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kya^Taaaaoex^ ^??!?H%ZZt?B\V%iV
]>en auml the axrftelJVml ot tho Mmistenal
ensia, peoplc in Londoo have found riatoto b? ,r>
Oarooood ta otw m -two matters wltu-h hare no r
la'ieu IO politic* Chief anii.iin tium avas the
099*9000* af m.v.-ilmrt the Darwin Memoml
Statm- lael Taeeday. The c*B9fl my a aa a etasjde
one Thero waa BO pBBBBBtp BOTOBf of tu? otlt
?BM<8pa9et*TiT ohieh attraotaa taaarl aaaaaaaiy or
A gn-at'uiuiiiiu.'- "i nfrahnart, Hut tow Bpeotaelea
BOTO been B90C8 ii.-pi ? ive. Tha ni-n.orial latho
9BjOB9b89B9Bj1 "1 tno honor t-aid to Dan lfl at Bla
Lurul in We-tminiatet Abaef; Itoalf 9 n ana o? the
nmat sing.tlar attvaeiiveuese, Th.it 9*99 three
year* affo. IiiiB.-.h ii.-ly rtfterward, aa Pllll??
Huxley rominded atoa Taetday, ? paahlk ateetnaj
?was Ueld in tbo rooBoeel tho Iteyal Bocdoty, t.> eea>
ai !cr wbat fojlhtf BtegO 9heohl bo taken "to i-.omir
the meuiorv af the BtM who, vvithnut JJBBI aml
?without r.-pi .aeh, hmi oanittfnlly fought tlio
ban'.c.-t in eileotaul bottVj of tJJBBM .'uvV Iho
ineetmg l99J9llld ta ?sk for BOhliaiptlMI for a
atnttie. and tl..-,r aopajai w.-n- 08fl nver all tl.e
world. Thcieishurlly acoutitrv, f?reat or amall,
in Kiimno whieh <l:?i B99 l99BflflBi| anr wero tl.e
UniU'.lStaiesl.aekwH.d. Mr. Huxley tell ua that
Bwo.len ai-Bt iu m.-r-lhan two IhlOlflBd aubai-rip
ti.ins, from all BOftOOl peoi-lo, ftOBa tho bishon to
the Ht-amairoas, aud iu snms from $-3 to four cen's.
9Js the ..r.ler was uiv.-.i for tho stafite. thooxecutinn
of whieh waa inrrnsted to Mr. BoBB9B> The
BBOOBMfal cniniitlee ptBpoaad to tho TrustooH of
the llriti.ah MflBjOOOl to placo this statiio of Darwin
in tbe trreat hall ef tho Nutural 0*8888* Museuni at
JaVmth KaoslflftoO. Ihe Trust- M M taoadatd t hiM.Iler.
The statue was put iu ita plaaa un.l this lueeting of
Tuosday waa eoumW to roceire it witb due
hnaangr to the ?eniery ol tha iiiustnous dead.
Invit utions w.-re a.lilrest. d to all tho chit-f men of
Bcion.e in flBglaOll, BOl to many vvhose faiue hits
OOtMagtt 9T arUh sciouc-. Ihe foremost living
pupiiot Darwin. Piofkeaot HutIov, was thero 00
fongdnj as ch.iirm.in of tho OBOaOBlAlaa, BOghOflB
oloaoB ProaioeoJ of the Bafal ooetaty, to aanal
OTOt Ihe statue lo the Trustees. Iho I'rmee of
Walea, on* nt theTrustoea, w*s thero to reeetra it
iu behali ol ha BfllliagaaBi Ajoom ihe ooanoany
th.it eliistere! ni tSieateps aml jalatform were tho
Lord Stuvvar.l (Loei Sy.lnoyi, Lurd Cadagan, whom
100999 amvint1-1-> BBO Vic -rovalty Of Ireland rfLeH
Bherbrooka, Lewd H.uis'it.m, l.-ml Aetoo, s^ir
Uoary Bawllnoaa, ooa of t'ne gr.-.iU-st Orientalists
of his tun^; Mr. BrowaiBf, Mr. ftaojajg, |h08OB88>
talaadaol ?'t Ihe atoaoa ">: Bi* anehaed Owea (who
aan aariHyh-? BbJ y .lall'h.'arrancoment^, three
6-ina.n Darwin, tha laaaJtwofCtoietfi Colk ee, Caaa
bri'lu". DaoWtVa aaHaga. 1 hroak in upon the
enimieritii.n.t.f 009888 t? aak fOO te BOtteO BOW
oarefolli Ihey bad baao aaeaeB, and with whai
nti.-i IfOgeaoW of .n r ? r.mU or fOBBdOO thia bnll
lint 9B9'8tYT-iff~ kad aaea made on. Tho meu of
ranU ab-.ve u.iiue.l are all ui n who have an afleial
coiiiiectioB with tho Ma-.en;n, or othor claims to ho
prosent whilly irre-noi-tivo of th.-ir rank. Next
camo Ad-niral Sir 15. J. Siiliivan and Vice-Ailmiral
|] Uerab, two of the three aorriruig oiTn-ers with
irhonji Darwra aalled iu lha uaBknrihlo erafee of
the Deaglei Dix Joaopk Hdeher,eaj^Paataaoaail oftna
Boyol 8oeioty aad I BojoBaaa tha Irol af Engiiah
bot iniat?; leBTtj AjBOBOhUO. 1*09999181 Rowtae, tho
i!.....i, alait li.e->..-.'i-t; Mt.lJ.'i.d.l'il icipul letaOBI kaa
of the I'.ntis'a M laeemj fcfWilttaaaOofl,onaol tho
gj .-t raabiaanthle and, notwithjitamlniar that. one
of the beal phvsii laaa io laeaatoa; aoi Jaaepl l.ia.er,
tiifiii-ist anftanri Basaeoa "f tlio day aml aaBhoi
of tue aniia-piu- 89809881 it of woniula, th" dia
cov.ry whi.h haa reayelattoolaad] su:gciy; .Sir
j.t-iies Paajai paahaaai tho meat giftod eeerating
Btitge.ii in Eaglaadi Mr. Laefcy, Mr. Heaherl
S^-ncei ib it uot Mr. Fredtric Harriaoa), and many
B-aides all thoao, thero wero three wen whose
anaeoee la 9foa ?ora arorthy of uote. A^ehooaeoa
rair.ii-waa ii-io, -.vhoo "Lif-.'f Chriat" ia 90id tn
Iiave oofpaea ??! " L'mleTt.ra'at'ahiu'' itself in t-ir. n
latitia. Ibe 090084 was tho Deati of Westimua:-1.
Tho th'.r.l w;?. lha ?min'iial Bood of tho (hiirch at
Eagtand, tho Awhhtaheo af Caaleahary. 1 boea ao
ato .1 nt tho p'a'f.inu by tbe side of tho Prineo aml
at lha ?rv f.-t of Darwin. Ho ond aa air of
opoototk hnmillty whieh s>ut oell oa hi;u. aul
v.hi.-i oalled weii tho 88JT98BB8taar8a in trhieb he
B;i:?a?l. hfoal tu-vu BBflal haro fclt tho aigii'.i
ei'ic'ot hiaeaooiaoe^arl no; ...io word was pohttely
saiil whieh r.uild 99881 iiiiffr.i.-i *99 lfl tho 90809008
of thiaa.t of tKaOtaga fr-un the Chureh lo tbe
great man of ?ie-i.->. w'io haa shaken to its fouiula
tiou. t.i ? uu'.'iority of the Churcb. If it bo a step
towa'il thal reconciliati Ofl of whek 98 miieh ia gold
hetwaoo Betaoee aad Rehgion, it is, aa far as the
Chureh of Baflaaai is coo.-ern-d, aa a?-t whic'.
earors timro of 9ata*j8a98fl than of toleratmn. It is
8 rofint.iti >a fld the anathemas 0B99 98008*900881
on Darwin; it ia, wt h-aat. I re.-ognition af his rlgln
fui oaaftioo in tho tatelkoaaal world. It is, I
aaataBBplad] toaay, aoeooao kaa ta Darwin of ao*
agadjoato aulhoriif in nutMs "f faitb, or whieh
Tv.i ? Bttet of fai'.h. This t;m- it is tho Clmnh
wntea aat gone to Canoaao. Ihsa^oaal hall of the
h.niril Mist.irv Mu-'-mii iolooaiuoleaeolthaa the
b;.o-v-i- iTOTod ciurtyai-.l of th--> Caatlo wliero
Hlid*)brand kopl Henry threo davs watting, aml
bo miieh aofler aro tho luaiiinis of nunloro days
that tho Archh>';>p st BBf BOBBathtBB leas than
balf an hour kofoto tho marblo olrli'v of his virteri
ous foe. P.iu tlie Boree liuht whieii beat apoa hmi
liaa flBBde hirn a visib e figire for co'ituri. -s to 88888.
Tho wholo c-erenniay was iadeed ainong the
ahorteet on raeaaal, PuucUuily at n.?on lha Pnnee
of Wales wa'ked Bf the h ill amid .-hoers, BtOBntod
the?ie|ia, a.-1-.niiiM in-il hv Mr. Huxley aml Othon
?vve . had aime to tha ftont door to aaaaJto, taaayk
liaiola with ?,ili-ra uf the conipany, aml Blgoilled hia
Bjg9BBaaa*tOto beajra. Mr. Huxley iinfuldo.l his shoet
afoaiatad gtoot aud reu-I BBJ brii-r ad !n-s. The
Teil MI froat Ihe statue. The aiidience floplaaided,
Mr. Huxley Lfl B lOW 8l ?;:i.et 88BI8fl88a cotainitted
the tm'tiorial to the BB98 <>f the .Mnat-ini rruateea.
Tho Prlaea of Vfalea, m ieaa)efleea not leas fow, ?c
oeotod tt, aa4 the aaJaaaBtay af tho day waa orer
before Ukt atoak hod atruek tho quarfor.
l'rofeiiaiir Huxiey'a flajefaaaOBI mm h tooeondenseil
takoeeodeeuBjal a?aiu. I have alieody bonowod
from it so.ii'. of its most strikbtf facta and otio of
its BBBtaaaoo/flaaii pajaoBgaao Ba is ono of tb? not
t/io aajflBoreoa mon ol *oaaoaa with a definit? sensi'
of litorary rhtflk, and with a powor of exprassion
whieh plaoes imn, quito iudejieudeotly of kis
Bcieiitiric ponti oi, a;no:i^ tho tirst writers of his
geceration. He haa suniuied up thecaso for Darwin
in a BQOtOTO Darwin was one of thoae rare
rni'.iatersatid lu'erpreter* of nattiro wboae names
tnaeW BBjoehO in l B9 ajiranee of aatural knowledge.
