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Ortiat tjxritome.it prevailed io the ahanty diatriet
lt. iiii7nei_'i?K>rlioo.f of Fifth-av*. below Mount
MoH? Pork ye^roav. Patrlck OUelllv. ago
f,,rt y ii la H.rerla the li?parluiaotof Pal.lic \Vorka
1V ii_ in a alianty on the roeka ot
( ;?..j,,i.,.tntl-iintl-ni..eteanth-?t aod H-???-???>..
,, !,'...,. takefl tiolently aiok on Wedneedav.
l).KjtoM had byn ealled In and docided ttiattho
c ia.. preae .te.rall the aymptoina*f Aaiattc cholera.
Thia newa H.K.n lraWod ont, and tlie wholo tieigh
b?rh.?i.l we* s.m)u sei_?rtwith a r??*?_?Jf,__|
?,,!.t? aud dog* abowtuR aigna of fear. O'li-i Iv had
anuk 88 l..w that a prieat waa Bumtaoned in t ie
Uior:.i.iatoad.ii.niater the extreine uoction. Iho
flrat newa <>f tha caae rearhed Aasistant biiperiu
teudent Janea at Pal.ca lleadquartera yesterday
nu r iin_ *. ii-.to from one of thfl pkyaioiana in
St , iiiUtwe infonneal Dr Janea t_t88_Kjr^M8QX8
that the e.ae waa oue of Aaiallo cholera, for in lhe
limtr ataoaafea the writing of the. eot* the aatteet
hu Li.) twolvo "tvpauical" diaeharx.'H. lhe
Senlth offl.or* thought that typlcal .WhareaH
WPrommo.The uewa creatod o great He.mii.n
Somt " Board of Health roon.*, und tho
n'lvai.'iuiia in .itteiidanoe made ap their m nd* to
lhe harde't kind of warfc Dr. Geergo 8. Conant,
o'i'io i he iBBeoeaoto lu the fourth aaoitery . .
viKiiiti. wiia itiatructed lo go at onceaudmake au m
V<iVr"i'.V,r"nt found O'Koilly ln a llttle back room
iu a criticel oondltion. The roam waa ? rowded
xvith me*. women and children both. of hia OWB
f_ flilv aud n-ighbor* from aurrounrting Bliantir*.
iai-iiry developed the fect that for hia Suodav
il. t -r O'ltVilly had partaken heart.ly of boiled
l!,rk and rabW. ai.d tho aamo fvcnmu had
1 -en Hoi/.il with a aevere Btof diarrhiua. Ile 88
I-aioTeadily worae. and on Tueadav afteruoon
ah ii. ian*wero ealled. The caac by tbat time had
? ,d. -. v go l.ev..i.d tbelrc*i.tr..l.a..d..ii Wadnea
d' i.eldKi.iieseaitheca
of tl.... i, for..u_ the Board of Health of thoir de
cia.on. After ? oaref.il cxammation Dr. C...naut
f I, i,.l that there ttere o.nio of the typiradiagnoa
tlc prvcoliaritiea ol Ihe drended aoourge. 1 her.' wu*
B, .!,.-.-e,.f the inofl. ns.te di-ch.irge*. the deeo
"..iVleliril veiYeaud tne heavv dark-colored peT*
? , nt V. while on the other l.at.d a I ihoaymp
, s -resetit were thoaeof aoote eboloro BKwbfle.
The duclor alaocaine to the eone oaloo 'j'lt t .,
a-tfl waa aa-MO-ao from leok -f vui.ii.e _<Ntrlah*
1 eot. After givingauiiablo prescr.ption.^.a d lt
l-eiti.tiM Dr. < onaut can.e awuv, leavii.g O Keilly
___rh?laier and with a falr ctxanooof rooovary
i he ii 1. .lo antaof BbaBty-Towj with an ahac
*ite laek ef xaiUa in the obtl.ty of tho physici-.ia
ch?.l.ira io w'?<>. waa atriekon dowo oo \i.ni M, in
.ahanty on the rocka at NmHy-lhlrd-at. 80_
Thinl-.ve Hineo the taik of a viaittition of tlie
i-i,"vv?."..- vear l.e-.i... the iuhabitant* ofthal
part of the , ny h.ive 1.a OB the _?kontft8f Uaap
tiearance. lt Ls thia. nerhapa, tliat led the pbyai*
a-xaa"?. mko a dtamioaj* of the eaet as 9_oolne
cholera lhe viait of Dr. Conaut BO. eee.le.l. iu a
B-8889-O. in quiet.ng the fear- trf tbe fflahteuad.ta,
niitea uf tli-' IUII" hill4, bdt T.lt WBOllll B
cholera w * atill the li.aiti tooio of c?.uver*aton
?aatuight. Vil thai portionof Firth-ovo. aboyeihe
I'.,|, (.rom da ia covered with ah_ntie_, 1 be atwta
h,ve 1. ?. :. l.last.'tl throiic'i.l.'.ivin!. tlio CBBtW of tho
bi..,k .?|.iiiii.-iisi.:na4M.aofatoii.\a..iii.-ll!m-siii::iu.-hii.4
,,?1, t.et aluive lhe letel of tlie mreet.U he inliabi
t_.nta aremoatly Irlah lab .rora. and aa Utheooa.
tom lo the "old eoiintrv."iiien womeu aud ehUdrea
HT*iotbeae-aaap8__aonM with goata. geeso aud
dogs. ,
Alittle woman with falr comnloxirHi and blaok
rrea oceopka tbe aecond. ilat at No. "11 Weat
Thlrtv-flraVet, where alie is known aa Mra. hiuma
M- v. r. hhe baa 1.0 llving in the Hat for n.ore
tliaiiavear at.d wua iiin.eratood by her ueiKbbors
Sn tJa? liiiil.t'tur t? he a widow H<-r 888* a bo* of
abont ten yeara, lived with h'-r.an.i aba had a
rol.'r.-.l a-iv'ant. <>? Wedneiolay Mr^. Mayer made
afUdavii before a iioUry afflrmina that abo waa th
1 W...1 wife ?'t laouia llanaon. the tallor whoahot
blrneell oo tho Fouith of July on Btetn King
lff-l.yot aaya that ahe met Hanaen at Manhat
|__ Beach' n .luiie a year ago. Ile tol.l her t'-at he
vc ia marrie.l. that bla wife waa in Europ* an.i tliat
ho wa* laklaa meaanrea to atM-ure a divorco. \N heo
it WH.* abtalBOd lie waa to hu inarried to her. Ou
J lunarv -7 ahe conaente.l to a aei-ret inarnage at
her kooee, the rai*j*aoay boIbb i-ertormeil by u
Mftho.li-?t miniater irboae oame she eoea aol aoow.
Twodaia afterward tl.ev atart.-d lor Now-Orleana
,7/ i w,re aboeal tlireat weaka Tbey rea-i.*teie,l at
the Iluroet flonse, Ulucinnatl.aod at other boteM at
Which tl.ev Btopped a* lit.at.an.l ati-l w.fo. rind
Hanaen ir.tr.Hiuc.?l lier to hia fnemla ?lio.i. tbej
imt as hia wite. VSin.e then. .the aaya. they liive
live.l toir.tli.-r. cxceptins when be waa out of town
fiom time to time. aud they dlood umially in tlie
avenioa at alartlneiU'* ln Fifth-ave. 8be haaoopta
from llanaen whioh he wn.te on Jn.y 3. telllng
lierthat be waa going out ot town and would not
retuni nutUMouoay. 6ha dnl not beer from bim
MftlB, l.ut rea.Uf his.le.itl. Ifl tbe im,-WHpapera. 8flB
Bever ?aw him eam a piatol and doea uot beBeve
tha' I.*' wooldcommll toleide.
Hcrlawvera haveverified heratatemeol abont the
Kew-Orlea-a trip by tho botel re_iatai_ l_*y
i,?'..'n. 11>- inyniriee to learo if Uariaee waa over
unrri il in CoiieobAgen, where lie haa a alater
livm,. but aa \ot ih.-y hato reccivn no reply.
Mrs Mayer :a appareotlj familiar a th llanaen a
ailaira. ln additioo t>> the property tbat h:i? l.<-eu
nttnl.tit.'.l t'. hlm.eatimatedat M50.00O, ebeaaya
tbal he ba l a conalderAblo aroeaat mvasted la Her
eruiuant aaeuritie* .
\t llanaeu'a atore the bookkaoMr deoled aay
kaowledtre <n ber clalmaa* Haoeao'awlfa Aday
cr two after tbe death ef Mr. Haxaoo a woman,
tr'io he Boppoaea waa Mra. Mayer. aotered th>
Bt'.ie and appeared to ba axaauuing it. when
aakedwhat ahe doaired ahe did not olalmtebe
Hanaen'a wife. but a frienil of nia. Un- rceord* at
.cfier-on Market Court^how tbatJoaephlne Huiitei
waa married t<> Haoaen on Jone i. 1881. Mra.
If ayer haa no eertincate of bermaniage,
Bfeinpor-ry lettera of adtntnlHtratlon rntheeatate
ol llaiiaen have been _r:>iit.'.l to tbe 1'nblir Aduiin
latrator. Al?ernoo 8. Hulllvaii. lt eonsiata of a
atore at I ??iuv-tim.i- t und Bixtb-ava. aml
?/l,_.-..otio in aecuritiea lim alater. Mra. Kmelie
Kieliton, reai.lea in Copenhagen und ia tliervforc not
eutitled to lettera. Mra Joa nhioe I.. llapaeo, who
rlaima to bo hia wife, baa expreaaed her williugucaa
to raooonee her right to theu io tavor ol tho 1'oblle
Acliniu.strator. Mi?. Ma.\cr aiao olanns a BlOMOOf
liia oatato. _
The Vw-York. I.nke Etie and WeetetO llailroud
Coinpiuiv refaaa* toray tb* eity $110,170 in per
Bonal taxea aaee^s.d ug.niit Ibat couipany for tb*
year 1882 and it baaaaked lor an lojaootioo to
orevent tlie eity from Ibe eoUeetkm of ibeaaeM
aeiidinga anit in cqtiity to declare the taxea votd.
