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Cneincss Xotten.
~ 1 la-ali iBTMlil BhotiUl be on everv table.
-jt" For ?le brjUl gr>:oer-^A^_Kl^iJ~?
'?-'^ *? " ?? ft^.S&a SMonth,
abaaMaaajeaxaar.. *: ;<> -j.^ ?ffl
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A.Wre*a all ojirrei^ji leaoe ai?i*ly. T-? ranwaB. Pnw
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AdTeruv.'-ie,-. for tmMle-Ur-n ln TO? .*?^:?K
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j ,* *:.*? lae-ban tr-l and two wr-Vt-i a... t t^405.
rn\ouV?% Ba ffi ? .a-.'i- .ve.. or .er uf Koartee itl-af,
Wamuz-" ?-i.s3. F-et i ganna fMniMiilB BBaaaa.
~NEW-YORK, THn*>l>VY, JULY 16.
FoRFitiN. - I he Ruaau a were report-d to be in
<*r*a*ing tb.-ir forres at Zuttik:ir*'a>w. -__=-=- l.ti-ii-h
and Ku-t-ian s?cuntiea wer.< lower 111 the I'aris and
London inarkct*. __=_= Ihe excitein.-nt cuntinued
over the failurc ..f the MunMt-r Ba-.k in Irelaud.
:?- The coniuuttev BB iDve.*tigate charges of vice
la London Iw-gau ita w..rk.
I),.m.*?mc.-Fight between the atrikers at CIcvo
land and the poltce, **=**-3 BBBBBaB of tiie Nati-n-il
Kaucatli.nal A**?v>oi?tiou coutinued at t>ar*t?-ga.
m?; Reput.licau Notnin.iting Conveution iu Kuh
mond. -ssrsa Juege Shipuian refn-ted to aet m tha
tele,rai>u litigation at Hartford. r**=*3 Foimal
naaaaaa] of theNn-,ara Full* ??a.rf.Maa -1
Appointmenta l.y Freaident llcvehtid.
I hy AM- Bt iu".:u.vi.?Ira-u-.-udof a runawu.v
marriBK-e. -? A BTatJaaal l'roiectiv.- Tartii
laTaaajaa faiatll sasa 0*M ?a~en for silver b] tb.
baiika. ----'- Motion for a rcceiver for Ihe S>>uth
lVi.navvania BBBtai -= 11?* hai0*B63 Bia.
Vaten I.v tb.- Nt-w-Yurk-v. = r.-iiinvivaiiiapoJi
tlciaoB in eonfereace. ===== l>.parture of
tw.. Freah Air parties. S=S Au oid man
fonnd dyiug. ===== Ezatuining .-illes-ed bnl.ery
iu r.r.M.klyn. ===== A S'vack edn-.r tin.-.l for flght
ing. F.z-.Vs-i-.ii'iij'iii.in GHItbaarianuxf.
Uold vaiue .,f the legal tendcr ailvcr dollar 112*1
giam*' IS.-it 6338)3. - 4t??BBB 36*1 ve aud buoy
tut und il"-. 1 BBTBI g vrith some reactionx
Tm Wia'HH:. ikiufn. I"ral .l.K-rvatioui in
dicate warmer. fair or part I.v alaaatf w.atlor.
Temiveratnre ye-terday: Higheet. *iJ; loweet, GT-;
arcrage, 74 "U^
ferton* Uannj toicn tor the ?ta*on, and rBXet
m?r tror-Urro. cttn ItaBM TtTJ Daii.v TbIBIntB
Bjanaai t,> tn.?. po^tpnil. **r lEmmte /?-?? m>nth,
thraidrest bcinj ehatjri an ofl-n aa Jaafirntf.
TUK 1>AILT rillBUSK *C?" 83 "'lt to l tf ? ' lf **
rfj Europe tor iii > i>er>?iAh? it'ue. .ae.UkiV*
tht ocranp?*la./e.
f-Ju-HU'r fltteU art frrjn-nUy d-*ijnt!'i hy
the Gorernm'nt an regular I'ont OJicr*. H fore
fonrinlini thtir aaajraaj f*9 in~ ritnuNR
ro.) Ur* at BglBtBUT rttorts xi" it 'C ll fo a*>-r
tain th* rxict oS-iil title ot the Poit OfhMtti
tr'iich they tjeptet to reeeioe their m iii. J>e!iy
aml cvrre^>ondt?ce -' S tmtkUi bu 88 aMnf.
It i.v.ksasif th.- Et Mjuan BBaaillng ntoiBew in
Olevehiud wi-re iiiiinr tlifir f**llowa ef f-?r?-iiru
butii t.. 84x11 tae Batnitente na_J ??f tlu- iir.-. Peled
nnd l.<.;!.-.ni.iii* i.riuo pnllj WpBeni BBB party
whu-h u'.ic v. al ttht l.l.iti- uiill yesU-rluv, aud if
U nott-.l tln: .it all tiie i!H-t-:nli.iry !iR-.-tiu>:i th
apeeoh.-.-) in Eutflish ar.- protty pt'.ic-e.ib!.- wliilt
tlu- Bfaaj il* in 6 foreigu haaifne are nfftj in the
eitieuie. lt i* likely, n,.vkcv.-r, tli.it tlu- i.-il* <d
Um (u'ht with the police yeaterday will m.tke
the l'oles und B .hetnians tu.re cautiourt abo.it
Cleatin>r a tli-ttubuie" "irain.
It looks as if there BaXfjBI have been puliti. al
as w.-ll a* otlicr r.-.H'?us f.ir the reeent action of
the New-Y .rk banks in aaaetiatrto lann faW for
ailver to tlu- (iovernment. Tiie I'liit.-il State*
Trraiurer r.Milil indeed siy vrith coiitideu.-e tli.it
-he liad ii" BB)gajaataaxa3 to make and 110 favors
to ank"' niure B6 knew that -u-vei tl bank*. rep
reaented at the eonfer-iioc, a't.- idy hel.l Trea
iuy|?-ettiii( .F.-i.'l d.-in.-it stauipcl ? itii .111 nfpan
lueiit to tuke auy lawful uuiuey iu repa> nit-ut.
TIm- bank.* invitt-d the Trcasurer to the uu. t
liij:;but he had alre.idy t?eci:r.-d an itiiportatit
45onc4-Afiiou from tlu-tu uud vvxs oure al a tab
atanti.il eu|iport. Appar.-ntly the Ni-w-Vi.ik
Cle.triu)-' Hoaaa ..Bneeaaaaan has Bwerved vvi.l.-ly
Jtuiu it> rewtlution to luainuiin a gold standaid.
The Banaaaj moitentitled to nyitipatliy oaac
eount of the a.iooting airair at the Allman
Houaearethe pareata of the imhappy womai
who wa* rthot by her worthless hnsb.ind. They
etlueated their child carefully and 8JBT6 her I
happy hoine ; but Baal retr.irded tlu ir kindne.-vs
by ruDnin^' away with a man they could not
approve. Atter that even, th.y providod for
her and left Bothini. umlone to aotten the l.it
terlei-nre which she apeut in rej-entiii** her
ha-ty inarriaK.. Hut the dark cloid <>f the
pareute Um a ailver liuing ; the dauirhter will
probably recover. while the husband is likely
to die. Kveii if he re<-overs he will Ih- put
wht-re pbtols to ahoot with aud wives to uh.-ot
bt are not handy. _ _
Niagara FalU becaine the Btaaanrtj of the peo?
ple of New-York yesterday, and our dLspatche*.
?c_.ut.uu an uccount of the way th<- traiiif. r
was euTecte-rL The project of tiiakiu^* a free
park about tlio Falla h;us beeu di-A-ussml for
years ; but nothinir practi.-al mus don<- ab-mt it
nntil 1-.".?. w!ien (Jot-eruor Kobiusoa in hi*iu.-i
Baa^te to the I.egislaturos-urgested the iTopri.-ty
oftakitiK etepi to that end. Coinniissioners
were then appointi tl who uindr iiujuiry into tho
xuAtU-r. aud iu th.ir report nvcounueuded that
land about the Falla shouid bo purchaAod.
Then followed the inevitable le<i*i.itive delay ;
but m 1SS3 a bill was pajajnal iiuder wiiich the
3ubA.-iiu.-iif stepA were takeu. l_ast winter, a*
eTerylKxly know*, the tsoiiey waa appropri.ited
to pay the bill; and ye.stetday the State took
poasesNioi). lt now raaaaBBJ for the C.tnadian
nuthontit-a to entublUh a similar raeerration ou
their aidr of the rlver, anal thea the ri^-ht to n<l
?aiire this wondcrof naturo frotn all poiuta of
Tiew will be free to the world.
