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v?l.yi V_1N?.14.183.
Although the Puritanlalippod ?}*****?+*?
JZZ at every one of last week's tnals as lightly
rDdea8.ly^'''?'a-nllc,rcle9lntheair' hCT 22
"tie ?nu tlrolooa ownoia were aftraid
S thero inight be on her bottom the
S--08 of a Bbade, or mayhap tbe odor, of
. baruaclo or aome other of tbe many
Baraeitic omanisms which are protw to take up
[j,cir abidinff places on the Bubmerged hull of
?MOiOB .llll'T So they towed her np to the Sorew
riock lato on Sutnrday night and soon had her bigh
tiiil (iry. A* ber dripplng form rose from the waters
cf tlie Kast River, shapcly aa Aphrodite rieing from
the foam. not a trace of wced or barnacle could lie
dj?co-ercd. The blaok coatlng of pot-lead was as
grnootb an when tbe aturdy tare drst mblied it in
ber plank s.
??Talk about ber bein' foul," snid tho o.d dotk
mastcr with an air of thedeopest contempt fcr ony
cuo who inigbt harbor Bucli a treasonablc feVoagfta,
? w'y ber hull sbone so you could see yer face tn It
-ay from the gatea"
Nevertbcle*s, the solicitons backers and trainers
cf the naiitk-al champtou had her carcfully
lernbhed fft with brooms and water. Then they
^wnerrubbeddown with dry flanael until Rl.e
ehonc seven tinies brightor than before, and doubt
]eca, m ber wooden way, thrillod and,
tinpled with ammation aud tbe dcslro
to walk l?y the CenestA like a
erack sprinter past a oripple. Two hanrs Biiffieed
te accomplinh aU thia and at midniglit, before
the tide bad beeo more than an lionx on the
ebb, sbe was lowered aiiain Into the water. At
6:30 a. in. a tug op]*ar*d on tne scene and the
jnuch-serubbcd sloop was towed back to her old
berth off Staten Islaud.
The wmd blew freskly from thesoutheast yofcter
day, and the water waa of a cald blue. It was fall
?ea'ther, witb the lugh winds which coine at thm
OOBOaaol the year. "What a day for the race."
everybody said, and it did seem out of place to see
the aaiio oailililjoonl tbo Funtan oaithotad
eroRS fl:'g of tbe OoaOOtO flVating over yachts
at ancbor when tbe wind wa* whistliug throush
tbe rigging and tho yachts tiicsed at theirnnehnr
rbaiusasif struggling to bo free. But 0 Snhb.ith
rest was upou the fleet of yachts that la?Ofl tln
fctiten Island ehore. Tho sail-i were furlod and
c.ivered with their wbito eail eovers. Cattatl aad
gloopswere anchored pcacefiilly oMo 0*08-0 and
all their rivalry was forgotten for the day.
On lioard the Puritan and (ienesta OTOfTtbiai
waareadyfor tho race of to-day. Botl yacht*
were in tbe beat coudition and both creus won
eonfident of victory. Among the yachts anch..r.-(l
att the Staten laland shore beBide the racers were
tho cutters Hedouin, Ileon, Gaviota, Clara, Surf,
jViadgo, Muggie aad Yolande j the slaops Arrow,
Dt.lpain, rollOOOi Fanny, Mischiof, Vixon. Vinaor
and Vixen ; and the schooners Moutauk, Spcran/a.
Foam, Norseinan, Kuth, Sylph, Elfln, Clytie. tlio
andDuuutless. Over atthe anehoraga of tho At
lantic Yacht Club at bay Ridge there w?s a forest
ef ninsts, where a large fleet of yachts were wait
ing uutil this morning. when they vi'-l spread their
wbite win?s aud follow tho Goaooto and l'uiitan
erer the course. M ist of the Bostau yachts, dis
giinted with the attempts and failures to snil tlie
iaternational races, weut np BBoSoaaioa Batavtay
niabt, but a uumber retaaiucd at anchor in the
bay, and the blue ponuant of tho Kastern Yacht
Club, with its red diag-onal band and vhite
gtar, was promlnent a.uouir tho many club
signalB th:it tltittercd in tho fresh breeze. Tiioae
yachtatiad coiue nere to bo? the Purituu wln tbe
interuational racea aud they were b >und to do it if
tbey bad to stay in New-York Day until they
twined their niasts wlth Chnstmaa groeus. TL.
Btaten Island share slnce the interuationnl racea
have been banguig in the wiud hus been like a
aecond Cowob ou a Miiall scalc Yeaterday was no
exception to tbo rule of the past weak. Kvcry
where there were sailors in th<ir aMaNOQOO uttire
or sailiug masters with braas buttons Kbiuing un
th.ii suitsof bluo. Sailors. srnooth-fuced. sturdy
aud snnburiit, lay ou their o.vs noai tho
lantiiug wailing for people who bad none
ashore or were cotning down on the f?rri
bnat froin the city. Every IffO $i yacht llo.itcd
there ou tbo water, and this monilniz. they will all
hoist their sails to tho bfOOOOS aud follow the
Furi.an oadGoMOOl io 'li-ir strungle for tin- vic
tory in the lirst race for tho America's etip.
Captaiu Cr.iokor, of tbt? Furitau, iu Hpoakintr of
tbe race ou Friday aai.l: " I think thut Ifca < lOMOlO
poiuted fully as w?-ll as we did, but af OOBIM 1
^ould not Jud^e well froiu where I was, to say notli
lagaftko iac that I aai t<> nav all my oMoatioo
to my own boat. Whou wo 0080? to ruu away
nndcr the (i( tiosta's lt-e, afier kIk- had 88O000f] 08U
b<iwe, 1 cau 0000881 for our out foot ing ln r only oa
the Biip|i.)"iiioii that we got a ditlorent slant of
wind. I did not ease Bheeta at all."
Sir Kichard BaMOO said : " 1 think th" I'.iit.iii
Isthe better OOfli for thoae waters but not for Kuk
lish waters. 1 labor under souio ikadvaatagG in
eo.niuKover OOOO to 1800 in Atnoriciiu wateis. 1
boiic we sha 11 have a good breeze to-m irrow? and
it looke ao if vc shi.iild now?aad that the Oottot
boat will witi. In tbe race on Fitday I think tho
Funtuii oatpoiabrt us. I iuu sorry that tho people
who caiuo down to soo the racos have been dtsip
yointod so ofton. The 000000 I objectod to Bailmir
the race on >aiurday waa that we .ould not bave
got back until 10 oi 11 o'clock. and I did not care
to be b-ibblng arotiud aut there so luta At
that time, too. it did not look as if we could
rouiplete the race iu ecven hours. Then
tbere was an understana'ing between mysolf aud
the rogatta committee lhat th(! race hhould not bo
Btartod nft<T 1-o'clock. lt wus uot iu writm**,
and, ot course, was uol b-gaily bindinij, but atttl
that wao tlie nndcrstandiug. I was very niinh
plea?ed that I was ablo to get a new spar for a
bowsprit in such a short time. lt was a good picce
of work and gitickly dono."
Captaiu t'rockor thinks that the Puritan an Fri?
day did not have onoiigii sail on ber uutil hn
boisted liis club top-ail. He suys she liegau to do
better immediatelv. He conipiainod yenti-rd y of
the way in wlneh the tugs and excursfon stoannrs
erowded arotiud tbe buoy which marked
the turning point, and says that aftOf 80 had
rounded the stoainers coiuitig after biiu complotely
look away bis wiud for souie tim.-. 'Ibe poooloooi
both yachts are afraidof trouble from tlie BteeoBOfa
which will follow tbe raie to-dav.
The race to-day will be ovar xvhat is calied the
luside ours.'of tbe ,\ew-York Ya< ht Club. The
Btait will beotTOwl's Head, about a (juartcr of u
uiile sonth of Hu-.y No. IH. Ibe courBe will taaa
lie down througb the Narrows, aeiosa tbe lowoi
bay, aroiind Uuoy No. IU ou the Kaiuthwest 8pit,
leaviug that buoy on the port haud,
thence tothe aoiithwardal Huoy Na 5'aand to the
northward of Buov No. 5 on tho point of the Hook,
out around the >andy Hook LiKhtship, and horuo
over the aaaM course, nlll^hlIlg at Uuoy Na 15,
jnstoutside tbe Narrawa The following is the
otlicul uoiice for the race:
Tbe race for tbe Arnertca Cup over tho New-York
Yacht Clni.'a inslde courae wlll take >!uce on Mouday,
Seiil'-uibi-r 14, aa auuuuucea.
'llie nxen twenty uillea Ut wlndward, on Tueaday, flep
tember 10, li pweelbie. J. P. Taxa,
("hali uiuu rtcgittta Conitulttee.
New-York, 8eptaniber 12.
