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Lokdok, Juno 12,-The attendanco at this
afteruoon-a 98aa9a_B of tho Houaeot Coromons and
Cse of Lord. was larc. and there was BB
_suol animatlon ln all the "groupa occupylnir tho
SSSaa ot both houae. beforo the altt.ngs. Mr. Glad.tone
.nitotinoedlntheHoaio of Commona IBabba Ja-ra
BUnclofHco. that the Qtioen had accepted his ?>?na;
tlon.and that her Majeaty had lnformed hln. that *he had
auruinoncdthoMarquliofSallBbury, the leader of tbe
OppoiltionlntheHotixeot Lorda.to Ralmoral for tho
purpoaeofentru.ttnghitnwlth tho formatlon af a now
Mlnt.try Mr. Oladatone contlnutng. ??ld that under
Tho pecnllar clrcumaUBcaa aurroundlng the outgo Ing
Oovernment, he would, a llttle later, |8JBb?999itbab tba
Houaeof Commona adjourn untll next Monday. Tbo
nueetiou had arlsen. he declared, whetber lt would bo
ScsTforpubllcconvenlonoe and Interest to fB oa-wlth
S peJaa bt_dal.ua. concern.ng tho M?MaJ ?
Bcatal.lll. Tho preaent Oovernment would only do 99
STthe consent of tho Hotise. He did not beltovo that
??y dlfference of prlnciple. In rcspect to thls Impor ant
tr.es.urecouldnowpo.Mbly arise between the-parttes
nndheremlndcdthoHouso tbat tho Oovernment and
tho Opposltlon were both under a co.npact reearding tho
TlclKtrlbtttlon bill. lt would. however. be grattfylng to
bltnsclf and his colleacues tn tho rctlrlng Cabinet if be
fore they ceased their publlo dutles they oould rcgard
tbe bill aa senled and dellvcred.
Slr Ptaffonl Xortbooto, ln behalf of the Ccuservattves,
,f snnnded that hla party dexlred to procoed wlth tho Ro
distributlonblllaarapldly aspoasible. Th?? '? "?
rcaaonwhy the amendraonta mado to the bfll by the
llouse of Lords ihoula not at once r- eclve tho a<sent of
the IIouko of Cominon*. but the qtiestlon of theso amend
Ut. wa, ln thls pecullar ,hnpo-the amerulmo,,ts were
?ot yc-t prlntod-and ho thought lt deslrablo to kuve
then. prlntcd b.-fore formally actlng on tl.em.
Mr. (ili.'tatono expmsaed acpilesconce with tbla Tlew.
andtheaittlngofthe Houae was suspended untll tho
auiondtuonta sbould berecelved.
The ame..'l.neuts aa passed by the Lord. havl.,_ flna.ly
rewhcdthellouso.theslt'lngwasrca.i'ued. It ivae de
elded to mako theameud.uent. the aubject of discusslon
on ncxt Monday, and au adjournuiout was taken to tbat
d Tu tbe House ofbords tbla aftcrooon, Lord Granvlllo
.nnounced tbat Mr. Gladitono b9d tenderod to tho
onccn tho re.sl.natlon of hlu.self and hla entlre. Cabinet.
Lord Grauvi.lo also stated that the (i'.cen bad aiceptcd
thercstgnationand had autumoned to her preaeuco tbo
War.iuisof8all.burv, who is BOWat Tla'.mor.U. Tbcro
iore LotdGr.iuvtllo a-dd bo hopod the IIouso would
abandon all ordlunry buslness.
Tcleerama BrBBB all the princlpal polnts alongthcmutc
tnkenbytha Marquts ot Sall.bury to Bnl?n..r.il show
that theJourncy was mado through a con.liuicd serlea of
popular llBliaillHliai on all that part ,.f Iba way
wblcblU" In So.tland. Ciywde riaaomt.led at all tl.e
rallway .tatlons and cheored tho "comlug man." At
the Aberdcon Statlon. wherc the traln stopped. tho dem
oustratioB was partlcularly enthusiaatlc. Ib re auma
onecall.-duut " Thrce obeeri for Gladatone I und tbc
luvitatiou was greeted wlth groans aud hls.oa.
IbaHaiflairf Sallabury haa eonsantod to form a
Mlnl.try.'althSlxStaflord Northeotc aa ChanceUor of
tlie Exchequer.
The Queen li ex_>ccted to arrive at WlBBlll Castlc from
BaBaaaal on Tucaday noxt
The I'arnelllte membors of Parllutuc-.it have begun
csiBfarrlna wlth leading Ol*VXWraMj^a1tb?agaM ta
tbe Gnv.-niu.ent of Irt- and. Mr. Parnell und bj* loliow
MMftm the Torlei taadopttba li?...i.B i e
m,*??Ta..re??"kat tbe itntcment tbat Mr. Oladatono
IntemUtoret.r.- fmin the leadershlp ofJ^J"?>?J?
11 .HU'horlzed. Tbe Karlof Aberdeen hosotrered Br.Glad*
utonctbeuacofhlareiidenco near I/)nd..u fc?thi">
jnainder of the sea.lon. A niessonccr from Mr. Ol.?l
Btoii,' nrrived at liaimoral two hnurs before I^)rd Bolls
l.i rv Tho Quocn will leave Balmoral on Tueaday and
vrlll" arilvc at Wlndaor Caatle on Wemiea.lay inoriit.-.
It last .ual ihut aiuea*a?e from the t.uceu haa Brtlved
H%3twS!. ^r^r'Kd-nnd..af nnrler the Speaker'.
cillerv in the ll..u-c of Commros yeat. rday.
* i-^i?,v Juuo VA.-The st.mdant thls murnlng thlt.xs
tkJit ta tbe Scw Mluistry tl.e Eeri of ('..nar.
Von will bo Kordgn 8ccr.-ti.ry. Blr MMbaal
Hicks-Beach K.cretary for War. au 1 \Miii.n..
1 leurv wulth Flrst Lord of the Adtnitalty. I al?) thluka
tlmt i^.r.' i:o...l..ii'tif'biirehlllwiIlbeoflcToda blab lu.st.
but tba itla not lix.ly lo 1k, tbat of Becrefory far
lnlund. The Standard (ays tbat tl.e general cl.ctl ...
will probably ba poatponed uutll Jannaiy. Bnleaa tbo
Cunsenativea are unnble to i.h*. the Co'r. I..i. hui. and
flnd ur.ou the cxpiratlon of tbc '.n-sr ut u.-t, In ?'. t.l.e.,
that thev ure Haaala to gov ?.. liaUnd wttboat a ra
newal of'thc act. wheu they wUl be couipclUd tu U.->
aolve Parlla.uent. -__ ....
BT. PiTtitMit i:<). June 12,-The newxpajKTS hcre aio
of the opiuloii tbat tho Kngll.b will be , omiulled to
Bhow that tbeydlsapprovo Mr. (,l...l-t..ne's pullcy, nnd
Bxprcaa fear tbat the chango of Hovernment will bo
prejuill.el to the nuiicable, negiitlatl.ms whioh ?>??????
teu.ling l.etwe.u the GladatoncGovcruincnt aud lt
The sqiiudmn BB lat ordeTB for tlie l'aciflj lius been
onUred to walt In Finlund bay. _.__,'__.
Bimia Juno 12.?It iaundorstoodhero tbat.cbann
of Mlnls'try ln Kuelaud will notluvolve any chahgo lu
tbc pouliou ot Karl Luffciin.
At a meetljiK of the Municipal Council of tlio
lrlsh Natlonal Leaguo hcld last evcnlug tho following
reaolutlons wero adoptcd:
Whrreas. Tbe lnfamous Gladitono Mlnlstry, by Its
treatineut of the Iri.h people, by it* stii.pr.sa|..ii of
putlic moetlngs, by lt? a.aaulta on tho frc-dnni of tbo
treas bv IU iniirder, through lexal forma, of men ag.lt.st
v, lu.ii'i no valld evldenca cnnld ho produced-ln a w.,rd.
bv It. vile coerclon laws. ktiown ns the Ciimos Act, had
justly earned the aternest oj.position from oll lovers of
irelHiid; and . _,_ ______ .,,,,
HA/rc??, Evn though Engli.h statlstlcs exhlblt a ro
tnnrkahlc abaanoeof crlme ln Irclaud, the sara* Minlatry
h.id declded to coutlnue for two vears longer tbo systcin
of oppresalon we now denounoe, be 11 _
RcMolvrd, That we, the Jfow-York Municipal (otincil of
th* lrlsh Natlonal I>cague hereby tender to Mr. Iuni.il
aud hla fellow Natlonulist me.nl.crs our hoarty cou
erutulatloc. on the great victory ochlcved by theni.
Rridred, That we hail tuis vk-tory aa an omen of far
rnater triuinpbs ln tho 1'uture, when tlio Iri.h Parlia
luentary party .hall number elgbty or more membor*.
R*$ottea, Tbat we urge all dealrlng the sucocaa of tho
Irlih iM-ople to once more al.l the L*ague lu thls clly by
?nrulltne In It. an.l tbu? prenare for tho eoniest ap
proxching, and bo purtaker* in tbe victory luro to eome
~a victory that will recreato lrlsh Ind.utrlos long dnr
mant, and tbat aluUl glvo our poople at homo the aa
tloiial aml lnall.uable rlght of uiaXiug tbeir owu laws."
Preparatlon. are belng uiade f< r the lecture to l.e de
llTcrtd by Bishop O'Farrell, of Newark, iu tho lutcrc.t of
the League.
The CJonaorvativo leatler whoni tho Queen
Bai lummouod to form a new Mlnlitry, li tho repreaon
tatlve of tbe great Ce.ll faunly which baa flgured so
promlnently ln Engllib hlitory durlng tho past tbrce
centuriea. Wllliam Cecll waa the flrat Baron Barlelgh,
whoie career la Inacparably lnterwovcn wlth tbat of
Queen Ellzabetb. HU aecond aon, Uobort Cecll, wai
Beoretary of 8tate durlng tko lait loven yenra of ElUa
betb's relgn and the ftrst ilx of Jainei Pirat's ; was mado
Baron Cecll ln 10O3, Yiaoouut Cranborne ln 1C04, and
Earlof Sallabury ln 1605. lbo llfth Enrl carrlol Klug
Edward'a .toti at tbe corouatlou of George
L The aeventh Earl ln 17S9 waa made Murijui.
of Sallabury. The aecond Marqula was Lonl Presi
Oent of tbe Couocll ln 185.-a-'59, and, by royal llceuao,
?aautned tbe additional lurnaine of Gaicoyne ou hii
xoairlage wltb the daughter of Baraber Oancoyne. Tbo
third Marqnla la the aubject of the preaent wrltlug.
