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Ifraid T0_5H0W its hand.
[BT TKI.BOJ__H TO TUB 8-088988,1
Sahatoga, Au_. 17.-The Dcmocrat, St to
aolecjlngaday aad place ?*_*?_,_,wtaaaatBafca
nlttee. Mr. Mannlng'. offlce <f >MNMV?
_aklngttobvlouelyln.properfor hlm *???"? ,n
thi. State. It waa oxpeeto? tn? a Uave
M.nn.ng would be *2_^8_llB_Jr_r-888,
con.e from the men ^JJ^SS la made that .
.hiaa" "ottorieetMyoae. JTwea Uo stnte
ehalrman Is oot aeeded by the V?*?1 ulo_t_, ? uew
0 IMI8 a- its Ufe explre. bl B8J?g
.??'*^*_>___-_<-. a new
Therealreaaonfor poatponlng he +***. ? , ^
n?nl.trat,on fear. a ?"?? ?" the ^*
ZS-M09. Wllllum E. Bm.th, 2TSVo2
v xecutive Commlttee of the Deuiocratlo Sta e C8B*
Slaat fall. ?"\?*?TmTZS&
fute Oommlttee. altbougr. lt Is said he IBiw ?
ST tcnorrow as a .abstitute for Ba?a_ *BuaJ
?* tha XXth District. It ? lBO _ ?
1 tho *e who dlrect the Adroliilstrat.on " maehiue
J, a Mr B_.th oaa Uo e.ectcd wltb 188- ?J- ? ?_?__
Irownow after a generou. dl.tributio_ of part offl.es
rthecoTintry district.. than lie can be 10 -?BW. .
TheAda.msiratlonlBre^lvedto defeat the nomlB
JTJ Mr. HUl f"r Oorernor. The poslpon._ei.irt
th tlcli..n.?fanowchatri..anof th. State Commlttee
?m\T* th. B-fa to the -?-^-r;
bl. abtac.. Mr. 0111 ba. won the he.rt of Henv
Lraia us "a stralfbt party man." A. such
T_ is the anppo-t ol all Democrats who are dlssa Ufled
Wlilhe ChvoLd Admlu.atr.tlon. Tberc ta .-*?.*
Ital.aadlhe Nat.ouai AdmlnlB.ra.lon ba, iliscovered
tbat t - ..ot .o eaay theralora to aat up its owu c-ndi
!__ oruovcruor. Tlme must be had to J-JJ*"*
?_,_., coimtie. wbleb ahow an lntctlon of
SSS n,ll datafete. l? ttaBUB C?^
tiou Hunert O. Tho.npson. who ls row Preal
ie. Clevcland'. aud Uanicl M.n.ilng's pol.ttr.
agcnt UiNew-Yurk.liascome beretosuperlutend tbe Brat
MBBMlfca- Mr. luompsoa ba. baen made
Ji. vtri.ial Zmm ot Ihe Navy Yard >n Brooklyn .nd of
SoSb- Baaaa ta Btfla* with bui.dr.-d.of ap
poiutuieais at ld. cmmand. The rcccn al
_| JI 1-~ tbo Civil SorvloeCoia.
mi-eion in the Custon, House ln New-York leone of ihe
ineasurea by whlch M?. Tliompaou li.tends to ge. lha of.
Breaof that Place under hlscont.ol. Wlth aoo-lyof Uemo
erats ln the Board of Civil Bafl 188 B-B__-BB ***** _
pa?*auy of Mr. Tbouipsou's appoiutee*. tba C" U>_
lloiiae wlll *oon become an iiuporlai.t part of tbo pbW
cratlo "maehlne." Mr.ThempM.ul._t wec-k ??***"?
tho appolutuieul of moat of the chlefa of the Navy Y ard
ln Brm.klyn. Beveral bundred an- ?-taBee*8 <ouie
wiih.a hl. iraap I'.y thla Boaaa M...c-v.r
Mr. Sieveuaou, ihe ABal.Unt poai_....i. r-Ueneral.aUu<_
rcady to BBBbjB to _M uae as many L.tirtb-claaa post
masur. -? 98 needa. Mr. TbOBB| M* iLetaCaca H el.ariy
la a ptialtion to defeat Mr. IIU1 or any Bibat uiuu who
darea t? be a candidate for offlce Inthe Btate of Nf
Vork wlthout the couseat of the Adminlatratiou.
Tbompeon wasjotned here to-nlght by sever_ ouer
ehiefs of the County Deniot racy and them also
came the TammiiuyUaU -tembcra of the Siate Cnu
mittee aud several or tbe country nieuibers of tho coni
nmtee. Ainona-the Ut-mocrutic ....iiti. _ia wi.o aaaaa
by the aftcmoon traln fron N.w-Y.-rk were Ocncral
Blocum, Bcnator Jacobe. Diatri. t Attoruey Kl-unyay aud
_^iBbU,.iianCoffer,ef B-. -klyn. P. II. Ilucro, Orand
Bac4iemof Tammany Hall.EdwartlCahlll.CoronerBcrPttrd
Martin. Hu_h J. Oraot, Fire CouituiMlonor Cn.u.r, all of
Tammany Ui.ll. Maurlce J. Power. Judge Kelly anu
Oeorge C.uiiield. of the County I). mocracy. ex-Senator
Bls.iy. of New-York. and Contrresr-man Btahluc ker, of
Tonkcrs. Tboy fou-d upon tbo h.-te' plnzza. ex-SherifT
Jamc. OBnen, who loudly proel Uraed that he was not
Siauagli.g Ro>well P. Flower-s eanvasa this year, Will
lam P. Klrk, of Tammany Hall. cx-Asseniblyuiau C. W.
Dayton. Bernard Kenny, E. E. Andera-.n, John
Foxand ilock Gtimm.ssloner Koch, all of Bew-York;
Banator Newbold, of PougUkeepale; Henry J. Mowry
and WlWain B. Klrk, of Byracusc, aud ex-8cnator
Jttariba, of Rr"oklyn.
The New-York tratn bcarlng the Tatnniany ITall,
County Uemosracy and Kings (^unty Deniocrats waa
fuU of lalk polniing to the noinlnatlon of Kdward
Cooper for Govanior. U Mr. Oaoaaa
could not secure the nnlted the aupport
.1 the delegatlons from Kew-York and Brooklyn
then It waa aald that Mr. Uewitt nilght be ahM8B| "
not Mr. Hewltt then there would Biircly be unii.u on
come ut'-.er _tan., To every one'a surpriae tbe Brooklyn
Pemocrala were found to be bostlle to Mr. Hill's nomi
aatloii. A-aeiublyraau Coffey.tif Brrniklyn. a niember
of the State Oommltiee, aiade aBiateiuent of great In
tereat lo pt.l.tlcUna.
? Mr. IIHI," he aald, ? does not have the support of tl e
Brooklyn Democraoy for 4_overoor and never dld bav ?.
Why ahould we be grateful to blm I Wb.tt haa he ever
dono for ns I It would be bad* party policy. we thli k.
to uouliiute hlm, betanso 75.600 Irlabuien left ti>e
Democratie party laat fall and voted for Blnno. He haa
.0 meana of attractlug them back Into the Democratie
ranka. He la not popular with them. Hefore electlon
Oay there wlU be a unlon of Tammany Hall,
tbe County Democracy and Uie Kings County tHtmoc
raoy upon some one man for ?ovcrnor. Tbat eeems sur
prlsluf. doesn'tlt! butaoeerthlnira happen ln polltlca.
I Bhou.dn't be surprlaed to see Mr. Cooi^r brought for?
ward for Goveruor l.y Tammany UalL That also
aet-ma eurpnslng, doean't ltl Bnt the Tammany Hall
oriraut?itlon ta now coutrolled by John Keenan, Ihe reai
leadcr of tbe Couuty I)> mocracy. He and
Huhert O. Thooipeon and Caarle. _. Locw actually
now run the Tammany organlratloti. T .al .jiiarrel l??v
tween Thomps n an 1 Ix>ew was a sharn one. Wltn Ihe
Fiait ral patrotuai la 'Ihompaon's and K.cuun's txuitr.il
tbe iamtiiany Hall leaders see tlie neceasity otanpp.irt
Jiiit tbe .Va.i..nal AdiniiiiBlruli.il.. Mr. C?M.|Hjr imiy not
be ii t-audioaie for Governor who WeflM B80atT8 ihe
unlted support of Klnaa County, TaaiBMajr Hall, irvlui:
Ball aud Ibe Onunty Hemocraey. uut 80888 one mau wlll
rewlve thal suppvirl, It will uol be Mr. iiill lu any
"l*. H. I>ugro, the Grand Hacheni of Taramany Hall,
Ed ward C-blll, WiIIUui P. Klrk. II. rntrl Mariln, Hu?h
i, Ofaalaad Otbar icadera of ia_many Ilull hert- lo
eveiy onaV aurprlseao uolH'-cni Inttrrly opposed to Mr.
C< 'Oper's nnuiiuatiuti. Mr. l>u?rtisaid lo-ninlil : "Ihe
Tainmituy H.tll organlzaiton .nt, ii.ia to loyally support
any can.i'date ior OoVMaof tbat the IM inociatie
Blate Couieiilloii loay uomliiate. We uio Itir
peaee, nol lat war intln- party. J,.h.-i li J. (I'li.iin.biio'B
ihrc-t to boll if Mr. Oooaec la nomlnated for Goveri.or
b_? mi aupport in the I'uiiiai.iuy argawlaattaa. Tne
ground of hla onjectlvu leMr. Oooper, uatuely. 1h.1l bi
favor.-! co niK-llium Oathollo Inalltutta?i lo pay u waU?r
t.n, la not won abaaaa, heoauae ti.at a tinn of Mr.
f?j|?-r was baaed uimn an o|.inlo;i of ?lillaiu 0. Wnitney,
Cori?ii*tii?n C'.iuiiol ol Xe44-York.
"111.6 rlluation 111 187W when Tamiu.iiiyllail holttd aml
aow arv- eniinly .Utfer. ut. rncn we ihooghl UiatUav?
cruor K'.bi-.aon had beh a-e.I in an BBdemOCTatK man
Ber n.i. Mi. < uop.-r h.ut itiwai* been a ioyal Ucmocral.