Tba weather clcrk who bas aooa dolinj out snch
bornble weuther |for yacbtracing on the daya
when the eyes of tua EngtiMh-speaking race wore
all f'M um-'I ou the fcatlat.d LiKhtshlp, folt sorry
for his mlsde.ids and yeaterday took a apin around
the ooaaarf iu noarcl. of j.iHt ihe rigtit kiud ot a
biee/,e to sult ereryone. He fonnd it rollicking
arouud Ualtcras Inlet, pocketed tt and turned it
looae upou this coiumunity last eveuint: tu
uuld doses, averaglng about twelve oiilcs
au hour. His intontioiis were to keep
a large aroouut corked up aml t.. gradually allow it
to esoape more rapidly uutil the time appoiuiod for
the yachts to ciohb the line to-day, wheu he will
give tbcm a fx-sli wind that will beat on their auils
with a force that is usuallv deecribod aa a fourteen
knot blow. The wlnd wlll oomo ont of the sotith
and Boutkweot ana will probably continue l<> in
crease iu voloclty elowly during tho ''ay, nud
toward nlght willbring a few showers from tha
weat to 0099000 tbo ardor of tha Yictorious yachts
rnen. So says the Signal Bervice obaerYor ou the
roof of the F.qultable Buildintr.
Postpoueinent after postpouement haa wcll-nlnh
wrocked the excurslon business oonnected with
tbe yaoht race, but tbe lonir snfl<-rinir and good
natured ptibllo, mistained in part hy the oontiment
of patnotism nnd udmiration for both tbe gracef ul
flyers, slowly reviv.-d intoiostou tbeoccosion of the
race orer the inside course. The ticket market has
takeu on a much ntronger tone, and those who went
shortof outsule race stock were yeaterday laying
in a atock of tieketo for tlie fnmily. Tho eloincnt
of novelty aecma to baT? stimtilated thoso who
have beea wearie'd by last week'a daily tripa out
into tbe Atlantlc, ana many peaple who fear sea
slckueaa never mtended to go toany other tban the
insido ruoe, saving their money aud their stock of
patlenro for to-day _ affuir.
Mauy boats which are not allowed to go
far ontside of the Hook will improve
the opportumty to turn nn honeat
penny aud no one need go a-begging for accoiumo
dationa. The Sylvan Orove will take all who bring
a dollar blll in their pocketa, und an willing to
Bjiend it, over tho oonrse, louviog tho foot of West
Tweuty-tirst-sr. at 8:18 aud Pier 0. North Tliver, at
0;30. The lron Steamboat CompanyA boats will
run on the miiik- Hchedule us last week, and the
Staten Islund Riipir] Transit people will carry out
their iuVa ot seiiding tbeir 10 a. tu. boat over the
entire course aud glvina the passengers on the 1
j.. iu. boat a view of the fin
ish and aa nuicb more as I ia possible,
i nf i? i-_. bigli-slded steaniship lUchinoiul, which
stuck |0 the boat* ho closcly on Friditv, will 8g0_I
go dowu, carrying only her aelect f!(>0 passenurrA
The little oataldo spuce on a se:v-g..inK steamer
will not ufford good >-tandin_- room tor many more
than thi* uuinber. I'lius 98)9 seoius to swarm wnh
huuiauity when carrying a crowd that would be
invi-.il.lo on an excuraiou hoat, and from
this lact 81089 the iticoircct rejiort that lh0OT89
run her liiait ou Fndu.v.
__0989000019 Urand Kcpublic and Colmnl.ia will
ean v 980Pb9 to the race for $1 a bood. I he Colooa*
bio will It-avo the pier ut W.-st Twcntv-sccond-st.
at Bhlfl :'? '?. and tb. pier at Wo-t T?-ntli---t. nt 9:30.
Tho Urand Bepaolk will h-av<> Jew.-ll's Wbarl,
Hr .k'.Mi. i-t t*: 10 a. m. and 1'ierXo. 0, North River,
at Bt30.
Wil.iaiu H. Vanderbilt rnnio to the t-ity fOOter
day iifieiiii?>i, from Baratoga on a ipeeto] lr..in.
His I'.iiniiy will follow liiii. to-day. Mr. Yandri
biit caun- dOWB to 9M to-dayV \ rtclit race 11?- wiil
watcii thooonto-t Mtboffoaol oi J, P erpont Morgaa
ou board bio roo?I Cotoolr.
On Tuoxlay nnnth.-r mtempt will 09
uiin'r bv tbe Punluii nnd (icn.-sta lo t_il a
nn | ..v.r a course twentv nnle* to wind
war.l aud i.-tuin, ui th.- 0000 990. If a third
i ,. i, I--,.--u \ tn dooldo th<- 9099999900 of tbo
Aiik -rii-a's (-up il'will l.e -ail.-d ..vcr a trianniilai
couneou tba ?pen aoooo WedBOoOay. ll a tbird
iuce ia not neceaaary, thoOomm dofO-Cop roeoo
. sa_ed ou Wedneeday over tba miw.- tnun
liti.ar OOuI-0, If tlie COBUDOdoiWB C*P I
naileii nn iTodnoadojr tbo Brentoo'a Koel
ia.- will take j.ia.e ..n l'li.l.iy. >? ;>
teml.'-r 1*. an.l the Cape Muv
roooooTooodoy,floptomb-r 21. If a third roeo fot
tbe Aiiicti. o'scup i? aaihsd an Wed-oaday.lhe ('om
liied- r V Cbb race will booailedon Prlday.tlM I8tb,
IboBreotoo-Reef race <.n roooda* tbo_l*t. ooo
ll.e I'ape Muv 1000 00 I'ridav tln- 30th. I'hotOOO
will l.e >tari'ed at 8 liflle b.-lore 10 ... 1"-k tliii
uioriiing if pos.iible. lVuple wh.j 9J0 l" Bof
Kidite or Fort Wad-wi.r'h will have
an ezoolloat oooortouit- f"r oeoiof tho
s'ai-t. Prom the heigbta ofFori wadoworth *Ptvtf
tor.iean, witb u itlns-. lolL.w tbo ract-m ov.-r n<- nlv
tne who Ie .-oui'se. llie QoBOOtO uod Piiritin 010
botbeatered for tho Commo.loro'o Cnp nem. Sir
I.'aliaid Suttou wlll sail for England a woek lr..m
batonjayinoCooordstromor. lh<' Oooooto wiil
m\\ at tue miiuc tiuie for houie.
-..i uu lA.-i hvl T0A00?XO Iaii.ikk IX
Il..-iti-.ide UO10O wlii.li is te l.e _oi_>_ T..-.1
M l-TIJI II"'" 8_8 iti-tir. 8900N 9tr0f8j88
w!inh b8Y8 Ihon i-i ? . cutt'T, iloop
aud schooner bave 98-0- and diift.d alottii
it for vears pa.t. Il was nn this
course th.it the pride of Atneriean yachtsm.-ii went
down ht-liire that little racni_ uiachiBe Irmn Bl 9t
Isri'1 enlled the MndgH. Van' laatl ?f cuii.
veseels have at tim>-s swept d -? n tt8 8_ffoeo whl|a
at oth.-r ti_t-s lt lia-s wttSOOOOd tho itrogglo 09
tweon sinnle lOOYOOOBtatires ..1 differing dasHt-4,
M in tlie nol 04 tWOOO tho Bod .nin and thr (iia. ic
|0 tho club 1009 which took place 00 .Fiine 11,
1m>jO. the 000109 ?t.irt?:d 98808W_0l ludoliiu'ely
f;..tn au itiiauiiiary liue botWBOO the jnd.t-'s
boat Fletcher and tlie WoO?9800, bol went
o\cr tbe eame sronnd, or rnth.r watcr, as
at preaent ei.ciuK at th>- na nt- poitit, Buof Nn. lft.
lt w__ then oottmat-tl t.< bo fortj tirn _iiloo Ib
length. ElfhtOOB yaclili start.d. nine ol Ihooi
g.iiiK oV'-r tbo liuo at the saun- indaiit. Manv (.1
them arMnl flymit Uu pennaut nf th<- Kow?Toiil
Va< ht Club. Thav w.-re J. K. Htiik's Mi*- hu-f, J. J.
Ale_andre's Visiou. Charl.-- B, Fiint's Otoeia,
W. A. W. BtOOTOtt- Rogi-Oi W. E. lselm's K.iv.-r.
.). Boojui Mu-wcii's ('nisador, B, Poshody'sconi
in?. If.-ur-<'eiiiiii'.di>re .Jaiii^s B?lith*l Irt.-K.-, Ati-mi
I'. BtokOa^O Clvti.-, J, i:. i'lttfs I'ho, F. C.
LowiO-OOb Vixen, B. _f. llrown'. Pojroho
(.ouveineur Korirmhi s Wizaid, D_Bfel ( ook.
Tidal Wuvo. i harn-. 8?II-100*9 MooOOa, Hit. bc.u k
Brothon^ Volante, K. H. Fi-rri.-i'n (.laiu.-, aud \ n .
Co_M_-40TC J. R. WolkOf'9 l?ailiitl.sH. Ih.-witul
was ea-t?"uthcist and fic-di. The Mim. Imi l<-d,
routiditiK BoOf No. 10 on M.Htliw.'.it >1111 iu om
liour aud thittv-six niitiut.-<, an.l Sandy lleok
bfhtobifin two bourn Hftv-fonr aud a liafiniti
ut'-H. OgnBiint 80_j bofoto Um oiod tha MJb*
Ohtof 0*990 in Ol the tinlsh llfty f.-.-t ali'inl ..I tlir
Tii.al Wiivi- ; tlme, 4:44:07. TbolOOl boat m was
iho 0108)00 whirh laade it iu<i:lH:_0.
l-'r.uu tli.--*.- lai-ts lt is tiiife to nay tli.it with u
w nid fnmi tfeO ia-.t-.oiith.a-t thoowtfl cuttcr aud
OlOOf wtli liud no dillictilt v m cvi-ritiu a stmi taned
,-niii -i ni- ide tbl iiiucli-abnsi'd MT90 h(.uf?' limit.
