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a bmmbzx war op wonnt. bot ko _i_?w< i_b
CABLK lt.Ui.W-. Y BCUrMB Ktilir.
T-_BW waaaliwell mceting of tha Aldermi
terdar, gi< -. ni ' >?' ol ihe riTalry >?> '.' ? ?n "\e
iiifiiiiK-i- uvtar ihe cable au.i horse railway _ -'? '?-?
Al Ihc lasl lueeliug Mr. llBriman n ..ved thi ' ?
citv. Ihia
,,i by l_to 12. Vt-lcriloy hj-ofl
liii;,.ii tbal ,..,? ?* , "(i,:"
_,,. t by l_to 10, aud bo foliowed this up with aro.
Ui ? ?? -. . ? i' ;, I '*? t v.i-i'k.
Mr Jaelin. u ked if l'ii li ave. wa? ueludod in I -
T,,..?..,',.,l r* i.i- . and i, n g t Id thal ii *-**._pe
:io\.',l tlir the niatter lie ??vei until .ue_lny. Ihe
iii?ii?,n w_a ?? "i by 12 to 12. Mr.Jr.cbn. tbeii -uijl
. t_.,i ?: aaa uol pr i rl Hoani,
aud Iinl O.e I leruu-n ba l norigh. togive away
_ va'uablelranchisefor whieh thecd. woulu re
ci-ivc DOftdBqaatecoiBpeii. tion.
Mr. Hartroan When tbe rentleuan aaya lt
, . . i:.,i:,..?i Company doea notoffer an rouly?lent
for ibelrauchh- aou-hlfor be aaya wbat bo kaowa to
beimti,". i ? ?-?i't-?yr-0-*o^tiS,T...L.!fti,_
B per eoat ot ita earniuge. i ea I ror ihe r adins ortue
report ol the Kallroad Comroltteo of laal : .-ur. bla
_.ron_ly favored tbe baildln. ? m"*^' *'' '_
whal wna re.arded ai a d, mrable meaeure on, y, a- ... o
_ow Bbnaed aa ibe moai dr.- .dfnl lebeae of i?.? a?e1
llior.rt aaked for wa- read ??-*?? waa a
longdiscnasion, endn.g witb the I*-* ?- Mr. 11...
____,- hubetitnie by a rote oi 13 to.11. iuis
l",.i _bi tli, ori ginai applicattou before tlie Boat-.
mi,! iii ,l was al?> loxt oy tbe iwmo vota.
\ i? J ,-!.n.' uexttuoved thal tne whole rantler
he p.8l poued indoflnitely. I bia ealled forl h another
lon_d_<cu-isi,.ii. After the voto had beeu t_ken
BcveraJ nieuiliei- w i--11.?i to change tbelr votcs,
Mi Hartrosusaid the a.-t-' bad been nnnounccd
..n,; do ol.augea coald be made, aPreeident Sanger
aaid iho rote bad ao< boen annou.->l.
Mr. Bartaian?Thevote haa b ra aauonneed. fheard
ItaoBtaled dlatlnctly. Laal week you arbitrarity aa
lourned tbe Ba ird whi n ttre or h.x loerabera w. i
_,_ for tka ayea aud B_ee. l aai _atUB( ?red o. bucu
lli! 111.!*. , .
i r.-I,:, i.t *:n,_,T--You wlll take your aea_ ..,
Mr. Barimaa?I wlll lake my aeat now, bat i wui nae
0 ... .deni Baager?Ifthe rote wae aaneaaeed l did
Mr. Hartman-The fote waa plalnly annonneed.
Mr. Morgan fherelauo moUoa before tbe Boara. -^r.
IT, rm .nn ii- oui ,,i order. ,
Preefclent r.auger? Mr. Hartaiaala out of order aaa
Hartraau-.erbnpe Mr.Morgaa had betterbeap
Bolutad to arreat me, If he Is nble.
1 Mr Mor_an-Il Mr. Mor_an la appolnted toperfona
t_e iiniy b" will ?'" it, aad in nnl. i, lm>.
Mr. iiiirtii.aa Ile la nol able.
By thn nn.*' everybody waa w.u'ine_ np. Mr.
Bancervninl) rapped for order. Sereral luombtrs
were addrcssing the ehair and making pointaol
Mr Oakley -I anpeal Irom Ihe deciaion oMheebalr.
Be baa applfedthe nau-law ri_btalou_ reeratly, aad ll
la yrowluK r. ry tln
Pieaidenl _au_si wbb bI lengtb able torestore
order, and declare the a. t ? on Vicc-Prcsidijiil
Jaehne'a niotion. whieh practically kili.,1 tbc caitic
railway acbeine for the preaenl year. Ibe nnai
rote h u> na folloa - -.
. 1-. ,i,,(?!,:?,?. cii- an-. I>p Laey, Hall Maater
!"r..m. Muriitv. Mt-q nide,O'Dwyer, .alan,Kelliy,
nn.l \'.in Rei
I-.,. u n.c.na... Flnck, Hartmnn, Kenny, K<
Mulry, MeGlnuis, MoKenua, O?doy, Botbuiaa innl
Th*- Oommitte- en Kailroa _ advi racly
on the apvhcation of the Fifth Arenue Kailro.vJ
Couipany i*,v a franchiae. 11,*- ooniuiittee Ka d laal
then* was no necemit. for B road over tl"- route
aa_ed for, and tbe general nentinionl ,,l tbc coin
munil. wai oppoacd to it, Tlu- report av n adopted
la'a il l.ll.Ul ill,Ul- V, tl*.
Mr. .Ii'-liin- offered a resolntion tin.t the rlaim ?,r
Bhcriff Daridson for 11*38,393 08 expenaea incurrcd
in (Iciciid'n. tbe legal pioceedinga aaiiinBl him
growiug ont of tho action ol tbe Roonevell L
t i va? Comiuittee aud the beartiig before tbe _ov
ernor on the queetion ofhia removal be allowed.
jl.s.is. Ma.i..o'|iia\a*i and Van Bensaeiaet took
the _.iiiiiui thal the Board aad uo powei to vote
away Ihe publie money for ;i caae ,,i tln* kind,and
that the Board ol Katiinat* waa ti.nly ' ?*** l>" thal
toulil ta-*.- auch act?? .he reeolutiou \a.i* earried.
_KMT.l ci llli: si'.i.Nii IJtCUTEKATlO.V?A Ililiila
V.i }>Y lU'llM H Yl>l . I.U a Y.
Th" aa?BB "f Ifartin M. Goldaehmidt. whoee
body waa orcmaieiVal Mouul Olivel on VVoiIiioh
day, were taken uui a 8:30 o'clocfc tbe aanie. v. n
r.l lb iii-'ii it -.a.i* annouuoed Ibal tbey would nol
bo removed until yeeteiday moruing. The a-i,. -
were fluer and whitcr thau thoae of the Cral l>"ily
tbal wua cr.-mated ;n.,l ooutained fowcr .j
iiiiiui- aud foreigu aubatances. There were aboul
si_ ponn.la alt.iL', ih* r, aa l ich would be ,ii*',ui 3 .11
cent of the original weight of the body. Pn
-. -a.al yeaterday thal tbe black ainokcrc
ferred tointhe aecountaof IhuradBy'acrcuialion
Wiisdueto I,.,- partiala.irbeatingof therctorl
vhi.-li decoraposed the body and the atcnui thua
, raled eairicd < 11 tho particle. of, arbon in an
Mvturj stat,', that ia withoni being coni
poanded with tne oxygen, formiug au ordiiutn
pioduet ol combuBtion.
Vnrtiii F?,x. abuse body waa incinerated ye_ter
day, waa foi mei auiifactnrer in thlacitj
j,i."*I iiat-la? ,\,,. 11*. Weal I'w.uti -....,'--:. He
i< tii.<l from ii'.i-iii,-* Beveral yeara ia-?.,.-,;,,I di?l
ai,, :i t\-.?, \a* eka Bfto at ihc Stat. n laland home ,,t
in-in-law, Mr. wenke, a Bcarer-at. couiinnwinn |
mercbanr. Mr. Fox waaaiz y-eighl yeara old, I'he
b* ,1\ waa plac* d in a raull in the Lutherau c-hm
tcry, whenoe it waahroughl yeaterdas Bltcruoon.
The iuctneration waa pnrate aud only foui or live
frienda and rclativea aat Mr Foi and the rcprc
., nt.iiia,'- >,) the Newtown Healtfa lioard
were allowed ln tbe buil-ing. Tbe body waa
j.ni mtu i!a- retorl about 2:30 r/cli ok.
