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PROMIXKNT akiuvaia
__hMM -faaae Batoa and Baroness d?
?____? Of rarla ; Wllaon B. Biaaoll. of Buffalo. aud D.
I M ff.t' i.resident of tl.o Denver and Klo liirai.de
B_ll_ar ioiupany.Oil*rv Btmm Bnttttm Jobn T,
ilr*r .'.8 Army.F.flA -MMM Ho'r -Koalney W.
lnuioK of ltuiralo, and The Kev. I^wellrn 1'?", of
liartroKl.Bt Jamtt l/o<e/-Wllliam 11. Crane, the
Mavor's Mnrsbal Bvrues last week lMn?l 224
Jitvnso and ve. oiv.'il theref.it 1877 25; receipts of
Cnitoii Wat.-r r.-nts, $10,958 72.
Ex-Mavor lalwatd UoofM hM bonght tbe apart
tueut houae on tho soolhside of 'lYHi\'u'CiMi
near Fifth-ave. from John C. Orr for $130,000.
Themeatand lruit iii-poctors of the Sanitary
Pureati iu G-BBWOart Mitik.t yesterdiiy BdMd
about tive loaa of fruit, ?egatablae aml mt-at which
thcv rt-jjarded as unfil i'oruse.
The captain of the ahip \Villiniii II .aM^jljU
aniv4-d l.ereyesterdav from Llverpool, faporta haf
Sm Baeaalarte aebool af whalaa aad thlrty-two
taahaau when appaaaa-iaf lha otaaa nanas.
Inmatesof the tei.enicnt-l.otise No. (ttg.WMl
F.-rtv-tilth-st. were aroiiw.l at 1 a. in. yesterdav bf
Ibi-BhoutBof Walier Stnart. ao uiiiiiarni-d r ork.
who lived iu the hoiiseiind appeawdto he siifleriiuj
from deliriiim tremens. Foln-eman I^sIip _>Bt to
arrent tht- man and found him .>ti Iba rool roa.lv W
iutnpotl'. Stuart was s.ctued witli dimciiitv uml
lakentotho WooBovelt Hospital, tbe polico beiujf
loiivinced ihat he WM iiisanc
Jnnies Oaltafihar, 8 taborec, af No. 218 weat
F.ii.'htt-e..th-st., was found by a nohcemaiti at
S-ventli-.'ivo. and Eifhteaath-et. MtI" f?_?W.
.atiftVrititr from a serious wo.ind in the ahdo.neu.
Be adnuticl thal he had b<*>0 atabbod ia a hn-bt,
hut herefused totell wh*> had Btabbed inui. iio
was aent to the New-Y?-rk Hospital.
0X8-1- BOIUMR-8 Tt) BK IORN' D..WN'.
Jinperiiircndent D'Oeneh yeaterday ordcnd the
ronovaiof thofourstory teneineni-house No. 010
Iludson-.at.; the two-story frame house No. !>_J
Weat Thirtv-sixth-st.; tue three-story storeh.iuso
No 939 (iiand-st.. and the tailor shop No.-l.
Mullii-rry-st. Kxnmin.-rs had 1-fOfled BU thoso
buiidinpsas dangeroualy unsafe.
Maiiuel and Eilen Ejrw, the son and ciHiitfhter of
M.muel J'.vre, of Ban Ftmacieoo, wha wore raaoftad
asloat on Fn.lay liijrht, ttntio.l up Mfe nnd eounu
nt Mamaroiieck yt-Monlay. I h-y w re ta ?BM
thoir father at that place on Friilay, BBl whon he
reached there thoy bad nol arrived and he came to
New-York and lejioricd to Folice Headqaartara
"tluit his ehiidrea were taat The poliee M-arciied t..r
them all niirht, atded hv Mr. F.yre. At M p. Bkfaa
tcrday a dispatch was reeeived at l-Nili.-e Head
(juaiter-. fiom Mr. Kyr.-, sayiitg that the childreu
were at .Maiuaroneik.
Sbortly before 1 o'clock yeaterday afttTiioon as
car No. 39 of the Broadway Liue was iiearnijr r ul
toB-at it came iuto collision with ono of Uor:
rn m & Co.'s trucksdriveti bf Wiliiaiu Martin ol
Nd M Mato-.st.. llrooklvu. The car was cinwilod,
the nniioritv of lhc iki>k. np.-rs heiiiK wotucn, wl...
were more frij-hteiicd than hurt. Tne otuy mjurcd
m-iKonsreported to the poliee were Martha OOBWBf
,.f No. .r);iti s.-veiiu-euth-st., llrooklyii. who re?
eeived a severe cut over the left 8J8, and JohB
L. Gutld of No. 114 Eaat Nineteenth-M., wlm was
Blistbilv hurt. All tho windows on one side of the
tar wero toru out. Ihe rinver was held in tbe
Tomba Poliee Court for malkiotis mischief uuder
$500 hail.
Cuatom nouse olllcers yeaterday *4el-*e(l twenty bottles
of liay rum anU V*0t? cij,'ara ou tue ahip Advauee,
Cheraiat-aOroteand Hunt, of ti.e Health Department,
yeftterilay aniiounced as a reault of thelr itiiaiysia that
tliev had found four aml a half -raius of araetiio ln ttie
etoinacuof (Irowiileviahl'a flrst wlfe. Thia la moro than
was fuuud ln the second M.lfe'h atouiach.
Danlel Kyan and Johu J. Ilevauy, pluniliers and iras
fittera. have begun an actinii a.'aln.-t the Blapnant
Buikll-f Coiapany on Ooaaf Isian.l to aeU ih" Elefhaal
ou a forccloaui-e of .1 iiieeiianl..s' lien for .-rlt.ajlS.
The lluv State shoe Ki.d Ltnther Coiupiitiv, whlch
niakea ihoes tn the Kin^a Conuty Venlteutiarv. ha,
ni.tile a second mluciiou lu Ihe wuyea of cmployes
aud a aeeon.l Htriko la tlireateno.1. lt l? sald thal the
conipauv has been rcpiacluj- Its w.imen hand". Wha
niatle Bboat 87 a week with tflrls who aro wlllin- t..
work for 82 .">n. Thera are aheat 800 a*lr_ aiaploye-.
John focartT, tif No. "_f)-l Berawa-et.. wlm wa* at
011 r'ritlay liijtln for rolilunK Williatn Lalioy, a Flutlande
farmer, of 8-88 WM held for exaiuliiatlon
l.v Juatlce Ma<?-v yeaterday. Mr. Lahef
e.-ild tn.it ufter.lrawin-'r.1.1.1 fi'.m tha banh he aUrted
liouic. tun a|,.pped 011 Bla 44-.iv al a ii.|i'..u--l.i. e aad lia.l
two pl.isM-a ..f i.ei r. ()f tlu- inoiiet 8337 waa foaad '.1.
ToRMTtf, Who atltuitted hat*_-f reeeived the luoney from
ji:i:-i.y city.
Mrs. Marzaret llyland was danjzerou3ly burned yester
d.iy al No 201 Pirat-at. BBe 4vua waahlag m tM r< .11
yar-l and tlie tlan.e.a fr.uu it imall furuace aet tno to l.er
,-lotliiiic.The leci.iid Ireo exc.ir i t. itiv.-n by tne
LorUlard'a for -.ick ohlklrea i<iok |..ac<- reatet_ar. Three
barjcea wore iiisutliciciit 10 lueet the dein iiol-.
Alfred Atulorson, a aallor, llvlriir at Btx 88 PreaMeat
at.. Braoklyo, acsatrati e*_iployaient reateraar m tn.
a.'hi.oi crC.'lt.iiry, whicli waaat tlie ( ential Bailraaul
ready te M t.. --c.l Wmle Uie aiictn.r was liein:* c. It tba
eat-boM allpped ofT the nokcatni-inj- AiuImmiii 111 tne
i.i.iuth. It tore the lower llpawuy aud brokeott all hia
fioui teeth._
Finiik MaBtj nue twenty-tlve. attetnpt/d to comuilt
?..i. i.ie rwU 1 lay bf cuttllu* his throut with a ra/..r.
Ile was einployel as a Imatler ln IJriiint's llverjr suble,
l:i Peari-at. Aitcr lo.-kiu-; hiins.lf in a room 011 the
KC..111111 o t >.f tlie liuil.l.m; he shottted MaaVhfa from a
Wiudow to aeveral other woikiuen aud btgiiu hackiiij,'
his throat. ^
nw __u__bT.
n.AiM'ii 1 .t>. -Frauk HaUaabeek, a Junk deal.-r, has
been arreattd ou complaiiit of Oeatave Butterhlll, llir
i.titn .strausa nnd Charles (imder. of ri-iiiitli-ld; J..I111
leiBBiilllB anrt h. .-t/. Broa., of Baatoa, rent... benrbot
tlera, for builnir and aellinjf their buttl.-a eoatl-tf lo
law. Houenbeck'a plan, us alU-jred. waa tt. boy tha
rmptv bottli-H, wbleh e<>?t the owner thirt.-. n eeuta each,
for two cent-. .i.ci. aml ?iii,i thi m to Nc-T-Y.uk where he
aol.t then. at an atlvauee of four or tivo ceuts. This wlll
l.e the tlr?t trlal iiinler tha law and beer liotilera all orer
the *>taie 44 Ul watcli lt with intereat.
Xi.tv-i'.i;....ki vn.?Tlie wlfe of I'rof. a-nr 0. Hrnlth was
tcinbiy K?re.i by act.w on laat Wedaasdajf eiMiaa. ^he
bad juat tii.i-.iied uiiik'.u.'the cow and wm Btaadlaji in
?Tront of lier, when tl.e utiiiiial rnalied at her, nne ..f tho
horna strlkli.-' her.luat below tlie Walal an.l eiune mit at
lha walst, aut-ing two aglf woaada niie waa rs_aved
1... Uo- Mah .-'.iH.rk' Mnapiial, of l'lalnlield, aud there are
no lioj.ea lor her r.covery.
HOBOam John An.teraori, an enj-lnoer employed liy
the lloboken l.aiel and Iinproveiuent Company, vtlnle
anderlaklnitn m.ike bowm repaln ln the ajaehlaarf
ycaterd.ty, inat hia baliinee aud was eaujiht In Ibe Hy
14 heel. He recelvo.l Interna) Injurlea BBd waa frUhtfully
lacerated. Ile w-s reinuved to *-t. Fraucia llo.ipit.il.
Ptai-i.eti.n.?Williuin Mullcr hM hMa firroato.l for
ateallaa a roM wateh valaad at 8800 tr..u. the Jawelry
Btoro of Waiuael (;ook. is'heii arraiirnol before Justlce
t'oylc lie pieaded jrullty; he wlll bo aeulcnced to
I'.OiT Kk i.'MoMi. -_ha people of tho North Hhore have
f.ir seveiai '1 1.4 a beeu dleeaaatB? tho tiiaappoaraiice of
llarry 1'arker, aj:e tnenty-three. He wus manl. .1 a
alinrt time a.'.. and was chi.-f atewaru Iu '.ne of the Atlas
linc of ateaii.eia rut.tiini* to tl.e Weat Imllea. His 111.ithor
and brotli.-r aay tl.at he aailo.l from New-York ou Jutie
'2'A, and on his return vo>aj*e he waa strtcken with f.-ver
and becomini{ ileiirlous l-eiiulred w.itchluif ouiatantly,
aud that 011 tbe nlj-ht of Judo 30, lielnjr left B?Ma, lie
dlsappeared fr.ni. his stalerooiu and was not aeen nfter
ward. They aay thal it Is ireiictKlly belloved that llarry
leil o\ciiioar. aud waadrowned.
