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The Board of Pol ice yesterday si W fiod thcir fMer
B_______toBtreoftben tbe handa of the new super
__tteude.it by adoptmg a senes of resolutious to
_S,.?l.Hb tno old H>-teia of diatrict inapection aud
t, i.crciMO M. tfirntv'fl executiYO control of tho
Lc* The d" t not offlcea wero ordere.l to be giYen
ipTu_.nc_iatcly ; thed.strict _8peetora **&?:
Sort to Superiuteudont Murruy at FflUflfl
OiitKirtera; tho aergoaat-, roouda
_nen and patrolmcu who have
Wn detailed in the diatrict offlcea are te. be aeiit
tTpreciucli. a:.d the praetice of tn.iking ex ra
nreeiiict returns of arrestflto tn? lnsnvctors will be
?" ,,,1, Hcreaf ter tho Ihird fnspectioniDia
t._ct"' u nun led by lospeotor D.lks. will euib.aca
only-tliose !>n(1..,tsah.?v.-()i.e-l.uii.hc,l-and.teiith
Bt instead <>( al...ve Fifty-nmtli-.it., a loaa .of fivo
prA-...ets i<. the diatriet, The Seoond Dtsteict will
includo the precinctsou tho weat Hide oi the tity
filow Oiie-liundred-aiid-tentli-st., and the. re
maining preciiicts will make up the 1-irst
Sistr.ct. Koomi at Pohce Healqnvtorfl
vhieb were need by Mr. Mnttay while ho was in
ehurzooftheFirat [nftpectlan Difltriot will be oc
cuiiicd bv the dwtriot iuapectorj wheu they aro
wruiiiKoiit rcports, but tha liispectorn will bo
obl.K'-d t<i?l" their own itisiM-ctiun, under the <li
reetion of the miperinteadent. instead of entrust
initauchwork to aides. Captams aro probibitcd
from going to FoH.-e Head.iuartcrs ex
copt by pcrraission of the superiiitendent, of a
eominiMioner or of the chiot elerk. un Iflflfl
they have urg-nt busmoss thero. Ordera ftjBMW
?upanutcn.leiit to a captain will be tr.iu_nitteil di
rei-tly instead of through an inspeotor, and a cap?
tain'- report will go straight to theenporintendent 8
offlce. Iheetlect of the new system is to make the
distnet inanectors atdes to the anperintendent. and
Xo lakfl away much of the preatifljo which Wjn__
nnrly bad aa Miburdinato cominandpra of tho force
Tn reoomtn-ndina the new systein to tho Board of
Folice, Mr. Morray wroto as followa conceruiug tho
Old BVHtclIl.
The aalanea of the oftleera asalirned to duty ln the BflY
eralliiipectlondUtrlc.?.aaat nreaeiitcoiut.tuted.a^re
icute Bt- 100 per atiiiU'U, aud tho mou aro groally ueeded
futhiTprei-lucta. Auoxperlenoo of roauY yeara actlvo
-"rvice aa au offleer of tiie departiueut (tl.e iiine laat aa a
diBtriclliiapcfi.ii'i tiaaoouvlncodmo that the syBtem la
c,i.u!,erao.u0. expon-ivo and praetleally naatoaa. DanU
catc retarna aro retiuired when thero ls neoesBity for but
oue, aud thiia a great aad anaeeaaaacy azpeaaa i? in
eurred for statU-n-rr anl blunks.
Thedistrict inspeotion squads have embrac*..
eix aflrgeanta, thirteou roandemen and as many pa
troliiieu, who will now be availablo for prociuct
'ko'effort wasmalebv the Commifssioners yes
terday to come to an agroeiueut rogardtng au ap
poiutiuont to lill tho racant insp.-ctpr.lnu. **"**?
Kenoh and MoClarfl were aaid to be more flrmly
r-flolved than erer to pmmote Captain Wlliiama,
?whiie Mr. Vo irliis was inc iue.l to take mdes with
Geueral l*..rt"r onpo-lng such a stop. Mr. > oorina
off.red resoltitioua calling foi a c..mpetit-ive civil
Bcrvic-ecxiiiiii.atio.iof all the captams wliow.ro
eandidate- ior promotion. but uo actiou was takeu
onthe.i. BaaideaCaptaina Wdliama and Mct i,
lairh. the list of ?pplieantjfor promotloo uow m
cludeatniitait.s<iastliu, Killileaaud Allairo.
Dctectives of tlio Fifteenth I'reoinct were seareh
ingyostcrday ior au utiknown coloro.l man w io
will be arr.w'te.1 on a ch irg > of murder if ho can bo
found. On Suaday ntght ho etruck down rrauk
1'eterson, a col.iro?l youib, in Wost r.nrd-st., m
ileiing a fatat injury. Feterson had b.-.*:i
employod ai a truckman by tho Mctro
jHiliiau Van Co.npany tn Mer.-er-st. He
was aaid to bo somowhat, wild. but
aood tempered. Although he had a widowed
mother aud sevoral younger brothen and aiatera
living at No. 135 West Third-st.. ho did littio to
hcl;. lupport them. He bo irded at No. 170 lhomp
a >a-_t. aud spe-.it tho mjuey that he earued for hia
owi co'ufort. His aaaailant is dosenbed as a short,
tbick set and l.lue_-skiuned negro. Foterson was
walking in Third-st.. near teixth-avo. with his
eist'T. another colored girl and Jack Allon, oi
Jio 178 Ttioinpsoii-st., wlu-u the assailaut ran up
belund him and deult him a mnrderous
blow on tho head with a brici:. Neither Fetorson
nor biscompanions knew the man, who ea.ily ma.io
a_fle_-apa. Fetorson did uot think that bo was
hurt stri.iusly ut the tiwe. Dr. Karly, of No. H3
Bacdouaal-st.. dresaed the wouud, au.l thoyoung
m-tu woik-d for threo daya beu.g troubled Blightly
bv a pato iu his ho;itL When ho became **ud
deulv wo-s", and dicd on Wednesday night, hia
frierids thought that it was time to lnforin tho
pohco. A poet moriom exaiuinatiou oa lhursday
disclosod a fraeturoof thortkull.
'rhomurden-risbelieved to bo the man who
Btabb-d -Sarah Wliitus, a young colored woiuaii ol
No. '220 .Mi-livan-st.-, throe mouihs ago. feierson
and Sarah but been intiiuato lriends and one uietit
wheusho had boen vislting at No. 170 lliotnp-oa
et, she was met in the altey by tho unknown n.-frro
wh.ia._etl h-^r if tiio w;is k-oping couipany with
Peteraon. S.'iesaidthat she waa, whereuomi the
neitro dre# a i.iz-n Inm his pocket and slashod t.io
SaSt of her rlght hand. tafllaUag i ataW
out. "Take tbat to bim," he said. "and te 1 hitii
I'li ciu his hcart o..t if tio don't lot joa atone.
Biuce Peteraon's death Sarah has dcclare.i that she
does not ku.i v tho name <>t the negro who cnt M_
and the do ectives UaY- not been ablo to make her
tell where ho can bo fouud. lt was aaid yestcrday
that they ha-1 another ciew, and probably would
aacoecdin arresting the negro to-day.
no.ub NBWa,
JJofman Jhuse?Ex-Penator John 5. Hagcr,
Of Cftltf...i,ia.Wmdsvr llolet-Judge Ucrge F. Coiu
?_?*_ offlvracusf.r;r..M.f//cif'-'-CuloiielJ. W. tor
[%.? V.1 A.-,?y. . M?rr -tf BiU iiote.'-l'roteasor T.
R ixHinaburv, of Yale Coiloge..-.?-? Ior* Botet
Jauies hlinuali.il. New-Yort 5uto Boperlutendoat of
Sraune Worka......Botel _fc-u?__i_c-Wlillain M. Cramp.
of l-Ua-elplila.Borton -/ou*.--.x-C-iit'r-_-_-_u
WUliuiu --. J_ugl-.li, of InUiauupolis.
Coney laland laoea, Sheopaliead Bay, 2:30 p. tn.
4 Beawanba-aYuclit Cluli ariuual re>t-tti-.
_r_tloii..l Aaeociaitou of Amateur Athletcs gamcs,
Manhaltan Athletie Orounde, 3 p. m.
Ijeparture ot _.td Rexiuient for tstate Camp.
MelropoliUu-nt. Loula bascbttll inatcb, I'olo Grounda,
___BB_I Boat Clnb'B tflgatta, Ilarlem Ulver, 2:30 p. aa.
t'lvll Borrioe CoihiuhhIoii, New-York Hotel, _1 a. in.
Lacrosse uiutch, btateu Islaud Critket Club Giouiids,
.-Irtoen Club dinucr, No. 8 Weat Tweuty-cig-th-st.,
8 Weet flli'lo AsBoclation, Kig-.ty-slxt_._t. Preabytorlan
Churcb library rooiuB, 8 p.m.
Thebodiesof two uuknown drowined men were
found yesterday, oue at I'ier No. 24 Last Ulver,
aud the oth.-r at Pier No. 1 North ICiver.