,.iv aay of the black moke noticed tlie
day before aaiu aeen, bul tbere waa a
i-.i.'iii odor noticed in the cbapel durina th, firel
u_rl ,,t the cicinaation. I here will be no .uoru bodiea
iiiiiM <i nuu! nexl w. ( k. ii* ihe company Intcnda to
make ?>me fnrther improrcmeD ta ln tne furna ?_a
ti ,r hare heen Biigyc-ted by the threc iu-inon.
tionH tii.it bave already taken place. Mr. Fox'a
aabee will be taken out aud eent io bia famil. t<>
A l.tt.-r \aat* noeived y< aterday from the famlly
of Mi. Lievrc cxpieasing greal aati.faction with
Ibe way in whieh the company bad managed tbe
cremation io ln* caae,
Tlie inrestigation ordered by Governor Hill,
on the oompiaim of Mayor Urace, Into tba eb i
ui.'ilica-iiiii*'l'l'-'crrci a_ainai ibe Ext-laeConimlaalon
era, waa befua yeaterday ln tne Qtlsey Uouae, by Jobn
Sf.Beekiey, City Attoraey of Rocbeater. who bad been
appolated in ,i..- Oofernor to take teatluiony. Com
Bt.aalonera Uausbtou nnd Mltenell mte* preaeat Aa
tlhtniii . rnoration Couna, I Bcott appeared f*>r that
ofBee na proaecntor : Rlcbard B. Nowcombe appeared
for Mr. Mltcbell; Elllott handford for Mr. Hau_bton,
nnd Hi.b.it t'. I ,;,y mr t ..in,.,!--i,,n,t Morrla Mr. Bcott
li--_ri.il by r, iniiliK tln- . i,.u_, a. Ha aaaa InterruptOd by
Mr. MewooB.be, who ehalleng-d b:* ri_-bt to !"? tbcra,
>lr. MeweoBbe labt tbe chargea were made by "Mr.
Graee, lauiber dealer, aad nol by Mr, Orace, Mayor."
Mr. Beekley. bowerer. declded that Mr. Booli waaln bla
jiru|,,'i place. i in- iii*; i bal _?* arcurea Mitcbe I ol arru
in_ letleratoCaptala Byan, ,,f tba Twenty-flrel Pre.
,'inct, aakln. imii t,, protccl eertaln uulloonacd llquor
dealera la iai- dlatnct, -The aeeond cbarge accu.ea
M.tcbi'il and Haufbt-an of Uoenaina Inipropor i-l... ? -.*-,
Hint Um third iiiii.i-* tbal Ihe entlra board ? i I.- clae i..**
Illeaally graated tloenaeato peraona to aell winea and
liiim.r* in premlaaa eonaeeted vrub placea oi, \iui_iiou
Bli'l publie un iis-iin nt.
iiii.l. ii-ik Parlay waa tba aaly wltaeea exatnlned. He
explaimd tiie way Heeaaea were applied forandacted
npon. He guf.Intormatioa iit-yamd that whicb h.
?tare ta the Benate Committee, whieh waa fonaded on
tbo rerordaof the Board. He idmititicd the etanaturea
ut Mr. Mltcbell and Mr. Hauchton ii|.tteoaaea aranted
to thi- Hayrnarket " Tom " Oould'a aad other plai >?-1*>
wkleb vaniiicn ni alleaed hnmoral charnet, i r aort, and
ui?n ti,e alaaatni. and proioai ,,f Mr. Morria on the baek
rifti*'**- iii'.'ii-a -. He did boi know wlietber ornol
Knstcr a\ Umi now had a lleense. ir,- u.,r* directed to
appearaaala thlaaaoralag at ll o'clock wlth tbc imuka
ol Ibe llnlird.
Niitliini Ni-.-l.ii, ii.-ciim .1 of cheating several
linririii hualaesa men by hogua obecka, waa eonricted
yeaterda] In tbe Oeneral Beaalooa of defraudln. John
W. I.yni,.' ,<f No, ti i:.i-i im,' bnndred-andtweiity-tlfth'
?t.. un uiirti-rtaiicr. by -flerlng n i,.,_ii* oheeh bearuia tbo
nnuienf RoawellP. r lower in nayiuent nf u bill <*i Mi?.
Tiiu OiabrowferB24225. Hc reoelred tae ebunnein
mouev. lie ?aa teateaced by Jud_e (.'uuiiig t,, Bre
?I Uia Btate I'riaon,
i:ii/a \\;< * eaaw to tbla eoautry froa Oermanya few
waaka a>.-o aad Joaepk Lorrecb, whe mel her on th.
ataaaaer, induccd b,*r to _*, Philadclphla, wbere, it la
Bharaed. Be aaaaalttd her, Re waa tned yeaterday be
Bara Jnire Cowlaa in the Oeneral Peaalona oo a cbarge of
iibdiictie.i. bnt the.adaa adrlaed tbe Jury toacqult
Lorreeh ?aa,ea laoitoa ,,f A_latani Dlatrlrt-Att ,rn y
Nicnll, eommitted to awall nn appllcatlon for bla ti
te I'biii'itiiibia t,, nn-w ?r the ii ore t*. rimi? obar_e.
Hatrii'k li-.it waa aeen by (>tli.**r Kern In *.,,iili liftb
avr. taklaa u -rsatoli from tlir pocket nf Pranola Wrlght,
_ bbmrebaar, \ah,> waa daxed under the |oint Influeuee
kne - andllqnor. Hart aaa* Btiwatrd, imt when
\\Tli.'lit reeofered eonaelonanesahe aald that tbe wateh
w_a iint hla. As 't a. a.s inn-li Na- viaiiiabii; ibaii bla i.'.vn
be aappoaea tbat It waa ezebanaed by aome oi >*. 11 irt
waaeoarleied of ateallna lha aa.iiaii witb an unknown
ouiici aad waa aeateaced yeaterday by Judge Qiider
alt-fvi* t.aiiai* yeara In tiieStau* Prtaoa,'
(ifori.** II. laitj.ii pleaded BOllty y*-i.trr*liij- ton ebaree
ofbi.iuiiv in Btarrylna WUbelmtua Lauexna oa n<>
vi n ln r '.'.i ailnl,. bNown Wlfa WBB 111 >i,?, He Bald li.al
Uc an.l lai- ? lli* Bad taparatcd __d lhat bla ___e.ln.la
liini iii.t iuiii umi atieupted t*> obtala *??-'?'> t<. j.ay tbe fu
li. ii i.i ?\;.i-i.ki-bi.i I.iu wif,-, ni?l tln, t, 'a. ln i ln_ In-: to l,n
ila.iii. be aad imrrlid tha otaar woman. Ju.U'.* Oilder
B.ci-ao st'Ul. in iilliiin tn ni.e j.iii in tbo iVuiluuilary
K.nti aia in eoetome. li lahjlca, bezlas matebea, eu*. Tho
fi-ininiiie .iieala will Im, pruvi.led witli aimts iniuiedUlcly
B-Otrcltag tbe ,,iiitf,,i in.
n m
JfA*. ri.rsKiirs imii: nu i i. assi itims.
S< iiiitoi 1 .unkitt, at a l'.-rint MtBlOB of tlie
Keiiiii.' (niiiiiiiu,c, aaaertod tiiut Uae tweaty aaaltary
liiapectnra apjinlnled l>y tbe Uoard of ll.altli wit*. h
panei of raw ooya juat out of tbe Coluuibla Collc.u
K.bool of MinrR. Tb.. r<ieor.1_ of the Civil Her.ico BtWtt
laing Board abow tli it ol tbe eatlra aamboreleven nmi
only ii rommon aehool edui a-l in i.tnl nine n colleglate (>r
-??ii:.;.. . iiuciitinii. Beren \-.< r.- practlcal plnmDera.
:! ;,.,., one a 1 iti ? tudent, ana
? nliiiiiiiins, liool oIMlnea. alao aro
...i, aa d lha ttaa-Mar froui
ir. to __ yeara,
pnoMnrETi abb-Vaia
qb r , inau It. W. To-vn
..? ;/.','.I,,'!-"'
Klianlorth. of tbe New-Yonrt ol fPPMja; ?;C"n:
,-?,. .- ?- w !> Waibb ??;.. ol Mlnueaol ., and Qeneral
l.'.i-i.i. I,,'./. |r.,o! Khoda Ioiand......B?8-?i-?
j?l,? ,.?-?i,v idama, ol Qulnor. Mjjaa. "?!>'"
/' ,..- -AbelardoZelaya, Mlnl-ter ol Hnanca. of Hou*
,i .; is, und Edmat I 3iu . i i prealdenl ol tbe Pcnn*
hvlvunlu Itailroad Coiupuuv.ITeWmiwalcr Uor.
Au, nn, -v-... ncrnl Dennia (,'i.rl. n. ?f All.; ny .... Jf?r
rtty Uili FloUl M.dltal Olrootor rhoniaa M. Potler.
'? _ \ ,'. , l : . : -Vi'irf 1 !__. ' -Hli IT,!-. f Ao,
nro ,-. of Hampton, v.t.Uortan Boaae?Ea-Ooa
man wnilaw .'?:. Eo_ttUh,ol Indiana.
taveatbratioo Into ehargeo Bfaloal Ezrlae Board, GU
. i -y IIi.ii"'. 11 ;i. in, .... .. _.
flult-Wariier refereneo eaoe before Bnferae < n1^
Alderm.n'aOotninltteeon Ballroada, Clty Hall, ????"?
li. iii,-.! nm ui M.iiiii:ttt-iti Hoapltal, uiie-liiiii.lri'i.-.iini
tinrti, iii-.-t. and ii-iitii-nvc, 8 p. tu.
.N, 44- V, r_: I .iiioc Ciul, _ iiuuiiil lue. tlu?, IIolcl Hun
garla, B p. m. .... . ,
Tbe Bev. II. B. Hawrl*'. le.f.iro ou "Maela h.hi
Mor.iU," Cbicki-rliiK Hall, 8 p, in.
An til'nrt ta t? i-e i.iikI'' -o-mottow t-> provide lor
t!n ilpbl on tho 'l'.v.iuy-iiiml BtTMl Daptiat
Tht- Ber. II. R. Haweia arill preaeh tn Iho ( bnrch
of iiu- llily Bpml to-morrow nioruing aud tn Qrace
( h'livll nt'tlu- III!, I'i,,on scrvir.'.