Wo have no objecllou lo hlm anil us I have said, we
abuuiu loyally aupiioi-t hlm f.n . loventot If be xhouid oe
Boiuiiiali-,1 by UM lie.ii.iir.itli H'.ate Colimllt. <?."
(..:.i.er M.rtln, of T.-B_Baa| Hall, al 0 r-'pudiated
Mr. (/Ii....(.iii.,-. -No 111.n1," ln- aatd, "can now flBCak
lorTam.ii.suy U iil organlaailou. Ue cau only speak for
b.nnn-lf. Mr. O'Donnliiie only IpelUI Ior Iiiinsi;;!. Mr.
Cuoi,?r w.niirt U-. Mupporu-d bc.irlily by tho 'lauiin.tny
llal! mnranlaaUaa tor Uovenati n ba aboakl abatM a tn be
BOB?Batad. He is a bm wboalwaja k.-.|.M uim wmtl,
thal cau be said for hiui. We llke 1'.. Ildaal
Cir4i land'n Adutiiilstraiiun. W? think it haa beeu a
BU<'Ct-aaful .ue 411.1 We lnteiid tn Mipport lt. "
Kdwar.i C.hili, a Taiuniaiiy lluii membar of the Hiate
CouiuiUl. er_.i: "Witbavt 110 candi.iuie Ior Cl.allinan
of ihe. hiale ('..lumili.r ,t-i 1 ?,: BBBM here lo act
liariiiou.oualy wlth the other New-York orfatii?tlitnis. I
Ooobl wheiher ih?r? wlll be an elecllou ol Ci..4.ru.au
Tlie Ur...,k,yu i>eir.ocrats aald that thoy nilght glvo
Oeuernl Mo.iiiu a C4.mpllmeut1.ry vote ior (i.ivrriior.
Iii inr.,ihiiicuiii wa-jnucn |ile..-..-d wilii thia uews, or
aome olb.r 11. wa thls evening. h. nalnr Jiieoba waa nol
uoMtlVa lli.it he wi.llld be a c.iii.li. 1 ,t< Im'l.lt-uteniilil
Uovernor, und il waa wiiis|iciid about that ho Imd at
Btat det'inett to be a candidate Ior ihe Beunie
agalu. Il Bi-eined to be tlie gmerul opiiuou
tliat ihe Bute Commlttee won..d detioe lo
feoid t.i*- BtaU ? onvciiiKiu m Baralaga bb ^epl?^lilller 23.
Huherl (>. lhompaou lavoia liol.ling ibe oou
Teiitn.ii at a later date, ou Bepteiuber 80. If
tbis iiat* .schoaeii the , .niveutlou wlll probably be
teid ln Myr.4< in"", as tlie greav iiolola here will be closeil
y tha. date. Wlll.am H. Klrk iloaliea tbe eonveiiilou lo
l?e b. l.l in -4 iif :i~e. < vi li lt it i* ne... ou Hepi, nit, r in.
A teinp.ir iry elialriuaii may Ih> choaen for tbi.bt.ile Coui
Biittee, wi.uie .mi) ll wiil Biuijily he lo cali tne blaie
?oiiVi'iition to order.
The im in i.eiB of the Btate Cornmittee who have arrlved
r) Juiiii O'Brieu, tu? necretitry ; C. Mey.-i, Jr., Micbuol
Cofloy, Jaine.a W. KKgway an.l Jamea Kan.-.
Th" laat cotillngeut of tho Ltemocrata who left thls clty
la attaiul the meeUug of the ileuaciuilc Htate Commlttee
departed by boat or traln yeaterday. BjaaMMBBBB
weut up last week. Ainoue thoae who sUrtea late rea
terday were Wllllam P. Klrk, Edwaid OB-UI BB4 B_T.
Wood?three Tatninauy incmbers of the BBMB r___?""F
nuttee-Jaraes J. Martlu, Coroner Bernarrt BUia.
Tbouiaa F. Ollroy, Pollco Justtces Whlte. (lorrnan ?m1
O'KelUv, and several of the leeser llghts. The Boero or
AlCermon wlll be falrly reprflfleafcri at Baratoga. I !?
flent Rauger haa been there for aeveral days. Al'?_8rn,"_1
Jaehne went on Haturday, and Alderincn _*ei_cy.
Maateraon and Walah went up last evenlng.
The laujorlty of tho nionihera of tho State romini tre
froiD thla clty favor Baratoga as tho placo for .h..M LBf
the couventlon aud Wedueeday, Bop?inbcr 23, aa tue
BixonAMTOX, Aup:. 17 (tymaJ).?Govflrnor
H1U camo to thle clty from Elinira at a lato hour last
nlght and reglstered at the Hoicl Bennetf. He wua
alone, bla henchman, Baoon. who la almoat conatantly
wlth hlm, being atianf, Thia morulng Colonel Dunlel
Laroont eame down froin Cortland, where ne has been
apendlng a vncatlon Wlth frleuda, and went dlrcct to the
Bennctt. There tho two we~> Jolned hy Chnrlcs D?v1b.
of thla clty, wno has laBBBlt. been appolnted one of the
Deputy Collectoraof Cuatoms of the l'ort of Xew-York.
A loi.g c.nlerence followed, and lunch wns spreftd at tho
bouse of Mr. Dnvla. Tha Oorar__f rcturncd to Albany
and Colonel Lamont to Cortlntiil. Hucon "_???*, ?" ""?
lueanwhlle. puttlng up poloa for (iovcrnor HUTBWWJB
wonof thia purt of tl.e sHate. Bacmi wi.s tbreeyc.irs
ago a repor?er ?>, an F.lmlra ptT'er. b"t rntnor now Baa
lt that ho ls employed cnMuntlv by Mr. Hillln Mrther
lug the altusnf tlio Governnr. T'i a-' wlio know B?c4>ti
beat?nnd he ls well known ier ..". ! at hlmira?pro
nounce hlm the ahrewdest mi". :u i.e lof.BiM siy uia*t
he la eurnlng all he inay get froi 1 Ina cuy' -ycr.
St. Louifl, Aug. 17.?On friday Frcderick
Turner. Wllllfim II. Hallcy. .?. K. Bucbanan und J-.l.ti
W. llaya. nicn.bcrs of the Oaa_fBl K-eeuilve Cornmlltee
of Knlchta of I abor, caiue hero to havo a conferenco
wlth Colonel A. A. Talina?.,. geueral niaiisr-er <pf '!???
Wahaati Itallway, lu regmd to ihe rel.tlmis cT'atln? b. ?
twecn tho rncmbora of I nigl 's of 1-abor and Iba raltroad
cimpuny. whleh aro BBM lo be ln a d.sttirbed conilltlon.
Uolipii-l Taluia-olieluBOllt of the clty tclc_T.ipIi.il that
ho B..w no rcuaon why ho should tneet the couim.f
thepurpose n?iii..l; that hn was not awure of nuy dls
ai.c.afactlon existtu,: BBBOBC tba eaiployoaat tB<
at.d ln (le. lii,.".| tu c"i...r \utb tbe r.iuiinilt* "? A.fti.
appareat reaolt of thla tBfrn waa -, -. .1 t<.-.,*% 11
Moi.eiiy. Ma, aberotbe W?i..i?h Railway naaexUi .?ivp
?h..pa, ;.ii i.lli.-Ul order c"iiiuiaii.iin_ " ull Kni_l.ts .,1
Laboi of tlie Wabaab ayateui nt ?li i-tatfl i" q?_l *?""?
on Tneaday; Aajrnat 18, ?t '- o'ctoe-t 1.1. aud irniaii.
11 ftirtlicr ord_ra fr.-iu the l ' ?'lv"
li, i" 1 ? lt.. order is ilpBfldBr PtaaerlrB i ii_ar,aeo.
retaiy of tbo board. The,.rd,r haa cieat laa,.. .
ln Mo!*rly...ud thesiilke ,.rucr,,l ia l'.oLo-i upon ai aaa
of Ihe ti'.oat aerloue f?>i many j , ..
nu. *(.,.. Au. K itproied). II 1- '?"' 8aawa 1" re
wliuti-_cett_oorder,?f nu* Knigiitanf j.,i.,.r t.. _n ..ut
ou a htnlio on the M d 1 I Railway ^'11 Bara
..n tlie runnliig u.rani:,-uk*. ts of the
Rnl.ert (irllil'li , ? I "" nit" r "' "'"
Knii-ht-p of Labor beie, ?ald : " Hie leiegiaith fi
La.uls la. 1 lu.lt*). sii.ialai.tially irce. I 1 '
board ot tlie Kul.ii'ft ol Labor b, ld aaecrel ...eetina i..-t
II,-,, al.il prcuiuably tlns la 1 Iip- iip-imt Of tb. ?
I know ti..t Oeuaral Maaiar Workuian Powderl
tlme age a_nt a telflara- *o Mr. Talouge aod tl,u ita
rereliK wa* aot aeknowledgofl. WBat ibe paoll <>f ti?
Biatlcr wlll be I rait'i l.-ll. l'erhat.s, i.a tho .lUpaKlu ?>
stste, il.ere wlll be a g-m-ral snifc.* ardflWd. ?- ??
oppoafld io ?iiiu< a, bnl B-heo w? arfl d< ? ?' ?_* "-"".
?voriial- , bnl tiul.t la ?ur ofllf ioo.a. I doi
fier.however. tbal tb. gentfetueii - ed the
. ra ol ihe Kuighta ol I...
. ,\. rnors ul
.-. ol -P-P..UI BaBfld lor u coul'cfi.'U. e, bai
g'.vcu .dl.i ibooldora."
QALTa-TOB, AliJ.. 17.?Al ti"' I"A' BBf ??! 'll"
__M Ib ida .i alalla
wi.. c ;.-t:,." u.n'i aajraad 88 " m .? ?' ?"'?
