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*^ thf. woro diks AWAT- ,
icain tl.o rnritnn and Gencsta ?* eacb
Jer 01 the bl*h ?eas ycstcrday, and .*?n
?o\? noraee. There fUW ??*?*
41 [ ? th, aa* of a fino race, bnt
jSoas tinle Slost in the mjrnin,
P J i? thfl afu-rnoon the fW WW
Sffl e unhmshed race ghowed w a
Ki Ai?Tio:,n yacht conld do in a tamb e
!f aia.aml strenpthened ninro tban ever the
tth of Aincricang in their rePre?entame
.rtat The ileet of yachts aud excurwon
^tr, ^ -ont boyond the Hook to see
TZ? and toiMd about all day in the rough
* eo no Vo'-reat M on Monday, bat stUl a
Ct"a1,,utan thoattcmoon in plaee, where
Klore WU a ntemory, and the seasick on,
^rf."happj and^they never cxp^.ed
to reach again. _ _
_?K .CACHCg !?? ?4I r.OAT M.AP.LV 1W0
The WW WB* fn-sh h? tho BOI th.a-t yagtat
a.v?.onii..?r. the wavea thnndered on the boaafca
f H?k, tba roaaa ??*?, tba ?? ?nH
IJSS SS toadoa elouds hnua h'W BfBf H an
ITSTiSwbWf ^id.as yaabtg aud stea.u
S M-t on of Saady Hook, that II ?M gomg to be a
...iledtae l'uritan and not far boUod ber t e
L -keuha.h OMM Wttli the Wenesta b tow. Bolb
JCht* w*r, in rac.ng tri.o. The cuatomarv keg of
L ,a(ll,?M.?ouodin tl? GaaOBta'a f-rrca>tlo
i"o r >sh Jo.. had tkota .hcatl.-knives and
1 , of r*pB yam seciuvly gtaappad -ronnd
? and everythtngwa* taut and tnm. 1 h, ra.-mg
JM of ht Kuhard flcw at tba paak and the
?? of the Koyal fcudfl* at ^*^S
Cd. Off bovond the beacon on th, l'r, lv, ,.
1l,o invi.u,).!, TaakM ??l P'unKU* mto th,
h,avv rollers that 0HM swell.nain ?r..,u tl,- o^n
- w,nd. Ld th, oo.nmouon and D* tos,,uK ana the
nn.ih'inc nf ttw soa." .
otf t.ro Poial of th, Hook tho Un,so h;;
Ocneata W?W cast off and she Pro^d?d h0a?ar..
onboarl. o,,t beyond the B?ok tn, Lu,k,.d,aci.
haded tho Boatoaptlol boat i!,?.,randa^,,lhor ?
K?d.bautiotran-frrs..n,e,..-!.;d..l..lJ,.. Funta...
^.enthejud^boa.hnal.a.nv.d. ?.
UndlitbUbip anddetannloed to aUrttb? rao
^that^dt.n.w.dhadh:,,^ ,n;.r,....
ea.twardand .b?w,d imlic .,.,.,> of d> In.
Hid a atiff br?ze wa? bh.? and no OW d.
b,u that tho course wonld b, n.ad, ,n KTM bo?a.
?Ihobugewavea that came roarmg ?u m l-nj, tn
nMMi h? Ito ranksof wblU ph?? I ??ldie?
rushinu to battle. loaMi th- va.h's aV.nt BDtd th,
Lright cop,*r on the Q?a?ta'a baHoa gla?*4 i
the sunl.ght which now bnka oaeaalooaUy la krni
vellowytreakathrougb thocioiMU FiaaUr ?n?
coaimittee docided to atart the racc and !
gtrkl al ite>iaM toota on the Luck.nha. b
wbktfawatranlMta i*t abova Ifca Una. Ibt
twoyachtscameaailiagnp nud,r mainsail, f n
,,,Vsail, jib and working lOfMil Tbajr daiwed
andskipped about in th- he ,vy Maa, abaktaf lhaii
?aila andflutteriugth,irflacs. shooting fr-rn th,
topaof wav,s aad idungmg iato th, shiftii,:
boUowa aa if they w,re Iblnfaol hf, a'.d eea
wionauthfl and " scented the coinhat aiar gft, and
veredriven wild witb exnltatifn at th<- apteMOt
ot tli, H,a. " Iti motion and Hi MJ*etf"
Farfli towatd Ibc alaty aaatan bariaoa rtaamed
the S.-andiuavian to plaat th, b<:"\
tbat fhould r.iark tho tmaing-potnt,
, v. Ih,n theconiuiit!,, inark,.!
Jnbiackon a whit- baaaithaaabaHrtbi b4ten M r
b.v N."and plared the boaid Bl promment p-.-i
tjou aa on, bi?i, of ika Laakaabaetfa pUoi-boaae.
TbH m mterpreted bjvngf OM to unan tbal
Ibc OOUM for theday'a raie WM to hc M
l)? T h.
At 11:30 th, Etaparatory atgaal was girenaaa
fiveniinutr^ltt.i t ? whi>tle was blownfai t!i,
, torr./ssthe lin,. Th, jaehtaeaaM daablag
d,>wn to the atart eloae latather, the Paritan to th,
wiadwart and a luti, ahcad. Tbajr croaaad oa ti,
nart.oard tack and utarted awiy 1o Um BOttb
?vhere, above tho imnbling WATaa, ?STOtebod,
cloud Uka, the LOBg laland hliore; and
the great hotel at Hockawav Baaeh
ObSHJ witb all itatnrreta and t&i>\v.* from the aaa
like aoaaa aaebaatad aaatig in a Taaetiaa Btory.
Tba wind haddi'opped consid'-rahly now, but tbc
seaaa ih m Unapy a-ioverand Um kaifa-llka bowa
?f t\so raekli weal eatttag through the graaa om
witb a tapidtty that wai aatoakbing andai Um
iliciaaartMii I Oa?aata? waa ayparaady aaak<
ing hc-auer w,ather of it than the J'iintan. Slr
lay ovar aftac tba aawaar of eattata aad enl bai
vay through tho wavos, rocking aad plangl
Btead of ri-ing Irom cro?*t to <T*st witb the ligi
and giatefni ?taaaaadbaoyant atraagtb of tbc
runtan. 1 botlaM of th, atart araa aa (aUowa i
I'uiltan.)! :ij I!
Oei.esu. 11 .t< 1
Aathe yachtn went dippiag ttiid daiuing toward
th, (londlatid in th, r.oiiiu-is! it soon bOOaoM ap
Iiaicnl that tli, ? tit -.r tu nj. boarkl watliei
toaaaaagtp tbaa aba did ia raality, tar aac ataadilj
OTcraaalad tba Paittaa aad aagaa raaadlf ta aal
up to wiudward. Tba laaaatkabla apead aad tbc
pbaaaaaaaai patettag arbieh iu the aaflataboi ra<
of Monday had seeiaed to be Bttribataa of tli,
l'uritan aloaa, were now 'ievolope?l by the Oaaoata,
and Btl Riobaid'a laciug lag dr,w alnad in a man
i,,: :hat BMMMJ i'0<jplosee in dnn patapsative the In
tnnational Challeng, Ctip go saili.v.
away la 81f Biahafd'a eatttr to tba Boyal Hqoad
rous Ca.-itle of Co.vea. At 1L':12 tite QoM tg
fn oo far abaad akat aaa aoaaladod ta gottatba
l'nritan'a windward, and ??>, coiuing about on th,
l?ort tack, aac cto^sed the ^ aakoa nio >i>\ bowa aad
aaaaa about on the atarboard loak acaia oa tba
I'untau'a wratker bow. All Ihta UBM th, artpd
waalaltoaiagi aad aa the yaabta aew approaehiai
tho Long lalaud abgfa, the water OOJ BOttloi
ajaaoaber. ?faoataod dgo4to!tkowiod>
wagdof tba Patitaa Um aaaatifal Baotoa boat
aeemed to BoaoaM aadoarad adtb tatalHcanoa, aad
hegau to run away liotn BOf adTOflBBry.
bo tbey held their tack, rtaading BfOll in
toward the hhore until the botala and aottBgOB ol
Jyoug lieueh and l'.iint Lookout aaoaaed cloae
alward. It was to the Furitau's advantage to stay
iu Hinooth water as long aa BOBBlblo, and ?henat
1:10 the Ueneata came about, ami atO -d out to BBB
j<ilo the rough wattT, tboao on the judgo's boat
aobj : " Vou ayiU aja that tli,. faakofl wou't tack."