Ohavi;seni>.?Pui-crlntendent r-chcrmcrhorn and thlr
tecu euiploye-of tlie 4'oney laland und l'ri-artert l'urk
Jl.iiiroau wVrelieforc Judi-e Wariujr la the Town Hall
yeaterday, rbatxed wlth havlnjr poliutcd C'oney laland
Creek by iluu.pinjr refuae lnto lt All th<- workmeu
pleailed ntltj uud were tlned fS each. Mr. Shermcr
hurii had hla case poatpoue.1 until .-eptetnboi- 7.
Obekkwii'ii.? The fourth hoji of the season at tho In
dlan Ilaihoi Hotel, took place laal nit-ht.
N.-Rwk u.? This eveuliijr at the M'-thodlst Eplaeopal
Church, ihe Mbleet of the Rev. Mr. I'i-j-j;'.a acrnion wlll
ti- " AUreat.r Mm at 1'reteut Llrlng in this Country
than (lenerai (irant."
BKii-tiii-.iUT?Albert L. N'orthrop. an ajfent for the
Biuner .wi:\4 in;.-M;,. huic (/i./njiitiiy. whs urreated 01. Frl
d_y chuttcl wilh tuibezzlinj; 8700 from the couipan>.
Jac4>b .Sliarp is in a Bt.ite of tribulation ; bo is
h1i attomey, Mr. Scrlliner ; alao the counsel to tbe cor
poratlon aml Comuiiaalouer Hqtilre. And It all oomea,
not from p<s-tlc llceuse, but from the lnablllty of auy of
tlioae jct-ntletneu to gct hold ..f Judjre lnj-rutiam. OuJFnday
Jtid-t- Iugrabatu flM fmio the clty aud took a uortherly
dlnctlou. Ho took no man, apparently, lnto his
ourldeiiee re.ardinjc hladeatliiatlou, but almp'y jrrabbed
a -rlp-aack iiii.t took 1'1,-uch leave. He aceiited daujrer
ln the air aml olenrly luttjtidod to uvoid 1U OM thlnjr he
ltrtliehlnd aaa reuiinderofhlshan.il work. II waa hla
declaion lu the llttle matter betwoen Comtnlialouer
Dqulre and Jacob Hhsrp touchlnK a turutable un I .all
roud coniiectlona at Atu. und Bleecker ata. It reached
eourt on Mondsy.|Aa .ilreadylpiibllshed. thefleeialon wna
amhljruoui, or at leaat tbe order based ou It did not
cover all the exijrenclea wblcb Mr Scrlb
ner and Mr. Bhurp wlihed to cllncb.
Mr. taeiihner made a deacent ot tbo
4'ourt Houae: he tnuht soo Judjrelujtrahaiiilmuiedlat.ly.
Thecltrks lOOkM uncertalu about lt_ Why I hliuply
liecanae of Jn-l-'e Itigraham'a otilel *,.y of leavliiK theui
In tbe .lat n. oue of tbem thuuj(ht that ho bad >to.-re.I for
Ihe 8t. I_twr.-nce, another wua posltire tl.at he wua bld
li.tr i.?-)iiii.i oue ofthe I iioii.tan.i Iai.-., anothor knew that
lhc judj-e wna iu < 'anada on hla way to explnro Lake Mia
1-asiul. Mr. .-crlbuer did not _et hold of Judge ln_i_
And he ta atlll looklnsr for hlm. Bome weli-priiu-d
Biotiii^rs of Tanunany Halldeclare that the Judjrt) hai
itone to Cannda almply to work hla way Into the Adlruti
dacks an.i i_e<;t l'.ealdent Cleveland half-way lu the
Int.-rcata of Tammany. Coinnilsaloner Bquire, others
?ay, la deeply n.tereste.l ln the dlaappearanoe and feara
Ihmaoiijetl.injfia up ; therefi.re he wlll try to bead tbe
ludjje ott lu tho iuiereat ol the Couotj Ueuiocracj*.
Jaeob Sbarn la distnrbed for fear aomebody will nfltaad
a bUaor scbome ilirouith than lic can and, iiieaiiwhllc n
iiitcrested persous and partles will re.uain aiflttitod untll
Judtfo Iugraliain ls huntcd out of tbe wooils or tlie
AT THE ___________ OF THE 8EASON.
[FROM THE Hr.<.UI.AKrollH!>'-..M>.BTT OF Tlll-. TRIIII'NB. \
Grand Hotk.i., Simmit Motntain. Aug. 15.
-It ls becoiutni; cvldent that tlio .siirnul Servlee 088088,
toaav tlio looat. is larifely cuutrolled by tbo Cutsklll
landlords. Not ln many yeara baa tlio weatber been so
uiiili.i niiy favorablo for tlio enjoyiuent of au.niuor llfe
on thlsrungn. TUe wann 8888*8*0 has been dollxlit*
fully teuiperod vvitU cool 0803830, thore 080 been little or
no foi;, very few daya of obatrin-tin_c oloml, nnd no pr?
trncted raln storius. The range ls fuli of vlsitnrs. wlth
hunilrcds morecomlnir every day, an.l cmnpuratlvaly
few doparturoa, except trauaieuts, aa yet. Tlie 888880
haadoubtlessrcacbeU Ita Uci^lit of acllvity aud soclal
This hotel preacnta n 00080 of much nnlm.itlon. bolntf
the lend..i? resort of (000*80 and k'ay.ty ln tlio Wea.ern
(atakilla. There is of coursfl, no rlver vlcvv or any cx
p88M ?f watcr prcseutcd from tbla niry auminit, nor any
wi.loextont of plain, l.ut tlie Mff0tf rnntintatns, |008
vnlleys hII aroun.l. an.l (lio 11.-Ha nnd ?0888*83 "f tho D0bB>
ware fonn a vailed pi.-lure, tliat ls very attractive to
visitors, and growa lu boauty as they look upon lt day
after day.
A 8000188 incldcnti.f tbo vveek at tho Kaatcraklll waa
tlie arrival uf tlie new 8*3801 yacht for tho lake. The
vcsi*cl vvaMliawu up ilio uioiiiit.nn froui r.ilenvllle by
alx borsca. It waa 18888*01 ln tho protty lako on Tucs
d.iy, 080*1 tho cl.-ers of 8803881 880 Il8i p'?oplo. Llttl e
(iusale l'alge, tho falr-hnired diuu'l.tor.if Manaiter __**lg0,
liroki* tlie l.uttle of 00BBBB8BB0 over tlio 80003-8 bow,
?80083] it "l.utale 1*100" after h.-raclf. The lau ieli
will make tripa 88888-1 tlio lako dally at a 888*881 f <re.
0888081 0*8883 au.l wlfe weut to iho OverlooU to-day
to ajM-inl Snnday.
The Kev. Or. T. F. Davloa. ofPL lVter'i, riuladolplila.
will ollieiato at the inornliiK sorviee In Kaatorakill Hnll
18480018*8. riie upi-ight plano roeoutly phicd tliero Ib
tbe iiiHtriimcut used by Madatue Cliriatlne 0110088 10.1
wiut.r. 0
l'lue Hill village an.l vlelnliy claltns to have mon- vlai
tnrs uow than ever before and many applleants have
iilr.-.-uly been turued nvi-ay. Ttiors nro about slxty
dllferent hotela and boanlimr-hotisox lu thnt locallty,
ranitiiii: in t-apaclty from l.'.U to M 08000*
Bisliop Clarkc, of Ithodo Ialand. hia Juat arrived.
lilshop W. M808B8 I'.-rry, ?f Iowa, wlth^Mra. 1'eiTy, are
also among late cotuors.
Tho Kev. Dr. 0. 8. Stoddard, of Ihr O088-8P, _8 at the
Kanterakill with hl * da_B*ta_
Mrs. J. VV. Hollcnbock and chlldren. of New-York, are
atthe Qiaa_l. Kdwnr.l II. fccliell, of N.-vv-Y?rk, aud 1'ro
0JB08C A. B. Yoiiiiiuub and wlfe, of Wlnoiin, Minn., are
also there.
Tln- kaatorikill dlnlng-rooin 1080800 .*no of thn statcs
at Sai .in.-a. Thero are (iln seats wlth an ubiiu.liiuco of
r.i.iin nl tal.lo.a an.l lu thoalsles, aud 750can.line at once
cotufortal.ly by the 88*1088 <>t 88 ita. Tho count slvou
the chef on Tbursday for dinncr waa 14$,
08080* Kiddle, tlie elocutloulat, will k'Ivo iiiDeellatieous
readiu.-x nt Kaatcraklll Hall on Tnna.Uy 0faal8g n.-it.
Ex-I'resldcut Arthur lscxpccted to vialt the Cataktlla
about tln- laat wo.ok ln Aii_.-uat._l!.- will bo a008BBBMMd
I.y li. 00881 8*8*88, ?nd pcrhaps by hia .l.iiik'tit.-r Nelllo,
who waa daUgktol with hor Ka.itorsklil aojoiirn last year.
The fair at tho Grant Houae laat 8801 ln ..1-1 0(1*0
Twiu 130 Kreah-Alr Fund snecco Ical bcyoud tho
cxpevtatloiia of the 180*00 wno K"t lt "P- Tha
pr..(????-.!? in-vrogatod 0207, wln.-l. li .-. -II? ?? 8888 lll
prCBStd t<> 0-KM). Iho l.i'll. a 801*80 liard, tlie gBBllQBBM
aapporMd thctii lib. r.ii.v and BTorybedy aai .. tfood
The recent 88887 rnli. wrooghl 01831 833M03 to nll the
lniiiii.t.iiii ro.td.a. Brtdaa. wi-re earrlad away aai raad
w.iya tunil.led dowu into tho ravlt..--. Tn.. coli-l.i.i l.-.l
Hmi-iIuii: road ABWfl 018 (338 "f h .iat.-r*kl!l M.iiinl.iiii ti>
l'u.oiiv iiic aiiii.-i. .1 i.ii.im . a larga f are. M aaaa bava
i.i-.-n r- palrlna aad tho iraek i* bow iinniy raplaaad,
iiu_;ii J. Jewett is a iie. iu* tin- protaluoal peraoaa soon
to iinivi- Bt the KaatrnkllL
i aa Laaral 00883, al i*a F.ii!?. baa a fuli eoropleBw-at
of gBOBlt BBd v.ie.mt rooma tii.-ro ar.- 11W. ll '... IM m B8
eeptlon duriug t*er.-*t <>f thoaaaaaa. reoralaaow a
eoplooa anpply Of W8Mr ln llie Mreaui, which plumrea
ui.niiy over tbal BiagnMeenl preelploo whlefe haa ooa
trll.Ute.l ?<> Iiiil.il to Hl'- f..!..<? of tUo Catakllla. nnd Uu
H _:o belo*. la aa frc?h nnd bOaallfBl ..* Bl Bf.
