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Tho tropliv which ileclares thnt t lio NaUon
b-.hli.ig lt baa the best yaehte nnd the most rtrtlfal
yachtsmcu ln the world will be defeuded to-niorrow for
the fonrth tlme. Thirty fonr years ngo B__B___bBMa
frclicv.-.l ihit thev were at tho heau of the whole raea ol
aqnatic spnrUinen. and the .loyal Yaeht ^pitvdrou
afli-i-eil a silver cup to he salled f.r by tho yachts of the
wnrl 1. seranely c.nildent that tho tropl.y would ?"t
?tray far beyond " tl.e doar white clltls of Povei." - B
?nobright Aiiaust mornlng the watcra or the Solent
were white with tho suils of ynchts flyl.ig tbe ii-d otM*
Of St. (ieorgo and owned by iminy a piillinit Kcntlcinaii
and nable lord. etrlvlng for tho bonor of winnlng the
Jtoyal Bqnadrau's cup. Then ? like a wbfrlv.ind on tho
trees. li_e a deluge on the dlkes." swept down a schoi.ti t
Byingt..e Htars nnd Mripes. and tho swiftest keel that
bad ever then baaa launchcd shot nboad of the I
flet t, winnlng tho cup whlch ever sinco hae stiiyi?<! on
tbis side of the ooean.
Cunt. Bblaafl t. Coflln. In his Intere. tlug little bOBb on
?The Aii.er.iia'.s ( up," kiv. that when the ja'-lit neet
was in Mght iroui Cowes ("a.-tlc on that day tho follow ing
ii.iU.srue'took place between tlio Quceu aud oue of her
," Bl^iinl M aator, nre the yaehts In slght I"
? Yes, rcny lt pleasc your Majcsty."
? Whleh is tlr.at I"
. "The Atnerlea."
" Wblch ls second 1"
? Ah, your Mnjesty. there is ro seeonfl."
Tbe posseeaioti of the trophy thus won H.s between tho
twogiv.it btaaebeeef the Auglo-Saxon race. No other
Katloii haa er.r bad tho tiurdihood to compete for it.
But belw.cu Kngland and Amorlea eeveral bard-fought
battlea h.ivc be.-u waged for lt. Tho EaB-Bb BnB tiicd
to get iho cup back iu WO. C'ommodoro Ashbury. of tho
Koya) Thames Yacht c.uh. cballcngiDg forlt nn-l bring
lt._' ,\. r liij sohoouor yacht Cambria. BBB ruced a-_rain-i
tweuty tour yaebta of the Xow-Yoik Yacht (T.b
snuadron. aud wns badly .'..-f.? :te 1. BBB Mr. Ashl.ury
had-sportlug blood." un I he bullt hi,n a inw yaciit
eallcd iheLivoniaaudcroaael the seas n.-xt year4a_BP
mine-i. if ]?.>*-.'.'.?, to curry bacv: tho onpin trliimnh to
tbe ( astlo of Cowcs. BBI lt was not to bc. and tho
Uroolavaa dofeated by the schoc-uer yachts Columbla
and rtapi ho In a scrlcs ol r
Blnce that timo tho Aroerieaus have not h.d ta defend
tho cup ag.itust a ? eraok" English yacht. IbaCaa*
adiansscnt down tue (oiinteaa of nufl.rlu ln E97f BB 1
tho sloop AUlaula in 1**-*1. Both we.c ea*lly defcalc.l,
tbo tlrst by the echooiier Madeleine and tho second ny
tbe sloop Mischief. The last nic-, espe .lally. was sl.inst
a fare -. N'ow, howcrer, tln- yaclita.u":i of Aiucrlea Ujvo
Binatlcrof tpiite anothor sort on tnclr. hands. H,vo is
thcenttei (,eni ata, in tho full Ilush of her EafMl vlc
torU-s, a repn-ajutatlve of thr beat typa of Englisli J aBM
?NBMeetora, owned bya man who lapaaaaMa a family
thst has been fore.uost in sjnirts on land and water In the
?etheraaaaa17 tei gealrafloat, aud maaaed byaci"ew
of tho llower of I.n_.!!s'i sallors.
The ilecllno of Ameriean coinmerco and the decad.-nce
of tne Ameriean inarltiine sjiirtt whleh had been so
ateadily and aa loag goiig on had rxtendel ita in.liicnce
tn yachtfBgi and aii who reali_._a the true *tate of tblngs
srere ready toexclaim: ? Oh, IobaboJ, thy glory iia.
depart-ed!" The cutter Madge startle.d yac-ht.n-n nore
for a wlnlo and then came lu_,aitutlo nnd .elf-co'ii
placeney again. But when tbe Grue-tu cballcnged for
the Ai.ierlea's cup, evea th-j most apsBheM reail/.ed tiiat
?omethlng mu-t bo done. Two ooadatfBl llaopa wero
built -ine, tho Prisciila. ty the cointiiodoi-i. aud vico
roiuiiioiloio of tho New-York Yacht Club, aud
<onc, (lu- Puritun. ty g.nUe.uien aoaaaatad witb
tbo Kaaieru Yacut Club. When New-York yachts
Bicn saw tbo I'ris.-illa sail thoy wero lllled
Wllli wondor aud ndinlratiou. It was uot ;
for au>!iiiug to beat her, they said. Then came tho
Eai-ten: eruiac al the New-York Yacht Cluti, nnd when a j
White ,.-ho?t wlth Purltan on ber stern swoi tjty v. ah ;l;o
?p<od of tho wlnd. there was anothcr scason '.ot aatOOMb
nicul. ll,., (iraeic ,and tbe Iledo,iln had beeu o.nslticn-d
fast l.a.ita, but lt was iu the lirst ul UM irial rui-i-s, a he:i
tho Purltan erossed tlie llne while tho tnpmasts of thoso
two y.'i-ht. wen- Jn-t api>earing abovo the horizon, that
Americau yachlsuicu loaiuod what a fast bo.it really
To-tnorrow will show whether tho lliult of spoed has
been r,-aehe:l iu the I'urllin or lf tliere ls to I,, anather
?urpri-M." in .he (ii-neata. With tbe at'ilnment ot greater
gpeed the pro'tlem ot naral archltcoturo constantly
variea. The old " wave liuoa " of the Colltns ?teamers
wore fouud to I,.' totally ut fault whou lt oame to tlio
eonstmetion of the swlft aeWB tmwaaOAft ot the \ icsont
day. So ln tbo imllding of yac'.iU tho cfloct of gieat.r
apeel on tlie " sltin drag " haa to tie carofully constdered,
flawcllaatho creatlon of-vaves and other nlco points
The in.de! >t tha Puritan is uuliko auythlng ever socn
before. She is a sloop, If tbere ever wai one, and Ii4ia
much about her to aucgest the ? down-F.ast" n-'.nng l.out.
The boafa that sail frotn tlio rocky harbors of New
Kngland into the atoriny seas tlmt forover wnsh those
ihorcs havo aiways bcan built doep, and tlie Purltan H
The canual ol "-I'ver wouUl noiice little peculiar nb>ut
ber excej t h-r ..', ,il,i,igin ;-t.iii. But tUo exiHirieuced
eye at once detects her petmliarities. Her f ulness tu tiio
harpinga whlch enables ber to carry a pross of boad sail
without burylng her" nosepde " ln heavy wc.ither, her
Bliai'p.-utranco aml lein run iire all points whleh tell ln
ber favor. Her midship socilou aa coiui.ared wlth the
(i.i.M'u'. is shown ln the :ut OetWO. The Ptintan ls
cuttir rl^'gi-d with this exceptlon, that sl.o caiii'.s a
workinf nada elub topsnil while s euitcr can holst a
Olub topsatl, sprit laaaaal or a jlt? BaaaBr. rter shnuids
bave ratllns on the.u, so tbat tho -ailors oau go aloft
raphlly andeasily. Tbe (ieaesta. It will bo .cftu by
refereiiee to the cut, has a sllght ttimblc homo aid
cernes her bllge well down.
Knwn rutter siirays lays over a irreat deal. aud in a
yncht ooiiKtrttcted like the Oou< tta the nuhmoi'ged alde
will slide Int-i the water raslly anl without a slmolt and
without much i, taidtng hor simjcL h.u\ 'JOm the Pur?
ltan, ls lean aft, but ber run is not aa giuocful. Hhe has
n rake of nearly forty-flva d-grecs to bersteru post, and |
aniall rudd.r. The Purltan can tack ln twentj llve
a?couls, aud tlieao who have seen tbe (iciicsta Ball BB tho
other side of tbe Atlantlc say tiiat she e.in do even
acttor. Tlio braadskle vlew of tho two yachts is rcpre
seuted la the lower ltagram. The deck linea uud tlio
arnter Inea aro shown ln the nppcr diagram. Tno
Genesta was lanticbud ln May, l..|, and waa bullt from
dcslifns by J. Beavor B'ebb. ?he ls undoubtodly the
bent of Engtlsh cutters. fn her pasaage Baraaa tho
Atlantio abe medothe trlp la twenty fqur days. f-ilie
made the pas. age uu.lor a jury rlg aud was not pressed.
llio Purltaa waa dcalgned by M*. litirgoa*, ot Hoston.