Hoalth Offlcer Smith aud severul members of the
Health Department yesterday decided to provent
the importation of rags uutil they had becu prop?
er ly diainfected.
8econd Mate Stephen Dnvls, of the steamer Cap
nlet, of the Alexanure Line, died on May AO. \Y hen
on dutv on the bridge ho received a sunstroke, and
died in hulf au hour.
Edward Hinken was made chairman of the Com?
mittee on Charitn*. of tbe Produce Exchaug*> yes?
terday. instead of Robcrt S. Holt, rosigned; Will
iain T. Jeflrios succoeds P. P. Aibort as a meniber
of the committee.
Prosident Hays. of tho Manhattan Company
Bank, said yesterday that ho hal no news of tho
abaoonuing telier, hcolt. Hc said that ho bad
beguu to iose hopo, although the detcciiTca wero
ioliovmig bci.U eloaely.
The dire-tors of tho lnm hteamboat Company
yesterday decided, iu consequence of tho numeroua
couiplaiiits regarding the objectionable sunouiid
ings of the apoioacbes to tho old pier, that alter to
day the boau wili bo run ouly to aud from tho new
pier. .
Edward (Jtiinaw, who, on Anril 3. finding John
W. Hempsey asleep on a bench in tho liquor sb<.p
at No. 1__ Chorry-st., knocked his brams out with
a apade, waa yesterday found guilty of murder in
the aecoud degroo in the Court of Oycr aud ler
Believing tbat the new Duilding law, which
ebengoa the title of tho head of tho liureau uf
Buildiugs, *. irtually legialated Inspeclor I* Oench
out of otllct*. tuo Firo (.'ouuuif?iooei- yo-terday ap
pointed Mr. O'Oeiicli " Sup^rinteudeut ol tl.e liureau
oi luapeotion of buildings."
The steamer Mary Poweil is making trips to
Weat Point daily. Feople can go np by her and
flpend two hours in visitnig the Military Academy
aud grouuds, retunnng by either the Hudson Kiver
or West bhore Kailroad. 1 he steamer leave* V eatry
?t. at 3,15 p.m. and Tweuty-th_id-_t. hfteen mm
tttes iater.
The Pilgrim Congrogational Church. of Haricra,
baa set apart to-morrow aa Childien s Uay. 1 here
Wlll be buptiam of lufantsauda Bermon to children
by the Kev. Ut. Virgiu. iu the morniug, and a ilorai
aervico bv the rjuuduy-acbool in tbe oyeuipg, the
Utter under the diroctiou of SuporiuUiudeut Cliarlos
P. Ficrce aud Miss F. H. Noble.
Baturday being achool holiday, many persone
' _d lt the most couveuient day to purcnase ebll
ifla'a clotbing. bcat it. Co., ofi_>oa. 60 and HA
'eat Twenty-third-st., who make a specialty of
aildreu'a outiitting. dtv.ni it impracticablo there
*re,*-o close their store oarlier than usual .unug
la__o.b3t will cloae earlier during July and August.
SWilliain Raabo, generally known aa "Dutch Bil
'? the boat-keeper of pilot-boat Washiugtou, was
rowned at eea last haturday. The boat waa
?H___ng off Hallfax whaa ahe waa atruok by a
B-iftina gale that caaaed a confnserl sea, Raaha
w_L_tn cl.argeot tha deok, and wlulf; he waa se
curing tho maia eheet the boat gave a lurch and he
was loat over board.
tmOBMABB IX BVfBjnUBl FAI_nit_<.
The busuiess failures thronghont the cnntry 111
the laat soven daya, as renorti-d to ... U. W ?
Co., immbe-, for the Unlted States, ?o, ?'"} for
Catiada, 22, as against 223 last wcek. ???
30 rcportol on tho lVieiticCoast. which J" ?J"J"
the average all other acctious of the country sliow
a decided dccivase.
The Rev. A. C. Hoockintr, pnest in abwmoftaa
Gernnn Congregation, MiasionB*tba ?&i?**
who died on Tuosday. at No. 218 Baat 8arant t-th
__,, was buricd yesterdav in Woodlaa- _?_n**"_l
At 11 o'clock tho IFolv Coinnmnioii w celcbraUtl
in the Church of the Transturiiratioii.in ?
Twentv-iiinth-st.. and at noon tlie Kev Mr.l.ill* ft
Uadertill, .."siatati, rcctorof the (?harchvc'.)."..icl('']
the fuueral cc-remmies. The oervAces ffore lar g.ly
Tho cross-oxainination of Mr. McWillianis,
seeteury at.d trensunr of UM Ma.iUttan BajBwaT*?j
paar, aaa n-sumod ye.tcr.lay a Jaflarsoa ?g^l?lt?_
IceopUbol i-aie. Ho testltlea tbat tho Metropollttn.
New-York nnd M.inbattan Cotnpmiies were consolil.ite 1
ou A.iituat 1. 18S4. Mr.8tral.au asked for tl... ugieo.
meut Md Mr. Ooodwlu s_ld tbat tbo wltuosa did uot
have It. _._.?__
?Ir. Strnhan-I sny ho has lt.
Jlr. (ioodwiii^Aiid I say belinin t It.
Mr. Btraaaa ilnally procured tho agreemont, onrt after
carefully iior.islt.ir it sald : " Trior to the cons-.lldatloB
what was tnostockot tbo New-York aud Mctropolltau
Tbe witneM-$0.500.000eaoh.
Mr.fitr.iban-Pilnrto the trlnrirtlto aCTeement then
these 1 wo coiiipanles. wlth n capital ->f *1 J.JMXMHM . were
entltled to a dlvl.lei.'l ol 1<> l*er cent from tho Manhuttaii
Company before any other dlvidend rnitld l.e j.aid ou
?? tho atock of tho Manhnttan Itailway Conipany 1
The wit.iess?They were. -
Mr Htrahan-Doesthe Manhattan Rallway Company
pay anv dlvldeud exoept tho divlileml upon tbe con.oll
duted stnck of tbe M.iiihatt.io lUliwuy Company I
Tbe wltiiosa-By the terms of tho lease Iba_*_____*
payable by tlie New-York Company to tlie Maubattaa
Railw.iy Compnnv, and not to the stockboldera.
Mr.Btrahau?I repeat tho .iieati.in. ?_-_??
The witnesi-They pay dlvidend renlala to the parent
company. There are no other dlvideuds payablo.
Mr. Strahaii-Now 1 repeat the .uestiou 1
Jastlce Gormau-Is tbat tbo best answer you can
Tka allaaaa I Ibtat laat t?i_?---*- an ?~swer t0
UMr!UStrahari--naa any rlivldend heen deelarcd except
on ?j.'.i.'.i.o.oOOof eonaolidated stoek I
ri... ?ri_B_ai -My anaworUtaal tbo Maabattaa Obbv
pauy would uot pay a dividoud ou auy olbcr cuj-p-u., ?
'lMr."s!rahan-Tho reply la not rciponilve. I repe.it the
The wUaeaa -I ha* not. _
Mr Htralian-Haa tli" Manhattaa Company over paid a
divblend wlnch it liian.-t'l'-'l T.l I ________ ?_.
Tho wltnoas-Xodivideuds havo been pall but dlM
Mr. etrahan -Do the atoebboldera of tlm New-York nnd
Metropolltan Ballway eompanlea r.Ira dlrldeBdatnai
are not paulto tho stookholders of tue MauUaltau 1UH
wayCompanyI _ , , , ,? __,
Tho wltaeaa?Ko dlvl.lenla have been deelared l*y tho
Matropolitaa or New-York eompanlea roeeatly.
IfUilafCiOOai Mr. McWiilianis coi.tmued to reply to
t-tequeatloniof Mr. Btraaaa, statuifi tbat iho Manbattan
Ra '-.!?,-c.ii.|....y owaadBO roada prevlouatoJA? oob
lOltdaUO-, l'1'.vl..iia 10 that time tlie BOW-Yot* an;
Metropolltan Ballway ...lupaiiles wera tho ownera or all
the elevale.l rall way atructures ln the eity. Mr. Htralian
tarned to Mr. Bookaurer aad aald: MWnatta jaooe f..r
thaoooaalaaaaeafot tta aaadar ?.tow_oa ar. boob?
stav.r bitteily repliod. " We know wlm is tho gaadar.
Mr. Btraban?lt you'ro coutout to bo tbe _ooso, oll
Ut Oaadaia?Taar BTaaar, ln mr DBt?aa tba ?arned
aaaaaal la Inaraat of what ue u t.iiuuk' .mout, oreise it
ls li.ii.iat. rinl. . ,,
A diaenaaton here nroio a* to the time of ailjoiiniiiieiit.
Mr Btrahaa?There la tintbtn_ t-> prareal yoa, Mr.
liookst.iv.r, froui jfoliig totho (irand .lury t.ein?irow.
Mr. Boobatavor?w'o don't wa... tbe (iian.l Jmy.
Mr. Mrahan-Yes you do. Yuu've been there beforo
an.l th.y w.iitl.iii't reeelTOyoa.