*\Vuaferer bo tho ultiinato rtnlict of poalority
upon this or lhat opinion whieh Darwin haa pro
poimded. vvhatever luluuibiatioiib or aiitici|>alioiis
of his doctrmes may bo found in the writings of hia
predeoessore, the broad faetrotnalm that einco tho
publicaiiou and by MBOOO of tho publicatioB of Iho
'UriKiu Bf BpaeBta,' tbo funduniental contoptiona
ond tl.oaiint of thestudents of liring Nature have
been conip'.etely changod." Then upon the uncovc-r
init of tho statue i-amo thoeo worde:
" It only retrains for me, your Koyal Higkaoss,
my I.ords aml (ientlenien, Tneteee of th? Britub
*lu-euro. in tho namo of th? Darwin Momorial
i oiiiiintt iee, to re.iueat rou to areept this statue of
Ch.irlos Darwin. we do not ruake thit requost for
tho moie aak? of perpetuatlng a meaa ry | for so
lonu ux Bien oectipT themoelTes witb tko purstut af
truik, the liani? of Darwin run? no niore risk of
ohlivion thau tloos that of CoperDiens or that af
Harrey. Nor, ka.iat aaauredly, do w? a>k yon to
pret rv? tb? statue in ito cyaotural poaiiiou iu Ibn
catrai.ie hall ol .mr Natloual Muaeuni of Nataral
Jliatory aa evitlent? that Mr. Darwin'a Yiews hav?
reeoirwlvonroftieial aanetion, ftirrrlencBdoetuot
tocngnizo eueh aaactiona, and comnaita auicide
when it adopto a creod. Noj we beg yoil to
ehoriali this Biemonal as a truiliol by whieh, aa
ganaralion after geueration ot studeuu of batare
anter yonder door, they eball be nanaded of tbo
Jdeal according to whieh they must tbap? tbeir
ltrea if they wonid turn to tb? beat account tho
opportnnitiea oiTaxed by tbo great uuatitatioa under
your tborge."
The dignity of that ia worthy of all admiration,
wbile aa for tbe dtctioa, tha wholo paaaage may bo
OOBunonded to tho atudent aa a aiodel tbo oxool
ton of whieh ho will aoctor coatprobend after he
i tried to put the author'a idaae lato other wordo
than hia awn. Tha dolirery of it wm ao forcibU? aa
to jnotify a hopo that Profeseor Haxley lofaioatho
rniwl to coniplotely roataired healtb.
What tho Princo of Waleo had to aay waa aata
vrtth taei and fc-ood feelln-*. Tery atuliMv i? th?
n.atk,d GaBBBBB accent whir-h i?one of tlio prcaii
aruios of the Mf totl.o Baffiah throno, After
that Mtara waa no fnrthar ceiemony nalcas tlie
conrersation whirh hmke tho pthfaTTBI on tho
platforta int* itroui.a aiav bo callod a eeron.ony.
The Ptlaaa aatO 8 ?ord, aa hia way ia, to overy
bodv whoiu he lu.ew ; aiiiRiiui: ont Mr. IWhroi to
roi.KratiilHtoliiino.itlie^ic.en4of hio woik. ?lr.
?ajaaafhagl already expressed bi? ndrairation ?
th- pawar of ar-Bataa aaataaalaai which enai.ied tno
aaadaaaa ta plaae b-f..r? na ao eaarara?8orh>taa a hke
p*ea of on' whoui he had not 0000*. The Matne de
aaa-rea that nraiHO aml somctlnns more. Tbrre ia in
H th.it Kcuiptural qnality without which a atatn*
may be a fOod portrait Imt cannot be a ? ork ot
raal art. ihe seated figuro with its bent hr-ad and
aaay posa has the aajaraa whloh a*aB8*Mairaplintys
aa Darwin himaelf had. Mr. BeeaflBfa gw.t<-static
ceas is perhips to ba< aeon in tho Ktarap of putieut
oboervatiouuii.l tlllltlo* which tho fa.-e he arl|
itmtherecor.linm.rbl? of Harwine mtoliV't.ial
, , O. W. 8.
M. Dandeta pnpor in The Cmtury on Mis
tral. the Provencal poet, la a thing of IfajM nuch a.nl
neat characterUution ; aud t.a inoreover very well trana
Tbe beat aiOalaal work ln The fjbwaavf 1* that to be
fonnd ... the paeeaof .Mr.Howalll-a atory. Of oll the ..... .
lialBlllliaa navela, it I* heycnd ijuoitlon the atning
oat ln Ua preaeiitation of the llfo and cb.iracter or tu-duy.
Itlaiv.thl.Uof aro.nanee; even IVnelope'a aentlment
1. coolly ohaerve.1 bv the reader. who la not made to nire
?jolwhethertt.e^rlbeh..Ppyor not; but 00 a ca.tn
Btndy In loaliain, a aurgical d.iuouatratlon, tbe atory io
Tbobe.'liinlngof Mr. ITowehVi new atory ln Ilnrper
lialaoexceelinitlycreditahle. ltaioeue. to be aura. la
aet lu Italy, but ita bero ia an enaily llllflatian type of
Ainerii-an. Ita wom.u are already aeen to ba the ratb-r
?Uiy aad altoflothor bMoaaaaaoal and yet amlahie araat
m t? wle.1,1 Mr. ilowell* tlf uot ptiaolialoh.icrNatloU)
haaaccuatome.l ua.
Ihe Magazmr 0} Amtriritn UUUtry preaenla a nutnn-r
of Intereainig and vaiu.iblo aril.lua on the Clvil War.
wiitteuinaevor.il casea by aien who w.-te tl.ei.iaelv.-*
aetoralntho.lraiua. Tue iim^a/m.- f* 1* tt* entin ty an
BIOBlliel i-ontril.ution to tbo hlatory of the atruK'ifle.
llnrpir ia in.table for BBflM ailinir.il.!e pra.-tir.il artlclea
oftltekin.l wh:ciif..rliinu'y.-.ii-< baw.? " ?" ? "???*?
gtaapMIiliarlyiiaeful. MnaWel l.'a papOT on tl.e Clty
pl Ba8 dota ptooaaatly wrtttao anddatloaiolj IUui
at.l Mr. M iriou Crawlonl'aarticio on "Tbo ktlhOMIBB'
dani la Iiidia," ti...-..'b rpalta vttaoal oao laaaftlaattvi
?jvaeaa *a ti.ni -<.8 tot, la ooiafal aad maaaatlva.
Oimof the beat 1.Ita of work In tlie mugarlnei of the
i.ioiith la tbe little atory, -Maaa." "vhicli ( harl.-a M.in
ghjgj aaalflkatia tt LafaaaaaaB. iti? muat pataatlaaily
and teraelv tol.l. /.i/v>.?iro". al'.-it -v.t gttaa 10 boaot.
iug. tuay iN.-l, ba praaoj uf it. Uctiou.aud eapociully of ll*
m.. laal < h.iracter-atii.li. a.
7/ir.lf''?.iif :* aomewliat 8*11?th* nle.-i* i-He-t of lt*
paaaaa aaaaj tbo kaaat Bialaattaaa Thia u ibe flrat ..f
Mr. C. D. Waruer'a aerlea of OlttOtOI on a borufbafk
jou'rney iu tbe Rt.uib. It lo graoofnl, pietaooaqaa an l
biini'.roua, witb that alry, wln.iniif an.l alert bataor
with wl.leh Mr. W.rner ha* bOBg wit.-l:e.t klonadori,
Tboifview* of the uuuii.er at- oauaiaoaptaoa | Boaoag
the p.a9uia >? one ln whlrh Mr. i\ D. Bh. r. ahowa
beltercupi. ittea th .ti I.e 0*0 hefore tevealel ln hia nn
artgiaal au i rather Biaaraaa \, raa a wi Ba* w;.,. aaa <io
ao w.-llaat'ita would better 84*00*8 l> >etry of tbo ron
Ueuu aml UtOBOl ?tatnp.
Mr. ?taatrtrra'a "MaaaaroaTT of naaMaarry" renewa
ln Ihe C ntury th" trluniph of th- orlRln .1 04*08 of p8?
,lr?r?- ?? T.ic I-ady. or th- T.,vr I " Vet o-..- BBBBOt but
?aaaat th .t the autin.r haa uoi ailowe.t tbe liiai alory to
reuialu 0*1410* of ltl kind.
The llag'une ?/ Wrti rn nutny la a haadoootol*'
pni.i.-.i an.i MteataJatoaj partodlaol, awatag Otaralaad a*
oa ahliTliia Plaoo U 8*aB*a1 gahaoh ouay yoata for IM
t..pica. but lt I* n.it tbo li-aa amacive far tbat Ih* II""
a. <;. aaeahahaa a goad ktbgaaphlaal paapaa ou ;i. r
W.ulc ln the .Inly nu:nl..r. _
iXcui j>ublua!to;i3.
Iltr. S-.NO ttl BBIIOfi B-lni B I)tarreir?i 1.rtw?-ri
X_i_.ilUiiaf ladla.aw1 I'" *Baaaaai in-iu/. un.trr tao
fonn.ir Krn-".i. irai.ai.i-.l r,.iii ti- BOaahTM bf B*Wta
A.;:-.:.'.. autt-.ii *T"t*0 UChtal AaU" laa?a ClOta, nal
faaaawBh B***aaaaa,aa4??aaaBav PrloaiL
A HBJtOIBOPI BABLBO R I I '0 I - Bf Chirlei W.
Weiette a:. I POSMSby Mr. BWOOkaBBllOtOdOBat aaBtoi by
W. P. ALihewa. Halrla..-.,. i-'.olli. Kllt top. Tric-t;
TUi* Ml tn >nal V-.;a im wiil on WOBI iiuil b?" U.?U of peo?
ple who kn.-w an.i boroi '? tuia Baaaaoatfo poaoahat au.i
aaoaaoaaaaaoaraad i-iet." ao *da.trahi? ukene?a ?f Mr.
Brooka prefarea tbe rolume.
Sold ovcrywhore. Malled. p.oipt.11 by tbe pubiiaher*.
Frlce, 01 4".
1041 hkv-m: n. v. _,
A If H A 8 Bl I .'A ll-V A 8 KA N?i 11>.
For Boyo ftnd Youn? Mort?City.
CIROICE rollortion of arhool eirrnlnra fnr
> niiri-nta anrt rnarrtlaiia. Teachera ln evary i>v*rtment of
lltandlearoini reinmii.in.IM. II. HKaaK, 4? Weal 'i?t af.
SCHOOL OF M1NE8? I'rppnratorv Hchool
A lllxb f ehofil of SdT.ee and Kncllak.
* 8il BAhrr 45. ll-lal.
I, WOOHBIllUlia UAVlti. U V... Vh. IA, fPPO10*!^
JOJIN 1IALU L). D. ChaUcellor,
Entra... eevaiii.i.ai...... a pi.-nilii-r 14 an.l 15, 10 a. tn.
