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i_.nioM_.andt. o women nwaitod differ
?^?8,,Ui^RJndo?o.e ro..!. lo the elder, the
?tB"^lCinl bringin* death: to the
alow-nar^J f??? Tho fadefl miotwoB of the
yo.inKer.ahn^? , d)aM1 doWD to die. faatog
Jichpuve-... ab8830 a Btolciani ol tl.e
the doom ?,*,1lhew,I nJovrrl. Koady to take x-r
SMid ""Ja^Villcli it the gaud-i.tho olh.-r
20033880. ? ? u?^mi,r Wna her rival.
?fflTSa a yaaag womaa ol course. Babtl
?Mniuine i-harma Uui or a " J ? , aa,iaoioi
5 '" t!;:;ni;rS n ahuni^l i^her^an aought
2SBS inrVti true .8B80 ot ??*?{*?*
jhotu. mi' er>rt. , * ft time-i-iece on tbe aiantol
[hr ___ J ? vvel ve nnd tho uicre aign 0M080J
0b-)fP<i';lt<drto,wr I?a wl w HN to make up the
toebilNheair. ?"? handfall on hia oom
*r% ?*? '. IT, ^wing late ai.d cold. Hettcr go
JBB_tc00BjJaaaa? he aaid iu a voioe ol laatler
con.?(?ni- ii-,_:nir hnrself for a rooniont to bo
ThVr w.v bv 'imjK Jeaued forward. her
rrLf hrown owio JuS t.lucl.od bia acaut g.ay
hright bro. n (>'" J , , k : t caiue in cou.
? tB'wUh^ ?wa. hu"! aud JraptadLwlifejara.
J^. i i ? ve vou alouo at auch a timer7 ahe
??Bbouid I le..|e >ou ? ,. 1)Ut kli(.cling before
whiauen-d. esa d ?"??,?? Inelhodical fashioo,
*?** *'(''i "*? t . Jt ' to trut.sfcr from hia
eoctrived al the tt?m" ;";ot nuw,|l?,g finarer. a
wa.slcoM iv.rket to her n ^ ,ined witll Tolvat.
the r.i'K "?a . wiahad to bboobm. lt
Bu the ri. _ had other and K?vcr meauing for
v iii!.ir?t iivirriaae had bMB chtldlc .s. Tho
S^iiStSSaSUM lalKinoBHly lackod an
CE MiirM not ifW wifo make him the proud
fnthcrof bloorn iugchildrenf ....?_ _,-.. M.
Thetinv boicotis _ . od to ita blding-plaoe, Mr.
hLC feicbedfrom the lobbv?loae hy a carriaie
2S2T> rd with rare fur, and bestoweditoarefuiry
? ?t he Bir 'a ahouldek He next weat ta, tbe
ffi-b. ini ...d. half-tillinKaglaaawitb w,Ue. 1>0
S evooraelf aet oh.U or faint theu" he aaid
S>ftly. fitandiuB over her, glasa iu haud.
Ki? iuat mpih_1 the wine aud put back the fUaa
JSMTS^ffily. lleroturnodtothe sidchoard
SKl the remaind. r ot tho wtee, thaa oat
dovn in hia old place by the flre. .
J.iat then the door was tapped llghtly and an
alderly. homcly woman-senrant made her appea__
"Mf yon 000888. Mr," ahe aaid, withont lookiiiR at
the . iri, " mutreao ia hei-solf agam, and aake for
Tiich a anramor.s. unwolcome althoneh it m.ght
W was imperai -ae- With a lingonng look at tho
Sl?ofHV .vonVh aiid jo.lity left behind Mr.
Harder. followed his husht-d oouductreoa to the
cbaml.il' of death.
Itwan a striHiigly Inxuriona room. hnu* wlth
rich arn.-i of cnuisoa Bilk.nnd carpeta to rnateh. tn
wl. ?h the feet sank DOiaeleaBly. Oa eaeh aido of
tlie vcueiian looking-glaas were handsouie French
randelahraa puoported by little Lovea ii. tmted
por -elain. On the dreasi.iK-table glittered ailver
top.-.Is.-eiit-botlles and a womaii'a ann. I watoh
aetWithdtamoBda The hre had beeu allow.-.. V>
bnrn low. an.l oniy one small lamp ht up tlie oUeol
roo-i. ai.d ita solitary occupant-a worn, wbite
ha.red 80003B whoao life was tiearuig ita 01008.
It waa eaay to see that, liko her huahaud, Mra.
Harden had not baenb>.rn to auch luxurv as this;
her ph.H.o. nomy aa woli na hia own indtcaU-d a
ho.uelv oriaiB. Her tl.m handa at.ll al.owed
ovden.-e of laboi i.ms loil. The hcavy ailk etirUina
otwmrm ni, and iaway qaiH c.vrred with oatln.
were ni xt.-ange contraat wlth the lopk 0f tBO
Biiatre... Twentv yeara of opulenra bud u.-ver
faniili.'iiized her with it. To the la*-t. ah.. lonkeU,
ttmsaod she felt, a Btranger in her own home.
"Go awar. Aaaa" Bha oaad gci.Uv t? the fanhfui
aeasani WOBHH who had grovvn old iu her service.
"I_mivo ua alene."
The lu.siaiid reahzed at a elanco what had hnp
peue.i .-*,?.- .uil reiii'inl"k-'I aomotblBK, l_*eii n
mu.de.1 of aoniethmg shc- wsated to aay to hm. ut
tbe laat aud ae will ofici happen in the c-:i*?> ol
the ch ing a brief return of eonacioiianess was
aaanann-iT-j by a montontary roeoverj oi pBrateal
BU-nylh-lasT, brigut, evani'fcceut Uicker of the
iauieoi life. ... ? .
The servant withdrew, and Mr . Harden now
kerkoiicil the ahriukiiig, con. .leiKf-stri.-kcii .naii
to her lu-.iside. . , ..
Iber.- bad bitherlobeen 88leave-takitig DNW88B
him an.l fli" iaitliinl pnrt.icr of woli nigli forty
year.v From the beginningof her lllneaa, frrc.-itly
tobiar.-li-l.shehad advoid**d anything ?j?]?.oicti
iiigtoeloae, confidental tnlk. any alluaioii to the
paat or thu lutureaa thev more immodialely r-m
ceraccl Ibouioehrea He had taken care that ev.-r.y
th.ii. m uev could do wa. dooe for her. A London
phveician h.id lieeti auuitnoued m eoeoaltatton;
all the c onceni lhat decoitun exai tecl nutler tne cr
eametancea had been teatni.-d by liitu: ho waa con
ataniiy m the aick-ro >m. Hut the ool'-inii i. ?ufi
denc-e tlie final nndeiBtanding. the aupreine
TalMictic.ii that roigbt ho l.xiked for froin two
human l.c-ii.. a wln. bad paaacd almoat a lifetim-'
toii-ei her. bad noT88 beea Bttofed.
Sow it iM-c.-itno clear io h.'.i that they were not
io be ae.aruted tliua. The opportnnity for a l.'.flt
word had cine, and ahe cl.itched at it with almost
frenzi.t a _-"?! .oaa. Tho exnn*-iion ou lu.r faoo
ho could n"t ii laread?she waa detennined tn aav
whitt *!i>' had io aay. 8he felt confiilciit thal dcaili
would ui'oil her tiiugraoe-coaaent to hold alool
a little whilo.
?' J.,hn." ahe began, gathenng flre and foree wlth
orery vv.ird, all tl.e peut-np lii.liitnation of yeate
poure.l l'..i-tli at the la.at, "1 bave had ooinntbing
to ?av t' ? ?u (ot ycars paat. Now 1 inuut wpcak, o.
aet at all." ,. _
"Voii ought not to aritafe yotirself. B00018," hc
aaid ii'-rroti'alr; " It will (Io you harn."
"Hunn!" ahe reiterafed witu a .f^fnre of eon
tempT. " You apcak of barm la a dymg woman!
But <!o not interrupt mo. Aly time ia ahort."
??John, I 000 not alraid to die. 1 havo never
boera wii.-n i*. calied a religiona woman. I waa
never ao ICOdflT hOBftnii lo tne \xiot aud -ihictcl a
laes n?w th.it 1 ought to have i.e.-.n. Hut, I bave
d"na inv duty. A* a wife. aa a woman. 1 havo BBtM
Bpr ghtlv. vS'li.-u tne auuie u.o.ii.'iit com.-M to you,
win n tlie door gtand* 0|_.u l_>Iore you, aa it doc*
toBie, between life aud death, aad you know yeu
Biuat p. t!:. ilaik way, tan you aay even ?o much
for paaraaiff"
hhe leatif. I lorward, not iookina axactly at him.
ho 008,1 Im ve borue tbat botter, l.ut peering ua if
iato Intuiity. aeei.ig. 00 he aeenird to thmk, what
lay bel.iud ibe graveaud wm veuled from hia own
aad from all mortal'a ga/e. The rneauneaa, the
hoiuelnii ;. ot tbe wotaan vamshed indeod theu.
8o.neti.ing more tban p.-twunul feeiing, the
lodiirii'ition boro of atieutly eiidui.cl wrc.ng,
flataluvcl froaa her dying evef and white, almoat
epeittral f.-atnroa. It was not the i.ijured wile, tl.<
o.itru;:".! womau aoiauch tbat spoko uow to Joln.
Bur l.-u'a gn.lty aoul, aa t!?> voico of couacieuco
it-.elf, oi awful juatlce, of awardiug dooaa,
"l have beeu u bypoente toyoa all theno yeara
1 hnve neveronoe oi.ei.ed int iipa to you on the
aiil.j' i*t of jonr <___luct U> uife," ahe went ou in 3
anpetiratuntlly atrong, cleurToica. "Bit do you
uo 07 my ftii._ia.-ai._i. J. 0|
.._ akow ao hateful to ine,
^ith untipoken eurooo in; mv heart. W: at right
b..d ,.,u i., tn-at nie thusl \Yaa I thaoolyono of
BatB-o to crow old aud wriukl.-df lt our marnage
Wua iot h.<-s. _).?! with chil/iron, t.Ua Bitaforttine wo8
ailua ua wall aa youra Theao tbinga io*t with tha
ro - a HwtBeat. a momont only, hor toioo awayed
to ae d iooiu.j ae aba ooatiiitiad:
"Ihere waa a tima, when hle. waa a hard atniggle
V> ne. und you ba_iar od kindly to B10,1 would havo
laid down my life to make yon happy. And 1 waa
Sota Irne wifo %o you, John, yon eanuot deny
Bt 1_ >yeu reoiamDer when wo kept onr liltio
ahooWw 1 uaod lASU up till aaat tatdnig.it ir.11
Jjt jfour alurte aodi tBonotoc your ololheef Aud
-Pafiaat Viiaoyou wdtouaHunoad to ait oa a jury.
f IwasBoprondt^ha-3 yon ro. I nerer __C_fg
that I aold my father'B wntch. tbe vory watcli be
left me, to bay your blnok ooat. and turn you out
like a jrentloinau, And now-" ___,__.___;
Vet one treiiior moro au ubo tjot out tbe rcat ot tue
" \ihI n.nv, had tou tronted mo "ith considera
tionduetoavrife. hndyoi rared for me at nll, l
eh.-uld l.e the fixal to BBJ toyou BB mv ovinir t.eii?
