too ivatlvo, lie haa a bad attaok of gout.
I'l'liroe I'uska of alr. cinul to ttx barrela, burtt ut tiie
Blriuiiiulmu. ili-p.,1 M'.ii.Uy inorniiiK' und tlio liauila lu
IM rullaiK inill tinldeuly fouud tbeiueelvoa Ui eluver.
Tliey ubiiiidoiied their rolU aud furnaoe*. uu.l aubae
?uoatlT ?ao mtuaafl Mahal <i?wn untn iiiotr aaaaaaaa]
were upnrat.-.l. Tl.e MOflfOfl W?a aO.HJUt.Hl Up ofl tbe
tloor. bomo Nvitli nulla got uuder the buUdlag aud
eaaebt tt aa tta leaked tbmagh the flnor. Others e.s)
what miuaiued lu tbe casks, :.s only tl.e kearli '*,,?
f-ireed out. tt vaa a si<ht uever taforo witne.ied |q
Biriuinxhain. Tlie aie was raaatgaad to Miehaet
Flal.erty. but tho bi-ewera are respousil.l) f..r ii.lusa.?
Tho iteam yucht Oalatoa, forinur!)* owneii l,r Mis?
Mary An.lersou, but now tho propertv of W. ii<twaid
Bendor. of Hu'.e't'i Landlux on Laka Qh.tz*. has Ue*a
auceessfully lauuobed up m the lafw. Hke has U-eu ro
uamed ths "'Mary Andorsou" aud w;ll ia> iuto eouiuu*
xiou the 15th of this inonth.
" Pray t4>!l to iue ;h- uilfereuoe, dtBf,"
B i i 1--..I WV:H .: I.i lll- ll",
" There ls bftween a siorc csahter
And the teaelu-r of a rlasst"
*i h .latusel. *mlllUK. aaid, " I will;
Tbla ilifrereii.e y.ui wll! fliul:
The atore ra.hu r lie iiiiiid* ihe tlll;
The teaoher tllti the miiid.*'
?! Ito*tot. C4iuner.
Frederlck Stuyth ilt? on tbe beneb lu the Bad.lenslak
irinl. ana Fiadathxk Hmlth aita In the )ury box. It M
needlesa to say that New-York c-xpccti every 8ml(y)tk
to do bls duty.
The atear.ihoat Plvnumth Roek. built in 1-^M st ? oaat
..f St..l...(.(M). li.'.a lieeii aolil for !rJ.',/)? 0. ttld Will l?) COB
vert.-diutoa tloailmt skailuis rlnk. The 1*1} iiemtli, Ittl
safo to Bay, is u Uuek on wbich itmny akaters will hera
after spllt?their pautaloons an.l ao fortb. ? IXom.lown
The Rev. Dr. Balduln, the well-kriown Raptlat elergy
inan of Triy. who i* about to retlre froni the inl.-ii.try,
l.a* probably iiulted more peraona iu luanlnKe durtag
his lon? and honorable uiinlatry ihan any otuer oh-rxy
in.-il] ln the M.'i'e.
Wella la the name of the "t. Lonla Po.tma.ter, aad
Batawuter is the nan.e of the ruan who aanta lt. Ho far
no ch.irires have been made a*alust the tncun.iient. bot
lu viewof the pnsaiuie advent of oholera, Kttlnwater
Biay be i ut In for s.ultary reaions. Wellsare unkealtky
for the hiiiuau clstern.?[Peorla Trauscrlpt.
Conirreatiuan Belford, of Colorado. wlll fcare aa hia
Kiii'ce.Mor Mr. O C. Lyiptnes. a tuan aa red-beailed aa
hiuiHolf. Nevertheleat to Kelford only tielonct tbe pi<i i4
titlc. "Tho Ked-beaded Rootterof the Kocklea," aud no
otber red-beaded rnau need apply.
" Matlldat" he excliunied, the portplratlon Irrhrtttng
the rootteUof his tawuy loeks; " Matilde! I love yoe."