Cat?lf.?rTiea with ful! I'.-.tlli nlar? of rmuara tn art*, BOtWOa
elTil eneiiieeruiK, meilli-iiie, and law .ar. bentitatned by up
lillcation at lh< t niviialty Ktillding. Waablr.gtoua.tuare.
No l 47! Hroadwav. near4?rt-af.; 4'th year. I'rtwiarr,
i-on.nieri Iai anrtl'laaa: a] I . i.arlmenu Iu.-Uucllon th-irmi (h.
Tenoa niodarut*. M. M. HoBllY, W. JL A K IH, Prlnclpala.
For Young Ladiea?City.
HiMfKl BBBAJU ky.Jb, a. it. PBIBCXPaJU
1 Yorxn LADIK* nraTBlTCTlOB IV Mt.HIC.
LANOC V.Kn. ANIJ AltT. iin-ler the cnre an.l aiip**rv1?lon
of MAtiAMK OIOVAB MM. I irni. rly hea?l BltaaicaaachOf
for tweive. yrura ..t Itve Tiulnaiy, Hyc, N. Y. llllhe?t UiBtU
ni.uiala. t-i-nd for ctrcular._ 188 Kaat Mth-at.
HF.l'T 24, 48 W$M .'.'.that. Kfuvl*nt corpa uf teach
er* forall dapartuienti. IIi.anitii? irormed.
b. 1>. IIUK. fJAHD, ?. D.. rreailiuU
For Both Sexao?Citv.
-CHOICK CIRCULA RS of Schoola for par
- - m eoti ai.d goardbina. Teaeticra lu *>ery departtneot
of arl aud lcitrjilug re. ouimondi-al HOO uf Caarce. >'ew aud
eeronrl-tiaiiil ?ajhool fwraltura for ?aie. *. K f WIA M CO Y ?
KI&HB. (BOit CcaOutr lla.UlBBl. kl Kaat :7th-.t.
I fi.uii.'ial lTi.'.i, Bo**. K lliildi.ii. llectnr. aodertoe dlrro
tl..i. of tl.e 'i r.nt.-ea ..f tl.e l*i.u I- |.la. I'.in.ii-. .-<:h >-il . Itt.
Rev. Blabop I'.illei. I'n ?. I'repare* for coileare or f..i h.ial.
nea*. For free beueflcea app.u-allou lo b* mada to tba
hearet.ry. I'avlng pupll* rrceivod. yunbar paxtkulari
glven al tha acaooL Opena SepL 7.
For Boya and Young Men?Country.
TUTJBO Boya-AUautumar. X. HlMLiH, A. aL.
_^___ BOBipatoad, Loum lalaud.
eharcaa. LAMI1EHT ArAIiEllY, Wiltoa, Coon.
tng Mbool, WblU I'laina, X. Y.
_ Frtoclaal O. R.JTIXLI8, TU. D._
BORDENTOWN, N. J.-MiliUrjr Inntitnto.
PaajaaaO for OeUeae or naaiueaa. Uteaiy loeateO, healtb.
Iai aad laotougb. JTor ciroulara 4c, adnreaa
Bar.-i.at. LAJOOM, A, M, frtaoipai.
Ft-r Boyo and Touner Men?Country.
B^?we?l ? "Perleaced pbreleuui entt toaeher.
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RYE BEMUfARY. Rye, New-York.
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? \ :-.!?! N CITY, L. 1
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For Both Sexet-Cvintry.
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/M'SHIN'. ACADEMY. Aahlmrnham, M
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KOCKLAND COLLEOE, Nvu. k-<m-'ii?
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IIORDENTOWN, N. J^?Feni;il? CoBtjgai
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W1B raepea wi-i..MaiiAY, Jtepi 19), ABflkoat tiy lotla
nntil -ept. im'ii r I. _
ISS HAINES'H scilnol/"
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Kaallak Brsaekea, I ittn (ln k flarmaB, Pteaek, italian,
Miialc .itut \-t LO itlOB unaiirt.-e-e-l.
_ J.I.J.Vh \TII viiAll >i|M NM -kpt n.
NYAI.k M-.MI.NAK1 lor Rirls; hmitoal num
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liein V V. A.1U -aMia. ittuOaBOBBBTJIULK, rrinciual.
/YSSIMMt fNSTlTUTE l<?r Yonoft Emli'K
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BtBate. eloeatl'in. I'nrl 'li iimI imal.-in I .n ,iiur.-4 ' I. uj," *
BMdereta, Upaa Hepu uber iu. .
r Itt-T C I) BICK, Prii-ripal.
i mugpfi-eara
YALE QBADUATE ol L885woald lik?> no
ei.a-a<?mant t?. tutor for U.e .nnimrr; i.ia.'nn ? la
ia.,;...:.? * i.iat.-n.il. tddrea*
11. U. I.KI.A > I'. 35" tiaaige at . .*4ew llaven, I'otin.
Aa-esey aepptia* I'T-ofaaaort, r?aeVrM, Ttitora. U.iv^r
asaaoa, ?tcM to Coiiagea, ?vihut* and Kaom*. Apnlr to
itTRaCM. J. YuljJi.j-rCl.Toat. H Oatao o.|u?r4,
boat teaehera for all | ? . Mll. .1.- . te .. I.era aiiilcil . vacai.
i lr? ...., many to ?lea< ritM> .No l?<i tor regiairall-Hi. K.n ... f. r
.tan.p. H. k. AVi-HY, J \M-at 14th lt., S jf,
Ii pnplla ln . i.tnin-.ii or hl(b"r I uj l-li. .1 1.I1.1 anunner .
rliy 01 - tuiiiitry ; htfhoat referouiea. Ad'ieaa
ItA.'lll-.K. 01 Weat 188*4*.
1/-RENCH GENTLEJlAN wialiea to exchaage
I Encliab laaaoi.a wlit. Ameri. an lady. Addre.a
ll. I), >>.. Inf.aun I'piowii .ituoai, l,2a? Uroadw .y.
CCHOOL OFFICIAI.S BBd iith.Ta mm.|.Ii.-<I
kT? with traehrra and tearbera al.1i d 111 obtaJninir P'-aitluna.
Aj.pl* to A. I oVhl.l. A .... Ll Aalor jil.icc, N.>? Vork.
CCHERMEKUORN'H Ieavbera1 Affoacy.- E*.
i? tabllabed ,?.">'.. prompllv proiwte* b. at trarhera for
piivate puplla, faii.lllea, im booia aad ioiln|-ea. .Nocbaran.
J. W. hl'lll.HMI- 1tllOI*.> ,t ..... 7 1 ail Uth-al, N.Y*.
WANTED I M M l-.l>1 A'J'KI.V. - Kiiidi-FKiiF
taa witb inua a . in.porlaut poauien.
I . 1I1KI4M < 'iVKHKK,
N. tt t'entury Ilulldlu.*. 31 Kaal 1 :t.< at.|
OR 8ALE.?A fcranii uqnaro niruio, e.iod
laMKUUaa, carvo* loga. Addreie l'lAJiO, inbunc Ulflca
Diuioeno Nolices.
o-mco ot tn. PAiit a-id Dmrra B. B. Cc i
Br. PaUL. Mlnn., Jum l"vl88?.Ml1
/V IliLr PEK CENT npon tbe preferrwl efeA- of thia
eompaav ha* tbl* dav tieeu deol .red out. of ?ae Incorna trx-oui
tul aanaaa tor ihe laat aix moiiilia of iheyeir endingJone a*
laaft. payable to itookh.ii.u-ra of raofl* at the atoaa ol buav
u,?aoti BaafTlT June ti l?h.V ?t the Kourth Natloual Bank,
of New.Yoik. inciah on aad after Julr 1, 1*k1
Tranifer laaa* cloae at tbe oloae if bttaln> ai on Monnay.
Jnna S Itafia, and reop.-n on VI r> needay. July 1, l"*"-'- .
I'll iliph. HABB1M. aa-ratary and rraaaorer.
73 BB04UWAT. rouSOR Ha* IOR IT.. >
NKW.YO ttJulyil, 1--.-44. )
A ofTWO ANDONRI1AI.P <-"l) fBB CBJfT'0* 8b*
i-apita: *t.a;k ofthe I Nl-.N TBUBf I "MP A N Y of Nevv
York wlll be pald at th* offlie of tha conpaiy on an* a.ter tbe
10th dav nUnly. 'HMft. _ . ? -_
Th* n a..-i. i booka wlll eloee on Mou !.iy, July (3, and reo.ien
on saturday, July ll. IftOi.^ q R()n> f ^^ *******
orFkt ok MwirHia Air>fii*atit-T..i iiulboad CouPAxr,)
No. lioBKOAi.WAr, nt wm? ;K. Joaotd, H-aj. j i
COIII'O.SS 0B DOBtU of tlie. MempliH and
iharleeton Railrmd Conipauy fal.lncdun July 1, 18a>,
wiil hepauiat tiie ofBiaof \s alaion 11. BrOWJ ,te Hroi.. >0.
?ii) .Naaaau.at.. New-Yark, ou and if ter >hat date.
_I? ll. rt< IIWA.n, Keeretary._
OniCl 00 THO flLOOR PIHR l!?*l'BA'?<.B < 'uMFANY. )
Ba i.-i ?a.-4i>?''Ar. >
NBw-Y.'itB". Juty ii. 1888. )
DITIDEHD.?The oaaal aom-snna l Pivi
don.1 of FIVE (5) PER CENT Baa been devlatfid pay
?bleou.le ;...!..i I POAn k. m.i.LY. focroUiy.
lLi.iT* PiaaMaimt kiir lt. B.. ... 1
EA?T 1AHIN4W, M|.H.,.lune 17, 1BT** 1
TVIDKND.-A dtridead of two (3)pet
. . r.-nt on the Preforied t'apital Htook of the l oiiipany Ii >a
b. aa d.-i-lai.-d najrable at u.e Mcn hanU' l.i. h?ni<e NaUonal
llank KOW-Yef* '... ... I dtof J I I. Y 14, 18*44, to - t.ack tx.l.l
era.if |ai "1 *l :i P m . Juim 'J-'. 1**.*>.
ihe tra.afer h.a-ka wiil cloae at 1 p. rn., Juno ?2, aud ro
onen July i4. 1885. __ _ . __
1 v H. C. POTI I tl. JR- Tre.iaurer.
THO NATI..-4I. HH<>? All* I.kAlHIR I'.ANK, ?
NKW-Youa.June lll, lti*\ J
n of thli f.itik hive thtadavdeelnr-da-eetlA.innil dlvt
den.lof rOVH 4. I'l lt t l NT, fr> o rrmn tax, pay.blo July
l l.atf,'.. unul whl" b dato the trauafer h.ajk w l.i MelOOOd.
^^^ I! M. li.N.t IM", I'aahler.
. i l.. r OF WKI.I>. KAH'.O * CO., )
.\o .; - BaoaawAT, >
Nlw-Youa. Juie- 20, lefl.l. >
liKVT) of 4 **B CENT haa ?ie?ii deelarwl by lh*> 1
reetoraof tina I ompany. payahlejuly Ii, laai, at ourotllei
Taa trauafer-booka wlll eloae .fune **, at 2 p. m.. and aaa***
Julr 10.