Uut ?he did, alter holdiug h,r lull'ioiig enough to
hnug aaa aa tbc weatkof mde of tlio eattora wbon
abe aaaaa aboak
toince the Fuiitau bad bagaa to run awav uud,r
thelcofthe Ueue.ita,jml after the eu;urhad
croescd her bows. ako bad been gfoadllj regaming
T>hat abe had lott iu the light Bgaooa
aud heavy sc.i. Now us tbe two yaabta
TTcnt pluugiug oeaward on tho port
tack it waa aeeu that tho l'uritan waa aluiont
even witb tho Gonoataou a atraight lioe aud BBaPJ
duttauce to wmdward. A BOBaoa came in over the
rolling watera froui the aouth,a?t and the Yaukeo
aloop crawled up ah-ad of tho (ieucata aud in
creawd her windward poaition at the naiue tim,.
At ?97 tho l'uritan waa a mile ahead.
Toe wind was failing rapidly agaiu by tlii -. tim,
OUd it waa < vident that there would be on [00*
afegagibolOJBj ua loug aa there was tiiu lcaat pofcj?i
bility of the conrse bcing sniled within thc limit
of 6eveu hours the coimuittee could
not rccal! tho yaohK At 3:11 tho
Puritnn camo about on tlie port tack, and VM ful
lowed by tho OMNtl foar minut"* later. Tha Kun
tan hldrai np ber elob topeail when ?he ta> koil off
tho Loni; Island aboro and at tho vmijo timo tho
Geneata had taken tn her Jlbheadef and aat ber
Hprit topaail. So now thfletl two toMllng. wavcriiiij
towera of oanvaa weut mnving elowl.v orer the
watera, lonkniR from a distanre liko penkniTOa
with bntterfly-wingHttnehmentR. The wlnte aails
of tbe Puritan were aliding otot the wntei a milo
nnd ? half ahead of the glossv sidea of the EngUab
yacht when nt 4:10 tlio Puritan rnmi about
on tho port tack and Iravum ber
competitor. wliich still held tho atarboard taek,
?tood to the southcnst. Thia did not aoeni to woik
adraatageonely and in ten miimtea tho Len?l-uii
of the Puritnu ahook in the wind and sho came
about M tho starhoard tack atcain. I hia niuio'ii
m had toldin ono way. howover: tho IMIM
ikwp waa further to wnidward than ever.
At 5:24 h"tli yachta oatne ahout and lt waa aoen
that the Puritan WM M far ahead i>f lior nval aa to
make her viotory a surc and glonou* one if tho
meeeoukl be fimshod, but mn ono aawtbat ?
finish witniu WTM h<un- t'rem the stnrt wa* hopo
leaft ,
All interost now rontred about tho Ameriean
yacht. lt OM been Htm.'d with groat conndence
that tbe wonld not be anle to hold hor own with
tbe Geneata in a Inmpy aea, The boantifnl boat
froni Bocton ):ad confounded and ailenced ber tra
dn>?<ra. Herc mIio waa. in a litflit wmd, it is truo.
but in a tnmbhnc ien, beating the boaeted cuttei
of Knglaiid M badlv tiiat every cutter-ipau |board
the judgea* boat rowedhe wonld nore to Boeton
an.l bufld lloope, Tlie i'antan niade a tack down
l,v tbe littlo flai? ot rod that. bobbing
ovor ilio wator in an optn pUltl in fli"
middle of a rillage t>f ateanboata, ebowed IM
twontv mile limit and tho laraiacpoiol w Ihe
oourae, Tbea hln- Btood <>n tbe ?tatboard ta U until
ber akipper tbongbi beeoold fetebtho booy, wben
he pat oer on tbe port tack and bore down <?n tho
turuiog-point. In ordet to get aronnd tbat little
iiuk' ot rod tho Patitaa bad aonM vory Bne utling
to da N'"t anoibar >l"oi> on thm bhIo of tho
Atlantie contd bave done it Bat tb* Paritan, aail
ina ho eloae to tho wind tbal bm eeeaBed t<> t>e pro
pelled againal it bv eome bldden power, canie
boandiDM t" tho mark, nwoi-t aronod it in ? gracefiii
cnnre and tnon, breaking <>ut ber ipinanker, wbieb
bad baen nm up in -tnj>-<, wh boroe rapidly M I.
arard, bet loitv eanTai toweriugugainm tbeooalfla
oenl tiuts ot tlio waatorn aky. rbeUeuenl
nnlos a-ti rn.t'u'kini; aboot in the endeavor 11 teteb
tbe bnoy. There w.i> a pandemoniom ol iteaui
arbiatlea and a lond iboat ol appiaui?e ?? the 'i
i oop aJlcl into tho glory "i tbe earljr eTenlnr l ban
Ifr imus appearad at tbe wtndow ol tbe Lacken
,,,,),',,,???{ 1: mi-o -a toa gotdeu Bpeaking Irumpei
io h.s band au.t ;-li..!it?vt to Keila Uwea ontbe
. i we baal down tbe clnb n ? oii.
rben yoa will tuke tbe Paritan in tpw."
A ibort time aftei I ie flagol tbe New-York lacbt
Clnb, irhich bad beeo llytng froni ??Ufl in tbe
howt ol tbe Lockeobacb, came tlutteriua totbo
d . iu.1 th? tn.nt atteiupt t twil ? w idwai
oi ca'i t up oimoo in a - i. ?/!??. " '?'?*'
;j,l ,; ? inie l froin tbe iltghlaoda, tbe
? , ton imni m a cloodlesa he?Ten and tbe
lightf* "i Ibeclti Uaabad " hkh ? ?eeonddawu
to tbe oortl oi-t aal ; ll"' 1-,,< k
enbach aeut pufllng an ! panting in bl the Poml ol
tbe Hook \Mt!i the nval jraebta in t<>?. i ii
Uoneatawi I ired into tbe lloweshue. wbere abe
?m hored t>- wait antil tbi* m >rmua, wii- n ? tlmd
nttempl to laii ihe raee ?ill I?? ? '??<?. I be Pnntna
. u to roupkinarilie,
.. i; tio?!?? ii wmd euougb, thc muc
v ll be aailed. rbe oourae wlfl be
i^r , i luilee to windward or to leewan
^cotlaud LiuhUbip and rotum. .\? rton M tbe
vacbtaaod tbejaUgra* boat arrireal tbe bU
pomi arbicb *nl probabli l* aboal n? 0*010
.,i warnioj irbiatlea arill \* bl
g< t above tbe line. 11" a ?> I"1 P?i
v 111 be Kiren, and Hve minutoa nUri I ??
, ti n in be bloa n. 1 \\<> minnteo wm
? . ? ? .1110.
A duiuI ei ol booing piaecni wcre looeed from ti ?
iudgu, rdai with meaaagee regardingtbe
progroNaui theraeefoi tbiaeitv and l'l
'1 ,,. bl :; ? ii tbe Brtl m< u
, he w.i^ 11.1:10 i aftei .1 .
engineerol tbeLncaenbaon, ? Oarry."
lno pi ? pe< t- foi h go kJ taiUiig bn
as indicated bv the Hignal Kervioe reporu "i laai
tiigbt, are far fioui flattering. Ihe winu tiu
to bo light, vanable and ihifttng, w
iroui tuo aontn. 'lloio araj ? ralling
, Dal "t 1. whicb indic it?i 1l1.1t 011 >uu
lay or MOfidaj ibere inay poswibly bo a wb(
, al<?o Irom thc H'oiih.
