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AMSBK-* Inbtitotb?Indnatnal Exhlhitlon.
Bl.l01101'fcR4 H'l*'**?" AdouiA,
< tano?"gaaea."
CoMKliT IIIKVTRB?"Kolltir. -
I)Ai v'a Tmi A-TKfc?"The Maitlatrato."
ti-p.N MiMBB? Waxworka.
4",kam> tni'iii llooa? ?? Anaelma."
flABiti';**** Y\hk Tmi ATHK.?"(Md Lavenaor.
Ltcbob THaATBB?" Iu *nitoof All." . -a
>Ui.i-<in Boi ai.i niKATKB? -scaled inztruotioe*
niauVaUABnaa?" May DIobbbbbb "
flANl.Altl?Tlli'..vruK-" The Mlkado.
z-tu- Inr IATBB?" As You Mko It." ________
TliAI U TBBATBB-" I'oatillloa % on I/>njeatooau.
t'BioNriiit'AKi riiKiraz? ?? Beaaea and .nuieu
B ai i ICBM I iu u n. -"Ll i.ran.H nalinir.
BnAVKur.: f_8ATBB?"A Moral Crnue.
fll. WIMI lllt.lllll.?" Mlk.ldo. _
jn&er. io ^oueniaeincm*.
Paco. Oal |
>trrm?en BWtB. 7
>m.?.nm enienta. 8
Anrtioi. Bele -f K"ai BlBW i .
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Buaioeaa.iotioea. * 1 Uceaasteamara. J ??
Hesr. ai... icki.,14. 7 8 ITiifeaalonBl. '?
Ttaiik-rsanitlirokira. 7 1 Beai . -tve . '
7 1 KiK.ni" nii'i H.r_.... j
Bnauieaaubaneoa.... . i k.k,ih? aim r i_.-_.... ?
i , , a xei.i ni ... 0 4 SituatJous Wanted.. * ?
Jilvi.l-i.rtn.iti' -4. 7 1 ei,..i.n Noii?s. ...
Kaaeeiai . 7 i BteaaaaeataaBa B.B. o oy
Bele WaatedV..... .. 7 f> i.-a. n. t*.
Uoteu. 7 i ri..-Turi
OnSi.K09 iXot'CM.
A-Tt-TB and WiMiit Congha, Colds and
ABtkaaa eniwi by Adamaou. Bettnle Bzibbjb. Tn a
BampleBlocta. Deeel Kiaaaaa 4100.. 843 tta-av
BftAUTl-A- _PlAWQg
ar,- aasaraaaaad la toae *> i dirar.ii.ti.
PrlresMo' I'mn-ia for Rent.
rtirrai hna* nanaaal baetaiBbaaea h-nd.
Waaaeaaaaa 8Ka,f 17lh.,t. Nf.-.Y.ri..
Itar- ' .1.1 Vlollna f-r
FinkSi iti.s (ik Koomi can _e had at _*
BTUBTB-AJn Hoiaa, Broadway aad iWth-at..??"*"**>
tMUmea _____ % " ''' _5____
0\K WII..I.K-S..I I.FI. MVN AT Lt \?T.
TheMos-e Nerve FOO I <oi?p.nv wanl- Ibe pr-pi ..'tor, wl
laverv ?.a Dn s,-l (hoi-to; nt 1" pul J'"' l1'1,'V.,*,',, . .
aaya .t *im. n.iid- Ior noa'a p.K.r aa weU aa iBerleh. ? ', ';
(iouioedlv b.s-. iho Nati nal h, v-ra e. 1. tasi snp rsi i.ltig
i.ow'nt-. and rauat reauua ut MtyceBt, a ?nai bo ?.
t, a% tt si.uid be, tor tt ih r.il,- B BOOd th ?
aad u luseloaa bevi raea Tba propneter aaya 1 wtll forw
4 III u a'lr I). 1-.11 I' li- i-iiliuol -l.-w lb.it lt ll.Kl. 1 >?
!.,i,?.,.,er..f. !.--.?( ??s.nl'.v?i.'.vorp.....al ..... ..'t.i--.
para raia. b .1, ine-s. luaa ol ii.e,?..r.-, . -nf.-s ... t . 1 ? D .
B^rronaaeaa a d nerrona azbaa-tlon brtbe 1.m ?? d ui 1
.?,1 _.,. utiv.ir.llv tlied out. eauseil bv oTertazlBg IB
I, 'vT.s. Vm' -I' 1', . r diinkors IB l.owed wben- torlgl
iia ...Tsiivs it stona the 111m BBpatlte, tnakealham feenK?ier.
? im is 111 re pr,-.l.ibl.-t..t!ie.l.-.or- w lOBell il le two lli.rns
J!" 1 "1" ?,l,ai..-rera Tbe wotBenBnd m, toraM? ? al^feegorer
11 0_-aaota earkw havo bard work to get lt f..?t enougb.
Ve hopa ti.at uropnator woa'tdla r-r toOJ yeaja.-.
Oppick Ft KNinitE
Intiroit Vailoty. monufacturod by
T. (i SKl.l.KW.
111 Kiil(oii.4(.. N-w-York.
Daaaa, i.ibiary T'l.ios, aa
lottuge/ree in the l mtttm Ma
1 veir ti Moolaa, 3 Montha.
Ziaiir. with BwadBf..*? fg 84 M 89 18
Kuy. wltboat Hnaday. < Jjo J ou 1 10
"te-ft ..v'ro-ia NoteVMoney onWor Re^i a-red I^tti'r"
By PoaUlNoiethe emltterwfll^eaaawrlteeB tbo .Note,
*'^ino?-'-oVTnvKTU.K''l54 KBWWa-rt.. N-w.Vork.
t'oaa." ?
?BAVO- 08-1CE8 0? TIIi: TBIBUH-.
A.i^-rlisen.ents for nnbll-allon In T.IR TUBOTB, Bnd orJera
foM.-ma^"'i"^y ..Ptho<t.i;. paper. wlll be reeerred at tho
N^ mi?v. lietn.i n 3! d aad 23dBta. tm B P. tn.
x -:.HWe-1 T?-e itv.third-at.. loaiii.toSp. ....
J<? 1 007 1 hlr.l i.ve . n.ars' u .th m . l''a. m. to n p^iu.
fiaSOB BaatOBB handred-aod-t "''">%i?'r,',-I.l:,,i;:,4? .'nVl'^
afAaaaa-Wa-UM F-at. L0XPQ>--^" Be.lt..nl-at . strand.
JCe vo-ljorli Umlu ffirflwoie
FoPEiGN.-Iiritish tmopa in Iixlia woro eent to
theiBVBBBM frotitier ; a war w B-ttaiaataa. =
ChatofawM roi.on.xl at Taaia, = Itabaa a<l
vices conrirmed tho report of < huaaa 1 UgB-'a daatb.
?__: ]f waa (lecided Ih;it char?P3 aKaniNt porscns
vrlio tore down sr.ialliox placards iu Maatrcul u,ti-t
b- 1 ritMl.
Dumkhtk.?With four countios to bear from.
Foraker's plurahty in Ohio is over 18,000.==
Pepublican stroinrtb m B<?uf em Tier
Oaaattaa. - Socond day af tho Marylun.'
jockcy CI_b maetiai. _===C8a_8_eybegtonagaia;
Uanla-winsthc FlcaKure I^land raco. =- Mur
dcnd hesi.'.e liis wife and child. == Behird 8
rtitiaway engine. _=_= Cliairuii.u lloanl and a r.
porter.-: A disturber of rnink line liartmny.
C'iiy and SiBLKiiAN.-Funoral of Cardlnal Mc
Closkey. ? ? = WowiBBlBwia naada by Taauaany
aud lrrnK llalls. == 6. Hastiucs Grant biifore
the Gibbatouiiaitico. == Tostnnotiy aO-MCB-lg
John __Aano_'a dclutnons. = Winnera at Rar
|0W 188 ttal flirBB-1 llailtellow, Snuta Claua.
Lnurelwo..'l. S< hootmaater, Wild Tom. = Ould
Yalue of tho Itsg-l-tender nilvcr dcllar '411iJ-,
grainai 7D.3.. cents. = Sfocks active and f'-vei
fjkMaaaaa coiiceoeiou*, clocir.ti Hteady at partial
TU \\ KATiiri:.?TitM'.rNK loc.il obsr-rvatioiiR in
dicaU- almost etationary temporatnre, aad fiitr et
partly dou ly weathor. Temporaturo voMterday:
lligheat, 58-". lowest. r>2? : nvcraifo. 55h?.
"Jonea of Binirhiiniton who pays the
frei^'ht " socirirt to think thiit ho is ranaing i'or
gO_kBt_iag g-M than Liculciiiiut-lidvcrnoi'.
Agkarowlaalgz-g the eeaplima-t paid him b>
lilr. Hill in scltcticp him to MT? the tieket " al
n gfitkal nioment," he proceeds to ?:ive his
yiewrt on State and National QOeatiO-g. Mr.
Jom B-Oald eiiare hiniselt' iuiik .?c.-siiiy
trdtiblc. Hawill not tM called ujion to pay
_pg|g-t bWB any other point than B<Bgh-MtOII
e -*?
