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14,097. !
Rtockton, Md., Juno 19.-If nn earthqnake
>. ,!idaw.llowupCblncoteairuo Island, lylng off tho
E^t'lbou-tentnUe. from here. people ln thla v.cln.ty
x nntwellbernoreaatoiindod than they were laat
eould not we000 ?i Freoraan, a cierk of
T\lXTZX"?^ ot th. lalaod, had ahot
lirSd-Lmiryer-rwlfo and dau.hter aud then
* _ !.. ir au nl_ht and to-day tho little aound .ep
k"^*^-*^2*?? wa. .Itve wlth c
SSVSt r-rSTu.itrtl.na affulr. W. T. M
. c_ ef aotorln the tragedy whtoh ln one day doprlved
!,,..??eatVIralnlanofhlawhola famlly. wa, an or
B reapectei. t * old> He owod everythlng to
ff mtw-S ?SU? cITo. a New-York orphat. asyliim
, nJe'.^oaKndra.Mdhim. The Uoy worked dar.no
,e day 2 tho farm and around tho pcny pena, and
S?edIneaueHtio,)l.y hard atudy at night He waa
SSSm and wa. of late yeara Intruated with much of
tho detallof hla patron'a buaineaa.
Mr. HUliaabout forty-flve yeara old. nia alfe waa
tblrty-aeven. and hla ta fljllll Jenni. el.hteen The lat?
ter wa* a glrl of marked beattty. She waa tall, nnd tafl
SiSdii-ltlon made her ? ***** BO tho llttlo ,i and
wbere ahe bad no rlval ln popular ad.u.n.tion. Wben
Freeman flrat cainoto the laland the glrl waa away at
.cbll m 8now 11111. Md.. and later went to a Baltlmoro
bonrdlngarhool. Hherelurnedhometo at.iy laat aiuamer.
tttvlng gra.luated witb hl-h bonora. 6be aoou beCOBM
promliientainongthefcw glrla on the tt-BOO, MOOfll
Wbom coiil.1 cquiU h-r in uceonipll.binenti aml beauty.
Itwaanoticod that Freeniau at ouce been iuo her de
roted attwdant. the girl praetlalng mauy pretty co
quetrtea, wblch ouly acrved to enhance her attractioii.
lnniseyea. At no tlme, bowever, aa cvcrybo.ly aaa
iBBt-ty, did ahe mlalead the boy, aa ahe ealla-d bi.u, aud
tiicpoorfcllowaoematobavo boeu tbo victiin of uu un
rontrolli.blo pi.aaion. About a tnontb flfa haaaflflafl
foru.al propo.al. but the girl liiughed ut bitn. taU-Bfl bini
tbat sho waa hla alater au.l woul.l nev.i Bfl i.iiytl.ing elae.
6U. inoidentally let fall a r.n.aik irMaBl
ihowed Freewa'i that ln tho full blu.b of a vlgoroua
j-onni? wonianliood ahe re?ardod blm aa a youtb uml
aml tils l.'ve B8 unworthy of a moment's aerloiis consi.l
en.tion. Ba fn .iu- nt'.y oinplniued to Mra. Hill after
Bbll af WOfll bc tenued Jcimlc'a crn.-l tn-alina'iit u.i'l a.ihl
tl.it a,. M 'l Bf he would 8how her tbat Oa waa not to bc
lauithed uU Hla pn.po.al hal been preclpltntcd l.y the
devotoal llimr? paid to Jennle by William Buutliig. a
youtiKCOlleite-lire.lii.anof twcnty-Uve. tba *"ii of tbe
pra.prietor of a h.rgc flab fuctory BO Um ialatial. Young
BuutlUKiiatiirally affectod to fcol a cotiteuipt fH hia
youthful and ?lipeaTa-BlQ riv.tl aml 80 Uma- er fo
ait.na utlflred tbrcata which cauie near 888*IM hlui *M
On Wcdneadav evcnlng Buntlng left tbe At'i.nt'.- Rfr
U'lwbeiehewiisl...ardlnga fc-w miniitea before Ir.
rnauentercd an.l c.llcil for biiu. When taU tluit Bint
lu. w.ia out, Freeman drew a pistol und BWflBfl bo BfOOM
tlii.ot Buntliigun aiKbt
"Ifl bad found blin here," BflM be, "I would have
ti'.iwn out hia bruii.e, Ju.t as c.uUk aa I lald cye.on hlui."
Tbc bysiuiiil.ra li.t.-'-ied, thliikl'.ii; th..t lt was only a
thre.it. Yeaterday mornlnK Jeuuie wua in tl.e yat-.l,
watuliing her moibor fcedlug a Uock
of young akMNOa, wben Fr.eraan, who
bad been at tbe atore, BfffOflOefcOfl them. Iu
touee of passlonate plcadinif, bo aake.d tbe girl to proui
iae to thlnk ol hls auit. Tbe glrl eaid p)eeaaat-j :
?*<ib, now Will, dear, doii't kt'a ta.k ObCNBl tbat any
HcKralated.liowevcr, and Mra. 11.11 flnally overbei.rd
tbecouvor.aatlon and aaid aharply, "Now Hill, tlon't
kt me hear auy more of that i.oi.ao'.w."
InaUntly the boy'a fac. Klowod witb rafO Accorallng
lOttieBtatciii.-ntof a luboi.-r. who wa* workiug on tbe
other aide of the gurden fence about t.-n fcat n?u.
ffkaaaaao aaaaaaO aTnrrl aaOaalaaa oltfe noa. ne twaefl
and movcl towi.td tho houae, but aoou iBaffafl. Tben
Lequlckly ictracedliia atepa witb a blUer acowl upou
bla face.
"Once for all, will you marry mc aome day.' ho naked,
Ha.llaw Olait'" "?"T m fr-nt of Jaaada, wbawaa
ruovln- ln another ilirec'l'.n at ber ni-.tlt.i'a n.le. Mi-.
I11I1 acoiiiOd to iHcaine alarmed ut hla bearinb'uml ex
" Wby, Blll. your aurely don't Intend to hurt Jeniiiel"
For au ai.awcr tho iK.y pulled a pia'.olout of bla pocket.
The giri aml har BMtkar Barofl-Bfl-i uml toroad tofiy.
Tho laborcr lu tbo gardeu -BB#04 Ibe ftuce at BBM bouml,
but beforo be coiill tiavcrao tbo cotij.lo of
dozen yarda whlcb lntcrvcned Kraciuan llrc.l
at Jennie. The glrl ata?gercd and ua tbe
lnfiiriiiledboy ru'boUat ber. Wtth out'trctclied pistol
Mra. 8 Ilil *l>r.in_ l.i'.W.cii tin-ln UJ-Bfll
" F.?r (;od'a aalce. boy, wbat are you doiug. Ob, BtQ,
Con'tebooU" Again tbo wt-upon waa iliscb.i.i'.'l. Mra.
Mlll aj.rang at tbo young BflaOBB--. Tbo boy waa atroiig
and holdiug her off at arui'a leiiKth tirett /ull at ber )m fl.
Iben aa ahe -taggcrcd back and ball turnt-.l awa> io
OMi-CaftB. By thia tlme the laborcr. Wllliani K.-itii,
waa nearly on AwflBBO wbocoolly k.j.t biuiat bay with
tbe piatd. iScciug Daniel Hill. a ?ou of Mra.
Iii;], ruunlug from tbo t-0__o?o?Oi Tt*. Baa.
nirbed over to where Jennle lay aaraaBfl-Bt witb BOJo.
Blo.'i'iu. down. be cri?l out:
? God help ua, Jeui.li', I atu flBflBBaf too."
With thepiatol Bt hia head ba tlred Juat aa Daaa 88.884
ilm. The boy's bralna flow In tbc laborcr'a face. Iba
Biaudroppcd the corpae and fell faiuting ou tbegrasa.
A aervaut from tho kilcbon ba.l r.-acbed tho accne by
thla tlme anl nbe and Danl'-l Hill found what tlicy HUJH
poaed to betbe bodlea of fa.ur dcad popla^tn t. ln .1 on
tbe grouud. Youug 11111 wlth great ooiiruge ifl-flwO
Bt full epeod scrosa tbe ganlcn clearing
tbe hawaa lu flyiug leapa. Iteachlnir tbe, .table bc Mlaed
B lioiBc aud wlth only tbc bulter aronnd lta neck ilasl.'-d
?witb hraakaeck ipeeo to tbe rtllace. Ha wtut to all llve
doctoraou tbe l-l.i.i'l aud siiiiiinoiii'l tlicm t? hla botne.
wbence he qul.kly retorned. Dean by thla tlme b.i'l
recovered ui. 1 waaenga.ed lu rewoving Mra. Hill IM
ber ilauKhter to tl.e houae wben Mr. Hill letur.ieil. Tlio
f;lrl had recelvo.1 a bullet under the left ear au.l u in.il.ar
n the centre of tbe li-ck Ot tha l.eud. Tbla laat p.-ue
tratel tbe braln. Bue died tbla aeOTB-Bfl nt 11 o'clock,
I't bavmg rocovered conacloiiMieaa alter ahe fell.
Mra. Hill waa atruck falr ln tba forebaad by tbo flrat
abol tlred atbor. Tlie aeaoafl ahot, flrcl wh.m al.o waa
ruiiuiiig away. |?'notraU*<l Iheleft aide. of lici ln ,tl. li.tli
Wouud.a wereaeei. lo be falaL 8be ezplred iit.out nooii
ta^uay. The islan-cra aro alinoat wiU witb grlcf over
the Ueath of th- |t-t . ? . .
Mr. Hill ia du^sd with irrief. Al! tbe morning bo aat
ouietiy without ahowlug any etnotlo.i lu .roiMDWbere
hia wife and daugbter lay. Tbe yonn. iinn, D.i.ilel 11111,
fl.'euia U> be alinoat crare.l. Freeiiiaira boaly baa Iii-.-ii ra
luoved to a l.Ht-k room tu tlio aame houae. Mr.llilil.ua
directed that pruparalioua bo made lor a tnple fuueial
oa satiml-;..
Hertimn Kipp, age flve, who was bitten by a
Oog laat Aprll, whilo playing lu tbo atreel near hia
pareiita'bouao, No. 2M''oiitb Orat.gi-ava-., New.irk, and
whoabowod ayinptoma of bydropbobla on Tbiiraday,
flied at 1:30 p. m. yeatenlay, aftor aufferlng gnat Bfa. y.