aud bm't by Ueorge Lawly _k f-on, of taoutti Boatoa. On
Jiilr t) tbera was a swoepstakes regatu in wblch the
acticoners Portuna, i.ltoua, Mohleaa and America were
?atared. Tne Purltan was uo? ln tbo raea, but htarting
Bftortbe aehooaers ahe reaehed the turning buoy tive
tninntet abead ut the leadlng scbooner ln splte of the
fact that cbe kad to keep ont ef tbeir way. Tbea she hore
to and watlod uutll tkey had roanded. Then aha ilied
pway aud iaahod after them. heating tkem to tba flntsb
Bbla la aaaxauulo of ber aalilua againat Amerk.___i
yaehts. !t rcraalns to bo _con wbat sho wlll Uo wlth the
Tho vi-it ?f the Kiii-iixhuicii WBB 9 f** '?"?'?" f,,r
eriakat, aad aaa and ull Bgiaa tbal the praeaedta-r- at
Btate* !?!:inil wan a daaldad aaaaaaa, iti* hardly
probafaia that tha ?aaj?riamla aapeaaod the BMBeh
waaM ic-~.it in aha W-Qnthal B did, ta ta* thej aara
pretty ceulhient nt the aturt tlnt th.y woul.l Bt
walk-i ver: hut they weie wirpri-x .1 by the -
MaBdata Tha reaaflt artll *aadade aO ehaaoe ef tb lr
baiag ui.io teaay thal ll y wom oratj **aa they
played. The ret.'|.tion coinmitti-c aro to ba BOBBtBlO
lut-.l m the rea-ilt of tle-ir :ii-i.iiig.-ui--iit--. Tetbos*
n-..iinint. ,1 with th- w_.v-.ol tb- St.it... l-l.n.l Clttb,
the nc.-oniini.'liittoii pr.ivi.l-.t on Tu. .iluv iiml \V. .iiic-t
dny w ,s -init.ly wom!. rftal.
llie 'great tiiutch drew 'a iiu.nl.cr ol *ald-t_M ertek
Bterstathe gruoad, eeasp-euoas aaaaog Iheaa
" Daii " Ni-wli.'l. v li i ilil ii,,' ci'ii.-to Ncw-Voik',>r
nothini*. li- sliirlj waaahed tha ptaj ..i tha Ibretgaart,
and when ha wi nt lurk BB th- 1'itv ot Ilrot!-.erlv l.ov.
he 'loiibtle-* c.irricil in hla aM a f*W point t la tln-ir
p!n. i. r th ? u ik1-.ii'.i the.Philadalph-aa*. H tho
?aglWhawa haal thaaa it wiii not bl aaaHj di
The cricket m.-itch which waa to be played hv St.iten
Mtind with tbe ltc'.iti-nit Clnb of I'liitar'.-lttliia ?
(wm. _____ fca a ataaad thaa baaa peatponed. Thi
with tba foaag Aaaartea Chrh will tok. plaaaaasl
Batarday. .
A icr-ut point h is been e.aitic.1 by tbe BOqaLsitl >n ?.t
a pleo. oi around in Central Park oa wbich I
erlckel For veara tbe matter bas been irital -l. I
Sattetthwatta aad otheta havtng nrj-ed the qoeati n
tin-- ..tt.-r tim,'. hit with no iivail. Presldent Crim
BstBa i nd hi.- aaslaaaaaa ir.v- aaa aoase t.. tba
eoni-liii-ioii that tbaiplaylag al criekel Mlartroai ln?
loi?jr or ipoUin* tbe gra i It 11 tbe |roand
i, well looked after, and ii i- everj ericketer'a hrsl d<
-i:. tokaep lha turt in toad eandittoa, The fpo.e
allotted .s tho Not tii Meu lor, aad IhoBO who know
tbla part of tbe Part wlll al *nae aata wh itachai
t eronnd thi* wlll make. It oujri
i iniil-it to ci-i.-.i-t la tbis elty. fbe Rii
Club. a ae* organlzatlo* of youna bm
mateh ou tbe ground yeeterdaj altatheK aex < lub
oi New-Jsrser. Pbaaronndk ?? i ll* approach. I
?i ?->iii'iilre.!..-iii.i-loiftii -it. i-tatioti ot lha Wlth
Aicnii'. ri-v.iti-1 '?
Tbe Maahattan Cricket Club of Brooklyn on 1
diiv wiii play afli t alerea matah with tbo Vi
Clitti at Newark, aad on Prlda* will plaj IheKaw
York i lub al Proapad Park.
H M.'iniii. ot tii- Maahattan Club, la ?
all anaage-aeata far t iklag a toaaa ol aneket. n
\t, k'- t, ii ,., Bo t-,ii bi 'i th* i alchboi bo .-1.
eleven aill l><- toaipom -I -,t meral-ei i ol aevei il cl iba -i
tlii- .itv aud lu vii init y, aad artll prooaMy be caUad
?? The rvand i
i. -~- rraoflBBal PhBadatpblalaal
brilliinr. aarlormanee. tixpertesaj lhal il araaoae ol
tha iii."t lii-iiutiiiii exhltitlona <>i the aaaa arar vit
iic-i-.l in Pbiladi iplim. Tyara l- a bmb uw lha N <-i
hfittiiu.H to bfl pro'.-,(.' ..i.
'lln- Ijoagxroat. Club played tbe Q I week
at Lnagwaad, BBd beal taeai by aa laBbig and .'?'
Qaarga VVrtgbl nui'!- M, not eiat, lor Loagwo id.
A. 'I. Btrattord, tbe ar.laeal Pittsbarg erleheCer.
haa Ieft thal . ity to _;o ta Toronl >. * I. :? lu intenda to
rater bito bnili. ess, Ife will plaj wlth t. I
U'*.iiM4t the Kti-fli-ll crl, I;. t-r_. Hi- Im. .
optalaa tbat tbe EncHah team -.- arairelj np I
nv i.-.i-o- of a good Ragltafa t.-am, aad tbnki tba
riiilmii i(i!i!,ui ? t.ill glve iiu tn a . I. coii-1
The lluwaukre Club wera defeated at Mii*
11-' b .. k bv tha Bay Vi.-w Club by a -? ore ol 77 i .'_"'.
At Cbrster Clty the Cb* '? t 1'i'y Clnb playi
deteate. tbe Delaware WeldClabol rVifiuaftaaby
lt. ini-.
ih.- MaaaMB ciub, oi Toiedo, t?., iafa* ad lha Clere
laml t'lni) uy 7."i io ?>7.
i It.'t. th- vili-knowii Eaglbdi eriekatar, h.ia
rjeeatly tailea beLr toa large fortune. L'lj ett vUlte I
thla coVintiy with Bbaw'a taua, ainl al-'. wi;h Daft'a
At Ou.iwa, lha Montrcal Clnb BBd t_M >-'ttii_-a Clnb
pl-ivcd a gnoil niit-ii Imt it'i'k, lli- OltaWM BBada
I'O it. tlieir liiMt iiiiiing ulid tha Moiilr-nl. ; . .. .
Ottawa thaa weat ta aad nu.le 100. Tba Uovarnar*
ci- i> iii >-. u < .-in latareattd speetator ef tbe mateh,
Tbe K'n-ron Cricket ''lub baa beea (da" Ing i number
of BBBBa ies this Hi*n-nn uroiiinl Lonj1 Mi.incii. nol || i
hapad a i^-niiatietit clnb will Iw loiin-d, plh-.iti:
aaaaaaa. lha alavaa haa baaa t.-miy aa eaa *i .1 m Bm
ii.atclies ao lar pluv-'l.
The pnaelaaf Eagllah matohaa np to date hai
tufted ii- followa:
At Leytoa, Eaaaa.?Baaaa vs, NoHbaarptmisbtrfl
I li'il; Northamiiion-iliire, 133aad 140; n-^ult,
victury lor lis-<e\ bv an inning nn.i lll ruti?. Priaeiaal
ii tor Kssex?11. BowJer.76; 11. <i. Owaa.B2;
9. II. Btuvens, 17; Almond, 36; ('. K. Oreea, noi oat,
:it- I'ickett. '-'1 : for Ifortbamptonahlre: J. II. |>.
Weleh, 23 nnd 17: i. Turn.-r, 80; W. V. Kia* t-,?,
1 1. not out. 40 J C Bull, 18, 28.
At Kei -.i11tit m Oval. ?Surroy Vri. I.utieimliiro?Kuriev,
280and IIB; Laaaaalir,e lo7 and 22B; rasalt, *(a?
tory ior .-tiit tey witb one \t i. k< t to BBMU -. I'i iu-ipn!
si-i.r-4-': lor Smrcv- E, .1. Dmr. 80, nol OOt, 2*0 ; Ainl,
01.44; 8. Bbater, BB, '-'. V. W. Baah. '.' '?. i. Woott,
B* '.ut. 20: Ior L'-ii.-adiin Barlo ?. 15, 'J"> : Roraby.
-*, '-:>: (.. P, Laneaahire, 84, 31 Brigfa 16,83' Bot
. 23, 30; -Uldyard, 29, 2'.i; wataoa, 28, not
out, 1'-'.
At Hluffleld-Yorkililrn va. Mtddlesex- MMdleoei I6S
aud 294, Yoiliihlie '-'(.1 and 11.'., lemlt. vleloiy tor Mtd
dle?cx l.v H? riiiiH. I'liiicip.-ii seoresi 1'or Mkldlese]
A B. Btoddart 3, Cl; i;. ll. Buckland 30, 0: i. c.
0*Brten 2B,66;a. J. Wabba 8, -''.; K. M. ITadownot
out 44, 1.(1; Went ... '4.1. tOt YorWihlre (irlushaw l),
171 Laa71, 81 Bal 71,17; Preaaaall.aa.
At CbeltenbSBB Sinteex V*. (.louci iteifhtri -
30Omid ?S.i'.l, ' lloiio-'Mer-liiro l.'.'i ulid UT'l. re-ult, \ ir
tory lor Kiiibox wlth fonr wickets to npitic. Prlnelpul
8*0*88! lor rtuiacx-- J. Ilblo '.M, '.?; Nenliam 1, not out
lll; i:. J. MiConnlck 51, f.tf, lliiiii].liieva 61,0; ...
itiau.i fi!?, 7. for Otoocoeiefsblre?-Oraga 14.24; rmut
er (?. Wi W. B. Ulluert 1.BB; W. <;. Urace 38, I; F.