The body oi' Cardinal McClofskey WM laid to
rest yesterday in theCathcihitl crypt, beside Ihe
rciiiains ot that llildebrar.d oi' the Aiiiciicar.
lloinan Catholic Cliuieh, Archbiwhop Hofbca.
An lwiiHisinir array oi artnbinhops, bishups,
Bioiisignori and piiagtB iissisted at the obae
qniis, it:id thfl rathcilra' w;_ lilled tt) ovcrllow
bg by the devout laity. The labors of Cardinal
McCloskev weie in stror.ir contrast tothoseof
Aiehbishop IltiKheH, but the wmk BOM-ip-ahed
ItM less eiiiliuiiiK;; and his f illowei.s have a
lijrlit to l'i -el that he has joinetl "thceliuit
invisible of those Iwfltial dead who live again
iu niinds utade better by their preaeucc."
- ??
There aeenia to be little room for doubt that
the Kepnbliiiins wili have ii -:<">(1 vorking nia
joiity in both branchesof the Ohio Laglal-tal-.
A report that Demoeratic iiauds liave been un
eni-thed wili create no stuprise. President
CleYelaud orterrd gr?I enrouraireim-nt tn sik h
tvoik wlun he pgrrllt-lail a jioliie oilieer who
contessed to having eoiuinitteil Krorvs OtttiagM
at the eiectii.u last year. The adopiion ol the
Constitutiona) ainenilinent BbottsbiBg the Octo?
ber elettii.ns, whu-h seenis to be eoneeded, wili
1>e a ifooil tliiupr ior tho Stake.
The Attoi-ey-Oeneral's pronipt aetion in
re (.ininendiLg the IMpgaM-N of the Demo?
cratic Chief JuMice ot New-Mexico i* in sttik
lBg contra>t with his course iu the Memphis
telephone suit. Not until ti.e telephonc scan
dal beciime so notoriou^ that the l'n Milt nt wns
oblip'fi to interfere did the Attoriiey-iJr:iei;il
order his speculntive suit discoutinued. But
the report thatthe ( hief Justieeof New-Mexico
had appiunted Btephea W. I'orsey agfct Bl Uugg
Coi!iuiissi'.P( rs of Jurorsled to;i promjit recom
nundation by Mr. Garland that the Clinf Jus
tice be snspeuded. lVihips the AttWtlJ Qg_
?rai is about to bvconir- "a retoroier."
"Boss*1 McLautfltliu |g pursuing his usual
tacties in repard to uoii.ii:attoi..s m Brooklyu.
The only uia_ with MgpaadgBl1 pioclivities
BAUfBBBtBBi as a posusihle l)e;noi r;itic carididate
fjr Mayor was'ih. odnre f fgnfcg?. who haa
beeu Hegister of Aneais thnwgaMMl M;iyor
Low's tertri. As he haa Q_8j|_Mtl that ht- wili
aot rua, it is evident he has aeen the " Bogg ?
end has uot proved sufficitntlv BBMM vitnt to
that individual. Tho talk fgglagagBj centred
??i ex-Mayor Howell and D. I). Whitney, both
of whoiu have bc:.i pliable too'.a of
McLaughline- for years. Whether either
of them or arnan uot yct talked of will be
noininated to-nitfht will probably not bo de
tcriniued until the convention ison the point
of BIBIlllai TkaJ " IJoss" will thaa niake known
his wt.-h aud tbe convention will registcr it.
The Electrical Subway Cornn-iftsion,
which cloaed ita hearintfft yesterday.
OOght to be well inf-.r.n.d
0:1 theproblemof how best to place the wires
liiidfiKiouiid. At knst, Mich eajffW to be the
ca-c, if putient llajjaWiBg for B-f-BJF week* to
advice 011 Un- question from all
Mhrta ol persoii* is of any b.iKiit.
Th8 cxaiiiinatii.n of iBodela will ?',,v
begtn and an eli.nt Ih- made to reaeh
asiitiifactot.v lomlu-doii. Tha c.M.u.ii^ion. r>
appear an_dona to -__-eharge their dutn-s
c .nsii.-ntionsly. BHw it 18 to be BOped tliat th. y
w.ll .sticceei to iba satisla.tion ot all con
ccim-d. _________________-_----?
The Democratic factioiis have now COtupleted
their loeal tirkcts, the CoBBty Demoeraeyon
.im haad and Tainmu'iv and Irvinif llalls .'.mi
L-im-d on the otht-r. Neithor LUt nill comtofBid
itaelf to citiaeoa who want toaee monieipal
allairs iii tlie hands ol BsOB who-.'' flwl aim 1- t"
wrra t!.;- publie well. Thb Tbibi bb has
alreadj giveo exprcaaioBto tlie diaaatiafaetioii
l.lt l.v all fair-mlnded people with many of the
candidatea irnom the political ftrm of Qraee,
Thompaon -v ('... baapat in ihe Bald. ltean?
not ln- eaiii, however, that tlie li^-t made ap by
a "deal" betareen Tainmany and Irving llalls
is to he 101 'iiiieiuleil.
The .imliciaiy candidatea on the eombination
tieket do not piovoke miicfa eiitui-m- 1 he re
noniinitioiiot Judge Barrett araeeminentlyfll
and propar an.l Jaclga McAdam ___a?erved Tam
mony'a aupport for another terto. Mr. EUnaom
.imf.Mr. Bookataver are eompetenl men lor the
h.-ii.n, thoagh many arill beaurprlaed toaee
Mr. Kin.-oiii ranningon a Tammany tieket. "i
llimh J.Qrant, tne candidate lor Bherifl, it may
he aaid thal a niodest huniilily would have been
rja-a-omlng to him this year, after hi.silti.nt lor
the Mnyoiaitv in 1884, N<> donbt he hopea t?.
-et back iih Sherifl the money whi.-h he e-:**"r
ao lariahly in laal yeara campaiBn, bal hi6
pnkBpectsof ii'iiiibiiiieint'iii liom the feea o.
that blt olliee ate not biilliant. Neverth.h 188,
he is a bettet man lor the place than th.- Qraee
Thompaon candidate, Amliew J. White. Why
JAmee A. Flack shonlil Iiuve l.e. n picked lip Im
County Clerk ooone oataide of Tammany'aae
cret eoiincils ean Lmagine. Mr. Flack will
wonder, too, .ti tne inoi ninu' ol' Novetuber 6.
And yet he ia to be preterred to John Keeiian .
brother Patiick.
The u..tion 111'putting Robert B.Noonejr Lt
Ihe ltoard ol' Kstimate an.l Apportionment H
i'resident of the lioar.l of Aldet men ia
prapoatorooa. It will nevet do. He ii
too well known. 8. II. Khrlich am!
John W. ItoppCOha-gefl are 1 ?.milidai.-s ul
another color. Nobodj outaiiia oi their
small circle oi inlimato lii.-n.U ever hcud ol
Heinoeiiitic division is Kepablican oppoi
tunity. With a good tlekel tha f-ephblieaM-i
ean earry every local ofUce and n.li ni> a mag
aiocant vote in thiadty for OwtrnpotUCarr,
and the reat ol the 81 ite tieket Bol all their
eandidatea moal be men known la btoi. ward
aa ehan-h.inile.l, bigh-ininded eiti/.-ns arho
bave the LntalliVranca and tha inclination to
in.ikc the beat uae of the tniaU committed to
them. Taiiimanr nobo.lies and Connty Democ
ra<y teola ol the Graoa-Thomi aon two-m.-n
],(,\ver.an ? .-itainly ba del.-atcd if tha U.-pub
lii-.nis iih.) tli?? o|i|)ortuuity wisely.
Taminany B*aa extieim-lv severe OB Mr. Qnea
and Mr. Thompaon in Ita leeotatJoBS. Is not
the cily in a bad plight when a DetO niatic eon
vention accuse.s a Deinoeralic Mayor of l^a-i 11 ?_:
?'a ailent partner of Perdinand Ward" I And
the worat of it iathal thla bliateni-g tndictmant
i.s not arithont eicnae._
Mi;. IIll.L ACVEPT8.
Mr. Ilill'.s letter ef aeeej taiice iaBeh.'irartei
i8ticdociiineiit. RtkCOgl-iting hisown winkncss
as a eaiididatc, he endiavoi.-- toahowthat the
I'resident is ronning on the tieket with him.
He says Hiil.srantially that the d( l.-at ..f Hill
will he a rehuke to ClevclaniJ. The Repobli
cans will not ilisjiule this. It is DOt lik.ly,
however, that the Preaident will l>?- overjoyed
by.Mr. Hill's ain^nlai effort to dntg him lnto
the canvaKS. t'ivil m 1 vi.e reforni is striuldled,
as usnal. Mr. Hill says that he iav.iis any LbWI
"not ineo:isisteiit with the trne fpilit of our
i'jstitutioiis." As that is the very anrnnieiit
oaed by the Tammaay _aen in theiroppoaition
to this reform, il iselearthat Mr. Hill fympa
thizes with them.