Iit tb<- ia!l races of thut year, whn-h OOOOJTOd
BoptO?lbet 17, tho 9cboooon Tldol Wave. ( lytie
aud the I'halitotii, owiiel by II. S. BOYOy, 0f tbO
ll.'i(-ttr.l Vacht (,'lilb, with tlu- hlooj. Iitim,, I,,
liuitrii.- to lli-niy Mr>aut, of 108 880M club, aud thr
N<-w-Vork OlOOf l.rai ie, 10?0_ 8V88 tbe cour-.(- with
a noithwcit wlnd. i'be Oiacie rouiidrd tho
li-htrhii" io two lioui i and bix iiiinutcs, wimilo|
tlu-ra.e tn 1:^:1:7. In tlie Jime 10088 of tbe next
vear the co_Ti>e 900?91 to have lt.cn lopp.d ofl' at
the starf, 88 09 99 he M OOOOi forty milea" in UoftlL
SiKt.-eu yaehts, with evory luch of 908)008 aet
"alow and aloft," sailcd down tlirou^h tlu. Narrows
before a northwct wind. The HJldOfOfdo led, and
rouuded the li/l.t-lup 10 8:46100, aud then
ulinost drifted in to tlir (luiih ; liine ft:l(). The
(iitl.-i Ma.l?.- 00089 lioin over tbe 880 00 the 008
of the 99900Mhip D.-vonia iu the 909999OT. aud lu
the latici |.ail ot M-|.t. iii9.t tl.e llower of Annii
can VOObtO BT90 pittcl tiKaiiifit h.-r. In llie tirst
race the Scoltisb cutter l.-at ln-r way down th..
Narrows a?ainstali.ht south wmd, ;ill -ail i-d oi>
cept her jib topaoU, I_0 Bptt was i. n Ik-I 10 uu
bour und fi.rty-i(-ven uniititi-s, when th.- wlnd
(rosbo-od to a fitll topsail breeao that bosI the
Madgo about the Ughtahlp lo tbrue ho-ra, hho
eoiiipleted tho oo_roo iu tire hourn, O9YO0U on uini
Btooalid twenl.yU.e s. oonda,boatlB8 her opvoBOPt,
iu.- Bebemer, by soreral ni.uuies. iu tho
Bccoud race with tlu- Wave, fchfl
wmd _-8 lifc'ht, riiiining luuu west
nortbwest to w.-.t, to 900thir09t uad
then to 9T901 "i{.iin, aml \.'l thotiOMOl I he MadfO
iu this hall caliu was 7:7:_5. M.e would thtis bOYO
cover.-d the piesrnt shoit.T BO?BM insido ot Iho
BoroB booi-. ln tiu- third rooo tho aoBth>ooBtb
aroot hfOOBO b|O07 Uffht-f lor two bours, and tlicn
li.hli.uiim 9?Bt the ot otcb racer into the Uiiish lu
Iyi aud one-half bours.
i'ho club raoe io- Octobor of 1881, over this
courso waa excititig und full of iucidenlH,
one of whicii rcnombles smn. w uut tliu
tiiifortunato 000000t8f between the I'nn
tan aud Oooooto um last Toooo_~.
1 lu.imh t\u4 start waa mude with a light Boothwaot
wiii.t. a liltlo M?|iiall c.tnir, ai.nnili.K (l..w n in.i.i tho
ftaatmo*?* of Fort Wadswoith und c.nr.id away
the txiacie s topuiust. As the (Jtucie and PoohOa
hoiitu-i stood away for the lightsbip th-y 00000 ?o
closo tOfOthet that a man inlgnt have stepi.etl Iroin
di-ck to derk. 1 he (.racie was t? tbo wtiid.vanl
aud hud the right of way, bnt the PoohobOOtM paid
00 attcution to that lact, and was OOJOOOfM up ao
tt-l.t to th" li_litslii|i in roiiiKlinif it lh.it it was
litoraliy " a rob and a go." Tho Mischief won, tnno
ft: 27= '2ft.
Iu ln*2 tlio courso was shoit. ned to its present
lon?th of tlnrty-ei.ht uiii.-a. A Btrong wnitheaat
wind carriod away ten feet of tho iiutst aud a sec
tionof tho bow.prit from the Mystery. Tbo
Moutauk went over the course In 3 bours flL' iniu
utes, however. Lntrr In Oetober of the suine year
the Hodouin lowere.l the n-conl to 3: 3W: 0, with a
fair wmd over the entire coiuso.
Tbo atn.ve cb .rt ahowa the lnal.li-rmirae of the New-York- Vaebt rinb, aml the one over which the race wlll be
BallOitOOaj TBO88881 8rfll he fmtn off OwTO Hea.1. ah"..t a qunrtcr of a rnlle aouth of Buoy N?. I", abont
lo ;io a. tn. The aourae wlll then he down throuch the Narrowa, around Buoy No. 10. on tlie Southwcat OfOtt leav
lagtbatbooy bo tba part boM i tliairt tni*i|~*"T Na*,,9. andnortb of BoofoVOOil and :??;. Batbepotatof
tbo lln'.k. in.'I OOt an.l 008*84 the f.indy Hook UgbtahliIVOOilOg lt frotn north and eaat anil rcturuin,' ever
Ihe aame 800888 tn Ilitor No. 11, Juat outalde the N.ir.-owa, whoro ihe race wlll he flnlahe.1.
a TOC80 WOMAa'fl diaiii OA08KD ut a rtMoit?
iikk i.'ivi u ruMiii' i-< nit: s.ivr, i'i-i-\*r.
FraiK lo Jooapfe l.iiiinor, OM (M.'iitT, s<?n ot
, iiTfftr lobo Oaaaor, of So. 3?2 BootBUtp*
mntli -'., waa llM BObJSOt of a dellcate and tatOTOOttaf
.. . .1 epenilton prrf..rine.| ..n Wedneaday lu.' 8)
DlO Alfred C. 1*088, of No. M1 Madlaon-ave., and W. A.
Iluwea. ..f N.p. 740 l-exlnglon-ave., for tbe r.movalofa
MieeOM,a 88*8888oCanasr. ThO Ineeptlon uml dexel
Bjeal of "'?*' tuia..r waa cx.ee.lliigly peeuU.ir, aad
cither preaenta the feiitiir. ? Bl -i i"'i. uk.it.|.- , ......-,-lence
or a ?1>-inot.-'r I'.uii of the f-iel that tu.nora Bt* Oa8>
taaioaa, a thtm; lhai 0*8 i.< rctnfi.ro feooo omoI cmpuat
I. a.ly .leuie.l liy Ui" ine<llcal profeaalon.
Yi.iiiiK Mr. (.uiiiier w.ia a rcjrular attemtant of St
Tba8Boo*a Bptaeopol COapal, ia Hatletb at., between
sec.inil .it.'l I hlr.1 iivea., and bcld ihe i.fllre ..f A-alatant
i .....ni in tim Oaaoairaebeal counea-u-d with ti.e
? hiin h. 8*8 it ii \c-ir OfO MlM BollO lonjOOtj acliarm
UiK fOOOg W..H..HI ef litioui tlie autne aft-a aa Mr. '.un
nerjolned the cliurih and ln <-atne a teeehrrof a alaaa
in th.. loaiaj'OoaooL Mr. Boaaoraai HaaoaioaM
were tbrown liiuch together in the Sunday-acho.il work
nii-i laraiil a plaaaaal eeoaeOaOanco, thut in time
rii-nel latO l"vi>. a:id lt waa ann
apriua that tliey wero er.Rafcd to ba
merrled. liut lt waa not to lie. Mlaa r-arnent .llr.i ln the
Rooae?ell Uoapltal laat Uf, aud waa butled ou U.eoia
Atn.ut thrce BBBOtbl l.ef.ira her death an app.irentl*
liiiKK-enf awellludBppeaf.pl Ui tba guui on the lual-'e of
il.erl.'lite ? ?? k Ratbl*| **08 IhOOg-l of lt for a tlme.
?a4 lt WBS atUfbOteO88 rolrt and a harmleaa lutljuima
tiuii. It'.it lt rtew larger. alowl* at firat, but wlth an
alermitit* riiptdity aa It becatue develooe.l. and
ahe aa well aa lu r frleiula liecatuo alartned an.l ?
?Bilral 8i"*~* Iler ailiii-nt waapronouae. .1 a ?ar. <>iiib
of tlie ?Mttgaa it t] ; 8, ? >d al..- went lo Ba*8***tt B*l
?,,,, j,,, tr,-jtineiit. Oa** after aba ?*a aOilttaia
wua bcld ln her caao by the
OM an 1 th- liuisae atuff, ai d
lt waa asreeii that h r only rbanea of
l|fj.|rf ..iti the reiti.val of the tuu.'.r. 8-8
llag, aa opaiaMaa vacaarforoMal af i>r Hin.ia
ln tbe pte-i ii' ' ef Df B%r*8j Bad aeverwl otlier pl ?