Mr. Boadtatavar?Tbat'a ua false.ai anytl.lngc.Boyou
Mrfrrratiaa Tfa know Mr. tUU baa becu nosing
arnuii'l there unaiie. eaaful.
Mr. Bookatavar?Tbaa you know tnoro thaa wo do.
Tbo Ci~o was a<."'luod uutil to-,lay.
Coiniiiis^iotii'i- Powanataiil-tl thfl Part Board
ycBtenlav by rislng frotn bls aeal ai.l annoaaolng that
li. deatiad to call atteir.ion to the aellliig at ll.iuor ln ihe
i-itv parkaoa Baaaay. . , , ___ _ ,,
"I wlllonYr a rcsolutlon." hc adned. "dtrectlng t be
?aerataiy to inforta allparaoaa flavtag attnde fw um
ealc otBplrltuouBllq.iorBor ic-riti ti..- parka of the fla*
PBrtm-at, whatever t)ii*ir rl?iiti. tnat on Bnad ,y iboee
n.iits iiuiBi ba flealaad to tbcir o^u paaaoaflfl with
closed d,,,,! s."
Mr. Ileekman thnucht that If tlierr* w.n any praetlee ol
B,-llii.(r liiiuor on Miu-i.iy? in tha parka it bIkmiI.1 i*e
Btopued. 1'rcsldent Crlmiiiltis dt.l n?t tt.lnk tber
(.ii.li praetice ; it bad n.-wr. om.- und. r bls unecrvatloii.
Mr. Borden did not eri.reBB Hi.y optalno.
"There ls no aflflfl-B to this r.-Bulutioti. im.l 1 do not
tliliik it c_'.."oe eulert-lnM," eo-tlanefl Mr. Crmuiiua,
??I ao not bcllevo tbal li(.uors nre ?uld on Bunday-i ln
"?I^havo anntlifr ro-mlutton," BflM Mr. Power*. "In
retfurdto Iheflnuda. eoaearta Tkaaa eaaearta ara boi
aaered, and for tbat reaeon they ara riolallona ol ino
f-tiit?* b?w. Kv.n If tlu- con.-ert- do -iv. , ,. :. 1 niutlc,
the/ aro a pcrverslou of tbc publio IuhUb to t.-hkioub
"lilo not eee wliat wi* can do nbo.it this," aaid Mr.
Cr.nni'.n.s; "tba Board baa alraadr paaaefl on tbe muu
day aeaeerta aad appro*ed theaa."
"iBBithereaaethBl I bave inentloned." added Mr.
rowrrK, ?' tbe meuibers of tho Board are liaMe lo proe, -
i -iui..n. i wlah to pai B-ysfllf on ra <.ri n_..i_?t aflaaaatag
thM rc-iiotiMi.ility." .
" We are wlllluj' to take tbo iflflpaaaWwllty. said Mr.
A larce'delcB-ntlon' Irom MBrrtaaalfl nr_'<l tbat thfl
Krade of Brook-are, sheald I," ehaaged. A illiin<r ol f.mr
teen feet wlll Le rcpiircdat B0BM patflta Bfl tbi
uutklng the eost ou tbo lotsfroutii-g H flMflfl than tlieir
j.rcBent valne. _ . .. ? - -
Th<- q-e_tta- ?f romovlDpf Tlu* oftlc.-B of the ItOTrtl to
the Htewart Bulldin? is beinir co", ildered b? tha ?-njimle.
eloncrs. Mr.|< rlnnnliis |raid tbal an MM bad bflfln
made !? Mr. lliiton of 15,000 a year rental Ior rootoa on
tbo tt.ird tloor frontin. on Cha_t>eree_, Tbo preeenl
QUBTt tsof tlieHoard. hoaald, aro Inoonvetilctit for tbo
apeedy n-an-iu-tioi. of buataeaa witii athar rity orneea
aud tbe uiembeis aro all lu favor of maklng thla chaug*.
Tlic Statfl Civil Berriefl I'orniiiissiiiiii-r-. sj.ent
tho creater part of yesterday at thfl N.-w Yoi_ Hotel ln
confcreiioo witb tho .-xaiiuuers Ior paaltloaa under tbe
Exclse Oommlaalo-era and witb tbo Bxaailaen ..f ti"*
N.-w-York and Brooklvn cmrts. Tho report- of tho ? x
aiulnerB Bhowed tbat tbc appllOBtloO of the flvll Soivle.
ruU-B to tl,e*>e drpartincnta bad bean attended witb
exreil.-iit reealta. A lett.-r ttom Conrt Clerk Boaae to
ex-Jud_o Araoax waa raad m whleh th<- wrlteraaldi
" Tho attendautB on this court flppotated aaaat tbe
Oivll Bervice are nK*re Intelligenl and cotnpeteof than a
larae i-ajorlty of tliose appoiuted under the old I]
My obaervatloti ba? not been (-onfliied to tl.?* Huperlor
Conrt, hut appllcs totbe Kupremo ('..iirl as well."
A letter WM also rccclvi-d from I)r. Murray, ?o, ret:try
of the Board of ltegonta. In t'-r,maaa to tha appolBtment
of a l-aw Ubrarlan at 8vraeu?o. Tii" C.inimiMimiars ,lo
Bided that atnea tbo iioldera ofttheae poaltl?aa*an i>ald.
wholly or ln part. from tbc ('hinoiry fuud, In tl.e
ouatody of the Clert of the Coart of Appeals, tbey are
Included ln ciais N'o. '_ of tho Blaaotflad <'.v:l Scrvion
rulee; tbflafl alaflaa ia aea eempetBiBfl in aharaefler
Another roBOliitioii pa?si*d *?. one poriiilttln- hoalili
oniccm, wbo aro now reqalred t,? qnaUfy boforo tlm
C ninty .Tudge, to appe.ir before such porBotis aa tho
CoiuinisBlou may de?lk'nata uiion Ibo reconitneii'litloii ?f
tbo KUte Board of llealtn. Tbc follOWlBfl i?er-ioiis were
appolnted as a board of ?xauiii.er? f,,t ponltioiiB In tbo
Htato cnclneerlng aervlce: Prefaaaar <adv Mtiloy, of
Unlon Collcire, John I). Yan Biik n, lr. and .lohn B,,?art,
aecretury of tbc Aunerlcan Boclely of Clvii Kugliieera.
Tho Aldermon yesterday roqii.st.d tbfl First
Dlvtsion, Natlonal (iuard, toaet Bfl Bfl csc.it to the clty
olIlclalB and Invlted icueBts at tbo reception of the IW
thi.idl statuo. rre.Bident .iiiiiger aal.l that BOthlnghafl
boen hoard or the I Bi*ro ataflaahfl left Franeo. All tbo
arraii-cmeiits for tho rec-pllon wero now complote.
Mr SanRor offercd tbo followlng, whlch w.-ib unanl
niously adopted : "Tho Coamoa rminell of the Clty of
New-York eitond tfl tho otllccrs and Ballors of the Inetfl
a eorulal welcome on tholr arrlval at this
port. Amonir tho stlrrlng and unlipie ln
Btanecs of mmlern tiuie?, tbe rare tllusirulloii of >a
Uonal food-wUJ aforded by the Preaeb itepuidle will
Btand out as typlcalof tlu-Bplrlt ?f brothornoo.1. of a love
of llberty, of reclprocal roHpect for grand Natlouul char
aoterlitloscredltable to both Natlont; .na beaooa m this
os.iinlrv of proxress and oiillirhti-imient. Ab partlrlpants
ln thiBact of intcrnatlonal rouilty, tho oflleers of tho
iBe.eand the repii-B.-ntatlvos or tba Clty of Nnw-York
ni.it ou coniinon groiind. d.-dleatert to peace aud clvlllza
tiou. Weappreelatc the kludly motlvos whlch prompted
tho (flft from tbo people ot France, and ?ballever cbcrlsh
ltaa a noble nionuuieiit or rraternal rcgard."
Tho trial of JoflOfll J- Conroy, tho youth
Charited wlth'kllllng Keubca Applcgate, who waa neerly
slxty yeara old, was be_un boforc .IiimiIco Barrett, ln the
Court of Oycr and Teruitner, yestonlay. Tho old ?oa
captntn *i? inasa.ueradl.iir In woraan'B clothoi at Dovor
and Water M?.. on Mareli 14. when, as Ib all.-ired, Conroy
with a gana of young men eiienunterod l.l.n. and tbo
prlBoner.after knockliig ofl Appleiratc's hat, exclalme.i :
*? You af& a nian, I Bee," and ctruek lilin a fatnl l.!..w.
ABBl'taut DlBtrlcl-Attorney Kellows. ln openlng Ihe .,,.
Bal.l that Bltbongfa tl.e In.lictmeiit waa for murder ln the
flrotdegree. no ahould only claltn. on the faets of tbe
ease. a verdlct of manslaughter ln the secoud de?{reo. Tbe
trial wlll be coutlnue.i on Monday.