Of couree theaix well-kuown Demormtie pol
ltichtua froin PennfylTania did not raeet at the
Fifth Avcnuo liotol to talk poltiea ; u'u-y niet
a*/ c-U-uice, tbe uaual way witii three or aix of a
kind. But if PreAident Clerclami had wanted to
get a safc opinion as to the 999% way to distnb
ute the Federal offic-s in Pennsylvan.a 86 aa to
help beat the Rcpublicans this full he could not
have g.?t 8ix bettor experts together. A glanee
at the Baxntee of the politieians who inet by
chauce) d.H-a not reveal any man ao devoted to
Civil Service reform as to lx- utt.-rly incapable
of giving advice on the point above mentu-nrd.
Uow thene Bourbons iiiimt BeB* fof the good old
tiuies when the spoils were openly divideil an.l
when no quiet little ineetiugs (by chatice) were
It ean at least be aaid for Mr. Squire that he
does not contimially nng the changes on the
acarcitv of Croton water. as his predrcessor,
Mr. II. 0. Ti.ompion. aaaaj to do. As a r.-ult.
the average New- Yorker has drunk nnd bathed
in the- Cwton sujipl. thiia te this Mtinmer with
a qaiet auad. HuinttWlfraai. twda s.-ason's expe
riencc BbOWB that a m-w u.-iu-diu-t was abso
lutelv detnanded. and that the building of it
was not b-egun a day too soon. Owmj: to the
gpringdrouth the natural BOW ofthe Crot.-n
Uiver fiiiled to supply the aqueduct as cailv a*
June 1'2, an.l snu'c then. despite tlie supply
lTom the Bronx, we have been drawing on the
st?r.i_-<- resirvoirs. Tiie r.oent rains have
giveu relief. however, and danger of a water
famine for this year BOenaa to be over uow.
A imx viscrisF.
Ifanything could be more foolish than the
nlllBJ-Pl.il seerecy in the c<>nterence b. tvv.-eu
the b.inki and ihe Treanir.r, it is th.- tu.inner iu
which ttiecoiirsetakciiisc.nne.l BJ B63n3 ot the
bunkers. They are not g?ing to r.ceive -ilver
iu settlenient ; by no BBMUhB. lf tht Tte.isurer
BtM not gold witii which to pny them. tbey wi'.l
leud him the gold theiiise.ves and take his sil?
ver 83 seiurity. 01' coiir-n- evrry b .nker kuovvs
that tlu- r.-sult is exaet'.y the same an if the
p.vii.eiit had b.-.-u lin.li- Bt bUtW. Tb* 86303
aiiiuint ol BxlfOI J0B3 into the vaults nf the
baaka in plnee <?f g"l?l. BBMI Anre are baakers
who fanev tli.it in 88086 cuiioiis way tln. *MM1 ?>.
thiug la ajning BB u pr.-veut publie appi.h.n
sion." and avert the evil conse.|i:-mes whieh
th-(.i.eti iibiiiiloniiient nf the gald 03.68 bj tlie
b.mks would oOBfeoeedlj involve. It ia loba
uuticed, t..o, that most of tlie biiiku-- WBO Bxlk
at ail s-eak witu un.. n.ealcd eniiteinpt "t the
33*3X33 whieh bna been taken. It la ? ihn-wiug a
trabtS the whale." one says ; " we an- only w.tip
pteat th?- d.-vil reoad the BtaflBp," ob-.-i v ee an
other; -we doti'l lik*- thi- .* Iv.-r p av -ie. but
I thiuk it will taste better n--ct wiuter than it
I d,M-iu<.w."sii.v*aiiother; -tiicre will Bowb. no
! ditliciihy ln iii.iiutiinin-: gold payiueuts untll
: i.'uiigre*i me t*." says a fourth. Nc |""
' u.u; elnttfl auy ntna enn p.iy ln gold. it hia
.-i.-.litor will let Luu have the feM to |. iv vvi'h.
| ..ixl t.ike his enta aud .io-.'* laetaad..- -?
ll it the bnnkei whn call* thla -gold luymeni "
ehow- that he is mo:e 9*sUm tO ? BaBJlBill wh.it
iiaukers .-.tli ?eoafkleaee " thaa to pfnoarr. ln*
own repiitaton for soiind B0008.
The opiui'iiis of aha .? > ai n a 1 -a are nqneilf
inixed. 77ir 8mm thiuks that silver piyments
are alto.relr.er projK-r, unl tha so mer the
Tn .n.iiei lua-'ins tlu-iu the b.-tt.-r. lh- li
fi-ankly a.huils ihat "Tha S. eret.iry ol Ia6
u rre.isirv h i* eootiniiing aiitliority under th.
-i.-t of Jaaaary, 1889, whenevet tln- retorre
? fur tlu- redenxnaion <?f Qnited 81 itea natea be?
?enanee In i> lir.-d. to n 1 b mda i<> oh, iln gold.*1
Hut it thiuk* th.-re aie rtool reneOO. why thia
|.i).ver siioul'l not be Bftod, :ind thal tln- baaka
for th.-it own latetoel nug.it to -t?'i? In nnd aare
tii.- Tianetery irom tha neeeeaity <>f u.*ing it,
wlreh is a frunk enntonaton that the palitienl
eiiu-rg.-tiitien of IBO A luif.i-tt.i.ititi ouchl to
cousiraiu the luinki t>. t ike the loail exY Ita
-hoilldeis. Anotlier i'lilillill i.iv-1 tn.it the
banki ? l.ave a v.i.*t fuiid ->l guld." ;ind th-y e ni
therefore artord to apaV. a little of it. I'.ut
vvti..-e tn. :i.v is this wliieh the b uiks bold T
Thora ia tha raol nl t.ieiu.itter. The ntonoy ia
the banks is not their own. It bdoBIBn ta0B0
totii.-rs. who have trusted the bank- le
thev have giv.-n solenin Baanntnoea that I ? ?
I w,.ii!d lu.intain mali ...ivuieiFs L.r theraa Iv ---.
I wbethee the (jWretraanenl did <>r not. I iat
; iiiiui-y boloan to indiviiliials. and it is ;t -..t.-rcl
' trtist with w;.ieh t!u-I'l'ik* hafe no ruht to
| tnanpor. Lot the aoapteion go out th.it they
I are Ailling to take enta nnd do-'-. <>r -ih. ;
c.rtilieatei, or silver dullat-, into their I .
in pl.iee ul' the L'old wiiieli halotatTX to tl.- ir <l.
|..i-ito!>, and the i_old which U-loii..'* to their
i tlc|i.i-i*..rs will be dr.ivvn ui; nioie i.ipuliy than
| they deeire. The nlntn tru;ti i* thal the hnnka
hav i- not a large fund nf gold. Their enototaera
hara, nnd theywnnl to keep it. They bnre
ti iit.-d tha bi:iks. beennna Ihe biuk*
M-euied diatMteadnad able to pefforaa ln good
imtii their oUigntaon to retnrn in go I
iiuuiey iiitlnrio euti BBtod BB tli.-ni. If ti.e
banks ia not int-iif) tO ituk t-> th.il liiul.-i -t in.l
nig, and ta do it re.iolut.a.v. ttuniL'ti it tii.t.v c-t
BOOac iimUiVenienie, an.l involve the npaatlng
of s.-jiiiia;.'iiecoiints for silv.-r, then tlhBBOaner
they let the eoBBBBiirelnl oneaiannlty kno. tli.it
fact Ihe better. C.rf linly they niiist iiinier
Btnndthat no-bodria aVoni-radwhen thej pra
tt*nd to Ih- niaintainiiig gold p.iyiueiita, b.it are
in fa*t 1. ti litag BB the Trenuty tlie gold whieh
they n-ecive. Neitlu-r the couiliilii it k . lior. l!U
hiippily. the silver l.tn.itics in C-mgress, will be
for a luoineut delnd.d by sucli a peifoituaiiee.
Englaiul ha* a^-.iin 0660 di-t.nb. d by a ruinot
of .unilhcr advauce of the Kus-u.iii ont;,..-t- iu
Afchani*tan. Lord Sali-bary in his first
a ithoiitative ap***aoBna PiinhB MioJetor etated
tliut the Goveriifueiit would fultil ihe pledgo
niiule by the lihwlstone Mini-try to the Aineer
resiH-eting the reteiitio:i nf Z.iltik.ir l'.i*-i. Mr.
(.l.iilsUine subseiiueutly c uitiruied the aeeuracy
nf this s; itctueiil, virtually adniitting thal the
Aineer eoneideied the occupation t>f the p.i.>?
as esscutial to Uie aecunty of Ilerat an.l that
Kiii-ia h.id promin-.l th.it it Bhoold uot be
8 izt-d. Lord Handolph Cli.irchill ha* boon
reliceut ou Uie eubjeet of Atghatiist.ui Bineohd
becaine a Minisler of tlu- Crown, but on 1'ues
day he bluutly aekniwledgcd tii.it l! tlie Auieei
shouid a_ik for help, the liovernin.-iL wheth.-r
Cunservative or LilH-ral, WM under obligutioua
to coinply with tho dein.unl. Froin theae
otl'u ial aUit4*uients it is plaiu th.ii Englaod baa
agreed to euforce the Aiiie.-r's right to h ?ld
Zultikar I'a-s aud ti> render milit iry u*.i-tBBMB
if he a-ks for it. If the sianling riiuior tuat
the bVb3388JB6 h.ive atlvanceal in CaffOB t" thal
point be conlirine.l, tho a.tiiiiioii will at onee
beeouie At-ricUS. It Will b- Uothllig lee* tii.Ui a
tiirect Ba_nllaa_Bjn to tho l'linn- Mniiater. who has
entered upon ObBOB With the eiuphatic d? .l.ir.t
tiuu tli.il Zaliikar iiui-t iciiiaiu iu tlie lumda of
tlie Afgli ins.