Iciana. Tbe tutuor wa* taken out.but lt had lnvolv.-<l 1*8
law oone to a 8MM0ietaW8 oitrnt and a aeetlon of It waa
uleu r. .novel. M1"B 0*188*1 rallli-d from ti.e al.ock 880
BOOOa w. roi-iit< rtaln.il of l.ar r.coviry. hut wlthln a
.ki.i-i oii.Uiy hr:i...rrliai:e ??t In ui.d re?ulte.l lu
l.er .teatb.
Tbe BTlaf*! Mr. (.utiuei o\e, hlaloia wua 11
.,!,.! be tir i-kIi-iI hvi r IbOOOOtbOi M'?a I Hijeiit fa ?
rii'-ro waa to hliu a .jie, i ,1 liorror ln tha i.,
uf her ile.itii. Wht'.e y.-t BM*~*IU*0 at tho ?tr B*0B*B8I
p.f xt -i 0080888*8 death, 88**t a luotith Bg8
he waa aturtle.1 when ? alltfTit BWOtttOg
appeare.1 ln bia niouth, ln the gan* under the left cberk.
II,- mi once eoiiaiilU-1 l<r. ll.iwea. aa lie au?|>eet.-.l tl.a'
the fate of Miaa flawul .tw.itt.-d blm. Tlure wai
liothllii*. however, ln the ciiiy 8pp8*l**88 of tlie awcll
li>K to lu.ll.-ate. that it wua anytiunf aerlona. and lt waa
:.i. a .i K-iiin tn.ii. it itrow aiowiy ai.d, ptaseatlag
abat appeii.c I to 08 8* a.N l-nalutioi. of p.ia, II waa
lanced and dlacliarKed a colorl aa ll.|Uld. Tliera waa m>
in.provetii' nt "r Kllef followlna thla a.mple r.'.i.nly.
aad tho cllnlcal hlatory of the caae aoon eatahll-he I th it
II w.ia ? aarcoiuu, almilar lu 80*1*8888 to thut wlileh Imt
in,' \llia -.irK-ent her llfe. I.nl tmt ia far U'lvun. e.l. Jii.
P.-t w.i" i a--<"1 lu oo.iaullatloi. aud * apcejy a*tlfp*>
ll'it) of UM tuuior waaadvlaed.
At 2 p. ui 8* Weilu.il.iy tho y.iuiu man waa put
uun.-r Ihe Iiillucnci- of eth?-r. A ktilfc w.i.a luaerled by
the auryeon at tbe left ch.-'-it le.n?, an.l aa it.cl.-luu wua
liiiule iiinlei tha left eye, t? the noae, down the aldo Ol
Uie noae andbauaatb li to il.o eeatre of tu? ujiper ilp
whli-ii waa apllt In two. Then tho left cb.-ek waa .11
I up fr.in tbe bone, uu.l turned bark i ad iln- tnaiot
wua 1-x.iiopv 'l to \iew. It w.ia nttii. h.-.l lo tlie JaW iiolie
lliinly aml waa laigaf thau II apa*al*d to he cxlertially.
It waa rotiiovcd hy a'1'iick .nt of tlie knlfe aml the en
tln. hoii.' lu the iieU-hliorliouil of tne l*8BSff waa
thoiouabiy ecaped lij aeiiouii ahai.ed Inatruiiiei.t . to
reinovi- au. li aOeCled ni? iiil.ranco ua uilxlil lu. atCMOM.
ATter the aiir^eoiia were autlatleil that Kvery
i, ,,, ,,f lim 108880 waa ohllterute l tln
cbeeit (iup w.ia ret'.riied to poaltlOB und
d.-llcately atltch*-d t.i th. ii.ljolnlnit tlaaiio, Ile i,\>. r.t
tiou laate.l iw.i lio.ua, an<l waa praloeoed for ttl? raaaoii
that the cthci e**M *o8 ba glVaa aoatJauoMly, ea tba
cotio boldiuK It, * hin h' -ld oior tlie noae and niouth of
the jpalioiil, l.ilei fe.ad wllh the luovoiuetita of the ?m
kooii, ati.l li'- hufl t" aiop et.iliely wlnle tlie i-iher waa
l.eiBif aOmlnlatarad. Mr. Qaaaat miiied rapiiiiy frotn
lOaaeookaf Iba*p*ralbiB>a*d waa iu * <-omio.tai.ie
OOUdltlOO yeat.-r-iay. T*8 tuuior ufter lt f|| rcruoxu.l
wna placed ln ulcohol an.l w :ii aubmlited lo u Bil8t*88Up
i.ul eiiiiiiiiiatlon lo <i< t.rinliie un cliari.i ter. whetbor
lieiiijr'u i,r tii.i.U'uant. If It provea to be hc-inuti, It la
H.il.l tlie <i|n ratltm wlll he the laat of II; hut If It ahowa
mimIikiibiiI eleiiienta, i-lmllur to thut lu tbe caae of Miaa
Baraeut Ibe pronabUlltea are that lt wlll return acalu
nn<[\)rn'ui to grow wliore tho B*ro*OB'fl knlfe left olf.
liigaal Zotz, oa [taliaavagc fortytliraoal No.
J75 Thoinpson-at. und keeps a peuliut aud frult aluiid on
tkc uorthwoat coriiir of Hcvciitcentb-at. and hevatitb
ave., lu front of T. Jeunett'a BpjOOf aton..
Alu.iit 7::iO a. ni. yeater.luy 0888 wua aweep
litjr the aldewalk ln frotn of tlie atore, when a crowd
ef royater.-ra who huil hei u <lilukliiK lu the pluee $9?KB
aniioyinir bnu. One of the crowd llppeU ofl the Ilalluu'a
bat, und (julck aa u llaab lOU puiicd au eljht-ltich illik
kinfe frotn Ih'' pockct of hlM tilue |uiii|ier a.nl l.i.rieil tlie
blade In Iba he.irt of ihe m.iii -t.iinlii.ir 0801*01 him, who
wua (,'harlca Il.udiey, a trm kiuan, airi. tlility li?e, of No.
:;.'t^ WealThlrly-acconilst. Zoti left the kiu.'e ln Hrad
ley'a brt-uat aud turi.c.l to fl.-n. I'ulli-. ni.ni i....-_?.
llolloway, of tbe Klfin l'rec;ii(i, waa on hla way to r<
port for (luty, aud ho puiMi. .1 tiie fu?ltiv.-. Aft.-r a lonif
chaae tho oflnor fou.nl him BP8*8blO0 8*** ? pllo of coal
lu the rellai Of 8*8*gb8B*8 ll'iuor etore, .it l-'i!(>-<-ntl.-iU
aml Miiihiiw. llolloway took bla prlaoui-r haok to the
Vl.ice of tb? alahliliiK uiiilfoiuillli.it ilra.lii-yli.nl dled.
be Itallau aml tho ho.lr of hia Tl.tlui were taken
tu tba Hixteeulh I'ri-clncl I'ullca Olatloe.
' Zctz in u BWartbf little anu. wlio ilwea bOl tillk Knitliali,
He waa tuki.n before Jiiatlce O'ltellley, ut J. fleraon
Matket Police Court, where he waa rematideii furexami
iiatlon. Jaiuea Kurrell, u tl ii.'kuian, af No. 089 l.-l
?Tblrty-flr^t-at.i a coinpuntoii of Ilradley'a, wua tiiKi-u
Into cuatody aa a wltueaa, hut Ih-iiik too u.iii-li i.itoxi
( aieii to glre any cohereiii a. . ount of the iiri.nr ha v-.i?
aeut to the Houae of D.-l.-ntlnii. The ahantli uf the .llrk
waa foaml iu the liBlliiii'a potki't. Ur.ull.-y'a body wa*
rrmoved to tho Moiauc, wi.ere OoToaef Keaaaiuef U bl
an autopay. It whb found that thu kulfe baU pcueli.... I
tV.r i|r?.l maa'a brea4t-boue, pleroln. tbe heart, nnd had
pa.-rd lnto thr llvrr.
Ilndl'v had thr i. potattM of tirins; a h.-.nl-worliiiiB
?aa, lll? BBBSllBal U aald 10 lutva Ii.-rn ren.lercl irrlta
bl.- "f late tiy tbo aunoyanee of rnflIxus.;
rl'AMMI ( I.AIMrt TO Tlli; I'Al'.oI.IM.'v
Londov, St>|if. 13.--The BOtl ol SofiOl
r: liiaysn, thr Sp.inUU Fer. Ii<n MlnNt.-r, to l'r!-ico BU
tnarck, rlulrus H|.?idah sivfrolftrly over thr Caroll001 uu
tho st'.uikI of dlarotrry. rxplorntlon. BBl.alonrtry work.
protectloa, raoogBltloa by the aattrai and thu exlitcoce
ut -p.iDl.h tr.t Uu.- poata,
Tha (?.'.-i..:i.i (iuvcriuiK nt api^ars dlipo4cd ta ln
aUt that th.i .lUpute ctiurernlnB tho Car
oltna I-tiin-la l.e ?ui>mitto<i to uitdtiatlon. Ppaln
la nrirotiatlnx' f.ir thr i>uiTha?e of two mrti-of-w.r wld h
arr l..|ii, hnlll ln Kntrl.nd f.-r llie l liln.ar i.n\ rrnuient.
Tb? Hrltl?h Vlrr-( oii.itl at "an fjebaatiiti) haa off.-r. d to
prot- ct tbe (icriuau Coo.ul tlu i?<> lu . B99 of another rlu
DtcfDnm ix nn: DOMonov.