RobertArtbur Talbot Gaacoyne-Cecll, tblrd Marquli
and nlnth Earl of Sallabury, Vlaoouut Crauborno, li.irou
Cccl), waaboru February 3,1830, and auoceedod to hla
tille. and eaintes In 18(!S. He wai In boyhood tralucd
according to bls father*! tbeory tbat boya abould 1)0 ln
nred to phyilcal dlscoinfort. 8o, amld the splcudori of
tbc Ceella' aeat, Hatfleld Ilottse, be waa forcod to eh-ep
on a hurd atraw mattresa, tbrown upon the floor
of a barely fumlshcd rooir. He uaturally grcw up tu bo
fearlcs., aeU-rcllaut and acornful of the mlnor dlacum
forti of life. At achool and college he waa noted for hla
axaaly vlgor and lndependcnce aud his belpfulnesa to
athera. He waa edueated at Eton aud at Chrlat Cburch
Collefo, Oxford, wbero be took the dexTeei of li. A. ln
1850, aud M. A., aud waa elaotod a Pollo w of All Souls' ln
1953. Then be made a voyugo to __merlca, Australla,
and aroand tbe worid, rougning lt ln a way that would
a_a__M tbe noblc tourUU of tbla day. So cutcred publlo
life aa X. P. for tbe poeket-borougb of htaniford?" Bur
leigh Honae, by Btamtord to * u "-?aud ?uTod that aeat from
1693 to 1868. He early made bla mark aa au lmpaialonod
eontroverslallit, pluuglug tlcruely luto dabatoa wltb
bla eldero, and dl-playlug a c.iustlo aplrit of crltlclam
tbatexaaperated and ofton dl.ooiullt.vl oppoix-nta of
freater ablltty tbau himaoif. Tbe oauoe of tho labjrlng
people waa bla flrst hobbjr, and ln rldlng lt ho expreoaed
botk la tka Commona, BBd ln Ihe Htundard and Ihe
Quarterly Bealcw for wkieb be waa a froquunt wiiter,
Vla wa far more liWral than thoae tolcrated by moat of
hia party. In 1869-7 aa Lord Cranborne be waa Indiau
laatelaiylBLord i/orby'a Mlolattr, knt ba realgued
alonfc wlth Poel and Lord Carnarvon beeaute he ;dld not
llke Mr. Disraeli't Reformblll. Ou the death of hit fathcr
ln 1868 he entered the Houte of Lorda, and eoon became
frlendly with Mr. Dltraell agaln, to that he cntercd
the latter-t Cablnct of 1?74 aa Indlan BecratarY. Even
theu he wua contldercd bot-hcaded and Q11.1*"1 ,c-iJ,t"
the ?reat Iutllan fatnine oame on. and be aettW '}"w? l'?
be one of tho niott lnduttrlo.it andb.itlnctt.|lkeof_Mi?
tere. He held that poatiintll lh78.Koln.rln 14,0- m?M
conforence at Conttantlnople aa rspectn &*"???*<*
?aattua Affalrt. In __7fha wweaadad Iflrd Pafbyja
KorclKn Mluittcr. ona wnt Lord Bencoutfleld t MDaMM
at the, (-onarett of Berlln ln that year. Whcn tho ho*
eontflcldMlulttrywentoutlu l>_-0.be 8?de4 bMehlof
ln leadliiK tho Oppoaltlon. nnd after Lord Hcacoi t
tlcld't death he waa iinanlnioiitly ?*^.ftl-___M-___
Conservatlvct ln tbe Houte of Lorda, hit e.cctlon belnK
Unoseil and aeeonded by the Dflkfl flt ?f_?g* ?5
t:ar. Calrnt reapeotlvoly, altliou?h tbey ****** ?
rlval rouipetltora for tba pcaitlon. Thaj BJflM Bfli >M
tlnce held, and ho haa torcral tlroaB led <*?**"?"*!*
majorlty of tl.e Lordt lnto Wtter c.-i.t ct al tta the
Llberal majority of tho Conimona In add-tlon to??Jg
lltlcal offlcca, ho hat ueeu thaucellor of tho Unlvcrtity
of Oxford alnoe lfCH.
Paius, June 12.?Madamr- Nilssonhas gnined
hcr actlon acalntt her hutband'a rclntlrca, who hnvo
been ordercd to pay her ?8.400.
London, Juno 13.-The Kcv. Edtvin Paxton
Ilood, pattor of tho Indopondcnt t'hapel, Fal Jon Squure,
London.and author of mnny rellirlort, hittorloul aud
othor works, la dead. Ho wat eixty-live yeara old.
Vienxa, Juno 12.?Pcrsirin paprra etato that
tho Amer-rla aimut Mniakoa tourof Afghanlttan, nnd
wlll meet tho Kliau of liokliara nt Ilalkh.
tirei) of BUirrnra worn na bear.
WtWUTtBQ, June 12.?The CoOowfag dinpfitcli
from Oeneral Mlddleton't camp wns recclvcd yottcr.lay:
"Cnmp 70 iiillcanortheatt of Part l,ltt..Tiiue ;i. OflBflCfll
Ml(M!eto:i's cmniand ls now lialtliiK nt ;thc ertce of I M|
and apparcntly lmpassnMe niiiekcp. tour iiillca ln wldth.
aorots whlch Ill? l.ear lia- pfl_6flt, harl_? abandoiicd liia
carta nnd travclllnu wlth Indlan pack ponlca, l66Bt6
report him to bo trnvrllliiK Wflfli Bflt-I dotibtle-a after
tho blft caeheof provltlona ttorod by lilni at Iltnvcr
Elvcr. If thlt 1? hia liitciitl.'ii hc wlll bo dlaiippolntcd. nt
tbc llonrbaa bocn ciipturcd by Genernl Btrunge, nnd ls
uow ln the lnttcr'a poawaalou. SirniiKe lt cd
ncarCold Lake, ln 6-6 iicl_hboi.i..u?l ot Pfeflg Lflkfl. OM
eral Mlddleton't forco lt rlvouaeked here. Tiie {.-? I
cverythliu e'ae that cati pflflflHtJ be, dlaiicut. .1 wlth l.uvc
Maa fllflOflit-bl. 1B8 great alm bfltag t,> MartakaBifl
}'.,i- BBd rc-eue the prla-.m-rt. Geacral Mlddleton l
usltiir ci-crv cllort to aflMB-pUah tlila. All wairolit wlll
be dropped aad Beaeon't paca traln iitlllzed. 1 hia It ihe
on'.v iii.-aiiaof tiuiisjioit. und ovcii wlth tlila tbe proba
l.ill'tv ls lii favirof tM BBoakofl l>" luj. fouii.l linpat
Mipi.lii't were tent down tM rlvarto PlpaBtoM Creeh
yeeterday, then ui> the country tnwnir.i Turtlo laike.
Tbe Baakatohewen Rlrrr la rletaf rnpi.liy."
r.i:r I-nr. N. W. T.. Jui.c lii. vlu Wlnnlpejr. June 11.
?Oeneral Mlddleton, who bM beea parantngBlaBear,
bmfoaadtb? ooantrr ImfaaMbta f?r MmtM lara
hia rotiirii to this .>!?:-... Bnfpllet for tbe nortb M-e
MM ..itii.tcrtiiin.leil. Th.? proi'iibtlltlca BM that tbc
aaaaflaaad Blll atai l Ut koaaa :.t aaefl.
l.oNi.ov, Juno 12.?A iiio l.roko out thi
afternoonln the Indta Mustuin "A'ine\" to tiie
bntldlnciii whlch is belng hcll the latflraattoaal Bxhl
bltlon of Inveiitlont. This dcpartinetit ls aMaafll Jn-t
north of tho uinln cntritu- tn tl.e exhioltlon. aad aa
tween tbe enstcrti v.-.ill <.f tbe ?iBIWI-M BalVdtag proper
nnd Ev.liibltl(?n Bflflfla -hc inuteiiui waa UM witli e\|.
iaaflMfll the lianillcr.ift ai Inlia. carved wuodwurk
maliily. and other llko lafaaaMMfl inatenal. Thfl IflflMB
tprcad wltha:armlii_ripll:ty...!i.l UM wbo
atiiutiirc wmNgardedaa doorned to deatruotloa i i
YUltoratotM exhlbltlou and tii" attendanta !ia toon
as they li.-.-ird lln- liial .ry of llre lb-I fr.Mii tae
i.iiildiiK.'. nn.tnil eecapedwlthootaeetdeat. TbeFlr. De
partuent qnlekly raaponded lo IM bIbI?. M(i -oob fulljr
liity cticiiiea were s,-ini!ii_ bearj itreatnaol water lnto
theburolUKmaMa__a-idnp >n ihe adjaoent propertY. rbe
iirciiieti titiaiiv obtatoad laa maaVatf bybi Ibe Damea,
bol not unill the iiiin.y artlelea Lu the Indla Mu
?:i aiiiiust Mtlrel; .le-':--.;,'. 1 aud IM nuiMfla.
? - -? ilo i-iv daroafled.
Thetliimetilid not exleii I lnto the Inimente striicture
la wblch tbo exhiblll.." pro|H"rlt beinjr held, an.l tlma
tbe actuaJ ralaailtr Ur?_tlo.l wa_ pro?eiit?.l. Th? dain
11-,. to the iu iiii MtliiOil v.-l-, coli4i.iei.Uilc.
OBounu ."-riiiAMiM. ta m-n.
Maiumi., Juno 12. l-li-\?!i eaeee <?f dtteeeefl
iflflnflbllai tibalarfl ata tflfattai iu thlt city. Paaa
IbbIM aMfliiad Baaa jaatardar laa aaattan -fllfllflla
Ciiit'iim-.l lh? work of ditlnt.'ctlun tho ttreeta u;i I Bf
k,-<;.,. .- l'.r-e beairaa bara___g at ail aTallabla paiata.