Tlie VTlla Diiltola. Iliinti-i, liia iininii-' ita laautM
l li..m.i-. iiiiiiii.iia". of tba M.tropoUtan Trtui < 'ompany,
andl.iiniiv; .laiii.-a B. Ptaaeo, Newarb N.ni..iial Bank;
tii.-u.v. in-. J. **. i). nni. and f.iniiiv, mlsalonarj in
-vi.Bi Mra. I. II. Wii.y aad '-'ilidi. ii. Mi*- ... K.-inlal!.
\. .-. V..ik; 018 0. C I-lllially. riltOBgOl Mia. UlUalow
Ui't'.n. 1'ii.vld. ii.-o.
Mra. Qpraa W. Ki.-ld la at iba Graad for a aeaaoa. I>
A. I.liill.v and lamlll aro in li.-r partv W. II. Tracv
nnd famlly, T. E Taoodr, Riebard P. Herrlek,
i'luiuiuor .iiid Jol.ii I 0080080808 8X8 aiuuiig oti.-r N.-n
Yorkera her.-.
Wiiii.iui Henry Rawle, tii? PhlladelpbUt lawrcr. ha?
li.-.-ii at t li<- k...i''-iai.lii, aaralag a r. putation ua a ptxloa
triiin ??hiio :
Count a. d>- Ponaata, >.f iii" Itali ia i.- p lUoa al
Iiik'oii, and OarlS 08 B.iv.iii. ui.- a a-. ni t!n- K i i'.-r-ki :.
( .iii.pui.?etiliif 1" B0BO8a08d t". 88)88 88 lll"- lliinl.-r
croiiuda on W"i-dn.-miay m- .t. A lar*;'- att?nd.iu. ?
die.il.il. The leKlon .a alnady erowdod witb vl.lt. .ra
and llfe tbera ia Uk. li t" i. ? fary lively durm_t tba 0831
two w. aka.
W.llluui A. Wli.-.-lork aoi-uia to be the rhainpbui boarlor
ui tin- KaaMtaklU. 0a raeeatly atade iina followlng
aooroa in I'.ni eoiia.-.-uiivo gaatoa: T70, 289, -??
-77. Colonel Appletou I'aluier, bowever. hat tluceaiade
tln-r.-uiiikalili- aioro of :i.h.. Imt not lt. liu ln a i
game, it eaanol M raeosdad.
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Blapbau and famlly, Pbilartelpbla , Uoorse 8. .v ;?
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AatBBg l'lto arrivala nre the followlnif :
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aiiinv, Mi.a PBatbaw.W. .1. iv.-a and wif.-, a. <;. JbbbIocb,
O. D. JellllltlKB, I?BIii-I Ml.'lda, M.-. I.. VVol-l- n!il Wifo,
( ii.ir.i-a Uitldet, t'barlea HtHlmao, J. <. 3/altou, .Mra.
CbarleaBhlelda. J. W, brammoud, tno 083. ( l 0.
Dowell, Mi*. U T li.ii ..'r-no.lr, Wililam 11. i ?rl, .1.
i -i .ii, Mra. a. J. LlBbernr and tamlly, '-ii-.. i.
Traoacb, Mra. (.. A. PaBabaw, Mra Oaptaln
J. c. l/ow un.l famlly. w. II. Ullllban. Henry L. Butlor
and i.nniiy, tbe Bev. M. J. Lavalle, tl.e i:. v. Jaataa vv.
K.-li>. II. K. Tbarber, < . 1- Blrdaeya.tba Mi-a. a hax.on.
. Bl I i*. li.r un.l wlio. N.-w Voit; t.oi.riro U. Ilnl.li.-u.l
and WlfO, *'. D. Duycklneb nnd famlly, 1. II. liuii.-r, I..
0 Olrdley, l. IL Wabater, i. B. Martfn, J. ii. Oola aad
famiiy. cinrioa w. Traor, W. Martla and famiiy,
.n; a. H. Mooro aod wifo. Mlaa g DaOiotlo, tb.
Mi-i -a J. uud J. <". I.iiha.-ll, il. T. Cii.inloy, \'. ('. H.w-al*
in.an .iml famlly, i'l. n i'a a. Beaaoti aad wlfe, Pblladel*
i.hia; T. *-. Wnkeii.-M and wlfe, W. W. Hodgea and wifo,
lloalon; Mra K. O. OilbeitBBd famlly. Troy; Juatua 1'.
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inakir and wifo, I- Loorx. .1. Palmer. A Lyo l tbe ii.-v.
C. 0, -wop.-. Williui-i llul.-ii,.!. VV. Diiiiii'ii.ui.I. ( iiurlra
I'.irinalo.-, II. (J. M'-.-k'-r. Mra. F 8. Ani- I and da I
j. ii. .niiiii iml wii.-, BT, M Aa Viaa.-r, Mlaa Olemeu
V. Alexaiider, J. .1. ?'u-.!iiii.in, T. I.. SMWBIt and nif... .1.
W. fla> noa, .laniea M. Kn.\ a.ol lainllv. A. II. Pl.B.r.
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famlly, Wllliam Holl.-ra and wlfe. Mra. II. Oood klnd and
famlly, Blale Urlagatoo, D. Bettmaa aad famlly, Mra. j.
W. Uuyer, the MImoo Kiia aadK*to a. Jaeksoa, Mia. ,i.
ll. Meefcer, Mra. Uarl Tiiunuun, iim Bev,
1* AnKclli.K, Now Y-rk; J. ('. M<
Creery. J. K. l_o.kwo._.l aud wifo,
J. B. Iloffauni Blld famlly. M. T. Kr.ui.o. I'Ihi.i Uot 1 .,vo,
Mi ??.. i*. I- li.lnr, Mi.a 1-ialier, .lulm MeC'lave and wlte,
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bou, Mrn. A. D. Ilainoa ani Iim ly, Mlaa Oanoiu.-.
Qeorgt ??'? I'liou nnd famlly,Mlaa Homan, Bar, a. Wiiiia
aud wlfe, Tliomat lt. Flahor, J. D. ll.-ard. J. 0, llyino,
E. (.'. Martin, VV. H. vvilliiima nnd wif.-. Mlaa J. W.
Hiullh, K. A. ..l.ia aml \v:fo, Tlioinaa A. ('a/.nbot. Mla? M.
Oasabot, A. H. Kallay. A. Polloek, Jamet Kiebmond.
Brooklyn; Hoaty Hra.l?liaw, Mary lt. Bradtbaw. w.
W. Htevena, Mlaa M. K. (St.'vona, <;. VV. T.. vii-on.l, I*. ('.
.lo Hninjuo .-iiid wife, J. Toiullnaon, Auuta K mitlii, A. II.
Moore und wlfe, Mlaa K. .le (.roote, II. II. Ir.-n.-li iin.l
Wlfe. M. blma and wlfe, Henry (i. Tcn y aml wlfe, 1'l.iln
Trrmprr lln-itsi H. II. WolfTe, 07. B, Me.ld nnd famlly.
A. H. Harn.-a aml wlfe, 0. A. Cbodaef and wifo, .-.I.
Koti liilin. A. Mackay Hmitli aod famlly, B. A. Wlllla. F.
M. Well..-. and wlfe. T. l.atrada, 9. Forlln. V. Bapban. F.
0T. Ipliam, .1. 1 i.uik, Mra. ('. nnd MlM .lapha, J. Illlller
BBd wlio, A. II. Keleeta and famlly, Dr. K. M. StMetor
and wlfe, 11. BSOkaloW aad famiiy, it. TroBMttor, C. M.
I.yneh, A. Morton and wlfe, W. B. K.-i.iiod.v uml familv,
Bugene Hoehan, Mia. Blla, J. A. Fulion, Jamet '.v>-m
ai.d wlfe, New-York; II. 1*. 0188880 uud wif.-, Wllliam
11. Wlllliima. Joalo Hmitli, Ilrooklyu, C _. Claghorn,
Mlaa M. K. Iladlov, Mra. K. S. Weat. Mlaa II. A. Wnillll.
BT. 0 llunt, J. la. Wilaon. J. ll. Ili.-ka. Cl.urlca W. Itictf,
H. P. IU-ynolda and wifo, .1. ll. vv'att and famlly. Pblla*
delphla; Dr. VojOtJJ, Bnglaad; .I'.ln. K. Dl\ aud famiiy,
BT. ('? Baaaa aaa wif.-, Wewarb . vv. .1. Ba.?< rinicand fam?
lly, Mra. K. II. Wluoaiis, Mra. W. H. McJUlou, Haltliuore;
Mra. Dr. Strlpp, Mlaa I,. Hurrla, Uloomliigtou, IU.; A.
(iarrison, I'lttsburg.
Otrrlook?Y.. V. Unrton, Edward Fobrlan, A. McMull
and wlfe, Mrt. Clarence I'.-ll uml ilau_.lit.-ra, Dr. A. J.
Buehler, Paul C I_ttim.ii, B. ('. Blaek aad famlly, C. von
paon aml
.uryl and
I'hii.i.l.-iphia ; Mrs. J. 8. (.'randall, l'rovldeuce.
The lctt?rof General N. <i. Williama to tho
Natlonal Civil K.-rvieo Commlaalon atutea expllcltly
tbe 008*0 of bla realgnatlnn from tbe Custoin Hoitso Ex
ttmliin.n liiuii.l. Ho r.-.-i i\. a do .iiin|..-iiaiiili.il for bls
aervlcrM aa exainlnor ond hia dntiea ub Doputy OollOOl rr
havo reeently Inaen lucreaaod by Ibn addltlou of aome
work upou profor.ned l.iT.ile.-a. Hla tlm. baa thua "be
coino an iiiii. I. 0.?eupi.-d that ho l.as found It lmpoaalble
to coiitlu.ie bla aervlcea upon tl.e Fx
amlnluf Itonrd. It Ia erpn-aaly alated that hla r.-alBtiatlon
ta uot due to any ud-unil. raiiiiidlinr wlth the Coll.-i tor.
Tho Collector yoatorday wrote to tho Cuatom Houae
KxnmlnliiK Bourd r.-.jut-itlr:k llieui to hold an i-xiiuil.i
atlou ot i-aiidldatca for tbo poaition of uaalatant
Kau-'cr. Tbe bIukIc name whlcb llie boHrd has alroady
i.-ruil'd for the two vacauclea in tbls depurtiuout baa
not yet beou acted on by tbo Collector.
? ?