Bitls wero recoivud on Tuewlay tetiMDeiMlt*
raciit of l-bllo Works for thrc, coiitract*, for li.ylng
water plp?-a in tbe Twenty-tblrd aud Twenty-fonrtb
Wanls. ou two of tbo contraeis tho prlea BBjaeflfe.
rock-excavatlon, carth-oxoaviitlon, eartb lllll?_ and
brick-masoury wa? ono cent a cubic yard, uiaklug tho
total amount for theio ItcmB leei than two per cent of
tbe wboie bld, and placlug the remalnder on thfl other
ltoms. A fair apportlonment would iniike the lu-in* nained
00 per cent of tbe wbole. Actin? under tbe autln.nty
conferred by the ConBoIldatlon nct, coinmlsaloiier MBlffl
lias rejected these blds, and says tbat he wlll act lu the
aaiue way wlth all otbers of a slmllar cbaracter.
Dr. Mark Bront Ncuth, a roporter, waa found
dead ln hia l>ed al his lodKlng plaet*. No. 2110 Kourthave.,
ac u p. ui. yeeterday. Il la supposed tbat bls death wae
due to dlBBipation. Ho was born near Lyons, B. Y..
aboutforty veara ago. Ho oame to thU elty lu 1171 and
goteinployiiioutou TAe H'oHil. A couploof years laler
aleft the paper aad took af taa aiu.iy of mediciun.
Alf-r graduatlou hu wout lo work uu The _uu aud laler
waaoB-A-WorW, Slar and Trut*. At the time.ofhla
heavlly. ^_
A O-laoHori of Florida frtUt-marert have
beou ln the clty for a few dayi ln conference wltb tbe
onieeri of the f-V-jataa Frt.lt -*_2"f??&""*&_!
marVetliie of Florida orari|re,A It waa decidedto 9MM BU
f the [? ?lu_ er..., to tbia markat, an.l lt la bellovod tbat
frult. I~st year's crop amoUBt}- to Blwnt ?taj.ia? boxefc
and the comlug crop pr.milsei ? v eld 88 f_JS5
cteater. A. ea<h box of fore!?n frult payi BMMNBJ
a.ityof'J.-. cents, tho Florida frult will not meet v?lt_
uiucb couipctltlon.
Dr. J>. M. Thornas, tho phyoidan-iii-chicf' of
-Sril's I.alan.l, reporf-.l tO Iba Kinl-Ti.t on ___J___"
?blpo Waaar a.nl Polj BoalMfld are <I.?Ult.rto ?otf IBg
aro llkely to have ? niallpox. aro doli.lt we h Thoae wlio
came on the Weser are kept aeparat ?_2_?J_y___S_
There are about 150 caaes of inea>-lea amon); th??<>?"?
..iisaeneer*. but no eases of ainallpox ha\e dei elopwi
raonK tbo*" of eltbor stea.ner. Ao nuraca andoVr
_OTaoU?ha>abaoo viiccinated. and eyery procauiIob
l?i,ei?K'takeu to prevent comraunlcatloB witb other
Willmin H Malonov. eoneral clork of tho
the A.tor Ilouae la h.i.i.ir ..f I.n roii.l'l' t o, of ., aairaP
aiatant Aldermen. H" remawad ln the Board imtii *a#*
Sdwben tba As.lal.int Alil-tnei- paaae. ?'? ? _,^
enee, lu 187-1 he w?s made a elork othe '^ of Alder*
inen, and bas beeu appoiuti-d eaeh jear siuce.
EIHh Scliooniiiakor. of Ho, J__*JJ.?*J_J___
uwalt tbc rcaiill of tbe iuiury.
Theextenalonof tho Hrooklyn ^^.Vu''..i.T.l"'"
Rro-idwav froni U itea a\.'. to __Bt Nnw-V ork BM BBBB
'on,! .lel?-d. aad tialua wi.l bo ruu over lt t,..,.,.m.-v.
The annt.al cla-i __?_?__?? t____^^?&
took l.lare lll Il.e .ha;.. I yaatei-B* ilftertio-m. <>f t 10
Kr d, r t..,- elaaa of iw'.n.y ,-i,l.t. 8-_.hl tOOk part . tha
.zer-iaaa. A featore of tha oeoaaloti waa a t.ieek ..borus
led by MlaaCBrlal.Loeoar.
P..1I0*,,..'..! Mi.l.ael .'i.irk.of the Q??tri rreelnet. WM
severelv BOBAUltOd Bl B lat" hour .... I huraday Blffbl
wbU. ir.vlnu- to arraai ..... affaaaBv ?aa? af roaoj ..."
trbo were drlablaa i.rand lluglnkaoaca ln UBloa-aja,
He wa, kaoekad lowa wltb a ...i.M.-. <?"" >?n- ba >
ki.-k.'.i. an.l only dlaperaod aJa aaaa-aata wltb bl.
revolvcr. Two of U.eiu were arrost.d.
TbaaoMaraaatAta aad tbaewwolelxbt ????/?*"
Xors..;.:.. bark Donner Zogea, whieh airlvad la Braok
Ivn on M iv 27. wera takoo lo tli" Lnn? lalnnd ( ol ege
nosnltaL as thHv were ..ifr.-rlng from lymptoma ol
'?-,._. A...lvaia.,f ll.e water wbleb the, QOOd .... B
'voya-e,.! f.-rutbiea daya Itom Bi_il.otaowod.bat 11
_ont~nrdlc_d from tha polotln tbe Inalda o.tbowat*r
hurreli and a sedlmeul ?.f a poi-.oa t.ature, wbleb l*
belleved t<> bavo come from ti,.. itrearn of ...ikvial.
w.i'.-r fr-.m whleb tba aapply w^? aaettiaaiB BraalL taa
Si.'k men ure BOW ler.... IT1._.
Btaeetbarafaaalof tbe Rar. Dr. Oraif toBeeepttbe
rectorablp ol M Ani 'a I.|?aH bureb, to lueeeed tho
UtaDr.Bobenek.honameabare __aa aada pu'dio of
of for tbo placa. rbe ?t..i. i. ?
, , ed f..r tbe smnraer after to morr >w.
tiona wtll be mado ln theebaoeelda ''!"".
andaaurpllcedboycbolr wUlba Intraduood. iii- Baa
l(>ol will bave a plenlo ln Pcoanaot raaa to-.._>.
wiii- h i? BBotbar LBBoraUoo.
?i |m wlfla "f .i.n.)." '?''?"? m",t
ln KBBland two year'e aoo, aad a ? moreinenU olnee
i,..w.... my.tery, il itoatbal iba b .-. poaltivo
iBformaUoBtbatbalad m_ Baa la raartag Boaiaiai
f?r him.
wniian A. M.irib, wboappaared aaa win.-as nL'aln.t
I-.lvvar.l l:ilei,ali.|.i..r-.l"..l.r >-f No. 118 Colun
f,,rv.itlng thoBxolaa law. aUted to lha biolaa Com
ml.alo ier? ye.terdai ttnt be a
rouuael f,.r'l{,:-"v. who m .a qoestl.inliin dai -
tentlon to tbe faeta that tbree ? i rsh aal.l D?
had Boocenpal.a. i tbal two weoki ? ? - ad be
W..S uthei.io~i-.il aiiid.-iit. llie witnea. >*.,. nouplUAae.1
tora ni".iii- i.t and than told Ibe lawyi i thal be I . tt ll.
?.,.i,.i froni tbe trlal r.Hiin an I told tieier to enlei
lt Btfalii.
The roniplnlnt a.alnst Angnai Plelaeher <>f attemptln?
luicidoby lumuliig from the Ui I
terday. aa tbe Urand Jurj f. odtoln llcl him. 1 .? I*
whoae f.-iuri'.- ? ia etarvlup at tho time. now ina |
..f 'T,.ik at i.-,....i w .-- -, a I'nik aecounl of ?'?<>". ?'"1 I""
rlalona for four montha, i BlFaa la liln. Jusi
aft. r iu- tn.'i t". ?ul hlmaelt
_r__B_ nvM tbb 81 r.rnr.s.
Joiu. O'llar*. <>f Suininer-t., I_U -rioti, N. .T..
BDpeared before Beeordi - -
._.rtiii ':"'" '' ':l?'??"? "*e bv
nini ii-n iiiontlis. Mi. (i'llara ?t.if_d ihat I
had cauaed tbe death ol hia arwJohBi r.aad
fladtnedto Bturder another ol bl?< '
and tl," Ulalr i,?v, I,.-?!.:!. w.-i.- playlug -b,
? li.l tbe Ut'.-r.li.itllllK ,-.ir ,.-.'. lt Jolllmlr. ,
him Wlth B 1".I II
cloth!..-. He ?,.? terrl iiy burned and died awe-.k!
U ira won d hare lel :'..itterdrop. h- mM, had
Itnotbeen tbal a llltla whlleaflerward Buhrrl Bulr
,.,.i hUoiboreblll wll i skolfe. Kecordei
.,.r I'n.M ???'?'. laeo. U
B warraat for litlle Kohert'e arr.
and l.att.ry onJ.-hii ll.nry (i ll.ir.i. An ottt
ii..- Biair I, .y tnt-.c.iit witb bla niolh, i re-terday
,,?.i- The boy Ib small ? ? "? "'' - ' '
nlalnlrret Tha B>t_i ai U .* lhemolber*B re<
/i'l'ni e'f,.r the appaaraaoeofhaf mfat.-. ,.r_i..i
juiy Bboui.i laalct bim.