Illto tlieae bi.iililet (Jllrttltltl.t of tulphur arp (aa!
freiiiu'iitly. . . .. ,
B?Ten now oa nawf ebolera an I Iht.leaDit BMarred
to .lay in thcl'lt)'Of ."l'li.'.a. ?'? 1 UlIM .fl 8MM and
U-ndeatbalu IheProvlni.f Marcla, natable tha clty.
I anrnMr of mw Mtee aad daalM bm wpflfliM rroai
other dlatricUlo 8p:iin,
Twouiorcautplcfotttcaaet were repoi ed to-_ar,oae
Of wbi, li proYfd t.t ll in a IflW bo ira. Tho diat I
appeared ut 'toledo. ,
l'Uii- .Iu-??!?_. In vicv i,f tlieprc\alcnco ofl
ln Hiiimi. ihe li.-iicii i;.,v. raiuci.t bM flren ord
tuli|, ol arrtvaa from Sj, ,1:1 od CM I-'riiiico- -paulall froll
ticr to IhIM daj -' qunraii I
iltmn MOTHElt ASI1 SIHTKIl ?U8P_K7t_UX
Scutahi, Alliania, JoBfl 12.?A teClfble trui.
edy recently (iccurrcl In tho famlly or 1'i.nk Dfldfl,
l'llnceof the Mlrulitct. TIl- Prluoo It dctalncd as a
hoatageat Coiistantlnople. 1 r.m there he eciit n nict
ta?c to hit tnothcr, who livca at Hcutarl, tuylnK that hc
tutpected hit cniiain wat plnyinitthe part of n apy for
tlieTurklabOovcrnmeiit. Tho euiaiti, toon nrt?rwar.l
Yltltlni?thflMaMflBM at Praab I>.-1>, ln Peutarl. wits
thotdcad. laa arreal of tM mother aad atfltar oi PreDl
Ii,.,!;, waa tmiiicli it.ly ordei'fd. Tlu-y eacaji.-d arreal
br teeblnanii'l MBBBiBfl refu.e ln tbe Frenrh < .uiaiilute.
lii.. Porte now demandi tbe nirreadai i.y the Frencb aa
thorltlea of the mother and tl-ter of Trciik Modii, ottert
iiis' that U.cy uloaccoinplkci. lii tiie miinler.
Tlli: l___BBTTSBT_-l l_H_D_BLt in CAHAOA.
Montukai., Jtini" l_| (8ptoiat)??A\i liie third
day't teialon of tiiclienoral Atsi-uibly of Ibe I'rcl.ytciliiti
Cburch ln (.'aiiaila, t.id.iy. n rca.,iiii|.iu waa adoptd up
polutiug acointnlttce fur the iu.lflc.it Imi ?jf Bflatflffl BBd
Wcttcrn br.nicbea of tho t'hiircli. A rcaolutioii wat ulao
adopted tlionkliie tho tacottlsh and Iriah t'hiir.-het for
thclr stipport of lioinc inlatlont. Keportt frotn Morrlu
and Manltoliu 6flD66J66 were read. The Itev. I'tluclpal
KliiK. of Manlt,.l,a ii'lliKc, niiuli! an Ufflal flfPflfll 'or
more liclp. A rctolutlon waa adaplfld callliii? M thfl con
fri'Katloiia to r> tpoti.l tiiore liiicrully. At IM afteTBOOB
aeauoB a eommittee was appoint. .1 toderlee wbal actlon
the Atai int.ly Hiiould lako on Ibe tcriiiliiatloii of tM ta
cent troublct ln tM MorthWMt. A niiiiil.cr >,f ii.liil-tcia
were plaecd ou ll.n Aced und Iniiriu MlBtttera' l-'und. Au
u|.p< al of the Bei. Dr. KlemliiK from Ihe dccltlou of lln
Synod debarriiiK blru troia Chureh prlvileirca wat not cn
tcrtiilu, ,1, at l?i. Flciuli.K did not appeur.
? ? ? - -
MoNTHEAl., June 12 (Sptcittl).?The- ftincral
M-rvlcea of Archluahop Bour^el and lllahop Lartifue
wcrc contiuued to-day. Thu rciuains woro carried lu
hoar-.et lo nt. I'cler't Calhcdral aud dcpoaii.Hl ou a c ita
falijue. All tbo JudKca, the luayor uud aldcriuuu aiul
huudrediot prlettajoluod lu tbo proocttlon.
A dltpatchfrom ijucbeo to-day tayt: "Fotir of I'lnk
ertou'a dctectlvet have urrivod lu town. It la proauincil
that they aic lookln-forScott, tbo mlaalnir Maiiliattau
liaiik abtcoii'lcr. It lt tald thiit !ic hi.t been lu OnaMfl.
und on TflMfl?f iiiorninir was rBooffniMd in ttcl.iir itora,
He t-arricd u brown JMtbar rallae aad afterward weni
tn tho dircctloii of tl.o Nerlb Khont Uailway ttatiou.
IIaufax, Juuo l'J.?Ihfl atcamer l'ortla, whlch arrlvcd
here froiu 8U Johu't thlt nioriiliic, iNtap tfefl lntelll^ctice
that ahe cuoountered a tornble ltiiIo In tho vlclnlty of
tho Ncwfoundliind flflflM Intt Siinday. Mauy livca an,
reportcd to huvo l.ccn lott by UM VMflfe of Ilnhiii^ bflfltfl.
Mo.MiiKAi., Juue 12.? Lai'KC partlcs from Now-York
and other Amcrtcan cltlot nrc uow i?a4Nlui{ Ihfflafh Mon
trculou tho way to the .aluiou llahiug paaaifl of tho
Lower ht. Luwrcnce.
OTTAa-A, June l'_.?In the BflflM tln? aftcrnoon Hlr
John A. Mncdonald ttatcd that bc had recclvcd a t.-ie
Kiaui from fell Lconar.l TUley convoylng tho lnfurmatloii
that ho had tuccettfully undert(one tho o|ieratlon ot
Utbotoiny, and at a retult wlll, ln uil probabillty, bo ro
ttored to j.crfect healtb. Tho auiioiin, oin.nt wat re
celvod wlth appluuae from bulh BMM of tho Houae.
JtUOAEA Fali_?. Out., June l'_.-Frctldeiit Zaldlvar
of Cchti-al Ainerlca nud atilto anived hero thta uioming
and vltlted all poluts of Interctt.
Jay (lould aud party arrlvod hero yettcrday by tpeclal
our and ttartod vla tbo Giand IT.iiik Kallway for tno
Weat ll.la luorulng.
Wai.k_ut.in, Out.. Juno 12.?At thlt place to-nlt'ht a
Iiiillet wat fin-il throu|{h a wludow uf the cdlloriul rooiii
of ]7Ae Brvce Ilerald, a proinluciit iiiitltciniicr.iii.i-,
paper. Tho bnll pattcd over tho o.lltor't cbulr, whlch
had liccn vneated only it mliiiite ba-forc. Tho laott
'1 em|KT:icc Act la ln forcc here uud ia cruallug luiu-h 111
I'ai-.is, June 12.?The uieetlng of tho plcnury Hu.-r
Canal ('oinmlatiou vlrtually trniilnnted to day. The
tentb olaiite wlll tM-left to b. tetlled by dlploinatle
njoana by tbe rartoua I'owcra tutereatM.
Pokt 8aix>, June 12.?Tbe lar.e drediter wblch waa
aocldei.Uilly ttiuk lu tho mlddle of tbe Hues Canal wlU
be rcniovod by dynauillo.
Boax, June 12.?Tho publlo auaooaoeauMit la atado
that tho Popo hai glvon his sanctlon to tho decla on. of
the lrlsh Hisl.ops upon the questloni a.ibinlttod160 tl). m
at their recent lueetlng ln Konio. It I. atated also tbat
he has glven his approval of tho progrnmmoitorBl
mcetlng of the Irish BUhop. aonn to be held lu Dublin.
Pt. P_TKR.ncKO.June 12.-An earthqnake ^MIMMl
In the Easteru C.u........ Tho town of Bikuch ww?m.
pletcly iwallow.-'l up aud tho townshlp sufferod dau.a.i
to the exteut of levoral milllon roublea.
Londox, June 12.-In to-day's hearingof tho
Lnuderdiilecaso before the Houseof Lordi, Stephen Naah
teitllled that between 1(191 and 1830 the laws govern
Ing marrlagei ln tho State of Now-Yorx roqulrod only
a contract of marrluge malc iu tho preaenceof witnesocs,
wlthout ooreraony of any klnd. In 1S30, tho New-iork
marrlago laws, he ial.1, wcrerovlsed.
Mr. Fhclps also testlfled on tho i?me polnt. H!i testl
mony wai ilmilnr to that of Mr. Na<h.
The Earl of Solborno. Lord HUh Chanoollor, movod
that ln consideratlon of Mr. Pbolo.'s pnsltlen ho b?iao
COiniiKXIated wlth a scat lu tho bo.ly of tho llouso. rBXB
was a most imu.ual procondlng for a Lord ChanceUor to
take, nnd tho actlon la rogarded as a specml ami BJ
traordluury m.irk of honnr, aud 69 nn adoquata reeogui
tlonof th.. Aiuerlenn Minlstor'. oourtusy iu cni.sontli.g
to appour as awltneii before tho Lords waa. BUj
Pbelpa aroso to loavo tho Chamber their lon tahlpa1 u
r< aa ami bowad datoroattally lo i.im. tba AaMrwaa aui -
Istorretumingtho grootlug itingraoeful aud upproprl
ato manner. _
London. Juno l'J.?Tho piil.lic.tion of tho
Quecn'i new baak; " Tho Life and Lattata M tho Duke or
AlbaBy," bM been poatpOOBd iintil tbe aiitutnn.
An accouut >.f the carly llffc of tbo ltev. Jobn Hiirvard,
foundcr of Harvnrd ('..ll.xe. I. pron.lso.l by Mr. Itendio.
of Baalbaaik Ho haa toaai ? laaatd of the .lute of n.r
vard's blrth, parcntage, and fnn.lly reai.lencn jn tlio
piirlsh of Bt Bai l.'iir. isikI has trneod tbo bieaklng Up or
tl.e fauiiiy la tba great plagna of 1629, ._______.