-llctiry," she repll.-d. clubnlug wlth her fau the luotauUe
whc waa dinlujr ofl her damu?k ebcek; " Heury. lt Ooaa
vou i-rivlit." " And." rcaiiined Henry, with a volee far
heliiw the inldille ttud of lile Immariiltte thlrt-fpajt;
"aud do yoi, Matilda?do you?er Ioyd snet - Jio,
Eleury." replied Matuua. wlth a ciirMl.in-l.aiuiiltY-ead
re?liriied-to-uiy)ot frankneaa; * no, Henry, 1 do ne|
love you. but I etteera you aaa-" - Oh, etow rhat"
YoclferatM Henrv, " none o' yo-.r eetin-ni you aa a
brotberi that'* too hoary a chtrtnut tor rue/* And
Henry on that tume hour the lady fnrs.Mik. Troe, he
had to; Imt uever you mt'id; he foraook Uer, ail tbe
saiue.-[Boston Tran'nerlpt.
It ls notlced that men of amall calibro nre ao^netimea
great borea.
? Itay. you"* ot.-li.lmed tbe anub noied boy, " you're
a real Engllob Im-d. bean't y.-rl" M Y?w. my la... rep.led
Ir- lordihip, not a!to?etlier di*plea-ed at the l>..y muan
ner "aud wiiat do you thluk of u real l-iiclixb lordl-"
"1 thlnk." BBld the youth." tt how there IM J no
dauirer of Lu>tiiu,l-? riinulna out o' atufl to luake loru
..ut ?'If abe I&, pBuluularer tuan ehe aeeiiw to M. -
[liotton Truuacrlpt.
To the Edxtor ofThe Trtbunt.
Ba : It is a singular fact that whcn n meehan?
l.-al .xpert aeet anytiilug lie cau-t iii..lci>t:iii,i by ?lght
or explanatlou, lie r?>u""?* ou lt au.1 proclaliu* Ita
fraitd. Iiuponltlon. hambu.it-. A poor couuuentary on the
Amenean ciigliioer whose conclu.tloua are to pettteulr
BBBdOl I.lke the cliil.l lb dread of puuiohuieiit, he would
rather ory ani lio thau aubuitt to the onleal of ownlng
It ls an unfortuuate ttate of thlnga lu tl.ta ei.lbzbusned
BgO, when inventlout are conelaiitlyattoumlingae, that
I,.-, bmb Mr. Keeiy bat produ.-od toiuethltii; to marvi-lloua
and ?o fur-reachliig aud toiaethluK ll.at it proauaM to be
a fonnldable rtval U> tbe Kr. at**t a*ei:cy of oiviliiaUoa,
686668. ha Hhould bave no lienrlnjt. no sympaUiy. hotM
immrdlatoly tat down uiam and rrououn.ed a eharlatafl.
Had ho tbe incllnatlon, which be rna> bave. tli.-iurh now
quloacent, he could rnake lt very lively for hl* lii.ellera.
That ho haa dltappotnted tbe publw ln not gtviag beitar
practlcal llluitratlon of what Ue ls capabie of d-au?. I
wlll aduilt. but that hc can and will. th. re eertainly need
le no Ooobt, I* lt not couvluclu? proof of tae pevaer M
c in furnUli WWM ln two tntuutee he tan produc* eu.-iah
-ethotto vapor" to 11ft aad bald M.0OH poaade for tvg
mlnutea. then to run ul* onidue balf an bour aud <aw
wood. an.l laatly flre hl? ?ua twico. with uo ippanfll
illfilnuUon of the roudlly ac-iutred foroel IfalitLita
haml ug (and lt would be mott tiaramoth , thora haa
uever bccn an explanatlon of lt that bat not been eatlly
refuied; If tt U an Uonettly acjulred fon e whote itiutt
^Pint boundlcai. Ita value cannot bo pu t in laarM
The dittortcd laintuiue attributed to Mr. Keely mM.