Townaaad 1, OB; J. II. Iinuu 3li, 51; II. V. Paa* 23, ..i,
K. J. Tayiot -ir,, a
At Xo:it.rl.l_-<- -f.entlenien of Kent va. l'lnycra??;en
u-iu.-ii 117 and ltJ'i, l'.ayers 315, rc-uit, rletory for
i'i iy< irs l.y nn miiitiit aml tineo ruii-i. Prtadpal - -
Playera, Tarrnan _7; OolBna 30; C. <? Ifearne ni ,
Ilickii...tt 41; Penteeoat ?..".; l>,ty not put ->; ii
Hc.ni,r::;. i ,,r Oontteonn J. N. Tonge I, 33; B. curla.
tophiTK.ui (;?_', M; W. II. I'utUiraou 80. l^; A. M. --titat
Beld (?, . ;.
At rh-iteiiiiiim Bnrrey \?. Qlouceatershlre Surrey
108 and 11(> ; tiloneeaterahlro 277 nnd ;tH, reanlt, vlt;
tory Ior (.iotieeatsrshiie hy nlne wleketS. 1'rliicijMl
acorcs ; l'or rurrey Abcl not out ?-., 10; H. W, I'._ln
bridee 17. :!?-'; W. W. Bead 11,30, Por Oloueeatershlre
-K. ).. tintiih-,-.'.".: W, n. firaee loi.not outlii; J. H.
ilram 17, uul out lo; I'miik... lil.
Friim The Portland Oretr I
A trip la iba inouiitiiin . ia woiiii a deaaala of
oollege itudy of goology. Here befoio aaaVa apoa tbe
toiccs ii) tiature are at work, toaring down and bulldlng
np. Mount tloi.,1, ii glaut still, Is I.ut ii remuuut ?f uia
fortucr aelf, and the rattle of loiilng i,.cka and lhe r.iar
t,f iratel laetlfy that the work nf donudafit.n still goes ,,,;
oontlnuallr. Bo Klucicnt cxlat ln tl.e fnlted Btatea but
tl?.i_e of uuPaoiBa Cuiuit. iw* oul> bare the atmoeoherlc
coodltiotii are favoruble; undtholeo hti-toatns of Mount
Hood aro tbe only ones on thls coaat eaaily reu'-h.-d.
Down far below tbo snow llnofineatr_eii*of lee jxish
thelr way throtigii valleys tlwy hn\o out for tie n.?,-, , -.
riicfr doaiiBartl motlon, \ arylng ln spoed i\ Ith iho . Iop?
of tbo chiinuel and tho welght sfanow ahove, Is con
- a few iti'hfs a day. The lower part la l"o; higher, ley
snow, uml whcro then- la iittl.) tbaw, puie BBOW. The
iieMs of he are atrewn with opaaaoned dri.ni. .from
laiuliters wclghmg tons ro tlm linest siind, whleh fall
from tho wiills of tbe g]__-!er .nl.ev. Near the foot of
the glac'.M" tne rnbbUb le iwelro ineles <>r nrnre tulok,
while bi otbor placea ono can wnik over uearly bare Ire?
ny,-., caa travel lor mlles, and stodv morames. etevasaos,
lls.aaves. loc tai.los, and aii lhe a;if unenances of a
i-s glacler, wlibout giilde or aijicostock, ropas or
apiK-d C*io?s. The lee moves aa only lee can, a.o.ildfng
i io varUtlous in tho channol, au.l splltting aii
ov _*.<?_ ouly wben mcetiag some great ?:<?.?_ nt ln
d. M. itiug eateada np over the aurf_*? aa w?il m
M tbo I'ntt; tiic iraveltor sleps auro*.* utreauiiets flowlag
up.u iia: ke-aurfaoe toward ?U?a _____?, porkup* te ...o
r . _,.. __._.
1 mmaammtm <n rrov.i.?es further down; nnd
STS7iedJ--sbiped ano.it of tl.o i-e Ki...
cours - denige of wiitrr. while down Its face rafoa
a slowrr of sanrt nud rock*. Tbe water aas_*W
Uieuebris, aoon dropplng tbe boul-Ur* .?:.ir,ir,g
. ...raesnd fuitl.er anl bearlng ... Un-('iil.i.n
&Sartof tflMBhf Mutlth.tl. flled olt by tuo
bottoin of the glaeler.
The BBBBBlBltnri of nrtificiul Ivory hns W.?..e
nn exteusive Indnatry la tbfa'eoanny. aad
Docially in thla city, during ibe laal
tbla laa !_____ due UJ lhe caieHj ol ...anu:.'
nerv whleb is inaiiitiei-nt hl nunntity lo su|>
,,'v the ht'i.iv ileuiiiutl tnr il- >'? neroiis w.iva
ormanaf-etur-H il btie* l'.-e., naployed *A
ilitfercnl titi.e-. bal BOBB -o . ucceKSiully asth.11
in vogue bi tbe preot al iaj\
\n .-M.-naive tl? ,iler in nrtilniiil ivory said
to a T ini'Ni' r I't.rt.r tlie other tluy tl,.,t 9
radlcal chaoge bad beea atada to tba nanu
Jnctiue ol thi- "- 1 il ...ti.'.--. and tbe i
resuli ia the prodael on cd a better aad eheapor
materiaL Al one thne, and that aot long
ti,.- majority oi lhe produeta were obtatoed bj
Inlfotlng srhltewo d with ohlorida oi I...,- ....
,1,,- h.i-..?_' preaann. Bul Ihla tonned platea
oi a slichtly yellowlah boe, whleh were Uanle
lo split oi wua "'I ?? aaj ammont. The dealer
tooknp ;, large Iron leere bntton from a tabie,
nnd begaa spllttlng u with a penknlfe.
?? Tbat i.a tlie kind of ivory tlmt tbej BBU
eUafly on tbe cbeaa ataada ta tba st*eete."be
J2uj ' ' Too aae itfc raaiW cbippel ap; aad tne
inteii. r preaenta a dirtji wblle ih.it doea not re
Mt, li.,- n.iliii ill ivory to the leiat. Nor; tnke n
ph ,-e oi artttloUl Itoi ? n ,' la atter the hnproved
nn tbod, antl see tbe .li ..r. n-c l'be pletei bere
a:.-oi a purc white aad toach, aad more easiiy
..,,,;.. tl.into j.roper iorma than the n.iiural ivory
Itaelf." .... , .
? Hut how is thi.- .nanufactur.-'l f w:;s Baked.
11 why, "i.t t,i tha eheaaeal nnd aimpleai
m.rt of iin.t.'iial. We ,- II. tl> 1 irge nuniliei ol
!?,,,,._ ,,| ibOCp ai'1 \>ifl'- !??(?-- of deei a1"'
kld sbto. 11.. n we mieerate Bad bleaeb Ibe
b,.1,.-a ii r two wet l;-in rhloride ol liine, after
vl,i i, they are beated by stram 'along witb
UM -l.in unii! ih,". iiu-in a llind iBMe, ta
ulii.li ia iitltl.d a xmall (pi.mt.ty ot
?:, ,? l!,ia lli,id ia then lilt.r.d and
tboroughh .liietl iu tbe alr, nml aOowad ta
n taabathoi alam. Wbaa flaally takaa oat ol
thls li.'fh ... lnw perfecttywhite platovreadytobe
v.oi-l.ed ap aad poltahi l Ini . ui ooa i Irahu ibapa.
roRTATlON"?icxtknt OF TBM i'a** AXaXtM.
An nssistant of tha gtmetol pawengw. aghat
of ono of the great trunk II:,.-a to whose lot It falls to
eeii-tdor tho appl.e_ti>n? of neckers for trlp pasai-s on
tho roal, has in his poi .csalon un e'.ab trnte and varird
nssortinct.t of nriicle,, left m pawn by people who. fall*
inj to get a piias for nothiii!,', havo left cloak*.
braaelata, watahes, iinga. me.lals and a th >u-iiuil and
one ihlnga as iiiriii<Mito_s of t'n'ir n ""! ii'id (helr Blper*
t.itlfi of piylni; u.i In better .tmies-or wl.cti iliey gal
?? Here." sahl thn agent to a Tatnuw. r-pirter. openlng
a | ia,- ,,r .trawcrs aud dtselii-lug a fiir-lluu.l allken i-lo.ig,
?? ,a 41 |.ie,ls-o l.-ft wltti tu- l?o woclci. aif) bj . l.,v.ly
woman of sotne tvrcuty-twu years. She catne fo me with
Bpltltal etory; she said she Was tho danght.r ofa
we.ilthy fanner llvlng not far from Petrolti _'ie had nisr
rlcd a poor man nnd had aaaaa to thls eity to llve ; ber
baabaad bai a h.ud time of tt au..
I,, get aaaaaiaaaa aaaaial H_m f am her tuhet. it ? bal
, Haalaaai tbal tbe beet abtoffa i,"i t<>,:,. waa taBBM
her fatb.-r's home; >?'..-? had no money, iba sm 1
begged me to let bBB hivt a ticket, sa.ing that she
vweilil a-n 1 ino th" mo ,ey M a,,,,u M BOBM I
tho woniiin left the eloak us a pl.-.lge and I gave ber the
tlc'_,-t. I 1, ivo hear.l nothlng ini.rofro-n h.t w-t
" i have a valunblo eoBeetlon of eurloslUes,** tbe
apenkcr i uii'ltiii. .1; " lui,'I- i tn-l...