L'olonel E.T. Wood, aa attorney for tbe .oiiipany,
visterdav aeived Dotice ol anoh an aetion on th?
J. tv Ilie -ruiiiid of action ia baaed on a reeent
declNiou -i the Conrt of Appeak, whleh reaimreg
the L'oBUBlBa-'.oara 8)1 Taxe* to ,'iaM>s? the tapital
etoek ot a corporation ut its BOtael value, iBatOad
ol iti j.ar or inaik.-t valuo. ln ls-'Jtlu- liix Coin
tniaaionera aBae*sed llnn raiiroad co.nnaiiv OB ita
Iioniinal capital atock, de.lnctl-8 tlieielroni the
Mtwtitseil value of ita real pi tiie aml Un now ttixatile
liiveMui.-ntH. The reinai'iit.-i oi tba eapital atoek
atter aaeh deiliictions were B4aoa was as
B?*sse.l aa aajxastbal aatata at Rometliing ka*
thm ita niarket value. In tlie caae of the
Twouty-thlrd htreet Bailroad C-mpany. BUMM Oo
eidod l.y the Court of Appeala. it w.ia held that the
Tax Co'umiaaioner*ahonld have made their dcluc
tiotis frotii thoiietnal value of tlie atook inhteail of
the iioniinal value. On the baala of tl.is deciaion
the Ene Company aow briaipj ita ?uit to aavatba
taxesfor l^s'J deVdarod voiu. ?_?.____ ,
Tho reeent eaO*9B8J Ifl tli" 8989 of tho Mtitual
J'elvgrapb Ceeaaeo* will l>e citard hy the eity at* iie
arriug the raiiroad < oiiipany ironi any \e>z*\ claiui
for roli.-f. The taaagrape company waa Baaeaaediaa
ta cnpital atoik and waa ho iniorine<l by the I ax
Co.ninirisionera The compauv maxle no applicatioo
forielieiin the time tixed by law. but conteated
the piivmeut of the tax on tho ground that it waa
not liiible, The Courta lield that having iie?lecta<l
to ninke at.pli'-ation in the time lixed by the atatute
the aaaeoaaaaat -Tiu^t stand. lt ia thought by tho
{itv aothoritiea that tbe aarue 0880880 will goveru
becaae uow brought bv tbo LTie Raiiroad Corn
t>*"y- a
Ja.nea Hurch. a floriat. of Parkvllle, L. I.. waa
anvsted yeaterduy upon a warrant .iaaued l>y Folico
Joattce Walaii. of Brooklyn. charging bnn with
aauBiug tiie death of hia wife. Jane. age tblrty-flve.
?ecordiug to the aworu atatomout of Johu Davia
Who waa emi.loyeal in Hurch'a aToenhouao, Btirch
Btruck hia wile in tho back with a apade on June
11. oaoalug injuriea which reaultod in ber;death on
laioDday. ?t th* Kiuga Countv lloapital. llieylunl
Met lived on good torjia for aome time nnd fro
Onently quarrelleaL Buich wns ln a paaaion wiien
1* atruck the l.low. He haa a grcenhonae and
?roaflda near tbt Waahington C.-metery. Ihe
fonaral of Mra. Jlun-h took place yettorday iu 8t.
John'* tpiecopal Cbnrch in 1'arkville. payia
bieltod the ollico ot Diatrict-Attornay lliilg
__- jeatorday, and npon hia athdavit tlre
Warrant waa laaued, and Detectlve Itoche
axreeted Bareb and took bim to Brooklvn.
Heoe-ied asaaultlog hia wife. Tbe btx'.y of tiie
iaad woman waa placed ln a receitiua vault in
Waahlngton Cemetery aud an atitopay will bo made
B_j aa' lnqoeat held. Hurch 1* an. Eogliahiuau
iny-aeteii yeara old.
Tbe bearing in the caae ot Autoolo Barracbina,
* i Bpaniah lawyer whoae eitraalitiou ia aaktxl for
hia natlva conntry on the ground that he ia a
-, waa oootlnoea yeeterday before Umted
~?i Commiaeioner Oaborn. Seoor Pooce de Leou
l ax-Jodge Rodrlgue*, of Mexico, tertitied to the
ti-nalation ef a phraea uead ia one of tbe
documeota in tbe caao aa ? 8BffMaa? ?' J
priaoner'B counsel o.ontcndcl that ? aijeWjeaa
"conciuded." lt will ho ?"?MU? gtSS,
expert teatimony on tha BBbiect I f "^ Y??
over to taeadajr. - I am deinaiided aa. H. rraciuna
t/? a ronorter " on t he Ntreiigtli ot .'i deciaioii 01? i
fario"'sSTnlah conrt that ti.o jaam?a?iae.tloa
__n fonieriea. altliooith a court of hutlici jur s
diXnaX^i the action of tl.e lower^court vouL
Thoy want mo 8888088 1 dawnoeu ? iot oi v,um
muiiista on ?rial at CurthAgcua.
' logtinaetor PaaBBM. report for the year endmg
j, ,u- .0 ah'.wK thal duriaa that time thero warede
livcred throiiali lock-hoxcs >?f *__t___^_S*VS*_li
841.688 Biseaa of ordmary m.ul luaUor c, anicn
170 073,413 wera Mters and eBJ_4__?_? *?R
toltal carda Tha total immhor of piece* of m all
Ster of all hinda ^^^^i^S^S?L^
819.868, a .laily average ol 2,41 2,889. Of ^jf?*1
nYittor 1 00S 747 pieees were delivered. Bod 8*9.
0.- of .Weg.ic a..d 888.890 ol_??talmorWaira
?tmled and diatrib.it. d to olber offlcea. [^FJ"
2_ B83 aaeka'oi forcign muil rccoivcd and .7.101
Ti-tt Poat Ofllce,fB*}48 money ordora
xxore iaatir-d and pald. amoiintii.g to>?>. <^j_*Z_?*
and i.riH.OUII poatal note* aniountmit ??,1_**^|
48 Ul. At the liftceu hrauchea the BBiahar Ol
onlora iaaned and i.aid wag 14ft 104 ?_?_"?*?&*
8?484 646 64 and tho DUtuber of poatal notea
E.07l aSSaflBj to Wt8M379jht W?*?
buatneaa of tho NIoney Order Departm. ut f.> th.
vearanmnnted to fS^OW, 127 which. whtia abow
uur au ineieaae of 90,988 in .tho niiiuher of t.ai a
arMima. 8h..w* a deoreaaain tho ainoniit from Ihe
previoua year of 88.087.874 68.
The total receIpta of theothco were ifM-io..u-i 71.
and the totai eipendltarea |1.802.?0 7...'ix.vinK
? ct revoniie of B_;838.4fl3 98. The cbanaea mado
fVr lo pnimotion'of the efilcicncy of *aa?^
were 482 anpointraenta, 680 nromotions an.l. . re
du<"iona. t'h.-re were rein-.vc.l from the aervice for
in dii. ienov dur na probatton and tareagb oaatoa
nnd reaignatloua, Af; tho ntiml.er of saafaBjaa
Is 1.884. _^_,
Ivn wa* bafora PoueaJaathM aeaber yaBtei.i.ii,
eaaMad with ateaiiaa 8388 triMiitii,tr,i.,k?iM .
Ani.io Lamoreaax, tha iraaeeaother of hiajrlfa,
vh w?a v.sitinit tbelr l.ous,.. Bronghtoo. who .? a
v< ua EnfliahnVaa. made tlie Mqaaiutaaaeeftha
_ t" Whom im afterward rnarried.a few laontha aajo.
a nd ao n cained Inr artcrtioiia H- d.d no work ....
, plentv of ...onev. vvlii.i. ba bbM aaaaaf ro i i
ri.ii iincle in Eoaland. Ha even MajMead ta;Mk?
hiawf. to ae., tiiat paiBBt ,bataaa ttjl Betdainra
to leave hor relativea. wl.o ha.l war.nly wel.-nn ed
IcIrKon-inlaw. td^atorieaa rebbarta.occ.jrre ...
tho baaaa at aliett Intarrasa. aad addnimul\ton
unl imlta did not aaaaa ta tM eoc,,ritv, When
t?. *:i:... waa miBBHd .... Wednesday tha |.ol ra wara
called in aad hh aeapietoa peiBted to ltro..?hton ba
? ' arrAsted Hc had *1.">" and had Civ.-n h 1 wtfe
i S wWl! ht* tha reaa ba had bat und htet at tba
BrJahton Beaoh raca-traok. Mo waa amtad oa
retaVnina fro.n tba raeee. Pawa t..k..t.a for aaesaof
the artlolea aaaaed from the houao w.re loun.l
U,;iew!"^har-edl.efor.. .luat.ee Naohcr with gt^al
iDl tha money from Mrs. I.ninor.'aux. BfOld tlinn'.le
from Mts. Eliaebath Lduawreaax. aad 82 tnm a
aerran" Ifaraarat Hill. .'i..|.l?v-l bjr the fomlLy.