'_II. n. PAP.Sii.N8. Aaalaf.nr fteerotary.
TllR 'IRIKNTU. 1I.1.1K, I
NlW.Vf.lK. Jnne -.'.). lrt-,1.5
i )? I ite.id ot tlVi- | per.enl haa t'.ta dav be. n derlated
from ihe enriiiiii* of tbe l-*t ait i ..n".? payable tnly 1
Bfoohaa BBaVOOB <?. a^ BBB, < tauner.
Daviitfa U.inko.
Bl * Y.IIK. IlineHO, l?.-l*i.
The |fnat'-.'">? t'.la tnatttnfti.n kave otrd. i '. thal Intereat
t.e pald tn depoolUm eni.iie I U .-r.'t.. f-r t.i <u aootba aad
;.,_? ulr 1 tt th" t.ite ..f l |..-r . . nt t..-r antiiitn. .?. ili a.i.i.1 nf
?...IHnIbihI iiii-Io , p.ivihie on-.n ? ? t. r J.i y .!?' 14H.1
n>iiN ? a.iIiiki-:, Praatataat,
C. ll. ill.A I i.n. .-.-. retary.
ttKVi rOltK DIVIOr.HD taa il mnal dlvldeod of
. i?-r eeni Baa neni it>-.... . t up.... ihe eayital it.M k ..f
II.ia l.aik. l?i ai.l - .... i.i.d -..'ter .l.ili ??. ! tM i,
?' l v. CaatUor.
MW Y".iK. N V . luie 17. 1888. I
raaBaardofTiaalni bovoOiiiiaridtho DtiMaaatfaa iha
htiif-ye.1- l '
i .-, | .. at 4 per eaot per annnm . .' iceountai
.,' .. ,-..m-n ...f .,-,-...?..., i ;. -r ?. .t oo 11, '" irdl T"*
reni on IM atoaa*
,, ?i, i after Jnly 18 ?r if u owal t<> roaaaa
? t I ilv i.
Itaal . i ^ .nn ' '"?'' eloaea at .1 p. m.
M11BIJ aiaaailBd I* Bl belor.i July 10 wlU Uraw 0*400001
.iardneri 1 hapln. Tt-aaa tn... \v. BBtTTOV, IT.oaaaaO,
1 . - i. apragftao.Beoiotarr.
*Drr*f GtiMinrro.
;\ ,,j \-,,. iU taKKVIl I. vla I. . M'" > .'' Bl Y
. |.. i.ilAJ.il. 11 Op. .... I Kl B*4W**alA l-..v .- .. 3 p.m
, ? 1 N. II". I 1 10r. a,?p. xo.
la'.l'i ;..a?-a^- *? " >'? ?-' eeroo I rUM
ii\i.i'ii.ii a?u viukkioth*n maKvica
CITYadauMI _ ?"* Wwlnewta* Folf *% AOg>M
? n.l aari rr t ...nh Weaneal >v m.-r a-.-r.
.. pu? a.t ? ? " i. . .?
r?i,:ij . ....r-.- ,.-.i ... i.-r. laM.r .'.I.-l. rm*.
-1,. .- outward 1 ". 1 rooai ' I ?
Ifr.NPI : 111.1.-. ... te ia. \ enta,
7 tiowiinic i.i.en. N.-a.'i.>rk_
^^ KOTU i_-i.A.\;. iu.fTP."
l.. 1 aitWYOka 1-. ^IV ??-'?' 'U VIA OBEBBBi
H....J iii.i..No. la, BOBTfl BlTBffk
aaaviA...... ? ?? ??-'?. - U *?oa.
la . ? .taoiToar.Ja
Al KANIi ,. nati.i ? >aiu.
'y | , n-, v '' _ eaiur.a^ -laa , a a. in.
, ?.,,,,. ? 41.al.
>? !. .:.-..
, .. , , ,,??-._ - .. 4 lloWliUg 'iroen.
NW4W. ?rv-,?.ii .^ a< i.caU,
i/ci: BERMUI>A..
. v - ? ? \ V
', h, rleaaat '"*?
,, , rill 'lOa 'aad. ...i < . ?".? ? . I ?-? - ?
'lliVi'-l-^Y trora Ka-a-Yut* ?"?? 1- ? iu a. "? 'riiLn-j*
[ Apr.l ?.?< I *?0.
?ti l ?- ? ?-? u' ., . ,
' x 1 Lli.UU. \M< Bta, .1 ,.r....!-.. ir.
woaLu raava.Liumpany.aotBioadwar.
tl . woonNow-Yarkaadilataa
couipanviHar(Bowi .\a4JBurtk .f M..rto.-a*.
1 r... lu.i - p ui.
- 1. 1. ui. n. ?. ti ?>?... lair 14 - 4, ml
A*4I '*' .' 1 a ?? 1 v. .? i-.-a.Uv . . 13. - p p. ra
ay. Ol 'i IN an-. 11 edaa ' la . *. .u.
1 lladB l.?atri*U ? ?'. 1 -? il-.e
1 aowiuBtatoooll,aa tuu 1Ij>ii-iuj
. 1 ^ ..I.4.H an. ? f i"an.
LuCTa UK UKOIAM. A| .a.i.i< vlreaf-4.
1* It I.N. II ..I 1 I- ( . I. l-i .??" M'-i > ?
\ 0 I'MTKIl BTATM M.\n. >ri \ M I" lll
f. lt wl I 1* >-!'???.N a.Mi 1.1 Vk.Kl'.'uU
Uavia* Fteraa M 1. t-.t-.t Biuaata,
V.IH4 ".'. -I N . I nr?.la>. J.liV 7. nnon.
.1 \> Ml. . 1." Bttao, . . 11 ? .
sa\...*. . r ?. ..ar Jtur -*n a 111.
ii I ?' . ? .-.TueanaV. A-./. . .. ? a. ,1.
? V. n _ .... 1 .-- ., ?../ '.a 1 . ??
(...... gaaaijcn 1 . 1 1;-- * > lla ' ? ? 1 . a*1". ?"" and f 41
JllU nu.-...al.. ? ? . .iU-.-.a. al ... ? r*L ??! ,.,,,- ..,,.
nn 1 . ? . ? \.. ? . ocioa *o?
Pl.YMul 1 lll loadiial.l lirrtioiirii*- !*arta. and llainhur*.
, ....a.. . . J.I.. . ,? ? , - ? . "? --.... Ua ??
-11. II "
Pirai.'iitin 080 *#**? aad B7.V Mreraaa tJO. I.onn.l tnp ai
ml .. ..I Bl ? v ?? ? I hir ?? loul.a. ?.a/:. II. '
k . ?. 1. v I. i t < 'I 1 . it. I.H IIA Itl' A . ').,
,X au ?:'.'? -I it--. ^ v. ?.--.. I-. . tgta, i..*.y..N.Y.
IS M \ S | IM'. OF STE 1MER8,
ll A I IU" . ? aturdav. Ju;? ll. 3 f. m
L'|11 OKCJtl I ? '??. ' ' , '
,'-i I \ .ih i*i -ainrtiav J..IV.V p *n
r.-iiii Pur.;-.. Bortb Rivar. f.u:l.\ r.iivini-. ao*, *?"
? n.l ?|.ni lui. l ..- ' ll - - ' ?'? : ' Nevr
lork t-O. l-|iva..ii. -? ??! ? I '" paeaa/e. .t.-.apply lo
l*l. ir.ll WllHail ? ''a ?
\o 1 lir .utway. N. Y
vmrrn okkman Hloyd >s uu
i> HltOltl ROI 1 I" l.'.NH'.N,
BBW-rOnR -.iffti \m: I-'.n an i- iiiiKMFt,
, ? I \ \v- -l. lall ".-'?> '"? I I : a*KBI?i K, -Min-.tiv.
N|.K\'lt.-al I lll V 11 7a.ni I 'nlv 11 !: n ??. m
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? M I n Bal . Jiiiv J ?. . a m.
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Cabin. ?? ? BBd -?''. "" Oldal it-an.er?. I lr?l ? abiu, ?.0>i,
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^te.?ra^e at loweat ratet.
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JAIMN .111 N\ NKW-XKAI.4N0, Al'illllllA. I'SI.
?1KAL AM' OOU I U AMBBiC* aNI, lll.Uu
Irotu.Ni-M 1 ..tk. I'.-r I....! . iiii-il-al.. .N. lt
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Coi.lir. tmr for .'entral and Sonth Amenra and M"Xloo?
lloin ->an 1 . in' 'a.-.. lataud l i kiii.au ata.
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?-1 I"-, .11. , . .: ?<??? alurdav.Ail '".._'I..TI.
ror lloNoi.ll.r. BBWTJEKALANO anu Afarnvi.l.V
. - i lt Ii naili -i.'.r-uv. -i ' . ?-? p. m.,
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fitrliBlgbi. aananml ???.... " iut>t*niaMi?a agoir a> t?a?
pUill 'iuIUl.: OU Ul BiOT, ."-'t I a.la, .1 ., N . rf.
r^' .1 i r.l I.I.A1. >ll|?er.uteudeuk
KED8TAR Ia! N T..?F.?r Aatwera aodFana.
Halirog trufa Kaw-Yarkaad aatworo ? v.-ry oataidar.
.,,,,.,, l? .-atui.U ai> i ? .eJ p in.
j., . i v I.n Bl m- I a m.
Kal.a.n, t't" \<\\M\. i-.etii -lon, 011010 018* ???-.>n.l 0****
*,,o. en iiri.ua. ? i.i. at?ra*coot wwao*raaai
I-KI...1 .v ,:i.,il l .v. ......ai. .. ... V4-... >> Uroadway.
1 An.rn. an paaaaug rMaeforei i h ? . ia, Dar ? i-i... I'ar*
Mar H'liaiii. I'eiiiii.ii'.ni.i. Ihil.laa.il lliu.tu Janeiro,
MBBB1MACK, --t itrtay, An-fitaf 1. j At ti..-n frotti H-diert
AOVANUI tii >ii.t..y, i.im. - ( itorea, iinniklvu.
I I..HI lowfortBaWA i a.. oa ibir.t.ur ?u.. ..nnaat / p. ul
i- \ t; i. |. iiKttii Aitn .v . .... ii.ni.ii Agoaia, 84 Bioaaafc
Wlll li; stai: LINE -M M'KV ROUTE. _
l l4ITr.ll i|.\I'l.-a AND II..Y.M, MM I. -ai'KA.a
I Its KiJ-lt Ut I.F.Nai.wN A N ll I.IVKHPOOL,
<1I--.I'.M VN |.'. Cai.t. K. i.n.alT .. . I.n vtav. J il.. > J. . ? p. m.