BM from flllpslns and j>e,ia!ties" //
r,?to.i .Y,irf'iPii aaaoaal tt Bartblag Ubbbi publish
tou. Iii.pf! nuy I'lemt.cri.f tli" Itip-'i. li" ' n.t of
thfllandciaflair- .f Ibxaa." BM ^'^ ? ?8 l"'
that lt had possrs^e-i ,e.t?.n dBBtaalBB n.f . tu ,tl..ii
toiielilnp tlie t:i-na.e.i .' ? .'. ared
topubliah bflflB?Bfl "f .!..-.? ' 'li'gly "ln ng '-ut li'pel law.
which gagged the preas of IbZBB Tb- ??roprletora of
f_4jrflBBI_Bf4J ju.i paMflOtOoo fB8 Haa!. baaaB BbBBT
,le-lr, ' ? hetn.iircl. In Ita laaa.ie y.'affnl.ir the new
|.a|H.rr. lAB ?tieclalii, tl, ?t the Hoirl, l.y il- ie r'ecl an.l
lulamarigetnent. baa i'.-i tolbl BBbBBl 1 Ui .1 p.l lt.
the.uni .pf aH,7."..?.O.Hl. wBlob ahotil.l B %v? been efl
aa.raaa la*. _a?flg the la** fr. tbeCatUeuiao
the pa?t . l_bt'cn tnotif.a. In maLlrv tl.'-a- at .t
Ttt .Sctirtn ..nebreath aeejaltatbe nemhoniof tt
Board of luteutluiial wr....ir. Iou >n ll.e BflZt biwalb l_
hiiya ? " Tm- loaa ol 81.7 xJ.OOO ?aa nol c ch cpuI, u.d
BBtbfliua. aceidaubU, l! I*. prafltimably ihereanltollo.
teliiirent deaign." Thla eraated aaenaatlon. Iro Boanl
|ae.iiiii.',-e ! of (lovernoi-J.il.n lrrl,.i..l, -t,.'? I re .aur.-i
p b 1,1.k, Lai ? '.i..inii.rW. '? Valab
troller VV. J. "i?, and Aii.prne> -.' eral John I).
Tampletoa. This llal ofnamafleoiprtaaa Ibflaaattba
ruoat dia'.ingui* .el p.illtlclana tn Texas.
Poaioa. Auir. 17 -jpaalal). ?__? aeaaJal in
the Wster lM8i?Slww_ifaal af tba BllBBJad A
dUl'tuf oue or Bfll. 'pf Ml inetnl" M, .iilioliiated ll.
lug ln the removul of t w.. praaMaaal citi/< na fi.ii.i
poaltlous. The luveatlgailou lnto tlie pfliehaas of a l..t
oflatnl for tlie hl_h siivl.c _M?a aa H.li.r lli.l lias
beeu lu progreaa fo- about alx weeka and baflB-PflBfld
aome fiucer hualneaa trai.a.uti.p'.a. W'lula situal dla
loiie.ty was aot proven.tti?ie uaa flrinly M\."l '., "?
ininds of |.o..j.l. a heltcf that aome oue had " feati | ie.i
Ina ,i."at"_t tlie BXpflMflfl ?t tbfl elty. B-BfOflB.'
t!...u >f the Boanl. aent |_ hla refllgnallon boob flfter tbe
end of tbfl Inre atigaiion. bai Mapot 0'Brleo rel
accpt aud to-day removet hlat, Dr.Jobatt.Blake,a
iiieiubei _f thoBo-rd and a pl..a, laa ol Bll ellenl a-anpl
lug. und whi.ao houe-t> ia 1...I <|ii>atloi.a.l, wua re-jn. p-i^.1
to reaigu. Tha doetot. bowavBr, rafuaed, daolarlag IBal
he had done no wroi.g. MB/flr o'll.ieo, .letnmiiied to
Oleaii otlt all who lieongid tp> Iba hoaid. ren,.,?.-.l Dr.
Blake nl.n tlila eveniii.. Mr. h'nart, ti." hUlor BlflflO ? 1
ol the Board. ta parttilti, .1 t<> r.-ii.aln, a? lir WflJ appoInU d
after the real ea'alo tian.actian. Tbfl Mc.p.r lnnip
pMifltfld ilor_oe T. BuekwflU. a well-kuawn prtnter, ind
Tbouius P, Iiol.eiiy, a uirrcliaiit <>f .< ?'i atanding, to tlu
:1i,"\im"..iii.-ie,b Bbifl-welllaa BapBhlloan ol anuldtppB
a.,1 Ooherty is a proiniiifli.t Daioai rut.
Madisox, Win., Aun\ 17.-R L. Spoorn r. ii.,
Insurance commlaslonei of tl.ls Htnte, haa dlanoTflfai
evldence, whleb, It la suld, Kn.la to abow tbat alinnl
seventy-flve liiauran.e toni,iai.laaaro dolng a BBBTflpt*.
tloua and llllclt buaiueaa lu thia ritate. and bn Bflttl
thelr? c(p!I.-ctlons tbfl last year at 4p"(K|,0(K). Aii.oi.k tlie
c..ti.|..,t:lea whleh heVliar?ea wlth IraMMBbM ?
lu Tlolatloo of law are, tha Mutmil Mlll luaurancc <i,.n
panr, of Chlcago ; the llllnola Mutual Iiiauraic c.pii.
j.aiiv '.f Alton ; tho C. in.eonwealtli Mulnal Flro ln
aur-.i.oe Company, >.f I?o< alur, III. i tlio lndiuna Inaur
,.noe , ompaiiy, M ladlaaapolla. Iii-ni .I..-.- oompauUa
dolng huaiiic.se without a lleenae In WlBfloaalB <
tax af *J p> r ccnt on tlielr ggflfll cnrtiltiga an.l BCbflff e.iu
adeiablo e'xpo.iaea. Hut tbell u.cnt i. adjuat, ia a.. -I
otiip'i wpreeeataUreflare Uahlcton n.ic of +.>oo tu.ii
and other a.veie penaittea If th. y are cauglil.
? -
Wn.KKSiiAitiiK, Pc-nii., Aup. 17.?AadlBW
Undru, a inincr In the eu.pl,.y ot tlie Hua,|ii. I.,,in,a Coal
( o:,,paiiy. al Nunlicoke, thla ufteiuoon c.iCeil at tha emii
pany's atore and puichase.l a revolvcr. On leavlng the
plaee he went to tho liou?e of a HutiKailaii, Joaeph
Touai-I, wlth whotn lie Ix.at.li -I. 'I In wife of the latter
boliiK at hoine uloue, he told h> r that MSBB hc bad llved
wiih thetii ber frleiidlineaa toward iiiiu bad li,-].lie-.l Unn
wlth love, atld he watited licr t.. leave l.< r l.n-l.BBd snd
i:o i.i.,1 11 v - wlth bla. M.-. l'.l/ia-.i r.-luni ,1. -I..I, u
told her to lilcl her rhtMrVB raod-l?i M.e laugh-d al
iu ii. wbare-pea ba aboi al ber, |m b_ii i.-i../.ipg ii. i
n.ck. Un.lra then tnriie.l ihe -scap.,.. u....u hlmarlf _?l
llre.l two ai.ola. One or tl.e l.u.1. Mai.aflJ tl.io.igh i.l
windplpo at.d lodgfld iu tho baae of lofl bralu, cauaiu?
luatant doath._ _
PaTBB-VDBOi Vra., Aujr. 17 ISprrial).?O.-oiy.
Wiisli.ngtoii, wbo inurdeiol Jjck riiiiothcts near X.irioik,
Va., last Thtirsiiay. and aflerw.ird ..MCaped, haa lieen ar
re.te.l In Dltiwlddl.) County anl broil?lit Iicrn tor aafe
keeplng. He waa founil concoaled ln ahay loft. Waah
Ington and Htuoth is. boiii et- ouvictr, ind rfloently
bflflo .Ua,ibara-ad, tl.eir tarma aarlad explrad. Waahlng
tou denica stflutly the nhurgo agalnat hlm.
Cabiioxdai k, renn., Autr. 17 {sprrial).?A
flgl.t o( curred y.atetdav ai.out a mlle above this clty
between Itallan nnd IrUh luboiera ou ihe l.rie Katlroad.
K. vt.lv. ia and kn.vca w.re froely BB84. and aeveral of
tho men were ba.lly hurt. Ihls lalhe aecoud rlotoua
deiiioiistratlot. of tl... kind w.thln a sh.pft tlme, an IJas the
feelltiK ugiilnat the llallaiia, wlio aie setlliu. ihickly In
-,<i coal ngi.i.ia, ia bitter, there la im ,.l dni-or nf an
_prlalug agalnat theu. which inay resuli lu inuoh blood
Cincinnati, Auj.. 17 {SpvtiaD.? 'Lhe Kn
qtitrer ot t_-d?y couuiua the following aniiouncement:
"Last eveiilng a telegraui caiua froiu Columbtia to a
Dioiulueiit political. of tl.la elty, from ono who ls v.ry
l.t-ai ...H-nutor Tl.iirn.ati. saylng tbal he would acoeut
the 1>( iiicciiiue ii'pinii'ation for Uovon.-r. ihla may be
evueidere- aa autheiitic."
Newabk. Ohio, Autf. 17 i.S/>eWa.).?For a
year or more Wong I'oo, a < Mnamen, haa been conduet
lugaluciailve laundry boalneafl hera. l_al nlght ba
cioaed up hla rooms and left the city,
aoeompanled by Ltazle Seott, age seventeen,
the daughter of a well-known reahte-t.
Bha baa been ln the eraploy of Wong Too as a elerk. and
from thelr eloae buslneae relations itroxe the attacDineui
wh.cb reaulted lu tbe elooemeut. Tbe palr woro nr
restetl In Colnmous, but nftcrwartf. relcaa'-rt. tbo g.n.
pnrents dedtnlng to make any rffort to rcelalm ber.
f [bt Trxaea4.rii to thb tbibubb.)
Chioago, Aug. 17.-W. W. Hunjrerforc.,
chlef cnf Ineer of tbo Honduras Central Hallroad. ls ln
tl.a.lty. Hehaajuatreturued from Trnxllle, having
made a survry of the railway from Truxlllo to Julttoal
pa, Ihe eapltal of tlie, Departmentcf Olancho. adlstanca
or-oo mllea. The concesslon for the consiructlon t.f
this road waa granted by the Honduras government a
aliort tlme ago to a New-York eywlleate, wlth Colonel
M. I_ Airullora ai the head. Uoiidnras ls at present
wlthout any railroad aml eveu wlthout wagcn roads.