?Moktukai. s.-pt. IS [flpirfoQ. ThfJTI wore
thlrtr nlne raara of amallpox reported at the BO?tth
t-.-d.y, ..f wldili alKhtern wer. atitbrnttcate_.
B0909Bl iBOlaaOaO have happenrd to ttiow tbe Kroaa o.re
leaxurss with wblch louie poople nct wbo have suiailnox
.u tb.-lr hoiisea,
H ? ?> l-Kiiaherlckrtrraarriv.d to-nl?ht, aud wlll play
Montrral un.l tllatrlci to in.rr.jw and Turtdi.y. W. K.
!((.:.rr thr -ro_t bowlrr, ba* uot yrt fully rrcovrrrl
from thr .rrldent to bla arru tn the Tnrouto niatrh, aml
1- l? -I..ul.tf.il If he wlli be at-ia to play. Th. Htook tt
wUl a.l|..urn -vhrii th.- match I. playr-d to-morrow
attrrn.riii. n.e vl-lt.ir? wtll l.e eiitrrt.lnr.l ut .llniirr ln
r lli.t. 1 ln thr rvrnlnB. B-IM rliajl.ea h.vr
takOO plaOB ln the Miuitrr.l tram, Wrifc-ht, of ll.lxtou, rc
f-sliiif to p:ay ou acrouut of the stnalliivx.
A MW llAll.ltii.U) IN ritlNx.
I. .M...N, s.-pt. 1:1. AOUsoooIom of -*i<>.
(..Hi.iMMi h.ix t..-.ii nrfotlaWxl ut P.rH and Hcrlln for tbe
? l?Uoa of a rallroivl from T. ku to Tuncrhow.
twrlve inlirx aouth af I'rklti. A M.ii? Iiestcr Uini has
ohtaloeil tha coutra. t for liuUdlag the road.
? ?
tthi-is., - i ooxMuxioTa in mzioo.
< hv oi MiTi.... Bopt. is, vi.i QoJyooUm.
\ r. u.Miutil?ttr upriMof ln I?OOBBtOB of Cortlove, ln the
Htateof \.r.t ( r U-, 1? gltiuj rfreat 900090098 to the
91?99991 of that MOtloB, I'.." (.ei rriiur of tlie Htate pro
fraaeaabllltv to put .|..Wn th. rait.-laj wlthont the itl.t of
l"" '?'???'? ' . pUutON bavr ui lurd thr poona
tu th. atr.-rt.d lecallty. i... ?. i,_i_ dato?nd a ai\;-.!.._, ut
.11 p.'o;>rriy.
. ??
I.MtA. S |.t. 13, viu (>ulT.-8ton.?Tho ofleOH
nf tlu- I'nttrd Min 4 .... ,;nrr NheuHiidoali k'av.- a t.all ou
koai-tbal ?r??clo.i Meduei-dav.
mra vona i bom londo.*.
LOB-OS, Hrpt, 1.1.
Mwr. r.TTtH T. rtt-Mtne Tattl will brgln ber
I .ii.ir.iti tmir In Ni.vrii.h.-i linpreaiiito Rrtinrinat.il
haajninnt Ht.vvla ln iiu.lertakloK thr fln.iii.-lul reapoii-i
Inllfy f..r tlilrty prrfnnnaii-r. lu firWium, Holliiinl,
An-trta, Kouuiuul- aud Turker, ilii-ahluK at M i -.<
i .nin.
Wftii-i.., J.iarphitio U. /ki> M ni out to bc in.irrl.il to
LeopoM Kri.ii.-nii..-ik, tho mUlloaalrfl paru.cr of tlu
|TMl I'oil'h Uunkera.
RaOKDTOTR01-90AO0 ' ir TbOOMI B09999O, uiem.
bef nf i'lirlUiii.-nt, who .n-tod aa ahiitrinan nf a reoepUon
rntrimlttrr In ttir n-crii? vln rrK-.l tonr of Inltn.l, lias
been ralae.t to tbe Prersge.
Isiiix TbeOovpniiiieiitoflii.Ha propoaea to abollah
thl uillliarv e.iinuiai.dt of Koiui.iiy und .Mudraa _: i r-,
r.-forni and r.-iitrall/e tbe udinlnlatratioii of Southern
Indla. with h.'.?ti|U.irtfra at Iloinliny. The Dukn of
(i)iiaau<ht will bo Ktvea one of th" chlcf cnium.mli,
TBM nui: HEf(ini).
Fim.AiiFi.i'iiiA, Mt-|it. 18 (Special).?Shoitlj
after I o'l-inrk thl. moriiltiir tbe Ove-etory trutik factory
nt 000901 I' BalBOO 9 80B. la l'.utuw-at., Ixlow U.< r, ln
thr Hlxth Ward, was dr.troyrd l.y llie at a loia >-f
9'.o,.hhi. The hull.lii.ir was Ollrd wiU? new ?oodx, and
burned fierct-ly for a.-v.-ral hour-.. The siirroiiiidlnKa wero
flblrfly two an.l ihfOOBtOCyObOOMBO8890BJO8 bvpoorpeo
ple, Who.n effui-ts w.-re carrlril OUt of the bousrs ainl
jiil.-d prmnlsriioiihly to.rthrr. Wlilln the Ore waa at lta
IirlKbt two tlr.-uirn, wlilln Ir.nlin. a ,|nr of hose lnto tlie
tiilnl titnrv, f.-ll witl. thr lloor lnto thr liiiruln_ iiiass.
I li.-y wero re.cued, but are probubly fatally burt.
Habtpobo. Hept. 18.?Bnaaoll Wi_J___r_
p.pei-bittiKiiiK and paltitlnx r>iabll.huietit, lu Mrrldou
was aet ou _tOlaolOTOBlag by uu oxpioalou tn the fur
iiitco. Nearly all thr xtock wi> dratroyi'd aud the t.ull.l
lu- baitly diiiiM-nl. Tlie loss la ijdl.OOO. A Isdy who
waa paaalua- thr piaoe ut tlui tlino of the uiplo.lon wna
lui'l|| .nt by 11} ii._t 1.-1.1.4.
Nasiux, .n. II., s.-pt, l.l. - Mro thls mortiln? dvstruyed
the old riir-h.ni.'.o of the .ViiHlina. Actou und 000090 Hall
in.i'l, used for atoruKO of l.obl.iu .tock l.y tho Nunliua
i'.ntihiii and Htitlttle ('onipatiy: al.io, nn a.tjolnluifshcd,
loiir'.- ii fp i.:lit i-.i.-. owii.-d by tbe Doston aud l.nw.-ll
Rallroad OOMpaay aud .omo bulldlnga owued l.y I>.. v i.i
Muvena. 'llie iinitoii i.iit Lowall Uuliroad C'oi.ipunv,
I. --I-.- ..r th. Acton road,loooi08,000; fuii> laoarod. Tb9
Nunhuit lioi.iilu aud Hiniitl.) Ctitnpeo* Iom 83,000; lu
liiiaucr. $1,^00. 9I0T0O9- IonS l? ijlHOo, laOWfOO.
ans, l.a., .^ept IU. -A dispatcb to TA? fhOOO
/"'iK-ti nf from l.uko Charloa .ays : " Uy.n ? (inary's
atram Hhinitlc luill and tbout a <|iiarter of a inllltaii of
c iln.n a w.-n- l.iiruril tu ilay. Tbo lo.a Ia $10,000; uo
Mii.f.s Cnv, Mont., Bopi. 111.?A stoforob
l.cry la IBpOH d t? ii.ivn 00009998 9000 l'oity KIIO
It.iiii-li on I'n.l.ijr niK'lil, Tbr.-e iiiu-ik.d meu atopped tho
?ta_<-un.l H.-i-nrril Iho W'.-IIa. t-'arir.i .. Co. tiouiuro )?>x
?.I.ilni.ia aix liiin-li ..I il.iili.r-. Twrlvn ti.ou_.iid ?Oa
i.n-. (...v.riii.i.nt inonny for ttin troopi bad beuu OOBt
tliiou.b oidy it day or l wo linfore.