Hreu?lit..n ia twontv-fuiir raara Old, aml Ull vvilo ij
I,iKlilv connVted. It is aW* tnt'i" ^ aaod
an RbOO balonging to hia wife, aad thea baaaa to
Btaalwhat he c.uld oaavealoBtiB lav hia batvd*
npou. The fainily aaapoctoa what ho waa doing,
Dutehoaeaot to nahe Iha aaatter imbim nutil tno
money wa* taken. Ba waa aeni to Kaymond
Strect Jail pending exammation.
ilrctwrf //owar-Miirat Halstoad. of Cincin
natl htfth Arrnue Unl.! BM ilt-r I i..:jr_- /. Krwlll,
ot naadaoV N. y.. aad Jc4x. tt. li. Uitrabe. ot Ii.i t.n.ore.
fTrriWI //,i(?e -Captala Muntiruinery Bk^rd, 1 . t*.
pfaW <;ra,,drentrai iiotn Jadge M'.yt ii. W-aater,
af Ven'iio'n't ....-M4.BMM //""?' -Bt?C.tnitrc.gii.a'i K lt.
Iiiear".f I'en lavlvni.'ni. ..iill'ivUirectorCaajnir M henek.
[?! ri'?. v 1^<?ray lliil i/?rW-Wllll.iu. K. Aekcr
,,,,,?. ofCUirgV.;. an.l J-mea II. O^ffosd. af Ho.ton
vAc-Vor*' He4d A*aiMaat Flah (?...n.ulat onor T. ll.
Bararaaon ol a'a-hlagton .?/tv..mW? Votei-V. ti.
Diatriet Juilitc tt, B. BroWB, of Uotruit.
B-B_ardl referi-nce c:,?c l.ef-irc KetVno Il.iuillton.
MeeUna of tbe Board of Alderexea. ._.____
ii.-iarlVuc of Ir.-ahAir juriy for Slatoti Ialand. 0
a m.
rn'.lce 1!" ir-1 nieetlnir. .... , .
Ncw-York-Uoatou laeaball aaatah, Pala f-r.-un-t-., i
Voiicert on the Il.ittcry by (i'.uli K-Klincnt IU11J, even..
lu_. _^_
incw.TOBI C1TT.
Mr*. M. H, aeaMlatlta thlaofJ ? for th" degti
tate 1'oligh fatnilv.
c.ntri.ii.-r Loew iteterdar seearod a loaaj of
1600,000 lor thfiity nt Rt 88888Bt BBtll Jan?
uary 1.
A Chatbaavat photographor adreriiaea a fraa
c meeri by a im.aa aaaa! aa aaa ?>f hia atti-atieaa t"
Buaday euatoeaate.
Um annnal excnratoa of st. Mark'a Mentorlal
S.m<l;.v-S. l.n.il will take p!_..n Atik'"*t 1 I. at
Point view OroTo, i". taa Boaad.
i;,e Nexv-York and Boatoa Baaaball Biaea ara to
lie-it Wallaek'aTbeatratbi* *T?uing, ninchtetba
delight of Digbj Bail aad !><? Wolf Hopi ar.
Chriatian B BHoaaea waa aaeetated reaterday a
meaaenaer iu tbe Cuatom Hoaae, ut aaalarj <>f
$*>40, iii placoof Jobn Bhannon, reaigned.
AMiiin.ifiiieiiii.ir.il who ara phjeieally weak
nnd anable tn atteud tln- publie echoolaiacon
nected witb St. Marh'a Chareh, aod aambera 100
plll.il.a. , ,
l'boo ti ITAI i*.
f'arlo Cuaeo Beeeh. de Caaeli, aoe ofthalate
Cberalier Boecbide Uaaali, u.-day tooh eharaje of
VEoo h'H'iH'i. tbo |t;i'i.m "Ik'h.i which waa ef:
bin hv lus fat lii-r'g will. I he puper W;ia ehtalillall.-d
by Uu- liuvalier in 18 19.
Ily the will of Marv DarUn.filad y- -t.-nl.'iv. if.MYO
la beqnealhed t" tlie Rotaan Catholie Orphaa
AMvlnm 8900 to BLfJoaeph'a Rotna for the Agod.
ai'i.l 8600 tn tk. Kev. Fatber liieb mI 1). Lilljr. He
aml Br. Iliahael K. rloeaa ara aaeio-atee aseaatora
rn:< ft vtim; -IBBABT BOB TBJB BI4BD.
The New-York Clreulating Library tot the Dlind
baa been iiieorporated wlth tbe objeel if oollectlng
bookaauitabla n. tha ua,- of tln- liliml. I he eorpor*
?tora ara Flora l:. Bogera. EUaabeth 8. Olngar,
Uatheriue A. OWcill, M:i__i.- A. tjaaa an.l Bajjaa B.
pwaixiBoa (iiviMi wav ro airsiaaaa moithka
Baaineaa nn Twenti -third-ai iagradaall* aaoring
aaatward. Bereaal of tha Hueat brown frool hoaae*
ou tbebloeh botween Broadway aad I'utntli-avc.
au- to rea*, and *'?bu- ol them, it ia aanouaeed, are
for "IniMiiesg piiri.i.a--..'' Tbere are ulrt*ndv inanv
pliieeaef imainegs ia taa ataeel belwaaa Broadway
and LtxiiiKtoii-avo.
Henry Katubriiio waa arit-gted ou Wi-dne-il.-iv
ereaing in MatTteon Bqnare fet laaaltinf wotnen.
?Jn.st bafora the arr.at Hamkriini gpmw to Mia.
af. B. Brlttoa aa aha waa efoesteg -aaaarh. Mr..
Hrittim promptly atrook taa peaaa tciion- iu the
fuceai.d M-nt him reelingto the groiiiul. He wi*
aaat to tbe Ialaad f?r mx aaoataM by Jaateaa Ford
ihk pAitit tarBgnoAttoa to hk vtavrwu,
Tho -J-MBMoe Caiiiuiitte.- to Inreetigate tbe
I'ark Dcpartini'iit did BOtbold a BMottag yeaterday
en the Blieaed greead of laca ?.f a oaorata. there
waaaatoaliya qaornm preaent, bal it wMranyrrad
thal the I'ark ('ii.n'iiis-io.ii-r- had aatigii'-d tba de
maiid fm- pia.es, aaaaa the nfaaMaaMa-B weaid b..
KX-ASfiKMBI.VMAN (llllllS rOI'M..
Georgc H. GiIjI.h. the cx-Aggeinhlviiian. who haa
been talaolng fr<?m hia hoine at No. H7 Market-st.
forinorc tlian a wc-k. waa lound on Statsti [aland
raatardai and tak.-n to the poltee heaelqaavtera
there ltraQibbe, who ig in deatitnte eireum
BtauccB. reccived lugalNtaac.) frun Fat-r B. IIaatar
aou, Tbotnaa iSki.-ldg and ('oBiini.gai.iiicr Poit^r.
Thoadete M. aVwhe, raal aaadata aaeat,'haa oiierod
te itive her amploviiieiit aad ront Ireo.
poarrao-taB mjkw taoiaaABT.
Contioilcr Loew waa ladigaaal |-aterday when
be learned that the Part Oommlaxdoaara had uuMd
a uotilication to the I'ark l'olioethat tlieConlroller
refiiwi-d to aifc-n the pav-rolls unlnaa a foll moiith'H
work wagperforruud, taasenttlngOB the ugual va
catioiiH. Ihe Coutroller aaid that ho had mado uo
Biicb refuHtil, hut. on the contrary. laformcd the
Fark Iloard that he wageiiilnly willliig that the
ctupliiyea ahould bave their 8884*1 vai ation*.
tiik mw iiAKiaaa bbidob ooMMiaaaoat,
The Mavar,(,'ontroller,and uregideiit of the Hoard
of Aldcnncn will BBtet to-day t.j apiM.int thrcc rom
miaaionera io build a bfldfa orertae llariom RiTer.
W. R. Marlin, cx-pr<aUO-Ul of tlm Fark DafNIfla.
iiiiiit; .wi'ii|ig'.n Hamburacr, of oncof Ihe nnmcroiig.
Qertnan Deooeratie organtiatloaa, andJ. 1). VTella,
of the 1 vventv-tliird Ward, are aald to be candi
dui.-a lor the plucea.
BcniAi. or laRAH. cnRg*:.
The funeral of Inracl Cors.-. wlio daaa on Momlay
from haart diaiag.'. at Savvillc, L. J,, waa h.ld yea
taadBB* BattTBtag at the Chareh oi tha Treaaflaaira"
tion. aaeftOT. Dr. Heaajhton oflt-ated, Thero
was a lame utt.-ndance. imt only ol men <-si/aaed ui
the leatlnr trade, but also in varioiig brauebea of
bnainegg. Many ineiolura ot the Lnien Club, to
which Mr. ComhadbaiiBjfadfiwthirtyyaara, were
a ao iire-ant. Ihe body waa taken to VVeatport,
(..i.tiB., for MB?al,
The Kiiiuii.; an.l ll.iv Statog IVlc/raph < omiiftnj
baa beea L-4M4>poratea witb a capital of 4,^:10,000,
rca*.rviiii!th.' r ?ht ta. uMaeaaa it toSl0,000,800,per
valuc $1011 a sliare. Ita object la to c.m.gtruct.
niaiutiiin ajutaaaaaaetelegrart liaeain tii? statea
ou tlm Allautic s.-iih-iaid Irom MaggachuaettH U? the
Diafmt of Coliimbiu. i'bo ciri?oiatora are Audrow
J. iialdwiu. Johu lienry MUler aud Charlea J.
Marah. Eaoh of tho lirot two holda 1,000 ahurea
ond Mr. Mareh 500.