Overhoard at Hydo. Little lnii.w-.it (from
town.)?** Aul wno la that gUttagalabad lookliiir j?er
aoii ln the uuear hatl" Ya<tbMog ooualu. ?" < >h, ho't an
Admlral." hlttle liinoecut. "Hoallyi how ^ntcrcttlnjil
army or navyl "-iFuuuy Folka
Heaac aud famlly, Now-Y..rk; Dr. M. I- Tliouii.tou and
wlfe. A. W. llmiiiard,|Iirooklyn: Mra. C. M. Oaryl aud
dauirlitora, Mrs. j. ||. Joca, W. J. ('ai-iiialnui and Wlfe,
?aaoaa whk.it ftauw to aa-nujBNro__u_>iBTO
San Francisco, July 10. -Ta oue who visits
dlfteront aoctlotiaof thi* jrreat Htato uf California it ia a
ciistant Miirprlao toaee tho vaat euterprl-tt-a wblcb am
b-AW" utiilortaken liy wealthy men for the raplil _Bt*etaf
n :.t of tbo reaourcos of the ootintry. To name only a
fetvof tbcse. each of whleU i/t worth a vlalt: Senator
Btanfonl'a I'alo Alto rnnoh for breetlln-* cholce atnck.
cnmprlalng fl,0<K> acros lu ttieheart ofthe rich l-.nta
Clara Valley. anrt his groat KVMK) acro vineyar.l at
Vina, lu Tohatna (i.niity; tho hBBMBM wlno cellara and
viiievii'U of Kohler .V I'mhllujc. Bf Bl tho lovoly Olen
Klleudiatriet of tho Ninmni Valley; tho Fresno nnd
Hirerai.|oc..l..i)ioa whioh have IraaaBBnaad a deaert lnto
vlneyarl-. aml oratuio k-r.n Bl BB- nnde laml talealile nt
f-50 rera.-re whlch wivi rejcarde-l lllteeu faaMBfjaaa
.l.aratf.) sn Bcre; the Hanta Anlto ranch of " Lurkj "
Bal.lwln, whlcli pro.liicoa ilt.ni-tn.l.- of j-allona nf llne
Mlne an-l lirandy yearly aml aenda out thiiro.urlil.i'.'.l
racliii; at.ick which 1. .a h.-al na ..ni very well on tho
?ntiirf thia yoar; the prlnolpalltiea ovn.-il liy.tho
otttle kln-.-a I.1K.1111I Mlller, whlch atretx'h half acr.r-i-s
the State; tl.o r.iyal doumlu of J. 14. IIiiK'.'ln, upon
whioh s.ii.i.ililoe.Tperl.uoiitrt aro Ix-lng ina.le lu tho rais
iiu-of c.itt.m und other produeta h.-ret.if.ire re.-arded as
not artapted hl thi 8tBle| aml the ollve nn-harda af
Kllw.io.1 Coojier aml Clmi. -I II .riater. of Santa lluriiat.t.
w li.h havo ieeaaaaHaaei ttaaivaahaiMallhaCaaaal
laiula for thia favorite pio.lu. t of the llhi.-ri. IhaMMB
?nly a few ofthe enterpriaoa whlih have eo-.f mllllons
nnd Whlih have acarrrly BBftBB IB repay th-lr projectora
f,.r the lattre amount riskoi lu th.lt prlnc.ly vcntui.a.
a im. nunoanao ca*.a(.
T? tbeae ltittatt now lie a l le 1 a work whl.-h la itnl(jii*> Is.
thia -1 uo foi- tha lahae whlah wlH haepaat apaa 11 aad
Ihe reatilt.a thit wlll roll.iw froui Ita uaa. ihla ia tiio
jrt.' it Morcetl bnifaMM <llt,li a liioli ls expecte.l to wnter
a tract nf the M,Tcnl Valley forty milea lonj- hy twenty
wlh- aml aaBftai wheut llolds into (iriinj-e an.l letn-.t.
Knives. vlneyitrda and orcharda. A \ l-it to tho ditch hut
week j;iive me a new i.lea of the power <.f MfMal wlu-u
..;..I toenterprlsea whlch ?n-k t<. tr.1naforn.1th" faee
of a country uinl overtl.row tho oha'ael.-a phteort by
nature lu the way of thelr ilovelop.ne.it. M-ioe-l County
II.- !n the uenrt of the Hai. Joa.|iilti Valley, whlch haa
tiet tl tl.O Chll-f Wheat pro.lil.liiK aectlon alneo tho.l.iya
when ...ou gava tlii pl.n-or 1111111111; nnd tuni.-.l thelr
att.-i.tlnn to the -itrer a:..l m >r. 'irolltal.l.- l.ih.ir of wheat
j?uwln?. It evt.n.Ia from the hlerra .Vev.Mlaa ou the
ea-t to the aklrt of the Coitat R.injfo on thn wt-at. ita
pjmBmt wl.tth tteliijf nliiety mlles whlio Ita letijftl.rth
?nd snuth la itlv.ut f.,rty milea. There Is hilly lanl BB
each n!ilo of the vulley aa one nesrs tho.motiutalna. but
elat-wbere lt la 1 itli.-r level MBBMB floir or BBB-f
rollltijr like the Hl <?!) a oitl.n day. Tl.o chlef town.
.Me.eeil, 11 141 milea frotu "an Fran.ei-.oa an.l la ifu.lii
by ti aix houra' ri.lo ou tho BBBthafB I'icIIIp Kailrnad.
iiiKiitiiii nmaaa 1 laajota vai.i.ky.
.Tlie rlde at thia aoa-on ot the year riinnot lieeom
tnrnded f..r cmfort. aa tho t. atn laBBM out from every
pla-i-111 nclouil o'.luat, and tho iluat yon bavo alwaya
wlth ron-bllnrtliijc. Biiilocatliijr. peuetratln-t throoab
.ln-T.-r <ir vell. For half tlie lourney.oiio aklrta aloiu: tho
htv iin-l winCa throiijth tlu- rl.li wlie.it flohU of Coutra
Coata. .-au .lo?.|tiln nnd Htanlalaus rnutitlos. Kven In
thia montli wh.-n .iMTfthlBg 1*8 tawny yollow amt tho
wheut haa la-en un-tly thra-liM an.l bau'.od to tbo waro
boiiao. the country Is pletnroa.pio bee.iiiae It ta ilnttetl
l.e:e .int thBN wlth BBB_fa 8 live oak, nud tha pria, ncc
of hou?ea on theae vaat plalm ia indlcat.-l hy the tall.
sop _re.-u o-.i.tlyplui, whlch at a <MaaM licars a
atrikltur rt-aeinblanee lu shape nnd feaaral otlect to tho
laiuiliai.ly |?.par. Af'or renebinn BtBBlelaM. OMBtf.
how.-r. r. tlie fr. ?tineanof tbo ae t air Is loat and heiiee
urth BM a. '-I aiilitnit to tl i
a iYi-nAt. vai.iv roa-a*.
. I l< a ai..i.-.-:,...- lowa, I "' i. Bf e'onthctn
rhi i.-torl-tl.s-wl.le atr.et-. iiou-. -a -aitll ainple icrati
? :ob w ilh a lotiK ooionna le _ rrnnt Whlah aervrtt
aa a proni.-n.i.lo iliulti.' the hrat i.f tlu-.Ut. and ? Iinn
poatt ii.iii.o wi...-.- hapaalBB arehlaaeaMi raai f..r t..
r.al.-fiu lha I i. a of lt < 1-.-.4'or.-. lt l..ii-1-.of 8,088
pMfBfl l.nt ha- proh .11.4 U888 ln all. It a
, ?? I. ir |M l.uriit L-r..nii.t la
MiafrapMlf MveMdwIlh new aaal Btera
BterM, Tn. r. B-aaalraf mtmvmiip ahoat ?ha tai
wl.... -iine Iii Iii all kii.da ..f .-in;.. ? ..I |Mia*.l. r. .1
witli th^ |M-rta-i4.- iluat I'or . l.-tit iimntli" tl.
Is BaM to t.o |H-rf.c!lot) bkb, wlth.iat b ir-h
?4 wilh tha bbb i
a-?> Dadai lha bb?bmb**. hotravM. thaafaatbleBaai
?p it'...4-.. |ha iuii.-tl<- aud tli" lo .it la awcit. tlnc.
iine mal woi'aluth. BfM a.r tt 1:11.1 ll d.nu-ar ..f ain
Btroke. hut thaMlBM ..eu'.rt lll IL Tr.,-n-t ra on th.
roil li iv | Httla uni'.n-lla, aa haBjar than a
t ,-?.:,. .i i.y .v.-. , to I ? thal
.ii ..r on f.? it thoy are aavrd fr-.m tho
firr.- lu-tt of tbe ? -in. ll . ' ; ? -"-' *
tn., iril.-l !.? -idain tn ?.th Ihhl eiireiua b. .t.1 . ??,, rlii*
aiuuu-1 all .ipri-'ht ou ti.<- i.".oi |.:.uii.
wuiim; POB im. li. -M.
i:v< ry on" ln Morced ta waltliu* for tl..- tlifcb to BBBM
.1. TMa a haas leupaatad whteh wl
? ? for I ni 1 le.: 1-ra uud a | -? of popula
tion .md waalth. 1 ? ?..'? I'l-i in tii.-luiin.-ii it<
vl-lnllv of tha town I? ar-' !;'BBB* wl al t<> d.-inaiid f..r
It. Tha i-i'-a: iu..:..ritv ?.. ild -.>?? ?"11 now at auyli.ri. ?
They trtv" MI8MB ' '?'? rttiulloti are
uniiiiiii'-t aad thal thaf atlaat uobbmH ahe laitaaiaMaB
of nlkiwiiiK' aaaaa MiatJe epemlator to baaaht hf '.he
l.ooiit. Tl.e dlt. !., whl.-ii cai.a.^1 am li a rololutloii lu
i.r..-.|M--ta M I ptl. BB. lt oaaliy re t< hod froin th" to-ail.
i IM la..a th- "i i.e ro id BM MIthe BBl tho Bld tuiuplk"
road win.h was hilllt lor the M oinino latlon ot Yo-einUo
fallBJ travol h.lt whlih la llttle uind u>w thal tho rlval
M.tl. r.? route liaa al .-Iv iill Ihe tourltt tritt.-l.
l',,r -lt ii.i.-a MB drl'.i hBtWBM wheat tleids aud
pa.ture Ini t without it Bl. n ?' I BBBUM h il.it.itl.m .nl
wlth..nt a .-:i .... I of water. ThM th-- Bal Mlh- BBBM B
rt-nclie.t a ahality wlth ntl <n .-r-.ha.l-n4 Injf Wllid-mlll
wlierero.il b. ..?!..'.-..'?? k< nt f..r tlu- r'-rrctiu.cnt of
aoVinriiera li. thia wenry lan 1. Froui thl? pl.ic- t.i the
? part ot thodlt.h la at. int u luilo and a half, Ibe
.Hiiu- altalght thr.ni.-h ou" of tho .Ire trn-at Int-. of
cointry tii it aaawtU katftaa iafa ttataL itt-ti.in,
. l.ui.l, fBBtlf rolliim-.aul the only BgM of I:f.- aro
ihaUttla fraoad malitele whlahiive late'ti.-ir Mlaa,
and an'i.e i-i.'"'alJ.icU r.e.'.it wlm h dian-peari wlth th.
l.i.irf lupo th tt Is wair.ui. I to I ? Bf >1 If BBl
A VI-4IT TD TUI*. Dl ri'ir.