ArrklbaJd Porbee la prepurlng louvculr. of Amoriea
and An-trnllii. , , ?
9w_bnrne'a " Marlae Fallero " baa boon |a*ui.,i. n*
tanor of tbe critlciania oa tba work la entkitalaette. "
eoatalaatbe boal blaak reraa Ibaaatharbaaatat writt.-n.
iiikki: BT v Kin.r.D ?Y an 90CIBBBT o* THF.
arurviKtlt. TATX9TT BATUWAls,
Jrv thixoiiaimi To nia TBtnt:xi_]
-fOBBWfOWBi lVun., JtttW 13.?SpriiiT Mill
BtatlOB, llvo inll.-s s uitli of thl- pl.ic-, ?n tli" IYinisyl
vatr.'i. Sehtiylki'.l YuV- | R .1 !?.?!. wa< tbo 6688X1 '?'
aatraaa?reeh aad laaa of ttfe aboal IsM Bda afb n a m.
Tbokiiled ure Davtd Way.ie, oi.gliie-r. >>f (''.luuibia,
Peaa.1 .T. J. Oearar, 0 adaetar, af Ploladalpbla,
.ii, d an imiir aftor tba aaafdaati tba Braaxaa, DrJah*
boaaa, wba v.-a* eraabad i aad aaal haH i
I'.iu'.d be r uii.ve.!. T,,.i ..ile r tta'iiii.'11 w. 10 Injnred,
!:it.iiiy. Tba tt?a la kii.iwn 99 tha I
IngMa K.t Bxprooo, aada m aaly put <>ii tba r..a.i a
rBwdajraaga, Btaaa Iba T ? fJwa.aajj' aa*
lt_ road ke I k i< kt .11 aoaabterabki
, iietweon It an.1 II kta a.id Bi
i-.'tnj.'.iiv aa ta tba Mana ivqalrad ta axaha tba ru ha>
twi'i'ii i' ? ; . iaad BaadlBg. Ti tatdappartef tha
diataiiee waa Inade al llie rite of ll tnllo 8 llllli'lt". Tho
B-irlala. hifriiTir. rnl aal an oni.-r t? abm up. Ta>
day It ls a.il.l that tli- trata wa* ina-lii. rai.il ttBM, nnd.
jadgtag fi-otu th. appaaraaaa af laa aiaah. II B aata t?.
?ay tbat iba epaad raagea aapwbara bataraaa thirty
n\- -ind f-.i-y mi:.* aa houi. Tba aagtaa waa atrtppod
of' e ir!\ al! tli"' iiia.-!il:;e:v, tl.e 1...!'.? r rea'ing "ll t B8
tiaafcaaf aftatoar. hu fr ?? ura, (oaref whleb arera
llll.d wltb lTolu.-e inteii.l.-l for tho Itiadlng iu.irk.-t.
wero c.iii|.'. ' aad tho aaataata wata
se.ilt.t.-d ln '-vety dir. -.-Uoii. Wlien tl.18*9 88)689 tba
BBalBaar, BraBaaa aad aaa ??f um 6*6*
enelnc. Ilar.llyf labtpaad from tlie B6M
tbe frelght tr.iln w.i- il? nvi rad BBttl BM tr..n *t. ed w. nt
daablBf tato tbo raar aad. Tba bj b had aa Baaa ta a*
1 aa u< oMoal I kj Iba w |hMl of ihe
r.-.r i.r.ii.. inau of Ib. fi-U-l.t tr.iin. The tr.uki were
ahatraatailalrmt rlr hmrt Tblabitba Irat eollkdo.
that haa O' eorrod aa tt.'- aaw Uaa,
Jl Ml'JXt; / v / BOS1 "l 1 v EXPEESS TB l/Jf
11.tr.AKi.Mi a KMi'm er*. s rovr.i'.TY Tint CAfaK
?>f tiip. si |.(i>r.
A man nl ..nt I'.ty year. ol age, -lio.f general oi>
penrnnre waa that nl .1 I 9*881 r. at,....| .... 9ba brld,e
?v, r tha railroi.l tinek at r.iiirtli a?o. B8m1 Nitu l.v
- \.-:it;i -*. .' '_' p.1 ' >i" ' I lh,l.v
iBward tl.e ao.itli. Befbta ha bad aractad bMBftba
.oiinil ol aa appreaehrai Borth boaad Hadaaa. Ritaa
trata iraa ai ud. 111 b ita araa paaatb| BfaMtj Iftb.
at, whaa tba aaa eotbabrldfi agarartba
6uard-rail aad preparcd bbaaelf lorajomp. W'llllam
II Laonard, tl.e telrfrapb operatoi la tba awltab *t*
,;,,:, ,,t Ni,.. i. -inh-t.. tn.iie.-l tbaanapleiaoa i
nieut aad t ? ?? 'I to ilgnal the engina i ol tba appreaeku
in.- trata, bal hawaatoatata rbeloooai
pouit ii..- itatioa at a in'.li rata ..( ipaod, l.<??? lard ? rv
tb.. man on tbe brldaoJumporartherail eliaitoil
ii iii..i'..-iit an.l ili.|. whaa Ibe loo<>?otira waa wttbia a
leW le.-l Of tbO 1.1,.l.e. A.|..' I. . >l ll.-l ? |.l r .:. a H lio llil'l
;,!.,, j. .: m'a iii .\. na iii -. i.i. ? .1 agn u iboal
wlien ti.:-- ? ia oi Doaratl ta pttvaaB. laaa oi* Ufa.
Ih.- iii ni had drappod fraaa tbabrid tiaaata
baatraeh hjrtha ataokeataeli of Ihe weoaiotire, lli.
hadj waa rartad uader tl.. bridga aad <t. ipped ta aaa
dde of tha trabx bad-jr xaaagled. Tha bm astaakwai
1,1 I I II )>V tl..- .-..1.1-1".II.
lt t.N.k- hall aa baar ta .oUect tboaeattarad Irag
ln. nta ol tha man - l...'lv. I li- B iiialii* Wttto |'!ne. "I m
h haa i.r reni'.Mii t<> tti* -nugaa. aitor a aaan b ..i tha
olotklng had (ailed t.. ?li -? 1-? -?? un> olaw ta tba u..<>.'*
l.l-i.tiiv. Afterward aacoall leatbar pnraa waa found
Il.al tlie llli. k. Il .-..lllaltu "lolil.V tWO B.w-1 t* \
Wl.lell llie Il.llUe " Hoile " Wna as I .11- (t. < llie ll.ol I" ' D
d i..r n ...it l.y l?. Braakhalaaar,af Ka. 796
Beoond-ave., and tbe otbei ttohat **? lat ., waiateoal
aawaad at tbaabopof I'atrfek Btarr, No. 9B3 Thlrd
:i\... l in Blatbiag on iba aiaa a bodT aocakatcd of a
t,l,i,. ila.ii.'l ai.it. ii 1.ln.- VBoliaa al.i.t aadcaitrra,
Aiiinii. i'l.- Baraoaa ?ba attaoaaed lhalaloiJa wara
Jlllliea < ..1,11.-11. ol No. 171 l.aM 1.110 llllll.lre.l lll.l
teiiM, ,t.. nii'l .i.'iiu Doaabaa, <>i n... 1,419 Titrd :...?.
I l,e |..l:.e Ibraghl thutlheca.iseol lha suieido ?6B
n.iu.nn.ii) ullBUtsn
A I'OOL HECI'IM.S A 1IKII I' i.i _BI Of i.iki:.
The tniiik Iinc. ctciitiv.-((.iiiii.iltcc Bt tlnir
ini'i'iing ii t C>tn.nl-*:..'i.r lii.li'a ollleo jealenlay dla
| th- nMa sltiiatloti ?Hli."it b.-iiig al.lo to agree
9fM any 86998898 wbleli woiill :iiill|.irl/.o an atl.-tni.t to
n.ivain-e rataa, it aaa daaidad, hawarar, t.> oaatlaaatba
fiirinai i xlat.iio.'of tbo west-bound frelglit pool, wbi.li
was t<> laaaa faataadar. aattl ialp 1, Baadtaa aaawitla.
tion* tbat mlgbl poaalbly i.-.i.i t,. a reorganlxallon ol tba
poollngluTi-eni.-iii*. Tba plan ?f arbttrattoa foc M
prepoeed n, a paaaaagcf pool was anprovn-i by tha ao a?
iuu.--, l.ut tne gt-in-i'iil i.oollng plan wna only purtly
aeoaptod, Partbat oaaf ataa-aaa eathbuaaUarata to be
.ainedou. ^
TbOTi Jiiiko LS {Sprriul).?At tlie BOatOB
Hoiiae, (ire.-iiiiiiaii, to day lafaiaa Oaarga Kaf laUaa, al
Chalbuiii, aaM under foreelo?nte tha l.-Ianoti IfttBga
Kailroad. Delo. M.('uruv. a Now-Yotk lawy.-r, waa tlie
only blddcr. llool'enl *l .....'iuu aud lua l.i'l v... .?
r.'|.ti'.l. MeCiirdy inuile. llie p_V6_U_aa for Wllilain PoB"
tcr.Jr., of N. vs Vorli, wl... ls ll... traotoa ?f 9 .yiuluate
of bon.lho'iilers of Iba road und oi kOfl wlio d.-alr.- a r.or
ganlxatloa ol tbe oooapaay ami eonaolklattoa witn otbof
i.ia.is. Tha bi.i ofbli..>,...?*..'.>?/. ra tba daflelaaey wlueh
Baoeaeltatod the aai. of Iba road, tbo otiglaal aaat <>f
wii.ch waafB\999,00a
Cimiwiii, June IB Tlio N.-w-York, I'onnaylvanla
and Ohlo Kailroad to-day 80899 roiind trlp tl.'ket* tu
New>Vork for tl..-T.niicra' l-.'sllviil, goo.l imtil July U,
for *12. Thls ls a cut of *.'! on tbe eoiitruct rate nllowf.l
t? Tiirue.rs ouly, aud apaa to .Ul.