? ?
i'i.kvi i.a\t), Bopt, in (xpcriiii),?Deopita the
f.i.t tiiat n do/cii excuraiou trulns were nin into tlie
clty tbis uioruliii:, not uhho tluti. _,fi()0 pooplo wlt
?00908 the (,'aine of lia-rliall lieleeaii tho Fore.t Clty
iadB8B-0okf otaha, m vMabJoha i,. BolHvaapMohoi
for th.-foriner. Tho (,-aiuc BMOltOi ln 9 vlctory for tlie
vl-dtora l.y a 10090 ?f - I" ". botb riinn beliiK liiade off
M erior l.y Mililv.nr, <it.Ii.-r ln the iiftli liinliiK
The ftri/e fi.lit. i dOOMOOttBOMl tbat he
attlll r.-talued hla hklll ai a plteb.-r,
tue vlslior. olitalnlt-t; only Ui ltlts. Tbe prucucda of tbo
s-ame were 01,800, of wblch 8ulllvan racelved $000. Al
tbe conclusiou of the gnina Sulllvan waa arreatod for
violatiugthelawsof Oblo wbloh forblde Bundav baee
ball Kamea. Tho warraut waa awort out by .xttoruo*
Mornan and John 8. Ft atber, praaldent ot the Law aud
Order Leagua His bail was flxed at $300 and tbe
boud waa atgued by hr. Daykln of tbe West "ido. Bulll
Tan afterward algned i. waiver and lt lt not proi.able
that anythlng wlll couio of lb? caae. He goea to Bostou
to-u.orrow mornlug. <
Albany, Sept. 13.?The Fret'tbiukers' Con
vcutlon ojiened at the Ieland Opora Houae this morn
lng. The flrst speaker was Jamoa Parton. of Massa
obusetts, who gBfO a lecture on Vlctor Hugo. Court
landt Falmcr thon read reaolutions, wblch wero adopted,
demaudiug en.ual rlghts and aecular govern
taeut, tbe rcpeal of all laws exemptlng cburcb
and ecclesiaatical property from tai'tlon;
tbo prohlbltion by law of tbe approprlatlou of public
iii'iieys ror tha support of, or uae hy, fnatltiittons under
tbe iiunag-emeiit and lnfluenoe of aeotarlan denoraiua
tlonat tbe repeal af all lawa oompelllng the observanoe
of any day aa a Babbath or boly day, or enforc
lng the payment of le?lalat!ve cbaplalucloa,
or of estabitshlng apeclol rellglous dsys
to be obaerred by publlo authority; assartlug
that lt iatlme for llberal und aecular aocleties to take
the j laee of oburcbea a. d urtesta ln tbe social recegnl
tlon and celebratlon or thoae great e*ents of human llfe,
btrth, marrlage aad death, and thatj woman's oom
plote in.? uaion Into a conmon partlclpatloa
wltb lu.ui of tbe knowledge. the nses
and the cnjoymenu of thla earth la her lejrltlmate
poaltlon. 1 he ofOeers of the aaaoclatlou were Inatructed
to take atepa looklng to ita lueorporatlon. Mra. Auxela
Cooper Hnatol, of Vlnelnnd, K. X. read a poetn entltled,
?' Vlctory." J. E. Bennlsburg, of Kanaaa, made a apeech
aeainat "Tbe Furltan'a Sahbath." Horace Beaver of
th- Bniton intrxtiyatnr. geve a hlB*B*T of the free
tl.oiijbt luovetnentln the laat half ecntury. Helen il.
(Janlnor dell.'ered a lecture on " Illator.eal Facta and
Blble Kicfton." attacklug tha Chrlstian rallgton aa lt
attected wouien.
Ai.hany, Sept. 13.?Tlie followinj? applica
tlotia for Exccutivo clenioncy were actcd upou by Uov
.1 tmr lllll on Baturday :
Fhillp Cook, of Erio, aaaau'.t lu the flrst degreo, seu
teiic.-d to alz yeara aud eleven moniha in Auuurn
prlion; aeiilcd.
Wllllam M. Iirown, of Ontarlo. grand larccny, sen
temed to llvo yoars la Auhurn priaou; denled.
Wllllam (.'iiii.'ii, of Onondaga, aaaault ln tho 8888*1
degree, aeiitenced ln LtOg to two yeara in 8*0*8*
prlaon; denled.
Johu Tbompson. af Erle, graud larccny ln the socond
ilegree. aeuteuced lu 1901 to thrco yeara lu 180*88
prfaon ; denled.
Klehnrd FltzgonW, of OnnudaKO, biirelary In tho
tim I degreo, aanteaced lu 1--.1 to three yeurs ln Au
hurn priaou ; denled.
AlfreJ Wllla. allas Wllllam Wcaley. of fhemnng. for
gcry in th>- aecoml degree, aenteuced lu 1091 to eigbt
yeara in Auhurn prlaon; denle.l.
Wllllam Hu.luy, of Iiruouie, lureeny, aeutenced ln
1081 to g ti-rm not to Bgcead fl*e ycars lu Auhurn
priaou | applle itloB for pat.lo.) grantcd.
Tne 11f.1 Aaaembiy Illatrlct Republican Conveatlon
thla nvenlne aelected asdefogatea tu the Stnte Conven
rlon .Inlin F. B.nvthe, liulph P. Eathrop, Jon.ia II.
Biouka. Itonert (>. Hcherer and Robert Perker. Alter
:ia!i-a g'ephan ?oaver, Normau II. Moore, E, A. Poole,
Jaiaaa A. ilouck aud Willieiu II. F.ilke.
jAMBfT0W8| .Scpt. 13 {Speeial).?Eurl Davis.
a li ??, of olfcl.r, went awiuiuilng lu the Chautatiq.ua l-ake
oi.l'.et here thla afternoon. He got beyoud lil.dcpth.
was carncd iluwu atreaui by tbe currout aud drowueit.
BaSATOOA, Sept. 13 (Speeial).--Tlio opadal
tralu of Tiik Tiiibi ne and llrr<iltl reaclied Puratoira to
day at 8 a ta. The othor New-York papera did no
.irrivo nt.lll 1-: 10 p. ai., aud wore thcrefort- over four
- iilu.l. _
COBOBO, S.pt. 13 (Sptciah.?MutiriccCo'iiu y,
of Coboce, la a;groccr, a strict CaUiolte, and for tl.trty yeara
haa heeu prciidlng oflleer of tbe St. Vlncent De Puul 8r>
c.-ty conncctaHl with hla ftmrih. He la hrlgbt und haa
read a good deal. On 8aturdar hoastoulahcd h!s frlendsby
anrniiineing tho would daiiveron Sluiiiiiiris Island a lec?
ture on the the truc goapel. The lecture was to have been
-?? I to-day- A larue crowd tfuth.red, but waa dls
appointed. Ula fumlly prevented hla leavlag the houae,
.!.-(^?niiL- that no Catbollo ahould lecture on aueb a aub
Jert bu.I alao decldexl that C'ooney'a mli.d waa affeoted.
. (M.Doy trle.t to ?et out of tbe boiiae, but waa arreated
fiu breaoa of the jmsucc. He waa afterward dacUred to
be iuaane. Ile h.id prepared a w.-ll-wrtttcn aeitnou iu
wnlch he attompte.1 to etpoae the t'atbolic rollgiou au.l
. ..< t iiurch a luoiicy-iuaklng luatltutloa
Nkw-Oui i AXe1, Sept. 13.?A (lispjitcli froiu
luntoii. Mlaa.to V<- Ptciyuiie ?ays: - Yestc-rUay af?
ternoon a heuvy raln aml wind atorm, aceoinpanied by
much tliunder aud llghtulug. vleited thia ?ectii.n, bluw
Ing.lown troea and feocea and daniaglug erops. At
We.ith.-r.t.y a ylantatlou Thoniaa Weatherahy aud three
negroea took rofturo ln a ?lnhouae which aoon after
wua ?mn k ny IlKhtulng. Oi.e of the nerroea, Auatln
(.iii-i.n. waa Bltlad, Wi-atberaby was rnndered acuae
1. aa. aud the olhera wero badly atui.ned."
- ?. -
rmi.ADFi.riiM, S.-pt. 13 (Speeial).-Thcr* is
a tlr.u ln thla clty whloh haa ou lumd flfty tona of nltio
clycerliie. uianufucti.red for a hoiiao at Mazatlan, near
the iteat caaat of Meilco, and notwlthstandlog three
renta a pini'id haa l.e.ft.-ied aaHlBf inaatera to enrry
tlie r-xolealve lo II* .leatlnatlon, all og'ere have baen r?
f i-i ?:. and tt !? moro than nrohahlotbnt noveaaela In porl
wlll a< c.-pt the cargo. Even the Eng'.lah " trampa."
which tuEo any ?n.l evervtbing, wlll not aaJurue tlie
rlak. Tho coiii]i..ny li n..w endeavorliiif to have the shij'
u.ent made lu a tailitig vcaeel fr,.m Now-Yark.
CniOAOO, S( pt. 13.?Flvo faaag men, wulk
li.K diiwii Ilul"teil-*t., Htopped 0001 tho atand of Mlchacl
ReOBOaO Irult peddler wblle one of their nutuber por
chaaed aorun lianatiua. Knrag.-d becauae ono ot hV
i uiiiig incn took a baaea* which had not oeen pai.l for,
lt.iB.aa nei/ed a long, poiul.-d kulie aud p.t.Ui'ed lt lato
the breasl .>: john aehoa The aonads l man raa ? :o ?
theatreot aud icli dead. Kunau UeU but hua beeu cip
L8ZT80T08, .^opt- 13 (Speeial).-^omt\ ?-x
cttomeu' waa cauaad lu the State Colloge hore to day hy
the arroil of a new atu.lcnt, (leorge I^indfulr, ageaevrn
leen, from Cellna, ohio. whor? helaoharged wlth roh
hltii{ a lewelry atore of over #l,(MHi worth of K(>"'la
I li.- piltieuer did not aeein aurprlaed and coolly aocoiu
panled the oQlcer who took him to Cellna.
?? ? ??