A Tribumr repor',er yialtai tho hotieo lu tho morning.
Tlie euffcror lay on a cot in tbe frout rooui. Thero waa
an expreaslon ln bla eyea like the glaro of a wlld auitnal.
Wben thed.Ktor approachott the bed the boy staitetl up
and gave utteranoe to a whiuc, whlch euded ln a baik
Ukeaoand. The boy turue.l, and aeelng hia fi.tb'-r ,it
teiupted toapoak, but tlie inuaclea oftbetbro.it becamo
cotitractcd aud bo utterod a peculiar batklug aound.
Words addroaaod to the auiTeror apiwarod to bo under
Btood. Tlie doctor uaod hia liiiu.1 aa a fau and w.ift. I a
breath of air ou hia faco. The muaclea of tbo neck in
atantly contracted and tho eyea dllatod. The lnt< nor of
the boy'a mouth waa tilled with toatny mattcr. J bc Uoc
tor remarked that evcry breath of air brought on moro
Vlo'eut apasina. While tho doctor waa cloanlug hla
ayringo preparatory to adinlnUterlng a mliture of mor
pbine and cocoalne, the nolao of the water gave tho boy
couvulaioua. Tbo treatment of tbo patleut waa el.nply
to allevlata aufferlng, although all known . eiin-.li.-a were
tiled, lucludlng tbe Iudiauarrow polaou curo, wblch waa
found to be worthloaa. Durlng the day a ntituber of per?
aona wbo aaid they were phyalclaua called ut tlie houae
Wlth lufallihle rumedloa. but tbelr offera were r.-Jccted.
The report of a pistol in the boainling-houso
Bo. 30G Eaat Fourteenth-at., nbout tl o'clock laat night,
led to tbe dlacovery that Alfred Oitla, a boardor, had
eoBimltted auiclde. Ortl. waa a Otiban, nge t wtnty-flve,
wi.o UaU becu lu tbe clty leaa than three niontba.
Viuii be went to tbe houae ln Four
leenth-at. be aald that be had coino to tbe
elty lo atudy tbc Kugllah lauguagc which bo apoke lui
perfecily, He apent much of bla tlme lu hla room coi.y
fiig aeuteucea ftoui an Kutfllah grammur aud cominittiug
tham to meiuany. Hla lunUlady leaiued rec.-ully lhal te
aad Uttlo inouey aud bad boeu diaappolutod lu a aearch
for emnlovment, bnt lt wna not auppoaed he Btfldttate I
aelf-inurdor untll bc wna found dead laat ntgbt. Hfl Baa'
eliot Itliuaelf ln the uioutb with a piatol of la>K0 callure,
Qcebf.c, June 19.?This mornin.tr, just nftor
pnrade, uaiiica bur.t out through tho north corn.-r of
tbe large woodon structure botwecn tho Inner and tbo
eatflf wall. of tho cltadel. used by I.leutenaut-Colonel
Tunibuir. cavalry corps a. a .Irlll ahcd. Tho llro
.pread over the tvhole placo ln about ten
nilnutes throwlug out large plccoa of burn
Ing tlmber, whleh wero carricd by tho wind
lnto and acros.tho Cltadel to DuftVrln Terraoe. Ofllflafll
Cotton, seelng the dan.'or, placed atnall detachracnt a of
men eu the Citadol roof. aud aiiout tho innga/.inc.., while
a large force wa. kept around the burnlng riiln.. It w?4
lmpossiblo to savo tbo bulldlng and ln nn liour lt wna
lovel with tbo ground. Tlio old totterlng
mnpaxlnea loaded down wltb powder and .lyniiii.it.
Wfltfl anxloiialy gnarded by the cotiimandaiit nnd lnokfly
aaeaped. Had th.-v beea blown up 1011/ tw.i-tiiit-.i-* ol
the r-itv w.mld bave been aw.-pt With th.-in. A tnoroagn
liiv*atlVation will be lnatitiit.-d aa to tbe rau*e of tlie
tii>-, a* the bulldlng hua lici-n nn..ccapled 8lu*e the cav?
alry went to lhe front last nioutli.
Chaiu.k-tov, W. V., Juuo li*.?Jimt beforo
tlioopenlng perfnrinanec of Hlrl.arda and l-eon'. clrcu.
to-<lay a l.allaou nsocii'loii t?ok pla'-e. Aa tbe Mfflfl
holding tlie l.alloon wero eaat oft a hot air ttOTfl Bflfltl ln
liilliitini; llio balkion wa* overturue.1, causlii*- lt to c.itt-h
flre. The burnitig lialluon Miot Bf lnto the air at a topU
ratewlth wIUIm Patttwaoa, nn aeroaaat, la the I
Adcr gniitg up a.-vcrnl bBBdred feel lhe balloOB eol
lapeed and Patteraon f.-ll t.< the earth a lif. laaa aua. of
huiiii.nltv. Patteraon wa* twcittv-two ycar-a old aud .-.
ai.l.-.l at wellflTllle, O., Wherfl ho leavea a wifo uud
faiuily. lt was hia flr.at BattntlBa.
rinmra of aaknown origia /earterdaj do
ftioy.-d a twe BtBrjf franie BOttagfl Ifl Iinl.-i..-inl. luo-avo..
Ti.-ir tbfl Bjaa/taa Duyvii rallroad ttatlon. it aai
ouneii i.v Mr. Lawton aad oocapled by Ueergfl I
Tholo.s'waa about gl,500,
lfit.roiM). I'fiiin., .lune l'.'.-Th.- ln.r-stiiip.of
a luiuaauii atore la tba dw. LUag af tt ii. iv.
aeoa eaaaed the deatraetlea al property ?
Koexplanntion aa to bow the Bre fr.nn thfl wlckcom
Ulllllle.lt.il With tl"' "ll I" thfl !'.?l-.-iVI'I- ll.l- l-eell L'.M-ll.
St. ai.bas!*, vt, Jtiti'- 10, - Daniel Baraet. bara la ibf
t iwa af Oeetgta aaa ban Hlt awtt
btW.Mr*. Allen, age nliout ai\ly. waa burnod ?o ba.lly
thal th* iiie-i --...I. after,
nih-iia\i.s. Juii.- 18*-?Tbe ..li KflhoorM hooae Ib
Aaaoala, oae at theaaelaatlaad markaof tbal :
rne.i te tbe grofluti thi* aaotalag Tl.o flre U
tBppoaed t . barfl be. b ?f laflflntllaiy ori. n. i
04,000; cn\ er. d I.y InsOtaacaV
iitiA.'t.jiiiie in.?iii rnian f.Boetwleh^barral faetorj
mii.* I.un.eu ti.-'ay I.i--. 910,0001 ln--.it.
iiii -1.... faetfltjr waa part i fteati ryed three jean
iindi.IU) ou tho .Ulue titflWflfl .'litlicly Coiiauin.-d fllgbl
j e.tr* Bgfl.
j tBaBra t r. 0 :-.. .imi- If Wrfl yeeterday -i- I
the palnt ali?i> of gegfltfl i Batehlnaon, wltb thi gi atflt
part af Ita eeataata Loot,05,000; BalBjared. i. n.
lluriiVa rarrliirn Btatfl an l ' II- IH .u Baekholl
wara damaiwd 01 frffft; fnlly laanred la thellamp
Inaaraaoa Oompaa/of Manoheater,aad! tha (..iiiiui
l'.-i.n vM), Me...Ituie l!i. -Pire to-day tn fotnin-.
at. gutted a bugewaeflaa balhUag ewaed by 0.1
?ta. aed flamagart tb? nra afltjelaiaf baUtttafla, B.B,
I.yuian'* 18888 fXBfla 010.000 Ifl 820,000 Ofl bulldl
will. ii thetfl t* .ui ni i.i-.ui. teff i.?">..'?; tba
.(,.... -.- gi i bj . 11,000, In.iir.-il: l.yin.ii A
.- ti ,v ro .-. -. 0,000, In.ura I foi -' i. ' I s
Pc-u-r Couiioi, 03,000, iii'iii ..1 to -
Fai.i. 1;ivki:, Moaa., Jnao 19 [8peelaf),?*A
ithv -l mt peopla rtood Ib fronl ..: Ba 88 Aaawai -at. thi*
nii.rniig. '1'in-y a.tl'l tlint Crawf.u-.l Halti.ii !:.i I |
liU wifti Antl. Mra. D.iit.n. waa fo.iu.l lyi.ig dea.1 lu a
bedroom inijotntiig tho kitclien. l-hn wa* dr. a*r.l litit
liad on uo alioea. Over b. r llght eye t fn.ii.
witirh tha i.u.od lowed la a imv atrcaai aad i- aaaaaiwal
bei faea ? hleh waa i.iark bb l blae, appeteatlj fr..in tha
rtiecia of a baatlaa Da ler tha bad ? pael <>f Moefll had
forun-d, haviiiit teahed throagb tlie n.-k fn.ni tbfl eroaud
on tba ii.-.-ci. i.ait.iti wa. ptaeed aadat nrn--t aad t ihet
tothc Central PoUflfl siaiion. Thata "truei.'!.- bad taken
place w;m cvld'-nl fr-.tii t'i'-rniidltl.iii of tlu- I. n.-i:. nt
Ibe plaei Itaaif a*at la a borrlbij lltbj eoaalttloa, aag
laaoh wm alaioBt anhearable The wall* of oaa ?f
the l.elr....i..- w. .->- ...\. i..l wllh lilth, an.l haa ? limii.ti
l.eliii: < oiild *!<<|i Ilii-re in eouif.irt la :> it.v-t.iy. II..
lii.ti*.-waa ficantlly tuini-..i .1, .nel lhe fc.v ih.iu* WBtfl
tBBttflU 'l ni.out.