Two circumstrinces aeem to conanrni this
alartuin* report. Uue is an onportum- expi.iti i
tio i frotn >t. reteisbarg that ii.-ner.il KoBBBrohT
has coinpla'tied ol tiie advauce of the Afghan
oiitpostsand receive I instiu tiona toavuid .uiy
BU-p that niight lead BB ? collision and | ?
luaiii atricUy ou the defenaifw. 1 B I re the
tacticx which pntcled the bif.le n.-ir
Penjdeii. There was a aeries of stealthy a.l
vanct-s ou tiie put of the Kussian troo.is and
there was a tlnal Bwoop upon the town it-i-!t,
aud every stop w.ia j.istilied as a iu.lt.iry
uie.is'.irc rendered neceaaary by Afgbau
mcnacca. Tho Czar'a Govei ntnent never eeased
to warn the stat-thut it ?___* n-iiiftin strictly on
the .leleiiMve, antl wh?*n the bnttle was
foupht erioeed ita inainca-rity by lavishly n
\var.lin>r ntlicer* aii'l mm wkt ha.l __t?gg--MM
its foi ii.il iiiatnu*tion_aii.l rarrit-tl ont its t-ocr.t
purp.nes. If G.-neral Koniiiroff has ladeel I ?'
eeived orders to rrmaiti on the d.fcnsiTe UM
nt.t to provoke hostilities. sinpicion is gfgnged
at once, that annther l'eii.j.U"h is in the air.
This inipression is Btm_fthea_od by tae wiili
draWBl ?t the Hritish ft?ini.ii'*>i'?ii and military
gggorl irom ih.- hills to Heiat. BBbaeqeoal ??_
planatn.iH may l.r.-ak the force of these I6_6
picious lIlllBIBalantina bnt tippamitly the
Afghaa Qegettoa bi ta he raetaaeda
Tliei.repiirations for the fort ilifi't i.n. of H.rat
under the auprrriaioo of Hritish gagtaoen
posail.lv h.i.e w.irn-il the Ba_86-f_B orlicers that
they tniist act at MM* it th.-.v afabed to ant.ci
pate formidable military opetationa in the
future. The K-BJUUoA and AUkhBBofl. are
t..-ii:li-aiitl-r.".uly soldiers who pr.f.-r a cavalry
dii-.li m a ai.K'e. Tuc.v have ptoWb.T asked the
lli.tiif (;..v.rn:iii"iit : *W_J shonld we have
"the troul'le of hauli-f? artillery over the hills
?* an.l cnrinonadiiiK th.* town n year or two henre,
B when we can take it hand over hund within a
-u.'.kr The Iniperiul anth.ritiea may not
have hteii ttlapiBM- to arjfiie the case in virw
of th?- paeaJiai ibIbbIbbi of partiea in Eaajaad,
wheie no Ministry ean f.-?-l tliat it has the
gnr_ad under its f.-et unlil the Noveinber elec?
tion-h.ive paiafll It is a politieal 1'iisis -hal
will tempt the Kusaiaiis to a.lvan.e.
The ac-c-sion of a new president Bi CoCBell
rniv.Tsity .-..n.-ernsall *ho tak.- an inteie-t in
liiK'li.-i t".iiii'.iti..n. rn-i<lctit White haa BBade
th.- position from which he now r.tires one n<>t
Mq toi..- Alled. Hebroaji-l Mthi aerrtoeei
tlu- tiniv.rsitv n?.r mny aonnd sciit.lar_.hip. but
al.x.Tutiv.- (itpacity ot B ktgfa OWaBT. ABI
iii in ol iitViit.-, irltll views etiiai-ed l>y diVWBllJ
..f int.-i.-M.a. bj ti.iv-1. l-.v di-i'ii-- i.n, l.y th.
friilion ofpabtta l'f'-.'t bOBM iind al.roiid. he
oi-i U'.i.il 8 808B what BBBBBal P-BM BBBOBg
.?.liic;ii..|a an.l dUr_tS8a_ a.i iiilliieii.e not ea-iU
inia-iii.d by a.-.i.l.mic Btaodaid-. T l.<- BaB
pnwiddBt. Iiofcs-.u I'h.iilis Ken.liill Atiati-.
Will d..,:l.!l.-*a liml that UM BtMtp 0- -il Bf
_JfCtBB6lJ6 in.livi.lual.ty is upon e.ei\ BBpait*
inent ot the tiiiiv. iMly.
To the irraduafes ot C.inell th. BB08I aig
cant I.n-: .nrn-.id.nl .\.l..!ii-'.-> BeCOBBMM Will bt
th.it he BTBa I'i.- 'I'liI Wnite's e niilnLte. I!t
dooa nui obom m Um lepteooBtatiTg .<f bob
ideae in stmly and diaeipllae*b?l m Umbmb
whom bia pr. loeesaoi baa t .r reara roganledea
beal qoalifled ta t.ii.e ui> tbework abete Im
lit.ii-.-ii M1..H..I leere il. ''?'. - '
iii ?ne.-, tlirr.toie, oi it difterval porpoae, it i- tu
I., i tp. eted Ihai tlu- bbb adBUBialiatioa will U*
in geoaral a cooUbbbUob ot tnr old.
|'ii-,i,l,-;.l Ail.ima bfiBfa ffOBI M.i '.i.'.in I'ni
reraii] aa aatabliahad pepetatioa toi laeroioiKi
cultore, iii.Uuifiii aod diaeratieai. Bol
iiiih.it.i hie werk mmtt baaaohledy m Iheelaaa
rn in aad tlu- aiu.ly. aml I.i- talaBta f'.r altintii-.
tr.itioii iu ..-t noa bataatadoa a lars. icale ft>;
ih.-in.-t um.. IL ia f.iituii.iit iti ili? ?iiiuin
-ia:i.?-th.it be waa tba n.ai ebeieeela largi
nia'.'ii-y ol the U.a ?-.?-. Bpofl 8/bOM lnm
aaoport ta tho porploriiaM ol lua bob poa
be mi- ."i.n "ii.lv i.-l.i. 9o__a <?! thaalaaiBi
will regiel thal tha dea re. bj ? prootpl ?i* i I ??
ot Profeaooi Ad .m-*. to < wdeeaa the aoapie.
of hia litentrj methoda Bbiek Braa uadeUic
hauia ol oppoalttao to n.m ia eertaio quartera,
ptecloded the furtber eoBaideratioa ef othai
cacdidateei bol thej nr.- doabtleaa leadj t.
,.-,' tt. tha bob |i.?id.'iit theb Inralad
boraaea Bad tojota in the gvaoral aiol h ?'
adii.iu.-.u_iti..n .ii.tj. ba brtlliaal aadaaeoaaafaL
Ai 11 Al. BTATB i>F IHE l RI 141 /. V.
Booaebodj baa beea eagafwl m gieatlj mia
i. ?!..-. nuiifc' tti?" aetaaletate of lhe Treaeaij.
i be t-i!..ni i. porta, in.itli" piil.iir !?_. -
.Maiiiiibi.' and I le.iaiirer Jofdaa, do ii"i
s.itn ataioBioBta ?__*. ii boom pocaoaa aee rt in.it
Mr. Jordaa mi i.i.- i- ?".<? tha baakera m euafor
ni, i- on Moaday. Aceordinit t<< ti.??-? ..--? -
tiooa.be i.j.i" d thr Tiaoeat] bad
beea rapidlji kadog Ita tappljol gold. Tbk
w .i-on M"!i'iav. and tue lat.--t pretrloM stat.
iii.-nt o'whiek be could bare badkaee i gi
wi- thatwhiek aboved the eoaditioo >.f 11.*
Treaaory <>n Batordaj, >*'iiii-ti araa .i- f.._;-n\.-?.
Uold in tbe I re ieai ?. |_ 17,020.91 8; gold
Uflcatee oaUtaadiajb $128,724,930; mt |
>l l -.295, ?-?-*. rhe amooBl <>f gold tbeo be
lougiag to the rreaaorj araa i |BI,.1,000
tli.ni tiie aaaoaat beluaalng ;?> the rieaaon
July l, aa aho-TB b) the rnaaarer'a atateoieot,
theeigb tha BBtoaat <?f gold aetoallj held atai
. 1 ..- Ji.i. UU ill Of !??
l li.ul prodoeed,aa \n.i-* aataral,a lemporarj
redactioa. Bol l?! ae n<^ l'x.a. baek. 0
?j-.'ui uf M.t.*., Mr. Jordaa'e report ahoaodgold
iu the 1 Ic.a.il j? ."T-' 11..*.i:>..*? 111. th it ia to
ui.ir. thaa ?'*?-'.,, |",,?,",? le.ad tliati w;ta h.-l.l .1
ll, aad after dedaetiag eertideatea, aH ?_".ii
oaraed $115,810^33, thal i? t?> mmj, eearlj
$2,500,.? leaa than waa oarned July ll.