FBOM TilK D? K 01 THE 1II Bl -
ton m in'- tAiiLi-.r ro <? t an lAiu.v
-lAin?n mom? who a*n iiu. oom
lt i? oomlng t" baganerallj 1 thoaa
who bave in- u tbrae Uaaaa to the ieainahi|
.' to witt.o-ut a l.nlllaiit ya< i>t rao foi tbe
..1 tl-.- An.ol.r.i- ,)Uj> tb -t 1. ,
inak*th tbo baaH atek. aimoat at daybn
Slondajr it waa .i>i>.n"tit that tbe ulnd arooidnot
be , ,tn< n-ntiy attoog to get the Tesaela ?t<
. botti r and a beo ? bc 1
o:i, 110 Oin; !?
y tbem wm a doubtfat expreasMM
?n ovi rybod .-:.??? ? ' ktare'i intaul ioua,
for tlio bioo/.o puilod m a liatleaa and Indi&erent
way, ?o tiiat wboo tho aceidout ooeorred than
auuiy wbo eooaoled tbaoualrea by aaying,
?Well, we ihonldn'l bare bad a taoa anTbow.'
iiut yeatetday atoroing Ihe braaxe iaatinad the
uKtet gtowlng antk Ipattona. 1 bt
i.i.iii.mt and atrong, drlring away tbe dulimiala
ibat Iiuiik k1ouiuiI> aboot Ktntnn laland, and
natfcingoatagoktoa pnih aeroaatbabarbor. lno
?ea, wiiicli bad beea badly abaken apon Tbui
lollod aboui in bonvy awalUt wfaile naailUon iittie
eboppy wiv.i. anrsad orm tbanwalTea and brokc
ioto whtte-capa. IhJa waaJnotwhoUj pleaaanl to
ubaarvera, eepeclallj inr tbi aake <>t tba U
uiamtahL Bnt it waa aaora than atonad foi in the
ininds ot tbe ynebtingpablieby tha atrong wm.i
that eaUed laan nnd ponnanU and mapped them
a itli a loud report
<iii bontd tbe itfuawiff Tanmi were'abont 400
peovlnj gnaataot tbaKew-York YnobtClnb. Lhaj
nadamerry in tbaii glad anticipationa of ? bne
ia'i-. and did not conoeal a diepooJtion toanaat
>\ !.<!i Caaialn llai tin loohi <i aakaaee at tbo Imn iaon
all around and ?.u'l be didn'l thinb tba \\ ind wonld
baataady. L'ntil i?? ?'?io<tk, bowarar, it blew
-.tronui.v, and than tlio hirdy .siiloi-inon ibonrd,
Boehna'Commodore Dickeraon, Mr atontanl and
jodm Onitanu bagaa to look n triflo nnxiana nnd
to iiiurinur that " it I'Hiked vatnildo.'' I ho_ Bigoal
Hervioa Baraaa had predietod 1 rariabla wind. and
wbon it began to tnrn about from tbe northet t t..
tbo anat and ta aaaaa in unataady gnata, tha wiaa
Btarinaca looked uore and nore anatona
Around ti" BeotUnd Ligbtabip, trom whieb tbe
.ii v\aR nadoi u ImpoaingM?^thadaaawnihl iL
All tbe Btnb n Wnnd bnrbora !iu<i eontainetl utrge
ilotiiiaiof abapelj raobtaat anebororai abyht^ail
ol wbieb u won aa tbolr ownart nnd pawengera
, .11110 abonrd ia tba atorning, made tbeir waj to tha
^r,.,, ..ii reDdeiTona. The aqnadron there
arna oal Quita h>> large as it had baan
iiu llonday, bnt ii waa Ire thnee greatar
ihanon tb* inOOtMMling day. A rou.s:dorabl" nu 11
hor of azonraioniati orowded tha daoki of theiroa
Btenmbonti Cj gnna and Biilna. Thc Bla I lity, tlio
Qmnd Bepnhjio, tha Bnya, tha Colnaabia, tha Eav
pfra -tito and tha Bliaa Hanooi ahw bon manj
i;oi8. Tba OW Dominiofl atewnahip Biehmond
bad b. > :i ehnrtofodapoe aiiv forthc aewontajodntion
ofeeleci oompnniaaof abyhtaaata, and ita bnmaoaa
hull, abuoht 111 wida aa it waa bwgt maa high oret
tbo wator. It leoked lil.o ? bin biaok tub.
Tho rttam yacbt llo't oongmgatod in honoi of the
ra<o wac u* iinpo-ing an 011 tho litat dav. Mr.
Alexunder''* V ->ioii, Mr. OtydVl slin;oly Ooenfl
Qaaj, Mr. Monia'a Cora* Mr. Qonkfa Atnlgnta,
Mr. Kaana ly*a Vioia, Mr. CoJaanaa'a Bacniaola,
Mr. AHpinwail'n Seniiuol, Mr. (imy h Blaotm, tiie
Bajgahip Polyndn,tha Aida. and tha Nataho wn..
aaaong thoao whieh ?ail?d orar tha eonraa, Caaa
modoio Ai< lnbald Ko(.'oi'h Codouin playod around
tha Ufbteblp, but ihaapawnnal bafam the maa aa
gam Amoi'K Ihe achooiior ya?!i!s out wamlfa
Leekhenra'a ailoe and Oaadaai Destar'a Poaaa, both
of llo.ton, Hyn.g tbo ooior.iof tha lawtatn Yaeht
Club ; Ans'iu 1'. htokos-?|iior nlv OlytM, Mr. Hil
hiigt'a Brnnanta. Mr. CoHwdat'a Bparnnm, Mr.
Cbaae'a Clio, the Babaaaaii tha Dnnntlma, the Baan*
into. tho Latello and tbo Vaiuii.i. IIohtH of wlnto
WingedBloopucut around iu toooooan ouicido Sandy
hook, but faw of Ihaaj or ovon of thaaehoonn
fachtaattcuipted to lollow llio (outo.-tantN. A nuiii
b?r ofyanhteiuhawera leaomaiodated witli pt rnta
ff boaitJL Uie Larcbinont llau of bli.r and WfMta
bars iloated fuuu tlie pgftk of thc Joaeph Btfckagf,
Tbcfbarta* w lliaatrataaaltbgTaotBlaatf tba caaipBratifBafatatlaoaaftbatwalaatagyaabta Thabaavy
.. (, _u<,.',, , ,,f toa auttar (Gaaaata),tbaUgbtaraoatbataftba alaap (Parltaa). Tim wimi alaw aaatby
? m ]|,i.,,i(i by tba arrsw *T. Tba twaatf^aUa taawfaag patat waa, tbaiafBra. at tba apat daaarlbad aa
adtaallaoaaitbaataabaatdtaab,tbaalaapbaaptf alaaa ta tho wind, tbaoaUM
i^^rtni ? away. ami tbaa BMttag bmbb baadway. tba aailaal tot at.i nev,ri
?naai thaa, raaebiDg tba apat aaBtted a. af Hooknway toaab, at 1*41, whiio tne
PnrHaa waa -< " patat in '"r aaaiaa daalgsatad By tim aaaaa lettcr. tbaa
the cfltti r waat aboai aa bai parl taeb, naaatag tiie Pwrttaa'i bew at it. aad, ttoinc on aar waatbat qaartar, waot
m.m-, , .1 tack, tba alaap I ? boat tbaa bora offfroaa tba wlad aad
iterbaddaoo. Ibair paaMaoa at C aad at D, wbaaa tbay botB toob a part tack. tba
it l il and tba Parltan tbtrty aaaaada i i rba Yaabaa baal bad m,i<i, about
li i iica and wa? "tt gar Boebaway^ Oa( ParKaawaaaaeata bcr baal aad kacptag
. . t, ibc wii,a ?Jiir.t *!tii aoab ??>iii thut wbaa I aaala at r, tbawaa paiaaptiblyabaad <.f
ittar witb all iba advaatafa <>f bclag ? Ibbd af a n.i!, to wtsdward. Tba raca waa
? in'iwevi-r forwbca abatacbad agata at W It waa twelreataatat riM bad aaly aalled abaat
;,ii?IM] ?,i:. BaMababad >dlr. bba waat toabubaardagala atO, wbaa tba
iajutter?ai iraeb,aadftwaI aatffltbi iloaptaaadadtbaatababoat baradvaatagab*
,. uoau al H abon b?w adatirably tba Baalai appactaalty.
v!i,.ii-ii. weni M tfca enuar Bad atlU Iwc t , 1n afata ftbawaaldbava laaebad tba aad af tba
vindward atratcb. u 5:37:5*, waaa tba Pai d tbc atratah, aba bad aallcd Ib all about 27?i
?|i,o Baawanhnha ( luh Ultd tl I tba
,r Willinm Pletcher, tha Beverly Yaehl
retnined tbe HaTiland. and beeidea thaaa aawan
uf tnga. antong wbieb w. re tbe Hnrry Bnnwll, tbe
Betndeej tl i N""i. the Bobert i. I
\ Garfield and tbe eaonnc i I
? the lightahip, baaring 11
ThaaeenawM '>? intlfnl on Honday. rhan tha
i wionth and poli >h d. the
ran k.i.dly bnt nol too ararm.thebreeaejual atrong
enoiu . - leful fa . tbe
baod elearlj deftned agalnai
? l. .i tj foi a pa
Hut \. . - Kraud ratber than prel I
i l ond !..? ked on tl ?? beavy
.,i,d ehiipp) biilowa and thrown from atdr to
oaely gatbered ree-ela iach
u and down m a ditterent motion. Ii ?
tiaikltatacticafrom tlie wind, and graweoldand
l,i. ak. warm and mdiant bf tntna. rhe elouda
re<t angrily In apote. and tben ali elomped
tWelher *a it engaged tu di-.u-.siou. I he lin?a ol
tbe uorthern ahore from Uooei I Land down to
I. naHeoob were fainl and diamal-lookiua, and
. . uei i,,, from tbe Hook to Long Bl
! uko a longrangeol dark aend.