, . , | aail ...i. I ii.na .a,..l .ilv i.,.a..;,, a. UI
Al'lt- A lll", t ai.L ParaeP.leuiai... Julr '-''. ?> P- '"?
JlllllTV ni ?-.- i' ii . 'l.iiit'ar. I.ilv n. 7 a ua.
iYoin ihe Wbltii Htar UiH-i, fiMit.it Weat intli-at.
BATBfl. aolooa, ?'?'?. l^li aud *luo. ltetutu UokOM nn
lavoral.li- tertna. Ateemire -.. I >' ?? l - .... "
.-. . m, -, 1 ? li.ieni.ertlafe (Adiiatle onlvh *:!"?. ter
ll.ip.'i'ti.ni of ptana nn.l other Infortiiulton iipldv ut Ibo
c.ii.pai.y'a ..m.r a. No.87 Urnaitway, .NeWYotlL.
II. J. rol-TIS. Ai-eoU
A| i.M loi I'hiia.h-lphlA, BTOABT A TullKY. MM Witliiui-IL
Stfumboiito nnij Hiiilroade.
\J I AlMill.l, %\ I.NIN.I i.im-:
laavn I., .t of Harrlaou at.,
N, n , every week div ai >l p tn. i oiineollni with i ataUlll
M.aintain and lair.. I'.I r .ol. liio.lork l. at finm r.takitl
-u.ntaf uiKbta, oa iirr1v:.l of *;..e\ ,l Mnui.ralii Ir.iln -.-inl la
pi.-i for i in niai rii .n< im.--i.aine. ii.t uf honaea. latea. Ao.,
or aildr*ia W. J. UV<iUhJ*. Irraa. ? ataklU. >. Y. _
\j jai Uroadw.iy. aaOOMO Wirron at.. .N?w York.
Rallwar and - teanial.lp lleketa to ull p -litta ?l 'I.e hmeat
ralea. Roataaoa Ttcketi for Utimnier I'ravel at natneed
rate*. i-eial loi parupbiet.
Ilik'tacai. be aent by m.-.ll Addre-a
Tli. H..1\ .1 0ON.38I llromlwiiv. Nen.York.
I'.oiU.ii. 10.' M aaliiii4fl<ia-at. I'lll. ago, l.M! I.e.iruorn-at.
(aea foll ttne tablea fo be u.ul ai ul Bl.itt.in* of tlie compaay
?Maahaa IU,ai,.w 844.887, lOia a?U I...M Broa.1
war. 'J4.i i aiial.it . 7a7 i ta-.ivi*. t.raad (V.itral l>e|ot
4'ad-at. at tbe u ln.laor. Vitth Aviaai aud ..tl.ui piiacipal
hotala, aad ai OiuuuiaUm'i, 114 iiioadaay.
Bleamboata atxb Haihodb*_
ilaiiv (azeept Bundayi).
Leave Fulton-at.. Brooklyu liv Auni-n.B B?90
" Voairy et. Pler. New-York .S:40a.m.
Weat md-at. Pier. New-vork.9 a.ne.
for Ai.tANY,Un.?init at Nyaek aud Tarrytown <by ferryi.
Vcut Polnt, Newiiurg. i'oiulike, j.ai.i. Kliiueoock. CataiUl
au.i Jludeon.
FtHINF.nFCK-tVlth II. and CL W. B. R. for tTartford.
Htir.iinnelUentl the Kaat. aml .by ferryi with apeclal train on
L.ai.ll I'. I.. lt for.iieioa.irta.il tlie I'ltakl.li.
I'ATBKILL -With apei-i.l traiin.il t'atakill vff. R. A
Itl UH'.N -vviiu a bTa.1 B. far t liitliam, Pittafleld.
Xortti Atlnina ,,n,l l.eliauou fcipilneja. , . _
.vi.HANY-Wtih V. aul ll.C. ro.'i R. R. for iake Oeor*-e.
Muntreal ?n-l ihe N.-rtli, aad wlib. N. Y. C. aud lt II. Ba B.
loi Utiea, liullalo. Xl.iaaia Falla, . Uytou, Alex.nd.ia liar
and tho'leet. -PKCIAI. HABAIUOA KXPRi-.MH._
? Moi; -TAIX.-a, landlne at Craneton'a .Weat Polnu.
<ornwall. NewNir*. .viarliLiro. Mllioii, J'oncliiteep^le, e-td
Ia..|u.. cnni-eetlii,'witli i leier nntl D-iawaro. -tony C ore
nn.li atextll Monntaina, an I KaauT-klll iBHrtMnla. -n-amen
ev.-ry wcok day it i o m. pler toot uf Ilarr1a<inat.. fl. R . e?
eent "rtitnr.lara, when ( Ky of Klnr<n>n nvvei at 1 p. tn..
lauillnt; al New'iura an.l i'oiuhkeeime. e.inui-ctlng with
?iioclaltrainef.ir.illsrMMKIt l;l sOItT* lllmn ??U TIII-.
< ATHKII.I. M.I.NTAlNa WUI BoOB llondniif Bnndav?
nlff.-.ie 11 o'ei.iek. aa ..inv-il o epec-ial faai trmu Iroui tne
Woutitalua. airlviiiar at New-York M..nt!ay 0 a. in._
4 LBANY B0AT8?"Peoplo'a Line.w?DBEW
:\ -ailPl-AN I'.iril.VrnN f) I.-uve P|,-| 41, North Kiver,
fiwitnf Canal-at , ererr we kd.ynt ii B. BL, ennu*ctloa; with
al) iH,mt4 H ,rtli au l Weat. 1*9*088 reco.vixl uutii umo of tla
I ? Steamer JAXR8T. BRETT fnmi Pler fl X. R.. near
I eetor.et.et 11 o'eloek, and Weat /lelat. at 11:1* P*'V;i
enmlav eieepie.1. L.ndina: at Ver-ilank's, I'ranatuue, Cold
8|.riiiL-i.inl t'oruwalt. f \ Bg BO OKXTB. fcacuraioa tlckoU
twlue.ai ratei -peelal rat.-a lo pirilea._
I [HLAItn kOfJTHOLO end hao HA JiM'iR-Ihe
eteamur FRAltCKS will leuv- for abo?e laadtaee. froini I icr
17. K. II. New-York. fall of I'ln.vat.. on rifolUVa.
THI I'.miAYH a..d *A7(JIII>AY? at 6p.m. Ketarnln*
oualteriute 'laya. ,? ? ? , ?.
UA. K'KTT* Itnn.. AgentaJ>1 Smith-at.. X Y.
_ t Trelna lear.. fiom i hembera et. Depot for J-Ticlewood.
(loiter. Pterment aud Nvack 7. S..V). 10 a m.. L A:M, *, *? _
S:4n r.rl.i, Bc80 p. bl, laHililDlirht Suu.layl 7, U a. bl and
' TTbbViI sprma; Valloy and Moueoy 7, 10 a. dl. 4.50 p. m.
h uu 1 .i;? a 9 B ui. _^^
I7UIE RAILWAT, now known 99 th? HBW
Vj YORK I.vk: FI'.II- AHD WB49TBRBJ ItAir.ito.vl).
AriauneineuU of trelna frem i haii.bere-at Depot Fnai -i.t
et. 16 niliiutea earlier.
0 a. ui.?I'Bllv exrent -itndaye Uay tipreee Drawtnir.roo'B
c,,aeliel lo Jiinirhiunlon. Klnuia, Jiorie-iavi ,.-, m.'a...
, , .,. kbiii .-et ?? -' ? nflja BTaaotag Oatokoa
Ilomeiiari'i.. to ClnHnnatl and It iTalot ? Cttleam,
6 r. m Da;ly. "SL l,o;i;a Minit.-rt" B?pr<?*.?X^a?9ra
ch.rea tor faat tim?. Hillnieii Hafcl *lee|>m/ toarhoa to
Jl.itlaio arnvirur 7?-.''? e. m ; Nlmrara Falle. aVJB e. m : Bat?
min.a. ii:...Va. iu.i rtevelawl. I ':'." M- ni. < lBoionatl. a:lj
i. ui : M Ia ua, -: 6 a. tu, aeron i ilt. Coniie'.-liiia tralna
arr.v.- !.,:?.;. 7 .8 p m. a.i.l Iiidiuuapo le li):?ii |.. ia.
BB '? :'ul>y- <'iil'??-i Kiprt-ae f..r the vveat A BBBQ
Irainul Pullmaa Uay and Jiiveiiinirrnacheitiiiun^naiutiiii,
Btaatra. Raffaln. M n.-ira Falla and [_Me jgo. .__-__, ,,
liiiti.-rfor-l aad Pa.aa.io lf. V ?v 7-0 7:609: ?1 102()? ra 9
BBOB 1 ? ? ?- ?'. bl ? - * ' MO 8?9J ? "' ?:' [ J-??? 18:90 J. ? 11
mt.tiiitrtit -annuve 6:46 7:4', hM 19*99 a ra Iflll d:JU 7:4?
' rD.,"r.o,"4l|"'.h46 790 7-90 9,30 10-M a BJ 15 B89B UM I
t !?? i i,. -, 6-10 6-.Iilo ?:*? 7:140 n tfcSO OtSO b bi ibI 1|
i.i.iii?-iif *-iiu liva - 4.V 7 4J MOlOflflJ am 1i4j >.:M 7:45
" M^VAMSraoo vi. Newark MJ 1819919 lUIBBBI
?/ H? O t- '" 6--'0 6-.'iii i,-^<i 7:1411 1<> p '" I :>'l 1- m'llii'-'lit. btU
?,.ia. ?.-.ia...,lr KuiKiayei. 1 . ?.i. ...t. .-iSiitiiiL
Mld. III 4 . ? ? -f. 7 .-. ? 1-e .41.1 1:1 ? - 1 l I: .0 I 40 8
U - iti |n:,iii p m end l'.'Mil.lulahl.'?nnnayi 6:4a <:Ij
M ,i ;.i..- ia in ; t ? :..-> *a ii. >.id ?- ..i..lul?lit.
;.k I l.V 7-l.% Ti:'i ?'i.4 1 P BL HiiniUya tf:16 a rn
Newt.nrt- and < ornwall 7,60 9 a m ^:W 4:3U H p ra. Htmilay
l'.?*,|,.nl aud K*iwet..n and MoDttfomery I am; 3:10p. m.
"..'.'."'iVn 4 ?l''.U' li 7:60 9 10;-0 a m. 8(98 M "0 4:30 8 *:?>
p,?. r..uy .,;t0 . 4 ? o.3'> l't-Oaui. ,.::;uiDiii.
Mii.ie i...tii4.4 . .1.1*. :. UJli'..' a -i 9:!M4l.Wd88:90pfl?