*I>o not fr-Bft, my doar; marry ?omo good woman;
trv to he li .ii|iy l<?r mv sake.'"
TIjoii bIw dul in.letad look nl him. penetrntiriKly
and wilh a RUrtlmg hxe-diicB* thal m .med to
nearrh Ma vi-ry s.i.l CiY.i-'hing l.oi* baad.BjU
hctweenliiniw-if aud hor aloud her deadliest foe,
"Dolool know whnt \vlllhap--on aa poon na I
amp.it inmvgravef ln BB_0 <>f _BB emitin:i, I
8eewolle.ioiigHvvli.iiii wa.tmg to take mv place,
Marry that ungrat.-tui cW we j.trked out ol i e
gutu-r. Kmg Uie joy b-ll** a year hoiiw- ut t ...
bi.tli.ifaeonandl.eir. Mo g.-d will B0BM Bf Ifc
CooBCieiii-e will crualiyou. BBOlBBB baart, P*fJ?W*J
teuB-al You will traaaMa a>bafl Death Btanda ae u
vou. liauklBBJBl a? uc now beekons uie, and trenibie
in vaiu-" _ , , , . __,
Whitoaatliedylng womnn, the linshand l-aned
forward witb a word of exrulpiitinn. BB cutrcaty
for pardo'i ou hia tre.nl.Uug lipe, Bat lt yaa i<?>
late, ThBloreaofobW-MI Wa had a-roadrapeat
itaelf aIib. Hiirilen f.il baa* aaaoaaaioBS oa tba
iniiow. aad aa be eaaffM bat hj bia ana* be aa
{hnt, tha .-nd had i-ome. Tl.e faitiilnl ABBB bear
ing his erv tot help, baatonoti to tb? bed-ido to liml
ber mi-Uosa doad.
Soentici-igthe warnitli of tlnt laxiiriou.i faj
li?o.l rl.iik, so soft ai.d aaay the urm.-h nr ?ajabira
her liatr.i 11 had settled her. that Oeaataace Enw'/
felt ready to d.owae. Bo* herbran. wBBtoobaai
with tb? fiituro to ladulge ni el.-ep. Miiniiir,
wo. 1.1 B*S awak.i. in order to ll.inK out lhafaure
as it opeued tt* ll 10 l.cr .-iilartrioK gBM. 1 .r apa
th.' girl waa liot deserving ol who osalo < 'on.l.-uiu.i
ti-.n after all. Vnlrarity may ladaBdM I rioee of
ill-f.-rttine, nsmiieh.is a wry nose or i..naha-*en
foof ? only to tho rarelv cndowed onea is HpOBBlOie
to burat the chaiua of oiutoai, bnugiug Dfi ai.d
litM-riT* of foolishly bowlldoring droams of
Bilkf4 a.idtrinket*. carnaKoaand Uujqaeya, bmuolra
nnd fashionable iBeetBttJBB. BB* waa an-ii-ed Bj IBB
?brapteat iutriiBion. Risine; *0 her feet, for-lie
know well who Uie intruder must he, .*>he WBO iam
to olaap liis hand. to whlaoer an eiidcarine word.
togioet lum fi.u.ilyaiibbo had doue tf..rropiiti?..i4y
Lroe..ftime.Tbeloro. But at a alaaaB iomtM
ber patron.her Leart etood alill. tbv.-i Hho iv.is
not, feininine t,.t ibe POMBBBeai ln ???**???
deirree y.-t, slie realized iu ? lnoiiieiit, without
knowioK the eatiiae, tbe tiatnrtj of tho traiiaf.-rm-v
tio that had c.nie over bim. So atood ajjliant.
_0?TBBtllri-a a BtBB forward, lacki.iff courago BTM
bo much aJi to utU<r hie name. .... .
I e can rfciose up to the table hy wbiehnhe etood
b?'l.linKinhi-.haudasuiaU atnp ol papor barrod
W" ConaUnee.''heftalrt in that brief. hard. unan
Bwerable voice abo kn.-w Bowoll, thonah BOWBaed
for tl.o Hrat time to ber-" (.'onatai.c'. 1 OBBBOt
marry yon. I-ahall nev.-r marrv att-iii. BoaaH
He turned np tho latnn iu order that ahe mlght
,Pe what he had given ber. Tuere. it WM pl-nn
-no-B-rillnotblnB could boplaiacr,Bjchi-ck for hve
tlThettC\.umlc.Uirl waa damb, and he kartJy
knewwb ? er (J. vot aha lnll> V.derato?.d tl.e
_____lBBOf hia worda. PoinelliiiiB Hso ln- had to
say!h"wever.iuimiatakably olear aud totli.ipui
'"ittll! bo bettei for yon not to at.-ty here r.ny
loneer I have ordered eoflftao to bo ready-by *,x
SSock aud the hroupl.am at balf-paat Jn time <?
ca-chthe t-arly expreas. WIlli-BJ w.ll lIrivo yon t ?
?The Btlii?*.n aud aive you a tim-claae tickot. M ind
'"stdl m?u*yword from tbe IBBllll ?___*_ """V1'
___?___?II-B_ _irl Had anv one half an bour b?>
Bl__iBil4'iitand aha-hed in tbe preaenee of thia
nSS.B-awo!l!dhBTBlBugbed tbe pupmliojloa
toliut w'ltb that nulrk. utierrlnir iuatlnrt ofthe
duli, the. ,B.tlBetU? of *?*fe^CS*ft5
sho now recognized tbe far.t for hernelf. 1 hero was
noihing Bba could aay to aoft*n bim btbii wero ahe
?SSSaI beraelf, bUtidnlimonU. exboitation.
S2J wluld all prove iuefleotual aa^iidren'a daiaa
tokeepout thetide. , ^,_._-vi
Booietbinir had happ*n_d-ahe faaaafrjaBBBOi
tbetrutb-toahnt him from her, to harden bim
^WbUBt BheShna. abrlnkina. IMM^ nn
Bble to jret out a nyWuMr. yot feelinB that aho oughi
toBavB..nu-tliii.a:oBher own behalf, auotbar aia
rdlic-Lt aet told hex clearlv a^.Wg}
atill wanling. of what waa in Mr. Hsrdon s i iln.L
The ricb f.ir-hned eb.ak la whieh lie bad ao ton.l
erly enveloped her Jnnt bb hour airo, Iairm the
eronnd. ln her atartleal unrpri-e. it had fallen from
her -dioiilder-4. BhanowBuw lum F^V_2_Mi.
with n gesture not to be mNtaken. lay lt. ear. full>
folded. on hia wiie 9 favonto ol.air at the ex reme
eud of the room. That cloak aho waa uot to tonch
anain. Then he left her. ln a inorncnt more to r
turn. Cuaataaei Baaery look.d up. aarfaaoo m.?ra
her heart Ht.*od etili. He had laaoutad of thiaeraaj
ab(uptneHB. this undenerved OoldBBBb at.d w.ta
eonM to wbisiter a t.nOer word in her oar. to c.,n
Bolo her for what he bad POrtaaa bOBO forreal lnto
byadeath Brene, He came back to tbe table,
leavinir the door oj?r. _._...
" Take go..d earo of that pleoe ef psper, waa all
he Baid BB he poinfed to the ojbaak.
Auain thodoorcloai-d. and thi? time he waa ln
deed gon.-. She heard him go to hia alOOOt 0B tbe
name lloor and lockcd Inmaolf ln : that was a tUta
alao ahe h.id learned to under tand Nothuig
remamed but u> do a*. ?ho wa* bid. After all, he
waema-ter in hw own houae. M.e taigtit WeOB,
i ....strato, implore, hho could not htay agai.iit
his will. ... u , ..
Uurnili itloa, mortlfied vaiuty nnd dlaraay were
Biieecedi'd by otbat feelinaja On tbawboKaer
li.-i.a i,,-r Budden departure would not ereate uni.-h
talk'iti th.- oaiabborbood aud ia tba kit. ben. Hbe
v. 'ia vningaiiii no relBtbm. Would it not be qnttc
natural for Mr. Hardeo. in tbe eyea of tbe world
.. h'-n.-f.-i'-for oaly, to w-nd ber away I Abo oer*
tainiy, aafai aHhern>vn faaUaga aod ro?liruUio_a
w.-re (oict-rucd, oba wenld raiher l.o anrwhere
tlian in a houae witb t!ie blinda down, and thehuah
of death nLjrBiaB Or< r it. In ber beart oi baarta,
ijin fort..- erraad, ae #-n really giad te tt*.
And laatlv, tliat ebeck, wl.'ii euo gn-w eahn
enonvh to tbiak ah rat it, aUoBBtber altered tbe
?1-j.iM-t of thiug*- Bhe had nn idea of Ur. Harden a
rea! wea tli. hut tho ttiiri he had jn-d given hn im
hcnofa wi.lding-ring _e?tBad to bar BBBipla Bf aa
-imi'iuouA. Whatet-r li.*i|ip<'.nd, BM w.ta a gi.at
petBouazeaow. Uwaa eaaraertertatie ol tbeairl,
UBbedepcsitod tbo ebeeb Bt Iba boCtomofhar
trtink. and Mill. n!v uiado ber Breparationa foi de
Ijartiin-, tliat slie nevi-r for a Miik'l" nio...e..(
rcgrt-tii-.i tbe affectioa ol Iht-i man or wh
],:. --.-.i muiterfor hia B_fer*tio*o. she only tbought
ofbiarouab llattarloa. Im unfia-ratire couipU
tnenta, hl i bomely admiratlon, Bal aU tho-s. and
mm ii BBore mir.'iy, awaitaaj baa b. 'lie trtumphanl
fntnre, Wbyahouid *he uhe.d a tear foroae ni<>
i'diild part Tum bor tben-Bitboal a bsad
mile, b f >nd look T Slie alotoat fclt that iu tiuio tibo
sbonld leani to hate. him.