Mary P. D. OflflTBflU, Mltiiil.- f'.r.iiidti.-ll, Itl.li.inl C a*. -y
aud Jiititi Murjilty, whj tretfl nt tbfl woiiian'* bflOflfl Ifl
lhe algbl. hare alae h?a arreated. Dattoa, wht !* a<
oiiaed ol tlu- criiii.-, BBJ a llt.it ln- l..-t a.i w III* wtfw BllTC at
9o'eloeklaat men' waeaaha eal r?\ tha hoaae In aa
Intoxirat.-1 io .(Iiilon With tWO ii"-n. II'- h.i'l tflkflfl a
little drop hlmaelf, but waa B tdrnnt,nof had bo left
tin- 1HMI4C in the eveniiig. Ila bad had ao troobln wlib
lit.a wif.- nnd iii) ..ne aaaaulted ber ia hla preaeaea, lf
waaahoul 10o'clock when ba w< :.i t>. i..-.i aad he did
n.it know wlmt tlme hia wifo followed hlm. Wben be .-..t
B_p at 4 o elook tbla motalaff tbera wera foar persoaa la
Hi.- liouae, twe ni'-ii aad iwo woi-icn. Oae ..f lhe women
weat to hla had te araa** hla wlfe aad fooad h.-r dead.
- Bhe woul.l kill me before I woald kill ber," be added,
" 1 ii.-vcr alrurk Inr an.l .Ii.ln't a.-.-any I.Io.mI ,-it ull. I
have beea marrled trom 18 t.i 17 nara aad bare no
eblldren." Bone of the nelahoora admlt that tbey haard
aay dtttarhaaoa .lnniig tbe ntxht aud tn.- aaTalr ia a
liiv.-t.-ry. DaltOfl la aald to huv.- uiade an iitteinj.t on hia
wlfe'a lifn al.otit thrf-c yc.iia a-'... II- will ba arralKoad
tavatorrow. Thla lt the thlrd maroflf tbat haa taBtnurod
iit-it- within aix woeka.
I.iciiMf.Mi, Va? .1 (inc? 10.?Tlio HoataOgi
coui't-rooiii tbla ateralaa wa. paebed, while huii.ii.-.i? of
lieoido flllcd the f-onldora and tbfl ^Ireet ln llin Iiinn. I
late vicmity. Tim rau*e of thi* RitharlBg waetbeex*
pectatlon that tbfl death 8880*8)08 would bfl pri.tioiiii'-<-d
upon Clitv. rl-ia. Tlio prlaoner way br.iii_-lit lnto court
and orciipled a aeat lietilnd tho bar with l.ta BOBBflfll.
He agaeered aalm aad tflU-yoetflflflfld, Mr. Lawtam,
clerk of tbe court, lold the prlaoner to stand up, and
propounded tho uatial ipieatluii aa to whetlier ln- had
niivtlilng to aay, wliy a.-iitenco of death altould BOtbA
pronoiinced agalnat Ium. The prlaoner ln a low and
nitli.-r buaky volco, nil.ircaalng the couil, aald :
"I will aay, .Ir, tbat you are pronounclng BBBBflBflfl
upon an liiiiuri-nt man. Thal la all 1 uOltO Ifl any. air."
Jnilge Alktii* tli.-n |ia4ae<l Beiit.-iiee lulrlly bal lui
ore -iv. Iy. 8XlB| Ilie lluio of CXi'clltion on .Novriiilu-r '20.
Tbe prlaoner ?tood onmored aad when tbe Jadge had
eoaeloded took hla *eal qnletly, The eoarl wa* thea ad
joiiriif-.l an.l tbe (.d< u.iini maa lakea i.a. k to j.nl.
whero he waa looked lu tbe. niur l.u.-r'a eell, tlu N to re
inaiu untii tlie day of ?xciutl-.ii, or iitilll frantod B BCW
trial by thfl Siipieinc (mtrl, whleh will inect ln thla elty
BBR*ovciiibcr 'i. JadgB A.klna to IIx.-.l tha tiiii'i of ex<
etition as to t'lv.- tba prlaoner aa oppertanltjf to tel a
decision of tbeOapteme Oeart btfota that tlmo arnVatt
KILT.F.D ron a BBOBBM jl <i or vfinsur.r,
COMIMBIA, 8. C, JllIlO 1!) (Sprci<tl).?lii
I'ulou County a fow daya ago Proctor Vuuglian and
llayea Roliblua brmgbt a lugof wblakej gag i;ot lnto a
liattiaii to t-roaa ?v<:rHroail lSM.-r. Wiir-n tlicy rtaehad
tbe inlddlc of tlu- alrcatu tl.o <ug waa ni-eldrntaily
l.rok.ti. A ipiaiTel aroae nnd VaBgban pliiiig.-d hla
knifo lnto P.obl.lna. Iloth l.-i! overboard, but they
tiianagi-d to rea< h tbfl .hore, when Itobl.ina drew a
piatol and aeut a ball througb Vaughan'a ho.u t, killiug
hlm ln.lantly.
Ciiicaoo, Juuo 10.?I'.v.ry omploff Oi the
City Oovcrniiit-ul haa bcen refjueatod by Mayor Ilarrlaou,
tbrougb tbe vnrioiis chlef. of departuicnta. to h.m.l ln a
wrlltcn realglii.tlon. Plliillar acll-.n waa lak. u ln one or
twodepartments recently, but now tbo order baa bcen
made general. Xo apf-tial reaaou la BBttgaad .-xc.-pt Mi.
IlMllaOaa bolicf tliat tbo Mayor almul.l 1,.- fn-.- MBO* aa
eumlng oflli-e to appolnt such auhordlnatoa aa iimj .... . :
liiati.-wa. 'lhe gon.-ral hauding in of rflfllgaatloafl doaa
nn; BeeflfleaiilJ? imply tbat ull or auy of the euiployua
will he removed.
Bobtox, Juno 19.?The will of RobtaTt Tr.;it
I'alue beipteatha $.',<?,ono to llurvurd Colh-go for_?ho
inaliiteiiHiice and aupport of a ].rofca*or?hlp lu the
Unlveralty, to be oallod tbo Prof. a*or.*hlp of Pr.ictl.-al
A.lrouomy. All tlie re.t of tbc pr.>p.-rty uud r.-al c.-tatc
tbe te.tatur Ieave to lhe prealdent and fcllowa, th.-n. t
Incotiio ouly to bc exp.nded lu thu aupport of tbc oli
?ervatory and of tho aaaiatauta, and ln the purobaae or
repalr of ln.triitn.-uta, or ln iu reward. by tncdal. or
othcrwlac for tbe dlacovety of new comel. and planet.,
or for the wrltlng ot new aud valuablo eaaay. ou aatru
iiomlciU aubjecta.
Bobiox, Juue 19 [Special).?Tbe Liegiulaluio
B'llounicd about ]<> ,,'<?!,..?!< to night. nfter a ?e?a!on "f
Ml daya, miic d.i^a iBOfBf than tho aeasloii ol laat
[ur __-_B8___ra to tiib __aoaoa?]
PiTTsr.rm., Jtr.io 10.?In tlie renn T>nnk tri.il
ta>aiuy ahe. Mr. m.flla. lha p_wMaa0eftb.0aa-_, went
onthewltneaaatatitlahiiahf.il upou tbe crowd ln tbo
ro.irt-rooiii. Aa Mr. Kbldlo went on In hla teatimony hla
\ nl..- bcramc weak, and lt waa dinicult for tb? Jurora to
b. ir hlui.
?' You will have ta try aml apc.ik a llttlo lotidor, Mr.
I'hIiIIi-," aaid the court ktntlly.
" You will bavo to excuae me for It." replied Mr. Rid
all.'. "My Tolce la alwaya BM, but I'U do tbo beat I
" EttflhEflfBaraalflaaat gonc, your Honor," aaldJii'lgo
Curlla, of New-York.
A.. Mr. Ki.l.ilo tol.l hla atory of the oll dflals, the court
room waa ,,iii,t.-r thuii lt haa been ai.ieaa tbe
trial began. The dtrectora pald tho eloacat attention.
Hia flrat eoimectlon witu tbe oll buaineaa, Mr. Uiddlo
a -al. I. wua wben a boy iu wbeelliig empty oll barrela ou
tbolevec. VMn'ii OeaaaeOor llrown aaked iilin wti-tli'-r
ornot he bad tol.t DlrwtOI llrowu ib.it a ayinluito waa
bclngfiinii.al lu Plttalmrgta i.ny 10^)00,000 Bf _*<>,?m>n.
000 barrela of oll, Mr. I'.iddlo aald bo bad not tobl bnu
" What did you tell blml"
"I tol.t bnu thal . IV'in II i'ik aymlicate was llkely to
liafiiiaaail Ooaashow ar otberthaaameaalwaya bave
out the wr I- ' I'a-iu. I'.in'' ln tallung <>f lyadle lta."
Tbo coiit raaBalaad lha ehjeetlo. "f BaimmtumVa
anaaanl ta lha (btloaiafl flaaatla. o.t te Mr. Blddlei
"i>,. you i ut iilin. aoaaepapera ur booka at tbe Da>
?? elab-bouae on tbe bbtht after the bank i illedt"
Mr. M.Miiii.-ii,whoaaatstad PrealdMt Wddla taeoo.
ducting tbe hnalanaa "f th. oll ayadle?ta,teetlfled that
iie _r.qM.tly eo.Ti read aith the dlreetata Ib r-gar.l t<>
Ihe ?? .i.-a'ia" made i.y tha ayadleate,aad lhat all tha
poodaaefl ralatt.fl la the iperaUoaa aaa r?- .<i aaah
ui.i.iiiii. i>.-;..r.i aueh "f the d-reetota aa night bep ?
ent. m
e L l.'oll.er, tii. it wllb Mr. Btddle
iti tin- aaaa, wl.alle 11.. lha ii imt wm* i aiarked con.
. Mr. III tall,. Th. nei .i in :?!?-- n biii
t there Wlll I"' .' 'li- ,_r....:ii.ut
utiid know ol 'bo
;,i- ii,ln i uefore the trial. ll- I
Indln . ? P.-nn ll.nik fa ln
for ti ?
i.-ii-t ,,i ofihe'crj bofl tiiii.i- up htfltninathBttne.il
Acroa "nu* OAiixiKa aao bis uttu i.
1'IS'li V '
[ai n.i.Ki.iiai'ii i" nta ratatnra.]
r t.i\, .Mm.' io. i i.i.a-in.'
Tlie I. '
r. r..T.Ing, wbo foi twentj yeara aaa '?
of thfl l'i.t of I mr l-.in ln "l i ? ' .1. lu."