Injt to tho m.orlptlon.to Captalti J.ni tke.su
v*my. 'for BWIIMlloaa
Barriaaa aa a marV of c,r.-,-m froui lii?
brothrn ln nnni.' II. b loiii.od to the li.'.b
Aruiy . I'orp-t anl the Wi?BBIBCale4 -.i
tbosnof Johu'* I- BMfa. Mm
tisaud I. . -1- ..Iv Tho ni.-d.l l?, y.ui . -.-. a ill.er
Maltes* cmii on an rn itnr-l!e.' iliI- ?!.'. Wllh * .''.'.I cintte
l*f8*8BntfBf Port "unit-r. Thfl pooataact Bl th:a raina
to iuo )i'..m ,i;i. wlth a Ul" of aBttltt BBd WOl
paaaaat 44r*aaiaaa< ? i ne waa
Captaln Thoradlka nad BawaaBl a.-nd t
Baaa lei Ib* I
in- maf
" ilt-ro 1* i\ bracelnt ou w.ii i a chartnltic wmn.in two
?! , ? r :
me twlce, herglnn mo BM * l i?' I :. , r. o? my
hatnla. p-..itii'.-Iiik t> aanl sha BBaaaf. butaae ha* imt
y.-l 4*1
"You woiii ha tarpffeed al aaaaa laetdaaia af thla
Lini ai i IBa aUaalMs atortsB whleh ara t d i f-.r t ?
aaka of a paat or ttaa t i ? 4?aaaad
ii, prolbaslaa lo bB haabaa . aaaa u?-*tt>
I, eaaaa lo aaa wlth lha old itoryol paeartfi Hw|
wi .:,<? 11-, \\9 io <-!?!< aaa. Tim ? rnn in .ut.i.i;./ k'"i 4a* b
oa hor kaeea aaa bagaad 14r tba paaa i; aha ....
wlth proteata > Bd wHh lha
. i my bead, tiiat if I Woald I.'i ll.-.n b*v
-iii woald wntk, MfBb al M cciitaaday
until sho bad aaraad thd i ? rtai ;. iyme. ?afadbf
lo r npi.u. .t iu -ry, I ?ave her tho paasea. I I
u.illiiuii fi... .i. r 1-ir theae or lour moutln. and tio -n
1;. 1 i 1 on her, aa aUc ha.l l.ilt her
aldr- ? that far In leavuii; a rerr. - ?
addreaa, but wbeo tbo tjtteai in ot Mooojr Was ...eu
.. ?li i ha-lil't lt, at.l 1 doa't .u;ip,).-i i -v. If
wiii hare.
" It in..- - ;i laall >' ii.ti.'l.om- won iti. tlioii.'h, to ena.t
the ru ? . - ? ..- anot. Oa otot ? a i lo
?go that aaa had two slck ehlldrou oel not more tba'.
(our lii'it.' . .. cltr, and ahe wantcd tbetn
- her; If l wou! . BBfld i ?'. ;? .? i to lbi ?? sl ngani
to put tiiem otl tho trw.n aIio would have Me ni.ni v
f.u- int by ilio int tlie tt.iin at
? :.i? her sddn , aud f setit I
Then I got wort that th" rhlldren were flve uillea fr'.tn
th-ueiKit. i -it-..?ti t*i?t tuc aaeal abeaM saad a
..-.?? 1'!,,. .lll. .,
li i! I 1. -j-. 1 bfl luv.-ly wuinaii
htllt pio'tit- '-. and tlmt la nll.
?'Another woman?do you thlns lt la woin'-a onlv who
?rorx tblasort oftblaiI Hfell,tbejr .ir? tha nto I ia
a -t oii.ii Iii ,ii- taa in ro's n ituro.
ro i know. *t ii .th ir w.irn'in. thr.t ,-u i-i; - i . I -ut
Uw' a pua* for a ?lck chlld lo bfl ?< ni to llie couutry .
Qm .-a.ii- lo tu- foi .i ' ikot foi hofaafl to if"
to see ber ofhprln*. The ttckei was worfb |12. f
in r i waa* m bat have i' ,'ot 19. Padsa Bia twfsaaed
Isar that she t oald uot roweiaber nll about it, ?!ic got 01*
to tvr \ Mi ?'t broksi <>! wx ac
isatntaaaa bbob a.'t> rwsni aald me tin?r tha wenaaa
want^d him to lot li?r have f"> ou the ptotnlne t!i?C bfl
inixlit havo tbe titkot for tbat antn oa aoon ?-. aii- ttoi it.
' .1 llttie Joh; bnsldea he kaew i?- II
? -one, ho would asrer aoe tho tlrkct 01 thu wou. M
aaal _
" A enrlooa lacideat bappeaed tntu* some yesrs ago
ln thtsbustness In regard to au actreet who bas boen
well ulrertlaed of lale, tbe wlfe ot aa aetor ,-vi-n
satne "i'.i ti--1 ra lltloual omotlon deal ia I
ln ber conotenanee. Hor hqaband, sbe Ud, 'esplaylng
in BewOrleana and sbe wanP l I . go tbera wttbonl tbe
knowlodaa ,,i 'i!'n*,>lf or bu frlapda, Sbe wanted to glra
Inii ii ?iiritrl*,-pirty. not egaotty beeouaa of conju_(?l
tffeetlon, but beeaoae _!io _u?pn_:o.J that ho waadevoiing
l,lu,*elf to anofln-r wotuati aml she wi^hcd to
,,.,. i poreoael torestlgatloa of ihn mattar.
would not wrl'.e to hlui f,,r iiuinny, for hla
sus|.lclona would (baa be rou.ae,!. Sbe Ii.nl a small r.old
wnt li, the w.ddlng glft <>. her mothe.. BM t?hl
me whleh she prtzed beyoml all price; sbe
would leave that wltli me, nud ?t-nt n.e tbe monev as
s.to.i as slei renehed Kew-Ol iei.ns. Hbc got tbe pas* and
1 got the watch. After two yaaratbe wateb broagbt -'?"
I b.ivo never hesid from Ibe ne'ress stnce the duy of hor
f.ilr proinlaes. Tuat was llve years ago.
- Ma .y Hi-e the BSO?~BS tlmt aeiiiate the pass-s.-ekera.
Porerty and oon)jgal ?ud pnrental aBbetlea
uro great l,i"tois. I'olili, ,il Otlgtti M '
a power. Tban "in a iluy when
the Aldt-nnen at f Ity Unii littl full awfag tn th
Imsiii'-'s. When Alderiiien did not ffm.i peaaeafer theni
?elvea they soiigiit them for their ? frlcnds." lt get so
i, nl ibal a ? beeler' aroold sead laaOlty Hall i, tolblaak
wlth a demanil on thn Ahlernmti and !,,?> A Nle. mau
would dispHteii the hiioiala.-k i.i gol thi, pa__. tbo City
IIull bootblt.ok _*. ? power tli.-n. Ii the pu.a was uoi
forthconiing, th.-ri. #as a eertala olerk, huh In an*
thorlty, w,i,i would .-ome ln nerson nnd say that he tnust
huvo the pstts or tliere n onld be the dlekesM to pny, ?nd
tbe ai leiinati would ba left la a ridlealoua niigbt, with
the couvlPtlon ln tho tnlnd of tho 'beeler ' that the <hl)
I'nther waa not as gn-.it a power as he pt eieuile 1. w< IL
Al.ieitiiou wero a gtealcr naad tu Ui., uhh than BOW.
and tbey rerelled lu oaesei, [flaaara ralla waa a araal
lilace for tbcni to vl.-lt tln-n. It was a ficpicirt thiug to
Usue lroln UOO to :iO() pas*es a day.
"liuivi, glvc pa__?s to uil.it .t*:rs I Not now ; w ua'd
to tin it, ',ut balf .ratea are tbeir perqalalia Why.lo
uiliilsters ask for past.es I Well.it la genefallf lhe inin
u.,ia of small pluces who hai'* "Oiall congrogatioiis
who atik for passea. TheyH.iyili.it tbey are Ot T,
yet mu4i ti-avei f.,i it" good of soots. aad Cnoy preeenl
lhe argumont that they aro pnmlc benefacto, aml te.ch
onr emnloye. t-i bo ui-rlgl.t au.l honest, and honcc they
hhonld bo favored."
'fhe " eourt?'sy" pi.Rses are a flved part of rallro.vl
mnuagement. Tbeee uasiH aeu tba aaaaal p**ses tothe
four pi'iDMlpnl otlioers ot tuo great r.illro.id. of tho eoun
iiy.iiie prtnelpal ojpeera of steamsulp Uoaaaod other
compaulCi do.ng bu*lnoati with lhe lui.r.ia.l..; llic Bl IITB
mon of the Ualispoi l.itloii .1,-pai'imeiils of othor .? els |
tbe members of the Nnw-Jersey I/egislnture wblle m
sesaion'.'i'required by Iaw) nnd of the New-York Legta
lature ; paeana to some thtrty-Uve or forty le.idlug uewf
papera oatetde Bew-York <.it> (BoBBIo, CBteage _..>l ft.
Louli are espeetalljr farorad); uud the head* ofdepert
ments of thelr owu roads.
Tbe lifo paeees lo property-owners along the routs,
whose conient to iba i onatrootloa of It was ebtalnod ou
such u stlpiil.'itlou, conatltiite u tpeetal forui of frco
tr.ivol. 'Hieii thero are monthly naases of .courtesy to
I.mmI oditi.rs, glven lu exehaiigo for tbclr prlutlng Do
Uoeepi local trains aiiil to "u.ihlo lhe couufry adltorto
ttnvel ln obtnlnlug mforiiiatlou ; tbe emi'lnvM of ibe
Post ofhc-i Deparim-tit, aewaboya, iba prfn.-fpai ataBoo
ageuts, olsrks lu respouMble positlon*, eugineers aud
llt.-ui'-n havo the moulbly passet. Trlp p.is.cs 00 to
employos, jat reaaonable futervnls, lueliidlug % tho Im
me&laie mi'mbois of ihelr fauiili *. Theu ihcro'aro tbe
mlsceliuut'ou? trlp pa*ses, inaiiv of wbleU go to thoae
who throi. i/.i.l,uss lnto thn hands of tho roads. nud
thoae oetae uuder the head of" courtesy " pa&ses. ?? The
chlef aouacgrowing out of tbe ' ooartesy pa__.,'"satd tho
agent, " ls that e, ury maa who cau get oue la unslous to
tuko all his fi'ieuda wlth him. That ls a klud of gcucr*
?auy Whicb does not work both ways."