An houi ol d< iai ? i irred when all leeroed i - ?
fortbe -tut. tha riTnl bnnta were wandertng
around, and tbe breeaa olew bard, and all tl
?roudered al wbal appeared io be a
o?a w.ut. Pmallj Ibe Luckenbach aaau.rt
i.,..- and tbe wbUtleeeauded fortheyaehU lo
??, i,.?n. Tbouaauda of apy-glaaaea w?rc lei
ai ih< . I k? rtbi . ?'?,'r ""? ral
? b OTi rv motion ot tbe q
i e) . umbered op on ihe p i
?l ,),. mil Inv "1- -i alJ aorta ol ?? l
and Diiaeem v pointaol vision. .
muDgtbe yaobuaaen on board tbe tanrna wbo
wai.ii"! th? boat oontendlng forneboi.
tioua wereh. M. Iiu berford, formerlyownei ol tbe
arbooiiei tacbt Paloicr, wbowaaon b ard the ow
\,?. ii. i when -be woo tha "ip ha tbe fanv.ua
race 'ii Uoweaj i". Denny Boardman, Wllliam
1 ,,ii,.-. brotbei ol tbe prini ipai ownj l
the kui'erK nchampion; L'barlee Merahali.0<
K i.ai.iiL' .1 M. '-.ii'-a '. ii-i'tb k Bronaoo, r.
Liiicoln, Judge M.ru i, ex-Park < omniuaioner
i; u. t'araeran, managor of tbe AiiMtnii.in
f Qe'ol atratuahipa, and V. i. W. Hurat. of tbe
Nauoiial Lioe. fhe Uctlca ot tbe Punta i
liuhtod exptin iced paobUnien. Bae wou bef p"
niiio.i t" ? Indward by much tbe aattM mauoBo ?
that wblchaecuiad tbnadvantage tothe ?. i
,?, |,,,..,i iy. .-? .-nik tbe ImpoMubilit) ..t getttnp on
berrival'a weatber qnarter, tbe lienoata put ??it
foi tbe atartingline and tbe race began
All the Bteai ifleet followed tbe n ly.but
,],.,;..,:,.! care waa lakeu bj t !.?ir pilotaaod
i to gni into any altuation wbieb
could in any waj luW rfere with tbe m nrementa <>i
the rachla. Bome of tbeae perforuiaoeee were
wannh o unmeuded aa Htrihing proofa >.f tbetr >i
traordinan qualitioa. Wb< n the Gcaeeta, l>\ snl
..,1 from ibe m id on i..r flrtt atarhoard ia k,
necured auflieieut hea4wai toenable ber npon ??
lun ,i?,i:i to croaa ih?Pnntana bow. ?ne would
bare been the recipioutol londappUo
I,. i-ii wnnin earahot.
"Talk about yonrYankee trlcke," aaid tlie rap
tninoftbe raornatoMr. Montant; "didyou ? ?
inall rourlHaaawa.lei pieca ol Imperlinenci
tinii tl. H 1 8bejuat aralted lill abe eonld paaa bei
vl cioae tb.it tboy alinoel lonclicd
omd than acroaa abe \..,n.' rhe
niathod ..i ;" knowled ng bei
advuraaev'a compliwenl waa nol leaa deligbtful to
',!?. ,.,.,..,;. .-I..- bore away a ttifleand proceeded
t,, .,], ontbel en-itatbi aame trick that bad been
f.illy p.'nyed on ber. rhe Boetooiana were
vs tb entuueiaaw when tin-v ?.>? berdriving
abeail ao -.i aa be took a littlopf tba wind. the
,'a ooiutiiig waa racairad with ontbnrata ol
,1, .),) u? C'oinmodore Diekeraon atauda readj to
na'n n b lakel of ? banipagne to in" ?hl bal that tlo i"
i weatbei in wbieb tbe little wbitealoop can
uoi si o \ ber beola t-> tha enttar. " If abe tan do d
i? -aid, um tlna uiiaieady wind and Wltb
tbia'tail-end ol a atormy aea, abe enn wta avery
Ibe aalute leudered tb?> aloop wh n abe
liualir oroaaed tbi linoconld bave boen hoard foi
t.n miiaa. H waa an nproar mnitipUed b? a
bubbub Tbo wbi?tlea ol a hnudrcd crafl ahnekoii,
acroaiued and tooted aM n tb.-y wera pkaying a
pa an ol rictoi ?? . .
lueiiiaappoiuunentof tba excoreionlete at tba
failureto inakanrnoeol the oontoel wnakernand
proiionnced A good deal ??t blame waa attaehed to
tbe coiiiinittoe for not ordering tho maa aa ii"""'
aoonor while the wind wiw *it>,uh. I'iie innrmur
waa oodeal among tbo Boatoniana, wbo, barina
been bere f ?i naarly a week, feel bi?iilv nnwillmg
to ko bonie withooi aotdng eren tbe m>t race. the
rnaa to day Ia n.u Ukolv i" ba Uwgaly attandad.
imki::?i in WAi.i.-ar. aJTD ahoind !?? M Lta>
mnStdfiO ?piotatow in atx,
a l.ontidu'k atood aa a pila ?>' anhawa rhabec an Ihe
Battary yaatarda] aaeniUig,kia taet aaretdtrtj and
tarn. Kaw and than !"? loohad ead <m tha any and
ahoatad " koaraj ' aa aaaaa eratt all arrnyed m anntfaag
and boiiday atiiro paaaad anl to nr? baaraagagay
,..,...i ?i rnaa aaara. Hrat tbt paHaa koat Paarol K"?e
a paalaafad ^ bhrtla and katt ? ?pirai Una "f Eaaan a bore
it pioked ila way out thlOagb tbn uuiatroa* amall
faaaabii "Tham aapnaan aaJMaVhiiaf ? anaf^aaii
oaaidanttaOy ta a aaraaajar. " fflal Iwaaa
r.ip." Tha "id in.iiiini'iii aaeaaaaf Btehaaewd aaaaa
dewa the Vertk Wrat haaa Baaah at,| atawdad on all
laahawftb apaaaaaaea, MThaaa taUaea wfll bave to
,,?t in tbe -ui. all day." yollod tbe bootllack.
" Am't aptaaa '>n aonrd hw'aai t<> ataal aheadtfit
raiiiH." Tha Bkhanand bad a tull thou?and-tbe mo-t
aanaBi landad koartal thadnr. M Law 11 newer aaad
ao few i?enpU tlanaj tbe Hattery," anfttated tha haf
datehbuj tha inhidea of Ma rngfal pnakata, " rafl
?ar n - too ioi.i ior atanhVtnaaahaen." TbaCygnaa
(taaiiaue* ?? Kilik PaaaH
/..' - LT& OF nii l IBXADO.
Ait. *kin roa xaa eui Baaa at wabhixotom
(i>t B1 ROC8K?A 0LOVO?B0BtT.
H tgnixoTOM Coi 1:1 Hocbb, Obio, Bept. 11.
graacBMB Joba i.t:t.e. wbabaab idayi
axaorialng lato tba aHnatioa <>f afblra, aaya : " The Ba
baf Ooaualttee aauaiate ibal a baadrad faariUaawHI
'i ? d .1 .if tho laaaaa r.ius,,i aytba
Harav Boma, aa i baaa fr..tu pereoaal abaarvatlaBi ar,
readei ? Baab ra af i-- r-?.-n * aro on tho
l <, ii? a rulo,
wlll ba beartly trard ??? ti.eii <>
? Al.l fir tim aufli-rliiir paaf nui.it, thercfnre,
.'? ini aatatdaaoaraaa it wiii reqalra umuy timu
I d.dlara to almrlate tbo ?<? It't-rtiitf, and th,re
la taralablag it. Tbora biiata
Ulaaaa to aab fer aatatda aaatataaaa Tbay
. :.<)? Im rftqulrrd ta lOld OOOU WttBOBl
gaBlag,aadaaaaagiaaloaaly. V/lotaa la ataaaaabaad,
aadfebaBaUaf OBaualttae, wiii,h u a aaoa
aaa, wiii uaro at: it aaa do, witii aii tba aaadad laada at
baad, ta paavMa abaliat bm the aaadf by tba tiuio roM
weatbei | ??ui ta iba abahaaa.
trd, V/aablagtaa Oaorl Hoaee, wlll
ipp lad to tba reUaf uf Iba aaadf
BB ii."