M.-iic- ii appeare thal within the lael mi ?......
MHwitbataadiog the pojaaeBtof iotereel
l, the in.i-.i.. baa iaereaaod ita etoek of gold.
lt in.lv !>?? Buppoeed, boweTer, thal tiie r.-ji;.
eeatatioae reeeatlj m id>- refer, n..t lo tlu
BBItim. "? K'"id a.l...ili> li* 1 tl. l.ut tO the DTO
poi'tiou of gold its i-oiiip.ir.-d ?it!i thr leg
t.n.ltia to be r<deeaaad, ln tln-. reekoaiag,il
ia ti?*'"e.aa.u v tir.-t to d.-dit.-t t tn-th in intl liitliili
tit*-. l?u( ause tl.o.ac liabilities eannot |tl;n tlr.tli)
li. in. i w 11U r-iher. Um preeise etateaaeal foi
July ll c.iiiuot be glvaa, b\n U bfaii topre
.?..uu.- tiiat t.K-p.tv nt nt ..t iuicie.-i! redaeea the
deeaaad liabUitiea ahieh ereie laneBjaimd ia
tl.e atatein.-iit of July 1 as miieh as it ml ... _
th.- eaaii mi li in l. Oa the Nt of Jily, gflag <lr
daeCiag ioaBaad UabUitiee, the Treaaan] keld
in Ire." gold for the fdoBipliOB of l.-i/iil-t.-iuliin
$56,367,985. Ob tha l-t oi Jaao. after <h*
doetiog tl.-iii.ri.l li.il.iiitira, tlu- Treoearj beld
ni i:.c j;..iii $45,348,100. lh.* pmporttaa of
iiec gold thaa tadd to lhe logBl-leadera out
ataadtBfaraa 17 per eoal Ju\j l, aad oadj 11
pereeat Jaao l. Moreorer, if we n> baekto
tlu- tit-t Btatoaaeal aaade la tho praoaal fonn,
after Beeretary MitminK took chariie, naiiit.'ly
thal <>1 M.u.-l. 111. lt ther.- :.|>|*. ... a tli.it tl.e
li.-.t-.ni> baldtafterdedaettag aeaiBad liabili
liea, ine gold BB-lbiiBliiig t.? $53,699,088, ??!
utitily $3*000*000 le-*. than it ln hl ou ti?- l.;
of July. Tne proportn-ii of Iree irol.l tlm^ bold
Mareh :il to Ihe _egal*teoden bo! in the
Tn-iusiiry waa 1 ti.."_ pei 61 nt, ii<tu.il!y l.-ss tli.n
it \v.is July 1. ll.-nce lhe truth is that the
Tiia-ui;. baa bo! beeu lo-iii>r, eithet in arlaal
atoeh ot gold or in relativc ll|8Bglh tor the n
doaiptloB af legal-teeder Botaa. Theeadjia
^p.?t?t in which it M-ein- to have l>'-.-ii loaiui; ia in
the eoefidcace an?l pidekol the Boeulaij.
A 11>.\ TEAET,
Tvv.nty-fo.ir \eai- (nitod St.itea
Army b?-f..rc* IfaBhlagtoB Ih->:iiii its faoaf
greai BMveMaal to aaaafl a Deaaoa i
li ..i. Tne order.a w.-re i--.u-(l .lulv 1 ?, aml the
Army bogaa its tnareh July lt!, and ? baW days
att.r t'.ie di--i-trotis battle ut Huli Hui was
fou^li:. The firat Kejuthliiau Adiinii;-tration
had t i.!i Im'.-ii iu power ju _t as lon^ as the tirst
Dcuiocrulk X .._..iii:i._i.ua aiacc that litut. kiu
been in power now. But how diflerent were
the tasks iiiipos.-d! In 183 day8 Abraham
Lincolii had created n Governmeot out of the
wre.-k left by rebellion nnd had created an arniy
out ol noflung. Meanwhile Ri piiblicun leaders
were already consiuei itur that long series of
aplendid niea-ures wliieh uot only brought
vietory to Ihe N.itionul eause. but opencd to the
new Nation u grander industrial. coinnierci.il
and linancial fiiliue than its uioat euthusiastic
8ons had ever imagiue.l.
In .Marcli 1'n sidetit Liucoln found the i.ov
ernnn-iit a wre.-k. Traitors disgttisetl or undis
giiis.d lilled the most contidetitial plaees at
vV,i-iiiiij_ton nnd lhfOB?Od in every depart
iiiiiit. For all i.Ktfiil intent, nnd cspecially for
the pr.-servntion of Sational existonce, the
QuraHIBBOnl bad g.ne to pieces. Traitors
swarnied betw-en the Capital und the Nottheru
St.it4.-s, and tried to block the railroad* by wliieh
tr.-ops went to the def.-tice of Wushiiigton. Thf
cretlit of the ijovernment had beOO aV-stroy.-d,
it* nuval forces neatterel <?r stolen, itn arsenals
t-ei/'d by rebels. In this condltion of ahV
parallele'd diilieitlty the liVjnblican party took
the Uoverniuent, and by this time in lf-u'l wns
prepar.-d to lu _rin -arious ctl'oits for the sup
ptaealon of rebeUion.
President Cleveland did not lind a rebellion
to Hubdue, foi He|uiblicans do uot try to destroy
Ihe Nation because thev are beuten. He did
not Ind tr.iitors lllling the publie oftices, but iu
rttend tnlthfn] aud eomnoteal wotkers, whoor
/eal .111.1 .-kill ill perlolTlllllg their diitiesundei
the new Adiiiiiiistraii.u have extorfed the
i.i.,;-,,- ,,l ]...litie,il opiioii.-nts. He foutld 066)66,
and a united countrv, and a National credit
nerer sitrpassed, aml BBtOt38666 riserves in th<
rntaenij Vfbmt has he done vvivhiii fmir
rn.ui!h- nnd a half ?
He has Hpeiit that time in Ii?tening to the
clainisof paithhBSM f..r t.f.io-. lle ha* speiit that
lini. iu deterniiniug which of tlu- BBU who trietl
io d. *troy the rjnion ahall nowbe aeleeted tn
leiT'-i.-iit it i.'i.it'.i.-ial plneen. lle ha* apenl that
rime- in rewnrdiag tr.au.on, nnd in rowniding
tha still more de-|.ic;ibie ciiine bv wh.cii lree
(1. ,in nf mitlrug-- has for yeurs been d. *':,,\ cl in
Boathern 8tnt?ra,nnd the eleetlon <>f nDaaaa
crnic I'rem.l.-nt inade po-nble. Ilis tiim- 866
been BBaSnl in trviug te i? W6ld his Mondfl and
|. i'ii lh his eneintea, and hi* enentioa 816 mainly
the tion why s.iv.-d the I'nion aud pBl down u
h.-ni rerntie tohaUtoa.
Ai>;...retitty policnien in tlua nty may club
ic-i.l.-i.t. Ihat-tel with iinpunity; hat
cviit-titly ranii'.t *r-rfari.*r- wnh napaalty. Tw.
iiii.wa wiio iiiiii 1.a an aTead'a Blab eu hi*
n-.t it hi .-I vt. r. | ?,-. ? .: ' i* in M.itc
laetatday liut-** ..th. r. ? ha aad ku k.-.l ?.r
atraeh Bar-nsben ot the Barea *A.-ie alan Bt-r-araiy
Ilt!!ll-l|.-<t. __
H (,. ?!. riil da Ce-exay to, a* t.;, irtaat, :<> l.e r
ffin \iiam baeaa ?? ,-i th. - v >?: tv "t hia po) ey. tha
> ill tn.ir',4 a aaw oapartara la Prenab warfara,
It uiiiy ba thal tha ptnaaet OetetnaB.nl r> illy
w-h.-H Fi irain ;? r--i>:itat!,>n d.r eleni-ru y. or tl. it it
, . .-. .,:i ,,i tba wai ll baral
. n . hat hlthaat. tha Ptea ii have
. , uc.-ii trouiilf.l L) avrujile* Ui th. ir trcitiiicat
of w.i,er aui. iikt.il'-i r.i.ea. aml tlie i.ltl army
ra w.U nodout-t Bv nni.!) a.*t..ii;*lie.l ia l--.ini
that It ib no ioa.er |k,rinitte.l to uia-aeacre the
ll ,f tha I .rvivors.