? a
From Th* Ami* Fitncueo Lalt.
Cbiiia Aoeiiutat 1 iet ta have brcoRi'" con
wblcb anawered n pm-poee 1,000 yenrs iij-t) wlll not do
for tho pre-i-iit. iVIion n rnllway proleet between two
(liii,. .ecltlea waa oiue under ilt?tMJtnn tho pti.'e.'tors
dweit npon the t.vt thal tho dlitanre between two aivcu
cl'lce wouid be pnietlciiliv Bhortened by aboul tbree
quarterH?tbata nlaaa 100 naflaa di-umt would bo_.a
(iiiickiv reaehed ii> rall a? oue twetit- -ttre mllee dlatant
by . i.l'lnaiv oonrcyanc*. Hut thenilnrse did not aaoai
hnpresaedby ihl* Htuieiueut. They .li.i:?>t .ll-iut.- lt,
l.ut .lul not tlilnn -li.n-ttiil'ij- dJstancea worlh wblla.
Their ilni.-. were near enongh toea?b other aa lt waa.
A- for net ilni; <>\ er ground nt the ii.tc of forty n.lles nn
bour. lo plaee of t.-n. tbey did nol ?co the use of it.
in.d tnoto timo tluiii anvtlilinr olr-*. Why ahould
to c.-.i.ion-i/i- luthat wnlch cost nothlni; uud
whloh tbat had the most ot 1 Tbe aatateol tim ar*n
iii.nt whi.-li lc.l tliem lo aco thinxa iu a new llifht le uot
A ill.-patch frotu neilln atatea Ihat t'blna Iiu* con
. ..Itliii Miniclii'ter llrm t'-r tlie con. truetion of a
: i ,.-. n lakoii. at the month of Iho rlver Hocn
1 o. ii'i.t Toiik (how, a polut on tbo rlver about l weuty
llve mlltM fii.t.i I'.klti. TblH. probnl.'.y. Uaa near
Feiiin ns tho uataeae iiovcrninont wlll permtt a rall?
road to eoin* until It haa had a fair tvliil. Tbis i
to be built undet Kn^fli-li illn-ction, l ut wlth ( hitieim
ul Cblneeemoney. A wide fleld for eaterpMae
i- thna .'? cin-.l to Miuisi.-i- Denby.
.??--*? ?.->
rr.rn.iA n oahpei e i mtRXB.
trom TkoCmtpai Vraii amd Beaieat.
Tha htiiiiaii |jf-nr_ aad nnimala hare baaa
lrc.|ttct:t|y need In curpct pitt. rnn. Tbe Wgelow Com
patiy bad :i Japnaese ili-Hlitti whieh repreeeuted i>oo|ile
walklnata n ganlea. fouio yaaraaao "pagodu gat
lerns," Chlai ? or Japaneaa lanaeeMpes, ir. wbleh ropre
Mntatlona of paaodaa and templos were prqmlnen . wi re
lu eanslderable dernand. Oi bim- and grlfflna bave loui
iii-i-n finpi .vi-d iu c.iii-et deslitns, Bad eeperlally by iin
i-'rcncli, wbo M-.-in to bare -. tendeney toward monstrosl
inaatly aad aUegodcal flfurea. An Amcricun
en;..-: i-iill.-.1 t!.i- nieiiiiit-rlo pattern conslatedof ro-it-<v
lon ? of a i .iri.-ty of aniniiii _ Bnl lu Hgnre, anfmal
niiil i-inii-i upc jiiittt-r.i--. the ni't manufacturera har. far
mrpaas. d the iiuikcn of etber kind, ol Boor-corarlnfa
Old r..i-p-t meu wiii retuem.er ihol rapresentatlunsot
iu li il Inatrnmenta wero promineut f cut ure a io inuiiy ?f
tba popular dealans of yore.
The liin.ioiity ot tbe extiuoiillnary p.itlen.- for catpets.
wcio t.i'i it'iccii abroad for tlio Amcrli-an market under a
conldcaof tbe taato of onr peopla. Tno Amerlcun
idtd not rcatly ndinlte t'n- on-i-titrlo deslltua, but
they llked tbe brlgbi i olors wii. h nsuoily ebaraatrrlzad
tii, tu und ao aoeepted tho blsarre patterns for tne sake ?r
tii- bitabi c'li.-t-.
The piaveawata of Kui-opeaii rathedrab ha*e fornl bed
nioili-N .md |iiiit:uicr_b!(. sujcfretlon . tor tloor oll ci iili.
A - Iim.I-. ,.|i-" oarpetnownn nxbibltion in thoe'.iow
arlndow of a larjn London dealer i* said to hnve sttrnetod
nol ontv utti-nti .n imt also egoeddeeJ or pralaa it
nta ;i watorfall. Bbtooi, tieeeaad laif. and ls
llki '. celebrated moukey'a tall, noal oul nol
tbepredomlnant cotoi bcini* oiive. it u Impoesibleto
in. iii.-r v.ii.it ,tke general pnblic wlllprefera (awyeat*
iii-nce, foi tlni vairarlca of populur tuntn can bo hardly
Imaflned, ninch lesa foratola. nnd lils tberatoreuot
itely Impiohable tha' landscape patterna may
eventually ooaaa lota raaaa
it I-.. iii.iceii, noaalblfl thal Iba tradfl may in time tako
atlll another siep forward In tbe Introduetlou ol " imr
n.iif" rarpeta The Blgelow Company Introduced
a head of Oeoige ?/aabiagto*'B * pattern lateaaedfor
the ba iks of cbalrs, and o blocb eutter wlth ?he late i..l
wurd llarvaj, Booi -.11 eloth munufBrturer, mada aa
eioellont llkeneaa of B-ashlu-rton for u-w on Boot ofl
///. it/v* \r IA8T.
C'.iirtnev?I feel bettcr now.
('..riict lf..-.
jCourtney Ihnveal kaaath dfarpetled tiie pomtiar(te
lii-ion lhal I will not wln ii
> Cxactly. A riliii.ii..-tt ate U |u*t what \oii
wantB l.
Loartaay Taa; yaaaoa Fra rblcken-heartod .ind um
n|.f to ba panlc urlckenat a erltl.-al point I lin.l a
eomponloo ln j ou wbo stlBetia up my bat i.
L'oiilpy Thi.uk?. awfiilly.
IBOI /.'/./' H7/'// ffi V0B8.
Raattfa (aohu]?My exparieBee with _mn_*?rn
!? i.- iiiy.dlsbeBi '? '.ini': it all eome from un naeei ilnty of
atandard. Tboanpaon baa hliprlvaU) polilk ' o*e,
: isai itbei -: ladard, aad, h..ni; It, Ihei
Eri iitu,/ /'...f ;n'i -it |B
oni.it '? only way out Ib to lei 1 i.on. p
ilitn of it. I -tll!
_r iti b* kooeked dowa.ter him; it
tening mj' cou-titntlon.
nn: OBBBB.it t.isr.
, i-, '-w'nr><
- V J....
I"... '
I'. i???
| l" i.rt
V i.to.n*
? j...
I IM .* I'l.' .
, II
V> I.U* W
|i.a li
. _.'!_.
I .1. V f ? ? '
i t w,
i .,_.>? a .or ? .
ii . .
Ma-r. I
Ma i-?winc ...
."I :. <?
". i
.a. . >
. -ii.ur.
N 1 i
'? i
N \ ...? VS ...
>\ " ,UI Ml
::, l-.w
\, ii: ,
oblou .
uHax, ....
I.u ' .* D.in. ...
BB B i .
I? . li .-.
? t I ? "*K. urf'
at r m a >.
I | I',
l ' ll.-I..
v. t i..
? -
l'; I
?? i
' I
r_-i, i-.'7', ;.?'
'lllS lll'. lllVij 111% 11 I'r IU V
. ? ?_
: : , . ' : -1 . ' i
-t ?_
UIO ?, 101 *H
-l '.
a. 100'?
1 ?
.'> Si
1 ,'
l? .
; .
7,,'v. 70*1
.1. .1
? .
i .?
ll .
II. =4
K 1
7 i
. i
11 aj
.:.. I,.
il ,i ror tin <tay
.: ...
1,80 .
4 470
ll ,i
? ,
1.1 ?
4 ;um
4.1 -20
t | i ? oopea l'" 7
6.nr_. i"
r.ih.i .. i7'j
,- it.*.
. !.i t ? gnld
l:, i . i
-.',,io'i .Inu ??
luiiu'i.i Bontb'n lat
i , n ......u",
a ll
i oapoa off
IKIOti 7,1
( I. . I'ilta nh
l.ooo.... III
. i ,,?, .1 lowa 1st
I .ntK.ll Otl
CeL .. v?i*'l ist
. 7l\
?ju .,,.?. ".'?
1,1,1 Pa, l.'.l.il.lta
l.ll.l.l 1".
ix-i a Htutsoa Ist
I'.-ltll lllV C'tU
1 "
ll, ll k ll <? 1-1 t 'll
... n'.) 'a
4.000 '? .
30.000 .Ofl
F 'I'eiui Vad ? ' ' .I
?Jd.ii'in .17\
70,000 .17S_
go .hui. H
; .1>*U
Io.ikni.? ?*'*
16 ...m .I.7#
.I _ \
. ii- -.',l
_',(si,i I .'(;??