MuvTiir. ii., June 1J (.V/i'.-i ,/,. -<ir ll.-nry Tyler, prcsl
dent of tho Grand Trutik llallwuy, will go to Ottawa tn
morrow to havo uu Interi lew.wlth Hir Johu A. Maclmialil
ln regard to tbo North BbatB Ko.nl Leiween b.-io and
Qaabaa, Baaabtthat tbara waa.aitaath i>. tho report
tb at thrrc had baaa ayaaUag arrangemeut with tbo
Canadlan r.icllle und (ir.iud Trunk. Minli au arrangc
ment was prohlblte.l by law, hui im hopod so .11 to coino
to uu .'iti.lial.le ai ri.iin. t... nt Orlth r.a.-.,i.l to tlie .n.ittei'.
Notblng, be -al.l, ba 1 a* >el l.een done wltli ref. r.-ne. la
leiiailig tlie BOal M1011, H.illwsy. Ile M-W tbal B .'OUl
iiilli. .- baii baaa appoiutad lo naat lu Cbloaga la paffaal
an.iieiiie that will BMet tba ftawa of.lbi, vaiTou*. .u.lllct
lug lluca lu rcfard to poollng froui all Wc.loin poiuts.
TUE a< OlDMWt os uu: 1 imiwa n BOVfMBBM.
Chattanooca, June 1'2 (Spccinl'.?'lln' BA* y
dent on tin-ciiieliiuall ^oniliern K.iilwny Inat nlgbt wa.
canicd by a l.a. Iiin?'' "iiatiuctlon ir.ilu ?tilklng a cow.
Bara. aaai haatod attb aaa n.-re tbra-ra 9aa~ u forty
flvo-foot ciiibuiiku.eiit, half a lullo bi-y.md the tuniiol,
wblchl.st iilgbt'* report 9_M had enved ln. h\t9 BBBI
were klllcd out^iglit, llvo futully Injurcd, uud tlnrte.ti
othors uioie or lc** hurt. Tin- kllle.l are loreinaii o'Doii
nell, " BjBB " llolt, '?Kred" Owena, " B_t " Lowery,
" Tom " Yoiiug, and Luwaou Biulth.
Louisyillp., Ky? June 12.?J, W. Tuto,
jireaent ineiiiiii.'-iit, was iioiniiiated to-day l>y tho Htate
Central and Executhe Coiiiiintt'-e, at KranUfort, aa tbo
Ihnuo.-i au- caudldata lor BUtu ireaaurer at tho Auguat
Information received yesterday by the family
of Chailot A. Van Bokkelen, who hat boen lraprltoned Iu
Haytl for nfteon niititht, ln vlolntion of tho trcaty laws
between tho Unltod fitatoa aud Haytl, annouuccl that
.Mr. Vau Bokkelen bad boou roleated from couflnemont.
Hl? father. who waa toen at tho offlco of hia countcl,
Cliarloa E. Coddlngton, No. 1.10 Broadway, conflrmed
thlt roport. " i have Juat rocelvod a lotter from my
ton," ho tniii, "and he tclle mo that he wat roleated
fromjnllon May 23. I tuppoto the nuytlan Oovcrn
mont hat dltcovored at laat that lt miiat come to ternie.
It hat boen dallytug long onough i tho Uulted Btntce
ouijht to have boen moro eniphatlo from tho flrtt
An Enk'U.ahinnn, who waa arrettcd ln Haytl
a fow yeart ago, under tlinllar cnndttlont, appcalcd to hit
Oovernnient aud wat relcatod ln a few weekt. My aon
hat been In Jall moro than a ycar, and hit hafllth la
broken down by tho eontlnoment. ficerctnry llayard,
tltice he beeaino Mlnlttor, hat several tlroos donianded
htt rcli ate. The trodblo It, as I have loaruod frotc tbote
wbo havo Juat come from Haytl, It wat currectly re
portod there two dayt boforo my tou't rcloato tl.it Mr.
Thompton, tbc now Ifajtlan Mlnlater, would arrive on a
mau-of-wnr, an.l that he would enforce thote demands.
The report eaiiaed a aetitatl'.n nnd may havo ltifliionced
tbc actlon of tho Oorerninent, altlion^h there was uo
truth lu tho rumor."
" lVhat caiiaod your ton't arrettl" aflkfld tho rcporter,
"My ton," ropllcd Mr. Van Hokkelen, wat tbo'Havtliin
f'oisiii ln New-York for tome tlme. Ho went to Haytl
flftcen yeart ago to cngairo In hutlnott nnd wat BB666661
fuL About flvo yeart ngo whcn Prcaldent Qaafll- Oflt*
? r; iiirnt wat ovcrthrown, tho rrovltloiiiil OoMtflP
ineiit luitborl/.eil hltn to niiiko lur;,o pflfflk-flfla
of iirtna, clothlni;, ete., In New-York. I mado tho
]i'in-I.:,-. . and larwaida 1 thein, Imt mcititlme, PlflflldflBl
Buloinau'i party lia.l BflflM lnto powi r, and It sel/.od tlila
property an.l 66fl__666ffld it. Tii.-!oh? eiiao 1 my ton to
tiiakean aa-<li.'iitiii nt two yeara aito. By tho lawt of
Huyil a i.-s| 1,-ni furcU'in-r e.iiinut tn tUo an aaalgiiiu.iit
for tho lieneilt of bla credltora. wlth Itnmuiilty from lui
prl?.iittnetit, iltileta B tTMfJ- B TJ-ti wllli lila M UttlJ (flv
1 thfl a.iuie rUUt M II.i> n.iti c't: I Betfl
masic i .-,, aad tha n tfttaa oourtt, dlaraaara
ing hit rtghta M a citi/.-u al tho Eiiit.-.i
. aent hliu to p:! ui. <?ir Mlnlater, Mr.
Laag-taa. repraaMtad tfl tha n.iyiiui Q_Tara_Mflt tlmt
thlt waaadire.-t vlo!.itl.i!i o.'Ih . L'.iltod .-titei tr-aly,
. Kr.-llnirli'tys-'!! BflflM to llio BflflM citKlti
tlou on cx iiuluttig Ihfl p ip.-rs. s.-cret iry It.iy.r.l hat
-? HMflrtfl I th." aame OpIBlOfl Ihfl ll.iyll m lio.'crn
ment, l'i reici(tliii{ him, haa paid the Ju.l_menta for v.'l.l.-h
he waa un.I.r trr , - 1.000, In thlt way It
c.a.lct an adaalaatofl of crror, claiuitng that tliro la
Rflthtflg lo Mid liltll."
" I axpi - I tuy "nn Iti New-York by the tiext MflflflL He
wlll reiii.iti .s.iith iintll hit heallh It re.tored nnd thon
rctiirn. II." ? Ui |,r.?ent. t!ir.,u_li our -c-r.-tary of Htate,
plflllfl flgBtfl-t t_1 H.iv'!:i:i i.,ivert,iiu<nt (86 hit luiprlt
OllU.I llts" ______________________
"At laei I hare my n-vciip." e-xAaiiaed
Matthew LflYflL, a Freuclimin, flf No. 100 11
? bmd Y.d^e nnd ln an BXattaal tn-inner, a* M WM
tel/.xl by OaVafl Tliotupa ni. at <i a. m. ycaterd:.J, ln
i i.iith -t.. bimbAmbm lt. ii" bald a larga bflMla ln
his i,:,n.l tb.it e..',t iln.-l a ma.l nmo.iiit of dark-???: llfld
h.iu;.i. fiMtrfltfl flt LbmTb reot lay Mlabaal Vekttm, ot
|'..uiteetitli-.t. II- w.ia iiii.iii bla f.icc ; his
Mdj -ritin-l lu i..!tiy. aad I.!?* L'ii'l ahrlfl?i m.ii I
the li.flisilv .,f lilt t-Utlire. Ilo hfld boen a__?_
nl.ni. Elghth lt oa hia way to w,,rk a (BW ?.m*
brfore whcn Eerel luddenly Jumped out of un arflfl mid
datbed th.- oonlenta ?f U.e b-.ttie wblch lie had In lilt
baaa wtaen arreated IbIo bls faca, Well d felt at onoa
ttina pain, iin.l th- iioi, aroflM hit
iwolh ii io had ? that _? ? oold aol ie_ tM
I,, 1, ,vel,ecu.,ll..f Yltrl.d. A" IIUlll'll IIICO
t.M.k thfl M0BMf tfl U'll.'VIIO, llOspltill. nit
were a.. great that ha wnt
i.l.i. ol under th" Inlliieiiee of inorplil.- Ho Wlll
,.r..t.al.ev 1..? tl,- ?tght of b .th ,
?l.i, k-t Court aud itated
?a a reaaoti r..r ll.rowlo. Ihe u.l.l that threo yeara UN
Welten -irock him im the bcait wtth .? cnrt-riin^. wblch
ii.-.iiv daatrored in? eye-brbt, kaoeMd out hi? t.-.-tii ind
. . . | , , raia ,,f bla htt .tllll. WBltBBWM
beld iu ll.Osjy oall, bul waa Derer trted. und M tlio.i.ht
. mhii tl,,,.- tii u be nepp. '. ::?'?? ""* ?li'^a of Jut
ti..-.,,.,i inrUcted upon Welten tM pnnlahBient tlmt be
, .-! vvii.-n li.- ta-ard >,f tba loftVirlnM
of bla vi.-tim and r. tn irked tbal M did uot tuink tb.it ha
bad p IBiabi d Imn BBO-fh.
. ?? -?
Il i MIS..I..V. N. .1., JOBfl 13 (_?MM_/).?WIH"
.pcr ia a rMpflBtflMa f ir.r owulii. land lu Arn
wall rowBahtp. Blawtfata a haadaaflM Wflaaaa, about
Iwaatf I'-.!.- >'.- .rs ..11. -he left home one aft riinoti re
nuuili n aali aa a aaJflbbor. aathlan IM raaabM imch
w.iy. I'art ..f tha diat m-e ls IhM-f- fldflBMWflfld.
Jufll bflfura iflMBlai tha aaadi Hia Ooopflt wm _??
: by a hld, BflTflgfl lOOtlflg ii'-_r,i. but paid no attcti
ti.in ia tha flfllatflttoa. ii> aaliad away, t>ut whaaM
bad K.,n? ar.mud a Bflflfll tfl the r..ai he Imrrled BflMM
?I,.. tb Ms aud tlir.nu-li the WM la, and OflBM hflflh to tl.e
ri! BhaM of Mrt. OMpflf. He walted for her to BB>
j.H,:,. li, and tlieti Bakfld her Ifl re id tfl lmu a MWflfflpflfl
tlmt be .Irew froin bla pock't. 8ue t.il.l t.iat alu' had no
tline, and ?lurtod on.