Mil.wat'Ki '.ii !"? B ' doabl
? arreok off Twa Blrera, Wla., la the icowMUtoa.
ofttilai.url.aiidiii.it le r tnf ar, UMt. 1 a- I??
|l,? * Uli I . .; im in
- wl in.-ii hern
aa (rouitbe Mllton. Hbe |,ft bero o?er .? weabaco, w -
l witb U....I al Bedaa ii >.? Harbor, aud eboubl
im.' i . . It la luppoacd lhal tba
; an<l tii ii tba ?-<>: in at<
bFUiiKlnff to Miejr wera I iptaln Jullaa
Maialaaou, aaa thlrty-two i Kdward Malbiaaon, ?*??
M ttblaaon, ?- >
Uaneon, .!???? Bfty, waa anolbrr "f tba crew, I
runiioot therook, wl la a M aul b maa, laaokaowa
CapuUa Matbta i wifa aud two chlldrea.
??.%.Artaoaa.iapl 11.?Aalood-baral aoar Paa
tanaun * ? arenlna' aaehed oul nix aillaaol
l ? uutuber o( brldffea A ipeclal
rretabttraln froia um Baal waa wreekad. Euglneer
? ??laiitoii wa? iniurM laaiba breaat, Flreman
amltb bad bia lea eraabad. and M Len * Barrle bad I ?
i and ii i Leg Injura L TboiB waa u.> trala aaat ar
Waat Ii'Jiu 1 ucaou la?t nWht.
IA n / / | -11 -1 i bfOJI 0 I UM KTWl 11
MIAM..KIN. IViui.. Si ,it. 11.?MoUlB Mu
(futi len is affata raaipaal la tba uppar aad hrwar uaaw aa
dlatrieta Plaa atardara baaa raoaatli aaaaiiad la tba
nortbara aaaVtolda aad ailaaa ara frequeatly Brad.
Mnh'.r i baga ga frao.aad Iba poUaa aaaai
naw.?i la afbrd protai IIob to Itfaaad proparty. Tba
?? aMoottfbt " rtfa t eaap talaa ara driniug aaaaolaatad,
aad tba Aaaoolattoa of Mlaora aad Labarara toeaUy
grawtag by baadrada. It la wall baowB bara tba)
?? Mellb M iffatre " brotbai baad aaa baaa oalotlf organl*
lag aiaea laal Aprll.aad a aaaeral antbreak i* eonfldi ol y
looked for before Noveaaber. Dataetlraa ara watehlna
f... KooUllatOoi meb, of Cbleago. wbo, II ia tbought, will
trj to organlae a raroll amoag tbc natnen. Tba famlllar
"coffla aotleee" havabaon recoiTadby toaatalaaaaiboii
ol laa l..iw aad Ordac Boi i,ty.
Wuaaxtxo, W. v.i.. Bapa. n. -PlBaa Iba aadlagaftba
eoal baalara atrtta batba P/baallag Oeabuoal ailaaa
tbirrbaabaia aiaabUMaallagbatwaaa Ibaoid drlTata
aadtbaBMB wbo Bllad tbalrptaoea, Tala eubali
uiatalgbtlaaaaftayla wblob two of tba ttrlkcrawara
aanoaalg wouadad. Lata la tim araalBg a erowd af
mlnera and otber* grooatded to tba bouaa ol la um Jonoa,
oue o( tba be* naulcra, aud pioeeadod lo loat II d. wn.
i h,y iii-can oparatloaa by beaUng In ih, doorwltba
in-.ivy im* ,f arootl aud breaalna tii^ wlndowa out. when
Mi. Joaaa Mlaed a ahoKuu aad Hn d two loada ol bm k
?hot lato tba erowd, Mrloaal] woondlog Prank i. i
.md Boraard afoooaaugb,aad drtving tho raat af taam
oal of raaffa.
CLBTI l \M'. Ohlo.Snpt. II (dp rinh. Wllllnm Edwardl
m Cougroaaman Tawaaaad'i partacf aad Iba Polloe
CommuMnonan bad an iBfoaBaBlaaafataaaa to>day ao the
iltoatiofl aaoBg tim broa nn i al Bawbarg. blr.
i Iwardaapoka fai Iba baalaaai latoraata af Iba rtty. Ba
aaM tiiat two4blrda ai tba aaaa waated toretora to worl
.i tbaMaroroogbl to lend oal a pollca fortalarge
. oough tn proteel tbam. On? declaiTa battla be ttmiiabt
would aettle tba atrlka. "Idoa'toay, bat tba naaaae
in,nt <>f th, iniiiH ailgbl ba tirtt-r." eoatln.l Br.
hdwardi "Bol tbaybataaarar yal oonoeded anytbintf
and noTor wllL Baaator I'aj im lold ua ih, .timr ilay
that tim mtlN would imvoi ?t.ut up exoapl nn thi Irown
lerma." It waa flnally agr.I to praaeut themuttarin
ihin iight tn tbaMayor. Tba Htrika is apparantiy ap
proaablng a termlnatlon of aoma aurt. Hectlnga aud
dnmuminin ara agala Iba ordar af tim day, uud u la tne
al laipraaalon tbat tba ailUa uro auou to be pa| la
rBBOl ? /v UrtTSM HMWl i i twtei.
Bobton, Bept. ll [Sp9ctaH.?Qn? ol tba gWd
. !,,[.'?.> r. i ia Iba aaat rooaa at tba Aaaaitaaa Babbar
B/atbaaa Pottarat,CaaabftdajBi bagaa loaaadaetbtfaaU
iu autrang, inaniiar tln.-a nmrulng. Bba laujjhtd, criod,
Ikoa aaddaaly baaaaaa aabar aad talatad. aaotbar gin
aloaa by bai talatad alaaoatat tba aaaaa bMtaat, loba foV
lawad bf a ttiirei. Tbia waa a atgaal fat ;\ gaaaral aaala,
vnt aoo gtrla aaapaadlBg worb. Tba aaaaaadoni aaoa
wofi aarrtad lata tba opao aar aad aaadlaal aid aaia ar
ritad. Bafata tba a^oataeaarrlvad abaat taa ar twalaa
aaaaa wara bi rattaaa ataaaaol byatorloa, in^.trof
twentr niuntea about thnty-ilva ulru waraaBoctou,
manyoftbeaiBaTlngralatad, Tbelr aetlona w-ereat.
trtbutad lo rnmea of napbtba wbleb they wareobligad t"
breatbe whlle ualna the temenl for tba guma of tbe aBtwa
aud ooata. ii? aB>ol npon tba lyatam la nol nnlike
laucblntf'f aa, belna aaoro rtolaat la tb??aa ol weaa oon
aUtutlona! 1 bey wera uaina Iba napbtba In lan e a M?niU
day. a dotan or m"ro of tba ftrta wara aaal uomo
iu aagaaa aad aarraagaa,
wiurri:i> hy UAshi.n i / 90TA roff*
CbubxbwTob*8. t'.( Bapi, Ll.?Aa aeeooal in
pabllibidrT." toh^BiafBaaBwalwBitBragBbtfota
lo PBittaid Oaaaty. la Jaly tba ragabttora alallad a
tara aaai Bhioaway, wbara ttred a wblta baaiiy Baaaad
ii.,) laa, on" af tua daagbtara Italag apaaly with a aagro,
Twaataarabapta aaMiaarly boaaa laa BBgraaa Tba
ragulatora wblpped IIojIuh. lila wilo and IW8 dBBgbtara
aoid waruod Utt-ui to leave BM coauty lu usu daya.