TAKIN'i DOOfl l OB ' illl-.
Mr? Hat lii t I!. r. tn.. li, whB Ind Wlth hei
.,-,', ?- i v.;i-,ni) ?...', ?'?' ay Clty, beeama ,,,.., e a
ihott tlme ago. and ob Tl nreda'
bospital Bbe bad no children, BBd when ber mtiid be
?i, ,-i. A bIj. . o :??> lad inanj dogB aud Ue. lare.l ih.it
Iher were her children. Bbe bad <urs of bUb ?ud lo?
,i,,',re, and tvrr.' Btrangedog tbal appre- :? . hei
?as corralled. Tha wouian naver i....,.,..- violmi
exceiil whcn ber buaband oraoy ol ber frleoda attemptcd
to Interfere witb tbe doga, aud al sueh tlmee she berame
fur.o.ii. Yeaterda] bei buaband eppUed t.. the polloe t.,
iii.v,-thr ,Io.b rctiioved rioin tbe houae, and theofllrera
wbo waat Ibere fwund aeventeen llvlag and Btoedead
,,,,;,,, ,:. lha i.i.ii.l--.. Flfteen d..?s ?er.- ihot and Uie
olher two r.-laiuicd by their BB BBtB.
Tf-Bsma ?-_-_ ->>i-viHNii O-Ji
it. ficinry T-flBflrtfle. af Hag Maa. a_e ind aa aaelt
\ng i-iii .iin.l. r .i I. '* d.i. - BgO *A.tii >..',-! n.l,- W 1 li l.i in
tiie. n. wboarreated him for aaiagprolaoe language ..,
tbe _treeta.waa tohara haea trled reeterday before
u uiiam . . Hour, |uaUoe of lha peace ; bal tha roaatahle
who had t.een .i.t ? t... I te eellert a Jury reported that ba
had been nnable t,> ->.con.-. a? a-Uoaraa-ent ??.
granted. There waa a horaa trot al i lerday,
.u..1 Mr. Tompklm and i BoatabieOreen bad atora later
ett ln thfl trot ibaii they did iu th. ln.il.
MflJarf-__?a. Kiat/, thfl aewly appointed C-Ueetot el
Interoal Berennefer the Itfth lu-tnct, ?ni tak.- poa
stsmnii of tho afl-flfl to-day.
A lilli'd iii.-i.il.eaiit. Mlihael Tt.ih.e, rompl.ilnc.l |hal
he Bad iiiK-.i a wessao la act aa bla gnkle to Orangoaad
tbal Bbe l.ad rohhod him of BIM on Thnrvluy uiglit lu a
(atliarme CloBmn. wa-. trled ln lflfl Court at QnaftBT
.oa yeaterday fer aaaaalt aad battrry ea her haa*
baad. who la old aad paralyted. Nelabbori bad
him un.ney iu.d fo...l. A dauicbter of Cioeeon aal lu thr
coiirl lootii, well drcsm ,1 and ? itl. iliau.olidB lu ln-r c.-iri.
Mm. Cloa.ou was convict.-d.
______ CITY.
Tho (llftloulty bnwecn tlu-< oiiBiiincrB' O.-ib t'oiiipanr
and tho Ceutral Kailroad <'oii.p.uiy baabasil ami, al.Iy
aattiad, aad tbe gae eompaaj lu*abeaa perailtted tolai
tbe doxlrsd oilpipo iini acioBi tho iiiiliuad company'*
propetly. _
NKW-Ji;i:-I.Y TOWN8.
HAOaaB-AOS.- IB* B,.nih l.uiind traln ontheNrw
York, HiiHipii-iianna nnd Weatera Kailroad, whilr eroaa
lug the tri*Btle nrar tlu- BtBtlOB :,t 9:30 T-Bt_laT morii
1k_. Htruck a vMiiii.m, tarowlBg bar tiiitt) feet down a
lleap emhanUii.i-iil lnto a rlump of l.uahca, kllllBfl her
liiBtautiy. Bbe was apparaatly auout f.,rty yoai s ot a to,
pooriy ilr.ased, aud looked llke oue umi. r the liifluencc
of lu.uor. ^
Pt.M'I.I'.ton.?QflflMfl W. I.iukliuifc boii, ago elevcii,
was drownod yeatcrday.
i'uiii lu, iimiiMi. I'.-ter McCoy, a deckhand on tbe
littbti-r Orahaaa 1'oiiy, laytag ai Jewetfa liock, fell
o\etboard and wa? diowiu-.l ychtcrday.
I.o.Mi Du-ABIX
Maspbtii. ? A niiml.er of aaflM af dlphtherla hare
brokiiu out ln the la.it lew .l.t> a. There 1? lalk of cloBlug
tbe public ? i.o '??>.
LOCBfltVALfcBf. OflflBW w- I-ewle. airo twenty-alx.
clerk la thflpflflt ofrlce. ou Thuraday nveuing llirew him
Bt-li lu front of a locouiotlvtj and waB Inalautly kllled.
wk.*-tchi **ri.K 0OO_r_T.
MT. TBBBOBV? Wnrk Bfl the fi,iin,l..tloii --allanrthe
i-w McthodlBt KpLtopal Cburcu will bc?(lu lu B l-w
Y.iNKKIiM.- Thebodyof \Ulllaiu Henry lieiin.-tt. who
haa been bIbbIbb BlBoel-taday. aaataaad yaateraaj iu
a crcek near Hotk-al._
4L0VG i in: ?'?CNl>.
0B8BBWB I'- - lacroB?e club ls to bo oreanl/od.
Cblldrm'a llay wlll he obw-rved In uil the ebiirebra on
Hun.lay.oilver M. Ferguaou ha* becu Uue.it._o lur
Belllnx llqiior on Mtiuday.
BTAMi'oi(i..-'riie Siauif.inl WUeel Club wlll luake a run
to Naw-York liexl weok.
N'mkwai.k.-Ii.o N.pLun.i ( lub will start on ite at.uual
crul.u ou J uiy M, ^_
Aaadi-rnfaetaal Platt-CT-k-idealaaflpcaially
ipcoii.in. I1.I.--I. Odartesa prnnipt. tli.,r.?ift_. aud clieay. ltlB
Juat wlml ev.-ry tauiily wmiia. T'ry it.
Uy usinjf l'latt's Cliluiiil.'rt 1'ni'ly iiiuch sick
ne_e," Boiniw and Imut.h-w.iy t,e pr.-veiitml. It la li.e boat
(Ualnfesjl-nl. aud hus lio ob;_-lloiiablo f< aturee.
? ?
Cari'ful li.ui-in-aapan u?o Platt. Chlortteg
and tbiia, bv thiiMiixhiy dlaltitiM-unir every au-i:, i.,ub pl ico,
eujoy fre_lo_ from dlae.iBw. Do y _u uan ill
Diaagiifai evarjwlMtn mU I'l.tti's Chloridcs,
and over lO.OOO phraiclaua laatlfy that lt la tbe beat dlatiil-o
Uut xuowu. i o ii j- will li.t lu U--.1 Uiltlea, io tl*,
Considers tlie true and espccial pur
pose of life insurance to be the pro
tection of tlie faniily.
Life insurance is Family Insurance.
The present polieies of this com
pany aro, therefore, so fi'amed as to
secure to each family, in the most
absolute manner, the entire benefit of
the premiums paid on their policy;
.ind, in C40.se of lapse, to prevent the
forfeiture of any part of them for the
benefit of others.
Each policy states in plain figures
the amonnt for which it will become
paid np, in case of lapse at any time.
Example: Annual prcuilutn Life rollcy for 910,000,
ago 30, promlum 9228.90:
After 3 prciulumi policy ll pald up for 99-10.
? 10 ? " '. 2,240.
.. 15 .. ? <? '< ?' " 3,400.
? 10 .*.280.
? 30 . ?. 6.280.
? 35 " . 7.000.
and ao on.
tltit the forfeiture offunl txuh pajdup inturanert.nnd
ot a'l the mrji/m of jiremlums and ln< re.it, which fur
fiifiif. theproflUof the Tontlne tytltm.)
This ia a purely mutual Company.
It sccl.s the absolute protection of
the family: perfect eqnity: and the
lowest coet,
Its a.-.-.'t.'-, Jan. 1, 1885, were
Its snrplna by .he highest legal
Btandard of wlvency was
(ir.ri A"'i- for New-York City,
Long Lsland and New*Jer_ey.
Ktjr.i \t.M w %AX
8un ttaaa, 4 "4. " ?? "-< M>-' ??? 9caa.a_aaBfaaaa, _?. l
umi WAiaa . ? .v.
_ v-r.an.lvll*.'-. 7 I-* ii'-. I. nt. n-ABIIIan OBM, B?9
ft . ..'"ll,..-. T .,-""??.". -'! " '- '?" '"-??- W-l
I . >AY.