Tbe BflffN pui lila iinu nrotiiid h'T walat and trlct to
drnu-her lnto the woiids. .-?liei ttrn>;,'lcd nnd tcreaincl,
but tho maii wat |M itroiii, for her und tho waa ,,-r.iilii
ally i.Y.-rcoiiio. Ilerclothea wore torn almott enilrely
riuui li-r iiersou ln tb? ato-ffllfl. I'mally tbe black laad
>.i ihhfld le i by the thruat and ehoked her unlll tho fell
tieurly ?-ia.'..-.s t.. i!.."Ki.uiiiil. iMfl ha IhlMtflafld to
klll her If ahe inov.-.l. Wlieti Mra. Qflflfflfl rcacacd hflflBfl
?M wut a mott pitlablo objet. IL-r laafhlfll fiinlcl ut
the tbrht. A ).li> al.lnii waa miuiiiioiie.l. uud lie pro
Boaaflfld the thock aud lulurlea BBttfl?, but not fatal.
Mr. CoopiTt.id.lle.l B liorse and r.ele to tlila t?wn. It
waa after dark BJBM Bfl lafl-Bi 6-flf-f OflMflMfl nnd IflM
hl.n the atory, re.pieatlilK him to keep tho det.llla ,|,,|.-t
uiitll tbey had trled to fln.l the aaaallaiit. Tho
therlff tpeut toveral dayt liiinltiiif for tho
BflgMb Ho arr.-ited two MgtM6 on autplrlon.
but Mta. Oflflfflt -ald that neither of them waa lier u-.
tallaut. Ycttcnlayho fllfflfltfld I'.-ter Criiion und to,.k
him to tho t-o..|.er farm. Mrt. OflflMf fBVwfl 666B<Bfl
,i wlien aheaawhlmand fully Identill.-d tiie tuan.
(Tiiren wat lock.xl up lu tho County Juil here.
Zvsksvii.lk, Oliio, Juno 12 (Sp,cial).Soy
cralultoiilahluirelop<>moiitt hare oocurred lately, but
the tuoat r.-markablnof tlieao etoapadot wat that flt
I..,.i!.ir.l liwln. Diiuleiriiiii-erli ? woll-to-do farmor
li, Ihfl aouthcru part of tlila county. Ho hai a IflTfla
fat.iilv of flhU-MB.8flB6B| whoin la a dau?hter, Emiiia.
mm about atgMflflB yeart old. Ai.out two ycat-t flffl
hl,e wm lud attray but pertlttoutly N__aaJ to natiie tho
gullty peraoti and cveu her parentt r. lU.ilt.c.l lu lfciior
unce on thltpolnt unttl a few .l.ya BflW VkflB ifefl 8M?6 6
couieaalon. On Krlday nl_ht the I ono r uoinati took hflf
two-year-old ehlld ?ad l-ft. takin. a ni.ht trnln al
-lalallon twouilloa.llatant. Ou that tr.ilu Wfla her liuelo
iCinar.l [rwinuud tOflfltMr tbe* lofttb.untry. 1 lioy
vete laat teen lll fll.cllin.itl. wli-re they paKBMBd B
ti. kei f.?r aoaaa potot In tM WMt Irwla taraad bbmI of
Itpropertv luioieiulvcath. Ie.ivn._a tmall turn to
inaliit.iiii hiadctcrtod wlfe, who It childlcta
_lf.l/.Li'Ojr AUOXti FMIURAXTS.
('I,KVI_I.ANI>. Jaae l_ (Sprvial).-A enso of
aiiiullpov wua I6|66flt. fnun ?? M l'ini.lillii...ve. laat
nlKhl. Thll latfllBl tll p.Klcnt, achlld ago four, wat
found Ifl be eotivaloacci.t. I he famlly. whlell col.altta of
th- falh. r, .....tber and ehlld, iirrived h.-re nlno daya ago.
They are (ieunana. an.l laiided ln New-York two weeka
??,.. and ll.irtccn _B11 BBB tM i-BMaa t.rokc o.It, It wat
aw-ii.i.v.i..,..-.! caae when tba famllf ?SBmAJmipM
Mtf! The ,.al.,.nt. Ha.ther uud falher, w I. al. belr
beddlnfl, w'-re take, !? tM I'"" 80B M 1 hia aft.-r 110ou Md
i?. piaee thorouchlr dlaiuf, I ted. Ilundroda of people
iV.nyVasatbeb.mse:,,,,,! tiie ehaaoea tmthflifTM-fa.
tho i oliUiJloU havo booll nuuierout.
PlTTsiiritu, Juno 12 OpiciaD.-Svwn ooinos
fr?m Yoi.i,?atown that a cnt.act for tho dellrcry of
60,000 tont of ?--,.il ?t lako porit hat juat boen clote.l by
PHtabara op. ratara ___ ta aaa af *e \atvmt aMtraeta
oloeod tbla yW.aad lt a lii do aiaah tawaid briug.ug prea
iK-.ily to tho co.il rcKloii luteicstod.
PrntacMtJaae l_l(4*6e*aD.-Tbaeoai iniri
, rt whoao itilko clote.l a few W666B a.o. whcn uiaiiy of
tl.cn. were reportcl ln aatarvlu. flMHIHflB, flfJU taolil a
twodnva' i.lenlo l,ei:luuln_ to-inorrotr. ln a ?rovo near
li bell. ' Eitfht ti.ousaiid ticketa havo bMO MDl Mt
frllm lb-Mi'-VbI oflloe. aud half u do/.n bandt of uinalo
Lavu boen eugaged.
Richmonu, June 19 {Speeiul).-Tlw eoapoa
war on the Troatury ofVirglnla hat begun ln ear.t.
I nder Ihe provitlout of tbo Rtddlebergcr Coupou Kllier
law ibe coupoM aro varllled DeXora a Jury aud taxea ara
bolng refunded to-day ln thli clty. The Demooratlo
logislatlon of last wlnter I. belng overturned ln every
lastance by tho Jurors, althougb the Commonwealtb la
trylng to e.tablUb the fact that the oouponi may not be
gcnulno. But tbo tax-eollecton are used aa wltnei.ei
and the proceaa of paylng all taxea In conpona la now ln
aucco.sful operatlon. The last case decl.lod to-day waa
ln favor of the property of General W. H. F. Lee, whose
teimnts offered conpona. General Leo la ipokeu of 96 a
Lomocratlo candldate for Governor.
Guaymas, Mezico, June 12.?New8 haa
reachod hero of au engagoment ou June 6, between the
Yai|iu Indlani, uudcr Cajema, and Mexlcan troops. The
Mexlcan lon wai severe, but. the numher of kilied and
wounded wai uot glven. Many Indlani are reported to
havo been kilied aud ilxty were wounded. The eoldieri
havo arrlved hero.
, Tomhstone, Ariz., June 12.?The following addltlonal
partlculurs havo been recelvcd concernlng the capture
of the supply camp of Captain Lawton, of the 4th Cav?
alry, ln Guadaloupc 0 afiun, Sonora, and tbe maaioere of
Ilve of his mon : Captain Lawton, wlth a troop of cav
alry, entered tho caflon and, leavlng the wagona ln
chnrgo of leven mon, atarted out on a aeoutlng expedl*
tlon. Whlle tho guarda were eatlng their dlnnor they
wero aurprlsed by the Indluna and four of
thctn ihot <-?ad. Two of the inldlera escaped
and rojolned tholr commat.d, but nnthlng hai been
heard of tbo other guard. The Indlan. aecurod all the
provlslons and auiiniiultlon ln th.; traln.
Charlea Otto, who arrlved here last ulght, reporta that
the bo.ly of a man who had been murdered by tho
Apaohoe was foaad aoar Bad Spring. The body t* ?up
poaadtaba that of Charlea Tylman, manager of tho
Erle Cattlo Company. It la feared that two men who
were wlth hiin wero alio murderod.
Ciiicago, June 12 (%fi'?l),-Mr. Vnn Pelt,
tho Countr Comiulialoncr and chulrnian of the Cook
Coiinty Democratlc Ccntral Commlttce, who headrd tbe
movemrnt ln fnvor of McGotilglo for Unltod fitatei Mar
shall, rctiit-iu-dhomo thls nioriiing. Ho admlttod that
the dispatelies froni th" N.itloti.il o.ipltal had not lald too
iiuieh about tho state of his feolluga lu regard to the
" What has sniirod your toniport" ho wai asked; " l.n't
Mr. Marah a gaad inau, flt for tho poaltlon of marshal I"
" I,!.. Tt kaaw what lciiul of man ho Ih. He waa di'v.t
haatd ..f bara. i aaa*t kaaa kvaa tbal ho i. a DaaBaatai
I do kaaw, thou.-li, that ho was not appolntod till atter
u% 1' . -Ll. ut Ind had an ii.t.rvlow with General Logau
an.l Ooagraaaaaaa rut, nn.i Bfaaataad tbem to aaxaatat
tbia miui htareh. Ibatwaatbaday kafara Marsh'a ap
poliittn.-iit. '1 hfa abewa what kli.d 6f an A.linluistratlon
we'vo gof. Tisko the other man who was ap
p..tti!,<l _8B*9B999B to L>C Wrlght a? Unlted
MBtaa Iffanibal ln Cinelnnatl. Why bo'?
not oven a I.einoorat. II 's an Indrponaont, althongh
ii>-im* ofteti rotad tho Democratlc ticket. Thaaatwa
offl, ? i iu ( biea-o .tii.i Cliicinnatl, which ure eonsllered
anioBg tl.e moel ln.port mt ln the country, ln a polltloal
leaao, go lo m.-n who da not beionc to tl.e party. Thal
I. not tiie onlvctirlous thlng whleh Mr. Cleveland has
duiie. I dou't llko tho i.lea of his refuslng to llsten to
in.-ii who*.- help lio was glad eiiough to have whon bo
tiee.l. i |t, men who bave apont their inotiey and time for
tha party*! goodl and to liaten to men who were op
poeod to the tl.ket last fall, or elae aro Domoorats who
. oul.l not? arry tho pre.lnct tu whku they livc for any
tulng. I was not talaod ?uch a DoBMcr.it, and I doii't
? in treatlng party leadera llka tbat, I doa'taraal
vou to *ay, thoiiah. that l am con.lemlug tho party. Mr.