BO9D0 AXO ni -I tt ?? I -
I. laland
St A Ht ,' lat
, .v ,- Ml ,11
4.IKHI. n*>'-j
1 ?'?*?*
- 7s 71
. 1*8*
uiiior x J ut
Ul ',
Mo Kim i i- I
18,000 . ,1
B.OM . VI 'a
lii noo 7i h
X V \V HA II 1*1 I
?i OIH.
'11 ua. li.ell'ta |
li.ih.n .1
N V l.'.K, i i ??
. onaola
lll.O'O ? '.
.(.?..(tuo. 08-1
.s v ii, a
10,000 sH . 7HI.
vn -ni .7h"?
N ^ f.-lll la' . "'|>
l..(MX.. 183 .J
N \ ( .'lll ? .' ?
2,000 10(1.1
X V Kleviil.at lal
r.,t__i ... 199*1
Out].i a r ui, .Nor i-a. ui eooa
11 vi
Iiiiii,,,. lal toupoli
1 a
Iml lll ni _. Wn lat
Il.t.Iln. . ,,,
lntl li'n A v."it
'.-,,?, _n
I.uilia A Niiahvllle
X ', k M I 'iv
li.o.io ... lt.', t-j
ir,i ii,.,r (!_
-.-,, ?, ... 108??
I.iif Bloota & Mun
4.00C ..?>
l..-liigli * W H
con nneelit.-l
a.ooo .V?S*_
s.i oo
l.ake --liiire li-t (?'
1.1. a w ist
IM (-P
18,000... 10.. "-4
'ili-g.,1, A I'l tnal ?t
i.i.ooo . 7M'-j
10,000 7S
Pi-iii. in* l'i r""
2,000 .. lo..*a
st I, Kan citv * tt
real _?_?-_> 7a
i.liol... . 100
li.OIIO. 100
Bl l.._ rtan ir Ua
, ii.-.-. i;
,.,111111 iw
Ht I'liul * I'lll Ist
16,000. I..""-^
10.000 . lOH-N
Ini ,_ .. _______
con , IliiV, illlilo
1,000 ... 70
Toledo A V. ahaal.
i.r.iKi.'? [5bJ
RJn ? iiiinle.liv
6.00.1. 6U\
. r,t'*.
70,000.. '?!
. tti4
, uo
-.: ,'.(,,' .(I(..'4
(hi, Nuatb. in -.-,i
82.000 78
I'lU .t It ti Wn lat
.'..i'imi_ ,-,| _.
II. ll i* I"k
I I .ii . i B ti:i .ia
10,00 i .,,iiit
X lOiil-oil
10.(100 12
Iron M.i-iii?i?,nt ns
I.IKHI . , k.
1,000 7J
Met I i.-vut.-l lal
1..HMI. 1)4
B YC 4
,., n ii'ort
Truat t ,, . , il
- l'lie 1 at
('..iil.oi, ntT
in,.'.... 01
st 1. A I Mount.'.S
Tca A Pae Tat lla
:. ooo , | '.,
r, . Pae ii.o i. w
10(10,1 .4"t.j
Aiiiuiiy A mh
eon tt.
'J.OdO. IM
Atlui, A I'ue VV eiv
l(l.( .M>.71 -j
Ual Hui- A Smi Am
U ? -t'i, ,lt\
MtB .. '..-'"a
li A Tat Cent isi
Mii I li,.
I upnil'
.'..IHIO , a'.Lj
Mo K A 1'ex ir,, t>?
..n.oiiti .. .. _:i
1MMK). ll()-a
MoMlaa ohto
M debl ,i
Kl.nisi ... ij-j
< ilii., Ceiitiiil Ine
6.000 . 2
Itnch A Pitta
lat .-oti-ioirt
1 illlpill! off
7.0(1'. .i!j(
BALBA I T TIIK 00 v n.li> i TBO ttOOB .4 -VU 9BTB0
li:r.\f r.vn t.Vi.Jl
Am Tel an.l. il
liosK.u, II A K. nrw
i Ll,, liu.1 * uy con
i ii Mii and mi I'.iin
( !, ;,,,.' Nnrtliwest
.HWBunai* W
Lake B'liirn .
I .NH.ali
il ll .
N J t t-iilliil.
4 Trans.
I'arlt.. M;i,l.
Union I'.ieiBe.
WMtern ( umn.
Tolal nhares-soid
_,j ... ii. B-a- .--Hii
Ba rrRtiAV, Bept. 5-r. w.
The week elosea at the Stock Kxchango with dull
ni.irkcfa Hnd nu unchnnged, ueneral dlnjioaltlon on the
part of the I'leuii-nta wiiich make up tho prenent apocu
lutli n to follow after ahadowa rather thsn
aolld facta. To day'a bimltioaa lu atocka
nmotinted only to 179,1)11 abarea und the almoat unl
vi-raal opinion Is that the market was atronir all day.
And ao lt wm. Hut there is acarcelj* o atock that
doe? uot ahow n decllne on ths day'a operatlons.
?all of tho losaes nro inensured by amall
fractl >na whlch aro too inattrnltieunt to be mcntloned. If
? id Iiml closed nt'_ o'cloek the rullug prlccs of
tuat hour v/ould hare ahown more amall ffalna
than lossca. Central of New-Jcr_ey. wlth aniall tnuie
BOttoaa, was oxceptloually weak. and decllned >*? to
11. and llcadlni*. with aales of only ;t,300 aharca, sllppcd
away 1 *a to 17*_, u?- liu-t '.21 \ carly lu tho week. I'nion
Pnclllc, with truusaotioiis In o 1,000 i-harea,
f'liui in'd moro than ouc-qutirter of the whole
bualnega of tho day, aud Ita lluctiuitlons were
erratlc; carly it aoemed weak at 47'_; later it
atipearcd to bo atron_; at iH3*. and lt cloiied at 47-a
u-iititt -l.-Hfl yeaterday. Uelaware, I.ackawanna aud
Wostcrn wua ateady to weak between 101 nt the 8pe____g
MdlBOagBlOB-Bal the closinir. Weatern Uulon irlcd
10 hl tlnu at about 70 but lt waa cold at ?>9Hi nnd 8tO*Bd
at (in^i. Tho market ncncrally closed (liaappointlni-Iy
Oorei nnteal bonda wero dull und ateady at unohangod
(?tiotntlons for buslness ns followa:
lini AskTi SidZ Ask.'
C.s.4-.sl<ni.r>T li.Vl-U tM-.nr. fli 1831 IHO .
I .'- iij.HH.i-.il .ll-J'4ll-J*il 17.8. i-ir. Us 1-H7 132 .
U.H4S1907. rc.x V22 i?j_"?; 0. B. c.ir. Ot, WBB 184 .
t*.g.4e.9J7 <iu..l.'3 Vi.V.. U..->. our. .'? l-iii lail .
i.tr.--.iit M.I 10;l??t i Dlst. C.I. A-iiSt... 11* .
L'.*),_iiriHi-l_'.l....l'.'3 .i_
Btate boada wara entireiy neclecled and there wero no
transactloBB ln clty bank -tm l
A fulriy wi-i! dlstrlbuted buslnesa waa dono In rallway
bonda, but exeept iu two or three lasoes of
B ;..-. ul.-itlve (iiai.-icter the dcalinc6 were
amall niid at ateudy i!rure:. [rregularttj*
iii.-irked the cotirao of values for tho specnlatm. kindn.
Brla seeond conaola opened otr i_at O'i'j, aud aold at
(!.".'_ nnd cloa-.t at Bfl, wnile IflBSOUrl, Knn-.i* and Texaa
_-iiier.il.".? -old np :l4 io7r"inndctnlodat71>_. Leltii-h and
wllkosbarra oonsoia were weak at 95VB96. Cbasaaaaka
snd Oblo eerle* B, were ofl l U at r<>. Texaa Paelno ln
eomes were up 1 ?* at 40*b, a*d Brata, BtoOrande dlvl
slon, rose l 't lo60%, CaaadaBontbern irataweresteady
ut !el^,;!.'.t:ii ai.d the sneonda sold nt 7.;. I'ast
Tennessee, Vlratnla aad Ooorgla lu'aln were a mark ln
Ibe speculatlon. Tne eonsols rose from MH lo CM '.i.1.
und tim Incomes roae froin l7'-2to 199181*. New-York,
CblOBgOMd St. Loula flrata were flrm, with uu udvance
of s. to 7^-\i. Weat Bbof* trmt oerttfleatea wereduii
iiml Bleady nt about 11, while tho unasaented l-onds
deehaed to 42>?. Bt. Panra flrvts, ruciiic aadWeatern,
wi-ro ofl U ;it 99*4- Iirnvcr nnd Itlo Gnindn eonsols
woro off to 68*896918. bui Denrer, I'.io (in.nd.- and
Western ilrats were up -<i nt -~>l ^i. Nortberu Pnclttc
liruta were otf 3? at Ii?.")>?, and orcgon Transcontlnintal
wi io ?.tt i par ? nt at 7a.
'Ihe weekiy statement of bank avemi*es ahowa Import
Btit ehaagea ln nll the priuclpal lt< mt, Ixi.iiir ere fur
tlu-r i-xj..iii.!.-.l 94,743.300 and tho loaa ln ceh ls
~ .,..'i 1,7. io. Tbe amall .lirri'-. of $336,800 ln tbo net
oepostts ls uniiaually cousiateiit wlth tbe Oaangss
before noted. The loaa ln eaah. a part of whlch retlecta
tbeamonm beld it the beglnalng of the week that waa
? (tiait the arerag* reportcd by the et.iteu'.ent of
Angust 29 Is abnoat entireiy daa 10 absorptlon by tho
eaaury. The movementa result in a radaattaai of
f.'..(iiii.',(io to the snrpln ?