The Grant Monumenl Comtnitle- recoirod $10
from Da. -I A Pinouayesterday,niakiog tbe total
iiiin.iint $104,228 17.
?ThePolirc Board reatarday rranted an annnal
l?'ii-i"ii of #30?to Mrs. North, widow of the p ilu-e
mau wbo waa killed atflroadwoT and ?.tt ?i
1 be ii, gro <?'?,',!c.
Ili'inv I.on_, n lal.'.rrr omi'l.yo.l in tlm rallroad
yard north ol tho Grand Central llepot. wai nm
over aud killed by a awitching looomotlYe yoaler
diiv morning.
V .1 Al TUNd 1 nl: Ynl'NII WoMIiV.
Tlu- Rev. Ur. William Ormwlon will i" -nch in
bohalfol the Young Wornen'a Chriatian A--", iiUuwi
in thei ,,iliifiiu,t'lii.i,l,, nt lifili-iii,' uiid I w. uty
iLiilli- ?!., t(.-ln,,i io v nl 11 8. in. OU " 1 l.c l.i'l.ltl,,!, I
ni Uhiatianity iiii.l -Vomauhook."
i ni: koiii? i*. ciiMM' i i M' wi ni',1'1' BAIL.
r. '...inl, ll.-ni, anti Josephiiie Kohut, chargi il
with nrson, wero exanuued byJnetire Murraj ui
the V irkville I'olice < ourl ycsUTdoj morniiig, and,
deapite sovoral molioim for linn di-.ii.ii :?? i... d ?
bj thcir connoel, were coinmiftcd without buil to
await Ui.- ;i, in .i ol Ihe Uiatn. t-Atiorney.
A Ml , HANK '- ARM loiiN OFI .
Fritz Schumbacb, of No. 141 Essos it.cmploycd
in th.' inaehinc diopal Na 170 fciitre-rt., h ul lu
m.u , a?g ,i aud t.n ii io i ii ? body bv lielimg
v.'-i.-i.:.?... Ile \\;i_ r.-iii"? ? <l to tl"' fc'haniiKT.
Sticel li,,-, io,!. but hia injury waa rcgardod ua
bly iuiu!.
lll'-IN'i -- I'AII l''i:'? OF A Wl i K'.
lli illurea throiu.li >ul Iho ?
the l.i-t s. vi-ii diiys, :is reiMirti.l to K. (J. I>?u ?? ( "
\r.-t, ni.i'.. i.iiii.:,,-!' im im l ,,ii. ,l ti ? . -';"' an.l
for l - il.'cn.ol II lol.ll "I 21/, 11 ? ""i
|,;i.,,l with239 laal weck aud 214 lli" werk pre
vion.i to the la 1. Buiincsa ra .iialties c ?nl 1:111,'
nu.,.. : .11. in t:,. Bouthi'rn ai .1 ' Ial ?
[ht'othei -,, :i,,:i-,,f tho couiiiry roporl failurc.
,-ilnnl up to the .. . ? ?
Airr-i:i, oi I'i 1:11 UV IA XBOX THI UATTKB.
Iliiiinii- H. Wallaoe, an ngent, ol No. I2H .vesl
si\; ,-iii -i- ;.. . ii !? ?*'.' i.i. '? iiranl 1 --'i"! l?v
Jusiice l'..;lv, ..ml brought t" the luniln r,,li,,
( ,, 1, ?.. ri :.!.., ... npluiii ? !' lidward V. k
thehattcr. I'he rh.trge pn'feiren against Wiillari
i- wilt.il |,cijniv. 1:1 twouriug !<? uu .11 davil uu
A|.iil'J.t. 1 >?*... tn.it 1 li.-,',.... ,1 Btockofth. I
iiiciri.'il Ajrency, whli-h bo 1 'proa. '
$100,000 ....11 waa ii liollv paid ap ? iihiu
I'liuiiilisiili. ; utioiiou |i, ,i-i,il?'i I1*, 1 v-*_.
aud iu cxvcutiiig uu allidavil on Octobei IH, 1 ?**? i.
Uni' lli" bll
liit-.riiiiiii .ii. ,',,:,,',? ilma tli" facl Uial I
lug, 1!,,- nc.'.io-d im- !'? ,( lin ,1 l>\ Juetic i Uu
furui.li $4,000 !.. il l-'i . \.ii.i ni ."'..
- ? at
i:.-.- ii-1 iniprovO-Deota -.-. 1 ,
ngementa bave been made for ? 1
I in I'ru.p ? I I'n '<, wiih I
.,,, 1 im buatlng in June,
- p| ,1.11 ! .!.:?'
4.,, aandi 1 K ?? ,, ,-? - I Ibree, "f So. 2,133 :
_t.. Wllll" ,\ ,4 at .', ? .1 , ? 1 >' .'! I ' lll.,,"!
: . iy all. rnoon, u .* '-iii 'i by .1 b .11 1 ol eartb
ri.iiin . upon blm.
Every mornlna from ?* 10 -ii.'lOo'i loi
ln.- lor . i, : 4 1',1'lT " 1- ln 'I lll ii,,' I' ?! "Iiu 1
? .uii. ,it IV?
(,|,'. 1,1 . . I ill", iiii..*. ? ? '? I'''.!.
ber 21.
Ev. 1 . tliing tliiit c.ni 1," dom
rcn.ii ?( Ibv uiiu li 11 ?.tt li
trlal t.
I tli.it -ln- will . I.ii! nn
1: .1 bei , ?! ? ??, 1 t .ini,-' '4 ,.'ii 1 1 eiti|, ?
,;,. 1 .- ai r..i|. y 1*1
?ni ln reeover -'?'..Inm.i
proiuUe nf iu u 1 1 ? ? 1. inn l 1 1 ::? ?
nnfiiniii ut ISrlirbtoii ii.'.;. ii. IL- ?? .4- liulli lyrijl
,.?,. 11, 1.1 ni ea tbe alleKatU.ua ol tbo vtouiau.
t,v Ibe A rea (11 in Buelct]
Albei num "ii Tburad iy evt-nli
by Mh -?- M-.v Herbi-rt. Amj Zell. '??
i("ln L WalBer, and C. T.fal In, IV. J linn .
_ ni ami \.| nn l)ot ? . riil 1 tin- fo .. in -
ol tbe An'.. liao Boelety.
.V/.'II.n l'/;'iif //;/ SVBCRBS.
THE CItr?AI)E AOAIN81 11008 IN J-EWABk'.
?, et no nymptom "f bj dron ubla 1, ??
,,,,.-. hlltcn "i.y th.'" i-.i,li ,!"_? in il,,- li'ii, IVarl.ul
Jfewark. 1 be eatrbei? have aeoureil tb? mty fur a.
, ia pli-bed ui, man) vaaraut doita, wblcb irera dl
patehed at Pollc-e II^a,lijuarter< l dnzen ol tbem were
l.ili'II ',..-?, I'l.14 . 00|J llIC I" 1 .U' .!,'?! ''4 ' I '." ?>-.. .ll.'l
Ibeeanlne popolatlon im* !>? ? n areatl) thi.iu,
in tbe eonroe of tbe ln-: weeb by a
1 .uni sii-it A vi.!"..- man reported totbe
N'cwartt pollce ynnu-rday tbat h. ? do< at Na
i;i; (ij-iii'i.-dt., un 1 ii Loi thal tbe caie I away.
i-iini ii.18.1 f.dniij |i t ..ii 1 *ii, " i,-' ,1 day :i !.
fuoed food and water aud .!,<>_, 1 _i.-p* ? t thodiae
owner ot tbe dog aaid 11 bad been blttenbyamad .;.._?
laal -lin.ii.' r.
A liniiml 1,,1',11-iiiir tn Adnm N-ivl.i cl;, of EI e.ibetb,
1 wenl in.i'l-"ii.?? .!.(>?. ago and bll ot-vcral do| -. The
bonndwaasb.it. A 1 ir_*>- ,)...- belomrlnii toJanimKar
ley, of Newark. blt Jamea Ortflltn In tbe lag on Tburs*
,1,.. j ii.- 441111111I waa r.iiitci-i. i-i. Hlrycbulne ln iue?l
will bereafter bo alven 10 tba dojji eaplured ln Newark,
in .:c.nl ,,f abootlng,
A(< II?I VI'AI.I.V 8HOOTIX0 lll-, I'l.AVM \ , I..
A little be/orc noon yeaterdaj lloward 'i ller, Ibe
t(-li-i ,-,,r-' 'I -',!, nf ' tl, ,nn .1 "- |, 1 Miili'l', :i -. ? 1 Jbnowu
i'.-i.l,iit ,,! *-.,'.' ll;,rn,ir. 1. I..aboi aud InatanUy kiiiri
(ion c. the ' i.-iii-v bi " . ila .1 i' 1 ni A'l-ii-mi 1 in un |i
-. 'I ne 14411 chlidren, with iioine othera, wera pluylng
ln the yard at tbe rear ol Captalu Mllier*t biinoe, when
lln-,, nr.t 1.111 ludoora nnd tu.'K !,i? fatber'? revol' er from
aburoaudrnwor. not know.njr that H i-n* louded, lli
Wll* 1 nil, 1 IIIK 1'ic W'-Illiull tll -I .1 ,,111 II'nl I ll- II 11' .1 iml 1,1-1
ol tin chlidren, 44 ben it wenl "it. 1 he iniil atruob Oraele
ln tho forehead and, paaalnf thro.iKh tha braui, eauaud
t death. There la eouaiderable exeltemenl lo ibe
viiiiiL',' over tbe affalr, and aumo peoule urfe vii.it the
i?,\ iUould i'.-.i." -!? .1. But, .n iie .lii".i ii._ ii.i* pnrely
in-. leutal, ll la not llkely tbat any aneb aetiou will be
luk, 11.