Tnioenough. pii'ictual to the mnment. \S lll n:n
waiti'd in the porrh with tl a brotLch unj .t tno
lator aad a woaaaa 'a tr__b waa plaeadaatba ioj>.
n fllend'-i. giriieh lignro wcaring a BBiall C*rl I
hatwith?hito featber, and unt-lrttir>f eriaiaoii
Dtaatlebardei-ad altbfar, itopped la, Uieoaorwaa
sinit, BBd aa if diviinnir l.;*t BUtatari ?rlabaa, tba
old iiian-xivant drovothecarri-.gcBWiftly toward
tho lod gogato.
What the neh man did with bla inn-r llfe from
tbattitne, nouekneiv. Outw-irdiy ilwoa elear for
iilltoBoe, a in'del of auhtenncaH, reetltndeand
rigid adb-fwaoa to daty. .Mr. Hardaa naade bo tt
fectfon of plety. of aoaToralon, ao tba pbraae boob
Ho did not tako to readmg IiIh llilde, orOBBOMTO
.?hnroh-going. Th? ozaotiiraa ?f eouaaiaoee nnd
..int.ii iu tlns l-ttorroapoct bad ovor bocu tullillcd
by bim,
Hut iu hia lonely, remorwa-Htricken widowhoo.l
lie took to good eompany. Aliko lu look, drc-ta and
tiiiinntT. Im aflecteal thoairof a geutleuiati. Ah If
lo ohallaaaT tha world, moreov.-r to say a ayllable
i.gHin-tt bia L-haractor, ho gcncrally had to reaide
witb hm. Hoiiiit iii-ody clergyinan, or young Baaa
MopanBf for lloly Ordom, witli wboui he to-.k hia
iiit-alHand npont his eveniuca ever cliean and b.ek
gammoii. He gavo clorical iliuii'-r-paitiea, tM,
.ii-ljgliling to uBHi-mhlerouod hia luxutioun board
all tho olergy of the neighborhood, well MBBBOd
alao, in tum, to ar-oept tnyitationti to their bowei
md bo lnitiatcd iuto what ia called BOOiooaiety
irinerally. The world ef oaurae welennied the
luilhoiiaire lnto their rat.ka. He mlght have
maitiad half-a-dozca tlraes, to hla aocial und motul
advancetueul, had he plcascd. From tho iirat,
however, it waa ovident to all that, whatever John
Iliiid.n might do for tho Church and Bocioty, he
would nevor marry again. Clencal ladlea mlght
got money out of him. No woman would ever por
auade lum to pnrobaee a wedding-rlng. Theae di
tractioBB rclieved the tcdluui ot Boiitmto, and if he
did not look cboerful, at leuat he lnvanahly wore
an oZBNOOtofl of aatisfat'tian. He might well lotik
aatiHfied! He waa aatlafylng bimsolf, in otlmr
worda, aahe theugbt, balaneiug bia moral afTaira,
aud puttiug himaelf on the right anio of the baiik
ingbook. .
Nor waa the widowor forsaken ln mementa of
Bu-knase or wheu lnlirmitien overtook bim, Ihe
dovotod Anna, whoha heart badonoo turned wholly
against him. whoae very femlnine InatiucM hsd
revoltiMl ugainat tbe aligbU put npon her n)iatreaa,
now tt>.atltii'd aven afloctionate aolicitndo for tha
cbanged, repentant man. And If thero waa BM
portion in the world to whom lio evar opeued hia
lips oo the aubjeot of the paat, it waa to hle wuixb
faitluul aervaat and ouly fneud.?(Temple Bar.
" No," BBld tbe merohnnt to the roportor, ? aro
ure nii/ihle Uiexplitln oar bookkeaper'a defaleatloo. IIo
bad uo buU hiblta. We nevor anapeoted enythlu*
wrong. IIo only ranwine jaaht, but loie of peoile do
that. Yoa, I fhiuk ha owaaa tivo Iwi-eea, bot you know a
jrood niauy folka ara foutt ef Iiotsoa. He llve.1 ln a vllla
iU.il he p.ii?l a>l0.?X>0 for, but wa Bap*poaed that ha
bought It from bia ?ar!_ga. WUat wiu WajwU_n; l~ e_,
cow* TH b?vB to tulnk. It wai ait_ar SOOO or f 1.000. 1
tfrtnit Itwaa fooo. but you'Il bave to aaa mj n?rmar ta
tlurt oat o-rt-UU/."?{Otietoa Tnuuorlpk
hioii cAsri* riorta rii>_.
frKOM AM oa*.iaio.*..vL WB0B-NMB1 80 rnn nUBUBJk]
Ai i vn .nii). Ir.dl;., June 13.
Althou. h Iiili.thaa b-i-n my honio foi nioro
than twulvo year. an Indian rallway nUtlou
haa not yet loit ita utlra. tloa. Ia a j.laco
whero auch tbronga of jieoj.lo are couat&iitly
UBBrtBB BBd ffoiiik' there I.* in . _i to Intnrcvat aa well ae
880888 03188088088-1 travell. r. One 10808000 featui'o nf
the rnltway autloua l_ the profualoii ni'l vailety of
laaariag ptamta usu.iiiy fcaad. After pasalaa PHaaah
a l3jlO0 cf 008889 altuoit doatltute (>r verrturo, It la
,. iu c-.iue auddeuly U| on a acene uf tlornl
h-.-iutv.-lnvely I8BM 01 ttl. ir 108000} rare flov.era In
abaadaaeo, iuxi.ri.iiit fattaaa, Kfaastal ci loyoaa aad
v.-lvi-iy tur. Tlio r.illwiiy .. ithorlllea eiu-oura^e the
80lllr0ll08 0f 1-8 Ml of flIBaad arouirl ohoIi niliway
nt.itlDii Ifl tiio.'u.inlry, t.iua utvm | plene.iut0000033380 to
thei.oui|>lo}(*? wbo 88.ii 1808888 for auoh a dl.eralon aa
well na itreut eiii'.vnii'tit t.i tr.ivellera.
Tin- ci-ow.la al 880)888 at 08889 0000)08 aro a fcitum of
Iu.li.iii li-aiel th.it Imureasea aud 0310880008 Blraagi.r.
Wlt;. iu pi .pr 088OBftion of tlie valuo of time, thu
n.mi. ia j er i:iii>ro<ae.| with tha fiv-t Uint rallway tr.ilna
il) not wait for t.ir.ly pisanugi-ra; ani eouaecj-u-Btty
houra b.'.'.r.) 038 dep.irturo of a tr.ilu iiutive. muy be
?ooaoltttai wl. leior th-y 08B ii ni bbmbvaai raabJag
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Bnihuiln ani tho 0880000JOOOllafl cm-ii other ln tl.elr
an-.i i,- to 000880 0 plaea boiooa Iho kaaailoal in.n in.rao
ruali 8 ii*.iy. At Ur^'o rallway ?Utlona. whare ma traillo
0)8880. the Btajorlty >.r uatlv.a; tr.ivulilug aa thlrJ ilaaa
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out .lilo auil 000 aliut oll from tho plutfonu bf |8toa
Tli.ia b.irre,l out, wo often aco l.iiilille.l 18800300 liko
frU'iitcue l ahaop a erowd of fOOfOl wnltleg for tbo
B|38lng of tho wlndnw 88i tbo 1883888800 of the v.-iul--r
of llalala. when tboy ruah wildly forward aml fr.tm
88080/ Mda of eloih or otuer inyatarloiia lildlm; plaea
l.i-in- foit;. .. littl.< 0338 of tronaure. tbe prloe ot tholr
Jmirn.-y, ttOM* th?y 88888880 lora tloiiet. Wdc.-n all the
appllcint* have beeu flBBfllod, tho g-toa ara throwu
open 11111 thure la 8080880 ruali tow.ird the traln, rnilway
etuployea al thu hoela of IU- lylafl inaltitudo trylnx to
pul.lo tli.nn. l.it tl..' poor cr.-iU.iroa In tholr o?Clteuioot
ruali wil.lly BB38_ nttr. ictud i.y uny open door.
If by 008800 they atteinpt to onter a flmt-olaaa
88880008*8 rOOOfdOa awalta thiiii that epeadlly lurna
their roet lu 8888808 88188888. H.-ino of the tr_iv?tlora
lai tln* rljilit Btaefl anJ. pmtlii?. elnk 8388 xl-ul at l.ial
to llnl a ?,)<>t whero they 8B0F reat: but like 011188
aheepotlu-ri r.llo.v, untll th.i rouip.irtment la lltoi-.illy
i-ln.Ui-1, nni 1 rallway guurd... rn . to the n nwuo. rtomo
lu wlUl eflorla lo llud a aeat U10 protioaa
inomeiit* n;o conauinol,?tbe traln gll.laa out of tho
atatlon, and le:ivo. atarlug aftor II wlth aaio.iUhe.1 eyea
Bastaea cr.iturea who will slt iliimireiy up >n thelr
lu 1:1 -li--. 11.illl tlio oouilu/ of auutli.-r .tr.iin. Tlisy dj
B8t 00303 iuu-li.iuli, 10800 mVtmmt inortal. " It U tholr
f:ile," Ihey altfl. aad eou?_iliu__f M88M00880 wlth tlio
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oi 800033 1 |r.vin. tiiey .niletly walt
The 800308, laoMaf Hot\ 11/ out from umler tholr vella
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t.'i'tora, tho oriiAinenta ou fo>-t uud anklea tlnkllutf
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the aMMfBB, wltu wonderlu< eyoa aul free, graocful
iujvcinou'4, are a jretty aUat aouiotlniea a uigh o.iate
880308 <>l wealth U .broitjtht to the train In a Ulter,
1 irri.i 1 by aervanU, wbu taka tbetr coy barlou to the
.loorof the e...ni>ariui"iit lu the rallway cirrliife whloU
Ina beeu rea-jrvol for the o.__lo3. Tho UiuLand _?
aotne other tnalo rolallve Vautl-maly HfU the curUln of
Uo lllter au.l tha oioaaly velled woui.in gltdea ln.
-1 '?> i.ly eonreallog her oharuia from curtoua ayaa.
i_io.*4lon Uly wo aea flguro . oouii?letely earoloped In loug
wblte g^nnente. tbe faoo entlrely Joorered and only the
eyea rialiile. It la lmpoaallile to deterinina wtioUier thaae
alleut 888000000] Kr.1plngial.1n4 aud oarefu-O-j protucled
are an.-.tent .luuie* or bloomlua dainacla.