Him.-.ev viv ? *:W10t?oam.8t00 8:3O8BB?.Yko9BBiaBa
., ,., ti niia rnrmeel *i*h New V i.rk ? mfnrto end Weat.-rn
hailrntvl 4t M:ii!i--l I ln- - a ni tialn aton- at Main et. milv
1 ,,it ? ? .-> ?.. 7 0 . 1" .Ui m. u tii*:30o.uoaV.il-ib:3UpnL
, 1 ... . 4 iu. '. ... iu a v m.
U.,:iia aaava iJavat, M. V.. '. 4. thit a m n:15 am to ?:41
on. eieiv nn.-ii Miuuiee. ?'? 46 p iu to lu . p m evcry Ulrty
Bilnutee and 11 16pm ?undayeeT?rj tlilrtymlBBtaa
Tickeia f,,r piMaaae and aian iin-nta lu uiawitr< i;.i>rn and
H|. <? ,li,-'' ->i. I ???> uii l>. ,,'?..line.'.. an.i-.rd.-ra f..r t'.-c'.??
aml tranafrr ..I feawgace nny h? l-ft ?l tt.e < 'ou.panr'e odleea
v,M to: .>r j ? HreaOway, 1-7 w-at-et., X. Y, MO. 9
CourUel limoklyri. or at tke roanaay'i iJegota.
Kxpraae trtlii4 from liieWeat arnae rn New-York at 7:10
;. .i ui aad I-:-' ? i> bl ? _ .
J.jIIN N. Ailli'irr. i.ea'l TaaaT Agouf, Ne?.\ork.
4.1 l'.OVII.
)P,,!P.|.'t.i.i, P.eflroAd. font of rortliin.It
.t' ' "*??'". at. ..il ! .- ? ? '.
NKW V r.K IpBjjg, ud Ke.oli..ir il. II.. toot I.Pierty-*t
1! vv Ni -v. ...:?:<- fiim. n. -i.cJi: r .u ie il, l-i ?
Kor -,.,ir-i An.ii.i.. vi, PblladelphUt and He .dliiK Il.llrortd.
A, R 46.7:46 ? . tn . 1 - B* n 1: o. 4. 6. 6:?j, ,:.Wp. ni.:
nind t-4 i -ii i m. 19 niHiu, l p ni
V, l-.m a-.lv ,1.1a Itiil.od. 4.16. 7,1 m. m., 12 no..n. 4:10,
;? -., -., d t-. : ??. i ii. in 6p. m
fot M.t w,n. Tta Plill.iCelphla end Iteaifn* Ilatlroid. 4
Ue. rn l.-ii.H.ii 1 ..?, 4, 4:99, 6. 5:1.1, ,.:)'
?ni ti.nd.T4. 4 *:l5-i. m.. 19 uoon. 4 u. iu.
. U IV:,;,-.-. l-.anl.i RtUioad. 4:11 ' ' '?' ?. n... 1 - noou. l:l'>.
.1, a p .,'. a.unda.4 i IV ?? u. m.. ipm
. ,1 Hank. I^Jiia Hren. ti. . e.am |Jr.lT^ Aat.ury ParB,
? -. eh. nprlu? I. te. -.a'Tt. I-. l:.t P-..-.tiit. ett-.
Tia PMIideltdilaaiid Itee-'lnr Itailr-.n-l. 4. ???* "?' ?- ">..
1-,?..,? i.i '.M.I 0 4 ?.:il. 7 n.p m. r-iindye iiiot
Itopplo* ai .n ,???>?. or Aeliury l'ark), 4, J-i46 a tn.. U
v-a Patineylvania iternnd 4 IS. 7il0, 9 e. m.. 19 noon.
S M !i 0iffloa* not ?t..patl!ed Baakl I 1". 6. 8*0 [i. BV
"iinn.iYi imt trapplag at Oo--an UroTe or Aetiuiy Paiki,
4.15 9B.BW 9 _V,fjj_ blodof.TT s,|..rr'nfeuilent.
o a ii.vN-i.. k, j. b. woon,
o. p. ati v p .* _ it. n. <i p a p n. r
.> I-i;-. , II N. 11(111 IM AVI, (??.XTIM-.Ni'Al.. l.-are
I'rrk >Up Pler v,t M r.ll.et t p m. .-iindiv-i ei epted i
and. e m -nni.Tl tne ud.-d. emm-eiliie at V.w.Mivii
, Bl] i.i ; i v II VKI FOBD. ePBINO.
IH il. l|.i|.YOKK. *C 11. U,-t-aolil aud tiaxiraift) cl.etlt.al
ai 944 i-.i..i.'? ..-. B Y. and 4 ( ourt-?t? IirooWlrn. Kiiur
? I..I. t'< N ea.ll iven. ti .0. ^
\ end tlie K:iat. aii ni: fr-.m Oraad OnfiraJ Depot Three
?itiree? trel-ied.ilr (-uiiditta ev e|it.-.l to Hoeton it?tr
1 _ - . *_....... 1 i .. .., V.lll t1,lj^4 tl4i
e\|..i-a? trer.e "I.iiit (- uii".n? *?*? ?-?,..,? ... .... .- -? - ? .....
,. bj ia r .,- e.r *<< ?eh.-diand 11 p. ni. ?i!'i Balaee ele.p.
I, .. ,.,,, Hondaj > Bt II I- ni wllh palare el,-e|?n< i-are
Neaapartfaat ripreai l.-.v.-e Urai-d < entml Iiopit .pirlor
. . ..I,.,! 1 p.m, arriT.eav >^lg.rt^y/^A<Mt,
On and ift'r Jun? -'. 1989,
... VI I IU . K I.I S K
AND IM 1' D 81 V II 9 M VII. RoTTF,
Tralaa taya Maar-Yata, via JJt)ahi'u?4o?audcouruan,UHUoat
I e 11 a, 44 fnl ..n, :
lierriei.uK. I ilt.li iri anrl the VV?4t. with Pn!lmin Palaeo
. ..ra MtaeheO, :' a BL, '?. 7 and - [>. in. d.ulv. BlW-YaiK
an.l - Bteaoo Uautagef l'ar'?.r Innln*. Mmokuiu aud sleop
kejr< ..ii'l >l in er^ry 9jay,
VV.llU.iia;., l/.i ll.vu, ? ? nt.. ? p m ; Coitt emt Frle at
h |,. ii e .ni.a. ui/ ai tj.itry (or iuu?.iii?, P.-tro eain t'uit
tle BUd i.'.e ? Il l.iVl.'lia.
l.e.t.u ... . a aaliiii.-i.iii :inil tBB -o itii Ijtnt'tal Wa?.iincT,'M
i toreae ol ru..i.uii, Harior CBradaliy. eiaapt HaBday. W
e. n.. trrtve WaaBiBitoo iMp m . r> ratar M 990, - iii
M:;.ia.ni. l.Si40aae ip at, aotl 19ataak f-un,iay, dilJ a.
m . ': Ml 4.-..I 9 p m. an.l I'J ala'-t
J,,r Atliititit: , iiy i-x.-nt Situ l?y wllU Ihr-Mnrb car-1 p. ra.
1 l > al a Vlav. fltepl-UU.laV 1 p UL
. . aaatloaaBd Ii.t<-r.tie.llal4j etatio .a,
t.b lUliw.ir an.l Aiubtiy. t;l?l " ii.ua.iu.. 19 BOOBj
. .' ' '. p. ui, ou -uuUar,
i I li e. -n an.l.i p m. 190 u?tetouat Aatiury ParU..
>.,r i I.I p.,inf aud SorfolB, Tla'Nea. ork, 1 n.,a<le,pliie and
Norl Ik ' ..ii oad. i; 0 a, ni. wr*a dara end A p. m. everr
dar; vla l-.altiui-.re end I'av Iu... :40 pm Oaaa ilegn.
Iloatanf Kmnkla-n itn-ii-.n. t ?ul. . ! Mumiu'i tratne at
jere.-v City, aflordin* a ep< i?ly ,ti.,l dlroct trauelor 'or
Ititaik.vnifavel. . .. _m _..
?? . a - . im Plital.irrr. 7. 8, M.TOa, BL. t...-> aal
U < ? i>. ni dally Fnun vv?4hiii?M<?n an.l Maltlinore, 1:10, a"
e m I -'ii fl ", 9: ". 9:90 etnt 10-418 p m. BawOar,
i; "ii a H ,',, i il. ... .'.!. IPing p. ni. Fiom Phlla lelplila,
, i: ,. : a ..-ii. ;i ni. 10:40.11:^0B tn.. IM, i, d;-0.
? l,i, Bi ii t ii ? ". ' 90; -.-.ii. -, _'.J, I.J1. 100J p. UL,
end i"'.'-? niffht Bnnday I '.?. -;.'?., .' oj. 4.0.',, li.JJ a. ul.
Ui.O, 0 '., .. ii, l':-.l. J. 16, 19(06 v "L
10 i'HH.AI'Kl.rMUA.
9o Tt'.MN"r> r vcii way wrsr.% DAYB AVP lOOXSUX
iiay. IBTATIOX8 in PiiiLvin:i.piiiA, -? IB
CZareM Ireni4lea?.. New-Ynrk. v'.a DflflBflBflBM uutl t.'oart,
i.uii't -ti.ei te riaa,aafoilBvoi
B:90, 7 .... B. 9 19 t'liii-aKO IJintte.!-, ,-iiifl 10 ,'vVeahliigtoi
I lliut-al,, 11. 1.1 1>i e. BJ.. 1, ..: O, .a:4n. 4. 4:1(1, ... .1. 7. s
?i.i -.. p. iu.. aad 19 nifi.t. BBBOBya, 8:16 n BuaOiVKl)
aml 1<> a. ui : 9i io. 6. >>, 7. 8 ?..tl'.. p. m . iin.l I - nlKht.
I i i na .eatinK New-York dally, exe. plSunday, alaj, 9. and
I :llla ni.. 1. 9,4, I and ? p tn,, j.,,. , p .? ?,, gH
f.Hlllia-1 ilt I renl.ili I OT ' '.'mlell.
Heiiiriiini', Maiia ;eau- Itr-Mt,! >tr.-et --tation. Pliilidelphla.
19BJ1, 9:8 . 4:.t.. ?>, 6|46. ?.n'. ':;?". *.t0, >..,... 11 an.l 11:16
a. in. . l.imiu-il K.ipifMel-.i en.l 4:60 \< m.i I . :t. |. ;,
II ...Ul. 7:10, 7:4". and '..iliJ-p. in. tm i-uiidar. 1*2:01, 9:90
4.:l , .'.. .11''. -.t.ie m, I '4. ? l:M> I.m.ite.l?, ?;ii). 7:lu.