? ??
SEB8BX (11 V.
I 'iiir poUee bava boaa maklna Inqulrloa alioni B. lt.
lii.tii'ii. it .1 uiiiie man who uiyaterleaaly dlaappeared ou
Noveiuber lt and haa nni beea beard frum aiuco,
Mii nii'll , nnc from ToroutO nn ln* w.iy tn lil I'hiiny, .in.i
waa ilopplna al tba Eaele Ilotel In ravonl i-ave. awalt*
Inc tbe aaillUK of tbe ateamnr. Ile bad a tronk and
vallnelnnd a Kold wntcb and < lmin. aad t>? t-.i -? leaving
tin- lii.ici be ,-.\i,ii,ii, ,1 n ,?',",? for t-00 on tin- liimk nl
Ni-w-Y,.iii la \.'tii...t., whleh ba *;ii'i be waagoing over
togeteaabed, Cl.lef of Polloe Murpby haa aaoortalned
tbat the ebeok waa nol preoent ed ;.t Ibe bauk, and he
Ini- ni-o li-artii',1 irmii Cnli-r <11.1M.il.li- Enink Crol r, ,,f
T.i i... ii-,' Ilranrtl baa >,,,i returnod Ibere. i;!ilef
Mnrpby i.of iu<- oplnluii tbat Brandt hu_ commltted
AognatJanaen, the eoaebman wbo tv.-i* Indleted fm
annoiinn Mlaa Ulnulc P llarnctl. grandduughter ol
Mra. E. I. ".levens, of ilonaikeu, uod atepilaugbter ol
Oolonel li. 1'. C I.. wl-, United Htatea Mini-n . lo I'.iiin
irul, retraeted ln* v'f.i ol aot aolltj ?? terday na.l
pleaded aon volt Tba oonrl luapeiided aentoneo on
ici inent of eoataand ou hia promlse uot lo aanoj 1
...iii.i u fui iln r.
In the walklng mateb between iv. ton .-?>.<t (>'I,eary, al
Un- Mctii'i.i. imn Blnk, .'.,.1,.ii. who .-in. >? iii., bnaliiuiua
of tae wala bad beeu bebiud ','l.i.nv, yeaiarda) , 1
blm. Al inm!! i.ntb men bad Bocompllabed over 200
mllea. r. - > bave takea froqaoal roata. To lay Um
w.ilk win l.n cii'icl.
Oeorge P/lnier, ago forty*four, ol Bo.24 Magnolta il.,
imn.- bimaelf reatardayal - p. m. ln a baru lu tb. rear
,,i iii. linn-,-. Tne dead man bad .t paralyUo airoke ou
oue him; *n...,: IIma ago, uud lately ba losl aome mouey.
HonoKca, -1'ii'icniui Aldorettaaaw ao aged womaa
ln llii'l-nn *..|tliiri- Park iil.nnt 7 ii. 111. y. iterdai . .ini!
IB a ,-ii.,,i_i- n,.iniiii. ~ ?- ii.,.1 .1 1-I1. 11 .nl.
wii cii ihe freqoently preaoed t>> )."i iljia, and Iben eaal
iii-i r\,.- beavenwai 1 aa if la prayer, Tb. polieeman
aecosted her aod learard tbal ?ha wm I'anllna I iff, 1 11 1.
ago nitv . x. tbe niotin'1 ni Angellne Loota Cafferala,
englneer of the lll-faled iag boal Uorle Emerr, whleb
waa iiiiiwii up la tbo Baal lllvor liai week. Tbe poor
woman exhlulted ibephotograpb lo tba polieeman, n 1
exci.ii nn iii " -,-?', here la my bob! Ue laat tbe bottom ol
tbe Eaat River, indlamgolng to flnd blm." Wilb tbal
ahe raa away aud attempted toiilungo Into iba
trnin tbe river r....rt , bol 11? * - polieeman raughl ber. A-.
Hli,- mi. ev i.ii'iuiy intaiio uili, cr Aldoretta rondueted hor
... I'...ni- Headquartero, wbere sin- waa drtalned tutUI
hcr fi nn.i? wara _a_ora_od aad took ebarga .,1 1,, r,
? ? ?
I.(?N<) ISI.ANI1.
I 4*r II t.niTnv. -Tlie piilillo ?c,liO(il_ bava l.een cl(,_'*(l
011 accoiitit of tbe i>roviilc!i(:e of ac.trlet fevrr.
Tbe fariuera nf Suil.ilk ('nniity, wbo liuvi- liccn e?
toaal. cij (4ii?..gi-(l lu tht< culiivatini, nf Baallllnwar, bave
oent ap-.ltlou Ui CoUKressiu^u lieliuoul unkmit iuiu ln
T,r??>>-r* a rrconstructiou of tbc tarirron lmportcl c.iull
Bowar Inorder to preaeel laetr latereata.
T ti iai row _.? \ prop?Jtlou raeently made to oi>t_m a
. ,?;? f'n'ii tbe Pocaatleo Blrer, waa
_?,,,! do rn on rhuni hy oa the groand tbat theetreani
taapolluted by tbe laborera eui. :o_ ed iu coustr-.tiug
tba bow agnednet.
M-MABOXB?t.?Aa unknown man waa foiind dead
r? terday aear the ahore of the Boond, Hla di-uti. rc
iiuiteal from an oferdoae >,f T..ria greea.
\\i in:iob rheWater Company hare bagnn tbo
a rectlon of., new brick boller aua i> ,ti:ii> hooee over tbo
arteslan welL
Whin i'i viv .?.Jobn r.. Hlekey, tb** watchman nt <'ut
\,. '..am ib. ? \* -. .qnedn : Itted lojall yeater*
daytoawnit ti,o roaull ol Jobn BaruakU.a nyurlea,
wl.uUi bo ?'i0t on Widm a lay luorniu..
SKXATOB COMBTOCB ABBBK- A__ Tli!'. 1.1.-i 01
ill,, t ,,u\li i I BB DIV?IBI.
A large crowd fllled the room tn tbc Morton
li, ,i-.' ? :.. re Ibe ->-...>',? Inreatlgating Commlttee holda
, wua ruri,.-ity lo kuow aa:,, therthe
prearnt lawyera would eoullnneaa eounael tothe eom
?,. aftei Benator 0H.be'a refuaal lo grant eounael
hl.ink Mi!>|,*i n i* for wlini-aaea. t.iwjvr Btraban waa
it,bni Mr. MHler did notappear. Benator Com
?tock waaabaenl likewlae, He ba* -m.l thal be wlll not
ineeta ain wltb the rominlttee nnleaahlareaolntlon lor
liifoatlKatlnathe gmnto tha Broadwayfranohumwltn
blHiik au itNL-n.-ii for wltueaa * be p laaed,
la, i,,ii, I'oiitroller Klcbard A. stnrr.a waa
Brel examlaed. Ho ?"'?' tbat bo aaa,
ll, f,,a?r of tl?' >i!V* liav.n.
a mnnk'li. ,1 l.ulldlni Inatead of rentlna outaida offleea aa
:i-ir,--, at. Alaton Culrcr, watar pnrreyoraad atn-et
iii-n, i ii.r, waa ii- *.t on Uae aUnd. iii* t.-atitnony waa
ool Important Then Mr. fllbbaaaked Mr. Btraban If
Mr Hillcr In'ended to rnntlnuc ln theaervlceel Hi*
conuiilttee Mr. Btrohan replled that Mr. Milier woold
uoi oolnto the Ilroadway franehlaa Inraatlaatlon uuleae
under tbe powera oonferred by Ihel ometock reaolutlon,
Mr. Btraban oddid that be himwHeould notbeal tne
aerflce of il.iiumitiee until the Mouday utt.-r ( bri-t
m.i* owina t,, tbe preaaure nf bualn, mo.i iia bonda. Al
tblapolot -'Miiiii McCarlh) movnd to adlonrnalne dle.
?? i * n?or my aoleinn proteat," aald Mr. Olhba. "agaliial
Ibe eommlit* o a IJournlng before the work wbl<b lt uaa
ittodola iini-iai-1. ln my oplnl. that ttonw
ii,,i doue until the llro-dwai tran. hlae i- Inreatlgatea i
mn in ravor .,f lure_tl_atln_ the AUlermen. and ir prooer
i-ounael ean be Beoiirod I iball oppoae any adjoariimeni
until thej aro im," n_.it, d."
lor Daly expr. --,-,1 l.ia mrpiiae al Mr. Hcl nrthj ?
un. tn ni. He waa In fafor ol tbe rommlttee. dlecbanp'i
Ita .lu-., bnl al Ihe aame time he ,lnl not want lt to aodl
? , ,.,,ti,,., i. ii,.'..iii.i not underatand
tlie healta.lon of 5Ir. Milier, wbo bad been aaauredof
Ui. I'.ir.iial auppori ,,r ibe eommittee.