Akkdn, Si pt. 13 (-ptvial).-Tho people in tlio
?li'lnity of Ho-tu.i and IVuluatila on tho llne of tho Val
ley Hillroud, about halfway lietweeu thla clty aud Cle*e
luii'l. are mnch Intereateil In recent 8la<'overtea of
mlm-rula of varloua klnda. Hpeoline.ia of ailver, zlnc und
1. ua. rmil aud r..ofl"g aiat.? BUa have heeu found aud peo?
ple who owu the land 818 huldlug It ut fabuloua prlcea
Pnn.ADEi.ruTA, Sept. 13 [Speeial).?Chief D( -
te.-tlve Kelly yeaterday arreated Churlea Thomaa, ullaa
Gllday, who is charged wltb pitaalng alargo nnmberof
e.iiintoifeit dollura ut Cape May and other aea-slde re
aorta. Tho prlaouor realated arreat daaperately and lu
BlOted tev.-ial UKly ei.t.a on lil* captor. J'bomaa waa
irT8B *OBaiiOg tiil. ui.initig at tho Coiitrut Folloe 8la
tlou aud coi.iiulti.'d for trial.
Oaevkston, Sept. 13.?A dispatoh U> Ihe
,>rtc? from Fort Worth aays : " Tho wlll of John Nlchola.
the vloe-prcaldenl of tho Clty Natlotiul Bank, was ud
mltted to proliate yeaterday, Mra. Nlchola belng (jiiall
fli tl aa (.xecut.rlx. A. M. Biltton, tbo pre.aldent of the
liauk, imiii.-.liai.-ly bogan ault agalnat tue executrlx for
Uie recovery of if.io.ooo, tho anioiiut of Nlehola'a ao
falcatiou. The Nlchola vatato la rated at *o0.UOu."
Phii.adei.piiia, Sept. 13 (Speeial).?Two
tiodics of atiloidoa wero tlshed out of tbo Delawara Rlvor
l.tat evonltig. (iu.. hore ln India lnk inarka on hla arm
tho narae of F. I>. Dreaaer. The other waa a wome.i,
u.ikiiowii. At 10 o'clock laat nlght a mau Jumpcd ottlhe
8*888 Worka wbarf with aulelUal intcut and accum
pltahud hla purpoae.
Kocki.and, Sopt. 19.?Cfcarlao YounK, at s.
Ciirtl.a and Aithur Whoeler went aalllng ln Aci ord Poud
to-day. The hoat waa upnet throwlngall tbrce Into the
water. All wero drowued.
Cl.EVEI.ANU, Sept. 13.?At Bueyrus, Obio,
Wllliain Jonca wus umrdcred by robbere laat nlght.
" PlCgp " ilotellug aud " Joe " Ide bavo been arretted
for tho crttue.
l'liii.ADPi.i'in.v, Soot. 13 (Speeial).-Iho re
port Jiif-t 1888*0 hy tho Socloty for tho Froteotlou of
Chilitrcn aifatnai l.'ruukeu i'areuts abows that during
Auguat lo'J chlldreii were i ared for.
I'liii.ADK.i piiia, Hopt. 13.?'I^ie Bchuouur Ire
liinil, wliieti wua auiik lu the Delaware Rlvor below New
oaatle aoiue tlme ago, waa tlouted thla mornlng by a
wreckii.ir atiuiu.nr aud UcacboU at Feuu'a Urova,
Elmika, Sept. 13.?Congreeomitn Ira Daveo*
port's candidaoy for tbO Republlcan nomlnatlon for
Governor has beon damaged lately byarumor thatex
Senator Thomas C. I'latt ls ns u_ blin as a sbleld boblad
whlob to collect votes for Levl P. Morton. Mr. Daven
port's absenoe ln Europe rendered sacb a stafemcnt tbe
more burtful. as he could not be eonaiiltod aud ao
autborlUtlvB statement be obtalued from bim tbat hs
was not permlttlng tbe use of bls nurue for sucha
purpoeo. His uast oolltlcal llfe sas auhiclcut evMooea
to bls frlenils that suoh a plot, if sucb a plot exlstcd, did
not bave M. coueout. Anioug Ihnse wbo dld not kaow
the man, Uowever, tbo rumordid bim baru and i-hec-o.1
tho prcgrcss of tho canvius bls frirud| 0088 waking for
Tbey thought they could obtaln for bim the rolcs of
tbo cbalu of eountles fre.jiientiy spoken of as " the s.uiib
ern Tler": Broomo, Tioga, Chemung, Htoubon and
Alli'iritny. and also the vutes of the lelegates from
several of tho couutles to tbe northward of these:
Sksbuyler, Touipklus, Livingstone and Wyouiiug. It ta
uow kuowu tbat they wlll have to lessen tbolr ltat soiae
wbat, Uroome County belng aald to fuvor (Jeneral Corr,
Tompkina Couuty tbe ouudldacy of ei Cougre-stnaa
Dwtght, and Chautau.iua a:id Cattaraugua louulajr
toward Jaruos L>. Warreu. Iu tlie reuialulug couutiea
meutloned. bowcrer, tbey hope to obtaln dci.-_.1ie4 for
Mr, Davetiport unless tbere Ib sjme sucb couspiracy ia
Mr. Mnrton's bohaif as that dBscrlbed above, They
bave been mado uueasy, ho-over, by a report tbat Hr.
Platt lia-i advised his fnends ln tbe soutberu tc-r to aap
port Daveuport, " but to bave no > ?- iml cbolco aud to
?090 uo plcdges for a second choice." TUia war iuier
pretcd to meao that Mr. l'l.tt Intended to hold i_e
Duvenport vote together for several ballote aud then ta
tllug ll for Mortou at a favorable ?i portuiiity.
Wben Mr. Davcnpoit returucd to thls couutiy f .?..-?
Kurope a week ago, (icuer.il Ueorge lf. Hiarpe, of
Kmgston, luforuied bim by lettei- of tbo rtuuora t-tt
w-.-ie burtln,' bla oauvasa. Ooncral Pharpe and Mr.
Davenport weie lulluiato frleuds at Aloauy when tbo
Uttor was Senator aud the foruier was Bp08889 of iko
Assembly. It ls not kuowu here what replyMi. Davea
poi 1 iu.nl. to (.eu.-i ul Sliarpe's letter, but andonixedly Ua
maile au luvestlgalion us to the ac-tuut charu.-t. r of bls
aupport. That luvoati^atlou in-ist bave sattafl-id him af
lta geuulucness?forbeiiermlislt tobo contiu?vl. .'lleads
of Mr. I'latt bere say that a ureat Injusilce 909 bt
don.- bim by tbe repre-*- 980?90 tbat bo waa acte:upUs_
to use L_*cniort a? a extapaw to get votus for M-u; -
They ?ay also tbat Mr. I'latt has not 9090110999- aay
liileieat lu tbo elecilou ot duleiates in Itej 1 I -
where he bas bad suoa great lntluonce for tlitecii fwMO
|i,i-t. IfUuaas miktug a secret cuuv-i. for Mortea
they say that tbey would kuow It. One of the u-iaf
aupport. ri of Mr. Morton for L'ulted Statei ^cuator al
Albauy last wiuter was Heuator I'assett, of tl.n c-ity. Aa
thechtef owuer ot Ine Etmirtt Adtxrtntr, tho leutlsf
ll.-pubiii an now-tpaper of tbis n-glon, and as th. ?'vo_-or
i-opi-escniiug tho eonatorial Dlstrlct lu tbe I.egl.latunaj
ue wicldsa large lufluence. Helsearneat iu his MfpflB
if Mr. 00998800- lu convorsatluu witb T_B Tbid.-B
oorre.poudt-iit to-day be said: " Tlu. CheflMOf O80B8J
itepubllcatis are alncerely for Mr. DofO-pali Ut
lioveiuor, be.auae tbey tblnk bc Is Ut (or that blg'i otli-e,
tud becaure, aecoudly, tbey belleve be would rec-ivc t0o
surport ?f every Kepubilcau li uominited, not h-.-iag
.eeu conue.tod witb our factlou.il diUerenc. .. Um
-?itctiou a.i Coutroller ln I8M when disaensiou 10 tks
Ib-pobllcan rarty was most exteuslvo showa hox car
llally he was ltkod by erory ouo and that he had bo
1 olltlcal eueu.ici ln our rauks. Tbere li another rr_*oa
ivhy wo support bliu, aud tbat !?> tbat hu has no .-imbiUaa
to Ue Prestdeut. If elected Oovernor hc would 8888
his work wltli au e< e to the liepublloan Xational Cea
ventlou of 18... Tbe ruuior tbat has .been ?apre_l
about that be was ?ut forwitnl as a caudi.lnto far
O'lvernorav aoonveiileut rallying iwiot for soine otlwf
imtn, Mr. Morton, for lnstance, ba* uo foundatlon. W?
dou'l propose to abandoa hlra lf be is uot noioluated aa
meflrst ballot. W.? ahall DOtBOTOrO OO-tsT tO UjuiLoatB
uliu ou otbur bullols- It should b* Bald ubio Ln Mr.
Duveuport'a favor tbut tu.- tn riupbattcally bU own n___
No famliiar foruta rlse ut. beblnd him. \\ blle Mr. Moitaa
1i.mi many arUvut trl.-u-la ln Cbrmuit. Co.iuly, [ .tmiI
me to My tbat tbe luuveuieut for Mr. Davruport ia o>n t\
uiovemeut foi Morton ln di>giiise. We baven't r.ru yet
.??.iii-Meie-l u tecoud ouolce. Iu co_c!u-!oi) let uieaajr
tiiat tbe Cheraung County Kepublioau*. axe nn aa
-.vritpp.al up ln one iu.tu as not to be aatiriied wlll. (iM
I'lu-ici- of tbe Republloan State Couventlon for Oov.-ruar.