?? .tim " i wninfl, In bla]
lll.-lti u
itap npoa the boarde, acaln, ll
fellow, broken la body aa a aaal down
of Iinluatry to day for al- DSOB
iflnfl aronnd
? i.inoii, iiia only fi?:> ii.
ba iiiti.iil llttlfl bla.
wiih tbe ata o ? e, and Ibe ?! .-? In n luru n
l.-it lha -ii'- "f "-H " " b ' ?? '"? b'.i'i'',
in,i..?>..... ?'? u he could eall for help, l
tii-i. md iii
: ni.-iit ib i. ne w.ia klndlyh il flnaly t"l.l by om
; tbal be ma 11 r bm. ..f blaaaelf ot ba
would ..iil. a-r
Ua dofl
Cilll.l go Wlll. UM. ? ll" Wll.il lu
eoald fa.r bt.n. aad ?? ??? i ?> lha
j,r,,1M i ? :it 'I'.wn with lila
Ofhaa Ki.ii.iiMg ........ ii.t" ti.e at>ck lathflOflal i
iii.-ip.i OOartthla ..."...ingheWaa ifteBan I
anaitotii.arh.i.i.i ?.???? win. ui. ma aiaoa i" (."' BaB
i..ii of i.la f... nitl. a ih- alght wm linl'. d . and
.,:.. ii. t., .?? bla -? Bl -ii - beaeh wtth Ihe b_aal aan-la.
uii.i.-r i.iaitrn.. tha lltth lalmal keepli g hla ayee flsad <
bla m.-.-ti i. B-id BTldeBtl] bappy ?>!?>. I ll." i. ?
Paaalasappean ;.h ndows, refltlnflhlaI....1 >._ hla
biiii.I, an I livmg bla g.t/-- on 'b- Ibi'-r. tThra hl
irai eaJIed li- atepp. i up t.? th. rall aad,sB?ll
ni\, ! ' - . Wlll glVO blm B cajlhfol t.ili.l
boaaa for aix awtha
ixtnuxa mr bkd ro aorwi rauxipa, cattu
a-\ M.l. \ I I I AM' I.AMi a\I.K?.
II.it SriiiM.-, Ailv., .1 ii th - l'.i.?A'lvlr.s front
Imli ui Ti rtii-ry Indlcste that I
ut t-v-r i.<- .1 1 ba ii .'-ut eo.re.tlo. a.f the Unlsn p irty
..f tha !'? i.tw-.r- i'l-ii b t adopted lha followlng |ii..ti.>n.i,
upon wlil-b u Ihnly . Jin|..il-'ii ia I.. l:,_ ..ni.'.l .,u :
\\e i.cii. v- i.i ti g.ivetiiiniiit i.v tbe people, laoppoal*
tlon to rlnga and ayndlratea; favor an boueal aad ? ?.??
Doiulcal aatiiii.iiati iti-ii of our i...v rriu.ia'iit uml tli.t
b.meaty and ro up l. i )' a uul i be Ib. ln n.i
||i I pa ,.|,|,..? t|:- flnipl.a-lit
BUl .. .? .'1 ..1 "A .i-lilliglnii Btl ... ? "Hut
0 ii.- praetleee; faver thfl prot.cUon a.f our rlgbta io
tbe ?..ii aa gu '. ini'-'i '" ua by patenlfl fr..tn tbe l ulted
- , ? ? al of all i.uera, aqnattara andln
trudera. wbo aro bere wlthuut authurltr ol law, by lha
1 i.ii. .ISI al. a u.'a nl ; f..v..i tlie raiiiov..! of Jobn I.. 1 nti-.,
t ulted Mlutea Ag-nl. i.-. .ni - Iie baa ull. rly and com*
. falled to nrotcct our rlahU to tbe aoll bj rafualna
lo |. ll'mV- illtlllili ia. tl.ougl. r-|.-.iia-.il> Bflkfld to alo aa.
b) petltlona of our beal rillxenaj oppoao the flalfl of ooi
laiida weat ol tlie l.'Itli ni'-i I'li.in a' 47 a r-ula au .icn- l.e
BBUBfl lli.tt ptl.o w.ia urlillrai lly ael ou tlia
lamia by tba Prealdent wtlbout autboiity and aanellou
nl l.tw or ii-.tty on i.iii |. ii t ; fiiv.it .ai. Bflfbtl. p..rl
to i.iiti.m ruvoeatlon ol tbe lllogal aale of lho?a lan.la
entire, aml ... tbe iv-i.t ol a f tiluro lu tlila wu n -lt for a
iiii.i. of tbeeelanda al a Balolmnni prlce ef not
leaa tban fll -~> bb cret oppoaa laaalng oai landa
oftbeOO B ineiidlan to. i itea aad taroi lha
al pi-tiuit laa aad oppoaa n^ rapaal,
? -
TLooorna a ?;///. mam ib uaryi.asd.
I'ai.ii.m.iki:, JttOA 10 (Sprt-iatK?rillrcn
laahaearttha hea*ry eowhtde wbij. m re gi.-u Praah
I'yrca llila lin.i iilug f-r luiltally b-.itiu.' bla wif.-. lt
waa tbe llr-t tliin-a wlilt- iii.n anllrd tlie |..-n..lty of
tl.e m-w b.w iniiKiti; llogglng n piiiiialiiii-nt I-r w ile
b.itlng, and It attr H't.-d a -re,?t de tl of iiltenllon
Bherlfl Airy infiiit'd thfl poatahaMOt bimaeif. Tha
pnaoiier w.'.a boitii'l li. ut lion clainpe.l \vlil|.|H u_'-|.."t.
un ex.ict eoiitil r|i..rl of lha BM BBed iB tlio J all '!'? N-?
(iiati- (oiintv, iiei. Pyraa ilo ai lha M.w% arery eoa
of \a imli toie bla llaali, ultli ciiialdi I il.l- faftltadO.
Ile la i. I.r.ikein iii on tbe ll i.tmi .m umt '.ln.. Railroa I,
uml evld-utly of b.ii.ly build. Wb-n i.tii.ul balf
llieblowab4illi-eiiii.liiiliiHteri-.lbe beg.tn lo t.-...M,,
BlIflBBllj aiill.ll!.>; fra.III llitallao liervolla |iroat!lltli.li.
Wtii-n PBlBMBd I" ih i ved linua'lf und ln flSflrtt ?f
br.tvii.lo walked lo lila-ell. Thero ho nc.rly faltile.t.
Hia woiinila, tlio doctor tbilika, wlll not lii'.il for 8MB8
waaka, Ihay ataaa dreaaed wub eplw boO arata.., aa i
tb- inuii waaglvcn . il.lnk ot 'Ahlak-y. II- w-pt Bthll
dcltadittloii, and ' omp B-BBd l.ltt-i.)' of tbe l.iw wlila ll
\iail< BOafe piiiiialiimiit oii a wM'.. iii.iii. Il.-nry A.
Myera, oha ima haa. aaorlatfli of a i.ko oti-m?-, i.u' a ba
b.ia aaked for a new ttliil, li-.tt I (li- l.l.iwa ua tIt.-y fi ll
u jaaiii |hfl Iteabof l'yr-a .md l.e. 11111-ti-i ton.. Jt )- nud-r
Btafli tliat a majorliy of tlie Ju.lg.-s <if th- -,.,
Ba... b, baflera whw. IhoayplleMle. tara ao. titol wiii
ln ll-.llil, Ultl 111 fl. OT Of lt I Igld BIlfori'ClliaMlt of lila' il.W
tli.it wlvea ii.i.y li- ii-ii.-i i.iolajcttHl from tlio biulallly
of thelr b.ialia.id'.
ClIIt'Atio, Jiini! ll> iSprciah.?" l>\il*'hyv
O'Kecfc recelved bla aeiiteiii-o of on.. j.rur lu tlie |iuul
ta-utlary to-day. He tol I h_8 l.iwyrr tbal after lliinking
tlie uiatlcr o\. i l.e bad con. iuded tbat om: ye.ir w.ia aa
little aahe mlgbt oxpect for tbe l.trcny of tbo balb.t
boxcain tbeiTiiird Hi.nl. Hia n|i|iii-iiti,iii Ih a new
trial wua tbe... wltli'lri.wn. I|.. re.flfflfl lila B-OflBOafl
coolly. "I baveu't a word ta. aay to tho jinp. ra," ue
Hiild. "1 lny have ull in.nl iu-. Iiudly uml I um uml-i BB
obilgatlona to tlii-in. 1.1.-Ii-d to liave tlila tl.lng BOdafl
nnd the aouiier I go down tbo aoou.-r I will get out."
H- iflJBBad to nupllcate utiy one lu tbe tb. fl. " I ?(" BO
bliiwci," bfl .oi.liim.d, ".md lt tbe ii-ivaouiiera wai" for
me to gno uny om- a-say ili-y'll wait a long tlme." Ilo
waa takcu lo Jollel to-day.
WAsniMiTos, .luiic 19 ? ilie Hon. Btehofd
T. M. irii-k, Wlio OOfl been erilieally 111 for a.-v.r.il iln-,
1* ao iniicb w?rae tbla . t, luug Ui.it lila pbyal-iuha wui
rcuiaiii witb hllu ull Blflht,
THE ur. BBMO WBSJL A failprk.
Titusvii.lk, rnin., .luiii) 1(1 [Spteiab.?Tha
oll trade waa e-e!tod no llttlo thla aftcruoou by repoi ta
tbat Ihe Mt Nebo well. near Httaburg. waa coinpicte
Wltbout tliidll.g uny innn- oll tliiin Um Uttlfl ul.tali.c 1 ut
flrat. Ail lu<.uiii?a aubatauiiatc tbla report.
LoNixiy, Ji,ne 20.?Lord Salisbury askctl a
pudge of the Liberala that they would fairty rotialder
tlu- bafgH .''Iteitie, and lf thry dia.ipprovcd lt wouideon
sont to let tho deflrlt be earrlod to 1^80, and allow tho
Conaervntlvc. the wlmle tlmo of tho Ilouse ol Comnaon.
durlng tho renialitder of tho aoa.alon. Mr. Gladatone do
rllned to glvoa plcdge regardlug au tinsecn acheme of
The Timep aaya It la al.lo to atato that Mr. Oladstonn'*
reply la flnal aud that thero la no chante of tho niattcr
lieliik' ariatig d by ftirthor Llbttal coneeaalona.