Peihapa it la hia anxiety to recall lns
iceent utteranees on the queation of a
State I'liix11 ui_r Uureaii and other mattern not
touehed upon in hia party plalform that leada
him toaaj : " l'latfoin.a CBOBOt be cbftngod hy
the utti-ranr.s of the eandidatea.*1 li.it Mr.
Hill eannot 111 this way ex-ape the resj.ousihtl
ity for lii? past utli-ianrps. For a man ol h.s
lcrord to talL in favor of municipal reform and
honie rule is jireposteroiis. lvpially so .s his
effort to claim eredit for all the reform meaa
nres paased by lleimhiic.in LagialatnraB There
would have been m.re liv'ishition of thia kind
ou the slatute hooks if the (.overnor had not
vetoed a :itimber of eieelleiit reform bills.
AltoK'ett.cr, tliis letter rea.ls r.inch like the plea
of a lawjciraddnajaiBff an iiiiHymiiathetic jury,
iii the cxpeetatiou of a verlut of (,'iiilty.
Tho EaatetB siiuation Lamost perplexing.
Ihe Powara and the 1'orte were wiUingto
aanftatra the> union of Balgariaand E-onmelia,
piovided St-rvia and (jneec eoold be lestramcd
in their aiiil.itioiis proj.ct!:. Qieat llriiain
would Bodoobtedly he ahlc to eontrol the
BCtii n of (Jnere, il'Sorvia wcie ont ol the w.ty ;
but the oniy Power which eoold be depended
npon to tlin ct the policy of .^ervia had alteady
committed itsell to a policy of action. Anslria
had adviscil the Kinp to niohili/.c his anay and
it is uow iu the lield eii'iiL-d for a eampaign ol
tciritorial exiension. The Kin^ caiiuot ?ecall
hia tioops without enda:iK'erii!K' his thioii.- ; and
Austria eannot restrain him withoiit LnTolTing
adyniirttie revolntion and dfiring Berria into
a Kussian allian.-e, which wonld min Ita OWB
pjreatiga 9MMmg th* Balkan States. The
Servian troops aro now threateni'.iK lo inviule
Bulgaria if the Powara raln-.- to ^am-tion ag
greaiaiva opecataoaa a^ainst the Porte. Berria
toaiata npon haTing vaott u-iiitory. ii BalBaria
b?- doiibled iii si/.e and resources ; and if AiiMri.i
attempta to abaf_raet its ptognan, it wii' __B_elare
war BfBBB eitlu-i BelgBT-BOt the l'oite, and look
10 St. Petarabarg for aaoral sappart, Tha difll
culty of ill.ctiuj,'a M-ttleineiit with this j.-aloits
and azcitable nation may force the Vowers to
bringaotnereatratnt to bea_rrtpoa Balgariaand
tu l tli back upon tho linco ot the Treaty of J!tr
Kussia and Austria were undoiibtcillv ___aro
tiatinp for a ComtOOB basis of action at the 1110
meiit when the Koiini.-linn n-volution took
jilace. TbobJ tuovement waa one which each
waa dis|iosed to favor BBltaf . < rtain cotidition^.
_taB_-La araatad a aaited BaJgarif-, hut uot Madnr
1'rince Alexander. He had not proved a sulli
ciently pliahle inatrnmcnl in the hands of St.
lVtersbur^ iliploniutiat^. A broad and e?r >,-i_
Uuli_-uu. under auotii-r orinca who would be
dependent upon Hussian favor was tho end
which thoae wily Northotn intriguers had^ in
vicw. Attstria in its turn was favorable to Bul
ggrigg itnity, providod.coinpensfitions coiiM be
mado in the direction of cxtendini; her intl'i
ence from Bosnia and the Her/c-ovina to Salon
ica. Thg revolutiun occurrcd before the dipl>
nmtists ..f _MM riv.i! Powan had foUy ar
raogeal their plans. Bolgarte was iinit.'il willi
out rafbrenee totka eoodittooa by which each
hud deli-iiiiiii'd to limit its cmsent. COBM
qiiently. ncilh'T Bussia nor Anstria is latiaAed
with tln- preaent sttaation. Aaatrla'a encour
ggeaMOl ot Berrig was a bold nttcmpt to
Btrengthen its diplomatk poaiUea nt the risk ot
eomplicatiag the Balgariaa jtiestion aadea
daageriag the peaoa ?>t Earopa. Ita gggraaglgg
BCiiofl bM not o;;ly ma.le it impr.ictic.iblo to
bring piciBBiirn t?> baar npon Sonria, '><it haa glao
given Bnaeia a new opportonity tor Intrigning
in Kin r Milaii's eapital aml tlireateniiitf Bol
garig v.ith panishnteal ta* Itaingratitade.
The vii'toiv in Ohio, wbiefa thrills tho hc.irts
of Bepublicaoa all oret tha eoaatry, is b_
plaiaed bytbe bigbeBtaothorlty, Jodge Foraker
bituaelf, in au Interview talegraphed to I ln
Herald. Those Eostern poople whoorepaia
fully nnriooa to rob tha rictorj of its neaaing,
ii th.-.v wisii ti. l.un tiie iiiiiii, may beenlight
enod by bia deliberace Btatemont. Hating tii
umphed aftei n eampaiga of extraordiaary en
ei_y. in which hefSaoedandmingledwith the
people ia etery part of t!?o -State, Jodgc
Foraker ia In poaitioo ;<> kaow l>. tter thaa aaj
otli.-r m in wliiit were the real eait-.-s of Bepnb*
liiMll 11100088. gfltl hg eilil.liites lliem as foi
low - :
1. Ohio Ua BepnbMcaa State on a fall voto,
aml tbe BepobBcaaa fell it ? important to aa
" ^,>it themaelaea al thia the Bral eleetioa after
"the be-inning of a Democratio^dminiatra*
14 tion."
2. The Repablioaaa of Ohio ?ara thoroaghly
-aroosed m to the qneation <>t' a free ballot and
"anhooeet coant Pheydo not wiah to retive
"iuiy.it tbe prvjadieea oi the war, bat thoy are
"deteiminedtb-l there aball be e^nal power I n
"each im 1 iM'iv citisen in each and everj Btate
? of the I'liimi."
:;. iiiii people "are beliovera in a protective
??t.iiit't poliey, and tberregard withgreatap
- prehenaioa the la ik oi ? lettied poliey in thia
-respecl on the parl ol the Deniocratieparty.
?Thcj teir the resnll ot the tluoatened tiakcr
? iog iviili the taiill."
1. Tbe people diatraal the -naneial poliey ol
the in-w A?li iiiiiitiiition.
' :.. The Domocnttie Btate Adraioistration haa
been rery aoaatiafactory, aad the l.egialatare
diagnu efully eorrupt.
6. The overthrow ol the Boott law waa nn
Fonr of theaa eaaaas, aad thoae to which
Jodge Foraker gireathe greatv t prominence,
itv,ill I." obaerred*ooneerathe National Ad
Bilnietratioa. Thepeopleol (>n? toatifytheir
gdbereooa to R ipabliean prineiplee, their beliof
in :i tree rote an.l an honeal coitnt, their deaire
fot a proteetirc Uarift, and th< ir .li-trn-t i
Deniocratie party on Bnancial q leationa. N<> iti
telligant man eaa deny thal the wbole eoorse ..I
the catopaiga, aad thoooodacl <?t th.> apeakara
iiinl ji.iiiii.tU oa both aidea, Bupporl tliis vn-w ol
the natter. Thoae who pretend thal the i otora
def< riteil lloa lly in ord?f to lapporl Cleveland,
who bad indneed Hoadly to ran, an 1 who proa
titni.-.l bia oiiii-ial patrooage in ordertoholp
lloadly, are nmplj lyiag.
Bni it wili be noiii'iii. glao, IhaJ Ju Ige For?
gkergivea the plaee ot firal importai.to the
feet that the Republicana ofOhloare ?thor?
oaghly aroiisod ;ts to the ipn-stion of 8 fwe
li.ill.it and a fair eoiint." Il is habitnal with
aome people to pretend lhal trne Repnblieana
hare no intereal la thla ntatler, aad thal thoae
were not l'.vl-e to Kopuhlican ptiacipleg who
helped to n.iiU?- the eooapiraey of Boathera
Boarbona rictoriooa ia 1884. If they are Bin
cere in tliis balief, let tbam Kmu that tbe p'"
pla of Obio,a! ieast, do not agree arlththem.
Tbere, if nol In otber statt a, the people believe
thal the Bral qnestion in Iniporl tnee is wbethoi
the ooontry shitll be gorenied by fair aad hon
(-t elritionsor by force aad fiiiini.