Ti.e foUowtn* eoraparea totala of statement of
Au-ust 20 and Boptembei ., :
Aitgnat'.'.*. f*j>t.i. Dlffsrences
I . a-i*. . '?. Iirc .* i 74 00
. 11'. -.. ?.'. . 11 : i.i lOo.ieo. i, r.i ii-Mi
!..-?-..I tCllders. li..01...4(H) .:.???-?-- ii,!.).i
I.i ; ,,-lts. -?"
en. nl tion. P.6M.2P- 9,707,90a ne. '.'.i.loO
CollawlBf abawa tha relathm betwaaa tno total re
BBtTB aad ti.e tot.ii dapoati llahBltlaa i
Atij/uat '-'II t-ent. ">. < kHM
Hpects .fl !.-..< V..oo.' $11 1.80-1.404) der.ai :.
lendera 39.040,400 S5,2O7,8O0dM. 8,748,100
|-..t ?! issSilS *l~4.(i'.l",?ii()814,J,.;(H>,700dee. *.i.(eji,7i)0
IU -rr... i |*|| .I
, ,180 97,700.950 taa S4,900
flnrplus.*_ "..uio.-jao ib\ 890.7. o daa 88.010,900
I,- Ctearlng House statamenl to-day wua mh followa:
ii.',-. 97S.791.99I ; halanaaa, 93.677,583. For
tlie week : Bxehangea 9476.8OO.3_i0; balauce-, t--.
lli- week ciosea wlth money 88 e.nay aa ctrcr: somo
loans t. ??'.- v..i. iiiiuli- at '..' per .cnt, bui the prevall
ln .- i.n l elostng i ate was l^ per cent
pts reported al ti'a'hlngton to day
wero$640,116, abd tlie ltitern.-il ruvciiuc receipte wero
9<03.7f'9 The I'ntted fltatea Treaaarei reeelrad
9327.000 v..::< nal baah note for n-demptlou, and tho
rccelptu foi ti.e wivk were ns lullowa :
l't-4. 1S-4-..
Kew-Yorfc. 9__W I ?-n n-_)
Boaton . a?i 491.000
. H-.OOO 11' -.IH'"
. ? l-.lll.l
UlK-eUan . 4'i*4..HH? 4 l*,( iW
Totnl.*!.:<16,000 01,687.00 I
Tbe t'alted Btatee Tiaaaaif bow h?ltls 9109,482.050
t':.it',! Btatos n tuda to aecuure Kattoaal liank nota cacu
latl ot. as foltowl:
Currt-aey 8a. 88.808.000
rcu uitl ..ti.-k .it per i-enta. ti?.0s2.7J0
Fonr i* r ? >. 117.ISrt.ti.10
?n.i.u per , srts .189.7
Bouds depoalted for eirculatlon during Ibe ?
?i 2M.500; boada wUhdrawn dui ing tb ? week. ij*:iOt_r,.".<K..
Katloual baub ctrciilatioa ontetaualoit?earnaey aotea,
j ; g,,;,l notes, pldii.ii'.'l. Againat tbese
- holda iu l.i'.vf ,1 money, $38,610,393
.'vs :
Tnr redeuiptienef aeiesaf bsnks ri-lu. ln? clr.-u
luli'in. .f 17.1
?i I'.julilallo.i.
. .- 117.748
Ther.- \. ia un l.--ii-ioii mnrket to-dav, tbeStoeb Ea
chanan being eloaed for repaln. BM allver fnn
, imeil i_.|. to -17r I. p,r oiiiie,-. Tbe Baok of Englend
enlued llS.oOObollfoaob balaaea. At rarfs tn
|t, r i.ii'a di cllned lo 91.30, und *i,'ht exchango ou Ixm
.! ,,, advanced to 95.11 fr.nics to tho pound.
naporta ef marehandlaa at Bear*Yorki
per tbe week. 1089, IRBI. i- '
Oryatokt .. 8B.ft8i.__w 99.4.-rt.*<_ fri.Oox.OM
?ercbaadlse 6,903,804 5,_.6.::i? 5 ? -
I'r.-|..'t*h r ;>?rt."l. 8rt.437.640 ?7,-.t .
Totelfofweel , ....'. 12.8 ,'_. _51 _V7.478,__-2 161.18
Total ataee Jun. 1 9321.0__9.897 8809,841,094 8-02,429,811
Iuiporl* of spoelo ut NYvv-York :
Ki.r the week. 8936,907 9181.888 ?111,:.77
rrtrmmA r ,2.049 13.8l6,-_iuO 7,821,000
Total BBBN J..n 1 .... <.?,? 7,840 * 16,640,931 87.4115,807
Kx|toria of ipeeta from .V-vr-Yorl; :
Fertbeweeb . . 9880,600 8902.B81 8391.819
Prevlously reportod.. 10.198.070 88,994.087 17.!ni7.01rt
T.itsl slnre Juu. 1. 9101979.880 844L_t_t7 rt '* - 1 . ?'.?(l
?rutcs anb Jjrnjtart. _
Open Fireplaces,
Crates and Fenders,
* X JU JLl , UKAHTIl.".
28 & 30 WEST 23D-ST1_
CfcALED PROP08ALS will be raeeiyei by
ij tbe Traateea of tba New .'ork .-md Hrnoklyn Hridge. it
t'i.-lr ttiiii-,-. _'.' -..ii.ia, at . Brooklrn. ap le 12 "Vlock i . m ?f
HeprembfT lo. 18" ?, f, r the reatul in the,r preai nt etn -ni oa
uf anv ,,. iii -I t1 e waraboaseB ln the New-_ orli appioi.'b io
the liritlue I bi re :ire ln all l wonlrtlve wap-lionsea, two l,e
i?k four atorles blab, eteren tin-eo st?ries hi ii, ilnee two
st.irtfs hiirh. -ud liln.- aaa -t tn bln. Propniuils inust atate
i.iiai,,. m <-..i,ii..,,|,i_t.-ii ittui tii" t>tiu ot vearsdaaarsa ao
bazardons bi.smstis uil.,-.iel. Por tba rcfalattoas reapecttna
,,,,, r,,ve,iu-i,la and ultier lufern itloo at.jily it tbe oltloe. i'l,.'
riaUt io n-jcct auy or uli i>i<l-i ia laasjisd.
JAMKH nou i.i.r, President.
CKAI.KD PROP08ALS will ba racatral i.v
ii Ibe Prnslaas of Iba Kew-Yett and BrooHvn isrlrt|p>. at
tbeirelBoe, 92 Haadsst. Brooklya. until l'-' o'euMb nooa of
Hept, ui ...r 10, !?*'., f..r tbs rental In its present i-otnll.t- n ol
Pier .Nu -".'. laat llivei Propoaali inust staie tlie tiinmicss
cniiieii,platert an.l ihetei n nl ysara iie.ir.al For otnef ton
(iliit.iH applv ,1 theoillce. The nehf to r.-leet anv and all
bltla I. reaervert. JAMKS IIOWEU. l'i rel.l.-iiB.
Cnroutaii ^fiucrtiseincntB
one lionr's rule from 1-arU, ean flii.i a linme. aartl.na,
lllirary, ptitno, and gumee, wlth tlie B ne.ll.'tine Nuns al
Niinte >. Heine et Ois?. Thev ure free to go fo thelr own ataoe
of wnrshlp. nnd out at anv time Terms froin ?4 to is a
uiouth. I_m_ lui; two. _A lady's mui.l. _.2do.__^___^_^
UUEAKrartT.?"By athoi-iuf-bkuowledxe of ton natnral
Uvr_ whlcli gnveru tho .merutloim of dlgaetlon und uutrtilno,
?nd bv aesrefm upplienlloa ot the tlne preportles of well-$e.
leeted (."ocoa, Mr. 1-pns ha* provldivl oar braukiaat Ublna with
i ,i,.iliatolrflaroi'.'(l beyorvgo wbteh may savo us many henry
ilne.ors' blila. It ls I.y the JU'1l.-l..us uss of suih arTu U a of
ditt 'hut a.'o.isuiutlun may l,e yradunlly ttullt ap until .trotig
eaoiiiib to reslst ereiv tetulenoy to tli aeaee. llundr-ds of ?nb
tie maliidios are rloatina arontKl us ready to attack whsr
ever tliere is * weak polut. We may e*c_ipe many talal shufw
',y kci'ufuK oursolve* well fortltlud witn iiuxe blood uud a
11ojierfy nouriahod frame." -f'l.U ijervice ('a/ette.
Jf.Mie sltnply wlth botilnff wa'er nr mll*. Hold only In balf
pmmd tin... by Qfeaara, labelied Unii i jami.__ ICPia A CO.,
lft.iuieenathln CJisn.Uta. Loodwn. I.n.'iiud.
_f in.inciul._
00 Broadway and 19 New-st., New-Vork,
a&dlM ooutb ihinl-st, rbUaUeipiua.
NEW YORK. Ang. 28, 1889,
Tbe Texas and St. Louis Ralliray Com
panlcs and of I Icadjustm cnt TrusleeV
Cash Oeposi. Ccrtiflcafes?
Atthe rcuntst of partlea c-aimlnifU) rprcs.-nt s majorlrs
ln amount nt the stock und lloti.ls nf the Texua aod Ht. lymla
Hsllway C'onipanv ln Texas, and ot the Texas snd Kt. Lonie
Rallway f'omp ny in Ml.s* u-i nnd Arksasn... Uicuuderr!^ne<
havo b'-coino s committee to protctt the tnU:t_'_i af n_B
hoiriers ot the Stosk er.d Acciirltles (Other tbao I.aud c,i%r_\
II nnd a of thtiaoCompanle.- airt of the Caah Pcpoelt X'ertith
catcs i.H*ned hy W. W. t-hcrmtin aod A. Wolff as I'e.nljc-t.
ment'iru.i'cea, under anteeniciit date.1 Xox. 1, l*-f*<?, sa alisll
Jom the plan. of whlch C)pl.M niiy bo bad on a'-pllcattoa to
the Hccretary of the couiinlfti-e. Mr. A. MAR'-Crt, Ifo. Hl
K/chin?*e Flace, New-York. to wbom all comraunieatlona
ahould bo sddrcssed.