In a thal the otin-rday a?-"tit ' bio nolltiOB, OS
-w*aaaaa Abmm rawaaaaui, ef ClafwlaBd, aaid
..,,., Kapnh iea .... otach atteattoa
iii.ini lattoaa tea oeeaty oant an
^.,J ... : i . I _ -. .' :?-. iu <Til r that
?Ue p.trty ii.iiv h-iTe uo weak puiiit* in ita Ita. >?!
battie ttn* year. ThtB M vt .i.it ilini.il b. dea.
every where. _ _
King Alfon-o his nni tlie .lo-katle of the cholera
. . . . teb, gaa :>.
thl liunln-l<.l ta - F rr;l>le ;,Uk."i.-. le* ',-< iiuva.i
,.ar.iiie aud icitr ?iti-in l-y v
hala *a King Iluiu..rt aad lawSkhad
daaj. ' -.-. II - Irftn -' r- oppiMod
Lau,a;'i'i*n-ut!y l>e> aaa. tlier f'.r? iw tba dlaaatroaa
,i bia unt u.e.k- deatk i
lea.1. Uie K:lig ? '?. bot Wbefl
l | ..:...! f> i- - gn a- - ibadtted.
A* ti.e iie : ' -' B8? At
.. ? aabf ii"t r> 111.1.11 Ib t!.- aa i - aab
vtrre ilving in tb. r;t.f-a Witlcit a WrStd <>t
..nil.itliv fni ai li:m II.- i.ii!.'.li)iit vtitt,.,i.,-,it
? by aa e..ri-. traia f'>r Ar.i - i iat iu
F,-i!..a_- tha Cabiaaf af a * purpe-za, aad bafwra tbey
.?;.-.- .. a ba li...I fapaal a .u- la tba
hu-1-.I.il wjl.ii at.d IU hn'i.-M-a vtlicte peOfJfl
atri I-.-a v* .th the diiw-.i***, All that hia c-iin
?lt. w.ia t? faatinat. huu wbaa he ralarned,
II.a 80 .ra e !i..- .
. ni tba i.'ail "t ), - bb !? '-. II' ?'?? - v - t .-.r
.ii.-. i .', ..I,.i ...v.i'.ty. fo. ba h n a k.u . ie art .ti.,1 ia
i :.. let tliuiii ku,.-- thal - I 6
il tiiulliou.
*? ng'*etder BOtantting-: atmhip
. oni|..i.;? -i t" I->? I ?- I '- '- lb.il
; ra promiaaa tv. bnag htat lato traante. btr.
-tirm thxeataa. a agal eeataa*. while th-* >ecre
tary'a authorttv to tual--) auch au order toaa-rtoetljf
..l iat.) naaothaa. LaBgraaa appropfiatexl
i.mi t.i ti ii..1 tl,e 1! r_-'ca-, anu the atatute
dc. laraa it to be "Lt the ?? owaaaandaiuta af iiasoei.
_era airivmg by EatapenB BtaeBtaga, aad ia ??
la.xaaaiB. th. banaaga ?! aaveh paaaanajag..' Th.
Uaaiatarj'a otdea la a ataetu il i I thi.
?tatate. If he La? auy ?u tf he will
pgabnblj 11 .i v e. o ??;>?: t : ? 11 f v to siiov.- it.
Hy the way Uovernor 11 ill *aile.l aroiind at
I ,ta Kalls yi'iteriLki. aaa iinght Batarally
tl.itik ll.it all U.e rredll foraaving tii. i - <?
toagatohtaa.aad that ba haa aiwavs beaa h?*art
.,!..! -..,; iafarocofeehaanea tobaaaii th. pnblte.
Heeii ladaed ttgn tha Niagara np*-aopaiatloa btili
but well- iif.irucd men kunw how tu-ailk lie , atu>>
to iuif ?ii".ii:ik' it. Moic.ver. ba d.-it..: ?!''! th. pae?
|.|? .un ? i .i . ? rawtfl thi. >ear, wh < li freaa ? i ? .
poiletoef T03W wa*> u.s *e.iillik a 3< 8033333 thl
tu,:i ..f th.- Kuil*. < 'n the whole, rawSptte bia P -lug.
Mr. rUlltae taty peaay-a*iea i>>iund fiM)..ah kmd
ol aOoieiaor. _ _
Pre.iidout <'l.vela:.d. wh.> S'.'st -uuday with a
liihuiK' party ". 'h<- r^taa_aa. may be rnpi au
tij !>. -?t im tii. ndi ui vv.uk nnnr tna Btate
|Aitdvi-v- i hii*tiana vrho are Kejutbiu un* to voie
: ..ini iti'.'i tieket, in on'.er that the D<m
in-riiitc piriy. of vtIucIi he i* tha BKaoaMit, inay
! at th. aOUB iu retawung lt* h.-id i.ii tlie
- . . .tud tho Nation.
The ILurd on FortiU.-itiona !:.i- v-t oal to laaneel
t:,,. ...i.t ii. aa aa la there ar.> a leoaal -t.-f. n..-a
. , ._:,'t.i li-.i i..aie.vli;tt light iiud'-rt.ik.iig: but
if tho l....ir.l inr-n.l* U iiitrl* all t tn- B-JMafl v. li.-re
coaat drteiK-ea alioiild ue it will have a tulerabiy
ar nn. ii txik to BIB_aBBBtaw-B. aud ouo Whteb ia hable
to take it all the auiuin.-r.
Tho wHhdtawal ef the Paeita MailCwapeaj^a
a'caincr* froin the Auatraliun nuie will ;?
axach more by the aeleBltthj thnn by the peonle of
tho UnHed Itataa. nnd tha aaabablHty la that a
will hav.- to Ik.- c.t.tiFiiiii 1. if only lor
the aake of ni.ul .'ii.-ilitie.*. I'.ut it ia to ln- r. gretud
f,.r axaay raaeena that CoagraaaaheoJd ba*tonag
I,-. t?d t .ii s in ilt< r, fur la Hagh tae Au*f ratlaB c.-in
nierce w light at present there ib a large tdd there
lor Atn.Ti. an prua-uct-) il it ta judici.iualv ilev.-lop.-d.
and the Iluo Innu **an 1 r.mci.-Ho. ptofpattl
jeirtcd. weald h...- ai ttednenfeotheldnndlad
u>i to L<H.-r tliitikta iu the futurc.
Mu r-i-eojiio analyai* "t tha aaaaed beof Whieh
rc-ntlv jm)i? uied ao -nanv people iu sn Iilinoia
tiv?ii api**)iira to have d.-tertuiued the lact tb..t ihe
?O'- tl wae deiib.-r.it.-ly pui np Wbaa iu un ualit
Btate for hniiiub food, and th.it then-fore tlie re
aiMiiiaibililV of tbo ciuuer* ia d.r.a t ..n,l . i.-ar. lf
tlua ia ao tuero ahuiill Ih- BO hen tat. 36 a tOBJl pro*e
culiug l-ic paik-tia, tor lliu ui.w.i u a luual airioue
one. M.n who for the aake of profit are ready to
jx.is.iu their fellowa with decotuposed or .liaeaneal
mrat ought to he in th" peniteutiary. and they wdl
be if tbe people of llliuuie are not bafHed by defecte
in tlu* law. The adnlteration of cnnned fooda
otiuhi to l*e puuished aeverely in allcaaes; but
when. aa in thia tnstauce, then* seeuis no room for
tloul.t that the unwliol.-aoit.e character of the nieat
haing aaaaal waa fully known to the utanufae
tiireia, tha penalty intli. titl shiuld bc excinplary.
A correspondent of The 1'hicago Tribune givea aome
iuBtrnctive facts about theeflectsof piohil.ition in
lowa. T.iking a anijtle town?OMtaloosa? aa an
lllustratiou of the workmg of the law. he showa
that wl.ereas nntler bigh litenae drunkenueaa waa
largely tiituiniahed, lhe nnmlier of aaloona reduced,
taxat itm lovtered, and tiie aocial eoudition generally
laBBBBf-d, prohibition rrmlte.l in a mark.-d increase
of iuteiuperance, in Mghaf taxiition. im.-rea_.-d city
debt. aml gcueral tleiiioiitliziitiou. The law after a
time could not be eiiforce.l at all, aad thaBB beiBg
uo liceuae the number of aaloous increased, while
more li'iunr waa aold witb correspoudingly bad re
siilt-t. ln proaecatioaa for riolatloaof tiie li(|iior
law jiiri.-a wiiulil nut conrict. no nritter what tb?
cvidciice. Tin* 68688888 bas boen di litatrous in all
Wdys in faet. and the writer ratMied to conelades
by Bayira: "There is 80 greatBchaiig. hl publie
opiniou that if the Bepablieaa Convt-ntion iadaaaaa
the law this ciuuty will go 088800*66-6, although
iu Ins. it gavoa l_epiibJit.au majority of over stx
Prinee Riamarck can find no tnnre eftective way
of gratifying his d siike of Mr. Qladataae than that
of reudcruig aid to l.ord Saliabury iu tbe l"_y.,ti_n
ncgdti.ttioiib. Hy ludueing France aud the other
Pawan te eeaaaal to tue aabetttatiaa ef au Eugiish
for a fBH.8888 gaaraalM ??( tbe loaa and bv agree
ing to aancuon a peaaeeaaraia, he can ilii aaeefcps
make tha BOW ii.liniiii-tratii.n popular. Engiiehuien
aio aoreiv gtiglaiad aad eeafaaai bf thalatae
n.iti.:iai pbaeee ?f Ibo Bggpllaa .uestion. They
peobaMy d.? not waal the eoealiy, and are aegaaad
on priaeiple lo ioereaaiag tbe buniensof the areary
TitM ?vrr ekoan th.-y are com niially groaning.