Abanhite divorce luw beeu giantedto Mrs. Charlea
Surrogate Bergen. who ia at Lake (leorge, ia reportod
to he ill. but iniproviug.
John F. Yoang, a<re eieht. of Nr. 132 Twenty thlrd
Bt-waa killed yesterday l.y falliog from the aaOBfOf bia
Taaaaa TTiiqitt af No. BM C-ftaotJesa wbo wn?
arreated yeaterday for abandoning bia wife, ih accuaed
ot e iininitliiig biijnniy.
Mr* Marv Shei.l.enl. of Vo. K1H Kller.v-at., waa ron
vieled vcterdny ai hubitmilly Beuting her atcp-daugh
t>r Nettie. un<- thirteen.
The reai.ler.ta oi WaatOBftOoai ?re cnropluiniiig
at what Ihev call the VB-dailaaB ol ttBtrfatf dowo all tlie
treea for the BBaBBBB ol guining hall a loot m tho widtli
ol the atreet.
Tlirah Oar.lner, Jr.. one af the atorekeepera for BM
Internal Kevenue Department. waa dlamieaed hy the
IJiBimlidmr- af i.ternui BaveaaO yeaterday, bccauao
be wua ou " offcnaite purtimin.''
>an...ol A. Avilii, of lhe Kleventh Wi.rd.wbo reeently
loa: ii position iu tho Internal Kevenuc llep.irtiuent by
tiiechun?e m .-ollertor. 9-8 l.een appointed deputy
Bhoro iflapeetor under Ci.itn lina Kurgueeon.
Miehael Lt O'Mara. who reeently paaaed the fivll
Serviee exi.tninntlon tind waa appointed a pnliceman in
the raurtl. I'reeinrt, went on patrol ut K p ... on M.-n
ditv Ile di.l not retnni to the atatimi aud notlnuc haa
been 8888 ol bim aii.ee. C:.pt,in M.Kelvev aent to Ma
fcaardfBI hoiiKO. but tho only tracc ol bim waa hli
f'harlea ? Aekr-.n waa trled ln th? Cotirt of Heaalon*.
Jeraev n.r. re.lerdav for foncery. H* hudbeen e..?a?e.
ln ibeibaataVaa af BolKdiMa e*a?_ra for BoelBeUeiBttj. < _
tho llthof laat Fet.ruurv after bunklng boura he JBO 8
,,,1."' 0 worthh-aa rh.ekt eiiahed by trB.leam.-.i. ?
iou e aaaaa he bm4* amall pweaaaxaa. patd tor the,.nr
uchB.'W a.,.l r.e.li. -.1 the hal.iiieo ln 8ak__ _??*] ay
lal t he left ti... .in a..d aaa aaftorad Mfflrtaeao. i be
rhaeka were drawn on th.- s,. ..nd Natioaal Baata at J< r
ae('liy.Blgoed l-V Hen.!:,..il.l T. MeOuner und md..r*e,
hv\ekr..n They were for atiiminia rantrhu: from 810
to 849 No ne of then, WM depaaited untll the folli.w hf
Mooday aad lt waa Wedaeaday before they aaaaa bmb
te tlio.-.vll.dled triulraine.. with tb* Indftraen.eut no
aeeouni " McOaabflt teatlBed taal ho baa*'aotklng
Bboot Ibe ? heek. He n.lmltted that he waa with A-kr.. n
wheu aeveral of the eheeka ttero paaaed. Arkr-.n taal ?
dr I ln hia own behaB tli.U the <?. aa were cttet. M b m
l,y Mcouiber aad he paaaed th..., i.eii.-vin*- taaaa toba
aooil Tho luryiieoiilt.ed lhe defetidunt OB the eharae
nf fnrt-eiv Aekr.in and MeOmber aror* Imaaadlataly ar_
r-t.-.ii mi aeaaiaa af aaaiaplraey an.i itieflal u. raraaa.
$1,000 hall.
The Boari af IWettee. uaBMartaa of aaeaaker*i ef tha
Hoi.rd af l-blto Worka ef JaraayCttr. ?'"','"" *_7'5
Ai.laol Uo?rd,..ee,....,.a.'le.l l.y br. Illl! tiir*. of tfc*
PolyellDlo, of ti.i* eitr. Dr. Her. of IB* Bawa a
Hoi.r.t Of lle.ilth. I'r.-ldent M-hwII.-r. nf the Board Of
I'uiiiie Work* ..f.f.ra.y nty. and a48e*B, baafaadtbfl
_____ liiunel. Kdwiird N _t Newark yeaterday r>r an
h . 1 t ob the 'aaa-l.' BiV*r arith u vl,w to .leterml..
ml lh. u ...llty of the wa.er anpnlyof Newark aad.lera.-y
Hi Tl',. , ,rtv|.r...-eede.1?a,far aa H.iddle Klver and
tookaeven'a.i.ilea of Ul* ^ T ^ ? T'lT ^ %
i ,?... irera p-awd la botUaa M ba taaetaal Dr. H ili...a
?r,.p,...at.)?.il.erl.nen' with a vlew t? naeerti.ln.tur if
heoholera rarai o?V>d be killed m atreau.*i.voxidati..ii
Tha water will helialled three tlniea. two hmira e.ieli
,,,u,.. :u?i ,i?.? laiprafnated v.un ti,a *bf__ra **?? aad
exp.ae.l for ou- month t? tlie aetloti of tlie alr and aun
lu-lit Bl ite ( ...nmlaaloner Hamlui. ".f New-iork. wlio
wa?..ne..f the l.i.rty. ext>re*aed the oplnb-n that in a
fowieiratiiowaterii. li'o r.ver wouid be Bl.aolut.-ly
untll to ilrit.k.
a-atreo MmOwbbiiB a>-e Bftaee, aad hia Brathar
Jamaa igi elevea. wcieta Baelfa u.eat niarket ye.t.-r
d_r rtften.B. .Ih.ii.". t.'M Andietv |o i o BOflfl* Atidrew
i ..nd Jain-a i-i. ked up ?? eleater und thre.t. ?* i
i ,, brother Andre ? looll tba ? ->_m i .,?m fr'.m la.net
imi the latter pn k-I ap .. loo*. Iblo and atiari. buifaaiid
Dlna?*d It loto Bla brotb*r"* abdooiea Aadrcw ?
ttiefl.ior und hliafld Bowed eoplouel/ fr..m tli. w,.u .1
Tbe youiiaer brother waa fn.l.teii?l when
of hlabaaty ta alMd f..i aaa i
_???,, .1 t..)..<;, .,..-. Bo 141 ?
at..411.1 .tt" d.'l.l.t 1 ' T l-.'l - .... Iiell.'lra tliat Ilie ll,. 11)
arlil provefatal Jaaaaawaa wreataa.
Tte .te.rn.rrioaaphta*, okl -h araa poraba*. I
taln A l". Itlaek f..r th<- parpaaa .-f raoalug an up| ?
llne to l'..'i_hkr?|.aie. w?.i yaatarda ...t?t.u ?y
l-_|.,d al H .-l-l l?"....n l? -ti-fy
far work done on bar. Bha w ?* laoaabi i>> .r*# w.
Glbaon for 916,000,1 ?< ?? ?* 18* :i? n. _a
/.. l/o/.s All"i I ' ' ???' i ?'" '? '?' BfOI t / ^.
Tbere araa n rer?ati In apfoo -i politieal rirelea
lait nu-.n ?.n ..-? a ? '?>' 18a ra
ii,?val ,.f lUhiy K-1.aployea of tha ?
,,,, .,., _u_oat 1 plaee* ar,' tn be tnl-d with
?,,!? |a la| '. ? . , ..-m I., Hilb. ii
ii mompaon t- tlie diatriei le.ni. r? ..f the lonntj
I,, ,,,.? r .' i tbal nl ? ? - ? ""' ,,;' '" ?' ''???"''"' ' ,"
n,..|, fr,?n .-,i? t. .11-1 tt 1 I- KfltUa*
.?,,, ,._ . I ll .'- .le.ay ln Iii4*.
DKttala On* ef tba A*ae*ably Diatriet I laaMyaatar
?We are poteaT with the atateroeot tbal araa -
nntu ib..in r.n enoa I b) tba Clvll -.m..
eana Wbr. i' "'?'" '"? ' ' Beepla tne
tlie old aet. ttho kti.-w Ilie linal e-a. i.itaei tli-n l.ili,.- _
a lotol BToanboroa"
? ?
Taa Celtie, <>f tba W hlte Btor Line, took
an.* ber 1.mgflra '??? Utert. reatarday: I .M
Binchaiu, U. llr?wn. Iloi.ry J Bali?j aml wife, Dr. W,
,, rjotton, tbo Bev, Dr.Oollbert, J, B. llnatlDgton aad
wlf,. ' ,| ' |i ||. "l'i ? . Judf* Jolii.aton, J. A.
UclJonald a 'I wife, tba Bav. ?'. h. Maraball,
the Bet. I.. B. Oab.r
Tbe Mexieaa edltora eloaed tbelr vi^it in liiin
eity yaaurdar. In taa noraltta UM* weatto BayBlda,
L I., wheretaay werelalMated In iho mysterl** "f a
ci'uu'i li.ike. I liey.lld Ind leliirn tn tl,e llurliniiii II**tB*
lllllil eve.ill,. Uini lt 1 I o'elu. k l.iey tOO_ tlie t?<.lllf..r
New-Hateu, where thooommltta* of cltl/ena ?in ,r
.'.it.- tii-m. To-alatbttbey will atart for Pblladelpala.