The elose political and bnaineaa nl.itioti
which exiated between Darid B. Ilill and Will
iitra M. Twee 1 dnring the dayaof tbe Intamooa
Tweed Biag gre glready prettywcll known,
The Eacta ao far 88 they eoncern Tweed'a pur
ehitse ofatoek in Ilill's Klinira nawspapet gre
made clearet by the publication In to-day'a
TniacHBofa tae-aimile ol the cartifleate So,
:i) iaaoed by Ilill to Patriek as Tweed."at
torne\." A f.ii-siiiiile ia alao given of the.in
ilorsenient on the b.ick of that ci-i tit'u.ite bv
w hii-li it was diti etly traaafei red t<> Tweed?and
of his forther gsaigaraaat of it in blaak to l>a\ id
B. Ilill. As to this last tranaaeUon tha ehnin
of eviileiiie aaajnadeoomplote by the affidavil
of Siii'inel C. Tal.i-r, ? well known resiilt nt of
Klmir.i.iind tli;' fuiier oaraet of eighty-aia
aharea in Mr. HBi'a newapaper. Ifr. Taber,
who had fall aeeeaa lo tbe recorda af the
coiii|.iiiiy, swore that. the followiBg entiy ap
|ii-;uc(l in the liiin iteeof the DTOOM Ung8 of
the tiustei-s nn Novcnilcr 21, 1^71 :
I'n.id n. iiiii ll_? a?a jaredaeag aaillatala Bo, S,
wi'ii BBanaaianW tharaaagatai Jaae 17,1871,dalyaa
HlKtilnir tha BBBM lu lilin. aml iiim.u du<-cati'-rll it'mi ,,f
a.il.l o?rtillriite ft tifw rcitin.-.it.-. Mo. 17, f.ir 800 mIi.ip
lio.ooo) wna laaaal t" ?at,
'I be fni tlo-r projof Of this is tonnd 00 the fooe
of the origiaal eertiflcate laaaod to Tweed,
where OTOT the BlglMlBW of lloiton Tidd, ,-vc
r.'tary, appaar theworda*eanoelled and eer>
Uflcate No. 17 iaaned in liea theicoi.' Mr. Hill
baa explaiaed thia tranaaction i>> atating thal
he purehased this stoek for half its l;iee vulin
by moiiey loaned blm by Dr. Eldridae, This
iiclitli-liiidi Wiis one of tiie wi-ll known nieiiibei I
oi the Kne Biag, wlio after iis dowofail said :
- Mr. (iotild negotiated 'entin-ly throogh ti.-."
Mr. Hill iii tln' Legialatara was as giaefc a tool
ot tbe 1-iie Biag aa be w.i> of thg Tweed Biag.
It is not Meaaaar* to Btate that Tweed did
nol pat plO,000 in Mr. Ilill'.-. newapaper enter
priae aa a bnaioeaa inreatment. Uiaeheckwaa
liikin to an ohaeare baak in Peoaaylvaaia aad
there cBahed, and tbe atock waa firat Iaaoed to
tiie notoiiouz Edward L. Patriek,aa "attor
ney," aad by him tranaferred to Tweed. lt
was aot a tranaaetion which Mr. Ilill eared t.>
bavg c nm before the pobUe, Patriek wiis then
ii toenber ofthc Legialatara and had alreadj
si-i'.c:l Tweed, and alao Ilill l>y gettingthroogh
the bill tolegalixe Mr. Ilill's itneient aml falm
Ioob eaaal elaina. When Tweed faraiabed this
ri ...ki.i to help ilill eoiitiol a newapaper, Ilill
aaa seekiag b noi Unatioa ior tha Aaaeaibly.
He Meaiad it aml was elected. lu that body
his vote aaa aeceaaary aad waa givon tocarry
throngh the lai?initooa Tweed nt aaarea. When
the Legialatara adjoorned Mr. Mill toraad np
ga the owner of Taooda ^li?,ut?o eertiflcate ol
Do tha rotera of New-York wanl mehanuui
for QoTeraer f
Taaterdaya i?ii|?-rs angbtaeed awionale of
about twenty atrikea lu fariooapart^aft?eooau?
tiy, aoaaa local and gJtcctlag but few peraona,
aml othen general aad alleeting thooaanda of
workera. Eren wadee knowa thal tln- pabik
jo.irmls hiivr been Inll af aiich inloi .iiation for
the paat year. The leductuin of WggM begao
about a year a^'o, when tho tlectiou of a Dt-uio
?i ttie r.eaUaalt was dcented probiblo by many.
[tcraw far more trOQCOBt after that eleetion,
an.l _B088 fieq.tent still during tho wintx-r whlle
, i?i,,??.,ati.' CooiTfaaa w.-w talkiog almot
cbajigaa of the tatiil. It ha* wwtlnned all this
year.and the Htr.ii.vles in a gNBI many 08808 aM
eitbei to r.sistarediictionof aragea, or to se
,?,,. a ti-.toriitii.n of ,\aps which hiivo Iwen
rrdoeed ainee Korember, 1884.
This atate of thinsa cawaea wldeepiead
rafeatiBf. Fvery slrike, h-t it be rcniembercd,
ni.-ans want in many honi.-s?not want of uere
luxiirics and siipr-riliiitien. not n n.ere redti.-tion
,,f pcoflte, but actual want ef loodandneeea
Hiriea. Wiv.s and childi.n an" eold nnd
hungry arheroTer labor ia comp.-lied towaort
, , a stiik^ in order t,? at enre what it deetaa Ua
righta. The Brat and moat obrioua thoogbt, in
riew of this state of thioga, bithat many of
iheaa atrikea wnld have been provented, an.l
niinyn.iyyetbe setiled, by l.iii and peatfetol
I'.ut anothereonaiieration thonld ootbe for
ffOtten. These slrik.-s, and the . iioimous ruiil.-i
ing of uhich they are the tign and caoae, are
largely reaulte of Democratic Boeceea. Ayear
agt*, the Demoerata promiaod aaiftand grcal
proaperity as tbe anre reaolt of Mr. nieyeland'a
eh .-tion. Thronga of arorkingmen and buaineaa
i.ii-n paradod thrtmgh this city, fllled bith the
idea thatthe electionol Mr. ClcTcland would
bringg.I timea, and falr aragea, and work for
all. Vetthereanlt for thepaal year has been
more anftering and a greater a..d more general
redaction ln the wages af labor, than have
been teen at any other tiun- for many yeawa, It
Larlghl for roterito aakthemaelveatheqnea
ti.m. justat thla tlme, whether they wore not
deltberately cheated. After all thia nncertntn
ty. nnd proatration of Indnatrles, and Baftetiog
of labor, there areglad -itmsof. a recoveryin
many branchea of boaineas. Tho large cropaoi
thia year begin to hav.- tlu'ir aatnral ettcct. Vr.it
itoughl to be remembered thal .urtber Demo?
cratic vietoriee arill eneoarnge tbal party to re
new Ita warlare againat the protcctive 6yatem,
and againat thoae Bnancial principlea whioh the
Kepablican party acted apon lor many yeara
with happy result* for the conntry. Ia it for tho
iotrreat of rorkingmen or bnaincaa men to
bring apon themaelreaa Democratic froat, to
nip their yonug_pr?*8perlty ln the bndl Haa
aot the coantry had abonl enoagbof the Deneo
ciaiic party and iis ii itiona I
li.,. ,i, 8th "f lha writer aa widaly known aa
??.I .-ii itiiiuiL's" may well joattfy i ?ma Inqniry in
t,. ih.i growih aad Bfoareasof Aiuarican biupor.
I'.nt ri tii.-inst place, il ianeceaaary toaoticipate
,.i takiiig -ii. l? wrn ra aa "Joah
UUIiuga' at all aarioaaiy. by poiuringoal thal the
t ta \% I. t ? ii i.i- . " lai tion i ircalata i -
,.-lv proveaa _ ? i_un .? >p i inty, aud ia f?aJ
ly I,,,,,, - .... ,u.. ant a- recaitla oatii n il lut< llectanl
dovrdopmeul than tha moat ambitiona Uterary
of tbe -a.all uiiii'" lj edncated
i.. ii |] thou (bl ol ;.- Iba repre
...iii;.tn.-. atul arbiteri ef national literatum It
I M|... ,i bu Bi tentlj ;. >i ??? ln i und tbal i very
tiaiiiui haa iwo dutliiel literatnreai Ibatol tne
, ?: t,i.,.| fea an 1 thal ol tha aucaltnred many.
I :,? ma ?in aot altegetber llliti rata an. where,
ai; 1 leaa now than ever, bal ihey eeek and fiud a
kuul oi lii-ratiin: arhicb -atiaea tiu-ir iateliectaal
eravings, and it n oaaallyancfa ..- laanknowato
ui ignorad by th.laaatad miaorlty. Tbi
;),>;>uiar aovel by tha moal gifte i anthor, t.. oae an
il ii-ui.iii-.n, baa bat a ralatival] amall circalatiou,
,i.,. |,.,,,, ,,. .,, ,- aai e-i,-l au I maltiplied .
bat beloar tha grade ol sueh netion tbereieavaat
r. ading pablic which-Uv.b the eootente of atorj
papera, diioe n irela and all thal oorraep inda bere to
what i; Rngla id lacalled the "penny dr. adful."