Tln* mn,i.,n to a IJoiii ii iv,,- nuu pul a,i,i i.,t. Oli.na
nnd Daly fot_l a-aiuai II and MeCarthy an.l I'umkitt
i. , || \ umtion lu ,i*i,.*,iin until lloinlay nud tbet
nlo.it. 11., ii foliowed ., motlon
Mr (liliiia to inljoum until Mundar bnl thia waa
i|(.fcitfd Iiy Meaara I md MeCarthy, ailna IB
iiin. lil -i.Ue. ln ronaume time
*-? !i*.*.i c ,inini--'i,', r 11.--. ??? it ,. ,? illed and rend -.
n nr.-i ol im.v,-v|..i?i*',i au,.,i"i f"i a.,.i purp.;
While Mr. Duvoo waa reiidlu. Mr McOirlh. atrolled ou
uftne room to**, .rd tbc hotel enf*. Mr. Daly leaned
,,i.. ,,i?i whiapcre i in < ii.uui, in Oibbe, aaii." aoddeniy
',' uolmu of Mr. !>.!>? tbe commlttee la idjonrned
mnii .-.;,.,. 11\ ul Irt. M. i in. I! ibe .'" '"-nt eoun
? i prepari-d to go on we will ?cure otbor ?
? nliy bark I
roi in. li< "in, i in lb, dein ui '* ln' "'?
ii,,* room had
,, i.i.-a nn i Daly t', ?'
",,i, ' .*
.. ., ,.? .,. ,. ile dl 1 it beca.iM !.*? *'
rl % itb blm. rhen ll
.1 c, T. V'.iiii.r "
ni, I lli,
" 1 ?'
Ir. Milier y I
i?- i, 11 iu-. i, ? '? ":>- i" return
ror.vo arusti ? i "i ui ? .. u ,*.
! b, r itun ol i ?'? foiirth dn. ol tlie tri .1 nl
Tbomua I. Aruiali
I ? ?
by llerrtt'k to lm .pul
f, lt l.ially a r*. lln lb, l
filouda ?: v- - I
li.iii-.' he trle i (,i . ? ? ? - ? '" " '
,'. . ii wbat I
. , : ...
i ni . i
altol il Iiiui ,??? '? ??- ' ? il
lln- I, ii I. A(| uiii m-,-1.. 11 iiiu I'itii in '"i* >i !??!
tbla |. '
. , ii. , ia,.i
I,, thn wliarf, lu.v < u wn
? ii i.i'.n .i ,
. ' I ? I il l* l.rll tb*
I* .;?? r-. Ua*
? coii.pliil.il aga.ual I'antnlii <I*m'iiiii, wbieli i, i *
lljfal , .1 .a.- aaa.
Iluii tbe. Wi i" abu ited by tlir
e-ptalu and mate dunua tbe \....,--, aud
ii,,- I'lintuiii i? , ,n -?? i ii,. ii i-vi.i uu mt |n ,. * -
A.idei -,,,,, i ln -, miiii m i.n n wua tl
? I, II.ai. ' .
? n i-.n uiii- in i brdlaea wbloh Ue Baaertawere
n .un, , ui lli ..-.I. i
da) il ?? a- le ti ue I - lioiue
i uui i "|. i ii-.i li
I !..? in.?:,' tlll I ,- '.' llli 'I ll) III" li. , -I imi
!,. diduotknoa ibal Ibe) weradlaaaUallod until .
j "?">'?
ul I i. \ HlYE I' vi v I hi iv 1 Hl 1 -- i 1 on
['rt-nidt'llt l''ili,!l Of Ihc I'.illr,' |l,i,ita| *?!
u Itb ' ie... i ul -l, ' ' i ., ' ,, ' ,
u .,i,i,i,iin of the l'.,uui ,'t llnaltb, Dr. - iltii i.iu. n,
\i ,i in non i ? i: ' i r, .? ,. i ,i i, ,,.., i from Dr.
(iiildaclimidt, luapacl n of , I ir.llliK
tbe uac.ipn of ucld fiiuica fr. tbe ITnltod iilatea
Ile tlioi.Kbt tbat inii-.ii.i'" could be ih.il ,1 wlth a
|.i.i|ii,| i*\|ir i.iinir,* of money u, tlu rouairuction ??; nl
iiitinn.ai eoudei Ilun app irutua. Tlie lioard adopl
i.a* Iua '?
i ,/,,</. Thnl lt I* ti.idul.' ' ii ini
iini-i iliona
. s.-aa-Vnl k. ll. nl |.| ? ?? ?? i> . ,.!"! ia-' I. ,in.
:aml lujiirloiia lo i Iin liraltli nf iieeupii.il ? ul Ibe proi.erty
lil'lta vieiuiiy, by reuson of th<* *ll?ol ... nfutid I.r*a
aud vapor. C_l Thal It la Iba oplnl.r ibla lioard
iii ii iiii'li oi-arntioua abonld ne ao mndlflml aa to li.aiire u
dl ,,|, - ild mn* rn.??*. , ii I Iinl the propoi
nuthoritlca <A the i u ledBi itea * ;,,a ? minonl - uiutd m.
nii'dlitiel) take wliatover atepa may b . bi
cnn.pilah tbal reeult.
t'oloiiel. lark. ?eei 'tary of tbe Board, waa directed t,,
ni nl roplea of tbe reaolutlon to Heoreuirj Mauniug ami
lo the rJuperluteudent of the taaaj OlBon,
???? ?
.1 l/.l.v \"/ UBABl BBD Hi IIIh BASK ICCOl \ /'.
The ii*mil liiit-'' *'*,ii;:i "MiKHi liilctl Trinitj
. li ir.-,,. y, ?' ia ,a n: 'i i?,,!? i.i i in tdfeul *. ? v.,?(? ,,,,.
. i,f ibe Rer. VV. Hav Altken. Bofoi the i i riee
i?...in Mr. Aitkrn i-iitl tbal be bad been reipioatrd to
.iin ni* ilu*-*' mroilnga ucxl week on two condltloua:
ii ii,,- , Mi , I, . .,u, i ii. . Utnini I in I ll thoae * Uu b ife
Bttendi (i would oonilnue to do ao, Ue aaked tba-.
_*.::,an iu rlae II thoy wl*hed Ihe n-rvloca eoutlnueil.
ri.. eutlre audloni-e nroae Mr. Altken wlll BBcertuIn
lo-dit) wbetber tbe rbuicli cuu i" ub_ilned.
lu to'-ri ia ii i ??_ hla 1,'iniaiK-a be aald ibal ae had made
i. . ,i,,i' i.i in- iv n rn- in iii'ii Inblaaeriiinii .
iii'-iriiij lo ii'.,i "i il"- i.anl in ahlefa all ol Uia
in iren, wi re luukln. Iholr luturea, " Wbat ai ul u arail
,,,:,' Un i iiiliiiied, "if )mi nccuuiul iii ,,f
a V.indi rblit or ii Uotbacbild aud .yoursoull n la
| tO Ihlllk II. 'I Ih* Worlil aanniil UO) a.'n am
well aa efer wltbout any one of na. \\\ timt a man la
really wortl. lanoi liisaecounl ai the bauke. t uui whal
I, ? | ",,? . . - in ,Iod, \i the n.i' t ii" iiiu i-, i nftei
deatb -i I m the n?*w?p i
that. The prcaent la the Ume to prepara lor the
fntnii-." _
yito OBIZZI 1 /*/ IBA /'? VABB BOW.
A largo ,a<>;,i., ii box t'ontning t\\u ._i_/lv
bi',ii, w_a dejMiaitcdon Ihe atdnwaik iu Park Itoa ? ? iiei
ilu. Tbe beara were for Mr, lirluuell, tbe _dltor ol
/,., Fortat and Hlreant. VVIni, on ahuntlna trlp n, tl.e
S'ortbw, al i a-i ni .'ii, i be ,,i,i nn, ,1 ihe Im ii - ii uui -.nn*'
|,|.?,.i Indlona Threu ,,r ibe cuba wero lua-oed bj
th. ii , motber *a n ihot. > ine of i *? .
Ue :i- - ? ? ? ,|. d- Mr, iiti'ni' 11 ha an iiigeil
w.tb Dr. '""ii iii in t" plaee tbe beara for the preaent In tbe
,i v ni* in ''..a."! ic n.ey wiii be put lu the Im .?
i..' wlth the otber i<>>;i,'-' Amerlean bears,eompletl.ui
tberollretlon. Hearahelna a Kreaier eutloait) ln Park
n.m ,1. i. av .iii -i , .? i.a,'* ,n. i ? ..a a., i.i .,,!
rounded il"- bor and peered ln at the young grli lea,
? -
imi.' i.i. or i Pifoi /.*/"i , i> \t.
Freilerick Link, hia aon, Jolin A. Link, nnd
Haiuuol Daluin, ooiupnalUR n.,- ttrru ,,f P. Lluk _ uu,
deiiicia in profialona at Ni-5u*_ Hud.*'.., made an
lay lo i>ia ,ii' i.n.ii, ?.'. .Hi totai pref
i-r, in ,*- ,.i *.; I,*; , i >,i, tln- i ii- aiii* whlch are in ibe
Nationnl ln,..I i'.iiy Hauk for gl 1.500; Daf Id C. IJak,
:_'; li, .1. ln,ii, .'. ('"., BH.100: \in.i- .-. Ilrewal* r,
...,.'.,-,, -*, iiii.l ri.-.1. mi, W. Link 11,40.-0, rhebual
i,,.*H i- nn iil'l-. ,-t.al.ii' I.. ,1 mi, , ,,II.Ul..11) a-.iiiia ,1 nn bj
h. derli i. and * barl. * W. l.uiii under ityla ol I . Link .v
Rrotber, Tber alaaolfad about 1*7.',, whea Charlca W.
ad rr, larick theu admlltad hla aon undei tb.
praaeat flrm aame. Mr Dalloo waa ad__tted lastjuiy.