Boylea begged to be allowod to harveat hla crops, and
on account of hla poverty he was giTen leave to do so,
but In the raeantlrae tlie orlglnal ordor belng diaobeyed
tlio regulatora gave the famlly auother whlpplng. Next
the regulatora YlMted per<ona who llved betwceu Ridgc
wiiy and Wlnnaboro and whlpped thcm badly. Ll?yd
Darle, who ha* a negro mlatresa. wa* next vlsttod. He
got away. 111a household furnlturo waa broken to
piecea and hiacolored fauilly warned to leare tho nelgh.
borhood. Thomaa Davia, theneheat merehant In Rldge
wav, waa glvon ten day*' notlcu to qtilt becauae ho had a
negro mletrnaa and fauilly. He loft hla bualne*e In the
kaadaof hlaclerkaand went to Mlasis-ippl. Ro*a ttlll
latna, who Ured on theotherafde of Kldgaway with a
nerro woman, waa eeverely wbipped along with hla
mtstresn, About ten faratllea. all inlxed, nave been
aaaaaltad by tha regnlatora ao far. The regulatora dia
?uHe tbemaalvee by rovertng thelr facoe. No weapona
excapt hlckory ewttchea have been uaed.
A flro wbkh broke out in I'atcrson, N..!., at
2:30 a. m. yeaterday deatroyed sovoral large fratne
Uouaca on Stralgbt and Eaaex ata., aud made a nuraber
of poor Oonnan famlloa homeleas, involring a losa of
$15,000 or $110,000. Tha tlre broke out In the kltohen of
the bouao No. 323 Btralght-at, oooupled by Theodoro
Wln aa a llipior atore, and contalning also a ball used
for polltlcal meetlnga. Thta houae and No. 327, both of
whioh wereownedby Wllllara Buechmann, were rapldly
deatroyed. No. 327 waa a a large tenetnont houae. oocu
pied by a nutnbcr of famlllea, and several of the lnmatea
had narrow eacapea. The tcnants loat nearly all of thelr
gooda, havlng enoush to do to aare thetnaelvea from the
lafftd tuarch of tho flaaiea. A young woman, Ida Stanlay,
had Just lafl tho houao with an Infaut In ber arma
when tho atalrawhlch abe bad deaeended fell with a
er.-i-h. Hnsrhmanii'a l?ta la eatlmated at from !{N,000 to
?11,000; lii-iirl-d for ajo.ooo on bulldlnga and .ftoO ou
furi.it.ire. W'Ua had an liiioirance of $1,000 on bla fur
nlture aml barroom flxtures lo No. 825, whlcli wlll hard
ly eover bla loea. l'ive (iormana and an Itallan boanled
in thta hou*n and loat all thelr clothlnj;. The houae at
tfo. :?23, owaed aadaeaapted )>v Beery F. kfaaa, waa
j,-iilteil and tlio barn In the rear deatroyed. iwoeowa
were reacucd wlih iltti'iilty by Mr. Uaaii, who burned
11U face la dolng ao. Hts loaa la about $->00. covered by
laanranee. Tba houao at No. 831. owned by Martln
Plaaeckt, waa alUhily daiaagad. In tho teaf of the
Htralfbt *f. houava aro two fiame dwclllng honaea
wblea are alao in tho rear of lota, Sfoe. 31 an.l 3a i:?aex,
at., and owaed i.y Patriok Murpuy ; tbeao were daaaged
about95001 laaurod lor31,800. No. 31 waaeeeaatedny
poor faOlUtee. WBO bnt nearly al! thatr furnlturc. An
additlon now oaUdlag ta the eDk mlUa of Ueorjje Froat
.-. ~-.ii- waa dainaged about ipluO.
i lo orlgtn or tho Bre waa andoabtedly lncondlary.
Wbia had had a graat deal of tronala aitk <juarreia be
tweea hla boardora and othar<, and auercadoaa were
f ii.111.-in la the aetghaorhood. Be had lueaned tha iil
?iii, be aayai of aae maa whe taieataaed to " n t " blm,
and to rum blm wttbln a few daya, and ou Wedneeday
nlicht Wiai found hlit kltchen Itoor on tlre. Tho Daniea
tiiiui axtlngalabed witiiout inui-h dauia?o. \\'l??
weat beforeajaattcaaad inei to proeeeata hla bhb
perted eaemy, but tba magtatrateeoald not timl cauee
1 Dougb to leaoe a warrani Jmt beiore thta flro wa< dh>
1..>??;. .1 yeaterday a auu waa aeen iiairvnig throuijh an
alley near tbabonae,aadadog kept ou the pitmiaoa
Iiu iiin-ry taater yot.
The Uermao aocietlea of Patenon havo ealled ineetlnga
to take aetlon toward relieruig the aeorea of peraona
made bomeleaa anddeatltuta by tbe the, an.l tho Hwiaa
. ( ruetll Baennercbor, wiu meet for
iay. Tbo flre waa tbeaioet ea>
touaira thai bad ocenrred in r.iier^on for auuy aoontha.
Tbe boraea receatly boogbt for noverai or tbe ataaaiara
aml trui k*. v, iii.ii w 11 a beretofora drawa by h m 1, Uad
ibelr ?? 1:1 j* vaii " at tiii- Uie.
A iii-i- broke ?"i^ il 9% blyesterdny in tho
Bub-eeUai of tha balldlag Ho. ">37 Breadway, vhteh ex
tacWU '" Bereer at imoka aad I Mnea aeealng ap the
frmit atalrway alarmed aereral womea who w.ro work*
Ibi in tba baaement, aad tney r.m to tho aldewatk wllh
out tholr i.at-i or wrapa. Twoalarma were aounded be
iore tbe Bremen wi 1 aquer tba Bre, batthey
diduoi permlt lt to _?? r beyood the anb-eeUar. Ho aet>
ahl teli how tbe Bra etarted. J.O Wempie&co..
itoekof window Mliudea ln tlie auu
,.,.] i; - 1,000. and sin >ke eaaaed a >i miago of
iboutVf.OOO up-talra. The Imll'llu^ waa daui.iKed to
tho exteut oi fv.ooi at wereeoTered by b?aar
wice a.ittwo-,- inlbllng wt.ieh oeeupled
nt atraeture waadi itroyad kj Bra.
I I \MI.> ON A IiAI'.'.i:.
. bedding ?? tho bgjfa B?BquohnniiB
,t :(:!."' p. in. paaaatday, whllethe barge waa
lylug at 1'ier No. 3 >, North Klver. ad tlio tlani^a n
teudoUtotbe woodwork. Two alaraaa were aounded
.?xliuaiiisheil tbetlamoslnafew
irrived al tho pier. The loaa wa?
. riie etwiuehanna ia rao betweea tbta elty
mbum wbereberowaattttaa. ibo Iom by ihe
?- ?
Pbotidbsce, R I-. Bept 11 {Sp,d<il).-\
Bra eaaaed bj ?eemboattea baa baan bara
,,,.).,- r eoal owucd by tho Boatou aad
ProTldence kallroad Compaay al Iadla 1'oiut ataaa
tbe Provldaaea tlio departaaani waa
uponforind eeded In atopptag tba
blaxobutnoi tho Oro. w.h la at th..ttom of tlio ai
plle ?ii.| wlll probably burn for ono at
wieka rhoworkof removingtbe ooal wn* aarrtedoii
a laao fuil of 011
tli ,i tho waler uaa Uttleeflleot upou it.
1 bc bnrn oi ?'? r*. Pnrktna, atQlen Covc L I..
iraad abortly befora aUdnigkl 00 Thataday. a:
?Mat at tha aaaw ttaae Bra braka oatta tha baan ofT.
,, Vi? ... abottl fooraBUeadtataat
1 iie Bamea ligbti .1 ap the couutry fot mlleear?ati Br.
frrklna'a uaru eouutned tbree valuable iiyrae-. wbteb
?roni aavod. but a rarrlage. Hfty buabeil of p?<
7"u .1 aquantity ot bay weiwdeatrored.
l'hVtiaru waa a noa 1. aml tho k*aa l* aaUaaateda
ii.vm. partly e??ered b( baaaraaee, Br,
Vuuua'a barn. contalnlna kaf aud nwrnlaa
iitonalU wai aoonconaunwd. The 1-aa will not ?-x. a d
r^OuVaa wblcb tbere waa no Inanranee. BoU
wor? ..f Incendlary orlgtn,and annmber of Brea of Ibla
kunl have oecurred on ibo north aide of Long Waud iu
thc laal two aaoatha
LOBBEB l> v.\Ki'>l> PLAI
lltLWAi ki 1 ? Bept. U.?Tba buga wprka al
tba .MilwaiiKreCVui.nl fompany al l.ludwonu etatl-.n,
Bramtleaaorthaf thta etty.eaaghl Bra thta aMralag.
lno Bta Boetreyed thraa warehoin?es aud atx frelpht
mti Tha loaa B ilB.OOOi lnaui?aee ?13j400. Poai
?,,,,., belODgtnit toti.e Cbicago, 1 llwaakaa a d?v,
?.an Ballroad Corapaoy.andtwoJMonalaglotha Borth
weati ? 1 Company were de?troyad. the Bra la bahered
t0 bara been efmeeadlary origtn.