(WflfltlllBlUufl nrr MftatBg ametnorinl t.> taflfi sallabury
iialting blm tu 1*0088 Bflaflfl utileas * pledgo bc obt.tlncd
from tho Liberala.
The Lll.orala have reaolvod to stop .nnpllot untll tho
Kedlatrlinitlon of Hcnta bill la completed. Thoy will
prolialny apeoaa tho mnklnif of tbe Flrat Lord hip of the
Trea*iirv BBtaflflOn, wli-n ,i vote la aakv-d for the aalary
of 00,000 atteehed to that poaltlon. It 1. iindfi-atood
tt.it >? ,i - i'...r.| N'ortheote ha. accepted tbo peerago re
prdlSM of anv ai-tion tliat may bfl taknn.
The SUmdird belloveathat Mr. iTIflnetOBfl 1? wllllng
to reaBBia ..iiii.- if tba Marqala af flflllabiii. afluHflaa in
lh.it . v.iit. it ?,ya, | he Coerrl-m aot will bo diopped, and
KarlBpeaoer aaa tbe Marqala of Bartlactoa will not
enter tin-c.in.nt. iba IJheralfl are atgalag a .naaaerial
te Mr. Qladataaa aehta*. him boI ta give way, 10*
Umaferd aaattai ? te beUatt thal tba refaaal of a Liberai
ptodge wUI ptotrea fatal baptdlmtBt, and hopoa that
LofdBall lmry wiu aotdeapelref bia taek.bal truat te
tii.? i>atriotUm ..f .Mo.lor.iio Liheralf for tympathy aud
BBOOZIATlOBa liliioi iiii un. tpIBBB- I'aki.IAMEM
AW'HTtvs i's tn. rOBODAT.
L'i\i..\, .lntu- 19.?The iici.'..ti itiniiH botweon
the Uberal* aad tho Cona*.,\..* ara proeeedlag
iiir.ui .-I, tae modlam ..f la ? Haaaa. Tha Mar.pua of Bat*
ui.--- that lf thfl P.<- ii-tniinfioii of Bflatfl bul ia
llll:illy |. ,??.??1 the .'o:>*ervat:vi a will bfl (I.-prived of the
?oaatltBtlonal alteraatlra of appeauiag to the ooaatry,
ahoiil.! . I .'..r..!a unr.iirli baatpef thfl lOtidil.-t of ptlli
lu- i-ii-ii. ... Tl i ' d Sallsbnrr, uii.-x
ijr,after taktag the i..--t l-g.ti adtlee on tho .ub
|. et, d. kled not lo allow tbegaata bill te paaa late a law
u -ti. . . leratiofl baa beea bad. ft la Impoaat
i.ii- for tho new bill 1 loperatton before goram
i..-r; benee Lord - -i-t- npoahartng Uberal
. imt tiio'iatnn t w,.:.i.:> tbfl Ctmterratlr* laedara,
.1 af lb* toue of Mr.
. v lil. h ?!.ita an iii'.-n
tii.n *a hla part to bara** the C raa to bia ut
nii-?t. iiiec.in.ei-: rtthal thfl liberala will
: - rj-'a t. rina.
?iu. a i.r iba (.. i-.-rvutlvoa tbat they wUI
? Pi'.-a! to tin-pi.-.ciii i-otiatttii.-iilo-lt |* expecUd that
M r. (.: .
. it t i be aarria i
te, in order to 1 : l.nflrrvatiree to propoae
aaplea . thal woaU pror.j UtaiTantagrmni
t<> tt.eln at th* ? ttOO.
iii ib.- il .ua.- ..f Lorda lo day tne Marqala of .-aiM.mr
. -I Lord (.run l.le to cuii-eut (o
untii IH.--. I. iv. II
. ..n-.-rvat.vc4
h.t.i i. . aitber bia to mak
it at.it '.ll rer. to iu ii..- ..tu- o1..-.
baa, . Imp .'tant or-t.-r mi tbfl
paper. Uewa awaraof theImportaaeaofpaahlactha
t . i BOI Ol :- -ii, i ut a BtrlOflfl
qneeiion bad Bafortanat. ? * la eoaneetlon wltb
i*ur.-. lt hi 11.mfl k Redlfltrlba
Uofl of Beata i.ill iia.i d* Iroyed oa* tel ..f ooBatitaeaelofl,
?: er ,,i.|.-et?-t to thfl Be
ii.-.ii of Re. uua, whoa paaaad lult.
j.i -. nt furiii, Itwonid |.i \. ii'.. ..' BOOOSalty,
iiiolion lo N.tl ium i.i.IU Tutaday waa adopied
I y a vot.i ..( 1'Ji .. ? ? - . iya.
i r.-iary nf .*tate for fndfa
lu Mr. Q . itasl tba tii-.tion.
la tha Hoaaa of Commo * t tabeaehefe aaked if lt
w.i* ti ue tli.it tlu- Mn i ii- "f v ibury waa preveiited
from takiaa <>tin * hy bl* failure to obtatn utaraacot .-f
. ..-?? fii.lii lb '. erilllli-llt. 1B>. I...I...ll?
il. i.ii that bfl i many other Radtcala
atr.ui^ mmbalaggirea tue c.u
*. i ratirafl.
Mt. (.ia laleafl aaid tbal a bt bt ?? ??- batt ttkad a aimi
lar qaeatioa ba tbal ba bad m.t nt
that tlttt bad any eonferanee wltb the Mar.pii.
i.f --.tii?'i.irv. -lu.-e tii.ti. boworar, be bad reeeiTPd
orcrtlin a fi.iiii Un. Mar |.ii* ..i Bitll.bury, .-houl.l tliere
!.<?: areen tbe Mar
t|Ula aud blmaelf. II would u. made publie, Tbrre would
i.n n.i *.?. rei uii'i. t il i laterer. la that the Mar
r|iila of Hallaburr hnn*.-lf . ...i. um-.i. Th* Hou** then,
au uliii.ut ..f Mi. tiia.1.1., aiijourneduntllTueaday.
Thare waa another rot.ferrnce >>r L'onarrvatlv*. tin*
Biornlng. A* bprelnfom, all preaenl ??? i- i .
.v. 'i ba Marqula, ln an oprn letter. wrltea tl i
?? linputatlon thut Ibe ("onaervatlve. u wltb
Ku.ala la rtdleuloua." Tbe neceaaltr f?r aueh a letter.
*.iCouaerrallreaaay, i.m. i raeeut
a. < t.-t .mt. renee of the !?-...I. . - -.r lb.. party.
thr prttmon't Joumai Ire* . rordlal *pproral tn tho
ai'i-.iiitui.-iii ol t..-- i irl of i arnarron aa i..n-.l Lieutea
atit of ii.-i.in.i. 10* Jpmrnol bolda thal ho u:h ht a
ii.-111 tl VI. .-roy.
Lord Kaadolpb Chnrehlll reeelred a warm weleome
to day from lhe rrowil aaa. mh .-.l al Ibe *s ladaoi Depot,
wber* he took a traia for A*eol lleatb. He baawiitlen
a letter to lhe Dnbllu Conaerratlvo TVorkmen*. Club ei*
pn ali.Kbl. re_'i.-t that ba la unable lo >i?lt lrelaud
owiug to the tutaettii d poUtloal altuatloa.
Mt.N'iiii.Ai., Jojm 19 (>;/((/<//.?A Baunptaof
the l.r.-a.l whl.lt I.a n..w l.elnn >erve.l out tothfl V..I1111
leerfl la the Morthweel waa eihthlted hy n. lahalla la
the ( on. Pt.-liam.-.: t.i-'..u. It Wflfl tttH tn him hy hla
aoa, whe tt with the (i"-tii BflttaHoa, aaa itatieaed at
.-. bewaa. iho bread i- "f.. dati browa eolot aad
w i-n.i.ie fi.itn ii.. ir fiiralahed te th.- Qeteratttat by
tha Bad ata Bay Oeetpeay, aad ?a* deelated bi axperU
ta tbe trede te be atade from fleeeaaad apflltad craia.
Mueh tadigaattea waa uiaraaaad tbal tba voi
uiitaer. .boulU havo aueh atiih" acr.e.l out
io th. ni, flflpflfliflllj whllfl nadergetag fiti.-ue.
lt waa tlflfl at.tlid by B pruinliiciit iiunil.ir
that tb* eoatraet for the nppiy ef food fat iba [adlaaa
bad baaa Bjitaa te a ataa aba waa baylag ap all tbe
fto/i ii and nitteti Kri.lu wltb whnh to fuii.l.*li tbeae ?up
TbflOiatial laaamkljuf 1*it l^aabylartaa (hurrh in
Caaada i am laded Ita mhara t.e.iav. Tbo gretter part ef
ti. da) ?*..- eaaaged dlaeaaelBji tho quefltlon of mar*
riaae wltb adecraaed wlle'a -t*trt. lhe Laal Amembly
ii.nl forwanled tbree queatlona t>. all lhe pre.bj terle* of
tho ihiircli ln r.-Kar.l lo man lai..-. Tbo BBawera wero
i.i.i.iti-i alonfl llaeaaaloB *n*ued on the ?ubjeet. It
wa*8aally Aonaoo to icfcr tbo matti-r t? ihoaaztAa.
The (i.'virtimeiit bartag radaeeiflflaal t.>iia aagrain
by ..ne huii, tha Harboi Commlmlonera bara redaoed
wharfaff* .iu.-* on rtbib for tbe --..*..u from .'.- Beat* to
:;\ reiiiK.i t..n li ia mnilirsl?>?"! thal lhe earrlerfl of
mln betwaaa Klatatoa *nd Montreal wlllalaora uo*
iin-ii rateaio 24* centa a buahal for eoffl aad - '? .c-uta
fot wheat untii Beptembar L
LOBDOB) -I.'in. 19.?II lf new kiii.wn that 140
]..i*on. wero kill.-d hy lhe eipl".'.'!' '" 808 PflBdlobBtf
< oiii.-i v, I.--4I Man. im-i.-r, j.-.t. i.iav. Tiie flbatBhar ta
wi.i.-h tha flaatofltoe .... -ii."1 bi ?>.> fOfld \Mth .iet.n? thal
thaa far oa|y forty-ftfl bedttfl h*\.- beoa r... ..v.-r.-.i. Tho
Mayor of m.iiii i.eaiet haa aaot a telearam t.> Iba Mayor
ot l.oi.don tbanklug tbe latter fnr bia ofera t.> opea n
rellef fund for aafferera by tbe Peudlebury oolllerj dla>
? u i. and -u.iiiik- that Bpward ef 100 miaera ..re kuowu
tu bc dead.