Tiiey will reinulii there tln.'.- ,i:iya aud ilie I'blladalpbla
Preaa Club will have aharx* ol their entartalnniaat
(iei.iye W. .'hllda will glto tln-ni it dltilier ut th* llel.nt
to-morrow. Tbo ?ombaira oftba party *xpn*afld taaat
laltaa ln the blx_e*t torma of tba aetMroaa trealuieal
whi.ii tha* had raoetted ia thia city. Oe atanM?j lhaf
geto Waaalaajtoa. _
I'oliec .Iil-tted KhikImII Bfld PollOB l.iculeii.int
bliuikley of Pblladalpbla, win. oa Tuaaday Weal _rd
(?.ulieiine llarrowa. lln. alleged vl.tliu of " I Un " Mo
Cartb) aaa weii-ktiowu cbar.etar la ti.-i eity. bave
in...le iillldat Ita to tniit elfei t, tt lin 1, ? III B* uaed " lor all
tln y me worth" bi ?'Tim." Blankley'a atatemenl la to
tho ellei i liiiit u? i-atlierliia I'lahar ibal wa. often inre d
?:d ln Pblladalpbla Hhe luduead aaa Itarrow. .m oM
tnlin, llviliK a, I'.-, ,nt mi.t, I leliiwiiie ( oiiuly, I'enn , tn
Ilia.TV b*r. II" 1 ? liuali md dled re.eiitlv. Tb* laat tliu*.
ahe waa aiiaatad aaa nn tbo nnmnlalnt ol MMhael Bar
rov., her at.-p a..u, 8f .*>?. 89 Baltfata** at , ntuaaMpBla
nrsMM/ .4 11.4) raoji a oood btO-MR
A lad wliu i::i\f Iii^ ii.iiiii- as I.i oiiard WalMVM
at.d aaid thiit. bfl llvod la 8'oa4taM*, L I.. waa foi....I l.o_
glnir I.i l'.u?t Koiirieenih at, ou M.ii.day Yeaterday uti
at-eiit of the Si.i'lety for tlie 1'reventi.n. of ( rnelly to
? ;hililreii roiiiid tliat the hoy'.a fatber waa Mr. Wallia. eliief
en/itieer in the BtetBtad Raiiroad repairekapa, who aaid
that lhe hoy had u good hoine l.ui had rnn awuy froni lt
adi/eii tlu.ea or nmre, tl. it he hu 1 DO** a.iitlolli"
rrot.'.lory, liut lila inollier a*? Md lilni I.nt aml ii.id
him r.liaaotl. Ua liad taken 980 lo puy tho expeuaea of
tkla laat tour and liad been awa>.
ko trace or EXPoEicmiAS BMMMBD7.
Deteilive PeWtWO, 8- 100 llrooklyn pnlice
BMoa, hia fotind th.it afif aaeaplaa haoi Bayaaaajd
Htrm-i Jail.... Mon.uy, ax-PelMaataa aaaaady weatM
tba boua* ofa frtand aud goi a new -mt of elotbea, aad
otbaimla* rtlagBMod blaaaaTt Ba tkaa eaaaa t? tt.ia oity.
No furtber el*w haa beoafooad. Tue Oraad Jary, ac
coliipanled l>> Aaalataiil IHairlet-Attorney Hliolter, of
Kina-a CouBty,vMfMBaayaaead BtreatJail yeaterday.
l.ut imi 11111_? .? ..ixi.i i).' M iraed la raeard M the parpaea ..f
the tlait, whleh wua aurinlaed to have bomt..iiug lo do
with tho ? a>-a|,e.
Owiiiis- tO tlie ill-feelini, lmnveen Wnter Keir
iatrar Mel.a.irhllu, of llrookl) ii, and \s. L !?. o'lirady,
lhe ciahier lu hia otllae, and reaii.lin* aerloiia ehurL'ea
aiaila ay the la.U-r n.aln-t hia nui?eil..i, i liy Worka
t'oBiuilaaloner I leeinuii yeaterday Biiapei.ded O'Orady,
peB-lngaa InveatlKatlan. ui.rady lold Mayor laiW
tliit tlie ('oininl.-lonei- In ainpendina: him liad M*.
i? i. 1 af*-? 1 tlie aaa* und punlahed 1,1:,i ln BdV?BB*, lhe
M.i ..1 raferre 1 Iuii. to ('oininlkalaner Kloeinau, addlu_,
" I duii't Xnow j on Bt all, Mr. O'Urady."
JiHljre Coiving-iii tlie Cuuit of General 8ea
?loua yeaterday aeiitenred llernanl t'arm.y, who atahhed
bla wife tliliteeii tiiuea on Jtiue IH at Ataaue B and
VlfUeutb-iU, to th* full cxteut of tba law, taa yuaxa la
Ptatc'g prlai.ii. OsBBsay had prevlou*ly serred three
yenra fur klllini: I.I. lirotlier.
The Mfjaaan BatfJtoflBatMBj are thftt the hay crop
thi* year will lio fnuu 10 tu '_.'> por cent bolow tlie aver
aga yioiit. wmio ln aaaaa part* of tue oouutry tbe peea
pectaare fair for a normal proiiuct, yot, ln general, thero
will I.e ninre or loaa of a falliiig oft. A few day* ago,
Wllllain Aftlick 4V Co., 0110 uf the largest hay eointnlgaioii
rlruia in tlie cfty, aont uut lui|Ulrlea a* to tlie eonditlon uf
tlie crop all tlirniiKli tlio Htute. The responge* Imlloate
that lialwecn Bi.ine and .Magiira tho uutlouk la favur
alile fur an ordlmiry yleld, l.ut un thla aide an.l north of
Kome, from whlch'.M) |ver cent of the clty'* supply coiuca.
the yiehl will lie BB per cent lieluw that of laat year, aud
iu auine illatrltta even mur.s tlian t l.ut. 1 h. ru la little, If
any, uf la*t yi-ur'a huy un li.'tiiil. J_'ra/.or A Co.. of Weat
Tblrty-fourlh-at.. handle Uu-largcr part of tlie Cauaita
hay thut la BtaagBt here. They rejiort thut
the er..|. in the aoulliern part uf the Uuiulnlun
la llL'ht. Thero la nn liiiprovenicnt toward tho North, l.ut
alt-igeilicr the yleld will fall conaulerahly below tho
or.linary crop.
Williani. A Klckeraon hnve made an Inveatlgntlon of
the crop tlirouxhuut the coiintry umi give the fuilowlug
a. the re.ult of tbelr Inqulrie*: Tha crop lu New-Jer*ey
wiii fall 16 to tOaor aaat batow ia.*t year'*: New-Kng
I.mrt -t...?a, 18 j BeW'Tork, 10 to'-'O; Canaila, 10 to 18,
aml Pemiaylvatila 5 to 10. In Mi.gla.lppl aml the North
wegteta Htate. the crup la ituuil, while ln (Jblo, Iii.llaiin
aml Micliu.iu Iboy *ay that It will more tban e _>ial laat
yeai'a. But Juaeph Hnus. WBO haa 448108 here aml ln
l'hllailclphlu, haajugt retorneil i'roH a progpeettng U?ar
thruugn the Weet aml hcnftlriug that the uutlouk la no
better out there tlian It Islu tbe Kaat. Nu. 1 Tlmuthy
waa niioieii yeatenlav aumiig tbe cuniinlaaii.il nien Ht
*i ioto*i io; Hat,80aaaaa to #1; No. 3, ho to uo
The IlelK.iin (Joveniiiierit 888 (li'i'itletl to holrf
alBiBBBulsiiiOontsMlisraa lateraaiMaal eoograaa fur
the elaboratluti uf nu Intrriiall-uial BOdOOf emiiiucrclal
luw. Tiu--three aubjecta with which ll waa ortgluallr
Inieniie.l th.it thi* eOOglOM abuiild 8801 were lull uf e.X
I'liaii.-e, Miiiiitluu- law ..n.l aaetraeM fur tntMoortatloa.
II hua, huwover, glnee been .l.-ei.le.l lo liu.li the illaiua
afmiaefIkiimaaraaaln taa aaettwoof taeee autject*.
Ou Apnl 7 C.mut a'Archot adilre??ed to Mr. linyanl u
liltarsiarnaslBB tsMdealraof ikeBelgUM fJoiefeaaoat
that Ihe rtilteal ItatM aLould MBd delcgatce tu thla oon
irp-*g. Tba delegatea Iyom aaeh aatfoa are m ka Ihra* ln
iinunier, l.ut tli-.a-((.iveruineiiig wbl.-hilu not approvo
the reoaraaaaM la lt* aattraty may limit their partlclpa
tinn in um ni.rk of tho eoagrea* t.. nse af the snbjecte
prwi.<i. in lviii.-b eaa* they aaay dlBxIalsh tbeaamber
ef tli.-lr tteiegatee. Mr. ll.iyurd baa forwardad tbe eorrc
?pnadenee between hlmrrl. aad the Balgtaa kflalater to
tlie itreaiilout Of the I'hauiiier nf Culiniiiirca nf New
fark, aad wlth ita aate stattac that ther* laaolegal
saiictii.n ur appropriaUoti fur geu.tiiiir delegatae to aueh
i\ i aaitasB, imt thal lf tho Chaaiber of Ooaimaroa ghouM
dealre t,i aend i aelegate, the DepartBxent of Btate uoold
gtadly llnli.ia.. him.. Iu coiuplt-lice wlth tlie >. eivtary'a
aiiBKe.gtiuii tiu- ('ii.i'11'i.-r uf Comtaeree yeetorday ap*
p.iiute.1 ax-Jadga Obarle* a. Poaaody M attaadl tbe
cungro*.. Ilo will at.irt fur llel_liitii at au e.irly ilay.