BBBBOX4 oa Tlll. BA I'rUD i i BA ' tXBOLTDA X.
Moni i.iior Kiirli'y, Sl. Grabriel*B Cliiiivli,
Tiiu iy BBTaath tt _ud BBBBad-Bfad iuu Uar. Dr. Baekaa,
Church of tbe iioiy AMatMf. *5_*-M?___a_E?_
Nlnth-ave.; tbe Bev. ai-ihur <_? Khotmr, 7,''V'. :'- l^c8
Cbaroh, Eaat Hoaaton-at, aad tbe Bev. ?ittv.a?
Donald, Bt Angnee'aChureb, rortr- '"???*??; ''' .
nvciilll preaonl tbe aubteot oY the l?_*r ??*
hoiiduy to Ibatr congregaUoua M tli'.ur 1n.111n._--r
vico8 tcHoorrow.
- ? ?-'
II'iini.N'GA Ill'lIlIlCA.N'li AM) RIOIXO WATi-lli IX
With the exoeption ot a _...? y nOTJ"_gf
elotbtng, c,,|,t.tin Kefaon, bla wlfa and aiz <*?Jr\JL?
were reacnedfrom tba alnklng eobooner Jooboa ? ? ,,?<
donofl < .i'i- llalteraaon December ,d?aM ,".' .",'.?,
thelr appearauce yeaterday tbe aufferlug wbiob ttflfMJ
e_p.ri.__ed before they weie pioked apby tu. i,.l? <-ur
lew. CapUIn Nelaon told bta Btory la tbla way.
??WeloKBaltlmor. on Docembar 8 wltb ? }']-"'?.
pbcapbatefoi davannah. On Ibe ._.?._..!n_-; of tu ? t .
aboul 11 o'olock. we wera atruck by a Borthwast aquaii.
: iallj lU.d lutoarogular hurrlcano wita a aeavy
ea. wblcb to aod aa about -? uamorolfolly tbat
Iba Behooner aoon bogaa to utom. **
ti. -I tl.o ,.,.i,,i,. ronl.l .,".t Uf tnn, tO
work, aud notunUI ther- wera two foetol ww_ ' . '_
bo l wero they ol -.rvloo. Wo put tba w^._au??'
itormaallaand kopttbe pnmpa aplng?>nl!?,_hJr_
poor iiiin wurklnglike beuver? to kaep aa*?^*?"*
whlle tbe wator waa conatautly galulng. About i ? "?
we kJgbtedCape Battoraa Ugbt ond two boura hvfc.rnovfl
to auo-r atoi... aalla. Wa bad bardly brouiiht tha veeao
ap totha iviini whea a boavy taa boardodher '? ( *w ',
tfodeekaofeverytblogmovable, ttiled IM.**"1" 'lA'
fm-. iii-tin, and earried away aboat and tho '}' . r',-in_
nlght and tbe next day tho pumpa it<.r" kepl w"r-*" '?
con-tanUy.bot tbe water galned ateadlly. fo ?' ??*?
condltlou worae tbe oakumbegaiito work ont of tbe top
-i.i -. Inthe ifternoonthi wlnd a?aln ncroaaaa wa
M-ttl.il Int., ,t Weaterly L-iil.'. wltll u ??
mendoua raanlng ooa. Belora d?y?*tht ""
tl.e followlng mornlng tbe water wn* waablug tnrouga
tbe eahla bulkliead and wo had BO refngo Imt tne neea
m n," ru.'?liiK ui. .vn it. Abonl io it- ?>? we aiabtod u
|,il_ Curlow, wheu tlm *_.ll,.r*c..in. .ifl aud ?i.M ?? ?_P
waaalowly alnklng and they refuoed to pump any more,
Tbej bad been pumplna ateadlly foi near.y thivc u > *
aad were exhauated,and wanted to abandou tbo aonooue
when tbere waa a ohanoe ol tbeir llvea, Woeot >Utnaia
of dlatreaa, whleh wero promptly re-ponded to. m?
bad no boat I'aptaln MTIneheator. ol tbo curle w, aat.ine
tiiiulil aave ua lf bo eould gel aboal over. rhero waaa
ti- nn i,.i.in- tea runnlna and lt waa Bdungeroua tiunit io
ln ?,,,"., ii-U-. Bottbeerewol tbo Curlew got:a,noat
ovei and tbomab andthna aollora manne i lt- A ?
boura ol n.n.i labor wa wereall reocuedand oomfortonij
imart. rd .... tin'ini.-. ln bolaUugtbe boal to -ho dayita
of iba Curlew u waa ttruob by a beavy ioa boa 8
1.,'1,.,'in Piacher, :i -<? eighteen, of No. 19
Chiimi, -i , 4-. i _n i.i aud brougbl Iwfore Juatleo
I'owerln tbe Kt ? \ Ua ki l Poltce Uo irl yoatordoy,
ebargc l whu the lan eny ol a lewlng ra lehine, ocioni m.
t? tbe II,,i. - bol I Scwlng M i. Iilne Company, vaiued ai
$08 rue macblno waa dellvered al berfathera bouae
on I."-, uber l for ono ol b I ra eft biiardero, John
hpbn, Idi r, and th.i accuoed admltted Ihat ahe pald *? t lo
ih" iiiivi of n.mpauy aa adi poall fomn purcbaae
price. iu * money, I, waa loft with ber by
.-, lo,. l.l.'i for tho purpoae. aud abe know uothlng more
iii.iiui tli- n? in*.ti-t,nn. Jintlee 1'ower i-\pi'"--" '
In.ii.n .ti,,,, ni hei urreat wltbout i warrant, and oruereii
I'otnpluliil i" i" "iii"i' 'I .i-in-i ?! i'in-t Irving, who u ? i
he .,rr,'-t. I,.r :,-_ lUlt lll in iklng nn lll"-' il arre?_,
Wa Uiieoln, tl..,i.,L'"i- ofthe Hnuaebold Maeb Ine
( ompnuy, bco ime bla boud im m t.i 830ft
?? - ? ?
.;.'', iJfl WITB B18 ii II t.'s C0S8BBT.
i'i l',,/.:t!,-, ii'-'o lil'tv. il piiitltof, waa :il
I . . ?
. . :, ,,f tba IVel.oni.
Methotllitl < ii.ir, h,
llie :i in -.r
k., ?
li" _????? i I''' |'"''"
"?? (I to -' I ?;>? - ""?
? -
iu irn< ' '"? ,1:">' " ,'1
Ibe in., ? order to I
!, law
r uni, ,1 lii ' ; ? '
,,..;, r,i ,_ ,,?. I',, ,.. i -? . i v iht bo abobld
. rnod tbe b. I
CAPTA1A fABEA ICCV8ED 09 >'." ' 0L1A '<'.
ln nu rtor Hulton, of il;- ;
bm , and !.- wai
Ir.ln.r .. h
li, vv,
, ,
? him.
- ',- , n
? ?
,1 im , ' < m ii the \. ??
' "
' ?
..I the
? 1 lu
? li full
loi the fair
tli,- i LE.
\ |lt- i ,.i (I.u rn tli -il'' waa
? ?.? i nf, nn i
\ .mt
. u
71 v v i'. i /".' lows ... rn ???: rs n ike.
'I ln- l.i ii mi my Couuiiitl o on Driruii il on
u.i) wi ra , ?
? ? i . i that) "i Inti nd I" b -i ?? '
,i i i Uartford bouaewff. t? ber
il.I i
??Ol '1- lo 10 ? l.'.IIl tlie
,-,ii j. i ..ii'i f. . .. ' ? '
?? 1 ni." . : biil thei
>? Yea. tiidei'd. nud ao dld I. Uul yiiu'll bare to play
I'u.i golnfl tn do ?:.;. , !i up lil lu
, . ' -
?? v., ;'. i .! Im, .ni.i ( : mi and the ?
i'n. .-'.in. tu bave ;i ir^?-. nn] bow."
I 4 i i:i' ii ? l . ? I '
4||* I i I I lii ll 41 IS l.\
?.,,., | i ?_ ? : . * t.. 10 i'l do-n'aa.d, d_ 8
lllllll .tiii.: i ,-i. u .
4 \f ..,'? Ui_.lL. 1 .i I. 1 1 1-1 I" ' '. I ?
-.-..itii.--_.il Ki Uov, i4.ii. ?ileUiiata, l.oi
Vf?? Ptom. inu
.. ' "'" "' .^'O' 'i"!
. . !?'-. i i.i4.liuimu
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llrnrui . I.ii ii |,.i.ii. , iin.inl
i.?ynl . I.4.II. . _...Nutlounl
? . Illlll. .U ll*"ll
,. II.II ., Illl - i'll!, .IIIIH'II . N. 1.1,1,14,1
N,., k ll '? ' ""'" .-N' '' '''"i'l
Au_ii ill* .Ha.irK. i .irr
Aiuwi ru .l<,-,i --i.tr
' i 'i'i un .Bordeaux
i.. nu ," s.," Homiaao .Clyde'i
\ iAY, DEC. 18.