Ilut tbey will ..eieoiii." any "Ifiiinte mLi-iu'" for nx
tog their reaooaaibUitieaaad bringmg aadereal of
^ ka tba Mlle eoaotnea 1 he l_i_.ypt.iin .-pliiux
baa atarad Iheaa aat <>f aaanteoBBfa Thaajwill
baaa luhter baarta -.*? -aa the n.i.lle bas been aolved
by -.ii.e iiiteiligil'le pl m ot a.tion.
WMlllai lalBae thut. beeMea -taasftt, Eiizur Wrigbt
.l*rt l'nrvi.4 ..r** tl.i-.,i,iy ? irii.|i:_raiK-nera ofthe
la'.i.iuia .tin rleverj <i. i lara.lea la II ??>?
M ? I '.'?? ?*ra. OL 0, A i.'tir. OlM Iii- jn-i r*en rrlievivl
of oniiiiati-l lu tl.e l><-piirtiueut ?f tu - BUaaaOfi la now
rtattiM |"-' aaola Braaataa, m.. and eieagtBai t??*
tin:. . oi.-iinicl I.i a t> i ? of the _rre.it Ukea.be wiil
ii- i.i'iin. r Ibam WTa-alagtae, howerer, win
I !i<- bia t" noaaeat BeaM.
Hi*tirr C. lU-nant-e. -iBBJBI Bai hu.nort-tt, la to have a
?hir*ini-^ eanaeaafelg aae B_aaaa*a_Mai of ihe new
Uibii il iBa ibiIbib baaa of MeaaB weaaiagaae.
In tii. !>? rforiti-in ? .. lt. -a I'n.led BtBlea CBBB
li.:a-lo:..-r uf BattaagB, Oea. ral Jo-eiiti __ Jo!__.?.oli left
.. . i Uat week fu ? * I >aa Fraaalana 11 ?? la
. ? i-Mitety joiirat-y.
W. J. 1 lorenrr. thr ar tor. I??ar. otT the a .Imun-kiliinK
-.-.iai.il, niileia aottie
art] -i -. a ..I ia.
!' :, i ll imi tli WmUM, I'n. I).. ..f Il-.-tiin, la r
: t,n taepreaU 4MMBIawaiyCBH668.
, ? i <? ..- <
Watio. and a - Himiltou OaOaaa Ba liaa
I , | tae F..li!?r of Ti,r Inlei*
? i il?*|. ir.l.ii-'iTa uf lln- f.:itli fntt.-l -t ? ??
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woald aaake a rlgiiro-e aa4 aib ?- i.reaiaeuL
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Be? J"'.n Bf. -ri! 1.:. 'tf MflBM ,i?>n-. in a rreent
- aereae ofeaaa ' c** la aal wit'J eaaaauagllfeae
Otraawtaa nat urowu itirl wlioaLuudoni
?pr MB-aeaaaa. w ... c-.u alBaa a trei* with any l*oy. wUc
Ma rar.iinela. and liakcd
Tui-_.ui ?f _n-u_el fur me -. -?
I |g paaaia,aai hu uiore oa:l for craahtoae.a tl.au
r..?m. HP4. Merwai.t ia m -re th.tn ulne loc.ie. tn oir
0?aaf?ie ? - ?? -* BtralgBI a*. an arrow. aleei" -.'
eaaraaiajr.-aaaelearaaai,a itunt auiiir uud iaaj?y
18 th -o -r.tiivt iin " la Mr. BeaMef lookmn ;,.r a
wife or a aenaat, or ll ha JUal 84-088886 tho lio?;*el BttB
,..* I
Ttioar arlekei Laa-oaera _ -- other and ?
?haa ti.-r -.?.?'. I - ? t-i h-w otopped hia Jalt
U ,1. OascUr. -.Wii i r>.ury Aun-rie-ai.
The ralif'tn'aii ? B.B.B8 Baler who refti?rd to HB i
6..00 l..t <tf lml Ma( iiiDaitum for 81.(>a.ua't happy
aiter all. He partod ?ith ll M a -<-u .me u.olve Aa
fru.i war r>a<"- Nr 8600, a*Ba lB ''im p-i.-ui-tly anltl lt t<>
Cataaflaaaaraaaaataea Am B-lBOOtBere
1. a" >? ?- |B ? 't laal lot wlnoh uia-i*. tUf uiu-ii-nl
n?iirr aefe ev.ry tl -.ne he ae-aa it. ltat the natlre
- tmnt i'tritju aut-eatry anl the r "?0o
l>r..nt. au.l c_.K?.ea :i i-.i.ly la Bl
TfeaaaaaM-flha Haail'erellaiaaare ve.y atrlet. Ifa
il*'|a M| uj. |8 Ul.
* _. -, i ?. ii.- -.:. i i .i -??. ,-i t" deatb If aa aleala, i.:i
- icii _
,lM,it. .ii .. it. p'lla a-..;i to. l_v?ry n__in
niual J : ru-v l''t-*?.
-i am b in MW".
(iii, fur th?- tri.: ..f U.<* r>>i>iit'a uote 1
. ?l.. f.r t ii- -0. ii". >. .- iltxima !?
A MN .* 'li M -i-\ ? r wa- a in.- ti. r-.tu ;
?Vri.: ah uukuoatu lu cilj r.>oiua.
ON. for Uu- lu-.i l'.*'a ?i:?/'-ry ?lif n.
. - . laaiai
i. . > . -
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K.. rr at-.:*- o' '? ? . -? ati Bt
U'r .: ' . fa.CTIIHfl. trod}
Kint t1.*?.r..' I -a io*-. a.18. ???at
? ?<>-l !
M _| AiU i . Boeel in The Curi-ant
mjm - ? ir e?!_**\i*-l <N.nt?.nii>orarie*
IBa ?- '? ' Bai He Fh"'ii-iphM BntorA
I ....... .ttio.it J u-_* >a'a A lin al
.?i it la d.iiu'. :.*.i* lo tli*oii44aach a
, , iniottlod ?ute of
tli, p ili.lr lunnl.
wii.n Mn..* CBaualaea Beeaaae greelieotaflBaPreaa
. ,ui i. ? ma la n'4 a Mro-i
i _ Ue Impmreal rapllly. howarer; e ich a;> ~cU
WM i..--.-*-!., :.ir.-li-i-.r. .-a I li.a l.tot^BiTt waaaa
t-r' liaut _- UL ur.iii.-. wui.-U 1 li.lu'K ia i_.vlii_t aonie
tala< . . ..- i . n.-rv? for 18 ? li <"
..' it eerlalB oAttot ??' raa Um au.l prealiaal "f tue
New Y .rk l'reaa l lu'.'.an.l tht. a.. ._irr 186 aomlfrrro covera
;'i tu.- belter. Ba_ \ -r* I Itiaaa.
Tliri'iu-I. the aaltry. Jua.y day,
Tin* apri'ikiinitiiiri -.k.-r ifrtafea ha way,
Bfllakll-g a|ii-1nkl.-a ererywhrre
Wl'hiut :i l.other or a e.\re.
In vain the Igrtg ttg -;>;;:, _ v.'>ota
i ,:?.- tii.- igrlaklei igrlaaa hia noi-ta
In Taln il" Igr-Bklei l.iJlea aufftT.
Au 1 vttw itiaaiier to the duffer
Th it ?|.riiikimir apnn.l**r apnnklea oa
Until lila raaalai *pr.nk ia ilone.
>..r | ...- ? aa'i-.i for iur?*i or il.__.uk
T1U that lila ftnal *pritik ia a|.r mt.
V K.'.itiiekv lirn. wl Re ????iiiK tlrltren "it fi/a ueli.-'
mrBeo. lel tall aa eaa. wbtei tae womaa vbodrvreher
out uloked l|i ? ' A auit au. l.rouclit ln eo.irt
t<> K<i'..H'i tue i rloe ".' I'.f egg. when li wa- <i<-.-i:. i tb .t
? 1 .?:. luf |.:i'tii.?e. of the .li-f. ii.l.m: it
w.ia i.. i ?--? l . t'l'ti aaa takra lo ? hJajBareoart.
wtu.nl w " '"??'?- d. oa aiv.mnt <>f tue word
,. toc i*4_4sn ii-.-1. " J'iiia i.en 'III not Im Ifee
,-grf! l.tit iim; i"-d it." i'i*' ni..r_l <*f thta atory La not
vrrj ??:.- are "? Boal ? J .urual.