?./??*? ?>>.._ ffnA
. __!_. Uadaa.v.-"on?l
lon.M.'ii.r. n
Kmpli. .... ....iloti
I ?rpool.Iu......
t I'euuayivai.la ..H?a_ow. .?.;??',,
.< ?,.|..-i,i,;i/eii.rhiat-alla
'.*'.. ... ii.'..i*'.iir._???_",' '','
i ?,, .Hr ? oten. N. (J. I n I
". |ii.-?."i .B (? l.i.ivd
i I ._aetb-Ainer.
st ND W. Jl'NK 11
Adri.-itlo .I.IV......-.1 ..WI,'
i _,?:,.. A .pi.i.jll .r_ci__ Mall
ll.N i'Ai J' .NI- 15.
(Taltai . f lvrn"?>i .rnni.rd
t -ii'i.ea.iB.I.la.-.iw.-.Ai,,:...r
I i _, |.,. li .", ut/ .Iianit'..A.i.i-r
Ni___t_.II.v.na .W~a'.
POllTOf NKW-Y-III.. . FIUDaY. JI-NKl., 1888
Me.tnrr I^>p"ntn (lln. At.b..tt. Mull V:>v 98. wlth nelwi
aad paMeageri to 8a_?eraoa .t soi:. Arr.vcUai tiie H.i ut
hi ?~er Arohlmr.. (I.ali. Vlota, PateraM B_fta, Noataa
? itui .:.. ..ii. tiidaoaadpaaaengerato riieip. isiu.A
(?? Ar,,\.'l >? il"' ??r al :> i'l i Bl
Ktaaawt Nnot?aad .:?? -? . 9li ka?, Autwerp M.v HO. w.th
mi.i a- i"l paM< ii oi. I.i 1'. r Wil.l.i _ _____ Anneu BlIM
1 . p ln.
Hteamer* iraoaa.Hopklno. l.-ia-navra Inne ?_. PuerKKibel
|., T I ,11 i, .1 '.. wlth i'"l?" i""l l><' ?"!!.' ra lo BOBltOH, llll.s .t
D.lietl. Arrlvial .t llie ll .r u, '? h< a in
,erU dravenlS-ri. Bewald, ii.r_.-o_ __ day., with
fnul |.,' i"n.,- ? .v l'e .r. ,i'
IllBBTT rali.tiiaa.il 1*1 .hir sjvaunab i .lor*. wlth iu.Im
-i.H H .ill_". Hlfetlt.
,*r(Ttyof AtlantA. |..<-k ?.**!. ci.?rl*atnn'.'day*. with
luil'U'.ud p- <winr.-tit.iJin W <.-.iiiiinr.l .". . ...
Rteatoei Manl.iitt.iii blerena, >> '? 'I '?"'?.>? \ ?. ."fl New.
Dori s??a wlthBMtae aa-paaaenaaraloOld Uo___ioa 8aUo.
-leanier K ?' K niiiln. ' hl b II .. '.e.rnelowu ani Aleian
drto. wltb _oeea_*l p.Aaeni ireto rho. A_.Vi.iit.ii_u
Htean.er.ity.'t lit.l.i.iiii,'. ft? 8?B ll.-il:..rd. wlth w.Ijiij
Lt, II..1.1*11 .V I...V 'll.
M.....i.r Uh ker Anritii'"... Dr__watar, Haltlumre. wub
en ,1 t.., ..ii.'. "I I'-'l . oal < !o
st.?m.r PraneoaiA llennett. I'urtlaud. wilh mdio au<l pa.a
?_Mr?ei ..i.i ie ,1*. aaaraa, ii'..t..u. wtta aaaaa aaal aaaaaaaan
t? ll K i ilmocl
hbit* Vaoeoarer ur Oro.br. Loadoa *<I?y'-. wlthceme.it
mi.l.'ii.l.tv l.;irrelal<i..r.ler voaael t"> Bojrd .V ll.iukiii
li..m i aora Kmlly (Bi , ( ampl. *H. Kantandar 40 duya. wiih
ln.ii en (?> i da Biv.rai .... re._ol t" J i wiuinev m Uo
n.,rk i i ". v'l-i Ql.aioaalch, fartaaala 99 d.y*. Bla
alllturlo I'. lU.l.a.- \\'-li'li.
BiiN.-al'.T?VVn.'l ?t aaaaf.Haaa m.aler.te, .S\V, l.i/y. At
( uy Ia?BB, ItHht, h\V. c.eiD.
i.ii.iy IIik)U-11 i.iii -BBiaaBaaar. 90?91 'lTieriininieter, 0_s
VVlni- .">, 1-1 uillc* Wo-tli'-r. el,-,,.
. -i.i'.Aitr.i).
Ulr.uier Tower 11111 (lln. AtVBOr, I/.n.lon ll< nderaonlTrea
-t,-im,. rservlaiBri, M? Blaaaa. Urefpeal trtaQaaaaatawa
?Vrrnou II llrowu A iu.
hie.ii.er Kllii'ipla i Hi , Wllaoa ' lia.ifiiw- n*ii.l.<r_on lln.a
Btaomai MaUUar iBr), OoBld ic__aa, alaa,_Bi Rawaii
I'errv A ' <*
niaBBiT- UytBI ilir), l.niil.klrk, AUc-uie, Hp Hiiiip.on,
M^?nrr M.in lOeri, (l.rl.t.ilf.r., Ilreruen vl? .s.Millmni|,t..ii
~sie.ii...'..1 i'??? i'l" i l>t<l... rnijnr, Kotlnrd_iB-l''u.ich. Ililye
si'e.ti.'-r Beotl. ur Babartaoo. Baraeea?? Danata,
n___.rHtaiaol ,,'..n. Blak, Port ii -y-_i an<t leiii_inlin.i?
C II MullO, V .1 CO
si.-i.,<T Marth.iSioveii. ciianee. llolllni?re-J s Krenn.
Bteaiuar Maaaattaa, i oiiyer. N.w iiaveu?..ee w Btatoaa
BaiaNylaaaalBrt. Battat. Baaa Kaa, JBtyaa B-Mkaa,
llaik J.niiio llurkDi-H.. Auieslniry, __UU___?I .-.now A
Bart Anwrika (Nor), Mellnit, M...:ia_ar, Java-Funoh,
Edy. .1 ' _
ll.nk M_rllii l>.ivl?. It.-na.in, lli.no!. "lu -V.rnon II Browu
li.irk KuK'nla l.iii.?o (Ital), l..i?ro, NrlBoM F II Huiltb
Bara ciining inn. jfalawl. Baoaoi Ayraa BaaanaaB iiroi
Bark Boylataa, Hniill, Baaooa Ayiaa Ii~b Nactoa v .s..ii_
Hci.r jeiiniehiut... TaBkar, fara lawraaaa. j..i.h...u a lo
Bteam?r. I.'irdalTclty. for iirnt.,1. Rel.lr. (ll.i.j.w; Wei
*r. IU...U.U. Au.l.a. I'.ni .? I'riuce, Kt_to of I.__,?, K.rnan
si.iia Braotor, f?r fcatworwi ~-t.in>t>4>.ii. Laaaaa.
BAI-.a__t._TO_.~r Aiillur J:i._. r*iinm sko'.ilBirt, C_J
cull., lnuglmiu au.l Au,,.l_, nteil.u, Ml.uo. A vi,...,.o.illi.
i ii_. Btovaxawra ou* araa --.t*.
roaaia v poaia.
I (,<H?>>(. Jnne 12? Arrlvnrl. .t.n.ior K.calonn (Hr), Andrr
?Oll .r"ii. Mo.nreil May .'.I
1 jv.lil <.".?? Joaa \2 Arnvial, iteimor ilumb.il.lt (Hr). l.d
_,.?'. troin Now Y..rk M.ij -Tl.
uth aaUeo.alaamora Barala IBr). Ofbaoa, taaa liuron
, iir Hr. uai.u, au.l , .ri.i.iu l Ut i. \\ ylie. f,.r Montraal
IOtb.9 l> iii BBUoa. al.aiuur KiiK.au.t illn, llealey, for
QtiaaaaTOWa, Jnnel2 Arrlved, .tea.i.er Wlscnnaln (Ilr).
Bei.tl"')' ,louJ BToWol 'ii*. Juuo ...u .ur ?*y lo Livurpnol laud
i.i... *.l.dl.
sml. -.i. .Ua n'l i'.iltanuic illn, Porry, from UrerpiH.l 1. BB. o
BOt . ii * Mi' .< ?<*_ J".n* 1'-* 4 a m-Arrivcd. .te.mer Kllie Klnr).
llM'.ieii.i .nn. fn.ni Nvw-York Jiinn.i on herway to llremeu
ttu.il ..ru. o. <i*.l ?
I'aka. te Juno 10?Arrlved. .tiiaiuer Portm<nM tllr), Howa
IIav.na. Juue 11 ? Salled. .teaiaer NUgaia. B .ker, for
^?w?Yurk. __________?__________________,
Ilf. r. ?*(_. (n The Uitingt < uunty Earmer.