Wnon lt waa propoao. 1 to Inlrodiuie ^iiUwrira tatoTndit
tbe It.-.h.uliiaobleotel to tha lnnorallon oa 0_M gruiiad
tliitt pil^rl.-na todi?Unl abrluea ntl.-ht arall theouetvoa
i.r auob a modn of oonvey.iuoo and tlnu luas U11. _.-rl t to
be ao piire.1 hf tollaovna |08880f____| on foot Thelr f_?r*
wore woll-fouaded. f?r fow traliu arrire or depart that
iln nf?t boar plltrlni* to aouie ahrlaai and at aome
?.? itoca of tba year apei'ial traina;cal!ed " plUiliu traina "
are neeoaaary.aa the tiouiber of trarollera I* ao great that
ibey oanuot be roiiveye.1 Uy tho iuail numiwr. l_irlnf
a uiela er reil^loua featlval, tbe ooonn at a great rallway
?tatlon, liko A.'aiii'.al. aat00 '1'-" rliitloo. There are
crowda of pll^rltni, mea, VO0308 an 1 ehliilrea. the riah
aataaiBaoc, MM ottaai Ih8*aaa| aUany hare lour
OBfai lon0 diaUuco* aul aro w.ira ani Jv.)ary. To
in my lt 1* the ttrat etparionee ?f Jrillwa.'ltr ?v?l, ani
they feo! a _).n? of re'.lef Jwli'>u thoy treal tbe tluu carth
oii;_) inora. Wlien tiiey r<*vob tkelr.boinea, wli.it talea
they will have to tell of tho wuoJira ?fjth?, rall wayl?of
l>8 OtlBBfa HJOOOM ef Irju aul l.rai . " wltb wh*ela
8l au 1 ;.lrluke w..:. r at
?v-ory? a llr.. an I a:u .k?. p?ut. Ilka a liorae,
- 1. in. Bfea aa ataplaaa. 8al la atasaaaf aa.l laater
UtOaOtthOT." Tlio aamo tfi.n thit l.rlnna a 08008001
pll.rli: ,.vay a iu r.tl: 111'i.iuaay ?f wlioui Uear
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Wlien the l.r.lly RrVnn'11 f.i.il.^that hla l.in1 ao
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tu.it |, - - .1 8 88 OOdaOOl fr "ii tlio wivaof hla
f.i'.iier., an I for a tlmo ba 8800380801 to 'ourniay hy alow
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l^at l.irro 1 t. .iim!'. thil Ui-re wero ulv . il i.*-a lu rall
w.iy tri..-l; f >r I.I. loi lali!;., ttii llr.il.iiilu, tiioi.-h ba
. ? :ii<ti.r t'aaa that of klu,-., 1. 1
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(. , |j.l ,, .- |,| . ''. B ' wo llll Ci.ll
aaaooad to oaa taa niiwiy if tho Oovoaaaooal voald
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in |88 Hu) .1 MONd I.. ??-?.. \l leii.-rli theae lord.of
tho iml floldad ta tho Ifl iato aad ... ro viiu fi.)
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K.taliuiir i.biwl. 11 n . i.ftli"..i 0l0f0al tr.iv.-ll.-ra aro
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n aeat >ii h lli-t-il?aa ajrn i_t?. TB8 greal iui].il'y of
truvellera, h'.wrvor, Blflb OflBU 01 30H n. low i-.iate,
aa thir.i ei,-. .a paaaooflora, and oatreoioly bbooob
fortal.lo they looll, for the i. -.[.-; 88 |. laa-.ngor
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holila Ita lull riiiii|.leiii"iit 01 pBaaBOflOr. Inlo tbeae
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travelb-.r'a lofgafa Baoally eooal -ta ol a boa Ila whlob bo
cnr.-lea aliiut; over hla abOBldar, bal 8h80 th.) a| uce
luaigned tonach trav.-lli.r la ao lliiiitnd lt I*. n.if eaay to
nni plaea f or ovoo lu* a.naii pooooaaloaa. Oc?aai?naliy
we aSa a ntllwav eHrrlii-_fi. wlth a low unper atory, un.l ou
the flooraa elonely a*i they r?n b.i puokivl al. tt.v-ll.-ra
lookliiK tbroiigli tlingratiiigadovii) upou tlm world lielow
-a itli i.i um. U i-oiiii lalOBBOO <??> ttioiiKl*. thelr ailiiallun
were tlie moat cotuforuble poaatble.
VMumever a tmlfi tirrl.ea al a atatlon, trom every
wln.low aa aoou ae thn trnln la at reit heada aro tbraat
oul nii.l aiiua exteuled, eaeh lutul irr.iepliiK a auiiill
lin-a B8880. uii'l on evory able nre iu-.tr.l clauiiii-.nu
cilea fnrp.inl (waten?crlea whleh 00eomo mnre nrgeiit
. avli ii.ouieut, aa tbe suUerlua traveller* four thal ibn
traln will rusb away leavlng thcir thlrat 8888808881.
Wnter carrlera uro at every atatlon, wltb their wator
" Ix.tile* ?? ilung aoroi. tha baeU, rrndy to anawer thrao
rluinurnua orlea. Veudera of awiwtinoate aud fruit alao
lii.pi'.vo tho time whlle truliu u:e haltinK, to auppiy
travellera. and aa ao in.iny now are able to read wu neo
booka and tru.-ta oflered for ?al?* ut the rall way traina.
ui.il tl.oy Ilnd ready purehaaer*.
03338 of the linea of rall are furniahed with trnana
earrtngea, and tn thoae uutlve ladiea trnvel wltu aome
fijpBO of oo.nfor t, and wlth tho prlva.-y wlil.h they
eatee.n ao dor-lriible. But auoh aceoiiiinodatluii la not
fouud 0388 ull the linea of travel. When ihli la wautlng,
hllth 'aale ladiea of wealth uaiiully Hle ln riaerve.1 eoui
i>artincnta. riiere aeeure froin lutnialon, wlthout them
aelvea lielug aeeu, they oan Wk out upon tha world of
whleh" they know ao little an.l eujoy willi thn lfre_.li
drllght of cbil.lren the wonlerful thliiga aro.ind them.
Tbe hnabaiid of r natlva lady of my aciualntaiire^na
eniployuieut ln one ol tbe ollleea rnuuooied wlth tlio
ODrerninont of tbe NorUiwnat 1'iuvtucea aud 880000
penlea hla anpeHor to _ limt Tul dnrli.tf the bat iiioutba.
Hla wlfe, a clevur aad abeery Uitlo wumaii, looka (?r
ward wlta pleaaant unilulp-itioue to tl.aae annual
. dlttlnga. Sba enjoya tbe rido ln a reeervod ouiu^Mutuiiiat
of a etirrlaiae to tho foot of tlie bllla; the Jonrney ap the
inim.itiiu.ato tlie Ii8autlf.il town of Ntri.il ImI la full of
delightfal excjuuiiunt for her. aud tln life ln the nioun
taina, _i nn liko the monotonoiis llfe of the pt.ilu . la not
lesa a?reenMe. f aaw thl* ln.lv juat befuro niie left ber
boiue a few weeka ?.<>. aud In tbo pruei mki of tbe nbango
ahe seeiued na h.ippy aa a olilld.
" How do ynu apend your time when ln tbe moun
taluat* I aaked.
_a|m re?k frorn a nlehe In 8he wall ber eolleetlon of
b.iuka, a Inriro proportlon of whleh woro Chrlstlun bookfl
vrlileh ahe hnd purchaaoa fr.m a lmly who n.ya her
oecaaloiial vlalt* to give ber lnatru<*tlon. 1'iittlii. th._o
Into my handa, - l rra-i," abe aaid. " and wbou I am llred
1 oiiil.i-.ildcr," aul from an luiier roiui the little Udy
broitglit out for luapectlo.i _wver.il plocoa of dellc ite laoe
Ilut the asttTBa of Indla are not the only travoller.
bv rall. There are Euro vei.n fravellera aa well. Home
are atran^ers iaurne) iiu for Bfoaoan*. Tlie.ae aro our
o.il-l 8081881 l.inla ..P t>.-?<. i-": l.'.t tlio BB8_8 proportlon
B8o Chooo wbooo hoaaofl for a aaaasa aoa bara Booaoaoo
J088003 ln.: to tlie BMMBtalaa, ott..-r? B80 r?iurnini,' to the
plnlua. Moidb nre tiaoaitiag fr?m one eity to a.i?'h-r,
elther In tlie piirault of buaineraa er pleiwure. rto.ne are
iierlng thn oonntry, aud everythlm? la invonted
with tlm eb.-r.iu ofaovafty; .uiiera are retarning totho
landa whenee they e.ime, aud worn wlth tnll. or -.nrterln.
fn.ra lll-heiltli. fndi.i h.ia lo.t Ita attrnctlon for il.eui.
When the hof 800888 OflnaOtBO tide of trav al la t
tbe m?ii!!f.i!ua or the a<*?. Mnthera taif" to 030 mo.tn
lalflfl thrlr ehildren thtn and p. *. and after a law
BKiBtha apent ln tlie cool uml k.-ulf lifill eliiuate of the
Hliaalayaa brtafbaefc thelr littlo onea with ro mdud
Iiiiii.* and eheew? rowv wlth henlth.
A lotij? rallwayJotirney ln flu- liea* of nn Indiati aiitn
nier ta trylng. Ourlng the hot 100338 "f one o' 000
. iril.-r yeara of our ln l.un llfe we mirtn a Jouniey to 100
illmalayiia. . topploif from tha rallwuv traln at tho
elo. _? of a long aultry dav. wo aaw tlio dior of tho <-om
I .-ii-t.ue.it adfoining our own opened, und ii goutlc'mui
?raa fnund tban m n stata of laaeaalMHty, atrwaoa dowu
hr the terrlhle he:if. Wlth tln* iippllancas at preaent ln
uae for radaatafl the hent In rallwny oarrlagea, aueh eaaea
of pi_i.,truiiou nre rare.