BABoarowg, UbBept, IL ?/. 11 BaCanalara dtattt
1, ry waa boraad laal atgkl wltb m?at of the atm .. rhe
oriL'in of the Bre lanol known. Tbe dlatlllary baa been
"110 "or aoiiie tui.e. 1 He loaa la *io,tHioj knaaiaaci
g] 9,000.
Banrov. Vt., Bept IL -Ftra brekaoateariy thla aaora
bjglathaaton aeleagtaa to a. t). Owea,dealat la pew
oral morrhaii.il-*'', aml ooiiaume.t wa kaildtagaad 1 >
th',. drngatora oelongtng ta CP.Dattaa. Br. Dottea
llTedoTartbeatoreand loat oTarytbtagta ktaballdlng.
ijtUa waa Bared from the Owen bloek. Br.Owea'i aea
ugoOOO: tnaured for B63*0. Br. Uuttou'a io?a m e?
tluiated at 3B,O00i laaared torpMMBA
Onoaa BannB, lewai Bapi u.-i:i<?eaa aaa el tha
Buruagtoo, Oadai Bapada aadVectbera Rallway aad tha
olerator of Kemmorer B Lamb were burne.i at ladepeaa
dence ?llls '"??'?'""*??? *?* 1""4 ,'",tl',,.1!'.'""; il"a t!"""',',!""
toutala 312,000; partlally luauro.1. Ihu loas ou tba el.
rator Uunkaawn.
Baaooa, Pana.,a> i>'- n t^/xn'a/i.-Tbe acheal Bata
CaetoryaftaaBaagorBJata Ooaapaay waa letaUy aa
BtroyeBbyBratogethep wtti mlaahla aiaahtaary aad
ataakafaahaol alalaa aad laaibar. Thla faatory kad
'? v lu't iioon bnlll and bad been la operatloa ai.tha
Sralof tbtomootb. u was tho bugeei faatary of ita
k"u m thta country. employlng 1?0 aparaUraa. ib.
bulldlng and m.uliinory ooal *.o.ooo.
LoM Hkam 11, N. l.,8epi 11 ?-1 'wotiiea ocenrred here
loat alghi in thaUrary Btablaaef Chrtalaphap Bmhai aad
inaank l oii.-ii. 1 n? Baaiaga ??? aitpht ciuef Basely
Bayaibe Brea w< re ot Ineeadlary ori^tu and that ho aaa a
c.ow to the liitoudlary. _
Indlana aud from Katon to Cluoianatj, waa beldtf-day.
1 1 , w ir >i w.-re Imiirfhl by hdward 8. Btokaa. al N'W
Vork foi *Tl!\3-.0. Thc apprataad value waa f?3,000.
iMi-'iiio 9epi. 11.?Tha Anieriean Paarmaiantleai
AaaoDtoUoa ooncloded Ita boatneaa thla mornlng aud ad
brug Barkot OommlMae. rbe deleg
uU'ht ou anexcuralou to Laray t.ave. >-.
itii r.Moa Bept u. -Tbeooodltlonof Btahap Hanry
i- ;? o tba Proteaunt Eptaoopal Dioeeaa of nwaoa,
wbota'al th rinu. 1. ilomeon n.oa.lway. thla eity waa
aut-b Ulamoratng that Ht.ie bopa la eutertalued for bta
Uitloe OTOX a fowUays, aud ho may posaibly nol Uvo
lual loio?. , __
Cin.innmi Bopt. 11.?Laal Baturdaya negroin.vlc a
hruial aa.au unon a Bva yi ar-okl daughter of a paoi
I;:;;,;'oi'Vi.'i.n.foid. La.t .,u..i a mo* eantaa tho negro
t? in. vsnoiu aad baagod bta ao ?trc.
? i,,.,,.,' 11 . .-.-pt. 11. a aea lattrealhaahaaa
,i 10 tb? iv. i.oiiy poiaonlngeaaa by tuo aiataaiaaj
ti. 1 e 10iionfou1.d1.1n1.ed to tho uuderganueul of
lliaa HaaW waa no there al ihe time of ber dn.tb.and
ulaiiy V,ow beileve that aaa WM innoeout. It la belleved
lUal i.ow rcvclatioua wlll aooa be uiaue.
Bert.in, Sept. 11.?Count Bcnomar, the Span
lah Auiba*. ulor at Be:lin, naa been Intormed that a
courter haa cronod tbo frontler bearing a note of apology
from tbe Bpanlsb Government for the afiront to tho
German Embaaay at Madrld. Tbe marubera of tbo Ger
man Forelgn Offlce wlll be aumtnoncd for conaultation
lromedlately on tbe arrlval of tbe Spantali note in tlua
clty. It la olHeially announccd tbat there haa been uo
personal correapondenco between Kraperor Wllliaui aud
Klug Alfonso regardlng the Carollnea affair.
Losdon, Sept. 11.?A diapatch to Tht Tim'i. dated
MadriU, lOo'clock laatevenlng, conflrma tbe r?i>ort that
tbe BjoOaBl note to Germany expreaaea tbe bope tbat
Germany wlll recognUe tbe prlor righta of Spaln to tbe
Carollnea, ereu to tbe laland whleh German crulsera
have already occupled, and aaya tbat Spaln wlll inscrt ib
The akBPJBk un ainpla apology Iu the namo of Klng
Alfonao, tbe Gorcrnment and tbo couatry
for the Inaulta to the German Embaaay.
iBBfaaaaai to the uewapapere here atatcd that Sefi >
llratrlllea, Governor of the Carolino Ialands, after bia BO>
ri'Ktwii.inki'nto Yap, wbile othera aarert that be waa
takeu to Manllla. A atateniant tbat an fnaurrectioii bad
occorred anionn the aoldiera iu one of tbe barracka la
Madrld provei to be bascd upou a dlaturbance wblob
took plaee on September 7.
I'ari*. Sept. 11.?Branlsh news to-day ia of a leaa
opliiuirttlc charaeter tban for eeveral daya paak
Bellicoae maulfeetoea bavo been plaearded in roany
towna. Lt i'ari* statoa tbat it haa receivel loforniatlon
from aa autbentlc aource tbat tho German fleet haa been
BBdatad to bo In readiueaa in caee of emrr^ency.
Makkid, Sept 11. ?Adinlral Topete, Uuder Secretary
af the Marlno, haa renlgued Ma offlce on account of tae
frlendly terma einbodled In the Hpauiah reply to <or
nmiiy reapeeting the Carollnea aflalr. A receptlon waa
In-ld nf the Reyal 1'alace to-day in bonorof tbe birtnday
of th, KliiK'a llve-year-old daughtcr, the Prluceaa of
Aaturia*. Amone the paaata were Oaaal von gataav
Snnneuwalde. the German Mlnlater, and other BMBabarg
of tlie Oerman Leiratlon, wbo were glven aeordial wrl
eomo. Oeneval ?alanianca waa alao preaent. Sefiar
"agneta and <;,neral Lopei nominKiiex were atiacut. Tbe
itreota were flled witb orrterly crow.la. It la rapattaa
that tho holler of tbe HpanUh erulaur f'a.fllla. lylngat
Oadla>baa explodad. Tbe Caatilla la tbe Uracat eruNcr
lu ttie 8oaul>ii uavy.
? a
Lobdob, Sept. XX, ataaaJa aad Baglaadhavf
atgoadtaa piotocol dellmlting tbe Russo-Afgban fro'it
l,r. TI:e Afglian Frontler t'ommlaaion will ma?'l Iu
Beraasbar aad complcte tbe detalla. M. Leasar. ttio
?peebal Bnaalaa couimiaaiormr, wiii ratara to BA r,tc .-*
borg on Suaday, bts mlaatou havlu^ been couip!o!,d.
Lima, Sept. 11, via Galvefctou.?A gtoBBMB
arnved here yeaterday from tbe aoutb. BbB biIuk? Ba wa
that Ira, wbicb la occupled by Goverumeut furce* aad
voluuieera, atlll hoida out, kavlng refuaed to capltulata.