Kow |o ? "f ll"s alaaa of Utaratare
??.I,, bBll-b-gs''appealed,aod by tbem bla bamor
waa promptl. recogniaed. Aod orhlie faatidiott.
orttica uiay diadain tbe tranaparaal trie i !>,' ahicb
ir.-ii ita outwaril look ol qnaintoeaa for his
writiag-, caodid eompanaon aod reflectioo ehow
thal Ihe taate manilaated by lns publie aaa quite
on a p >r witi. iiiit ol the geoer iti >na arhleh w inl
lnto eoataeie* over "Humpbrey Clinkar" and
lauabed ootiBumadly ever tha "Bataabothaai l.i
i,..,.- i he bu ???? r ef Hood in " Up thi Khmo" waa
ia.l. nl ut iiiii'ii'i omplai ebaract-T, beiug iafuaed
wltb maeh <-i that ?i.-..'Ut of Dnaxpeetadaeaa
whleh baa rcs-eotl] baen aaanmed i" be distiao
ir..iv A -i.-1-ic..n. "Joah Bdhaga." however, waa
maebmora Ihan amera trai alatoi _ atravagaaoea
lnto phouette Bpellinaj. There waa lu 8 ? i rnnd of
lhal poealtar dry, laagbterli ahieb tho
A..i. ri.-aii farmi i teeni ? to aympathtae with partle
aiarly, doabtieaa beeaaaa it eeibodioa a homely
practieal pbil.pby, pi an rijfroai the dalnoaa ol
iluiaciici ,:.i by tl,- addition "f that kuul ..i plaj fal
levity whleh ln it* moal rolliekiag manifeatationa
is i..-ver v<? i> farrmoored rrom raelaneholy. Ihi'*
?ort of traveatled ipecnlation on meoaadthinga
bit tha fa.u-y of maa wboaa bomely aad inlunate
acqnaintaoce with the taetaol llfe eanaaathemtu
bat _'.-i for aom - oi otal reereation oot beyoad their
His " Aliiut'.ix" e-;p( i-ially tlcklad timusaiul - of
.<>i? i-iain.l".i perauna wha bad'for gaaaratloaa
itudiod and Jel _rred t,> the raaarable aabliealton
which "Joah Dillinga" ao a idaciooaly eane itared.
Tha bomor aaa crade, ao donbt, aad cambroaa inr
ihe moat part, bal Itwaa plain encogfa lor.-v.-n
aonrewhat alow caltda to graap, aad it waa
tboroagbly aasiiniiab-a baaauaa it deall with th.
bdcacly mattera of every-day axparienee, A certain
Qavurof -iii!.'. Dioiam ln tha bnmorisl waa quite
f iij..y.-.l. to.., and thia anjoyment maybe ragarded
as Indii atiag growth of eapacit v ln bt rary appre
benaioa, i.?ll belooga properlj to a plaoaaoava
whattn advaaee >i t!-.. oae dearribed. Uol tba
popalarity ol " .1 ah Billlagy w not, aa ? imatimaa
as-umic'l, a tympl >m of latalleataal d igeoaraey, It
Ibootbeooutrary a proof th.it a larga pareantaga
?i ! le-kmarican people to-day oeeapy a poaltioi
parallel to thal whleh lha adaeate l elaasaa uf this
co___try aml l'.:i_ia ,1 occupied half a cantary nr s,>
igo, i:,.- gevi lopment ol national hniaor eaacol
pioeeed i>\ Iaaaa and bonnda. II maa! be a ejradn il
ptocaaa, aad betwaaa it-i higheal aaditaloweal
it.iL'.-- tbera will aiwayab? a br 11 ai _a of lepara
i ba liiiu,' r. i tba "Biglaa Papei f ia __narii an
liniMiir iu it-1 !.il'Ii"-i oxprauion; thal ol "Ji >h
liilii:i?--" is :;i.i indoed ihe .-.-.iui. biiQ <r la its I m esl
Bxpit__r-oe. tboagh it ia low. Bal t!n' aadieocoof
??j. ,h LUlltnga" laa rorynocb btrgerooetbaa Mr.
Lowetl aaa attraea, oor iheald tins faet bu ra?
garded u.-. hami-iatiag. The aopalar taate growa
?loa ly, bal il growa1 aad it is to ba noted eapeeially
tbal tbo bamor whioh thattaata recog il* t, whether
Inimbeatorln ita medlan or ita pejorer axprea*
Bttaaa, la dUtloetivaly and a iqaaatl mabl* a natii e,
indigi uoaa i?r ? lu.t, raev of tii" aotl, aadavaa wha
tbm genaioa and nmhorrowed.
"C*:ail-v" I'liii'cli'il, A sisia ii Si>crctiry of the
Ttcaaary. makee a maaterly attempt to eava M >w
forktothaDen eraer.lafaeaof tha Kepablieaa
triamphia Ohio. Oraspl ? 'ii<i?iriv Urmiy by tha
tail. he noi.lv endaavora to prerenl deapau fr-'n
preytng npon ita vitais i.y ratnarfciag that ao?
Faiiciitl.'.?eannot tae how tbe eleetion loOhtoand
tae el octloa ia Kew-Torkara eeat-awtad. That
tlea n?and ba doaa i' ao eaaily. too. rhe Demoerat
i. party oagbl t. tako t". ?l oara >>f Falrohild. 1
piiiiv tr.-'i ii aiiy aeadabraeiagap,aod bceriden -
lv, baa a n uaiaa fur that surt ot work.
? __.
Tht Bm aagaaeta thal if Qatiaad s.-lis Iii-. i -1.
ehooe 6b ck. in riaa ol tha way !u< obtained it ho
ci.uiil u.it l.ut iiuiko eomathiag. IL- haa made
Boeaethti-g bbI of it air.-a.lv ?e reaatatlon. This,
l.y tli ? \t?v, l.e WOaM pri)'. ut>ly lo- willing to throw
in aa a boooa tr t ba aoreliaaai of the stocl,.
Thc P.)-tiiui.i"i'-li.-ii.-ral ia ais aiiiitial report will
andeaTQTtaeonoaal bla depiorabla biandera in lha
totoiga i.iaii s rvi.-o l.y laiMimr agaaMdaat abonl
aabaSdlea. Etaaing baen aaaatail la bta Bghl artth
tlio ate-.iinilifpe mipuuies, ho \nptis to davota pul)
Im atbaatron froaatha atlaaaaiiagaa-eBl >>f his Da
partmaat hy ahiftiuu tlio aaatloVaray from rt-al to
isaiua Ho will aot micceed. Congrcss aated
witli dahit-ritlm and lataaaJgenea wlieu it MBNBmI
th?- appruuriation whioh he has tnkon np.-n Inm
aalt to vats*. Kxtrava^aat maii uubiidies to A-aor
ican ateamahip liuei! Why it is notorious that tho
UnitedStat^OoTornmonthaa alwavs been close
and parsimoQious in its dealinsa with Amencan
linea. Kvery other ctviitzi'.l Hovernnu mt 80*88
tho sun adoptathos.mtid poltoy of payia* National
Htoamship lines hhc-vally for tho trausnorfation of
thomaiK Bagtaad, Oeraaay, Itaaea aud Itaiy
tiro deaUag to-.lay far BMT8 gBMKOnaiy with
Mcaaisliip.omaariieathan tho Uottod Staf.cz. and
therebyare Bteaaottng the geueral tatagaaja al
coinmin-e, Abaakwaoda Puati8l8r-0aBa8al aaa
iii.,-.o:: to aagorata kiaaaaU from tho seuiod poliey
of tho civ.lizwl weitdiaad ho uow raisaa tho
cuckoo cry of " Subsidy ! ''
Raarapapat cranks who aro donion-.tr.itiug that
the Ohio election is a gfea) MagWBBBJ victory
Mad to iloono thiiiK. Lot thnm advertise in tho
(?.ii?-iii,ii.tiaiidflevelaa(i papefl for a RepabUeaa
who has been a llagwaaapeithartbia year or laat
When l.nimt. be should be cxhibited as the nmsuig
link m National pollttea
"Mo.lestus."-Tii<i Bdriee, " My dcars. do your
baai to beeome eelebrated. bfaka a aolas bv you
liil.nt li'.voii BBO ; il' roa caniot, tiiitko a BOiaa in
another wayi bataiakaa BOiae," waa addreaaed to
bia pnpila by Dr. Vdroo, tba fauoaa taaehec ol
hatlet-danoioc aod aot, as yoa aappeaei to his
ehildren by Jaoea of Binghamtoa. Howarar.
Joaea wooH asdoabtodly appiCTaai it, for "Joncs
ba blowa bia own boro."
Mr. st. John ia to appear at Fort Plain nwl week
osteoaibly tn tho anadnlterated lotereat of tha
Prohibitioolata. The meetlog being on its faoe a
dletinctively Prohibitioo meotiog. poriab tho
tbonghl that Demoerata ahoold give Itaayaidor
oomfort, leel tbe weJI-fooodad Inareaaloa ahoold
gatabrnad (for the thonaadd-aad-flrat timel that
li.-iiioi-racv aad Prohtbttioo had aanndantandiog
with each other whleh waa mataally Bgraeabla.