Mr. llunirerford thiuka thut the construction of a rail?
road wlll ald greatly ln developlag the rcsotiracs of the
country. It ls the rlchest conntry. he says, ln Central
Amorlcn, wlth a salubrlous nnd hiithlul cllmate. Tho
plalua are aboul 2,000 *eet i'n\e the level of the aoa.
Tbe cool trade w.nds tfOBs botfl oceans makoamost
dellghtf.il cllmao all tho | 88 b 1-8 prod'icta at pre-ent
are prlnclp.illy fr.ut mnl aattl- Bmall gralns of ell
kluds grow luxurl.-inily, Imt owl-g to the lack of trar.s
portutlon all U..H la r.n-ed ta fad to cattle oruaedfor
hrca.1 utnoag the inlntbluutc. Large qnantltles
of cottlo aro drlvou animally to the sea
and tnence a-lppai to Cuba, T!
|4 rlch ln ininerala, paruenlariy gold. silver an.l <?
tiul tln-ni-rii-hJive been only parlly devrlopc.l Tln-re.
j .-ib aboandlng ln tii? Baeal .jiu1 ttca or
_afioMoy.8paBlBh ee<Ur. reaewoed. ebouy and? otBer
raluablea md. whloh wlll form agoo.l pro.lu.Uon ior
eaport aa aooa aa tha rttad ta cenptatrd.
are several towoa on tbe I aoftba aewreea or
fii.Ki _,i;.". to fl,.Mnhabttanta aiid Ihe oapltal. I ? f ;rl*
nipa, baa .0.000 Inhabltanta. Mr. llun*. rf.nl nua
cnrnplet raya front TrnaUlo, oa taa Caribbeaii
M..i. throogh Ibe tha oentr.il port.ouof the P^publir. anu
tha llne Is lo b i ii ihii.'i.h aa ?.i a4 po.sii.i..- to me.
Hay of Toaaea, Ml Iba I'.- IBe. Julllcalpa, i<- ?_eh polnt
ihe road bas i..-. n-nrv.-yei, la nimiit mldway belwet
IIB. Hall- a.i.l ..!ln . Iliatellilli. f... .ll". '??'
Btrurtloa ?f ihe aew road wlll be piirriiu*..! as ao.
Ml ll.in. it.-r.l grtabnek to > .<? 1.i-l. an.l wl
! rn llllo 1'V '?
.ti the two i.olnts belng 800 b
i ?1;,..., . th.- ( x,uii|)lc..f iln-Ncw-YwK I
IralaadWaai "'-. '"? Kr,e -nil "" '?
i. wii.ad ISSObybatbr.
: tfee BBBM rtlfln r> nee fri.in tha
raie th it ba. uatutllj iw
ivat.i li g rate. we-l of lluUa .. wlll
raauot.tM traaB 1.1.0
; BB 1 'hi. t;i < UBD.
fi^m:.- BTABTED i". \ 1 I
A ] unp expl -'. -I in :i okwM Ib Un b
of no after 11a.m. faatei
il . '
bnlldlajt 1 . 1 a- - r. ???? t mi by
go ..1.1 li M tbe tl ? '
Etadra^ra<1 tlu ' "
ipp r fl -T r .11 .mwi.
walk ??ld
I ibo.i.b n.l. had b
. .1 4| 00 >.
|.,.,r rlalOi d tha' 1
i. .
,1, 1 w. a:. who
by Inan. I
pam- >i" . "i ? . :?
,\ ], ?>.. _ ..! .. . I'n '.-niaii 89*9990-8
ft.Hirof the
. 1 n..if,,r 1 ?t. BaaablfBi at
hImiii. 9:99 a. 1.1. ye?trrlav. A11 aturui waa at
? I
l n ,,1 rttfe daa?a waaba and
Iff f,.r
Uroee th- firea.m t.-uk abea ll
laaa.pl . lalrwafi ae *wb Ia8 ri w*re
pi.ient agalnat Iba -
I n llavld ...???'
j-ri:l a ? iHof Irn. w ?
resenl ? Mra, Julla Browa, Bf. ae?aBty-B??
. aml Mlas I
... 1 |. ? ? -? ' I ? r
ba.l ne.-ii r.-i..t I nm onat i..?i? by lha ?-.?.? -
'..??,:? I It I. f.'.i 1
tha. tn old wnraan wlll nol aurrlTetbi siiock.
II).. 1 t. 4T?i. ? .( 11 nn.i.i . (.i.'f '. I.'-' th<
i(..n-e? aad 'h?ii ? onteols s un
1 11 Brush lt ihe ownei
tne row ln wt.b h th ??? Boaare wtoed and he eal
tiia l?? "'? I' ta beltarad Ut ba la.ured. Ihe
; ? I '
p irr, t'..4'er.'d i.y Iii-iii un ? 11:- Bra
waa at t! tl sappea .1 le hare nrliriBate4 fr-m, a karnaaaa
, , heen i.-ft bai alag in Ute aoartiuenta
. n, who went lo tba eounti
. alnee ret.irntxl and aa). that ?li"
never BaarUele,
I.li.ili Ok TMM OMAKLM* Rivr.it MT9TBMT.
i(,N, An/. 17 (Spicial .?'I Im: iii.lic,iti..iis
? ni maailjr ta-art a BaaalMaafltaa Obarta*
Hlver iny-li ry. 1 ln- ditin.iiiberel hody ptekeil np ln the
river abaal Iba bbM_M m July. after featac Maattlaal as
that of ' wo ot thi.-e dlfl.-r. )it paraaaa who tltialiy tn 111 d
iiiiollve. in Iniilnleaa lhat of Mrs. Vellle Mlt< hi-ll. tha
wlfe of a N..rti. Bad pluinlx r. 'Ibe buabaml BPaa bafM
ln M ilta. an.l il.e 4ilfe 4?a< .if Iri-h de-cent. 1 lie p .ll.c
have ifltabeettwe weaaa auape.-u_ that Mobaabaad
was th? innrdrrer, but refralned froin arreatlnn Him
uiiill tl.it ovriilng. ll waa knoB'ii (hut th<- h.iK.iantl and
w?fe had ?8881*084 itl.-uit llic tlme tho murder ?4? -ui'
|n?.il t? h.ive been coiuinltled, 4iid 4he ls ?alil t<> l.4ve
I.1.1 ne UM Btalfea *<t a l.low Ibaal one eye. The hi.-ti.ii"!
baa ii.iiintuincd a stolld api?eitraiice thrdiigb
out tlu- Inveatlgatl.n, and haa at.-adlly ln
alat.d that tbe pbotograph of the murdered
?<m.aii 1,,..? in1 r< ?? mi. .111.0 to bla wlfe, ulili.ni h
h> nei.-l.i...r- iioiiu'lit ..itt. r.-mly. Tbepollee haTO keM
h in iinder w ii. li aml have -eanlied tbe inintc dlllff. nlly
for ev.il, 11 e ol murder. <>n.> |..iri of ti.e t.edy was
wrappe 1 ln .1 pieee -?! 1 arpat, aad lt ia aatd that to-dav a
.,,,,, iing It wae found in Aiiiiheii'- boaaa
l.Hte thi- eveliin- d.-t. .tli.i BITIWled Mlt. hell and took
blm t. I'.iibe llia.l.|iiirt. .?. There he BBW a pl.i-i. r
ca?t of the d.'id 4v.un..11'- f-' e 111.d l,iir-t Int.i laiiirhtcr at
th.-aiiggcaii.ni thal 11 reeemblaji hu wiie, ?i?. .n?a|i
P it. I suddt-nly aboot tba mlddh >.f Ju.) an.l Inia not
Bim c l.e. n m. en, flltbougb ?e.ircli baa be. 11 tn, 1 Ir. II
meatured tba aaal acroaa tba farabaad wltb bla aaad
aml il.il.ird thal it was Jilat BJ luoad un
hls wlfe'a forBBead, It ls belleved ? thal
th>- rrluie ? a, counnlt ted l>v Iwo people.
Tbe tii.diy oftba poUra la Ibal Klteballqaarralled wnh
hla wlle tnd elin.e.l h. r t?. tleatli itl.tl then uion ?
to dlapoae of the body It waa aat ap aad Blaaed in bm
aaeka aad a aiaca of oarpet aad taaaad into tba water.
lt 11. ii. lii-ve.l lu hare liee.ii Itn[.oai-1 .iii. for BM lliali .0
have iut ui. the ...nty and .li-pouc of It. Allli.-n h ?
large aioouut ol bio..d Btaal have come from ihe woman's
I11..I1 no liaee of ll has baBB 4.t f.auul In Mltehell's
i.iiii-e 11 ie propoaed to dlg as tba drata te aaasrtala H
IraaBa artba orteeoaa bafaaM ti.ero.
? ?
lOmMTOWVi Ohio, Aug. 17 (Nperlal).?Th9
h .ilimii de|i.iriiiie f"i ?'.maila of the Metrop.ilitaii I.lfe
i..?..iu.K <? iik'ent, I.dwartl Jone*. waa ma.l.i pnblli' l.i.-l
i.,u..tl. He r. ai'hci! Caaada and wrote to hla wlfe telllng
i? 1 1,. tell all her jirn|.erl4. dr.iw hla inomy fiom _M
b_B8 and follow hlm ln Magara. Thla ahe did, aml h.id
th.- ntonej, 99,000 BBBaiBB" la her drea?. Hhe th.-n
atarted aai 08 " di lnklng apree, which ahe haa coiillnu.-d
f.ir -cveral day-. Her physlelaii waa trentlng her f.n
(lelirlnin trei.ien-.anil toi.a.l." her having any llijuor.