0080801 f_ Bla Wallac.-. laU Mlnlator to Turkoy. and
Bfl 000 "f 1000881 liopillm- novela, w.ia tolllng 0M ro.oiitly
otaoiin oxperleneea In I/.ndon whlob bca.ittf.tlly lllui
trate tbo ndetlona nf pabllaben. and autbora of thla
eountry aud England. Wlui ho BalaOBI la a atrong
arv'urneut ln fnvor of Intern.itloBal oopy rlght. " I found
on renchln< I. >n lou about ti)n mnntba :i_;o," a.iid (1008801
\Va'laee, "thnt mjmWtMoi ' II-u llur ' w.-w advertiaed
by Mo.at.. Y. Warne A 08, 00 from tholr 0800000. Tlicy
fllaa udvuilUi* t_ir>un_.lvea aa M08B1 of TA' C'entnry (om
pany of thi* otty, und I IInd by looMag a. the wBBBmmt
tha'. tiioy aru aa |000gBl00d by tho publNh'T . hore. Of
ouii-io I know I had no le-al rlght-t In f-lii.'lan 1, but I
wa* naMr..lly enrioua tn know eoniefhlnt of tho atyle la
whlob tlm hook waa poprod.terd ln Kiwlvnd. tho ehnr
noi ir of th" hniao prlnli.ig It and touieibliu* al out tho
lOfiaoao which it h id uiat wlth abro.id. Bo l ealted at
tbelr pl.ice and 08BS4 ? elork ll bo had a novel ealled
? lien Hnr.' He hande.l me a eopy, prieo two .lillliuic*,
aud I p il I hln foi- lt I aakad 8880881 <iu oatloua whlnh
lod natura'.ly to tho In.piiry aa to what aalo the KuglUh
elltlon M.wl tn iv, itli. Tln: cbTlt told mo thit thoy b id
aaid 2,000 000008 ln tho paat fortnlb'ht, 8 thoiia.ind} 8
weck. That waa tlatterttiit. aml I told him I waa gl.wl to
hoar It aa t waa thiauthor. ? Inteel!' ho OBBbdaod)
aad al 030 003M BMoooal ho laaoaodoal aad took h.irk
tho volnuia ha had aold me. Ilo thon aak . I 800 lf I
wonld mt remaln whore I waa for a ?000088. Ho
dla.ip; eared and returnel lu a nioment wlthout tuy book
BBl vvith ii 1808001 fehal 1 wauld a?o iho prlurii.ala of th.)
booae. I waa very glad to do a. aml golt<; iato tho
p.-li-afi ofllee I m..t two itentlauion who 8800 1811808801
ta tuo aa meuil.era of tho llrru. Mv bou^ht ropy of my
atoloa book lay oa the til.lo. and I took lt up la tba
ooiraoof tlio couvera.it lon wbloh foilownl au I _!.iu.ed
atlt oooaalooally aa we Uiko.l. . At flrat tho con.eraa
tlon waa j 1003880 030-flB, >8> fllOaolBfl 8l the tlt^opage
I found that tho aJb-tltla had been .-.han _ ;d froin ' A
Talo of thoi'h _.l' to 'Tha Daya of Hirlat' Tbat waa
annoylna. and I aaked wbo had authorli.al the chamre.
The reply wm that Iho ptibllahora liad dono tt to avold
hurtlni* the. aen.lbllltlei of rolUIoaa road ara In England.
In other worl _ thoy hvl ap;>_>prtato_ my property and
had ehangad It ta ault thelr own view* of what lt*
Unanage and tone ahould ba. ' ilave you nnd.. nny
othorof tbnaeunatith?rlii).l 0088080 t I a^ked. * Well,
wo huve omlttod two of Uio taloa told by oue of the char
aoter.' unaw.*r. k1 tha ap-vukor of tho tlrm. You can
Imaijlne I w.ugetllng w.iruied op by thla time and I
apoka ratiior atrongly. tflfl *mBBBt mmWnWf OBTOfOd
mo beyonl mea.ure. TBff hvl aet tally wntten np and
ina-rted a prefaoo t* the norel. No, n.a a publtahor'a
profao. Ttw88wltho.it alanalnre of any _ rt.an.lto
the onllnary reader muat have read aa If by the autbor.
I bad wrttt*n no prefar. wbatover. I doinaadeil to
know of thaui what they prepeee>l to do In the way of re
marerating uv* for tikitut a84 foralto_n< mybo. .k. They
promlwi to glve Ihe tn.W. r duo eon?Ulur^tt.n. Tbat
w_w> t*n tii.utUa ago, au.l I bave nevor lnurd from them.
I aupiviae th-y are Uklug pletity of time for what they
ciil ' 'Ua c...n: l-ratlon.' The hoiae m not a v.ty lm
portantooa oit.lle of tha fa.'l that Ihry aro London
agonta of a mpjta'ile Am -rlrvi oompany."
T hare never heard of nt\'n ao fla?rant a rta?o ef
literary plraey aa thla by ai/ Amerteen houae, Inrolvlng
not only anf roprtatlonbut mutllatlonof the atolen gonda.
It waa alwaya the rutto.n ot 0BO ____Mf00a01 tba old
daya. (and I doubt n?t tba ftrra atlli :keeya up the ayatem).
lorepibllali Cngllah )__ >ka wlhout aller.iUuu 00 088
denaailon. I remeiubor UiAt i; g?". " baulud over tbe
..noae occaalon for ehai i^tiit a alnitlo word ln 8
I wa* odltln* for thon. BBd ' ' ? "'" n'"r'* w"'*
erally regarded aa vnlgarln th Ihoaflh
II haa 80 ?aoh 8880008800 ln FBfllOBd - tt ?n re.tonxl by
otal-r of" Hrioklyn Jifl" Ilar ,>er. the preaent heaa of
the hiuao of - Harper, Itr."ierj and Coiulni."
Tha next operctta at the Oaataa la 08 h" Cjihulka*
- l'll 1.-*: "i Iii IT 80 ii " To bo " i:nt*l!?*i. you know," I
au .il h im. a.ild "A T.-te D iv ln Kioreneia." One
rr... of tho ..;>er.? aa d.u.a Ohroad lOpiOOIBtB 8gl038
| e .na-rv it >ry Of mmiy cclor . aud the etleot la
bO0h 880080 88d 0888ltf0l lt la a dooidedly lierman
at/le of 88888, wlta eomo Uklng lu.ialo.
I nndara?vnd th.itthe BBBtBBOrdmttB eomblnatlon favor
the |)r)!u(tlon of "The llikiilo M at the Caelno on tho
jro-md lliut thla would relleve tliem of a aertoua opiM)<l
tlou ln 'lio pnal irtlon ul.'.ut tho a.iiiie tlui.i of tlie now
pleie at tlio ( u-lu... lt ta ratlier ah-illow r. .laonlm.
QapilOlHOB nf thit 808080100 doi-.a not, ln|uro a good
B|ooa K IBlhBT bOloa lt. It la the weak pluy tha
aaBara by auoh oppootMoa
Away ba.-k tn the ..ld daya I uned toadmlretha "penny
wlae" l'oiley of laaae Knglaud, l;ite puMlaliar of Thn 888.
An t 00 waa no"p>uiid toottah" 8808 eltl.er. na the I380M
of hla !if<-liiaur.utun luv.-atuiouta h.ia Ju'l ahown. llll
81438 V00 1* .ld l.i.t waok by the Mu'.uul Llfe Inmiranoe
08810 my. "f N.w-Vork,thoh.iu.*.aoiueair.ii 9t*BtAt**Bt
on thr-e pollelea t-ikoii out at varloua p rlo.la of hla llfe.
I waacurloua to kuow the elrcuuiata-i.-ea of hls Invoat
ir.eut. I'i thla W:iy, for l t!i mght him averao to th. aya
wm ..f Iir _ 88888830, I ..ak.-d a l.-ifal ?,-antl.-ii_in cloan'.y
00888-tOd Wlth Mr. Kujl.iud aa to the fic-isi aud wa?
told tb .*- hl 00088 to luaiir.i 01 a v.-ry early period of hla
p.fo. Tho orlglaal larailiinl aaota IBBB, ahoaao w?a
tw. nty-aix yeara of aee, eniraitod aa a rcporter on Thk
Tmi'i-i'B. and w:ia fur tlio ben.HH. of hla funilly. It waa
fur i.i.ly OIJOBBB, bal bO 0 44 _M premluma n>?u!,irly and
bla hetrswora pald. oo thla poii.y alaaa, 9UBBB 00, in
1H7I, wheo ho waa ni inatflng edltor of /Ae 088, he took
oiii,iii?i).er poll.y for*ll),OOU ln fuvorof bls wife; and
a year later, wh.ni ho be.a.no pul.llaher of Th' S'.ia, he
,.v.t!...l inoll.er p .lloy of pll >.._> >. 11* lot hla dtvl.lenda
? ,y h. ? premluma on tlwai Uat pollcle., or iie.irly ao.
A:,d iii" 1?*t Inveatuioiitado not ahow aa greal an la
088008 '" uiuount aa the llrat, but they woro lncroaaed all
Hi.. aiiui'iaa tho total ahow*. If bo bad pald hla pre
iicuius lu e*ah and ullow.-d tln* <tlvl l.'iid* to aeruiuiiUts
the total elilm 80814 0800 03000 101 I I I |S4^44I 49.
Purlnjf tlio p.tat few yciirt an cnterpiiaing
Imali.eaa haa been auo.-csari.lly euiried on lu Now -York
cit)- of wliioh tho geuoral piildlo know little. The
ii.it.uo of the Im li.nai li uiii.le 18880080 by tbe algn
wlii.ib awluica In fnint of the prlnolpal etoro ln a down
town atreeti " llouaea cloared of rata by trnlned ferrota."
lleneath tne *\nn la a glaaa euae ln wlilch two large
fnrreU are oiblbllod. A Tbiiil'.nh rei.rter atonped
before tho eaaa the olhor diy, unl whlle watohlng tbe
aii'lciof tbe aulmala, one of the etarka of the eatubllab
meut remorked: " Ita a ourloua thlng to aee bow well
you eun traln d.inii. anluiala llke tlio.ae. Now take Jlm
here, u* we eall hlui, and put bl.u on the acent or a rat
uud auy thn word ' go,' und Ue'll bave li'iu iu an Inatant.
Hut Juat aay, ' g.ianl him,' and bu'll leep a rat In tho
inlddle of a clrele for nn hour by Juat rnniilng uround
i.iui aml heiKllng him oll when be goea to get away."
? Do you <lo tuuoh bualuuaa lu tbe wa_>* of lotting out
ferre'.a I" w.ia aaked.
- . ..a. bttt uot ao iiiuoh thla anuaun of tho yrnr aa later
on. Mo?t of the r.ita, I gueaa. take a vuoatlon ln ihe
0888808, aa we uever bave ao uiiiuy e.illa for ferreta aa la
the wlut.-r."
** la It lu the lletter elaaaaa of houaea that your aervloea
are namilly rofiur.?1, or lu 'i-UMiin.t bouaea 1"
** Cblnfly tn tne lormer, auob aa thoae In Kifth-eva. and
Forty-aeeoud-ft. You aoe tha proprletora of teuement
linii.c. won't apen.l tho mouev uooeaaary for a ferret.