I.1MA, .luiitt 19, \iiil.;tlv('-t..li.-Ollici;il tol(>
liettfi?a Obteta ttata thal Geaaral Otooraa aaki fat ..
att-p.-iiai.ui of btttlllttti Tii.'f hflfl bflea toota tktr
BUahtag bflyaad tii.-re, bat llttlfl tt aolbtai ..f tba reaall
I. poaitiroly katwa. Baat* of th* wonadad hatebeaa
lirouKbl lo i.iina. i wenty-nvc ean. .Ineroa arhila poraU'
lin.- th.- defealed Hoi.lero. al < boeope i..?k pnaonei a
,,.,. fuui, ,,[? t ,t,,t .,,,,!,, t,,,,w .i blm aad bia Inalrameat
t.i Paeaamayo to opea aa Bflaaa laara
-?? ?
Mahuii., .Iiiiio 19.?Thfl .iiol.Tii lt'iiiiiH K.ili
oi..ii fiii?>. -loiday urc n.a followa: M.i.lriii-Ncw BBjaa.
4, d.-aliia, iii.ue. Vuloiicl.. (eity) -New i-aaoa, M;
d.-atha, IS, Val.-iu-Ki tpiWtlBI.l| Ne 0 I'aaea, 8811
iie.iih*. 100. Mur.-ia (i-ityi gawoBflfl*, Mi deatbe, 80.
Murcia (proriaoa) Bofl >? ?*?? '--'?? doBiha.0B. I aau-.l
loti de la 1'lana (luovli.eci ^.'v e.i-e-. HS; death*, I.I.
Kllitf AifOl.ao lo-.lay infolin.-.l 1'ieii.i.r Cauotaa tlel
CaatllTo of bia Intaollofl to rlall thfl tiholora mfected
prortneea TbaPremier trted to dlaauadetha Kin?, but
witboutaaceaaa thoKlngwlllb* aeeompanled i.y tbo
Premier und ihp .Mtui?ter*f tin- [ntertor, benor Bomerp
y Bohtado. Th.- .lat.- uf thrli .1. purture bj nol >et Ilxc.l.
It I* npott.d that tno t.iii-.-u datiret to pt t.... lo-.l.y
tiiM.ii.ui Hiiio.-n with* blaob Bag fortued a prooeaalon
a&d uiarched througb the atrccta, yrolc4Ung againat Ul*
oftlclal dcclaration of the provalcnco of cholera in
WDoma AT ASCOT hkatii.
London, Juno 19.?At Aacot Ileath to-day
tho race for the Alezandra .'Late o: 1,000 aov. waa
won by J. Hammend'a four-yflar-old, bay eolt 8t. Gatlen.
(tbe wluner of tho Oold Cup, yeaterday). Mr. Lefovre'a
four-year-old bay colt Hermitage cauie In .econd,
and F. (iel.kard'a aged bay horae Eole (wblch
ran aecoud to St. Oatlen ln tbo race for the
Gold Cup), thlrd. The atarters numbured four.
The laat octting waa 3 to 1 on 8t Gatlen, 0
to 1 agalnst Hermltage, 20 to 1 agaiuat Eole, aud 20 to 1
agalnat. tbe Dukn of Hamllton'a flve-year-old bay horao
CoflBMM. Ot Qattfl. wou lu a a'-uta.-r by alx leiigtha.
Fole waa a bad thlrd.
Tlie raco for tho Ilar.lwicke Stakea of 2,000 aov.
waa wou by 11. T. Ban lay'a Uve-year-old brown horao
Hemllgo. Mr. Mautou'a three-year-old ebeatuut colt
Willio Darling waa aecoml aml Mr. Gerard'a threc-y?ar
old n.iy .oll (rofton tbird. There were aeven atart. mh.
Tlie bctttng was ll to. on IJendlgo, 20 to 1 agtilnst
Willte l.iriiiu, and 4 to 1 agalnat Crofton. Itnndlgo wou
by foor leugtha. Tbi-.ra was ouly a hoad betweeu aecoud
aud thlrd.
PAJUfl, June 19.?A bauquct was ifiven laat
ovening by tb- sti.nl-y Cl-.ib to tbe retlrlngUultedStates
Mlnlster, Mr. Morton. Tbo former Consul-Goueral, Mr.
Walker. preal.loil. Mr. Mortou was lotully oheered In
Iheeearaael hlaepeaeh. Mr. MaaflaflrO aucceaaor and
(a.-mriil Law Walla-e. ex-Umted Stutes Mlubstor to Tur
kcy, followcd iu ahort ad.lreaaoa.
H-jtavaO) Juno 19.?Tho hidopaadaal Now?
York BohOBtBB. B md excurslon party arrlved at Ham
burg at 10 o'clock tlila morning ou tho ateamer Suevla.
All ihe ineinboi-of tho party aro well. The Suevla niet
wlth very rOBfh and at'.rmy wc.itlier at tho beglnnlng
of the trip, and pi.t flJteen loeberga oaher voyago
f.aim Mew-i ork aeroea the Atlantle. Tbo party wlll pro
BeaO to Biugei>ou-the-l'hiue to-ulght.
ntAOM-om oi oabli bmbjb,
b.MK, Juno 1!).?Tho 1'opo to-day recclved the Blahop
al' lerelaud.
B.I'\s, Jnno lf).?A deputatlon of tltreo workmen
l tb< (;..v-nior ef Morarla to-day aad reqaeated
tbe i .i.vi rniiii-ut to interveno to olitaiti a noi nial VOrfca
lllgality of ten lioilia. 1 ln, (,.i\erilor replled tliat the
Government waa unabte to eoaaply aith thelr reqaaat,
ll ? adriaed tbe n.en to unik.. ut anrdeabla anangenient
wlth tbe m.iatcra, and wurued the atrik.ra to rcfruin
from viulence.
pt. i*i rusaino, Jaaa 19,<?Tha Xorotti pui.iiahcs tho
followlng ataternent: Thfl _.meer ol Afghantataa baa
mi ?- .I nearly all hla troopa in Afgban Turkeatas, nnder
bla OWB ?iiiuiaiid. On- ilet.n biuent of thfl An-i:'
troope !? armed wlth3,000 bnochdoadlnc rifi.-a and 10
Orld flunfl, whlch van pnflented by tbe indlea Gorern
ii-i.t. Thla actlon tbreatena communleatlona bel
tbe Rnaalaa troopa aad tbelr adrauced outpoata, an i ea ?
danarrra the Roaaian troopa, ahoold tb.y movo towuid
the uxaa Blrab
Pania, June 10. ? Tlie Poj.o hna wrlttcti a vti-nroua
letter to Arebblabop Gulbert la wbleb be retmkca tha
'aatrloturea upon theacu of Cardlnal Pltra. Ho
l, !,nr, hmen, ..f paaaing Jmig
ment ttpou tbelr erclealaattral anperiora and aay* lt M
tbedntyotCatboUea lo obey. ll- alaa expiea-cs bla
gii. f .it tha j'faif .;ii.ti..n of tha Putheoai.
>ii.im .. JaM 10.-T.trlil.ati -tr.ioi'a havo captur-d
eiajiitv Hni_-i,i-i.i:. brlgand inaurcenta, Ineludlnfl tho
. u foi.ner BOflalBfl RIBjOr, :iml aeyerul RBBBIBBB.
? i w-re killed. -imllar banda .laaa here hara beea
,i - ;?? a d. Tbelr ol.ject Ifl belleved to liavo bflch to raiao
ll lelielliol). _______^___^___^^^
BT. LODIflaj JflOfl 19 tSpcriil).?Lifiiti'tiant
Blanqnetta and P. G'raad,o. l'.ria, arrlved at tbo La
llotel tlil. morniii,-, aml tu an lutervlow make
aerioiia allc | Ifl i t ?rl un N-iv-Ya.rk BOfltOBH
aitli. .-i-.. r-.u.l iiitaiid: " \\ h-u l laiid.-l la Xew-York,
-.?wr.il inoiitln n.-o, my BIfarla.fl witb tho cuatoius
ir waa anytblng bttt pleoaant. Ia fu-t, bla aaa.nar
...i.l .i pi..p..-it|.>n whieh he made mo w-ro poaltlvely lu
lOltlnf, It waa uotbltig more nor leaa tban tbat he
Btooped ao lo'.v BB to oir-r to hWgfl-B wlth BM for tin) n.l
mlarlon a.f my haflflBflB freo of aaatoau <luty, provlt-.l I
w-iid pay bnu a araall amoaat la retarn for tbe favor.
Now, fl.icB a atat? of affalra expoaed to .. itranger upon
ina i.iriv.ii laaorfl t>> gl*ra blta i. ?i ry poertde. of thia
v.lia people .I Itfl G iieria.iia'iit. I b.-l never
dieaiued of aucu a prup-flltlon beiBfl aaafle ta aaa, aad
bad tha oflhr rn.f nM.i uie an Iginully. I .-i-rtatnly aboillal
:n.t li iva> ni en iii tbe leaat IBTptlflBd to rcretve tbc money
back lo my fuoo."_
Ciminsaii, Juno 19.?Ncws OOflOOfl ftoiu
WhttB-hanr, ky., thal i.ink Oaaka, bMderel ih.aoll.wa
in tbal -..iitity, eaterad the ?t..re of Ju'.iea ii. Pnfllor <>n
Weda?day. aad drawtafl hia reratvar, aaid lo Mr.
Frazlcr tbat tb-y would aaCt-B BBBBMla. Mr.
Ki i/.ia-r, who la daeerieed aa a law-abld-M ett-aea, put
bla own onatructtoii ou itink-'a aetlo. and abot hitu
dead. I. Kmitt Coiinty tha war hatwaea tha Ball aad
Jonea factlona U atlll raainf. At tha laal raeoanter,
wbleb oecurred yaflterday, eaeh party loai.. inaii. Tlila
? the llat killed ln the laat tbrefl waflka ap ... ulue.