Cleveland Ia not tbe Democratlc party. m.-rely amomlur
of it. un.l uot a bettt-r ouo elthcr th.iu I or uuy other
Denio<T:it." .
Mr. \ an PaU B?B6 mtioh ?oug ht nftor to-day by 88686
ber- of tha"gaag," aiul ho gavo hla vio-.vi to tucm uli
lu tl.e *amo str.iin.
(ni. lAfKb Jbbb 121 Xprci-tl).?TheSelect Com
tniiteeuf tbo Uulted 6utes Beuate, InvcetlgatJng the
sul.j.ct of lutcr-State coniiuerco, unt lu thls city to-day,
Kaiahal I'l.l'l w_.a tba pr.nclpal wltaaaa, aa repr.sout
ing tbe laraja ihlpptag abvaa, Ho t-.iid ho ||d uot know of
an> l-atea wi.l.-h wero too hlgh at prciont, In fact ho
tboagbt '.bo rallroads wero sutlertng from low ratea. Ile
did not know wh.t h.-r or uot hli houic had any luhati
tagos In ratea over other luiportir*. lio dtd not thluk
piilili.ity of rate. sbould be compelled to bo made by a
law, f?r tb.-y ore publio cnouuh now. Cuies. watcr
rate. coul.l be regulated lt would bo bard for the rallr
roads to have to glvo t.-n or flfteen dayi* notlce of a
nhaafBi H9 waa not ln favor of reguluting rotei by law,
l,e,'.ii:aelakoai:drlv,r i.dCn V0_Jd bo Lucreaied iu tho
auuitiicr, and Ibal would mllltate agalnit/ the
?blppera, Ia rogard to (he prohibition of
drawbaoka an.l rebates ho did i."t see
why raiiro.i.U aboukl aot ba allowed ta run their busi
Daaaaa prlvate lndlvhloala ruu thcirs. Ho rafaaad ta
iay wbetber hia boaae eror reeelvad rebateo, He
tho.ight rallroad poollag ahonld aot ba pn>hiblt?d, hut
I.- iii/od, as it was advAntaxeoux in many reipoot*. He
favored aome govarument il regulatlon, If po.alblo, aa
totba locatloBBBdhBlldlBgofroada, and approved the
CtiHom bill .a a itap ln tba dlraettoD of the rcgulutlon of
Inter-faute rommrree, Batbonghi raiin.adi shou'd be
. | to cbarae more proportiooaUly for a short tbau
aloogbanl. fortbe lona haal joai tnaan kaaa he
wonld be agaluat aay law problbltlng tkla. Ho .11.1 not
thlnk rallroads la dlfferenl Statea iBOBld be lattdato
k.. p a.-.-ounta l.y 11 iliiifor.n a> s etll, tbough lt Wollld bo
a......I thlng fortbo.u ... k.-ep thein soas t? maks unl
torm reports. He thoii-ht tho liovci-oment should lu.nu
tain a avst.in oi w.itor rootoa. He waa a fr.end of the
Boaaapin . aaal, aa it would boa good B8_Bf for the
oountry weatofCnli >-o
Tbo State Ballrood ( ot..n.l?slotior, whotesflflcd was, ln
favor <>f .ov.riiinet.t.ilcontrol aud beil.-ved In tho rall
romi. being ooaapaUad la pabiiah their r.ito*.
I'lTTsiiiTtG, Juue 12 (Spt'ciul).?" What wi\\
bo the laaaB af ka aaanaaM aaadaraaaa between the
Iron inaiiufaiturers and tbo workera i" laa que-tton
nak.doti allalde-t.HiiUht. Tho olll.ial n-preocntutives
on oach ahta lafaaa la uik. itis bbM tbal thero uro fdu
:ii;rootiioiits atinllg tho uiaiiuf.i.'tur.'ta and that a call for
? ,BMfataaaa wa. mado at tho luatlg.itlou of but three
flnns. lt laallog'1 that thoa.) tlnm are ablo to stand a
longstnko aul tho iu4)ority 69.9.89 99 let thein go aud
eoatiBBatba iight. illaBabltaal tho tiruis moving for a
coi.frrei.ee h.ive been a.iured that the wnrkineu'a repro
aentatlraa will oflar to aoeepl a K> per ceut rcitution oll
around. Tbe workorssuv that If tho conforoiice resulti
ln aili-agreeineut the tirms will algu separat.-ly. Qaa
workman predtets a rapturo iu tba Amalgapaatad
Union if noaettlomontlsioa.-ho.l to-inorrow. rhcro ls
m blltor feeling.imoiigtl.e puddlers, ho BaM, who will
uot .taud ..ut uiuch lougcr for tbo sbcet will uieu.
BottOB, Jim*' 1- (.s>('Ci'(tO--l-?lwaiil Taylor,
of Kall Klvor, was born ln Laadaa abnut tlfty-llvo ye.ira
iigo, bts mother belnc a Miss Mary Taylor. and hia fatber
tho owner of the Cavondlah ctato ln Esacx. valued at
UVIOO.OOO, Mlas Taylor was tiie housokeepor of the
fatnlly, und livo.l with Cavenllsh a? hla wlfe. E.lward
has ulwuys bome his mother'. n?me, aud up to withiu
the BBBl BxfB8 ...oi.ths Iuu novor been acknowledged as
thoaonoftbeCavondlshwhodlod about two yean ago
at the age of sevonty-ilvo.
Heoognlflon of hla claltn. aa tho legatoo, oame laat
?ilkwlar. wi.e.i bo raaatrai tataaal brttaaattaa from tbu
fi.uilU- solioltor that his i-lalm to tbe property 1. a.l
m ,1 A chaok for 91,000 waa laeloaed ln tho letter. to
enabUhtol .ylortogo'ove.- to tho .,1,1 country tocla.tu
the pioporty._^
Locisvii.i.e, Ky., JBBB 12.?A novel suit wau
haajaatatba CaaaMat* Oaati tbtoBMtatagbTtba mmg
of n i*Mltl.).i by Mattlo l'aliuer agalu.t Williaui E. Mont
gotnery, a*Mt)g tbat an alU-god marrlago between
tbem bo d.-clared vold. The pet.tion says plalntin* fiil
rrl. d Moutgamery iu 1577. t.eliev.n. 1..... to be a
wi to .an. H,eus.aert.a BOW thal ho haa no.ro I.I ,.,l.
>l'.ni_o'uery U a mu.lclau and travelllug leoturcr for
PiHLMHT.i'iiiA, June 12 {Special).-lt ti
stoted thatColonel A. Loudon Utiowdan has complcted
on inveution whleh will ronder couuterfeitlug tho
Unlted fltntei colna practtcally lmpoaalble. It lnvolvea
celtaln new.uarks upon colna whlok eannot bo ImltatoU
A new toln ciiliuot Ih. mado l.y any proeesl etcept that
of tho .tool eoUar baud eugrav.ug, or a 9989 praaa. It
caunot bo mado lu a mould.
ATiAVTi (ia. J"""' W.?Tb6 G.orgla TV.nperanco
cmVentior. 6oi?-liid.-d lt- aaaaloa yc.ieid.iy. of tho U8
.,.... i . ln Georgla 'J" bave re.trfoted the 68 e of llijuor
u'm. hav.- abJolut.-ly problbtted it. It 1. thouabt that
.,,,r? iluiu liulf the :i" oountlea where tbe aale of ljqnor
U,,.??? ,n,!.'a!r..-i.-d will ba -? irn.-l f-r prohibition if tbe
Uglsluliin- pa-?ea tho law aaked for.
Cim-Aisn. June lli.?Uetectlve Juue* Wiley. who per
,,,ui,-.l .1. J. tyalvert. tlie aUaged lorgw. ta aaaapa from
hiin ou tka radway Bfala bctwocu aaudusky uud loledo,
has roal_nad hli poaltlon.
BoaiUB JBJM 1-.? Tha iioveruor to-day stgned tho mll
pr.ivl.lmg for u mciropolitttii poiluo system lor tho City
of ll"' 'II.
B-Tw-IAa Oa., Junii l..-In Coinota Coitnty Ilanry
Altawuv ..rn ?f WU.-ttoi. Attiiwuy. wua In a flel.l at
rau.piu li. w.th a force of n.-gro iaborora. directlng tbem
ln ih. ir w..rk. um. nf Ihonoirroca upon heiug ordered
uboiit by Attawuy. rusbed upon his employer wlth au
oi.eu kuife an.l slabl.e.l ni... threo tl.uea. Attawuy broke
looso and, sinking tlie knife into hia inaa.aln,a leuiule,
kJiied uuii ln.tam'- AMawar Ulad aborUi' af tarwaxd.
PouoiiKKKrsiE, N. Y., June 12.?The trial of
Wllllam J. A. White, indloted for tbe murder of Sarauel
Fropcr at Iiover Plalna on tha evouing of Februury X2.
exoltea great lutereat. All day long the court rootn haa
been tbronged wlth people from the oountry. Iilttrtot
Attorney Haekett ia conductlng bla aldeof the cate wlth
great ihrewdneaa. ne la aasltted by Jaines I_ Wlll_uaa?
oue of the Board of i-tate Aaeoaaora, who la a law part*
nor of Mr. Haekett and alao Aaalatant Dlttiict Attoruey.
The oounael for the prttoner axe W. I. Thotnaa, ThomM
J. Swlft and Ouy C. EL Corllaa. The caae la tried bt fora
the Hon. C. F. Brown, who la probably the youngeatjudga
on the Supreme Court bonch of the State. Mra. Jennla
White, wlfe of tho prlaoner, aat clote bchlud bor bua
band. The latter la neatly attlred and haa a black -tue*
tache. Near Mra. White alt Mra. Proper, the mother ot
the murdered nian, aiater of Mra. White*
Aiiiejia ilutcher, atiotlier tlater ; Iaaao White, oaahter o_
tiie Chaae Natlonal Bank, New-York, and Or. Fraua
('tiiMTic. both brotbera-ln-law of tbe prttoner. They all
watch the proceedlnga wlth the deepetl lutereat. Id
deed. thoy thow moro anxlety than doea tbe prlecner,
for wben tbe tpectatora laugh over eometblug funny
tald by countel or witneaa, be laugbt too.