They d?n't have to auflor, and ao dou't pay much attcn
tion to the annoyanoe. Ilut hotela and blgh-olaaa
prlvate bouaea rent a ferret aa aoon aa thoy dlaeover any
traoea ol thene jioatiJ. Wo bad a eaaa ln Korty-aeoond-nt.
i,u?i wluter wbere we kept two ferreta at work for three
daya. At tbe end of that time I guaea they bad kllled
neurly two dnien rat*. Tbe owner had boen annot?l ao
ih.it hn ihougbt nf movlag to get rtd ot Ihe rata, bal
wln ii we ahowod him Iho plle of doad luuinala he waa 80
ti.trl.--i ti.at rhat inust bo do hut l.uv ona of tba ferreta
nn 0800 him aa a yot. Tbe olhcr day I bad ooeaaloa to
ouil at bla uouae aud ha ahowod me tba aame ferret.
ila nml iKi'i-bt a handaoma eay[e for blm and fltted il 08.
lu eiogaut egrla A allk collac aaa faatoued aiuaad Am
neck wlth ' Pet' eoibroldered oa lt. To abow iaa how
44-.-II ho had tralnod hlm slnoe (na purobaae be aalled
' l'.-t' ?<> hlt alde iiad drvpplnx Uia peuoll bohlud a large
immovable doak, wbare lt would be almost liupoaaibka to
?:<!t it agnlti, he luurely suM. ' get lt' Ia an loataot tha
orrct waa oil, aud aoou back ag_lu witb tbe poaell.
The geatletnan aaid tlist he hai beea of j*reat Bervlee to
hlm tu that way, and hs reeotuiuoui?Hl them to all old
ladlea who are ia tbo hablt of loelnr tblutblea aad
Bpeotaole*) la out, of-the-way eoruera aud holoa."
Thero rccently suiled from thia city for Europo
a gont'.omau who, after eJIUiiir wlth auoeeea a newapaper
iu a Kaiisa* lo.vn for a nilmbor of yeara, au.l.lenly i:_i?o
before t.m uabtlo a year .m. ai tho writor of a auocessful
norel, whteh was wl.lely ao'.d aud waa the reotpteut or
m iny hl-jhly Rnttetiug noticea ln niaga/lne. and psi*era
without aumher. I'reaeutlv another uovol froai his pou
a'tpearv I. and now he la nt work upon a thlrd. Tlie
n.tiui* of this j-.mtlcinan Is MgOB W. llnwe. aud the book
which brought hlm lnto publlo uotloe la ? The Story of a
Country Town." Mr. Howe la Weatern born and bred
and lt a good type of a isimcoa'ifiil Weatern man. IIo la
a triflo abovo tu -.lium helght, with dark halr and eyes, a
einoothly shaveu faaOi ilti.-lyo.it featurea an 1 a high,
promloont fon-heud. Uia voioe la grutl and hearty, aud
lt U ovid.-ut ln eouvoraatlon with hlm that be ahow-t
y_aaM aaattly _a Ue u. Sbon ia no pralaaMaa or aflaa*
tatlon aho'it him. The atnry of his earosr la uu halaaMttag
on.), and many of the iuolimU de-enbod lu his flrat book
_re itctuitl ooonrrencea. Helng lutereutod ln Mr. Ilowe'a
ho'.k aTitiBtiNK retiresaiitttllve wlio met hlm up-town
the other day asked Idia why aud how hn caaie to writo a
ti.ivul. In answur to a quoatlon or twj llr. Ilowa. who
evpre.aaod a decided avenlon to any thi ug that would
suvor of thrmtlng hlmsolf befure tho publlc. oog.m to
ti-Il nomet-lnr abo.it hla erperlenoe as tbo edUar aud
ptihllaher af The. Alehiton Dnily Olobe.
a W'lu'u I wnot to AU.-hi4.iu. olj-ht yeara aro," aaid Mr.
Howe, ? thoro waa aome ruaion to belleve that lt woti t d
oiitrun Kanaas Clty ln tho raea for oounnerclal BBBBOOB
acy, bat Kansa*i Clty ta ao far aliead of ua now that we
bave no bnpe ot ovorUkln.- lt, thoagb Atohlsoo la au
BaoQaal to.vu.ot 20,000 populaUon aad haa a trado
whlch c.m n.--. >-r ho taken away from IU I onglaally
prlutod tho piper whioh I now ptlblla .. The Qtob -, on a
Oordonjoli prrs-i. nnd my brothi-r and myiolt not ouly
wrote all that It contatiiod bnt aet tho typo and worked
Un BeBBS. Tne p-iper was very amall, of cutirie, bnt the
pe-i*>!e llk-M ll. and lt has pro-tpardd so well that it now
own-. a ii'ilMin,' of it-t o-.vn aad la more prosperous than
?Ither ot lta'eoateiuporailei. Evea now I fretiuontly
' m l';p ..;.' thn fonua wir-a th-ro is artiah, aud a day
aelilutii pasaoa that I do not aailst ta tho inoohanio-il work
of tho ]? tiMT, for wo l-tano In ihe eventn. and are alwaya
1 .'.?. l-ir a 11 i'.r.i-r of ynars I did all the edltlag, eoliclt
Injr, repni'tliig. nuuuglng, etcbut I now l.a.e. a ymm,'
man aa-.|atln,' ia.-. and am .pilto a loafor. The Olofte Nu't
much of a papor. you will ltna*lno, but tvu inanago to
soll 1,100 every day, thottgh I ofton wonder what the
people w.vit wlth the-n. tBOffObOOB ln a prtntlns offleo
stao-lily sluce I waa eloven year. old, aud have worked
at the e no ln Sdt Lako t'Uy. fiinav.-r, Cheyenne, Yank
ton and all over the Woit and North."
, " Wti.it ilarUnl the ld'ia of four writing a novel I"
? Turee or four yi-ara ago (I bo,ran wrltlng ' The Story
of a Country Town' at BBjbi If the atory liaa auy
fi.nn.l.i'l.in In fact, tha country town ia liethaay,
BOrrlBBB Couoly, Mo., whore I learued tba prlnter'a
trade la my fatl.or's olllc*, ' Fatrvlew' la au ac-tual
name, nnd about auch a place as the atory uiak.-a out
I learnral rceently that the ehan-h waa blown down laat
vi-nr and la 11.iw a wreck. I bad an nnrle naincd Joe
Irwin, and I nipptMe be Is the toundatlon of ' Jo Erritig.'
tj.it thelr hlatorloa aro not ln auy way alllce, for tny unoie
now runs a saw-mill lu that part of the cotiutry and ia
not at all anatlineutal. Tbe r-nararter of ' The. Mei-k ' ln
the story w.ta realbr (Jeorge Meok, who hai a tromendoua
family of goo.-iiatun i and laiighlwr ohlldren; aud the
ciimiii'inity or ' KaJrvlew ' jtenerally ln the story la about
aa I r.-in-.n '..-r lt at Ilothany. t-ougb I have uot beeu
th.-r.i alaeo I waa twelve or thlrioon yeara old. Tbe
nowapaper meutlonM ln tbe book. The Unionqf Statcs,
was ilie laprr tny fathar really puhttshed, and ha waa ao
ajrareaalvtiln thenntl-alavery eouae that ln 18^9 be was
arreateil u.nlrr a Mimo.iiI etatute relatlnfr to slavi-a and
Uirv.itt-iii-4 witii tbe ye.ulteatiary*, but the Iowa njea
caaie 01 er the bonlor wtth guna and kulvoa anl
I'lamly itetle.1 the court to make a eaae agalnat hlm. Tbe
pi-lnter ' .Martln,' wha la a charaoter lu the book, is atlll
B-orkitu In the uaoie oini-e, although tho pap.-r haa a
dlBeroat nameaowi hla uaiue la K. K. Xlartin. au.l a
jrood many 1 eara ago he wrote ahort storl.-e for The
Xete-)oek Mertury. 'John Westlock'waa drawn from
real llfe, tlioiigI. aa ain.tttxr.it faet be never aektiow1
?aUed that he waa wroui. but b?llevea tn thii -ar tbat he
vi .a iIk-IiI In rutit.lnjtawity. 'Jo Knl.nr' an.l lila wlfe.
' ilu A.lai..,' ' Lltllo \U*xk' ' iJuuiuo liarker,' etc. were
ont'rely flctlUoua, aa -ero tbo lacideuut ia whlob Uiey
? Wh.-u the story waa flnallr eomplt-ted I oOerod It to
Ifarper A- llp'tli-rs, of N.-w-Votk, but they rt?fiu-t-il lt
oa^o-al A Co. ai.d ltolierta UrotherB, of Bantoii. also
r..fua...l li. 1 ki-pt tho iiiauu-'rlii. fur a tlmp and waa
half tetupted to tmrn lt up. llnitlly, howevnr, I tlet.-r
inln.-tl to print It niTBolf. Tbla wan done 00 the 41ordon
pn-aa whi.h fornseriy prlnled The ulobt, and as wo eouli
?uliit only four pnarea at a Utne the ealltlon of 1,500
eoptas reqnlr-l Bpaat deal of a-ork. I aet sotne of the
tvi>.i tu. a..|f, and reatl nt-wsrarer rtroofs ln otinneoUon
witli book proofa every day. Tbe WVaUira newapaprrs
-.?ir? vnrr -lud wi.-n tlie atnry tlnnily ap|HKtr.>d. l.ut th.
flrat BOBee lt raeelved wl.leh uttr?t-tcd attentlon
iippt4iired In Tht Xrie-York Wo'lrL Thta waa over a
, oiumti and a lialf In laoftB, and waa so eomilliueiiUry
tbat the book boalBeaa w.is rery l.rNk wlth me for a
tlme. liarner McAuley, ttie aetor, IntnaluotHl the liook
mto 7A* world otii.v. baviag |Mbm it up oo hia
B'eetem toor, Ha found tba booBIb a mal 1.k-at..re
and waa nttru?-t.-.t br ita 00A apoaaraaea. If wa< jirinfial
In niintuii tv|ie nnd l.xik.al lililrr.-nt fnuu onllnary booka.
llethniat lt 111(4. lila luij,'aiid ou hU w.ti Kuat, havlng
notiiliiK* to do, h- took It out an.l ro.-v! tt. Ui. WMirreatly
imaioaTwl un l mbttm i.? raaabad Kear?Taeb band.-.i it
..ter to 11 iii.'iiib.-r of 7'/ie WorUT* at.ilt. Thaa il flrat
Inta Botiee la the Eaat rala Bottirlety attraetad
Ibe attentlon of ] ibliabera and l raeelved pruo..?tiona
from J .:u.-a R. flagood BCa., Obat-Ba BBaibaar's Boaat
I'unk ."? Wragoalla anl oaa or two otbers. Oagood _ 10.
wore ttrat tu Um n.-id nn.l l graadlly eleaed wtth tbaaa
nnd thi-y la?u.-.l tbe atnry ln Bepteaabar laat Dnln- the
followlng I'ei.ruarv the aame flna laaaed- ri.e Kystery of
IBaLaaka.' bat lt" ?d aaa; ptaaaB Hm rritirasii well;
iii.l.-.-.t. tho iii-ii..i.il venli.-t WBB uiifav.ir:ilile. I do uot
iik.. 'Tli.. Myatary' raiy it.-ll ava.-ir. 1 nru now
eticaK-c.l on iin'otiter at.iry, Bul l do BOt ltko li.a.k writln*.
aad it may not appaar tor mhi.u time. My eaparlaaaa I -
th.tt bniik-wrltluK I* uot u proBtable builBBBB. but tht
ni.be p.iva reaiBBably won if 1 uta it attentlon.