II. \i i- f:..,u tl,.- i> i r .-4 uf t'ia (rn?:it Weat. and h#i
itiKMt on tht- iaekoroHoiaaa Bleoe Blooafeoaa* looklag
at tne ('at-klll Miiniitaina " Wh it do j>>u think ofthe
, r ,i?K,-.l a f<*..i* vi4A~t-u_.Hr. ~ Weil." ue *_nd
- ii 'a f-ir. atraaaar, ti'a labri t*ut it airikea mo
tlnl li's * little hit tt^. Ul ] "
**.? to'.if Iii lh" rii*e..in?' irt-aaa." e\cl.iiuiaa ncw?}^per
Ueakoali |.? ?! t.irued Into a gtareelBoe
tortuwlth. - lii'itini I'ruii-ciiiit.
k gaO-_oaaao BBbI ? l> -.y anl aaked l.hn wh.tt o'elhck lt
.t.i.. I ? .- ' . ? . _ : HUM
?orgrlae. ari aald be tboogtrt lt waa ui-i.- "It'ai
? 1. i.i taaeeparta, alr," ^_'l Um Bey aimpiy, * tt
liio.ilcr te BX|4ala iu u iliaar uud
,liniii? aaaaoor tba aeeeaaitr ol
tn mbm id tl itanrtartt. a aeboolnMntar a-.ii.il n
wti.it l.e mi.-ut t>> .ln witti lila w.i|.-i tf it went aottiPliiu^a
i.i..4 !???> >:.*. - ."-.-ii ii." *a.i> Uu*
iii.i.- ; i'. ? r> -:- ii-.*. v.-iiitl . .- Biaaleioi l_at
...ted, beeaua.-. ahe
.. i .iK'.i tne, iiit.t i-i.iuiiiiiii i ,-ut aadaaaee
n i |._i|.a i . : ,.f: in
i .ul. Iiei-.ni.-e l ..ni -all put lo bed al "o'clock."
r- Ol I..,!!__.
1VI( hutfilo F.rprett thitiki the Moriuons mUJt Iflg up
three or I.nn- ul iUom- Mt-xii-ni BtafeM wlt'.cb i?:e iu lhe
r.i.W't. Tnn Hragv li. ii.iui wlm room through thora
S-ate* llil?fhl t,l,je,l.
a m ... laaMlaa aa '"?* ttae of n rattraai haa tanidit hia
,!?,?. t.i b.ira i ...ilt-iiiiiali al BTOfff pA-aiii.: tt.nu. I uo
lUiiuilae of im- in, .,'i la to oaleh for the barkiugdog
uud mi1. |i . ta t> . " tl it l.lin iu |*.im!ii_. Tiio ruiiilt ta
i tin. uaiiiit la Ui_U tio li_ia duuieivd al bia tloor ail Uie C4>al
be rtqnlree for bia owb nae too ot eoet, aL ?
teniplatltur tba openlog of a eoal yard for tfee aappt* oi
hia neigbbon.. tle tbloki be eaa eompote ta prtee wlth
the oldeat eoal deulera in tbe vlelnlty. -[Troy Tiiuea.
Houa?-himter?? Wby, la It tbat ao many people*! tho
?nmmer reaorto rent big eottiwe now. wn.a a eoupleef
rtxiiiia ln a hotel would afcommodate thetnt" Real eatale
a .-e n t -* Beeanae they cao't aflord to go to the ho uU. Tea
know timee are bard now."
* You are lotklng touzh. O, Diogenea," quoth Booratae.
" Now, by the (ln.. what hare rou beeu dotng."
* I iiitve been aeoreulng for a.i houeat man In the
<h'.."n_.i City Council," replied the griua pblioaophar,
mourii fully.
? Witli wii.tt re.u'.tl" lti'inlr*-1 the other.
"W.ll, you it-e." aaul InogeoM Mrcait-eally. "_ey
pocketa are eleauef out aud my laatern la aooe! I
Sralae Zeue tuat they lett ine lay glrdie."?[('hleage
Tbla la bow a Brunawtck atew ooght to be made,
aceonllng lo Thr lt, tr "_..?. i Courirr: Take a bondrai
eara of t-orn. a buahel of to i_?t.*e*. half a baahel of Irtah
pofatoes, balf a buahel of okra, alxteen fat beua, flve
amip ii.iiic.-. three poanJa of breakfait baeon, alx pounde
of butter, two doien leinont, a box of muatanl. two
bottlca or Wor.-eaterahlre aauoe, and ealt aad pepper ta
Ths nlne tree, anra an aitthnrity, aerrea aa a refnce for
m ie than four hunlrel ap-cteaof luaerta. Weeainow
e.-allv nnderatand wby Mr. I.otu.'el i?w waa ao atretnione
ln .i.in-n_r tli.-?t-;iir:ii_t n,in-in-!i to * be waro tbe piao
tree'a wliherel brancu.,'-;iJo_ton Tranaerlpt.
Tha Oerman Emperor haa ennferred upon Mroe. Minole
Ilaik a new honorarv tttle. - Impeiial Cha.uner f>ln|cr.**
a thal urtl..ii -i.iitv 1 l.y only iiirne otber prinia donnaa?
Artellna l'.ittl. J.-i.tiv I.lnl (_4>l.la..-aiuidt aod Arti/
Padilla.? [I'hlladelpUla Inqulrer.
from T\e Sonnaft'lA f'nt n.
W" are not autpnaed thut I he .\m> tewB Etening Pont,
which diatliiguiabed H-elf laal luium.r aaoneoftito
liaeiagapalarhta for uorliaatlty in t>.ii.:ir tn*-n. baa _.,_?
Into eounlption tlta over The Pall MBB Oat ttr't rx
poaurea of crtiue In I>.u lo;i. It haa no 88888 to <le
uo.ii.ce the lionM>- pnictlcea <? ? j. ,a> I. but the axpoaara
baa ahoeked IU vlriuoua inind beynud exptoeiton. II
exp?-'-i. U* -<*.? all Kniclan.t aml the t'nited Sutea . ul:.
? >ii'-_v fii.lon mi. the Iyoutloii example, uaiag The '?aultt'e
ni -it 1I08 ??- a t* xt booii. If. aa lhe l?et aud a year ?_;o,
off.ncea againat chaatlty " hn ve been cooiiateot wltu tbe
j.c-?<???. ii of all the qit.ihliea uhieli euu.il.l.- huoiaa
Batareatid dlgmfy buuiau Ute and ni.ikrbuman p: ..areae
Maetble," w*' tlou'l qaite aee wby Ike HaulU _b.uid bo
ileuouuced aa a " beaatly pulilicailou."
From Tne CU_na8_8 D'ipateh.
Tbe Pemocr.ui." outioo. In Ohio ia that Govarnof
II adly la to i.e leti'.ii.iii-teJ witli II.888801 I- OaB>
veeaa iaa I.ientea.mM.overiior and Mr. Tannnaii aa t.,e
pri>ap<*ctiTe heuator. In B8BB the l.e_fl?lalur? la lK-mo
cr.uie. In the eveut of the re-election of Oa 8
llii.nlly, Mr. rievlind will aee tbit he Ia fli.ally lo-I.-ed
iu lhe >Jpreiu" Ciurt'>r in a'.aie other plaea for wiucb
li? ia w. 11 qiialirte.1. .Mr. 080*8888 will th. u itep Into
the aho^a ot Mr. Iloa.ilv, aa liovi-ri.'.r. anl bw.uie. of
ci.iira-. ti,.- in _t c_n .t.iiite for Uoveruor of Ohm. vvnh
Mr. Tlnniii-in au I Mr. I'ayne lu the Senati., Mr. II ladly
ori th- Hiipre.ue lieueb. Mr. V- n-ileton in the <_>? r.naa
MiaaliiB .111,1 Mr. t_?nv. rae .ia tioven.or. w<- aee uo r. awa
tih li.i.iiniUT alioH'.d n,.t pr.-vall aiionr the le.id?r? ot
tha lii-nioi-i-airy of Ohio. pro.IJed Mr. McLeau c__ bul*
duot-d to c-tiiaeut to the arr.nij.eiueut.
WA sni.SGins BOBMiF.
ia?a IQB 88801IB cuBRE_(Po?t?K!ir or THr TRiBrifB.]
Wa-iiim; 081, Julv 15.?Wdlard'a U a larorlt*
haunt ot the offic'-etkent. They erowd iu lobhies
troni au early h-ur ia the momiug uatil Ute at :...