Bowerer, we reatnre to Inqniro whether the ra
,, r; la Borreet tbat Cbarlea Ziely, Aaautaot Baper
tntendentof Pub-oWorka, aad Daatel O. Haek
I,. v, tha new Democratic poatmaatarof Fort Plain,
aay. or hare agreed lo pay, tor tba ball m which
Mr.St-JphBla !?? tryaod draw a^Y:ly v..t.-4 froaa
tho Repablicao Uoket f Prohlbtttoa on tba half
Bhell, in the r in iutereat, ta aot aa aatlrely
uupreaaiTe upectecle, reaarded from an athieal
piunt ..l tiew. _
Mr. Viias ia willing to give eight eenta to hla
amall boy apeotal delirary meeaeogara ta earry a
lei t.-r .1 qnarter ol a mlle, aod ti re oenta to :i ataaoi
iii;. eompaoy to earry oaa from Naw-Yotk to
11 iv.u.u. Aml frntii oneeml of tba c.eir.tiy t'? the
other c.eeaerj Croia 11-- smull boy thal ba is ill
paid. _________________
Mi .o. Bauoa V\ i\.-:i.-I'liiu.sr Warada'a i.rt.l.il outtit
".,, vtv Bonreona, Im lodlag ceaipleta coetamea for tba
variouz operetUi relaB in whleheba _n dbUngaiehea
i tttaraay- leaaral Brewetarhaa aeae feet tha aual
lotory weiflorlea ol ala raceal aojoaro la Karaga
Blan , ., .u,,! m vehamaat aad BMeaetag croteat
aifuluBl Uletci >la ilgaataraa t" ..tni.-ui eoeaaMMla,
. |l) -i .-ii.riii,' Ua owa faatfnl ima woiiiiorful
example. Ila thna rlvala Lord QraatiUe, ?iiu a few
, ?., i-.'i..,i,, oln-ular calllng far IniprovetneBl ln
;,.,- _;-.?.,..? ul ...ii.n. aiapa ?-'..--. .ni.i in it aBBUei
id euaatrautiuBB ealeulatail t.i ruu-uL.iua.oi
.Mmr.iy fr..:n Um gTBV*
1. ni ,\ cten. "f tha -Ibany (Proteataal Eplaeopati
. -..ii.-.ir.ii. wili Bare a 8ae ebarefe aad wealthy auaare
i lu j,,. uew juiriiii of at, Btephea'a, LynB, Maaa,
Ur. Newdegate, tha rotaraa Itoty waa haa rapraaaated
Noiiii Warwukahlre farforty-twoyeara wlthool abreak,
wili uot stand fur re-eleetioB thla UU, bal wlllrefreto
prirata ur-. Ho baa i." aaa "t tba bmwI taiihfal
atteadaata anoa tba taialnaa ef lha Ilouae, aa alataal
niuiiiiy eoatnbmor to IU debatea, aad eaa ef taa bmbI
m.ui) reapected of Ita iii'-ni'?<?:?-? Ua waa ereranex>
,,.,,?.-:?. iiupreaaire aod aiozularly aoletun apeaker. but
,,.,. ||,?,.,. u refuaeJ te ra_ard uliaaartouijly.
. iu .,: tno ht.-rui-.4t iin.l ni'.-t. UDbendlnz ..f lonm. uo liaa
for i.. n.y >i-'ir4 been oaa oi Mr. Uladatone a 8?aaai
Archdeaaon Parrar.dafarrlagtoadTleaof hlaphysletaa
and la order to coaaerre bta atreagtb, wlll preaeb only
ni Trlnltr < burob, after owralag aerrlee, ou Oetobar - "?.
ii . iiod to foreao biaen^aaemaatB tor the after
?..! . i ,.,-, ii ii.? ,it lli-i.'? < iniriii and tho Cliurcu of
tae luruiu.tiuu roBpeollreiy.
I methlag ihoali badoaa waappraaa tha half grewa
U.i4 wbo inf. ?t Breedway aaaa Iweaty-elghth-Bt,
areryerenlng, aellmg " Mlkado" llbrettoa Tba way m
wbleb thejr tbraat tbolr i.oi.ltn ln the faeea ?f paaaara-bf
eonetltntea than .? Bola maa, Thejr ihenld ba i o-gella i
to .ln tbelr btulaeaa aithoat Boaorlng tne publle.
?? i aay. pop ", \.!:iiiu>-i -l iii'uy Tagfeoy, na be pluagod
ln at tue .t'?.r." iu' ?"t i? Uoreramaai m."
?? a a li .t. I'oiiuk iu.iu I"
?? juiii--. roainnal nol llztarbyearfatbefBeqalUbrlom
l>j aucb atatementa," aald Blamotbar. * What have yoa
"Well von Hce. rm badepeadeal ?>' yom ttXtn mtm.
1'ia iliiwu '.it tln> o, ii.. aad i t-iUe liutuedUte ilolivui-y
leuaraand jfotSoeoUalettar."
?? Uow l.i.iiiv lettera bava >.. i detlrered to ilay ?
- N'mi-ut.iU. P-atday,ao m?j dldn'l work na rery
h:ir i. Ur .inr after lo-morrow I ezpeol lo aarrf a
lt tt. r. "-.Ifartf.iril To-t.
_rlo Dataa tintiki thal Boatea <ir> arn qalek at
repartaeaad glvea lha Mleaiag aa tpeelon b8i a gaatte
inBii wae waa appareatly rather deapljr dngad with tua
preralenl aogiora wtla, waa at a watarlna tuaue d< teaat
i,,_ apoa the aaaattaaity of Kuh'nab ovor A_sr_aa
in i croaaa.
N'.i inorii
Iio levara walk
Upon tlic bi .(i-ii bi matli tho ixiocn,
Aml ia ?<
Ne nn re
Dotb Uollia switur
H.r batuiiin.il. Bnd with Choliio apoea,
.-!,.. tllltlK.
No ti.ii.-o
n.i Oraee an.l Dert
riay tontiiH dailr ou tio- lawa
Aud nil t:
N,i niiir.'
Doea I'.i.n. Kate'a Joy,
To get a mi ii ...ii put i.i-i waleb la pawn,
1'o.ir Iioy !
Bat uow
Before tha iir..
Tln* lovcr.4,4.t iii.l -..irtiy algh.
Whlle erer Imclicr,
Mi I h..l
Tor yt
L'.itli |.a|' l"B tr?
Blaa aa tha Bea ina boara gll lu by,
All 1 U...
ii-. uiiuiii not i
?iUo?etrllle Jearaal
Wlfe: " I haro lioaril tliat Payche, tuiv ivlobraio.l
atitttniatriT can aaawer aay i|aaatloa pat to it."
Iloaband: " t know aoa luo-iinu u aoulda't ar..-<wer."
- I'elt ;ii" whal it i.4."
? What Ib the atttlada ef tha Paiaeaiatia party ou tbe
turiil i .lu-t i"it it Bt tbe next matlnaa."
c ter epotee aell nt 10 aaaM a baahal at tha railread
-.ut...a eiAutrlio, K. II. l_la la bal oaa ol tha many
ItiUtcatloua uf tne aprea 1 >>f leinperanee prtaelp e* aiin.n^
tbey. ,n._at> of tbe Uraulta Btata Tbo farraara tbera
awar have jlveB up atder. in.-y Bud tbal wbiakej
auawora erety parpeee, -.% .<l eoaalderlua Ita auparlor
eBectltoneaa II n reekeaart a.-* ahaapar ta iboeud.?
[Boatou Trauaerlpt
l.e Jortrnitl d'Ih/'jifm- susw-ats BaWgalgB 'lu;-um?ilt
for tba i'rniiiiiitioiii4t.4 iu a tai.io pahllabi def tue pr>.ba
biiuioa of ufe for nodarategrtahera aad letal ahatalaeca
Itaayai " v m.. u-iato iinuzat- ai tweatyyaataef *>;?
liuv axpeetto livo 156-10 r*ar? ; al thlrir, U yeara ; at
forty, ii 6-10yearai at tifiy. 108-10 T.'.r4; at atxty,
BO-lOjreara Ihe ooaipniattoa for lotal abetalaara te:
At tweuty y<>ar4, 11 8-10 yoara; at thtrty, M .".-10 ynari;
at terty, 28 8-10 yeara ; al gfly, -1 '^.voars, auJut alzty,
15 ,380 yoati.
*7ir if)-.|/.(f/i/).
AIlow you to kia* BM |0 > l-ui,'ht rte you ao I
1 toui.i not iK-riuii au.'ii a fraeUoej, o, uo.
Ke 'restirit/ulti/).
K\'-n?e tne. Of niurae you kaew baet What la rlv'ht,
liut i mcaut iiii ..n.i..'.-, i Bssareyea. t.oou uirfUt
ihe iftttaaptAnttdlBI,
TUe- fuci: n^ intist aartalalf bava a tim-k bead,
lu tlnuk for a uiotuciil 1 u.ou.il wlmt I saiJ.
?[lioaiou Courier.