Althuii.h the ' Countiy Towu ' haa had au unuiual aale.
the tmint-. haio n it beeu lar-' ?. nnd I am uot ae
aini.fti.ius lu tn.* matt.-r of buok-inakiiufaa I tvis. I
linaglael tbal a i>..ok reeeivina the aewapaper ntu?.itl.>ii
wl.leh Ihe ' Coiintry Town ' did WOOld nt-t .he aulhor
twetitr or tlilrtv tliuuauid itollara; l.ut I flli.l that tweuly
or ll.lrty huudred Is itiiu-h noaror the inark."
" Y'.ur lirat booB rocolvod utu-.-h uttcutlou from the
revlew.-ra, I bi-llovo i"
"(ih. ves. Naarly every paner In the country pavo It
a bandst.ine notloe. Tiik TuatrtU priuteal a aal?BB aud
Boaartet aboat lt. Tho other New-York pujiers epoko
favorably. na.II. 1 alao tlll the loa<llii< rtrt|M.rs of Moston.
riill.ulelplila aad oth.T etlltta ihr (tntury puiillahed
a hlghly llati.-rlug n.ttlroof fnur txiluiuiia. aigue.l \V. I>.
Ilowell*. The Ailantie, Thr [oiidea Bi>rfi,tt?r, The Salur
dey Btfkw aud other leMllna* (ournala sixne tu the same
way. I oniv Mt-.v 01..1 iiiif.i\..t .iiii" orlUeiam. lamvan
t.iiicl. lmiiii.te.1 lo tbe Bewspaparaof thaeoaatry, foraO
of tli.-iu hare j-liou mo BBBai moro apaoo thau I
Aa nn lltttatr ttton of the pontilarltr of his flret book In
hla own ti.-iu-hli.irho.al. .Mr. EtOWB nifutlon.al the fat-l
tbat tn Kanaaa Clty .?n.> bonkaallar aaa aold riOO eopiea of
"Theffory of a fjoaatry Town," aad the d.-maiid for lt
Is eoatlnuaaai tha graateet aale of a almrle book
tlnt tiii, .1..1I1.1 haa uiit.lo *aa 100 ooplea of -'. Marlou
(Yawford'a " Roman Btnger."
Mr. Bawa. aeeeaiPMted by three frlenda from
Atehis'in, aaile.1 for Barope for a two luuntha' vaaiatlou,
liit.-iilinu to vlalt Iri-i.tii.l, ?ootlB-d, tugUud, _*rauoe,
Bwlltorl.u.d aud the Rhliie.
Andrtnt Tini) tn Th* Afagivrtnt of Art
On Calnls annd.a tho jirry ae taa,
Th.-n roay-rt-.t niiovti tne jrrey
The Moro wlth many a si*.iri.it vanl
l,.-iipt?l. aud tho world waa ijl.ul wlth May,
The lmle wavea aloua the bny
Broko while upon ihe Bh.'lvtng itranda;
Tho soo-mawa tlltted whlUi aa I?ny
OnCalals aandal
On Calali aanda muit inan wlth man
W.taii houorclean lu bl.iod to-day j
Ou Bpaeea wut 11 um wntora wan
11.iw whlto the flaahlng iu pi.11 plar,?
l'arry, rlposte. and lunce I The frajr
Bhlfta for a whilo, then tuotirnful atanda
Tha vlotor j llfe ebba faet tivray
On Calaia aauda I
On Calali aands a llttle apan
4>f atlence, th-n the plaah ind apray,
Thn a.iu.ul of eairrr wavea tl.at ran
To klaa the perrum.-.l luekn aatray,
To ii.-n-li tbo lips that ne'eraald " nay,~
To daily wlth the helpleea hundi |
TiU tno tlottp aea lu illeuod lay
Ou Cai.iis aauda I
Hetwaen the lllao and the May
Hlm wall4 her I.ore from ili.-n landi|
Car I...4... ts eoldfr than the elay
Ou Calats aandal
a ?.
Ptom Th* Current.
The flre of lovo ia deaU.
No apark of Uvlng red
Tha cold, jrray aabas ahaw.
Healllll thyaljthliiit l>r.,_lh ?
Cuult roQiilcken dealb t
Bay, hope not, droam nct so,
Ab, no, no, no.
w"e tbonght lore*a flre eterne.
?laal no more 'twlll bnrn,
N..r glowlngkiaa, nor n.f,
May klndle lt afala (
ln valn I Teara, too, are '-ain.
Wo lova uot, 1 nor thou.
Ah, na, no, ao.
Ixive'i eaabera are ?oae out.
Then. ta uo hopo for doaht
We once did lova t?oo i-bya,
Cold aahea. Cold aud |ray.
Uood-bye, Wa ao lovoa way;
HauBttt'a left ua but UtUa,
_b.U4,no,na ^f^
Arom Th* ProtrttUnm Journiu.
A alngular aflalr oeeurred la obo of tl*e pieaaaateet
homea ln tue auburbe of our eity, en i'riday, tue relattaa
ot whlcb may not oolr be of aome Intereat, nut alao of
aoine uae to tho raader. A few daya ago the famlly
piiyalclau viaiLed the aame reeldence. and lu tbo courae of
eonveraittiun u lemionod tbat whlle attendlu^ a atck
rhil.l the child had aoddemy began to outorntf, owtag to
a ciuaoUty of aauooa geitiag into Ha wiud( Ipe, and ba
bad turned tbe chlld upsldo down, ln order t<> relieve it.
Thla atory paaaed slmoet uunot toed. exeept by tlie otater
of the lady of tbe houae. Ou 1'n.lay Um faiul.y, co;i_iU_
ing of tbe buaband, wlfe and wire'a elat.-r, wero at tba
table eattng. cu.ldenly the wlfe began to abow at*n* oi
_ iilu. uu.iu. 11.-r buabaul reaorled to thu fmuiliar
reutedy of pattlag her amartly ou the back; but lt waa
unavaillug. Hhe could not apeak; ber faee b-cnnae of 8
porule hoe and ahe wa.eiUently at tbe peint of death.
At tin . liioiiiiiut I'er ai 'lei.reiuemUm-liu (hu dooter s *tory,
aaizad her Ity the anklea. The hnahand _n :'r tbe Idea
Inatantly, aud tbe ladi wna aoen In an Inveried poaition,
mi. i.)ii,ioii .be loiuieilU tely ooiuhe . up tbe foud wbich
bad ne.iriy oaiiaed ber death. Tlie hualiaut b'.eenea him*
aelf for tlio atary whleh tbe dootor ao eaa-.talty told,
wilhout auy thought tbat lt mlgbt holp to aave a lifa.
Frwn Th* HL Lnuit Olobe-Pemoernt
? .peakln' o' anakea." aaid tbe Teiaa frnntioraman,
" reminda me ov a little udventum me aud a ehuin hai]
wlth lattlcauakea tbat made me rc.peot the rattleauake
ever alnee."
? What klnd of an artventuro dld you bave tbat niakeo
you renpeet tlie ruttleanako I" aaked a St. I/iuU man.
? Weli, one eveulng Juat before dark, ont iiii.n-r tbe Itle.
Grunde eiuiou*. thero coine the ail-iinvieet rain you ovrr
BOOd. Beforo wo couid get out Uio a .it.-i- bud rlaau au tba;
only way of eao.i|-i waa to croaa a cafion alio.it thlrty
feet wlde and 500 feet deep.
'W li.n weKot to tlila uauun we fonud about l.OCO.OCO
rattlea.iakea tbere. They recogntxed ino aa tiielr frlend,
lt aeemed, aa I tried to keeji niv ehuu, froin .hontlng luta
a mo'ind ef 'um, for they orawL __. around me and lookod
Into my faee, aa uiu._h aa to any: ' Yoo ean bolo ua ovei
If you will.* I iiutl.-ixl ihut tho anakua pald n.? attentlou
to my ehum, except a ld,* rattler iuy ehum wuunled
would look at him and tbeu goaround tohi* followcrs
and aeem to tell them aoroetniug.
? Well, 1 tiod a kuot lu tbe lafl of a blg rattlor and then
got auother aud loopcd nbi neck Into thl., aud ?o oa
untll I bad aanakerop* aboot al.ty d .im.'. Then I
eollad lt ln my 0088 aa I would a lail.it, and throwed It
iKTii.-a. aud the head -u.-i._e tle.l hluiaelf m a trro, und iho
laat one on my atde d.d the _ime. I bad my lot of annkna
to go over (tr.at, aad tben I weat over nn tbla aim_._-r.ip..
brid. ii. The liut auuie let go ol tbo treo, und be crawled
up aud the olhera followed uutil all were oeroa..
* My ehum bad I'nn.i aa I dld, Imt be lot tha blg
wnuntl' .1 rattler bave Ulicaelf mada Uie but anake. aud
tie l.in..-(;ir aruund tbo trea, ao wbeu all hn BBftfcaa wnre
ovei and my ehiiui waa irolug over aa I had done, that big
wuuiided r.iftler aeemed to grln-ahowed all bia teotb -
au 1 let go. Of courae the wbole ai.ebang went d?*vn
\. itli ? BWlah.' aud iuy cbum waa throweri ?_! an.l mn. vi
int -. |elly, and?" but the cro-. d had Mfltti rod aud laM
Uio blx I'exan to bimself.
Mnrrt'tqr tAeemat ri'ric in Tke Alta caUjomUl.
? Tbere wus a erauk 'loug.atioreiiian lu Lera tlie aame
day, who had artunlly forgotten bia latended*a Chriatlaa
name, aml from tbe way be talked I don't tblnk bo ever
knew it- He uinabed ber over tbe back feuc-e or hla new
lodgmg-hoiue about Ibrce luoutlM a?ro, nu.l flxed i;
wlt.i her to got innrrted on ber artertioou oll. He aaid
her name w.?a Ainil .. and when I anked hln for ber
Cbriatlau name be aorati-hed hla he.td aud aaid '?'II know
Just, put lt dowu Annie; that'll do ua.' I explaiiied tb*.
lt would notdo for tlio reeonla, but I rouidn't flukfl lilm
understand why. He aaid ahe lived ln <ir_Buwlch--t,
and lt wua to . far to go for a little tblng llke tn tt. * Juat
put lt down Aunio? ne aaid, ' au* I'.l ?? nd y..u tba
balance of It on a poatal card.' Ktnally he won*. od
awoaring. and came baek in an bour wlth ihe ' bal.tu.e.'