It ia a BBaaBBBBg groucd f>r "' Jud^ea " an<t " 8 >' '? i\*
BOitlHH-ghlaa '' II. f'. tl.e Wah" giiitleaiea prel'er gea
eraily to put nu at th-* Metropolitan or tht- Nat.'.nai,
the> nevar .l:-.l.iin to dr.p in at .ViHard'a il tht-re ia a
driak in rfgM or " little gatne " to be arranged. It m
a kin.l of [M*lui..il e ...h.i.'ii_e where counci.a are ! ..i
and plana !a.d lor tbe capture ot ? rieea. Jiat n-'W taa
air around WilUrtt'a ia apt to be blue 8_th the t>ad
i.e uf ___aa68B_a_aai "ffi' e-aeakera. liut that iu
t.? be eaaaaaaa. Ootaaajad taalBga nm-t iind rehef
?eaaawhera. H ?u,-h r,-H.-f tak-a the f.,r:u ?.f de:,:inei__
Haoa rt the Pk-i l n?, haa i.'abinet aod t H iaaky o'oja
wne hara, ?lr-__dy eeeiired fa. plaei ? j .!? r t'. ii .t -j.
ni<nt and preeume to pttt on aira iu th^ pre.-ence ol
t.. ir leea taeBBaaaa rivala. ahoeriH Uaaaa the poor
.lrtili lett out in the cold. witliout hope, wilhotil
proaperta. witb.-ut couaolationl
One of the ha*_t known tigurea in thia trowd of < ffice
Beehaea i* th.it ot a little gaadaaaaat about dity-dra
| resra of age. Ibe t >p of bia head ha* be. om-h .1J
1 almoat, aiac- ba lir-: cauie here iu llarch. The bair
| tbat ia lett him e*eap.a in grac* lil i* trla iBgBd flith
' gray fr^>in uuderneiith a l.tat aeaaon'a etraw bat. Ka
weara a BBBBJglBBg niuataebe aud goateo. Th? r- ;-a
I tarawar. dreamy, hiilf-tanii.hed i..ok. ang-j^atlve ot iiil
guat and 188886-8886. d.aeemible in bia connti-u .neo.
The U-aturo* are ile.id.-dly ('.-itie la rbararter.
A " gray 88888886 ^a looaely aio it
an? uuderai/.. d, but otbi'twi-o ewiiov-tlr
kmt haaaa, raaa ia tbe great bfak patiin and
ex-aii-i*. t. Mi'.Swe.By. **h>iu te ,.:..:- of tia
I?. in N-i_ik , ..ine_8 U?t vtar. in [airtt.. at -;> BMBBh ex
. :i .ui ire...u.i t.. >.i i*t the lack ot t-a-rgy ?u >.r.
. ji^rt ii, r>--e.r.ii z " An.eriean " ciluen-. ircaa
}ir;tt-h ?! laxeaoa HeSaweay baa be.:: ia VFaak I i
ereraBeee tae _aaanrat_am Ba aiiivad baee faRr as>
peet-Bg laal aaythi-g ae adgbt aok fcr weaal i bp*
tull v be giten to* him. H-d he not tunied tli<- tlle ??(
i ittie au.l ^r.-ient'-.t th.* Iriah h *t* from g .in.' .a a
IhnIv ovt-r to the gnpnn.ioan party I ll aaybo Iy antw
hia "worth aad p it the proper val'ie aa '
biether HeBweeay did. Looking uU'iit Im.. :
. >f the Port t >?,il'tiD wi-'.litt,
|7 uOayear aa ikeattlM m??a.in* of rai iril .
d-datoreaUd aenieea. II." lilef hi- ip; c I 1
.-rt l-o 'it.-ii iu ci.ii.ti.rt uuiil ibe truit _t-iu:.i .Irop into
hia lap. Aawtek | ai.-ed afer we.-k aad hi*. ..ama
1 to atpaei <-n tbe dail.. h-t ol :.p[?..intme_i'~ - ,t
oat It'iif tiie W ''.te ll.t.iae. h- g:? w ao-uealmi tr I
,, ilei 8a the -Wflaaeraiie petty badais
(,. ar^. .- ti >ii U.f'.rt tk.- iie-i.le_.t
ancl :.i:n ??
?? '.V :iy. the latu-r -_..?!. M y.i i u.. s dou- uo"_i_g i >r
ita. . ..ii ne.-.T eeese aaee aar Bkmmt Ba . ,- ..m
iM-.-t na io MeaaaeBBae gaal ibere are aal o.ti.-ea
ro ?_b iu Ibe >t tj :!ie eaaJlaadiadtl parl
oi th^ae lejtim itelt eatitled te laarard.'
- ?.( -?,->iv weotbaakteMaeara Qeiam, I'.ir:.-.
aml Maanitig. Ra retiewedt hia plrad.u-. " l r.<-id
ha.c beea eleeted io l'ar.iita-nt. aa I c mm it I h_.lnt
roair nr- bereaad loat u.t e.:ii.,' a -n IheotberaMe
by nghtiu_ lU* lK-.:i.K-r?iic bittie.. !.- ?\ ?
"?? Whj tiidu t you a'.at there f'' un'oelirijily retorted
?? le-. to >?e aui*. whv didu't yei *' aal 1 riarniim.
Mc>w.?t.y \*a* %.iM ll- t. .:ew.-.l baa aaaealta aa-B
tha V- . ? ? . . ne ?__. a . - r
li- t .:..- ":. - ? - ? ? ? r-.
Ir. . ? ? ? . Ihe < erki
. c . I the d-. tr. i:. ? a ?
a... ihe PreaUeaiaggaaatod tha aewCafleea_rfa -a.
-e... it *?a- aat _d.->*.?-utt. ibe aahaggf
? ? ISgeet '""' BBI bell ? 888888% He ru-_.*l t. taO
. . i a Iinii: t::i -.11
mandetl aa iinraed I I I'te-.J-i I bl Uy
. .1:1 >i.""" ? ih?-ta I laasoj
Jie* buoaell ut: lo bia lell boiebt ? Vo. Mr. Pran
tlent. N?. I t'lan "t .eee; t that. h- H-M. "* 1 'll ne-d
i.i.t, ot BBalfae, eoolly ti*i?iarktal tbe I'reaident. aa
Mettwooay laroei hia baok up.in him av.e_.ring
rtngeaoee. He rej .ira.1 u h.? Jaiatag-baoM
ci- ol hotel ii:e had laagaaa paaa I aadaiogoiai
_ uia tin.ka. Ue! *re it?:_atime t t tb. nui
tram t^ Btart kia BafM hol i* H.U-1 d. wn. "Iu.lt
giie liitu an.th^r. hanee. hetlwofhl Aga n he I _? a
to h miit ih -t.eet- aad ba* ia. Al _.eit-__a_?-iii..a
, i t.. l.aie teli him. haaiever. II* be.aa U>-h.*w
u - dttepeoiaOatal unJ ?3ti?'r. Hv aud br he re
i iiii-1 mm ti i.iv viaita M thr wkiBB Beoaa Again he
.. thedreadol the doorhoepara, ef the elerka. of
i .u. ? i. imoi t H it h- peraaated.
LtMl oi ? ib- I'le-itieul iihe:?.l the gr-at BB8 ?
^1,."?<K> p.'a ii _.-'.t :-l::p. lt t.e.i.'li t . .'?!? ?? ? <,eayB
breeta avay. " What, thia to rie. Late fera
-e ti iu tl.e Hr>.;.-! I'.ii .i iiii-at, a uun wh . elee i _>?''.
Mr. Treaiil. ?"." h- wa. :i>*.. ;t to aay. Bat ba :? 181 BBSB
tiii.'i-. lt. ' N.i. Ic ti:iall. Iiund w >.d. to e\.-. mu. I
.-. pi aethiag leaa thaa a 63,00* oi r2.0t)O ptooo
and pre?ervo tuv ai-ll-e-U.-m. ' a ..1 witb aa-lnei*
t ui bia lotie hi-1 iriie.l aml lett Mr. CtereUai6
NM8. Neartv tea tlara ba>e p_aae.l *inee I
t.iv.w t.'.x jlu-e. Mr. M.>areeny U ue--.> I g
haggard looking. I'Umli. he uativi'ia. ^ n .1 ihe
t.. da I He aaaaal rriua.u ini.h 1 m^er in Waab I ' a
. i .- intereat ol ? h .: h ? ????? a, V* ,
t'.o, to ? aiil'iuia i- l>. i. ?-:?ciali. ?: th_B II8M ef 188
viai. Aml w.tlk:ii?' i> ll -Und to *ak<- jmi-i . ' a
? .u? o?er tlieie 14 out of lli - queatioa 8BT
ob% ioi:- nu- -
? li i_ ? Ua.-U'ly ?!iaro* tliey way th-y trata Mi-th?r
HeSwaoy," tle frfreil aay. atd wUoia ihcretaal *adl
not agicr*\?i:h then.'.
Se.rce.v li ti tbe lit'le icheme been tl.-f.ated ia - h.rb
Mr-- - Hi- iaa Waraor aa J Cheaowolh van eagagid
to eafbal the Bojeata br vhtahthadrd ^e.llv?? ur
waa aaaeted, that Mr. S?:l_ler. ot tho Hnit.ii of
Btadatka. t irn- uii with a aimila. tdau to oi:e. nucal
th il lrt,uble-i _l ? law. Congreaa, laat a<*_aion.
tiriatid g46,54U IU I laiup aiim lor th- BMOtlBB
Itiirea-i. Afl.*r addlag t't:e arno-mt ao ?? i k ?'. tot tba
ehkl ef Bareaa, aeael ele.k. clerka nt the ? ??'al
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