expiunatlon. waa of course unutual and meantnu.eta,
hut that /-uch that wat Borreet 1* plalB to hlni ?ud af'rd
rablo to bla ti.c.ry> Brttbeat qneaUoB, aad 1 aall^lffc
Jonu Tyu.Uil. tbe eraiumt ?elanU.t of l?u-lou, to Uar
wwawaaTaMJ -oul-t refrr the roader to an ardokt frooi Wa
l^u pul.ltbhed ln Longman* Matfozt"' of >?r**J^g
1682 nn- A-.ii.s Moleculea aad EtMr Wbybb. le ?iueh
i?- taye: "Moal moleeoles probably all.are wreekedhf
bitoaaa vibratory uioilon. The eonatlment astoma <A
.oulea .an Ylbrate to and frn mllliona aud i-i.i lomot
u.io. ti. a ee<-ond." Mr. Tyndall Iheci latOratjMfl
vii>tati(.n? are I6iri6ilf or BieetoratadbyMond,aag
hoB irrcit It th.-poNver.if vil.ratijii.i
Tbut wV aeo that kViy b .d dl>oovere< tbete faei. wbleh
Tyndall eett forth. und K-me luueh further ln puttiu* uiia
praetloal oporatioa tbitlateut lorte u. N..tdic.
li, tlmuleltaKiiadu. Mr Kt-ely hat harnesned Til.rarl.ca
and the reti.ltant I* the" ethork-VHpor." tmetl iu ia?B
tity but of areat foree aud duratlon. whlch. an it ? UM luaj
oporate ln the aai ia way at ateuui actlDg on a 1"-^
uui.4t bave un enulne necullarly a-lapted to K. ?i..l rta
hc rweiity .?xhll.lte.l with tfreel euoeeM.. t or.p -f^ard aa?
ocrtalnly eoaM ool revnive a?l ?!?? with the pow-rne
obtulned, hONvever mi plied.and I a-k any tl.iak.nu ruan if
hc helievea eouipreaaed air e?uld l.e ot tultii-h-nt foree u?
?,'iis4 thronsh h titlH* tbe oi>eiilii?r of whlch It no hhMBf
t'.an a pui neal an.l f.irulnli power euoiuh to ruu t 10
hotsc N(>s a KHi-liiirtepeNver.^ufc-iae. Aawiliiiei-t wira
out' raaaM li Mproaea folly and ahaaM u iflgan lill
hut the rlk'ht to hMMBl laYMtlgalJM aud h.-m-tt 'jouciB
Bloaa la iiniue-tioiial.le and tt hereby cb?Hengo4.
A>v I'jrk. Juue lo. I a. a. a
To Ths Editor of The rr46.ii??.
Sir: I haTaaeea thaatatanaaat btprtat that
"teveral Amerloan tel^Kraph opera'crt ha.l I*.".. ufftreg
?.,Mtl.?iialii8lBin by tbe GoYen.mint." CaajMulnfoi-*
mc to whom I iball wnte to irot a p-jeitlonl ?.
al bisui*. Juuo 4. las.5._
To the Editor or TB4 rrllmta.
Bir- In replv to the eotaunnioAUon of luiulry
forwardcd !r,m your ofUoo from a dlntant retdM
Bf TBB I'Kiia-SE.lu re^ard toihe Mga+reiuont of Mk>
graphopeiatora to go to Waa. I w^ua^Ute. aad tot
Li.-ial ii.forin.it ou -o other* i">t?n4M44*.i i..* io?
1 altion ha. nee,. tlileit Budl tht[M| J-t^Sa ??
jAummm have ^-^A^Ita^SLSir
Seio-rork, June 8. It?a5. ^_
frnnt Th* R>ehttl<r Jlerald.
B?'tween its fltartfl to M niu the rrt-MBfl
A.ti..l...?tr.,tl..n nu.1 IM hysterl.-al ?'!'PO?tlloU lo taa
Hroadway Uuderttround Kallrou.1 teueuie. ........i-hi a
wouJd dMtrof a vault or eellar whlch lt h.t butlt una*
U.e tr-et ooatrarj to law -togother wlth iuai-S|
UMaiawl to J'.li.i lloaeh. Ihe \r* io:\tr<n,nj'ZZ
haVlng a hard timo of it. n* P>*i and itai mugw ?? i?J6
Tt iateV 1^ Tonr$ and The Brmkl?>, f ?,?..? "M
eotartag by degrvM that tue A.ii..i..wr?i..i. i? *m
cmtlo an.l U r.UU to ?o coi.du?;t?l a* a.n-h ; *J
cratM. Tlie?e pupcrt ure uot gef.luir i;;>. ? ?' ?"