It.-piililio .-.I.:. .-? ih ...I .Iiiiniin
Hi'aU . ' "? .TtungvaUa
.Mll.Ni, 4 V, I'K, ll.
|.-rn, . I.' . N;,,i...,l
.linn,I ,1,--'.I, nn'. \,n,,|
x,. ,',,;,,, .\.|.lil-4.ill .I'BClllC M.iil
vll.uiid . . -Weal luiuea. uum
-..u.t.ija .ll-i.ni.i.H.-Rfa
sniPi'ixa xEirt
A il i'.i \'l l>
,. i li.ni iiliill llc. \\ll,.'-'l ,'i'.i;i..,i 7 il.;.. I,.||,
. -,| l,i,M, roaocl 1" li' I" il A i ... Ani. ? il .il || ,.
,.'":. k, .ew-Oi ean i 7 da... wltb mdae
i,m \..., Hirkle,
.,., -i-itv ni \i v.iic.i.-.,' i i, 4 * Poll i:it.-r. .tm, ndoa
t.l II,,1,1.1, .. I...4.II
iher llm (Iir), Uoy, Hio Janolro |_ daya. la baJLaet
I,, j W i ,n-i i 'i Uu
UaruJo'ti M > i.o ?, ' i'iu,,,. l'.i "ii- V'l.'i. wlfh mdee to
. ,, .4.. 4 ,-. ? " i'l ?-. i IU I'l-ll'l" I. .41 ., 1 ,v
li im Mn .iuiu, Hlm ll. l!i..l',,, -. .ii. , i,', to
\r ,,i. *!?? in." t. ,..'i I.. .ii, ? i ,, ll,,ii htnii
_ .1 ll .'ui i nmi, m II. Kiu i i...-,i.i , I ,1;,V.., 4,* ll ll
,., , ,, ,. t,,,-i,,i k a ( .. vnurl I..
Ii.n k Itm i . lli . I" > ? i"l. I'i , " .'"."'.', ll ,l.iy*. it itl, Kiiifar
t.i -.I,'. I* Ai
l,la "t -' luhii Ml c .. v i'i n
?'l , "l! 1 ? , . 4 ,||. .,. . ,1 1 ,, i , ..,.! ,,, ?, ,,,,.,
nu,. i'.i.u.tn. iiii.n:.:.. iiu nii.iuiH ?.'.. daya, wtthangarta
ii 11...4 initlge'i lion"
llll. "I' ili'u, l'i,rt..ni.
IM u.i Nm ".. Mi.a/iM uii uul ?'? tu u a \ I,, ii.
., | tu ,. i |;,, II. -? p
1(1 [| .(.in X ,i.iii ,.:: .ll'i. 1 , lin l.tlll.'.' il;iy ,, lil'
lll l<> ll 1 |,,44 1,1 1,1.', '* *"!,*.
' K)_.f| b WNW ; fnlr. At
i i'4 li .'U.I nulit N \i , al. nr.
M.lil.lV lll '*. I" n ',, "? >' '? ''''7 !? 80.91 ? T, :u
\S u.i. S IV, _-' um *. M'.'ii. .,.'l., M.. 41, llll I. i|,-.,!-.
? '. : llauteUva, II ivre, wltb md
. ? eugel i l.i l.i,ui.*i| ? ii, ni.u,
AM.ti I lt. ti." I'-i: .il 1 1 ? ll ? in
ci.i; iiu.n.
... 11.i 11 i ,.'ii.. ii .:..44ii
\ , |||,,|, il Itl . . V. 14 8 I "
Mn.,,-; un i.t ' ' ? > " iir. Wt'tklaa, tdverpool via
yiti-i ?n*liiitii 1'i-iii .I ii. li ,? -*uii .
-i,-.i ii A -cii liiiiii" iii . Vla, linlitTilan.?Kuiii-li. I.ii
yi-.. I'u,
Mieainai nelgenlaad (Betg), nrjmou, Aatworp Potor
Wi Igbi .i -.nn
itiiri J.tn iii.-j.t-i ii.icii', Keyer, Aatweip ruaob,
r.,i', ,v, ...
!-(. _l,,,'l ,'., l.n :l ,. Il..p'.lll*. I.i ,'IIHV 1.1. 1'lii I tn C.-lllilln aud
, II,.1, .11' llmillnli, llll*4 ,V |,llll, II.
-ii-.iii, i ? arondeli*. iu*k. i'?u Hoyal nml Feruaudina via
lit un .uu k, ,ii i: li M.: .it * .,
M..i.iut 'i, ,-iiiiii'iii ? 1'iiv, .Ncupnii Rawa uud Wcii
I'nn.l V.i ,,.,( Iiii inciiiii i**. i u.
-. ,. .. i- (iiu i iiiiiniiun. *-mit 1*. N'orlJlk, Clty I'niiit aaa
I.icii.i.iiitl-uitl Horuauu ?->_ Ct_,
8te_m.r Wm Wondwam. INM Ba It-ore-J *BA9t9B
Bteamer Veapi r. ii.ni. Wllmlagton Utf ??' '^r ? r.,
.'.i?'ir"j..ii (Br., Mooher. ??*TR^^-_S^t?W
ll_rk li;i..!i.v ilir..(.o'i..i', I'ori Siital. ho Al-S-iutiair.itcy
D _arkMantherlta(ItaU.Caiboae,Oporto- Functi. Edyedl Co
Bark i "?, ' Nor . ' | irto-rnneh, Edve a ?
iiurk Karfotd iBr), ui... .1, oeo-getowB. uamuaia maaaai
liriV ilowOiOcr). ..ainDr.ls.n, I.iiirunn-Tbcbaud Broa.
?tnaiarni K.-Pw. lor Iirarpool 08 awe, taaxvm antiaio.
B^^SS!^"S-fL8__l Tm.mpnant. for Yokohama,
"TaVT.^jpi. :h;.'i.i-:;;-,u,....,verp^; Agato,
"l- i'J'-C'i..nV.iV'ror lVit uu rr.>>?. slunrci, 81 TI10111..0.
AlW milcl-vlu Loii* l-.un.l BoMB- -"BBB r .'..r'la. lor
Hatt-at r__ uoya , j- | v t ; ...
I.oxni.i. I c- 1"- ...,-".l, .t'-.m.-r li-vO'isMrelBr), Purvi..
fmrn New-York So. II, _ , ? ... v_.i_
Miii.-.i. ateamer i-inii. ,?l | ii-'. Ty...... f * XevM erk.
1 ::?... 1, Dee 11 -Arnv , ttei ,,-i 1 nyol Sloatreai (isrj.
Renfonl, froui New-York Not 17.
Bailed. m.-.innr Doroelona ii.r f?r N'-w- v ora.
ULRKK-TOW... Dec 11?Al r WJ[__??,",?J|
niLi.v. from Jtew-Yor* Doa 1 on bac ?ay to Qvotpool iaud
P_Jw__!_ieom8T Adrlatlc (Bn. I'arscll, fioiu Llvcrpool
boneo for New-York. ? v .......
18th. 8am?Arrtved. ateamer ITmbrta (Br). Cook, i.om
New-York Dec 6 on her war to Llverpow.
-m,i rn ..vii'K,-. Dec ll-Arrtved,atei.r KlbelOer), .?-.??
elnuinn. from Near. York Dee8 aaborwarto Broaoea laaa
P_S?__VIH_- 10 Siilcl, .tcuiinr cn-anto (Ur), Kcrr. fnr N.-w
^(",-i.i'KiiivF. nocll-P'i"" !.*'?? (in- <;.rm_ni. (IVr. P-r
ry. linn New. York Dec ion nor iroj to Qaeaaatowa aaM Uv
'-BoribnucBS, Dae11?Arrtvod.ataaaoat Tbtagvalla (Dta\
I.u,11,. ir ,1,1 New*York. _ _ ._m,.,.i
AM-iKiii'iii. Deo 11 -Arrived.ateamer /aanaaui (Dteii),
V, -' iiii /???-. fro-n New-York Nov a8. ??__?__._,____
Maaakitxaa, Deou?Oaliad,stouii'-i Alaala tir,, \-__-* ?or
N"44 York.
Uio jAxrmo. Dee lO-Sallcrt. _t.nm. r (_1aa I'.r i,sti.nl.don,
f<T'5u.Ufc8: Sailed, -__BB__r__a__-_kBaae(B-l. TitgarlbM,
ItAVASA, Dee '...-At-rivcl, sti-iiiu.r Nt.i_-.rii, Ii-iinU, iroui
' Halied, Ht'i'.ici iaratoga, Molataah, __f {fewYaHt.
AUUUUll' 'U'CiLi.
144 i.cxiiiL'tui, iivc. between '."'tl, and -Otb ita,
; t 1 7, Dl* .t- 10I tbfl x" '4
iiiniiy Organe, Impoteaoeaad atorUiqr.
If \(.u cxiii-iicn.'.':. lui.! liisic iu themonth,
Mllowneaior ytllow rolor of ikln. feclatopM anddroway.
" iimt.a.ly. fi'-pciit hearta.ha or dizzln-a?, ron are
???', u.i.. "iinil nu.tiii.. wiilii,,',!." 4-M-I.4.- t? i,"ii"ii itn-l
mi-.-.-'i inn ap yoar lyitem llke Dr. Ple rc. a " OoUlea _? bi>
, m in.,ut- ry.' By druagl
I.iidi.". auffi iin_- from n-ora-ffia. Indigeatkm,
?. in 1 ? '-'u'
I., d . te the balrbeauilh ? ?"'? .
? ?