We -hai: heartlly support any mau tbat ls noiiiinate>t far
liovoruor at n.-tratnga. c.nildi.-ut that after tbe free du
. ,ii-loa of tbo merits ot caudidatea lu tbe couvrutlon tJto
best reprcv.ut.tne of tbe rlepubll.au party wiil bo
aeleoted. We are golng to ba.eoneol tto-tie.--t c ;a
veutlous known ln tbe hlatory ot 10-JMrt/, a_41ap
coiitldent tuat wo are golng to oarry th- ^tutc tfcls fab.*
Aaeei-blrnian \ m Duzer. ot Cbemuuf Conntv, said fo>
d.y: " 1 l.clleve that Mr. l'.wtrta wouli be tbe" cboieeaf
rv.i v Kepublloau for (iovernor ir he were not Men.lor,
out lt ls not couiidereU wiso or podttc to uoiulnat.- B'aa
for Movernor so si.on after bls electtoii 00 8s_909r. TB?
votaof tbeCbeinuug Couiity d.-lcaattis wlll uiiqiieaiioa
rtbly be ttlveii for Mr. Davetiport If be ls a caudidute __4
aalouit ut he ls Bcaudidate. The frH^llng ln the oouaty
ia to take a mau llko Kvarts. It Mr. Daveuport Is wl_h
diawn lu tho c.uvontlwn I tbtuk tbere will be .juite a
drht toward Andrew D. W'blte, our foriuor Mlnlatrr to
.ieruiauy. ?9 woold l.e saiisfactoiy to tbo Imtcpeal
>>nt BopabUeO?B, be wus loy.l 10 Blaine. aud he haa 9!le_
wilh aittl-r.ollou to the peoplo eveiy olll- lal poal-lon Be
li.tn ever beld. I am uot lu favor of puttlug a Blgfc
L.lauk lu tbe piatforin, as I seo la sugKeslr4 by
4 tue Kepubil. ans. I belleve ln lettlng tbe tetnpera-ee.
uueatloa aloue tl.l the teuiperanoe men aee that t.ro_94
tion Is imposatble aud are wtillug to deai ratlon.tllv with
the ll.iiior <iur-atti.il I favof higb Itcenso but I doa'S
tlilnk tne tlme has arrlved for It yet ln our plutforro. I
iic.ie.ewe rboiil.l tuke our at.nd upon tbe pL.tformof
goo.1 guveruuieiit. We gave tbla couutry und stat.-gotxd
,- --?. um.. nt ror tweuty-four year-. at.d I tblnk tbe p.-.>{>'?
?-. XX- trus' ui to KlVrt It to them a^ulll "
ArcUH.a.d i:. liuxiai. uieu.iier of the Republlcan 8taU
1 .iiiiiiUte.- fion, tn.- XXVIIIth Dlotilct, who ls County
Clerk of cii'-inciig Coui.ty. lu oaOfBO of an ex; rexalon of
hia vlews ou *.lis cuuv.ss said to-day: ? We abnil glvetbo
vote of ( beiiinin. County for Mr. Daveuport foriloveruor.
il.- la .mr Mlfhlior. liviiiK .11 .-tei.ii.-ii couutv, aud be waa
our Banator Wo tboroCora aolarally aBnporl bUo ilo
li..-10009 good ti-iiilug f?r (iovoruoi. .14 Heuator au4
I'outroll.-r ot tlie BtatO. Iu botb poaltlous h>< .b?n nd ?
klgb Kia-lc of al.liit). We sball u.so probably Mipport
ttouator Thomas for Attoruey Geueral. There waa B9990
i.ilk bere souie tiuie ago for Ueueral Carr for Ooveiuor
but tt haa tllod out. Etob anion/ the Irixh Keput.it.-?na
bt 1. u?t as -tn.iig a. he au. owin. t.. tbe atatemeal
tbat allliuUK'b a Catliolte bo ls a Mnson. I diac.ru?
arntlnu-ut for Morfou, cbn-fiy owing to the pi.'t.llcatlouof
? -i.il.-iiieat tliallf Morton waa olecied (iov.ruor he woukl
(uij.iort tvart.-i for 1'residcnt ln l-?-<H."
\s .1:1.-i- 1, Miiitb, a lae-yer here, who wii* a Illalne de_e
g.itc iiuin Nuw York ?t the Repibltcan Natioual Couven
tioii a year ago, wlieu askod bls vlews r.-[?-. ii->_; t_1
ooatost for Oovernor aald: "TbO vofo of Chemtin*
loiiuty will be _lven to Mr. Davt-nport lf he la a caudt
.1 ite. lf be ahould (teollBO to oe one 1 dou't kLuw whi-rw
lt would go. Tbere baa beecu soiue talk far Ueueiul (Aair
an 1 ..oine aitaluat hlir."
Mayor tnood.wbo h au onergatlo Kepubilcau a-ii.1:
?? The.-o will bc 110 diverslou or tbe vote of Da*9B0Oft t,?
Mortou. The peoule of Chemuug County would not per
inlt tt. Thr only Itepubllean .tbo would niak.- a au| eitor
caiidldate to blin In my oplulon is Senator Evart*. hut
uuluoklly lu- N not in 11 po.itiou to take the noiiilnut o 1.
lt s-OOlfl Lr -".il'l, too, tbat many lt.-i.bltoi.ns tblnk tbai be
would do more valiisble BOCTleO f?r tbo KrpultleBB
party as senator thau he would aa tiovernor."
" W'e tuay supi>ort Mr. Davennort st llrat," aald II P.
Berry, fonuer poatiuaMcr of liimira, " but I douht if wa
uo to Baratom for any one, lmt soirly with tbe alm to
.i-lei-t the be.it mau wbo wlll recelve tbe party aupport,
Wodeaireto baruiutilxo the Kepublicim partv and to go8
tbeuultod s'ipiK?rl of tbe party for any caiidldate wo
tuay noudnaie.'
Tbeeoiit.-ntl'.nafwlil.li the-l.-l- xnt.i wlll b<- .-)ecte<l to
Him li.-pul.lic.ti. ritute 1 oiiveinloii WlU >><? ht-ld ut IIor9?
be.iU ou -.'i.tr'iih-: 10 Mr Dbti uport'a frteu.U tntcud
fo .eud an " lion clad" Daveuis.rt del.-iratlon froux
CiK.iiniug County. Aii.ong those npoken of for detegatea
are B( u.it.n I'aviett, County Judge Dext.-r. Couutv clerk
Baxtar, l.utber Caidweil. Chidnuan of the K.-i nt-lioan
Couuty ' "tnuiitt.-e. A-M-uii.i> uiau V.,n Duzer, aud Mayor
l-'lood. Mr. Ca'dwell favors the uiiioioatloii of (ieneral
Carr for (iovenior. ao tbat If b? ?..es to tbe cutit eutioD,
Mr. Daveuport wlll loxe one of the vot.-s that be uatur
aby e-pocta frotu tbtx county.
sViiiitof 1 a.H.-tt. it ls apparent. wlll br r.-notnlnxted bw
tlie BeOOO?BB?1 of tllln dlntilet. tbe XXVIitb. a. br ia
conaldered to bave al.ly and -u. ie-~full> repie-euted tha
dl-til.t. It oonslrts of tbe eoiiiitli-H af Aliag-xoy.
Ctu-muuit and steuben. At pro-eut Mr. 1000881 ba- n*
opnouout for tbo uotnluatlou.
Jona. 8. Van Duzer, wbo ba. so capablv aud wltB.
boueriy rrproaented tbe ltepul.licaus of Cbemuug
Couuty in thj As.euilily for two year. pu^t 800Uaea a re
i.oiuluatlor. It uow looks as lf tbe tte.uihltcuu cuiu-ldaux
for >lr. Van Duier's ?eat would bcAno. II. Itixaou. of
Van EtteuvlUe, or Tbouia. Plood, of Klnutra, and tbat tho
Demooratl.- oue w..uld t>e Dr. B. IV Busb, of lloi-eheada.
who wna d.-ftuted for the As?embly laat year bv Mr. Vaa
Duzer. altbougb (lovoruor 01111 put forin all hl* 1 o'.ltlcal
jKiwer hero to clect blin.
lu the nelghboring county of fiohuyler It ls xtated thal
Kr.uioiit Cole, tbe prcsunt Kepublloau uieaiber, vtill br
NOT 8:> 1'i.lll.Ml AS IlK I'M'k WAS?K__.ATIO.NB .
[FROM A Sl-ECIA- COBBE8POJ(D_.vr OF 1III. 1 lllllt v : .!
Ki.mika, Sopt. 13.?Tacked at tlie nid** ol 4
ball _?or way ou Water-st. lu thls clty is a lawyer'a tm
sltfn bearing tbename: " I). 11. H11I." There are other
lawyers' slgns about Ui one of Jol.n B. Htanibflel-,
Dlatrict-Attoruey, of Elmlra, and another havluu Iq?
acrlbed upon lt tho uameof W. L. Miuler. Tiiatalrt. 00
the second lloor oue fliids tbo otUeo from whloh Mr. HlU
soared to tbe poaltion of Lleutrnant-Oovernor ot thto
BUte aud now seeks to nse to the far higher one af 0_v?
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