Tha8rataLfhi afthB dit.'h eafBaaai Ihe aarthvatha af
a fort. the jrro-in-l BBhM B 1*1 Bp from aix to ci?lit. f.-.-r.
lha t.nt- whaMtha ? ? eaat tha eeah*. t-aiioy, tho
?mm Be i-.- on aheala bt arhlal IM ?aetof af can- im.
llon Hv.!-. -.-? Itk hia family, uud tho windmlll whleb
p.nnpa ivat.-r f .-..iu IhB WBll -.11 tl'.-H" foitturea j-lvo tbo
piaMthaBfpaaraMB <?r ono efthaaartj ?tatag aaa_pa
I her>- la .-vl.loi.ee ln IhB eauip "f akllful tiao of mitt.-i lala,
bi! no 1 lea of tho';, work i;ihat la lielng* doue can
Im- j-alned U'itll "oo ae.-a tl.e pinoeas of exeiivatloii.
ln aharta Bl thi 180 men at wnrk on! the cai.al
1.- J, <i Di-ik", an old ralli.n.l ciintra.'tor whoae c.pcrl
aaM ? Ha- work nms Baai over seventeon y.-iira. Ho Is
a hl?r, hearty, wholesome man. wlth a clear eyo nnd it
slt'lu wlil.lt tho sun has eolored to tha huo of u rlpo
lHt.ieh. The. beat whlch wilta otb.-r uieu an.l aupa thelr
eneriry atcii.a ta havo no otleot on lilm. I'roi.i lum waa
learned tM ulsio.-y ot tho unilnrtukinj" aml Ha maln
t. Bturea. . .
Hev.-ral yeara nifoa Fnrniora Irrlirstlon Cmiany wa*.
foriiici Budohtaiaal aohartor to ima a _tteh fnaa the
M.-i.-.-.l Itlver thrmurh tho iulJiio..|it country. A fBW
milea of the dltch w.-ro iag and aaitB M BXtoat ..f
\ ilu ini.? land waa wutored. About three y.-ara uie >
i h irlea Croeker, pn-aidcnt ol tlm Bo-IBera Paelfli H.ii1
road Companr. and hle aen C F. GBMhar, .oncclved tho
Idea ol otlcndliijf thia dlteb Cl.-ai BBtMe tbe nio-l fertlle
portloii of the M.-reed Vitlley. und tlun jiiiliiKto this
s.-etloi. the sitmo iidvnntiij/ea whl.-h hite minle (ho
1 rraiin lan.la ao valmtblo. M'lth thom wna aaaoeiatod a
larn laielliolder Ii. Merce.l ..11.1..1.I liiillmaii, one of tl.o
men who a.rvo.1 tne rallroad f.uihfiiliy whM lt wn? nrat
bullt nnd who rrajied blaiewmil ll. the u.-.jniali lon (if a
i?,l tract of Iine land at ver.v low pricea. Tlioa,, tliroa,
n.rn alar.-l lu t<i exleiid uml ? Ideti t lio caiiitl already
1,111)t ln n wor.l. to nceoiiil'llah th" f.-ut Of dlKgllig tbo
longeat IrrlKiillog oatittl of lu alie lu tbe country.
WOI1K 081 Tlll*. CA.VAI.
Work waa l.ojrun on M.trch 14, 1(4-4.1, aud hua l.eon
eartie.l ou coi.lluiioiialy er.tr tdneo, tbe foroe aoinetln .-a
roaehlnjf aa hlj-h aa COO mou nnd never fttlllnj- uiueh
below ;ii)<). Tuo canil la iloaljrnod to rnn aeroaH the
roinitry from tbe Merced Htverjust ai-ove Huellliijr to
I'laiuahiir.-li. BM ??? nelo* tbe clty ot tliiroed, on tho
K.uii.ei-n i 'aeillo JUIlroad. The alope durlnjt thia wholo
dlstance la a KriKtuiil ouo and the i-aual Is carrled woll
up on a aligbt eleiatlon at. that althout nrtlllcml mcaus
tha wat.r wlll flow ovor the wlde ext, nt of level valley
land wblcii la to Im. lrrlirate.l. of courae. tbe laudonlhe
ni per Btde of Un- eaiial wlll be ao dry as before, Bluo.. lt
would oo..t IM niii.h, w th ihe mialern applUucoa, to
foreo the water over the llii.la I'ter, thltii-. however.
lieltiw tbe eanai wlll neolvo the wuter frooly. Tne
entlre lenjfth of tho cutiitl wlll be thlrty flve mllei, of
wbich about alxtecn milea aro now co_.pleted.
E The rira! Un mtles from the rlvcr Uie eanal la elity feet
ln wldlb on the bottom and ten feet iu helj-hL After
that the wldth on the bottom la flfty fo?'t and tbe MfM
eij-hl feet. In the poiuon whlch ha-i lieen built Uiere la
oue ti.iiiielatrlfleovt-r a nillo |MBJ and anotner of 1^100
feet la novr belng oxcavuted. The j-.-t.eral jtrado of the
oanal Is ono foot to the mile, hut ut thoilace where tha
Beeoud lui.ucl la belug dug, for two udlea tbej-rwle la i
ten feet tn the mlle. Tbls tnnnei saves ? wldo dctour and
aeeurea the aan.e auiou.it of fall wlth far lesa work,
I'nc" olt nrty foot and you vvill be al.le fo nppreclato the
18883380 aiiioiiat ot 8X088-008 wliic.ll la neceaaarv M
coiiatruet a caual of this brcadth ut tbe liotiiim. Mr.
I.raki. aithough he liad beeu uaed to heavy cuts for
rallroij.l work. wlintu. that he wa-a rttacoiirinted at the
...it.-.-t >>y tlie .uo.iiioua auiDiiiit of carth wlilch Invl to bo
reniove 1. Tho top of tho e inal varlea from Bevonty to
one huiKlicil fo.-t, tlie 00*3 8180100 down ut 0880 au
angle aa to p;-evout wash 80 eavc.
Fortunntely, tbe materlal wltb whioh the men havo
had to work Ih ?eiicrally looae jrravel and carth wblch
may bc ploujfhed up In all acasons aud 100308*0 bf
?0080 ot large acraper*.. Ocousloually, howover, a
Mroikof whatlscallod coment grawl ls onc.untered,
which rcslsta tho ploitKh and must be bliated out with
88-888. Tho ptoagBa B8Si aro three luuro Implemcuta,
eaeh w.-lirhliiji .'.DO f ouii'Ih, nnd e?nh drawn I.y from ten
to -dxte.'ii i.u.les. They tfar up tlie earth toado|.th of
about threo foot nnd leavo the Kround lu aiieh i-ondltloti
that tlio a.-ra| BB0 0M ne inn.lc nvntlable, wl.lle when tho
canal reachoa ai-oi-tain de;tli tlie nrdlnarv dump BBli la
hrotulit Into re.julalilon. Upon'tbo v.-orks now thero
are 800*1*0 125 WblM tnen aml 8038) 150 CblBOOO, whlle
tbe for, o ofmalea in aettva aervteo laagM f _aa 80to
"" ? in-.nl Bcenrdlng to tne naturo ?r iko work. Tho
I'tilne *o. aro r..ui,.| to I., .-x -.-ll.-nt 088*8, Imt they canm.1
bo trnated to take-c.irt of the nnlmala, ua wlicn the hour
nt atMla arrivaa tteyaill bolt tor tbelr tooa aad _avo
tlio ninl.-a lo ?liiit for thoinsolvea. The CfelBSM are pall
Haaay aad boat- IbeaaMlvas, whlle tho wiiite men
rteotra |20amoath aad board. Tho Chloeeollra ina
ca.np bf IbOBMOlfOa Bl tho ond nf tho llmalu'd portlon of
tln- c.iii.il. wbote wat.-r l> |.|entlfu!. Th.-y nni thcir own
eommlaaary dsparMMat and l.vo chlcily on ftesh pork
and mo.
Upon the snventeen nilloa of c inal now iln^* (tho laat
mlle la unllnialiodi tne company havo exrcudod
$700fi0 i, uml it ia raagaly oataaabal ih.it tho enttrc cost
i.r tba .voik ..iii MdaafcM bbbI 0B00.00 001 BBsaaai
8888*80 a 080008 and a half dollara. Tho .-lupaiiy will
put lu bond-catea for the lat.-ral ditchea but vvill havo
imth ii.- toilo ,-. itli tho dUiflicjof th.-ao dltchea. Tlu-y
will cliai *(? a.. mm-li lor n i 88*1 Ineh of 88880. the rate to
ho uaii--o,| i.y t'ie provulliug rite tliroiuho.it tbe lrrl
irat".l ,1, ttl.ra. To tho to-. u of MOfM 1 __ W30M vvill bo
I ini.- 1 lu | Ipoi aud every 18888*01 BBBBBM ?r 00108] ln
Iie tio.ii-futur.) 880*8 lita o.vu vine and ll|_r troo and
llvinifoii Iho later at of tlio money whleh he .villgetfor
the aurplua oiilaldo latnl and eln.loe ooriior Ma Tho
( r.'.-ki-i-a own iii.iiiv Ifeoaaand acTM of land whleh vvill bo
ureativ laenaaod la ralaa wbaa waMr prlvllogaa e.ir.
ln ?i.i .illUit. Iliiflliiun1* tr.iet UO0 00 bolh aldeaof tho
rn.Kl o:it i.r M.i.i-,1 for nearly alx llll.oa. All tlll** laild
boyond lliillinaii'a ?..a riit.-d ten v.-ara 808 at iml MOH
lhan IS'.' ;.o por aera. _fu.at lM>r..re'tl.e c inal was a'.art.-d
thepil.-.- had nl.aii'O.I to 80 888 acro, whllt) now the
Bwaeia elalia that lt ia Borta |M por aore. Thia.lt
inuat bo r. m-inlMTod. la for land wlilch I.M.ks liko a
aocti.m ..f ti..- Roeky MobbMIb eoaatrr- u_.-i.t. giavolly
?...ll witt.no liuileitli.n <>f rertillty. ll lsclalmel, bow
88-0*1 bj I'r.-neli BXpsttt whohiivo exa.i.in. d it that it
will 883*888 t'oo.l i;rii|?-. Iielna almilar to the bi.I1 of
many v liioynr.l* in I'r.im o. NoaP-r Ihe tOWB of Mor.-eil It
1* 000008088 08 Iny any land for loaa 1*80 01M 08 acre.
0A*aOf**Of aitK.vr OMABO**,
It may 00 thnt BMM 000f_ bave a..; Inordlnate Idea of
tbo vnlii-of thelr land and ovor-eatlmato tlio " booin
whioh la In the near futuro, tnt It Is eortaln that thelr
land la fnlly e pi il to that of 1*8080 or Tularo 0888080,
lu 0801 of wMefe 0008088 havo l.eoii 0808*0003*1 000
vlnrvarda au.l ..r<-l>ar.larultlv.tte<Il.y 888888 ?f In-lfraf'.oii.
01888 th- 88tM aud 0M8 poweiful 088 and tlie land
Beoiua to rv*|. ui.1 ln 1 li.Iie..1 moaaura to the lal.or of thn
nn i i:dlat. It ia BOM to M tho plan of 0*0 projoctora of
inal M .nl Bf tholr larjfe traota luto forty-acre
houioato.Kla, itlvinif oach n wuter-rtght aa ha*. been dnne
In Kivvr-I lo nnd Froano. I'lau'.od to prapos or other
fruit tlila .viioiiut of Und will 8880 Jl.-ld a rov.-nilo
-iit'i.-i.-iit t.. -n|.|...rt a large famlly. Tba laflaoaea of
what bat alrea.ly Im>ou doao ln tlm way of foiindms
eolonlesla sbowa alao ib tbo aufataent Jaat atarted lu
ModeitO, tho ......iiilv aojt of _*tntilalaiia, the u.-Uhl.or
eoiinti of M. r<?I. fot th<- dl.-icliu ol au Irru itlu* cunal
wIih-Ii la to ti|. iho Tnoi.niiiio I'.ivor and wlilch la 880*
uiito 1 t.-t y-.'tMi.iHMj. -o th.- trav.-II.T who paaae.
throiu'h tbla valloy i.n y.'.ua lioii. i- M8J *? 80.wlde
atiauhmx graln Bolda transformod into luxurlant
oi.-h.iid* and vno-yarda. Th.-n th.- atory of tbe dlK'B.lnic
of Uiegiaal dit.-i. will to a matter ..f aaeteat blatory
-- * ii... 1 18 0_ the flrat ovorland road BBfOM 183
H .,i tn. -.-. ..nd iBfOBg* tho Mojavo uud (olorudo
1'ai.i. Kiviii, .M;iai? Au;:. LO Siiniali.?