Theu he dntu'i koow ber age, and 1 aent blm baek atMln.
Thla time he bOOBffet tue glrl wltb blm, aud wbeu the
830800 wae made out they aklpped ui. atata in.d vwim
bltrhed bv 08808 tne lud.-t-a. I aotcd .i.? vvlm _?., -m.i
when the"ludge decllned to uceept a fce, the fellowgavo
tne a $5 plece, ' for my trouble,' be sald. Auother
fellow dl.lu't know hla glrl'a llrat name. He alwaya
ealled ber ' Baby,' be aaid. and Iie walted here for ~u
bour, whlle a meaeenger boy went to aak liur ber projer
frout aame."
ivo.u ihr .saraniwiA Aet ot.
In Emanuel Couoty roceutly wldle Mra. John Lanler
wltb throo little chi'.druti and the faltliful litlle yaid do^
were going to a uelxhbor'a houae ahe enme upon 8 8887
large ruttleenake lylng In the nttd. Wltnoui 83/ pr.-llm
lnariea the dog aprangon to him, mid the 8B8B0 eiruelt
h..uasava_eblow, ooinpletely proatrating blm; _;aln
tbo dog went for the anake and waa a. alu kaeehod
down, aad tbii wai reiiented alx (iiu. .. wben tne lit.l.i
dog. wilh bia bead learfully laieruted by tu.) auabe'e
fanga uud bl>vidlug profuaely. cave up tbo tlglit. Ita.
I_ ulcr could not klll the anake. The little dog Bal
Pitman Qrntt Letter tn Th* I"hittteUli>hia Prttt.
Captain Kelao Carter. prlm-lpal of blgher nuiibe na'lea
In Hyatt'a CbeaU-r Mlllfarj' Aeademy. Uxik for a te*t
fn.m the Book or 88008 the 8N883, " K| lirairn la fl I i 10
not turnod," ani preaehed from tb.ma re.i.ai'kable.w-i
mon. He aaid tbat many Cbriatlaua >f to . ay were on l/
Iialf-turuo.1 ottke. dono ouly ou oue aldo au.l not l..,. t
tnri.urfb. We want to get turned over and d'.no all tbo
way tlirongh. He th^n preuehad the dootrlao of naaett
licHtlon. aud wben thiou.b anke.1 all _>--.lr1.i_e thla atnto
of heart to oume forward and bow at tbo altar. A arore
knelt at the altar rall, aad aome ntartiiiM 088088 lot*
lowed. .
A mbldle-aiM man, wlth blaek whtakora, )ump?d U hU
feal and exolaimeu:
? I've got Ul I've got ltt Ob.ry, glorv. glory!
Ho tbrew ?ut both iirm . niovcd hi* faco ho8V388*at4,
and abouted " Glorv!" tlll he wua boarae. Tln n 00
cla-aped a Lrotber aliout the nock aud hiKgwl him. Theu
be daii-eal aud kIio il.-d, aud Jiimped ii| j:ul dowu, tl.cn
i liiubed to the plat'orm and exelidmed:
* l'm tuine.1 over! (.loryl l*m baked onbothaidea!
(ilory totiodr' aud be went all arouB.i. ohahlaa baada
wltI. everyl_aly. A 800888. al*o, ro.-elv.-d the ini'.-i
an.l Ibe d .iaa erowd of peopla drow np eloaor. aUaahOi 88
thn aeata and pr.?. ed ui. 818884 he ultar.
Hnveral more uiale lui-lr way to 180 altar rdl an 1
Katl.er Ktn-kton ?;.ld: ** We on. going In for IYih. ? i.
We are if "nr tw.-nty kno'a an hour, aud lf 80 k"-V
on we ah;ill bave l'ei.t. c >*t 1"
From Thr .,.i_iuua. Xnet.
JL aolf bol.WUlni I.i bTio L.C. lt.n-iii.il. ?>? (iro_ naboro,
fell Into :' dn well twcuty-flvo feet deep Tb' r- I i.v. A
?OfTO wa-a In tlie well nt the tt.uo wlth a latneni. and
arrangi* te siv. ni it .er n.-gio808 e.tlf waa hurl ? tlO -i
liit Uutiiii aaa amaahnl lt la ?up;>o???i thal lha aau
a 18 Hi" liaht. aml looklng over to lavoatigate the cau?e,
li aiu.-d too :ar oier aad tuiubled ln.
Fr?M Th* ABkmta C...i?'Pw/.ob.
Agrnphlo alory ot IBo war, publiahed la The r.mtHtu.
tinn a tow daya ago, noaUofl tne wr t.-r, aaw Bobota, tn
the lulmls ft many re.i-lera. i-.mi 8aa a i.ri.-lit l.oy.
Boro ui Atlnnta be made a repatatlon aa
io.iruul.at. lawyer aud rallroad auta ataaearlj
Baxt to Bam'a aataral ahtllty, bla towering ielf_Miici.il
pua'hed him aloeg. Hia optmon of blma.-H may i." dtadv
compreliend.-.l when afa'etl iu liia owu vvorda. 088 ilar,
wben he waa roodoag law. ha 844 bla b mi BOBla i 1
lurulng to a fclinw aiiidiiit aaid:
?? Wben I tbluk of tbo atreniftb aud wlde r*n. e of my
n'entat finultea, and llie v..n-iy aad .-xi.-ut of my
attalnmenta, I ataad i>;.ek aud l..?>k Bpoo myaolf lu utier
amniamtnt Bo furusl can aee. I aiu e. m-.l.'te. loaa
thlukoruothing tbal la wuntin. I aroitld aai m ? \
amp of my flnger to add to my preaent .-t..'-k afkaowl
edgi. one uiuro fnet ..r one m..r.i k-.-oui|.'i* im-ul '."
When r.l.i.ke.l for hla over-weeulng vanlty, . _itn ealui.y
repllel that ho waa out aaaoa 1080; howaaalwiplj e<n
acsio'ua of bls own plieuouieiial powura and uc,ul ciueuia.
>v..m The Auauita riat QlrtaMa,
Teaterduv mornuu. at tbe U11I...1 D-jHit. n <".'n 1 ef
..lu.) inotikeya and a 18883duflBttraetad 3ttrtnt4Ao\lot
uttcnUoB. I'lion lnqitry it waa leanu-d lli.it .h.)| ait/
owning lliem ivu.a lea. liinir (bein to play laV'a.l. BBd
thov bad 11 njraaail under hia tuitlon ao far BB t" lw aMO
to i-lav a tolerably fa r guiuo. Tho dog eaotalae tha Btu&
Tbe u luile thlog . n >t only eotnlcal to look at, but in t'.e
imiiriiiatl'ii o.ilNfortlieverTthi(i_rthatla rull. atooooBd
fuuuy. Thoy were ni rouU from Maoou to Saviuiuah.
From Th* St. Jauut'i OaietU
At tbe laat meiiilBH of tho ri-.-uob Aea l.-uiy ..f M-. 1.
elne l>r. Bwwn-Seqoard niated a vary ra aartabta
fnatau'e or tho power of ay.up t.l.v wh.cu eu.ue wlihm
bU r iciiu. oli.aeiviun.u. A iul!- gST waa looklng Ml ... a
?in.iow lu a houae ln tho Battgwdloo a r.-w dtaya .. ...
Tle lower 8880 wa* ralaod. 830 Ihe aUU bud | la.-.-d -r
urna on tb.-alll. .-u.ldenl.v tlio aupport on v. n ,>!. .u*
h iah reated ._ IVO way and the windo.v r.-ll wltb 1 -0.1*11. r
,i.f7.we"n the little glrl'a arma. InMie 1. -g a. aevero
f-iii* llor mother, who wae ln the M8B tlie tnue.
biiiw-uHliolookloword the aindowot ibe momeot oJ
thoawMoBt. and wttaeoo(_l lt. _ he fainled wl* Mfl*?,
andwmBlnadinaenalblefor a mlnate bt Iaa 4*88 he
?boT080d ahe wua 1081 .080 Ot a1 008080 8880 ... I.ju.
m-na; and .... exa.nlnli.K the aeator lt ahe waaamtx.-. 0
rt 1.1 n ea.li.tnu a bra ae oorr..aPMidir. 1? ln po-u-mto
that lef bytl.eaocilent oa tbe cli.l.l'a ...,..,_ 1. .. "ia
I..-.,,..vi. r.nnln-; rn.m a leaa iieerediterl 803801 8888 a
Srv would on y p_.voke aauilleof lnen.Ml.M ; bol Lr
lln_T r4S .rf?l??tlwi ?0 the WOrid ofa.-ieni-e doe- .mt
{mntil of t'"? auininiry modo of dlapoalng of a aUto.neul
for whlob ba vouobea.
Fr-tn The Tnl- do Tllodt.
Mr Charlea Petut, livlug three milo. aouth of '.omun*
town wuitbe owuor ot a very rtue eaui.ry bird up to
{tadaTtaOh Mr. Pettlt and wifo 08BB8 to town to
Tt. ...1 ebiirch.and left tbe llrd-e age han. n* lu tbo
SLu r\ on a At about aeven feet from the ground.
VSm thelr n*turu home the blrd waa -Jaeang. 08
tatng be 8883 down th.v n.uud eol.ed a5g*J
_w>rt..l bi.u_. anake al_>ut three reet long- luey we.e
i_t 1o_li InXpatohlng bU auakrablt.. and oa ffialBaj
anake atary. _^
Can't Cet Away.
Ifrencunt aet away 10 Uka expenalve vacatlon trlpa to
tlie aoaahora or iwmntaloa. yoo may be happy and healthr at
bo.iieUyoafollowtBlaadvl. .: Be out of deora all y.? noa*
rtbly e.-ta, walki _g, or ridtag. aad geUimr all tbo lreal. aii
i? ?_?;.?. taka liood'a S^raapariUa to Bflnly your oloed,
re-ulateyourdlgeaUva organa.and glva you that atrous.b
aud vigor wh ch wlU overcoiue tbo dcprcaalng effi-cu ol tha
hut. weatber.
" nelag run down fro n bird work I trled Hoal'a Baraapi.
nii* aod lt ?? budt me ap ih.4 l bave o-m:um _l Iti uaa. X
hav* great faltb mttnaableod pnrl0er and racniatur." i,
A BBllii. CoiunierdiJ UuiioiiB t?o. Boatoo, Maaa.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
iioid by all dragglata 8U au far 8.V ProtaxeA ealy hf
U.I. llooi) a UO, Apotaeaartm, Utwaii. Mia
100 D<_ m Oie Doliar

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