Huruiaun IUooti, tbo dwarf lioot blaik o: Caatle
(iu-,im, wbo iv.n narrted a ffew daya aga? agaa haiag
iwitt.-.l lirrail-.r of lns li!h;iiitl.iii utaturf rnapon 1. i;
?? l.o you kuow wiicro are fouuu _aa ef laaat walghtl
WbU, Iii Ireliinil theia ar.< u.au of Cuik. amt l:i tSiotUail
men of Ayr." a loagahoreataa ilaadlBg by iuturrupti-a
wltb: "flli'ir.., at tha i^iiaraiilitre we liuve :i, iiti-run u."
AfrlaadfeH?neaateryef eaa Mr. it?. wh? deiitrbtmi
la the falee slalm tbathe waa " ao tacaaa " with aU tho
fdtnoua membara ol in.- litti utf. Oaa sraalag, ut a m? ial
itatberiuK. a youoa lady eugzged Mr. K - iu ooutorauUcn
aboul booka and autbors.
" Dld you kiinw Oeone Sauil I" tlm vu.inif lvly aakfld.
* Kuow (lnor?e .Sbo.I 1 SUoilUt kWl >lt I. M? uso.1 lo
ro'itu toKftbtr."?IW'aaliliifc'tim Kupii;io.
A Uostoii i>a|Hir nngitoata vacciiialiaa ua a uure for louil
talkltitf ut th.itr.-4.
tt a ragalar bmbb flaaatlM af ieaadlnarlaaa in south
Mlnueapolta, afew nigbta _nee, thn ; aator, barlna beard
tbat one John Jofenaon waated to fAu tha eaaren, aald.
"WIU John .lol.iiai.ii. If lueartit, pitmM atat.l n;> f
Nrarlv all thft iiimi i.n-afiit utood ii|i. f'.o l*wtld?rrt(t
i'laztUnr luoki*d arouud awl?lo aicl tben ial-1: ' zou
rn?T alt down, Mr. Jebnaen. I wili call a BiiHtiBt of r<i?
Boiue tlme next week lu tbo Olusiuu."?t.\i
A tr-zcuei, all Koolt.e<8 >nd arolh-a,
Aakod who lt waa travi-lto.l for mliea,
Aud f. a4i.'il I..-'. <iy .-4
Ot. Belamoa wtae
And bia wealth aa it lay ln rreat plloa.
The laaabae belleviMl iiiu.li tn Blda
To help puplls ii|> tbo atc?-p *ia ioi;
Bo im aald. " You c.ui u-uoaa?
It bejrtns witli an 'H;'"
An.l a lll'ie boy aald , " ('neen of ?;ib<1b? r*
?[Coluiubua ?lapauk
fn.m Ih 1!nt< .rd />??'.
Mr. Vlla.4 um alreadj .l..n.' Iucul?ul*bla tiiMci.ipf ^>
breaklaa up ihe .u.ill *ervii-e betwceu th ? Culted ^tnjZ
aml t!ia Wi-at Iti.tica, south Aui.'i-ica uml A.sia. il? baa
preradararltabla iu.li iiiai-iuua ehou. our itrowiu
tra.te with hovi-ral N'atloua it> liupertlloa I.y hu tolly ?nj
//,.- aaaeaaea Btttt,
Kota alniflo b.u.k defaulter haa dled ..f "mailpot ta
Caaada aa r :-. Tae tm iBpox i* atmoat aa dcrtiiet m aa
arerage aaorlran deteelire. It ucveroatchts tuorbrtt
htii.i. PEnaBC-TTNn rra own PARTra mayor,
from The Xrw-Yvr: Wurld.
Ooald Mayor Urace, aa aa experleuced bnalaeaa maa.
barebetleredtbataucbprugta[a ln* hlntaall u-rniradl
anioontlngte between 900 aud4)00 p reeatp r.iniia_
roiil.i li.- reallsed boaeatly l Could le liaro -u|i|Kiw4
that B beak wltooe preai'leat wai a partner In b nz%
doini Bueh u bazlneaa, aud wim Indora. .iit-.ii itee, eontt
be eatlraly aafal Mr. Orace. a* Mayor, n.i .w.-.i tha
clty unil.. y te l?>: ptaeed on depoatl in lha afartae Hbbx,
the presldeal aad twool Ibe air eteraof wbi.-a hi bad
were luter ited wltb blinai if iu <;r..u. .V B/ard'a zaubgaa
vent.ir.'H. Tliat tina w.m au act oi oMclal ni.i!fi'aa.itte?B)
ptoeed ?>y th.- taet thal tha eltjf actually loattM
11,000,000, Fortheaa reaaeaa Mayor Qraee'a luutae*
tlona wltbFerdlnand Ward are i ..t hla ..ui. .,
uioi.e. They ara lha haaiaeaa af tn people ef tba oitr.
- ?
Tht Balttm .,/ .i?. rleaa,
A4 loBg ;i? ProaidentClB' alandkeepa blathree bantafl
poundaol Reaa tiie oftlee-aeehera eaa feei a-?uiej ittaa
the fal ol llio 1 tud li not yet all i,'ono.
? ? ?
Il.TIU: 1>K Of INK.
Fi'iin The llal'imure Amtncnn.
F.rliti.in't W..rii baa rrowfl loquado ia aaahv n\?
eoaTaraatioB H fall afahargaa agalaai athai ixro^iie.
Farulaaud is aot lha Bral haaaa aalllagab Uut ta
tricd to ezeape by tui* umtbod.
fyaai The Chieagc ln>e, ???
What w.ih ?iin|.ly a war i,. iw.-.n nvai tel. jilionii io?
panlea ..v.-r the vaii.nty or pataota worth many mlliiaai
of dotlara baa a?iv devezoped iuto aiu.eihliu llttli
of a flaantlo polltleal acaudal . . Hera it aaaa
tblna forCJonareBatolBTeatlaaie. eepeetall* Hk- ^en?{*,
wimli ro.itiru.f.l Mr. QarUDd'aappofnttneni HaAttoraay
Genoial wilhout, we bi-llew, u dlaaaattag volco.
The naoat attractiwa thing about " L< Graal
c.ihiinii" miii- aaaaeef Leeeeqeatbe HUepaga,aadal
i- tertuaata for the repatatloo of th? uioat Kemalol
Ogaabacb'afoUowera that itiloea not raat ou the ac.ra
wbirh H tiim oraaiiienio.l. Had tba epawita aatttA>
lowed " La 111 o ga Maa Aagat" aad aararal other uz
?IttakaMt aaeoeasaa, U ia doubtfii wbetbar it waall
beea aadared tiii now. IJraa aa it. la Itreqalraalba
ehara .>r Maiaaaa iwAHf* phytleal lorellneaa aag
IhaaiBBtlag aat ba uiake lt at all enjoyal.le. Thcjilut
riiun aot lnto notbitia, tha musto ia aahztereatraa aai
the lio.-k ?,we4 wbatever liuorc-4t it p..s-e??ei toaoaia
clevar luta of cbaraoter ieUaeaMaa un.l tf..r tboaa ot
paarlla taattai aa abaadaaea <>f aaaaroty atfuziaaaBl
tha _alogaa, lt ?u tiv.-u bara laat *priu< by Mr.
tir.iu'a aoaipaay, watu Maa?bm Ihae lu tha roia ol
Aajrllna.aad faii.'d te awahea latareai Laal aajbaj
witu tb.- gra iter attraatlreaaaa lout by MadamaJaaayg
oa, acata a laUare.
Tho fault dnl uot rest in auy j.articilar witli Ma-lzma
judu- biie aoqalttad baraalfefaa adazlrabtepiaaaaf
, i,iii.-.ly aetlaa wlnch wai inarkt-d by the aami. <|iia'.lltee
wblch am havo iia.i aeaaalaa to eaaiaamd withhaaaa
eiiueiiTy bareteCera, Tha amalleaa whleh piay a partu
ber r.'.l.' iu tha aperetta aro ruorn nuini-rnus lhaa iu tnosl
of therh iraitrrs iu her ll-t, and aho pletur.-.l tli-tn aU
with Hfiual vivi.liieia, aattlBa otT tho m.-i ry c-.n i laaaaaM
Ofelah h*4 such bu uilioiotit vrlnclo lu her unisical lmiich,
aaalaat a ib-i.th au.i Inteaertr ef fe.-im^ wiiuii pebiiahet
themaelrea wltb iiliviij,.' elegaeaea ln hi-r teii.tereyi
ami rea.ire feztur"-. Iu the lui-.-ieal aaaibera au^ wm
li-lt Wlthout aupport aml lt waa uot untli tln- f.irrl. Zl
i-laiiii-ut of the pi.-.o wua in foll -?iti<n. taabwtael
ti.at her compauleaa raaebed aren that ? oderata i.-.'rea
of merit wineli they have abown la the rauderlllea thal
Dara preoaded Leooeq't operetta. M Meaieraa -aa aM
?ohappyaa aeual la lha part ol Caatailr. 11 i* <>eir
wii.-n i.^ la deptctiea aeal n latbecllltr ttiat be eom_aada
ualBtempte-ly tba adalratloa ut hlaaadlaeaa "La
lii.ni'i i aiiinii " wiii b- mpaated l_laaraaiagi
The niaiii.-eis of the inii-ij.-il fe^tival to 1)8
liolil iu xt iu..iiiii lu Cl.vciaiiil s. eui Uc-lortuino.1 to Intre
duco tbo " stuiT aud atartB " ayateui lnto tbe _aaiaal lifa
of thal city. 'thoy havo BBgBgai aU tho ltineraut artutt
who wera Ukely io vi-ii tha city ih tne aaaraa ot tha aaM
fear bmbUm aud arewdad Ihati couc<-rta iuto th.: taatiral
aeheae, aaaalr. Meadanira o.rattr. Mevada, TurttMp
M.iil K.Illl -?--. luur-liy aml II.-u-.u for BopraBO p.rta
aloue, iu tiie Mai.t of tho bletory of ntaaieal fo?tlTzai
hare aad eUewbrre It woald aaeai aa if tha Cl rataei
iuiiii.i_.-i-- were aaateaa le klll th.-u- te-tirai aaierarlM
aa well a-. tha ooBeeri umiue.ia of tboir city.