1*001 .r'k.-t for prlnt ekatbt la llnu ut M'i ci-nta for CoIb
nml Ir uu I VA-\<\ M 0*j 800*8 f?r .".<?..*. Tlio feollng
008080 in.iiiiir... lui.-ra la u BOp. f ll 803 nnd 0lg*M prlcea
ar.- e?|.' el. d. 1*0 88800 M liiml * i--r.i.liial!j- loa.oulnif.
II,, i; i ..'. r <>f |.,.-<-ea on Liuii.t thla v.-o.-k b.-ltu
H...MN. i. ?* tli.ui la*t 881 k. Ihe w. ekly report ;a na fol
..wa : l'r.Mlueil..n. : imhi ,
y,. ., i,i .;...?. 88, 17J..MH..
r ? !. ..; 00 I l '?. It'.aton. ..tt. ra to
Um .ii.i ii'1'.ii Ugbl v\ . -
. 1 ; . po in.I iiiiii ln Amerii-i for frotu
-al.NI io i?l..aMi u ? .!?-, " Jui "( ntii]..ra, ..f Nrw-Vnrk,
\ ? , .- niade b) oornapoattlBg
:ri. II.
11,.- i-i,..- fi.i t ietv.,. n Englltb, of new-1ork, an.l
' i.l.-ht.
. "?> part
. DtnlBB b? k
.- lo tho ntlltiilo of tho alrlklnz
. y Will BM
8881 "ilitll Hull Krievam.-a
? ;t arould be bo u ?
? , , ;.,? ,n i ..I... uu. i t ol ??> 1 w.ii k.
' ir.i-i. -ai.l lo* I t\
thnt tlir i... i. ?- iiii th.-.r owu a.-e.nml and
,, ,? . i Mi. iml.. i. "
. oodltion ?f affaira ut tba
mlll ?.,* -.. i. id tbal ? ? > 'tll me
,. *:.. fooud, lt waa dllflcull noa t?
au oue. -l.e* I...I I- -on io nn d ir.en 010 t..
I bad b ell a|.Ii'd ao
. ra lor | rttloa ol Iba aptaaM a hani
At tlu-i'.uiv.ni of Vii.il **-; itia'i.'a laal a*aal
71... Mrthi won raforh i ? toa Dr. M i.i". tha Dapatf
llr^iator, was Inforiii.-'l af Ihe uumt-oi- r-_-lat.-i. .1
I.c e-.tr.ior.lniary 44.m- ..f pMflBBBleaal h"ti
caty Baai hare "trtt.lt IhB BBfBtBlBM and c..ii..-.l
in. in to raparl all tho . , l li.irth kaowa la
ti,. m urdinarll] many pbyalolana negleet to report
,..?-. uuie-a i!io parouti <>r oblldreB aro aniloiia ,to
I, al(h<.il-l. Un I nf r.-.j lll
birtha to ba reported. Ihe average nnmher <>f idrths
i, (...rtod ln a aliik'l" "...-I; ln 4v..rtn weath-r |t leaa Ihan
i;.ai. im looklag ..vcr tha r.p..rta im- lael weak Or.
? .1 tbat fourtoea women bad
ftrrB I'ltih to |?tM iiiirlm; tl.it peiiod,
ii, refneed to i.-t raportan know tho naawa al tha
parenta, bul ne aaltl that lb" r.cord ..f ttiua waa ovt-u
i,:.,r>- n-markaiile tban the t ital BmBber ..f birtha. Tho
d. ttba i._'.ai.-.. i it the bureau laat week naaBhefM 788
and lbe|marnago 11 _ -.
in,- ie. .na ?f eaataatoM dlaaaaM for two we.-ka w.tsaa
Aii/-uat S. Aujriut IS.
08BM l.-utlis. t'aaes. Iicatba.
Bcarlet fever . 9 8 g i
Mraaioa. II U 20 I
l-ipntberla.-?? ? ?<? 17
Bmalipoi.__1 __ ______
ToUl. 1? 14MJ '26
A citi uill BBUBl i u 09 OBBT.
A ft. r t'.iiii-Hiiu- jrearaof iliiiiici.il aaiator
ti.i,, | uml b.'.ivj d.-M, Bt l'aui'a I'.uu.iu ( .itliolic, Church
af DiaekljB 8ade Itaelf at laat fread af it~ aaraaa. Tho
l;ov. Fatln-r Wllliatii J, lllll, foriucrlj* pre.-ldcnt of 88
Mary'i College al limmeUbarc V_,, aeanmed hladutlei
m pastor of tbla ehureb four yeara s-;o. Ho fouu.l Ihe
.i.i.t.un.niiitiiurto *'...r.n 25. rwofMiBBcahe i>"lmii
Ibetaak >.f obllteratlng tha debt, aml i>y a ayatotu
I ofwoeklj botten viaitatlon among hi, MBgrejra
tionof 8,000 iiioH.i..-ra. h" i-.'.l.ienl riio debt to86,400.
ln Ihe eiirly part t,r l.tat wo.-k ln- IMBlVM B draft for
ili.it auioiint fiom ono of lila yniiuj-c.at purlshlnora, Miaa
Kuili o'l 'oiinor. Mlss o'Counor lt (he danghter of the
htte OWM O'Coiinor, a WBBlthj '-al ertlnto nwncr. Hhe
?eal the ehrek aa n meBartal lo ber dead paiaata.
father um p upoaaa lo have tho church aaaBMraiad aa
aoou ua tha hlabop glvaa peralaatoa, an.l Ibon t.. devola
blaenerglee to arcetlBga achooHiooae, to raplaM tha
crowded scbool uow tield ln the liaaemout of tho church.
HA*4 fBABOH >. AU)?. 15, 1888.
~ VosUTiliiv. T"t>-d_v"
Xavalo._ .73 .7ft
t tuiiir... 1.60 l.HT*
I'l.t.Ml . tlll .Sft
*avaj<-. H.ili) 3.1'-".
Hlerra N.-va.ta- I.B7H -8__
1 'lll'lll l-.HI.l.."> .B8
fi.iii. 1.1-". ini)
*, ,-il.iw Jackot.. 1.78 1.0a"a
_iiropcatt ^fiitcrtisrmciUB.
.- I*t Stottin Klil K. I* t.it k . r.cltiea frofl ..f rluinro.
l-oii-tilni I'.intudei A mlllo M mrk. in banal* of IM k. 55
ii.il ol.-re.l tiy
Ulll ( K's HKIKinAC.C'.M'1'nlll it HI'ltl,IN (liermat-y).
No. 411 si'llMIIisill.
Ajranta wanttsL Alao Maguealt, \ i.nn.t chalk, Oraflt 8MB
a An, l'ollablug l'owdor, 1'uUah fur knivt-i and allvcr
war?, rtc___
TIKEA K KAST.-" Br a tbor.iiia*. knowl-.Ue ol thfl natural
lawa wblfh goveru the uperatlaaa of .li<Tttion an.l nutmioti,
aud by a t.ar.'fi.i aoplicaluiu of tl.o ,ina -.rupt-rtlaa of well-ae
ltKtad foooa, Mr Kvya Uaai>roTtdo<i our brcaktaal Uiblaa wlth
a d?hcatalr flaT.ir?,f hof.'raga wl.l.-h n.ar aare ua .uauy baany
daciora' ki. I It la t.y t.*i" Ja.it.leiia oae of aueb artlrliaol
d ati hlt aconatilutli.il mAV i.? jtradjally bullt up until atrong
aieiurh to realat evary t*n.l-n.:i tu .Uaiaae. Uun.1iadi uf anb
tlo u.a'a.ll.-a are floatinjj; aioiimt m raady to aitack wber
?T?r tbare ta a weak polnt. M a may eaca-ie taany fatal ihafUl
by karpina aaraaivea well furt'.tirii wua puro blooB aad a
pruimrly uonjiabwl fraoio." I'ltll sar-rloa lJa^atta
Mitdr sliublv with buillug waior or mlll. ftolJ oul/ iu balf
C.und Itna by Oi... ora. laballad Uica i J AMEH Ei'l'B A UO.,
uut?iyaUilo Chaiulata. l.ouo.in, Kagiaiid.
i:vi:ri 11 -lOLSJh,
C'outr-lly Loeaiea. ^m .
l .?.- -t,i ? . laoaita.
OaUe Amrrlcan aad -.uroaiaa l'laaa
i.a. k._iuN_i_ Praurlatar.
Dcalth dcpcnds largely on the condition of
the livcr. Thls organ _ eafcily affected
beeatisc of its slu-rgiah circulation. Waa*
lt becomes disordcrcd, stagnaiit blootl
nccuniiilntcs In its vonous system, causlng
it to disebarge Incrt or bad bile. Many
forms of 1H0OBM lcstilt from its imperfeot
action, whleh deranges all tho dlgestive
and assiniilativc organs, nnd, througb
these, impalra nlmost every functlon of
inlnd aud body. There ls no
?way to Insurc the proix-r nctlon of all
tho apparatus ncccssary to health, than
to ald the stomach and livcr by the
occasional usc of Aycr's 1'ills. K. A.
KobiuMin. l.'.l S.-IkdI st., Lowell, __;._?_..,
aays: "For n nuinbcr of ycars I vvns
stationed iu the troptcs; and, .vhile thcrc,
Biiflered in.nh from torpi.lity of the livcr
and ha_f_ition. Hcudaebes aml nausca
diaablcd mc for days at a time, and it
was only by tho usc of Aycr's Pills tbat 1
obtaiucd reli-f. I kuovv tbcm to be tbo
Cathartlc Pills. They stimulate the appe
tite, iLssi-t <li.m-.tion, ...nl Icavethe IkiwcIs
in a natural condition." John II. Wnt-011,
proprietor Univeraily Hotel, C'hapcl lllll,
X. C, writes: "For twenty ycars I was
a sulTercr with slck hcadacbe. I bogmi
taklntf Ayer's Pills. and quickly found
r.li.f. I have not liad an attaek of Iie.nl
achc for yeara, nml attiibuto my frecdoin
from it to the use of Aycr's Pills."
Jare.l 1(80-1 I.aCrossc, AVls., writes:
"I was cured of it grievous attack of
Eryslpclas by using
rills for twenty days." These Pills havo
been most __B__00Bt0Ry uaed In trcatnicnt
Of obstinatc cascs of Dropsy.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer * Co., Lowell, ifass., U. 8. A.