The t.-siIniony on tbe part of tbe protectitlon to-da?
wat derotcd to an etTort to thow tbat Whlte'e erliue waa
due tojealouty of the relatlont of Proper wlth Mary
Vinceut in lJover i'lama. Martln Wllcox, who ltved ia
Mary Yinoent'e houte, twore that I'roper vttlted Mary
ln the daytl.no aud that White vitlted hor at nlght He
tald that a weok or two boforc tho murder he waa wlth
White and Oeorge lsurr aud waa carrylng an are.
White aaid tolilui:
" 1*11 glve you $150 to crack Proper on the head.'*
He repiled: "Ho; lf you want Proper"! head crncked,
do It yourtelf."
" No,'' tuld White; " I've got mouoy onough to hire lt
rtebnttlan Whalen reiut. .1 tho clroumitaticea of tala
nieetlug wlih White and Mary Vlncent ou the nlght ot
tbo thootliig. White ubllgod him to take au oath uot to
dlteloae what he had aeen.
Tho protectitlon rcttod at noon and White wat called
by hia countel. Ho denled tho ahixitlnit and alto dented
tbat he had oftcred Wllcox iiioin-y to kill I'roper. Mra.
White tostitlcd tb.at her haabaad wat lutoxic.tted whea
he reaehod home on the ulvjl.t of tho ahootitigand had n<>
plau.l lu hltpockut Tho Jury waa tout out lite iu th*
Utica, June 12 (Spcciafi.?In the Coiunion
Councll to-niglit Mayor Kitinoy prctentcd a rciuoo*
ttraiiec from ji.-ople lu Howard-avc. agalutt tho eroctloa
of a naphtha tiinlt, aud centurlug tho ooinmittco on grler*
aneet for pocketlug a furmer remonttrance. Aldern.aa
Brown iafltad tbat tho flrst rciuotiatraueo had beea
pocketed and offerod to report on b h.ilf of tho coturoit
laa Mayor Kmticy taid tbat he wat out of ordcr, Tha
aldanaaa taatetiait a*rnn ia_lBf hii report, tho Mayor
called upon a poitceman to rcmovo hliu from the rooin.
Tnc ottlcer attemptcd to do to aud thrcw Brown to tho
tloor, whcn the other B-dflfflBM lnterfered and prevented
hit rctiioval. ln tho acuiflo a motion to adjouin wm
Troy, Juno 12 (Special).?Bad feeling hafl
exlttcd for aoveral yeart betweeu two Detuocratifl
politlclant hero, Wllllam Denipaey, tho tireiuan of thfl
Otgood steamer Company, aud P.trU-k McCarthy, e*?
Cuptaln of Pollee. At2 o'clock thlt tnorulng Dempaey,
wbllo aaleep lo hit bunk lu tho ttoamcr houte, waa
attaulted by McCarthy wlth a heavy lron pokefc
Detnptey wiiitruckover tbohoad eeveral tlmea aud a
blow cruthed his noie. Springlng from hia bed ho
grappl.d wlth hit attailatit. In the fray one of
Me< arthv'a cara WM btttflBflC McCarthy ran to the
pollee, whlthcr Dempaey followed. Both men wera
eov.-rcl wtth blood. Uempaey ordered Sergeant tiraoe
to loek MeCarlhy up, but lnatead of ddng tbla tbe 8er?
geant called an ortlecr and had the ex-l aptalu taken
home. Thlt afteruooii charget wore prefcrrsd a.alntt
(irace, and McCarthy waa arretted on a charge of
feloulotia asaault. Dcnipt.y hat alto brought a ClYll
mit agalnat hit asaullaut, cluiiniug #3,000 datnagea.
Amsterdam, Juno 12 {Special).?The
metnbera of tbo Sew-York Rtdlng Club left FultonYille
ut 4 p m. to-dny. wlth a talute from Starln't battery. and
urrivfliit th,- ifotel Waruer, Auitterdain, whero thoy
were iiu-iiiii bv tbo leuding ro?ldenta of tho town.
Buffalo, June 12 (Speci>il).?Tho Westera
Anthraelto Coal At.toct.itton met here to-day and hetrd
a committee of Chtc.-igo retallera who wautod a prlofl
natued upon whlch to bate their sumnier tchedule. TM
Mav rate will liol.l good ui.ttl Juno 30,
The Producera' Bltumlnoui Pool Comnilatloner* rrtst
tiie reptcsetit itivea of tho rallroada brlngnig toft co .1 tfl
Miittalo to-day aud atked for a rato from tho miatt tfl
thlt clty. Four of the roadt havo rc.olrora and could do
nuthiug uut aubuiit ralce.
Saratooa, June 2 {Sp<eial).?Judgc Frorliina-.
lnghani Fith. of Fultouvllle, who lt prctldlng at tbe CU*
ouit Court at Baliatou t?pa, wat unable to occupy thfl
haaflh tfl daj flwtag to aaddaa indiapotltlon. He ta
ii.tl:. te l witii a tevere attaekof cholcra uioroua, audlf
couUued to hia room ut the Atucrieati lloteL
Baxcoii, Mo., June 12.?Tho Codinnn Housfl*
owned by Aiittin stovona and Jaruet M. Robltiton, M
Oldtown, wat liurnesl thlt foreuooti. Tho lott on thfl
home and fitrnlture.lt $7,000; Inturaneo 93,1.00. Thfl
(lr,.-uight frotua chunney. Tho hotol wat bullt la
Hi.iu Point. N*. C, Juno 12,?Tho Randleman Cottoa
Factory, ln Randolph Coiinty, wat partly dettr?ye.l by
llro laat uiabt. Tbe lott lt $150,000. partlally Intiired.
|HM hutidred handt are throwu out of ouiployiuent.
Pr.iviu_xck. Juuo U. Hia Joioph A. Fowler kindled
atlrelna ttoYe ln her realdenoo on H.iuovor-tt at
A o'clock thta momlng, aud feollng tleepy, lay down ol
tbc tloor Wiille ahe alept tparkt from tho ttove tet her
clothingon tiroand tho wa-ateverely burncd. Her hiuv
baad attemptcd to put out the Uro with bit handt aad
wat ulao badly burned.
fmrnm, Juuo 12.?Tho large woodou bulldlag In Caia
l.rldneport flflflflfflad by tho Boatou City Flour Millt and
i.y QflflBMC Btfla at a ttoreiioute. wat burne l thlt monv
Ing. The loaa ooatock aud butldiuglatll'J,tWO, coYored,
by iiisiiiain-e.
Mahikon-, Iiak , June 12.?Sparks't ttore and flourlnf
mlll wero burned last nlght, wlth 0,000 buahelt of wheal
aud 500 barr la of flour. Tho lota la $:15,000; no
imt"-, flrt . IBBfl lt Tlflhtalaf ttruck a bara
flvo milct north of hero yeetordny, and iuttantly kUled
(1. i;..?l>eraud atearaof horaoa. O. P. Coverblll and
two of Uotper'a tout were hurt.
liu-ioK, June 12.?A tlro thlt mornlag dottrored
Dolan Broa.' atable in Treiuont-st. with two wagona,
teveral tata of harueat aud a qttautlty of gralo. TM
lo?t it S'.'.OOO. An adjolniiig teuement waa damaged to
the extent of $.".00. Two wo.uen narrowly etcaped
ileal h by tuffocitiloii.
Kkikin... J.w.e l'.'.-Thobarn of Davld Kaufman, ln
Korklaiid towuahlp, thlt county. wlth tho contcntt waa
destioveil by tlre tlila afternoon. Mr. Kaufman'a tlx
vciii-olddaughterwaafauily burued. The lire it aup
?flflfli to have boen of tucemliary origin.
PirraBl'BU, Juue 12.?A dlspateh to Ihe Chronicle-Teta
grtiph from Tarentum, Peuu., aayt: " Henry Altuieyer'fl
three tout, uget toven, flvo und two yeara, were burned
thlt uiorning by tho exploalou of a ean of pctrolcum.
The cluldreu ln somc iuaimer obtaincd poaacaatou of IM
oil, nnd one of theiu appllcl a match to it. TWfl of theia
un not oxiMiCtcd lo recover."
Ciiicaoo, Juuo 12.-i"Aa/nfcr-0eean-? Princeton, I'.U,
tpeciid tayt: Tho ateamer Joo Flemlug, eicploy, d la
tho ico trado. wat burned latt nlght at Depue. The 1"B8
it&io.Ooo. Thfl ln Ifl hflttflYfld to hare boeu the wora
of au luceudli'ry._ _
Sprinovale, Me., Juno 12.?Trouble which
hat been browing for aoiuo tlmo over the enforcemout of
tho l'rohibltory law culminated Utt ulgbt ln the or
gai.i.aiiouof amob, armod wlth revolvera and etouea,
aud attacks unun a uumbor of houaet, tn whlch wludowe
wero aiuaahod aud other damage waa done. Tae mob
weut to iho houae of Wllllam EL Itoflt, about a quarter
ut a m.ie from tho ^Uago. an.l tent a ahower of rocta
through tho wludowt. accoinpanted by a volloy of bullett
from revolvera The houte of John W. Frott, a trial Jua
tlce wat flreal iiiwn. Fortunatoly no oue wat hurt. bo.8
he" wbMlow. were de.uoll.licd. Tho houte of O. H.
1 obertt waa next rlaltoiL The wlndowa wore tinuabed
and tho furnlture waa damaged. Tbe taonte of VVltaoa
Chei.ey. a clothing doulor. wat alto trente.t to a volley o.
ttonetf The linal etloit of tho mob waa made aga utt tho
Btttoa of 2 A. Adtotate. The odltor of thit paper alecpt a
tbeofflce Ihe editor't only ofl'euce ha l been the pul-ll
cutlou without coiamonta of tho liquor trlala. By whM
teeiued a mlraole ho eacaped lujury. Tho ruidcra ttaaa
Wasiiibuton. June 12.?Senato. Lo^on waa
Berenadod to-nlght by the colored people of tbe Wat iie?
uuder tho auaploea of the EinauclpaUon Aaaoolatlon.
About a thouaaud pooplo were protcnt anda eiieooa waa
n.ude by tbe OaMrul, lu wuloa tae auloglaed tM ?;-~*?

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