Tha J..uaa party raeently bireeted <i.)i) iu rerolTera.
rim.ADKi.i'iiit, Jttno 19 (Sp.rial;.?Cliicf of
Pellee otewart addraaaad hla Ue.te.eala thla aaaralnK
aaylng: " A inaii. o.ie Siilliv..!". hM been la tha city f08
a few al.iya, alniikl.ig nnd carrylng tliinga wlib a hlflh
li.m.l. Wlu ii b- .ta-ta ... .? ioufur be flbOWld 1". tr-.it. al Bfl
oue, aml y.n ar- tin't'a-iotv a.i'.la't-d to .llro-t your ottiai-rs
lo i.niat l!i-1I...U aad l.rlng hlui lu ui'on tbo repetitlon
of the oflhaae. Tun la emphatlo uud I look for lu cu
wai:mSi'I!im.s, N.c, Jnne 19.?ThodnipatiO-i
jMibllaheil iii aev.ral Na-w-Vork p.pera tliat tbe W.iriu
Bprloga iiotei, reeeatly deetroyed by _aeaa_Ua_-Bfll was
relnult aual wlll accoini.ioalate 500 gueata, la a a canard,
di'iilitleaa nianiif t-turod liy tbe raliro.nl ta. draw people
here rroai Rlehmead aad the low conntry. Tho hotel
Wlll ii"l be ri'i'iiilt. Hiiinlii'ila aif people ara- coiuli.ir b-Tfl
only t.. la ...in ili.it tli-ie ai-m. iu'.-,iiiiiii,id..tlona. Tbo
lii-ui.im.'...mi'.inie. baso uot yctpaid Ibo loaaea upou
tba) buiucal buiidiuga.
CooHOCTOWiJaafl 19 (BptxIoJ).--ThraapoaoiM
biire Idi'iititl-d tbo ue,'rociiii?'li' Bl W0*t I...fu>vUi' aud
loalged in jall here aa tlie BM Wh. aaa Ullted Ml.aaea liti'lie
aml Phllllpa near Nowcon.er.atowu yeaterday afteruoom
Mlaa liacbocoi.tlnuea ui-ai. luacusiblo coudiliou and bor
death ia aipeeted.
A l.o.ly a>f 100 maaki'd men at 11 o'elock t.Milght tOOk
in necro tloward irom tha (all aml hanflafl blm to iuo
lituii of a tice iu Dio profleaee of l.uuO apectators.
rrjnt.SJritED BY IHE RCRSUXU OF A l'7fE/"7,.B_i
Kkik, IViiii., Juno 19 (Speeiah.-X torribio
e\iii,..-|.?it oniiirc.l .1 tbe IVniisylvanla Mllla near
Alblon, tbla coiinty, tbla aflcrnooti. A hoadiug Jointer
ln lha mlll I'tiratwhllo running at Bhlflh rate of apc.d.
i me man'a head w..a aplit ln twa A nleoe of tl> mg mci.il
eui oll Nelflon Wliura rtgbtarm at ihe ahmiidcr uud
fatally lnjutad him. Jaaiea Kalaoo, WUllan Joaaa uud
Thoinaa Andeiaoii wero aeier.-ly lujurud.
Fredertok Mooooj, oga twdvo, w;is playinK
with cai.non tlrecra.keia lu front of hla hoiuo, No. 075
i;.i.i Qa.handiadaadIbrtyaeeeaflal, laat night, and
mii a.f th-in fliplOded iu lila b.tiiil, teartng off two of hla
nngcia. Ho waa iiltoudud al the houae by two phy-.iu.iua.
riiii.Ai.Ki.PiiiA, Juue 19 (Speciai).?Kdwuiil
Mont/,;. baigeal with;tlio BM-fdar of bta wife, to-day with
dia-w bla pl.a of uot guilty uud pl-adcl KUllty lo liiunlii'
ln tlu ae. out (la-gree; Judge Wilaon aentoncod MonU to
L-i.ni yeara la u.e Baatern raaltaatiary.
Wa.Ka I all M, J.llio 10 *lBtHBal II. WOOll, of Mitllieiip
olla. WM bioiigbl llila- laat BlflhtOB a ra'.jiil9ltl..ii, lo
anawer an Indlctmenl for obtalutnfl 013.OOU iiy Mlmlafl
, -- inii.- Weatern l.aml [mprovameai A.aoua
tiuu, whlch, it la .i.iiiii.'i, had ao eglatawea
lsi.tAs uot ia, iini.. jaaa 10.?Franh OThltaay and
Chartea DanleU, aainvu t.-.i borglara. wara arralaed tn
tlio ( rliiiliuil Court yeaterday. Wben Jiul.e Norlou
n-keii uiiitnay ir bebad unyilnng to aay why ae.tenee
B1..IU..1 i.ol be pioiioiimnl, tlie piiaonvr al.u.aed ibe
Court with a voii-y of protaalty. aud huriad apalrot
li .n.i. uiia Bt ilo- aiudge. 'lio- inia.aiio paaeed over tha
.lii.lt.'.a be.tal, ahatterlBfl .. i.eavy p.ato gli.aa. Wbilm-y
had to be aouudl1 beaten befora h? w.ia inbdaad. Hia
iinnii-. preaaed lutothe priaouar'fl in.\,.iu.i tha eMaara
W. re c.iiipcllti.l lo draW linli loolver.a Ibe two meu
w.-ie b.in.l. ullr.l ..ml lakcu lo tbc Mlclilgau ( Ity I'n.aou.
ciRcua "ikn oBoorma bacb oth?B.
Um a.iiia.s, .Mi.ii., juue 10 Haainel Lawia.ee aml
" Clii.r.ia-" lliirri. I'liipiov.-.a oi inl.-'-. airc.ia, aeltled a
di?i ute Laal nigi.t by ahootiBfl aaah Blhar, l_iwronae la
drud au.l l"u.n i.iiiiu.t i.-cowi'.
1.I.I.VI..N t'AK-l.t'Kiil.ARi KNTRAl'l'EB.
< hk va;... .Inne 10. \\ mii at.'uUugo ..mlAllou frelght
traln w,.a aioppiug al tba i"? a ol Nm wai, m thla Miaie.
yeaterday, on tta way to liua.cily, WilllaBa Dean, ibo
oonduetor.aawaflaoaol young Baaa hraahlM.eaeol
lua i ata. He bud uu time to aecuro their arieat at the
llme so Iie . lo-.-al tbe ili.a.r an. lliein and faatcued it 80
curely. Tbe traln alarted ou Ita w.iy iioilli, and when lt
leacbid Kikbl- aai.th-al. ihla uiuiniug ibe iMillce were
called.ui.ilelevcum.il l ha wero louud lu tbe freight
car .,. t. plac?U uudar arroat.
The Statue of Liberty, stowed away undef
tbe dcck of the loerc, waa brouxht up tho bay yeaterday
morninif to It. future reatinit-place, nuil.1 the boomlug ol
cannon aud all tho pomp aud cercmouy of luteruatlonat
courteay. It 1. long alnce the peaceful harb.ir of New
York haa aeen ao warllke a dlaplay aa that whleh cele
bratcd the reccotlou of the great atatue. Tho G.xl.leea
of IJberty waa welcoined lu a manner wliloh nilght bara
grntlfled a tyrant whoae word coiumanded annlea and
navle., but the popular atdo of tho detnon.atration waa
fuliy representcd by tbo acore. of tug. who*a
abrlll wbi.tle plped a thorotighly derno*
cratlo tri'i'iln,' to the atatue and the vlaltor*.
and could not bc sllonced even by the autru.t thuu.ler ol
the meu-of-war's gtins. Whatever may be aaid of tha
neglect with whleh the people bave hltherto trr-atod tba
irlff of I-'rance, no ono eould dony tbat yeaterday'. den>
ou.tratlon abuwed au euthualaa tlc apprcclation of tbe
gift ana ofthe aplrlt by whleh It wa.at-tuated. The naval
parade waa an liupreaalve apectacle, aud the thauk.t and
weleome of the wboloNatlon were volced ln the ealuteo
from the war-shlpa and the fort.. The City of xew-York
spoko lat*r ln the day, and the reeeptiou to tlie Freuch
oflleera ln the atreeta and ln the City Hall, lf lt lacked.
the impri..a*lvf-ne.s* of tho Natlonal weleome, waa eharao*
teri.atic aud rordlal. The faet thut tbo mucb-talked-ol
atatue waa at la.-t here aecme.l to quicken e.'eryboly'fl
??titbiiala -nt. The oecaalon waa a great oue, and tbc cela
bratlon wasequal to the occasion.
The m.'n-of.wnr were e trly aaaetnbled ln Graveaend
Bay around tlio tr.tnsport Isere. Tao Alllaaofl, wbtflb
wusto tabfl part lu tho ntval parade, did not, howover,
1. av<- h.-r moorlng* o I Staplcton, and it derulvol on tbfl
lilapat.-h, tbe Omaha and the I'owliafaii to ftothfl honors
of tho-lay. At 8:30 a lar^o crowd badflflflOflthlfldlB
front of the W3II Stroet Forry, wheuco the Atiantio wafl
toatari with the city ottlelala atid tho moatbortatftfl
vuilou* e . utu.tlcea abroad. lt waa after'J u?l?re ah*
left th-- aUp au l hflade l down tho barl.or. Amuiif her
pasaenger* were the it .ar l ..f ai leraata wllh .v.i dgb i*.
Baagflfffll their ho.. 1, Mayor Graoi-, Coroner* Le y BBaYt
K.-niie.ly, .Senator Evarta, tho preaident of the AaaartflflB.