YeaiH iiifo Bnakai ayare 90 aaa-arooa um
th.y w.-ro eucoin.lered ln every lleld, aad ev.ry r.iu.l
au.l liy-iiatn; and ln .utii. fuvailto remria fur tl.e... ilrny
could be counted l*y tbe liundre-' ll wa. danijoreiis to
walk lu n niandow, or ln miy i>la?? where tliey oonld Ue
annnaalai Sald u neutleiuun U> me, tt few dayi .i_o, " I
bave oft.-u beard my latl.or t.-ll mo tbal, wUen bla
fAMily iived lu Muiub_,'.-ei__, Ulalortouuty, mukea wora
ao nnmerona that when the workmon went ont lnto the
hay Beld to mow, they would twlst banda of hay aroond
their arm? and around their lega, to proteot them from.
the attacks of tho venomoua awsenta that were lorklug
by the hutidred In tha %rou. When they would atop to
whet their ao-tnea, they would take their rlflea and
knock -fl" and kill tho anakea, which havlw, faatened
?.elr fangn lu the hay banda, would etlll bo cllnglng
thereto. People were often bitteu by then, aud aerloua
and aometiuioa fatal couaaquences reiuited."
One stormy morniriff, while a party of Scots
were erosalug from Arran to Ardrossan, one of their
nutntwr waa obsorved by ht? cotnpanlons to be Blttl.i- at
the Blde of the boat wlth a very woe-boKone expreaaion
on hia face, and evldcntly euflering eeverely from aea
Blokuoea. On seelnir thla, one of the travollera ap
proaohodhim. aud aaldklndly: " Are youslck. Oeordier'
" Ma gndouoKS," B.-ild Oeordle, lo-klnn np in erident dla
gu.at. "d'ye thtuk 'aui dolug it for lun I"
Hkhtrt A. Dabtem, M. D.,
144 I-xington-ave. between _tft_ aud 80th eu.
Bcnn-I to 1, 5 to 7. D-obicb of the N'ervouB brate__
OcuiioUria-ry Org-aj. Impoteaae and sterlllty.
Lord's Dyefnj. andOleanlnK Company ; bost
work without oxtorilon .to char?e. Hatronl-ed by b<*_t faini.
11. a. IH dth-ave., _.i_. at.. aud lSth-si.. near 1 Iflany'a.
N. Y. BOABD of Health OX WlNE.
Pr. JancB, of tho Now.York Hoard of Ileal-t, aay?:
"I wUeRn-Bt ploaaureln testifylng to tbe Buperlo- qnall
tloaiif the I'ort wu.eproiucod by Alfrod hpeer. of New.
J>? .??>? v After a |,r. lougod trial. i rouoiuuiend lt aa a eupe
rlor Wlne for the aick aud del>U.t-.t?l.
Deiwt Cojuraon powdiiib
Are WARnATntn KrrittiioR to any other or no pay. They are
llili.l. -li! lo Klw _|,-1 mr ii,.-.| by l'KOBl.MXT II, .KBRMr.*! aud
OA.TLI itAiBKiia. unly _."> centa. Bold by the Drticg ata and
sadnlerB. Depot, 48 Murray-Bt. where tba FA_u_r and
_lu___ V_-i_T___i I?siaxATi-an boobtaiucd.
Thoro is rio mnlinne sold that relieve3 so
mnch BlcknoBB and suirorlnn bb Parker's Tonlo.
l'arker'B liair llaiBatu aavea the hair irom dccay.
The Craxpali. Tite-Wsiter, 28 keyn. 84
rharact(*n. A new uiachlne for iteueral correepoudanoe.
Is laft at your oftlco on weok'.i trial. (jy_ca, Ot Cortlandt-st.
buiid for uicular or cal. and aee lt,
$500 Not Cai.i.ed For.
It BootriB *itran_e that lt IsnecosBary to peisuade men that
yo.i can curo ttirtr (Iibcbjiob by offrrlngaprcniliiin to tho nian
wbofaila to rccelve ti.n-fit A-dyot Ur. lsa,o un.loubus.lly
cur.il llioiiBanda of caaea of obBlliiate calarrh wlth Bla
"i-atarrh llctuedy," who would nover have appllcd to him lf
It b_d not been for his oft>r of tho ali?ve aum for au lacai-ble
caae. Who Ib tho uoxt bidder for cureor caehl_
Many of of our .n.lomnrB flnd Kat'i.day the tn.>?*t eor-v. a
lent day ln the woi-U to ptocnrc ___f efl-Mf-flr- outll.B. as tbo
arhoolaaro cl..?o l on that dav, therefore, for ib> lr accouia.0
d.ttlon our storo wi 11 bo open ..s uauul during Juue.
Wc ui c now o.'t.-.T i? nt
iiimiiM.. k\tk.\ pamb, ek-., ami BMrf_P
AMI CBI-aOKBll- M II'*** AMI 0LO-.-M.
11 kkvtiiim; fok i ini.mtK.v-, we.ir fkoji
II t'l"**. lll BUOIBa
,0 __ G'_ wf/eaa ?--d-j.t.
PR. WIL A. IIA.-M.1X1).
f)f Xnc-York, Surgron-'trnrr il t'. $, Aney (retlredi, Prn.
feteor <' Dteeaeet ?' Ou tttaA and Xereemt _>'v_.'?>? <?
fA? Vniirnttu ,-. Biif-1. rs. rle,
"I have for noiii,* (tme ma.li" uae of the MnfTalo I.lftila Wat^r
lu raia. of a te. (I .uaof tbe .*.. r,,nu Syttem, G.vupllcat?I with
/(<.(?? /?,???-?# of thr A'(.fr.?v*. or willl ?-?il* !"_"i'??.
rhr rmml'ehete f>rr.\rmtnr,itl\i eatuttteiorw. l.ltnia ha-ifor
minv -. ly with .no Inliki-cABea. but
ilio Jiti_falo Water e,rt,i\nly <i< ? be'ter thaa any etttmgo.
TaUianl >oI-W.B ,.f the /.f'M.i hatla, and it m-reover MW
f>?ri,< -v th* tl.'tnitrh I alao o'ten pr.-Btrlb ? tt In thoao c_Be?
ot Cereweai /fv/"-.?" ..i. raaallmt rreaa urrr-,/i.nt/iI work?
In whleb tbe ooBdltioB called V?rte_4 Dyptpua eilata?and
yenrrjUy u'lfA uuir*eA btittltt."
/?f. Preteatet of Pratttmt Mr.lieme, uolUmore A/edteal
"1 have wltnoMM 'ho bct raaalta ttom tho actlon of fke
nuffalo I.ltliia Water, sprltn To 8.1a ir.,i<- '/>,?'. Rheu
miatieuout, i<ar.,manein, Oraaet aaa fl?bm i.itf.n mtaaaer,
ai.d 11'. atoBiaraaa tho opini-n taa. in aU dis
ra . B .1. p ii'lu._c upou ?r l.a, but II...lr arigta "i l-'rte AaiA
1> atheeii .1 la BI_l-r_K-M?d >t tn.trr.l lt U t^uatUU by any
'.,. far sii-i.il lo thr vr i/rnton.
lt h.n nn 'te. ,t itii.it ni ir iu UriuWe THteaie. A HM*
Htt l Ve ne.,,.. .,i fi.iI ttii'aer th'ii I'tr xrould $eem to w_r
rant tho beUel that It woebl lu m-mv iBBtaaoaa, a' Umt tu
l . rarty etaejeo, errtet t> r .iirrlu. amt ta >'* more adtanced
etayri pr;,r i attided eomterl 0...1 /ml'oi'i.-'.
-lt is power/vlly Antaetd.xad i*Bp.-ciaily cl-cacloua ln
what la con.ui'.ulT known aa ..,.' I'u* r,,i\a'
Wjt.r in. taeaeteaa aaxee li_if.aii.in imttica, $- 00 pcr
c_ae at tbo flyrtflga i'aiiii-h.ct s. nt to any adurvM.
ffa-OHAl f?g-OB-i I'ROlMtlETOIf,
*s: ?__ ?!-_?*!>- . Anl ''?. >?? 1 atr ?_??-? of th* n,.?a.
JS'V-Wi-?''*- ' ' ' roal aad -_gaj-la_? aad | imBBiBltj
*>^*,*fy**ar t^H. s ,. . .1 11 ,v? |.., ,..w Imi.ib?. It 11 a
et J.- '*_! ->WV^*- ? -,osl.'wh,I? ona ,. t*k,-? .r-iaar. r?it
VI \\4rlkw ^.' m ?l?ap. Bla!jl.l.ofc..Biiiiiio,ialylBl._liBf
TO jJBy1 _r^^ ' Aa\ *'" ,lr"' ,,*m L?rn- m?.iem??. in rearr
\ _ tF* _B____B *>'*? -ith'a ? l.a.r pi!l?w. IuiumJoo
?<> if^vV' W i-aS^V lop or in pl__ .f a 1*1 p.llow. r?rf?clly
\yi^A\AttW^^Z ..** ..f>n?b>. .?fean. |l._.?nt; nchll. ?n
' ^?_arr_?T**?T?_ ,?., u lh,n ? ?? d?iuf tha at-ia.-h.