ProTl'lon is made thit ln placc of tbe Bonds and Ptoek
held hy tlie- rt.?lju?tiii?.-it Ti-nntees tbe CertlUcte* msy be
dcpos'.tod wbleh were i.ss-.ied ttioieriica.ngt by the Truataes.
A larire amount of rach ciaaa of Bonds and fttock and ot
the ;,?'! i.e, os't Ccrtl.l iitcs li.-ive already joinel the pl?a.
411 parti'-- d.'slring to Joln m ij* depoilt thelr Ilonrts, Stock
nn.i 08811988888 wlth the Kmni -re' L'ian and Trnst Company,
subject to the order uf the couiunttee. up to sept. i'i,
To obtain the two million flve btindied thousand dollara
cs.li nietitioned in the plau. .ill jsitb -i t'.iereto may offer any
I art ot the tttitn on the tertna atated ln the plsn. such offers
muftt be made not lster than s.-pt. 2x, _B8B_ to the Farmersf
Iajryi aort Trnst company lor accoant of the eomniittee. oa
Munks provided for tbe purposc, and ranat bc accoropanteo",
by n check for 10 pcrcentof the mousy oflered, ihe bulance
b88Bf BaTabtaat ih'.' call uf the committee on 1.1 d.iys' cotlce
after No*. 1, l-B.'.i in.n.e of non payment of tne balunce
wluti (toci-rel withta the sfiffi t!m?. the 10 BBB cent pre
t - : Iy ** snalt be fnr'etted to tho BaSBBBSSBS* without
pr. judic. to ihe ? l-rlit of the cotnmltue to eufoioe tho pay.
m ut of au h balance.
'lhaTtaat Company wlll in all caaea flve nrgoltable re
celpti fnr Bonda. bhareaand Certltlcates dcposlted, s :4 for
payiucnta nudc
The outlook for general or.-perlty ln Texas snd ta
Arkaiisat. tlne larjrely to the promlac of the finast crop thoas
Blaaaa h ive ever acon, wlll, it Is lwped. indnce all intereated
to affree to tbe plan, ao that hy concertcd actlon the present
parties iu iufre.it may aecuie to thernaelvc-a, an tar M po??l.
blo. all beu.-bts accrulnfj froui a gt-ner-l tuiproviUK'n in ths
section wUere t'tepropcrtlesaio locited.
The bslllsis of LaDd Orant Baada of the Texas Corapiny
will hai -e.m opportunlty. wo are Informed, to joln s Laad
CompuD.v wlticb Itia proposcil to orgsnUe.
GEO. (OPPEIX, Bendholders*
LEWI-4 !?>. WOLEF, V
m. MHnmmm, | t<"-"*d?<e.
NBW-YOBK, Anr II 18-<_.
In con?eo,uenee of tbelnsolvency of the Wabash, r-t l..,nls
aod I'actic ititiitiay <'oiu|i.niv, .i fotecloanra aud aale of tbe
piopfit.v c-iTcred by tho general and collateral tru-tuiort*
gagBS has become noce-sary. aad s plan of r.-urnoiratloa
havlnq-l,t"n urr.mcsl with the l.on-ton commttt..-.) of ireuoral
niortirar. uondt e'doraelaiiulni to rcpresent a nrn' ittv ?: taa
bun.'.s liolr' n Kmope. au.l the holders of the coh., terml tru^
lx-i'1-4. ,i fu.-iual jfreenient for c .rrylus; muh plau Into effect
l- ni/*- r.- ,dy for tln- m.-uaiiirt- of Amerlcan bou.lholuera sl
the offl.cor the committee. No 198 Hroadwsy.
Ilo'id'iol.iera, n|>on nlxii'nir the .iprrcement. wlll he requlred
todep.is-t 'lieir bonds wiihtlic nn.lci.sl-rned. and wi.l reri:,-s
thcreTor tcniporary rrcelptu, sisned liy the Mercauttte Trnst
Con.pany of Xetv-Vork, whicl. wlll be exchan_-e>I a?r.h_tsts4
.ertltl. ;.tes a.s ?o')r. aa ttic-y enn b-j. eparcd. Tlio ccrtifli ates
will .-uti'..i the bolder to tbe n w b.siJa, tn ssc-itd-iace wiU
theait.o-Mi-nt under whlc'i tbey are to be 4ss*asita4, aod
sppltcatlon wlll be made to tiie New-York Htock 1.x -luagete
plaee tii- ..^ cer'iticatea ui^jn B_t r ? m'sr bond llat.
Th.- nn.'.i ruiTiied, appoint-n a Putrhastng (.'oiutnltree ln t'as
ii_ri. , i..i-.it, will proc.-0.1 witii ull .! ..' diligence to cmiy ost
the pr<iV,.-ioB.io* the snu<\ un l io furtLerance t'.i.-r. o' wxf
larlte tbeholderaot freoeral morttaire and rolluteral trnsl
raort(ra?-c l/.nda to?nulfy th^ir ass,<ut by alsninj tbe ifrrca.
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tainrdiii tbe oilico. No. ttt liioa,|\iay, Xe-.T-Yoik Clty.
JA1IF- F K.Y. s
I. II. IHiiliARD, ( Piirc'iaalnir
EUO.M'. T HK.LLES, / Co-n-alttco.
O. U. AM1L1.Y. ) .
.)?* WALL-ST.,
tiurO NKW.YORK. AO*. "-'.., 1 *?J.
Tlie tlme hailtcd in our totlcoof Augnst 11, V*ib, forac*
eeiirinu-rheol-'r mi_c ln our elrcnlarof July 23 baviiiges.
p.rcl. we hereby notli'y the partlea in tntep-st tn.it the hsM,
ersof over #'.7,6"O.ooo bave acccpted the ofler ount'lne-lla
tiurciroular au-.l d.MBBli tne'r bonda wilb us tor Iba pur.
poso of e 11 ri in | oat the plan of reor^aniiatiin and laBBB ro*
ferred to.
Wo BMBbl prepared o-i and after Thnrstlav. A'iim?t tt,
Me aaaaaaja iba Mapaaap B__Miva_ naaa al Im __aal
aapasB ,>f Iba baaBa, for engrav.*d negotiabie nv-.-.pt-, cotinU
crai.'in .i 'iv t i- I liiou Tr.i.a' . iiiri.iny.
Tl BM a MBUabM _lll ba Baaal in amounts i>! J'..(K)0a_.4
910,000 aecb, iii i.i aoollcati,).i hxs l;et>n niadi for tli_lr uuoi*
tion npon ; i, B( "? ". ibBteat Baab_a_M_
Theownera ?,f u*ttata-:.liu_r uat-s'utej bondi who ma/
.teslie toiii.t.iln tl," b'n>'in of tair ulr.itdar of July 24 maf
Oayajtt MbaB bond* with ns nntil turther notiiv ui>on pa>?
ni. ifiot tlmauta "f 9-'0 for eaeh b'.ad of 91,0ii?) so deitoeited,
BAXIv, .'aa, IiiBiuaiict?, Kleotric lAgbt, YetA*
nhonosnl Kalr.. d Btecba, l'.oiida, Investmeut -*>X'ur_.
tli'S, Ic, bought and Solil.
JAMES HAVKN, lii Brced-st.
pBTcar:07 iTuul rxi;k?n axf? i < u ln ci
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LiwisoB. Dorcr \- A C >..
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C1IK \(iO, BTRLINUTOS" Ot Ql l.M Y 11. B.
Tln- unibTslTued will bnv or s.II the Right* now offeredle
CHABE A HIOOIBBOV, -i i'l.e-st^
--J gnge Ilondhold.'is aro re'tiieoted to ootiimni.icate wlik
conimlitee iippt'iule.l ut pul'll.- in._iiiig Muy 9Vtb ..ml obuia
rt-pori ot _t..iii8..f legal pr.'..In_rs. .. ?
J. r. Kt.KKlU -,'N. eb-ilnnan, 1 Bron.l-.-t. N Y.
V. W.dl'liVK., setr-t_ry, VO N*? sau-*t, N. V.
lltuM. 1) llOBIN. oN,
_ i.. a bixs.se.
Tho l-'annera' |.ouu nml Irust company. No. ao wiliista
St., New-Yufk, ls iiown-jdv ta r.-.< lv ? tlie him M..ru_.
ltonds ef tln I', r. .* W. lt: H. Co lu cxch m ' '
able i'.'rt.ll.-:it"s. ta iiecDiduiiee wlth tho Fir.i ."_.iii_a_t
lioudhoidois'avreeuieut. J
The pr.-ntpt deiH.a.t of these 1 onds w-tU the Tm-i '', tui'W
will irit-i.th b.sten und factlltate tho sate of tlie road uud.re
d.-cree uf foreeloeare._ __
WAN i RD?Loaa of $10,000 011 a fin-t-claai
ni..iiiif..eturing Baaiursi wlth large amonnt ot vaina'ile
m_u-lili,,-ry, anuiunt wanten I* 10 per eent of v.iloatinat wul
p?y ti per aaal Ail.in s X. Y. 7... Tribune .>__.-?
Dauker-3 ttttb Bro'urs.
lt* Wall.-M BANKRUS, B*tr?Y*9M
BUY AND <*FLL s.ufK.a AND BONDi i'Oll
AI I.OW l_"(Tl_U__?f OK BEPOhlT*
A. M. K , Lmt, WAIU.M) r__n
_B. J. Moasa._ ??. V.1VM_4
?f?.mb?r N. Y. StooB Kxehaare, BBW-ium. ^
t-NlTBB li.i.NK iuii.ui.si'.
WALt sTUEi:r cohneb imoAi'V ?y
Vermilye & Co.,
Dealers in Investmcirt Sectiritles,

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