Com-nittee; General Stone, Henry F. SpauMIng,
Fr d.-rio A, Potta, J. \V. I'iii-lDt, V. M.
htoore, John 3. Beyd, BTablfla Cheaee, of OMei
F.it.-I.ao C'oiiiiiiiH-i,irii;ra Morrl. ..n I Mit.-in.ll, tho D.-i-utjr
Oommttflleafle of .-?trect Ctaeaiag, Jn.l.e W. 11. K.-:iy,
t'nptaln F. J. Twoini-y,.Secrctary Wilaoti, of tbe Chainber
of Cbmmeroet Theaaate A. Baaatttoa, Alezaadflt Braa.
don.Jr., F. I*. tacud-tcr, WUllam BL Kim'isili, TueopiiUua
(i'.iii, pnataeel al tbo Bnoklyn Board of Alderiuen,
who. ani" 111 Mayor Low*. piaee ; Ot ttr-iller Brltikei-liol,
ofBroottt/ai SeaeaaX ivr'umaadDeYTltl Bettgm >?, of
the Board of Kiu.atlon; Bt Br.waeit. A.'ll.ikt Couaal*
Genaiai af Praaofli m. Dtiaaaatag, Ohaaoallnr al th*
Fr.-ii.-h Couiiilate; Ch.irlo. Kcnauld, pie.ail.-at of ttia
BoflflBtd Fraiieal.*o do Bloufaiaauco ; P. Lt 00888 aud
I^oiiJoili, vieo-pieslUeut. of the *au?-> aoelety; <i. B.
Guirau.l, pri-.-iideut of tuo Certle Franeai.de i'll.n.iouloj.
Jiil.-a il.iruon-.lite, Joseph Aron an-t Louia do Ueiu.ui.
Tbe day Wflfl hot, atxl ua the Atl.iutic BBtdfl her v.ayoat
lnto the bflthet a lU'ht ha/.o hung over lhe BBter und tho
elior. t, lliuitlng tbe vlew and reuderuu liili-ttiu.H thfl
outlinc. of tbo dlataut ahipplug. 11- Wflrar, tho Min*
ueaota waa aeea 80884080 at her Btflfletagi b.-ioW
Governor'. laland, dreaaed ln iray buiiting frottt
mastli. .1.1 to wate.- line. Tbo bay wa4 allvo wltb crnft ol
Bll ?It-a.-ri'.tl.iii* la holi lay atltro. Tuaa, att-aui. ra, a.ttl?
l.oat-, with the colort of tbe l-'reuch au 1 Amerieau Ue*
publica tlylug fr.uu every available polut, were making
th- ir way t?ward tlie rendezvou. iu Graveaend Bay.
Ther.- w.14 a *tir flflBflag tbfl ateaiu yaclita oa* Bay ltldgat
Ibe lattty Btaaaatabaale wtfl gettiuk' ready to i>e?r
tli. ir part in the processlon. They wero uot bebiud tlie
othor teaaaia iu tbe m'ortreou.iie.a of their drcoratlona.
As the Alderin.-n'a ferryboat paaaed Btaptotea tbe ixr.'al
redpaddlavwbeata ..f the feabfllaa bflgaateheel tba
water, and ?bo .lowly followed iu the wake of the At*
lautle. Tbe revenue 880088 Giaut bad lelt the Battery
hefom Iho city otlleial.a K.it away from Wall-.it. and waa
ateamliiK 011 a uiile or ao ali.-ml of them. At lO-.ilOtb*
AII.1t1tloarrlve.lin tiiave?eiid Bay. Iho altfht wa* a
novel and pieture-ipie one. Far ln toward tbe aliore
lay the Uahre, abttfl out in tho cliniinel were tbfl tBa008BB.
with fotiini.idore Chaudler aud Sc.'retary Whlluef
abnarrt. thfl <-> ual.a and La Flore. They wero sooa
joiiie.l hy tba rowlialan, A crowd of excurslon ateauierfl
Bad tagt etaaaaaed ahoal the vcaael wblcb boro tho
Btitue. Tba Baatbttald) tho t'o'.uiuiila, tbo Graud Bo
pulilif and a MflM of aiualierstcamer. were pa.-ked 11 ka
lie.-hivea, and their tnple deeka were black with mea
aml wotueii who tlix-ktvl to tlie aido from whieh tbe lieel
ilta?ftb?Iflka?nald b> ebtalaed untii tho ves-teU
*.. iin-il on the point of cap.lzlnic. Tho.e who felt reapott
BlbUttJ fnr tlie c.iuluet of the day'a ceremonles ahud
der.-ii aa tn- y taotmd M thaot eratetawdfld ateamera,
and when lhe parade waa over witbout accident tbey
h.-av.-d *i^'h* of n lief.
Every erafl lu the bay wa. drossed with flai;^ Tba
nien-of-w.tr aaefltad to flll the whole Held of rli-iou with
tll tbe noiera ef Ibe laiabea Thi foi.i* of the tncoior
of tbe Fieiii-li Uepuiille tlapped lazil. from the uiiiiuo
ptakfl ?f i?. Flore and tho laero, while tho star4 aud
atnpe.a waved at their ui.iiuiii.uu iu hou^r of the aiater
U. puii.n-. Tho Amerieau war-shi..-. dlaplayo.1 ta*
Fr.-neb tlaK from th.-lr fore-ma.ata.
In anawer t.> r. p-ated blaata of tbo Atlantlc'8
whistif. tho ataaanflflB arbtflb aurrouud.d tlio Mia drew
baflb anl left a paa?a(,'o opeu for the city aaaflBBBBf.
Tbo feiryboat n.aJo her way to tho aidoof the trana.
jiort, while the band played tho " Mar.elli*l*e.,?
Tbe aailors of tlie laere, in white llueu uuiforma,
with blue collars, appearod ou the deek aad
wa\.-d th.tr hau rlgorously aa tbey beard tba
atiainaof tlie Freu.-b Natloi.il air. Tbe odlcers ou tbo
luliU*,- wereilr.-s-.-d lu thu plaia naval frock-coat, with
trou*?jra of spotlea* wblte dtak. Commaudor de t-auuo
appeared, stnilinit aud bewiag w.-loomo to tbo City
Fatbor.. B0flBi dlfflculty wo* experlcueed lu placing
tbo uuwliliiy forryboat broadaide aKalu.t tbo laere.
Tbl.aceoiupliahed, the r_ue.tlon aroae bow wer* thfl
itallf t<> Bflflfl from the oue ve??el to the other I li
waa not to be t-xpeet.-d tii.it Senator Fvarta and Mayor
Oreaa on ao aolemu uu oceaalon would perform aay
m-rol.atic feata for tho aiuiiaeineut of the party. At laat
a nridae wa* trtaVflfljad wblcb jravo ea*y p.uaano to taa
Inere, re.iiiirlnif ouly tbo .acrlllco of dlg
n.iy l.ivi.iv.-.l iu .traddlinjc a haud-ralL Aa Mr.
Bvatflj flB nt tlir.iu.h tho aotuewhat tryin.' ordc.tl, tha
band atruck up " The Btar HpauKled Banuor " aud all tho
peoplo applauded. Mayor Graeo followed, aud .0011 tba
whole Iloaid ot Aldermon, all tbo meiuber* of tbo Amor>
eau Coiumittco aud iho othor. ?tood aafely ou the l*er*'a
Jtistamldahip. a little pavlllon nad been arranged
with Ila,.-., aud hero atood Coiumauder de Sauue ready td
reeelve bi? vlaitora. Tbe reeeptiou waa luformal. Mayor
lirac.-ap.'ko B few wonla of welcome, aud lnvltt-.l tbo
IsawVa BtaatBB t<> aeeepl the city'. tmapiunty at tba city
lla.l iu tbfl atu-1-no..u. After lhe Aldermon had sauitied
th.-irBUttosltyiu reiranl to tbe appointiuenta of tbfl
laC-te, tbey leturued to tho Atlaiiiie, leavluf
the meiubtra of the Fedeatal Commttu-o oa
board tbe Kreii. htranaport. A few miuule. beforo 11
B xun waa Unxl *u board the Lllapatch a. a fligBfll for Ih*
proceaa.on to atait* The laere". trim aallor. promptly
niaiim-il thfl capsUu, aud iu a twlukliuit her anchor wafl
watgbed. lhe meu-of-war bflgM to movo at a alow and
st .t.-ly 8000 lhe liitlo Oi.paUh hcadetl lhe line. After
U.r.-aiuM tbfl reabalaa. the Oiuaha, the Grant, tba
Fiore, the ttitfl and ti.e t-lty ferryboat. The yachu, La
tug., tbo excursiou .teaiuers. all followed aloug in tbe
rear, tbaai t5?y u-'t.. oUdiujf to tho picture4<iueueii4 ol
thfl ?..?.-ne.
Hnrdly waa the procea4lon under way before a little
rliiK of siuoke 4hot horUontally ont from tbo aide of tba
Fowhatau. and aome ae -ou.lt later tbe report of a cat>
uon wa. beurl. Then came another eloud of amoke and
aii.Hli.-r report. aud theu other. ln qulck .uoce**loa,
uutil the fowhatau wo. ?aiilnn ln a eloud
of her otramaalBg aad only hor apar. could be Mea
tOWflttBg above tlio amoke of ner ?uus. Theu the Omaha
took 11 p tbe Bagalohad tale, aud before two K.m. bad
hern tl.ed l^t Fioro betfau to r.ply. The rattlinit of tha
eaaaon ahaoh tha water* of tba bay, aad made peaeeful
elllt. i.a w.-nd.-r whal a naval OBKageBMnt la like. 1.10a
a tremeiidoii. report waa beard from the left aud then
another rroiu the rij,'bt. Fort. WaiUwortb aud lL.iullton
wero salutlni; as tho U6re pa*?ed llirotiirlt the Narrowa
Theu thu aliipa iikiaiu chuued iu, audaooa tbe revcrber.
all..i.a wore roiliutf dowu tbe ab.in.-s of dtateu laland
aud beuting agaiu.t tho lofty buiidlug. of tbe city. Te
thoseou tho ablpa thero acetued to be oue aimosi uuluter
rupted peal of thiiiuler, aud tbe amoke from one (un
ouly rollod away ln tlme to make vlsible thfl
tlaah from a 4ecoad, while lu tbo raro iuterral. betweea
tbo repotts tho atraiua of the " M..rsciilal.o " could
in beard from tbe bauds lu tbe foita -?ud on tbe ateamera.
The ahipa were uo louger vlatble, aud their aquare yardfl
aud tuptiltiK n.u.ia, gay will. Dan., *.eiiitd to re?t oa
uuBUbauutial uioutU. 'lhe aiuoka Xxuiu the fart aflttifltl

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