Iiielianl B. Wiilaon, Ukl Htalion.'i- of N'o. 10
MmI.I. li l.ane, vvliu illa.ipp.-.ire.l aliii.it tWO 000?8 BgO, ig
?till Mlaalng. Hia UabfiltlBa, aa far aa kara koaa aaeor.
tauie.i, atnouBt t.? abool 87,000, and kla aaaet*. eoaalat
lag ol atoek aad Bxtaraa, are aboul B3.000. Th-- iiai.il
Itie* will ui.il.iul.te.lly he cuu^l.l.-ral.ly liicreaacl, aa new
rlalui* uif.iluat lilin fur uitiiie, BOfTOWBd fruni hl* frteadl
ar<- .ippeutliuc everv day. Tlie.-- aitina vary from fliat
... B300. l-'ruui a lett.-r wrtttoa tu ll.-nry Murrlauti. Jr.,
tii?i.kaaeparaf Mr.Wataoa,II Bpoaara that hn waa
Baablaiopa] kMdabta. aad aol bavfag taa cmraire to
ii.e.-t ln? . r. .lllora he fte.l vtitli tiu- lnt.-ntl-u uf nov.r re
tiiruliiK. ll.- waa laat hemt fr.un lu Pblladelphla, a/at
?,,ti llred witb hl* wlfe aad thr-e cliil.lr.-n at No.
813 B?sl Ooe-kaadrad wd twenUeth-et Mr*. Wataoa
waa left Baaallaee aml haa brokao up ker koaM aad gmie
tulive wiih ber l.r.ulieia. While Mr. V/alaoa wa* UTlDg
ln N. \v-\ ..I k k* wa* < ..gai.l.-ie-l thu au.il of bunor by hig
bu*l..e?a sad (01 lal frleutlg.
Kr.tnk Mcl.iin, ;m Iriglitnan vvlio 688 IDl "t
twenty yeara m Callforata, tm sTeatei portloa ..f whiob
M.i-e flruve a lUMMeoaek fr,,iu S..n Kralulai-o to San
MerlBoOtmntr,ea.Mtai* elty a f.-w .iay? ugo. 11.
g.-i uie.i i ii.-uii ..ii in.- ?wiii. r OaltM, wbicli Miled v.?
terday, aml aa Wsdueeday niu-ht a'arte.i ael t<> ?eo tho
|.:.i. a* of mtere-t. w ii.-u h.- aiarte.i f..r tba rassel eurly
ye.trr.t.n lu. w*a uaahle tn ?o furttier thal BfOBdway
ut..I BaadoaM. awtaa M tn* freqaaat vialta tu groal-*hep*.
aad ?ateting a cellar tbere bo waal M aleep. lie w.ig
rlt-a- .iv.-i > <1 l.y iu uilli er '.vho MOk bim ta B pouoa -latl.a.
II... lie waa aear.-l.ct an.l ln hl. ln>|.le vv_latCO.lt
porket wa* a huga walMI whtoh eaatalued B9.1H0. Me
a *B I. et * qaaBtit) ?f _.-'>i?! iluai aad a,.me gold noageM.
ii. m i. t*k,n t.i the Tuini.a Pollee Court, where Juatlee
smiiii iiiij..---1 a Ht." of aiii). whieb he readlly pald. Um
;a.l .alle.l wlien he g.-.-u-. t I... lli.eriy uud he wtil
bave to va.iit f..r aaetaoi itaasBar,
rhiiiiuig ('. Aii.m. Aaatatanl LToited Btatea
Treasurer. laughed beariilr yeaterday at tba pabllabed
reporl ibal as katl radxiced the vacutlun* of ina eler.a
tu .11 .1.1. i,
"W.. ai." 1 itlier l.'iay )il*t now." be Sald. "BBd I pre
f.rir,i ti.it tha etorka ehaald kan.-balf of tiu-ir va
c-aiiona n-.w auu tbe otbet h.nr il a tater tlBM whlcb
oilgbi be roere convenlanl te tbe pnblle bu.lneas i esa
you. tbe clerk* b tel . tbayar.lUUed m. aml tbey
ki.->.v lt, I thlakauBia of tbeM May hare takaa BM f..r
bi ..iii.ii> 111*11. aad tbat la i de uol like. A
few ,,( IbeiU 1. ...?:.!? . . ? > . u- lf 1
BB?ld Bul iiii-leraUi.'l * litl o I'.lie uf tba'
e> ?
OMABiTAMLl Bf >-'? /. A'/v.j.
r.iivinl J. l-ioej, wli.iai- will. dated afajB,
1 ??._? ? ia uie.i ii- <r i iv, ii. i !?? tn.Ilnwincoharliabla
., ,,., ?--. ?o . ? - : il . 'ir.-w
- .imii. aud iu
.,, IhiiuI* nf lbe -. i- t) Ln pii.0 aJ I ? -
t.ii'ii.ti Jaatmruio, f - '??, imi ? id - ? ??<? ...
lru.1, !:;?? Im .< >.e ... '.? -i" i.t ln bunal plol
. \ - 1 .ui i linlr-.i lie .!-?? -.
. lbe I nn- I llehrowl ? i--t
., ilivlile.1 am.iB* bia limtiv. Hl* mob,
li ,vi l .i k ,n. ? I I Iwai l Klng.jr.,
an I kla atora,
\\ iiii.iin Pt.tiilea.ol th'- litm of Wdltam
? . M.inliiiltati ave..
II BBed Ihe publie nol t" :?
il>ra "i rbeeka ilgned wlth Ibe Brm'a bbbm Ue haa
i il.. ii Ihl* |-r- .1 Itt.lll bj ia .-.ii Bl 11. M
.. nt hi. partai r, vi i... >.a<i au
. ... -i.-n the flrin'a natua, It I* cli.irge<l tbal I
buiiilre.i. uf itollars amoaa lbe ru.louier.
af tba i.i iii liefore lie ? . n. awajr, aad >t r. ! . : .? ., :-? ,i -
? .ii?'. ,'.,i ?bleh be la re?|i inai*
i,?.. |,. i foi i:i- ker.
itAiin DI .v i i iirw:\ i iv nit i 181 81- M'.miis?
km ili; v.,r.i I -..-k.
/y.... nu i ? ,...,,-,,..
The Inditatrial gniwtn ol the Moutb dnring
i ??, aii Bioutbihaa been ven taark.d, notwltbatanu
lit* tba i.. ii. i .: d.'prraalofl la nearlj all bualnBta
ini.i.a'a ;i,f,i.|,li,,ir. '.:..' i.i 1 I m u Mi:i.u..l t..
Prxaa tbere baa been areal irttvlty In the ormtulzatlou
t.f iie-.v .-iit.i |.|i-ea, aii-1. va K Ii t !n> f 1.1111 . .f I ?? 11.', tituefl
Whl. li are.v a.Ul l-iit> ?IU l< I pa i - -I, lli-T- iv lll lie a
.un. r ipiil .1 .,' iipiueui <-f tbe iu inufacturtug, mta
I rallroad iBteraata oflbeHouth. Tbe growttt of
Houtbern Induatrlea Is nol oonBued lo aay aaa Baa,
bat ...v.ra ,i wbM dlrerslt] i>r enierpnaea. . . .
lu ttie iiat ..f newsatarpriaea organlaed -.r Mlabllaked
ln iu.-s-.iiiu durtng tbeBral ili in >n? ti?* ? ? f 1888 there
wiii i.o t.. i nl furnaee eompanlea t-. Bak* uig Iron.
fo .1 Irlaaaad maehlne alt.. ,a, at-.-i worka, ootton -.-aii
,,ii iiu.i.,,..:!,... cuiipr -*a--a, frull * innln : raelortea, ear
ria^'. aml waaoB (.? torl. a, agi icnltural IrBpleneal fac.
rlea, ll mr u.11:-. grlal BxlllB, SBW Mllla, lilanlag uillla,
?aib, i.i.>r and iiiimi ia. tunee, ibnttle factenas. tobaoou
factnrles, btiek rards, i, ?? fartorlea, frrtlllier fBctortee,
farnlture facloi fea, atov. fuuadrlea. u Ira faaoa faetorlea,
iini.- worka, wai. r*etories, tannanea, glaaa work*, aa*
worka, whlUng lactorlea, dlatlllerlee, pottarlee, Marble
.in.i ilate quarrylog rouipaBlaa, aud ooiupaules to bIbs
<-..ui, ii.ui ui.-, gold, aliver, ialea,nataral gaa, i.|l..-t--.,
skowlBBtbal the Moath'a pragras* la a atoady advaaee
iu *ll lliii-a aml nol un .itih.-.illliv, booaa**
BTeratlMUlated, k..i?iIi >.f aay ?.i' ladaatry. . . .