I, formiitiot. vcry' raiddly. bol tbey w .I uieit ...r^a,
th.-lr uratp lu ahout Uiree yeara, at the ^leaeut raiew
paaaMaa. _m_.
Wmhtngt.m lltpatehto rh# (-l*i#-a:.a- /^art.r.
A proiuirM-iit Ohio U.-uim-iat '",-:' ,k,''^^3
tho Qtlle re.-.,-:.ltlo.. that ia aocorded ... ?-^"J*^
i? .,)...,. taM lt wh uil twluy w tu- fact ^?"?gg
ator-* li.flaenco'h:... been uie.l y .j> h ?m am .
Wiiltney, Int,. ihe Othtoot, ^*J^JS&?aim
t?. c.mlil exi^H-t ver>- llitle liu-re l?"M.lc? Ul* m*"?
tinallar loeal odloe? with l.l* fnend*.
From Tk* Tretdon OtwtU m^^A\\\
TtoNtw-Tork W,.r<tl c.iu -ee no karm '" l*?0^
Calilnet otll.ers rldiug ln "nlee ?pctMl ...i.w 1^
piai-ed ..t their serv.ee by he f^P1'^1'0^ ,t *,? (96
I .uilereiice to The W,?d w io? ??"? *0J?, tuc ( u.iaB
MT. io*t cittlo o: the Kepubliean uieiuber. oi uie
who avcopted ?uch favor*.
** co?'SlI,i^ueB,::/,^^:rL^;'es?;;3
",U mm "au1"!.. erviSi to u S.w-Yotk rorraaiK), b-jj
Hreorde.l au i u>? , - Or0Ver flevelaud .. 489
^hTaaUaordin " v i .eti of ki* time. tl.tod for * >?*?>
?.fN fu ui notiMi. he lauta witta Washlualon.-n9?
,? , rw.ll d. velop lo the p. e( le Bl ti.i- enuiitry tha? haB
i l?li uarck of Ainerna. Iroin lit* ?toyeloi i: a ,??-;}?
l f, Jlulate tha Aui.-rieau Kepubl.e and advau.o ihekWj
Uou to a uontrollluc tuiernatio'ial p.wer.
" Exeept when tuei? i? iiewecl ?tra""VwaI
linpoitauoo," .ald a uieiul^r ol the ur!..u '?' -^
V\ helau last ulKht. " we aell about aoi? V? Y *'TI:
ou we.-k days B8d aatweau 300 aud 400 ou a-^afi
lara-e proportiou ot tke l.nyera are <3*UllU?r n.uiv TB?>
who...' we .upply by carrler., ?e dl.-pooc of ??^J"3
LNX? tk.au any other lueuopoliun sheet. I ut >? ^..
THB TBiBt-Mtt re...l. rs, llke a ""M-l'l> ?' \h*t?Z a?!
en., are our .iibaartbara. 1"r?T?^? ? JJ!; u BlWaBb
U.iiien. oare vaiv llttle for v.tkw-JUt 1 om/? *jr . a ?g
biivluK 196 Horid. 9bh urlimiW u?|* ? " ^"?
ai.les 7ne W'ort.l siauu* IH-It to T* IKI.i. M.. ^fcja
Am th.rd aud Ihe Uerad aud Jisy. Uat. Iiu * ^
taxe.ipre.edei.ca over Tke ,*??.??>** "''' * u^<a*
.1 ata/ba put dowa aa a ruto ihat tb Uat uoi w ^m.
pamu i.eaertte.1. the s?le. of Ti ?*?".*"?^?M
ind hurt raa faa, H^aaJrtaud ;nari . J*' ?'" ^?bV,
tba uioat diannx-e. C buadav 1 *.- ? ?^ *^rd.?
wllhTnt TuiBfK* aecoud, ?**,*??" v TkiuuxI I
ja?i/?r?WaUdIi?r?la?t. ??? 8LJk"*tJ,l ""na ?"
the b.al ilaaa of reader.. tueauin* by that > m
biuliieaa and piofe.slo..al luan. Loe*l ne*l^t?| la!
Coholu4f a aentlu.ei.t that la aatd to. ba u. ^^ |
newsiwperfraterulty.awear bT Xka ?a?, aaa
prefereuce to all othero.

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