7:4.* p. ?> laare Pl.ilatlelphia. T>a 1'am.leu, a. Be. daiiy
azeepi launtlatr.
lirk.-l . .ttieejt, H4', 4-5 and 1.44 llr-.a-lway. 1 \4ior ?aOaOO,
?ud fo-.l ol l?.-,i,i. a?,-a :4it.i tonrilun.lt ?l-> 4 r,.iiil.4t. aud
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L'llea .iu.i .--yiaeuae, 7:J'?. 'Umti. 11:. > B> Ul.; 'o:.0. aalilO
lii.'lilan.l. P'okeeoele Kauiterlleaand Alli.tur, *1S:10, ?7:J0,
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Ka. !. i?-..l.;luuler. II,ili.tr., i.i.ind li.il I BtaBaOB, I'Iim
l.l. l , ... <>, II: .', a Ul . e .'M, Ul. I.u'lel |,..l !?,. i ji ., lu ....nnl
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Paf.i.ivlllo. < alm. M.mntaln lloiuu Ktatl.m. 'l.:lu, 7.0.
Ih. 0, liu > a. in. HtOI p in
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?04 0. e:ii. p. II.
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tiniia, i.i-luioriii .tlou ajiidr at utttteai Jeiaov ( ilt, Pt-uii. lt.
I!. Matioll, U,.l.,.kei., .9 II ll.lholl.-l ; BroukUTB, 4 CoUlt-et.,
Anii.v uiBe... loul of Fulttin at . New-Yurk lltv. 81, -.'07, M\,
?15. 8.H. sBi.-.lin, l li... 1,994 Kroatttvay. 7.17 i:tu-.ve., llil
Faal l-.'.'.ihet . |.,.f.j howery, aud VV.al >hore .-auitione foot
uf VV'.-et 4'.'d et. aml f.a.i of J.v.-t.. Nurtl. liiv.-r. Jlaogaaia
tiilie.l for a-.d iliet'ked frt) ii lioleleand i< el.lt-u.ea. (irdera.
cat, lie lert et tickot oIAcoe. Ili.NltY Mo.NKTI'.
?mi Jiroadwap, Cittiarai Faateagar Aoaot
Gttamboal* ttnb Ratlroab*.
Kte?mera leave from Pier 8S, N. TA. dadv aiMua "*- - - ?
a. f. p in. A new tra a with palaea ea? iree..a^ ^33
botweeu atoaiuei'a land.a? aaa lloauin w.timteluM*^9"-!
_F. W. Pui'FLK, oauarai PaWjiT^-,-.
art ? f,***n>era 8ARATOGA and CITY 5Vt*baw ili*!18*^
44. B. K. foot of < hrtotophor^i; a*;ly "ilSSI ?*!??'??f
p.ra. gHtfataajg tkSmjXAj^f"* faautalayaaO
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ror Reitoa. PALL RrVKTL
!?..- v- J' f'''''R f *" ?,n,, " n R f HTO L.?
leaie .Nevr-Ynrk ..t-^natelv dailr. BL'Mi.iya INPll'nFn
at :. 0 t>. tn.. Lo.a Pier9 | X r -. lt v ?-. faot aa* T**sSS5fi
oSTTfl ***?** fr'?mBrookU? J p.m- JeV?r
a HM-: oow r-ni
la rlven on tioird evnry eventn* f>y the celebrit.sd ha.i.li an I
oreheatr.il at-.o ,e | to th.-ae atJaaiora. i.-n; ua e?,.,.*
^ataaafB aaat t 1x mommg truim u Eo t ,n; Xrt rai.
BECONO BOBTOR kXPRi.m- |e.lTe, Fall Riverat 7-21
a. m.an-.vea Ih-t.,n bittl ? ui. n.verat 7.ZJ
WH1TB MOUM MM Ei.PRF.Si le.-ivei Fall Rlver aa
7:2.. a ?. Pnrloi carathouali to Ka'y.ii vio Lowe.l aad
Naab e. andvia Low.-'l an.: Nort.'i <? .oway *-"""?''? ?na
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t__ue cu.i auu a . taland and h.-a-i.-.r.- aoaartaoa tboOM CniaaV
ayatem, ihe itm- ?to .rre ra ^^
"Pituvii KN'C*"aad "OLDCOIaONT"
leave New-York utemately dallv laadari ai<BtBt**i ig
p. iu. **mni l iei 2a. North lllvet <old Buatuer.) i .eae --t -am
eiailoiuit?;ot.evomt.\?wporf lleketa and -Uteroo-iia f..r
tv.th l.ii.-a mav ne aaearad ln New York at J ?'. Jiil. 314. ." H
and I.H.,4 Hroaiia-ay .-.< row.-r. Aitor. IVth Aveuuo and
Vt.o aor Hniela, LlNE okfici;. PIBB tt N ,rm rttvor.
nnd ou af auni.*ra j lu Bro kiyn ut 1 Ooartat- *8o ln ton-at,
ln, Mro.iiw.iy i-. i ? md ?? .tntj.-i " offlce bol of Ku to-i-at.
Wrlte la P. 0. Rox 413 New-York for ba' nf FaU Rlver l.leo
Toura Bt'.l Eie.iialona and conv ol "Ttp Kad of Yaakai
Land.1* fr^e on a*p ..--t oi.
_Age 'a t,en. Paaa. Ageat
Train* leave llarl.-m Rlver -taiiou. eoriw-r l-Jii-at. an l
I.in.eln ate , ne-.rTfilrd Avonne I r ..?:.? n. :.. a !I.,t ?'-.. HivaO
l.eache,i by Ihird Aveu.ie Klevataal Kallrva:). d?Pr, aaaoai
l-un.laya, at ?;I6. 7.1.">, OtlO, l.i:00, ll-.i, , a. m.. I 1 .. .;S5,
*;i''. 4t4*, 'rtin and h:iio p. ui. for P.rt Morr'a, Caaannva
i.iuk I'olnt , llunfa i'olot. .\.m Partwa. Van Nrat, Waat
' heafer, Tl.pnaon'a, Hay . beater Pelhatu llayi. Batrtoa Kty
laiaad . Petnaia Mminr ind New.itoeh.-l.e. ronnec ln? al
New.llo. belie witb tralna for allno.uiaou the nixin IIne ot
tbe New.York New-lfaven and lliirtford Rulroal: slv^e
I.me and Mr One Divtalot.a. New-t a.iaia. Mtddletown.
New-liriutn and nufBeld lirat.. he.: a.i.1 lloalonaud all noiata
Mhtnlrhttrain for New-Roehene ind all intermediate itv
tmuaat l.'il'.a iu. daily, oxc-|.t Moudava.
Rnnday tra na f.r New-Rochell.. au i all liil.-riuedlaie atv
tiona at 12:011 n.a.n and '<:('? p m.. the laftt-r tram .ot n a-ti ig
ai Near.it.M belie w i way BBMOO to uranl CBatBOl l.t|,ot and
tJ tralna leave denot laat of .oi-rardt ond I)e?!.roaaca
?i?.. al i.l"A. tn , I, ?V48, an..1 I p. ni (ar Eaaton, hath ?li?i-n,
Al.entown. Raa.lin|, Mau.b C'mnk, Wlikeii.a.re, TowaaOOk
U'avcrlv, Iit.aea. <:*neva. I.youi. Ku'ialoaod ihe Weit l-.ut.
-laa . '? i . i r*t eaachea run da.ly Lacal traina at 7 am.aad 4:48
t>. nt. for Kaaton. I'eth.aliatnaBd t'ooUay.
IY..tna leavln* at H 10 a m , 1, ann -l" p. tn coonectforall
' otiita iu Mabonov and ffa/leron ro..i re^lom. tjunday uala
tBVei for M <ne . . mik ai.d llai.. toti a . - a io.
?iuneral Kaltoiu Ui.o, l>o. 2Jj l.roa.1 .i.y
K. B. 1IYIN iTON. O. P. A.
RIVKR RAlf.riOAI).?romm'-neln* tn.-i- 2.'. 1S.4J,
throiiKh tralna wtli leave lirand I'enira; i>ep.>t i
IbMNJ i iu. ...ikaolOC ^n.l Montr.-al .xpjeaa; througfl
? Ir ? --?111iC riM.-n . ar. t . Rocbootoraaal ?fc Alhana.
!?* tn. -aratoi-.., I.ake lieor^e and Mont-eal ape.UI. witb
throtiRh Iirawiiie t'o ...i a*a
?8 "a.a. m.. I a?i Mmtted Cliieagoand ?t lain.a Ex;.reai arltti
eiulnicara. atoimlni-at Alb.nv B ? srrarnae. Roclieater,
Iiutlalo. \|i?im Kall?. Krie. Cleveland aud To.edo, llllllBf
a Chicaa-oti'Vi a. ta . ctnelnnatl 75'. ?. ta.. and *U I^iu.a 7 4')
ti. tn next day. Throua-h t.rawinj Roo**i t'ar to BBkJBt*
lo ..io a. m.. Chioneo Erprraa. dnav.njroo'n fiara to r. ch.
BaW "pitiiK* CaaMutdaagaa, Baahaotar, >iagara Faiia aad
t I a. t.-i.. Weatern .N^w-York and Nortliem Ki; r>-a?, Witb
drawliiF-riaini cara.
B.-OU p. tn.. Alhiinv. Trov, tiarau>-;a and Ctlea Expniaa,
l'.-...u?li uia.?iu^Jr,>-j.o caxa. .o 1..0..J .jeorfe ou -sal u't.yi
on y
4 p. m.. Aenoinm.i?iatl..n to Alrtanr and Troy.
* '. p. m . b cuaio * it. la.uia l- xproa-i. taitb aloeptn?-farafi?r
BaHBtrB ' alla .'..ii'a'o. ruiclrinatl. loleilo. Iietroit, rhu-axa,
ai.d at, l.ouia
t 0::.0p. in.. I'xpreaa witb aleejjtne cira ro ^yracu**- andtj
Aubnrn roaaiainl lo .~?r:.t<.<ri; alas lo Mo:iti.(U.
I*.. 16 p. uj . Poclflo i.xpreaa. wltu aie. pinir cirafor Roehea.
f.r. l.ulalo, Nlaiara lail?, C'levelaud, Tole-to and D?v
troll. alao to Wate.towudally. .... .i.-e ,' r-r.-i.t <-.a.lv ex.-ept
rnt day, aul to . y aa a..u I .gdnuaburg rtaily. excop* -af ir
1 1:19 b. ttl. Mrht Expreaa, with ale<-pri?.esr* to Albinvant
Trov. i onn-eta with ti.' io .. ?!?? trama for BBO vi o?t aad fur
Ihe N rtli exi-epl i.tur-lav iiivht..
Ticketi ?u *a ?? at Uraad .ntrd Dejiot. Vo. ? Bowllrif
Oreoa. n.i Broadwar, Hartaoi Pooat r.'Mkraa.aaa>lhao*.
and at Weafeo't'i i xpreaa ()-?*rea. 8 Purk-plai >*. i.eir llioit
? iv 788 ai.d '.'f' Ilr..ailwav. and 82 Weat 1 '".thit New.
v ork, 5314 Wn.i ln ,'ti.ii and 71M) Fultou *U, llrooklyu, a:.d TJ
4th af . WH'.fi BObora.