Ij.iiiiin- ibe lirei aix.nth. of l"- > the amount nf eapl
tui, im-imiiI.g eapttal atoek uf iBcorporatedeoiiipaBlea.iu.
reated ln new uuinafaetuniig and mlnlng anterprlae* .it
tbe Houth, a.. i in Ibe enlargenenl of nul iii.uitg un.l rc
imiiiliii-.' of mllla after belna deatroyed by fir<-. un4.-ie
?at?-a aboul B30,"j:I4.000, ii i<. >.f eoarae.truc that a Ith
aotaeofth.emupanlea the actaal eaah Inrsataaaal ta
aat as large aa tbe aoMMBt of tboir eaplt?I *t...'k ; bal
there ara bandre Is ..f savall m inufartniiaa BBternrlaea,
pnrtuble mwmIIIs, small iriiataxilis. kiiinsrfeaand Ntullai
small ludnstrle*, eoetlaa froM ?< fea bundrad tu h thoaa*
uii.iiioii.iia,ih.u ir* oot in. imi.-.1 In tni. Iiat. The ag
lisasts ooet of theaa wnnld i.a rery eoaalderabls, aad
wonl.l belp tu utaal ibe um i;ii-gi eairftallaailoa of auuis
iu.'.iriii.t ii.-.l eompanlea. Iu a.l.iiiluu tu tbis,
every Maaafaetarlag BBMrprl?i I* eowataaUy
a- -i i ?- here aad tbere m new 88888 uf
inai intiery, wiii. i, iu tbe aaaregaM ia very areat, bal *,?
take ao aeeoaat af that, oaly Meludlug oaaa. wii*r? a
Mlll la qraatly eolargod. remodaled, ur other aateatlr*
lni|iiiiveui.-ii|g iii.ulo. Hiiiuiulng up tlie-iiiimiut uf i.i[il
tui .unl i- ijiiiai ain.!_ rapraaeated hy our iiat af new i-n
IMpfflBB* fi.i the lil.l aU inmitna uf 1M-T,, wo have :
Alabaaaa. t 8,880.000|M?ataateyl . 8 4ia,000
Arknnaa* . ... :i,'.,uuu Nerth I'.rolliia .. l..'.:i.'.,"i'ii
KiiriiU . ... 4?n.(KHi|s..iiiti . .ir.ilin* ... 4'i7.INM)
(iaargla . l.'.go.m.n I'. nn.-,*?>?. I,ho.1,oOO
Keiitnekr. lo.ii'Jl.'.iOu Texaa. l.aiti.iiuo
I..III...U... . I,4ii7.iuiii V'liirlni.i . a.iMig,ui.O
atarylaaa . 1488,000 We?t virgiuia. a888,008
Tlie uiitliiuk fur tl.e futiire la now very prutnUlng.
Karely, if over, havo tlie progpoul* fof thu xruwlux empa
been am aaeeuraglBg at tiu. aeath tbuu ui i.at,
Bvery ludleatloB p..iuta tn m ianl8eaal eoru aml eattoa
crupg- tiu- liii'iti *f -vi-i- |.i-..l'ic...l, wblle fur il..-, aittar,
fraiMand vegetable*, tbe outlookl* bIbbobI lf not <|i.ite
aa gratlfylBB- Wlth abaadaat crupe, ptada.t *t a luw
aaat, wUaraUroad, maafaetarlaaaad minerai intereata
.-'.-... 1.1 > linpruvlng, tho Bouth bida fair to enter upuii au
era of great {iroapcrlty tbla fall.
KUflATOBB ai.m vvao.
Bun rtae*, 1 40; trta, 7iflgl 8*00 ?eti 18 .14 Moon'a ?*?, d*. 8
?aaa watbb rj-.n.
j.lf-htn lv Hi ik. 11:39 uuv. liunit, ? l.ll BaM, IdBJ
/Vkt.-eai.-ly Uo .*. -Uov. I.Uva.l. O.id lI*H 0-*__, 811
siurrix'i \i:in.
Htcamer lleaperia lllri I.ui.|<|iiigler. r.l.-atta Uay 1.". Oo.
lomlni,'-'.', Aileu Jiiue I, Hue/ -,.. Purt ^al.l 'JM, Bad (llhraltar
July I, wllh m.lae to lleuileraou Uioa. Aiiur.l at tbe llarat
ii i ? a aa.
Mtoauier Capolet iflr), Thnmpa..n. Veracrax July 8, KroB
ter 4, i;ii'iipe..c!ie U, I'rojrean 7 und llavan. 11, wllh initae
arxl paaaeugera to 1-' Alex inlre A Bon. Arrlved at th* Mar at
loaa . _ . _.
Bt?*mer Clanbel inn, Macknlglii, Port de Paix Jnlr 8,
Annatto li.y l) aml I'ert Antunlol), wltli luilae to riai, ror
weo* A iu. Arrive.1 at tb. Uar ai g...o a ui.
Hteeiaar U ?' 1)1m*ck, Uaiisit, Boaloo, witb md** te H V
flhip Dvaneati Dubroraeki (Anati. Mlelak, Plymoath 46
daya, wltli ekliia elay ta errter, veaael to uiaater.
Bark Keewatln of laondon). McDoaold, PaUttf 116 daya,
w ith mdae to Caiter, Uawley A i o.
Ilark Mtria Marnreta (Hwedi, Kuimann. Iqnlnae 104 daya
with nltrate of aodu to Datld Tay lor A 8out; veaael to Funch,
Kttve A Uo.
Ilark Vineenno Aroione (ital). tava/rna, Cette 48 daya, wltb
aalt toordrr. veaael 10 Auatln Ilaidwin A Co.
Ilark l-'.ie ,a ?jrr). Oerber. Hamiiur, :,l daya, wltb aalt and
en.ptv barrela to order: voaaal to 0 Toblaa A Co.
Ilark Marle ;iiiT', U'ani en. ila-aieirt 90 daya wltb mdae
tonnler: veaael to Henuau Koop A Co.
Barx I.iani ii,' tOer), llacaloop, lir.-iueu Id daya, wltb mdae
to onler. veaael to Ilerman Koop A Co,
Ilark Johaiiiieaa fOflrt, stover, Hromen 57 daya, with mdae
to order; veaael to ll.-rinaii lto ip A Co.
narx llolf, (of Wludaor. Shi, Munro, Antwerp '.'8 dara. wltb
Iron and empty barrel* to order. veaael to 0 W liertaax
Hark Vemnlca iNon. L?rktanaan, Areadal 8a daya Ui bal
laat to riiiicli. Kdye ,t Co
Hark Niiiiinia ioi Wlndaor, .vs,, smlth, Antwerp 41 daya,
with rortae to order; veaael to 0 tt Bertaux.
U.rk iiraoTerzoiItalhOluaeppi, llaiubur* 68 dava. with
md?? toorden reaael to K?i. h. lvtve A co.
Iiarx Nla_ara (Oer). Hteenken. Huvre 4<i daya, ln ball.iat to
Wa'J-n, Toel A Co. Anehorod lu (Jraveeeud Bnv for or.iera.
Hark ftoaa (Hpan). .Naelntul.e. Ullboa 44 daya. with Iron
ore to F I..itiiaa A > o.
Bark Ditlco (Nor), Walter, Uahla 40 dava, wltb augar to
Diown ltr<Mt A Co: veaael to Funeh. F,dye A co.
Dnrk Ifeoiioh BJorn (Nori, Nyateeu. Paaagea 86 dava, in
bal laat to lleuham A Hoy.'xen.
t-clir Kmma It Snnth of Wlndaor. $H). Kanlknor, Curaroa
19 daya. with aalt io order. veaael lo Faulke A Co.
Hclir Kunie MeKown, llratlley, san Andreae 18 dava. wltb
coeoannta, Aa to 11 P l)yor A Co. teaael to (baa K IUII A Co.
cuttei >4.-'it i.eueatii lln. ,'.irt<-r. (jueenatown Ti daya.
Veaael to ni.i.at.T.
BUN8_T-Wlu.lat8an.KH.Hjx ltxht, S; haxy.
Htoamer Helvetla (Br'. Jeilrlea, 1,1 vorpool -F W J Hnrat.
steomer Kdilh (iodden (Ilr), nenii'it. Klngaton and Moc
tauro Bar?ai wiaaaM a <-o.
ftteamer city of Aietaiuiria. Remolda. Havana and Mexl
can p i*4l r aMlBBar* 8 sona.
Ht.'.iMi,:r C'hattaliooc-tie,?.('.!(li, rln.v^uvaiinah-IIeiiry Vouge,
siei'inr M.inhittan, safevena, N'orfolk, City Polnt and
Itlelinviiid _old Dorumlon sa co
Btaaawr ? luyaudotte, Keiiey, Newport Newa and Watl
Polnt. Va-old li.nniiii.,11 "n Co.
BtaaaMt Win Wafldward, YotitiR. nalfimore-j 8 Krema
Bteaifl* .\e,itnn?. Ilerry I'.natou?II F Ulniock.
Bbtf Win ll,.tiai.i -a. LoUgUaa, Ain.ateid.iili-J W Parfcer
A Co.
sldp snrantie ("ier.,. Zlnke. Hrernen-Herman Koop A Ca.
Hlnpi ail Ktari, ll.iali'i en. H.i.ii .<ir,-- 11- rmaii KoopACO.
Blup Tlieodoro II ItandlHn, Morrla, Uaniburg?Soaruinell
wiiip Marria C Day (Nor), Albrethsun. Havre?C Toblaa A
Hark BeattMaf fflft, Mnnro, Antwerp -Snow A Barteaa.
ftirk M.u.ii .', nai . . ,,-ia ?-ii.i. Alexandrelta, HvMa -Ilela
li.uk I'diann Kepler (Oen, Vou Opp-n. Hamburg-Theo
Kiitrei A i .i.
Bark uilnt (Bar). "l.eti. Htet'.ln-Cataten Roe.