Imt ni igaul ?f h.-r haabaad pruaatad 11 for her and
Join.xl her ln h.rdei.ain h. 011 Kr.day nl.ht Iba eonpla
1, f, u?. , 1.1 ,1.ii__v. ?".( were ii|.B.-f a few mlle- fn'in
town. 'Ihen.-xl.Ut Mra. Jonn. | irl.-inia put h.-r, atill
drunk, upea Iba 1 level,md imlu, and ahu has not been
heard from alucc.^_ _
C'HK'A90b Aug. 17.?Al Brallwood, 111 iln- Mate, a
ini-o iiehi took pia. e ai diiyllglt ihla mornitig, between
v.iani Piitterann, a llouor aeller, ai.tl Genrite Mulvej. a
Uiiii.-r, f?ra purce ?l ^WSl. Mulvey kiioeked Pattrrson
ou. af'ei one hinulietl alid thll'ly-elKllt rounds. pBtter
a?n wan ao exhu.ulB.l thut he waa unabie loapeak. Hia
aecou.i helpeU I11111 up to u.ttr I1I1.1 cotue to tlie norattb,
bal b>- fell to the ground. Mulvey wbb aa fieah aa lu tbo
lli?l rotiml. Tlie ll-lit lastai iwo and a half hoina.
KaOZTU?B, Tenn., Atia. 17-lten|ainln K. Wllaon, a
stone coniructor. was subbed and klii.-d In a llrpior
atore thla eveliliig hy Horace poaler, a young lawyer.
Koaler la lujal). They (iiiaireilad overagalue of canla.
INUIANAI-OI.I", Aug. 17.-Ollrer Carmleh.^l and hla
aon Olto. Kdltors of Ihe Muneie Daily Reporfr, whieh
Bii-Ben.letl a week Btfo, were Brreste.1 yeaterday. ehnr.ed
by Taylor J. HUey with crlmii.al llliel. Kilay Is aecra
tirr of a Knlghu of Labor orgt.aliation, and huU been
bovtoltlng tbe newepaper before Ita suspenslou. The
newepaper ln ita laat tsirue deoo..nceal hiui aa a liotorloua
blacklef aad black?aUer.
Madiiid, Aug. 17.?Ib tbe whole of Spaiu
ye_tcrd.iy there wera 4,0!)C now caaea of cholc.a w*
1,851) death*.
The plnces ln Spaln ln which tho prlnclpal lncrea.se of
cholera occurred yeaterday, as compared *ith Friday
laat, were Tarragona and Valla-olld. In 'n0
fornier placo thero were yosterday seventy
aeven new caaea and thlrty deaths, aud
ln tho latter 61 new caaea and 10 deaths.
The nftloial returna show that ln Oreuuda tho dlscase
baa re.icued Ita betght, and remalua atatlonary.
!n Alliacete yeaterday thoro wore 28 new cates and 23
doaths; ln Castellon do la Plaua, 22 uow caaea and 17
dc.itl.a; In Cucnca, 154 now oaaea aud 32 doaths; ln
Teitiel, _C nowoasea and H'J deaths ; lu Vulencia, 82
new cascs and 40 deaths, and In Madrid, 20 new caaea
and 2 deathe. All of these retnrns ahow doefoaaoa ln
the numipera of both uew casea and deaths.
There h?vo T.ecn allght rlota at I/urrono. due to the
reatstanco of the luhabltanta to oertaln sanltury reguia
MABBBIUML Anr. 17.-There bave been 109 deaths
from eholcrn ln thla clty air.c-Friday.
1'aris, Au_. 17.-i;.*rii_eea, fleclng from the cholera ln
Maraelllea. havo tntn.d.irod tlie illan.ee lnto Htatoroti uud
other villag.a lu tbo Aii Ino provlnooa of Frauc.
thi: nw vickuoi" in ibxla] d.
Di iilix, Aug. 17.?Lord antl Lady Carnar
voti atarted to-day on a tour through Irelanil. Thelr
flrat atop waa at (inlway, whoro a large crowd hud aa
a,mbMi-.1 tt meot the new Vlceroy. The people recelved
the visitoM raapaatf Hy Bat without any cheerlng.
Galwat, Aug. 17.?Tho bsrd Uen'nnant rooelve<l ?>1
drcaaca ti r." fi.i.ii tlio Liioro.a' Sooloty. tlie Harbor
(?.._ini..i,.ii, fefl lown Oa ii'i.l'doil aud cltlz-us ol Ual
way. In replylug to the a.ldreasea he aald tUat tha Oov
.-rtiuieiii m aired todo Us uttn ist for tho proaperity of
l.elap.pL He wasgraCIUel tosee the efforts of fltttBBM
of (ial.v ,v |b p1p*v- loo the rc.ii'ireeaof tliolr port, fl
dwaetttoh.orene.rer Aiaartea tbaa aajrataaf
nit i.iAii I, lr '??. .1 Hu boped to see lu hu own
? tii? BBoleal proep, rit, ol Qalway rovlvod. Ho
edlbe unl. lon ln 'ab.ir, whl.-h M
? .4oaIpik tu f.iiei.i, sn apeillloo, aod arce l laoor
?il.lv llie li.t-r -at. ..f tlie.r e.n |.l'i"ei a. II." h..|ieil
ifl Iriflh BBBflffBM ii'.d oiher lud.iatrle. ttOOld be
>?d, and in ooueluaion rxpreaaed Bll BOBTlotloa
th.it tbe 11 _?_?-_ woul.l aoou iii<...i'l. HU ruuiaraa BBBB ro
i \vi>, [.AL- AVD _H1 BOUDAB.
I. i.p.s, Aiik. 17.-lli"M.irnnis of Siiiirtlmry,
:. Ull. aoou after golug 88 1-8*88* ll*vfl a
>.ith Btgaet Daptarta tho luilan Pritue
?111 _?? I'laie at Coutrcx
rllie, a wntertii* plaoa <". the rlver Valre, In Vosgca. It
. ..nd Ji).(KM) tr ",ps lnto
a i l .n t.iiiri-tlie H-p| **ca coaat frotn Huakuii,
at praaaath-idbf th? Brtttob, Ifl A M_ iiay, ulong
ttblcB la ::i >at flltbfl 'lat. ? Baafl on the coast.
.-..-, mn* coutrol ovor
?*-., ? i;'.e aae ef Kbartoeai aa a eapllaL
iiniiutn.. d Wolf, tthflbaa Beeaaral
f,,r *.? tectlng arraii___.pt.ts ;.,r UM
a atTalra. falls to brlng
.1 t,,.it bngland wlll
| _,-.- Wlil, li Wlll
i ? ,':?,'.. , trry out her plaua i\e
: to conimand tha
itlOB 10 Itullau occuputlon of
\i.\, Ann. 17, rla <; dv.-.-tou.?
i in.uirred In tbe
, itamala h ia M_ep<
? ? . ? . ?._ i-.f rl( .
. to nay ull aii
an- _ ? ? ? uta.
..:? -uiii \n _ ?
Dl m in. Aag, 17. _*_8 I'tiMin Mii'ii.ii'iil
? MM Dr. BalaB with an
aa the succ '? OaBB,
? ?
, , .?? Itnlo in. 1
, tii.it tiio paapeead memoriai
Itobflao art Bf rajolelng over the over
on a: cie \hi. m i rrlBgtofl la Me .' tbe 'viati of
in ftalah
, ... i.. ? . .? j: t Kr. Bd
pjau.? . illoB *? ? ? ?-' IBB i..l. - Inany
?a) ioeaataaydlaraapaetaaPTol -tiuta.
LoBDOBi AMg. 17.?Aii Anirln- I'urkisli
BfPBafl M baa aaaa Baafaaai BaaafibB Haan Prum
, ,,? .| Bffl *T. i.y tu* tfrrua of wlilcli Kiu- i?li iii-n-.f-war
Bllowed to paaa llirougli tlie liaidatie.lea lu tiue
oi _r_r, ______
PApra i>i aiii i" n avi N-.i i>.
I'Aici.a. Auir. 17.-ll<nii i;..?licl('il, writitigln
the /iifijiirli/.u/if on tii." tniir.l.r ..r ii Im. i Paln, urges
tlia'. H UM l_t iu b (iov.rninr.it fa.l t?i e\.. l aatiatacllpiu
frp.ii. i:.,.; .nd for the ui.irter. f..e:..1. ..f I'ain ttBtflB for
il.. ?,, .,iip.' p.f tbfl PllBflfl p| B/alflfl t'J Fiau. | au! aveuge
ujhju hliu tbe d< alh of I'alu.
?BWI tOTtM llio.M LOBDOft
Leaaov. Aug. 17.
Filtii nRAMm/ri). Ihe P'lll U'ttl MtWeMFi r...ni
.:. .,.' Uoudun tb ?? bav. b. ... "Ir ...... I i/.?*d at \l
Baaa. Il.eplav lalu UvoacUand la eutltied ?? Protect
upir Daaabiflta,
1 ..UI.C..I ilttl^.r. IBBBUBIBT laBtw Chlef-.lu.tlccColc
ri.ik'p- *im ui.it ii'-.i >>i. -..t'n.iay Mia. Lflwford, ln a lettar
t.. ll.e uapara a.,>4 tbat be . i.ii.ppt aee wliy tlie detilla of
_. |fs flbOflld iBtfllWat tbfl pi.l'.l. . Ui'" f,?:liP"I ol
1. ,rd ' '..irridk'.-'s l.ri.te w..a f..r.nerly a Judgo iu Bcugah
Tbfl lady'a B?B ia tblrtj iwo /eara.
Iti-aHiN'l Hr.M.Tll iMIK.viL. .Mr. Knskln'a pul*-e this
thla |a gflod and thfl," la now BTflt. ploapcct of hl4 l_*
Mkxico, Auif. 17, via CJalvfsloi.?Mimater
,.f 1 ii.iii. a DuIpIi.ii. ln taflf t" a...uo iB^fllrlflfl, at.it.'d to
,:,y inat tbe (iovornnieiii, Batara laaflwbiaaaBatlp p?y
i,,.-i.i4, muat tliat rcalore tbo uational tluauoea tu ? soiind
aud liealtuy ((""lltlou. He aald that r.?llro_.l repr-aeu
t_ti\. a had ealled upon hlm to ao?? If arraiigcncnta could
nol be niada for the speedy renewal ot thelr subaldl?a,
but he had told th.ia lt could nol bo done.