Solfl by all Drngglsta.
renders the partaking of neodful bodlly
sustcnance a matter of plcasurc. Wben
ever the appetite fails, you may be suro
tl.e stomach ond liver have become de
ranged, nnd nccd to bc corrcclcd by tho
use of Aycr's Pilk C. Danly, Belton,
Tcxas, writes: " I have taken Ayer's Pills
for varlous affections arlslng from de
rangements of Ihe Hvcr and dlgestlve
organs, and flnd them to bc a powerfu)
correctlve." lf your
ls impaired a good cathartlc nicdlclnc may
aid you. Miss W. Boy le, Wilk.sbarrc, Pa.,
writes: "I use no other nicdicfiic than
Aycr's Pills. They are all tbat any ono
ijecds." Dr. W. J. Talbot. Parramento,
Cal., writes: "The curatlvc virtucs of
Aycr's Pills commend tben to all judl
cious practitloncrs." Dr. Charlcs Albcrttf
Ilorlcon, WIs., writet: " Last year I pro
cured from you the forniuia of Ayert
Pills, an.l hav. since prescrlbed them wlth
dcclded beucfit." No B8B****0 di ugs ar*
Found in
tbe compofcltion of Aycr's Pills. Dr.
A. A. Hayes, Statc Assaycr, Iloslon,
Mnss., ccrtillcs: "I have made a carcful
nnalysis of Aycr's Pills, wlth tl.e forniuia
of their prcparation. They contaln tbo
00000 principles of well known druga,
i*.'ited from Incrt matter, whieh plun Is,
e!u-mically s*>.-aking, of great imi>ortaiice
to thelr usefulncss. It Iii.-urs a.tivity,
<-ertainfy, and ui.ifonnlty ofcfi'cct. Ayer'a
Pills cemtain uo nictaiiic or mincral nuli
sti.nec, but the virtuos of vcgetablc reuie
dics in skilful coinbiuiition." Aycr'?
taken in connection with Ayer's Parsapa
rilla.have effected thousands of wondcrful
I! . '-*: ??
Putout np]ill_I fnr.
Co you wear rla^aoa and wlah toilo
wltlumt th.'iii!
Are you auffcniiif from that moat com
iiinn ol all ilia mh> a. tATAItlt II t
Are y." trout.le.1 wlth I'K.lFNKaS,
M-ll'lAI...IA. HAVFKVKK or
Ifao WHY NOT laveatiaat*) ActtnaJ
Thla w 11 coat u .tlilnjr.
A <:<-ii. ral.VR.nl w.ntad lu every clrr
m.i ...wo ni tia iiiito<i 0M8S8. Baa t
. ..ns.iltatlnn ftec. l)r. I.oouua m
chura-* of nu-di-al atalf. MM hour.
Ir?m '?'?? in fo i p ti. B7_B_8-8B3f and
Batniaaj rvrnlii!?* untll M p. m.
"AITINA tO.. Molc PropHctora.'*
_*B 1lfth Ave. near 11th 00. >'. Y.
I'lmir i:i,nttnn Tr\l>une.
Doar- nni Rooma.
East Sida
DE8IBABLE ROOM8 f<>r faaedheaar a-otia
ii,ei,; <ut, r.-i aa pcaaiBMa -'.?'. Wl aml 38* Ml ?'??? .
I. TJRNISHED BOOSlS i<> I.i: I'.TI.iitv^sixth
1 at iie..rKirt.i ?v._ rnn,.*r,,-.i f-'. nn anfa n a',.-d *_t .oo.
DABIBL8. M, i.i.t >V. BOWesI KoBrtccth-at.
1> V l.'l.i >i:> an.l lM*ilr.i.uii -: batbB nnd toil-tj
..!*.. alnK_.-r....i-.a. fl.- ,n. t.l.l'. lll. M_*illa<.li-:.ve.
?Exceptionalljr tin<
, prk anpe-t.irtable. l?_nl
opii nal. locatlua ir. urp <*-. n- ? n
.>?> URAMERCY lAlii
-? ?) KMBM ... r-'-il"' ? liarii.ii.-.'
opii nal. locatlua ir. urp tt
-_|*7 KAST 20TH-8_.?Xicely funfelied ro-ina
? 1 _ wtth food tab ? i'-'ii. BMeraaeaa_
m" r.Asi __*at!i->i. l.ai-' eoolrooaai *rWi
?9 or Wltboat ttoard. 'Iiauai.nti aci'.>nii_atal..-d. auiu
n,.r prlcea. _^___
llll V" I "'Is- r-S r.i l".< ??-? '?'.'. Hilli.?Nict'ly
?Ila) Iii! . ' ?>? T."itua lovf._
II i \| \|.|S.iN-A\'K.?Sii|..ri..r lu.ar.l; pci
?I 1 .-.ii,.ni ...- !i,i*i-nt atefaM ?uit.-a ainl aingle
i . ." '?'* nuak
Weat Sit_
1>ERS0N8 viait iu the cit* raa Bad flurtfabln
rooma wlth boaraai l W_t i0tli-at_
RIVI.I.'s 11?M DRIVE.?Deairable rooma with
(oud _M_r__l ? 18338* A'l.irv-rta H. <?._..,
HMtB-al., V\ ...I. rn I o i i -. .r.i._,
'l .11. PEKCIVAL.
J .- o vv. at l.'.l ai.. n.-iir I't-nl-ay.
,., ? r ;?, .ath un.l t.ill.-t, nclliiilaptf.lto
a,.,..ii_______-aof?,...i. ^fBl-Jt_-. H-_ *_. Waa/*
AND rs WE8T L-TH-S i.?Rooioa i.ii.I
i.i 11?:. -i.-i.t aadtaMa boaiaan at.-iuiuodati-d.
1.1. -i.-in <-.
_flutg nn. U.om- to Cct.
C. A. -i \ lt-*.
100 WICXT .19TII---.T..
000 I.AIU.I-'. ArABTMBIfT (i> BBOON0 Kl.OOR,
?.Itli ?lt ?lr?i'li._t HHiiiia parlor, lihiarr, eto. Alao,
liwuara llve iu tlio bulidlnf._
inr. kast HTii.si'., OOB01 R uu avk.
oncor IWS v. rv Ii .ml*? M un.l BoMdaainMa aimrtinenta
t.. r.'in fl" ii the f.ll I iniilalieilor iillliin,l.alie.l I,,K-atli)H
uiuuipaa-ol. Alao a flat MT M_88BS8BB8J unlurnigheiL
1 Bl KLhKI:N('K l?8iia..lutely B83f83at_
COBXXB f8TH AM.r.'.nii 8TB and tih-avi:..
I\( IN4' 4 KtTlt.tl. I'AKK.
lll.N la i'K.ni 11.(400 T'l *r".."H)0.
Apply t.i I.K-M'iVl-.-K Bi IIIIKIMIAN.
1SI llr.uidtt'na. orC. t'l.fton. Mif.-r it ii.l.nt. at buildlnffa.
\? TO LET in the LoBraiale, Park-ava.,
a ne.r >'."d--t Flrel-cl.aaiiparfiii. iidtof I rooiua. lu au
i.iii..r ..nl-r. lwowlll lie tol furiiliiicd | theae :i-i irtmouti
un- moat deiirabln ; haveelevator.etc.i retita mtatcrafc.
1 ?'. CBAwfOBD, l)5(i 34l.avo._
\ HAND&OME a-z-room il?or. moderately
j\ furnlabod. lu prattv l.rawi.at.m", 781 7iiiitve.. llnt
tlljrlit. S.'.O, wlth owuer, llru-.twity citra pttaii haiitly to 1.
a_ -Moat beantlfii! aet-.-nd floor ?r moro to lot to anativ
ciatic fauit'y t.y elefrant prlvato fainllv ou Murrliy 11111;
daiuili-Bt nit-alaunu lorvico . pnco #;o0 io*l50per week, at
cur.lliw to iiun.li.-i liifan.ly. neat roforeiiroa re.pure.l, >.t
.li.-aa KM 1.1 MVi , Ho-1J. ,'1'rlbiiuo Iptown Offlce, l,'.'3f(
I- i-i.ous. ? t-'lfih-ttve., ci.rner i.ft.'.tit.. m llre-nrotif btiii.l.
Ingof AMK11K AN BAJ- DKPusIT CcMt'ANY. Flueat
lia'itiuulll tbeeltr._
("^RAMEBCY l'AKK iiiiurtim-nt house toleiiBO
I fur tivo yeara : rlcjrantlv lurnlahotl aulto un tifth l.'o.ir ,
all the rooma bave wliulnwa on Twanll.-tli.at. aud (iramercy
I'ark. Kor -..-rtiiit upp y to DANI-1. e McKI.BOY, 50
Weat rpnrteentb at. Al?o au:|o on Bame tioor for aule ehe-ii.
elogaully funilahoit_
I I AWTilOKNK, 128 YVEST 59TH-BT., ap
I I piHtlto the Pat-k.?Flegant apartineuta tt) rent for Two
1 tioiiaaiul Dt.llai a aml over pf r yoar._ ^
MODEBATE RENT8.?8li_g-j flata.7 and 8
laru/e r.ionia; all imiirov.i..t-uta; uatuial arrouudi now
catpt-ia, anly reliuetl t.iiiilllia reeeived. no clnldren.
Mra. I'lr.KCE. AAt, I aat ll?th-Bt._
28 Weat .viit-at.. Ii. tho lioeklaml , tlao -J07 Weat fiiith
lt.. W liiliold. alao 11" Wlll _ tli-tl . -...ii -y. -i AN I i'l iK-4.
Hotel Normandie,
ooaxaa bboadb w awb hi_uik '
Tho Only Absotutely Fire-Proof Hotel in
tho City.
V11 n I) IN A N I> P. JiA.ll-IC, Pron.J_
liiiixiKf.YN nr.innT^,
dlrot tly onpoaite V.'all Btreetj New Yorlt. four ntnnfi4a* walk
from rullt.n or Wall Htreet Forries nnd tho Brlil?o trrnilmia.
Mi.i"il..rat-oou.m.Mlatlimi. lleaaonuble >-at"B. I-T-te BlnuloO.
Brotindi; oooleit loeatlota ln tlie vicliilty of New-Yor*.
eleet faojtly and tranaelout botel, '-Oorootn* Jjeecrtplive
ANl) a|.E.l-I,|;aa.VK'8,
Price, SOc. a oo ?. Bv mall or at Dnutglata
!-.-n.l .01- p.l i-pll.et.
AI.lTkN ( OCAINE MF... 00. 1*1-4 UNray , N. Y.
(Prciiu Steumera.
CITY ol UOMK. aali.a We_lue?lay. Au*. 26. Sept. '23
and.-very fourth Wedaeaday lher.-atter.
Cabln paaaare MO to?lUO. Seoud claaa 03..
f'abin Kxcnralon tu-kel.a ?i) very favoiable terint,
OLA800W .-Ki'.V I" .-. vl:i Ml.NIIO.VDKUKV.
KTHIOPIA. An_*t'_ Ap.m. I UI-.VUXIA.**ep t Lf p.m.
FtHBBBMlA.A__ir.-_-. 7 i m I A*. iioi.ia ...ta.-pt.l2,7 aia,
Cabln paaaiu..- i.10 to *sU). **.-. on<1 riaaa 8J0.