BaflBBB-?fl ?r ?nnfflnc. hut jnat aaa .niokj lamp will !???? a.?po?It oa
> wl.it.n.-H w.ll. *-> tha |>iliow.|>uilbk, f..r rviht IbBBI .i( -1 (,"??.
? praaJa a powtrfal, h?*l.n( I .!?, or i.?t on lha inllainfj mnar (ual,n|
of tha ..iaaae.1 air i?rt?.--a. fr.tn tl.' noilrili tu lha b.tt.im of tha liinin).
anl hanoo into th. U-ad. 'l'ha laaliui.nv to lla raaulu ia baran. all
1 by lha tiparlanca of tkirBHB.f *^.> niatur wh?l you ka.a tr.rf
..r !,.w J?p?irio? tou aro, th? I'ni.iw Ivu.mb ia a mrr, nnl.aa tha
tiiiuo aro .udr.ly ?..na nn. Ih* .lUlily utiarly atw_n__L It ia ia*i
|-*,i*,??. anl -Ithln th* raach of *?*ry on*. I?II, or acml for r__iphi*l
aul l.i-.iui ? . .
TMB pii.i.ow-i\ii-i._i- re.,
?_'. mmat 1 un Ntrect. \.*i Terk.
J. B. & J. Irl. CORNELL.
IBflllfli IIIMMh BK.tJK
NTAIKS, ?Ol.l.H>?*. At.
Ordrrn Ior llrpiairn Krcrivr I'ioiimX \ . I. ntiort.
Bliud, Blee-ioif, and Ilehlag, Po-Jtlrety C_Mf
ky Cailcara.
AwM-mbaih wltb rUTIOTjKA BOAr*. aa eiqol'ita 8___
Beanttflar, end a alagla .npllcAtlen af OTTTICDBA. ___
great 8kln Cnra, will lnataatly allay tha lBtaooe ttchiag _f
tbe moat aggravated eaoe of Itehing PUao. Thli tr?alaeat
eomblnad wlth amall doaea of CUTICUBA kksolvbiit,
the new Blood Poiifler, three tlmea per day, to ragmlata aaa
atrengthea tbe bowala, ov.-r 'om*. conittpatlon aad raaan
the ?__-. wiii cureBllnd, 1:1. e'ing and Itc-Lng PtUM v_ab
all other remediaa aad even phyaiolaaa talL
Ilchi-a - ?''a.
I waa taken for tha flnt time In my Ufe wlth BUn<t rat%
ao aevare tbat I oonld hardly keep oa my feet. I ued v__.
lou. remediaa for three wooka, whaa the dlaeaae took tha
form of Itehing Pllea, and growlng worao. By adrlo. of aa
old gentleman I tned tho CUTICUBA. One applleatloa ra.
liered the Itehing and I waa aooa aared. I wlah to teU tha
world that ln caiei of Itehing Pllea tbe prlce of tha CUTL
0U R A la of oo acooant. From oa unwdlci 'ed .aarter.
83 Weat-it, Cencord, N H. O. C. KIBBY.
Pilea Tweaty Year,.
H rlng been a martyr to Pllea for twanty yeara I waa
adviae.i l.y a frlend to try your CUTICURA KS-fEDIEB,
wbleb I did, and am thaukfai to .tate that I aui nowpertactly
relleved, and hoae permanentlyao.
P. 8.?I would .end you my addrost, but I prefer to remala
In obacurlty.
Ilrhiaa File..
I began tbe nte of yoor CUTICUBA REMEDlE.s whea
yoa flrst put them on the market, and know of two caaea af
Itchlog Pilea that have been cured by tha aaa, at my auggea,
Uon, of tbeae remedn?.
Vlxden, ILL P. N. M A RT IX.
All Thal Yoa Clalaa.
I havo trted yonr CUTICURA HKK EDIE8 ind _n_ theai
ill tbat you elalin. and tbe demand for them ln tbla .<*_?_
li great. AUUUbTUS W. COi.-lHB.
niggatown, Oa
CUTICURA REMEDIES are a poeltlTe enre for evarf
form of Skln and Blood Dlaeaioa, from Plmplea to tscrofula,
Koid ererywhere. Prlce, CUTICUBA. 8c.: KOAP. -5e,
KKSOLVENT, 81 00. Prepared by tho POTTEB DRUOi
AND CIIE-1CAI. CO., Boaton. 1Caia
Hend for *' II.w to Cara Hkta DlaeAaoe."
C UIM Bleml.hei. rimplea. Blackheada aud Ba'.y Hainota,
Our slore will be closed on
SATURDAYS during June at
12 M.
Our slore will be closed on
SATURDAYS during June at
12 M.
The pecnllar medtdnal ooalltiei of WTilakey _______ frntn th_
l ?> <? .-.- w< of .'..?.?. tne r ,..,?i:.-,i V.ileyof the "io- - uta
1, ? .i have attrartod tbe attentlon of tbo Medical Faeully la
tl.e i nit?"i ?i?.e? to aaeha d'-irre.* a? to place lt ln a v.rjr.
ti.--!, po_lt oa amonjc tbe H.it. ri.i M.xtt.-.i
Wt'..-? to invite tbe attei.tloo of .-.lam.lManr. to oar r.lei
t-rat.-d flne Ol.ll WHIfiKIK!*'. whk-.'i woonVrat tbe tollowl
l_g piiceA IX CAsE."* Ja_______B_j One H.xea UoiU-. eaclq
Oid Reservo Whiskey, - - $18.00
Unrivalled Uppsr-Ten Whiskey, - 15.03
Brunswick Club Whiskey, - -12.00
Ifyou cannotoMnm 99888 W____8 from yonr Orocor, wa
will, oa recclpt of liank Lraft, Ko-lat-rwi r.etter. or PoeS,
offlco lloney Order. dellver them to yoor addroM, by Su
; re j i. .-',?r.:-j ;?: e.. J 1.
For KVri'l.LFX'K, PTHITY, and EYENXF.98 0_j
(,1 ll.m.i'D above ara Un.ui~a.aed hy auy Whi.kleaj
ln the market. Tbe/aro eutlrety FKKE FROM AliUU
TEU A I lOX,.'I-.Oiummi a BBtoral flavor aad flne teatg
H. & H. W. CATHERW00D,
114 foti:h Uroni ??.., I'hilnd.lpbJa.
N. Y. Offloe?16 Honth WlMan -i
fortbecureof all dlaonlera of the Stomaeh. Llver, Bow?_,{
Kldacyi. iUadder, Nerroua Dtaeaiei. Lo?u of appetlte. Iliad*
_.;.>. coa.lipattun, Co.tlv?ne.A ln.l_.o<tion, I.y.pep.iA BU_
...i;-nc*ii. lntlainmat'on ot the Bowela. PUeA aad all d*r.a?_.
meuia of tbe luteroal vineera 1'uroly regaublA oontalaleg aa
tnurcuxy, niincndi, or deletertotia drugA 23 eaata a box.
The .yrnpto?a of thl. dl-^aio ar* the .ymptom. of a brokaa.
dowu atout-rh i fn.llge4tloB, k'latuleace. Heariliuru. Acl<
Bloaaaeh pain after eaiini,; -glvlni rlfe.?m*tliuea to the moaa
eicrneiating colio I'yroals, or Wator liraali. .te.. eie.
Dr. Uadway's PllU an> a cure tor thla eomplauit They ra.
itore .u-eu ,ta to the .tomaeh and enahla tt ta perfona Ba
tuiutiou.. .ake acor.ling lo tbedlroctione aud obierve wBM
we aay In " -Blae au.l Trua" reape^tlng dlet rt.ud.umpMa
? i-a.-oaud TTua"toUi-. RA1>WAY _ CO. 88 Warrea??
^. y.
Dr. Radway's Sar~iparillian Resolvent
For the cure of all Chronlo and Blood Dlaeaeea
tor the enre ind rallef of all paltu, Coageattoai aadta
a mmutloiiA Bold by all drua:g__.
JUNE, 1885.
Thk T_a_n__Rf contains not only ALL THE NEW8- but as a rule more
Ltemi of nows than any other New-York paper. The aiin is to make a paper
so aeeurate, fair and safe that the subseriber may rely fully upon wJiat
he ren.lH.
A scrics of intensely fateratthlg artieles by men intimately acquainted
with OUR FAM0U8 WAR PRE8IDENT, Mr. Lincoln, will beprintedfor
a few week.s in Tue Sunday Tuihunk.
During every summer The Tribune has complete reports of NOTABLE
Every patron and lover of H0NE8T, DECENT, MANLY, OPEN-AII
8P0RT3 coniluctt'd in a spirit of fair play and generous emulation, wiU
cnjoy the roports of athU'tics, yaohting and racing.
Tn Tn.miNK earneatly advocatef PRQTECTION TO AMERICAi
INDU8TRY J f)l'r play to all classes and common sense in iudustrial niattei-l
and the 8ATURDAY HALF-HOLIDAY for the benefit of clerks and employoj.
Tiik Tkimjnk, 7.") cents per month, the_4dress being changed as desireu,
To Europe $1.-5 per month, which includes postage.

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