Iff cbarlea B. lenha. aa i;-..i:.a-er of tbe aatarteMa
dereted t<. " Ogera !-u:.^ by Aawrleaaa," baa s.-cured
theexiliuivo rlL-bl to produee - I.ai.mo " in tUc L'rutad
Btafem. iii.4.4 Ktiiuia Abbott has the opera tabarrayao
tory, sho bavhu attllai -t fet Bavetal reata -m arehsaMM
Mtca mado for Mr. Duff. Ibt-re la a proapect of b pretty
lltlaallaa ou the %aaetloa, an.ee Mr. Laafea wlM atiempt
aagaa-ttoaably todafaad th.- rlghta whleh iiciia-pur
cbuevd at (toat BOBl Iroui lha piiblinu.-r, UeagaL lB
I'ai'M. Two raaia aaa Ma lanaa iier4t-r. wiio atadwzl tha
n,.. of _a* aa with taeeooj i ia?r Oellhea, oa < !?? ? -trea
uinia B-uil to peraaada Mr. Mapleaoa lohrBureat tsa
opera, golaa ao far aa te eCar te pay for tno rlghl __
aall but lleugel'a relatloaa wltb tno deagbty Baahab
ti.iii.__" i were -trii.i.i.i al taeti_a beeaaaa of uu.llltal>^
i/ .1 proda. iioin ?i a n<*r worfea ?f whuab ho h...d* Ua
i-oi>yriKtit aad th ? uageilarlaoa aaaa to iiotut:i_.
Mr. D'.iiiloy Baek haa (?ata.bll-.bad htiuaclf ln a SVw
Vork ollk-e. at N.i. '.'1 BaM FoUit.rlltti-.4t.. ivncro be
apeuda two Bfteraoeaa a woek. fawadap imd IfMay.
I h.- club for tho ciiltivatioti of part aonna for mala
voi.-.-s whleh waa retaattehad ? ahert?aa &n? ami wza
eaUad "Tha Oeatleaae'a QlaaClah," ins wiaely
ehaaaed Ita name t.i rheOrpheuz. .\4 .vo cx|K.-.-t.-.!. tna
orlglual Utia waa fouuJ to bo too aa-Aaarleaa to euiura
Mr. W_hehaaha4reattrhah?a aaeaaa iu or/miiini
,iu BBMiaar oiahaaira lo ee-eparata m tho eaaeerta al tha
Aiuphi.ii.CtafelaBraahlya, l|ahaa koi iaaalbarfaraa.
eiBht ukiifui Baatlaatea aad haa ortaiii/ed a n.in.i thal
istairiy weii halaaaad. aa tno tellowlag UM ?1M ahewi
twelra l.ral violiu.4, twelve secoti.l*. fo.ir TloU.4, ?ix ri*
loaoallea. Uuaa doafela bas-**, tn?. nitt?-j?. two., taa
olariueta,oaebaeaoea.feuraerasaag iwo eera^la raa
baad la euaaaed uow io atndylua Bpbuuerfa aa8olaha8
?yniphont in II minor, Meeakuwakn " Bpaulab i?.
ni ii, Bitu're oi Beibrotb, aud atraaaerlpttoa o.' >io/. ot ?
rurtdah M.rek
Mi'latm- llelen Moprklrk ha? aunouuecl four p_BO
tora iii.uinf 4. iu Hm Meauaaea. Beetaa. on Oatebw -^.
Neveuibei lo, .M,)v?iut..;r 17 aad Wotreaaet -l.
Somo of Uie pcjaaadlagi of a aoafaraaaa
raaeatlyheMal Bayreath to pcaaarefaa aaatrart
ajaaaar faatteal at taat Bhaa baaa e apaetal Ial i
New-Yoi'k.i.4 lu vio* M tha BBaroashlag aoa.4oa ?.f i ,?fa
attua Metrepe?taa o.iera Hjiuo. Aatea -5)11. ***
abeeaa io auadaal tae apreeaalataia of ?? Pa^tfaU" a
ebelce whleh aaeaaa ralaaaa ior tha aaffiaatailM ia
wblch be ataada aaaeag tho aaalclaaaef Qunaaujf *"*
wi.uh laaoecntuat ? l br tha fa.-t iii ?t iU:.i l<|. . ?-. il
LerlandKelix Bettlara aaetobe Llraetm -i
l.eii'i; as-.K'tatol witu ItaTT ,S*i 11 aall.Uwr laW
dlT.dinri th'- W"r* <>f hrlagiaa eut ?? i'lat.n j-o .'? ? la
Iu tbertleef BtutArmFraulala Labataaa .'? tora r*
Madaae Maaraa. rraa ?Va?oor. b_-j ateadad iReoaja.
fciciiiro li.ivo .ni Ueeoa to llrrr Betd . n . IJ
?hcni iba uu beeu " al heiua" uaee tba .I-.ii:. I rr
bi i.i.aml. lt 14 >.?id llut h.-r !.a r haa turae 1 < "Up! '??/
iT'iito .ni.i ti.at 4i:,i in.iK. i.i. Baa baa dael l?d to raarra
?? I'anlUl" toraxeloalra ropraeautatloa ia ;,-v'',i'_
an.l lacouteiupiaiiui;- sltullar watr?tl8B ?:lli n?t*m
ta ?? i H-.1.1.1."
Al the tliat of Mr. Van .trr sturzeii'n Sunduy .I'tarnooa
coiH'.-rta lu Btetawey BaU M..ia. ChrMtlaa Deaearl ?ia
siiiK ?? Mir,..i..-* Soi.nof Tilumph" I.y Belaackfj J
*lr. a H. Mllli wili play WeU r's " CuBeertelAi fc raa
ouli-'islia w..l uuiaber tllly meu.
MaaClara Leaka KoUjk.' iia.4 ilgaad a eeatiaatawd
four m.'Ut:i-- c 'tu.-rt to.it ". ir'.u^li tne Wcst anl feoathi
went with M.ij >:? l'oud. Thattvaga wlll atari e..ny i
IT.iiaba a.i i ga rteCtawotaady wiu ro h m> k. Ueag a?4
MUaOUie T.iri.Bit, tha vDlluiat, are aui,'.n.'oi tut t??
mualoal CastlTaL
? -
Few, if auy, of tho Ar.itiie;in Iri.iiJs of
Dr. Leopold l)Biuro?eb kaew tbat *8
ha.t aoaapeaai a anad ogata. K*"**
bM faiuily woro lKuorant of the fictunti. not loi4
UKo.wiioii t.ls aou Walt.-r was lookinn BfWI U.( liUi*uU^
r.itii.-t"-?? papeakha came aaraaa the aaere. TBbb a i
laeted that aa Maaaaaalaaaf lha Deetaa'a MM ?,v
to Uatt tho luttor liad intro.lti.r-d In-.utoadi m ? r^
patiy a? tho eotnpoaer of ? " Baaae and Juliet " "l*'
wuich woui-i pit oeoaafa aduHred worz to ,l:*'
TheeeaaaaaeaBg8a8B.aBd api^ar* to bzvo been raza
ovcr carcfully and re?i4e.t Mag after couipczltio*.
tho .-..rr.-.tlona, which O'U illy refer ouly to Ita
Btraaaataiaa, aro haatiiy iuaii? ru penelL t,'b.eJru__
eaeaaarltb lha ball lu Uapalafa l"?"*"'*"*.._ a?
tbere toaehaaaaaf aaana, aad tu?" u.K)d inrfhta ? jj
deparUag uernr-aakea bi. n.i th. iu>.-lie*' ?'v ^
opeulaa moato of tiie mu-cei-dinit irnrden ac.n . ?? _?
t-Sa? in lJ.-rll../.'? dr?iu?tin Byuiphouv. Tba o,*- ,
Baagaaal Ib Braal-a m lstii t i.U/.iauw tt in !*-}?*
beg?M ln iniud unlll inretiin; Dr. l)B_n*eb over u?
yiutra lul.r.
- a ' wmBt.
The Bitie of Bcats f<-r tho pecond wtn^
Mary AuderaoB'a eiiKB*eiuent waa opciicd yaa ^^
naorulna- al Uie btar Tlieatre. A Uue of peo;-lo uao -

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