Peonle of lertentory hablta aniierfro moreor
, . ifcand vlgor. Ulve Itatrlal. Uni
i ii-_
?' ? I 11 : ' j
v3 -T'4-i 8^ -i"
Cii..:3 QU.GKLV.
iCures Pleasanlly.
(tires Pfrmiifilly.
Kaskiiic Res.ore. Perfeel fleallha
ln -: 1 1 .?? ,4 llu : II
Or 1. it w '.:?". r - 1 .
i itiin nii'l ..in, - it 14 nn,1. ii'it.-tii Ibe i"-i iiii n< iu- tvi-r
... , _? te
? ? tutmn."
1 11,. nu.m.u i,m. im 1.
. ?
?\ ri 11 ".,'?:.!, THAT
1 ii : .1 ! '. I 11 .
l.Vi-.lt 1U8
in tbe
lll.-' LV -ll
' \ '? ', .
.a'a'AM & GO.,
Ur..on Cquarc,
will ':ecp thelr establish
mcnt open \n the evenin^
from LVSonday, 14th inst-5
until C!i:i_.tr..?_a.
All. Mi.lll IM. II i r.o*.i
?" % CURCS 8
\ ? ?
Y l
, -f ?.ft li.. r,
ih rev -t ofl h.alth
, 4 ;.'.. ' ! v
. ('.- Pn i i Imhai _. 'lln*
4 1 'rr'.itl.- i
_ - - -i ra _
tn. m
| ? ? 4 - ,'l
! . . _'J or
. , 4...i* . f ii-. '? Mence the
- , Im *,
. - i tha
-. iniiier
w,.,, , !?- ! een Iricd ,? tain.
. .
riit: I'li.i.on. imi ti.Ktt ro..
9.1 tin.l llll ?4l"fl. .N4-I. lOI'K.
Ul," _ 1'- ' .....ll.-'. .-?" 41. 1 -- ,
I Ki gi Ai.i.r.i) IN
Tono, Tonch, Workmanship ;in?l Dnrabilitv,
WM. KNABE & CO.,."
-~AE__.00_._i, ll'i ..TII-AVK.
I .1 : 4 III II iklll .- !? l'" ! ll ?"! I .11.1 -'.??< "II nu- |1 .Ic-'t
iti ii,, ii |. _ ,n .1 in all pui " .i* oud
. ii i. . ih iHiauiKully, ,ni'i never 44 ,r , .r lUvtori ? r bojure tba
1 mlcresl (,','t. imt li-t.'U'iii " ?. liv .11 ?.t..rl.-il r.-tt tu t ,,,.
11,1114 and r. nr. ui. 1 mall free to all appllcanta my iilu*.
tlltliil l',.ill|'li" ii
.IIIII, il.-l (Mllll.lt,
Inveutor and Mai 11,. 1 ir 1 ni _fc 'onib. ra r iti ri Bo ita aad
ahora, 7.71.-: : ,.- , .ew-\or_ C'Ur, Urniiua Tribuue.
Bacon Pianos.
LATR Uivi:\ 1. uiiON. l.-.'i\iil.!'-iii-l) 17**i>.
I 111.1. \>?(?i?i,|I.\t.ii ..iMMctji llll; IND
l ritli.lir im tsn*. \!' arAHONABI.E I'lMi :>
l-'UAM'lsBACON, M wii'*T ?_::? - :..
UK'i \\ KBM iTll -XU l. lll AVK-*.
Is Cfood Heaith
A (!>?-iirable ll(.ssr^.i',n fur arivcaand mothei.?
Then remember thal Will 11 h Gibbi \ ito.
matic Sewing M_ ihina la the only one that
? ua ii.k t.i heaith
Wilicoi J. 3ibhS. ll Co., 868 Broaiway, N. 7.
F. \V. BBOWEB, No. 27 Jolin M,
t-l .U*. A . I'UtlAL'l V.
January Number, 1886.
Tbe Ji.r.tiary numbiar Bf IMVl'KltS.-X 1 KAOAaU.'Kfc
uow r.ii'iy, aadataaaga-Uad fnrcoatiiue-a ami, e mijr. i_
nn.l about 3 >-ood IBBIBalBBB of BOW _??-.**<?-. BleB-B Inih.
neta, hata, sBIM_M.a <ir,sa,-a. Ar-, _c. Alao, *l,'.*lnti : fni a-,*,.
btoktt ra, ki.ining and all fcinila of f.mc. work. Aat*, nn t_.
irantlv illualratad ____a uu " Hauiaacua."
The atorlea are _M BBM publ.abed BB_TW_MB; tbey ara
fToai ancli writera aa tbo aiithora of" Joai.-ili lllea.
Wlfe." Mr... I.m-y 11. lloop.'r, -rank I.ee licncllcr, Ae.
Anions* tbem are two copyrl.bi uuvi-lettea I
IIY MH-i. ANN .*>. BV?a_[___.
THE C'KD.Ul BWA_P_r.-_-_BT,
BY .__._ f) _._____.
rmi tBOBTB _________B laeaaeaaadteBa iik* aaat 94
laaaaa *<n i ika tasal ry, Iba bbbbI raa.bi o an,i ?? aaaattalBg more
atu_aiii.ua tu.iu any >;th, r."
O.N-Y .'- A YKAR.
s.ji.D iiy AI.| HKw-DSALiBM
MI Slote & Goriie
Ollt BTOCKOV OV-BOOAT-, UL8 ir.it.-. iu i i , i:-,
Bl lli AM. YBOVBBBB POI WINihit WKUt , __.
OV-I -*T_ItE. NO. 7.1 UIIOUiW.1V,
i i.i.Y * oarvBKXj-B r,
748-750 BROADWAY,
,,,!!. A8TOB ri.A* ''?
in. Es _i a_ P_H
B. HeBry Bm__-I tl.** promal'-r ,?_ tlie
"I-Ollll- _.i_?o. I.II 111,"
11 __BSt *?*??*?> f
?a I' t r iii II. rn'd, Dea 11, of He: i_ !. i b ? ,!iu.U
1,,,|..WS :
"i,t,,. ;;., ir mn haa_ 'i
Um re la n abai ita i le ur I
aboae aeconnt of bow i I bnaaeif after bei
il illy iao alal la aydi *;*:a > ,:?? pa
Ueat, aad wbleb appeared int." Batal Peblla et Lyoa. -a
, ir aiul BJadreadfal i-.por.
Dr. lln -i ?!* I i
ea the . Bptaaaa apprarla. aad mi t i ae 11 >
antll earad. KoioBly did Be eara-baa i etfcar ?*
Uente, bobadbeeaMti a by a_at aalanla "
111..MIY i
Clearing Ont Salo For
_T_iis Ceascn.
1,001 Paira WWI ? Btaal * la, I?aa BB ata to 880 ivr P_J
-'.??. m.i:;, il CaBferala -ui BaaBaB
I aili Cal.iieB Waa. Oray, Vbuaa Btaara, P*apB%
and Mottto- BB ata. t*,*-* Per Palr.
Wc betlefe tbla sloik 10 !>,? tb-* Baal aaaorted to be _ra_l
ln tbc eo?iiry, tm'. aa.* -iii __ aa aaaarasU tor ???, . , _- tj
at al__ r arhaioaala or retalL
?__0 < t\ ll.-*ar..
Bl r,'i:::.N BBOADW \\ AUD CESTB?*T.
... \VI'.*aT llTII-aaT. (XKAU BTBUAVB.
WATCH?*. AND KIM; i-i.oi'Ka BKP??t-D BT
The Celebratcd
Are at presefU tlie
moat pomtlar* and
preferrea bt/ teading
149 to 155 K 14th StiU.T.1
I.N Tlll-,'l 1 Y, ANI. ? AN ni POCWD AT A'
THV A Il<? r ii.i: wiii BJ OBDBRINU TOl'B W**
BJ_.?W-_V*> I
hi i-ii:r
luatantly reileftaand .oon cur.-a oaina. ,?<
l-Ienilay. i*tlfl Srek.atu .,,.eatloaaaBd-_--_?'?"--1
-lii-llii'i- Of IbB l.niiK*, ku.i.,*,i Boaa?a
Itlll | 111TI-M. NK.I Itll.tilt
... ... ._ ,1... I! i. ?'. "?
Hl Um h
[.ataatly reilef, a and mhni
, tui -. l-Ienilay. >tnt \,,k, i
,-:. i er ,,i tba i.iiiiit*, Kimx
IIIIU .1 \TI- ...
Ilc-d-ebe. TooOiacb*-, Wi-kneaa or P-iin ln ]
,,i i?? h ?. onoapplurallon. lutimiliy n ?"?' -..', ,,,,_
I.TII.ll |, 11,*. ll.l.ll.'in'V. n.-..r. im-,. -i.-i* ',',',
ueaa Vervo'iaaeaa. hieepl*'?neea Palpitatl-Mi H
UbiUa .mi , ? a*, and hialat- Pi I ? -?eU a1""'"
Br. It.idwiiaa -.iir*ii|.ii.illi.i. llewlii-ii.
I ,,| !!,a'inr***.f ..II ?** r.ililt*.U*. "--ni ai i
mt. itn.uAv _iMi.i.- imJcX
i?,?.||11 ,??,*.,,f DyapepaUand-l *U- r.i--: ? "f
I.ivi'i', H.iaasla. eit. ... * ta. .1 Po*. BoUBj Bli ??"?* '
MKS. MAKTHA J. VAN!::, _-b m
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