?Tbaa uaked if the rallwuys would be paid aiiythmg thla
,f,r ti,.. Min ? er repllfld i "IU a dollar i lt ta aal
iioa-llile " The futuro Bflttrafl "f lk>" (Kiveruiii.nl. lie a.ild,
would depend oa wiat rei.mrcealt shouM poaaeaa "'-r
:,,,.! BbOTfl wliat w.ia BIIIIIBI. Ifl I'p.y tbfl Intereat ou its
dfl .ta llie .??itll-eCalil'pet ttBB lD BOCOrd oll thia inalter.
Ile lUtllUBted tl.al tl.e (,?Vernii.eBt ttBB ( oUatderilig l.ow
to arraiigo witb tna MaUooal BauB fof Ibe payaMBl of
rl,(SMi,(K)0, borrowed under apiev.ousudiniuiatiatlon.
Winmi'K... Man.. Au*. 17.?I'liiof l'mintl
in .?<?! wua urn.lifiiPid l.efore Judgo lltclianlaou at
B tbla afteruooii on Ibe chargc of trcasou-folouy.
reillBIBBl was lutiodiico.l to provo tho charirea tbitt the
l.ilai.nii miii'" war at Cut Knlfe Cie.k on Maich 8, ca\t
liircl a i.rovlilon triln In tbe Kuule llllls. nnd w.oto a
Iflltc. toltlel ln wblrb he booated of Huviug kt led alx
Boldtera lt.."' J.-It. r-on, PoObd_Bker'l soi.-ii.-law, W?
titic.l agaluat Pwuudauiker. Ibfl i?it paid ba atte_*
t...n I.. bll >?vulcii >. as bn lKille\ua JcUciaou la swearlug
B| i.i.it iiiui foi aoll-piol.t li..n.
IN BBHAtcf Of Kli:i_
M..NTBF.AL, Aug. 17.-A larpji'ly attended
ii,c. tlng in BabaM "f MMM waa hel.l ut Uiiil, near Ottawa
to-iiight. Tlio (liainuaii, Dr. Iteaudlu, aald that It waa
al 11 ull Itlal foim.l r.-fiige when piirsucd by the funathal
tnaiig.men Bl ottuwn, nnd It waa from lluil he hud
KuUfl ln Mke the ,.-.tli ln tbe ll.pilie <>f C.iiinuoi.a us nu-in
ber {Ot i'l.ivelicliele, Manlloba. lir. lHiliiiinol clill.i.ed
tl.at Klel w.u Hctnalel by patriotlu m.itlv.*-. aud dc
iiiiiinieil B lair trial l.y twelve Juiors. Iteaolulloua woro
paa*,cl ii.ii.le.iiuing tho trlal.
ItrBll?* Au_. 17.- Mr. Pendleton has aliiiiploii'd.
|,r,?i.i.n'e'of lllucea, bla l.ropose,l Vtalt to Klel to Uieel Ibo
l-i.ile.l htntca iii,ii..f-"4.r K.aiaaige und 1'eiuacola.
B?lh veaeela nm luov al Copeulia.Hii. and i.a A leiUlt or
Mr. I'.ui.li. u.i.'a iiiablllty to go to Klel wlil uoi go ihero
Hr. I'KTEKSBt'RO. Aug. 17.-A portlou of the Kuaalnn
fleet wlll berealt.r B iBtfll la tlie p...ta along tlie eOBfll 01
1 ii.l.in.l iM'Oiiuae ..f the length of tlino that tlio harbor at
Crotialudt ia Ue-Uound.
Pabis, Auh. 17.-M. Allaln-Targe, Mlnlster for the In
terlor, in bis addreaa .10.1....tlng llie slauie of Oeneral
Cbanay at La M^ia ,eai. rday, said tbal the eveuts of
l?l7l>currifld to Freiichniei. tho doui.le lesaoli of tbo
neceaslty oliiiulnliln.i.ainlllt...) prefarallOBI w.lh tlio
?u.a vlew of asaiiring the country ..f aafety frofll tbe nat
ural deleeta of f refl liifllltutloiis and of ihe ucccsaity M re
fraiulug froin lauuchlug lh? iiullon lnto lor.-ign udveu
1888b _
Bohton, Aug. 17.?ProftwwH C. A. F. Pet?*ra,
of Cllnton. N. V., announca to tha llaivar.l Coltagc Ob
aervatory tha dlaeovrry ot aa aaterold of the twolltb^
ma__lt_do, the followlng posltlon being gl*en * Angoit
lg, 14 bouri 40 mltiutea, Waahlngton time; rlghl ascon
aloa, 21 houra 8. niinutea 51 aecondej decllnation
aouth, l..e oi/, Tue daily luotlou iu ri*_t aaoenaioo la
60 secouda; ln dccllnatlon, nothing. Thia la aatcroid
o... 219.
. fl
" My happiness is all gotie," aatd Henry Will
laraa, a ihort, fat Ocrinau to a Tkibobb raporter laat
evaning. " Yoa, I have been up to Pollce Headquarters
at.d told them that my ttlfo haa gone away, and I waa
told tl.ere th.il tbey would tlnd ber for
me. Tbii ii what makea me bo un
bappy. I don't want her, Dut what I'm after ia the pa
peia that ahe took, papera tbat are worth $ 15,O00,|to_ue.
This woman waa my aecoud wife. I never badtroubla
witb my flrat wife, e?o_pt that ahe was alok for twalva
yeara, and ralaed me up alx chlldren, two aona and four
glrla. I bave been ln the real estato bualneaa forthlrty
thrce yeara und alao had a grocery storo and llquor atore
duringthat ttaaa Vell, after my firat wlfo bad beeu
?lck for so many yeara with the heart dlseoae, thedoctor
told me I must take her away or she would dte. I aold
out my buaiueaa and tuoved witb my
wife and family to Pblladelphla. But the dootor told me
wrorg, for after I had been tl ^re for flre weeks my wife
fell off a chalr and waa dead ao quiok tbat ahe could not
apeak. I waa loftalone with my alx olilldren, and what
could I do wlth tuora I Nflthlng. 8o I put a notlce in
the paper that I wanteJ a woman who would look after
my family. One cume who wua uo good, aud ahe robbed
me of my money and w.-ut away aud never aald good
by. Then my aon, ho wna a smart fellow. he told me
that llghtnlng neroMitnick ln the aame place twlce, aad
I put another ad.erti-ouieut ia tne pap?r tbat
a wIdower wanted a woman to Und hla
cliiMren. About .00 c.ine, and there was ono
llttle fat one that to?k my eye and I hlred her _he vaa
aonl'Othnl my chlldren f.il tn love with her and aald
that I should uiarry her. Will, I dldn't care tiiucb ab..ut
tl mvaelf, but sh.i tr.cd ao har.l to have me fall lu iuve
that I s?l,l lo ber, ' Corae oo ; I wlll raarry you.'
" lhal was Ibo begliiulu. of my tro.ib e aeven years
ago. I fouud out aoou tbat 1 bad tuarrled a boaa. aud
abo uinde tbinira liuiii around the h..uae. Hbe bai.d my
flrat wife'a chlnlrcn aud when aho had twoof berowo
tbaboaae beraaie ao h?t 'lat I?**? apeutirelyaad
took mvttifa abd the lw< lnldici away aud came to
tlns , lltl to live. I gave my .iiiaincs to myotherchil
dren in I'hila'iolpliia ai.d told them to go on and be pros
neioiis ua their fath.r bad he, n. I had ouo
|,-?l boy. the accoi.d cblld hy my
tl.at wife, thriailan Wliliama. H? la tweuty
tuo ja.na old,Hii.t becuu^e he wa* no uood und brought
me tr.iul.it. hc f.-ll iu U*r$ with my M>con.l wife. Mn. I l
have been u, Xew-York I huve beeu llving at No. 313
Weat i'pirty-cinl.f.'i-at. ln a nlco flat, My aon Chnatiau
til.-.i t,? rln.l out from me where I ttaa livmgwlth my
tttfe. I would iwpt tcll bliu. but be watcbed ni-> golng
linine, and when I weut Bttay ffp?u the boiae he weut m.
My wife. ?he bad gouo away from me before tbiaoue
llnifl aod llve.l o.t on a isrin near Mackcuaaok. bhe
wa-. gooa for alx tteeks, an.l when I oaine home ono
nlght tbe door wm brok'-n opeu ll my room. and I ttent
m hii.1 MM "WBa tb.- de ll t" hfref My ttlre wua
there an.l ai.e aa.l M Ittaflt : ' It ?'.<s your vlfe. Henry.
? c ? .. ii/.iinl I put bet Hut. afbaa_________
BOOM 'o my l.i.i.i.". B WflflB a.M to day. I f"'">d lt brokeu
opon og.ilu. and I went ... and sail: ? Who the devll la
bero I' b.it noot.e -i _kc. ILn'ii I looked around and
found thut mr wtro aad s..u < bitatiaa had been tbero
iiiipI had (..ne off tog. tiicr an l taken u.y chlldren. Ilen-y
and Fietlerlck, wlio hl* alv nnd two yeara old. BM
what BN u.e :h? m.iat pain fltM lhat they had brokeu
,ppn my trunk wlth in .iu; I ba.! atolen the pa|.-ra
which t.n-ve tne, i.. n ? entltlcU to $18,000 ollt of Gcorge
N.-ilir.ga eatate who was my stepiather ln Oeruiany. 1
ii.iti'l wui.t my wife and Cbrlsllaii baok. They cuti go to
-.. but I do want my two amnll chlldrou and tbo
mi pap.-re. i ti.. "i"t.. tivt 1 .ne aflar. bliiK for them.
aud I ii,.. U.ivtii ln Pblladelpbta, but u<.body can llnd
them. I"b, y dl.l n..t t.tto tlio rbtldren'a clothea. but my
w if_ took arerrtbtng tbat Uelonged to her and tome. lao,
thut ahe could run y. Bba ls a atout woman. aud aald
ahe w.,a f,,rty fflrbfl old, but ibe don't look over thlrty.
aad haa dark roiuitlrxl-.n and liair. Cbrlettan la badly
i.. .I witb amallpox, and ai.y one wbo aeea them wlll
>.uiiu wii.i tberaia, Mj ? -. three-huahandabflaldo
.,,??. Tbev me Prana Bultter. of Vilwaukee. Wta..