-fteersire outw.ird 020, prepa fl >15,
IIEXDF.RHOX BROTIIKH . Oeneral Ai'rut*. ., _
7 HowiiiiK fir.en. New-YoTlt
aaoraa ra* would,
Leaving New-York and l;.i-t..n oa
MOM.av. 0BPT. 7. 18_>.
Cr.rtiaing tho Abieman 0088*881 to .*-au Franeiaco, thea
croaaimc tbe raciBe t? J.ip.ui, inciudiuir a nioai eouiuicheu.
..?-.- trip in that <ouiitr>. tni'iic.' ttiroiiRli tlie liii.iu.l SJra of
japin io H?ni_ Kook. iMnaaiwaa. tba laaad at Oarlaa. UB>
.mia. -i.i u.lltia alx wecksiu i-..l._j. viaitinirall tlie clau-f placea
of int.re>t. Kr?m Hoiu'.av ihe rint.-l-ihiouah tl.e Keil ._>a
tn -ainv . iln. un.l \ I. v in-.ti l i ; iii.-ue.-a.-i.ia-. tlio Velit-IT*.
ii.jii to It.ly. France au.l Kti_rl. ud. .i.d back io Xen-Yurt.
|..-*l ,.1- Ml M!'.l_i.-*lill*. ?J.".iHI.
WlKCIf I.S.T.C I.S.s Al 1. Ni;< l-..--V..Y i KPBX8E-.
.-ih- l.il faclltlLi lor viftltinir tue Xlieand PaUatlue ln ooa
ii.-ctl..u will. tln- i.rir.
. . ?.__'?* EXCUB-IoXImT coutatnc lull partlcuL.r?; acat
ly uiailf.i' l.ici-nia.
Addrcae TH0__S COOK * 8QB,
." 1 l.r.ia.lway, Xew.Yi.r__.
Boston, H>7 Waalit___.ron-*r.; I'bkai;-). 10 I Iii-ai boru-?t-,
_ I'l.i.i.ii ip.'.'.i.:.': w.iuut-.t.
ACHAXIA. B.tui.l.iy, AUj? '-" . A P ia.
1 l ll IIIA.--atui.lay, Au*. '.".'. 7 a. m.
BBB VIA.Saturday, >.pt. .',, .' p. m.
i. .l.i.i v . .Batarday, ??__. ('-'. **a. m,
i uh.u paaa-uro, B*!0, 0_) au.l 110 .
M.. rairellcfaia toaml Ii.hu aii parta ,,t l mope at very low
. reiabt aad baaaiKi-offlce, .n.?. 1 Kowliua <.i. i
. I I NON H. IIIlQvl'S ,. !?"? __
\?i)\i r.KHMl'IM.
. ?? _ u:t neiv ?t< iiineis ui Iho lju -lja-e ste.iraal.lp ('ota>
I'llIXlDAD i.i .1 i.lll....('.., mil l.e ili-pjl. I...1
r.V'KKV lllllisi'AV fron New-York aod l-imuda.
".iiin.K.o" fioiu N'w-York Anr'.I 2 l aasrraaa r ns 8o0
to 860. For paaaaue. lu;ortaaooa, Ac, ai pi, ...
.1 1,.,.Ii.lt. ,v iu. U'. !,K :.l Binailwiy.
rn.MI'A.. Y, 007 HriMidway.
VV..IU.I) 1K V\ I.
? Iti-lwn'ii X.-.v Y..rk an.l llavra.
louipanv'a Pier luowi .\<x a Xotth lliv.-r. foot of Mortoa-it,
bi ? vi i.i. . .,.-... ,iu... Wtstue dav .m<. u, i p. in.
AMI Kl.l i . ? i.i. li ...VV..iii.-,.av. vie- -'". .'.:3i. _ _.
- l. . .1. UM tlX. li.iul).-\\.-,l!i.-*.|:lV. ?*-|,l, -'. 11 _lIU.
l.Altlt v i.i.lt. I'."t.r.l';i ...*. rlv VVV.I -|.' '? *> a m.
Cablnl>y Ollndn lualr -'ii-a ?n\ st. Rlmou. *?I?X
niackaiiayatuaalaU'it. lu auniuut* toauit, on tho llioiia
'll_uia.ilii.iil..lii.-"! .'.iri .
LuUlt DK 11I..HAN. ._._;out, Xo. <i il.nvliu^ Gr.JO.
HK.VXlll Ul-'llCr.. 1.180 BUOAUWAV.
C1 t'lON' IalXK.
Flill _l'Ki-X-alwVV X AXD L1V1.KPOOU
L.-uviiiK 1 l.r "?. X. 1C. fcviot Kui-E-st,
VVYOMlXll.llle.ail.iy. All_. IH. 11 _L BL
Ai.l*.*lM.i . .Tu.-mI.i..-. s.pt. . 1 p. na.
WIHC'OXaIN. ii *.l i -.-pi 1 .. n.loa. au
vi Y.'.MIN.;.-.Tueedav. MM 88, :<n__,
NBVADA . . . ii.-.i .v.'..t. <;. ll p. ia.
Cobinpaa.?___. (accurdiiKi > ar ir -ro >m. fiiH 87J MiA ily.
Ini.-riui-uiate. *__ i s__a_> at lo a* rataa. ??.^? ^ ?^.
I I PLYMol' l li ,i...ii.l.,n rh.".oiiru (I'urialanil Haiu.mrf
suevi.i.Ainr. au, 3 p. ra i l rlam auh. -t>, .':...> a. ul.
kloravla . vuk -'-' 8* b_. I W88taaalia._*_?Bt. 0.100338
Flrat . ai.lu, *j". 000. aad _T.'. tH_.a_! _?'_'.). Uouudliipaa
redooadaitoaa feui for Touriat Uaastts." ^
KL'Xll.Wtl.'l JtCO., C. B. KIiTIARPACa.
Get. A_,l_i. Ul llroad-st.. X. Y. Oeu. I'aa, Auta. (11 B'wa/, X.T.
CTTY OF t_-lIKHT_-.il.saliirday. Auguat '22. A p. m.
CITY OF < HIi'Ai.o .sa.iirdiiy. Aug. 2V, 5 pm.
ITIYOF ItHUMOXD._S.iturd.iy. sept. S, 1 u. uu
Froiu lumau Piei fihit nf <ir.inil.at. Jersey {.uy. IABIM
1 V.-:S v<. 1 . *..... ?80anil Jltai. Interniediate, * ?."?. -SIKI H.
A..I-. irom Bew.Yor-t. 080. 1-iei.am nok.-ta 81.',, Kor 0888300
4c. apply to PKTKlt WBI.ilfi AgAQ^Uaa*!^^
I. ' 8HOBT BOUTE T'> l.oXI.i.N, ?__,?,.?
EM-.Wad.A0C. ^ ll-__ BL I 'l.KX. WEItDKB,
.*._.___..., .i. |..w J, m , wBKRA, W0.I.. Sa'Dt 2,
KlDER.\Ved. Aua. K -s ?? 8L I IftiWa, m.
_i_i_.?,"_v_? i?MAIX.0af..8?pt.8, l:30p._B.
steamera markiait ? a.-il iJr ltreiuen dire.t.
nn Elpreaaalwinier.. Iat. Calnu B_ 0100 ?U'l *i'-_ 2A
I'uiiin ?0o. ou oi.u-r ueamara, '.id catnu, 010.
sii.-i.iae ai l.iweat ratea.
OKI.RI. HS .v . i. . No. _ llowiiiiKdreeB. _____
ltii.il New York. pni fool < anal-at.. N. K.
For fa.n liiimlaeo via lha latlimua ot r..ii.iii.i.
rOl.iiN aalw ili.ira.iny. A8B. "? uoou.
Coiiueeiin . lerOsBtralaai *outii Ajaarioa *n.i MoUcx
Frmu--aii FraBCBBOO, Iat and Itri_iu_u al*.
For Japaii .ml. Iii'iu.
riTYOFItl.i DK JAX.-.IIt.iailla l'U"a. An_(. 1 . 2 v. ra.
For UOXOLU1.1'. Nr.W'./.l AI.AM. and AU-TBALIA.
ZKALAN I'l A aallsHaturday A?K ."... II p. ui.,
?r on arrlraiof I..... Imi uiilla at *-*u Pranonoa.
For fr.-itlit. paa.a.i_to aud k.-ii.t .1 I >'or ua lou apply at < o_n*
pany'a oftlceou tbo pier, fo.it I'analat. X. IC
1 ' o-".*-"" v H. j. HUi.LAY, hupvnutendent.^
IllCI) STAR I.INh. ?For Aiitwcrp an.l -*_*_
li Salhnj froui Xew-York aud Ai.tw.rp ererv 8-88*08/.
WAE-LABD. satunlay. Aua. 1a. ?:.tu a, M.
u-i ?TKRXLAXH .aaiunlay. Aii*. n, 0 p. m.
Malnon +.1" ..nd *?0; 8X88naao0llOI8 0|?* -ecoudtiWB
?i0, e\.-ural?ii 000; ateeraKu at lowi-al ratea. .
PBl'BB W ltlOHT A 0OX-, Uei.l A* . . 55 Uruadwajr.^
1 A...erlcan paawn?er Um. for St. Ti.o-a^Bartartaa. ParB,
Maianha... I'erii.ml.ue... Hal.la Ainl l-'Odo Jaucira
T.kinir -maaeiuiera 'or Moiitevlden anfi l.ueuua Airoa.
\ii iiiii vi vi3 1888037. AUKiiatlS. t Atuoonlroin Rxberi-'
ai.va . i- Frd.v vu-nia.".. I sion-a, Ilrooklyu.
Irora Newport ..awa, Va. on tUlrddav0B0SB0_a| at 1 t>.m.
l'A II. V UhHHAJll. J. I".. (...i.elil AncliU. ~A I?r._.l-at. ^
CBLTIC c.ipiaiu Qleaiiell ..Thura.l?j*. Ana;. 80 1.30 9.18.
mil l'A **1 XIf'.i'apt- Perry.Ihiu-wlav. Anj. .17,4 p. ra.
"intiATic, 080- rar .fl.Thurad*y. sept. 3, uooa.
iiKRMAXlC C?l't- Kennodv ...TliuraJay. >epr l... u a. m.
Kroiu tho Whlto su_r l_ck. f.H.t ot vv.-at l.Htt -t.
RATK.s-saloon. 0i_. *s<) an.l 81*.. Returu tleketa oa
favoral.le terma. Htoeranefrom Xew-York. *.*.?. Frorn tha
Ol.l Couutry, 815. liiteriu.all.ile (A.lrlatio onlyi ?.5. lorla.
apectloiiof plauaand other lntoriiutiou apply al the coiupa*
_i,'.?mc_.-fa 37 Broadway. New-York. __ ^^
Ageuu for Phliadelpbla. BTPART A TOUKY. AOU W'alnat->
Doacd ani) Uoom* (Paitt,..
VVANTED.?fuirooaiately for the winter,
T f handaoiuely furniahed aulte ot nut leaa thaa Ihrea tot .
and bath. flrat or aaeaad tl.mr, wlth oi witli >..? boftX.1. 1 _oea*
tlon lielweau 15th aud BOtb ata. aud M aud :.th av^. A*.
draaa -? D, Weataiiaater Hat-U

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