Ilark Bar?a (J Scauimell ilin, Kiera.cgo. PaaaKea,Bp
Boa?i.ii.ll Hroa
ilark Meiunry (Nor), Cbrtatcaaon. Ntockholm-C Toblaa A
t ',i.
Ilark Ankithor Nor., Kunien, Htockholm, Swad-C Toblaa
A Co.
Mtlf Forta-ie i Ilr , Coomba. Plvmouth-Oeo F Jlnlley.
r-?iir Pboeaii iit,.. ivtti.a Wiadaor, N'S-F I Ncvlua A Son.
aakl I.jr.i ilr), Mcla-.m, Bt John. NU?A T Uouey.
Hte:imera Weaiphallv and I'olarla for Hambnra, Hfate of
Aiaiiai,, i, oiaagawj Oaitteaad ir.-iv.-ti i. _rtflrpealj Daaaaarfc,
Landoni I aat Arurlla. litill. Cltyof Alexandrta. Havana and.
VfiraCrm i'hattabnonhno, Bataaaab. B?atatt?Ia, Newport
BBlpa VlaJ'inte for Iiilioti; Caroilne, laindon.
Bara* Jonan Irirana for (joih.niburK, Juh.inn Kepler for
Ilrl?r Aiinn for llahla.
rua MooBMoars oa aroAvasa.
roaatoa i"mri.
Livneroot, July l',-?alled. ateamer N'eaamore (Br), Inch,
for Baluaaflta
yirBBBBtOWa, Jnlv 16 "alleal. aream.T t'lty of Rome (Br),
Mnnio. fr..tn Llreriiixil. beae* fnr N'W-York.
norTB.iMrro.v. lal) i?i Arnv.-d. ateainer Fnlda (Oer),
Hi-iinbriick. ironi New-York Jnlv 8. f>r Bremea.
Avoa-OOVB, J?ly 16? Arnved, ateamera Liacard (Br),
BytBa ll-tn llalt'.more.funo -->.
Ni'iviii.a, July HI Arrived, atennier Anehorla (Br), BmaU,
fr..in New York" Inly I. for lll.iat"*.
Inrtt. Jnlv 15? -all.*l, at.ain.-r K.dilna (Bn, Koblnam.
for Now.York.
CBBUrriABA Jnlv 'J-Naileal.j atearaor Tblng-valia <Dan).
I-uti. for NewY.irk
ABTWaar, July Ift-SaUea. ateamer Iaa Breydel (Bel*).
Ii,n, f,.r New-S'ork.
81 XX, Juiy !?"> l-aaaed. .teimer Alhany '?r>. Porter, from
N'ew.York june 21, for Minraper.; HniiK Konf, ite.
LatBOR, Jaly 11 Amml aleanier _b_Bfj*B_l (Fort), Fur
ta.li/. frotr. New.York Juue -".'.
naVANt. July 16-Amve.l, ateainer N"la_:in, Buker, froro
T . >AT.
r_BB8 J-?,a_ r.fnA
I iirnpean.London.Anehor
Ti.w.r 11,1!. laiininii....Htll
Cltyof ' blcuro . .. .l.ivero.Hil.Inruan
Btate of .Neradi..ilaaaow."late
i ,,.. r .Ilrem*n ann Soi.thaiup-n..N.O.Li,>v.I
Mi ii.Ilreinen.B. O. l-lovd
1 ... rda::,.P?IterOfl?1 .Netb-Amer.
Car.icia.tairuayra.Red D
-\ i rjaoAY. jcly is
A-avnan BUaOr*8. l/indon.Monaxcb
BOBOAT Jti.Y ltt.
__raaM . ...lavataa?I.cuoard
\,i me ....l.iTen?.??t .Wbile star
Spaii, . Uteroo? . .N'atinnal
Audea.central Amerna.Atlas
An iMi'i.uTaXr kBXEttt
T?ie arr*?t of a aii-pi. (..ua cbaraefer aaa* M* B*a_Bralaa>
rnpaoloBahlp, wt'h'.'it w.niina; un
li he haa r.i.itied .. tiavell. r .. ,,!.i hoaaa or mar.lere.l a fel.
im iuui. la au Iminntanl ftmeiion ? a alirewd deteetlve.
I v.-ii more i ni...-, .,,, la tbi ,.i i ?-. ..' a diae.se wbleh. II not
| : i. :.?!,, .md de.f.iv a hifnai, llfe. The frequent
?aofappetite xeneral laaxaot or dehititv. pailld
akia. aodbo-lUtaeaaaaad paiaa anBoaooa the approaihaf
P'l.iii.ni.irv ".iii?.,'ii;ifi,ei. ui.'.li la uroaiutlr an, a:?-l and
per man iitlr enrad tn i>r Pta*tar-''Oaj_aai Melual Dlaeov.
ery.' Mild by ilrugnlita.
AlwatbUsbPlatt'b Cblobidbi to Di-iv
,,. i i i...,,.. . ... *ii,ka. wa'e. , oaeta vanlta, alable.a,
ta odoriaaa Uqald Baftaaaa paaarML aheaa,
Hi Nitv A. DABTKLS, BT. !>..
1 II I..Mi..-l.ei Bta, between ."uti and BOtb ?M
n.'ti.a -8 to 1. .1 to 7 i.^-.i Mofth" Berti.oa Mratem,
i.ei.it.i iuii ii v. .ii-,i: *. luipot' ut-e aad aaattBay.
r i ...*". of ta. n
. 1 |<rtu_i .tt.
r ,,?J III'. I'.ll.* I IB?:.ail. P t
_OB| ? I .,arr i ,
n ? -"!.?* ii . . ,,f c.4liftU.'u.l.T inhfcll.',
il.l ii.- liciu-.. id re?.T
, . a .,r i 111**, It i. u"J afl
t Nai |d!,.w )>rf.ctly
>n i tlaaiaati act?4,-??
BM :t 11 ".' ll ii. aattfll .h? ?!? nm-h.
. .? -mr, ?.l. Uateader-.au i
n.J ??n. .. ?'??? f.i?. Ivmhiii br ni'.t ....'. ?<? i Ba
i,,,,!.,, *,r(?i ?allag ?I? *f talw ? Oa taBfad laaat iialia*
of ,h, , . . ? irila U ?a liltaai af aaa laa_a,
,, I _,, ? -. re.ulu it ?jtoad ail
,,.n bi Uta ?ipartaaet aftkaaatadl -v- ? mf.ter wh?t tnu hareintd
? ri,i ,.v iMi.ira to a aara talaaa a_
... ; r .T.,..d lt i. tata
.*! wl.hia tl.e r^ih ?!.?.... -oe l'?!!, or MaJ far l'a_|,hl*4
4U4 l.ft'.i
l ii .: ru.HiH.n II \ I.DR io..
4, . i>.i i 1... ai.rrl, -.e ? Imk,
//,/.? reeettt! at the
I.O.NDON, l?,;4, the
NATVBAL or Artificial.
"A POL UNA R IS rei^ns alone 8089*8/
Natwal DiiktU Table Waters. Its
BjBBBjTBOJf compctitors a/>f>ear to have, one
after an,>t/ter,f,i//en aioay."
Dritish Medical Journal, ?Va* }i, 1884.
OfiiUGti\(rs,Dm;i;istt,t-'Min. Wdt.Dealirs.
Our atore will be opsn as usual on
Saturdays through the Summer, but we
will arrange that each of our sa.'esmen
shall have a weekly half-holiday during
July and August in addition to their regu
lar vacation.
Carhart, tho Clolhier,
Wood Mantels.
HO. 4ii:i IANAI.-ST., N. Y.
AOVKBTIBRiTlBxiaTaadaBlttedljat- **?*?
TBIBlrVK aa beiag thvraafhly
traa.a*ti?a. by aeall wfUa iha ?dTWIIaaaa i
caadacted wlth abselaM eaufblr.
Healt* M Co.'s
Tbe Perfect Faad.
C'oakeA la '8 .lllaulee.
74 4lb.ave..
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tbe pest thirty-five yeara.'*
?fiev, Tho*. K. Bcech?r>
D. J., Elmira, N. Y.
Bend for Clrcolar.
No. 188 Droadway,
New Vork.
Johann Maria Farina
Sole AgenU for lf. S?
of everv deacrtpUaa a*
Unequalled Bargalns,
33. 37 aad 38 Warren.s*,
Alao Usraesaaad aaaaa 8?88
Thousands in I'sa.
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78 lleekman.al., B. Y.
Uoalon, Maaa.
13 Warren-at.
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for 81.WO0, in tbe wvrtd.
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Styles Ready.
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*6t> Broadwar. New-York.,
song niunu.
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Loaa of Voice, Moolttnff, laj
aect Powder. By mail, 340,
887 eth-are.. X.w-York.
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Celehrated Tennis
BALLfi and BATS.
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Rnlea of Lawa TthU, with
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of aay klud BB you .-.??' ?"?
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06 BBOAl'WAY. N. Ba)
eitfhUy shop-woni booka sll well hoaad ta clotb. for ui* M
tn -tLiiii rrKBlar retall price. aa follewa
884pp. OnalBal pneell 60; aewSOeM.
880 pp. OnalaiU prtce 81 KX aow39*M>
ByOIiAB. T. CONUOOB, witb Intr*dneUea by BORAOBr
400 pp OrlfrtBal prlce *?-'; now 8ft eM.
Illaatrated. 3?g pp. Orlflaal prlce 811 sftet*
Qaitea v__.ii.iiie addltloa to aay Hbrary, tbe four boeki 81
coat of 83.
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