(ieorgfl II n.-kel and Oeoi-fl,> Btahl, of rbiladelpbla. and
iiTing. Bberauaway froai them. and th?y aro
_ .pf it. Bfl au , out l waut my papera.
Williaui Bimll. y, aga fifty, of N<x275 North
ft irl at.. Brooklyn. abot blinaaif tn the {templfl ln tho
BB+rOflMfl- P.trlck MiUaney. No. _*H Jay-lt.. about 1
p. m. BBflMB?II Bad pllcd ln a few mouitnta. The follow?
lng letter was fo.md ou iil I p< raoo :
vtii py.kM^T . laoaat I b,
Mj M -.- l?a Wllll .ui r.ttidi.-y. i.etier knowu oa Pro
l er I I. ?t tn. -rlfe; I l?at my houao aud I
|..at iiiv .ouBgeat daughter. f.prmerly kn-pwuaa Baby
Ilindlev. I IUI lefl wltho.lt aupport or mealia.
I have trbd tn aell what I have but
I, ,v.. Bflt loeceefled. Mv d?ii?bter ta
no? named Mra. T l . Mlllfl. la at W V7 Weat Twelfln
MM Ne-.V.pik My oilier ls Mra. Mucl lend. AA<?>'*
It.ir.b-..ve.. Ilar;. tn. K. Y. My life siuce. my wife dlod
la .. ui ac>. May Ci.d -puie n y soul. Uoodby to all
II len.la.
( oroner Hease gave Iba nlutl.es of th? dea'l man p?r*
mi-alon to remove the Bfldf to hla home lu Pearl-at.
Tha 888-81 y.u-Ut I't.iwatia haa not been
bougbt b> the Qeld-BlaB Uovcrniuent for a crul-er. as
w.u. rrp.rtfld. Dr. Hok'uin. llie Colomblan Secretary of
tbe Treaaury, who I- Bflw a, tlng ai ipeclal euroy to thH
ceimtry and France, haa boen negotlatlng for tlie
L'Uttana for aome tlme Tlie yueht baa beeu Inspoctel
by a naval boanl and lf nny veaael la bougbt ahe wlll bo
tbe one. Dr. Il.dg Un M_l yeaterday, however, that It
waa prolmlilc tbat ti:.. taobl would not be bougbt. A
IMlBlll was recclvc. 1 ln tlils clty yeaterday BBM
Ciloiubla atatlng that a trrAty of i?*m had been stgn.'.'.
lietw. cu (ieneral M.te <s, Ihe comniauder of the Goveru
iiientfor.ea.and tl:e Iflbfll lca.ler Camargo. The dla
rateh h:i> not yet been conllrmed. but It la thuugbt
th." hoaiilitlea ln Oolombla s.e at an end or nearly ao.
Otllclal dlapatchca an> upeetfld tonlay.
NoBKOLK.Va.. Aug. 17.-While drivinur tliis
aftcrnoofl near this clty Iba bataaa attached to a ear
na_e contalnlng Mra. W. II MflffrM, Mrs. A. E. Hawklua
and chree chlldren b.<uiie frlifh oned at a llM-Btlffl
whi.tle an.l run attiy. tbroirlna tl.e p.irtyto the ground.
Mra. Hawmnswttsdi.t.g. ro.isly. prot.ably fatully. m
i,ii..i an.l Mrs. Morrlaaad bba of tba rhll-iaa bad baaaa
bioke'u aud were otherwlse badly brulsed.
Nkw-Oblkax?, Au^-. 17.-Captain S. II.
Huck. rtccutly appoli.tct pn-tmaater, has reilgne.l tl.e
Director-Oetienilsbip of tlio Sfltt Exposition. but wlll
i.un.ln I> icct,pr-(?ueral of tbe old txpoaluon Com?
pany lu llqitidatlou.
Piui.ADKLruiA, Aug. 17.-Tho Caledoai:
Club, of thla clty. to-day Baaatb d the Blghlaud Ouants,
of N.w-York, all iu full Ul.hlaud coatumo, through the
ci MJ. _0_
Waibimia. Wla.. Aug. 17.-U la ai.tiounceil tbat a re
ceplioi. and full dr, -s ball will bfl giveu at ooe of the
holela lieil Tburaduy evciiliig ln houor of Uce-Prealdclit
Hcndricks A thouiut.d luvltiitiona aio being aent out.
M.ui'p.ki. Aug. 17.?lt ls uow d.ttpltely uiidcr.lood
here that tkc Kev. Kuah R. hbipen. u l iiltarlan udu aler
of WaHlilngton, Ua-a acceptrd the pi.stoiate of the Ch.ui
i.ing M.ii. orial Churah. of this city. to aucceed tbe H. v.
W. C. Weudle. reaigne.1.
iKMANirons, Aug. 17.-Wblle (ioveruor Oruy was
drivn.g w nu bls fan.lly ab.ng tl.e Miel.l_aii Road, about
8 o'cloi k inat eveiilun, some pcraon tlted a abot through
tbfl carrlnge, the ball paaamg cloiw. 10 the Govet uor. It
la nol km.wn wbctber the abot was llred at random or
with murderous lutent.
Bi.oomin.oton. ili.. au*. 17.-Two weeks ajto Mlraael
Br?a large cattl.-meii near ihlseity. sblpiied slxty oii"
atock ealtle here fr.,in Uiitcblnaon. Kuiuaa. W hen they
arnvfld they appeare.l ta ba n. perlect health. Oi. liipi.y
laal tbfl caltleshow.daignaof uciug -lck. aud abrady
tirieen ale d.ad und twelve more urc down witb the <lla
pjbm Wbeu it was leanied tbat they were alck ttfteeii
were ahlppcd 10 lndlanapolls. Vaterluary aurgeoua aay
lt la geiiunie SiiaiiUb, or T.-xun fever.
BosiON Aug. 17.?A. l|.Wendell, ono of tho def, ndaiita
ln the biiit Mary Cele.-t. cae, wrltcs a letter indlfliuintly
deiiymg the atalcu.enl of ( at tam Parker tbat he had bo
eome liisane. He savs In tbe courae af hia communl. u
tion ? " I wish you would say that lf I waa ev.-r crazy lt
wonld ba wheu I couapired, as chsrged, to put on h-.ard
a cartool goods and bave tt wre, _,*d where It could be
all aaVad.aattflfl thlaaargo Brl, U.ata.etc w..u d bave
beeua Ip. tt.rc.naplraay.ai.d bave tbe veaael ao down in
deep water. not M aieef. like tba Ull BBM BM.
PROViDKhCB, Aug 17.-I here waa a lar?e gath^rli.g
here to-day ot iflpreaealattTM ?.f mllltar. orgaui-atl.ns
who pi.po.a t.. l-rm B Nailonul a.ao, ialiofl. -Ue orgau
Iiatl.'narepre.entedaie tl.e lat l.lgl.t _a_8__?nr****>
tl.iu. of Provldei. ? ; Ancictit and Hot.orable Ar ilerv,
?f Iioatou ; tbfl Old Oi.ard. af Xow-\ork ; 71at ?i?'*",eut.
of New-York ; a-id Regliue.it, of .N?w-.oikj _tb l.egl
mB_..*f\vitt:YurU ; Albany Burgesse. Cor.m ? Moiitgo.u
?rv HuBttiuaiTl Vatflraa Aaaoilallon, of Boston; Dahl
?".,;,. Itu't,,..; l..p|,pend."ut fwMmm. o
hn.torf-Rolb-rV Ai tlilery ; (Icven.oi'a Koot liusld, of
U.,rtr,..-:i; l.-rti.n.l' ItV Ouard; Brl.tol Artlllery. aud
Boaton Llght Infantry Veuian Aaauclatlon. %
1! ti i.M.iKK. Aug. 17.-/Ac //ci-o/d uiovcl Into lts uow,
larir ? Vfl . ",Vll.ll_-. at I b-rlea auu Baltliuora sis. In-duV.
lls^.ila- f.r iiewa and Bieebant?U factlltl-a bas b.-u
muci. wiraaaod of lata ;,.?.?. Bai u alabM loi.avo
axUarged IU clroulatlon ln u. Uiger rallo.
Philadelphia, Ang. 17.-An exploaion oa
curred on the steamer S. M. Foltonjaat after ahe bad laO
her dock on her trip to Wilmlngton, DeL, thla niornla*.
As tbe boat waa oppo.lte Pler No. 8, Soath Wharvea, t*e
paascngers and crew, nuniberlug over 300, were ttarUed
hy an exploslon whloh sbook the boat fromstaratostera,
and when the smoke clearetl away il waa found toat tha
entlre forward part of the veasel above the water-llae
had beeu damaged and a nutnber of paaaengera iujurad.
The pllot house aud entlre upperdeek were llfted aad
fell to the lower deck. The bow preaented aacena ef
cornplete wreok. Tugs proceeded at ouce to the lnjured
veiscl. .nu with tbe asalstanoe of the pollce tug WilUaa.
fl. Stckeley, wblch wa. lying near by, remored the la
Jured. The ambnlanoeof the Pennsylvanla Hot_.it?I
took most of 'he Injurad to that In.titutio i. Blxtuen pe_
sona ware wouuded,aa followa:
Josse Bradley, of Philadelphia, anble dlalocated.
J. H. Che.ter. of Cheater, alde iuj ir.:_ l.-g crushad
und foot blown off.
Oeorge Co' 'cilne. of Philadelphia, back and thlgh hart
by falling woodwork.
fiamuel Cooper, of Frankford, burt about the eheaB
and bead.
Oeorge Erwin, a deck hand, aeverely Injared la t_a
J'li.'i.-s ?. AIcDonald, age ulne, arealdent of Cheater, laff
Ml.i- Keed, of Pulladelphta, ait.ht'y lnjured.
Oeorce Mltohell, atie tweotT-flve, llvlug al Hrldxctee.
V. J., had right hand n'i er.ly eut and aukle api-alned.
Ho was a deek hand ou the Felton and waa blown a
dlatanoeof tiffen foet.