Aeco-ntn'Mlationa lu drnwlni-ronm and aleettilnf' cira . ai Vl
Sroi-ure'l at any of tbe tnket o-b.-e* ln New.*! ork City. aud
.13 Waahintrton-iU Kraiklrn.
|--ttr.-ai:e eallial *.?r ai'd cbeek--d from tOMUaoa
?lhe-etrnlna rnn dally. AU OtaWTBdatly .-i. ept *?undjr.
iTbe e tratua atop at lUrh-.n 12B4* af. an.l l:b av;.i
I nn ate. -ar rnna o*uy to Albaoy ant Trnr __?_?,?_
Oeiieral Hiipenntendoat Cenerai Paaa-ngcr A ;? nt.
WIIITI- BOONTAINR and all polnt* Kaat From Plet
40 North Rlver, fiMit of WattaaC m-xt uicr above Ho*.
brooaoi -tieet lerry . it "p Ui. "CITY "KW.IR. fc-TKR,"
Tue-d.ya. rharad lyiaad Hatarrlaya. -< !TY OK Busmx,"
m....'.m. >? e neooayi iad Prfdaya TW .-ta ind ?atatiroomi
Bi.y be leetuvd -i|vat.ir llmiae '/OT. WJI. 897 aada-17 Ilruad.
a.,y Wtmla r t'oatunpolltanaii.t l ?? r t llou-ia. aj? Fnlton-ai,
1 ro..klyu. aud atl'itr *ai Noitb Rlver
* UEO. V.. RUADY, Agent
1 for
nasbo 4. roNcorto,
AlXXOi'.rilK.RN BBW KN(j|.a..jj rOiXTB,
II. .i-ai.t. it toilte to
Wllll I. M'.L'N lAINi.
Btecaal a. hbbbti
RIIODR IS LAND and ?,ln ll Ml-: I ta have New. York
troro Pler *:?, N. ii., f.xrt Warreuat, at I o. Ba uaiiy excepl
i.,ii-eat arATBRBOTJTB full nia-ht'areai. White Mon*.
talii iraln with parlor cai leave.a lOaaaBet*| !an,11.i?. 1*0000,
deu.e o:.*.- a tn I ruua tl.i-.?.< . lo Fabvan'a witliuut ehaaa*e.
It< kfaal on ate-mer it tl * tu. I in-er at Pljinouth
arr.vUur, at Fabi au'a cBlty tn af u-ino .n.
..,. w, rnOVIDENC* L1*4B
ll nnait direet f'Uie toreanrtaon
Tl. heta and ataierooma cau be *?? ur.al ln New York at 8
Aitor Hm.ae. --'47. i-7, UOT. :t?7. 447.7*40, M2. M*.T ilroag.
way Vtui.N.r. II.'th A v-jno. A-f.?i ilona -. .. r :i 1 ' . utral
< .,aiBO|ai.il.iil llotela-3*JU llowerv Iu Htooklyn at 3X1
\\a*bl"?i'.n. TM" Fullon af? . and at Pier ."i N. H.
!?. u t to U.'X .1.011 f.r auniuier I \ima...n liook.
D. 8. RAMO K. f. W.POPPIdh
1'iea.dent._Oeneta l'a?aeti?;er A0****4
nniLAPF.r.rinA anm> readinq k. u.
I a|i:\V.Ji;KSKY ll NIIIVL HIVlnlDM,
TlMKTA.ll.i-: TAKI.N.. KFl-Ki'l" JCBB 21**. 18HB
For I'lili.ADKi.i*n ia and iiuxmN, Kaaad Itroo*
Fuate." at 4 0.1 7:44. 9s'Ml 11:14 a BL. 1:80 1*00.4
7: ii. r.'-aip tu. SINH4Y-BI 4. ?:lia. ra . .VW). l-.'iOilpta.
! i .-. t . ..-..? .*.>.-. .it M .j-..- J.n ti .n for < ?i-1-niiiit..wu ai.4
I'lieainnt IIH ; at .'olnni'da-ava. fur Mau.iyuak, t u ..<:.>
bockea auu Nomatowu
DRAWINuROO* ? Mlion all Pay Twlni audSLEKl'INO
lAltS on Mght Inm.
Retiiniina* leavr PIII l.AtiKI.PHI*. Ntn'1 and t:r"ei *ta^
7 :i.i i iu. U- l->. 1 li.Nia. ni.. ItlB ^:4\ ft.HI. >;:41. 1.': al p. n.
ai'NDAY, HcBOaax., 5:80 IV*lt,a 1'.Ird aud Ror'.a a'a.
at VI". H:-.'ii. 0.410, latHO a. m., l.-oo, .<-. o. j:.'.J. o: >) p. ta.
sPNli VY, i:13 a. m , 4: ni P ni.
Jorl.ti. K BAVKB, PBa?B andPHILIrURL'RO. Peaa,
Fi'ir''\s ILL1AM8POBT, Mt NIU'RY, LKWI-aBfRCI ?nd
MAll INOY I'ITT at 7:lo. ?:45 A in. 4:45. 4 a.p. bj.
1 ... II A HBIRBTJ H.i at l: u. 7.1 .. - 43 *. m.. 1:0 >, l.l.l. 4:.K>,
l. l.t.i.p.tu. KniHlavaat S:.i ? p. m
For RBADIBOB44IOO, T:4J, 8:44, 11:14a m? 1*80, l:*., i??\
6- ?.. * 4 .. i.'-oi. p ra. miii.::iv*. 8*88 P ?".
Fo. H' ll an 1.1\ at 7:-h. a 45 a m.. S ii p an.
Forvill KKsit\RllK anl PITTaTUM at 7.08, H:l3 *, m,
l-o.i IJJ ?. 3 43. "> 43*. fB. -ntilayaa.' O-.AU V- tu.
For DllllT.iN at 7:<a. a m. 1.4..P. ra._
For l AM.lwUA at 7:00.7:10, 0t44a ? . 1*88, 13". .?:!??. *:?>??,
l.!r"a. 'ii'.'l'.i.ilKM. ALt.KN" rOWB ud KAOOa cltt SK.
at 1. ll. 7:i.O. 14J, a. ui.. l;.a., 1:.I0. .-:lj. 3 4 i p.m. Sttn lar
i*i' 1-' gHTUHol l .00, 7:<i0. *M. a ni.. laat, U884 MS, 4>K\
4,lu . ; ., .1 ? ,':*> - p. tn. H.iudiva l:n?', a. 111, :.h> p .u.
For rlllJU lllllliOi. UUA.M'll, al 4:0 ., kt* * ui.. aJBB.
1 ...I ll. 1Q,
loi Fi . BIBOTOB 7:80,8448 a. m.. 1**8, 1:30. 4*88, 1 31
. ,1, . ;u 1. -i. 8 . u*ra L88 p >u
ForS.'lMfc.llVlM..'1* I:.."'. n:"i.. 0 1. '?iS. 10:3.1, 11:18*,
,? im 1:30, inJIV IrflO, 440 "?:-'.". I '. 31V ii: ai.
I ' . ;....!, 7:80, i;l ., i0:30p. Bl. hUtKl^y, 1*0 >. 3:iW t :tl,
1- l.i 6:3 '. ..:.i" p. ni.
Oxtrl'i MNKH LL. 1-uO, d'J?. 1*00,7:4% 8:48, 8188. l..::>.
II r."a- tu.. 1" - I ; '? ' " ? ;?'? * ?? ? ?'?' Laj-? ;) '? ?;-*
5-311. 3-43 til).?. H: ?? 7^.., Tl 01, 8:14, ''?* >. !"? :?'? 1- al
p" tii iiielayi. 4:.ai. i;.i.. 145, 11 111, l^aKJ m., 1:3(1 4.00,
B-'.UJ 1:00 '':3... IWOja, m.
Fo -li.N.i II.iaX. II OOKAWOBOVB, .*r . fABiaB at
4.a. .:i3. tvaa. Ihia.a 111. l.'?..*a . 1 0*. 4*4* 4 ':>. 4.30.
1 i.*. 7 3 1 p. ui. oUNDAYb axoaptOcaaaOrova ac
4 ....' 1 i". a. ni . I-Ml'ini. l.-ia< n m_
lor raakUiULD-At :>.*&. TaA. ll.OOa. m..l:.H 4akl, ?:-W
. p ',"AKrrw."w.P. WN88 BtWaBBaaa BdBBBa*t1 1*8*1
i.a ', a. n 1-30 4 Ou m
4 IMI 11. e-.. 1:3?? P m.
.N,-.\>-n.i.M.V .lOl'lllKKN UIVIHIONJ
From il 1 No *, XairUi Uvar, \... Kaady li.a.'..
p..r llli.lll.ANlii. tai: IKH1UU l aml 1.<i\.? BltABCt**,
i..; 1.1. ;:. .oa. iu, 1.08, J.4... 4:^t^ M8 4,. ^ aaaaawa
|i..i.i, 11 .... a. 1.1.
lor l.l.m.K"N A8BUBY PABK, o-.i \ \ OBOVB,
i.i'lAN 11. v. If 1' >i <T PLBAHAXT, .tc, ilui, li.uO
a 111. IKI K Sl . 4: .->. 3.4'? p in
For ATI.A.N I*10 Illiilll.AMHs. 4 3... 'J ?Oa.HI.; :<:-."?: ?:3J
|. IU.
liut Ita "'D, IviilS ItlVLK, UAlt.M.l' il. laJOB -a.;
> rn .1 ... p- iu.
Tl Bj ., ...u lo- |'ti?ai-il at f'.-t I I'- t-.-t; !'.? ...N. *L
N,.i ii i.ii.-i. at. 807, - 7. -ui .-.-.. as7, 11 ao.i i.:ca
Rmadw v; 038. 7U1 and 74-> ot'.-aie 1 l.ivl-iartmi if.. lii,
1 ?? ii. aaa 1*4 Qiaaawtah?*>; 10a .11a Ka*i l t.-i ai;
;.,' l. :i.'ii iinwi-ry, an.l |iiu.-i|ial u t U lu Na* 1 orc !??*/,
111 bcoHtlyu al No. I ..iirl--U. I..7 iraiiliiui rt .4. >d4
Fu.ti.u?t. :l... ;i:i.V? haltao-avo. Iu lit-ho.eii ..",4 A'aaa
li.KUii.-Bt- S.T. i'.a..?rer . ? niany wi.i eail ior aud 0^.10*
tu, -.-aai:,- from l.elola or iv.-udeu.e to u. a inali.m.
j' ]- W.H.riK.N. .. '. itiN'-'K-K.
'ueneral Mani-.-er. flen. Paoa aad 'i liol Art.
h p. BAl, wiB.o T r >gi. 118 laaaily at n. V.
'pO'lHOliSAND 1>I.AM?S.
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TUitiil iili t'l I.l MAN lll l-l->. I -Si.i.l 11-141 'Alr.liiW
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