TbaCaaaatat (atoaabaaa beenobiu-ed to ai.aiidon their
udvaiiced poeitiun* at t'anta. owlng to want of protri
?teaa. 1 ba Cucerlat Goreruor of (,'erro dfl PaaOO Baa >r
diredthecoani.erol.il bouaea there to provulo ast.it*
lmnt of tba valaa of tbolr eatatea aud baaaaaoa, an i aiaa
of all their eu.pioyea ovcr aeven ycara of age.
Tori.ox, S?-pt. XX.?Sevon diatlis from clio!
cra were report-'d In tl.ts aBff to-day. Two patlenta
wero adinlttod to tno boapitala, flvo were dt-charred
aarad aad atabl i aaiao remain uuder btaagaaaatj rhera
arara Buaa diatha froiu tbe dl?e;we laat nlk'bt.
LQBPOB. Bapt 11- Tba I>ord Mayor of I^indon haa
apaaadataltaffaadfac the aufferiug peoploof cbolura
Ba^SBBBOtOO, Bapl 11. -Secretary Bayard waa in
fortned to-tav by I'uble that BbaBBTa WaaBBBTaaBb i
BuU) and I'a.ermo.
BATAVB, Sept. 11.-The Presldont of the "Junta
Cieatora," Senor Conde do Caaa More, aent by telegrapk
to the CbBTdtBOJ Arcbblabop of Tolodo ou September 1 m
atcond romlttancoof $0,000 In gold, to bo diatributed
in bIbobb aOUeBad by abatara, Th, ,ity ot Oaaaaaaa aaa
Ms't twoie nlitanceeof *1,0'H) gold to the ArobbUbap
oltiiauudu, aud auother of fJ.000 to tho AruUalah'.'pof
SaraiiOBsa, aud wlll aoou aend a tbtrd aum.
LoVDOBi Scjd. 11.?Mr. Gladstonc and LVaffJ
Koa.diery bavaaaab wrltten a letter for publicalian
atatliiK that the iiueatlon of the dlaeatabliahraent of tbo
Beotttab Ob ireh ou?ht uot to be uiadc a test aueatiou at
tii.-.inidii* l'arllauieutaiy ele? ilon. At the laat aeaaioa
..r Parllamoal thare wer, 1.M1 |>,tltioua, with 600,011
al rnaturaa acalnat tue t'luirub oi Bootlaad Diaeaiabnau
DMUtblll.andoaly 10^ yotitioua, witb ii,770 ai^naturea,
Infavorof tba blll. _ _
IfOBTBBALt Bapt, 11 {Spceitih.? Tliore P/OBB
tiv, daatba from iwllr*- yaaBarlay bj bba city, and ten
aatbaaBaacad aaw aaaaa reparted. BO daatba aaaBxaaf
lutheCivic BoapUaUaad four ucw patlenta werr aa>
uiitted, in.ikliiL' aeventy-ono now In the hospltaL A
iloetor, Witb full eredentlala from tho Board of He.illh.
w,nt to tba Baal Bad ta tay ta aaBBaata tba laabtaagg
there aud returaed ;trt? r t.nvo liour-i Bard w..rk. hayioff
raeciuated tbree cblldren. Dr. Martal h.i l??ii ap
Hnte" to aaalal tbe btedJcal Baaltb OdaaaraablBM
epldemle bj orer.
ffaaavaapt. i i. - a jm'., bata dld graal aaaaapa to
propertr, aud auay aaatdaata aaaanad.
i .,v-rANTis.iii.E. *>pt. ll?Tho OaltadStataa Bian o*
varUuliiuabaua *iu ?.?ll torSmyraa oa Reptamber ?,
?i a \<iea>l wMdotalaad al the uaaaal al Para ta maka
wryrepalra. TUc^ultau decitued ta aiuw paj
meut roi ttie ropalra
y>aaai sn>t 11. Oaaaralda Oaaaay, tba ffraaab cou?
mander liiAoam, bav?j( aaked tnut Ba ba ajvaa >bo
uifhu ly todepoaetlioKllllf. If be lliluka It ii.-r.--a.y
to do ao, haa beon aranlad tno tnttaal Bbarty of aciioa.
Tlie loUowiaf appaaw in the liav.tna AalgaBI
dar fjumnfrr-1 ot bapbaabaf Bi "tba aaaaitaaa
ubifr" -N.'np.ireii arrlfad to-?iay iu ballaat ?-he aaaBBi
from Key West wltll tlio Cuiiod Stat,a nulla for liila
i.iaud aud atfbl aaaaaoffatB. w'e are piBgiaaalag Herc
lotore th, bmII waa braagbt by a aaaaadHaaa BbMUBbaal i
nowit aaaaaa bj aabaaaar, if thi-< aboald baaabdowo
iha p.-baniuiu- ara tbat tbay wlll BOffagO a llahlttc
Tm aaaaa paper aabJ on the next day : "Wbat wo
wrote yeater.fayf w? mual now tre..t aettoUSly. It *p
,.a t. us ti.at th, Waablogton Adaalotatrauaa Ta
, vIn brA.kitu th, Poalal Traaty. aloce tba yiioouer
v,". ,.,r.-ii ?< aota rapld BBdanra .?..miuuiiu-atlon. ?nd
, k i.,i aar poaUl aatborlti-a will protoat, a*d?V
Jfunce lt, aapaclalll aa aa are now iu tue bitrrkaao
UixirrLinsa nuCT/OV swck.
I? in %?klimiia. Bafk H (^nt/).-N.)t
aitBatar-'-g >ir. Kaaablara bmattaa aaaapaay AaaBaaai
a liT'.lon.tof BI M aaaaab ?bare laat week. the BBBa
pany baa Just laauod tbe followlng BattBB tO .atock
bT_Tafib umbairt~*1Tt- '*<)* win _?__"___f
i . ... (Ktob.T 1. I^Sj. atthe coinpan>'a or>.,
1,,Vmt'latcoriier F.H y-tlrat-at. and Haverfonl Ko.ul.
KiSSM '-"oi '?' aaa ? a -;. it wiH ba Bocaaaacg
"rVTi. ku 'dera to preaonl eertldeaiaa for prapea la
f?ratoiK loauia ? D. W. l)u k?on. Trea~unr.
J<ffo_owtngtbta waa aontbai wdar, bi wbicb Iba maa
aaerad^clded OBt to pay the *l 50 for BBBB ahare, but to
,,,?,i,,t anonattoaaab atoekbotdar, aa ihat
SS ^Oo alulll-bo "pLd on a?Ob ahare. The fU f-5
of th- itOBb ia $.>"?__
WMAt issi'h.eroi; nn> uusi
i MH.i'iiiA. Sept. 11 (%ggfal).-COBI?Bf
. m fi.ij.BgaB, pcaaBBaat af bba Baard or i*o#a
, wlllto-iaoliaw aend an BffSO loiter to Iba ^ee
..It.rvt-f'ttioT.eaMiryluref.nuee 18 tba treatui,t;l ba
e'e.ved on bia arrival in New-York fro.n Furoi.I tbo
Zlnmr Weatmorcland on Augua, 11. Ba aMtad -o-day
ZZL Z bbbW aaa Haa* at. th, m;-' - th.
. 11..0.H Inaneo ora be waa api>r>a,be.| by au ln
ap. oior wiio muo. ' ? , thB, you ,?. atUmptlua to
lMV, ^"^^^dartroaVii the Caatoa^loMiB
*l,,l,i,i o.tt ie aiii you." II" ?"'">' ??vrt ??aaian twentr
^TaaaMSSaa- 1-ggaga.ahai ablab ba o.V?
lowed to leave tbe ahlp- ^_
BoaTOB.8^ 11 ^>ri<?/).-Frank Mitebbfl,
-ho ia in lall on euaplclon of bavlng uiurdercd hla wife,
I.tunherbodyand tbrown lt Into tho Cbarlea R.ver
?ntientoarelatlyetobavel.labouae pot ta ?*?
^aum haoai-ow W ba boma aaat Monday. Thl. ette,
? ,d - a report that Mra. Mltchell haa baaa found
aelvea abe wlll be producedL_
PmiADEirniA. Sept. 11 (^c.a/).-Hor:itio
a^SJ-TW'gg ot tb. p-.i Mutuai um
luauraiiceCompwr.eau^d tbe arreat tadv ofPBtag
E.Mulford. an^tent of theeompaay, on tbe cbaraa. of
;^:wx? swaar-a wr
01,000 ballfortatal.

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