Jobn MuCntkcr. a pikSsenger, lnjured about tha breasB
hy belng airu.-k wlth aplank.
_rtw?-d 8pear, of Philadelphia, lnjured In'.eriially;
It Is th ,__t that he wlll die.
Jotiu Sceveuson, of Camden, -V. J., allchtly lnjured.
Cliarlee Qululan, of 1'hlladolphla, badly bruiaed abotU
the body.
James Valeutlne. Uvlngat Wllmimrton ; he U tbe ea
gtaeer of ttie F.-'ton, and waa eut about the head by
flylng glaaa.
J.-n-i L. Vantlne, age thlrty-three, of Cheater, comp_>
cate I dMloe >tlon of ankle.
l >i4. ,ii ,i .., ui.,', nf Wlltuln.ton, flreman of the Felloa.
lujiin it about Ihe bead aml faco.
C.e,ir_o Wil.-on, euirliieerof the poll.e tu_ Btokeley t
was stau.lln. on tue wharf when the expioalon occurred
p .d w_ ihrowu baekward over a bencb, .ustaliilag
i:.jurte_ of the right wrlat.
The paaaengera were mostly women, taklng bahles far
a freah-a.r irlp on tho rlver. Thelr rein irkable eacape ta
aocountod for by the faot tliat few of them were lu tba
forward end of tue steamer, a. tbe forward eanras awa
Ing had uoi been set, and the sun shlulng there made
tue paaaengera aeek cooler spota In the stern of the boat,
K.l.vard Youug, tbe tiremau, saya lhat when ihe exple
aloa occurred he wa. carrylng only thlrty.tlve pouuda ol
at. mi. Ar-drew Lloker said to-day lhat he luapecied
tue boiler last May and found it lu g.?<?.l condltlon. Tae
lron waa teeted. Itis st.vupod .W.OO) poun-ls, and broke
at Oo.OOO pounds. The Indentattou lu the head
of Ihe boiler, bowever, shows beyond doubt thaB
ihe exploalve force came frout wlthout aad
uot fron wlt'ilu. Captain Wiley, Mr. Lawreuce, Mr.
Merahou aud Mi. l_l.ik--r ina.e ? careful ex.iiuinatloii e<
the wreck, aud their luveatl/atlnu esiahll.iioi thofaaB
that the explo-iou waa cauaed by dynauiite. Tneex
ploslve had been placed forward, dlrcctly lu froni ot Ibe
head ?r the boiler. The steamer came up from W lluii ns>
i.m at 8. 0 o'clo. k, and lay at uer wuarf uuttl 10. Laat
nl.ht she lay at Wllmlr.gton ln t-barge of Andrew Jones,
of Brtdaeton, N. J. Capttln Wlley aaya tbat if a atr.o.er
b-'1 boanletl, or ttempted to board. ti.e at-amer la*8
n.ghl, the watchmaii would bave luformed hlm of that
fact. wlnle Uie Kteamer lav at her wharf thls innrnlng.
ihe paaaengera c.uno aboaid a-.d took ehalr* aa the
hi rlcaiie deeks. or aft. The oftli er. and <iecki.an.la
were o?ay. aud uo att.-nt on waa pald to the uioveniente
of the pnaaengers. Beveral of tbem carried hasketa, ae
thal a tniiiiile or package migbt have been carried aboard
?Aiiiiout attraetieg attention.
The oitklal report made to H. F. Kenney. siiperintend
ent of the Phtl?deiiihia. Wilmlngton and Baltiuiora Ha-J
road Oompany, tinaer whoie aupervlalou thi sieamboaa
la operate.l, aay? : " The u?ad of the boiler wa* Indeuted
and c-racked about a fo >t In lengtb. Ihe exido-ion Is ue
iii-4 i>(l to have been < ?uae4 by _ cBrtr.dgr of ?eme kl?1
plaoed under the. liead of the boiler, malictoimy.' l>e
tectivea have alrearty U-en put on Ihe eaaB. The Peltem
was lusured for fc'0.000. of whloh *_.\000 ?.t place*
IntheUvorpeol.-indonandai.*.-. and 8?,000 held
hy the Pennaylvanla Bullroui Coinpany.
St. Loi 18, Aujr. 17 (Special).?Maxwell spenl
the whcle day recelvlug distliigulahed vlaitora aad
chattedgayly with all. Mr. Fernow, the drugglst froaa
whom hepurch is-'d the chloroform that waa uaed aa
Preller, ealled aud fdentided blm.
?? Don't you know me, L? ictorl" aaked the drugglst.
"So, I don't," replled tho prlaoner.
M.ixwell rec.ived two auonymoua letters to-day, eaa
alxued " An Englishmau " and eacloatng an axitregate e*
$_"-*. He waa agaln photograpbed. there belng a gread
dem^nd for hls plc.urcs. Hc has reUlne<l Johu T. Martla
bb hls attornoy and tells a fairy story regard.ng 80.000
baexpects from EnitUnd. Nearly every vlsitor brlaga
hlm clfarettes and tobacco and tho reault la hls cell la
ttlled wUhofferiiiica A l.ieal d?aler ls maktn. a braad
oa.l.d the "Maxwell ctgarette." The prlaoner ia
adiuittliik'little elrcuinatanoea aurroundlug the tragejlr
wi.-.-h woven together make . bad case araluat hlm. He
w II '.e put lu cell No. 144 In the Jail to-morrow. wbleb
la tbe iititiiberof the room lu wblch he klilod Pr-1_?_
He waa ealled on t.wlay hy the Mayor. incmi.era of tba
Counell, -ecretary of Btate. three paatora, oue prleat aaa
tweuty-two wo-uen. He refuaee to put ou bia iroot
olotheaiindper-lBtBln looklne aeedy. The Repub'tta*
I i\ ? Bim a Biitiatantntl return to-di?y for tlie two artUiee
he coutrlbuted to lhat newspaner. He I. always eool
aud self-poaseaseil and talka well to all.
Clarkmunt, N. II., Au/J" 17.?ReirarfiiBj, tha
dlapatchea p.ibllabed lu a Boston evening paper aad
wldely coplod, that Seuater Blalr had wrlttaa
Frank Jouea that he would support all tha
Preal.leut's nomluatlona ln the Uulied Htatee
scnato provUtlug Colonel T. P.* Cheeny, Unlted
States Peusloa A_enti Henry M. Putney. reveuue 88B>
lectort J. L. BBOfeaaj poatmaater at Mauche.ter. and oae
other olficcholder are uot dlaturbed, Th* Ctaremomt
.irfao'ttlc wlll publlah to-uiorww tho following letter ta
the edltor, dated Vew-York. Aug. 10:
I .ni.ie here to atieud the funeral of Oeneral Orsnt,
and your letter of tbo 7th baa Juat reached me. Ofcouraj
tlie mattercoutalned lu the uewapaper allo you eneloaea
t,. me tnken from The t.rtntng Reeord ot the . th l^t. U
na aaaolata f ilaabaad. 1 never thou-ht of auch a Pfopo
Mtlon. and Mr. Jouea la at p-rfeel llberty to publisb auy
lctlcr I cver wrote to blm iu full.
rilllimw. Aug. 17.?Tbo oiitlook in tba
lron tra.le haa nttt been more ravorable ror a numberef
years Uiau it ia at present. 8lgn. of lm.rov.ment are
oomlng to the aur.'ace every day, and mauufaoturer. ara
heuiuuiug to 888M889 that the black wantle of dapreaaloa
ls belng gradnally llfted trom tbe staple in.lustrtea et
Pittebuig. Orders are lncr<*a*dng rapldly and many mllla
are ruumug ou .louble tlme. The worat featuwia8
nrca. ut la tbe atr.ke among the aaltara, whici from
? r -aeiit IndlcaUons, d..ca not loik as If au aiulcablo .ola
nof." im.i.lty waa near at hand. lUemanuf
it'^aha e,lc"'.lelto UBOTS the na.iera until the latwr
a'-epttlei terina. Oue ih.ug aoil.e-tt!a; a. ? re..ilt ot
tbea-Vama-81 oI.oiHirallo.ia la tue dlmlnlahed atock o.
BplUca ou hand. ^_
pLVMt.iTH, N. H., Atiff. 17.-ln \Vutorv_l^
ovcrthlrtymlles from here, late. 8atur.lay afte.nooB a
laudsl.dt, took plat-e ou Trlpyramld. whloh was aboal
thrco rods wlde at the top. slxty rods at the bottoni aad
tliree-f urths of a mile long. No ona
Uves wltlun soveral milea of where ?
0,,,lir..a. This altde wlth lt. new traek ?d|olul.<
lUi4l of B BIM. whleb 0,-t-urred dfteen?*?j~&?*
Souded. Th? rlTer ro^o foru fe. t n. ? JIJSWK
..-veuty f.et ot lho<lum nea ' "'"^.m acrosa Ovo?*k
waaearrlad away. dfewjaau " were de
near the rtvei w.-re e.irned away, -"?
|a| cd unlll tho W88B8 receded.
St Paui A..^. 17.-The Ira.n rjcaruij. tho
a___-_Ma-BaaSa,sMraailV ?be Nortaeru Paoiba
rol r ,nTac-u40i.A..g...t?. reached New-York to
road rrom -? f 3 373 millt!t lu ,,ljtht d?ra
__Sft5_i^rrbftWa^a -ver mude by ?
freitf-t tratn from oceau to oceaa.
P?.i.Ai)Ki.pi.iA, Aug. 17 (_?p?-fci/).-v;olonol,
joecph Baiblcrc. the ol.noxloua rebel elerk ln Iba
I_nt.ua U.llee hcte. bas realgue.1 and .verrounenUy re
U^S-S-ttS Knbe'rS^pToS geueial prtuclplo..J
Carbonualk. P?bb., Aug. 17 (AlpaeWia
ThoniaaConnerantlcDeColmrB. while returmng .ruia
. camp-mteiing at I'nlondaie Wterdw. *?^ ?""JJJ
Bttaiii on iba Sew-oaibl*?B Hrie a-d wo-teta __??
r\i_ i aud IUl!??

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